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Air Date: Oct. 14, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now 30 seconds into this first hour.
It is Monday, the 10th day of October 2005, and we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Again, that's 1-800-259-9231.
The websites updated daily are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Millions of people killed in highly developed countries within months.
Tens of millions worldwide.
A global economy in tatters.
A Hollywood fantasy?
It's now a plausible scenario.
Nature Magazine, just two months ago.
World leaders are running around, fear-mongering, coffee-in, and saying that world government can save us from the bird flu.
At the same time, George Bush says that if we'll just get rid of Posse Comandatus and let him become a literal military dictator...
Everything will be alright.
Basically, world government and military dictatorship brings you freedom.
And if you don't accept military dictatorship, it's all over.
Of course, I even heard Dr. Dean Adele yesterday, the very mainstream syndicated radio talk show host, saying that using troops to fight the bird flu is a joke and you can't quarantine it.
It's ridiculous.
The birds fly places, ladies and gentlemen.
And on top of it, the military isn't going to be able to stop some type of incredibly pathogenic, transferable, transmittable disease.
And then on top of it, the government has engineered and actually beefed up the 1918 Spanish flu influenza.
And they've, of course, reconstructed and dug up the original one, but they've got stuff far worse, and they openly mail it around all over the planet, and they openly post on the Internet how to manufacture it, and it's all going to be a big boon for vaccine makers and quack medicine sellers as well.
So both establishment pharma...
And an alternative pharma, I'll make a mint off of it.
There's lots of charlatans out there selling magic machines that send out super, super system air to kill all of it.
Let me give you a newsflash.
The air kills flu virus.
Yes, the air kills it.
The air eats through steel.
It's called rust.
And so, yes, there are these quack pronouncements that, you know, these different air generators will kill pathogens.
Well, yes, the air does.
The air does.
So, I mean, it gets old.
We're going to talk all day about the bird flu today.
You know what?
Because it's reached fever pitch hysteria.
And this is exactly... Look, the New World Order can't scare you with fake terror alerts anymore.
People pointed out that Al-Zakari, Zawari's been killed over ten times and captured.
And it's public now.
The mainstream news talks about the American people thinking the terror alerts are a fraud.
And so now they've moved on to, we need martial law or the floods will get you.
We need martial law or the bird flu will get you.
We've got Bill Sardi coming on.
Big health writer for some of the biggest publications in the country.
And he agrees that there's hype associated with the bird flu itself, but there are other flus out there that you're not being told about that are extremely dangerous.
So we'll talk with Bill Sardi in the next hour.
We'll have open phones in this hour, and of course cover some other news as well.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We've got investigative health journalist Bill Sardy.
Joining us in the next hour to talk about the bird flu and just amazing information that he's dug up concerning it and several other flus that are much more deadly.
But again, as usual, the media and the government are hyping what is the least threat in a whole gallery of threats from super flus.
But we've always dealt with super flus and super colds.
Why now do we need martial law, and why is Kofi Annan running around saying, one world government is the answer?
It can save us.
We must pool our resources into a global system to fight this.
And then meanwhile, we read the UN's own documents, and they say they want to reduce us forcibly with plagues and with vaccines, tainted with sterilization agents.
The very crew who was obsessed with all of this control are the very people now telling us how they're going to take care of us during pandemics.
There isn't a relationship.
There isn't a connection.
There is a clear webbing of these facts.
It's like if a bank robber, a known bank robber, who's been in prison twice for robbing banks is seen leaving the scene of a bank that's robbed.
You're going to go to them first.
But oh no, the UN says they openly want to kill us, reduce our population, use food and water as a weapon, sterilize us through vaccines, they get caught doing it repeatedly, and now the World Health Organization and others are busy mailing weaponized plagues around the planet to anybody that wants them, our own government, Centers for Disease Control is doing it, mailing superflu to thousands and thousands of people.
It's just happening everywhere, and they're saying, brace, brace for it.
Brace for giant population reduction.
We'll need martial law while this is happening to keep you safe.
Two and two equals four, folks.
So that's coming up, as well as your calls, 1-800-259-9231.
One or more indictments in the next three weeks.
Lord Crystal, rats leaving the sinking ship.
This is out of the Weekly Standard, the neocon Trotskyite publication.
And I don't say that as a rhetorical flourish.
I mean that.
The neocons are Trotskyites.
The CIA, literally, known as the OSS, was its precursor.
The American and British Red Cross before that were intelligence agencies.
And they put Lenin into control.
And Stalin took over, and he wasn't following orders for a period.
So the Fourth International was formed by Trotsky in Mexico City, where the Soviets later had him assassinated.
And Mr. Crystal's father was the head of the Fourth International.
This is public.
This is Washington Post.
This is Toronto Star.
They brag about this.
And then, quote, they decided to become conservatives.
And if you believe that, look at Bush's...
Who he's pushing for Supreme Court.
Look at the gun control measures.
Look at the open borders.
Look at signing on to UNESCO.
You didn't think a Democrat could get away with this, do you?
See, the big corporations want to socialize our wealth so they can then suck it out.
They need to create big reservoirs so they can suck the reservoirs dry.
Big government and big corporations are wedded.
And then the neocons put out the same propaganda.
Look at that poor, evil woman on welfare.
That's about 10% of the welfare.
The rest of it's the government and private corporations.
But they talk all day about how they're fighting big government.
I mean, I heard Limbaugh this weekend.
Local rebroadcast.
For an hour.
Talking about how, you know, the conservatives are fighting big government.
It's not true!
Alright, I'm already digressing and I want to go to your calls.
Crystal, one or more indictments in the next three weeks.
Weekly Standard editor Bill Crystal on Fox News Sunday.
Criminal defense lawyers I've spoken to, or friendly to the administration, are very worried there will be one or more indictments in the next three weeks of senior administration officials.
Just looking at what Fitzgerald is doing and taking him at his word, you know, being a serious prosecutor here, and I think it's going to be bad for the Bush administration.
Now that was his comment from Fox News.
This on the heels of what happened just a few days ago on Friday with the New York Times talking about indictments.
Now they want Karl Rove to testify again, but they're saying, look, we won't promise you that you won't be indicted.
We won't promise you that when you come to testify that we're not going to clap you in irons, Bubba.
But this whole thing could be a Rovian trick, so don't hold your breath.
Someone like Bill Kristol doesn't get information like this by accident.
It's being fed to him.
If there is an indictment, he can prepare the base.
Towards the end of the segment, Crystal got started saying, I hate the criminalization of politics.
The best way to stop the criminalization of politics is to get the criminals out of politics.
Well, clearly this is being used as political warfare.
And they should get in trouble for the Valerie Plame incident with Ambassador Wilson.
But why are they getting in trouble for that?
We have them red-handed.
Total felonies.
Every count.
Every dollar.
Every contract.
Just thousands of them.
Giant million and hundred million and billion dollar contracts.
I mean, they run the gamut from $16 billion down to $50.
Just thousands of contracts run directly by the Vice President and Scooter Libby.
Directly out of the Vice... Directly out of the Vice President's office.
Right into the Pentagon.
For Halliburton and Bechtel and Brown and Root and other subsidiaries and the Carlyle Group.
And it's all conflict of interest.
I mean, the Vice President's got major holdings in all the companies I just mentioned.
Obviously, former head of Halliburton.
Meanwhile, his wife...
Is on the board of Lockheed Martin.
I mean, she's just making hundreds of millions a year off of it and directly giving contracts to his wife.
It's totally criminal on the face of it.
You know, I tell the FBI every day.
A lot of people at the FBI are well-meaning people.
They're just useful idiots like everybody else in this country.
And I go, you know, why don't you go get a grand jury to indict DynCorp for kidnapping 200,000 women and children?
I mean, it's admitted.
They've been found guilty in a civil court.
They admit to it.
Their own employees are on record.
Why don't you come down here to Austin, Texas where they've got one of their big bases and start arresting people?
No, you're not going to do that, are you?
We have Bill Clinton with communist Chinese generals in the White House and all these top people and their thousands of faxes and emails and supercomputers and missile secrets.
What does Kenneth Starr go after Bill Clinton for?
Cigars and blue dresses.
Which is something the public will latch on to.
But it's like if you're being chased by a pack of hungry Doberman pinchers in their...
They're going after you.
You're being chased by a pack of pit bulls, fighting pit bulls, snarling and snapping, or bull mastiffs frothing at the mouth.
You know, it's an old tactic for thieves to carry a couple of stakes in their backpack.
You know, the cat burglar.
Throw those over your shoulder, and a lot of dogs will stop like...
We're good to go.
Okay, I said I'd hurry and get to your calls here.
I've now spent ten minutes on this one article.
But are indictments coming down?
Looks like it.
Who's going to be indicted?
It's just like with Nixon.
They will use somebody, and then they will blow them away politically.
They will torch them.
And then, oh, the sacrificial lamb...
Oh, we've really treated the government to a defeat.
Oh, we can all go back to sleep.
This mounting revolution against this tyranny.
Oh, everything's okay.
The cameras are going to stay up, and the militarization of police is going to continue, and the end of Posse Comitatus will continue, and the expanded powers of the federal government will continue, and the gun control will continue, and all these appointments will continue.
But that's okay, because Bush, at least, will have a ceremonial victory over a puppet.
weighed military strikes in Syria.
They're weighing more attacks, AFP reporting.
Officials, New York City terror plot, uncooperated.
That is totally fake what you saw last week.
Completely transparent.
Whole generation lost in quake.
Pakistan's military spokesman has said an entire generation of young people have been wiped out in the areas worst hit by massive quakes.
And you know about the quake that hit areas of Pakistan and India, the two rivals.
Major General Chakot Sultan, quoted by AFP News Agency, said children had been the biggest casualties many killed when schools collapsed.
Of course, government buildings are always the worst.
At least 20,000 people are thought to have been killed in Pakistan, with some reports suggesting the tolls may double.
To 40,000.
And of course, martial law wouldn't have saved them.
Here, martial law is the answer for everything.
Got a toothache?
Martial law.
Got a toenail that's been stubbed?
Martial law.
Got a brain tumor?
Martial law.
Not making good grades in school?
Martial law.
Having marital problems?
Martial law.
Got a stomachache?
Martial law.
Got a hernia?
Martial law.
Many areas hit by the quake are only just being reached by aid workers.
We need to pray for those poor folks.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, and track these earth changes as well.
Your calls first, though.
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Hello, Ted Anderson.
Listeners of the network are familiar with the Federal Reserve note and understand the risks of deficit spending.
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Afternoon Alex.
Yeah, I took a little break from tracking the New World Order for a while, and I come back and start watching the news again, and the past week, there's been two major stories, one on local news and one just reported on Fox about a half hour ago.
The first one was a local story in the news with like a save your money type thing, and they said that gas stations are now going to start putting a $100 charge
So that when you buy gas, if it's a lower amount of money and the money's not available in the account, then they have that $100 charge like an escrow to pay for the gas.
Well, see, that's the problem with only using cashless systems like credit cards and debit cards.
And I was aware that they were talking about doing that.
But what they'll do is they'll use that float system
And then basically rack up hundreds of millions of dollars of your money and then basically use that, use the interest off that.
It's patently illegal.
And we should all protest by using cash.
Don't be lazy, folks.
Have cash.
Walk in.
Pay with cash.
Make them give you a receipt.
Don't put up with this.
It's another problem with these easy passes that they're putting in at the Tony the Tiger places or Tony the Tiger's Corn Flakes.
The Exxon Tiger.
I've already noticed on my account that when I get gas now, it starts out with a $1 charge, and then it gets readjusted like four or five days later to what the actual charge was on the pump.
So they're actually setting up a system right now with a $1 charge on your account, and then I guess when they get ready to implement it, they'll go ahead and push it up to the $100 charge.
Which is ridiculous.
I mean, they're making massive profits.
If your credit card doesn't work, you go in and you write them a check, or you call somebody and they come and pay it, or they get your name and stuff, and you bring it back an hour later.
It's not a big problem.
Now, the next one on Fox News, you're not going to believe.
Well, you'll believe it, but they just reported on Fox News about a half hour, 45 minutes ago, that very soon, if you make a purchase on a credit card...
That if it's a $4.10 purchase, that they'll go ahead and round the purchase up to $5, and then that $0.90, instead of being a $4.10 charge, it'll be a $5 charge, and that $0.90 will go into a savings account for the buyer.
