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Air Date: Nov. 15, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
From Nazareth he came With a ragtag band To bring a revolution Some would make him king Others couldn't stand for that The cross was a solution But it rose again
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
They railed against the crown, another ragtag man, declaring independence.
Thanks for watching!
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, boy.
We're live here today.
Thank goodness we were able to get connected up to the network that is in Minnesota.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones, down here in Austin, Texas.
We have the international coordinator and spokesman for the National Front of France, known better for their leader, Le Pen, coming up in the second hour.
And from the riot-ravaged France, from Paris, that is now going into its 20th day of burning, racial attacks, pouring gasoline on people, cars burning by the thousands every day, homes being burned, nursery schools being burned, and if you talk about it, you're evil, you're bad.
If you say that it's because the young youth have been downtrodden and that they're just loving everyone, well, then suddenly you're a good person that everyone can basically love.
And then coming up in the third hour, we have the president of the National Taxpayers Union coming on.
It's serious.
It isn't a joke.
It's really happening.
It's in the pages of foreign newspapers, the BBC, The Guardian, you name it.
I think?
We're good to go.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 15th day...
Of November 2005, I'm Alex Jones, your host, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, Texas.
We'll be here for the next two hours and 51 and a half minutes.
This is the second segment of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
The National Front, headed up by Le Pen, the World War II hero fighting them Nazis.
And he just simply said, look, I'm reading all the illegal alien and legal alien literature.
They're saying they're going to kill us, they're going to take over, they're going to destroy France, they're going to make it an Islamicist republic, they're going to make it an African republic, and I'm just not going to put up with it.
And so we need to stop the record levels of legal immigration and restrict the illegal immigration down to reasonable levels.
And so four years ago, was it five years ago, the howling, the screaming, the pulling out of the hair, the frothing, Le Pen.
He's probably secretly a Nazi.
Yeah, he just fought the Nazis.
Killed my Gymnazis.
It just didn't hold water.
All he simply did was address foreign invaders.
And you know, the Lurica and Quistola Raza crowd that says kill all white males above the age of 16 or 16 or older, and some of the black crowd out there, it's a minority, who says kill every white male, kill every white woman, kill every white baby.
Why kill the white woman?
Because she's the military manufacturing center.
We read similar literature, and we decry it, and people try to criticize us, but it isn't working anymore.
Twenty days of rioting and burning, and yes, murdering.
They're actually targeting and killing white people.
And the globalists love it, and as I predicted, France is saying, oh no, we're going to give all these young people more welfare and more money, and bring even more foreigners in with all this welfare, and oh, it's all our fault, and oh, you're so good, ooh.
Again, that's what the elite government wants.
Because whether you're black or you're white or you're polka-dotted with a rooster tail, I don't care.
They don't want you being self-sufficient and having enough money to be able to live your own life without government control.
They want you in their system.
And France is one of the worst at doing this.
And the French people, one of the bastions of Western culture and society, are starting to wake up to it and starting to get sick and tired of it.
They're not going to put up with it.
But the Loreca and Kista crowd could have some claim to the Southwest.
Some claim that this is the mythical Aztec kingdom.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It doesn't hold water.
But it holds more water.
It's kind of like a sieve.
This is our country.
We're taking it over.
This is ours now.
You need to leave.
We're going to kill you.
Oh, you're going to kill me.
I love you so much.
Here, take over.
But that's exactly what the government is doing over there.
So we have the mild National Front.
They are mild.
Joining us, coming up in the second hour, we're going to have the international spokesperson for Le Pen for the National Front on in the second hour.
And then continuing the fight against the globalists in the third hour,
It is not a joke.
It is happening.
This is a press release from the National Taxpayers Union.
And it's up on Drudge right now on the right-hand side of the page.
We also have it posted on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.net.
Study predicts political economic turmoil if UN's Internet governance scheme succeeds.
And this is all part of a larger global takeover.
And we're going to have their president on in the third hour.
Alexandria, Virginia, as United Nations officials meet tomorrow in Tunisia to plot strategies for a new worldwide Internet governance structure, an issue brief from the 350,000-member National Taxpayers Union warns that such schemes could choke political freedoms and soak taxpayers.
Here's the quote.
After so many conspiracy hoaxes,
Over the years, no, you just didn't pay attention.
We would have posted official UN documents, and then the national news would say it was a hoax, and so you would believe it.
There's always been public plans for the last decade to take over the net and tax it, and now it's public.
Okay, now they're just openly trying it.
After so many conspiracy hoaxes over the years, there is now a serious, ominous effort to replace the efficient and adaptable non-profit entity guiding the Internet with a new UN-sponsored agency, said NTU government affairs manager and issue brief author Christina Rosman.
The study traces the push of government-dominated online environment to the Working Group on Internet Governance, WGIG, created by the UN in response to detractors of the current U.S.-based international corporation for assigned names and numbers.
I remember reading BBC articles ten years ago, when I hardly knew how to use the Internet.
You know, back in 1995, when I was just getting on the Internet, later than some.
I think.
I think.
Now, four years ago, I started hearing Internet2 say the same thing, and it's the exact same people, it's the exact same program, and it's taxation, tracking, no free speech, the ADL's involved, pushing this, so is the Democratic Party, to restrict free speech online, and finally, the National Taxpayers Union, pretty big group, mainstream, says all that in this link, it's a long article.
But it says...
Well, let's just get into it.
These are little news bullets they put in here.
Despite having made a declaration of support for freedom of speech, many WGIG members come from nations that severely curtail the right.
China, for example, is one of the most restrictive and sophisticated internet control mechanisms in the world.
Just as UN bodies have been co-opted by non-democratic governments, an international internet commission chaired by China might not be far off, and that's admitted in the UN report.
Since the Internet's infancy, the UN has crafted detailed proposals.
I'm glad you mentioned that.
So where's the conspiracy?
To tax online traffic.
It's publicly announced.
National Taxpayers Union has calculated that a 99 plan for a bit tax adjusted for today's number of Internet users would raise $12 trillion in 2005 alone.
That's right.
That's right.
$12 trillion.
And we've looked at this.
This is conservative.
I remember a report on this about seven years ago, and it said like five trillion.
Memory serves.
Roughly equal to America's gross domestic product.
Even less ambitious money-raising models, such as the independent Switzerland-based Digital Solidarity Fund, would feasibly be transformed into future collectors of compulsory Internet taxes and fees.
They already tag it onto your Internet service.
They already tag it onto your telecommunications service.
If you look at your phone bill, your cell bill, it's all this international use fee, national use fee.
They already tag on.
I mean, I discover new taxes I pay every month, folks.
Bureaucratic corruption.
Given recent oil for food scandals, UN-style Internet agencies would present the inherent risk of giving ruling members of regimes and developing worlds shiny new computers rather than furnishing the poor with Internet access.
Although the U.S.
State Department and more recently federal lawmakers are moving to oppose a U.N.
Internet takeover, they are not.
Oh, man, I tell you.
The ICANN officials are advocating privatization.
The author contends that vigorous opposition to WGIG's plans for taxpayers around the world is vital.
And it goes on to where they actually admit they want to regulate and restrict and all that.
Let me tell you what's happening here.
And if I had the time, I'd write an article about it, and I'd find all the hyperlinks, and we've done this in the past.
I wish one of you great computer brains out there would go do the research, put us together an article, and send it to us, and we'd research it, and it's accurate.
We'll post it.
I can't do it all.
Let me just boil down what's happening right now.
Then I've got to move on.
They are masters at the false choice.
You get a Republican, you get a Democrat.
Here's your choice.
It's like, I'm going to punch you in the face with my left arm, my left fist, or I'm going to punch you in the face with my right.
It's no choice at all.
Now you make a decision.
Which one do you want?
Well, I don't want either.
I'm going to cut off your right hand or your left hand.
That's no choice at all.
Which do you want?
It's the illusion of choice.
And I, for one, am sick of it.
ICANN is openly trying to hand over control to Internet 2.
They have the symposiums in Austin, Chicago, London.
I have stayed up hours every night when they finally release their report and read the minutes of the meetings and text of speeches, and it is nightmarish.
No more Internet, folks.
No more free speech.
No more nothing.
And a few months ago when they shut down that fight between Cogent and Level 3 and 25% of the net was shut off,
That's just a taste.
They're going to let it deteriorate, all the major hubs die, and they are already creating all the new hubs and the new fiber optic, paid for with taxpayer money, to be given to 50 universities and corporations.
A public-private NGO partnership.
And so that's the, quote, choice you're being given from ICANN.
And then the United Nations is saying, no, no, we're going to have this big body over and we're going to do all this.
It's the exact same thing.
Actually, the UN is at these meetings and they're actually pushing for this.
So this is Agenda 21, integration of the economy under regulatory systems to take this vital industry and this vital national security backbone that America dominates and to give it to the world.
And our government's openly trying to sign deals with China, France, England, others on hate speech and international regulations, and Americans are being arrested and shipped to Europe very quietly because they, quote, violated laws because they published on the net, and then that was read and printed off in Europe.
And you go, well, I'm not for the Nazis.
Well, it's going to be anti-war activists next.
And by the way, Australia is on the verge of passing a law.
Any criticism of the war, you're instantly going to serve seven years in prison.
This isn't a joke, folks.
It's happening in every nation.
No free speech.
Men in black uniforms coming to literally take you to a work camp.
This is public, in your face.
It's out in the news today.
Government is best with government.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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We've got the international spokesman for the National Front, Le Pen, to talk about the situation in France.
France won't be known now as the Apple Tower.
It'll just be the country where you go and everyone's rioting and burning things and the government grovels.
Professor Jones exposes controlled demolition of WTC on MSNBC.
Tucker Carlson visibly shaken attempts to keep Jones from presenting evidence.
That's coming up later in the hour.
And here's a little article I wrote this morning.
Today I had a chance to see Tucker Carlson attempt to grill BYU physics professor Dr. Stephen Jones.
Carlson implied that the professor was aiding evil terrorists in the Middle East.
He said, ooh, I bet they're really celebrating an Islamabad.
He never gave the professor more than 10 seconds without interrupting him.
Professor Jones is to be commended, though, because he made the key point that Building 7 wasn't hit by an airplane and that molten steel was found in the basements of all three buildings weeks later, when only massive amounts of thermite explosives could cause this effect.
The good news is that the controlled press is on the defensive more and more, and is being forced to respond to the alternative media that, in many cases, rivals government-controlled organs of propaganda, and in some cases is now eclipsing them.
I've never seen Tucker Carlson so upset.
He looked like a scared little boy.
His body language screamed to enter conflict.
You can tell that he knows that it's true, that what happened on 9-11 is an inside job, and that he fought with his producers to even be able to get Jones on, and that he was supposed to attack Jones, but whereas in the past, many of the people he attacked, he disagreed with, with Jones, he feels like Judas.
I mean, really, that's what I got from him.
He looked guilty.
He looked upset.
He looked like he was sweating.
He was freaking out, gibbering, wouldn't let him talk.
The only thing that even neared an effective attack...
