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Air Date: Sept. 29, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, to the 29th day of September 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Coming up, we have Minuteman President Al Garza coming on the broadcast to talk about their next move to defend our southern borders.
And how they've been demonized.
I saw one of the local chieftains at the ACLU two weeks ago in the local paper saying they're terrorists who will blow things up.
And, I mean, if there was ever a lawsuit for libel for slander, I mean, that's it.
You know, he said it to a newspaper, which is slander, and they printed it, which is libel.
I mean, imagine.
The Minutemen have never done anything wrong.
They've never hurt anybody.
And sure, the ACLU can disagree with them, but call them terrorists.
And Lloyd Doggett said that they're really Ku Klux Klan when there is zero evidence of that.
Folks, there aren't very many Ku Klux Klan people out there, and most of them can't even get out of bed in the morning because they've drunk so much whiskey the night before and might have one or two teeth in their whole heads and are literally retarded.
I mean, that's really all I can say about it.
And to try to claim that people that want to defend the sovereignty of this country, there's six and a half billion people.
In another five years, they'll be close to seven billion.
They all want to come here.
We're only 300 million now.
We're right at 300 million.
And a good 50 million of those are illegal aliens.
30 million of them from Latin America.
I mean, our economy is in shambles.
We can't take any more.
You hear this line of, well, we've got all these people here to pick the lettuce and the tomatoes.
Nobody wants those jobs.
Boulder Dash, folks, they get together in their own construction guilds and they undercut everyone, including Hispanic Americans.
They get together in their own guilds and they buy up all the hotels.
They operate on a racial level.
They operate on a tribal level.
I mean, I don't know of a small hotel in the United States that's not owned by Indians.
And nothing against Indians, folks.
But they undercut, and then it brings the economy down.
We're competing against third world labor pools.
All right, side issue, we'll get into that later.
It's one of the most central issues in the country, but a side issue before we get our guest on.
That is coming up, and also we have a 9-11 whistleblower, expert, researcher, author, lecturer, journalist joining us.
Coming up, Mr. Hicks, coming up a little bit later.
They have confirmed Lord Roberts.
John Roberts will now be the Chief Justice.
He has been a bush toady his entire life.
Good little White House minion.
And, of course, he did vote along with secret arrests of citizens and secret detention.
He supports the torture doctrine.
Torture first, ask questions later.
He supports the doctrine, the Gonzales doctrine, that Bush is absolute God-Emperor.
And by the way, I'm not joking about that.
Gonzales really says that Bush is total ruler.
I mean, God-Emperor, folks.
Above the law.
He makes the law.
He could, if you take it to the extreme, barbecue small children on the White House lawn.
And he is God-Emperor, so that is legal.
I mean, they say they can torture people to death, and it's not bad.
So, uh, basically, you know, they are killing children in Iraq, so it's the same thing.
Uh, and, uh, Bush supposedly is now mentioning some other people who they might want for Senator A. O'Connor's slot.
Believe me, folks, there's a lot of news coming up after this quick breakie.
So, uh, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we are 8 minutes 30 seconds into this first hour, and we do have the president of the Minutemen, Al Garza, joining us to talk about the latest plans they've got to defend this nation.
Also, I'd like Mr. Garza to defend himself from the vicious attacks, the scurrilous attacks, the unfounded, unwarranted, baseless, unbelievably ridiculous attacks
Upon the Minutemen by the local ACLU here in town that is really out of control and endangers the ACLU itself.
I mean, the ADL's gotten in trouble for shooting their mouth off.
I think a $10 million judgment is in order for the local ACLU of Austin.
And they're not invincible.
You know, they're always dishing it out.
Maybe they need a little bit of a serving of it themselves.
They can dish it out.
Can they eat it?
They said the Minutemen are terrorists and are going to blow things up.
Just an amazing statement.
Just out of the blue.
You can't say that about people.
You can't say... It would be like if they said Alex Jones is going to bomb.
Alex Jones is a killer.
I mean, you say that about me, I don't want to have to sue people, but at a certain point you have to defend yourself.
So say that about me and watch what happens.
We've been getting away with it far too long.
So Minutemen moving in early.
Border Patrol deployment prompts premature launch for Sybil Defense Corps.
The Minutemen Sybil Defense Corps of Texas will begin their operation here sooner than expected in response to a development of Border Patrol agents to aid in hurricane disaster areas.
And Vicente Fox is on TV.
I have the video clip.
Saying that the border's wide open, come across, come across.
Actually, using the hurricane to say, for the next six months, they're not going to look at your papers.
For the next six months, you don't need papers to get hired.
Go across.
I mean, launching actual invasion.
Minutemen President Al Garza confirmed Wednesday that about 50 of the organization's volunteers would come to Brownsville this month for early implementation of the operation, Secure Our Borders.
Bennett Mint officials do not publicize when they will arrive or when they will set up camp.
Traditionally, they have limited their activities in Texas to private properties where landowners have requested their help.
And the Brown Berets have been a communist, Mexican supremacist, KKK organization.
I mean, they openly promote the plan of San Diego, folks.
They kill all white males by the age of 16.
They run about foaming at the mouth saying that they were making threatening comments.
I was talking to one of these characters, and they said, the minute men come here, we will shoot them.
I'm just like, oh, that's very friendly.
The volunteer border watch group dedicated to stemming illegal immigration will head to other states in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, and other border states.
And by the way, there's other quotes by other radical Hispanic groups saying, we don't count Mr. Garza, and we don't count other Hispanics during the Minutemen.
What about a third of the Minutemen are Hispanic?
We don't count them as Hispanic!
They are gringo traitor interlopers!
I mean, it's just weird, weird craziness.
I mean, George Bush is saying, cattle on your neighbor, watch your neighbor, do you smell marijuana?
Call the police, it's terrorism.
I mean, we got reports where a man and woman argue on a ferry, so Homeland Security pulls them off, and you're going to be charged with terrorism, you know.
I mean, this is the mentality.
Just everything is micromanaged.
But then, millions of people are pouring across the border.
There's burning vehicles, rocket attacks, machine guns, 600 plus deaths in the first eight months of this year.
On the Texas-Mexico border.
I mean, it is hell on earth.
You don't believe me?
Masses of human sacrifices.
Hundreds of dead bodies have been dug up.
Oh, don't believe me?
Just type in human sacrifices, satanic death cults, Texas border.
You'll get Texas monthly AP Reuters.
San Antonio Express News.
I mean, it's like some type of Rodriguez film or something.
I mean, those films are based on what's really going on down there.
I mean, it is just an insane asylum of evil and craziness.
And it's a big secret.
Okay, I've got a lot of other news to cover and I'm starting to rant as I do normally.
But it's just crazy.
And then we want to do something about it, so we're wicked demons.
We're wicked, evil demons.
White House moves to prevent run on petrol supplies.
And actually, this will cause a run on petrol supplies.
This is what they do.
They create artificial panics, which they pre-positioned for, to now make billions of dollars per day in the commodities market, which is now happening.
And it's just disgusting.
They're behind the peak oil movement, claiming there's no oil.
Meanwhile, the Saudis are reporting they've found double their oil supplies they thought they had just a year ago.
They're finding giant oil reserves everywhere, near the surface, all over the world.
But meanwhile, the oil companies openly pay through tax-free, so-called liberal foundations that then attack the oil companies on the surface.
They play the ruse.
They play the shill, the foil.
And they tell you, a little shell operation, that there's no oil and we've got to jack the prices up.
Meanwhile, the oil companies all register record profits in their histories.
Oh boy.
White House moves to create run on petrol supplies is how the Financial Times of London should read, but it actually reads, White House moves to prevent run on petrol supplies.
President George W. Bush called for the U.S.
public to conserve energy is aimed at preventing a run on petrol at a time when the U.S.
is precariously short of it.
Oh, he's so gracious.
Energy companies have been trucking fuel in from various parts of the U.S.
to restock pumps that run dry in Texas.
Boy, that's true.
A lot of pumps are dry right now, following two hurricanes that struck the heart of the nation's energy infrastructure and a massive evacuation that cut into much-needed supplies.
This has stretched already tight national petrol supplies.
The President's best bet for the next two weeks is to try to see if he can get Americans to stop doing discretionary driving without creating panic.
Don't panic, folks, which creates panic, said Amy Myers, JAFE research fellow at the James A. Baker III Institute.
I mean, James A. Baker, folks, is a larcenous criminal.
I mean, he is one of the top mobsters.
He's a big oil company maven.
So he's going to tell us that he's going to try to stop the profits.
This is ridiculous.
This is like the fox saying, I'll guard the hen house, you can trust me.
Research fellow at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy.
He's in a very challenging position, oh yes.
The U.S.
petrol market lost close to 800 million gallons of petrol.
That's a four-day supply.
In the evacuation of about 3 million people from Houston ahead of Hurricane Rita, although Houston was not hit, forecasters have projected that the fourth biggest U.S.
city would be in the eye of what was a Category 5 hurricane.
That boosted regional demand four to five times higher than normal as residents fled, Baker Institute research showed.
In the end, Hurricane Rita...
Release its fury on the Gulf Coast during a drilling area, damaging more offshore rigs than any storm ever, before hitting four refineries on the Texas-Louisiana border.
And Dwayne Coutts, our IT specialist who's been helping keep InfoWars and Present Planet running for the last four years, his home is in water.
He's been in a hotel for a week.
His business, which is internet service all over Louisiana and Texas, is gone.
And he is running out of money.
And he should have his internet service that's been for all his customers.
He's trying to get it back up.
Very competitive.
Great rates.
Good prices.
And he sells internet service.
And he's from a hotel room trying to run IT when he had three or four employees at their office.
They're at Crawfish Net doing it previously.
And they're right on the Texas-Louisiana border.
I mean, they got directly hit.
A town 30 miles south of them.
They're about 30 miles from the coast.
A town 30 miles south from them.
In an email I got this morning, there was like one house standing out of about 100 houses in the small town.
One house standing.
He's been down there.
One house standing.
And his house is supposedly really damaged and water and...
So, I mean, this is really hitting home for us, folks.
And I'm going to try to support Dwayne and get him back on his feet somehow.
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Cutting edge stuff.
Alright, we will come back and get into a bunch of other news.
You know, people want me to talk about Tom DeLay, and I will.
I'll tell you my take on it.
Ronnie Earl, our vaunted district attorney, right here in Austin, Texas.
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By the way, I've got a special announcement.
Some really important information for people.
Coming up in the middle of the next hour, at the bottom of the hour, next hour, I'm going to make about a two or three minute announcement.
And it needs to be said, it needs to be done, and so you can tune in then and hear it.
We've got...
The president of the biggest founding branch of the Minutemen, coming on in about 7-8 minutes.
We have another great guest coming on in the next hour, about 9-11.
So that's coming up, you don't want to miss it.
Look, I'm not going to spend all day on Tom DeLay.
I know Ronnie Earl, he is political.
Ronnie Earl knows all about serious, unbelievable corruption.
We have personally brought him evidence of major theft going on in the city.
I mean, red-handed, witnesses, you name it.
And he doesn't do a thing.
Now, you know, the attitude is, well, what's $200,000?
We've got bigger things to deal with.
Well, this country's in trouble, folks.
I mean, red-handed admissions, caught red-handed, people admitting what they did, and Earl did nothing.
But, I mean, if that's true, that he couldn't do anything because there's stuff so much bigger to deal with, we've got a problem.
But that's a whole other separate subject.
Tom DeLay is a slimebag.
Tom DeLay is a fake neocon Christian.
By his actions and his votes, I've got a serious problem with this guy.
And Tom DeLay clearly tried to get around campaign finance laws in the state of Texas, which are felonies.
And they clearly did, basically, the evidence shows.