And they're going to start rounding up numbers on these card purchases, and then you'll have an account set up
With this change that'll be accruing as you make credit card purchases, and it's like a forced savings.
And all I can see there is that's setting up
To essentially get millions or even billions of dollars into accounts that then can be hacked and they can steal all the money out of them.
Well, more than that, it's going to be for the new cashless tolls and things.
We have to make people build up these accounts and get people accustomed to it.
I wasn't aware of that.
It just got reported.
And I'm sure they said it was totally wonderful.
Oh, well, you know, everything's... See, they know people.
The general public has gotten to such a dumbed-down state right now, Jeff, that they could literally start barbecuing small children on the White House lawn, and it would be hailed as Christian.
I believe... I'm there with you.
I mean, I cannot believe...
You know, the apathy in this country now and the things that are coming over news wires and you sit there in front of people and you go, I can't believe they're getting ready to do that.
And they look at you and they're like, oh, you read too much into things and, you know, you're always, you know, looking at... Yeah, just go along with it.
They wouldn't do nothing to hurt us.
Yeah, well, not this cowboy.
Did you hear about the Red River Shootout?
UT won, man.
That's what matters.
Listen, thanks for the call, Jeff.
And understand, folks, I'm not against football, but I was reading the paper yesterday, and it was incredible relief in Texas.
People celebrate.
And it's just, this is such a victory.
I feel this has made my life.
They got old people on the news.
I can die now.
You know, you're not worried about the dollar being devalued by 45%.
You're not worried about total loss of freedom and sovereignty.
People don't even know what the Bill of Rights is or all the troops that are dying.
No, that doesn't matter.
It's just, oh man, UT won.
I mean, literally, that's what matters to you.
Not that your children are being brainwashed or not that they're being dumbed down or not that...
Not that all this horrible stuff's happening, now to be a man, now to be a leader, now what you value isn't even your country.
It's simulated, ritualized combat, known as football.
I mean, that's what's good now.
And it's just scary.
I mean, they're talking about a flu killing a billion people?
And you talk to the general public, they go, I don't care, just martial law will fix it.
Oh, you too.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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What made America America?
Why are we so different than the rest of the world?
We don't have more resources.
In fact, many other regions of the world have many times the resources we do.
We didn't have the biggest geographical area.
In fact, we had a lot of things against us.
Why is America America?
Why does everybody want to come here?
We were never perfect, but compared to other nations, we had more freedom.
At least a larger portion of society had liberty and freedom.
It wasn't total at the beginning of this country's history, and it's still not today.
But in ancient England or France or Japan, even the noblemen, even the lords, even the dukes and the duchesses and the viscounts and the barons, they could be seized by the king and have their heads locked off.
No one had true liberty and sovereignty.
Even the king had to be worried about being assassinated by other members of his family so that they could ascend to the throne.
America was different.
And so 4% of the population had over half the world's wealth.
For the last century, we had about half the world's wealth.
And then the last 30 years, that began to disappear.
Now we've got about 38% of the wealth.
And that's rapidly, just in the last few years, plunging downward.
But don't worry, you've got plenty of football.
You see, you've got your priorities screwed up.
Liberty and freedom comes first.
Because where you have liberty, what does the Bible say?
Where the Spirit of the Lord dwells, you have liberty.
Where you have liberty, you have freedom, and you have milk and honey.
You have... Well, that was the candy back then, milk and honey.
You have a good life.
The problem is where you have liberty and freedom, you then get complacent, you get decadent, you get slothful, and then you get usurped.
Ah, so what if they're taking my freedom?
Ah, they're not getting me, they're just getting my neighbor today.
Ah, so okay, I'm getting audited and I paid my taxes, but they're taking my house anyways.
Ah, well, so what?
Or, hey, the government just gave me a tax cut.
Well, to have liberty, you've got to be wily.
What is it?
Peaceful as a dove and wise as a serpent?
But see, to be wise as a serpent, you've got to go, wait a minute.
If the dollar's been devalued by around 45%, we have massive hyperinflation, but the news told you you didn't, so you don't.
I know, 45% is not a problem.
It's massive, folks.
It's huge.
But that's one reason that the illegal immigration has slowed a bit.
I mean, they're still pouring in at massive levels, but it's not quite what it was three years ago.
The increase has slowed a bit because the dollar is getting so worthless that the illegal aliens are having more and more reasons just to stay in Mexico.
But again, side issue.
Oh, we gave you a 7% tax cut!
Certain tax brackets.
Oh, boy!
But wait a minute.
Would you rather have a 7% tax cut, or would you rather have your dollar not be devalued by 45%?
Let me ask you again.
What's a bigger loss, 45% or a 7% increase?
Well, obviously, that's still a 38% decrease in your net worth.
And so that's why energy's up.
That's why real estate's up.
That's why staple items are now up.
That's why everything, a taxi ride's up.
That's why everything is up.
The cost of a ream of paper's up.
A few things are still low.
Slave baubles.
Video games and CD players.
That's about it.
Okay, I'm going to stop preaching and take your calls.
It's just I have arguments with yuppies.
Things are going quite well right now.
That's not really a yuppie voice.
That's a good old boy, uh, nouveau riche voice.
Let me do the yuppie voice.
Oh, Alex, whatever.
I'm doing quite well right now.
What are you talking about?
You know, I got a tax cut.
I don't know about you.
Okay, c'est la vie.
I mean, do you like being conned?
Do you like being manipulated?
Do you like being fooled?
Do you like being scammed?
I know I don't.
It makes me very upset.
I mean, I would much rather not have a tax increase or a tax decrease and Freudian slip.
Yes, I don't want a tax increase.
I'd much rather not have that tax cut than just have my dollars stay at what it was.
Again, I'd rather not take a 45% reduction and get a 7% cut.
And I know I keep repeating that, but somehow,
The last one we saw was in 1928 into 1929 and Black Tuesday.
The last time we saw just bedlamite, wild tongue hanging out, eyes pointing in different directions, wild frothing.
Like, you know, the exterminators will tell you, when they spray cockroaches with poison, when they go down into some crawl space, there's a thousand cockroaches, and they hit them with spray, the cockroaches start fornicating.
And I'm telling you folks, that's what scares me right now.
I've got a lot of anxiety right now.
I don't normally, I'm normally very calm, very brave, very focused, and I'm still dealing with it, but I just, things are not good right now.
Things are not good right now.
All the indicators, all of the, you know, I coldly scientifically look at it, and then the more emotional areas of my psyche are very upset right now.
I don't know about you.
I mean, I want to start breathing fast right now.
I mean, this is bad news.
And the government is basically just fornicating.
They're just literally an orgy of corruption.
It's just grabbing and snatching and everybody's getting what they can.
It's like when a big ship's going down on the Atlantic and some people spent their time running around opportunistically stealing jewelry.
Basically, that's what they're doing.
And then I see the general public, and I just love the horns.
Hey, listen, your dollar's been devalued, and they're setting up slave camps, and they're getting ready to totally control your life, and every major road's going to be a toll road.
And listen, it's going to be horrible.
They're militarizing the police.
They're trying to take our guns.
But the Red River shootout, man, I went to Dallas and drank a lot of cold beer.
Man, we really whooped them.
We really whooped them folks up there in Oklahoma.
I feel good, man.
Yeah, but your children have no future.
It don't matter.
My whole self-view and my whole self-image, my whole worth, my whole ego is tied up in a simulated combat.
What do you think they did in Rome, folks?
And I just look at these people.
Everybody in Austin, about half the population wearing orange.
I took my wife and family out to lunch yesterday.
Saturday, and everybody's inside watching at the restaurant.
It's this beautiful day.
I mean, blue skies, 70 degrees, just majestic.
And nobody's outside with us.
They're all inside, crammed around big TV screens.
I was eating over at Mangia Pizza, and I'm outside just loving the beautiful sound of the birds, and I can look down at the river, and I'm there with my family, and it's crisp, and we're like 68 degrees, and it's so nice.
It's been 108 degrees here the last few months.
To be able to eat outside, and I'm just looking at them inside.
Who cares?
You know, a bunch of roided meatheads stumbling around, running into each other.
And I played football, folks.
I loved football.
But it just isn't in the same universe when we've got a government putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.
I mean, you'll go give your kids deadly shots.
You won't spend $250 to get a water filter to filtrate your water.
You'll give it to your kids.
You'll sit there and you'll
You won't even buy organic milk for your children.
I see it all the time.
Which is going to screw your daughters up and increase their breast cancer.
Why do you think women are getting breast cancer?
Because, folks, the hormones in the milk are hyper, hyper, hyper, and in a bunch of other foods, including soy, hyperestrogenic, if I'm pronouncing that correctly.
I've read a lot of the big studies.
Your 8-year-old daughter isn't supposed to look like she's 14.
And we can all make jokes about it.
Look at these kids today.
They look like they're 20 when they're 12.
That's why a woman is supposed to get, by God's design, breast cancer when she's 80, folks.
Not when she's 32 years old.
You know, the wages of sin are death.
Do you understand that?
We're all under attack.
We're all being poisoned right now.
We all need to get our priorities straight.
Do you understand that?
I mean, I feel like being like a drill sergeant going, soldier, do you understand that enemy is there to kill you?
This is not a joke.
This is not a game.
This is not a drill.
There's a thousand points.
Do you know about the carcinogens in the water?
What the FDA and the EPA allow?
The Environmental Protection Agency allows masses of literally thousands of poisons.
The water table is a toxic stew, and you'll sit there and you will drink it.
And again, that's just an obvious, in-your-face example.
And look, I do it too.
It takes discipline.
Quite frankly, I shouldn't go to a restaurant and drink iced tea, because it's got tap water in it.
I should demand, we should demand they have filtered water.
And I guarantee you, if people got educated and signs out front said, filter water, or reverse osmosis water, it's just like we demanded organic food.
Now we have a choice.
Look, I harp on the water because these people know every football play, every football trick, every handoff, just every reverse blitz, whatever.
They know every football move there is.
Every play, but they don't know the Fourth Amendment.
And I just, it makes me sick.
And there's such value in it.
Oh, UT.
Oh, they've got to win.
Oh, they've got to, oh.
And I'm not saying you're bad to go to a football game and eat a hot dog, okay?
I'm not saying you're bad to like that, but when it's your God, that's what idolatry is.
People think of, you know, why does the Bible say don't worship idols?
Because that's all they did, was worship them and love them and talk about them and give offerings to them, and they worshiped the people that won the chariot races as gods, and they would bow down before them, and that's all they cared about.
You've got to get the basics done first.
Take the Jewish Kabbalah.
Clearly satanic.
Clearly bad.
But even in the Kabbalah stuff, they say you're not supposed to get into it until you're 40 years old, married with children, or a high-level rabbi or whatever.
Because you have to have the basics of your life prepared first.
You know, the hierarchy of needs.
But people don't do that in society today.
They just go and they jump into...
You know, entertainment and partying, and they do it first.
And you're not supposed to do that.
I mean, I duck out and go see a movie every few weeks.
I duck out and, you know, well, I haven't in years, but that's not true.
Last year I watched two baseball games.
That's because, you know what, I felt very guilty after I'd done it because I should have felt guilty.
You know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but at the same time, I mean, really, can we sit here doing this?
You better not be watching the football or watching the... If you don't like it, change the channel, folks.
Look, I know this.
You better not be doing that if you haven't done all your homework with your children.
If you haven't read to them about history.
There are very interesting, good children's history books.
If you haven't talked to them about the nature of good and evil and about God and the devil.
Again, folks, I know parents today.
You drive by people's houses in my neighborhood and all the windows are glowing blue.
That's the color of a television set's corona.
It's like a science fiction movie.
They're all dead, basically, watching.
We're supposed to be doing.
We're supposed to run the planet.
We're supposed to interface with nature and society.
We're supposed to build things as carpenters.
That's our job, is to build things and do things and debate.
You know how fun it is to go down to UT when they're having the debates in the Speaker's Corner?
Or they have them over in England.
With thousands of people arguing and debating up on sump boxes.
I mean, that's the real world.
And you're outside and the sun's shining on you and birds are tweeting.
You know, I don't watch TV.
I am TV.
I do TV.
Because I need to warn people, not because I even like television.
Alright, I'm preaching and it's just... Look, I'm not against sports either.
I think playing sports is good.
