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Air Date: Oct. 19, 2005
2236 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, today is one of those days.
I have two amazing guests coming on covering two of the most important topics you can imagine.
And I've got to have 50 articles here, issues that I've got to cover.
Each one of these I could easily spend the entire broadcast on.
So strap yourselves in and get ready.
It is Wednesday, the 19th day of October 2005.
And we're going to be live here for the next two hours and 59 minutes.
White House watch.
Cheney resignation rumors fly.
Will he be indicted?
This is from U.S.
News and World Report.
But I don't put a lot of credibility in them.
They're the same outfit that took the White House line during the 2004 election that we would be hit by nuclear weapons before or during the election.
Didn't happen.
But here they are spreading the rumor themselves.
White House watch.
Cheney resignation rumors fly.
Open season on DNA may not be far away.
And now they're announcing, hey, you get pulled over.
We're going to take your DNA.
You don't pay $1 for your local city income tax.
We're going to arrest you.
I mean, these are the type of articles I have here in front of me today.
Unfiled city tax forms also cited in case.
Ohio police arrest woman for $1 in unpaid taxes.
A woman with no criminal record.
People are freaking out right now.
I mean, it's all over the news that some Xerox copiers, the new ones...
Are time stamping and dating when they were printed from?
Folks, it's a lot worse than that.
And right now, I've told my webmaster, who also does some articles, Ryan Slick-Eisen, about an article on this.
I haven't had a chance today to call Paul to ask him to write one, or Steve Watson.
Perhaps I'll have to do it, but just Google it.
You know, RFID to be in printer ink, or printer ink to contain RFID.
I mean, there have been...
I don't know.
A hundred articles I've seen in the last five years about it.
And then some of the printer companies are already coming out with it.
So, I mean, it's already all over the place.
I mean, you can forget just having a code in the ink.
It's got RFID in it.
It's that small.
It's got little tagaments or little trackers in it.
But I'm glad people are starting to freak out.
I mean, I'm glad you're upset about this.
But it's far worse than what we're even hearing about.
I mean, if people are upset about tracker codes being printed into, and we posted an article that shows microscope views of this, blown-up views of this at 60x magnification, and then at increased magnification of even higher levels, and then you could see all the little codes and numbers and grids
It's kind of that new barcode serial number compilation.
I'm sure you've seen the new barcodes that are out there, where it's little symbols and dots.
Well, that's exactly what this is.
So we'll go over it.
It's on Infowars.com right now.
There's some good news going on.
It looks like the Congress could finally pass some restrictions on nuisance lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
Because no one's safe.
I mean, if a killer uses a Ford pickup truck to run over a crowd, you don't sue Ford.
Or if somebody uses a Louisville Slugger to beat their wife's brains out, or their neighbor's brains out, you don't sue Louisville Slugger.
If somebody uses a Gensu knife to...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Frosty Woolridge, better known for his best-selling books on bicycling around the United States and the world, has also written a new book detailing, and he is just very intelligent, very informed, done a lot of research,
Concerning the end of America, the open borders, it may already be too late.
He likens it to the Titanic.
Frosty Woolridge will be joining us for his debut on this broadcast coming up in the third hour, or one hour and 51 minutes from now.
In the second hour, John Rappaport...
Health writer, consumer advocate, researcher, who's been spot on about SARS, the bird flu, you name it, will be joining us to give us the latest developments as we track the bird flu.
There have been fresh bird flu outbreaks in China.
Also, a Russian minister confirms bird flu has been registered and picked up south of Moscow.
So we'll get into that in a few minutes.
And coming up in the next hour, we do have John Rappaport joining us.
I want to cover some Big Brother news first, though.
Here it is, out of the Detroit News.
Cell phone signals to map real-time traffic.
Here's another one out of the Associated Press.
Big Brother is listening to InBid to keep traffic moving.
Here's another one.
This is out of the Mercury News, San Jose.
Big Brother Lurking and Wi-Fi Mobile Services.
There's five more of these.
Now, again, I started the broadcast yesterday talking about this because it's so important.
Remember ten years ago when cameras started popping up on every major highway, then at every major four-way stop, and now in your neighborhoods, in one-horse towns that don't even have a gas station or a grocery store, where a hundred people live, there's cameras in the neighborhoods?
At least in Texas there is, and I've been in Minnesota, California, New York, Florida the last few years, Arkansas, Kansas, I've seen them everywhere.
Everywhere I've been, I've seen them.
Boy, when I was over in London, I really saw them.
I mean, every side alley, every doorway, they're everywhere.
And what did they tell you ten years ago they were for?
Why, it's to monitor traffic.
It's to help you.
Big Brother is good.
I mean, I've seen thousands of articles.
I have a stack of them today and a stack from yesterday who are big brother helping, big brother watching you for your safety, big brother to the rescue, big brother, big brother, big brother, I turn the TV on, big brother helping, big brother, big brother.
They're changing the meaning of words.
Big brother is good.
He's your big brother.
He wants to help you.
See, that's how in your face it is.
Rather than saying it's not big brother, oh no, it's big brother, but big brother's good.
So first, they always say it's for traffic or to help you or to keep you safe.
And as they put the systems in place, though, they'll deny they even exist.
Oh, that's insane.
I mean, there have been news articles that Alex Jones, the crazy nut, local news articles, he thinks your cell phone's tracking you and listening to you.
I mean, if I had the staff or the time, I'd dig up all those articles and just make a TV show about all the attacks.
Alex Jones thinks the CFR wants world government.
He thinks they want to get rid of the border.
Ten years later, you turn on Lou Dobbs, he's saying, the CFR was the end of America, and our government's adopting it.
Alex Jones is insane.
He thinks royals own things.
Oh, it's in our local news.
Juan Carlos is the majority owner of the new Spanish company with a German consortium that will be taxing taxes as they drive down the road.
I mean, this is the bizarro nature of it.
So for those that are just now tuning in, the reason I'm stating these facts is I'm explaining to you how they propagandize you, how they manipulate you.
And it doesn't change.
It's the exact same tactic here.
In 2001, October 1st, all cell phones that are manufactured and sold are satellite tracked, triangulated from cell towers down to 15 feet by federal law.
And they passed the law in 1996 and gave billions and billions of dollars.
It was supposed to be $4 billion.
By the end of it, it was around $10 billion.
To the big bells, the baby bells, the MCIs, the people that own the actual backbones of the Internet, the phone lines, all of it.
By the way, that wasn't just a payoff to pay for the systems to be put in.
The government then would pay even for the equipment.
I mean, the government actually put in the equipment.
They actually gave the specs and then paid for the private contractors to put it all in.
They don't have to put a wiretap on you, folks.
They're built into it.
You go through government switches.
Everything does.
Analog, cell phone, wireless...
You know, radio phones that are fed through towers, everything.
They don't need antenna farms and dish arrays and pods like the old NSA systems to pick up the chatter anymore, though they're still out there filtering and listening.
They don't need those hilltops with all the bristling antennae, because it all feeds right through their own systems.
It all feeds through the hubs.
And then about three years ago, the governor of Wisconsin came out and said, Guess what?
The cell phones are tracking you, and I want a new tax on the cell phones at the state level, and we've got these emergency management centers, and we're just going to track all your cars live time that have cell phones in them.
We're going to track all your cars live time that have cell phones in them, and...
It's for your safety in case there's a wreck or an accident.
Why, if your car's acting funny, we can even dial in and listen to it.
Oh, even if your phone's off.
And it was built like that for your safety.
Oh, even when your phone's off.
Here it was in the Green Bay newspaper.
I actually put the article in the film Matrix of Evil.
We spent about 60 seconds in that two-hour film just on that little subject.
I mean, that's total control.
But see, that was one of the first glimpses.
We knew the feds were going to use it for this.
We had their own industry publications and federal documents.
And so by 1999, they built federal emergency management agencies, and then the feds paid for them, but called them county emergency centers or regional emergency centers.
And then the local National Guard moves in, the sheriffs move in from five, six, ten counties.
The city moves in.
You're all in one big armored building with antennas all over the top and armored windows and bars and armored vehicles parked in back and cops marching in in their combat boots.
I mean, it's just huge armories with machine guns and cannons and sound cannons and microwave guns.
And inside, big computer screens and news feeds, and oh, the feds come in and say, oh, we've got a new function for you.
Not only can you look at all the cameras on the highways and neighborhoods, and the thousands of microphones we put in in each city, there's a new function for you, because FEMA runs everything and pays for the whole place and tells everybody what to do.
They hit a few buttons, and look at this, you can track every cell phone in the city down to their serial number and who owns the phone.
You want to see what Alex Jones is doing?
Here, let's type it in.
Let's type in his name or his code.
There is Alex Jones.
There's exactly where he's sitting right now next to his cell phone.
Actually, they can't do that with me because I have one of the old cell phones.
I have a large cell phone, a Nokia.
About a six-year-old design.
And I've been told when it breaks, I won't be able to get another one.
And I'm now, you know, on the old system, it actually works a lot better than the new cell phones that seem to cut out everywhere you are.
But the point is, is that it doesn't matter.
It isn't about I'm trying to get around it.
The only way to not be tracked is to take the battery off your phone.
The battery's on and it's tracking you and they can tune in with audio.
That local police department can dial in, hit a function, and listen to you over your phone.
And I warned you about this with OnStar.
People laughed about it.
Now it's been all over the news how they listen to you with the OnStar system.
Which, again, is going to be standard on all the GMs.
All of them, from their smallest car to their biggest truck.
And so now, it's always for traffic, folks.
It's never for surveillance.
Now, nationwide, they're announcing, hey, guess what?
We're going to track your exact movements and speed.
Of course, the official plan is to give you tickets.
That's in the government publications, but...
No, no, no.
They have to announce it to you first.
Oh, guess what?
The state police and the local police are going to track your every movement and your speed and then give you highway information that will be relayed to the big billboards that flash messages.
Oh, the messages like report terrorists, report illegal guns.
Those billboards?
Those will be doing that.
Cell phone signals to map real-time traffic.
And the Detroit News has a nice little picture the feds gave them
And it shows how... Don't worry, the officials.
They're not the servants, they're the officials.
They say the data remains anonymous, leaving no possibility to track specific people to their destination.
That is pure bull.
I mean, a quick Google search will pull up all the industry and government stats, where they openly announce, everything you do will be tracked by this.
Now, the Mercury News is more...
Big Brother lurking in Wi-Fi mobile services.
And then they admit, not just with your cell phone, but Google's high-profile proposal to provide free wireless Internet access throughout San Francisco is all about three rules of real estate.
Location, location, location.
And then they admit that it will also be used to track your every movement.
That's what the RFID does.
The tiny chips in all products will be attached to your name when you leave the store.
And literally, it'll be cookies attached to your person.
Every movement, everything you do.
And you know, if this makes the NSA mad and some private corporations mad...
We have got moles in your own organizations, and we know you're upset about me talking about this, and quote, you said in the meeting, I've got to be brought down, whatever that means.
We know who you are.
There's a file on it.
Anything happens to me, we know.
Listen, you're not going to get away with your criminal activity.
I want you to understand that.
There are good people in your own organizations, and they're not putting up with it.
So you better look over your back, you pack of criminals.
You think you're going to pull all this, and we're just going to put up with it?
All right, we'll be right back.
