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Air Date: Oct. 26, 2005
2466 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Right now we are at a very important crossroads or critical mass, you could say.
So much is happening.
The New World Order program of breaking up the family, of destroying our borders, of getting more and more people deeply in debt, including getting the nation in debt, in pumping the
The economy full of fiat currency.
It's all reached fever pitch.
And now, right now, on this Wednesday, the 26th day of October 2005, we have headlines like this from the Washington Post.
Bush aides brace for charges.
Grand jury may hear counts in leak case today.
So those indictments...
May be handed out, may be read as early as this afternoon.
We will continue to track it and cover it up to the minute.
If it happens, we will let you know.
CIA leak charges set to be handed out today.
That's what the Financial Times of London is saying.
They're saying it's going to happen.
And then the Washington Post says they're bracing that it may happen today.
ABC News goes with this headline, CIA leak investigators hold last-minute interviews.
Investigators are holding last-minute interviews with key individuals.
We'll go into more detail on that for you.
Meanwhile, some of the very people who brought forward fake news,
Evidence of WMDs and promoted them in the Senate are yet again slandering George Galloway.
And he's won several libel suits against British newspapers that printed what this committee has said in the past.
And so is it any surprise that they're spewing new allegations?
And if they've been caught lying over and over again, red-handed, with fake documents themselves, then why should we give them any credibility when they say they now have smoking gun new documents?
Because Tariq Aziz told you?
Because some vice president of Iraq is right now in a known torture camp?
They claim said so?
Just amazing.
It's a side issue, but it just goes to credibility of these individuals.
They lie and lie and lie and lie like grains of sand at the beach.
I mean, it's just countless.
Always renewing itself with new torrents and deluges and floods and just juggernauts of endless salvos, endless torpedoes of lies.
They are congenital...
We live in a kleptocracy run by a pack of thieves.
Interesting article here.
Majority of Americans reject theory of evolution.
CBS News.
I'll give you my take on it.
Also, new evidence coming out about Western governments involved in terror attacks.
Mohammed Khan links to security services.
This and a lot more coming up.
And, you know, I said I'd do it yesterday, and we did a pretty good job of taking your calls.
But today, I'm really going to take your calls.
In the first two hours, I'm going to take masses of calls.
And then we've got Paul Watson joining us.
It comes on every few weeks with a huge news roundup in the third hour.
Coming up with everything that develops in the next two hours and all the other important news and stories we've been working on and some news we're going to be breaking.
All coming up in the third hour.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Eight minutes, 20 seconds into this first hour.
Thank you so much for joining us today on this live Wednesday edition.
Indictment Watch, why we're hearing that any time Fitzgerald's
Fitzgerald's grand jury might hand down indictments on Scooter Libby and good old Carl Rover Jr.
and maybe even Dick Cheney.
Good old Tricky Dicky, too.
But we'll see what happens with this and go over it.
Bush aides are bracing for charges.
They're saying that it's going to be handed down today.
I don't know if the Washington Post or the Financial Times are right about this.
We will sit here and watch, but I know this.
George Bush and Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, all of them are just managers.
They're the CEOs of a regional governorship in the global empire.
And we need to be talking about the owners, the Oppenheimers, the Saxcoburg Gothas, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers.
We need to be talking about the Queen of England.
We need to be talking about King Juan Carlos of Spain.
I mean, when you actually look at their holdings that the tabloids will never touch, tabloids are actually their instruments to make them look like they don't have any power.
In most cases, they're covertly or overtly owned by the royal houses.
When you look at what they own, it's the majority of the oil company stocks.
It's literally everything from Burger King, pun intended, when anyone owns that.
People think she sold it back to the U.S.
two years ago, but she also owns a majority or a large portion of the stock in now the U.S.
They own the majority of the stocks in the defense contractors.
They own large portions of stock in Hollywood and in the news channels.
They own the major toll road companies.
They own large portions of stock or in the private holdings of electronic voting machine companies.
You name it, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, they own it.
They own giant central banks.
They own stock in the private Federal Reserve.
But we never talk about it.
We never hear about it.
You tell the average American that Juan Carlos is putting in toll roads on almost every major road in Texas with transponders, even though they almost passed the law and the transponder systems are going in, the average Texan will literally look at you stupidly and giggle with a little bit of spittle dripping from the corner of their mouth.
I mean, they just have no connection to reality, no idea even what's going on.
It's all Bill Clinton runs everything.
George Bush runs everything.
Hillary runs everything.
That is an illusion.
They are puppet viceroys.
They are titular heads.
They are regional governors.
They are thespian actors on a stage.
The whole world is a stage and all of us actors upon it.
That's what a famous playwright wrote.
The agenda just continues, but look, they have to do this.
Throughout history at critical junctures, when people are angry, there's revolution brewing or counter-revolution brewing, people are waking up, people are getting involved, people are getting informed, they will basically give us fake victories.
Things to try to stunt our anger.
Every time they're politically raping us, every time they create a depression in a third world country, or in the U.S., they will remove presidents, multiple presidents.
They will give you lots of scapegoats, lots of burning men to burn at the stake.
They'll give you lots of dartboards to throw your darts at.
But in the final equation, their agenda rolls on.
Everything Bill Clinton was doing, continuing under Bush, radically expanding.
Everything Bush Sr.
was doing, radically expanded and continued under Bill Clinton.
It's the same agenda.
They owned some of our presidents and didn't own others and assassinated many, both publicly known and unknown.
Woodrow Wilson was clearly killed, but that's not widely known.
We all know they killed Kennedy.
We all know they killed
But the last president we had was Kennedy.
For all his problems, for all his blemishes, for all his warts.
He was real.
He thought he was a leader.
He gave speeches saying, I'm going to get rid of the Federal Reserve.
I'm going to get rid of the CIA.
We're going to cut taxes by 50%.
And they said, no you're not.
We're going to blow your head off.
And they did.
And it doesn't matter that I can have LBJ's lawyer on who heard LBJ brag that he killed Kennedy, eyewitness to it, the White House press secretary's father, Barr McClellan.
Doesn't matter if I have an admiral on who took the phone call saying I want that U.S.
shit going to the bottom so they can blame it on Egypt, the U.S.'
Doesn't matter if we have them red-handed.
's liberty, 1967.
I mean, that's just LBJ.
We have the tape of LBJ.
Talking to McNamara from his Texas ranch to D.C.
about how they staged the Gulf of Tonkin.
That's been released by the library here in Austin.
Presidential library.
We have LBJ.
I talked about this yesterday.
Saying, I want that GD ship going to the bottom.
When our carriers tried to save them.
To blame it on Egypt.
We have his own lawyer saying he bragged about how he killed Kennedy.
I mean, this is the type of... Just with one man.
That's the type of red-handed, eyewitness, smoking gun, his own conversation, his own lawyer, his own mistress I've interviewed, said the same thing, his admitted mistress, Madeline Duncan-Brown.
Boy, I did that interview with Madeline Duncan-Brown when the LCRA came in and blot down major cash trying to actually buy me off the radio.
They didn't offer me the money.
They just said, we don't like Alex Jones.
We want to be big sponsors on your local station and get him off.
I was always trying to put two and two together, and I just remember that right after I did that interview, it was a week after, that they came and said, we like to spend a lot of money advertising with you, but we don't like Alex Jones.
Folks, LCRA doesn't advertise.
It's the private consortium that owns all the water because the government gives it to them.
Side issue!
You know, I'm off down a rabbit trail, but the point here is, in America...
That people say, well, if all this was true, this wouldn't come out.
If all this was happening, people blow the whistle.
Scores of FBI agents have gone public and told the world they were ordered directly not to stop, quote, Al-Qaeda.
That is the CIA drones, the CIA decoys, the CIA officers, the Muslim Americans who thought they were taking part in a drill.
We've confirmed that.
I mean, how many... Ron Paul comes on the broadcast, congressman, veteran, doctor, and says the government's gearing up for martial law and gun confiscation.
We're living in a total takeover.
Harper's Magazine comes out and says it last week.
We have Janice Karpinski on, the head general over the camps, how she wasn't allowed into those wings, and how the CIA was in there with private contractors raping and torturing, and how the orders came directly from Bush.
I mean, we have Scott Ritter on, the UN weapons inspector, and he says the government may carry out terror attacks.
Yes, that's a real threat.
How many people?
Paul Craig Roberts, number two at Treasury under Reagan.
Morgan Reynolds, number one chief economist for the White House.
Bush, this current president's first administration.
I mean, you say people wouldn't go public, they wouldn't speak out, they wouldn't be telling the truth.
Yes, we have major polls a year ago, last September, actually on August 31st, August 30th poll.
What was it?
50% of New Yorkers in New York State believe the government was involved in 9-11, covering it up.
Then they have a CNN poll, and 90% say that, a month later.
It's in my film, Martial Law.
This is the reality.
We are the mainstream.
Now, depending on what poll you look at, between 80 and 90 percent, I believe the government killed Kennedy when they have national polls.
So, you know, the 10, 15 percent of you can sit up there calling us all kooks, but we're the majority.
We have the facts.
We know what happened.
The illusion is exposed.
The emperor's new clothes is out in the open for all to see.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
Or maybe there is.
Are they going to carry out some type of nuclear attack?
Is the government going to release biological weapons?
Or will they just have a conventional train blow up?
Or will there be another attack in New York?
That could happen any day.
We're at a crossroads right now.
The question in my mind is, is the New World Order using Bush like birdcage liner?
There's two subdivisions, two scenarios, really more than that, but two main scenarios within the first scenario.
The globalists are going to flush bush to make everybody feel good and to take the heat off of the government.
Sacrificial lamb.
A diversion.
A fall guy.
And that could go as high as Bush being impeached, or Bush resigning, Bush leaving like Nixon.
If that's what the elite wants.
Or, what I think is going to happen, there could just be some indictments of a few minions, and then they get pardoned later, and it's kind of like Iran-Contra.
You know, this happened before.
And then nothing happens, and it's just a partial birdcage liner replacement.
To make us all feel good, and, ooh, the system worked, and everything's okay, and the bad guy got punished, and I'll say goodnight to the bad guy.
That's the bad guy.
Point your finger.
There he is.
That's the bad guy.
Our Tony Montana quote.
So, that's subdivision one.
Subdivision two of that, first, is that they'll go ahead and remove Bush himself.
That the elite's doing it.
If the elite, if the global controllers are not doing this, and Bush really is their man, and they're backing him, you're going to see terror attacks.
Or you're going to see Fitzgerald fall down and
Break his skull open and die in a car wreck or have a heart attack or just he's been told to shut up and all the indictments never got issued and the grand jury decided to no bill.
So there's your two scenarios.
All right?
They could intimidate Fitzgerald.
He could shut up and it just goes away.
Or if not, they'll take him out or there'll be some terror attacks.
Or, the most probable, this is all by design, all stage, which I believe it is, and you're just going to see a few indictments and nothing.
Nothing will come of it.
And that will stifle dissent.
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If only our president would listen to his God.
All right, let's go to your calls.
And we will detail more of the indictment story, but most of you already know the basics.
We're all on the edge of our seats.
Will low-level puppets get in trouble?
Let's talk to Joseph in England and Kenneth and Sean and others.
Joseph, welcome.
Hi, yeah, yeah.
Just thought I'd bring forward a new news report that's come out, I think within the last, like, 24 hours.
I don't think you've mentioned it yet, but it was quite important.
The Times of London have been reporting that, I'll quote the headline, MI5 let bomber slip through net.
I'm actually talking about Mohammed Sadiq Khan, one of the alleged London bombers.
Oh, I know.
We should write an article about that.
We have a few links to that story on prisonplanet.com on the blogs that are talking about it.
And it's just one more little garnish to this
To this huge mountain of evidence that MI5 and 6 were intimately involved in the London bombings.
I mean, that's been conclusively proven, and I'm actually making a film on that subject right now.
I mean, it's just mountains of evidence.
