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Air Date: Sept. 23, 2005
2257 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is the 23rd day of September 2005, Friday.
Hurricane Lita set to start slamming into the Texas and Louisiana coast in the early morning hours today into tomorrow.
And we'll give you the latest developments there.
And the question, will FEMA behave?
In the Houston and Port Arthur area, the way they've behaved in New Orleans and other areas, some of the levees are already overflowing in New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain.
Some of the neighborhoods are already under four feet of water that had already been pumped prime.
A lot of big police state and, of course, economic developments and
Judge Roberts being now partially confirmed as it moves to the full Senate.
It's all coming up, but we've had a lot of requests for this song by Don Henley, Inside Jobs.
So here it is.
One more time, we'll go to break, and we'll come back and plunge into all the news and your phone calls.
Wide open phones today, and the websites are infowars.net and presentplanet.tv.
Here's Don Henley.
It was an Inside Job, 9-11.
While you were sleeping They came and took it all away The lanes and the meadows The places where you used to play It was an inside job By the well-connected
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This little island disappears While you are looking the other way
We're good to go.
We're good.
I know it's hard.
I know what I've done wrong I am acquainted with the night I know how hard it is To always walk out in the night And it's an inside job To learn about forgiving It's an inside job To hang on to the joy of living You know the road by which you came I know your mother's face
We'll be right back.
We'll cover it all on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us.
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Friday, we are 8 minutes 12 seconds into this first hour of transmission, second segment.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout the broadcast.
We'll move quickly to your calls, at least as quickly as I'm able to.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be going to a caller from Houston, Barton, Houston, here in just a moment, and then Gene and Sheldon and John and Robert and many others.
And we've got the latest updates on what's happening with Hurricane Rita and the aftermath of Katrina up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Some of the major levees up against Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, in the Crescent City.
We're good to go.
I think?
On its right eastern flank that could break off into its own hurricane or tropical depression.
And I have been reading what the meteorologists and the different climatologists have been saying.
There have only been, what, 50-something in the last 100 years of Category 5 hurricanes, period, in our area of the Caribbean and the Gulf.
And the Atlantic.
Now, we've had two this year hitting basically the same 300 or 200 mile stretch.
It's amazing and very unusual, in fact unheard of, how they're just coming out of the Atlantic out of nowhere and forming and then just boomeranging straight in to the key areas of Gulf
Refining of crude oil.
And the way the news has been able to predict, the National Hurricane Center there in Florida has been able to predict exactly where these storms are going to go.
In the past, never been able to do that, but now they say it's going to hit New Orleans, it's going to hit Houston.
And the main heart of the storm with the highest...
Highest speeds of the winds have only been missing their targets, their predestined targets by about 30 to 50 miles.
The main eye wall of the storm with the fastest winds there in the center of the whirlpool was about 30 miles off their projection.
We're good to go.
In fact, let me just read from the National Hurricane Center's Tropical Prediction Center the latest information.
Rita is completing its eyewall replacement cycle this morning, slowed down to about 125 miles an hour, and now it's sped back up to over 130 miles an hour, back to Category 4, shortly dipping down to Category 3.
The latest report from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft showed that
That the inner 15-mile wide eye had dissipated with a single 33-mile wide eye existed.
Maximum flight level winds of 700 MB in the northeastern quadrant are 125 to 130 miles an hour, which helps support an initial intensity of 120 miles an hour.
The aircraft data show that another wind maximum
Yes, that's an abbreviation.
Had formed about 60 miles north from the eye center, which might be the start of another outer eye wall.
That's not good.
The latest central pressure reported by the aircraft is 927.
And Rita is moving between 300 and 305 degrees at an 8.9 kT.
And it goes on with all of the technical data.
The intensity forecast is still problematic.
That is inconclusive, since Rita has completed the eyewall replacement cycle and is over the warm eddy of the loop current, or one of the hottest areas in the Gulf of Mexico.
I looked at some of the graphs for water temperature.
We're talking 96 degrees, folks.
There is a chance it could strengthen during the next 12 hours.
Ah, accelerate for the slam.
After that, it should move north of the eddy, possibly start another eyewall cycle, and possibly experience increasing southerly shear.
The intense forecast thus calls for a slight increase in strength in its overall speed.
And it continues to alternate scenario is that Rita does not strengthen and gradually weakens due to shear until landfall.
This could happen if the shear reaches 25 kT values forecast by the GFS and SHIPS models.
And it goes on with a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, but it could be even worse if it slows down to a Category 3 over southeastern Texas, because then it will dump most of its moisture there instead of accelerating up through southeast Texas and southwestern and the north-central areas of Louisiana and then dumping it over to more distributed areas.
Instead, it looks like, this is what the forecasters are saying, that it could dump most of its water inland, upwards of half of its mass of water, just within the first 50 miles of landfall.
And if that happens, we're looking at a major deluge.
Meanwhile, Rick Perry is prancing about in his pink tie, telling us how much he loves us and what a great job they're doing rescuing everyone.
And it's true that Texas is doing a better job, obviously, than what happened in New Orleans.
I would say one of the big reasons is people saw just how bad things were there in Rita.
Just had a chance to see how bad things could be with Rita in hindsight with Hurricane Katrina.
But at the same time, it's also the state police...
Local sheriff's departments and local police departments and fire departments that have been deployed in the last three days and are doing a great job.
It is not FEMA.
It is not even the National Guard.
The National Guard are standing by on their bases to respond at different bases in Austin and San Antonio in, quote, areas that aren't in danger right now from Hurricane Katrina so that their response doesn't get damaged.
But again, the feds aren't taking care of us.
The feds can't take care of us.
They won't take care of us.
And I'm not trying to sit here and bash the feds.
It's just not their job.
And FEMA is a criminal organization that has been caught sabotaging the relief efforts and sabotaging police communication systems and jamming police communications and local emergency communications as Katrina hit almost a month ago.
So, we need to keep FEMA out of Texas and keep them out of any response because they want to screw things up.
They want to dominate and control so that a bad job is done so they can call for even more funding and to use the powers they already have.
They're calling for new powers.
They already have those illegal, unconstitutional powers.
Of course, you saw the end-of-the-world type images of a city totally shut down.
A 100-plus mile traffic jam.
It is roughly 160 miles from the core of Houston to the outskirts of the DFW area, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Megaplex, and the megacity up there with its 7 million people.
And you've got Houston with its almost 6 million, I was corrected.
As currently, Houston has gone from 5 million a year ago to 5,900,000 metros.
Thank you for sending me those statistics, listeners.
You are right.
And where are they all going to go?
Well, you have the country roads somewhat jammed.
You have I-45 and other major arteries totally blocked.
I had family and good friends.
My childhood friend, Ryan Baxter, I talked to his mother last night, and Ryan spent, I don't know, what was it, 15 hours trying to get out of Houston and have gone about 20 miles and was about to run out of gas.
So he jumped the median and drove back to his apartment that is not on high ground.
We hope he does okay.
And I even talked to some family, and the same thing.
You cannot get out of the city.
That's why the traffic is lessened, though they admit the traffic jam from 50 miles north of Houston is at standstill right now.
You can drive up to the end of the traffic jam, 50 miles north of Houston, up into the Buffalo area and the Fairfield area, because people have just turned around and gone back.
And where are people going to go in Austin and San Antonio and Dallas?
Where are they going to stay?
Already a 10-minute drive, a normal 10-minute drive during rush hour traffic, took me an hour and a half two days ago.
And we all saw the tragic images of that bus filled with senior citizens, nursing home special needs people, engulfed in explosions and flame as their oxygen tanks exploded due to some type of combustion that took place in the bus.
We did not behave in the road warrior type activities that we've seen when they had power outages in the east.
Texans have all been pretty neighborly, though there have been images, literally, I've seen it on the news, of people throwing fits with their New York and California license plates.
Still haven't figured out here in Texas and how we act around here.
But you are becoming the sniveling mass.
I'm not being mean, folks.
I love New Yorkers and Californians.
Californians really are the worst, folks.
Alright, I apologize.
I shouldn't act like that.
It's just true.
When you get flipped off or somebody cuts you off or somebody greedily jumps in front of you, it's usually a Californian.
Actually, a lot of New Yorkers are nice, but a lot of the road rage and fits that are being thrown are by the... Okay, now, there's no need for that.
I shouldn't have said that.
A lot of great listeners who have moved up Texas from other states.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
But I'm not saying it's the end of the world.
What I'm saying is the images of just highways as far as the eye can see.
Trucks and trailers and 18-wheelers and family Volvos, you know, cars.
With people standing out at 103 degree heat.
It was 103 degrees yesterday, the end of summer or the start of winter, or the start of fall.
What do they call that, the vernal equinox?
And it was 103 degrees.
And the meteorologists are saying, you take this incredibly hot and wet weather,
Tropical storm, this powerful hurricane that will make landfall as a Category 3 or 4, you ram that in to tropically hot dry weather, and it is going to be... We're talking Hurricane Alley.
We're almost assured of hundreds.
In fact, they showed the models from past hurricanes that were much smaller, and I've got one of the articles here.
Over 120...
Tornadoes, and they're saying those tornadoes will predominantly be along the line or the outside of the storm that goes right up through central Texas on its western side, and right up through central Louisiana on its eastern side.
We're looking at hundreds of tornadoes.
So, and then as it slows down and becomes a tropical depression, it'll push right up, they're saying, into...
And we do pray for all the folks in Houston.
Speaking of Houston, let's go ahead and go to a caller in Houston.
Bart in Houston, Texas.
Bart, thanks for holding.
What's going on there in Houston?
How are you guys getting prepared for what you're about to face?
We've been driving around all morning, you know, just going and getting a couple of last minute supplies at a few of the stores that are still open.
But it's a ghost town down here.
Is it like Day of the Dead where there's nobody out there?
That's what I meant by end of the world.
You've got a huge city of six million people almost empty, and then you've got everybody trying to get out.
Where are they going to go?
Well, I mean, you know, all your listeners and everyone in the rest of the nation really needs to pay attention to the situation.
You know, and I'm kind of happy with what, you know, I'm sorry to say what happened with Katrina, but, you know, it's helped me wake up a lot of my friends and family about the necessity of being prepared
The necessity of never counting on the government to come and bail you out or save you in any situation.
You know, my dad, for years I've been trying to explain to him the truth behind 9-11 and the need for us to get prepared.
And even though we're continually debating to that, I have finally convinced him because of the horrors of what we watched with Katrina, he's finally going to buy a disaster kit, he's going to buy a generator, a big Berkey, and get all the supplies that I've always wanted for my family to have for these kind of emergencies.
Well, living in Houston or living in a place like New Orleans, or if you live anywhere in an earthquake zone, and by the way, folks, they're having earthquakes now in the Mississippi Valley.
I mean, there's a lot of weird stuff going on, a lot of changes.
And, you know, I want to say this.
The Mexicans are smarter than the domesticated Americans, whether they be Mexican-American or white Americans or black Americans.
You know, the government said, flee to Austin, flee to Houston, flee to San Antonio.
And instead, I've got several articles out of Mexico, several articles out of Brownsville and Laredo, where literally around a million Mexicans, they're not stupid.
