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Air Date: Nov. 7, 2005
2257 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
I went and visited family this weekend.
Took off Friday.
Rarely do that.
But took off Friday, drove out to East Texas, visited with some family this weekend.
I've heard listening to my cell phone messages and emails and things, and the rumors over the weekend were that I had died.
That's the routine rumor.
And the other one was that I had quit the radio show.
And I assure you folks that that's not true.
It has no basis, no basis in reality.
One of the favorite little stories is that I've had a heart attack.
It's even more popular than I'm a fed or I have...
That I work for ABC News or other such bizarre statements that have been made in the past.
Folks, literally 90 plus percent of the negative stuff said about me on the web is total fabrication.
And the other 10 percent is almost complete fabrication itself.
They'll weave in some tiny piece of truth into a tapestry, a larger carpet of lies.
And I don't know why I'm starting the broadcast on this Monday, November 7, 2005 edition with this.
It's just that, well, you can't ever beat a Mark Twain quote, and rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
Is that the Mark Twain quote?
I love to butcher Mark Twain quotes.
As you know, ladies and gentlemen,
Alright, coming up in the next hour, there have been a bunch of new developments and things that have happened with Bev Harris and Black Box Voting.
One of the pioneers in exposing...
Systematic election fraud.
Not just voter fraud.
That's when the mom and pop do it.
The individual does it.
You know, where somebody votes three times.
But election fraud.
Institutionalized at the state and federal level.
From the local hamlet up to Washington, D.C.
A systematic program of blocking you from your capacity to vote.
Something, of course, this country and any other country that has a vote
Is no stranger to.
So that's coming up in the second hour.
And then an amazing individual.
I haven't had on in about four years since he first republished this book.
And that's Paul Walter and The Coming Battle.
And, of course, this was written back in 1898, published in 1899, and it's all about what the Federal Reserve bankers would do if they got control, what they wanted to set up, what they'd done in the past, some of their own documents, some of their own admissions.
Very important.
Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
So we'll even look at the climate before the Federal Reserve came in.
Our owners, our rulers, the private bankers that literally print the money that control the Treasury in
It's good to be here and have my radio show and be alive.
Again, I heard over the weekend I had died.
I didn't have a radio show anymore.
Wow, it must be documented.
People said it was so.
It just must be true.
Pandemic, only a matter of time.
The who is saying, and I don't mean...
I don't mean the Rock Band, the WHO.
I mean the World Health Organization.
Why, it's all over.
Give up all your rights to global government.
Only it can protect you.
And suspected human bird flu case has now been reported in China, and they love the police state there.
They're using it for total martial law lockdown.
China is closing all Beijing poultry markets, and the military is taking full control of the nation, as if they didn't already have full control of the nation.
And Bush is saying he sure hates it, but he may have to be our savior and do the same here.
China mobilizes military to fight the bird flu.
I've got a lot for you on the riots over in France.
And just, we've got some good news too for you.
Just a whole shotgun pattern of key information coming out today.
Two big guests.
Your calls and a lot more.
The websites are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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All right.
Back in the saddle again on this Monday.
November 7, 2005 edition.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next two hours and 51 minutes.
Bev Harris to cover the latest, to chronicle the latest news.
Massive election fraud going on systematically as the globalists try to defraud you and I from our right to go and engage in the ballot box.
And then, of course, we'll get into who the controllers are, who these private banking institutions are, in the third hour with Paul Walter, who is the editor of NewsWithViews.com, and also republished the 1898 book, Becoming Battelle, The True History of Our National Debt and Who Controls It.
And those that control the past control the future.
We've got to teach people what really happened in the past and who our mortal enemies are in this society.
But let's get into all of the big international and national news that's developing right now.
The Chinese are mobilizing their military to fight the bird flu.
China has mobilized its armed forces and allocated emergency funds and vaccines to fight bird flu as a mass cull of poultry and birds continued following a new outbreak in the countries at northeast.
The coal was being carried out in Hishan County of Leong Province, where the outbreak confirmed on Thursday as the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has killed nearly 9,000 chickens in six villages.
Other cities and provinces were meanwhile stepping up precautions.
The central province of Hunan was banning the mixing and raising of animals.
Beijing was ordering all animals, including pets, to be vaccinated.
Vaccinated against what?
They don't even have a vaccine for this bird flu.
It's the last five years everybody here rushes out to get the flu shot, and they even admit the shot they're giving right now doesn't cover this flu.
But I don't care.
I'm going to get it.
As if you could even trust the vaccines to begin with.
The outbreak in Liaoning, in China's fourth in just over two weeks, with migratory birds the most likely culprits, the agriculture ministry said, all the poultry in the region must be slaughtered by zero hour midnight on Sunday.
The People's Liberation Army has been dispatched to Hishan County to help experts carry out the slaughter.
Covered head to toe in hooded army outfits and latex gloves, the soldiers were shown in newspapers grabbing chickens by the necks, one at a time, from rows of cages in the farms and stuffing them into bags.
As of Sunday morning, more than one million poultry had been slaughtered.
The China News Service quoted officials as saying, the Chinese army killed 50 million people over there with starvation and with a bullet.
So, I'm pretty good at killing a million chickens.
More than 3,000 people are carrying out the cull.
Oh, that's what Prince Philip said.
We need to be culled.
The human population.
China gets awards for its culling of their humans.
Cloning the... Excuse me.
They are cloning over there, too.
But culling the chickens now.
The poultry.
More than 3,000 people are carrying out the cull.
A local official told the French news agency the next step is to bury the slaughtered poultry.
As with standard practice, the cull targeted all birds with a radius of 3 kilometers, 2 miles of the farms where the outbreak occurred.
Soldiers also shielded off affected areas while disinfecting pedestrians and vehicles leaving the premises.
More than 30 roadside checkpoints have been set up and some 50 tons of disinfectants were used the Laoning Daily Shed Sunday.
And it goes on and on.
Meanwhile, we have the big top scientist for the
Government up in Canada saying it's a complete fraud, total theater, totally out of proportion, no evidence basing this to be...
We're good to go.
We have the owner of Virgin Airlines and Records running around fear-mongering, buying all these doses, and putting on a big theatrical promotion in the media, obviously, to try to snowball the hysterical, frenzied buying of the antiviral Tamiflu, which major medical reports by MDs and major universities and institutions are saying may not even protect you from the flu.
It just goes on and on and on and on.
We have direct profiting, direct profiteering from all of this in our face.
And it'll be just like SARS.
When it doesn't happen, they'll just move on to the next thing.
It'll be the turkey flu.
It'll be the cow flu.
The bovine flu.
It'll be the fanged possum flu.
It'll be the Martian flu.
It doesn't matter.
Tyranny comes in a lab coat more often than it even comes in a uniform.
So many times, you know, the sterilization in this country and black men in Tuskegee and syphilis and things the Nazis did.
Oh, it's for sanitation.
You know, we're doing this because there's been a disease outbreak.
We've got to put you in a camp for your own safety and for the safety of the Reich.
And our illegitimate government, again, private interests have seized control of the mechanisms of the federal government and now the state governments in most areas.
And it's any excuse, terrorism, crime, poverty...
The war on this, the war on that, no matter how big the war gets, we only have more of what they're supposedly fighting, whether it's terror or drugs or illiteracy, because that's the pretext they use to expand their ever-widening circumference of domination and control.
And even if the bird flu's real, they can't protect you, they won't protect you, they're not going to protect you.
That's very important to remember.
And I'm not trying to fearmonger here.
It's the government that's doing that.
Remember that.
The government starts the ball rolling with the fearmongering, and then afterwards they'll say, oh, we were fighting the fearmongering.
And they'll single out somebody in the media to say, oh, they caused it all.
It was the same thing with Y2K.
The Navy put out the reports.
The Y2K czar put out the reports.
They said devastation.
They said 68 cities would shut down.
They said the end of the world, basically.
And then after the fact, they said, oh, no, we never said that.
It was these kooks over here.
And many months before Y2K, I figured out the scam.
And it's not hard to figure this out.
They create these scares.
They create these hysterias.
Then they try to get you to stampede into doing what they previously wanted you to do but couldn't get you to do.
But it doesn't stop the World Health Organization who openly is involved in eugenic sterilization and poisoning populations through vaccines and food products all over the globe.
World Health Organization Chief Lee Jong-wook
Gestures during a global bird flu conference in Geneva.
Lee says an influenza pandemic is only a matter of time as he opened a three-day council of war on H5N1 avian flu.
And there's calls for a global tax to fight this.
We wouldn't have accepted the global tax, but because of the pandemic of 2008, we had to.
You see, you've got to understand, folks, that all of this fear-mongering right now, I'm not saying there isn't going to be some big outbreak later that the globalists are going to engineer.
Or some natural outbreak that they're going to try to foster and use.
But all of this is simply drills or preparation.
It's like Jim Jones having his people, his cult members, drill drinking the Kool-Aid daily.
An influenza pandemic is only a matter of time.
The head of the World Health Organization, Lee Jong-wook, warned as he opened a three-day council of war on H5N1 avian flu.
Translate that to a council of war on your freedoms.
Our government openly is talking about the end of freedom, total martial law to keep you safe, and of course they need your guns during that period as well.
We don't know when this will happen, but we know it will happen.
Lee, the WHO's Director General, said, If we are unprepared, the next pandemic will cause incalculable human misery.
No society will be exempt and no economy will be unscathed.
Gathering 400 experts and decision makers from around the world will be briefed on the latest data about avian influenza and revived measures that bolster animal surveillance and preparations for tracking any human pandemic, i.e.
tracking of all livestock, taxation of all livestock.
The UN said we will use food as a weapon, and they are.
And tracking human livestock, of course, as well.
It is the...
Global meeting of doctors, veterinarians, and public health officials since the avian flu scare erupted in 2003.
It is the first big meeting.
In addition, it is the first to gather the World Bank.
They're very friendly.
We have their own official documents where they talk about engineering calamities and breakdowns of society on purpose to consolidate power.
Their own chief economist quit three years ago to release that information, Joseph Sticklitz.
Again, this is not debatable.
This is not our opinion.
In addition, it is the first...
To gather the World Bank alongside the WHO, the Food and Agriculture Association, an organization, and the World Organization for Animal Health.
And they go into all this fear-mongering.
We have experienced a relentless spread of avian flu, driven particularly by migratory birds, Lee said somberly.
Now this is the same who that knows full well what AIDS is.
And knows full well that they've put the pathogens in the vaccinations that are causing this.
I mean, Nobel Prize winners have gone public exposing this in the last year.
So understand the history of these people.
This is the same who whose own documents say they want to kill 80 plus percent of us.
I mean, this debate is not in some vacuum.
And remember, they can have four or five human cases of this flu, when there's going to be millions of cases of other types of flu.
It's the flu, folks.
And they can shut the whole country down if there's five cases of it.
If there's two cases of it, or two suspected cases, that will not be a pandemic, that will not be an epidemic.
That will be fear-mongering hysteria for a police state.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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We're good to go.
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Have you?
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All right.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231, and we'll get you up and on the air.
I could spend all day on bird flu.
It's a fraud.
But the globalists run their whole society, their whole poisonous civilization off of frauds.