Yeah, I mean, basically, from what's been said, it's not a case that it was under investigation, but it just happened to cross their path.
You know, it's the usual...
You know, it was an accident kind of thing that we let it happen that he slipped through the net.
Like I said, that's the headline that the Times are using.
I mean, I don't have to tell you... Well, we've got the headline about how the master bomber is MI6.
I mean, it's just...
Yeah, as what his name was.
So it's just mind-blowing.
Yeah, as what.
I mean, look, we catch British SAS dressed up like Arabs running around with truck bombs, you know, shooting police dressed like Arabs.
I mean, it never ends.
It's a growing trend, really.
I mean, there's a well-known philosophy among research circles that you look to who has the power to remove security whenever something terrible happens.
It's usually the person who's also got the motive and
Is he the person that we find out carried it out?
Well, you're absolutely right.
Look, it's simple.
It's like Oklahoma City.
The BATF told police and FBI, yes, we got a call and we're told to get out of the building.
That's why they were in bomb gear down the street when the bomb went off.
And the local police and firemen and everybody noticed it and caught him in the earwood and shut up so they killed him.
But that's part of the record.
It's the same thing with Blair.
For three years after 9-11, maximum security on the underground, and then two weeks before, he takes the security off.
And then magically it happens, and the witnesses say the bomb blew up from the bottom up.
On and on and on.
It just never ends.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Kenneth in Louisiana.
Kenneth, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I just got a satellite radio to compliment my shortwave receiver.
And I was wondering, are you ever going to get on satellite radio, like the talk radio, because they could use a booster shot?
You know what?
That's something we've thought a lot about, and we've been in discussions with for, I think, about three years, or maybe longer, since it came out with XM Radio and Sirius, and I'm always being told that we're right on the edge of it happening, and boy, is it going to happen.
And look, the executives over at Sirius and XM know that
I mean, they've only got like 400,000 subscribers.
They need subscribers.
Guaranteed, this is the type of dedicated audience that would subscribe, tens of thousands guaranteed, just to be able to listen to the GCN Radio Network.
And we've got great guests, great information.
We should be on XM, though, frankly, it's a small market.
I mean, we've got affiliates.
You know, that have more listeners than XM Radio.
It's still very, very fledgling.
But I don't have XM Radio.
My wife gave it to me for Christmas one time, and I just didn't like it.
And I said, honey, take this back.
I've never done that with a gift she gave me.
I don't want to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know, ten flavors of that.
But if it did have this network on it, I would have it, and that would be good for a lot of people.
Anything else on your mind?
It's interesting how...
They have the power to direct the people's hate.
Like hate Slobodan Milosevic, hate Osama, or hate Saddam Hussein.
And the American people are dolls asleep about their own
Well, about eight months after 9-11, Bush actually went on TV, and the news all in unison announced, they actually said, forget about bin Laden, we're not going to show you his picture anymore, and they actually said, look this up, Bush doesn't like him getting so much attention, now we're going to focus on Saddam, and then they actually made the announcement that this is the new mandate, and they showed his picture, and I mean, that's how crazy it's gotten.
All right, Alex.
I appreciate your call.
Good points, Kenneth, Keith.
Sean, you're up next when we get back.
And just a tip to listeners.
If you've got a landline, I can tell everybody's calling in with cordless phones.
Let me just tell you, cordless phones are worthless pieces of junk.
Just the audio quality is absolutely horrible.
Please call in on regular phone lines.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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What do you think is going to happen?
Who do you think is going to be indicted?
Does it even matter?
I mean, I think it's important sometimes to keep corruption in line, but
Nobody's going to go to jail for $3.5 trillion missing in the last six, seven years from the Pentagon on Clinton and Bush's watch.
I mean, we're talking trillions.
Do you understand, folks?
They had big trust funds and accounts and just all this money built up over 50 years.
Just trillions gone.
And Rumsfeld was questioned about it before Congress a few months ago.
He just said, I don't know where it is and I'm not going to answer your question.
Money's gone.
Imagine, oh, trillions are missing.
Imagine if a bank manager said, all the money in the bank is missing, but I'm not going to answer any questions.
Oh, okay, sure, here, just go on about your business.
We're not going to hear any discussions about the Bushes and Enron or Cheney and his wife and on the board of Lockheed and the billions of dollars and contracts they've gotten.
All of this totally illegal on its face.
There's laws against all of it.
Somebody might have lied to a grand jury.
Somebody might have... People always think, oh, well, they get them on the petty issue.
They get them on that because that's how they can get them.
No, they get them on stuff that's isolated and small because the government's so corrupt that if they went after somebody on anything substantive, it would touch a thousand other bigwigs.
George Bush said, leave Bill Clinton alone, because Bill Clinton just did what the neocons told him.
The letters from the neocons to Clinton, literally ordering him along the line to attack Serbia, do this, do that, bomb Iraq, increase sanctions.
All of it, literally.
They told him what to do.
And so when Loral and Hughes and all these other companies, ABB,
All of them.
Neocons running them, literally.
They would just go, send Clinton a letter, or show up at a fundraiser, and, hey, we need this done.
Bill Clinton would do it.
Conservatives would pull their hair out.
He's the second coming of, you know, the Leviathan.
He's the devil.
He's the Antichrist.
He's pure evil.
Ah, supercomputers!
Ah, Panama Canal!
Then a Republican Congress votes in 99 to go ahead and hand it over.
Well, that's okay.
Bill Clinton's the bad one.
And then, 2001, Lord Bush gets in in January.
First thing he does is he says, Leave Bill Clinton alone.
It's kind of like that song.
Leave Bill Clinton alone.
Well, that's what George Bush said.
Suddenly, conservatives go, Well, that's all right.
I like Bush.
I mean, literally, that's how these people talk.
I like him.
I also like Bush.
I like to watch football all day and I don't know nothing about the world or nothing about geopolitical systems, but just shut up, Alex.
I like Bush.
He's a good man.
What he is is a snot-nosed punk.
What he is is a puppet.
What he is is a nobody.
A nobody.
Never did anything in his life.
His daddy literally gave him everything.
He had done nothing but run oil companies in the ground.
People thought he was a failure.
No, he wasn't a failure.
You go look at the documents on that and the government investigations, that's what the mob does.
They don't run businesses.
They just take the money out the back door and use it as a money laundering operation and then run it into the ground.
And then he was given the rangers so he could sit there and eat his boogers on TV.
Yes, folks, there's video on Infowars.com of Bush flipping people off and eating boogers and doing everything that a
Spoiled frat boy does.
I mean, this is our president.
Who throws tantrums and literally gets on the ground and beats his fist and is known to eat his boogers.
I'm not trying to be funny here.
This is serious, folks.
I have no memory of ever eating a booger.
I'm sure I did it when I was two years old.
My children...
When they were toddlers, don't eat their boogers.
I mean, weirdo toddlers do that.
Much less full-grown adults.
You're going, Alex, with all this stuff going on, the geopolitical system, you're on the air talking about booger eating.
Well, you know what?
This is a major benchmark, ladies and gentlemen.
Vulgarity, booger eating, these are all just simple... It's what he is, a little devil-worshipping booger eater.
He's a disgusting creature.
Believe me, booger eating is the tip of the iceberg.
Yeah, I think we've gone long enough down that line.
But that's who you worship.
You've got bumper stickers all over your car, W the President.
Yes, W eats his boogers.
But, you know, so what about that?
It just shows just the stunted nature.
The rat-like, weirdo, anal-retentive, bizarre nature of this spoiled anathema twit.
Okay, I've now spent three minutes on...
On dried mucus, so let's just take calls here.
I've really reached new territory, new lows here.
Sean in Alabama, welcome here on the air.
Hi Alex, good to talk to you again.
Good to talk to you.
Just a couple of quick things.
First of all, about the George Galloway situation, the thing that comes to mind with me is, if George Galloway is actually guilty of committing a crime, taking kickbacks from Saddam Hussein,
Why has it fallen to the United States Senate to prosecute a British citizen?
That's the first thing.
Yeah, well, that's exactly, that's globalization.
It's just a political witch hunt.
Well, number one, this is the very committee that brought forward and gave a platform to the false evidence.
They had Rumsfeld before it, and Colin Powell, and all these other skittering individuals, Armitage, and others have all testified.
And others.
And so they're the ones that have lied.
They're the ones that lied to Congress.
They're the ones that deliver reports to Congress.
The chairman of this committee is the guy that got his job when Wellstone's plane was blown out of the sky.
So it's the same thing over and over again.
And the information this committee brought forward that was published in British newspapers turned out to be admitted forgeries, admittedly fake, and Galloway has won libel suits over it.
So why do we, again... And then it's this administration making tens of billions of dollars off of disappearing money out of Iraq.
I mean, literally, it's like somebody who...
It's like somebody walking into the police station who's a known bank robber, who's wanted, with bags of loot in their hands, going, oh, I'm here to tell you about a bank robber down the street from me who may have stolen $5 out of the register when they were working at 7-Eleven.
And here just in the last 10 days to show how much the mask is coming off of these neocons and what they're doing.
Two big-time neocon pundits.
I don't know if you'd heard these.
They haven't got any mainstream coverage that I've seen.
But on October 14th, Neil Bortz, on air, said that in a national disaster, we should save the rich people first and basically screw everyone else.
And then at a speech that... Well, listen, that's done calculatedly to get you to talk about it.
That's just a cynical... Well, this right here, I just came across it on an alternative media site.
No, I understand.
I've actually heard the clip.
I've seen the article.
And I don't know if you heard about the speech that Ann Coulter gave recently.
Yeah, she said we need to get rid of the First Amendment.
Yeah, the calling for the repression of free speech, and basically our supposed media...
Just yawns.
It's not worthy of news.
Well, listen, it's un-American to have free speech.
We need to arrest people.
Listen, what do you think Michael Weiner, the head beatnik of the 60s, literally, folks, why do you think... Have you noticed this entire crowd, all of them, including Coleman, the head of this committee, were actual king beatniks in the 60s?
Because that was their CIA role then, and they've got a new role now.
These are officers.
Thanks for the call.
One last thing.
I was watching C-SPAN this morning before I called in, and they're trying to pass a bill that would make it so that low-income housing providers would no longer be able to do things like bus people to the polls or register them to vote or things like that.
I don't know if you've caught that yet, but it was on C-SPAN this morning.
Yeah, it's just everything they can do to stop people being able to vote.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, look, the electronic voting machines are openly run by the government, the NSA and the CIA.
Three of the major four companies are provable, demonstratable government fronts.
I mean, they're actual intelligence fronts.
They're not even, I mean, there's not even a doubt of that.
And the others are totally fraud-ridden and infested by the same people.
And we've caught them coast to coast engaging in red-handed fraud, smoking gun fraud, literally hundreds of times per election.
I mean, there are just whole giant websites with just thousands of mainstream news articles.
But it's always in the papers.
It's just a little blurb here, a little blurb there.
But, no, I mean, you bring up a lot of good points, Sean.
You bring up a lot of good points.
And, look, we're being gang raped right now.
The corrupt forces in government have just got their gloves off.
The private corporations are strip mining America.
Psychologically, financially, spiritually.
At every level.
They are just teddy bar the door, wild, frothy.
Have you ever seen film of when whalers in the 60s, before whaling really got reduced, but I've seen footage of where they're dragging a whale.
Because they have smaller boats...
It'll go around harpooning with a big gas-powered harpoon, and then they'll drag 50 miles back to the big whale factory ship where they render down the blubber.
Now, I don't know why I'm giving all the details of this, but it was an incredible video I saw on PBS like 10 years ago.
And it was off the coast of Australia, and they're
They're dragging two whales, and they're trying to get to the whale factory, and for some reason, a storm or something, they couldn't get to it, so they're out there for like a day or two.
And there were hundreds of sharks, huge great whites and tigers, and they're all just biting and snapping and gobbling, and by the end of it, they ate like half the whales.
