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Air Date: Sept. 1, 2005
2429 lines.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, there are about a thousand different, very important facets to Hurricane Katrina's aftermath.
As gas prices in some areas of the country...
Go above $6.
Last night it was getting near $6.
Now it's above $6 in some areas of Atlanta, Georgia.
And day one when the hurricane hit, gas prices went up.
And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is, part of it at least, price gouging by some of the sellers.
At least it was the first few days.
The retail sellers.
But now it's predominantly gouging by the oil companies themselves, who have been raping the living daylights out of us for the last two years.
Oil prices had already doubled in the last two years from what their price was.
And now we may even see a doubling of that doubling.
Overnight because of Katrina.
And you watch, long after they get things stabilized and the bottlenecks repaired, long after that happens, it'll never drop down to even the all-time high of a week ago.
Training us that we've got to pay exorbitant prices for fuel.
Incrementally ratcheting it up.
You know, for many years, ten years now,
Every year I interview Jim Tucker from American Free Press, who for 26 years has been sneaking into the Bilderberg Group that holds its different elitist meetings in different areas of Europe each year.
Every once in a while here in the U.S.
And royalty and the heads of all the big banks and prime ministers go.
It's a who's who of the elite getting together.
And a year before the wall fell and East and West Germany merged, Tucker said, oh, they're planning to bring down the wall.
It's going to be staged.
And that indeed happened a year later.
I mean, he's made literally dozens and dozens and dozens of predictions off of what his spies or the documents he's able to steal, in his own words, show.
And we had him on about four or five months ago.
Fresh back from the Bilderberg Group meeting over in Europe, and he said, Henry Kissinger was quite pleased.
We will be paying $150 a barrel for oil.
$150 a barrel for oil within a year.
And I said, Jim, I sure hope that Kissinger's wrong, but since these are the people that actually run the planet, we'll probably be paying...
$150 a barrel.
And $150 a barrel will be about $10, $9 to $10, when it's translated down at the pump.
So enjoy your $10 a gallon fuel.
And of course they will tell you that there's no inflation.
Anyone that says it is probably trying to aid Al-Qaeda.
You know, we've had the State Department just absolutely savage us
Savage the conspiracy websites.
They say that we're out of control.
We say that China kills dissidents and harvests their organs and that there's no WMDs and just insane stuff on their website.
Meanwhile, the State Department's own website says that China kills dissidents and sells their organs.
So they're even contradicting their own website now in their fervor to try to discredit us.
And we have a detailed article on that up on
PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com right now.
When we get back, we will go over just the deteriorating, the rapidly deteriorating situation in the Gulf.
We got the blues down in the Gulf, my friends.
We'll be right back.
Talk about that muddy river.
That has now become New Orleans.
Under many feet of water.
Like Atlantis.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, 8 minutes and 15 seconds into this first hour of broadcast.
I'm about to go over the latest developments in New Orleans and surrounding areas.
Just absolutely destroyed in many cases there on the Gulf Coast.
A lot of new big developments that I'm sure most of you are aware of.
But we've got some news behind the news and some observations that need to be made.
Also coming up here in about 25 minutes, we have a meteorologist coming on.
Who has done some of the most revealing work concerning weather wars.
And the government's own admission that they do have weather modification and weather generating systems that are both controlled from the ground and via the air.
And I'm not saying the hurricane was a government action, though it happened near the September 11th anniversary, right when Bush's approval ratings were incredibly low, and Bush blocked the specific funds for repairing the dikes and levees, and this tropical depression suddenly got strengthened out of nowhere and raced towards the Gulf Coast.
But really, with all the evidence out there on the table, I don't want to believe and I don't believe this was a government action.
Now, the general public, most people in America today, are not aware that weather modification is at least 50 years old.
And that a few years ago we had massive floods in South Texas that killed 35 people in one night.
And it was in the newspaper that the Navy was doing weather modification with aircraft in those very storms that went from being large to being record size.
And again, over 10 inches of rain was dumped in just a few hours, and it was horrible.
And again, I have History Channel documentaries that listeners have mailed me.
I have one from the Weather Channel, the Atmosphere Show, had one on weather modification and admitted that our government could create massive storms and floods to drown the enemy supply lines in Vietnam.
And so, when we mention weather control, we get emails going, you people are complete lunatics, it doesn't exist.
Folks, on Infowars.com, right now, we have legislative bills at the congressional level in D.C.
introduced calling for blocking not just weather weapons, not just meteorological weapons, but tectonic, seismic weapons, volcanic weapons.
These things do exist.
It's not just the Hollywood movie, The Core.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported on something that I'd only seen in a few scientific journals.
Then I saw reports that the government considered it to be classified.
Those articles were removed retroactively that the U.S.
government has developed antimatter bombs.
And they've never been able to test them, though they know that they're operational.
They can't test them because they could deploy one on Mars and it could potentially destroy the entire solar system.
So they can't test them, they've just built them.
That's wonderful.
You've built antimatter bombs.
So it's 2005, folks, and in 1944, our government had the Fat Boy, which could destroy a major city.
So, believe me, that's not the height of advancement.
When they tell you the SR-71 Blackbird in service in 1955 is the fastest plane in 2005, 50 years later, folks, I'm telling you that's not the case.
They have aircraft that can go from New York to Tokyo in less than an hour.
All right.
Can the criminals that run the global system, our overlords, our owners, our masters, can they create earthquakes?
Can they create tsunamis?
Can they create hurricanes?
But the latest science on it shows, with mathematical calculations looking at the different systems our government has, shows they cannot control them.
They cannot control them, especially large formations.
Yes, they can take a tropical depression by ionizing the atmosphere with giant antenna farms on the ground or on ships.
This is the published stuff.
Then using jets to spray and seed with chemicals in an existing storm, they can create a hurricane.
With the proper sea temperatures and proper things.
You know, it's like I can't make a chocolate cake without the chocolate and without the eggs and without the flour.
Without the sugar.
Well, it's the same thing with the globalists.
They can't just make hurricanes out of nothing.
They take existing jet streams and gulf streams.
They take existing El Nino effects.
They take existing weather patterns and then manipulate them.
That's why I don't believe that this is a government action.
Because whereas, even with the advanced technologies they've got, and folks, I've even interviewed generals who were over the HART program, here on the program, here on the show, and they will tell you that whereas these type of things can be created or accentuated, it's what they call weather modification, it's not really creation, to make one sit there off the Gulf Coast of Florida for a few days and then race up and
You know, just be 50 miles off from a T-bone hit of New Orleans.
It's just the technology is not there.
And I mean, I'm being criticized by different parties right now.
Alex Jones, see, he's evil.
He won't say it's the government.
We go off what we can prove.
I mean, already most of the audience is having probably troubles dealing with what I have posted on my website.
I mean, Secretary of Defense Cohen...
In 97, saying whether weapons are here and are real and are more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
I mean, I have the legislation.
I have the articles where, well, just a few months ago, they had the 50th anniversary or 60th whatever of the Russians' victory over the Nazis.
It'd be 60th.
And there was horrible thunderstorms, and the Russians went out and set up their antennas and
Had some jets fly by, and it was clear sky.
And it was all over the news.
I mean, folks, this stuff is real.
But just because it's real doesn't mean that the government created this hurricane.
Now, let's look at what the government really did do.
On average, the federal government doubled in size.
The average federal agency doubled.
Some quadrupled, some got smaller.
But on average, we had a doubling.
And I remember a year ago seeing people complaining, man, Houston Chronicle.
Hundreds of thousands could die, the Houston Chronicle reported, if New Orleans is hit by a Category 4 or greater hurricane.
And the hydrologists, the meteorologists, they were all saying this.
The people looking at the topography.
They took that funding after 9-11 and they cut it almost to nothing for flood retention to hold back the floods and they cut it each successive year.
And no one was reporting on this the last few days.
Now finally Salon and a few other major publications, I even saw a Yahoo story, it is now being reported on.
And then now it's coming out that Bush was playing guitar and partying and Condoleezza Rice was joking and laughing, you know, just a day and a half ago.
I mean, they don't care.
Bill Clinton doesn't care.
I mean, they love these disasters.
They get to grandstand and go basically suck off of all of the contributions that are given.
And so it's the same thing happening again.
And here's the government unable...
Outside the Superdome, where tens of thousands of people are trapped now for three days, outside the Superdome today, somebody fired a gunshot.
So the police and the military retreat in cowering fear and say we've got to stop the evacuation because somebody fired a gun.
I mean, what do we pay the police?
What do we pay the National Guardsmen for?
I mean, for all their black masks and all their little outfits and all their armored vehicles, 30 years ago, folks, if we had a bunch of looters running around, they would have been dealt with.
And the looters are horrible.
But at the same time, the media will point cameras at some mother with a bag and her two children with her and go, oh, look, looters.
Most of those people are not looters.
Though there are a bunch of unsavory, out-of-control looters.
And now they're trying to demonize the Second Amendment.
Will Walmart be liable?
People broke into Walmart and got guns.
Look how bad guns are.
Well, look at the L.A.
riots with the Korean shopkeepers holding back the rioters and containing it when the police basically said, we're not going to go in there.
It was citizens who stopped a lot of the rioting.
And there are scum that were shooting at the firemen in the riots in L.A.
I mean, it's just scum of the earth, folks.
in the early 90s.
But who are the heroes of the day?
It's not the government, regardless of how much the media says that.
It isn't the government that didn't repair the levees and dikes.
No, it's the citizens of Louisiana and Texas and Mississippi who are taking in by the millions now, millions of people who are homeless, taking them in, feeding them, donating them.
And again, the government cannot protect you, is not going to protect you, is never going to take care of you, whether it's Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid.
They only got you addicted to government to get you under their control.
Now they're removing all of that.
And so for everybody out there that's counting on the government to take care of them, whether it's a terrorist attack or an asteroid or a giant earthquake or a tsunami...
They're not going to protect you.
You've got to make preparations to take care of yourself.
And I mean, I saw Chris Matthews last night just going, oh, the federal government, aren't they just wonderful?
Oh, a lot of people don't like the feds, states' rights, but man, aren't they doing a great job?
That's not what the mayor of New Orleans says.
They're screwing it all up.
Chertoff and the rest of them.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to go to Charles in Louisiana.
I don't know if he's here in just a minute or so, but more Navy ships headed to the Gulf Coast.
The aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Freeman, was headed to the Gulf Coast Thursday to serve as a floating command center for Hurricane Katrina relief operations.
Meanwhile, Bush says he can't spare any troops from Iraq, though.
He's just got to have, well, a doubling of the National Guard now that are going to be sent there, up to 28,000.
And I've just got to say this, and for those that aren't informed on it, just put on your thinking caps, remember, back in 1995, the Red Cross, which is actually a globalist intelligence agency, a lot of well-meaning people that serve it, but the leadership is absolutely criminal,
Went into the Oklahoma City area after the bombing and said, we'll deliver all the mail from the post office to the families.
Because people would see a widow or somebody who'd lost their children and they would write them $10,000, $20,000 checks.
And the Red Cross was caught and convicted and civilly had to settle for actually signing over checks to themselves.
And this was done on an industrial scale.
It wasn't like a few employees did this.
The Red Cross is flagrantly criminal.
And they were convicted of that.
And they stole millions of dollars.
And then, of course, you know on 9-11, I got on air the day after 9-11, and I said, don't give money to the Red Cross or the United Way.
They steal the money.
I said, give it to other charities that actually are just taking food or medicine or clothes.
And you can do searches on them online.
