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Air Date: Aug. 26, 2005
2340 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Fighting the Info War?
This Friday, the 26th day of August 2005?
I'm not Alex Jones.
Though we're often mistaken for each other.
I'm Jack Blood.
I'm sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex will be back on Monday.
It's been on assignment all week, and I know you've missed the news.
We have a ton of news to report.
But before we get to that, I want to introduce my co-host today, the one and only GCN host, Erskine.
Erskine, good to have you with us today.
Good to be with you, Jack.
And there is a lot of news, starting with the big hurricane that's coming through.
There's a natural disaster that is certainly going to cause some havoc, and we've got a lot more hurricanes coming.
Coming up through Florida, according to every report I've seen.
That something might have happened to Rush Limbaugh.
No, we shouldn't say that.
We have to love our neighbors, don't we, Erskine?
You're sounding like Pat Robertson.
Now, get out of here.
I'm not going to go for that.
No, no, no, no, no.
Rush Limbaugh, we should take out Rush Limbaugh.
He should be assassinated.
I didn't say that.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I went through the whole progression of the Robertson story.
I didn't say I should assassinate anybody, even though I said it, and now I'm sorry for it.
Yes, I thought that was the funniest part about the Pat Robertson story, or the strangest part, was not the fact of what he said, because he's been saying strange things forever, but the fact that he actually tried to deny it.
Yeah, even though he was on the record and we had, in fact, we played that on my program.
Of course, people know I do Deadline Live right after this program, Erskine, and we played the audio right when that came out.
Yeah, that's exactly what he said, but I don't know if people are burned out on this story yet.
I have, you know, was rather appalled.
To hear some of the neocons, most particularly Tony Blankley from the Washington Times, who, if you remember, Erskine, just not too long ago, called for the assassination of Stan Goff and other independent alternative media writers for being traitors to their country.
But he was on, and he was basically saying, anyone that ties Pat Robertson to George W. Bush is also a traitor, and, of course, we're hearing this in just about every news commentary, they are aiding and abetting the enemy.
Aiding and abetting the enemy.
I'll tell you, that has really become a cause word.
However, it seems like what we're seeing in America today is that the truth doesn't matter.
We're being lied to by preachers, yes.
By our politicians, yes.
We're being lied to everywhere you turn are lies on top of lies.
Why don't people stand up and call these people what they are, a group of liars?
From the President, who lied about the weapons of mass destruction, to the Pat Robertson, who lied about saying he didn't even say what he did about the assassination.
I mean, what is it that the truth no longer seems to matter?
Well, they're telling the truth up in Crawford, Texas today, and I'm going to give some instructions for the listeners to come out with us tomorrow on Saturday to aid Cindy Sheehan in her effort this Saturday.
You know, we've got a ton of news to report, and I'm just going to run down a couple of the headlines we'll be covering in today's show.
First of all, talking about Hugo Chavez, he's offering cheap gas.
To the poor in the United States, being the communist enemy that he is.
Also, right off of Infowars.com, bus bombers stopped for a Big Mac before the killing started.
I'm sure people will be interested in how these bombers who hate the West and hate our freedom are going to McDonald's before the bomb.
And then, of course, there's some contradictions in that story that we're going to point out.
Also, on that shoot to kill, the gentleman from...
Argentina, or was it Argentina?
I might not be correct on that.
Brazil, that's right.
Who was shot on the train.
A lot of new information coming in on that.
Tony Blair will be joining the Carlisle Group once he's stepping down from Prime Minister.
Some more Karl Rove information and Bush's InfoWar.
These are just some of the issues I think we can cover on today's program.
We're sitting in for the one and only Alex Jones, also riding with us today, the one and only Erskine.
I'm Jack Blood.
InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be back right after these important messages.
Stay tuned.
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The one and only Genesis Communications Radio Network, your first source for real news, for alternative news.
I like to say on my show, we here at Genesis don't cover the news, we uncover the news.
And this is, of course, all the news and information fit to suppress.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Program.
I'm Jack Blood, filling in for Alex today, and of course my show, Deadline Live, is also on Genesis.
I come on just after the Alex Jones Show, Monday through Friday.
I also have my buddy Erskine, riding shotgun with us.
Erskine's program is also on Genesis, and Saturday night, 12 midnight, Eastern Time.
That's right, and this weekend we're going to have a gentleman talking about gambling and the prison system, and someone else talking about energy, how you can help that the
The energy companies may have shot themselves in the foot when they went over $3.
There are lots and lots of alternatives out there.
There's an issue I'd like to bring up, Jack, and that's the American Legion has declared war on the protesters.
Now you've got
Cindy down in Crawford.
Now, what's there not to like?
Cindy Crawford.
Look at it.
It's a beautiful situation.
It sounds good.
But you've got Cindy Sheehan down there.
You've got a lot of people, a lot of the soldiers coming back who are talking about this.
You've got the war that started with a lie, and you've got the American Legion declaring war and saying that they're all traitors for protesting.
You've got the Vietnam War veterans who are not saying that.
You've got a number of other groups who are not saying that.
What is going on with the American Legion?
Well, of course, they're marching in lockstep with this militarized society.
You know, I've got to tell you, I've just been rereading The Prince by Machiavelli, and he talks about always being in a state of war.
A prince is always going to be having war.
A prince is always running up his military if he wants to be a good prince.
I think in many ways, George W. Bush and his crew have been studying this, and we know that the New World Order for the last four or five centuries...
We certainly are, and there's a lot of changes.
However, one of the things that Mr. Bush has done is united the world.
Against this, but he's united the world.
And we're seeing this in the war games between Russia and China.
This is something which we would not have seen before, but it looks to me like the Cold War is reopening thanks to some of the excursions which have occurred.