They're just going south.
As soon as the storm tracked to the north and the east...
Towards eastern Texas and western Louisiana, they all, the Mexicans, said, why should we all run to Houston, from Houston to Dallas, where we can't get a hotel?
We'll all just go to Mexico, or we'll all just go to far south Texas in the valley.
And so that's where they're all going, which is where I have some family.
After they couldn't get up to Dallas, that's where they went.
So it's very interesting, but to see...
Just how unprepared?
Listen, these cities, these big cities, these big mega cities are death traps, folks.
If you don't get out in the first hour when they say get out, you're not going to get out.
Can you imagine what would happen, Bart, if a suitcase nuke went off?
Well, that is exactly the point that I've been making to my family about the necessity of having potassium iodate pills.
But you can't count that you're ever going to be able to get out, period.
You know, I mean, if you live on the outskirts of the cities... Well, I got a four-wheel... Hey, I got a four-wheel drive, and I'm getting out.
Well, you know, Alex, we aren't all as lucky as you to live in South Austin.
You know, I mean, you're right there at the hill country.
You can fade into that hill country in about an hour.
Well, that's... In fact, I'm actually on the... Actually, I'm not even really in Austin.
I'm in a suburb, and I can literally escape pod instantly.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up, Bart, and then we'll go to Gene, Sheldon, John, and Robert, and many others.
And I got a map in both my cars of alternative side roads and routes.
If I come to a police checkpoint, I'm going to be driving right around you boys, and you better not try to stop me or get in my way.
All right, we'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Look, thank God that most people have gotten out of Houston.
Those that are staying, a lot of them are on high ground.
They have dodged the bullet.
I mean, that 15 to 30 mile region of the eye wall...
Coming on land, especially when it hit 170 miles an hour, they were talking about it hitting a new level.
We may have to go to a new chart of a Category 6, never before seen, but 23 miles faster will be a new speed for a hurricane, as they've been recording in the last 100 years.
But they did dodge a bullet there, and the storm has slowed down, and is now vectoring in on Beaumont,
And Beaumont is a pretty small town.
I don't know, what is it, 100,000 or something?
But most of them have gotten out.
I also have family in Beaumont.
That's where my mother's grandmother's family's from.
Christmas tree farmers.
They grow Christmas trees down there.
I think the Christmas trees are going to be in trouble.
But, oh, that's an idea.
I should try to get some of my family on from there.
But before we go back to Bart and then Gene and Sheldon and John and Robert and others...
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All right, Bart, finish up your point, because we see the 100-mile traffic jam on one highway.
I've got friends and family who can't get out.
Still going to have major flooding in Houston that's been underwater before.
You're only a few feet above sea level.
Imagine a suitcase nuke, and the CFR and NORTHCOM...
We're good to go.
By the way, New Millennium has the best potassium iodate, by the way.
The number one cause of death in an attack is your thyroid soaking up the radioactive iodine.
They've given all the police and military potassium iodate.
All federal workers have gotten it, or at least were ordered to get it three years ago.
But here's an example.
The government isn't telling you to get that.
They're just telling you we're going to get nuked.
Imagine if a nuke went off, what would happen?
This proves it.
Total breakdown of society.
Mark, comment on that.
Well, you know, the writing's on the wall, and people that don't want to wake up, you know, God bless them, but they're going to have to walk their road.
But if I can, you know, there's another storm brewing here in Houston right now, and I know you want to go to other callers, and I'll get off, but I'd like for your listeners, the Houston City Council voted last week to terminate the contract for Houston Media Source, the one public access channel.
Here in Houston, they have said specifically it's based on content,
We're good to go.
www.amendment-one.org It's a good idea to give the whole website in one orderly fashion or people won't get it.
www.amendment-one.org You said two dashes there once.
I'm a little out of breath.
I'm sorry.
Let me just tell you how to plug websites.
You need to give it out clearly one time.
Because no one will get your website if you do that repeating one middle thing.
No, I got you.
I'm going to try again, and I'm not trying to be rude here, Bart.
I'm just trying to give you advice, and you're not taking it.
I don't even know what your website is yet.
Can you give it to us again?
www.amendment-one.org Okay, amendment-one.org.
Well, thanks a million.
So what are you doing getting ready for the storm?
Well, you know, we've battened down the hatches.
We've taped up the windows.
I got about three weeks' worth of water because I went and bought water on the first day.
I got two weeks' worth of food.
I got my shotgun and my bullets that no FEMA agent or anybody better come try and take away from me.
And I'm ready to go.
You know, a lot of citizens, we're going to stay here.
We're going to batten down the hatches, and we're going to take care of our city.
Are you on low ground or high ground?
I live in a 30-story high-rise that was built in the late 60s and it's one solid piece of concrete.
You're going to be just fine as long as you take those windows down.
We taped all the windows, and we even got our camcorders, so I might even send y'all some footage of the storm if y'all care to look at it.
Well, I know the head of the Houston Media Source does a great job, Pat Garlinghouse.
Well, they have done everything they can to vilify her.
I was going to say that all over the country they're trying to shut down access.
They're doing it everywhere, and we're losing a key free speech venue, but go ahead.
Well, Pat speaks nothing but highly of you, Alex.
She remembers the days when you first came up and you were just a young buck, teenager, getting started up at the Austin Public Access.
And she has nothing but good words to say about you.
And she's a very decent and hardworking woman who's trying to defend the First Amendment.
And they have done everything they can
So have they voted?
I mean, they've already terminated the contract?
Yes, the contract's been terminated.
The mayor was not expecting the result that he got, and he has already explained to the council that they themselves individually that voted no and the city are already liable.
All right, thanks for joining us.
I've got to move on with the hurricane coming, Bart.
I've got a moment now.
I gave Bart ten minutes, but I've got to move quick now, folks.
I've got to go to you very fast.
Gene in D.C.
Gene, go ahead.
Hi, are you there?
Yes, ma'am, I'm here.
Okay, good.
Okay, I was just going to pass along the news.
Did you hear about Bush has gone on to NORTHCOM in Colorado?
Yes, and Bush is calling out NORTHCOM, which is the military takeover arm, which makes the U.S.
a military theater of control, and this is martial law.
We've already been under martial law since 1933.
This is just training us to accept it now.
I was looking in the Gazette, Colorado Springs.
The irony of the timing is interesting.
Just these two sentences from the newspaper report this morning saying, basically, he's expected to visit NORTHCOM New Joint Operations Center, usually run under classified status.
The roomy, multi-level center accommodates an array of agencies in an underground facility
Yeah, they're using all of this as drills and war games to war game total FEMA domination under NORTHCOM.
Right, and in plain sight, basically.
Yeah, in plain sight, the shadow government is no longer in the shadows.
Well, that's why, when I heard that, I was like, I can't believe this is... Well, they're openly saying they're getting rid of Posse Comitatus.
Thanks for the call, Jean.
I'm glad you're concerned.
Listen, they didn't need to get rid of Posse Comitatus, the 1878 law, barring the military from engaging in law enforcement activities to have the regular army come in and deal with disasters.
They never have.
This is...
Posse Comitatus is martial law, folks.
It's the military killing you.
It's the military taking your guns.
It's the military firing at you.
It's totally criminal.
It's totally third world.
And then now Senator Warner and Bush and all of them are out there announcing it.
Now, they've already covertly... I mean, I've had judge advocate generals on admitting, you know, who are now retired.
One of them is a university professor in Chicago.
That back in 96, they basically blew a giant gap in it.
I mean, they blew holes in it you could drive an army through.
Literally and figuratively, pun intended.
And so they already blew the levees a long time ago with letting in the military.
And the military kills people and breaks things, folks.
And they confiscate guns, they run checkpoints, and the founding fathers said it is the ultimate evil.
It is total police state.
Hello, Alex.
You familiar with Frank Whalen over at the Republic Broadcasting?
Listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
I do not give attention to things that I think are detrimental.
Thank you for the call.
I really appreciate your call, Sheldon.
And let's go ahead and talk to Bart.
And Sheldon, if you call back like you did last week saying the same thing, it'll be the same answer and it'll be the same answer next week.
Let's go ahead now and we already talked to Bart.
I got my calls out of order here.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee and then Robert.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead, John.
Yes, Alex.
I'll make this quick.
I was just calling to tell you about a situation locally I had with the Red Cross.
My wife and I were helping a family locally instead of just donating money and I'm just
This lady, she had a milk class house in New Orleans and of course it was completely flooded out and when she got the list of available housing from the Red Cross they were all just like housing projects with drug dealers and everything in there so we were trying to help her find another house and we had gotten in contact with a minister to tell him about the situation with what was going on with the Red Cross and he said he was having a meeting with them today because there's another group of churches here in Nashville that had
Yeah, I think so.
I just wanted to bring that to your attention.
Oh, I appreciate that.
What does this development mean to you, John?
It means that these people can't be trusted, basically.
I don't know.
They want to take everybody's money.
Let me ask you a question.
If I had robbed you five times, would you trust me with the keys to your house?
Well, no, I wouldn't.
I wouldn't.
Well, it's the same thing with the Red Cross.
I don't know if you've read the article we put out on the internet.
Yeah, I did read it.
I did, and that's why I haven't.
Well, the Salvation Army isn't perfect, and they give money to the neocons, but I know they've got hundreds of canteens.
That's their little trucks.
I know they help people locally.
I know they help people in hurricanes, and I know that if you want to give money to a big mainline group, folks, give it to the Salvation Army.
The Red Cross is a criminal organization.
The most vicious, evil organization when it comes to false charities I can even think of.
The United Way is a close second.
And good job for exposing that, John.
Thanks for the call.
I had a really good family friend named Krista.
Krista Boxter, who manages apartments.
And she left to go to Oklahoma City where thousands of people were coming and she was supposed to then get them into housing with the big company she works with.
And she talked to middle class, nice families after nice families.
They weren't the, quote, scum we all heard from the media.
And I'll briefly tell you what she told me last night.
We were having a barbecue at my parents'.
I swung by for an hour.
What Krista told me
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I'm always making mistakes, folks.
Back when I was five years old, ten years old, it was Krista Baxter.
She got remarried.
Krista Wilson.
But she'd get really mad at me if she heard that.
But, you know, long time family friends, friends with her children.
So were my parents.
She just kept going on and on about these hundreds of people she was helping, you know, get into housing.
She's an apartment manager.
And so they sent her up, the company sent her up to Oklahoma City where they got a bunch of properties to help them.
And she said that they're all told, because they couldn't get out of the city because it was flooded in their cars, they're all told, go to the sports stadium.
The Superdome.
And you know the story, but this is, you know, eyewitnesses saying this, that for three days the food, the water was there, actually.
Speaking of the Red Cross doing something good occasionally, they'd actually brought food and water in
And so had local police and sheriff's deputies.
And even when the helicopters would drop stuff off, the troops and people would say, we need water.
And like a day later, they'd try to rush out and get water.
And the troops would say, we've been ordered by FEMA not to give it to you.
Stand back or we'll shoot you.
Stand back or we'll shoot you.
And the troops are getting trained to aim guns at citizens.
