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Air Date: Aug. 30, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the meteorologists on television and the newspapers in the last few days were predicting just abject destruction in Sin City, New Orleans, if there was a direct hit by Hurricane Katrina.
Then they all discussed how the
The city dodged a bullet and how it went a little bit east of there.
But still, the city itself is basically submerged now.
The death toll is well over 80 lives now.
And there's also, of course, flooding in Mississippi and surrounding states.
But 80 deaths right now, just 80-plus deaths right now, just in the area of Louisiana and New Orleans.
So I was hoping that all the dire predictions would be wrong, and then yesterday they were saying, oh, it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be by half, and then now they're saying it's just absolutely horrible.
You've got to ask yourself, though, why the federal government actually cut funding to repair the existing levees and dikes and walls that
That we're shading and shielding the city of New Orleans from the Great Mississippi and its delta.
I mean, we're talking about a situation where if there was a direct hit on New Orleans, the Houston Chronicle last year, quoting top meteorologists, said tens of thousands could die.
If there was ever a direct hit, and almost every year, hurricanes slam into the city of New Orleans.
They just haven't been Category 4 or 5.
This one was Category 4 when it came ashore, but again, the main thrust not hitting New Orleans.
It's a big deal, and 80-plus people dead.
Meanwhile, we have to give up all our liberties, put in tens of billions of dollars of cameras all over the country, learn to lick the boots of men wearing black ski masks and black Nazi uniforms.
We have to learn how to be stopped at checkpoints while our border stays wide open.
And the federal government massively slashed the funding for simply repairing walls that the Army Corps of Engineers built 50 and 60 years ago.
Forget building new walls, just repairing them.
Because the city, since they first built those walls 60 years ago, has sunk another foot or two.
So it just shows this government could care less about you.
They tell you all day that it's their job to take care of you and their job to run your life and their job to tax the daylights out of you.
Whereas it's not really the federal government's job.
The state of Louisiana has the money, has the manpower.
They should have protected the city, but they're a bunch of predominantly decadent, corrupt fat cats running that government down there.
I mean, Louisiana is legendarily corrupt, folks.
I don't have to apologize for stating the obvious.
And why are they legendarily corrupt?
Because their population is legendarily laissez-faire.
Very laissez-faire.
It figures the word laissez-faire is French.
They're French.
That is, they don't give a hoot.
A rootin' tootin'.
And obviously that's an overgeneralization, but predominantly we're looking at a decadent lot of sops.
And listen, listen.
If I lived in New Orleans, I would have moved out of there years ago because they hadn't repaired that.
When their own meteorologists and topographers were saying, if we get hit by a hurricane, we're dead.
I mean, this is serious.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, we'll give you the latest on the disasters taking place all over Louisiana and Mississippi and surrounding Gulf states.
Here in just a few minutes, but I'm sure that you've all gotten plenty of reportage on this tragedy.
I do want to note that coming up in about 52 minutes, we're going to have the gentleman on the broadcast who a few months ago said, he's a developer, that he's moving to take one of the Supreme Court justices' homes
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
So it's a big, big deal, and we're going to be discussing it here on air coming up the next hour with the gentleman who is illustrating absurdity by being absurd.
But really, I think it's just desserts to try to take one of the justices' homes who voted for the land grabbing and build a hotel on it.
By the way, the big secret that I've
Never seen anywhere but a small blurb in World Net Daily and now on one other blog is that it is openly admitted in the newspapers locally in New London, Connecticut that
They told the people five years ago, give us your houses.
It doesn't matter if you're paying taxes at $260,000 a year on your three-story Victorian-style six-bedroom home.
We say it's worth $60,000.
And that's because we've condemned your home out of hand because we say we own it, and so we'll just pay you for the lot.
And by the way, if you don't pay us for... I mean, if you don't give us the property and let us pay you just for the lot, that is the New London Development Committee, this private development consortium running around paying off the mayor and others.
If you don't do that, we're going to charge you full rent on every square foot at the highest city rates for your house.
And they told the hundreds of families that still live there this five years ago, and most of them sold.
But around 70, what was it, 76 families refused to leave.
Some of them, you know, 85-year-old widows who were born in that house, they have nowhere to go with what they're being offered and with the debts that they have.
And this is admitted, but it was never on the nightly news, never on Rush Limbaugh, never on Michael Wiener Savage, never talked about by the neocons.
We wrote a huge article about it and begged the media to pick it up.
World Net Daily barely mentioned it and interviewed one of the people that we interviewed, one of the local homeowners.
Today, a blog picked up on it, thank God, but that's really about it.
And that leads me into the hurricane.
You go, well, what does land grabbing have to do with the hurricane?
Well, before I get to that, here's another example building up to that.
We've had 600-plus people in the last eight months, and my numbers are three weeks old.
There's dozens of deaths a week, so I'm sure it's a lot more than 600 now.
But 600-plus deaths...
Dozens of police and forest service and border patrol and sheriff's deputies on our side, over a hundred on their side, and then again hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of U.S.
and Mexican citizens kidnapped, murdered, slaughtered, rocket attacks, missile attacks, bazooka attacks, car bombs, machine gunnings.
I mean, right here in Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas.
Eight towns flying the Mexican flag.
No American flag being flown on the U.S.
No English allowed in any of the... No English allowed in any of the court proceedings or in any of the city buildings.
Some of these are good-sized towns.
And the San Antonio Express News will write an article about how there's rocket attacks, or how the U.S...
Embassy's mission closed.
Or how there was a car bombing.
But it's all broken up.
Or, well, another town doesn't fly the American flag.
Citizens have chosen to only fly the Mexican flag.
It's all broken up.
And so we wrote a huge, detailed, nine-page article.
For some reason, we can write an article about a ham sandwich.
I've said jokingly, and it gets linked everywhere.
Millions of readers.
We cannot get that story linked.
Cannot get anyone to talk about it.
And I just have no idea why.
And the entire article is literally, I didn't count them up, dozens and dozens and dozens of hyperlinks.
I mean, every statement we make is backed up by multiple links to mainstream news.
But no one has put it all together.
We've done that.
I wish others would.
Because this is the big threat.
I mean, I even have top activists on who are living on the border fighting the invasion.
Anglin Spencer on American Patrol, one of the most intelligent, informed people, and he hadn't heard all this.
I said, well, what about the rocket attacks?
Heard about that.
What about all the kidnappings?
Heard about that.
What about the car bombings?
I heard a little something about that.
What about the towns flying the Mexican flag?
I did hear about that, but not all eight towns.
And he goes, man, the more you talk about it, yeah, I do see it.
Wow, no one's put it all together.
Again, it's hidden in plain view, and we've put this together, and listen, folks, we're under attack.
I mean, we've got 600-plus people dead.
Rocket attacks, car bombings, embassies closing, travel advisories saying that the Texas border is more dangerous than the West Bank, folks.
The State Department's own website says,
We're not closing embassies in Israel, folks.
But they are down on the border of Mexico.
And it's bad.
And nobody's talking about it.
Nobody's discussing it.
And it's the same thing with what I was mentioning earlier.
And Stalin said it.
The evil mastermind that he was.
One man dies, it's a tragedy.
Ten thousand die, it is a statistic.
People can grasp, they can grasp that there's been a car bombing, or they can grasp that there's been a bunch of assassinations, but they can't grasp, they can grasp individual stories.
Or, you know, one girl who gets kidnapped and killed in Aruba.
And, you know, it's endless news for two months.
But when we've got DynCorp caught admittedly kidnapping 200,000 women and children, I mean, I play the congressional testimony.
It's admitted.
And nothing's done.
It's just minor footnote and a couple of news wires.
So our job is to focus on what we think is important and to focus on the things that are really big that are being ignored.
I mean, I've been criticized by some of our astute audience for spending too much time on Camp Casey and on what's happening out there because people rightfully see it as a big diversion.
But only on the surface.
If you look at just the thousand neocons screaming at the 3,000 liberals, and then just have a big raw, raw mock battle, basically, of the two political parties, it is a diversion.
But then if you go into the microcosm level, though, and look at how both sides are controlled, and look at how the neocons don't care if Bush is anti-Second Amendment or anti-national sovereignty, they'll
They told me I'm one of those evil right-wing Republicans.
And I had so-called Republicans tell me this.
I mean, there's a lot to be learned by looking at the diversion and by talking about the diversion.
Or what I should say, the media circus.
So it just blows my mind.
And now that brings us to Hurricane Katrina.
They're talking about gas prices hitting $80 a barrel now.
They're over $70 right now.
I'm sure you've noticed at the pump.
We also now again have the reports coming out that as many as 80 plus people could be dead along the river there alone in New Orleans.
Power was out to almost a million customers statewide.
We have just
All sorts of horrible things happening.
They're saying Katrina could cost insurers a record $25 billion.
You're going, well, Alex, Katrina's getting a lot of attention.
What do you mean it's not getting attention?
No, no, no.
It's not getting attention in context to the fact that, again, the government will say, give up all your rights, throw the Bill of Rights out the window, worship tyrannical Orwellian police state because 56 people died in bombings in London.
We've got to search you on the highways and search you in the subways and search you on the Amtraks and shove you around and order you around because Al-Qaeda is going to get you.
Meanwhile, they leave the border wide open.
I mean, there's just this disconnect with logic.
Meanwhile, Bush almost cut all the funding, just the base regular funding for the Army Corps of Engineers and others to just repair the ongoing repair of levees and dikes.
And different systems that have been built by the federal government in conjunction with the state of Louisiana and other states on the Mississippi.
Because it's below sea level there, folks.
It's a swamp.
New Orleans is built on a swamp, a city of four million people.
Well, now, the city basically is in danger of washing away, and the government isn't going to do a thing.
To fix those levies, they're just going to spend 30, 40 times the money now to go basically bail everybody out.
I mean, you've got to ask yourselves why.
We'll be right back.
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It should be
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Many American cities, including New Orleans, have flooded this bad in the past.
But why hasn't the government repaired the dikes so that it will not happen in the future?
Or so that if there is more of a direct hit, or a greater collision with a storm in the future, that the loss of life won't even be greater.
Why did George Bush take the funding, cut the funding?
It isn't like he cut some extra funding.
No, no.
He cut the base funding down to almost nothing.
Meanwhile, they're saying that so far, the Iraq War is the third most expensive war...
In U.S.
history, and in another year, it will be as expensive as World War II.
And folks, that's because Lockheed Martin and Halliburton and the rest of them are just gorging themselves right now.
So see, there's no money to spare.
They've just got to have it all.
Why, the troops can't even have it.
And, you know, I haven't even talked about this.
It's in the stack today.
I'm so desensitized I didn't even mention it.
Chris Hansen came in here on the microphone during the break and said, why aren't you talking about how they're announcing martial law in New Orleans and surrounding area?
Because they always call it civil emergency and riot police or whatever.
No, no, now they want to use that term that they've been pushing the last few years, martial law.
Just getting you used to hearing it.
Three weeks ago they were saying they're getting ready for martial law for civil emergencies to fight American rebels.
The Washington Post talking about martial law, and we played newscasts up in Virginia, where they're talking about the citizens are rebels, and we've got to train to deal with the citizens.
We're rebels!
You haven't heard that talk since, you know, the 1770s and 1780s.
Again, it's just this endless atmosphere of... I mean, in the past, if a city flooded, they'd send in the National Guard, and they'd be under the governor's control.
The governor would request them and the feds would send them.
But now the Associated Press headline reads, Pentagon to direct and command operations in an unprecedented move.
The Pentagon is taking full control.
Oh, the Pentagon is in control!
Not being directed by the local governor.
The Pentagon!
The Pentagon is in control!
And I remember, three years ago, this is in my film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, it was in the Times-Picayune, that's the big paper in New Orleans, that the city had been federalized.
