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Air Date: Sept. 5, 2005
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, instead of the military calling the looters criminals, they're calling them terrorists and insurgents.
Combat operations, their job is to go in and confiscate law-abiding citizens that have been stuck.
Confiscate their guns, that's the vast majority of them, and to ship them out to basically highway junction areas where for days they sit there and are raped and attacked.
It's still continuing all over the state.
There's total murder everywhere, rape everywhere.
They won't sell guns or bullets to anybody.
Police are running all over the place, different criminal gangs of police.
Robbing greedily.
Very, very serious.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
We have a former Reagan appointee coming on.
Paul Craig Roberts to talk about the situation in a few minutes.
Kevin in Austin, Texas.
Go ahead, Kevin.
Yeah, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, my friend.
I've got an audio clip, actually it's a video clip, of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard from yesterday morning's Meet the Press with Tim Russert.
I'll play that here in a minute for you, the audio, but J.W.
was wrong in something.
He's correct that there is a blame game going on and there is grandstanding, but he is in a paradigm that no longer exists.
The mayor is not in control of New Orleans, hasn't been, and wouldn't have been one or
Two years since FEMA took over?
That's something I mentioned on a show this weekend, but haven't mentioned here yet.
It's in my film, Police Day 3.
And I say that because, folks, I mean, this is on record.
New Orleans was federalized two and a half years ago.
Every major agency was under FEMA's control two and a half years ago.
Times Pick Canyon, the city was federalized, and no one even knows about this.
Well, you have your figurehead mayor, the black mayor, that appeals to the population, but he is not in control, and I think he is sincere.
I mean, he wouldn't be speaking the way he was.
Isn't it interesting that it's the only city they completely federalize, and then this magically happens there?
Well, and Charles is right, and we always need to remember these lessons we've learned from the past.
This is an order-out-of-chaos situation.
This is problem, reaction, solution.
Now, the globalists clearly, clearly are trying to make this as bad as possible, while I'm standing as saviors.
The plan was to have it all break down and make the locals look stupid, but because the locals were trying to do something, the feds now have been caught holding back the aid and the good police from surrounding areas, and so now that they were trying to make it look bad, but then say, oh, the regular army got here, they're heroes, which they're now trying to do, but it's backfiring on them, Kevin.
That's what this clip addresses here, but you know, remember, they had this solution picked out well in advance, and the solution is to create chaos, to have some people that are black, or voodoo, or they're different from us, that they can label and call them looters.
The whole thing fits perfectly into a larger scope.
And clearly the Globalists knew the city was going to be hit.
They knew it was going to flood the next time it got hit by a big storm.
They knew what was going to happen.
And Bush's claim, and Rice's claim, and Chertoff's claim that they never heard or never knew, it is a bald-faced lie that it was the number one priority for the Army Corps of Engineers.
People resigned over it.
They were told they'd be fired if they didn't go along with the ballgame.
And then now the very people that caused this to happen are grandstanding as our saviors.
Do you have time for me to play this clip?
I'll tell you what, let's just get Paul Craig Roberts on.
We'll have him hold Kevin while you play this clip.
And then we'll be right back.
This is Kevin Smith.
There's some camera work for us from time to time.
Good friend of mine.
We'll be right back and we'll go to your calls early in the show folks.
I'm not going to make Mike and Sean and Wes and Will hold that long.
Paul Craig Roberts is a real gentleman, former deputy there at the Department of the Treasury.
He was the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.
And he's coming on to talk about his article, Impeach Bush Now Before More Die!
And it's on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
We'll be talking to Paul Kurt Roberts after Kevin finishes up and plays his clip.
And then we'll take more of your calls as well.
Again, it's a daunting task, but I'm going to cover all this news.
There are so many facets to this unfolding nightmare that could bring down our economy.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All we've heard about is martial law and how good it is and how wonderful it is to give up our freedoms, to set aside our Constitution for a military form of government.
Bush has set up NORTHCOM.
I mean, the last couple months, from Virginia to California, we've got the local newscast.
Where the military openly trains to confiscate our guns, and the police train with the military, and they call us the rebels?
Oh, you know, we're going out and confiscating the firearms of the rebels.
And they admit it's for here in America.
So they gear all of this up, build this huge structure, and then don't fix the levees.
And then the one area that was having construction done on it, and
It is coming out reports that people did report explosions.
I don't want to believe this again, folks, but if they... People say, well, it makes Bush look bad.
I mean, most people, and I was just talking to Paul Craig Roberts during the break, most people I talk to, even people that have disagreed with me in the past,
I don't
At least it sounds like more radical than I am.
I mean, because it's so obvious, folks.
I mean, it just, regardless, regardless, they held back rescue workers and firemen and police that wanted to go in and save people.
For days and days and days, FEMA just moves in and sits down on their big hind ends and does nothing.
Ordered out of chaos is what they're doing.
And we're going to be talking to Paul Craig Roberts for the rest of this hour and taking some of your calls.
Impeach Bush now, before more die.
There's this column, we have it up on PrisonPlanet.com.
It's also available at LewRockwell.com, other areas.
And it's just unbelievable.
So we're going to be talking to Paul Greg Roberts, who was the number two in the Treasury Department, Deputy Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan.
And he's been very outspoken about Bush.
I mean, Bush is not a conservative.