You can do research on them.
The bad charities have all been caught, engaged in corruption many times.
There are a lot of good charities.
And so we said, send breathing apparatus so the rescue workers don't breathe the asbestos.
And we did get, just this show alone, hundreds of those mailed to a nearby church that was giving breathing apparatus to the firemen and others.
Even though the government said that it was nutritious debris they were breathing, we knew it wasn't.
And so, it may feel good to you, it may be easy, because the media all points the way towards the Red Cross to give money to them.
But we also talked about how they've been caught giving money to gun control groups, as well as the United Way, and sure enough, it became a big scandal, tens of millions of dollars given to gun control groups and other socialistic organizations.
And movements.
And I actually got some heat for that.
Of course, I was totally exonerated as it became a national scandal.
But you've got to ask yourself, why are almost all the mainstream media outlets promoting predominantly, if not exclusively, the Red Cross and the United Way and others?
Why aren't they promoting local charities?
Why aren't they promoting charities around the country?
I know the Austin Food Bank is saying, give us canned food and we're going to deliver it.
They have no history of running scams.
You really can't run a scam just gathering the food.
They're going to bring it there.
You need to give it to the local food banks that are getting trucks ready to drive it in.
And the government's got plenty of food.
FEMA's got whole warehouses full of it.
They got the troops to deliver it.
I mean, I'm not saying that you shouldn't give.
That'll certainly help.
But if too much gets given, it'll actually cause a problem and pile up and take most of the rescue workers' time and energy up controlling it.
And that's happened in past disasters.
But meanwhile, a couple shots get fired.
Excuse me, one shot gets fired outside of the dome, and so the police and the military fall back.
Oh no, someone shot at us.
But again, the big question is, why on earth is the media promoting the Red Cross?
I mean, folks, they are a criminal.
Criminal, criminal, criminal, criminal.
Remember they were all over national TV, give us money, don't give us food, don't give us money, and we're going to give every red cent of it to the victims and their families.
And then over half the money, they kept it and said, we've decided not to.
The $3 billion, we're going to keep it.
And then meanwhile, they're back on TV saying they're broke.
They don't have any money.
They need you to send them money.
Well, folks, you might as well give your money to Muammar Gaddafi.
I mean, you might as well give your money to George Bush.
It's like Bush, Senior, and Clinton running over there and divvying up the money there.
And even those governments that got hit by the tsunami said, we're not getting anything.
Your own aid agencies are just keeping it.
I mean, they've caught United Way, I don't know, like ten times that I've heard of over the last few decades that I've been watching them.
And, I mean, they just... The director of United Way was caught stealing $35 million.
The director of United Way was caught stealing $5 million again.
Well, no big deal.
Don't give a red cent to them or it's going to Handgun Control Incorporated.
And if you want to get mad at me about that, fine.
Of course, you won't now because everybody knows about it.
Or do you know about it?
I mean, it's public knowledge.
They're criminals.
Do not give them money.
Come back and take your calls.
We've got a guest coming up, too.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
All right, coming up here in a few minutes, I'm going to be talking to Scott Stevens.
Of course, his website is weatherwars.info.
And he, you know, he's an acting...
We're good to go.
Is aerosol spraying going on?
There is manipulation of the weather.
So we'll be talking to him in a few minutes.
And then also taking your calls, because I know a lot's happened, so we'll intersperse things with calls.
This, of course, is right off the Defense Department's own website.
We have it up on InfoWars.com.
Others, terrorists, are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations, and it's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify
Our counterterrorism efforts, Secretary of Defense William Cohen, April 1997, counterterrorism conference, sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn, quoted from the DOD news briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, at a conference on terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and the U.S.
strategy, U.S.
of University of Georgia, Athens, and that was April 28, 1997.
Then I have a bill here, of course.
2977 introduced dealing with electromagnetic weather weapons, tectonic weapons.
I mean, this is real, folks.
They use these in Vietnam.
I mean, it's on the Weather Channel.
And I'm not saying the hurricane was caused by the Martians or the Ruskies or the Easter Bunny or our own government.
But it is an important topic.
It is a real technology.
It has to be looked at.
What I do know is, while everything else got bloated and doubled in size, the government systematically in the last four years slashed the funding for flood control around New Orleans, not to other areas of the country.
The main cuts were there, despite the fact that the meteorologists, the
If there's a direct hit, the actual headline is, 500,000 could die, and that is, of course, the Houston Chronicle last year.
So FEMA was saying it was in the top three of most dangerous disasters that could take place.
They said that two years ago.
In the top three of the most looming disasters just waiting.
And so what's the answer?
150 million bucks, they could have made that impregnable.
They just didn't do it.
I mean, this is insane, folks.
And it's very, very suspicious.
And now we're talking $6 a gallon in some areas of the country.
It could go up even higher.
The national average they're talking about could be $6 a gallon.
And it's just more of the same.
There's always an excuse, always a reason.
By the way, there was that show, what was it, Oil Storm?
Oil Storm that aired a few months ago on TV were the exact same scenario.
A hurricane hits, disrupts things, there's a depression.
In fact, Scott, do you have that oil storm clip?
We're about to bring our guest up.
We'll get to the callers here in just a few minutes.
I'm going to go ahead and go to the guest, but first let's play this oil storm piece.
Here it is.
It has already begun.
Hungers are feared dead with emergency services unable to call.
A chain of events.
A million barrels of oil gone.
That will spark fear.
A killer blow to the economy.
Create panic and result in a catastrophe that will change our lives forever.
Americans didn't realize how fragile their existence was.
Oil storm.
An FX original event.
Sunday, June 5th.
America's lifeline has been severed.
And again, this creates all this psychological fear that's going to happen.
Remember when the lone gunman, the pilot of the X-Files, a few months before 9-11, the government runs a drill to make the rest of the government stand down.
Again, exactly as happened on 9-11, they're going to fly a jet into the World Trade Center...
To create martial law on a pretext to invade Afghanistan.
And he asked, well, how's the government going to stand down?
Well, they're going to think it's part of the drill.
But those running the drill are the terrorists.
And we'll just blame some aerobatsies.
And then that exactly happens.
And I didn't see oil storm, but reading the synopsis on the FX website, it's a hurricane stops the oil, makes some ships wreck, and then everything starts breaking down.
And folks, that's just not true.
What you've got is a bunch of people gouging at the pumps, and the oil company's gouging, and they've got the petroleum reserves.
You do have a lot of these boutique oils, boutique oils, boutique oils, these little special gasolines that have to be made for each region of the country.
It does nothing for the environment.
That is causing a problem.
But the oil companies have not built new refineries on purpose.
They want to create artificial scarcity.
And we're going to our guests in just a second.
There's just so much news here.
More Navy ships are headed to the Gulf Coast, including aircraft carriers.
National Guard doubling its deployment to 28,000 troops.
And at the same time, Superdome evacuation suspended because of fires and gunshots.
More National Guardsmen are sent in.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Press, and then somebody shot a gun, fired their firearm near the dome, so they're pulling back the rescue.
Since when do we stop rescues because somebody is shooting?
Isn't that what they're paid to do, is get shot at?
I mean, it's a bad thing they're getting shot at, but... Mired in misery, death and disease, thousands fear killed, water fetid.
And nowhere on the national news, because they're talking about more hurricanes coming now, do all these doctors and experts tell their people, if you're in a coastal area that's ravaged by hurricanes, better get a water filter.
They have little portable filters that are easy to carry, the size of a sports bottle, and yeah, we sponsor them and push them here, that would protect all these people.
But instead, this is like a skate from New York or something.
I mean, this is just...
This is just totally out of control.
Meanwhile, Fats Domino, who found his thrill on Blueberry Hill, who I'm a fan of, is missing since Monday.
Elderly Fats Domino, no one can say that they didn't see it coming.
Salon is now reporting on what we reported on days ago, that Bush did specifically block the funding.
NBC is sending in armed guards to lawless Gulf Coast.
NBC is sending in armed guards to protect their reporters.
It's absolutely amazing.
All right, I am honored to be joined by meteorologist, and obviously expert on the weather, Scott Stevens, and he has a website, weatherwars.com.
We have a link to it on infowars.com.
Scott, thank you for coming on with us today.
Glad to be here, Alex.
There's a lot to talk about, as you've alluded to.
Well, there certainly is.
I'm sure you heard me earlier say that I, in my guts, don't think this is some government or some terrorist.
You may disagree, but I just read Secretary of Defense Cohen talking about what a real threat this was.
I mean, this is an old technology.
At the 60-year anniversary of World War II, the Russians cleared the stormy skies.
A few months ago, and that was Associated Press, this is a real technology, but first off, tell us about yourself, how you learned about it, what you think's going on, do you think somebody's involved with strengthening this hurricane or directing it?
Well, initially I began to become interested in these topics by just reading alternative news sites, and I kept coming up with weather modification, weather altering technologies, and terms like scalar and longitudinal EM waves, and
At EM Burst and so forth, these are not topics that were discussed or taught when we go to classical school.
It just is not there.
The atmosphere is driven by heat from the sun, which then results in convective clouds and the movement of the jet stream and so forth.
All of that stuff we regurgitate daily on the news.
What began to catch my interest was the application or how electricity plays a role within the atmosphere.
I came across some research on a retired Air Force colonel, Tom Bearden's site, and indeed his staff eventually briefed Reagan's NSA staff in the mid-1980s on a whole slew of observational events that were happening across Siberia.
Massive chimneys dumping heat into the atmosphere, glowing domes, cold explosions that mimicked nuclear weapons, glowing plasma balls, all of these things
Our current intelligence community did not know how to categorize what were they.
Bearden's staff presented to Reagan a cohesive theory about what was going on.
That needed to basically rewrite our physics that we teach in Western schools.
It needed to redo laws of thermodynamics.
We had access to quantum potential or energy from space-time.
And that these weapons were the subject of what the Soviets called their Energetics Program, and that received funding equal to seven of our Manhattan projects.
And that research began in the middle 40s and continued up until initial deployment in the 60s, and continued to be perfected until this day.
And that enables them to basically take down ICBMs or fry their electronics at great distances.
Well, they admit that that's what our harp is for, is seeing over the horizon radar.
But, I mean, you don't think just the Soviets were developing this, do you?
I mean, certainly our government developed it.
But we were behind the curve.
Decidedly behind the curve.
And after the earthquake wars of the 80s,
Then they certainly got shaken up and decided, this is a valid area of research that we're behind.
You just said earthquake wars of the 80s.
Do you think that the big earthquake in Iran last year was a government op?
Oh, the Bam Iran quake?
Well, let's just say the coincidence between the timing of that quake on 26 December and then the Banda Aceh tsunami also on 26 December does...
Bring, let's just say, you have to question.
Well, I mean, I have the Australian newspapers, mainstream, saying that in the 1940s, our government was developing tsunami bombs that they would detonate on the ocean floor and cause tsunamis.
But that's conventional weaponry.
What this does is amplify the energy going into the system.
Say you use...
A megawatt, and you can amplify that by one, two, three orders of magnitude when you have this wave interference amplified as you cross these antennas.
As we know, you can take two wave signals and have them either cancel each other out or amplify them.
That if you have multiple antennas depositing energy in a specific location for a set amount of time, you're going to get some kind of response.
You're going to heat the crust, it'll slip, it'll be jarred, depending on how you pulse that portion of the Earth's crust.
Or you can do the same with the atmosphere.
What happens when a parcel of the atmosphere is heated?