Every department, they were under FEMA command and control.
So this has already been done, this has been prepared, Detroit has been federalized, L.A.
has been federalized, though not to the extent of the total capitulation to federal occupation.
It's all these headlines about martial law of terrorist attacks, setting aside the Constitution for a military government.
And the American Legion and others are coming out with statements saying protesting a war should be banned.
And I hear the neocons on talk radio, ban protest, ban free speech, it's terroristic.
Why don't we just have martial law?
I know you've heard it, your talk radio listeners.
Why don't we just put people in labor camps?
And we can't have them eating for free, so let's make them work for their food.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But the border stays wide open, and every time they track down al-Qaeda, there's CIA or MI6 being protected.
Lo and behold, the defense contractors have the motive.
Trillions of dollars in weapons systems over the next decade.
Trillions in oil.
Hundreds of billions in camera systems and surveillance systems.
You see, the private military industrial complex, using crises they create, or crises that they use, are just taking over every sector of society.
Now, the only real jobs you can get when you go to college, they tell you, sign up for Homeland Security.
Why, we've got just thousands and thousands at every big university
Full scholarships if you want to go into Homeland Security.
When you go to Homeland Security classes, you learn how to report on neighbors, and how to create citizen spy brigades, and how Second Amendment is bad, and how the Founding Fathers are bad.
Oh, I have video of the train.
It's in Road to Tyranny.
Actually, a video of it.
George Washington's a terrorist.
All gun owners are terrorists.
Folks, I'm not kidding about all this.
Do you understand?
They're making their move right now.
Just more and more.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of military training drills all over the country in the last decade for martial law.
And I would go to these training drills.
Or listeners would go to them and get video.
But I went to over ten of them.
And on the ground, it was for America.
It was to fight American rebels.
But on the local news, it was always for overseas.
Now that's changed.
Now they have it on local news and they say, it's to fight you, the citizens, the rebels.
You're rebels.
They're calling us rebels.
What have they got planned that's so horrible, they know we're going to resist them?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Folks, I want you to get it burning in your brains.
In the late 90s, I would travel up to the East Coast, the West Coast.
I would witness Marines, regular Marines, with foreign troops, with role players saying, I'm an American, not the camp.
They would let us videotape the mock interrogations where, where are you from?
I'm from San Francisco.
Where did you get the weapons?
And I came and made videos about it.
Police State 2000, Police State 2, The Takeover.
And I've ranted and I've raved about it, and now all over the country.
You'll just read in your paper, as a cost-cutting scenario, they're moving the National Guard in with the Sheriff's Department in the new Law Enforcement Center.
And they just calmly announced that the National Guard and the local police have merged into the local FEMA center.
Oh, that's normal.
Then we hear, oh, there's going to be domestic CIA units.
Troops are going to be involved in our daily lives to keep us safe.
Oh, they're just in New York and Chicago and Houston and L.A.
and places like that, and they just stand there with machine guns.
It does nothing to protect you from somebody with a bomb, even if they were real Muslim terrorists that weren't Al-Syayida.
And then again, Tommy Franks and the outgoing head of CENTCOM last year tells major magazines and people couldn't believe it.
Then he went on Fox News and word for word said the exact same thing.
It's just too bad, but it's what the people want.
We'll keep you safe.
Next time we'll get attacked, military government.
You know, us generals just hate that.
All throughout history, we just hate it.
Everything our founding fathers warned us about.
And I know there's a bunch of idiots out there going, What are you, anti-military?
I think the military ought to run our lives!
That's freedom!
I guess it's freedom in communist China, or in Russia, or in East Germany under the Stasi, who our government, by the way, consults openly with.
Marcus Wolff is a million-dollar-a-year hired consultant, the former head of the Stasi.
I mean, folks, you couldn't write a science fiction novel this bizarre.
No one.
If I wrote a dystopic novel ten years ago with all the stuff in it that's happening, people would say, oh, that book's too unbelievable.
But again, it's creeping death.
It's just, oh, the troops are in the schools recruiting.
Oh, they now have a semester class where your child is required to go.
In some schools where the BATF has another semester and you go to the class in 7th or 8th grade and the troops talk to you about the military for a semester.
I mean, and by the way, what's going on at home?
I mean, they're actually doing it.
And you go, well, our troops won't follow those orders.
And you know what?
You're absolutely right.
Our troops, most of them are good people and they'll never follow those orders when they get back.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Those levels are actually increasing.
So we have an incorporated, open, foreign troop base who will be here to oppress us.
You've got to love it.
In plain view.
And I saw the U.N.
General McKenzie the Wednesday after 9-11, a week and a day after 9-11.
I saw him on Nightline with Ted Koppel saying, we're going to have foreign troops in America for your safety.
If America's tied down in a foreign war against care.
And then we've interviewed Colonel Roberts, who's been there when they say this, and who's cadet nephew at West Point.
They come in and tell him this.
This is going on, folks.
This isn't speculation.
But again, it won't be like Red Dawn where they paratroop in and machine gun you at the high school.
It'll just be, well, half our military is Latin American.
And forget just Latin Americans, Mexicans enrolled in the regular military.
We have ABC News now.
What we told you a year ago is now ABC News.
Thousands of Latin Americans from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama have openly been hired and former death squad commanders openly are now moving them to Iraq.
Well, we also know that they're now here in Texas.
They're Los Zetas.
They work for our... Folks, we are in trouble.
Deep trouble.
Alright, I know Debbie Morrow's been holding for about four minutes.
I know we've got Mike and Ralph and
James and Richard and everybody else, and we're going to get to you.
But I got this little two-minute clip from New Orleans.
This is from local Channel 6, and this is the type of stuff that's happening there right now.
I want to play this clip.
But again, the Pentagon is in control.
In this neighborhood of Edgewood, which is not too far from the dome off of I-10, there are hundreds and hundreds of homes that are completely flooded.
Yeah, I think so.
It's a slow, gradual rise now.
It's not dramatic as before, but that's a big concern, especially with these people that are trapped overnight up in the attic spaces, because literally the air pockets, there's nowhere.
We saw people sticking their hands outside through the rafters, waving little tin pans, aluminum pans, to signal or have some kind of reflection as they were screaming.
To get them out because claustrophobia sets in two of these people that are trapped.
Apparently what I think a lot of the rescue operations and a lot of the people don't realize the magnitude of how many people are still trapped in the attics.
They're chopping through with axes on the rooftops to pull people that are literally just breathing the last air in their homes and they're up in the rafters up in the attic spaces.
I think the biggest concern that they have is the survivability of these people that are still trapped which they cannot get to this evening because it's just too dangerous to take your boats.
The power lines are underneath the water getting caught up in the props and actually some of these lines are hot and also the gas lines are still bubbling and sending out natural gas.
These lines have not been cut off or they didn't have time.
I think there's actually
Unfortunately, in anticipation that there could be hundreds of deaths by tomorrow.
So, now, I mean, think about this.
You live in a city of, what, almost 4 million people.
The Houston Chronicle and the Times-Picayune, both last year, we reposted these articles yesterday, said that tens of thousands could die if a major Category 4 or more hurricane hit New Orleans.
It's several feet
Below sea level on average, some areas even lower.
The city is sinking, and they have not even repaired the existing dikes and barriers.
And the federal government slashed the funds almost to nothing.
But there's plenty of funding for a billion here, a billion there, to put cameras and microphones up in your neighborhood, but not for the borders.
And again, it goes back to this laissez-faire attitude.
I mean, if I lived with my family in New Orleans, I don't care if I had to have a job there or a family business, I would have a boat.
I would have life jackets.
I would have blow-up boats.
I would have a door put on my roof so I could get out.
I mean, these people just go up in the attics.
They just run up in the attics as the water rises and they don't even have a way to get out.
Don't even have a battery-powered saw?
I mean, it's insane.
And again, it's just like with this corrupt government.
Everybody lives in denial.
Well, I got a hamburger to eat.
I got some beer to drink.
I got a party to go to.
I got a topless bar to go to.
I got my George Bush worship fest to go to.
Meanwhile, your family lives in a city that you know gets hit by hurricanes every couple of years, and there's hundreds of deaths every time it happens, and you just don't even care.
And I guess, you know, I didn't mean for this to happen, but we have Debbie on at least once a week, and this is her scheduled time, and we're talking about Big Berkey, Made in America, high-quality water filters.
I mean, it's good to have them for emergencies if there's bacteria in the water, which happens all the time in major cities or even small towns.
All the poisons and stuff in the water, and that's the reason I drink out of them, but if there ever is an emergency, I even have more packed up in, you know...
My attic and in my garage.
I have two different emergency packs ready with food and firearms and water filters.
Just because it's called an insurance policy, folks.
I mean, our forefathers did this.
We've gotten totally disconnected from reality.
And it's so foolish.
And I hope you will take advantage of this today and get a big Berkey.
I ordered another one this morning.
I've ordered, I don't know, 15 of these over the years.
I just ordered another one.
Black Berkey Made in America Element in the American Stainless Steel Mount.
And Debbie, thanks for holding for ten minutes.
And I appreciate you coming on.
You know, to have the Pentagon taking over, and that's never before happened.
I mean, they'll send the National Guard, they'll send the Army, but it's under the governor's control.
It's just this new move where we're the feds, we're in control.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you for having me.
I was glad to listen in to what you were talking about anyway.
Well, meanwhile, it's the feds that took the money away to fix the dikes, but go ahead.
Well, this really seems kind of sad to even talk about.
If you haven't gotten your Berkey yet, why are you waiting?
You know, something like this could happen anywhere.
You know, we're never into fear or motivation.
But this is a good time to... Well, we have flash floods in Central Texas all the time.
The last time it happened, 35 people died.
I know.
Well, but look at all the people up in, you know, not just on the coast who are being affected.
I mean, they've been showing on the news all the tornadoes that hit, all the flood water, all the rain water, all the way up to Ohio Valley.
You know?
So it's not just the coastal people, because really, at this point right now, the coastal people, there would be no way to get a Berkey into them.
And now Jeb Bush is fear-mongering for the oil industry, when they've actually got giant stockpiles of gasoline on the shore.
He's fear-mongering for his business partners, saying there may be gas shortages.
Which, by the way, people get arrested for doing that if they're not the governor.
You know, going out and fear-mongering.
That's right.
And that's what we don't want to do.
We don't want to create fear in people.
But we sure do want to get these burkies out to people if we can.
A bunch of different specials.
Give her a call, folks.
I mean, an Indian or Chinese knockoff costs more.
This is what I use.
I mean, I bought Berkeys back in 98, 99, you know, years before they were sponsors.
And this is the big national distributor of the British Berkeys.
They've also got the Made in America Berkeys that are even better.
Give them a call, 1-888-803-4438.
Give Debbie a call.
Do not wait.
It's not as dramatic and, you know, out in the open as this big evil eye of this hurricane sitting over Mississippi right now and Louisiana, but it's a much greater threat is the poisons that are already in the water, Debbie.
Absolutely, and that's what I have told people over and over again, and I can't say that enough.
Don't wait for a disaster to, you know, I mean, you're poisoning yourself every single day if you're drinking tap water.
And you don't even know it.
Every day.
You're just a little bit of this and a little bit of that that's added to the water.
And then we wonder, why don't we feel good?
Why do people have fibromyalgia?
Why do they have all these things that you never heard about 50 years ago?
Well, why didn't people 50 years ago was unheard of for somebody to have acne?
Even young people.
I mean, now you see 50-year-old people with just acne everywhere.
Right, exactly.
And, you know, I'm not a scientist.
I'm not a doctor.
But I really don't think that drinking ammonia chlorine is good for you.
