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Air Date: Sept. 19, 2005
2634 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, believe me, my friends, this is a broadcast you are not
Going to want to miss.
I discovered a whole nother level to the rabbit hole here in this Alice in Wonderland world we live in this weekend.
There was a Mexican Independence Day rally Saturday.
Mexican Independence Day is on Friday, but they held this particular rally in March against the Minutemen.
On Saturday.
And so, Friday, I decided midway through the broadcast to ask listeners to come out to the event.
And listeners did come out to the event, and it was amazing.
And we will describe to you what happened.
We've also got some audio clips.
There were about five different newscasts locally.
Two different newspaper articles, and it aired internationally on some of the Spanish-speaking news networks.
It was on in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio.
And there were so many facets.
There were so many different areas to this story.
I didn't know that there was a Mexican plan with the German government.
To kill all whites in the Southwest above the age of 16.
Until I saw La Rican Quistas wearing the t-shirts.
And until I was told by Hispanics that were there, do you know what that means, Alex?
I later went and found out from the Hispanic Historical Society, University of Texas, University of Mexico, Mexico City, this is public.
And I said, no.
And I didn't know there had been Charles Manson-type attacks on whites in
In 1916.
And now I know where Mecha and La Raza and all of it came from, and I know why they hate Jews.
I never figured that out.
And I know where they got their whole ideology.
And then Hitler also tried to have an attack with Japanese and Mexican Americans during World War II, and it's all mainstream news, and I didn't know it.
Now, again, I know I don't know a lot of stuff.
But I thought I'd know something like this.
You know, I'd read a book about Pancho Villa.
I mean, I thought I knew about a lot of this stuff.
Folks, I had no idea.
No idea.
I wondered why the Skull and Bones has Pancho Villa's skull.
And, of course, the famous Native American skull.
Because they're into this.
And because they actually financed him.
And it's all mainstream news.
And it's always skull and bones.
It's always... It's so bizarre, folks.
It just blows me away.
And by the way, they're chipping the dead bodies with microchips.
Absolutely no reason to do this.
But they're doing it, and now they're saying, oh, as we predicted, oh, maybe we all need chips in case of disasters beforehand.
We made the jokes on air.
Paul Watson did last week.
He said, I shouldn't joke.
I'm sure it's going to happen, and of course it did.
The most horrible thing you can imagine, and more, is the reality.
Is the reality.
You tell people Zionists are actually controlled by Nazis, they will laugh at you.
You tell them the Lurican Kistas are actually Nazis, and they'll laugh at you, and it's actually true.
You tell them, it just...
The globalists have really got a sophisticated program of control.
I'll tell you right now.
There's so much news.
You know, what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to cover news, other news items, until the bottom of the hour.
And then we've got several guests that are supposed to call in who were there at the rally.
If Kevin Smith wants to call in, if others want to call in who are supposed to call in at the bottom of the hour, do it.
Steve Mason is welcome to call in and some of the great Hispanic folks that were out there who wanted to call in and describe what they saw.
Of course we're not going to use their full names since there may be repercussions.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, here's the headline out of the Austin American Statesman over the weekend.
Annual Mexican Independence Parade protested.
Police keep pro and anti-minute men demonstrators apart.
You mean when they would assault us, you mean the state police wouldn't do anything but restrain them?
Now, admittedly, eight, nine years ago, if a million mom would hit me with a sign, they wouldn't even stop them.
Though the state police claim that they like us and are on our side, they're afraid to touch a godlike liberal.
But Mike Hanson was hit with a cane by a prominent Lurican, Keisha.
Why they always assault Mike, I have no idea.
When nobody ever touches me, well, that's not true.
I've been popped with a sign a few times in the back of the head.
But compared to Mike, it's nothing.
Mike's welcome to call in, too, today if he wants to talk about this.
Then at the same time, I had some lady run up along Yoko Ono and dig her fingernails into my biceps, and then I told the police to get her off of me.
And then here's the media saying that we had to be separated.
Again, that's like if somebody rapes you, and then the police come and say, oh, we had to separate them.
No, no, no.
They were officiating the force, and I'm sick of it.
And you're going, Alex, what are you talking about?
Well, we have the Ku Klux Klan.
We have to deal with them.
We have the black supremacists.
We have to expose them.
You know, Khalid Muhammad, he's dead now, but we did expose him.
He should kill all the white people.
They're all evil.
And, I mean, Mecha and La Raza are shooting their mouths off saying the same stuff.
And I have discovered a whole lot more about these groups that I've never heard anybody talk about that is totally documented.
I mean, you know, the major university in Mexico City has a whole webpage in English about it.
University of Texas.
Texas Historical Society.
University of Illinois at Chicago.
American University.
I mean, it makes my head spin how much I learned of actual raids in 1916 to kill...
All whites above the age of 16.
And then the German government found out about it and actually funded it again in 1917 and then in 1942.
And before, and it even admits on the Hispanic historical websites and stuff in Mexico that American Mexicans, at least Mexicans in America, were all basically assimilating, were friends, were intermarrying, and that that's when all these terms started and all this hatred of Mexicans started.
Because I always wondered where that came from.
Because it really didn't exist, folks.
I mean, the founders of Texas, many of them were Hispanic.
The number two in the government who wrote the Constitution.
Over a third of the soldiers.
And I always wondered.
And I just, I didn't know all this history.
And I was three hours.
Well, that's not true.
Three hours.
And my wife going, aren't you going to spend time with the family?
And then...
Working until 1 o'clock in the morning, getting home in another hour and a half, so four and a half hours, I couldn't believe what I discovered.
And we got up this morning, and in about an hour, I wrote a five-page article.
It's not that good, but I'm going to update it, and then I'm going to write two more, part two and part three in the next few days.
But just try doing a radio show.
Try writing news articles.
Most of these lazy journalists write one article a week, folks.
I write articles every day.
We do radio shows every day.
We do interviews every day.
We do TV shows.
We do shoots.
I was last night looking at the 10 hours of video we shot that my editor put together.
We're trying to boil it down to 30 minutes for the hour TV show.
I'm not whining.
Sometimes if I'm gyrating out of control and sputtering and jabbering, it's because I'm literally just out of control.
I get a little sloppy sometimes because I'm trying to...
You know, I've got too many dishes cooking on the stovetop.
Because it's just coming at us from every angle.
Folks, I've got a stack of news here that every article I've got, I could spend three hours on.
And so I end up not even covering some of it, because you can't even do it justice unless you cover it in detail.
In fact, let me just try to... I've got this huge stack here, and it's... I don't even know where to start.
Folks, for those that are out there, just...
In getting in preparation for what I'm going to expose a little bit later, just type in the plan of San Diego into Google.
The plan of San Diego.
And you are going to be blown away.
You are going to be blown away.
Katrina corpses get chipped.
And there's a comment that we put above the AP article.
We predicted this would happen.
Yes, Paul did last week.
Now the argument will be that everyone needs to be chipped in case this kind of thing happens again.
And lo and behold, I actually heard it on the radio today.
A company that makes ID chips for humans, and Friday it has started chipping corpses in Katrina-ravaged region of Mississippi to help expedite the identification process.
You can't have a toe tag.
You can't put a bracelet around their neck.
A necklace just can't do it.
We're good to go.
I guess it was a Tiger Mart, had some speaker going, get tagged, get tagged, get your tag today, save money on gas, get tagged, get tagged, it's everywhere, folks.
Tommy Thompson, you know, that's just a little transponder tag.
Tommy Thompson traveling around telling kids, get chipped today, bubble chipping vans are in the parking lot for you right now.
Again, Senator Biden says to John Roberts, oh, we're probably going to confirm you, but are you going to make people take the chip?
You will rule on that, you know that, don't you?
Making people take the chip.
By the way, people probably don't believe that.
Will you find that clip, John, in the computer, please?
We aired it Friday.
The company, which is Obsidiary, publicly traded Applied Digital Solutions, but it is also in talks with Louisiana health authorities, but though no agreement has been reached.
Now, they've always been very, very deceptive, folks.
They claim that all the hospitals in Miami had them, and it turned out none of them had them.
They paid one doctor who was a shareholder to just take receipt of one unit.
They claimed that they'd gotten hospitals in Boston to do it, and it turned out it wasn't true.
They claimed that they had a Bureau of Prisons contract with the Bureau of Prisons in California, and all they had was a tentative agreement.
To put it in a few of their parolees, but they'd announced thousands, and then the program got exposed, and they canceled it.
They claimed that the entire staff of the Mexican Attorney General had taken it.
It turned out that he ordered his staff to take it.
He ordered 168 to take it, and only like 15 took it.
A bunch of them refused.
They did fire a few, and then everybody threatened to quit.
God bless them.
And so they had to stop.
But the point is, they're trying, folks.
Andy Rooney says you need to take it to prove you're a good person.
Biden, Senator Biden brings it up.
Did you find that clip?
Now go ahead and play the Roberts clip from last week, please.
It must not stop now, Judge.
And we'll be faced with equally consequential decisions in the 21st century.
Can a microscopic tag being planted in a person's body subtract us every movement?
There's actual discussion about that.
You will rule on that.
Mark my words before your tenure is over.
Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person is inclined toward criminality or violent behavior?
You will rule on that.
All right.
Within 30 minutes of that being announced...
What was it?
Last Monday, a caller called in and played that over his telephone off the VCR.
Actually, John, we got the actual video clip.
The listener sent it to us.
God bless him.
There's another Roberts clip.
I should have told you to expunge, to delete that bad clip.
We got a really juicy clip with really crisp audio.
Can you find that one?
I'll play that later.
I'm not complaining about the first clip we got.
I mean, the listeners are always on it.
But we have the actual video clip on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
These bodies are in an advanced stage of decomposition, said John Proctor, Verichip's Director of Communications.
Many of them have no identification marks, no wallets, no IDs.
In some cases, a tow tag is not even available.
So what does it do, putting a $200 ID tag inside each corpse?
Do nothing.
You mark an unidentified corpse.
This is Boulder Dash.
Mr. Proctor said the procedure cost $200 a tag each corpse, though the company is providing the service for free.
So like ghouls, they come in and we're here to volunteer.
Chip, chip, chip.
The death toll on the Gulf Coast from the storm has risen to 700.
It's FDA approved tag.
By the way, they've already approved a chip that goes into your sciatic nerve and manipulates the brain from the neck.
And they've already forced tens of thousands of people a year on drugs, psychotropics, and amphetamine type.
You know, folks, they're going to soon start forcing people to take this brain-manipulating chip.
So that's another problem we face, and that's also gotten FDA approval.
Let's take some calls.
Let's go to Moses in Texas.
Moses, go ahead, sir.
All righty.
One thing about the Convention Center and also something about the rally Saturday, but first a comment on the microchip
Well, I called up Campbell's one day because
I've just been noticing forever that MSG is in there.
I would not eat any other food.
If I eat MSG now, I get a violent headache.
I called them up, and they're like, customer service.
I go, yes, I wondered, I saw that you all have MSG in your caramel soup.
They go, yes, sir, we sure do.
I said, well, I had read that that was a neurotoxin, and that wasn't, whatever happened to good old salt?
They said, well, it's just a flavor enhancer.
And then I again repeated that I had read it was a neurotoxin.
She said, well, it's FDA approved.
And I said, well, it's over cigarettes.
Well, anyway, thank you.
Just cut off the horn.
Now, down at... Also, with the microchip, that is balderdash.
Just why would you put them in bodies and you don't know who they are?
It's like, thank you for doing that, but put them in... Well, also, what happened to the good old-fashioned toe tag?
We got a break, Moe.
I'll hold you over, but real fast, tell me what you think of the rally.
It was pretty heated.
I thought about making a sign going down there.
I did go down there, but I thought about making a sign that said, La Raza KKK Mismo.
Mismo means the same in Spanish, but I kind of thought better of it.
Yeah, stay there.
We'll let you finish up with your comment about the convention center.
We'll be right back, folks.
I'm going to tell the whole story.
Don't worry.
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We're good to go.
It's on their war game websites.
I mean, you can go to the Urban Warfare Drills, but see, now they're going to announce it and roll it out to the public after all these years of R&D and preparation.
Clinton, who's constantly vacationing with the Bushes, Bush has implemented every Clinton policy you can imagine.
