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Air Date: Oct. 21, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, you do not want to miss this live 21st day of October 2005 Friday edition of
I am your radio talk show host.
Honored to be here.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are infowars.com, infowars.net, prisonplanet.tv, and prisonplanet.com.
Wilma's Rage suggests new hurricane categories needed.
And we talked about this yesterday.
Hurricane Wilma...
Got up there into Category 6 levels never before recorded.
In a season that has included three Category 5 hurricanes for the first time on record in the Atlantic Basin, scientists are beginning to wonder if their rating system is adequate.
Live science is learned.
On the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, there is no Category 6, but Hurricane Wilma this week rushed up against where a 6 would be if the scale were logically extemporated to include another category.
I'm inventing new words.
And hurricanes are getting stronger, apparently fueled by global warming.
That is pure bull.
Researchers expect the trend to continue.
Kerry Emanuel, a climatologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, calls the scale...
Irrational, in part because it deals only with the wind.
I think the whole category system needs serious rethinking, Emanuel told Live Science.
Because I'm sure he'd like it to be the Emanuel scale.
So we'll go over some of the history of this, and guess who's joining us in about an hour and a half.
In fact, exactly in an hour and a half.
Ben Livingston, the...
Cloud physicist, the meteorologist who headed the Pentagon slash CIA Naval Weapons Lab program with weather weapons back in the 1960s.
And back in the 1960s and 50s, they had documented, documented, that's outside universities and institutions had researched their data, that they had substantively weakened hurricanes by several categories.
And that they have been able to make the hurricanes dump much of their water, that is normally one of the most destructive elements in a hurricane before it gets to land, and that they could direct hurricanes to a certain extent.
And Mr. Livingston, I talked to him this morning on the phone, he said that
There's no doubt now with technology hundreds of times more advanced, the planes can carry 800 times more chemicals, that they could really do some damage to this hurricane and weaken it substantively and misdirect it.
But there's a problem.
The government isn't about to let that happen because in Livingston's own words last week,
The government likes to be able to dole out hundreds of billions of dollars to states and local areas because that brings more control and that's how they scratch their buddies' backs.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're into the second hour coming up in 30 minutes.
Ben Livingston, the government meteorologist and former head of weather weapons, program of the Pentagon.
Coming on to talk about this new hurricane.
Wilma hit Category 6 yesterday.
Broke the mold, busted its britches.
And they have 1950s technology that will knock that sucker out.
But that's not about to happen.
That's coming up.
A bunch of other news, too.
But right now, let's get back to your calls.
As promised, let's go ahead and talk to a listener.
You know, I never do this, and I should do this.
Because we have AM, FM listeners, shortwave listeners, satellite and internet listeners, and we never ask how you're listening.
And I really want to start trying to do that, because so many of you are calling in from our great affiliates, and we want to thank them.
Like Keith in Ohio, listening on 900 AM.
We have a lot of listeners in Ohio listening.
We've had listeners listening in the towns, or in nearby areas that don't even know they can get us in Ohio on several stations.
And it's the same in Kansas, or the same in Texas, the same all over.
Or California, for that matter.
Let's go ahead and talk to Keith in Ohio, listening on WCER 900 AM.
That's in Canton, Ohio.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air, Keith.
Alex, it's a really good station.
Yeah, they tape delay from 5 AM to 8.30 AM.
Really good people down there.
Really thank the Lord for Christian Radio all the way around and all kinds of radio.
I've got three websites to share with you.
And, you know, through these disasters, I think the Lord's trying to wake up our country, you know, the temporary things in life.
And, you know... Well, what happens is, in judgment throughout history, and I can only use examples, is God lets our enemies attack us.
That's how God normally judges.
Yep, and some things may be because of God's judgment.
Other things may be just because evil people and organizations are doing their thing, because many things are not the Lord doing it, but at times it is.
You know, a lot of people need to realize that they need to get saved.
Many people think they're saved, and they're not.
And Matthew 7 and Matthew 13 talks about that.
And there's some good websites.
And also another verse out of Isaiah 8.
Isaiah lived in a time which was much like ours, and he was told, and also told the people, that to fear not their fear, what they fear, and so forth, but let God be your fear, and let him be your dread.
There's a website called wayofthemaster.com which teaches how to get saved and so forth and about these false conversions.
Then there's some videos on these two websites, christiananswers.net.
There's a video, Are You Going to Heaven?
It is excellent.
What else is on your mind, sir?
They're all just...
Mainly people getting saved, because we're all going to die someday, whether it's by cancer or by nuclear bombs.
I agree with you.
I just, you know, most of these churches tell you just stay in the church, don't get involved in the world, when my Bible, all it tells you to do is get out there and fight evil.
We should be rescuing the innocent out of the hand of the wicked.
And like in Matthew 18, it talks about... Look, their blood is on us.
I mean, God sees it as if we committed the murder.
If we know something's going to happen and we don't do something about it, we're in trouble.
Thanks for the call.
I'm trying to move quickly here.
Good to have you tuning in there, sir.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bruce in Colorado.
Bruce, go ahead.
Oh, hi there, Alex.
Pretty much what I got to say is what he said, but I got a little bit more to it, and I'm going to be brief because I know you want to get everybody in.
When the globalists engineered to take over America, one of the methods that they devised way back, turned generation after generation to sin, was through the media, the educational system, pornography, infiltration of churches, and so on.
Now, it is spiritual warfare.
Now, the globalists are Satanists, and they know that God must judge the people.
And they know God will let the globalist Satanists have their way with the people if America remains in sin.
Now, in a new section of my website, I explain how God's mercy and love has been extended to America.
Now America must turn back to God now.
All right, you've got 15 seconds.
Lavish us with your monthly website blog goal.
Okay, Israel.
Click on Israel.
P as in Paul, S as in Sam, I as in Ithier.
All right, take care, brother.
That's two of them in a row.
We'll just continue with blogs.
Stay with us, folks.
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Eight minutes, ten seconds into this second hour, second segment of this hour.
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Back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Thank you again for joining us.
Wilma's raids suggest new hurricane categories needed.
It went up into what should be a Category 6, but since the category only goes to 5, they're just classifying it as a high 5.
And we've got the former Pentagon head, former Naval weapons head for weather warfare, Ben Livingston, joining us.
We had him on last week and made headlines as he basically spilled his guts about how they had in the 1950s and 60s knocked out hurricanes, reduced them dramatically, changed their course scientifically.
Major findings, major institutions looked at their research.
The government knows it, and he says our technology is a lot years ahead today, obviously, as we know.
Technology doubling every two and a half years, roughly.
And they could knock out Wilma, but they're not going to do it.
That's coming up.
Let's keep going to your calls.
You guys have held long enough.
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
William and then Kim and Moyne and others.
William in Ohio, welcome.
Thank you, Alex, for being there for everyone.
No, thank you, sir, for caring and being a listener and calling in.
Go ahead.
I'm a permanently disabled Vietnam veteran.
I do know about Operation Phoenix.
One question is, Pol Pot was much worse than Saddam Hussein.
We didn't do nothing with Pol Pot.
No, no.
Mao, admittedly, in books that he had written, bragged about how 55 million died on his watch.
So Stalin killed 40 million people.
Lenin killed about 20 million on his watch.
And I wonder why all we ever hear about is Hitler, who did kill a lot of people and was a very bad guy.
But, I mean, why is it only Hitler, Hitler everywhere, but never do we hear about the Communists?
Because the Rockefellers...
In fact, I'm looking for a quote from the New York Times where David Rockefeller worshipped Mao when he died.
Openly funded.
Listen to this.
Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose.
The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.
David Rockefeller's statement in 1973 about Mao after his death.
New York Times, August 10, 1973.
And I actually went to the microfilm years ago.
I got this before I believed the quote and put it in my book, Descent into Tyranny.
And so imagine, they have Mao restaurants in Denver, Colorado.
Mao restaurants all over England, all over Europe.
Mao Mao.
Little red books as your menu.
Dancing girls in bikinis dancing while you eat.
And they teach you that communism is good as you buy $20 hamburgers and french fries.
At the 50th anniversary in 1999, they had armored vehicles driving by in Tiananmen Square.
The Fortune 500 went there and celebrated Mao.
And then Jiang Zemin said in 2000,
Communist capitalism, or excuse me, Chinese capitalism is the greatest expression of communism.
And people said, has he gone crazy?
