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Air Date: Nov. 8, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Tuesday, the 8th day of November 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be here live for the next three hours.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, we'll talk to my good friend Bob Dacey, who routinely reports for InfoWars.com on local issues as well as national Second Amendment issues.
We'll be joining us to talk about his attempt to vote this morning.
And we're getting similar reports to what Bob Dacey witnessed today on the new Hart InterCivics electronic touchscreen no record black box fraud systems.
He attempted to go in and vote and was unable to.
Wait until you hear what ballot choices he was given.
He watched others being turned away as well.
We're good to go.
His father-in-law owns Hart Inner Civics and was also his biggest contributor.
It's got to be good when your father-in-law, you know, daddy's little girl, you're married to daddy's little girl, and, well, the machines are just very, very friendly towards you.
So that is coming up.
And then in an hour, we're going to be joined by Dr. Doug Rockey.
We're good to go.
That DU is somehow nutritious or good for you, or that, okay, it's a little toxic, but it's no big deal, and it's a communist lie.
It's an evil lie of Vladimir Lenin.
If you talk about it, you're just trying to undermine the war effort, the glorious war effort of freedom.
So that is coming up in about an hour, and we'll have open phones in a third hour.
For part of the third hour, I'm going to spend a large segment of the third hour answering a question that a listener posed that is really at the heart of hearts of what I think about and what I'm worried about and what I study and what I'm concerned about and that is the globalist plan.
To exterminate 85% of us and why they want to do that.
What their deepest dreams are.
What their burning desire is.
How this delusion was formed historically and how these megalomaniacs are going about setting up their program.
So what they want and how they will get what they want and how we can fight it.
I tried writing some notes up last night, but I was pretty tired, so I went to bed early, and this morning I had all sorts of computer problems and things, and didn't write as many notes as I wanted to, but I did spend about 20 minutes thinking about this, codifying this most important of questions, and writing the notes, and I've got them right here in front of me, and so coming up, coming up, in the third hour, we will focus in on this, and then take some of your calls.
When we get back, though...
I mentioned this yesterday, but I wanted to spend a lot of time on it.
I've done a lot of research on it now, and so we'll do that today.
State of emergency declared in France.
What's really going on over there?
How does it fit into the New World Order program?
We'll break it down.
And, of course, I called Paul Watson on Friday, and I said, write an article and tie this into the Metro La Raza crowd.
And I know he's busy.
He didn't get around to it.
Well, he did today, and so did World Net Daily.
The Oslon Group is calling, of course, for burning down and attacking and taking over.
Same thing.
And, of course, they're funded by the very people that are funding what's happening in France.
They fall right into the globalist's hands.
So we'll cover that when we get back.
And a lot more, prisonplanet.tv.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Now 8 minutes 40 seconds into this first hour, second segment.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.net, and infowars.com.
Why so many sites?
Different servers, folks.
Basically, info weapons.
Different publications out there giving us multiple platforms to attack the New World Order from so we don't have all of our little eggy-weggies in one basket.
And incidentally, we are finishing the move of PrisonPlanet.tv today to even bigger and better servers and more service for all of our great members over at PrisonPlanet.tv.
So I thank you all for your support.
And sorry about any intermittent delays on the service for the first time in the year and a half since we launched it, because that is unavoidable in any transfer.
But those have been intermittent, and we're doing it in the middle of the night, so...
Hasn't been too much of a problem.
That's the way to start a national news broadcast, ladies and gentlemen.
It took years of training to do that.
To just start the show and start babbling about prisonplanet.tv.
I tell you, I don't know if I like having ground-level, main street office space.
I'm starting to have second thoughts about having an open bookstore to the public.
I really am, because we get hit by four or five salesmen a day.
And I don't mind people selling stuff.
I mean, that's free market.
But when they just don't stop and they force their way in and they start just continually trying to hard sell the product to you, it becomes a little bit annoying.
But you know what?
They're a lot better than the government who forces us to take their product, which is police state and taxation and regulation and control and forced drugging and the attack on the family and
I'll take the salesman on the street any day.
And actually, I do like meeting with the public and getting a chance to see folks.
So we are going to open the bookstore here in the next few weeks.
At an unnamed location, though, at this time.
Yes, the secret bookstore.
Meanwhile, behind the quiet facade of this bookstore...
They were communing with Russian cosmonauts and aliens from Pluto.
Now there'll be a huge web blog where it will be reported that Alex Jones is communing, or claims to be communing, with creatures from a faraway galaxy.
But that was a joke.
It's like John Ronson in that book he wrote, Them.
I was on the phone with him one night driving around through Northern California in fog so thick we had to pull over.
And I said, this is like one of those old Hollywood movies with the werewolves.
And he started saying on the telephone, oh, you're afraid, you're very afraid.
I said, no, that's a joke.
But then in his book, I was afraid, afraid of the werewolves, because I was joking about them.
And now that's been bought by New Line Cinema, and Jack Black's going to make a movie out of it, running around afraid of werewolves making fun of me.
So, I really shouldn't joke around, ladies and gentlemen.
There'll probably be a book written where I believe that we're in contact with Plutoans from the planet Pluto, or one of its icy moons, and perhaps the icy moon of Hoth.
All right, now I'm really having fun this morning.
We've got a lot of serious news here, and I am procrastinating four minutes into this second segment, plunging into it, but I will do that now.
Lest I get busy and don't cover this later, I do need to mention this.
This is out of the LA Times, two separate articles going up on InfoWars.com right now.
Anti-war sermon brings IRS warning.
All saints of Episcopal Church in Pasadena risk losing its tax-exempt status because of a former rector's remarks.
And the gentleman in his speech said,
Prefaced it all with that he thought George Bush and John Kerry were both great people, so he's obviously in league with the devil, or ignorant.
And then he continued by saying he's not telling people who to vote for, but that the war is wrong.
The IRS says, hey, it doesn't matter if you preface it with the fact that you're not being political.
You're not allowed to say you're against a war, and we might just shut your church down, and then we might just demand 20 years of back taxes and take your property, like we did the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, the seventh largest church in the United States.
The seventh largest physical church and congregation.
We might just send in armed troops and take it.
And then there's another article here out of the LA Times.
Conservatives also irked by IRS probe of churches.
And then it lists the harassment of churches.
But both these articles by John Felch and Patricia Ward Beardman, both of these articles were written by the same two individuals together, respectively, act like it's normal and good and explain to us later why the IRS is doing this.
Now, let me just stop right here.
I don't have time to get off into a dissertation on this subject.
Most of you are smarter than I am in understanding this.
But for the new listeners, let me explain something to you.
Have you read the First Amendment lately?
Because it covers four issues.
But it starts out like this.
Congress shall make no law.
Congress shall make no law.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.
No law or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
I'm going to say it again.
Because already the cops and the lawyers are strutting around going, it's a privilege to have a church.
We'll control what you say.
That is 180 degrees from the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, our history, common law, the Magna Carta.
I mean, even English serfs have the right.
At church, the preacher was one of the few people that could say anything he wanted to.
And a lot of the revolutions in England started when the king would try to chop somebody's head off for not toeing the line.
I mean, folks, this is unbelievable.
This is communist China.
This is Soviet Russia.
This is not America.
The separation of church and state was a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote someone in the Congress.
To be specific, it was actually a letter he wrote to a state congressman.
Many years after he'd even been in office.
And in the context he was saying separation church and state, I wholeheartedly agreed with him.
We don't have a government-run church.
We don't have government-certified churches.
That's what government churches are.
Is churches certified by the government?
But they did the inverse of that.
The globalists are masters at mind tricks, and they played this mind trick on us, and they said, oh no, that means that the churches can't say anything.
They can't criticize anything political, because that's political, and that's the state's prerogative, and so now we're going to have hundreds of laws governing what you can and can't do.
I have a friend who goes to a big Baptist church here in Austin.
They have anti-gun day at one of the other Baptist churches, and they have UN day on the 24th of October every year.
But at this other big Baptist church...
They sent the letter home.
It was during the 2000 election.
And it said, you are not to talk about politics in the pews.
You are not to discuss it at a church-sponsored dinner at a restaurant.
You are not to... Now the parishioners aren't supposed to have a First Amendment.
I mean, this is 180 degrees.
This is so anathema.
So diabolically opposed to what any free society is.
It's a joke.
But without adding all the verbal flourishes here, let me just boil it down.
This is just unbelievable.
And now they're expanding the definition.
See, they say in a nationwide letters and prosecutions and investigations.
Nationwide right now.
They're going out and you don't say anything political.
You don't discuss anything political.
It was preachers that led the Revolutionary War against the British.
The Black Brigade is what they were called because of the black priestly robes.
Regardless of whether they were Catholic or Protestant, they wore black predominantly.
The Black Brigade at Bunker Hill led it.
Lexington Concord, the Black Brigade, Trenton, the Black Brigade.
I mean, believe me, I'm somewhat of a historian.
I've done a lot of layman's study of history.
It's incontrovertible.
It's like saying George Washington didn't exist.
Or Bill Clinton doesn't exist.
It's the equivalent of saying that churches don't have a right.
Of course they have a right.
But it started 50-something years ago.
They just said, oh, churches, you've got your tax exemption.
Sure, it's never been codified as any type of paperwork, but because Congress can make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, I can say my religion...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
And then it goes on into the press, or the people, the right to assemble, redress the grievances petition.
It's all in there.
And you notice it's all under attack, no matter what area of that First Amendment.
But the very opening of the Bill of Rights, the most important,
And they'll actually argue with this at major universities.
They'll argue a fact and just lie about it and say, oh no, churches aren't supposed to be involved in politics.
It's the opposite.
The government doesn't certify and say what can and can't be a church.
And is it supposed to tax them or have any laws over it?
And it is the biggest fraud.
But it's like everything else.
They're now telling us Second Amendment's a privilege.
They're telling us driving's a privilege.
And after a while, we believe it's a privilege.
Well, it's not that it's a privilege.
It never was a privilege.
It's an absolute, incontrovertible, inalienable, unalienable, untouchable, unabridged, unabridged total freedom.
Alright, I've got to get into the riots in France.
For some reason I can't get into this, and it's a big subject, and we've got to talk about it.
And then we've got Bob Dacey coming up for a quick update on election stuff going on here in Austin.
Really serious electronic voting machine problems, if you can call them that.
And Doug Rockey on DU, it's all coming up.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
Coming up, Bob Dacey from right here in Austin, Texas.
Our Second Amendment and U.N.
He tried to go vote this morning.
It didn't go too well.
And we're posting right now his little report up on Infowars.com of what happened when he tried to go vote in this particular precinct on the new special electronic voting machines.
And Dr. Doug Rockey, who wrote the book on depleted uranium...
It's being used in the Middle East and all over the world now, including here in the U.S.
at ten different proving grounds.
He'll be joining us to detail the scientific facts, just how deadly it truly is.
Now, let me go ahead and get into what's happening in France.
And this will take a while, because it's multifaceted.
You know, we see a bunch of predominantly Muslim and black youth from Africa and the Middle East along with some of the trendy white kids out burning and pillaging and attacking and thousands of cars a night.
We're into the 12th day of this going now into the 13th day here in about 8-9 hours over in the time zone in France.
And we need to begin to understand that this is all being manipulated.
And here's the number one piece of evidence.
I mean, we have the government documents, we have the think tanks saying we want to bring in huge foreign elements and cause them to not assimilate and to cause race war and to cost the country basically its sovereignty.
We know that that's going on.
And books have been written and could be written on the subject.
But the biggest piece of evidence, the clearest piece of evidence to that being the fact is this.
They've had big riots going back 20 years ago in France.
This has actually happened before in France.
Though the current rioting and looting and killing that they're even trying to whitewash is beginning to eclipse some of the egregious activities that have happened in the past.
But the French government is only accelerating the level of legal and illegal immigrants, aliens, to the French nation of Gaul.
They are only increasing those that are moving to the country.
And the, quote, liberal education there demonizes France and demonizes the country's history and encourages them to basically hate the nation.
The same thing is taught here.
Now, why does the federal government of France have the long-standing policy in the last 20, 30 years of doing this?
Why does our government do this?
Why does our government fund the Mecha and La Raza and La Reconquista Hispanic groups in this country?
Because if they've got us at each other's throats, if they've got everybody basically fighting with each other, then we'll never be focused on the real enemy, and that's the New World Order, that's the elite, that's the taxation and control grid that's been set up against all of us.
And at the same time, a lot of these immigrants really are spoiled brats.
Really are hateful, spoiled brats.