Erskine, I just had a report up on my website, jackblood.com.
Russia and China worked together to form New World Order in the 21st century.
This is a little bit of copy, Erskine, out of the...
Yes, they have People Magazine in China now, of course, among many other things.
Russia and China are working together to help form a new world order in the 21st century that will be based on multi-polarity.
This is one of your favorite buzzwords, Erskine, polarity.
Respect for international law and a leading role for the United Nations.
Look at New World Order number two.
We've got two New World Orders competing, so here we go again.
Looks like an Italian dialect.
Are they competing because, as you say, Russia and China are out having war games, extensive war games, and they've been doing this for the last year or two now.
War games designed to have a world war against the West.
So there we go.
This is the way it's setting up.
But the only thing that we could have that could be a positive...
We're good to go.
Now, there also was a new meeting over at Bohemian Grove.
Is that this weekend?
No, they've been having it.
In fact, we've been tracking that, and I have some information also about that on my website.
They've been flying in, and their limos have been rolling up to the lakeside chats.
A couple of interesting notes.
Of course, Colin Powell showed his face there.
He's now a member of Bohemian Grove, as he's just joined a very exclusive elite law firm.
Also, Bill Frist was speaking.
At Bohemian Grove, and started laying into some of his Christian ideology, and they got very, very upset.
They don't like when people bring in their Christian ideology and mentality into Bohemian Grove, and he was quickly rebuked.
No, you can't worship an owl and Jesus at the same time.
It really makes it a tough scenario to do, doesn't it?
Well, their phony Christian mentality and ideology is good for the world and for the newspapers, a good reason to go to war against the Muslims.
Just don't bring it into Bohemian Grove where we're talking about how we're going to run the world
Also, a number of military people were speaking at the Grove, saying that we will be in Iraq for ten years.
And not even the worst case scenario, but pretty much guaranteeing we've heard five years, and now it looks like five to ten years.
So, as we're calling for the pullout of our troops from Iraq, and I interviewed a Marine yesterday, a National Guardsman who joined the Marines, and
Even they want to get out.
They say that the government is not supported by the people over there, contrary to the propaganda and the psyops we get here through the mainstream media, that the people are very upset over there and that we're just antagonizing things by hanging around.
But ten years, that's what they say at the Grove.
They're looking very, very close to a civil war.
Iraq is very close to a meltdown.
And instead of withdrawing troops, we're promising to send more troops and extend it out for 10 years.
We're building how many bases in Iraq right now?
These are not temporary bases we're building.
They are permanent enclaves.
No, we will be there for decades with those military bases, or until something happens to kind of wipe the slate clean.
But, you know, they're redrawing the map over there again in the Middle East and stealing all of their resources.
The bloodsuckers known as the IMF and the World Bank swooping down on the Iraqi people as we spread democracy and freedom, Erskine.
The other thing that I found very interesting is that we are hiring troops from other countries at cut-rate bargains.
We have troops from South American countries going in there for half the price that American troops are charging, and therefore we're even outsourcing our military.
I mean, this is the bottom line.
We've been doing this for a long, long time.
I've done a number of interviews on this.
The interesting thing is those Colombian troops that are going in for mercenaries are going in for half price.
Do you know that they'll be making roughly $500 to $1,000 a day?
That's half price for the mercenaries.
I'd like to make that kind of money.
Maybe I should go to Iraq as a mercenary.
Half price troops.
Cutting out the military, I mean, it's one thing to outsource everything that you've got, but then when you outsource the military, isn't that the bottom line of a decaying country when they are outsourcing their own military?
Well, you know, honestly, it doesn't make sense.
And going back to Machiavelli, he was strongly against using mercenaries for your military because they're not loyal.
They won't fight in a real war.
They'll sell out to the highest bidder.
Of course, we're seeing that now with P2OG with some of these mercenaries.
We're good to go.
The other thing that's so interesting is that they are trying to make the Iraqi army build it back up so that they'll have local this, that, and the other.
But they're fighting that probably a huge percentage happen to be those who are against the Americans being there.
And so we're building up an army to attack us again.
What's wrong with this?
We must be with Al-Qaeda.
Well, they built a couple of schools, and that's good news.
That's very, very good news.
After we bomb them, then they build them.
The new Iraqi constitution will actually strip women of their rights as it stands now.
It is not a separation of church and state.
I think they're arguing over federalism now.
We have a problem with that here in this country.
Part of the John Roberts Supreme Court nomination debate, federalism, the amount of power that the states have,
And that's another problem they're having in Iraq.
Of course, there's also a little issue about their Second Amendment rights, their rights to own and bear arms and have well-regulated and well-organized militias.
So it looks like a lot of freedom there in Iraq.
And the rhetoric, of course, Erskine, is, it took us 250 years to have our freedom.
It'll take them that long.
Yeah, right.
It took us 250 years to lose our freedom.
But the fact that I would also like to bring up that is critical...
Is you've got the governor, Bill Richardson, the first Hispanic governor in the United States.
You've got Governor Janet Napolitano.
And you've got Governor Schwarzenegger very close to.
And the governor in Virginia.
Those two governors have declared a state of emergency with the border, and we're sending more troops to Iraq.
Now, is there a problem?
We've got a war on terrorism and open border with Mexico that two governors are declaring a state of emergency.
How can you justify what they have and the clampdown?
You know, I have a lot of immigration news, and when you bring up the state of emergency, and it's also coming out now that the governor of Virginia wants to declare a state of emergency, he's not even on the border, Erskine, and he has an immigration problem there, something they need to fight.
But it's also, you know, I think a bit of a dichotomy.
It's a bit of a conundrum, because...
State of emergency generally takes powers away from the people and gives them to the government, something we're certainly not going to advocate.
