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Air Date: Sept. 28, 2005
2429 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is already Wednesday, the 28th day of September 2005.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours, and we have several surprise guests scheduled throughout the broadcast today.
We'll tell you about those guests as they appear.
We're also going to have wide-open phones.
Any news item, any issue...
If you've tried to call before, never been able to get through...
And you've got something you want to talk about, something you want to get off your chest, something you think that's developing.
Perhaps you think you know when the globalists are going to launch the next terror attack.
You want to talk about the White House saying we might have energy shortages, fuel shortages this winter.
We better start conserving.
But major studies are out showing that it's really oil company profiteering that there isn't really the shortage they're telling us about.
Hey, anything you want to talk about, 1-800-259-9231.
Interesting article out of the Idaho State Journal, is the U.S.
creating cloud cover?
The earth is 20% darker, but the question is, is the government doing it?
The world is 20% darker than it was just a few years ago.
The Weekly Standard attacks 9-11 skeptics in the Neocon publication.
Also out of London Independent, the Saudi Arabians are reporting oil reserves are double previous estimates, says the Saudis.
Of course, they're finding giant oil fields everywhere, so there's a global crisis.
Too much oil.
What do the globalists do?
The same people that come up with the WMD stories?
They announced there's no oil left, and through their big foundations, fund all the little socialist groups, and then well-meaning people pick up on the story and chicken a little about in circles.
Folks, I've got family that are petroleum geologists.
I've got family that are roughnecks.
I've got family that are head guys at refineries.
And let me give you the newsflash.
We got oil literally coming out of our ears.
There's so much of it, we're in danger of grounding in these founts of crude oil, and sweet and light crude.
Now, we do have a major crisis with refiners.
They haven't built one since, what, the late 70s?
I designed to artificially create und bottleneck.
So we'll talk about peak oil if you want to.
It's an absolute, complete fraud.
We are in danger of grounding in oil.
So the globalists are creating artificial scarcity, just as they've done with so many other vital commodities, and even things like diamonds, luxuries.
Careful Lindy England, the demonic pig, gets three years in prison.
Mrs. Leash is now in handcuffs herself.
Boy, I narrowly escaped handcuffs last night.
Wait till you hear about this story.
Come home late from editing.
Wait till you hear this story.
I started laughing.
Anyways, side issue.
Tearful Lindy England, Mrs. Torture, the demonic dwarf, hey, she followed orders, and the lesson is, crooks, criminals, sadists, you think your bosses are going to protect you when you get caught carrying out the torture?
You're going to go to the hooscow.
Our government openly calls for torture.
Gonzalez openly calls for it.
A little bit of spittle on his lips.
And none of them get in trouble, and their little pig goblin is going to prison for three years.
He needs to go to prison for life.
He's a psychopathic piece of trash.
Be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout the broadcast, and we have several surprise guests as well coming up that, believe me, you do not want to miss.
The toll-free number to join us on air today is 1-800-259-9231.
Coming up, this is out of the Idaho State Journal, is the U.S.
creating cloud cover?
Is it part of Project Cloverleaf?
The dam is finally broken on government-sponsored weather modification and control.
And now from USA Today to the Associated Press, it's being openly discussed.
So we'll talk about it a little bit more today.
Also, the Saudis are saying oil reserves are double previous estimates, says the Saudi government.
But that's not going to stop the neocons through their leftist front grids from telling you there's no oil left.
Basically, just prepare to be gouged.
And remember the little demon, Lindy England, torturing people there at the death camp, the same place where people were beaten to death, where children were raped.
We saw the famous photos of her sitting on top of the bloody bodies and pointing at dogs chomping on people and piles of naked men and men with leashes around their necks.
Well, she got three years in prison
And how can she get three years in prison when Rumsfeld openly ordered torture, when the White House Chief Counsel, Alberto Gonzalez, now Attorney General, think about that, the lawgiver, openly in memos, multiple memos, said the President is above the law, we can torture people until they expire.
That is, die.
And we've read these memos several times on air.
Just type Gonzalez torture memos into Google.
They'll pop up for you in mainstream news articles.
You can read the actual handwritten and typed memos.
And he said that if we don't call it torture and we kill them, then it's no problem.
More of that Karl Rove, we make reality stuff.
You know, somebody walks up to you and shoots you five times in the head with a .357 Magnum and your head is a splattered, splattered hush.
And they go, I didn't shoot you.
I loved you.
No problem, officers.
I didn't kill anybody.
I loved you.
I gave you freedom.
I released your soul.
I mean, you know, it's just this insanity.
So we'll go over that.
UK rules out Iran military action.
That is good news, but you really can't believe them.
But at least it shows there's no public support for it.
Also, White House press briefing says save energy.
Turn off those computers.
The President's going to be saving energy.
The great leader is going to be saving energy so we can trust him.
Russia successfully test launches a new ballistic missile.
Meanwhile, China, again, is threatening to nuke us if we do anything in their takeover of Taiwan, but that's not the threat.
The government needs to have the troops watching the American people and searching you at checkpoints, but the southern border is wide open and the northern border is wide open, and they've
On many of the nuclear submarines, they have welded the torpedo tubes and the missile tubes shut, and under PDD 60, that's a presidential decision directive, the United States will absorb a full-on nuclear assault before deciding what to do.
In the past, if we were tracking multiple inbound missile trails, we would have the Mutually Assured Destruction policy of a total release,
Against those that had fired the offending missiles.
And then we would also have a missile defense system that, believe me, they've had for a long time, folks.
They're just not telling you about it.
Also, space-based systems take out those inbound missiles.
But not anymore.
Bill Clinton signed PDD-60.
And George Bush continued its authorization.
So when the cops want to search your car at a checkpoint...
And just say, why is the border wide open?
And why are we wide open to nuclear attack?
But it's for homeland security.
You want to search my car, Bubba.
It doesn't hold water.
And more in the mainstream news.
Now, four years after the fact that every cell phone is tracking you down to a few feet, and there's no warrants needed, and everything you do is on basically a big board.
Every emergency management center can just punch you up and it pulls you up right where you're at.
They can even punch a few more buttons and listen to you over your telephone, even when it's turned off.
So that's some more mainstream news on that.
We told you about it back in 1996 when they passed the law, which was then implemented in 2001.
And ID cards will control Big Brother State.
And that's ABC News.
Oh, but they say it's good.
See, the new thing is just to... The new way of the world is... Ten years ago, they'd lie.
There is no CFR.
There is no world government.
There is no world tax.
There is no Agenda 21.
There is no plan to get your guns.
There is no plan to put you in camps.
There is no plan to get rid of posse comitatus.
There is no plan to put military on the streets.
As we were going to the exercises and witnessing them openly admitting they were planning it,
But now it's just, oh yeah, we're doing it all, but we've got lots of good reasons to do this.
So that's some of what is coming up.
But let's go ahead and go to your calls.
I'm going to move in a rapid succession, rapid speed here, so we can get everybody in.
John in Winnipeg, Canada.
Welcome, John.
Thanks, buddy, for taking my call.
Listen, I have all the respect in the world for you, but again, you misrepresented the truth here, listeners, and it wasn't in your name that time.
It was in mine.
I was telling you as you hung up on me, or cut me off, that I've spoken to CBC reporters and many at CNN also, personally, like Bill Hemmer and Kagan and the gang.
They know about General Amat.
They know that Bush had the plan prior to... You know, number one, I'm going to stop you right there.
You're calling in... Put him on hold.
This guy's calling in about twice a week.
And he just starts the phone call like we're cousins and we're having a private conversation.
Hey, I'm coming over there to get that thing.
All right, I brought the parts.
You know, and people are listening going, Huh?
For those that don't know, this listener says that he reported to the news, what is admitted, that General Amoud Ahmed wired $100,000 to the lead hijacker, Mohammed Adda, and Amoud Ahmed is known to the CIA and was meeting with Porter Goss and Senator Graham, the House of Senate Intelligence heads, on the morning of 9-11.
He met at the Bush White House and with the CIA Director-Tenant and others in that same week.
Very suspicious, very serious.
Also, the launch plans to invade.
Afghanistan were on Bush's desk two days before the U.S.
troops were amassed, and he says then that he was detained and questioned and that Bush wants him arrested or something.
And I go, look, okay, you've told the story 50 times, literally the last, not 50, probably 20 or 30 times the last few years on the show, and I go, why don't you tell us your name and tell the whole story?
And then he gets irritated, and it's like a perseveration.
It's like we're repeating, it's like Groundhog Day or something.
We just continue to repeat this same little circle, and the circle will now be broken.
It will now end.
It is now complete.
So, you know, it's time for you to awaken and come out of this.
Now, you got, seriously, you got 30 seconds, John.
I just can't do this anymore.
You want to call in about something else, that's fine.
Is he gone?
Okay, thanks for the call, John.
I appreciate it.
Look, I just can't do it.
Okay, and everybody knows I don't censor calls, first name, where you're calling from.
But, I mean, you know, I had a fella call me up at about 12.30, 12.35 at night.
I was about to go to sleep.
He just calls up like he knows me and just says, Hey, Alex, this is... It says his first name.
This is a different guy than this guy.
Calls from Arizona and starts telling me something about David Gergen on TV.
And I said, Man, I...
It's 1230 at night.
Then he calls in the next day like we're still having that conversation.
It's just weird.
See, a big distraction here.
All right.
John, you want to call in about something else?
But I could just have her tape recording of you and just play the same thing each time you call.
That's fine.
Let's talk to River in Texas.
River, go ahead.
How are you doing today, Alex?
You know, I drive around all day long, and I track all of my mileage because I'm on the road every freaking day.
And I've noticed, because I'm one of those what they call gas hoarder apparently, I fill my tank up so it just can't take it anymore.
And I know exactly how much miles I'm getting to a half a tank.
And I've noticed within the past three weeks I've gone from 215 miles to a half a tank to 171.
You know, it's funny you say that, but I know how much I have to fill up.
I have the same routine.
I go the same places.
I was thinking that it's not just that it's costing more so we're paying more attention.
Gas is, I guess, this new formulation or something.
It is really burning fast.
Yeah, it's burning really, really fast.
And I know that they were saying that they were going to alter the formulation so that it would be less financially on us.
But what's happening is it's costing me more money and I'm getting less for my gallon.
Oh, you think they'd run a scam on you?
Never, never, never.
I'm just noticing that it's pissing me off, you know, because it's going so dramatically.
We're talking about within a month, I'm losing almost 50 miles per gallon here.
No, I hear you.
Listen, we have to remember the leaders of the energy trading...
Both in fuels, coal, and just raw electricity generation was Enron down in Houston.
They had fake computers with fake, well, they were real computers, but computers running fake markets on them, a fake index in Houston, in California, in L.A.
I mean, yes, of course.
It's all riddled with institutional fraud, criminality.
I have definitely noticed what you're talking about.
Well, I'm hoping that some of the listeners will notice as well.
I mean, there are some people out there who have to put $10 of gas in their car to get back and forth to work as opposed to putting food on the table.
Unfortunately, that is a decision that some of us have to make.
And when we're getting ripped off like this, you know, they're just trying to push us farther and farther and farther into...
You know, it's just, it's impossible.
Thanks, Alex.
River, thanks for calling.
Thanks for your time.
No, it's a raping.
It's a squeezing.
It's a, they're teaching us how to be feudal slaves.
Now, I'm not against profits, but if they're ill-gotten or they're criminally gained, then that's exactly what's happening.
That's exactly what's happening with these oil companies.
Record profits.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let's continue with your phone calls.
I just love the different directions that callers take us, the different news items that you bring to the table.
Let's talk to, I believe the next caller is Roy in Texas.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
It's very good to talk with you.
It's been a while since I have, and I just wanted to tell you that I've been listening to you for many years, and I've been on the computer on chat telling people about the things you say, and they've all been coming true.