No, it's not free market.
These corporations, David Rockefeller, all of them, they were in there day one with the slave factories, the rest of it, to leverage out their competition.
It's not free market when we're competing against 500 million Chinese slaves.
At least 40% of their population being slaves.
I mean, literal living in subject slavery, folks.
Right next to the factory.
They can't leave the encampment.
They go in there.
They take your kids at age five.
They grow up in dormitories.
You get to see them on the weekend.
This is the system they're building here.
It's called slavery.
And they dress it up as fascism and communism and socialism and confuse us.
Man, if you've got cops in black uniforms and you've got big government and you've got centralization and you've got the state saying it owns your kids, you're living in slavery!
But they gave us all these terms to confuse us, and God bless you for your point.
Yes, also, Alex, I've got two things to add, if I may, please.
I'm going to shut up.
You just made me go off with that little tune.
I don't blame you.
I don't blame you.
I am married to a Filipino.
I want to send her back.
What are your feelings on the Philippines due to the fact of what's coming down the pike over here?
What does that mean, send her back?
You're getting divorced?
No, no, no, no.
I want to send her back for her safety, sell the house, and go back there permanently myself.
Well, the Philippines has got its own gangs and its own martial law and its own CIA-funded... I mean, they had... Remember the colonel last year took over the shopping mall and gave the documents to the media to get attention of how the government was killing his cribs and carrying out the terror attacks?
So I will advise you that statistically, Philippines is pretty darn dangerous.
Ah, I see, I see.
See, this is a new world order.
That's already a third world nation.
Well, you know what?
Listen, you'll probably be fine if you go anywhere.
I mean, it's just everywhere you're going to lose more and more of your finances.
Everything's just going to get slowly worse and more enslaved.
I see.
I mean, sir, you obviously have been to the Philippines.
Your wife's from there.
I haven't.
You know better.
I just have read the Philippine newspapers.
I've interviewed people.
I mean, I'm sure you've heard about how that colonel with his troops took over the shopping mall just to get attention and released the documents of how stop killing our troops, the CIA controls the Muslims.
Oh, okay.
That was in the big Philippine papers, and then the CIA killed a bunch of reporters who were reporting on it?
Also, one last thing, sir.
I knew Bush.
Back in 1967, he was with the 1st of the 94th Artillery over in Germany.
He never flew no jet.
And he had the name, alias of Bush Vance.
He would get drunk, and he would give revelations of his dad, he's going to be the president.
You know, I thought Bush, I know he might have gone to Europe once or twice, but I thought he was mainly in South Texas and Alabama.
No, no, no, he was in Germany in 1967.
I asked him, I said, he had the nickname of Snake, and I didn't know...
Well, how did he get the nickname of Snake?
Well, evidently he gave himself that nickname.
I said, well, you know, Bill, you can always take a European discharge.
He says, nope, I'm going back to Kenny Bunkford.
Okay, well, thanks for the call.
I appreciate that call.
I wasn't aware of that, but I'll check it out.
Thank you for the information.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kim in Texas.
Kim, go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Thank you for calling.
Alex, I wanted to talk about plea bargain.
Plea bargain is working because black people and Latinos are very afraid of getting an all-white jury and getting the highest term you can receive.
I just want to ask people, you know, make the district attorney do their work.
Make the prosecutors do their work.
So there's facts.
You know, if we could get a fair trial, we would take trials.
I've seen people who I knew was innocent as I work in the court system accept a plea bargain because they knew, you know, they were thinking, they didn't know, but they were thinking that they wouldn't get a fair trial.
Well, I hate to say it, but you've got really three different types of white people.
You've got bleeding hearts that are so guilty for things they never even did that they would let
A black guy killed 14 people, but that's a sizable group.
But you're right, there is a portion of whites, and especially who the courts end up selecting, who will send a 15-year-old black kid to jail for five years because the cops claim they bought cocaine from him, though they don't even have the cocaine.
That was on the front page of the Chronicle yesterday.
So certainly that goes on.
But we've also got cases in some of the mainly Hispanic areas where any blacks or whites get sent up the river.
And so you've got racial politics everywhere.
But certainly, plea bargaining, my dear, across the board is a major problem.
Plea bargaining, what, 50-something years ago was in about 10% of the cases.
Now, 90-plus percent of cases in courts nationwide, in some areas it's higher, it's in the low 90s, the numbers I've seen, are plea bargaining.
And folks...
I've done this with parking tickets, you know, a decade ago when I had time to do this.
Now I just pay them.
Or speeding tickets, I should say, not parking tickets.
They will say to them, you know, pay the $200.
No, I'm not going to.
I didn't do it.
I want a jury.
Come back again on this day.
You've got to go there two or three times.
But finally, they will drop it.
Every time they will drop it, doing that with the system, that's why there's moves with personal recognizance bonds.
And I've been in the jail for protesting, and they say, sign this bond.
It happened to Mike Hansen, too.
And you agree to like nine crimes you've committed.
Burglary, drug use, beating your wife.
And I wasn't even married at the time.
I said, well, I couldn't have beat my wife.
It's a form letter saying you, I mean, literally.
But see, in Russia, they tell you to admit to crimes you didn't commit, and it'd be secret.
Now it's open.
And they had that CBS newscast where they said, in Travis County, you're now guilty until proven innocent, and you must sign forms to even get out of jail saying you're guilty.
So they're trying all sorts of wild, wild tricks.
Can I ask you about Dorgan, Senator Dorgan, out of North Dakota?
This guy's been excellent.
He's talked about everything that, you know, we should be doing.
I mean, he said, if you're for Iraq, the war in Iraq, then why are you for corporations going overseas and making these people work seven days a week
$14 a day, children and women, you know, suffering, making maybe $0.30 to $0.40 an hour.
He said, I think that's the democracy in Iraq, but we're doing all this in other countries, India, China, and everywhere else.
And our jobs are leaving.
And he brings these kind of questions up.
He also said he had a federal credit card that the maximum was $25,000.
And Bush signed a bill to make it $250,000.
And over 300,000 federal employees have this credit card.
No, I know.
That happened two years ago.
They found $3 billion in fraud in the Pentagon along with those cards.
And Bush's answer was to increase theirs from $30,000 to $100,000.
But is he pretty much on track?
Well, you know, I don't know all the particulars of that particular member of Congress, but a lot of them will say a lot of things.
You've got to look at their voting records.
Again, it's not what they say, it's what they do.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
No, I know, this plea bargaining is an absolute joke.
There's a lot of innocent people in prison.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
Mowing, you're up next.
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There are few things more useful than burying a false witness or falsely imprisoning someone.
I mean, imagine taking somebody's liberty, their freedom, and falsely putting them in prison.
And there are a lot of people who will sit on these juries.
They have these little hand-selected minions who just think it's cute and funny to always go along with the prosecution and let the cops lie on the stand and
Not let there be any evidence showing that the crime's committed.
Even if you think that person's guilty, but if there's reasonable doubt, you better let them go.
Better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man go to prison.
I mean, do you want that on your conscience?
But they have this little sick thing of, well, you know, we round up more bad people, that'll cause there to be less crime, period, even if some innocent people go to jail.
Or, well, he had a past conviction when he was 14 of, you know, stealing something, so even though there's not evidence of this, he probably did it.
Hey, what did you do when you were 14?
How many of these cops, and you know you're listening right now, did all kinds of stuff.
How many of you were hellions?
When you were growing up, and now you're out there taking people to jail for something one-tenth of what you did.
It's amazing.
In fact, there was a day and age when the cops would catch you doing something wrong, and they would just give teenagers a behind-whooping, as they call it.
That's a little bit different.
I'm not talking about severely beating somebody over the head until they die, but I'd probably rather have that than get a criminal record and end up going to jail the rest of my life.
But, you know, it's this whole predatory situation.
You know, statistically, police have one of the highest crime rates of any profession.
In fact, the highest crime rate of any profession, but one of the highest crime rates of any group bar none.
I think only on average black males are above them.
And again, a lot of those black males are innocent or are being persecuted.
In some cases, obviously, they are certainly guilty.
But the point is that cops all tell us, hey, everybody says they're innocent.
Everybody says they didn't do it.
Well, okay, then if we're all guilty, you're guilty too.
Let's go ahead and talk to Moyne in Mississippi.
And we've got many other people holding.
Go ahead, Moyne.
Can you hear me, Alex?