On Carlson's part was his line about how a fuel oil tank under Building 7 made it collapse.
The problem with this four-year-old conspiracy theory is that FEMA has long since retracted it and now says they don't know why Building 7 fell.
Oh yeah, that's the official story.
Well, yeah, fire we don't think could do it.
Okay, you're right.
We just don't know.
Don't forget the Madrid building.
It burned for over 36 hours, over 70% of its floors, and 100-foot white-hot flames shooting towards the sky, yet none of its major supports even bent.
Metal desks in the center of the Madrid inferno, while blackened, were still usable.
We have that report up on Infowars.com.
Under it, we're going to put a link to the Madrid fire story that we wrote for PrisonPlanet.com.
Right now, the story is exclusive to Infowars.com.
You can go up there to the site.
So many people are hitting it right now and having trouble downloading it to play it on air.
We have it downloaded, but it pickups and burps.
And it's burping up on the MSNBC website.
We've got a hyperlink over to that.
So we'll...
Try to put it onto our servers so we can better stream it to you.
But again, you can go up to Infowars.com and watch that, or just wait a few minutes, and we're going to be getting that for you.
Hopefully, the wonderful crew can do that before we get Le Pen's spokesman on, who speaks English.
Le Pen speaks pretty good English, but we're going to have their international spokesman on first, and then we might be getting Le Pen on.
And for a few weeks we've been trying to get Hugo Chavez on.
And luckily my wife does speak Spanish.
And we're maneuvering and trying to do that.
And Greg Palos has said some nice things about me.
And he's interviewed Chavez quite a few times.
So we're going to try to use that as a caveat to get Mr. Chavez on.
Some really good news.
Chavez hates Vicente Fox.
Says that he's owned by the United States and is a puppet.
And that's absolutely true.
As usual, Chavez is dead on.
And they withdrew their ambassadors from their diplomatic corps from Mexico and have called them stooges.
Now, stooges of the bankers, by the way.
If you read fully what Chavez said...
On his weekly TV show, he called them stooges of the bankers.
He's not stupid.
He knows the American people are not evil.
They're not bad.
In fact, he talks about us being captured by the international bankers.
And believe me, they are not pleased about that at all.
And because Fox threw fits and insulted Chavez and Venezuela over not capitulating to total enslavement under the free trade area of the Americas, that Rush Limbaugh and all his scumbushes,
So-called conservatives, they have withdrawn their ambassadors and are breaking off diplomatic ties with the 51st state, Mexico.
Let me just tell all the Puerto Rican Houston crowd, you see, you wonder why the big banks are funding the breakdown of the Southwest.
It's because they're actually annexing you.
Do you understand that?
And us right along with it into their international union.
We're fighting for Mexico's sovereignty here.
We're fighting for the United States' sovereignty here.
We're fighting for the little man.
Thank God for Little Man, as that Alan Jackson song goes.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right.
We'll be taking some of your calls before this hour ends.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-7000.
92-31-1800-2599-231 I have articles here out of Australia.
We've been talking about them for the last month, but there's a big battle where if you criticize the government, any of its military actions, that's considered aiding terrorists.
That's what Michael Wiener says on the radio.
He says, if you criticize the troops, that age terrorists, you should be arrested and put in a camp, and we shouldn't have to pay for you to be in the camp, so you should be a slave.
Word for word.
Well saying that.
They're saying seven years in prison, or even longer in some cases, but an average of seven years for any criticism.
And the National Union of Journalists is going to them and saying, well, could we be exempt?
Instead of saying, how dare you?
You want to be Nazis?
Instead of that, they're just going and groveling to them.
So that's coming up.
But right now, I want to go back to the article in the video clip that we have up on
Infowars.com right now.
Professor Jones exposes controlled demolition of WTC on MSNBC.
Tucker Carlson, visibly shaken, attempts to keep Jones from presenting the evidence.
I want to go ahead and roll this clip off the internet.
I think it should do okay.
And we'll analyze this propaganda.
And then we'll come back and cover some other news and take your calls.
Go ahead and hit it.
...on television.
Two planes crashing into the World Trade Center.
Less than a couple of hours later, both towers, of course, collapsing.
My next guest says that hijackers may not have brought down the towers by themselves.
Here to explain his controversial theory, Stephen Jones.
He's a professor of physics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.
Professor Jones, thanks for coming on.
Sure, thanks, Tucker.
Well, just sum up this.
Obviously, your theory, just the one sentence that I just explained in the intro, contradicts what we all think we know about how these towers collapsed.
Quickly sum up your explanation for what happened.
Well, I'd like to start with this paper that you referred to.
It's available online.
What I'm doing, Tucker, is presenting evidence, but it's a hypothesis to be tested.
That's a big difference from a conclusion.
And so I just wanted to clarify that.
But to sum up, I've looked at the official reports by FEMA and so on regarding the collapse of these buildings.
I'd like to look at the collapse of Building 7 in just a minute.
It was not even hit by a jet.
Okay, but the two towers, the explanation has been that the fire inside was so intense that it weakened the structural steel and that each floor collapsed down upon the next in a pancake fashion and they imploded in on themselves.
Is that essentially, I think, what people think?
Yeah, that's basically it, yeah.
And so what I've done is to analyze these reports.
But I would like to do a little experiment with you, Tucker, if I could.
I sent out a video clip of the collapse of Building 7, because most people haven't actually seen that one, and that's the crux of the argument that I'm presenting.
Well, Kate, sum up very quickly the argument for us.
You believe there were explosives in the buildings planted by someone, detonated.
Well, yeah.
Is that correct?
In other words, the hypothesis to be tested is...
There's two hypotheses here.
One is fire and damage caused all three buildings to collapse.
The other is that explosives in the buildings may have caused the collapse.
And so then we analyze and see which fits the data better.
And I've done that in my 25-page paper.
I want to read you a quote from the Deseret Morning News, a paper in Utah from you.
I'm quoting now.
It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three buildings and set off after the two plane crashes, which were actually a diversion tactic.
Muslims are probably not to blame for bringing down the World Trade Center buildings after all.
That's, I would think, pretty offensive to a lot of people listening.
Do you have any evidence for that?
Well, not to the Muslims, I might say.
Well, that's a good... I've got a lot of emails.
I'm sure your writings have been greeted with glee in Islamabad and Peshawar and places like that, but for Americans... Well, I haven't received any notes from there, but just good people.
I have...
Muslim friends.
Let me read, for example, but I'm not going to let you off the hook.
I really want to do this experiment with you.
We don't have a lot of time for experiments, Professor, but if you could just give us one thing to hold on to.
You make these claims, or appear to make these claims.
Do you have any of them?
Sure, sure.
Let's start with the collapse of Building 7.
Can you roll the video clip that I sent to you?
Okay, I'm not sure if we can, but to specify, that is World Trade Center building number 7.
Let's try it.
Smaller than the other two, was not hit by a plane, of course, yet it crashed.
Right, it's 47 stories.
That's right.
24 steel columns in the center.
Trusses asymmetrically supported.
Now, I can't see what you're seeing, so are you rolling that?
No, we just see the building.
And just so our viewers know, the explanation that I think is conventional is that there was a large tank of diesel fuel stored in a lower level of that, which brought fire, and the resulting fire collapsed the building.
Well, that's basically it.
But as we read in the FEMA report, it says here,
And I put this in my paper, of course.
The best hypothesis, which is the only one they looked at, the fire, has only a low probability of occurrence.
Further investigation, analyses are needed to resolve this issue, and I agree with that.
But they admit there's only a low probability.
And if you look at the collapse, you see what I've studied is the fall time, the symmetry, the fact that it first dips in the middle, that's called the kink.
Which is very characteristic, of course, of controlled demolition.
Professor, I am sorry that we are out of time, and I'm not sure that... Whoa!
One other thing I want to mention about... Okay, if you can hit it... Okay, all right.
Okay, here we go.
Molten metal in the basements of all three buildings.
And yet all scientists now reasonably agree that the fires were not sufficiently hot to melt the steel.
So what is this molten metal?
It's a direct evidence for the use of high-temperature explosives such as thermite.
Thermite produces molten iron as an end product.
So we do have...
Yeah, it's a very short time, but people will read the paper, and then I talk about the molten metal, the symmetry of the collapse, and the weaknesses and inadequacies of the fire hypothesis.
Professor, we're going to have to leave it to our viewers who are interested to follow up to do just that.
We appreciate your coming on, even if I don't understand your theories.
We appreciate you trying to explain them.
Thank you, Doctor.
All right.
Now, let's go through...
I wrote a little article this morning.
I guess there's more I need to add to that.
And that's really this, that he's challenging people to disprove the hypothesis, which you cannot disprove.
He knows that if you try to disprove it, you'll look at the evidence, which most people haven't done, and go, oh my goodness, this is impossible.
FEMA says it's a very low probability of fire causing it to collapse.
They now say it was not the little oil tank.
Ladies and gentlemen, that caused that to happen.
Well, FEMA may say a low probability.
There is no probability.
It's never happened in models.
It's never happened in hundreds of real-world fires in large buildings.
Then we also hear from Tucker Carlson that the pancake theory caused this.
There's ten different TV shows that I've read about or seen or have been sent by listeners.
Why Do the Towers Fall, Frontline Specials, Nova Specials, History Channel, Discovery Channel, NBC Specials.
There's ten that I've seen or read about.
And it's all the same propaganda.
They say, the building was unusual.
Nothing was in the center.
It was hollow.
It had the biggest support columns ever in any building up until that time.
It's just, what was it, 48 of them?
Last week I said 24.
I went and looked it up.
That was incorrect.
Giant support columns.
And the FEMA report and the Congressional report and the Whitewash report put out by the 9-11 Commission with Bush's cronies
Says that there were no columns.
Well, you can instantly verify that's not true.
It's like saying there's no engine in that bus driving down the street that I just saw drive past my window.
You're like, well, it's rolling down the street.
It's got smoke coming out the smokestack.
You can go prove it's got an engine.
The publicly studied designs of it admit it.
I have a PBS 10-hour-plus special, five videotapes, two hours long apiece, called New York.
And 30 minutes of one of those programs is building the World Trade Center.
And it shows, and it goes, the biggest columns ever.
And it shows them building it with the columns in the middle.
We have the actual video.
We put a clip of it in my film, Martial Law.
I mean, go to any major department at a university that teaches architecture, and they study the World Trade Center.
It's one of the most studied buildings ever.
Because it was a marvel at the time it was built and still is.
210-story buildings.
210-story buildings.
I think?
I think?
Yamasaki, who died before 9-11.
It cuts to the chief engineer who did die on 9-11 saying the same thing on the very same show.
But let's just ignore that.
It doesn't matter.
It's like saying, I don't have bones in my body.
Actually, Alex Jones collapsed into a bowl of Jell-O because he didn't have any bones.
Everybody knows I have bones in me.
I mean, it's that level of just in-your-face lies.
I had a bunch of other notes here.
They wouldn't roll his video.
They had told him they were going to roll his video.
They wouldn't roll his video when it came time of the penthouse blowing, the crimp, or as they call it, that little V forming in the top, the kink.