And I've noticed here lately where people used to say I was wearing a tin hat and I was full of conspiracy theories, and because I didn't like Bush and didn't like what he was doing, I should leave the country.
But now...
I'm very happy to say that a lot of these rooms have become over 50% in favor of what you're saying.
In fact, they quote you all the time.
I'm sure they forgot that I ever warned them all these years, but it's just a great success.
I feel like there's a victory there somewhere.
Well, no, that is a victory, but do you explain to them, Roy, that you're not... Most people, if you're against Bush, they think, oh, you must be for Hillary.
Do you explain to them that they're all in business together?
Yes, I try.
Until people understand that our real enemy is the politicians and those kind of a secret government that control them also, they won't be able to... Look, it's big corporate private interests that bought up our government and they're sucking us dry.
It's pretty simple.
It really is.
I wanted to ask you a question.
I like to listen to you on the computer because it's so clear.
It's better than shortwave.
They've been jamming a lot on shortwave.
I've noticed lately that your Genesis Communications...
And your program and a lot of other right-wing programs are getting lower and harder to hear, and I can go to just regular music or something that's kind of fun and frivolous, and it's real loud.
I have to turn it down, but I have to turn yours all the way up.
And just about everyone else is telling the truth about the government.
Is it possible they're manipulating your volume?
You know, you say jamming shortwave.
A lot of it is the sun has just been going crazy.
It was supposedly hitting the top of its 12-year cycle two years ago, but it just keeps
Getting more and more violent.
And so it's been wreaking havoc across the spectrum.
And as for the Internet streams, you know, we control that.
So, you know, I really don't know what to say, sir.
All right.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Clive in Louisiana.
Clive, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, Mr. Jones, I wanted to talk about an article that you posted on InfoWars, excuse me, Prison Planet on September 27th.
President Bush says next Supreme Court nominee will be a woman or minority.
And I came across an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal op-ed page, and they were suggesting that, and I hope I'm saying the name right,
Viet Dinh becomes the next person to take Sandra Day O'Connor's place.
Viet Dinh is a horrible demon.
I personally confronted Viet Dinh.
And Viet Dinh is the main author of the Patriot Act.
And I found that out on going to...
Well, he is staunchly anti-gun, so, I mean, he's Golden Bush's book.
And he's basically a clone of Gonzales.
He's not a member of an Asian race group.
And Gonzales is a member of a Hispanic Ku Klux Klan organization.
So in my book, though, there are basically two peas in a pod.
And I did hear that he's talking about via den.
The only person Bush has mentioned by name was two weeks ago.
And he said, you know, I'm really thinking about Gonzalez.
So the only name he's put forward is Gonzalez.
And remember, they trial ballooned.
Gonzalez and said that the White House wanted him right when Sandra Day O'Connor first quit a few months ago, and there was such a screaming and yelling by the few real conservatives that are still left that aren't zombie, Kool-Aid drinker Bush followers, that they withdrew Gonzalez.
But, yeah, he's really bad news.
Yeah, I've got a bad feeling.
I just feel that they might, well, Bush might nominate this guy as the person to take Sandra Day O'Connor.
Didn't he also, wasn't he a law clerk for Sandra Day O'Connor at one point in his career?
I believe, from memory serves, I think you're right.
Yeah, yeah.
And he was also the Assistant Attorney General from 2000 to 2004.
Yeah, I really got a bad feeling about this guy, and I think that that's, I don't know, I'm just guessing here, that Bush might just nominate him.
Well, he's definitely one of their darlings.
He'll do whatever he's told.
You know, he might be rewarded for being the chief architect of the Patriot Act.
Look, I don't care if they're Asian, black, white, polka dotted, or speckled.
I mean, I don't care who is on that court as long as they love freedom, and
Again, the whole issue is going to be, is it a minority?
Is it a minority?
You know, who cares as long as they want freedom?
And so now we're against Villadena Gonzalez.
That makes him pretty much bulletproof.
Because, oh, you just don't like him because he's Asian.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Real Talk Radio, real issues of real significance that actually affect you and your family.
You know, we're often imitated by
But we're never duplicated, and that's really too bad.
Because people tune into this broadcast because they know that I have done my research.
I know that I don't know it all.
I'm constantly learning more.
I learn more from you every day.
But at the same time, we have the template.
We know what the Globalist Master Plan is, and we don't use their terms.
We don't use their...
We don't use their dictionary.
We go back to the base terms of liberty versus slavery, not left versus right.
And at the same time, I speak from the heart.
I tell it like it is.
I don't mince words.
And I am always honored and humbled by your listenership and by all of you out there that care and all the information you send me and all the information you give me.
The literal...
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of good emails I get every day, mixed in with the thousands of links and news articles and spam, and it's really frustrating that I can't email you all back.
You know, I can have an auto-respond if you'd like, and I know some of you get frustrated that I can't email you back, or I can't thank all your letters, or I can't thank you all for the books or videos you send me.
Or people call me with key information and I get back with them in a week instead of a day.
Believe me, we're trying as hard as we can.
So I know it's frustrating sometimes, but believe me, we want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, my entire crew, for all you do and for standing up for freedom.
If it wasn't for you out there fighting this deluge of corruption and this deluge of
Of thievery and just out of control evil.
Believe me, we'd be in even deeper trouble.
You have done so much.
And that goes to the people in the government, outside the government, the good cops that uphold the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the good police that do the right thing.
That goes to the school teachers that, despite the system being designed to dumb the kids down and designed to fail, doing a great job in the public schools, trying to wake up young people whenever you get a chance, trying to teach them some real history, despite the fact that the textbooks are a lie.
You know, I had a coach who was my...
What was it, Texas History?
In my senior year in high school, Coach Carpenter.
And Coach Carpenter finally just slammed, halfway through the semester, slammed the book shut and said, let me just tell you folks, the stuff in this history book is a bunch of bull.
And then he got into, I'll never forget this,
And he really liked me because most of the young people didn't have any idea about this stuff.
I'd read None Dare Call It Conspiracy and knew a little bit about the New World Order.
Not much.
I just kind of read about it in passing and just took it for granted.
You have a corrupt elite that tries to take your freedoms and the Founding Fathers had said so.
I'd read the Declaration of Independence and he was always talking about that.
Coach Carpenter was a great guy.
He was like half Latin American.
I forget where his grandmother and his mother were from.
I think it was like Venezuela or something.
Then his dad was like a Texas good old boy.
But he would sit there and explain about gunboat diplomacy and how the bankers operated and how these IMF loans were where they'd go pay off the country to basically sell the people out.
He really broke it down.
He was just a great guy.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You've got that gamut there.
But the Founding Fathers said you've got to restrict and chain government down to protect the good people in government and to restrict and control and punish the bad people.
Because power will always be abused.
Corruption always finds the deepest point.
It always goes as far as it can until it meets physical restraints.
That's the nature of society and humanity.
I'm about to go into the news and some more of your calls.
KC and Robert and Brian and Brian and Brent and others.
But I got pulled over last night.
You know, they say it comes in threes, so I better watch my P's and Q's.
I haven't had a ticket in like three or four years.
I got one speeding on my way out to Crawford to cover the whole Cindy Sheehan thing a month and a half ago.
And last night it was about one o'clock in the morning.
And I've been working on this mini-documentary about Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones.
And I'm driving home.
And I'm downtown.
And, you know, I got pulled over about ten years ago at the same spot.
They just randomly pull you over.
I don't really think I was speeding.
He said I was going ten miles over the speed limit, but I really don't believe that.
Because right when I saw the lights going, I looked at my speedometer, but maybe I did.
And they shined the flashlights in my eyes and asked me to get out of the car and told me they smell alcohol.
And, of course, I wasn't drinking and rarely do drink, so I... You know, the occasional cerveza while eating Mexican food, maybe.
I'm trying to lose weight, so I don't even do that these days.
I say, no, I haven't been drinking.
And he's about to ask to search the car, and I just... I get out of the car, and he goes, well, I want you to do a sobriety test.
And you know what?
I want to go home.
It's late.
I'm not in the mood.
And they'll take you to jail, folks, if you say no to the sobriety test.
Now, if he'd have wanted me to blow, I probably would have said no just on the...
Face of it, because those things malfunction sometimes.
Plus, it's an intrusion on my Fifth Amendment.
I shouldn't have to incriminate.
But then I was thinking, do I want to have to sue them and take it to court?
Because, you know, the state has said that you've got to blow.
But everybody knows that's a violation of the Fifth Amendment and the Fourth Amendment.
Well, do I want to do this?
But thank God they didn't do that.
And they were both military types.
You could tell, you know, the stance, the chest out.
You know, real professional.
One of them standing behind me, one of them standing in front of me, both of them eyeing me.
I mean, they're like trained dogs.
And I'm not trying to be mean.
I mean, you know, there's something almost elegant to the training.
I'm not saying you're bad.
And they're eyeing me, kind of like an eagle-like stance, you know, eagle-eyeing me, staring at me.
And he pulls out this little red light.
And he goes, follow it.
Well, this goes on for about two minutes.
And folks, I'm following the light.
I mean, no problem.
Not turning my head, following the light.
He'll sit there for like 30 seconds with it one spot.
And I go, this is like Blade Runner and Void Comp.
And the only thing he did that was irritating is I started fidgeting after about two minutes of this and started putting my fingers into my pockets.
I'm standing there doing this, and he said, hmm, what do you got in your pockets?
At that point, I just laughed and I said, look, I'm not going to sit here and look at your light all night long.
I haven't been drinking.
Do what you've got to do, but I'm done.
And he had to exercise the power.
He goes, just look at it one more second.
And as soon as I submitted for like two more seconds, he said, okay.
And then I said, you know, what is the point of that?
And he goes, well, we test for alcohol, inhalants, and PCP.
And I just started laughing.
There was something so funny about it.
Because, folks, I don't know of anyone that's ever seen PCP, anyone that's ever known anybody that's seen PCP.
It's just so ridiculous.
I've been now tested for PCP.
I got home and climbed in bed.
My wife, I was giggling.
She said, why are you laughing?
I go, I've been tested to see if I was on PCP or huffing glue.
It was just...
It was so funny.
Anyways, he didn't give me a ticket.
He gave me a warning for going 10 miles over the speed limit.
He gave me a warning and then sent me on my way.
But, you know, it's not fair that you drive anywhere around those bars.
And, again, every restaurant, that's not true.
90, I don't know, 95%.
In fact, I don't think there is a restaurant in Austin that doesn't have a bar.
I mean, you go to Dallas, you've got to have the membership card and alcohol.
They like to keep it locked up in an armored vault.
Here, it's just there's alcohol everywhere, folks.
So I don't understand how you're coming out of a restaurant that's got a bar or you're leaving an office building and the cops pull out.
You know, I left and I was driving and I saw this car driving
This police car.
And I said, man, that thing's going to pull me over.
And then five minutes later, sure enough, it wheeled around and got behind me.
But you know, some cops, when you're not speeding, will still go ahead and give you the ticket.
Instead of giving you the warning.
Because I really don't think I was speeding.
He couldn't say, well, now I'm not going to give you a ticket for speeding.
No, I'm just going to give you the warning.
The reason I say that is that
6th Street, right before it hits Mopac, is pretty windy and bumpy.
There's a lot of cars on it, even at 1 o'clock in the morning.
I never really drive over about 35 miles an hour on that street.
I've just spent five minutes or longer talking about this.
Okay, that's enough.
It doesn't really matter.
It's just...
You know, we've got this military, and everybody that leaves the military, a large percentage of them, go and become cops, and they're trained at checkpoints and searching people and doing all of this.
It just isn't freedom.
It isn't America, folks.
And thank God that these guys were not goons.
But I have been pulled over by goons.
Do I want to search your vehicle?
Well, no, you can't.
Well, why can't I?
You've got some kind of attitude.
And I'm just like...
Uh, no.
It's the Fourth Amendment.
And I don't want my children growing up in a police state.
This is America.