Because it teaches you discipline and teaches you confidence and teaches you and gets you physically in shape.
I think Little League baseball and football are wonderful, and soccer and all of it.
Let me be clear.
But this worship, this tribal war, we're going to Dallas, we're going to all drive up there and spend money we don't have, and we're all going to have a simulated war in this sports stadium, and we're going to cry if our team loses, and we're going to triumphantly roll around with endorphins flowing if we win.
Those are reserved, those war endorphins, when the enemy tribe has been raiding you for years and killing you and kidnapping your women and children, which is what the government does.
That's the real enemy tribe.
And that is meant when you get out there with that battle axe and they're charging at you and you do everything you can and you hack for hours and your arms have severed and they bind it up and you're going to die.
But you've defeated the enemy and your women are there attending you and you're laying there with your arms and legs hacked open, bleeding, but you defended them.
You defeated the enemy.
You're supposed to have those endorphins.
Because it's incredibly painful.
It's incredibly savage.
It's something that's hard to do and your brain has to reward you for being a man.
We're taking that battle action.
Getting out there and just... That's what war is.
Don't let them ever pervert it and turn it into this.
This abomination!
There is only one war that is good and it is holy.
And that is a defensive war.
And that's what we're fighting.
Make no mistake.
Sometimes I wish it was that simple, just to have the enemy horde coming at us.
And just to see them, and just, let's get it on!
To defend your families, that's the only war there is.
To take a war, and to go have a simulated war is disgusting.
And you know, I contradict myself.
I say sports are good, sports are good training.
Yes, we have that avenue.
It's a good place if you play the sports to hone them and develop it.
But then to make it your god is a serious abomination.
Just sit there, and the war is around you.
The war is business.
The war is your life.
The war is not letting your kids get on cocaine and heroin the government ships in.
The war is not drinking poison water.
The war is not taking their vaccines.
The war is exposing them.
Make no mistake, folks, I'm in a war.
They could trump charges up on me for, you know, anything, any day.
They could blow my head off any day.
But I'm more than happy to do it because I realize it's a war, folks.
They could do it.
I see the enemy.
I know what it is.
I know when those cameras go up what they are.
I know what all this is about.
I know it's a war.
It's an attack.
It's a dehumanizing butch against you and your family.
So don't ever, you know, when you feel those euphoric feelings when your team wins, those are misplaced feelings, folks.
We'll be right back.
We'll talk to Rodney in a minute.
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Join the true Americans that love this nation.
Rodney in Tejas.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
Great show.
I'm talking to you, my friend.
What's going on?
Well, here's what I want to just kind of step back with this thing with the propaganda with the flu.
I was looking at your website, and it was talking about martial law bringing in the troops to do this, and I'm thinking...
You know, if this is so contagious, what is going to prevent the soldiers, you know, from catching the flu?
If you recall from history, during the Spanish flu... No, they're always the worst, and they'll actually spread it with their deployments.
No, no, all the experts say, total disaster, it's the opposite of what you want to do, but see, they don't care.
It's not about this flu.
It's about martial law.
It's about getting that precedent set, Rodney.
Right, that's exactly what I... Again, this is war.
It's what Jim Tucker said in his article.
America is being occupied.
This is just like Julius Caesar occupying Rome.
I'm just trying to get people out there like you to think, you know, what about money?
If avian flu is so contagious...
When you touch money, and money is spread around probably even more so.
Oh, we have to get rid of it, see?
We have to have ID cards.
And when you touch ID cards and doorbells... They've already had promotions to demonize money.
And I'm not trying to demonize cash, but I'm just saying that this is ridiculous.
Well, number one, the flu viruses die within 30 seconds to a couple minutes.
I agree.
No, that's just the scientific facts.
You know, air kills viruses.
That's what air... Again, have you noticed how a piece of steel out in the field will rot?
That's air eats through it.
And so these things are where somebody sneezes and you breathe it.
Okay, you can have all the special air purifiers and air cleaners in the world.
That doesn't do anything, folks, unless your house is totally sealed and those cleaners are to keep stuff from the outside getting in.
What you get it from is somebody bringing it in and coughing on you, and you breathe it.
But, you know, I thought about that, and I recall from history that during the Spanish flu, most of the people who died from it were soldiers.
Well, it was people with good immune systems.
That particular...
And now what they're trying to do is mutate it and make it even worse.
They already have, and they mail it around like hotcakes to everyone, not because that's going to release it, but so when they do release it, there's plausible deniability.
And just one other story, jumping over to this story that I've seen at your website about this guy with the lured photos of the, you know, the savagery, you know, from the soldiers killing the prisoners over in Abu Ghraib on this Internet site.
And there rests this guy, you know, claiming that he's putting up terrible pornography, which, I mean, it has nothing to do with pornography, but everything to do with them not wanting the American public to see these lurid, incriminating photos of what actually happened over there and down there in Guantanamo.
No, you're right.
Thanks for the call.
And for all the so-called Christian conservatives,
If you think raping people's wives in front of them and then beating the husband to death is Christian, then you're not a Christian, folks.
You're of your father, the devil.
So kneel before him and just let his black wings encompass your doom.
I mean, it's really simple.
Congress would not allow the release of several thousand videos and several hundred videos.
Several thousand photos, several hundred videos of stuff that is unspeakable.
Or call 877-300-7646.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight, we're here live.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
We've got Bill Sardi, who is a health writer and journalist, researcher, coming on to talk about bird flu.
Is it hype?
Is it real?
What are the other threats we're not being told about?
He's done some amazing research.
We've got some of his articles posted at Infowars.com and over at PrisonPlanet.com.
Very important information.
I hope the callers would like to talk about bird flu a little bit as we take your calls.
William Crystal is saying that there may be big indictments, he's heard from inside sources, of high-level Bush administration officials in the next week.
And a U.S.
military wing, military strikes on Syria.
And the New York City terror plot is uncooperated, total propaganda.
That's even the New York Times admitting that.
And more on the horrible earthquake.
Just a lot of key news today.
We've got two hours left.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Chris in Texas.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, I got a big burp to you the other day, or last week, and telling you it's great.
I factored the cost of what it would cost
What I was doing, compared to the Birk, what it'll cost for the Big Birk, in fact, running the unit and everything, is like a fraction of what I was currently doing.
They did the math.
I think bottled water, on average, is like 20 times more expensive or something.
Oh, yeah.
For sure.
For people that buy a couple bottles of bottled water a day, in about 100 days, you'll pay off your Big Birk.
Yeah, I love it.
It's easy.
And then it'll last for, you know, the average unit is about 10,000 gallons.
And let's say you drink a gallon of water a day or a whole family of four or five gallons.
I mean, that thing's going to last you decades.
Oh, yeah.
It's fantastic.
Hey, I wanted to talk about, maybe you can relate it to your guest when he comes on, but this bird flu and the, I remember a couple of years ago it was mad cow disease.
And everybody was freaking out about that.
Well, they covered that up.
That is going on.
And then, of course, it was SARS.
We're all dead.
Martial law will save you.
But the reason why it affects birds and cows and they have to slaughter all these chickens and they have to slaughter all these cows is what's going on.
And this may be one facet of what's going on, but it's a bit of corporate sabotage with the CIA and
Working with, you know, the Rockefeller, with the labs and all that.
Okay, what is sabotage, specifically?
Sabotaging the beef industry, the chicken industry.
And giving, like, Tyson Foods, like, inroads to all these industries to sabotage.
Oh, I know that.
The EPA and the FDA and others will selectively target certain industries that aren't big boys.
I mean, here's an example.
The Food and Drug Administration has shut down big poultry plants who have, like, two or three violations in a year.
But then, and this has been in the newspapers, and then Tyson can have thousands at one plant and nothing happens.
Right, and they're going in and, well, you know, like the Rockefellers and the dismantling of this country is operated out of Little Rock, Arkansas, where they got the, well, not Little Rock, but Arkansas in general.
You know, where they have J.B.
Hunt shipping and shipping all the Chinese goods, working with the Communist Chinese.
That's where Walmart's based?
Right, Walmart.
All headquartered out of Bentonville, Arkansas, with the Rockefellers, and they're all running it.
And then Tyson Foods is another arm of that.
And I think Sherman Skolnick reported on it, and I think Lynn Horowitz has done some research on that.
Yeah, there's a lot of elite power in West Virginia and in Arkansas.
Thanks for the call.
But really, most of it's centered in New York, D.C., Boston, Houston, Chicago, L.A.
But no, major globalist industries, controlled industries there.
The Rockefellers literally bought the states of West Virginia and Arkansas because they were poor and small with low populations.
All right, Bill Sardi coming up.
You don't want to miss it.
More of your calls, 1-800-259-9231.
Don't forget the websites, Infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
It was great seeing everybody out there last night for the showing of...
Dark secrets inside Bohemian Grove.
Thanks for coming out.
It was good seeing you.
We'll be right back.
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Hello, my friends.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there was someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
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That's what it's all about.
Talking about real issues of real significance that actually affect you and your family.
That's why the last eight, nine years I've called this radio talk show Real Talk Radio.
Not the phony baloney, phony conservative, phony liberal, false paradigm garbage you hear.
Now Bill Sardi has been a...
I think we're good to go.
Eight years in nutrition and natural health to write about compelling and sometimes complex health issues facing Americans.
Bill has traveled to China, Japan, Greece, Israel, and other countries to obtain first-hand knowledge.
His books cover important practical topics such as what's best in multivitamins, the new truth about vitamins and minerals, the role iron plays in disease, the iron time bomb, and what science says about food,
Acid and so-called acid relievers and natural alternatives.
His book, In Search of the World's Best Water, reveals the heretofore unreported links between drinking water and disease.
Boy, tell me about it.
Bill also writes for Nutrition Science News, Health Products Business, and Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.
And he's done a lot of really detailed reporting about the bird flu.
We've had Mr. Rappaport on, John Rappaport, who really thinks that obviously the bird flu, the avian flu could cause thousands of deaths.
I mean, millions of people die every year globally.
Tens of millions, 35,000 alone here in the U.S.
from just the run-of-the-mill flu.
But what's different about this avian flu that they've tracked back and say it matches very closely the 1918 swine flu?
Excuse me, Spanish flu.
And then other swine flus they've had.
Is that it causes autoimmune responses, and now they're saying it kills half of the people that come in contact with it.
Well, that's not really true.
I actually looked at the numbers.
What it does is, half the people who come to the hospital end up dying.
So a lot of the statistics show we're looking at a 5-10% mortality rate, but that's still very, very serious.
Why is the media hyping this?
Why are they freaking out?
Bush is saying martial law will save us when all the experts say martial law will only make things worse.
Meanwhile, I read about weaponized flu, super flu, made thousands of times more lethal, being mailed around the country.
Being mailed around the world, different scientific laboratories and private universities and public universities posting the genome of superflues.
Our government digging up superflue out of the permafrost of dead whalers from 1918 and then increasing the power of it and reverse engineering it.
All of that is getting basically no attention.
Bill Sardi does cover it in detail on his website.
We've linked over to that at Infowars.com.
Why aren't they focusing in on all these other really serious things but hyping this avian flu?
So to talk about that with us is Bill Sardi.
Bill, thanks for coming on with us.
Great to be with you, Alex.
We really have a lot of seasonal hype combined with something maybe more sinister, and it has me shaking in my chair as I talk about it.
The seasonal hype is...
It's kind of like cabbage patch dolls.
Let's create a shortage.
Everybody will roll up their sleeve and get the vaccine.
They've got 96 million doses of a worthless flu vaccine to sell.
The American public has to buy it because the government orders it and they don't want to leave their good friends, the pharmaceutical companies, hanging.
So they create a panic, which they've done the last two or three years.
This one is just unheralded.
I mean, it's unprecedented the way they're going about it
You know, even the president standing up, we're going to call the troops out.
And so everyone understands the regular flu epidemic that's seasonal, just like you pointed out, does kill some people around the globe.
They use inflated numbers.
The 36,000 in the United States to 1.5 million in the world is inflated to scare people to get their vaccine.
The vaccine hasn't worked for five years in a row.
They have to guess a year ahead of time which strain will be in circulation.
By the way, that's admitted.
They will say this shot doesn't even cover you, but you better get it.
And these fools line up when there's all the correlations with the people that have had three or more flu shots in their older age developing Alzheimer's.