He's not even a liberal.
He is a fascistic control freak.
Puppet of very corrupt corporate interests.
But again, real fast, Kevin Smith, you got this clip you want to play for Meet the Press?
Play it real fast.
First, set it up for us.
Okay, this is, again, this is the Jefferson Parish President.
His name is Aaron Broussard, and his interview followed Comrade Chertoff.
And initially in his interview, he had a list.
He kept looking down and reading it.
FEMA needs more money.
FEMA needs more control.
And then he broke from the script and got very emotional.
And basically his headline quote is, we've been abandoned by our own country in tears.
But here's the clip for you, Alex.
Listen to what he says FEMA did.
Go ahead.
Almost a week out.
Let me give you just three quick examples.
We had Walmart deliver three trucks of water, trailer trucks of water.
FEMA turned them back.
They said we didn't need them.
This was a week ago.
FEMA, we had a hundred, we had a thousand gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked in my parish.
The Coast Guard said, come get the fuel right away.
When we got there with our trucks, they got a word.
FEMA says, don't give you the fuel.
Yesterday, yesterday FEMA comes in and cuts all of our emergency communication lines.
They cut them without notice.
Our Sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the line, he posts armed guards on our line and says no one's getting near these lines.
Sheriff Harry Lee said that if America, if American government would have responded like Walmart has responded, we wouldn't be in this crisis.
But I want to thank Governor Blanco for all she's done and all the leadership she's sent to the National Guard.
I just repaired a breach on my side of the 17th Street Canal that the Secretary didn't foresee.
A 300-foot breach.
I just completed it yesterday with convoys of National Guard and local parish workers and levy board people.
It took us two and a half days working 24-7.
I just closed it.
I'm telling you.
Most importantly, I want to thank my public employees that have worked 24-7.
They've burned out.
The doctors, the nurses.
And I want to give you one last story and I'll shut up and let you tell me whatever you want to tell me.
The guy who runs this building I'm in, emergency management, he's responsible for everything.
His mother was trapped.
The state went on nursing home and every day she called and said, are you coming son?
Is somebody coming?
And he said, yeah, my wife.
Somebody's coming to get you.
Somebody's coming to get you on Tuesday.
Somebody's coming to get you on Wednesday.
Somebody's coming to get you on Thursday.
Alright, put him on hold.
I don't want Parker Roberts to have to hold much longer.
I've taped dozens of such clips myself.
Kevin, be sure to bring that to the TV show tomorrow night.
We're going to play that.
Folks, for those that don't understand, did you hear that FEMA cut?
The emergency lines.
They don't want anyone else having any control or helping anyone.
FEMA said no to the Coast Guard's fuel.
This is the City Council President.
This is the equivalent of the mayor of that town.
It's about control.
It's about making it bad to make everybody look bad so then they can fix everything and go, look, we saved you.
Folks, I have congressional hearings from the 80s when it came out that FEMA's built concentration camps.
Kevin, are you there now?
Yeah, I'm here.
You've got to finish real quick because we have the Deputy Secretary holding for now 10 minutes.
Or not 10 minutes, about 6 or 7 minutes.
But, I mean, that is incredibly powerful, hidden in plain view, FEMA caught red-handed.
And folks, I've got hundreds of such text reports.
I've taped it off TV.
Many, many times.
Everybody cutting the lines.
Refusing the water.
They want a breakdown so they can call in the troops.
We know this.
I don't know who broke those levees or why Bush didn't fix them.
But I know this.
Those pieces of filth have done a thousand drills.
They know what happens after three days without food and water.
And they knew.
They knew this would break down and they didn't do a thing.
And now I got the Army Times saying combat operations, dealing with insurgents, dealing with terrorists.
And now everybody's having their guns confiscated.
They won't let you buy guns or ammo in Louisiana.
Kevin, will you bring that to the TV show tomorrow night?
I tell you what, can I give out the website that I've got these video clips from?
Yeah, give it to us.
It's called CrooksAndLiars.com CrooksAndLiars.com And one real quick thing, remember when they fired General Garner from Iraq?
Now there is no more quick thing.
I gotta go Kevin.
I'll see you buddy.
That's a great website.
In fact, email Paul Watson right now and tell him to get that video clip up immediately.
Kevin, you can call in later after Craig Roberts is gone.
I just can't have him hold for this entire segment.
Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Thank you.
What did you think of that clip?
Well, I'd already read it.
It's been sent to me scores of times, maybe even hundreds.
You know, when I wrote my first piece on New Orleans a couple days ago, I said this was an example of the incompetence of the Bush administration.
It dawned on me that it was worse than that, and right after that I wrote the second piece.
I think the one you've got now, which is, I said that this is criminal negligence.
It goes beyond incompetence.
It's criminal negligence if some private party had behaved in this way, they would be facing serious legal problems.
And I thought that that would bring me in a lot of criticism from the patriotic Americans, you know, waving the flags.
And it's true, a few Bush supporters sent me emails saying that they were following the Karl Rove line.
It's all the fault of the state and local authorities.
Of course, it isn't.
But I was surprised by the amount of emails I got which said that, well, you know, you're right, it is incompetence, it is criminal negligence, but it's far worse than you know.
And, for example, here's one.
This person says,
I'm still wondering if the powers that be engineered the blacks on the rampage picture by intentionally holding back and letting them go wild.