And they got the checks, they got the lists, they got the witnesses.
Basically, a bunch of Republicans were on that grand jury, by the way.
Basically laundering money through the state to the RNC and then back down to the state.
And I think it's healthy.
I think Delay ought to go to prison.
But, that said, I want Bill Clinton in prison.
I want Hillary Clinton in prison.
I mean, they've got Chinese generals giving them money in the White House.
They've got convicted cocaine dealers.
But, you see, that isn't going to happen because George Bush blocked the congressional investigation.
Now, the silver lining in all of this is, this is an example of the power of grand juries.
If a grand jury out there wants to go after Bush, the stuff he did with Enron, on the surface, is totally criminal.
Just felonies here, there, everywhere.
But no indictments.
The stuff with Dick Cheney in the White House, giving the Halliburton and Bechtel and Lockheed contracts, when his wife's on the board of Lockheed, when he's got that trust fund off of...
Off of Halliburton.
I mean, this is all criminal, folks.
We had presidents that had to resign.
We had speakers of the House that had to resign.
We've had people go to jail out of Congress for stuff that isn't one one-thousandth of what we're openly, publicly witnessing.
It is politically motivated.
The Democrats are having a state taken away from them.
Big money.
Millions of dollars they steal and suck out of bid rigging and all the stuff they do.
And so this is all-out party warfare.
This is mid-level party people engaged in mortal combat with each other.
And, you know, we've had Ronnie Earl go after Kay Bailey Hutchinson for using computers illegally.
Her office government computers for campaigning.
And, you know, that's why when I, people wanted me to run for state legislature, which we knew we could win.
But I looked at the rules, there's actually no way to perfectly follow them.
I mean, they're written where it's selectively enforced.
In fact, you can't run a campaign and follow the laws.
They are that restrictive.
Now, what the lay did was clearly egregious and a clear violation.
But I'm talking about, it doesn't matter.
You cannot follow the election laws in this state.
And you cannot follow the new federal laws.
Tyrants always make everything illegal.
And then they basically license in through executive fiat and then through selective enforcement, then control everyone through that system.
So I ran for office for about two weeks until I started looking at the laws.
And before I started raising money...
I mean, it was horrible, folks.
I mean, I looked at the laws, and I was just like, this has been written where I cannot run for office.
And it says I was stupid.
I don't want to run for office.
I'll never run for office.
I was talked into it, running as a Republican.
And was that about eight, nine years ago?
And I will never do that again.
Because it's just, you cannot do it.
And believe me, I mean, if you're clean, they'll come after you.
Like they've done Tom Tancredo.
They've tried it with Ron Paul.
They did it with Senator Smith.
Great American.
All right.
We've got an audio clip about armored personnel carriers coming up.
We've got the President of the Minutemen, the original biggest chapter.
And we have got a lot more coming up today.
And in one hour and three minutes, I have got a special announcement that you're going to want to take note of.
We'll be right back.
The transmission shall continue.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
My friends, the federal government is controlled by private corporate interests.
We've had the president of the Border Patrol Union on
In his words, this is for one world government.
America is to be destroyed.
We've had congressmen on, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo.
They agree America is to be sacrificed on the altar of globalism.
There are six and a half billion people.
In five years, there will be seven billion people.
Billions of them want to come here and under these international American Union laws,
Treaties, they openly want to bring hundreds of millions more here.
The government says brace for terror attack any minute.
Tattle on your neighbors, but how dare the Minutemen, Bush has said.
How dare the Minutemen be down there.
You know, these vigilantes.
And then meanwhile, the local socialists here in town...
Call the Minutemen all sorts of slanderous names, and then claim, George Bush has sent them to playing party politics.
Incredible courage, wonderful people, who simply are defending this nation.
I mean, I have an article here out of the El Paso newspaper yesterday, where Russians, Chinese, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Guatemalans, are just pouring across at record levels, thousands every day, in El Paso.
They're not even arresting them.
They're not interdicting them.
Nothing's being done.
Now, we don't have a country if we don't control our borders.
All those other countries control their borders.
But we're bad if we want to control ours.
This is a way to bring this country down.
And two weeks ago, two Sundays ago, there was an article, of course, demonizing myself and others in there for protesting...
We're good to go.
And then they want to call our guests horrible names.
I mean, one of the top ACLU people here luckily said they're going to carry out bombings.
They're going to bomb things.
I mean, this is slander.
Got a major lawsuit.
And we're joined by Minuteman President Al Garza.
They've been very, very busy.
They're now launching new operations in Texas and other areas.
Mr. Garza, we're honored to have you with us.
Thank you so much for having me on your show.
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got involved, and what the Minutemen are really all about.
Then I want you to talk about some of your new operations that are coming up.
I'd be happy to.
First off, I'm a Texas boy.
I was born in Raymondville.
I was raised in Pharr, Texas, down in the Valley.
And about 1960, I believe, we moved into Southern California.
From that point, 1965, I graduated from high school.
I went to the Marine Corps, and I honorably served the Marine Corps for four years.
I'm a combat veteran, Vietnam combat veteran.
And a few years later, I became a private investigator.
And by the way, I retired from that business a couple of years ago.
And I moved into close to Tombstone, Arizona, where I became familiar with the term Minuteman.
I met Mr. Chris Simcox, the co-founder of the Minuteman Project.
He was on a TV show.
I forget the name of the TV show, but it was during the evening and he was focusing on illegal immigration, which, by the way, I was totally oblivious to at that time.
I knew it existed, but I didn't know the degree of its origin.
I began to notice little things like trails, backpacks, soiled underwear, jeans, you know, particles of clothing, blankets, not to mention the...
Containers of water jugs, things of this sort.
Trails of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
And I became suspicious.
I wondered what this was all about.
Well, once I met Mr. Simcox, he introduced me to what is now known the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.
And I became involved with it based on two issues.
One, I knew that at that point in time we obviously had a big problem with illegal immigration, but what really convinced me was the fact that
Mr. Simcox being a white, so to speak, in terms of what people, for some reason, tag us as white supremacists and whatnot.
Well, he was very compassionate.
What I really mean by that is the fact that on this one particular day that I was introduced to him, he was gracious enough to allow me the opportunity of watching what he did.
And oddly enough, we fell across what appeared to be about 50 illegal immigrants.
Among the group were two elderlies, a male and a female.
I'm assuming they were companions.
They were quite distressed from their long journey through the desert.
And you're talking about the elements of the desert.
I mean, they're killers.
And these two people were completely not only distressed, they were dehydrated and virtually almost dead.
Well, this convinced me because Mr. Simcox, the first thing he did, he reached over in the back of his truck and he offered them water, made sure that they ate, and took care of them, nourished them and whatnot.
And then he called the EMTs and obviously the Border Patrol.
I've been with them now for almost two years, and we've been instrumental in the saving of 162 lives, and not to mention the dead bodies that we found.
The rest is history.
I mean, that's inhumane, what's going on.
Well, I was going to say that, Mr. Garza, a Minutemen president.
Al, when we look at the media going, the Minutemen are secretly killing people in the desert, the Minutemen keep them from getting water, no, it's this illegal immigration system that causes hundreds of people to die in the desert every single year.
It's the criminal activity, it's the illegal system that's causing it, and I'm tired of you guys being slandered.
Are you aware of what one of the ACLU people said about,
What about you and the local paper?
I haven't read the paper.
I'm not sure, but I'm sure it wasn't good.
Well, I mean, I read it on air two weeks ago, and it was the Sunday issue two weeks ago, and he said they're terrorists.
You watch, they're going to bomb stuff.
Oh, I believe they're capable of doing that.
They're really capable of doing that.
If you really... I mean, why on earth would they just say some total lie about you?
Well, you know, the ACLU has a nasty habit of, first off, portraying and deceiving the public.
I call that being a distractive.
What they do is they start calling names, and racist is one of them.
In fact, they've tagged me as the racist with a brown face.
I mean, how racist can you get?
And they simply do not want our borders to be secured.
They want the continual flow of illegal immigrants to come into this country
Well, and my point of view is this.
You're welcome to our country.
Just simply stop at the front door and sign the guest book.
We'll welcome you with open arms.
I mean, after all, our nation, we're nothing but immigrants.
Most of us.
The majority of us.
Well, absolutely.
But, I mean, look at this in a little bit more detail.
By calling everybody a racist, it then lessens that term, and everybody's getting sick of it, and they're crying wolf, and now nobody's even taking them seriously anymore.
Well, that's correct.
What they've done is they got hit by their own ricochet.
And then this has been a habitual way of doing business.
In fact, there's a gentleman by the name of Ray Ibarra that has a nasty habit of doing the same thing, trying to provoke the Minuteman into incidents, which obviously are not going to happen.
And it's all backfired on him, and he's making a fool of himself.
Well, another thing is, Metsha and LaRosa and the Aslan groups, I'm sure you've become familiar with them now.
I mean, I've gone and protested the Klan myself ten times.
We went and pulled the tapes and counted it up.
And, you know, I don't like those groups, but I'm telling you, I've been to protest them.
They don't say a tenth of the, I mean, savage, let's kill whites.
And, I mean, this is insane.
These groups are, like, foaming at the mouth.
Well, you know, it's been their agenda all along, from what I understand, in reading my history back to the 1800s, early 1800s, I believe in the 28th, 34th, something like that.
They've really won a Mexican takeover from Mexico.
Mexico takeover, I should say.
And they're nearly by numbers, and they've been doing that very well.
And by the way, the other way to conquer us is simply by going into our public services, I should say, and rip us apart.
And they're virtually draining our systems, depleting it out of virtually billions of dollars.
Yeah, it's like $6 billion a year alone in California, just in welfare, not counting hospitals and everything else.
A lot of these hospitals, by the way, are having to close down...
There are major cities that don't have emergency rooms anymore.
That's correct.
And the ones that suffer from all this are the American citizens.
By the way, the hospitals, and I cut my finger off, folks, and when I got there, I was watching illegal aliens go right ahead of me, and I had an insurance card, and I talked to the doctor, and they said, look, the city's told us because we know they don't have money, they go to the front of the line automatically, and then people that have money or have insurance, we've got to screen you.
So I'm sitting here with my finger chopped off, wanting it reattached, and I'm watching illegal aliens with stomach aches go ahead of me.
That's correct.
Welcome to America.
You know, that's what happens.
And American citizens are frustrated, they're angry, they've had enough.
I, for one, I'm up to the tip of my head.
I will bow no more.
This is another reason I joined the Minuteman.
And by the way, the Minuteman Project is not a vigilante group.
They're a bunch of good American citizens that love their country and they too have had enough.
We are sending a strong message to our President and our Congress, and to Mexico as well.
Do things by the law.
Our laws are supposed to be enforced.
We're a nation of laws.
And we want our borders completely shut down, and that's exactly what we're going to do.
We are not going to leave until we're relieved by the National Guard.
Well, sir, isn't Mexico also using us because of their oppressive practices?
Oh, absolutely.
As a steam valve, like Castro used Miami as a steam valve to dump his dregs?
What they're doing is they're sending all the peons through, all their sickly, all their unwanted, all their discards.
I mean, and I hate to use those terms, but that's what the facts are.
They're sending them all here so that they can reap the harvest, not just in work, which, by the way, a lot of that is a big fallacy.
The big lure here, like we were just mentioning, are the benefits that they're entitled to receive in their vocabulary.
Oh, I know my wife speaks fluent Spanish, and we talk to these immigrants all the time, and they go, yeah, we're here for the handouts.
Well, it's our own fault.
Now, again, most of them come here and work, but they couldn't survive if it wasn't for the supplemental money on top of it.
Well, that's correct.
So they lower the wages, and then the government supplements them for the corporations who want to drive down all our wages.