And I don't think you do either.
So, go get a dog.
Get whatever you need.
I don't have any drugs or nothing in that vehicle.
You do what you gotta do.
But I am not going to let you search the vehicle voluntarily.
There was no need for that last night.
Though they were trying to figure out what my, uh... I still had a bag of dive gear in the back seat.
They were really shouting their flashlights at that, but it's got a weave, you know, it's transparent, so water can drip out of it.
And I think they figured out, I heard them mumbling about it, but at first they were really wondering what that giant bag of gear was.
I remember the time I got pulled over, it was back when I lived at home when I was in high school, my mother said, go get me some yogurt, frozen yogurt at
The yogurt place, and I'm driving back, and this cop wheels around, pulls me over, and I was speeding.
You know, there's no way he could have radar'd me.
He was driving down the street, and I was speeding about 15 miles over the speed limit.
He wheels around, pulls me over on my parents' street.
He walks up to the car.
There's a weight belt, back when I was in shape, worked out every day, laying in the front seat.
He pulls a gun out, puts it to my head, starts screaming to get out of the car, and then he sees that it's a weight belt, apologizes and lets me go and says, don't speak.
See, a bad cop would have freaked out and probably said I resisted and took me to jail just because his adrenaline got up.
I mean, that happens, folks.
They get their adrenaline up and they go crazy.
You know, they can't handle it.
But still, even if he was a good cop, I came an inch from getting my head blown off because the guy freaked out on a weight belt.
And I want to know why these guys are so scared.
Another thing is they're going to come back from Iraq where they are getting bombed, they are getting shot at in many cases by our own government.
That's now proven.
And they're going to be on our streets.
In fact, they already are.
I do run on at the mouth, don't I?
Let's go back to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to KC in Minnesota.
Hi, Alex.
Welcome, KC.
I had a question for you.
I don't know if you ever got to cover this or not.
I'm sure you did.
I think that's how it kind of deals with the war.
But it was the Sullivan versus the USA war.
And the judge is actually on record saying something to the extent that it's just like kids who break a rule the first 200 times and after a while they don't care and they don't acknowledge that the rule exists.
Did you... I'm not familiar with that case.
Why don't you fill us all in?
Oh, it's excellent because apparently, I'm looking at the PDF document right now, apparently this guy, he wanted to file a complaint against the president and
We're good to go.
Well, the case of Sullivan versus the USA.
Well, do me a favor.
Obviously, if you've got a PDF file, you're on the computer.
Email it to tips at infowars.com and also go over to Prison Planet and email the webmaster there.
That would be something good to write an article about.
But I do understand this mentality or this concept, and it's really one of the creeds of tyrants.
That, well, if they can get away with it,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That if the government can make you lick their boots until they're clean, if the government can tell blacks they're slaves and blacks will accept it and the public will accept it, then it becomes kind of a de facto law.
And, of course, it's a fraud.
But, yeah, no, I mean, the government says, that's what Alberto Gonzalez said as chief counsel to Bush before he was attorney general, is he said, you are the law.
And if you say torture isn't torture, it isn't.
We can kill people.
I mean, he says we can torture them.
He says we can pressure them until they expire.
And this is so important.
And if we say it isn't torture, and we kill them, then it isn't bad.
So again, that's cuckoo land, but that's what emperors always do.
One other thing I wanted to point out to you real quick, Alex, was the...
The Violence Against Women Act passed the Senate Judiciary with an amendment, and that amendment had to do with the National DNA Registry where, you know, basically if you're arrested or even taken to police custody, they can collect your DNA.
Yeah, now when you get arrested for not paying the ticket that you put in the glove compartment and forgot about, now when you get arrested for the 14 parking tickets, now when that happens...
They are going to take a tissue swab or blood, but here's the deal.
Everybody who's 33 or younger, born in a hospital, had blood taken as part of a federal program that I've had congressmen on, and so see now that they want to use it, now they've just got to get you a custom, see?
But yes, I did see that.
Now, isn't it going to conference or is it going to the presidency?
I'm not sure if it's still going to pass either the House or the Senate.
If it passes the Senate, I'm not sure.
I believe that's still got to go in the conference, but it's very close.
I saw that yesterday.
You know, that's a real travesty again.
I mean, look, it follows everything else that's happening.
Anything else?
Pardon me?
Thanks a lot.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much, sir, for that information.
Sorry, I couldn't hear you.
Your audio is low.
We'll come back and we'll see how the callers bring us in all these great directions.
It's all informative.
We'll come back and talk to many, many others that are patiently holding in a lot of news.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
We're continuing with open the phones.
In the third hour, we're scheduled to have a gentleman on
Who actually works at the Bohemian Grove, and he's got photos and video inside.
And I've now seen some of this.
And he saw quite a few people, Clarence Thomas and others.
He was constantly hit on by the homosexual conservatives.
And quite interesting, to say the least.
He's scheduled to be on in the third hour.
And also, Eustace Mullins, it's been a real mystery.
I've had Eustace on several times in years past, and Eustace says that when people try to call him, that it's somehow rerouted or misdirected, so that he doesn't get our calls every time he's supposed to come on at Showtime.
We'll see if that happens.
We'll keep trying him throughout the next hour.
We're already trying him before Showtime, and it's just going nowhere.
But, you know, we've had experience with this before.
I was going to be on Jeff Renz's show one time.
Got a call that day.
Hey, this is Jeff's assistant.
Real professional.
You're not going to be needed tonight.
Jeff's having somebody else on.
And it turned out like seven of his other guests had gotten these same phone calls.
So weird stuff like that goes on sometimes with a key guest.
But we'll see about getting used to small ones on.
And then, of course, we do have that...
Other guests that we'll just call.
Kyle coming on, who worked inside the Bohemian Grove.
Boy, does he have some stories to tell.
And we'll continue with your phone calls.
Before I go to Robert and Brian and Brian and Brett and many others that are holding patiently, just briefly, and I'm not going to belabor this,
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And a lot of people aren't going to wake up.
They're not going to understand it.
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We try to deprogram people.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we are now into hour number two.
It is the 28th day of September, 2005.
A little over four years since the military-industrial complex carried out the 9-11 style attacks.
The 9-11 attacks, in a sense, carried out further attacks to scare us into submission.
I'm extremely honored to be joined by Eustace Mullins.
Eustace has written the definitive works, really the great-grandfather of much of the modern movement against the Federal Reserve and the New World Order.
He is literally a living founding father in the Second American Revolution against the very same trash we fought in 1776.
And he, of course, was the protege.
And I could call him, I guess, an adherent to Ezra Pound, what was he, the Nobel Prize winning author, poet, who was imprisoned, imprisoned for being against the World War II.
And Ezra Pound, ladies and gentlemen, and of course he was an expert on the New World Order and what was happening.
And so we are going to have Mr. Mullins with us for the next hour
And we're going to discuss some of his definitive works and some of the incredible articles he's written.
And we're going to take your calls.
But I thought it was interesting to have Alan Greenspan coming out and saying, Oh, you've overspent and you've got a big deficit and you're going to have a crash and the real estate bubble's going to pop.
Well, the central bank has always done this before a recession or a depression.
They cause it.
They openly engineer it.
They print the $5 trillion in the last three years.
They flood the world with cheap dollars, fiat currency, and then they pose as the saviors.
And I heard Eustace Mullins last night basically talking about that on the Rick Adams Show, and I called in.
Listen, it's really good to have you on, Eustace.
Well, I'm certainly glad to be on your show again.
You bet.
I'm glad we were able to get through the folks that keep trying to block us calling you.
Well, for the last two years, I can hardly receive a telephone call.
I mean, they go to a lot of trouble and a lot of effort, but they seem to think it's worthwhile.
Well, I've had cases where I get really important phone calls, say from some of the biggest radio shows in the country, and they go, well, we left you messages, we sent you an email, they never get it.
Oh, yes.
That's standard procedure.
Well, that must mean we're hurting them then, is this?
Oh, it is.
It shows that they're hurting.
You know, I was just talking to a friend of mine.
The local court revoked my driver's license while I was in the nursing home for a stroke a few years ago.
So this crazy judge calls my case, and of course I wasn't there.
I told a relative to get a continuance.
But instead, he didn't do that.
And so when my case was called, because I wasn't there, they revoked my license for failure to appear in court.
Which is the same thing they told on Randy Weaver in the ruckus out in Idaho.
Well, yeah, they don't tell you about it, and then you don't show up.
You're supposed to know somehow.
Well, it's just amazing, Eustace.
We're about to go to break.
When we come back, I want to talk about your awakening, what the Federal Reserve is, and then bring it into current context with how the Federal Reserve is really driving America into the ground, and also to talk about your groundbreaking book about the Federal Reserve, sir.
So please stay with us.
Folks, we'll be right back with Eustace Mullins and literally a living legend.
And I know we have loaded phone lines coming up in about 20-30 minutes or so.
We'll get to Robert and Brian and Brian and Brett and many others.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
And we'll be back on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us.
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Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, for stations that are just joining us here in the second segment of the last five minutes we had, Eustace Mullins on with us, who really is a living legend.
And again, he was the protege of Ezra Pound, the Nobel Prize winning author, who was better known for his poetry, less known for his expose of the international bankers and their plan for a one world government through their central banks.
And at almost 83 years of age, Eustace Mullins...
Oh, I'm certainly glad to be here.
You know, with men like you and some of your contemporaries like Hutton Gibson, who I know you've met or friends with, I hope that the younger generations can live up to the work you gentlemen have done.
Well, I hope they can.
You know, Ezra Pound was the hero of young people during the 1920s.
And then they put the Iron Curtain down and you never heard of him again.
Well, tell us how you woke up to the Federal Reserve when you met Ezra Pound.
What happened?
Well, I was going to Washington University in Lexington, Virginia, which was founded by George Washington, and Robert E. Lee became the president after the Civil War.
And I was going to school there.
It was a very fine school, but they didn't have an art department.
So I moved up to an art school in Washington, D.C., and one of my professors there
Well, I happened to be visiting Ezra Pound at St.
Elizabeth's Hospital.
He was a dedicated liberal, but he admired Ezra for his work, and so he was helping to translate French poetry.
He insisted I should go and see Ezra Pound.
I said, what in the world would Ezra Pound talk to me about?
He took me out there, and we hit it off right away.
I started visiting him every day.
I have to tell my audiences that I got my education in the Insane Asylum, which is really true.
I had been to five of the best universities in the United States, and I didn't learn one thing.
But in a week at the St.
Elizabeth's Insane Asylum, I heard more common sense than I'd ever heard in all the universities I'd been to.
Well, you know, he was an icon, so they couldn't put him really in prison.
And so for preaching against the war, and talking about how it was staged, they did what the Soviets would do.
They just grabbed him and put him in the mental institution.
That was a favorite technique of Stalin anyway.
Oh, yes.
When did they finally let Ezra Powell down?
They never let him out.
I got him freed.
I went to a congressman, and he went on the floor of Congress, and he said, Why is the government holding this stand?
He'd been there 13 1⁄2 years without trial.
Which, as you know, can't happen under our Constitution.
Well, it's now happening.
The Supreme Court ruled they could.
It happens all the time.
It doesn't mean it's lawful, but the Charles T. Shell case, the arming dentist at Waco who saw them kill the people, he went public.
Eight years ago, they grabbed him.
He's been in solitary confinement, never gone to trial for Medicaid fraud, and they've been forcibly drugging him for eight years.
Oh, my gosh.
Well, I feel like I've been lucky when I hear about things like that and Ezra Pound, because I don't think I could have survived one night at St.
When did you first meet Ezra Pound?
What year was that?
1948, and I got him out in 1958, ten years later.
You see, he had a lawyer in New York named Julian Cornell who was supposed to represent him.
And he represented him by never filing a single paper in his behalf.