I sure can, sir.
Free speech outlet, people.
Alex, you know what you're talking about.
Now, can I explain one thing to you about T-Volts?
I was on a long-distance call, and I got beat by the phone, and it's TiVo on the other line seeing how I was or how the service was.
Today, I done got rid of it.
I told them I can't support this.
I don't want to have my information used.
What do they need all this information on us for, huh?
What do they need it for?
For those that don't know, TiVo got caught.
Remember when Janet Jackson flashed her breast in that staged event?
Yeah, they used all the people who got to see it first, all the ones that TiVo did.
They didn't know it was going to happen, but it happened, didn't it?
They had live coverage of it, right?
Go ahead and finish, and then I'll comment on it.
Another thing.
Did you watch last night's Primetime?
Not the outlets.
No, I really don't watch TV.
Lynx and Lamb.
There's two little twins, three-year-olds, that's got propaganda music and all that for the white supremacists out there and all them.
I don't know.
What's this world coming to when they can do that to their children?
I'm not familiar with it, sir, but I really... Anything else?
Not really, but there's... This world's been changed over.
I'm a truck driver, and it just got slammed down by...
They want you to lease purchase anymore.
The world's changing real quick out there, people.
It is.
At every angle, liberty's being lost, freedom's being lost, the economy's imploding, and the news is telling us everything's honky-dory, and we'll punish Bush, and that'll make it okay.
Thanks for the call.
Now, let me comment on Tevo, since you brought it up.
I've been telling people for years that Tom Warner Digital Cable Boxes track everything you watch, how long you watch it, how long you watch a commercial, how long you watch a show, and builds a detailed psychological algorithm off of it.
You think some 600-question psychological test can give a corporation a view of your mindset.
How about hundreds of thousands of TV watching choices?
I mean, how many times when you have a four hour on average TV watching viewing, imagine the average person watches four hours of TV a day.
It's up from three and a half hours.
The kids are almost five hours now.
I kept quoting the old numbers of kids watching three and a half and adults watching three and a half.
Now it's adults watch four and kids watch almost five a day.
I don't watch that much in a month.
But, side issue.
There's just too much life to be enjoyed.
Too many incredible things to learn and
Side issue.
I told everybody this, and people got mad at me.
I had Time Warner employees go, I used to like you, and I don't watch your show anymore, because you keep talking about that.
Well, I'm sorry it was in industry publications, you know, six, seven years ago.
As soon as these digital cable boxes started coming out, the Scientific Atlantic and others.
But now TiVo came out.
It was in the Chicago Tribune a year and a half ago, whenever that happened on the Super Bowl.
They go, the record watch thing on TV was Janet Jackson's breast that was replayed on TiVo.
And they knew.
They go, well, how did you know?
Well, because we have a line into every TiVo box tracking everything you do.
And see, now he mentioned TiVo, you know, beeping in on his phone.
Absolutely, folks.
I mean, come on.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Defending our constitutional republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
Standing up the free market, standing up the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
He got a lot of attention last week.
We had Ben Livingston on.
He briefed President Johnson on weather control and the effectiveness of weather control activities.
He ran the operations, pioneered them.
First person to ever use it in warfare in Vietnam.
Effectively flooding the Viet Cong, and we had Colonel Craig Roberts on who was actually in the bush as this was happening as a Marine Corps sniper.
We had him on yesterday, and he talked about, yeah, seeing the effectiveness of Mr. Livingston's effects.
He's a cloud physicist and, of course, meteorologist, and he headed up major federal programs, ladies and gentlemen.
And I wanted to get him back on just for about 20 minutes or so because he is still in the field and works for a major weather modification company.
And it was 1950s documented.
The feds on record said this works.
They were able to reduce hurricanes by 30%, direct them, slow them down, have them dump their water before they hit May landfall.
Now Wilma hit Category 6 yesterday, but they're saying there is no Category 6.
Hit 178 miles an hour.
And I have the article right here out of Life Science.
Wilma's rage suggests new hurricane categories needed in a season that has included three Category 5 hurricanes for the first time on record.
And the Atlantic Basin scientists are beginning to wonder...
Well, um...
I had a guy ask me the other day, he said, oh, Ben, he said, I saw that scientific article in the paper about you, he said, I thought you were just an old run-down lion sailor.
I didn't know you were a scientist and a weather control kind of guy.
I said, well, I guess that fits me pretty good.
I don't go around advertising this end of my life very much.
No, no, but it's important to go over what you did and the positions you were in.
Yeah, well, I was the first...
Flight meteorologists they ever had in the Pacific Ocean whose job was to train pilots how to penetrate typhoons, get the information, and get back home safely again.
For those who don't know, a typhoon is a larger... A typhoon is just a bigger hurricane, and they have more of them, and they're just a lot larger, but they all occur in the Pacific Ocean because there's a lot more water there for them to grow on, so they get bigger and last longer.
But I was there for three years, and during that period of time, I flew over 5,000 hours in a Super Constellation aircraft doing storm penetrations and typhoon penetrations and reporting just like we have reports now that come from the Atlantic Ocean.
But when I left there... Let me stop you right there.
You were the first hurricane raider.
They build these guys up that fly into the hurricanes, but you were the first guy to regularly do that.
We were doing this in the Pacific about as early as we were in the Atlantic, but we didn't get any publicity and didn't ask for any.
But the people in the Atlantic have always been much more, our staff much higher with good scientists, if you will, so that they could practice state-of-the-art science more than we could in the Pacific where we were just a bunch of trained naval people, you know.
But after all that specific, a couple of years later, I was in the Atlantic Hurricane Squadron and I was assigned there to become a member of the National Storm Fury Advisory Board, which was a national program designed to learn how to reduce or mitigate the damages in hurricanes.
And that project went on actively for about 10 years and
And it was finally shut down after many successes, and I have a letter here from one of the people that originated that, and he said it wasn't shut down because of science, but because of politics and petty squabbles among the scientists involved.
Now, you were also the head later of major federal programs.
You were the head there at the Naval Weapons Lab.
Yeah, well, I was the acting commanding officer at the Naval Weapons Research Laboratory in Corona, California.
But that came later, and then specifically, when did you, because it's all in the paper here, but when did you guys specifically prove that you could seriously decimate hurricanes?
That's important to put on record that the feds have studied your findings and said, yes, this can be done.
Yeah, well, the proof was very definite and verified by the Stanford Institute
Research Institute from Stanford University in 1969 after Storm Fury, Hurricane Debbie was seeded in August 18th and 20th of 1969.
Now that was an almost textbook result where the winds were reduced to about 25% on the first day.
And let a day go by and go back and seize it the second day, which was the third day of the project, if you will, and it reduced it again.
But during all this period of time, it was held from 140 miles an hour down to less than 100 miles an hour.
And that is a tremendous amount of reduction in terms of percentages because the storm surges, the wind waves that build up, all that sort of stuff are...
Particularly associated with the surface winds on the ocean.
So I think what might be one of the bigger benefits of hurricane damage reduction would be the fact that when you reduce the wind velocity at the ocean floor, at the ocean surface, you also reduce the height of the waves.
That's very important.
It's something we depend on in our operational plans to expect
That when you see the hurricane after a certain amount of hours, say 12, 18, even 24 hours, it will have built back up.
Now, Ben Livingston, of course, you're a physicist and meteorologist.
We're looking at...
Wilma breaking the mold, going up to what they're calling Category 6 now, and it's steaming towards the United States.
And this technology has been documented since the 50s, certified in the late 60s.
Why aren't planes being dispatched on the runways being pre-positioned, as you talked about a week ago?
They should be.
You said the season isn't over yet, and voila, here comes out of Hurricane Alley this big monster.
Why aren't we going to go chemicalize and use the systems you develop and others develop on Wilma as she begins to make landfall?
Well, I tell you, in the very early 80s, the real scientist at NOAA and the...
Union of Scientists and Physicists, the United States' strongest people, strongest minds and things, decided among themselves that we ought to quit the applications of engineering, that is, quit trying to seed hurricanes and do more research.
So for the last 35 years, that's all they've done, which may all be good.
But my visit last spring with the head of the...
One of the very largest portions of NOAA told me personally, in fact, I have a letter to that effect, that said we need another 50 years of research.
Just to learn how to see the hurricane.
So all they want to do is... We know that we can weaken them substantively by 30% with 50-year-old technology.