The Federal Reserve is private, run for profit, but it has the word federal in its name, and the president appoints the chairman, so the public doesn't know.
They don't know they've printed $5 trillion in the last three years, and that the dollar's been massively devalued, and that we have hyperinflation.
Because Lou Dobbs didn't tell them, it ain't true.
It doesn't matter if the facts are the facts, and folks could demonstrate what's really happening with the economy in about 10 seconds if they just thought about it.
And so I'm sure there'll be a bunch of people saying, I told you so, in a month or six months or a year from now, when there's avian flu cases in humans.
From animal to human, or maybe even the government might say from person to person.
And if you read really carefully into all these statistics, it isn't killing half of those that get it.
Half the people that go to the hospital who are already so sick with the flu end up dying.
But if you look at the numbers with your regular run-of-the-mill flu every year, about 20-30% of those that go to the hospital with flu die.
You go to the hospital once you're already really, really sick.
So it doesn't have a 50% kill rate.
That's pure bull.
If you want to be worried about something, you should be worried about mouse pucks.
And you go, well, I'm not a mouse.
I'm not a kangaroo rat.
I'm not a rodent.
Why should I worry about that?
Because three years ago, the big university, state-sponsored over there in Australia, published how to quickly and very easily, with inexpensive equipment, by an expense of several million dollars, but that is pretty inexpensive for the cost of high-tech biology, you can create a smallpox vaccine.
Out of the mousepox that will kill, in the high 90s, the particular variety or species of mammal that you engineer it to attack.
And what did the Australian government do?
What did they do?
They published the mousepox.
So, they have a flu at several labs in the United States, Galveston,
Down on the Texas coast, up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they have... Now, these are the things that are admitted, by the way.
39,000 times more deadly than the Spanish flu of 1918.
And they've got these all over laboratories all over the world.
They mail them back and forth on a daily basis.
And the government's telling you you better worry about something that hasn't even gone from human to human transmission, and top scientists, top virologists, and epidemiologists are on record saying that every year there are different deadly bird flus that humans can occasionally get in some rare cases, and that they don't mutate over to humans.
And that if the virus does mutate over to humans, it may change its structure and not even be that deadly.
So it's just, we have a whole Parthenon, a whole constellation, a whole gallery of thousands of deadly bacteria and viruses and microplasms and nuclear weapons and chemical weapons and this stuff's everywhere.
And we're talking about the end of America, the end of the Bill of Rights, the end of the Constitution, martial law, checkpoints.
We're talking about the federal dictatorship for our own good because of the bird flu.
And we heard some of the same stuff as they warmed us up and got us acclimated with the SARS or with the smallpox.
Remember, smallpox is going to hit us.
We're going to die.
30 million Americans will die.
Al-Qaeda's got it.
Remember the anthrax?
Oh, this was... Somebody made this in a bathtub somewhere with a bucket.
And then scientists looked at it and they said this is a U.S.
patented super micro spore coated individually in bentonite
This takes $100 million plus in equipment to make this.
This is U.S.-certified Fort Detrick super anthrax.
And then it turned out that it was a Congressional-only funded study in 1999 on how to send weaponized anthrax to the mail.
And it turns out that globalist enemies were sent the anthrax.
And they tried to burn Dr. Hatfield.
It turned out he was totally innocent.
We even know the name of the Israeli spy who did sneak out the anthrax.
And that's been in major publications in Europe, but never in our news.
They mail this stuff around to people, they try to set up a police state, and then they tell us they're going to keep us safe.
The government openly says they want to kill us with bioweapons, but now they say give up all your rights, we'll keep you safe from the bioweapons.
They want to corral us so they can then use the bioweapons on us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I can't back down.
I won't back down.
We're now 33 minutes and 20 seconds into this first hour.
Got Bev Harris to chronicle all the election fraud for you.
A lot of new developments.
And then coming up in the third hour, I'm going to take some calls here in just a few minutes.
Coming up in the third hour, we have Paul Walter, the editor over at NewsWithViews.com, the true history of our national debt, the coming battle.
Great book I read about four years ago when it came back into print.
Hasn't been back in print since 1899.
Lost for over 100 years, the book that tells the history, the true story of how the banking money power gained control of America.
This is riveting stuff.
And this was written as they were trying to take control.
As we know, they did take control 13 1⁄2 years later on December 23rd.
So we'll get into this.
Incidentally, I'm carrying this book.
It's 1995.
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All right, with that plug behind us, your calls...
We're good to go.
Counters imminent domain by a massive majority, 376 to 38.
And we'll see what the other body of the Congress does.
They basically struck down any federal funds to states that engage in land thieving.
And I've looked over some of the bill this weekend.
It's not perfect, but it is better than the Supreme Court ruling that we got.
And our comment on this AP article is this.
This is a major victory against those who would seek to completely undermine property rights.
Now we must lobby our representatives in the Senate to support this legislation and curb the rampant employment of eminent domain before it gets even more out of control.
This is the AP article itself.
Conservative defenders of private property and liberal protectors of the poor joined in an overwhelming House vote to prevent local and state governments from seizing homes and businesses for use in economic development projects.
The House legislation passed 376 to 38 was in response to a widely criticized 5-4 ruling.
National polls were 99%.
They had, what, four national polls.
Lou Dobbs, AP, I saw another, Zogby.
What was it?
Yeah, 99% in all three.
I saw more than that, but that was the three major ones I saw.
Well, I'm sure you heard about it.
The House legislation passed 376-38 was in response to a widely criticized 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court last June that allowed eminent domain authority to be used to obtain land for tax revenue generating commercial purposes.
That decision, said the House's third-ranked Republican, Deborah Price of Ohio, dealt a blow to the rights of property owners across the country.
This is what it actually does.
The bill would withhold for two years all federal economic development funds from states and localities that use economic development as a rationale for property seizures.
It also would bar the federal government from using eminent domain powers for economic development.
Man, that is just wonderful.
It now goes to the degenerate scumbag Senate.
I'm sorry.
It now goes to the Senate where Senator John Cornyn of Texas has introduced similar legislation.
And you've got to commend Cornyn, who normally is a monstrous creature for doing that, but they can't ignore the will of the people.
I mean, they sent up that trial balloon six months ago saying we don't own our property, and it blew up in their face.
And by the way, from Freeport, Texas to New London, Connecticut, they are grabbing beautiful homes, businesses, wholesale right now
And, by the way, it's not when they want to build a school or a highway or a government hospital.
It's when they want to build a luxury marina or a golf course or a private hotel.
And they've done that here in Austin.
Private land barons.
The Supreme Court, I'm sure you know about the ruling, but just to recap, it's a big deal.
The Supreme Court said, oh, we think the cities and counties, in some type of weird reversal of the Tenth Amendment, we think, because normally the Supreme Court's totally against the Tenth Amendment, but they come back, oh, we're for the Tenth Amendment.
You can do whatever you want and take whatever property you want for private interest if it'll mean more tax money.
That literally says we're slaves, folks, that everything we own, we don't really own it if the government decides they've got a better use for it.
So that means none of you own your land.
I mean, they already had the phony environmental movement out there to steal private property.
All this real environmental degradation goes on.
But that isn't enough for them.
Now they're just moving carte blanche.
I mean, you want to see evidence of tyranny to just, hey, if we want it, we just take it.
That's back to the old feudal lord going, if I want your wife, I'm going to take it.
If I want to take your sons and press them into service in the Royal Navy and literally kidnap them, I'll do it.
If I want...
To just say that you no longer can be on that property that you've been on for 500 years as serfs.
I can kick you to the curb whenever I want and let you starve to death.
That's called feudalism.
It's called serfdom.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
I mean, this is a full-scale attack on the middle class.
Land is where the wealth comes from, folks.
It's not like the fiat currency.
It's real.
It's tangible.
All right, now I've just spent five minutes on that.
I've literally got to get to this other news, and I want to take your calls.
Just listen to this other good news.
Now, I could spend three hours on this, and when I heard this news, I'm going to be honest with you, I was down deer hunting in the woods, visiting family in absolute heaven.
Down amongst the wild hogs.
Actually, I say I was deer hunting.
I was shooting and lazily sitting around the deer camp.
I didn't really do any hunting.
I did do some fishing, though.
It's so warm here right now.
I was catching every other cast.
Well, that's not right.
About 90% of the time, I was catching a bass.
That's how many fish I was catching.
Most of them were under a pound, though.
They were little bee things, but my son sure thought it was fun.
But I had the...
Local radio on and AP Network News came over the local radio station and said, the Free Trade Area of the Americas has failed for another five years until they can launch the talks again.
The Free Trade Area of the Americas was already several years behind schedule and now may be finished.
And I go, yeah, alright!
We're all giving high fives and stuff and
Then later I get in the car, and I get to a computer, and I start reading, and they were already spinning it.
Well, this just holds it up for a year, and they're still going to get the free trade area of the Americas through, and that Hugo Chavez is a dirty communist, and on and on and on.
Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is giving all the state land, much of the state land that was stolen from the population, he's giving it back to them in little hundred acre, well those are huge parcels actually, hundred acre parcels with deeds to the poor.
And it's not handed out to political cronies.
It's just being given.
So the government's divesting its state-sponsored and state-held fiefs.
And here they're going in the opposite direction.
But that evil Chavez who said, oh, you're not going to have any coal oil or fuel oil for your widows up north this year?
I'll give it to you at the price of shipping.
I'll give it to you at, what, about 30 cents a gallon.
Fuel up.
And I'll give you the fuel.
Gasoline itself refined.
We can ship it to you.
Or we can just ship you the sweet crude.
Or the light crude.
At well-head cost with shipping added.
But he said, I know that won't happen because your oil company is ripping you off right now.
Of course, we even have the oil company memos admitting it.
Now you see I'm starting to digress again.
I'm starting to digress again.
Do you understand how good this news is and it's
You've got to read deeply into AP articles, Reuter articles, AFP articles.
You've got to read deeply into the meat of the stories to find where they admit this is a major defeat for the globalist and world government that was already four or five years behind schedule.
This is great news, ladies and gentlemen.
Viva Chavez on this issue.
Bush fails to revive free trade talks in Latin America amid mass protest.
The only place I found where they were honest about what happened to some extent was in Democracy Now!
President Bush's trip to Argentina ended without any agreement on reviving talks to create a regional free trade zone on Friday as many as 40,000 demonstrators filled the streets of Mar del Plata
It hurts the people!
This helps the global corporations...
Use the lowest wages to leverage out all their competition worldwide and drive the wages worldwide to the lowest benchmark, which is Chinese slave labor, folks, or U.S.
prisoners working for 20 cents an hour.
That's what you're competing against is a billion-plus Chinese, now a billion Indians, literally living in cardboard boxes in their own excrement, literally.
A group of people, a group of companies getting together to create a monopoly.
A monopoly of a cartel, a group, is an oligopoly.
And I'm just not going to sit here and put up with this anymore.
And you should be mad about this, too.
This, though, is just great news.
And, I mean, they are going to kill Chavez.
They cannot allow him to continue on.
All right, that's enough.
Let's go to calls.
Chris in New York, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex, I had a question.
