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Air Date: Nov. 4, 2005
2250 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, she was the commanding general over all the prisons and detention centers.
I bet she's got some stories to tell.
In Iraq, and she was General Janice Karpinski.
She's joining us in about five minutes.
The only female general officer commanding troops in the combat zone in Iraq.
And they try to scapegoat her.
That's coming up.
Also, your calls.
Let's go to your calls right now.
Scott Ritter, the UN weapons inspector, with a bunch of new revelations and developments.
Another big whistleblower joining us in the next hour.
Let's go to Joel in Wisconsin right now.
Joel, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to go over a few things, like the Fed chair being changed.
I know Alan Greenspan said that the gold-backed dollar is the best thing.
Then when he gets in...
All of a sudden, oh, no, no, no.
Well, he wrote books saying the Federal Reserve is an evil... He wrote books that sounded like they were written by Eustace Mullins.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, these are published in Ayn Rand publications in the 60s.
But by the 70s, he'd switched over to their side.
They actually paid him off and hired him.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, he was one of us, folks.
He talked just like us.
I'm going to make a prediction.
I'm going to predict that interest rates are going to rise through the roof, that this new chairman is going to burst the housing bubble for sure.
And what they're doing is they're using the hurricane.
And did you know just in the past half day or so, there's been a bombing that went off in Baghdad again.
But the terrorists are blowing up reporters.
Now, I couldn't think of any terrorists
In the right or wrong mind that would do something that stupid.
Yeah, why do the terrorists always do what helps the globalists?
Like, Saddam says, I hate Al-Qaeda, I'm fighting them, which is true.
And then all of a sudden, bin Laden pops up and goes, no, no, I'm working with him.
And then, of course, Colin Powell knows hours before the tape's released because he works for them.
It's totally and completely... Well, why would they want bad press releases?
I mean, what...
I'm looking at it this way.
The government, if some reporter got a hold of some really hot news that was, like, meltdown great, I would think that the government would want them hushed up really quick.
But I don't think terrorists would.
Well, sir, it's not just your logic that's correct.
It's the facts.
You notice the Spanish judge has indicted and is calling for the arrest of the troops that fired with the Abrams into the hotel?
No one was firing at them from the hotel.
The ninth floor was doing bad reports on them killing kids.
They just had arguments with them.
They were ordered to assassinate them.
The Pentagon said they were going to kill reporters beforehand.
And I heard neocons on the radio going, our troops just can't do anything right.
They just can't defend themselves.
They openly are targeting reporters.
It's like in the Associated Press.
They had major reporters, a big gaggle of them, had an officer walk over to them.
Remember this a few weeks ago in New Orleans?
And he said, I don't care if the federal court says you're allowed to take photos and be here.
You release one photo of any of this, we are going to kill you like we do people in Iraq.
Now, that's in front of reporters.
That's not us claiming they kill reporters.
That's them saying, we kill you.
We will kill you.
In America, troops saying, an officer right in front of a whole group of reporters, knowing it'd get out.
We will kill you.
I think they're using Harris as a lightning rod, because I don't think she's electable.
But I do think that the next person they put in is going to be even worse, but it's going to be the other side.
Would it be okay if I listen off, Eric, to the interview?
Sir, we can't let people sit on the phone line.
I do appreciate your call.
I mean, I really, really do appreciate your call, sir.
You can listen on shortwave, on the Internet, if you don't have a local AM or FM affiliate, up in Wisconsin.
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We want Alex Jones.
We want Alex Jones.
And they've got the receivers to pick us up.
We're on the big digital birds, folks.
And pretty much everybody in radio now knows who I am, so it's not that hard of a sell.
We're getting pretty mainstream in that everything we've talked about is coming out.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
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Thank you so much.
For tuning in today, we've got Scott Ritter coming on in the next hour.
Just a lot of new revelations, and he's spilt his guts in this new book.
Stuff that you've never seen in the press, you've never heard before.
Everything's so well documented that's coming up in the next hour.
And everything he has told us, he's been completely vindicated.
Just totally vindicated, and he has been through the wringer at the hands of the frothing, treasonous neocons.
But for the next 51 minutes, and we're even going to take some calls a little bit later, we are joined by the Brigadier General, retired now, and she was the head of all the prisons and detainment.
Facilities, 17 of them at the time, in Iraq, 3,400 soldiers, and she's Janice Karpinski.
And when she started refusing to be scapegoated, and started pointing out the military intelligence, and the 205 Military Intelligence Brigade was in control of every wing, in every prison where this stuff was going on, where the torture was going on,
When she wouldn't fall on her sword and commit Harry Caray when she hadn't done anything, Lord Bush, the Silver Spoon creature, basically forced her to be broken down to a kernel.
And it just makes me so angry.
And she's written a new book, and we're going to tell you about it, One Woman's Army, and it's in most finer bookstores now.
We'll tell you how to get it online at Amazon.com and more about the book as she now joins us.
And General, it's really good to have you on with us today.
And it is great to be with you.
It's a privilege.
Thank you very much.
For those that don't know, I mean, we have General Tugumbu's own report.
I mean, it's admitted.
Raping, pouring acid on people.
The photos we've seen are the tip of the iceberg.
But then, day one, I knew that even at Camp X-Ray, Brigadier General Rick Baucus refused to torture, so he got kicked out as well.
So you're among a lot of other company.
And now that's finally broken on major TV shows like Frontline.
But we reported on it two years ago.
I mean, this is going on.
For those that don't know, the torture is admitted, but we know that even in Guantanamo Bay, there is a CIA base within the base.
That's where the torture goes on.
And can you break this down and basically go through what happened and how they tried to scapegoat you?
Well, I guess we'll never know until they're willing to admit, and they never will.
But we can speculate as to why they wanted to scapegoat me, and there's every reason to believe...
That those reasons are valid.
But it started when we were assigned this new mission for detention operations.
We were basically sold a false bill of goods.
They told us that we were going to Baghdad, that we were going to receive support from the CJTF7, General Sanchez's headquarters,
And from Ambassador Bremer at the Coalition Provisional Authority that we would be working with these prisons experts at the Coalition Provisional Authority to work towards restoring Iraqi jails and prisons to turn it back over to the Iraqi control.
To arrive in Baghdad to discover that they had just begun to identify some locations.
They had a list of 121 prisons that they wanted to restore and that they wanted us to run.
And I told them I didn't have nearly that number of resources.
I could run about 15.
We settled on 17, and they were responsible for providing the funding to restore those prisons and renovate those prisons.
That was very slow in coming, only to discover after those contractors left that most of the contract work that had been allegedly done and paid for was in fact never done.
So we had MPs that were running these facilities, very, very austere conditions.
The prisons that were restored were done to the minimal standards.
In one case, the contractors put the hinges on the insides of the prison doors so the prisoners took all the hinge pins out and were waiting outside in the courtyard and scared the Iraqi guards away and the MPs had to go back in and
Regained control of the prison facility.
But Abu Ghraib was never intended to be a permanent prison or detention operation.
It was used as an interim facility largely because there was real estate available inside the 20-foot-high retaining wall, which was the first line of defense, for us to establish temporary camps, prisoner of war camps.
If there was still a war going on,
This would have been much like a prisoner of war camp.
It was never an ideal location of any kind for detention operations, let alone interrogation operations, as it ultimately became.
General, we're talking to Brigadier General Janice Karpinski, now retired, and Lord Bush busted her down to Colonel when she started going public about a year ago, refusing to go along with this fraud.
I mean, specifically, let's get into the separation of duties.
Once you guys...
Are in there.
You're overloaded.
3,400 troops.
That's with security.
A lot of your prisons and facilities are under daily bombardment by rockets, grenades, snipers, bombings.
And on top of this, I didn't specifically, because obviously you were there in commanding this, how the military intelligence took over and cloistered and kind of sequestered their own little reservations within your reservations.
The military intelligence brigade commander relocated to Abu Ghraib after two of his soldiers were killed in a RPG attack out at the prison facility.
He was visiting one night, only intended to spend one or two nights out there
There was an attack and two of his soldiers were killed and shortly after that he made the decision to relocate to Abu Ghraib and he had about six interrogation teams which then became about a dozen interrogation teams and these were military interrogators.
These were soldiers who were serving as interrogators.
They were following their regulations, their doctrine.
We had a very low number, a very small number of
prisoners that needed to be interrogated.
They were mostly Iraqi criminals, non-violent crimes, looting,
Missing curfew, a weapon in the trunk of the car, whatever it may have been.
Well, that's what the Army's other report said.
It said that between 75% and 90% were totally innocent and just hadn't had their papers in order.
That's correct.
And it remains so, I believe it remains so today because they're still doing these raids, these roundups where they'll go out and target an individual and whoever happens to be around that individual, they bring them all in.
And then there's no way, there's no avenue to release them
I think so.
Anything other than chaos as far as who's in charge, who can give me orders, who can instruct me.
What was it like having somebody under you, though?
I mean, I've heard the stories of Delta Force commanding generals around.
What was it like having somebody under you basically telling you what to do?
Well, Colonel Pappas never worked for me.
He was never in my chain of command.
So he just basically did whatever he wanted?
When it came to interrogations, he answered to General Fast.
Who was the intelligence officer at the headquarters and to General Sanchez, who was the commander.
He didn't report any of his interrogation findings through me.
In fact, the one time that one of his captains, when we had this first raid that was conducted and they brought in about 37 security detainees, within about 36 hours they had interviewed all of them and said that the majority of them were available for release.
When I briefed that that evening at the nightly update, I was told by General Wojciechowski, the deputy commander, not to release anybody.
And who gave me those instructions?
And I said, they weren't instructions.
It was a list.
The interrogator said they were eligible to be released and were ready to release them.
And they're of no further intel value.
He said, you are not to release anybody.
I think so.
Largely innocent people.
Well, General, we've got you for the rest of this hour, and my mind's just spinning.
I mean, there's so much I want to talk about.
I want to talk about what happened in there, how they kept you guys out of it, then how they tried to blame you with it when their own documents show you weren't even allowed in there.
All of this going on, and then we've got Alberto Gonzalez writing memos that then the Pentagon uses, giving orders to their own little subgroups under black ops,
And they're all bad.
We can trace back through documents that were released under court order.
We can trace back to the original document, the one that Alberto Gonzalez reviewed and discussed with the President of the United States, a departure from the Geneva Convention.
These are not prisoners.
These are terrorists.
And these techniques will be more effective.
And then Secretary Rumsfeld putting his signature on a document authorizing more aggressive techniques, harsher techniques during interrogation.
That document goes down to Guantanamo Bay and over to Afghanistan, and it's used perhaps first in small groups, and then it's used at Guantanamo Bay as a standard practice.
Well, specifically, General, we've got a break, but what about private contractors inside Abu Ghraib and other areas?
Because we've seen the reports that they were in there, too.
And when you ask private contractors to do anything related to combat operations, you're already heading down a very dangerous path.
We're talking about mercenaries, but now mercenary interrogators, and then now that... I mean, I remember sitting in an L.A.
hotel room watching Rumsfeld go on, we've taken the gloves off, we're really pressuring them, and laughter in the military briefing.
I mean, this was all publicly encouraged.
And then they can send people to prison while they don't get in trouble?
I just can't figure that out.
General, this is amazing.
We'll be back in about three minutes, and then we'll continue.
We've got a break.
Just any areas, directions you want to go in, just tell us, because this is such a wide field.
We'll be right back.
We're talking to General Janice Karpinski.
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Folks, I want you to think about the magnitude of the defections.
Last week we had Ray McGovern, number five in the CIA.
Who briefed Ronald Reagan, who briefed George Bush Sr., coming right out on air saying Bush may carry out terror attacks because he's in so much trouble to keep his war going, that our own government might pull something.
I mean, that's how out in the open all this is getting.
That's how many whistleblowers there are.