It expands, and that thereby exerts pressure on the nearby parcels of the atmosphere.
And if you then overlay the entire Earth's atmosphere with this grid and selectively heat and cool to your design, you can manufacture weather.
And this began with the initiation of the Woodpecker Grid bicentennial weekend 1976.
That puts it 29 years in operation.
For those who don't know, tell people what the Woodpecker Grid is.
The Woodpecker Grid began to be heard by ham radio operators and those doing surveillance in that portion of the EM spectrum, just as pulsing.
It was constant, beginning on Bicentennial weekend.
And there were two great uproar across the scientists around the world, but the pulsing never stopped.
What they did do is then add spread spectrum.
So it begins to shift frequency a little bit, but still that pulsing is there and is readily hearable from 3 to about 30 megahertz on a shortwave frequency.
And then that energy establishes standing waves, or this reservoir of energy contained within the planet herself.
And then they use pulses above the planet to then draw that energy up and then enhance local effects.
So basically it energizes the planet and then they can steer and manipulate it.
I mean, it's incredibly complex and far above the science of the average American.
But I mean, the Russians can openly, and so can our own government, wheel out antennas and clear the sky.
They do that on national TV.
Is that a similar system?
But not nearly as precise and not nearly as well-tuned.
So, I mean, what do these antenna trucks, with the electricity going into the atmosphere, how do they clear the sky?
By changing the ionization.
I think so.
Well, I mean, here's a basic question for the average person.
Seven, eight years ago, my whole life before that, a jet would fly over, it'd leave a trail, it'd disappear in five seconds to a minute.
Now, a plane flies over at 4,000 feet, where you're not even supposed to have condensation trails, it's the middle of summer, it's hot, and the trail is there three hours later.
What changed?
What has changed?
What changed is that those are not natural contrails.
Those are not commercial flights.
By any stretch of the imagination there is a secondary fleet of planes painting the sky with barium and aluminum which conduct electricity or absorb moisture or and absorb moisture and they're painting the sky looking for these electromagnetic signatures.
They're looking for drift
Dispersion, ionization, moisture content, and ultimately targeting... So basically, what you're saying is our government's trying to fight this and trying to learn what it is, and it's the Russians doing it.
And hence the contrails.
Yep, they're surveying the sky, looking for this activity in action.
So that they can understand and do short-term forecasting.
And that data is not getting into the public's domain.
It is not getting into our public forecast models.
And that's why... Well, you know, I talk to some pilots and they go, yeah, it's crazy.
These trails do sit there for hours.
But how can I, like, be doing work in the yard and literally...
The sky is clear, and then later it's totally full of trails, and literally, folks, I videotaped it.
They sit there for hours.
Ice crystals never did that.
Something did change.
Something changed, and the atmosphere is constantly seeded, so you'll see these sundogs, you'll see these rainbows around the sun.
Because, I mean, these phenomena used to be more generally restricted to the colder seasons.
And now it's 12 months of the year.
And it truly doesn't matter whether you're in the Philippines or at the North Pole.
You're going to see this constant feeding of the atmosphere.
But Bush says that Poodie Pood is our friend and wouldn't want to hurt us.
And you believe what he says?
I do.
I think the president never lies.
Hey, I'm with you there, buddy.
I'm with you there.
I'm being sarcastic.
No, it was just dripping.
Yeah, it's... You know, the problem is that there's so little integrity coming out of Washington on so many topics.
There just is no integrity.
And so you can't... And they'll trot out people to say, no, this doesn't happen, but all you have to do is sit in your backyard or your front yard and watch the skies for a short time.
When we get back, I want to talk about...
Hurricane Katrina with you.
We'll get there.
And when we get back, because I don't conduct pre-interviews, so I don't know what your view on this is, but I want to find out if you think it could be created, it could be steered, it could be controlled.
Some of the scientists I've talked to on and off record think they can't control things, they can make things, but they can't completely steer them like you would steer a Volkswagen bug.
Ask the people in Biloxi about that last-minute dodge.
Do what they say.
All right, well, we'll be right back.
And we'll talk about the hurricane.
But, I mean, I've got the Secretary of Defense talking about it.
I've got legislation talking about it.
I've got Discovery Channel shows.
I've got shows on the Weather Channel.
I mean, weather control is real.
It's just, who's in control?
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Going back to meteorologists, worked for many major TV stations, worked for a major TV station.
Right now, he, of course, has...
Gone public about... At first he heard about people talking about chemtrails and magnetic manipulations and scalar waves and all this, and he went and checked it out and found out, wow, something's really going on.
This is real.
This is happening.
And he may disagree with me.
We're going to find out right now.
So you think the evidence points towards, or you don't think the evidence points towards, some type of governmental manipulation or institutional manipulation of the hurricane?
I think the institutional manipulation is a good way of putting it.
I really do.
We know that the technology is most advanced than the ones that the Soviets developed through the 70s and 80s.
And then as the collapse of the Soviet Union financially occurred in the late 80s, then they had this incredible tool that they simply leased out to the highest bidder for gold bullion.
And that happened in the late 80s and early 90s and continues to be leased by
The Japanese mafia, with the stated goal, because they're the remnants of the samurai, and who are really annoyed about how we westernized Japan, and how we humiliated them.
And nuked them at the end of World War II.
Now, again, we know weather control's real, we know this stuff's going on, but you're not saying our own government could be doing anything.
It's not the Russians, it's the Japanese mafia.
They at least have set up a school to teach scientists how to use this technology.
Now, the question is... Now, where did you learn of this?
We're about to break and we'll come back and talk, but where did you learn of this?
This is Colonel Burden's intelligence.
That's where this has come from.
But the problem is identifying who is actually controlling it from day to day to day.
Well, I mean, where are the nodes?
I mean, can they from antenna arrays in Japan make a hurricane pop up?
Or in Siberia?
You betcha.
It doesn't matter where you are on this planet.
It's possible.
It's possible.
Well, I mean, I know other controls are real.
I just don't know if it's this advance or if the Japanese mafia is doing it.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
We'll talk about it with the meteorologist.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're talking to a meteorologist, TV weatherman.
Very interesting individual, Scott Stevens.
I certainly agree with him that weather modification and control is real.
I mean, Secretary of Defense Cohen admits it.
Legislation admits it.
The Weather Channel admits it.
But they limit how powerful it is and what it can actually do.
Again, I'm no scientist, but some scientists out there say that you could take an existing tropical depression and turn it into a hurricane with these systems.
Even with cloud seeding, you can do that.
You know, 50-, 60-year-old technology.
But can you steer it?
Can you manipulate it?
And so I'm sold on ground antennas charging the atmosphere.
They admit that.
I'm sold on cloud spraying and seeding.
But am I sold on, you know, global mafias?
And the New World Order is a global mafia.
It's just not Japanese.
You know, doing this.
But, Scott, we've got a few minutes here before we break.
We've come back with a long segment.
Plenty of time to talk.
I want to take some calls then.
But specifically, I mean, what are the indicators...
You know, with this new type of weather, looking at Katrina, that made you think it was being manipulated.
The tops of the clouds.
Looking at the higher resolution satellite imagery, there is simply unmistakable geometry that would not be there under fully natural circumstances.
Squares tipped on sides.
We're good to go.
That you turn up the intensity on this electrical geometry that happens around the planet and you juice these storms.
Why does it manifest?
Because I've seen the photos with the lines and the symbols and stuff around it.
Why does it manifest?
That's a really good question because then what we find or what we're beginning to suppose is that we're resting our visible universe on the next dimensions.
And it's that dimension that begins to give us these unusual shapes and these harmonies found within nature.
And that's where the energy comes from, is from space-time, from that quantum vacuum and that quantum realm.
And that's the extra energy is just drawn through that realm to enhance what is there.
Now, see, I've seen the science where, you know, they wheel out some trucks and charge the atmosphere and drive clouds back.
I mean, that's admitted, but, you know, you're... I mean, you as a meteorologist are getting off into... I mean, you're getting off into...
But see, that's why they've been able to get away with it for so long is because Western scientists have their heads in the sand and don't realize that the Russians pulled boatloads of documents and scientific paper, not looking for a peer review process to boast up their own flaws.
We're good to go.
So our government's good, it's those evil Russians and Japanese.
I don't know that, because there should have been additional countermeasures deployed against Katrina.
We have that capability.
We have seen it with other... Well, I mean, look, forget the other dimensions.
We know that they knew that when it got even a glancing blow, that place was going to be underwater.
That it was going to become a Lake Pontchartrain and they actually cut the existing funding.
Very suspicious.
Well, and then our Director of Homeland Security saying that they were aware this disaster was coming.
For weeks they have been planning for this.
That was on CNN yesterday.
Yeah, I did see that quote.
I mean, it's just in our face.
It is.
And I have not... It's simply time.
They know it's time for this to come out.
And they're not going to stop it.
No, they'll be quiet because if they confirm it, then it's truly out.
And if they refute it, then that adds to the debate, which then they still can't refute because anybody can look up in the sky and see what the heck is happening.
So it's still going to be met with stony files.
And it's all we're trying to do is get people to think that this is a possibility and to do your own research.
All right.
We'll come back and talk more about it and take calls on the other side.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com are my sites.
This site's weatherwars.info.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The number of National Guard troops is expected to double to roughly 21,000 by today from a total military force of 28,000 including active duty forces from the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
The initial focus will be on rescue operations and bringing food and medicine before military units start working on clearing roads, supplying safe water.
We've got to have the military bring us safe water instead of having water filters, folks.
And other tasks.
Guard units are expected to play a key role in restoring order in areas affected by looting.
I talked to the folks at New Millennium Concepts, our sponsor with the portable sports bottles and the big filters, and they've donated filters to the war, to the troops two years ago because they had bad water, but there's no real way to donate these because there's no way to get them into the people.
Because they're not even really, at this point, able to get the food and water filters into them.
So that's going on.
Meanwhile, they have suspended rescue operations because they're getting a few gunshots.
And the reports are that they're not shooting at the troops or at the firefighters or police like they did in the riots in L.A., but just people shooting guns off, and so the troops and the police have to withdraw.
I thought that's, again, why they're cops.
I mean, they're paid to be in danger.
Superdome evacuation suspended because of fires and gunshots.
It's totally descending into anarchy.
More National Guardsmen are sent in.
The evacuations of the Superdome was suspended Thursday because of fires and gunshots outside the arena.
Authorities said as National Guardsmen in armored vehicles pour into New Orleans to help restore order across the increasingly lawless and desperate city.
Lots of video of police in black uniforms and black armored vehicles.
Yes, that'll keep you safe.
An additional 10,000 guardsmen, again, have been deployed.
The truth is, a terrible tragedy like this brings out the best in people, brings out the worst in some people.
To Mississippi Governor Haley Barber of NBC's Today Show.
Good old Haley Barber, who didn't care about Bush cutting the funding.
Again, folks, you can say what you want about what caused the hurricane.
Why the hurricane cycle strengthening or all this weird weather?
What we do know is they knew.
The FEMA had said, total devastation.
Half a million dead.
Have we ever got a direct hit?
The dikes are falling apart.
They haven't been repaired in decades.
And the federal government cut the funding.
And again, the Fed shouldn't be funding that in the first place.
Again, I saw Chris Matthews last night say that
People don't like the Feds.
You know, states' rights are dumb.
Aren't the Feds great?
Oh, they're so good.
They've got the resources and the money.
Yeah, they take a dollar from us and send 30 cents back on average with strings attached.
I mean, five or six big high schools cost $150 million.