We know that you can make it dump a lot of its water and reduce the storm surge, the waves, one of the biggest losses of life and property factors, but nothing's being done.
Now, I know you don't want to come in here and shoot your mouth off and be mean to people, but if this is documented and we know this will work, we need to save lives here.
We need to make a stink out of this so that at least next year we can force the government to let the planes go out and knock out these storms.
I understand, and you're exactly right.
The people who do research have a blind eye towards applications.
Now, it's one thing, you know, to have scientific proof from instrumentation and a bunch of controlled clouds and storms and so forth to be sure that you're scientifically and statistically correct.
But it's something else when you go to really do the work.
Empirical data is what you need.
What you see and what's working is what needs to be repeated.
You see?
In the airplanes that we fly, we have the very best instrumentation in the world to identify those traits in an energy cell in a hurricane to tell you which one's
Look, you don't have to defend your thesis.
You've proven it.
You did it in Vietnam.
You've demonstrated it.
You can create storms.
You can weaken storms.
You can redirect storms.
And talking to you this morning on the phone, you said that with the technology we've got now, I said, sir, can we redirect these?
Could we shut this hurricane down?
And you said, Alex, I have no doubt that the technology's there, but there's going to have to be some pure research, that is, testing on live hurricanes, and we know it'll weaken them.
We know it's only going to help to knock these things out.
So why not do it?
I mean, we need to make a big deal out of this.
Well, you're exactly right.
We sent a letter to 100 senators and had an indirect response from just one.
The general opinion seems to be that the budget is in such a bad condition now that they don't want to waste money on something like we're talking about here now.
Now, that was Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and she's now... That was her office that said that.
Yeah, so she did respond, and that's kudos for her.
And now she's moved to create a federal, and it's passed out of the Senate, the House hasn't passed it yet, a new weather board, a new federal agency to block these storms.
A weather modification board.
But I tell you, Alex, there's some really interesting things about Wilma that I just, I have not delved into this storm very much until the last couple of hours after we talked.
But it appears to me that Wilma, the majority of the damage that could be created by Wilma is going to be blocked off by the Cuban islands.
So that there won't be enough water left between Cuba and Florida for the wind waves to generate.
Or for the surge, if you will, to build up.
You think it's going to slow down over Cuba, lose some of its rotation, go to a Category 3, dump a lot of its water on Cuba?
You see, there's only one part of the storm that really causes problems, and it's the right front quadrant.
And that's the quadrant in which it's moving.
Well, that quadrant is being almost 100% absorbed, if you will, for at least some hours, by Cuba.
So I don't have any doubt.
And I'm not a forecaster.
That's not what I do.
You know what I mean?
But I don't have any doubt that this storm will be abated a whole lot naturally when it crosses the eye of this thing, goes just past the west end of Cuba.
What do you think about it going over 175 miles an hour and now they're saying it's busted and broken the old scale?
I don't know.
Someone had some measurements to get to 178 miles an hour, but that's an awful lot.
I'll tell you, though, I have been in some over 230 miles an hour in the Pacific, so nothing surprises me in that line.
So what's the fastest you've ever recorded or heard of being recorded in a typhoon?
About 238 miles an hour.
I wouldn't like to see what happens when that makes landfall.
Well, you know, when you're in an airplane and you're flying downwind, you're making maybe 700 miles an hour across the ground, and when you turn around and go back against it, you're backing up.
So that's kind of a comparison as to what happens if you go the wrong way.
But I'm looking at Wilma here a little bit, just a satellite picture, but that right front quarter of that thing would be something that if we were in the business, I had a charter to do it,
We could fly from Florida out there and work on that right front quadrant very effectively.
How many planes, how many tons of chemical would it take to substantively reduce the power of that right front quadrant?
Well, three airplanes could do it very well.
And imagine 1,000 pounds or 1,500 pounds of silver iodide flares would probably do the job.
How much money are we talking about?
Well, what we're talking about spending money for is standby time.
You know, if we were there the first... But let's say right now the President called and you've got the chemicals, and he said, I want you, Mr. Livingston, and Weather Modification Incorporated, I want you guys to skedaddle down from the Dakotas and you from Midland, and I want you to go in there and spray that down, because our own federal documents show you've done it before in the Atlantic.
We want you to do it, and let's say you had a few days' leeway to do it.
How much would that cost you?
Well, I expect a million and a half dollars on one storm.
And, I mean, even if this thing is deflected and isn't that bad, we're still looking at billions of dollars in damage.
That's true.
Would you rather pay a million and a half dollars or a billion?
Yeah, that's right.
That's exactly right.
You can't find a better return on investment than trying to block these hurricanes or reduce their damages.
You know what I mean?
Because, you know, there's a point where you get the wind blocks you down a hurricane where nobody cares.
You know, most of the buildings will stand at 100 miles an hour.
What would happen if something like Rita or Katrina or now this new hurricane, Wilma, what would happen if it, say, hit New Orleans as a Category 5 with 178 mile-an-hour winds?
Well, you know, people in my position would have to take the position that there wouldn't have been 150 mile-an-hour winds ever hit the coast there.
There may have been 120.
And that may be the difference between whether the dam fell or not.
If you guys were able to go in there and shoot your flares into the storm?
You know, what we have to have is the government, if you will, to sponsor this for the first year while we prove what we can do.
Then I believe it could be a commercial operation.
Well, what's going to stop private companies, or stop Latin American companies, or as you said, South Korea's talking to you guys, what's going to stop them from paying you the paltry sum, the pittance, to go in there and do this?
And we would be the people who did it.
Because we have the only airplanes, this company has the only airplanes in the world that really do this job.
These are special airplanes with...
Special racks for carrying the flares on them.
See, we carry 408 flares on each airplane.
That's eight times more than any Navy airplane I was able to carry in Vietnam or in the Atlantic in the late 60s.
On each airplane.
And you said other airplanes can carry 800 times the chemicals.
Our airplanes are equipped to do that.
That's what we do.
You see?
This is unbelievable.
You know, there's a radio show.
It's the second biggest in the country.
Mr. Livingston, it's called Coast to Coast AM.
Yes, sir.
And I need to call their producer.
I need to try to get you on there tonight just for 30 minutes because the show's about 15 times bigger than this one.
And we need to force realization of this because I've read the documents.
I've read the news articles.
They admit that you were able to do this.
They did the studies.
We know this works.
We know what you were doing making storms in Vietnam to devastating effect, and I just can't believe that you've written letters to all of them, and they're just sitting around keeping this quiet.
We need something done about this.
We need something done about this now.
Well, the real sad part is I sent a letter to Don Evans, the Secretary of Commerce, last spring, and he didn't answer it, but the people from NOAA themselves, the people who are against it,
Ben, stay with us.
Let's do five more minutes on the other side.
I've got a few more questions for you.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I was just talking to Ben Livingston, physicist, meteorologist, father of weather warfare.
I mean, he did it first, folks.
And then he was the head of the weapons program, and he was given awards by the Secretary of Defense.
He, of course, briefed LBJ on this.
I think?
We're good to go.
As it was in Vietnam, as it was before that, flying into typhoons and 200 mile an hour winds, is to help this country and help people.
And I've got a burning desire to force this out into the public view.
Your comments?
Alex, I'll tell you what.
There aren't many of us left in this old world that know how to do this and have had experience doing it.
I would like to be in a position to pass this down to a younger generation that would take this on as both art and science.
Well, I mean,
Ben, you keep saying tested.
I'm looking at the mainstream news articles.
You've got the letters.
You've got the documents.
Stanford tested it.
You guys reduced hurricanes by 30%, reduced the storm surge, reduced the winds massively, and the evidence is clear with the new technologies.
Going off the numbers you collated then with your thousands of flights, what could you not say a Category 5 down to if you had the preparation time?
I don't know that I could answer that directly, but I expect 30, 40 miles an hour to wherever that takes it.
You know what I mean?
I mean, if 40 years ago you were knocking it down by 30 miles an hour, what's safe to say?
I mean, off air you told me you could knock them out.
Yeah, well, see, I wouldn't be surprised if we couldn't do it much better now.
But I do know what we did do, and we'd never do any worse.
Well, bottom line, you're talking, as you said, a big difference between taking a 150-mile-an-hour storm and bringing it down to 100 miles an hour.
That's right.
Big, big difference.
Well, I respect you for not wanting to toot your horn and claim that you can completely knock them out, but reducing them, that's the same as knocking them out.
