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Air Date: Aug. 31, 2005
2340 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I want to talk about the aftermath...
The aftershocks of Katrina.
The Category 5 hurricane that came ashore several days ago in Louisiana and Mississippi and now has rampaged across the nation.
I've talked to a lot of people that I know personally that live in Louisiana and Mississippi and it is much worse than even what the mainstream media is reporting on.
Members of the city council and the state legislature and others have been forcibly taken out of the city so they cannot witness what is happening.
That is federal martial law, which is totally unconstitutional.
A governor declaring martial law, if you have a serious emergency like this, is not.
But when you've got the feds doing it, it is really bad.
We've had disasters this big before, and the Feds haven't done this.
So it's very, very serious.
We've got 60,000 people stuck in that Superdome in New Orleans.
We have people dying in the dome.
We have public servants, elected officials, being forcibly taken out of the area.
And I have talked to people that were in New Orleans as early as late as yesterday.
I've talked to people that are outside New Orleans.
It is very, very serious.
Have you been in New Orleans?
Have you talked to family in New Orleans?
Are you in the surrounding area?
What are you witnessing?
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Are you in Louisiana or Mississippi?
Surrounding areas.
You have family that you talked to that was there.
Call us right now.
We'll go straight to you in the next segment.
First, the media said, total devastation into the world.
And I said, well, I hope that's not the case.
And then after it hit, they said, oh, it was no big deal.
I heard Neil Bortz on the radio going, ha, ha, ha, that'll wash all the trash out of the gutters in New Orleans.
I was just there, and boy, does it stink from people urinating in the streets.
And the national TV forecasters were saying, maybe a little flooding, but boy, they dodged a bullet.
And I was, hey, that's great news.
Meanwhile, reporters on the ground were screaming that it was an absolute disaster.
We've got some real brainwashing going on here.
And the same thing happened a few years ago when a big hurricane hit Florida.
There were thousands of deaths, and the media covered that up.
It did come out in local newspapers, but never national news.
And whole books and documentaries have been made about that.
So this is basically the government practicing an active cover-up.
And folks, we have the actual numbers.
Hundreds of millions of dollars held up in fiscal year 2005 by the Bush administration.
I mean, no one had ever cut the funding for hurricane preparedness in Louisiana.
Where they get hit by hurricanes on a routine basis every couple years.
And there are hundreds of deaths.
But they didn't even repair the levees and the dikes and, uh...
It just illustrates how our border is wide open, but we're paying for a border fence to be put up in Iraq, and a border fence that's now been completed at the cost of, what was it, $5 billion in Afghanistan.
So they can have multi-billion dollar fences, but we can't have fences.
Halliburton and Carlyle Group and all these fat cats, they can make billions and billions of dollars off of the Iraq and Afghan war, but then cut the funding for a city that's below sea level.
I just can't get over this.
And the media is just ignoring it, and Bush will grandstand as the savior now, and his approval ratings are starting to go up when they were plunging.
Oh, he saved us.
Oh, thank you so much.
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Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
They're talking about gas shortages or the gas pumps actually shutting down in Atlanta, Georgia.
Governor Bush in Florida has been running around for two days saying price for $3.50 a gallon fuel gas shortages.
Of course, the oil companies magically are making record profits across the board.
There's petroleum reserves everywhere.
There are, you know, giant refineries just filled with huge containers of gasoline in Houston.
I have family down there I've talked to.
But they're going to tell you there's no fuel.
That's just how this business works.
I mean, somebody shoots a couple little rockets at an aircraft carrier...
Over in the Middle East, you know, that doesn't get 200 yards from it and gas prices go up 30 cents.
I mean, is there any excuse to rip you off and rape you financially?
Because, again, it's not free market.
We're looking at OPEC being a private run-for-profit cartel controlled by the globalists, not the Arabs.
Meanwhile, Bush is going to go on TV to tell us to conserve energy.
Just like they did with the Enron scam in California, with the fake energy trading computers raping the daylights out of tens of billions of dollars out of their population.
Same crowd, same scams.
President Bush is considering an address to the nation asking citizens to conserve energy, a top White House official says.
Bush ordered the release of oil from the Federal Petroleum Reserves to help refineries affected by the Hurricane Katrina.
Bush returned to Washington on Wednesday to oversee the federal response to the historic disaster.
He plans to coordinate federal efforts across more than a dozen agencies to assist hurricane victims.
Still undecided as whether or not to call for a nationwide effort to reduce energy consumption during the emergency, a top Bush source explains, it is seriously being considered developing.
So now, I predict, because it always happens in the past, his plunging approval ratings will get about a 10-point boost out of this, and you'll be seeing him within a day or so via helicopter.
He will actually cry while on board the helicopter.
You will see tears dripping, and Jeb will be flying around, as usual, who got a 20% approval rating boost off the last hurricane there last year, the really bad one.
And it's just the same thing over and over again.
Meanwhile, no one will discuss, it will be totally ignored, that in one funding line of funds this year, 76 million was cut, another 45 million was cut, about 70 plus million from the Army Corps of Engineers, who actually got hopping mad over it, and people got relieved of command.
It's the normal standard funding that the Army Corps has been engaging in since the Roosevelt administration, strengthening those levees and dams from the Gulf of Mexico there in Louisiana up until Minneapolis-St.
Paul, where the Mississippi, of course, continues up to.
So they took standard funding and slashed it, but doubled the funding for BATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Compensation.
Massively increased the Department of Education.
Massively increased UNESCO funding.
Every major federal agency, on average, saw a doubling.
And we have the governor of Louisiana complaining.
We have... I've got like five articles here today where we went back and dug them out in the last six months where they were saying, what's wrong with you?
We've got broken levees from the last hurricane.
We've got to repair this.
And now it's being announced...
That helicopters were being sent to block up the dikes that had been basically broken.
And the Pentagon, now in control of CBS News, martial law.
Now we've had martial law before, but they call it civil emergency.
They're now using the term martial law in your face.
They blocked the helicopters that were dropping thousand pound sandbags from blocking the dikes for some reason.
This is Associated Press and Total Info and others have been reporting on it.
They are now making them leave and go do other duties.
So, absolutely amazing.
And the question is, how bad is it going to get?
And again, normally the governor calls in the National Guard and the governor's in control.
Bush, two days ago, just said, hey, Pentagon's in control, martial law, and they began detaining members of the legislature, members of the city council of New Orleans, anybody that wanted to stay there and, quote, coordinate and work with FEMA.
They're just told by men in uniforms with guns, no, we're evacuating you to a FEMA command center in another city.
We're in control.
So this is unprecedented, ladies and gentlemen.
Bush considers address to the nation.
Oh, how nice of him.
Navy sends ships to aid hurricane victims.
The Navy is sending four ships carrying water and other supplies to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina, while medical disaster teams and Red Cross workers from across the country converge on the devastated Gulf Coast region.
And again, Metro Atlanta drivers are facing the possibility of paying considerably more than $3 a gallon for gas by Labor Day.
If they can get it at all, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting today.
60,000 trapped in FEMA Superdome concentration camps from Total Information Analysis up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
From WWL's TV own website...
421 p.m., reporter quotes officials as saying there may now be 60,000 or more people in the Superdome and that many more are still being urged to go there.
Official spokesmen are now denying that numerous reports this morning from National Guardsmen and others that the New Orleans is under martial law.
That was an official White House announcement a day and a half ago.
I mean, I have CBS News and AP.
What do you mean they're denying it?
But this is exactly what we are now under in southwest Louisiana.
This is the TV station, by the way, saying this.
And are under as the governor demands the entire city be evacuated.
Numerous media reports indicate that refugees are now allowed to leave the Superdome.
The Superdome is now a prison.
So again, numerous media reports are indicating that refugees are not allowed to leave the Superdome.
The Superdome is now a prison.
Tens of thousands of Americans trapped in a 21st century FEMA concentration camp.
And here's... I'm going to go to your calls in a second.
We've got calls from Louisiana and from people around the country who've talked to family who are there.
Total information analysis.
Another article here.
Reporting off of mainstream news.
Local officials forcibly...
Evacuated from New Orleans.
New Orleans City Councilman at large, Oliver Thomas, told WWL-TV that he had wanted to stay in New Orleans to help with rescue efforts, but that he and everyone in City Hall was forcibly evacuated to the Emergency Management Center in Baton Rouge.
Nagin, White House ignores pleas to save New Orleans.
Helicopters diverted.
This is also from WWL-TV.
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has given a remarkable interview broadcast on WWL-TV.
Nagin said that the National Guard's Black Hawk helicopters carrying the sandbags to plug the hole in the levee on the 17th Street Canal was converted to rescue missions.
Nagin said he called the governor and that he and other state and local officials...
are unsuccessfully trying to get through to the White House to ask if the people in Washington know what they're doing.
Katrina leaves millions in the state of Louisiana alone without power.
Tens of thousands trapped in homes as water continues to rise.
Officials, prisoners are rioting, taking hostages in New Orleans.
Children reportedly held captive.
ABC News reports that inmates at a prison in Hurricane Ravage, New Orleans, have rioted, attempting to escape, and are now holding hostages.
A prison commissioner told ABC News affiliate WBRZ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
New Orleans Parish Prison Commissioner Oliver Thomas reported the incident, the WBRZ.
Again, your calls are coming up right now.
But regardless, folks, the government knew from their own hydrologists and own meteorologists' reports and the reports from the topographers, the academics, that if there was even a glancing blow by a Category 4 hurricane, that you could have hundreds of thousands of deaths.
We have the Houston Chronicle from last year on this.
And what did they do?
They cut the funding.
They cut the funding by over 90%.
It's just like a month before the London bombings.
They lowered the guard and basically ended all security.
Then it turns out the mass leader of the bombers is an MI6 agent.
Same MO every time.
They knew.
And this is a great way to rally the people.
The government's approval rating will go up.
It trains us to hear the word martial law.
It diverts us from all the other big issues that are going on right now.
Who's up first here from Louisiana?
Bonnie in Louisiana.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to say, you know, it's quite the mess here.
We've got three refugees that came in late Sunday night.
It took them
12 hours to get across the state.
So everything from beginning to end of this thing is just horrible.
Everything they own is flooded out, and they have a 92-year-old invalid mother they brought and a 56-year-old retarded brother that they brought.
We were fortunate yesterday to get the mother into a nursing home, and it was fortunate because they said that the state is calling around trying to grab every bed they can for the evacuees there in New Orleans.
Even the hotels are full in Houston.
It's just horrible.
It doesn't seem like it's going to get any better.
I don't know.
Just worse.
Is anybody angry that the federal government almost cut all funding to fix the levies?
These people are furious.
And they're furious at the levy people anyway that they let it get this bad in the first place.
And like he said, nothing will happen to them.
Well, stay there.
I want to hear more about this from you, Bonnie, when we get back.
And remember, folks, the Dutch, there in the Netherlands, areas of their cities are 20 feet below sea level.
And they never have this happen.
Ah, but we're dealing with the federal government.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a curtain ring of fire.
I forget the exact number, but it's something like 20% of the Netherlands was formerly underwater.
It may even be more.
I've seen documentaries about it, but we all have the story of the little Dutch boy.
He sees the hole in the dike or the dam, and he puts his finger in it to stop it.
I mean, I know for a fact that large portions of that country are 10, 15, 20, in some cases more than 20 feet below sea level.
Do you ever hear about a Dutch dike breaking?
And it's big news if it happens every 50 years.
And then they've got so many other dikes built that it doesn't cause a problem.
Well, how then...
Can our own government, the state and federal government, when they've got money for everything else, money to put all your kids on Ritalin and Prozac, why couldn't they just simply repair the dikes built back in the 40s and 50s?
I mean, the government actually slashed the funding by 90-plus percent in the last year.
Just said, no, we're not fixing any of it.
When we know that the hurricane cycle has been strengthening...
And now the very people that helped this come about are going to pose as our saviors.
It's always the same.
And the mainstream media is doing the best job they can to cover this up.
Though I guess talking to Bonnie, who's in Louisiana, has taken three refugees herself, people are getting the word they're in Louisiana.