Well, Clinton launches withering attack on Bush, on Iraq, Katrina, and the budget.
And this is his big Clinton-EU-UN takeover situation that had Condoleezza Rice and
All these other people at it.
It's totally staged, folks.
This is all staged, like WWF Wrestling.
Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan weren't really fighting.
Macho Man and Hulk Hogan weren't really fighting.
The Rock and The Undertaker weren't really fighting, folks.
Video camera system gives state police eye in the sky.
New developments there.
Folks, there's just so much, so much coming up that we're going to be covering.
But first I've got to go through all the La Reconquista after we take some calls.
Moses in Texas, finish up with your comments.
Okay, well, I have been calling news stations and asking them instead of calling it the Katrina disaster to call it the Levy disaster.
That would be more accurate.
And also on just finishing up something sarcastic on the microchips.
No, everything should be okay if we all take microchips, because nothing ever goes wrong with technology.
Plus, we can probably trust whoever wants to do that.
Oh, the government wanting to forcibly chip us to buy and sell is a wonderful sign of freedom.
It makes you really almost think, are there really the monsters from outer space that are just like...
Wanting people to get lined up.
Of course, we can't prove that.
Now to the... You know what?
I don't get into that, and I don't cover that, and I only cover what I can prove.
I'm going to say this.
But yeah, stuff is getting so weird, it makes you want to believe the conspiracies.
But I'll tell you something.
Our species has done enough evil, weird stuff in the past.
You know, I mean, it's just... People don't want to believe that we're fallen, that we're evil.
And brother, I'm here to tell you, that is in us.
And that's why we've got to dominate that and control that and suppress that and try to grow and water the good side of us and not let that dark side take over, my friend.
That's the ultra-truth.
Well, so down at the rally, I was going to come down there at 3, but then I ended up watching the news coverage and I saw Fox 7, Arzo Dost, and she said...
They had people in sombreros and with t-shirts that had the red circle with the slash through it that said, um, minute men.
And I wondered, who paid for all this?
And she said, the anti-minute men are mad at racists and people, are mad at racism and people like Alex Jones.
And then it showed just you yelling.
And then, so,
I called her afterwards.
Fox did that?
Fox did that.
I didn't catch the 10 o'clock, but I called and left her a long message.
Well, I'll tell you, they're all on the verge of getting sued, and so is Lloyd Doggett.
I mean, imagine, we're out there with blacks and Hispanics.
Our press release says, against racism.
Meche is openly there saying, yeah, you bet our motto, everything for our race, for other races, nothing.
People are wearing t-shirts that say, the plan of San Diego, that's the plan to kill all white males above the age of 16.
We're there decrying it.
The media all... Listen, I talked to reporters.
I said...
I've talked to reporters before, and they go, oh, Metsha's motto isn't that.
They go look it up, and they go, okay, that is their motto.
I remember her to go to InfoWars and told her that you weren't racist, that there's even Mexican men at men as well.
Look, look, look.
They don't cover that.
There's a reason InfoWars.com is bigger than Statesman.com.
There's a reason PrisonPlanet.com is beginning to rival the DallasMorningNews.com.
People don't believe these folks anymore.
People don't believe that?
Listen, listen, listen.
It's a bunch of bull.
By the time I'm done with all these people, you just wait.
You just wait until I cover this stuff in the next segment, Mo.
So that makes... I didn't see that newscast.
I saw like five of the other ones because they had different variants.
But you're saying she went live down there and said they're mad at racists and people like Alex Jones.
Yes, they include that both altogether.
That was at the 6 o'clock Saturday night.
Notice, they're real slick, though.
They didn't dare call me a racist.
They did what the ADL does.
They say your name and then merge it.
Well, you just wait until I'm done with them.
Also, when I went down there, I ended up... Folks, it doesn't look like any trouble has happened.
They looked kind of a little disappointed.
But three white kids came jogging up to me when I went down there and said, Is Alex still here?
And they laughingly replied, No, we ran that racist out of here.
And I said, uh, oh, was he talking about how LaRosa and KKK are the same?
And this girl, almost pre-programmed, victoriously said, yeah, that right-wing nut.
Stay there.
I want to hear the rest of this.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, to understand the level of deception that the media all over the state of Texas and internationally engaged in, as if they were all going off the script.
Here is our press release, which they all received.
And I personally talked to all the news station individuals, the news directors and the people answering the hotlines, to get the news cameras out there.
And I said, do you have my press release?
Okay, Metra says that for their race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
I want to send you to their website.
Are you there?
Yes, I'm reading it.
Okay, do you understand?
We're going to be there, not against the parade itself, but pointing out that some of the people in control of this parade and some of those infiltrating and controlling it are into this.
And there's going to be t-shirts and people dressed up saying this.
Will you cover it?
Well, we'll be there.
In our press release, Texas for Freedom announces rally in support of American and Texas sovereignty against Mecha and La Raza, demonization of Texas heritage.
Alex Jones to lead demonstration against dangerous La Reconquista movement.
And then in the article we talk about their racist activities.
Now, we get out there, and as this massive crowd...
And it wasn't as massive as they said it would be.
I'd say 500, 600.
You know, the statesmen got everything wrong except this.
They said, we had 100 people.
It was more than that.
We were there for like three hours.
People came and went.
But 100 at any one time.
We had about 100 people.
And they had about, the statesmen said 400.
Nah, I'd say about 500, 600 were in the Desi Seis Independence Parade.
Now, there had been 5,000 people at the real Desi Seis Parades the day before and at the parties.
Everybody was just having a good time.
Again, and I'd say of the 500, 600 people in the Desi Seis parade, about a third or a little more were hardcore Mexican racists.
So, again, the other two-thirds were just kind of, huh?
And then they'd be mad at us, but then they'd see Hispanics on bullhorns, they'd hear me talking, they'd come over, what's going on?
I'd go, you know about this, and, well, I'm not for that, I don't want to kill white people, or I'm not against white people.
Well, all right, get over here with us, you know, I mean, you know.
So, people need to understand this.
And the leaders of this were all like Lloyd Doggett, white liberal controllers.
It's like it's big Republican money funding all this.
They want us at each other's throats.
Do you know who funded a move to have all whites killed above the age of 16 in Texas?
The German government.
I didn't know this, folks.
I discovered this because of shirts they were wearing.
I mean, these people are nuts, folks.
I mean, this is like leftover revolution stuff from, you know,
90 years ago, 85 years ago.
We're going to go to Danny, a friend of mine, a good American who some of us would call Hispanic or Spanish, but we're just going to use Danny's first name because I don't want folks coming after him.
And then we're going to be talking, I want to get Steve Mason on later who was there, quite a historian in all this.
Also, Kevin Smith, if you're out there listening, I know you're at work today.
You were there running camera.
You saw quite a bit.
I had four camera people there.
I just served out cameras basically to four friends of mine.
And so they all caught a lot of stuff I didn't catch.
Now watching the video, I'm seeing stuff worse than what I saw.
I was just busy on the bullhorn.
People running up and screaming, we're going to kill you.
This is Mexico.
White's out.
And imagine, I'm on the bullhorn going, we love the Hispanic people.
The founders of Texas were Hispanic.
The idea to secede from Spain that Mexico picked up was started by the man who wrote the Constitution for Texas.
He tried to secede from Spain before he tried to secede from Mexico.
You know, on and on and on.
You need to know that Macha and La Raza are racist.
Look at the local radio station.
Call the invasion.
You're being funded by corporations.
You know, rich, white-owned companies are funding 690-something billboards in L.A.
saying L.A.
Why are they doing that?
is Mexico.
Please, you need to understand America is good.
And the response I... And notice the media and all the news clips can only show me in the background on the bullhorn, which say nothing... wouldn't let you hear what I was saying.
On no newscast, Dallas, Houston...
San Antonio, the only fair TV, folks, was Mexican TV.
My parents were in Matt's El Rancho eating Mexican food.
They had the UT football team game on one screen, and they had Mexican TV on the other.
And they had subcaptions, but there I am speaking in English.
They had me for like two minutes giving my spiel on Mexican TV.
But no American TV, no U.S.
television would allow word one out of my mouth.
Because everything is, this is meant to divide and conquer.
These groups are racist.
They want to overthrow America.
Go ask them in their parade.
Go ask them.
Why they're doing this.
They would not allow it.
They would just simply show Lloyd Doggett going, the people that are for the Minutemen, why they wear white sheets.
And you know...
We need to get the Minutemen.
We know people have had bad repercussions of the Minutemen with jobs and stuff in Texas.
You need to sign on.
Call me.
I'm ready for a suit, folks.
We need people that have had the damages, and I don't care if we don't win it.
We need to take Lloyd Doggett and drag his piece of trash hind into court.
Listen, I just got through suing AXS TV, folks.
I spent $11,000 on that.
And you know what?
We didn't even win the suit, but in discovery all the dirt came out
And that place just lost its management and now a new management team came in after 32 years.
So, we just routed that out.
And I've sued stalkers.
And I think I'm going to sue Lloyd Doggett.
I'm really strongly concerned.
Or maybe I'll sue local Fox.
We're going to be giving the phone numbers out.
Listen, they have raised a sleeping giant.
I am going to expose these people.
I'm on the war path now, folks.
I'm on the warpath.
And now I discovered that they're Nazi-funded and controlled?
Now I discovered that this whole Metro movement... I wondered why it was so Nazi-like.
The symbols, everything.
Again, I didn't know!
By the way, the Nazis didn't start, folks, in 1940.
It just blows me away.
And I know everybody's holding and I'm ranting.
Is Mo still there?
Mo, finish up with these young, stupid kids we're saying once you got there after we left.
Yeah, they came skipping up, just stars in their eyes, and were so happy.
Before I left, after they said, that right-wing nut, I go, that's weird.
And the girl with the two guys, she said, that's not weird.
Well, did you kind of explain to them that you've been listening for 12 years or whatever?
Actually, one came, was skipping up without a shirt and looked like he was ready to start socking people's heads in, so instead I went to the crowd of the Annie Minuteman folks and just loudly I said, Everybody should love each other, then we could have no borders.
The Mexicans are being used.
Divide and conquer.
They're going to get microchips for everybody.
The government's finally going to say...
Oh, geez, you know, there really is a problem with undocumented people.
That's why we're getting microchips for everybody.
Microchips for everybody.
Oh, amen.
First ID cards and biometrics.
They've already passed that.
It's going in right now.
And I just walked off and said, everybody love each other, and I just got the hell out of there and made... Look, their whole movement is funded by the Republicans and the Democrats.
It's funded by the big, literal companies that funded Hitler.
God, these people just don't get it.
Have you heard that there was a $3,000 to $5,000 a head reward for Minutemen?
Oh, yeah, that's been in the newspaper.
Look, there's a $100,000 reward on Dead Border Patrol, and they've killed quite a few.
Thanks for the call, Mo.
I appreciate you holding while I've been babbling.
I'm going to spend a lot of time on this today.
I'm about to start a... I've got to settle down sometime here and just slowly go through what I discovered.
Folks, I've learned a whole new level.
A whole new level just by their T-shirts.
And then I was talking to Hispanics that were there who were on our side, and they go, you don't know about the plan of San Diego?
I was like, no.
And then we have a fellow there who studied Chicano Studies and the rest of it, and he goes, you don't know, Alex?
And Steve Mason filled me in on it, too.
Then I went and found out, folks, and not from some right-wing group or something, from Mexican universities, the plan to kill all white males.
I mean, the German government financing it.
They're like, that doesn't make sense.
Oh yeah, the Germans and the Japanese.
It's divide and conquer, folks.
And I wondered where all this came from.
Now I know.
It just freaks me out.
And I mean, again, the corporations are funding them and they're going to protect them.
And we're getting the phone number for Fox News locally.
We're getting the phone number for News 8.
And I want people to call them and just let them know.
Be polite because the person answering the phone isn't evil.
And just tell them, you know, that...
Tell them whatever's on your mind, but that you're fully aware of how you covered up our anti-racist march.
Folks, News 8 showed Hispanics that were there on our side wearing InfoWars.com t-shirts and said they were the people protesting us.
Do you understand that?
I mean, they couldn't show our crowd because it was blacks and Hispanics and whites, so they would show our crowd and say that was the other crowd.
Do you realize the level of deception...
Top story, last two days in Austin.
And I have to watch these reports and get sick to my stomach.