If you could paint a picture for us, what was the world like post-80% population reductions
And, like, through things you've read about the people who would actually survive such a thing, who have vested interest in surviving, what sort of life would be like?
Well, I intend to make a film about that.
I intend to write a book about that.
But the problem is I'm literally working all the time on other projects.
I can't sit down and do any real, more masterly crafted works.
But something's better than nothing.
I mean, to really try to do a dissertation on that,
There's so many facets to it.
But basically, you're going to have compact armored cities with total surveillance.
Have you ever seen THX 1138?
I haven't.
George Lucas' first film with Robert Duvall?
I believe it's Academy Award winning.
Old is Huxley's Brave New World.
You ever read that?
Okay, well, that was the official plan.
And Huxley gave a speech in 1962, a few months before he died at Berkeley, which we've aired here.
I've got to find that speech again online and play it again.
A 45-minute speech takes about an hour to play it.
And he came out and he said, look, I wrote this book.
People think it's so scary.
30 years later, he wrote it in the 30s.
This is the official plan.
This is what the government plans to do.
And he said, that's why I wrote this.
And so, forced drugging, IQ reductions of most of the population at birth.
That's done through the vaccines and the water.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll be right back.
I'll try to answer your question.
See, Chris just asked an earth-shattering question.
I mean, a question I could spend three hours on.
Should I cancel both guests and properly answer this question?
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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I know I have guests tomorrow.
But what I'll do is, I will take one hour out of the broadcast tomorrow.
Maybe the first hour, maybe the second or the third.
I don't have my guest book in front of me.
I know we've set up some for tomorrow.
And I will spend an hour from front to
You know, from the start to the end.
And I'll have to write some notes up tonight so it's a little bit more cogent and not just in my brain.
And I'll try to answer your question tomorrow.
And I'm going to write a note right now not to forget to do some categorizing this evening and to cover it.
But basically, it's the total domesticating of the population.
And then I want to go into a whole spiel about how elites do this.
This is what they're into, and this is what they enjoy doing.
And look at all the evil things that different regimes have done throughout history.
But bottom line, none of that even really matters.
We know what the elite is pushing for.
We know what their plan is.
Here's an example right here in front of me.
It is a photograph that a listener took at a major grocery store chain where he lives.
And it's going on right here in Austin.
Other chains.
Where it says, say goodbye credit card.
Say goodbye check.
Say goodbye credit card.
Say hello finger.
Finger pay.
Oh, where is it?
I actually have a photo in the email here somewhere.
And they just, you know, it's the end of it.
Hey, you get a 15% discount on your thumb scan.
And then when half the public's already using it, and this is the official plan, they just say, now you got a thumb scan.
A couple years ago, they had an RFID conference, big convention up in Chicago.
About 8,000 people there.
And Catherine Albrecht went, and she actually got some of their minutes and wrote notes on what they were saying.
And on stage, they were saying stuff like, the Babylon system will go forward.
Our program has had many years in preparation.
The public hates that our internal polling shows, but they are very passive and will submit.
We must force it on them.
I mean, these are the type of things that she recorded and also got out on paper.
Well, I've got mainstream news today here in the stack where they just had the RFID Summit in London.
And it's the same type of statements about how all the public doesn't like it, but we'll just force them to accept it.
They'll go along with it, don't worry.
I mean, this is how they talk about us.
That's why I get so upset.
I mean, I shouldn't even have to explain this or document this or, you know, all these skeptics, well, I just don't believe it.
Well, it doesn't matter what you believe.
This is the facts.
The globalists call us slaves.
They call us stupid.
They laugh at us.
It's a big joke.
They're building a giant prison grid.
In the future, there'll be no underground economy.
In the future, everything you buy, sell, and trade will be tracked, just like it is on the computer already.
And they're going to make it so easy.
They're going to discount slavery.
They're going to make it so easy to be a slave.
And they're going to use terrorism to hurt us in the compact cities, and that's the beginning of the end.
So you think you're going to be given RFID and microchips and be face scanned and being locked down in your own home and have to tattle on your neighbors to be safe.
No, no, no.
When you give in to that police state, that's actually the straitjacket going on to then start the extermination.
You understand that?
Let's go back to Chris in New York real fast.
Chris, does that in some pathetic fashion answer your question?
Yeah, but I've heard you say most of those things before.
I was wondering if you've heard any examples.
There's plenty of examples of people's words saying what they would like to do and everything, but what's their real dream?
What's their dream world?
Because I know that they're Satanists and that...
I'm sure that 2012, the new age is coming.
For them, it's probably a big deal, and there's going to be an alteration, though.
Okay, well, I'll tell you the plan.
It's actually, they say, 85 minimum.
They'd like to kill 95% of us, and I'll tell you about it later.
We'll take more calls when we get back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we already talked about how the House of Representatives voted.
To start restricting all this eminent domain land grabbing that's going on.
Also, the free trade area of the Americas and globalization, the move towards global government, Agenda 21, has been massively damaged thanks to Hugo Chavez and others torpedoing it.
This is just a very important stepping stone towards global government that has gone down in flames, at least for the next few years.
Great victory.
I know we've had callers holding for a while.
We're going to go ahead and get Bev Harris online, but I'm going to see if we can get her to hold a few minutes into the next segment so I can finish up with these callers that have been holding the longest.
Joe in Wisconsin and William, Kelly, and John.
Go ahead, Joe.
You're on the air.
I've got an update, a question for you, some good news, and I was taking some notes.
Hey, Alex.
I think you meant UW-Madison has that witch's brew, that smallpox, mousepox thing.
You're right.
I said Milwaukee because I had the guest on a few weeks ago.
It's been in the news.
It is Madison.
Yeah, they're the ones who get all the funding for that.
Anyway, a little update on that database that I was trying to do for you.
It's kind of hard to find the Senate makeup.
I was going back to World War II and I was going to compare how they voted for war
Back then, WWII, comparing it to how they voted for the Iraqi war.
But, got a question for you then.
Are there any government documents pushing for welfare dependency or the nuclear family or nursing homes?
I know you mentioned the Joseph Sticklets.
Is there something in public document that I could read up what he said?
Well, there's legions of documents where they say, for their own good, we need dependency and to make the state the family and to no longer make the nuclear family be the family.
It's a disease.
Calhoun Reader, a textbook used as the Bible for folks going to school to be social workers.
Also, you mentioned Joseph Stiklitz, the World Bank.
That's totally separate.
That's where the World Bank and IMF colluded.
They called it the IMF riot.
Where they talk about going in and paying off politicians to not pay off debts.
Then the politicians sign over the public trust and the land and the water to the globalists who then turn off the water because if they turn off the water it causes riots.
Then there's a breakdown in the economy.
Then the globalists can go in and buy up the economy for pennies on the dollar.
How they engineer depressions and recessions.
That's been well known for a long time, but these IMF World Bank documents...
One last thing.
We've actually got some good news coming here on campus.
Do you know about Kent Hovind?
He's the evolution intelligent design person, debates.
Yeah, we're going to be having one here at University of Milwaukee.
So, should I give the contact information for that?
When it's going to be and where?
It's December 6th in Bolton Hall, room 150 at 6.30 p.m.
And he's given an open invitation for anybody who wants to debate evolution as a viable theory.
So if there's somebody out there that wants to come
Basically, he's opened it up to the audience because there haven't been any takers for professional professors or whoever to debate him.
Thank you for the call.
I'm not going to get into an evolution versus creation development.
I believe that God created the universe.
I believe the Earth was created and the life on it created.
Even the New Agers think it was aliens that did it.
I mean, there's a spider who takes a bubble of water with him and
A bubble of water.
A bubble of air underwater and then lives underwater with that bubble of air like a scuba diver eating minnows.
Now, do you really think that naturally happened through evolution?
It's ridiculous.
I mean, the level of complexity just in the genetic code.
That's what's waking a lot of biologists up, is now they're actually looking at the DNA.
It's totally designed.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I tell you, Ben Harris is a real darling.
The black box voting from the pioneers exposing the industrialized election fraud, the defrauding of the American people and our right and our duty to vote.
That's coming up here in just a few minutes.
Beth is gracious enough to actually hold, because I promised that I was going to go to these, you know, at least the first five or six callers she'd been holding before we went to her.
Let's let William in New Hampshire have a comment.
William, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller.
I have two things to ask you.
I received in the mail my registration and acknowledgement card not too long after I received my driver's license.
I wanted to know what I'm supposed to do in case I get drafted or called.
What does this card mean?
Well, sir, the draft is slavery.
The British had something called press gangs, and they would just go around kidnapping people off the street and putting them on ships.
I mean, a draft is slavery.
Saying that you must serve the government, and while you do that, you're not just going to fight foreign enemies, but you're going to be injected with experimental vaccines, you're going to breathe uranium...
If our country was actually being attacked physically by Mexico, which it is, then you could have a call for the governor to call out the militia, and then you would have to serve in the domestic defense of the country.
But George Washington clearly said, we went to war with the British in 1912 because they were pressing our sailors off the ships because of a draft.
That was our second war with the British.
Our founding fathers decried the press games.
So it is totally un-American, and you don't have to follow that.
Now, what do I do if they try to tell me that I do have to?
Well, I think one... I mean, there have been very few people that have been prosecuted for actually not signing their little draft cards, not filling out their selective service.
And so they'll persecute and prosecute a few people and put it on the news, and then, you know, 10 million young males get scared and go sign up for it.
So it's more illusions, more theater.
So what you're telling me is I do not have to do anything then?
Well, no, sir.
You could go to jail if you don't go do that.
You could also be a slave if you do.
I mean, nothing's totally safe in this world.
We're not getting out of here alive.
You know what I'm telling you, sir, is it's up to you what you want to do.
I'm not going to fight some country we set up.
I know this.
And I'm not going to go fight the Iranians.
And I'm not going to go... The people running this country are the enemy.
They're the ones that are taking my freedom.
I was just wondering, you know, because I don't want to go to jail.
I don't want to get injected with, you know, vaccines.
Well, sir, black people went to jail that refused to be slaves.
But you know what?
Their children grew up free because they were willing to go to jail.
So, you know, I mean, it just comes... I mean, the government can say it's God tomorrow, but we don't have to follow that.
I appreciate the call.
I mean, they told police and firefighters three years ago they all had to take smallpox shots, and 99 plus percent said no.
I mean, there just comes a time that we just got to say no.
Since when do you have to go sign up to be part of some draft?
It's a joke.
We're going to take one more call, two more calls, really fast.
Bev Harris is holding, so I've got to go fast.
Kelly in Georgia.
Kelly, go ahead.
I've been politically involved in anti-abortion rallies and literature and with your program and online and stuff.
And I have had some kind of sickness in our home.
Somebody said it might be... I've had the fire department out here.
Somebody said it might be being pumped with radioactivity.
No, I don't believe that.
There's a lot of... You know what happens... And I appreciate your call, ma'am.
Let me try to answer this off air.
Let me try to break this down for you.
And then we're going to Beth Harris.
Then we'll go to John Tennessee and others later.
I've just got to get to our guest.
I appreciate her holding.
Let me try to boil this down for you.
When the government openly says that...