Bonnie, please tell us more about what people are saying.
Well, they're just very angry.
They're angry at the fact that we waste so much money.
We can rebuild Iraq, but we can't fix the dikes and levee systems there in New Orleans.
But New Orleans is only, what, two feet under the sea level.
I mean, how can the Dutch do it if they're 20 feet under?
Well, they probably don't have people sticking money in their pockets by the millions.
And let's face it, Louisiana's always been known for its corrupt politics, and you...
They hand in hand with the federal government.
You know, it's kind of a disaster looking for a place to happen.
And that's what we've got now.
Well, now we've got a lot of dead women and children.
And what people don't realize is it's not just, you know, Biloxi and Gulfport and New Orleans, but it's all the surrounding communities, which are, you know, millions of people.
And all these people are going to be out of work.
I mean, we've been discussing it for the last couple of days.
This is bound to bring on a depression.
Well, we've got Dwayne Coutts, who is our just incredible IT guy for all the websites.
He keeps the pipes running, the actual hardware, and he lives outside New Orleans, and he's saying that the media is covering it up nationally.
He says New Orleans is basically gone.
Is that accurate?
Yeah, that is accurate.
It is.
Now, some reports say 200 dead, some say 1,000 dead, some still say 80 dead.
I guess we can't know how many are dead, but I mean, what are you hearing there locally?
We're really not hearing that much locally, and the phone systems in this state are just, it's really hard to get out on them to get more information.
But there's so many people that didn't get out and stayed behind.
And it's going to be a long time before we ever find out how many people have actually died.
And the disease in itself, and the water.
This morning, we heard there was a three-foot shark going down Canal Street or something.
And that's all the people out there trying to swim to safety.
I'll tell you, and then we've got the prisons breaking open and rioting because basically the jail guards left them to their own devices.
We're talking about the breakdown of society there, I guess.
That's what we're kind of seeing here.
It's like, well, this is it.
This is the thing that we've planned for like the year 2000.
It's all coming now.
I heard an ignoramus on National Talk Radio this morning going, why does the military have to bring them water?
There's plenty of water.
Because it's mixed with sewer.
It's mixed with refineries.
You can't just drink water sloshing around mixed with ocean water.
You can't just drink brackish water.
I mean, these neocons are just totally... Yeah, they are.
They are.
Just, you know, the people...
They need to just keep praying for us around here.
I was about to say, you've got a real mix of good, Christian, hardworking, conservative people in Louisiana.
Listen, when we put this lady into the nursing home, we had to go through doctors.
They didn't charge us.
We went to the hospital to get some stuff done.
They didn't charge us.
Everybody has been so good, but you know who's fallen back and it's really embarrassing?
It's the churches.
So many of these churches, especially in southwest Louisiana, they have these big gymnasiums.
They could be putting people up.
You're right, that's shameful, but I mean, I was just stating that there are a lot of good Christian people in Louisiana, but there's also a lot of decadent people.
Sure, you bet.
And it's not just the government's fault.
I mean, I would move out of a city that's below sea level, and the meteorologists say if we get hit, thousands are going to die.
I mean, it's just... Thanks for the call, Bonnie.
Anything else you want to add?
No, that's it.
Thanks, Alex.
We do need to pray for the folks in Louisiana.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is part of my normal bumper music.
When the levee breaks.
Had no place to stay.
It's going down.
It's going down now.
It was already down.
It was already down.
And Bush cut the funding by 90%.
But they complained this year, so he cut it even more.
And I guess let the people eat cake.
Again, I will state this.
We have spent billions of dollars in Afghanistan building a fence around their country, billions in Iraq.
We can't have a border fence here in America.
And people have been saying, Pat Buchanan has been saying that, well, when terrorists come across the border, which the government admits they are, an attack as Bush is going to get impeached for doing nothing.
No, he won't.
The media will totally ignore it.
He will grandstand when a suitcase newt goes off, which the government's saying is going to happen.
And two and two will never be put together.
I mean, folks, understand, Bush doubled, on average, doubled every federal agency.
The average is a doubling.
I'm sure you've heard that and read that.
I mean, that's the official numbers.
A doubling.
A doubling in the size of the government.
No one's ever heard or seen... This makes Roosevelt and LBJ's radical expansions of government look tame.
Meanwhile, what is being cut?
The most basic stuff.
I mean, they'll increase highway funds, and then it goes into toll roads and checkpoints and cameras.
I mean, we're talking billion bucks in major cities for cameras alone.
Oh, here's a billion bucks of highway funds for cameras.
For your city.
For Boston.
For New York.
For Chicago.
When just $150 million would have made that city impregnable.
Levies are cheap, and they're very effective.
Again, most of the major Dutch cities are 20 feet below sea level.
New Orleans is only two feet on average.
But, again, you get a corrupt state government, a corrupt federal government, working together, you've got big problems.
So don't think for a minute the government's going to protect you from anything real.
You've got to protect yourselves.
Dwayne Coots has been our IT man behind the scenes at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com for about five years now.
And he lives in Louisiana.
Thank God many miles from the disaster.
We pray for the folks in New Orleans.
But, Dwayne, good to have you on with us, my friend.
I wish we could have you on in better circumstances.
Oh, hey.
Hi, Alex.
Glad to be here, sir.
Give us your report from people you know in New Orleans, from being in the state, I mean, from how bad this really is.
Well, yesterday we were hearing things like the New Orleans, if the levees continue to falter and the New Orleans Basin equalizes with Lake Pontchartrain, that New Orleans may just become a modern-day Pompeii or Atlantis where it just plays a monument there and no one will ever build there again.
Well, now that that's come to pass,
The spirit of rebuilding and the effort to rescue the people that are there and evacuate everyone out of the dome and all the folks from the rooftops.
God knows how many people are baking in their attics now who don't have the tools to dig out of their own roof.
That spirit is really carrying on right now.
We're hands on mostly with the evacuees here now.
I haven't been to New Orleans personally.
I'm getting my news there secondhand from the folks that stayed talking to survivors here or refugees here or survivors who stayed there talking to the refugees here or evacuees.
It's pretty bad from everything we can hear, Alex.
I mean, you know, serious stuff.
Pontchartrain is basically going to end up, no matter what the news says, and I'm a little behind on that because I've been doing other things, but Pontchartrain will ultimately equalize with New Orleans and most of the city will be 25, 30 feet underwater.
Now, by equalize, Pontchartrain is above sea level, and so now that all these little... Oh, yeah, like four feet, four to five feet above sea level.
And so basically the dikes are failing.
Now, again, folks, I don't engage in conspiracy theories.
I engage in the evidence.
We have Bush...
Just throwing money around everywhere, to every agency, every Bill Clinton agency, every Roosevelt agency, I mean, every level, but then massively cutting the funding, even under protest from Louisiana.
Why do you think Bush would do that?
You know, it just kills me to even talk about it because it seems so crass, Alex, but you're right.
You know, looking in the faces of people feeding them gumbo last night, who don't have a home left to go back to and don't know what they're going to do, it's hard to see beyond that human pain and suffering.
But the reality of the situation is a lot of this could have been prevented a long time ago.
There's no doubt about that.
It's a very parallel situation to spending all the money protecting Afghanistan and Iraq and free healthcare there and all of that going on, but yet we can't even protect our own borders.
Are folks mad in Louisiana?
I mean, I talked to Bonnie earlier from Louisiana.
She said people are mad about not fixing the dives.
Oh man, yes, yes.
You know, the shock is wearing off and the nerves are getting thin now.
Looters are shooting back now in New Orleans.
You know, the folks that are there just don't want to be bossed around anymore.
You know, and I'm not siding with the looters, but... Well, do you think that's also store owners and others shooting at looters?
That's what I read.
Some of the reports coming in last night were that looters were shooting back at the police when they were trying to get them shut down.
Which is just horrible, folks, that this type of scum is doing this.
But it shows that if things really break down, the government can't control anything.
Oh, no, absolutely not.
No, no, no.
That's why you all need guns, folks.
So a pack of scum, a pack of anarchists try to come take you and your family, you can take them out.
Oh, sure, sure.
I mean, you just see the surface of it on the television.
Yeah, I think so.
Well, if they catch people inside houses, especially that have people stuck in them, robbing them, they need to be shot.
That's basically the policy but what we've been hearing is that there's so much going on at the same time and the biggest problem now is that you can't do anything.
I know that sounds really shallow but stay with me a second.
You can't walk
Because suddenly you're in floodwaters, and you can't cross over something, so you get a boat, and you just take a boat of two blocks, and then all of a sudden it's dry again, and your boat is useless.
So it's just a madhouse.
It's really a madhouse.
Well, also, you take your boat, and a pile of houses blocks the way.
Oh, yes, right.
So then you try to pull the boat over the houses and you hit a high-power tension line and are barbecued.
Sure, sure.
But what is going on with the state government there?
Because they didn't even turn off the power lines.
They didn't turn off gas mains.
It just seems like it was a big joke to them.
I don't know that it's a joke.
I do strongly feel that they are so over their heads.
Our governor, Blanco, is just...
Over her head.
You can see it in her face when she's interviewed.
She was on King last night and some other shows, and she's on the news doing sound bites occasionally in press conferences.
She is so lost.
I mean, the fear in her eyes.
She wants somebody to give her a hug, and that's not what we need right now.
We need someone with a pair that is making things happen, and right now the devastation is still in progress.
It's like the hurricane is really still there, bro.
It's really not even over yet.
I've also read that the Pentagon is directing a lot of operations, and local TV is reporting that they're directing the helicopters into rescue, not into blocking the levees, as if they've already decided the city's lost.
Yes, that's absolutely right.
That's been abandoned.
That project's all but been abandoned.
Oh, so that's why, because they think the city's lost.
They're going to abandon the city.
Oh, sure.
They're completely evacuating the city of New Orleans.
Everything's gone.
The people are being bussed out.
They're going to all be shipped to the Astrodome in a big bus caravan.
That was the latest crackpot plan.
You're talking between 15,000 and 20,000 people that are just in the dome.
The entryway to the dome is now over waist height, near chest height.
The roads are blocked.
How are they going to get buses there?
Plus, I've been reading that they make people go to the Dome.
What about the feds coming in and making city council members and members of the legislature leave?
Yes, because it's a total martial law situation.
There is no more local government.
There is no constituency left.
Because a forced evacuation has been ordered.
So there is no constituency, so local government officials have no constituency to represent.
So they are basically powerless.
The federal government will ultimately take over every square inch of New Orleans, Covington, Slidell, the whole business, I'm sure, ultimately, the most worst flood-damaged areas.
I mean, part of this is justified because they're trying to keep looters out.
Now, watching the national news, if you read what the meteorologists are saying and the topographers are saying, they're saying the city may be basically a lake, you know, a five-foot-deep lake now, a swamp.
But at the same time, you watch the national news, they're not talking a lot about that.
No, this is still an ongoing result of something that we were observing yesterday.
Yesterday, early morning and near on to midday about this time, the news reports, we were flipping channels on the radio as we were running around trying to do things.
We were flipping, scanning channels on the radio, and it was like music, music, music, commercial, commercial, commercial everywhere.
This is one of the worst human disasters ever to hit.
This country.
There's even a breakdown.
In fact, I've read that a lot of news outfits have just basically evacuated, so then the other stations, who just parrot what other people say, have nothing to report.
Exactly, because there's nothing.
It's so overwhelming, they don't know what to report.
You listen to the mainstream mouthpieces, Limbaugh and Hannity and those folks, and they're talking about the effect of right and left.
And how the left is overreacting and doom and gloom and doom and gloom.
It's just amazing.
And what does this have to do with left and right?
It's like everything has to do with that false system.
Well, they created the paradigm and they can't let this disaster get in the way of their maintaining that paradigm.
They have to keep that thought process going.
You know, okay, yeah, that's great.
You'll survive.
We'll rebuild.
Everything's hunky-dory.
That's basically Limbaugh's perspective.
Well, this is bad, but we're going to rebuild and everything's going to be great.
Well, yeah, okay.