Well, that's certainly true.
There is a link there.
But even if you've got your flu shot this year, it certainly doesn't protect you from this mutated bird flu, which might...
Be circling the globe and certainly the H5N1, which is the mutated virus.
So it's not going to protect you from that.
That's all the hype.
That's all the worry.
That's all the concern.
So every year they have to get these.
And by the way, we've got 295 million people in America.
They only make about 100 million doses of this stuff.
What about the rest of us?
They never seem to get an epidemic started, even though the rest of us never had the shots.
And actually a government study last year showed they haven't lowered the mortality rate even though the rate of vaccination has gone up in the United States.
But you notice the news media in lockstep advising everybody run down and get your flu shot.
This is mindless news reporting.
And they're in league with the government, and the government is simply a public relations agency for the vaccine manufacturers.
For those that don't know, if they create an artificial scarcity and the cabbage patch phenomenon, and folks, they've caught major toy makers doing this, they will have reporters under their friends.
We're good to go.
And now they're all going to be scrabbling to get the shot because of fear.
We're talking about tens of billions in profit just off some hype.
Well, the real hype is to try to get Tamiflu sold.
Now, Tamiflu is the drug.
It's the only practical, active, effective drug for the flu and certainly for this mutated, dreaded flu virus that we're thinking of from Asia.
And if this thing ever mutates, well, ever mutates, it's already mutated.
We've done it in a laboratory.
We'll be telling you that in a second.
But what they're really trying to do is get everybody to call up Canada, get on the Internet, order their Tamiflu from Canada.
It's $6 a pill.
Now, you really can't take it now.
What you do is wait for the flu to occur.
It does not keep you from getting the flu.
It just keeps it at bay, and then you'll survive the event.
And you need to take two a day if you're an adult, one if you're a child, at $6 a pill, at least for seven to ten days and maybe for six weeks.
So it could cost you about $500 the full course.
Of course, now, recall, the United States is going to buy $3 to $4 billion, that's with a B, of Tamiflu.
And, of course, that's being sold by Roche Pharmaceuticals, which is just a front man for Gilead Pharmaceuticals.
Who used to run Gilead Pharmaceuticals?
None other than Donald Rumsfeld.
He has a ton of stock in that company.
He's going to make a fortune on this.
They're trying to create this shortage.
Well, it's like people with major Bush connections behind Cipro.
You've got Bush in his cabinet on Cipro, September 10th, a month before it shows up.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Well, here's the sinister part of this whole thing.
We're trying to tell you there's a lot of hype.
I think so.
And, you know, New Hampshire had two or something, so the one was three times different.
I mean, they were using phony data and hyping everything.
For those that doubt this, our local news, all TV stations say, here's the law, you must vaccinate your children for school, you'll be arrested.
Folks, there is no law, and the news says there's a law that doesn't exist.
So they're doing the same thing with this.
It's just outright lying and twisting.
Well, and so everyone understands with children, we do not have good studies showing the safety in very young children.
We went down to six years of age, now they're saying to go down to six months.
In very young children, we have one of the, there's three vaccine makers in the current mix, so one of them is new.
We don't even know what that one will do in young children.
You shouldn't use these in pregnant females.
And everyone understand, if you're going to try the flu mist, this is the one they snuff up your nose,
That's live vaccine.
It has live bugs in it that you will shed the live virus for about three or four weeks.
Anybody else in your family will get influenza.
Well, that was the thing about smallpox when 14 million people were ordered to take it, government people and firefighters and medical workers, and they just said no.
Only 4,000 took it, or less than 1%, because the scientists said this will actually spread smallpox.
Well, certainly all this is true.
So now that we've calmed everybody down and they can see that this is just a public relations stunt to get all this money... Get ready to head for the hills.
Now we've got the sinister side of the whole thing.
We have actually intentionally made the world's most deadly virus ever.
It's in a laboratory, the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.
It's been intentionally mutated there by a researcher, Dr. Kawaoka.
And what they did was intentionally mutate that virus in order to see if they could make a vaccine against it.
That's what they allege.
Now, New Scientist magazine took them on and said, wait a minute.
How potent is this thing?
Science magazine, Nature magazine chiming in.
Stay there.
We're going to tell you about this virus when we get back.
And then again, they take these type of viruses and mail them all over the place.
It's the government doing this, but the troops have got to run your life, but they're making all these and mailing them around.
So stay there, Bill Sardi.
We'll give you folks the websites as well.
This is so important.
This is so vital.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Or call 1-866-884-9104.
That's 1-866-884-9104.
Hello, folks.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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If only our president would listen to his God.
Now remember, the U.N., the Centers for Disease Control, we have Henry Kissinger documents.
They're always talking about how they want to reduce population.
They've been caught adding hormones to vaccines that have sterilized women all over the world.
So the very same crew has universities all over the planet with the mouse pox and the super flu and Wisconsin, all this stuff being bred and made, nothing to do with treating it.
And, you know, again, folks, what you do is you try to create a vaccine for things that already exist or what you think can exist, not breeding super viruses.
Please continue, Bill.
Well, certainly, I think your audience can recall, well, the current flu data shows that they can make enough vaccine vaccines
They're going to be late in making it.
Six months to a year.
We're going to have to hold on, possibly quarantine camps or whatever.
And then they're going to make enough vaccine or medicine for 14% of the world's population.
That comes down to 500 million people.
Remember the Georgia Guidestones?
What did they say?
They said, we're going to take the world's population down to 500 million people.
Kind of curious, but...
At any rate, what's happening here is all kinds of propaganda on the government side.
Last week, the State Department, that paragon of the Department of Government that we rely upon for health information, released a press release saying dogs are getting an influenza that jumped from horses to dogs, kind of sending out the scare idea like what we might get
The flu from our dog, and we might have to cull the population of dogs in the United States, just like we're doing it for birds, scaring us out of nowhere for nothing.
Now, this is the kind of propaganda that's going on, State Department issuing that odd bulletin, but the sinister side is what I'm trying to tell you about.
A deadly flu virus has been intentionally mutated
The Spanish flu virus that you hear about, the H5N1, in a laboratory at the University of Wisconsin, Nature magazine, October 6th, reporting it is 39,000 times more virulent than any other modern flu strain.
Thanks a lot, government.
Now, here's what the people say.
New Scientist magazine said, hey, they've only got grade 3 security there in their lab.
You're supposed to have grade 4 security.
For that kind of thing.
Things escape from grade 3 security labs.
Remember the SARS virus got out of that lab in China.
The guy who was the researcher actually took it with him, I believe, to Hong Kong is where he traveled and so on.
He even told the whole story about it.
Eventually he died.
So we know that the SARS virus got out of a lab.
Here's what one biosecurity expert told Nature magazine.
The risk
That the recreated strain might escape is so high it is almost a certainty.
And the publication of the full genome sequence gives any rogue nation or bioterrorist group all the information they need to make their own version of the virus.
This would be extremely dangerous should it escape.
There's a long history of things escaping, said Barbara Hatch, Rosenberg molecular biologist.
And let's make this clear.
The globalists do this on purpose so they have plausible deniability.
All they do is... I want everyone to recall that we have an anthrax terrorist on the loose, someone who is cunning enough to get in and get a strain of anthrax,
From the Fort Detrick, Maryland Army Bioweapons, their headquarters.
And to coat it with bentonite, it's the government.
Now, they tracked it genetically back to a government lab.
That government lab is where Jeffrey Taubenberger works, the fellow that went up for the U.S.
Army and got the Spanish flu.
Out of the tundra up in Alaska.
And, you know, I'm trying to tell you that it got out of that lab somehow, too.
And if he was that cunning, whoever this terrorist was, could he get it out of the University of Wisconsin in Madison?
I'd certainly be on the alert, have guards there all over the place.
The grade three security is not the highest level of security a lab worker could walk out of there with on him.
And start a flu pandemic, we have no antibodies against this thing.
It is so pandemic, if it got started, nothing is going to stop it.
Now, you know, it's interesting... But the globalists will just go in their little underground bunkers and this is their religion is to kill us, and oh, but I'm sure the government won't let it happen.
Let's just give all our rights up.
Well, they'll have all the Tamiflu for themselves, but the issue is that this thing gets started.
We do not know how to stop it.
What a wonderful way to get the public...
To go along with the idea of, well, quarantine camps, the military coming into your state, taking over.
And funny, we hear that for terrorists, we hear that for floods.
It's just suddenly, that's all we talk about now, Bill.
Now, there's some scary parts of this.
We'll continue.
Well, I'm just going to worship the government.
I think if we just give up all our rights, so what if these people said they want to kill us, and then now, magically, they make money off all this, and they're doing this.
I mean...
We should just trust them.
And watch the football game.
I mean, we shouldn't care about our children.
We shouldn't be upset about this.
The government just says it's going to happen.
We should just lay back and die.
Make room for the globalists.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Isn't your family worth it?
People say, how far is it going to go?
Tommy Thompson openly on the news saying every child needs an implantable chip.
Andy Rooney says if you don't take one, you're with the terrorists.
All the craziness.
No, I'm not going to let you keep our troops from torturing.
I'll veto it.
Oh, I want totally open borders.
Oh, I want a big socialist for the Supreme Court.
People are asking, why is it so in your face?
Why is it so over the top?
Because George Bush is just a puppet.
Just like Bill Clinton before him, and his father, and Reagan the actor before him.
Back to Kennedy, who they got rid of because he wouldn't play ball.
We haven't had a real president since then.
Love him or hate him.
And I know who the New World Order is.
They're a bunch of control freak scientists...
Who work for a bunch of Malthusian robber barons, old money, people who had a billion dollars when a billion dollars meant something.
I mean, these people were multi-billionaires 105 years ago.
Bill Gates is like a corner shopkeeper compared to these people.
And their literature, their writings, when they write a book that they know maybe a thousand academics are going to read, you're never going to read it.
Well, we do.
It's how they're going to kill us and our families.
They're going to release super weapons and they're going to kill us.
And I'm sure you've heard of Ted Turner and Prince Philip and Jacques Cousteau.
But it's more than that.
I mean, it's the Masons.
It's the Masonic group that paid for the Georgia Guidestones.
It's Henry Kissinger.
I mean, we actually have the 1973 CIA Kissinger plan.
We're writing an article about it right now.
What was it called?
You know, Plan 2000.
Where they say that, you know, they order the third world.
You want these billions of dollars, you will forcibly sterilize half your women by hook or crook.
Here's a few ways to do it.
They see us as animals, as cattle.
They say we are going to cull them.
And I've told you.
We're about to go back to Bill Sarney.
That this entire terrorism situation is only the precursor to set up the police state.
And then once it's in place, once you've all got kill switches on your cars, transponders on your cars, cameras on every rural road, now in place...
Once you've got militarized police, once you've got robotic drone networks of aircraft and armored vehicles, which is now happening, once it's in place, then they're going to tell you what's going to happen on the news and tell you how to behave when it happens, and then they'll pose as our saviors, and as the cops sit there with their children dying on their arms, I want them to remember, you serve the New World Order.
We're all going to be judged by this.
People in government.
You thought you'd be protected.
You won't be.
They're going to come in after all this happens and just clean us out of our houses.
Clean the skeletons out.
And start their new golden age.
Now, this is not a science fiction movie.
This is real.
And I don't even believe it's going to happen this year or the next year.
They're gearing up.
They're training you.
They're introducing us into the nomenclature every year.
Until finally they're going to release it.
And they're going to release it and make no mistake.
They're killing all the microbiologists that have worked on it who can finger them or who can treat it.
Hundreds of them.
And it's hell on earth, folks.
And I don't know what to say.
A lot of it's going to be sprayed from aircraft.
It's not even going to be what they tell you it is.
And I mean, I'm sorry if you can't deal with this.
I'm sorry.
But let me just tell you, you're a state policeman.
You're an FBI agent.
You're a BATF.
You're whoever you are.
You think you're tough.
You think you're cool.
You think you're part of the system.
You think the system's like you are.
You know, you're not evil, so the system must not be evil.
Let me tell you something.
You need to grow up.
Yes, it is.
The people we're fighting funded the Soviets.
They funded the Nazis.
Our own government now admits they put Mao in, who killed 60 million.
They killed 200 million people in the last century.
Globalists did.
They're going to make that look like a cakewalk in this century if they have their way.
Now, I'm not trying to scare you.