They come from countries that have very low standard of livings, where you don't have a lot of opportunity, where there is a lot of tyranny in Africa and the Middle East, and they come to a place like France that gives them a lot of opportunities, and certainly they don't get paid as much as some people, but it gives them a chance to basically socially climb out of the position they're in.
And they basically hate the country that's given them more than the nation they came from ever would.
And so that same thing is happening here.
And I said last week on air, last Thursday, and I called Paul on Friday, and I said, get an article now, you know, out now.
I guarantee that we're going to see the Macho La Raza crowd, the La Reconquista crowd, come out and say that all of this is just honky-dory, that all of this is just great.
And sure enough, on their website over the weekend, one of the biggest...
The Aslan Mecha groups came out and said that we applaud this, this is wonderful, and this is going to happen here big time.
And it's the same crowd calling for the plan of San Diego.
Now, I called for listeners to protest the Klan this weekend in Austin, Texas.
I had a family reunion I had planned for a year.
I couldn't be here.
But I did say that we should protest the Klan.
I have physically protested them before because they, again, play into this balkanization.
They play into the globalist hands to radicalize everything.
And I have gone out and I have protested these La Raza, La Reconquista groups.
And sure enough, they're out there calling for it.
They're out there pushing for it.
They're out there pushing for the plan of San Diego.
Which is a published public plan to murder white people.
To kill every white male above the age of 16.
16 and older.
Doesn't matter if your 16-year-old son loves Hispanic people.
Doesn't matter if there's not a racist bone in his body.
A larger and larger segment of Hispanics want to kill your son.
They want to kill you.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we're back live here, folks.
Thanks for joining us.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight.
Blasting out on a growing list of AM and FM affiliates from Tennessee to Illinois, from Texas to California, from New York to Florida.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
I want to get back into the unprecedented race riots that are going on over in France and how the neocons are trying to use it as a pretext to further invade the Muslim world.
This is all done by design.
Problem, reaction, solution.
And each phase of the Problem Reaction Solution Program then expands the problem even more, and then you've got to do even more to fight it.
It's like the war on drugs or anything else.
It's designed to be lost.
So we'll get into that.
Also, there has just been so many other big, big developments that I want to go over.
But to have this metric crowd...
Coming out and endorsing the burning and torching and attacking that's going on really shows us how serious it is.
Because the Ku Klux Klan doesn't have millions of members and isn't accepted by the media and isn't promoted by mainstream media.
Corporate America is behind the breakup of this nation.
Though, with the help of Hugo Chavez, the free trade area of the Americas is now in a lot of trouble.
That made the globalists really mad.
But we'll get into Paris burning and how empires end.
I agree with some of what Pat Buchanan has said in Human Events magazine, but not all of it, but we'll get into the column he just released today.
Also, the solution.
Granny's on patrol.
The Washington Times is reporting on what's happening on the Texas border right now with the Minutemen and how it's got the globalists literally throwing fits.
And oil executives to be asked to justify profits, their 96-plus-billion-dollar record profits for this year.
They'll be asked to answer for that coming up in whitewash committees next week.
I want to get into that.
And U.S.
forces used chemical weapons during assault on the city of Fallujah, including some type of nerve gas.
That's what Italian national television and the London Independent, amongst other major newspapers and publications, are reporting.
It's a big, big deal.
The U.S.
has cut ties with Syria.
The escalation continues.
The White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 political enemies.
And boy, you know I'm in that.
I was in Bill Clinton's list, so I've got to be in this one.
Or I haven't earned my salt.
And Bush declares, we do not torture.
He just says we've changed the definition of torture.
That's what Gonzalez put in the memos back when he was Chief Counsel.
Now, of course, Attorney General.
And Supreme Court is to rule on Guantanamo trials themselves.
Trinidad police detain Israeli may be linked to a string of bombings that have been blamed on the Muslims, of course.
And we have the trial of far-right Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is opening in Germany.
And whether you agree with Ernst Zundel or hate his guts, it doesn't matter.
They have their right to free speech.
And it's very, very dangerous to see this happening.
That is just some of what is coming up.
But right now...
And we're posting it as we speak up on InfoWars.com.
We have a little news blurb that Bob Dacey put together for us, and it is important.
Because all over the nation, in almost every hamlet or town or city, I mean, literally, there will be thousands of cases of it every time we have an election, off year or a major election or state election.
There are scores and scores of examples of where the machines malfunction.
They flip.
They give elections to people that really lost, but still the state boards let the person that really lost still win.
Because the machines say so.
We've caught them with computer felons running the systems for Diebold.
You know, all of this.
And Bob Dacey's done big reports for us.
He's had a TV show for about five years now here in Austin, Texas.
Good friend of mine.
He's done reports for us on what's happening with the Second Amendment and the UN going after our guns.
He did a big report for us a couple years ago on Michael McCaul back during that special election where Michael McCaul's own family owns the voting machine company that people cast ballots for McCaul on.
You know, that's an idea.
We're good to go.
Every day, instead of every couple days.
Sometimes, like I do, I get so daylogged.
All right, enough babbling.
The new report is what Bob personally experienced.
And Bob is what I'd call almost anal retentive, to use the Freudian term, when it comes to being a stickler for what actually happened.
But I would boil down what happened to him as this.
He was unable to vote.
He witnessed others in front of him being unable to vote.
And when he got there, it was clear that something was going on with the software.
And that there was some type of... Well, he'll tell you the story.
Bob Dacey, good to have you on with us.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you for having me on.
You bet, my friend.
By the way, I've been on the air for over six years now.
This is my seventh year on TV, Alex.
You know, I keep saying I've been on the air for ten years, but as you know, it's over eleven, so I just have got my time schedules all screwed up here.
Time marches on.
It's like I had a guest on yesterday, and I said, I interviewed you four years ago, and he goes, no, it was actually seven years ago, so...
Yeah, I've kind of... Time is flying, Bob.
Yes, it is.
Tell us what happened to you this morning.
You tried to go out and vote.
Well, first tell us about how important this election is.
Well, you know, we're talking about a bunch of propositions on the state ballot for constitutional changes.
The most important ones, I suppose, are the ones having to do with they're trying to get their trans-Texas corridor going again, and that's Proposition 1 and 9.
They're trying to fake us out into paying for the thing and they're trying to empower the boards to have longer terms.
It's a big farce.
I wanted to go out and vote against Proposition 1 and Proposition 9.
I was really ready to do that.
And then there's, of course, proposition number two about whether to define marriage in the state of Texas is whether it's between one man and one woman or not.
I mean, I wanted to vote on that too.
But anyway, let me just say what happened.
I went to my polling place here in Austin.
I was the third guy there.
I always show up early because, you know, hey, I have a job and I have to get to work.
My store opens at 8 and so I went to vote at 7.
Should be plenty of time to vote, right?
Well, I went in there and I was the third person there.
And a woman in front of me, the first person there, went into the booth to vote.
And the second fellow went into his booth.
We only have three of them there.
So I went to the third one, but it was broken.
It wasn't working.
It wasn't functional.
So I got behind the first lady, and she voted, or at least she thought she did, and something happened because she just left.
And after a while, it was my turn.
I went in there and put my little code number in there like they give you.
The ballot that came up to me, I was scratching my head and I'm going, you have got to be kidding.
It was asking for my vote on whether wheels should be mandated on office chairs.
It was asking for my vote on whether poll workers should be exempt from having to pay taxes.
It was asking for my vote on whether we should have mandated four-week vacations instead of two-week vacations.
Bob, that's why I carry a digital camera, but in case it's having problems, I have one of those $5 disposable cameras.
Well, I wish I was prepared.
Every listener needs to buy one today and put it in their truck or their car or their van right now.
I didn't remember all of them, but another one was whether or not we should have a three-day work week in Texas.
I'm looking at this thing and I'm going, you have got to be kidding.
I looked at the poll worker there.
He's a neighbor of mine.
I know the guy.
I said, what is this?
Is this a joke?
He looked at my so-called ballot and he said, oh no, it must be in training mode.
Then everybody was trying to scramble around trying to figure out what happened.
Of course, they stopped everybody from voting.
They said, wait, wait, stop.
We don't know what's going on here.
There's a big problem.
I'm sitting there going, well, I've got to get to work here.
I want to vote.
Of course, there weren't any paper ballots to vote from.
I asked the guy, well, how long does it take to fix a problem?
He said they had no idea.
Now, Bob, we talked this morning, bravely, so I'm going to make sure I'm restating this properly.
Wasn't there a woman you said in front of you who seemed flustered, but she still went ahead and voted and left?
Well, see, I don't really know.
What happened, she was in front of me, and she had her little code, and she was in the ballot booth there, and then she left.
Now, I don't know whether she thought she voted.
I don't know whether she was embarrassed because she couldn't figure it out.
I don't know what happened with her.
All I know is she entered the booth.
I think so.
That woman, it seems to me, the odds are she has been majorly disfranchised and she probably didn't even know it.
Or either that or she was so embarrassed she couldn't figure it out, she just left.
Well, let me tell you a story, and I'm sure you remember this.
Back during the 2004 big presidential election with 62% turnout nationally, a record in modern history in the George Bush, John Kerry staged election, I heard people all over the place saying, I went to vote for
Thank you for voting for George W. Bush.
Or, you have voted for George W. Bush.
This was happening everywhere.
Then it was in the paper a few days later, but that happened to my mother.
She said that that happened to her.
This happened to people, Bob, that I know, and who I know are computer savvy.
Well, I don't know why what happened to me happened today.
You know, I'm not a computer nerd and I don't know what happened.
All I know is I went to vote this morning.
And I was thwarted in my attempt to do so because the ballot I received was a joke.
A literal joke.
And I had to get to work.
The question is how many times do I have to go back there to see if I can vote with these slick, wonderful, convenient and simple electronic voting machines?
How many times do I have to go back there to see if maybe I can really vote this time?
You know, it was ridiculous.
I guess it's kind of funny that it happened to me, of all people, you know.
Bob, can you leave the store, your hardware store over there at Spicewood Springs and 183, and go to your polling place in the Northwest Hills and...
Well, I can try later on.
I do have a business to run.
I thought I was going to be smart like I always am and vote where it doesn't interfere with my business before I open.
Well, you know, I can try again.
Hopefully they got it fixed.
Of course, then again, I'm not even sure that what I voted for is going to get where it's supposed to go.
Why don't you try to go over there at noon and then call us back sometime during the third hour and give us an update on what happened?
Well, I'll give it a shot.
I'm sure they got it fixed by now, I hope.
Well, also, get a statement from them so we can follow up on this and then add to the little article you sent us that we're posting right now.
Well, I'll give it a shot, Alex.
If I can manage to break away, I will.
You bet.
And can you...
We're going to get it posted.
Somehow I got lost.
Talking about my old story?
Well, no, no, not the old story about Michael McCall.
That's on InfoWars.com.
We've reposted it.
The little blurb you sent me this morning, for some reason I don't have it up on the site, and we're having trouble finding it, so if you could resend it, that would be a big help.
Okay, well, I'll give it a shot.
But send it to Ryan at InfoWars.com.
Ryan, R-Y-A-N at InfoWars.com?
That's right.
Yeah, okay, well, I'll do it, Alex.
Well, I really appreciate, Bob, you taking time out to join us, and we should also add that Bob sells my evil videos, and we have confirmed that the Army has been actually kicking people out of the Army and saying that they have shared delusions with me that they believe the government was involved in 9-11, and Bob sells my evil videos over at his evil hardware store.
Yeah, that's true, I do, Alex, and I sell quite a few of them, more all the time.
All right, Bob Daisy, thanks for coming on with us.
Okay, I appreciate it, Kev.
Good day, Alex.
You bet, my friend.
And we'll look for Bob to check back in with us for five minutes or so later in the third hour.
We've got Dr. Doug Rockey coming up to talk about DU in the second hour with us.
I might go to a few calls in the next segment, but right now I want to shift gears back into what's happening.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the government's openly now saying, oh, well, our immigrants are wonderful.
This is just a small group of them that are doing this, and we're not going to listen to the polls that are the same as the U.S., people the same all over, 80-plus percent want the borders shut and the illegals deported.
Oh, they're saying, no, no, no, we're not going to have any new immigration laws.
We're going to keep bringing in all these precious people that want to run around burning everything down and looting.
And, yes, there have been some deaths, too.
But you've got to read deeply into the news wires to find that.
Can you imagine if bands of tens of thousands of whites were running around burning black neighborhoods and dragging people out of vehicles and doing all this?
The hue and cry we would hear?
But you're not going to.