But this seems to be the only way for the states to take back the power to defend their own borders because the federal government isn't doing it.
Now, I have a ton of immigration news to depart to the listeners today, but here's just one little tidbit, Erskine.
The cost of illegal immigration in Texas, this is a lowball estimate, this is what we're paying just in Texas...
For illegal immigration, $4.7 billion a year to educate them for the medical, for the law enforcement, the crime, everything that goes along with illegal immigration.
$4.7 billion a year out of our state budget to pay for this, what is basically a national problem.
Now, Jack, what's this I hear about teachers in Texas having to learn Spanish?
Well, they'd be way behind the times, Erskine.
I'm sure if they don't know Spanish by now.
Just amazing.
And you know, this is why the classes are overcrowded.
Our children aren't being indoctrinated as well as they could be with smaller classes.
Just one of the other symptoms to the overall problem, which is just opening up these borders, letting in anybody who wants to come for the quote-unquote American Scream program.
We'll talk more about this during the program.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, and Erskine is also with me.
We're filling in for Alex today.
Alex will be back Monday.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
We'll be back right after we line our pockets with this important information.
Stay tuned.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Welcome to the InfoWar.
Honored to be with you.
Thanks for joining us this beautiful Friday.
25th, no, 26th day of August, 2005.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones, also Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Great program here on GCN.
Alex will be back on Monday, and I know you all are waiting for that.
A lot of people have written me and said, what happened to Alex?
Is he okay?
Yes, he's okay, folks, and he'll be back bigger and better than ever before this next Monday on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I want to go over this story real quick.
Hussein also made a number of telephone calls, at least one of which was to his fellow bombers, before carrying out the attack on the bus, which exploded in Tavistock Square in London.
There were reports last night that he may have spoken to two other bombers.
Now, there's an inherent problem with this story.
Figured this out by the closed-circuit TV cameras, which are every two feet in London.
The 18-year-old believed to have been captured by that as he was entering the fast-food outlet after coming out of King's Cross.
Now, a comment here by the webmaster, and I agree with this, the portrait of a really hardcore Muslim fundamentalist who hates Western values, visiting McDonald's before blowing himself up.
That's exactly what I'd do before bombing a bus by a Big Mac.
These guys were clearly dupes.
Who thought they were part of a drill.
When the drill went live and the tube started blowing up, Hussein obviously freaked out and started calling his friends.
And I think that that's a pretty good analysis.
I mean, look, if I'm having my last meal, I'm a suicide bomber.
Also, my little point here, my two cents is, I certainly wouldn't be eating at McDonald's.
I'd get a nice juicy steak if that was the case.
But here's also quite a contradiction, Erskine, in the story.
And we're going to take calls here coming up pretty quick, so everybody be patient.
This is from the story from the London Underground.
Let me try that again, folks.
The London Independent.
Quote, All four bombs were triggered by the bombers pressing a button and not through mobile telephones.
In other words, these were not done now by masters remotely.
The disclosure contradicts theories that the four may have been duped into becoming suicide bombers.
Now, Erskine, I think they had to put that in there because so much news was coming in that the organizers of the London bombings were working with MI6.
So they had to re-bomb...
They had to revise the story now that these bombers were actually independently or working as a group.
Of course, we can call that a conspiracy.
They set the bombs off themselves, despite the fact that multiple reports of not only bombers not being anywhere near the bus bombings, and some reports that the bomb was underneath the bus, but also other reports that the bombers were panicking as something was going off in their rucksacks.
I think there are two critical things to be noted.
Number one, the type of explosives used is the type of explosives that is only held by the military.
It wasn't some homemade bomb made out of, I don't know, ammonia nitrate or something like that.
This was a very, very high-grade explosive.
Number two, what type of event was going on that day?
Was there not a mock drill of this happening?
Yeah, right.
As we know, they're... Did he supersize that meal?
Of course he did.
It's an extra ten cents.
Who wouldn't?
Got himself a little bit bigger Coke and some more extra fries.
And so he almost probably blew it because he was eating those fries and having that Coke and eating the Big Mac.
That's exactly what anybody would do.
Your stomach, if you were doing something like that, would have to be in knots.
You would probably be fasting or doing something else.
I mean, absolutely ridiculous story.
Also, you know, we have to harken back to 9-11 here and the night before these bombers were about to go meet their... They went to a strip bar.
They went to a strip club and got drunk and, of course, conveniently left their Korans in the strip club.
This is the behavior of fundamentalists.
No, no, no, no, Jack.
You don't understand.
That's preparation for 72 virgins.
I mean, if any of it made sense, I would have at least, you know, some doubt in my mind, and I wish I could, Erskine, have some doubt that our government isn't trying to call and hurt us.
Oh, there's no question about it.
The only thing is, we're considered nutcases, or we're considered anti-American, because we bring out what is the truth.
And since when has the truth been anti-American?
If we were really American, we'd shut up and support our troops, Erskine.
We'll just play American music for the rest of the program, or we'll come back and take your calls immediately.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back after these important messages.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Of course, there's a lot of other great merchandise and a lot of other great books and films there as well.
And while I'm on the topic, I want to just announce and give a quick plug to some people in Missouri who are showing this film.
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Just simply go to tickets.home.mchsi.com.
They'll be showing martial law, rise of the police state on 9-11 and 9-29 this year.
I know they're showing the Dave and Joyce von Kleist film, Beyond Treason.
They'll be showing that as well in St.
Louis, and I believe Joyce Riley is even going to be speaking at that event.
So if you live in Missouri, no excuses.
Go down and check that out.
Erskine, let's take some calls.
That sounds good, but that's also available VHS or DVD.
How's that sound?
Again, 888-253-3139.
1-800-259-9231 to get in today's program.