Everything's on the line here.
This is not a game.
This is not a drill.
They're the ones on the news saying a billion dead.
They're the ones on the news saying martial law every day when all the scientists go, wait, that isn't what you need to do.
That won't help.
They're the ones doing this.
You understand we're trying to survive here.
We're trying to stop this.
We're the best friends you've got.
It's not very safe for me as an individual to be out here on the very tip of the spear or Bill Sardi to be doing this.
But you know what?
We don't have a choice, folks.
What's it going to do, gain us another year, another six months, to shut up and go along?
How can you do it?
Bill, I mean, look, I didn't do some pre-interview with you.
We've had you on a few times.
I don't know your views on all this.
You're a good researcher, so your stuff's right on the line with what I've got.
I enjoy what you're saying, and I think it's factual and true from what I've been able to tell politically and otherwise.
The American public needs to wake up and understand...
Population control, I'm here from the medical side, population control is the major agenda in the world.
It's their obsession.
And so you understand, they actually have a number they're using.
500 million people is what they want to get this down to, in case you haven't counted, it's about 6 billion on the planet.
And now they're letting us know that they're the boss, introducing the threat of the flu, while they're cooking up stuff that will kill, I think it's safe to say, 99% of people.
The United Nations says they're concerned about the population rising to 9 billion by the year 2050.
Most of this will be in the Third World.
Now, how would we cull down the population of the Third World?
Well, let me tell you how.
When they went back and looked at the flu virus of 1918, the Spanish flu, in the United States, an odd group of people died off.
This was the 20- and 30-year-olds, not the very young and the old,
Which the very young don't have a developed immune system, the older people have a used up one.
So what happens is that when they went to look back, the number of people dying of a different now disease, which is tuberculosis, almost disappeared from view right after the 1918 Spanish flu.
Well what had happened was, by the way, tuberculosis is in the lung mostly, it could be anywhere, but
You get it in the lung.
And what happened, our troops went off to war, came back with tuberculosis in their lungs.
We didn't have antibiotics in 1918.
And they were coughing and had compromised lungs.
And then came the flu, which is a virus.
TB is a bacteria.
And that did them in.
Now, how many people worldwide today already have TB in their lungs?
Two billion of the six billion people on the planet.
If this deadly flu virus gets in circulation, it will literally wipe out two billion people.
They're at high risk.
Anybody with HIV... And our government is pumping in people with drug-resistant TB as fast as they can into this country.
And, you know, they say they're going to have quarantine plans.
With that leaky border across the southern side of our... Oh, don't worry.
They'll lock people down in Austin, Texas and Kansas City and aim machine guns at us and beat us up.
But we're letting the immigrants... But the border's going to stay wide open.
You're absolutely right.
No, no, no.
We're letting the immigrants come right in here with the TB, with the whooping cough, with the hepatitis.
To give it all to us, and now we'll be more prone to this problem.
Well, now we've got meningitis spreading all over, and it's admittedly the Health Department admits from all the foreign students, but is there a call to get them out of here?
All we have to do is pass this Codex legislation, limit the amount of vitamins and minerals in our vitamin pills, and we have no immunity left.
And, of course, that seems to be the plan that we're concerned about.
If you want to know what the plan is, they've already made it
And the plan calls for 36%.
Isn't it interesting, Alex, they just found after three or four years the plans for 9-11.
We had a scenario if there was a terrorist attack in New York.
Exactly as it happened, we wrote about it and that's how it occurred.
Interesting that the hurricane in New Orleans occurred right according to the exact scenario.
Was in Scientific American four years ago and in other publications.
Oil storm three months before.
Even with Mayor Ray Nagin.
Here's the plan for the flu.
They have a scenario that calls for 36% of the public getting infected.
About almost 100 million people.
And 5% dying, that's almost 4 or 5 million Americans dying.
We only have hospital beds for a little less than a million people.
I hope everyone gets this.
There will be no vaccine available.
There will be no medicines available.
You will not have anyone to call.
Now, the person that's unfolding and making all the plans on how to handle this
Is Dr. Michael Osterholm, professor, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.
He's drafting all the plans for the government, how to handle this crisis.
By the way, he happens to be author of the book, Living Terrors.
He wrote the book one year before 9-11, predicted there would be a terrorist outbreak of some kind of bioterrorism in Minnesota.
And of course, one year later, he predicted it was exactly as he had predicted.
So they publicly scripted, and then it happens.
Now recall that when the anthrax virus escaped...
Somehow from Fort Detrick in, this is the Army Laboratory.
Level 4.
In Maryland.
And Bush somehow was on Cipro weeks before it popped up.
We didn't know where it came from until later.
We had to backtrack where it came from.
But it was aimed at where?
It was aimed at the news media.
First the tabloids, which are the first to publish almost any news story.
They went to Florida to a tabloid.
Then to NBC News and to the two opposing members of Congress
And you think somebody was aiming it at somebody telling them to shut up or you'll get an envelope too?
Why hasn't the public caught on to this?
Well, it's like the bomb threat and bomb scare at the Rolling Stones.
They criticize Bush, you get a bomb threat.
Well, Nature Magazine has a whole scenario here.
They've published... It was a little bit of a fictional story, but Nature Magazine in their May 26th issue, they have a whole little scenario...
Where a fictional writer, Sally O'Reilly, is a fictional character.
She's a freelance journalist, and she's writing a book, and says she's interrupted in her book by an announcement from the president.
And then Nature Magazine has this speech from the president, tells you the whole scenario.
The flu outbreak is announced on December 26th, the day after Christmas.
By February, this thing is spreading throughout the United States and the world.
We're battened down.
Government has outlawed all gathering in public places.
Stay at home is the message blaring on the TV screens.
Where are the drugs?
Where are the drugs?
Says the CNN reporter.
I can't believe there's no vaccine.
This can't be happening in America.
Says the CNN reporter.
This is a fictional account.
But the point is, by May of 2006, the whole pandemic is declared over.
You see, they've got the plan here.
Will it follow true to course that everything they wrote, does art precede reality?
And let me just give you a little glimpse of the President's speech that they have written for him already.
Here it is.
At this hour, World Health Organization declared a full-scale pandemic alert.
Person-to-person spread lasting more than two weeks.
Cambodia and Vietnam.
During previous influenza pandemics, the United States' large number of people were ill, thought medical care were hospital and died.
On my orders... This is a speech as if the President was giving.
On my orders, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services...
Have today implemented the nation's draft pandemic influenza response and preparedness plan.
It will serve as our roadmap on how we as a nation and as a member of the global community will respond to the pandemic.
We are ready.
Thank you and may God bless America.
And of course that would be a fictional speech by the President of the United States.
Of course, you see, people are already trying to give us a hint
Of what they already have in mind.
They are so committed to this flu pandemic, all they have to do is say the normal flu season, we can't figure out whether it's the
It's the really mutated, deadly stranger.
Well, it's like SARS.
You've got a few dozen people in Canada with it, so they lock everything down, and there's people locked down in Dallas, can't leave, and then we're not worried about all the bedridden, we're not worried about all the scams, we're not worried about presidential-level indictments.
They can just say to play it safe, we're going to stop all airport transit, we're going to stop trade, we're going to quarantine, we're going to... I mean, and this could be over nothing!
I was about to add, this may not even happen this year, though they could hype it literally over nothing, but again, it just gets us prepared.
Notice, for floods, we need martial law.
For terrorists, we need martial law.
Now for the flu, it's just martial law, martial law, martial law, no due process, it's the new America.
Well, the public mindset is, when is the government going to come here to help me?
If it's the flu, they have nothing to help you with.
And by the way, all previous quarantines pretty much were with bacteriums like smallpox.
Well, folks, we saw what happened.
This is a virus.
You can't stop it with a quarantine.
Well, you saw what happened in Houston with the evacuation.
None of this works.
Now, let me give you some good news.
They're hiding from us that there are two immune systems in the body.
The one they're talking about with the vaccines and so on is your acquired immune system you develop antibodies to a specific virus.
The viruses keep mutating so the vaccines are worthless inevitably.
You're talking about a T lymphocyte white blood cell front line.
We have an innate immune system.
You can boost it.
You can boost your T cells, your thymus cells.
You can boost your white cells, your phagocytes, your natural killer cells.
You can do that.
Vitamin C and E proven to do it now.
In the bird flu, which is, by the way, the Japanese have disclosed in Japan Times that somebody is implanting this bird flu in the vaccine they use for the birds.
Now that's right.
Let's be specific.
This is being put into the birds.
Tell us about this.
Well, you know, notice all of a sudden bird flocks in Turkey and Romania and all over the world have the bird flu.
And again, it's the globalists doing it through the vaccines.
They're doing it through the vaccine.
Now, you want to line up for the human vaccine, by the way, knowing this?
Let's be specific.
This has been in the big Japanese papers.
It's the Japanese times.
We dug it up, and what they found was their birds have a strain of the flu that's found in South America, but birds don't fly east-west.
They fly north-south.
They couldn't have got over there, so they surmised...
The only way it could have got in there is somebody injected it into the birds.
Well, they know they're using these bird flu vaccines.
That's the only way they can find it got in there.
And they also tracked back with the foot and mouth back in 99 in England.
That was released by the government from Porton Down.
Now, remember, earlier in the year, an ominous kind of odd report was in Nature Magazine.
Now, Nature Magazine, one of the top scientific journals in the world,
And they reported that somebody took a human mutated influenza virus and stuck it in a pig in South Korea.
Now if a human got that virus, they would say, oh look, it mutated and jumped to a human.
Somebody stuck it in there intentionally and were able to track down the genetics of it, the strain.
You see, somebody's implanting this stuff in the animals, hoping it'll hop to the humans, and then we'll say, oh look, it just mutated by nature!
These things don't... Until we knew how to manipulate genetics, these things didn't jump from animals to humans.
So now that they know how to do it, all of a sudden it's occurring.
So, you know, we're being told a bunch of misinformation.
The news reporters are just parroting the government press releases.
And we're getting nothing and you've got to protect yourself.
Let me tell you how to do it.
The bird flu has to mutate in your body or even the regular seasonal flu.
It has to mutate into a more virulent form that will then fill your lungs with fluid and you'll die of literally drowning in your own lungs.
That can be stopped.
It's in the medical literature.
Department of Agriculture scientists, they're just not reporting it.
If you take selenium, a trace mineral, everybody in the United States ought to be on a selenium supplement.
Selenium will prevent the genetic mutation that causes the mortal form of the flu.
I didn't say you won't get the flu.
I said you won't die of it.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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Folks, there are a lot of scams out there, too.
I mean, Rumsfeld, again, they're going to make $4 billion first pop off of this particular flu pill.
And the medical literature clearly shows that the finer quality red wine pills that have those chemicals in it do the exact same thing.
And so just because you can't get the other drug that's selling out, it is smart to stockpile some of those red wine pills, and we'll get Bill to tell us about that in a second.
But good old-fashioned vitamin E, vitamin C, massive dosages, have shown it in rats and mice over and over again.
Just knock this stuff out.
But, Bill, if they make something, as you said, 39,000 times more deadly than our loving government has made, and they only have it in a Level 3 bio lab, and that's only one of the little nightmares they've made, what's wrong with the elite?
I mean, they know this stuff can get out and probably will get out.
We know they want to release it, but wouldn't they want to control the date of that release?
Well, we only have one manufacturing plant, Time Magazine, now saying they won't be able to supply enough for the world.
They want to stockpile this, of course, keep making money, even though it never gets used.
By the way, we made a few hundred million doses of an anthrax vaccine we never used, but the drug companies got paid.
But doesn't the government lose all credibility if every year they say a billion will die and it never happens?
They should, but the public has a short memory.
The news media kind of creates an area of credibility, and the public...
They're kind of herded.
They just kind of do as they're told.
We have a mentality today of we're letting our TV doing our thinking for us.
Whatever they say to do over there is what we must probably we should do.
Whether it's taking a cholesterol pill, which doesn't work, or whatever, this is kind of what's going on.
They don't want to let us know about these natural medicines.
We've said this before many times.
The biological action of every prescription drug can be duplicated.
With dietary supplements, they just don't want to let us know what those are.
Of course, we're headed into this flu season.
I can hear some mothers listening right now to this tape and saying,
Wow, this is amazing.
What do I do for my one-year-old, my two-year-old?