So right in the central column, you see the boom.
And even on a little squib or a little ejection, as it happens, you see the blast port venting.
And then it starts falling.
It collapses, just like every other controlled demolition.
Done with total precision.
Takes weeks, in some cases months, to set this up.
And then it all falls in on itself in a beautiful little pile in buildings 25 feet away.
I've been there.
I've been there and measured it.
Right there.
There are buildings, you know, 25-story buildings.
One's like 15 stories.
One's 25 stories.
One's the post office.
Right up against it.
I mean, it's unbelievably close to where that building was.
Nothing happened to them.
I think?
I think?
The FEMA Command Center.
The City Command Center.
Then they lied about who died in there.
It turns out cops died, firefighters died, and a senior Secret Service agent died.
You saw a little too much.
Yeah, you can just pile the bodies up in there and there's no problem.
Get rid of it when you want to.
And then tell the world to just forget about it.
And there was a lot of other things they talked about, but...
One thing Carlson said is, give us one thing we can hold on to.
You haven't given us one thing.
You know, we all know this.
We all think this.
Number one, everyone doesn't think that, Carlson.
Your former home, CNN, had a poll a year ago in November.
Anderson Cooper.
Early November.
November 10th.
It's in my film.
I have it stamped in my brain.
You see it in martial law.
On November 10th, they had a poll.
And over 18,000 respondents and 90% after an hour-long demonization program on Anderson Cooper telling us that conspiracy theories are evil and terrorists act alone and all this other... Their conspiracy theories.
Guys in a cave did all this.
Made NORAD stand down.
Made buildings collapse.
Called public officials and told them not to fly.
Made all this happen.
Bin Laden did all that.
90% Carlson.
They had a Zogby poll with 50% there in New York.
So don't tell us we all believe like you do.
We don't all, all believe, and ooh, look at Jones.
He's out there on the outside.
He's some type of fruitcake.
There are a lot of other prominent people telling it like it is.
I've actually seen Tucker Carlson sit there and make fun of people about the JFK assassination when in national polls, 92% on average believe the government was involved in his killing.
So 8% of you, again, are going to sit up there like we're a bunch of kooks, like we're a bunch of weirdos, and just tell us all that we're nuts.
When we come back, we'll go to Joe, and we'll go to Steve, and a few others.
And then we've got the folks on from Le Pen.
That's coming up.
At the start of the next hour, from the National Front to give us a report on what's happening, over there with the French, with the crapous, that's their nickname from the Redcoats, the Redcoats have that nickname for them, the toads, not just the frogs, the crapous.
Why I'm babbling like this, I have no idea, but we'll go to break here and we'll come back and talk about it.
If you want to get a film that documents how they blew up Building 7, Larry Silverstein admitting it, the crimp, the squibs, the ejection ports, the bombs going off, the firefighter tapes admitting it, all of it, if you want the film that tells it all, 20 minutes of the three-hour film is on Building 7 alone.
Over an hour on 9-11 itself.
It's a miniseries.
Three different films in one.
Martial Law.
Get it.
Give it as a Christmas gift.
Give it as a Christmas present.
Give it as a birthday present.
Give it to your neighbor.
Make copies of it.
Get Martial Law.
Get it out to people today.
Do not wait.
This film needs to be seen.
We need to expose the murderers.
Expose the killers before they carry out more terror attacks.
The White House memo right now.
Being circulated to Republican leaders says we need a big catastrophic event bigger than 9-11.
They need something bigger to get us angry and sad and to use our sorrow to continue their agenda.
This is now public.
It's even in PNAC documents before that saying we need these attacks.
How helpful they'd be.
Well, it isn't helpful to your children's future.
It isn't helpful to your bank account.
It isn't helpful to our industries.
It isn't helpful to our liberties and freedoms.
They're trying to take us over right now, but we're a big elephant, folks.
It's hard for them to gobble us.
And if you go kicking and screaming, they can't cram us down the throat.
They need you to lay there sedate watching the football game so they can try to swallow us.
Even if we were sedate, it'd be hard to do.
Okay, so please get martial law.
Don't let them swallow us.
Kick and scream.
Fight them.
Tooth and nail.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
John Michel Girard will be joining us coming up in about 10 minutes.
Director of Foreign Affairs for the National Front, the nationalistic pro-France organization that, of course, is demonized.
Doesn't want to go along with the global government.
So that's coming up.
Right now, let's go to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
I was going to ask you to plug your video, but since you already did... I just lavished it, yes.
I was going to plug another one.
The makers of the Outbox video just came out with their newest one, the Walmart, the high cost of low price.
I went to go see it yesterday, and I didn't know whether I wanted to applaud or cry or just give accolades, but what they did afterwards was they asked everybody in the audience if they would
Host this.
Just like your videos.
Take it, show it, give private screenings.
This is not going to be released in a major theater, and it was completely... You know what?
That's a good idea, and I'll end up forgetting.
Mail me a copy, Express.
I will talk to them, and perhaps I should show it at the Alamo Drafthouse locally, and perhaps I should carry it.
What is it put out by this info?
It's www.walmartmovie.com, and what they're doing is they're distributing DVDs, and...
You can probably just quote anything you want out of it.
I don't know if they have any copyright papers for you to sign.
Yeah, their last video was all fair use, Fox TV anyway, so that'd be the pot, column, kettle, black if they did.
But regardless, that's a good idea.
I'll get them on the show, and I hate Walmart, and so we'll talk about it, we'll expose it.
Anything else?
Through all their practices, like storing their materials illegally,
Hey, bro, two years ago, when we first heard about Walmart making you work extra hours, I worked at Walmart for like six months in college.
And, I mean, literally, the guy would say, okay, you're off the clock, but I need you to go unload 200 batteries.
It's in the video.
They said that you are expected to work off the clock, and they used to tell managers...
Exactly how to cut costs.
And it was cutting the employee's benefits.
And they don't call you an employee.
They call you an associate.
So you're not even an employee anymore.
Yeah, they try to do that on the surface.
Oh, you're a partner.
No, no, no.
It's saying they have no... Listen, folks, you know me.
I don't get up here and talk bad about employers I've had.
I've had some bad ones.
I mean, I've worked on golf courses.
I've worked on ranches.
But the point is, Walmart... I mean, literally, I guess I was kind of stupid, but I remember actually going and unloading batteries and stuff and then not getting paid for it.
And finally, I said to the guy, you know, I need to stay on the clock to do that.
And he's trying to be mean to me.
I just said, you know what?
You can take this job and shove it, like that country song says.
But no, I mean, that was like 12 years ago, bro.
I mean, they've been doing this forever.
They did a study, and they said that when a company is in the same city as Walmart, you're going to lose 50% of your business.
You can't survive like that.
Well, again, it's a race to the bottom.
It's like illegal aliens by the millions.
They drive down our standard of living.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
I mean, it's just bad for everybody, including the illegal aliens, over time.
It lowers the quality of life.
We get what we demand, folks.
And most Walmart manufacturers have to sell to them at below manufacturing costs.
You're like, well, how do they stay in business?
They use Walmart because they're 36% of the world market now, even higher in the U.S., about 45%.
They use Walmart to tool out their factories and to do it, and it's just a cost of business.
And then they actually pass it on to you.
So you're paying, you know, $6 for a Gillette 20-pack, and Walmart's paying $3.
They just pass that on to your company, your store, until pretty soon you can't compete.
And that's not free market, boys and girls.
That's not free market.
Free market is real competition.
I'm all for it.
I am not for predatory, mafioso feeding.
And so, you know, it's probably been a year since I've been in Death Mart.
And before that, I was probably going twice a year.
Do not set foot in them.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jean-Michel Girard will be joining us, the international spokesman for Le Pen, for the National Front, now in the 20 days of rioting and race war and feeding on the population.
And that's what the so-called liberal media has done, has energized populations to not assimilate, but to be angry and feel downtrodden.
And I'm not saying these populations don't go through some problems either, it's just that it's a recipe for divide and conquer, so we'll talk to Le Pen's spokesman.
Jean-Michel Girard coming up here in just a few minutes.
On the Walmart thing, I called it Death Mart.
They own over 700 of their own camps.
These are literal prisons built onto factories.
The children are brought up by age six in China and the rural areas and live in dormitories where they then work about half the day in a factory and the other half the day they get schooling, making firecrackers, socks, everything.
And, you know, everybody buys shiny slave goods.
You go in stores, it's hard to find stuff.
They're everywhere.
I mean, it's hard, folks.
I mean, I'll go, ooh, this is made in Mexico.
Ooh, this is made in Germany.
Ooh, this is made in America.
Ooh, I'll buy four of these.
I mean, it's a hassle, folks.
But our T-shirts are made in the USA and printed in the USA.
They're not just printed.
It's also made in the USA.
A lot of our videotapes and DVD stock is made in the USA and then manufactured.
Sometimes it's hard.
I go, I need to order another 1,000 DVDs.
Oh, right now there's no U.S.
I mean, this is serious, folks.
We're getting to the point where you can't buy American if you want to.
All right, that's enough.
We've got Jean-Lepin Girard coming up in a minute, but right now let's go to Steve in Tennessee.
Steve, go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
Great news from Tennessee.
A little off the subject today, but I thought you might get a kick out of this.
In our local fish wrapper newspaper last week, a gentleman that manages a local internet wireless company has since believed like we believe.
Somehow the guy got on a couple of public access shows on cable, and the next thing you know, he was in the living section in our local paper.
Well, back along to our source, the guy believes that we're in end times, believes in Illuminati,
Well, send me the news article or the contact info for the guy I'd like to have him on.
You might get with KnoxNews.com.
That's the website.
And the author of the story was the lady by the name of Ina.
When did I write the news article?
Alex, it was...
I believe just about a week ago, last Wednesday.
Well, this happens a lot.
You get in the newspaper for a company, you even get in the newspaper for something mild, and they'll fire you.
Now, we don't like people that are involved in the community.
We don't like people that are loose cannons.
That should be honored.
That was always honored in America.
You know, they tell people, you know, let your employees off for National Guard training.
Well, even more important, let your employees off to go vote.
Let your employees off to go protest.
I mean, you know, this is... But instead, oh no, we're going to punish you.
Well, I just thought you might get a kick out of it.
I'm like you, it burned me up too.
Well, people need to call that company and tell them that you're not going to buy their service because of what they did.
Well, I don't use them anyway, but I hope they do get some backlash out of it.
But no, life will go on.
But no, I just hope you're correct.
You know, freedom of speech is going to be a thing of the past.
It just burned me up to see it.
But listen, I know you've got people backed up.
And if you take a motion to, it's KnoxNews.com.
Are you a WBCR listener?
Well, we really appreciate you and that fine affiliate.
Take care, my friend.
Yeah, that's a great station.
They even get ratings in counties that aren't even in their listening area now, carrying me for three or four years.
We'll get you the ratings, folks.
Don't worry about that.
You still get the sponsorships.
You've got to support people that are telling the truth.
See, this poor guy got fired over this, according to the caller.
We're out of time.