So I sat there for ten years with him, and I thought, and I took a friend of mine up there, a famous newspaper man named Rex Serpent-Ledman, and so I introduced Rex to Ezra Pound, and he sat down and talked to him, and finally Rex said, well, you don't belong in here.
And Ezra said, well, I don't know that.
And he said, well, I'm going to do something about it.
And Rex knew all the prominent people in Washington, D.C.
So he found this congressman that owed him a favor, and he asked him to go on the floor of Congress.
So he asked, why is the government holding this man?
And they had no answer because they'd never had any case against him whatsoever.
Well, that's classic where lawyers get control of somebody's estate.
Oh, it is.
And then help commit them or don't defend them.
Well, usually they do things like that for money.
Well, absolutely.
So, I mean, you go in there and you're getting this classical education, high-quality education.
I mean, describe for us what it was first like.
I'm sure when you first started talking to Ezra Pound, what was this like?
Well, it was kind of strange at first.
It was a little frightening because we were surrounded by lunatics.
People making faces at you and walking up and down and muttering and so forth.
I mean, this is not usual in an educational system, you know.
But we talked and we just ignored everybody.
And it worked for all the years that I was there.
Now, I mean, right off the bat, let's get into the Federal Reserve.
What did Ezra Pound teach you about the Federal Reserve that was put into place in December of 1913?
Well, he didn't teach me anything.
He said to me, he asked me if I would go to the Library of Congress and see what I could find out about the Federal Zero System.
So, I just began researching at the Library of Congress and I found out it was the greatest criminal syndicate in history, which I say in the foreword of my book, it is.
It is not federal.
It has no federal background.
And it's not, it has no reserves because it prints its own money.
It's a central bank which has the right of issue, the right to print money.
And it's not a system, I said it's a criminal syndicate.
And you know that book has been circulated for 50 years and nobody in the Federal Reserve System has ever objected to my calling it a criminal syndicate.
Well I have to tell you, I remember getting into this 12 years ago, most people didn't know it wasn't
Now, everybody I talk to goes, of course it is.
And big national talk show hosts admit that, okay, it's not federal, but so what?
So now, so what?
Well, it could be communists or Nazis or anything.
If it's not federal, what is it?
Well, it must be satisfying to know, though, that you've labored for over 50 years, and now the information you brought forward has gone from being totally disregarded to being common sense.
Well, I've got the greatest and the most flattering thing that can happen to an author.
My books have been plagiarized many times.
My articles, too.
And so that just, it feeds the fire, you know, it keeps the flames going.
You know, I've noticed that I've read probably ten books on the Federal Reserve, and most of them are just regurgitations of your definitive book.
Oh, some of them, I've read both, a complete plagiarism of the entire book.
I know, I've noticed that.
Why don't you tell folks about your definitive book?
Well, when Ezra got me into this, when I got into it, he said, you've got to write this as a detective story.
He realized it was a criminal operation.
See, up to that time, he thought of international bankers as conspirators and somewhat criminal, but he thought that the only thing they did was start wars and create famines and revolutions and monetary panics.
But he found that it was much more sinister than that.
It was really a satanic operation.
Well, that's what I found.
Every time I turn over a rock, it really is satanic.
Why don't you describe what you discovered?
What I discovered was that the most famous names in this country, the biggest and most important and influential people, like J.P.
Morgan, who always had a man in the White House talking to the President, these people were running the country, and they were running the world.
In fact, when they wrote the Federal Reserve Act at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910, during Thanksgiving week, at a secret meeting,
The New York Times reported that this group controlled one-sixth of the entire wealth of the world.
In fact, they probably control more than that.
They probably control it all right now.
Well, they certainly have got the lion's share of it, which gives them the power to steer society.
Oh, it certainly does, because when you have a controlling interest, it's yours.
How did you set about trying to wake people up?
I mean, what was it like in the first days back in the 1950s?
Well, I continued the research, and Ezra helped me.
He actually commissioned this book.
He paid me $10 a week to do the research on this book, which at that time you could live on in Washington, D.C., believe it or not.
But the government says there's no inflation.
A dollar in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was passed was worth 100 cents.
Today it's worth one-sixth of a cent.
That is inflation.
I don't know what it is.
Eustace Mullins, now I know you've written several books and dozens of papers.
Why don't you give us a listing of some of the publications you've put out?
Well, I put out the Federal Reserve book in 19...
53, and it's been continuously in print ever since.
None of my books have ever gone out of print, but I've got six of them I'm out of stock right now.
I've got to reprint.
After the Federal Reserve, I wrote, and the following year, I wrote The World Order.
That was a sequel to the Federal Reserve.
It expanded the Federal Reserve to the entire world.
And after that, I wrote The Curse of Canaan, which was a study of demonology in history.
I found out that demonology has been constant on this earth ever since the beginning of man.
And I followed that with the only history of the American Medical Association, which I call Murder by Injection, and which has been a bestseller.
One of my biggest fans is Minister Farrakhan, who's trying to educate African American people that their biggest enemy is their diet.
He's trying to help them in that way, and he's having a lot of success.
Stay there, Eustace.
We're going to come back, and I want to get into demonology.
And then I want to get into the more contemporary Federal Reserve scams and what they're currently doing with our socioeconomic system, with our economy, and the oil and the real estate bubble, all of it.
But absolutely, at the core of this is the worship of Lucifer and his punks.
Currency devaluation, inflation, one and the same.
If you have deposited $100,000 in a bank at 1% in a 30-month period dating from May 24, 2005, here is what happened to your funds.
The dollar lost 33% of its value in that time frame.
The bank paid you 1%.
Your $100,000 now has a net purchasing power of $68,000.
Here is reality.
The devaluation of currency equals real inflation.
Keep in mind how the value of your paper assets are measured in dollars.
Gold in the same time frame increased 35% in value.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
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We're good to go.
On February 29, 1892, the United States of America Supreme Court declared us a Christian nation.
However, over recent years, for the last three decades, there's been a deliberate war on Christianity in America to wipe out our heritage from the minds of our people.
The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees us religious freedom.
And yet it's under attack today.
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Every time we turn over a rock, it's devil worshipers.
I mean, I never expected in my research of the New World Order to keep running into it.
But it's real.
I mean, it's going on.
It's happening.
It's universal with these elites.
When did you, in your research about the New World Order, you just begin to discover this obsession with the occult?
Tell us about your research and what you discovered.
Well, actually, I didn't find it in research.
It was in the daily newspapers.
I was living in New York at that time, and you'd pick up the New York Times, and there was a story about a J.P.
Morgan partner and his wife having peyote parties at the Greenwich Village Mansion.
And they were into all sorts of occult drugs.
But not just the drugs.
You talk about demonology.
Well, the demonology, when you get into drugs and occult, you get into the demonology.
That's part of it.
Oh, I understand the pharmakia, the whole root of it with the witch doctors.
But, I mean, obviously, I snuck into Bohemian Grove.
I've witnessed the mock human sacrifices.
Everybody knows about skull and bones, the occult symbols for all the corporations.
I mean, can you comment on that?
The occult depends entirely on symbols.
And you find this in Renaissance paintings.
I have a friend, a very fine artist named Margaret Suckey, who did my portrait.
And she has published a book on the fact that there are occult symbols in all of the famous Renaissance paintings in our museums all over the world.
Well, that's certainly been documented.
I mean, that's all over the place.
What is the New World Order's final goal?
I mean, if they got their wish list, if all opposition could be annihilated overnight, what would they build?
What would they do?
What is their deepest desire?
Well, they would do just what they're doing now.
They want total control over every person in the world.
And if they can't have control of you, they're going to eliminate you.
It's that simple.
But isn't that also an end to a means?
I mean, they want to control us so they can kill us.
Oh, yes.
Everything is an end toward the means.
There are no accidents.
As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, nothing happens by accident.
It's planned that way.
Well, absolutely.
Only the naive would believe otherwise.
Oh, yes.
But I'm trying to understand.
I mean, a lot of people are waking up.
I've never seen people waking up this fast.
At the same time, the globalists are moving even faster.
Do you think we're going to win this thing?
What do you think is going to happen?
Well, they were doomed to failure because Nimrod, who was the first world dictator, collapsed.
He was the first... That's in my book, On the Curse of Canaan.
This all originated right there where our troops are fighting today in Iraq.
That was the cradle of Christian civilization.
And in fact, our armies have destroyed many of the earliest Christian artifacts in Iraq all over the country.
Yeah, it's amazing.
So if they had their way, though, I mean, not just control, detailing it, what are their plans?
I mean, they openly say they want to kill 85% of us.
That's public.
Well, I think it all goes back to Oriental despotism.
I think the despotism, which originated in Asia, always has its goal, mass murder, executions, torture, you name it.
That's what they want.
Is that a cultural aberration because of the first large populations being in China?
Because we do know that... I mean, I have photographs where they just let dead babies rot and die on the side of the street in China.
I mean, human life, you know, selling melted down flesh for cosmetics for murder dissidents.
Oh yes, that's exactly the way everything operates.
Well, human beings no longer become people.
They're just articles of commerce.
Well, is that why now they don't call the person who's your boss, your boss?
They call him human resource director?
Human resource director.
And that's why the 14th Amendment renamed all American citizens as subjects.
And we've been known as subjects since the Civil War.
Yeah, for those that don't know, they didn't free the slaves, they just made us all slaves.
That's exactly right.
And the English were the first to point that out.
That there was no revolt against slavery, they just enslaved the whole country.
And it's been enslaved ever since.
With puppet political parties.
We've had no political parties in this country.
I have repeatedly written to, here in my home state of Virginia, where Woodrow Wilson was born, a few blocks from where I'm sitting, I have repeatedly notified the governor of Virginia that I want to restore self-government to the state of Virginia.
And of course he's not very happy about that.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha.
All right, folks.
We have got one of the fathers in this country of the fight against the Federal Reserve joining us, a very prolific individual.
He's Eustace Mullins.
We're going to come back and get into what's happening with the economy right now and ways to defeat the globalists, ways to accelerate their collapse.
They will collapse of their own weight.
Will we be crushed in the collapse is the question.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Robert and Brian and Brian and Brett and others, your calls are coming up here in about 10 minutes.
We will get to you with Eustace Mullins, who I'm so honored to have.
And by the way, I was just chastising him during the break.
Eustace never plugs his books, never plugs his website, never... And it's so important to... because these are key materials...
We're good to go.
So we have more and more of that censorship coming into play now, but these are definitive, classic works, so seek them out, find them, get them, call your local bookstore, demand they carry them, because these are scholarly works.
I mean, I was reading, I was waking up to the New World Order 12 years ago.
You know, educating myself, reading books like The New World Order, reading books like his Federal Reserve book.
By the way, I'm sure you know, your Federal Reserve book is online.
Were you aware of that?
Oh, yes.
That's been online for some time.
Are you pleased that that's there?
Well, nobody ever asked me about it.
Nobody ever asked my permission.
But it's alright.
It keeps it going.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, I commend you, but people should buy hard copies.
Hard copies are so important.
I've got a few questions for you, and then I want to take some calls.
Trying to understand all of this, we look at... Let's talk about vaccines for a moment, because now they say mercury is nutritious for the children.
They don't deny it's in there now.
First they said they took it out.
Now they admit they've actually increased the mercury, and now they say it's nutritious.
I have the local and national newscasts
And local reports on that.
What are they really doing to us through the vaccines, Eustace?
Well, that's a control mechanism.
In fact, vaccines are the biggest boon for the medical profession.
When you have a vaccine in your system, that is engineered so the body can never reject it.
It's going to be there for life.
And I quote one doctor who says he never met a person who had cancer who had not been vaccinated.
Well, they admit not just SV40 that's still being given, by the way, in the polio vaccines.
That's confirmed.
But there are literally over 60 known cancer viruses being transmitted through different vaccines.
And even where the virus shouldn't be there in the production...
There's no tissue supposed source.
Still, it's in there, Eustace.
Well, I think it's designated to be in there because that is what creates lifetime illness.