Could it be to start a new precedent of turning the army on citizens or subjects?
And that's of course what's happened.
We have now not just the National Guard there, we have U.S.
military troops.
Which is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.
And so, there is now a new president, and it looks like the story that the Bush administration is spinning, you know, is that this is federal authority saving the city from looters.
Yeah, I wondered why the media said, oh, look at the horrible job, and oh, the federal troops, they should run our lives!
This is a setup we can conclusively prove they knowingly blocked food and water when our own military, our own police wanted to bring it in.
We've caught them red-handed, Mr. Secretary.
I mean, what do you say to this?
Well, you know, I'm a very open-minded person, I'm very deliberative, and I'm stunned by
Every new thought that I have on this subject, but it does seem to me that they're guilty in a huge variety of ways.
For example, they stopped the funding for the hurricane protection projects in 2003, despite all sorts of dire warnings and predictions from within the government itself.
And despite fierce protests from New Orleans, a series of articles in the major newspaper there, Congress was actually disturbed and was going to restore all the funding in the 2006 budget.
But of course now it's too late.
The city's lost.
So why deliberately?
Take away funding from projects that every expert in the country knew were vital to protecting New Orleans, even from a level two hurricane.
Well, in fact, they said that it was the number one threat, statistically, that would happen.
That's right.
And the third largest disaster we could possibly face.
It was recognized as the number one threat.
Probably the largest disaster, actually, because New Orleans, in fact, I would say that it is
The largest disaster.
They're our biggest port.
We have 25% of our energy coming out of there.
Stay there, sir.
Paul Craig Roberts, former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.
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We'll be opening the phones up here in the next segment for you if you want to talk to Paul Craig Roberts.
And, uh, he was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, which was actually the person setting the economic policy.
And, uh, under that, he had the emergency management, uh, job and had deputies.
And, uh, so I was just talking to him during the break.
He also did a lot of wargaming and, you know, being sent to these underground bunkers.
And I said, were you ever sent to Site R, where Cheney basically lives?
And he said, well, they tried to send me there to keep me from implementing, uh,
Reagan's tax cuts.
Paul Craig Roberts has a lot of training in this.
He's got great conservative credentials, which Bush does not have, unfortunately.
We were talking during the break, and I was saying that I feel like I'm behind the curve a little bit, because I don't want to believe they did this on purpose, but when we get hundreds of reports of them blocking water, blocking food, blocking police,
You know, blocking a local sheriff comes with a bunch of boats.
They say, no, but I got water.
They need it.
I got food.
No, no, they don't need it.
We've already taken care of them.
Well, we see them on the news not getting water.
You know, old ladies stuck in attics, hospitals, dozens of patients dying a day.
They knew and didn't do anything.
And I said, why are they doing this?
Why are they doing this?
And then they sent in the main army and, oh, look, they're heroes.
They should run our lives.
They they automatically made the crisis worse.
So they could then act like having a military dictatorship is the solution.
Paul Craig Roberts, please continue.
Well, you know, while you were talking, I was just looking at a new email that came in, and this person is insisting that the shooting that was going on, that this was actually part of the plot too.
It was to build more excuses.
Who knows what the truth is?
It would be very difficult for us to find out.
I'm not sure.
But if it is a plot, don't you think it's backfiring to a certain degree?
No, because people will be so glad to be rescued and the mayor will be so glad that
Finally help came because it looked like he was going to preside over tens of thousands of people going to their doom.
So if Bush is a lame duck, he'll take a little bit of blame, but it won't matter.
But the military-industrial complex gets its awful precedent set.
Well, the power of the federal government is now greater all the time.
It'll never go back.
Thank you.
The Navy ships that are used today in the war against drugs have on board Coast Guard people who actually interdict the suspected drug shipments.
It's not done by official Navy people.
Because we, I mean the Founding Fathers, I mean it even goes back to the Founding Fathers saying don't quarter troops.
I mean it goes back to Caesar crossing the Rubicon.
It's a telltale sign of having a domestic military that you're in a dictatorship.
In our country, it goes back to the horrors of Reconstruction in the South, where the Yankee or the Northern troops used the police powers they had to rape women, to rob citizens, dispossess people.
That now brings me to the confirmed video of police not just getting food and water, they're robbing all sorts of goodies.
Jewelry, tennis shoes, clothes.
They're actually leading the looters in many cases.
Well, I think, you know, if you look at the extent of this disaster and the lack of any excuse, there's no excuse.
Before this, we have never in our history had the federal government take a week to respond to a disaster.
Don't you remember the hurricanes last year in Florida?
The help was there instantly.
They were nothing like this disaster.
In fact, this is the first time ever that all the help wasn't mobilized in advance.
They knew the hurricane was going to New Orleans.
In fact, it looked like it was going to be a level 5 and make a direct hit.
And the proper procedure is that everything is already mobilized and ready to go.
But it's not.
This has never happened before.
This is totally unprecedented.
Well, Paul, it has happened before.
On 9-11, the standard operating procedure was ignored.
The default mode was ignored.
So I guess it has happened before.
But this is the second time.
We'll be right back with Paul Craig Roberts on the other side of this quick break, and we'll continue, then we'll take some of your calls.
More on Placid Kamantavas.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Uh, just a note if he's listening.
