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Air Date: Sept. 27, 2005
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I don't know.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've almost blasted through the entire month of September.
Only three days left.
Welcome, my friends, to the 27th day of September 2005.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours defending liberty, resisting tyranny, engaging in what I call Real Talk Radio.
Real issues of real significance that actually affect you and your family Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
He's gotten a lot of attention.
He's Scott Stevens, the meteorologist who worked for the last nine years at a TV station up in Idaho.
Talking about evidence of weather manipulation, weather modification.
And I agree with Mr. Stevens that this is going on.
I mean, we have Congress admitting it.
We have bills introduced discussing it.
We have defense secretaries talking about it.
We have the Russians that you can hire to come clear your skies.
But I do disagree with him on who is behind it.
He believes that
The Japanese Mafia has leased it from the Ruskies.
And of course that all comes from Colonel Bearden's info, and I want to get Colonel Bearden on here in the near future to find out where he's getting this information.
But it doesn't fit in with the intel and the information I have.
So, Scott Stevens joining us in 28 minutes.
And then in the second hour, Aaron Zellman.
Of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the founder and chairman will be joining us to go over some of the nightmare activities concerning gun confiscation and BATF frame-ups of gun owners all over the United States.
All of this going on before, during, and now after the vicious gun grabbing that went on under federal control in New Orleans and surrounding parishes.
He also has a national organization, Citizens Against Police States, that does a lot of great work, and we'll talk about the end of Posse Comitatus and how Bush has crossed the Rubicon, literally bringing his troops into Rome.
So, that's coming up in the next hour, and we're going to have wide-open phones throughout the day.
In fact, we'll take calls even before Mr. Stevens joins us.
1-800-259-9231 and we'll get you up and on the air.
Judge rejects lawmaker's immunity claim on DUI charge.
Now, the story isn't that this guy said he had immunity.
The story is that they think they really have this and that so many times this claim works for them and so he tried it in court.
This guy is caught careening around so drunk he could hardly walk.
The police take him into jail, a danger to himself and society.
And rightfully so.
I mean, if you're careening about totally drunk, you should go to jail.
And he got up there and said, look, I'm a lawmaker.
I'm above the law.
And that judge said, what planet are you from?
Well, if you listen to Alberto Gonzalez, the chief lawyer for Bush and now attorney general, Bush is above the law.
It's totally asinine.
It's as phony as a $3 bill.
But some people are buying it.
The Pentagon is buying it, going, Yes, sir.
We follow orders.
Yes, sir.
We'll take their guns, sir.
Yes, sir.
You're our emperor.
You're God.
Caesar literally is saying, Will you go into Rome?
Will you take it over for me?
They're going, Yes, Lord Caesar.
We will do as thou wilt, O God Emperor.
Supreme Maker, Lawgiver, Messianic Lord and Savior, King George the Second, Royal Imperium, 43 in the line of Eld, we salute thee, Grand Supreme Cyclopsian Overlord!
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Scott Stevens of Weather Wars, the meteorologist, joining us, coming up here in about 22 minutes.
Then we have the head of JPFO, Jews Preservation of Farms Ownership,
Joining us in the second hour to catalog all the attacks on the Second Amendment that are legion that are being prosecuted against the free people, the good people of this nation, by the criminal police military forces controlled by the private global corporate interests that have now seized control completely of the federal government and most state and local governments.
As we continue as your wartime broadcasters to give you the latest developments inside the New World Order.
All right, we have a detailed report, part one, put out by Steve Watson about the end of Posse Comitatus.
They're really striking now.
They're really pushing right now, forging this abomination in the pits of Congress, in the furnaces of Congress, this implement, this battering ram to smash through our liberties and freedoms.
And at the same time, there's an article here that illustrates the arrogance of power, the ascendancy of tyranny, just the out-of-control behavior.
Judge rejects lawmaker's immunity claim on DUI charge.
This is out of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
It's up on InfoWars.com right now.
Representative David Graves, Republican of Macon, Georgia...
Tried to use an obscure provision in the state constitution to argue that he should not be prosecuted for a DUI he received in the Vennings in February during a 2005 session of the General Assembly.
The centuries-old provision holds that a lawmaker cannot be arrested during sessions of the General Assembly, legislative committee meetings, or while they're in transit, except in cases of treason, felony, or breach of the peace.
Such provisions were generally written to protect lawmakers from political incrimination and intimidation.
Yes, in fact, we looked the law up.
It's back before the state was even a state, back when it was a colony during transition, because of harassment...
And Tories running about in different counties, that was enacted.
And so this guy tried to use that.
But we saw a case, what, three and a half years ago up in Milwaukee where a member of the city council was being investigated for corruption and was about to be removed.
So she just got up in session and said, well, we talked about martial law.
You know, we've done the drills with the feds before, and they were actually, it was in the newspaper, they were going, shut up!
You're not supposed to talk about that!
Well, well, we could just have people arrested that are investigating me.
We could just take over.
It was actually in the paper, her quote, she said it was on television.
You know, on the local cable system.
We could just take over and run things forever.
Just cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
These people, you know, they just think it's normal.
I mean, they're not like old-fashioned pirates who crept around doing it knowing they were bad.
A lot of these people think, well, I'm God.
I mean, I've got a uniform.
I've got a hat.
I've got a fancy insignia.
I can do whatever I want.
And so this individual, now being brought to trial, after they're in session, they're not in session now, today Cobb State Court
Judge Irma B. Glover denies Graves' request to use the legislative immunity defense.
Graves' attorney, William C. Bubbahead, folks, I'm not kidding, that's his name, is likely to appeal.
Graves, chairman of the House Committee overseeing laws governing the alcohol industry, has said that on February 15th, he and other committee chairmen went from the Capitol to a dinner meeting where they conferred about the status of legislation and plans for the next legislative day.
His lawyer argues that Graves should have been granted immunity from arrest because he was leaving
And gathering that was tantamount to a committee meeting according to legal findings.
Well, Gary Jones, the assistant solicitor in Cobb State Court, assigned to prosecute the case, said his office is fighting the contention.
Just because you're having dinner with other politicians doesn't make it a committee meeting, Jones said.
They could be at a casino doing the same thing, and he could allege it was a committee meeting even though they're gambling.
Only in the case there was drinking, which is to me another indication it was not a committee meeting.
Well, I'm going to stop right there.
I mean, I live here in Austin most of my life.
Let me tell you, here most restaurants are also bars.
In fact, almost all restaurants have a bar.
And, I mean, if you're eating downtown during the session, especially at some of the better restaurants, there's going to be a group of legislators stumbling around so drunk they can hardly walk.
And I've always commented, why don't the Austin police go in there and arrest them for public intoxication?
I mean, they arrested Jeb Bush's youngest son.
And I'm no defender of Jeb Bush or Marvin Bush or George W. Bush or, you know, any of these people.
They all have criminal records for cocaine or alcohol or DUIs or robbery.
I mean, just type it in, Bush crime history.
Now, going back to Prescott and the Nazis, being grabbed by the feds.
But, I mean, I've got to defend Jeb's youngest son.
He was in downtown Austin, at a bar, and they came into the bar and started randomly arresting people, and they were arresting a young lady he was with, saying, well, we were watching you, you've had four drinks.
And he went over and said, hey, what's the problem?
And just talked to them.
And so they arrested him.
They arrested the Bushy.
And, again, Jeb's youngest son.
I forget his first name.
It's Jeb, actually.
And they grabbed him.
And then they said that he leaned into them.
And so they're charging him with resisting.
And he's facing ten years in jail.
Now again, folks, I don't think Rush Limbaugh should go to prison for taking 100 Oxycontin heroin pills a day.
It's synthetic heroin.
Time-released heroin, folks, is what it is.
The molecule is identical.
Time-released heroin.
Now that ball of socialism and big government and that ball of communism, that ball of CFR globalism, who's meant to neutralize conservatives and fool you into thinking everything's okay when it's not, that Trojan horse, that wolf in sheep's clothing, that Benedict Arnold, that traitor, that camouflage enemy salvo, whatever you want to call him, shouldn't go to prison.
But I'll tell you this, and they shouldn't use the Patriot Act to get his medical records, which the Associated Press and World Night Daily reported they did use.
But I'll tell you this, I'll tell you he's a disgusting hypocrite, because I've heard that punk many times go, Oh, these young kids get caught with drugs.
I love the no tolerance policy.
Good, I've liked mandatory sentencing 15 years in prison.
First time they're caught with cocaine.
First time they're caught with heroin.
I've heard him defend it and so have you.
And then that piece of filth sits there.
That guy that sits up there and tells you the free trade area of the Americas is good and there's no gun control and there's no global government and Bush didn't sign on to UNESCO and Bush is a conservative and everything's okay and don't worry.
That guy was gobbling enough Oxycontin
The kill, the news reported, doctors reported, 100 Oxycontin of the strength he was taking, well, 15 of those would kill a horse.
So 15 into 100, we're talking 5, 6, 7 horses that could be killed by the amount he was taking, folks.
I mean, that is total drug addict, massive tolerance.
His liver would probably bounce like a basketball off the ground.
I don't want to spend all day on this, but the point is,
Is that Rush Limbaugh is immune to the laws he pushes to be passed.
And this state rep thought he was immune, you know, the chairman of the committee over alcohol control.
And I guarantee you, he passed laws to put young people in jail.
Let me tell you something.
I have friends.
I have a friend who's a bartender at a very old, successful bar here in Austin.
It's the D. Petty Cabaret.
And the local state police goon squad, the Texas Department of Alcohol, whatever they're called, they came in, and they sat there, and they watched people have a couple drinks, and then they just cleared the bar out and basically arrested half the people, including the bartender.
And the place doesn't even serve hard liquor, folks.
They serve beer.
And they went in there, and they took everybody out of there.
It's a 53-year-old establishment.
And they were all over Austin that night, just randomly grabbing people.
And a few nights before, you got the Bushy.
I mean, folks, they go into bars.
Listen, this was in the Washington Times a couple years ago, and it even mentioned that Austin and D.C.
are the two big cities that do this.
It's spreading to others.
They will go into...
The restaurants, you know, the sports bars, where they got the video games, and they got the food, and they got the, there'll be a bar.
I mean, every restaurant in town basically has this.
And they will go into sports bars, and you're in there eating baby back ribs, and you're not even drinking.
And they will just load up paddy wagons full of people.
Again, this is total police state in your face.
And then if you lean into them or you smart mouth them, these cops think it's okay to try to put you in prison for ten years.
Because you, quote, leaned on them.
It's like Abby Newman.
We got video of her not resisting.
They shove her up against a car.
She doesn't resist.
All she said was, I'm not getting out of the car.
She didn't resist.
Then they drug her out.
And they charged her with resisting.
Then they threw the book at her, even though they had their own squad car video.
Now the jury saw it and said, not guilty.
That's in Road to Tyranny.
But still, they tried to put that woman in jail for over a decade in Virginia for nothing.
Again, that mentality ought to scare every single one of you.
Alright, we'll come back and talk to David and others that are patient.
Chuck and others that are patiently holding.
And I've got so much news today.
There is so much of it, but the point is that every action is now being made criminal.
Things that were never criminal are now being made criminal.
And the neocons are saying, we shouldn't pray for the prisoners in jail.
We should make them work.
Oh yeah, for 20 cents an hour competing with you.
Competing with our jobs.
And they go, we ought to put them in work camps.
I'm hearing a lot of that now.
See, one inch away, you lean into the cops, 10 years in a work camp.
Soviet Union.
We're almost there.
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We're good to go.
I think?
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Has anyone told you how the Patriot Acts number 1 and 2 is the groundwork to eliminate all of our freedoms guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights?