Ron Paul, a Republican congressman, saying the government may be preparing for a coup d'etat, for martial law.
I mean, that's how Twilight Zone things have gotten, and here we are talking to...
Brigadier General Janice Karpinski in her new book, One Woman's Army.
You talk about courage.
At first, they were blaming her.
People said, oh, she's the one.
I got on air, remember?
And I said, folks, these areas are under military intelligence control.
They're CIA interrogators.
It's the same thing at Camp X-Ray.
They have a CIA base and then a base.
This is pure bull.
And later, that did come out.
I'm not tooting my horn.
We knew how they were doing this.
General, let's go right down the line here.
We have the documents.
We know where these orders to do this torture came from.
Came right from the top.
Filtered all the way down through the Secretary of Defense with the endorsement of the President, the Vice President, you know, whatever advisors are surrounding him, and filtered down through the commanders in the field.
These practices were not only endorsed, but were in use at Guantanamo Bay and in locations in Afghanistan.
And when General Miller visited Iraq...
He carried those techniques with him and taught the interrogators on site how to be more effective in their interrogations.
And then he sent contract interrogators and people he knew, military people he knew, who had performed well down at Guantanamo Bay, he sent them to Iraq as well.
So really we had kind of torture seminars going on.
Yes, everywhere except in Abu Ghraib.
Because General Miller must have thought that his discussions with the Military Intelligence Brigade commander were effective enough for him to understand that he could do anything he needed to do to get actionable intelligence from the prisoners.
Now, you know, they talk about how they went after Grainer and England and others because they had photos, but you point out in your book, why then, you know, who took the pictures and why did that happen?
And then on top of it, if Congress has seen over 2,000 photos and over 100 videos of raping women, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about savage Joseph Mingala type stuff, even underage people.
I mean, if this is going on, then why haven't all those people been indicted?
Because they needed a group of people to call the scapegoat.
Excuse me.
They needed to scapegoat people that, and they must have believed naively that they were going to take the punishment, go to jail, and be quiet.
That they would never go out and hire their own attorneys or representatives for themselves in their own cases.
They certainly believed that I was going to be quiet, that I was just going to take what they were accusing me of and go back home to the United States after my deployment.
Now, this was in the press.
The first you heard of it was when the investigation was already going and you'd never even been in that area of the prison.
That's correct.
I didn't hear about this from the people that you would think I should hear it from, General Sanchez or his intelligence officer, General Fast.
I heard about this in an email late at night
From the commander of the Criminal Investigation Division.
And his agent on site at Abu Ghraib is the one who actually received the disc of pictures, the initial disc, from the MP.
And he called the commander and they opened an investigation.
So when I got the email that mentioned an ongoing investigation, that was on the 12th of January of 2004, that was the first I heard of any investigation.
You're the commanding officer of all the prisons and you don't even know about it.
That's correct.
They kept me out of the loop on purpose.
How is the military supposed to operate?
I mean, no military has ever done this.
Hitler was really the first to have the SS separate from the mainline army, and it was disastrous.
And this was disastrous as well.
You take a prison location...
The only...
Well, I read about where they would go get prison guards, federal prison guards with bad records, and actually hire them.
They were actually scouting for sickos.
Well, there is a, you know, and not only, the prisons experts that were hired, we were supposed to have about 80 of them down at the Coalition Provisional Authority.
There was three.
And then one of them got fired.
And these are U.S.
Of course, they didn't share the information about their previous positions with us.
But after we returned, we found out that... General, we've got a break.
Tell us after the break.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best with government police.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got the General for about 30 more minutes.
Really honored to have her.
She's the Brigadier General who ran the prisons and camps in Iraq, General Janice Karpinski.
Her new book, One Woman's Army, and it's in bookstores everywhere.
You need to get it.
And look, I just got my copy a few days ago that the publisher mailed me.
It's excellent.
I haven't read the whole thing, and I've read about three chapters.
But we need to support people that are bold and tell the truth.
And they didn't expect her to go public.
That's where we had left off when we went to break.
I guess they expected you to be spineless like all the others.
You know, there's an increasing number, and it's a great concern to me personally and professionally because I saw senior officers in Iraq who were
More concerned about the political ramifications of their decisions than they were about the leadership or moral decisions, ramifications.
They were hesitant to go against anything that Secretary Rumsfeld was putting out because he had proven if you don't agree with him,
Well, even their...
General, even their Enron crony, their darling, Army Secretary White, who was an insider with these guys, he said, look, the generals say 400,000 troops.
We're going to fail.
It's what all the Ram Corporation says.
And they said, you're out of there, buddy.
And that's what they did to General Shinseki as well.
He went back to Secretary Rumsfeld twice and he said, we need more than 300,000 soldiers if we're going to do this right.
And the second time he went back to him, he said, well, then I guess you don't understand me and I don't need you.
And he brought in his own team.
And General Shinseki was, for all practical purposes, a lame duck for months until he retired.
It's amazing, though, that, I mean, when they get unanimous data from the people that know how to fight wars and know how to get the power back on and help the civilian population, they just, you know, I'm sure you've seen the Karl Rove quote where he says, we control reality, we make reality.
I mean, they really are delusional.
You want to see reality?
Go to Baghdad.
That's reality.
Walk the ground where the soldiers are walking.
That's reality.
This nonsense about running, and this is what happened with the CJTF 7 headquarters.
The officers on General Sanchez's staff were trying to run the war from their laptop computers.
They didn't go out and walk the ground that the soldiers were walking.
They didn't see what the soldiers were facing every day.
They were trying to run the war from their laptop computers.
They were afraid to go out in the middle of the hostilities, but they had no problem sending any of us out
To do that work.
So we've gone from George Washington at Trenton charging into the German soldiers himself with bullets flicking through his hat to generals cowering in armored compounds.
You want to know where the armored vehicles were and they weren't out on the road with the soldiers?
They were protecting the spokesperson for General Sanchez.
They were parked on the confines of Camp Victory
We're good to go.
Well, they don't care.
They'll just have a neocon get on the radio and say they've got plenty of armored vehicles when I've got family over there and they still don't.
What are these letters we're getting back home?
What are these soldiers saying?
Are they all wrong?
Are they all making this up?
When a soldier stands up and says to the Secretary of Defense, why don't we have the right equipment if you want us to do this the right way and survive?
And he says, well, we go to war with the Army.
We have not necessarily the one that we want.
And it's never addressed again.
The person who stopped the orders for additional armored equipment and armored vehicles is today a four-star general and is in the Pentagon and is serving as the acting chief of staff of the Army.
Well, the FBI agents that blocked Robert Wright and Kathleen Rowley and others, who specifically had the documents and knew who the hijackers were, according to the official story, they all got demoted or removed or fired, but the people that blocked them have all been promoted.
See how it works?
We're good to go.
And that's a big message to be sending throughout the force.
You cross the Secretary of Defense and you're out on the street.
But if I was the Secretary of Defense, I would want the real intel.
I would want to know what was really going on.
I would want to know what the trained warfighters were saying instead of this delusional la-la.
I mean, just because I think something doesn't make it so.
Or just because you repeat a lie often enough doesn't make it the truth.
But you've already started down that road.
If you stop this train, which is what they need to do realistically, they need to stop this train and say, wait, clean the slate, we need to get to the truth, and we need to get there now.
But, I mean, General, how obvious is it?
When we got the memo saying, well, these are Wellian terms, I mean, these are public.
Well, we can torture somebody to death, and if we don't mean to kill them, and we don't call it torture, it isn't torture.
I mean, torturing people to death, folks, and this happens all the time.
And then the Congress...
You know, 90 to 9, the Senate says no more torture.
You've got to follow the manual.
You've got to follow the law, the regulations.
And then Bush says, no, I'm going to veto that.
I mean, look, he's sending people to prison, little nothings like England and Grainer.
Right, what are they afraid of?
Why do we have to have a new law that says we're not going to torture or abuse?
That's what the Geneva Conventions are supposed to be about.
Why do we have to have a law?
I think it's a step in the right direction.
But General, even the Soviets didn't admit they tortured.
Hitler didn't admit they tortured.
I'm sorry for interrupting, but it seems we've reached a new level here where they even admit it now.
Well, exactly.
Because there's overwhelming proof that it's not only been going on, but it's been directed and is likely continuing even to this day.
I don't want to believe that it is, but the statements from people that are just returning from the theater give every indication that in fact it is.
They still don't know where to draw the line.
General, why is the torture so perverted?
Well, I think, you know, to me, when they use, particularly women, this sexual overtones, using a woman to try to get an Iraqi man or a Muslim man to break and to give them information.
This is insulting and humiliating, not only to the female that they're using to do the interrogation, but they're getting some kind of bizarre sense of pleasure, the interrogators are, watching this whole thing take place.
I know, this is something out of a horror movie.
Naked women putting, I hate to use this, menstrual fluids on men?
And who studied the Arab culture to come up with such an idea?
I mean, this is insulting to anybody.
But, I mean, if I made a horror movie where the military was doing this, people wouldn't believe it.
It's so bizarre.
It is bizarre.
And the fact that they're using female soldiers to conduct this demonstrates what they're thinking about the likelihood for women in the military.
Well, listen, if they told me in the military, go in there and do something to a woman, you can go to hell.
And I think the majority of soldiers that are serving today would do exactly that.
They'd say, hold on a second.
I am not going to do that.
And they could threaten your career.
They could do anything they needed to.
But I would take the same position.
Oh, no, I'm not.
And that's why they took every effort to keep me away from getting any information about what was going on.
And then they tried to burn you because you had been investigating.
That's right.
And because I would have objected.
I would have complained to the top level.
I never would have allowed this to take place.
What was the breaking point?
I mean, when did you decide to not roll over and fight him?
When I was down in Kuwait and I was waiting for... I spoke to General Taguba in the conference room down in Kuwait and he had six other men in the room with him.
Excuse me.
And when he was asking me questions and he was insisting
And I was holding my ground.
I said, no, I was not in charge.
No, I did not know this was going on.
No, these soldiers are not derelict in the performance of their duties.
I explained every single question that he presented to me.
And when I saw the results of his investigation or from that interview, and he had the nerve to say that I was emotional.
Well, I wasn't the one with tears coming out of my eyes at the end of the interview.
It was him and his six comrades, because they knew what they were doing was wrong, and they knew that they were going to be called to accuse me for things that clearly I was not responsible for.
Well, that's encouraging, though, that they were crying, because that means they've still got souls, at least.
Well, one would hope.
But I didn't see any evidence.
They were feeling pretty guilty trying to railroad you.
They knew that this was a compartmentalized operation, and that's now public, folks.
Absolutely, and not only that, but General Taguba was not instructed to investigate the photographs from Cell Block 180.
But even his report admits raping, acid, all of this.
Yes, but he still held the MPs from the 800th MP Brigade responsible.
Because he said his instructions were limited to the 800th MP Brigade.
So he had to turn over the investigation for a subsequent investigation by General Fay, who looked into the military intelligence.
Did you tell him, I'm going to fight this propaganda?
I did.
I told General McKiernan when he made the decision that I should not be reprimanded, that I should not be relieved.
And he allowed me to go back to the United States, and that was in April of 2004.
I told him that we needed, when I got back to the States, it was my intent to at least have an after-action review and make sure none of this ever happened again.
And he said to me as I was leaving his office, there's a great future for Janusz Karpinski in the Army Reserves.
He was the commander in the theater.
By the time I got back to the United States and the pictures were released...
The Chief of the Army Reserves is now using the Taguba Report as the sacred document and is suspending me and ultimately relieving me from command.
And he has never spoken a word to me since I've been back in the United States.
Now let's talk about wargaming.
Folks, we're talking to a lady of such incredible courage.
You can hear the genuineness, but I don't go off of that.
I don't just go off of my discernment.
I have researched this.
We've done 50 shows on this.
It's the same thing at Camp X-Ray.