You see, because this is part of the larger plan.
They're going to bring in even more of the third world to drive down the wages, to destroy the middle class, regardless of what color you are in that middle class, and then they're going to have a big police state crackdown on the general public, regardless, again, of what color you are.
It's amazing.
I mean, this whole thing supposedly started because two kids, two teenagers, were running away and got into a power station and got electrocuted.
And by the way, that's just a rumor.
The rumor is the police were chasing them and they ran into this area and got electrocuted.
Now, I'm the first person to decry when the cop shoots some poor Hispanic male in the back because the cop scared to death of anybody who's Hispanic.
I'm the first person to decry when a cop shoots a white kid in the head.
I don't care, period, folks.
This system is out of control, is abusive.
But you can't then legitimize burning down large sections of the urban areas in France.
And in the final equation, we're going to lose freedoms because of this.
And we've got Wayne Madsen joining us.
He worked for the NSA on a lot of great analysis here.
And I think that what he adds to this is accurate.
But at the same time, I think it's only part of the equation.
And I think what Pat Buchanan says, which sounds like it's diametrically opposed to what Wayne Madison is saying, is very, very pertinent.
Very, very pertinent.
And so I'll read a little bit of what Wayne Madison had to say when we get back, and then also what Pat Buchanan had to say about all this.
Meanwhile, this La Raza-Matcha-La Reconquista group, La Vaz de Aslan, one of the big groups, is absolutely saying this is wonderful.
This is just great.
Bring down France!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, implantable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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I think.
We're good to go.
This is what Pat Buchanan, writing for Human Events, had to say.
Paris burning, how empires end.
The Romans conquered the barbarians, and the barbarians conquered Rome.
And that's true, they brought in all the Visigoths, all the Gauls, they brought in Persians, they brought in Greeks, they brought in everybody.
Africans, you name it.
And then they all just started throwing fits and rioting and fighting amongst each other until they couldn't stand up and defend themselves from the Germans, who came in and sacked the entire country.
And, of course, the Germans had to make it through the Austrians, who were the lapdogs of the Romans, and they brushed them aside quite easily.
But it continues.
So it goes with the empires and comes now to...
The penultimate chapter in the history of empires of the West.
This is a larger meaning of the ritual murder of Theo van Gogh in Holland, the subway bombings in London, the train bombings in Madrid, the Paris riots spreading across Europe.
The perpetrators of these crimes in the capitals of Europe are the children of immigrants who were once the colonial subjects of the European empires.
At this writing, the riots are entering their 12th night, now going into their 13th night, and have spread to Rowan, Lilly, Marcel, Toulouse, Dijon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Cannes, Nice.
Thousands of cars and buses have been torched and several nursery schools firebombed.
Ah, firebombing.
You've got to target the children.
There's always a hunger to kill the children in a race war.
One fleeing and terrified woman was doused with gasoline and set ablaze.
That's being kept very, very quiet in our media.
And the race war is very real.
And it's wrong.
But what is not real is the Madrid bombing and the London bombings.
These are the catalysts.
Those were clearly government ops.
And the government is loving this.
You see, in the P2OG Pentagon Plans, they talk about, we'll go in, we'll kill Arabs, we'll invade them, we'll make them hate us, we'll do things to make them hate us.
The government released the torture photos, folks.
That wasn't an accident.
The government comes out with all this stuff.
The government releases the people who were forced to have sex with prostitutes and had blood put on them.
I don't want to go any further.
That's meant to be learned.
And Rumsfeld says it will enrage the Muslims, make them attack us, and when they do, we can go after them even more.
So the Muslims are falling into the trap.
The Africans are falling into the trap.
I mean, if France is so bad, go back to Africa.
You see, are the Africans attacking the pharmaceutical companies?
In France?
That are putting poison in their vaccines?
Are they going after the Rothschild castles that literally are in almost every region?
I mean, giant palaces.
Everything the French royalty had.
Guess who's got it?
The legendary French vineyards.
I mean, literally, folks, the Rothschilds own France.
Not a Rothschild property will be touched, but plenty of whites will be killed.
And it's their fault.
I mean, I guess those young babies deserve to have gasoline poured on them.
And I deserve to lay down and die.
I should just lay down and die too.
Like that black doctor, that professor said.
I'm evil.
Just inherently evil.
No, I'm not going to be evil like you are.
I'm not going to go hate you because of your race or what color you are.
You know, what variety of the human race you are.
I'm not going to be involved in it.
I am going to expose all of you and I'm going to do my best to show the people what's happening.
So, you know, much of what Pat Buchanan is saying is true.
But what stirred it up?
What generated it?
What pulled the trigger?
And he goes on and on.
I mean, it is horrible.
And I may be called racist because I'm against pouring gasoline on white women and lighting them.
I mean, I understand.
I'm against the plan of San Diego to kill all the white people, and I'm evil.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at gsanlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I haven't said my piece yet about what's happening in France, the racial attacks, the mass murders going on.
And it's just being kept quiet in our news.
It's just some loving, friendly people, tired of being downtrodden or striking back.
And while it's all part of the New Order plan, this will be used as propaganda now to attack the Middle East and Africa even more.
And these poor Africans aren't going after who their real enemies are, as usual.
That's why we're all still slaves, folks.
We haven't figured out what's happening yet and gotten sophisticated enough.
Dr. Doug Rockey, to talk about the DU Holocaust, will be joining us coming up in the next segment.
I want to try to get through your calls right now, and I want to go through them quickly, so have your question or comment ready.
Because this is what Alan Combs, I guess, calls radio graffiti.
I mean, just get your comments, your question out quick, and I'm moving on.
Fred in Indiana.
Fred, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I'll make it quick.
I just wondered, have you ever heard of the book called The Apprentice, written by Scooter Libby?
Yes, I've heard about his book.
I have not read it.
Okay, let me read you one passage out of it.
At the age of 10, Madame put the child in a cage with a bear, trained a couple of young girls, so girls...
Would be frigid as to not fall in love with their patron.
They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick, as it seemed to lose interest.
I posted it on my site, righttothink.com, and I have one more question for you.
I was watching the movie where you had gotten arrested for not taking the thumbprint.
Did you ever go to trial with that?
Did you win?
No, mysteriously, there was no record of my arrest.
It just disappeared out of the computer because I knew I wanted a civil case.
Oh, well, okay.
I was just wondering.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Fred.
Let's talk to Sharon in Florida.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, hi, Alex.
We heard something last night.
You were talking about the voting and all this.
Well, they found out last night, or everybody else found out, that...
There's a court case coming that they found the evidence that the whole election was fraud.
And they found the equipment in Daytona, and then they found it all over the country, and they brought an expert from Europe, and the administration's going bananas.
And they've been trying to get the stuff from them.
Well, I mean, we were talking about a lot of that evidence with Beverly Harris last night, but what specifically are you talking about?
Well, I was with the WFLA last night, and something came on about this.
Well, I mean, we have caught companies engaging in fraud all over.
We actually found the evidence in Volusia County.
And these little black boxes that were where your ballots went into, they said they were able to actually manipulate the votes.
And they brought an expert from Europe.
Yes, ma'am.
We talked about that yesterday.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Chris, you're on the air, sir.
Where are you calling from?
Thank you.
Ma'am, excuse me.
No, I'm a woman.
No, no, I know.
I said Chris.
Oh, okay.
Hello, sir.
What I was calling about, Alex, is I'm noticing that so many of the big stores are pandering to the Hispanics.
Now, I want to preface this with the fact that I was married to a Hispanic, a legal Hispanic, okay?
No, we know you're evil and you must die.
Go ahead.
And my children make my children half Hispanic.
But these stores are pandering to the Hispanics now.
All of the aisles are going up, like at Myers, for example, going up in Spanish and English.
Well, what they're pandering to is to another foreign language.
Because the government states in internal documents they do not want us to get along.
This is to create two separate societies so we'll fight with each other so they can rule over us.
Well, I did call the home office, and they have their whole, you know, spiel.
Well, we're equal opportunity.
I said, well, wait a minute.
I said I was from Poland.
How come there's nothing up there in Polish?
Well, she couldn't answer me, of course.
Well, you know, you should call your congressman.
What does my congressman have to do with the way you run your store?
I mean, they're insane with even the answers they give you.
No, I know.
You can have 5% of your...
I mean, why is it?
I believe Illinois even has bigger groups of minority Chinese than the Spanish.
No, no, this is done by design to make it easy so that Hispanics will not assimilate, so we'll be at each other's throats.
This is a plan.
Anything else, Chris?
Great call.
That people should call in and complain.
I hear you know.
Listen, they want to make it where English is a second language.
It's already happening in many public schools.
Look, English is bad.
America's bad.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, it's eight minutes into this hour.
One hour, eight minutes into worldwide transmission against tyranny.
It's not about left and right, it's about right and wrong, ladies and gentlemen.
We don't listen to the politicians' rhetoric, we study their actions.
We go to the core of the facts.
Coming up, I want to get back into what's really happening over in Paris and how serious this is and how this La Raza La Reconquista group openly is saying, our Raza's got to start our own race war.
Ah, it's time to implement the plan of San Diego.
The liberal groups are, yes, kill me, kill me.
Yes, I'm a white liberal.
Kill me, kill me.
I'm evil.
I'm devil seed.
Alex Jones, don't you talk bad about the plan of San Diego.
These are downtrodden groups, so they want to kill every white male, 16 and older.
It's wonderful what's happening in France.
They're striking back against the evil.
I was talking to somebody Sunday night who I know personally.
He was talking like that.
I tell you nothing.
I mean, he wasn't going that far, but it was one inch away from... Kill me, I'm devil.
I'm bad.
Kill me.
I'm sorry, we have Dr. Doug Rocky holding, and I'm going into some Python-esque humor, but I mean, it's just too much, folks.
Just stop saying you want to kill me.
I don't want to kill you.
And realize that Brzezina Brzezinski and other globalists have said they want us all at each other's throats.
In Africa, the globalists will play black off against white, black tribe off against black tribe.
In Ireland, it's Catholic against Protestant.
With phony feminism, it's man against woman, woman against man.
North against South.
I mean, I'm sick of it.
And, you know, we're tribal.
We're like this in our base nature.
You know, South Austiners don't like them North Austiners.
We're better down here at South.
You know, 78704.
I mean, come on, folks.
We're being manipulated.
We've got to stay in Iraq and keep using DU or them Arabs will win.
Again, they use them as the enemy to get the globalists programmed through.
But Dr. Doug Rocky literally wrote the book for the Pentagon on DU.
Their own seven-hour training video, such as Deadly Poisonous and Radioactive, and has a particulate toxicity to it as well.
The manuals that he helped write stated fact, it's deadly.
And way back in the 40s, after World War II, there was a plan, dirty bombs, dirty bullets, and it went into using these, using radioactive gas on people.
And it's a toxic waste that they want to then create a market for, so they lobbied the Pentagon and the Congress to fund DU, and it's now been used in a whole bunch of countries.
And to try to go over Dr. Doug Rocky's bio would literally take 20 minutes.
I'm not about to try to do that, but Major Doug Rocky, now retired, was in charge.
Cleaning up American tanks hit by DU during Gulf War casualties in friendly fire.
This work involved helping casualties and cleaning equipment contaminated with depleted uranium used in the war in tank-busting weapons.
Now it's been expanded because of its high density.
It's also used as battle armor on the tanks themselves.
And the shell would hit the armored vehicle, the uranium would catch fire and split into burning fragments and then aerosolize into particles.
About 70% of the round vaporized into dust as fine as talcum powder.
When we climbed into our vehicles, after they'd been hit, no matter what time of day or night it was, you couldn't see three feet in front of you.
You breathed in the dust, he said.
The DU dust got blown far away by the wind and entered the soil and water.
And, by the way, tons and tons and tons of it have been used in the gibbous.
All of these numbers and the facts and what DU is is Dr. Doug Rockey.
Doctor, it's always great to have you on, and we're just honored, sir, that you took time out.
Thank you, Alex, and good afternoon, I guess.
You bet.
Are you up in Illinois right now?
Yeah, I sure am.
Just in a nutshell, a thumbnail sketch, tell us about Doug Rockey, what you did for the Pentagon, what you discovered, what happened to you and your team, and now how much DU has been used, and why people are still in denial saying it's nutritious and wonderful.
Well, I've been in the military since 1967.
I'm on the retired list, so that's some 38 years.
I've been through many, many things.
I went through all.
I was enlisted and an officer, holding most of the ranks, and specialized in combat medicine, nuclear, biological, chemical warfare, medical operations, hazardous materials, emergency response, and obviously environmental and nuclear physics.