For $150 million, they could have fixed all those dikes.
They just didn't do it.
They just couldn't believe something bad would happen when all the science showed it would.
And I see that as a microcosm of our entire society.
I mean, they admit cell phones give you cancer.
I mean, yeah, it's a microwave.
They admit sodium fluoride is really bad in the water.
They admit that mercury is really bad in the vaccines.
No, they increase it.
Do they stop?
It's genetic engineering, folks.
They just openly... I mean, I've had the father...
I mean, I've had the heads of the fields on, and they're saying, yes, this random genetic engineering, these chimera cross-species creations could give rise to super viruses that would kill whole species, cause a total breakdown of the biosphere, or, you know, a thousand other catastrophes, and these companies are just randomly open-air doing it.
I mean, I...
It's like a self-destructive insanity.
So I'm a thousand times more worried about all this GM splicing than I am about hurricanes.
I mean, these hurricanes are out of control, but when I sat on air Tuesday, I said, you know, if I lived in New Orleans years ago and I had family there and they wouldn't fix the dikes and the levees, I would just leave.
And I got emails going, well, how dare you say they should just leave?
It's their home.
All I'm saying is, let's say I lived, let's say that the dam was having problems on Lake Austin against the big Colorado River, and I knew it was going to break, and I knew it was going to flood me and kill me and my family, and they wouldn't fix it, I'd move.
I mean, it's no criticism of the people, I'm just stating the facts.
All right, I'm going to shut up.
I want to take your calls.
We're talking to a meteorologist here who works for a major TV station, works for a lot of other stations.
You can go to his website, weatherwars.info, for all of his info and his bio.
Great guy.
And I don't know if I totally agree with the intelligence of Colonel Bearden and others.
You know, that it's some foreign mafia manipulating the weather.
And again, we've had hurricanes hit before.
We had tens of thousands die in Galveston.
The whole city submerged in, what, 1909?
And that wasn't some weather control group doing it.
But what we do know is these technologies exist.
But getting back to, as you watched that tropical depression last week turn into a hurricane, I mean, you're a trained meteorologist.
What telltale signs did you see of manipulation?
Well, Alex, the big thing that really caught my attention, and I pointed out to my audience, was that the eye of Katrina passed over the National Hurricane Center.
Last Thursday.
And that was a wake-up call saying, listen, see what we can do.
We're driving this storm over the top of your nation's premier research institution into hurricane study.
And boom, right over the top of the Tropical Prediction Center and our National Hurricane Center.
Over it went.
And they had gusts of 92 miles an hour.
The guys went outside, looked up, and yep, yep, there's Katrina.
And she continued.
I mean, for a Category 1 storm, the damage was impressive.
I think.
From what we have seen since 1995, and indeed going back a little bit farther than that, is just the number of intense storms versus the total number of storms that develop over the course of a year is out of whack.
It's just simply out of whack.
Well, there are more storms, and they're more intense.
And the clustering of their landfall.
At some point...
The unusualness of the intensity, the movement, begins to lead to that there's some kind of intent.
And they keep hitting the same populated areas.
Ivan and Katrina are just mirror images of one another.
Ivan just spun down two categories before landfall.
Katrina did not.
And there's the difference.
Ivan was a dress rehearsal, and Katrina was the final act.
Just that simple.
And we saw what could happen with the oil infrastructure with a Cat 2, with Ivan, and now we saw a Cat 4, Cat 5.
What is possible?
And the tsunami, we don't need an earthquake underneath the ocean.
To give us a tsunami.
I mean, just look at the coast of Mississippi.
And that jog that the storm made was just sufficient to pile incredible amounts of water into Lake Pontchartrain.
And then that jog kept the intense, ferocious winds on the strong side of the hurricane headed towards the Gulf of Mississippi, that coastal areas of Mississippi and Alabama.
So they got two agendas accomplished with that last-minute jog that was, quote-unquote, a puff of dry air.
And it was a puff, but it accomplished what it set out to do.
Which was damage to the infrastructure and with this economy teetering on a mountain of debt.
And so what do these antenna arrays look like?
I mean, where do they control this from?
That's really a good question.
And I know the ones that are doing this are likely underground and are just not visible from above.
HARP, I don't know if you know what HARP looks like, but it's a series of hundreds of antennas
And there's just copper wire strung along the top of it.
So you increase the size of the antenna to dozens and dozens of acres, and you begin to get a steerable, focusable energy beam.
And then the more... If you have two energy beams, you can cross their paths at some point.
It's an interference zone.
And the antenna becomes an interferometer.
Well, I mean, we know what HAARP does.
It ionizes the atmosphere and then literally...
It shoots it around the entire globe.
And it's this flow of ions that drags the moisture of these storms around.
And so if you can disrupt the flow of ions, disrupt the flow of electricity, you can disrupt the flow of these hurricanes.
They're rapidly spinning tops, like a child's top.
You pump it up and it spins.
And it doesn't take too much to unbalance them.
We're good to go.
The basic energy patterns that are holding these storms together.
And let me tell you, it's not heat coming off the ocean.
It just isn't.
The budgets are all out of whack, the heat and energy.
Well, now, the ocean was at record temperatures this year in the Gulf of Mexico.
But then does that still allow and account for the erratic movement and retargeting or, I mean, the continuation of hitting Florida and this specific portion of the Gulf Coast?
That cannot be blamed on warm ocean temperatures.
Simply cannot.
So they're grasping for a reason to justify things that they can't explain.
And just hope that somebody else doesn't have a more plausible explanation.
And it's out there.
Well, for those that just joined us in the first of the interview last hour, I read the quote by Secretary of Defense William Cohen back in 1997.
I mean, this was a public press conference.
And let me just read that as we go to break.
Others, terrorists, are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations, and it's real.
And that's the reason why we have to intensify our counterterrorism efforts.
Secretary of Defense William Cohen,
And that was April 28, 1997, before the Department of Defense in a news briefing.
Alright, we'll be right back, and we'll take a few of your phone calls.
Charles is up first.
Stay with us.
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Well, we're talking to meteorologist Scott Stevens for your weather report.
We've got Dr. Doom at the controls of the weather control beam.
It's like a Fantastic Four cartoon.
Super Skrull will use his weather control system to destroy you.
But, I mean, we do know they have weather control systems.
How advanced they are, you know, I don't know.
And I'm aware of Army reports and Navy reports, and I'm aware of our government developing it, and I'm aware of this ionizing the atmosphere.
I don't know about pulling this other energy, this zero point out of the nether reaches of Valhalla.
But it's scary.
Let's go to calls.
I appreciate our guests coming on with us today.
Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, you're on the air.
Are you there?
Yes, will you sit if I have any more reports to call?
Will you turn your radio off?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
It's off.
Tell us what's going on there in New Orleans.
The evacuation that they said they fired a shot, and you can check this out on Channel 2, Baton Rouge News, and Channel 9.
The reason the evacuation stopped is because they...
We're good to go.
Very interesting.
It's on Channel 2 News.
I'm not saying this.
What's the call letters of Channel 2?
I don't know.
It's just Channel 2 News, Baton Rouge.
Channel 2 News, Baton Rouge.
Channel 9 News.
Channel 9.
I'm sorry, I don't know the call.
No, that's okay.
Any comments to what he's saying, Scott?
I wouldn't want to jump on a bus if I didn't know what was going either.
I mean, seriously.
I'm sure FEMA's got a nice place.
Maybe the Chinese need some organs or something.
Okay, Mr. Jones, there's so much military around here.
They've got army vehicles and all that.
They're not scared.
Now, they tried to declare martial law, but the Louisiana Constitution won't let them do that.
No, that's boys.
You know, that's interesting.
First we heard it was martial law.
Then the governor said, oh no, that's a rumor, when the governor said it.
I was wondering what was behind that.
They tried to declare it, but the Constitution of Louisiana says they cannot declare martial law.
Now, it's not what you're saying.
I've been down there three times trying to get in.
We've got boats down there.
If you don't have food and water, lots of it, I mean, throw the paper, they will not let you in, even for volunteers.
You understand?
I've been down there.
Well, you said it's not what I'm saying.
It's not what they're saying.
Okay, okay.
No, no, if I'm saying something wrong, which I... No, no, no, no.
You get reports from the news.
Now, I did mention this last hour.
The Red Cross has been caught stealing money and not supplying every time.
Do not give the Red Cross money.
Any ideas of local charities that you know are trying to deliver food that we can give to, Charles?
No, sir.
Right now, everything's confused.
But you said it right, what they're saying.
But if you go on the news last night, they're saying in the 1940s, people were brought to Phoenix.
Concentration camps.
And I don't think it's going to happen in Louisiana.
That's what he stated.
Wait a minute.
They're talking about concentration camps in the local news?
He said people were scared to get on a bus because they wouldn't tell them where they were bringing them.
He said this happened in 1940.
But I don't think it would happen here.
The local news said that?
Check this.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jones, check Baton Rouge Channel 9 News.
I'm not saying this.
This is on their website from last night.
Wow, we're not getting the same news as the local news is.
And the other thing is, they've got SWAT teams all up there.
They're ready to try to pull Marshall on.
They couldn't pull it.
They've got SWAT teams from Texas.
They've got heavy artillery.
And they did shoot at the cops and all that on helicopters.
But it's not what they're saying.
There's areas they won't go in because the police are saying, I can't endanger my men.
They might get shot.
Well, who are these people shooting at the police?
Well, that's probably in the 9th Ward.
In the 9th Ward, there's gangs there, you know, gangs.
I mean, what idiot in their right mind is sitting under water?
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
They want to get out of there.
Do you understand?
It sounds to me like some of these gang members want to stay because they can loot.
You know, I saw images of gang members with huge plasma TVs dragging them out.
What good do they think a plasma TV is going to be without power?
In small sections, Mr. Jones, they're blowing this up there because they tried to get martial law.
They wanted martial law.
Now they tell the people, don't make the Blankos not to be fooled with.
Let me tell you what they're doing to convicts.
The convicts haven't ate since the storm come.
They got them sitting in water, chained together.
I'm not taking the convict side, but they haven't eaten, Mr. Jones.
No, I've seen the video of it.
They haven't eaten.
And, Mr. Jones, it's altogether different than what they put in the paper.
All they're doing is praising.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Let me just, to our guests, can you do a few more minutes with us?
Sure thing.
Okay, Scott Stephens is with us.
Sure thing.
We'll come back and let Charles finish up and then take four or five more calls and then get into some other really important news.
Regardless of what caused this, the hand of God, bad weather, you know, it's bad news.
We ought to pray for everybody.
We're on the march.
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All right, we've got a lot of other important news items to cover.
Another great guest coming up in the next hour, and actually two guests, and your calls.
So let's hurry through these calls.
Charles, finish up what you were saying, then I'm going to go to Clive in Louisiana.
The title of your news is WBRZ.
I'm not saying that you're saying it wrong, Mr. Jones.
I'm saying you're not getting the right information.
They're covering it up.
Like they're in control.
They're not in control of this.
I mean, the evacuation stopped because they were not telling them where they're going.
I just wanted to make that very clear.
And that's on the local news, but not on the national news.
I just gave it to you from last night.
One of them's, I'm looking at it right now, WBRZ, Channel 2.
And one of the people talking was Donald Briss, if that's true.
You want me to get the other call-in numbers?
I can do it in just a second.
No, no, that's okay.
I'll figure it out.
But anyway, they said in 1940, it happened to people when they wouldn't tell them where they were going, and they brought them to concentration camps.