We've got about two and a half hours left, so we'll need your help.
No guests today, just open lines the entire program.
Of course, I'm Jack Blood and Erskine from Erskine Overnight, also sitting in for the one and only Alex Jones.
Let's go to Bert in Louisiana.
Bert, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
How you doing, Mr. Blood, Mr. Erskine?
I appreciate you answering my call here.
You got it.
I have a question from yesterday's show and another question, if I could.
After finding out the role LBJ had played in the Liberty, is it a far leap to maybe think that maybe LBJ did have something to do with John F.K.'
's assassination?
Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin, you know, he wanted to play the leader of getting rid of welfare.
And Wisconsin right now, where illegal aliens are giving federal money to these illegals to buy homes or mortgages for homes in Wisconsin.
And a senator from Wisconsin, a Republican, said he was trying to pass a bill
Stop this.
Now, why would we have to have a bill to stop this when it's illegal to do that?
It doesn't make any sense, and I heard that as well, and it's preposterous.
I know.
And I should also add that Ranch Rescue in Arizona, Casey Nethercott, had his property.
That's what I was going to ask you.
Let me quickly comment...
We're good to go.
Now, the best book on the LBJ connection is called The Texas Connection.
And that tells everything that LBJ was involved in.
It talks about his mistress, whom he had a son by.
It talks about how she was talking about what was going on.
It talks about Jack Ruby.
It goes into the whole thing.
Was LBJ aware of the Kennedy assassination?
Yes, absolutely.
All the way up to his eyeballs.
This was probably one of... Until now, I would have said he was the dirtiest politician we've ever had in America and probably...
The absolute dirtiest.
There's no question he was part and parcel of the Kennedy assassination, but he was not the point man for planning it.
We could do a whole show on that, and let me just add that, in my opinion, he was what I call a matrix mole.
He was facilitating that organization, certainly not in charge of it.
Absolutely, absolutely, Jack.
You got it right on target.
Just a quick question.
How are we going to take this government back, and my theory is that maybe we should have a work stoppage in this country, but then again, they might bring illegals in to take our jobs over, so maybe that won't work either, huh?
Well, all the jobs have been exported, don't you know?
So many of them have been sent overseas, and then we've got so many illegals working here.
I mean, if we all quit working, the honest people who are working, it wouldn't barely make a dent.
That wouldn't do it.
But what's going to happen, in my opinion...
I think you're going to have the elitists going to war against each other.
And when, you know, snakes always eat each other, don't they, Bert?
Yes, sir.
Hey, that's how they do it in the mafia.
You've got one capo going against another capo, and that's pretty much what we have here, a group of capos, or as I like to call them again, matrix moles.
But, you know, Bert, I've always been a...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And get more people on our side, because the more people that start thinking for themselves, that start standing up for themselves, that join us, linked arm in arm, to oppose this illegal government, this unconstitutional government and police state, the better off we're going to be.
And it's just as simple as that.
You've got to go out and tell five people today, Bert.
I will, and listen, if we could get the black community to unite with us instead of thinking that the white establishment is for the white common person and make them believe they're not, we might get something done in this country.
Thanks for the call, Bernie.
Absolutely right.
One of the things that has given me pause is the fact that places like Canada, they're very upset with NAFTA.
It's not working for them.
They know it.
The United States on softwood lumber has absolutely every turn they have lied about that.
This is not going to hold together any more than Europe could get a constitution that all the people wanted.
Once it went to a vote, they lost.
The people are starting to understand the concept of nationalism and sovereignty.
Unfortunately, Vicente Fox and Paul Martin, along with George Bush, are right on the page with the CFR where they want to eliminate these borders.
And again, that's something we could really talk about.
You know, Malcolm X...
Talking about the African-American community getting together with the rest of us here, and this is what Malcolm X figured out and why they had to kill him and that he had to be assassinated.
I don't know if Pat Robertson was behind that, Erskine, but he realized that it wasn't just the blacks being oppressed.
It is generally the people in the middle to lower classes.
Of course, now we're seeing the elimination of the middle class here, so that's going to make even more people poor and subjugated to the federal government.
So I think people are waking up, and, you know, we covered Kanye West.
Very brave guy, man.
Erskine, he's a multi-platinum recording artist, a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, who's now starting to understand that AIDS, for instance, was engineered to steal the resources from Africa, that Africa is being locked up under this African Union, and he's getting out and starting to speak, really risking the millions and millions and millions of dollars that he will, you know,
We've done a terrific number of shows talking about AIDS and chronic fatigue, where they both were engineered, and the reasons that they were engineered, and we're going to see more with the bird flu pandemic, which is on its way.
They're telling you that they're bringing it in, and this is part of the New World Order, their population reduction, but I
I believe that there are a lot of things that could happen between now and then.
The herd is being culled.
In fact, I noticed that Infowars has just been updated and their top story, spread of bird flu, is a, quote, national emergency.
So they're going to be scaring us with that phony thing again.
Of course, we exposed that years ago, Erskine, when they were threatening us with bird flu.
Have Dr. Len Horowitz on, among others, who set the record straight.
And let me tell you, they were exactly right.
Again, all of the neocons on talk radio shows all over the country, scaring us with bird flu.
Our little show in Providence, Rhode Island, put the truth out.
And who was right?
We were right.
The big mainstream media was wrong.
And no wonder they have no credibility, Erskine.
But the fact of the matter is they are absolutely scaring the people to death.
It's like the country's being led by the directors of Fear Factor.
I hear also Bush is reading a book now.
It's been pointed out to me that he doesn't read, and I believe the book might have been upside down for the photo op, and I'm sure he grabbed it off of Dick Cheney's desk, but it was a study of the 1918 Spanish flu.
Kind of weird when our Lord Bush is reading that type of material.
