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Air Date: Nov. 10, 2005
2528 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 10th day of November 2005, and we don't have any guests today.
In fact, I even canceled some guests so we can have time to cover all the news.
And yes, take your phone calls.
A lot of them in the first hour, in the second hour, in the third hour.
I want to take a lot of phone calls today.
We're going to talk about the oil company executives up there lying their hearts out.
You want to discuss the news coming out about the use of chemical weapons in Fallujah and other areas, or what's happening with our economy?
The new incoming Federal Reserve Chairman, this article, CDC may send 1918 flu to various U.S.
Yes, let's mail it around lots of different places.
IBM calls for global identity management solution.
Only your global ID card
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Planet dissolving dust cloud is headed towards Earth!
Of course, it's going to be hundreds of millions of years until it gets here, but they don't tell you that until the end of the article.
If I had one of these little neocondis info shows, I would talk about this for an hour and then tell you at the end of the hour, oh, by the way, it won't be here for millions of years.
Or I would hold off
I would hold off on this until April Fool's Day.
But we will get into more detail on this little article, this little gem.
Scores dead in three Amman hotel bombings.
Israel's evacuated before the attack.
That's Haratz.
Don't forget the Haratz headline yesterday about how they had the bombing off the coast of Venezuela.
String of bombings.
They were arrested in Israel.
And do not forget that now the supposed mastermind bomber of the Bali bombings has blown himself up, just like the Madrid bombings.
They conveniently blow themselves up.
And so we'll get into that.
And cars are being set ablaze all over Belgium in new copycat attacks.
And the burning is now going into the 14th, 15th day tomorrow.
15th day in, I guess, about eight, nine hours when the clock goes around over in France.
It's about eight hours ahead of us.
And curfew for riot hit French towns just isn't really working.
I mean, it's things have lessened a bit, but the frolicking race war is just continuing as the globalists have designed it to.
And of course, there'll be a massive police state crackdown on the general public, and the government will actually accelerate the illegal aliens they're bringing in.
Oh, they're going to deport like a hundred people who were illegal aliens.
That's like once a year they raid a Walmart and bust four or five illegal aliens.
And then meanwhile they accelerate the levels of total amnesty and all these cities that are
Shit sanctuary city.
So you watch, and then France is announcing, oh, don't worry, we're going to keep pumping in all the precious, precious, precious illegal aliens, and I guess legal aliens, and why their minister over there has gotten really tough.
He says, we're going to deport anybody involved in the rioting, even those that have visas, i.e.
green cards.
Even those that have work visas.
We're going to deport all the illegal aliens.
And even legal ones.
Ooh, radical.
A hundred of them.
That'll really do something.
Interesting article out of New Scientist.
Gravity tractor beam to deflect Earth-bound asteroids.
Man, you just gotta love it.
So much news.
And your calls, 1-800-259-9231.
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Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, 8 minutes, 25 seconds into this live Thursday, the 10th day of November, 2005 edition.
We're going to plunge straight into the news and have wide open phones today.
Jim and David and...
Johnny Reb and J.R., everybody, your calls are coming up.
I'll tell you, this is a scary little news story here.
CDC may send 1918 flu to various U.S.
So they dig it up out of the permafrost near the North Pole, a dead whaler, and then they start mass producing it, and they've got different labs already around the United States, and they've got other flus that they've engineered that are 39,000 times more deadly than even this one.
This is the one that killed 50 million people, reportedly, back during World War I around Europe and the rest of the planet.
And at the same time, they're telling us to give up all of our freedoms, and we're going to have to accept martial law because a deadly flu is going to hit us any minute.
And remember about six, seven months ago, the government mailed to over 8,000-plus people
Locations around the U.S.
and the world, another super deadly flu they'd engineered, just mailing it around to everyone until finally doctors opened it up and said, wait a minute, and looked up the code sequencing number and said, this stuff will eat the paint off your house.
Just everything they can.
Now there's plausible deniability by doing this, by mailing it out to everybody and their dog.
When it does get released, they can claim that Al Zawahiri did it, and he's only been killed 10 times and captured 15 times, and his lieutenants have been killed scores of times, and, oh, he's behind the latest bombings, too.
Oh, yeah, don't worry that down in Trinidad they caught the Israeli who they believe has been behind the bombings, and they have the motive, and their own government admits they've carried out bombings before by their own enemies, and our own government doesn't.
Let's just ignore all that.
It's Al Zawahiri.
Even though a lot of mainstream publications are now saying he is a CIA-manufactured boogeyman.
He is a figment, a goblin creature, stalking the netherworld of our subconscious.
He is the Goldstein.
He is the anathema demon that populates the darkness and the hinterland and lives under beds and in dark closets when you're five years old.
But I assure you his creators, they are quite real and they are monstrous indeed and they are in control of our society.
But CDC may send 1918 flu virus to various U.S.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Federal scientists say they will consider requests to ship the recently recreated 1918 killer flu virus to select U.S.
research labs, which are peopled and populated by known Russian and Chinese and
Israeli spies.
There are 300 non-government research labs registered to work with deadly germs like the Spanish flu.
That's right.
And they're going to open, already are opening, three dozen Level 4 bioweapons labs in major cities around the country.
Under BioShield 1, BioShield 2 is for total vaccine liability protection across the board for drug makers and forced injections and open martial law and the funding for that martial law.
Now martial law is on the nightly news.
It's just an openly discussed thing and they acclimate and prepare us as we said they would do.
Dangerous biological agents are routinely shipped
Through commercial carriers like FedEx and DHL, following government packaging safety and security guidelines.
Yes, but the SWAT team needs to search your house because, you know, drugs fund Al Qaeda.
But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will consider requests for samples from those labs on a case-by-case basis, CDC spokesman Von Roebuck said Wednesday.
And then when the globalists release the Spanish flu, which they very well might do, or some other souped-up version and claim it's that, then they can go bust some doctor, some Arab doctor working at one of the labs and claim he did it, and of course the government gets martial law and corporations get full control of our lives, but don't worry, we'll have some Arab pillory on TV.
Last month, U.S.
scientists announced they had created from scratch the 1918 virus.
Hmm, I thought you dug it up.
It was the first time an infectious agent
Behind a historic global pandemic had ever been reconstructed, researchers said they believe it would help to develop defenses against the threat of future pandemic involving from bird flu, which was found to have similar characteristics to the 1918 virus.
Notice, they magically dig this up five years ago, and I said on air, you watch, we're going to be threatened by this.
Some enemy terrorist is going to have it.
This threat's coming, and no one will discuss how they dug it up magically, and then right when
Just all magically total coincidence, of course.
Meanwhile, the global government openly says in policy papers that they want to kill 80% of us plus.
We're good to go.
I think?
And 25 years ago, he snuck into an elementary school and he injected poison into 20 milk cartons and a bunch of kids got sick and a few of them died.
There is no one such as the milk killer, folks.
There have been the Tylenol poisoners and other stuff.
This is an analogy.
I'm not saying this happened.
This is an analogy.
And then he goes to a mental institution and 25 years later he's released and then he moves in with his brother and they live across the street from him.
And it's all over the news, and are we safe?
Why did they release the milk killer?
And then there's a knock on my door, and I'm going down to the door, and I open it up, and there's the milk killer.
And he's got a big, frosty bottle with a nice little plastic cap on the top of milk, and he just says, Hello, Mr. Jones, I brought some delicious, creamy, frosty milk for your children.
Now, you see, it isn't that I dislike milk.
It isn't that I don't think milk might be nutritious and good for us.
It isn't that I'm saying milk itself is bad.
It's that serial killer psychopaths who have been caught over and over and over again doing this are pushing this on me.
You see, so it isn't that I think vaccines in and of themselves are bad.
Though they're still very dangerous even if they try to properly manufacture them.
Much less giving the company's total liability protection on the back of forced inoculations.
I mean, this is serious business.
And so there you have it.
I mean, if a serial killer came to your door and said, the lunatic maniac has been released from the mental institution, he comes to your door, and he wants to give you a big frosty bottle of milk, it isn't that you're against milk.
It's who's bringing you the milk.
Okay, now I've spent two minutes on that.
But that was my impromptu analogy.
So, it's not a debate about vaccines, which themselves are very dangerous, and a lot of evidence shows they spread a lot of new diseases and cancers and other problems.
That's all admitted.
Certainly, for deadly super pathogens that are killing people or maiming them in mass, and a vaccine shows that there's a cost-benefit analysis, and that, sure, the vaccine's a little bit dangerous and has some side effects, but at least you'll live.
Yeah, take the vaccine.
But you add into the equation psychopathic government that'll nerve gas its own troops for no reason, just to test nerve gas on them, that'll kill people on the New York subway, that'll kidnap American children, that'll radiate them, radiate Jewish children, that'll do stuff like this.
You can't trust them to do anything.
You can't buy in anything they do, anything they say.
It's all not just suspect.
There's no discussion.
It'd be like if a serial killer had gotten out of prison and he wanted to date your 18-year-old daughter.
And she still lived at home.
You wouldn't have to convince her to not date him, though there are, I guess, some women who actually do like to date serial killers, so that isn't a good analogy.
But, you know, he wouldn't be suspect.
There just wouldn't be a question of it.
No, you're not going to date, you know, Killer Bob, who likes to saw young women's heads off and put them in a hat box.
With a pretty pink bow around it.
You're just not going to go out with Killer Bob or Killer Bill.
So we have a manifestly criminal elite, totally psychopathic, who openly say they want to kill us in a hundred different public documents.
Openly involved in every crime and every sinister activity you can imagine, and they're busy mailing out the equivalent of weaponized superflu.
And you go, wait a minute, they haven't mailed this out yet.
They've mailed out a bunch of other superflu folks.
They're just constantly mailing them out to everybody.
Thousands of labs, over 8,000.
And they've bred something that's 39,000 times more deadly than this, and they're talking about mailing that out.
And then the cops got the nerve to pull you over, and I want to search your car.
Well, officer, that's a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Well, things have changed since 9-11.
Yeah, our border's more open.
I've lost more freedoms.
The criminal government's totally out of control, and you haven't woken up to that yet.
Okay, that is one article.
And I've literally got about 50 that are just as important today.
Here's one.
IBM calls for global identity management solution.
IBM's going to be behind.
They've been pushing the world identification card.
It was IBM numbers that were stamped on the Jews in the death camps.
Those little numbers, those little tattoo numbers.
IBM ran that.
Mr. Watson, the owner and founder of International Business Machines, was a great adherent of Der Fuhrer.
And of course they're behind it today.
RFID tracker tags for visitors to the U.S.
And that's just the beginning, folks.
That'll all be selectively enforced.
I do want to talk more about San Francisco approves handgun ban.
I mentioned that yesterday, but we could spend an hour on that.
Scores dead in three Amman hotel bombings.
Israelis evacuated before the attack.
Jordan on alert as Al-Zawahiri claims the blast.
That means the CIA claims the blast.
Seriously, that's what it means.
France to deport foreign rioters.
Ooh, they're getting tough.
But it's only 120.
But they're going to increase the... That's just a psychological salve.
But the government's openly saying, don't worry, we're going to keep bringing in record numbers of our preciouses.
Because it's part of the plan.
Cars set ablaze in Belgium in new copycat attacks.
So, going into the 14th, 15th day now.
Molly Bomber blows himself up in ambush.
It always magically happens, just like Madrid.
Ah, how convenient.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
First year calls, though.
When we get back, I'm going straight to your calls.
Masses of calls today.
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All right, let's take your calls, and we will literally plunge into all of this news.
Let's talk to Jim.
Jim, where are you calling us from today, my friend?
New Jersey.
Hey, thanks.
I've got a couple questions.
Did you ever read Adventures in Legal Land by Mark Stevens?
I did scan over that book.
I was just wondering, did you ever have him on the show?
I don't believe I did, sir.
I was just going to say, I listened to some of his interviews.
His information is very powerful, and he has some great solutions.