And they said, I don't think that would ever happen here.
That's what they said on the news, so help me God.
My wife was sitting right there.
But they're saying right now that the death toll is going to be in the four-digit numbers.
And they're not picking up the bodies.
The bodies are still floating.
It's going to be a disease.
How many bodies are there?
Because the news isn't showing.
Well, they're different news at different times.
They don't know because the bodies are just floating.
They won't stop and pick them up because they say they want to get to the people.
Well, what about even Fats Domino's missing?
I know Fats Domino from New Orleans.
I'm from New Orleans.
I was born and raised there.
I know Fats Domino.
But, I mean, Fats Domino ain't running no show.
We got it.
20,000 people need to be rescued.
No, no, I understand that.
I'm just mentioning how, you know, the scope of this, even fast dominoes missing.
I know, I know.
I've got my two aunts, my cousin, and her babies.
I can't find them.
A little baby?
Oh, I didn't know that, Charles.
Two babies.
I think one's five and one's, I think, seven now.
Oh, okay.
And my two aunts, she needs oxygen.
Can't get through.
I've brought boats up there.
We've brought food.
I can't get no cooperation.
They won't even... I haven't just passed... Well, I mean, even the mainstream media admits that it's the citizens bringing food, the citizens housing the people, the government.
The mayor of New Orleans threw a fit and actually started using some mild profanities and said the feds are screwing everything up.
Why don't they just let the people in?
They asked the guy from Peter that.
Everything's messed up.
We don't have the support.
You said you're going to give us the help you're going to give us.
You said, well, it takes time.
We're trying to organize.
So if they don't have it organized... Well, people are going to start really dying after four or five days and drinking sewer-tainted, fetid water out in the mosquitoes.
You're going to have major problems.
Is the water still equalized with the Pontchartrain?
Well, that water leveled off, too.
I don't know what you... But anyway, the levee, it kind of leveled off, but they're trying to shove a barge into it.
It's got a 300-foot hole, but some people say it's 500 feet.
They say on the one news it's 300.
Some people say it's 5.
It's a total mess.
If there's rain up there, anything happens, the rest of these people are finished.
The water's supposed to go to 9 feet higher, but I don't know if it's rising.
They say in Jefferson Parish it dropped.
But it's total chaos.
And I mean, they wanted to declare martial law.
Do you have any comments on this?
Do you have any comments, Scott Stevens?
Glad that they've enjoyed relatively calm weather since the storm has left.
And that massive storm surge should continue to drain out of the lake until they find a normal equalization.
But still, we're coming up on new moon here, so we're going to see tides continue to be higher than normal.
And then again, the risk of additional rainfall has got to be there.
We've only got two months left in the hurricane season.
The peak, the median date is September 10.
So we have even ten days before we complete the first half of this storm season.
Ten days to go.
Gratefully, all we've got is Tropical Depression Lee that is way out in the Atlantic, and there isn't anything looming immediately.
But that can change.
But Katrina came out of nowhere.
She truly did.
In the southwestern Bahamas, she just spun up.
There she is.
Again, the control of this process, Alex, is so precise.
They're so good at it right now.
So you're convinced this is institutionally manufactured?
They chose the names ahead of time.
I mean, there's a list of names.
Why do you think that Chertop is out saying, oh yeah, weeks ago we were preparing for just this, and
A lot of really suspicious comments.
There are.
And these are clues that whether they're intentionally delivered or...
Or not intentionally delivered their clues nonetheless.
And they're just a portion of this very big picture.
Far, far more grand than people realize.
Charles, what do you think?
I mean, we know that they do have weather control.
I'll tell you the truth.
I don't know what to think.
But we've got another problem.
People trying to get back to Baton Rouge are running out of gas.
They stopped this morning.
A woman had two kids' dirty diapers.
Don't know money for gas.
The gas price jumped up.
I mean, they can't get back.
They're stuck down here.
And then, Sam, they're telling the people that Air Force One went over to Dome Stadium.
This gave the people encouragement.
It was passed.
This encouraged the people.
It helps on its way.
Now, are people there in New Orleans and surrounding areas, are they aware that the federal government cut the funding almost down to nothing to fix the levies?
Yeah, I went to stories today.
Some people was there.
I said, you all realize that Moon Landry...
Cut the funding.
We know about that, yes.
But right now, we've got a medium problem on hand.
People are robbing around here.
They're stopping your car.
They're coming to your house, robbing you.
There's no report about that.
Oh, really?
So there's also roving gangs just in other areas?
Yeah, well, they're coming back, you see, from, like, Texas and all that.
They're running out of gas money.
And, you know, the gas prices jumped up.
And people are also having the money to try to get back in loans.
There's hundreds and hundreds of people...
You're going to see the highway, trying to get back to see if their family's all right.
Alex, one of the things we've got to do is stop unnecessary travel across the whole country, because we're using fuel, and this nation has only about a 20 to 25 day reserve of distilled fuel, whether that's heating oil or jet fuel or gasoline.
25 days is it, and we're still using it at the typical pace.
And you watch.
They're not going to build more refineries after this because they make more money off scarcity.
No, no, no.
What they're doing is, what we're going to have are literally hundreds of thousands of acres of abandoned SUVs because people can't afford the payments on them and can't afford to put gas in them.
I mean, they'll just simply walk away from those employee-priced vehicles.
They'll just walk away from them.
Yeah, the employee-priced vehicles.
They're walking away now.
They don't have gas to get back.
They're running out of gas.
They don't have no money.
That's the point.
And then remember, this natural gas has been firing more and more of this nation's power plants.
And we're going to have interruptions as we get into this cold season if we don't get these refineries back up and the pipelines working very, very soon.
Let me ask Charles a question.
Charles, how much is gas in Louisiana right now?
You ready?
We're out, honey.
Charles, are you still there?
My wife's just shooting on the road here.
She'll just come back.
She'll just come back.
They're shooting on the road here.
That sounds like total bedlam.
I mean, they took a car, and they ran out of gas and shot a woman in the head.
I mean, it's that bad, Mr. Jones.
So you're in... Where are you again?
I'm 50 miles from there.
But in what town are you in?
I'm in Walker, Louisiana.
But are you saying in Walker there was just a shooting?
What was that, Walker, honey?
Honey, Walker?
Walker, Walmart.
So in your town, there's shootings going on?
Oh, they rob.
They'll come up in your driveway.
Directors will rob you.
Is this the event that Henry Kissinger talked about that would allow those blue-capped U.N.
people in to restore order?
He said if there was a big enough disaster, we'd accept foreign troops.
The people would demand it.
Well, I know that five years ago, in the last year of Bill Clinton's administration, they had U.N.
soldiers helping fight the fires in 12 western states.
Remember that?
Oh, yeah.
And see, I'm in Idaho, and we have greater than 70% of our National Guard troops overseas.
My brother's one of them.
What are your oil prices right now?
I mean, what's the gas prices at the pump there right now?
I filled up last night premium for $2.81.
That's cheap.
It is cheap.
That's why I filled up.
Because it's only going up.
Did you hear about Atlanta for six bucks?
Is that what it is?
That's the shock.
That's the shock, and that's why you must protect your wealth with gold and silver.
You've got to do that, because those will be the blow-off points economically.
That's where all of the liquid, the slushy money that's looking for a return will flood into precious metals.
If you haven't secured physical silver, physical gold, you must do so very, very soon.
Very still.
Well, speaking of the devil, we'll be talking about that a little bit coming up in the next hour.
You know, Charles, I mean, your wife, and I've got a picture of you and your wife with your dog that you sent me many years ago for Christmas.
Charles has been a listener for, I don't know, like eight, seven, eight years.
Charles, you're telling me that your wife tried to go to the store, and they're roving gangs, blowing people's heads off.
Well, just one woman.
But, I mean, all over the state, though, we know that that's going on.
But you're saying that this happened again where you're at.
Yes, sir.
And we didn't hear nothing on the news about it.
My wife just come back.
Well, I've never heard a better reason for the Second Amendment.
Well, they take your call for the gas and all.
I'm telling you, Mr. Jones, it's chaos all over Louisiana.
How much is gas there?
About 310, 320.
It's delayed when people realize they can't get it.
Well, that's why I said it's gouging in Atlanta.
Because they already have their tanks filled that are now getting low that they've already paid for.
And so they're ripping people off.
That is gouging.
That's $6 a gallon.
And there's this surge of demand of people anticipating shortages.
So they're going to get what they can now.
And that's why we must institute travel.
I mean, unnecessary travel has got to be reined in.
Yeah, but you can't have the government come in and call for that.
Who else is going to?
We need some leadership.
We have to have leadership.
And that's not happening now.
Because they don't want people to realize... They'll make more money off a crisis.
Well, yes they will.
They will.
It's all the petroleum.
And we've got an oil man in the White House.
And that money is just going to flow back into the aspirations, back into the repair, and back into these oil companies.
And it's only with a disruption of about 13% of supply.
That is the other 87%.
The return on that money is going to be huge.
Well, it's time to build more refineries and open more fields.
It's time to quit using petroleum as an energy source.
Well, there are a lot of new systems they haven't allowed to come online.
Charles, anything else?
Yes, one thing, Mr. You know, I love you to death.
And I'm not saying that you've seen it wrong.
It's the news giving false information about the evacuation.
So you're saying the mainstream media is making it look better than it is?
Yes, yes.
But that was... Well, now, the mainstream media says shots were fired, so they've ceased the evacuation of the Superdome.
You're saying it's because... On local news... My wife's right here.
She said, honey, they said that they wouldn't tell the people where they were taking them.
And it was a riot, right?
It was a riot.
My wife's right here.
I believe you.
I'm already checking it out right now.
They wasn't telling them where they were taking them, and so it started a riot.
All right, Charles, thank you so much for the call.
God bless you, Mr. Jones.
Pardon me?
God bless you, Mr. Jones.
Okay, thank you, Charles.
I appreciate it.
Let's take another call from Louisiana.
Clive in Louisiana.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Clive.
Yes, Mr. Jones, I was calling.
I wanted to kind of add on to what Charles was just saying.
I have several friends who are law enforcement officers, and they just informed me this morning that
I think so.
I think so.
That's insane.
Yeah, but the reason why I really called was because I came across this news article that's in our local papers and it says, long-term shelter still in air.
Now, Dean Dozier, who's head of Washington Parish Office of Homeland Security, Washington Parish is northeast Louisiana of Homeland Security, he and the mayor are now contemplating, several other people are now contemplating,
Thank you.
Dean Dozier was actually on radio.
I heard him on the radio on my way to work.
They're having to make permanent ones because New Orleans, for the next year at least, is gone.
Yes, right now I've been up there to our Civic Center, to our arena, and we have about 2,000 evacuees there, and we're supposed to be getting roughly upwards to 3,000 more people coming here.
How many people are really in the city of New Orleans?
Before this happened... I couldn't really tell you.
I don't have the estimate number.
Wasn't it like a city of over 3 million?
Yeah, I don't think it was that many.
It was about 1.2.
But I'm counting all the surrounding towns.
The whole metro area, how many people?
I think I read over 3 million, but... The question is how many were bound by the levee and cannot go home for great deals of time.
And indeed, are those structures even salvageable because of all of the contamination and the days upon days it's going to sit there in that toxic soup?
I mean, the question is, will they actually rebuild it, even once it's pumped out, and will it be insurable?
Well, see, here's the interesting thing.
Now, this guy that I was just telling you about, who's the head of Parrish Homeland Security, every time he referred to the evacuees, he referred to them as refugees.