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All right, David, Sikander, Chuck, Lewis, Russell, everybody, I'm going to get to you.
But looking at this article out of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this committee chairman...
Has two DWIs, he ran a red light and got caught by police, and then he also got caught at a police checkpoint totally drunk, allegedly.
And, of course, he's the chairman of the committee that passed laws to take federal funds to set up checkpoints.
It's just like the Bushes have helped set up the police state, and all of their children, all of them, have been caught up in it.
Whether it's with fake prescriptions or dealing drugs or selling drugs or stumbling around drunk.
So none of them are even immune from their own system.
Though they'd like to be.
Don't you know who I am?
I'm God!
Of course, I've got to advise the police.
If you pull a bush over and they're doing something illegal, believe me, it's very unhealthy to take them into jail.
Very bad things, we've been tracking this, happen to people that do anything to their minions.
So, but you've got to commend these police.
They still take them to jail, even though they do shoot their mouths off.
Do you know who I am?
Let's go ahead and, yes, we know you are the son of a rattlesnake.
Let's go ahead.
David in Kansas.
Go ahead, David.
Great show.
How you doing, Alex?
I don't know how you keep your head from exploding doing the job that you do.
I just had a... I want to tell a quick story and then ask you a specific question.
You talk a lot about martial law, and I don't think people realize that the government doesn't need Walmart or Starbucks or any other facets of the service economy in order to control the country with this military-industrial complex.
And I just want to tell a story about when I was recruited into the military.
I just did a four-year STEM.
It was Preventive Medicine and Radiation Protection.
He told me as kind of a job security sales pitch, you know, the government, you know, the military doesn't need a... We have our own water.
We have our own fuel.
We basically have our own economy.
And he was kind of shooting it off to me as a sales pitch for why it was a great thing to be in the Army.
And it goes into my question about how...
We have been dismantling the civil defense in this country while the Russian and the Chinese have it on the forefront of their domestic policy.
And people always use the defense.
Well, the government needs GM.
We never let GM fail.
We never let Walmart fail.
But I don't think people realize that the government doesn't need all that in order to carry out this police state, this martial law.
Well, look, the private interests that own Walmart are the same private interests.
It's all interlocking.
They own the big drug companies.
They own Lockheed Martin.
You know, that own Microsoft.
And they would much rather just have a tyrannical government that can come take property and take companies, and then you'll still have those companies.
It'll just be more of an oligopoly or a type of syndicate or cartel where different regions of the economy are under different monopolies.
Or a kind of ring of monopolies known as an oligopoly.
And it's simply command and control or feudalism
And it creates massive poverty.
It destroys the middle class.
But that's what plutocracies, that's what elites have always sought to construct to cement their power and expand their power.
And that's what we're witnessing right now.
And so in this command and control economy, Lockheed Martin will maintain and run the local Merck teams in your city.
They will control the local camera grid.
They will maintain, from the janitors to the IT specialists, the people in the local FEMA bunkers.
This is already happening.
They will own it and run it all.
They will own the private prisons that your 18-year-old daughter, who got caught with marijuana, is in.
They will run it all.
Well, my basic question is how do we deal with the psychological barrier to being prepared and being self-sufficient?
I mean, these days, if you say, you know, I think we should have a year's supply of food, or if you're telling your family that...
You're kind of marginalized and seen as a kook, whereas just 100 years ago, this was standard procedure, and it's still standard procedure in a lot of other countries.
Well, you're right.
China and Russia and many others are telling people to can food, get prepared.
They're training young people with machine guns.
But that's to oppress their own population.
Here, it's just, no, if you know how to change a tire, you're with Al-Qaeda.
Or bake some bread or whatever.
If you know how to wipe your own nose, if you know how to have a garden, don't trust your neighbor.
Don't just, do not have potassium iodate.
Don't filter your water.
That's crazy.
But you know what?
People aren't buying that.
People are starting to get self-sufficient.
And I think things like Katrina are a wake-up call.
All right, that's all I have.
Thanks a lot for having me on.
Thank you.
Yeah, a great call.
And we're only going to have Scott Stevens on for about 30 minutes.
Then we'll take your calls.
Then we'll get Aaron Zellman on.
So, Sikander.
Which I've been told is Aramaic, or Arab for Alexander.
And then Chuck.
And then Lewis, Russell, and many others.
Don't forget the website.
So much vital news.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
We'll also tell you about Bush.
He's floating Alberto Gonzalez again for the Supreme Court.
Look out!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there is someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
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Tell them you heard it on GCN.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
There is a literal mind control thought crime bill making its way through the Senate right now.
We'll try to give you an update later on that with Pastor Ted Pike.
We've got Scott Stevens from weatherwars.info coming on.
I was just talking to him during the break.
He thinks the evidence shows that this newest...
A wave of hurricanes looks like our government or somebody here closer to home is involved and not what Colonel Bearden has been saying about the Japanese mafia.
And I say the evidence points more towards what Mr. Stevens is now saying.
Mr. Stevens obviously has gotten massive attention in Associated Press USA Today.
I heard Glenn Beck laughing about it driving in to the studio today.
Just massive attention, and they're all going, what evidence is there?
Where is evidence that this exists?
Well, there's a ton of evidence that weather modification is real.
In fact, it's admitted.
The question is, are we seeing weather modification?
So we'll talk to Scott Stevens here in just a few minutes.
Folks, don't forget that gun confiscation did take place in New Orleans and surrounding areas of Louisiana, and that the BATF is actively engaging in gun confiscation around the country right now.
And that it's more important than ever that you go to Infowars.com and our video and bookstore and that you get Innocence Betrayed, the great Second Amendment video, Innocence Betrayed.
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Great video on DVD and VHS.
Get Innocence Betrayed and show it to people in your area.
Also, George Humphrey's incredible 9-11 film, 9-11 The Great Illusion.
And the documentary film just does an amazing job exposing government involvement in 9-11 to bring in the New World Order.
And it comes with a free 90-plus page color booklet, Innocence Betrayed booklet, going over all the evidence that is in the film.
Amazing little primer there for anybody out there that wants to wake up.
We have my classic 9-11 film, almost three hours long, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And again, three minutes of the film is FEMA in Kansas City saying that all Christians are terrorists and the Founding Fathers are terrorists.
And we have all their training manuals where they say homeschoolers are terrorists.
A very important film.
Again, that's three minutes of the almost three-hour film.
Here's my new film, the miniseries Martial Law.
It is three hours long, covers the latest police state developments, the latest 9-11 information, and then it spends an hour on the occult Nazi connections of the current leadership in the White House and what their master plan is.
So do not procrastinate.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com
We're good to go.
I think?
The toll-free number to order the videos, and they can also answer all your questions, is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704 or prisonplanet.tv.
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Alright, without further ado, I really appreciate him and his busy schedule coming on.
Scott Stevens, and of course, he just quit his job after nine years at KPVI News 6 in Pocatello, Idaho.
Beautiful area, I've been there.
And Scott is going to be exposing this weather modification.
You bet.
Just in a nutshell for those that have been hiding under a rock and don't know who you are, tell us how you woke up, why you've now quit your job, and where things are going from here.
Boy, who knows where things are going, but we're on this path of discovery.
It's not a personal discovery.
It's a discovery of people realizing that this technology is clear and present.
It's something that just kind of all clicked for me after exploring some of these fringe concepts and not being satisfied with what other people were talking about with chemtrails or scalar clouds.
I just didn't like the terminology.
There was one day last June, a little more than a year ago, where I saw clouds on a satellite imagery that just sickened me.
They weren't right.
There were clouds lined up, straight lines, cut right through them, crossing multiple mountain ranges.
That can't happen.
And that's when I realized that this project was indeed global and ongoing.
It wasn't just confined to the hurricanes, confined to the snow and ice storms, but had its grip extended probably planet-wide.
And that was a disturbing moment for me.
And I think from that was the eventual knowingness that I had to tell people.
I had to tell people why Whiz Weatherman couldn't get a bloody forecast right.
That it wasn't our fault.
There was something else at play in the sky.
Scott, let's talk for a second about chemtrails.
I mean, I remember six, seven, eight years ago, I could be out in the garden in the backyard all day.
On Saturday, and trails didn't stay in the sky for more than two minutes, and they formed at 10, 20, 30,000 feet.
Now, middle of the summer, 4,000 feet, these unmarked jets fly over right next to jets that aren't leaving trails, and it's there four hours later.
Scott, do ice crystals do that?
Ice crystals can do that, but they shouldn't, at least not for the length of time that we're seeing them.
They're certainly laced with something else, which gives them their longevity.
And that's the difference between the con and the chemtrail.
And the question I get asked most often is, how do you tell the difference?
And that takes a little bit of training.
You've got to notice the sky.
You're not going to know for the first time which is which.
And also, out here, we get no north-south commercial traffic.
Salt Lake to Alberta, Canada, in pairs, planes flying up side by side, no.
And so that was one of the other things, is look for planes outside of the typical airways.
But I wasn't a Kim Cho believer for quite some time.
And it was last August when I saw 747 painted all white, lumbering low across the city, doing just a slow little arc.
And the thing should have crashed.
It was smoking that badly.
And that's when I became a firm believer that something was going on.
Now, obviously, there's a lot of kooks, though, that then discredit chemtrails because they think every condensation trail is an evil chemtrail being sprayed on them, and obviously most of it is not chemtrails.
Boy, the visible ones.
GE and Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce make very, very efficient engines.
Very efficient engines.
And their goal has been to reduce the pollution that comes out of them.
These are so contrary.
Most commercial planes will pass over without leaving any kind of trail.
They're just that good.
Numerous types of contra, all of similar length, or even a change in color.
They'll be brown, they'll be pink, they'll be brilliant white and blue-white.
So there's different agendas with each different kind of chemtrail.
Well, here's an example.
You watch films, say, you know, shot of London or Dallas or L.A.
skyline in the 80s, even into the mid-90s, you never see trails.
You can't hit them now.
Now there's no commercials, no movies, no nothing where there aren't giant trails everywhere.
And that's how prevalent they've become.
And there are probably multiple agendas as to why they're there.
And reparations of the ozone and others are a possibility.
But my research, and in viewing hours and hours of time-lapse video, is that they fly with certain conditions.
I've also heard some scientists say that when they spray out these different oxides that it somehow resonates and energizes.
The fields, or do you think it's just for measuring?
No, I think that's a possibility, and it gives certain levels or certain portions of the atmosphere some adhesion of this electric grid to the plasma, to the gas.
So that's the seeding in conjunction with the ionizing?
It's a complex program, and I know they would love to have mixtures that are transparent, so we can't see it happening.
Well, let me bring this up to you.
I think.
It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our counterterrorism efforts.
Now, that was Secretary of Defense Cohen in 97 in a Defense Department briefing.
Weather Modification Research and Technology Act of 05, introduced by K. Bailey Hutchinson, S.
Here's another one.
It admits we can control the weather.
It says we want to officially have a department that does this.
We have the Russians you can hire to clear the skies for your parade.
But then still, it's like the general public.
He's not aware of this, and it's being laughed at.
It's like laughing at the world being around.
And so what we say is you can't lead... You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
And there's always going to be that divisiveness within society until it is acknowledged by the powers that be that this is a possibility.
And until then...
They will lie and lie and lie.
There's also a lot of scientists who are protecting their turf, their understanding of how this system operates.
That's going to go on as well within the professional community.
They have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are.
It's irrelevant whether it's the truth or not.
They just want it to stay the way it is.
That's not possible any longer.
It just isn't possible because the modification of weather is having such a profound effect
On society, as we have seen along the Gulf Coast, and the coming energy crisis that this nation will face.
