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Air Date: Sept. 13, 2005
2212 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it's Tuesday, the 13th day of September 2005.
We're going to be here for the next three hours as we are, Monday through Friday, from 11 to 2 Central, and then, of course, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Well, Newsmax has got the headline, Group, New Orleans Gun Seizures Illegal.
And we have one of the largest Second Amendment organizations in the country publicly decrying the gun confiscations that are going on right now, still ongoing, in New Orleans and surrounding areas because of the devastation.
It has nothing to do with keeping the population safe.
It has nothing to do with stopping looters.
It has everything to do with bringing in this FEMA takeover martial law model.
And so many gun owners that I know at gun shops and at shooting ranges and on the street and friends I see at the grocery store
They're not aware that this is going on, despite the fact it was all over television last Friday and Saturday, and in the New York Times and the Washington Post, and the NRA came out last week and said, it's reasonable to turn your guns in.
Go ahead and turn your guns in.
And then NRA members freaked out on them, and so then they put out a report yesterday saying, well, this is troubling and we're looking at it.
So I hope that listeners will want to talk about this subject because it's a big, big deal.
So are the foreign troops confirmed?
Foreign Dutch and Mexican troops in New Orleans and surrounding areas.
Also armed Mexican troops here in Texas.
That's confirmed.
Dutch troops confirmed.
I mean, basically crawling all over us.
What is going on?
The answer is a giant takeover drill.
It is a drill.
But again, the globalists say that Afghanistan, Iraq, Gitmo in Cuba, Grenada, all of these little wars and skirmishes and fights, they're all laboratories.
They, in fact, bragged that Waco was a laboratory.
Waco was a drill.
They called in SAS from England.
They called in British Special Forces.
They called in Dutch Special Forces, Russian Special Forces, Israeli Special Forces.
They had mind control experts there.
Even Time Magazine has reported on this.
Just getting around the live guinea pigs and doing some mind control information warfare testing.
With the white noise machines and the focused sound weapons and microwave weapons and everything else, it's just a bunch of kids.
How often do you get to surround a bunch of babies and torture them?
The government just loved it.
And they called it an exercise, a laboratory.
So we'll open the phones up.
I will get to your calls in the next segment.
For those of you that are still in denial about what's happening, group, New Orleans gun seizures illegal following low-key inquiries that were met with stony silence and official indifference.
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling for a federal investigation into reports of gun seizures from law-abiding New Orleans residents and is demanding that officials there immediately account for all confiscated firearms.
See, at first, all these groups were, well, Bush wouldn't do that.
Well, Governor, you're not really doing that, are you?
The government's like, you bet we are now.
Shut your mouth.
Give me that gun.
There's a nice AP photo of armored trucks loaded with FBI and their black masks.
This is what they've trained for.
The happy hunting ground.
The boss is!
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We're going to be opening the phones up here in just a few minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
We're into the second segment, 8 minutes, 20 seconds into this Tuesday, live edition, the 13th day of September 2005.
Everybody said that they wouldn't be able to pass a national ID card, and they did it about four months ago, and now they're implementing it through the state driver's license and ID cards.
The general public said they'd never be able to pass forced psychological testing and forced drugging of every school-aged child in America from 5 to 18 years of age, and they've passed the federal law and are now trying to implement at the state level.
It's kind of like a boa constrictor trying to eat a horse, but it's actually getting part of the job done.
People couldn't believe that gun confiscation is actually going on in areas of New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.
But it is going on.
People couldn't believe it last year in Louisiana when the police just said, we're going to start randomly searching houses in neighborhoods and we're going to go to your door and demand you let us in to randomly do an inspection.
People couldn't believe it three years ago.
Up in Illinois, different major cities, the police would just, quote, demand a home inspection and would search your goods and look for guns or drugs just randomly as part of your home safety inspection.
People can't believe that Mexican troops are in America and have been seen and are armed.
Or that Dutch troops are here.
Well, I've been to the urban warfare drills.
I've witnessed them trained to take your guns, to break up your family, to kill you.
But you've got to support the troops, even if they're foreign.
Worship of Caesar's troops is the number one sign of total slavery.
And so last week I started reading what the New York Times was reporting.
The wonderful news, why it was totally reasonable.
All guns were being confiscated in New Orleans and the surrounding suburbs.
It didn't matter if you legally purchased them and they were totally legal.
The police are taking your guns, and they're going to confiscate them all.
Then there was a big public backlash.
I mean, the mayor and the police chief, the superintendent of police, as he's called, these goons went on TV and announced they were confiscating all guns.
It was on TV Friday and Saturday, and then there was a backlash against it, and
They said, oh no, we're not confiscating all guns, just when we need to.
And so I got the emails from the neocon worshippers saying there's no such thing, it's not going on, go back to sleep America.
And the NRA said that until they got spanked by their membership and now they're decrying the gun confiscation and coming up in 50 minutes we are going to be joined by the spokesman for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Committee, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Following low-key inquiries that were met with stony silence and official indifference, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling for the federal investigation into reports of gun seizures from law-abiding New Orleans residents and is demanding that officials there immediately account for all confiscated firearms.
The chairman, Alan Gottlieb, is demanding that New Orleans police officials immediately stop the seizures, disclose where those firearms are being kept, how they are being secured, the type and number of firearms involved, and how those guns will be promptly returned to their lawful, rightful owners and the condition in which they were originally taken.
I also want to know, under just what authority New Orleans officials are confiscating lawfully owned firearms from law-abiding citizens, Gottlieb said, where does it say that the state and the federal constitution can be nullified even briefly simply because of a hurricane?
In every other natural disaster the country has never faced, has ever faced, people retain their civil rights, including the right of self-defense.
But New Orleans and Louisiana state officials have added the sin of arrogance to incompetence and negligence for which they must be held accountable with this is over.
Gun rights activists have been outraged by a film clip showing a police officer tackling an elderly woman who was armed in her own home and later removing her from the premises.
There's a lot of other incidences of this as well.
And the New York Times proudly describes how armed paramilitary gangs
A police led by the FBI.
The FBI is leading the police multi-jurisdictional task forces.
The BATF is leading different task forces.
We have the city broken into different sectors, but they're all being led by the BATF, the FBI, and, yes, the U.S.
Army and the National Guard.
I mean, I've got them.
I've taped it off television.
They admit the power structure.
FEMA is in control.
They will just simply have the mayors and others go out and make proclamations to put a local face on it.
Then they play it off as if it's the feds, it's the locals, it's the locals, it's the feds, it's the shirts versus the skins, it's the cowboys versus the eagles.
And they break us into Democrats are the locals, Republicans are the feds, it's all the Democrats' fault, it's all the feds' fault.
No, they're all under federal control.
It's all one unified group, just like it was with the election of 2004, just like it is with these confirmation hearings.
It's a staged event.
I've been to the FEMA drills over and over again.
Stop playing mental gymnastics.
Stop making excuses.
Stop denying what's happening.
The government wants your guns.
They've always wanted your guns.
For you to be a true serf, for you to be a true slave, for you to truly be conquered and dominated, you need to be disarmed.
I remember the Gannett News Service, we put this in Police State 3, reporting that under a red alert they will confiscate your guns and that you cannot leave your house.
And that they will take your children from the schools and separate the families and make sure you behave by controlling your children.
The Washington Post also reported this.
Look, we'd been to the drills.
We'd covered the drills with the police and the feds doing this, in some cases with the military and the Marines from Florida to Missouri.
And then it was in the Washington Post.
It was in Gannett News Service.
It was in the major news wires.
I've made films about it.
This is a long-term plan.
The UN has had public conferences.
FEMA has had public conferences where they said, we're going to hold food and water back from populations until they turn their guns in.
And folks, that's exactly what we now see happening in this laboratory.
And I said this in the first segment, I'll say it again.
It's so important.
The Pentagon has stated Afghanistan is a live fire exercise and laboratory.
It is an ongoing experiment.
Iraq is an ongoing experiment.
Macedonia and Serbia and Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, those are all experiments, live experiments.
Vietnam was an experiment, a laboratory.
America is a laboratory.
The Pentagon admits they designed 20 years ago the layout and the FEMA command centers and the cameras and microphones that have gone up all over the country.
And they admit in MIT Magazine and MSNBC and all these Pentagon publications that it is to control you.
This stuff isn't hidden, boys and girls.
And then the Brown and Roots, the Blackwater, the DynCorp, the Bechtels of the world, they're going to manage it, the Lockheed Martins, they're going to manage and run all of these systems.
The military-industrial complex is greedy.
Owning all the big private prisons isn't enough.
Shipping in the heroin and cocaine isn't enough.
Controlling the drugs isn't enough.
Owning big pharma, pushing the prescription drugs on you isn't enough.
Being able to invade all these third world countries and grab all this oil is not enough.
Folks, they're going to run your life.
They're going to draft your kids.
They're going to own you like empires have always owned their slaves.
And to do that, they've got to have a string of crises getting you domesticated, getting you under their thumb.
Let's talk to the callers.
Let's go to Phil in Ohio.
Phil, welcome.
Alex, nice to speak with you.
Yes, I'm a proud member of your Prison Planet TV.
What I'd like to talk about is, oh, in 1980, I was about 15, and I went to a Christian church at that time.
And I had a pastor, Brother Bill, that spoke basically about what you're talking about now.
And at the time, it scared me to death, and eventually I became saved.
Since then, I've kind of backslidden a little, but I've never lost my faith.
And I can't see how... Why isn't the Christian ministry today on top of this?
Because they were offered $10 billion a year starting...
Oh, yeah, definitely.
The government went after...
Pat Robertson's racehorses and all his private TV stations that he had under the umbrella of the church.
And so he rolled over like a possum.
He rolled over like a dead fish floating on the surface.
Stay there.
It's a good question, a good comment.
And I want to get your take on it, Phil.
And I appreciate your membership at prisonplanet.tv.
We just redesigned the site, by the way, with a member's interface.
So all the membership material is all in one spot.
A lot easier to navigate and use.
So check out presentplanet.tv.
Stay there, my friend.
We'll talk about some of the other facets.
How they bought off the churches.
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Well, we're talking about gun confiscation.
It's going on in your face.
A lot of people are in denial about it.
They're in denial about the foreign troops stomping around America.
They're in denial about all these major attacks on freedom.
They're in denial about the Supreme Court saying, hey, if some private land baron wants your property, they can go to the city or the local development group and steal it.
Even middle class homes that are paid for.
And then the big dirty secret inside that secret is that they don't even pay you what the house is worth.
They condemn the home first, and then they devalue it by 75% on average, and then they take it and pay you 25% of what the home's value is on the tax rolls.
And many times, best use for your land could be anywhere between 50% and 100% higher than what it is on the tax rolls.
But you don't even get a fraction of what it is on the tax rolls.
I mean, just think about how this country's changing.
Classical police states being set up has nothing to do with keeping you safe.
That's just the backdrop, the excuse.
For the corrupt establishment creating larger and larger oceans of armed mercenary goons to pull from.
And they can't get this agenda through unless the churches, where hundreds of millions of Americans attend every Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday night, unless those churches are telling you everything's okay.
And it was the churches that helped lead the war against the British in 1776 that helped kick it off in 1775.
They gave the moral backbone to the people.
Not anymore.
They say, hey, implantable chips aren't evil.