I mean, I'm really sick, folks.
And I'm not going to have my name besmirched because it isn't some guilt thing or I've been bullied into saying I don't dislike other groups of people.
I don't, folks.
I don't dislike other groups of people.
But I do dislike the ones that hate my guts and are self-righteous about it.
Look, I'm declaring war on you.
Do you understand?
I'm going to crush you.
Because I've got the American people.
We're going to crush you.
And that's it, folks.
Remember Austin.
Remember the Daisy Sace Parade.
This is the start, folks.
We're going to win.
You watch.
Just like the Whites and the Tejanos together defeated the out-of-control Mexicans the first time, we're going to win this time, folks.
So, Info War has been declared on you.
I am launching a major offensive.
My next film, after the one I'm completing is done, is going to be the ultimate La Reconquista expose.
It's over for you.
I am going to dedicate masses of time to this because now I realize I've always known it's one of the biggest three issues, but it is one of the absolute centerpieces.
I'm going to shut up.
Danny, my good friend, who of course is in the Patriot Freedom Movement, does a great job.
And Danny, it was good to have dinner with you after that situation.
Us racists, all of us sitting there together, black folks and Hispanics eating dinner.
But what was it like being there, Danny?
I mean, my descriptions, do you agree with it?
Do you disagree, Danny?
I agree.
I just thought that it was amazing that some of the most vocal people on the other side weren't even Mexicans.
There seemed to be a lot of provocateurs there.
It's the old divide and conquer situation.
It was just amazing to me.
Do you want to go over the guy hitting Mike with a cane or what they were saying or the shirts they were wearing?
Do you want to comment on that?
Well, there were a lot of racist shirts there.
In fact, they were mostly accusing you of being a racist.
Anybody who really knows you and what you're all about and what you're talking about knows that you're not a racist.
And that seemed to be their big chant, and they wouldn't even stop to listen to hear what you were really saying.
They were just chanting these racist slogans over and over, trying to drown out the message.
While wearing shirts that said, The Plan of San Diego.
And I wasn't aware of that myself.
I'm going to look that up myself and check that out.
It's kind of interesting.
Well, the first few things you'll see are like Google just comments denying it.
Then you go to the La Reconquista websites, they brag about it, but you go to the historical text, Mexico City, I mean, there's Mexican textbooks on it.
So it's real, and the German government then tried to piggyback on top of it, and I didn't know about it.
So it just blows me away.
But something else...
Well, working in the truth community, my son is of course exposed to a lot of the truth of what's going on in government.
A couple of weeks ago he decided not to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance and it wasn't because of the under God situation or anything like that.
He just felt that why should he be pledging allegiance to a government that led us into a war based on manipulated intelligence and so he just decided to sit it out.
Well, his teacher confronted him afterwards and told him that it was a Texas state law that required him to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance.
And so he was sent up for referral for detention.
We got a call home all about it.
And so my wife decided to get on the Internet and look this thing up.
And there was something in 2003 passed by our governor, Rick Perry.
And I think it's mostly ceremonial, but it says that... Yeah, it's another color of law thing.
And after looking it up, it did state that there is no penalty for it, and that if parents wish to have their students opt out from it... Yeah, it's like the vaccines.
There's no law, but you've got to give us a slip saying you don't want to do it.
You have to write them in writing.
You have to go through the motions and tell them that you want your son or daughter to opt out.
There's no law.
Why do you have to write it?
And again, it's the same thing with the vaccines.
So what did they do to your son?
The classic Nazi-Soviet tactic.
Well, my wife wrote him a letter.
It was a pretty good letter and told him that she wished to opt out, but she felt that it's not good for kids to just stand up and write and recite questionable
You know, getting behind a government that, you know... No, I mean, I love the flag, but now it's been expropriated by the globalists, and we should get in the habit of doing nothing this government tells us to do.
So, anyway...
They said fine, that was a good letter, and your son, but then the same teacher then wanted my son to stand outside the class while the... Which is a form of shunning or being ostracized, total mind control.
I wouldn't put up with that.
Well, we didn't, and I told my son, don't step out of the class.
It's your right to be in that class, and you shouldn't be singled out for that.
Well, I think other students should stand with him.
Well, the name of the school is Stony Point High School.
I was surprised.
He brought up this issue as an aside from what happened.
He goes, did you know that they want us to wear our name tags around our neck?
I'm all for kids having their ID cards and it's fine to carry them in your wallet or whatever, but they want them to wear them around their neck.
They issued all the kids lanyards which say Army National Guard.
And it has their 1-800 number.
Go guard.
Which is a continual brainwashing and things you wear around your neck.
Major studies have shown you become very attached to.
Right, and these are wide lanyards.
The scripts on them are very wide, easy to see, and it's just like advertising.
Kids will read this over and over and over.
It's almost three-quarters of an inch wide.
Right, and they read it over and over, just like advertising, and it becomes branding.
But more than that, the psychological studies that I've read show that wearing something next to your body, well, you know how it is.
I lost my wedding ring.
I got really upset because I was really attached to it.
So I just think that they're preparing all these kids for conscription eventually.
And I just think... You know, the kids can opt out with that lanyard and buy their own.
Buy their own, yes.
And they can buy their generic.
In closing, we've got about 30 seconds left.
What did you think of the newscast?
On TV?
I just thought it was a little one-sided.
They kind of painted you as the radical protester and...
They didn't really give it accurate coverage.
How many newscasts did you see?
I saw a couple of newscasts.
I've seen five, and I'm told there's others out there where they don't like racists and Alex Jones.
And let me tell you, that's slander.
They know exactly what they're doing, and I'm not going to put up with it.
So, hey, anything else you want to add?
No, that's it.
I just so begins the fight here to get the truth out, and my hat's off to you for what you're doing out there.
No, my hat's off to you for coming out there.
God bless you.
All right, you take care, Alex.
We'll be right back, folks.
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We're going to go to Kevin Smith here in just a second.
We're going to hold him over into the next hour a little bit.
Then I'm going to settle down and play news clips and go right through all the new developments, what happened at the rallies yesterday, and how this affects the entire country.
It is so important, folks.
I mean...
It just reaffirms all my other research.
I had no idea I'd stumble into this.
It just never ends.
It's just what I've discovered has just been like a thunderbolt.
But I want you to call News 8 Austin, who I called beforehand, who I confirmed were their news directors.
You know that matches...
Motto is, for our race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
Yes, I've seen it.
Do I need to bring you videotapes of them with pictures of white people's heads cut off?
In effigy.
Saying they're going to kill whites.
Okay, your news crew's coming out.
Now, my headline in my press release is, we're fighting racism.
Can you just get that?
Well, we'll just see you there, Alex.
None of the news got that.
Then they played that piece of trash, Lloyd Doggett, going, the people that are for the minute, man, they're not new, they really wear white sheets.
And I've got to say, the statesman in a deeper area of their site does have a photo of me surrounded by Hispanic supporters, but nothing in the article about that.
That's the only news anywhere we found that in any inkling had a fragment to tell the truth.
This is incredible.
It is yellow journalism.
It is a false report.
It could be proven to a jury.
The question is, do I want to crusade off and fight them that way and get a judgment?
Maybe I need to.
I've got to look at who's the most egregious, and frankly...
I don't know.
It's just painful.
It's very painful to be in Circuit City yesterday and buying a new hard drive as you fill up the other one with video and to have a few Hispanic folks, most of them shaking my hand, and Hispanic folks buying me dinner when I'm in a restaurant, but some of the poor Hispanic folks I know who saw me on the news were kind of looking at me like they were scared of me.
That made my blood boil.
I need those people as allies against the New World Order!
The New World Order has manipulated them!
All right, I'm out of control.
Coming up in the next hour, folks, I'm going to give you the number to call News 8 Austin and local Fox for some of the worst reports.
And I want you to call them.
Call them right now.
Just call different extensions.
Just talk to different people, especially if you're locally in Austin and saw it or you were at the rally and saw the lies.
512... Oh, I wrote this so fast I can't even read my own writing.
I'll get the numbers when we get back and give them to you.
I'm just...
I'm invigorated at certain levels knowing I'm in the right five, but in other areas I'm very depressed.
The right five.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It was unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
It was unbelievable.
Going to the Dacey Sace Parade knowing that it was predominantly a racist, hate America, take over America, kill whitey operation.
We have the comments, the admissions, the t-shirts, all of it.
And we're there with good Hispanics and blacks and white folks that love freedom.
Good Americans who are on the cutting edge.
Not left or right.
Not, you know, Minuteman, Oral Reconquista.
Just they're exposing this.
And the news universally covering it up, absconding with the truth, lying, deceiving.
I want to thank Jack Blood, everybody that came out.
And there's other facets to it.
They're the white racists who demonize Hispanics that literally the New World Order couldn't pay for better propaganda against the truth movement.
These guys who use fake names because they're prominent in the local community and don't want you to know their real name when they're on the radio, they attack us.
They attack us for not calling Hispanics names, and then they won't show up somewhere at a demonstration against the open borders and against the racism of some of the Hispanics because they're afraid people will see them and know who they really are.
I mean, it's just the height of cowardice and hypocrisy, calling us names because we don't hate these other races, and then shooting their mouths off and then not showing up at the event.
I could do a whole show on that.
It's just so disgusting.
There's a way to defeat the New World Order.
We've got this figured out, folks, but you've got to get sophisticated.
And the people protesting us were just so dumbed down, like the general public, like sports teams.
They just couldn't even hear what we were saying.
That was about a little over a third of them.
The other folks, if I could talk to them, would go, Oh, I see what you're saying.
No, no.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I understand.
So we're going to talk about all that.
I've been making him hold too long.
Kevin Smith, brand camera for us out there, did a great job.
Kevin, you were there.
I mean, what was it like for you?
I'm torn.
I've got to get a good buzz out of going out there and sticking it to it.
But at the same time, it hurts me in my heart.
It saddens my soul.
To see mind-controlled, brainwashed people that were as nasty and mean-spirited and as violent as they were, and I'm not really speaking of the Hispanics that were there other than their leaders.
I'm talking about the black bloc, white kid college anarchists.
They're just ridiculous.
Well, they're going to be getting foundation jobs.
I was telling one of the ringleaders that, and he was nodding his head like it was funny.
I'm so sick of these people.
I was looking at the statesman.
They had a photo section connected to one of the articles.
It says Alex Jones uses a bull horn to make his views heard in a counter demonstration against the parade.
In this photo Alex, not counting yourself, there are basically six people that you can see their faces.
Four of the six are Hispanic and they are standing with you.
They got your back.
By the way, we're not professional demonstrators.
We had over 100 people.
We were spread out all over the place.
They would all get one little mass and then just chant mindlessness.
Yeah, I left you guys.
You know, I went down Congress to the parade and stood in the middle of the parade route and had them go past me.
And then when I got back to the counter-protest site, I basically left you there and went up to the Capitol steps to videotape Lord Doggett and the head of LULAC and
Everyone else up there talking about our God and the eagle with a snake in its beak.
By the way, we have a previous LULAC head saying we need to implement the plan of San Diego which calls for killing all whites above the age of 16.
Well, you know, I took... We're supposed to just take this, Kevin.
Alex, I know we are.
We're supposed to be good little citizens.
Well, I'm not taking it.
I'm declaring war on these people.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
You know, I took a couple years of high school German, you know, and I'm not really much of a Spanish speaker, but I'm, you know, a sixth-generation Texan.
You know, it's part of my culture.
I know some Spanish, and I didn't appreciate when the LULAC head did call us the stupid white devils.
And I look at this picture, well, I guess he's including these Hispanics in that group, too, so...
All right, we're going to be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
And listen, it's not just our story and what happened.
We've got a bunch of international news, too.
It's the lies, the media manipulation.
It's just a microcosm.
We're going to expose it.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, I know a lot of stations carry the last two hours, so I want to recap for everybody that's joining us.
We're going to get into Clinton lashing out at Bush.
It's totally staged.
Clinton lashing out at Bush with a bunch of Bush's employees there at the meeting.
This is all false left-right WWF wrestling.
We're going to get into that.
Also, they're microchipping dead Katrina victims.
Oh, we all need microchips.
See, this would fix the problem.
North Korea is saying they're going to drop their nuclear program now.
A lot of new developments with Iran's nuclear program.