You know, when I was a little girl, my mama taught me, never mix ammonia and chlorine because if you do, you will make a gas that will kill you.
So when you're cleaning house, don't mix the two products.
But they put it in your drinking water and tell you it's okay to drink it.
Well, Debbie, I've been to the EPA website and read what is allowable, how many dead bacteria, how many living bacteria, how many herbicides, how many pesticides, how much Ritalin, how much Prozac, because people take this in mass and it goes back into the reservoirs.
And it takes a long time to break down because they're artificial compounds, and you are drinking it, folks.
Give Debbie a call right now, 1-888-803-4438, or go to BerkeyWater.com and tell them it's an Alex Jones special.
Take advantage of about four big specials.
They're running right now.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex, and God bless everybody out there and their families.
Take care, Debbie.
Now, I've been ranting and raving about the hurricane for most of the last hour, but I've got to say it again.
I mean, it's a fact.
Just the existing hurricane preparedness funds that the federal government's been putting into Louisiana for 60 years were cut almost to nothing.
Now, again, I don't believe the federal government should be in the business.
The state government has the job, and it can be done inexpensively, to absolutely block these floodwaters.
They haven't done it.
And the decadent population has sat there sucking their thumbs and didn't care.
And now the government's coming in.
The very federal government that did this is coming in to save everyone.
I mean, this is so sick.
And these politicians always get about 10 points out of a hurricane.
The governor's where they get hit, the president gets it, we'll have Bush via the helicopter flying around for a week, and there'll be no mention of him cutting the hurricane funding.
There's just no mention of it.
Again, billion plus, billion two in New York for cameras.
900 million in Boston.
800 and something million in Chicago.
500 billion dollars for cameras and microphones this year alone by the federal government.
Hundreds of millions in Austin.
Just one federal grant.
And all they needed was about $100 million to fix these old levees and dikes and walls.
They haven't even been fixed since the last time they collapsed.
But I've got to give up all my rights because the terrorists are going to kill me any minute.
Who's up first here?
Mike in Illinois, thanks for calling.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, great show, and feel sorry for all those people down there.
I've been to New Orleans many times for work, and yeah, that city is sinking.
I was there two years ago, and it's pathetic what goes on there.
It's a very corrupt city.
With the government, the politicians, as is Chicago.
With corruption, you get a corrupt population, and the people just run around greedily, only caring about themselves.
I mean, it's the original Sin City.
It's Sin City.
And look, it's full of good people.
I'm just saying, predominantly, evil people run Louisiana, and they just don't care.
Alex, I'm calling you because you're talking about cameras and stuff, and I live in a suburb outside of Chicago here in...
I was at a block party a couple months ago and the police chief, ironically, lives down the street from me.
The town I live in spent close to a few million dollars in putting cameras up at every intersection in the town.
It's a town of about 46,000 people.
And I asked him about the cameras and he says, well, it's just there to monitor in case there was an automobile crash.
But the local newspaper just put out here in the town that they're going to monitor and send people speeding tickets.
Well, sir, it's always the same MO.
Well, stay there.
I'll let you get into it when we get back, Mike.
No, I mean, it's always the same.
In a way, they're telling the truth.
Yes, dual views, it will be used for traffic control.
Yes, it's true.
It's true.
The Pentagon set up... This, by the way, has been a new scientist.
The Pentagon designed the National Camera System.
They brag that it is a control grid.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the document of truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit Infowars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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That's herbalhealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
For you listeners, it seems like I'm racing, I'm frantic, I'm spasmodically spewing information.
It's not because I'm obnoxious or I'm trying to show off what I know.
It's that I'm frantic.
There's just so much.
I mean, every classical indicator, every form of classical oppression and tyranny.
I mean, when your government openly trains to put citizens in camps and hires the former head of the Stasi as a consultant, and it's admitted in the mainstream news, I mean, come on, folks!
The Stasi, the East German secret police, worse than the communist Chinese, worse when it came to surveillance than the Nazis.
I mean, it's just...
It's mind-blowing, and they just do it out in the open.
All those years I got laughed at for saying martial law was coming, and now it's just the nightly news every night.
Some new reason we need it.
Why, it's the best thing since sliced bread.
It's like next year's new automobile coming out.
We can't wait to get it.
The new Mustang is coming out.
It's like it's a commodity.
And to read in MIT's magazine, to read in New Scientist, to read in several different magazines the last year, where the Pentagon just came out and said, yeah, we designed the grids for the cameras and the FEMA emergency centers and the microphones, and it's a control system for populations, and we want to put the same system in in Iraq.
That's why in both magazines, they were admitting it, saying, well, we've done it in America.
We need it here for our occupation.
Just give me a break, folks.
Our military isn't supposed to be running our lives.
Remember, 20 plus percent of the army right now is foreign.
Again, hidden in plain view.
I could pull my hair out.
I want to go to Mike and James and Richard and
Randall and others.
Mike, finish up in Illinois.
Yeah, Alex, also the thing is they've been doing checkpoints here in the suburbs.
And I asked the police chief.
They were pulling cars out.
I was almost one.
Now, it's a violation of our amendment.
I don't know which one it is.
Fourth Amendment.
Fourth Amendment, right.
To do random searches.
But he said, he admitted, the police chief admitted after he's had a few beers at the block party,
That they are doing random searches.
They'll take every third or fourth car, and they had light-alls in this Kmart parking lot, and they were telling all the cars to go off, that they'd pull, checking them for insurance and DUI.
There's the ski mask, not the ski mask, but they had the Nazi helmets, the black uniforms with the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
No, they won't.
They won't do it for a minute.
But when you say, hey, why are you wanting to search me?
What have you got to hide, Mac?
And see, now they're even doing it in people's houses.
Speak of the devil, in Louisiana last year, they just come to your door, happening in Dallas, Texas.
It's happening in Arizona.
We'd like to search your house.
We're searching all the houses.
Well, why?
It's knock and talk.
You can't search my house.
What do you got to hide, ma'am?
That's right.
That's what the police chief said.
Well, if you're not guilty of anything, he says it shouldn't bother you.
It's for your safety that we get DUI drunk drivers off the road.
Well, I mean, did you hear the police chief I had on from Bergen County when he said he thinks they should make us take chips and then he'll enforce it?
These people are mind-controlled.
Absolutely, Alex.
Look, look, look.
It's like that police chief said.
I am the government.
I am the government.
And because he is the government, why, it can't be bad.
Folks, we're in for rough times.
We've been evil.
We've been decadent.
We've killed 50 million babies in abortion.
And we're going to be judged, folks.
I mean, it's real simple.
Just suck your thumbs and stick your George Bush stickers on your car and you'll feel real good.
Because God's going to wear you out.
He's going to let the devil get you.
We're all going to get to pay the piper.
I guess us, too.
We'll be right back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
I mean crashing.
Through the lies and disinformation.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Back from 9 to midnight.
Got a guest coming up about your loving government, while Hugo Chavez, the evil communist, gives the people back state-owned lands, gives 40 acres and a mule, literally, to the population.
Our government snatches and grabs, foaming at the mouth greedily.
And again, I don't like Chavez, folks.
The guy is a leftist.
But compared to our government, he's a right-wing extremist.
Let's go ahead.
Seriously, all the terms you've been given are scrambled, folks.
Let's go ahead and go to James in Texas and Richard and others.
Go ahead, James.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I've been listening to you for long times, back when you were just on Austin Access, and have learned a lot, but I've got some constructive criticism that I wanted to pass on to you if you're receptive.
I'm not perfect.
Of course.
I've actually got a lot of problems.
Well, from time to time you get on the rant about the abortion issue, and both you and I have it in common that we are against abortion, but why would we want to give the government more power by... Well, look, sir, I'm not an anarchist.
I believe we need a government.
And listen, you know...
Let me just say this.
People only care about themselves.
Those are babies.
They're being killed.
And I don't care if people don't like it, and I don't care if it's balkanizing.
I am against abortion.
We both are, Alex, but it's divisive, and we're trying to...
...tackle tyranny right now.
We've got the new world... Sir, I think the greatest tyranny in this country is 50 million... Look, look, look.
You think you're safe from a government that'll let up people, kill 50 million kids?
I don't know.
I do not think that we're safe from the government.
That's what we agree on.
No, but I mean, we're... Look, look, look.
We're evil.
We're all sinners.
Of course we are.
Yeah, but let me just tell you something, okay?
All right?
Look, I am just... It's simple, folks.
They are robbing you of the greatest thing you could ever imagine.
Children are God's gift to us.
And we have, look, we're winning the abortion fight.
Did you know that in the major polls ten years ago, 65% of people were for abortion?
Now those numbers are reversed with 30-something percent for it.
We're winning, despite all the propaganda.
And that's a good thing.
Abortion numbers are down.
The only way that you could ever stop abortion is to change the social fabric so that people don't,
Get them by choice.
I agree.
These bloodthirsty, family-destroying governments that by design have broken up the family, and they're literally sucking the flower of our youth up a dirty vacuum hose, and I'm going to speak out against it.
But we both know that our votes don't even count right now.
So it's something really that is divisive.
Unfortunately, everyone doesn't agree with us.
We need to put it on the back burner until we defeat the New World Order and our votes count again.
I'll say this.
The way to really stop abortion is what we've been doing.
We have been going out and educating young women and young men that it's a baby.
That's why the FDA is trying to ban those 3D color sonograms.
Not that they're dangerous.
They just say, well, there's no need.
You don't need photos.
It's not medical.
Because they don't want people seeing that, and the real way is for people to go set up TV sets on the street corner showing videos of a five-month-old baby in the womb so these people know the truth.
And that's what's really stopping abortion.
Thanks for the call.
But I do not agree with you that it's an issue that should be put on the front burner.
I should talk more about it.
You know, some of these so-called liberals, they act like abortion is a sacrament.
They love it.
Well, they hate it when the troops get their arms and legs blown off, and I do too.
They hate it when the troops breathe depleted uranium, and I do too.
I love life, all life.
I love life so much I could care less about my own.
In the defense of life.
And, uh... Folks, abortion is barbaric.
I don't care how twisted... You know, they've twisted your minds in your guts.
You know it's wrong.
And if you were involved in one, just say you're sorry.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and pliable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-2533-139.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, your calls are coming up.
We're also going to get into Reuters' demands for release of wounded Iraqi journalists.
They killed one of their camera people and then just kidnapped the other.
Our government's saying c'est la vie.
Is the bird flu pandemic a chicken little scenario?
More on the devastating hurricane.
And now mainstream peace groups are being listed as terrorists by the FBI.
They're trying to use the Patriot Act against them, and major veterans groups are coming out and openly calling for banning free speech at any type of war protest.
So we've got the left running around greedily wanting to butcher the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
We've got the so-called conservatives running around doing it.
Both political parties are basically carbon copies.
Of each other.
Their rhetoric is just different, and the mainstream media uses this illusion to basically neutralize our political action.
But something that 99% of Americans are against, in a Lou Dobbs CNN poll, and I have to tell you, I found no one, no emails that are for it, no calls that are for it, no one's for it.
These fat cat cities and counties and states literally are bought and paid for by the local real estate councils.
Just like our real estate council wants all these disgusting toll roads.
I haven't found a real estate agent who's for them yet.
They run around with these real estate councils and the Austin Development Group and the new London, Connecticut, you know, development group.
These private consortiums whose wives and husbands are all city council members, they just run around literally raiding like pirates.
And what you haven't heard in the media, that we have confirmed, we've interviewed the locals, it's been in a few local papers, but never on the national news, is they came to people in New London, and it's the same all over the country, and they say, $260,000 house, we'll give you $60,000 right now if you sell to us.
You go, but I'm paying $260,000, I'm paying taxes on a $260,000 house.