He's pretending to read it.
Lines are open for the entire program.
Ron, in New York, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello, gentlemen.
I'm going to get to my main point, and I appreciate if you don't let me express that, but I want to digress for a moment based on two things that you spoke about and your caller brought up.
With reference to that poor rancher in the Southwest who lost his rancher,
Listen, I have to say this, because this is in my craw.
We have no one to blame, in a sense, but ourselves, because let's face it, when the stuff hit the fan with that guy, he was flying by the seat of his pants to defend himself.
I'm not sure if he even had a legal defense, and if he did, I'm sure it was Mickey Mouse in quality, and he had to go up against a monolith, alright, to defend himself.
And the so-called concerned community...
That at least pays verbiage to this guy, and we feel sorry for him.
As far as I know, he didn't come forward with one dime for legal defense to this guy.
So we've got to start organizing ourselves financially so that we have some financial power, as well as, I guess, having the truth or the moral power on our side.
Because that's a very important factor in organizing.
I can't really disagree with any of that, Ron.
Secondly, you brought up the fellows in London that blew themselves up.
Well, I'm going to tell you something.
If we use the stereotypical profile that we're told every day from law enforcement officials that constitutes a suicide bomber, those guys didn't fit that profile.
They weren't nervous.
They weren't sweating.
My best guess is, in my opinion, is those young men never thought those bombs were going to go off while they were attached to those bombs.
If they even knew they were bombs, I don't know.
But I don't think they ever believed that they were going to wind up being suicidal sacrifices.
If they were even carrying the bombs.
So that's something that's very salient here that has to be looked at.
Now I want to get on to my points, my main points, why I called.
If you read today's New York Post page 10, or front page on today's New York Sun, and of course I'm calling from New York City,
You will see that the NYPD has now purchased .50 caliber Barrett weapons, which I'm sure many of your listeners are familiar with.
It's kind of ironic because a short time ago, the commissioner of the New York City Police Department did a piece on 60 Minutes in which he was criticizing and condemning the gun and the sale of the gun to people, the few that there are, who probably buy them to shoot at 10 foot by 10 foot wooden targets somewhere out in the Arizona desert.
He wants to mount these guns
On helicopters, police helicopters.
Now, anybody who knows anything about weapons, and I do, okay?
I come retired law enforcement, and I have a long history and knowledge of weapons, knows that that, given the circumstances, that you have an urban center with the high concentration of population, the highest probably in the United States, and the instability of a platform like that,
That's not the type of weapon you mount to a police helicopter.
Well, first of all, to my knowledge, let me just say this, Ron, that they already are mounted on police helicopters.
I can tell you that I had a little incident while I was up covering the conventions in New York City in the Hudson River.
We were out in a boat, and we were assaulted, nearly assaulted.
We were followed and harassed by Homeland Security boats that had exactly what you talk about, .50 caliber machine guns mounted on their bows.
Yeah, he's
Ron's talking about New York City police as opposed to Homeland Security, right, Ron?
That's correct.
And if you understand anything about the .50 caliber weapon, the .50 caliber weapon, for those in your audience who don't understand, is not a sniper's weapon in the sense of a .308 caliber.
No, it would be a sniper's weapon if you're looking to take out a cow or something.
It's not the kind of thing where you look to fire one bullet one person.
It's an anti-armor weapon, or it's the kind of weapon that's used in a free-fire or a hot-war zone vis-a-vis...
Berlin, March 1945.
Saigon, Tet Offensive, 1968, where you don't give a damn about any collateral damage.
You're not worried about, well, you know, I might fire at X and wind up getting Y and Z and everybody else in the alphabet.
That is not the type of weapon you use in a peacetime setting in the most populated American city.
Hey, Ron, the .50 caliber is hardly a pinpoint bullet, isn't it?
That's correct.
Especially from a platform like a helicopter.
It's an unstabling firing platform.
So if you're looking for pinpoint accuracy, that just makes a bad situation all the more worse because it's mounted on an unstable platform given winds and so forth and vibration and everything else involved.
So your point is, Ron, they're looking to put that on an unstable platform like that because they're looking to use it in a position where they don't care.
They're just going to shoot wildly?
Their actions speak to the fact that obviously they couldn't care, because anybody with any level of concern or intelligence, which we'll presume, at least for the sake of this discussion they have, would realize that that weapon is the wrong fit for an American city like New York, or for that matter, for any American city.
Somebody's planning for a riot.
We've got to go to break.
Ron, great call.
Thanks for the information.
We'll come back, take Mike in Arizona.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
Stay tuned.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex will be back on Monday.
Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Great, great program, folks.
Great guests.
Great weekly program every Saturday night, 12 midnight, Eastern Time on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
If you haven't heard Erskine...
You really need to start listening on a regular basis, even if it's into his archives, because you're missing out.
He does a fantastic job, and I'm proud to be here with you today, Erskine.
So much news to talk about, but I think this is an open line Friday, so let's go back to the calls.
Anything that you want to discuss, there's a new CIA panel.
The CIA will be investigating itself over 9-11.
That's the Fox watching the henhouse.
Cops from five states are suing Taser International for serious injuries.
A lot of news to talk about, but whatever's on your mind, 800-259-9231.
Erskine, let's hear what the people have to say.
Mike in Arizona, you're up on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, good morning.
Good morning.
I just wanted to comment briefly about the Robertson comments.
You know, it's not a coincidence that people like Robertson, Falwell, and
And Tim LaHaye with his fanciful end times theories are constantly pushing for a world war.
They're braided before us on the TV.
Can you think of an uglier face for the Christian community than these people?
Are you saying guilt by association is what you're saying?
Young people grow up
And they look and see someone like Robertson making these preposterous comments.
Jerry Falwell or Oral Roberts or even Bush.