They sequester, they cloister.
The regular army, the regular Marines are not even allowed into these areas.
Then they've got the nerve to try to blame people that had no connection to it and that didn't go along with it.
So that really makes me mad.
But let's talk about war games.
We know they say Iraq is a laboratory.
We know they say that these prisons are laboratories, that Afghanistan is.
And they send these cadres around making larger cadres.
I think it's pretty clear that we are seeing the cold-blooded formation of a torture corps, and that these cadres are being expanded.
Is that frightening to you?
Does that concern you?
Or do you agree with my statement that they're forming a large torture corps?
I don't know if they'll be so bold as to call it that, but yes, I agree with you and it makes me shudder when I think about it because they took some contract interrogators to Iraq.
They took some contract interrogators and put them at Abu Ghraib, testing to see what the response of the prisoners would be, testing more importantly to see what the response of soldiers would be to those interrogators taking over a military function.
So now we know that that's an encroachment.
We know the quality of some of the contractors that were down at the Coalition Provisional Authority.
Some of them had been fired from previous assignments, specifically at prisons and they were fired for allegations of abuse of prisoners.
In one case it caused the death of a prisoner.
So there's this encroachment.
They're actually scouring the planet for scum.
Yes, for people who have this kind of mindset, who can live with themselves while they're going forth in this global war on terrorism and trying to make a difference.
But, you know, it's important to understand that even the McCain bill that was passed by overwhelming victory, 90-9, it's limited to the military.
For people who are subject to the UCMJ.
We need a law on contractors on everybody.
Let me ask you a question.
If somebody kidnaps a woman and goes and rapes her, I mean, is his defense going to be, hey, I was just blowing off steam like Rush Limbaugh said and torture's no big deal?
I thought she was a terrorist.
I was trying to get information from her.
I mean, let's think about this, folks.
Since when is beating people to death and raping someone's wife in front of them because their papers weren't in order at a checkpoint, because the fat slob just wants to rape somebody, since when is that what Americans do?
Since never.
We don't do those kind of things.
We're better than this.
General, what would you like to see happen?
I mean, obviously, I think Gonzalez...
And any general who we have paper trails on, knowingly part of this, I think they all need to go to prison.
Well, I'll tell you something.
The Inspector General, who was not the Inspector General for most of the investigation, the one who made the decision to clear General Sanchez, General Wojciechowski, General Fast, Colonel Warren, Colonel Pappas, and General Miller.
You know, it was only there at the direction of Secretary Rumsfeld, and that was the first action he took was to release those findings.
It says specifically in the IG report that actions I took or failed to take in no way contributed to the abuses at Abu Ghraib.
But most people don't have access to the Inspector General's report or don't take the time to go look for it.
Now, they really have besmirched your name.
Yes, they have.
And then, when they do a separate investigation on Guantanamo Bay, the recommendation is that they reprimand General Miller for letting interrogations get out of control, even though he was directed to do those things.
And his boss said, no, I'm not going to reprimand him.
And his boss just happened to be the former military aide to Secretary Rumsfeld.
So they're all proving that their hands are dirty.
I want people to think about this.
One is covering up the other for the other for the other.
I want people to think about the fact that our current Attorney General, the supposed guy enforcing all these laws...
He's writing memos saying Bush is above the law and the law flows from him, saying he's an emperor.
I mean, that's the actual memo.
Saying torture's good.
I want people to realize that General Shoemaker is the guy who sent Delta Force in at Waco.
I want people to know that they are now putting in a constellation, a gaggle of people that are willing to do this.
I tell you, General, this is really scary.
Well, this scares me, too, and I agree with you because...
They have rewritten the dictionary.
There's a prisoner of war and then there's an Iraqi prisoner, an Iraqi criminal.
And then there's this category of security detainees that seem to be apart from any of the Geneva Conventions and not subject to the rules that military personnel have followed for years.
Now you bring into that equation contractors.
Who are not subject to the UCMJ or appear to be above the rules.
So we haven't gotten it right yet, although the bill, unfortunately, moves in the right direction.
And now, well, at least it forced Bush to go public and say he's for torture.
I mean, it really put the spotlight on these guys, but I just can't believe we're even having to sit here and debate this and talk about this, but they are being exposed.
Our final segment with the general...
I might take a call or two, but we're also going to plug your books, so get your pens and paper ready for that.
We'll be right back on the other side.
The websites are infowars.com, infowars.net, and prisonplanet.tv as we fight this tyranny.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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I think so.
Boy, has he been proven to be correct.
I don't want to hear from people that, well, you know, something this big, it would come out, we would know.
On every front, from the financial war profiteering, to the attack on the Bill of Rights, to protecting terrorist groups, to, you know, all of this, that this current cabal is engaged in, it all has come out.
People do blow the whistle.
People do tell the truth.
But a lot of the news media, owned by the very financial interests that stand to gain from this, try to spin it.
That's why the alternative media is exploding in size, because people aren't buying it anymore.
The General has graciously decided to stay with us over five minutes in the next hour, so we can get to Tony and Larry and a few others, and we're about to go to your calls.
But the new book by General Janice Barbinski is One Woman's Army.
One Woman's Army.
And General, tell us a little bit about the book and tell us about the publisher and some of the websites.
The book is really about my, from when I grew up wanting to be in the military and then my military career and what led me to promotion to Brigadier General and then my assignment as the commander of the 800th NP Brigade.
I felt like I really needed to reestablish my credibility
Because it was widely destroyed by the spin from linking my name to those, exclusively my name, to those photographs and my leadership failures.
It was important.
It was an important story to tell.
I wanted women especially, but people around the world to understand that there are conscientious people in the military and we serve for a variety of reasons, but
Abu Ghraib and Iraq was a situation that was clearly out of control, and certainly not, we weren't able to rein it in on my watch.
And this is, of course, published by Miramax Books.
And for those that, also, General, kind of out of left field here, have you ever heard of P2OG?
Oh, no.
Well, that's a secret Pentagon paper and Pentagon operation group with funding of upwards of $6 billion per year.
And it was formed on the eve of the Gulf War by Donald Rumsfeld.
Just type P2OG into Google.
Most people in the military don't feel bad.
I've never even heard of it because it's another compartmentalized group.
Where Rumsfeld said, stimulate terrorist attacks.
I would because from July of 2003 when we arrived in Iraq,
It really did seem like we would only be there for a couple more months.
Things to the north and the south of Baghdad seemed to be generally peaceful and returning to life as they knew it and certainly back under Iraqi control.
But Baghdad and the surrounding vicinity including the Sunni triangle was very resistant and somehow they capitalized on that
Instead of exploiting the peace, they capitalized on the insurgent activity and made the situation completely worse.
It grew increasingly worse over the next months.
After they killed Uday and Kuse in that operation in Seoul, the insurgents were more active than ever.
More accurate than ever before.
Well, also, I mean, the military's not stupid.
I've talked to so many experts who were in Vietnam fighting insurgencies.
If one person shoots at you from a little village, you don't arrest every man down to the age of 11.
You don't bulldoze all their date palms.
I mean, you just made enemies.
But they did this over and over again.
They went over again and they took the women as hostages so they could get the men to come in, to turn themselves in.
I mean, everything you could think of that would insult an Arab mindset and an Arab family.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, we're here live.
Abe and Bob.
Others, your calls are coming up.
We've got Tex Mars joining us.
We have Barbara Lee Fisher cutting up the Vaccine Awareness Network.
Very serious laws.
Very close to passing for total vaccine maker liability protection and forced inoculation and federalization of your local towns and cities for forced inoculation.
We'll be talking about Halloween here in a few minutes.
That's coming up.
Let's go ahead and talk to Abe in Florida.
Abe, you're on the air.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
I'm in full support of your work.
Thank you.
I just wanted to touch on a few points.
The last week, I was flipping through television and just seeing what was on.
MTV, the wasteland that it is, there's this show called Punk whereby they simulate an environment to try to
Create a stimulus from popular celebrities.
The show host, Ashton Kutcher, he just blatantly put it out there.
I'm sure some of your viewers might have seen it.
He just blatantly put ID cards.
We're in the future.
Where's my card where I could just immediately go to the bank or just get money out?
Yeah, it's all very overt.
Oh, we're all going to have chips.
Oh, we're all going to have cards.
Oh, it's good.
And it doesn't matter if 90 plus percent of us are against it in major polls.
They'll keep repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating.
Well, that's just how you, you know, say domesticate a wild horse.
You just keep getting in the pen with it over and over and over again until it just gets used to you and accustomed to you.
We have to consciously realize how they're manipulating us and be insulted by it and resist it.
Right, right.
But do you think at this point that we could just reach the mass of Americans?
Because, I mean, I'm a college student myself, and when I talk to fellow college students, they're completely oblivious to the fact that life isn't just what it teaches you in school.
In the new world, they just have no comprehension of
A lot of that is because we've been trained to, number one, be soft, and to be lazy, and to be self-centered, and to only feed our animal instincts.
But they're not going to be satisfied.
That's never satisfying.
They're going to want the higher levels of understanding.
And they're going to be abused by this system.
So plant the seeds and know that they will sprout.
And it's never been a majority that changed things, sir.
We already have well more than what our founding fathers had at 5%.
Oh, okay, okay.
Yeah, I was also watching The Simpsons last night, and when you spoke about how they're trying to reach you on television, it was just so weird when you spoke about it, and then I thought to myself, they showed guns being destroyed, homework destroyed.
You know, he asked them copy, and they tried to, you know, just play it down because it's a cartoon.
They showed guns being destroyed and then a nuclear bomb going off,
And then right after that, I was like, oh my gosh, you know, that's just, that's crazy how they just, you know, blatantly put that, well, not blatantly, but indirectly put it in the cartoon.
It's called operant conditioning.
Yeah, yeah, and David, I know you don't...
Completely agree with some of his stuff, and it is truly bizarre.
But the Secrets of the Matrix, he said that these people are targeting the unconscious part of the brain.
Well, that's Edward Bernays.
That's mainstream.
Thanks for the call.
See what David does?
I think David's a nice guy.
He talks about all this real stuff, then he adds things to it that can't be proven, and hence, then people think all the proven stuff may not be true.
When you take a mid-level advertising class at a good university, this is openly taught
Okay, the conscious mind is up here in the cerebral cortex, but the subconscious brain catalogs and is hooked into the instincts and everything.
And that's what's being hit.
That's why it's good to not watch a lot of TV or be very selective about it.
I mean, even if I try to watch a show about dolphins, at the end it's give up all your property, world government's good, the animals are dying.
Everything has the propaganda in it.
And there's subliminals, too.
I mean, big time.
By the way, subliminals are public.
That's not a... The industry will admit that if you just read about it.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Alright, we have Texas Mars on the line with us.
We'll be going to my good friend, the professor, here in just a moment.
Give you the history of Halloween.
But just to recap, Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, who is supposedly a socialist, but he took land taken by neocon governments in the past and gave it back to the indigenous population with the deeds.
So our government, the Supreme Court, is ruling that we don't own private property and if some private robber baron wants it, they can come and take it and not even pay you fair market value.
Now that's literally like feudal lords 800 years ago in ancient England in the days of Longshanks just saying, I want your property.
I want your wife.
I want your daughter.
I'm taking your sons as slaves to serve in my military.
I mean, that's slavery, ladies and gentlemen.
We forget that it isn't just black Americans who were slaves.
A lot of white people came here as indentured servants.
And you never got out of your seven years of indentured servitude because they'd get you into debt and then you'd be a sharecropper.
But that's a side issue with Hugo Chavez.
The point is, he's getting off the IMF and World Bank, he's getting out of the system, he's got his own oil, and now he's saying that our government is satanic, that this is a way to terrorize the public, that dressing up like demons is bad, that it's not our way, that it's not Christian.
And I have a lady that cleans our house.
Because I'm too busy.
