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Air Date: Sept. 20, 2005
2557 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, you know, I've been reading industry publications for years, and we're going to have cameras, by law, in all of our cars, watching us.
And then our homes, that's the official announcements, cameras, spies in millions of cars to trap toll cheats.
And of course, my friends, it is September 20th, 2005.
September 20th.
That's September 20th, 2005.
And we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We're going to have wide open phone calls.
British SAS have been caught taking shots at Iraqi policemen and attempting to plant bombs.
Now, we've known it's the U.S.
and British government carrying out many of the bombings.
You ask why?
If we fail in Iraq, the military-industrial complex makes more money.
They'd have turned the lights on and got the water on and put a government in in a month, which they could have done.
There wouldn't be any cash.
They said we'll be there for another ten years.
And to do that, our government has to kill American soldiers.
Now, also, they will bomb some of the Muslim groups to get them fighting with the other ones.
From the evidence I've seen, about 80% of it is the Arabs killing each other and killing the tribes.
But the main fire-starting or triggering events, we have massive links on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com on this, and over and over again they catch them with the bombs and shooting people and Israeli soldiers, Israeli private mercs shooting our Marines and killing others, and it'll continue, and you'll worship them.
You'll worship them.
I support the troops, and that means I support our troops killing our troops.
I just support them.
Okay, if your son or daughter is killed by British SAS Special Air Services, okay.
All right.
Maybe put a sticker on your car.
Support them.
I support the SAS killing our troops to keep the war going.
All right.
You've been right all along.
I'll just shut up.
Here's another article.
Cameras spy on millions of cars to trap toll cheats.
That's the London Times, and it's coming here too, so I hope you enjoy it.
Also, Hurricane Rita lashes Florida Keys and is barreling towards good old Tejas, good old Texas.
The Texians are bracing for it.
And it's supposedly going to make landfall Saturday, but they have no idea where this thing's going.
In the past, they were wrong about tracking, and now they seem to be right on target.
It's as if they're steering them, but we hope it doesn't hit New Orleans, because if it does hit New Orleans, that could be muo grande bad.
And so we will be tracking that as it develops, but right now, because it's turned away from some of the vital oil fields that have not been destroyed off the coast of Louisiana...
Mississippi, crude oil has declined as track of tropical storm Rita moves south.
Oh, and look, this is old news.
It's mainstream news that Tony Blair does Aztec rituals, and he also worships and channels the light, and that entity is known by others as Beelzebub, the devil, the goat of Menendez, not a very friendly fellow.
Here is the London Independent, Witchcraft and Nail Clippings, The Weird World of Mrs. Blair.
But then it goes on to say Mr. Blair is wearing his juju bag around his neck to get the hooju going.
Again, the entire leadership of the Western world are blood-drinking Satanists, ladies and gentlemen.
And I know it's hard for you to imagine that, but I assure you it is the case.
Blood-drinking Satanists.
They're on TV saying we all need microchips, folks, okay?
I know what I just said sounds crazy when I say they're going to put cameras in your cars, but you can read about it.
It sounds crazy when I say they're putting cancer viruses in the vaccines, but you can go read about it.
This is really, really happening.
I wish it wasn't.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
There's so much news, you're not going to believe it.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it's mainstream news again.
Even more details for Tony Blair.
In memos, talks about how invigorating it is, the first blooding in Iraq, feeling the power, watching the TV screens, getting the reports of British troops pounding the enemy, the raw pleasure he was deriving from it.
Oh, the spirits really appreciate it.
They reward blood.
And then there's a London Independent article.
And then we have articles where he goes to the old Aztec and Mayan cenotes and does rebirthing rituals where the spirit enters him.
Then they have Druid Shaman in and out of 10 Downing Street doing these different channeling the light.
And he channels the spirit of the light.
The light enters into him.
That illumines him.
Oh, Lucifer.
So Christian and conservative.
And he wears a little...
Little hoo-joo bag around his neck, a little voodoo baglet, and his wife has the circle, stay in the circle, honey, don't let them get you.
I mean, just blatant black magic, just all in the newspaper.
Oh, and the Bishop of Canterbury, he's a druid lord, and he's on TV with a sword out of Canterbury, bringing in the entities, bringing in the four elements, come hither.
And it's just, ah, how wonderful!
A Christian leader!
A druidic lord!
Just out in the open, flaunting it.
Oh, but Bohemian Grove is just fun!
Lord, it doesn't exist.
I'm a liar.
I should never talk about it at the Christian talk show, Jose.
Never mind all the mainstream news reports of the gay porn stars being shipped in by the busload, being offloaded from the pleasure jets as they land at Santa Rosa to be taken 15 miles out to the woods where the Christian leaders gobble them up.
Oh, so Christian.
I mean, it just makes your head spin.
So that's some of the news we have here today.
I say we turn all our guns into the government, and they're going to take good, good care of us.
I say we worship the government and everything will be okay.
Never mind that Senator Biden was up there during the confirmation hearings of Roberts for the Supreme Court going, well, you know, enforced implantable chipping of the public is going to be the big issue.
He will rule on that very soon.
How are you going to rule on it?
They're openly having discussions of your forced implantation.
I mean, I just keep pointing out all these signposts.
Oh, we're getting rid of posse commentatus.
Which is literal martial law.
It'll keep you safe.
It'll be on every street corner.
I was in KLBJ-FM this morning.
I didn't make it yesterday.
I just screwed up and didn't have it in my book, so I missed it.
But I went into the number one morning talk show around here.
And I went in there today.
They were gracious enough to have me on today.
And, you know, a couple years ago I'd go on that show and they'd laugh at me.
But now they dutifully type in everything I claim into Google and find the mainstream news articles.
And then they just couldn't believe it.
They're like, why don't we hear about this?
Well, because if it's something the globalists want you to hear, that mainstream news article isn't just in a newspaper.
It is then on the nightly news and everybody hears about it.
90% of the public only get their news from that if they even watch news.
And I'd go, you know, a lot of the cosmetics we're using have melted down, murdered political dissidents.
They typed it in.
There it was.
I said, mobile execution vans.
They found photos I had never seen of little kids lined up to be murdered with the machine guns to the backs of their heads.
Oh, yeah, just type in, what did Dale Dudley type in?
He typed in China execution.
And they were like almost crying during the breaks.
They're going, no wonder you're freaking out.
And I'd say, Henry Kissinger wants to kill you.
He says we must sterilize or kill half the women.
Type it in.
There's the official government, State Department website official document.
We need to kill the people.
You know, just, gee, they want to kill us.
Here, let's type this in.
I just sat there for an hour and a half, during the breaks as well, just horror after horror.
Again, I wish this wasn't true.
I wish that they didn't drink big goblets of blood.
I wish they didn't... Can you imagine all these old men all over these gay porn stars and slathering?
I mean, it's just like a bunch of snakes and then prancing around talking about they're Christian and all these stupid people going, there's the Lord, how dare you talk that about him.
I mean, just the mass denial.
But see, this evil has to come out in the open.
It's God's plan.
We have to be able to see it.
We have to be able to witness it.
We have to be able to look at it.
The vampire asks permission, folks.
In lore, this is an analogy.
I don't believe in vampires, folks.
The classical type you think of.
There are psychopaths who think they're vampires.
You hear about them getting convicted all the time.
But the vampire has to trick you to be let in.
He has to tell you the truth of what he's going to do to you in some riddle and then convince you to let him in.
It's an analogy of the soul.
And so they're announcing it to you.
We're going to melt you down.
We're going to take your organs.
I hear neocons going, we ought to take these prisoners' organs.
That's one of their talking points.
Genetic engineering's good.
There's no problem with it.
It's all good.
It could kill the entire planet any time, by the way.
You know, just everything.
It's all off the charts now.
It's all off the charts.
The level of craziness.
And again, we get that connection with the New World Order Druids, the Germanic death cult leaders, and then there are the Nazis, and then they've teamed up with a small sect of Zionist Kabbalists who are into black magic.
They learned in Babylon, and even before that in Egypt.
And then they've all merged, and they just love the Aztecs, the king Nazis of the Latin Americans, of the Mesoamericans, obviously, before Latin America.
And, you know, they're there every couple times a year.
They secretly go and go down to the bottom of the pyramid and flop around and have the spirits enter them.
I mean, this is what they do.
This is where they go.
This is what Bush Sr.
I remember the day of Y2K, the rollover, one year from the 21st century.
It wasn't really the 21st century, but, again, the joke's on us.
They had the 21st century rollover, the second millennium start,
The third millennium started, excuse me, at the beginning of the march towards it.
On the wrong year.
It was really 2001, folks.
But again, don't confuse people.
And I turn on PBS and there's giant fire shooting up and giant devils marching on huge big screens.
And I finally found that tape.
A listener actually brought it to me.
I saw it live.
I remember taping it.
It was actually brought to me, thrown in the back of my truck, down a giant pile of tapes.
I just remembered I have that.
I've got to get that on TV.
And there's giant movie screens and fire shooting out of giant pits they dug.
And there are all the world leaders going, Oh, anti-beast, come forward, Lucifer.
Energize us.
Energize us.
There's Bush Sr.
Oh, it's no big deal.
Energizes Lucifer.
And they went through dozens of names of Lucifer in different tongues.
No big deal.
Again, I'm extreme.
I shouldn't report on it.
You know, George Bush Sr.
there with him calling forth Lucifer.
It's really no big deal.
And so the Blairs go into the bottom of Aztec temples and flop around naked, asking spirits to enter them.
So what?
So that happens.
Big deal.
I mean, that's Christian.
So they're in the circle doing black magic.
This is in the mainstream news today.
I mean, if you don't worship Satan, folks, you're not a Christian.
I mean, I've begun to realize, see, I am evil, folks.
I love Jesus Christ, so I must not be a good Christian.
Again, I'm being sarcastic here.
This is how sick it's gotten.
It's like I go out and protest against racism in groups openly, calling for killing all white males above the age of 16, and calling for killing whites and Jews and blacks, and I am attacked as racist.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yes.
And I am against devil worshippers, so I am a devil worshipper.
And I am against gun control, so I'm a liberal.
And I am against open borders, so I'm a liberal.
And I'm against the war, so I'm a liberal.
And I guess in that case, you know, the liberals are right, so I guess they could call me a liberal.
But these labels mean nothing.
And again, I have all this news to cover, and I'm already ranting because it's driving me totally bonkers.
I mean, here's the article today.
Spies in millions of cars to trap toll sheets.
And by law in England, you'll have your little camera fitted.
And if you want to use the toll systems, and all the major roads are going to be tolls.
It's already started.
They almost passed the law here in Texas with a transponder.
Which is the same thing as a camera.
They track you with the outside cameras with those.
But this one, they were going to charge you $1.34 a mile on the busiest routes.
$1.34 is just at $2.00.
That's about exactly $2 a mile, and you're going to have a camera in your car that makes sure that you pay the toll watching you and another one watching other cars.
And that's the plan they're going to try to have here.
And I predict if you don't go to the Capitol and you don't get involved here in Texas, we're going to have this within two years, and we're going to have a transponder in all your inspection stickers, and they'll start charging you within two years as well.
We just barely beat that this year.
But, of course, you just go ahead and deny it's true, and then they'll put the transponder on your car, and you can pay it.
All righty, then.
For absolutely no reason, they have plenty of money.
And the good news is, it looks like they're saying now Hurricane Rita will not hit Louisiana, they hope.
It's gone going over the Florida Keys, and it's turned into a hurricane about five hours ago.
And it's going like at 90 miles an hour, Category 1.
And it's not going to hit the main areas of oil extraction
And piping into the refineries in the Gulf region, devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
And so that's developing there.
It looks like it's going to smash into Galveston.
But again, they're rarely right about this in the past.
Likely they've been spot on, as if they're staring them.
Oh, they're not doing that, I'm sure.
Texas Civil Rights Review attacks Alex Jones, defends the plan of San Diego, a new development on the nightmare of La Reconquista that I was witness to over the weekend, and the ensuing yellow journalism, so we'll go over this article, and thanks to Steve Watson for defending me with the facts.
And then I wanted to point out the evil Minutemen, that most of the groups are headed up by Hispanics, and they have a nice little thing here on the website about what it's all about to be an American citizen,
500 Hispanics becoming citizens at a swearing-in.
I guess swearing-in is the proper term if they're swearing to the Constitution.