See, that is one issue, and it just took ten minutes.
One issue.
There's literally dozens and dozens more.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you drive by.
We're getting a passel of calls and emails from people going, talk about Xerox.
Talk about how they embed the date and time and what printer it was printed from.
So you can be tracked.
You know, talk about it.
It's incredible.
Folks, that is nothing compared to the open announcements of RFID technology to be put into the ink.
And it's already happening.
That is nothing compared to your cell phone.
Do you understand that you can read articles today where the feds and the states are going, oh, don't worry, it's not your personal data, but you can pull up the industry publications or pull up the governor of Wisconsin or others saying,
We listen to you.
We track you.
We're going to watch you.
And we're going to tax you to pay for it.
But there's no debating this.
And it totally violates your Fourth Amendment.
It's totally illegal, but you notice they're just doing it.
Look, they almost passed by just a few votes.
They almost passed...
A law that starting next year, everybody in Texas that gets an inspection sticker would have a RFID chip embedded in the inspection sticker with your name on it.
And the day your insurance goes out, you're arrested.
It's flagged.
Police then tail you off cameras, pull you over, and that's it.
And that you'll be taxed while you drive down the road per mile.
You know, people keep saying, how are you going to turn all these major roads in Texas into toll roads?
By the way, it's nationwide.
They're just pushing it right now in Texas.
Texas, Oregon, California, New York are on the front lines.
It's happening here first.
Just a few years away in your states.
You better check it out, folks, because it is happening.
And it makes me so angry.
They don't ask us if we want this.
When they have polls, literally almost no one's for it.
It's totally criminal.
And we beat the bill, and then they don't care.
TxDOT went ahead and ordered two million of these.
And won't say why they ordered them.
So you're worried about Xerox tracking.
I mean, this is horrible, and I'm glad it's somehow captured people's attention.
Compared to all the other things that are happening, folks, it frankly pales in significance.
This isn't something that's coming around the bend.
This isn't something that's over the next hill.
This is here with us now.
All right, I didn't chime in on this Friday because I wasn't here, and yesterday I was busy covering other news.
But this needs to be discussed.
And it's the fake little talk Bush had with the troops last week.
And the neocons have been in overdrive spinning this.
But let's go ahead and play this CNN report.
Go ahead and hit it.
What makes today so unique is the fact that you, me, our audience get a rare glimpse to pull back the curtain, if you will, on a rehearsal that took place before President Bush's video conference with soldiers out of Tikrit, Iraq, about 10 American soldiers as well as an Iraqi army official.
You see a Pentagon official actually in this rehearsal prepping them for possible questions from the President.
And then, of course, we asked the White House about this.
You'll hear some of that tape from the satellite feed.
White House Presbyterian Scott McCullen addressing some of those questions.
So here's where we have to be prepared for, Captain Kennedy.
The President's going to ask some questions, and he may ask all six of them.
He may ask three of them.
He might have such a great time talking to you, he might come up with some new questions.
So what we want to be prepared for is to not stutter.
So if there's a question that the President comes up with that we haven't drilled through today, then I'm expecting the microphone to go right back to you, Captain Kennedy, and you to handle.
If all else fails, start singing.
If all else fails, start singing.
Why did the administration feel it was necessary to coach the soldiers that the President talked to this morning in Iraq?
I'm sorry, I don't know what you're suggesting.
Well, they discussed the questions ahead of time.
They were told exactly what the President would ask, and they were coached in terms of who would answer what question and how they would pass the mic.
I'm sorry, sir, are you suggesting that our...
What our troops were saying was not sincere, that what they said was not their own thoughts.
So here are the White House unapologetic as well as the Pentagon.
We'll come back and I'm going to comment on this.
And we've got longer clips.
I mean, she was telling them what to say, how to answer.
This went on and on.
And then the response of the neocons to this was just amazing.
So we'll come back.
We'll come back and talk about it.
Stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 1-800-845-3841.
I've got a TV news clip where this lady in Pennsylvania didn't pay a $1.16 property tax bill, so they came out and arrested her.
See, they're not supposed to be arrested for not paying taxes in this country, but somehow they've inculcated this into our minds, and now there are all these other fines and fees associated with it.
I mean, they know it's petty.
They know they're setting a precedent.
They know it's for $1.16.
They didn't send her a letter and say, hey, you better pay it.
They lie and wait.
I mean, here in Austin, if you've got three-inch grass and they want your property, they'll just start sending you $2,000 a day fines.
Meanwhile, city council members like Jackie Goodman literally can have three-foot grass in her house in an upscale neighborhood, and there is no problem with the city.
It's designed to be predatory, but that's another issue.
Getting back to these fake newscasts,
I heard Limbaugh over the weekend, because that's when I'm really able to listen to Limbaugh when I'm out driving around, they do a local rebroadcast of him.
He went on for about an hour, talking about how this was all just propaganda, this was pathetic, and this wasn't staged, and this is the liberal media, the same liberal media that pushed the lies about WMDs, the same liberal media that constantly is covering up for Bush.
I mean, you talk about the liberal media that loves it when Bush appoints pro-abortion individuals to high courts or pushes for assault weapons bans or pushes for Alberto Gonzalez.
It's not a liberal media.
It's the same media that owns you, buddy.
It's the same media that owns the big defense companies.
Or actually, the other way around.
The defense contractors predominantly own the dominant media.
I mean, are you talking about the same liberal media, Fox News, where Hillary Clinton has dinner for four hours every week with Rupert Murdoch?
You mean that same media?
That's all they've got is, ooh, the liberal media is going to get us and try to get us back into that whole left-right camp.
And I heard Limbaugh say that, you know, Bush doesn't stage press conferences anymore.
They ordered these soldiers to sit there.
These soldiers know their careers.
Go down the toilet if they don't say exactly what they're supposed to.
The only time Bush will give speeches now are to select audiences of neocons or the military.
And even then, the press isn't allowed to ask questions.
And if the press goes up to troops and says, hey, do you got any questions you'd like to ask?
And the reporter says, how about asking Bush about the armor?
Or how about asking Rumsfeld about it?
And then, ooh, that's a staged event!
How dare them!
Because they're trying to get a question through.
In fact, it was a question the troops were saying that they might ask, and the reporter said, oh yes, please do ask that question.
And obviously, there's a little bit of staging to that, but you have to stage it, because Bush has, what, one or two press conferences a year?
I mean, the press has to go sneak in and say, okay, we asked you about this, but oh, it's a big deal, and how dare we talk about it, and how dare we... Well, now we have this staged...
Little talk that Bush had with the troops.
You know, there's the commander with his troops.
And of course it blew up in Bush's face.
Just like landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier, getting out in a commando outfit with his, you know, strutting around in a flight suit.
And in Fox News, I'll never forget it, going, look at him.
He's a leader.
He looks like a fighter race.
Well, he is a fighter race.
Yeah, his dad is, too.
Man, what a commander.
We've never had leaders that strutted around in uniforms.
That's what Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega and Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and...
The dictator of Cuba do.
But no, Bush is constantly in little military outfits in front of troops.
And he wants to get rid of Posse Comitatus.
He wants to be our military lord, our military ruler.
But I'm already digressing.
The point I'm trying to make here is that Limbaugh went on and on and on, and also heard Hannity doing it, about how this wasn't staged.
Obviously it is staged.
But if there's any debating staged media, we know that they vet and select who gets to ask questions in the rare White House press conferences with Bush.
And when he does ask questions, he goes to the male prostitutes slash porn stars slash male madams supplying the White House with their male whores.
They're homosexual whores.
I mean, that's mainstream news, folks.
We know that Gannon, a.k.a.
whatever his name is this week, Jeff Gannon, Mr. Gucker, we know that's staged.
And we know about the $244 million two years ago for one news buy of fake newscasts that aired all over the country.
And the Congressional Budget Office has said that is patently illegal.
Or Armstrong Williams, or all these other people.
You've got the New York Times writer with the aluminum tube stories.
Turns out she's got CIA clearances.
Evidence is she's CIA.
Having her luxury trips paid for on Gulfstream jets at $1,000 a night hotels.
I mean, they're...
Folks, there are thousands and thousands of members of the media that are paid.
This is well known.
There were congressional hearings in the late 70s about Operation Mockingbird.
Or New York Times and Washington Post and Chicago Tribune and L.A.
Times and Dallas Morning News.
Top reporters in the country.
Houston Chronicle.
All the top papers had not just people on the payroll, but actual CIA agents.
I've been criticized by the media.
Alex Jones claims Gloria Steinem's CIA.
The woman in her own book said she was CIA!
But again, newspapers can attack me for saying that, because they know 99.9% of you aren't going to read some Gloria Steinem book that's out of print.
They know that.
CIA went and shut up Miss Magazine, and they had their officers go on TV and go, Women, you're slaves!
You need to be working!
You don't need to be married!
You don't need a man!
Get you a woman!
Men are bad!
They're your enemies!
That's just, again, they turn black against white, white against black, Hispanic against white and black.
They turn north against south in...
The British government, Protestant against Catholic in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
It's the black tribe against black tribe in Africa.
It's all public.
It's divide and conquer.
Over and over and over again.
And so the entire feminist movement, admittedly,
Was created by the government so that they could get all the women into the workforce.
That way all the children from the age of two or younger could be in daycare, get their injections of mercury, get brainwashed, get turned against the family.
The government does everything they can to make your children as wild and unruly as possible.
It's even in the handbooks.
Then when they get out of school, they do one thing wrong, they go to prison.
It's all designed to destroy the family and make your kids hoodlums.
And now both adults are working.
The family can't stay together.
It falls apart.
And massive destruction of the middle class occurs.
The underclass swells.
Illegitimacy then spikes.
I mean, why did they say, women, you get lots of money, black women, if you don't have a man in the house 50 years ago?
Oh, wow, free money.
Just do not have a man in the house.
Do you understand?
A hundred and something years ago, that was in slave owner manuals.
I mean, you can go, these are the big libraries will have these.
It'll be in their rare book section.
Usually they don't let you see the rare book itself.
You can go see it on microfilm.
There were just scores of manuals on how to control your slaves.
And the big thing is keep the men down, set the women above them, break them up, don't let there be a family.
Because if you've got a family, it will resist, will not put up with being slaves.
So it's the same thing.
So it's been going on for a long time, folks, in the CIA and other federal agencies, and a lot of it's hidden in plain view.
I mean, take the state of Texas.
The big law enforcement writer who writes about the state police, the statesman, you know, he's the former spokesman and PR man for the state police.
I mean, a lot of it's just hidden in plain view.
It's a revolving door.
You see?
It's very simple.
I mean, I see the name of somebody in the paper, and I go, I bet that guy used to work for them.
Type the name into Google, oh, they do.
And back before we had Google, I'd pick up the telephone and call them up down there.
Hey, you wrote a hit piece on me.
You worked for the state police, didn't you?
Well, yeah, that's well known, but who told you that?
What'd you do?
Well, I did PR for them.
Well, you're still doing it, aren't you?
Shame on you.
I mean, it's really simple.
And it's from low-level stuff like that to the LCRA, Lower Colorado River Authority, private group, privately profiting off jacking up water prices and grabbing property.
They've got their own SWAT teams now, their own police now.
They're roving around using our tax money to buy up all this water to create a monopoly, then to jack up prices.