They want us to take microchips.
Sean Hannity and Andy Rooney, and now Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson is traveling the country saying, take your chip.
When Andy Rooney says, take a chip to prove you're a good person, that then, can you imagine how crazy that makes the schizophrenics get?
I mean, the schizophrenics were already freaking out 50 years ago.
And thinking that.
And now that it's really happening...
They're going off the deep end.
And any time a helicopter flies over somebody's house, any time a jet flies over somebody's house, any time a cop car stops out front their house, and the cop's really out there arguing with his wife on his cell phone or eating a hamburger, people begin panicking, thinking, oh my God, I listened to Alex Jones.
They're coming to get me.
And ma'am, understand, I'm not saying you're a schizophrenic.
You understand that?
What I'm saying is that then this paranoia tends to spread into areas where it's not legitimate because there are real things going on that are so strange that it makes you paranoid.
It's like 100,000, 110,000 actually, Jewish children, it's been in major Israeli newspapers, major papers in Israel, they tell them you're going to have your teeth worked on.
The government paid for dentistry.
Oh, you're going to have your head checked for fungus.
You're going to be checked for lice.
And they'd hit them with 35,000 times the safe level of radiation.
Letting black men get syphilis and spread it for 40, 50 years, in some cases giving them syphilis, radiating tens of thousands of American children.
All of this went on, the atomic soldiers.
So there's all these real things that we can prove.
But all these conspiracy theorist websites, all these kook websites, a lot of them are feds, they don't ever talk about any of that.
They spend all their time talking about what can't be proven.
Why there's green-eyed jumping spiders and flying saucers shooting out mind control beams at you, making you get sick.
People are sick because there's all this toxic waste blowing over from China and India.
Right over the jet stream.
There's all these new toxins in our environment.
There's all these toxic, genetically engineered food proven to give you serious illnesses in major double-blind scientific studies with guinea pigs, rats, mice, and even humans.
That's where it's coming from.
So people are getting sick.
People are having problems.
And the real causes of it are right there.
And some of it is psychosomatic as well.
Bev, I'm going to go to you in a minute, honey.
The lady has an important question.
And they do have microwave guns, they do have sound guns, they've announced they'll use them on crowds.
I've seen them deployed in New York City a year ago, and it's in my film, Martial Law, at the RNC.
But then, also, we can't believe just every person that runs around claiming they're being hit with energy beams.
A lot of them are paranoid, schizophrenic lunatics.
You know, people all the time tell me, man, you're really paranoid.
You're afraid.
You think the government's bad.
No, no, no.
I'm the person that's not afraid.
I'm the guy that isn't paranoid.
If I was paranoid, I'd be afraid to walk outside at night.
I'd be afraid to go give public speeches.
No, I know the facts.
I know there's limited numbers of evil people in the government.
And this is the message I have for you.
They have very limited personnel.
The globalists have very limited personnel.
They have very small numbers of minions and hitmen and killers and people to carry out these programs.
It was only a few dozen Israeli doctors and there in the country over the ten years just a few hundred guards and officers who didn't even know what they were fully part of that bussed those little children in to be microwaved, to be radiated.
Most people putting sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride in the water think it's really good for you.
And they think, oh, Dr. Strangelove, ha ha ha, you know, you're a kook if you think that sodium fluoride's bad for you.
So most of this is compartmentalized, but ma'am...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I go, oh, you own some property.
Yeah, yeah.
Do you have a multi-jurisdictional task force that's been raiding people looking for drugs?
They're going to get your ranch if they find any marijuana.
They're just looking for marijuana.
Well, you know what?
They did raid a ranch about a week ago and said they had marijuana plants.
Well, yeah, you're under surveillance.
It's not because you listen to Alex Jones.
It's because they're looking at your ranch wanting to steal it, and if they can find some marijuana, they're going to do it.
Even if it's some punk kid that's growing it on your land, and you don't even know about it.
So, see, we've got to stop living in fear and putting ourselves... It's called the panopticon.
It was a French prison system where you felt like you were surveilled, so you surveilled yourself.
We've got to get bold out in the open.
They're the bad guys.
They've got to be afraid.
We're the guys that wear the white hats.
We're out in the open.
Bev Harris, thank you for holding the last seven minutes while I went through that ranting and raving.
I'm sorry I went over, but we are incredibly honored to have you.
And tell us about yourself and about all the big exposés and big bombshells you've been dropping and discovering here in the last few weeks and months, Bev.
All right.
Well, we love you, Alex.
Well, we have been looking into elections.
That's what I do, is investigate elections and election fraud.
It's been kind of rumbling along like a train getting stronger and stronger.
I was told about three years ago by an engineer who was hired to build the touchscreen machines who had left because of some problems he saw.
He said, this, Bev, is a house of cards.
And sooner or later, someone's going to pull the bottom card out of that house of cards and the whole thing's going to come tumbling down because it's all a scam.
And I have come back to those words so many times in my mind because they're so true.
But it's taken us a long time to figure out how to get at the bottom card in that house of cards.
Well, last year, about a year ago, on November 13th, we were in Volusia County, Florida, and we found that they were throwing away their materials from the election they had just had
Thank you.
Oh, that unraveled into some different things, but I started to wonder the specific records they were throwing away, what they were doing with those.
And in the course of investigating that, I think we're getting very close to that bottom card in the House of Cards.
Bev, we've got to break again.
When we get back, as if you're talking to laymen, because you are talking to some people that don't know what's going on, give us the basics of the system, the electronic systems...
And then let's get into these new developments and later we're going to play a clip of where you're valiantly fighting with the bags of ballots and computer tape with the scallywags.
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We're good to go.
We've caught them red-handed, videotaped them doing it.
People published the exact results days before the election.
We've caught people hacking in through back doors, changing election results.
But the state election commissions will still certify it because they're part of the scam.
That's why government's so arrogant right now.
I mean, 10, 20 years ago, when we still had some real elections, if 90-plus percent of the public was against something, they wouldn't do it.
Now they go, we don't care if 95% of you are against the toll roads on every major road.
We're going to do it.
And then the Mayor Will Wynn just laughs because he's got special heart intercivics machines.
Bev Harris, please continue.
Get into what we're really facing here.
Let's talk about this case and now where it's led you.
Well, you know, big picture.
What happened about 20 years ago, it started 100 years ago, but it started to really ramp up about 20 years ago and it's just been expanding all over the country since then.
A group of guys got together.
They bought up all the little mom-and-pop elections businesses in the U.S., consolidated them into just one or two big elections firms.
Then they started developing software to count the votes.
So that, you know, we all think, well, we will vote on a ballot, and that ballot is our vote.
Well, not anymore.
You vote on a ballot, and the ballot, if there even is one, now in Austin, Texas, most of you don't even have a ballot.
You just vote by pushing a button on the screen, and you hope it was recorded right.
But even in the places that have a ballot, that ballot is not counted.
It is put through a machine which interprets, using a private, proprietary, secret software code, what is on the ballot.
And so basically you have software that's controlling the election, not your ballot controlling the election.
So I went to look a few years ago to see who owns this software, who developed it.
Is it any good?
Does it do what it's supposed to do?
And all of the answers came out wrong.
We found that vested interests owned it.
They were keeping it very secret, but I got my hands on some of the software, and the software was appalling.
It had back doors in it.
It seems to have been designed for people to be able to use it to manipulate the votes without getting caught.
And by the way, you've had top computer scientists look at this.
I mean, world-renowned leaders in it, and they've said on record, this was designed for fraud.
And one of the people we brought a fellow over who's a computer expert from Europe because we found so many of the scientists in this country were dependent on government grants for their work that they knew there was a problem but they were afraid to say it.
Exactly what Eisenhower warned us of when the military industrial complex has 90% of the grant process, that's monopoly control.
If you've got academic scientists, they have to have those grants at the Publisher Parish.
If they want their job, they need those grants.
If they need those grants, they can't say the truth.
So we brought over a computer expert from Europe.
He told us the truth about what was in there.
It's now in the GAO report.
It's been put up in Washington, D.C.
We know now it's on the Homeland Security website.
Has it as a security alert?
But have they solved it or fixed it or improved these voting machines?
Well, that's right.
You've got to be committed.
You're one of the main leaders in this fight.
And you've gone from being a pariah with the voting machine companies threatening to sue you and trying to take down websites and threads.
And guess what?
Here's what they're doing next, and I want folks to watch for this.
They're setting up, quote-unquote, blue ribbon panels.
But they stack the deck with who's in those panels so that they aren't going to do too much damage or really point out what's going on.
But we can trust James Baker.
He represented the Saudis against the 9-11 families.
He's good.
You know it.
He's one of the ones that they picked to come up with this panel.
And so we know that.
We know that's the next move, and so we're ready with our next move.
And basically it's just been this evolving investigation, which we have ramped up and up and up,
And we have now gotten, even Diebold, which is one of the voting machine companies, even Diebold themselves is now admitting to some of these problems.
And they're going out and they're saying, we need to buy third-party software to correct our own defects.
So we know that it's getting there, but we also know that it still isn't corrected.
We are going into elections in most of the United States tomorrow without having these things corrected still.
And you just get it.
Sometimes I get so frustrated.
Well, Bev, the good news is we've gone from ten years ago when I was talking to individuals on this broadcast who were fighting it, the Collier brothers and others, when we were like green five-headed space aliens from Planet Pop-Tart.
We've gone from there to now it's widely accepted.
Oh, yeah, it's a big fraud.
Stay there, Bev.
There's so much more.
We'll plug your website as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's so monstrous, so duplicitous, so huge, so gargantuan.
There's so many facets.
There's no way to overstate how much evidence we have of systematic fraud, of systematic election stealing, all over the place.
And government is the biggest thing in our economy.
It's over half the economy.
With the comprehensive annual financial reports, there's two sets of books.
I think.
And they become the kingmakers and they work for the big global corporations and they're overthrowing our country and then they create regional boards that are unelected that then through treaty our states and our cities and our federal government basically hand over authority to these unelected groups.
We have that whole area taking place right now.
We have the sheriffs being absorbed into the cities when they're the elected true peace officers.
So it's not just the election fraud that's going on.
We have the juries being turned into rubber stamps of the prosecutors.
We have the grand juries being turned into rubber stamps when they were always another venue for the people to be a stopgap on insurance policy against tyranny.
But obviously, the biggest area is the election fraud.
And just so many places they've been caught cheating.
So many places they've been caught hacking.
So many places they've been caught with known felons running the computer systems for Diebold.
I mean, it just... There's no way to ever cover it all.
Bev, going back, though, to this key point in time where you caught them throwing away these big bags of trash full of the computer tapes and full of the real ballots inside printing up fake records...
You know, then as their backup.
Tell us specifically about what happened there and then what that led you to.
And then I want to play a little two-minute clip of the confrontation where these big men are standing over you trying to grab the trash bags away from you.
Let me clarify.
The real ballots were not in the trash.
It was computer records and evidence that they were manufacturing ballots was in the trash.
It was kind of like the ballot sheets.
It was their master copies and some of the ones that they had actually printed in there.
Of course, that's illegal.
At any rate, yes.