And again, the Basra Bazaar SAS commandos arrested and sprung.
It's like the Israelis have been caught shooting Marines and released.
Well, it's the same thing here with the good old Special Air Services, Her Majesty's Terrorist Network.
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That's what, uh... That's what Darryl Rockefeller thinks.
He thinks their evil's gonna take over.
They're not, ladies and gentlemen.
He thinks they're gonna win.
Welcome back.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Immediately upon entering that segment... I've really got to stop ranting in that first segment.
That second segment.
It's just so much.
It's so crazy.
It's so overt now.
How could anybody deny the craziness of what's happening?
By the way, Paul Watson will join us to talk about the Blairs and their satanic activities.
Coming up in the next hour also, it's even more important, the British SAS.
Clearly, this is just one more example of this caught carrying out
Being involved in attacks, shooting at police, bombing things, over in Iraq.
And people ask, why is this happening?
Again, do the military contractors, do the companies, do the banks, make more money if we're there a year and the place gets fixed up and we leave?
Or do they make more money if everything falls apart and we've got to pump more troops in and stay there forever?
I'm going to ask you a question.
Do the companies... I'm talking to the neocons.
I know our listeners know the answer to this.
I'm not being an arrogant person.
I'm not trying to be condescending or a prima donna.
I mean, there are really people who do not get this.
I'm asking neocons driving along right now.
Do the corporations, who you admit are there to make money, right?
Or do they make their money from the government?
These defense contractors.
Do they make more money if we're there a year or if we're there ten years?
Now, I'm going to ask you that question again.
Do they make more money if they're there a year or if they're there ten years?
Or as Dick Cheney says, a lifetime.
Well, the answer clearly is they make more money in Vietnam by not winning in six weeks as they could easily and being there ten years.
They make more money being in Iraq for the last 14 years
Then they make being there for just a few weeks.
That's why they didn't go take Saddam out.
By the way, and again, the whole thing's a fraud.
They told him, yeah, go ahead and invade Kuwait.
Yeah, we don't get involved in inter-Arab affairs.
We have a defense treaty with you, not with Kuwait.
You know that you're our ally in the Iran-Iraq war.
Ambassador April Gillespie was saying that stuff on camera.
Can you imagine what she was saying six days before the invasion of Kuwait behind closed doors?
Oh yeah, you're our buddy.
Oh, we trained you as a young 18-year-old as a CIA assassin.
You bet, Buster.
You go get him again, buddy.
They're all laughing and smiling and shaking hands.
And he does what he thought he was ordered to do.
Horrible creature.
But, I mean, who's bad?
The street thug or the capo that controls him?
Or the Don that controls that capo that controls that street thug?
I mean, you say, well, Saddam's a threat, he's got WMDers, and he was going to invade, and he attacked innocent Kuwait, and he nerve-gassed them Iraniers.
But at the same time, you don't even have it in the context of history.
And then I can corner a neocon, and they go, well, yeah, that's true.
Actually, I did read that.
Yeah, that's admitted.
Well, that's true, too.
Just, Alex, I just support Bush.
I support the troops.
What is it you don't understand about that?
Well, how is keeping them there 10 years?
And by the way, our troops have been there in the region, fighting, bombing, committing genocide against the Iraqis now for 14 years.
14 plus.
It was actually 13 on the eve of Gulf War II.
So now it's been two and a quarter.
13, 14, oh, 15 plus.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
But, you know, our troops have been there two and a quarter years on the ground, big time.
And they're dead and dying.
It's getting worse every day.
The profits are just exploding.
And you just can't figure that out.
Well, I don't mind if defense contractors make a little money.
Hell, I work for a defense contractor.
What I'm saying is, though, they won't let, quote, us win because they make more money if we lose.
Now, can you compute that?
Can you compute how unpatriotic that is from your position of we're over there giving them freedom?
Do you understand that?
What, an average of six U.S.
troops dying a day every day?
That's not patriotic.
Do you compute that?
Come on.
Come on.
You're not stupid.
You're willfully in denial.
You're willfully in denial.
If FEMA screws up, they get more funds.
If they do a good job, they don't.
If the schools dumb you down, they get more funds.
Their own handbooks say dumb them down.
See, you've got to get your head around that, then everything will make sense.
Don't believe me?
Just go read the government's own admissions.
Again, they don't think you're going to read scholarly, mint tank documents.
Well, you are starting to read them, thank God.
And people are starting to wake up.
I mean, this is not my opinion.
You understand this is not my opinion?
Dick Cheney has said this in stuff he published.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for News Watch Magazine.
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Well, the Israelis, and also their own little defense contractor companies, have been caught, what is it, five separate times, one case arrested by Marines, shooting at Marines dressed as Arabs.
And it's private Israeli contractors, and they pull up, and they pull their outfits off, and it's Israeli Billy Bad Bucks.
Well, now they've caught British SAS, who I predicted, I remember about six months ago, was probably behind a lot of the BOSR stuff.
Same thing.
That's their sector, and that's their specialty.
The Brits, I mean, they've been doing this for a long time.
It's one of their favorites.
They just love it.
The Brits are very slick.
The MI6 is very evil, folks.
People think Mossad is the slickest, or the most evil, or the CIA is.
I'm just sorry.
I mean, they wrote the book on it, folks.
OSS was founded, and our model is founded of a merger of MI6, MI5, and Gestapo.
And then that merger after World War II of that model... I mean, I've had former KGB bosses on, and they'll admit that, No, the most deadly is MI6.
I agree with you.
Because, I mean, it's just the facts.
All right, um...
And that's what, I mean, these guys, I don't know how they live with themselves.
I mean, just killing our troops, killing British troops, taking pot shots at Marines, and it's just, they're scum.
But see, in their weird system, I mean, you know, I said I'd go right to your calls.
Paul Watson's coming on to talk about that, and then we're going to get into the headline, The Boyers Involved in Witchcraft.
And no, it's on an editorial.
It's the highly respected London Independent.
Because it's public, and
Blair talked about being bloodied.
Oh, the blood.
Oh, being bloodied.
Oh, the blood.
I love the Aztec rituals.
Oh, Lucifer.
Oh, Lucifer.
Oh, Lucifer.
I feel the power, your power seething in my hands.
Albert Pike, come to me.
But then, the Masons tell you Albert Pike was nice.
He was nice.
Is there any surprise the Aztecs, the neo-Aztec fascists, and the Nazis are teamed up?
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in New Mexico.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hi there, Alex.
I'm on a cell phone.
That's okay.
You're doing great.
I'm from Austin, but I just happened to be on the road.
I was at a restaurant last night, and they had...
One of those two football games on, and old man Bush was in the booth and talking about how they're spending the money, you know, how they're going to audit, and, you know, everything's perfect.
Oh, that is Bill Clinton and Bush Sr.
Totally trustworthy.
Well, yeah.
How many ventures have they been in?
You know, this is at least two.
Well, I mean, so they're the most famous SNL thieves.
The entire family are fraud specialists.
So what?
I mean, we can trust them with $200,000.
Oh, yeah.
But here's the thing.
Right at the very end, for some unknown reason, he added his thousand points of light comment.
And I'm like, in this restaurant, looking at everybody, and maybe they hear it, maybe they don't, but they're not aware of anything about what that is.
And Aleister Crowley talked about it.
Adolf Hitler talked about it.
It is the deepest, darkest, most satanic thing you can basically say.
And, yeah, he'll just add thousand points of lights at the end, but it's for the children, sir.
Look, the devil is a counterfeit of Christ, okay?
So we are told to openly praise our God to bring forth the power and to be empowered.
They have to do that, too.
This is on purpose.
They have to admit they're Satanists and do it in plain view to get the full power.
Absolutely, yeah.
So somebody tell me what else.
He was telling us how he was going to take good care of all the cash for us.
Oh, sure, they're going to have audits, and then soon here on the website you'll be able to see where your money's gone and all that stuff.
I guess they'll just manufacture some story and put that on the website.
Well, maybe they'll hire Arthur Anderson.
Like Secretary of the Army White, when he was before that running Enron, he was up there leading the California legislators through going, look at our computer system.
See it trading in live time?
There was no trading.
They just made up the numbers and people bet money on it and lost their fortunes and gained fortunes every day.
It was all fake.
It was all staged.
Just fake computer screens.
But look, let's just trust them, okay?
Why don't you trust your government, sir?
Some of them, but you know... Look, just drink some blood, okay?
Why don't you start drinking blood?
Then you could be on the 700 Club.
But, you know, I was wondering if anybody had a recording of it.
What game was this?
What game was he nesting?
He was in the New Orleans Saints-Giants game on ABC, I believe, at the moment.
And he was in the booth about halftime.
Well, how gracious of him.
Yeah, it was pretty nice, yeah.
They care so much.
They're going to be down there taking care of all that money for us.
Yeah, right.
By the way, I'm going to be in town there in a few days.
When is your showing of the movie?
You know, I really haven't been plugging this.
We've re-edited Marshall.
Not Marshall Law.
I played that last time at the six sellouts at the Alamo Draft House.
They wanted to have more, and I just stopped because I'm too busy.
And they're great folks.
And so they said, well, please have some more, Alex.
So we're going to have two more.
And really, I think that's it.
I'm too busy making films and fighting the globalists right now to do many more of these.
But I've never shown Dark Secrets and Cy Bohemian Grove on the big screen.
We have remastered it, added more, cut some of the boring stuff out.
We've added 25 minutes of all the latest developments in the occult.
We're still adding right now.
We're working on this right now.
And then that will be burned to a new DVD we're going to be offering by Christmas.
It's going to go to DVD mastering right after we show it at the Alamo Draft House downtown on the 9th.
And so you'll be able to see it there first.
It's going to be shown there.
Then it will go up to prisonplanet.tv members.
And then we're going to have the DVD out about three weeks later, the new release of Dark Secrets.
By the way, if you want the old version, you're not going to be able to get it anymore in a few months.
So if people want the two-hour version of it,
We've cut it down to an hour and 45 minutes, the old version, and we're adding 25 minutes.
If you want that collector's edition, you need to go ahead and order it, folks.
It's only on VHS right now.
It's going to only be on DVD coming out starting here in just about a month and a half or so.
But that's going to be Alamo Draft House downtown on Sunday, the 9th of October at 7 p.m.
And the next night, Monday, the 10th at 7 o'clock, Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
And the tickets have always sold out about a week or sometimes two weeks beforehand.
I haven't really plugged it.
I suggest folks go to Infowars.com and buy tickets for either showing now or you can drop by and buy them at the door now before they sell out.
Anything else, Mark?
Oh, I work over by Houston.
It would be nice if you'd come to a movie over there.
I could bring a busload of folks.
You know, I want to do that.
But what happens is I just... Listen, thanks for the call.
Let me explain this.
And I don't whine.
I don't say this every day now because I want you to know how much I work.
I say this so you know why I sound threadbare occasionally.
I sound frazzled occasionally.
Or frayed, or frantic.
I got up at 6 o'clock this morning, took a shower, got the children ready for their daily activities and my son for school, and did some research on the web, ate some breakfast, drove to KLBJ, did a couple hours there, drove back, did a little more research for the show, drive to the radio show.
When I leave here, I'm going to go swim for 30 minutes so I'm not a disgusting fat body.
Which I am.
Because for five years I just sat around working.
And I just work better when I exercise.
So I'm going to take an hour out, 30 minutes out to do that.
Then I'm going to...
Go research.
Then I'm going to spend time with the family for an hour.
Then I'm going to go do a TV show.
Then I'm going to go leave and work on part two, because part one is almost done for TV tonight.
Then the website of the Lurican Houston Nightmare and the plan of San Diego to kill all whites, males by the age of 16.
I've got to expose this.
Then I've got to do that.
Then I'm going to go back tonight and start trying to work and continue on the Bohemian Grove expansion that I'm doing.
We're going to be showing and then putting out on DVD.
Then as soon as that's done...
In the next few weeks, I've got to start trying to finish up the British trip I did.
We're going to call it Lords of War.
I was going to call it Lords of War, but now there's a Nicolas Cage movie called that.
How do I come up with the same name as Bruckheimer?
I've been having this name in my head for a year.
I didn't hear that inadvertently.
It's weird.
I'm going to call it something else, but the point is this video is coming out.
I've got to finish that one.