That's correct.
And they're doing a bang-up job of it.
I mean, they're reaping us apart.
And our president and our congress just sits there and does the Washington two-step and do nothing.
They wink an eye and nod their head and say, oh, well, we'll see about this tomorrow morning.
So the Minuteman, every morning, we sat on their bench like an 800-pound gorilla, looking at them right in the face.
We're not going away until we're completely satisfied, and until then, we're staying.
Well, I want to talk more about your operations and how it's spread and all these different Minuteman groups around the country and how you deal with infiltrators and things of that nature, but what I say to the La Reconquistas is, and I've actually woken a few of them up who aren't just purely evil...
Hey, you say you're taking America.
What are you going to get when you take America?
If the Mexican government's so good, and you're going to get the Southwest, what are you going to get when you take over?
You're now in America.
Most of you are American citizens that are leading this.
You're already here.
You already are America.
Why don't you just look at what country's better?
America's obviously better.
Well, that's correct.
Even if we were to give, let's say, the four states which they want...
In the worst way, that would be Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.
If we were given those four states, you would be talking about maybe a few years before it would become a total disaster.
But, I mean, if they were, quote, given the states, I mean, do they think they're going to be, you know, given the big houses and given the big cars?
I mean, again, it doesn't make sense.
It's just like a mindless promise.
Now, you know, we've talked about, sir, Al Garza, why the government wants this.
I mean, clearly, it's not just Mexico.
It's our government.
Well, that's true.
You know, I wish I could think the way they can.
I was a private investigator for many years, and I can put on different hats and try to
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
No, that's the big part of it.
Also, balkanizing the country like a tower of Babel so we can't communicate.
But let's get into your operations.
It seems to me, from talking to people in news reports, that the minions of the corporations, the fake liberals, try to demonize you guys, but that's backfired on them as people realize just how hate-filled they are.
That's correct.
See, we follow our SOPs.
We took a lot of time, and we made a role model out of our Arizona project, and we're following the same footsteps.
And if we maintain our SOPs and do them properly and follow it to the T, because we are law-abiding citizens, we follow that, it will succeed.
And the other thing is the way they're trained.
They're trained very, very intense, and it probably entails about a four-hour training.
In terms of time for training.
And by the time they walk out of here, they know exactly what they've got to do.
And our job is really quite simple.
It's only to observe, spot, and report.
We do no patrolling.
We do no confrontations.
And we offer water.
And like I said, the role model comes from Arizona.
We didn't have any incidents there.
We've had none in the last two years.
And we anticipate no problems whatsoever out here.
So, are you in Texas already?
Yes, sir.
I'm in South Furious as we speak.
I'm beginning to get our lines all stretched out, and today will be one of those days tomorrow, and obviously we'll kick it off on the first.
You're in South what?
South Furious.
Can you tell us the particular area?
Sure I can.
It's out anyways on the website.
I'm in South Furious, which is off the 281 just...
Just south of the valley, I'm saying about maybe 60 miles or so.
To show my ignorance, I don't know the town of Furious.
Okay, so do you know Alice?
Yes, I do.
Okay, so not far from Alice, Kingsville area?
Oh, sure.
I've been down there a lot, yeah.
That would be Fell Furious.
And the reason we chose Fell Furious is because the mercy cry from the different ranchers, we heard their cry a year ago.
So we've been working at this for well over a year.
Yeah, you're down there by King Ranch.
There you go.
I should have mentioned that.
That's absolutely right.
So you're down there where Los Zetas is running around murdering people.
That's correct.
That's correct.
You know, that's an important point.
You know, we had to close the U.S.
mission there on the way to Laredo.
There have been 600-plus deaths in the last eight months on the border.
I mean, it is literally a war zone down there.
It's been that way for decades, to be quite frank with you.
It would be synonymous to El Campo, which is in California, by San Diego.
They have the same kind of philosophy and the same kind of virtual trails.
Also indicative of the Tucson area in Arizona, and obviously New Mexico, there's a pilot place there also as well.
I think it's Columbus.
They're very, very similar in the way they...
They bring in their stuff.
Well, you know, they're trying to paint you guys with a tail and hooves and horns, but, I mean, you're down there in a literal war zone, folks.
I mean, these cities are shutting down.
No tourism, rocket attacks.
I mean, it's like Vietnam.
I mean, it's the most dangerous area now.
The State Department says it's more dangerous than the West Bank.
No, no, it's correct.
And, you know, that's the sad part when they say that we're in dangerous grounds in our own country.
That says it all to me.
Well, it does.
And you guys are heroes being demonized for going to a war zone.
I mean, you're serving your country again.
They use that as a distraction.
The fact is that if we shut down our borders, we wouldn't have the problem.
Stay there, sir.
We've got to do one more segment with you.
Stay with us.
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Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Welcome back.
Our final segment with an individual I really want to get back on the show sometime.
And I want to come interview him for my TV broadcast.
We can show people the truth here in Austin, Texas.
Marine Corps veteran, American patriot, Al Garza.
I mean, the South Texas area is, I mean, Dallas Morning News, folks.
I mean, it was in the San Antonio Express News.
The town of El Cenizo flies the Mexican flag.
No American flag flies, and you're not allowed to speak English in court proceedings.
And why does our government love that?
Because they want to turn us against each other and get us all fighting.
It's called divide and conquer.
Al Garza, please give us the websites for the original Minuteman branch and how folks can come get training and get involved with you, sir.
I'd be happy to.
It's www.minutemanhq.com Again, it's www.minutemanhq.com
Now, you guys had thousands of people out in the field earlier this year in Arizona.
How many are you going to have in the field in this first little mission?
Well, I'm hoping to get 1,000.
As I looked over my shoulder here, I was given a figure.
We're at approximately 600 and growing each and every minute.
So hopefully we'll reach 1,000.
If we don't, we'll still consider it a success because even if one American is interested in our project and volunteers with us, I certainly would call that a success.
And obviously...
I mean, you've been up against enemies before.
Are you worried about the threats from the communist brown berets?
Not at all, sir.
I think the biggest threat is coming to us as a nation, as a whole.
So for me to be a small part of the history and the makings here, I think it's a small price for me to pay.
Being on the inside of the Minutemen and knowing that what we hear in the controlled media is a complete fraud, I mean, does it make you angry?
Very angry.
I mean, you know, I go back five generations, Greg, and my grandfather served in World War I, my dad served in World War II, and obviously I served in Vietnam, so we are a...
Five generations of Americans, as far as we're concerned, and we're very patriotic.
Our flag means a lot to us.
We glorify our flag.
Our nation means a whole lot to us.
Again, it's a small price to pay, and I get very angry at these people that try to portray an American as a vigilante or as a yahoo or a KKK.
It's just a distraction, but it still angers me.
No, you're right.
It is a big, fat distraction, and I don't think it's working anymore.
Not anymore.
Again, it's like a ricochet on them.
They've mirrored themselves and bombarded themselves with their own mud.
And to me, that's pleasing.
So can folks come down to South Texas right now and get the training and get involved?
All right.
They're welcome to come down and see us.
I can give an address out if you'd like, Greg.
It's 4731 South Highway 281.
And FALFurious, that's F-A-L-F-U-R-R-I-S, I-A-S, I'm sorry, or they can go into our website, and then you've got the number here to our landline, and that's 361-325-5121.
The more the better.
Oh, give us that number again.
361, area code, 325-5121.
All right.
Well, I really appreciate you coming on.
I know you're very busy, Al.
I look forward to talking to you again.
Can you give us a report sometime next week?
I'd be happy to, Craig.
I've enjoyed your show.
And I'll tell you what, I can tell you're truly an American, and I love that.
Well, thank you.
Well, we really appreciate you coming on the Jones Report here.
And take care, Mr. Garza.
Thank you so much for having me on the show, buddy.
God bless.
Alright, the guy's been doing 20 interviews a day.
I can't get mad at him for getting my name wrong.
Folks, listen.
Get involved in this.
These are good people.
And they've been lied about and it's not working anymore.
And they're just down there reporting criminals, coyotes, drug gangs coming across.
I mean, that's not bad.
That's good.
All right, out of time for this hour.
Be sure and visit the bookstore and video store at Infowars.com and get some of those books and videos.
They're powerful, and it also supports what we're doing.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
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Berkey Water...
Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the Bush administration is saying we could have massive fuel shortages in the next few months.
They're already on the edge of a snapping point right now, they're saying.
And, of course, they're doing that.
There is some problems.
They're doing that to try to create panic so that the oil companies make even more money.
This just follows their classic activities back with their Enron scanning days.
I do have more to say about Tom DeLay being indicted.
Being here in Austin, Texas, knowing the district attorney, Ronnie Earl, I can tell you quite a bit.
So, you know, it's just basically two creatures, two goblins fighting with each other.
You know, a lesser demon going after a larger goat of Menendez.
So we'll discuss that.
And we'll also later, of course, take your phone calls.
I have a clip here.
I see like five of these articles every day.
City intended purchase of assault tank comes under fire.
All over the country they're buying their assault tanks.
As the government becomes our owners, as the government learns to subvert its slaves, just like they've captured Iraq, they're now trying to capture America.
And just a lot more coming up today.
And we're going to have here in just a second, Sander Hickson with us, an author, researcher, interesting fellow, talking about 9-11 and several other big issues.
But at the bottom of the hour, I will take about four minutes out for something I've got to say.
You know, something that's got to be done.
That's got to be exposed.
And so that special announcement is coming up.
I mean, I'm not going to enjoy saying this, but I'm going to have to.
Let's go ahead and go to Sander Hicks, who I hope to keep a little bit into the next hour with us and also take calls.
Sander, good to have you on with us.
Hi, Alex.
Great to be here.
You bet.
You know, instead of sitting here and reading your bio, why don't you tell folks about yourself?
Most people know about Soft Skull Press.
That was the upstart publishing company that picked up the controversial Bush biography, Fortunate Son.
Yeah, you know what?
When you're dealing with black magic, they get you to kill yourself.
That's what a wise old lady once told me, and
A lot of people think that, yeah, when you're probably referring to the author, Jim Hatfield.
He showed up dead in July of 2001.
In an Arkansas bathtub.
Yeah, well, yeah, in an Arkansas hotel room, right, about 30 miles away from his hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas.
And I've investigated that death.
I'm not certain that it was an open and shut case of, you know, forced suicide.
It's a little bit more subtle than that.
He did leave a four-page suicide note in which... Well, they did.
Yeah, they put a gun to your head.
We're going to kill your mommy if you don't do it.
He's outside your mommy's house right now.
Your mommy's making soup.
She's got a bag for it.
I mean, you know, the district attorney, Robert Morgenthau, here in New York, did say that there were 16 people that died mysterious deaths investigating the BCCI scandal.
Hatfield did have some interesting stuff way back in 1999 about the Bush-Bin Laden connection in his book and the Bush-BCCI connection in his book.
So he was one of the first to really make the connection.
That's how they get you to do it, and then they shoot you once in the head, and this is another person, and then the bullet deflects, so they've got to shoot you again, and they have one of your friends come out and say it was suicide.
Right, kind of like Gary Webb, shooting himself twice in the head.
Oh, that's quite normal.
Shooting yourself twice, and it never happens.
Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, anyway, Jim Hatfield does live on in researchers like me and you, and he also lives on sometimes in the form of a movie that's on Cinemax called Horns and Halos.
It's also on DVD now.
Jim Hatfield's no longer with us, but the work he did exposing the Bush-Bin Laden connection... Well, I mean, Princess Diana said, they're going to kill me in a fake auto accident, Charles told me.
And then they go, oh, suicide!
And then, you know, the head weapons inspector, Dr. David Kelly, says they're going to kill me and put me in the woods.