My wife's too busy working all the time to do it.
And she's got her green card, folks.
I don't hire illegals.
Don't worry.
Really sweet, nice lady.
And she's from Brazil.
And I was talking to her last week.
And I said, oh, Halloween's coming up.
And she said, oh, no, we don't celebrate that.
That is Diablo.
And I said, oh, really?
She goes, yes, it's a festival of the devil.
We don't worship the devil.
And I said, oh, I don't worship the devil either.
We don't celebrate that.
So there's a lot of things down in Latin America.
Now, in Mexico they do, folks, and they've got the Day of the Dead and all that, because you've got that whole Aztec influence.
But not in South America, folks, not in Central America.
And BBC admits, quote, Halloween, a pagan festival characterized by mischief-making, is marked every year on October 31st of October.
And it is the year... Halloween has the most murders and abductions and most violence of any day in the year.
And what it's number three for DWIs, what Thanksgiving's number one and number two is...
Number two is New Year's.
But the point is, hundreds of homes burned down in Detroit on Devil's Night.
Why would you let your children be part of this?
Even if you don't believe in God, which I think is foolish, you should know, folks, having your child dress up in an outfit and go demand something from someone, that's what the Druid priest would come and demand your horse, demand your oxen, demand your cat, demand your child, to burn them, to kill them, to slit their throats, to throw them in a peat bog.
Were we able to get Tex on a better phone there, guys?
Okay, good.
I was waiting for the cue on that.
So honored to have Tex Mars, powerofprophecy.com.
Of course, texmars.com and conspiracyworld.com.
Best-selling author, Air Force officer.
He married my wife and I. Good friend of mine.
Always good to have him back up.
And Tex, thank you for coming on with us today.
Hey, Alex.
Great to be with you.
Halloween, Tex, why should we not celebrate Halloween?
Why should we keep our children out of Samhain or Samhain?
Well, you mentioned Samhain or Samhain as many call it.
First of all, Alex, we're not against at all kids having a good time or parents having a good time or even though it's probably not the
Most healthy, eating a lot of sweets at a given time of year.
I think I've eaten too many sweets and it's put a lot of pounds on me over the years.
But here is the absolute truth of Halloween.
It has always been a satanic day.
It is a witchcraft day.
During the witchcraft calendar, there are eight Sabbats.
The second...
Most powerful day of witchcraft for all witches.
You can talk to the head of the Church of Wicca or the Salem Witchcraft Sect and all of those.
But the second most important day is this day, Halloween.
It comes, of course, from pagan sources.
It really was not practiced in the United States until 1845 when many people from Ireland and Scotland came over after the
The horrible potato famine.
So many immigrants came to the United States from Ireland.
Unfortunately, they brought with them the worship of the Druids.
At least a certain number did.
It caught on and now has become a major holiday in the United States.
But it is the worship of the dead.
It is necromancy.
It is affiliation with spirits.
I know that most parents out there are probably saying, Oh, this is crazy.
It's just a fun day.
But we're not talking about dressing up just in costumes as historical figures or such.
We're talking about devils.
We're talking about witchcraft.
We're talking about Dracula, vampirism, and all of these things which, Alex, are based on reality.
They are not based on myth.
They are not based on cartoons.
They're based on real things.
Well, Tex, as you know, every couple weeks I see where some teenagers kidnap an old woman and cut her head off and drink her blood.
I mean, it's exploding.
Murders are exploding.
These vampiric murders.
Of course, they're not physical, live forever vampires, but that's where the legends come from are these murdering death cults.
Well, Jeffrey Dahmer, that's what he did.
He started out in the occult.
He began to kill animals, you know, dogs and cats.
He graduated up to human beings.
He was an occultist.
He was a Satan worshiper.
And then he began to be a cannibal even.
And in fact, you know, Julius Caesar saw what we would call Halloween being celebrated when he conquered
The Gallic lands and went over into Scotland.
He saw the Stonehenge type of celebrations.
He said himself that the Druids practiced not only witchcraft.
This is in the writings of Julius Caesar.
Now, I actually own a volume of his letters back to Rome, and he goes, these people are just total heathen.
This is a worshiper of Mars and a worshiper of Zeus and a worshiper of all these pagan gods, and he's calling it evil.
That's right.
Well, at least they didn't... One of the things he noted was that they would sacrifice victims to their so-called gods, and then their high priest, the Druid priest, would eat the flesh of their victims.
So this was just a bore to Julius Caesar and to the Romans.
But I believe this happens now.
I had a call some years ago from a policeman in San Antonio
And he wanted to find out more about Halloween and what witchcraft folks do and Satanists.
And he told me that throughout the city of San Antonio in the environs, in the wooded areas in the hill country, they find Satanic altars after Halloween and they actually find the bones and charred bodies of animals
And so this is something that they wanted to try to put an end to.
Tex, I personally found that hiking around in the hill country around Austin, because I'll go on 10, 15 mile hikes, especially back in the day when I had time, and you will run into satanic alters.
You do indeed.
I have a picture coming up in one of my newsletters, Alex, of Liz Carpenter.
Now remember, she was the personal secretary to Lady Bird Johnson.
She's big in Democratic Party politics, and when Hillary Clinton came to town, you know, they met.
Actually, a picture of her howling at the moon.
It said that she and other feminists, on the night of the full moon, go out and howl at the moon.
This is in witchcraft called drawing down the moon.
Here we have probably the most famous woman in Texas politics, Liz Carpenter, howling at the moon out in the hill country.
Along with her liberal, democratic, feminist friends.
And I interrupted you.
Back to the police officer.
He was calling about all these altars everywhere.
Yeah, and he told me at that time, but this was several years back, that a number of the Humane Society shelters and such in the central Texas area, especially in San Antonio, at that time, they put a prohibition against the adopting of cats, especially black cats.
And this is across America.
The ASPCA and Humane Society actually know that many witchcraft sects will go and adopt animals, especially black cats, and then sacrifice them.
So this is not just fun and games.
These people take it seriously.
Let me say one other thing, Alex, for people that are scratching their heads right now.
You have exposed the Bohemian Grove.
And what is the Bohemian Grove?
But a meeting in the forest.
This is the same thing the Druid priest and the others did.
And they worshipped the great fire god and they made human sacrifice or at least had an effigy that appeared.
So we're talking about the top politicians in America, Europe and the world that meet annually
Deep in a grove in California, you have outed this.
You were the first one to do so.
This is nothing more than satanic.
Halloween is a reflection of what you found at the Bohemian Grove.
Well, Tex, I mean, look at how the violence and the murder explodes on this night.
Well, yeah, they said that already, even here in Austin, Texas, I think 250 arrests were announced last night already.
We haven't even had the big celebration yet.
Of Halloween.
They've already gotten 250 arrests, mostly for alcohol and so forth.
But you judge a tree by its fruits.
Well, you do.
And, you know, not too long ago, a mother wrote to me, sent me a news clipping.
Maybe we can talk more about this on the break.
Let's talk about it on the other side.
And then maybe get a little bit into Christmas.
See, now it's not Jesus.
Now it's a jolly elf.
For those who don't know, Christmas was actually banned for about 20 years in England in the early 1800s because of mass murder and killing.
Yeah, Santa Claus isn't a very friendly fella.
He's actually kind of like Freddy Krueger.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I tell you, with guests like Tex Myers, we always have the best radio off air during the last four minutes talking to Tex.
I was mentioning my new film, The Order of Death, that's coming out.
It's going to be put on at the same video, same DVD as Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
It'll be available in about two, three weeks.
But how the local pagans didn't like me mentioning how the elite was doing rituals.
They were just mad about the policies.
And how a year after we snuck in, we caught video of them when Ed Holman went out there doing their own ritual at the gates of the grove.
And one of them called in Amon.
They said, Amon.
And then I knew it was Egyptian, but Texas said that it corresponds to the Canaanite Moloch.
So, Tex, I tell you, it just never ends, does it?
Well, it really does.
It's very interesting, the connection there.
But again, we get back to the Bohemian Grove.
There's so much in the Old Testament.
God warning about those who went to the groves and worshipped their gods.
You know, talk about these pagans who were demonstrating against your exposures.
I think so.
And there I was.
It was sort of like an Oprah Winfrey show, except everybody was hostile against the Christians.
But one of the witches got up and she talked about how terrible it was.
This was, by the way, during the Halloween period.
She said how terrible the Christians were.
They've always persecuted witches.
And she said they accuse us of worshipping Satan.
Why, we don't even believe in the devil and witchcraft.
The devil is a Christian invention.
So the host came to me and stuck the microphone in my face, Alex, and said, what about that?
The witches say they don't worship the devil.
And I looked right at this witch and I said, you worship the goddess, do you not?
She said, yes, I worship the lady of the forest.
And I said, and you worship the consort, the male, which is Pan, right?
The horned god.
She said, uh, yes, but she began to stammer, actually stammer, you know.
She says, but Pan, the horned god we worship, that's not Satan.
He's the god of the forest.
I said, and he has horns.
She says, well, yes, but that's not the devil.
So I think it's interesting how they try to define their own terms as they would like to do it.
You know, I have an interesting fact here, Alex, for your audience.
A lot of kids dress up as Dracula, Count Dracula.
And, you know, Sesame Street, one of the characters is a count like Dracula.
I notice even cereal is called Count Chocula, after chocolate.
But people don't realize there literally was a real Dracula.
And Bush and Kerry are related to him.
I have heard that.
That's actually been proven.
MSNBC did the genealogy.
Well, this is an interesting thing.
Now, there's a book, and I had a copy of it some years ago, and I did research, and it's on a ruler in Eastern Europe named Vlad, V-L-A-D, the Impaler.
Yeah, Vlad the Dragon, the Impaler.
Yeah, and he killed over 100,000 people.
He was ruler of a small nation.
And he tortured them.
He would impale their bodies on spears.
He literally would drink blood.
Over 100,000.
He locked many of them into a palace and burned them alive.
That's how he got rid of the beggars and the homeless.
He just locked them up and burned them alive.
But this was a real character, so when you play around with Dracula, you're really imitating a real character.
Well, I see people dressed up like Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy.
It's like it's real funny.
Oh, yeah, exactly.
Well, you know, I think it was Jason, no, Freddy Krueger, from one of the movies, he actually said he studied the life of Ted Bundy and used that as an inspiration for his mannerisms and such and how he acted.
You know, back to Vlad the Impaler, it's interesting that Lennon was not the monster of the Red Terror
Who murdered so many Christians and others in Soviet Russia.
His first name was Vladimir.
He named himself.
That was not his real name.
He was born with another name.
But he named himself Vladimir.
After Vlad.
And it may even be of interest to people that Putin, the current, you know, he was with the KGB and now he's the new dictator, basically, of Russia.
And his name is Vladimir.
Well, we know that they were called the Red Terror, the Red Star, and it's actually talked about, this is well documented, where they're killing all these people, and he goes, I need more, more blood!
More blood.
He literally called out for that.
And May 1 is the highest holy day in witchcraft, and that was the day they celebrated the coming of communism.
May 1, May Day.
May Day, how cute!
It's friendly.
We'll be right back with Tex Mars, more about Halloween, more about his new book, too.
We're on the march.
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Tex, before we go any further, give us some of your websites and tell us about your amazingly powerful newsletter and also your new book, Codex Magica.
Well, Alex, I'll tell you, that book, wow, it's going to be a very controversial book.
It's going to be out November 1st, and I understand you're going to be offering it on your program on Infowars.com, your website.
And I'll tell you, people will have never seen a book like this.
It's over 600 pages.
It seems to be about two inches thick.
It's really an encyclopedia.
And it's the first book to ever expose, actually has over 1,000 pictures, photographs, illustrations.
And it actually shows what I call the criminals of the Illuminati, some of the top politicians, entertainers, bankers, financiers,
We're good to go.
And it's taken me almost five years to put it all together.