You're going to be at the mercy of doctors as long as you live after you have that vaccination.
Oh, it's a nightmare.
And, of course, also the mercury brain damages and dumbs down the population.
And the fluoride water, which was an invention of Stalin and Hitler, they discovered they could control their populations in the concentration camps with fewer guards by fluoridating the water supply.
By the way, I know you document everything.
You know, I actually tracked that back, the classified Army reports and things that aren't supposed to be published.
They learned that, ran over here and did it, and listen...
Oh, yes.
Don't believe us.
We have the University, you know, in London.
We have all the big, literally hundreds and hundreds of major studies.
University of Texas studies in 1934 saying this is a toxic sedative, stannous fluoride.
Understand, folks, not debatable.
Tell us about fluoride.
Well, fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum manufacture, and it was so poisonous that it was costing them a lot of money to dispose of it.
That was one of the biggest expenses that Aluminum Company of America had was disposing of the waste from aluminum manufacture.
And so they got some doctors to say that this poisonous substance, if it was put in the water, would keep children from having cavities.
So it would be a health boon.
And so most of the world adopted sodium fluoride.
But now from Ireland to England it's being removed because major studies show bone fractures, brain tumors, retardation of growth, all just so many different horrible documented side effects.
In fact, there are a few substances that have been more documented to be toxic.
In fact, the big dentist...
It was in the Canadian government who got their water fluoride 12 years ago.
Two years ago, he went public and said, I was wrong, I was conned.
Not only is this sodium fluoride and shanice fluoride toxic, they're not even taking out the heavy metal agents from aluminum and fertilizer production.
They're dumping toxic waste itself in there.
Oh, yes.
One of my nephews is a very prominent dentist, and he told me he quit using mercury fluoride
Some years ago, a lot of dentists don't use it anymore because they suffer more from it than everybody else.
They're grinding teeth, and that mercury vapor as they grind the teeth, they're getting part of that themselves.
I know one dentist here in my hometown that's totally cuckoo from mercury vapor.
Well, especially when they're mixing the amalgam.
Yeah, well, they work in it all day, you see, and they're the worst victims of it.
I know, and you try to tell them, and they just don't listen.
I mean, with the amalgam fillings, they sit there when it's in the liquid form and mix it.
Well, you see, they never called it mercury for many years.
They only called it amalgam.
So amalgam sounds all right to you.
Why would anybody get scared of that?
They wouldn't even mention mercury.
Well, the globalists, you look at Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia, you look at others, they're big health nuts, all they eat is special organic food.
Well, of course.
It's been in news articles that they only brush their teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste, they jog six miles every morning, they won't go in the cities at certain times, they wear little face masks.
You know, they live to be 100 and something.
I mean, it's so obvious that they're doing this to us.
Why do they hate us so much, Jesus?
Well, they have to control us.
It's not that they hate us.
They're just using us.
I mean, we're human fodder, that's all.
I don't know.
We're an opportunity to make money.
So for some of them, it's like how you look at a cow.
It's not that you even hate the cow.
It's just a cow.
Well, some people keep their horses and cows in barns that are more...
Lavishly furnished in a lot of people's homes.
They were really rich people.
But I was in Washington, D.C.
when they fluoridated the water in Washington, D.C.
and the senators and congressmen boasted that they would never drink a drop of it.
They outfitted every congressional office in Washington, D.C.
with a mountain bottle of water brought in from West Virginia.
Oh man, and by the way, Coca-Cola and Pepsi...
They've tried to head it off at the pass with their bottled water.
If you drink their bottled water, you're a Froot Loop.
They caught the Coca-Cola brand full of deadly poison, and they take Houston municipal water and sell it to you.
Oh, yes.
So the answer is filter it yourself.
Do not trust them.
Oh, yes.
And the reverse filter is the best one because it really takes the stuff out of there.
Talking about reverse osmosis?
Osmosis, yes.
I use that to cook.
Yeah, it's good.
I use a gravity filter to keep some of the minerals for my general drinking water.
Now, I want to get into the Federal Reserve here, and then I want to take some calls.
Federal Reserve, I mean, you wrote the book on how it operates, but from that point on, they love to come out and pose as our saviors when they have carried out the monetary policy that clearly is causing it.
They've printed $5 trillion the last three years.
The dollar has plunged just the last few years by another 44%, as you mentioned, and 99% in the last 60 years.
All over the world, people are dumping dollars.
China's gone to a basket of currencies.
All this is happening.
The average American has no idea, but they know all about the Red Sox and the Yankees last night.
They have no idea what's going on, but their bank account's been devalued almost down to nothing.
We're being de-industrialized, and then Greenspan's dancing around going, you people are dumb, you're going to have a crash, it's your fault, big deficits.
I mean, that's like if I set your house on fire, and then I blame you for it burning down.
I mean, comment on that, please.
Well, if you use the Federal Reserve money, which is the only money you can use, it's the medium of exchange, you're in their hands, they can do anything they want.
And then Pose is the savior.
Well, do you know that the entire Federal Reserve Act was written, it's been plugged in books on economics ever since, as banking reform.
It says we'll never have another panic, we'll never have another depression, and we'll have eternal prosperity.
And the mission of the Federal Reserve System was to stabilize the dollars.
And they've done nothing but destabilize the dollar ever since they started operation.
And we also wouldn't have inflation.
No, indeed.
Why, that evil 1.1% we were having before, why, we'll give you 5, 6, 10%.
That'll fix it.
Well, Greenspan caused the crash of 2000, in which the New York Times said that they took $8 trillion from the American people between March and November of 2000.
Well, for those that don't know, I own a libertarian book.
I forget the name of it.
I've had several of them with essays written by five or six different authors.
So there's like an 80-page essay.
And this is available, this stuff's even online, by Greenspan about the evil bankers at the Federal Reserve, and how we need the gold standard, and how it's all a scam, and how the Federal Reserve is an engine of inflation controlled by criminals, and he was one of us, and they went and they bought him, didn't they?
Oh, they did indeed.
Well, his mentor was Milton Friedman, who also denounced the Federal Reserve, said they'd never done anything right through their operation, so he became the most august economist in the country.
But the only reason they put Greenspan in charge of the Federal Reserve System is that he fully understood it.
He published all these things about it, and they found out that he absolutely understood the Federal Reserve System, so he was the ideal person to run it and do anything they wanted.
Yeah, that's admitted.
They said, oh, you really get the scam.
How is unlimited power sound?
Well, he's done a great job.
I mean, folks, he really wrote multiple essays about how it's totally evil.
And now he's the Fed chairman.
Well, he was known as Mr. Fixer on Capitol Hill.
He's the one that upped the Social Security tax and really put the young married couples in this country on the bond because they were paying so much Social Security tax to take in the four deaf children and buy a home.
Well, for those that don't know this,
The Fed chairman is a lot more powerful than the president, isn't he?
Oh, that's been printed many times in Newsweek and Time over the years.
Every time we have a national election, somebody in Newsweek or Time points out that the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is more powerful than any president.
Well, we better watch out when he's saying irrational exuberance and three weeks ago talking about crashes.
I mean, that means they may be setting us up for a mass shearing, Houston?
Well, they're talking about a real estate crash, and they're really promoting that.
Well, you know why?
Because they're mad.
Yes, real estate's vastly overpriced, but at least there's some real tangible value.
They're angry that you're translating their fiat currency into tangible real estate.
Folks, you could get hurt in it.
Don't be upside down in it.
The time to buy is once they do crash it, they're going to be buying it up for five cents on the dollar, right?
Well, they certainly will.
In fact, they're going to buy up New Orleans.
Katrina happened to be...
One of the biggest occasions for urban renewal this country has ever seen.
New Orleans was absolutely a mess.
I spoke down there in July, and the whole town was decrepit and was falling apart.
And with this hurricane, they're going to rebuild it from the ground up, and they bust out.
Now, Farrakhan has criticized this, and he's absolutely right.
They have bust out the black people from New Orleans, and they're going to rebuild it from the ground up.
They're going to make another Las Vegas.
Well, they're already talking about making areas of it an island and flooding it and making a big... I mean, and of course, who's going to get all the contracts but Halliburton and others.
Well, the same inside people are going to make all the money because you're going to see fortunes, billions and billions of dollars made in New Orleans after this Katrina thing.
And then they're never going to allow the African Americans to come back in there.
Basically, we got them hanging off the government mammary over here in Iraq, and then now they're going to attach themselves like a leech to another one with this other $200 billion, and it's all going to be a giant boondoggle.
Oh, yes.
And they'll make a lot of money, and New Orleans will be a beautiful place in five years when they get this thing going, but it's going to cost a lot of money, and people are going to make a lot of money.
Let's take a few calls, Eustace.
All right.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
You're on the air with Eustace Mullins, a living legend.
Robert Mass.
Hello there, Alex.
Mr. Mullins, good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Fellas, I wanted to... You touched on something early, Mr. Mullins, and it's a coincidence because I had this ready to go.
I called in earlier not knowing that you were going to be on.
I wanted to touch upon a subject, and I wanted to make...
Alex, yourself and your listeners are aware.
Go ahead and make the point, sir.
Of Enki and the World Order, an ancient poem that was of Sumerian in a narrative poem.
It's the New World Order, basically from ancient times.
I don't know if George Orwell, writer of 1984 and things, was aware of this.
He may have been.
Because it describes Enki, or he describes himself, as a big brother.
Yeah, it's all a Babylonian text.
That's exactly what Eustace's demonology book gets into.
So it's like the Christianity never happened.
I mean, it's like it was totally ignored.
And they haven't stopped doing these sacrifices and things like this.
From Bohemian Grove, I just recently obtained a copy of it.
I think it's fantastic.
And I say more power to you.
Well, thank you for the support, Robert, that makes this broadcast possible.
Do you want a specific comment?
Well, I just wanted to understand how this can be ignored.
I mean, this is not 25 years old, but also 40 years ago, or in the 40s, actually, the Ghosts on the Loose from the East Side Kids, Leo Gorsi movies.
We're talking about the New World Orders in some of the... Well, Adolf Hitler gave speeches saying a New World Order.
Wells, who was a futurist and wrote non-fiction books as well as fiction, said we're going to kill 80% of you and we're going to take over.
This is about them being God.
Use this comment.
Oh, that's absolutely true.
Adolf Hitler's main book after Mein Kampf was the New World Order.
And that's exactly what he was working on.
So the 40s and thousands of years ago, it's like...
It's something that can't be just overlooked and say, oh, someone's making this up today.
It's not...
Well, I mean, look, Bush is saying, I'm going to put troops on the streets, they're going to have guns, we're going to run your life.
It's open martial law in our face.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Robert.
That's important information.
God bless.
Eustace, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
You know, there's nothing new under the sun.
All those clichés ring true here.
And those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
People keep forgetting the lessons, don't they?
Well, they don't even learn the lessons.
That's the problem.
It's not a question of forgetting.
They just remain unaware of what is really going on right in front of their eyes.
What do you think of Bush just throwing down the gauntlet and saying, I'm turning America into a military camp?
Well, that's exactly what he wanted to do all along.
After all, his father took the World Drug Operation and incorporated it into the CIA.
And a guy who can run a deal like that, you have to say he has some ability.
Oh, Daddy Bush has got a lot of ability.
Very evil, folks.
Very evil.
Oh, good Christian conservatives, though, Eustace.
I heard it on TV.
Oh, yes, that's what they always tell you.
And they go to church on Sunday, too.
Yeah, so they're good.
And the devil masquerades as an angel of light, too, folks.
We'll talk to Brian and Brian and Brett when we get back.
Stay with us.
Eustace Mullins coming up.
And who stands to gain?
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Alright, I'm going to try to hold you just five minutes over into the next hour so we can get to at least the callers that are holding.
And then we've got a gentleman coming on who worked inside the Bohemian Grove and he's got the video and photos to prove it.