There will be grand restrictions in movement as we move into this winter season.
Well, I hope you're wrong, but I mean, already Georgia canceled much of its school week.
Kentucky canceled some days.
Already, I mean, it's causing major problems.
And then Bush turns loose some of their strategic petroleum reserve, but then gives it to oil companies for a dollar and then lets them charge us $3.
And they still have to refine it, which is the problem, is that we don't have the refineries.
And then who makes out like a bandit?
The Middle Eastern oil.
Because the local guys are certainly hurt by having all of this product shut in, whereas the Middle East could continue to pump and sell, and then we have to buy that with our trade balance dollars.
Well, Scott, I was talking to you during the break, and you've just been objectively looking at this for years and years researching.
You said that the way these storms behaved and what happened with our government
With Katrina now, and to some extent Rita, makes you think that it's a domestic operation.
That's a big development.
Well, I think the President made a rather telling statement on Thursday, in that he saw the role of the federal government in all of these disasters, that no one entity, no local entity, was sufficiently connected or had the resources to handle these kind of disasters.
And so he sees the feds taking over law enforcement and all of these other responsibilities which have historically been local.
And I think that's the power grab.
And in their response to Katrina, which was simply treasonous, they have no right to ask for that responsibility with future disasters.
They failed and failed miserably.
Now, Rita was set up.
I mean, they evacuated Houston as a grand experiment to see if they could move that many people out.
And it was two cities, one wealthy and one poor.
And they had very different results with both exercises.
Well, you're right.
I mean, we know that FEMA cut communications lines for police, sabotaged, actively made things as bad as they could until three parishes had to post armed guards.
Then they tried to confiscate guns.
So clearly, people say that's a screw-up.
Well, by screwing up, they then get more funding and control.
They've done this by design, so we've caught them red-handed.
So that makes perfect sense, then, that...
That they have the motive, and then you looked at that storm, and as it was coming in, you said it was very unusual.
Can you specifically talk about Katrina?
Oh, just the geometry within the eye.
When we get to Category 4 and 5, the eye wall begins to deform into the energy structure, which is holding that storm together.
You begin to get the geometry, the pentagrams, the stars within the eye, the unusual square thunderstorms developing on the edges of the storm, of these feeder bands.
But all of the storms nowadays display this technology.
What about Rita going up to a category of five and almost becoming a six?
And that was simply to scare the bejesus out of Houston, to get people to empty out, to see how or if...
We could evacuate on that larger scale.
And then there was some counter-rippling on the eastern to southern side of Rita.
Yeah, what was that where Rita started forming another eye?
I mean, even the meteorologists and people at the Hurricane Center are going, we've never seen them do this.
I mean, you know, two of them coming out of the Atlantic.
How did they know when it was still in the Atlantic that it was going to hit Houston?
I mean, how did they know that they never knew this?
Well, and then FEMA, when they had surplus ice from Katrina, reordering that much ice again.
The week before reading even had a name.
So they knew they were going to need it at some point.
The question is where and when.
So there's a playbook.
There's definitely a playbook when it comes to climate, whether it's set out to the day or with the week, or we'll simply take advantages of the climate system as they appear.
Sir, I know this.
I mean, we know they have weather modification tools.
I don't know how much they can control or what they can do.
You're a meteorologist.
You're saying they can create them, they can steer them, they can control them.
I believe you, but I see the motive.
I mean, I said years ago, they're going to use this weather modification to deluge coastal cities and push through a UN global Kyoto tax.
Which is what they're now doing, and just all the motives are there.
And as long as people leave accountability and responsibility for the weather at Mother Nature's doorsteps, then there isn't accountability for those who really caused it.
And so it's problem, reaction, solution all over again.
All over again.
And that's why it's so important that people research this topic.
Do it individually.
Just don't take my word for it.
You've got to come to this knowingness on your own.
And with that will come the conviction of sharing what you have learned with those around you.
Well Scott, I had you on about three weeks ago and I was not pessimistic, but I was a little bit apprehensive.
You know, not because I don't think you're legitimate and I don't think your research is good.
It's just that who wants to believe this?
But, I mean, now even seeing all the other meteorologists saying we've never seen storms do this.
I mean, stuff is really weird.
And we know they have the technology.
And then, meanwhile, the neocons are running around with their talking points saying, you know, none of this exists when I've got U.N.
laws and congressional laws and secretaries of defense talking about it.
I mean, this stuff is real.
It comes back to the government's credibility.
I mean, they will try and try and try to keep it secret, but I'm also of the belief that there is a portion within the government that wants this out there.
And that may have been the reason why the technology transfer aspect was included within Senate Bill 517, which goes into effect October 1st.
So there is at least some mechanism to draw this technology from those...
The military aspect of it and bring it out into the public light of day so there can be some oversight, which is so desperately needed.
I mean, you simply have to weep for the folks along the Gulf Coast for what they have gone through in Florida last year.
It didn't have to happen.
We're talking to Scott Stevens, and he has just retired from his meteorology job there where he's been for nine years at a major TV station, and now he is going to go full-time, I guess, fighting the New World Order.
We know other modification is real, but a lot of old-timers out there just don't want to believe it.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
It's 2005, and weather modification's been around for a long time.
60 years.
Little old-fashioned cloud seeding.
Scott Stevens, a meteorologist, now really going public with weather modification and control, really making a big splash, exposing this stuff.
Have you ever seen that weather channel program called Atmospheres, where they did the weather wars?
Oh, I have not.
I have not.
Well, it was on in the evening, and I usually work to those evenings.
Well, I'll try to send you a copy.
I've got one somewhere.
But three or four years ago, or one of our listeners can, three or four years ago, they just came right out and showed our own government controlling the weather in Vietnam.
Back in the 60s and 70s.
It happens.
You know, it happens.
The research that Bearden had done was that the U.S.
was just grossly behind in this.
But it doesn't appear to be the case now.
It seems like we've attempted things electronically or through the process of seeding.
Well, since Fidel Castro back in the early 60s when we wanted to crash his sugar crops and associated growings on the island.
So there's always been weather used for
For nefarious purposes.
And it's always kept secret so they could use it for those purposes as long as possible.
Just like the A-bomb.
Incredibly secret until you could miss that blinding flash of light.
And it's the same with weather modification.
But this is even better because there's not the blinding flash of light.
No, there isn't.
But one thing, your South Florida listeners, these plasma balls, these glowing balls of light in the sky, numerous emails about that happening.
That's been all over mainstream television.
Weather, there's these big burning, great balls of fire shooting around.
What are those?
Those are registration tools.
They're EM balls of energy.
These scalar howitzers are aimed and tuned and registered for targeting.
So it's like the red light of a laser sight on a rifle.
It's like a tracer?
And that's how they know they're pointing the thing at the right place.
And when you see that happening you know somebody is watching your area rather closely.
I actually did a Google search.
You know, the last few really bad hurricanes, no matter where it is in that region, people are reporting seeing these fiery balls shooting in the direction of the hurricane.
And that's what's happening is this EM technology is registering on the next location for altering the atmosphere.
And that's how they know that they're pointed at the right place is that bright point of energy that then is traced and then the beam is focused and tuned properly and then fired.
So we're going to see a lot more of them.
Now, we know they've got HAARP up in Alaska, and we know that the company that originally designed it and sold it, if you go to their website, they actually bragged that, oh, we can have weather modification for you.
So, I mean, really, all of this is just so in-your-face public.
I mean, how do we know then, Scott, when a hurricane is real or when it's man-made?
You would have to assume that it's man-made from this point onward.
You really have to.
They don't want you to believe that, but that's truly where we are.
The technology is that far along.
And that was my big revelation.
The epiphany last year was that it's on 24-7, 365.
So if they can control hurricanes, they can also stop hurricanes.
And that's where you know that they don't have your and I's best interest at heart.
They just don't.
And all of the chemtrails seen around the edges of these storms as they continue to manipulate and discover how this atmosphere is being modulated and heated and cooled in advance of these storms.
And that's what the chemtrails are there for, is to make these EM waves visible so that they can remotely surveil how the technology is altering the storms.
All right.
Well, Mr. Stevens, I really appreciate you coming on with us, and I want to get you on for a full hour in the near future.
Now that you're going to have full time, the site's already excellent, but I'll imagine there'll be a lot more stuff going up there.
I can't wait to get back to work on it and take a little time away from all the e-mails and the shows so I can get some new material out there.
All right.
Thank you so much, sir.
You betcha.
Take care.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with some of your calls with Aaron Zellman.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, we're here live.
And then, of course, back from 9 to midnight, we had Scott Stevens, meteorologist, formerly with KPVI, News 6, Puppetello, Idaho, on to talk about weather modification and the evidence that our own government was behind it now.
He's now turning towards that evidence, and so I'm more on the same page with him now.
And we're also going to be taking some of your calls.
The head of the Jews for Preservation of Firearms ownership will be joining us here in a few minutes to give us a report on where the Second Amendment is right now.
And believe me, it ain't pretty.
There's also some good news.
Right now, though, let's go to your calls.
Sikander in Toronto, Canada.
Go ahead, Sikander.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
And thanks for the invoke.
You bet.
I read in 97, Secretary of Defense Cohen said,
Well, he stated that electromagnetic weapons are being used to manipulate the environment.
I don't know if there's any truth to that.
Yes, sir.
It's a real quote.
And I also read something about the Meroviginian signature of the hurricanes, like the names of the hurricanes.
There's any, like,
Well, you've got to watch out with stuff like that.
I mean, you know, look, all I know is weather modification is real.
Scott Stevens, who's a degreed meteorologist, says that things aren't behaving the way they should and it looks like it's controlled.
A lot of other meteorologists are saying things just aren't right.
So that we can prove, but as for the names they pick, I mean, I don't know.
So there's nothing with the names that they have?
Again, I don't know.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Yeah, thank you for the call.
Russell in Florida.
Go ahead, Russell.
Alex, great show today.
Thanks for doing everything you're doing.
No, you don't have to thank me.
Go ahead.
Well, I appreciate having Scott Stevens on, and maybe you could have him and Richard C. Hoagland on.
Next time, since they're both at the forefront of this.
Yeah, I heard Hoagland wants to talk to me, but then he hasn't called me or I missed the call.
I want to get Hoagland on, but go ahead.
It'd be great.
Alex, this is more toward your next guest and more toward the news we're getting.
Alex, isn't it interesting that the same traitors in power calling for military intervention in emergencies and disaster relief and an end to Posse Comitatus are the same people that said that the military's not set up to protect our borders and deal with border security?
Isn't that interesting?
You know, that's a good point.
They're the very same people that say, don't put the troops on the border where they could be under the Constitution, but let's put them in the train stations and shopping malls, pointing machine guns at you and taking you to jail.
Very interesting.
I just want to bring that point up.
Well, they're the same crowd that likes to seize innocent countries and steal their resources based on lies.
I mean, these guys are tyrants.
America's the big prize, folks.
They're occupying Iraq.
Bush is now trying to occupy the U.S.,
Well, you said it yourself.
America's target number one.
They take this country down, and they've got their new world order.
America is target number one, my friend.
You said it.
We are the prize.
That's right.
Thanks for all you do.
God bless you, Alex.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and go to Elizabeth in Maryland.
Elizabeth, welcome.
Hello, T-Rex of Talk.
Oh, I don't know about... Go ahead, Ed.
Well, you know what?
We've got to hang on and we've got to fight this and we have to come out of our apathy.
And today's a good example of one of your great programs to have all of these people on.
And I was going to talk something about what Reverend Pike is going to do
I want to urge your listeners this time, don't sit and be lulled and hypnotized and thinking I'm too tired.
Someone else can make the call, because you've got to call.