A lot of, as you know, bombings just every day.
Upwards of 50 plus people dying a day.
I mean, last week they had days where over 100 people were dying per day.
In Iraq.
I'm going to cover international news and take your calls in the next hour.
I'll take some calls this hour too, but... There was going to be a day-to-day parade...
They were putting up statues of Mexican revolutionaries in Austin at parks.
I researched some of the groups promoting this parade.
I called up some of their leaders, and they were making jokes.
I said, well, sir, are you guys against white people?
Because I wanted to just check before I come out and cover your parade.
Well, no, gringo, you don't mind me calling you that.
Why are you white?
Why aren't you brown?
You're a racist, aren't you?
Like the Zionists.
I'm like, what?
Like, you know, it's just like, really?
I mean, I'm going to call somebody else in one of these groups.
Hey, it's Alex Jones.
Hey, how you doing, gringo?
Okay, I'm going to come protest you.
And then you get there, and your press release says, we're here against racism.
You know, Hispanics are the majority now in Texas.
Most of them aren't like this.
We have a lot of great Hispanics with us.
But we're here to protest this.
We tell the media, get in press releases.
The media comes out.
Yeah, Alex Jones was there.
Lloyd Doggett says they're secretly clan members.
I mean, folks, people were in signs saying, This is America.
Plan of San Diego, which is to kill all white males above the age of 16.
I mean, this isn't some right-wing publication either, folks.
This is Mexican universities in Mexico City.
This is like...
Mainstream UT, okay?
Hispanic Historical Society.
I didn't, but not just the plan, they did it.
That's why the Army had to get called in in 1916.
They came across the border, literally like Helter Skelter, and would just find hapless farmers in the fields and shoot them, torture them, cut them up with machetes, go into houses, kill whole families.
And nobody teaches that in school.
I didn't know this!
Then the German government financed them to try to do it again in World War I. And then in World War II.
I had no idea.
Because I'm sitting there with Hispanics and they're going, Alex, do you know what that Planet San Diego shirt means?
I'm like, no.
San Diego?
San Diego, California?
No, San Diego.
Tejas, brother!
And then...
Steve Mason, who's got a library of degrees in sociology and stuff, goes, Oh, yes, Planet of San Diego.
See, Alex, that's why they're so dangerous.
Alex, you didn't know about Planet of San Diego?
I'm scared.
They're going to kill all of us.
And I'm sitting there.
I mean, it's Twilight Zone.
You've got people wearing shirts that say, We're going to kill all of you.
There's a guy up on the stage calling us stupid white devils.
20% of our crowd was black and Hispanic and Asian or more.
Of 100 people.
The media totally ignores it.
I mean, it's just such an example.
But, folks, I shouldn't have been surprised.
The time I found the old white man hanging off two young black men.
It's famous footage.
It was all over the country.
It was on the news here locally.
And the statesman, again, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, local director, runs in right before I...
I was going to testify.
They made us wait.
They were going to ban people touching guns under 18 and shut down gun shows.
And I'm there with this big crowd.
And we packed the giant, you know, Congress room out.
We had people, hundreds out in the hall.
About to go to you, Kevin.
And I'm in there.
I just got to tell this story.
The JPFO is just so classic, I called a racist.
Here comes running in the Jewish guy going, Alex, get out there!
They're paying off those guys that just testified.
Which it turned out even the Ethics Committee admitted, and people end up losing elections over this, by the way.
It became a big scandal.
The House Ethics Committee admitted, and the bills, by the way, were going to pass.
They got defeated because of this scandal.
And haven't been brought up since because of it.
Did you know that?
And I'm not tooting my horn, folks.
I can't do it all.
I can't always be there, always fighting them, always working 18 hours a day.
You've got to do it, and it's exciting and fun.
I run out in the hall, and it was like some movie.
He's paying off the second one.
Eighty, a hundred, a hundred and twenty, a hundred and... Paying him like, what was it, four hundred bucks a piece.
And I went over, and I go, did you just pay him off?
And the guy turns and goes, you're a racist, aren't you?
This old white guy, and I said, what do you mean?
You're not allowed to pay people for testimony.
It's for expenses.
And these black guys who didn't talk in gang member voices, they were actors, folks.
When they got up before the stand, they're like, Yo, yo, yo, we's black gang members.
We'll kill you.
These dangerous guns, you want to ban them?
Literally, I've got it all on tape.
I've got to put that in a film.
I did a TV show.
Mike Hanson, I know, is digging out of our archives, the ones he's got, of where I protested the Klan all those times for the TV show.
I also need the bribery tape, which you, for some reason, can't find.
I'm begging you, I want that tape.
Mike, you're the steward of those.
I know you're busy, but get them.
Dig them out.
He's got a whole closet full of them.
And I want the tape...
Where we bullhorned a million moms.
I'm digressing.
The point is, the statesman admitted the video, admitted that I caught the bribery, admitted that the House Ethics Commission said that it was illegal but didn't do anything, and then said, but is Alex Jones racist?
Would Alex Jones have shown this video if the people being paid off would have been white?
Of course I would have!
I mean, literally, it's like saying you're against aspartame in your children's juice.
And you go protest aspartame, and the media walks up and says, are you against Jews?
I mean, it's thought crime.
They just use racism as the basis to get us used to hearing about thought crime.
And you can't say that, or, oh, that's hateful.
I mean, I've got to sue people.
I mean, the ADL's been sued and lost some lawsuits over slandering people.
I should sue them.
They have slandered me.
I haven't.
I guess I'm wrong.
I mean, they've come right out.
I've got them red-handed, folks, just lying about me.
I really should sue.
Maybe we should start an endowment to sue these people.
I just don't have the money, folks.
I mean, it's expensive to sue people.
To save AXS TV, I spent $11,000.
And now we saved it for another three or four years.
It was gone, folks.
I don't have the money.
I mean, I want to sue local Fox News.
I want to sue the Statesman.
I want to sue all these people.
I'm not saying send me money to sue them yet.
I'm not sure if I want to.
I always cool off and don't.
Mate, we have to, though.
We have to, because they've got to be punished.
Imagine showing a jury where they're going, we're against racism, love, and freedom.
Ah, shut up, wife.
We're going to get you.
You're going to get out.
We're going to kick you out of here.
And imagine showing the jury that, then showing them a newscast where they imply we're racist.
And then subpoenaing those raw tapes from those news channels and showing how they couldn't show a word I said because it was all against racism.
I'm mad, folks.
I mean, I'm mad.
I'm glad I went down there, though.
I mean, this is... Look, there are local talk show hosts who do talk bad about Hispanics, and they do so much harm.
So harmful to the movement against the New World Order.
It plays right in the New World Order's hands.
And they use fake names because they're locally prominent in other areas.
I've never exposed them, even though they slander me and attack me and do all this.
But then they don't show up to protest the racist Hispanics.
They don't show up to the rally because they don't want to be seen because they're afraid.
But I go out and actually fight and stand up against it and then get lied about.
I'm disgusted.
Kevin, you know who I'm talking about.
It's just the irony of it.
Kevin Smith, give us your report.
Well, it surely wasn't some of the fabulous people weren't out there, people that talk a lot of trash, but they surely weren't there.
But I'll tell you what, Alex, you know, when I was trying to talk to some of these knucklehead anarchist types, you know, I got this, the prevailing talking point from these people kept being that the minute men are abusing immigrants at gunpoint.
Total lie.
They keep saying that.
And now they've got some infiltrator that resigns and says it might get violent.
Well, they also added that George Bush was behind the Minutemen project.
And I just, you know, one of those people you saw me talking to, I've known her for years.
She's basically a good person.
I just kept telling her, you know, you're just flat wrong about this.
No, no, she's not.
She walked over to me and accused me of hiring the Hispanics that were there.
Point blank in front of the news camera and said, you paid these people, didn't you?
How much did you pay these Hispanics?
And then she told me I was a racist.
Yeah, I know.
She's one of the people that might get a lawsuit.
Let me read something real quick.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Let me read something out of the statesman here.
Al Garza, his last name is, state president of the Minuteman Group, said critics are unjustly accusing members of racism and gun violence to shift attention from the problem of uncontrolled illegal immigration.
I've got to go interview Al Garza.
I mean, hey, there he is.
He says, they say we're a bunch of vigilantes, Nazis, white supremacists.
Well, you have what they say.
They say whatever the hell they want.
The focal point for us is illegal immigration.
We wouldn't exist if the government was doing their job on the border, Garza said.
And it goes on further.
We get down to Ray Ybarra, who is the local ACLU person monitoring the Minuteman project, and he goes on to say...
That the word needs to be gotten out that these individuals are the future terrorists of America.
And if they are not successful in their mission, these will be the people to start blowing things up, Ybarra said.
That is a suit right there.
They're implying that the Minutemen are terrorists and they're going to blow things up.
And if you remember the Minutemen, folks, you've got rights to sue.
And I'm not a too happy person.
We have to defend ourselves, folks.
You know, when that girl was trying to convince me that her side was right, and I said, listen, listen to that speaker up there.
Listen to what's coming out of his mouth.
That is pure racism, just the same as the Klan preaches.
And I said, you know Alex has gone after the Klan more than anybody.
She goes, well, but these people are down, and they're disadvantaged, and they have to because they're oppressed.
And I said, well, they're already the majority.
When do they stop?
And she almost looks like she's going to start crying because she could not convince me.
Yeah, exactly.
Look, I'm a minority now.
I don't appreciate this.
I mean, I've done nothing to these people.
And they keep telling me they want to fight.
They're going to get one.
You're going to get it now!
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Let me just tell all the Californians and people that have moved into Texas, this is Texas, and old Texans do not dislike Hispanics.
In fact, old Texas is just all intermarried ranchers.
Everybody got along.
And I knew that, but then reading more in the Hispanic Historical Society website, after the situation with the plan of San Diego,
That's when a lot of racism and attacks on Hispanics started.
Because 21 whites were killed.
I mean, families were slaughtered.
I mean, these were like Charlie Manson type crowds with the sombreros and black masks on.
And they would just come in and kill whites.
And they tried to get the Hispanic population to rise up and kill all the whites.
And of course, the Hispanics wouldn't do it.
And, you know, for all the crowds that are here now and all these hippies and trendies that think this is all funny, this isn't a joke.
And you are creating division in our state, and you're creating hatred, and you're endangering us all, and I'm going to rout you out.
Just get it straight.
Let me get people the phone numbers to News 8 Austin.
We've got all the facts and the press release and misrepresented us.
Call them nicely, but just tell them, especially if you live in Central Texas, that you're not watching them anymore.
You're boycotting them unless they run retractions and at least admit what our press release was or interview me.
Because I'm already having bad repercussions from this and I don't appreciate it.
And they knew exactly what they did.
I mean, they had to consciously never let anything of what we said get out on air because it was all against racism.
So they could then have Boyd Doggett imply we were racist. 512...
What's 512-531-8000?
That's the general number.
Call the news director.
Call other people.
Just call a couple people at that number.
Let them know that we're aware of what they did.
Covering up for racism.
Tribalism is what it really is.
512-531-8000 or 512-531... Here's the news tip line.
512-531-8888 Call the statesmen.
Tell them shame on them as well.
They had to consciously abscond to not show what our message was.
512-531-8888 And you can call Fox at 512-476-7777 512-476-7777 Or 512-472-0988 Please don't wait.
Kevin Smith
So many facets to what happened, so many facets to what developed, but other observations you made, and then I'm going to do a detailed report after we've got a break.
You know, toward the end when you were bullhorning the anarchist and I'd run out of battery basically from filming the hate speech up at the Capitol steps, I came down and you saw me talking to that high and tight haircut Hispanic Marine, had his shirt off,
This guy was a Billy Bad Butt looking guy.
He had the La Rossa tats on him and gang tats.
He's an ex-Marine.
He just got out of the Marine Corps.
When I was filming the parade coming into the gates, I was allowed to stand between the two protesting groups.
I was standing with the police filming.
I saw him come up.
He saw you and he got this weird smile on his face.
He started trying to come through the police line.
The police stopped him and turned him back.
He started trying to talk to him and tell him something.
They just said, go on.
I was concerned he was trying to attack you.
When I talked to him later, I realized it was the same guy.
It turns out he was there to protest the Minutemen, but he's one of your biggest fans.