They're good.
Do what the government says.
Follow all of its orders.
They pervert Romans 13.
Follow government.
Submit to government.
Bush is of the Lord.
He's on a jihad against the evil jihadis.
He's on a crusade.
And so, I mean, I've had big national so-called Christian talk shows say that I'm a liar about Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones.
Bush either isn't a member or it's no big deal.
And I, I am of the devil.
Not Bush.
Alex Jones is of the devil.
Because I don't see that Bush is an angel.
No, that Bush is just like, he's radiating a golden light.
He's got a halo around his head.
Till, finish up what you were talking about, sir.
Well, like I was saying, it's hard to believe that even at the grassroots or independent Christian churches, how they could
I hear you, but if you want to know why the big denominations are basically all telling their members how to turn their guns in...
I mean, I've got Baptist churches doing gun buybacks and turn your gun in.
I've got Catholic churches up in Illinois doing it.
I mean, if you wonder why this is happening, it's because they've been bought off.
Thanks for the call.
And it's good to have you on board.
All right, thank you.
You bet.
Take care, my friend.
Look, it's simple.
In China, you can have all the churches you want.
They're just government approved.
In Nazi Germany, there were lots of churches.
They were just government approved.
In most of the Soviet bloc nations, there were churches that were allowed.
They just had to be government approved.
And most Americans today believe that churches have to be government approved in America.
And if your church isn't government approved, they will send in a SWAT team, and they'll drag people out by their hair on national TV.
I've got it from CBS News.
Two weeks after Bush got into office, they raided the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, the seventh largest church in the United States, thousands of members, a gigantic, sprawling, multi-multi-acre, it was like 20 acres or something, complex, Pastor Dixon, Dr. Dixon, and because Dr. Dixon wouldn't be 501c3.
He said, we never had to have these compliance forms before.
But see, the government 50 years ago just said, oh, it's a formality, just sign this form.
And then they added to the form.
It was all color of law, and they got everybody practicing, and then they just said, oh yeah, it's the law.
It's like driving.
Driving was never a privilege, but they started saying it was until we all believed it.
You see?
They just tell you over and over again, oh, we're allowed to confiscate your guns.
We're allowed to come in your house without a warrant.
We're allowed to take your property without just compensation.
Yes, because we say so.
Because we've got a crew of killers with machine guns that back us up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, we've got one of the major pro-second amendment lobbies coming on in the next hour.
About 20 minutes or so to talk about the mass gun confiscation going on and how the feds won't deny it and it's continuing.
It is going on right now.
We're also going to continue with your phone calls.
There's a new FEMA director.
He's the guy that came up with the stupid idea
Of having Ridge stand up there and say, put duct tape on your house, that'll keep you safe.
And we'll get into the Roberts confirmation hearings that are ongoing.
And we do have that clip on prisonplanet.com.
We'll play it again a little bit later, where Senator Biden brings it up that, hey, you're going to preside over forced implantation of microchips.
You know, what's your policy going to be on that?
I mean, that's how Orwellian, how bizarre, how Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, all of this has gotten that in confirmation hearings, there's discussions of forced implantation.
This isn't a game, this isn't a drill, this isn't a joke.
But so many of you are in denial.
And I really don't want to hear you shoot your mouths off about how you're a bunch of good conservatives and how you love George Bush.
I know so many people that will talk about how things are going to Hades in a handbasket and we're losing our freedoms and a police state's being set up, but oh, those dumb Democrats, they need to stop attacking Bush.
Why do you let that ruse fool you?
Don't you understand they're playing a game with you?
It's like the old scam of where the woman acts like she's been beat up by the man and she runs into your arms in the parking lot.
It's a popular 100-year-old scam.
Probably older than that, but it's one of the most popular scams out there.
And then the assailant, her boyfriend, runs out and then acts fearful of you.
And then you feel powerful and get in the car with her and then she puts a gun to the back of your head and they rob you.
They go to your house at gunpoint and tie you up and rob you and then a lot of times blow your head off.
Well, that's what the Democrats and the Republicans do.
Or a better analogy is good cop, bad cop.
And I'm so tired of watching you get conned.
I'm tired of watching the public being manipulated.
I'm sick of it, and it's time to realize what's happening.
And it depends on what perspective you look at it from.
If you're a Democrat, the Republicans are the bad cop.
If you're a Republican, the Democrats are the bad cop.
So Democrats see the locals in New Orleans as the good cops.
And then Republicans see Bush as the good cop.
And we're all blind together.
So we've got to metamorphosize...
We've got to have a metamorphosis out of this full system.
Is that a word?
A transition.
We've got to get back to the hundred-year-old system.
Until a hundred years ago, it was taught freedom versus slavery, tyranny versus liberty, serfdom versus freedom.
There was no left or right.
It was unknown.
It did not exist.
And I know I've been talking about this a lot, because until we realize this, until we deprogram ourselves, and it's a powerful peer pressure.
People want to have left-right discussions with me every day.
And I have to stop and go, it's not left-right.
And I have to then explain that to people.
Because I was talking to a fellow last night, and he...
He's seen the TV show a few times, but he hadn't gotten this idea from me.
I'm glad.
I mean, it's a common sense idea.
He had come upon this truth on his own.
And then we're going to John and Tim and Jack and Alex here in a minute.
He said, Alex, it seems to me like...
The gold finger...
He called the Goldfinger something, and then I added, no, it's the Goldfinger phenomenon, or the Goldfinger... I used a better term than that at the time, spontaneously.
But have you ever seen the James Bond movie?
One of the first James Bond movies?
I think it was the second one?
And they think that Goldfinger wants to rob Fort Knox of the hundreds of billions of dollars of gold.
And he says, oh no, no, no, no.
I'm going to detonate a small A-bomb.
And I'm going to make the gold radioactive.
And then my gold shares will more than triple.
You see?
So it's the goldfinger factor, or the goldfinger syndrome.
I thought, man, that would be a good name for a video or a book.
You know, to explain this, the war on drugs is an incredible success.
You're going, wait a minute.
There's triple the heroin, double the cocaine.
We've gone from a million people in prison to seven million people in the system in the last 12 years.
It's horrible.
Look, prohibition was a great success.
Triple the alcoholism.
More than a tripling in the size of gangs.
Incredible corrupting of the police forces.
Wild success.
Until the people got wise and canceled it.
The war on illiteracy, just an unbelievable success.
We are now the dumbest people in the world per capita.
From the smartest 55 years ago.
It's all a raving, stark raving, insane, flying colors, unabridged, unwavering, total, complete rout.
It is wildly successful.
The Iraq War, both of them, in 1991 and 2003, wildly successful.
Just so successful, it staggers the mind.
The globalists have just executed everything with total precision, total aplomb, flawless execution, precise control.
You're going, man, what are you talking about?
Well, if you are the big military industrial complex, and you control 90 plus percent of cocaine and heroin production, and then you ship it in, and then you also own the private prisons, where you put people's kids that end up using the drugs, then you make money there, they work for 20 cents an hour on average, you have open slave labor in America, displacing everybody else's jobs, and the idiot population you've dumbed down is cheering it on, the war on drugs is a great success!
More of your product on the streets, more people on it.
It makes it fashionable because it's, quote, you know, daring and illegal.
It's a great success.
You control the paradigm.
One-third of Columbia won't pay its cut, controlled by the FARC.
That's where you do the drug eradication and the troops going in and raiding and the spraying operations and the rest of it.
Total success.
You, uh...
You put in the modern forms of education.
You test.
The dumber the kids get, the more the funding.
People say, well, why do you reward failure?
They're not rewarding failure.
We have the Department of Education documents.
Do you understand this is public?
But most people don't seek it out.
It's like saying at some state park, if you march ten miles over mountains, you can see a giant beautiful oak tree.
That giant beautiful oak tree is public.
That giant oak tree is available for you to go sit under it and eat a sack lunch, but you're going to have to hike there.
It's just like these documents are public, but they're not going to be on the nightly news.
You're going to have to go dig them up.
We've made them available on the website.
We've had the guest on.
We've covered it.
I've read it.
I've seen it.
I've looked at it.
Where they call you and your family a disease.
They're going to eradicate your families.
Folks, they sit around calling you a disease.
And they laugh at you that they call you a disease in their own textbooks and you don't even know you're being called diseases.
They openly say they're going to mind control you and openly forcibly drug you.
It's a big joke.
They're rolling in their seats.
They're laughing out loud.
If they would have gone in and kicked Saddam Hussein out in 1991, they would have not been able to have sanctions.
They would have not been able to block 95% of his oil sales.
That would have driven down the price.
They wouldn't have been able to have select deals where only Brown and Root and Halliburton
Brown and Ritter subsidiaries were able to sell oil-filled equipment.
Did you know under these deals, under the international agreements, only Halliburton was allowed to sell oil-filled equipment to Saddam?
All the sweetheart deals that came with that.
The globalists wouldn't have been able to carry out genocide for 13 years.
And by the way, it's 15 now.
It's been ongoing the last two.
From the beginning of the Desert Shield in 1990, right through to 2005.
Almost 15 years.
Millions of dead Iraqis.
In the first 13 years, a million and a half.
Now, at least 300,000 more are dead.
They wouldn't be able to... See, they don't want a strong country there.
That place had universities and Christians and Jews were free to do what they wanted.
And women were free to be doctors and lawyers.
We're good to go.
So, now, the Pentagon's own documents say, Israel's own documents say, written in the 80s, we're going to take Iraq over, and we're going to balkanize it, it's going to be endless civil war, and all we're going to have is some big bases we use to invade other countries.
They want it to be what you would call, and I would call, a failure.
Vietnam, we could have won that thing in six weeks.
You can't have that.
If you have a ten-year war, you get to make hundreds of billions of dollars and also create balkanized movements that you control here in America.
If FEMA would have gone in and let the locals get control and wouldn't have jammed police radios, this wouldn't be the big crisis it is now.
This big training drill, this new change agent to change the way we live our lives, to get us on to the UN plan, Agenda 21, and all the control systems.
You see, when you look at things, a normal person isn't a criminal, isn't a psychopathic killer.
And so they look at the system, and they say, well...
Man, they just keep screwing up.
No, they're not screwing up.
They're amassing power.
They're getting control.
They're waging war on you.
They're waging siege on you.
They're besieging our families.
They're besieging our churches.
They're besieging our free society.
They're dismantling it at every level.
Julius Caesar wrote a handbook on how to do this 2,000 years ago called The Battle for Gaul.
Alright, I'm going to shut up.
I just... I'm tired of seeing you get conned and manipulated.
And we've got to have this revelation, this renaissance of understanding now.
All of these wars give the government more control, and that gives, i.e., the private interests that control our government more power and control.
Thanks for holding.
John in Canada.
Go ahead, John.
Yes, sir.
Hey, great show.
Thank you for everything you're doing.
I think I got an idea relatively... I'm pretty confident that it would offer us a solution to this Bush madness.
You know, there was recently... Well, again, Bush is nothing but a puppet.
Okay, well... And I agree with you, Bush madness, he is the titular head, the figurehead, but nothing more.
Well, okay.
Communication is essential, though, and I'm sure you would agree with that for sure.
Just recently, the court found that if Bush finds you as an American a threat to his personal liberty, he can put you in prison and you don't have an opportunity to speak to a lawyer or a jury or anything, right?