They say, we don't care!
We don't care!
We've condemned your house, your three-story Victorian home with six bedrooms.
We're paying for the lot.
And if you don't give it to us right now, when we win this case retroactively, we're going to charge you back rent on your own property.
And guess what?
It's in the news today.
Locally, you'll never hear about it nationally.
They are now moving to charge them hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent.
The dozens of families that refuse to pull out.
Reving bulldozers at all hours of the night, threatening them, people coming to the door, just like the Mel Gibson movie, The River, with the revving bulldozers and saying, you better sign this, I'm going to bulldoze your house right now.
Eighty-nine-year-old people having heart attacks on the spot.
I mean, you talk about a Hollywood movie, folks, this is it.
And it goes on all over the country.
And somebody who stood up against this is Logan Darrow Clements.
And he's with Three Star Media, and he's gone to local government with a proposal and saying, look, we'll make more money if we take Justice David H. Souter's home and build a hotel on it, the Lost Liberty Hotel.
And he's serious about it, and he announced this two months ago, and this has kind of been forgotten about now.
It got major attention.
So I wanted to have him on and discuss it.
Thank you for joining us, Mr. Clements.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
First, I wanted to ask you.
You've been in the middle of this.
Are you aware of the condemning the homes and not giving them even market value, much less best use?
Because no one seems to know about this.
Are you familiar with the revving bulldozers and all of this?
I am familiar.
It's the standard practice that they offer them less than what they're worth.
And the moment that the city indicates that it's thinking about condemning properties, then they lose value.
So they kind of cause the value to decline, and then they offer even less than what it's worth with the cloud of condemnation hanging overhead.
Now, again, folks, we're talking about going and putting a yellow slip on a beautiful, newly painted luxury home and saying we're not even going to pay you what the tax rolls say it's worth.
But see, that's the big secret.
I mean, if 99% of people are outraged by what they heard, that they can take your land if they want it, but pay you, the truth is they don't even pay you.
Yeah, exactly.
There's really two things that go on that are wrong.
First of all, they force people to sell that don't want to sell.
That's injustice number one.
And then injustice number two is they pay you less than it's worth.
So, I mean, we have the government doing the exact opposite of what it's supposed to be doing.
But they also engage in extortion and terrorism.
And, I mean, we had several of the locals on.
It was even in the local paper.
But, again, never in the national news.
They told them, if you don't sell dust, this is five years ago in 2000, we're going to charge you back rent.
And they're now, that is insane.
While the court proceedings are ongoing, they're saying, if you lose, we're going to charge you.
That's the whole purpose of Freestar Media, is to tell these outrageous stories of governments gone wild that the mainstream media isn't telling.
For what reason?
I mean, we know a lot of people in the mainstream media like big government and are on the left and so forth, so maybe that's the reason they're not telling these stories.
I don't know.
On the left, though, we have one of the chief lefties up there.
I mean, what we're really trying to do with this project is to call attention to the whole eminent domain plague.
I mean, the Institute for Justice has found over 10,000 instances over a five-year period where city governments basically used eminent domain power for economic development rather than, you know, to build a road or a school or something like that, or they threatened to use it.
So it's really out of control.
And what we're trying to do, you know, with this project is call attention to it to the American public at large, but also it's sort of a school for five special needs students, the five Supreme Court justices that voted in favor of the Keller decision, which said that it's okay for a city to take away your home if the city thinks that another private owner would generate more tax revenue for them.
So that's just... Well, that is literal fascism, literal admiralty, literal crown behavior.
That's how the British Royalty Acts... And then I actually found a news article today that said just that out of the Palm Beach Post.
Crown rules...
Now that was said in 1760 by William Pitt.
And those rights were secured in 1214, but now we even see the Magna Carta being overturned.
Yeah, government is what I call photo-negative government.
It does all the things it shouldn't be doing, and it doesn't do the few things it should be doing, like, for example, stopping terrorists from flying planes into our buildings and not renewing their visas when they do.
So, I mean, government, you know, is supposed to stop theft.
You know, people think of theft, they think of... Well, here's an example.
I mean, you're absolutely right, sir.
Here's an example.
You're absolutely right.
The federal government massively slashed the funding for just repairing the levees and dikes in New Orleans.
But now they're going to spend 20-something times that in the disaster.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, I mean, government should just stick to one thing, stopping the initiation of force.
That's the proper role for government.
And when it does that, you have a free, prosperous, and just society.
But now, government, instead of stopping thieves, it's become the biggest thief.
I mean, when was the last time that you saw a thief run off down the street with an entire house?
You know, I mean, thieves steal stereos and, you know, jewelry.
Governments are stealing houses and land.
I mean, it's just insane, and we have to take a stand.
We have to stop what we're doing, and we have to... Well, you've been all over national television.
The few times I saw you, I didn't see you commenting on this, but you're obviously aware of it.
I mean, have you been able to talk about the key to this?
Not just that they're stealing land, but that they're not even giving, you know, one quarter of the value?
Oh, yeah.
I bring that up as often as I can.
That's like I said just now, that there's two injustices.
They're forcing people to sell who don't want to sell, and then to add insult to injury, they're paying them less than the market value.
So they're basically stealing the home equity of people.
Well, kind of give us a snapshot.
Oh, but they've still got to pay their loans off, folks.
This is total thieving.
Give us a snapshot, though, of your idea to take this justice's home and to build a hotel on it and where that's gone.
Yeah, what we're planning to do is try to get developers who've built similar type properties, it'd be small, bed and breakfast country, and, you know, lodge, that type of thing, to build developments on all five of the houses of the five Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of the Kellogg decision allowing city governments to do what they're doing.
Now, you're serious about this.
You're going to the cities.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, we're starting with Souter first because...
In New Hampshire, there are a lot of people that are not fans of big government.
They're rebellious.
In fact, the motto of the state of New Hampshire... Give me liberty or give me death.
Well, it's live free or die.
Yeah, live free or die, that's right.
And in the town of Ware, on their seal, they commemorate a riot called the Pine Tree Riot, where they were rioting against government tax collectors who were charging people a tax to cut down pine trees on their own land.
And by the way, that was only, what, about a 3% tax?
It pales in comparison.
Probably, yeah.
And so, I mean, people have to stay... Yeah, we had riots, folks.
I mean, riding somebody out of town on a rail was... They'd have a huge razor blade, basically, and they'd grab your legs and grab your arms and run you through town, basically castrating you.
They'd also pour hot tar on you that would rip all your flesh off.
You usually died from it.
I mean, that's how we behaved 230 years ago.
Now we just grovel and lick boots.
Yeah, we're losing our freedom so quick.
The last thing that made me this mad was the McCain-Feingold Act, which basically said certain groups are not allowed to run campaign commercials against candidates right before an election.
I mean, that is just an incredible destruction of free speech.
Yeah, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the open borders, just everything's going out the window.
The Supreme Court says they can take your land.
So you really think you've got a chance to take his house?
Yeah, we have about five or six different strategies on the political side, on the legal side to do it.
Now, if we are successful, basically we're fighting fire with fire.
He doesn't need to be paid either.
No, lot value.
Stay there, sir.
Stay there with us.
We've got a quick break.
We'll come right back with our guest from Freestar Media, and he is Logan Clements.
So stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
When you get home tonight, look at your children.
I mean, look at them.
Just know they're going to have no birthright, folks.
We're going to live in a country where we lick the boots of men in black uniforms that wear a black mask.
Where cameras are everywhere, where there's no private property unless you're a giant fat cat where bigger fish feed on the smaller fish and up the food chain.
You want to live in total tyranny?
This is it, folks.
And, I mean, the Supreme Court's saying, we want your land.
We will take it.
So un-American.
180 degrees away from the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
We're talking to Logan Clements, 3starmedia.com.
Got a link to it on infowars.com.
Coming up in the next segment, folks, I'll be taking your calls and covering other news items.
But, Logan, I mean...
Were you as shocked?
I mean, I've gotten pretty cynical about this out-of-control government at every level, but Republicans, Democrats, North, South, East, West, just they're all out of control.
But to just have this type of egregious statement by Republican and Democratic-appointed Supreme Court members, I mean, they're also talking about how martial law might be good, how setting aside the Constitution in time of war is good.
Chief Justice Rehnquist said that two years ago to a group of federal judges.
I mean, we really are living in a... I mean, they've got to know what they're doing.
Are they just trying to set a new precedence?
I just think their underlying principles are flawed.
You know, I'm an objectivist, a fan of lots of Ryan Rand.
I think we're good to go.
Communism, basically.
The idea that... Yeah, but it's a private interest controlling, and I would just call it corporatism or a piratical situation.
Call it statism if you want, and you catch everything that way.
But the idea is that it's okay for one individual to be sacrificed for the good of society, and there's a name for that.
We call it socialism, or you can call it fascism.
But we know that doesn't create good societies.
It creates hell holes.
No, no, life's...
Rights derived from the individual.
It says the Declaration of Independence says nature's law and nature's God.
I mean, there is the law of nature that if I run up to you and shoot you five times in the head because I want your wallet, that is wrong no matter where I live.
Or even if the country where I live says that's not illegal, we know that's wrong.
The reason it's wrong is because life exists in individuals, and therefore you can only judge whether something's right or wrong for an individual.
It's not right to say something's good for society because... So what's the time right now?
How long until we can take this criminal's house and take a wrecking ball to it?
And I'm serious.
He shouldn't be paid fair value.
He should be robbed.
An eye for an eye.
He should be given one quarter of its value.
Well, the ballot initiative that we're going to put on the ballot, it only requires 25 signatures.
And we have until January to hand it in.
So we're taking our time to make sure we get a lawyer to help us word it so it can survive all the challenges.
That will go on the March 2006 ballot in Ware, New Hampshire.
And what we want to do... Oh, it's over for them.
You know the people are going to vote to take that bastard's house.
Well, you know what?
The mainstream media is against me.
What they're doing, they're trying to say, oh, this isn't a story about imminent demand of youth and people fighting back in a creative way.
The media is saying, oh, this is a story about a crazy Californian who's trying to push his will on a poor bunch of people in...
Aware New Hampshire.
Poor Justice Souter.
That's not going to work.
That's not going to work.
It's ridiculous.
You should have seen the ABC Nightline story they did.
You know, they talked to me for half an hour.
And, you know, when you talk about any subject for half an hour, you're going to say a few great things, a few brilliant things, and maybe a few things that you wish you hadn't said.
And, of course, those are the ones that they run.
So I'm almost thinking about boycotting the mainstream media because... You know, it doesn't matter.
You can't put perfume on a pig.
There's no way they can sell... Listen.
When 99% of people are on your side... I mean, I know every cop out there listening right now agrees that they shouldn't take private property.
So, you know, how are they going to enforce stuff when none of us agree with it when it's un-American and illegal?
Again, the Supreme Court has said black people aren't human beings.
Now, did that make blacks not human?
It made the Supreme Court wrong.
We don't have to follow what those criminals are doing.
Anything else, my friend?
Well, I just hope people visit Freestar Media and join the battle.
All right, well, I really appreciate what you're doing, and I want his house taken, and I want those other criminals' houses taken.
So good job, and Godspeed, my friend.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Take care.
I want their houses taken, and I want them taken now!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I want the listeners to know that I apologize about getting angry.
You try talking about this three hours a day.
I mean, I really get focused on it.
It makes me so mad.
Our Supreme Court says we don't own our private property, and then they go into these little old ladies' houses and these little middle-class families, you know, computer programmers.
And they say, this house your daddy gave you, you know, back in the 70s when he died, well, we're going to take it from you.
You and your family got to move out, and we're going to give you a quarter of what it's worth.
And if you don't give up right now when we win in court, we're going to charge you rent on your house.