I don't know.
The more I think about it, I may have had him on years ago.
I don't remember.
But I'm opening a bookstore, so I might carry his book sometime.
Oh, good.
A lot of people on the David Icke Forum are saying there's a relationship between GCN and ABC and Disney.
Is that true?
No, that's totally false, sir.
Did you ever interview the John Gray family and sell the video to 2020?
Nope, none of that's true.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you for the call.
Look, sir, you got your plug.
And then you got to sit there and spear your propaganda.
You know, I'm not... Let me just explain this to people.
And folks always want me to answer these questions.
The information on how the Internet works, it recycles.
So why don't you need to answer this?
I have answered this.
And for some reason, you guys will never go on your little forums and give people my answer.
So here it is again.
I am not the 57 or 56-year-old Alex Jones Scientologist public relations person.
I'm not a Scientologist.
I don't know any Scientologists.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand that?
Is that through your head?
I did nothing to those people, the Gray family, but helped them.
That's pure manufactured propaganda by dirtbag scallywags.
All made up.
We are, quote, an affiliate of ABC.
That is the... Do you have, say, I don't know, one of the baby bells for phone service?
Then you're with... You're controlled by Southwestern Bell.
You're in the board meetings with Henry Kissinger.
I mean, just what a mindless phone call.
Let me explain to you how radio works, okay?
There are about four radio satellites.
What is it?
Clear Channel Jones Broadcasting?
And that's not me.
I don't own Jones Broadcasting.
Those are the folks that syndicate people like Neil Bordes.
And one other.
There are receivers at radio stations.
Radio stations, board ops, owners, program directors have got to be laughing right now because they understand this.
We're good to go.
Do you understand?
Like when you watch cable at night, that comes off a satellite.
If I was to go try to start a cable TV network, it would be on one of the big media giants' things.
So this is the... But see, people that are... The COINTELPRO operatives out there are very slick, though.
What they do is... I will talk about this.
I mean, I'm tempted to just expose all these people.
I've kind of been having a change in my view about things because some folks are so poisonous that they need to be exposed.
But to explain this to you, and so you can get it through your head, sir, we are not in business with ABC.
We are not an affiliate of ABC.
We do not carry ABC News.
We lease a feed off of their satellite.
And by the way, decades ago, the big giants didn't want to lease these to people, and there were actual things in court and laws and Congress had to move to stop the monopoly to force them because they own the backbone.
I'm going to tell you something, too.
We do goes over these different systems.
My servers are hosted on the backbone of the Internet, in amongst some of the biggest news sites for organizations out there.
So is your website, if you have a website.
So it's just unbelievable.
And I heard your tone at the beginning.
Have you ever interviewed this person?
Alright, Inquisitor number one question completed.
Is it true that you did this?
Is it true that you did that?
Is it true that you did this?
I mean, how do I respond to people that go on the internet and go, there is a connection with ABC that we will not let you know the full details of.
It is a business relationship.
They control them.
They have now been bought by them.
It's just mindless.
It's utterly mindless.
I mean, I'm talking into an AKG German microphone.
Is there some globalist that owns AKG microphone?
Will you come into my studio and go, Look at AKG microphone!
He's in a league with AKG!
It's all pure baloney.
Now, we've got total gun confiscation of handguns going on in San Francisco right now.
We've got the government preparing to mail around the Spanish flu to different laboratories.
We've got serious things to deal with, and I have answered your question.
I'm sure I'll answer it a thousand more times.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, a caller like me had a few minutes ago to really open a can of worms.
Because I would just love to unload.
I mean, it's insane.
I got back this weekend.
I talked about it Monday, and I was dead.
That was the rumor on the internet.
Or I quit my radio show.
I mean, where does this stuff come from?
And, you know, I'll get calls months from now off that same stuff on the internet.
Have you quit your show?
Well, I don't know.
Tune in and find out.
And you've got to verify information, folks.
I made a lot of people mad because I won't
Get into Planet X, and I won't sit here and say that Jews are the seed of Satan, and I won't get up here and do all this stuff.
It's just not going to happen.
It is frustrating, though, to get emails every few weeks asking the same stupid questions when the answer is there for a five-year-old to figure out.
And I've even answered that question to people before.
Well, no, we lease a feed off ABC Satellite.
Oh, you are!
You're with them!
And I've actually heard people on the radio criticizing me, who themselves are on a satellite owned by Sumner Redstone.
Ha ha!
Because there's some TV satellites out there.
It's amazing.
It's absolutely mind-blowing.
And then, well, what about the relationship with the Clear Channel?
And yeah, we did lease for a couple years a Clear Channel feed, but even when you lease it from them, they still encode the boxes.
Station owners and managers know what I'm talking about.
And it was really a big hassle getting them to even let us through on the machines.
So we ran into some control mechanisms there, but not just because of who we are.
It's anybody.
It's very competitive, folks.
They try to keep us off their satellites.
We have to jump through a lot of hoops.
So that's how it comes to you.
So next time your mother calls you, and, Mother, are you calling me?
Do you have AT&T service?
AT&T is New World Water, Mother.
Do you have a business system with them?
Are you controlled by AT&T?
No, honey, I got AT&T phone service.
Literally, that's what it is.
We have a feed through there.
And see, I just answered it and spent five minutes on it, and I apologize to the listeners.
I know you tune in here to hear news.
But it's just mind-blowing.
And then I get emails every few weeks, you piece of garbage, you're not some 30-something-year-old Texan.
You're a 68-year-old Alex S. Jones that run the Shorenstein Center.
You're an NPR radio broadcaster.
There's the proof!
There's an Alex Jones who broadcasts on NPR!
It's him!
He's radio!
It's him!
You lead a double life!
I'm not Alex S. Jones.
I'm Alexander Emmerich Jones.
And I like my name.
I'm not mad that my parents are giving me a popular or common name.
There's a lot of Jones's.
There are a lot of Alex's.
Every few weeks I mention that because I just try to get it out there.
But there's never an end to it.
So, okay, I'm Alex S. Jones then.
This will be a news article.
See, he admitted it now.
Sure, and simultaneously I'm that other Alex Jones who's 50-something years old and a high-level Scientologist.
And I'm the old Alex Jones, the industrialist who owns a bunch of factories, 70-something or 80-something.
I know he's an old man up in Canada.
I'm him too.
And I'm the Alex Jones who writes for the Statesman and takes photos for them.
And I'm not, but I guess I am.
I mean, I'm just everybody.
And you can now find what they say or do and then attribute it to me all day like a bunch of idiots.
It's kind of fun to do this.
And you know, when somebody a few years ago, five years ago, put out that bull about Alex Jones doing something mean to a family for ABC again, that same garbage.
That person told me proudly, oh, I'm wrong, yeah, it's not true, but I can't go back on it, I look bad.
I kind of just forgave them, okay, well, you just didn't mean it.
And then later they do the same stuff.
I mean, that's why there's no more Mr. Nice Guy.
What you've got is a bunch of people in this movement who are either on the payroll of the globalists, or more often than not, they're just total egomaniacs.
They're not in it for the survival of the human species, for the survival of creativity and freedom and love and beauty.
They're just people who hate anything and everything and just are on a power trip and want to be some type of leader.
And there's all these little cliques and junior high mentality groups out there.
And you just got the wrong show, folks.
And, you know, that caller called in.
I was answering his questions.
It wasn't enough.
I'd say, no, that's not true.
No, this isn't true.
So you could tell, see, after he's given all those answers, he won't stop what he says or what he believes.
But it's good to have people talking about you, even if it's lies.
I guess any publicity is good, as they say.
But it didn't matter.
I could tell where it was going from the tone from the beginning.
It's this very high and mighty up here being the Inquisitor.
And as soon as I answered the question, he went off to the next one.
It was just pointless.
See, I still take a lot of calls today and cover a lot of news, but color got me off.
Down the primrose path.
There'll probably be headlines.
Jones admits he's controlled by ABC.
Jones admits it.
Why, he went on the air and admitted it.
It won't be any of what I said.
He admits the relationship.
And yeah, my feet are standing on carpet right now.
I wonder what company made this to find out who the owner of the company is that sold this carpet to this building I'm in.
And then he walked on carpet that was made by a manufacturer who once called for global government.
I mean, come on, folks.
Number one, I've also said this many times, you shouldn't care who Alex Jones is.
I mean, frankly, I'm salt of the earth, real deal, fighting the New World Order tooth and nail, constantly love this country, love freedom, love the Second Amendment, tears my guts out seeing what's happening, tears my guts out seeing people getting conned by the carpetbaggers down here in Central Texas that have come down here to run their situations.
It hurts my heart to sell the disinfo that's so obvious and sticks out like a sore thumb.
It hurts my feelings, but see, it's easier to just fight with each other and froth and be mindless than to fight the New World Order.
But there's some other good news.
It's not just that the free trade area of the Americas is in deep trouble.
It's not just that they're going after this land grabbing that's happening, trying to pass laws to restrict that heavily and get back to private property.
It's not just that a bunch of Schwarzenegger initiatives went down.
One of them actually was good about parental consent for abortions.
But see, that was just tagged on to make conservatives go vote for it, folks.
And that was going to be selectively enforced the way it was written to where it would be kind of like the partial birth abortion ban where it's got loopholes and you can drive a Mack truck through.
But other good news, Tony Blair had a bunch of police state legislation that he pinned his career on.
This is the big one, we've got to get this done.
He failed.
Now he's saying it doesn't matter, we'll just move on to the next thing.
But we've got to beat BioShield 2, the forced inoculation that they're trying to pass.
We've got to beat.
This liability protection.
We've got to beat all this stuff.
We've beaten Bush with his total amnesty plan, barely.
We've beaten a lot of things, but we have to get focused on those.
That's why we bring you the guests and bring you the information and try to stay focused and not be part of a ninnying little sewing circle of just mindless junior high level mentality gossip.
Okay, now I'm going to really accelerate through your calls, because I said I'm going to take a lot of calls today.
By God, I want to get that done.
Let's go ahead and talk to David and Matt.
David, go ahead.
Alex, how are you today?
And happy to hear that the rumors of your demise were indeed greatly exaggerated.
Man, I really get sick of it.
I mean, people have got to be smarter than this.
Yeah, it's unbelievable.
You shouldn't obviously give it any concern.
Listen, I've got a couple of things here.
There was an article from the Globe a couple of days ago, U.S.
mandates more security in online banking, complex ID verification designed to combat fraud, of course, the usual thing.
For the Bank of America customers out there like me, they're going to be implementing this thing called SiteKey.
It's a multi-tier system, but what it does is it's going to ask you all, you're going to have to go through the usual bureaucratic hoops, and then it will
Verify a fingerprint, which will, of course, target your hard drive serial numbers and various computer parts.
I want to know, what else is it going to look at?
Is it going to take a snapshot of my hard drive and all my files?
I guess, you know, since it just ties in... Wait, Bank of America is already trying to go to where you have to have a biometric terminal to do online banking?
Yes, they are.
The program is called SiteKey.
Well, I know that three years ago they engineered into all the new Microsoft Windows systems.
That's already integrated the biometrics, and now grocery stores...
From Ohio to Texas are putting the thumb scanners in and jerking out the service lanes.
I mean, it's all happening right now.
I knew that some Native Americans had gone to face scanning.
I mean, I know people who walked into them and they go, Thank you, Mr. Johnson.
Well, how did you know?
I haven't been there.
Well, we have facial recognition.
Alex, you know the big article about the FBI mining information on regular citizens the other day in MSNBC.
All citizens in the White House has an enemies list?
Yep, that's right.
That's exactly it.
And I think that's what they're going to do.
Whatever happened to the Fourth Amendment?
Alex, listen to this.
I mean, what are they going to do if people want to sit down the old-fashioned way, get their checkbook out, and put the 37-cent stamp on an envelope and send it out?
What are they going to do?
Well, a lot of people just say, hey, this is just the future, accept it.