Hey, I didn't even know who they were until they tried to get me off the air.
And that was eight years ago.
Nine years ago.
I mean, I knew they were the Lower Colorado River Authority, but as soon as I heard it, they were trying to basically spread a little bread on the water to get me, you know, we just don't like Alex.
Here's a big ad package, but we'd sure like it if he was gone.
Funny, you've never advertised before.
Well, here's a bunch of cash.
I mean, I've actually experienced it, folks.
Quasi-governmental, non-governmental organizations who've got billions of bucks, your money they've sucked off of you, with a bunch of ghetto boys, a bunch of boss hogs, snaking around, and it runs the gamut from the local boss hog type, who in some cases are the worst, up to these Leviathan corporations who run with military precision, who just scientifically, cold-bloodedly, are all about crisis creation and then crisis management.
And so, but Limbaugh's, the last point on this, Limbaugh's big point he made like five times was, well, big deal if it is staged.
Bill Clinton would, you know, arrange a pile of rocks as a cross, or Bill Clinton would find a flag and put it back in place and it had been moved, or Bill Clinton would stage, you know, hugging and kissing his wife and loving her out on the beach.
So, since it's fake with Bill Clinton, it's okay if it's fake with George Bush.
That makes it worse!
Well, Bill Clinton gave missile secrets to China, so so what if Bush does it?
It's worse!
They're all together!
That's the point!
It's staged.
You know, they say support the troops.
If the government was feeding troops into a meat grinder, which they are, but a literal one, and you said, please stop feeding them into a meat grinder that you built, you designed, somebody says, no, you've got to support the troops by feeding them into the meat grinder.
So I guess now with the end of Posse Comitatus and troops are now going to patrol America and literally take our guns.
I mean, you heard Ron Paul last week.
I just asked the question.
It was like he was Alex Jones.
He said, well, we'll plan to get our guns and enslave us using the military.
He's a Vietnam vet.
He's a medical doctor.
He has the most conservative voting record in Congress.
And I know full well a lot of neocon listeners out there, you're going to be on the radio when the troops are taking our guns, going, well, we just got to support our troops.
Yeah, I'm going to support them.
Yeah, just get ready.
We got to support the Mexican and Canadian troops.
They're here to help us.
I mean, everything we told you is now starting to happen.
It's red dawn in slow motion.
But all the fake newscasts, I mean...
Fake newscasts with fake reporters, with fake news, with edited applause, added applause, literal, you know, manipulated footage where they'd use in these newscasts people clapping for someone completely different and then stick it in with Bush.
I mean, it was insane.
And it's just, oh, well, that's no big deal.
Here's this next little piece to show you what the boss hogs are doing.
And this audio's not the best.
This news site...
Did not load this with the best audio quality, so some of it's not very good.
But Ohio police arrest woman for $1 in unpaid taxes.
And see, this is where it's all going, folks.
Go ahead and roll it.
Well, Dave, who says a dollar doesn't go that far anymore?
Isn't that incredible audio, ladies and gentlemen?
I mean, $1.16 per buck.
Do you have that audio clip there, Scott?
An awful lot of trouble.
That's how much he owes in taxes to the city of Loveland.
And if Al Capone taught us anything, it's what happens if you don't pay your taxes.
Deborah Combs is a former Miss Ohio.
But that was way back in the day.
But the fix she's in now isn't pretty.
Deborah is in trouble with the Loveland Tax Department.
So much trouble... This is the warrant.
They had an arrest warrant issue.
One sheriff approached my car with his hand on his gun.
Another sheriff on the other side of the car leaned into me and said, Are you Deborah Combs?
I said, Yes.
And he said, we've got a warrant for your arrest.
I was absolutely shocked.
So, how much tax did she owe?
What they've spent in stamps has been more than what I owe.
I owe $1.16 to the city of Loveland, literally an income tax return.
And now, hundreds in fines.
That $1.16 could have bought nearly a half gallon of gas for this city mower.
Maybe one of the pumpkins in this display outside City Hall.
We wanted to pay the full 116, get this cleared up, but it's not going to be that easy.
Even though Debra paid her taxes every year, except that 116, she hasn't filed her Loveland taxes in five years.
That's why she's charged.
Whether it's a dollar they owe us or a thousand dollars they owe us, it's not fair to the rest of the public to not pursue that person.
Loveland City Manager Fred Enderle says the cost to recover the money isn't the issue.
Now, there is some expense involved, but I think, again, it goes back to the... All right, that's enough.
I can't listen to that bag of maggots.
And this is their attitude.
Now imagine, for some piddly city income tax, which these politicians are all busy sucking off and giving their brothers and cousins, you know, construction deals.
It's the same everywhere.
They're the authorities.
Not the servants anymore.
Remember, they're authorities.
Words mean things.
They're the officials.
We're just the commoner rabble.
But listen to him.
Why, she didn't file all her paperwork right, and we did the calculation, and she owes $1.16, and we got to swag her up with our local goons, hands on their guns, and now these cities all over are going, we're just going to take your property.
We're not even going to pay you for it.
Again, we got men with guns.
We own you.
Shut up, scum.
Shut up, slaves.
We own you.
You are slaves.
We're going to track you with your cell phones.
We're going to tax you and give you tickets with them.
We're going to put your kids on Ritalin and Prozac.
It doesn't matter if it makes them commit suicide and hurts them.
We're going to put poison in your drinking supply.
We're going to put mercury in the vaccines.
We're going to tell you it's nutritious.
We're going to make the troops breathe DU on our own manuals, say it's deadly, but we're going to say it's good for you on the news.
We're going to steal from you.
We're going to rob from you.
We're going to enslave you.
All right, we'll be right back after this quick break.
And the websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And we'll hit some other news items when we get back.
And then we've got John Rappaport coming up and Frosty Wooldridge as well.
Stay with us.
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Coming up, we do have John Rappaport to get into all these new developments with the bird flu.
Fresh bird flu outbreak in China.
China has announced a fresh outbreak of bird flu, saying 2,600 birds have died from the disease in Inner Mongolia.
Well, it's all over.
Only martial law can save us then.
Russian minister confirms bird flu registered south of Moscow.
And just a bunch of other reports.
Obviously, yesterday it was found in Greece, an island off the coast of Greece, and in several other areas of Eastern Europe.
And why have it mutates?
For it's not just passed from geese and other fowl to humans, from human to human.
It could kill hundreds of thousands, even millions or billions of people.
Just like SARS was sure to do, and
The last five years, all these other flus were sure to do.
Just go out and take your shot.
The government really cares about you, and they really want to take care of you.
It doesn't matter if there is a score of studies, new ones coming out every few months,
Individuals who have Alzheimer's have almost unanimously gone in many years after year getting their consecutive flu shots.
And lo and behold, we have the AP article posted in the vaccine section of prisonplanet.com where they actually increase the thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative, in the flu shots for some reason.
To 250 times safe levels from 25 times safe levels.
We're good to go.
In the last 30 seconds of this hour...
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, consumer advocate, health journalist,
John Rappaport will be joining us coming up in about five minutes on this 19th day of October 2005.
And we will open the phones up in the second half of this hour if you want to talk to John Rappaport about the bird flu.
Obviously, there's a lot of other important news.
White House watch Cheney resignation rumors fly.
This rumor was pushed out there by the Washington Post.
The Washington Post is getting ready to gut Lord Cheney.
The Washington Post is the Bilderberg representative of Europe in the U.S.
That is well known.
Then that means Lord Bush is going to be a sacrificial political lamb, much like Nixon and Clinton were.
They've got to discredit the presidency.
They've got to discredit America.
They've got to make us all lose faith.
And then blame our system for it.
You see, the globalists don't just want to get their agenda through.
They then want to demoralize us and make us think it's our government doing this, when really it's criminal interests that have seized control of our government.
Big distinction there.
So we'll get into that.
Big articles all over the news today in the newspapers saying, oh yeah, there's moves federally and at state levels.
You get pulled over for any reason, we're going to go ahead and take your DNA.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I call them the Echelon countries, because they all implemented Echelon in the early 50s.
They all have the same programs.
Like here, it's Head Start.
Over in England, it's Secure Start.
Australia, what is it?
Smart Start.
Same cameras, same control grid, same drugging of the kids.
We have the same government.
It's the same New World Order.
Exact same policies.
I call it hyper echelon countries like the Netherlands and Finland, where they're like five, ten years ahead of us.
They're even worse, folks.
I mean, it's just euthanasia.
Your bank account is held by the government.
Instant tickets everywhere, depending on how much money you make.
People get million-dollar speeding tickets.
Total control.
Everything you do is tracked.
Every phone call you make is recorded in full.
I mean, this is mainstream news.
Just everything totally controlled.
Total control.
You want to know what life's going to be like, folks?
But with an added just horribleness.
An added horror.
So we'll get into that.
Earlier I played this where up in Ohio, you haven't paid $1.16 in property taxes by mistake.
They just come out and arrest you.
And they just go, hey, you owe us money.
It ain't fair to the rest of the community.
You're the boss.
Oh, who pockets it?
And folks, when people are going to jail for a dollar, this country's gone.
And you think that's bad?
It's only going to get worse.
Until they blow out the economy and, well, we've got to make people work when they're in prison.
While couch payers are paying for it.
So we're not even going to pay you 20 cents an hour now.
You're going to be a slave.
All the fools on the outside will go, yeah, make them work.
Yeah, taking your job, competing against you.
I mean, come on, start putting two and two together here.
And see, as the economy gets worse and worse, as things get worse and worse, people will only beg the government more.
They'll only follow the orders more.
They'll only tattle on neighbors more.
They'll only lick boots more.
And it'll only get worse and worse, but they'll just think by groveling and prostrating themselves before the global government that everything will be alright.
Well, I've just got to keep my job as a cop.
Doesn't matter if they took my pension fund.
Oh, they're going to take your pension fund, cops, but at least I got this job.
At least I'm not like most people.
At least I got some authority.
They're going to take everything we've got.
They're going to even lay off most cops.
It's all going to be computerized.
Taxation regulation with highly trained, bloodthirsty, killer SWAT teams ready to swoop on anyone that doesn't follow orders.
The old beat cop, you're not going to see them anymore.
It will just be maintenance crews working on the computers and cameras.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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And what about those government agencies?
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Just a heads up, the rest of this week and next week, we've got amazing guests every single day.
We've got people that work inside Abu Ghraib coming on.
We've got congressmen coming on with bombshell information.
We've got Dr. Lynn Horowitz coming on.
We've got Colonel Craig Roberts coming on, who's been saying Bush is gearing up for martial law.
So many people coming up this week.
Frosty Wooldridge, for the full hour, coming up next hour, getting into the globalist plan to totally get rid of our borders.
For the next 30 minutes or so, and we will have time to take a few calls after the half-hour break, we've got John Rappaport, investigative journalist, health journalist, written for some of the biggest newspapers in the country and publications.
He's been spot-on about SARS, bird flu, all of it.
And remember, we had Ron Paul on, who's a medical doctor, last week.
He said that all the evidence points towards this thing being total hype.
And I said, well, why are they pushing for it?
And he said, well, the government wants martial law to get our guns.
Now, that's the most conservative member of Congress.
I think that article should have gotten more attention than it did, but I was talking to John during the break.
He did raise it, so at least he knows about it.
And that's why he's informed.