Kevin Smith went to that site and could not find that video clip.
It's a dead link.
If you could call back into the network and give the folks
Another alternative address for that video link.
We'd appreciate it for you to email that video link to tips at InfoWars.com.
That'd be great.
In fact, folks, send us everything you want posted or you think is important and we're going to continue on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com to try to get it all up there for you just to show what's happening here.
But again,
knew that this was the main threat.
They knew that as soon as any strong hurricane with a lot of water hit New Orleans, that city was going to be gone.
FEMA report last year.
It was in the Houston Chronicle.
Half a million could die.
It was the headline.
The city would become Atlantis.
Well, it wasn't that bad, but it was nearly that bad.
And, uh, they have just, uh, the government openly has blocked food and water, openly has not let people, uh, get in there.
And, you know, obviously I've made three films about the police state.
Police State 2000, Police State 2, The Takeover, Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
I've been to the urban warfare training drills in 1999 in Oakland, California, where the Marines openly trained to confiscate our guns and put us in camps.
I mean, I got video of them admitting it.
And then the last month I played news clips where now they openly, in Virginia, have drills arresting citizens working with the police where they call us rebels.
And, oh, we've got to take everybody's guns.
That causes rioting and looting.
No, it doesn't.
It actually keeps some law and order when there would be none, because the police all basically quit.
And, obviously, Posse Comitatus came after Reconstruction, and, uh...
Because of what happened with the northern troops running around murdering and killing, even burning down a hotel my family had in Teague, Texas, and some of the tombstones actually, you know, list, you know, killed by northern soldiers during Reconstruction.
But the Founding Fathers even spoke out against the horrors of a quartered army and the tyranny of it.
That's one of the things that backfired on the British was the abuse of nature of their forces.
Up until Trenton, they'd had almost every victory, but then after Trenton they still had most of the victories, but the abuses that winter of 1776-1777 just made so many people angry that it backfired on them.
We're talking to Paul Craig Roberts, who we're so honored to have with us today, and of course he was the Assistant Secretary for the Treasury and Economic Policy, a very, very senior post, of course, in the Reagan administration.
And he's got an article in Peach Bush now, before more die.
And obviously a very criminal, cold, calculating group of sociopathic predators.
We know this.
Held back the food, cut the police lines, cut their communication lines, didn't let them get
You know, messages basically, in or out, to accentuate the crisis.
The jury is now in on that.
I mean, we just played a mayor talking about it a few minutes ago.
And we know, because they wanted to be the saviors, the king daddies, to sell us on this endoposite commentatus.
We had Tommy Franks last year in Cigar Aficionado, the outgoing head of CENTCOM, saying, one more terrorist attack, we set aside the Constitution for a military government or martial law.
We have Northcom, Eberhardt, openly talking about this.
Paul Craig Roberts, I mean, we've had so many preparations for martial law and government-sponsored TV miniseries and nightline specials for bio-attacks in West Nile, or for swine flu, or bird flu, or SARS, or terrorist attacks.
On and on and on, but now we've got our reason to have troops running our lives, calling us insurgency in the Army Times.
Please elaborate on your thoughts on this.
Well, you see, what happened to Americans is they've been brainwashed and they no longer remember what the Founding Fathers taught us and said over and over and over.
The Founding Fathers said,
Your worst enemy is always your own government.
Never confuse country with government.
And never confuse patriotism with support for a government.
But that's what all Americans do, especially the conservative ones, and especially the ones who listen to right-wing talk radio.
They think that what patriotism means is falling in line with the government.
So essentially, you have out there a mentality that's the same as the Brownshirts who blindly follow Hitler because they think that's what they're supposed to be, where the allegiance lies.
The Founding Fathers said, no, don't trust the government.
Never trust your own government.
It's always your worst enemy because it has the most power over you.
All experience shows that the government is deadly dangerous.
It's deadly dangerous and
And as they recognized when they passed the Posse Comitatus Act, you cannot let the military take over the police functions because then that destroys the whole concept of a civilian state.
The states appointed the Senators, so we control the Congress.
Now that's gone.
Then we had the Federal Reserve Act, of course, the same year, giving private banks control.
It's just thing after thing.
The main thing, Alex, is that the federal government controls other governments through the money, because they have the main taxing power and the main revenues.
I think so.
So where does it go from here?
I mean, what should happen to Bush and his cronies?
Because I've got to say this, sir.
Under Bill Clinton, I saw the exact same preparations, but secretly, now they're merging police departments with the Army.
Oh, the Army's giving you a building, but you've got to merge with them.
They've got secret military units creeping around for decades.
I mean, they've really been gearing up.
What are they gearing up for, sir?
What should happen to Bush?
And where do you see all of this going?
Well, you know, I don't have that information.
That's nothing they ever told me when I was assistant secretary.
I do agree with you, Alex.
It does look like that there's a push coming from, you know, inside the bowels of the police authorities that seems to be independent of whoever the president is or whatever party is in office because the same thing happens.
It just gets worse and it's hard to
Say that it's Bush doing it.
He might not even know what's going on.
I'm not trying to make any apologies for him.
I think his government, I think it's enough for us to say that New Orleans demonstrated massive federal incompetence.
That if it could be laid on private people, they would be guilty of criminal negligence.