Yeah, he was discovered in the woods, right.
But don't worry, there is a note.
You know, we'll be right back.
You write that note or we're going to kill your whole family.
Your daughter's at school today wearing that little blue dress.
Wonder how she's going to like it when we work her over for a week and a half.
Now you write the letter and then we're going to get this over with.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
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We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now at nine minutes, seven seconds into this second, second, second hour.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and I'm joined by a very interesting gentleman who, of course, published the Fortunate Son book and been involved, of course, with founding the Soft Skull Press.
He now has really been doing a lot of work exposing 9-11.
And talking about Operation Able Danger, just one of many examples of the government blocking investigations of Al-Ciada and their CIA agents who were taking part in the drills.
There, I've said it.
But he joins us now, and I really appreciate him coming on the broadcast with us.
And his website is sanderhicks.com.
And I think we've got a big fat link to it on InfoWars.com.
Again, Sander, please continue telling us how you woke up this whole global system and these crime syndicates, and then let's get into 9-11 and some of the things you've been researching.
Well, one of the things I asked Jim Hatfield when I was his publisher is what were his sources of this Bush-Bin Laden connection, because I thought it would be...
Sure, sure.
You know, something that the mainstream media would surely be interested in finding out more about, in my naivete.
And he said, well, I got some great sources, and he talked about this book about BCCI, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
And from that, I started, in the wake of his death, kind of picked up that torch and ran with it.
So my book about 9-11, The Big Wedding, also has a big chapter about the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
When 9-11 happened, I was in a position to be skeptical because Jim Hatfield had taken his life or had been suicided a month and a half previous.
I was in the middle of the beginnings of a leave of absence from the New York City downtown publishing company I had started.
I had some free time on my hands and I started looking into 9-11.
And again, always rely on good sources.
This book, The Big Wedding, is not based on my own personal political opinions or speculations.
There's a paper trail out there for researchers that know how to find it.
You mentioned Able Danger, Alex, and I'd love to pick up on that.
Able Danger, for most of your listeners probably know, is this team inside the Pentagon that now says that they were tracking Muhammad Atta as early as 1999 and 2000.
And now some of these Pentagon team members have been forced to recant and say, no, that's not what I said.
But for a while there, they were contradicting what the 9-11 Commission itself was saying.
The 9-11 Commission was saying, well, no, the
The Able Danger team never told us about Mohammed Atta being tracked.
Able Danger was saying, oh no, we did tell them.
If you really want the real story, there are some really interesting sources in my book, Big Wedding.
I got this guy, Mian Farouk, who has been incarcerated for the past couple of years, up in Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora Prison.
With a patriot and FBI whistleblower, Richard Tauss, who got railroaded to prison in 1990.
And Farouk and Tauss both say that the Defense Department slash CIA knew about Muhammad Atta as early as 1996 because Mian Farouk was working for Pakistani intelligence and CIA and knew Muhammad Atta personally.
In fact, Muhammad Atta showed up in an airline pilot's uniform
At JFK Airport, where Farouk was working, inside of a U.S.
Customs office, and get this, Mohammad Atta said, I'm wearing a U.S.
pilot's uniform because I now have an ownership interest in a certain Venice flight school.
So, if you can't get away with telling the truth in this country and saying stuff about, you know,
The Pentagon was tracking Mohammed Atta in 1999.
It seems increasingly unlikely that the mainstream media will give serious consideration to my book because my book says that the CIA and the military knew about Atta in 1996.
That's like, I know about my right hand.
I know about my eyeballs.
I know the eyes that are in my skull.
I mean, I know my two front eye teeth.
Look, I mean, there are countless examples.
Bush signed W199I.
Clinton originally signed it.
Ordering the FBI not to stop these Al-Qaeda groups.
We're good to go.
So, I mean, we're wallowing in this.
We're wallowing in this.
And the guys are running around at topless bars.
I'm going to kill everybody tomorrow.
Here's the Koran.
Let me leave notes of how I'm going to do it all.
And then, you know, they're probably basking in the Maui sun right now.
I mean, really...
If you look at the picture as an investigator, their official story is impossible.
You have to be a coincidence theorist not to really see what it is.
And I think all the stuff you've dug up and others have dug up just adds more layers to this, more heapings of evidence here, Sander.
I mean, bottom line, they created, they funded, they protected al-Qaeda.
Then the debate is, did they engineer and run the whole attacks, or did they just let it happen?
Yeah, and I think the answer to that debate is probably...
It's not either or.
It's probably both and.
I think Arab rage against American imperialism and the influence of AIPAC, I think those things are real.
Well, it's like in the 50s, the CIA, and this is publicly on History Channel, went and radicalized all the Arabs to create radical groups.
They didn't want secular governments that would actually develop and industrialize.
They wanted a bunch of wild-eyed crazies.
I think one thing that most people don't know is that the CIA's very first big hit, very first big...
Assassination slash political coup was exactly in Iran in 1953.
You know, Harry Truman was not willing to let the CIA murder and overthrow governments, but President Eisenhower...
When he was the president-elect, gave the green light for the CIA to do this.
And Kermit Roosevelt, in the region, engineered a coup against Mossadegh.
Well, they carried out terror attacks and blamed them on Mossadegh.
All because Mossadegh had the temerity to say that the Iranian people deserve to enjoy the oil wealth that the British and American companies are pulling out of the country.
They only wanted 30%.
They only wanted 30% instead of, like, 5%.
Some of it.
Right, right, right.
And so, Mosabek, who was a democratically elected leader, was overthrown by the CIA, and... By the way, he'd been Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1951 for kicking the communists out, but then when they overthrew him, they called him a communist.
Right, exactly, exactly.
And yeah, then we installed the Shah, who was this king of Iran, and that's why the Shah was overthrown, and that's why hostages were taken.
It's not like the hostages were taken in the late 70s under Carter because of an anti-American vitriol or venom.
It was a CIA base.
Right, exactly.
The CIA is notorious for running their operations out of U.S.
embassies without proper coverage.
Well, they got the documents.
And look, folks, I'm no fan of the Ayatollah Khomeini.
The point is, don't you just want the truth?
Instead of this, you know, let's go buy targets of the Ayatollah and hang them up and shoot targets of him.
I mean, you know...
This is why they hate us so much.
They had a good, nice guy there.
We took him out.
He was pro-America.
And then they caused the Shah, put him in, and then caused the Ayatollah to come in.
And with Mossadegh, that set the pattern.
So the next year they did it again in Guatemala with Arbenz.
Just because Arbenz was trying to do a coalition government with a few leftists in his government, we said that's not good enough, and the CIA pulled off a very similar coup.
In Guatemala in 54.
Well, that's United Fruit.
Just because he said, you know, I'm not going to let you take the villagers' property to grow bananas, they said, fine, we'll just overthrow you.
Right, right.
It was the same people, too.
Kermit Roosevelt, who was in the Iranian operation in 53, was also involved in the Arbenz.
Well, listen, it's not like that's our opinion.
He bombed mosques and machine-gunned people and hired 2,000 thugs to do it.
The piece of trash went on NPR in the 1980s and did an interview bragging about it.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I knew about it, but I sat there one night in a Home Depot parking lot for 30 minutes listening to that.
They were re-airing this interview, and he was real proud of himself.
You know what's interesting?
We're publishing this guy later in the fall named Brad Ayers, who was a paramilitary specialist who was recruited into the secret war against Cuba that was being launched by a Ted Shackley CIA-run station in Miami in 1962.
And one of the things, one of the people that Brad Ayers met was this guy David Morales, who was involved in the Arbenz overthrow for CIA in 54, but also was involved in the assassination of JFK, and was also involved, was present...
At the assassination of RFK, because some of the more cutting edge research into the death of the Kennedys shows that JFK was actually... I'm sorry, RFK was actually very interested in trying to get to the bottom of who exactly had killed his brother.
Of course!
Yeah, and that's probably why they had to take him out in 1968 in L.A.
in the Ambassador Hotel.
What Brad has done, and what Brad is going to be doing in his book, The Xena Secret, that we're publishing in a couple of months,
So he was shown photographs of who was there at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968, and he identified, from memory, Gordon Campbell and David Morales, two CIA agents.
So the problem we have in this country is that people love their country, and yet not enough people realize... Well, they think loving their country is worshipping private mercs who are bringing the country down.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, Sandra.
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We're talking to Sandra Dix, researcher, journalist, publisher.
And coming up...
We're going to be taking your calls a little bit later.
Any issue you want to talk about.
Tom DeLay or the confirmation just a couple hours ago of John Roberts to the Chief Justice position in the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Bush saying we could have a massive energy crisis.
Oh boy, the old companies will have to make even more money.
It's just terrible.
When we open the phones up, you're welcome to talk about anything you wish.
Sander, you've written a lot of articles, not just published books, and we'll give out those websites again a little bit later, but I'm sure you've been following the news where they catch British SAS dressed up like Arabs, shooting people, shooting police, posing as Arab fighters, posing as Iranians, basically, and then running around with plastic explosives in their car, clearly about the stage of car bombing.
That fits in with Israelis and U.S.
troops being caught doing the same thing, and people go, why would our own troops kill our own people?
The strategy of tension.
Would you like to speak to that?
Yeah, sure.
The strategy of tension comes out of certain research people have done into 1978 in Italy.
This guy, Webster Tarpley, and I don't... I'm friendly with Tarpley, although I don't completely have 100% parity with everything he believes politically.
Well, Gladio's public.
Yeah, right.
I've been reading Webster Tarpley's new book on 9-11, and he talks about Gladio, which was a secret team...
Organized probably by NATO intelligence, and they took on the veneer of a radical left group, the Red Brigades, and assassinated the Italian president, Aldo Mori, and blamed it on the Red Brigades.
Well, they also bought school buses.
Their favorite thing is to kill small children.
Right, yeah.
And it just goes to show how...
How scared they are.
It's simple.
You go blow up school buses and blame it on leftists.
Right, right.
And it's very similar to the way that they've blamed 9-11 on Islamic terrorists, this way demonizing people from the right, so-called fanatics.
So, you know, this is really great, though, being on your show, Alex, because before we take callers, I'd like to point out that it's really important, I think, to create common ground between people on the left, like myself, and people that are more, I don't know what you call yourself, independent.
Well, you know, I don't even believe in left and right.
It wasn't taught until 100 years ago.
I believe in freedom versus slavery.
I believe the left-right paradigm is a false projection.
That's right.
I remember hearing that on your... seeing that on your website and your video on your website.
And I think there's something to that, too, because, you know, it goes back to the French Revolution.
It goes back to Hegel.
Well, you've got to communicate with people with the...
And I think we go forward together when we realize that both the Democrats and the Republicans have the same players on their team.
And I didn't go looking for it, but a couple of times over the course of my book, I kept on running into the story of Vince Foster.
And it was almost like
Rediscovering the Corpse of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel under Clinton, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a park in Arlington, Virginia, in 1993.
One of the stories that I'm really breaking, that I think is something that no one else has touched, is the connections that Michael Chertoff, current Director of Homeland Security, has to the financiers of Islamic Terror.
I don't know if you were able to get to that chapter in my book.
It's like Chapter 10, I believe.
And it's a really interesting story.
I was able to do it for Sam Marcos University Star originally, the local college near you published it originally.
And then I put it into book form and really fleshed it out.
But not only did Michael Chertoff, as a private attorney, defend Dr. Magdy Alamir, who was accused by, not by Kooks, but by the state of New Jersey of having $5 million missing when his HMO was raided and having connections to
Yeah, he's also involved in all sorts of SNL scamming.
That's why they like him in real estate scams.
Right, right.
A little bit more about Vince Foster, because I have a feeling your listeners probably care a lot about that, because I know you probably care a lot about that.