That's a better term.
That's a better term.
Well, that's a United Nations term.
Right, and that kind of tells you that, okay, they're saying pretty much that New Orleans is gone.
Yeah, a refugee is permanent.
Right, exactly.
And that's why it's still up in the air that they were going to try to make, take abandoned buildings, not abandoned but vacant buildings and use the Coliseum.
He said this in Shreveport and they're contemplating making it permanent shelters.
And I've been to the ones that we have here in Monroe and I mean, it's
Cots just stack next to each other.
It's almost like a prison.
And I plan on going back there and taking some photos and recording.
What about the crime?
We just heard Charles say that in towns, I mean, his wife goes to the store and somebody gets their head blown off.
Well one of my friends, I used to be a probation officer and I know a lot of the marshals there and I was talking to a guy friend of mine this morning and he said that we're getting some more people from the 9th wards, these different wards from New Orleans and that they're expecting the crime to kind of go up because these people have nothing.
And, you know, they'll shoot at police, so just imagine what they'll do to regular folks.
I mean, it just seems like craziness.
I mean, New Orleans was the murder capital of the country at one point.
I don't know if it was prior to this, but we're expecting about 3,000, maybe 4,000 more people coming this way.
And Monroe is not that big of a city.
It's not near the size of...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The level of the disaster, the depths of it, just gets worse and worse.
Will you call us back throughout the week and give us updates, Clive?
Thank you for the call.
Okay, good.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
We'll be right back and have some final comments from our guest, who's got the great website, weatherwars.info.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, I had a professor, a scientist from England, joining us in the next hour.
And I just canceled him.
Because we need to take your phone calls.
We need to get your take on what's happening in New Orleans and in surrounding areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.
And the economic effects this is going to have on the economy, and then just the unbelievably pathetic response of the vacationing neocon Bush.
I want to thank our guests for spending so much time with us today.
Really incredible website, a lot of amazing research.
Things are happening with our weather.
It is being manipulated.
That's admitted.
That's mainstream.
I don't know if I agree with the conclusions of our meteorologist friend, but he's got a degree and I don't.
But Scott Stevens, I appreciate you coming on with us, and I hope folks will visit weatherwars.info because definitely there's a lot to take away from your site that is very important.
There's still a lot of research yet to be done.
I just haven't had the time to dig through and basically do a post-mortem on this storm.
That will get done.
But it's just more important that people realize that this is possible and look at the skies.
Look and notice the odd things happening in the skies.
And then your eyes will... And you get into all this scientifically on your site.
I mean, you show radar photos.
You show satellite.
I mean, you show just this incredible stuff.
It's just truly all there.
It's there.
And I put it together so other weathermen...
Can see what I see.
And so it's written at that level.
It's not the kid level.
What response?
I mean, you've got some of these posted, but what response have you gotten from other meteorologists?
They're intrigued.
They're very intrigued.
And I was the same way.
It took me six years to get that sinking feeling in my gut.
Well, I've talked to a local weatherman who won't go public.
Obviously, you've had some pressure at your TV station.
But I've talked to a local weatherman who goes, yeah, we know something's going on, but we can't talk about it.
That's too bad.
He needs to find the courage to do it.
You know, and then just deal with the consequences.
It's like, yeah, we think Galileo's right.
The world may be round, but we can't say it.
Yep, and that's too bad.
I mean, that courage will be found by a few more.
All right, thank you, Scott Stevens, for coming on with us.
Talk to you again soon.
Take care, my friend.
Look, I don't think I agree with who he says politically could be behind this, but weather modification is admitted.
And don't think for a minute that our government doesn't have much more advanced systems than the precious little rooskies.
And again, folks, hurricanes have been hitting New Orleans forever and killing people forever.
And they didn't fix those levees.
And it just shows you the government isn't going to protect you.
And the people that are trying to help, that are really helping the refugees right now predominantly, are the citizens.
So in the next hour, we'll talk about that.
I personally have given money to charities, but I check them out first.
It's like meals on wheels.
I've probably given them $1,000, which is a lot of money for us, in the last year.
$250 here, $500 there.
Because I know, I've gone out and volunteered, I know that's really helping people.
And I wouldn't give five cents to the Red Cross.
Okay, side issue.
You need to research who you support.
You need to research us.
We do need your support in the fight against the globalists, and they could carry out a nuclear attack any day, a bio-attack, blame it on firing enemies, as a way to really mobilize us for World War III.
The globalists, we have our own game plans to do this.
And I hope you'll get Martial Law, my newest and most powerful film, a three-hour miniseries, three films in one.
Get multiple copies.
It drops down to $14 a piece.
You can get the last film I made that's excellent for $5.95 when you buy one copy at the regular price.
And that's American Dictator.
It's an excellent video.
And your support is vital to the continual operation of this operation.
So here's the toll-free number to order the videos.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or go to InfoWars.com right now to order the videos and books off our secure shopping cart there at the bookstore.
Or PrisonPlanet.tv.
See it all online right now.
We'll take your calls in rapid succession when the next hour starts in 70 seconds.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight, we're here.
Look, I know Bob's been holding for over an hour, Tim and John and others, but we continue to get calls from Louisiana
People that are eyewitnesses, not just to what local news is reporting, which is very different than national news, but also to what they're actually seeing physically.
People getting their heads blown off in small towns by the looters, who, again, you had a large portion of the city that left, ran out of money, staying in Houston and other areas, and Texas, now they're coming back in, and families run out of gas, kids on the side of the street,
A total breakdown of society.
I mean, where are the authorities, the public servants, giving money to these women with children to get fuel back in their car?
I mean, where is the Red Cross doling out money for fuel?
We know they got $3 billion they didn't spend that they kept from 9-11, breaking their promise.
So, it is just, it is amazing.
I'm going to move quickly through your calls, no matter how good your call is, because I need to get to the next person.
in Louisiana, you're up first.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, I'm in Baton Rouge.
Actually, I'm in Livingston Parish.
It's a bedroom suburb of Baton Rouge.
Yes, sir.
We have doubled the population.
I don't know what's been said this morning already.
I've only just caught brief segments of your show, but Baton Rouge has doubled its population overnight.
What is it like?
Well, downtown Baton Rouge, where the governmental building and the river center is, where the housing quote-unquote refugees is, it's under pretty much heavy lockdown.
I hate to use the word lockdown, but the police is really in mass down there.
And I don't know how much of it's erroneous report, or we're getting a lot of actual stuff, but I don't know how much the news media is playing it down, and I don't know how much of it's rumor.
But I know for a fact that the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, which is located adjacent to the governmental building, my understanding is, and I had it from a reliable source, actually a deputy, says that they have locked down the building at the Sheriff's Office.
Employees are locked in.
I understand that the governmental employees... Why on earth would they lock themselves in like 14-foot goblins were on the outside of it?
Well... I mean, are they thinking there's going to be a total breakdown in the state?
Well, it's just all the refugees, and that's the only word I can use at this point, it's all adjacent to where they're at, and they're just mingling in and out of the buildings, and...
In my understanding... So basically there's all... You know what I'm getting from the last three callers, four callers we've gotten from Louisiana, and emails I'm getting, is that stuff's already totally broken down.
The people just don't know it yet.
I would tend to agree with that because I'm getting reports from...
Friends of mine, I'm just outside the city limits of Baton Rouge.
Well, listen, I'm against tyranny, and I'm against out-of-control behavior.
But once you get a breakdown, then it's going to be even worse, folks.
And then they're going to institute it nationwide.
The police need to get in there, and there's some problems, and start cracking some heads.
But if you don't have problems yet in your town, and the police are all locked up doing nothing...
That sounds like the L.A.
riots where the police wouldn't even contain ten rioters in the first hour, and then it turned into half the city burning down.
I mean, it's going to be their fault.
They've got a job to do.
What are they doing?
I mean, it's like with Columbine.
It's like with Columbine where they sat there for four hours and 15 minutes outside the building.
I understand that, and I do exactly understand what you're saying.
Well, what did the deputy say?
I mean, the deputy's telling you we're all locked down in there.
Why are they locked down?
Well, this is actually, in their defense, it is the administrative end of the sheriff's office.
Oh, no, I mean, that makes sense then.
I was thinking that they...
All right.
No, this is the administrative end.
This is where the sheriff... Oh, thank God.
I thought the police had locked themselves in the building.
We'd really be in trouble.
And that I didn't want to mislead you.
I'm trying to be as actual and factual as I possibly can.
But, I mean, you're saying that the city has doubled in size.
That has been on the news several nights in a row.
We have doubled the population of Baton Rouge.
I have some New Orleans information for you.
Stay there.
J.W., and we'll get to you when we get back, and then we'll talk to Bob and Tim and John, everybody.
But I'm sure callers will understand that people from Louisiana go to the head of the line because they've got information.
We'll be right back, folks.
There is so much more coming up.
55 minutes left in the broadcast.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, on prisonplanet.com, we have photos of Bush yesterday, President George W. Bush showing the nation that the notion that not even a major city being entirely submerged can prevent him from getting on with his life.
And yes, this photo was taken just yesterday.
The only image of President Bush I can think of that's more egregiously wrong is this one.
And it's the photo of Bush sitting there for 18 minutes after he got the news of the second plane smashing in to the World Trade Center complex.
And again, it is not a bash Bush fest.
Bush is nothing but a puppet.
And that's why it took him two days to respond to the hurricane.
Really, three days.
That's why it
He had to wait to get orders and what to say on 9-11 because he is a puppet.
He's not in control of anything.
I mean, Bill Clinton was a puppet of policy, but he at least got to execute it.
Same thing with Bush's father.
I mean, he's a puppet of the people that pay him and put him in power and installed him, but he actually got to execute it.
I mean, he just takes two naps a day, goes and lifts weights, then rides a bicycle, then plays tennis.
Not with Bush.
His life is a vacation.
And folks, I feel like I have a responsibility to fight corruption, to inform people, to be informed, to do research, to make films.
I mean, no exaggeration, I've been working about 17 hours a day the last few years.
I feel extremely guilty.
I took off five full days to be with my family last week.
But it was wonderful.
But I'm not a president.
I'm just a radio talk show host and documentary filmmaker.
Imagine, I mean... And just 75, even 50 years ago, when the British went to war, the king, the prince, would have to go be in the front lines.
A lot of few British nobility were killed in war.
Same thing with the French and the Spanish.
I mean, Santa Ana led his troops.
With the Mexicans, you don't see that anymore.
I mean, it's just this little cheerleader.
He was a cheerleader, folks, who has all these gay porn stars and gay madams in his office prancing around with his little buddies.
He's just totally phony, folks.
He's just totally...
He's a tough conservative.
Shut up, Alex.
You must be for them Democrats.
No, I'm against the Democrats who were for the war and for open borders and for all the things Bush is for.
And I'm sick of it.
But just don't tell me everything's okay because George Bush is in there.
All right, I'm going to shut up and go to your calls.
JW in Louisiana, you told us about your town that's doubled in size in the last few days, and basically what you called it was lockdown or martial law.
Now tell us about what you've got for us on New Orleans itself, or what I should call New Atlantis, and I mean that seriously.
Okay, my first cousin is involved in the rescue in New Orleans.
Has been down there from basically initially from day one.
Well, God bless him.
He has his own personal satellite phone with him.
And I get a report sometimes twice a day.
He says multiply times ten what you send on the national news media.
He said there are pockets of New Orleans.
It's only about 80% underwater.
Because you've got areas that are hills.