You got any family down there, man?
Get a grip on yourself.
Those people just hopelessly lost.
There's a lot of great folks in Louisiana.
I get the letters.
I get the calls.
At the same time, you've got the laissez-faire Sin City types who, ha-ha, we're just going to have a party when the hurricane comes in, and so one of our politicians are corrupt.
I mean, why can the Dutch...
Several reasons.
One is that no one in the South, that's hard to generalize, but in a generic way,
We're very resistant to passing any sort of taxes or levies or anything like that to get things like this done, no pun intended.
But also because every time something comes up in the legislature or anything is introduced about major projects like this, coastal erosion, loss of wetlands, things like that, well, the miracle worker apparently is introduced as the casino worker.
The casinos and riverboat gambling and things like that, we're going to get so much money from them.
Same thing here with the lottery and casinos.
And we never get a red cent from it.
It's a total mafia scam.
It is a mafia scam, exactly.
And they make sure that they're never in any sort of visible profit so that they never have to really get off any money.
And when they do get off the money, it never goes to the, well, last time it was the teachers were going to get a raise.
Well, you know, that didn't come to fruition.
I mean, it just gets worse and worse and worse.
And then all of a sudden they want land-based.
When we're talking about $150 million to make the city impregnable to a Category 5 hurricane, I mean, $150 million, we're talking about like five or six high schools.
This is chicken feed, Dwayne.
That's one weekend rake at a casino.
That's just a rake for one weekend at a busy casino.
Now the casinos, you know what?
Well, you know what?
They'll probably get bailed out by the federal government.
Oh, you can believe it.
Yeah, the Gulf Strip down there between Gulfport and Biloxi, there'll be a bunch of federal funds to help those things get going because it's a large part of Mississippi's economy.
So, you know, you can rest assured that they'll be pulled out.
And, you know, the oil refineries are like number one priority.
You know, it's amazing.
Well, Dwayne, I appreciate you coming on with us.
Anything else you want to add, being there in Louisiana?
I mean, we could also talk about some of the other states.
They've seen some flooding, but obviously nothing compared to Louisiana and New Orleans itself.
I would add that if you go to prisonplanet.com and Yesterday's News, we posted that Houston Chronicle article
With the headline, hundreds of thousands could die if New Orleans hit directly by a Category 5 hurricane.
And this was the mainstream scientist saying this, so I just have trouble trying to imagine how this... Again, folks, the government is not going to take care of you.
I think that's the moral of the story, Dwayne.
Sure, sure.
Another reason for the forced evacuation.
The city is going to quickly become a morgue, just a sea of floating bodies, to be dramatic.
I hate to do that, but it's the only way to get folks' attention so that they understand.
Folks are trapped in attics.
They're walking through the water getting hurt.
Any idea what the real number of dead are?
Oh, I've heard everything from, you know, 80 to 8,000.
So I have no idea, my friend.
Yeah, the same thing.
I turn on national television and 85 are dead.
5,000 could be dead.
Yes, exactly.
They're just throwing, that's it.
Unfortunately, it's probably going to be on the high side.
Oh, I would think yes.
I would think, you know, nearing five figures.
We're going to near five figures before it's all said and done, not just in New Orleans.
Now, the old-timers there in Louisiana built their houses 15 feet off the ground, but I guess the modern folks don't think they need to do that.
Oh, no, no.
There are whole subdivisions of quarter million and half million dollar homes that are not only the homes gone, but the slabs are flooded over.
But, Dwayne, doesn't that speak to the mentality of we keep warning people about the New World Order, we keep warning people about the borders, and we just ignore it until the disaster strikes?
Well, sure.
It's a perfect microcosm to examine that theory and the way people react to dire warnings.
That's the work you've been doing for years now.
It's just a matter of time.
Well, Delane Coutts, Godspeed to you, and God bless the folks there in Louisiana.
Take care.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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By the way, in 1997, we've read the quotes many times here on air, Secretary of Defense William Cohen said that in the future, the most devastating weapons...
That have already been developed, he admitted, are going to be tectonic, volcanic, and of course, weather weapons as well.
And that's on record.
And I'm not saying that this was a government action or an action by some evil group.
We know the sun has been heating up.
It was supposed to hit the peak of its 12-year cycle in 2002.
That did not happen.
The sun has only been increasing its ejections of different wavelengths of energy.
And that has been causing the Earth to heat up.
Not global warming, as we've been told.
We're actually due for another ice age.
All the reputable scientific evidence shows.
But things are changing.
And we have Dr. Nick Begich joining us, an expert on HAARP and many other systems coming up the next hour.
But I've got to tell you, though, what HAARP is able to do is it takes an existing storm, and Katrina was a tropical depression, a tropical storm that was going nowhere, and what they can do with something like HAARP is...
Take the energies and increase them and then energize a storm.
And a lot of people are saying, you know, all this record hurricane activity has been caused by the government.
And, you know, you can't rule that out because Secretary of Defense Cohen says it's a real... I mean, I have bills here in front of me that were introduced a few years ago trying to block these weapons.
You can hire the Russians for a couple million bucks.
Russian military will come to your town and guarantee clear skies.
They did it for the...
BJ Day or whatever over a few months ago in the capital there of Russia, Moscow.
Bush was there.
It was Associated Press, Moscow Times.
You know, the Russian trucks pulled in with these big antennas and energized the atmosphere and jets seeded the clouds and knocked it out.
Our own government, they had been on the History Channel and I've got a documentary that aired on the Weather Channel.
Our own government was using weather weapons to flood the North Vietnamese in Vietnam.
And is this some big political distraction or is it just a hurricane?
And I think it's just a hurricane.
I think the evidence points towards that, the probability.
And you can thank the sun for the increased hurricane activity.
Because the sun's a lot more powerful in the New World Order than their antenna arrays.
Did we have flash floods three years ago that killed 35 people in South Texas?
Did San Antonio papers admit the Navy was doing a weather modification exercise when that happened?
I mean, we're talking 15 inches in a couple hours.
It was unbelievable.
And the Navy was flying around with jet-seeding clouds.
They basically seeded existing thunderstorms, and it was unbelievably devastating.
But 35 is a lot less than what we've seen here with Katrina.
You know, I didn't plug my videos yesterday, and I really should have because they're such an important part of the fight against the New World Order.
My new film, Martial Law, or the classic, The Road to Tyranny, or American Dictators, or Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
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When we get back, I'll give you the toll-free number.
Stay with us.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Dr. Nick Begich, expert on weather changes and what's happening with the sun and the federal government's heart systems coming up in the next segment.
Charles, Frank, and others are calling from Louisiana, so I'm going to go to them first.
I apologize to Robert and Mike and Rose and John and others that I haven't gone to because I've been going to people that are in Louisiana and have some eyewitness reports or reports from refugees they've talked to, but we will get to all of you.
I kind of plugged my videos there in the last 30 seconds of the last hour.
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We're good to go.
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And we're adding a lot of new stuff there every week.
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Let's go to Charles in Louisiana, then Frank and others.
Go ahead, Charles.
How you doing, Mr. Jones?
Not as good as you guys in Louisiana.
We're praying for you.
Oh, man, it's a mess.
I think I can't find my two aunts in New Orleans.
I think they're dead.
I really do.
Don't say that.
Well, the neighborhood, I've seen the neighborhood.
Don't say that.
They live in no house whatsoever.
Nothing's there.
They're 82, 84 years old.
They're having a lot of unrest here.
The shadow policeman I heard, and I heard there's one more shooting today.
The looting, you wouldn't believe the looting.
It's just crazy.
Now, we got that from Dwayne Coots in the last hour and others.
The looting is really bad and the media is covering it up.
Oh, yeah.
Yes, yeah.
The media is covering a lot of things up.
All they do is... What they're doing around here is praising the politicians for going out in a boat and...
Taking snapshots.
The politicians didn't repair the levees.
As Dwayne said, the take of the casinos in one day is over 150 mil.
150 mil, that all would have been repaired.
None of this would have happened, but instead it's going to be a worship the government fest.
There's some sharks running around, I heard.
We got a report there's some sharks running around there.
There's supposed to be 20,000 to 30,000 people.
They figure 20,000 to 30,000 need rescuing.
We've been trying to...
They're deputizing people to be marshals to get votes.
It's a joke, Mr. Jones.
It's a joke.
I mean, these politicians... Wait, the government's coming to the people and deputizing the militia?
You mean they have to have our help?
To take votes, to steal votes, they have to.
I thought the government could do... I thought we couldn't be trusted to wipe our noses.
Well, anyway, they told me they've got to hotwire, steal it, do whatever you... get the votes.
And bring them down toward New Orleans.
You can't get in New Orleans.
The levee's breaking.
If it breaks again, it's going to be nine more foot of water.
I guess you heard about that, huh?
Nine more foot of water.
But the military stopped trying to fix the dikes now.
Right now they're dropping sandbags into a hole.
Believe it or not, they're dropping sandbags into the river.
A black hole, Mr. Jones.
A black hole, you wouldn't believe it.
I mean, it looks like it's a game or something.
They're just dropping them out of the helicopter into the river.
Charles, do you want to add anything else?
No, I just ask people... Well, stay there.
Stay there.
We've got Dr. Baggage coming up, but he can hold for a second while you and Frank finish up.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, coming up in a few minutes, Dr. Nick Begich, an expert on HAARP and government weather modification and control systems.
And I just talked to him during the break.
He doesn't believe the government's behind this, neither do I. Nevertheless, they do have the capacity to manipulate weather, and that's admitted.
So we'll talk about that.
Also, his father was a famous congressman who died mysteriously in a plane crash.
And, of course, we've had Dr. Begich on many times to talk about oil and the politics of it.
And some of the cause and effect we're going to see from the nightmare scenario caused by Katrina, and really the media cover-up right now of just how devastating this is.
But Charles and Frank are from Louisiana, and I'm going to callers from Louisiana.
Charles, you had one more thing you wanted to add.
Go ahead.
West Nile is going to be really bad up here, and the water is bad.
People that didn't get dirty, Berkey's a lot, they get sick way out of that.
And another thing is, remember this, I'm telling you, these people don't have no identification, no place to go.
They don't know how to tag them.
I told the police when I brought a boat up here, he said, we're going to have to find out how to tag these people.
I said, what do you mean, like, Chip?
He said, that might be a good idea.
He said, we're going to have hundreds of thousands of people with no identification here.
They're sleeping on the bridges.
They're actually having fist fights.
They're riding down there.
They're actually right, Mr. Jones.
Well, that's what we're getting from people in and out of the city.
Now, imagine the evil of these looters who, instead of getting into houses and getting old ladies and children and men and women out, I mean, my instinct if I was there, my instinct is to try to go there.
Obviously, you can't, folks, and it wouldn't help.
But if I lived in Louisiana, I would be trying to get in there and help those people.
Instead, we've got all these scumbags running around robbing people.
They are the lowest form of trash.
Then you've got the government grandstanding, talking about what a great job they've done, when it's the government that blocked fixing these dikes.
Every time you hear something, the government, land rule and all that, let me tell you, these people are responsible for this.
I mean, for 20-something years, they knew that levy would break.
They've been saying it for 20 years.
I'm from New Orleans.
I am a long showman by trade.
And I'm going to tell you something.
You ain't heard the last of this.
The worst is to come.
This is only the first stage of it.
And I'll tell you what.
But are people mad?
I mean, are they aware of this?
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Yes, they are.
They're fighting.
They're sleeping on bridges.
They've got convicts on barges right now.
They're trying to move them.
And then they're going to bring ships down here for water and all that.
Mr. Jones, you look at it.
I think New Orleans is actually finished.
It'll be 10 years before New Orleans will ever start building again.
And if this dike breaks again, that's nine more foot of water.
My aunt lives right there.
Nine more foot.
Imagine that.
Nine more feet, and guess what?
The engineers just quit trying to stop it.
They're just dropping bags up there, and all they do is praise these politicians, how concerned they are.
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
Well, they did a good job not fixing the dike.
Thanks for the call.
God bless you, and please call in with reports as things develop, even if it's later today.