Yeah, that's the thing that's being neglected.
You know, I have some of my best friends here at NOAA that are brilliant scientists, but they're not...
Working on the end of the weather control, I think they ought to be working on at least some.
And so that's why me and my team are anxious to try to show the world what needs to be done to reduce the damage from these hurricanes.
Well, Mr. Livingston, we really do appreciate you.
We appreciate everything you're doing.
And we're going to really work hard to save lives and save billions of dollars.
These last hurricanes have cost hundreds of billions of dollars together, and now we've got Wilma.
All of us need to push to make sure that your research is passed on and is used.
Yes, sir.
That's exactly right.
Well, we'll talk to you very, very soon, my friend, and I look forward to the next few weeks getting you here in Austin to do a taping for the TV show here locally, and thank you for spending your time with us, and I hope you can check in with us every few months as things develop.
Well, thank you very much, and thank you for having me.
God bless you, Ken Livingston.
God bless you, sir.
Or Ben Livingston.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back, and we'll take more of your calls and get into a whole host of other issues.
The tales of Ben Livingston, he's Waylon Ben Livingston, his full name, are up on Infowars.com right now.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we have masses of news about politicians, generals, media people being covertly paid off, more on the upcoming indictments, and, of course...
One of the members of Congress having to show up and being fingerprinted.
There's just a ton of news, and some good news too, about that bill passing that will restrict lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
But you know what?
I'm taking a lot of calls this hour.
We've had a lot of guests this week.
We haven't had a lot of time to call in.
We haven't had a lot of time to take your calls.
You're not going to have to sit on hold.
I am going to just rampage through your calls, but that means each caller doesn't get a lot of time.
And first-timer callers that rarely call are welcome.
Pat in Arkansas.
Go ahead, Pat.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
I got a question for you here.
You know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, is pretty good.
I sent you an article here a couple weeks ago over in Salisbury, Oklahoma, which is in Sequoia County, right on Interstate 40.
There's a guy over there.
I've known him for 20-some years.
He's a lazy guy.
But anyway, he was doing some drugs.
And anyway, the men and night went there and set their lights out.
And I'm going to tell the story to you short here.
And they jumped out of the car and started shooting at him, hit him in the hip.
Anyway, he shot back and one of them got killed.
Well, they tried him for murder in Salisaw.
They hung the jury the first time.
Then they retried him again, found him guilty only of manslaughter.
But now they're retrying him again for a federal court for murder.
You're not supposed to.
That's double jeopardy.
That's what I thought, Alex.
And they're not supposed to do that.
And obviously if the jury was hung, he should go free.
They shouldn't keep retrying him over and over and over and over again.
And obviously the cops did something wrong or the jury wouldn't be saying that.
This is how we vote.
And, you know, the guy may be a lazy drug head, and the cops may have shot at him first, but it looks like that jury would have sent him down the river.
Yeah, that's what I would have thought, but now they're going to try him over in Muskogee on a federal.
They said that that was a lower court, and now they're going to try him on a higher level.
You're saying they tried him twice at the state level and now federally.
That's total violation of the Constitution.
Yeah, I agree.
Alex, I've got another question.
What do you think of Kevin Trudeau, the song's book on TV, is he...
I haven't read his book, but there are a lot of natural cures and stuff.
Sounds good to me.
Yeah, sometime maybe we can get him on your show.
I'd like to find out more about the guy.
All right.
Thank you, Pat.
Let's talk to Larry in Manhattan.
They're on the big peninsula.
Go ahead, Larry.
Alex, before I say what I'm going to say, I want to provide a little foundation.
I'm what they call a legal scientist.
I'm an attorney and a scientist.
Primarily a physicist.
And, you know, the point is, and I'm connected with people all over the world, in the military, in intelligence, science, various fields of science, and the fact is, is that you and I and everyone else was in the world 2005, where we think wireless internet is pretty sexy as far as technology is concerned, but... And they're really 45 years ahead of that.
Well, Alex, I'll be candid with you.
The reality is that based on the quantum levels necessary, manipulate space and time, the year they're really in, technologically speaking, is something like 4,500.
And that is a result of technology that's from beyond this earth, so to speak.
Well, and technology doubles every two and a half years, which it is.
They are light years ahead.
Then they dole out the technologies to select corporations that are their cronies.
Where it came from, I don't know.
But here's the thing, Alex.
It's not technology that doubles every two and a half years.
It's... Can you hear me?
It's computing speed?
Right, it's computing speed.
What I want to talk to you about is what they've done with the sky...
I'll let you briefly comment on the other side.
We're trying to make a lot of calls right now, so I'll give you about a minute and a half on the other side.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, tons of news this hour.
I'm blasting through your calls.
Larry in Manhattan was talking about how he's a scientist and they're really, in the year 4000-something, at the speed technology has been increasing exponentially and there's all this hidden technology and they're doing something to the sky.
Well, yes, the Earth is 20% darker than it was just a decade ago.
That's NASA's own admission.
They are putting stuff in the atmosphere that's causing it to cloud up.
There is weird stuff going on, but...
You know, I only go as far as I can prove it.
And I know they can stop these hurricanes and reduce them and control them and direct them.
They're not doing that.
They're letting them make landfall.
But go ahead and make your point, Larry.
Here's the point, Alex.
We've always known about light energy.
In 1998, the commercial science world discovered dark energy.
Dark energy works in direct opposite to light energy.
It's non-missable.
It cannot mix with light energy.
I'm not going to get into the theological ramifications of this, but the fact of the matter is that their agenda is to have people produce dark energy, which people do when their lives are self-consuming, self-absorbing, like the dark holes out in space.
They actually are walking dark holes.
So here's the point.
There is no more debt.
Okay, no one's going to hell because they're providing worldwide pickup and delivery.
That's the bottom line because the dark forces of the universe are going to use people as individual human power generating plants for dark energy.
Listen, thanks for the call, bro.
I mean, look, my small brain can't grasp it.
I'm a pea brain.
I mean, I know we all saw the movie The Matrix where we're all basically batteries or light bulbs for the machines, but you talk about science.
I mean, I deal with real information, things we can prove.
And this broadcast is about, hey, they're pushing for martial law.
Hey, the reporters are paid off working for the feds.
Hey, they want your guns.
There is a lot of advanced technology they're suppressing.
But, I mean, you know, they want us to put off dark energy so they can feed on it.
Sounds like the devil to me.
Okay, let's take the calls.
I mean, it's all very entertaining.
It's just too advanced for me.
I just can't fathom it.
Let's go ahead and... Or perhaps I'm covering up.
Now I'm having too much fun.
David in Mass.
Go ahead, David.
Alex, how are you today?
Good, sir.
Have you been keeping up at all, I don't know if you've heard in the last few days, what's been happening in Taunton, Mass., in the little small town 35 miles south of Boston?
No, tell me about Taunton, Mass.
Okay, well, let me just give you a quick little thing here about what's been going on.
About a couple of weeks ago, as you probably were well aware,
We had massive amounts of rain up here for about eight days straight.
Yeah, rain and rain and rain and rain.
Rained and rained and rained, yeah.
So what's happened is that the Mill River down in Taunton got, the water levels got very high, and the Whittington Pond Dam, which was a 173-year-old dam, timber-based dam, was in, you know, threat of breaking.
And there was a small breach.
The last time it flooded was back in 1968.
But the mayor there, they all declared a state of emergency.
They closed down all the businesses, all the schools, opened up emergency centers, Red Cross centers for residents, about 2,500.
I mean, this is a population of about 56,000 people we're talking about.
So that happened the first day.
They closed down the businesses.
They just today, three days later...
Well, they didn't do that because, obviously, what this gets back to, Alex,
Is what you were talking, what actually when you were interviewing John Rappaport the other day, a couple days ago, when he enunciated that his illustration of the elites being in a category A and a category B. Now, we know the category A guys, they want to do things slowly, very slowly, chisel away at it briefly, and the category B, which are really kind of the subcategory of the really highest of the elites, like the Rockefellers and the
The Rothschilds and that.
They want to wreak as much havoc as they can.
And what happened on the second day was Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, and Barney Frank, and Mitt Romney all went down there, their hats in hand, issuing federal assistance and the whole thing.
It's all a method of control.
And that's what it's
Coming down to, when you can do this type of thing in these small little towns, it again, it's the conditioning, it's putting everything... No, it is, and I appreciate your call, and I really do appreciate that information.