And the U.N.
has said, FEMA has said they'll use food and water as a weapon.
This was all a drill.
I mean, can they in the open confiscate guns, not give you food and water for four or five days, let 2,000 people, 50 or 60 of them die in a hospital, never bring them one jug of water or food for four days as the firefighters beg and want to get in there and help people?
1,500 firefighters show up, want to help people.
They tell them, okay, it's now time for your seven days of sexual harassment training.
I mean, this is the reality, folks.
Meanwhile, FEMA's out stealing Rolexes and watches and breaking into jewelry stores.
And then neighborhood associations get together and the police won't help them when they're being looted, so they all get armed and deputize people and fight off the looters.
That's Reuters, folks.
And then after they fought off the looters, here comes FEMA.
Give us those guns!
Move forward!
Just huge army trucks full of FBI SWAT teams.
Literally, it was on the news.
Get those guns!
No food, no water.
Now give us that gun!
But I work at the local power station.
You need me!
Get out of the house!
Grab them, men!
Some lawyer challenges them.
I'm not leaving.
SWAT team runs a big special op with over 60 officers.
We're not going to let him shoot his mouth off.
We showed him.
He don't tell us nothing.
So, that's what happened.
And for those that don't know, the Red Cross will steal mail going to people, steal cash and checks.
They'll get money and not give 75% of it to people.
They're just a despicable organization.
I don't mean you're a volunteer, but I thought you'd want to know about that.
Let's go ahead and go to Robert in Colorado, then Rob, Jason, Micah, and others.
Go ahead, Rob.
Yeah, thanks for taking my call, Alexander.
Once again, a very great show.
I want to go a little bit off topic, if I may.
I know you would take all questions.
It doesn't matter to you.
Talk about whatever you want, unless it's somebody who attacks me all the time.
I won't promote those people here, but go ahead.
Somebody attacked Alexander Jones?
Say they so.
No, no, I love it.
I love it when they do it.
I'm just not going to give them attention.
See, that's a one-way street.
They give me the audience.
But then if people are on another network and they talk good or do good work, I have them on here like I did yesterday.
If somebody sits there and says horrible things about me, I'm not going to let them be promoted here.
But go ahead, sir.
I'll get Bill O'Reilly to call in.
That would be funny.
There's been a lot of hue and cry the last several years about...
Which does nothing but honor Native Americans.
I mean, you don't hear the Scandinavians saying, how dare you call it the Minnesota Vikings.
You know, stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
You know, you don't hear that.
But it's all part of the mind control.
Training you that you can't use certain terms or names.
I mean, all that does is honor the incredible courage of Native Americans.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are less than 24 hours from the major impact that is the eyewall of Hurricane Rita.
Already, levees are overflowing in two different spots in New Orleans, and it's pretty much good weather there, other than high winds.
It's just pushing and bulging the lake that's brimming already, Lake Pontchartrain.
Obviously, people want me to talk about
The Tom Flacco story that we do have posted on prisonplanet.com that Barbara Olson, the wife of the Solicitor General, who supposedly died on one of the aircraft, has been caught alive in Europe.
And folks, I'm going to cover this later, but my gut tells me that it's not accurate.
And, you know, we just keep seeing these amazing stories out of the same quarters.
And Tom Flacco's done a lot of good reporting.
I'd be happy to have him on to talk about what he's saying.
I just...
It's just when stuff like this turns out to not be the case, it's very discrediting.
And I try to stick to what we can.
We can prove the global has carried out 9-11.
And I've got a sneaking suspicion people are going to want to talk about that.
So, fine, you can talk about it all you want.
But, I mean, I've got my right to say that it... Just reading the article, I don't see the meat and potatoes.
I don't... Sources, sources.
And then I see where good old Tom's getting some of his sources these days, and
I tell you, it's, well, it just, you know, if I'm looking at a steak and it smells bad, I'm not going to eat it, folks.
I'm going to wait and see if maggots start crawling out of it.
Let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Robert in Colorado, finish up.
For those, for stations that just joined us, you started off and we got cut off.
People get mad about the Atlanta Braves or the Washington Redskins or the whatever warriors, which I think honors Native Americans.
Again, we don't see the Minnesota Vikings.
We don't see the Norwegians getting mad or the Greenlanders getting mad about the Minnesota Vikings.
None of these names insult anybody.
We don't see the New England Patriots.
We don't see the great-great-great-grandson of George Washington getting angry.
But it's just something to whine about, something to get us used to changing what words we can use.
But finish up your point.
No, I was just asking your opinion.
So on a personal level, you have no problem with the Redskins or the Seminoles?
Well, I mean, I got Comanche and Cherokee blood on me on two sides of my dad's family.
And so I can actually go and declare native status and go live on a reservation, folks.
And so I don't run around saying that, but it's the truth.
And I think it's an honor.
I don't think it's an insult.
Okay, that's all I got, man.
Great show.
All right.
Great work.
I appreciate your call.
I really do appreciate that, Robert.
Next up is Rob, and let's go ahead and go to him.
Rob in New York.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller.
I heard you say yesterday you were looking for some scientific evidence into some of this weather engineering stuff.
Well, I mean, I have, I'm knee deep in scientific evidence that they can do it.
I just, how do we know they did this?
I think the indicators are it is being manipulated.
Oh, sure.
I mean, even USA Today is writing stories about it now.
I'm actually an electrical engineer, and I've put a lot of research into this whole field, and I maybe wanted to give you my take on it.
Okay, start giving it to us.
There's a guy way back in the 1850s, his name was James Maxwell.
He's basically like the father of all radio waves, and he's the guy who wrote down the theory...
As to how these radio waves move through the air.
Well, his original theory actually had a fourth component to it.
It was called the scalar component.
And that's where this word scalar comes from.
And the interesting thing is, not a single textbook in school that actually includes this.
It was actually removed.
Well, they also seized Tesla and Nikola Tesla's books.
The FBI did.
That's admitted.
And they also have grabbed a lot of Royal Raymond Rife stuff, yeah.
And that's what these guys were working with.
And, um...
It basically is that if you use this component, if you put this back into the equation, it allows you to do a lot of things.
Well, stay there.
I'll let you continue with that, Rob.
Let's talk about a little bit of weather modification and the latest info on that.
When we get back, we'll continue with your calls.
We've got about an hour and 55 minutes left.
PresentPlanet.tv, stay with us.
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Alright, we're going to go back to your calls.
Rob and Jason and many others that are patiently holding.
I want to get into weather modification because there's been an act introduced in Congress just a few weeks ago concerning this.
Also, at the same time, we have USA Today and the Associated Press openly talking about it, now picking up the quote by Secretary of Defense Cohen from 97 about terrorists using it, and then a lot of meteorologists are saying these hurricanes are not behaving like any hurricane they've ever seen.
In fact, Hurricane Rita almost went to a hurricane level 6, something they'd never seen before.
Now, I told my producer yesterday to get me...
Alan Gottlieb on the show with one of the premier Second Amendment organizations.
And I guess that we got our wires crossed because he was gracious enough to call in, which is wonderful news.
They've followed a suit along with the NRA to block the gun confiscations that are going on.
And surprise, surprise, he has called in.
And Mr. Gottlieb, it's a real honor to have you with us, sir.
Pleasure to be with you, Alex.
Now, I know that you're involved with several major organizations, but specifically, through what group have you guys filed this suit?
Please tell us all about it.
Well, it's a Second Amendment foundation, and we did it in conjunction with the National Rifle Association.
We both yesterday went into federal court in Louisiana to file for a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction
Well, that's excellent, and I appreciate the Second Amendment Foundation.
You guys really do do some admirable work.
The NRA...
Last year I read that federal brief, the supposed pro-gun brief, where they said, oh, we think guns should be registered.
We just think you should be able to own them in the District of Columbia.
We think that set bad precedent.
Of course, they even lost with that watered-down situation.
And so many times it took the NRA about four or five days to finally respond and go, yes, gun confiscations are going on.
They are bad.
At first they were waffling.
You guys didn't waffle, the Second Amendment Foundation and other organizations that you're affiliated with,
I don't think for people out there tuning in, they realize how bad this got.
These were middle class, unflooded areas.
We have a Reuters report.
Of a homeowners association, the homeowners association board, literally operating as police, stopping looters when police would actually... People would witness... Police would witness people being beaten and attacked.
The police wouldn't help.
But they did restore order with the neighborhood association.
That's not some right-wing publication.
That's Reuters admitting that it was guns that saved many areas of those cities.
Oh, there's no doubt about it.
And our lawsuit is basically...
Charging them with the violation of the right to keep their arms both under the federal constitution and the state of Louisiana's constitution, as well as violating due process in the process of taking people's guns.
They gave them no receipts.
I wouldn't even tell them who they were or who were taking the guns.
So getting these guns back is going to be a problem.
Of course, we're asking for a permanent injunction of the government keeping those guns and forcing them to give them back.
It also violated people's privacy rights because they walked into people's homes with no search warrants.
We're good to go.
Definite, clear discrimination.
Suit filed to halt New Orleans gun seizures.
The Second Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association, joined with individual gun owners in Louisiana Thursday morning, filing a motion in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana, seeking a temporary restraining order to stop authorities in and around the city of New Orleans from seizing firearms from private citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Arbitrary gun seizures without warrant or probable cause have been reported during the past three weeks since the Crescent City was devastated by the hurricane.
Now, to be specific, sir, and we know you're very busy, we appreciate your time, we'll just keep you five more minutes or so, and I want you to give us the website so we can support the Second Amendment Foundation that, again, is actually doing something here.
Looking at this, we saw the famous footage of the old woman having her little .32 taken, being tackled by police, she's high and dry, plenty of food, leaving her animals at her house to die.
You know, we know that that happened, but we know that the military walked up to media and said, turn your cameras off, we kill people in Iraq that film what we're doing.
That was in the San Francisco Chronicle that was said to their reporters in front of an ABC news reporter.
This is a horrible thing for our military to be put in this position to do this.
So we know there were hundreds and hundreds of cases we weren't able to see that mirrored what happened to this old woman, or even worse.
Your organization filing this suit with the victims, I guess kind of an amicus brief with them, can you describe specifically some of the horror stories that are in the suit?
Well, one of the particular ones was some people that were actually hired to try and help find routes for people to get out of the city through the water or in their boats in New Orleans and suburban parishes.
And were stopped by local law enforcement, both from New Orleans and parishes outside of New Orleans, and asked, do you have any guns?
And they said, yes, we have two rifles in a lockbox on our boat.
And they held them at gunpoint and confiscated their firearms.
Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
Well, obviously FEMA wanted things to be worsened so they can then get more funding and grandstand for more powers that they already had, folks.
They're just not using them.
Clearly they blocked and jammed police communications.
Clearly three parishes had to post armed sheriff's deputies to stop FEMA cutting communications.
Clearly they wouldn't let food in for four days into areas where people needed it, hospitals and the Superdome.
And then citizens in middle class areas on the edge of the dome that weren't flooded
No help came, except for armored gun-compensating SWAT teams, FBI-commanded SWAT teams.
I mean, this is shameful.
The police know how to assess a situation.