Charles, thank you for the report.
Again, folks, in the Netherlands...
Something like 20% of the country, and some areas more, was once underwater.
And you're talking 10, 15, or more feet under sea level.
Do you ever hear about their dikes breaking when the big Atlantic storms hit?
No, you never hear about it.
If it does, they got four or five levels.
This goes to the mentality of our politicians.
Bush has doubled almost every federal agency.
They are swimming in billions of dollars a month in profits at Lockheed Martin and at the Carlyle Group with Cheney's wife on the board of it and Bush Sr.
on the board of Carlyle.
I mean, it is just, it is the sickest joke.
We're going to go to, in just a moment, to Dr. Baggish, who I appreciate holding.
We're going to let Frank have a few words here from Louisiana as well.
I've just got to say this about Mary Landrieu.
That senator who stole her way into the
...seat to begin with, but that's a whole other subject.
I've seen her on television saying, well, because we didn't take enough property, have enough environmental funding for the wetlands, and because we didn't fix the wetlands, and because we didn't restore the wetlands, this happened.
Well, I happen to know about the ecology in Louisiana.
I've interviewed ecologists on it.
They have not allowed them to build the dikes because of the wetlands.
So again, the exact opposite, the exact opposite of what Landrieu is saying is the truth, and then she's the one pushing all this for the last eight, nine years, and then she's up there saying, it's like George Bush.
He cuts the funding by 90 plus percent from just repairing the dike, and then he's grandstanding as our savior.
It'd be like Ted Bundy being the judge in his own trial.
Frank in Louisiana, you're there.
Give us a comment.
Yes, you made some very good comments there, Alex.
I would like to read a sentence in today's paper, if I can.
Maybe I have to set it up a bit.
Something happened a year and a half ago at LSU.
They hired a guy by the name of O'Keefe to be the chancellor of LSU.
This was a guy who was in charge of NASA.
And there was some nefarious kind of stuff with the guy, and I felt uncomfortable with him.
He didn't have a PhD.
He wasn't academic.
I said, why are they hiring this guy?
Now, O'Keefe was a former NASA guy.
He's the chancellor of LSU.
Well, almost every major university is having former spooks.
NSA, CIA, FBI, you know, generals.
I mean, look, they're totally taken over.
Police chiefs and everything.
They were talking about the LSU is going to apparently be a big center for FEMA or something like this.
Let me read you this.
Look, Texas A&M is now the big CIA command base.
Every major... I'm sorry, go ahead.
It says, the expanded rule for LSU, O'Keefe said, was first discussed as a hypothetical a month ago, refined in a meeting a week and a half ago, then put into action as state and federal officials learned of the severity of Katrina...
Blowing up on New Orleans.
Now, I call my state official, the representative today, and I said, look, let me tell you the way these guys work.
They're going to take the most tragic events, and they're going to find one guy that they can run this whole thing through.
I said, what is the head of the chancellor of LSU doing anything but running LSU?
This should be run through the governor of the state of Louisiana, the state representatives, period.
It just so happens he's a former NASA executive.
It is suspicious.
Do me a favor.
Do you have email?
What's the headline on that?
It's on the sports page of the Morning Advocate today.
Let me see.
Let me find what page it is.
Morning Advocate.
Or the Advocate.
Page 2D.
Yeah, all I need is the headline.
I can find it.
Well, it starts on page one of sports, and the headline is, UNT visit to Baton Rouge postponed.
And it goes on to page 2D.
It's on the second page.
All right, I'll find it.
Thanks for the call, sir.
I appreciate it.
I want to thank Dr. Baggage for holding.
Anybody else wants to call in from Louisiana, we'll get to your calls.
I'm sorry for others that have been having to hold.
This is very important.
Dr. Baggage, I set you up for the show two weeks ago before I went on vacation, and we were going to have you on and talk about weather modification and earth changes.
Boy, I think this has been a timely time to have you on.
Yeah, you know, it's the beginning of the hurricane season, really.
We've got a lot more to come.
We've got a couple more months, and hopefully we don't see a repeat of this, but the potential is certainly there.
The conditions are right.
When people talk about what's happening globally, the temperatures of the oceans have a great deal to do with what happens with weather systems such as this one.
And those situations are going to become more and more extreme as time goes on.
You know, here in my part of the world, we had the same kind of formation.
Of course, nowhere near the wind strengths.
But we had, you know, 80-mile-an-hour winds whipping through my neighborhood not too many days ago.
The fact is, these changes are occurring.
We've been saying it for now over a decade that it would continue.
This cycle would continue for some time.
Well, I'll tell you what's conclusive is these reports of record plankton die-offs.
These are all significant situations.
Here in the Arctic regions, we see these things a lot earlier than they do in most of the rest of the world.
The extremes here are pretty dramatic.
The problem is we don't have a lot of people, so we had a number of die-offs of bird species because certain animals, because of temperature warming, feeder fish were going deeper for cooler water, so the birds weren't getting them, and so thousands of birds died.
These kinds of chains of events, when temperatures change, is pretty dramatic.
We've got migrations of species that we never had up here before starting to show up in Alaska.
People don't know this, but the north slope of Alaska, the Eskimos and Inupias didn't even have a word for bees.
Now we have bees up there, which we didn't have just a couple of decades ago.
Everything is changing.
The interruption of food chain is going to be dramatic.
People say, what's to worry about plankton?
It's the beginning of the food chain.
Everything else
Well, also, plankton create more oxygen and carbon dioxide than the trees.
And again, you know, the oceans are huge.
Heat sinks, number one, for absorbing energy.
Seventy, what, four percent of the Earth's surface?
Something like that, yeah.
And the ocean temperatures are not just caused by sunlight.
In fact, most of the heat from the sun stays on the surface because as you get deeper in the oceans, of course, it gets cooler, heat rises.
Other considerations are undersea volcanics, which are just now being looked at.
We wrote our first article on undersea volcanics playing a role in this back in 1997 when we saw temperature increases in the oceans off Alaska, 15 degrees in one summer.
Which is unheard of, unprecedented, and it was just the opposite of the El Nino Cycle, and it went unexplained and has remained unexplained, yet if you look at where the currents originate here, undersea volcanics explains it clearly, because energy from volcanoes and venting in the seas, 100% of that energy is absorbed into the oceans, whereas sunlight, most of it is reflected.
And we've got these cracks opening up all over the volcanic ring, don't we?
In fact, they've even noted in the Arctic undersea venting.
They never noted before.
Stay there.
We've got a little break.
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We're good.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Bush is talking about Americans using less energy.
I predict with our decadent population, people will greedily use more energy and more fuel.
And again, it's the refining capacity is where the energy has been bottlenecking, which the refineries just love and the oil companies making record profits love because they're buying up more and more energy
We're good to go.
And no attempt to secure that, no attempt to protect it.
And again, I will state this.
Cheaply and easily, it could have been protected.
Cheaply and easily, it could have been protected.
It was not.
And I blame the population, too.
God bless them.
Why did they put up with their corrupt government not doing this?
Dr. Baggage, can you comment on that?
You know, the issue of refining capacity, we're pretty close to oil issues here in Alaska because we do produce about 20% of the U.S.
The fact is refining capacity has been one of the two major bottlenecks.
The other one is transportation.
The fact is to build a refinery now under the environmental rules takes a huge, huge effort.
And you don't build these overnight.
And this demand that's been increasing in Asia has been noted for years.
There's been virtually no attempt to increase refining capacity because
It really hasn't been in the industry's interest to do that.
I mean, when the prices go up, the cost of production at a refinery doesn't really change, but the profits certainly do.
And so oil companies today are making profits that are just unbelievable.
And as a consequence, my theory on it is to capitalize alternative energies, which you're going to see the major oil industry players try and get involved in, you need a lot of money.
And this is certainly one way to consolidate it.
The other issue...
Is the trading of oil internationally used to be traded exclusively in U.S.
Now it's traded in mixed currencies.
And that was the death knell for Saddam when he was going to go on to the Arabic dinar.
Yeah, and when you look at what happens with dollars being floated in the economy, when oil is $70 a barrel, it sucks up everybody's dollars, whether they're mixed currencies or not.
Also, the Federal Reserve has been printing just madly for the last decade, and then last week,
Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan had the nerve to say protectionism could cause an economic crash.
I mean, that is ridiculous.
We are the opposite of protectionists.
Yeah, and the fact of the matter is, these agreements, I mean, in today's paper, the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, trade sanctions are now going into effect based on lumber and trade in our part of the world.
Those agreements are falling apart.
The fact is, wages have been stagnant in the United States and declining.
That's in today's paper again.
Yeah, what does it mean when Bush says the economy is getting better and the Democrats agree?
Meanwhile, Greenspan is saying, run for your lives.
The difference is, who are Bush's friends that are enjoying this economy?
And it's the oil industry.
But I mean, why does the oil industry think we can survive if in the middle of a downturn they are raping us?
Yeah, and I think the ultimate issue is really, it all boils down to dollars.
I mean, you've got the Iraqi oil supplies interrupted, you've got the Gulf now interrupted, you've got problems in Venezuela.
I mean, when you look around the world, it's really the politics of oil that drives so much, the politics of energy.
When you look at the U.S.
economy, it's a major, the single biggest block in the economy has to do with energy and energy distribution.
When you look at the part of the country that's being ravaged right now and just is falling apart, this is the core of the infrastructure for oil and gas distribution for most of the Southeast.
You're going to see extremely high natural gas prices, fuel oil this winter.
We're going into a winter, again, that we are ill-prepared for.
We have our resources deployed elsewhere in the world.
When really the rebuilding of our own infrastructures have been in need for some time, this is just another example of allowing our own infrastructures to decay.
Do you think Bush is going to get, and obviously he's a puppet, but do you think Bush and his corporate handlers are going to get away with cutting the funding for the dykes?
You know, I think they probably will.
You know, whatever, they've gotten away with so much for so long at that level, whether it be this administration or previous ones.
They probably will.
The average person's memory on these kinds of issues is pretty limited.
The population in that part of the country is certainly impacted.
People will forget.
But, I mean, on top of it, we're going to have to hear about how great the politicians are.
We'll have to stomach our way through that, I suppose.
But, you know, at the end of the day, it's programs like this that keep people informed.
And let's just hope that
These efforts continue to contribute to at least the other side of the story so people can make... Stay there.
I want to get your forecast for the near and the long term.
Stay there, Dr. Baggins.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
There's a host of issues I want to discuss with Dr. Nick Bagich.
Before he leaves us today, we'll also tell you how to get some of his great books and videos.
Very well researched.
Very well documented.
A lot of it hard to believe, but it's out there in the U.S.
Patent Office.
It's publicly admitted.
Before we go back to Dr. Bagich and some of your phone calls...
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I've published a book.
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Why they believe in this.
Why they're doing this.
It is so important.
My classic film, 9-11 and the Road to Tyranny, that some still say is my best film, covering 9-11 and the FEMA camps and the foreign troops and the Patriot Act and FEMA saying that all Christians are terrorists and enemies of the U.S.
I mean, I have video of them in their secret training rooms.
Teaching this.
We tell you where it was and their names, and we show video of it.
I mean, you talk about scary, folks.
This is some of the stuff, frankly, people died to get out.
So you need to get the films.
Big discounts.
You can get some of my best videos for $5.95 apiece when you order multiple copies.
It's exponential.
1-888-253-3139, or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
Dr. Baggett, you know, I've gotten you on here.
I don't ever do pre-interviews with people.
I respect your information, read a lot of your information, seen some of your great documentaries, aired them here locally on TV.
And, you know, I've asked you the questions that I think are important, just some of them, but I know you've got a lot that you think is pertinent and that we should be focusing in on.
So, you know, with the audience out there across the nation, from Chicago to Los Angeles to Kansas City, what do you want to impart to people?
Well, you know, in terms of these latest events, I mean, there's a lot to be said for what happens in terms of climate change, which has been a big issue.
These are examples of it.
I think it's the long-term planning that's going to matter in this country.
I mean, we're going to see the agricultural areas dramatically change over the next decade or so.