I mean, if this is the leadership of the Christian church, then my goodness, I don't want to be a Christian.
I mean, it's the same boy they used with Arafat and the Palestinians.
I mean, can you think of an uglier figure?
One of their things, Mike, is that they believe that the world's coming to an end, we're all going to be raptured, and don't worry about it.
So it effectively removes all the Christians out of the battle, as opposed to those who feel like if you're not standing up for something, you'll fall for anything.
You've got to stand up.
And these people are trying to take the Christian community out of any battle, because don't worry, Jesus is coming, he's going to make it all right, and everything's fine.
And listen to your 501c3 paid and bought and paid for pastors and reverends around the country.
But you make a really good point, and certainly, Erskine, you know this is part of the plan to demonize Christianity, demonize the Muslim religion, demonize even the Jewish religion.
Because they've got something good to replace it with called secular humanism.
They're coming out of the Oxford University Press, which is owned and operated by the Rothschilds.
Good point.
And then Bush came out, I think it was about a month ago, talking about how intelligent design needs to be taught in our schools.
And, you know, just out of curiosity, I did a Google search on that word.
The first sites I pulled up were all Raelian sites who also used that term, intelligent design.
Well, this is the same Bush that the born-again Christians think is such a good Christian man.
And I've heard it, and I know, Mike, you've heard it from your friends who think that George Bush is a good Christian man.
But it's the same George Bush who was giving the sign of Satan and his entire family at his inauguration.
That's the real George Bush, the one who attends the Bohemian Grove, the one who laid nude in the coffin at the Brotherhood of Death, the one who gives the sign of Satan at his inauguration.
He was born again.
He was born again into the order of death.
Not into Christianity or into Christ.
Order of Death is the other name for skull and bones.
George Bush...
Yes, that's right.
To be talking about intelligent design.
I mean, if that isn't a textbook definition of irony, I don't know what is.
You got it, Mike.
Thank you for the call.
Thank you, Mike.
We're going to take a quick break here, about 70 seconds.
Come back for the second hour of the Alex Jones Show, and we'll go right back to more of your calls.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
We'll be right back after this.
Stay tuned, folks.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Locked and loaded for a second hour, fighting the info war, the Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Five days a week, 11 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
Central Time.
I'm Jack Blood, my show airing 2 to 4, Monday through Friday, Central Time.
And also with me, the one and only Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Erskine, great to have you with me here.
Always fun to ride with you in the Alex Jones Hot Rod.
Always a joy.
I'm happy to be here on Alex's program.
And I want to thank Alex for allowing us this honor.
Absolutely, and of course, Alex will be back.
I know people have really missed him, but good chance to hear all those great rebroadcasts this week, and obviously an honor for myself and for Erskine to be here with you this Friday.
Open lines throughout the entire program.
Alex, again, will be back this coming Monday, and we'll all be waiting with bated breath for that.
Open lines today, as we say, so we're going to go back to the phones.
We're going to cover a lot of news today, but anything you want to bring to the table, it's your dime.
800-259-9231 Let's talk to Mark in Missouri.
Mark, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello Jack.
Yeah, Mark, are you the Mark from Missouri whose event we just plugged in the last hour?
That is correct.
Okay, anything else we need to know about that?
You did a great job there, except you said St.
Louis, and it's in Springfield in southwest Missouri.
So even if you're in St.
Louis, you'll have to drive there.
And you better hurry and get tickets, because I assume the tickets are going to go fast, Mark.
You bet, and they ought to get them in advance, and we appreciate you did a great job on announcing that.
If you're listening over in Joplin or if you're in Carthage or any of those areas or down around Branson, get on up to Springfield and watch the videos because this is information you've got to have.
Yeah, good chance to bring your friends.
I've seen a lot of younger people coming out to these too, so this is a good chance to get together with like-minded individuals.
Hopefully you guys will even make some type of a deal with InfoWars.com with Alex Jones to sell some of the videos there as well so that people can pick those up.
I know you can get a deal on a quantity of those.
Why don't you get out the email address for those who weren't tuned in for the first hour.
Again, Mark, so people can go see this movie.
Okay, that'd be great.
And I've got a couple other... Absolutely.
Give out that email and then we'll let you rock and roll on your news.
If anybody wants to purchase their tickets online...
Using a credit card or whatever method, they can go to just tickets.home.mchsi.com.
Again, that's tickets.home.mchsi.com.
And just click on the show that they want to see, the big screen showing they want to see.
That'll take them to a cart page and click on the cart, and that'll take them right into a PayPal thing where they can purchase their tickets online.
There you go, Mark.
And that's that simple.
People should be doing this all over the country, too, so you guys are leading by example here.
Well, now what's on your mind for today?
Well, a couple of things.
In the Sunday paper here this last Sunday in Springfield, there was an article where Bush went biking for 17 miles with...
Lance Armstrong.
With Lance Armstrong for about two hours on his ranch down there in Crawford and presented him with a red, white, and blue t-shirt emblazoned Turdy Crawford.
And yet he doesn't have a few minutes or the guts to go out and speak to somebody who's given the life of their son over in Iraq.
I thought that was quite something.
Yes, but of course that conspiracy I'm sure is more important to Mr. Bush than the lies of...
Of Cindy's son.
Bush likes to hang out with people who do steroids and use performance-enhancing drugs who cheat their way into halls of fame.
I think Lance Armstrong, it could be said, is one of those.
Certainly the baseball player now that's in the news.
One of Bush's best friends.
In fact, Bush actually came out on his behalf.
Turned out, Bush was misled.
Just like the weapons of mass destruction, certainly.
Very much the same thing.
Bush can't trust any intelligence these days.
Mark in Missouri, you're welcome to hang over.