And therefore I think some kind of accountability has to be exercised.
But that's what's so scary is that Bush is just a puppet, and literally the private military industrial complex said, hey, we got the weapons, we got the know-how, we got the war gamers, why shouldn't we just run America?
The private corporate interests basically own and control that.
They're predatory, they're not free market.
They're turning America into an open third world police state.
I mean, how do we stop these people?
You're asking a very good question.
It'll be harder and harder to stop.
The longer it goes on and the more the people take it.
But keep in mind that despite the fantastic military power of the United States, it can't occupy Baghdad or control the road to the airport.
So it just depends on how much resistance and what kind of resistance they meet.
But I think one thing we can certainly do is demand accountability for this failure.
Do not buy the Karl Rove lie.
That this was a failure of state and local government.
It's all the fault of the Feds.
No, this was the Feds actually holding up the aid.
We have them red-handed.
But Paul, Paul, I mean, I've got to speak.
I mean, listen, you're talking
I mean, you're talking like that rebel.
You're comparing America, you know, shades foreshadowing, more than foreshadowing, of us having to physically defend ourselves in an insurgent type situation.
You're saying, well, that, you know, yes, they're trying to set up this police state dictatorship.
In fact, I've got the Army Times and they're... Alex, you don't even need that.
All you have to do is look at the Patriot Act, where they take away
Habeas Corpus can now arrest you on their own initiative, without charge, hold you indefinitely.
It's a tremendous erosion of civil liberties.
But I mean, you were describing almost going, America going into an Iraq situation.
What I was pointing out is, I was just telling you, don't assign them omnipotence.
Because despite their enormous military power, they can't occupy Baghdad or control the road to the airport.
Well, I don't think they're omnipotent, but I think they're... They're not omnipotent, so we don't have to say, oh my God, what can we do?
We have to give up and die.
I think that we can do things like you're doing.
You're raising hell, you're trying to make people aware, you're trying to make them think.
To tell you the honest guy truth, you know as well as I do, we don't really know what
Why this is going on?
We can see implications.
We can see massive failures that have no logical or moral explanation.
Why would FEMA cut the sheriff's communications lines because the sheriff was trying to get aid to people?
That's a very good question.
I don't know an answer.
I mean, over and over again, we catch them frustrating, giving aid to people.
I mean, this is... You see, some libertarians would simply say, well, you know, they're just a big bureaucracy and they want to control.
They don't want anybody else to control.
But I think you're right about their power to decide.
For example, if you...
Can you give me just a minute?
I can read you a statement from an email from an emergency management official who is responding to the argument that, well, it's all state and local fault.
Why didn't the governor and the mayor do it?
And he says, it doesn't work that way.
I work for the Georgia Emergency Management for two years.
It was clear the feds were involved in every single thing we did.
If we had a response plan for something, it was sent out and approved by the feds.
If we wanted to purchase something with grant funds, it was approved by the feds.
We did a review of infrastructure in the state, including a buffer zone protection plan.
We had four ways to communicate.
It was overkill from word go.
We had DEA, FBI, State Police, National Guard, a dozen other agencies.
FEMA sets the table, especially in New Orleans.
They set the whole thing.
Listen, did you know that I have the Times-Picayune two and a half years ago, where they reported that every major agency was federalized and was being run by FEMA?
Were you aware of that?
Yeah, that's what this man's saying right now.
Oh, I didn't know.
See, that's what he's saying.
He's saying that
It had already been federalized!
It's already federalized, and there's no way they can shift the blame to the state and locals, because the state and locals can't do anything except what Bremer lets them do.
And he goes on to say the response to the hurricane is a national disgrace.
And it says that, for example, the government has a stockpile of medicines for situations like this.
It's a strategic stockpile and it's supposed to be deployed within 12 hours.
And he says, it's never yet deployed.
He goes on and on.
Just one failure of the operation plans not being enacted.
One after the other, after the other.
Now you have to say, how?
I mean you can understand they might screw up and not do this or not do that, but why is it?
Nothing that was supposed to be done was done.
And then, literally over a hundred reports of firemen and police and even the Coast Guard trying to give aid in FEMA going, you're not giving anybody aid, we don't need water, while people are on TV begging for water.
Yeah, see, the whole problem is,
We don't know.
We can only speculate.
We know failure.
And so the issue that I think we have to make out of it is it's failure.
Whatever it's called, it's failure.
Massive failure.
It's unacceptable failure.
It's actually criminal negligence.
And then if they try to blame it... And just stick to that.
And then if they try to blame it on the state and county, we have irrefutable bulletproof proof they federalized it and then did this.
This is a
Massive failure.
It has cost the United States its largest and most strategic port, through which, it is my understanding, 25% of our oil and gasoline comes.
And all the refineries there are out.
The port's out.
You can look at the price of gasoline.
This is a tremendous impact.
What do you think this is going to do?
I mean, you're an economist.
Some people are saying that this could send us into a massive recession.
I think that the gasoline price will soak up everyone's discretionary income.
They'll have to cut back on so many other things.
So it'll be a major cooling effect on the economy.
It should have that effect.
I don't see how it could be avoided.
But you see, Toulouse, one of your most famous cities and your most important port, for what seems to be almost intentional incompetence, it's very hard to understand.