What happened is we looked at the type of computer record that we pulled out, and when we first saw it, we couldn't quite figure out what they were doing with this.
And so that's why we brought in this computer expert.
What made you think to hide out behind there?
Well, here's the rule of thumb investigating anything.
If they tell you not to go someplace and they tell you not to look, that's exactly where you go and that's exactly where you look.
We were told not to go there and that nothing was there to be seen.
So we went there and saw that.
And for those that don't know, tell them again where this is located and what was happening.
This was in Volusia County, Florida, which is sort of like Mayberry RFD.
It's not a real central location, but it was clearly a control spot for some things that were going on in the 2004 election.
There's some very important people that showed up there.
In fact, we videotaped the license plates.
Believe it or not, we're in the middle of a swamp in a piney woods in the middle of backwoods of nowhere at 8 o'clock in the morning.
The parking lot, which was mud basically, was filled with trucks without estate plates.
We videotaped that.
I will tell you that
There was very intensive efforts and really kind of aggressive efforts to get that videotaped.
We have still not released the one that has the license plates on it.
I just want to see who they were.
That's all folks that were in there.
But they weren't all Florida folks.
At any rate, we wanted to know why they would take this particular type of computer record and ditch it.
In the course of investigating that,
We came to what's really in the voting machines.
Among other things, the... And I won't... It's technical, and this is a fairly complicated thing.
By the way, folks, this is our elections, but we the people aren't allowed to look in the machines.
It's a black box.
It's a magic box.
It's just trust us because it's proprietary.
And we wanted to see why they would think that they needed to hide this one.
Well, what we found is that there was a program inside these computers.
Really the only way to describe it, it was put in there to manipulate elections.
It's exceptionally flexible and easy to use.
All you have to do is switch something.
Just swap something that's the size of a credit card.
Anywhere throughout the system, and they use hundreds of these little credit card sized memory cards.
You get control of the election, basically.
It was an absolutely amazing find that they had this program on these cards that one person could alter.
When we did it, we actually did this in a county where we proved it could be done with the permission of the supervisor of elections.
It cost us about $300.
We bought a card reader off the internet and reprogrammed it, stuck it in there and had complete control.
Complete control of the election.
In fact, it printed out bogus everything.
All the little audit records.
So we knew we really had a problem, but what was a bigger problem with this is it showed... Now, supposedly these things are certified, right?
They're supposedly tested at the national level and they're federally examined.
So next we started going, who examined this?
Because this was an obvious problem.
Who examined it, and what's their excuse for certifying something that had something this bad in it?
It was actually against the law.
There were specific laws from the Federal Election Commission prohibiting this type of thing, and it was in there.
By the way, not just in Florida, but this particular program was used in about 800 election jurisdictions in 30 states.
It counted about one-third of our national elections.
And so we are now finding that out.
The lead story on our website, which is blackboxvoting.org, describes the fact that now two Florida elections officials have resigned.
It happened last week.
The Secretary of State resigned, and the state elections voting machine examiner for the state of Florida has now resigned.
But he's not just for the state of Florida.
He's one of the ones who put this system through for the United States of America.
Of course, what he's trying to do is set up his own consulting business so that any future looking into voting machines, his business will test it, but I don't think so.
What I put in the article, I really believe the rats are starting to desert the ship.
They're starting to see the writing on the wall.
People are going to start looking at this.
There's going to be an investigation at some point.
And now they're all trying to find a way to get a free pass.
Yeah, Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all the king's horses and all the king's men aren't going to be able to put the New World Order's vote-scamming fraud together again, Bev Harris.
That's the thing.
When you look at this, I don't think people realize out there how systematic it is, how widespread the fraud is.
You'll have polls all over the nation showing that the people are going to vote for one person, but now magically the person who was losing in the polls wins.
So, now again, just ten years ago that wasn't the case.
Suddenly, all these rules that we'd always known were rock solid, suddenly nothing's making sense unless you have massive fraud.
And now the only thing standing between the American people getting their vote back is the fact that so many people just can't believe the horror of just how serious this is.
That's right.
You know, it's a very uncomfortable realization when you come to it.
But the evidence does show it.
This is not some kind of conspiracy stuff.
This is rock solid evidence.
For the last year, our organization has been taking a very forensic approach with this.
We're looking for evidence that will stand up in a court of law that can be replicated.
It's there and we've found it and now the question is finding someone.
Now, let's be specific.
Obviously, Bush and Baker and the rest of them have been on the cutting edge.
Of course, it's going to be Baker helping run the commission to fix the problem.
It isn't a problem, folks.
They create a, quote, problem.
Then they get more control.
We have $6 billion.
We're good to go.
But at the same time, we've caught the federal government manufacturing nuclear weapons dossiers, manufacturing anthrax records, manufacturing Enron computer systems.
You know, Enron had fake computer systems, fake computer energy trading in hundreds of billions of dollars, and they let Congress tour it and show them fake, you know, big boards on the wall, show there's the energy trading.
The truth is, at the end of the day, they just make up numbers.
This type of massive total fraud is the rule, not the exception, Bev.
I mean...
Yes, and it's at a high level, and it is pervasive.
We spend a lot of our time out in the field doing field investigations of what really happened in elections.
And it's not one master plan.
I want to emphasize that it's a patchwork of things, and, of course, a very good operative can organize a patchwork of different opportunities.
Well, you talked about regional systems with different king rats, different mafia dons over their sector, and they all keep it quiet.
But the three major voting machine companies, from my research and your research, they do pretty much operate off the same scam, though, don't they?
Well, they have different mechanisms.
You see?
And so you can't just basically turn one key and make all of them function a certain way.
This is the way white collar crime operates.
Right, right.
The best analogy to what's going on in elections is embezzlement.
Because embezzlers, they can always figure a way around the checks and balances in the systems and you find the guy who's willing to take the payoff.
But the point is, and so we have to simplify because it is a big, hairy, complex problem.
To simplify, to go to that bottom card in that house of cards, we go to who authorized these systems, who tested them, and signed their name and said they were okay.
And we come down to people who are now starting to resign.
So it's like Al Capone.
You can't get him on murder and racketeering, so you get him on income tax.
You show that the systems, quote, don't work.
That's proven that they're easy to hack and that somebody falsely certified it.
Then you've discredited the whole system.
If the system testing was corrupt, if the people who tested and certified these did so corruptly, in other words, they violated clear laws in doing that,
The whole house of cards comes tumbling down.
Well, Bev, you say that, but at the same time, we had the legislature in California last year say these machines are total fraud, but then somehow the lobbyists came in and they went ahead and continued to allow their use.
Oh, yeah, we've got a long ways to go to actually get that card pulled out.
We now know where it is and how to do it.
And we've got it kind of nudged a little bit.
But it's not that anyone is just going to sit there quietly and watch us do this.
What they are doing right now is very simple.
In California, in fact, they're setting up a secret panel, invitation only, a blue ribbon panel of experts, and they're bringing in all the old cronies that put these machines in in the first place.
And they're going to come up with supposed standards.
And then the news media that they own will announce that it's totally safe.
And everybody will go, well, they've dealt with the problem.
And so we see that as the counter move to what we've been doing.
And so we have two or three counter moves that we're looking at, that we're working on behind the scenes.
And obviously we don't announce those, but we know exactly what they're doing.
But, Bev, you always give me little tidbits, and I want that juicy headline.
Give us one or two of the new things that are developing right now, or give us some foreshadowing of it.
Well, we added a new staff member.
He's somebody that you know, Jim Marsh.
And he's been working with us as a board member, but he's working full-time as an investigator now.
He got in last week and did the first public citizens inspection of a voting system right before it goes into election.
He went into San Joaquin County, California and inspected the system and found something that was very important that we will be working all the way down the street as far as we can to get something done with it.
We don't always come public with everything that we found, but what he found was the absentee ballots in the U.S., forget it.
No safeguards.
I mean, the tampering options that are available are particularly helpful for the machines counting the absentee ballots.
And the checks and balances, such as they are, that are available for the polling place ones, don't exist.
For the absentee ballot.
They've been disabled.
Now, I want to... Well, that's big news.
I want to play this clip here in a second of the confrontation when you're getting the trash bag full of all the evidence.
But, expanding on this, Bev, when do you think this house of cards will start falling?
I mean, give us your guesstimation.
Oh, golly.
You know, it's a tough, long, big, huge wrestling match.
It's taken three years to get to this point.
I always want it tomorrow.
I want it in the next week.
And I have to say, I leave that up to the Almighty.
Let me put it another way.
When you see these politicians who've been really arrogant the last few years, a lot of them look afraid now.
They seem that on a hundred different fronts, the people are seeing through their curtain of lies, through this projection of a different cornucopia of different frauds,
I think they now know that we're beginning to wake up to what they're up to.
And it's not going to be easy because they're not going to give up power easily.
You see, the closer we get to actually grabbing power back, the tougher it's going to get.
Well, that's why there's open discussions of martial law for our own safety now.
That's the thing that I don't always let myself think about, but I know that
When we become really a factor in what's going on as we are becoming, the resistance is not going to get any easier.
It's going to get much worse.
You know, the thing we have going for us as citizens is we're quick on our feet.
We don't have this big, you know, bureaucracy we have to go through to get something done.
Well, Bev, the good news is, tell them about the town with the election officials that actually had you in.
They said, we were sold these new machines.
They said that, you know, X, Y, and Z isn't true about you.
Prove us wrong.
I mean, you went in there and double-blinded with scientists and showed them what a fraud it was.
Tell us about that.
Well, that's actually the study.
It's called the Hari-Hirsti study and it's on the top right-hand corner of our website, the technical study.
The most important thing, by the way, citizens can do, and we went in and we proved it, and the most important thing citizens can do now is start demanding replication of that.
When you have a scientific study, what gets done next is it gets replicated, correct?
Somebody goes out and goes,
This looks to be true, so let's get a government agency to repeat the study and prove it is or it isn't true.
Do you know that a very top scientist at MIT, Dr. Ronald Rivest, wrote letters to some of the top people in the United States, including the Election Assistance Commission and this Paul Kraft from Florida who just resigned.
This was in July.
He said this needs to be replicated immediately.
It is a stunning and startling study and we need immediate replication.
Well, why hasn't it been?
It takes an afternoon to replicate it.
That's it.
And it's been three months, and what are we doing?
We're going into an election tomorrow without replicating the study with no protection.
But you guys have also done this right in front of the news media many times.
So you've replicated it over and over again, and Diebold has admitted now that, okay, there's a bunch of back doors into our software.
So, I mean, there's your evidence right there.
Bev, stay there.
I want to play this clip when we get back and also take a phone call or two.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com.
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We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Our website is blackboxvoting.org.
She's Bev Harris.
Valiantly toe-to-toe with the New World Order for all of us.
I know we're extremists.
We think we should have a right to vote.
We're evil, but you know, somebody's got to do it.
Let's go ahead and play this clip of her in Florida confronting these yahoos.
They start trying to make all these claims, and of course, she caught them red-handed, so here it is.
Call the sheriff's department.
All I ask is what's in there.
I want to see a ballot.
That's a sample ballot.
Let's have this.