Obviously, if it's some looter, and they catch him with a bag of jewelry and cash and diamonds, take their guns, arrest them.
But, I mean, going to... I mean, I saw even in the New York Times they admitted that...
Not just the gun confiscation article, Mr. Gottlieb, but obviously they said they go to houses of the head engineer at the power plant and say, we're taking your guns, you've got to leave.
And he goes, I'm at the power plant.
I'm the boss.
They go to nurses' houses where five nurses were living and say, give us your guns, you're leaving.
And they go, but we're treating police officers who are in car wrecks or in boat wrecks or get snake bit.
We're at the hospital, you idiots.
And the cops were so brainwashed, Alan, as you know, they would just take their guns and take them.
Well, let me give you a cover update.
As we're speaking right now, our attorney is before the federal judge in Baton Rouge.
And it's our hope that the temporary restraining order, stopping any gun confiscations from continuing, is going to be issued any minute.
No one ever knew where this order came from, and we know that insane Mayor Nagin claimed it, then the feds said they were part of it, then the feds, General Honore, backed off.
Where is this really emanating from?
Well, the initial order came from the Mayor of New Orleans and the Police Chief of New Orleans.
Well, we've interviewed individuals who would be at a school and the police would bring in and commandeer local food supplies and frozen goods from stores.
And the cops would come there and eat and stay there at night, but when the cops would leave, people would come in with clubs and stuff and try to rob them, but people had guns.
The cops left citizens alone with their guns, and those men could protect.
So there were some good police that weren't confiscating guns.
Oh, definitely.
In fact, we've had some police fought complaints about the fact that they didn't want to confiscate anybody's guns.
They weren't going to comply with the orders they were given by their police chief.
Well, God bless them, Mr. Gottlieb.
Houston, is it looking like FEMA is going to be able to take over and maraud around in Port Arthur and Beaumont and Houston and confiscate guns there?
Actually, Alex, I don't know.
I've been so involved in the New Orleans suit, so to speak, and also this is our weekend for our National Gun Rights Policy Conference.
I'm actually calling you from Los Angeles.
From Los Angeles where our conference is taking place, and I've been so involved with the agenda of the conference as a whole that I haven't had a chance yet to look at Houston.
I apologize.
No, hey, listen, none of us can track at all, sir, but I'd like to maybe get you back on next week because obviously FEMA will follow the same policy, and we know they were advising Negan to do this, and we know the feds were in there doing it, so if FEMA tries it again, will the Second Amendment Foundation file suit against her?
Well, Alex, we feel this New Orleans situation was a trial balloon.
If it worked in New Orleans, everybody would try it again.
Anytime there's a national disaster.
So what our hope is is a straining order we get today in court will stop it from happening in Houston or anyplace else, even here in Los Angeles where I am in case we had a devastating earthquake.
Well, they're saying that could be even worse than Katrina if you have a seven or higher on the Richter scale at the epicenter being in a major metropolitan area.
Right, and of course, since they've already set a precedent for confiscating guns in New Orleans during a disaster, we're worried about them using that in other cities and states around the country as well.
That's why our court case today is so important.
Well, it is.
Can I, during the break, get a particular contact info?
How long until we know, sir, what the ruling... I mean, will the judge rule today, or will he rule in a day?
Well, our hope is he's going to rule today, at least against the neighboring parishes around New Orleans.
The reason why we're in court again this morning with him is that he wanted to actually see the video film clip of the mayor of New Orleans and the police chief of New Orleans saying they were going to confiscate guns.
It's in our brief, but he wanted to see it live on video.
Well, it was in the New York Times.
Yeah, but we gave that in as an exhibit, as a matter of fact, but he wanted to see their lips moving.
He wanted to see them actually saying it.
How many...
Sir, I know you're very busy.
There's more information on our website at saf.org.
S-A-F for Second Amendment Foundation.
At saf.org you can get more info.
Okay, saf.org.
Thank you so much, Alan Gottlieb.
Thank you for joining us.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You notice that Osama bin Forgotten bin Laden of Al-Qaeda
Isn't discussed anymore, and Bush has openly said he doesn't want him, we're not after him.
And in case anybody was doubting it, the number three man at the CIA, Buzzy Crongard, in January of this year, about nine months ago, came right out and said the CIA does not want him, and we are not seeking him.
Because we believe that would energize the terrorists.
Oh, yes.
But you don't worry.
They're going to pull you over and take your guns, Mama.
All right.
Rob in New York wanted to talk about weather modifications because he's an engineer.
And we'll talk to Jason and Micah and BL and Kelly and many others.
I've been wanting to get Alan Gottlieb on since yesterday with their lawsuit.
Alan Gottlieb involved two organizations, the head of the Second Amendment Foundation.
And, yeah, much of the state of Louisiana, I kept telling people this two weeks ago,
I was confiscating guns.
People were calling me.
They're not taking guns!
Yes, they are.
Well, they're not taking them except for New Orleans.
Yes, they are.
I mean, I've got the local news articles.
They were announcing on bullhorns, come out, front your homes, hands up, give us the firearms.
It's a forcible evacuation.
People walk out and say, what is your problem?
I work at the hospital, you idiot!
Shut up!
And literally drag them off.
They'd hire contractors to come in and fix power lines.
The cops would shoot them.
And a lot of the police, who weren't complete communists, were throwing fits about that and just walking off the job.
That's why two-thirds walked off because FEMA jammed the communications.
And the other third, most of them resigned after a week or two.
They said, look, you screwed all this up.
I'm not going to be part of this.
I'm not going to confiscate guns.
And they walked off.
So you just had a few...
A thousand troops and FBI and BATF goons trying to do all the gun confiscations.
It didn't go too well, did it?
So I really commend the New Orleans police.
I mean, they did a pretty good job for what they were under.
FEMA sabotage, being asked to engage in criminal activities.
Then you had some of the New Orleans cops out looting, and that was caught on tape.
You get bad apples in every bunch.
Let me just let Rob finish up.
Then we'll go to break and I'll come back and cover some of the weather modification evidence.
Then we'll go to the other calls.
Rob, you were talking about the inventor, really, of discovering radio waves.
Then Marconi proved it with his transatlantic communication.
Go into that if you'd like.
One of the things you can do with this is, and I think this is one of the things they're actually doing, you can take two regular radio transmitters and change them around a little bit to include some of these lost
What you do is you put them in two different locations and cross the beams, and in the region where these beams cross, you can interact with the air, or whatever matter is there, and you can suck energy out or pump energy in.
And I believe that's... Tom Bearden's website actually is very interesting, and it's where some of this stuff with the Russians comes from.
It's a picture of a base in Siberia that has a 150-mile-long plume of steam shooting out the side of it.
And that, I believe, is the other end of one of these machines.
Because if you're going to suck energy out, it travels down the beam back to your transmitter, and you've got to do something with it.
And so they dump it out.
Well, for those that don't know...
Four months ago, they were having the 60th anniversary of the Russian victory in Berlin.
What was it?
Of, you know, getting Hitler.
Getting his bunker.
Taking over the Reich Chancellery.
And Bush and Blair and everybody, Jacques Chirac, Schroeder, they all went to Moscow, and it was raining that day.
The Russian trucks pulled out, they aimed their beams, their little antennas up, jets sprayed the air, clear skies.
And you can actually hire a private Russian company for a couple million bucks, guarantees clear skies, and they use them all over the world.
And that's a smaller unit.
I mean, this is patented, this is admitted.
Again, even the weather channels.
Made a documentary on the show Atmospheres about how our government controlled the weather in Vietnam and what it caused.
Huge storms, dumped 30 inches of rain, the flood to Ho Chi Minh Trail.
And that was in the late 1960s they started doing that.
So weather seeding has been around since the 40s.
And they got it in the phone book here locally to hire the weather seeders or farmers and they'll go with little Cessnas.
Little barnstormers, they'll go manipulate some clouds and seed them and get results about 80% of the time.
So to say this doesn't exist, folks, we're in 2005.
I just can't say for sure that they were guiding these.
But, yes, what they do is they ionize the atmosphere.
And with other waves, they have really powerful microwave towers that are ground-based that if birds fly through them, it kills them.
So, I mean, yeah, these beams really do things.
This is energy.
And you're absolutely right, sir.
They can create hurricanes, steer them, nudge them, manipulate them.
There's a lot of science that they keep in the dark from us, and it's very, very real, and there's a real chance of that.
Real possibility.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Secretary of Defense William Cohen, in a public press conference on April 28, 1997, said the following.
Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can weaken and wreak terror upon our nations.
It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.
Now, again, that's Secretary of Defense Cohen.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon
It's real.
It's real.
Close quote.
Secretary of Defense William Cohen at the April 97 Counterterrorism Conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn, quoted by Department of Defense News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S.
Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, April 28, 1997.
And then Dennis Kucinich...
Introduced a bill three years ago that would have restricted weather modification, HAARP weapons, volcanic weapons, and tectonic weapons.
The Pentagon was developing earthquake tsunami weapons in 1945.
That's declassified.
And this is all very, very serious and very, very real.
I'm not saying the hurricane is man-made.
But it could be.
It could be manipulated.
It could be strengthened.
It could be steered.
It could be nudged.
And I have no idea how people can conclusively say it's the government and then tell you it's the Japanese mafia or the Russians or an anthill of Easter bunnies with long fangs from Planet Poo Poo.
I'm being sarcastic now, folks.
Please, New York Times, don't quote me as believing in anthills of Easter bunnies and long fangs from Planet 12.
But how do you know it's the Chinese mafia or the Japanese mafia?
How do you know who's steering it?
How do you know who's controlling it?
I mean, yes, this thing almost became a Category 6.
A new chart.
When it went to 172 miles an hour and it would have kept going up, we'd have had a Category 6.
Yes, these things are following paths they've never followed.
Starting in the Atlantic, zooming over...
And not going up the classic troughs out of the Eastern Caribbean or out of the Southern Caribbean up into the Gulf.
Yes, they are coming out of nowhere.
Yes, how do these modelers get it so right exactly where it's going to hit within 30 miles with Katrina and now it looks like with Rita.
It's all very suspicious.
You know, hurricanes with two eyes forming as this one's starting to do.
Just a lot of really weird stuff.
And it all just fits into everything.
You know, they make a TV show about oil storm with Mayor Ray Nagin in it, the exact same thing happening that happened, and then they release it on FX two months before.
I mean, it's just all that follows the past scripting and how they make TV shows that mirror what really happens as part of a public training drill for their people and to create more NSA chatter to block the NSA from catching different compartments of the government pulling it.
It's a very sophisticated wargaming model, and to grasp it is somewhat frustrating.
It is a delicate situation, but here's the latest wrinkle in all of this.
Weather Modification Research and Technology Act of 2005, S.
517, 109th Congress.
First Session.
And this was introduced on the second day of this month, or 21 days ago.
S-517 to establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board and for other purposes.
And folks, this is now in USA Today, open discussion of weather modification.
The meteorologists, the people that are studying all these trends,
They're saying this is unheard of.
In the Senate of the United States, March 3, 2005, Ms.