It's very hard to understand why the mayor has to be pleading and crying for three or four days before anyone ever says, oh, is there a problem down there?
And it's easy for helicopters to deliver food.
Everyone knew that it was going to be a problem before the hurricane ever got there.
And this is what I would say.
This is worse than 9-11.
Because you see, 9-11 wasn't announced days ahead on TV.
Everybody in the country didn't know.
Do you think it's fair to say we've had a complete stand-down of the government and intentional incompetence?
The people in New Orleans, the officials there, have said this is a complete stand-down of the federal government.
And they were left there to fester.
And then people go nuts and start running around.
A few criminals get out of control.
Meanwhile, police are busy robbing more than anybody.
You see, that's what you have to note.
Nothing happened until they had provoked the looting and the shooting.
It's almost like they did nothing.
And waited until they got that result.
To then say, look at how out of control the population is, we gotta have limits on freedom and troops on every street corner, like Secretary of Defense Cohen said in 1997.
Yeah, as I said, I'm getting this increasingly from readers who are telling me, look, these are not crazy sites.
A lot of this is on conservative sites.
But it's increasingly saying you don't go far enough and I thought that I'd gone very far and would be in all kinds of hot water now, but the readers are ahead.
Of me, and I don't know, maybe the listeners are ahead of you.
Well, you know, it seems like that.
Paul, so many times I was the one way out, you know, hanging my hind end over, and then I would always, unfortunately, be proven right.
Now people are ahead of me, Paul.
Yeah, I think, or at least, you see, we don't know, we don't know the truth.
We just know it's a massive failure that is inexplicable.
And we can't accept these kinds of failures.
These failures are massive.
They're huge.
We'll be right back.
We've got a break.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I apologize for not getting to your calls earlier.
It's just, in the first hour I said there's so many facets to this, so many failures, so many intentional, you know, blocking of aid, that I'm almost speechless.
I mean, I'm like in an orgy of evidence here.
And then Paul Craig Roberts basically came on in the second hour and repeated that independently, you know, from his own view.
I know we got calls from Japan and, you know, calls from Deutschland and Canada and we got Kevin and, well, we got Mike in Maryland and Sean in California, West Japan, Will in Missouri, Kevin in Alabama.
I want to go to Kevin in Alabama, but
Kevin, just stay there.
We'll get to you, too.
But Paul Craig Roberts has decided to stay with us a couple of segments into the next hour to take your calls.
So have your question or comment ready so I can move to the next person.
And I'm going to try to stick a rag in my mouth to shut up.
I'm just... Again, I'm just... It's just... I'm going 100 miles an hour here because it's just so much.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Maryland.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, great show, Alex, as always.
Thank you for having a live show today.
Thank you.
I listened to Bill's brochures last night and he said, straight up, I actually called him up last night, that
President Bush rescinded the Posse Comitatus.
He's usually pretty reliable.
No, no, that was on the news.
Bush has said, he's been saying he wants to get rid of it, and now they've said we're rescinding it.
He didn't have to rescind it for an emergency like this.
Let's get a comment from somebody who really knows, because he worked in the federal government at the highest levels of the Treasury Department.
Paul Craig Roberts comments on what he just said.
Well, I don't think Bush has the power to rescind it.
It's Congress.
It's an act of Congress and it requires that you obey it unless it's authorized by the Constitution or by Congress.
And so Bush cannot independently rescind it.
Furthermore, you have to ask, why would they need
Uh, to rescind it.
I suppose they could say, though they wouldn't want to say it, they could say that, well, we sent the whole National Guard through Iraq and we don't have anything to send down there.
And that, of course, was not legal either.
So they could say that it's a shortage of National Guard troops that we had to send in the regular army, but there's still enough National Guard troops.
Well, Paul, we always said this.
We're going to have troops tied down overseas, and then there's going to be a terror attack, and they're going to use foreign troops.
Already, 20% of the army on the ground in Iraq is Latin American, who instantly are legalized for signing up.
And as crazy as it sounds, folks, yes, this really is the plan.
We're now starting to see it unfold.
And basically, federal troops are foreign troops, foreign to our states.
And if you don't know what that means, you haven't read your Constitution.
Well, I'm looking here at the Washington University Law Review, and it says here that the Act criminalizes, effectively prohibiting the use of regular troops... For search and seizures and...
And it says that whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years or both.
Well, Bush has violated that.
So, if we had a rule of law, Bush would be fined and or imprisoned for two years.
But again, they've deliberately caused this.
You send the National Guard that is the guard for the states out, then you've got to use regular army.
Well, I still maintain they had enough National Guard to do without the regular army.
They did around the rest of the country, yes.
They sent the regular army anyhow.
It's unbelievable.
Paul, stay there, okay?
We're going to break.
We'll be right back.
Talking to Paul Craig Roberts.
Mike, thanks for the call.
Sean, Wes, Will, and everybody else.
Great questions.
Your calls when we start the third hour.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
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I think so.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, it is mental illness to have a thousand indicators
Have your own eyes, your own mind, your own hearing, your own touch, your own taste.
To look at something and then to deny that it's there in front of you.
And clearly criminal elements in the government who want to set up a police state in America, did everything they could to make sure this disaster blew up.
And they knew it was coming.
They knew.
Everybody was screaming and yelling about it.
We've done shows on this.
Why aren't they fixing New Orleans?