When they pulled the whales in, I mean, literally, from the waterline down, it was just guts.
They'd eaten the blubber and eaten into it.
And it showed the sharks.
The shark would be up out of the water, gobbling and biting and shaking.
And other sharks were grabbing it and biting that shark.
And there's blood and guts of other sharks.
It's just... Just frothing and snapping.
And just out in the open.
That's what the government's doing.
It just...
Feeding like piranha or great white sharks are just ripping and tearing and thrashing and there's blood in the water and they're just in such rapture destroying this country and billions going in their personal bank accounts on a monthly basis.
I mean, it's just total... And this always happens.
I mean, look at history.
They always... The type of individual that has no conscience, that loves power, that loves exercising power, that can never get enough, that is so hyper-competitive that they've always got to have more...
They just go completely nuts.
It's called power trip.
It's called megalomania.
I mean, these are some of the first psychological terms coined because it's such a powerful force.
And everybody says yes to them.
Everybody grovels to them.
Everyone pampers them.
They live in these armored communities in the most beautiful areas of America.
They have everything.
And they get more and more decadent, and they get away with everything, and then the next generation gets away with everything, and the next generation gets away with everything, and for a while they're good at lying to us and putting a nice face on it, and now they aren't even doing that anymore.
They're just, martial law's good, arrest anybody that has free speech, take over America, take the guns, it's conservative, get rid of the borders, world government!
Let me tell you somebody.
I've met Neil Bortz.
I didn't put this.
And he's got to be exposed because he's a little slicker than, say, a Sean Hannity who's kind of at a third grade level.
I'm in New York at ground zero.
And I'm doing interviews and I'm fighting off police, threatening to arrest us for doing interviews.
And going back and watching the videotapes, the films...
Because I had three cameras out there.
While I'm giving a speech and while I'm doing interviews for like an hour, that's an exaggeration, for about 30 minutes on the tape.
He may have been there longer.
Neil Bortz is leaning up against a column.
You know, they have those columns to block somebody, I guess, driving a truck bomb down into the train station that's right there.
I ought to put this clip on the web.
Again, it was important so I didn't put it in the film.
We almost did.
And he's leaning up against that.
He's about a 6'6 guy.
I said 6'4 and he goes 6'6 on the tape, so I know his height.
He's leaning up against it.
And I'm standing there and he's just sitting there looking at me with, not with hatred, because we've got a close video of him.
You can see him microscopically nodding while I'm speaking.
You can see his eyes.
He looks kind of sad and upset.
You can tell he knows everything I'm saying is true.
I mean, obviously, he's not stupid.
He knows the government carried out in 9-11.
He knows all that.
He's decided to join the evil.
So, of course, he's going to say stuff like that.
You know, get rid of free speech and arrest people and don't help poor people and only take care of the rich.
I mean, this is their worldview.
This is their idea.
As if the rich are safe in a society where we only take care of the rich.
That's the ultimate scam.
None of us are safe in this situation, whether we're middle class or worth a billion bucks.
The elites in history are in more danger once things get to a critical mass of decadence and tyranny.
Then they start feeding on each other at the highest levels of the economic food chain.
And then I turn and I see Neil Bortz.
I go, hey, Neil Bortz.
And he starts cussing at me.
Ah, you're full of bleepin' bleepin'.
And he's just real cynical.
He goes, you give me $2,000.
You want to talk to me?
Because I said, you know, answer the question about Operation Northwoods.
I've heard you take a call on it and look it up and admit it's real.
The official government plan to carry out 9-11.
And he goes, yeah, you're full of bleeping.
And I go, oh.
And then he scapegoated, or not scapegoated, he punched out.
He took the easy way out.
He said, I want $2,000 to talk to you.
I want money.
And I said, okay, well, I don't want to talk to you anyways.
I mean, who cares?
But just an example.
It's a microcosm of these people.
And then as soon as the cameras were turned, officers were talking to him.
And he's totally about self.
It's totally about Neil Bork.
That guy had worried about his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren.
He had worried about posterity.
He's a wimp, folks.
The world is full of these wimps, these posers.
They pose.
They're like courtiers at court.
They're there trying to get the eye of the emperor.
Well, the emperor and all of his are going to hell.
They're not going to have to wait until they die to go there.
So, just all of you, you're a pack of scum.
And yes, I've read and I've seen where she's saying, and I've heard the audio, ban free speech, start arresting people.
They're all over TV and radio saying arrest anybody that disagrees with the government because we're kicking their ideas.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documentary for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Look, patriots, freedom lovers, proof seekers, whatever you want to call us, we traveled to urban warfare drills.
We read Rex 84.
We read declassified documents.
We talked to family in the military, or we were in the military.
We've interviewed emergency managers like Mr. Sanchez, Thomas Sanchez in Kingsville, who was told these urban warfare drills are to practice taking over the U.S.
and confiscating guns.
And so we went on the air.
I remember going on the air ten years ago, and we started warning people.
Hey, they're making these preparations.
And we made films, and we wrote articles, and we documented it, and people believed us.
But now when they hear the president calling for it, now when they hear Ron Paul going, the government wants to take your guns, and this is the plan.
And now when Harper's Magazine writes about it, see, our credibility just shoots into the stratosphere.
But let me say this, and this is the good news.
Number one, the Patriots misinterpreted this, though.
They never intended or never wanted to go to full-bore martial law.
That was their insurance policy.
They tried to turn the military over to their side.
They successfully militarized the police and did turn a lot of them against us, but even that's failing.
In the final summation, in the aggregate, on average.
The numbers are still ours, even there, but they've got better trends with the police than with the military.
It's better brainwashing.
Man, that's another whole subject I could get into that, and why it's more effective there, but side issue.
We misinterpreted.
We thought, oh man, it's going to come down this week.
No, no.
They were gearing up and trying to gear up because they could see the trend that we were going to wake people up when their New World Order started going into place, when the economy started falling apart, when all of this consolidation began to happen.
They knew that more resistance would form.
They knew the rule for every action, an equal or greater reaction.
And the mere fact now that they're having to openly get on air and say torture's good, and secret arrest of citizens is good, and martial law is good, and we're going to take your guns, it's good, and we need to ban free speech.
I mean, I've heard them all say it.
I've heard Sean Hannity say every militia member in America needs to be put in prison.
I mean, militias are great.
We're always getting infiltrated and provocateur and demonized, but it's part of the Constitution.
I mean, I've heard Wiener, known as Savage, over and over again.
I hardly ever listen.
Say, put anybody in a camp that disagrees with the government on the war, because that aids terrorists.
And of course Coulter says it.
And of course Michelle Malcolm comes out with a book called The Case for Internment Camps.
And of course Lino Graglia at UT and former CIA directors came to Austin and called in a symposium called The New World Order, called for putting all Arabs in camps.
They're only going to start with them, folks.
The mere fact that they're having to do this now means they have failed and failed miserably.
It means they're scared and they know their whole system is rattling to pieces.
And that's good for America.
But don't think we're out of the woods and don't think we won this fight.
But let me tell you, we've scared them.
We've stung them.
You know, it's like a boxing match.
We've been knocked unconscious before but gotten up off the mat.
But we have knocked them down to the mat, and they've gotten back up, and they're going, whoa, these guys have got some punches.
And it's all up to you out there.
If you're willing to exert yourself and get the truth out and be bold and be a leader and not be some mealy-mouthed coward, or if you don't get sucked into all the COINTELPRO infighting or all the kookdom or the quackdom, if you're focused and serious, we can defend this country and at least fight these guys off and get them on the defensive instead of the offensive.
We've almost got them on the defensive.
They're launching offensive fly running defensive op.
We can get them into pure defense.
I'm telling you, folks, we can do it.
But they can carry out terror attacks to get you to cower into submission any day.
But see, we've exposed the fact that they're behind it.
That's so widely understood now that they may be losing that trump card.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going in.
We're going in full throttle.
That ought to keep those fighters off our tail.
Image it.
Image the fight against the New World Order as...
100 million X-Wings engaging the Death Star.
The New World Order doesn't have a chance unless you don't take action.
Alright, we're doing the little indictment watch here.
And we are at a critical crossroads.
Let me just repeat this.
We're going to go to your calls.
Either the elite are about to flush Bush as a sacrificial lamb, try to neutralize massive revolution that's brewing, and they do.
This is part of the theater.
They've done it a lot in the past.
I think that that's what's happening, but a subgroup of that, I believe they're just going to flush a few of his minions and nothing's going to happen.
This is going to keep rolling.
It doesn't matter because they're puppets to begin with.
Or this is real, and the elite have lost control, and then Fitzgerald is a very brave man
And the globalists are going to carry out terror attacks.
Or they've gotten to Fitzgerald and he's in a no-bullet and it's going to go nowhere.
That's why they didn't do the announcement two weeks ago.
I don't know.
I don't have a crystal ball.
You know, there's a lot of chatter out there, a lot of smoke out there, a lot of misinformation out there about, you know, machine gun wars in New York, battling Mossad, trying to carry out attacks.
You know, news of attempted bombings under the Fitzgerald Federal Courthouse in Chicago.
You know, Barbara Olson, who died on 9-11, supposedly.
Why she's been caught in Poland, with Poland bordering countries that don't exist.
And then because, I mean, we knew that these indictments could come down.
I mean, it was never a question eight, nine months ago that this grand jury was in panel looking at White House officials.
So just because people wrote articles...
About that.
And then said indictments could come down.
I said over and over again, yes, that could happen.
But then you add all this garnish or all these trimmings.
You add to that this fog, this asteroid field of Barbara Olsen's hopping around on pogo sticks and this other stuff boinging around out in the view.
It just fogs everything.
I'm not going to judge why people are just vomiting all of this ridiculous theater.
I don't know if they really believe it or if they were fed it or if it's worse.
I don't know.
But people want me to talk about a bunch of stuff.
Listen, in the long run, regardless of my delivery, you know why I have a bombastic delivery?
I'm going to be honest with you.
I'm going to let you in on a little trade secret here.
There is no trade secret.
That's the secret.
Hard work, fighting the New World Order.
And it's exhausting doing this radio show.
People that know me that go out to dinner with me or go out for a long hike with me or go deer hunting, whatever.
No, I don't talk a lot.
I just sit there.
I'm actually not that big of a talker.
But once I've got to force myself for three hours to focus on the New World Order intently, to focus on what they're doing, you know, to increase blood flow to the cerebral cortex, to go into that heightened alertness,
It's very tiring.
And it's exhausting to be calm and methodical.
But if I jack myself up into a hyped mode, then it's easy.
And so if you really want to know why I have this delivery, it's because of that, really.
It's just easier to go 110% and get all jacked up and all excited...
And sometimes that comes off a little bit wild, but it doesn't matter.
The credibility, the information comes from hundreds of hours a month of just studying quietly with a big old pitcher of ice water at 3 a.m.
Just drinking cold ice water.
Just researching.
And then I get on air and... Don't try to give a speech.
Don't try to give a focus-controlled speech.
It's hard.
We're a crowd of people.
I do it quite often.
I'm getting better at being a little more calm.
But it's a lot easier just to go bananas.
And so that's why I go bananas a lot.
All right, we'll be right back.
Go straight to your call.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Paul Josephine Watson.
All right, I'm trying to have some fun.
Paul Joseph Watson, my good buddy, and the editor over at PrisonPlanet.com.
PrisonPlanet.tv will be joining us in the next hour.
Last time I was on air with Paul was a few weeks ago on Coast to Coast AM, talking about peak oil.
Maybe we can talk a little bit about that today.
And then we're going to get into Patriot Act, would expand death penalty, a new expansion.
Cheney leads White House fight against torture ban.
Yeah, they'll send people to prison for following public orders to torture.
Think of the schizophrenia of that.
At the same time, openly sit there for torture.
grand jury meets over the CIA leak.
It could happen any time today.
PBS film documents Rumsfeld's role in torture.
But right now, let's blast through your calls.