So it's been the whole thing.
During Gulf War I, the United States again decided to deliberately use uranium munitions because it's so extremely effective in combat.
Literally destroys and blows apart anything that it hits.
I mean, it's the silver bullet, as it's called.
And we got tasked, after all this stuff happened, no plans had been in place, to figure out how to clean up all the friendly fire, treat all the casualties, and clean up the mess.
And we took care of a handful of U.S.
vehicles, 16 Abrams tanks and 15 Bradley fighting vehicles.
Buried a lot of stuff in the desert.
Kind of tried to do something about all the stuff in Kuwait and Iraq without success.
Came back, did all the research for the Army as the director of the U.S.
Army Depleted Uranium Project in 94 and 95.
Write in all the training materials, write in all the U.S.
Army regulations that are in place and that are thoroughly ignored.
For years and years and years, I've just been trying to finish my job as a senior Army officer without any success and make sure that our veterans have the education and training necessary when they go to combat, that they have equipment that's functional and safe for themselves to use, and that they get medical care when they're trashed.
Well, specifically, can you talk about the history of DU when they first started talking about using it, and then when it was first used in combat, and then what you discovered when you were there in Iraq, basically overseeing the DU program and writing reports back to the Pentagon.
Can you give us kind of an overview on that as well?
Well, DU munitions and everything were first started development by the Germans during World War II.
And then the United States picked it all up in the 60s very successfully and through into the 70s.
Again, DU is the primary byproduct of the uranium enrichment process that's conducted to make nuclear weapons and reactor fuel.
So for every 100 pounds of solid uranium that goes into the enrichment process, over 99 pounds is pure waste.
99% is pure waste.
And that stuff is what is then processed into uranium emissions and DU-Crete that's concrete with DU and ballast and shielding and all kinds of things.
The U.S.
Department of Energy has to get rid of 99% of their waste.
You know, again, 99 pounds or every 100 pounds that goes in is pure waste.
So they've got to get rid of it.
Now, by ballast, this is even in a lot of the commercial airplanes now.
Well, it's in all the commercial aircraft, and we've had horrible fires and crashes and everything else where the air crash investigators have all been exposed and become sick from uranium exposures as a result of the fires and the ballast down there.
You'll find it in forklift trucks.
You'll find it all over the place.
I think we've even ran it in the Navy cooking pots and
And I haven't verified it yet, but I've been told that individuals have checked it out.
It's even in golf clubs.
But hey, you know, whatever.
Anyhow, what we found out is that on an impact with uranium munitions that you create such a fine dust and oxide plus all the shrapnel all over and the contamination is so great that as adopted and absolutely a mandated action in the U.S.
military today, you have to wear full respiratory and skin protection within a 150-foot radius of any single incident.
Until it's thoroughly cleaned up.
That's not only happening to the U.S.
military personnel, it's not happening to any of our coalition forces, and it's absolutely not happening to the enemy, which is supposed to happen.
Well, specifically, before we get into that, Doctor, talk about where it's been used.
It's been used in Serbia, and in Kosovo, it's been used in Afghanistan, and in Gulf War I and Gulf War II, and what?
Ten proving grounds in the U.S.? ?
Well, the first primary use is when the United States gave it to Israel during the 73 Arab-Israeli War.
Oh, so they've used it too.
Oh, absolutely.
And we've got all the documentation, the photographs.
We've got the medical analysis on that.
We've got the reports.
And that original 74 report helped find the foreign foundation for the work that I did as director of the U.S.
Army Depleted Uranium Project.
So it's been used extensively.
Well, let's be specific.
We used, what, three times conservatively, and that's still ongoing, and now it's not just in the Chabot rounds and the Abrams, in the darts, but now it's also in the Vulcan guns, in the ATMs, in the Bradley fighting vehicles, in their cannon, and I've read that the Warrior fighting vehicles are also using it.
Any other places, Doctor, it's being used?
Yeah, we have it in the cruise missiles and the bunker busters, the manufacturing plant at...
In Oklahoma, in McAllister, Oklahoma, they were making it for the Bunker Busters, and they got so sick from exposures during the making, they had to shut down the line down and get medical care.
And all of this is covered up.
You know, this is the incredible thing.
You wrote the book on it.
We know it's deadly, but I get emails, and last time you were on about a year ago, we got a threatening call after saying, I'm a big, fat liar, and this stuff doesn't have radiation.
I mean...
And I hear the neocons on the radio saying it isn't bad.
Can you physically explain to us what it does, what it is, and why the Army manual says it's deadly?
Well, first off, in 1992, because it was so dangerous in the reports and everything we had prepared with the government, in December of 1992, the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Walker, issued an order to the United States Army and Brownwell Policy Institute staff, and obviously they brought me in immediately,
Saying that we should figure out ways to reduce the toxicity of uranium munitions so it could be effectively always used in combat.
And they wouldn't have to worry about the health and environmental effects.
Well, you know, the final report in 1995 said you can't reduce the toxicity.
So it's that simple.
Uranium munitions are extremely effective in combat.
And as a consequence, when they were used during Gulf War I, I received a memorandum through the command chain.
The general officers all the way up to the top dog.
After Schwarzkopf
Chief of Staff had assigned me personally to clean up this mess.
It's very interesting.
I'm a scientist from the university and they reached out to reservists and said, do it?
Okay, we'll do it.
But I got a memorandum called the now infamous Los Alamos Memorandum and it was a direct order to lie in all our reports and sustain the use of uranium munitions through service proponency and avoid all the health and environmental effects, acknowledging the adverse health and environmental effects.
Uranium munitions are solid rods of uranium, or in the case of the bunker busters, the shell is uranium and is full of high explosives.
In the case of the ATEM and the PETEM, these are landmine subunitions that are full of high explosives or a uranium shell.
Tell you what, stay there, Doctor.
We've got a break.
We'll come right back, and I specifically want to talk about it.
Because there's many different types of uranium, folks.
When we talk about depleting uranium, it's just not the particular isotope that is used in the rods or in nuclear weapons development.
But it is uranium, enriched uranium, ladies and gentlemen.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking to Dr. Doug Rockey, the head of the Pentagon's DU program.
They sent him over there to look at the situation.
By the way, Dr. Rocky's been really ill.
A lot of his team have died.
He's had somebody shoot a bullet through his window.
He's been run off the road.
He's been threatened many times.
And the scum out there that wants to think that DU is so good and wonderful, why don't you just go get some and start eating it on your Wheaties if you think it's so good.
Dr. Rocky, you were continuing with what DU really does.
I mean, it's not just that it's radioactive at a low level.
It's that it also has, what, a heavy metal effect?
And the particulates are so small, they're also devastating, aren't they, on the lung tissue?
The uranium round on impact, you have to understand it's solid uranium.
The tank fire is a solid round.
Where each individual round fired by an Abrams tank is over 10 pounds of solid uranium.
And that uranium is consistent with the uranium isotopes, uranium-238 primarily, uranium isotope-234, uranium isotope-235, uranium isotope-236, plutonium, neptunium, and americium.
One of the things they keep saying is just that the radioactivity is real low.
Well, the procedures that mandate what we did when we did the measurements, first off, the United States Department of the Army, Department of Defense, mandates a maximum exposure level.
For exposure to uranium contamination of no greater than 200 counts per minute.
Yes, to be specific, in the aggregate, when it's in your body, it is massively radioactive.
Oh, it's absolutely devastating because the alpha particles and everything literally tear up the cells, and that's what happens to the lungs over a period of time.
So it would kind of be like if I was right in your face, but only punching you from about two inches, but just over and over and over again.
Yeah, continuously.
It's horrible.
And what happens is you've got multiple parts.
The radiological component, the maximum alpha contamination exposure that you can have for exposure to DU, either internally or externally, is 200 counts per minute.
No matter what we did when we did the testing and the measurements, we never got below thousands and thousands of counts per minute, up to a million counts per minute.
And all this stuff is a very complex mixture of all these isotopes as far as the alpha emissions.
So it has some of the other non-purified types of uranium in it, so it's not just purely this specific isotope, it's a cocktail, is what you're saying?
It's a total cocktail, a mess of all these isotopes, and they're nasty.
And then on the beta-gamma emissions, okay, now these are an external emission that will cause external damage in contrast to the inside, but inside the body they also tear up the body.
The maximum permissible dose rate for exposure with DU munitions is .05 millirems per hour.
We never saw anything less than 300 to 400 millirems per hour.
Never saw it.
And so we know when we cleaned this stuff up and blew everything up that we could absolutely never tease the maximum limits.
We could never even get down to the maximum limits for permissible exposure.
For dose rates, radiological dose rates, exposure to DU contamination.
Will you put that in layman terms for an ignoramus like myself?
In other words, you're getting zapped big time, continuously, real hot all the time, and it's like you said, you're getting hit over and over and over again, and that damage may not be so much at a time, but the damage over a while is just, you've been punching the nose a thousand times, your nose ain't going to make it.
The cells are absolutely torn up.
So you have the radiological component.
That causes horrible damage to the lungs and to the cells.
You have the chemical toxicity.
I mean, this is like eating a tremendous amount of lead paint dust.
There ain't nobody in the United States or in the world today that would drink lead paint dust and mix it into a cocktail.
And that's what this all is, although it's far worse.
And then you have the particulate irritation.
The particulates are so small.
That even though we wore respiratory protection issued by the U.S.
Army and the U.S.
Department of Energy, this stuff went right through it.
There is no gas mask, protective mask, let's keep this stuff out.
Well, Dr. Rocky, I have been interviewing you for the last four or five years.
I have interviewed many other doctors and scientists on this subject.
They all agree I have the Army's manual.
You have nothing but an impeccable record.
You have been grievously hurt by this.
What do you want to say to the scum that I hear on the radio that calls you and others lying traitors?
Well, let's put it this way.
The guy in charge of radiation safety for the Pentagon stated point blank that, first off, Dr. Rocky was not the director of the depleted uranium project.
In fact, no such project existed.
The secretary, all the way up to the secretary, the guys in the office of the secretary, we call them number four and number five in the United States government today with the Department of Defense, point blank say we didn't do the research and we didn't conduct it, and we did it.
They totally disregard what's happening.
And I want them to stop using depleted uranium munitions because they're flat illegal.
Well, please stay there.
But I don't know.
This administration or the Clinton administration lying?
I mean, so they make fake dossiers, so they lie, so they plant stuff on people.
We should believe them now.
You're bad.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I was just talking to Dr. Rocky during the break and waiting until you hear him recount what we just discussed because I've got the same phone calls, by the way.
Obviously not as many as he's gotten.
Many of them.
But before we go back to Dr. Doug Rockey and tell you about some of the websites where you can read the amazing reports he's put out.
By the way, the guy's never made a video or written a book.
Though I think he should.
To tell his story, he's also lost his job over this.
So I wish there was some way to support Dr. Rockey.
He'll always come on when we call and ask him to come on.
He's not even pitching anything.
But I am, folks.
I'm pushing freedom.
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And my new film, Martial Law, is out.
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They all get the word out.
We're going to lose our country.
We're losing our basic freedoms.
A government that will let the troops breathe D.U.,
We'll do a thousand other bad things.
They do not care about us.
It's like our government in the 1950s paid the equivalent of $50 billion to Israel to radiate 110,000 of their children.
By the way, over here they do it to retarded children, which is bad enough.
Over there they did it to healthy, blue-collar Sephardic Jews.
I mean, that's our government.
Oh, they wouldn't do this to us, but they'd do that.
Just type in the Ringworm Children's.
They tell them, we're going for a ringworm checkup.
We're going for a dental checkup.
Just to see what radiation would do.
This is the crowd we're talking about.
We need to get these videos and get them out to folks.
Get my films, make copies of them.
Give them as gifts.
It's having a big effect.
Keep it up.
And if you have the videos and you were impressed with them, but you didn't make copies of them, you didn't get them out to people, please do that.
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Going back to Dr. Doug Rocky.
Dr. Rocky, I've heard you on just squadrons of shows over the years, probably 30, 40 shows over the years, including my broadcast probably eight or nine of those times, and I've never heard you put out any information of where people can support you
And you've never asked for this.
He just gives and gives and gives and gives.
But you did get blackballed in the industry for doing what you did.
And I was challenging you to write a book during the break.
And of course, you've had a lot of health problems.
A lot of your team have died.
But tell us about some of the websites where folks can read some of your writings.
And is there any way we can support you?