But we've got troops in Iraq.
Why is the border wide open?
But they say terrorists are about to sneak nukes across any minute.
And terrorists could do that.
And then, still, when it happens, the government won't get in any trouble.
From leaving the border wide open.
I mean, there's a disconnect here.
The government can't protect you, won't protect you, will never protect you.
Now we have no gun sales or bullet sales in Louisiana.
Uh, cartridge sales.
I mean, and this could go nationwide.
The economy, it could have major repercussions.
It already is.
And we're talking to Paul Gregg Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary for the Treasury Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration.
I mean, he set the economic policy, folks.
And he's here, he's calling for Bush's impeachment.
Let's, Paul, as you move through this segment, one more segment, that's it, we're honored to have him.
Let's go to another caller here.
Sean in California, thank you for holding, for time immemorial, you're on the air.
Hi Alex and Mr. Roberts.
Isn't it telling that the martial law establishment of New Orleans can have their new magnetic and laser based sound weaponry shipped in from California?
Well that's right.
I saw that in New York at the RNC.
Now they've got even more powerful third generation eardrum busting cannons being shipped in and they had those shipped in before they even had the water in there.
Let's get a comment from Paul on that.
There's no need for those weapons.
There's nothing there but poor people dependent on federal welfare.
This whole thing is absurd.
The main looters were people who were out of food and water.
And the other looters were the drug addicts, dying for a fix.
That's why they broke into the hospitals and the drug stores.
They can't get a single chopper in the air equipped with ground-penetrating radar or simple heat-sensing apparatus to do flyovers of the flooded areas to find people trapped in their attics.
By the way, there's no need for these weapons.
There's not an armed insurrection in New Orleans or Louisiana.
Listen, Alex, if you still have those people holing from Tokyo and Germany, they're going broke hanging on these long-distance lines.
You better take them first if they're still there.
You know, I'll do that.
Anything else, Sean?
Well, on the parish president Broussard, he said FEMA did all this bad stuff on Meat Depressant, but then he went on to say that FEMA needs more power in the full audio clip.
So it was an example of double-thinking.
And Rumsfeld denied the Army Times
I don't know if you heard this story or not, but on June 5th on Fox News, Fox Network, they aired a movie called Oil Storm.
And the script is the hurricane scenario, almost to the T.
Uh, just like those lone gunmen story before 9-11, this is a hurricane hits Orleans, blow up, all of that.
And so, for me, it was totally designed, that's the way I see it, and I found a story on cuttingedge.org where they detail all the background on it, on weapons, on weather warfare, and coming from their own government publications admitting that this technology exists.
And so, I don't know if you've come across, I did see some articles on your site the other day.
Yes, you know, we, back in June, we played the promo for Oil Storm.
Let me get a comment from Paul, Craig Roberts, on the other side on that.
What are you doing over in Japan, my friend?
Oh, working as a contractor here for the local base, the Navy.
What do the Japanese think of this?
It's hard to get, they don't really pay attention, they think it's chaotic, and they feel sorry for us, but
I mean, they're not really big bus reporters either, but... They're not in tune with the whole thing.
Stay there!
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, listening to us at a military base in Japan, or a contractor for a base in Japan, west in Japan.
Wes, finish up your point.
Uh, that was it.
I didn't know if you had already run the story or not, but that was just, you know, coincidence, I don't know.
Well, I know I have Secretary of Defense Cohen admitting that there are earthquake and weather weapons.
I know that I've got
Weather Channel shows about it.
I know I've got legislation about it.
I just, there's no evidence for me that some group or government can make hurricanes or can steer hurricanes.
I mean, look, I don't put it past them.
But the problem is I stick with what I can prove.
And, you know, I don't agree with the weather wars guy who, you know, the meteorologist who works for a major TV station, folks, who thinks that it's, you know, some group.
But again, I stick with what I can prove, and I know this.
The government, it took work to make sure those people didn't get aid.
I mean, they cut lines, they didn't let food get in, they stopped police.
And then meanwhile, the police are out looting.
So, the feds, what Paul Craig Roberts said in the last hour was so important.
And it fits in with the fact, and everybody knows this, the guidelines.
If you take any federal money, they set all the guidelines and have their people there watching what you do, watching what you set up, watching what you create, you know, what operations you run.
You've got to follow their book, exactly.
And man, folks, they had them stand down.
Thanks for the call.
Paul, you want to elaborate on that ending?
Paul Kirkroberts?
No, that's all over my head, Alex.
It's not over your head.
You're the one that brought up the key point.
Oh, I thought you meant about these fantastic weapons.
Oh, weather weapons.
Oh, absolutely.
No, I meant the point you brought up that, I mean, for people who don't know, especially in New Orleans, folks, I mean, that city was purely federalized two years ago, Times Picayune.
They took control and then so to blame it on the locals,
That'd be like if I was a general and I gave my captains and colonels and majors the exact battle plan and they executed it flawlessly but lost the battle and then if I blamed them for having a bad battle plan.
See, look, the state and locals don't have the resources and they don't control the resources so and anyone with a lick of sense already knows that and so I think the issue really is
And since we can't prove, at least at this point, why this failure happened, this failure of response to a disaster happened, what we can stand on very firmly is that this was an extraordinary incompetence, and it's criminal negligence, and there has to be accountability.