You've got to call that Senate Judiciary when you get the information from Reverend Pike.
Apparently they changed the phone number, too, to make it harder.
We don't have the toll-free number, but I called this morning.
I would get first one senator, and at the end of talking to that office, then I would ask to be connected to another office.
And again, they have a thought crime bill, a mind control bill, to give us the same laws they have in Canada and Germany, where basically any free speech the government doesn't like is banned.
We'll be right back, and Ted Pike will be joining us for an update later in the broadcast.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Aaron Zellman coming up.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Alright, 8 minutes, 24 seconds into the second hour, second segment of the second hour.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Check them all out today.
Two weeks ago, Bush said that the number one person he's looking at, the Phil Shanderday O'Connor shoes...
Her place on the Supreme Court is Alberto, Bush is above the law, I love torture, I strongly believe in gun control, Gonzalez.
And conservatives are just flabbergasted, but what do you expect from George Bush?
He's a puppet for the same people that own Bill Clinton, like so many nickels in their pocket.
So we'll talk about that with Aaron Zellman, also a legislative alert or update they put out.
This alert was about BATF running around, framing people, gun grabbing.
That ties into New Orleans and the gun grabbing all over that state.
Now they want to get rid of Posse Comitatus.
I mean, it's all coming down on us.
So he'll be joining us here in about a minute or two.
Right now, Reverend Ted Pike has been at the forefront of leading the charge against thought crime bills, which will ban anti-war protests.
It will ban people that are at pro-gun demonstrations, Christians praying on the street corner.
They tried to put them in jail for 47 years.
Basically anything and everything.
I mean, this stuff is happening.
And don't think it can't happen here.
I mean, the Supreme Court is saying you don't own private property.
If some private fat cat wants it.
That's fascism.
They're saying national ID cards, forced drugging, psychological testing.
All this craziness is now happening.
I mean, this isn't a slow slide like Rome.
This is a Nazi Germany type fast slide, folks.
And we're going to fight it.
This is 1776 all over again.
Pastor Pike, real fast, because we've got Aaron Zellman holding.
This thing is set to pass the Senate and go to the President's desk.
Right now, please tell us about the Mind Control Thought Crimes bill.
Yes, two weeks ago, the ADL's Hate Bill passed the House of Representatives.
It's been in the Senate Judiciary Committee now for two weeks.
It's had two full readings in the Judiciary Committee.
And with Arlen Specter as the chairman of the committee, a long-time proponent of hate crimes legislation,
We're good to go.
I think?
That's 202-225-3121.
If the language remains the same between the Senate version and the House version, this bill...
Will not go to conference.
It will immediately be ratified by the General Senate who voted for it last spring and go to the President's desk.
So this is really a national emergency today that we get those calls in.
And at my website, truthtellers.org, that's truthtellers.org, I have a complete list.
It's only nine names of the...
Okay, 202-225-3121.
This will go to the president, he will sign it, and they could start prosecuting radio talk show hosts.
If you say you don't like homosexuality, or you say, and again, I think it's distasteful, but if you say you don't like Jews, you're off the air.
Well, who's next?
You see, it's everybody.
There'll be no free speech.
Listen, Pastor Pike, thanks for the update.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Take care.
And that's 202-225-3121.
The other number's jammed up right now.
And it's just despicable.
And folks, if we don't believe in everybody's free speech, then there won't be any free speech.
I mean, it's really that simple.
And they're not playing games.
You think you're protected, it can't happen here.
That's hokum.
I mean, that's not true.
Joining us is Aaron Zellman, the head honcho over at JPFO.org, Jews Preservation of Farms Ownership, one of the best no-compromise Second Amendment lobbies and groups out there.
And we also, by the way, carry Aaron Zellman's incredible video, Innocence Betrayed, on DVD and VHS, and it comes with three free Grandpa Jack comic books that wake up adults and children.
I hope you'll get a copy of that.
If we ever promote that, like we should.
Aaron, thank you for coming on, sir.
My pleasure.
It's always a delight to chat with you.
Thanks for holding while Reverend Pike told us about the mind control bills that are going on.
That is frightening.
If anybody can't hear the Jack Boots...
They're fast asleep or dead.
Well, they're stomping towards us.
I mean, we actually see jackboots all over Louisiana confiscating guns from middle-class areas after the looters have been kicked out.
Well, as I told someone who came here from Germany who's been hassled by the government, I said, well, welcome to America.
And they understood right away that America is going right down the same path as any other dictatorship.
But the reason we wanted to talk today, Alex, is that there's something going on that ties right in with this hate crime bill, but in a somewhat different way.
We sent out an alert to people, as you know, which is on the front page of our site, jpfo.org.
And the headline says, Will this be the end of the Republican Party?
Maybe the headline should be a lot stronger, but the point is that the Republican Party is involved in a major cover-up, an absolute scandal.
It could be the Titanic of the Republican Party if enough gun owners learn the truth.
The Republican Party knows that there could be thousands of innocent gun owners being locked up in federal prisons, and they want to keep it quiet.
They don't want the truth to come out.
And the way this has happened...
Is that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has been accusing people of semi-automatic weapons and saying these are machine guns, illegal machine guns.
And they have no criteria for testing.
It's just whatever the expert agent, at least that's what the agents call themselves as experts, whatever they decide at the spur of the moment, and they are able to testify in court and put people into prison
They've been destroying people's lives, destroying their families' lives, bankrupting people.
And we now have the proof.
We have the evidence of how this has been happening.
Well, Aaron, let me stop you for just a moment.
For those that don't know, Bush has radically expanded the funding of the BATF.
He's put in a very aggressive director.
And they've built that new giant, one of the biggest federal buildings in D.C.
They've built a new giant mausoleum-style building.
Center of evil.
And they are federalizing doctors riding home with handguns that the police say are illegal.
Now that's a federal crime.
They're swooping in on middle class people.
And he's going to make the attorney generals vehemently anti-gun.
And also a member of a Mexican supremacist organization, MECHA.
Well, I guess the proper name for them would be now Bush's Brown Shirts.
I think this is something people have to start looking at this situation for what it really is.
We have a... People go to read the alert on our website, jpfo.org.
They will see how fascism is being implanted in America, step by step.
How the Republican Party is just up to their eyeballs in the cover-up.
Of what is going on here.
So there are millions of gun owners who have their heads on the chopping block as we speak if they own a semi-automatic gun.
And so that's why we're encouraging people to learn the truth even if you don't like it.
If you don't want to hear it, you've got to know the truth.
I've heard about this for years.
I've even seen news articles on it where people do get fancy lawyers and prove the gun wasn't fully automatic or they catch the BATF making it automatic.
I mean, how do these guys sleep with themselves at night just ruining people's lives?
Well, whores do sleep with whores.
They sleep at night.
Specifically, what is the BATF doing?
Well, what they're doing is that they are entrapping people.
They are accusing somebody of having an illegal machine gun because their semi-automatic rifle malfunctions.
And we caught this on tape.
We have the unedited raw footage that the public was never meant to see.
And it's called BATF Fails the Test.
And it shows an actual expert.
That's what he called himself.
Wait, is this video on the web yet?
No, it's not on the web.
We sell it.
It's a DVD.
Oh, I gotta see this.
Oh, we've had it for about a year now.
Oh, I didn't know that.
You can read about it on our site.
I gotta get that, but go ahead.
But at any rate, we show that this was... The unedited footage was done as they were testing a semi-automatic rifle, trying to prove it was a machine gun.
And they never even disassembled the rifle.
To make the claim, just to investigate, to look inside to see if it had been altered, just to make the claim that it's a machine gun.
When on the tape we have a firearms expert, his name is Len Savage, who is the owner of Historic Arms, who took that gun apart on camera and showed the expert agent, the damn fraud, the government employee, the fraud, and the criminal, the government criminal, that the gun had not been altered.
But it's the faulty parts.
And he showed the faulty parts to the agent, and the agent admitted on the film he never did take the gun apart.
Well, for those that don't know, let's say you've got a Chinese MAC-90 semi-automatic AK-47.
Everybody knows that sometimes they're not well-machined, and you'll pull the trigger every once in a while, and it'll shoot two bullets instead of one.
Well, it doesn't even have to be machining.
In fact, in this gun, this FN rifle, they were using brand-new federal ammunition, which has soft primers.
And this would happen.
So it would also be the fault of the ammunition.
And so they knowingly know that, but they still put people in the pen.
Well, what would you expect government criminals to do?
We'll be right back.
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I'm told that Sean in New Jersey disagrees with something, so he'll skip ahead of Robert and Brett and Ron and Tim.
When we come back in the next segment, Aaron Zellman joining us throughout the hour, I would like to talk about the gun confiscations in New Orleans and in the surrounding area of the state.
That good federal ruling with Aaron Zellman, I'd like to, you know, with the callers, to talk about the end of posse comitatus.
And we will do that.
But who knows what Sean's calling about.
If you disagree with us, you go to the front line.
But I have a rule.
We don't screen calls.
We ask what your first name is, where you're calling from.
But we're continuing to talk with Aaron Zellman.
Aaron, it's hard for normal people to believe that somebody would try to put somebody in prison who hadn't violated the law.
That's official oppression.
That's bearing false witness.
That is just... I mean, in the Old Testament, that's punishable by death.
And I think people should be tried for treason and sedition.
I mean, trying to put a good person in prison, and they just do this all day...
And I just don't know how they get away with it, Aaron, but you have discovered this is going on all over the country.
And the Republican Party and other gun groups and others don't want to talk about this, do they?
Well, Gunners of America has been talking about it a little, because I asked them to join in with the effort.
I haven't heard a peep from the other groups at all.
But I'm not here to badmouth some other groups.
But there is a solution to the problem.
Well, I think a big solution, though, Aaron, is that you and other good groups like Gunners of America, you do have to crack the whip with some of the other gun groups or they're going to sell out.
Going to?
Well, again, I'm trying to be diplomatic.
Well, the NRA filing suit about the gun confiscation, you know, they weren't going to do that until members revolted.
The first three days they were making excuses.
Well, it wouldn't surprise me at all.
I mean, I was wondering why it took them so long to get around to doing something.
Well, that's because their members were having convulsions.
Well, I tell you, the damage has been done because now the precedent has been set.
You know, the judge simply put a stay on this.
And now they're going to tell them to return the guns to owners.
There were no receipts given, so they're going to have a hard time returning the
Guns to the rightful owners.
Well, yeah, that's the point.
Whenever... And then also, of course, some guy's going to... Some criminal's going to have to take it out of his personal collection he just put it in to give it back to the rightful owner.
Oh, that's another big thing.
We've caught police and BATF all over the country keeping goodies, haven't we?
Oh, there's no doubt about it.
I was surprised that this fellow that we talk about on the tape, his name is John Glover, actually got all his guns back.
I was really surprised.
But let me just tell you, there's a...
There is another part to this situation that's going on that ties in with what you're talking about.
There has been no testing manual from the technology branch of BATF giving guidance to agents on how to determine if a gun is a machine gun or not.
Now when they've been asked by the Congressional Research Service to turn it over, they're refusing to do so.
They have nothing to turn over.
They're not saying it doesn't exist.
They're simply saying, we refuse to give it to you.
So they don't even play by rules or a law.
It's just whatever we want.
Now, what's happening now is that there's a very powerful Republican called Jim Sensenbrenner, who's chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who's covering up for BATF.
And he's trying to give the FTB, the Firearms Technology Branch,
Time to create a manual.
Fake it, whatever they have to do.
Come up with something.
Well, I hope they do that, because now the question will be raised after they come up with this manual, which shouldn't exist until a couple of days from now or a couple of weeks from now.