Who's up first here?
Cheryl in Ohio.
You're on the air.
Thank you, Mr. Jones.
What do you know about Roland Arnell?
Does it ring a bell?
It should because AmeriQuest pays $2.5 million a year for naming rights to AmeriQuest Field, home of George Bush's old team, the Texas Rangers.
Oh, you're talking about the owner of the Rangers.
You're talking about how that's really owned through a foundation with UT.
Mr. Arnell is the owner of AmeriQuest predatory lenders for mortgages
Mr. Arnell also, and I have this article and I would like to send it to you.
I did mail it out to Pastor Paul during the weekend.
But Mr. Arnell, in the past three years, him and his wife have raised more than $12 million for Bush's political efforts, including $5 million for the Progress for American Voter Fund.
His wife served as a co-chair for the 2004 Republican Convention and hosted a $1 million Bush-Cheney fundraiser at the couple's 10-acre home in Holmby Hills, California.
After Bush was re-elected, the Arnells forked over another $750,000.
Okay, I mean, now I'm familiar with who you're talking about.
It actually did kind of ring a bell, but I wasn't sure.
Well, he's also... Ma'am, I mean, I know, a work covered one more of these little minion creatures.
Right, but what's happening here is
Is on August 1st, Mr. Bush nominated Mr. Arnell to become the U.S.
Ambassador to the Netherlands.
I have this whole article here about predatory lending.
But ma'am, you realize that even people like Mr. Arnell are low-level nobodies.
Bush himself is a puppet.
Well, yes, this is true.
I want you to do some research on Lord Rothschild over in England, or do some research on the Oppenheimers.
I mean, I'm not knocking what you're doing.
It's just that we could talk all day about his fundraisers and his buddies.
But what I'm trying to get at to you is this.
This article that I have did not come from your local newspaper.
It comes out of a free newspaper magazine that you can pick up at any street corner for free.
On the front of this article, it says, All the President's Men.
The person who did this, you can get in contact with, is a lovely picture of President Bush bowing his head, praying, with Mr. Arnell in his hands.
This is very demonizing.
This is not something that your mainstream liberal media would talk about.
Okay, well, send it on to me.
I'm one of Bush's campaign contributors.
Very interesting.
Okay, thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Sam in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alright, we're going to move on along then.
Sam's not there.
Let's go ahead and go to... Man, these phones are all bad today.
Every one of them has got an atrocious hum.
Josh in Texas.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
We're on the air, sir.
That's what's going on.
Some crazy callers.
Anyways, I had a question for you.
When's your show on public access here in Austin?
And Wednesdays from 6 to 7 on Channel 10.
And then we do another show from 8 to 9 on Channel 10.
We do two shows live every Wednesday night.
Okay, cool.
I appreciate that.
Also, I just wanted to tell you that I have a son.
He's in school and he got a little number to where he has to get his lunch.
And he told me that the other day.
He's like, Daddy, I remember my number.
I was like, number for what?
And he's like, well, I have to punch it in so I can get my lunch.
It's like the total dumbening of society, you know?
Yeah, we talked about that.
That went in in Austin five years ago.
And some schools make you swipe a card you wear around your neck, training you how to be a prisoner.
And that is exactly what they do.
Well, I guess, no, but there's something we can do.
Have you thought about what they can do with that?
Oh, absolutely.
They know everything he eats, they track, they trace him, and they train him how to be a prisoner.
In schools all over the country, they make children thumb scan to get their lunches, training them for the cashless society.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
And now, they are even putting it in in grocery stores all over the country, and I've talked about this ad infinitum,
But what they do is, in the industry publications, talk about how to train you like an animal.
They actually talk about it.
Let's say there's ten checkout lanes.
They pull out seven of them and put out self-serve.
Then they pull out two more six months later and they leave one service counter.
Now, I've seen this at Home Depot.
I've seen it at Randall's.
I've seen it at HEB.
I've seen it everywhere.
They stop even having someone there to check you out about half the time.
Because people don't want to use the self-serve.
They instinctively, with the exchange of food, our entire history as humans, you want to have that exchange of food for something else with a human being.
It's just normal.
You want that service.
And it's a pittance.
Think about it.
They check you out in three or four minutes.
They're paying the person $9 an hour.
I mean, what?
Well, let's pass that on to you.
Let's say you're going to be paying 30, 40 cents to have that service.
See, if they advertise it like that, would you pay 30, 40 cents to have your food bag?
Would you pay 30, 40 cents to not have to scan it yourself?
Of course you would!
You see, it's not about cutting prices or service.
It's openly, strategically about total control.
The cashless society.
Where you're not a good globalist, they just turn your number off.
And lo and behold, I've been to Home Depot 10 o'clock at night.
Nobody there to check you out.
You've got to use a self-serve.
I go, get me a manager.
You know what I do?
I need somebody.
The manager walks over.
Hey, Alex, I'm a big fan of the show.
Yep, it's the new rule.
Everything you said is true.
Let me check you out.
And five guys gather around.
Hey, we're all big fans.
They're all against it, too.
You see, that's compartmentalization.
And then after they've had that in for a couple years, and now it's already started in Minnesota and in Houston and in cities and states all over, Northern California, New York.
Suddenly you show up and they go, oh, 15% discount on all products if you enroll in our little biometric program.
Oh, it's to stop identity theft.
There's been such a problem with that.
It doesn't stop identity theft.
Most identity theft is large data transfers between companies.
This system actually causes it.
That's admitted.
Major industry publications on that, but never on the nightly news.
And so suddenly, well, I want to say 15%.
I'm buying $200 worth of groceries.
We're talking about $30.
We're talking about $40.
And you get enrolled in the system, and then along comes a big fat spider like Neil Bortz.
Big money foundations have been out there for at least a decade.
I've been approached by them wanting to sponsor.
These big sales tax, fair tax as they call it,
Flat tax.
But I've read the federal plans.
I've watched hearings in Congress on C-SPAN years ago about the plan.
This will be the plan.
They're going to keep the income tax at about 10% for your, quote, Social Security.
And they're going to jack that up later.
And they're going to give you a flat 20 starting 20% sales tax.
Now you add 10 and 20 together, what is that?
That's 30.
The average person federally is paying about an 18% income tax right now.
Now, I'm going to ask you a question.
Is 18 bigger than 30?
And the answer is, no, it isn't.
No, it isn't, boys and girls.
It is not fair.
It is not flat.
It is the most abominable thing you can imagine.
Oh, you think the income tax is bad, and it is bad.
It's unconstitutional, and Erwin Schiff shouldn't have gone to jail.
Blah, blah, blah.
I just sit here, and I hear the full court press, and they're getting ready to get rid of the IRS, the income tax, all of it.
But you know what they're going to do?
They're just going to change the name on the building?
And you thought getting an audit every seven and a half years on average was bad?
You thought that was bad?
You thought that, you know, show us your receipts for a few things.
You thought that was bad?
How about federal control into every cash register, every shopping cart, every terminal, every checkout stand, every hot dog stand, wireless, by law, tied into these free wireless systems the feds are paying the states to put in?
Tied into RFID in every product, uploading everything you buy and what you do, and swiping your card as part of the national sales tax.
Because in the federal study two years ago, they said, oh, there'll be cheats, though.
Because it's going to be free and fair and flat unless you're, quote, in poverty.
If you make less than $18,000 a year, you're going to be exempt.
Oh, sounds real free and fair.
Except that, oh, rich people and middle class are paying poor people to go make big purchases for them, and we can't allow that, so you've got to swipe your card or thumb scan when you do that.
And then the auditors come because you bought too many TVs according to how much money you make.
And you bought, oh, we sent CPS over because you bought too much beer.
And, oh, your insurance went up because you're eating too much red meat and buying too much Blue Bell Dutch chocolate ice cream.
And that's the admitted federal plan on that.
Department of Education's got one about obesity.
So does the Department of Agriculture of all people.
Everything you do, micromanage and control.
Hell on earth!
Transponders in all cars, taxing and tracking you.
You go over the speed limit from tracker point to tracker point, mailing you tickets.
Charging you thousands of dollars a year to drive.
We were already going to have this go in all new inspection stickers in two months.
January 1st.
We got you to call.
You made the phone calls.
We barely beat it, and they've already tried to reintroduce it in the special session.
Well, I'm on the front lines.
We're all there.
It's here.
It ain't coming, boys and girls.
It's here.
You scream bloody murder, and you tell them, my child isn't doing that for your database.
You freaks.
Do not let your children do that.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Or call 1-866-884-9104.
That's 1-866-884-9104.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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All right, we're back live.
Instead of gibbering and trying to cover a hundred different facets, we're about to go to Sam, who is there, and Jeff, and Charles, and Tim, and another Jeff.
You know what cookies are on a computer?
You have to disable them.
You have to tell your computer to not let websites place cookies on you.
And a cookie is like a tracer they put on a blue whale.
You know, the divers swim up and they stick the tracer on the blue whale to follow its every movement and how deep it dives and how long it's on the surface and its exact location for a full year.
It's a tracking device.
And so industry, of course, did this.
The government uses it and cookies are everywhere and
I personally don't care when I'm out on the web, but I should.
They shouldn't be doing that.
They shouldn't be tracking, but ooh, it gives me all these good statistics, so I like it.
You know, because of cookies, I get to go look and see what my website is rated as.
Oh, it's bigger than the Austin American Statesman.
It dwarfs it.
But again, you see, that's the creeping death of this.
But even more serious are the physical cookies on your person.
October 1st, 2001, all cell phones became cookies.
They track you down to exactly where you're at.
Now they're going to use them to give you tickets when you speed, because they put the radio readers in to triangulate with the cell towers.
Five years ago, I told you about it.
It was in industry publications, no secret.
But see, to announce it to you last week, it was...
To monitor traffic and to tell how traffic's flowing, we're going to monitor and track your cell phone.
Oh, and then you read deeper and give you tickets in the near future.
And then, of course...
They can physically listen to you.
And now governors around the country are getting federal fines for the FEMA emergency centers in your town to actually have officers sitting there with earphones and just to a vehicle's in trouble, you understand, to dial in and physically use the phone as a microphone.
Doesn't even need to be on.
Oh, built into it.
See, they build it in.
And it was going to be this year, but we protested and fought and boycotted, and so a lot of manufacturers and distributors refused.
But the State Department and the Defense Department and Walmart have gotten together, and they're saying they don't care.
They will not carry your products now by next year if it doesn't have RFID in it.
And they admit.
We sent Catherine Albrecht and others.
They went to the Chicago meeting.
We got the recordings of it in their own minutes.
Big symposium, thousands in attendance.
They said the public doesn't like it, but we will prevail.
They used the word prevail against us.
And we will submit.
And they used terms like that.
And talked about how we don't like it, but how we are passive.
And they even used these terms and how they're going to be able to push it over on us.
You will actually have physical cookies in the tags of every shirt.
They're the size of a grain of pepper.
Small grain of sand.
These are Defense Department developed at Naval War College.
They're at MIT, Naval Weapons Development, excuse me, Naval Technology Board.
And it's going to be in every product with your name on it.
When you leave the store, it'll be scanned on.
The entire history of everything you do, totally direct.
I mean, this makes 1984 look completely passe and isn't one one-hundredth of what we're facing.
You understand, at point-blank range, I'm going to use that term again, we are here.
It ain't coming.
It's here.
You understand, the grid is here.
We fought hard on this show.
You made the phone calls.
It was going to pass.
It is so close that we beat it by two votes in the legislature.
We are inches from all inspection stickers having transponders.
And do you know what?
We beat it, and the text dot doesn't care.
They're starting some weird trial, and two million people who get inspection stickers next year, you will not be asked, where did I find this?
I don't know how many drivers there are.
There's 20 million Texans, so I'd have to guess.
I don't know the number of drivers.
But the point is, of the drivers, whether it's 12 million or 50 million, whatever it is, of those millions of Texans...