That's correct.
You have some areas that are high and dry, but you do have people that hold up in the high and dry areas without food, without water, and the looters are trying to overtake the high and dry people.
I'm going to say it again.
Multiply it times ten.
They have been shooting at the helicopters down there a lot longer than it was ever released nationally.
The rescuers... Why on earth would the looters be shooting at helicopters?
I can't answer that question.
I do not know.
Well, look, it's real simple.
They need to go in there and kill those people.
Well, sir, they actually are arming and have been armed...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're exactly correct, and that's what's happening.
The Superdome, from my understanding, he hasn't been there personally, because that's not the area he's working in, but he's getting it from the people that he's working with, is that the Superdome is...
Indescribably, horribly nasty.
Well, if you've got three days of people defecating and urinating in a small area, it's going to be horrible.
It's my understanding, and there again, I'm not repeating anything that is pretty much not 100% verifiable.
They have been raped in the Superdome, and I'm talking of children.
When they say at night, it was out of control.
I can't emphasize it enough.
He is...
Well, they admit there's been a whole bunch of deaths in there.
That is correct.
He's at the point, he's with an agency, and I'm not going to name the agency because I don't want to put him in bad light.
But he is to the point that he's going to pull himself out.
He said it's worse than you can imagine.
But what it sounds like is this could break down the whole state and the whole region.
Well, and I want to give you a heads up on something, and I certainly appreciate you folks in Texas.
The mayor of Houston taking on, you know, opening the Superdome to, I'm sorry, the Astrodome to our residents, but I don't mean to say this in a negative way, but the mayor of Houston, I honestly believe he does not know what he's done.
By that, what do you think it's going to do?
I'm going to tell you, it's going to be an absolute out-of-control mess.
I don't know how many people... No, no, I agree with you.
I don't know how long you've been listening, J.W., but how many times have I said that in the Great Depression, millions of people were homeless.
The bankers engineered it, but you had very little rioting, very little raping and killing, but you still had an increase, and people knew trades.
People were hardworking.
Now, I've said, imagine these Lexus-driving women, and imagine these inner-city populations, and imagine these yuppies...
We're good to go.
I mean, we're losing these skills, and folks, if we ever have real crises, FEMA isn't going to help you, the government isn't going to help you, you're going to have to help yourself.
And I've already got plans with my family.
The instant there's an emergency or a crisis, we will exit the city.
We will escape from New York, you know, from Austin, Texas, and we're not coming back, folks.
And you better have, I've got maps with side roads and routes.
And woe to the people that try to stop me from leaving.
And I've got food, and I've got gold, and I've got guns.
Not a lot of it, but what I need.
And I just can't imagine, I mean, folks, just the, I mean, let's face it.
I mean, if New Orleans would have flooded 50 years ago, this type of thing wouldn't have happened.
We have turned into evil people.
Do you agree with that statement, J.W.?
Absolutely, and I am one of the be prepared people.
I'm sitting here with everything I need.
I have electricity, thank God, and I had it within 10 hours after the storm.
But it didn't matter.
I can do without air conditioning.
We're going to survive, but I have what it takes.
My point, and I'm backing up exactly what you just said, the people who chose to stay in New Orleans had enough advance notice to get something to live for X number of days or a week.
If they chose not to prepare, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be brutal, but you've got to take responsibility for yourself.
Now we've got them
Oh, they're going to try to demonize the Second Amendment when imagine if you didn't have people with guns in their homes protecting themselves.
But the looters are shooting each other.
I'm telling you, I don't want to take your show over, and I know you've got other callers, but I won't call back in the next day or two unless I have verifiable information.
No, I want you to call back if something develops.
Thank you for the call, J.W.
Go ahead.
If I do choose to call back, I won't have 100% verifiable information.
So if you hear from me again, you know I have some good stuff for you.
Thank you, J.W.
All right.
Oh man, they're already... I said, wait until they start demonizing.
I watched about an hour of TV yesterday.
I was flipping around and every channel was, look what these guns are causing.
Look what these guns are... It's always a reason to demonize the Second Amendment.
Let me tell you, the Second Amendment is to protect you from corrupt government and from corrupt hordes.
And let me tell you, I was stuck in my house and a bunch of scum wanted to come in it.
I could kill hundreds of them.
I mean, just keep them coming.
I got the ammunition and the guns right here.
Just keep coming through the door.
We'll pile you up out front.
But you kill one or two of these people, they're going to move on to easier targets.
And yeah, they're raping women and just, it's disgusting.
I tell you folks, Americans didn't used to be like this.
I mean, we are just...
We are really evil, folks.
I'm not saying all of us, but there's a big portion of society that are just pretty worse than animals.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Texas.
Bob, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I want to congratulate you for bringing on such an excellent guest as Mr. Stevens.
I was a little distressed yesterday at your kind of terse dismissal that fell at the end of your program, but you came back in great style bringing on Mr. Stevens.
Oh, I don't have any style.
Well, anyway, keep your powder dry before this hurricane season is over.
I'm going to wager that the next city that's going to be hit is going to be Houston, Texas.
And this is the... New Orleans is the opening salvo of the New World Order.
They have started their campaign.
I have studied Mr. Bearden for over 20 years.
It's coming down the road like gangbusters.
I know.
Bearden is really the one that made a lot of predictions that have come true, unfortunately.
Stay there, and I'll let you finish up on the other side briefly, Bob, and then we'll get to Tim and John and Paul and many others.
But, see, Houston isn't under the sea level.
It's going to have to be a hurricane to sit there for a couple weeks.
We'll be right back.
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It's the general public, the average citizen that's taking people into their homes and feeding and helping and supporting the rescuers.
And FEMA, even according to the New Orleans mayor, is screwing everything up, trying to order everyone around with that snake Benjamin Chertoff over Homeland Security.
I mean, it's a joke.
You watch.
They're going to have all these draconian controls that come out of this, and we can't have another New Orleans.
And Bush will get a boost in his approval rating out of it, even though he ordered the cutting of the funding.
And, you know, Houston does flood and is very low on sea level, just a few feet.
But hurricane season isn't over.
This is an unusually active season, even this new active trend.
But let me ask you a question, Bob.
I mean, couldn't this just be a real hurricane?
I mean, we had the meteorologist on the last hour who thinks that it's some group, and I have the Secretary of Defense, you know, Cohen, back under Clinton, saying they do have these weapons.
But, I mean, how do we know that this could be some type of organized event?
I follow your same train of thought.
I am very skeptical, and I want to see proof.
But you have to remember, too, Alex, and you know this,
No detective solves a crime by the perpetrator just admitting to it.
He has to chase down clues and evidence, and then if he's lucky, he will be successful and he will be correct.
Well, I know that the thing can't be ignored out of hand.
No, but you're right.
The patterns are similar, and I could see how anybody would believe that these storms are perfectly natural.
But the genesis of Katrina and the other storms...
Ivan and these other storms have characteristically different patterns of their genesis.
And one thing that Mr. Stevens may not have had a chance to tell you about was that Mr. Bearden disclosed that there were two friendly nations, he didn't name them, that have these devices, that they have used them before to assist us.
And I'm not talking about the neocon America, the
So, uh...
Did you know that the chemtrail patterns have moderated in Texas, especially over Austin?
I live out in Wimberley to the west of you.
Yeah, there haven't been as much planes.
Well, let me tell you what they're doing.
I watch them every night.
There's a dozen planes, and they lay the trails down where I live, and they're doing it at night now, because I know all the traffic patterns for San Antonio and Austin in this whole general area, and I watch them every night laying down their trails.
Another thing about New Orleans, what's going to happen when these people can't pay their property taxes?
Who's going to scoop up that property?
And maybe that's when they'll pump it out and say, well, we can salvage the city after all, after they've scooped up everybody's property, because they can't pay their property taxes.
There's no job.
There's no way for them to recover.
I bet you in a year they're not going to forgive property tax.
They're not going to forgive anything.
I'm making a wager that Houston's going to be next.
We'll see if you're right, Bob.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Who's up next here?
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hi, buddy.
You said something earlier when you were talking to Scott Stevens that really got me to thinking about when you said they were totally descending into anarchism.
Now, it almost seems like they are intentionally...
The difference is they had time to plan it and execute it and
That's a very corrupt city, a large criminal element.
I mean, you heard the caller earlier.
It's true that routinely, you know, Chicago and New Orleans vie for the murder capital, for the crown, and there is a very large criminal element that just as soon kill you as look at you.
And the police are very corrupt, you know, predominantly, and only seem to care about themselves.
I mean, that's not a stretch, folks.
Everybody knows New Orleans is about as corrupt as it gets.
And, I mean, it's just a disaster.
I mean, government cannot deal with something this big.
They never can.
They never will.
The only time governments can deal with this is if they've got a trained citizen civil emergency militia.
One more thing that's interesting.
They're taking them to Texas where they openly said yesterday they'll bring them into the education system.
And isn't that a good place to have a bunch of stressed kids in the TMAP system where they can get them all on these SSRIs?
Oh yeah, the globalists will have a field day because that's what they are.
They're carrion eaters.
The globalists are opportunistic parasites and they eat rotten societies.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
There's a certain morbid fascination that I think a lot of people are showing, almost like it's an entertainment.
The spectacle we're seeing, this spectacle of calamity that we're witnessing unfold in New Orleans and surrounding areas, but
I have nothing but foreboding.
Everything's an atmosphere of martial law the last six months.
Martial law's coming.
It's good.
It's for your own good.
Like clockwork, the crises that are needed come along.
The 7-7 bombings, which the evidence totally documents was an inside job.
9-11 and just all of it.
All the things that are happening.
We're not talking about the Iraq War and the roadside bombings and the thousands of dead troops now.
We've got to look at all the other things that are happening while we're busy, focused, and I think we should be focused, on the tragic events that are taking place in Louisiana and Mississippi.
But a city underwater, predominantly underwater, 80% of it underwater, dead bodies floating around, sharks feeding on them,
Armed bands of criminals running around.
It's just horrible.
And there's your precious government that didn't repair the dikes.
Their own FEMA report said it would devastate the city.
Some reports were even worse.
500,000 dead.
And the government cut the funding.
Down to almost nothing.
And Bush won't get in trouble for that.
People keep thinking of the, you know, they say terrorists are coming across the border with suitcase nukes, and we're going to get nuked.
I mean, Chertoff's been saying it.
We've had...
People like Dick Cheney saying it, and then Pat Buchanan comes out and others come out and go, well, if there is a terrorist attack or a bunch of terrorists that came across the southern border take over the school and kill a bunch of kids, which the FBI is saying they've got intelligence on, why, Bush will be impeached.
It'll be his fault.
No, he won't be impeached.
He'll be there on the scene, and you'll worship him, and his approval rating will go up, and thank God we've got George Bush on the job, leaving the border wide open.
There is a disconnect with reality with so many people out there.
And, you know, gas prices at $6 a gallon in Atlanta, Georgia, and going over $3 on average in the rest of the country, and oil at $75 a barrel.
I mean, this is serious business.
All right, we're going to go to somebody who's been holding for eons, John in Ohio, and then
Paul and Ron and a few others, and I've got a few other little news items I haven't hit on yet in the last 25 minutes we've got left here, but a few months ago I had Ted Anderson on the show, and he's the owner of Midas Resources that also is the owner of the GCN Radio Network, and he has poured his heart, his soul, his treasure into this network that has really become successful in the last few years.
I mean, we are reaching so many people.
We have so many new affiliates.