We'll go to Joe in Arkansas, Rita in Chicago, Rodney in Texas.
The Alex Jones Show on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Stay tuned.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a war on for your mind.
It was one of the first things that I recognized...
If we can't even, we're not even allowed to think our own thoughts.
Of course, we now have the thought control police assembling.
The definition now of insanity certainly is somebody who opposes their government, somebody who believes in conspiracies.
No, there's never been a conspiracy ever in the history of the world.
We're classified as insane by people like Bill Frist and others who want to drug us into submission.
Of course, take a soma, everything will be okay.
But it is a war on for your mind.
And when you can't evolve as a spiritual being when you can't try to obtain higher consciousness when you can't think for yourself and you can't educate your own family rather than handing them over to the indoctrination of the social systems
Man, there's a big, big problem.
So that should be number one on our agenda, is to protect our minds, to be able to think for ourselves.
And one of the things I'm proud about this network, Genesis Communications, about this radio show, the Alex Jones Show, my radio show, Deadline Live, Erskine's radio show as well, is that we do implore you to think for yourselves.
We don't tell you, this is what it is, this is the truth, don't listen to anyone else.
Whoever's against us, they should be assassinated.
No, what we say is, take this information, now that you've got the thread, go do some more research for yourself, use your own discerning, and that's what I think separates us from the mainstream media that is constantly trying to indoctrinate us.
I think you'd agree with that, Erskine?
Oh, absolutely.
You've got to think for yourself, and that's exactly what all the programs here do.
We just ask you to think.
And does it make sense?
And we're not pushing conspiracy.
The conspiracies are being pushed by the mainstream media.
That's exactly right.
And when we get to a point where we're not even allowed to think anymore, it gets very, very dangerous.
And we certainly see that that is the control grid going up now.
In fact, there has been entire congressional testimonies by people like Jose Delgado and others that say,
It's very dangerous to let the people think for themselves.
In fact, it's insane to let people think for themselves, because what they will do is see right through how you are taking away their freedoms.
And freedom of the mind is the most important thing.
Mark from Missouri was holding over, and we'll let you finish up, Mark.
Thank you, Jack.
Just real quick here.
I received an email last night on the previous caller.
You were talking about the Christian right and so forth.
And I got a hold of an email that was sent out last night.
That there's going to be some sort of a support our troops prayer vigil and rally and support the Bush agenda and so forth in Crawford, Texas tomorrow.
Yeah, a big neocon talk show host has taken a train, a caravan across the country, gathering support, appearing on big shows like MSNBC and Fox News, and he's bringing all of his people out there, and you know what is going to hit the fan tomorrow.
I'm actually going to announce on the program today, Mark, we're going up and having a caravan of our own here from Austin, Texas tomorrow,
And we'll be joining the fray tomorrow, Saturday, in Crawford, Texas, in support of Cindy Sheehan.
But you're exactly right.
They're scared.
That's why they're doing that.
I would suggest anybody that's listening to this and is able to, to join with you and do that, because they're sending this out and saying in the email, you don't speak for me, Cindy.
I don't think Cindy wants to speak for any of us, and I firmly believe that.
I'm sure, Erskine, you'd agree with that as well.
I mean, she's just out speaking her own mind.
And if we agree with her, that's fine, but I don't think she's telling us what to think or what to believe.
Well, and it makes me ask the question, all these people that are going to show up there against what she's doing, just trying to speak to the president...
You know, how much have they paid?
What have they lost?
What have they given?
What price have they paid?
Yeah, they lost some paint on their bumper from running over all the crosses up there two weeks ago.
Or from that bumper sticker, I voted for Bush.
Hey, Mark, thanks for the call, man, and I'm glad you're out there getting some things done and taking matters into your own hands, being an example and a leader in your community.
I wish everybody would do that.
Let me give out this information real quick while we got it, folks.
That will be Saturday morning at Serrano's Cafe and Cantina in Lincoln Village Shopping Center.
We're good to go.
We'll all be meeting there to have a mass caravan up to Crawford between 10.30 and 11 a.m.
tomorrow on Saturday.
Serrano's Cafe and Cantina, that's where True Seekers has often held their events here in Austin, Texas.
Lincoln Village Shopping Center, again between 10.30 and 11 tomorrow.
We're good to go.
Also, tonight, if you want to meet me, you've never had a chance to meet with us before.
We have a monthly meeting, and I wanted to announce that you can also go to that in Austin, Texas, tonight at Opal Divine's on 6th Street, West 6th Street in Austin, Texas, 8 o'clock tonight.
A lot of our listeners will be meeting down there, as they do every month, and I'd like to see everybody come down for that, and love to shake your hand, love to meet you.
I think that that would be great.
You know, this is what we need to do, Erskine, and I wish we could do this all over the country.
I think that caravan over to Crawford is going to be extraordinarily interesting.
That sounds terrific.
Safety in numbers.
Expect that some of the neocons, when they come out, are not going to be too friendly because they're not happy with what's been going on.
Too much spotlight on what's been going on.
All wear your Tyranny Response Team t-shirts up there.
I think that would be fantastic.
We can look like we're somewhat organized.
I think I'm going to wear mine.
Joe in Arkansas, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for holding.
Yeah, thank you, Jack.
For anybody around the country that can't make it to Crawford, Texas tomorrow, but still would like to give their opinion to the President, they might consider calling the White House comment line, which is 202-456-1111.
I guess you would have to call today, because I don't think they're open on Saturday.
I think that would also be helpful.
I mean, you can organize your own vigils, your own protests in your own towns and cities.
In fact, a lot of people are going to Ground Zero in Washington, D.C.
I think a good idea.
on 9-11.
I know it's short notice now, but it's still time to organize an event in your town, in your city, to get people the truth about what really happened on 9-11.