Well, the only support I need is for everybody to speak up and call Congress and the Senator and the President of the United States and hold them accountable for their actions.
That's what I need.
That's the support we need.
That's what we need done.
The best website that has probably a lot of information is www.traprock.org.
And that's the Quakers.
I don't have anything to do with the website other than they put information and work I do and other work that other people do.
But it's the Quakers.
Getting information out to everybody.
Incredible group of people up in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
And they, again, basically are trying to get everything done with absolutely no funds whatsoever.
The key to everything we're having here, and we have the fundamentals, the United States Department of Defense, the British Ministry of Defense, the Canadians, the Australians,
Deliberately and willfully use solid uranium munitions.
Contaminate air, water, and soil.
Which, as the U.S.
Army's only common task training manual says, it will make food and water unusable for eternity.
And that we cannot change the toxicity of it as specified in the reports from the United States Army Environmental Policy Institute.
Oh, yes, Doctor.
Why don't you tell folks the half-life of these isotopes?
Well, the half-life of dehumanizations and everything else basically is 4.5 billion years, the age of the Earth.
And you need at least 10 half-lives to even consider it safe.
But you've got to remember that's only a radiological toxicity portion.
We've got chemical and particulate toxicity, too.
So this stuff, you can't use it.
The United States can't take tons and tons, thousands and thousands of tons of its own radioactive waste.
Or it can't take even one pound disposed of it in anybody's backyard in the United States.
Well, they've done it over and over again with other substances, and the black men in Tuskegee, and the syphilis, and the Agent Orange, and there's a thousand...
Yeah, they did Project Shad, where the deliberate use of chemical and biological munitions, which is ongoing, against U.S.
citizens, whether it was in the New York subways or it was out in Utah or wherever it was.
That's right.
I want to talk to you about the mindset, sir.
The mindset of radiating 110,000 Jewish children and killing them.
The mindset of killing New York subway commuters.
This is declassified public.
This is not debatable.
What is the mindset of the nutcases running things that they do this, doctor?
I wish I could answer that.
They just don't care about the health and the environment.
When you look at this stuff, anybody that would do this and literally go to war and destroy a nation without any justification, contaminate air, water, and soil and cause all these horrible health effects, contaminate gods or olives or whatever religion you're in, air, water, and soil and the earth forever is flat wrong.
It's a whole thing.
What I came to realize after 38 years in the military and county
Okay, 38 years associated with the military and county.
That's a long time.
That when you go to war and go to battle, the people planning these battles and wars and implementing this don't care about what the health and the environmental effects are, either immediate or long term.
But, sir, we have good people who are so invested in this image of this government being good and not being hijacked by a bunch of psychopaths
That when I was out at Crawford, I was just trying to interview him, and I walked up to these scrapping 30-year-old guys, and I'm like, Hey, what do you think of the war?
We love it.
We just got back.
And I'm like, and you're probably some commie bleeping it away from me.
And I said, why?
He goes, we saw you talking to Sheehan.
I go, well, I'm interviewing people, but I'll be frank with you.
I do agree with, you know, being against the war.
Oh, see, you're a liberal.
I go, no, I'm pro-Second Amendment, pro-border.
I think Bush is a liberal, if you want to use that term.
He said, all right.
I go, aren't you worried about DU, sir, and the troops getting sick?
And he goes, you need to shut the bleep up.
I have this all on video.
It's incredible.
The brainwashing of the military personnel.
You have to understand, I was involved in this for many, many years and I had to make a choice.
You have to understand, I'm still in the Army.
I'm a retired military officer, a long time retired where I was enlisted.
I was a non-commissioned officer and a commissioned officer.
You know, if there's anybody in need that's going to defend our country and up against a viable threat, baby, you're going to find me up in the front line so fast to make your head spin.
And even though I'm definitely a senior citizen today, I'm going to be up there.
But let me just add this caveat, because I know I told you during the break, but the listeners don't know.
This guy said, I cleaned up the DU, and it's not bad for me.
And I said, they didn't have you wear protective gear?
And he goes, no, it's not bad.
When the manual says it's deadly, and then you had a comment during the break to that, doctor.
Yeah, well, the manual requires complete, thorough respiratory and skin protection when they're doing the work.
And what's happened over the years, and it happened yesterday, it happens every single day, all of a sudden they get sick, and then I get a phone call.
They said, hey, all of a sudden, hey, we did the work with the DU, and now we've got cancer, now we've got respiratory, we've got rashes, we've got all these other problems.
We were exposed to all this stuff.
Now we've got to prove it happened.
Now all of a sudden we want to understand what happened.
I mean this doesn't happen.
Saturday morning I was with a team member of mine from Golf 401 who did the work with me.
His son-in-law has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times and he was too when he finally came back.
He's got a grandchild that already died from birth defects and he's now got another grandchild that's in horrible condition with birth defects from all of this nonsense.
Not just DU but the whole toxic mess.
And while we're sitting there they get a phone call from their daughter.
And their daughter's best friend's husband that just died from cancer came back, got out of the military, got exposed, and died of cancer, totally abandoned by the United States Department of Defense and the U.S.
Department of Veteran Affairs.
If anybody thinks that they're going to provide you medical care when you serve in the military, you're dreaming.
If anybody thinks you have the resources to do it, they're dreaming.
The Secretary of the VA had to go back to the Senate and the Congress a couple months ago and ask for almost $2 billion more because the casualty count coming out of Gulf War II in Afghanistan alone has exceeded 103,000.
They're exceeding 103,000.
They had planned for 23,000.
I want to add something here.
This isn't Dr. Doug Rockey.
This is the federal government's own numbers.
A tripling in Gulf War I of the national average of birth defects.
Now, that's real, folks.
And I read some of the scientific reports on it, but you're a scientist.
You're a doctor.
What does it do to the sperm, sir?
Well, what we found in the friendly fire casualties reported by the actual test done by Dr. Melissa McDermott at the VA in Baltimore and John Hopkins, she found the uranium there.
So you've got the uranium in the sperm, and you have to understand, it's alpha, beta, and gamma, but they're X-rays.
It absolutely terrorizes the RNA and DNA, and as a consequence, you've got all these horrible birth defects.
The birth defects are not only in the Iraqi and the Afghan and all the other populations wherever it's been used, up there around Concord, Massachusetts, where our nation was born on the 18th of April in 1775, but B. Eccleston all over the place, on our own guys.
We have individuals confirmed exposures in Gulf War II, came back, conceived children,
And the children were born with horrible birth defects.
But, Dr., I go back to it.
There's good old boys driving along right now, and they're saying we're liars because George Bush told them it was good, and they believe him.
I mean, their own Army manual says it's deadly, and they're still in denial.
How will we do this to our troops and call this supporting our troops to turn our backs on them?
Well, you know, Georgie Bush is just a wonderful individual.
You have to understand.
I got fed up with the Clinton administration, so I worked on George Bush's staff to help him get elected during the first election.
But then what was totally astonishing here, and this just came out, is Georgie Bush stated for the record, okay, in just the last day, that we, the United States, does not conduct torture.
But if you go on the AP Wire Service, you've got the story on George Bush saying, we do not conduct torture.
And the next story you've got is the U.S.
military personnel being court-martialed for torturing...
Subquote prisoners of war.
Well, also... It's astonishing.
But, I mean, here's his spin.
Gonzalez, when his chief counsel now, head law enforcement, attorney general, said, it's not torture because we're changing the name, and even if we torture someone to death and didn't mean to kill them, it's not torture.
So now killing people isn't torture.
Yeah, it's all flat wrong.
I mean, you've got absolutely confirmed cases in court-martials.
But what's wrong with the elite?
I mean, their kids are going to breathe this DU.
I mean, hundreds of thousands of tons of it have been used all over the world.
It's blowing all over the place.
I mean, what's the equivalent use of all DU that's been used above ground?
It, like, calculates out to, what is it, 40,000 atomic bombs or something?
I don't know.
I mean, you've got to remember, an atomic bomb, you have a very small amount of actual solid uranium and radioactive materials that's efficient to create a bomb.
But in a DU, an individual tank round from an Abrams tank is over 10 pounds of solid uranium contaminated with all this other stuff.
Then the A-10 Warthog aircraft fires a round where it's 3 quarters of a pound at 4,000 rounds per minute.
That's a ton and a half per minute.
And then you've got the 25 millimeters, a half a pound per minute.
Then you've got the ATEM and the PM.
You've got the cluster bombs.
You know, it's incredible.
We go over there to Iraq and Afghanistan and the Balkans and bomb them into submission and blow them apart and contaminate them to give them freedom.
And by the way, all their numbers show massive increases, the exact same graph, tripling in birth defects.
Oh, it's far more than that.
It's incredible, incredible rates.
But, you see, you can't do this.
I mean, you know, this was a senior military officer and combat medic and NBC instructor and all of this stuff over the years and Vietnam dropping bombs and blowing things apart out of 52s.
You know, you come to the realization that after a while, the weapon systems that we use in war cause incredible health and environmental effects, not just killing the enemy, but long-term effects on combatants and non-combatants.
And when we destroy the nation's infrastructure and release all these toxic industrial chemicals, you can't recover from it.
And what you do after a while, and you have to make a realization, and I had to come to this realization, you have to understand, if I need to defend my country, maybe I'm going to do it.
Okay, in a heartbeat, no two ways about it.
No, but you've got to realize that going along with these psychopaths is not that.
And that has nothing to do with it.
But when you contaminate their water and soil, refuse to clean up the environment, refuse to provide medical care... That's a military attack on America!
Yeah, and then you tell the military personnel that they don't need to comply with their own requirements and regulations.
When General Ronald Peake, this last Surgeon General for the U.S.
Army, issued an order back in April of 2004 mandating medical care for all DU exposures.
And that order, I issued the original one in 1991, has been issued so darn many times.
But then when you go to the U.S.
Department of Veteran Affairs and their official reports, Gulf War Review Volume 13, Number 1, official report, and they say, well, we've only tested 270 people for DU exposure in 15 years.
I mean, that was only a fraction of my staff.
Well, doctor, I had you on a few years ago.
We had caller after caller when we did take calls who, you know, their son came home, was healthy, and then was in diapers a month later and was dead another month later.
I mean, this is excruciating deaths here, and it's just totally insane.
But, I mean, bottom line, what is the disconnect in the elite that are running things?
I mean, they're hurting themselves.
I wish I could understand that because this is not Republican or Democrat or liberal.
This is right or wrong.
This is looking at what the actual effects are of war and combat and what happens when we go to war based on thorough and total lies.
I mean, you know, you've got to understand if you have a viable threat, you have to defend.
But when you don't have any viable threat, you can't justify the actions.
And then when you contaminate air, water, and soil, refuse to clean it up as absolutely required by U.S.
law and U.S.
Army regulations and orders.
Refuse to provide medical care to everybody affected as mandated by U.S.
Army regulations, U.S.
Army and Department of Defense orders, and U.S.
That's flat wrong.
Well, here's an analogy of it.
Imagine if Al-Qaeda carried out one little dirty bomb and contaminated a few square blocks.
It would be national news.
We'd have to end all our freedoms.
Total police state.
You know, we've been told this.
It's going to happen.
Dirty bomb.
But this D.U.
being used all over the U.S.
and all over the world, isn't it the equivalent of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dirty bombs?
Well, it's absolutely America's dirty bomb, and all that was recommended and everything back in 1943 to General Leslie Groves.
So we've been following through it forever and ever.
But you've got to understand, AFK has never been involved.
They're just the boogeyman right now to scare everybody.
No, I understand that.
I was being sarcastic, saying that, you know, when they want something to be a threat that isn't a threat, they'll hype it up.
Meanwhile, they're dirty bombing the planet, including us.
Stay there, Dr. Rocky.
We've got to come back and hear from you on any other solutions, how we get this changed, how we educate people, and we'll jam in some phone calls as well.
We're talking to Dr. Doug Rocky, a great American patriot.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Thank you.
That's herbalhealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
DU really is a litmus test, whether somebody's totally braindead or not, because, I mean, I've looked into it.
You know I research things.
And I read the reports back from the 1940s, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 70s, and for decades and decades, our government wouldn't use it.
And then I was unaware of the Israeli situation using it in the mid-70s.
I just learned something today, but I knew that
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And it's an excellent video, and it's available at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
DU is just one of many things they've used, but it's the worst.
It's the biggest, the most widespread.
Beyond Treason goes through the whole history of chemical, biological, radiological testing on our own population.
I mean, they'll take little kids and kill them, folks.
That's who's running things.
And we've got to remember that.