For any reason, non-juror-related, anything, you can be held in a camp.
Now, I'm the guy here in Canada who the Bush administration is working to have incarcerated.
This was started a number of years ago.
It's a little different.
Of course, we're in a different country.
Originally, the warrant itself, I can give a copy to anybody, but it articulates the reason why.
They don't want me to speak.
They set precedents, but they can't stop us all.
This is a chilling effect.
People are meant to hear about your case.
They're meant to become afraid.
And if we are cowed by this, then we lose.
If we stand up bullishly, then we can turn it around.
I reach out to try to find people to support my cause.
Tell us about your cause, sir.
I figure there's no way I'm going to go to prison if the public knows who I am and what the position I have was.
I mean, the position I have... Well, I have positions on everything about Bush.
The war in Iraq... Well, first announce yourself.
First announce yourself, or all of this is pointless.
Well, I'll tell you what I... I had a radio show here in Manitoba, and all I did was say, the FBI state uncategorically, without a shadow of doubt, that General Mahmoud Ahmad, Lieutenant General Mahmoud Ahmad, funded Mohammed Adda.
Well, that's admitted too, and I'm familiar with what you're talking about, and we've covered it.
And let me tell you why this happened.
Canada has this velvet glove.
Oh, we're so liberal.
We only arrest you for your speech if you talk bad about dear little Israel.
But then in reality, they're nothing but a control arm of the New World Order, and you have no free speech there, and so Bush, to get you off the radio, and I'm familiar with the case, went after you because he has the laws he needs in Canada, and you should have been screaming bloody murder about this from the start, starting two years ago.
Well, I'm trying to.
The thing is, it's a very difficult subject, because I've written on...
But you're not even saying your name, sir.
That only protects them.
I mean, you call every few months and you basically repeat the exact same thing.
I'm willing to help you, sir, but nobody can help you if you're not willing to step up and tell folks who you are.
Winnipeg, I'm well known.
Everybody here knows.
That's why they couldn't arrest me off the bat.
I was involved in theater... Listen, I really can't talk to you.
I appreciate your call, sir.
I mean, I can't talk to people who want to call in and talk about cases and talk about the attack they're under and talk about what's happening to them.
You know, they charged you with this stuff and then now nothing's happened to you for two years and you're just afraid to speak out now because of what they did to you before.
The answer is, when somebody...
Somebody calls up saying death threats me.
I work two extra hours the next day.
You know, I mean, I have a rule.
You push me, I push back harder.
You give in to these bullies, they're like sharks, they smell blood, they go wild.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
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I think.
You see, when we say things like the Bush madness, or George Bush has done all this, when he leaves office, the New World Order will just put a whole new puppet in, and then for four or eight years, that puppet will take all the blame, though the puppets are obviously distasteful creatures themselves.
Then they'll put another one in and another, and then we never talk about the elite.
We never talk about the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, or the Bilderberg Group.
I never talk about the globalists and how they use socialism to consolidate our wealth and then transfer those new government powers over to private agencies that then become government themselves.
It's the transformation of the robber barons into our actual governments.
We're about to go to Alex and Jack and Tim and Alexander and Don and many others.
I do want to remind the listeners that I have produced 12 films.
I also carry a bunch of other great books and videos and books on tape on InfoWars.com.
I mean, we have Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownerships, amazing video about the history of gun control.
In mass genocide and what happens, how they register, then they confiscate, then they mass murder, then they enslave.
That's their one true desire.
It's their deepest, darkest desire.
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9-11, The Great Illusion, that comes with a free 90-page color booklet, The Great Illusion.
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All right, let's go to Jack, because he's on a cell phone.
Then we'll go to Tim and Alex and others.
Jack in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
This past weekend, you know, I saw... I watched the news with your...
I'll be real quick.
With your glasses, basically.
I see through your eyes based on the truth.
I saw Lou Dobbs do a story on military in America.
And then he went straight from that into something that didn't mean anything.
Last night, George Bush did his little grandstanding when he went and visited New Orleans or whatever.
Behind him were Mexican Marines.
It's like, once he gets off the camera, you would expect the reporter that knew anything about anything to say, hey, there was a Mexican Marine behind the president, and the president didn't even announce it or say anything or whatever.
My point is... It's all conditioning.
I mean, I was watching TV at like 1 a.m.
last night with the sound off, and it was just every reporter had troops behind them in berets searching all the bags coming in, or Mexican troops or Dutch troops.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
You know, I've got three of your films, and it's just amazing to see a supposed spirit of sea spirit in his films coming true.
You've been doing this for ten years.
Well, stay there.
I'll let you finish up when we get back.
Well, we had their battle plan.
I mean, we're not psychics.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All over the media, we need to get the military involved in our daily lives while they keep us safe.
They did a great job in New Orleans, but nobody else did.
We need to take your private property for everybody's good.
We need to put more people on Prozac and Ritalin.
Gun confiscations are good.
And the caller, Jack in Texas, brought up something I did see a clip of last night on the news.
And I did register it, but then there's so much I registered, I didn't talk about it.
And yeah, Bush had Mexican Marines behind him last night in New Orleans giving a speech.
And all of that, I mean, they'll cut trees down for the President to give a speech if they want to have a better view behind him.
They'll make everybody take their ties off, you know, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Or they'll stencil Made in the USA on Made in China boxes.
At warehouses.
This is all carefully choreographed.
It's all carefully crafted and prepared.
It's image.
And I'm glad you mentioned this.
The president with his foreign troops.
Already, 20-something percent of the troops in Iraq are Latin American, green card troops as they're called.
And it's going to get worse.
We're going to be a dominated empire.
We're going to be slaves unless we turn this around, folks.
And finish up what you were saying, Jack.
You were saying that you've been watching and listening for a while and stuff's starting to come true.
Did you doubt the full horror years ago and you're now witnessing it?
No, Alex.
I've never doubted it.
In fact, that's what got me interested in your work because finally I had somebody that
You know, basically was a voice for my conspiracy theories and I knew it wasn't a conspiracy theory.
I knew there's two agendas.
There's an evil agenda and there's a good agenda.
And a good agenda is so dumbed down and conditioned that the evil agenda is going to steamroll it.
Everyone listening to this is going to be a slave.
And you're right.
You're not going to have air conditioning and VCRs one day.
You're going to have bars and chains and you're going to have death all around.
And that is
I wish I could wake up every morning and go, wow, Alex Jones is crazy.
Because look, it's not happening.
But it is happening.
And I'm tired of waking up and seeing this Orwellian movie played out in real life.
I mean, we're a third world country.
You look at Africa and Egypt and see these kids running behind the convoys of our convoys, our American convoys, begging for food.
That's what's happening in New Orleans right now.
Americans are running behind convoys begging our own troops for food.
And they did that.
They had plenty of food.
They did it on purpose to create those images to set that precedent.
Thanks for the call, Jack.
But the power that we have is that we're able to predict what's going to happen.
We're able to show people the pattern.
They'll laugh at us today.
So many people, emails every day, calls every day.
I thought you were lying.
I thought you were crazy.
But foreign troops, you know, came into the shooting range today.
Or I thought you were crazy, but, you know, my cousins in the Special Forces and they just got microchips.
I thought you were crazy, but they're trying to make my 10-year-old go on Prozac for no reason.
I thought you were crazy, but, you know, I'm an electrician and we just put in bars and chains, you know, in an old 747 hangar as an emergency FEMA camp.
I thought you were crazy, but, you know, I'm a police officer, but FEMA just came and talked to us and told us that we've got to train for gun confiscation.
Look, folks, I've read the globalist handbooks, their own documents, their own admissions.
You can read them, too.
We link to them every day.
They don't want you to have swimming pools and nice houses and money.
They're going to take all that away from you, folks.
And they're going to tell people in that process that, oh, you keep all this if you do what we say.
Well, out of tyranny never came plenty.
Out of enslavement never came milk and honey.
Out of big government never came prosperity.
And you're all going to have to learn that.
And a lot of you 20 years from now, long after I'm gone...
You know, long after a lot of us are gone, you're going to have to remember and wish, and then it's going to be your time to fight and lead, and we're going to beat these people.
They're going to pay.
And we're going to hang.
We're going to hang millions of these people.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're now eight minutes, ten seconds into this second hour.
We're going to be going to Tim and Alexander and Don and other great folks' calls here in a few minutes.
I'm honored to be joined by David Wardman, and he's the communications director for one of the better Second Amendment organizations out there.
And, of course, the director of the organization is Alan Gottlieb, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, or CCRKBA.
Headline from Newsmax, New Orleans gun seizures illegal.
We have the New York Times is legally reporting total gun confiscation, even of law-abiding citizens.
And we've got local newscasts that are even worse, where they go in and grab old men by the hair and drag them out.
The BATF and the FBI are leading large sections of the sectors.
In New Orleans, and they're riding around in their armored trucks and their flatbed army trucks and their sniper gear.
Since last Wednesday, no food or water is being brought into the city.
They said, hey, if you're high and dry in safe areas, and you're a nurse or you're a superintendent or you're a power plant engineer, I mean, this is in the news.
We don't care if they want you to stay on the job.
And then the other side of the government is saying, oh, stay.
We want these hospitals to stay open.
And the other side of the equation, leave.
And it's federal and it's state.
This whole thing is FEMA.
And they are in there gun confiscating right now.
And then now the police chief claims that he's backed off of this because of the backlash, the superintendent.
But it's ongoing.
Just giant squads.
Of BATF and FBI and local police doing what they always dreamed of.
What they've been trained to do.
Mass gun confiscations.
And I repeat, the city is under siege.
The city is under attack.
They have stated, no food or water will be brought in, you just gotta leave.
And then people who've got food and water and won't leave, they're coming in and SWAT teaming them.
This is unprecedented.
And the...
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep More Arms called the feds, called the locals, and they won't get an answer.
They say, deny this, or tell us you're going to give the guns back, and they just won't say anything back.
They won't respond.
And so we are honored to have their Director of Communications on with us,
David Wardman.
David, thanks for coming on with us.
Yeah, it's actually Dave Wardman, W-O-R-K-M-A-N.
Well, I apologize.
We had one guy set up and he had to go, and we had another guy set up and he had to go.
So last minute, right as we came out of break, they said it's David.
And so, David, you're the director of communications, and so I can spell it.
Give me your name again.
It's D-A-V-E-W-O-R-K-M-A-N.
So it's Dave Workman.
Yeah, but that's not what we're talking about today anyway.
Well, no, we are.
You're a workman for the Second Amendment, Mr. Workman.
Well, you get a couple arguments from people about what my character is all about, but getting right down to brass tacks here, what's going on in New Orleans with these firearm seizures, the reports of these seizures, as you mentioned, the New York Times just seemed to be
Celebrating a new millennium with these reports that these guns were being taken away.
They just thought this was PG.
And it's not.
It's not even allowed in state law.
They can regulate fires, but they can't restrict people.
They can't take them away from people.
And if the police chief is now saying that, gosh, I'm going to back off because of the backlash, well, guess what?
Once again, New Orleans officials are a little late to the table here because they should have never done that in the first place.
Well, what they're doing is they're saying this is not an assault, like at Waco ramming the tanks in, but it is still ongoing from our witnesses.