But anybody, whether it's John Rappaport or Alex Jones or Ron Paul or Colonel Roberts, if you've got a brain cell in your head, you look at this, it's obvious what's happening.
So here to talk about how they want to force a vaccine on us, the martial law, all of this is John Rappaport.
John, thanks for coming on.
Yeah, great to be here, Alex.
Yeah, it definitely is turning into a military operation and that's exactly what they want.
And as I've been predicting for quite a long time, when you put in martial law, troops in the street, military control, under the guise of medical emergencies, then it looks like there is no political point of view, and everybody just kind of nods and goes along with it.
You said that here a year ago, you said that here a month ago.
Yeah, and so here we go, because you can obviously see that they're trying to lead up to something here with this
The virus itself is not the problem.
It's complete hype.
I mean, when you have 60 people dead, supposedly, I underline that, from this virus over the last two to three years, then anybody with, as you say, a single brain cell alive realizes that this is not a threat.
But it's what they do.
It's the solution to the imaginary problem
That always, you know, is the hook.
And in this case, it's military presence, it's military control, and it is the vaccine.
Because all vaccines have a toxic effect, and so will this one when they release it, when they finally start.
You know, they've got orders in for several hundred million doses of a vaccine that will, even by conventional standards, have nothing to do
With a particular strain of the virus that they're hyping.
Now, let's be clear.
The last five years, it hasn't been the same shot or the same flu, but people knowing that still line up.
And let's be clear.
It's total lunacy.
We're not saying that there isn't a crisis, but the crisis, from all the evidence, isn't this virus that hasn't even mutated yet to the point of being human-to-human transfer.
The crisis is the takeover.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's always the solution.
You know, it's the imaginary...
crisis and then you've got the solution to that and You know, that's what they're planning.
That's what they've that's what all this incredible Hysterical propaganda spreading around the world about this bird flu is really all about that they can start to declare certain states of emergency in certain places around the world based on absolutely nothing because already
The European Union has said that they're not going to import birds from Turkey or Romania or this or that.
So all that has to happen is that somebody says, hey, we've got 16 cases in Indianapolis, and you're going to see troops.
You're going to see National Guard.
You're going to see all kinds of quarantine and this and that.
And the actual case numbers don't matter.
Nothing matters because...
It's all been hyped from the very beginning, so people are now accustomed to that.
And they'll have people on TV begging for more trips.
You know, they'll find the one idiot who... Here's an example.
I have a friend who works at a local airport in security.
And a few months ago, during a bunch of checkpoints and searches, he watched Local News 8 sit there and literally interview over 50 people who hated it, and then one little old lady said, I love being searched, I love the troops, and then he said, I know that's going to be on the news, and guess what was on the news?
There you go.
The one little old lady.
I recently read an Associated Press piece that listed about, I'm going to guess...
25 airports around the United States that already have sort of quarantine areas operating, including LAX is about to come online.
And this is all to prepare us just for people to disappear, people to be arrested, people to be picked up.
Oh, martial law is good.
Sent to hospitals for testing, all that kind of thing, you see.
You know, that's the way they play the game, and that's what's happening here.
So it has, as I say, nothing to do with a gigantic outbreak.
That's complete hype.
But they don't need that now.
All they need to say is imminent danger confirmed by medical authorities at the CDC, and therefore we're closing this airport, we're quarantining this area, and we've got troops there to make sure that everybody is safe and protected, blah, blah, blah.
And it's another step on the road to conditioning people to the presence of the military and military enforcement that completely rules out any sort of, you know, civil rights.
You just said it, John Rappaport.
You're always spot on.
This doesn't have to be the martial law takeover, just like New Orleans wasn't.
Mexican, Dutch, British troops just getting used to it.
Martial law, some gun confiscation.
It's just more and more conditioning.
Same thing with this bird flu.
This could be a dry run, have a little bit of martial law here, there, in Europe, maybe here.
The government saves us, they control it.
Then a year, two years from now, they release a chemical weapon or a bio-weapon, and then say, oh, it's some new super bird flu, and then that's when they really move on us.
Yeah, and they start, exactly, and they start cutting off travel like they did with SARS, only this time it'll be more extensive.
Certain travel bans will be laid on, and people will get used to that.
And it's all a process of conditioning.
You know there's some scientific data that people should understand that is underpinning this that is completely ridiculous and I'll try to explain it in a few words and that is this.
Most tests for diseases these days are blood tests that are run to detect antibodies to a certain germ.
Antibodies are scouts that the immune system sends out to combat specific germs.
Traditionally, antibodies have always been a sign of immunity, natural immunity that the body produces.
But when AIDS came along in the early 80s or mid-80s, that science was turned on its head by a bunch of lunatics at the National Institutes of Health who claimed that if you tested positive for antibodies, that meant that you were either sick now or were going to get sick and you would die.
So I decided to track down on the bird flu to see how they were testing people.
Because there's two ways to do it.
One is you test for antibodies, which is useless and means nothing.
And the other is you actually try to find the virus itself and isolate it.
And I found article after article after article about situations around the world where they were testing both animals and humans
And for the most part, it was total antibody testing, which is totally useless, means nothing, is unscientific.
Well, John, what is it when I read...
And I see this in footnotes in the articles.
They think that these birds had this virus.
They think, in many cases, they think the bird died, or they think the person died.
If you read the footnote, they will admit they don't even know what's killing them.
You read all of these stories, the headline is hysterical, and then you read down about ten paragraphs, and somebody will say, some medical guy, of course,
We don't really know.
We're not sure.
And probably, I mean, I've read three or four of these statements, probably this particular virus, the H5N1, won't be the virus that causes a human epidemic, but it'll be some other virus which is like saying, you know, sometime in the future a lot of people are going to die from something, which anybody...
I couldn't predict without a medical degree.
Well, here's one.
What about this, John Rappaport?
Bird flu will kill 50,000 people, but not this year.
And now Sir Liam, the head medical doctor over in England, he's saying that now they're already hedging their bets, and then the Patriots, we're going to get accused for fear-mongering when it doesn't come, and everybody will forget it's the government that put all this out, just like they did with Y2K.
That's exactly what will happen.
It's happened before.
I mean, you know, a couple of years ago we had this gigantic scare campaign to say that because they had found all this contaminated flu vaccine in England that was destined for the United States, that we were going to have a terrible flu season.
And it turned out to be a very light flu season, but they just forgot all about it.
And that was the end of that.
Well, some studies came out showing that because people didn't take the flu shot, that actually people were getting the flu from the shot.
That's the obvious conclusion, right?
And so I saw an article the other day that was buried in the newspapers.
It said, flu season gets off to a slow start.
So the actual so-called flu season, which is upon us now, nothing's happening.
And yet at the same time, there's all this incredible hysteria about the bird flu and what's going to happen.
It's total hype.
It's total lies.
And we've really covered what the purpose of it is.
This is what they're trying to conceal.
It's a military operation.
That's where they've put it now.
And Bush is going along with it completely.
Stay there, John Rappaport.
I want to get your take on how this ties in with discussions of indictments and the rest of it, and where you think all of this is going.
Let's look deeper into your crystal ball and find out what you think is going to happen as we project into the future, as we analyze the different pieces of the puzzle we have.
Government is best which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
We're good to go.
I never voted for a war criminal.
Have you?
Real conservatives hate Bush.
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Osama bin forgotten.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
John Rappaport, nomoresfakenews.com.
Amazing information.
Spot on research.
You go to infowars.com, you can link through over to John's site.
We're going to hold him a few minutes over into the next segment.
Take two or three calls specifically for him.
We're taking calls on subject after this next break.
John, a couple questions.
Where do you see it all going?
Do you think this escalation of the fear-mongering has to do with the fact that there's talk now in the Washington Post and U.S.
News & World Report of indictments of Cheney, resignations by Cheney, or is Bush literally just a front man and the globalists are above him doing all this?
Well, he's a front man, but I think that he's not really exactly on the same page as the globalists.
In other words,
They're using him to put the United States in a worse and worse and worse position.
And he is not the kind of guy, certainly, who could think his way out of it if he knew what was going on.
The whole war in Iraq and so forth, it was so easy to predict after the 9-11 operation that he would go immediately to do that.
Further damaging the power of the United States and so on that to me it's quite clear that that was an operation that was laid on with the purpose of getting him to do exactly what he did.
Because under the globalist setup you can't have one nation that is
devastatingly more powerful than all the other nations otherwise you don't get complete globalism and so the idea is to keep chipping away and chipping away chipping away at the
You know, it's funny, we've been saying this for years, John, but now even some mainstream writers are going, hey, the plan wasn't to get the oil, it was to stop it from flowing.
Hey, the plan, Europe really owns our corporations, and so they're letting us be the bad cop, they're going to be the good cop.
Hey, this country's being sucked dry.
People are finally, I think, starting to get the paradigm.
I think more people are, in fact, realizing that.
Realizing that, you know, the invisible government really does exist and that it has an agenda which is in no possible way good for the United States or any other country.
But part of that agenda is to reduce the power and the will and the intelligence of the United States and I might also say the health of
Well, we're being set up for a big fall.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, it's been going on for a very long time.
And because the power of the major media is so pervasive and so many people are stuck into it,
Things can accelerate.
But John, I think it's coming to a head because it seems like they're in a, and there's no better word than this, an orgy of looting and grabbing and snatching.
It seems like they've thrown any restraint to the wind and they're just totally going wild and they don't seem to care that their whole false paradigm is being exposed.
Why is that?
I think there's a certain amount of hysteria among various elites.
You know, it may not be recognizable on the surface, but as you say, grab is a very good word because as things deteriorate, even among the elites, people start to splinter and look out for their own interests without really caring what's going to happen on the overall scene.
And so you get a lot more thuggery and criminality and
And gigantic amounts of, you know, million and billion dollar looting and all that kind of thing that go on.
So it's like a pirate ship where they're all fighting with each other?
You know, it's organized on one level, and there are people who are, you know, really demonically cool about it all that are trying to, you know, maintain restraint.
But lots of people among these vicious elites are jumping ship.
You know...
The way I've been describing it for a number of years is among the elites, there are the Plan A and Plan B people.
The Plan A people are the true globalists.
They want to do it drop by drop by drop, taking over more and more and more.
And they want to do it as invisibly as possible.
And the big mega corporations, transnationals, are their spearheads.
They basically want to own everything eventually.
The Plan B people are...
You know, the sheer crazies, the sort of the Nazis, and they want to create as much chaos as fast as they can, destroy as much as possible, and build on the ashes.
John Rappaport, I totally agree with you.
Build on the ashes.
We've got a break.
Stay right there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Paula and Florida and others, I want to talk to John Rappaport.
We'll talk to you here in just a few minutes.
And again, questions specifically for John and a bunch of callers, but they're all over the map.
John Rappaport, finishing up what you were saying during the break we were talking again, it's just this insane frothing like a feeding frenzy of black-tipped sharks just biting each other in their greediness.
And you had a good answer during the break when I was talking to you of why they're doing this.
Yeah, I was saying that people have to realize that these elite...
Elitist characters, they aren't made out of steel either.
They get scared, and I think that that is happening to an increasing degree.
So when that happens, they look up the road and they say, man, I don't know exactly what's going to happen here and whether we can control it, so I'm going to look out for number one and take everything I can get and find someplace that I think is safe.