There's time to plan for that.
You know, over 10 years ago, the Japanese were already buying agricultural rights in areas of Canada
Because of climate change.
And I think when you're looking at the climate change issue, and I say climate change rather than global warming because in some areas it's actually cooling.
If you look at the Citrus Belt in the southeast, it's changed dramatically.
It's moved further and further south.
All of these things work together.
When you start thinking about
Oil industry and what's happening to that.
It has a direct impact on agricultural production because of the synthetic types of fertilizers and pesticides and
The fuel used in transportation of food and harvesting, all of it.
The drug industry, the chairs we sit in.
What is it, like 90% of manufactured goods now are predominantly plastic?
Yeah, and so when you start to look at energy-related technologies, even pharmaceutical industry, from the clothes you wear to the seats you're sitting in, these are all going to affect us.
What I'm suggesting and have been suggesting for some time
Is what we're going to see is the roll-up of inflation right now kind of being artificially pushed down by low-cost goods from other places, but everyone gets impacted by raw commodity increases.
We have this schizophrenic system where the slave baubles...
You know, a DVD player is $20 now, but at the same time, your fuel is double, and your housing is double, and your transportation is double, and your education is triple, and all the real things that matter are skyrocketing.
Exactly right, and it's the basic commodities that drive most families.
I mean...
The people that make a lot of money aren't impacted by the price of fuel.
I mean, what they pay for their gasoline doesn't matter.
But for the average person, it determines a whole lot of things about what else we can do.
Yeah, you don't just pay more for those that don't know for the fuel.
Then you pay more for the bread that got delivered.
You pay more for the tires you buy.
You pay more for everything.
That's right.
And we're going to see again...
That double-digit inflation, I think, by the first quarter of next year.
Local governments are already raising taxes because they're having to spend more on fuel?
And you're going to see all of those roll-up impacts.
And, you know, the impact of the pocketbook is going to be extreme.
And these are, you know, you've got to look around and say, who's winning?
And the biggest winners right now are folks in the aerospace industry, weapons industry, oil industries, certain segments of transportation, depending on what they're shipping.
You know, the winners on this thing are the friends of those in power, and the losers are the average person.
So it's very predatory.
It's a very predatory system.
And, you know, when we look forward into sort of what's happening, you know, a lot of our research has to do with technologies and their impacts, and these drive the industrialized world today.
Technology advances are what determines who has power in terms of governments, and when you look at how technologies are now being utilized,
You know, they're really not serving the average person's interest in the way that they should.
The average person is sort of cast aside as just a drone in the system.
And really, you know, when you go back to our fundamentals in this country, it's about individualism.
It's about the idea that the average person, the common individual, is the one that should be driving policy, not being the victims of it.
And let's be specific.
In this false left-right paradigm...
Well, all the real world goes past us.
We're busy arguing about Republican, Democrat.
These corporate interests on both sides aren't free market or criminal.
I mean, for those that don't understand, folks, this is not free market.
This is where they socially engineer for more control.
They don't want you to have money.
They don't want you to have big bank accounts.
They don't want you to be self-sufficient.
They don't want you to have your own garden.
They don't want you to own your own land.
This is really like the last phases of a risk game, and I want to be specific.
There are major environmental changes there are major environmental disasters going on
But meanwhile, the big major environmental groups are paid for by Dutch Royal Shell and BP and Exxon Mobil and Chevron, and then they use the crisis they help create or that they help accentuate and that they help feed off of, then they give us false solutions and stampede us.
Now, Doctor, do you disagree with that say-so, or do you agree?
I absolutely agree.
In fact, what I've been saying for some time is that the industry...
realizes that somewhere in the world they're going to come up with the alternatives, and they've been trying to get into that alternative energy market.
They've been pushing this idea of hydrogen, but the way the industry's been pushing it is to make us dependent on natural gas as the raw source of creating that hydrogen, and then a distribution system that plugs us into their multi-level program of controlling the pumps and the convenience store at the gas station all the way up to the refineries and transportation.
When you look at it,
Hydrogen, as an example, can be created using just distilled water and a catalytic material, sodium borohydrate, which can be recycled, meaning that you don't need a filling station.
You just need a gallon of pure water.
And I've got to add this.
There's a lot of quacks out there that the media focuses on to discredit this.
We have textbooks, you know, funded by General Motors, 30 years ago admitting this.
You know, Arthur C. Clarke admits this.
This stuff has been developed, has been put on the road, but the media totally ignores it.
Right, and the thing about it is, is true energy independence means that individuals, I'm talking about individuals again, have control of their energy destinies.
And that's where we think the technology...
efforts should be placed on those things that get you off the grid, that get you true independence, that take away this dependence on industries that have been abusive, that don't look at countries that don't have any national interest.
They only have one interest, and it's the bottom line for their shareholders.
And the fact of the matter is, you know, here in Alaska, we see a lot of it.
I mean, Alaska is one of the safest places for the oil industry to invest their money.
It's not like investing in the Soviet Far East.
And yet, we get the smallest percentage of royalties
Virtually any place similarly situated.
It's a bargain basement.
Here in Alaska, we have a pipeline running at half of its capacity.
Mainly because of suppression of development here.
Well, the neocons say all this is free market.
But if a pirate pulls up next to your freighter and robs you at machine gun point, that isn't free market.
That's right.
And that's exactly the way I interpret what's happening.
The public's pocketbook is being hijacked.
Based on the same kind of scenario when you think back in the 70s when you couldn't get enough money out of oil and then we had the oil embargo.
It shoved the price up, made the oil industry that much more rich and capitalized to be able to go into these other areas of the world.
Now you see the same thing happening at the crucial point between industries switching out because people in areas like Japan where they don't have natural resources
They're going to develop, and they have already developed, alternative fuel sources that they're actually integrating into their industries.
And that's why these big corporations want a global government, so they can regulate that and control that and keep their controlled paradigm in place.
And, you know, the industry is riddled with suppression of patents and ideas that people can point to many, many sources over the years of that.
You know, this is criminal.
The fact of the matter is...
What's happening to people?
People die from high energy prices.
You know, elderly on fixed incomes every winter and every summer during the heat seasons die because of energy costs.
You know, this kind of... They had like 100 people die last year in Chicago.
Right, and when you look at...
You know, you look at the companies that benefit by this.
You know, what happens to them in the end of the day?
And, of course, then that's fertilizer prices.
We're talking about hundreds of thousands in the third world.
I'm sorry, you were saying something.
Go ahead.
The idea of the double-digit inflation and what does that fuel?
It fuels increases in basic interest rates.
People are living on the very edge right now.
A lot of people...
Well, you say people who are middle class or upper middle class don't have to worry.
Well, that's not really, in the short term or even midterm, that's not entirely true because then there's nobody to buy your products.
Then you're in the poorhouse.
And when you're looking at the price of floating interest rates on home mortgages, which many people have interest only that are variable rate mortgages now, these folks are going to get caught in a very big squeeze.
That's right.
We saw it here in Alaska when the oil prices declined in the mid-'80s
And we're an oil-dependent state, so we saw what happens when disruptions in normal economies occur.
We lost three-quarters of our banks in this state.
But Cindy Sheehan's a liberal.
But you hear about the baseball team.
I mean, exactly.
People are just totally off in cuckoo land.
The mainstream media, folks, predominantly isn't even lies or disinfo.
It's distractions.
In fact, you kind of get your mind on these other issues.
Today, because of this natural disaster, you've got people focused squarely on what are the consequences of it.
I think that's a good thing.
Out of every disaster, something good comes of it.
The people that are suffering right now, they're waking up too.
We're going to see how our government responds to a crisis right at home of uncertainty.
You know, in terms of modern history, we have never seen anything quite as extreme as this.
The government is folding and falling down, but meanwhile telling us what a great job they're doing.
And Dr. Begich, you know, I focus on the police state almost predominantly, but...
We're good to go.
I think?
And why do we see the government in the last decade really gearing up to physically oppress us?
What is it that they have planned?
Because we've put up peaceably with so many other horrors.
What is it that they've got planned that's so horrible that their statisticians and their people that are doing the demographics, their engineers, their social engineers know that there's going to be some type of physical resistance?
Why are they gearing up for physical oppression?
Well, you know, at some point in America's character, Europeans always look at us as five minutes to midnight.
When things really get bad, we jump in the game and we're unstoppable.
The one thing military planners and all of our research has shown is the one thing they cannot plan for is what's called spontaneous...
A revolution.
That doesn't mean things are violent.
It's the same kind of thing that happened in much of Eastern Europe.
One day... I got an example.
I got it.
Begich, you bring up so many good points, I interrupt you more than anybody.
No, no, no.
Five years ago, I couldn't find organic food in the stores.
Now, that's most of the food here in Austin.
So people demanded that.
That was a revolution.
Same thing with the Internet.
Circulation in newspapers, TV.
They're losing all credibility.
We're exploding.
Is that the revolution you're talking about?
When people finally start to wake up and we're seeing that awakening taking place, but it takes critical mass.
It's one that...
Unfortunately, the American character is best demonstrated during the worst of times and as our economy starts to implode, as we start to see the roll-ups of these natural disasters, and this is one
This is not the end of it.
Did you know Ron Paul said the same thing two years ago?
It's in my film, Matrix of Evil.
He said the exact same thing.
And George Washington said it.
I was just reading writings of George Washington last night that exactly, and the Europeans commented on this, when it gets really rock bottom, the worst is when we throw off the bonds of tyranny.
That's exactly it.
And I think that's the hope that a lot of us hold in our hearts, that Americans will wake up,
That we will be able to reach out and touch each other in a way that causes us to recognize our basic commonalities, the things that made this country great in the beginning, and get us back to those roots.
I think that's still possible or I wouldn't engage in this kind of work.
When you look around the country and you see what's happening,
You know, there's a lot of suffering that's kind of under the radar screen because of the disenfranchised.
They're the poor, they're the elderly, they're the folks that people are marginalizing.
Now they're marginalizing those groups that have influence.
You know, when you talk about the rebels being marginalized, whether it be the Christian community across the country or any other group that they feel is organized enough to put up decent opposition, they start to marginalize them in the media.
And this is a normal political tactic.
If you can't address the issues, you try and address credibility questions or confuse the issues.
And that's exactly what's going on.
When you look at how all of these things interrelate, it boils down to control.
And by the way, by Christians, you don't mean the Jerry Falwell types.
I mean the real Christians folks that know what's going on and aren't going along with it.
That's exactly right.
You know, you talk about tracking technologies and the thing that was said just a little while ago.
What about implants to track these folks?
You know, these are all opportunities.
They declared martial law in this part of the country.
It's the first time since the tidal waves in Hawaii years and years and years ago.
The fact is that when you start to test the water, which is what's happening with FEMA right now, they're in the most extreme situation.
They're watching how people react.
They're looking at how they can control this crowd, and it will become the model for what happens in other disasters around the country, whether they be natural or man-made.
And I think that's the thing to really start to pay attention to.
What are they doing, how are they doing it, and how will this be replicated around the country?
Looks to me like they're falling flat on their faces.
Yeah, at this point, absolutely.
And let's just see how they emerge to regain their footing, because, again, they're going to utilize the media to push their propaganda, not the truth.
Hey, folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right, folks, DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're having Better Talk Radio during the breaks than we have on air.
I know that we've got Robert and Megan and Christine and Jason and Jim and everybody.
We're going to get to you here in just a second.
But I was talking to Dr. Baggis during the break, and I've been called an accumulator.
And I figured folks saying that meant I accumulate information, kind of put it all together, and really reverse engineer.
Nothing's really classified.
I mean, you can look, especially long-term, at all the things the government's doing.
You can go to these events, you can read the declassified stuff, and put, say, ten declassified things together and actually get the current battle plan.
It's like pieces of a puzzle.
And I didn't know that the Pentagon was considering us evil national security threats, but Dr. Begich says that he's seen some news articles and some documents along those lines, and I agree with what he said during the break.
He never touches something classified, neither do I.
Well, you know, it all boils down again to control.
You know, to have individualism...