Now, since you brought that up, I dug this out of the stack.
Mass evacuation plans to be created.
Federal, state, and local governments will begin working to plan for mass evacuations if cities suffer natural disasters and terrorist attacks.
I.e., they're going to train local governments to go under federal control.
They've already started moving the cities and counties into the local National Guard armory.
Oh, the feds will give us millions of dollars if we move in with the military.
Oh, the military provides all these screens at the FEMA Center that show us where all the cell phones are as they drive in cars and that hook into all the cameras and microphones.
And, oh, there are bosses now.
Oh, we see.
This is really a local federal command base.
Continuing with the Charleston Gazette, under a new law signed late Tuesday afternoon, the Department of Homeland Security must work to develop multi-state, multi-jurisdictional emergency evacuation plans.
See, they are the bosses.
The feds.
This is martial law right here.
As Ron Paul said.
Senator Robert C. Byrd, the Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon, wrote provisions in the new law requiring the development of plans to include where appropriations, the pre-positioning of items that will be required during a mass evacuation, including gasoline, food, water, evacuations, beds, and medical supplies.
As a nation, we must be better prepared for mass evacuations, Byrd said in a press release.
We saw the problems that were there in Katrina and Rita.
And it goes on.
People wondered why for almost a day they wouldn't open the other side of the highway.
Nobody was going that direction.
Because they wanted to have a problem.
FEMA openly got caught cutting communications lines, sabotaging radio towers, blocking police.
Police had to post guards in three parishes to stop them.
They were caught jamming police communications as Katrina hit.
Because if things fall apart, then they get to push for more control.
Power they've already claimed to themselves decades ago, but now they're trying to just condition us to accept it.
People ran out of gas.
They didn't have supplies.
The government simply wasn't prepared for this kind of emergency.
We need to gear up for future evacuations, and they must start now.
Folks, I remember CNN and others making fun of people that have gas masks.
Making fun of people that just have surgical masks.
Making fun of people that have guns and a year of storable food and water filters.
You go to these local FEMA command bunkers, these county emergency centers that are federal buildings, folks.
They're quasi-federal.
With a local CIA officer liaison at them.
I mean, these are the Red Dawn command bases of evil.
These are the federal nodes in your areas.
In your area.
I'm fighting not sneezing, folks.
I've had such bad allergies lately I have to constantly want to sneeze on air and I have to... Hold on a minute.
But to make a long story short, these are literal FEMA command bases.
And the government can't help you, won't help you, doesn't want to help you, doesn't like you.
And they're all going to look out for themselves during a disaster.
You have to have the storable foods in the attic.
In duffel bags, ready to go.
You have to have the flashlights and knives and first aid kits.
And you have to have the basic medicines.
And every two or three years, you've got to change out the medicines and the flashlights and check them and every ten years replace the food.
In fact, I had portable foods that I bought about eight years ago that I just threw away.
Didn't use them.
A year ago, I bought a two-year supply of food.
Doesn't matter.
I mean, folks, it's that simple.
I am prepared.
I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel drive.
Country folks can survive.
We ought to go download that Hank Williams Jr.
In fact, I'm going to play another song later, but can you try to go download that or grab that or find where that's at?
Come on, we need it.
I need a lot of bumper music.
I'm so busy, though.
We ought to just give out the mailing address of the network and tell everybody to send Johnny Cash and
Music like that up there to them.
These songs really say it all.
I need to get up off my rumpus and do it.
The caller brings up an incredibly good point, and that's all they're doing, everything.
Oh, the terrorist.
Oh, the hurricane.
Oh, the bird flu.
Oh, martial law.
Martial law.
We want to use troops on you.
Martial law.
Martial law.
Martial law.
Did we mention how good it is?
And then, who's been telling you about it for the last decade, who's been to the urban warfare drills, they've been training to take your children and take your guns for 10 plus years.
And all of this is the trigger.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Texas.
Mike, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I wanted to ask a question about the Domestic Security Enhancement Act.
I can't find this information online, but my understanding was that was defeated, but the sections within that act have been attached as writers, executive orders, etc.
Yeah, on December 13, 2003, the same day they captured Saddam, and that's admitted.
The Army admitted that was all staged, by the way, folks.
He'd actually been captured a week before by the Kurds.
They actually staged all that spider-hole business and the rest of it.
Side issue.
Side issue.
Just all the fake news.
That's how Orwellian this is.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
But try to break this down for people.
What's happening is they've got Victory Act I, Victory Act II, Domestic Security Enhancement Act.
When they, quote, reauthorized the Patriot Act, they weren't able to get any of that extra stuff passed.
That's why Bush would say reauthorize and strengthen.
But they were in the intelligence bill.
You know, three and another bill the next year able to pass some of the sections.
But they've implemented everything in Patriot Act II, known as the Domestic Security Enhancement Act.
They implemented all that three years ago.
So they've implemented, they just haven't gotten the laws passed yet.
Sooner or later, we all have to face it.
We live in dangerous times, and the more prepared we are, the better our chances are to survive them.
The threat of a terrorist nuclear attack, a dirty bomb, or a nuclear power plant accident, or a nuclear waste spill, is something we all face, every day.
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Isn't your family worth it?
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Thanks for having me.
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Alright, I was going to answer the question for Mike in Texas and get more into the subject that he was bringing up about the Patriot Act, but I think I really answered it before the break and he hung up anyway.
We're going to go to Susan and Alex and Chris and many others.
Kurt Nemo is a widely read journalist online, blogger.
We carry a lot of his stuff on FrozenPlanet.com and Infowars.com, and he's calling into the show.
Kurt, what in the New World Order is going on?
Well, not much.
I just wanted to call in and let you guys know that it seems that the Army is sending some armored vehicles down here to the border.
I live in southern New Mexico.
So I was reading the Albuquerque Journal, and it appears that they sent two, count them, two armored vehicles the Army has down here on the border.
Not sure what that means exactly.
You know, obviously two armored vehicles are not going to do anything to staunch the border crossings, but there was on the front page in a big photo the U.S.
Army in southern New Mexico.
Now, is that regular Army?
I think so, yeah.
They look like they had the star on the side, U.S.
Army in the whole nine yards.
Well, we know the feds won't do anything that's good.
I mean, it's always to set precedents.
Yeah, we need the National Guard there.
We need hundreds of armored vehicles because the Mexican troops continue to shoot and kill citizens and police and others.
But it is interesting.
Hey, what's the scoop on the indictments?
I mean, now Fitzgerald's holding back on them.
Do you think we're going to finally see some indictments, or what's going on?
I think you'll probably see some wrist slapping going on, and maybe Karl Rove will resign and
That's about it.
I don't think this is really going to hurt the Bush administration too much.
Yeah, I agree.
It's probably going to end up being like, most probably, we don't know, probably going to end up being like Iran-Contra, where they have some hearings, and it'll be a big political diversion.
I don't know if you've seen the video clip we have from CNN on Prison Planet, but it's David Gergen, who's a consulate insider with Lou Dobbs.
We've got to stay the course, though, and support the troops.
That's how we punish Bush, is we stay in the war.
So it's just kind of like removing or having LBJ step down.
He just did that because his heart was gone.
But then the Vietnam War went on for another four years.
Well, yeah, precisely.
And I saw that little chunk when I was rouletting through the TV last night.
I saw Gergen on there, and I had to laugh because this is just more of the same.
You know, these guys are all cut from the same cloth, Democrats and Republicans.
They're just stringing us along.
Well, I mean, this is the guy that worked for four or five administrations, Republicans and Bill Clinton, Bohemian Grove member, insider of insiders, and he's just up there, again, wrist-slapping Bush.
Oh, it's time to have a cleansing.
Bush is clean and good, but we'll cleanse by getting rid of Scooter Libby.
Right, right.
It looks like he's going to be the sacrificial lamb.
Yep, looks like Scooter's going to go, I can't help but think that's good.
Of course, it's a diversion.
I mean, Scooter Libby is your typical, your arch-typical neocon.
It's just like somebody 500 years ago throwing their excrement out the window.
It's like dumping the waste every morning out the window.
Well, Alex, I also wanted to let you know you're doing a great job, and I love it when you rant and rave.
It puts a smile on my face.
I know you're doing a good thing.