It's called Codex Magica.
This is your creme de la creme.
Codex Magica.
This is your masterwork.
This thing just proves without a shadow of a doubt, folks, page after page, document after document,
It's overwhelming, and I mean, I remember years ago, you were working on this book text.
I mean, normally you'd write a book in a year, or even faster, and these were thick, well-researched, powerful books.
I mean, the first book I ever heard the word RFID was your book Project Lucid back in 1996.
I mean, no one had ever heard of it, and you have the documents, how it would be used to buy and sell, and how it would be used to track us, and
Now Catherine Alberg's getting kudos for writing it, and good for her, but text is a real trailblazer, and text to describe why you took so long to write this and why it ended up being so long.
I'm the same way, but not as scholarly as you are.
You just want to keep adding more and more documentation because there's so much.
Why leave any of it out?
Well, you know, I had to leave some of it out, but still, it's in a large format.
It's sort of like a coffee table type book, 624 pages in all.
It has a lot of footnotes and references, but mostly the pictures, and then I explain.
And by the way, to make sure there's no argument, I go back and I actually have the pages out of some of the secret manuals and textbooks of the Illuminati secret societies.
And the Masonic handbooks and stuff.
So I show how they teach their initiates.
For example, in Freemasonry, the first, the 33rd degrees.
How they use their different hand signals and all and how they describe them.
Then I actually show U.S.
Senators, Presidents...
Prime Ministers, Federal Reserve Chairman and so forth, using these same symbols and how they do it, how they move their body, even the words they use.
And listen to this, Alex.
You're going to see this on the cover of Time, Newsweek, all of the CBS, ABC, NBC sitcoms.
There's even entertainers that have been brought into this and taught how to use their bodies.
The sitcoms like Seinfeld, you'll see Jewish Kabbalistic hand signs used.
The sign of Satan, El Diablo.
And I will explain the difference between that in the book and just what the deaf do, the I love you of the deaf.
There is a significant difference and people will see that.
But all of those things are exposed, I believe, for the first time ever.
In this book, why did it take so long?
You know, I think what is interesting, and I didn't even think about it until this moment, here you and I are talking about Halloween.
It is the second most significant day on the witchcraft calendar, Alex.
I didn't realize my book is being released basically on Halloween Day.
Maybe God wants us to expose the occult, and the Illuminati are the occult.
It was going to be out about a month ago, but it got held up.
Yeah, it got held up by the printer.
And so now you're firing this major, scholarly, but also very interesting work at the enemy on their day.
Of course, this is the eve of the day, and then tomorrow is when the book actually comes out.
We put in our order now, folks, for a whole bunch of these.
So I hope you'll go to Infowars.com.
Well, I want to mention again, because a lot of people know about InfoWars.com, your website.
It'll be available there.
Or they can go to our website, powerofprophecy.com,
And, by the way, they can simply get our free newsletter.
We'll be glad to give them this issue coming up, which talks about Codex Magica.
And they'll see some of the actual hand signs.
We won't even charge them for that.
Just ask for the free newsletter about Codex Magica.
Just call toll-free 1-800-234-9673 and say, I'd like to know more about Codex Magica.
Nobody will ask you to...
You know, to give a cent.
We'll just take your name and address down and we'll send it right in the mail to you.
No obligation whatsoever.
And folks, it's a really nice newsletter with a lot of key information.
In fact, when I did a newsletter for a while, I modeled it off of Texas.
In fact, copied it, really.
And then even used the same printer here in Austin because it's so nice.
Tex, give that number out again twice, please.
Well, you're very kind.
Of course, they can go ahead and order the book.
We're going to be getting it in this week.
We'll mail it right out.
But I want to mention, as soon as we get it off the truck, we're going to bring over your boxes, too.
I believe people will wake up.
This will awaken thousands of people because we're being conditioned.
We're being propagandized.
I mean, Codex Magic is going to wake up more than that, because I have really, and I told you earlier, I really wanted to make a documentary where I went through and showed it all, but there's so much to have it in this coffee table style book, such an easy read, so well illustrated, to have all of their own photos, their own admissions.
This is how the elite communicates with each other.
I mean, really, these occult groups, folks, are like the original secret societies.
They're really just...
Intelligence agencies with these occult trappings and these occult beliefs involved.
So now people are going to have really the blueprint to understand a whole new language.
It's like learning German or learning French or learning Spanish.
Isn't it, Texton?
You have kind of decoded the Rosetta Stone.
Well, I believe that I have.
And I've used, interestingly enough, their own textbooks.
I've had to go all the way back to 1860.
Even the 1700s to find some of these textbooks.
It's interesting how a lot of high-level Freemasons have died over the years, and their widows have sent me their libraries and their books.
So this is how I came upon much of the material, literally from widows who were horrified
When they went into their dead husbands' libraries and such and found the textbooks and such.
And by the way, you mentioned Amun.
One of the ladies, the widows, actually sent me a book and showed where her husband had been worshipping the god Amun, believing that he would gain prosperity.
And you mentioned that the pagans and the witches were demonstrating against you and worshipping the God of Amun.
You haven't seen the video yet.
The ritual is to give them prosperity and to take it away from George Bush.
At the end of the ritual, they say, give us prosperity, and then they turn towards them and say, take it away from them.
Take it away from them.
You know, it's interesting now.
A lot of people say, well, hand signs...
Handshakes, secret gestures, the way things are set up in the movies and in magazine scenes.
This is just clown stuff.
This is just fun and games.
This is not serious, but remember, John Wayne Gacy, who killed 28 young boys, this homosexual monster, loved to dress up as a clown.
And he once told a police officer, quote, a clown can get away with murder.
So, you know, it's like they're mocking, they're tormenting the masses.
They believe we're so stupid, so profane.
Well, it's like Bohemian Grove.
Other people watch the ritual and they go, oh, it's just a play.
They're just having fun.
Folks, world leaders travel from around the world.
Helmut Schmidt in his own autobiography, German Chancellor, said, we do druid rituals in Germany, but my favorite place to do them is in America.
They take it very seriously.
He did say that.
In fact, it was in his biography, Men and Powers.
I recall reading that.
Alex, you've got a great memory.
But these people believed this.
And by the way, when you study the history of the Illuminati, something like Halloween and what happens at Halloween is fun and games, but it's serious for them.
You know, we look back and we see things like the guillotine during the French Revolution as hideous and gruesome.
It's almost like a Halloween-ish thing.
But these were live human beings.
Thousands brought to the guillotine with their heads cut off.
And why did it happen?
Because of the Order of the Illuminati that was founded in 1776.
By the way, its official founding date was May 1st.
That's the Witches' Sabbat, their great high holy day, called Beltane.
It's the worship of Baal.
Again, we go back to the Bible.
The great fire god, Baal, was worshipped by the ancients.
So all of these things, they bring back the ancient mystery religions.
And that's why I believe the witches go and howl at the moon.
By the way, in a book called Under the Sign of the Scorpion, which we offer at PowerofProphecy.com,
Jerry Lena, who did tremendous research in this book, he's a man from Sweden, and I'm going to send you a copy of his book, Alex, if you don't have it.
But he actually documents how Lennon, in his last days, his body was wrecked.
He died of syphilis, believe it or not, Vladimir Lennon.
But he would have his servants wheel him out to his balcony on the night of the full moon, and he would howl like a wolf.
And here is the man who is still worshipped today by Marxists in America, many of the college professors, howling at the moon.
And of course, the witches worship the great moon goddess.
And Ozzy Osbourne, oh yeah, buck at the moon.
And then George Bush calls him in and goes, ah, blood and hell and death and destruction, we love Ozzy.
It's all a big joke.
Oh, and Skull and Bones, mock sacrifice, it's all a joke.
But then in the real world, they're bombing innocent countries.
They're running over people with bulldozers.
It is.
In fact, I did two hours of radio programs on this.
I am convinced.
I have the audio tapes now.
What happened at the World Trade Center.
It was absolutely a satanic sacrifice there.
Those two buildings coming down.
Everything is done by these people, Alex, during either the new moon or the full moon, and many times occult astrology.
Now, that's not the astrology you read about in your newspaper when you want to know what, you know, for fun and games, the horoscope, the sun signs.
There is a deep form of occult astrology.
And they use this, and they use the witch's eight sabbats each year.
You know, all the way, they have a witch's calendar.
And they frame all of their works around these days because they believe that this brings in, unleashes the powers from the spirit world.
So they do.
By the way, Robert Mueller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, all of its 32 directorates reported to him
Now, there is a Secretary General, but this guy actually runs the UN on a day-to-day basis.
He recently retired.
He's like the city manager.
Exactly, like a city manager.
He admits in his book, I have a copy of a book by him called First Lady of the World.
He says you've got to take a Luciferian initiation or you'll be killed.
And he actually, remember, first lady of the world.
That's right.
The witches call their goddess the first lady.
Sort of interesting.
Our lady, the first lady.
But Mueller says that the Rockefellers donated the money to buy the land on which the United Nations building sits.
Okay, so we have the Rockefeller connection of the Illuminati.
But then he says the reason that site was chosen there was because in decades past it had been used as a cattle slaughtering place.
And he said thousands and thousands of cattle were brought there and slaughtered.
He said the blood of these cows ran into the ground and made that a holy and sacred place.
The sacrifice of the cows, their blood...
Makes the United Nations a holy place.
Well, Tex, this is what you do as a scholar.
You go get books that these world leaders wrote themselves.
You put it in a big book, show pictures of them making hand signs, and have all this evidence, and still people are in denial.
It's not like he didn't say this, and Schmidt didn't say this, and it isn't like Ronald Reagan, the exact minute he gave a speech, was according to deep astrology.
It's not like the Bushes and Kerry aren't skull and bones, aren't bohemian growth.
Their whole worlds revolve around this.
They do indeed.
You know, you mentioned the Order of Skull and Bones.
Here again, do we not have a Halloween celebration?
They dress up in costumes.
They have bones.
Literally bones.
I mean, of human beings in their tomb.
Which is the name of their billy.
You know, you've discussed this.
We've talked about it together even on the radio.
And on your website, there's articles about it.
So this was a Halloween celebration, but they take it deadly serious.
And I believe it carries on into their life.
And the American people, it is so fantastic.
You know, many people are so good.
And they're gullible.
They're sincere.
They can't believe this.
They can't believe it's possible.
That a Bill Clinton or a George W. Bush, and notice we've got Democrats and Republicans there, or a Hillary Clinton or a Laura Bush could be involved in this.
Well, it's also very, very scary.
Well, it is because it totally destroys our concept of politics and government.
I'll give you one example of this, Alex.
I mentioned that Halloween was not celebrated in America until 1845.
Here's something for your audience to get some meat onto.
It was in 1845, I have it right here, the United States Congress passed the law which set the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November as Election Day.
Now, we have Election Day coming up this week, right?
The first Tuesday after the first Monday.
Why did they do that?
Because this was a special day to the Druids and the Witches
Of which the Illuminati are patterned after their date.
This was known as Slaughter Day.
It was the day they slaughtered their cattle.
Now they couldn't do it on a Monday because that was the Moon Day.
That was the worship of the goddess.
They had to do it on Tuesday.
It was the first Tuesday then, you might say, after the first Monday.
After what?
After Halloween, or So Wayne Day.
The day they worshipped the dead.
They kill their cows, slaughter their animals for the coming winter season so they can store the food.
And the blood flowed on that day.
Election day is slaughter day.
It's unbelievable.
Facts stay there.
We're going to come back and get a little bit into how they're replacing other...
Christian holidays with other pagan dates, like Christmas.
And again, one more time, you've got to get the new book, Codex Magica, available at InfoWars.com right now.
Taking pre-orders.
It's coming in this week.
We'll ship it out to you.
Or get it over there from TexMars, directly from the source.
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That's right.