And I've got a stack of articles here today where even the mainstream media admits innocent people who did nothing to their small children have their children taken.
So families are leaving the U.S., leaving England, so they can go somewhere else and have children.
I mean, we're living in a hell pit.
Fifty million abortions, millions and millions of children grabbed by the government in almost every case, totally innocent parents.
We're just... Government textbooks for social workers openly say, I mean, I have copies of them, that the family's a disease and must be eradicated.
The government ships the heroin and cocaine in, and when your kid ends up using it, they put them in a little private prison, building widgets for the drug cartels that own the private prison that ship the smack and cocaine in to begin with.
Meanwhile, the same companies are trying to push on your kids, stuff whose molecules are even more dangerous than the narcotics.
You know, Ritalin, Prozac, all of it.
I mean, it's just insane.
It's just mercury in vaccines, poisons in the water, genetically engineered foods that are killing rats they feed it to.
They're just putting it in everything.
It makes my head spin.
I've got all these UN documents where they openly say they're going to exterminate us.
Henry Kissinger documents from the 70s saying it declassified on the Library of Congress website openly saying they're going to kill us!
I mean, what is wrong here?
You're going, well, then why are you still alive?
Because God, I guess, wants me to be alive.
I don't know why I'm still alive.
They certainly killed a lot of other patriots.
I've certainly been physically attacked before.
But I just said, let's go all the way.
Next time, go all the way.
I don't care.
And there's too many of us now.
We're popping up left and right.
They'll turn me into a martyr.
And I love all these people that shoot their mouths off.
Well, Alex ought to call for violence.
Meanwhile, they never call for violence.
They're a bunch of fat federal provocateurs.
We need to wake up the police and the military now and get as many of them awake as we can, and then the globalists won't move and won't go all the way to martial law.
But they're openly talking about it.
I got a stack of articles today about it.
All right, I'm going to go to your calls.
It's just I'm so angry about the destruction of this country.
You know why?
Because I live here.
My family lives here.
My family's been here since the 1600s.
My family was here in the late 1820s.
My family was deeply involved on both sides of the Revolutionary War for Texas independence.
My family raised Colonel Travis's son.
I had family down in Goliad, and family at San Jacinto, and you're going, well, what are you tooting your horn on?
We all have that.
Most Americans have that type of background.
Where you came here from oppressive European regimes, where you couldn't own private property, and where you were enslaved to the local fat cat, the feudal lord.
And poor blacks that were brought to this country and now have fought for a little bit of freedom.
And we're all having it taken away.
And I'm sick of it.
And I'm telling the government and all its pimps, you don't own me.
You don't own me.
You control freak bastards.
I am not your property.
You do not own me.
And I owe you nothing.
The government is not the country.
The people are the country.
The Bill of Rights and Constitution are the country.
That's what I am patriotic to.
That's what I tear up for when I see the American flag.
The American flag does not represent your phony wars and your big government and your doubling the size of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
It does not represent all your land grabbing and your criminal activities.
You know, I took vacation last week and I was down on the Texas coast.
Whoop-de-doo down there.
When I talk to Amtrak captains and saying, oh yeah, they've got checkpoints in Chicago, it's all a big fraud, does nothing to keep us safe.
I talk to cops from Seattle and cops from Houston who were down there vacationing.
Oh yeah, I know the government had knowledge in 9-11, something suspicious, but still, I've got to follow orders and take everybody's rights.
I had an argument with one guy.
It's just, they'll do anything.
You just...
It's just like the people with the hurricane.
They knew it was coming, tens of thousands of them stayed, they knew that the government hadn't fixed, the state or the feds had not fixed.
The levees and the dikes and the rest of it, they just sat there hoping it wouldn't happen.
Hoping they wouldn't, and they didn't even prepare escape routes.
They didn't have trap doors on their roofs to get out.
They didn't have boats, most of them.
They just take your children up into an attic, hoping the water doesn't rise, and they go into these attics and there's like a fishbowl full of dead kids because their stupid parents didn't care about them because they were a bunch of football-watching scum!
I mean, I see all these men who are into being macho and being tough.
And they think being macho and tough is riding a motorcycle around, walking out of the store with a case of beer, bugging their eyes out, having tattoos all over them.
But man, they will turn into little girls whenever a cop walks up to them on the street corner and asks them a question.
You are pathetic scum!
George Washington would vomit on you!
I'm sorry, I'm just really mad, folks.
I'm just really mad.
And I'm not saying you're bad if you've got a motorcycle or you've got a tattoo.
I'm just talking about, you know, the guy in the Izod shirt with the golf clubs.
You want to talk about another group.
You know, he's got a Lexus and he's got a million dollar house and he's the elite and ha ha ha, he's part of the real estate board and so what if they're taking some old lady's house because she doesn't want to sell because they're offering 20% of what it's worth.
Eh, whatever.
She needs to go to a nursing home.
And that guy doesn't know his kids are going to be judged.
He's going to be judged.
He's going to be in some hospital 30 years from now when his kids are stealing everything from him.
You know, not taking care of him because he didn't bring them up.
Folks, do you understand?
You reap what you sow.
Let me say it again.
You reap what you sow.
You reap what you sow.
The seeds you throw out turn into big old bushes.
You get it back 10, 20, 30, 100 times.
It scares me.
I mean, you are a bunch of gibbering, foaming at the mouth, mindless idiots.
And I'm not talking about our listeners or that big group of Americans, 20-30% that are informed, that are concerned, but I mean, I just see these slobs at the grocery stores, and I see these slobs out there on the street, and I saw the slobs on both sides of Crawford, the liberals and the neocons.
The neocons were far worse.
I never thought I'd hear myself say this.
You know, they'd scream and cuss at me and threaten me and stick their guts out, and I'd just ask them basic questions, and they don't care about America, they just care about worshipping George Bush, who himself is a gibbering puppet.
A mindless, inarticulate, burnout, cokehead drunkard.
I got photos of him that have been on the national news, hidden in plain view as he hugs on and rubs his cheek up against...
Up against Jeff Gannon's cheek.
I mean, how obvious is it?
And he gets to sit there and hold hands and kiss on little baseball games with rice, and he kisses her in the stands, openly cheating on his wife, and it's a funny joke on Christian TV.
You people make me sick!
Look, it's like this.
You feel like I'm being negative, being mean.
I'm like a firefighter, and I came to your house, and the thing is on fire.
It's a three-alarm fire.
There's fire shooting out of every window.
And I walk in, and you're laying there, sucking your thumb, watching TV.
And I go, this is smoke.
This is fire.
And you just look at me and go, no, it's not.
Get out of here.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
As a door explodes and fire shoots through the room and burns your hair off.
I mean, I'm going to slap you upside the head and say, get up and get out of the bed.
Because you're so fat, spiritually and psychologically, I can't even pick you up.
They're building concentration camps.
I've been to them.
They're openly training troops to take your guns and put you in camps.
And six years ago, they would hide it.
I'd go to the drills, and they'd hide it.
Now they just put it on the news.
Oh yeah, we call the citizens rebels and we're getting ready for the citizens of America to rebel against us and we're practicing shooting them.
I played that clip, what, twice two weeks ago?
I mean, they get on TV and say the cops are training to kill us!
What is it they got planned so bad for us that they know that even you, you slovenly, weak, pathetic creatures, will are going to stand up and fight these people?
You know why?
Because criminals are paranoid.
Criminals have got something to hide.
Criminals know they're doing wrong, and that's why this government's arming itself to the teeth against you.
That's why they're building command bunkers everywhere.
That's why they put in a Pentagon-designed microphone and video camera grid across this country, because they've got a lot of bad stuff planned for you.
And they want to make sure you're tied down while they do it!
And it's so pathetic.
Their propaganda is so sick and so effective, even while they're sucking the inners out of you.
Even while they're eating your guts.
While they get a napkin and knife and fork and just sit down and start eating your guts right in front of you.
You're going to thank them for doing it.
Oh, thank you for all you do.
It's like that demon, Alan Greenspan, the architect of all this economic fraud and 40% inflation and all of this stuff.
I heard it's 5%, Alex.
If you want to believe those fake numbers, believe whatever you want.
Where's your degree in economics?
Well, I sure know that gas has doubled in the last two years.
I sure know real estate's doubled in the last ten.
I know every major indices has doubled.
So I'm sorry it isn't 50%.
It isn't 40%.
It's 50%.
And it's only getting worse.
They're printing so much money, it just makes my head spin.
You think you can live in ignorance?
You think you can just live like a fool and it's never going to come home to roost?
Look, this is about survival, folks.
I'm angry because I know how dangerous this is.
I know where we're going.
I can see where we're going.
I saw where we were going a long time ago, and guess what?
I've been riding along and we're here.
And we get deeper down the tunnel, deeper into hell itself, and I keep going, okay, around the next corner you're going to see this.
Go around the next corner, there it is.
Okay, now we're going to see that.
Man, it's getting hot in here.
Man, you people better wake up.
Man, this is bad.
I mean, they got the SWAT teams out training with the police and the military to put you in camps calling you rebels.
Folks, it doesn't get much worse than that.
We got the Supreme Court saying you don't own your private property and we don't have to pay you for it.
You got a problem.
I'll take your calls.
I'm out of control today.
I'm just so angry.
I've gone into my crazy preacher mode.
I just love this country.
I cannot believe this is happening.
Government is not God.
It does not own you.
You were not made to lick their boots.
Richard in Texas, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
Great showing.
Thank you for taking my call.
I want to commend you on your service to this country.
My question has to do with Benton K. Parton.
And I know recently he came forward expressing his confidence in the official story.
I'm just curious.
I don't get to listen to your show all the time.
Has he ever commented on Building 7?
You know, I've called Parton a few times to get him to come on, and he told me, he said, Alex, I'm a general.
I'm not allowed to say what I think.
I could get arrested.
The Gap
You know, the Pentagon coming on and saying China's our friend, and we work for Wall Street, one world government's good.
He came on to say that's part of the New World Order takeover, but he just will not say, he just cannot believe that 9-11's an inside job.
He has not commented on 7.
I need to get Parton on, and that's a great idea, but he has told me that...
He said, Alex, I can't say what I really think, and I'm not going to tell you what I really think, because I could be arrested.
Now, that's what Parton told me.
And he lives over there in Virginia.
I was just curious about that.
I know it's not a good move for the truth movement, you know.
I was really shocked.
Well, I mean, you know, he just... I don't know what's going on with Parton.
Maybe we should get him on and find out.
Thank you, Art.
You bet.
Look, he said a lot more, too, and I'm just not going to repeat it.
He didn't say this is in confidence, but it just felt like it was in confidence, and he said a lot more, okay?
And I don't know what they've done to him or what they've said to him or, you know, how they put the... I'm not going to speculate.
Former head of Air Force Weapons Development.
Let's talk to Bart in Texas.
Bart, go ahead.
Okay, Randall in Tennessee is next.
Bart, on up.
Go ahead, Randall.
Yes, Randall.
Two questions, but before I get to those two questions, you talk about weak, sniveling idiots.
This is the volunteer state.
Don't count us in.
I know there's a lot of great folks in Tennessee listening, and I'm not saying everybody.
I'm just talking about... I know you're not.
I'm talking about just how much more obvious does it have to get?
They're prancing around in black masks, driving black armored vehicles, putting cameras and microphones up everywhere, calling us rebels on TV.
They're trading everywhere to fight the rebels.
Where are the rebels?
It's going to get worse before it gets better.
Oh, I have no doubt the day is coming where...
They'll blow my head off or come arrest me on some trumped-up charge, and then all the COINTELPRO idiots will dance around celebrating.
You know, it's just sick.
I have a couple questions, sir.
Yeah, what's going on?
Camp Casey, down in Crawford, Texas.