Let's go over those red wine pills.
Give folks the specifics.
Three studies show elderberry syrup.
Sounds a little childish, doesn't it?
Elderberry syrup for adults or children works very well in the flu season.
You need to have it in your home, in the refrigerator.
Have it there.
Get it ready.
If they panic you and you're unsure, you're not sure whether this is the mutated one,
That's in circulation, the flu virus, then you can start taking this.
When they took little mice, they can't do the study in humans.
It would be unethical.
And they gave them the flu and then just tried to keep from dying.
When they gave them massive doses, 5,000 milligrams of C, 5,000 milligrams of vitamin E, they survived.
It calmed down the whole problem.
So you can take these things.
Remember I mentioned selenium a little earlier.
If the bird flu is circulating and you think it might mutate into a deadly form in your body,
You need to have adequate amount of selenium and vitamin E on board.
It prevents the mutation.
And we're going to repeat all of this again in the next hour, and Bill has this up on his site for free, folks.
Bill Sardi's written for some of the biggest publications in the country.
He does the research.
Not only is Rumsfeld trying to scam...
He's the real deal.
There are other quacks out there on the web and on TV trying to sell you magic products that do not even help you and you need to know.
Or they claim that, oh, we've got air purifiers that do it.
Folks, the air kills this stuff to begin with.
It's when somebody sneezes on you and you suck it up your nose, that's when you get it.
Now, Bill, I don't know if you agree with me on that.
Do you agree?
Oh, absolutely.
You couldn't possibly kill off enough air particles.
With this, and I know the folks that believe in colloidal silver, silver will kill bugs in your stomach, but it doesn't stop it from getting directly in your lungs.
It'll be airborne from one person to another.
The viral particles get shed.
You get it.
Exactly, or it goes right into the sinus.
So, you know, so these are the kind of ways that you get, even your eyes know.
Exactly, folks.
We want to save lives, okay?
Vitamin C, selenium, things that are real, that are free source.
Not everybody wants to claim they've got this special little silver bullet, but only they have.
No, we're trying to save lives, nothing to sell you.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There's a whole bunch of websites you can go to.
You can go to Infowars.com and link through over to some of Bill's sites, but just in case you don't find those links, knowledgeofhealth.com, just knowledgeofhealth.com, and there's a bunch of other sites, hereandnowbooks.com, and just a bunch of other important websites.
We'll tell you about those again before he leaves us.
Bill, I've got links to some of your stories, but I want people to find...
Where you have the medical reports and the studies, because I'm looking at them right here, of what specifically, what vitamins and minerals and things are the best, which site should they go to for that information?
Knowledgeofhealth.com and InfoWars will link you.
So please, if you're familiar with InfoWars, and all of you support InfoWars because they're getting this good information to you.
And, you know, start with the basics.
I know you're all going to get hit up by people selling multi-level this and that and whatever.
And just think of the basics.
These are essential nutrients.
Vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc.
These are the good things.
Now you want to get into exotic things and some of them work well.
We mentioned elderberry syrup.
By the way, selenium is a trace mineral.
That's essential.
Start with those.
Remember, and by the way, how much vitamin C?
20 milligrams per pound of body weight.
If that's your little children, that's what they should be on.
I have a one and a half year old.
He gets vitamin C, he doesn't get the vaccine.
Bill, having children doesn't make you even matter.
I mean, I found it almost throws me into a rage that they're creating all these deadly viruses, they're doing all this, they're injecting the birds.
They're causing it and threatening our families.
Our young children are vulnerable because they don't have an immune system developed yet.
And that's why young children are very vulnerable to these things.
Of course, they're saying that the flu epidemic starts with young kids, so they're aiming this vaccine.
One of them is unproven yet in children.
And, you know, I'm worried that our young kids are going to be lined up first.
And, boy, this sounds like a Gestapo line, doesn't it?
And, you know, I mean, this thing is really getting kind of scary for me because, you know, maybe it's just for drill.
Maybe it's just to sell their vaccines and their Tamiflu.
But maybe they're going to release something more deadly and say it escaped from a lab.
We'll find that out three years later.
That's what we found out about the anthrax thing, you know, and so, you know, this is what's happening.
We have a terrorist on the loose.
By the way, whoever that terrorist was, it seems like he tipped off Dick Cheney, because he knew, to start getting the antidotes and the vaccines for anthrax before it was even in circulation.
Gee, two plus two.
And then Michael Osterholm, this director of school public health for the
Author of Living Terrors, now directing the presidential campaign against the flu, he wrote in his book and predicted there would be such an outbreak in New York a year before.
I mean, this is the kind of thing...
That is going on.
These guys seem to have some sort of tip-off and inside knowledge.
Well, you know, I've read criminology, and they've caught psychopaths, they've caught white-collar criminals, because for some reason criminals love to brag, in fact, even beforehand.
And if somebody writes about something exactly as it happens, and then the police usually go interview them, because a lot of times they're doing it.
But I don't understand how these guys can just do this over and over again and then they never get in trouble.
Well, if we see Dick Cheney, it's announced that he's starting to take Tamiflu, that might be your hint.
Something's coming, because that's what he did.
He took the anthrax vaccine.
Sure enough, there it came thereafter.
Well, they were on it even before it got mailed out.
So somebody had inside foreknowledge about this whole thing?
I'm just, you know, maybe I sound a little conspiratorial.
Maybe this all sounds a little too, well, too difficult for us to deal with.
Put up your guard.
Do something at home.
Don't rely on government to come to your aid with vaccines and medicine.
Well, I heartily agree with you.
Bill Sardi is just a wealth of knowledge.
I'm so honored to have you with your information.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
If I'm bashing some of the fake cures out there, I don't want people to die.
That comes first.
We're trying to save listeners, not kill them.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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That's InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 Or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, I'm not going to sit up here all high and mighty and tell everybody what to do or what to buy.
But I have done the research.
I've read the studies.
I've interviewed many doctors and nutritionists on this program.
Bill Sardi has written for some of the biggest publications in the country.
He is a gentleman who literally gets out there and researches what's going on as a consumer advocate and a health journalist.
And so I'll just list a few of the things that I know people are pushing that are not going to help you.
Number one, folks, the air kills viruses regardless.
So when you hear somebody say, oh, you know, the air kills, you know, we got this special air filter, this special, you know, ozone machine or whatever it is that shoots out this stuff and it kills everything.
The air does that to begin with.
People sneeze this stuff out.
There's aerosolized little droplets with the aerosolized virus in stasis.
You snort that or breathe that.
It goes into your lungs, into your sinus.
That's where you get it.
Then they say take colloidal silver.
And folks, obviously, you've got some nasty cut that's infected.
Colloidal silver is great.
You've got some stomach infection.
Every once in a while, it's great.
But I've read the medical literature, even 100 years ago when they used it.
You drink that stuff all the time, you will turn blue.
I mean, I was talking to Bill, and again, I don't know Bill's views, folks.
I've read a lot of his reports, but I don't know all his views.
And I go, what do you think of this?
It's the exact same thing I believe, because it's the real research that's out there.
So I don't want to get 100 emails that how dare you.
You know, Bill said during the break, he said, Alex, these people all believe in chelation to get the heavy metals out of you, which is good, but then they also want to dump the heavy metal in them.
So Bill, you want to comment on that?
Well, absolutely.
And by the way,
They did a study.
You sneeze or you talk and you spread the virus.
It even gets in your eye.
You don't realize.
You get a little spot and then it goes down in the tear duct.
You've got the virus.
It's very easily transmitted.
Washing your hands, that's good against bacteria, not against viruses.
And, of course, that's kind of a worthless attempt at the whole thing.
By the way, you might buy stock in companies that sell masks.
I see that, you know, surgical masks.
That's going to be big this year.
You know, you couldn't possibly filter all the air in a room, whether it's allergens or bugs.
Yes, the device itself kills the viruses, but you can't filter all the air in the room.
And colloidal silver, again, it works.
I'm not arguing with anybody that it does or doesn't work.
Colloidal silver works.
Take a rusty nail and put it in a wound.
It'll kill all the bugs.
But is that the way you want to do it?
And you need to rely on things that are not heavy metals like, you know, oil of oregano, a natural antibiotic, fresh crushed garlic.
Most of the garlic pills don't work.
There is one or two that might have a little activity in them.
So, you know, these are the kind of things that'll kill the stuff.
Let's not go to heavy metals, but for all you advocates of colloidal silver, it's fine.
I'm just telling you
You know, to make a buck, somebody could die over this if we give them the wrong information.
So use what we know specifically.
You've got some data in your hand.
It works on this virus.
Show it to me.
Otherwise, be careful here because we don't want to... I know everyone kind of says what they sell works, and so we all tend to be that way.
And you're not selling anything.
I'm not selling anything on this issue.
Look, it's simple, folks.
When you sit there...
And you sneeze in a room, going back to the air filters and the air purifiers and the rest of it and the oxygen generators, all that.
When you sneeze into a room, normal oxygen, the air is very abrasive to those viruses.
It kills them.
Okay, so it's going to die in a few minutes regardless.
What you get this from, so you'll hear these claims, well, our machine kills viruses.
Well, of course it kills them.
The air kills them.
The point is, you don't get it from that.
You get it from your wife sneezing on you right then.
Those things blast out and go in your nose, go in your mouth, and go in your eyes, go in your ears.
You know, that's where your, or other mucous membranes that it comes, you get it under your hand, touch a mucous membrane, you know, female private parts, boom, now you've got it.
And so you want to have the proper vitamins, the proper hydration, you want to be prepared to deal with it once it gets in your body.
Trying to keep it out of your body, living in a populated area is pretty much impossible, isn't it Bill?
Well, it certainly is.
By the way, if you're listening today, you're a smoker.
That means your immune system is down.
If you're of older age, your immune system is down.
If you're under three or four years of old, you won't have a developed immune system.
If you already have some kind of other infection, particularly things like herpes, HIV, other TB, these kind of things, you need to put up a defense now before this year's flu season gets to you.
And we're just trying to give you simple remedies.
You can get them at any store from vitamin C and E, selenium and zinc, just simple things that don't come.
We know a lot of folks are on limited budgets.
Oil of oregano, that's at most health stores.
Oil of oregano is a wonderful remedy for most things.
And, of course, they did a study on one brand of oil of oregano.
It was as strong as vancomycin, considered the strongest antibiotic in the world.
So, you know, and by the way... What about people with liver problems, though?
You do have to be careful with oil and oregano if you have liver problems, right?
Well, not so much, but the bigger thing is that these things like garlic and oregano, olive leaf extract, do not cause antibiotic resistance.
The more we take the antibiotics... And by the way, the antibiotics really primarily work on bacteria rather than viruses.
Some of nature's remedies from garlic and oregano and so on tend to work on all of these things, including funguses and so on.
So, you know, we need to have our knowledge down correctly and remember that in 1918, especially the people who had previous infections, they died within three hours.
Now, I don't want to repeat this info.
I heard Dr. Dean Adele, who I know spouts a lot of bull, but he was saying that some people who had even really good immune systems, that the 1918 flu caused an autoimmune response and that killed them.
Well, what happens is it's so toxic, this little bug,
That your body sends so many white cells to the rescue... That the toxin then is regenerated.
It's destroying your lung tissue.
Send 5,000 cop cars to the same intersection to examine one...
An auto accident, you're going to get them crashing into each other.
It's an over-response.
Now, you get vitamin C, E, vitamin D in large doses.
You'll calm that down.
It won't occur.
They're just not telling you.
The studies have been done.
We're listing them on our website so you can see them.
We're not irresponsible.
We're not selling anything.
You've got a shot at this.
If this deadly flu virus ever gets out of that laboratory, humanity is a goner.
I don't know how to tell you anything else.
This guy Osterholm said to US News Report, if this thing mutates and gets traveling around the globe, he said, we're screwed.
That's the words he used.
Well, here's another example, Bill Sardi, a health writer and consumer advocate.
Whenever I... Remember three years ago, the university there in Australia...
Creates a mouse pox that kills 99%.
Then they put the design on the web and say it can be made for any mammal.
What is their major malfunction?
I mean, the government wants to spy on all Americans to make sure that Al-Qaeda doesn't get us.
The borders are wide open.
Meanwhile, under the BioShield program at 36 labs around the country, they're creating level 4 pathogens and then weaponizing them.