One of my sources in this book is Ambassador Leo Wanta, who actually knew Foster and worked in the White House with him.
Wanta goes all the way back to the Reagan White House, where he was Ronald Reagan's junkyard dog.
Foster and Wanta were traveling together in Switzerland right before...
Foster showed up dead and Wanta was put into chains.
We've got a break.
You know, I'll tell you what.
I've got a little three or four minute announcement I've got to make when we get back.
Some key information.
And we'll get right back to you where you left off.
Okay, Sander?
Okay, great, Alex.
This is really important.
You've got plenty of time to go over all this.
We'll keep you in the next hour if we need to.
And we'll also take calls.
Folks, stay with us.
And I've got a hazard advisory for you when we get back.
We're on the march.
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All right, I want to be judicious about this and focused.
I have a rule on my radio show that I do not engage in infighting and attacking and egomania
With other patriots and truth seekers, because I've seen it tear this movement apart and damage it, and a lot of it's COINTELPRO.
A lot of it is done on purpose, right out of the FBI handbook, to instead of fighting the New World Order, instead of fighting the hate crimes laws, or the open borders, or the gun control, we're busy fighting with each other.
But most of it is just egomaniacs who really just want money and power.
And their main drive is not defeating the New World Order.
They're just cynical, greedy egomaniacs.
And they sit there from their little self-appointed thrones just year after year throwing rocks at people and relishing it.
And it's so disgusting to me that I always stay out of it and stay away from it.
I mean, I'm really worried about this country, folks.
I'm worried about survival.
I'm worried about getting picked up by the New World Order and getting tortured to death.
I'm thinking about real issues.
To live here in Austin, and to have started my fight 12 years ago, almost 12 years ago, when no one even knew what the New World Order was around here, and to have worked so hard to stand up to the globalists, and to have so many great inroads that have been made, I'm not going to allow it to be hijacked by carpetbaggers.
I mean, anybody that wants to come to now the capital, which they say Austin is the capital of fighting the New World Order, now worldwide, I mean, national television has said that, to have them then come to the capital and then try to set themselves up as kings and then lie and attack and besmirch the records of good people...
You're hurting yourself more than you're hurting even the movement or somebody like myself.
I mean, everybody knows what the high road is.
So, you know, at this time I'm not going to get any names.
And number one, I don't want to hear that, oh, you guys need to not fight with each other.
If I'm walking down the street and I've got nothing to you, and you walk over to me and hit me in the head with a ball-peen hammer, the cops aren't going to show up when witnesses saw it and say that I somehow was in a fight with you.
No, you assaulted me.
You understand?
This is exactly what we're talking about.
It's like a woman.
Well, you shouldn't have been wearing that short skirt, you know, when they raped you.
And the reason I'm talking about this is I know friends of mine, people I know, people that are good people, people that I know personally over many years, and I hear just the most outlandish lies coming out of the mouth of the power-mad carpetbagger just north of us here, north of Austin.
And, you know, I'm a team player.
I have people on from, you know, that other entity.
I promote the good people.
You know, whether it's Robbie Noel or whether it was somebody like, you know, Jack McClam.
I don't care, folks.
It's about fighting the New World Order.
And then I have to hear out of this individual just stuff that I know personally it's done cynically in a business strategy just for ego and personal gain.
It's that simple.
You know what?
I hope people attack me more, because I'm just going to let it all out, folks.
I'm going to let you know everything.
Big articles, everything.
I mean, I really struggle with this.
You know, is it right to shut up?
Is it right to bite your tongue?
Is it right to know something is so true and needs to be exposed?
And, you know, I try to weigh things.
I need to stay focused on Bush, on Clinton, on the New World Order.
They're moving ahead with global taxes.
The CFR today is calling for global government.
Big BBC News article.
I mean, we need to talk about that.
But because there is this fire in our camp that's in danger of consuming things because of egomania.
And because, I guess, people have taken it so long, for years now, over a year now, that we were expected to just put up with this.
I mean, think of the stuff you've heard.
It's just out of the blue stuff like, Genesis isn't going to exist anymore.
Never had any basis in reality, any basis in fact the network's doing better than it's ever done.
So, I mean, those false accusations only made us stronger.
But still, it's just, how do you say that?
And then how do people not remember you said that?
And all the other stuff, all the other promises you were made, all the things you were told, as we just sit here and take it, and take it, and take it, and take it, and take it, and take it, from people who, it's not just that.
The other day when I knew I had to say something, it's the things we are accused of is exactly what they're doing.
And then to know there's all these good people involved with it who are just being drug along by it.
You know, I mean, you've got something that's really good, but the head of it is rotten.
And the thing about when somebody's in trouble, I reach my hand out to them.
I try to help them.
I mean, really, it's embarrassing to sit here in this town where I've woken, with your help, so many hundreds of thousands of people up, and to watch somebody spitting on me...
Defecating on me, basically, and then smearing it on me, and then telling people how good they are.
And weird stuff about how they started the micros down here, and when they've been here seven, eight years, you know, Keith Perry did, and weird stuff about just every day, and then also twisted stuff implying that I'm with them, and implying that, you know, somehow we are that, so they get support that's meant to go here.
Look, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
You understand that?
You understand?
I mean, I hear these type of vomitous lies.
You think you're going to get away with it forever.
You're not.
So I tell people, do not support it.
Do not give it any support.
Because until it is rectified, I mean, if I told you the trail of destruction, the trail of division, the trail, it's just unbelievable.
And so, this is the GCN radio network exploding, the world leader reaching people, because we talk about real issues of real significance.
That's why we get attacked by the Washington Post and the New York Times and the ADL, and they don't.
That's why we get attacked by every TV station in Texas two weeks ago.
That's why, because we're actually getting it done.
We're getting the flack.
We're under attack.
And when you hear us being under attack by people who we've never defended ourselves against...
You've got to look at that.
So there isn't any, oh, fix it, be friends, oh, you guys don't fight.
If I walk up to you and knock your teeth out, you didn't do anything to me.
I assaulted you.
Do you understand that?
Let's get that straight.
Number one, we just sit here and take it and take it and take it, and it's really become an abomination.
It's really become like, you know, it's crazy.
And, you know, I'm tired of hearing it.
Just because it's a wrong.
And Ken, it hurts that individual.
It hurts the movement.
And then, you know, this little demonic sidekick.
It hurts us all.
You know, this creature of old I've never responded to.
And just all of it.
I mean, it is amazing.
It is absolutely amazing.
And then,
Several sidekicks, actually.
Now, again, I am not going to talk about that on the show.
Anybody that calls in about it, I'm not discussing it.
I'm not giving any more attention to it.
Unless I need to, and it will probably be a big Internet expose.
If I have to.
I've just really been weighing it and seeking out God and what I should do.
I think I needed to do this, but I'm meeting this out in measure.
And you know I don't do this, but you need to know.
You need to know.
You have a right to know.
It has become a cancer.
And it's got to be dealt with.
It's too bad to have to say this, but it's got to be done.
All right, I've spent the last seven minutes on that, and I'm not going to apologize for doing it.
I had to do it.
And there's a ton of news coming up, and we have our guest, Sander Hicks.
Sander, you want to talk about COINTELPRO?
Yeah, I think it's important to realize that you don't want to spend too much energy fighting decoys or fighting red herrings.
That's something I talk about in my book is that I know that there's a lot of people that are beginning to wake up to the 9-11 myth.
But they get turned off by the overactive, you know, what?
Yeah, and in any political movement, sectarianism is always, I think even without government interference or COINTELPRO and any... Yeah, it's just greed and arrogance and somebody on the power trail most of the time.
Yeah, everyone's got egos and everyone... We live in a culture, I think culturally, part of the problem of Western society is that... The only value is how high on the totem pole you are.
Yeah, yeah, and people tend to get invalidated.
Like, from our infancy, we don't tend to listen to each other.
We don't think of listening to each other as a skill.
See, I've turned the cheek about 200 times, and then there's a time to fight, a time to cry, a time to die, a time to not turn the cheek, a time to... And, you know, there's a certain point where it's gotten so obvious now that it's just trying to help people stop what they're doing.
One of the red herrings, I believe, and this might shake up some people in the 9-11 truth movement, I believe that the no plane hit the Pentagon theory is probably a red herring.
There are many eyewitnesses that saw that flight hit the Pentagon.
I'm actually
Friends with somebody who was an eyewitness and got her to talk to me after... Well, you know, talking about sectarianism, I don't know what happened there.
The whole thing's very suspicious with them grabbing the tapes and different witness stuff, but all I know is because I can't prove it either way, but I encourage those that do talk about it, we should have an open free flow of debate, but because I can't prove it either way, what I do is I focus on all the things I can prove.
Right, right.
And I think one of the things that I'm trying to prove is that the theory is one of the more outlandish theories, and I think it might be part of the design to keep the mainstream Americans away from the movement of questioning and the movement of alternative history or alternative theories to the mainstream myth of 9-11 as being pulled off by a small gang of al-Qaeda terrorists.
Well, clearly, that is just impossible.
I mean, it's like saying men in a cave landed a capsule on the moon.
Yeah, but it's the official story, and a lot of people cling to it out of a desire for safety and security.
They have that new Discovery Channel show about the hijackers, one that hit the towers, Flight 93 over Pennsylvania, and they used the same hijacking tape for both of the supposed hijackings.
But here's an example.
I mean...
It's that elementary where they use the same tape for both planes.
I mean, everybody I talk to is going, yeah, I noticed that.
How dumb do they think we are?
Yeah, and I actually think, I'm sure you saw the Zogby poll last year that said half of New Yorkers in New York City believe that the 9-11 Commission report did not do its job.
Well, yeah, it's in my film, Martial Law.
Yeah, there needs to be a new investigation.
Yeah, so I think people are beginning to wake up.
I talk about this in my book, though, the possibilities that there's a red herring.
In the same way the JFK assassination... You know, 90%, let me just interrupt, 90% in a CNN poll said they thought that.
Oh yeah, that's great.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I'm sure that poll disappeared right after the results were published.
It was, go ahead.
Yeah, well, one of the things I talk about in the book is I go back and I talk to some JFK researchers and I said, in the truth movement around the JFK assassination...
Were there red herrings, i.e., were there things that were maybe planted to perhaps deliberately throw off researchers?
Well, intelligence agencies always have three or four ops going at the same time to create the fog and to create plausible deniability in multiple layers.
Right, right.
Like, for instance, there was Lee Harvey Oswald dupes or duplicates and doppelgangers, people that looked like Lee Harvey Oswald that were...
Also around the area.
I mentioned Zenith Secret, Brad Ayer's book, the former CIA paramilitary specialist.
He witnessed one of those Lee Harvey Oswald look-alikes being pushed out of the helicopter right in front of him.
It was a terrifying thing to experience.
Oh, where was this?
That was at Fort Eglin in Florida, right after the JFK hit.
And it hasn't been published yet, but it's going to be coming out in a book I'm doing here at Vox Pop called Zenith Secret.
Very, very exciting stuff.
Well, I want to get him on for that.
Yeah, okay, great.
I will make a note of it, and I'll get him there for you.
Well, I mean, look, five years ago, 80-plus percent thought the government killed Kennedy.
Now they have polls where 92 percent, you know, we're talking that type of level.
I mean, so 8 percent can call us all kooks.
Everybody knows.
Anybody's never shot a...
30-odd, six bolts action.
I mean, you know you don't get off that many rounds.
You can't hit the side of a barn if you did.
I mean, you can't do it.
Right, and even the U.S.
Congress in 1978 said the same thing.
Well, bullets don't change directions and hit metal and hit three bones.
I mean, they fragment.
Right, right.