Dr. Rocky, I mean, to think about how cold-blooded you've got to be, in some cases with Project Shad, they take a young Army officer, low-level, and say, we're going to give you a few days off and a commendation if you'll let us test a flu bug on you.
They put him in a chamber and spray sarin on him, and he dies five minutes later.
They dissect the body and never even tell the family what he died of.
I mean, that's one of...
The tens of thousands of experiments in Project Shad that, as you said, is still ongoing.
I mean, how do you just take some smiley young 25-year-old junior officer and nerve gas him with pleasure?
Well, you know, the U.S.
military today, and this is a story that's on the AP today, okay?
The recruiting has totally bottomed out in the U.S.
And I'm going to make this loud and clear.
If anybody is considering enlisting in the military you better think twice because you don't get the medical care, you don't get the equipment you need, you don't get the training and education you need and after you're trashed and become sick and ill they're going to abandon you and let you die.
If your family is in the military they're not going to provide the medical care that's necessary to sustain your family.
It's not going to happen.
Today, on the AP, this is story again on recruiting, quote, To achieve last month's recruiting targets, 12% of those accepted by the Army had the lowest acceptable results.
They scored between 16 and 30 points out of 99 points on an aptitude scale that puts potential soldiers on general science, mathematics, and word knowledge.
That's retarded!
That ain't even at moron level.
I mean, this is, you know, moron level is 70, okay?
You know, IQ of 70?
I mean, this is so low.
And so you ask the question of how these guys could go out there and do this stuff without even questioning it?
There's your answer.
Wait, I haven't seen this new AP article.
How low did they score on the aptitude?
I've got to get it.
The ASPAP score test, according to the report that's just gone out, is 12% of those enlisted last month scored between 16 and 30 points out of the possible 900.
A person can't even tie their shoelaces?
No, and it was really astonishing because as I'm reading the story here and I'm looking at it,
They're dealing with this stuff, and what even got farther, I got into the story, and they're talking, you know, quoting the colonels and everybody that are talking about this.
And this was Lieutenant Colonel Mike Jones, Deputy Director of Recruiting.
I want to hear what Mike Jones had to say, this colonel, when we get back with Dr. Doug Rocky.
Stay there.
Two more segments with him.
I promise he'll tell you about this, and we'll go right to your calls.
Third hour coming up, and then I'll get into what their master plan is after our guest leaves us.
Third hour coming up.
Please stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Cliff in Utah, Alex in Mass, Reardon in Hawaii, Paul, Larry, others will get to you.
That's going to be it for calls, those five calls, because then I've got to get into what these globalists are trying to do, what their own
But their own statements and documents show coming up.
Dr. Rocky will be with us about another 15 minutes or so to take some of your calls.
But he was finishing up a story about this AP article about recruitment being at all-time lows.
And I've seen articles where they're hiring these illegal aliens now and making them legal if they join the military.
So we have a foreign military.
But this new one about the aptitude test scoring like...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
What you just heard.
Far below 70 IQ points, which is retarded.
And I'm not trying to be mean here, folks.
This is showing you what the military is doing.
Dr. Rocky, finish up what you were saying?
Direct quote.
Federal law allows the military to take up to 20% annually from the lowest category, though officials insist they will not go above the Pentagon's stricter limit.
Lieutenant Colonel Mike Jones, Deputy Director of Recruiting for the National Guard, said the military's aptitude test was only a predictor of how a recruit would perform in uniform.
He said the dropout rate, those who leave basic training before the end of their three-year enlistment, was actually lower in those scoring at the bottom than it was in those scoring at the top, according to the study of recruits over the past 10 years.
Those in the three highest scoring segments had a dropout rate of 50.9%.
So they're saying they want people that are total idiots.
Now, this has even been codified in some major police departments now as the rule.
They won't take you if you're over 100 points.
Yeah, well, I mean, when I took this test, I was off the scale, but that's beside the point.
And then we wonder why we have all these total reports of prisoner abuse and torture going on all over the place.
We wonder why these guys can't implement standard combat tactics and they're getting blown up all over the place.
We wonder why they can't use a weapon effectively and we've got all of these, I mean, continuous weapons accidents.
We've got continuous aircraft crashes.
We've got continuous vehicle crashes.
The casualty rate, i.e.
from accidents, has skyrocketed in the military.
You'll have a whole combination of effects.
First off, you have individuals who can't function effectively and learn, i.e., education, knowledge, or implement skills properly.
And then you've got all these guys that are damaged physiologically, and they can't function anymore because of all these daily exposures the Department of Defense refuses to acknowledge and refuses to provide medical care for.
It's flat out wrong.
Well, this is a whole new low, though.
We're about to break again and come back with one final longer segment and take calls.
Let's try to jam Cliff in here.
Cliff in Utah.
You're on the air with Dr. Doug Rockey, an American hero in my book.
Go ahead, Cliff.
You bet.
Kudos to you and Mr. Rockey because you've got a lot of guts and determination to help this country.
But I've got some information for Dr. Rockey if he doesn't already have it.
Do you know a William S. Kirk, a physical science, sir?
No, sir.
Okay, William S. Kirk did a whole article on depleted uranium in the Bureau of Mines publication, Minerals and Facts and Problems.
And I've got it here.
Can you write this down real quick?
Because it tells everything, dispels everything out completely.
Well, we'll hold you over if need be, but tell me what he said about it.
Okay, what William S. Kirk said, do you know about depleted uranium?
It destroys the internal organs.
It also has it listed in here of all the different types of rounds it's put in.
It also has listed in the references in the back about DARCOM, you know, the handbook.
Do you have that?
Yeah, I wrote the stuff.
Sounds like you took all of our reports and everything and kind of summarized it again.
That's excellent.
That's superb.
What this is, it was written in 1980 in the Bureau of Mines publication.
Oh, Jesus, that's a long time before we did anything.
That's exactly right.
It also has all the stuff, you know, about the... Well, I'm sure he's evil, see.
He's just trying to undermine us.
This evil doctor who worked on the mind specifications for what people could breathe.
I'm sure it was an Al-Qaeda plot.
Yeah, right.
Stay there, Cliff.
I want to hear this, and I want you to mail it to me.
And we'll tell Dr. Rocky how to find it.
It's just more confirmation of what... I mean, the Pentagon's own manual said it was deadly.
Back in the 90s, so it's not debatable.
But we'll let you finish up when we get back.
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until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, we're here.
And back from 9 to midnight.
My producer had set up, even before NPR had him, the big L.A.
Times headline, conservatives also irked by IRS probe of churches.
Anti-war sermon brings IRS warning.
That's her supposed free speech.
The person didn't say who to vote for, just said the war is wrong.
Oh, that's political.
We're banning that.
We are now becoming the Soviet Union.
We are now becoming East Germany.
But you know what?
This DU is much more important than that, folks.
And so I told my producer, no, I don't want him on right now.
We'll have him on tomorrow.
Because we've got to let Dr. Rocky go in a few minutes if we take some more calls.
And then I've got to get into the Globalist Master Plan.
But we are going to be having that pastor on tomorrow.
So kudos to my producer for getting that guest.
That's soon.
I said, get me that guest, but we're not going to talk about it right now because, frankly, we're talking about why they want to shut us up.
Yeah, they're moving folks to shut off free speech.
I hope you understand that.
I mean, it's on every front systematically they're butchering the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
And we may be coming down to a time when we've got to physically fight.
Listen, I hope that doesn't happen.
But they're going to punch first, and if it does, so be it.
We'll be defending America here in the homeland against these usurpers.
Talking to Dr. Doug Rockey and a caller here, Cliff in Utah.
Cliff, tell us about this doctor again and this 1980 publication about mining and different particulates because obviously uranium is mined.
What he was saying about DU.
Give us the publication date and the name of the doctor again.
There, Cliff.
Yeah, the doctor's name is William S. Kirk.
And it's the Bureau of Mines Bulletin 671.
And it's a 1980 edition of Mineral Facts and Problems.
And it tells it all, and it gives the government organizations, it's all involved in it, and the whole shot.
I mean, Dr. Rocky, you need this, sir.
Yeah, I definitely do.
Okay, it's the U.S.
Army Medical Development and Readiness Command.
It worked for those guys.
And also the U.S.
Regulatory Committee and the DOE, and it tells it all in the references here, but he explains everything about the half-life.
The toxicity of everything.
I mean, it's a must-have.
Yeah, I wish I'd had it before.
I wish you had, too.
Now, I gave this to Dave and Joyce.
I sent them, you know, just a publication number and that.
But if you'll give me a fax number, Alex, I'll fax this off and send it to you.
Let me give you the fax number right now.
It's 512... 512... 899... 899... 9809... 9809...
Okay, I've got a fax here, and I'll fax this stuff to you as soon as I can.
And thank you guys for what you're doing, because I was in NOM.
I know what the hell's going on.
Excuse my language.
Hey, Cliff, both of us were in NOM, and what was horrible just last week...
They absolutely verified that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.
They put all of us in Vietnam and trashed all of us with Agent Orange and everything else.
Well, two years ago, we had LBJ on tape.
When the library itself, his wife had it released, she didn't know it was in the 3,000 hours, and he's sitting there talking with McNamara about how they staged it.
Well, they also have, you know what you call it, instead of Agent Orange, Agent White, and Agent Green, too.
A lot of people don't know that.
And Agent Blue.
Yeah, I've done a lot of research on that.
That's where I come up with this information.
Well, for those that don't know, dioxin isn't good for life forms.
Thank you, Cliff.
You bet.
And good luck to both of you.
No, thank you, sir.
And again, but I just imagine the good old boy driving around right now, festooned with plastic Chinese-American flags made by slaves, festooned with Bush stickers.
And they even walk up to me in parking lots sometimes and go, you're a liar!
And I just, I don't understand why they love being conned, doctor.
I don't know either.
You know, on this thing of this 1980, and again, it just reminded me, in 1981, 60 Minutes did a major story called On Strike for Their Lives.
And this was about all the adverse health effects and everything of the production of the uranium munitions at Aerojet in Tennessee.
And that was also one of the things, because all the adverse health effects those production workers had there has been verified all the way across continuously over and over.
So as you said, I mean, it's out there.
You have to understand, the United States Army Environmental Policy Institute report issued by congressional directive by order of the Secretary of the Army stated you can't reduce the toxicity of DU.
They never would have told us to figure out ways to reduce it if it was not toxic.
And we're not talking about toxic... We're not talking about toxic like smoking a cigarette, which is bad, folks, or maybe getting some mercury.
We're talking about radioactive, the particulate, and the heavy metal effects.
Yeah, it's horrible.
I mean, you know, you can't take tons and tons of radioactive materials and disperse it and refuse to do something.
But we do that because, you know, in this country...
After two administrations, they're literally above the law, and anybody that speaks up becomes an instantaneous target.
Well, I've said that.
Bill Clinton set the precedent for just outright total public tyranny and criminality.
Bush is exceeding it by light years.
Think of what we'll get next in all these precedents being set.
Well, it's the same guy through both administrations.
You need to understand that.
They haven't moved or shifted.
No, you're right.
The bureaucracy, the corporations literally have their men in the bureaucracy.
We got another caller or something?
Yeah, let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alex in Mass.
Alex, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I had a dream the other night that I was in the war, and the first thing I was worried about is, oh, no, I'm being exposed to depleted uranium.
But I heard the doctor earlier mention Concord, Mass., and I live right next door.
I was curious as to why.
Well, Concord, Massachusetts has a record, and you can go and read all about this or just there, because a StarMet manufacturing plant is there, and there's incredible cancers and birth defects and all adverse health effects in and around the StarMet plant at Concord, Massachusetts.
The book called Discounted Casualties put out a couple years, several years ago by a Japanese author.
It's available on the web.
Just go Discounted Casualties, Depleted Uranium.
It has an entire section on it where all the adverse health effects of cancers and everything from the residents in and around the Star Med Plant in Concord, Massachusetts.
To me, I find it absolutely atrocious and a horrible irony that the town and the community where our nation was born is suffering from the effects of this illegal munitions that the United States manufactured without any concern.
And it's the same thing as Star Med, the same thing as National Ed in Albany, New York, and have absolutely trashed the health and environment in and around the area.
I mean, the same thing over here in Jefferson Proving Ground.
I got a call on Sunday, early.
I hadn't even woke up yet.
It was so early Sunday.
They were on Eastern Time and I'm on Central Time, where they got an entire school just rankled, just full of cancers, right next to Jefferson Proving Ground.
This is so sick and so evil.
I know.
Anything else, Alex?
No, thank you very much.