Well, that's why the Citizens Committee yesterday issued a demand to know what is being done with these firearms, where they're being stored, when they will be promptly returned to their owners, in the condition in which they were seized.
Well, I bet you a million bucks, Dave Workman, that those people are ever going to see those guns again.
Did you ever see the LAPD and that Inside the LAPD program that was on the Discovery Channel?
I saw part of it, yeah.
I'll never forget that, and I made a big deal about it four years ago, where there's a dead World War II vet in his house, and the neighbors smell his dead body.
They go in the house, they make fun of his dead body, and then the cops go, oh, he's a scumbag, he's a member of the NRA.
Then they start fighting over who gets what gun.
And they start going, I'm going to keep this one, I'm going to keep that one.
And I think that was one of the best illustrations of the mentality of some of these big city neoliberal cops.
And I know the LAPD is having a good time there right now in New Orleans.
Well, what's really sad about this, and what nobody seems to be putting in perspective, is that when the city was flooded,
Anarchy took over and police walked off the jobs and some of them even quit their jobs.
I've seen footage of a handful of them actually participating in the looting down there.
The only semblance of what we would call law and order
It was the man in his castle, the woman in her castle.
And now...
I'm sure you've heard the reports and seen them.
Last Wednesday they said, we're not bringing food or water to anybody.
You've got to leave.
So they're actually engaging in siege against these people now.
And if they try to drive out, they're grabbing them out of the vehicles, loading them up on buses.
I haven't heard the business about stopping people from coming out of the city.
No, no, no.
Going in, coming out, people that are shuttling back and forth, oh yeah, they're grabbing them.
I know that, I believe it was reported on Fox News several days ago, that reports had surfaced that either it was the governor or the mayor, whoever was responsible, had told the relief agencies, hey, we do not want to drop water or food to these people on those bridges, for example, or in the
The Superdome, which was just nothing but a killing field.
That'll encourage them to stay.
It'll encourage them to stay.
Now, what kind of mentality is behind that sort of thing?
I can't explain that.
When you're faced with a situation where depravity and anarchy has taken over, and that's the order of the day, private citizens should never
Well, exactly.
I agree with you.
But all over that region, and especially in New Orleans itself, the government is focusing on basically letting everybody know we're the boss.
But at the same time, cowering of some gang member takes a shot at cops, and the police would actually evacuate when that happened.
Meanwhile, they're more than happy to go grab old ladies.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Yeah, I've seen that footage of the little old lady being jumped on by a couple of California Highway Patrol officers who were assigned back there to help restore a law and order.
That, to me, is not a restoration of a law and order.
It's just...
Let's put things in perspective.
99% of all the law enforcement and the National Guard and the sailors who are down there are really trying to help those people recover from a major natural disaster.
The footage we see of the little old lady being grabbed
That is ugly and it's awful.
I don't think the nation will ever be able to thank...
Yeah, all of that is great, but now these soldiers and people and police are following these unlawful orders to go confiscate guns.
And you sit back, you scratch your head, and you say to yourself...
What's wrong with this picture?
Well, there's a lot wrong with it, and that's why we issued the demand yesterday to find out where those firearms are being kept and when they will be promptly returned to their rightful owners.
Now, at first in the article, you guys say that you were timid.
That's not the term you used.
You were pensive.
You just kind of put in a quiet request.
What we had done...
I wrote the first paragraph of that release, and the reason I wrote it that way is because we had very quietly... At the first time we heard the reports, they seemed a little incredulous, so I started making phone calls.
Yeah, it says, following low-key inquiries that were met with stony silence... Didn't want to make a big deal of this in case... You know, you read stuff on the Internet that always turns out to be just harebrained and fussed.
I wanted to find out the facts before we did anything.
Our questions, our inquiries were met with absolute non-response.
I left messages after messages to people.
I even gave them my private cell phone number so that they could call me at home over the weekend.
And not a peep from these guys.
Monday morning, we took the gloves off.
They need to give us some answers where those firearms are being taken, what's happening to those guns, and when those guns are going to be returned to their rightful owners in the condition in which they were seized.
Well, they also need to stop running around gun confiscating.
In fact, that's one of the things that we want.
Well, yeah.
We want them to stop this cease right now.
We want a federal investigation mounted into this.
If it's the Justice Department that needs to come in there and find out
Why these guys suddenly think that the Constitution doesn't apply, then that's what it's going to take.
Well, I mean, I know what you're going to find.
I was watching Fox last night, and they showed this FBI commander, and he said they were leading an entire sector of the police.
Then they showed some BATF guy over another group.
The feds are leading those police.
I'm not surprised.
There's all kinds of law enforcement from all over the country down there.
Whoever issued the original order was a bonehead.
I mean, let's be upfront about that.
It's an illegal order, and it shouldn't be followed.
Well, I mean, Dave, we know they want our guns.
I mean, come on.
Do one more segment with me.
I want to talk about the members of your national organization, what they're saying.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment, including Eddie from Houston, who was a rescue worker who was inside the dome.
He's got some hair-raising tales for you.
Bottom line, the government can't help you, won't help you, will never help you.
Anything they give you has a bunch of strings attached.
Whatever they give to you was taken away from people to begin with.
And I know this.
We heard about gun confiscation going on last Tuesday.
And we did report it.
It was on local news stations.
Of course, people didn't want to believe us.
And then on Friday, the New York Times reported.
The New York Times reported total gun confiscation of everyone in the city and had the police and the mayor was on TV, the police commissioner.
Was on TV.
The superintendent, as he's called.
And still I got emails and calls, people in denial.
And I wrote an article about this.
Total gun confiscation going on.
And it's true.
I mean, this is really what's going on.
And it's still ongoing.
And they're not going to stop.
And I don't think they're going to give any answers to the NRA or to other organizations that are out there.
Well, the emails that I've been getting are unilaterally and universally livid.
Gun owners across the map are
So angry about this.
And I think a lot of it is being fed and fueled by the circulation of that one film clip of the California Highway Patrol
Officer jumping on that little old lady with what looks to be a beat-up old .32 or .38 Colt revolver.
That's a .32.
It's a .32.
I kind of wondered if it was.
The only reason I know is that that's a gun that they quit making in the 60s.
I almost bought that very same .32 about two weeks ago.
Is that like old revolvers?
It was just funny to see that same gun.
In the first place, the gun is almost an heirloom.
They shouldn't be treating the gun like that.
Well, she's also, it's not pointed at anybody.
She's got it backwards and she's holding it in her hand.
And all she wanted those guys to do was get out of her house.
She said she was fine and yet they jumped on her.
That's not helping people.
I don't care how they define it.
I don't care how they justify it.
That's not helping people.
Well, you know, O'Reilly has really changed in the last two years.
Two years ago, he'd have been against that.
Now, he just loves it.
Why, do you suppose?
He's just got the will.
I mean, we know that every week, Rupert Murdoch's having dinner with Hillary Clinton, and he's going to be pushing her for the 08 election.
Yes, sir, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, that in itself is kind of spooky.
But getting back on subject here...
The gun owners in this country are not going to stand for this.
They're really, really angry about this.
That's one of the reasons that the Citizens Committee came out with that release yesterday.
We want these questions answered.
We want them answered now.
If they stonewall us,
I guess we'll just have to take it to the next step, which means we'll have to find some friendly people in Congress to go after this.
And I know that right now the congressional spotlight is on the John Roberts hearings, where all these guys can get up and grandstand and make these grandiose speeches about this, that, and the other.
But at some point, you've got to come back to reality and say, hey, wait a minute.
This thing in New Orleans is a fiasco.
Well, Dave Workman... And we need to investigate it.
Dave Workman, we got them.
The first time they get a chance, they come in and try to take our guns.
I've been to FEMA drills, sir.
They train to do this.
This is what they train to do.
And a lot of people are putting window dressing on it.
A lot of conservatives cannot believe how bad this is.
It's really happening.
This is precedent setting.
The balloon has gone up.
And if we don't pop this balloon, we're going to see more gun confiscation.
I don't disagree with that at all.
Once these guys get the taste of blood, or whatever you want to call it, once they know that they can get away with this, they'll do it someplace else.
New Orleans, we've got to draw a line in the sand.
Say, no, you can't do that.
The law doesn't even allow you to do that.
So obey the law.
Give us the website so folks can visit the organization.
Why, sure.
It's www.wweb.com.
All right, well, Dave Workman, please check back in with us as things develop, and I appreciate you and your colleagues' fine work, and these are the times that prime in Seoul, so keep shining a spotlight on it for us, my friend.
We don't aim to leave them alone on this one.
This is something that is unconscionable.
It's going to stop.
It is going to stop, one way or the other.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for being a guest.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
We look at the NRA.
We even look at organizations like Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
And look at the headline from their press release.
Following low-key inquiries that were met with stony silence and official indifference, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling for a federal investigation.
Yes, let's go to Satan and ask him to investigate Rathomet or Astaroth.
I mean, this...
This is a joke.
And I know they mean well.
I know they mean well.
I mean, I've had a bunch of folks on from this particular gun group.
We had Larry Pratt on yesterday.
And by the way, I'm not dropping this.
You can call me liberal.
I've gotten mean emails from the Bush worshippers here locally.
They're just taking guns from bad people, liberal.
I'm liberal because I'm against the gun confiscation.
I know.
I mean, you guys are really brainwashed.
But a lot of you have been in denial.
There really is Supreme Court land grabbing going on.
There really is force drugging going on.
There really are national ID cards going in.
There really are armed Mexican and Dutch troops.
The media is keeping it quiet, but we've confirmed it.
Bush really does have Mexican troops behind him during speeches on TV.
There's a reason for all of this.
You're being conditioned.
And I guess I've got to go write a couple more articles.
I mean, I wrote that article last Friday, and it's still the most hardcore article out there about the gun confiscation that's going on.
We're talking four or five days later, and still people are just now starting to get that gun confiscation of everybody is going on right now in New Orleans!
And the city is under siege.
They said last Wednesday, no more food or water.
You've got to leave.
We're not going to give you aid.
People who don't want to go live in a sports stadium with troops searching them.
People who live in middle class homes and have local jobs and infrastructure.
The stupid cops are still dragging them out.
It's all over the local papers.
It's all over local TV in Louisiana, in Baton Rouge.
What we're getting is nothing compared to what's actually happening.
And I tell you, folks, there's this denial.
Can you imagine if Bill Clinton was trying to do this right now?
These guys are under federal command.
This photo on the AP this morning I saw, and I sent it to my webmaster.
I hope we get it posted with a little comment.
What I did was I took a photo, and then I put a sarcastic comment on it.
Like the photo of Bush looking out the window at Air Force One, and I made the joke, I wonder if I can get a Halliburton no-bid contract on this, or will they notice?
Little did I know that very day, the Houston Chronicle had already reported this was happening.
Well, I've got the FBI SWAT teams loaded up in Army trucks, just looking completely psychopathic.
I mean, these guys get off on this.
You know, with the comment of, I'm sure I'm tired, I've confiscated so many guns.
Because that's what they're doing.
They're roving all over the place.
The FBI is leading squads of military and police, and they're just grabbing guns, you name it.
And man, I'm getting sick of it.
Open up in there!
What, officer?
What do you want?
I need you to leave.
It's time for the evacuation.
No, I'm not going to leave.
Do you have any firearms in there?