I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've shot a deer and seen the bullet go through and go find the spot where it hit the dirt and dug in a foot and dug out the bullet out of the dirt.
Right, right.
So we've got a lot of evidence on our case, but you know what, Alex?
It's not just evidence that's really going to make that argument.
Politically, you've got to realize the importance of
It's almost like we need an emotional revolution in this country.
We need to get away... Getting over that our government's been hijacked by criminals and just realizing that they're not our mommy and our daddy.
Okay, but let me throw a third to this thought.
What I'm trying to say is that the facts are already on our side, but it's not just facts that we need.
We need actually... This goes back to what I was trying to say about sectarianism and validation.
It's almost like...
Part of the movement against all the untruth and corruption has to be an understanding that we have to grow as people.
I hope this doesn't sound too hippy-dippy or woo-woo or anything, but it's something that occurred to me from experience in New Mexico.
There's a doctor there named Dr. Dave Stewart.
He's got a group and he talks about
That from birth in this country, we invalidate... Our tendency in listening to each other or arguing with our loved ones is always to invalidate whatever... Well, it's a pecking order that we see with, say, cockatoos.
It's mindless bird brain behavior.
Families, people take it as an insult if you try to warn them of some corruption as if you're trying to invalidate and act like you're smart.
And you're like, no, I'm trying to warn you your house is on fire.
And they're like, you just want to tell me what to do.
No, no, I agree.
I've seen this.
It's so destructive.
You know, I've got distant family who are all a bunch of invalidators, whereas my parents were always validating me.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, I do see that a lot, where everybody picks at each other.
And no, exactly, you're making a great point.
Yeah, good, good.
And so we all feel pathetic and like we're not leaders when we are.
Well, that's my message, brother.
Yeah, good.
And I think the Quakers had it right, too, in the sense that the inner light of truth is within all of us, and yet we've got to stop smothering it in everyone.
Well, I'd say this to the New Age Quakers.
Of course, we had great Quaker generals like General Green in the Revolutionary War.
I mean, God can give us that light if we let God into our lives.
The human is a pretty fallen creature, I think, without God.
Yeah, I think you're right.
And Gandhi said that truth is the same thing as God, and God is truth.
Well, I know one thing that Gandhi did say I agree with.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
Was that Gandhi?
Oh, great.
I read that online.
You never know.
Is that somebody else you know?
I thought maybe it was, but I might be wrong.
Hey, I'm wrong every day.
All I know is it's veritas, baby.
Whoever said it, what's the other paraphrased quote that if you try to shut up the truth, you try to board it up, you try to bury it, when it does explode, it'll just annihilate that that was trying to suppress it?
Right, you remember when Emma Goldman said, if I can't dance, you can have your revolution?
I've heard that paraphrased so many different times.
I tried to go look it up online and I got to the open source encyclopedia, Wikipedia, which actually said that she never actually said that and that it's sort of a paraphrase from a larger section of her memoirs, Living My Life.
And for those who don't know, I'm talking about Emma Goldman, the famous turn-of-the-century American anarchist.
Yeah, well, I like Wikipedia, but they're not perfect.
They've got stuff about me that I know is not true.
Well, it's open source.
Well, exactly.
No one is all-powerful.
No one knows everything except God.
We'll be right back.
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Their minions have been coming out of the woodwork on the net and on talk radio, showing us who they are, because we're hurting them so badly.
The question is, will you recognize it?
John and Carrie and Alex and Kevin and Bob and many others, we're going to go to your calls starting here in just a moment.
Hopefully keep our guests with us a little bit in the next hour.
Before I go back to our guest, Mr. Hicks, just briefly here, if you believe in what we're doing, and you want to fight the globalists, well, we've got tools that we know are some of the most effective out there, bar none.
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And then we spend an hour on their background, these death cults, these Nazi Luciferians.
And folks, whether you believe in God or not, they do.
They believe in old Beelzebub, the Faustian deal.
I mean, they are nuttier than a fruitcake.
You need to have Marshall Law.
Three hours of miniseries.
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Let's go ahead and go back to our guest, Mr. Hicks.
And, of course, he's with drenchkids.com.
They've got a bunch of different websites.
And you'll definitely want to check those out.
Of course, standardhicks.com.
Let's go ahead and go to your call.
I'm trying to find my call list here.
John and Tejas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
Yeah, I'm calling from Galveston County.
A couple of things I'd like to touch upon, including the very mysterious overthrow of the Shah of Iran.
But before I do, let me tell you that there is a talk show host that you've been a guest on his show.
He's a wonderful guy.
You've been a guest on his show many times, and he's an all right guy.
But his screener is a ringer who keeps guys like me from talking to you because when you appear on his program, this guy puts you on terminal hold and leaves you there.
And runs five or six calls over the wild card line, you know, over you, and just leaves you there in oblivion.
So you might want to pass that on to George next time you're on his show.
All right.
But 60 Minutes interviewed the Shah of Iran a few months before he was mysteriously overthrown.
And the 60 Minutes reporter mentioned to him, asked him, he said, well, what about the Arab oil embargo?
And the Shah's answer was, what embargo?
Well, I got family in the oil business then, and I mean, it was all staged.
Everybody, stay there, stay there.
I want you to finish up, and I want to give Mr. Hicks a chance to respond to that because he's written about it and researched it.
We'll be right back with the third hour, Real Issues of Real Significance.
This show is Real Talk Radio, and that's been the name of this show for eight years.
I even had t-shirts that said it.
That's another point.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're here live Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
The GCN Radio Network, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
And just like with Hurricane Katrina or Rita or anything, there's groups out there that poses us.
There's groups out there that imply that they're with us.
It is not the case.
So always be aware of that.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
If I have one more person email me or walk up to me thinking that I work with some other group or some other embarrassing individual, I'm going to get really mad.
Alright, we are taking your calls this hour and covering a ton of news.
You're welcome to call in about
You know, any of these subjects that have come out, Roberts getting confirmed, the Republican whip getting in trouble, getting indicted, Tom DeLay, all of it.
Big CFR announcements, open calls for total world government, BBC reporting.
We're going to cover all that, but first we're going to get to some of these calls.
Listen, I've got to move to you quickly here.
Let's go ahead back to the caller in Texas who was holding patiently.
Go ahead and finish up your point, sir.
Yeah, Alex, so what happened when he said
What embargo?
The reporter's jaw dropped to the floor.
He said, what do you mean?
And the Shaw said, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger came to me and said, you're going to double your oil prices.
I told him, why should I?
He said, I have a Palace for every day of the week.
I have a Rolls Royce for every day of the week.
Why do I need to double my oil prices?
And then they told him, if you don't, you'll never buy any more F-16s or military hardware from the United States.
So after the cat was out of the bag, all of a sudden, the CFR-controlled media went to a suburb of Paris where the Ayatollah Khomeini was living, and he, of course, was never a part of the previous Mossadegh regime.
Well, they even made a deal with him to grab the people, to hold them, then to release them right when Reagan got elected.
Yeah, but they grabbed this guy who was a nobody.
No, I know.
Just like they did with Mosaddegh.
No, no, listen.
For those who don't know, we've done whole shows.
That was to train you to accept higher oil prices, just like you're being trained right now, like dogs.
Thanks for the call.
Let me get a comment from our guest, Sander Hicks.
Yeah, it's new information to me, Alex.
I don't really have much to say in response, but maybe we'll take next call.
Yeah, I wasn't aware of that interview particularly, but I was aware of some of those statements.
Kari in Texas.
Kari, go ahead.
Hi, how are you, Alex?
Fine, thank you.
Yes, I live in Dallas, Texas.
And I had an awakening probably about two years ago, and I've been piecing so much together from the Illuminati on down.
This is how everything's involved, and I've been harassed, like you would not believe, bank accounts drained and everything else.
Well, that's happened to a lot of people who aren't involved in fighting the New World Order.
Yeah, and I also, they saved my brother's accident in my car, and he shouldn't have made it through, and he actually pulled through, but there's no police report to find it.
He was terrified at the Parkland Hospital.
They can't even give me any answers.
So you think the New World Order is after you to get you?
Well, I know that I have proof, and come to find out, I don't know much about my father's side of the family, but he's just resurfaced out of the blue, and he's living in Saudi Arabia.
He was just in Vegas to meet with the Air Force.
Ma'am, how can I help you today?
Yeah, well, I was standing on my balcony, and we've been watching a lot of the things going on in the sky that have been weird, and we're near the Addison Airport, and we got up today, and there was a Navy helicopter that was doing work over there, and we called the newscast and everything else.
Nobody seemed to know what was going on, and we finally got an answer, and they said that they were installing air conditioning vents
For the rooftop of the Walmart.
So I thought it was odd that a Navy helicopter would be doing that, and I didn't know if you knew anything that would be going on.
No, I didn't know about that.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back, folks.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com, and also SanderHicks.com, our guest.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back.
Got about 51 minutes left in this worldwide transmission.
We're going to have our guest, Sandra Hicks, with us in under 20 minutes or so.
Open phones.
We've been talking about a lot today.
I want to take a few calls and go back to something a break interrupted us from, talking about Homeland Security Director Lord Chertoff, Comrade Chertoff, some of his dirty background that our guests didn't have a chance to finish talking about.
I've got to get into this CFR openly saying they want one world government.
I mean, they're like out on BBC announcing it right now.
And right now we're taking calls at 800-
Look, the history of the world is corrupt elites trying to repress populations.
But also, a lot of... A French philosopher wrote about the Panopticon.
These first prisons they had, modern prisons a few hundred years ago, where there was a tower in the middle of the round prison, the middle of the donut.
We're good to go.
Even most of their enforcers aren't truly evil.
That's why they're using TV to change our morals that torture is good.
They don't say, ooh, we're evil, let's torture.
No, it's good to torture.
And we go, no, no, no, no, it's not.
They're trying to mass warp us.
So there are a lot of people who think if they have a car wreck or something bad happens to them, they're being harassed by the New World Order.
And in some rare cases, that is the case.
But in most, it's not.
It's just, you know, please, folks.
We're not here to make people think that there's boogeymen.
I mean, think about me.
I'm walking my house late at night, 2 o'clock in the morning after working.
I'm not living in fear.
I get in my car, drive down the road.
I mean, we're all going to die.
And I refuse to live in fear.
I mean, I'm just not going to do it.
I never have and I never will.
That's not true.
When I was a little kid, I had lots of fears of monsters in the closet and stuff.
And you finally just grow up and dominate those fears, and then you don't have fear anymore.
You have concerns.
You know, fears of the classical type of your person.
My fear is not doing enough.
My fear is not defending the innocent.
My fear is not defeating these scumbags and the New World Order control freaks that have horrible things planned for us.
Sander, what are your fears?
Wow, that's very similar to your own.
You know, the fear of selling out, the fear of getting offered some sort of cushy payoff and that I'll take it.
You know, I pray every day.
Well, let me just say this.
Let me just throw this in.
Well, you know what?
I'm busy interrupting you.
That's why I interrupt.
I forget a thought, then I forget the thought by the time you go, okay, go ahead, I forget it, go ahead.
Okay, well, you know, I think you've got to stay connected to your core, your mission in life, and that will protect you from, you know, the possible co-optation.
Also, having published now The Big Wedding, my book on 9-11, it's the product of 40 years of research, and it's finally out.
I've got to say that some of the paranoia did hit me, and I did think, gosh, what if some people don't like it and want to come after me from the ruling class, the power structures, or from Muslim Brotherhood, or the neocons.
There's a wise...
A wise old woman in New York City who gives me some advice sometimes.
I went to her and she said, you know, it's all about what you manifest.
And if you manifest a negative outcome, you'll help it a lot.
No, I agree with you.