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That's herbalhealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
620-something pages long, over a thousand pictures, secret signs, mysterious symbols, and the hidden codes of the Illuminati.
And you know, so much stuff about the occult that I've researched, it's baloney.
And so many of these books about codes in the Bible and all this, more baloney.
This is real.
This is the dominant force in our world, our occultists, who think that we're a bunch of cattle, and they openly write about it in their memoirs, and countless widows get into their attics and find all this stuff later.
We end up getting it.
But Charlotte Iserby, you know, she was high-level Reagan administration.
Her dad was Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and had like a deathbed confession and accepted Jesus before he died.
She was taking care of him when he had cancer.
He had to listen to her every day doing talk radio interviews about what was happening with education, and he finally woke up and he said, oh yeah, he cried about being a member and said it was horrible, that's all he'd say.
But the point is, is that it's not too late for people to turn back, but most of them have already totally gone over to the other side, so I guess it may be too late.
That's open for debate.
But this is what's running things.
You want to know the language?
Believe me, I've studied it a lot.
And to be able to see it on the cornerstones of buildings, know what sect it is, know what their specialties are, know what they're doing when they're flashing hand signs on TV, when I'm debating somebody on TV and they're flashing hand signs, all this stuff.
I've told the story of my great-great-uncle, Uncle Houston, my dad's great-uncle, and he was a Mason, and he ran, during Prohibition, ran liquor stores.
We're good to go.
And look, it's so important to get Codex Magica.
Please go to Infowars.com or call toll-free to get it.
Get this new book.
Or go over to ConspiracyWorld.com and link through to get the phone number or text right there on that site as well.
Tex, we're about to break and come back and start the next hour.
We will go to John and Mike and Larry and Gary and others, but
For the person that has trouble understanding why this occult system is out there, and who buys into the propaganda that Christians are a bunch of nuts who just want to persecute these sweet little pagans, I don't think a lot of people realize that the pagans have also posed as Christians to carry out their sacrifices.
Haven't they?
Well, of course, they would have to do that.
Satan would love nothing better than to pollute the real Christian church.
But I think more and more today we're becoming aware of these things.
We're becoming alert.
And I myself, when I was a young man growing up, I couldn't imagine anything being wrong with Halloween.
It was a little frightening, a little bit scary.
But I didn't know it was actually an occult day still in practice.
I recently read, and I know you have, the news headlines.
This has been going on for several years in Europe and Belgium.
Now we find out that there's an entire network of politicians and judges throughout Europe that are tied with a child abduction murder snuff film production ring.
We're talking about killing toddlers.
We're talking about killing toddlers.
Killing toddlers and this guy had been let go by judges and such.
These things are real.
I believe it's happening in America.
You know, just the mainstream.
You know, Fred Barnes, who puts the Saturday Review or the National Review, one of the conservative magazines, said something on TV recently.
He said, in all the history of the United States, a Freemason has never been convicted of murder.
You mentioned that, how they favor each other, the judges and so forth.
Isn't that interesting?
Millions of Masons, not one of them has ever gone to the death chair.
Well, it is admitted that they let him go, then they found two more dead kids.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I tell ya, two hours he just blasted past us.
We're going to be going to John and Larry and Gary and Alex here in just a few minutes.
We're talking to Professor Tex Mars, a good friend of mine, pastor, best-selling author right here in Austin, Texas.
The power of prophecy is his ministry.
We'll tell you about his websites and his toll-free number to get his amazing free newsletter before he leaves us.
He's here talking about his new book.
It comes out tomorrow.
We're carrying it right now.
I'm pre-ordering it, but it's coming in tomorrow or the next day.
We'll be shipping it out.
And that's Codex Magicka.
An amazing new encyclopedic book.
When we come back from this quick segment, in the next segment, I want to ask you about Hugo Chavez saying we don't practice Halloween.
We're not satanic like the Americans.
Because I know a lot of Latin Americans, and they are scared to death of Halloween.
Mexico's different, though.
They're a little more satanic, more like the Western culture.
Let's go ahead and go to John in Mass.
John, you're on the air with Tex Mars.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Tex.
It's great to be on with you guys today.
I just wanted to call because, number one, I'm calling from, I live in Salem, Massachusetts, which I absolutely hate.
First day of the year, live here.
But what a lot of people don't understand is, you know, a lot of people come up here, they're dressed in costumes, they go downtown, they hang out.
They don't understand that there's witches all over here that are practicing secret rituals.
And it's one of those invite-only things.
I mean, it really is incredible.
It's going on right under everyone's nose, and they don't even get it.
Well, we've studied it throughout history.
You'll have the actual Satanists.
Engaging in rituals and posing as Christians.
Tex, do you want to comment on this?
Well, I think it is interesting.
Up in Salem, Massachusetts, where I remember seeing pictures.
I've never been to Massachusetts.
I'm sure it's beautiful up in New England.
But they actually have road signs inviting you into the land of the witches.
And they have a picture of a witch riding a broom, supposedly.
And I remember Governor Michael Dukakis, and I know John will remember this, he once had a little celebration, you might say, a little luncheon in his governor's mansion there, and he named one of the witches, I think it was Laurie Cabot or one of them, as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts official witch.
And again, this is all supposed to be in great fun, but it's not so much fun.
You know, I was recently reading a book
Published in France, but now in English, because it was so popular, it is entitled, Abortion as a Religious Sacrament.
And the author of it says that abortion is a wonderful thing, and witches and goddess advocates should support it.
Because it is really the sacrifice of a live human being.
Well, did you hear about coming in from Columbia, all of those dead babies inside the statues, and it was hardly even in our news, but it was in the BBC, being shipped in for rituals in Miami a month ago?
Oh my goodness, though, I missed that.
That is just incredible.
Apparently it was in the BBC, showed photos of all these statues with dead babies on them, and they were going to gobble them.
Wow, this is just... Well, it is grotesque, and it is real, and that's what I want to encourage people to understand.
Well, how dare you say they're bad, eaten, dead babies, Dex?
That's a friendly thing to do.
Well, you know, again, we get back to the ancient mystery religions, and one of the things I show in Codex Magica, whether it's Albert Pike, the former Sovereign Grand Commander of Freemasonry, all of the Satan worshippers and the leaders of the early Illuminati, all of them
believed basically in sacrifice.
It's interesting that Pike, who actually used Indians during the Civil War to take the scalp of Yankee soldiers, he was a Civil War Confederate general, and it's interesting that his statue sits in front or stands in front of the U.S.
Justice Department in Washington, D.C.,
Right down the street from the Supreme Court.
Isn't that amazing?
A Confederate War General statue stands in Washington, D.C.
on public land in front of the Justice Department.
Jesse Jackson doesn't seem to care.
Well, Jesse is a 33rd degree Mason, as is Colin Powell.
We'll be right back with more calls.
We've got a break.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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Tell them you heard it on G... He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
President of Venezuela calls for ban on Halloween, BBC.
He said, we don't dress our children up like witches.
We're not like that.
We're not here to terrorize our people.
We're not Satanists.
We're not here to put fear into our nation, putting fear into their own people.
And there have been lanterns being put around the Capitol building with little threats in it as of late.
I'm not here defending Chavez and his political views, but the point is that he's outside the New World Order.
He's not playing ball with them.
Clearly they hate his guts.
Oh, a strange bedfellow here.
Chavez agrees with us that it's really bad news.
I'm not for banning it because it's free speech, folks, but we need to be honest.
I mean, how can they have the head of the Church of England, the Bishop of Canterbury, openly as a Druid?
I have the video of him and photos of him in the new film in his Druid outfit with the big sword.
And Julius Caesar, right there at that very spot 2,000 years ago, saw them eating the people they'd sacrificed.
I mean, this is admitted.
Tex, why do you think Chavez is out here saying this now?
Well, of course, Chavez has been attacked.
And even Pat Robertson, by the way, you're going to find out he has a high-level Freemason.
And you'll see the actual hand signal that Pat Robertson uses in my book, Codex Magica.
So Pat Robertson, the seminar club, is a tool of the elite.
And they're all after Hugo Chavez.
And you're absolutely right.
He will not play ball.
With the Illuminati elite.
They hate the guy.
He has a lot of oil.
More than just about anybody in this hemisphere.
And they're going to... Watch out.
He will probably be a dead man before long.
I hope he's got some good bodyguards.
But now he's giving speeches about how he doesn't want his people worshipping the devil like us.
Well, I think he knows what he's talking about there.
We are the leading country on the occult.
I mean, our movies...
You just turn on the television and just look at the array of evil, occultic, satanic slasher movies.
Our kids are being programmed this way.
And no wonder we're having things like what happened at Abu Ghraib prison.
Because these kids are being taught that there's nothing wrong with this hideous activity.
Oh, it's going to get worse.
Well, it probably will get worse.
But it is interesting that Hugo Chavez is throwing this up to us right in our face.
You know, the Bible says, and I don't mean to preach a sermon here, but it's very simple.
A simple rule of thumb.
It says, overcome evil with good.
That's what we're supposed to do as Christians, but what kind of example is it to send evil, to transmit evil throughout the world,
With this holiday, and by the way, if we are supposedly, we were formed first as a Christian nation, and a lot of people say that's not true, but again, Halloween was not practiced among the people.
It was brought over here by immigrants to the United States and really began to get in popular means about 1845.
So George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, they didn't know anything about Halloween.
It would have been a grotesque thing for them.
We'll also be clear, even the Associated Press is on the history of Christmas, and I've had guests on the written books about that.
Santa Claus, I think it was like in 1820, 1830 or so, they banned Christmas...
For a decade, because there were so many fires, so many murders, so many shootings in London, and everybody modeled that there were these groups of street thugs that would demand tricks or treats on Christmas as well, and they modeled after, and I've seen the old sketches of him from the period, he looks like Freddy Krueger, he's a criminal with gorilla arms, with striped stockings, and Santa Claus runs around basically stealing and murdering,
And so now that's Coca-Cola, by the way, Santa, they made him popular in the 20s.
He didn't even get popular in the 20s.
Just one company, Coca-Cola, he's a friendly guy with a big beard.
See, now that's Christmas.
So they're even Easter, Ishtar, the bunny rabbit, the eggs, you know, Playboy, sex, fertility folks, you know, the symbol Ishtar, the bunny.
I mean, Texas, they're taking everything over.
They are.
Now, the first step is basically to pollute Christianity.
We're good to go.
They will actually admit what they have done to us, and people will go, oh, well, that's okay.
See, this is their plan.
It is the way the satanic psychologists work.
Well, all you do is switch the T with the N. You get Satan.
Yeah, you get Satan.
And I can show you in the new age of cultic literature, for example, published by the Lucis Trust, they call their god Samat.
So here again, you see an anagram for Satan.
The Masons, of course, worship a god they call Jabulon.
And they call him the Great Architect.
Of the universe.
So all of these shadowy names, of course, are synonyms when you really look into it, because Jabulon means a combination of Yahweh or Jehovah, Baal, and On, which is one of the names of the Egyptian god Osiris.
Tex, I want to jam a few final calls in here.
I know you've got to go, and I'm going to move quick through these.
But what is the New World Order's final master plan?
If they had their way, what would things look like right now?
Well, they're on their way to getting it.
What they want is a utopia in which the elite philosophers, which they think is them.
You can be as stupid as George Bush, but he believes he's a king philosopher, as would have it back in Platonic, Plato-type literature.
They want a utopia on Earth, which means the peasants, a feudalistic system, will be reinstituted, and the masses will be ruled over by this lordly elite.
And so that is the New World Order.
So they're going to use religion, economics, politics, all those areas to bring it to pass.
And so they're working in every field, these custodians of what they call the plan.
Give us the toll-free number to get the free newsletter and the new book, Codex Magica.
Codex Magica, of course, on InfoWars.com.
But people can call us and get a free newsletter.
We'll tell them a little bit about it.
Codex Magica is the name of it.