We're here to confiscate firearms under orders, under FEMA orders, and orders of a mayor.
I mean, this has been in the news, folks.
The mayor went on TV Friday morning and announced all this.
Then they pushed their way in and, What are you doing?
And, you know, the husband says, What's going on?
My husband's at the power plant working.
What are you doing to me?
Come on with us.
Come on with us.
No, my husband's going to be back from work.
Come with us, ladies.
Tackle her.
I mean, you know, this is what's going on.
You think that one old lady, you think that's it?
They admit it!
They're going door to door dragging people out of their houses.
Remember back last Wednesday before all this started?
The mayor and others are going, we're up for the challenge.
The people are refusing to leave.
We're up for the challenge like it was a, we're big and tough and we're going to show you.
I'm tired of it.
All right, I'm ranting and raving.
I'm sorry.
I just can't handle it anymore.
And you don't hear a word about this on Rush Limbaugh.
A word on Savage.
A word from Hannity.
And you're not going to hear a word about it.
I do commend George Norrie for talking about it.
I mean, there's really no mainstream radio talking about it.
Glenn Beck's calling...
The victim scumbags and saying he hates the 9-11 families.
I mean, this is like Ann Coulter months ago said, we need to use a bloody fist.
We need to get tougher and kill more innocents in Iraq.
That'll show them.
And I watched this video clip last night of her.
She's delusional.
It's like when I had Ann Coulter on here and I said, well, Section 802 of the Patriot Act affects all citizens.
I read the section.
And she said, well, I haven't read the Patriot Act.
We still have that interview posted.
It's an all-time favorite.
It was an hour interview.
She kept threatening to hang up, and I said, oh, you're afraid.
And I questioned her, and folks, she is literally retarded.
And that's why the general public likes her, because they're dumb as dirt.
In fact, let's play that clip, and then I'm going to go to Edward Dickey, who's holding a rescue worker.
He went and volunteered and saw the hell on earth, and we're going to talk to...
Tim and Alex and Alexander and Don.
That'll probably be it for the calls because I've got another guest coming up the next hour.
But this is Ann Coulter.
Listen to her accuse MoveOn.org.
And she keeps calling it com.
And again, I'm no big fan of MoveOn.
I mean, they're giving you fault.
They tell a lot of truth, but then their solution's bad.
Bill Clinton or whoever.
Some Democrat.
But listen to Coulter claim they've done nothing when they actually have adopted thousands and thousands of families.
I mean, I know MoveOn.org people here locally that have adopted families who are running around feverishly helping people find their families, living with them.
I mean, I have friends who are involved in MoveOn, and I know people.
My wife's been over there helping them.
So shut up, Ann Coulter.
And so this is all going on, and she says they've done nothing, and then she says...
You know, just a bunch of other just incredibly insane statements.
So just play this little clip, and then we'll come back with your calls.
No one's blaming the hurricane on him.
I think it's the response.
And there's enough blame to go around, but you know when he says, I didn't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees, and then Brown gets on Thursday when he said it, and says that he didn't know that evacuees were stranded at the Superdome until earlier that day.
Look, I don't know what the details are about this, but...
Every prominent Democrat has politicized this before we even searched every home for dead bodies.
Oh, yeah.
No, and they're down moveon.com, down protesting outside the White House.
How about putting together some evacuee bags?
How about actually helping out?
And, you know, speaking of that, I think, you know, I'd like to see a breakdown at the end of this, how much...
Churches are contributing versus, say, Barry Lynn's church.
What church?
Did he actually have one?
Versus MoveOn.com putting their protest sign together.
How much has George Soros given?
How much has Sean Penn given?
And that's for Media Matters.
Whenever they cut to a new clip, they put a beep so you know there's an edit there.
But did you listen to her?
She says, oh, I don't know the details.
I don't know about the facts.
She doesn't know anything.
I mean, her books are written at a third grade level.
I'm not joking.
Liberal bad.
And then I got her on here, and I'm like, well, Bill Clinton's in league with the Bushes.
I mean, they're just like, you're so stupid.
And again, I don't have some sardonic view like I've got some big egghead and I'm all smart.
I constantly know how ignorant I am.
I constantly try to learn more.
I constantly try to be corrected and research.
But you've just got a pack of scum.
You understand Bush is going to nominate Gonzalez.
That's what he's basically saying right now.
And we're going to have a guy who wants to ban guns.
And we're all going to be liberals because we're against him, see?
And Ann Coulter's already running around defending Gonzalez.
And Michelle Malkin, who I had on, she's a little bit smarter, but she writes books about the case for internment camps and how great they are.
Just a bunch of sniveling trash.
All right, that's enough.
Sniveling trash.
I just, I can't stand these people anymore.
Look, the globalists couldn't take over with their agenda unless they had wolves in sheep's clothing.
And it's time for you to start recognizing it, America.
Obviously the Democrats are bad.
Obviously they're evil.
Obviously we've got a problem.
That's right.
Both parties.
That's why we're in so much trouble.
But we have 90% of our energy is over party differences instead of just liberty versus freedom.
That's where the fight should be.
Let's go to Edward Dickey.
Edward, give us your eyewitness account.
You're a security guard, workforce security, and you decided to volunteer and get there.
Tell us when you got there, what it was like, and what you witnessed.
Yes, sir.
Well, you know, Thursday we knew that they were coming in on the buses.
And all day Thursday, they were turning away volunteers and food at the Astrodome.
And like everybody else, I had been watching since Monday, Tuesday.
And about 11 o'clock at night, Channel 13 interviewed a doctor and he said we needed volunteers.
And so, of course, I rushed up there as soon as I could, which was about 12 o'clock at night.
I stayed until about 6.
And Alex, what I saw, there were hardly any Red Cross people there, hardly any police there.
There may have been two or three stations where they had apples and oranges.
And that was it to feed these people.
Now, this is Thursday night into Friday.
Yes, sir.
And I was there from Thursday night until Saturday night.
Off and on, I'd come home, sleep a little bit, go back out there.
And a lot of these right-wing shows are calling these people scumbags.
You know, Alex, I saw families.
That's what I saw up there.
And, you know, of course I'm asking them all kinds of questions and they're happy to tell me about what's going on.
I just want to tell you, Alex, I had two people tell me that they did hear explosions going off.
We have police and we have probation officers that saw it, but it's all been ignored.
And then now it's... but please continue.
Well, one of the worst stories I heard...
This guy told me, because I said to him, I said, well, were helicopters coming in to help y'all or anything?
And he goes, yeah, there were plenty of helicopters coming in.
But they were coming in and dropping off food to the police and then flying away without taking women or children with them.
Now, this went on for day after day after day, and then once the troops got there, they just aimed machine guns at the people.
Yeah, they were treating them like dogs, from what I heard.
They were cussing at them, and yeah, aiming their shotguns and rifles at them, and just treating them like dogs, cursing at them, telling them, you know, you're not going anywhere.
You know, that kind of deal.
Well, they were told to by FEMA to make things worse.
Well, I believe that, too.
Well, yeah, they're going to get lots of funding out of this one.
Now, when you talk to these two different individuals that said they heard the explosions, what specifically did they say?
That was it.
They just said that they heard explosions going off, and they believed, you know, of course they believed, you know, they blame it on the Bush administration, that kind of deal, because they, you know, buy into the false left-right paradigm.
But that was it.
They just told me they heard explosions, and they thought they were bombs.
What was the situation like with the lay of the land?
I mean, what was the atmosphere there in Seattle?
It was chaos, Alex.
It was chaos, and it was totally unorganized.
They had some medical supplies.
I was going around just treating rashes and cuts on their legs.
You know, I'm not a nurse or an EMT.
I just did what I could do.
But they came in starving, and all I had was an apple or an orange to give them, Alex, when they were turning away food and volunteers all day Thursday.
And all I could give them was an apple or an orange and some water.
Now, you said you had to sneak into the dump.
Well, yeah, yeah, because when I pulled up there, you know, the police would tell me to go to one spot to get in there, and I'd go to that spot, and they'd tell me to go around to another spot.
So Alex, I just parked my truck and crawled under that fence and got in there.
And, again, FEMA, have you now read the mainstream articles about FEMA cutting the police communications lines?
Oh, yeah.
Not letting food and water into the city from day one.
I mean, we've caught them red-handed.
There's no debating it.
They staged this.
That's disgusting.
Well, I mean, did you ever talk to the police?
Did you ever talk to the military?
Did you ever say, why are you doing this?
Alex, there were no police there, hardly.
You know, what police I did see, they were walking around in three-man teams.
There were hardly any police there.
You know, Friday it was a little more under control.
Saturday it was even more under control.
Thursday night was chaos, Alex.
And it was scary.
What was it like inside there?
These dark hallways.
Of course, I don't care about that.
But there was no security.
There was no preparation.
There were hardly any Red Cross people there.
Any question I had...
So let's describe this.
You crawled in at night under the fence.
You sneak in to the dome, and then you're in these dark hallways.
I can imagine the fetid smell, feces, urine.
By that time, they had just started getting there, Alex.
It didn't start smelling too bad.
It wasn't too bad at that point.
This was Thursday night when they first started offloading and coming into the dome.
You know, by Friday, Saturday, it started getting a little worse.
And then they wouldn't let food and water come in.
All day Thursday, they were turning away volunteers and food.
All day Thursday.
And I watched the news all day Thursday.
You know, I remember something.
We have a big report and photos of this, even a video clip.
Up in a town in Missouri, they had a drill.
We're good to go.
No, that was in the Pensacola News Journal.
I mean, I don't think people realize, though, just how sick this is.
Well, listen, stay in touch, Ed.
We appreciate you going to try to help those people.
Yeah, you betcha.
God bless you, my friend.
God bless you, Alex.
Hey, Alex.
When are you going to show martial law down here in Houston?
You know, I'd love to.
I know the theaters in Houston and San Antonio and Dallas want me to show it.
I've just been so busy.
I'm trying to make a new film right now.
I'm trying to go do reports.
But I might get down that way and do it.
You're an inspiration.
All right, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
Oh, you're great.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Who's been holding the longest?
Tim in Florida.
Go ahead, Tim.
Alex, I've been holding for the past hour and a half.
On my cell phone.
Now you're on air, and I'm sorry about that, sir, but if you've been holding that long, you might talk.
Luckily, I've got 5,000 minutes, so I ain't worried.
I'm totally exhausted from listening to your show about the confiscation of guns and property, making people come out of their homes, when they have to pay property tax, when they register everything,
Just like their cars.
They're not owners anymore.
Stay there and take a break from waiting.
Take a break, rest, and we'll be right back and let you finish up, Tim.
Then we'll go to Alexander and Alex and Don.
Actually, Alex is up next, then Alexander, and then Don.
Stay with us, folks.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, real fast, Tim, finish up what you were saying.
Okay, I stepped out of the box about four or five years ago, and then I was called being in a cult.
Well, besides that, I want to talk about this Roberts dude that Bush is playing with.
Nobody's talking about when he represented the homosexuals in Colorado, he went to the Supreme Court and he defended the homosexuals and he never charged them a penny.
He never, ever charged them any money whatsoever for his fee to go to the Supreme Court.
John Roberts is a homosexual.
And these children that he has... I mean, where do you get this information, sir?
Tex Mars.
I'll have to... I know those are adopted children.