What happened to all the thousands of gun owners who are now sitting in a federal prison, rotting away, who have been framed and put there by a bunch of government criminals?
All of those, and this is what Gonzalez fears,
Good old Mr. Supreme Court Justice Gonzalez for wannabe.
When the light shines on this treachery and treason and criminality of the Justice Department and the BATF, there's going to be retrials.
People are going to be exonerated.
Those prison doors are going to open, and the lawsuits will be in the billions of dollars.
But first of all, it isn't going to happen if 60 million gun owners sit on their duffs and say, oh, well, it couldn't happen to me.
I don't care.
I don't want to hear about the criminals in the Republican Party.
Rush Limbaugh says Gonzalez is conservative.
I don't believe Aaron Zellman.
Yeah, well, that's fine.
Listen, everybody's entitled to be a fool.
But for people who care, for people who are really patriotic, they're going to visit the article on our website, jpfo.org, and they're going to learn the truth.
Well, you know, we don't just need people to get out of prison.
We need these BATF people to go to prison.
Well, that's good, too.
That'll work.
We've got to empty out the cells first to make room for them.
Well, I'm dead serious.
We need to throw these shaved head tattoo thugs in the hooscow.
It's time to send every one of them to prison!
That's where you belong, you scum!
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for News Watch Magazine.
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We'll go back to Aaron Zellman, our wonderful guest, here in just a few minutes.
And we'll go to Sean and Robert and Brett and Ron and Tim and many others that are holding.
We'll be covering news and taking your calls.
I believe there's a lot of news we haven't gotten to yet.
In the third hour, coming up here in about 26 minutes.
Before we go back to Aaron Zellman, we carry the video, Innocence Betrayed, and it comes with the three of the Grandpa Jack comic books that are good for adults and children about the history of gun control and the racism of gun control and how people are murdered en masse when there's gun control.
Very serious video, very well produced.
I mean, Discovery or History Channel quality.
Show it to local groups in your area.
Get it.
We've got to keep fighting.
I mean, people have gone to sleep the last five years with Bush, and they're just really slaughtering the Second Amendment right now.
I mean, gun confiscations didn't happen all over Louisiana under Clinton.
It happened under Bush.
I mean, you know, this is happening.
You need to get this film.
It just covers the whole history of gun confiscation and the hundreds of millions that have been killed after that happens.
Very serious video.
Go to Infowars.com.
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Innocence Betrayed peruse around.
We're good to go.
For another month or so, so please take advantage of this now.
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Kind of like a Klan rally.
During the ceremony, a human being has sacrificed an effigy to the owl god, Idle.
Now for the first time in history, an outsider has infiltrated the Bohemian Grove with a hidden camera and caught the ritual on tape.
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Going back to Aaron Zelman.
Aaron, I want to get into the gun confiscation.
I want to get into posse comitatus and your organization against police states.
But before we do that, let's take a few calls, Aaron.
Let's go ahead and talk to somebody I'm told disagrees with me.
I have no idea over what.
Sean in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Sean.
I want to confirm 100% that they do not censor calls.
My name is John, not Sean.
Maybe there was an error in the transmission of the analog.
Oh, there always is.
Your name is Billy Bob.
How's that?
What's on your mind, sir?
Last night on the Rents Show, you likened the global elite as parasitic cancer.
But I think it's my understanding that it's commonly accepted medical theory that it's caused by the body's own cells that are malfunctioning in replication.
That's exactly what I said.
I thought you said it was a parasite.
Well, I mean, I'm saying this parasite, and then I said it's like a cancer.
It's all figure of speech.
I'm not saying that they're a physical entity that gobbles your liver.
Because technically a leech is a parasite that sucks blood, but cancer is... Okay, so you don't really... This is all just how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
Also, are you familiar with the subject of creationism versus evolution?
I believe the theory of evolution has major holes in it.
And, I mean, do you want to comment on that or what?
Yeah, there's a deliberate lie in the science textbooks.
An atheist named Hickel made a diagram showing various embryonic stages of animals.
He drew animals such as pigs and fishes.
And humans in the embryonic stage.
And tried to claim that we got web feet and all that.
That's admitted fraud.
Look, Sean, thanks for the call.
Let me just comment on this for just a second, if I may.
Okay, that's a figure of speech.
When I say they're a cancer, and then I say they're parasites, those are analogies.
Those are illustrations.
Those are...
You know, I'm trying to describe what tyranny is, okay?
And I was describing them as a cancer that is killing the host.
Aaron Zellman, do you have any comments on that?
I think that's a little off-subject.
I know.
It's just, you know, usually... I wish John would be a little more considerate and stick to what we're talking about, frankly.
I have nothing else to say on it.
He said he disagreed, so I don't know what's going on.
Robert in Colorado.
Robert, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Great show.
Appreciate it.
I'm Stephen Lastower, and your current host is very important.
I can barely hear you, Robert.
Is this a little bit better now?
I'm sorry.
Yes, go ahead.
Okay, sorry about that.
Just wanted to know, and I may be getting ahead of myself, but...
How do your hosts think that the government, for example, would get rid of Posse Comitatus?
Would it be an actual law that would just outlaw it?
Would it be like an executive order?
No, they're asking Congress to overturn the 1878 law.
Thanks for the call, Robert.
Good question.
For those that don't understand, there's a reason there's a law against it.
I mean, Caesar brought his troops over the Rubicon.
Even the Romans knew that was martial law.
Well, the military has never been known to be very good at policing.
I mean, that's the purpose of the military, is to go break things and kill people.
They are not there to police.
If you take a look at the Kent State situation, here you had National Guard people.
They weren't trained to be police.
A couple of people got killed.
This is just an example of why this is real stupidity.
It's very dangerous stupidity to try to convert soldiers into police officers.
And you know, I think the truth is, we have to remind people the truth.
A bunch of police officers in New Orleans left the job.
They ran away.
So that's no excuse now to change the Posse Comitatus rules.
Well, even Reuters reported that it was one neighborhood association of 1,500 that fought off the thugs.
Well, you're right.
But I think that someone needs to remind...
Well, I would add this in their defense.
Did you know FEMA was jamming communications from minute one?
FEMA on purpose jammed communications, cut communications lines, and sabotaged to have a crisis so they could then call in the feds.
Well, nothing surprises me anymore considering what's going on with the ATF.
Well, I said the exact same thing.
I said, look at two-thirds of these cops walking off, a bunch of scum.
It's like at Columbine when the SWAT team stayed outside for over four hours.
But this time we learned FEMA was jamming, Aaron.
Well, that comes under being government criminals.
Well, it makes perfect sense.
To get more control, but this is the imperial leader, Bush, having the military to use as he wishes.
And Aaron, you know I've been covering this for years.
This has been my specialty as the police state.
They had Marines trying to take our guns and put us in camps, you know, in the mid-90s.
I mean, wow, I've been to the drills.
So why do you think the government so badly wants to use troops on us?
I don't really have a definitive answer, but I think that there is something about an armed citizenry that interferes with the plans that certain people in our government have.
I mean, I don't really know what all the plans are, but I think that that's pretty obvious that an armed citizenry is really in their way, that they've got to get guns away from people.
What does this tell us, Aaron, that the minute, the minute,
That they get a chance during a crisis, and they clean out the few dozen thugs that were causing problems, that the huge army flatback trucks full of FBI and SWAT gear storm in and start savagely grabbing people's guns.
I mean, what does that tell us?
That their one desire is to get our guns.
The instinct for supremacy over the people is just a frothing, deepest lust, deepest desire bordering on sexual to get our guns.
Well, part of their desire might simply be that they've made a mess out of our country financially.
And there's enough people talking about a possible collapse in this country.
And when that happens, everybody who's had their hand out expecting government to do for them is going to get pretty feisty.
And they may not be able to control that.
You're talking millions of people now.
Well, they'll let them rampage and come after our guns.
Well, you know, you're dealing with government.
I guess, Alex, the way to explain it from my perspective is it's real easy to understand government.
The attitude of government is if it's not under our control, it's out of control.
No, I think they're control freaks.
I think that's how it goes.
And so this is what we're facing.
These are people who fear that if it's not under their control, it's out of control.
And as you're saying, they're control freaks.
And I think that's what we're facing here.
But don't they understand that by trying to control everything, they actually make it get out of control?
I mean, the areas where they have gun bans have the highest crime rate, the most cops getting killed.
Yeah, well, you know, out of chaos comes order.
That's sort of their mentality.
You know, I think they're scared now, though.
I look in the eyes of the FBI, the BATF.
Some of them aren't bad.
We know that.
I look at government.
I now don't see quite that haughty arrogance anymore.
I think they're starting to realize that people know what they are now.
Well, unfortunately for the Internet and any of the talk shows, there's more of an awakening in this country, and more people are beginning to smell something that's very rotten.
What did you think when you saw the police chief on TV as the federal front folks and the New York Times gleefully saying all guns, even registered guns, all guns will be confiscated?
And folks, I told you it was statewide, and that indeed was in the lawsuit.
It was going on all over the state.
I mean, imagine, just you're high and dry, fine, 50 miles from New Orleans, and we're here to get your guns, sorry!
And if you say no, they come back with a SWAT team, and there are reports they did have some shootouts.
That's being kept very quiet.
I mean, Aaron, what did you think as you saw these news reports?
Did you start, I mean, did your blood boil?
Well, the first thought that came to my mind is only a fool has a registered gun.
That's the first thought that came to my mind.
All the people who bought these guns on the yellow form, the 4473, all these folks who have gone down there and said, oh, I've got to get my concealed carry permit,
You've all been duped.
You've all been duped.
Well, I've had gun shop owners get mad at me when I talk about this because they say, Alex, it's not really your registration.
They don't say that.
It scares people off.
You know, that gun shop owner is either naive or not being honest because BATF can walk in there and make copies of every 4473.
That is registration.
When those gun shop owners go out of business...
They turn their records over to BATF.
Well, it also... Who's computerizing them.
So for a gun store owner... Well, hold on, Aaron.
You're right.
You're right.
They actually got caught under Reno, and Bush still does it, where every time you call shotgun, rifle, or handgun, they're already registering.
When you call, they're keeping that in the database.
And even if they weren't, there's other ways to do it.
They can still come back and get the 4473s.
So... And, you know, they have an annual inspection.
So they're...
For a gun shop owner to say they're not registering guns, again, a person is either very naive or not being honest.
And instead they wait while the BATF picks them off and says, if we all got angry and aggressive and demanded repeal of laws, we could get it.
We got the power.
Well, again, as you've said, a lot of people have gone to sleep for the last five years thinking everything is just peachy keen.
Meanwhile, the BATF has been nearly doubled, and they're running around literally like bulldogs frothing.
Well, we certainly have shown the evidence of that in the film we have about BATF fails the test.
We're showing the criminality of the agency.
Well, remember in Arizona, the guy had a hidden video camera in his pawn shop, and he basically caught them on tape framing him?
I mean, how do you send innocent people to prison and feel good?
I mean, they really are wicked criminals.
Well, it's part of an agenda.
In other words, as we talked about, you want people working for the government who follow orders, don't ask questions, and you want people in the government who have the mindset that...
Armed citizenry is really bad for them.
It's bad for the society that they want to create.
But how is putting a family man with no criminal record, a veteran, in prison for five years, I mean, how is that good?
How in the world do those guys do that?
I just, I can't, I mean, that is pure evil, Aaron.
They do it to make examples, to scare other people, and that's the purpose of it, to intimidate Americans.
And Americans, for some reason, American gun owners...
Especially those who say, oh, you'll take my cold, dead fingers, just don't seem to get it.
Are we the home of the cowards and of the fearful and of the weak?