Cindy Sheehan's operation down there.
I have two questions.
What county is that in, in Texas?
You're a Texan.
Do you know?
Yeah, no, I'm right up the road, and I'm so angry right now.
Calm down.
I want to say, is it McClellan County?
McClellan County.
It's in the same town as Waco.
As Waco, okay.
About 25 minutes from Waco.
And I've been hearing, and you may straighten me out, and I'm willing to be straightened out.
It sounds like to me what I've been hearing is that the sheriff down there is somewhat supportive, if not outright supportive, of Cindy Sheehan's
But do you have the sheriff's name?
No, I don't have that on me.
I would really appreciate that if you can find it out and announce it on your show.
You can type it into Google instantly, just the sheriff.
I don't do computer.
I don't even have electricity.
Well, why do you need the name of the sheriff?
For your sheriff?
Because I'm trying to educate my sheriff.
Well, look, it doesn't matter what the sheriff thinks of Cindy Sheehan.
She's got a First Amendment right to be doing what she's doing.
I understand that, but it's still useful for my sheriff to understand that there's a sheriff in Tennessee, I mean, Texas, that's got some cojones.
I don't think it takes cojones to, as you say, to do the right thing.
Here we go.
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Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, our corrupt, rat-infested government of criminals openly bid-rigging and war-profiteering both parties has the nerve to say we're bringing democracy to Iraq while they run around butchering the Bill of Rights and Constitution greedily?
All right, let's hurry through your calls.
There's just a ton of news coming up in the next hour.
I'm going to try to control myself today.
Just been out of town for a week and a lot of pent-up energy, I guess.
Who's up next here?
Kyle and Mast and Warren and Ron and many others.
Go ahead, Kyle.
You're on the air.
Yeah, Alex.
Listen, I met up with a group of activists in the Boston area, and they seem to be very aware of 9-11 and Satanism in the government.
And I just want to know if you're familiar with the organization, because the name is LaRouche.
The LaRouche organization.
Yeah, I'm aware of LaRouche.
What do you think about them?
Well, I mean, they talk about the Anglo-American establishment, the Federal Reserve, the Central Banks, the New World Order.
They talk about the philosophy that the Bushes and Schwarzenegger and others follow.
It is a Nazi occultic philosophy.
That's just the facts.
The problem is, in my experience, the LaRouche members are good people.
I believe one of LaRouche's solutions...
Or just another command and control system, and it's more of the same.
So I would say it's good cop, bad cop.
I'm not saying LaRouche is some government agent.
I just believe that his policies, his solutions are bad.
It's like a doctor who properly diagnoses that you have a fracture of the tibia, say, but then he has a bad prescription for how to fix it.
All right, Alex.
Thanks a lot.
You bet.
No, they... A lot of LaRouche people listen, really inform the information about what's going on and who controls it, is just right on target.
I mean, look, I didn't set about here to discover that they were devil-worshipping Nazis.
I just kept researching and researching and researching...
And that's what you always run into.
I mean, it's just a fact.
And they bust in male prostitutes.
And they have, you know, many of our Christian so-called Republican leaders are bisexual.
And it's all the opposite of what you've been told.
We've got photos on Infowars.com right now off TV screenshots of, you know, Bush going out to mingle and basically...
Rub his cheek on and hug on Jeff Gannon.
We forget about that.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Hi, Alex.
Ron, go ahead.
How are you doing, my friend?
Alex, you should never apologize for stating the basic truth.
And it is a truism, Alex, what you stated.
I'm listening.
I'm sorry.
I'm having some trouble with this phone today for some reason.
Now, something else that was reported in the last week's newspapers in New York.
The Mass Transit Association in New York City is going to rig up, I believe, another two or three thousand cameras on top of the two thousand or so cameras they have in the subway.
And I guess the part that sticks in my craw the most is that they're going to be utilizing software.
That based on behavioral sciences will detect what they consider to be unusually or abnormally nervous behavior.
They've been using that name.
Oh, yeah.
Stay there.
Oh, yeah.
We'll be right back to talk about this quackery.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, into hour number three.
Ron Elias, Patrick Omar, and others, your calls are coming up.
Paul Watson and I wrote a detailed article, as usual, Paul did most of the work, did a good job, about this new bird flu, and I got some comments on it, more on the devastation with the hurricane,
But I want to get to these calls that have been holding the longest.
Ron in New York, who calls routinely, I always enjoy his calls.
He sends us a lot of good news articles as well.
Of course, a retired police officer, and he just mentioned and seconded my comment about there's all these tough guys that are ready to fight with you in a parking lot over looking at them wrong.
And maybe you're just reading their t-shirt and they're like, what do you want?
But if a cop walks over, they begin licking boots and groveling.
It's just a symbol of not being a man, acting like you're a man, acting like you're tough.
It's pathetic.
A real man spends two hours with his children on their homework.
A real man works extra hours to make sure that his wife doesn't have to work so the state doesn't raise the children.
A real man doesn't just strut around acting tough.
You know, like all the new icons on these stupid motorcycle shows on TV.
And I'm not saying motorcycles are bad.
That was just the example I was using.
But then Ron brought up something much more important.
All over England and in some U.S.
airports three years ago, they put in biometric systems that don't just scan your face or your eyes.
Now from a distance, they either pick up passive brain waves, total quackery.
Oh, we're picking up angry brain waves.
Or your walk.
Your walk was angry or suspicious.
Or the heat signature on your face showed that you were agitated.
Almost every time I'm in some international airport or I'm at some train station late to go somewhere, folks, I'm agitated.
In fact, I get agitated a lot.
I mean, I have a lot of energy.
I kind of skitter around like a squirrel or something.
You know, the point is, this is looking for false probable cause and false red flags.
Ooh, we're getting something on you.
That's our probable cause.
Now, I don't know where Ron was going with this, but do you agree with that, Ron?
Oh, yeah.
Not just that.
I agree 100% with what you just said.
That's precisely what it's designed to do.
To elevate voodoo to the level of legal probable cause.
But it gets better than that.
There's a name which is familiar to you, and even to your colleague, Mr. Watson, from England.
A guy by the name of, I believe, Tom Kelly?
Former CIA.
He helped run the London subway system.
Yes, yes.
Well, yeah, he happens to also have another foot of his inside the New York City subway system.
People should know this guy's former CIA.
And he was the spokesman who was heralding this new system in our local New York City newspapers.
Now, the system is going to be drawn up by Lockheed Martin.
By the way, he was the assistant to the director.
Back during the Nixonian era with Lord Bush.
And guess what?
Why don't you keep in mind, you'll always find this quackery, as you call it, and it is quackery.
So-called behavioral sciences is quackery.
For the most part.
You'll always find a former CIA spook who has wormed his way into some local bureaucracy in a city like New York or London or Los Angeles.
And they're always bringing these systems in, these quack systems, from their old buddy connection associations in the former military-industrial complex, which we should call today military-industrial law enforcement complex.
Would you just call it our owners?
Okay, well, that's what they believe they are, I guess, but they're not.
And that's why they always try to implement these systems.
Not only do they get to abuse and oppress you, but they get to make millions of dollars, billions of dollars, off of the implementation.
I actually have two articles on that today.
Within just a few months, within the next year...
The Iraq War will cost more than World War II in adjusted dollars, Ron.
So where else can you have a situation where you gain power over the human race and make money off of their abuse and their tears?
And this is what these people are doing.
These systems are illegitimate, so-called determined... Well, look, I'll let you finish real fast, and we'll go to everybody else on the other side.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the third most expensive war in world history, and of course the three most expensive have been U.S.,
Funded wars.
That is, the greatest three expenditures have been by the U.S.
More costly than the war to end all wars, right now, the two and a half year Iraq war, with only 140,000 troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, has cost more than the U.S.
spent in adjusted dollars than shipping a million and a half men over in the two years that we were in World War I, or the year and a half.
And within a year at current spending, it'll be as much as World War II.
And that's an adjusted dollar.
That's an adjusted dollar.
And here's another article.
By the way, this is out of the Christian Science Monitor.
Defense firms feast on Bush's war on terror.
Ah, feasting.
Analysts say that a significant part of the American national life is determined by the financial interest of the mighty ten.
The Mighty Ten are not the Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, or the Special Forces.
They're huge arms firms that stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars from Bush's ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan.
Of the Ten, Lockheed Martin, who's Cheney's wife's on the board of, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lytton General, General Electric,
United Technologies, TRW, and Trextron, six are among the world's top ten arms-producing companies.
Then, of course, you have the broker who makes nothing, the Carlyle Group, that Tony Blair, when he leaves as Prime Minister, he will go to the Carlyle Group!
Which the Queen of England now owns part of, and the Bushes own a large part of, and then, of course, the Bin Ladens also own part of it.
Oh, that's mainstream news.
So I just brought that up, Ron, because you mentioned how Lockheed Martin is putting in the red light cameras, the face scanning cameras, the microphones here in Austin are Lockheed Martin.
Put in here five years ago, the first wave of them, actually in 98.
So that's not... Oh, that's five, six, seven years ago.
Eight years ago.
$844,000 a year, every year, of new microphones, and every time they put them in, they go, oh, it's a gunshot detector, but it's never used for that, and then the government's own websites admit it's for listening to the citizens.
Little shotgun mics that telescopically can listen to you from hundreds of yards.
Isn't that freedom, Ron?
Ron, are you still there?
He said his phone was there.
He must have dropped.
He wanted to hold over.
Well, Ron brought up this point.
He was still there, but I guess he must have had a phone problem.
But Ron brought that up in the last segment.
Yes, cameras going up in New York that will send the police after you if you're walking wrong.
Walking wrong shows that you're with the terrorists.
They've got to have reasons to have alerts and alarms and lots of simulated questioning and checkpoints, except on the border.
It's all part of the freedom.
Let's go to the next caller.
Elias in Michigan.
Go ahead, Elias.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you a lot.
Thank you for calling.
Go ahead.
I would like to get back.
I would like to dissent with the person you had on there talking about suing Souter.
You know, it sounds great.
Maybe it gives them a certain sense of vengeance or something like that.
Or maybe you think Souter will run back to the Supreme Court and change his vote, maybe.
But if you think it through, if they win against Souter, then all this has been out the door.
Because now they can do it to anybody.
Well, here's the problem.
In other words, they will verify the Supreme Court's decision.
For those that just tuned in,
We have the fellow on who's going to developers and wants the homes of all five Supreme Court justices that voted that we don't have any private property.
He wants to build lost liberty hotels on each one.
And look, they say the Supreme Court is the end-all, be-all, the highest court in the land.
And so my point is that if it's so good, let's take the property of these people as their punishment.
And of course, while discrediting their ruling, and as to scare other criminals in government who want to use their offices for embezzlement and extortion and mafia tactics.
Oh, Alex, yes, but they will just hide their property.
They'll put it in other people's names.
This would be the upshot of it all.
Look, obviously, obviously, do you know what our founding fathers did to the Brits?
You know what?
Yeah, well, no, they would take their property and stuff.
I mean, the people who came and took Widow's property, the town would just have a riot and go take their property or burn their house down.
Now, I'm not saying do that.
They took the Japanese property, too.
Pardon me?
Put them in concentration camps and took their property.
Yeah, well, the point is... It's an old tale, isn't it?
Anything else, sir?
If you think it through, as they say, what's good is it's just a grandstanding deal.
No, I think it illustrates what a hypocrite that these Supreme Court justices are.
I think it's a wonderful publicity stunt to illustrate this to people.
But it's not going to change.
The cities and states are going to go right on with this thing.
They don't give a damn about sewer.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
You know, I can only commend the action of our guests that we had on, Mr. Clements, in the last hour.