Hutchinson introduced its K-baby from Tejas, horrible creature, this lady you can thank all the cameras in Austin for with the microphones, which was read twice and referred to the Conference Committee, Science and Transportation, a bill...
To establish Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes, being enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America and Congress assembled.
Section 1, short title.
I'm not going to read the whole thing.
You can read the whole thing at prisonplanet.com if you want.
The act may be cited as the Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005, Section 2, purpose.
It is the purpose of this act to develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy and national cooperative federal and state program of weather modification research and development.
See, they tell you about it once it's 50 years old, folks.
Section 3 definitions.
An act.
The term board means the Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board.
Executive Director.
The term executive director means the executive director of the Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board.
Research and development.
The term research and development means theatrical, theoretical analysis, exploration, experimental, experimentation, and the extension of investigative findings and theories of scientific or technical nature and the practical application of the experimental and demonstration purposes.
By the way, this was introduced on March 2nd, reintroduced earlier this month, and brought to the floor, I guess.
In practical application for experimental and demonstration purposes, including the experimental production and testing of models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes.
That means doing it, folks.
Testing of models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes.
That means it started to leak out with engineers putting these towers up they put up 20 years ago.
A lot of folks I trust, scientists and others, believe they're using existing Doppler radar systems that have larger power components and broadcasters to actually energize on a local level.
Weather modification.
The term weather modification means changing or controlling or attempting to change or control by artificial methods the natural development of atmospheric cloud forms or precipitation forms from which occur in the troposphere.
Section 4, Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board, established.
In general, this established the Department of Commerce, the Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board, membership.
In general, the board shall consist of 11 members appointed by the Secretary of the Commerce, for whom at least one shall be representative of the American Meteorological Society.
One shall represent the American Society of Civil Engineers.
One shall be represented by the National Academy of Sciences.
D, one shall...
Be representative of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and National Science Foundation.
E. At least two shall be representatives of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce.
At least one shall be representative of the Institutions of Higher Education and Research Institutes and bring them into cover stories with them.
Turn the page.
G. At least one shall be representative of the state that is currently supporting operational weather modification procedures and projects.
Already going on, see?
Ten years.
A member of the board shall have the pleasure and serve at the pleasure of the Secretary of Commerce.
Vacancies shall be filled with the same manner.
Advisory committees.
And it goes on to say they're doing testing.
We'll do testing.
We'll control our lives.
Five more pages in the synopsis.
You can go read it and your neighbor will giggle like a complete moron thinking we're in 1920 and tell you it doesn't exist as they drool and they'll complain about the hurricanes not letting them see their football game.
That's America, folks.
Nothing bad can happen.
Nothing weird's going on.
Take your vaccines.
The government loves you.
Turn in your guns.
They love you.
Let them force-drug your children.
They love you.
Use cell phones up against your head.
All the studies show it's deadly, but it's okay.
Use them.
Mercury's good for you.
It's just bull.
All right, I'm going to blast through your calls now, folks, quickly.
Jason in Maryland.
Go ahead, Jason.
Hi, thanks, Alex.
I think that everything that you're doing is necessary and good and you've told the truth.
I've checked up on you and everything that you're saying is absolutely true and valid.
But I wonder if political wrangling is really the answer.
I think that this country is remiss.
We've turned away from the Father.
When we do worship, we don't worship according to knowledge.
Zeal without knowledge is not good and my people are killed all the day long for lack of knowledge.
All of the customs that we celebrate in this country are pagan in origin.
Christmas, for instance, is the celebration of the birthday
Yeah, everything's an illusion.
Halloween is the open, high, holy day of the Satanists.
I mean, it's all public, yes.
Jesus is not the name of the Son.
That is not the name above all names.
That's not the only name given by which we must be saved.
Yeah, but this also isn't magic or idols.
And so, you know, if the Greek name's Jesus and people know who they're praying to, I don't think you're going to go to hell.
But we could debate this all day long, sir.
Well, when we have people celebrating Christmas, the birthday of Tammuz and Easter, which is actually Ishtar... Ishtar, yeah, that's why Playboy, the symbol's a rabbit.
It is for fertility, and then the egg is fertility.
You know, it's open pagan worship, yeah, I know.
Let's recall that Aaron's sons, who were the first priests, were burned alive for bringing profane fire to worship the Father with.
Well, listen, I appreciate your call, Jason.
Let me just comment on the decadence of America.
Chinese government openly advertises that they sell political dissidents collagen, their skin.
And it's in hundreds of products that come out of China.
Now, I mean, they advertise it.
It's, we got good prisoner skin.
It's public.
Major New York papers have reported that
It's a huge business.
The people get off Chinese medical transport planes that land every day in New York City at their airports.
They even fly over with a nurse, making sure the person's good.
After a week in China, or two weeks in China, they get a liver, they get kidneys, they get everything.
And they get cosmetic work done with dead people's skin.
And murder, dissonance.
And they land, and it's big business, and the hospitals treat them.
And nobody wants to talk about that.
I mean, you think you're safe when our government five, ten years ago would criticize China.
Now, it doesn't happen.
I've been criticized as racist.
I don't like Chinese people.
I've been told.
I didn't know that.
But, I mean, it's not the case.
But I guess if they say so, it must be true in the media.
Because I criticize China in killing its own people and killing its own people and selling their organs.
We have a big section we just built on this on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
So, people are in denial.
And yeah, you bet we're evil, brother.
I mean, we can't really point the finger at China, and we've killed 50 million children here.
But even people who say, well, abortion's good, well, how is forced abortion good in China?
That's like Charlie Manson stuff, minus killing Sharon Tate.
You know, cutting the baby out.
We're talking a week before they have the baby.
They'll come kill the baby right after it's born.
The women will hide babies.
They'll kill them when they're six months old.
They sell that baby for medical experiments here in the U.S.
Some evidence shows they're grabbing kids and keeping them alive and selling them to the U.S.
And I know you don't want to believe that.
Our government loves us.
They just paid Israel to radiate 100,000 Jewish children to study radiation.
Almost all of them died within a year of being tested on.
Many on the table.
That's mainstream news.
How do you trust these psychopaths?
And the caller, you know, says, talking.
I don't know if we should talk about this or wrangle anymore.
Well, Jason, I don't recommend you go out and start blasting people, but you're your own person.
I mean, nobody's stopping you.
I mean, I could never understand the... Please don't do that, by the way.
But, I mean, you're your own person.
The government already up in Maryland, my friend, had to stage shootings.
I know you're not saying that, but I'm trying to extrapolate out, you know, where all this goes.
I mean, I've heard guys who call on the radio for ten years going, we need to get violent.
I hear them every week say that.
Alex is bad.
He doesn't call for violence.
I'm talking about somebody else, not you, Jason.
Alex is bad.
He doesn't call for violence.
He's not a real man.
Well, you give your full name, you tell folks where you live, and then you run around saying you want to start taking pot shots at police officers.
By the way, the New World Order would get major gas mileage out of that.
I want to wake these people up.
Now, when they come around wanting your guns, you've got to do what you've got to do, folks.
I mean, it really is coming down to the wire now.
We see what they want.
We see what they want to do.
And I'm having mainstream Second Amendment groups on there going, yeah, the government wants our guns and wants to set a precedent to take all our guns.
I mean, that's admitted.
FEMA says that.
They want your guns, folks.
Then they can really rape the hell out of you physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.
That's what it's all about.
But we're reaping the biggest harvest we've ever had.
Right now when people are waking up.
And I will continue to protest the communist Chinese government murdering its own people and selling their organs.
These trendy liberals do care less and won't talk about it, and they'll criticize me, literally.
Maybe you don't like Chinese people, Alex.
Why do you talk so much about China?
Is it you don't... I mean, what is your major malfunction?
It's like I go criticize people out wearing Plan of San Diego shirts and Mexican leaders calling for Plan of San Diego, killing all whites above the age of 16 in America.
People say to me, well, are you against Hispanics?
You know, I'm against the Ku Klux Klan.
I'm not against white people either.
I'm against Khalid Muhammad when he was alive saying kill all white people.
Doesn't mean I'm against black people.
It's asinine.
I remember the nightly news back when Clinton was selling out the Communist Chinese generals.
It was like on ABC News one night.
Is it racist to talk about China?
So much news about Chinese spies.
Is it really racism?
I mean, literally, there have been articles where they catch a black bank robber and they go, is it racist that they're talking bad about him?
I caught black guys getting bribed at the Capitol.
They admit they were bribed.
It was illegal.
At this committee, said it was illegal, did nothing.
And then the paper just said, is Alex Jones racist?
They were black.
I mean, how crazy is that?
This is a neutralizer thinking process.
And people say, well, the plan of San Diego, that's from 1916.
The point is, it's being promoted now!
That's the point!
Well, there's been a lot of oppression against people of
And so maybe they need to.
It's just different when they... I hadn't done anything to anybody.
This is all to drive a wedge between us so the globalists can control us.
I know I'm digressing.
I want to get back into the hurricane.
Yes, a news reporter, Tom Placco, is saying that Barbara Olson, the secretary of... the solicitor general's wife...
Well-spoken, good-looking lady who supposedly died on one of the planes.
They're saying that in 9-11, they're saying that she was picked up by Interpol and grabbed for some stuff.
Folks, I just got to tell you, it doesn't pass the smell test.
I mean, my gut just... My alarm bells go off.
And I don't know what's going on.
I mean, Tom says Bush is going to be indicted, has been indicted.
Now they say this.
And it's just too much weird stuff coming out of the same place.
And I...
I just have to say it.
I like Tom.
I just don't buy it.
But I'll comment on it.
That's coming up, too.
Your call's first, though, when we get back.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now at the least state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
I think?
I think so.
We're good to go.
You know, I always say that I've got six employees and I'm number seven.
But we actually have Dwayne Cooch, who is on the payroll, does a fabulous job.
Gets up at 3 a.m.
if one of the websites crashes to fix it.
But he is just right over the border in Louisiana, right where the hurricane's hitting.
He's right on the border with good old Texas.
And he's had to evacuate again.
So we're going to work on... I don't know why I didn't think of this.
I thought of this last night and then forgot about it because I was so busy and ready for Coast to Coast AM.
I think George Dorey said he'll let me back on tonight with an update on Katrina.
I don't know if that's confirmed yet.
He did say that would happen, but that was in the heat of the moment on the air.
But I'm going to try to get Dwayne Coots on from his hotel room, wherever he's at.
I just know my wife just called during the break and...
Told me, I didn't ask where he was at, I should have, that she went to a couple gas stations and the gas is selling out in Austin.
In Austin, folks, gas is selling out.
Not good news.
Oh, boy.
And at the same time that Dwayne had to evacuate.
What else did she tell me?
She told me something else important.
As you know, several of the levees have got water coming over them.
They're not breaking, water's coming over them, because Pontchartrain's got that wind blowing it.
Up against them.
And I'll recap all that.
Let's... Well, just briefly, if you want to get the biggest discounts out there anywhere, on Big Berkey Made in America water filters, and they've got some of the units in stock.
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The point is, give them a call now.
There could be another hurricane coming.
There's a couple weird storms turning into tropical depressions out there.
This is totally bizarre.
But, again, that's not the reason to get prepared, folks.