Of those 20 million Texans, 2 million of you are going to randomly have this in your inspection sticker.
Nobody told you it's no law.
These criminal bastards.
Criminals, see?
That's what they are.
They're criminals.
They couldn't get the law passed, so they're just going to do it.
And it's happening nationwide.
California, Oregon, New York, you name it.
So enjoy.
And guess what the law said?
They said if you disable the transponder, it's the size of a piece of tape in the sticker, it's a felony.
In fact, even if it's damaged by accident, sorry, you're going to spend prison time, see?
You didn't have your tracker chip.
I mean, this is slavery, people!
You didn't have your chip, you're going to prison.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best, which governs me.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
Exercise your freedom of speech by purchasing your choice of hundreds of different Liberty Stickers, from humorous to serious, at libertystickers.com.
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Have you?
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Alright, I promise we're going to your calls then for more of the indictment news.
We're on indictment watch.
Who's going to be indicted?
Financial Times of London says indictments will be handed down today.
Washington Post says they've been told they will, but they don't know.
So, I'd say anything could happen.
And we're in real danger because if these are real indictments and the elite isn't behind these, we could look for terrorist attacks or anything to try to smokescreen what's happening.
But just finishing up on the subject of RFID and tracker chips and all of this.
Think about it.
Have it get into your brain.
I'm talking to the cop right now sitting in his squad car listening to us in Pensacola, Florida or Kansas City or in Los Angeles right now listening to us on our station outside Los Angeles or wherever you're listening.
On shortwave.
You know, out on the cruise ship somewhere.
I've gotten letters from people.
Hey, I listen to you when I go on a cruise, you know, on the shortwave.
Wherever you're listening, I mean, having a tracker chip in your inspection sticker and the bill says, the day your insurance goes out, we will arrest you.
We will tax you on toll roads as you go down the street.
We will tax you as you go from point to point if you speed, you know, thousands of dollars a year.
And then tech's got its own employees leak the fact that they've got plenty of money and that they're lying saying they don't.
You know, internal memos that say, classified, not for distribution.
Why are we doing this?
We've got extra money.
And then who is the state of Texas?
Is Rick Perry literally handing 6,000 miles of our roads, 7,000 miles of toll roads in the whole country?
He's literally handing it to a Spanish company
That the king of Spain owns a large portion of.
I mean, I am actually going to have a transponder in my car so the king of Spain can tax me.
I mean, you see, twilight zone.
I'm living in the twilight zone!
We need to yell and scream.
We need to get upset.
And I wish that that pill-popping, oxy-cotton-head Limbaugh would talk about it, but it isn't going to happen.
I wish Sean Hannity would talk about it, but he won't.
He'll tell you how bad the border is and how it's wide open, so the answer is Bush's plan, which is total amnesty.
The only person I know I've heard talking about it on big, big, big mega radio with tens of millions of listeners is George Norrie.
I mean, no one is for this.
Cops, cop unions all over the country are suing over these transponders.
They're suing over red light cameras because they know it's going to get rid of their jobs.
People go, that'll save money.
It never does.
It's just more control for the globalists.
They want a mechanized remote control system.
By 2010, half the Air Force will be drone.
Fighter bombers, fighter bombers, you name it.
It's not like I said that twice.
The fighters and the bombers and the fighter bombers and the reconnaissance aircraft, all of them are going to... 2010.
By 2014, half the ground forces are going to be combat robots.
Basically remote control mini-tanks.
And it's going to be these zit-faced kids that play Doom 15 hours a day and have simulated hundreds of thousands of murders, which they admit it's all Pentagon.
That's a Pentagon simulation.
They're going to be sitting there with a bottle of joke cola-eating Cheetos murdering people in Iran or here in the U.S.
Literally, folks, that's the future.
A drone aircraft lands, or a drone bullet train pulls up, offloads 100 mechs, they go to killing.
See, the elite aren't going to need you SWAT team people anymore.
They're not going to need the cops, because they know you won't follow the orders to take the guns.
Folks, this is the plan.
This isn't science fiction.
This is 2005.
We're talking about 2010, 2012, 2014.
We have got to put the brakes on these things now.
You know, the New World Order made that Lone Gunman X-Files episode, and I've had Dean Haglund, the star of the show, show up at my door and confirm what I'd already said.
Dean Haglund, the interview's on prisonplanet.tv for members.
The video interview is in my house.
Mind if I sit you down and have you talk about this?
How the CIA would approach them, Chris Carter and others, to plant things in the script.
And they were approached, folks.
They were approached on many levels, and they produced that piece where the government, a criminal element, is going to fly a hijacked jet full of passengers into the World Trade Center as a pretext for martial law, weapon sales, and to invade Afghanistan.
And guess how they're going to cause the government to stand down, the good part of the government, the majority of the government.
They're going to tell them it's a drill until it's too late.
The exact thing happened six months later.
They ran a drill.
They remote-controlled it.
And the CIA planted that on them.
It's some weird, sick part of the New World Order's religion.
They've got to tell you beforehand.
So when you see movies like Terminator, folks, that's what we're talking about.
But not machines taking over for the future.
The elite doing it.
They're not going to look like humans stomping around like a scary metal skeleton killing you.
You've seen the end of Terminator 3?
When they're inside the factory and there's those big rolling mechanized remote control tanks running around killing people?
That's what they got.
You can go to public, the declassified stuff, which is 10 years old, and you can see things that look just like those.
See, that's why they did that in the movie.
They went and used what real ones look like.
The movies are white.
Ones I've seen are black.
And they're a remote-controlled little tank about the size of a Volkswagen, a little bit bigger, bristling with cannons, nerve gas, you name it.
And we're going to be fighting these.
Make no mistake.
They're going to be buzzing around, killing us and rolling about.
And you know what?
That's why we've got to have our guns and our weapons, or if it gets down to that point, we can deal with it.
Guys, you saw Fox News three years ago where they showed the domestic population hover drone where it looks like a little saucer that flies up and scans your face and lets you show your ID card or it kills you?
Remember seeing that on the History Channel?
They had some show about, you know, weapons.
Or was it Discovery?
About drones.
And it looked just like the thing, and they live.
A little saucer flying around that scans your face.
And it goes, hello, my little friend.
Blows it out of the air.
I mean, see?
They flaunt it.
They flaunt it.
It's being flaunted.
And, again, laugh at me.
Don't check out Business Wire.
Don't check out who owns the company.
Don't check out This Is All Happening.
Don't read BBC and Associated Press and Science and all these magazines admitting that we're going to have this drone army.
They're not going to need us anymore.
This is all to control us and then to reduce our numbers.
Before we go to the calls, finally, I hope that you will get my videos.
It's how you support us, but that's secondary.
But yes, when we have more money, I'll hire more people and I'll do a better job and I'll make more films and we'll give you better service and we'll do more on the website.
My whole life is a fight against the New World Order, folks.
Everything I do is in that direction.
And when I go to sleep at night, I'll be rested so I can fight the New World Order.
I'm totally dedicated.
And when you support us, it goes right into the fight.
And judge the tree by its fruits.
I mean, this tree is laden with the fight.
Laden with waking people up.
Laden with fighting the New World Order.
I want to thank those that have supported this broadcast.
You know who you are.
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Well, go find out how.
It's easy.
How does the journey of a thousand miles start?
It starts with a single step.
You know, once you learn the trick that work is fun, and that fighting evil is fun, and that it isn't frustrating, and that just getting involved and getting the job done, and once you start the job, the job will be done, that's how life works.
I mean, I got Martial Law, the miniseries, documents, how the Globals carried out 9-11, why they carried it out, what their plan is, how they did it, and that's only one hour of the three-hour film.
I mean, you've got to have this video.
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Let's blast through your calls.
Now let's go to Sam in Texas who's ready now.
Sam, welcome, sir.
Thank you very much, Alex.
It's a great pleasure to be on your show.
Nice to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
Well, I listen to your show every day.
I love it, and I would pass the word along as much as I can.
Today, on Yahoo News, I get on there every day and read some of the real news and some of the fake news.
And I copied down a couple headlines.
New passbook for high-tech features.
Yeah, it's going to have a tracker chip and three biometric features.
Also, there was another article I picked up.
Department of Justice official urges voting rights renewal.
I don't know if that means anything to you or not.
Well, it's just federal funds.
Your phone's a bit garbled, but from what I got, the federal takeover of voting.
Yes, and I'm sorry, I'm kind of in Liberty Hill right now.
Also, I went to buy a cable modem for my house because I was tired of paying their rental fees.
And Cox Communications flipped me over very quickly.
I gave my Mac address.
They flipped me over.
Well, when I moved, I went into Time Warner.
And I remember you talking about Time Warner Cable the other day.
And they said, well, it takes seven to ten days to set up your own cable.
And after drilling them for a few minutes, they finally told me, after all's been done, they're like, we do this so we can monitor and log your Internet activity.
Well, that's very valuable consumer data on the face of it, so they're not paying you for data they're taking.
And then after all of that, it then expands out from there.
And so, I mean, again, this is just no freedom.
No, I wouldn't.
Whenever I buy out that will not have Time Warner cable in it, I promise you that.
I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
I hear you.
What happened with Time Warner Cable... Let's be specific.
Everybody who had Time Warner Cable, Roadrunner, was being blocked from visiting Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And we ascertained day one that it was a cogent level three fight.
Why were they doing this?
Why were they shutting down large portions of the net?
But there had been an ongoing problem with the DNS...
Well, we had to call every week until Time Warner Nationwide to stop blocking our DNS.
They were doing it.
So it was two things.
And now Time Warner has stopped, at least for now, blocking our DNS.
The DNS is the real number, folks.
It's not what your web address name is.
So your numerical or your text name, Infowars.com or SneakyPawson.com, whatever it is...
That, or OscarTheGrouch.com, you know, whatever it is, JohnDoe.com, whatever your physical name is, that's attached to a number.
They were just deleting that out over and over again.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in Colorado.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I just want to tell you, first of all, you've got a great show.
Thank you.
Your websites are really good, too.
And I totally agree with you.
Neil Bortz.
It's stuck on stupid.
It's like trying to have a battle of wits with an unarmed mind.
And of course, you write about Bush as well.
He is a puppet, the village idiot.
But anyways, Alex, I wanted to talk to you about one thing.
I'm sure you're probably aware of this.
You know quite a bit of information.
Let's see.
Back in 10-14 of 2003, there was a video, a documentary, called Conspiracy of Silence, in which Yorkshire Television, the Discovery Channel, did a 1994 video exposing the child sex ring that reached the Bush administration, Bush Sr.,
No, I know.
Five years ago, we aired that on local access television.
Oh, did you really?
Yeah, first time ever it's aired on TV.
Right, and it was pressured from Congress, I think.
Of course, they tried to block it, and of course...
This was news stories coming forth about the CIA international trafficking and children.
Well, I mean, DynCorp got caught in 2000 doing it.
I mean, it's not like it's not well known.
I mean, these are evil people.
Yeah, right.
And also, I'm with the Watchdog Group on U.S.
government corruption and cover-ups.
Well, stay there.
I'll let you finish up on the other side, Jeff.
Then we'll go to Charles, Tim, Jeff, and many others.
And Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us coming up the third hour.
A huge news blitz.
The latest on the indictments as well.
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I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There were a bunch of articles about a year ago in England where the US and the British government did this child porn swoop.
And I think it was like 40% of the people were police and judges.
And so it just got dropped.
Nothing was done.
I mean, this was serious stuff.
This was making the abomination.
This was engaging in it.
I mean, Barney Frank's allowed to have
15-year-old boys in his apartment.
I mean, these people are above the law.
But then you hear about some good old boy who goes to the wrong website, and his ISP reports him, and he gets five years in jail.
Because he just went to a website.
Every week I read news articles where people just went to a website.
Didn't even download anything.
It's like the guy that wrote the music for The Who.
I forget his name.
I mean, they admit he went to a website.
Just went to it.
And boy, they just pounced on him.