It trotted it out a few weeks before Christmas.
I want two new videos out.
Expanded Bohemian Grove and this one.
Because I know the time is short.
The New World Order knows the time is short.
The LZBub knows the time is short.
And our time is short to warn people, folks.
I'm just re-tripling, re-doubling everything right now.
And so sometimes if I sound like a complete maniac, it's because I'm mocked in, hair on fire, just in the battle seat.
You know, going as fast as I can, in the cockpit, folks, just blasting every enemy outpost I can, smashing them in the Info War, trying to get you to smash them, trying to cause a general uprising to resist the New World Order and reinstate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
I mean, we have frothing, devilish enemies that openly say they want to kill us.
And they're putting the control grid in right now.
And, uh... Alright, I said I'd go to calls, and I'm ranting.
It's just...
Can't you feel it, folks?
We're on the cusp.
We're on the verge.
And I mean in the next few years.
Maybe even sooner.
And just now is the time to fight like we've never fought before.
And to just engage the enemy at point-blank range and not care what people say about us.
I mean, it's for all the marbles.
This is for humanity, society, the species.
God's watching right now.
And I just feel unworthy to even be in this fight.
The position I'm in, I feel humbled.
I just try to do the best job I can, and I know it's not the best job.
It's daunting, but I mean, we're given the tools we've got, we've got the tools we've got to work with, and we've got the gifts that God gave us, and that's the best.
You know, we've got guts, and guts is enough, like they say in Full Metal Jacket.
I mean, I just... I mean, that's it, folks.
I mean, it just... You're fired, scumbag!
Private Joker, you're promoted because you've got guts, and guts is enough.
And I know there's people out there who are ten times smarter and ten times better than I am, and I want to see you rise up and take action.
My job is planting those seeds for the future fight against this thing.
They may completely take over.
We may be in camps.
There may be mass exterminations.
I'm trying to stop that.
We may stop that from coming to fruition.
But if it does, generations from now, it'll be the fight for the species.
You know, it may get just unbelievably stuffed.
You can't even imagine, folks.
So I'm just trying to put this into the body politic now while we've still got time.
I mean, you think stuff's dark now, folks.
This is milk and honey compared to what we may go into.
And groveling and licking boots is only going to ensure they feed on you.
It's only going to ensure they chew your innards out, folks.
It's only going to ensure they have their way with you.
They're mass warping the public's minds right now to serve them.
The mass warping is taking place.
Torture and evil and every form of perversion is being promoted.
Every form of dehumanization is being promoted and normalized and pushed on purpose so they have the giant...
We're good to go.
But you know what, folks?
There's nothing like our species, filled with the Spirit of God, energized.
We're greater than any supercomputer or any beast system.
And just that thriving to resist and that thriving for the species to survive and prevail against this dehumanization and this mass genocide Satan wants to carry out against us.
And we've got the tools, folks.
And their own people are going to come over to our side.
Many of them are not truly serving the dark side.
They're going to convert, many of them, at the last minute.
We have friends we never imagined.
A lot of people we think are our friends are not our friends.
A lot of people we thought are our enemies we'll find are our friends.
And I don't know the future, but I see the signposts.
I see the markers.
I've got a good idea of what several futures can be and will be or could be
And it's really up to you.
All right, Brett, where are you calling from?
Thanks for holding.
Hey, I'm calling from Kansas, Alex.
I don't know if you saw today, but on the top of worldnetdaily.com, there's an article about how officials are warning of catastrophic flu pandemic.
I've been seeing more and more of this, along with the nuke terror drills.
Yeah, oh, we're going to get nuked any minute.
This new bird flu is going to kill us.
Only world government can save us, yes.
Yeah, I mean, I just see a lot of prepositioning in the media.
And again, what did I say?
I'm not tooting my horn.
They use terrorism to put the vice grips in, then they'll have some controlled plagues to hurt us even into more compact cities, and then once we're totally compact, microchipped, in the slave grids, disarmed, then the mass extermination really begins.
Yeah, I totally agree with you, Alex.
And also, I saw on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the thing you were saying about how the SAS had their two...
Well we're going to talk about that.
Listen, it's not twice this has happened.
Five times we know of
You have a great day, Alex.
I mean, why do you think?
You too.
I mean, Haratz reported on it.
The Jerusalem Post reported three years ago, UPI, that the Israelis have created fake Al-Qaeda groups.
They go around bombing Jews.
I mean, major Jewish organizations have decried.
Folks, Israel took 100,000 of its children.
Told the parents they were going to have dental work done or they were going to have a new treatment for ringworm done.
It's just a fungus that grows and makes your little spot of hair fall out.
And they'd radiate them with 5,000, 3,000 to 5,000 times shape radiation levels.
Some children died on the table.
Now that's 100,000 children.
Now that's just what the Jewish government would do to its own people.
Just for some money.
That was these, quote, socialist Zionists back in the 50s.
And there's no difference with these right-wing ones over there right now.
And who paid them to do it?
The U.S.
I mean, folks, do you understand?
We're dealing with people that strap down 100,000 little children, little sweet children, and radiate their brains.
And because I talk about this, the ADL attacks me on their website.
Jews out there should hate the ADL with every fiber of your being.
I love those little Jewish children.
It makes me sick.
We deal with people that radiate children's brains for enjoyment.
You don't believe me?
Just type it into Google.
And they actually write articles about it in Israel and go, well, well, it's too bad.
I mean, do any of you think you're safe?
Do any of you think you're safe with these people running things?
How stupid are you?
The only reason they're not killing us in mass is because we've got guns.
The minute they had our guns, folks, they would kill 85% of us.
You understand me?
The minute they can, they're going to start killing us.
The minute they can, they're going to start killing us.
Do you compute?
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Thank you.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A last-ditch effort to get the mind-controlled, fat, dumb, and happy population to realize that a scientifically crafted plan of total extermination and enslavement for the survivors has been laid for us like a bad Kurt Vonnegut novel.
And, I mean, that's really history.
One group goes and enslaves the others and kills all the males over a certain age and
Rapes and plunders, and that's just the norm, and enslaves.
And we just sit here stupid, not realizing that you've got like these inbred spoil brats that run things, and they just get into really evil stuff, and there is a dark force.
There is this true prime mover that...
This is what they do throughout all human societies, throughout all civilization.
They worship horned demons with big fangs.
That's the idols they build.
They cut children's hearts out and drink their blood.
And whether it's the Druids, or whether it's the Aztecs, or whether it was the Babylon mystery religions, or whether they did human sacrifices in Hawaii, the Polynesians did it everywhere, throwing people into volcanoes, bashing their brains out.
Why does that happen?
Why do we leech when they get control, say, now we will kill, now we will sacrifice, give us your children?
What is it?
Why is it happening?
Why do we put up with it?
It's just the total exercise of power.
It's what the penultimate goal of this elite is.
And I'm sorry that's the facts.
I'm sorry that scares you.
I'm sorry that that makes you want to hide under the pillow.
But hiding under the pillow doesn't do it, folks.
Going out on the field, watching an army march towards you, facing them, just committing yourself, the fear just leaves you.
The fear just evaporates.
The more you stand up, the more you get involved, the more you exercise those muscles, the more you resist, the better things get.
And I just ask you to stand up and fight this.
We don't have to put up with this.
People are waking up.
That's the good news.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Who's up next?
David Mass.
Go ahead, David.
Alex, how are you today?
Good, my friend.
Good Morning America started today running a three-part little series called Made in China, Your Job, Your Future, Your Fortune.
And I'm going to record that with the PVR software.
Now that it's too late, they're telling us about it?
Well, Diane Sawyer, of course, and all the media pundits are just up there really almost praising it.
It's amazing.
They're saying...
Oh, how magnificent developments that are happening now in China and all this.
And then you've got Friedman, Thomas Friedman, the New York Times supposedly left liberal thinker, saying, oh, there's more people in China that have cell phones than there are people in America.
And China is not trying to race to the bottom.
The racing is to the top.
And they don't want to work for General Motors.
They want to become General Motors.
This is all manufactured.
How come our manufacturing base is whittled by over six million, and we've got all the big corporations?
We're going to be at war with that country, Alex.
Well, that's the setup.
It's all staged.
Look, do you understand the former CIA section chief?
I got to get some guests on about this.
Five years ago on the History Channel, just said, we put Mao in, it was all staged.
Mao already knew that, but they admit it.
And it'll be staged.
Look, they're the model country because they have mobile execution vans.
They're the mobile country because they melt down their political dissonance and sell it to our women.
The fat, the collagen.
And they're the model.
They get the UN award, sir.
That's right.
Our last energies are going to be sucked out for empire and war.
And then China is going to be used as the engine to do that.
I don't think we're actually going to be at war with them.
I think we're going to have stage stuff where we act like, oh, you're bad.
Why are you taking those countries?
You know, they're the new Soviet Union.
And then we'll probably have some stage Vietnam thing with them where, you know, we lose over 20 years or something.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it.
And then Paul Watson's coming up as well.
And more calls.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
We are now 27 seconds into this second hour.
Paul Watson joins us for his bi-weekly report.
This week's weekly report.
He was with us last week, and we'll be talking about the big new developments.
You know, last hour I said it was a more important story that British SAS has been caught shooting and bombing people again.
Our own troops, by the way.
And Iraqi police.
I said that was more important than the big articles about her witchcraft and devil worship.
But really, that's not true.
I mean, to understand the mindset... Oh yeah, mainstream news.
More devil worship reports.
And Paul Watson is going to be doing a report, writing up a report, on the British bombings after this show today with more details.
And he's going to be doing a report on the occult and how the occult activities of the bushes and skull and bones of Bohemian Grove...
Ties in with the Boyers, and then ties in with Reagan and his wife and the astrologers.
I mean, it's just all of them.
We have Helmut Schmidt, German Chancellor, talking about satanic rituals he did in Germany and how he loves doing them.
He called them druidic rituals, and how he loves doing them there in California with Bush.
So, I mean, this is public.
We need to talk about it.
So Paul Watson's coming up here in just a minute, but the last caller, I believe he's still there, David and Mash, and we'll also go to Bruce and Elias and Mike and David and others.
But... I mean, trying to understand this, people think that we're going to go to war with China.
It's staged, okay?
The stuff with the Soviets is staged.
Now, we always knew this and were laughed at, and when McCarthy figured this out and said the Army controlled Communism, he was removed.
He was demonized.
He was...
Basically publicly lynched.
Again, five years ago, I'm watching the CIA section chief for China admit we put Mao in.
We thought he was a better stabilizing factor than Chiang Kai-shek.
I mean, that was said.
That's admitted.
And, of course, when Mao died in 76, I've got the original New York Times article that was a big editorial by David Rockefeller saying he was the most wonderful person ever.
This is a wonderful model we need to have in America.
Yeah, 50 million murdered.
Conservative under the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.
And now we've got restaurants everywhere with the menus, Mao's little red book, and luscious models dancing half-naked on TV promoting luxury products with hammers and sickles on them.
I mean, it's all sick decadence, folks.
And so, yeah, all our businesses are going to be shipped there, our jobs, because they're the model country.
They're going to be the policemen of the world, along with Latin American law reconquistas here in the U.S.
And a lot of us are going to be exterminated unless we stop it.
We're going to go to break and come back with Paul Watson here in a second with his incredible reports, his verbal reports to you, and then we'll have his text reports later.
But does that answer your question there, David Masch?
Yes, Alex, you're probably right in one way, especially, I mean, they're just probably going to use China to escalate terror.
And the other thing is, that being in conjunction with the recent statement, of course, made by Qingdao Zoo, they're going to target several hundred cities for violation.
Yeah, they had a Wall Street Journal article
Now, I have one more quick thing.
Last night, I caught also... It was probably a rerun.
I could be able to get it if you didn't see it or hear about it.
On Jon Stewart...
During his little sort of comical take on the news, he had the clip by Biden get with the confirmation hearings for Roberts.
About the implantable chip?
The implantable chip, and he was spoofing on it.
Yeah, it's all real.
Well, there's a big Washington Post article spoofing making it.
We're being conditioned.
Chip, chip, chip, take chip, take chip, take chips in your brain.
You take chips in your brain.
You take chips in your brain.
Till we just get, well, chips in my brain.
Hell, I want one.
I hear about it all the time.
When do I get mine?