He's a huge fan of yours from Dallas.
He sat there and he just kept watching these stupid anarchist college kids chanting their nonsense.
It started to dawn on him that maybe Alex has never lied to him before and Alex he knows is not a racist.
I watched him change sides right in front of me.
He reminds me a lot of our friend Big Rob, the Hispanic rapper here in Austin.
He was just a hardcore gang banging thug in his past.
He's got teardrop tats and the whole thing.
You changed his life.
You really sparked the light inside of his soul as far as Chris Othanas and George Humphries and all those guys really woke him up.
He's just one of the most kind hearted people I know now.
He has a past of a really dangerous, dark past.
You've really done a lot for waking people up like that.
I've got to commend you for that.
I think so.
All these little white kids, they were pilgrims too, but all the so-called Hispanics are half or more Spanish.
I mean, it's just mindless idiocy.
It's retarded.
Anything else, Kevin?
Yeah, hold me up for a minute.
Okay, I'll let you finish because I've got a big report on this.
I'm going to do a big report on this, folks.
Just wait until you learn the new developments.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
Globalists are concerned with what's good for big business in the American empire, instead of what's fair for the American people.
The only antidote to the poison of globalism is nationalism.
We're good to go.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Basically, what happened yesterday is the equivalent of, say, black sharecroppers protesting not being paid and peacefully going and not saying a racial word
To the local sharecropper owner, the local landowner, and then the local landowner screams racial names at them, and then the newspaper says blacks were there being racist.
I mean, that's what happened.
And there were, if I could talk, several variants of a news report I'm going to be playing here in a moment from News 8 so we can analyze it and decipher the propaganda.
There were even worse reports from some of the other news channels and around the state that I haven't even had time to load onto the web yet so they can grab it up at the network in Minnesota because I'm down here in Austin, Texas.
But rest assured, in the next few days, we're going to have huge video reports on all of this going up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And part one of the series, a three-part series I'm writing, I just posted this morning.
There on InfoWars.com.
Now I would ask that presentplanet.com post that as well.
Let everybody get that out to people.
Because I'm going to get into why this is so important here in just a moment.
But Kevin, finish up what you were saying?
Yeah, yesterday, Alex, I was leaving the ice cream social that Michael Bednarik was having.
He's going to be running against Michael McCall, so we'll be hopefully taking him back out of Congress.
As I was leaving yesterday, our favorite Grammy Award winning local blues man was in the parking lot with his lovely family walking up.
I asked if they had seen it and his wife said, oh, she was just shaking.
She was so mad.
She said, that's it.
I'm calling Doggett.
I'm writing letters to Doggett.
I mean, just livid about his comments and the way it was reported.
I mean, you know, that guy is a great person and loved by all races around the world and
It's just such a fraud what they're trying to portray.
But let me give one little plug here last, Alex, and I'll let you go.
Folks that are listening, on October 1st, it's a Saturday, it's going to be our turn on the state capital steps.
We're having a Secure the Border rally, and everyone is invited, again, regardless of race, creed, or color, come down on October 1st.
We'll give you more information on time.
Who was putting that on?
I can't think of the exact group, but the topic is called Secure Our Borders.
That also is the weekend that we'll be celebrating the Come and Take It celebration in Gonzalo, Texas.
So that's 90 minutes south of here after we do the protest at the Capitol.
Let's all go down to Gonzalo's where the Texas independence movement started.
And Mike Hanson, I'm sure, will host us for a big party down there.
And let's just make a great weekend of it.
They'll be in reenactors down there.
And you'll see that within those reenactors that shot that first cannon shot at the Mexican Army,
There were Hispanics in that group.
Vaya con Dios, my friend.
Take care.
You bet.
Good to hear from you, Kevin.
No, we're going to win this fight.
We're going to win this fight.
And all Americans have a stake in this.
And this is being manipulated.
This is being funded to bring this country down.
I think the best thing to do is to play this News 8 piece.
We'll go ahead and roll that, and then I'll get into what really happened yesterday and who is really behind this and what I discovered, a whole area of history that's totally documented that I wasn't aware of.
Go ahead and hit it.
I demand you arrest these illegal Mexicans if they're in the country illegally.
Enforce the law.
Tempers flared at a parade in downtown Austin yesterday afternoon.
The United Latino Artists sponsors the annual Mexican Independence Day parade.
But this year, protesters made it about immigration, not independence.
Hundreds showed up to march in the parade.
Some of the groups marching were also protesting the Minuteman Project, a civilian organization whose members patrol the United States border and arrest illegal immigrants.
About 50 people showed up to counter the protest and voice their support for Minuteman Project.
Many men are doing what our government refuses to do, what they've not been allowed to do.
We need to close the borders.
If there's a war on terrorism, why are our borders open?
Our government is not going to close the borders until that leaves it up to us, the civilians, to do what our government refuses to do.
This is a free country.
We have the right to say what we feel and what we think, but there is a stop where it goes beyond saying what we feel and taking guns in our hands and going to the border and intimidating people.
That's what we're saying.
We will not allow this.
No, no.
I want to be here.
You can be here.
No, no, no.
Department of Public Safety officers had to separate shouting matches between the two groups, but no arrests were reported.
Representative Lloyd Doggett was also a part of the parade down Congress to the Capitol.
He went around the Texans for Freedom crowd, but later at the rally, he had this to say.
Some say these minute men are new to Texas.
That's not really true.
It's just that years ago, they used to wear white sheets.
Representative Doggett said official Border Patrol officers are more than capable of securing the borders of the country.
He added that amateur vigilantes who ignore civil rights only hamper law enforcement efforts.
Well, Al Garza, the leader of the Texas Minutemen, I mean, that's a direct attack on him.
He's the guy that really has standing to sue Lloyd Doggett.
You know, Al Garza's got a lot of courage, a great American patriot.
He's in the newspaper while he's being called a terrorist.
By members of the ACLU.
They're actually calling him a terrorist.
That, you know, Al Garza and others need to sue these people.
I mean, I'm getting really tired of it.
Meanwhile, they're up there on the podium calling us stupid white devils.
Wearing t-shirts saying the plan of San Diego.
And you're about to learn what that is in detail.
And I know we've got loaded phone lines.
We're going to get to you, folks.
But this has to be covered.
This has to be covered.
And that's why I'm so upset and so angry.
So after I cover this news, be ready to call.
Be prepared to call and to talk to these local news stations.
And whether it was the Statesman or News 8 or CBS, all of the U.S.-based media, this was on the Texas Net, it's a channel that plays all these different newscasts from around the state, it was the exact same newscast.
And it would end with Doggett saying that.
I mean, how do they get it so precise?
And they all ignored everything we were saying.
They all ignored all the Hispanics and blacks that were with us.
Or they would show them, News 8 did this, and say that they were against us.
You know, Hispanics and black people wearing InfoWars.com t-shirts with bullhorns and saying, you know, that Metra and La Raza are racist.
And no one, the news totally covers it up and says they're against us.
I mean, you understand the type of manufactured yellow journalism deception we're talking about?
I mean, look, you want a war, we'll have a war.
If you're advertising on local Fox News or you're advertising on News 8, take your advertising away.
I mean, seriously, folks, you've got to meet these people head on.
We've got to punish people that do this type of stuff, and we've got to reward those that love liberty and freedom.
AM and FM stations that carry this show, buy advertising with them.
Support them.
Or support their sponsors.
We've got to live this, folks.
This is every level we've got to fight.
I'm just totally blown away.
But they're not going to get away with this.
The Hispanic people of Central Texas have seen me go to bat when Ezequiel Hernandez got shot by the Marine Corps.
The poor little goat herder whose family has been there since the 1550s on the Texas border.
Just shot for no reason.
I'm there, just like the Redders and others are, covering it.
Covering it on the TV show when they got the video of it and went down there.
I'm there with people on about Daniel Rocha being killed.
Well, I'm going to read the article I wrote, the babbling article I wrote.
It would be better than repeating it.
I just have fought this stuff so much, and no one is buying it, folks, except for illegal aliens that just got to town, who I did see, nice folks in their little cowboy hats and stuff, walking around the stores, looking at me like I was the second coming of Beelzebub.
And I am not going to put up with that.
I am mad.
You are going to pay.
By the time I'm done with it, seriously, you want to war media?
You want to war?
Go to Alexa.com.
Look at how big your websites are compared to mine.
And I'm not bragging.
It's a great responsibility.
I can't even listen to myself.
I'm a babbling idiot half the time.
But the point is, you want to war, we've got the people behind us.
And I am going to redouble my efforts.
I am going to really fight this issue.
I am going to expose, and I'm going to discredit you.
Oh, the local paper doesn't like it that their subscriptions dropped off by 60% in the last decade.
Oh, the local TV stations don't like it.
They have no credibility.
You're going to have none when I'm done with you!
You're the same news stations that get up there and tell us Mercury's nutritious for our children.
Yeah, I'm a racist and Mercury's nutritious.
Who are you going to believe, folks?
You know the truth.
Well, get ready for this.
Get ready for this.
This was our press release.
Texas for Freedom announces a rally in support of America and Texas sovereignty against Mecha and La Raza.
Demonization of Texas heritage.
Alex Jones' demonstration against dangerous Reconquista movement.
Now, did you hear any of that in the newscast?
Did you hear any of that anywhere?
And I went on to go through all the evidence and links and where La Raza and Meches say all this racist stuff.
I mean, I got La Raza stuff about killing all the police.
These are modern quotes.
These are prominent people.
And killing all the... I mean, you ought to see the stuff I've dug up now.
I mean, video and audio.
It's an orgy of evidence.
There were people giving speeches in that crowd yesterday, folks, who we're now getting the clips of them saying stuff you won't believe.
You guys have really blown it
You have risen the sleeping giant.
I told them.
I said, the giant's rising, and it ain't me, folks.
It's you.
Yeah, so I've got to settle down.
Nightmare racism and open call for revolution.
Alex Jones reports on Mexican Independence Day in Austin, Texas.
Demonstrators' shirts made reference to Plan of San Diego, a genocide operation against whites over 16.
Now, that's my article I've written.
And again, I wrote it an hour this morning, so it's not perfect.
Please forgive me.
But I first want to read to you from the University of Texas Historical Society.
And the main bibliography, the main source in this, is the National Hispanic Historical Society.
And you can find this in a dozen other places.
A hundred other places.
University of Mexico at Mexico City.
I mean, you can go see it all.
And my wife reads Spanish fluently.
She's so smart, as she does like four or five languages, and she was reading these people's websites going, oh, my God.
And it's even worse, folks, when you speak Spanish or when you read Spanish, okay?
It's even worse.
This is from the University of Texas at Austin.
You have a direct link to it.
Plant of San Diego.
With the outbreak of revolution in northern Mexico in 1910, federal authorities and officials of the state of Texas feared that violence and disorder might spill over to the Rio Grande Valley.
The Mexican and Mexican-American populations residing in the valley far outnumbered the Anglo population.
It's that way for the state now.
Many valley residents either had relatives living in areas of Mexico affected by revolutionary activity or aided the various revolutionary factions in Mexico.
The revolution caused an influx of political refugees and illegal immigrants into the border region, politicizing the valley population and disturbing the traditional politics of the region.
And they get into that in the Hispanic history websites, but everybody got along until this point.
And who made it racial?
Some radical elements saw the Mexican Revolution as an opportunity to bring about drastic political and economic changes in South Texas.
The most extreme example of this was a movement supporting the Plan of San Diego, a revolutionary manifesto
Supposedly written and signed at the south Texas town of San Diego on January 6, 1915, the plan actually drafted in a jail in Monterey, Nuevo Leon, provided for the formation of a liberating army of races of peoples made up of Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, and Japanese who free the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Colorado from the United States' control.
This is when Metro was really born, folks.
It wasn't in the 60s.
I knew Ford Foundation money started all this.
I didn't know it was the old German plan.
Well, we'll cover that in a minute.
The liberated states would be organized into an independent republic, which might later seek annexation to Mexico.
There would be no quarter race war with summary executions of all white males over the age of 16.
And I now have documented, we have news articles, but I'm actually getting the video clips.
We already have them.
My staff has them now.
Where prominent Hispanic leaders today are calling for the San Diego option.
That's right, folks.