You just go to a website.
Everybody knows about email, the stuff that opens, the stuff that pops up, the things that, you know, there's just all this garbage on the Internet.
Nothing's done about that.
And then DynCorp is caught.
You know, we have that little eight-minute clip where Rumsfeld's questioned about it in Congress.
And he admits what's going on and says, well, they were put in the penalty box.
200,000 women and children.
That's two Red River shootout crowds.
I mean, that's two giant domes full of people were grabbed and taken to Israel, Saudi Arabia, a lot of those Asian countries where they actually have slave whores.
And children, women, you name it.
A lot of them are just used as laborers or slaves or whatever.
I mean, it is sick, folks.
And that's just admitted.
And nobody gets in trouble.
Let's put the good old boy in jail for five years who went to the wrong website.
You see,
This is the New World Order, folks.
They are unbelievable.
Oh, and NAML is just allowed to operate out in the open.
They're fine, according to the government.
And a member of the UN NGOs, when they all need to be arrested.
See, see, they're okay, but then the good old boy goes to the wrong website.
He goes to jail.
This is such a sick joke, folks.
But, yeah, you bring up that documentary, and...
That's admitted.
I mean, the stuff that Senator DeCamp exposes is admitted.
And he was hired by the Republicans to disprove all this and found out it was true, and they murdered his investigator.
And then a TV station in Virginia said it wasn't true.
He sued them and won over a million bucks.
I mean, this has been proven in court.
But finish up what you were saying.
Well, basically, this 94 video documentary exposing this child sex ring...
It was completely covered up.
Discovery Channel actually reimbursed the $250,000 or $500,000, whatever it was, that it cost to produce this video, this documentary.
They were actually reimbursed for the expenses because they said, well, are costs involved?
Of course, certain members of Congress pressured
We're good to go.
You have to put a forward slash.
The best way to do it is search engines, so just give folks the name of the documentary.
Well, it's... It really is the best way to find it.
Yeah, actually, I don't think it actually has a... Well, Conspiracy of Silence.
Yeah, it's the name of the film.
Yeah, Conspiracy of Silence is actually the name of the film, but freewebs.com forward slash govwebsites is a one-star group on the government, and they actually have that plus a lot more.
Okay, what else is on your mind, sir?
Well, basically, I just wanted to discuss some of those things with you.
You're exactly right.
DynCorp is a disgrace, and it's a contractor by the government.
Actually, there was a guy named Ben Johnston.
He blew the whistle on DynCorp, a U.S.
contractor that was doing business down in Bosnia.
And, of course, he admitted they fired him.
Well, it was you and employees, too.
Oh, yeah, yeah, definitely.
Good job exposing it.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we're now into the second hour.
Oh, and I forgot to ask, did we get Paul Watson?
No, we're going to call him and get him on.
He's coming up to give us just a whole plethora of news and news updates and talk about the latest on the indictments.
Are they going to be handed down today?
Or are they going to be handed down later?
But let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Charles.
Charles, where are you calling us from?
Hi, this is Charles from California.
Welcome, Charles.
I haven't talked to you for a while, but I still listen to you.
I wanted to tell you about this, you know Saoirse Paul, right?
She has that website, whatdoesitmean.com.
No, I don't.
She's like that Russian lady that has pretty good news.
She's got an article in there today saying there's 150,000 NATO troops on standby to come and enforce this new vaccination for the bird flu, and it's from November through January.
They're on standby, and they're doing a thing in New Hampshire which is a test run.
5,000 people will be inoculated per day.
I sent you the article at your tips.
Well, I'll definitely check it out.
Well, I know they've set the precedent of Mexican and Dutch NATO troops.
The Dutch were part of NATO delegation.
Can you imagine 150,000 troops here?
That's scary.
But, oh, we've got to accept the foreign troops because they're helping give us the shot to keep us safe.
And it says the vaccine, they don't even know what it should be because it hasn't crossed to the human side.
But yet they've got it ready to give to everybody, and they're going to start in New Hampshire.
You can look at the MSNBC.
It's on the website there, too.
That's where I got it from.
Well, you know, that's more common sense.
They admit that this vaccine doesn't even protect you from the current bird flu or what it's going to mutate to.
They admit it will not even help you.
Oh, but we've got to give you a shot of it.
I mean, it's just mind-boggling.
And they say they have quarantine areas ready to set up and everything.
I mean, there's nothing even going on.
This is getting really scary, in my opinion.
Well, you know, we've got to have martial law because of the terrorists.
We've got to have martial law because of the hurricane.
We've got to have martial law because of the bird flu.
Well, Ron Paul said it.
This is a smokescreen for martial law and to get our guns and to set the precedent.
And I've seen U.N.
generals on Nightline.
I've read it in print where our own generals have said we will, quote, use foreign assets if we're tied down in the foreign war on terror.
Well, 150,000 troops is a lot of people in this country.
Yeah, but 150,000 troops couldn't police Texas.
I mean, there's 20,000 troops in one neighborhood of Baghdad, and they can't patrol or protect that.
There's 22 million people in Iraq, and that's how many there are in Texas, roughly, and 150,000 troops can't do anything there.
The last thing I wanted to say real quick was, I was at a gun store yesterday, and
We're good to go.
And he was going, oh, no, George Bush is pro-gun.
Oh, no, you're a kook.
And he was saying, oh, no, we've got the Second Amendment to protect us.
And I was saying, yeah, it's true.
They want to get our guns.
And he was just that.
He was a gun owner, and he was acting, I mean, a store owner.
He was acting like I was crazy telling him this stuff.
Well, I appreciate your call.
No, that guy's far from the course.
Bush says he wants to sign the assault weapons ban.
I've got an email saying I'm a liar.
Doesn't matter if Bush says it on TV.
He appoints all these anti-gun judges.
They love it.
He's for blanket amnesty.
They love it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Paul Watson coming up.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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Paul, good to have you on with us.
Good to be back, Alex.
There's a lot of news floating around right now.
What are some of the top stories you want to talk about in the next 52 minutes?
Obviously the indictments.
Is it a real issue or is it just the latest distraction?
How it ties into these reports, which included one out of the New York Daily News yesterday, of Bush apparently flipping out and going insane.
What are the reasons behind that?
And then I want to do kind of a roundup of the bird flu paranoia, why it's being made into such an obviously paramount agenda on the part of the globalists than whatever callers want to bring up.
We'll also jam some calls in, as Paul just said, 1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
Here's the headline out of the Washington Post.
Bush aides brace for charges.
Grand jury may...
That's a key word.
May here counts in leak case today.
And then the Financial Times of London says it will happen.
CIA leak charges set to be handed out.
And it goes on to say that they are going to be handed out today from their sources.
Paul, give us your take on what's happening with the indictments.
Well, from my standpoint, it's kind of like the phony left-wings Monica Lewinsky.
The indictments, according to some people, are going to come down tomorrow because the lawyers involved in the case have booked an extra day in their hotels in Washington, so that's what some of the insiders are saying.
What I've noticed that is interesting is we, again, have this kind of lunatic internet fringe who seize on stories and then blow them out of all proportion.
In the case of this indictment story, to a level that it's clearly never going to reach, the same sources are telling us that 28 indictments have already been handed down, that Bush and Cheney are amongst them, and that Bush in fact ordered Fitzgerald to be arrested, which is obviously a twisted leap of logic, because if Fitzgerald has the gusto to hand out 28 indictments,
So, I mean, why are these individuals putting out this garbage on a continuous basis?
It can't be to get attention to get hits to their websites because it doesn't seem to be working.
It seems to be intentionally done to kind of muddy the waters.
I think so.
It's kind of like the Barbara Olsen story, the so-called Flight 77 crash victim that supposedly is now alive again.
So when you have these people feeding this into the alternative news genre, it just makes us all look idiots, because obviously one of the main establishment media attack arms is guilt by association.
Well, we have a rule that we only expose other patriots or, quote, truth-tellers...
Well, we only go on what we can prove.
Can we prove that, you know, Bush is starting to feel the heat?
No doubt about it.
Is he flipping out?
I mean, New York Daily News were only the one in a long line of people to pick up on that yesterday.
Yeah, I pointed it out, we pointed it out a year ago during the presidential debates with Bush making these outlandish facial expressions.
You know, something was seriously amiss.
By the way, Paul, have you done that article yet?
It's in the process of being done today.
It'll probably be done by the time I get off the air.
But the question is, is that Bush flipping out story solely related to the indictment story?
I don't think so.
I mean, you've got a weight of burden on Bush's conscience that is heavier than a herd of elephants, and it's cumulative.
That's why Bush doesn't attend any of the funerals of the dead soldiers.
He can't handle the responsibility because...
He isn't intelligent enough to convince himself of this greater universal cause idea that the top globalists like Rove try to fool themselves with.
So according to New York Daily News, Capitol Hill Blue, Bush is apparently storming around swearing at people and flipping out.
I think partly due to the arrogance of power, which comes with having a lame duck term and everything, and partly due to the burden on his conscience, but
I don't think it's directly related to the indictment story, because I think that's a misdirection.
Well, he was flipping out a year ago.
I mean, I'm sure the whole indictment thing is the log that's breaking the camel's back.
I mean, I do think it ties into it.
But regardless, we saw indictments back during Iran-Contra.
And that's where I think this is going.
This could end in a Nixonian resignation by Bush.
But regardless, they're just puppets in the final equation, Paul.
Well, yes.
Watergate didn't stop the New World Order.
Iran-Contra didn't.
You've got the possibility of Libby and Rove being indicted.
You know, they'll probably burn Libby.
Rove will get a slap on the wrist.
That's nothing, really.
You know, Hitler said the bigger the line, the more people likely to believe it.
So, we have an entire administration provably lying to start a war that's now killed 2,000 American troops.
God knows how many Iraqis, 100,000 plus at least.
You have trillions missing from the Pentagon, scripting fake news broadcasts on a regular basis, implementing a worldwide torture program, opening the borders, demonizing those who would try to defend them.
I mean, these issues are bigger than what, when it boils down to it, is a serious matter, but it's just an act of petty vengeance on the part of Karl Rother, leaking a CIA agent's name.
It's a serious matter, but when you compare it to these other worldwide policies that they've instituted, it's really nothing.
Well, they have to burn him on something petty, because that can be isolated to just the White House.
If they try to get into China Gate, or Terror Gate, or Open Border Gate, or Gun Control Gate, or Bed Rigging Gate, or War Profiteering Gate, or Enron Gate, or Gay Porn Star in the White House Gate, I mean, if they were to go into any of those big scandals, that will touch thousands of elitists.
But if you keep it isolated to cigars and dresses and lying under oath, then you can isolate it.
It's limited hangout.
Well, exactly.
Some people would say, why complain?
You know, if we get them on a lesser charge, then we still get them.
But, I mean, who exactly are we getting?
You know, did Monica Lewinsky stop the New World Order?
I'm not being defeatist in saying that.
I mean, we've had an impact.
No, we need to assess our enemy.
I mean, if we put all of our firepower in the Infowar into smashing a decoy, meanwhile the enemy does a pincer movement around us from both sides, I mean, the whole agenda's going forward.
We need to be talking about...
Toll roads, transponders, cancer viruses and vaccines, open borders, gun control, UNESCO, Agenda 21, Free Trade Area of the Americas, Lord Rothschild in London, the Oppenheimers, the Saxco Burgothas, the Rockefellers.
Yeah, everybody's talking about bird flu.
Everybody you talk to who has no interest in news or politics is talking about bird flu.
We'll get onto that later, but I mean, just as the right was obsessed about Clinton and Lewinsky while Clinton was selling the country out to China, you know, and carrying out political assassinations like Ron Brown.
It's the left's distraction.
You know, if it spirals down and brings down the entire corrupt system, then I'll gladly come on and say I was wrong, but I just don't see anything of that nature happening.
Well, we know this.
Again, the globalists will create this smoke screen while the whole agenda moves forward.