Jean-Lapin Girard coming up in the next segment.
Going to be really honored to have him on with us to talk about Lapin, who's been proven right and totally vindicated.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption.
Defending liberty, resisting tyranny.
All over the Western world, our governments are systematically dismantling our sovereignty.
The Mecha, La Raza, La Reconquista groups openly, in major publications, call for killing all whites above the age of 16.
And that is acceptable.
Well, it's not acceptable when the Ku Klux Klan goes out and targets blacks.
It's not acceptable when whites target blacks.
It's not acceptable when Africans or Muslims target people.
It's unbelievable.
And France has had wide open arms, more than any other European country, lavishing welfare and support.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
World War II paratrooper, veteran, great patriot of France, for mildly saying we need to cut back on the number of illegals and legals.
These people don't care about our culture.
They don't respect our culture.
They don't respect Western civilization.
And I tell you, I saw this incredible new video animation that we have linked up on Infowars.com right now.
That really, I think, says it all.
It shows Paris burning, and then it cuts to the National Front energizing the public, and then taking France back, and then Europe back.
I wish they'd add America into that equation.
But the Lorican teaser crowd claims that the U.S.
belongs to them.
Well, how can these groups over in Europe be rioting and burning now in, what, six countries, 20 days into it, and be chanting, this is our country?
They should be loaded up and exported.
If they don't sign loyalty oaths, if they don't show some interest in accepting and literally worshipping their national sovereignty, they need to be expelled.
All right, that's enough.
I'm ranting and raving already.
It's really simple.
If you don't like these countries, get out!
If you don't like America, get out!
If you don't like France, get out!
All right, excuse me.
But, I mean, seriously, it's disgusting.
And Jean-Michel Girard is the Director of Foreign Affairs for the National Front and for Le Pen.
Jean, it's great to have you on with us, sir.
Good evening to you.
Good afternoon, shall I say.
Do you have any comments, sir, on the statements I just made?
Well, I think that, you know, we cannot compare the situation in the U.S.
to what's actually happening in France.
But, yes, I mean, you know, if you...
We have a statement in Front National, which is, you know, if you do not like France, just quit.
And that's, you know, basically resuming, I mean, not resuming, but actually voting for what you just said.
Basically, you know, Mr. Le Pen, I mean, our beloved president has always been, fortunately or unfortunately, I mean, the future will tell us that, has always been absolutely right and he's a great visionary when it comes to immigration and what a country needs to succeed.
Unfortunately, despite the very high level of electorate that we have and the very high level of votes,
We are still not represented in the National Assembly, which is quite a disgrace, but I guess that's French democracy according to Mr. Chirac.
But the point is that the analysis of Mr. Le Pen of the immigration laws for the past 20, 30 years is absolutely correct.
And we, and I want to say it, or we want to say it,
We are not against immigration, but we definitely are for controlled immigration where people can come to France and actually develop their own skills, but actually go back to their country and actually develop some kind of business there.
Because it is obvious that within the Front National African Program, we do have quite strong statements to make about
There is no point about America, or the US call it, or any other country for that matter, to dish out money to Africa, which is going to some political leaders that actually do nothing about it from the point of view of developing their own country.
And the only way you can develop your own country is by training your people and creating some wealth within that country.
And once people are actually
Well, sir, we see people beating down the doors to get into the United States, the UK, France, the Netherlands, and then a lot of them, once they get here, especially once the liberal politicians get a hold of them, and the universities fill them full of hatred,
Of our countries, and then they literally run around openly trying to bring the country down.
I mean, it doesn't make any sense if these countries are so bad, why do they want to be here?
And then why is Chirac and others engaging in these parliamentary maneuvers to try to keep you guys from coming into power when clearly you've got a majority in many areas of France?
And then on top of that, you guys have lavished, and I've looked at the welfare numbers, France is one of the most liberal at just lavishing money and goodies and benefits on these foreigners, and then they just seem to even hate you more.
Why is that?
Well, I think that, you know, here again we go back to the concept of uncontrolled immigration.
I mean, we do have many immigrants in France, as you well know,
We've got about 6 million, 10% of the population today represents about, you know, the immigrant population that we have.
Now, fortunately, I mean, you do have, because immigration is a matter of, in many cases, especially coming from Africa, old French African colonies or the northern African part, the immigrants here are actually coming or came by choice, you know,
One or two or three generations ago, because the situation was actually deteriorating in their own countries.
Now, once they are in France, I mean, fortunately, quite a few of those people are actually well integrated and assimilated into French culture.
But your point is absolutely right.
I mean, there is an element of those people who refuse totally the French way of life
And not only do they refuse it, but they actually want to dictate to us, I mean the French people, you know, how we should actually do things.
In other words, I mean, why should we start to accept, you know, Islamic representation of religion in France, which is basically, as you well know, a very Catholic country.
Now, those people are just...
Going about their business and saying to us, you know, we are actually quite entitled to be in front, to, you know, you should change your way of life and start reading the Koran.
Now, I mean, I think that's pushing it a bit far.
You know, people who have got such an ideal, I mean, you know, as you correctly said, should actually go back where they come from.
If people are prepared to assimilate to our way of life, if they've got a job, you know, because...
To come to a country, I mean, every one of those people will actually create a wall and saying, but, you know, I am a French citizen, I've got a French ID card, and I think, well, I say to them, well, that's wonderful, you know, you have a French ID card, but don't forget that the French ID card is giving you some rights which are most of the time abusing.
But secondly, you know, what about your duties towards the country, towards the flag, and towards the environment that we live in?
And that they seem to forget.
We're talking to the Director of Foreign Affairs for the National Front, of course that's Le Pen, Jean-Michel Girard.
Sir, I want to get into what's actually happened over there, because I read French newspapers in English, I read the British newspapers pouring gasoline on people, burning down nurseries, murdering people en masse.
We're good to go.
Right, well, first of all, that's where the situation is concerned.
When it comes to the killings and things like that, I mean, that's not correct.
I mean, one has to be absolutely exact about what's going on.
But actually... Okay, well, then let's be specific, sir.
Let's be specific.
I mean, I've read in newspapers about people being beaten, being shot, being poured gasoline on them.
That's been in our newspapers.
That's been in British newspapers and French.
Okay, specifically then, are people being killed?
What I'm trying to say is that you're employed with killings, meaning there are many of them, but it's not the case, okay?
I mean, I just want to put the record straight when it comes to that.
Sure, but killing would be poorer.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
I mean, the fact that there was one or two people is bad enough, okay?
When it comes to what's actually happening today or what has been happening, there's a lot of...
Petrol bombings of cars, obviously, of properties, of nursery schools, of schools, of some of the Department of State buildings, and obviously people are getting a bit touchy and very irritated about it.
This is why a curfew has been instituted and a state of emergency in commons, inverted commons.
You know, they're out of control from the police.
But the point is that, and this is the witness of the whole government for the past 20 years.
Director, we've got a break.
Please just stay with us five more minutes.
We've got a break.
Quick break and we'll come right back.
I want you to be able to finish your statement and give us the website.
We're talking to the Director of Foreign Affairs for the National Front, Jean-Michel Girard.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, Infowars.com.
Welcome to RealityZone.com.
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By the way, the National Front is a friend of all human beings that love sovereignty and freedom.
They were instrumental in defeating, getting the French people to defeat the Euro expansion, which would have taken more sovereignty away from the countries.
And Le Pen and the National Front are launching a European-wide...
New website and organization for all their national sovereignties.
Because by having all the nations be sovereign, that makes France even more sovereign.
We have to stop this global government.
It makes sense.
And that's another exciting thing Le Pen does.
That's why he's been demonized.
Please talk about that and talk about your new website.
And I want to just, again, commend Le Pen here for his leadership.
Are we going to be able to see the national front now sweep to power in France?
Yes, sir, can you comment on that about, number one, the National Front being able to now get into power in France, and also this move to unite the countries against the current euro?
Okay, well, from a point of view of, you know, the National Front getting into power, I mean, we have been trying since the inception of the
Four Nationals from Mr. Le Pen in 1972.
As you can see, we've been at it for about 33 years.
We had a very good record at the last presidential election when Mr. Le Pen came second to Jacques Chirac.
And in fact, I think that it is pretty sad to say, but I think we have reached the stage where
With the events, the present events in France and the French people, the true French people being quite fed up with what is actually going on, I mean, Mr. Le Pen has more and more chances to actually, you know, to get to the prime role of being able to convert and revert to what France should be.
Now, that's unfortunately going to happen in 2007.
Which is still a little while away, but we are going to work at it and our influence is felt more and more in all the provinces because what has predicted Le Pen has in fact arrived.
It is upon us now and I don't think it's actually going to settle.
It is going to be a thing that we have to carry on.
And hopefully we're going to win more and more votes.
The point is that the Chirac government is obviously very scared of that, and that's why we expect that most probably they're going to change the voting laws again before 2007, which would be very sad.
Because when Chirac knows he's going to lose, it's like a football match.
You change the goalpost.
So there have been a lot of parliamentary maneuvers, that's been in our own news, to manipulate and keep Le Pen from winning.
But I don't think they're going to be able to squelch the will of the people for long.
He put everything he could into getting euro expansion, but he failed thanks to the National Front.
Yes, absolutely.
To come back to the point of, you know, we want to actually, France to be France the way it should be,
And it deserves to be for the future, for now and the future.
And we have got a great heritage, and like in the US, like in England, like anywhere else in the world, I mean, each country must have their own sovereignty, and that's what we must keep.
And when I say that, I mean, that applies to the third world, too.
I mean, there is no way that we can start dictating whatever should be going on in the civil world.
I mean, they have chosen to be independent.
And now, when you are independent, you know, you do as you please in your own country.
And all we are asking within Europe is that
The French people should do as they please in their own country, so they should do in the UK, and so on and so forth.
Sir, can I get you, Director, to please mention the new move by Le Pen and by the National Front to get other European countries to move forward with nationalistic systems?
Yes, absolutely.
As a matter of fact, we have created a new website.
Which is going to be on the air in a few weeks' time.
We had various meetings with quite a few countries on that subject and basically to inform the people around the world that we are not the only one in Europe to fight for sovereignty and to fight for our culture and the respect of our countries.
That new site will include mainly all the countries in Europe
And obviously any countries who wish to join the site.
And we're talking about a unified front to do this.
Please give us that website, sir.
So it would be www.euronet.com.
Director, I really appreciate you coming on with us.
Jean-Michel Girard, and I look forward to talking to you again in the future.
It's my pleasure, and all I have to say is... Hold on one second, hold on one second.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
Jean-Michel Girard is a really busy man, especially right now with many of his major cities on fire.
Now into the 20th day of rioting and attacks going on in six countries, by the way, but the most are in France.
He was finishing up, so we held him over just to finish up.
You had one more thing to add, sir.
Sorry, I didn't catch that.
Oh, no, I was saying you had one more thing to add, sir.
Yes, I had one more thing to add when I was finishing up and that was that I strongly believe in the United States of America and I think it's a great country and I think, you know, you must keep it the way it should be and that is within all the correct infrastructure and keep it the way that it has been and especially what it actually represents
To the outside world.