It's nothing less than miraculous.
I mean, that so many stations will put us on the air and let us tell the truth.
But we've proven that we've got a good track record and that we're not just shooting our mouths off.
The truth is stranger than fiction.
But I had him on a few months ago and, you know, he was saying gold is kind of low right now.
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The housing bubble is in trouble.
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And so we're going to spend a few minutes with Ted Anderson, and he's got $5 gold pieces, which are very affordable, half ounces of gold.
Hey, Alex, it's great to be back up again, and you were talking about the gold.
I was talking to a farmer here just earlier.
Up in the Midwest, how is this going?
Oil crisis is affecting the upper Midwest.
The farmers can barely afford to get the grain out of the ground.
They have to put them into elevators, dry the grain with natural gas or propane, and then they have to load it onto rail and move it with fuel that way.
I mean, the price of food is going to be going up.
Just about anything that you can think about there is going to be affected by this.
But the media says there's no inflation.
Oh, they can say what they want, and the Consumer Price Index right now, they're trying to keep that down because that keeps a cap on all the retirees that are drawn from Social Security and all the pension plans for the government working employees, the military and so on.
And that thing is a complete fraud.
Oh, the whole thing is just all smoke and beers, but you're talking about the gold coins, and we do.
We've got $5 gold pieces right now that are just at a fabulous buying opportunity.
Obviously, I feel very sad about the people that are getting hurt down there with the hurricane, but it's affecting the United States, and it's moving like a rash through the entire nation.
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Obviously, the prices are increasing in gold.
When this supply gets sold out, these prices will increase as well.
But the thing about it right now is that you can see the handwriting on the wall.
We have inflation here.
This fiat currency is being tested to the furthest extent.
Foreigners don't like to have U.S.
dollars anymore.
They're dumping it.
Major publications are saying we could have an economic September 11th if the dollar continues to get dumped, which it is.
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Ted, thanks for coming on.
Thanks for having me up, Alex.
You bet.
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And I mean, look, folks.
Ted supports the network for the last six years since he started the network.
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And look, when gold goes up, I don't sell my gold.
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I need to.
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Gold may go down next week or it may go up next week.
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It doesn't matter.
They can devalue those Federal Reserve notes to nothing overnight.
Give them a call, 800-686-2237.
Don't wait.
Don't procrastinate.
Get prepared.
Okay, let's go to John in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, John.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Can you hear me?
Go ahead.
Yes, I can.
Well, it's a pleasure talking to you.
Nice to talk to you, my friend.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You know what they're doing?
They're setting a good stage here for foreign troops to come into this country, don't you?
Well, I know a few more things like this, or there could be a chain reaction.
I mean, they're openly on TV talking about foreign assets.
For one, they do not want to send any foreign troops over here with helmets searching my streets because we're all going to be dead.
That's my opinion, okay?
But what you're doing, you're
What this country is doing is they're letting a president with the mind of an 8 or 10 year old kid with his hands on a nuke.
And period.
That's what he's doing.
And he's not worried about the people down here in Louisiana.
He's more worried about his oil over there in Iraq.
No, I agree.
Securing those trillions of dollars of oil.
I mean, Dick Cheney said so in his own PNAC document.
He's too busy wanting blanket amnesty and telling the Border Patrol to stand down.
He's too busy trying to get the assault weapons ban passed and reauthorized.
He's too busy signing on to UNESCO.
He's too busy signing the New Freedom Initiative for forced psychological testing and drugging.
He's too busy passing the National ID card.
He's too busy militarizing and federalizing our police.
Well, I don't think he's doing all that.
I think he's got to have somebody do all the sign and form, because I don't think he's intelligent enough to do it.
Well, obviously, sir, when we talk about Bush, we're talking about the figurehead.
I mean, obviously, Bush literally has trouble wiping his own nose.
Well, I think his father's wiping it for him.
That's a very intelligent individual, yes.
Bush really is close.
You know, I've said before that he's not really retarded.
I mean, I've seen him give speeches in Texas where, at a certain sneaky, spontaneous level, he's smart.
But when he's being handled, when they're telling him everything he's got to say, he's not a good actor.
And he just doesn't have the skills.
Definitely not.
And I know you're busy down there in Louisiana, and they've got a lot more information for you.
So I'm going to get off quick, but I've got a lot more for you.
Maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll call you back.
Okay, well, God bless you, John.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you for holding patiently.
Paul in Indiana.
Go ahead, Paul.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
A couple questions for you quickly.
You talked about the funding for the levy system in Louisiana being slashed.
How do I get that information?
Because people don't believe you until you can show them something.
Well, I mean, have you been to prisonplanet.com?
I've been on InfoWars.
I haven't been on Prison Plan.
Well, it should be on InfoWars.
I saw it being updated.
Let me dig it out.
Who opened the floodgates is the headline, and the whole article is links to FEMA statements.
The whole article is links to statements a year or two years ago by New Orleans newspapers.
But, I mean, it's all right there.
FEMA complained in 2002 and said, what are you doing?
The local FEMA people aren't bad.
It's the higher-ups.
We've got to repair these.
If there's even a glancing blow, the city will be underwater.
I mean, we'll equalize with Pontchartrain, the lake.
People need to know about that, that's for sure.
Well, finally, it has been picked up by Salon, which is pretty mainstream, salon.com.
It has been picked up by Yahoo, and I did see a mention of it on CNN's website with a mayor complaining.
Second question is the martial law in New Orleans.
Is that just for New Orleans or was that for the whole state?
No, that was the whole state.
They announced that Tuesday on CBS News.
We have that headline.
Then they said, oh no, that's a rumor.
Well, they declared it.
How is that a rumor?
And I think that's because that term scared people.
They were trying to test that term.
So what does martial law exactly mean?
I mean, you lose basically all... Martial law means the military is in executive control and local government is removed and basically troops on the streets shooting whoever they want.
Again, there's a science to this.
If the police would have been rolled in instantly, if they would have dealt harshly with looters immediately, I mean, they have handbooks on this.
They know what they're doing.
None of this would have happened.
But instead, they held back, they drew back, they let the looters do what they want, and now it is spiraling out of control, which is good for the globalists.
Problem, reaction, solution.
They get to bring in even more firepower.
Yeah, I mean, common sense is they should have had people in there right away.
But they didn't do that.
Well, my experience is when there's a crisis, the firefighters run out to face it, and the police all get called into briefing rooms and cower in fear with their knees knocking.
And I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm talking over and over again.
We saw that, and we've seen that.
I mean, you know, the riots, you know, the riots going back into the 60s, we've seen that with... Remember Columbine?
Four hours, 15 minutes, sitting outside, so afraid...
Because now the whole culture is about protecting themselves.
See, they're numero uno.
And I'm not bashing the police.
It shifted from they're protectors of life, they are the real men, they're macho, they're tough, to they're hiding in black masks and black helmets, shaking in the corner.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, it's just all about protecting themselves.
Ron in Missouri, go ahead, you're on the air.
Ron hung up?
Who's up next, then?
Rick in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
This is Rick from Texas.
Uh-huh, go ahead.
Did you see the picture of Bush playing a guitar in the paper?
He was playing an acoustic guitar.
Yeah, he said, why should I let this get in the way of my life?
That's what he said to Cindy Sheehan.
The guy literally just dilly-dallies and works out all day so his boyfriends think he's handsome.
Do you think
Doesn't that remind you of someone that... a Roman dictator named Nero who played... You know, I didn't put the two and two together.
And we've got to put a blurb up there as Nero fiddled while Rome flooded.
Yeah, you should.
Anything else?
That's a good point you just made.
This is just judgment, I'm telling you.
That we have such a stupid man, such an evil man that the church grovels over while God himself is punishing us.
But aren't people who have boyfriends of the Lord...
Not if they're men.
What's wrong with male porn stars in the White House?
Anyway, stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, my friends.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Thank you.
We're good to go.
All right, we'll take a few final calls here, let Rick and James have their say.
And we'll continue here on the network, on the GCN Radio network, and of course on our other fine affiliates out there, to cover what's happening with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
But remember, we've got to also keep our eyes out for all the other things that are happening while we're busy being distracted by this event.
Because, what, four days after 9-11, Bush moved to let the Communist Chinese join permanent member status in the World Trade Organization.
Just a bunch of other stuff happened.
And there is a lot going on right now that we need to be aware of.
Rick in Texas, finish up what you were saying, my friend.
Well, I think this hurricane... I understand the government could do probably some weather modification, but I think something like this hurricane was a judgment from the Lord.
Well, you know what I think?
I think we've got to stick to what we know.
And we know that big hurricanes have hit there before, and that's why I'm saying that I don't have evidence that it's some group.
Is there weather modification and weather control?
Is it as powerful as the meteorologist says that we had on earlier?
I doubt it.
I don't know.
But again, I'm not a meteorologist.
I think we're under judgment.
I think the church is asleep and dead.
I think God is trying to wake people up.
You've got to find Jesus personally.
I agree with you.
Certainly, we are a corrupt, evil country.
That doesn't mean we're all bad and the country is bad itself.
It's just that we have become very, very evil predominantly.
Okay, well, thanks a lot.
Yeah, I appreciate your call.
I mean, really, folks, we do a lot of evil stuff.
I mean, it's just, we're very decadent, very self-centered.
I mean, look at this looting.
You wouldn't have seen that back in the 20s.
I mean, people just didn't behave like that.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to James.
James, where are you calling us from?
Hey, I'm here in Virginia.
Welcome, sir.
What's on your mind?
Well, I'm just very suspicious, too.
You've been, I noticed you put a couple articles for my website, Total411.info, up on your site.
Yeah, you got a good sign.
Yeah, thanks.
I thank you for that.
And I just want to lay out the timeline and why I'm so suspicious about this, because, well, first we know... You've got about a minute and a half.
Tell us.
Okay, great.
It came off as a tropical storm out of Florida, and it went to Category 5 very quickly, and then headed for New Orleans, and by some miracle it got
Diverted to the east slightly.
And it was only Category 3 when it hit New Orleans, which is what the levees were designed for.
But then at about 10.30 at night on Monday, apparently, this levee broke.
That's what I think is suspicious, is how those levees broke.
Yeah, you look at the pictures.
It's a clean break.
You had baggage on yesterday, and the Philadelphia News said some contractor...
I don't know who yet had just finished reinforcing that part of the levee.
Just like the Pentagon's having repairs done on the plane that's there.
I'm trying to find out who this contractor was.
I wonder if it'll be Marvin Bush like it was on 9-11.
I don't know.
The company that reinforced the Pentagon called Amec.
It's a British firm.
It's heavily into doing levees and hydraulics and stuff like that.
But, yeah, I don't know if it was them or someone else.
And then they waited hours and hours to plug the levees.
And the mayor is going crazy, asking what's going on.
Where are the helicopters?
They weren't there.
No, I mean, I remember.
Well, I mean, regardless, Bush is going to grandstand and be our great leader.
I mean, don't you want to worship him?
No, I don't.
I'm very upset.
I'm from New Orleans, and this is breaking my heart.
Thank God my family's okay, but I don't know.
I'm freaking out.
Well, call us back tomorrow.
Is your family...
They're in Baton Rouge and Tennessee, and they're scattered out.
They're out of town.
Well, that's good news.
Thanks for the call.
Back tonight, 9 to Moon Night, Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
To all of our sponsors, our affiliates, our listeners, to the great folks that make the show possible, God bless you all.
Get out there and expose corruption.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
And get my new documentary, Marshall Law.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.