Well, we're certainly moving that direction very quickly.
The home of the domesticated.
Not the land of the free, home of the brave.
The land of the slaves, the home of the cowards.
The home of the groveling bootlickers.
Oh, please don't hurt me.
Take my rights away.
I love you, government.
Please don't.
No, don't do it.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Just 20 years ago,
Anyone in government was called a public servant or our representatives.
Now, they've made a big point of calling themselves the authorities.
The officials are leaders.
And they call us civilians.
That's the nature of martial law.
No due process, secret arrest, military on the streets.
And now we're going to live under martial law.
You need to call Congress when you're calling about the mind control bill, the thought control bill, the thought crime bill, and tell them, no, we don't want troops on the streets.
You want to put them anywhere, put them on the border.
But notice, no troops on the border.
We'll just have them in your daily life.
This is a total system of control because they know bad things are coming.
They're going to do to us, and you're going to struggle.
They're preemptively heading you off.
They're dominating you.
They're feeding on you.
The norm in history is governments go rogue.
They go criminal.
The founding fathers told us this.
Is this not the case, Aaron Zellman?
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
It's a good example that people need to learn from history.
History doesn't repeat itself, but human stupidity does.
And, you know, even if you did a...
A short-term version of history.
The Weimar Republic in 1928 put a bunch of gun control laws on the books to make the society a safer place.
Well, they were a right of center government and they were replaced by a left of center government, which is what we're looking at here in this country in the near future.
And the Nazis came to power and they decided to use those gun control laws for their own purposes.
Everybody knows the history.
Yeah, governments do go bad.
This isn't the first time governments have gone bad in America.
And I think the Civil War is a good example of governments going bad.
Well, Hillary Clinton says she wants to regulate the net and free speech and wants guns control banned.
And they're really positioning her, but it really won't matter.
I mean, it's the same thing no matter who's in office.
Well, there you go.
In other words, this is the problem most people want to believe.
That our friends are going to take care of us.
Well, our friends are really not our friends.
I think the solution to the problem, quite frankly, is that we have to get millions of Americans to think in terms of a Bill of Rights culture.
No, I agree.
Instead of left or right, instead of all the labels and the smokescreen, cut right through to, does this give me more freedom or less?
And we need a Bill of Rights culture.
Which is, by the way, just one of the reasons we have this new video coming out called Bill of Rights or Bust.
And I'll tell you more about that as I'm able to give you a copy.
Yeah, come back on in two or three weeks when it comes out.
You said you were going to let folks hear about it on AXS TV?
This one we want on television.
It's made for television.
And we're going to have something that will help bring the Bill of Rights alive in America.
But people are going to have to get a copy and go play it.
Show it to people.
And you know, that means for leftists listening, you know, you're going to have to stop wanting our guns, just like conservatives shouldn't want to restrict your free speech.
You know, either you got the... See, but that's exactly a Bill of Rights culture.
It's all of the Bill of Rights for all citizens.
And that's the only way, the only way we're going to be able to save freedom in America is to go back, or as I put it, to bring America back to America.
We have to go back to the original blueprint.
A Bill of Rights culture.
And that's the way to solve all these problems.
In fact, if America was a Bill of Rights culture society, there would be an enormous amount of wealth in people's pockets.
Well, that's why we generate all this wealth.
90% of the government would be gone.
Because it violates the Bill of Rights.
But instead, the government is metastasizing.
Well, there's no doubt about it.
It is a spreading cancer.
And it's going to devour everyone in its way because people...
They're not thinking in terms of a Bill of Rights culture.
All right, Aaron Zellman, I want to really thank you for spending the last 50 minutes with us, my friend.
My pleasure.
I look forward to having you back on in the future.
Do you think this gun confiscation won't folks up?
Not really.
You've got to remember football's on television now.
That's right.
They still deliver pizzas.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we are now 30 seconds into hour number three.
We're going to cover a ton of really, really important news on the economy, what's happening in Iraq, more examples of British troops being caught carrying out terror attacks from all the evidence.
And wide open telephones.
I want to take a lot of your calls.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number.
I'm going to move quickly through your calls.
Brett, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from?
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, I'd just like to say it's taken 100 years or more for the New World Order to put this plan into effect.
And it's not something that's going to change overnight, but
It is starting to happen fast.
There's like a herd reaction going on with a lot of people waking up at the same time.
You know what I mean?
I'd like to know if they're going to seize George Bush's New World Order Glock commemorative edition.
I wonder if you've personally seen that.
Well, yeah.
They gave George Bush a Glock that says New World Order on it.
It's amazing that this stuff is just blatantly thrown around in front of our faces.
But the communication is the key.
They've been cutting us off at the communication point, keeping us divided.
Biden conquered.
You know, a telecommunications act of 1990 and the way that that was such a major deal to me, and I couldn't believe it was nowhere in the mainstream media except, like, in Playboy magazine.
They had a little blip.
But, you know, what's going on?
I mean, are they going to be shutting down, you know, your type of airwaves?
Are you going to be on satellite radio, you know, after 2006, after this...
Deadline comes up or what?
What deadline?
Well, you know, they talked about this analog deadline.
You know, by 2006, they want to have all analog... Well, sir, they... Yes, no, they are shutting the analog... Look, the analog satellites we were on...
No matter how much money we offered them, no matter what cut us off, only people with special connections, one person was able to stay on an analog satellite.
But that's gone in December.
I mean, that is gone.
We're on digital satellites, sir.
We pay.
We're on digital satellites.
And you can also, you know, the Internet's getting so fast, we have some commercial stations that are already streaming us, you know, on hundred and something bit high quality Internet.
So, no, sir, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
But, yeah, no, it's going digital with the satellites in two months and a couple days.
And I'm sorry to people out there that we're not on that analog satellite for you.
And one big tactic the New World Order uses is they also have all their disinformation agents out there.
Who constantly attack other patriots, who constantly say they're the best, who constantly say this person isn't doing enough, or this person's telling you that, you know, things are bad, it's not true, it's not that bad.
Go back to sleep, everything's okay.
Or, you know, this person's a fed, that person's a fed.
You know, we've never done that here.
We tell you, you're a leader, get involved.
You know, ask God to guide you, become informed, be bold, cover what you can document.
We're here to uplift good organizations like JPFO and Governors of America and the Paragon Foundation.
All these real groups.
We're about issues.
And so many of you never take action against the New World Order because you're too busy in these little federal sewing circles sitting around attacking every other patriot who's doing a good job.
You want to look at whose payroll your leaders are on.
So that's another big problem we face is just
You know, I mean, they passed the national ID card.
They're passing forced psychological testing and drugging.
Now they're trying to implement it.
We beat the bill to put transponders in all the cars and the inspection stickers to start taxing us, but TxDOT just ordered two million of them and is moving ahead.
I mean, it's just criminal.
You know, we're in a police state, so stop denying it.
And shut about fixing it.
You know, they really are confiscating guns, folks.
And that's only a stay, and they're saying they're not going to follow the ruling.
They're going to keep taking guns.
You know, this stuff's really happening.
And the feds are out there telling you it isn't.
Now that's a major telltale sign right there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
That's 888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're about to go to Ron and Jim and Brian and many others.
We're going to speed through your calls.
I want to get more into this judge rejects lawmaker's immunity claim on DUI charges.
He's the head of the committee that oversees the checkpoints and all the rest of it.
Big police state guy.
He's been caught running a red light, drunk, reportedly, and then caught at a checkpoint, drunk.
And he just came in at the judge and said, I am from the legislature.
I am above the law.
So again, it shows this God-like mentality.
I am your authority.
I am God.
I am government.
And that's not what America's about, folks.
So we'll take your calls and get into that story later.
And some others about the big attack on Posse Comitatus, open martial law in America.
The government has occupied Iraq, now they want to occupy America.
I mean, we're the big prize, folks.
Private interests control our government, and they want to use the military and propaganda to control this nation.
And give themselves all the private contracts while they do it.
But I want to get Debbie Morrow up for just a minute or two.
I know she's really busy.
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Thank you for having me, Alex.
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That's right.
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But, you know, I had a guy call me yesterday and he was in the flood area and he said, you know, he said, I've heard you say that a million times and then here I was setting it up and trying to figure it out and he said, I wish I'd have done it like you said, you know.
So please, use your Berkeys all the time, and then God forbid something bad happens, you've got it right there.
Well, they're also really simple to use.
Thanks, Debbie.
Very simple.
Thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
I bought my parents one a few months ago, and I brought it over to put it together.
And it took me about two minutes.
I mean, you just put the top on the bottom, and you screw in the filters, and then you've got to run a few gallons of water through it if you don't want kind of a carbon-y taste.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hi, Ron.
Hello, Alex.
There's a bit of information I'll pass along.
It's interesting you had Mr. Zellman on today.
It was an article in this week's Gun List magazine front page, the September 23rd edition, about the firearms import ban.
I don't know if you or your listeners understand that, that the Justice Department, the conservative Gonzalez Justice Department, who serves for the conservative Bush administration, had rendered an opinion that
That the importation of things like SKS rifles and Part 4 rifles like an SKS is illegal.
And they just out of the blue did this when people had already made, you know, 10,000 rifle orders and stuff.
People can't even get their money back.
They're being ruined.
That's correct.
And plus, you, of course, also understand that this basically just harkens back to what Clinton did.
But every time Clinton would do... They're using the bureaucracy to enforce the assault weapons ban.
Clinton would do this, and it was screaming and wailing and flopping around.
And you're right.
Now they do it, and people go, Shut your mouth.
Bush needs to take the guns.
So, you know, this is what goes on.
All of a sudden, out of the clear blue, they did rather clandestinely by administrative edict or fiat.
As a matter of fact, it was actually done less scrupulously than Clinton.
At least Clinton, even though I disagreed with him completely, at least did it
You know, patently, where you could see it.
This was done latently, where you couldn't.
Well, it's like Clinton would have a few Chinese generals in and give them some secrets.
Bush just says, no more secrets.
You can have every supercomputer, and it's hailed by Rush Limbaugh.
And I'd like to know where the outcry is on this.
He's literally imposed a surreptitious subterfuge of import ban.
They don't love the Second Amendment.
They love George Bush.
Well, then they're insane.
You know something?
People that worship George Bush are idol worshippers.
Then they're insane and they're idol worshippers.
Because if you're not going to say anything about this, when in a previous administration they ranted and raved for years, people are still talking about the guy, even though he's out of office six years.
And not say nothing about this now while it's going on and being done to you by someone who's supposedly an apple pie conservative, someone who you may... John Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Wiener, none of them will talk about it, so nobody's going to find out about it.
Well, you know, it's right there... And then we're radical because we get on the air and let you talk about it.
Listen, it's Gun List Magazine is a very good... Well, that's evil.
They're liberals.
As a matter of fact, if you read the article, it's ironic because the fellow that did the article, his name is Brian McCombie, spoke to people inside the industry, importation industry, and many of these people are so afraid that they didn't want to give their names for this article because they felt that there would be retribution.
Well, that's the freedom, see?
In America, you're afraid to speak.
Freedom, Ron!
Haven't you learned that freedom is being afraid of the military?
By the way, also, the conservative Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, had her hand in this because they used the provisions of a law, which all of a sudden they just reinterpreted.
It was interpreted one way, now Gonzalo's just interpreted another, and giving his opinion, also used the powers of the Secretary of State.
He gave the opinion to the Secretary, who then decided that these guns were no longer suitable for sporting purposes.
I'll tell you, an SKS is a really cheap, well-made, nice rifle, and I personally shot a deer with one at about 150 yards open sights.
You can hunt deer with those guns.
They're more than suitable for that.
Well, regardless, it isn't for sporting to begin with.