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we are joined by Paul Joseph Watson, the editor and
Commando over at PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Working with his brother Steve Watson over at InfoWars.net.
Doing a fabulous job over here on the InfoWars side.
We have Ryan Slickheisen, Violet Nichols, my wife, Violet Jones, known as Violet Nichols.
And then of course Alejandro Jones, you know me.
And we are going to get into some of the top news stories.
First off, Paul, you've posted...
I don't know.
50-something articles about witnesses of British troops, U.S.
troops, Israeli troops, some of the guys are private contractors, caught by Iraqi police, other Army and Marine units, a lot of our own troops being killed, dressed up as Arabs, bombing things, truck bombing.
Witnesses see helicopters launch missiles into the ground, huge 30-foot craters supposedly from tiny truck bombs.
Our troops will pull... This has been documented.
We'll pull a poor Iraqi over...
Interrogate him, look in the back of his car, put a satchel in his car, tell him to go to a next police station a mile away.
He pulls up, helicopter flies over, hits the detonator, it blows up.
I mean, this is all documented.
Now they've been caught red-handed again.
And I know you're going to be writing a roundup of this where the Israelis get caught by Marines and beat up for shooting Marines, folks, not just shooting at them.
You ought to smatter in there, too, before the war when our troops said...
They would kill reporters.
I think firing the Abrams shabo right into the...
The Baghdad Hotel, the ninth floor, to kill the Reuters reporters and laughing about it, I think that's important.
And I also think it's important, Paul, to have then the San Francisco Chronicle article where the troops walked up days after the judge said that they can film the dead and the troops said, we kill reporters in Iraq for what you're doing.
I think it's important to smatter that as well, kind of have it a combo article.
But I'll now shut up.
So what happens is we brainstorm, and Paul does most of the work, and we write these articles on air.
That's basically what happens.
And he adds all his little tidbits as well.
Paul, give us your take on this big new development.
Well, here's what happened from the early reports, which, according to people on the internet, is not completely verified, but it was carried on BBC World Service Radio.
Who then obscured and forgot about the real hardcore details of the case after the rescue effort took place.
They focused entirely on that.
Two British soldiers in Arab garb and headdress drove a car towards a group of Iraqi police in Basra and began firing, injuring one and shooting one dead, according to the Basra governor.
Now, the BBC is reporting after the fact that the car contained assault rifles, a light machine gun, an anti-tank weapon, radio gear, and a medical kit.
And they say that's standard kit for SAS operating in Iraq.
Yeah, I'm going to be honest, folks, and the Arabs even admit this about themselves.
None of them are really military trained.
It's like a heritage or something to get real emotional.
The Iranians are not like this, but the Marines have a saying, thank God the Arabs can't shoot.
And it just, how do every time these from super far, you know, really limit of the distance of RPGs, they magically, witnesses see them magically, two of them shoot and both hit the helicopter every time and then white guys are seen running, giggling.
I mean, this is the stuff seen every week, folks.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yeah, so gone are the early reports that stated that the car was full of explosives.
So, these undercover soldiers are arrested, taken to the jail.
Meanwhile, the British forces move in to begin the rescue effort after the initial demand that they be released from the puppy Iraqi government was rejected by the local government in Basra.
So the tanks roll towards the prison to facilitate that release.
Oh boy, this is a really good government.
They're even fighting with their installed government now.
Yeah, but as I'll point out later on, that's probably the plan.
So the tanks roll towards the prison to facilitate the release.
The riot ensues where the locals start firebombing the tanks.
And there's one dramatic photo being carried by Reuters which shows a burning British soldier leaping out of his tank.
So the soldiers are rescued.
Meanwhile, 150 prisoners escape from the jail.
The British are concerned about that.
And I'm sure it's those guys they wanted out.
Could be, but the media immediately in lockstep fashion switched to solely reporting on the rescue and not asking questions about why these undercover agents were arrested in the first place.
Yeah, it's the equivalent of saying in the back of the paper that the Titanic sank last night, but we're going to talk about a tugboat where somebody stubbed their toe.
Yeah, so I mean they're not asking the question why were they shooting at the police and why was the car apparently full of explosives?
And it turns out that these undercover soldiers were, in fact, part of the special reconnaissance regiment that was also involved in the Domenica shooting in London.
Oh, I wonder if these guys, I wonder what they were doing on the days of the London bombings when the bombs were underneath the trainees.
It could all be the same crew.
According to people watching Australian news, their reports did mention that this gave credence to those
...who suggest, which is basically every Iraqi the media talks to, that some of the bombings are being carried out by the occupational forces, which was a sentiment echoed by Iran's top military commander last week.
He said, we do not believe this, that the instability is to be blamed on weak and feeble groups.
We have information that the insecurity has its roots in the activities of American and Israeli spies.
If Iraq is to become secure, there will be no more room for the occupiers.
And obviously that explanation has a lot of currency amongst ordinary Iraqis who, as you pointed out, have been direct witnesses to these bombings and said the same thing.
But it's important to add all the other beefy points.
I mean, they continually catch Israeli private contractors openly attacking known Marine Corps and Army positions.
Yeah, on all the... This is so sick, Paul.
I mean, it's just like Afghanistan, where they create the Mujahideen, they install them, they control bin Laden, they control the Taliban.
One branch of the Taliban breaks away and says, the U.S.
is about to attack Afghanistan, there's about to be a staged attack in New York, and then that's the only Taliban person our government grabs.
When our troops do grab top Taliban or al-Qaeda generals, the generals are ordered to release their generals, and they throw fits and tell newspapers.
But again, it's in the back of the paper...
I mean, these are totally manufactured.
This is so disgusting, Paul.
Yeah, and in all the high-profile kidnappings, there were reports of white men in business suits carrying out the kidnappings.
Well, I mean, why would they carry out the car bombings?
Well, we carried an article on August 31st called The Plan Was Always to Divide Iraq.
And the Israelis said it in 1983 in a major plan.
It's in the P2OG plan.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and it spans back as far as you've talked about before, the British stirring up aggression between the Indian tribes to modern-day Yugoslavia, where the country was rejecting the IMF World Bank takeover, so they broke it up and took it piece by piece by arming and empowering the extremists.
And in the case of Iraq, New York Times, November 25, 2003, Leslie Gelb of the Council on Foreign Relations writes,
Quote, to put most of its money and troops where they would do the most good quickly with the Kurds and Shiites, the United States could extricate most of its forces from the so-called Sunny Triangle north and west of Baghdad.
American officials could then wait for the troublesome and domineering Sunnis without oil or oil revenues to moderate their ambitions or suffer the consequences.
And as you mentioned, Oded Yinon, official from the Israeli Foreign Affairs, wrote in 1982,
I'm sorry, it was 82, I apologise.
To dissolve Iraq is even more important for us than dissolving Syria.
In the short term, it's Iraqi power that constitutes the greatest threat to Israel.
The Iran-Iraq war tore Iraq apart and provoked its downfall.
All manner of inter-Arab conflict help us and accelerate our goal of breaking up Iraq into small, diverse pieces.
Yeah, but oh, the secret document was written in 82, but it was published in 83.
And now you have the plans set out for NATO troops to go in and replace American and British troops.
Which we said in 2002, a full year before invasion.
While Iraq is used as a launch pad to go into Syria and Iran.
Yeah, be sure the article doesn't just report on their latest bombings.
People don't understand that unless we explain why.
Which I don't have to tell you that.
You're smart.
Well, we have Paul Watson doing this.
But, Paul, I just...
What do you want to say to the neocons listening right now that just go, I just support our troops out there.
You say this.
They just don't understand that the defense contractors are cold-blooded.
That this is about losing, you fools.
You want to explain that to them, Paul?
Well, obviously there's a big difference between the actual troops and these mercenaries that are hired to carry out these black ops.
The troops just follow their orders.
The mercenaries are
And a lot of these guys are really stupid.
I mean, they all die in car wrecks or have heart attacks a few years after they get out.
Well, yeah, isn't it like 600...
Mercenary dead.
Yeah, I mean, they kill a lot of them, and, you know, they go show them old operators who've been allowed to get away, and they go out to Maui, and, hey, this is Big Jack, man.
He was pulling this stuff back at NOM, bombing our own people so we could get support.
Listen, you're going to be well taken care of.
And in the big scheme, would you rather a million of our people die or a few thousand get the job done?
You see, weak-minded people don't see the big picture.
But men, we know you do see the big picture.
By being more evil than the evil people, we protect the good people.
And folks, that's how they get you into this system.
But it's a fraud.
And it makes me sick.
It makes me sick.
And you know you're listening right now, some of you.
You know you're scared.
And you think you're going to be safe if you just keep going along with it.
Well, you better do your own research and find out how many of you do die.
How many of you that do follow orders end up dying?
They don't want you around.
They're going to kill you.
So you just go ahead and you just follow your master.
You pieces of trash.
You're the lowest form of scum on earth.
Paul Watson, stay with us.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that Bible prophecy talks about the United States, British Commonwealth, Russia, China, and the communist world in the last days?
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And the skin feels absolutely wonderful.
We're good to go.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
Let's go back to Paul Watson, who I'm going to keep about five minutes into the next hour, no more than that, and then we'll go to the other David from Texas and then Bruce and Elias and Mike and Ron and others.
But right now, let's go back to Paul Watson.
Paul, finish up with the British and caught running around doing their normal activity and what the repercussions of this are going to be.
Then I want to talk about the headline, Witchcraft and Nail Clippings, the Weird World of Sherry Blair.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, we finished on the plan to divide Iraq up by continued religious strife, warring between the different factions.
And you have the potential of the neocons lowballing it.
We hear time and time again in the media that this insurgency will last anything up to a decade or more, when we know, as was the case in Vietnam, they have the capability of ending it within a matter of months.
So if they did so, it would be seen as a success.
They'd be low-balling it, much like they said, you know, there'd be 10,000 dead bodies in New Orleans once the war had receded, when it's only in the hundreds.
Well, it's like the war on terror.
It's like the war on drugs.
I mean, the bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs.
Yeah, so in the major...
Well, if you look at these, these bombings are all meant to stir different groups up against each other.
It's like, I like kindling under a big bonfire, and then later there's a bonfire.
So, I mean, that could be going on.
It's very likely that it is.
No, they're clearly triggering events.
I've looked at hundreds of these bombings.
Literally, folks, I've looked at hundreds.
It's the same M.O.
These are trigger events.
And you mentioned people who may think we're not supporting the troops by blaming them for carrying out bombings.
Number one, they use the mercenaries, they're not actual troops.
And then another quote that I came across last night, which is worth repeating, Henry Kissinger, quote, military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.
Now, is that supporting the troops?
I think, according to neocons, it is, my friend.
And with these attacks, another quote from Kissinger from 2000, I can think of no faster way to unite the American people behind George W. Bush than a terrorist attack on American target overseas, and I believe George W. Bush will quickly unite the American people through his foreign policy.
I know.
I mean, the CFR came out with a report saying we really need terror.
It would be wonderful if it happened.
I mean, it's so obvious.
What we need is a new Pearl Harbor, a catastrophic, catalyzing event.
Brzezinski, we need terror attacks, whether real or promulgated, to unify the slaves in a war for empire.
I mean, and you just sit there.
They call you slaves, and you thank them.
It's sick.
It's so sick.
And then yesterday we have the US ambassador to Iraq, Khalilzad, making the off-the-record prediction at this private meeting of globalists in Aspen, Colorado, that
They will be going into Syria.
So again, another admission that they'll do that.
Much like Cheney saying the next attack in the U.S.
will mean Iran being... Yeah, my cousin told me about a year ago that he's in the military position to learn all of this.
The potential to do that has increased because
According to some people, Iran are now having tensions with Russia.
They'll probably take Russia out of the picture for those tactical strikes on the Bushir reactor.
And then again at the same meeting on the subject of Iraq, Rove off the record on Bush's low poll numbers.
We have not been good at explaining the success in Iraq.
So again, that's Rove living in his own world where he creates his own reality.
All these car bombings and deaths are a success.
And from their view, it is.
It's kind of a sick little inside joke.
As I said, the war on drugs is a great success.
More drugs, more prisons, more death, more horribleness.
It's only going to get worse.
War on illiteracy, total success.
All these failures, FEMA's failure is a success.
See, Paul, people don't get that.
But Roe does, doesn't he?
That monster...