As it really is, it doesn't really work well for when you want an economy based on people just going to work, a couple of jobs, making a little bit of money and buying their trinkets.
That's how they look at this.
When you look at the overall idea of accumulating data and distributing that data in a way that allows people to make decisions.
Freedom of the press isn't about saying whatever you want.
Freedom of the press is about, and was about fundamentally, keeping an informed
We're good to go.
And instead of going to a football game or drinking a six-pack, I mean, people really got into real politics, because real politics is, quite frankly, folks, it is addictive, it is obsessive, it's being part of the real world, it's being an actor in history, not somebody on the sidelines.
You know, Karl Rove joked that we're all just passive.
They make history.
Well, I'm here to tell that bastard that, no, I am part of history.
I control my destiny to a certain extent, more than he does.
Go ahead, sorry.
Yeah, you know, and that's again, you know, it's the idea of individualism, the idea of a freedom of the press really means keeping people informed and maintain the debate as being vigorous.
And then what happened about a hundred years ago is this ideology emerged within journalism schools that we ought to be neutral, the media ought to be neutral.
Well, there is no neutral media.
Everybody has
Well, a hundred years ago
No one had ever heard, don't have politics and religion.
Don't talk about it.
That's all people... They told us not to talk about it.
They told us we couldn't beat City Hall.
It's like telling you that there's nothing outside the house.
It's like the Truman Show.
But in reality, there's a whole other world out there.
Exactly right.
Isn't it paradigm management we're talking about?
I think so.
I think if people were fully aware of what our government was up to on all fronts...
There would be a revolution in this country, and it would be a revolution of the average guy.
And I think that's the revolution that we can look forward to.
And I think in this country it will be a peaceful revolution in the end of the day.
But they're going to try to make it violent.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you're seeing martial law declared in Louisiana right now.
And exactly, if it becomes violent, it gives them the opportunity to suppress everyone equally.
And that's not what this country is.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, just having a very enlightening and informative and important discussion with Dr. Nick Bagich.
Been on with us for about 40 minutes now.
He'll be with us for the balance of the broadcast, and he's such a gentleman that during my hyperventilating and freaking out about the New World Order, because, I mean, I'm like a cornered animal, folks.
I see what it is.
I study it.
I can't believe how evil these people are.
I can't believe they operate at this level, how selfish and wicked they are.
I've been so busy being bombastic that we haven't even given you Dr. Baggish's website.
And later, come up in a few minutes, we'll tell you about some of his books and videos that are excellent.
But Dr. Baggish, before we take some calls, tell us about your websites.
Our website is earthpulse.com, E-A-R-T-H-P-U-L-S-C, earthpulse.com.
And we have a number of articles there, essays there.
People are free to take those articles and essays, reproduce them, get them out to the folks.
They cover a lot of the issues that we've covered over the years.
We also have two new DVDs that are being promoted there, a special one on mind control technologies and one on technologies in the 21st century.
We can also tell folks there's a toll-free number if folks aren't accessing the Internet.
And that's 888-690-1277.
Again, that's 888-690-1277.
And you've sent me those videos.
I haven't watched them yet, but I have seen some of your past films.
They're excellent.
And, of course, I've read two of your fine books as well.
And coming up in the next segment that all the stations carry, we'll have you plug that website and phone number again.
But give us that website.
The website is earthpulse, E-A-R-T-H-P-U-L-S-E, earthpulse.com.
And the number of articles, take a look at those and get those out to folks.
We're about to go to calls, but what are some of the other issues?
I've got a stack of news here I want to get your comments on today, but what are some of the other issues you want to talk about in this hour, Dr. Baggins?
Well, I think if we can stay to the current events, I think that's what people are interested in today.
Maybe we can schedule again in the future and cover some of these other topics.
But I think the current events of what's happening with the economy as it's affecting, you know, not just this catastrophe in the southeast, but when you look at this war in Iraq and Afghanistan and what it's done to the price of materials and basic commodities in the country, this is only going to add a tremendous burden to the... By the way, did you know that in adjusted dollars it's already more expensive than World War I and will be more expensive in one year than World War II?
You know, I can certainly believe that.
And when you look at its impact on the average person's life, it has not been felt yet.
This is what happens, though, when you have a no-bid war.
If there were bids, I bet you'd be a third as much.
Look who's benefiting, once again.
Look at that corruption, though.
We're just not going to have bids.
Robert in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Robert.
Okay, I guess Robert isn't there.
Who should I go to next?
Okay, that's fine.
Who should I go to next?
Christy in Missouri.
Go ahead, Christy.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Christy.
Fortunately, I evacuated New Orleans seven years ago, but unfortunately, everybody in my family is now homeless and without a job.
I grew up along the 17th Street Canal, and they have kind of, within the last two years, they've actually been
Working on that canal and reinforcing it with steel pylons, I guess you'd say.
And I don't really even know how it happened because they were pretty much complete with the renovation, I would think.
That's not what I've read, Dr. Bagich.
Well, you know, I had heard that they had completed a major section, and that was actually the section that failed.
And this was supposed to be the super fortified stuff that they were doing down there, and it was ineffective.
And the reality is, we're estimating what these impacts are.
We didn't even have it straight on as they had expected, and this levy was...
Not engineered to handle it.
And apparently, you know, another federal project that just flat didn't work.
I got more.
Yeah, stay there, Christy.
We'll get your comment on the other side.
Thanks for holding.
Then we'll go to Robert and Jason and Myron and Jim and everybody else.
But why didn't we hire the Dutch?
The people that know what they're doing.
We'll be right back.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Look, not everybody are leaders.
People who try to listen to talk radio, try to read the newspaper, try to be informed, even though most of them are misinformed or disinformed, they are still leaders.
They're attempting to be informed.
Instinctively, they know information is power.
They're involved.
I really feel sorry for the general public that I talk to, but really that they don't even account in the equation.
Because they don't know how many states there are, who the vice president is, the three ranches of government, where Iraq is on a map, but they've sure got their comment on whether they're for or against it.
Having a population that is more dumbed down than you normally would in society is such a dangerous thing because it allows criminals and elites to abuse and use you out there.
And history shows there's no end to the level of abuse
That these politicians and these leaders will carry out against you.
And one example of all of this that is pretty simple and isn't even one of the most egregious examples, but it's something that you all know about, is that no bids have been allowed in the last three years on the eve of the Gulf War II and now during the occupation.
Now, in no free market country's history, I mean, even in England, hundreds of years ago, they had bids for, you know, supplying the Navy and the Army.
That's a free market system.
And people, you know, a lord who had voted for the war wasn't allowed to, you know, sell anything to the Army.
I mean, it's obvious, folks.
You cannot get rich off of, but just out in the open...
I mean, Dick Cheney's wife is on the board of Lockheed Martin, and he gives no-bid contracts.
I mean, we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars a year.
And that's just open criminality.
We're going to go back to Christine and Robert and Megan and everybody here in just a second, but Dr. Baggage, it sounded like you were chomping at the bit to comment on no-bid contracts.
You know, I worked in public procurement at one point, and there's only a few reasons why you should go ever, ever, ever no-bid.
And one of them is,
Proprietary sources.
Those are those sources where somebody owns a patent where you really have to have that company do a certain amount of work.
Those are pretty limited and pretty rare.
The other is under an emergency procurement when there's no other competitive bidders that are easily seen on the market.
Well, neither of those cases really applied here.
The fact is there are many companies that were capable of responding.
When you look at who wins, it's the insiders.
And, you know, we used to call it
Corruption, just as it is.
And today, you know, they call it whatever they want to call it.
Yeah, that's the thing.
They're doing things that are classically illegal that politicians have gone to prison for, you know, since World War II, World War I, Vietnam.
Now they just do it out in the open.
That's exactly right.
I mean, even the idea of how political campaigns are fueled.
You know, we call political contributions...
And what do those contributions get you?
They get you influence, access, and outcomes.
Well, we used to call that bribery.
You know, we've just given it a politically corrupt name under the guise of reform, and here we are institutionalizing... Well, even 75 years ago, a politician didn't need a lot of money.
The newspapers would debate who had the best ideas.
Yeah, exactly right.
You know, here in Alaska, we had a U.S.
Senate race, highly contested race, important for both parties.
And, you know, they spent...
Between the soft money and the hard money, almost $20 million on a population of about a 200,000 people voting population in Alaska.
I mean, we only have 700,000 people here, a little less than 700,000 to begin with.
But those U.S.
Senate races are so valuable, most of that money came from outside of our state.
People that have absolutely no concern about what happens in this part of the world
But have every idea of what the value of a U.S.
Senator is for whatever their program is about.
And that kind of blatant corruption of the political process means that the individual's ability to access that political process is directly limited.
But let's illustrate that.
The so-called reform, the general public has been dumbed down to the point where
We're good to go.
I think?
Of soft money they can give, which is actually the very corrupt, dangerous type, and then say, but six months before an election, in some cases six weeks, you can't, Alex Jones can't interview Gun Owners of America, or I can't interview Autobahn, whoever I want to interview, I can't talk about politicians, I can't say who I'm for, you know, months before an election.
I mean, folks, that's the First Amendment.
So they frontally attack the First Amendment.
Meanwhile, doubling the corrupt money that can be given, and call it reform, doctor.
Yep, you know, here in Alaska, I ran for office a year and a half ago, and when I went to buy radio time, you know, which is, you know, you're paying for the time.
What we were told as local candidates running in legislative races here, that we couldn't buy any of that time.
It was all reserved for the statewide national candidates and statewide candidates.
What that essentially did is,
Limit us from being able to access the main medias, the mainstream medias that we needed in order to run.
Well, that's like Sidney Sheehan wanted to run her ad that's like milk toast going bush wide about WMDs, my son died, and CBS goes, you can't run your ad because they found the WMDs.
These people are insane.
You know, and the fact of the matter is, when they start to constrain the political process because the national...
Political interests which are not the interests of the average person.
That shows they're losing control.
That's a move of desperation.
And I think that we're going to see more of those kinds of moves because as people wake up...
The ability of these corporate interests to dictate those outcomes changes.
Now you're answering fully the question of the last hour.
Why do I have newscasts from Virginia and other areas where the police openly train the machine gunners in the streets and call us rebels?
Why are there going to be rebels?
I mean, how do they know they're going to create rebels?
Well, it's again, they can model exactly what's happening socially.
They know that once things get to a certain critical mass, leadership starts to emerge, people start to take action.
And, you know, things start to change.
And that's the kind of real reform, the kind of revolutionary reform that the Founding Fathers anticipated, was when things got bad, people wake up and they change the form or the structure.
And it's not just our right, by the way.
It's not just our right.
It is our duty.
It's absolutely our obligation.
And, you know, this is the price of freedom is the ability to engage and stay engaged.
Even at personal cost.
The kinds of costs that are being racked up today.
Well, I mean, clearly the evidence points towards that kills your father.
I mean, the evidence shows that, doesn't it?
In fact, Dad was a very, very outspoken congressional leader.
He was on a plane with Hale Boggs.
Incidentally, Hale was from Louisiana, from New Orleans.
Boggs was a majority leader in the United States House, one of the most powerful people in the country.
Both of them were radicals from the stand that they did not believe that the system should operate in the way that it was.
Boggs was a very strong opponent of many federal agencies, including the FBI, because of their abuses of American civil liberties even back in the 60s and 70s under the Hoover administration.
He had the guts to call for Hoover's resignation on the floor of the Congress, and it wasn't but a year or so later that the plane disappeared and was officially never recovered.
You've already made a lot of sacrifices, is the point.
Yeah, I think everybody has.
Mine hit really close to home when I was a young kid and certainly had an impact on how I view the world.
But I don't think you give up.
When you're being hit hard, you stand up and you fight back.
You do it with the right ways.
Not with violence, not with that kind of disruption that just gets folks in trouble.
Yeah, I love these provocateurs that say, I'm bad because I won't call for armed insurrection.
I don't see them involved in armed insurrection.
No, and the fact of the matter is, what that does is silence you immediately because then there's a reason to put you in jail.
And that's not what we need.