They are currently, leaders are currently trying to warp the minds of the Hispanic majority in the Southwest, from California to Tejas, to kill all whites.
All white males over the age of 16.
Which is the Roman plan.
That's what Julius Caesar would do in battle for Gaul.
He'd go into an area,
He would kill all the men above the age of about 13 and take their women and children as slaves.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are actually reading their official plan right now.
There would be a no-quarter race war with summary execution of all white males over the age of 16.
The revolution was to begin on February 20, 1915.
Federal and state officials found a copy of the plan when local authorities in McAllen, Texas, arrested Asilo Ramos, Jr., one of the leaders of the plot, on January 24, 1915.
And then it goes on and on and on about how in 1916 they did launch the attack.
And it says some 30 raids into Texas produced only 21 American deaths.
Then I linked the sites.
University of Chicago read what those deaths were.
Women, children, torture, macheting.
They would just randomly kill whites.
It would be like 21 Jasper attacks, folks.
Both civilian and military.
More destructive and disruptive was the near-race war that ensued in the wake of the plans as revelations between the whites and the Mexicans in Mexican America deteriorated.
And then it goes into all that.
And let me tell you, folks, everybody got along real good.
That's why it's called Tejano.
And they got the polka music.
Why do you think?
It's ridiculous.
Everybody got along.
By the way, all the Native Americans and the whites weren't killing each other either.
A lot of them were intermarrying.
Again, I got Comanche and more.
I had a great-great-grandmother called... Her name was Moon.
I just... Again, folks...
Most of the racism and bad stuff that happened to Mexicans after this happened.
Because, I mean, the Mexicans came up here and killed 21 people, and that's conservative.
Some historical sites are saying more.
And people saddled up, folks, and went nuts.
And it wasn't pretty.
And see, the same groups are going to do this again, and now we're all going to be at each other's throats and not going to be comfortable around each other and not get along, and I don't appreciate it.
I don't appreciate it.
I don't like it.
Now, when we get back, I'll read my press release and go into more of this.
And then I've got mainstream news articles about Meche, their own websites.
And Meche is only one group of the Aslan movement.
I didn't get into the German factor.
You wonder why it's so anti-Jew.
And, you know, the white supremacists are going to have to pick, because they hate the Mexican supremacists, but they also hate Jews.
So they're going to have to pick.
I mean, which one is it going to be you're going to hate?
But I mean, literally, it's a carbon copy.
When did they pick up on this?
German agents.
It's in the mainstream histories.
German agents then tried to start it again in 1918 when we were in the war.
Then they did it again before World War II.
And it's mainstream documentation.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
I think.
We're good to go.
But imagine my shop having my shirt pulled on by one of my longtime Hispanic friends.
He goes, you see those shirts they're wearing?
I'm like, you mean the ones that say it's all Oslons, show the U.S.
is one big area of Mexico?
By the way, the whole country, all of the Americas.
And he goes, no, no, those.
And it was the heroes of the plan of San Diego.
I mean, fuck.
I mean, this, you know, the Klan hadn't had the nerve for 50, 60 years to say they want to kill everybody.
I think even then they didn't want to kill all the blacks.
I mean, this is like Nazi.
This is like, we're going to kill all of you.
Do you understand?
We're going to kill you.
And you're like, well, please be my friend.
Let's not be racist.
Oh, the media.
And the media's like, look at Alex, the evil racist.
I'm like a pathetic jellyfish.
Don't be, my friend.
Why are you so hateful?
Don't be.
Shut up, we're going to get you.
I mean, it just makes no sense.
Again, I live in a Twilight Zone movie.
I go pull it up.
It's a whole area I didn't know about, even though I'd read about the Mexican Revolution.
I knew the Germans built the railroads in Mexico.
They've been there for hundreds of years.
I'm not against the Germans either, folks, this particular group.
You know, that's why Dos Equis says a Mexican brew recipe.
Corona's a Mexican brew.
Mexican beer is good, folks, because it's German-style beer, and the Mexicans made it even better.
Not that I'm a connoisseur of it.
I'm not anymore because it's not good for me.
But the point is, is that the dominant colonialism was carried out by the Germans in Latin America.
For the Germans, it was their dominant colonialism.
And before some ignorant person calls up and goes, there weren't Nazis in 1917, 1918.
Folks, the Order of the Deathshed, the Thule Society, all that Nazi stuff didn't spring out of the ground without Adolf Hitler.
They were using... My film, Martial Law, documents this.
When we get back, I'll spend another 15 minutes or so on what happened and the revelations that we learned.
But just imagine, you have people who were prominent in these different groups of radicals in the march who...
Who are literally wearing shirts advocating the murder of all whites above the age of 16, all white males.
They know exactly what they're doing.
We have the head of LULAC calling us stupid white devils.
We have the media totally ignoring why we were even there, what our press release said, what we said.
No newscast ever having anything I had to say because they couldn't, because everything I said was good.
No reports of how large groups of Hispanics were coming over later and joining us, going, oh yes, I agree with you.
I didn't know this is what you said.
I was told you were all Klan members.
None of that!
None of it!
None of it!
Again, this has just been an amazing revelation.
And then I find out about the plan of San Diego.
Right here in Texas.
And I'm going to San Diego, folks.
I told you I'm going to the border.
But I'm going all over.
I'm going to show you the towns flying the Mexican flag.
No American flag allowed.
I'm going to show you all the stuff that's going on again.
At this time, folks, it isn't going to be 21 people that get killed.
I mean, this is a massive force, folks.
And we've got to get good Americans of all colors to stand up and say, we're not putting up with this.
Because it's going to be bad for everybody but the big fat bankers.
Before I end this hour, folks, I want you to go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get Martial Law and understand this death cult Nazi control system.
Get the film.
It covers 9-11 as well.
Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
My best video yet.
Infowars.com to order it.
You can watch clips of the films.
Look at all the big specials we're offering on the videos.
And your purchase makes this broadcast possible.
And we need your support.
I'm not going to talk much more about this.
When we go to your calls, I hope folks will call in who were there yesterday or people that want to comment on it.
For Hispanic folks out there, do you understand what I'm saying?
Is the message getting through to you?
Do you understand?
Seriously, go to prisonplanet.tv, get a membership, and get the films.
Get them.
They're powerful.
Make copies of them.
We'll be right back with Kurt Allen.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Well, it's always been like that.
You've got a corrupt imperial government that overthrew the Spanish in Mexico and set up its own police state, thought it would bully and steal property in Texas, and a bunch of Hispanics and whites got together and kicked Santa Ana out of here, and then his own people down in Mexico City kicked him out.
And then the Germans tried to foment a bunch of Hispanic racists to kill all the whites in South Texas, all the whites above 16 years of age, white males.
That backfired big time, and today it's the same good Americans, good Texans, white, Hispanic, black, you name it, standing up against the same thing again.
And how I could be so ignorant about World War I history that even before World War I, they slaughtered masses of whites,
Just randomly killed them, these racist Hispanics did, and that the same people, the offspring of these people, are now wearing the t-shirts calling for the plan of San Diego.
And then you get one of the top head people on the biggest Hispanic organizations in the country saying the plan of San Diego is our defense.
And then we go protest that and the media says we're bad.
We will get satisfaction.
We will expose it.
Let's just talk to Gil and Robert and Don and Alex and Alan, and then I'll get back into more on the plan of San Diego and Clinton criticizing Bush, all part of the false left-right paradigm, for not being a good enough globalist, and just so much coming up in the rest of this hour.
But Gil in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Gil.
Buenos dias, compadre.
What's on your mind, Gil?
How are you doing?
I want to talk about that.
I saw a little blip.
On the Nuclear Biological Chemical Network yesterday about what happened there in Austin.
And from the little minute or two they gave it, it was very unclear what was going on.
And I'm happy that you have made this clear in telling the public... Well, that's because they couldn't show one thing we ever said.
They had to show Hispanics that were with us wearing InfoWars t-shirts, bullhorning them, and say they were protesting us!
So this is just another ploy of the New World Order to divide and conquer us, isn't it?
I have an interesting observation for you.
From what I understand...
Don't get me wrong.
In fact, my brother married a Hispanic lady right there in Austin, Texas.
From what I'm understanding, my brothers and sisters are coming over the border and they're not assimilating into the American public.
They're dividing and conquering.
You have to take English as a second language on some of those border cities there in Texas, right?
No English allowed in El Cenizo.
Not at all.
That's San Antonio Express News.
There are like about five or six UHF Hispanic stations in the Houston area here in Southeast Texas where I live.
None of them broadcast in English.
Not at all.
But that's beside the point.
Another interesting thing I've seen, you're familiar with the little cartoon with Dora the Explorer?
It's kind of interesting.
She has a cousin.
Guess what his name is?
San Diego.
San Diego.
Now, again, what's this cartoon?
It's a little cartoon.
In fact, in some of the schools, my neighbor's kids, she's being taught Hispanic.
She's talking to assimilate to them.
Dora the Explorer is a little cartoon that's been on for quite some time.
I think it's called for Nickelodeon.
Well, she has a cousin, and his name is San Diego.
Well, I had people telling me point blank, they're going to kill me and I'm racist.
I mean, it was unbelievable.
And there were all these white people involved in it, and I'm like, you're promoting a plan to kill all white males?
I mean, it's just nutty.
It's crazy.
Here in southeast Texas, okay, like Port Arthur, like right on the hill of Louisiana.
The last street in Port Office called Duff.
I've talked to you about this before.
I was working for... Will you take a numerator for the city directory?
When I walked down Duff Street...
Those people were flying their Mexican flags proudly.
So apparently they were a member of La Gaza and the La Familia and this organization that circumvented the sovereignty of Texas.
No, it's a big joke.
And people think they're just going to sit here and bump their chest and tell us that they're going to kill us and we're supposed to go, oh, thank you.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I don't even want to get into what they call black people.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're going to go to Robert and Don and Alex and Alan and Craig very quickly here.
We've been spending most of the show talking about a little reconquista parade I went to where a large portion of the participants basically were Hispanic Ku Klux Klan, but didn't even know.
I mean, they're openly wearing shirts about killing all white males above the age of 16, but then they don't even know that that's bad.
I mean, they're just totally righteous, totally out of control.
The word is self-righteous.
And I've written a detailed report on this up at Infowars.com.
I hope you'll get it.
We're going to write two more reports on it and have a big video report up for everybody in the next few days.
This is so important.
And I'm finishing one documentary right now in the next few months, but my next film is going to be about this.
I'm going to travel a lot in Texas and other areas.
It's going to be a tough film to make, but I'm going to spend some time on this now because I discovered so much incredible stuff.
I called about an hour ago.
I said, you know, I'm going to get Debbie Morrow on today with New Millennium Concepts.
I didn't know that she was out of the office right now.
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All right.
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Do not wait.
Do not procrastinate.
Let's go ahead.
I'm going to try to compose myself.
I'm pretty upset about Saturday, folks.
I want to try to get through your calls and cover Bill Clinton's false left-right activities demonizing Bush right now.
Totally staged.
Cover a few other news items.
And spend the last 20 minutes or so on my press release, part one, about the La Reconquista we witnessed and just how dangerous it is.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Denver.
Robert, welcome.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I appreciate it.
Great show as always.
I'm going to have to do a Google search on that plan of San Diego that you mentioned.
I've never heard of that.
Got to do the plan of San Diego.
Fascinating stuff.
A little bit off topic, if I may.
What is the latest, or can you bring up speed on what happened to...
Stanley Hilton and his lawsuit against the government.
Anything new along those lines?
How did that... Well, Bob Dills, former Chief of Staff, Stanley Hilton sued the government once with 400 of the victims' families represented.
And then that got thrown out, and then now he's filed another one.
And I need to call Stanley up and get him back on the show.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I hadn't read any updates on your website, so I was just curious where that was going.
I was curious.
Now remember, Stanley went to school with the neocons at Chicago University...
No problem.
Yeah, I think it's interesting that the people in Louisiana want to put microchips in dead bodies without even knowing what their names are.
That's kind of...
Well, I mean, it's the ghoulish activities of Applied Devil Solutions.
I mean, Applied Digital Solutions and their Digital Devil.
I mean, Digital Angel, as they call it.
But it's disgusting.
Is that the same company you had on a few months ago with the nightclub people from Miami?
Listen, before anybody ever heard of these people, six years ago... That's not true.