In fact, I'll submit a public records request for everything in this bag right now, formally, and that way we can look through it and give that to you and we'll be on our way.
I'm good about the fact that you're being thrown away.
You can make a copy of them.
Well, we have an active public record request that we need you to throw down.
I want to have one.
I don't know what they're picking through this one.
Well, I'm going to grab these poll tapers I have an active public record request for and I've had all kinds of problems getting them from the county.
You didn't get that poll taperman that day.
I sure did.
And videotaped it.
Let me see it.
No, I'm not going to.
I'll do it right back to you.
It's not the only one.
It's probably just a zero thing.
I got others.
We've got a public records request for the zero tape, too.
Well, if it's just the zero tape, there's no information on it that... Not at all!
Zero tape is an audit record.
And Bev, you are doing right now... I'm doing a public records request for the contents of the garbage bag.
And Bev, over time, what were you able to discover?
Again, recapping of the listeners that was in those bags of garbage.
In those bags of garbage, the most important thing we found, besides the fact that they were manufacturing homemade ballots in their warehouse, was that they had thrown away a bunch of computer tapes.
The computer tapes led us to the discovery of a program that was on a credit card sized item that produces those particular computer tapes.
The program is something that seems to have been put there to make it easy to tamper elections.
And that discovery, that program, has now made its way into the general accounting, the GAO report, which was released on October 21st.
So it's literally a takeover key card, an ace in the hole for the globalists.
Let's talk to Mark.
Mark, you're on the air with Bev Harris.
Hey, how are you guys doing?
Yeah, it really wouldn't be fair to talk about this issue without...
I'm giving some accolades to the Collier brothers who did such a great job on this.
I mean, I remember reading the book Vote Scam like five, six years ago, and I was like, yeah, people stare at you like you're from a different planet.
But one thing that I've noticed they do in order to obfuscate the truth here, and it gets kind of frustrating to see this, whenever the media covers the whole issue of quote-unquote vote fraud,
Yeah, they try to distract onto individual voter fraud, not election fraud.
Right, voter fraud, not election fraud.
Yeah, like, you know, it's a systemic problem, you know.
Listen, I hear you, Mark.
Great points.
Bev, as usual, it went by really fast.
Big election coming up tomorrow, and I hope to have you back on after we see what happens with this one, and just Godspeed.
Thank you so much, Alex.
All right.
You keep it up, my dear.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, I'm going to move fast and try to jam some of the callers onto the show, but hold them the longest.
John and Dirk and Paul and others.
And then we've got a great guest coming up here in a few minutes.
More news on the free trade area of the Americas in deep trouble, thank God.
Also good news on the Congress moving to try to block land grabbing by the counties and cities.
And just a lot more coming up in this third and final hour today.
Thank you for riding along with us, riding shotgun with us.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Four quick points and then a question.
The guy that called in about the draft, the main thing he needs to stay away from is any federal grants like telegrams or anything for that.
They might stick it to him then, but as long as he stays away from that, he should be okay.
This week, there was a show on PBS called Global Prescription for Health, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Did you happen to see that?
Telling us how loving the vaccines are?
Oh, yeah.
And it started off really something that anybody could agree with, like clean water for Africa.
And then as it went on and on, it got more and more diabolical.
They talked about what they're doing on giving...
I made all the kids in particular country, which is a nice thing, but it was such a controlled thing where they brought everybody together for a big celebration and for everyone to take the red pill.
And then when they got to the very end, they were talking about, oh, the World Health Organization doesn't have enough money.
We don't have enough vaccine.
And so what they're going to do since they don't have enough vaccine is they're setting up these international surveillance teams.
They're going to be checking hospital records.
And if they say that you're sick with the bird flu, that they say it's inevitable, it's going to happen, that the surveillance team will put you in isolation and then go back to your village and find out... Yeah, we've got to have global tyranny, and we've got special injections for you, and after you take your injection, you get real sick, and this is all part of world population reduction and control.
And it's all done under the guise of helping them.
It was just a propaganda piece that...
The second thing I saw... I would imagine it also pushed for global taxation, didn't it?
You know, I only saw the last night.
There were two other nights, and I missed the first two nights.
I mean, I just know what that foundation pushes for.
Yeah, Ted Turner constantly talks about how he wants to kill 85% of us.
Now, the third world's overpopulated, and forced reduction of useless feeders is good.
I mean, he used that Hitler term.
But then out of the other side of his mouth, I love the African children.
I've got a shot.
It's the same thing with the Gates Foundation.
It is so evil.
The second thing I noticed was on Saturday is on the Tennessee and this was also carried in the Atlanta Journal of the Constitution and others at that time under Cox News Agency talking about pushing for the BARDA.
I saw an article about this on Prison Planet also.
This agency and they're asking for it to be completely exempt from Freedom of Information Act and it's also in the law to be
Complete liability shielding for the vaccine.
Yeah, no, no.
Total police state control.
Total liability protection.
Total martial law.
Look, Ron Paul on this broadcast has said that this whole bird flu thing is a smokescreen for gun confiscation and enslavement.
That's all it is.
So we've got to really fight, Bart.
It seems to be kind of early in the stages right now, and it might be stoppable, just like a few of these other laws have been stopped.
It just sounds horrible.
Well, look, it's already passed the Senate for drug liability and vaccine liability protection.
Yeah, but Bart, this agency just can't... No, I understand.
What they do is they also need the agency to administrate the extermination.
Meanwhile, Bush wants almost $7 billion for the martial law.
He's openly getting funded for the martial law right in front of us.
They're even getting the funding for the martial law.
I guess the thing that's so scary about the BARDA is the FOIA exemption.
Brother, we're out of time.
In fact, you're a great caller, but now the other two callers have got a whole little bit longer.
We've got our next guest coming up.
So we've got to go ahead and take that break.
We'll be right back.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com will tell you about the bankers and how they took over America when we get back with the editor of NewsWithViews.com.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to be taking your phone calls in this hour, in the 52 minutes that we've got left.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get to Dirk and Paul and others who have been holding for quite a while.
A lot of bad stuff is happening, but also a lot of good things are happening.
The Congress moving to basically ban these cities and counties from using federal money to steal private property, because the feds have been the main funder of that for decades.
This is really backfiring on them.
We also have the free trade area of the Americas in deep trouble.
I mean, collapsing right now.
Still, they've got the areas of the system that they were able to put into force are still operating, and
The Agenda 21 and the whole globalization is still there, but a major stepping stone in the completion of their world government went down in flames down in South America and Central America this weekend.
And it's all run by the same people, these international banks.
The banks literally print money out of nothing.
They control the private printing presses.
Of the countries.
And for every dollar that they have in the bank, they can create $10 in debt.
It's only zeros and ones.
There's less than 3% actual paper cash money.
Only 3% actual cash for the supposed deposits that are in the bank.
It's zeros and ones.
And you'll break your back.
You'll work your fingers to the bone.
You'll work three jobs trying to get out of debt and raise a family.
And meanwhile, these international banks literally just create zeros and ones because they were able to pay off the governments and get control of the banking system.
You know, banking in the past was just loaning somebody money.
Now it's controlling governments.
And that's why Alan Greenspan has so much power compared to the president.
Because he's the regional governor of the Regional Federal Reserve.
Really interesting fellow we've got on with us for the Balance of the Broadcast, and I'm honored to have him.
I interviewed him about four years ago because he republished a book that had been out of print for a hundred years, and I had a chance to read it.
I mean, it's like prophecy because the gentleman studying it understood what the bankers were doing and what they were trying to get done, and he talked about what they would do if they were able to do it and if they won the coming battle and what they would set up and
Unfortunately, it's all come true like clockwork, so it's a very important book to read, and I've decided to carry it.
We're expanding radically what we carry in the Infowars.com video and bookstore.
And it is available.
It is The Coming Battle, back in print the last four years.
And it is 360-something pages long, a very easy read, and it exposes the dastardly plans of these international bankers who did seize control of our country, and everything the book predicted has come true.
The Coming Battle, with the foreword written by Paul Walter,
We're good to go.
Good to have you on with us, Paul.
Thank you very much, Alex.
It's great to talk to you again.
I haven't been on your show since about 1998, so it was almost 8 years ago.
Wow, you know, I forget.
I fly.
It just seemed like 4 or 5 years ago, sir.
We're talking about 7 years ago.
That's right.
I interviewed you when I was on KJFK, I think.
Yes, this is during the time that we were worried about the Y2K and all this.
This is the time that you interviewed me.
I don't know exactly what year, but it was around 97, 98.
That blows me away.
Time is flying.
Paul, obviously what we do has grown, both on your end and my end, since 1999 or so, when you republished The Coming Battle.
Now it's in paperback, so it's less expensive.
It's a big hardback, but the paperback's quite handsome.
Tell us about The Coming Battle and what the book covers, and let's go over some of this lost history.
Well, about, I would say, 95, 96, someone gave me a copy, an original copy of the book that was published in 1899, written by a man that was born before the Civil War.
And he said, Paul, you've got to read this.
You wouldn't believe what this book contains.
So I got a hold of that, took it home, read it.
It took me about a week.
I couldn't believe what I was reading, because what the book contained is a complete blueprint for destruction of America.
In other words, this New World Order isn't new.
And the reason this
Old book, The Coming Battle, is so important because it talks about the coming battle that's about to come.
And what the coming battle really means is that the time, as Mr. Wahlberg says, is coming in America to where the banksters, as he calls them, where the money power will be on one side, the people on the other, and they will deprive the people of the very country that the Founding Fathers conquered.
In other words, they're going to enslave you through the corporations.
It talks about how partnership, partnering,
To corporations.
In other words, it's an iron triangle, so to speak, to corporations partnering with government and the money power, where the three, working hand in hand together, are going to enslave you.
And you can see that happening today.
The coming battle talks about how back in 1860s, I believe it was, I don't have the exact year in my head, how Napoleon III tried to unite Europe under a common currency.
Well, they succeeded this time with the European Union.
What's neat about the coming battle is it takes you back like a time machine to the history throughout the 1800s.
Of how this whole thing started.
And you can understand the events today a little easier when you read the coming battle book.
Well, the Rothschilds put over their palaces in France and in England that, you know, I control the money.
I don't care who the politicians are.
So it's simple, folks.
Understand it.
They don't, quote, make money.
They literally manufacture it.
Their business is simply printing the money and buying the world up with it.
I mean, imagine if you personally had a printing press and everyone would accept it.
I mean, pretty soon you'd take over.
And they're as federal as Federal Express or as federal storage.
It is not federal, and the book gets into these banking documents where the National Banking Associations would brag to each other about how they were going to enslave us and how they had to buy up the newspapers.
And guess what, my friend?
They really did do that, and they really did take over, and now we're seeing the final fruits of what this book predicts.
Well, basically, if you understand, if you go to a bank and let's say you want to borrow money for a car and you want to finance this car, you sign as the lender and the borrower.
In other words, the creditor and the debtor.
Now, how can you be the creditor and the debtor or the lender and the borrower at the same time?
I started scratching my head and I went to my banker and he's pretty honest and he's a good friend of the family and I said, you know, I'm not going to mention his name, but I said, you know, Joe,
What do you do when I borrow money and I sign it?