I've seen them.
And we're going to be incorporating that, if you can get them to me quick enough, into this update of Bohemian Grove.
I'm going to release in a few weeks.
But it is powerful info.
He's coming up in about 10-15 minutes.
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Eustace, let's talk to Brian in California and then Brian in Oklahoma.
Brian, go ahead.
Hi, Al.
Yeah, I just want to talk real quick.
Your audio is real low today.
I'm having audio problems.
Speak up for me.
Sorry about that.
I'd just like to talk real quick about an act that was passed shortly after September 11th that not too many people are aware of, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.
Which talks about forced quarantines and vaccinations in the event of a public emergency.
Well, yeah, that was a federal initiative that failed in the states, so they passed it as part of the Homeland Security package via Executive Fiat, page 76, Homeland Security.
Comment on that, Eustace?
Well, that was all part of the general program for world control.
I mean, they needed, they hailed 9-11 as another Pearl Harbor.
And, of course, Pearl Harbor was one of the funniest things that ever happened.
Well, the CFR had a meeting on TV days after 9-11.
They said, we'll use this disaster for a new world order.
Well, that's exactly what it was planned to do.
And it's working fairly well, apparently.
And the American people were totally sold on it.
And we're in Iraq today because of 9-11.
Actually, our troops are over there to avenge 9-11.
That's the only reason they're there.
And they're not done.
We may have to go into more countries.
Oh, well, you know, you've probably never heard of this, but in the year 2000, Bush addressed the graduating class at West Point, and he boasted that they were going to launch preventive strikes against 69 countries that were supporting terror.
No, I remember, and they even put it in the PNAC document.
Oh, yes, that's good.
Well, I was in a hotel in Tokyo, and I read it in the Asahi Shimbun, and I couldn't believe it, and I thought I would get back here and do a story on it, and when I got back here, I could not find it mentioned in any newspaper.
I remember hearing about it, but the only place you'll find it in text, he was just reading off a PNAC plan.
That was September 2000.
That's in that plan.
Oh, it is in there.
Well, I wonder what happened to it.
It disappeared.
It's called Rebuilding America's Defenses, that particular.
In that same document, they say that the government's developed race-specific bio-weapons to kill certain races.
I mean, these guys are lunatics.
Oh, yes.
Everything they do is lunacy.
Brian, you brought up a good point.
Anything else?
I was just wondering, did that actually pass or go through?
Okay, the model states how the Emergency Powers Act only passed a few states.
We beat it.
So the feds passed it and now say under executive power the feds will force it.
And then so now they have to set the precedent for the feds to be the leaders in emergencies preemptively.
See, now Bush is attacking America.
They're seizing America like they're seizing Iraq.
We'll be right back.
Houston, stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've had Eustace Mullins on with us for the last hour.
He's an American legend.
One of the fathers of exposing the Federal Reserve.
He's lectured as far away as Japan.
And he's here with us today, eustacemullins.com, and we're going to take a few calls right now, and then he's going to have to leave us.
We have a guest coming on, who we'll just call Kyle, who, well, saw quite a bit working at the Bohemian Grove this past year.
So you're not going to want to miss this eyewitness report of the Christian conservatism, oh yes.
But let's talk to Brett.
In Michigan, and then we'll... Excuse me, Brian in Oklahoma, then Brett.
I apologize.
I'm getting my list out of order here.
Brian in Oklahoma, then Brett.
Brian, quickly have a question or comment for Eustace, or... Go ahead.
Actually, I called yesterday, and I got a dropped call.
I'm a first-time caller.
Well, welcome, sir.
What's on your mind?
Well, yesterday what I was calling about was when you had JOF on.
I went into Lowe's Gun Shop and bought a...
The AR-15 was older, and you know how ATF says if it has any M16 parts in it, even if it doesn't fire, they still consider it a machine gun?
So I pulled the parts out, and I went ahead and bought it because I wanted the pre-band lower out of it, and I went back to the gun store two days later, and supposedly a cop had dropped off this gun.
The owner says, hey, I've never had this happen before.
He said, ATF called yesterday, wanted to know who bought that gun.
And when I told them that you took all the M16 parts out of it in the store, they just hung up on me.
Yeah, it's set-ups.
They bring the guns in, they plant them to bring down the shops, and that's what the JPFO has been exposing.
The BATF is a criminal organization.
They go back for the regulators going after the moonshiners, do they not?
Well, they certainly do, and they are a criminal operation if you've ever seen one.
And they'll do anything.
I mean, they'll send family men to prison for no reason and feel good about it.
Well, Randy Weaver is a typical example.
They finally had to wind up, after he murdered his wife and son, they had to finally pay him a measly $3 million for destroying his family.
Well, real men shoot 12-year-olds in the back, so... No.
For the FBI's top sniper in the United States to shoot Randy Weaver's wife through the forehead, that takes some doing.
While she had a baby on her breast.
And the baby was in her arms.
Well, that's manliness.
Well, apparently that's the American dream, or at least that's the American dream turning into a nightmare.
Our border's wide open, and they tell us terrorists are about to attack any minute, but they've got checkpoints searching families on the side of the highway.
Anything else there, Brian?
Thank you for both of y'all's work.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, everybody's got to watch out.
The BATF puts a part in a rifle that doesn't even make it fully auto.
They don't care.
I mean, they'll bring it in.
They'll give it to you.
You don't see the part.
Then they'll take your shot, put you in prison, and they'll laugh about it.
They're not playing games.
Eustace Mullins, I want to thank you so much for coming on with us.
We've got about a minute left.
Any parting words for people out there?
Well, I think the American people are waking up in the nick of time because we're in a desperate situation.
And I really believe that the American people will rise to the occasion.
After all, the American Revolution took place within 10 miles of where I'm sitting.
You know, the American Revolution was not a popular uprising.
Only 4% of the colonists took part in the American Revolution.
Our history books have always said this was a mass uprising of popular people wanting freedom.
And that's total nonsense.
There's only 4% of the people that objected to the British at all.
And they said, I'm not your slave.
And the British had specialized in colonial people all over the world, and they found the Americans, they treated them just like they treated the people in India and everywhere else.
And they wouldn't take it anymore.
Well, I really appreciate you, Eustace, coming on, my friend.
All right.
And we'll talk to you soon.
Very good.
Vaya con Dios.
Alright, we'll come right back with the Christian conservative activities at Bohemian Grove.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I know we have a lot of callers holding.
Ron, Robert, many others will get to you.
And there's a bunch of other very important news that needs to be covered, like oil reserves are double.
Previous estimate says Saudi government.
And that's all the information I'm getting from family in the oil industry.
And, you know, I'm here in Texas.
I'm surrounded by people who work in the oil industry, not just family.
It's a joke.
They're finding huge fields everywhere.
So the globalists are having to race to restrict oil production everywhere and to take over areas and not let oil flow.
You see, by not letting Iraqi oil flow, that jacks up the prices.
That's why they had orders on Saddam for almost 13 years that he could only sell about 8% of what he'd been selling previously.
Back when gas was 95 cents a gallon.
The good old days.
Remember that?
Post-Gulf War I. Pre-Gulf War I. So we're going to get into that.
We just ended an amazing hour interview with Eustace Mullins.
What an icon.
What a great guy.
We're going to have to have him back on in the near future.
But right now we're joined by Kyle.
And obviously Kyle is not his name.
And we have to be very careful, so choose your words very delicately, Kyle.
Before you speak, don't give anything up about where you work in the Grove, what you did in the Grove, or who you do other work for.
But Kyle had contacted us before he, well, as he was getting his job at the Grove,
And then now he has been there for their spring encampment, which is for kind of the neophytes or the outsiders, and then for the summer festival, the 15 days of revelry.
And in the position he was in, he was limited to the areas he was able to see.
All the staff are.
And he was able to tell me that they... And he has proof of all this.
The treasure trove we've got.
Thumb scanners, biometrics, in and out cameras, motion sensors...
You know, the Secret Service, the security, being hit on repeatedly by, you know, police come back, you know, do you like gay sex, baby?
You know, stuff like this, stuff we had already gotten from other sources, but here it is confirmed yet again.
I was only inside about five hours.
He was inside for about a month.
That's all I can say.
And believe me, we've gotten some really good intel from him
And in the near future, I don't want to give out any websites today.
In the near future, we are going to be posting photos and details and reports on this and linking to another site that also has some of these photos.
But at this time, I don't even want to give out any more information than that because I want to keep our source safe.
But they've got about 1,000 employees in there around the year, about 800 at any one time, so it's going to be hard to bust them.
But he's in there as a spy, getting you the information.
And it's confirmed, folks.
I've seen it.
Believe me, I've seen a lot of stuff you're never going to get to see, because it would blow his cover.
Let's go to Kyle.
Kyle, you have got a lot of courage, my friend.
Yes, the Alex Jones.
It's a pleasure to be in the presence of greatness.
Well, wait, you've done more than I've done at Bohemian Grove.
No, you're greater than I am.
I'm serious, Kyle.
No, I appreciate that.
Well, as you said, instead of going the covert route like you, I just went and applied for employment.
To do the background check, etc., etc.
I did get hired for the spring jinx, and then later the summer encampment.
Okay, for those that don't know, the Bohemian Grove is an offshoot of Skull and Bones.
Its main office is in San Francisco, and we've had one of our people go in the front door and take pictures before he was run off.
Giant bronze skulls, huge owls standing on skulls, famous Luciferian pictures hanging up on the walls.
Outside, they have a picture of men in hoods carrying a baby towards a fire.
National Geographic, last year, the 100 Greatest Vintage Photos, released a photo, the Grove released, of a guy in a Grim Reaper outfit, very macabre, doing a mock sacrifice.
They admit all this.
But you saw Clarence Thomas and a lot of others there
Yeah, we did.
And for those that say, well, where's the video?
Well, folks, it's really hard with a hidden camera to run up to somebody and go, here, you know, it's very obvious.
But, I mean, let's just go over, again, without giving out anything that can blow your cover.
We talked about this yesterday.
Tell us some of the things you witnessed while you were there.
Well, as far as people, Clarence Thomas, he was given a lakeside chat, Colin Powell,
Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, they were all there.
But they all hang up at this camp, the most prestigious camp in the Grove, called Mandalay.
And they really don't come down to the dining circle or anything for dinner.
The word on the street is they bring in their own chefs from Paris.
And even other Grove members are not allowed to go up there.
Without an invitation, though.
By the way, I have snuck around Mandalay.
I didn't go inside.
It's up on the hill.
Yeah, way up there.
And there's 119 camps?
This year there were 119, correct.
So it's even growing a bit.
It was only about 100 when I was 105 when I was in there.
And again, it goes like Prince and Principalities.
It goes from the king level, and then the Bushes aren't even Mandalay.
They are hillbilly.
He'll be at least correct.
And then it moves on down.
Now, the Lost Boys, some of them are known for their homosexual affiliation.
That's one of them.
Of course, the whole thing is.
The Lost Angels, actually.
Pardon me?
The Lost Angels.
Yeah, Lost Angels.
Well, there's also the Lost Boys, too.
Is there one called Lost Boys?
I don't recall it in there, but I didn't see all the camp.
Yeah, it's Lost Boys, too.
Go over it for us.
Just what you told me on the phone.
Of course, I've got the video and the photos of this, too.
Tell us the story.
Well, it went in there.
It was supposed to be a couple buddies, but they all backed out at the last minute, so I ended up going in there solo.
Applied for the interview, actually, and right after the... I haven't told you the story, so if I'm
Too far off track, let me know.
But right after the interview, I did have one buddy go with me just for the interview, and he got scared at that point.
And we're leaving the Bohemian Grove.
We were just in that lower parking lot area where you initially came out of the trees.
Now, this is before the Elite are there.
Yeah, this is like in April or something.
Pardon me?
This is like in April or something.
And so I decide, I'm like, man, we're here, we've got to go for it.