Oh, yeah.
Five years ago, I interviewed the scientist who invented it all.
Before he even sold to Applied Digital.
Then I interviewed the Plaid Digital CEO, their chief marketing person, their head of Europe, nightclub owners in Miami, nightclub owners in Spain, nightclub owners in Scotland.
I've interviewed them all, and they all say the same thing.
You're going to be forcibly chipped.
It's a good thing.
Remember when I had that Bergen County Sheriff on?
He said, I've taken it, and I think we should force the public to take it, and I'll force you to take it if ordered.
I heard you talking about it, yeah.
I got the clip.
Just type in Bergen County Sheriff.
It says must take chip into Google.
It'll pop up the page.
We wrote an article about it.
I mean, we're living in the twilight zone here, folks.
I had a whole bunch of racists screaming stuff at me, wearing shirts about how all whites should be killed above the age of 16, and I was called the racist by the news.
We're living in a twilight zone, Robert.
Great show as always, Alex, man.
God bless you and good work.
Take care, my friend.
I really appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Don in Texas.
Don, go ahead.
Hi there.
Anyway, on the Minutemen deal, I think they're aware that there have been attempts to infiltrate them with, you know, fake, you know, Minutemen that are, you know...
Got to let them sit in there a while and then create a disturbance.
Actually, the Minutemen said that in the paper yesterday, but they've always kicked them out.
Well, they try real hard.
Also, they could have another group of these guys.
I've talked to some people who have background with some of the ex-federal, you know, alphabet-type guys that would be willing to do it.
They're so brainwashed, those feds are.
That they would go, you know, set up a camp a mile away and do something really bad, you know, like gunfire.
Or somebody.
And have the photographers come in.
Well, sir, we've caught them a hundred times doing that.
They did that with Ranch Rescue.
Thank God.
Thank God.
Let me just add this.
National French TV was there.
And it was freezing cold like two winters ago.
It even gets cold out on the border below zero sometimes.
Really wet and cold raining.
These Venezuelans come across.
They give them blankets, coffee, call the Border Patrol.
They leave.
Then the illegals were part of a set-up.
You're lucky then.
But you have to be vigilant so much that eventually you can get caught with your pants down.
But you know what?
See, the alternative media has gotten big enough, Don, where they're going to try that now and it isn't going to work.
Well, you say that.
I'm far controlling the barter.
Let me give you the actual numbers, okay?
Let me just add this.
You said I say that.
I have a small website compared to a lot of patriot websites, okay?
Let me back it up.
You understand that InfoWars.com dwarfs Statesman.com.
The hundred and something regional newspaper of Central Texas online is smaller than my website.
And I got four such websites, sir.
You can buy my websites.
They're much bigger than the Dallas Morning News in print circulation and in Internet circulation.
I'm one person, sir.
I'm nobody.
I can barely pay the bills, but I got the listeners.
I got the viewers.
I got the readers.
We are getting bigger than they are.
That's why they're freaking out.
Go ahead, Don.
Well, I hope that you're correcting that, but then all it takes is one real radical incident, just like down in New Orleans, you know, where they claimed a lot of gunfire was directed by thugs.
And some people say it was other than thugs that did it, and they exaggerated it, and that gives them reason to pull back on aid.
And as you know, it's kind of a conspiracy reason they do all that.
Let me say one other thing.
You keep railing against Nazis.
That means National Socialists or whatever it means.
I'm not German, but I was in Germany right after World War II.
Well, stay there.
Just stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I mean, I'm sitting here minding my own business.
Years ago, and I started getting videotapes of giant demonstrations of people's, pictures of white people's heads cut off, saying we're going to kill all of you.
And then I go to a rally to see if this is really what these groups are pushing, and they're saying it to me, and wearing t-shirts that say it.
And the media's like, oh, the dear sweet little people, and then the evil minute men.
The mainstream media, though, notice how corporate media, the corporate system, pushes all of this.
And yeah, when I talk about Germany, folks, it was Germany in World War I and World War II that resurrected World War I, the two-year-old plan that had been carried out, by the way, and failed, of the plan of San Diego.
I'm talking about facts here.
And they did attack.
And in World War I, the Germans tried to resurrect it, and in World War II.
But Hispanics weren't having any of it then.
So, what I talked about wasn't my opinion.
I know people worship Germany and worship the... And I'm not saying the listener is.
And Germany's perfect and Germany's good.
The Nazis were dark magicians.
They were into the occult, folks.
And they were set up to lead Germany into ruin by the British system.
And that's just history.
And people can't figure that out.
But let's go ahead and go back to Don.
Let him finish up.
Go ahead, Don.
Yeah, I wasn't trying to glorify the German people.
There's some good and bad... No, the German people are great folks.
I'm talking about the Nazis.
Just make your point, please.
They have a history of being leaders in science and medicine and the whole works.
But anyway... Well, everybody knows that.
Well, everybody.
Well, it's like when you talk about... I'm not against Jewish.
I'm part Jewish.
A lot of people are.
And there's a lot of what I call the beautiful rabbis, the ones that oppose the Likud Party's activities, the massacres and the atrocities that Jews do.
And also, that chess player, I can't think of his name, he's in Iceland.
You know who I'm talking about?
He got out on the stump, like Mark Zanunu, and said, these bad things are going on, we don't want this.
It's like myself, I don't want... And then they used some little thing where, oh, he went and played an illegal chess game, he can't ever come back to America.
Well, they have a hitman out on the guy.
And, you know, the shin bet.
And the
Anyway... Well, I mean, it's an Israeli front... Sir, it's an Israeli front group that paid... This is admitted, but there's almost 700 billboards saying L.A.
is Mexico and helps pay for the metric group that says go after Jews.
It'll make your head spin.
Goldstein, wasn't it?
Goldberg, Goldstein, one of those guys.
And they're behind a lot of the news media in South America and South United States and also in Mexico out of Monterey.
And they have great expertise and great graphics.
They do the editorials and all that, and a lot of these local inflammatory Hispanic pieces of literature.
And it's also like a certain station in KTSA.
They have a couple of dudes on in the afternoon.
Both of them are supposed to be comics, but they're always talking about the grita.
In Atencia, you know where it says, matan todos los guerros.
That means kill all the white people.
And they try to make it sound like a joke, you know.
And they said, we want to welcome the Mexican Army to San Antonio.
And it's like, you know, softly accommodating people to... Wait a minute.
You heard KTSA hosts saying, kill the whites.
Well, did I say KTSA?
That's what came out of your mouth.
Well, I meant to say San Antonio Station.
Well, he did not say it in English.
What station, sir?
I need to know.
Well, let me talk to you.
I didn't mean to expose... Well, it could be several stations.
All right, thanks for the call, Don.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I mean, look, I don't doubt that kind of stuff is being said.
I mean, I've got them on tape saying it.
But I know, it's like it's a big joke that we don't know what's being said, and it's being said, and then Hispanics are coming up to me going, that's what that means.
You better go look.
And I go look it up, and it's true.
I mean, I don't know.
And I tell you, man, I was...
Watching the Hispanic reporters out there that give me the dirty looks, and I guess it was fun to go lie about me like that.
But when you're in court, and I'm taking your house, it's going to be really funny, isn't it?
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Alex in Mass.
Go ahead, Alex.
Yeah, Alex, how are you doing?
That's good.
I just wanted to thank you very much.
It's not really heated today.
It sounds like you're really pumped to get things done, and so am I.
Well, thanks for calling in.
No problem.
Is there anything else?
No, I just wanted to lighten things up.
You sounded a little pissed off, though.
I am angry.
Thanks for the call.
No, I mean, I'm sick.
I've never seen the Klan act like this.
I mean, this is just like frothing.
I mean, Hitler didn't come right out and say, kill all of the group.
He just tried to do it.
I mean, these people are like frothing in the open, and it's like, oh, how sweet!
Oh, I'm not putting up with it.
All the liars, the media, all of you, I'm declaring war on you.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
The gloves are coming off.
The new dawn, ladies and gentlemen, of intensity.
I'm going to savage you with the truth.
I'm going to savage you with the truth.
I'm going to savage you.
You have motivated me.
You've given me an attitude adjustment.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that Russia sponsored a terrorist training camp in Havana, Cuba, 1966?
In this camp, they planned terrorist activity on every continent, including the United States.
Have we seen terrorist activities on every continent just as they planned?
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Just call our toll-free number, 1-800-516-8736.
That's 1-800-516-8736 for a one-year free subscription to Newswatch Magazine.
It's free.
Call now while operators are standing by to take your call.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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Hey, Jack Blood here from Deadline Live.
You know, it seems people will steal anything and everything you have.
If you have a house with some equity, a car, a truck, RV, there was someone looking for a way to rip it off.
And what about those government agencies?
You know, the ones, those alphabet agencies?
Did you know that they get raises, promotions, and bonuses based on what they see?
We're good to go.
Or go to assetprotectionteam.com.
Tell them you heard it on GCN.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I mean, imagine self-righteousness.
We're going to kick you out of America.
You have no place here.
You're evil.
This is Mexico.
Ha ha ha.
And in the next level, and we're going to kill you.
And see, I thought from the videos I had from L.A.
and stuff, the white heads cut off and the Aztec warrior cutting white people's hearts out.
You know, in all of it, I thought that was like some minority of a minority.
But no, I mean, I'd say over a third of the people in that march were just frothing devils.
And that's what they were calling us was devils.
But no, I mean literal frothing devils, folks.
We were explaining to them that we are not against you.
You're being manipulated.
You've been funded.
I know this whole Mechela Raza thing is funded by the Fortune 500.
Big money is behind this.
They love it.
Don't you see it's to balkanize us all against each other?
Divide and conquer.
Shut up!
Shut up!
You're going to get it soon!
This is Mexico now!
And I'm just like, man!
And then the media, the evil Alex Jones was there like, dog, it says people are really Klan members.
And then the media wouldn't dare show our crowd, or they'd show our crowd and show Hispanics and blacks that were there with us and said they were protesting us, wearing InfoWars t-shirts.
I mean...
Ugh, yellow journalism.
It's like manufactured lies.
More than that.
And again, folks, I still can't... The broadcast has gotten so effective in Austin that I can't even buy my own lunch.
And I want to thank folks that I walk into a restaurant to eat real quick.
Yesterday, a Hispanic couple buys me lunch and waves at me and walks out and says, Thanks for what you're doing.
We saw you on the news.
With their children.
And a white guy last night at like 1 a.m.
I pull into Kirby Lane to eat some eggs real quick, some migas.
And a white guy buys me lunch.
I didn't ask for it.
They buy it and run out of the restaurant.
But the point is that most Hispanics see through this and are literally buying me lunch.
But you've got this crowd, just like you've got ignoramuses that are white that love to hate everybody.
You've got these Mexicans that are like this, but the media is saying it's good and it's being promoted, and then these poor immigrants get here and are being indoctrinated, folks.
And in 2005, they've had the state census.
The majority is Hispanic.
So I'm a minority, folks.
And I have people saying they want to kill me soon.
That my time to die is coming very soon.
And I'm supposed to go, thank you, how sweet of you.
Listen, we need to get angry about this.
We need to get focused on this.
We need to expose this.
This is serious, and I want you to call.
When you call, I want you to get their fax number.
I want you to fax and email all the local news stations in Austin, especially if you live in Austin.
If you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, you've heard callers all over the state that saw the news programs.
And it really screwed the news up because they couldn't get one of our people to say something mean or bad out of over 100.
It was over 100 throughout the three hours.
The statesman did get one thing right.
We had, quote, 100 people.
And that was less than 24-hour notice.
Right at 24 hours.
But the other news said 50 people.
But the point is they couldn't show our crowd.
They couldn't show anything we had to say.
Because it was all to unify people against the New World Order.
And they couldn't show anything the others were saying because it was all frothing, we're going to kill you, and you're scum, and we're going to kick you out of this country.
I mean, I've got it all on tape.
You wait until you see the ten hours we've shot, folks.
It's going to drop like a bomb on these people.
I mean, I've got them.
But how dare the news media?
Because, sure, I had nice Hispanics buying me lunch.
Yesterday, but I also was in Circuit City buying a hard drive, and folks, it was probably 80% Hispanics in there, and you could tell that Hispanics that have got cable and have been watching me for a while are smiling, waving, telling I'm shaking my hand.