We're just mailing weaponized flu around to thousands of locations.
I mean, this seems like a frothing, foaming at the mouth, death wish by the government that claims they're trying to protect us.
Well, I think they're so committed to this thing happening, there's no way they're not going to let it happen.
All they have to do is say that this year's seasonal flu outbreak...
They can't distinguish it from the lethal one, and they're going to have to start quarantining and stopping air travel.
So they're putting the ingredients to do this everywhere to have plausible deniability when they launch it?
And, of course, they've got their thing out now.
Well, we did something.
We told them to get more vaccines and, you know, to kind of cover the... Bill, I've got to say this.
I've got to say this.
I mean, I read your stuff eight, nine years ago, and you were pretty mainstream but always cutting edge.
I mean, I've been reading your stuff for a long time.
You've been, I mean, writing for a long, long time.
But now, again, I just had you on.
Boom, you're saying what all my research shows.
You know even more.
I talk to epidemiologists, scientists.
I have family that are doctors.
They say the same thing.
I mean, you're, quote, talking pretty radical now.
Hey, the elite want to kill us.
We're quoting Nature magazine.
We're not quoting, you know, Health Food Times.
We're telling you this is real.
They're even suspecting this thing is going to get out.
Nature magazine even gives us a scenario with the president's speech and everything so you see how it's going to unfold.
So we have to take this serious then?
Well, certainly.
You know, they're winking at us.
You know, the scientists are winking and telling us, look, these politicians have grabbed the whole of the world and this is what they're going to do and they're trying to tell us in an odd way.
Well, you saw what happened to people when they got in the way of the government, or potentially could, and the anthrax envelope showed up.
Believe me, not everybody is going to take the risk to tell this story just the way we're telling it to you.
I don't like to be an alarmist.
I am telling you on one side the government is hyping them.
No, that's what I'm saying, Bill, is you're very conservative, and you sound just as upset and on the exact same page as I am.
And that freaks me out even more.
No question that they're groveling around and making money and selling vaccine, and then the pharmaceutical companies hand it back as political contributions.
But you're saying this time it's different.
They're really acting weird.
Well, the problem is that just like they let the real anthrax out, could they let a real bug out here?
And, you know, SARS got out of a lab, and there was one other virus that got out of a lab.
Well, the foot and mouth was released by the government in England.
That was in Sky TV, but it just never got traction.
News Scientist magazine took the government to task and so on.
And, by the way, Michael Osterholm was writing all the plans on how to handle this.
Who's funding him?
Department of Homeland Security.
It's a giant power grab.
If this happens, we're going into martial law and we're never coming out of it.
So who stands to gain from this?
We need to be watching if there are troop movements in the country.
We need to be watching where the Tamiflu is going and who's taking it.
They might deploy the troops and then announce it.
That's right.
Well, you see, the troops have to get the Tamiflu before.
So if anybody is starting to get it, if they start saying that security workers and so on, then we know something's up.
Because you have to give it to the people in authority first.
And if they start doing that, then it starts telling you the real game is on.
And you know, I listen to talk radio.
Everybody's talking about this stupid Supreme Court nominee, and they should be talking about this.
Stay with us, Bill.
We'll take calls.
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All right, we're going to take calls.
Bill Sardi's going to stay with us until about 45 after or so, so we have time to get to everybody.
I cannot stress this enough.
Listen to me.
You heard Bill earlier.
He's done the research, too.
This is the reality.
I mean, if you go to a sociologist cocktail party, and believe it or not, folks have actually been to these at UT years ago, and you're there, you know, and the dean of UT is there, okay?
Or you read globalist policy papers.
I mean, all they talk about is how they want to kill us.
Oh, we've got to do something about the people bomb, and we've got to control them.
Because once you have that attitude that we're not human or we're hurting the planet, then they can do whatever tyranny they want and feel good about themselves.
So it's always been a baseline, Malthus, social Darwinist view.
You know, that we're all just animals, or we all get in the way, or since they're the elite, they have the right to live, we don't.
Well, I say they should just go ahead and kill themselves and get themselves out of the way if we're so bad.
Listen, me and my family, we're not going to lay down and die for you.
And this is real.
And because it's so real, a lot of people I know out there who haven't woken up are starting to wake up.
I mean, we're not the ones on the radio saying we're all dead, it's all over.
The government is.
Billions are talking about dying.
And then we read their other literature, and they're saying we're going to kill you, and then by the way, it's coming, do as we say when it comes.
I mean, if you can't put two and two together, folks, I can't help you.
Bill, do you have any comments on what I just said?
Well, certainly Darwinism, you mentioned it there, survival of the fittest.
That's the way they excuse all this.
Oh, well...
The lesser, genetically inferior people died, but this will make a better human being.
Genetics can be manipulated.
You can switch genes on and off, especially with good nutrition.
That's what we're trying to tell everybody.
This is a falsehood.
It's like it's inevitably locked in, and so that isn't true.
Darwinism is an entire falsehood.
If you haven't caught up to it, this may offend you.
Take another look again, but
At any rate, why, we have concerns, and I'm amazed, you know, we live in an age of cataclysm now, and they seem to be either inventing these or certainly taking advantage of them, and it's really odd.
We have major earthquakes, we have a tsunami, we have a hurricane, we have all these things cropping up.
You know, it's very interesting, sitting in the United States Senate this year is the World Weather Control Bill, Senate bill,
For 2005, weather control.
What is weather control?
Yeah, Bill 517, isn't it?
Yeah, 517.
You know, in the 1970s, they had legislation that passed the United Nations, a resolution that the countries of the world would not use
Hurricane technology as a weapon of war.
They knew how to do it in the 1970s.
I know, and we report on it.
I had local talk radio a few weeks ago.
People said, tune in.
I was being made fun of.
I tuned in.
Alex says there's bills.
Alex says the Army talks about it.
You know, it's almost like we're bad, Bill, because we're informed.
Well, let me talk to the Christian folks.
They're quoting Matthew 24 where Jesus said there will be a
An age, a great age of tribulation in the end times.
Keep reading the scripture.
It said that there'll be false Christs and false prophets.
They will deceive the elect.
And who those deceivers are, you'll know them because they're able to create great signs and wonders.
You don't mean tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes.
And if you'll just get your head out of the sand and go take a look, this is UFO type stuff.
There's real technology where they're actually creating small earthquakes, as they say, to make sure the big one doesn't come.
Well, could they create a larger earthquake?
And so there's these questions, and when you dig into it, there's some pretty good science
And in fact, I'm sure you had all the quotes on your previous shows, you know, where Secretary Cohen, who is Clinton's Secretary of Defense... He says the big threat isn't nuclear or biological, it's weather weapons.
That's exactly what he quoted, and of course Brzezinski earlier talking about, you know...
The possibility of weather terrorists and how they could move.
So these are credible sources.
They were talking about them as weapons of war.
As if someone else had them.
I think we're the ones who have them.
And of course, you know, in Israel in the year 1999, it was a tremendous prolonged drought.
They were trying to, the United States, force Israel into signing a treaty with Syria.
And finally they capitulated.
They signed that treaty the day after
The Tel Aviv was rained on, 12 inches of rain.
You think they don't know how to control the weather?
Do you think they're causing the droughts in Africa where many are dying?
You need to start asking questions.
These people have tremendous power, and we are so naive next to this information.
Well, that's why they're on such power trips now.
And, of course, it's trust our government.
How many people grew up, read the Constitution, and thought...
That the Constitution was to protect you from government.
Not from other governments.
Our government.
We've forgotten what it's all about.
No, back to basics.
Knowing our priorities.
Back to basics.
Showing up.
You've got to show up to the fight, but you've got to be back to basics when you do show up.
Bill Sardi, stay there.
We're going right to your calls when we get back, folks.
Right to your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, the government's saying billions could die, give up all your rights, martial law will save you, and then all the experts, when I hear them all over talk radio, I read them in the newspaper, even they're saying, martial law, that won't protect us from an outbreak, that won't protect us from a spread of some super flu.
Meanwhile, they got flus that'll eat the paint off your house and, you know, turn your dog into a werewolf, basically.
I mean, they got stuff that's so deadly, it's over if you get it.
Nine chances out of ten...
They're publishing smallpox recipes for mousepox that will kill any mammal they engineer it for that are 99%.
Oh, here, let's put this genome on the Internet.
It's very easy to do.
Here's how you make it.
Why, why, why?
Why all the dead microbiologists?
I'm going to ask Bill Sardi that before he leaves us here in about 15 minutes.
Right now, I appreciate you all holding.
Let's talk to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, you're on the air.
I've got one thing for Bill and three quick things for you.
First thing, autism is up 40,000% in Wisconsin.
Journal of Pediatrics.
Vaccination is up 40,000% in Wisconsin.
Tommy Thompson.
What do you think about that?
I do have a report on my website on autism and any family suffering with this.
There are two causes.
One is mercury and the other one is bad bacteria in the digestive tract.
And again, there are natural remedies for these things.
You won't find answers from conventional medicine.
They obviously don't even search for an answer otherwise.
They're going to get more money if your child is drooling in the corner.
A couple of things for you.
I think you wanted to touch on the difference between athletics, which is what you do, you play soccer, versus sports, which does you.
You sit in front of the TV and drool.
We have something on Wednesdays because I sense everything is winding up really heavy duty, but cling to what is good and despise what is evil.
Just lighten things up, things that go our way on Wednesdays.
Last thing is the Katrina survivors are more like FEMA survivors because only 50 people died during the actual hurricane, but 20 times more people died at the hands of FEMA afterwards.
What do you guys think?
20 times the people died?
Yeah, at the hands of FEMA, you know, in the dome, and, you know, there were all the rapes and murders and whatnot.
I don't know if it was 20 times, but I know FEMA on purpose sabotaged everything.
I mean, we caught them red-handed.
It's not like they accidentally wouldn't let the police in and accidentally jammed police communications day one as the hurricane hit, or they accidentally cut police lines in three parishes.
The police had to post armed guards against FEMA.
The cops finally figured out who the enemy was.
Thanks for the call.
You want to comment on that, Bill?
Well, you know, we have to stick to the facts, and the point is they hyped the crime occurring there in order to make it look like they had to bring in troops, etc.
There was crime.
It wasn't all what was reported.
Or a cop would shoot...
At a dog or an alligator over the hill, and then the news would call it more machine gun attacks.
Well, these kind of things were going off all the time, and of course, we just can't back it up with real facts there.
Well, now there's been a few major New York Times, Times-Picayune, there's been a bunch of articles that now, like 90 plus percent of it was hysteria, and usually it was cops just running around shooting, scared of each other.
It's certainly when you hear the shots going off in the air and there was no electricity so it was dark, certainly you could get confused and these kind of things.
They just wanted to create this kind of thing and of course we haven't even seen the worst of it yet down there.
They're not letting these people know about the health effects that are going to occur.
Have a toxic mold in it now and everything else.
I mean, it's just a giant myth.
And nobody helping these people with the right information.
So, you know, these health things are really paramount.
It's one of the reasons we live in this country.
People want to come here because of the good health.
And, of course, we're being given misinformation.
Please don't listen.
Don't rely on government health authorities for your information, nor the newspapers that parrot all their press releases.
And also, check out alternative sources as well.
You know, you need to check alternatives.
There's hazards and road bumps there too, but generally they're not... It's better predominantly.
So, you know, we like to think that you're going to get good scientific stuff.
We use it up my website, all the good science with references.
You know, we want to tell everybody... Well, that's another thing.
The government and the mainstream media, they ignore the science.
They even ignore the mainstream medical science.
Well, they ignore it or belittle it like they have with vitamin C for decades now.
Now we found out they lied about vitamin C.
And Linus Pauling was right all along, and of course, they won't admit it, and so they won't take it down.
I've asked the National Institutes of Health to take down the misinformation from their website.
They won't do it.
Well, here's an example.
The State Department says that China isn't selling political dissonance organs when the official Chinese government documents are advertising that they're fresh and good, literally calling them fresh in the English translation, and advertising melted-down collagen.
So, I mean, and then the State Department's own website says they're selling organs on one part, and on another says they aren't, and they won't take down the part where they're wrong.
I mean, it's just a la-la land of craziness.
Brock in Canada, you're on the air with Bill Sardi.
Go ahead.
I wanted to say, in the last few years, how come we've had a plethora of microbiologists disappearing?