And my friend's like, all right, do what you want.
So it just started to rain.
The timing was perfect.
So just as it starts to rain, we take the car and we head for the security gate.
And the security guy is heading for cover because of the rain.
And we're able to bypass the security gate.
And we're in there driving around the Grove the first day, clueless where we're going.
And all of a sudden, a security truck pulls up behind us.
And now we're getting nervous.
My friend looks right at me and says, dude, they're going to kill us.
And anyway, so we're scared.
And we drive.
And we're just coming up to the lake area.
And a cherry picker or something else was coming the other way.
So I make a hard left down this little gravel embankment, and the cherry picker forces the security truck to back up.
And I look out to my left, and right there, 30 foot away, is the stone owl.
And so I whip out the camera, take a couple pictures, and we were out of there at that point.
So that was my first day in the Grove.
Later came back for the spring jinx, and that's when we went to work.
And pretty much laid low for the spring jinx to feel out the system, what I could do, what I couldn't do, the routine for security, etc.
Tell us about the biometrics.
They just have this, when you clock in and clock out, they do it.
You put your hand on this hand scanner, and it scans your hand in and out, and that's your time clock.
Members don't have to do that, that's just employees.
Yeah, the members have ID cards.
They have ID cards, correct.
And those were instituted after our little activity.
Yeah, they all were you snuck in.
There's all motion sensors there now.
And also the shed where they waved you through.
Right now, every member must get off of the bus, walk through that shed, and unload onto the bus on the other side again.
Man, I bet they hate my guts.
There was some talk about you, too.
It was kind of funny.
Sitting around in employee circles, they're like, there's a guy in here that snuck in a couple years ago, and he has video.
You came up a little bit.
They didn't know your name, but they knew about it.
What were they saying?
You know, the employees are really pretty oblivious to everything that goes on.
That's because you're segregated into certain areas, right?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, even employees have different color badges, and you've got to wear your badge the whole time.
And, yeah, it's tough to get outside your area, for sure.
And for those that know, I mean, they caught about, I don't know, 10 different reporters at 789.
I haven't counted them all up.
People Magazine, Time Warner, CBS.
I mean, they would catch them and arrest them over and over again from the early 80s right through to the early 90s, and people just quit.
So I think they kind of lulled or something.
But then I talked to locals who said that they'd be 10 miles away and the Secret Service would search their car.
So I guess I just slipped right through, you know.
Yeah, God was with you.
It worked out.
Well, God's definitely with you, my friend.
Now, you've got quite a few stories.
How many times were you approached to go to one of the homosexual tourists?
Well, they didn't really invite me.
It was kind of just a feel.
They'd ask me if I slept around, because I was one of the younger guys in there, of course.
They're all 50s, 60s, 70s, that kind of stuff.
When I was out of my area, walking around like one of them, they'd come up and approach me and ask quick stuff and kind of just blow them off.
Half appalled, half amused.
So, I mean, what percentage of them were hitting on you?
I mean, this is a lot.
Oh, a very small percentage.
I couldn't tell what percentage were actually gay or homosexual.
They do allow women now to work in the kitchen area.
You know what?
I guess that's fairly new.
And a lot of the members we're actually talking about, they do like the girls, though.
The whole place isn't 100% homosexual.
Oh, I know that.
No, that's the...
Well, according to Spy Magazine and Parade and others, though, when they fly in the jets, the ratio is about two to one male.
So these rich guys, I guess, have had every female prostitute you can imagine, so they want something new like Nero.
But from our research, and even mainstream news, it's like they've got beef and chicken, and the men are chicken, and they're...
There's twice as many orders for chicken.
All right, stick there, man.
But you were in there, so we can go off what you're saying.
I want to hear more about this when we get back.
And you were there for the cremation of care.
You saw the big ritual.
And you saw another little ritual they did with Nazi flags.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking to Kyle.
You can call him Kyle.
You can call him whatever you'd like.
His real name isn't Kyle, obviously.
And he's got the video.
He's got the photos.
And he had a little small hidden camera, a pin camera, that was then mounted to a recorder in his pocket.
And, of course, the cremation of care didn't come out too well.
It's hard to do, but a lot of his footage did come out very well.
And then, of course, stuff like Clarence Thomas walking right up to him.
The digital tape runs out right as Clarence Thomas walks up.
You know, I've experienced that type of stuff.
But he did get a lot of incredible things on video and on photographs, if I can get that out.
And we're going to try to incorporate some of the stuff we just got
Into the new release of Bohemian Grove.
It'll probably just be a minute or two of it, but we're going to have the David Gergen rock in front of him, and he blew up about the occult activities when I brought that up to him in New York.
We're going to add something you've never seen unless you live in Austin.
The footage where we're being protested by the local group.
We're talking about how they're doing rituals in the Grove.
The local hippies go, don't bring out the rituals.
Well, then it turns out they're there carrying out rituals when we've got it on tape.
We're good to go.
And that's going to be the 9th of October.
Sunday, the 9th of October.
Alamo Draft House, downtown.
One showing, 7 o'clock.
You can get tickets at InfoWars.com or at the Alamo Draft House downtown website.
It's OriginalAlamo.com.
Or you can simply go to the door and get them.
And then the next night, the 1st, the 1st day of the week,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Kyle, I mean, you were in there for weeks and weeks.
Please go over just any of the key areas that you think people should know about.
Key areas people should know about?
The place, on top of the cremation of care being very satanic, the place is very pagan as well.
They have a statue of the goddess Diana.
The main circle is called Diana Circle.
They got a bus named Diana.
They got a bus named Old Druid.
A bus named Hama Dryad, which is one of the high priests in the Cremation of Care ceremony.
You know, and they all walk around drunk all day.
So, you know, even if you don't go with the full satanic perspective, the fact that Christian conservatives are up there is pretty appalling.
Well, Bill Clinton has been there.
I don't know if he's a member, but you saw Bill Richardson, the governor.
I think so.
I was able, the chalet is where all those secret meetings happen, and I was able to, with the small handheld video camera, go up into the chalet and film the inside of it, et cetera, et cetera.
So that video is on its way to you.
As well, I only had about a half hour every day during lunch break that I could really escape, and I had to be back.
But before the cremation of care, actually just wandering around, I stumbled upon a
The warehouse where they keep all the wardrobe for the Cremation of Care.
And I whipped out my camera and started filming all this wardrobe.
And the camera is very shaky.
And believe it or not, I am actually holding the camera with two hands.
And I'm still shaking that much just being in there.
It was incredibly frightening.
And thank God no one walked in.
So you've got even more footage on the way than the footage I've already gotten.
Now, well, when we come back, we'll talk about the cremation of care and then take some calls.
I'm sure the calls will be all over the map, but that's okay.
Molech, the Canaanite deity, the human sacrifice deity, and they worshipped it.
Because they're Christian, and they just want your firearms, and they just want to get rid of posse commentatus, and everything will be okay.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that the United Nations' basic philosophy is both anti-American and pro-dictatorship?
Did you know that the United Nations was founded by communist and Marxist members of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose goal is a socialistic one-world government?
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So you've got this big 45-foot stone owl sitting up on top of 13 black steps.
This is where they do the ritual.
And it's concrete and metal.
It's hollow inside.
And we had heard that it was hollow, by the way, from other sources, but we've never been able to get up close and get inside of it.
Describe the door leading into the owl.
Describe, you saw multiple effigies of human beings inside.
Tell us all about it.
Well, they have the metallic, the only one they store inside is the metallic black one, which I guess they burn on the altar.
I don't know where the other bodies came from, but there was multiple bodies laying around prior to the cremation of care.
One right there on the side of the lake, covered in a tarp.
Yeah, that's what I went, I walked by that tarp.
We talked about that in the film, yeah.
Okay, yeah, that one.
Another one outside in this, covered in a black cloth in a horse-drawn hearse.
And then of course the one, and apparently they have three different.
One they roll in on the hearse during the show.
The one you saw under the tarp, apparently that's the one the Grim Reaper takes across the lake.
And then it's actually a third body that they burn on the altar of Bohemia.
And then the priests rub their hands all over it.
It's really like a rat rubbing on a piece of cheese.
You know how rats rub their hands together?
And lick their faces.
It's disgusting.
Describe what it was like when you went inside the aisle.
Were you creeped out?
It was full of electronic equipment.
Apparently, when I was there during the spring at Jinx, it wasn't that way.
So they had a lot of stuff for the show they run in there.
But yeah, it was kind of a trip to be inside of it.
I guess there's some historical precedence where they used to keep the kids inside the owl before they would sacrifice them, historically.
Yeah, in Canaan and other areas.
Yeah, yeah.
Now, describe what you witnessed in the cremation of Care.
Was it identical to the footage I shot five years before, or was it similar?
They had a couple new effects.
A different guy who was Satan or Care.
You know, I had heard, and maybe you can tell from your video, I've got to go back and watch it again, Walter Cronkite was the voice of Care for many, many years.
Yeah, that was admitted by, I believe, Parade Magazine, but...
Walter Cronkite was there.
I did see him, but he's not in real good health, and he was not the voice this year.
What was Lord Cronkite doing?
I saw him in the dining area.
Very hard of hearing.
There with his son or grandson or somebody.
He was just there.
He actually, one night, he did direct the symphony orchestra there on the Owl Stage also.
So he was not...
Then up at Mandalay, you saw him down under the trees in the main area.
He is actually a hillbilly.
He's one of Bush's comrades.
And again, who all were you able to witness up at Mandalay?
I didn't see anyone at Mandalay.
The ones I saw, like Clarence Thomas, I only saw them at the lakeside chat briefly because they don't come down for anything except those lakeside chats.
Oh, you just knew from the other employees they were up at Mandalay.
Right, and I knew that's where they stay.
Yeah, exactly.
Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger was up there.
was rumored to show up the second weekend.
Bush Sr.
He wasn't there for the cremation of care, but I never saw him.
Now, there are other admitted rituals and other idols around the 2,770-something acres.
Were you ever able to see those?
We've got photographs of some of these idols, Aztec style, but were you able to see those?
All the individual camps seem to have themes and different
Stuff inside of them.
Mostly owls, but I didn't see anything besides that statue of Diana.
I didn't see a whole lot of others.
I mean, how much of the 2,700 acres were you able to get onto?
Probably, well, just, you know, not even the camps.
But I went up and down all the roads.
I went down River Road.
I went up Snob Hill.
I went up Kitchen Hill.
I drove by all 119 camps.
But of the 2,700 acres, 119 camps only encompassed about 150 acres.
Yeah, exactly.
It's a little-bitty cross-shaped area of about 150 acres.
Yeah, so there's a lot that could happen in a lot of other places with the Grove.
So you've only seen a fraction of it?
Oh, absolutely.
Did you ever go up on the lookout point there by the Russian River?
Yeah, I did.
I saw the swimming area, etc., etc.
I recognized the bench.
I'm like, damn, that's where Alex was.
Well, I tell you, we talked about it's always more spontaneous when we're on the telephone, not on air, but there are a few other things you mentioned.
Let's talk about security.
When I was there, I did see Secret Service, but like in jogging suits, I did see...
For the most part, security is mostly around the perimeter.
Once you're inside, you don't bump into it a whole lot.
Occasionally they drive by when they're on their way to different posts.
But once you're inside there, not a whole lot of security that I noticed.
A couple of undercover people.
I was mostly fearful of getting caught by supervisors more than security.
I mean, if you were there for two different encampments, close to a month, I would guess, you know, total, you've sent me some footage, you're going to send me some more, but total, how much footage would you say you shot?
Maybe five hours.
And then maybe 50 pictures.
Still pick.
So you had to be clandestine about it while you were doing it.
Oh, yeah.
I was very nervous.
Got so close to getting caught so many times.
But you know it was exciting.
I don't know about that.
Doubt going back, that's for sure.
One time's enough.
Well, so you're done.
You're done with your Bohemian Grove trekking.