Listen, there is a hierarchy of needs.
And I believe in a hierarchy of needs.
First you've got to take care of yourself.
Then you want to attain some success.
Then you want to take care of others if you are normal.
And, folks, you are not fulfilled, and you're supposed to take risk, but not risk so you get rich.
Risk to defend liberty.
Risk to be involved.
Look, I don't make a lot of money, but I've got some money in the bank.
I don't even spend it on anything.
I don't even want things.
Things are annoying.
Things break.
Things are, you know...
And it's kind of gone to the extreme where I don't even wear suits on my TV show anymore, which I probably should because it'd probably be more effective.
It's almost like I've gone to the other extreme now where I just don't even care.
All I want is more fuel to fight the enemy.
That's why I need funds.
And I see other people.
It's so alien to me, the people that are into baubles, into trappings.
I mean, they worship, and that's idol worship.
Idol worship is where you take some inanimate object, and it means more to you than your children.
It means more to you than your wife.
It means more to you.
I mean, there's people, poor people, living out in some delta who are a lot happier with their family than some guy with 50 million bucks.
In fact, they're some of the most miserable people out there.
Yeah, and I think historically, the greatest thinkers of all time, including Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
Well, it's either or.
Folks, you don't stay in limbo.
You don't stay in...
It's just that people don't know what they're missing, Sandra.
They don't know what it's like to really be involved, to try to be informed.
I'm not that informed.
I'm trying to be informed.
To at least be turned on, as they say.
Yeah, and also, my friend Dan Hopsicker, who broke a lot of the new information about Muhammad Atta in Florida, Hopsicker said, you know, I'm not the greatest investigative reporter in the world.
But Hopsiker's having the time of his life because he said, all I did was I came down here and I started knocking on doors and I started breaking in my shoe leather.
And going and pulling out documents.
It's an adventure!
Folks, this is the ultimate adventure, fighting the New World Order.
People go to Mount Everest and climb it and die.
They jump out of airplanes.
They go out with wild women or wild men to find adventure.
Folks, being involved in society and fighting these evil bastards, it is a great adventure.
Right, right.
And what you call the New World Order, I can see your use of that term.
I also call it other things, too.
You could call it the new fascism.
Hitler's second book was the New World Order.
Right, right.
And I know that George Herbert Walker Bush used it quite a bit in his administration, and that was really creepy.
It means the first true global empire.
Right, right.
I think also it's kind of a reaction against
Well, to not be co-opted by a bunch of dirty meatniks who are on the federal payroll.
Like who?
Well, you know, Michael Savage was a big beatnik agitator, and now look who he is.
Oh, yeah?
Well, David Horowitz was a 60s Marxist, and now he's a neocon.
No, that's what I'm telling you, is the fake left-hand path commie BS is a control arm of the bankers, bro.
Look, we've got the documents.
They create false alternatives.
I mean, admittedly, almost all the neocons are hardcore Fourth Internationalists.
Yeah, but I disagree with people like Webb Tarpley, who thinks that the current anti-globalization black bloc is a part of... Well, maybe not the ones you know, brother, but the ones that Delta Force flies into Seattle are.
Oh, yeah.
Listen, let's take a few calls, because I promise we go to folks.
This is all revenue.
We've got to have you back on soon, but let's take a few more here.
Got to move quick now.
Kevin in Alabama.
Kevin, go ahead.
You're on the air from Alabama, Kevin.
Go ahead.
I just read your Bohemian Grove article on Infowars.com about cows sneaking in there.
I want to know, when are the God-fearing people of America going to raise up
And go up there to California and blow that thing to pieces, man.
All right, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
I thought that's the same guy that called a few weeks ago and then claimed he wasn't.
Are you a fool?
The government carries out terror attacks against itself as a pretext for control.
I mean, just the God-fearing people.
Well, there you are, buddy.
I mean, I say don't do it, but all the folks that say do that are the ones that never do it.
Yeah, and I know.
The thing is, we're not going to get anywhere that way.
You don't actually create social change in the most fast, effective way using violence.
The elite would love that.
They'll use that to crack down.
Listen, listen, listen.
They just beat up an old man, basically, who was an old party member of Labor.
Forever you're allowed to heckle people when they come to your town.
They grabbed him and drug him out and roughed him up, and now it's blown up in their face.
Let them rough us up.
Let them knock our teeth out.
Let them wear black masks.
Let them do a couple more WACOs.
It's over for them!
Yeah, that's actually something I learned in New Mexico on my leave of absence between my two publishing companies.
I read a lot of Gandhi, and Gandhi is not like some wimp, lame...
A lame guy for the week.
Gandhi is for people that really have guts and are willing to suffer in the face of tyranny because they're trying to convert the rest of the population and they're even trying to convert the tyrants and trying to say that the tyrants, the police that rough up people at protests are still human and that it's still possible
And they're able to cover up and feel okay about what they do.
Now, again, there's a time to do it and a time to do it.
If they're loading your family on trucks to go to a FEMA extermination center, you've got to go full tilt boogie in physical combat.
But we don't want to get to that point.
We can neutralize them by showing what they are.
Yeah, I agree with you.
Let's take another call.
I mean, there's a balance, folks.
It's called wisdom.
It's called discernment.
And you have to know...
What to do at the time.
It isn't just... I mean, I've heard guys for ten years calling shows, It's time to get violent!
You need to call for it, Alex!
And I go, What's your full name?
You say your full name and where you live, and now you say it.
No, I ain't gonna do that!
I mean, that just makes me mad.
And I'm not gonna be against you, Kevin, but come on, stop saying that.
In fact, I'm not gonna... Well, I'll let you say that if you want, but I just... It's bordering on fire in the theater, so I might have to ban you.
I'm thinking about that.
Bob in... Bob in Colorado.
Go ahead, Bob.
We'll hold you over, but get started.
We're about to break.
Go ahead.
All right.
My question is, if I heard properly that Mr. Hicks thought an airplane had hit the Pentagon and a friend of his had seen the plane hit it.
If this is a question, my question is, was it a two-engine jet like the one that was supposed to?
Stay there, sir, and we'll address it when we get back.
Stay there.
Bob, and then we're going to talk to Stephan in France.
I forgot we had a caller from France on their own nickel, so we'll get to you right after we answer that question for Bob.
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This is our final segment with Shander Hicks, shanderhicks.com, and I've written some amazing books, published some great books.
Be sure and go by there and check that out, and also find some of the titles in some of your better bookstores.
I've seen a few of them, a few of the books they put out in stores.
Let's let Bob finish his question or his comment, then we'll go to Stephan and then Alex.
That'll be it for calls today.
I've got a bunch of news I've got to cover.
Go ahead, Bob, finish up your information for Mr. Hicks.
Was it a two-engine, large jet, like, say, a 757?
Yeah, what did your witness, your personal friend, say that she saw?
She said a jet.
She said a jet like a normal jet.
So she saw what was probably a passenger airplane.
Now, I just emailed you, Alex.
Maybe you could link to it if you feel like it.
A very interesting website that was just sent to me by a friend of mine.
His name is Mark.
He's at oilempire.us.
Yeah, he enjoys attacking me.
Real friendly fella.
Oh, yeah.
It's okay.
It's all right, though.
That's what we do.
Hey, we take it here.
We were attacked and never defend ourselves.
Well, my first impression of Mark was not positive, but over time, I've realized that we have... Well, I don't care.
It's okay.
Okay, his comment is he's got this great new website.
What's his comment?
It's not his site.
He pointed it out to me.
It's kind of a long URL, but it's...
Maybe you could link to it.
Well, just send it to me.
What's it about, Rome?
Okay, it breaks down all the eyewitness reports, and it turns out that zero eyewitnesses said they saw a missile, and over 100 eyewitnesses said that they saw a large passenger airplane.
A lot of the witnesses are like defense intelligence, CIA people.
Yeah, or Neil Hahn, Gary Bauer.
But one of them is Joanna Klein, who's my family friend, and she's a highly credible witness.
She was working at USA Today.
You have to remember that the Pentagon is right outside Crystal City, which is... No, I know.
It's right across the lake there, the river there.
And then some say the feds then grabbed all the surveillance tapes to create this story.
The feds grabbing the surveillance tapes does not prove anything one way or the other, and it certainly makes people suspicious.
Well, I'm going to say this.
You know, I'm not going to weigh in on either side.
People always ask why in my films I don't.
I stick to the 600-plus points we have that totally prove they carried the attacks out.
And then the CIA always does attacks like this with different layers too confused.
I'm not going to follow those.
I mean, you notice the national media won't attack me on 9-11.
They'll attack others because they're able to poke holes in it.
They won't go after me on that.
They'll make other stuff up about me and attack me on straw men.
Let's take a call from...
I hope that answers your question, Bob.
From Stefan in France.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Hi, Stefan.
Yeah, hi.
Thanks for having me on.
Yes, sir.
Great website you have, prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv.
I've been a member for a year, and thanks for all your information.
Well, has it been a good service of info for you?
Absolutely, absolutely.
Actually, as a matter of fact, a lot of the information that I read on your website...
It comes out in the mainstream media here in France, maybe two or three days later.
So it seems that you're ahead of the game when it comes to bringing out stories, especially what's been happening in Bezra with the British soldiers.
Oh, is the French news reporting how they got caught carrying out terror attacks?
Well, no.
What they're doing is they're soft-pedaling it.
Actually, they're saying that there were British agents that were caught
But they're not saying that they had... But the BBC and the government admits they were popping policemen and running around with bombs.
Yeah, the BBC does that, but here, not in France.
They just said that two British soldiers were caught.
They were rescued.
They didn't say, or they weren't saying why they were caught or what they were doing there.
What's on your mind?
Well, I just wanted to know, we have all this information about 9-11, and we basically know that the government is behind this.
I have kind of a two-part question.
What can we do as regular citizens to stop this and to spread the word to other people?
Once everybody knows or a lot of people know about this, what can we do as a mass to stop this?
Well, you know, people will even know the globalists are behind it, but they compartmentalize that and then still trust the government and a thousand other fronts and let it get into our lives.
We've got to restrict it.
We've got to reduce it.
We've got to continue to discredit it.
We've got to reward good people in government and hold up heroes that do the right thing.
We've got to be fearless.
I mean, this is a good way to end this interview.
It's a great question, Stephan, and we'll come back, Alex, and let you talk.
Mr. Hicks, I mean, comment on what he just asked.
Yeah, well, I assume, of course, he's talking about, he said as citizens, he's a citizen of the U.S., but I guess that doesn't totally matter.
I think it's time for a revolution.
I think it's time for a revolution of truth, a revolution of peace, and that we're all capable of peace and truth, and yet we engage in these institutions of distortions.
It's time to divest ourselves from institutions of distortion.
You know, it's time for us to separate ourselves like the Declaration of Independence says.
It's time to create something new.
It's time to restore the Constitution.
All right, well, thank you for joining us, Tanner.
It was great.
Thanks for having me on.
Great, Alex.
Stay in contact when that new book comes out.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
Definitely, man.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, here's the deal.
I'll talk to Alex, Bill, and Mike.
That's going to be it for calls.
We've got Debbie Maher on for about three or four minutes.
I've got an audio clip I want to play and a bunch of news to cover, so we've got to move quick.
But before we go to Debbie, I'm going to be at the Alamo Draft House downtown, the great historical theater where all the big movie directors come in and screen their films.
From, who's the guy that made Lord of the Rings?
I mean, he's come there and done, and there's Quentin Tarantino.
I mean, it's a really cool historic theater in downtown Austin.
And they've asked me, they said, please come show another film there.
And they're nice folks, and they've got food and everything there.
Remember the Alamo?