But I've got to talk to Tex about that, because Tex is very credible.
Thanks for the call.
But I've got to get the specifics.
All I know is John Roberts is a complete phony.
And I know that Alberto Gonzalez, I mean, my goodness, is just an absolute monster.
I don't know.
I know Roberts looked like a complete lunatic yesterday when he was being sworn in.
Just such a fake.
Can't you just tell that guy's a... I guess people don't have discernment.
No, they can't tell.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alex in North Carolina.
Alex, welcome.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, I just heard this crashing noise.
Yeah, it does that in talk radio when you call in, and then when it puts you on air, it goes... It has to let you know you're on air.
You're now on air, sir.
Go ahead.
Did you have Mr. Workman on?
Did you still have him on, or did he drop?
No, he was on about 30 minutes ago.
Okay, well, I mean, my question for him was going to be, and I'm sure you could comment on it, was what about these states who have a statute that says...
Oh, in times of emergency, sorry, no firearms.
Can't possess a firearm.
I'm looking at the North Carolina statute, 14-288.7.
Oh, yeah, no, no, they slipped a lot of these in, and again, the government can say we're all slaves tomorrow.
Those laws are illegitimate.
I agree.
Hey, one general comment.
I agree.
If there's one thing that's really bothering me these days, it's not so much the people who are ignorant, it's the indifference.
I'm just so sick...
Of people I give videos to who, not so much, I would love it if they would get mad at me and tell me I'm an idiot and a fool, but they say nothing.
I give people videos... Oh, I run into lots of people that go, yeah, it's all true, what can you do, let's go party.
Or they just say, I looked at it a little bit, I didn't think it was that important.
Like, what more do you need?
So, look, here's what I'm going to say.
I'm going to make one more attempt with certain people to give them the movie...
Beyond treason.
Okay, if they can look at beyond treason and tune out this idea of women and children and babies being killed by pteranodon and then the stuff blowing all around the planet and probably giving us all cancer, I don't know what I'm going to do.
There must be a special hell for people who are indifferent.
Well, that's what Dante said.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Alex.
Another Alex.
Alexander in mass.
Go ahead, Alex.
What up, Alex?
Well, I wanted to ask you a couple questions.
One of them has to do with really getting things going and probably getting people together.
I'm wondering if there are anybody in politics that you're aware of that actually cares about truth and has any sort of... Yeah, Ron Paul.
There's a few others.
I just don't see that, any of that really.
I see a lot of the negative in all the... Well, look, it's a lifestyle change.
Instead of being so focused on...
I still don't see anybody getting more mainstream about getting rid of all these... The mainstream is bought and paid for by the globalists.
We have to make the new stream.
We have to replace them.
We have the power by our actions, what we build, what we craft.
We'll talk about it on the other side, Alex.
Stay there.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The New World Order Crime Syndicate was not built overnight.
It won't be destroyed overnight.
We'll always have evil to deal with as long as
As long as, you know, mankind has fallen.
And a lot of people say, look at the size of that thing, or what are we going to do, or who's the magic person in D.C.
that's going to save us?
Look, you couldn't find organic food on store shelves five years ago.
Now half the food on the store shelves is because people demanded it.
You know, it's the same thing with the Second Amendment, or the same thing with homeschooling, or the same thing with taking over local government.
You can't look for somebody else to do it.
I get emails every day, do this, do that, Alex, do this for us.
I can't do anymore.
All of you are leaders.
Look in the mirror for solutions.
Ask God for guidance.
I mean, I know it's a daunting task, but specifically, Alex, anything else from...
Alex from Mass?
Yeah, well, I also wanted to know, I saw Teddy Bear's Picnic.
I was wondering which person you thought was supposed to be you.
Was it like the waiter kid, or like what?
Teddy Bear's Picnic, yeah, just the nuts, the rednecks that are trying to sneak in.
Oh, okay.
So there wasn't anybody specifically... That's what I've specifically been told by those that made it.
You know, Harry Shearer's a member of Bohemian Grove.
Harry Shearer's in the national documentary.
He's the guy attacking me for sneaking in.
Have you ever seen that?
No, I haven't seen him attacking you.
Have you seen the documentary that's aired on national television with Harry Shearer talking about Bohemian Grove?
No, I don't think so.
Okay, yeah.
Harry Shearer is a member of the Bohemian Grove.
So he made Teddy Bear's Picnic where instead of worshipping an owl, they worship a stork.
And so he said on record that he's making fun of us with this movie.
He's actually publicly on record saying it.
Alright, thanks for the call, Alex.
I appreciate it.
And in this documentary, Secret Rulers of the World, using my footage of Bohemian Grove, the only Bohemian Grove member that would talk to the public is Harry Shearer.
And then he makes his little comments about me.
And then he went and made Teddy Bear's picnic to make fun of us further.
So that's on record.
Don and KC.
Don, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I think we may have had a Holy Ghost moment there when you were interviewing Dave when he said something like Bill O'Reilly is acting spooky.
One of the first indications I had something was foul of foot was I think on Thursday or Friday before Katrina even struck.
All of a sudden, Bill O'Reilly goes, quote, unquote, off on assignment.
And he was off on assignment the entire following week.
The biggest natural disaster story of a decade, practically.
And this glory hounds off on assignment.
And he never comes back with a story.
And I always get this picture of this guy down the bowels of CIA headquarters or the Pentagon or somewhere getting his talking points and monitoring the situation and all that.
I think the people have to understand a lot of these journalists are just outright government agents.
Well, they admit that thousands of them are on the payroll.
You know, the reason I called was that story about the cops shooting the dogs, it strikes me as pure psios, that they're actually, it's like a kind of not-so-veiled threat against the gangbangers, which fits their M.O.
They always pick a fight with someone, and then the people react, and then they have the perfect excuse to act as the victims.
I think that's what they're moving toward next is a war with the blacks and with the street kids and this and that.
Well, they'll always pick a group that is unpopular with the general public and then beta test it.
And I agree with you.
Thanks for the call.
Incredible caller.
Got a special guest coming up.
Sorry to the other callers that are holding.
But we have a special guest coming up.
You don't want to miss this.
We had a lot of requests to re-air this, so we're going to do it.
It's George Galloway.
An amazing interview I did last Friday.
Here it is.
On the last 30 seconds of this segment, get my new film, Martial Law, not just because it's a great video, but because it also makes this broadcast possible.
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Infowars.com to order hard copies or PrisonPlanet.tv to see them online.
Or call toll-free 888-253-3139.
All right, we'll be right back with George Galloway, Member of Parliament.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, we have the Honorable Esteemed Member of Parliament, the fire-breathing Scott, George Galloway.
And we had him on a few months ago.
And he's, uh, Mr. Galloway goes to Washington.
He's going to be traveling all over the United States starting next week in Boston, on the 13th.
And he's going to be with us here for about 20, 25 minutes or so.
We're really honored to have him.
We're talking about a host of issues.
I was just talking to him during the break.
It was about, yeah, Tony Blair barely hung on during that special election because of the fortuitous, for him, tragic bombings in London.
And George said, yeah, but even that's backfired on him.
And it did come out in mainstream British news.
Just so happened the supposed mastermind is an MI6 minion.
Just a coincidence, of course.
And we have the total breakdown here.
Armed Mexican troops in Texas.
Very bizarre.
And we have house-to-house doors being kicked in, women being drug out by their hair.
I mean, it's on TV.
But they wouldn't bring food and water, though, but they're happy to do this for the middle-class areas that weren't flooded on the outside of the city.
It is just flagrant abuse of power.
America in the Gulf area, in the southern Gulf, looks like Baghdad or something now.
We're joined by George Galloway, who exposed the profiteering by the Bush administration and then was demonized with made-up documents about himself.
He's won a bunch of lawsuits.
Totally proven to be false.
I've been slandered in lesser ways with just total fiction as well.
But rarely can you disprove total fiction because the big lie is so ridiculous, people just can't believe that it's all a lie.
But he has defeated the big lie.
George, thanks for coming on.
And as you described the backdrop to this discussion, Alex,
You're welcome.
It's true, we're living in very peculiar times and very volatile times.
The Russian leader Lenin once said, there are decades when nothing happens, but there are weeks when decades happen.
And I suspect that these weeks that we're living through now are ones in which decades are going to happen.
Everybody feels it.
You know, I felt the calm before the storm the last few months.
I said, big stuff's coming.
It's getting bigger and bigger.
And in a sick way, the tragic events that FEMA on purpose botched has kind of diverted people off the resistance to the Iraq war coming to a head, but then that's kind of backfired.
Can you just give us your take on all of it?
I feel it's backfired, yes, because what you get in fact is an aggregation of people's unhappiness.
The United States today looks like a country run by dangerous malevolent incompetence and that's very bad for the most important country in the whole world to be led by such a crew and when you see Colin Powell's apologia or what passes for one in the last day or so in which he admits that his performance in front of the United Nations
When he dragooned the world into the war on Iraq was a blot on his record.
Well, I can tell you it's more than a blot.
It's a very large blood stain.
And it's a blood stain which is spreading ever wider.
And it's a stain on the reputation of your great country.
And I'm sorry to say that as a person who loves the United States, who's looking forward to being there for 12 days or so starting next Tuesday, but I'm afraid that the reputation of the United States and by association my own country has probably never been lower.
Well, unfortunately that is the case because we're run by this corrupt military industrial complex elite
We're good to go.
Yes, it's like a scene from The Great Gatsby.
But I think the key point that you make is their opinion poll ratings.
You see, there comes a point where everyone can see that the emperors have no clothes.
And I think that point has been reached.
That's why I'm very optimistic about the political situation we now find ourselves in.
Because although these people look to be gliding serenely on the surface like the swan, underneath they are paddling like hell just to stay in control because they've been rumbled.
And because they've been rumbled, they run the real risk of being thrown out.
And as soon as the people of the United States get an opportunity, which I think is your midterm elections, I think you'll see some very decisive changes in the political architecture in the United States and in Britain.
That's already underway.
There was a halving of Mr. Blair's majority at the last general election.
We've got local elections coming up next May, which will transform the landscape, I believe.
And so these two great war leaders, the gruesome twosome,
Bush and Blair have got an accounting coming, and I think it'll be coming sooner than they think.
Now, George, I don't know how much you know about this, but when you get here, I'm sure you're going to hear about it.
Special electronic voting machine companies, three of them clearly CIA fronts, where they have open felons for computer hacking running elections, and...
The areas where they don't have the machines, the pro-war people lose, but in the areas where the machines are, they magically win.
I think we're seeing them attempt to set up a dictatorship here at many levels.
I hope you're right that we can see libertarians or others put into office, and I see a lot of Democrats basically being clones of Bush.
We have the Tories over there not being much different than Labor.
What do you do when both parties are basically doppelgangers of each other?
Well, this is the $64,000 question.
What do we do?
We have this duopoly in both countries.
Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
You can't slip a cigarette paper between the two of them.
And you have to try and constructively approach such election contests as come your way.
I wouldn't begin to suggest myself lecturing the people of the United States on how they handle it.
We've concluded here
That new Labour is now non-Labour, anti-Labour, and can no longer be entitled to call itself
Entitled to the support of working people.
So we've set up our own party called Respect, which is doing very, very well, which, as we spoke before, did very well in the elections, is going to do even better in the May elections next year.
It's in the newspapers every day.