That's good.
We talked about that.
We talked about that yesterday.
I wonder if, did anybody inside ever talk about that crazy guy that went in there dressed up like a superhero and set fire to it?
I actually brought that up.
Yeah, they had talked about that a little bit.
They actually told me which camp he was in, and I can't remember the name of it, but it was along River Road.
Do you have any clue?
That's pretty obvious.
This Marine goes in there and admits he knows no one was there at that time in the middle of the winter.
And he sets a fire and goes to sleep and waits for the police to come dressed up in a superhero outfit.
I mean, either a complete loon or a fed.
It sounds like it.
Or mind control.
Yeah, that's what it sounds like to me.
He'll be in jail a few more years.
Yeah, they locked him up pretty good.
Like 16 years or something?
I don't recall exactly.
Yeah, but he'll serve a third of that.
You know something else I'll bring up real quick for your...
For your upcoming video, you know that account of John DeCamp in the Franklin cover-up about the snuff film allegedly made at the Grove?
I was able, through some sources, and I've talked to John DeCamp to confirm, that is not the full account.
John DeCamp actually watered that down, edited it down, because at the time it was published in 1990, he did not find the whole thing credible.
He didn't even know about Bohemian Grove.
But now he's said, I've talked to him, he's looking for the original documents.
Which is apparently a lot more grotesque than even... I mean, how can it be more grotesque?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know what he edited out, but you may want to give him a call and see if you can speed him up trying to find that before you read the video.
You know, I mean, that's out there, and DeCamp's proven his story.
I mean, he was hired by the Republicans to cover it up, and he was the leader of the Republican Party in that state.
Very prominent.
You know, a Vietnam veteran CIA officer.
Good friends with the CIA director, and they found out about all this,
And they got the police reports, and a Virginia TV station said it wasn't true, and he sued them and won over a million bucks.
So, I mean, he's been in court.
Which he never collected.
But the point is, he got the judgment.
Oh, yeah, absolutely he did it, but they didn't pay him.
It would have been nice.
He could have done a lot with those funds.
Yeah, but the point here is that no one has challenged this, and they have it from police reports.
And this is back in the early 90s.
These were police reports from before that.
And then the people, the kids fingered, you know, for the police, it really did get busted with all the, you know, serious stuff.
And the FBI swooped in and just took it all.
Oh, absolutely.
And so, I mean, I can't imagine they do that, but, I mean, DynCorp got caught kidnapping 200,000 women and children, and we can play Cynthia McKinney bringing it up and themselves going, well, we put DynCorp in the penalty box for doing it.
That certainly goes on.
Well, thank God I saw no kids there at the Grove.
If I would have saw one, my heart would have sank.
But I did not see any youth there.
No, I didn't either.
And clearly, I would say 90% of people at the Grove are being slowly initiated into the occult.
That's how the occult works.
It's a pyramidal structure, like the nine circles.
As you get deeper towards the core, that's where the really evil stuff's going on.
For most people, it's just debauchery and partying or drinking or business deals.
But it's just like a church.
The people all stand across the water.
In the pews, basically, watching the priest do the rituals that they don't even understand.
All kind of put in a stylized play format.
But that's where plays come from.
Rituals were the plays.
They were done stylized.
That's where modern plays come from, folks.
5,000, 6,000 years ago, a ritual was done theatrically.
You know, that's how churches do it today.
And that's what they do.
But when I was in the crowd of old men, they were taking it very seriously.
When they brought the bound body down with the druids, they brought it behind those big black curtains in the redwoods across the pond, that's when the old men were going, kill that piece of... And even John Ronson admits that he experienced similar things.
Of course, John Ronson said to us, oh, I snuck in, but I don't tell anybody, and we didn't see him.
And then later, he says in his TV show he didn't sneak in, and then he says in his book he snuck in, but I'm going to believe John that he did.
He supposedly after we did, and he heard them doing all these chorfings and making all these noises.
What did you hear?
It's certainly a whole different perspective to be right there in the middle of it watching it go on.
Think back.
Don't agree with me.
I know you wouldn't, but tell me the truth.
If they weren't getting off on it, tell me.
If they were, tell me.
Were you paying attention to that?
You know what?
I was so freaked out, especially some of the stuff they were saying.
I really kind of zoned out on what was happening around me in the crowd.
I found myself praying a lot.
They're asking the spirits of the Grove to manifest themselves.
Right when they said that, I just started praying and kind of zoned out on everything going around me.
And, you know, they're praying to the God of nature, which is the only God that can provide us salvation, praying to the owl for wisdom, and all this stuff going on.
And I knew that that's kind of like a satanic induction, like playing with a Ouija board.
Well, it's a lot more than that.
Let me tell you, real Satanists or followers of set, they don't think set's the devil.
They don't think set's bad.
And so they're pre-Christianity saying it's bad.
They think it's good.
I agree with that.
Yeah, no, absolutely.
I mean, this is the source.
This isn't some huckster scammer dancing around in the devil outfit, Anton LaVey.
I mean, this is the real deal, folks.
They believe in it.
They don't believe it's the devil.
But again, Christ said, you will know them by their fruits.
Look at the fruits of the globalists.
Look at the fruits of Satanists.
Look at their unhappy scum who hurt people.
And so that's why black magic and all this stuff is so dangerous.
And that was my concern.
What kind of spiritual things are going on around me that I can't see?
And I was just praying for protection that whatever was going on, that I was exempt from it.
But prior to the cremation of care, I was able to go up to the effigy and reach my hand underneath and make sure they hadn't put a body inside of it.
And thank God they didn't.
And at the same time, at the point where they burned it, you could tell it was burning clear through.
And there was nothing in it this year.
Well, I had said that I'd never thought they were actually killing someone, and then the press would attribute to me that I'd said they'd killed someone, where nowhere can you find that.
It has been said, though, that they could be killing somebody in conjunction with it, and that's been the reports in police reports by children whose other reports turned out to be totally accurate.
So we hope that's not the case, but when you put all this stuff together, it is...
I'm going to say this right now, Kyle, and I'm interrupting you, which I'm very good at.
You have more courage than I did.
I mean, you went up and you touched the effigy.
You stuck your hand up under it.
I mean, that's a lot more than what I did.
So please stop telling me what a great job I did.
Go ahead and say what you wanted to say, and then we'll take some calls.
I lost my train of thought here for a second.
I don't remember.
I'm sorry.
It'll pop in your head in a minute.
Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air, and if you don't worship Moloch, you're not Christian.
Well, I guess I'm a non-Christian who really is Christian.
I guess predicated upon an older and better morality.
If you're not for gun control, you're non-conservative.
Go ahead.
That might be the case, then, because I'm certainly not.
As a matter of fact, I called up in reference to that.
Just when you think it gets worse, it gets, I guess, even worse-er.
It turns out that I discovered this week something that I had a general idea about, but I've put it in greater clarity now.
And people should understand, again, this is being done as an administrative, regulatory measure.
It is being done by the Department of Justice under this president.
They're banning the importation of semi-automatic rifles.
That was a few days ago.
I got something new and better.
It turns out now that the black box databases...
Are being integrated into the National Instant Check System when you buy... Oh, yeah!
No, no, no.
They're going to use that to check for psychiatric records.
Oh, well, they're already doing that under NICS, but now they're going to use black box databases to a greater extent than we had even... Now, by black box... I've actually seen this.
By black box, he means all these private databases full of errors.
Much of the identity theft is black box data sales...
Well, understand something, too, with these black box databases.
These are places where you wind up as a result of rumor and innuendo.
These are not databases that have criminal records where you've had a trial and you're... Well, sir, two years ago in the legislature, they tried to pass a law where if you'd been critical of police, it goes into your record when they pull your plates.
Oh, I... They're databasing all that stuff.
Now, initially, the first of the black box databases they started using...
Was the violent gang and terrorist organization file.
Now they're going to expand it to 11 other files in addition to that.
And as we speak, as we speak at the insistence of this Justice Department,
The TSC, it's called the Terrorism Screening Center, is now developing and working on, they're very close to finishing it, a consolidated database for 12 of these black box, non-due process databases that will be researched.
And you won't be able to fly?
You won't be able to get a gun?
It's better than that.
It's better than that.
Whereas the NICS system previously only used to check out the buyer.
It will now also take in information about the type of weapon he's buying.
Rifle as opposed to pistol.
Where did you learn this?
I didn't know that.
One of the most unlikely sources that just goes to prove the adage even a broken clock can tell the right time once.
The National Rifle Association magazine, First Freedom.
Well, let me just tell you, folks, that is total registration, and fax that to me or mail that to me, Ron.
I've got to go, but thank you.
Listen, it's all part of the course, and I know we'll turn our guns in if we're good conservatives.
Are you a good conservative, Kyle?
Are you going to submit to world government?
No, not at all.
But you know what's amazing?
My old man, I grew up with him being the icon of conservatism, and now anything Bush does, he just falls right in line.
Everything that he opposed under Clinton, he supports under Bush.
And it's very frustrating, though, to watch it.
Son, freedom's bad.
Turn in your firearms, Lord Bush says.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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Always want to thank all our sponsors, our listeners, our affiliates, great folks that make the broadcast possible up at the network, my producers that help get the guests and
The webmasters, everybody.
I want to thank Kyle for what he's done.
You know, I take everything with a grain of salt.
Somebody says, hey, I got a job there.
I'm going to get photos and video.
Well, I've seen it now, and supposedly he's going to send me even more.
So it's pretty amazing, Kyle.
So you've got a lot of courage, and really you're helping get the truth out against the enemy.
And it's just like with Bilderberg Group.
We always get the info on them the last 26 years because of people like you and Kyle.
God bless you, my friend.
Thank you.
I'll do our small part.
Looking forward to that new video to see how it turns out.
You bet.
Well, it's almost done.
And for those that want to get the old Bohemian Grove video, the two-hour, five-minute film, I've cut about 20 minutes out of it, and I'm adding about 25 new minutes.
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Let's go ahead and take a quick call from Carolyn in Missouri.
Carolyn, you're on the air.
Hi, guys.
Kyle, I'm real curious.
Were there any televangelical types like Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson?
Were any of those ministers of note, were any of those guys there?
I didn't see any of them.
I didn't hear about any of them.
Very, very little religion going on whatsoever.
Yeah, when I say Christian conservative, you know, we have Bush Sr.
and Ronald Reagan and, you know, all these big Christians.
You know, that's the point we're making.
No, I got you, but I didn't see any... No, I meant for her, whatever it was.
Right, I was just curious to see if they're saying, you know, Pat Robertson is one I met.
When you look him in the eye, he doesn't look you back.
Well, I mean, who's the guy that wrote the Book of Virtues with all the racehorses and gambling?
It's the same thing with Robertson with his racehorses.
I didn't know if you knew that, Alex, but yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I'm not saying racehorses are bad.
I mean, I don't bet on racehorses, but the point is that they're a bunch of hypocrites.
They say one thing and then they, you know, the thing that bothers me most, Alex, about Pat Robertson is
He sold his station for, I don't know how much it is, I know millions of dollars.
But yet he told people for years and years and years to support the station.
And he gets on like it never occurred.
Well, it's like giving money to the Red Cross.
You might as well just send it to Satan.
And again, I'm not going to bash all the little old ladies and people that sent money to the 700 Club.
Thanks for the call.
They were pretty good a long time ago.
Now he says China's doing what it's got to do with abortions.
I'm against abortion.
You can say it's good all you want, folks, but it's bad.
Listen, I really want to thank you for coming on, Kyle.
We'll stay in touch.
And I know you're in the process of moving right now.
Make sure you get your new number.
And we will be sending you a new copy of the film.
And we'll probably use some of the stuff you got.
And I really appreciate your courage.
And I get an autographed copy, right?
Hey, I want an autographed copy from you.
Take care, man.
All right.
Take it, sir.
We'll see you.
You bet.
Yeah, no.
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