All right, Paul, stay there.
I want to talk a little bit about the occult and the... Well, your devil-worshipping president, or prime minister, just openly, I love Lucifer.
Oh, oh, he loves Lucifer.
Oh, oh, how sweet.
You little devil, Blair, you.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think?
We're good to go.
Why am I so excited?
Why am I so upset?
This stuff is crazy!
I mean, they get caught red-handed routinely carrying out terror attacks all over the planet against their own military.
And then you sit there and just suck your thumb and go, I don't believe it.
I was talking to one of the folks that runs the show yesterday.
I think I was talking to John who's running it right now.
And he was running another show on the weekend, and I'm not going to sit here and bash the show by name, on this network, and a caller calls in and goes, Have you seen the Lone Gunman episode that came out a few months before 9-11 where the government hijacks a jet by remote control, uses a drill as the cover story so that the rest of the government stands down so they can fly the plane into the World Trade Center to invade Afghanistan?
And by the way, I've had the actor, one of the actors, one of the stars of the show, show up at my house and admit the CIA planted that story on him months before 9-11.
Yes, the CIA plants those things on the X-Files and the Lone Gunman.
Dean Haglund.
The video's on prisonplanet.tv, by the way.
And the host just said, oh, that's ridiculous, the call.
That's an urban legend.
I've heard about that.
That's an urban legend.
We just have the video clips on infowars.com.
And at the end of it,
John, wasn't that you, John?
Why don't you come on here for a second, and we'll let Paul finish up about the occult, and then we'll go to calls.
That was you.
But I don't want to get into the host's name or whatever.
It just shows willful ignorance.
You came on, John, and you've run this guy's show for a long time.
I'm sure he respects you.
And he just laughed at you and said, oh, no, no, it doesn't exist.
You know, you can have them admitting this stuff.
You know, they admit mercury's bad for children, it's in the vaccines, but still it doesn't hurt you.
Or the news says Mercury's good.
This guy probably knows that Mercury isn't good, but he'll just still laugh at the newscast if he saw it.
But what did he say when you said, oh, no, I've seen this, it's real?
I mean, describe the story for us.
Actually, I sent him the link via instant message to your website with the video.
And he just kind of said, okay, well, you know, I'll take a look at it.
But, you know, he sounded so skeptical of the whole thing, you know.
But he told the caller it didn't exist.
He said it was an urban legend.
Yeah, because when I talked to you yesterday, you were like, oh, yeah, sure, right.
I mean, did he say that, or did he say, oh, I'll look at it?
He said he'd look at it.
But it was said in kind of a condescending fashion?
No, look at it.
Hey, listen, did you know the sun comes up in the morning?
I took a picture of it.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I'll look at it, sure.
Sure there's a ball of gas that we orbit.
Ha, ha, oh, sure, ha.
John, what do you think of all this craziness?
Chinese firms openly selling, we have the best melted down humans, the yuppies grabbing it greedily, slathering it on themselves.
What do you think about just the open borders, just all the craziness that's going on?
It really does.
It gets crazier by the day.
It's almost like you get numb to it.
That's their plan, I think.
Again, if it's like background noise of chips are good, world government's good, but those that say world government exists are crazy because it doesn't exist when they say it exists, but it exists when we say it exists.
It's like a Rumsfeld quote or something.
If it's in the background as background noise, we get desensitized.
But by putting it right out there up front, they're going to kill you and your family if they get their way.
I think we're breaking the conditioning.
I agree.
Well done.
I appreciate you coming on with us.
Paul, I know you've got to go write some articles.
You've been given your assignment.
The average reporter writes about a story every week.
You write a couple a day.
And because you are dedicated and you want to expose evil because it's about survival, as we've talked probably many times, Paul, we're both dead if we don't at least push this thing off or at least defeat it at certain levels.
But, Paul, the witchcraft, witchcraft and nail clippings, the weird world of Sherry Blair, London Independent, you're going to do a news roundup kind of on this, and then tied into Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, but your comments on them admitting that they channel the light, get in circles with pentagrams, and do voodoo, and just everything.
Tell us all about it, Paul.
These are nice people.
Well, yeah, there's this big phony debate set up in Britain as to Sherry Blair, Tony Blair's wife, bringing in Catholic influencers when he's a Methodist.
So it's a big distraction to the real issue, which is encapsulated by the fact that during their holiday a couple of years ago on the Mexican Riviera, Tony Blair and his wife Cherie
went through their own rebirthing ritual which involved them praying to a pyramid to the sun to spring into baby lizards entering into kind of a mud bath and then screaming out loud to simulate the pain of birth and this was reported in the London Times and
You know, with no surprise whatsoever.
Be sure and put the thing in there about the Bishop of Canterbury, the pitcher with the big sword, doing the druid ritual.
How is the head bishop, how is he openly into the occult?
I mean, it's just bonkers over there.
Well, it's because the occult is now seen as a fashion fad.
And for sure, on the surface, many people, as the Independent, that's their line on it, is that this is just another example of a celebrity couple trying to get more approval ratings by appealing to cultural fads.
Which in one sense it is, but when the London Times reports that Tony Blair channels light to make political decisions...
As is also contained in today's Independent article, then it starts to get a bit more serious.
It's not just about some kind of public fashion fad to try and appeal to the trendies.
It's a lot more serious, and it harks back to what you've talked about many times, with presidents in the White House making decisions based on the position of the stars in the sky, astrology, which was based originally on the premise that the sun revolved around the Earth.
Just to show you how accurate it is.
Well, I mean, here's the article.
Witchcraft and nail clippings, you know, basically santeria.
It's just right out in the open.
And then we look at, just every time we look at a politician, Bill Clinton.
We look at the Bushes.
And Christian conservatives, well, they do some screaming and call out for Satan to give them power.
ABC News did air the footage.
But they're just having fun.
They worship Moloch.
And then there's old men.
But Paul Moloch is friendly.
Wasn't he one of the disciples, or is he part of the Trinity?
And I'm not trying to be blasphemous, folks.
This is how sickening in your face it is.
How do you think so-called Christians worship Bush as some kind of...
Maybe reincarnation of Christ, I've almost heard them say.
It's like he's almost just... He is this man of God.
This prophet, is a better term.
He is just incredible.
He's just so good.
But he openly is a member of two satanic organizations.
Well, their view on it, by willful ignorance, as you said before, would be that Bush was merely trying to infiltrate the elite and
You know, turn them around with his Christian beliefs by being engaged in all this.
Ah, yes, yes.
I didn't think of that.
Every action that Bush takes is anti-Christian to the extreme.
You know, the ancient practice of sacrificing your children to Molec to further your career, your status within the elite, isn't that continued today with 50, 60 million abortions?
People sacrifice their children to continue their career, to enhance their financial prospects, so there's nothing new under the sun.
God help us.
I just repent for not doing enough against this and for all the things I've done.
I just can't believe God even allows this planet to continue.
He hasn't just blasted it into micro dust.
I couldn't be mad at God for anything God did.
I mean, I just... God could, like, all rip our brains out and torture us over a trillion years, and that would be fair.
I mean, I don't understand how... It's just sick.
It's sick.
Well, exactly, and everybody shares the responsibility.
We're just as guilty for not working as hard against it as the evil people in power work that hard to draw their power from it.
You know, we've got so much they don't have, but something they've got is they love it.
They rebel.
They never get tired.
They just love power.
It's all ego.
They get off on it.
And I just... It's just so sick.
I don't know how they do it.
I just... I don't know how they can just be that evil.
It's just... I don't know.
It's just... They're totally of a different ilk, Paul.
Well, they must be because of the amount of conversations I've had with people saying, surely they wouldn't do that, judging the elite by their own moral compass.
Not being able to take into consideration that evil people are in power and they will continually commit evil, they can't wrap their heads around the fact that people can escalate the evil to such high extremes.
So there must be some extra element in there which is making them do it.
Well, that's the thing, folks.
Degeneracy in government and in elites... I mean, Nero would dress up as a werewolf, they would tie a child down, and in front of a giant banquet hall with 300 Romans in it, he would run in and...
I can't mention the encyclopedia, folks.
I can't mention what he did, but he'd bite things off and then suck their blood and cover himself in blood and flop around.
And this is what happens.
Before him, Caligula married the horse and would have them decide what to do with the empire according to the horse's droppings splattering on the marble floors.
But again, the Aztecs took it to a height no one's ever gone to.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And literally, oh, you won the ball playing court game.
We're going to cut your heart out.
They were so brainwashed as a society, they were happy to be killed.
And the leadership would take hallucinogenic drugs, torture themselves, they would take huge strings of glass, pull it through their tongues and other body parts we can't mention, who have hallucinations of pain, so the serpent would enter them, so the winged serpent would enter them,
They would just... I mean, on one holiday, folks, imagine 10,000 men, women, and children killing them.
Just hearts.
Giant, stinking piles of hearts.
Dead bodies piled up half the way up the big Chichen Itza pyramid, rolling in blood, running around with poison plant enemas, hurting themselves.
The elite would...
Just totally psychopathic.
This is what... And again, it just got more and more evil.
It started with... And then, of course, if you go out to New Mexico and areas where they had some of the cliff dwellings, they found some dead people in there, and they didn't know why they'd been killed, because there was no evidence of a history of homicide.
It was actually Aztecs that came up here that the local Indians killed.
They're like, get out of here!
Their shaman came up here trying to teach their stuff, and what does the New World Order elite pick as their mascot?
What do they pick with the La Reconquista liberation theology to sell the Native Americans?
The most evil thing you can imagine for the Chicano nation and all this.
And again, it's exactly what the Germanic elite is into and what the Zionist Kabbalist elite is into.
Do you want to comment on that, Paul?
Well, yeah, I mean, you can take it from a psychological perspective.
The great thinkers that gave us the foundation of philosophical freedom, people like Socrates, they were killed because they refused to worship the gods.
They refused to engage in these ritualistic sacrifices.
So the elite worked out that rather than reaching self-actualization or happiness by helping people, being nice and getting ahead in life,
They could take a shortcut to that and maintain absolute power by stamping on people.
Well, that's the nerve of power.
That's what O'Brien says to Goldstein in 1984 as he's torturing him nearly to death.
He says, look, it's about power.
It's going to get worse and worse.
They're going to kill me too.
Oh, it's wonderful.
4 plus 4 equals 10.
I'm a soap bubble.
Whenever I want, I make reality.
It's going to get worse and worse every generation until we live to be 10 years old and we're all retarded.
And this is wonderful because we want more power.
And I mean, that's what the Aztecs did, folks.
Yeah, and at the moment, the great archetypes of freedom are genuinely good people.
You know, like Socrates, Jesus.
But nowadays...
The archetypes of evil are creeping into modern society as being trendy, like Mao restaurants and communism being a trendy way to sell new clothes.
So, as O'Brien said, over the generations that would possibly change, and I believe it is beginning to change, where history judges evil and evil people as being good in the long run.
That is changing, and it's something we need to recognize and reverse.
Paul, I'm going to let you go.
I really appreciate you spending the time with us.
Go get those reports done and God bless you.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
I appreciate your call joining us.
How do I say that?
I appreciate your call.
I have him on.
I'm just so used to saying it.
I do appreciate his time is what I mean to say.
Did you tell me Jack Blood called in?
Okay, great.
And I promise you, we're going to get to Bruce and Elias and...
Mike and Ron and Steve and Keebler and everybody.
But Jack Blood, how you doing, buddy?
GCN host.
What's going on?
Thanks for taking my call.
Hey, Alex.
I was hoping to run this by Paul Joseph Watson as well.
There's two things I wanted to bring up real quick.
One is there's a great new documentary out called Spy Secrets Playing Dirty.
And it's by Brook Laughing Productions, and it tells all about MI6 using contractors to pose as terrorists.
It's really, really good.
I recommend it to you and all your listeners.
Again, Spy Secrets, Playing Dirty, Brook Laughing Productions.
A lot of great evidence in that.
The reason I called in and wanted to talk to Paul about this is there's a new article in the BBC, Prince Charles the Winged Hero.
And it appears that in the Amazon in central Brazil... Yeah, they have a huge statue worshipping him as Lucifer.
Yeah, he's the winged hero with wings scantily clad, ears pinned back, full head of hair, muscular.
This is the kicker, though.
But it actually translates into the light giver, the angel of light.