And that is a country where success is the key.
And success from the point of view of relationships, from the point of view of business, from the point of view of wealth and prosperity, and from the point of view of giving the opportunity of every human being to actually develop and contribute to this wonderful country of yours.
Well, thank you so much, and we appreciate France and your help in founding this country, something that many people forget, and we appreciate France and all the incredible culture that you guys have contributed, and we need to protect that and watch it grow, not watch people who hate it basically take it over.
And so, Godspeed, sir, and take care.
Thank you.
Take care, too.
All right, he's gone now.
His phone actually cut out right as we went to break, and then he'd gotten in his car, so they got some of the Paris street sounds as the war goes on there.
Now, pretty mainstream.
I mean, these guys are a lot more what you'd call liberal than, say, Pat Buchanan.
Le Pen doesn't want to give up all French sovereignty and didn't want to give up the French money, the French franc.
They didn't want to give up total control of their nation.
And Jacques Chirac pretty much is a dictator.
They keep rewriting the rules right at election time and ignoring elections.
I mean, Le Pen is very popular in France, 55-60%, but it doesn't matter.
They have special voting systems and special elections and the party in power rewrites things routinely.
And so, right now is your ox.
We're going to increase the illegal aliens.
The illegal aliens, we're going to increase the money they get.
We're going to do all this.
And then that hurts the good people from Latin America.
And that's a small group.
But the good people from Africa or Asia or the Middle East.
I mean, that ruins their lives.
They're there making money, raising their kids, living in a free country.
You know, I'm a friend of the Middle East.
I'm never saying bomb, kill all the Arabs, they're the enemy, they're the devil.
But there are certain Muslim groups who do come in and say, this is our country, you're going to convert to the Koran, you're going to do what we say.
And no, that's not going to happen.
You're not our boss.
And you're only playing into the hands of the globalists.
Let me explain how this works.
These are free societies.
At least they were.
When I say love it or leave it, love America, love France, love England, what I mean to say is that if you want to criticize a police state, you want to criticize face-scanning cameras, you want to criticize 70% tax rates, you want to criticize genetically modified food.
I mean, I have commended French farmers for burning police stations and attacking government buildings when they try to force them to eat and grow genetically modified food that will destroy their culture.
I mean, I commend Hugo Chavez when he pulls his ambassadors out of Mexico and says the U.S.
is run by criminals and that he's against it.
I mean, I commend Hugo Chavez.
I'm for whoever's fighting the New World Order, folks.
But at the same time, you just hate America, or you want to overthrow this country, or you want to come here and bring us into the Pan-American Union and bring us into this New World Order.
Yes, you should be deported.
I don't care if you're a citizen.
You actively work to overthrow this country and the Bill of Rights, you need to be in prison.
You need to go to jail.
Now, I don't mean just getting out and saying we should be the UN, we should be world government.
That's free speech.
I mean if you're in the government and you're openly trying to subvert us and hand us over to a foreign power, that's treason.
Nothing else, nothing more.
And you get a bunch of people pumping in
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the British police have been told to just stand down and just let it happen.
Meanwhile, I'm on the street interviewing people in England, and cops come over and say I'm not allowed to videotape, you know, in downtown London, and start harassing me.
We have it on video.
It's still on the website.
We're going to put it in a film.
But it's already there for the PrisonPlanet.tv members.
I mean, let the illegal aliens pour in, but everybody's got to give their rights up because the terrorists are about to attack.
You see, it doesn't hold water.
So what's happening is these bad immigrants are ruining it for the good immigrants.
I mean, I think immigration is strong.
It is a good part of a country.
It makes a country stronger if it's controlled and focused.
And if people are brought here who want to work, and immigrants have always wanted to work hard, whether they were from Mexico or Germany or China.
Now they get here and the government's trying to get them on welfare.
I mean, they actually push welfare on the illegal and legals.
Again, to get them into the system, to have them as a client group, to play off against the population.
Big move coming up to tax and regulate the Internet by the United Nations.
We have the President of the National Taxpayers Union joining us, coming up in about 30 minutes the next hour.
Right now we're going to take calls.
Let's talk to Pat in Ohio.
Pat, you're on the air.
Then we'll go to Barney and others.
Welcome, Pat.
How are you doing again?
I have a question.
I've been really reviewing the tape on martial law, 9-11.
And it's really good.
I've been passing them out to a lot of people.
But I was wondering, when you mentioned Payne Stewart, I think that was on that particular tape.
I'm wondering, in your summation of what you think happened regarding this 9-11 event, I'm thinking that perhaps, do you think they could have done that to Payne Stewart and the people?
You mentioned about the emission of gas that knocked out the passengers on Flight 11 and 175.
That crash into the towers?
Well, that's from our internal sources and Pentagon sources from day one, that knockout gas was in packs, was administered, but we know they took control of the aircraft.
We know that was staged.
With Payne Stewart, the reason we bring up Payne Stewart is, back in 99, his plane was off course less than an hour.
Right, and then the jet fighter pilots, they were there in less than 20 minutes, I think, to escort them to check it all out.
18 minutes.
To be specific, I don't have the USA Today news articles in front of me, but I put those in the films.
But going back to memory...
To be more specific, it wasn't off course for an hour.
47 minutes into flight.
I'm going from memory here, but you can just type Payne Stewart USA Today into the search engine and it'll pop up a picture of him and then the 1999 article, but it was a bunch of them.
47 minutes from takeoff.
They'd flown out of Florida.
Then they got out over some of the other states, and then they knew that it was off course.
Then they launched F-16s, and less than 20 minutes later, from the time they learned it was off course, because it didn't get off course until 47 minutes in the flight, then within 18 minutes, 17 minutes, the fighter jets were around it, and they followed it for several hours.
It was a big media circus, and then it crashed in a cornfield in Nebraska.
And so that happened.
Now, they had planes from 18 minutes from the time it went off course, 18 minutes or 17 minutes, forget which one, they had planes around it.
And so then, and they've done that thousands of times.
I mean, I know pilots who've been in a Cessna or been in a Piper.
I think?
Who actually have had them threaten to launch F-16s on them?
Or people who've accidentally just strayed over in a small corridor over some controlled airspace and the F-16 flies up, aims missiles at them and orders them to land and the FAA is there and they run on and arrest them.
I mean, I've talked to people that's happened to.
I know pilots who've been threatened to be shot down.
It is a routine occurrence and the federal government, you can find the head of NORAD
The spokesman was in articles going, this is ridiculous, we didn't stand down, we've never intercepted a plane.
And then you can type his name into Google, and that's in the film, and find him going back two years ago, talking about, oh, we've done a great job, we've had 1,400 intercepts in the last 10 years.
And then he was quoted by Popular Mechanics' hit piece going, we've never intercepted a plane, except for Payne Stewart.
We've never, and then you can type his name into Google and find him in all the other incident reports, listing thousands of cases.
I mean, it's just, they're liars.
They're liars.
Why are they lying?
Sorry, go ahead.
Okay, I was just wondering, when you mentioned the emission of gas that went throughout the two flights,
I don't think Bill Clinton would kill Payne Stewart just because he said he hated Bill Clinton and had done all that.
But people did say, was he Clinton?
And really what probably happened is they lost pressure.
Though it is suspicious, most pilots know how to feel the symptoms of that to a slow leak.
A slow leak wouldn't be instant, but they would feel it and have an oxygen alarm go off.
It is very suspicious.
Was it a test?
I don't know.
I mean, I tend to
I was just wondering if possibly they were just using it as a test, you know, perhaps on him or whoever.
I don't know what happened.
It's an interesting question and we'll probably never know.
The New World Order knows and God knows.
What about your... This other guy mentioned something about the D.C.
Now, I don't think they had anything to do with... I think it was George...
On the other tape, George... Total George Humphrey?
Yeah, and he mentioned the D.C.
Total government operation.
You think so?
Oh, absolutely.
That takes hours to cover, and we did multiple... Those guys, to me, were just whacked out.
It seemed like they just hit personal, especially the older ones.
He just hit personal problems.
He was angry with his wife.
Yeah, Muhammad, John Muhammad, or whatever his name was.
He was angry with his wife.
Listen, it takes hours to go over that.
There's so much evidence.
Thanks for the call.
And look, I'm not challenging you.
It's just a preponderance of evidence, Pat, shows that was a government op.
And if I have to try to go over that, it just takes hours.
I've done the shows.
The websites are built.
The pages have been written.
Did you know that in Operation Northwoods, the U.S.
government planned to carry out 9-11 style attacks, staging government ops getting on planes with fake flight lists, having those planes land somewhere else, having drones blow up?
Passenger jets blow up and claim the Cubans killed them.
Killing John Glenn in orbit and claiming the commies killed him.
Bombing D.C., bombing Miami.
Killing Marines.
Having U.S.
Army dressed up like Cubans kill Marines in Guantanamo and blame it on Castro.
It's in the Northwoods, actually.
Let's kill our troops.
It's right there.
And that's declassified public.
But what else is in there?
They said we could have sniper attacks in D.C.
and down in Miami.
And it said we could wound people or just kill them.
And it said we even got a plan, it lists a plan, another classified document, but it lists a plan how to frame patsies.
They say we can go kill people.
And then we can have our snipers shoot men and women and then we'll just grab some patsies.
And then you look at Muhammad, and folks, this is real.
This is really in government documents.
This is MKUltra, Naomi, all of them.
They really can do it, and they both fit the MO.
Muhammad and the other guy, crazed, obviously drugged out, just like McVeigh.
McVeigh was found by state troopers drooling, saying, please help me know I've got a chip.
And then state troopers were in the Daily Oklahoma saying this.
See, that was his code.
He had the car phone.
He gets the call.
He pulls over, foaming at the mouth, literally dripping saliva.
That's the key word.
I mean, you're tortured for months, key words, given PCP, LSD, peyote.
They can just say key words, and then they'll usually give you some psychological connection.
You don't really have a chip in you, but that's somehow the trigger to where you think it's inside you.
You see, they'll try to tie it into something that sounds probable.
And then, I got a chip, I got a chip, get it out of me, it hurts!
The guy who just perfectly cooked all this ammonia together, and parks it out there, and then does all this, and then now he's in a white car, with no license plates, with a gun on the dashboard, going, help me to the state police, I've got a chip, foaming at the mouth.
Now, it's the same thing with Mohammed and his sidekick.
Death said cards.
They're leaving Bushmaster 322, 223, shell casings.
All the witnesses, white witnesses.
It wasn't blacks being racist.
White witnesses.
Yeah, white vans.
There's a bunch of them.
White guys, short haircuts.
Yeah, they look like delivery guys.
I saw them shoot them.
No, no, you saw wrong.
No, no.
And then they just find these guys asleep in a parking lot.
There's the truck driver.
Oh, we all need to tattletale on each other now.
See the truck driver.
He found them
And you never hear of them again.
This is classic M.O.
I've seen it so many times, it makes my head spin.
Barney in Maryland, site of the CIA operation.