No, the industries admit it is to tax and control and track and restrict activities.
It is a huge Gattaca, Brave New World, 1984 system, and we've been screaming bloody murders since day one on this, and now it's all starting to go into place, the prison grid.
You're absolutely right.
Alex, one other thing.
Have you seen Fallujah, the hidden massacre yet?
You have to look at that if you haven't seen it.
You're talking about the documentary?
The documentary on RAIS.
Yeah, we linked to it yesterday.
Yeah, Rents has got it on his site, but let me give your listeners another site because there's a lot of different other documentaries that they can watch.
There's another one on Fallujah that was produced by Deep Dish TV, and it ties in with the Fallujah Head Massacre.
It's so indiscriminate, massive killing, I just can't even describe.
But here's the site.
It's www.
Novakio, that's N-O-V-A-K-E-O dot com.
Listen, I've got to move on, but just do this.
Email me any links to stuff, and we'll put links up to it, okay?
Alex, I sent you the Barnett video also in the mail.
It's your old Lamar address.
Oh, thank you.
I did get that, I believe, yes.
We'll be looking for it if you didn't.
I saw something that said Barnett on it.
Have a good weekend, Alex.
When did you send it?
A couple days ago, so you probably haven't gotten it yet.
I think somebody else must have sent it to you.
Yeah, but I uploaded it also to another site with an email link, so I don't know about that.
All right, thank you for the call, sir.
I appreciate it.
On the subject he mentioned, this is happening now.
I mean, you have to go into that bank and you have to tell them, no, I'll do online banking without thumb scanning, and no, I'm going to...
Go into my bank and I'm not going to do all this or I'm going to take my money out of your bank and you've got to support the little banks that don't do it.
But let me just boil this down.
The vast majority
We have these government statistics of identity fraud happens when companies sell bulk lists.
They sell your name, your social security number, everything to basically any company that will buy it.
And a lot of these are dummy companies who then sell it and launder it to somebody else who then en masse from Malaysia or Israel or Germany or Russia
Or South Africa or Venezuela.
I mean, it happens all over.
Or right here in the U.S., normally outside the country, goes in and hits everybody for thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars.
The lion's share of identity fraud happens there.
But they've got you convinced it happens in grocery stores.
They've got you convinced it happens when you're online.
Online is one of the safest places.
So you've got old-line government media and old-line government stores and online government brick-and-mortar systems demonizing it.
But if you look at the statistics, most of the identity fraud is not when you go in and pay for gas and give a check or give a credit card to the guy behind the counter.
He swipes it.
It goes into the database.
And then later, somebody down the line with that data sale.
Speaking of Bank of America, it was Bank of America a few months ago that sold all that data.
It's happened to a couple other banks.
Millions of people's data.
And so that's where it's happening.
And they've done major studies.
This came out in the British press.
That's why now for like the seventh, eighth time they defeated national ID cards.
And even Microsoft has come out and admitted debt
Creating these identity cards with all this data on them in one spot will actually make it worse.
And you watch.
It's going to get worse.
It's like everything.
The bigger the drug war gets, the more police, the more people in prison, the more drugs we have on the streets.
The bigger the war on terror gets, the more terror we have worldwide.
It's because this is how it works.
It's a Ponzi scheme.
It gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
Problem, reaction, solution.
And the global system is going in.
They're standardizing
The ID cards, the state ID cards are being federally standardized.
And federally they're being standardized with Europe.
Europe is standardizing them with Asia.
There's only a few countries, just a handful of rogue nations that aren't going along with this, and they're the countries on the verge of being invaded, and that have our government funding revolutions in their countries.
So there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Switzerland now gives the data up on Swiss bank accounts.
The Caymans are giving up data.
I mean, it's just total.
It's world government.
And then they're going to get you.
I mean, this is a hellish system.
Besides, we all make mistakes in banking and in taxes.
Even if you try to fly straight, they've written the tax code where you can't fly straight.
Even Money Magazine admits that.
They had 50 different accountants a few years ago do 50 different tax returns.
They were all different.
Again, they write these laws where you can't comply.
We're going to go back to your calls in a minute, but since the caller brought this up, here's ZDNetAsia.
IBM calls for Global Identity Management Solution.
Our comment is, IBM has been the global society technology arm for many, many years, dating back to its shameful involvement in branding Jewish prisoners in Nazi death camps.
Those were the IBM identification numbers.
International standards backed up by UN body are needed to clear up the international identity verification mess, according to a senior IBM global services executive.
And it goes on to call for a world identification number.
It's already here.
By the time they say they need it, they're already doing it.
And you know what comes with a global ID?
A global tax, a global court, a global enforcement arm.
And it's all happening.
And every bit of control you give them, the worse things get.
And you'll just give up more freedom.
Maybe if I just lick boots more and go along more, I'll be okay.
Oh, but stuff's getting worse, even worse.
I have to grovel even more.
Maybe then it'll be okay.
Well, I gave up even more freedom and it only got worse.
You know, I want you ten years from now to remember this broadcast, the person that's laughing.
I want the people that are laughing right now, or the people that just think they can't do anything, or the cop listening right now that knows a lot of this is true, but asks, so what can I do about it?
I want you to remember long, long, many years from now, if we're unable to stop this, and all the things that I talk about really come to fruition, and you're just kicking yourself, like Alexander Shultz and Nietzsche did, just wishing you'd have done something.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
But perhaps then, when there's little chance of defeating it, perhaps then we can have the victory.
When all the veils have been ripped aside and all the denial is gone.
But even then, I think you'll embrace the evil, won't you?
You'd rather embrace it.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
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Thank you.
We're good to go.
Alright, Reb and JR and Gerald and Jerry and others, your calls are coming up here in a moment.
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Not just their manuals, FEMA teaching police this.
Arresting women because they have my videos, because they don't submit.
To searches without warrants for no reason at a warrantless checkpoint.
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We'll come back, go right to your calls, and plunge into more news as we start the second hour in 70 seconds.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, now into our number two.
And let's now go straight into your calls, then I'll get into more on IBM calls for global identity management solution.
This is the World ID card.
More on the bombings and the torture.
There's just so much news today.
A lot of evidence of government-sponsored terror as well.
Reb in Colorado.
Reb, thanks for holding.
You're talking to the advanced team of our element.
I'm Reb.
We're under attack.
We're being racketeered by the local PD.
We have total evidence of federal crime of eavesdropping confirmed by FBI Las Vegas.
700 East Charleston Boulevard.
Okay, sir, I'm not really following.
You need military assistance.
Well, that's about what it comes down to.
We're being racketeered by the local PD.
We have this total evidence.
Okay, you have total evidence.
So, I mean, how did you make them angry?
What's going on?
Well, they tried and failed to break.
They broke into my buddy's apartment four and a half miles south on the house.
I'm having trouble understanding you.
Maybe it's just me.
Your phone's breaking up.
You're like, Yeah, we're given the right coordinates.
This is the location.
And our phones were recently sealed by Quest Corporation.
So we call them the all queered up.
That's what we call the local PD.
And they're racketeering us right now.
Okay, so they're mad that you've beaten them in court.
We didn't even get that far, but yeah.
And then, all of a sudden, they're coming over our barbed wire, ripping the side of the factory open.
We've turned this over to Homeland Security.
I'll tell you what.
What you've got to do, sir, is I'm too stupid to understand what you're saying.
I'll tell you what.
Write me a letter, okay?
Try to codify it for me.
Well, seriously, thanks for the call, Reb.
I really appreciate it.
We're ripping our barbed wire, coming into our factories, you know.
QX Niner!
I mean, I just...
Too advanced for me.
Send me a letter, Reb.
If it's something I can talk about, I will.
Maybe I'll have you on as a guest if you're being persecuted.
in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, J.R.
Hello, Alex.
It's an honor to talk with you again.
It's been a while.
Nice to talk to you, sir.
Thank you.
I sent you by the mail a couple months ago a few copies of my new CD album.
I don't know if you got a chance to check that out.
I've been sent a lot of music, but I've been sent a lot of good music.
Oh, okay.
Well, about a couple of years ago, after watching your documentaries come out, the newer ones, and George Humphries and Dave Von Kleist and so forth, I got really, really motivated and inspired to write a complete anti-Illuminati album of my own original compositions and music and so forth.
And it's progressive rock style genre.
And besides waking up people around me and making copies of your documentaries and so forth and trying to wake others up around me and in my area, I've decided to dedicate the last couple years of my life into making sort of a musical project that has clips and samples
That I've taken from your documentaries and other authors as well.
You know, just trying to wake people up, you know, through my music.
And so, with your permission, I'd like to plug in my new website.
Drop a plug on us, sure!
This is the Plugcast.
All the plugs, all the time.
You got something to plug, plug it.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead and plug it.
Yeah, it's jrgera.com.
That's J-R-
G-U-E-R-R-A dot com.
All right, thank you.
Does anybody want to talk about the World ID Card?
Does anybody want to talk about that?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Something tends to happen over time for those of us that are really concerned about what's happening in the world and the systematic loss of freedom, the construction of a tracking and control grid that is meant to truly dehumanize us and control our every movement.
I think we're good to go.
We tend to get desensitized.
I mean, I was screaming and yelling, reading the plans 10 years ago to put biometrics in all the grocery stores and the banks and track and trace you and instantly debit you and put transponders in your car and tax you.
Tex Mars was freaked out about it when he wrote Project Lucid back in 1995 about RFID and tracker chips and buying and selling and thumb scanning.
And then now it's all here.
Now it's actually being implemented at many major bank chains and grocery stores and health salons and tanning salons and topless bars and five-star restaurants.
Oh, this is a five-star restaurant.
You enroll and pay with your finger.
Let us just set up your account.
And they're masters of putting it where it's kind of in a herd mentality.
I think?
They're standing there digging the ditches while other Jews have dug other ditches, and they watch the Nazis with a machine gun or with a pistol walk by and shoot each of them in the back of the head, and they dutifully run down into the little chute.
See, that's sheep-likeness, folks.
That's a bovine servitude, and humans do it across the board.
Well, I'm sorry, folks.
My kin that came over here through adversity and fought on the front lines of the frontier, and I guess it's kind of been its own selective system genetically where I'm just really aggressive, folks, and I'm not somebody's slave, and I'm willing to die on my feet than in some ditch on my knees.
Let me tell you, a bunch of people want to herd me into some ditch.
They're going to have to fight me to do it, and I've got a sneaking suspicion I'm going to take 100 of them for my life.
I mean, it just is not going to happen.
And don't you know the guy blowing people's heads off outside that ditch was freaked out himself?
But again, all the other Nazis around him were doing it.
Heinrich Himmler one time went out to one of the actual death camps and was watching them blow people's heads off.
He just started vomiting and vomited for about an hour and just couldn't look at it anymore.
Then he tried to go back out, act tough again, and watch it again.
He started throwing up again because they were blowing little teenagers' heads off.
Just as humanity, somewhere left in him, a little bitty cell of humanity, even the head guy ordering all this, he just couldn't handle it.
Just the boom, boom, just blowing those heads off.
And our toughest men in Vietnam would kill people up close.
And for years, their first 50 kills or so, you shoot somebody up close, you stab them up close, they would get nauseated.
Because there's a built-in mechanism that we don't like to kill each other.
But all of that's being beaten out of us, being conditioned out of us with the video games and the simulated killings and the simulated killings on TV that just get worse and worse every year.
The studies show it.
We're being turned into, not animals, but into automatons.
We're being systematically targeted and conditioned.
And so, you know, nobody tells you when you sign up.
You sign up online.
You buy the plane ticket six months before.
We're saving.
Oh, the kids are really... If you do good on your homework and bring home at least two A's, we'll go for a week to Disney World in Orlando.
Oh, Dad, can I go in the big wave pool and go swimming?
Can I ride the magic mountain ride?
Can I?
Yes, yes.
Oh, you've got the A's.