And that's a mentality that I think more and more is moving into that arena.
And for those that don't know, we try to chronicle the criminal activities of the global elite here on this broadcast, but the looting is the greatest in history.
I mean, out in the open, just mass criminality, it dwarfs anything we've ever seen.
Yeah, I mean, you know, you read a story about whatever it is, a billion, five billion, ten billion, who knows how much money is just missing from Iraq alone, you know, on one level.
Nobody says anything.
I mean, there it is in the papers.
You know, and then it disappears.
Well, I've got congressional testimony where they openly discussed $3 trillion missing from the Pentagon in the last five years, and Rumsfeld says, I don't know where it is, and I'm not going to answer your question.
You know, and then everybody just goes home.
Oh, oh, trillion's missing.
You know, so that's the way that is.
And it's this sort of mentality of, you know, submission.
But it seems to be spreading where you underpaid your income taxes for this city by $1.
We're arresting you, and the cops have got their hands on their guns.
I mean, it seems like a mass mental illness, John.
I think it is.
I think it is.
I think part of it comes from this incredible consumerist society where people get hysterical because they want to buy more and more and more, and then they realize they don't really need anything else.
But they still, you know, have that addiction.
You know, what is that?
I mean, things are really a hassle.
And I'm not saying I'm like some type of priest or something or monk, but I really can't stand things.
Yeah, they kind of, you know, after a certain point, all they do is get in the way because you've got to take care of them.
You know, you've got to clean them and you put them somewhere and take them with you and
You know, people everywhere they go now, they've got, you know, cell phones and this and handheld that.
It's as if, you know, they're all frightened out of their minds that they're going to have to spend one minute alone silently without anything interfering with them and no static in their head and they can't stand that.
And I think
You know, on some level that builds up the general hysteria that you see around us.
And when you look at people that don't seem to be hysterical, those are the people generally who can stop and say, well, you know, basically I've got enough.
I don't need to get on that merry-go-round and do that.
And with that plus the credit cards, you know, just going through the roof in terms of debt and so forth,
When people read, oh, there's $2 trillion missing, they say, yeah, well, I can understand that, because, you know, I owe X amount of money myself, and so does everybody else I know, so I guess we're all living on credit now, and who cares?
But that was all designed by these globalists, and two enslave us, and I don't think people know that by design this party's about to end.
I want to take one call from Paula, and Florida's all we have time with, with our guests, but we'll go to your other calls once he's gone, Ron and others that are holding.
But John, where do you see it going?
I mean, we do see the wheat being separated from the chaff.
For every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
People are waking up, but at the same time, the evil is getting even greater.
How do you see this shaking out?
Well, one of the things I see is that as more people become aware, which they are, of what's really going on, there's going to be an increasing drive toward decentralization.
I mean, people are going to find ways to live that
Take them as much as possible off the grid, so to speak.
More and more of that I see happening and is going to happen because people are aware that if they are just completely plugged into the grid forever, it's going to be a real bad situation.
So you see people who are trying to decentralize and become more and more self-sufficient away from all of this madness.
And where that leads, I mean, that's a long road up ahead, but to me, I think there are a lot of positive factors.
When do you think they're going to release a chemical weapon and say it's a bioattack?
Well, I would think in the next couple, three years that that's going to happen, maybe sooner.
But, you know, I still think they're going to try to do it locally, because that way they can...
Control it.
And they can say, this is symptomatic of something much bigger, so we've got to close down 13 airports.
And you need us.
We're the authorities.
We're the officials.
You need us.
You need us to run your life.
It's all about that.
And if it gets too widespread, I mean, if they try to drop a...
We're good to go.
All right, one call for our guests, Paula in Florida.
Hi, Alex, and God bless you, hon, and you're going to get a crown when you go home.
Paula, go ahead.
I just want to let you know, this storm, Richard Hoagland got on the Coast to Coast website, somebody's controlling the storm.
They had two things coming down.
I want to get huddling on about that.
I mean, look, I had the former head of the Pentagon's weather weapons on.
I had the meteorologist on who did it in Vietnam and after that.
And he says they can, with old technology, stop and slow down and dissipate hurricanes.
And he says, why won't they do it?
John Rappaport, you got a comment on that?
Yeah, I think that's Livingston.
I mean, absolutely.
I read the same piece.
It's getting worse.
They have that technology.
They could be using it right now with this new one that's gearing up.
It's getting worse.
It's not like we're saying somebody we found under a cabbage leaf told us this.
He's the guy that ran the program.
But, Paula, is that your question for John Rappaport?
Well, not only that, but I just want to say I've been letting everybody know what y'all have been saying.
I've been calling the news stations.
And, I mean, they're getting pretty upset with me, but they told me not to call anymore.
So, I mean, Paula, what do you think about the bird flu?
What do you think about what John... I believe what you're saying.
It's hype.
And, I mean, this is crazy, and I'm telling everybody about it.
And you're exactly right on the money.
Well, Paula, I appreciate it.
In closing, John Rappaport, do you...
They never, I mean, they lose credibility, but it doesn't matter.
They just keep moving forward.
I mean, when this bird flu doesn't happen, and to be specific, they could claim there are 10 cases, as you said, and, quote, quarantine it and then declare victory and say we were right, but that's pure bull.
I mean, when do they lose credibility?
You know, I think it's already happening.
I mean, I know a whole lot of people that don't believe this hype at all.
And I hear from them and I talk to them.
So I think more and more people are, you know, defecting from that whole model of listen to the medical authorities.
I think that's really happening to a much greater degree.
And that's why they keep laying on the propaganda more and more heavily, because they know that.
So they're just trying to, you know, overwhelm them.
But isn't it like a heroin addict?
They've got to have a bigger injection each time.
I mean, now, before I even come out and say the government's doing the London bombings...
The mainstream news is saying it and the British people are saying it.
And they have polls and the people think it's the government.
You know, now people are jumping to that conclusion even before the evidence comes in.
So, you know, where does that lead them?
They say, well, we've got to create bigger and worse hysteria.
If they don't believe this one, then we have to go somewhere else.
And the medical area is a very good one for them because so many people are hypnotized by that, so they keep going back to that well.
All right, nomorefakenews.com, nomorefakenews.com.
What should folks check out there when they go to the site, John?
Well, just see my stories spread out there.
I change them every couple of days, and they'll see stories about what we've been talking about.
So just read and absorb.
All right, John Rappaport, thanks for spending time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
I really appreciate it.
We'll see you.
Folks, we've got Frosty Woldridge coming up.
I want to take a few calls right now.
Get into some other news.
But I've been chastised.
I've been criticized.
We're not saying the sky is falling and run for the hills and we're all dead.
Give up all your rights.
The bird flu is coming.
And there are a lot of people who I guess we call patriots or truth-tellers or truth-seekers who have jumped on this bandwagon.
And I think they hurt themselves credibility-wise.
And I think in the long term, they lose credibility.
And credibility is something that we desperately need.
I mean, we have a lot more credibility than the mainstream media has, but that really isn't saying that much.
And so before we say we know hurricanes are controlled, we've got to do the research.
Before we say that the bird flu is going to kill us tomorrow, we've got to do the research.
I mean, by the last six months before Y2K...
I knew it was a fraud.
I hoped and prayed that nothing bad would happen, because a year before Y2K, it was the Navy put out a report and said 68 cities, total power outage, hundreds of thousands dead, rioting.
The Y2K czar said, well, we're going to be destroyed.
But six months before, they started saying, oh, we never said that.
It's those kooks.
They're the ones.
And then I had people walk up to me and say, well, you said Y2K.
And I'm like, no, I didn't.
No, I didn't.
Again, back then I still said, well, maybe what the government's saying is true, but I don't think so.
And, you know, I didn't sit here on the air selling a single thing Y2K related, other than water filters.
No, I didn't even have a water filter sponsor at that time.
That's right.
I bought water filters at that time for myself.
So, you know, even then I did.
But still, I got a deal with that, you know, in the local newspaper.
Oh, Alex, but don't forget Alex Jones is the one that talks about Y2K.
No, I didn't.
No, I don't.
I remember some good advice Mike Hanson gave me about six months before Y2K.
He said, well, Alex, this is not going to happen.
This is government propaganda.
He said, just you need to get away from this fast.
And I was one of the first people to get away from it.
But other patriots didn't care.
They didn't care about losing credibility.
They were there right up to the day.
Life is going to end tomorrow.
Send me your money.
But see, I don't care about money, so it doesn't matter.
I mean, I could easily sit up here and give you the magic cure that only I have, and it's only $500, and I could literally be rolling in cash, and I could rationalize that, well, I'm going to do this and use this money to fight the New World Order.
Or, well, you can't prove the bird flu isn't going to kill everybody, so I might as well... No, I just said, well, let me tell you about some stuff that you can get at the local drugstore.
They've got this elderberry...
We're good to go.
And, you know, it wouldn't be immoral or unethical for me to sit here and sell elderberry syrup, but I'm just not doing it.
Because it just gets too close off into all of that snake oil charlatan world.
And, folks, I've got credibility.
My delivery may be helter-skelter sometimes, but I'm telling you what I've really studied.
I'm telling you what's really going on.
I mean, this is serious business here.
And there are so many people who just go more and more often to the deep end, more and more often to the extreme of stuff happening with the New World Order, instead of sticking to what we can prove, instead of sticking to what we know.
And it's very destructive.
And we're going to go to Ron in New York here in just a moment.
People ask me why I've been talking about this a lot lately.
Because it's embarrassing to me.
For every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
I'm tired of it.
I'm sick of it.
And don't toot your horn if the feds announce 15 cases of bird flu and declare martial law and go, see, we told you.
No, we told you it's a bunch of hype.
I mean, you may stack your bank accounts out there, and I'm talking about Rumsfeld and the media and all these people, but we'll lose this country.
This is about life and death, folks.
This isn't a game.
This isn't a joke.
This is serious.
But I know this.
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If that's what you want.
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He also says we all need microchips to prove we're good people.
I know you can cut out 70 plus percent of the toxins in your body by drinking filtered water.
So give them a call right now.
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And then in closing...
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I'm not going to talk about it all day.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to go to Ron and Ruben and Bill, and we've got Frosty Wooldridge coming up.
Talk about another one of the problems this country faces.
I'm going to be showing my new film, it's not even out yet on DVD or VHS, The Order of Death, and it's a double feature, the new mini-documentary.
Well, it's over 40 minutes, so it's really a film.
Along with a re-edited, remastered, cut down, but with new information added,
Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
One more showing because the others sold out three or four days beforehand.
One more showing next Thursday, 7 o'clock, Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar.
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I hope to see everybody out there.
And you'll see a different version than folks saw a couple weeks ago here in Austin at two overflow sellout crowds.
I've added a few minutes and cut out a few things more.
So it'll be a different film than what people saw a few weeks ago.
That's coming up next Thursday.
Go ahead and get your tickets while you can.
I want to thank all those that did come out.
Hope to see you out there.
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Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
It's a very good show today.
It's interesting because...
I noticed some things in today's paper.
The Bush Tax Commission is making recommendations that your listeners should know about that's going to cause a large, painful economic impact on the people of this country.
I hope the people enjoyed the foreign adventure in the Middle East because they're going to pay for it now with foreclosures and forfeiture if those tax commission's recommendations are adopted.