There's a hundred other points, too.
Barney, go ahead.
Yeah, pertaining to France, almost every stage event in history, outsiders, one-world agitators, have been the cause.
Just like right now, the U.S.
CIA and the Mossad and the British MI6 are trying to
We had guerrilla warfare in Iraq and trying to divide and cause conflict between the different religious factions.
And the Illuminati plans, the protocols were used back in the 1700s to do the same thing to France.
Well, they actually caught the Illuminati with the documents, and it is admitted it's not an urban legend.
It's in the Encyclopedia Britannica that the Illuminati engineered the French Revolution.
It was totally staged.
That's admitted.
Stay there, Barney.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
Good to hear from you.
And we'll let Barney finish up with his little tidbit of knowledge.
Very informative and accurate.
And we will continue on the other side.
And we've got another guest coming up.
And more of your calls.
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
Check them all out today.
Stay with us.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're going to go back to Barney and others here in just a moment.
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Barney and Marilyn, finish up what you were saying, sir.
That was about it.
I just wanted to point out that the same pattern has been used over and over again down through history to control people and governments.
What do you think of what's happening in France now going into 20 days of burning and looting?
It's just a staged event.
We got to look at all of ourselves as actors reading a script, almost.
We're all puppets.
That's what Shakespeare said, is the whole world is a stage and all of us actors upon it.
I believe it.
Okay, thank you.
Well, thank you, Barney.
Good to hear from you.
We are actors on the stage if we play the roles they give us.
If we take the labels they give us and take them on.
But they hate Le Pen.
Did you hear how mild that was with their international director?
Mild stuff.
Immigrants are great.
We just can't have them wanting to kill us.
We have to restrict it.
If they say they hate this country, they should leave.
We're against the Euro taking all our freedoms away.
Ooh, radical.
Ooh, Le Pen evil.
So see, you got a chance to actually hear what their views really are.
We're going to win this fight.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time and back from 9 to midnight.
We're here.
And you know what?
I forgot to tell you.
I know you guys wait until I give the order.
Why don't we go ahead and get our guest on?
We'll go ahead and get our guest on now instead of at the 5 after.
And then we'll get to your calls.
Our guest is just going to be on for about 15-20 minutes.
But it is very important.
I talked about this in the first hour.
Study predicts political economic turmoil if UN's Internet governance scheme succeeds...
And this is from the National Taxpayers Union, and this is from the official United Nations website.
Censorship on the web, taxes on the web, bureaucratic corruption on the web.
But there's a problem.
The U.S.
and ICANN are pushing Internet, too, which is just as bad.
In fact, in some cases, even worse.
So they give you two false choices.
We'll be getting into that coming up.
And then I've got a whole stack of other really important news here in front of me.
We have a flu warp.
Ominous mutations are now being reported.
Some foreign press agencies and some scientific institutions are now saying that the flu could now, this HB15, the bird flu, could have mutated to where humans can't get it.
Well, we know humans can get it from other animals, but human-to-human transmission.
And we'll get into a plethora of other information as well.
The Senate Republicans are pushing for a plan on ending the war in Iraq, and so are the British.
So a stack of really important news and headlines here we haven't even gotten to yet.
We're about to break here in about two, three minutes.
But let's go ahead and go to our guest now and introduce him, and we'll come back and let our guest bring forward...
Even more information.
Well, you know what?
Instead of letting our guests just get short-stopped and start and then have to stop, we'll just go to break here in a minute, and we'll come back with our guest, who is the president of a great organization.
That's the National Taxpayers Union, and their website is ntu.org.
And the headline is, Study Predicts Political Economic Turmoil If UN's Internet Governance Scheme Succeeds.
And it starts out by saying, after so many conspiracy hoaxes over the years, there is now a serious, ominous effort to replace the efficient and adaptable non-profit entity Guide to the Internet with a new UN-sponsored agency.
And I'll just say this right now.
That plan to put a tax on emails, that was proposed two years ago in Congress.
That was not a conspiracy theory.
But the press was so lazy and so stupid, they wouldn't know where to go find it.
And then people that would write articles about it would just say, I heard.
So that would then be called the hoax.
It's like five years ago, we'd read plans about martial law and the feds preparing for it.
Now, you know, it's on the nightly news.
But it was never an urban legend.
It was in Pentagon documents.
So often...
Even good mainline conservative or populist organizations just can't believe what's happening.
The proof is in the pudding.
And the National Taxpayers Union has done that research and has found that information and has really codified a lot of info that I was already aware of, but also a lot of info that I wasn't even aware of.
And this is really, really scary.
That's coming up after this break.
We'll get into censorship.
The UN has openly called for regulation and control.
You know, the UN will say on their Declaration of Human Rights, they have 31 parts of that, oh, you've got all these great rights to free speech, unless it hurts somebody's feelings, or unless it's mean.
And so there's big moves to regulate free speech via the United Nations.
And that's very scary.
And of course it will start out with something that sounds reasonable.
I don't think those Nazis have a right to speech.
But if they lose their rights, you and I lose our rights.
We'll talk about taxes.
There have been open UN plans for a bit tax that would... We'll tell you how many trillions of dollars this would cost you.
I don't think you're going to believe how many trillions.
And bureaucratic corruption and a lot more.
Just a...
Just a great piece put out by NTU.org, the National Taxpayers Union.
We'll be right back with their president after this quick break.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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This is not a game.
This is not a drill.
This is the real thing.
The United Nations openly wants a world tax on fuel at the wellhead every...
Barrel of oil and the regulatory agency and enforcement arm to do that.
Global judiciary, global taxation, global police force.
This is all openly admitted.
The United Nations and UNIDIR in a July 7, 2000 document said that their main job is disarming every single American and every single person on the face of the earth except for their police force, of course.
Total tyranny.
They called it legitimate power monopoly.
A power monopoly is a dictatorship, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're openly calling for Tobin taxes on money transfers and all wire transfers and all debit transfers, period.
And it'll only be half a cent, but that's trillions of dollars.
This is going to be what the Tobin tax first year would have been, $5 trillion globally in the aggregate.
But these are old numbers.
Now, though, the global tax is done with some number crunching by the National Taxpayers Union.
And I've seen similar numbers.
$12 trillion on Internet taxation, and this is being announced.
They're really pushing for it.
And joining us is the president of the National Taxpayers Union, and that's John Bertu, and their website is ntu.org.
John, it's great to have you on with us.
Great to be with you.
I'm glad that an organization with over a quarter million, 350,000 members, pretty prominent, with big business and small business owners, is telling it like it is.
Why do you guys open the article with saying, hey, this isn't a conspiracy theory?
Well, you know, you and I and a lot of your listeners probably over the years have gotten a lot of emails saying, you know, forward this to 10 people and Bill Gates will give a billion dollars to end world hunger and
You know, there is a lot of nonsense out there, and one of them was four or five years ago, there was an email, I think it was P450, supposedly a bill in Congress for an Internet tax, and that was a hoax.
But then two years ago, Mark Dayton, thankfully now returning to the private sector and getting out of government, has...
Actually, you floated this idea.
Exactly, exactly.
It started in the realm of, this couldn't possibly be true, this has to be a hoax.
And some politicians and bureaucrats said, hey, that's not such a bad idea.
Well, I've read what big corporations have said.
Basically, they're going to let us get addicted to the net, get all business involved with it.
And by the way, folks, the net is when you buy something with a credit card at the Easy Mart.
I mean, everything goes into these wireless systems, into these computer systems, into these hubs.
Whether you like it or not, it's all going there.
We need to control its architecture and let it be used for good.
But the United Nations, they don't want that.
No, we have a lot of concerns currently in what's happening right now.
Thank you.
Christina Rasmussen, who did some calculations for us, figured that if the tax that some were proposing a few years ago was imposed, today we'd be collecting $12 trillion, which would just be great if you're a U.N.
Can you imagine if the U.N.
got a blood supply that big?
I mean, they only get about, what, $50 billion a year now.
If they got $12 trillion, I mean, you talk about a U.N.
Our entire tax every year, our entire budget, is only $3.6 trillion.
Yeah, no, that's the size of the US economy.
That would make...
That would make the U.N.
the size of the U.S.
And would be roughly four times bigger than the entire expenditure of the federal government.
Yeah, and just imagine the amazing drain on resources.
And the U.N.
would not, since they think they're doing the world great good, they would have no compunction about taking, they might not want to take $12 trillion.
But they would have no compunction about taking an enormous share, and a lot of people think that's a great idea.
Mainstream, Congressional Budget Office, what they proposed with this Tobin tax, major economic forums in Davos and other places are talking $4 or $5 trillion just off a half a percent on money transfers.
I've seen the numbers.
No, I mean, it sounds, oh, it's so small, it's tiny, but...
You know, as a former senator once said, a million here, a million there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money.
But, you know, the concerns for us go beyond with a possible UN taking over control of the internet, go beyond just money.
You know, the countries pushing this are places like China.
I happened to be in China last month for about three and a half weeks.
And, you know, I would go to Internet kiosks, and sometimes it was a hit or miss proposition, but, you know, the government at certain kiosks was blocking Google News.
I couldn't go to the Google News website.
I couldn't go to BBC World Service.
And if Google and BBC are getting blocked, we've pretty much fallen all over China.
Imagine Infowars.com or NTU.org.
And, you know, so the question is, do we really want...
You know, the Chinese and countries like that and Syria and Iran to have a voice in the governing of the Internet, I think that would be a colossal mistake.
Well, for those that don't know, sir, and you guys have done a lot of major study on this and traveled the world looking at it, let's just explain for novices out there who don't know how the Internet started or what ICANN is or how it's operating right now versus this new thing the UN wants to do.
Basically, it's very complicated, and I don't pretend to understand all of it, but there's an organization.
The Internet is about as American as McDonald's hamburgers.
It was started in America and grew out of America.
As one member of Congress said yesterday, it's something America gave to the world.
It's an NSA emergencies communication group.
And ICON is a small little nonprofit entity out in California, I believe.
It stands for the Internet Corporation for Sign, Names, and Numbers.
And basically what they do, they're sort of the center of the Internet.
When you click or type in NTU.org,
Computers can't really understand that, so ICON connects that to a lot of numbers that computers can understand.
That name's in a big dictionary with its actual data number attached to it.
And this is how, you know, so the governance and the, you know, ICON has created the .com and all the different extensions that Internet users are very familiar with.
And the bottom line is that the governance, which has worked, I think, very, very well.
We've seen tremendous growth worldwide.
While there's been problems, it's hard to make the case that the Internet has not been much more a source of... It's just been a great thing for humanity.
So, of course, the Eurocrats and the bureaucrats and the UNocrats, if I can coin a word, say, hey, there's money to be had here, guys, and control.
When you think about it, that's really what politics is.
I like that.
Politics is about money and control, not too different, actually, from the mafia.
They want greater control, and they want to use the offices and the force of government to... Well, the U.N.
does what Bush does.
He goes, I'm against torture, but we've changed the definition to where pulling somebody's fingernails out isn't torture, it's called pressure.