Yeah, and he went down there and, of course, approved it.
He danced with scantily clad dancers doing the samba.
He just loved this open worship.
Yeah, let's make sure, Paul, I hope Paul's listening.
Yeah, will you email that to Paul?
I would be happy to.
He pierced a kicker, though.
Apart from the angel-like wings and muscular physique, he also gave Prince Charles, that's the designer of the sculpture, a full head of hair.
At his feet, though, are human bodies, one of whom is drinking a bottle of wine.
This is the open, godlike creation of Prince Charles as God, throwing us back to the days of Caesar.
Well, that's Christian.
I mean, you know...
I don't know how far they're willing to go, but this is just awfully bizarre and awfully weird, and I just wanted to... All dancing around naked, worshipping yourself as the Angel of Light?
I mean... Well, of course, he's saving the world because he and, of course, his father... We have to kill everybody!
Oh, he's good, yes.
He and his father are looked at upon the people who are unknowing, who don't do their research.
They are looked at as saviors of the world because they are saving the world, rainforest and ecology and...
Meanwhile, they actually own controlling stocks of biotech companies and companies in oil and companies cutting down all the trees.
Yes, I know.
And then, Jack, if you're against racism, you're a racist.
What did you think of being out at the rally Saturday against the Laurie Conquistas?
Well, you know what I forgot, too, and I wish I had mentioned this, but it was Constitution Day, of course, when we were up there on this last Saturday.
Which is something I didn't miss last year, but I did miss this year.
I thought in some ways it was an exercise in feudalism, just because those people are so absolutely brainwashed that you can't get through their head with an axe.
So it's just very difficult to try to communicate to these people who have come under the, excuse the expression, bronzed wings of the New World Order.
It's just impossible to get through to them.
We had to do something, and I was proud to be a part of that, Alex, honestly.
Well, thank you for coming out, Jack.
Wouldn't it be Black Wings?
Not brawn wings?
The black wings of the New World Order.
Prince Charles is God in Brazil.
Yeah, I love it.
Oh, under her black wings.
Anything else?
Good work, Alex.
Now I'll let your callers get through.
We'll be on in just about an hour and ten minutes.
Hope people tune in to us.
All right.
We'll be right back and take your ring-a-dingies.
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Alright, I'm going to go to the calls.
People are holding.
I'll continue going to them until that bank of calls is gone.
Then I'm going to get into some of the other news.
The latest attacks on myself and others for standing up against the Hispanic Ku Klux Klan, a lot of other great Hispanics and black folks.
Out there Saturday.
Big developments there.
I want to go over that.
A lot with this hurricane situation.
Just a ton of vital stuff.
Plus, I want to spend a few minutes on Bill Clinton.
And it's just so obvious how he's teaming up with Bush when he attacks him.
And for people that don't understand this, I'll explain it.
I'm sure most of you know more about this than I do, but it's important and I'm going to state it.
Because I heard everybody, how dare Bill Clinton stab Bush Sr.
and Bush in the back.
They were so nice to him.
How dare him.
It's staged!
We're going to go over it!
But I've got to put at least one plug in in the last two hours for my videos, and we'll go to your calls.
You know, I don't get up here and belabor like some of the phony neocon patriot shows and beg for money all day so I can go gamble in Las Vegas.
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Frankly, I love that.
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Especially if the New World Lawyer brings down the curtain here saying that you'll have that database of information.
We need you to archive and back all this up.
I want to thank all those that have supported us.
Third hour of your calls, a ton of news straight ahead.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, into the third hour of this live Tuesday edition of
A new hurricane coming into the Gulf, crossing over the Keys.
We'll give you the latest updates on that.
Get into more on Tony Blair and his and his wife's witchcraft publicly in front of everyone.
But there's no satanic activities going on.
Witchcraft isn't satanic.
It's friendly.
That's what we're hearing.
Also, more on British troops involved in terrorism being caught red-handed and the news just buries it in plain view.
It's all coming up, but let's get to your calls.
You've been holding for a little too long here.
Let's talk to Bruce in Colorado.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Bruce.
Hi there, Alex.
I just wanted to say that this nation in its earlier stages was more godly and we had all kinds of miracles and protections from God.
And as the years passed, the people of the nation got further from God
And his protection, his miracles have been withdrawn.
Now, we need to get that power back.
And let me tell you something.
When the leaders are openly engaging in black magic in public, we're in deep trouble.
We need to get that power back.
And that means simply this.
If you're fighting the New World Order and you're sinning, you're fighting it with one hand and one leg behind your back, tied together.
When you come close to God, he gives you the Holy Spirit, he gives you guidance, and he gives you protection.
So I'm asking people listening to combine their forces with God rather than trying to act alone.
Well, I'd say it's more than just having an arm behind your back.
It's more like that arm is punching you in the face while the other arm is trying to fight the New World Order.
Well, I found that out personally.
And on my website, I have nine...
Nine items that show that the times that we're living in now are exactly described.
Okay, give us your website and I'm going to move on.
Okay, it's P-S-I, P as in Paul, S as in Sam, I as in India, C-O-U-N-S-E-L, scicouncil.com.
Okay, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Elias in Michigan.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
What we should call the neocons should be the neoroyalists.
Because we're in the thrall of royalty in this country, and they have absolute rule.
Whereas in Europe, they were... Do I have permission to use that term?
That's a neo-royalist.
It's mine.
Yes, you have the permission.
My permission.
It's mine now.
You promised.
My permission to use that term, neo-royalist.
Look it.
Are you the guy called in ten years ago with Alpha Maggot?
No, you're not.
No, no, no, not me.
No, and I call people elite.
I was corrected by an old-timer.
He said, no, no, they're alpha maggots.
Oh, yeah, right.
Don't call me elite, that kind of... New royalists.
They're new royalists who have taken absolute power as the old royalists did for many centuries in Europe and elsewhere.
And now we have them here.
And it's very clear that they are.
I mean, look at them all.
They're all intermarried together with all this, you know, things about them all.
They're all in a clique.
And the only thing they have, like the Constitution says, well, you can't have any titles.
But they may get rid of that, too, you know.
No, I mean, they're really getting it.
You ought to see when Clinton or Bush is at the U.N., his supreme absolute excellence, a great leader.
And people just grovel to the power.
And the earls and the...
Whatever you want to call it.
The Counts, and the Duchesses, and the Countesses, and the Dukes, and the Lords, and the Knights, and the Ladies.
I know I don't have much time.
You're always running for time.
But you know, the last time they checked out the royalty in part of Europe, and I get back to the, not so long ago, and it has to do, maybe you're the historical Alex, right?
Bring forth the historical Alex.
And I'm looking at a book here and it says... Well, stay there.
Just stay there and we'll let you finish up on the other side.
Stay with us, Duke.
We'll be right back.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Eight minutes, 14 seconds into this third and final hour of transmission against enemy forces.
Transmission to wake you up as you take action against this criminal system.
And you look at all the milk and honey, you look at all the plenty, you look at all the blessings that we've got left around us because of the freedoms and the hard work of the people who came before us, and you think the government provided that.
You think the officials, the authorities did this for you.
You think that, oh, they managed it all and they created it.
No, they sat on it and sucked off of us, and now they're greedy and they want to go ahead and just slaughter the whole thing, the goose that lays the golden eggs, folks.
It's simple.
And I'm going to get into a host of issues.
They want to put cameras in all our cars and start taxing and tracking us.
As I predicted, and again, not hard to predict it when it's in their own official documents in the industry publications, what, four or five years ago.
But here she comes.
Big brother.
Let's go ahead and briefly go back to...
Elijah in Michigan, who said we should call him Neo-Royals, or Neo-Royalist, or Neo-Royalty.
And that is really what we're looking at, because the earlier caller was talking about Prince Charles, and down in South America, there in Brazil, they have this gigantic gold bronze statue of him standing on top of people, and the guy's drinking from a glass of the blood, folks.
He's stomping on all these people.
And the guy's got little demons down there drinking blood, and he's got the big muscles and the big wings, the golden angel loving us.
But go ahead and finish up your point.
So finally, the name is Elias.
Okay, it's a slight difference.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Right, I'm on now.
And, of course, the royalists do get their comeuppance, as John Paul Watson would say, Paul Watson.
They get their comeuppance sooner or later.
As in the French Revolution?
It was essentially to get rid of royalty.
And the next explosion in Europe, the Russian Revolution, against royalty.
And what will we do here?
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate the call.
Let me just tell you something.
This is not debatable.
The French Revolution...
The French Revolution was openly and publicly funded by the German Order of the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt.
They even tried to change the days of the week from 7 to 10 back to the old pagan calendar.
Did you know that?
I mean, France went to the pagan calendar.
I mean, it's incredible.
I mean, the ancient, ancient Babylonian mystery religion calendar of 10 days in the week.
No more holidays.
One day off every ten days.
They tried to change the whole calendar.
Go off of the, you know, after death of Christ.
People don't know this.
This is mainstream history.
History is so incredible.
It's just amazing.
And you talk about real entertainment.
Why read fiction?
It's unbelievable.
And it was basically the British Royalty
Was financing the Illuminati through Germany to go knock off all their cousins, go knock off all their relations.
It was a consolidation.
And so was the Russian Revolution.
And we have the Tsars fighting on the side of the North in the Civil War here, and then on the side of the South, the British...
We're down there supplying the South, so people think that the South or the North was good, or the South was bad, the North was good, the South was good, the North was, you know, vice versa.
No, it was all controlled.
And this is mainstream history.
This is not debatable.
And then you have the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, 1918, and openly the Red Cross.
God bless them.
I'm being sarcastic when I say that.
I shouldn't joke about that.
You know, the evil, wicked...
Out of control, Red Cross took $25 million in gold to Lenin when he was about to lose to the white Russians.
And no, folks, the white Russians isn't talking about blacks and whites.
I know most of you know that.
Some don't.
When I mention white Russians, they think I'm defending some white supremacist group.
It's just the name of the pro-imperial czarists who weren't much better in many respects.
The point is they weren't consolidated under total Illuminati control.
The white Russians were about to defeat the Bolsheviks, and the Bolsheviks were king daddies of going around blowing stuff up and then blaming it on the Tsarists.
And the Tsarists just weren't sophisticated enough to deal with it.
And finally the Bolsheviks got them and marched them off, and a year later blew their heads off, shot them all full of holes, turned them into Swiss cheese, threw them in a grave.
So, and by the way, the head royalty in Germany, the head royalty in England, and the head royalty, they were all cousins, first cousins, the head royalty in Russia, they were all identical.
The breeding was so precise.
You look at these famous photos, and you cannot tell the differences.
I mean, you literally cannot tell the differences between them.
And so, that's what happened.
And so, you know, the globalists will create false revolutions, and then they'll control them and use them as an even worse purge.
Just like they're using the La Reconquista right now, totally funded by the globalists publicly.
And the poor people doing it think they're fighting against the evil America or something.
It's just pathetic.
And so that's what's going on.
But I do agree, we have the neo-royals, which are really just the old royals.
Look, the big industrialists and the big bankers,
They all just interbred with the British-Germanic royalty.
And that's what you got.
I mean, you can't call these people German.
You can't call these people Jews.
You can't call these people French.
You can't call these people... They're just an amalgamation of the richest and most powerful people on the globe.
They love to kill people.
They love power.
They're totally spoiled.
And they think they're God.
I mean, it's really that simple.
And we're in a lot of trouble.
So, thank you for the call, sir.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Chicago.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, my friend.
First time caller.
I want to say, well, appreciate the brisk you took yourself when you went down to see the Metro demonstration the other day.
I'm a veteran of public schools in California, so I know firsthand how dangerous that can be.
Oh, what was it like in California?
Were they nice to you?
Uh, no.
Sometimes, after I graduate, well, actually, I went on college, but there could be, say, lockdowns in the school where they were roaming gun battles between black gangs and Mexican gangs and police, and they would send memos home to the parents saying there was a little incident in school today, but
It was nothing serious, and your kids are safe, and you can still send your kids to school, you know, that kind of thing.
But that's not really why I'm calling.
I wanted to talk about something with, I started monitoring the Katrina thing very closely on television, and I felt like there were answers that weren't being
Well, questions that weren't being answered, etc., relating to two areas.
Well, the first one was what type of chemical toxins were in the area and how much of them and what companies were actually in the area that were flooded.