And you bet they will be.
Well, that's the thing.
They give us a 7% tax cut on average, and then they devalue the dollar by 45%.
Now, folks, do the math.
45% is worse than 7%.
Well, the tax commission at Bush and Pannell is also recommending elimination of deduction for state taxes, the lowering or elimination of deduction for mortgage payment and so forth.
My dad has said that always, and when Republicans come in, and he's a conservative by the way, that they always cut taxes one way and then rip you off another.
Well, I'm a conservative, too.
Let's not confuse the gang that's in Washington as conservatives.
They're just hiding behind the mail.
Well, that is in my stack, and I'm glad you brought it up, Ron.
I mean, we're talking about massive raping that we're now going to face.
And in addition, this thing with the avian bird flu, it is insane.
It is patently insane for people to be frightened by this.
In the continent of Asia, with approximately 4 billion people, largely an undeveloped continent,
Only six deaths occurred over three years, and we think there's going to be a pandemic in this country from that?
Not naturally speaking.
Maybe if some certain New World Order types get in, maybe they might, you know, I don't know, play games with the virus or something.
But naturally speaking, that's no threat to us.
Look, they're never going to give up control.
They're going to be forcibly removed, and we're waking up, and I have no doubt that they're not going to release some plague on us in the future.
The point is, this is a bunch of hype to get us psychologically prepared for it.
We're being domesticated, and a bunch of patriots are playing along with the fear-mongering, and I'm sick of it.
I saw something today, and you're right about fear-mongering.
I call that stampeding of the masses, like mindless cattle.
But I saw something today.
Police helicopters flying low, and the high-level jet fighter canopy over New York.
Who knows what's up?
I saw that today.
A lot of people have noticed that.
It's been more active than it has been in the several years.
So what the heck could be going on?
They're getting ready to start a new round of getting us into a panic, so we submit more and more and more.
But we're submitting to our own self-scrangulation.
You're right.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, he's written several best-selling books that I'm going to tell you about a little bit later.
His bio is lengthy.
On bicycling around the United States and the world.
I am so envious.
Man, that's a good job to have.
He's done many other things, but he's very intelligent, very outspoken, very focused.
He's done the research.
I've heard him on Coast to Coast AM.
I've heard him on Dave & Joyce.
I've heard him on a bunch of other shows.
I'm like, why haven't I gotten Frosty Wooldridge on?
Well, we got him on.
Hopefully this will be the first of many times he joins us.
He's got a new book out on the deadly threat of illegal immigration.
Plus legal, for that matter.
And we'll be telling you about that book and how to get it later in this hour.
But he'll be with us for the full hour.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, we'll open the phones up so you can talk to Frosty.
And Frosty Wooldridge, it's very good to have you on, my friend.
Thank you very much, Alex.
And also, I'd like to be very honored because my brother Howard, who's from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, in fact, Keller, Texas, is the first Texan and the first man in the 21st century to ride a horse coast-to-coast across America.
Now, you've broken some records too on bicycles.
Yes, I've had some pretty fortunate rides.
I've done 100,000 miles on six continents and well over six times across the United States.
This summer, several of my friends and I rode from the highest city in the world, in Nordkapp, Norway, all the way to Athens, Greece.
Along the way, I interviewed dozens of Europeans on their take of the immigration crisis facing their continent.
Which is just as great as the one facing America.
You've got to remind me that before you leave us to tell that story, because I heard you spend a few minutes on that on Coast to Coast AM, and it was riveting.
Frosty, you're a very successful, happy writer.
You started doing the research.
When did you wake up?
What lit your fuse?
What rung your bell to make you start researching the immigration situation and then to now write this new book?
Well, the reason I wrote Immigration's Unarmed Invasion, Deadly Consequences, is because I'm one of those people, much like Paul Revere.
And of course, I write for newswithviews.com and rinse.com, and each week I put in two very sobering columns.
And when I traveled through on my bicycle in China and in India and Bangladesh, I saw the massive overload of humanity, the population numbers, the fruition of
Of not thinking about the future, and China and India and Bangladesh, the people are so miserable, so packed in, so much like sardines, living at the lowest standard of living, that I connected the dots, Alex, and this was many years ago, and I saw that if this country continues in the same path, that we will be much like, and I've used it for a metaphor in the past, the Titanic.
You take on enough water and you'll sink the greatest liner that ever sailed the seven seas,
And oceans, of course.
And the United States, if we continue to take on immigrants, both legal and illegal, unending, there is a line that grows by 85 million more desperate people in the world each year in the third world, and they all want to come to America.
And right now our worst enemy neighbor essentially is Mexico because in the last century they grew from 50 million to 104 million and in this century they're expected to grow to 200 million and of course they can't even take care of that 104 million right now so we have an unending line and if you just connect the dots they're in Texas
The tabulations right now and predictions by immigration-driven growth, Texas will grow by 12 million people by 2025.
Well, I'm already a minority here.
That's right.
You are now a minority.
There are less American citizens in Texas and more illegal aliens than ever before.
Stay there, Frosty.
Powerful stuff.
I've got to recap some of that and get into it.
I mean, let's talk about it.
This isn't a joke, folks.
Go to Calcutta.
Go to Cairo.
Go to Mexico City.
That's our future.
The elite loves it.
We'll be right back.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, he is a best-selling author, bicycling around the world, a compilation of bicycling adventures on six continents.
And, of course, his next book is Antarctica, an Extreme Encounter.
And that's going to be... That's already available.
And his latest book is...
Immigration's Unarmed Invasion, Deadly Consequences.
And he writes for NewsReviews.com and WashingtonDispatch.com and Rents.com.
Dougherty High School, Albany, Georgia, 1965.
Frosty Woolrich, 58.
Michigan State University graduate, 1970, BA.
Journalism, advertising, and the bio goes on for page after page.
But he was bicycling for his books, his adventures.
In India, in areas of Eastern Europe, in these different countries where literally, folks, children lie dead on the ground in communist China, rotting.
Dead babies just lay around on the ground.
We have photos of it.
It's the same in India.
Mexico's population has doubled, and it's going to double again.
And our government has paid for the propaganda to say, America's bad, you should really run America.
And of course, they're not going to run anything.
People with a second grade, fifth grade education, they're there to drive down wages, turn us into a third world cesspool.
And of course, the globalist plan is to displace the Mexicans with the Chinese and everybody else.
So whether you're Mexican or German or whatever you are, if you're an American and you love freedom, folks, we may not be able to survive the illegals that are here currently, the 30-plus million, who themselves' population will be doubling in the next few years.
We may not be able to survive that, much less the hemorrhaging that's still happening.
Frosty, go over it for us, for those that don't know what we're facing.
Alex, I really hate to bring all this sobering reality, but it's better to know that you've got cancer than start doing something about it, like cutting it out, than to continue to let it grow.
Right now, we take in 3 million illegal aliens annually, plus 1 million legally.
That's 4 million plus our own population.
And it's a lot worse than that.
Oh, yes.
That's just the lowest numbers, plus our own population momentum of 1 million per year.
It's a lot worse.
That's 5 million people times 60 years.
That's 300 million people.
We will double the U.S.
population that's now currently at 296 million to 600 million by 2065.
So a child born today will be facing an unbelievable crisis.
We will have double the use of water, double the air pollution, double the roads
Double the cities.
We will have double the use of gasoline.
We'll have double the use of everything.
At the same time, lowering our farmland because we're plowing up.
Here in Colorado, we plow up and put under cement and asphalt 100,000 acres per year as we grow here in Colorado.
But Alex, the one thing Americans must realize and every listener out there is that we don't have the water.
And in the next 25 to 30 years,
California will add $20 million on top of their $36 million.
Arizona will add $5 million.
And Colorado will add $4 million more.
And as I just said in the last segment, Texas will add $12 million in the next 20 years at the current rates of growth driven by immigration.
And we don't have the water.
And it's called exceeding carrying capacity.
And once you exceed carrying capacity, then everybody gets to live like they do in Bangladesh and China and India.
And I've been through those countries and it is misery on every corner.
Well, listen, you're just stating the facts.
I challenged all these yuppies and do-gooders to go to Mexico City.
I've been near it.
I didn't have the nerve to go into it.
I've been in it.
30 million people, half of them living in cardboard boxes.
The rivers are actual black yogurt.
Well, you've been there, Frosty.
I've just seen video.
Tell us.
I've been through all of Mexico City.
On the outskirts of Mexico City, first of all, you can't breathe the air.
It's so toxic that the children...
And the birth defects are horrific.
One-third of the children are born with the diminished brain sizes.
What is it?
I mean, they're literally, they're just totally brain dead.
And also, how much excrement is turned into powdered dust so you breathe the feces?
That's exactly correct.
Approximately 5 million people live in cardboard boxes, and when they go out in the morning to do their morning constitutional, they literally are doing it in the front yard with the chickens.
And unfortunately they have tapeworms, they have tuberculosis, they have all kinds of diseases like Chagas disease, of course they have hepatitis.
And the real unfortunate aspect is that when you take all of these millions of people crossing our borders illegally, unscreened and unchecked,
That's right.
Leprosy now has come into this country.
To the tune of 7,000 cases in the last three years from illegal aliens from India, from Brazil... By the way, folks, I'm sorry to stop you, Frosty.
This is not a joke.
Do you understand that our government and the big banks want to blow out the wages, want to bankrupt the states, they openly want to bankrupt the hospitals, to bring us down... And by the way, the numbers Frosty gave you are conservative.
Under Bush's amnesty plan, which Sean Hannity will tell you about the immigration problem, then he'll say the answer is Bush's amnesty plan.
Bush's amnesty plan is total amnesty, but not just whoever is here, whoever can get here, and it'll let them pay to bring the unskilled here.
So this will actually accelerate this.
That's correct.
Not only that, think about the fact that Bush is doing nothing about the anchor babies now numbering 383,000 per year.
That means that that child and the mother then become wards of the state.
Yeah, let's explain what anchor babies are.
Every year now in the United States and for the last 25, 30 years, anchor babies have been mounting in this country.
A woman who is pregnant will come to the United States.
She will birth a baby.
She's here illegally.
That child, because of an incorrect interpretation of the 14th Amendment, the child becomes a U.S.
Once that child is a U.S.
citizen, it costs, first of all, between $7,000 and $8,000 to birth them in our hospitals, which goes unpaid.
That's why 77 of the hospitals along the border states are literally bankrupting, and 86 of them bankrupted in California in the last five years.
Let me stop you.
I cut my finger off, and I had insurance, but because they know that the feds pay for the illegals, I had to sit there with my finger wrapped up, hoping they could get it back reattached properly, while illegal aliens like gods just walked in in front of me with minor problems.
That's very correct.
And, of course, our own medical systems, and I'm a former U.S.
Army Medical Service Corps officer, served at Fort Sam Houston and San Antonio, Texas, so I have a great deal of understanding about diseases.
And one of the things that you can count on is that these illegals will continue to bring these diseases in, and, in fact, the anchor babies, if they have a premature anchor baby or the baby has birth defects of any kind, then the hospital stay goes from $8,000 per delivery up to $500,000 in intensive care.
And you and I are paying for that.
And so far, these children simply become wards of the state.
And the average cost per year per cycle is about $109 billion.
And that then, of course, recycles each year because... So that's like a Hurricane Katrina every year.