Well, I'll tell you, something that's important, Curt and Emo, I'm not telling you what to write, you write great articles, but we need to talk about how we know, not the stuff that we can't prove about weather modification and control, but we know with old technology they could weaken these hurricanes.
Why aren't they doing that?
That's pretty important.
Well, yeah, I think you're absolutely right.
They use it as a precursor to test out their little schemes of martial law and police state.
You know, obviously I can't prove, and I don't think anybody else can, that the government's actually doing anything to these storms.
I wouldn't put it past them if they had the technology.
But we do know they have the technology to substantively weaken them.
Right, right.
And to save a lot of lives.
Kurt, good to hear from you, buddy.
Thanks, man.
Take care.
Let's take a call here.
Susan in California, go ahead.
This is... I didn't originally call about this, but this is in response to your caller from Massachusetts.
I originally grew up in Massachusetts, went to high school there.
I graduated in 1988.
There were weird things going on back then.
Oh, yeah.
That is one of the most... I mean, mass makes California look conservative.
No, I know.
Let me tell you about this.
My whole senior year in high school at a very small...
When I was in high school, I went to Whitman Hanson.
We had bomb threats.
At least 50 of them across the year.
And most bomb threats, most of these hoaxes, we've caught the government.
It's normally the government to create a sense of fear.
Oh, I know.
And this is in Massachusetts.
We'd go out and spend half the day standing in the rain or the snow instead of learning anything.
But, you know, it's just, you know, and I knew back then it wasn't any of us calling in.
No, it's all mind control.
But most kids probably thought, oh, the government will save me.
See, it's all about making the man in the nice black mask and the black uniform with the Cobra sticker.
He'll take care of you.
Just give up your rights to him, see?
The terrorists are going to get you.
Anything else, Susan?
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, I'm taking five more calls, I'm blasting through them, and I'm covering some other news issues and playing a little music piece that was put together by one of our listeners.
A little hip-hop piece, yeah.
It's pretty informative.
You won't see Sumner Redstone funding this rap group.
But let's go ahead and go back to Susan in California.
Go ahead, Susan.
Hi, Alex.
Yesterday when you had Dr. Horowitz on, you briefly mentioned Lyme disease and Plum Island and what have you.
I just wanted to touch on that.
I don't think a lot of people know that much about Lyme disease and
The epidemic proportions and how sick it actually makes you and how sick it is and how hard it is to get rid of.
A lot of doctors won't even... If you go in and tell them, I have Lyme disease, treat me, they'll tell you it doesn't exist.
Well, everybody knows about Lyme disease.
I know, but they don't know how insidious it is.
We can't get our insurance to pay for it.
A regular doctor told me that it didn't exist and that I was crazy and should see a psychologist.
Oh, he was saying you didn't have it.
Yeah, I've had it.
I understand.
He wasn't saying it doesn't exist.
He was saying you didn't have it.
Well, some doctors say it doesn't exist.
Oh, okay.
So even trying to get treated for it... That's like saying heart attacks don't exist.
You know, a lot of people think, oh, you get the flu, and no.
You know, you end up with lifelong problems like fibromyalgia.
Well, none of you take the right antibiotics.
The problem is just getting antibiotic resistant.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate it.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Alex and Mass.
Speaking of Mass, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, lots of Mass going on.
Yeah, but we're like, we're in centralized area.
We've got the Rockefeller's right down there.
And we can feel it.
And we've got, like, you know,
Well, I wanted to talk to you about what that guy in New York said about, like, them being up to the year 4000 on their technology.
That wouldn't surprise me one bit.
And the fact that they've praised Draconians, they say that they're Illuminati, they say they know all these things, and that a good friend of yours has ended a lot of his segments saying that the Dragon is coming.
I'm just wondering, like, why is it hard to believe that there would be Reptilians?
I hate to keep bringing this up, but, like, have you thought about it, like, rationally?
Well, you see, sir, I could think about a whole lot of things.
Like last time you called a few weeks ago, I said I could talk about magic beanstalks.
I know, but there's actual history.
There's paintings that are wrapped.
Let me just stop you.
All right, sorry.
I mean, I'm not talking about a cave wall of a lizard god, okay?
Or an Aztec thing that shows people feeding body parts to a lizard.
All I'm telling you is that because the subject matter that I talk about is already so controversial, the average person listening doesn't want to believe that the state of Texas is trying to put transponders in all inspection stickers, even when I have a direct link to the bill that almost passed this session on InfoWars.com.
So if people can't deal with the fact that they built concentration camps and the government's behind 9-11,
And it's taken me years to get them with the evidence, the absolute red-handed smoking gun evidence, their own admissions.
Then, number one, my whole life, sir, I don't just imagine when I'm walking through the dark in the hills that there isn't going to be a hole in front of me.
I'm going to have a flashlight or I'm going to walk on a path that's got some light.
Or if it's a cloudless night with no light, I'm not going to be out in the woods.
So I just, just because it sells a bunch of books and it's fun to talk about and aliens are really here from the 12th planet and they use us as slaves and now they're controlling us and all this stuff, I mean, it just, it just don't have evidence of it.
And, you know, we could talk about it all day.
If I wanted to make a bunch of money, I'd get up here and I'd say I had a magic machine product that healed every ail and fixed that cancer instead of just promoting real vitamins and real things that are good for people.
If I wanted to make a million bucks, I'd get up here and say that Fruit Loop Lizards from Planet Snigglesnack are controlling my brain right now.
But Fruit Loop Lizards from Planet Snigglesnack
Oh, well...
Yeah, I'm just saying, like, I've just seen so many pictures, so many strange spells, so many stories, like, you could, if you wanted to, find some sort of evidence for some of these things, some, because, like, a lot of the stuff you get, it's not the fact that you went out and got that story, it's because you, how the people got those stories, and you have their stories.
Well, no, it's, you know, 20 different publications saying that 5,000 witnesses saw the jet airplane crash or the state police and a bunch of other witnesses see a jet fire a missile at Flight 93.
And then, sir, you get into different types of news.
You've got most of the news is just dry news.
It never gets big attention.
It's real news.
The stuff that's CIA propaganda is, you know, the writer at the New York Times on the payroll.
So just to say that I use everybody's news, you know, when they announce there's an evacuation in Houston, I got family there.
I know it's true.
It's something they can't cover up.
So, no, we have ways of catching them in false news.
So now, you see, we're having a hypothetical discussion here about blood-drinking lizards.
And there's no way that I can't prove that blood-drinking lizards don't exist.
I'm sure, like, if it ever, but it ever became proven, I'm sure you'd start talking about it.
Oh, sure, yeah.
I mean, what this is, is the merger of UFOlogy, that's really a religion, a New Age religion, with the anti-New World Order movement, and it's taken us over and taken a lot of our steam and a lot of our energy and a lot of our force.
Good job, New World Order.
I mean, what are we supposed to do if it is V, you know, the movie V?
You know, it's really, they're wearing rubber masks or
Dimensional vortexes, and they're doing all this.
I'm going to convince people that they've got weather control because I've got the documents, and I'm going to have the guy on who can knock out these storms, and then we're going to try to embarrass the government into stopping the storms.
And of course, they'll do something like claim they're doing a test and make the storm even worse and then claim they can't do it, but we'll expose that's a fraud.
You know, we're about winning and defeating these people.
And they'd love for us to believe, as they promote on Fox TV, and all this big money promotes that lizard stuff, by the way, that we've got lizards in control of us, there's no way to beat them, it's all over, just give up, thanks for the call.
So I said I'd hurry up and get the news, but I mean, as these calls come up here...
It's just mind-blowing.
Just look, it isn't going to do us any good to sit around talking about lizards all day, okay?
I mean, George Bush has got more man-whores in the White House you can shake a stick at, and Christian conservatives think the guy's a Christian.
I mean, let's talk about the man-whores.
I mean, let's talk about the stuff we can prove that's already pretty weird.
I mean, listen to me.
It isn't blood-drinking lizards that kidnapped 200,000 women and children, or maybe it was.
Some people say, well, our own species wouldn't do that.
Yeah, they do.
Who kidnapped 200,000 women and children in the year 2000 alone out of Serbia and surrounding areas of the Balkans and shipped them all over the world.
I've got congressional hearings admitting it.
No one got in trouble.
Now, whether it's blood-drinking lizards or humans that are doing it, let's get mad about it.
Let's expose it.
Let's go after dying core in the U.N.
But that isn't as romantic, is it?