Thanks for the call.
These guns are to defend us from people like Alberto, I Love Torture, Gonzalez.
I mean, the man is a monster.
He is a monster.
And I've heard neocons sniveling and worshipping him on the radio.
And so you don't love your family.
You don't love your children's birthright.
You don't love the Second Amendment.
You love sticking a W sticker on your car.
You're not conservatives.
You're scumbags.
I hate you.
I mean, I'm going to be honest.
You make me want to throw up.
At least for the liberal.
I know what I'm dealing with.
Some drooling, moronic, stilted, stunted pig head.
But with you, you're just sniveling, giggling, burbling, smiley-faced twits, smacking your lips and talking about all this whole country's flushed down the toilet.
Go away from us!
Please tell us you're not our countrymen.
Go away from us.
Go lick the hands, as Patrick Henry said.
You know, the war is already here, folks.
The next sweep from the North will bring resounding...
Crackle of musket fire.
Give me liberty or give me death, man.
I'm just sick of it.
Bunch of sniveling, groveling scum.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Tim.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Two questions and a quick comment.
Turn your guns in or you're a liberal.
It's interesting the way the government plays semantics.
They'll take a word like murder, which is illegal, and call it war or abortion, and bingo, it's legal.
Makes me sick.
Speaking of this... Now, you're a liberal because you're against abortion.
Whatever happened to Marbury v. Madison?
And why aren't we using that?
Any law that's a violation of the Constitution is null and void.
It's simple.
If the government says blacks are slaves, they don't have to follow it.
So, if that is true, how can Patriot Act and that non-elected bureaucracy called FEMA be...
I mean, if we just ignore it... Well, they just... It's all law of the gun.
Big dog off the porch.
They just say it's so, and we're not resisting them properly, so they're doing it.
Do you think that they're going to be using New Orleans as a possible pipeline?
Because we know since the Brits and Americans went into Afghanistan, what, the poppy production is up 400%, I think it was?
More than that.
More than that.
You think, you know, because New Orleans is a long-time mafia drug city with our pal, old pal Carlos Marcello, and they helped to bring in, you know, heroin from the Golden Triangle back in the Vietnam War.
And you think they're going to be using... Well, you know, I mean, the global has already controlled the drugs, but there's going to be a lot of bin rigging, a lot of buddies getting all the contracts.
A lot's already happening.
So the corruption's really there in your face.
Thanks, Tim.
Brian and others, your calls are straight ahead.
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I never voted for a war criminal.
Have you?
Real conservatives hate Bush.
Go to LibertyStickers.com or call 877-873-9626.
If only our president would listen to his God.
We're going to talk more about what the end deposit commentatus means and do we have a chance to stop it.
I mean, they've already gotten rid of it.
Now they're just announcing their criminal activity.
Why is there a law against it?
There's reasons for that.
We're going to take a lot of your calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Boston.
Joe, welcome.
I haven't called you in a long time.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a visually impaired person.
I see your point and I totally agree with you about the government.
However, I guess there are good people in government too.
Yesterday I went to a government grant conference.
I don't know if I have the money to get the course, but for people like me who come from bad families and who are low income, we'd like to get out of this.
We don't like living like this.
Government has grants to get houses and homes.
What is your take on this and have you heard of Agenda 21?
I'm just trying to be fair.
I realize Bush is wrong in a lot of these things, but
There must be some, you have to try and find some good things in government too.
Maybe we can stop a lot of the bad, but what do people like me do who can't, you know, you said government, which I agree with you, but who get no help from anybody, churches or organizations don't do that anymore.
It's different.
So we have nowhere to go.
Do you see my point?
Look, rat poison, if you buy some decon to kill rats around your house or field mice, almost all of that little pellet is good nutritious food.
So, there are lots of good government bureaucrats, there are lots of good government programs, but over time they're all becoming very predatory, very abusive from the top, and most of the welfare is corporate welfare, and the corporations actually lobby government to grow larger, but then forcibly extract my wealth,
To engage in social engineering.
You know, I am all for welfare, but it should be at the county, the city, the state level, where we keep 100% of our money, and then that state agency can deliver you, on average, about 70% for the money they get, whereas the federal program, you get about 30% ratio for a dollar of tax money, 30 cents comes back.
And most of that, sir, for predatory government programs, again,
It's like the mafia.
The mafia will give you a loan, but then there's going to be a Pied Piper you've got to pay.
I mean, there are great social workers that help the blind.
There are great social workers that help the deaf.
There are great government programs like the School for the Deaf here in Austin.
There are great things.
I mean, I never said we shouldn't have some government.
I'm talking about the nature.
You know, Hitler...
Yeah, but see, the reason I mention that is because
I mean, the social workers here are burned out.
All the agency does here is put you in sheltered workshops.
You can't get good medical care.
So if I do get some grants, and of course you have to live in a house for 15 years if you buy it, I'd like to get some good tenants in Section 8.
The government pays the rent, and if they screw up, they're out.
Of course, I would like to get off the welfare, but I'm getting no assistance from my family or any agency at all.
Yeah, the government doesn't want you to get out of welfare.
Oh, and again, your family won't help you.
Are they too busy watching football?
No, they have never accepted a blind son.
I had some psychological... They were abusive years and years and years ago, and they've never accepted me.
My brother makes six figures, and we tried to reconcile our differences, and they just can't accept blind people.
They want everybody who's blind to work in a shelter workshop.
But what's your take on these government grant programs?
What's your take on that?
I mean, if they work, and if you can get the help, people to do the applications...
They have millions of dollars.
Well, I mean, here's an example.
They tell parents it's not even a welfare thing.
Oh, put your child in a headscarf.
And then they don't know you get three CPS visits and it's really there to grab your child.
I mean, sir, I've read the handbooks.
They want to break the family up.
So, I mean, I'm sure the government could do good, but it never does.
In the aggregate, or in the final sum, it does more bad than good.
Thanks for the call, Joe.
I mean, I'm not saying you as a blind person.
I mean, if anybody deserves support by the state, it is the blind.
It is the deaf.
It is somebody in a wheelchair.
We should take care of you.
We've always done that.
It's despicable not to.
And that says a lot about a society.
You know, when Christ said, suffer the little children, he wasn't just talking about children.
He meant people who can't take care of themselves, or people who have the minds of children, or people who have disabilities.
You know, what we do to the weakest, that's how I'm going to judge you, he said.
What you do to the most innocent, what you do.
And I see government taking advantage of poor people.
I see them taking advantage of death.
And I see them taking advantage of people that can't defend themselves.
And it makes my blood boil.
I mean, look, government minions steer clear of the big mean dogs.
I mean, they steer clear of me and others.
They don't mess with people that have some modicum of power that can be projected upon them.
They run around like great white sharks feeding on dying seals and stuff like that.
Basically, they just see you as weak.
They rip your guts out and start just feeding on you.
It makes me want to throw up.
We'll come back and talk to Jamie and others.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
The government has been charging nursing home operators because in some cases they left some of their wards unattended and they died.
But at the same time, they're also charging people in nursing homes who stayed and helped the people because they told them to evacuate and they didn't.
But meanwhile, all over the place, for five days, they let hundreds of people die at three different hospitals while they were begging for help because FEMA didn't allow it.
That's confirmed.
And it is confirmed, what we heard about during those first few days, it is now confirmed, Human Rights Watch is reporting, New Orleans prisoners abandoned the floodwaters.
And again, what you'll do to the least, you'll do to me.
Deserted a jail building, leaving inmates locked in their cells.
As Hurricane Katrina began pounding New Orleans, the Sheriff's Department abandoned hundreds of inmates imprisoned in the city's jail.
Even rights watch said today.
And not a one of them is getting in trouble.
You better believe.
See, it's all selectively enforced.
Of all the nightmares during Hurricane Katrina, this must be one of the worst.
Prisoners were abandoned in their cells without food or water for days as floodwaters rose towards the ceiling.
And that was Courtney Carey, researcher, U.S.
Program Human Rights Watch.
Inmates in the Templeman 3, one of the several buildings in the New Orleans Parish Prison compound, reported that as of Monday, August 29th, there was no correctional officers in the building.
Which held more than 600 inmates.
These inmates, including some who were locked in the ground floor cells for traffic violations, I would add, were not evacuated until Thursday, September 1st, four days after food, floodwaters in the jail had reached chest level.
Of all the nightmares during Hurricane Katrina, this must be one of the worst, said
The researchers from Human Rights Watch prisoners were abandoned in their cells without food or water for days as floodwaters rose towards the ceiling.
Human Rights Watch called the U.S.
Department of Justice to conduct an investigation and they'll come in and federalize into the conduct of the New Orleans Sheriff's Department.
Which runs the jail.
And to establish the fate of the prisoners who have been locked in the jail, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, which oversaw the evacuation, and the Orleans Sheriff's Department should account for 517 inmates who were missing from the list of people evacuated from the jail.
See, there's no numbers of anything.
Oh yeah, that's right.
We know there were shootouts in the city, troops firing on citizens, gun confiscations, and we'll never find out.
We'll never know.
So just...
Again, a double standard, folks.
And they didn't let them out of jail.
The least they could do would be to let them out.
Can't let violent offenders out.
Let them on down.
Well, the cops knew full well it was the county jail.
It was full of people in there for DWIs and driving recklessly or not paying speeding tickets.
Oh, which reminds me, I got a ticket months ago, and I haven't paid it.
Hope I'm not in the jail when it floods.
I need to pay that.
I'll just see you later.
You're with Alcada.
So this is the seriousness of what's going on.
Meanwhile, we've got this lawmaker who sits over the committee that writes all the DWI and checkpoint laws, caught drunk twice, and he says, I'm above the law of the judge.
I'm a member of the legislature.
I'm above the law.
I'm God.
Really, they don't call themselves servants anymore.
It's officials, authorities.
Think about that.
Let's start calling them God-humans, God-lords.
Well, I guess kings do call themselves sovereigns and lords.
Oh, Lord, Governor.
Oh, so gracious.
I am your slave.
That's what America's all about.
I'm going to go quickly through your calls.
Jamie in Kentucky, go ahead.
Yes, I believe the floodwaters were caused by our own government.
They blew up the levees.
What do you think, Alex?
Well, people have said that, and they're the only place I've seen it confirmed by a decent source.
Well, what about Mrs. Sheehan?
I read something that she was arrested.
What happened there?
Yes, thanks for the call.
I'll comment on that.
They marched up to the front gate.
They were told to leave three times by the God-man's enforcers, the God-human, the Supreme Leader's enforcers, and they arrested over 100 people.
So that's where it stands right now.
Let's talk to James, or excuse me, Jesse in Alabama.
Jesse in Alabama, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
You're talking about the welfare and all.
What I'm incensed about is the tax dollars being spent to drug people in these so-called mental health institutions.
And the way they will, if a person or a child doesn't have money for the psychiatric drug, the taxpayers will pay for it.
And then the drug zone insert now admits it massively increases suicide and psychotic breaks.
So when your kid gets more screwed up, then they put you on 2, 3, 4, 5.
The average foster child in Texas is on 4 drugs.
Some on as many as 17.
Then they start having seizures from the drugs.
Then they'll do brain surgery.
It's all about corporate welfare.
And also, these drugs shut down the very parts of the brain that are supposed to be increasing the activity of.
They cause brain damage, shrinking of the brain, retinal leaks, detachments.
I mean, you name it, the list goes on and on.
Oh, it's all on the list.
Yeah, it's all on the list.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, I see these ads like, having trouble having to urinate too much?
Well, just get this new drug.
And then for 30 seconds, nosebleeds, headaches, massive cancers, total death, total annihilation of everything, sleepless nights, dry mouth, vomiting, migraine headaches.