They know there's massive resistance brewing to the whole agenda today,
And so, yeah, it's always the new diversion.
Oh, this girl's been kidnapped down in Aruba.
Oh, the hurricane.
Oh, the war.
Oh, the... And they just move.
The bird flu.
Oh, SARS is sure to kill a billion people.
And they just move on to the next issue, and people can't ever focus in on the real issues.
Right on.
The real issues only emerge decades later.
Throughout history, regimes have been judged on instances, policies, which only came out decades later, which nobody really knew or people knew about but didn't care about at the time.
So, I mean, if you've got the left wing up in arms about this, you've got the establishment media on it every single day, then I don't see it as being a real issue because that's not their playbook.
That's not how they do things.
We can't wait.
Well, exactly.
30-something years to have an admiral on to say that he got the call from LBJ that they wanted to sink the ship with our troops to blame it on Egypt.
We can't wait 30-something years to have LBJ's personal lawyer on to say LBJ told me he killed Kennedy.
We can't wait 30 years to have LBJ's mistress on to say that he said he killed Kennedy.
All this stuff comes out.
The LBJ tape 30-something years later, but the Gulf of Tonkin, actually 40 years later, never happened.
Never happened.
But again, we cannot wait 30 years for the Operation Northwoods to come out, Paul.
Well, no, but it's never going to be in the history books, because the history books are taken from the official explanation of any event that happened at the time, and that becomes...
Well, let's talk about bird flu hysteria.
Bird flu hysteria that a lot of good patriots have jumped on the bandwagon with.
And I'm not saying don't get prepared, folks, but
You know, we gotta have credibility here.
We can't be like the government saying it's going to happen.
Because watch, it's not going to happen.
You can live for weeks without food and days without water.
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We're good to go.
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Jim and Jeff and Dave and Jeff and John and many others, your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Paul Watson, I'm not trying to toot our own horn, but...
Some of the reports we've done on this broadcast and the resulting news articles we've put out about those interviews, which I like these type of interviews.
This isn't like an interview where the reporter does it behind closed doors and you don't know if their notes are right or you don't know if they're making stuff up.
I mean, most of the articles that we put together, Paul and I, are from interviews on this radio show.
So you hear them saying it.
And then we post the audio right alongside it, and we post large sections or transcripts of it.
But to have the head general over the camps come on the air and say, the orders for torture came right from the top.
Now, we already knew that, but here she is saying it.
To have Scott Ritter saying the government may carry out terror attacks.
To have Ron Paul saying George Bush may want martial law to get our guns.
I mean, saying it's probably going to happen.
I mean...
Well, yeah, you had Cynthia McKinney in 2002.
Absolutely lambasted.
The media tried to attack her credibility, her reputation.
Basically, she got run out of office to saying President Bush may have had foreknowledge of 9-11, which, of course, that was, again, a limited hangout.
But just the reaction that she got shows us how much the sands have shifted and now the political climate is so that basically everybody you have on the air that was either in government or still is in some cases
Well, I mean, Ray McGovern was number five in the CIA, the chief briefer for Ronald Reagan and George Bush 41.
I mean, he's very circumscript and very conservative.
And I mean, he's saying, yeah, I mean, without me prompting him, he says the threat is that they may carry out some event.
Yeah, he said that if there's a big explosion then don't trust the political masters.
Don't believe who's responsible for just them telling you.
And he was well aware of the people who were in control of the policy now because he called them the crazies back when he worked for Bush 41 when they were just coming into prominence.
When you've got people like that, people like David Shuler, basically it is unsolicited because you ask them.
They've got every right to say, no, I don't agree that the government's scripting terror alerts, which is now basically public, that the government, if there's a new attack, then the first people we should look at would be the government.
They either agree with it or say it completely of their own accord.
Compare that to the atmosphere right after 9-11.
Where, you know, even Dan Rather compared it to metaphorically putting a tire around your neck if you even criticize the administration.
Just look how far that's shifted over the past four years.
It's amazing to see, and the Internet's being forefront of it.
But the globalists are masters that after their puppet, their little voodoo doll, has gotten dented and taken everybody's angst, they just remove the little shill
Or the sin eater, as they were called 300 years ago in England.
When somebody died, you would hire a sin eater to put a piece of bread on their chest, and then the sin eater would eat it.
It's superstition, but I use that as the analogy.
Bush takes all the blame when he literally takes a two-hour nap, works out for three hours, hangs out with his special friends that drop by.
These little friends he spends a lot of time with, like Mr. Jeff Gannon.
I mean, he's not running anything.
And then meanwhile, he's like, oh, we're really, you know, going.
Again, this is meant to deflect and absorb all of that.
And then they just put somebody else in, and then it takes us another five years to wake everybody up, and oops!
They put another puppet in.
I mean, I'm ready for when they get a Democrat in office, we'll be getting criticized by websites that used to be on our side, going, hey, Alex Jones and Paul Watson, they're out of control over there.
They're criticizing Hillary.
She's a great leader.
And suddenly conservatives won't like the open borders and the gun control.
It's sick.
Well, I mean, Bush is a puppet.
He has to ask Condoleezza Rice permission to go to the toilet at a UN Security Council meeting.
How more obvious does it need to get?
Any public speech, he has to have a box in the back of his jacket with a wire going to his ear telling him what to say.
Any unscripted press conference, he can't perform, he can't do it because he hasn't got an original thought in his head.
He hasn't been trained very well, so... Well, to be honest, he's very cunning and hateful and sneaky and arrogant and smiley-faced, but they're telling him that economies and everything rides on what he says, so he's got to be careful, so he's constantly trying to remember his lines.
So he'll just say, like, one phrase and repeat it five times, and he'll go, hold on, hold on, I'm waiting.
Oh, oh, oh, that's the line?
Thank you.
And then he'll just keep talking.
Oh yeah, and all his advisors around him are telling him that everything's great.
He doesn't read any newspapers, admittedly.
So if they're telling him that the picture's rosy and they create their own reality, as Karl Rove said, then that's what he's going to believe.
That's why he seems out.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there is someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
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We can't back down.
All right, let's simplify this.
We're going to get into bird flu and take your calls.
A couple other issues, too.
It's simple.
Trillions and trillions of dollars in oil and consolidation and weapon sales.
In everything right now, as economic war is waged against us by the multinational corporations, they're using China, India, Latin America to leverage us out to wage war on the middle class.
That is, anybody who can be self-sufficient.
As the taxation and tracking and control grids go into place, as all of this is happening,
They've got to slap somebody around.
You're angry, you're mad.
I mean, if the news tells you Bush's approval rating is at 32%, it's more like 15%.
But if they energize the political debate every time Clinton comes out and attacks him, his approval rating goes up a few points.
That's actually helping him, see?
It's trying to freeze us back into our two false camps.
Divide and conquer.
Just basic statecraft of an empire.
And so as we get raped and robbed and police-stated over the next decade, there's going to be lots of politicians getting slapped around and lots of politicians going to jail and lots of petty people like Martha Stewart who've done absolutely nothing wrong, maybe something a little unethical.
And then meanwhile, people stealing trillions, you'll never even hear their names.
This is how it's done.
There's actual handbooks on it from 1,800 years ago, 2,000 years ago, from Rome.
I mean, this has been done.
Read Machiavelli's The Prince from 500 years ago.
It's the same thing.
They have actual handbooks.
They're following it.
Hillary says her two favorite books are 1984 and Machiavelli's The Prince.
Because she learns from those.
How to control.
How to operate.
Paul, get into the bird flu.
I mean, I get criticized, you get criticized, because two years ago we wouldn't have said that Planet X was going to kill everybody.
In fact, we said it didn't exist.
I'm sure there's lots of space junk out there.
And see, people who, that didn't come true, but they don't care.
They're still saying it happened.
Or, you know, it's still going to get us.
Or now it's the Vulcan comet.
And you've got the crowds saying,
You've got people who are more than happy to sell you a magic amulet to defeat the meteorite.
Or people who are more than happy to sell you storable foods to save you from Planet X. Why not buy storable foods just to be self-sufficient?
For the real reason.
As an insurance policy.
See, the point is we don't have to be so uncredible.
There's enough crazy stuff to talk about that's real.
And then bird flu.
I mean, they've cried wolf so many times.
Other killer flus.
All of this.
We're going to be hit by smallpox.
It's going to happen.
You've got to take the smallpox vaccine.
And now they admit the smallpox vaccine doesn't protect you.
The Tamiflu pill doesn't protect you.
The Avian flu vaccine doesn't protect you.
They admit that, but, oh, we better run out and get it.
It's a fad to stampede you to get the vaccine because there's something in that flu vaccine
Well, that's right.
In the context of the debate, whether it's a real possibility or not,
Top Russian politicians have come out and said it's just the latest artificial scarcity scam.
Spanish top scientist?
Spanish agricultural minister.
Spanish government basically called it, quote, science fiction.
The Russians say it's partly to monopolise the poultry market.
Rumsfeld, George Shultz and top Bilderbergers like Davignon and Devinck
And the same crowd produces a majority of poultry.
Poultry dwarfs beef.
It is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry a year.
And Rumsfeld, you know, pressured the FDA to approve Aspartame when he was chairman of GDCIL.
Then we have this article today on prisonplanet.com, London Telegraph.
Firms threat to limit bird flu vaccine.
The makers of flu vaccine yesterday threatened not to produce enough bird flu vaccine to deal with an outbreak unless ministers agreed to buy more of their products.
And this is the industry group representing... So, exactly, open blackmail, even if this thing protected you, even if it wasn't a scam, which it is a scam...
Still, can you imagine?
We won't even let you buy as much as you want unless you buy a bunch of our other products.
They should all be arrested instantly.
Well, yeah.
Don't worry.
The Attorney General at the federal and state level, if they catch you charging two cents more on gas, they'll arrest you.
But, oh, they can do this.
See, where's the grand jury on that?
It's artificial scarcity, just like the oil companies got caught communicating with each other to limit their supplies, to gauge the prices.
As he said, the potential of Tamiflu having a real effect in the first place is very much in doubt.
It just elongates lifespan, according to other people who've looked into it.
Whatever cures are available, they're talking about them in tablet format.
Times reported that they'd already been handed out to the elite members of the British establishment.
And when it becomes so prevalent, bird flu, in the public consciousness, that comedians are making jokes about it, and it's a talking point for people who don't even watch the news or read newspapers.
And it won't matter.
They'll bring up 14 more hoaxes, and then finally one day they will release the Zychronian-12 genetic-engineered death virus, and it will kill 3 billion people.
But by then we'll all be herded into the compact cities with thumb scanning to leave our homes under total drone surveillance, and then they'll just use the control grid to exterminate us in a more orderly fashion.
And why do I say that?
Because that's their official plan.
Well, we've long predicted that pandemics and ecological disasters that are portrayed as being out of control, even though people were presenting weather control to technology, technology, for example, to Lyndon B. Johnson 40 years ago,
We'll be used as the next reason to strip our liberties.
As you said, they've cried wolf so many times with the fake terror alerts that people are starting to ignore those.
So we're not saying that bird flu is the...
Big final result of this policy, but the pandemic, any kind of pandemic, would give them all the rampant fear-mongering they need.
And by the way, folks, I don't want to hear, you know, right around Christmas or the day after Christmas, because they'll probably let the sales go through before they do this, because it's all managed.
The whole economy is totally managed.
Let's say December 27th, we hear that bird flu has popped up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and New York City, or Dallas, Texas.
Or maybe Toronto again.
And oh, Bush has signed the executive order.
I don't want to hear that we did have the pandemic.
If, you know, ten people die of the flu, and they say it's bird flu, and they lock down a couple cities, and then say, oh, see, martial law and using federal troops, that kept you safe.
Now they've set the precedent again to do that.
So that'll probably happen.
I mean, we're not saying...
Please don't send me 100 emails going, you were wrong.
Look, bird flu did show up.