So we can demand that, whether or not we have
Proof that it was intended to happen.
The fact is, the important fact is, that it did happen.
And this was a massive failure of the federal government and it is criminally negligent and there must be accountability.
That's really all we need to go further.
What did you think of Bush giving large portions of the contracts to Halliburton?
You know, it's such a blatant cronyism, just like in Iraq.
You know, in the high-level civil servant, the woman who blew the whistle on it, they demote her.
So the civil service has lost its protection too.
When I was a presidential appointee in the government, you couldn't just
Go around demoting civil servants.
I mean, you literally couldn't touch them.
It'd take about two years of... Well, they're demoting or firing people left and right when they blow the whistle.
You know, that's what I'm pointing out.
The law and procedure is collapsing all across the front.
So even their own bureaucratic rules are... I mean, wouldn't you call this executive lawlessness?
It's like a dictatorship.
Hitler didn't inherit a dictatorship, did he?
He inherited the institutions of a free society.
He corrupted them.
When the German courts would turn loose people that he wanted them
I think so.
Your purpose?
You ignore them, man.
You know, it's funny you say that.
They've been setting up all these new parallel courts locally and at the state and federal level, and for... I mean, forget for terrorist stuff not having their rights.
In family law or in...
Even in just petty crime here in Austin, they say on the news, well, you thought you were innocent until proven guilty, but now we leave the jail, we make you waive your rights and sign on to probation.
I mean, for petty stuff, I mean, really, we are seeing a high-tech nightmare being set up here.
I think that's right.
You know, I've been writing for years about the destruction of our civil liberties and of the legal principles that protect the innocent from arbitrary power of government.
And that is a very serious thing and I think we see that across the board.
It happens even to protected people like senior civil service officials whose job is to blow the whistle.
I mean that's what the woman was supposed to do.
She did her job and they busted her for doing her job and they don't have the authority
To arbitrarily demote people?
The only thing that could hold it back would be if the people just got outraged and it forced the Republicans to turn on him and it forced the Democrats to become an opposition party again and it left the mainstream media off the scene.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
I don't know exactly what's going to happen, but you are right.
The slippery slope, we're not only on it, we're a good ways down it.
And you have to keep in mind that a terrorist is whoever they say is a terrorist.
It could be you, it could be me, it could be your mother, it's just up to them.
There's no evidence required.
Well, it's like it's a big national secret.
It's in all these regional papers.
Toy stores getting Homeland Security visits, doctors getting Homeland Security visits, pot dealers, topless bars.
They're just establishing... Homeless people.
They're establishing illegitimate authority by exercising it.
They're creating bad precedent.
If you exercise authority over and over, and you're not stopped, and no one stops you, you're not held accountable.
It's just like the other day, the federal judge who said, well, he didn't think he could order the release of the second batch of Abu Ghraib prison videos because they're so horrible that the Commanding Chief of the United States Army, Myers, has said, gosh, if we release these, the Arabs will get so mad they'll kill more of our troops.
So he acknowledges
Evidence exists of criminal actions by American troops and officers, but he's not going to let anybody know about it.
You know, that's crazy.
I saw that.
His defense for not releasing video of them raping children, folks, just in case you didn't know, Sy Hersh has seen it.
How in the, and I have to use this word, this is hell on earth, how in the world people could, listen, the neocons rationalize it, Paul, as you know.
Look, see what they're doing?
They're turning the U.S.
military, the honorable U.S.
military, into the Waffen-SS.
That's what they're doing.
And whoever they unleash it on, it will be merciless.
But even the armed SS didn't brag about it on TV.
Well, they didn't have TV.
We don't know what they said to one another.
I think you're probably right.
It was probably something that even many of them were ashamed of.
Shame is another thing that's departed.
Even the things that control the beast in the human nature, those are gone, too, like shame, integrity, honor.
Nobody knows what that is anymore.
And then when you take away the legal protections as well, there's nothing there but a beast.
I mean, it's an unrestrained beast and that's how I think of the slippery slope.
We're really preparing ourselves to be ravaged in the most incredible ways.
And for those in the establishment that think this is cute and want to exercise power,
I mean, no one is safe in a system like this.
That's right.
I mean, look at the decline of the Roman Empire when they had two emperors.
Just look at the Soviet Union.
I mean, look what happened in the Stalin years.
Every single Bolshevik hero, he exterminated.
I mean, even look what Hitler did to his own brown shirts.
No one is safe.
Night of the Long Knives.
He exterminated Ernst Röhm and all of them.
See, no one is safe and where the power is going, it's going into the bureaucratized federal agencies with police powers.
That's where the power is.
It's not even really going
Well, that's what I brought... I mean, you must know your history, Paul Kirk Roberts, because that's when I said the two emperors, you know, in the final days of Rome, every six months a general would just overthrow the Caesar and make himself Caesar and then somebody else would overthrow him.
I mean, the climate that these international corporations manipulating our government have created is just totally toxic.
I don't know how many more catastrophic
Well, I know you have stayed longer than you even said you could, and I really do want to thank you for coming on with us here on air today.
I'd like to hold you there just for a second.
I'd like to speak to you off air here during the break, but I want to thank you for coming on.
Okay, Alex.
I'm pleased to be on.
You bet.
Stay right there, sir.