And frankly, I think that if that New Hampshire town votes to do it, I think they should take a wrecking ball to that piece of filth's house.
They're doing that to old widows.
And he ought to be paid a quarter of its value.
I think Bush ought to send his daughters.
If he thinks this war is so great, why is only one member of Congress, his son's an officer in the Marine Corps and hadn't even served in Iraq?
Why aren't all their kids over there?
Why aren't Bush's daughters, you know, not wearing the Michael Dell $5,000 gowns and, you know, on luxury vacations and, you know, drunkenly staggering about?
Believe me, folks, I lived in Austin.
I saw it firsthand.
I live in Austin.
Why aren't they over there?
If they wanted to campaign for their daddy, if they'd have kept their little mouths shut, I wouldn't be saying this right now.
If they wanted to go campaign for him and campaign for the war, well, good then!
Sign up, girls!
The Supreme Court wants to go around ruling that nobody owns their private property?
Let's take theirs!
That is not going to have the effect of cementing this.
It'll make these people think twice.
We need a big, rich foundation that when every cop that shows up with the land grabbers to take the old lady's house...
The foundation moves to take every one of those cops' houses and then let them live what they've done to others.
Now, certainly, I don't believe in cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of the government.
I mean, look, I've said it many times.
I believe in the death penalty.
But I do not believe in this government administering it because there's such a pack of criminals.
We have a pack of criminals running things with a bunch of useful idiots or thumb-sucking, well-meaning Barney Fife's who are the most dangerous people in history.
Imagine if Barney Fife, the fictional Mayberry character, had been a Gestapo guard.
He could have done whatever he was told, because I'm good.
I am the government.
Let's go ahead and talk to Patrick in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Patrick.
Hey Alex, just lock him up for life with no get-out-of-jail-free cards.
How about that?
Look, I say it's high treason.
Look, Pat Buchanan right now is saying that Bush should be impeached.
Okay, now is he a liberal?
I'm saying right now that there need to be indictments, criminally.
Criminal activity against those Supreme Court justices.
Well, that's two things I was going to ask you about, Alex, that we need you to report on, is the federal grand jury indictment in Chicago.
Well, that grand jury ends in the next two months, and we'll find out if all that's a rumor or not.
And the other one is about the BRAC commission on the military base closings.
I mean, they're closing these bases.
They're fixing the bombers.
Probably in less than 30 days.
Who's fixing the bombs?
I think so.
It looks that way.
Could you... Well, look, I mean, before we had big, giant militaries for huge million-man wars.
Now it's a rapid imperial force to be landed and to defeat pathetic third-world populations.
And so for what the globalists want...
And, you know, a few are turning into recreation centers and, you know, green belts and stuff, which I think is great.
Give it to the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.
I mean, frankly, these military bases don't do anything.
I'm not trying to disagree with you.
I mean, that's my view of it.
And the veterans aren't angry about this?
They're not raising a storm?
Closing bases?
I mean, what are they?
Or is it just the localities where the bases are located where they're screaming about losing jobs and whatnot?
I mean, look, it is going to make us lose jobs, but it's nothing compared to NAFTA and GATT.
Look, Alan Greenspan...
I mean, I don't even know what to say about all this.
It's just the military is shifting into a rapid bullying force, basically, to go around stomping on little pathetic countries.
So why would it be needed to have a gigantic military for a war with China or Russia, who happen to be real threats, see?
It's Taiwan.
It looks like they're the ones that are going to be threatened.
And us, too.
But we've got to go for the bankers and stomp on some third world dustbins.
Who have 1955 era weapons.
Because they're easy to beat.
Because they can pour a bunch of weapon systems into it and make a bunch of money.
It's a big joke to the globalists.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Let me boil it down.
Criminal corporate interests that are mafia, basically.
Organized crime have seized control of the government and the big advertisement agencies.
They are propagandizing you.
They consider you their property, their slaves.
They want to scare you into submission using terror attacks they fund and orchestrate so you will submit to them and be their mercenaries to invade the planet and enslave the world as well as being enslaved here domestically.
I've got several things I want to get into concerning the bird flu and the rest of it.
But let's continue with your calls right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Omar in Michigan and Steve, Tony, and others.
Go ahead, Omar.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Doing good.
One thing I want to say is death to the New World Order and all these bootlickers.
Do you have any information on what happened with Barack Obama when he was in Russia, I think they said he was in?
They wouldn't let him out.
Oh, you're talking about the senator?
Well, you know, they're very sorry now that they didn't let a great leader out.
Oh, okay.
But that was Lord Lugar?
I don't know.
What did you think of that?
People were telling me about it.
So they were trying to get more information.
And I said, well, I know one source that might have.
Sometimes it takes a few days to really find out what was behind it, and sometimes never.
But we just know they detained Lugar for a while, one of the more wicked little senators, and he got real mad about it.
But Bush loves Poodie Pooch, so there shouldn't be a problem.
Even though they are in league with China to take us out.
Meanwhile, our government's arming China as fast as they can.
Hey, that's the new freedom you've been talking about.
We've got to get used to that.
We've got to give them all the missile systems and nuclear weapons designs.
But, Omar, we've got to stop you at a checkpoint and search you.
Yeah, that's right.
Because we've got the homelands under attack.
I must have been one of them Al-Qaeda guys or something.
Hey, what do you think of the Supreme Court saying, we'll take your property whenever we want and not even pay you for it?
It's wrong.
And like you say, let's take their property.
But if we start taking their property, they wouldn't like it.
You know, how can you... I mean, I don't understand this.
They're doing everything they can to take away our rights and freedoms, and we was the one that attacked, supposedly, but we got to give up our rights.
Well, taking people's houses will stop Al-Qaeda.
You see?
Let's show you how stupid they are.
If they think we're going for it, and the new slavery that's coming out,
I don't think it's going to happen.
A lot of people are going to end up dead trying to make people slaves.
Well, you know, it's easy for them to corner patriots here and there, but as stuff gets worse and worse, I've got to tell you, Omar, I talk to their own people.
Their own folks are waking up as fast as anybody else.
I keep a good by the door.
I don't know what's going on.
But it's like this.
I'm not going out like that, you know?
That's what Alexander Shultz and Eats, his famous, I paraphrase it, the secret police would come out at night and grab the fathers, grab the mothers, grab the children.
Everybody just groveled and licked boots.
There was only, in each major city, a few hundred of them.
And Shultz and Eats just said, what would have happened if we would have waited with picks and knives and hatchets?
Any shot, anything, as long as you resist.
Don't let them do it.
If you know you ain't did nothing wrong, hey, don't go for it.
You got to fight.
You're going to die anyway, so you might as well die being a man.
You might as well not be in there with some fat prison guard raping your wife in front of you.
That's right.
At least don't live to see it.
All right, thanks for letting me get my two cent in.
You have a blessed day.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
And folks, we're not joking.
That's the norm in history, is just being pathetic slaves, groveling, being pushed around, being treated like total trash.
That is the norm.
That is what humanity's lived under.
And I'm sick of it.
You're not going to do that to America.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Kansas City.
Go ahead, Steve.
Oh, that reminds me of that THX 1133.
I will not be numbered, tagged, marked.
But, you know, bless the people down there in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Kansas City Star had a couple of good articles in it about more than ever electronic eyes following you.
And they're putting in more cameras, and people are for it and against it, and they say that it's to decrease the number of police and help solve the crime problem.
But after England put in four and a half million, their crime rate more than quadrupled.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
Notice the last ten years putting these in.
They're not to watch you.
They're for traffic.
That's a conspiracy.
And then overnight it is to keep you safe and to watch you.
We will be listening to the tone of your voice, the heat patterns on your skin, and your walk.
We may take you in for questioning.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'll take a few more calls.
Let's give Steve in Kansas City a chance to finish up.
Sir, even in rural areas, little side roads, they're even putting them up in the middle of National Forest now to, quote, stop dumpers.
But the Defense Department admits they came up with this whole plan to, quote, control populations.
And so it's been the plan all along.
Again, the question is, what is it that they have planned that is so horrible they know it's going to cause mass resistance?
Go ahead.
Well, I mean, I've been out on rural roads that, you know, maybe ten cars go through there an hour, and there's cameras at the stoplight.
But that's to control traffic.
And there's no reason for it, and it costs the taxpayers here in Kansas City and in Missouri thousands of dollars.
But again, in this schizophrenic lying world, on one side of the equation it's true.
It is being used, it is hooked in to the Department of Transportation federally and the state, but the predominant use is for surveillance.
But they can still tell the news.
No, no, no.
Because they'll have the spokesman from the TxDOT or the MDOT or the CaliforniaDOT, CalDOT.
They'll have that spokesman.
Oh, no, what we do at the Department of Transportation is transportation.
Well, obviously, that's your department.
Well, they just track and trace you.
It just says in that article, every day you leave your home, when you buy gasoline, ATM, go to the grocery store, you're not alone.
You are going to be watched.
And that's the argument.
We've already cut your legs off.
Why did you not cut the arms off now?
You already don't have any rights.
Just give in to it.
I do put in surveillance equipment for banking systems.
I'm an electrician, low voltage.
And what I do is, I think,
I will not cross the line.
Oh, yeah, private businesses.
I mean, look, I got cameras on this studio right now, four of them.
I mean, and that's good.
I think everybody should have, you know, at least some sort of surveillance in their home.
We've gotten the BATF and cops in a lot of trouble.
It's good to have a plain camera, but to also have a hidden one in the wall with a 24-hour VCR, we can burn them good.
You can have a covert system put in for under $500, and it would tape everything that anybody that comes to the door, they wouldn't even know there's a camera.
And it's just automatic, and folks, you just...
It just automatically rewinds and plays every night at midnight or whatever, and after a month or so, you change the tape out because it'll wear out.
And then a year later, a year later, that one time you need it when the neighbor's going nuts in your yard and then goes and calls the cops on you, you're going to have them.
And one other thing I wanted to get to, I mean, it's kind of off the subject of the cameras and stuff, but it was in the paper also.
We've got to take God out of school, but they want to put sex education, which is called human sexuality.
Oh, I know.
They've got to teach six-year-olds about, you know, Bobby has two daddies.
We can't tell people about God and the Constitution.
Have the Ten Commandments and say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Well, have you heard the latest that Bush is doing?
The military, all the branches, the Air Force is making the big announcement yesterday.
They're telling all their generals, do not mention the word God, do not pray anymore at events.
No more prayers, no more nothing.
Oh, I tell you what.
We're going to put women in the front lines, and boy, they hate it when Bill Clinton did it, but they love it when Bush does it.
Mr. Jones, I'll tell you what.
The man upstairs is, I know, my Lord and Savior.
He's getting mad.
I think God got mad a long time ago, and I know I'm upset.
I mean, thanks for the call.
I appreciate your call.
No, I agree with you.
It's just... I mean, look at the schizophrenia of this.
Bill Clinton, who was a horrible puppet, Rhodes Scholar, New World Order, up one side and down the other.
He gives a few supercomputers to China, it's the end of the world.
I mean, I must have talked about that for two years.
It was just...
All the conservative talk shows.
That's all we talked about.
Then Bush takes all restrictions off his first month in office and not a word is said.
I mean, it's crazy.
And Bush wants women in front-line combat?
And that's what the military's doing?
There's no discussion of it.
Can you imagine if Bill Clinton...
Had a male prostitute madam running whores.
Imagine if Bill Clinton had male prostitutes.
You know, he had females coming in and out.
He didn't have to pay.
But imagine if Bill Clinton had dozens of male whores.
If Bill Clinton... Can you imagine if there was a picture of Bill Clinton putting his cheek up against and hugging repeatedly and looking...
The picture tells a thousand words.
Hey, baby.
You know, this, I mean, it's just so over the top.