Coming up October 9th at 7 o'clock, we're going to show my new Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
It's been cut down from over two hours to an hour and 45 minutes, and then with a new 25 minutes added.
It ties into the occult with Skull and Bones.
It's really a good video.
A lot of incredible stuff.
So that's coming up on the 9th of October.
Alamo Draft House downtown.
And the next night, one more showing, Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
Their big, beautiful new theater with the big stadium seating and all there.
And that's going to be great.
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I love being there.
I love giving a speech.
I love having the videos and books there for you.
It's really enjoyable.
In fact, I would have had probably seven or eight showings of this.
It's just that I'm trying to finish this Bohemian Rope film.
I mean, this thing isn't done yet.
I'm making it right now.
And I'm also working on the British film, Our Trip to England, but that's got a whole bunch of other stuff in it.
That's really a complex film.
And I'm trying to get these out quick, folks.
The time is short to expose the New World Order, and the New World Order knows that, so they're moving fast.
And I'm also trying to make, well, the point is I'm working harder than ever, folks.
We are increasing the amount we work.
I just feel, I don't feel good unless I work all the time.
It's like I'm addicted.
Slow down.
I feel terrible.
I feel good.
I work constantly.
But we're getting the work done.
And if you want hard copies of any of the videos, you're not going to be able to get my original Bohemian Grove film in about a month anymore.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on and holding while I've been ranting and raving.
Well, okay.
I'm glad to be here while you rant and rave.
Hi, Alex.
And it was interesting hearing all the things you were talking about.
Our loving devil worshiper leaders, yes.
They're very Christian.
Let's submit to them.
They're good.
We can trust them.
Yeah, well...
I don't know about that, but, you know... Debbie, tell us something.
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Thank you.
Good to hear from you.
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It's simple.
And, you know, I'm tired of this lying that's going on.
I am going to rapid-fire go through your calls quickly, three of them.
Then I've got to cover news in the last 15 minutes.
Alex in Mass.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to ask you, I don't know what you know about, like, astrology or anything, but obviously the New Agers and the New World Order and all these people who praise, like, Moloch and all those folks, I think they're interested in this date, which is 2012, December 21st.
Yeah, the Aztec or Mayan calendar.
They believe in the cyclic existence of time and that that's the end.
Right, yeah.
Well, the gods have to have millions of dead, or they will stop having their hallucination that is reality.
That's what they believe.
I don't believe that.
All right.
Well, I was wondering what you... Do you have any beliefs about, like... Because, like, they... Even people who don't know about the Mayans, like, believe in it.
Like, scientists agree that this is a significant, like, astrological event.
And I was wondering if you had any... Well, scientists don't believe in astrology.
Well, they believe that...
You know, our planets are moving around in certain ways and that they can map... Sir, astrology is not astronomy, too.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I meant to say... Well, astrologers can look up, like, the positions of all the planets and things and look at, like, you know, their different energies and whatnot and, like, you know... That doesn't really affect anything.
Well... What matters is the sun.
Look, look.
I appreciate your call, Alex.
Let me just say this.
You're a great guy.
I don't get into Vulcan comments.
I don't get into Hale-Bopp.
I don't get into Planet X. Wrong show.
And I'm glad you brought it up and asked the question.
But I mean, I'm just going to say, because I'm just in a hurry.
I'm not frustrated with your question.
I'm just frustrated with time.
I could talk for an hour about this.
Maybe I should do a show about this sometime.
Meteors do hit the planet.
We do have calamity.
Stuff does happen.
There might be some very small effect on the gravity and the tides according to planets lining up and things, but the sun is so much bigger and so much more important than that in its energy exchange and its energy radiation with the earth.
I mean, the planets and the gas giants don't even fit into the... They're like a bumblebee compared to the Titanic.
I mean, it just doesn't even... The economies of scale and energy we're talking about here.
Oh, I'm ranting.
2012 is a pagan day, and it's part of their lunacy.
And astrology is not scientific.
Bill in Indiana.
Bill, go ahead.
Hello, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
Thank you.
And I just wanted to tell you very quickly here, I've been trying for months to get this article published in the editorial section of Rising Sun.
A recorder of news, it was published September the 8th, and the title to it is Adventures in Genocide.
It has to do with employees or scientific people that are going to be hired by, say, defense contractors, and the misuse of their talents and what their responsibilities should be.
uh... to to prevent weapons of mass destruction and and things from from that you know happening and and and i think they are responsible because principle uh... for the Nuremberg principle states that a person acted pursuant to an order from his or her governor does not relieve him or her from responsibility under international law well yeah we got israeli and US mercs all over new orleans by the hundreds
The citizens can't have guns, but the foreign mercs can, and the Dutch and all the rest of them can be running around in the Mexican troops.
All these precedents are being set, and yeah, the globalists have been using mercenaries all over the world.
But these people, the scientists, what I'm saying, the misused, they're conscienceless people, they become intellectual mercenaries or prostitutes.
Oh, yeah, there's many more different types of mercenaries, you're right, than just... I mean, the scientific people, I think...
The misuse of their scientific expertise is responsible for a lot of the world's problems.
Yeah, mercenary scientist.
I appreciate your call.
It's a very deep, serious issue.
I hope you'll call back sometime with more about that, Bill, and send me the article.
Tips at Infowars.com.
We'll try to post it.
Look, the earlier caller.
I think it's important to look at 2012 because the elite believe in it.
Just because it's a fraud doesn't mean they don't then manifest bad stuff because they believe in it.
Let's go ahead and quickly, I mean, I've got to go fast here.
I'm not going to cover this news.
Mike in Arizona, go ahead.
Yes, Alex, great show today.
I've got a couple of questions about your previous guest, Mr. Hicks.
You said that that was Sander.com?
And that's H-I-C-K-S?
And can you get those books there, Fortunate Son, off of that website, do you know?
Okay, very good.
That's what he said, yeah.
Oh, okay, because a couple of times you went out there on the air and I didn't catch it at all.
Okay, that's all I have.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you for the call.
I really appreciate it, Mike.
All right, here's the news.
Some of the news.
I should have spent all day on this.
Viewpoint, the case for global integration.
That's global government, folks.
As part of the BBC's Who Runs the World series, Richard N. Haas, president of the U.S.
think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, they put out a report saying, merge the U.S.
and Mexico, and it starts happening.
I mean, they put the report out, and a month later, Congress is voting, folks.
I mean, they're like the bosses.
Assesses the limitations of U.S.
power and argues for deeper international collaboration.
Who runs the world?
The short answer is no one.
If by runs, one nation means control.
He goes, no world government exists, and the United Nations, while many things, is anything but united.
See, that's not true.
And then they call for, we need a world government.
In most circumstances, the organization lacks both the consequences, the conscience, as well as the capacity to impose its will on member governments or others.
Be it terrorist organizations or drug cartels, corporations or NGOs.
And of course, as the corporation is lobbying, and then it goes on for four pages about how they need global government now to keep us all safe.
Well, the problem is we don't have a global government.
No, the problem is we do have a global government that's creating crises to force us into deeper levels of global government control.
Go ahead and roll this newscast piece about this armored vehicle.
Go ahead and roll that, and I'll talk about it when we get back.
Here it is, folks.
So we heard the discussions earlier at Detroit City Council about this particular vehicle.
This is one of the GPV armored personnel carriers.
Two cameras up front here.
Actually, there's four all around the vehicle with night vision and regular cameras.
This truck is actually amphibious.
It's completely waterproof.
Once you fan down the hatches, you can drive through a lake, basically.
Those things on top, they're periscopes.
So the people, again, no windows on the vehicle.
The people inside are totally safe.
Inside, we have an air handling system.
If it was a chemical or biological attack, the folks inside are going to be totally safe.
Again, these are the periscopes that the crew inside can actually look out and see exactly what's going on outside.
Now, as we try to get up front here... There we go.
We can... This is Bill.
He's going to be driving us around.
This is the periscope.
They're all around the cockpit here, and you can see out.
Now, we do have the sunroof open.
This vehicle, again, is very easy to drive.
I took it for a spin earlier.
Rather easy to drive.
It's like driving a minivan, really.
We'll be right back.
How wonderful, your local tank to suppress you.
To keep you safe, though.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Just a note on what I talked about in the middle of the last hour.
You can hear it here tonight.
You know, people always think they can push me around.
They take that as a sign of weakness.
And then when I blow them over, when I stand up to them, especially in politics and crush them, they just become part of the long trail of people we've defeated.
Because a man on the right who keeps on coming, a man on the wrong can't stand against them.
And so, c'est la vie, whatever has to happen, I'm ready to expose these people.
We're hearing about forced silence incites critics of the Patriot Act under the New Jersey Star-Ledger.
Yeah, when they come into the bookstores or the libraries and say, let us see your records, they enjoin the people they order to give them the records that they'll be arrested as terrorists.
And it's in Patriot Act 2, executed, but just put in prison under Patriot Act 1.
If they tell anyone ever that the police questioned them or looked at the records, so it also destroys free speech.
Without a judge or a jury, could spend an hour on that.
But this tyranny is exposing them.
Oh, the Patriot doesn't affect citizens?
Doesn't take any rights?
Oh, no, it doesn't.
Congenital liars.
The truth's coming out.
82-year-old manhandled, ejected from labor conference after criticizing nonsense war.
Americans and Brits for the last 200-plus years have always been able to criticize members of parliament and government when they come to meetings.
Well, I've been arrested for just asking a question at the end of a press conference.
This is the new freedom.
Clemson really started it.
Bush has become the master.
But over in England, it's unheard of for this to happen.
The Labour Party was forced to make a humiliating apology to an 82-year-old party member last night after he was thrown out of a conference for heckling Jack Straw.
Walter Wolfgang, a party member for 57 years, was...
Bundled out of the conference, it shows him dragging him by his hair, savagely, hauled by stewards after shouting nonsense at Mr. Straw.
The Foreign Secretary was defending Britain's role in Iraq.
He was later stopped under anti-terrorist powers as he tried to re-enter the hall.
So they drug him out by his hair.
He tried to re-enter, and they said, no, you may be a terrorist.
It's like the Minutemen can't go to a press conference at Capitol Hill because they're terrorists.
See, this is all so you can't fly, you can't move, you can't do anything.
The heavy-handed treatment of Mr. Wolfgang received criticism of the control freaky associated with new labor.
And then, you know, I'm sick of hearing about Al Zawari got killed or captured again, and now that, ooh, bin Laden might be trying to come to England.
Bin Laden's in Pakistan.
Number three at the CIA said they don't want to capture him.
Of course, he's CIA!
I mean, Buzzy Crongar has said they don't want to get him.
Generals have gone public that they weren't even allowed to capture Taliban generals when they would capture them in order to release them.
And Al-Qaeda generals.
It's staged!
It's public!
The Bushes are in business with them.
The CIA founded it.
I mean, it's admitted.
It's not even debatable.
This is the stuff I can't ever get over.
And I will never get over.
It's just too out of control.
I am out of time here, and we will be back tonight, 9 to midnight, Central Standard Time.
One more article out of Reuters.
Reuters, it says, U.S.
groups obstructing reporting of Iraq, as well as killing reporters.
It's more on that.
More of the freedom.
Senator says that God is judging us with disastrous hurricanes.
He cites his culture of gambling, sin, and wickedness.
What about abortion?
What about false wars?
But I do have to agree with the Senator that when we... It's just what's always happened in history.
When you get decadent and evil, God lives his protection from you.
And I just pray that all of those enemies that are attacking freedom lovers and those that are lying about God's people, that God protect us from them, however God has to.
If we say that prayer, believe me, God will take action.
It's real.
All right, as I said, back to 9-9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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Thanks to you out there.
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All right.
God bless you all, my friends.
Vaya con Dios.
We're good to go.