Oh, and you get on the airplane, you fly there, and instead of going to the beautiful beaches or going snorkeling or enjoying the really beautiful stuff in Florida, you go stand in the hot lines for hours, and you go up and you buy your tickets, and they go, okay, now time to enroll you in the biometric system.
They don't even say that.
They just herd you up and do it.
Now, I remember four years ago, no, it wasn't four years ago, it was two and a half years ago, the video's online, Infowars.com.
I remember my son was about a year old, and my wife and I were, Hey, you know what?
It's abusive to the animals, and it is bad.
Those dolphins aren't very happy, but he needs to see animals like that.
That's always the excuse for the circuses and stuff.
Oh, it would be really interesting for our one-year-old.
Let's go to SeaWorld down in San Antonio.
So we get in the car, and we drive down.
Again, I'm Mr. Know-It-All.
Well, I didn't know it all.
And I get there, and we park, and we march up.
And we go through all this traffic and stand this big line in the heat.
And I'm kind of feeling bad about it to begin with, because I know the whales and stuff in there aren't too happy.
But, oh, my son needs to see this.
It'll develop his mind.
And so we get up there, and they go, oh, it's a season pass for $45. $45.
And it's $42 for a one-day pass.
And I'm like, well, of course, I'll take the season pass.
Who wouldn't take the season pass?
$3 more.
Now, by the way, it just isn't offered.
You just got to do it.
And I march up, and the lady goes, please put your hand here.
And it's a big hand scanner.
And I said, I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to go back.
She goes, it's okay.
I don't like it either.
And she said, like, half the people were refusing.
She said, go on through it.
Well, Disney World doesn't care now, and neither does SeaWorld.
They make you.
There's no choice.
You've got to do it.
A card with your face on it isn't good enough.
And folks, that's because Disney is part of the military-industrial complex.
They're part of the conditioning.
That's the same thing.
You go into the bank.
You're in a hurry.
You've got to go pick your kids up at school.
But you've got to deposit this $1,000.
You're going to bounce checks.
You've got to put your paycheck in there.
You've been banking there for two years.
You're up there.
You know Sally at the counter.
Hi, Sally.
Hi, Mr. Johnson.
And this is my friend, who is actually Mr. Johnson.
I need you to do this.
I need you to enroll you biometrically here.
That's the new thing we're doing.
Excuse me?
I've got money in your bank.
I need to deposit this.
I'm in a hurry.
I'm sorry, sir.
It's the new policy.
And people just, all right.
I don't like this.
Some of us don't like it either, sir, but you know how it is.
We just have to say no.
My children are never going to SeaWorld.
And they're never going to Disney World.
And you know what?
I'm not going to sit there and go, you can't go, it's too fun.
I'm going to go, it's part of the enslavement grid.
And I'm going to explain how it's an enslavement grid to track everything they do.
And I'm going to read to them about how slaves were tattooed and had numbers put on them.
And I'm going to explain how IBM put the tattoos on the Jews to control them and how they run it today.
And I'm going to explain, they're not going to want to go to your dirty Disney.
We don't watch Disney films.
We don't support dirty Disney.
None of us should.
We don't watch TV to begin with, so it doesn't really matter, but it'll be accurate.
I watch about an hour a week now.
I've actually increased my viewage because there's so much going on.
Viewage, is that a word?
All right, I'm going to go back to your calls, but I read this article that I want to get to later in more detail about IBM and the UN together in a consortium setting up the world ID number.
It's already here.
And the ramifications of it are horrible, and it will actually increase identity theft.
They don't care, see.
And it's very painful to see all this happening, so you have to say no.
I mean, you try to go into, this has been all over the news, all over the country, the fanciest tanning salons, where only the coolest people go.
Sorry, you've got to biometrically scan.
The fanciest health clubs and country clubs.
Gotta biometrically scan.
They actually bring a scanner down to some of the finest five-star golf courses.
Excuse me.
I'm a member.
I don't have to pay with cash.
I have an account.
Oh, thank you, Jenny.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Can I get you another scotch and water?
That'd be quite nice.
It's on the tab.
We were outside an IHOP a few months ago having breakfast one Sunday morning.
We were coming out, been eating with my parents.
There's a nice black lady, real proud of her fancy, brand new, probably $75,000 Mercedes.
Good for her.
And she just sat there with pleasure.
I watched her.
She's just so proud.
The body language.
She just put her thumb down to get into that Mercedes.
That's her key.
I'm just, oh, I'm so good.
You know, it's just everywhere.
And I'm sick of it.
And it's just systematic.
And they sell it to you as a fad.
They sell it to you as status.
Or they get you enrolled in it by giving you a discount.
These grocery stores where they're putting them in?
I've gotten emails saying, I'm psychic as usual.
I'm not psychic.
It was in industry publications that they would give you discounts to use the systems to get you on it.
Then they just simply stop offering the discounts when they get enough people doing it.
Sure enough, say goodbye to your credit cards.
Say goodbye to all of it.
Say goodbye to your debit card.
Now it's PayTouch, and you get a 15% discount on select products.
Well, why wouldn't I do it?
I get a discount.
Why do you think they're giving you a discount?
Well, I guess it cuts back on the front, and they just like it.
The Defense Department openly is pushing the adoption of all of this right now.
Let's go now to... Who's up next?
Jerry in Wisconsin.
Gerald hung up.
Jerry, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
How's it going today, man?
Pretty good, my friend.
Wait till we get a load of this.
I got a nephew.
He's in the third grade.
It turns out that he's got some dirtbag teacher that restricts his restroom usage.
And now he's developed the health problem as a result of that.
You need to sue the creature.
Yeah, that's what I... Why do they have the family member in a government indoctrination extermination camp?
Go ahead.
I don't know.
Why are they there?
That's what they give them, the deadly vaccines.
They're going to start the forced psychological testing and drugging.
They have super high crime rates in the schools.
One of the most dangerous places you can be.
Why do people put their kids in actual prisons?
Yeah, that's for sure.
So, I mean, describe this.
I mean, I would just refuse.
I would just go to the bathroom.
How old is this nephew?
He's in the third grade.
Oh, yeah, they're very submissive then.
So, what is it, some feminist who hates men and is being mean to him?
No, it's some dude that... It's a dude, okay.
And, I mean, how often does he let him go to the bathroom?
He just restricts them from going to the bathroom for a long period of time, I guess.
Until then, he all out doesn't let them go.
What medical condition is it?
He's got some problems with his lower intestinal and so forth now.
Do the doctors say it's because of that?
Yeah, he had an emergency visit to the hospital just a few days ago.
Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there was someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
We're good to go.
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Alright, let's cut some of your calls.
And then coming up after I go through this bank of phones, I'm going to get back into the news.
And believe me, there is a lot of it.
I mentioned this yesterday, but I didn't spend enough time on it.
Drug industry, human testing, mask, death, injury, compliant FDA.
It is a 17-page Bloomberg article.
Bloomberg Financial.
And it just gets into how many people die.
And then they go sign up and have all this toxic stuff tested on them.
But at least they're signing up for it.
What about all the welfare kids that the government takes?
Literally, social workers take and they test pesticides and things like that on them.
That's even New York Daily News.
I mean, this is how evil this stuff is, and it's going on right in front of us.
But again, the grand jury won't indict because this is the government.
They're allowed to do whatever they want.
They're God.
Going back to Jerry in Wisconsin.
Jerry, I'm not a doctor, so I can answer your questions.
I know there's a lot of new bowel problems that young people have because the vaccines create chronic viral infections in the intestines or they damage the intestinal wall in infancy.
There have been a lot of big medical studies on that.
But I don't know.
I mean, perhaps your nephew already had problems and the teacher didn't understand that and wouldn't let him go to the bathroom.
I mean...
I can't believe we're having a discussion about going to the bathroom here.
I guess he's restricting all the kids from going to the bathrooms at certain periods where he makes the kid raise their hand and say, may I be excused to go to the bathroom?
He'll say, wait 20 minutes or whatever.
I mean, sometimes, you know, if it's an emergency, maybe the kid's got to go right now.
Well, I actually remember some teachers doing that.
I mean, I thought you meant like five hours and they don't let you go to the bathroom.
I think he's making them wait longer.
It depends.
I guess I'm not really there.
So your question is, what should you do?
If you think they're being mean to your nephew, go talk to the school about it.
Have they really done damage?
Sue them?
Number one, get the nephew out of the government training camp.
Thanks for the advice, Alex.
I sure appreciate it.
Have a great day there.
I don't know how good that advice is.
Well, thank you, sir.
There's so many factors.
I really have no idea.
I'm not going to say it.
You try being on the radio for 10, 11, 12 years and having two, three minute breaks, you never get to go, you need to.
There we go, I said it.
I did say it.
Where are we going today?
Patrick in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'd like to mention how these psychiatrists come up with these things.
I've been diagnosed mad, depressed, schizophrenic, paranoid schizophrenic, delusional schizophrenic, and the latest, schizophrenic delusional.
And all they do is lie.
I've told them time and time again in their voicemail what a fraud they are and their drug's no good.
And I've tried to refuse, and they bring my phone.
One day, they manhandled me, went through my pocket, kept my belt, get my belt off me to inject.
Many years ago, you got into the system.
So what happened to you?
Yeah, because I didn't agree with trying to teach us that we came from monkeys in the 6th grade, so I suggested I go to a psychologist in the 6th grade.
And then that was it.
How long have you been in the system since then?
Oh, man, I went overseas, and they found out I was mentally ill there.
Of course, they got the whole family in the mental institution overseas in South America, and
I mean, it's just a constant battle.
Is it from going nuts on somebody?
I think I'm going nuts right now.
Thanks for the call.
No, I mean, they have, what, like a hundred and something new diagnoses this year that came out in 2005, criticizing the government.
They've got a couple mental illnesses for that.
You think the government's corrupt?
They've got a mental illness for that?
I guess all the founding fathers were mentally ill.
I mean, you know, there are people who are crazy out there, but they're few and far between.
And yet now you're depressed because your brain's angry at you, in many cases, because you're not doing the things you should be, or you're not involved in the community, or you buy into Madison Avenue and feel like that you don't have any value because you don't have a big fancy new Cadillac.
So you get depressed.
Or your boyfriend breaks up with you, so they go put you on Prozac, and then you get even more problems, and they put you on two or three drugs, and then things spiral out of control.
I mean, all the statistics are there.
I really can't defend those drugs, and the evidence shows that.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hi, Tim.
I wonder if you heard today the Bank of America has announced that they're going to start charging a declined fee when you use their ATM.
Say you go and you want to withdraw $500 and you only have $450 in there, it will decline you, plus it's going to start charging you a fee now for that.
Yeah, that's an instant thing, and it doesn't cost them a fraction of a cent.
And I did hear that on the radio.
I didn't hear how much they're going to charge you, but it's not fun.
Do you think that's part of this global tax issue?
Well, sir, we know what the global tax is.
It's the tens of billions that we put in and many other companies put in each year to the private IMF and World Bank.
Also, our United Nations dues.
And we also pay for 40% of the peacekeeping bill.
That's your global tax.
They want an overt global tax on the wellhead.
On crude oil.
They want to tax on money transfers, so yes, that would fit into that.
And it's amazing, too, how we're all being coerced into this direct deposit with our... Well, stay there.
I'll let you finish up after the break.
We're on the march.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
It started the first of this year.
No longer.
Do you even get the checks you paid for back?
By the way, it costs them even more to store those checks.
You get a piece of paper with a copy of each check on it because they went and lobbied Congress to pass a law where you don't have a choice, where banks aren't allowed to give you your checks back.
See, that's not free market, folks.
It should be if a bank doesn't want to give you your checks back, you just don't bank with them.
But oh no, you don't get your checks back.
And everything is instant.
Money instantly goes, well, money takes two or three days to go in, but it instantly goes out.
See, so they get the three-day float on all the money they've got, and they run all sorts of squirrely scams with that.