Kidnapping, torturing, all this, isn't as far out as blood-drinking lizards.
Man, I could write a book about blood-drinking lizards, and man, I'm a big science fiction fan.
That thing would probably sell a million copies.
I am not going to do it.
Because down the road, I'm going to have the credibility and other people aren't.
Bottom line.
Oh, man.
Now, see, we're not talking about imminent takeover of the country, total police state.
It's... Yeah, honey, but those are the people.
The Federal Reserve's private, hon, and the government's corrupt and they have fake newscasters.
That's the people that talk about blood-drinking reptoids.
Stick to what you can prove.
All right, let's go ahead and...
I mean, I let you talk.
It's not like I'm censoring you.
I just have my opinion.
I'm allowed to have mine.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
I've got to hurry.
Chris in Texas, go ahead.
Hey, I'm a first-time caller, and I love your show.
I was just calling to address the Oklahoma man who called earlier about double jeopardy.
The Supreme Court in 1985 ruled that you can be tried in both the state and the federal level for the same crime.
No, what I'm saying was clearly... Well, now, if you're convicted at the state level, if the feds... Now, there's been precedents where this hasn't happened, but in the majority of the time, going from memory here, you're probably a law student or something, probably more about it than I do.
You are?
If the state doesn't decide to prosecute, then the feds can do it.
But it's always not been very kosher to have the state lose the case and then have the feds pick it up.
Let me expand.
What I was saying was double jeopardy was the state trying him twice.
I was going to say that, yeah, I agree that it's not kosher.
Go ahead.
And actually what you see is that since that law is going to affect 1985, if a federal prosecutor wants to prosecute someone who's already been prosecuted in a state court,
They have to get and seek permission from the U.S.
Attorney General to do that.
So that means that this prosecution in Oklahoma, the prosecutor, the federal prosecutor there, had to get specific permission from Washington to go and do that case.
Anything else on your mind?
What do you think about the indictment of Mr. DeLay?
What do you think about impending indictments for Lord Rove?
I just have to say for the pending, the current indictment of Mr. DeLay,
I'm a law student, and actually my professor is an incredible defense attorney.
He's representing Mr. DeLay, though I don't see the state having much of a chance there, because this guy's a magician in court.
You're talking about DeGaran.
I've met DeGaran.
I've given speeches on the same podium with him, and he defended the Davidians.
He didn't...
He didn't pull a rabbit out of the hat on that one because the federal judge, Walter Smith, said, I don't care if they're found not guilty.
I find them guilty of using firearms in the commission of a crime when they were found not guilty of committing the crime.
Then the Supreme Court ordered the release of the Davidians, and last time I checked, they hadn't been released.
Yeah, I think he can't win everyone, but I think I don't like the way I want to see him go down, but I think that he's in good hands right now.
Well, what they do is they go after people on petty issues.
And, you know, there's the argument, well, you get Capone on tax evasion because you couldn't get him on the murder.
But it just doesn't work.
We have them red-handed, war profiteering, running the contracts out of the Vice President's office for hundreds of billions of dollars.
That guy should go to prison.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and play this little music piece put together by...
Well, if you go to prisonplanet.com, you can see who the artist is.
I didn't write a note on this.
I should have.
Perhaps during this playing of this, you can look it up for me and find it for me, John.
I'm like a beetle on my back.
Help me!
But here's this little piece struck to the same Imperial Battle March tune.
I think it says a lot, and we took the liberty to cut the one little lower non-King's English out of this.
So here it is.
Everything I'm going to tell you is classified, top secret.
Now let's take a closer look at what happened on September 11, 2001, and how it's being used to usher in a new world order.
There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who foolishly believe that they are still free.
All I want to do is wake up the masses, that's why these...
We're good.
I can't believe it was Muslims acting on their own resources with no government backing that the feds were slacking.
It was all an accident.
19 terrorists with no one tracking them.
Man, it was ordered to happen, so we give our rights up in an orderly fashion.
Plague masks with gifts and whips sacked and cracking, holograms crashing, weapons of mass destruction.
Who has the problem to cover that?
The global crime syndicate that Torch W. Bush and his family fronts for has everything to gain from the September 11th attacks.
A national ID card, a national control grid, a cashless society.
What we're witnessing is the construction of a world
A New World Order!
A New World Order!
A New World Order!
I know they're plotting killing me, sharpening the guillotine.
Reveal the case, torture me, until they get a guilty plea.
I know the public's feeling me, high school is killing me.
9-11 was a CIA on a killing spree.
I know they're dumbed down, the math is with public education.
They've kept us distracted with waste driven enslavement.
They've kept us confused with media and news.
And rusted in our face with coincidental clues.
With councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarned influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberty.
I'm battling something bigger than any MC.
I battle the beast.
Political illiteracy.
The indecency of the brainwashed masses.
The hideous steam of their puppeteer masters.
Insidious screams of these corporate fascists.
Credit cards and universal product codes to track us.
The fact is the system is almost cashless.
The crash is coming.
1929 was practice.
We're good to go.
There is a chance, there is a chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out what his father, the phrase his father used I think only once, and hasn't been used since, and that is a New World Order.
All right, and that was done by They.
That's the name of the hip-hop group, and the name of the song is Paranoid.
Very good job.
I tell you, we get those all the time by different artists out there.
Keep them coming.
We post them on prisonplanet.com.
And they're there in the political music section.
A whole bunch of them in there now.
Before I end this segment and come back and cover a few news items and try to jam in Mary and Don, I went so long with the lizard talk that I may not be able to get to you.
We'll see.
I hope you'll get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
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We'll be right back.
Keep it locked in.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
She's being exposed by the conservative groups now.
See, I mean, the chickens are coming home to roost.
Arpaio is saying a total police state maven.
He's saying that anybody that comes through Phoenix, you get pulled over, you get a ticket, anything, you're getting thumb scanned.
Well, that's going to be everywhere soon.
A lot of key articles, a lot of stuff we didn't get to today, but we did have a great guest on.
We did take a lot of your calls.
Before I try to cram two final calls in here for Mary and Don...
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Let's go ahead and go to Mary in Michigan.
Mary, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Yes, two things there briefly.
I would like to urge all of your listeners to go to prisonplanet.tv, and for $5.95 a month, you have all the e-books, all the documents, all the videos there.
Just please download those things and spread them around the web, especially before we go to Internet, too.
Print them out, give them to your friends, your neighbors, whomever.
The second thing I would like to bring up is a little more on a personal issue.
What are people like me who are temporarily disabled or those who are permanently disabled or unemployed, how are we supposed to back up on water, food, et cetera?
Basically, I can't even get through the first week of the month.
Well, that's why the globalists want it, to where we're all living hand-to-mouth, subsistence level, so they can control us.
That's called feudalism.
It has a name.
It's called serfdom.
And believe me, I know, you need to talk to friends and family.
You guys need to join together.
They need to help you if you're disabled.
That's another reason they try to destroy the family, where families don't help each other anymore like they should.
If I was you, I would call out for help from the community, and of course they'll look at you as crazy for wanting to have a month's supply of food, and, oh, you want to be self-sufficient?
You're nuts!
Well, my parents are deceased, and as far as the community here... You know, you've got to call me back another day.
We're out of time, and it's a big subject, and this is a problem.
This is a problem here.
It was normal for everybody to be prepared decades ago.
Now it's not, and God bless you.
Let's take a call from Don and Casey.
Don, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I was wondering what you thought of this idea.
I cannot understand how a hurricane can slam into Yucatan.
And then they know infallibly that it's going to take a right-hand turn and head toward Florida without being guided.
Well, that's right.
In the past, they couldn't really track them like this.
Now they're spot on.
And these things are bigger and badder than ever.
Do you think these people are trying to basically make life in Florida so miserable that people either abandon their properties or sell them for a song and they can go in and take it over?
No, they've got to have an excuse to give their buddies contracts.
And then it also sets the precedent for martial law and bankrupts the government because the Federal Reserve wants us bankrupt.
I mean, clearly they're manipulating these hurricanes.
That's admitted technology.
Listen, I appreciate the call.
And we know this.
This cannot be debated.
They could knock these hurricanes out.
They could cut them down to nothing to where they're tropical depressions.
But they don't do it.
They don't do it.
We've got to get the word out on that.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
And then back on Monday, 11 to 2 Central, prisonplanet.tv.
God bless you all.
Have a great weekend.
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