That's exactly correct, and it continues because this president and Congress refuse to stop the anchor baby aspect of this invasion.
But as if that's not enough to have a giant third world population producing like rabbits here with diseases from all over the world, then on top of it, they're running around talking about the plan of San Diego.
Were you aware of this, to kill all white males above the age of 16?
The one thing we are going to be fighting very quickly, and that is La Raza by sheer numbers is growing.
And remember, La Raza is a very racist Mexican organization, along with LULAC and CHIRLA and MALDIF and MICHA.
And they have one prime directive, and that is to retake the four border states and more
And they're going to do it by sheer numbers if they can't do it by war.
Oh boy, we'll be retaking the cholera and the cardboard boxes.
It's just wonderful.
Well, as a matter of fact, right now on the borders of Texas and certainly of New Mexico, Arizona, and California are these colonias.
And in 1985, there were 170,000 illegal aliens parked on our side of the border across the north side of the Rio Grande.
By 1995, it was a half a million.
By the year 2000, it was a million colonias, residents.
And these people, the New York Times estimated, and it's in my book, that at the current rate of growth, these colonias, much like the same thing that's on the outskirts of Mexico City, will number 20 million.
We're talking about the state of Texas right there.
And by the way, these are junction points that pump us full of the third world populations.
That's exactly correct.
And if you look in Texas right now, you already have a lot of the border states just simply being completely abandoned by Texans and American citizens.
Listen, I drive through former blue collar areas that were pretty nice ten years ago.
And there's sides of beef hanging up and chickens running around the street.
And sewer broken and just...
Because, see folks, when the sure breaks at their house, they think going in the yard is a normal thing.
That's exactly correct.
I've seen this personally up close and ugly on my bicycle and my travels in South America and Mexico and Central America, certainly all over Europe.
One of the reasons, of course, that these immigrants coming into this country can't change or don't change their habits is because that's how they operate.
And you'll notice as you go to your restrooms these days, you'll start noticing, even in McDonald's, if they don't clean it up fast enough, tissue in the corners, soiled tissue.
And the reason for that is
Is all third world immigrants, whether they're legal or illegal, they simply throw their used toilet paper in the corner or in a box or even in the trash can without flushing it down the toilet because that's what they're used to.
And we, of course, will do the same.
I didn't know what that was.
I was going, who are these?
I didn't know that was the illegal.
I thought people had gone psychopathic.
When you walk in a place and there's like soil tissue laying around.
My God.
That's correct.
That's a normal aspect of the third world.
And for listeners out there... How about the throw up?
I can appreciate that, and I have as I've gotten very, very sick in my travels around the world.
In the third world, there's no sense of personal hygiene, no sense or practice of personal sanitation, and that's why the diseases that they carry explode so horrifically.
The bird avian flu right now, why is it growing?
Because they literally live with their chickens.
Well, that's where all these flus have come from, is that they'll have the human feces with the pig and the geese all running together.
Then they use that to fertilize the crops.
Heaven help us.
That's right.
Heaven help us.
Frosty Walter, stay there.
We're going to continue chronicling this.
I mean, it's just the facts.
We're going to live in an actual cesspit.
Here it is, folks, the 2006 Red Book.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
The global elite openly... I mean, the CFR writes a report saying merge the U.S.
and Canada and merge our military, and it starts happening.
Within a month of them publishing it.
I mean, they're the bosses.
They're going to use these third world populations to bring down middle class populations.
They cannot have a middle class to have total tyranny.
And the elite are all going to be out in their armored compounds out in the countryside.
We're all going to be in the New Delhi-style, Mexico City-style cesspits.
And your children are all going to have to go to school at the giant third world public schools.
They keep it real quiet.
The numbers do come out in the health departments.
Exploding TB, drug resistant.
All sorts of horrible new diseases, meningitis, all of it exploding.
And the health departments will tell you, yeah, it's the illegal aliens.
But it's still kept real quiet, isn't it, Frosty?
That's correct.
And I'm going to give you a couple of quotes here from a man from Madras, India.
His name was Singh, and he really was upset that I had written a piece on the H-1B and H-2B visas, and of course the insourcing, outsourcing, and the offshoring of American jobs.
And I quote, he said, The United States enjoys an artificially high standard of living, Singh said.
It's time it drops down to the poverty levels of the third world.
Massive immigration into America will bring about that change, unquote.
So it's basically, we're grounding in feces, so we're going to make you do it.
That's exactly correct.
And I wrote back to Mr. Singh and I said, well, Mr. Singh, I said...
You bragged about your 1.1 billion population.
I know.
Listen, that's the thing.
Some of these people get off on this.
Like, oh, we've got rotten dead bodies all over the streets.
We're going to take you over.
Yeah, and I actually have traveled to India and saw that firsthand.
And I wrote back and I said, Mr. Singh, wouldn't you say that India has an artificially low standard of living because it has an artificially high overpopulation level of 1.1 billion people?
Wouldn't India be better off with only 300 million people like the United States so all of their citizens could have a decent standard of living and quality of life?
Mr. Wooldridge, I had never thought of that.
You make an excellent point.
So he was coming from a very emotional... Well, that's the level.
It's like, hey, guys, don't you want to learn the Bill of Rights and Constitution?
We're going to get you, gringo!
Shut up!
And I'm just like, hey, I'm not against you.
And most Hispanics, obviously, in America are not part of this club.
But for these radical Chicano racists, I mean, they think they're on a holy mission from God.
Yeah, and they think that they have the way to make it more worthwhile, but of course, if you look at what Mexico has done to all of its citizens, to have them literally running from Mexico to colonize the United States, and there are now over 10 million illegal alien Mexicans in the United States, then you've already seen what they do to their cultures and societies.
Well, that's the point.
I mean, they're not taking anything over.
They're simply making this lifeboat sink.
That's exactly correct.
I wrote a piece called The Titanic and the United States and the metaphor is horrifically very similar because as we take on more of the third world we keep sinking down into the level of the third world
And the chaos and the crisis of separate languages and conflicting languages.
Let me give you an example, Alex, because I'm a former teacher here in Colorado.
And just in 1999, the Denver Public Schools had an eighth grade starting class of 5,663 students.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Yeah, that's a total.
Just from Mexico, my lowest number is 10 million illegal alien Mexicans.
And of course it could be up around 14 million, but then when you start getting to the total illegal aliens, you've got 2 million, according to Forbes magazine last March, you've got 2 million illegal alien Chinese
We're good to go.
Vancouver, British Columbia.
It is now a beachhead for China, and the Canadians are running away from it, and now the official language of Vancouver is Chinese, and they're simply adding more and more Chinese as China explodes out of its britches to the tune of, even with its current rate of only... Stay in there.
We've got to talk about it on the other side, Frosty.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All of my weekly TV reports with my Best of Austin TV show.
It's won Best of Austin in the Reader's Polls.
Won again this year.
Pretty good TV show is the point.
Special reports that aren't on TV or that aren't...
Yes, one of the things that most Americans really want is what they can do.
So you can go to my website, frostywoldridge.com,
And there's a 20-point action plan right there that you can not only use yourself, but send it to 10 of your friends who send it to 10 of their friends, and it will give you firepower to create what I call critical, counter-critical mass.
What's happening in America today is we're being colonized so fast by these 4 million-plus illegal aliens each year, added to the 20 to 30 million we already have here, that they're soon going to be outnumbering us.
And they're gaining critical mass by the day.
La Raza, Maldive, LULAC, CHIRLA, MECHA, they're all working.
But they've made a mistake.
They've shot their mouths off.
Yes, they have.
Because now, American citizens are starting to stand up and say, hold it.
This is our country.
These are our laws.
This is our functioning society.
This is our sustainable future.
And these are our children and our schools and our language.
And they've got a big problem because in major national polls, the majority of Hispanics, the American citizens, they know they're upset.
They're losing their jobs to all these illegals.
That's correct.
I don't care what your color, race, or creed is in this country today.
If you're an American citizen...
It behooves you to take action, and so this 20-point action plan allows you to take action.
I always ask members and people out there across the country to join numbersusa.com, become a weekly factor.
You know what?
Let's go over some of what Numbers covers.
Numbers USA is run by Roy Beck out of Washington, D.C., and of course a lot of the people I work with there also.
Are working to get the chain migration stopped, to get the anchor babies stopped, to reduce immigration to less than 100,000 per year.
But they go off the government's own numbers.
I mean, they really break it down.
Yeah, they break it down.
And if you want, you can actually go see your congressman and your senator in each individual state what their report card is on immigration, both legal and illegal, and virtually it is an F for most of them because the majority of the Congress and the senators, the House of Representatives and the senators,
Are literally facilitating, aiding, and abetting this invasion by doing absolutely nothing.
And so the key is that you've got to call them up and force your congressperson to join Tom Tancredo's Immigration Reform Caucus.
In fact, do that today.
The number is right there on my website, and of course the other 19 points are there.
The key is action to create counter-critical mass.
Now, this summer, again as I told you earlier in the hour, my brother Howard rode a horse across America
And he's an ex-police officer trying to change the drug war and reform drug laws.
But I'm going to ride my bicycle next summer across America from San Francisco all the way to Washington, D.C.
and sit there on the steps on August 1st and demand
As the 21st century Paul Revere, that this president and this Congress change and absolutely start following what American citizens want.
Our borders closed down, troops on the border to stop further illegal immigration, and to find employers and put them in jail if they do hire illegal aliens.
And literally reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants to 100,000 per year so that we have a sustainable and viable society.
You know, I hate to be gross, Frosty, but what you mentioned earlier about how the third world populations wipe themselves and just throw it on the ground, I mean, I've been seeing that everywhere, and I guess I'm too close to the problem.
I didn't know that that was the illegals.
Of course it is.
Of course it is.
And, you know, that's a small thing of all this big picture, but it just shows the complete disconnect
That's correct.
Also, if listeners out there do not want to have such things as female genital mutilation brought into this country further by Middle Eastern immigrants, don't want such things as Chagas disease spreading and tuberculosis spreading, the average illegal alien
We'll spread tuberculosis, the MDR, multidrug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis, to between 10 and 50 other American citizens.
It's exploding!
Listen, they've quietly set up the sanitariums again.
People are dying from it.
And you talk about it, and they go, oh, say whatever you want.
Well, that's correct.
And as a matter of fact, I've got a thing here in the April 25th of Santa Barbara News.
One illegal alien infected 56 other Santa Barbara residents with tuberculosis before he was caught in quarantine.
And where do all the illegal aliens work?
They work in fast food.
They work in roofing and drywall and construction.
They're working in trucking.
They're working in furniture.
And the problem is, they're even standing next to you in the Walmart, the Target, the Kmart.
Well, I mean, here's the deal.
Whether you're Hispanic and your child's Hispanic, or you're an American, or you're black, or you're white, or you're Asian, I mean, folks... TV doesn't care.
Well, I mean, here's the deal.
The government tries to force these dangerous vaccines on us, which don't even help us, but then they could care less to make your kids sit next to these illegal aliens having TV hacked on them, and when they do get TV, it's just kept real quiet.
That's exactly correct.
There are 16,000 new cases in tuberculosis in the United States today that weren't here five years ago.
And again, do the numbers.
Between 10 and 50 people will be affected with tuberculosis by each of these 16,000.
That's why it's exploding across America.