They're fighting each other to make documentaries about me and my trip to Washington and so on.
We really are a happening thing here in the United Kingdom.
But I don't know what to do in the United States.
One obvious thing to do is to use the democratic power that you have in the primary system to try and force good candidates onto the agenda.
Don't let them in the primaries, Republican or Democrat, don't let them select the people.
Obviously, whoever the media is pushing, whoever the government is pushing, go to anybody but them.
Yes, well, I think that's right.
And didn't that happen to some extent?
I'm no expert.
With Howard Dean, that he seemed to come from nowhere.
He spoke the language that people wanted to hear.
He touched the zeitgeist and he was propelled right into frontrunner position.
Now, of course, he faltered.
Maybe there were one or two weaknesses in his game.
But we ended up with John Kerry reporting for duty
And he sank without trace.
And it's hardly any wonder, because when you began to look at his stand, or should I say his wobble, on the issues of the day, you began to realize that this man was only barely more competent than George Bush to hold that job.
Well, I mean, he was totally a titular head.
You know, frat brothers with Bush, members of the same society, their cousins.
I mean, that was just totally staged.
Totally staged.
George Galloway, before we go any further, give us the website that covers your amazing trip that's coming to the U.S.
It's www.MrGallowayGoesToWashington.com All one word.
Tell us some of the cities you're going to be coming to.
Well, I'm speaking in Boston on Tuesday, in New York on Wednesday.
I'm going up to Toronto for a couple of days then.
Then it's Chicago, Madison, where I'm speaking on these two occasions with Jane Fonda.
Then it's over to the West Coast.
I'm hoping that Sean Penn and others will join us there.
There'll be big meetings.
I hope people will come to them.
I think they'll be widely covered.
Because I think, if you'll forgive the dreadful pun,
Yes, well, you are...
I think a great spokesman against all this.
Unfortunately, some of those other folks, I'm sad to say, aren't the best spokesmen because of some of their background.
But I will tell Sean Penn this.
I mean, I commend him.
He went to try to save people in New Orleans, and when he finally got past the police, FEMA would make jokes at him and take pictures of him, and then he witnessed FEMA demanding sexual favors from women to get them out of buildings.
I mean, and that was even in some British papers.
I mean, getting back to what's happened in New Orleans, I mean, it's just FEMA won't deliver food and water, but they will deliver jackbooted thugs.
Yes, it's a bizarre catalogue of incompetence and malevolence and racism and all the worst things about the United States today have been on display today.
In this whole miserable saga.
And now, as you're telling me, and as I'm beginning to pick up in the mainstream media, there's more to it than meets the eye.
And it's really hard to work out from here now whether it was all being seized upon as a big diversion.
If it was, as you seem to indicate it might have been, it hasn't worked.
It just compounds people's feeling.
That the United States is run by these incompetents, by these ghoulish incompetents, Marie Antoinette-like incompetents.
Well, you called them, you know, these out-of-control monkeys last time.
That's right.
I mean, I think that they are with their Simeon swagger and their giggling and their pretentiousness.
An absolute snapshot.
As I say, it's almost like an F. Scott Fitzgerald caricature of the ruling class.
No, it's like the old caricatures of Mussolini and Hitler.
Well, the danger, of course, is that when the state begins to be such an abysmal, miserable failure as the state and the United States has been, that people turn not too progressive.
We'll be right back George.
Mr. Galloway, please stay with us.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got Larry Pratt coming on in the next hour to talk about all the house-to-house confiscations and things that are happening.
Chairman of GOA.
And we're joined now for this short segment and a little bit of the next segment by a member of Parliament, George Galloway, who we're so honored to have.
Mr. Galloway goes to Washington.com is the website.
We'll get a link to that up on Infowars.com.
Starting in Boston, coming up on Tuesday, the 13th of September, and then ending in the big anti-war rally, pro-peace rally, pro-America rally, pro-freedom rally that's going to be going on in D.C.
on the 24th.
And I'm tempted to try to go to that.
Either going to go there or to New Orleans.
I may have to try to get into New Orleans.
This is just out of control.
Mr. Galloway, continuing, last time you were on with us, last time you were on with us, at the very end of the interview, you were saying, I don't think they can invade Iran right now because public support isn't behind it.
They certainly want to.
And I said, well, what if there's a terror attack?
What if the military-industrial complex or one of their contractors...
There's a very real danger because you have elements within the state, you have the Richard Perle,
...access of evil, snarling, you're next at this country or that country, and yet the circumstances on the ground, the political collapse of the Bushites in the United States, the resistance in Iraq having taken such a terrible toll on the occupation armies and the collaborators in the puppet regime, making the idea of another war simply ridiculous.
On the face of it, the idea of invading another country when you haven't even swallowed the country you just invaded is preposterous.
And yet there are those in this neo-con, Zionist, Christian fundamentalist axis that really is itching to get as much of these things done, as much of this agenda pushed on, while they still have the reins of power.
And so you cannot discount
Some kind of provocation being staged by those elements who want to propel the United States into an even more disastrous invasion.
But I can tell you something.
I was recently in Lebanon, where the Bush administration is currently demanding the disarming of the national resistance movement Hezbollah, which drove Israel out of Lebanon after 28 years of occupation.
The United States demands that they get disarmed.
The journalist there asked me, do you think Mr. Bush will send the US Marines to Lebanon to disarm the Hezbollah?
And I laughed, and she laughed, because it's simply ridiculous, the idea that the United States could do that.
And yet there are elements within the United States administration and around it who would very much like to do that.
So you cannot discount the possibility of a provocation, you cannot discount
The possibility of some new canard being dragged into this.
Some scare about Iran's intentions or its capabilities propelling some kind of action.
But perhaps it would be Israel that they would use as the hammer in such a scenario.
And then if Iran responded against Israel, then perhaps the United States would be dragged in.
And then Iran would respond in the south of Iraq.
And then the whole balloon would go up, believe me.
We're talking about World War III.
Yes, we're talking about war throughout the world, war of the worlds.
And, you know, H.G.
Wells couldn't have made it up.
And we have to refuse to go into this good night, because it will mean the destruction of life as we know it on this planet.
Our children will never be able to travel outside the limits of our own borders again, and even inside our own borders they'll be in danger.
And, oh, but that'll give the military industrial complex an excuse to set up a big police state domestically and arrest people they don't like if they can start World War III.
Well, that's right.
It's Orwellian.
It's 1984.
It's the permanent division of the world into warring blocs for the profit of a few at the cost of the misery of the many.
And we have to refuse this.
And we have to refuse it in every way we can, by political pressure, by civic pressure, by demonstrations like the one in D.C.
on the 24th.
Mr. Galloway, to be specific, though, it's even been in the Jerusalem Post.
It's been in major publications that Israel created fake al-Qaeda groups and actually had them carry out bombings three years ago.
I'm talking about that.
Well, there is no doubt that Israel and dirty tricks have a long history.
Indeed, many of the provocations which drove Jewish people in the Arab world, for example, out of the countries in which they had been living happily for hundreds of years, having gone to those Arab countries to seek protection from Christian countries in Europe, like Spain and Portugal, the provocations turned out to have been organized by the Israeli secret services.
Stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Call now while operators are standing by to take your call.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm a worker on the state.
I'm the highway patrol.
The highway patrol comes to drag your wife out by her hair, knock your teeth out, pop the skate, your daddy's shotgun,
Well, meanwhile, the rest of the city is underwater.
No food or water for you.
I mean, it's just insane.
George Galloway, Member of Parliament, coming to the U.S.
here very soon.
The website for his trip to the U.S.
in the next two weeks, he's arriving next Monday, speaking on Tuesday, is MrGallowayGoesToWashington.com and RespectCoalition.org is his political website.
But he's just been very outspoken, really exposing the neocons for what they are.
And folks, for those who don't know, this is like BBC, this is London Guardian, this is Haratch.
And I know it's evil to say it's wrong to blow up synagogues, but if Israel's doing it, and if Israel's doing it, it's good.
Well, no, it's not good if Israel's doing it.
A group of sociopathic people who wanted to scare Jews into submission.
But George, I brought up government-sponsored terror to get us to go along with their aims, and you brought up the admitted historical evidences of what the Zionists did.
Why don't you please continue, sir?
Well, the Zionist movement were the past masters of this.
They created the conditions in the Arab countries and in some European countries to stampede Jewish people out of the countries that they'd been living in for many hundreds of years
and stampede them into the Zionist state in places like Morocco and other North African countries where Jewish people had fled to avoid Christian persecution from Europe and where people had looked after them and they were an integral part of the community suddenly saw their synagogues blowing up their property being damaged and provocations of all kinds being staged and they packed their bags and moved to occupied Palestine then to be called Israel
And anyone who's read Graham Greene's Quiet American, or seen the movie with Michael Caine,
You can see the provocation staged by the early United States Dirty Tricks operation in occupied Vietnam.
Yeah, by the way, that's based on true stories put to personal account.
An absolute historical fact, yes.
Blowing up women and children, blaming it on their enemies.
And we have Operation Northwoods calling for this, the U.S.
government plan.
We now have the U.S.'
's Liberty.
I've had the Admiralty.
It's always the case that in a big and complex state machine,
There are all sorts of elements.
They don't have to be endorsed by the political leadership or all of the political leadership.
They can be people representing a trend in the political leadership.
I've already mentioned this hideous character Richard Pell earlier.
I saw him just the other day on a website.
Actually snarling, you're next, threatening people with American military power, a man who couldn't punch his own way out of a wet paper bag, but ready to fight to the last drop of other people's blood.
Then these people make my blood boil, and they ought to make every right-thinking person feel that way.
We deserve better than to be governed by these gangsters.
Well, Member of Parliament George Galloway, you are such a... I mean, you're absolutely right.
That's my feeling.
I mean, if somebody themselves has been in combat, is somewhat of a hero, a tough guy, it's still disgusting to see them bully.
But when some little fat, oily, weak, toad-like piece of trash constantly going around snarling, bragging about killing hundreds of thousands, I mean, that guy is a pussball.
These chicken hawks, and I'm afraid that George Bush has to be numbered amongst them, people who did their absolute utmost to avoid their military duty, used the power and wealth of their family upbringing to get out of the things that they were happy for others to have to go into.
It's very, very hard to swallow when they're swaggering around in their bomber jackets kicking ass, metaphorically speaking or rather sending other mother's sons to kick ass or have their own asses kicked and of course it's not your ass that gets kicked it's your head that gets blown open by a roadside bomb or by a sniper's bullet or by a suicide bomber and it's an absolute sickening scandal
That now almost 2,000, I think probably 2,000 by the time I get there.
Well, I mean, 100 years ago... Young American boys have paid with their lives for all of this.
Well, exactly, but I mean, if...
I mean, 100 years ago, 80 years ago, I mean, if the British Crown wanted to go to war, the princelings had to be up front, and they got shot, they got killed.
I mean, that's always been the way it is.
People go, we're going to war, your kids are going.
That doesn't happen anymore.
I mean, this is a new type of corruption.
Yes, it is.
And I vividly recall in Fahrenheit 9-11...
Michael Moore going around asking senators if they'd like to send their sons to Iraq.
And the look on the faces of the senators made it clear that just literally nothing in the world would have persuaded them to do that.
Nothing could have been further from their mind that their own sons would go there.