Get prepared because of the poison that's already in your water supply.
Give them a call.
Tell them Alex Jones sent you or you don't get the full discounts.
Many imitators, folks, but nobody really doing it.
I mean, we give you the best deals.
Or go to InfoWars.com and link over to BerkeyWater.com.
And take advantage of that.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Micah in South Carolina.
They're no stranger to hurricanes.
Go ahead, Micah.
Absolutely not.
My memory goes back all the way to Hurricane David.
I believe it was in 79.
I got one heavy butt cut for swimming in a boat that was completely flooded in our yard, so I've never forgotten that.
But Mr. Jones, I'd like to say hello, and thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
What I would like to bring attention to is the possible ramification of what I believe now is
Yeah, it sunk out there.
Didn't a plane accidentally drop it?
No, it wasn't accidental.
It was actually a decision that had to be made, and I don't believe there was no conspiracy surrounding it, that they had to ditch it because they had to make a no-landing gear landing.
No, I know, but that itself was an accident.
That's why it's accidental.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But now, I wasn't aware of it until probably the mid-'90s.
Yeah, stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Yeah, I was familiar with that bomber and had to drop it.
I'll let you finish up there.
And then we'll come back and go to BL.
Hadn't heard from BL in a while.
That's the same BL in Texas.
You stay there, BL, or I'll be angry with you.
And then Kelly and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back.
Check it out.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Bracing for Hurricane Rita on the heels of Hurricane Katrina, it is Friday, the 23rd day...
Of September 2005, and they're talking about 2 a.m.
One of the stronger winds near the core of the hurricane will start plowing into the Texas-Louisiana border area.
Looks like that area around Beaumont is going to get the strongest hit.
Then, of course, Port Arthur to the west, southwest, and then, of course, Houston.
Big H-Town, right around 6 million people.
I said 5 million yesterday.
In the last few years, it's actually gone up to 6 million.
Right at 6 million, 5,900,000 they reported.
Very, very serious.
A lot of people just stopped trying to evacuate this morning.
They said, stop trying to evacuate.
I had friends and family that had already made that decision.
Stuck in traffic for 15 hours and had just gone 30, 40 miles.
And we're going to try to move through your calls quicker now because I want to get into a host of other news items and a Katrina recap.
All the info for you coming up here in a few.
Right here on the GCN Radio Network and all of our wonderful affiliates from Chicago to Los Angeles, from Kansas City to Austin, Texas to, of course, places like Pensacola, Florida and Niagara Falls, New York.
Let's go ahead, and I can't forget all our great affiliates in Ohio as well.
Let's go ahead, or Tennessee, WBCR.
There's so many, I can't ever thank you all.
Let's go ahead and go back to Micah in South Carolina talking about weather modification that's now been discussed in USA Today in a serious fashion, and AP.
Go ahead, sir.
Okay, what I was mentioning in the nuclear device, as in accordance with weather modifications... Now, some stations just joined us.
Why don't you start over?
Okay, what I had made mention of is you had brought to my attention, as a South Carolinian, I listened to you on a shortwave radio broadcast, and you informed me that they were doing military exercises in Charleston Harbor, not even 90 miles to my south, and that they were doing it in a mock drill of a possible nuclear detonation in the harbor.
And General Burns was subsequently removed from his duties in charge of that task force.
I'm correct in that, right?
Yeah, and I said, I don't know if it was good info or not, but from good military sources, we were told that there was a possibility that was going to go live.
You know, I was extremely prepared for that moment.
And let me tell you, I prepared some of my friends, and fortunately they listened.
But anyways, what I was going to say concerning that,
I find it awfully suspicious that they do something like that within 200 nautical miles estimated of an actual nuclear device that's been sitting under the ocean since the 50s.
Yeah, that's right.
There was a fighter bomber in trouble.
It didn't have landing gear, so they dropped a pretty big hydrogen booboo, a hydrogen bomb right there, and it's out there leaking in the ocean right now.
I know, and now see, personally, what I feel could occur with this is we need to avert a catastrophe before our enemies, whomever they may be, be they our government or other entities, use a possible modified Category 5 or 6, as we're discovering is possible now, as a firing pin or an excuse for a possible nuclear detonation.
I'm sorry, common sense tells you that wouldn't possibly cause a tidal wave that far offshore.
Well, we got Rick Perry... A radioactive wave that would engulf the entire southeast coast in days.
Right now, Rick Perry's prancing around like a little pixie, telling everybody that we are on the verge of being attacked, that this is probably when the terrorists will attack, and then posing as if he's real commander-ish and
He's just something else.
Pillow biter.
So, what do you think of that?
Well, I personally don't pay attention to any of those people in the local media any longer.
I've lost a lot of faith in them, especially with the weather forecasters concerning my local area.
Well, these hurricanes are acting like they've never acted before.
They're behaving bizarrely, and you add it all together, it's very suspicious.
So suspicious, the Associated Press and USA Today did reports on it this week.
Alright, we're going to be right back, right back, with more of your calls and more news as we prepare for Impact with Rita.
Right now, a Category 3 or 4.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Things don't look good in far southeast Texas and as far east as New Orleans.
In fact, three levees have been breached, and there's also water going over other levees out of Lake Pontchartrain right now.
In a minute, we're going to have a report from Alan Stone and USA Radio Network News.
Usually it's so laced with propaganda that I don't carry USA Radio Network News or ABC News or any of it here on my broadcast, but when it comes to reporting on hurricanes and things...
They certainly are doing a good job.
So, in just a moment, we'll give you the latest information on that.
And we'll continue to give you the info as bulletins come in.
But this storm, the really powerful winds of 130 to 140 miles an hour are scheduled.
It can weaken or strengthen before it makes landfall, one of the core central areas, at around 2.30 in the morning tonight, or what will technically be early Saturday morning.
Let's go ahead and go to Alan Stone with USA Radio Network News.
USA Radio Network News, Alan Stone reporting.
There have been at least three major levee breaks in New Orleans within the last hour as Hurricane Rita brings rain to a city already ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.
Numerous cars can be seen overturned and filled with water.
Mark Sloan of FIBA Urban Research and Rescue says they have pulled out of the knife ward due to the new levee breach.
Within the last 60 minutes or so, we pulled all of our resources, all of our assets out.
To higher ground, and we're going to reevaluate this as it goes through.
Water steadily rising along the Industrial Canal in New Orleans, amongst other places.
A bus carrying elderly Rita evacuees exploded this morning just south of Dallas, killing 24 people inside, injuring many others.
Officials say a mechanical problem on the bus caused the fire.
The Eye of Rita, located just under 300 miles to the southeast of the Sabine Pass at the Texas-Louisiana border, moving northwest at about 10 miles an hour.
On this track, the eye will make landfall along the coast, just to the east of Galveston, and in the vicinity of the Port Arthur-Beaumont, Texas area, as well as the Lake Charles region, early...
Saturday morning, Houston officials trying to get help to hundreds of stranded motorists trying to evacuate in advance of Hurricane Rita.
Mayor Bill White says those who are stranded on the side of the road are going to be rescued.
On Wall Street, the Dow is down seven points while the Nasdaq is even.
This is USA Radio Network News.
All right.
Thank you, Alan Stone.
So, I mean...
They were saying just two hours ago that it was going to go even a little bit more east of Port Arthur and mainly hit Beaumont.
Now it's gone back, I guess, a little.
I'm looking at the track right now, right into the huge ship channel.
Folks, that's where all the refineries are.
That's where the chemical plants are.
That's where the shipping containers are.
That's where the oil tankers are.
This is the worst place in the country something like this could hit.
This is the worst area.
You ought to see it down there.
Factories of every type, not just chemical production, fertilizer production, and oil production.
No, it's just factories, huge ships, our few exports go out of there, raw materials coming in.
This is just horrible.
And we're already running out of gas at some gas stations in Austin, which we were already low on fuel because of Katrina's aftermath.
This is not good, ladies and gentlemen.
And with criminals like FEMA running around, I mean, you heard Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, pretty mainstream.
FEMA wants our guns, and they may try to pull gun confiscations in Texas.
And where are these millions of people that are in Houston going to go if it floods out?
It's very serious.
I guess the government will save us.
We should pray to God, folks.
Let's go ahead and...
Talk to BL in Texas.
BL, go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Listen, I wanted to call in with a safety advisory.
My dad was a meteorologist.
If he could see these weird storms we've been getting, he'd be beside himself.
But the mineral salts, the chemical solutions, and the metallic particles that are used to...
Modify weather are toxic, so that makes the rainwater toxic.
If people are desperate for water and they don't have a Berkey, like I do, they shouldn't drink rainwater.
Well, that's right.
And by the way, they've tested the rain before when this stuff happens, and it does have the weather modification chemicals in it.
But that is a previous generation weapon, which does work quite nicely.
We're looking at antenna ionizing devices.
But it does look like there could be some spraying used as an ingredient with that if this is weather modification.
But the meteorologists are saying they've never seen this before.
They're trying to claim it's global warming, folks, when we actually see trends for global cooling in most of the buoys.
When they said that global warming was a problem, I went out and bought a goose down parka.
You don't trust your government?
Not me.
What we need now is Clinton's global initiative for a global tax.
That will fix all these problems.
Let's just give trillions to the UN.
That will fix it.
Here in Athens, last night, we ran out of regular and mid-grade gasoline.
All three highways that come through here were bumper-to-bumper yesterday evening, and every motel...
Every parking lot and every driveway is full of displaced persons.
I'm not going to call them refugees.
And trying to get... I mean, literally, folks, it takes me 15 minutes to get from the office home.
An hour and a half, two days ago, and it's only getting worse.
Last night on US 69, people without permission were driving on both sides of the highway going north.
Yeah, they said on the news last night, nationally they said the governor decided, but locally the truth was told, nobody gave the order, the people just got sick of it.
By the way, that should have been done two days ago.
They should have closed one direction, but left one lane open for emergency vehicles, and used the other two or three lanes to do that.
But again, the government are a bunch of idiots.
They are a bunch of drooling morons, as they always are.
Alex, when that oil storm propaganda film was shown on FX, which I copied and sent to you, by the way.
It must be in the box.
Cue that up, guys.
Why don't you tell us, it has Mayor Ray Nagin with the exact same thing happening that did happen.
It's a total propaganda piece.
As soon as I saw that, I told everybody that would listen that they were going to steer a hurricane, an enhanced hurricane, preferably, right up into that.
BL, I heard you call into another show and say that.
A refinery area is a big target, and they're... Well, let's remind people, the Gulf Coast is about 1,000 miles long or longer, and these things are hitting exactly in little 50-mile areas where they will devastate refineries.
It's pretty obvious with the erratic storm tracks, the doubling back, and those... Well, what about that last one two weeks ago where it just kept going in circles?
Never before has that happened.
Yeah, they're talking about two eyes from this one.
Yeah, I saw that.
That's pretty bizarre.
We've never seen anything like it.
We went through Camille and all the big earthquakes back in the 50s and 60s and 70s.
No one's ever seen anything like this.
No, we haven't.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, not only is B.L.
saying that his dad was a meteorologist, I mean, it's the meteorologist.