We need leadership that wakes people up.
Yeah, I mean, they very well may put me in jail, but you know what?
They're going to do it all the way.
I'm not going to help them.
That's it.
And the other part of that is,
When they put you in jail, though we put a lot of us in jail, at least we'll have a reunion of good people.
Well, I tell you, we've got to get to the calls here.
I mean, I'm out of control today, but you're bringing up so many good points.
But I have to tell you, Dr. Beckett, just two years ago, cops, military I talked to weren't waking up.
Now almost all of them will quietly go, yeah, you're right, we all know the truth.
Yeah, we know.
I mean, I'm talking senior people, low-level people.
Are you finding that a lot of people, even in the system now, are going, oh my God, you guys were right about all of this?
Yep, I think we're seeing more of that, and let's just hope that they have the strength and the character to stand up and do the right things when those moments come, because those moments will come in this country.
All right, Christy, to finish up, you have friends and family in Louisiana.
Have you talked to them?
Yes, everyone was able to get out, and...
But everybody, you know, at least eight or nine different families, they lost everything.
And their, you know, employment is gone as well, so I don't know.
But I wanted to point out it was the city government, New Orleans and then Jefferson Parish, which is borders right there with New Orleans, they were so unprepared.
They did not even have a way to communicate with their officers, not the police officers, but their
City government officers and the planning commissions and they were just driving around aimlessly almost.
The mayor of New Orleans did not even have a satellite phone.
Well, I mean, 50 years ago when we had big disasters, people knew how to respond more.
I mean, nothing's ever perfect because you had civil emergency groups.
You had the government trusted the people and you had the relationship where they could call out civil defense or they could call out the local fire brigade or whatever.
They've severed that, and government's so afraid of everything that they all basically cower in fear.
And, I mean, what's happened here is shameful, and you're absolutely right.
I mean, I'm not trying to be mean here.
The government's done a horrible job in Louisiana, and they were told they needed hundreds of millions of dollars investment, and they did not engage in that investment.
And you've got to strengthen every levy, and you've got to have multiple levies.
The Dutch showed that.
I mean, you've got this...
$100 billion investment.
I'm sure it's bigger.
New Orleans and the surrounding area.
You've got this huge capital area and these millions of people.
You've got a job to fortify it when the hydrographers and the people are telling you that it's going to sink.
The hospitals are running out of power also.
They're going to have to evacuate all the hospitals.
I don't think it'll ever be the same.
It's bad.
I don't know.
Are you being told worse things by your family than what you hear on the news?
I can listen to the local radio.
I don't know if y'all can get that or not.
And I've been hearing a bunch of things I was trying to get to on those topics.
Well, just stay there again for a second while we finish up.
And then we'll get to a bunch of other calls.
Stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Christine in Missouri, finish up the points you wanted to make about your family in New Orleans.
All people in 42 states can hear WWL AM radio at nighttime on 870 AM.
And they're taking callers who are trapped in their homes.
Some have not had food or water since this happened.
No, I can listen to that station.
Sometimes I hear Pastor David J. Smith on it.
Well, they're doing just live coverage right now.
They've had a crack crew that's...
Well, that's the great part of talk radio, is if it's on the scene, it can circumnavigate the mainstream controlled media.
What I'm getting from our sources that we've had on, people I personally know that are in Louisiana, in New Orleans, is that it is much worse than we're hearing of their... It is absolutely much worse.
What you're seeing on TV doesn't even tip the iceberg.
It is terrible.
I've heard the mayor of Battery, which is right against New Orleans...
He basically has talked about the trees that have fallen over, pulling up the gas lines, the water lines, the sewer lines.
He already talked about all the electrical grid has to be reworked from the power plant.
And how long is that going to take?
Well, that's the problem with complex, compact cities and systems is that they're great to live in until there's a catastrophic failure, and then sometimes it's very hard to get it back up.
Thanks for the call.
Dr. Baggage, I wonder, the media normally loves to hype things and fearmonger, and they first fearmongered before Katrina hit.
Then when it was hit and they said, oh, no big deal...
And then now they're going, well, it's pretty bad, but we're handling it.
The government's doing a great job.
Why are they minimizing?
Is that to make the politicians look good?
I think that's part of it.
And at the same time, think about it.
As the stock markets start to get a full grip of the impact of this thing, the market's going to probably take a slide, at least in a big chunk of it.
It gives people time to get out.
And who gets out is the insiders, the people who already know.
The satellite images of this area... I totally agree.
Listen, tell them everything's fine while we reposition.
That's exactly it.
They reposition those stocks that are going to go up because of this disaster, building materials, raw commodities, those kinds of situations.
The same stuff that's already jacked up because of the Iraq War.
Then when you look at how would we get the intelligence to know what happened?
The satellite images tell all.
We get those regularly at the national level.
Why weren't those broadcast in the first hours after this event?
Why didn't the warning go out with the tsunamis?
It turns out that hours and hours before they knew that our government didn't pass it on.
Exactly right.
And, you know, again, the excuses are, you know, from that event was we didn't want to create panic.
There was no system to disseminate information.
Well, what's the excuse in this country?
Well, if they instantly put it on CNN, it would have been on the news there.
Yep, absolutely.
And the fact is...
The word would have spread fast.
People would have had time.
Things could have happened.
Well, it's on CNN when there's a 4.5 earthquake.
You have a, what was it?
It was in the 8th, I believe.
I think it even went to a 9.6.
You've got a mega quake, a mega quake, and CNN decides not to report.
It doesn't make any sense at all.
I mean, the biggest natural disaster in modern history, and it doesn't get reported as it happens.
Why do you think we had that mega quake and then all the aftershocks that were themselves huge quakes?
Well, I think, again, this region of the world is pretty unstable.
It always has been.
You know, the one area on the whole Pacific Rim that hasn't,
Issued a pretty good-sized quake along the west coast of the United States, off of Washington and Oregon and British Columbia.
The fact is, these areas have and always will have these great quakes periodically.
You're talking about the Ring of Fire.
We're not talking about a Johnny Cash song.
Don't we see half the population of the world on the Ring of Fire?
Yeah, that's exactly it.
And the west coast of the United States,
Has a huge amount of energy pent up.
In the fault zones there that, you know, is expected to release.
You know, and you see sort of the rumblings of that, you know, Mount St.
Helens rumbling again.
What people don't see is two volcanoes in Alaska that have been rumbling for a long time.
But doesn't just the historical record of Italy, which isn't even near the Ring of Fire, having catastrophic problems in Rome's 500-year history, 400-year history, happened five or six times, but then the modern geologists said, don't worry, mega-quakes every thousand years, it isn't going to happen.
And that's fundamentally wrong.
I mean, in the Americas, we're going to see earthquakes periodically of that size.
In the middle of the country, in Missouri, there is a major fault zone that has been building energy for quite some time that created
The Mississippi to roll backwards, you know, when it went back in the 1800s.
Actually changed directly.
It got changed where it was running.
That's exactly it.
And, you know, these things are going to happen in this country.
You know, we've seen the effects of a natural disaster in the last few days.
These happen periodically.
And being prepared is the answer.
And I think it falls back to the individuals.
Our government is not prepared.
Well, I want to ask you, and then we'll go to the calls, I promise, folks.
I want to ask you about...
About what's happening at Yellowstone when we get back.
Stay with us with Dr. Nick Baggage.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Look at this article.
Hundreds dead in Baghdad stampede.
More than 600 people have been killed in a stampede of Shia pilgrims in the northern Baghdad area.
Iraq officials say there was a rumor that someone had a suicide bomb in the crowd, so they stampeded, and at least 600 people have been confirmed to be dead.
That number could go as high as 1,000, the BBC is reporting, so 600, that's more than have died in the last year from suicide bombings, all in just the twinkling of an eye because of mob psychology.
Remember old ladies in their wheelchairs getting knocked over and
Policemen stampeded at a high school where they were selling laptops for 50 bucks apiece.
Mob psychology is so scary, and the government, the manipulators, use that to control us with events like 9-11.
Giving up your freedom, being part of a mob mentality never gives you safety.
It's that same theme Dr. Beggars has been talking about for the last hour and a half with us, is rugged individualism.
I want to get his comment on Yellowstone.
But first, before we do that, I'm going to go to some calls.
Tell folks about your new videos and new book.
Yeah, the videos we have out, we have two new ones.
One called Technologies for the 21st Century.
The other one is called Mind Control.
They're available on our website.
Both of them with complimentary CD-ROMs for documents that go with them are $35.
You can get both of them for that price at earthpulse.com.
And I want to briefly talk a little bit about the harp system, but let's go to a few of these callers, then we'll get into Yellowstone.
Robert in Colorado, go ahead.
Yeah, good morning, Alexander.
Thanks for taking my call.
I wonder why I couldn't get through last week, and now I know you're on vacation.
I hope you enjoyed your time off.
I haven't ever had a vacation in more than two days, and I took the whole week off.
Cool, cool.
You deserve it, man.
I want to go off topic a little bit, if I could, sir, real quick.
One argument people have in favor of illegal immigration is that it's a form of cheap labor, and they form jobs.
Yeah, it drives down wages and displaces everybody else.
It's horrible.
It's an easy argument to break, but one point I have a problem with is, for example, Alexander Jones would never squat in a tomato patch for $5 a day.
What's your rebuttal to that argument?
Well, number one, that's not true.
And, you know, we hear that Alexander Jones or Dr. Dick Begich will not work in a tomato patch.
Well, if they put 10, 15 cents per tomato on it, we would then all have the money to buy that.
You see, look, I can't get into an economic treatise here, but I've read a lot of
You know, different schools of economics, and most of them have been bought off and paid for.
But we get the economy we want.
We get the food we demand.
When we all go, oh, well, I'm eating the lowest common denominator of GM food because I get it cheap.
No, that's a fraud.
That's all you're going to be able to get, and that's a centralized system that's actually going to jack up prices over time.
So we've always had people that want to go out and pick tomatoes.
And also, we've always had migrant populations that wanted to do it.
That's fine.
They're a very small part of the 30 million illegal aliens, or probably 5 million of the illegal aliens that are in this country.
You want to let 5 million in to do it?
They're not doing that.
They're taking all the jobs.
And again, I'm not against these people individually.
The corporations openly have said they want to drive down our wages to get control to make us all third world in a way that will solve the illegal immigration problem because then they won't want to come here because we're going to be third world as well.
So it's being used as an economic weapon by the elite to basically beat the population over the head and change the economic structure.
Ultra-rich elites, and thanks for the call, Robert.
Your phone's cut now.
They always attack the middle class, and they will use the enslaved, impoverished, feudal class to do that whenever they're threatened.
Dr. Baggage?
You know, this has been going on forever.
It was Henry Ford that figured out if you pay your people enough money, they might actually buy the stuff they're making.
And, you know, when you look at
You know, the cost of agriculture production, you know, we used to do it with slaves.
You know, we decided that wasn't a good idea.
But it was basically an economic issue.
You know, the idea of a slave-driven economy of the 1700s and 1800s.
What's the difference today?
I mean, we've put a few dollars attached to it, but people live in essentially the same kind of conditions.
You know, is this the right thing?
You know, I think immigration, labor...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's fun to get together with your neighbors and engage in agricultural behaviors.
We're designed to do it.
Folks, if you ever did it, it's very addicting.
I know that you work with the native tribes there.
I mean, is that not very fulfilling?
I mean, it's a great thing.
I mean, you're with people.
You're doing something that's productive.
You're receiving the benefits of what the earth can produce in a very direct and meaningful way.
I think it brings you back into focus in a lot of ways about what is really important in life.
It's about community.
It's about people.
It's about family.
It's things traditional people throughout the world
Remember and participate in, and as we urbanize, we quickly forget, and then we become dependent upon systems that we have absolutely very little, if any, control over.
And the corporate-controlled government and other textbooks actively attacks the family.
And this idea of independence in agriculture, independence in energy, I mean, think back.
100 years ago, people were pretty self-sufficient.
That isn't here today.
Even back in the 60s, tradespeople could make a good living, could figure on owning their home.