Yeah, that's my last question for him, but let's go ahead and bring that up now.
I mean, it just...
I just talked to someone last week whose girlfriend is one of these microbiologists.
She is fully aware of what's going on and left the country and is hiding out in Canada where she's continuing her research.
She knows what's going on.
I heard this first hand.
You know, something is afoot.
Well, as she said to her boyfriend, if you really knew what was going on, it would be scarier than you really want to know.
So why do you think they're killing so many of them?
Well, they have inside knowledge.
As to the, you know, as we're revealing... They may not even know why they're being killed.
It's because somebody in a compartmentalized structure at the top sees it.
Well, there are holes in what they're saying about vaccines, about the medicines, about all these things.
There are no other alternatives to vaccines.
That's a falsehood.
They're trying to tell you you have to take Tamiflu.
There might, you know...
I mean, they're giving you nothing else but hopelessness and fear, which is what they're trying to do.
And once you understand that, now your hope is to find some other things.
You need something to hold on to it.
There may be an impotent type of flu virus in circulation this year, but you're going to be frightened.
You don't know which one it is.
So you've got to hold on to something.
I'm trying to tell you, reach for nature's remedies.
They'll serve you well.
And you can go to the websites there to find the information.
We need something.
We should have always been relying on a good medicine chest at home, a natural medicine chest.
We're going to doom ourselves anyway just taking the antibiotics because the germs go to school and learn how to mutate around them.
It's called resistance.
Well, that's the thing.
They still just give antibiotics out for any reason.
Let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead.
That was a good question, Brock.
Let's talk to Zen in Georgia.
Zen, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Good show, fellas.
I just wanted to bring out and make everybody aware that there is a depopulation agenda.
You know, they have that secret meeting at Iron Mountain, and they said that there could never be... But see, why don't we go and talk about the, quote, secret meeting and the thing we can't prove?
Sir, we have UN World Health Organization dossiers that are public.
We have Kissinger declassified documents.
We have the UN caught adding hormones to tetanus shots to sterilize women.
We have Nobel Prize winners saying they're engineering population controls.
I mean, we have them red-handed in triplicate.
Well, there's a population control society in New Jersey with a stated agenda to bring down the population of the world to a certain number.
I mean, this isn't like it's being hidden.
And, you know, the World Health Organization, they're in this agenda, whether it's birth rates or, you know, ways abortion...
Delaying when you're having children.
All kinds of methods.
Birth control.
They're all population control.
Why, even the gay movement.
Let's have sex without babies.
All of these things.
Notice they're all linked around population control.
Well, you don't hear Jesse Jackson saying, let's get Planned Parenthood out of our neighborhoods when Margaret Sanger was a Nazi.
When are the blacks going to get mad that they send the abortion clinics to the black areas to cull the population of blacks in the United States?
What are they going to catch on?
And Margaret Sanger called them black weeds and subhuman and got awards from Hitler and gave them.
I mean, folks, there are Margaret Sanger books on the bookshelves that make David Duke look like somebody who loves black people.
Well, certainly we just need to catch on, and the big thing is that the population in Japan, Western Europe, and North America is stable.
It's not growing.
It's declining in some European countries.
It's declining about 3% in Germany.
In Japan it's declining.
Now, what they have to worry about is the third world.
The only way you're going to get the third world, if I was a nefarious guy, I'm going to tell you they're going to go back to the...
To the plagues of old.
They're not going to machine gun people to death.
They're going to use disease to do it.
Hey, they've got the perfect weapon, this mutated flu virus.
It's going to knock out the 2 billion people that already have a depressed immune system.
We know who they are.
And then out of that crisis, they'll set up a greater police state here.
By the way, when they say there's an outbreak of flu in Asia, the people there have very poor nutrition and they can get the flu easier.
When SARS got to North America, it fizzled out because we have better nutrition.
Hang on to your lives.
Let's be specific.
Folks, they still have trouble getting enough to eat in China in about 80% of the country.
That's exactly right.
It's the same thing in Vietnam.
Realize how good you've got in America.
It's unbelievable.
You know what?
They just...
I'm telling the cops, the military, all of you, they don't care about you.
You better join the people that love freedom.
You better realize this government is not our government.
It's a bunch of corrupt demons.
Let's talk to Jerry in Pennsylvania.
Jerry, go ahead.
Yeah, we have an alternate health care chiropractor in the Pittsburgh area, and he has a radio show, and he's been bringing this up concerning the bird flu.
There was a fellow who was sentenced to life in prison.
They made a motion picture out of it.
He did research, a lot of health care for sick birds.
His research materials were put into a manual.
This manual is used to this day as a health care manual for health care of birds.
He was able to cure bird flu with the judicious use of hydrogen peroxide.
That was dramatized in the motion picture.
The motion picture is The Birdman of Alcatraz starring Burt Lancaster.
And he says for those people, poultry farmers who have poultry, they can protect their poultry from any of these flu viruses with the judicious use of hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water.
Do you have a comment on that?
Well, certainly some of these methods, you have to have studies to show these kind of things.
Hydrogen peroxide is used to treat wounds like when you get a cut in your hand.
When you've got it in your lungs,
It is hydrogen peroxide being created in your lung.
They're called free radicals.
They're created and you're going to drown in it.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
You need to learn about those things.
Certainly, there are natural remedies for these things.
We need to explore those.
Look for ones that have references to them.
See, that's the problem.
And listen, I really appreciate your call.
I'm not poo-pooing.
When Zen calls in and says, you know, there's a secret plan of Iron Mountain, and I meant to let him finish.
I forgot he was there.
I wasn't trying to get mad at you, Zen.
It's that it's not secret.
Every patriot I ever hear references the secret plans.
Brother, there isn't anything secret about this.
And, you know, that's what's frustrating to me, is that I always talk about concentration camps.
Folks, I've been to them.
I've interviewed state reps and county commissioners, and we've gone and gotten video of them, and we show them to you, and we show you the three one-million-man purchase orders, and, you know, we get it in Newsmax.
I mean...
The frustration is, Bill, I'm sure you run into this, is there's a sea of real things that are good cures, but people, because they're not glamorous, they're not the Zipple Kong 12's Noople Pop, that, you know, only I've got it, and it's $100 a bottle.
It's insulting, and of course, on the political side, I mean, we need to understand exactly the way you're saying population control is an overt thing.
They've stated this 500 million population goal.
The Gaia Movement is the Earth Movement.
Earth is God.
People don't count.
Protect the Earth.
That's all part of it.
Well, that goes back to 2,000, 3,000 years ago.
You know, Gaia needs blood.
You know, and certain people that went along with this, like Ted Turner, Jacques Cousteau.
And, you know, our little line with Ted Turner was, Okay, Ted, you first.
People bought into these things.
I think on reexamination they wouldn't do it.
By the way, books have been written.
How many people can the Earth handle population-wise?
They said 5 billion 30 years ago.
Well, there is a book that was done on this.
They reviewed all the studies.
The Earth can handle anywhere from 39 to 100 billion people.
And, you know, when you get up in an airplane and you travel across the world, most of it's blank.
Well, my point is they were writing books saying the whole earth will be dead if we have five billion, and we've got five billion and it isn't.
You know, you can fit all the people in the world into an average-sized city.
I mean, you know, just stand in there.
So, you know, six billion sounds like a big number.
But it's a big earth, too.
And so, you know, when they say we don't have enough water, we don't have this and that, well, we may misuse it, but we've got plenty of resources, and they're renewable if we just use them correctly.
Well, you know, that's the thing.
And the population problem is now ending.
As you said, 3% reduction in Germany, 2% in Japan.
Even with immigrant influxes, the Western world is dying.
Then you've got Mexico City with 30 million people.
Mexico will double again in another 20 years.
Well, if fertile young women want a nice form of welfare, they can go to certain cities in Italy.
They'll pay you to have babies there because they're running out of people.
They have huge billboards up in Germany saying, please have children.
So understand, folks, if we go in and industrialize the third world...
See, that's not happening.
The Ford Foundation pays for literature to tell people in Mexico City to have more kids when literally one-third of the population now in those cardboard shacks is being born without brains.
So you have to understand that actually the global is kind of hell on earth, Bill.
Well, Japan is reconsidering its immigration policies now that its population is declining with the older people living longer.
They can't support them.
They're thinking of allowing immigrants in.
It's real obvious why we allow the immigrants in.
We want these cheap workers to be contributing to Social Security that are younger.
And, of course, what's happened is we've done this with chaos.
They bring disease here.
We don't have a controlled way of doing this.
That's what immigration departments are about, doing this in a proper fashion.
And, of course, it's irresponsible government, but we step aside and watch them do it.
And you still vote for them.
Yes, you folks out there, you're still voting for the people who do this.
Bill Sardi, give us the websites.
You've written quite a few books.
Tell us about those.
I have written some good books about multivitamins.
Drinking water, number one reason for disease in the whole world.
Contaminated water, you learn about bottled water too.
And we have written about the iron time bomb, how iron affects your whole life and how to chelate it and get it out naturally.
And of course we've written about anti-aging technology, anything from red wine pills to
To hyaluronic acid, which is a wonderful little thing that... Give us those websites, Bill.
...takes the wrinkles away.
We've written about all those.
You know, if you want to learn about them, fine, but come to the website, learn all the good stuff about the flu and all that.
Most of the information...
Knowledgeofhealth.com is free, so it's free for you to use.
Knowledgeofhealth.com or link through at infowars.com.
Always informative and dynamic.
Thank you, Bill, for all you do.
Please keep doing your great research.
We'll continue to follow your work, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
There goes Bill Sardi.
We'll be right back and wrap up this transmission.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, there's a lot of news we did cover, some news we didn't.
I mean, there's talk now, even Mr. Crystal on Fox News is saying there may be indictments.
These heard indictments will be handed down in the next week or so against several high-level Bush administration officials.
But again, they're just puppets to begin with, so it doesn't even matter.
It'd be a nice big political diversion, but everything pales in significance into the population control agenda that I warned you about in Road to Tyranny.
I mean, this is their religion.
It's their sacrament.
It's what they're into.
It's what they're pushing.
It's what they believe in.
And you notice in the last two hours, 54 minutes, I have not plugged my videos and my books and the other books and videos that we carry.
And that is how we support this broadcast.
But that's secondary.
The books and videos are excellent.
They'll wake you up.
They'll wake others up.
People need to learn who the real terrorists are.
They need to learn who the criminal interests are in control of our society.
We have some really great deals right now.
75% off on my videos and DVDs and books if you get more than one copy.
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Look at all the different specials we have to offer.
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Start filtering your water.
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Please go to InfoWars.com and peruse the safe, secure online shopping cart and order some of the videos today, whether it's Martial Law or Road to Tyranny or Masters of Terror or Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
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Makes this broadcast possible.
The globalists see us as domesticated animals.
Their whole world is controlling us and manipulating us and bleeding us and cheering us and literally feeding on us.
And I'm sick of it.
And I'm tired of them laughing at us.
I'm tired of us being dumb.
I'm tired of us playing into their plans.
They really are a bunch of psychopathic killers.
They funded Hitler.
They funded Mao.
They funded Lenin and Stalin.
They funded Ho Chi Minh.
And they're doing things here today that are horrible.
And they're really setting up a nightmare world because they want the life extension technologies for themselves.
They want all the power and all the wealth, and they don't even like you having an existence.
They don't like you being happy.
They're very angry at you doing well and being successful.
They're envious of life and happiness.
They want everybody to be miserable like they are dead.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
I'm sorry we don't have time for the rest of your calls, but I'll be back tonight.
9 to midnight Central Standard Time, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
And just please, please, please, please, start thinking for yourselves.
I mean, I'm begging you.
Think for yourselves, get involved, get informed, protect yourselves.
And listen to that second hour if you missed it.
We'll re-air tonight.
We went through some of the treatments and some of the things that are, you know, we're talking 90 plus percent against these flus.
Simple stuff like vitamin C and things like that.
So we're out of time, ladies and gentlemen, and we don't have any magic machines to sell you or anything.
We just have the information.
And you've heard him, these air filters and stuff, he'll do absolutely nothing as well.
Might help you with pollen, though, and stuff.
That's certainly good.
But we're out of time.
So please get involved.
Please engage in a fight against the New World Order and total dehumanization.
Stand up against these control freaks.
We must defeat them.
God bless you all.
Take care.