And businesses, big companies everywhere, even small ones, oh, sorry, we don't give you checks anymore.
You don't have the option.
We will automatically transfer this to a bank account.
So go set up a bank account or you don't work here.
That way you don't cash it and have cash.
And this whole cashless society control grid, it's going to kill the underground economy that has kept things afloat for a long time.
And that's the plan.
And then they'll selectively enforce it over their drug cartels and others.
You know, the illegal aliens, they're not going to be under this new system.
They've even admitted it on the news.
They're going to have their consular matricula cards that you can basically get out of a Cracker Jack box.
But we'll have to jump through 500 hoops.
Let's not exaggerate.
14 hoops.
Let's go ahead and...
Go back to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, finish up what you were saying?
Oh yeah, you sort of answered the question there.
I was coerced.
We didn't even have a choice.
You're right.
They said you either get a bank account or you're not going to get paid.
You ask us all the time, does that sound like freedom to you?
No, it does not.
And as far as the...
Well, that's like the sharecrop owner going, you know, I owe my soul to the company store.
For folks that don't know how sharecropping works, let me explain it.
Most white people that came here were absolute slaves.
I mean, if you tried to run from your indentured servitude, they would hang you.
Okay, and they even had laws you really couldn't do that to the black slaves.
So in some areas they had more rights because they were just absolute property.
Well, then you can't be mean to the property.
But white slaves, indentured servants, some of my family way back came here as indentured servants.
Others came here as founders.
But I even had folks on the Mayflower Boys and Girls.
But to make a long story short, you had indentured servitude for 5, 7, 8, 12 years.
The average was 7.
But it was set up where you got a little bit of pay, quote, for your food.
It wasn't even their job to feed you.
But it was never enough.
They would have a company store.
And then it would be jacked up prices, and they would pay you in a special script or a special check that was just a stamped piece of paper at their store, and then they would jack up the prices and rip you off.
That went right through sharecropping until it began to fall apart in the last 50 years.
There are still people, though, generational families that live on ranches next to my father's ranch, our family ranch, who their families have lived there for 150 years.
You know, since Texas got going, or I guess 170 years, more than that now, Spanish land grant.
And there are families that have been on that for 100 and something years, you know, for the owners that still own it.
I'm sorry, the coal mining, they were extremely guilty of that.
Well, exactly.
So it's the same thing.
That sharecropping, when you go in and we're going to pay you how we want, it's going to go where we say.
You understand that, boy?
You're lucky to have a job!
See, that's what globalization's all about.
Having a thousand illegals they can point at and say, if you don't like getting paid twelve bucks, Mac, I can give it to him for five.
Hey, if you don't take this job, I can give it to him.
That's what destroying a free market vibrant economy's about.
Then you've got to grovel and lick boots to have any job you can to go along with their system.
Well, I don't want to be a jail guard, but I've got to be.
That's the only job we've got here in Palestine, Texas.
You see, I don't like what they're doing, but it's the only thing I can.
Boy, it's a community, baby.
You said it right, Tim.
Obviously an economic crash is coming.
Do you think that's going to be the final nail in the coffin that pushes through the martial law?
I mean, when people can't get money and when people can't get food for their children, is that going to be where we get most of the foreign troops coming into here?
Do you think they're going to use the bird flu or other manufactured viruses for it?
They've got a lot of different tools.
It's kind of like they've got us strapped up to the rack, and they could shoot us, they could stab us, they could burn us, they could boil us in oil, they could skin us, they could flay us, they could draw and quarter us, they could drown us, they could bludgeon us, they could stone us, they could gas us, they could anything.
We don't know exactly how they're going to do it.
It'll be a combination of all of those things.
But thanks for the call.
Let me try to answer that important question as best I can.
We know what they did in... Argentine.
We know what they did.
Not in Argentina.
I'd call it Argentine, the old name.
Four and a half years ago.
What was it?
They were dollarized.
Six years ago, they'd come out with a national ID card.
They had removed cash.
Cash was being phased out.
They were the most industrialized, highest standard of living area in Latin America.
In fact, their standard of living was as high as Texas.
Texas has one of the lowest, number three lowest standard of living.
You know, the 50 states, though we have a lot of the wealthier, we also have some of the poorest people, but the Argentinians have the same standard of living on average as a Texan.
Very high, almost as high as the U.S.
Very nice place.
I haven't been there, but I have family that's worked down there, and it's supposedly really, really nice.
And low crime rate, really happy, and they bought into globalization.
They did everything the IMF and World Bank did.
And the documents got released.
Joseph Sickles, their chief economist at the IMF, got so mad about it that he quit, and suddenly over 1,000 pages of documents came out.
I had Greg Pallast on about it.
We posted them.
The BBC's reported on it.
And, I mean, it was meeting between the IMF and World Bank where they're like, we're going to engineer a total collapse.
That'll cause rioting.
And then we can set up a police state.
And then we can jack up all the water prices.
And the middle class will fold.
We'll get all that property.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Oh, we can't wait to do it to America.
Oh, it's going to be so good.
I mean, it's just pure evil.
So, see, they've got to put in their cash flow society first.
They've got to put their biometrics in first.
They have this in six years ago down in...
Down there were the Argentines.
The Argentinians bought into globalization.
They were the frontrunner.
I mean, they were the model.
The only place in the world that was more surveilled and more tracked and more cashless is Finland.
And there, folks, if you want to know what the future is...
I haven't looked at Finland in about three years, but three years ago, Finland, when you get pulled over, it instantly is debited out of your account.
All your money is in a government-certified private account, and you're taxed according to how much money you have, and it was some billionaire who got pulled over, so it was like he had a $10 million fine or something.
I forget the exact number.
And your cell phone is constantly tracked, constantly listened to.
Everything you do is tracked.
There's cameras everywhere.
They're euthanizing people.
I mean, it's just totally brainwashing.
The Finns just go along with it.
They're like totally communal because it's such a cold area and the whole society is so communal, they just believe it.
They're just totally peaceful and friendly and totally gullible and also have the highest suicide rate in the world.
They're just weird.
I'm not attacking Finns.
Finns are pretty normal after they're here a few generations.
I know a lot of folks up at Genesis are Finns, come from Finns, except they're in Minnesota, but...
Nice folks, but the culture is just so gullible.
Very hardworking, very intelligent, but just gullible to the nines.
Not like the rebellious Anglo-Saxons or the Scots.
It's just so sad to see it.
They're just having a heyday in Scandinavia.
Finland's the worst.
It's unspeakable.
I can't even describe everything they're doing.
That's the model for the world, but...
There was a Washington Post article and accompanying photos, I remember about four and a half years ago when this happened.
The IMF and the World Bank had told the government, do all this, sign over all your property to us, do all this, follow this, we're going to really help you.
And they pulled it all out in a matter of days.
Their politicians literally retired with billions of dollars apiece.
They gave them like five different presidents in six months, trying to cut the head off figuratively of different scapegoats.
I'm having politicians fall on their swords, but they overnight tripled the water, overnight tripled the fuel, overnight, because everything was state-owned, and they handed it over to the IMF and World Bank, to create riots, and then once the riots start, then they get to declare martial law, and there was pictures of the guys riding people down with horses, and after a month of this, middle-class families were actually out on the side of the road starving to death, begging.
And the police didn't care because they were all being taken care of by the system.
And again, this was in IMF documents.
This was all set up this way to then have a total plunge, total rock bottom, then they can buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.
It's called the IMF riot is the term they use.
And a trailer turned over full of beef, full of cows.
We're good to go.
I think?
And you take these yuppie women and these Lexus... I'm not saying you're bad if you have a Lexus, but you know what I mean.
The Lexus-driving people wearing the designer outfits who only care about the designer outfit.
I'm not saying you're bad if you have a designer outfit.
My point is, they worship the trappings.
They constantly rub on their Rolex.
You're touching it, looking at it.
I mean, who cares?
It's just some bobble.
People who are just obsessed with their class and who don't have a two-day supply of food, in a month they will turn into psychopathic frothing killers.
And boy, the poor underclass, they'll really go nuts within a few days because they really have nothing.
And so this is the system.
And it just disintegrated.
And then they reorganized it.
Total police state.
The biometrics are now in.
There basically is no middle class now.
Overnight, in months, they ended a vibrant, American-style economy with the standard of living of Texas.
Just gone within two months.
It's a beta test.
An admitted beta test.
And when they think that you'll submit, when they think the cops will follow orders enough to do it, when they think they've got enough of you on the cashless banking, when they know that the economy's gotten centralized enough, what's holding them back is we're still enough of a diversified, non-one crop economy.
We're good to go.
Well, meanwhile, telling us the economy's great.
While debt is at all-time highs, breakdown of the family and divorces, illegitimacy is at all-time highs, I don't even so much look at economic indices, though they're important, and those are way down, and debts are way up, corporate, private, government, state, county, city, local.
But I also look at all the other indices of illegitimacy, of different types of crime, of degeneracy.
Every indicator, we are literally on fire.
We're like a big battleship with flames shooting out of every portal right now.
These globalists are just dancing on us, preparing to blow the bottom out and sink us.
And it's real funny to them.
It's not funny to me.
So I've been babbling again.
Let's go back to the calls.
Who's up next here?
Jeff in Texas.
You're on the air.
Jeff, go ahead.
And then Mark and
Yeah, hi Alex.
I've got a copy of Codex Magica here.
When I first heard about the book coming out, it sounded to me like a lot of the same thing that's been out before, but it's not.
What Tex has done here is absolutely damning to the elite.
I've got a picture here on page 522.
You know the Archbishop of the Anglican Order, that Rowan Williams, who presided over Charles and Camilla's weddings?
Well, you know, he's top on the religious power pyramid here in Europe.
What page is that again?
He's got photographs of this Archbishop participating in basically an initiation into the Druidic priesthood.
It's just unbelievable.
No, no, that's in my new film, The Order of Death.
Just type in Archbishop of Canterbury Druid into Google.
You'll get about 15 different front page articles with him being initiated.
Oh, it's just unbelievable.
Yeah, so the head of
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it's got Winston Churchill being sworn in as a druid with Aleister Crowley.
Young Winston Churchill arrives for his druidic initiation ceremony, which Churchill taught the true occult meaning of the fiery and destructive V's hand sign that he later made so famous it became used around the world.
And that means human sacrifice when they give that symbol.
Well, I'm glad he did that, because when you tell people about the Masons, most people just have no sense of history, so they can't put the whole continuum together in their head.
So you've got to show them something now, something new.
Well, it's 620-something pages, over 1,000 photos.
I mean, it's obvious.
Hey, another comment.
When you talk about stuff like the WHO documents about culling the population, every once in a while, could you throw out a specific document?
Because you have an excellent memory, better than mine.
Maybe that's from all the vaccines I got in the military.
But every once in a while, throw out a specific document, because when we talk to our friends about this, they question you, and if you don't have anything to back it up, you get laughed at.
Well, I mean, we've posted it all on the website, and I've told my webmasters I want a population reduction control section.
I've said for years I want to make a film about it, write a book about it.
I want to spend some time this week talking about it.
But, I mean, there's the Kissinger document from 73, population control memorandum.
I'm writing it.
I don't have the actual document number in front of me.
I can't remember it.
There is just the Population Control Foundation of New York.
There's all of the UN public statements.
I mean, it's all there.
It's just there's masses of it.
I do need to codify it all into one place.
Or listeners, you can go out and codify it all into one place and build a web page and I'll link to it.
There's so much we want to do.
We can't do it all.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, thanks a lot, Alex.
You bet.
I appreciate it.
I mean, there's all the Ted Turner comments on CNN from C-SPAN about how our useless ears need to have 95% reductions.
There's Prince Philip publishing the book, If I Was an Animal, published 1988, where he says, I want to come back and kill 80% of you as a virus.
There's the World Wildlife Fund openly calling for that.
There's Dr. Peter Singer calling for that.
At Princeton, there's PETA calling for that.