Both people weren't required to work within a household.
People had the expectation...
And could do.
Put their kids through school, put their kids through college, and retire.
You know, you cannot do that today.
The American dream... I know, and people keep trying to have that, so they're working an average of 2.4 jobs.
And just doing every... And then, oh, you've got to have the trinkets.
Instead of spending time with your children so they're not owned by the government, their minds, you've got to work extra to buy them both iPods.
I mean, who cares?
And it's not important.
And the end of the day...
You know, we've got friends that have kind of gone off the grid up here, and actually their quality of life improved.
I mean, they don't have the things that urban folks think are important, but when you look at quality of life and the stress levels that get reduced, it is phenomenal.
You know, the fact is we don't need every new gadget that comes along.
If we put a little more effort into our households and a little less,
Yeah, there are some things that we can do.
And realizing that people on the bottom end of the economic scale can't make those decisions, that's where the... Well, the point is there's nothing wrong with gadgets and things, but when you hold that up as numero uno, that is a literal idol.
It's a type of control.
I mean, they lead us around like a donkey with a carrot in front of it.
I mean, it's so... I mean, people will do... I mean, I see these poor families.
You know, they've got to have the Michael Jordan $200 sneakers.
I mean, it makes no sense at all.
I mean, it just doesn't make sense at all.
Instead of investing that or getting involved, they're just so unhappy.
Madison Avenue is a master at creating the perception that we can't be happy without their fad.
And with that then comes all the control.
Folks, it's mind control.
When you look at what's happening even in, I mean, look at the media.
What are the most things that are promoted on media?
They're promoting, first of all, fear.
Look at the pharmaceutical ads.
Even deodorant ads are about fear, ultimately.
I mean, you might smell bad.
I mean, all these things play on people's fears and weaknesses and then try and create solutions for what they create as the problems.
I mean, and when you look at it,
You know, what do they do in advertising pharmaceuticals?
What average person is going to have a clue about what those pharmaceuticals are going to do?
He doesn't even say what it is.
It's just you're going to be good looking and jump around on mountaintops if you take Scrigonium-12.
By the way, it will cause you to have seizures and die, but it's wonderful and you've got to have it.
Yeah, exactly.
And what has that done?
It's driven the price of pharmaceuticals up in the country, placing them out of the reach of a lot of people.
And again, the globalists see us as like their energy source.
We have to pay quadruple what anybody else pays.
We pay for development of it.
That's exactly right.
We literally, folks, are the energy source of the globalists.
And they tax...
Yeah, I mean, how is that free market, free trade, that you can't buy drugs where you want?
Yeah, it's not free.
The only freedom in free trade is free for profiteers to make as much as they can at the expense of the public.
And again, folks, robbing a bank in the free market.
I love these people.
Oh, Alex is against the free market.
These corporations own documents, own admissions, say we are predatory.
We wage war against these indigenous populations.
That means us.
They go pay off a politician to pay them a bunch of corporate welfare.
That is the opposite of free market.
Let's go to Megan in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for holding.
I really appreciate it.
Hi, thanks a lot.
Go ahead.
I have... Well, okay, I'll just get to the one thing instead of everything else I thought of.
Do either of you know about the Pentagon report that was written last year, supposedly for the president, about global warming?
And the thing that bothered me about reading it was not so much that whether global warming is man-made or natural, but their whole idea is that
This would be a, the phraseology was that it would be worse for our country than any terrorist attack could ever be, that it would impact the economy and
So, like, watching what's going on.
Well, you have to understand, they stick with that word global warming, that term, because they've got energy taxes and world government they're going to set up off a crisis.
So, again, I'm not saying that there aren't climate changes.
The evidence is there clearly is, but as Dr. Begich said, it's cooling here, heating there.
I just see the way that the whole report, you can find it on the DOD website.
Well, regardless, there are crises coming.
There are crises that are here.
Right, and they're using it as this is a perfect little practice run of how to...
I'm pretty scared a little bit about, you know, how this is going to domino across the country.
I mean, you said you're reading something about Atlanta.
They're already saying, well, there's not going to be gas in Atlanta this weekend.
And, again, that's the oil companies.
Look at the neocons.
It's all neocons saying this.
Jeb Bush started all this.
Dr. Bagich?
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, this is, again, you know, it really places the individual in this panic mode.
And let me tell you something else.
As a person that understands what happens in human physiology, when you're in panic or fear... You shift into primitive brain function.
That's exactly right.
If you look at EEGs and you look at what the brain is doing, you are not capable of making the kinds of intellectual decisions that you make when you're exhibiting the higher emotions of compassion, consideration, of confidence.
Those are the things that we need in times of crisis, not panic.
And the key element in all of this is
Not to succumb to fear, but to recognize that these things are coming.
Yeah, recognize there's a threat and take action.
That's empowering.
I mean, I was in Crawford, and there were these full-grown men who thought they were conservatives, and they were like, they're going to come over here and get me if I don't do what Bush says.
Take my rights away or don't get me.
I mean, Americans have never behaved like that, just groveling in fear, worshiping their government.
I mean, what happened to these people?
We have the most extreme example here in Alaska.
We have Senator Stevens who was the chair of appropriations.
He's the king of pork.
He's brought in more money than anyone in the history of this state.
And yet he has made statements that in any other state they would have hung him if he didn't have this seniority.
But it's about the money.
It's about what the guy brings in.
He challenged individuals here, cost people jobs.
He's a tyrant.
And yet
You know, he's tolerated as a tyrant.
There's no room for tyranny within a democratic republic.
There's only room for service in public life.
And these politicians who have forgotten... Yeah, you just hit the nail on the head, Dr. Baggage.
Twenty years ago, they were all called servants.
Now it's officials, authorities.
We're civilians.
You're only a civilian, folks, in martial law.
Your mayor calls you a civilian in martial law.
That's exactly right.
I mean, my younger brother is mayor of Anchorage, which is the biggest city in the state.
It's half the population.
And I can tell you, you know, things are changing.
And the idea of political change still being possible, I think that is possible at the local level.
But even at the local level, as I said, there's a lot of forces that get in the way.
And those forces need to be taken away.
You know, here in Alaska, we still have initiative processes, ways for the public
To weigh in, and people do periodically weigh in.
And the globalists are trying to close those doors.
We need to use them and widen those doors.
In fact, even here, we've had multinational oil companies, which have a big say in Alaskan politics, trying to shut those doors because of potential public interest litigants.
I filed an antitrust suit with two other prominent Alaskans back when Atlantic Richfield was going to sell out and cause a monopoly by British Petroleum on Alaskan oil.
You know, the fact is, we were able to file a public interest litigation in advance of the Western states eventually getting injunctions.
But the fact of the matter is, individuals could do that here.
And we could do that here as public interest litigants.
And they can't stop us all.
They can't defeat all of us.
Megan, quickly, anything else?
Yeah, just one other thing.
I just want to say that the hardest job, but the best job I ever had was fishing for halibut up in Alaska.
That's great.
That's great.
It's one of the most beautiful places in our country.
It is, indeed.
Thank you, Megan.
I'm just going to say this right here.
All over the country, we're seeing good things happen.
But believe me, you're not going to hear... I used to say Peter Jennings, but he's dead now.
You're not going to hear Brian Williams up there telling you about the good things that are going to happen.
It's about how you don't have power, how you're pathetic, but how the government's going to save you.
And what is the government?
It's a bought-and-paid-for instrument of these corrupt corporate interests.
And, I mean, Dr. Baggage, looking at this...
When we finally get down to brass tacks for the New World Order, so many people that have been in denial in the power structure at mid-levels who aren't truly evil, but have just been deluded, who have been rationalizing, they're now having to really make those decisions.
And I think therein is one of the really big Achilles heels for these parasites.
That, I think, is true.
You know, when you look around the country, again, people are waking up to a certain degree.
Again, it's a lot of information doesn't migrate.
You know, the wire services.
You know, one of the biggest issues in climate change that hasn't even been addressed is, you know, we're having a major meltdown in the Arctic.
And what that does is there is an ice cap that goes across Siberia, Alaska, Canada, the northern regions.
You're talking about tens of thousands of years of animal dung.
And now it's coming, you know, now it's finally decaying.
I mean, there's 30,000, 40,000-year-old carcasses now decaying in the Arctic that have been frozen for that many years.
And this is all, all of this is going to have a huge, huge roll-up impact.
It is already being felt in our region.
It's accelerating.
We'll be right back.
We've got a break.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got to get him back on in the near future.
We're going to go to him in a second.
But just look at the news here.
FBI library records probe hits home.
Patriot Act.
Defense in homeless transit case gets boost from the feds.
Oh, yes, homeless people can be arrested under the Patriot Act.
See, everything's terror, folks.
Britain uses hate law to ban animal rights campaigner who doesn't even call for violence.
Again, folks, I don't like the general animal rights crowd.
I don't agree with them.
But, again, banning them.
You can't travel to England.
Very interesting.
Jumping of U.S.
dollar could trigger economic September 11th.
No, Alex Jones didn't write that.
The Australian did, one of the major papers of Australia.
Here's another one.
eBay drop-off store owners arrested over fingerprinting dispute.
I have friends that have these businesses.
They're locally, and when you go in to sell your stuff, you've got to be fingerprinted.
Again, training you to be fingerprinted to buy and sell.
Folks, I have a stack of these articles.
Dr. Baggett, here's another one.
Reuters cameraman to be held in Abu Ghraib.
They already killed one of them, injured him, and they aren't apologizing.
They're not saying he did anything wrong, but they're going to question the wounded guy in the torture camp, and I'm sure after they torture him, he'll say that they didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, you know, this idea of IDing folks in this way, biometrics is what they're calling this, you know, whether it's using fingerprints or iris scans, ultimately, you know, the idea of implant technologies is where we see it going, and it is going to control your ability to buy and sell.
What did you think when you heard Tommy Thompson's going to travel the country telling school kids to take chips?
You know, they've already been pushing for this.
Before 9-11, nobody would tolerate it.
But since 9-11, the very same companies that evolved this technology are now talking about it first for prisoners, for children to protect them, for political leadership to protect them.
Again, using fear as a motivation.
Elders who are losing mental faculties.
But eventually it's everyone.
And even papers like the Revolutionary Military Affairs and Conflicts Short of War produced by the U.S.
Army War College talks about this technology for business travelers.
The reality is the biggest problem in the country that's being focused on for economics
And I've researched it.
It's the companies predominantly selling data packages that are causing it.
They've caused the problem, and now they're giving us a solution that has nothing to do with it.
Jason in Maryland.
Go ahead, Jason.
Go ahead, quickly.
I wanted to know if the National ID card is law yet, and where we stand on the Patriot Act 2, how close that is to Patriot Act 2.
Patriot Act 2 is very close.
Lord Gonzalez is pushing it, who says the government's above the law.
And they did pass Real ID Act about six months ago, and they're attempting to enforce it at the state level.
And comments, Dr. Baggins, quickly?
Yeah, the driver's licenses are the first attack to sort of nationalize those, you know, in terms of formatting.
But national ID is going to be the big push.
It's going to be predicated on the idea of terrorism, illegal immigration, whatever excuses they can use to generate fear for people to give up their civil liberties.
And I say don't give them up.
Fight for them.
Do the things that an abused public can do.
Thank you, Jason.
Quickly, Jim in Texas, you've got 45 seconds.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to give you guys a real quick info.
Both don't believe that the hurricane was... Well, somebody did something with it, because if you take a look at the satellite photos that, frankly speaking, radio, and click on the weather control, you can clearly see a circle, excuse me, a rectangle and a pentagon.
Yeah, listen, thanks for the call.
Don't ever expect me to promote that type of trash.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Hey, listen, I want to thank you, Dr. Baggage, for coming on the show.
Hey, always a pleasure.
God bless you, my friend, and give us that website again.
It's earthpulse.com, E-A-R-T-H-P-U-L-S-E dot com.
All right, well, I want to thank you for the great work you've done, and we've got to get you back on to talk about real weather modification in the near future.
Looking forward to it.
God bless you all, folks.
Have a great day.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.