It's so over the top.
And then Bush is out hugging and kissing and holding hands with Condoleezza Rice at baseball games.
And we have the photo and the videos, and they put it on the news, and it's a big joke.
Can you imagine what Jerry Falwell would do if Bill Clinton was sitting with another woman, holding her hands and kissing her at a baseball game?
I mean, Bush gets to kiss Bryce at baseball games with their hands under the coats, you know, basically fondling each other.
And Bush gets to hug male prostitutes and kiss on them.
And it's just, so what?
And I got New York Post articles about top gay porn star serves moguls at elite retreat that Bush is at.
They're running them male whores in there so fast it's like a buffet or something.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
With top secret CIA level clearances in the back of the White House.
Briefing the president.
As the president's checking out the brief.
I mean, it just never... And then I've got to sit there and hear him talk about how he's a Christian?
Stuff is so over the top right now, folks.
I say it makes my head spin.
It really does.
I'm pretty irritated right now.
It was here in the top of my stack, a bird flu article I wrote with Paul Watson that is so important.
It's up on...
PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com right now.
And I'm going to try to find it while we take a few calls.
I wanted to read the article.
We're running out of time here.
I mean, Bush is for total open borders, total amnesty.
The plan?
This is how the spin works.
They've had the neocons all over talk radio and TV.
And the Democrat goes, we want total, complete, absolute legalization of all illegals.
And the Republican goes, how dare you, that illegitimate, unthought-out, un-American plan.
The plan is the President's plan for workers' visas, which is the Democratic bill for total legalization of anybody here that's here for six years and lets companies pay to bring more illegals here to dispossess and remove us from the few jobs that are left.
And I heard Sean Hannity.
I'm down there reporting on the border.
We've got to do something about the border.
The answer is Bush's plan.
A tough plan the Democrats don't like to deal with these illegals.
It's a tough plan.
The Democrats wrote it.
I mean, it's just the lying.
Do you like being lied to?
Do you like being laughed at?
Do you like it?
I talked about it.
Yesterday, I heard Limbaugh say that peace activists attacked two members of the U.S.
Army and broke their jaws in Seattle.
And I went online, the mainstream news articles, I went and watched the video, I went and watched police press conferences online.
It was gang members grabbing on their women at a hip-hop club, where that's the standard behavior, and they beat them up.
They were not peace activists.
I mean, when you've got... I heard Limbaugh, another one of the lies, I never have time to listen to it, but I was listening Sunday at the rebroadcast driving home.
I heard Limbaugh, this is another lie I haven't talked about yet, say that it's all a big liberal lie that the military has hit all its goals and gone over them for recruitment.
Everybody knows that for the last two years they've been missing recruitment goals.
Even when the Marine Corps, the Navy, and the Air Force lowered their projections, they still didn't make it.
The Army has been floundering everywhere.
So they lowered it again and did make their August goals.
Excuse me, their month before August.
Their July goals.
Announced in August.
And Limbaugh was crowing that this proves all of it's been lies.
I mean, it's just... And I'm convinced, folks, this is all meant to make conservatives look bad.
Because conservatives, real conservatives, are a threat.
They don't like to kill babies.
They don't like population control.
They don't like government schooling.
They don't like the whole New World Order family-destroying agenda.
So they had to co-opt them.
So they co-opted them with these neocons.
Meanwhile, the left, who are a lot of well-meaning people, who just never got the big picture, they look at neocons and are told, this is conservatism.
So they go, well, my gosh, I'm a communist then.
Whereas if you're a real freedom lover, a real truth seeker, who has neo-fascist globalists on the run, the liberals aren't going to listen to you because they think you're...
That neocons have, then you must be bad.
When the neocons only have those verbally, but when the vote comes down to it, they always vote against the freedom.
And I know everybody instinctively knows this, but it's just so important.
One or two final calls here.
I've been so fired up after a week of vacation that I didn't plug my videos yesterday.
I am going to say this.
And we're two hours, 44 minutes, 43 seconds into this transmission.
And I haven't mentioned them yet.
And sure enough, I didn't sell any videos really yesterday to speak of.
Just a few of them because I didn't plug it, and I haven't plugged today.
I made some great videos, and they're lengthy, they're informative, they truly have information in them.
They will make you an expert on the New World Order and how to fight, so I hope you get my new film, Martial Law, or the classic Road to Tyranny, or American Dictators, or Police State 2000.
I hope you get these videos.
Here's an example of five minutes in the almost three-hour film Road to Tyranny.
FEMA in Kansas City teaching a room full of police and firefighters and sheriff deputies that all founding fathers are terrorists, the Constitution is evil, and America must give up all its freedoms.
On video, shot by a firefighter.
Just, founding fathers are evil, the state is good.
Patriots are bad.
On video.
And then we have the training manuals and flyers and news articles about those flyers and training manuals.
Saying homeschoolers are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, the family's a disease, they want to kill 80% of us.
I mean, you can get these documents off my video, type them into Google, and go find it at the Library of Congress.
And we've got people saying they want to kill us.
And they're going to kill us.
And I'm a weirdo because I get upset about it.
I'm just going to take a few more calls.
Who's up next here?
Tony in Arkansas.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
God bless you for what you do.
I just had a quick question and a comment to follow, if I could.
I have friends and family in and out of the military, and nobody can find any information on the Internet or in people they talk to about four-star general Kevin P. Burns, and we wondered if you, Rince, anyone has heard anything about his whereabouts and his health and safety.
Last I'd heard, nobody could find him, not even his lawyer.
The last you heard on him as a lawyer confiding?
Where'd you hear that?
I thought I heard that from your show.
It must have been Rince's show then.
We listen to a lot of GCN, and it was one of those two that they cannot locate him.
But according to the military sources, again, my family, one's as high as him.
He's a retired major.
They cannot fire, not remove someone from authority, but fire someone without him being tried by a jury of his peers, and that's going to be difficult for him to find because he was, if I understand right, fourth or fifth highest
Ranking officer in the military and or the Congress removing him.
They can remove him from authority like MacArthur was done, but they cannot fire him and have him lose his pension.
And then I thought I heard on your show, but maybe it was Rents, that no one can seem to locate him.
So this got me very concerned that he had been abducted and they were wanting to find out who else was involved with him in this supposed coup that a lot of people in the military are talking about.
And anyway, I just apologize.
I did not know if you had not heard, and I'd ask anyone, because I'm going to do it.
I wanted to get more information from you first.
Let me ask you a question.
No, I hadn't heard that, but I'll check it out.
I appreciate it.
I've been out of the loop a little bit.
Can you tell me what the family and the military is saying about everything that's happening?
Yes, indeed.
The ones that I know, this goes to Nellis Air Force Base out in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Area 51, to friends that are in Pennsylvania.
Every one of them are already aware.
Have your videos are wide awake to what's going on in the New World Order, and they're trying to wake other people up.
There are German troops on Nellis Air Force Base wearing the black uniforms and logos.
Oh, that's admitted.
They're all over Texas and in Mexico.
I apologize.
So that's woke up a lot of people.
Nothing to apologize about.
I mean, that's admitted.
But that woke a lot of friends of mine up that I go to Bible studies with.
27% of our army is an illegal alien.
It's scary.
And that apparently is what set off Kevin P. Burns and others.
I think so.
And ask them to investigate the Kevin P. Burns firing because Rumsfeld did not have the authority to fire him.
He could remove him from his position but not cause him to lose his pension.
And we want an immediate investigation into the firing of Kevin P. Burns.
And I'd ask anybody listening to this, please do that for his safety.
Okay, we'll do that.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
Jerry in Pennsylvania, last caller.
Go ahead.
Yeah, latest issue of Gun Week.
There was a Bob Leasemaster who writes for it.
He was having breakfast at a local diner, and there were some local politicians who were at a table next to him, and they were ecstatic over this Supreme Court ruling, the Kelo ruling.
They said they were talking about that they can now use this ruling to rid the area of gun stores and shooting ranges.
Of course, yeah.
That's conservative.
It'll all be selectively enforced, too.
One sentence here.
Well, that's where Bush lives, out on a pig farm.
Great point, sir.
Anything else?
No, not right now.
I mean, isn't it getting transparent, though?
I mean, somebody would have to be in total denial not to see the tyranny.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back with the final segment.
I'm going to dig out this first blue story, which, hell or high water, we're going to cover.
I have to read it at the start of the show tomorrow.
I was frantically looking for it in my stack.
It couldn't just disappear.
There's not a Bermuda Triangle here on my desk.
PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com are two of the websites.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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We're good to go.
By the way...
One of the biggest veterans groups in the country.
The American Legion has come out and said, in a decision, that they want anti-war protests banned.
This is the way we defend America, is butchering the First Amendment.
This is insane.
And I'm not saying all the members are bad, it just shows the mindset.
Meanwhile, the ACLU, which I know is controlled, folks, controlled opposition, but they are now filing a lawsuit, it is confirmed,
That the FBI isn't just listing gun owners and people like that as terrorists, which the ACLU doesn't care about, but mainstream affirmative action groups that promote affirmative action.
Regardless of what you think of affirmative action, it's their right to do it.
And these are mainstream groups with no history of violence whatsoever.
Listed in secret terrorism dossiers as terrorists.
And other anti-war groups and others.
It's just...
It makes me sick.
I mean, it just really... There are no real terrorists.
Every time we track a terrorist back, it's Al-CIA, CIA, NSA, DIA, MI6.
So there's no real terrorist for them to bust.
They can't bust themselves.
So it's people resisting their criminal activities.
You understand that.
Is the bird flu pandemic a chicken little scenario?
And it's an article Paul Watson and I wrote.
In 2003, it was SARS, the deadly virus that caused lethal pneumonia and lung failure.
It was sweeping the globe, and it was only a matter of time before the West would succumb to its devastating wrath.
It never happened.
The number of SARS cases never topped 1,000, none of which were proven to be anything more than traditional lung infections.
SARS has been replaced by a new enemy, an enemy that may require martial law quarantines and forced vaccinations, the H5N1, the dreaded bird flu.
Are we right to be concerned, or is this just another fear-mongering campaign to make millions, and I would say billions, for Big Pharma and keep us under the suffocating protection of Big Brother Nanny State?
In October of last year, the head of the Russian Virology Institute, Akademian Dmitry Luvov, said in a press conference, up to one billion people could die around the world within the next six months from the bird flu.
We are half a step away from a worldwide pandemic catastrophe, he said.
A catastrophe didn't happen in that year, and it didn't happen after six months or eight months.
Thank God it didn't happen.
But for people like Ted Turner and Jacques Cousteau and Prince Philip, one billion deaths isn't necessarily a bad thing for humanity.
Then we get into the New World Order's plans for mass population reductions.
The simplest answer is that the world's population should be about 2 billion, and we've got about 6 billion now, Ted Turner told E!
Magazine, an environmentalist publication.
Turner, pictured above, went on further in an interview with Audubon Magazine to say a total world population of 250 million to 300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.
In a 91 interview with UNESCO Courier,
Jacques Cousteau, the famous Emmy award-winning film producer who went on to be the kingpin of the environmental movement, said, It is terrible to have to say this.
Well, population must be stabilized.
To do that, you must eliminate 35,000, 350,000 people per day.
Start with you, buddy.
And it goes on and on.
By the way, Watson, we need to add to this the 73 Kissinger document ordering the sterilization of half the women in the third world.
And that's on InfoWars somewhere.
We need to post that in this article.
I read a page of it.
There's many more pages.
I'm out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Globalists are totally capable, and it is their official plan, to release bioweapons in the future and kill most of us.
They love death.
You ever seen James Bond's Moonraker?
Well, that's the type of crazy he's actually running things.
We're out of time.
Back to 9, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.