There's like 45 oil spills just in that area, a bunch of chemical spills.
Yes, yes.
What I did was I put together a 210-page PDF, which includes basically all the words of press articles, including foreign press.
Have you sent that to us?
Yes, yes, I sent it to you, but along the way I stumbled onto something relating to immigration, which I can't believe that none of the alternative press have discovered, because I think it's monumental and critical, and it's something that needs to be exposed.
We're going to resettle New Orleans with illegals.
Well, no, no, no.
I'll briefly explain it to you because I know you've got a lot of comments.
Oh, I want this.
I want to post this if it's good stuff on Infowars.
The one thing about the toxicity is if you read that thing, you'll see proof that the...
We had a window where we could have prevented the wetlands from being destroyed, but they are now going to die.
All the wetlands down there will be dead.
And if you read all that information, which is not my... That'll make it flood even worse, yeah.
Those wetlands are wholly... It will eliminate all the fisheries from everywhere in the Gulf and parts of the Atlantic.
They'll all be dead because they all spawn there.
The magnitude of this is incredible, not to mention the $200 billion fishery industry.
But let me get on to the immigration.
I'll just start by... Are you familiar... Are you aware that the...
Border Patrol, all border functions have been incorporated under Homeland Security.
Yeah, under ICE.
The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services basically controls the Border Patrol.
The Border Patrol and Immigration Section are now under the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.
All those functions are under Homeland Security, which is why this press release from September 6th from Homeland Security is so catastrophic.
Okay, well tell us, sir, because we get right into it.
I'll just read the main headline, and then I'll go on and show you how the Mexican press is covering this.
This is official.
I have the press release.
They've removed it now, but it's been archived in their waiver section, which I can send you a link to.
Listen, sir, tell us the meat of the matter.
I'm reading it verbatim here.
The Department of Homeland Security announced today that it will not sanction employers for hiring victims of Hurricane Katrina who, at this time, are unable to provide documentation...
Normally required under Section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
DHS will not bring sanctions against... Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
DHS will not bring sanctions... Let me just tell you, I'm aware of it.
It's a change in the law now where no one needs to show documents in these seven emergency states to get a job now.
So no longer will the Border Patrol enforce people hiring illegals.
You know, what's frustrating is, are you on a speakerphone?
I'm on a cell phone, but I'm speaking directly into it.
It's just kind of muffled a little.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Well, that sounds like incredible info you dug out.
You know, I was aware of it.
I thought about it.
I never talked about it.
That's why the callers are so important.
You bring up a thousand facets, you know, every week.
With all the points callers bring up, hundreds of callers bring up multiple points.
And so send me that.
Stay there.
I'll give you a better email where I'll get it.
And I want that.
I want to post that.
You've done some good work.
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Five more calls and I do have some other news I want to hit on.
Cameras coming to a car near you, folks, in your car.
Oh, yeah, the government's got to have a camera in your car watching you.
It's just the new Freedom Post 911.
We've all got to be washed at all times.
That's freedom.
Again, it's all Twilight Zone.
We've got to start saying no to this.
No, I'm not going to do that.
And we say no all the time, and they back off.
They just come right back with it.
We've got to say no again.
Well, they just come back with it again.
Well, that's what a fight's all about, folks.
You've got to keep sucking air into your lungs or you'll die, too.
Life is a fight, and it's a fight you're going to lose.
But you really do win by living and loving and having a good family.
All right, I'm preaching again.
Real fast.
I was aware of much of what this caller was saying, but he's detailed it all, and so we're going to be posting it when we get it.
But go ahead, Mike, in Chicago.
Tell them what El Azteca Mexican TV is telling folks in their news release.
I'd say Fox has been broadcasting it boldly, but here's an example of the top of one of the articles from El Azteca.
This is translated...
Undocumented truth in effect in U.S.
thanks to Katrina.
Here's a picture of a dock worker on a, you know, obviously an illegal worker on a forklift.
And underneath the caption, you all have 45 days of no sanction.
Meaning, go.
And it says employers do not have the Migratory Employment Form, SRE.
And then it goes on to basically quote all the articles, you know, the press.
Yeah, ICE could have specifically said, you know, clearly if you're a U.S.
citizen, but now it's just nobody.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, this lets them bring in so much federal control at every level.
Again, this is complete success for the government, publicly known as a failure.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, welcome.
Hello, Alex.
Reporting from New York.
Cindy Sheehan, who was a darling of the national press for about five weeks, is in New York City.
Yesterday, she went to have a rally in our Union Square Park, which is a park famous for its, I guess, political events.
Yeah, there's always something going on there.
Right, right.
She had a rally.
She had permits for the rally.
A person that was with her in that rally had a handheld bullhorn.
And the police arrested him because they said he didn't have a permit for the bullhorn and that she couldn't continue with the rally.
I mean, this is, as they say, they really gave... Yeah, so now if one person out of 5,000 does something wrong, you're all punished.
We've seen that now in new legislation.
Well, there's even some question as to whether they operated legally because...
Unless they change the law since my time in that department, if you had a political rally, if you had a permit for a political rally, and you were using something as simple as a handheld bullhorn, we're not talking about a very sophisticated... Well, yeah, I mean, did Mayor Giuliani have a permit to walk around with bullhorns?
Let me just say this.
I've been there, Ron.
I've dealt with the cops now.
Either they were real nice, or they were completely psychopathic.
They would march up, but I'm talking to an old lady at a park, and scream, I want to see your press passes, I'll arrest you, shut your mouth.
I mean, it's in martial law.
Have you seen martial law yet?
No, but... I mean, folks, I was treated like... I've seen those incidents.
I was treated like total trash, and they were arresting AP reporters, Village Voice reporters, American Spectator reporters, it didn't matter, and the police memo came out that they were told to be...
Look, I have an article here where the Coast Guard, always been a great organization, Ron.
I mean, wealthy yacht owners are complaining.
They bust on ships at midnight, screaming at people, demanding IDs, being very rude, aiming machine guns at people's wives.
And it's just all, oh, this is a courtesy check.
And then the head of the Coast Guard in this one bay says, well, we're doing this now even in freshwater waterways because Homeland Security wants you to know we're law enforcement.
We're letting you know who the boss is.
I mean, they're actually, folks, now the cops are openly saying in the Coast Guard, we're here to let you know.
We're here to, I mean, literally, Ron, they're not even hiding it anymore.
I mean, even third world dictators don't say we're doing this to let you know we're the boss.
They're sort of trying to drive a message home, you know?
Well, they said that.
Ron, what are they getting ready for?
The point is this.
What do we have when law enforcement organizations are not respecting the law?
They're not even upholding the law that's sworn to uphold.
They're violating the very law that they're supposed to be upholding.
Ron, there's a big T for that word.
A big T, you say?
I mean, what they're doing starts with T.
Well, I know there's a lot of words for it.
I would call it illegal.
I would call it totalitarianism.
I would call it fascism.
It's total tyranny.
It's tyranny.
I mean, it's every ugly word that you probably could come up with.
And I don't know what in the heck is going on.
You know, you had a caller earlier say that they're neo-royalists.
I'm beginning to wonder if it's as simple as neo-royalism, or are we dealing with generals, you know, these so-called leaders, or at least a great many of them, generals in the Army of Saints.
I mean, this is totally insane.
This has reached a point where there is no rhyme or reason to it anymore at all.
You know, and I don't know what to think of it any further.
Alex, by the way, do you want to continue that conversation that you and I had earlier off the air?
Well, I don't know.
Why can't you tell the public about it?
Not on the air, but off the air, because when I finish the conversation, I'll explain to you why, and then maybe... Okay, I'll talk to you right now.
Thanks for... I'll talk to you right now, Ron.
All right, we'll come back, take a few final calls, hit a bunch of key news, and wrap up this transmission.
Turn your guns in.
The government loves you.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Have you ever heard of the Genocide Convention Treaty to the United Nations?
Did you know that it's a direct assault upon your freedom of religion?
Did you know that if you mention perverted sex acts as being wrong according to the Bible, you could be arrested and tried for causing mental harm to others?
It's already law in Canada, Australia, Britain, and Sweden where Christians are being tried and deprived of freedom of speech.
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Another ragtag band.
Declaring independence.
They laid their bodies down.
A bloody war.
For liberty.
For their descendants.
If you're free today, do you thank them?
Not a slave literally kneeling before some degenerate noble.
Who's two feet taller than you because for ten generations they've had enough to eat and you haven't.
The nobles, again, from Japan to ancient England, medieval England, even England 400 years ago for that matter, would actually laugh at how they starved the peasants and how a lot of them were born with nutrient deficiencies so they were retarded.
And it was a joke to look at the little retarded, you know, little short,
Starving people and to laugh at them.
It was an enjoyment.
They were willing to animal breeding and having their big healthy pigs and horses and cows and dogs, but laughing.
And look how we bred them.
I'm sick of it, folks.
I'm tired of it.
I'm not your scum.
I'm not your slave.
And I'm not putting up with you.
So just get that through your head.
I know you're scum, and we're coming for you.
We're coming for you.
We're giving it our best shot.
We don't win, lose, or draw.
We're going full tilt.
We're going at you.
We're coming for you.
And you just do whatever you've got to do.
We're going to do what we've got to do, and that's the end of it.
All the cowards out there, you can just make excuses and go along with this if you want.
It's going to be to your detriment.
And for people out there that have been on the fence, but are in government and know what we're saying is true, and you're seeing what we're saying is true even more than what we're saying, shame on you if you don't do something.
Well, I'll lose my job if I tell you what I know.
I'll get in trouble.
Well, we've just got to have, if everybody stands up, or even 5% instead of 1% at a time, if more of us start standing up and speaking out, there's nothing they can do.
That'll bring them down instantly.
You know, Ron's given me a lot of good info over the years, and he tells me some story that I have no doubt of that's just absolutely earth-shattering, and they're in New York, and I can't say anything about it.
I get this stuff all the time, and I get confirmed stuff all the time, and then I've got to try to go track it down on my own, and then reverse-engineer it, and
Figure out a way to tell you the story.
Oh, man.
I'll just tell you this.
There are 36 Level 4 systems that have been set up in the U.S.
in the last four years.
Part of the program called BioShield, a $6 billion program.
And right here in Austin, they've got it down at UT Galveston and other areas.
They have level 4 bioweapons labs with almost no controls.
It's level 4 pathogens, but little protections.
And they just mail stuff all over the world.
You know, deadly flu that kills everybody who comes in contact with it, or 90%.
I just mail it out to thousands.
Well, the stuff I hear about all the time makes that look like child's play.
And the globalists are just busy shipping it around everywhere, hoping something happens.
And I can't work on saying anything.
It's just something else from that.
It's just these people are sick.
I can't say anymore.
I really can't.
Let's... So sick.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Kansas.
Steve in Kansas, welcome.
Yes, sir, Mr. Jones.
How you doing today?
No, I was calling the prime time that aired on Thursday the 16th.
Okay, last Thursday.
Did you see that scare...
I mean, that's the only thing I can call it is a scare piece.
I mean, isn't it all a scare piece?
Worship government?
I mean, 2,000 people, I mean, 240 million people are going to die because of this avian flu this winter.
And, you know, they talked about SARS, oh, 700,000, but we took care of that.
Well, yeah, what they do is there's some new deadly super demon that kills 10 people.
And then they give people inoculations and don't even know if that takes care of it, but then say it takes care of it.
And the government orders millions of doses of this shot they want to, quote, make you take.
They really want to set that precedent because they love you so much.
I talked to my brother.
He's a fireman.
And he goes, well, I've got to take shots for this, that, and the other.
And I say, I'm not taking any shots.
You're not going to take a shot for hepatitis C?
And I say, I'm not taking any shots, if I get it.
Hepatitis C is sexually transmitted or for intravenous drug use.
Why would he need that?
Why do they give it to newborn babies when it's admittedly a dangerous injection?
Well, see, you can't talk to people when they're indoctrined.
Did you say your brother?
Let me tell you something about your brother.
You need to do a Google search.
The L.A.
Times reported two and a half years ago, remember Tommy Thompson said every fireman, every cop, every medical worker, every doctor, 14 million people, you have, by law, there was no law, as you said, we're trying to pass it at the state level, it was Model State's Health Emergency Powers Act, they said you have got to take this shot or you're fired.
But there was no law.