But the sons of others, usually poor white people, usually poor black people, poor Hispanic people, they're the ones that go to the front line and they pay the blood price for these fantasies of power.
And then Bush gets this weird type of reflected glory off of them.
Or reflected glory off firefighters on 9-11.
It's disgusting.
It is.
It really is.
And he's the same man who's cutting budgets.
Well, by the way, George Galloway, as you know, Member of Parliament, over here he has slashed the veterans' funding and people who die.
I mean, a month ago I talked to a Marine's wife
He died, and now they got a little $10,000 check.
That's it.
No pension, nothing for their child.
The child, the family, doesn't get the GI Bill.
It is disgusting.
They get nothing.
I'll never forget in that wonderful movie, I came to know Ron Kovacs, on whom the film was based, Born on the Fourth of July.
That hospital that Tom Cruise ends up in after he's given his limbs for his country in the Vietnam War and the sink hospital that they put him in and the way in which he was treated.
This is the way these people treat those that they send into battle for them.
They tell them a pack of lies, they fire them up with hatred of Johnny Foreigner and then if it goes wrong
Then none of the blood spatters upon them.
And we've got to change that.
We have democratic power that we have to organize ourselves into using.
A great can-do country like the United States ought to be able to show the world the way in this.
Well, George Galloway, I've just got one or two questions left for you and then we're going to let you go because I know you're a very, very busy man.
All I can say is that this is so groundbreaking to have you with your incredible record and your impeccable record of standing up against corruption and as a journalist, as a reporter in your background, to sit here and to talk about governments creating terrorist attacks, creating crises, to blame it on their enemies.
You mentioned the Zionists.
The Zionists is now coming out, even in a lot of major publications, what we already knew, actually early on funded Hitler.
They said he's going to be good, he's going to persecute Jews, and he likes our plan of Palestine.
I mean, I'm sorry folks, funding Hitler and helping Hitler kill Jews is not pro-Jews.
Well, this is the thing about Zionism.
It has nothing to do with Jewishness.
Some of the biggest Zionists in the world are not Jews.
Anybody who thinks George Bush likes Jews has never been to his golf club.
The reality is these people have used Jewish people.
Let me ask you a question.
When you go to Iraq, when you go to Egypt, when you go to these countries, I mean, I've talked to a lot of reporters that have been there.
A lot of them say that the Arabs are pretty nice folks on average, and they are sophisticated.
They know the American and British people are not evil like our governments.
Do you agree with that?
Well, they do, but they also have a point which is difficult for us to get out of, Alex.
We have democratic countries, systems, and our governments are chosen by us.
And therefore we cannot escape the share of the responsibility for what our governments do, I'm afraid, in the way that a dictatorship can do.
You see, if you're living in a dictatorship and your dictator decides to launch war on someone else, then no one can realistically blame you in any way for that.
But if you live in a democracy and you keep re-electing a government that keeps launching wars against other people on bogus pretexts, on a pack of lies with devastating consequences, then I'm afraid we must take some of the responsibility.
That's why we've called this tour that I'm on, Stand Up and Be Counted.
This is my Stand Up and Be Counted tour of the United States.
Well, I agree with you.
Well, look, I mean, the polls show that, but, I mean, George, again, I go back to the fact that
They select both candidates.
They put them in front of us.
I think in many cases, we have a manufactured political process.
I don't think at many levels it is legitimate now.
We need to reform it and get back to our republic, a constitutional form of government.
To do that, I mean, I think with your parliamentary system, you've got a little bit better chance of somehow maneuvering in and stopping the Tories and Labor.
But it's the same here.
I mean, Hillary Clinton's for the war.
Chuckie Schumer's for the war.
Yes, I mean there's no doubt that there's a dilemma but the United States is a country that was built out of nothing and built itself all the way to the moon and the stars.
The United States, the people of the United States are great can-do people and they ought to be able to use the constitution which the founding fathers gave them.
To organize their political power to change things.
I don't believe that that's beyond... No, I agree with you.
I think we have the power.
We've just got to assess this enemy system.
In closing, you said 2,000 troops.
I mean, obviously you know that they don't count them as combat dead if they die on the plane out of the country or if they die in Rammstein.
And the real numbers are around 8,000 U.S.
dead, George.
Well, I don't know how big they are.
I'm certainly prepared to accept that there are more than the 2,000 that we know about because there are these green card soldiers that don't appear to get counted, and there are people who are dying of their wounds later that don't appear in the statistics.
And, of course, there's the more than 100,000 Iraqis who have been slaughtered, whom they haven't even counted.
But according to the Johns Hopkins University and the Lancet, that figure is now well in excess of 100,000 people.
And they don't, I think, include these so-called contractors, who are in many cases merely mercenaries, to whom military duties have been subcontracted out.
600 of those have died in Afghanistan and Iraq now.
Well, in Basra in the last few days, which is supposedly the quiet part of the country, two British soldiers, six American contractors,
And at least 36 Iraqis have been killed just in the last 48, 56 hours.
Well, I know you've got to go, but this is the last question.
They came up with a P2OG plan right before they invaded.
You can just type in P2, just the letter P2OG, and you'll get UPI and AP on this.
And Rumsfeld actually said, we don't really want to win.
We want civil war.
That gives us an excuse to stay there, build permanent bases.
If we fix it overnight, we'll have to leave.
They said by basically turning everybody against each other, we'll make sure that country never gets strong again.
And then there was an Israeli plan actually written up in 1987 that was in the Jerusalem Post a few months ago.
And in this plan written up, they called for using America and for the exact same thing, dividing it up into about four different groups fighting with each other.
So people think we're failing in a way, but cynically...
Bush and his crew want things to be bedlam.
Now, I think it's more bedlam than they wanted, but they do want this breakdown.
Your comment?
Well, as a British person coming from a country with a very long imperial heritage, I know that divide and rule is the first weapon of all empires.
And the purpose of empires, I remind your listeners, is to go abroad and steal other people's things.
That's why the British Empire...
My dad always says that.
That's funny.
If that was their plan, it isn't working.
Because it's spiraling now out of control.
You must be careful what you wish for in life and to wish for a Yugoslavia on top of the world's biggest oil field in the Arabian Gulf where countries all around are divided between Sunni and Shia would be a catastrophic end to what has been a disaster so far.
And I think that the Iraqis are sensible enough
To do everything that they can to avoid that catastrophe.
I don't believe they will allow themselves to be divided to the point of breaking up the country.
But if we do end up with a Balkanized, a Yugoslavized, a Lebanized Iraq, then believe me, we'll all pay a price for it for a hundred years.
But the elite won't.
They'll just love it.
Well, George Galloway, you're coming to town for the next two weeks, starting next Tuesday in Boston.
Folks can find out more.
They're on the website, MrGallowayComesToWashington.com.
I want to thank you so much, and I'd like to get you on a few times a year here on the broadcast.
I'd love to.
And we'd love to get you to come down here to Austin, so God bless you.
Alex, my book is out now in conjunction with the tour.
It's called Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington, and it's published by New Press.
So that'll be in the bookshops in the next day or two.
I hope your listeners will pick it up.
So that's going to be here in the U.S.?
Yes, it's a U.S.
book, and it's called Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington.
Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington, and that's published by who?
Published by New Press.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
All the best.
Take care.
You bet.
And again, folks, I apologize.
They have different rules over in England, and that's just the King's English.
It's not the King's English.
That earlier little comment, they used that on the nightly news over there.
He's a distinguished member of Parliament, and we really appreciate him coming on.
And that is not a limp-wristed liberal that you just heard.
And I know that Mr. Galloway is not anti-gun, and he's not a lot of things that we think are good.
He's also a little bit socialist when it comes to some of his economic policies.
But regardless, folks,
He's speaking the truth.
He's exposing the New World Order.
And by interfacing with these folks, we're waking a lot of them up.
And so there's a Member of Parliament saying our government's carrying out terror is a real threat.
We had a nice little discussion off-air about the London bombing.
And we see eye to eye on that.
So, amazing interview.
Now, when we get back, I will go to your calls.
We'll take calls until Ron and Steve and David and Patrick and James have been holding for a while.
In the next ten minutes, we'll take your calls quickly.
And we've got Larry Pratt coming on.
Gun confiscation.
Doors being kicked down.
Does nothing to keep people safe.
It's just totally evil.
Middle-class homes being raided.
The police absolutely just loving every minute of it.
And I've watched all the news.
They're getting off on it.
They've trained for this.
When they get your guns, folks, it's over.
We're slaves.
And that's their number one goal, their one burning desire.
That's their secret desire, the thing they roll around at night in the bed.
It's just...
In the covers, just gleefully worshiping the day they get our guns so they can really enslave us and really crack skulls and really teach us how to be slaves.
And Mexican troops armed in Texas.
It is documented and we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I don't know if that's true.
Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of media.
I don't know.
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All right, Ron, you were holding earlier you wanted to finish up.
Go ahead and finish up what you had to say.
This is Ron, retired police officer in New York, calling the police gun confiscating in New Orleans criminal.
And again, Ron, it does nothing to keep anybody safe.
The limited riots or looting is over.
They're going to middle-class, unflooded areas and robbing people.
Go ahead.
Well, you had good citizens, and ironically, when they had the looters looting in the city, they didn't take one step or measure against it.
That's how you know this is a contrived action with another ulterior motive.
And by the way, they're taking those guns and not invoicing and vouchering these lawfully possessed guns.
Oh, no, they're gone.
Well, their owners can come back and get them later.
They're going to melt them into scrap metal.
But then again, I'm sure their ultimate intent is to help, I guess, the Halliburton-Bush-Cheney cabal take the property through some kind of specious, illegal, eminent domain claim.
Well, Halliburton already is the king of New Orleans, and it's admitted that backroom scams are already going for new hotels, everything.
Alex, do you know that Halliburton, in the midst of this promotion within the first few days, got a no-bid contract on reconstructing all the docks in the Gulf area that were destroyed?
Oh, we covered that on Monday, yeah.
On top of that, ABC News reported yesterday on its radio division...
That they anticipate fuel prices will go up 71%.
Now, again, everything Jim Tucker has gotten out of Bilderberg always comes true.
A year before, he says the Berlin Wall's going to fall.
He gives us the exact date a year before of the Iraq invasion, back when the media wasn't saying that was the date.
He said oil was going to double, because Kissinger was saying and rubbing his hands together, this is what our spies got us, and now, now look what's happening!
Now, we're going into, in four to six weeks, the cold weather period in this country.
If fuel to heat your home, and operate your car as well, of course, goes up 71%, the American economy and the American people, I mean the people that are subject to these abuses, will not be able to bear that.
My guess is that within six months, their attempt is to collapse our economy.
You know, I hope you're wrong, but notice the week before this New Orleans thing, the Fed chair came out and said he used the word crash.
So they're doing everything they can.
If they wanted to stop a crash, folks, they'd say everything's fine.
Keep your eyes open, because you know what?
I don't think this is the last crisis we're going to be in.
Hey, Ron, when the cops come to your house, are you going to give them your gun?
Well, at that time, put it this way, they'll get a piece of my mind, that's for sure.
That I will say.
That's how I feel about it.
Well, just give them your gun.
That's what America's all about.
Come on.
Let them take your children.
It's freedom.
We'll be right back with a third hour.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.