The U.N.
comes out, and I've read their documents.
I've read their Charter of Human Rights.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How, if the U.N.
bureaucrats, the global-crats as you coined, succeed and the U.N.
takes over the Internet, there won't be anything saying China can block you or me from getting Google News.
You can just see these oily provisions.
There has to be local considerations of sensitivity towards content.
And lots of oily phrases like that.
Well, the United Nations gives its cultural awards and population and everything to China.
That's their model.
So mobile execution vans and killing people for free speech, running over young people with tanks, that's their model.
And, you know, I for one and NTU...
We don't think that's such a good idea.
So how do we beat this?
I mean, there's this fight, at least on the surface, between ICANN and the federal government and this private consortium with the EU crowd.
But at certain levels, they seem to be owned by some of the same interests.
And so there's like this compromise coming.
At the same time, ICANN and others, or ICON, two different groups there, as you mentioned, but the assigned names registry in these groups
They're openly talking about Internet 2 now.
And if you type in, the Internet is dead, you'll get their consortiums that met in Austin, that met in London over the last two years.
They're talking about not upgrading the old web, forcing us over to a new web where we all have subdomains with 50 main carriers, some public, some private.
So that, at a certain level, I think they're giving us false choices, sir, to where we... I mean, it's very sophisticated, but I'm sure you can grasp this...
To where they give us the two false choices, and both of them are more centralized.
Yeah, no, it's, you know, you asked what can your listeners do.
I think what I would do tomorrow, there's going to be actually a press conference and a resolution on the House on this very issue, which is a first step, saying that, yeah, the United States should keep control of the Internet and the
And fend off and fight efforts.
And you know, probably starting with the Democratic Party, but certainly it will go into the Republican Party too, there will be some who say, oh, well, you know, we shouldn't be unilateralists and blah, blah, blah.
So I think most importantly, if your listeners care about this issue, the most important thing they can do is call their member of Congress, call their senator, and say no, and stand up against this idea of the U.N.
taking over the Internet.
Well, I'll tell you what, sir.
Stay with us for one more little segment, quick break.
We'll come back with a little five-minute segment because I want to hear more about how to stop this.
And also this data page you guys put together, this article, has a lot of other facets to it that we haven't discussed as well.
So we'll be right back after this quick break with our guest.
We're good to go.
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We're talking to John Bertu, and he is the president of a really great organization, a 350,000 strong member organization, the National Taxpayers Union.
And they go out lobbying against more taxation, more regulation, things that are bad for, I'd really say especially small business.
A lot of these big corporations are actually lobbying for more regulation because they use that against their competition.
But we were talking during the break, let's not forget it's not just the U.N.
We now, and our government's very close to handing this over to them.
Just a few weeks ago, they changed course and said, no, we're not going to, but they were actually discussing it a few weeks ago.
This is getting close.
Two years ago, they tried to start a massive internet taxation grid and schedule, and then they did some moratorium until 07, but that's just a year and a half away, and there's real moves to do this, and then on top of it,
It's just as important.
You call up the places that are selling products who don't have a home office or a base or a retail area in your state, and they go, well, we're still going to charge you sales tax.
We've just voluntarily decided to.
They're helping set the precedent for taxation that's going to hurt all of us.
Can you comment on that, please, sir?
Yeah, no, it's a great point that the threat is not just the U.N.,
Politicians in America also have some ideas.
And really, we've had, over the last four or five years, we've had two concurrent battles, as you absolutely correctly outlined.
One is a tax on Internet access.
And people have heard of the Internet tax moratorium.
This is what that addresses, where states... It just says very simply that states...
You can't create a tax that's just on something relating to the Internet and not on anything else.
The sales tax or any other kind of tax that already exists can apply to the Internet, but you can't create a certain tax that is Internet-specific.
Some people say, well, aren't you being hypocritical because I thought you believed in states' rights?
I have no problem, and I've never had a problem with the federal government circumscribing the ability of local governments and limiting government.
I think that's... Whenever government limits itself in whatever form, I think that's a good thing.
Well, I think they use the Interstate Commerce Clause because what that state's doing is affecting the entire economy.
But anyway, as you say, we have this...
Extended until 2007.
We are, I think, in the coming months going to have a big battle on the idea of adding sales tax.
And as you said, a number of retailers have voluntarily started taxing
You know, if I make a purchase, I live here in Virginia, and I make a purchase from a retailer in Montana who ships to me from California, you know, some folks have started voluntarily collecting tax, even though there's no local nexus, which is the opposite.
Which is totally insane!
Yes, and the thing that really gets me, and we were talking at the break,
A lot of folks say, oh my God, if we don't do this, state and local governments are going to be starved for money and not get any tax revenue.
We do a little commerce on the Internet, as I know you do.
And, of course, you know, in National Taxpayers Union, we pay property taxes and all kinds of taxes.
And those taxes, in turn, get embedded into the price of goods.
So the idea that, you know, when you buy a book from Amazon.com,
You know, what we're fighting about is the state and local governments want to dump yet another tax on there.
It's already... Well, and here's the problem.
The government's getting a lot of money from those purchases as is.
The government, look, it's never going to be enough.
They're always going to spend more than they get.
It's way too big.
It's way out of control.
We have all these federally funded or unfunded mandates.
The whole thing's out of control.
The government's always going to scream like a big fat baby bird, more, more, more, no matter how many worms you stick down their throat, folks.
I think that's exactly right.
I like that analogy.
You know, sometimes when we debate education policy and education, that's an area where there's never enough money, according to the National Education Association.
So Republicans fall into this trap of saying,
Let's increase education spending by 8% this year.
And then some Democrats will offer an amendment and say, let's increase it by 11%, and so then they'll say Republicans are cutting 3%.
But actually the money is what has destroyed education.
Back when there was no money for it, it was local, it was real.
Now it's a top-heavy thing that isn't even about education.
It's about politics and control.
I want to thank you for coming on with us.
Again, the president of the National Taxpayers Union.
And the website is really easy to remember, folks.
We have a link to it up on Infowars.com, so be sure and visit NTU.org.
John, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you.
Talk to you soon.
Take care.
All right, we'll be right back with a ton of news in your call.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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You know, we got cool callers, and they got even cooler names.
Elijah in Texas and then Elias in Michigan.
Those are the first two people that are up.
And we will take quite a few of your calls here in the last 27 minutes we've got left.
Hold free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Let's go ahead and take a couple calls, and then we'll get back into the news.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
First is Elijah.
Elijah in Texas, you're on the air.
This is Elijah.
I'm a first-time caller.
And I'm coming from San Antonio.
I was coming home from dropping off my son from school.
And Zachary Middle School, they hired a crossing guard from the Army Reserve.
And they're being used as crossing guards.
Total brainwashing, sir.
You've got to get a photo of that and send it to me.
We can leave your name out of it.
But if you were to take a digital photo right now, do you have a computer?
Do you know how to do that?
I have a computer, but I'm not that great with computers.
You can go to the local Eckerd's, the local Walgreens.
I know you can email them pictures now, so I'm sure they could email it for somebody.
Oh, I wish somebody... Where is Zachary Middle School in San Antonio?
It's off of Half Mile before you get to 1604 in Calibra.
1604 in Calibra.
I was already planning to go down to San Antonio today.
The waddy wads wanted to see the Alamo.
But 1604 Calibra.
Now, again, here in Austin, we have confirmed this in a lot of the different schools.
They make the kids wear these huge ID badges around their necks, which is bad enough training them how to be prisoners.
But they have Army of One necklaces that are about almost an inch thick that say Army of One.
Total brainwashing.
We're good to go.
I'm not against the military, folks, but literally it is a full court press right now that just came out.
They're now recruiting people who score between 14 and 30, which is mentally retarded, by the way, on the Army Aptitude Test.
So they're targeting the kids that don't have parents that are at home or foster kids, kids that don't have any real future, who don't know how to defend themselves.
And so luckily you are a father who's involved and cares, so your kids aren't going to fall into the trap.
But obviously, sir, I appreciate you calling.
Tell us what you think about this.
Well, I don't see... I've heard that they're having a lot of problems with the Army Reserves and with the amount of people that they have, that they have a shortage.
And you've got these Army Reserves in full military gear
And they're out here being used as crossing guards.
It's total brainwashing, sir.
We've had them land helicopters at every school locally.
Listen, I have the Pensacola News Journal from 1998 posted on InfoWars.com.
The Marines came in, aimed machine guns at the kids, made them cry, and said, Bill Clinton wants you to know what martial law is like.
Now, folks, I'm not kidding.
That's word for word out of the newspaper.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It is despicable.
And these guys get bonuses for what they do.
They'll do anything.
And there's mass brainwashing going on.
San Francisco just passed a law banning it.
I don't have a problem with recruiters having recruiting day and being there with a senior class the last week of school.
If kids want to do that, that's their business.
I don't have a problem with GM being there or local businesses.
But to have the troops literally in the schools for whole semesters is just...
Well, I'm running on at the mouth.
You've got a child in this school, obviously, or children.
I mean, what's your take on it?
Well, they're not recruiting.
They're basically being used as mama patrols.
This is the first time I've seen it in this area.
Well, yeah, they're conditioning you.
Listen, I've been to a Fiesta in San Antonio.
Not Fiesta, Texas.
I went to a Fiesta six years ago, and I've got video somewhere here at the office.
I ran back to my car and even got video of it.
They had Air Force MPs actually checking IDs and searching people.
Total federal crime!
It's a felony, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, but see, the government's the boss now.
They're going to selectively enforce.
Go ahead.
And I wanted to mention, I wanted to give out the number of that school.
If y'all are interested.
You know what?
I would like the number for the school.
Now, specifically, what are the troops doing?
How many of them did you see?
I saw two of them outside the campus and three of them inside the building.
Of course, when I called, they said that they didn't mention anything about Army Reserves.
They just mentioned that they had some volunteers.
And I said, ma'am, I saw the blue-helmeted
With the stars and the blue field on it.
I said, I know what they look like.
And then finally they said that they were Army Reservists.
Total brainwashing.
Turning the little prisons into military camps.
Have you heard how a lot of public schools are switching over to being military camps?
Actual military training schools?
Chicago and L.A.
have now got them.
Well, I wanted to give the name out.
The principal is Ms.
And maybe if everybody gives a phone call over there, you know, bring some awareness.
Sure, I'd like to hear callers call right now, and then politely, politely, folks, you know, I'm sure the principal isn't evil, she's just ignorant, and we'll confirm if this is going on.
I was going to just get the number and then call them during a break, but you know what?
I mean, just be sure you're giving the right number out, sir.
Is this the main number or her number?
It's the main school number.
Okay, what's the number?
It's Erica 210-397...
And she also stated that the reason that they called the reserves was that they didn't have any help.
They were having problems with the children.
Oh, the troops will make them behave.
And that they were a little bit disorderly and that they needed some help.
But, you know, that's like two blocks from my house, and that's not the case.
Sir, you're telling me, I need you to give me your name and number off-air so I can confirm this.
You sound credible.
I've got a sense for these things just over the years, but it's not always 100%.