What really happens?
He said, what we do is we lend out 90% on this money.
So in other words, you borrow $10,000 on a car, they can lend out 90% on that, and they basically take your certificate and put it on a deposit and lend out 90% on that money that you just created out of thin air.
That's called fractional reserve banking.
And the bankers brag.
These are in public documents, and a lot of this is in the book.
You know, internal memos between the different banks and each other.
It is designed to create a black hole.
That is, the debt system is designed so the average person that gets in it, it's designed where you don't get out.
It's like sharecropping.
Once you're in it, it's like that roach hotel that I saw once.
The roaches check in, but they don't check out.
So you become part of the system, and now when they pass this new law that you can't file for bankruptcy anymore...
It used to have an escape clause that, you know, it's like this game Monopoly with this guy with the handlebar mustache in the game Monopoly, which is really J.P.
The whole game Monopoly is built on basically the money system and how it works.
You buy a house, you buy a hotel, you go to jail, you're out of jail.
The whole thing basically is a game of the economy.
And at the end,
When you lose your hotels and you lose your home and you lose all your money, who winds up with all your money?
It's the guy, the banker.
That's the banker in the gay monopoly.
And people still don't catch on.
And I always explain how, for example, the IRS works.
I use an example of a lake.
And you have a river that flows into the lake.
It feeds the lake.
Well, if there isn't an outlet, the lake will keep rising and rising and rising, so you have to have an outlet.
So if you can control the amount of water that flows into this lake, and you control the amount of water that flows out of the lake, you can control the level of the lake.
The lake is the economy.
So you can either raise the level or you can lower the level, and the river flowing in is the amount of money that's printed and put in circulation, whether it's electronic money or printed money,
And the river flowing out is called the IRS, and really it doesn't fund the government at all.
All it does is they take the money out of circulation so they can control what's in circulation, whether it's paper money or electronic money, so they can control deflation or deflation.
You're right, Mr. Walter, and the byword here, the prime mover here, is control.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, they literally print the money.
The private banks instruct the Treasury to go out and print the money, but that's only...
3% of the actual currency that's out there.
Most of it is nebulous.
It is a projection.
It is a zero and a one in a computer.
Or it's ones and zeros in a ballot sheet.
And so they can social engineer and control with this.
And through this book and through other documents, Paul, we know what the banker's plan is.
And it is neo-serfdom.
It is openly to destroy the middle class and enslave us.
The whole thing is contrived to manipulate the people so they can basically... If they see that the people are getting too independent, which is what really independence means.
You don't owe anyone anything and you've got money in the bank.
That's really independence.
What they do, they raise your taxes so you can take less home.
So they keep you poor.
So you have to constantly work harder and harder.
Because the people who encourage you to borrow, that's why every time you turn around, there's another credit card application in the mail.
And everything, exactly, everything is this.
They want the open borders because the slave labor, basically, again, drive down the wages.
They want globalization.
They admit to, quote, create a larger, lower class.
They are threatened by you being successful.
They are threatened by you being independent.
Young people, they got you with your pants hanging down around your ankles,
You're dancing around like an idiot.
Meanwhile, they're laughing at you.
They want you to be slaves, too.
They want you to be fools.
Stay there, Mr. Walter.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
Folks, we're going to be taking your calls coming up in the next segment.
And of course, our guest is fluent on the whole New World Order situation.
He can talk about any subject with you.
But I'll also tell you briefly how to get the book.
We have it at Infowars.com, and I think it's a book you need to have.
You know, this weekend I went to see Family and I listened to a book on tape about Andrew Jackson.
And I'd read about Andrew Jackson.
I think he was one of our better presidents.
I'm not defending some of the things he did to Native Americans.
But, I mean, at that point it was toe-to-toe battle.
No one knew who would win.
I mean, it's not like the images you see in Hollywood.
But to make a long story short...
Andrew Jackson on his deathbed.
This is a guy who at 13 years of age had both his brothers die fighting the British and die of disease, and his mother die, and his dad had died before he was born.
At 13 years of age, he refused to lick the boots of the red coat, the Colonel Tavington.
The literal character who is in...
The Patriot with Mel Gibson.
That's the real character.
Refused to lick his boots, so he slashed him on the head with his saber.
Almost killed him, and he still wouldn't lick his boots.
This guy, all the way later in his life, after beating the British in the Battle of 1814, all of that, the president, he's dying in Tennessee at the Hermitage, and they say, what was it?
What are your last words?
What are you most proud of?
And he said, I killed the bank.
I mean, he fought these guys off.
They shot at him.
He had bullet holes in him.
He had a whole bunch of musket balls inside of his body.
They were constantly trying to kill him because he wouldn't let the private European banks take America over.
And so just a few years later, a gentleman who was alive during all of this wrote this book.
Tell us about the fellow that wrote The Coming Battle.
Well, the fellow that wrote The Coming Battle was what we've got his genealogy and some of his children's children's children sent us his genealogy of who this guy was.
And he was mayor of Bluffton, Indiana.
He was an attorney.
He was an insider with privilege to inside information, and obviously he was a decent guy because he had a conscience, and he blew the whistle from the inside.
And you know what you just earlier mentioned about the open borders and illegal immigration coming in?
See, Mr. Weber talks about that in the coming battle, and that's why the coming battle is so important.
They've done that before.
Back in 1864, what they did is what the politicians were bought and paid for just like today, owned by the bankers,
We're good to go.
They passed this bill to bring in labor from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Europe, China, from all over Europe.
They brought them in here to drive the wages down, which caused countless labor riots throughout the 1800s that I never knew until I read the coming battle.
Now, I'd call that naphtha and gas in reverse.
What they're doing today is instead of not just importing cheap foreign labor coming through the border, but also exporting our industry to the cheap foreign labor as well.
So we've got a double whammy here.
We have illegal immigration in Europe.
We're good to go.
We've got the same problem with illegal aliens.
Not that Mexicans are bad.
I don't mean to say that at all.
Because a lot of them are decent people coming across here looking for a better... The point is, is that we're 290-something million.
There's 6 billion that want to come here.
Folks, do you want to live at the standard of an Indian in Calcutta?
Do you want to live at the standard of somebody in Beijing, China?
Folks, I mean, listen.
You know, Alex, what the problem is?
Listen, there is no illegal immigration here.
To Russia, there's no illegal immigration.
In China, there's no illegal immigration.
In South America, you don't see people breaking into Chile and Argentina and the rest of the countries going there.
Illegal immigration is only in the United States and Canada and Europe.
You don't see illegal immigration in my home country.
No, I know, and that's because we have some semblance of a true free market and we're being looted and we're going down.
They're totally destroying.
And NAFTA and GAAP is nothing but a smokescreen, by the way, on the free trade.
By the way, Bush was down there, and they admitted it was for world government.
What they want to do is create an EU of North and South America, so what we have is a united Europe, like European countries where Mexico and Canada and the United States would join, and eventually with the South America, so we're all one country.
And you can't do that, because a lot of these third-war countries have a third-war mentality.
They're coming across here, they bring this garbage, this mentality with them,
You know the saying, you can take boy out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the boy?
This means they take this same mentality that keeps the country poor.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Dirk and Paul and James and many others have been holding for quite a while.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
It's great to have Paul Walter on with us, and I think Paul's another example of somebody who found out about the New World Order, republished this book, started a website, got a lot of great writers, and reaches millions of people every month with newswithviews.com.
I mean, that's what you can do.
Become the media.
Take action.
Support the alternative media.
And before we go back to our guests and your calls, I hope you will go to infowars.com and go to our secure online shopping cart and get this new book, Becoming Battle, with a foreword by Paul Walter and his wife, Lorraine Walter.
A great foreword.
360-something pages long.
Lost for over a hundred years, and now we're even the first time in almost a century, the book that documents how and why our national debt was deliberately created by our elected representatives and how the banking money powered.
The Coming Battle, first published in 1889, is the chronological history of the usurping of every American sovereign rights by the unseen money power and their agents.
And it goes on and on.
Read how recessions, depressions, and panics are created at will and how the stock markets are manipulated for power and gain.
It's like Enron, folks, with fake stock trading.
It just wasn't even real.
Fake computer systems, fake screens, whole fake trading centers, with Congress getting tours.
I mean, it's just fake.
Read how the manufacturers, with the backing of the money power, imported cheap foreign labor, resulting in countless labor riots.
Read how the money power took control of the influential colleges and universities in the United States.
This is a mayor, an insider, blowing the whistle in 1899, and then you read it and it's all come true.
See, that's the real test of information.
What we talked about ten years ago, unfortunately, has happened.
Well, what this guy talked about 105 years ago has unfortunately happened.
Read how the money power created starvation and suffering in a nation of plenty and how small family farms are set up for foreclosures.
Read how silver was demonetized by the money power.
And it goes on and on.
Read how the banking money power fleeced the treasury of our gold and silver and replaced it with worthless paper money.
Read how legislation was signed and passed into law pledging every American citizen as collateral for the repayment of all foreign debts in gold and silver.
And folks, this is an important book to really understand.
This isn't some hindsight on the Federal Reserve.
This is before the bankers even got it rammed through.
I mean, they killed presidents over this.
They fought presidents.
They constantly tried to get this.
Burr basically took out Alexander Hamilton for trying to push this through.
The Republicans did against the Federalists.
This is the battle.
This is the ongoing battle.
You know, not just the coming battle.
The battle is now.
The battle is here.
We're coming to the flashpoint, the critical mass now in all of this.
Also, we have Tex Mars, a new book, weighs 3 pounds, over 1,000 photos and documents, and it is over 600-plus pages long, $35.
This one's 19, coming battle, because it's a phone book.
And you will know the language.
It'll be like you learned French or Italian or Spanish.
You will understand all the secret society languages and the corporate symbols that these, quote, private intelligence agencies, that's what these secret societies are, use to control you.
And it goes part and parcel with this.
We're now carrying that book.
Don't forget my new film, Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, three hours long, details of the globalists carried out in 9-11, the latest police state developments, and the globalist master plan.
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Right now, I am overworked, folks, and I really do need more of your support.
But it's our entire society.
We've just got to get in there.
We've got to fight these people toe-to-toe.
We've got to just start the fight, not talk about how big the New World Order is or how powerful it is.
You want to see the changes I've seen in the last 11 years of fighting the New World Order.
And so I hope you'll get these videos and books.
Going back to our guests, and we're going to go to your calls in just a moment.
Paul Walter, editor over there at newsreviews.com.
Paul, I mean, 10 years ago, I guess when you started getting involved...
Or fill me in.
When did you wake up to the New World Order?
Did you envision you'd be running a website with millions of visitors a month?
Did you envision that you'd get this deep into the fight?
And are you now seeing people become more receptive than they've ever been?
Those are the questions.
Well, I would say I always knew something was wrong because I was very intuitive and very astute.
And I sensed that something was wrong.
I couldn't put my finger on it exactly what the problem was.
I kept reading and reading and reading and searching until I found it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know, moving goods up and down highways across America, where they can get on the Internet without being on the Internet, and I'll explain that to you before we go off the show today.
What were you asking me now?
I was saying, are you finding that people are really starting to wake up?