Ask for that particular newsletter.
Call us toll-free, 1-800-234-
Now, if they want the book, they can go ahead and order it.
Just tell the lady, because she's not going to ask you.
She's not going to try to sell you anything.
Who answers the phone there.
But 1-800-234-9673.
Alex, as you mentioned, it will be available on Infowars.com on the Internet.
It is right now.
We just posted it today, and so same price as Texas on the 4.
I hope you get it.
It's $35 because it's 600-plus pages.
It weighs 2 pounds, and I hope you'll get it and support what Texas is doing.
Let's jam calls in.
I know you guys have been patient.
I want to get to you.
I guess next up here is Larry.
Larry, you're calling us from Arizona, I believe.
Go ahead.
That's right, Alex.
I had to call in when I heard that Tex was on your show because I owe Tex a thanks.
Several years ago I made a missionary journey over to the Philippines and at that time Tex was offering free materials for missionaries and his office was kind enough to send me four cases of books which I handed out in the Philippines and the people there were very grateful.
Yeah, Tex is one of the most gracious people I know.
Very nice person.
Y'all are way too kind to me but thank you very much Alex and Larry.
I'd like to ask you a question, if I can.
One of your tape series that I got several years ago, and by the way, you were the first person that turned me on to all of this New World Order stuff back in the 90s.
I also want to thank you for that.
What I wanted to ask you about was one tape series that you had about
People that were ducking out of the Vietnam War and going into seminaries, and they really didn't do it for the right reasons.
Yeah, communist infiltrating.
Thanks for the call.
I want to take a few more.
Tex, comment on that?
Well, there was a church of universal life, a fake church that came up during the Vietnam War, and I think three million guys became ministers of this fake church.
We're good to go.
Just because they were draft dodgers.
And now, hey, they're in their high 40s, 50s, 60s, and they're running the religious establishment.
Larry is absolutely right.
So be very careful who your pastor is.
Let's talk to Gary in Ohio.
Gary, go ahead.
First time I called you, I want to thank you for fighting the New World Order.
Hi, Alex.
I learned about 9-11 basically from you.
I've been passing out your videos.
And also the whole globalist control thing.
Well, thank you.
I was least interested in Bohemian Grove and the occult aspect of it until I saw Bohemian Grove and found out there's Syria.
They do that, you know, serious black magic stuff.
I want to say, for most people, I'm sorry, I come from more on the left, and for most people, Halloween is just, you know, make-believe, goofy stuff.
But as far as the globalists, I think that, you know, we're doing a great job of exposing them, but right now they own the army.
They own the media.
They can cut you off in a minute.
They own the banking system, dollars, voting.
They put pig genes in our tomatoes and our food.
You know what they did with the water in Bolivia.
We're good to go.
Okay, I appreciate your call, and I wish you'd call back some other day.
We could talk ten minutes about this.
We're out of time.
But yeah, you've got to decentralize things.
You've got to break up these monopolies.
They're not free market.
They're the opposite of that.
And so they love socialism because that consolidates wealth for them.
Tex, do you agree?
The only thing I would add, Alex, is, you know,
A lot of these organizations, I believe Sierra Club, environmental groups and such, they are actually controlled by the elite.
They claim to be decentralized, but they're not.
But we need to develop mechanisms.
We need to develop a true decentralization.
You're right.
Tex, I really want to thank you for coming on with us, my friend.
I look forward to talking to you in the near future.
Alex, great to be on with you and your wonderful audience again.
God bless you.
God bless you.
We'll be right back to tell you about forced vaccination.
Coming up, InfoAwards.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Well, we've got the president of the National Vaccine Information Center on with us.
We'll be talking to her in a moment.
Barbara Lee Fisher.
They passed the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act for Homeland Security, page 76, because they couldn't get the states to do it three years ago.
They tried to order medical workers and police to take it.
They wholesale refused 99 plus percent.
According to the Associated Press and LA Times, showing that even the enforcers aren't stupid.
When top virologists and others came out and said that this thing will spread smallpox and is very toxic.
Well, here's one London Telegraph.
I see articles like this every day.
Here's just one today because we've got this guest on.
Flu jab may be fatal to some pensioners.
We're good to go.
Massive studies, I mean, medical studies, double-blind studies, decades-long studies show that folks that take four or five or more flu shots who are older get Alzheimer's.
What do you think it does to your brain, folks?
Well, yeah, the mercury.
Alzheimer's is the exact same thing as mercury poisoning in many cases.
And it's been a scourge.
Autism up several thousand percent.
We've had medical doctors on to cover this.
They haven't taken it out of the shots.
They've actually increased it in most shots.
We're good to go.
This is really scary.
And now they want to give them liability protection.
Now here's the difference.
I'm for liability protection of gun makers.
Because if somebody goes and buys a Louisville Slugger and beats your brains out, it's not Louisville Slugger's fault.
Or if somebody runs over you in a Ford pickup truck on purpose, it's not Ford's fault.
It's the same thing with guns.
But with these shots, they claim it's a medical thing, they claim it's a drug, they claim it's something that helps you, and it doesn't, and they knowingly do this, they need to be held accountable.
We're going to break here in a few minutes, but she's going to be with us for the balance of the broadcast until about 50 after.
I'll try to jam a few calls in.
And she is Barbara Lee Fisher.
Barbara, we've got this new nightmare.
It's passed the Senate.
It's in the House.
Tell us all about it.
Yeah, it's the latest in federal legislation since September 11, 2001.
That is trying to totally absolve the vaccine makers from all liability for vaccine injuries and deaths and also protect anyone who's connected with giving these vaccines.
Any public health officials, any physicians who give the vaccines for what happens after they give them.
And it all started with the Homeland Security Bill after 9-1-1 and the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act which were going through the states, being passed through the states.
And then we have Project BioShield 2004 and now we have this latest legislation that is trying to take away all liability for whenever the Secretary of Health and Human Services declares even an imminent
And this is going to be forcible, by the way, boys and girls.
Yeah, I think that people really don't understand what they did with the Homeland Security Bill.
It was the most incredible reorganization of the checks and balances that we have had historically in power in this country.
It tilts now.
It's total federalization.
It's a giant cloaking device for public martial law.
Ron Paul and many others are now saying that.
And certainly, that's where they started to talk about
Where they gave the power to the Secretary of HHS to declare even an imminent public health emergency and use, quote, substance or substances on the people.
You know, whatever.
That's very broad.
And then, of course, Project Bioshell 2004 went further.
And, in fact, there have been a number of military personnel who have been forced to take the Amtrax vaccine, which is basically an experimental vaccine.
It has never been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration.
And that's illegal even with the military.
But I guess not now.
No, and there's been a court case in the federal district court here, and there was a judge that said to Donald Rumsfeld, you may not give these soldiers this experimental vaccine without informed consent because it's experimental, it's against the law.
And what the Secretary of Defense did in conjunction with the Secretary of HHS is invoke Project BioShield and had an emergency use authorization issued that got around that federal court order.
So you see, already we're seeing what's happened when we give too much power to the executive branch.
And folks, I mean, they're doing this on purpose to the troops.
Understand, this is bioweapons testing on our own people.
Oh boy, triple the deformities and all sorts of health problems.
Everything's fine.
Well, roll up your sleeves and get ready.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome to RealityZone.com.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up on November 4th right here in Texas, and they don't have the special fraud electronic voting machines in everywhere, but we still have a chance to defeat this.
90 plus percent of Texans are against toll roads.
You're going to see election fraud at work here when you watch.
There's a good chance, though, magically, though, it doesn't matter what all the polls show, you voted for the tolls.
We've caught them red-handed many times.
That's why in your town, you don't have these new machines in.
You really got to vote.
Vote no on Prop 1 and Prop 9.
One's the toll roads, and nine is trying to, so they can stay in office longer.
Just vote no on 1 and 9 for our Texas audience.
And no matter where you live in the country, they're coming at you with the toll roads.
By the way, before school always opens, they tell you it's the law.
You've got to go be vaccinated to go to school.
There's no law.
There's never been a law.
But they're just lying, and it's a big, big business.
Just with this...
Flu scare they're doing with the bird flu.
Look at what they've been able to do.
They've been running around yelling and screaming about that and hyperventilating, and it turns out Rumsfeld's company is going to make between $4 and $7 million with this pill.
And then one of the other companies has got connections under the White House making the flu vaccine.
Which they admit doesn't even cover this supposed flu.
So it's just a huge payoff in the tens of billions of dollars each year to these guys and then we find out what's in these vaccines.
We have the CDC documents from 2000 where they said we've brain damaged millions but we've got to cover this up.
And it's by design, folks.
So make no mistake, this is happening.
This is coming.
And they're really pushing to set the precedent to put in our bodies what they want, when they want.
They're talking about engineering vaccines into vegetables now.
They already have the technology.
Pharmacological crops.
They're setting this precedent.
Talking to the president, Barbara Lee Fisher, of the National Vaccine Organization that exposes all of this.
We're so honored to have her on with us today from the National Vaccine Information Center.
Continuing with what we're facing, how do we beat this?
Because they just keep coming back with this.
How do we beat this, Barbara?
Well, you know, I don't know how we're going to really be able to stop this bill.
We might be able to.
People are going to have to contact their congresspersons, and they're going to have to make their views known.
I mean, that's about the only way we can, because we're outgunned up there by the pharmaceutical industry.
They have this incredible power and money.
And also medical organizations, which are also lobbying for this bill.
Well, I mean, you said it.
I want to make something clear here.
Remember earlier this year, they passed the New Freedom Initiative, the Orwellian term, for forced psychological testing and drugging of all school-aged children, forced testing for all, drugging of many, and the drug company's own internal documents said this was about money.
We're going to be able to put half the kids on drugs now.
I mean, literally, they just bought our politicians...
It's amazing because, of course, there's no liability attached.
You talk about a stockholder's dream and a consumer's worst nightmare.
I've always said that until the cop with the nurse and the syringe and the gun comes to your door...
Americans are not going to wake up and realize the freedoms that we've given away.
Now, one of the things is that public health laws, including those laws governing vaccination, have always been state laws.
Because in the U.S.
Constitution, anything that was not defined as a federal activity defaulted to the state.
So you're right that there's no federal law compelling vaccination yet, but there are state laws in the different states
However, there have been exemptions that so far they've allowed people to get.
But this is a big step in knocking that out.
It started with Homeland Security.
Yes, the Homeland Security Law was the first time that the Feds started to intrude upon the state's rights in this area.
And people say that Homeland Security doesn't affect me, Patriot Act doesn't affect me.
Yes, it does, folks.
It does, and what the bigger plan is, of course, is once they can get all liability removed from those who make vaccines and drugs, those who give them to you,
Well, I'll just say this.
That's why they gave us the Second Amendment.
Yeah, and we also have the Seventh Amendment, which is our right to a trial by jury in front of a jury of our peers.
This legislation totally destroys the Seventh Amendment.
Did you know that the former top CIA analyst for Ronald Reagan and Bush Jr.
says the government may carry out terror attacks and set up martial law?
Did you know Ron Paul said the government wants to use this vaccine system to declare martial law and get our guns?
So many prominent people are now saying we are actually becoming a commie Nazi system.
America really is going into a total dictatorship very soon.
I never thought I would feel that our country is in danger and that we have so eroded the fundamental principles of the Constitution when it comes to civil liberties.
And, I mean, our founders came here because they were fleeing from oppression by, you know, kings and queens.
But that British oppression isn't a thimble, I mean, just compared to this washtub of evil we're now seeing.
Well, certainly, if we cannot have control over what we put in our bodies, in the bodies of our children, we can in no sense be free.
In my opinion, it's a human right to determine what you're willing to risk your life for.
Well, Barbara, why don't you tell people what they found in the vaccines confirmed?
I mean, everything you can imagine.