I totally believe you, everything you're saying.
But I need to at least probably get your full name, confirm this from you, because I want to write an article about this.
So much of this is happening.
At least they aren't screaming, this is martial law, I'm going to kill you like they do in Pensacola.
And again, that's been on the Pensacola News Journal, boys and girls.
We're on the radio in Pensacola.
What I wanted to mention was that I called the three major TV stations here and rated WOAI 1200 the clear channel.
Everybody says they'll get back with me, but no one has called me back.
No, that's very newsworthy.
There's been a big problem nationwide with them being really pushy with the kids.
And you say this is a middle school?
Yes, Zachary Middle School.
Yeah, this is outrageous.
You know what else they have?
This is in my film, The Takeover.
They have a deal where they give the county, say, $40,000, BATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Compensation.
And we have the video, the news articles, the documents from the school.
A whole semester, a deputized sheriff's deputy, he's now BATF, he harasses your kids and has them write dossiers on you and brainwashes them about guns.
We've got to stop putting up with this.
But what else did the school say?
So they said the troops were there because they had some rowdiness.
Yes, they had some disorderly kids.
You're telling me the school principal, Mrs. Martinez, from the Zachary Middle School, you're telling me that she told you that?
Yes, whoever was in charge of answering the phone, the spokesperson for the school,
That they were having a little bit of problems and that they also had a shortage of personnel, I believe, that they needed to get the National Guard, not the National Guard, the Reserves to help out.
And, well, you know, I know the school district, the Northside School District.
Look, that's ridiculous.
If they asked parents to once a month come down and be crosswalks or whatever, they'd do it.
This is just a total lie.
Yeah, I completely didn't buy it and I actually spoke to the campus police and he already knew what I was going to say because when I rolled down the window he goes, are you complaining about the military reserves there?
And I go, yes.
He goes, no, you're not the first one.
And so he already knew what we were going to be talking about.
Do me a favor.
You've already done enough, but get at least a cheap 35mm $5 disposable camera.
You said you live a mile away.
Get in the car.
Drive over there and just get out.
Don't get in their face, but get up close.
Take shots of these goons.
They're probably well-meaning idiots.
Take them to a one-hour photo, slap them in the mail, mail them to me tomorrow, and I'll send you five of any videos you want.
Just put a note in there and just tell my staff, Alex says give me five videos.
Go take me photos of those and I'll write a big article about it.
I'll call the teachers, I'll call everybody.
I guess I could take my British visitors and instead of going to the Alamo, we could go down to Zachary Middle School.
But by the time I get off the air and finish business here and this evening try to drive down there, it'll never happen.
So I really and truly need you to do that for me, sir.
I'm going to put you on hold if you don't mind.
I want to get your name and phone number and I won't give your name and number out on air if you don't want to.
Do you want to come out full bore against them?
Do you want to say your full name on air?
Sure, I don't mind.
Go ahead.
Oh, it's Elijah Romo, R-O-M-O.
Elijah, how do you spell your last name?
Romo, yes.
Well, Elijah, we appreciate you being a real man and standing up for your children and my children in this country.
How long have you been listening to the show?
This is the first time.
This is the first time I've listened to the show, but I've ordered a lot of videos and material over the years, and I didn't know about the shortwave.
About the radio program that you had the first time.
How are you listening to us locally?
Well, I've only listened through the Internet, through the material that you have.
Yeah, we've got a little FM down there, one of the micros, but I don't know if that's in your...
I'm not too familiar with it.
If you can give me that.
I don't have it.
I don't know the frequency.
I apologize.
It's pretty much worthless that I even brought it up.
Let me put you on hold.
Let me get your number.
I need to interview you later today, if that's okay, for five minutes.
Just get the basics.
When I get off here, I'll try to call the school and get a statement from them.
It's very, very newsworthy.
I really appreciate you, Elijah.
God bless you.
God bless you, too.
Guys, John Harmon, please get his phone number.
For me, thank you.
What a great American calling in to stand up against this.
And I keep warning you folks.
Oh, the troops are here to make the kids behave.
See, martial law.
In the late 80s, they had Marines dressed up in police outfits raiding gun dealers in Virginia.
They've been quietly gearing up.
Now you hear martial law is good.
Martial law is helpful.
We need to take your rights, break your family up, put you in camps.
It's good.
Tommy Franks, it's going to happen.
Get ready for it.
We're being bathed in this evil.
We're being basted.
Let's talk to Elias in Michigan.
We'll get Elijah's number.
Go up north now.
Welcome, Elias.
Hi, how are you doing?
What did you think of that call?
Oh, well, the deadly fear of the draft, of course.
So they figure they will indoctrinate kids from the age of five.
By the time they're 15, they'll be gung-ho to join.
Get into schools.
Bring them young.
What I was interested in was your guess for Lee Penn.
From the National Front in France.
They're the descendants of Vichy.
Their ancestors sold France out.
We should most likely be called the National Socialist Front.
But see, that's totally false.
Le Pen fought against the Nazis.
Well, sure.
That means people get shot by Nazis, and they're Nazis because they're totally tame.
Somebody welcomed Hitler into France.
Well, sir, just because down in the south of France, it was a little bitty town with a Vichy French, and by the way, the French fought for a little under a month.
They were not welcome into France.
Well, you know, I read about that one time.
Let me just say something.
Put him on hold.
You know, you're saying things that are dishonest and aren't true.
You know, you just come on the air, and you want to hate me, that's fine, sir.
You come on the air, and you just say, somebody invited the Nazis in, and that's what Le Pen is.
They're the progeny of that.
And it's just not true.
It's tame milk toast.
We're going to defend France.
We're not going to give up our sovereignty.
We're not against all the immigrants.
We just think that they shouldn't want to burn everything.
And we're against the EU.
They're against the New World Order.
And so they're being demonized.
Now I'll put you on hold because I'm going to finish my statement.
How do you say somebody who fought and actually shot German soldiers and was wounded repeatedly, how do you say that the leader of the National Front, a 33-year-old party, which is milk toast, folks,
I mean, Pat Buchanan is light years more radical in his rhetoric, and he's not a Nazi, than these people.
We fight Nazis.
I make films about the Nazis, exposing them.
Our president is in a Nazi death cult, but there's no problem out there with that.
Oh no, but look, and Arnold Schwarzenegger says he admires Hitler, but he gets ADL awards.
But then somebody says that they're fighting for France and their sovereignty, and he's evil.
Now, I mean, you just spewed government propaganda at me.
Now, specifically, what is your proof that Le Pen is the progeny of Nazis?
I specifically want to hear your proof instead of saying somebody in France let the Nazis in.
I want to hear it.
Tell me.
Who was it?
Who let them in?
No one let them in.
It was called the Blitzkrieg, sir.
Look, look.
There was an American... Would you listen to me?
There was an American report... You won't listen.
There was an American reporter there at the time.
He went to all the sites of the so-called battles, and he found no evidence of any fighting.
The whole general corps was not defied.
In fact, the whole army was not defied.
They all ran.
Okay, but what is your proof about Le Pen?
Oh, look it up.
Well, I mean, they are definitely on the track of...
What's your proof of that?
Of what you might call conservatism.
Here, I don't know what you call it.
Oh, here, conservatism's all Nazi.
Thanks for the call.
There's the proof, folks.
What about Dunkirk?
What about piles of dead British and French troops being bombed by the Germans?
Until Hitler did say, okay, quit bombing them, let them evacuate.
That did happen.
There was no miracle of Dunkirk.
But no, no, no.
The French did get run over because they were still fighting a World War I war.
And this was a World War II war.
This was a blitzkrieg, a lightning war.
And they ran over them and encircled them, and in a month had conquered France.
Did they then go get some puppets and put them in place like they did in every other country they took over?
But I'm now bad.
Oh, this is incredible.
I mean, milk toast, folks.
Milk toast.
You ought to read what's on the Le Pen website.
It's just we should love our country and not let in another 10 million immigrants unless they want to be friendly.
We shouldn't give up all of our currency and give up our voting rights.
We should keep a little sovereignty and not give it over to the EU.
You know, Hugo Chavez just withdrew his ambassadors from Mexico and says they're total puppets of the New World Order.
He actually said bankers.
You know, I'm for Chavez, too.
Anybody who's for sovereignty.
You know?
Don't tell me, okay?
Just spout some stuff.
All conservatives are truly Nazis.
Man, what is wrong with you?
Elias, get your head screwed on straight, bubba.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to be talking to the locals down in San Antonio on that school, and there will be a story on infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, about a night or tomorrow.
When we get all the details of this.
But it fits the same MO.
I already know it's absolutely true.
But trust but verify.
That's my motto.
I'm sorry I don't have time to go to the rest of your calls.
I got stuck on those last two.
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Senate Republicans pushing for a plan on ending the war in Iraq.
And that is coming up in just that vote, just in a few weeks, to start that plan to end the war by next year.
Of course, it will be handed over by the U.N.
That's going to be completely staged.
And then U.K.
troops out of Iraq by next year.
That's the BBC.
They're now moving for a major plan to do that.
We'll be disgraced.
NATO and the U.N.
will come in as the saviors.
It's all good cop, bad cop, as we predicted four years ago, a full year and a half before the war.
Three of Saddam's defense lawyers have been killed, clearly, by our loving government.
Now the fourth has fled the country for his life.
That's the Associated Press.
That's your fair trial freedom.
He tries to mention that he was in business with the Bushes and people start dying.
Tropical depression forms in the Caribbean as the local turned into a hurricane.
Kind of the end of the hurricane season.
That's good news there on that.
And the really good news, Mexico and Venezuela sever ties over spat and...
Venezuela is saying that Mexico is totally controlled by the New World Order, by the bankers, by the U.S.
And he's totally right, because Fox is trying to push the takeover of their sovereignty.
Chavez pulled his ambassadors out and has broken diplomatic ties with them.
And there's a lot of other news up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Paul, you wrote some new articles today.
You had a big update on PrisonPlanet.com and your working holiday here in the Central Texas Command Center.
So, Paul, before we end the show, tell us what's coming up on the website.
That's right, I've been working hard today in the hotel room.
Two big articles on PrisonPlanet.com, one of which is about the hotel bombings in Jordan.
A lot of evidence to suggest that was a staged inside job.
The images show the roof blown down from the ceiling.
There's no blood on the scene, so there's a big article on that.
Also, Paul Craig Roberts' comments on the air on Friday, saying the U.S.
government's run by psychopaths, they may stage a terror attack.
Another big article on that, so we encourage everybody to spread those articles around and get them more attention.
Absolutely, and you guys are going to be back in the studio on Thursday or Friday, I haven't decided yet.
The National British TV is going to be here, it might be good to have you here then, so you can prance about with them, your fellow redcoats.
I'm just joking, Lord Watson!
I just have fun with it, folks.
Did you enjoy that big Texas meal last night?
It was pretty expansive, yeah.
Definitely more than what we're used to in Britain, but it was good, yeah.
Well, it's good to have you.
We really appreciate your fine work, Paul.
All right, back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow at 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
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