I was curious about that.
Don't go in the military.
Yeah, don't go in the military.
You'll get an even bigger serving of it.
But, you know, the winds out of the Middle East go right across the middle of the U.S.
Well, I mean, you know, again, I don't know how far the contamination, but it's a gross contamination of everything released during these combat that's, you know, taking care of the whole area.
So it's a whole complex mixture.
I had never thought about the factories.
I knew about the 10 proving grounds where they bomb and strafe and test and practice with these munitions.
But, yeah, I never thought of the plants.
You mentioned Mass.
You mentioned Oklahoma.
Where else are these plants?
Well, I mean, we have the big one in Albany, New York, where that's absolutely confirmed because what happened at the National Ledge site there near Albany, New York, is the exposure to the contamination got out of the plant.
And the U.S.
Navy scientists measured it coming in on their filter system 30 miles away is sufficient to cause adverse health effects.
Now, the U.S.
Navy was trying to measure the stuff coming out of their research site to protect the public, and instead they measured it coming in from the other national ledge site.
So it's just a mess.
I mean, it's a thorough, total disaster.
And then we've got different areas of the government bureaucracy blowing the whistle, and then it just gets ignored.
Reardon in Hawaii, I'm jealous, I'm envious, I guess early in the morning out in Hawaii.
Welcome, Reardon.
Thank you very much.
Gentlemen, when I was first introduced to the idea of the You by Alex show, I went right on to the PubMed articles on the internet and found that there was nothing for ibotherapy.
Or prevention, which irritated me, and as a research scientist, I took it upon myself to write these things up.
So, with your permission, I'm going to give a down and dirty prevention and therapy for DU poisoning, and perhaps the doctor will comment on his thoughts on it.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Uranium takes two forms in the body.
There is the urinal, which is the oxidized, more soluble form, and the urinous, which is less soluble and reduced.
The urinal ions will form complexes with phosphate, displacing calcium in the bones.
That's why my teeth are all breaking off and falling out.
Okay, there's that part.
And the other thing it'll do is it will displace the magnesium in the hexakinase enzyme, which causes a breakdown in glycolysis, which is why you're seeing the wasting syndrome.
How about that?
Okay, so here's the trick.
You know how you take iodine to prevent iodine toxicity from nuclear accidents?
Well, that only prevents the iodine 131 absorption in the thyroid.
Right, right.
Right, of course.
But in the same principle, you want to take preventatively calcium and magnesium because that is what the uranium looks like to the body.
And if you have an excess amount of calcium and magnesium, you're less likely to absorb the uranium into the bones and into the glycolysis.
That's exactly the reason for my disability and my medical treatment while the U.S.
Department of Veterinary Physicians put me on Allendrate at tremendous levels.
All right, so now let me tell you what to do about it.
Let me back up.
Dolomite is a really cheap form of calcium and magnesium.
Any of your listeners out there who have loved ones in the military, send them some calcium and magnesium or some dolomite.
If they take that on a regular basis, it'll minimize the absorption.
Now let's get into therapy.
Well, hold on a minute.
I'm not a doctor or a scientist or somebody who's into the minerals, but...
It seems to me, though, and I'm not saying people shouldn't try some of this, that you're just going to have the DU sitting in your tissues, and then as soon as you don't have an overabundance of those minerals, it's going to go ahead and migrate into those areas, or is that incorrect?
Well, there's two things that happened.
What we know from the uranium complex and the weapon systems and how this stun has formed, and again, it goes back to the actual research documents and reports I got when I did all this work, is that we got 53% of this is insoluble and 47% is soluble.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's one of the reasons, again, he's absolutely right.
The VA put me on incredible calcium supplements, Allendrate, because of the confirmed decalcification.
Hold on, gentlemen.
We've reached a problem.
Dr. Rocky, I don't expect you to stay longer.
This guest is bringing up interesting points.
Obviously knows what he's talking about.
You guys can do five more minutes, or you can punch out now.
We're here.
Okay, let's do one more segment, and then, folks, I will get into the other issue.
But this is important.
Stay there, Reardon, okay, so you can continue to talk with Dr. Rocky, all right?
Stay there.
Okay, yeah, don't hang up, Reardon.
This is important information, and it checks out with Dr. Rocky, so we probably do have a research scientist or doctor on the phone with us.
We'll be right back.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 central, back from 9 to midnight.
And I know that Paul and Larry have been holding for eons, but they're not for our guests, so I'll jam them in after this next segment and then spend the balance of the last 25 minutes or so of the broadcast getting into the Globalist Master Plan and what their goals are, because listeners keep wanting me to talk about that, and it is important.
Where is all this going?
Why are they so ruthless?
But going back to Reardon, who was calling in, he said he's done some research on DU and treatments for it, and Dr. Doug Rockey says that that matches with what the Pentagon did.
Dr. Rockey, please continue.
Go ahead, Reardon.
Okay, you're absolutely right.
Calcium and magnesium are only preventative, not therapeutic.
So here comes the therapy.
First off, for the inhaled DU, you can get glutathione, which of course bonds with
Okay, the next part.
Glutathione is great stuff, baby.
I've done that already.
IV, you can't take it early.
IV, or you do it by inhalation.
Specifically inhalation for the dust that you brought in that's big enough to get caught in the lungs and not go to the bloodstream.
Well, let's go slowly over this.
What is this compound you breathe?
Glutathione is one of the body's main detoxifiers and antioxidants.
It's composed of three amino acids, which means if you eat it, it gets digested to its
Basic amino acids.
I can send this to you as an email, which has more fleshed out, but if you call... Well, it's all checking out with Dr. Rocky.
I guess this is something we should have... I mean, I've been on the glutathione IVs, and it's been an incredible difference.
Okay, let me add something for you specifically.
Glutathione only attaches to toxins in the presence of glutathione as transferase.
You've already burnt it all out for yourself.
You want to increase it, go back to the old school and do a coffee enema.
That'll increase glutathione as transferase, which is what's attaching the glutathione to the uranium.
Let me just finish up the therapy and then we can get the fine points.
I want to get the basic stuff to the listeners.
The glycolysis is going to get disrupted when the magnesium gets displaced by the uranium, which means the person is basically going to starve to death.
It's going to look like cancer fast forward.
There are two pathways for generating energy in the body.
Glycolysis, of course, is how the body breaks down glucose.
That one's gone.
You have to use the other one.
You have to use a ketogenic pathway.
So what I'm going to suggest to you is when you have the wasting syndrome, go get something called medium-chain triglycerides.
They use it in the bodybuilding industry.
It's a very, very easy fat to absorb, and it'll go through the ketogenic pathway, not the glucogenic pathway.
Which means you'll be able to keep a person who's starving to death by bypassing the damage pathway.
Well, I'll tell you what you ought to do.
We need to get together.
You're right on the money from everything that I've known and what I've experienced and the treatment that I've been provided.
I mean, you're right on the money, exactly.
Well, why don't I just, if it's okay with you, Reardon, can I put you on hold and give you Dr. Rocky's number?
You can call him here in about two minutes.
I just would like the opportunity to give a real quick, not why to do it, but what to do for the listeners who've got it.
Can I do that real quick?
Yeah, I'm not giving out metal advice here, but you're welcome to give us what you've said.
One thing is real important.
Everybody needs to understand.
You know, I mean, he's talking about here are some things, but no matter what you're doing, you need to go and see a proper physician to diagnose and receive medical care from a regular medical doctor, occupational medicine preferably.
It's licensed wherever you are.
But I will say this to Reardon.
It's checking out without a rocket.
What he's saying is right on the money.
Exactly, but if you'd like to credential that out of the goodness of your heart, Reardon, and email it to us as...
We're good to go.
Okay, so what you need to do is you need to convert this from the reduced to the oxidized form.
Quick trick.
Get in a bathtub with some Clorox water in it.
That'll go from reduced to oxidized.
Then you want to... Ah, this is a little complicated.
Then you want to add it to a new bathtub, a bunch of baking soda.
That'll complex the ions, and then pour the water away, and then you do the chelation.
If you oxidize it and then you solubilize it, the chelation will then work, not before.
Now, I get what you're saying, even as a layman, but I think it's bad to speed over it.
I know you want to tell everybody, so why don't you just codify it into some type of report?
And I'm going to put you on hold now, Reardon.
We appreciate your call and give you Dr. Rocky's number.
Is that okay, Doctor?
Well, sir, I want to thank you for coming on, and I think we're winning the fight against these bastards, against these creatures, excuse me.
All right.
Try not to call them by their true name.
And I really appreciate you coming on with us.
Well, thank you much, sir.
And it's, you know, the whole thing, this is about truth and everything else and ensuring our military personnel have the medical care they've earned.
But more important, that our military stops the use of illegal weapons and quits contaminated air, water, and soil.
On three continents, four continents that we know of now.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Take care.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
A lot more coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we've got about 27 minutes left.
I'm going to take two quick final calls and then try to get some into the globalist master plan.
The caller wanted me to talk about it yesterday and there's never time, but I do want to write a book on it or make a film about the subject.
About what their final goals would be.
About what they're trying to set up in the final equation.
But it's important that
That we realize that we're just dealing with people that see us as animals, as their slaves, and who have a religion of death and destruction.
But we'll talk about that in a few minutes.
I promised Paul and Larry I'd talk to them and they've been holding patiently.
Paul in Ohio, go ahead.
You wanted to talk about their strategy, and I think it comes down to one of the principal strategies, and that is divide and conquer, divide and rule.
You mentioned that doctor who is talking for the extermination of all whites?
And last Sunday, well, this last Sunday, I was watching, have you ever heard of Adult Swim?
That is a cartoon program on late on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?
Yeah, Cartoon Network.
And, I mean, usually it's offensive humor geared towards being funny, but
It was very weird last Sunday.
They showed their new programming, and it started with a show called Boondocks, which is based on a popular comic strip.
It wasn't really racist.
It was just racial humor.
It was kind of funny.
It wasn't anything too over the top.
After that was a new show that just came out called Minority, and it was bizarre.
Yeah, what they're going to do is, listen, here's an example.
Hollywood and the culture tells the kids to use drugs, to be involved in crime.
Oh, it's so fun.
You know, they had the Rebel Out of Cause movie where kids were switchblading tires and tens of thousands of tires were switchbladed, you know, in the year after that movie came out when it had never happened before.
I mean, that's what advertising is.
We're a social creature.
What we see, we imitate, we duplicate, we repeat over and over and over again.
We're good to go.
You know, it's the same thing with this race stuff.
Everything's racial.
Everything's racially charged.
Multiculturalism, as it's known now, is really about having racial states and subdivides in America.
And then the minute, though, that you're not one of the select groups, and you say something out of line or respond to the inherent racism and tribalism of multiculturalism, by the way, it destroys all of our cultures, then you're evil and horrible and you're nailed to the wall.
So everything is being charged with it.
And I love that little clip where the devil, in Devil's Advocate, in fact, I want to get that CD and play that clip here on the air, where the devil's talking to his would-be son, Keanu Reeves, and he's explaining how he set everything up where it's almost impossible to not fall into his system and how he feeds all of our primitive inputs.
Have you ever seen that movie?
Yeah, I've never seen Devil's Advocate.
But, yeah, well, I mean, the point is, is that, finish up what you were saying.
Well, basically, the show's about a group of minorities, a Hindu, a Jew, a black, whatever, and they fight what's called the evil of, I think, a corporate city.
Oh, yeah, they're all in solidarity together, fighting the evil whitey, who is corporatism.
Meanwhile, corporatism is sponsoring and paying for their program.
And they called this evil the White Shadow, and it was symbolized by an eye and a pyramid.
It was just bizarre.
It wasn't funny at all, either.
Usually these shows are really great and humorous.
It was just stupid.
Then after that... Well, do me a favor.
Well, see, the globalists don't care.
It's not even about making money.
They print the money.
It's not even about ratings anymore.
It is just simply about...
Look, Michael Savage says, support George Bush, put everybody in forced labor camps, that will defeat the New World Order.
See, that is the New World Order, but they say fight the New World Order with your racial pride.
I mean, he actually says that.
And then after that, they had a show called Squidbillies, and it was all about a KKK rally around a bonfire and a statue that said Die Whitey on it.
And the guy kept asking, what do you think of white people?
What do you think of white people?
And then they had one white policeman who was talking about a white police state and how we have so much to be thankful for whites, like Eli Whitney's cotton gin.
And, I mean, it was just, it was bizarre.
Well, see, the time of the bloodbath is coming.