Well, the LA Times reported when they canceled the program, 99% of firemen, police, and others refused to take it.
Your brother is obviously one of the really gullible people that does whatever he's told, and then see these TV shows about how 240 million people, and yes, I didn't read about it, I didn't see that report on TV, but I didn't read about it.
They're everywhere.
They hear that, and people who wouldn't go, well, I'd just better take it.
When the epidemiologists and virologists said, none of this is going to protect you anyways.
It was the doctors that led the revolt against Tommy Thompson, and the guy who said, you've got to take it, six months later said, I never said that, and I'll never take it.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate it.
Great points.
And yeah, enough cops, enough firemen, enough nurses, enough...
Doctors hear shows about how we're all dead.
A billion could die.
240 million.
You talk about fear-mongering.
240 million could die.
And then I hear other patriots who weigh in on this because it'll get people scared and they'll call in and buy the goodies that magically shield them from all this or the magic pyramid or whatever.
And it just discredits everything we're doing.
I mean, it's just...
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
You cannot talk reason to these idiots that do this.
And maybe they believe it.
I'm not saying the Globals aren't going to release bioweapons on us.
And I'm not saying we shouldn't be healthy.
And I'm not saying we shouldn't eat healthy food.
I'm not saying we shouldn't have an escape route to get to.
But I agree with John Rappaport and others.
They're going to release a chemical weapon that's controllable.
And then they're going to tell you it's a germ and just put some little squiggly thing up on TV.
And then that's the end of it, folks.
It's just like the movie...
The island where they use the threat of the outside contagion to keep people all in this prison.
They think there's nothing outside their little city, their little dome, because of the contagion that will kill them any second.
It turns out it's all staged.
Look, folks, you're being herded like stupid cattle.
It's like African bushmen will come beat their spears on their shields and will herd a lion to a certain point and they'll kill them with their 20-foot spears.
And the terrorism and the truck bombings and the swine flu and the bird... Remember, the swine flu was going to kill every human on earth.
All this, it's going to kill you any minute.
Just give up all your rights.
They're beating the brush.
Pheasant hunters do this.
You have your peasants go out and beat the brush with the nobles and out fly all the pheasants and you sit there shooting them.
This is what they do.
And even if this is going to happen, they're not going to protect you.
They want to kill you.
Officially, they want to reduce your population.
You understand?
And where the rubber meets the road, the cops really don't believe this government.
99% of them said no.
Now, I can't believe your brother is one of the 1%, actually less than 1%, that did it.
But poor thing.
I mean, you just roll your arm up and they just jab you full of whatever.
I don't want to repeat this, but it's an example I haven't talked enough about.
I've wanted to get guests on about it.
I've dropped the ball.
What's the exact search term?
It's on our website.
It was on Rents, too.
But the exact search term was in Haratz and Jerusalem Post, a big TV show in Israel about it.
People already knew about it, but they had to do a TV show about it to try to whitewash it, but they couldn't whitewash it.
It was called the Ringworm Massacre, just ringworm radiating Jewish children.
That should get it for you.
And imagine, 100,000 Jewish children.
The U.S.
government paid them what was like $3-4 billion over a 10-year period.
They tell the kids, you're going to the dentist, or you're going to have a ringworm inspection.
It's just, again, a fungus, harmless.
And they take the little, it was normally 5 to age 8, they put the little kid underneath there, and they zap him.
With 3,000 to 5,000 times safe levels of radiation.
And again, thousands died on the tables.
I mean, they'd fry little kids' brains, folks.
I mean, enough radiation to kill them on the spot.
Now, where did they find doctors to strap Jewish kids into things and fry their brains?
I mean, why aren't there 100 movies?
Look, I guarantee you, people like Spielberg know all about it.
Why did he make a movie about that?
And again, that's just one small area.
Our government pays Israel to take what are seen as second-class Jews in Israel by the Zionists.
The Jews from Spain and places.
The darker Jews.
And this is in the articles, too.
And they took them and they just fried their little brains.
And there's only a few of them alive today
And these were healthy, happy kids.
They're like retarded.
Because they got some of the lower radiation tests done on them.
And most of them died within six months to a year.
One hundred thousand.
Oh, we have a government that paid.
Ringworm experiments is a good way to search it.
Imagine taking one hundred thousand children.
And strapping them in.
Well, you didn't need any Hitler propaganda.
You didn't need any, these people aren't human.
None of that.
It was, quote, the socialist, Bolshevik, so-called Zionist Jews funded by England.
They weren't really Jews, folks.
You understand that?
And our government funded it.
Our government knowingly microwaved these kids.
Let's take one more call, and I guess I'll just won't get to the others.
I'll get to a few of the other things.
Last call, quickly.
Scott in Arizona, go ahead.
How are you doing, Mr. Jones?
How are you doing today?
I'm racist because I'm against microwaving Jewish children, but go ahead.
Well, I'm happy to hear this.
I'm actually a Jewish person, and everything you've been talking about, everything I've read on your website, I just found out about you yesterday.
And I consider myself a religious person since I've been growing up.
And from reading the Bible, reading... Let me ask you a question.
You as a Jewish person, did you know that the Israeli government zapped 100,000 Jewish children?
Actually, I did not know that, and I actually lived in Israel for six months after high school to partake in the military over there.
Now does that make you... You'll check it out.
It was in Harach and Jerusalem Post.
But will that make you then trust that government?
There's no government that I truly do trust these days.
The only person or only government that I would truly trust is God himself.
Well, I interrupted you.
Finish your point.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
Everything you've been talking about, though, has, you know, a third of the nation will die.
A third nation will die to death.
This is all in the Bible and everything that's been coming.
I've been talking about the ship being implanted and people.
I've been talking about everything you've been talking about for many, many, many years on a religious point and now seeing it coming and happening.
I mean, it's exciting times, but very thick.
Oh, it is exciting times.
I can't keep myself from working all the time.
I mean, I wake up at like 2 in the morning wanting to work.
I was never like this before.
I mean, you learn that there's a pack of people that are sworn to kill you.
I know.
It makes you want to fight them.
It does.
It does.
Here's what I want to do.
I'm only 19 years old, and...
I want to work for you.
Is there something I could do where I can meet with you?
Unfortunately, we get probably ten requests a day to do that, and I can't even.
I'm such a small operation.
Maybe someday in the future.
You can work for the fight against the New World Order, sir.
But I obviously couldn't answer that question in 30 seconds on air.
I mean, I get that question every week on radio, and then I get it every day, multiple times a day, off the...
Again, there's also the capital situation.
I don't have the money to even hire one more person.
So I couldn't, and I don't do this thing where people work for me for free.
So there is the main catch to even interviewing anybody.
I want someone to give me all the knowledge that they know, and I want to fight.
I work in wrestling.
I support myself when I'm going to school.
But every day I talk to people religiously at work.
Sir, it's simple.
If you start a website and start updating it every day and making your points, and you do that for three years, you'll have millions of visitors probably in three years.
I mean, it's really simple.
I mean, it's just applying yourself over and over again.
I'm out of time, but call me back another day.
Don't be a first-time caller, Scott.
And we'll talk again in the future.
That was Scott in Arizona.
I mean, look at these articles I've been wanting to cover.
Historic changes...
All cars are going to have an infrared camera hooked into the police department emergency management center.
There's pressure plates in the seats, and if you get up...
Or if you're sitting in the car and it gets above like 99 degrees, it automatically dials the police department.
But again, they'll be able to watch you anytime they want anyways.
That's one excuse, and they're trying to push that because it'll save 35 children a year from dying in the heat.
Why then we've got to have cameras watch you?
Well, this new one, camera spies in millions of cars to trap toll cheats, and I heard this proposed a few years ago by some of the big industry publications.
You see, the industry publications, they all communicate with each other.
It's all out in the open.
You know, the Pentagon came and spoke to our biometric conference and said, this grid will control the American people.
There'll be profits involved.
You know, I mean, it's just all out there.
The grid we put in in the U.S.
to control the public with cameras, we want to put a grid in.
We call it the population control grid system.
And we're going to have that in Iraq.
And then I'm in a restaurant.
There's an MIT magazine laying on the table.
I pick it up, and there they are bragging again the same thing.
It's just, you know, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
You get our state.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
I mean, it's real funny.
It's real funny.
And then, you know, there's a drooling public walking around.
Doesn't even know what's going on.
Cars will spy on each other to catch drivers trying to evade road tools under a scheme being proposed to enforce nationwide congestion regulations.
More than a million vehicles would be fitted with cameras to see everybody's not paying.
I love it.
To photograph the number plates of those who failed to pay.
The government is planning to pay-as-you-drive system under the fuel-duty road tax, which would be replaced by tolls for each mile traveled.
The rates would vary according to the level of congestion, with drivers paying 1 pound 34 pence, or pennies, a mile.
That's $2.00.
And again, they barely were defeated.
Well, well, well.
I mean, within the hair of our chinny-chin-chin, starting in three months.
When I went to get my inspection sticker, I would have been transpondered.
And you're thinking you just would pay the tickets?
Not having one was a felony.
And you're going to have to have your chip.
And we're going to tax you down the regular roads.
And we're inches away.
And we beat it by one vote.
And you're out there slobbering and giggling, and why don't you flash the UT horn sign at me?
Why don't you wear an orange t-shirt and fill power?
While your children will be total slaves.
No, why don't you get up off your hind ends and help me defeat these people!
Get right up beside me, not behind me!
We are inches away, fools!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
That's 888-2533-139.
Again, that number, 888-2533-139.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
The ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Look, folks, I always take on the hard issues.
The ring of fire.
And I'll tell you what I really think, and I go after it.
And while all the people that shoot their mouths off and use fake names on the radio and bash Hispanic folks, none of them showed up Saturday.
Because we were there united with good Hispanic Americans that love freedom against the Little Reconquista.
And we have drawn out the Little Reconquistas going there, seeing a plant of San Diego t-shirts, falling for killing old white males by the age of 16.
By doing that, we've drawn them out.
And now the Texas Civil Rights Review publication
Attacks Alex Jones, defends Plan of San Diego.
An amazing article by Steve Watson that links to it, and they actually defend it.
So, see, we're drawing them out.
We're drawing them out.
How dare Alex Jones?
Killing all males, white males above 16 is absolutely fabulous.
That's completely reasonable.
We've been oppressed.
I mean, what do you expect us to do?
You people!
Some folks, there's not really a rhyme or reason.
I just go off my instincts and calculate.
But it's just always good to go off those.
In hindsight, I thought, yeah, this is good.
We drew these people out.
I mean, you know, we go there, two-thirds of the march.
There for Desi Seis.
Didn't know what was going on.
We talked to him.
Oh, no, we're not for the takeover of America.
No, we just thought it was like a fun, you know, thing.
But the other third was just like, we're going to get you.
You know, it was just like, you bet this is Mexico, and you're going to be going down very soon.
You just wait.
I mean, well, okay, you know.
You don't want to live in peace.
You think you can run around and do this.
We're not going to put up with it.
And don't get mad.
It's so politely correct.
You do a voice, people get mad.
I do the Billy Bob Good Old Boy voice, too.
And I do the Yankee voice, too.
I like doing voices, so forgive me.
I do Marvin the Martian, too.
I can do the Emperor if you'd like.
Well done, Lord Vader.
All right, I'll stop screwing around.
But the point here is that we're having an effect.
And we're going to continue to have an effect.
Because I want to live in freedom.
I want to live in peace.
And the big corporations are behind this, Larry Conquista.
And I hope you'll make PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com even more powerful in the InfoWar.
You are the power.
You are the blood in the bloodstream of this energized system.
I'm just one little blood cell in the system as well.
Together, we empower this juggernaut for liberty and freedom united against these global corporations that are not free market.
And that are dehumanizing systems.
And so imagine, the Texas Civil Rights Review attacks Alex Jones' defense plan of San Diego.
What's the big deal about the plan of San Diego?
What do you do when you're dealing with oppression?
I mean, how on earth, what planet are these people from?
You know, I've done nothing to anybody, and to have these plans, you know, 2005 being promoted, and this is 1915.
And it caused horrible relations between Hispanics and whites.
We're really good before that point.
And that's even in the Hispanic Historical Society.
You know, they decry it.
I mean, this is not good, folks.
Especially if you're Hispanic.
You've got to decry these groups now.
Out of time.
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