It's like, why would you want to take me?
By the way, I said the average foster child in Texas is on four drugs.
That's psychotropic drugs.
The average teenager in America is on four prescriptions.
I mean, it's just insane.
Let's talk to Kevin in New York.
Kevin, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I wrote a letter a couple years ago about Schumer and Kennedy when they wanted to get gun owners as terrorists that time there when Ashcroft was Attorney General.
I wrote a letter and I pointed out how that was a disgrace there.
How when gun owners are law-abiding, they're protecting their homes, family, and country.
The next day I had the BCI drive by me.
Well, I don't know that's scientific, though, to have the police drive by you because you wrote a letter.
Well... By the way, do you think your letter got there in a day, or...?
Well, it's in the local paper right in the same county.
And they drove by real, uh... They didn't drive fast by or anything else.
Yeah, but I mean, so your letter got there in one day, and then they... Yeah, basically.
Because I'm in the local paper and that sort of thing.
And it was a condensed letter.
You mean you mailed your letter and it was already in the paper?
Well, it was the next couple of days, but I know it was BCI because I know one of them.
I know one of the officers.
Why don't you fill me in?
I'm a little ignorant.
What's the BCI?
Bureau of Criminal Investigations.
It's an arm of the state police.
Okay, so you think you had political harassment because you wrote a letter?
Well, they just noticed it and took a drive-by anyway.
That sort of thing.
You've never seen the police drive by before?
Oh, I've seen them before, but it was sort of a coincidence.
It was sort of a coincidence type thing.
Yeah, you know, I don't generally go off that, Kevin.
I tend to go off what I can prove, but if you're saying that the government intimidates and harasses people, they certainly do, but they're not omnipresent, they're not all-powerful.
And, you know, a lot of people on the inside are on our side, and so I wouldn't let that intimidate you, Kevin.
Yeah, well, it isn't.
They've written other things ever since, and that sort of thing.
Okay, well, good to hear from you.
Something else?
Go ahead.
A couple of brief things.
Thank you for telling me about that Berkey, Berkey Lake.
It does a good job, like you say, with the water.
Well, there's a lot of poison in the water, and it's really good.
I've noticed a difference when I got it going there.
Other than that, I'll let you go.
Well, Kevin, we're glad to have you out there, and keep writing letters to the editor.
All right.
Yeah, I mean, the minute we give in to their intimidation, which I'm not saying you're doing, but the minute we give in to it, it's over.
They win.
It's all about intimidation.
And it's psychological with these people, really, at a base level.
As soon as you're not afraid of them, as soon as you're dominant, but from a righteous position, they usually back off.
The minute you cower, the minute you lower your head, at a primitive level, they think that means you're bad.
They think that means that you deserve what's happening to you.
And believe me, I've experienced it.
The minute you're in control, the minute you're commanding the situation...
You can't put on this type of attitude.
You have to be in the right.
You have to put on the armor, as they say.
These guys are like vampires creeping back from a cross.
You know, creeping back from the sun coming up in the morning.
I mean, you've got to really believe it, folks.
It's faith.
And that doesn't mean that they're not going to belly club you right in the teeth.
You've got to have the faith and not care, because you know you're on the side of God.
You're doing the right thing.
And most of these people aren't bad.
They're just accustomed to the...
Exercise of power and to intimidation.
And I think it's okay to do that.
And it's not.
And to execute and enforce these criminal laws, that's why we're angry with you.
You know, the police will tell you, we're not here to protect you.
We don't have any liability to protect you.
It's not our job to protect you.
But then they'll get mad at us when we don't want them running our lives and snooping on us.
You know, government never does...
Good for a society.
It always, in the end, goes bad.
I mean, that's just history, folks.
And we're headed into some dark times right now.
And we're not out of the woods.
We're just going into the woods right now.
And things are going to be tough.
But if we have the right attitude, not a yellow-bellied attitude, we have an aggressive attitude and a dynamic attitude and an engaged, offensive attitude, we're going to beat these people.
We're going to get our country back.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kevin in Mass.
Kevin, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks, and thanks to Aaron Zellman for fighting for our right to keep and bear arms.
I just didn't know if anyone had mentioned a report on rents was posted regarding the entire 101st Airborne Division, around 20,000 soldiers being deployed to Iraq, which is just the fifth time in the history of the 101st Airborne Division.
The entire division has been deployed.
I'll talk to people in the military, family in the military.
I'm getting intel from everybody.
There's a giant war game drill coming up the fourth day of October.
And I'm not saying they're going to attack Iran, but they admit they want to.
Israel may make its move.
And we're going to be watching all of this.
And they've insinuated that what would preclude an attack would be some sort of an attack on us.
And we know that there's been false flag attacks, so be aware.
Which will actually be the pretext to invade.
We've been hit again.
See, we told you we needed Patriot Act.
We told you we needed to get rid of Posse Comitatus.
Now none of you question us again.
Give us your guns.
Well, I guess I better have Bush as an Al-Qaeda goddess.
Well, you know, I sound pessimistic a lot because I do this all the time and it is frustrating.
But people really are waking up.
The globalist response to that is to just get even more in our face.
I mean, they're just flaunting it right now.
They really are, but people are really waking up and taking action and buying food and getting ready for whatever they're going to throw at us.
Well, I'm just begging the military and the police and others.
I mean, if suitcase nukes go off, confiscating guns and doing all this stuff has nothing to do with safety.
It's just so a group of criminals can suck the federal coffers dry, and they don't care about the economy.
They don't care about your happiness.
They want a police state so they can take the pensions and so you can't complain.
They want to ban protests so you can't protest having your pensions taken.
I mean, it's all in the IMF plans.
Well, that's right, and...
Right now, the spider's creeping up.
It's got its little front legs out.
It's getting its face going, yeah, with its little teeth.
Yeah, everything's all right.
It's looking at us.
Don't struggle.
I'm the government.
I'm here to help you, Kevin.
Don't listen to Alex.
Don't mind those things.
These are freedom.
You'll be safe once I do this.
Just let me get rid of Pocky Common Thomas.
Don't struggle.
No, no, no.
Don't kick.
I'm getting closer now, Kevin.
My teeth.
I mean, my fangs.
Do you understand, Kevin?
Well, we've got people like General Burns, who they made step down.
We've got Sybil Edwards.
We've got Ray McGovern.
We've got people not just waking up out in the street, but other people.
We've got Morgan Reynolds.
We've got Paul Craig Roberts.
All these people go in public.
Never mind them.
They want to hurt you.
Never mind my black fangs and my eight eyes.
I'm your friend.
Look into my eyes, Kevin.
Never mind my black uniform.
Never mind that I...
Don't struggle.
Thanks for the call, Kevin.
I'm sorry for doing the spider imitation, but... Here, I'll be the spider for the rest of the program.
Don't listen to Alex Jones.
You have all of your rights to me.
I want to help you.
You're so juicy.
This is such a big fat country.
It's a big prize.
I'm about to suck it dry!
I carried out lots of crises, and now I stampeded you little bugs into my net.
Iraq was tasty, and so was Afghanistan and Serbia.
But now I'm going to have the big dinner.
I'm going to enjoy it.
All right, Dan in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, it's been a long time since I talked to you, but boy, you haven't.
Mr. Thing is just as good, if not better.
Hey, is that spider imitation good, or is it bad?
Well, you know, I'll tell you what, I've got something to confront that.
First of all, one thing, when you talk about the gentleman who was blind, about disabled, you write on about the government's responsibility to take care of people like that.
You know, we're based on, the Republican government is based on the Bible, and King David had Jonathan's son who was disabled, he took care of him.
So Alex, you surprise me, you amaze me every day how well you, what you know,
And I think it's great to have people like you on the air.
You're an imitation of a spider.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Do I have permission just to read something?
There might be a minute or so about Mary Molly Pitcher.
Did you ever hear of her?
Settle down.
Don't get angry.
All right.
Do I have your permission?
Go ahead and read it.
I think this lady...
Is the epitome of the American spirit, and if people, your listeners, could get aflame like this, and this country could turn around... Stay there, Dan!
I will.
And settle down!
Turn in your guns, Dan!
You look so tasty, Dan.
I want to take all your freedoms.
I'm the official.
I'm the authority, Dan.
You do what I say, okay?
I'll be right back.
Stay with me.
Government's good.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Your freedoms are so tasty.
Alright, that's enough of that stupid spider thing.
Just picture them.
When you see them on the news, when you see Condoleezza Rice or Bush or Clinton, just picture their head on a big spider body.
Because really, when you picture them like that, you're now getting truly what their spirit is.
Big, fat, predatory slime bags that sit around going, they're a bunch of scum.
I mean, literally, their own writings and the fools on how to figure it out.
Just stop being fools, folks.
Stop being conned by these people.
All right, Dan, go ahead and finish up what you were saying.
Okay, Alex.
I hope this won't take very long.
It's about Mary Molly Pitcher Hayes.
I've always wanted to get in the spirit of our founding fathers and
Heroes of the Revolution.
No, don't do that!
They were banned!
And I'll tell you, I read this and I said, oh my goodness, this puts me to shame.
I'll start reading.
In 1775, when the fight for independence began, a barber named John Hesper Hayes joined the Continental Army.
His wife Mary went along to cook, wash, and sew for the troops.
On June 28, 1778, John Mary Hayes renewed Jersey at the Battle of Monmouth.
It was one of the largest battles of the war.
On perhaps the hottest day of the year,
Mary saw the men suffering from the heat, grabbed Pitcher, filled him with water, and ran among the men, giving them drinks.
Molly, the men called to her attention, Molly, Pitcher.
Mary's husband fell from the heat.
She gave him a drink, tied a wet rag around his head, moved him beneath the tree.
Then she took over her husband's place, stood there in her dress, and helped the crew load and fire the cannon.
Alex, this is where I wish you had a spirit like hers.
A witness later wrote about Mary,
While in the action of reaching a cartridge and having one of her feet as far before the other as she could step, a cannon shot from the enemy passed directly between her legs without doing any other damage than carrying away her lower part of her petticoat.
When others ran from the battle, Mary Hayes stood fast.
She was still there holding off the British when General Washington checked the retreat.
I'll tell you, Alex, with a spirit like that,
If Americans could have that... No, she's mad!
She didn't kneel to the authority!
Alex, I think we need to get that fire out early.
No, Al-Qaeda!
They struggled in my web!
No, the juicy tender might get away!
Thanks for the call.
Dan, God bless you.
No, no, you're absolutely right.
I mean, everything lowly and pathetic is groveling to this government.
This is not our government.
It's a pack of criminals.
And you read about the eight-year war with the British.
I mean, black men with no shoes, with a trail of blood from their feet, with a bullet hole in the back of their shoulder.
I mean, literally, those are the stories.
Again, the Green Mountain Boys and hauling those big cannons down off Ticonderoga and dragging them a couple hundred miles.
Just amazing feats.
I mean, the Brits would land like 40,000 troops.
No army would ever beat them.
We'd have like 6,000 troops.
And we beat them by just fighting them and fighting them and fighting them and just always losing almost every time until Trenton and then many more victories than defeats.
That the British had, but still, we were there.
That's staying power.
And FEMA and these scumbags openly go teach police that the founding fathers are bad, America's bad.
I mean, folks, they teach them that homeschoolers are bad.
I mean, we've got the video of this.
This has been in the news.
They're evil.
There's no doubting it.
They're the bad guys.
Do you understand?
There's no debating it.
There's no questions.
I'm out of time.
Incredible reports on Posse Comitatus, all of it on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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Well, we've got a bunch of special reports going up this week.
I love you folks.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the new world odor.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
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