I would say that it started with basically Katrina.
I noticed that the more problems that they are, the more, like the Bible says, the closer to the end will get, the more birth pain you will feel, like a woman giving birth.
As the more painful the country becomes, the more they start scratching their heads looking for answers.
In fact, there's an AP Wires story that I was just reading that people are basically
Leaving the newspapers because most of them are liberal, with liberal slant and lies in the papers.
Yeah, it's not just that we have the internet now.
Because that's been there for years.
People are just leaving mainstream media, period.
They just don't believe it anymore.
No, they're basically... San Francisco Chronicle is down 16.7% in their circulation.
Most papers around the country on average are down about 3%.
And they're going to either talk radio...
Fox News or mainly online news is the fastest growing news source right now.
Let's be specific.
Fox is a counterfeit of alternative media.
They have to give us a counterfeit.
But I would add this.
You're talking about the Dallas Morning News and the New York Times and groups being down in the last year.
Do you know what newspaper circulation, how far it's down in the last decade?
I don't know what it's down in the last decade. 60%.
I know the newspapers are hurting all across the country.
I noticed with our papers here locally, which is extremely liberal, and they lie every chance they get.
What they do now is they take guest opinions of people who don't agree with them, in other words, the opposite views, to give the illusion to the people that they're fair and balanced, which they're really not.
Well, what do you have to say, Paul?
Your view is on Fox News.
Well, I mean, it's better than CNN.
They're not quite as bad as CNN, but I understand that Fox News basically is a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, just like certain websites out there are basically mouthpieces of the Republican Party, and then there's those who are websites, mouthpieces for the Democratic Party.
And the reason we're news releases up to 25 million hits a month right now, we're right at the heels of
World Net Daily, right?
That's how big we've gotten.
And the reason we got so big is because we take a view that it's what's right, not who's right.
In other words, there is no such thing as a
In other words, not all Democrats are bad, not all Republicans are good.
To us, the truth that counts is not whether it came from a Republican mouth or a Democrat mouth.
What I say is don't look at what they say, the rhetoric.
Go to the actual facts of what they do.
And that's what...
You know, that's what we do.
And, I mean, I've found in the last three, four years people have been waking up.
But now that is only snowballing and accelerating.
Let's take some calls.
Let's talk to Dirk in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Dirk, you've been patiently holding.
Welcome, Dirk.
How's it going?
You know, I've been reading Dele Castillo's Powderburn and also Daniel Hopsicker's Burying the Boys and clearly the CIA and other many very powerful people.
Well, I've interviewed people like Terry Reid, who literally, as a CIA officer, was there watching them unload the cocaine, and Bill Clinton, all of them involved in it.
I mean, this is publicly known.
Even Esquire did a report four or five years ago where they talked to all these DEA people where they'd go to the airfield and bust the big C-130.
It'd be CIA on board, and they'd be ordered, stand down, the cocaine would just be shipped in.
Yeah, and there's a lot of people in other countries.
Of course, there's a whole Afghanistan issue.
But they'll put your kid in prison.
Yeah, well, that actually is part of my question is, when the cashless control grid gets put in place, how is that going to affect the illegal drug industry?
You know, I've thought about that, but regardless, the globalists are putting it in.
I believe that they're going to then start trafficking in things like gold and things of that nature, and the globalists will just control the black market in that as well.
See, they make money off controlling that black market.
True, but I think with the industry, especially with the prison element of it, we're talking hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
One would think that the globalists would have a lot of infighting going on over that.
Well, they're going to put loopholes in the system, and then if an old lady gets caught, quote, laundering some creds through her cashless account, she'll get ten years in prison.
But when the government does it, and the government minions do it, nothing will happen.
All right.
Let's get a comment from our guest about cartels in the intelligence agencies controlling the predominant quantities of narcotics.
Well, I don't know how to comment on this.
I don't know what to say, but I know that they're bringing drugs in to destroy this country morally.
Basically, they're into pornography and drugs, and that is what's going to bring this country down.
How to stop this, I don't know.
The only way that I can see to bring
This new world order, basically to kind of reverse the trend, is to basically run for office in your county and city level.
You can't make a difference in the state and federal government.
Oh, I hardly agree with that.
I mean, most of the power is in the county and the city, but people have, what, 7-8% turnout for that, and then for the big contest, we'll get a 60% turnout for a presidential run.
Well, what they're afraid of is, see, they can't... In other words, they can't implement all this...
Uh, agendas, but if your county commissioners or your board of supervisors or your city council give them the finger and say, we're not going to carry this out, the whole thing will stop.
I know it's hard to take over Las Vegas or Chicago or Los Angeles because the city is too big and too powerful, but you can most certainly take over counties in the rural area, you know, in the rural populations where the counties aren't as populated and aren't that big, and we've done it here.
We've got a decent commissioner and any time the other two
Do something that isn't right.
He goes on the radio.
We got our radio station owner here.
So it's a multifaceted, multivariate program.
You've got to have people that are involved.
You've got to have media outlets that are telling the truth and that are allowing the First Amendment.
And you've got to have citizens that are willing to stand up.
All right.
Real quick, anything else there, Dirk?
No, that'll do it.
I'm a prison plan subscriber and also a...
GCN Live subscriber, and just thanks for all that you're doing.
Well, sir, thank you.
We wouldn't be here without you.
It's so vital.
Thank you, and God bless.
Let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Paul in Ohio.
Paul, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I had two short points I wanted to go over, and then the main reason why I'm calling you, and then I had a short clip I wanted to play of Bush talking about gynecology.
It's pretty funny.
Loving on the women, yeah.
But first off, I called before and asked you about Secret Evil of 9-11, a short 20-minute clip that you're in, and as Andy Rooney talked about, President Bush Sr.
talked about the New World Order, also goes over Skull and Bones, World Trade Center 7, the Twin Towers.
Really good video.
When I called before, I didn't tell you where you can get it.
It's at questioning-consensus.com.
Short video, very informative, has great music.
Perfect for waking anyone up, in my opinion.
Short and sweet.
Well, sounds good.
What else is on your mind?
Have you ever heard of News for the Soul?
It rings a bell vaguely.
Yeah, newsforthesoul.com.
It's a good radio show, too.
Also has a TV program attached to it, just like yours.
And I was thinking maybe you should become affiliates with them or have some kind of coordination.
Well, you know, that takes work to have coordination.
Everybody wants to coordinate with me, and then if I spent all day coordinating, I mean, I'm just having trouble doing what I'm doing and trying to get the work done.
I need to get it done.
But you're here on air plugging it, sir.
And so I appreciate your call.
Thank you so much.
Oh, we lost your call.
We already let you go, sir.
Thank you.
And I don't mind plugs, but a lot of times we just plug after plug after plug in a row.
It kind of gets boring in a way.
In fact, the secret, if you just call in and plug something, it won't get any hits.
If you're wanting to get hits to something,
You know, let me bring something else up since we're here.
On March 18, now that's in the coming battle book that the folks will read as they order the book from you.
The President Grant signed a bill called an Act to Strengthen Public Credit.
Did you know about that?
Yes, I did.
I read the book.
What he did is he pledged...
Every American citizen and your property and everything that you own that's worth of any wealth is collateral for the national debt.
That's why they own everything, including your children.
And folks, that's part of the record and those documents and the evidence of that is in the coming battle.
They own everything.
And to understand this, that's why we're called human resources now, not human beings.
And this is the feudal serf system.
We're in Europe to get banker investment.
They would pledge...
Let's jam another call in here.
Let's talk to Jamie in Kentucky.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, Alex.
It's our right to not pay taxes, right?
I'm not going to advise you what to do.
Some taxes are constitutional.
Some other taxes are not constitutional.
And I pick my battles.
I pay income tax, but it is a fraud.
It is a scam.
But now they're going to give us the fraudulent sales tax, but they're not going to get rid of the income tax.
They're going to keep that and have both of them together.
That's what Neil Bortz doesn't tell you.
If Clinton and all of them started like this, they'd work for the devil, and they'll pay for it.
One of these days when the good Lord comes back.
Well, trust in God, but tie up your camel, as the Bedouins say.
No, I agree with you.
Evil pays in this life and in the next.
I appreciate your call.
We'll come back with a final segment.
Maybe jam a caller or two in with our guest.
He's Paul Walter.
The book, The Coming Battle, The True Story of Our National Debt.
Find out how you became chattel slaves in the government's eyes.
But I'm not your slave.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
You were telling me about a way to get out there to the truck drivers.
Kidd's Billions for the Bankers and some of the things that she's promoted and got out there have been very effective.
She read 38 hours of recording in studio to where she takes the Internet articles that are on newsreviews.com
I think we're good to go.
And you can listen to articles instead of logging on to the Internet.
If you're not on the Internet, just pop the CD and she'll read the articles to you.
And when you log on to newswithviews.com, click on DVKid's article and she'll explain to you how the whole thing works.
By the way, we have Dr. Carolyn Dean on today blowing the whistle of how they want to silence free speech to manufacturers who manufacture health products.
Oh, I am fully aware of how they're going after every basic liberty is being savaged right now.
Let's take a final phone call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Gary in Ohio.
He had a question about the occult, I think.
He was unable to get on last week with Tex Mars.
Go ahead, Gary.
Actually, Alex, I was spinning that towards talking about economics and freedom and all that.
And I want to say I give out a lot of your DVDs to police officers, cops in the area, because I think they need to see about martial law.
Have you gotten any feedback from them?
I haven't gotten feedback.
Well, I've gotten positive response when I was handing them out.
I haven't necessarily gotten back to them.
Some of them hang up at the coffee shop and I've got to talk to them and see what they think about that.
Well, I appreciate you doing that.
What else is on your mind?
I was reading a quote from Goldwater today.
A friend of mine brought that up.
Politics is the art of achieving the maximum amount of freedom for individuals that is consistent with the maintenance of social order.
And I do agree with that.
The place I guess that I split with some libertarians is
They want to eliminate government control over corporations.
I've heard that from time to time.
And what I see is basically that corporations have taken over.
You know, these inhuman... Yeah, they don't... Of the 100 biggest economies, 44 of them are corporations.
So where libertarians get confused is a lot of them don't understand that corporations...
Corporations act as governments, like the British East India Company is one of the more famous precursors to what we see in the modern world.
Mussolini said it shouldn't be called fascism, it should be called corporatism.
And earlier our guest, Mr. Walter, talked about this Iron Curtain.
The corporations grew the government up.
They got us addicted to it and domesticated.
Now they're taking the chicken feet away and they're giving themselves government power through the government minions that they've bought and paid for.
Now those government minions, our supposed servants, call themselves our authorities and our officials and we're basically the slaves.
Final comment on that, Paul?
You're absolutely right.
I don't know what I can add that you haven't said.
Like for example, what they're doing in Europe is we have someone, I can't think of his name right now, that wrote an article for us that's under guest opinion.
Thank you so much for joining us, Gary.
I appreciate the call.
And I appreciate you coming on as our guest, Paul Walter.
I'll have to have you on a little bit sooner than eight, nine years.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate that.
God bless you, sir.
Take care.
Great guy.
I hope you get the coming battle off Infowars.com.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.