This is unbelievable.
By the way, on places like Jupiter and Saturn, they have thousand-mile-an-hour winds.
Hope we don't get something like that that scrapes everything down the bedrock.
A lot of weird stuff going on, folks, but don't worry.
We used to joke years ago to get their world tax that the globalists would use weather modification to flood some coastal cities to scare people, and now that's happening.
Let's go ahead now and play that oil storm clip.
Here it is.
It has already begun.
Two ships collided.
Hundreds are feared dead with emergency services unable to call.
A chain of events.
A million barrels of oil gone.
That will spark fear.
A killer blow to the economy.
Create panic and result in a catastrophe that will change our lives forever.
Americans didn't realize how fragile their existence was.
An FX original event.
Sunday, June 5th.
America's lifeline has been severed.
You know, you'd never think you'd see people on the TV saying Marshall lost good, but I'm sitting there at my parents' house last night, about 8 o'clock, and they're barbecuing, and I'm sitting there eating, and they're out there basting in the 100 degree heat.
I'm inside watching TV.
And I'm putting to the channels.
Put to the channel.
Marshall Law's good.
What are we to make these people do what they're told?
Put to Sean Hannity.
Marshall Law's good.
This is on TV.
We need to make these people leave.
How do we make them?
And then the mayor goes, well, actually, we're telling them to stay now.
They can't get out.
Oh, oh.
You know, just let's make somebody do something.
Let's kick some people around.
So I flip to the next channel.
Same script, same stuff.
I'd like to see that cockroach, that liberal Hannity...
You know, try to get out of New York City if something like this was happening.
He'd just jump on a helicopter.
They'd fly that bucket of pus out of there.
All right, let's go ahead.
And if you like him and think he's conservative, shame on you.
He's a Judas goat.
Every child needs a microchip, Sean Hannity.
Let's go ahead and...
Let's go ahead and talk to Kelly in Ohio.
Kelly, thanks for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm a first-time caller, and I got all your videos, except for the last one.
Well, welcome aboard.
Well, the last one's my best.
And it's a pleasure to talk to you, and I got the TV thing going on.
I was just wondering, I remember the night PBS had a special on that the thing was happening in the pyramids in Egypt.
In a big, giant box at my office, I have that tape.
If you could put that on, it'd be really... I think... If you think it's worth it, I think it's... This is like a personal thing, but... And maybe a commentary on it, or... You know, I know you're limited... I mean, it's just George Bush, and they're... George Bush Sr., and they go, Come forward, Lucifer.
And they got the... The black music going on, the dark side music going on, and all that.
Yeah, I just... Oh, you... Don't go out of your way... Let me ask you a question.
Did you see that yourself?
No, I was at work, working overtime that night, with the Y2K thing, and...
Doing my bills.
Anything else you want to add, Kelly?
I'll let you finish up.
I'll let you finish up.
We'll let everybody else.
Stay with us.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
I continue to hear stories about property seizures, frozen bank accounts, confiscation of stocks and bonds.
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Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue Rule in 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act in Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
For this reason, Midas Resources has prepared a report explaining the boundaries of trading precious metals privately.
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I think?
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Back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Thank you again.
We're joining us.
Look, I'm going to talk to Kelly and Rick and Jeff and Don, and that's it, because I've got some other news I want to get into from around the country and the world, and a little bit of a recap on Lita, and the levees are broken or flooding again in at least three areas there in New Orleans right now, and it's not looking pretty for this economy right now.
Don't worry, the Federal Reserve will print some more money up, and they'll give a bunch of no-bid contracts to Halliburton, so we work for Halliburton, everything's going to be peachy king.
Your kids won't have any future, but that's okay.
Let's go ahead and let Kelly finish up.
Go ahead, Kelly.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I waited.
I'm a firefighter, and we had a rookie come on.
He knows people from Wright-Patterson Airport based in Dayton, and he knows people from Springfield.
I've trained at both those places.
You've got to do the FAA thing, do your firefighting thing once a year of training.
And he said that he was telling me that
There was a jet fighter on 9-11 that took up from the guard.
There's a guard unit out there in Springfield, Ohio that landed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base because it had problems.
But when it came in, he knows people there too that work on the fire department there, that it was missing one air-to-air missile.
And there was an escort, which was very unusual, that they took the pilot.
Somebody came out and got that pilot and drove him right off, and it was very unusual.
They never saw that before.
Well, that's... But I just thought I'd make that statement, and I believe this to be the truth.
Kelly, is there any way, and I'm very confidential, that off air I get your full info and perhaps somehow contact that individual?
That is big news.
Well, that's the truth.
I mean, I know the state police...
Saw them blow the plane up, but still, that's another piece of the puzzle.
Can I contact you and track that down, Kelly?
Yes, you can.
I'll look this up.
I'll ask you again.
No, no, listen.
I want to get your number and then I want you to talk to him.
I want to give you my number.
I want to talk to him off record.
Don't even need to use his name and stuff.
I just got to confirm that he was in firefighter training there at the base when that happened.
This will be a big story.
He'll have total anonymity.
We do this all the time.
This is what we do while we have sources.
Put Kelly on hold there, John, and get his information.
And then give him my secret email and give him my home phone number.
My home office number.
But get me Kelly's number.
Let's go to Rick and Reno.
I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Now I'm stuck in Folsom Prison.
I'm sorry, that's a Johnny Cash song and I'm killing it.
Hey, Rick, what's on your mind?
Alex, I don't buy it.
The supposed crawling traffic, I suspect that there's FEMA roadblocks at the end of that rainbow.
That they're not letting people get through to Austin and or Dallas.
Well, we caught them cutting communications lines and sabotaging and blocking food for five days, but I think it'd be on the news if they had roadblocks up.
Well, let me ask you this.
Now, besides...
Colorado, where do they have incinerators installed around this country?
Well, that was in the Rocky Mountain News right after 9-11.
They said, don't worry, there's a bio-attack.
We have secret incinerators to burn thousands of you.
And that was your governor.
That was in the Rocky Mountain News.
And they have a program where the feds pay to have any veterinarian clinic put in a big incinerator that can burn bodies.
And they've got them all over the country, and that is a plan.
Well, I tell you what, Alex, if the fellows that belong to Jack McClam's organization are listening, I hope they're thinking ahead a few moves and are thinking about water supplies in Dallas and Austin, thinking about the potential for mass murder by starving people of water.
They proved with Terry Shalva that it only takes 13 days.
Well, if you're moving around, you'll die in four or five.
If you lay still, you can live 12, 15 days.
You've got millions of people out there on these highways, and I think that they are deliberately being held from getting to the destination.
You've got a six-million-person city, and half of them try to leave.
I don't know, man.
I mean, you're going to... I don't buy for a minute the incompetence theory.
No, this is designed, man.
This whole fucking thing, sorry, this is designed.
All right, well, thank you for the call, and you're banned for six months from the show.
All right, let's go ahead and talk.
We're going to go to break, and then we'll come back after break, and we will talk to some of the other callers.
So stay with us.
And I will take a few more calls, and I'll recap.
And then we'll end this transmission.
I've got some other stuff I want to cover.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com, Infowars.net, all excellent sites.
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Earth-shattering stuff up there right now.
Check them out.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of course, we've got about 27 minutes left.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
A lot of live broadcasts coming up this weekend right here on the GCN Radio Network.
And I'm becoming a regular contributor, very thankful, because it's the second biggest radio show in the country, to Coast to Coast AM.
And I was on there last night, and George said he wanted me on tonight.
With my take on Katrina and the disaster relief and what's really behind FEMA's activities.
I haven't confirmed that with him yet.
He just out of the blue said he wants me back on tonight.
So look for an update tonight on coasttocoastam.com as well.
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I mean, there really are bad things happening, and the government is out of control, and George Bush is not a conservative.
If George Bush is a conservative, then I'm a purple warthog with a green tail.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in Mass.
Jeff, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Do you think that this is weather modification, particularly from scale-at-wave technology?
And I'll tell you what, scalar wave technology should really be examined because, look, our oil refinery capacity is going to go right in the toilet.
New Orleans is a big trading spot.
And the UN has documentation governing weather warfare.
So the concept of weather warfare does exist.
Well, I agree with you.
I went over that.
I spent 30 minutes on that in the last hour.
All I can do is agree with you.
All I can say is this, Jeff.
My guts tell me something's going on here.
My guts tell me that with all the evidence of these things coming out of nowhere, not acting normal, acting totally off the charts bizarre, almost becoming a Category 6, out of a thousand miles of coastline from the tip of Florida to Mexico, these things, more than a thousand miles if you count Mexico where they normally go, I mean, they're just with precision hitting the exact refining and shipping areas, the mouth of the Mississippi,
I mean, we've got serious problems here.
You know, blues down in the Gulf.
And we've got problems now.
It's steering right for Port Arthur and that major ship channel and refinery sector.
Twenty-plus percent of our oil refining capacity about to be seriously damaged.
I hope it doesn't.
We're already running out of fuel in Austin, Texas, getting reports of it all over the state.
I mean, this is serious, my friend.
And I really don't know what I can say to you at this point, but I agree with you.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, I cannot put my finger on it and say it's the government.
I mean, even if you say it's weather modification, we don't know who's doing it.
We can only look at who has the motives.
But, I mean, we can have Scott Stevens, the weatherman, you know, on, respected, you know, degreed meteorologist.
We can have Secretary of Defense Cohen talking about how it's a real threat back in 97.
We can talk about the current bill by Kay Bailey Hutchinson to have weather control, which they admit they have.
We can talk about the Russians clearing the skies for every parade.
Just this year they did it.
We can talk about just all of this.
I just, you know, what do you do?
I know this.
FEMA cut the communications lines, blocked police, blocked the rescue efforts for five days on purpose.
And they put hard work into it.
It was hard work for FEMA to make sure things fell apart.
And now they're going to get the end deposit commentatus, total martial law out of it.
Again, screwing up, they get more power.
Our government carrying out terror attacks in Iraq to get the Sunnis and the Shiites stirred up killing each other.
It's worse for our troops.
We're going to, quote, lose the war, but they're going to get to build their permanent bases.
It'll be taken over by the UN and NATO and invade Iran and Syria.
By losing, by being there two and a half years, they make $280 billion instead of $50 billion.
See the difference?
By the drug war failing, the cartels controlled by our government make more money, put more people in prison.
See, we're looking at this from the wrong angle.
And a lot of pretty mainstream people agree with me.
I mean, George Norrie last night was agreeing with me.
I mean, Man Cow, who has a morning show on Fox TV, agreed with me.
But I said it on his show last week.
I mean, if you've got your head screwed on even partially straight, folks, there's no way to deny what we're facing.
But I'm not going to go out and just say it's the government.
I can't do that.
I go off what I can prove.
Did elements of our government carry out 9-11?
We can prove it in spades.
Not a jury in the world that wouldn't agree with us.
But do the globalists openly want to use terror attacks and disasters to hurt us into compact cities to then kill us en masse with bio-weapons?
That's their public plan.
Declassify it.
It sounds totally insane, but I can document it.
Is there a plan for the Pentagon to forcibly implant every American with a mind-controlled brain chip?