Oh, they'll probably have a few deaths from normal flu, and now it's the end of the world, and people sell big cases of magic cream and dance around saying it's wonderful.
But we're about facts here, folks.
Well, yeah, and they're saying that...
The bird flu, the avian flu virus mixes in with common flu virus, of which on average, what is it, 12,000 a year die.
But that number can fluctuate wildly year to year, so you can just have a really bad year for standard flu, death.
And they could blame it on bird flu, because the avian flu mixes in, and it's hard to recognise, so they could play that card.
The point is that they've got all the fear-mongering they need without destroying the infrastructure still required to operate an efficient police state, which maybe would not be the case if a nuke went off in Chicago or whatever because of the panic.
They wouldn't be able to control it to the level that they'd like to.
But the elite are all kitted out with these antiviral tablets so they can sit back and laugh.
You know, this is inflicted on the rest of us.
Which is not to say that bird flu will be the torchbearer of that scenario.
It's merely introducing us to the idea of, you know, conditioning our responses.
They're just terrorizing us while they put in all the transponders and the cameras and the tracker grids, and it's just so sick.
I mean, they were really concerned about...
There's real pandemics in this country of drug-resistant TB.
There's a pandemic of leprosy.
There's pandemics of meningitis from all these precious illegal aliens dripping with diseases.
But you'll never hear it on the news, and nothing will be done about it, and they don't even send school letters home when TB spreads all over the school.
It's just kept quiet, and people are dying every day in this town from it.
There's already sanitariums with people locked down in quarantine.
But see, a real quarantine's kept quiet.
It's just like 600 plus deaths in the first eight years of this month and rocket attacks and dead cops everywhere and car bombs in Dallas.
The average cop doesn't even know about it.
The average cop doesn't know there's a bounty on killing cops because their cop boss didn't tell them because they're not supposed to.
Well, yeah, it doesn't exist unless Fox News, CNN report on it.
The end of the day, pardon the pun, bird flu is a chicken little scenario, and it's just the latest in a long line of big threats that are supposed to wipe millions of us out.
I mean, top Russian biologists came out in early 2004 and said it would kill one billion people across the entire world, the sixth of the world's population.
Within six months.
Within six months.
Didn't happen.
Oh, but he doesn't lose any credibility.
It's us.
We're bad because, frankly, Paul, we're always right.
Just admit it.
We're evil.
And, folks, it's not hard to be right about 99% of the time.
We just know their playbook.
They don't really change things, do they, Paul?
No, they play the same card every time.
They just switch the people dealing the cards, as they're doing with this indictment thing.
Just follow the money, see who profits from it, and they're the people who are behind it.
It's a very simple formula.
But we're dealing with a population.
I've seen the numbers on England.
It's a little bit better, but not much.
Where most high school seniors, 80 plus percent, do not know who the vice president is.
Full grown adults cannot find Iraq on a map.
Over 70 percent.
I mean, given five minutes, folks, they cannot find it.
I mean, and again, I don't feel like I'm that smart, Paul.
I'm not up here going, oh boy, I'm smart, they're dumb.
That scares me.
I think of myself as stupid.
But I know, I mean, I can find hundreds of countries on the map.
I can tell people, you know, all about different Richter scales and hurricane scales and earthquake scales.
I can tell people about, you know, the first five presidents.
I can talk about the history of Texas, the history of Ohio.
I can talk about, you know, the history of the British Crown, the German families.
I know, you know, the history of Africa, at least the basics of the Japanese and the Chinese.
But does it matter if some yuppie who literally knows nothing will sit there and debate me, Paul?
People will give you their opinion on bird flu, even though these are the same people that don't read the news or watch the news or read alternative news.
Why are they doing that?
Because they've been conditioned into having a reaction to the latest scaremongering tactic.
Now let me just explain.
This is what we do.
18 hours a day.
We live this, folks.
We are in reality.
We know what the enemy's doing.
And it's very painful to watch.
I mean, Paul, does it ever make you just sick to watch him giggling and snickering on TV and getting away with all this?
Well, yeah, it's the arrogance of power.
It goes with anything.
Stranglehold on power, that arrogance, it will be displayed.
Most people see it as confidence.
Bush in a lame duck presidency has political capital to spend.
That's just arrogance of him saying there's the people who control him saying we're going to ram through whatever policy we want and you can't do a thing about it.
I'm sick of it.
Let's take calls.
Jim in Ohio.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Jim.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, Paul.
I missed the show yesterday and
I just wanted to encourage everyone, if they would, to celebrate the life of Rosa Parks.
She put the R in resist, that woman, and she's one that did not back down to go back to your last one.
Well, I just mentioned Rosa Parks once yesterday, but there's an example of one person.
One person saying no.
One person, one little woman.
So I don't want to hear it that we've got to put up with all this.
We've got to fight the transponders.
We've got to fight the toll roads.
We've got to fight the cancer viruses.
We should get so mad when the local news says, you've got to take the vaccine, it's the law, when it isn't the law!
They're lying!
We could all learn a lot from her life.
And I would encourage everyone to celebrate.
What was she, 92, 94?
Something like that.
Very impressive what she did and the changes that she made.
Well, can we digress back to Fitzgerald for a second?
Because I really think he's an inside player in all of this.
Yeah, you think it's staged out of tune.
Yeah, because look what happened to Dr. David Kelly and Senator Paul Wellstone, even going back to the father of Nick Bagich.
Well, he's a Republican appointee.
They were all killed.
And you know, when you have Bush's brain is so full of holes from all the booze and the cocaine that it's no wonder he can't think, you know, and put two sentences together.
And he does need the black box in his back to get... Once again though, I've mentioned this before, who will take charge if resignations and our firings take place?
I mean, is this going to blow up in our faces and is the United Nations going to try to come in and
And insert someone?
No, see, the whole UN gun confiscation takeover is if they need it, as Ron Paul said.
See, that's plan B. There's the A team and the B team.
A team wants to go slow.
B team wants it now.
And B team comes in.
They call in the B team if the A team looks like they're failing.
And they may drop the B team on us.
And folks, if they go to B team, it's over.
I mean, look, believe me.
I mean, almost every cop I've talked to that thought I was a kook five years ago is on our side now.
People in business who are very prominent I've talked to are afraid, are getting passports and buying land outside the U.S.
I mean, people have finally got it.
People are finally getting it.
Thanks for the call.
Paul, are you finding people are waking up at a geometric level?
Well, yeah, the climate's so good that people already have a basic grasp of the issues.
They just don't know the details.
They just need you to fill in the blanks.
It's so easy to talk to people now.
Well, there's also an instinctive understanding.
I mean, it really is almost spiritual.
But people deeply know something's wrong.
It's like mice knowing when a hurricane's coming or an earthquake.
I mean, people deep-seated know something's wrong.
Well, then there's a sizable proportion of cowards who know it's wrong but then choose to disbelieve it.
Or to even worse, grovel at its feet.
I mean, these fawning pops who giggle and smirk about this.
Folks, this isn't funny.
Jeff in Texas.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Hello, gentlemen.
Go ahead.
Alex, two things.
One, your comments about the RFID tags and the Texas...
State or TxDOT pushing this.
Was this for the Texas turnpike system or are you referring to the state inspection tags with this latest bit of news?
No, they're just going to randomly stick them in $2 million of the tax without even having a law calling it experimental when we barely beat the law this year.
Okay, so I'm familiar with the September 19th article about the Texas turnpike.
Where are you getting the info about the random insertion?
I read two more articles on it about a week ago.
I don't have them in front of me.
There's been a whole bunch.
Yeah, because I'd like to send it to the Texas toll party.
They need to know about it.
If you could put it on your site, I'd appreciate it.
I'll try to dig that up.
Yeah, the other thing, your comment about video games and people, you know, racking up massive casualties in their minds with all these games like Doom.
Half-Life 2, the video game, has a picture on their website of men in black uniforms with skeleton-like ski masks rounding up white boys and arresting them and subduing them on the streets at gunpoint.
Well, of course.
Men in black skull masks must kill.
Stay there.
I want to hear about these wonderful freedom fighters.
Look, the good guys wear black skull masks.
Everybody knows that.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
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We're good to go.
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All right, caller, finish up real quick about your point about the video game.
I mean, every once in a while I watch the video game TV channel.
It just shows video games on it.
And most of them now are ripping intestines out, killing, slaughtering, SWAT teaming people, killing militia members.
Finish up your point about the skull mask people.
He's gone?
I was told he was still there.
I always love that.
Now, caller, tell me about what you were saying.
Hmm, that's very good.
Oh, he's gone.
Paul Watson, comments on what he was just saying.
Well, yeah, I mean, what effect do these video games have?
You look at the latest neurology research, they've found out that psychopaths, the part of the brain that processes shock, trauma, and violence in psychopaths, is shut off.
So what does TV bombard us with?
Those same images of shots going on.
And they've done the very same studies with the advent of widely viewed TV and violent acts.
Violent acts precipitously followed the graph exactly.
And now with video games, we're talking thousands of times the simulated murder.
But with sound effects, now they've got added shocks and pain induction with some of these games.
Paul, we're talking about, well, the Army invented these to form brainwashing.
They conditioned the brain to become numb to those natural safeguards which would... Well, they call it reflexive shooting.
Switching off the thinking process.
Yeah, so TV and these video games are having the effect of turning us all into psychopaths, which is why we shouldn't watch television.
And then they have the movie that interfaces with it where you go and watch it.
And these hit-face kids of the day, man, they're going to be in black uniforms kicking your door down.
And I already have video of some SWAT teams now wearing devil hats.
They call it, quote, for intimidation, where they're wearing horns, a hockey mask with demon faces on it.
I mean, it's already begun, folks.
Oh, here comes the guys dressed like Reavers from Serenity.
They must be the good guys.
In fact, if you go see that movie Serenity, that movie's evil, evil patriot propaganda.
The Reavers are the good guys, Paul.
Well, I mean, look at the SWAT teams that descended on New Orleans.
They all had, like, flaming skulls on their back.
We carried the pictures.
That's the good guys, though.
The good guys.
It's like in Road Warrior, Mad Max is the bad guy.
The good guys are the people with the skulls in death.
So you haven't figured this out yet, Paul.
Who's up first here?
Because I'm not being talked to.
I got my call list.
We got a studio full of people, and that's causing a... I got my call list out of order.
Who should I go to next?
Dave, go ahead, Dave.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Paul.
Great reporting.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Oh, yeah, the ski mask guys, the SWAT guys, I guess pretty soon they'll be wearing the black satin robes lined with red like they had in the Bohemian Grove, and that'll be good, too.
There are already SWAT teams wearing devil hats.
No, I'm not joking.
Oh, I know, sir.
I know you're not joking.
I just think that's... But that's the good guys, man!
Yeah, right.
Yeah, that's the good guys.
Yeah, they're welcome here.
Very welcome.
Listen, a real quick comment about the World Medical Center, World Medical Card.
If some of the listeners want to go to www.world-medical-center.com, let's see, the Board of Directors, World Medical Center, one of the men there, Mr. Locke, or whatever his name is, Locke Arts.
The last name is Arts.
Okay, we're almost out of time.
Pharmaceutical Group European Union.
He's the former president of that.
And just one more quick comment.
Together we stand against the criminal, psychotic New World Order in any form that it comes.
God bless you.
You know, I'm sorry to the other callers.
That's why I was frustrated.
There's a whole bunch of them here.
I don't know who's next.
I'm going to try to jam one more in.
Who's up next?
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Hey, Able Danger, they aren't going to investigate it because they'll have to reveal this surveil, record, analyze, and control system that they already have in existence.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
Back to 9-9 at midnight.
We're showing my new film, Alamo Draft House, tomorrow night at 7.
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Get them at InfoWars.com or at the door right now.
You can walk up and get them.
Paul, thank you for coming on with us.
Thanks, Todd.
It's always good.
Big reports coming up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars this afternoon.
Take care.
We're good to go.