I mean, it's just Jacques Cousteau saying it before he died.
There's the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that's off running around.
I mean, to even try to get into all of that is just mind-blowing.
You know what?
I know we've got Mark and Maggie and others that are holding.
I'm going to come back and get into it.
Some of the news is coming up.
I'm going to start...
The second hour, third hour, excuse me, and get into all that news, and then I'll come back to your calls.
So you can drop off, because it's going to be about 20 minutes, or you can call back later, or you can stay online, whatever.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm taking calls, but I haven't given the number out except for the first hour.
And your calls are coming up in the latter part of the next hour.
But I'm going to come back and briefly plug my videos.
So get a pen and paper ready.
I'll tell you how to get Codex Magica as well.
And then I'm going to get into the news.
And we're going to plunge into it.
So stay with us.
Strap yourselves in.
Don't forget the website.
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Oh, this is incredible.
I mean, where to start?
There is just so much here.
Let me just get back into this and close out the hour with this, and we'll come back and get into all the other news.
IBM calls for global identity management solution.
And it is IBM, again, who put the little tattoos on people's arms in the death camps.
That number was entered into the international business machine to decide how much to feed them, when to kill them, what to do with them.
There are vital statistics.
International standards backed up by a UN body are needed to clear up the international identity verification mess, according to a senior IBM global services executive.
The growing need for fast, accurate verification of personal identities has prompted a call from the industry observer for a global agency to set international standards.
That's already happening.
It's the U.S.
and Europe and Asia are already going on the same standards.
It's already happening.
This is a word old ID card.
The realm of identity and access management, IAM, is heating up as nations like the U.K.
increase their use of biometrics and other identifying technology in ID cards, border controls, and other areas.
and the U.S.
Yeah, like the tanning salon of the bank or the grocery store.
Beyond different governments trying to create a mosaic for what they want, as good identity management, wider international cooperation is needed to make sure IBM gets all the business through its subsidiaries, to establish a common language and standards, said Cal Slep, Vice President and Global Leader for Security and Privacy Services at IBM Global Antichrist Services.
The common language for exchanging their access information is also as federated IAM.
Governments have a huge part to play in this because they have the ultimate responsibility for their citizens, and depending on the country, they may have ultimate responsibility for the businesses and e-commerce as well, Slep said.
And it's the UN body and IBM Global Services coming together to give you the world ID parameter and the world ID number for taxation, regulation, and absolute enslavement and final extermination.
IBM, serving the devil since day one.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I remember six years ago, the United Nations having summits in Australia where they were calling for a world ID number.
And now, from Australia to the United States, England, Germany, Russia, they're all merging their identity systems, adopting base numbers and standards, and setting up a world ID card.
And dovetailing with that is a story out of Business Line, RFID tracker tags for visitors to the U.S.
And then I've got several other articles about RFID to basically be in the phone systems, just everything.
Planning to visit the U.S., an electronic tag will keep track of you during your stay there.
On an experiment, the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security is deploying radio frequency identification tags, but they refuse to enforce against all the illegal aliens and don't enforce this on them.
See, it's all selective.
Technology to track immigrants entering and exiting the country.
The RFID is an automatic identification method.
And see, MasterCard and VSIR are saying it's going to be the new thing, not a swipe card, but if you want a credit card, it's going to have a chip.
And see, that's going to be read from a distance.
The RFID is an automatic identification method relying on storing or remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.
And they admit this will actually increase identity theft because thieves can just come by and read your card and get your data.
Imagine, it's like broadcasting your credit card number.
From July 31st, the experiment applies to people without green cards entering the U.S.
with a visa to work, study, or tour.
Over the next year, people in these categories will be issued I-94 visas embedded with an RFID tag.
You see, you think it's for all the immigrants.
Starting this year, all new passports have RFID for citizens.
And see, under the new federal law, the Real ID Act, your ID card, your state driver's license, is going to federally have an RFID chip in it.
So see, it's for us, the citizens, too.
And it'll track everything you do.
We barely beat the bill.
This year would have started first of the year.
We barely beat it a few months ago.
It was going to be the size of a piece of tape inside.
Listen to me carefully.
The size of a piece of tape inside of your inspection sticker in Texas, federally mandated, federally funded, to track, tax, and trace you.
It'll give you tickets when you speed.
It'll arrest you instantly, pull you over.
It'll red flag you and beep on a computer screen at the emergency management center and then in the squad cars later when they get the systems.
They will instantly pull you over and take you to jail.
That, by the way, is in the bill.
And it will be used to tax you as a toll road device.
I know I've talked a lot about that, but it's just happening.
We're barely defeating it.
We're barely defeating it here.
I mean, just total Big Brother applications.
They're still putting it in all over the place.
They're just saying they're not going to start using it for taxation and control right away.
It's just, oh, we're going to put it in your products.
Heaven help us.
Heaven help us.
I want to talk more about this when we get back.
Drug industry, human testing, masks, death, injury, and the compliant FDA.
Also, the bombings that took place in Jordan, and they admit the Israelis were warm before the attack and got out.
Kind of like Netanyahu got a call eight minutes before.
He admits now.
The London bombing.
France will deport foreign rioters, but only 120.
That's a joke.
Cars set ablaze in Belgium in new copycat attacks.
We'll get into that story.
Bolly Bomber blows himself up in ambush.
Do you really believe that?
And Blair has suffered his first big defeat.
That's some good news.
And I mentioned this, but we need to detail this.
CDC will allow 1918 killer flu off of campus.
They're going to be shipping it all over the place, they're saying, and...
Very, very, very, very, very, very scary.
Some good news.
The Rifle Association is saying they will sue to overturn firearms ban, but that doesn't stop places like San Francisco banning handguns.
And U.S.
House leadership strips Alaska oil drilling from budget plan.
Let's talk about oil first, actually, when we get back.
And old Salabi the criminal was here yesterday, and he says he didn't mislead the U.S.
He's a good guy.
Plus a martial law nutshell and 15 questions.
We'll talk about that as well.
Stay with us.
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Let's plunge into the news now, in great detail.
And then coming up, I'm going to blitz through calls, and really I am.
I'm going to take your calls very, very quickly, so I have your question, your comment ready.
Yesterday, they had the big oil execs up there on TV in front of Congress, and I watched 45 minutes of it in the morning.
1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
I watched more of it late last night.
Every question was a softball whitewash.
Every question had nothing to do with the reality or the facts.
And the fact is this.
Crudeau Bay has enough oil conservatively, and this is in the actual reports, the geology reports back in the 70s, to run this country at current capacity for several hundred years.
There is oil all over Alaska.
There's nothing out there but tundra.
Nothing out there but grass in the areas they want to drill.
It doesn't hurt anything.
The caribou sleep up underneath the pipes.
They use it for a natural barrier where there is none out there.
And you always hear the environmentalists who are used as the foil, the shield, the front group.
Oh, we can't drill because of them.
Well, the Republicans have the presidency, the executive.
They have most of the governors.
They have the legislative.
They have the judicial.
And there is only one pipeline supplying California and other areas, a very small percentage.
We get about 20% of our own oil out of there.
Very limited reserves are allowed to be pumped out, period.
80%, in most cases, above that.
By the way, BP has given the lion's share.
They were just given the rights to our oil.
They just get it over here.
They just have it.
You're our bosses.
You're our royal gods.
Here, just take it.
And they ship 80% of it to Asia.
Predominantly to China, who's de-industrializing us and displacing us right now.
They've got to have a blood supply, which is oil, to shut us down economically.
And to Japan, who's also doing the same thing.
And a little bit goes to the Aussies there, a little 14 million Aussies.
Or is it $18 million?
I forget.
The point is that that's happening.
And I hear the neocons.
It's a mantra.
Those darn environmentalist wackos.
They won't let us get the oil.
That's the front of your oil company bosses.
The oil companies openly fund those phony environmental groups.
And you tell the little Rastafarian teenage kids running around in their trendy outfits when they're, you know, Hey, don't let them drill, man.
Don't hurt the mother.
I'm like, you're actually funded?
Oh, you're part of this environmental group.
That's funded by Dutch Rochelle.
No, it's not, man.
Why don't you try to stop the genetic engineering?
Why don't you try to stop the just billions of tons of toxic waste that's been dumped in the ocean and millions of gallons of nerve gas?
Yeah, whatever, man.
We've got to take that person's ranch or farm and give it to the Nature Conservancy.
David Rockefeller needs it, man.
Hey, you got the cool hair?
You got the...
I mean, who am I to argue with the stylishness of it?
Eureka, patchouli, and marijuana.
You must have an IQ of 500.
Okay, I'm sorry.
It's just all these well-meaning kids and college students who've got to fight for the earth.
You don't even know where to fight.
Oh, yeah, the earth's in trouble by the very people that control you.
All right, I'm sorry.
See, it's problem, reaction, solution.
They create an economic problem.
They create an environmental problem.
They create a drug problem.
And they actually make it worse.
And then their solution actually makes it worse.
And you get more of the solution that continues to make it worse.
And then they take freedoms always in the name of fighting it when that has nothing to do with it.
You know, I've got a lot of news to cover in a short time to get there.
I better focus.
But just one of hundreds of examples of how there's plenty of oil and how the oil companies, their documents are public, where they colluded to shut down refineries and restrict their output on purpose to bottleneck because there was too much oil in the 90s and in 2000 and up until 2002.
And that's why they hate Chavez.
They've openly said because the guy's over-pumping, over-producing.
That's why they hated Saddam.
He was trying to pay off his debts.
Back in 1990 by O-Republic, and it was just making OPEC get angry.
Driving down the price.
We've got to rape the slaves.
Chavez and Saddam.
House leaders strip Alaska oil drilling from budget plans.
Republican leadership doesn't want to.
I mean, they got the House, they got the Senate.
It was going to sell through the President.
And I told you, Bush is going to get up and go, I'm opening the reserves.
I'm getting a law passed.
Now he can go, it just didn't happen.
The environmentalists protested.
But they admit in this Bloomberg Financial that that's not what happened.
Republican leadership doesn't want it.
Because the oil execs don't want it.
You're not going to get that oil.
Do you understand that?
You can pay five bucks a gallon before you're going to get that oil.
That goes to China to take your jobs.
That light crude is not going to go into your gas tank.
Here it is, U.S.
House Republican leaders removed from a $50.5 billion budget cutting plan, a provision that would have opened an Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling in an effort to win support from dissenting members in the party.
The House Rules Committee approved the change last night.
The drilling proposal, which the Senate approved last week, would allow oil companies such as Irving, Texas-based ExxonMobil Corp.
and London-based BP to drill on 1.5 million acres.
They don't want that.
In the 19 million acre Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, they opened it up in the early 70s after the first staged oil crisis.
House leaders also removed a provision to allow more offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oh, yeah.
There's one 600-square-mile area off the coast of Mississippi that's even bigger than Alaska reserves.
A group of 26 Republicans objected to the inclusion of the drilling provisions in legislation.
And it goes on and on.
And, by the way, even if they open up some of this, which they may do, it didn't go into the U.S.
Understand that.
It's just China needs more.
And they might open up a little bit more.
But a fraction of it's being used.
A fraction.
A tiny, tiny, tiny fraction.
And, you know, we recorded, as I said, 45 minutes of this yesterday, and it's all just so ridiculous.
I don't know where to start the tape.
We're just going to air a minute or two, and I've instructed Scott Hartman, doing a great job up at the network, to just randomly just pick a spot on the tape.
So I don't even know what the oil exec's going to be saying.
I mean, there's no... I don't have time to go back and listen to all of it and decide which clip I want to play, and everything I saw was already such lies and such twisting.
I just said, let's just randomly grab bag here and just play two minutes of just something randomly from the 45 minutes we recorded yesterday morning, and then I'll comment on it briefly.
So go ahead and roll something randomly as the Exxon exec and others are lying profusely.
Go ahead.
Or coal to fuels, that's gasification technologies, and if not, why not?