And there are 1.3 million illegal alien children going to our schools in all 50 states
If your child is next to an illegal alien child who's got tuberculosis or tapeworm or Chagas disease or hepatitis, your child is literally first in line to get coughed or hacked on or seized on.
The meningitis is killing people all over.
Dang fever is coming in.
I could give you a dozen different diseases.
They're covered in one of my columns that's in the archives of newswithviews.com, and it will scare the pants off you.
Well, the corporations want this.
You know, I have a friend who manages the biggest apartment complex in Austin for the biggest company in the U.S., and she was at a Christmas meeting two years ago, a big corporate meeting, behind closed doors, and they said, we've been secretly taken over by the feds, we don't have to pay taxes anymore, one-third of our housing is now public, but don't tell your renters this, and if your renter
Well, one of the things that corporations and, of course, the President of the United States
And all of these higher elites, they are all and have bodyguards.
They all live in gated communities.
They all think they will not be affected.
In fact, at this point in the game, they are not affected.
Whereas here in Colorado, just in the last four months, we had Gomez, an illegal alien, stopped three times for traffic violations, should have been in jail, should have been deported, killed Officer Young.
A month later, a kid named Justin Goodman was killed by an illegal alien in traffic who had nine other previous stops, but of course the two-tiered law enforcement, one for us and one for the illegal aliens... Well, that's the South Carolina numbers they just did.
25% of the fatal accidents are the illegal aliens, and illegal aliens are less than 5% of the population.
They're like God people.
They can commit murders.
They can run people over.
They're actual like gods.
They are gods.
That's exactly right.
One other illegal alien named Montero, Francisco Montero, just three weeks ago in Boulder, who had been here, had had nine infractions, been stopped by the police nine times, was driving a suspended DUI, revoked license, had three forms of counterfeit ID, a Social Security card and a green card, killed a 51-year-old man by turning into the traffic and just literally killing this motorcyclist in a city near me, Lafayette,
And Dale Engler is now dead, and his wife and his children don't have a father and a husband.
And again, it just... He ought to be honored that a God gave him love.
That's exactly what happened.
And of course, it was the political sanctuary policy of Boulder and the sanctuary policy of Denver that allowed these illegals to stay here with immunity.
And the reason that these three men got killed was simply because our elected officials, the governor of Colorado, is complicit in this, along with Denver Mayor Hickenlooper.
And illegal aliens bring back, what, $40 billion a year into Mexico?
They bring back about, I don't know what the exact number, they were around $16 billion, but it's a total of $56 billion in pure cash gets sent out of the United States every year now.
I think so.
Well, Frosty, I want to take a few calls from Ruben and Mike and John and others, but...
You know, you say that people are waking up and getting involved, and that's true, with the Minutemen and with governors and other people, but we have 800 sanctuary cities, and Vicente Fox came to Austin a few years ago and gave awards to the police chief for not following federal law, gave an award to the governor, an award to Wells Fargo, because now the police accept the ID cards they give illegal aliens as a license.
All of this going on, next time the cops pull you over and want to search your car and they go, hey, it's post 9-11, go, hey, you go pull over those illegal aliens.
It shows what a fraud the war on terror is, that our borders are wide open.
That's correct, and of course that is led by George W. Bush.
He is probably the most incompetent president that I have ever seen in my 59 years.
And unfortunately, he is carrying out a war that's costing us multiple billions of dollars while these southern borders are literally being invaded every night to the tune of 10,000 illegals crossing the northern, the southern, and the western and the eastern borders and the oceans.
And it's a joke that he's pretending that he's actually making us safer.
Yeah, that's every day.
That's correct.
That's every day.
But then they'll pull me over in the middle of Central Texas at a checkpoint and strut around in black uniforms.
Or they'll arrest a woman who didn't pay $1.16 in income tax.
I mean, that's the actual articles today.
Or they'll track all of us with our cell phones and out-track our movements.
Oh, but it's for traffic.
The official admissions are it's to control you and tax you.
I mean, folks, hell on earth is coming down.
And you don't hear Meche and La Raza and others talking about how the UN's putting poisons in the vaccines, or you don't hear them talking about how the West dumps its toxic waste in Mexico City, or you don't hear about how UN policies are running the indigenous people off their land and forcing them to this country.
And of course, as we all know, George Bush continues on this path.
Madhouse, crazy agenda of stopping the war on terror when in fact he's inviting it into the United States with the sheer numbers of people who are not here legally.
And at no point will we be able... At some point, we will not be able to literally change the cultural crisis, the language crisis, the law and order crisis that we're facing.
And it's all because, again, George Bush is in violation of his local laws.
Well, not only are we being flooded by all this, they get here and they're filled full of hatred of this country by government-funded groups.
Now, how dumb...
These people have to be.
Government-funded groups are telling you to bring down America.
Because that's part of the plan.
These corporations want to turn us into a third world state.
I've heard NPR reporters brag that, ha ha, our standard's dropping, this will teach us.
No, that's the elite.
Doesn't want to compete with the middle class, folks.
Yes, and I can guarantee you this.
They just showed where the four bombers over in London this summer, when I was over in Europe bicycling through Europe,
One of the citizens I talked to said that these immigrants are centuries behind us and all they can do is bring our culture and our country down because the only thing they do is hang out at the refugee centers and the only thing they produce are babies.
And the only thing they use is welfare.
And all four of those UK bombers were first-generation immigrants.
Well, the government's got to have clients.
They've got to have somebody to bloat the size of it.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Let's talk to Ruben in Ohio.
Ruben, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, this is going to sound really silly, but can I become a Mexican citizen...
And then sneak over to America and enjoy all illegal immigrants.
No, you have to be... Basically, you have to be born there.
Until recently, you can't even own property there.
They will arrest you, beat you up, suck money out of you, put you in a camp if you try to sneak into Mexico.
But if you could become a god human, then you could come here and have god power.
And then could I ask Frosty for that website again where the 20 points are?
Yes, it's F-R-O-S-T-Y-W-O-O-L-D-R-I-D-G-E.com.
And my columns twice a week are on NewsWithViews.com and Rinse.com.
Okay, and I'm looking forward to August 1st next year.
Yes, sir, because I'm going to be riding my bicycle all the way from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Washington, D.C.,
We're also planning a huge march.
And it's time for American citizens to get off their dust.
Get off the lazy boy.
Look, it's simple.
There's six and a half billion people.
There's going to be eight billion by the turn of this decade.
They all want to come here.
They can't come here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
You've got a great show, Alex.
Yes, hello.
God bless you, Frosty, for what you're doing.
Thank you.
Real quick question.
I have a brother-in-law, and I don't care if he's my brother-in-law.
He has a manufacturing plant here in the Chicago suburbs, and he's got about 50 illegals.
He bragged about it, laughing about it, rich, wealthy man, lives in a gated community, and I want to turn him in.
You can call.
I know one number you can call.
It's out here in Colorado, 303-371-3841.
Extension 301, and you can report, but you can also find the number from that number for the Chicago area, and I was born in Chicago, so... Tell you what, stay there, Mike.
Stay there, Frosty.
We'll come back and talk about it.
But don't hold your breath.
I mean, there could be a billion illegals in there barbecuing small children.
The feds won't do anything, but it is good to at least put it on record.
So, yeah, you should report that enemy force that is embedded right there with your traitorous brother-in-law.
We'll be right back.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Thank you.
We're good to go.
I think?
The New World Order is threatened by independence.
It's threatened by freedom.
It's threatened by independent wealth.
They openly say their plan is to use open borders, global taxation, to bring this country down.
And it's not a joke.
It's not a game.
We've got to get control of it now.
In fact, it already may be too late.
It's that bad.
But it's only going to get worse if we don't stop it.
And it'll be a huge group that can't communicate with each other, who have no history of freedom.
They'll go vote for gun control.
They'll go vote for all of this stuff.
Mike, yeah, there's a national program with the Minutemen as well now, focusing on turning people in who are hiring illegal aliens.
Yeah, Alex, I just want to say, too, but who are we to trust?
I mean, we know the government's corrupt.
And I wanted to ask Frosty, you know, okay, we call immigration.
We turn these people in.
How do we know they're really going to do their job in eliminating these illegals?
No, you tell them that you're going to write letters to the editor if they don't do something.
Well, the key here is, Mike, and I would really recommend this.
Don't read the news or talk about the news.
Become the news.
The reason I'm going to ride across America is I'm going to hit every state capitol and every newspaper in every city, and I'm going to be talking to people across the country that want... Here's the old saying.
Here's the old saying.
Become the news.
The only people that have a free press or free speech are those that own one.
And you know what?
I've got websites now that tens of millions of people read.
That's what I've done.
Frosty's columns get read by tens of millions.
He just did it.
Frosty, finish what you were saying.
Yeah, and the key here is go on down to that particular place and just literally write a press release and go to my website and you'll see my email and contact me.
I'll send you a dummy press release or I'll even write it for you
And you can send a press release out to the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times and all the little papers and then the radio and the TV shows.
And then write an article about how they didn't cover it.
Then, yeah, and then go down there and have big signs and get your cameras and everybody.
Start taking the digital shots, then send them into the TV if they don't cover it.
But I guarantee you, you make enough big signs and enough people.
I mean, if it's just ten people, you then become the news.
And that's the key.
And for Frosty and Alex, you're exactly right.
They use the toilet not to be gross, but they use the toilet.
They don't flush the waste.
What they wipe themselves with, they throw it in the garbage or on the floor.
That's correct.
And Alex, I've worked in maintenance for 15 years, and I've seen it myself.
I've worked around enough illegals to know.
It's disgusting, and real quickly, my best friend's mother works for DuPage County Health Department.
Everything you said, Frosty, all these diseases, it is 100% true.
She said she has to turn her back on these diseases.
They're riddled and riddled with TB.
She said 91% of the illegals in DuPage County are tested for positive exposure to TB.
That's correct.
I mean, a hundred years ago they tested you whether you were German or Chinese or it didn't matter.
Now, no, it's their gods, folks.
They can do whatever they want because the government is part of a plan.
John in Ohio, last caller for Frosty Woolbridge and we've got to get back on.
Go ahead, John.
Well, yeah, I read an article on Workers' Org about how some of these corporations that are bringing in these people are also funding politicians who are scapegoating these people so that they can keep them in a desperate situation and exploit them even more.
Should we look at a larger picture and really attack the IMF, the World Bank, the military-industrial complex, because it's like trying to hold back the tide and this Malthusian idea that people are the problem,
John, let me just say this.
John, John, John, you've got to put him on hold.
We're almost out of time.
I agree with you.
Yeah, he's very sharp, John.
Yeah, I mean, John, I agree with you that the globalists are behind this.
The point is, we've got to deal with the fires that are already burning.
That's right.
We've got to stop it first.
We've got to get those borders secured.
I don't think we should be scapegoating people on the bottom.
Hey, those big corporations, John, are using us as a steam valve.
Yeah, understood.
It's not the immigrants, the illegal aliens' fault at all.
It's their government's, and the situation is at a crisis level.
But we're going to be wrapped up and engulfed in it if we don't do something, and we don't do something fast.
So, yeah, it's not these desperate people's fault, but the thing is there's no ending line of these desperate people, and therefore we're going to be to become the victims.
Frosty, thanks for coming on.
God bless you.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.