I mean, literally, if I could hardly get out of the store, and then you could see the immigrants, the cowboy type with the cowboy hats, afraid of me.
I am mad, folks.
I do not like people being afraid of me.
I want them to be warriors against the New World Order, good, hard-working people that could be part of this country, but not if they don't assimilate, and not if they're taught to kill every white male.
You want to know, if you're listening and you can understand English, why I'm angry?
Your people are saying they want to kill me and my children.
I must defend my family.
Do you understand?
You're forcing us to do this.
You understand I've done nothing.
All the horror stories that the big money cartel media told you, most of them are lies.
We lived in peace in this state until you got funding to kill a bunch of white people in massacres.
The plan of San Diego, and then nationwide, people turned against Hispanics.
And there was a lot of abuse of innocent Hispanics.
So listen to me.
Listen to me carefully.
Stand up against the New World Order.
Join us against the New World Order, or we're all in deep trouble.
Two final calls, Alan and then Craig.
Alan, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
This attitude that's been developing in the immigrant community, I've been watching it develop down here, and I thought it was interesting that Alex in Massachusetts, he thought you were overreacting, but I don't know if he's ever stood in a food line at a grocery store
And not understood anything that anybody was saying anywhere in the store or at the cash register.
And I don't know if he knows what it's like to drive down the street.
And then giggling on both sides of you.
Have you had it at the Gringo?
I speak enough Spanish to hear the comments.
I live in rural Texas, and out here we have this long-time tradition of waving at each other out on the road.
You pass somebody, come in the other direction, and you lift your arm up and you smile.
And I started noticing, oh gosh, a couple of years ago that most of the, what you said, looked like the cowboy dress, the immigrants, the people that have a bumper sticker that says La Invasora, the invasion.
It's a Mexican radio station down here, and their bumper sticker says the invasion.
And these people, when they would look at me driving by, I would wave my hand and smile, and they would give me this look, and I couldn't quite place it.
No, spread the word.
When the time comes, kill.
I've never felt like a racist.
You know me, Alex.
I'm the wheatgrass guy, right?
You know me.
I'm not a real vengeful, hateful kind of person.
You're Mr. Liberal, I know.
Well, I've never considered myself to be a racist.
But my brother, I have an adopted brother that's half black who has more character.
He's actually my best friend out of the whole family, but they're not listening.
No, you know what?
We need to stop telling people how nice we are.
These racists, these haters don't care, brother.
You know what?
I don't have any guilt.
I haven't done anything to anybody.
And you know what?
People want a war, they're going to get one.
Sorry, go ahead.
When I talk with, there's a Hispanic friend of mine, a Chicano friend of mine, he's been in the United States his whole life.
And I was telling him one day, I was real disturbed because I felt threatened driving down the road in my own neighborhood out here.
And I said, you know, Angel, I don't know what's going on here.
I never thought I was a racist.
But I'm feeling like the people that are out in... Racism doesn't exist, brother.
It's tribalism.
You're feeling tribally threatened.
I don't know if it's nationalism, whatever it is.
Let me just break this down.
It feels dangerous.
Do you know where all this started?
You know why I called these organizers, why I talked to them, why I said, okay, I'll go ahead and protest them Friday?
Yeah, why?
About three days before we were at Texas Independence Day, and everybody I know saw this, there's a pickup truck full of Mexicans waving giant Mexican flags, standing up really aggressively.
I mean, you know when somebody's aggressive.
Moving forward, baring their teeth at me, and I'm sitting, I mean, these people are on the edge of just pulling out knives and machine guns on us, folks.
I'm sorry to have to report this to everybody, but then the big corporate wide-owned radio stations are all just pumping this out.
They're all called the rebel, the invader, the ruler, the racer, the, you know... Okay, what does your friend Alex say real fast?
He said, Angel said, well, Alan, you know, it's not you.
And he's Mexican.
He said, no, it's not you, Alan.
And that's not racist.
They are looking at you like that.
He said, they look at me like that because they know I'm Americanized.
And he said, it's not you.
He said, it is.
It's growing.
It's getting really strong.
Now, I think the light at the end of the tunnel, Alex, and I really feel like we need to make a positive step forward with this.
Kevin mentioned October 1st.
If we can verify that.
And work with the other talk radio networks.
Yeah, well, who is this other... I mean, I have to find out who's putting on this demonstration and what's going on.
Alan, I've got to go in just a second.
I really appreciate your input.
And yeah, there's a rally coming up October 1st on the Capitol.
I'd like to be able to speak there.
I'd like to know who the group is.
I'd like to have them on.
But I've got to check the group out first.
But thank you, Alan.
Craig in Illinois.
We've got to move fast.
Go ahead, Craig.
All of this is disturbing, but I have to talk about something different, please.
On CNN, at 1.33 in the morning, on Sunday morning, Central Time, there was a report by a doctor, a Vietnamese hero who was an American.
He immigrated to the United States, and he was in a hospital in New Orleans.
Now, this is Saturday night, Sunday morning?
Sunday morning at 1.33 in the morning.
Okay, gotcha.
Central Time.
I wrote it down.
Go ahead.
They brought all the patients upstairs when the flood came, and then they transferred them to the airport at New Orleans.
Now, FEMA, this is documented CNN headline news, I swear to God.
No, no, I read it.
They ordered them not saved and to die.
They told, he was crying on TV.
They said, you can mop up after them, clean up their excrement, but you cannot treat them because it might be liability.
This is your FEMA working for you.
Well, sir, FEMA, when the city was burning, literally four or five fires at any one time, 1,500 firefighters, including Austinites, who I know personally, showed up and they said, we're not going to let you put any fires out.
Those fires are going to burn.
We're going to teach you how to not sexually harass and how to not be racist and how to worship basically the reconquista.
This is really insane.
It's not insane.
They're an extermination group.
I mean, for us...
No, I know.
I understand it seems insane to us, but FEMA's never been about taking care of you.
Can you imagine when this doctor, this hero who escaped Saigon in his 20s, and now he's in his late 50s, he didn't see his wife for five years, he took photographs, I think they're still on the CNN website.
They told him he could not treat these people who were sick and dying.
No, I was aware of that story.
I hadn't seen him on TV, but it's all over the news, sir.
His name is MUI, Dr. Muint.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Take care, my friend.
No, it's been... I never watch TV, but I've been watching TV again since this happened.
I mean, you turn it on, it's just doctor after doctor after doctor after fire chief after police chief.
We got armed guards guarding against FEMA.
They caught them cutting the communications lines.
I mean, the emergency manager there for the parish in New Orleans, his mama died.
Five days into it, he followed FEMA orders and let his mama die.
Let me tell you something.
You get in the way of me and my mama, you're going to get it.
I mean, it's real simple.
They're training us how to not defend ourselves.
I'm not putting up with it.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
We've had a lot of requests to air this, and I dedicate this to Mecha and La Raza and the Nazis and the New World Order, all these scumbags that work for Satan.
I dedicate to them this dark side clip, because this is what they're into.
And they're going to destroy their own people.
They're meant to start a race war.
They're meant to bring in police state.
They're meant to serve the New World Order.
So for Fox News locally and News 8 Time Warner and everybody that lied and twisted in the last two days with these news reports and tried to turn everybody against each other and for covering up the evil, I dedicate this song for you.
This is what you're into.
Here it is.
You don't know the power of the dark side.
The dark side.
The Dark Side.
New World Order is run by absolutely ruthless individuals.
Assessed, totals and foes.
Sworn to the creation of worldwide tyranny.
Call the New World Order.
The danger to our country is great.
The danger to our country is great.
The danger to our country is great.
The danger to our country is great.
The American forces are here to help.
Remain calm.
We will not tolerate civil disobedience.
I don't care who you are.
I have no idea who you are.
I have not seen you before in these laws.
I promise I'll be wrong before you can get down the road.
Stay calm.
We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Listen, I've studied this, I've looked at this, I only learn more, and it always confirms what I'd already dug up.
And I went out there and was so friendly and so nice to that crowd, and to just have them wearing t-shirts about the plan of San Diego and saying, get out of here, we're taking over, and ha ha ha, your time's real soon.
And then to have the media.
I mean, how dumb are these people?
Big, evil, whitey media is funding all of this.
Don't you understand?
Don't you understand it's going to cause a huge backlash?
They're going to bring in control in the name of dealing with all of this?
The media and the government are just quietly breeding all of this?
Like their special little nest egg, loving it and turning it and kissing it and making sure the little egglet grows and gets big and strong.
Just like they funded Hitler.
Just like they fund all this stuff.
It's like they funded the Soviets.
They set this up.
They built this up.
You know, it's incredible.
In the groups exposing Metro La Raza and other Aslan groups, no one seems to know about the plan of San Diego.
No one seems to know about Germany funding it.
And it's totally documented mainstream historical societies in Mexico and the U.S.,
A plan to kill all white males.
Above 16.
They're teaching it right now.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
That's InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 Or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
By calling New Millennium at 888-803-4438.
Call now and get free shipping.
That's 888-803-4438.
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
We provide outstanding products like Esiac, Colloidal Silver 500 parts per million, Olive Leaf Extract,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know I'm working for the man upstairs on the highway patrol
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're back live into the final segment.
Part one's up there.
Literally, I wrote it about an hour this morning.
I'm probably going to go add some stuff to it this afternoon.
I'm going to write part two and part three sometime this week.
I'm going to run over and work with my video editor who literally slept on the couch at the editing studio.
Not because I asked him, but because he's dedicated.
Trying to boil down 10 hours of frothing evil down to 30 minutes with a TV show that will be uploaded to the web very soon.
Good reason to be a PrisonPlanet.tv member, though much of it will be for free on the site.
It's so important.
And before I get to this final bit of news...
You can go there and link through to the Safe Secure Online Shopping Cart and get all of my documentary films or any of the other books or videos I carry.
And if you want to know about the Nazi death cults that control our government and manipulate and control La Raza and the La Reconquista movement, you'll want to get the film Martial Law because it exposes it.
And it's very powerful films.
I hope you get it.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or prisonplanet.tv.
Fifteen cents a day.
You can watch all the films and the weekly TV reports and everything.
Fifteen cents a day at prisonplanet.tv.
Monthly and yearly subscriptions.
AP reporting historic changes for the military role.
The end of posse commentatus and the military basically running our daily lives as the glue for the federalization of the country.
And the chairman of the Armed Services Committee said, I believe the time has come that we reflect...
On posse commentatus, he advocated giving the President and the Secretary of Defense direct standby authorities to manage disasters.
And they've already done that.
It's for mass takeover of America.
And I have predicted, Glenn Spencer has predicted, he thought ten years from now, and it may even be sooner, they're going to start up a La Rican Quista on the border.
They're going to call the troops into the Southwest and life will never be the same.
That's why the media is hyping up all these La Rican Quistas right now.
They're going to ship a lot of poor Hispanics back to Mexico and
It's going to be really sad to see, folks.
It's going to be really sad to see.
You're going to be set up like you are every single time.
Like we are, everybody, together, every single time.
Meanwhile, more of the false left-right paradigm.
Clinton launches withering attack on Bush and on Iraq.
Katrina budget.
And notice that it's Clinton, that his little world global government promotion forum that he had,
This is all staged.
He's constantly vacationing with the Bushes, constantly hanging out with them, surrogate member of the family.
It's all staged, folks.
It's all theater, a false left-right system.
And now conservatives... See, Bush is getting in trouble with the conservative base right now for spending too much and for being too socialistic.
And so Clinton comes in and Hillary comes in and goes, How dare you?
You're not spending enough, you big, fat...
You know, right winger, and then the conservatives are suddenly going, you see, he's good.
That Bill Clinton tried to get him.
You've got to start playing, as a caller used to say, what was the name, Brian of New York, chess instead of checkers.
It's true, folks.
I mean, you can go read right now on Infowars.com.
Something that nobody seems to know about.
I didn't know about it.
The German government manipulating a Mexican uprising to kill all white males in America during World War I and World War II.
And then now those seeds of that are here.
And these people that are involved in it don't even know why or why the same corporations that funded Hitler are now funding them.
And they don't know that there wasn't a fight between Hispanics and whites before this, and this caused a racist backlash against all Hispanics.
Oh, unbelievable.
All right, we are out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all!
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Yes, sir.