And anybody can take a swing at that and can pick up a bat.
Well, I'll take a quick swing at it, Senator.
First of all, I think as in the comments I made earlier, in fact, while there has not been the construction of what we would call a new grassroots refinery, there has been continual expansion of the refining industry.
As I commented, effectively in this country in the last 10 years, we've built, in essence, three new refineries.
They're inside the fence where refineries already were, and as a result, they're much more efficient than if we had gone off in some greenfield site and tried to do it.
In terms of, are we willing to look at biofuels?
Well, that was strange.
I guess where we randomly picked on the tape, there's a dropout.
What's going on there, Scott?
Oh, the computer phone.
30 years ago, the problem with them is that they are not economically competitive with traditional oil and gas supplies.
Now, I'll follow up a question on that, and I'll let somebody else.
Are refineries...
And biofuels or gasification plants treated the same as far as policy, taxation?
Do they work under the same definitions as far as policy is concerned?
Mr. O'Reilly?
Senator, biofuels, and if you include ethanol in that, obviously have additional tax incentives for manufacturers.
So they're not quite under the same policy.
As far as I know, the underlying...
I just think that somewhere along the line... Okay, well that's enough of it.
And we're not doing that on purpose.
Something wrong with the recording or something.
So that's how random we are.
We have 45 minutes recorded.
We just pick a spot and it's got hiccups.
That happens with the web.
You're downloading stuff.
But I sat there watching it halfway while I was getting ready yesterday for the show.
And see, we just randomly picked a spot, and the Senators are going, what do we do to get more oil?
We've got a shortage.
How do we squeeze more of it out of oil shale?
Or how do we have the gasification plants?
And how do we get more?
I mean, we've got a problem.
Well, number one, that's lie number one, or ignorance number one by the Senator.
There's plenty of oil.
The oil company's own documents, internal documents that say, not for distribution, secret.
Highly restricted.
That's how they're stamped.
Exxon Mobil, all of them.
The very people up there.
They put these reports out internally between the oil companies who are really all owned by the same consortium.
They just had the trust busting of 1906, so the Rockefeller interest broke their oil company into Standard Oil into 12 parts.
And you have Exxon, you have Mobil, you have Texaco, you have all these same companies.
BP is the Queen of England.
Dutch Rochelle is the Royal Family in the Netherlands.
But the point I'm making here is then he gets into how we've built more refineries.
And then he caveats it and says, well, we've actually built three new things inside where refineries used to be.
No, their own documents show that they, to restrict supply...
Artificially closed and bought up refineries all over the country by the dozens and reduced output at their refineries.
And those big oil companies also produce.
They control OPEC.
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They railed against the crowd Another redneck band
I just had to fight off a basset hound who was in here trying to get up on the broadcast desk to get at my Chinese food, but I have defeated him.
I like that basset hound.
I have to mention the basset hound every day now here on the show at the office.
And when our bookstore is open to the public, you can come in and see our mascot, Baron.
The Bassin Hound.
All right, I've got to hurry here.
I know we have loaded phones, and I covered one article.
Actually, two articles there in that last segment.
But it's important about the oil.
So when you hear Limbaugh or any of these other neocon liars who are there to neutralize you, to make sure that you don't know you're losing your Second Amendment, to make sure you don't know you're losing the borders, to make sure that you think George Bush is conservative and you can wear a shirt that says, I like Michelle Malkin.
I like Ann Coulter.
You know, you can go and just be sucked in by all that.
I love that beatnik Michael Weiner.
I love greasy dirt balls from the 60s now being neocons.
I like Trotskyite neocons.
Here is some news.
Rifle Association will sue to overturn firearm ban.
San Francisco Examiner.
As some ballots were still being counted, the powerful National Rifle Association announced Wednesday it would file a lawsuit to overturn a ban...
On firearms approved by San Francisco Verters, Vugers, that's a new name, just the day before.
The conservative group said Proposition 8 violates federal guarantees and various state laws in California.
The measure, which received the backing of a solid 57% of mentally ill city voters, bans the sale, distribution, and manufacture of firearms and ammunition in San Francisco.
You hear that?
Bans the sale, distribution, and manufacture of firearms and ammunition, period.
We're good to go.
Chris W. Cox said in a statement, we will file suit and fight this to the highest courts in the country until good sense prevails once again in San Francisco.
And the NRA did sue with several other gun groups and get a federal judge to place a stay on gun confiscation in New Orleans.
And last time I heard, though, the cops just stole the guns and they're refusing to give them back.
And at the same time, the NRA went in early last year, almost two years ago now, and they went and argued in D.C., quote, for the Second Amendment, but in their briefs they said, oh, we believe guns should be registered and not allowed outside the home.
We agree.
So they were in precedent trying to set that.
Just let people at least have handguns if they're registered and locked up in their home.
And then, of course, they lost that case, too.
So out there creating bad case law.
And, folks, if you don't know that the NRA has been infiltrated by the globalists, you've got the other thing coming.
It's full of good people, good members, salt of the earth.
We're good to go.
Heat on the NRA and on their activities.
Give your members out there to make sure it is a better organization, to make sure they do keep their nose clean, but also spin off.
Don't count on somebody to save you.
I mean, I just created a group called Texans for Freedom, and we're involved in all sorts of things, and we'll just go out and protest this or that, or we'll go down to the Capitol and testify, and we'll catch bribery going on.
We just get the job done.
And the NRA is nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be found.
The Texas Rifle Association is.
Here's another interesting little tidbit.
Bolly Bomber.
Oh, he's convicted now.
Blows himself up in an ambush.
Well, no, he wasn't convicted.
They just blew him up.
Just like the Madrid bombers blew themselves up when ambushed.
Terribly convenient way of ending the saga.
So again, just like the Madrid bombers, clearly, and it takes hours to go over it, we've done shows on it, clearly a government operation.
And then it starts coming out in the news, people in the polls think it's the government, they rebel against the government, and then all of a sudden the special police raid the building, and the bombers blow themselves up.
And conveniently, the same thing just happened in Bali, despite the fact that evidence has come out that that was a British operation.
And we've caught the head bomber for the London bombings, being MI6, and Israel admits that they carry out bombings and blame it on their enemies, so we have to look at the real suspects here.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
We're good to go.
I never voted for a war criminal.
Have you?
Real conservatives hate Bush.
Go to LibertyStickers.com or call 877-873-9626.
If only our president would listen to his God.
Perhaps Jenna Bush.
Osama bin forgotten.
Go to LibertyStickers.com and express your freedom of speech today.
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That's 1-800-845-3841.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
Maggie, Jane, Michael, Frank, many others are coming up.
I'm going to go through them quickly.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Now, I'm really going to news blitz now because we're getting behind here.
Just more on the oil situation, how it's total complete theater.
Oil chiefs unfazed by Republican grilling.
And you watch it, there was no grilling.
I mean, it was just total false reality theater.
We don't have enough oil.
Oh, we built lots of new refineries.
We just accidentally made a record $96 billion profit.
It's unbelievable.
Here's another one.
FTC, Federal Trade Commission, subpoenas big oil firms in U.S.
gasoline probe.
They don't need to subpoena them.
A whole bunch of their documents have been leaked by their own employees where they're running this entire scam.
And again, people go, I hear neocons calling the talk shows all the time and go, I don't mind paying $2.95 a gallon.
This is free market.
Bunch of commies.
It isn't free market when a bunch of corporations get together and collude to artificially control the market and gouge you.
That's called fraud.
I like being raped by them, huh?
Because they told me it's conservative if you do.
I mean, literally, that's the mentality.
All right, enough.
Enough on the oil.
Bird flu strain has been found in Italy, the health ministry's saying.
Ooh, so they'll have to have a police state crackdown now.
That's what they say they're going to do.
That'll keep everyone safe.
China is saying they're worried about terrorists attacking, so they've had to take even more of the freedoms from their citizens and crackdown on the public.
And so is Putin.
It's good for all these governments.
These evil boogeymen terrorists are everywhere.
Chinese police warn of possible terror attacks.
diplomats say that the Chinese police have warned luxury hotels in China of possible terror attacks sometime next week.
A warning Wednesday comes as preparations for President Bush's visit to Beijing later this month are underway.
Oh, Lord Bush may be under attack by his business partner, bin Laden.
We are just all in such danger.
Our great leader has been fighting al-Qaeda, the poor thing.
We already talked about the Bali bomber blowing himself up.
That's just ridiculous.
And he is the bomber.
He's not convicted, but they say he's the bomber.
And the police surrounded the building, and then it just blew up.
And again, we caught this Israeli who's connected to the Trinidad bombings.
And we also have Al-Qaeda caught with these CIA cell phones for months and months.
We have a maximum security prison in Afghanistan who top al-Qaeda members just always magically escape from.
We have all the generals where they catch Taliban or al-Qaeda.
They catch other generals in the Taliban.
They'd be ordered to release them.
They flew them out to safety.
It's like the number three at CIA, Buzzy Crongard, said, we don't want bin Laden.
We don't want to capture him.
Remember that?
And I hear these neocons on the radio going, George Bush wants him.
George Bush is going after him.
It's like Bush saying, I never said I don't want Bin Laden and we're not looking for him and I don't care where he is.
And then we have the clip of him going, I don't want Bin Laden.
I have no desire to capture him.
Well, of course you don't want to capture your business partner.
He's been a great CIA asset going back to the early 80s.
A story I want to get some guests on about that we haven't talked enough about.
We've discussed how the Israeli government with the U.S.
government would take poor Jewish children and tell them they were going to a doctor's appointment from 1950 to 1960, and they would radiate them to death.
This has gone on here in the U.S.
too, but more piecemeal.
But what they're doing now, and this has been in the New York Daily News, New York Post, it's been in New York papers, but it goes on nationwide.
With a lot of prisoners, too, even nonviolent prisoners, this goes on, where they test chemicals, biologicals, pesticides on them, and it's really dastardly what's going on, but they'll come to a poor mother and they'll say, look, we're taking your seven-year-old.
And we'll take the toddler, too, unless you sign this agreement saying you did bad things to your children and agreeing to give us custody of your son.
They'll openly take the son, and the mother's allowed to visit him once a week, and she sees him lose weight, and he's on a stretcher vomiting, and then he dies, and they're just testing pesticides on him.
That's New York Daily News.
They actually kill little black kids with poison.
They do little white kids, too, but they're favorites, the blacks.
Seriously, because they have a weak family structure.
They've already been busted up and broken up and can't protect themselves.
Hyenas and lions and wolves go after the weak, folks.
But the illegal aliens do have a special use for the New World Order.
They're one of the biggest groups having the most poisonous stuff tested on them.
But they actually tell them, oh, $5,000, $4,000, we just want you for a week.
And quite a few folks are dying.
It is a 17-page report that sounds like something out of Dr. Mingala's laboratory.
Drug industry human testing is masking death and injury.
And a compliant FDA.
This says, Oscar Caballero has been waiting in the Experimental Drug Testing Center in Miami since 7.30 a.m.
The 41-year-old undocumented immigrant illegal alien says he's desperate for cash to send his wife and four children in Venezuela.
More than 70 people have crowded into the reception rooms, furnished with rows of attached blue plastic seats.
That means cowboy.
It is one of many regulars who gather at SFBC International Inc.'
's test center, which with 675 beds, it is the largest for-profit drug trial site in North America.
And then it just goes into it.
Blind people, dead people, people dying when they get given it.
It just goes on and on.
And so they're going to get in a lot of trouble now, and then we'll just move on to the foster kids.
They're a lot easier.
Oh, you didn't know that about the foster kids?
Oh, yeah, Florida, New York, Texas.
They just take little babies and kill them.
And nothing's going to happen.
We're just going to continue.
But it's a 17-page report.
I cannot read the whole thing.
I did highlight some stuff in there, but you can go read it if you want.
We posted it yesterday on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Here's the article CDC may send samples all over the country of the 1918 super flu.