There are, and again, it will be the corporate old banker money who will institute the riots, the race war, and any time you resist it, as you're being macheted, rah!
As you're being killed, it'll be don't raise a hand or you're hateful.
As we conduct the plan of San Diego, killing all white males, please submit and show up at the appointed time for us to kill you or you're bad.
And thanks for the call.
You know, I've said that I shouldn't focus on the news.
The news is a very small sliver of the propaganda and the brainwashing.
I'd say about 15%.
And it's targeting, quote, the uppity, more intelligentsia-type population, and that's just pure sophomore propaganda as well, or twisting, or overlapping spin, or lying by omission, different tactics in that whole strata.
But you have different brands of propaganda.
Oh, they have racist propaganda against blacks on some of the TV channels, very covertly done, to then wed the white watchers to whatever the New World War program is.
And then they'll also give people these messages they like because whites are now the minority in most major states.
We're good to go.
I think?
But, no, I mean, I've seen similar things.
I don't watch much TV.
I should.
What I do is I read the synopsis of almost all the TV shows out there, and I have seen one of those.
You mentioned the synopsis of it.
I need you as listeners to write reviews of these shows, maybe even record them and grab screenshots of different things you're talking about.
You could do it.
It'd be fun.
And then email us that, and if it's halfway decent, we'll post it, and millions of people will see it.
I mean, right now, we need your help to make InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com better.
And who knows, I might not be here six months from now, a year from now.
I hope to be, but the globalists could do one of a hundred things to me.
Any one of a hundred things.
And here I am, running out of time to talk about the Globalist Master Plan, and I have one more call I promised I'd take.
But most of the propaganda is on television, in non-news shows.
I mean, I remember my wife one time was sitting there watching Friends, and she never watches TV, folks.
And this was probably about five or six years ago when she still watches it occasionally.
And they just said, it's the new world order.
Get used to it.
Ha, ha, ha.
World government.
And I'm going, did I just hear what I just heard there?
And it's many times worse now than it was.
I mean, I turn TV on now, and it is like some hallucination.
I mean, it's just...
Pure poison designed to destroy you.
And I'm going to explain why in a few minutes.
But we're in for rough times, is all I can say.
The globalists can't beat us.
The people together, and I know we're getting wise to them, so see, ooh, destroy the corporate white shadow of the devil Illuminati.
Kill the whites.
Burn their cities.
Kill them.
And then really they'll just call in the police state to oppress everybody while you're feeling good standing up on top of a burning car or pouring gasoline on a white woman, feeling like you're fighting racism.
Die, racists!
Die, racist witchcraft!
I'm killing you!
Don't you know the Klan feels good when they kill some black man?
Die for my race!
And it's all Illuminati.
And none of it will be decried, though, see.
Even decrying the so-called minority-majority racism is evil.
You must worship it.
Again, I've been criticized by civil rights organizations for criticizing the plan of San Diego.
So what if it was a plan to kill all whites?
They're downtrodden.
And they actually said this.
Oh, oh, don't even say it.
Someone, I'm going to kill you.
Well, that's not very friendly of you.
That's kind of racist.
Oh, he said it was bad that they said that killing them is bad.
You see, they're engineering it.
And after they're done destroying the middle class, they're going to move on.
I mean, don't worry.
All of us, whether we're black, white, or polka-dotted, we get the little goodies in our vaccines.
The little goodies in the air.
The little goodies in the food.
All the little goodies.
All the eugenics goodies.
We all get the goodies.
All right, now I'm really out of control.
I could do 10 hours, folks.
I could.
Last caller, and I'll just have to do time tomorrow on this.
I'm going to have to spend some time on the Global Smasher plan, but I just... Oh, and now we have Bob Dacey's attempted to vote again.
Well, let's find out from him in a second after we talk to Larry in Georgia.
Larry, welcome.
Hey there, Alex.
Yes, I'm a first-time caller here, man.
I've been painting to your show for about...
About five months now, and you and the lawyers just opened up my eyes to what's going on out here.
Well, God bless you, sir.
What's on your mind?
Well, when you were talking about hate factions earlier, it's amazing you mention that because when I was talking to my older sister and my stepmom when she was talking, they were talking about this million man black march, which was kind of a waste of time to me because it doesn't do really anything.
You know, when they're talking about this girl who went up there who's from Spelman, you know, that she came back full of hate, and then she knows they say she was pro-black, and I tell them, my sister, you know,
That's the paradigm scheme.
You know, they use these hate factions to divide us.
Yeah, they want to keep us all in a Republican-Democrat, black-white.
I mean, that's how they do it.
Man against woman.
Listen, Caesar wrote a book about how to control slaves, and this was all whites he was fighting at the time.
It was Germans and French, known as Gauls and Visigoths.
And he was in there playing them off against each other.
It's the same thing.
Thanks, Alex.
All these old white men put on all these TV shows telling you that white people are evil.
Think about this.
Now, why is that?
They want to get us at each other's throats.
And I agree they're evil.
Those people are evil.
You got that right.
And the thing, though, is, see, because I believe in the Lord, the Lord forbids me to hate people.
No matter what they do to me.
Because in the Scriptures, I can't remember right now, though, but... Well, you hate evil, but you do what you do because you love your family and God.
You know, I try to tell my family sometimes, but they don't... They say, well, you're crazy.
Well, you know all this stuff.
That's right.
Well, exactly.
How dare you be thinking?
Well, that's not just your family.
That's many families.
I don't think the Million Man or Millions More March is bad in and of itself.
But I'll tell you this.
I think getting together, solidarity, nothing wrong with black men getting together.
But at the same time, I did watch hours of that.
Because I happened to be on vacation at the time, and it was re-aired on a Sunday.
Yeah, you know, and also, you know, sometimes, you know, I go to and fro from work.
Sometimes I tell a few people on the train or the bus.
So you explained to him that he's just a puppet?
Yeah, I explained to him that he's just a puppet.
He's not the real enemy.
Well, it's like Dr. Doug Rocky.
He thought Clinton was the problem, not helping him with DU, so he went and campaigned for Bush.
Then he found out Bush was just as bad or worse.
They're puppets!
And I got your videos, too, and I'll be passing them around as well.
Well, God bless you, my friend, and I hope you keep it up there.
Anything else?
Well, yeah, you know, sometimes, you know, but this has been foretold by the prophet Daniel thousands of years ago.
It's just now happening.
Daniel is a very important book, and everything we're seeing is prophetic.
You can taste it, you can see it, you can feel it.
Thanks for the call, and please don't be a stranger to the broadcast.
No, no, you're absolutely right.
You're absolutely right about what you're saying.
None of us are safe when this stuff's going on.
The globalists openly have programs to make Muslims riot, to make blacks riot, to cause these problems, and then when it does happen, nothing will be done.
They'll actually increase the numbers of immigrants and increase the programs to make it even worse the next time.
State control then is intensified.
I'll ask the question again.
Do the defense contractors that own our politicians, like so many pieces of silver in their pockets, do they make more money and get more control if we're in Iraq one year and fix everything and everything's great, or if we're there 20 years?
The answer is 20 years, 10 years.
That's why we've been told we'll be there another 20 years.
Actually, Bush has said it's a 100-year war, but one day it's 20, one day it's 12, one day it's 100.
I don't know what it is, but the point is we're going to be there a long time.
And, see, we all look at the world differently.
We see nice, pretty houses and nice, pretty trees and nice, pretty sunsets and happy families and milk and honey and food in the grocery stores is a good thing and independence and happiness and being able to take care of yourself is a good thing.
The New World Order, going back 300 years ago, would say it's horrible.
Now, we've gone from half the wealth...
I think we're good to go.
Picture them as an orbiting giant space station.
I don't mean that literally.
But picture them as an... The New Order crowd is international.
They're bigger than all the countries.
And they're playing the countries off against each other in an endless manipulation to consolidate wealth and power in and under themselves.
But it's more than that.
The final phase of globalization is to have a worldwide, cashless society, RFID, face-scanned, total tracking system.
That's the public plan that we're openly talking about here.
They're threatened by free humans.
So they're going to play us off against each other and manipulate the regions and consolidate and claim, ooh, the EU's hurting us economically, we've got to have an American union.
Oh, and then, oh, these unions are too scattered and too uncoordinated, we've got to merge them all into one global union.
And then, oh, we've got to be in compact armored cities to stop the bio outbreak.
This bird flu is just training for the real thing.
And then, oh, the plague killed a billion people.
We've got to really be in the police state now to be safe.
And every herding into smaller, compact systems is for an even greater slaughter and greater culling.
And really, the globalists are just sick, inbred, sadistic psychopaths.
This utopia that they're claiming they're going to get after they kill 85-95% of us is just an incredibly complex rationale and kind of a religious codex for their nature.
These are spoiled, evil, fallen people.
Extremely fallen.
Hyper-fallen is what I call them.
And they are, I mean, look at their fruits.
DU, deformities, cancer, poison, death.
Just stay there.
They're threatened by beauty.
They're threatened by love.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what
That's 888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look, I wrote a little outline here about the Globalist Master Plan, what they want, total control, what they claim they're going to build, a utopia, how they're going to build it on blood, I mean, they even say this, how they will get there, and the incredible electronic cage they're building, and how we can fight it, but I just can't do it justice, and I didn't write enough notes.
Sometime this week.
I've got to spend a few hours on this.
I've been really wanting to write a book about this and make a film about it and really just slowly go through all the details.
But Bob Dacey, who I asked to call in sometime in the third hour to give us an update, he's ready to go in and vote on the Hart InterCivic electronic voting machines that have already been very questionable in the past, to say the least.
He went in and it was in training mode.
Vote on should the office chairs have wheels on them.
And that article's up there.
He'll write another article for us tonight and we'll post it tomorrow with the update.
Incidentally, Bob started writing for the New American Magazine.
He's getting a little hoity-toity on us.
And he wrote an article about crossroads of the FTAA.
I wish you'd have told me about that, Bob.
I'd link over to it.
But see, Bob does some good reporting.
You went back in, and were you able to vote this time?
Just tell us about what precinct and what happened.
I think 228 here in Travis County, and I went back a little while ago, and I was able to vote this time.
I was very fortunate.
I talked to the election judge, who's a fellow I know.
He's a neighbor of mine.
It took them 30 minutes to fix the big screw up this morning.
They had to change out every single one of their machines and that central processing unit all from scratch.
But the election judge was very resourceful.
He was able to call the first lady who came in and tried to vote and couldn't and just wandered off.
They figured out who she was.
She was a teacher at a local elementary school.
So they got her to come back and vote.
Then they also improvised some paper ballots because some people said, hey, I can't come back.
I can't come back again.
I've got to go to work.
And then now I guess they'll enter it, but it doesn't matter if they're good guys.
On down the line, these things are wide open to be manipulated.
We're not even allowed to look under the hood of these things, and it just shows everywhere I look, people I personally know, you vote for one person, it says, thank you for voting for such and such.
You try to get them to work, they're constantly breaking.
I mean, it's just a complete joke.
Well, the election judge was doing his job, and he did a good job of trying to patch everything back together.
But the problem is, like you said, the problem is not at that level.
The problem is at the programming level.
Well, people need to get out and vote right now, even if there's a lot of fraud involved.
We've at least got to try and go down swinging.
They've got to vote, what, against Prop 1 and 9?
Against Proposition 1, against Proposition 9, because those are for the trans-Texas corridor and the toll roads.
Get rid of 1, get rid of 9.
Those are the two most important.
Now, in polls, 90-plus percent of Texans are against these, but watch.
Magically, it may win.
Hey, listen, I appreciate you coming on, Bob.
Okay, Alex, I appreciate it.
You take care.
You bet.
Oh, it's 98% are against, but it magically won.
All right, I'm going to stop being stupid.
Didn't cover a lot of the news.
Covered a lot of it.
Back to 9-9 at midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11-2 Central.
I just really appreciate all of you as the listeners out there.
I'm very thankful for our AM and FM affiliates.
I'm very thankful for our sponsors, for the folks running the show up at the network, for my wife, Violet Jones, to everybody.
You make the show possible.
And remember, if you believe in what we're doing and getting the word out and telling the truth, support the GCN Radio Network, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I heard some scallywag the other day down here in Austin claim they founded Genesis.
That is the biggest lie I've ever heard in my life.
Ted Anderson founded Genesis.
When you hear stuff like that, folks, you've got to run the other direction.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just had to say that.
I've been boiling over that.
I'm not going to put up with any more of the garbage, folks.
Bottom line.
You want to go?
Let's go.
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I'll see you back tonight and back tomorrow.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order!
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