Pentagon website, Federation of American Scientists, mainstream news.
You know, Tommy Thompson's prancing around saying take a chip at public schools.
The stuff I can prove, Tony Blair's a devil worshiper, his wife's a devil worshiper, George Bush is a devil worshiper.
I mean, Tony Blair openly admits he gets in a pentagram.
Tony Blair openly admits he does Aztec rituals where he flops around naked with demons entering, channeling Lucifer.
I mean, that's mainstream British news, not tabloids.
The Bishop of Canterbury is a Druid leader.
That sounds crazy, but it's true.
The Chinese kill political dissidents and sell their organs, and our women over here buy them to slather their blubber on their faces.
They're fat.
FEMA does train to take your guns and put you in a camp.
I mean, all that's real.
They do say all Christians are terrorists and teach that.
Firefighters and police, I got them on video.
And I got their training managed.
I've made films about it.
But, uh... And we're living in a Twilight Zone episode.
I have no doubt that this is being controlled, and obviously it's by the criminals that control this country and the world.
They got the motives for all of it.
But again, don't quote me on that, because I'm not a man of speculation.
That's not what I do here.
One last call, okay?
Don and Casey, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Don.
Yeah, Alex, I agree with you.
I think that this is more than an act of nature.
What I wanted to comment and make today was that we know the New World Order people are really into symbolism, and there's a couple of things I've been kind of mulling over, wondering if it's an example of their calling cards.
One is
The name Rita has four letters in it and each one is found in the name Katrina.
It kind of reminded me of the demon emerging out of the stomach of the possessed type thing.
The other thing is back in New Orleans there was the breaching of the levees and there were three specific locations they pointed out.
The first was 17th Street, the second was Industrial Street I think, and the third was London Avenue.
When I heard that, my mind went back to the London Underground bombings of July the 7th, where there were three locations that had symbolic meaning, apparently, and where they took place.
So, I even wonder if they had British commandos during the blowing up of the levees, you know?
Well, they just caught them on Monday shooting Iraqis with a truck bomb, and Iraqi police dressed up as Iraqis, and we've caught the Israelis and our own troops doing it, so four separate times we've caught our own government carrying out the bombings and shootings in Iraq.
I mean, it gets pretty obvious.
Yeah, that was an amazing article.
I mean, caught red-handed, folks, and it's a minor footnote.
October 3rd is the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles this year.
I personally don't subscribe to the seven-year tribulation theory, but I could be wrong, and if it does start, it'll probably start in the Feast of Tabernacles season, so Christ's return at that point later on.
So we should probably keep our seatbelts strapped in the coming weeks.
Keep a close eye on what's happening.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
You know, I'm not a theologian, but my personal Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ.
That's who I serve.
That's my Master.
Yahweh, people always argue about the true name of God, but we know who we're talking about.
Yahweh, Yeshua, Jehovah, I Am.
I mean, God, folks, the good guy.
You know who we're talking about.
Opposite of the devil.
The devil's creator, the devil's master.
But, I mean, we've had many tribulations.
People thought Hitler was the Antichrist.
People always think everything's the Antichrist.
People thought Nero was the Antichrist.
They thought Titus was the Antichrist in AD 70 when he sacked Jerusalem.
And it's always a big cop-out not to take action.
Regardless of the end of the world's coming in five years, folks, or ten years, or a hundred years, we have to stand up against evil.
And these corporate paid-off churches tell you, lay down, this is great, lay down to evil.
Let me tell you something.
I know this.
You subscribe to that, folks, you're going to a very warm place.
I mean, there's no room in heaven for cowards, folks.
I assure you of that.
I mean, the beginning of fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
So fear of the devil is the beginning of ignorance.
Okay, now I'm actually preaching and I better shut up.
Oh, I want to cover an issue.
I'm not the big grand poobah of the Bible, though I've sat through quite a bit of Bible study in Sunday school.
But one day, you know, I'm in Austin, Texas, and they pop in my ear.
They're up in Minnesota with the satellite uplinks and the boards and the music and the sales staff and everybody.
And they pop in my ear and tell me, Bobby just hung up.
Billy's there, you know, to update my list.
To remind me so I don't go to the wrong person next.
One day a lady asked me, what's John 3.16?
She's saying, do you know this Bible verse?
They pop in and go, Bill's gone.
And I go, no, no, I didn't hear that.
Repeat that.
I don't know what that is.
And then there's this big thing on the internet.
Alex didn't know what John 3.16 is.
It doesn't matter, folks.
Of course I do.
But the point is that I had people then walking up in parking lots.
Here's the Bible on tape, Alex.
We thought you were a Christian.
Please don't go to hell, Alex.
You know, the Pharisees praying out in public and thumping their chest, Christ said they had a one-way ticket to hell, folks.
Please don't.
So I'm not going to sit up here and say I'm not a sinner and I don't have problems.
I mean, I've got big problems, folks.
And I've got the thorn in my side.
I've got plenty of problems.
But I know that I try to have my heart in the right place, and I know who I love and who I serve.
And God knows that.
And I don't have fear of death.
I don't have fear of the New World Order.
I have fear of God.
And so a lot of you need to get your heads screwed on straight.
Let's continue here with some of this news.
For those that don't know, three of the levees have been breached.
First they were being overflowed by Lake Pontchartrain.
Now they're breaching.
And it just started raining there.
Meanwhile, the hurricane is making a beeline for Port Arthur and it's going to dump most of its water in Louisiana and East Texas and then go right up through the states and it's just going to be horrible.
You can see that right now.
Houston's going to flood and New Orleans is already flooding and...
Will FEMA get away with it this time?
We don't know, but it's very, very serious.
And we need to pray for all the people that are concerned and all the people that are involved.
Of course, we had the Second Amendment Foundation on.
We'll find out what the ruling is, I guess, tonight or over the weekend in a federal court to stop the gun confiscations.
Will FEMA gun confiscate in Texas and Louisiana?
This time, we have a special report on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com that everybody gets and gets out to folks.
We need to educate people about what's happening.
And also, continuing now with some of the other news, you have the horrible explosion because of the oxygen tanks on board that bus full of special needs elderly people that have been living in a nursing home.
Just really tragic.
And also, Hurricane Rita is, again, already dumping more rain.
It's starting to rain harder now in New Orleans, so that's only getting worse.
And KTLA-TV out of Houston is reporting that as Rita nears chaos, it is now starting to spread in some areas.
And at the same time, you notice Big Brother cameras were there to watch all the traffic but not aid anybody.
Saw that on the national news.
A big illustration for everyone.
We have a huge detailed report up on Infowars.com and PrisonBundet.com.
Total dehumanization in China, executed political dissidents, organs and body parts sold to the West, U.S.
government not concerned.
It's a big six-page article that Paul Watson and I put together.
It really details the mobile execution vans, the murder of Christians and political dissidents, and how our media is saying almost nothing about it.
And your wife needs to not buy that Chinese cosmetic.
Good chance it's got a dead baby or a dead woman in it.
I know I'm extreme because I'm against that.
ACLU sues Homeland Security for arresting and spying on vegans who protested ham.
This is part of the raw story.
The ACLU, again, does some good work with one hand, takes it away with the other.
Journalists with laptops treated as terrorists on London Underground.
UK Inquirer, just how everything's treated as terrorism now.
Marine Corps has tried to recruit a 79-year-old woman, Adella Higginbotham.
The U.S.
I think it's a job application she filled out years ago.
Maybe the reason she got an invitation to join the Marine Corps.
I'm sorry.
Louisiana, Texas governors asked for help.
Up to 40,000 troops from a hurricane threat from NORTHCOM.
Total federalization.
Again, a lot of gas stations are running out of gas in Texas right now.
And just a whole blitzkrieg of news coming up after the break.
And I will, for the first time and only time today, briefly give you the toll-free number and web address to get some of my videos.
You want to expose you to the real terror star, which is vital to this resistance movement.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The United Nations and, of course, the head environmental minister that replaced Michael Mason when he resigned are prancing around saying this is global warming except a global tax.
A global tax will do nothing even if global warming was real.
And all the evidence shows that we have climate change but not global warming.
It gets hotter in some areas, colder in others.
Flacco claims 9-1-1 Flight 77 victim Olsen arrested in Europe.
And we've got Tom Flacco's story posted here.
They claim the Solicitor General's wife didn't really die on that flight, and that they've got a source, and there's no real meat and potatoes here.
They just say, our source says she was going over the German-Polish border and trying to cross over.
And that she had the Vatican passport and that she was... Well, it says French and American intelligence agents have arrested Barbara Olson.
It's not that's been reported or a source says.
It's happened, folks.
French and American intelligence agents have arrested Barbara Olson, the wife of a former Bush administration official, a few days ago on the Polish-Austrian border.
Polish-Austrian, excuse me.
According to agents close to and with knowledge of the incident.
The alleged 911 Pentagon crash victim was found to be in possession of millions in fake interbank Italian lira currency, according to the agents.
And then it goes on with no evidence.
I mean, folks, it's just... Number one, Interpol's controlled by the globalists.
If they had found her alive, she'd be dead.
She'd have better fake stuff than this.
She wouldn't have... I mean, this is just ridiculous.
And I mean, I'm nothing against Tom Flacco, but I mean... You know...
I just... You've got to say it's ridiculous.
I mean, that's... I just... Come on!
We're going to look like this is going to be used to slam everybody in the 9-11 truth movement.
I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, but this is just... This is off the charts, folks.
Just as somebody tells you this doesn't mean it's true.
That's all I can say.
Bosra governor ends cooperation with the British...
London Independent says they're carrying out terror attacks to, quote, create ethnic war.
And that's out of London Independent.
Here's another one.
Al Sauter, official, says stage bombings aimed at starting ethnic war.
British SAS caught carrying out terror attacks.
It's like the Israelis have been caught by the Marines doing it and nothing happens to them.
That is a big, big story up on prisonplanet.com.
Why don't all the 9-11 truth movement sites talk about that instead of candy apple fantasies?
I mean, I'm really starting to get mad, folks.
FBI thought Lyndon was too stoned to start a revolution.
That's another London Independent article, and boy were they right.
Stoned on heroin.
Today in D.C., commandos in the streets, Washington Post, they're outside civilian control, it says, all part of the new force structure.
And Wade Madison, who does do good reports, says, don't write off the Inquirer Bush drunk story too easily.
There's a lot of evidence that he is back on wound bottles.
He's a puppet, so it doesn't really matter, folks.
If he wants to drink himself into oblivion, that's his business.
Jewish terrorist jailed in U.S.
bomb plot.
This is out of L.A.
Got 20 years for a plan to bomb mosque.
Scientists implant human DNA into mice.
ABC News, really dangerous and could give rise to super viruses, but they're still doing it.
We'll continue at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com and infowars.net to track Hurricane Katrina and FEMA's activities.
The Aftermath of Katrina, now with Rita on top of that.
So stay with us for continual coverage right here on the GCN Radio Network.
And in closing, I hope you'll go to PrisonPlanet.com and get Martial Law, my new film, the miniseries.
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Back tonight, 9 to midnight, back on Monday.
God bless you all.
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