And, of course, it is the same crowd that has the flu virus 39,000 times stronger than any other virus ever known to man.
They may mail that out to different laboratories.
And they actually say it's no big deal.
They use FedEx and...
D-H-L and U-P-S and others.
It's just no big deal.
Just don't worry about it.
But we've got to give up all our liberties and freedoms, though, because Al-Qaeda might attack us.
But the borders are wide open, and let's just mail all this around so we'll have plausible deniability when the government launches it on us.
Continuing here with the news, the bombings of yesterday, what transpired...
There in Jordan, scores dead in three Amman hotel bombings.
Israelis evacuated before the attack.
And they admit here that the Jordanian government got them out hours before, saying that they thought that luxury hotels like the Radisson, upscale hotels like the Radisson, may be hit by terrorists.
And sure enough, that happened.
And you know, that happens once or twice, that's one thing.
But the Israelis themselves pulled out of no one else.
Remember Benjamin Netanyahu?
They said that 30 minutes before the blast of 7-7 that he got a call and was told there was about to be a blast and did not go to the meeting he was going to be at and there was a bomb went off right outside, right below really, on the train station right below where he was going to give a speech about international finance and banking.
And then they said, oh, it's a conspiracy theory, the AP's wrong, it was never said, but the AP wouldn't retract.
And then two weeks later, the head of Mossad told several big German newspapers and TV that were there doing the interview that, oh, yes, we did get the warning, and he just pawned it off on we got a warning, and he was warned eight minutes before.
So just over and over again.
I'm not even saying Israel was behind the bombings in England.
That was clearly MI6.
We've caught them doing it.
But the point is they're all part and parcel of it.
But don't worry, Al Zawari, Zakari, is going to get us.
Jordan on alert, as Zakari claims blast.
Zakari is back again, escaped from capture, back from the dead, slipping over different borders and back again.
Jordan was, on Thursday, hunting the masterminds of the worst attacks in the kingdom's history that killed 57 people that were claimed by the group of homegrown extremists, Abu Masab al-Zakari.
The suicide attacks laid on Wednesday on one of the closed United States allies in
One of the closest United States allies in the Middle East targeted three luxury hotels in the Jordanian capital that are favorite haunts of Amman expatriate community and Western travelers.
I tell you what, we will go to your calls here in just a few minutes, but I've got a few other little news tidbits that we need to hit here.
Well, actually more than a few, but let's go ahead and start trying to go to your calls here.
And then we'll get back into this news.
Let's go ahead and talk to Maggie in Texas.
Maggie, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I just noticed recently some newspaper ads seeking test subjects for 18 years of age or older for a new vaccine against Japanese meningitis.
And I didn't realize we need a vaccine for Japanese meningitis, but I imagine this will pull quite a few college-age people in.
Well, it's one of the wonders and one of the great side effects of open borders and all these illegal and legal aliens is we've gone from five cases of leprosy a year to 7,000.
We have drug-resistant and drug-immune TB.
We have all these wonderful exotic fevers and meningitis, which will kill you, folks.
And don't worry, they've got lots of vaccines for you that in many cases are more deadly than meningitis itself.
Okay, so it is a real condition then, something to worry about.
But I noticed the same company was also looking for young, well, 18 and over test subjects for herpes, of course.
And just vaccine after vaccine.
Well, a lot of these vaccines will actually allow the person to spread the very disease.
That's why they weren't able to force the police and others to take the smallpox shot three years ago.
And the other thing is that I've noticed recently, and now this is in the last few weeks, there was a
A huge push on TV to talk about vaccines for cervical cancer.
And prior to that, there was a little round of talking about vaccines for singles.
So it looks like we're just going to be vaccinated against everything.
Oh, they've gone up to, what is it, like 38 vaccines that most states claim are mandatory.
And they try to push on you.
Of course, they have no right to do that.
There's no law.
And it was just a few years ago, it was like 25 decades ago, it was like four or five, and they're talking about hundreds of vaccines where you're literally getting injections every other day.
Oh, God.
Oh, yeah, they're going to, look, that's what this new BioShield 2 is, is that it's a multi-billion dollar a year giveaway to the private vaccine makers to just come up with all sorts of new vaccines for everything and mass cocktails and then just force us to take them.
Oh, my God.
It's actually there.
Forced inoculation, mass roundup camps.
It's all public now.
As Ron Paul said a few weeks ago on the show, it is the preparation for outright martial law.
Oh, boy.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I'll get off now.
You bet.
Thank you.
I got a call this morning from Jeff Dice, Ron Paul's chief of staff.
He always gives us great updates about new evidence of leaving our troops behind.
In some wars, and I'm going to be working on that with a particular contact he gave me, just great folks, but we are going to be getting the congressman back on very, very soon.
Let's talk to Jane in Maryland.
You're on the air.
Yeah, the Frist provision, the bill that was just passed that exempts the pharmaceutical companies from any kind of lawsuit as a consequence of
Of, you know, damage or death from these vaccines.
Now, it had passed the Senate.
Are you saying it passed the House?
Not yet, but I believe that that's what's driving them.
That's why we see the sudden push.
I think the market has opened up now.
These guys are going to punch your head with it.
They've got a lot invested in it.
And then earlier this year, they passed forced psychological testing and forced drugging by guidelines written by the drug companies publicly.
Yeah, I guess they could try to pharmacologize that as well.
The avian flu thing was really being hyped.
On NPR and on Pacifica especially this morning.
So, definitely there's a push here.
Yes, your gamma-flu, Lord Rumsfeld, needs the money.
It's all over if you don't get it.
Martial law is good.
Can you believe all the open discussion of martial law?
Just martial law, martial law, martial law.
Did I mention secret arrest?
Did I mention work camp?
Did I mention... I mean, they're just openly getting us ready, aren't they?
It's an effort to sensitize the population to the use of the phrase, to normalize it, essentially.
It was Zerqawi who you mentioned, Abu Masabal Zerqawi, the...
Yeah, what is it, three of them now?
Right, if it's the real Saddam, which I've never accepted to begin with, who the hell knows?
As far as these bombings in Amman, Jordan, everyone knows it's trivially easy to rig a Patsy's body and plant it there, which means the coverage, the fact that Haaretz is revealing that the Israeli tourists were notified in advance and moved out, suggests to me that this is a transparent false flag operation relative to Middle Eastern public opinion.
Those people aren't going to buy the al-Qaeda angle, not the average Jordanians.
This thing was obviously done for the benefit of the American and European audience.
That's the PSYOP angle, unless you think it was just pure desperation.
Well, I mean, we know Bali, because in hindsight we always get the good intel.
We know Bali was a British shop.
We know the 7-7 and 7-21 were... But does anyone doubt that the average Jordanian is going to fall for this?
It doesn't seem like... I mean, they're much more likely to blame the Mossad for this than they are for... They have polls in the Middle East where, what, 90-something percent believe our government carried out 9-11.
And that may be conventional wisdom in Latin America by now as well, Alex, from what I've been reading.
You mentioned Buzzy Krongard, R.B.
Yeah, he just struts around bragging that we don't want bin Laden.
Buzzy Krongard.
He's quite well-known.
He makes the society pages up here in the Baltimore, because he lives right up here.
This is the guy who was the chief executive officer at Alex Brown prior to being tapped to become executive director.
Yeah, insider trading.
Yeah, in advance of 9-11.
So he'd definitely be a key witness in any legal proceedings that might occur at some future point around 9-11.
He might even be
Arrested as an accessory, if we could find out.
Well, look at what they're doing, Jane.
They're putting in torture experts, population control experts.
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ran the wet work at Waco.
He's actually blooded himself on American blood.
Well, actually, we've got Peter Shoemaker, the Army Chief of Staff.
And Jerry Boykins, both on the, probably, I would guess Boykins was on the scene at Waco.
He's the architect of Delta.
So is Schumacher.
Aren't they the guys that briefed Reno and told her, oh, don't worry, we'll handle it?
Because Wesley Clark didn't want to be incriminated in that.
He would have been their commanding officer.
Yeah, he was their commanding officer out at Hood.
But, I mean, these are tough guys, man, killing one-month-old babies.
That's powerful.
But it's collateral damage.
They're real warriors.
Burn it.
Blow them!
Do it, Delta Force!
Move in!
Get your American blood!
Bloody yourselves!
There's more coming!
We've got to test this sigh up on the American slaves!
Hey, Jane, good points.
Michael and Frank and others, you're up next on the other side.
A few final news items as well.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
The behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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I babbled through a lot of that news and had a lot more to cover and a bunch of great calls.
Don't forget, we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central, and of course back tomorrow, 11 to 2, for the live Friday edition.
Great call from Maggie and Jane.
I always like our lady callers.
Michael in Texas.
You're on the air, and then Frank.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hello, Alex.
I had a question.
You were talking about registration stickers earlier?
Yeah, inspection stickers in Texas.
We're going to have tracker chips on them, but we beat it.
Okay, I was wondering if... Oh, we did beat it.
We narrowly stopped them starting next year, taxing and tracking us.
It was in the bill.
Arresting us the minute our insurance expired, just totally tracking us 24 hours a day in our cars.
We barely beat it.
I had assumed that's how they were going to do something with the toll roads.
I don't know if you'd seen on the website where people were shown where they could put $20 bills in the microwave and pop the little microchip in there.
You see that?
Yeah, that was only in some of them, and the government admits that they are, quote, studying putting RFID in euros and dollars.
We found some did do it, and that was the dollars that were in Europe, so we believe it may have been some special circulation.
They don't all do that, and some just get holes burned in it.
That was us.
That came from us.
I was wondering if you could...
Maybe do something like that.
Their inspection and registration stickers.
Yes, but very serious crimes, even felony-type crimes.
I guess that makes you a terrorist, doesn't it?
No, they say in there that it's prison time.
And then, of course, you can accidentally break, and they just say, oh, it proves you didn't mess with it.
See, there's all these new crimes.
And it's all written where you can't comply.
And we have 25% of the world's prison population and we're only 4% of the world population.
And I've told cops that and they go, good, good, we need more.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Thanks for the call, Michael.
Great questions.
Frank, and by the way, I wasn't bragging that we did the RFID story.
I was just stating we did that story.
It's on the website.
Frank, where are you calling us from?
Yes, I'm calling you from New York, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Listen, I just got... I've been looking over the press on the Internet, and I heard... I don't know if you can confirm this or not, but the Palestinian head of intelligence...
Was killed in the blast.
One of the three blasts over in Jordan today.
No, but if that's the truth, it's an obvious hit.
That's exactly, if that is confirmed, because in Europe they seem to be confirming that.
But I have another... Well, I mean, what publication?
I don't have it offhand, but this would have been probably about two and a half hours ago.
I mean, I wouldn't doubt it.
Israel routinely bombs people as a tool of assassination.
Yeah, well, I don't know actually who did it, but it's very strange, too, that it would happen when the king is out of the country on state business.
Well, let's just give all our rights up.
Then everything will be okay.
Alex, I have a question, too.
I'm doing a research project on the CIA...
And in 1947... National Security Act, yeah.
Yeah, right.
But in 1947, under the National Security Act, Truman authorized what was called 1947 Interim Charter for the CIA.
The final charter was the 1949 Charter.
But I've not been able to find the charter.
Now, under federal and state laws, all government agencies have to have a charter that defines their purpose and complies.
Now, it just struck me, would it be possible that the CIA's charter is classified?
The 1947 National Security Act and its charter, I believe, is public.
That is it, though.
There seems to be no records in any government documents, nor in any of the private academic national security histories or policies.
Yet, it has been...
Quoted several times, but no one can seem to find it.
If you have any listeners, I was wondering if maybe you could send the message out on the phone or on the radio.
You're doing it right now, yeah.
And if possible, if anyone knows anything about that, because if that's the case, then the actions of the CIA itself are in violation of our laws because it has to be a public charter.
I hear you.
We're just out of time.
Great points.
God bless you all.
Take care.
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