Well, it is distressing when you go and you do the research and you find out how vaccines are made and you find that
You know, they're using animal cell substrates like monkey kidney cells to make vaccines.
We had a problem.
A lot of people don't realize that the polio vaccine, both the killed and live polio, was contaminated with a monkey virus that is now...
Yeah, you know, it's...
I think that there's just been this sort of blind spot with Congress and with the public about vaccines because there's been this incredible promotion that the polio vaccine, the smallpox vaccine, and all these vaccines have saved humanity from infectious disease.
And now they're openly saying, hey, we're not going to clean them up.
In fact, we're going to make them as dirty as we want.
Well, unfortunately, with this liability protection, they can do whatever they want to.
And the other thing about this bill is
Yeah, keeping science and reporting and all of this secret.
A secret holocaust.
Yeah, and so the problem is you'll never be able to go to court to prove, like with the tobacco companies, you need to be able to go into court and hold industries.
Now, Bush already gave Eli Lilly protection, but we got that stripped.
In the Homeland Security Bill, yes.
We organized a call-in campaign and a fax campaign, and we got the thimerosal rider that protected the makers of the thimerosal, the mercury preservatives and vaccines, that was knocked out.
But see, they've come around.
They waited, and now they're going to achieve what they did not achieve in Homeland Security.
They're going to achieve what this piece of work did.
And people wonder why you never hear this on the nightly news.
Half the advertisers...
I've already said this just from watching TV, but I've seen reports, news reports, and industry publications on advertising expenditures.
About half of, in your average newscast, right around half of the ads are drug maker ads.
And they all have their vaccine division.
So literally, half the news budget is being paid for by the drug makers.
They're buying up everything.
Well, just think, if you have a product that is mandated to be used by every single citizen born in this country... But the media won't expose it because half their money, half their profits are from the drug makers.
I don't know what, you know, the only thing I can, what we need to do is, as citizens, we need to stand up.
And we need to get to our elected representatives.
And if our elected representatives won't listen to what we say, we have to elect new representatives.
Well, we've got to have recalls about this.
Barbara continuing here, you know, trying to look at this big picture of what we're facing.
People need to realize there are 200 vaccines in the research pipeline that are literally being developed to prevent every single infectious disease you can think of.
And, you know, there's never been any research into whether preventing all illness in childhood and as adults is really good for us.
I mean, obviously we've had illness on this earth since man walked the earth.
You know, there are some scientists and physicians who are thinking independently and saying maybe getting sick once in a while is not bad for you, but it's actually good for you.
Well, it's just like antibiotics has now given rise to superbugs that, you know, eat your skin.
And I know people who have been on antibiotics for 10 years.
They're totally unhappy, and they can't get off of them now because they don't have an immune system, and now it isn't even working for them.
But look.
That's the thing.
Right now, they try to push about 45 vaccines on your kids.
Ten years ago, it was 30.
Ten years before that, it was 15.
They're now talking about making your child take hundreds of shots, literally on a daily basis, injectors filled with every toxin you can imagine.
This is unbelievable.
I mean, this is like a science fiction horror movie.
Well, I'm afraid people are going to have to wake up and see that just because...
The smallpox vaccine eradicated smallpox and polio vaccine took polio out doesn't mean that we have to use a vaccine for literally every disease known to man.
You know, they're not doing the proper scientific research that needs to be done to look at this issue.
They're just going blindly down the road saying more is better.
You know, that we can take an unlimited number of vaccines.
I mean, it doesn't even make any sense logically.
Well, they even admit that they have a vaccine to stop kids having earaches, but they admit that the vaccine is very dangerous.
They have the meningitis shot, but they admit that's a very dangerous shot and doesn't even protect you in all cases.
They've got hepatitis B vaccine.
They're given to 12-hour-old infants and the newborn nursery, even though hepatitis B is an adult disease.
Did you hear about England?
Did you hear about England?
I'm sure you did.
They also, it was barely defeated, they wanted to pass a law to give every child in England an injection of a vaccine with a live virus that was actually going to attack
Key nerve centers in the brain to, quote, cure children so they would never use cocaine, heroin, nicotine, or any other opiate.
Folks, imagine a vaccine with a virus that actually creates a type of chemical lobotomy.
That's a science fiction movie, folks.
That's Brave New World.
You're right.
There's an anti-cocaine vaccine.
I'm telling you.
But it actually attacks the brain.
They have a science fiction movie out about that right now.
Well, I just think we've given too much power to MDs and PhDs who choose to become scientists and physicians.
Well, some cop tries to come to my door and injected me with some kind of thing that attacks my brain.
I mean, this is insane!
Well, I think people just don't understand because so many of these laws are passed quietly, and that's one of the reasons that our organization, and we've been doing this vaccine safety work for 23 years,
Put out the press release and said, you know, people wake up.
See what's happened.
You need to take back your country.
You need to take back your Constitution.
And you can only do that by going and holding the elected officials accountable for the votes that they make.
You need to monitor what your elected official at the state and federal level is doing.
Find out what they're doing.
Find out who gives the money.
You can find that out by going on the Internet and see who gives your elected official money.
And then if you don't like what they're doing in Washington or in your state capitol, you need to vote them out.
Get your own people in there.
But I thought we fought the British so we could forcibly inject our children with hundreds of toxins.
I'm sure that our founders are turning over in their graves.
They wouldn't believe.
They really wouldn't.
Okay, well, we know it passed the Senate.
What's the House bill number?
I don't have the house bill number in front of me here, but they can go to our website.
We'll be updating that.
We have a portion on our website, and we'll get that new house number in there.
That's nvic.org.
That's correct.
I know I've been jumping in a lot, Barbara.
It's just that it freaks me out.
I know.
When I'm reading London Telegraph articles that are...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
If they destroy the receptors in the brain for those pleasures, those drugs simply mimic natural receptor points.
Yeah, it's Brave New World.
I don't know if you've ever read Huxley's Brave New World.
Yes, yes.
But it's very unsettling.
And I think, again, people have got to be more aware, and they need to vote people into their state legislatures and into Congress to understand that we do not want pharma running our lives.
We don't want public health officials in pharma with too much power and too much money telling us what to put in our bodies.
Well, we've got to defeat the bill.
Congress set to pass law eliminating liability for vaccine and green.
And we'll get that up on our website, the new House bill.
All right, it just went to the House.
It was S-1873.
It's passed the Senate Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act.
That's right.
And that will be the name of the House.
It just went for Bio and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act.
And, Barbara, I want to commend you for coming on, folks.
You need to go to your website, nvic.org, nvic.org.
And you better get involved.
Barbara, thank you for coming on.
Thank you.
God bless.
Take care.
Folks, this isn't a joke, okay?
Type in pharmacological crops.
They're going to put it in the food.
They already have it.
They have developed vaccines that they're looking at in the U.S.
and that they tried to pass a law last year in England by law to make you take a vaccine where the virus actually creates a plaque.
A plaque.
It actually goes in, tailored,
And the virus plugs into your receptor sites and actually kills brain cells.
I can't believe this.
I mean, we're talking actual brain engineering.
Do you want to know what all this technology and the $700 hammers have been spent on in the Pentagon?
You know, it didn't really go into hammers.
It is actual stuff where they give you a shot, and man, you are that mindless.
After that, you're just like a zombie.
And they're going to be coming by in their black masks.
Laugh at me like you did about everything else.
If we don't stop them in 10 years, they're going to be coming around even sooner in black masks with Rogue Leader 17.
Go in!
Move in!
Move in!
Take your shot now.
You're with us now.
Join us.
Now you're with us.
Join us.
Now you're with us.
Now you're with the world leader now.
I mean, these people are psychopathic occult sickos.
Go read the London Telegraph.
Go read the BBC.
They almost passed a law to actually lobotomize every child in England.
I'm not joking.
We are just living in absolute insanity.
Normal people respond to it like I am.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and flammable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-2533-139.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A few months ago, I saw a trailer for a science fiction movie where the government makes you take a shot of a virus that then makes you behave yourself.
It goes in and eats your brain, eats certain... And of course, that's real!
They're actually about to pass laws to make us take it!
I mean, see, that's why I'm freaking out here, folks!
It's so bad!
I mean, the cops out there, they're going to brain damage your kids.
I know.
You'll just roll their sleeves up and let them hurt your children.
Because you believe the system's so good.
You're so brainwashed.
You're so stupid.
And you yuppies out there, and all of you, you make me sick.
And in the movie Serenity, you know, that's the message.
The government's really secretly, you know, trying to make people sedative.
I haven't seen the movie Equilibrium, but John Harmon, running the show, keeps telling me to see it.
John, what does Equilibrium talk about?
I'm going to take a few calls.
Yeah, basically everyone's forced to take this drug that... Emotions are banned in the future because emotions result in anger and violence and all that stuff.
So everyone is turned into mindless zombies.
To ensure peace.
Which Aldous Huxley said his brother was UN Secretary General of UNESCO, but he wrote it back in the 30s before the UN even existed.
He said in a speech in 1962 at Berkeley that I've aired here, no, this is the real plan.
I've worked with the global government.
My book is about our plan.
So you go, well, why is what the book says what they're doing?
Because it's an actual plan, people!
Listen to me!
Soylent Green is made out of people!
It's not equivalent, okay?
It's that level!
They're so close to the troops and the injectors.
And Ron Paul won't care anymore once they get him.
He'll be on the news.
Everything is fine.
I've had my injection.
I love the global leader.
I mean, folks, this is not a joke.
You realize we're in a science fiction horror movie.
All you can do is fight at that point.
When these dumb, dumb, dumb cops come with stupid troops who've all had their injections and all are following orders now, they're all going to be feeling fine.
Go to InfoWars.com, get the new book Codex Magica, get my film Martial Law, make a thousand copies, run around screaming, wake everybody up, freak out, pull your hair out.
That's the normal response to this stuff.
It's just unbelievable.
They're going to make a law to forcibly inject us in no liability with just all this garbage, and it's going to be incrementally done.
Let's talk to Alex in Mass that Joseph in England has been holding for five million years.
Go ahead, Alex.
Oh, hey, I'm from North Carolina.
Was there an Alex from Mass?
It doesn't matter.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, you know, for 15 years or so, I've been aware of and incrementally of various things you talk about on the show, and I've always thought that I've done a good job of finding out about it, trying to protect myself and my family, until I learned recently that I guess I'm a complete moron, because I've been poisoning myself for the last 25 years, and I've been doing it with dental amalgam.
Well, let me tell you, dental amalgam isn't one one-billionth as bad as these vaccines.
Oh, okay.
I'm having all of them out as soon as I can, but it's unsettling, though, to know that, like, for example, I looked online and I found the material data safety sheet for a product called Dispersaloid,
Well, I guess that's good.
And, you know, if you go to a regular dentist, he'll tell you that there's nothing wrong with amalgams.
They can't possibly hurt you.
But the data sheet says that the number of amalgam restorations for one patient should be kept to a minimum.
Inhalation of mercury vapor by dental staff may be avoided by proper handling.
Yeah, no, the actual literature says it's dangerous.
Thanks for the call.
I'm sorry we're out of time.
Joseph in England.
Go ahead, Joseph.
Yeah, I was just going to say, Equilibrium is a good film, but if you want to see a film that really describes the New World Order, there's a good one with Ewan McGregor called The Island you've got to see.
Oh, I saw that.
Yeah, The Island's great.
I'm just going to read a quick headline out of the UK Daily Mirror.
Our envoy loses satellite phone.
Iraqi rebels find it.
Run up a £500,000 bill calling Al-Qaeda in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, if you can believe that.
I never covered that.
More proof Al-Qaeda is MI6 CIA.
You're absolutely right.
It's in the stack.
I didn't get to it.
I'm sorry.
Call me back tomorrow.
We'll talk more, okay?
Okay, then.
Joseph, and that goes for John and everybody else, and Alex and all of you.
Just great callers.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.