So there's a lot of things we can do, Joe.
Yeah, and speaking of organizing events in your city, if you don't mind, I'd like to plug another public showing.
Of Beyond Treason that we're doing here in Fayetteville, Arkansas on the 24th of September.
Go right ahead.
And it's going to be at the Fayetteville Public Library.
That's at Mountain and Center Street, downtown Fayetteville.
And it's going to be from 9 a.m.
until 4.45 p.m.
What we're going to do is we're going to run the Beyond Treason video over and over and over starting from 9 a.m.
So you can drop in any time after 9 a.m.
and see it.
And then Joyce and Dave are scheduled to come down here and be there in person to speak...
From 2 o'clock and answer questions from 2 o'clock until 4.45 in the afternoon.
And if you're anywhere in the paved Arkansas area, you're welcome to come to this.
It's free, no admission charge.
Let me ask a real quick question.
When you're calling the White House,
Isn't that just an absolute waste of time?
I mean, what good does it do to call the White House?
They simply don't care.
It's better than doing nothing, though.
I have to agree.
I mean, doing something rather than nothing.
It's really no sweat off your behind.
Going down to Crawford, that's doing something.
Contacting your congressman or your senator, that's doing something.
I think talking to the president, calling up the White House, is just an absolute waste of time.
It's too late.
I'll agree to disagree with you.
Do you think they don't pass the messages on to the president at all?
That they just take them and then completely ignore them?
Well, I don't think it even matters.
I don't think the president cares one way or another.
But what, let me just, because I've had some experience with this, especially on a local level, and maybe you make a good point, Erskine, but I'm thinking of people that don't have time to do anything else, or maybe they're just getting into this, and if they can throw in a quick phone call, you overload the phones.
No, your message doesn't get to the president, folks, but if you overload those phones on a regular basis...
We're good to go.
I think you have to act locally.
I think you have to be in touch locally.
They've had localities which have done away with the Patriot Act that we won't follow this.
They've had a lot of things happen locally.
Because then they get the message.
When they see that the people are having some differences locally, then I think they get the message.
I mean, that should be your first line of defense, not just your state, but literally your neighborhood, your community.
I'd like to see people downloading flyers and putting them on the windshields of their neighbor's cars.
I'd like to see them, when they have an open Sunday, going down to the big sporting event or the big local gathering and putting those flyers on the windshield of every car.
9-11, InsideJob, Infowars.com, JackBlood.com, what have you.
And that doesn't really take a lot of work.
And I'll tell you, Erskine, one thing I learned as we're defeating all this legislation down here, as we're rallying and defeating even some things on the federal level, it sure feels good.
It just feels fantastic to get out there and know that you've been really part of the solution, if you excuse the term, and not part of the problem.
Like in Texas, they've had counties who have defeated the NAFTA highway.
They don't want it going through.
Situations like that where you can act locally to affect things nationally because the national leaders, they don't care.
You can write them as many letters as you want to.
They are completely out of touch, as Mr. Bush has shown us time after time after time.
And it's actually calling Congress is actually maybe even more beneficial because those guys are scared.
And you've got the midterm elections coming up here, Erskine, and I do believe this is a time to put some heat, to put their quote-unquote hooves to the fire.
This is where they get a little bit nervous.
Don't waste your time calling the president.
That's a waste of time.
Call your local congressman, your senator, especially your congress critter, because your congress critter is a lot closer to you than anybody else.
Call everybody.
You know, in fact, yesterday on my radio program, Erskine, I interviewed a guy in Vermont.
He's running for Congress as a Republican.
His platform is, as a Republican, wants Bush and Cheney impeached.
And we have some news about Dennis Hassert, who will be next in line, how he's been taking bribes from Turkey.
We'll cover that on today's program.
Come back with more of your calls.
Take a quick break.
The Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
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In that last segment, I made a mention of Dennis Hassert, Speaker of the House of Improprieties.
He'd be the next in line if we were to somehow get Bush and Cheney out of the White House.
Well, this just came up from a new article here today.
Campaign for a Cleaner Congress, our reporting.
Congressional records show blunt chiefs of staff and special assistant junketed by Turkish lobbying interests.
Well, we know all about AIPAC and the Israeli lobbying services.
They buy off and try to manipulate every politician that we have today.
And you can look and view at all the reports on who the people who are in their pocket.
Well, now it's being done by Turkey and other countries, certainly.
Upcoming Vanity Fair article reports FBI wiretaps.
If you can't beat them, join them.
The council is the subject of a report.
In the September issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, which hits newsstands in New York on Wednesday, that reveals wiretapped conversations translated by then-FBI employee, who else?
Sibel Edmonds, recorded Turkish nationals describing efforts to bribe U.S.
politicians, including House Speaker Dennis Hassert, Republican from Illinois.
Maybe this is why they wanted to gag Sibel Edmonds.
Of course, she also turned up the fact that we were working with terrorists, and we actually employed terrorists as translators.
According to the wiretaps, thousands of dollars were repaid to Hassard's campaign funds in small checks, which under the FEC rules do not have to be itemized in public filings if they're under $200.
You know, Erskine, do you remember when, and I'm not sticking up for Al Gore by any means, but do you remember when the Gore campaign had taken some campaign contributions from the Chinese, obviously some type of a payoff for the advanced information he was promising to give them,
And the Republicans made quite a stink about that.
Well, here we've got Hasser doing the same thing.
He's just one of many.
It just doesn't quit, does it?
I mean, it's like they're there with their hands out just saying, grease my palm and I'll vote your way.
And, I mean, this is selling out the American public.
This, to me, is a treasonable act when you're taking money from a foreign country.
And not to mention the blackmail to go along with the bribe for the improprieties that these politicians find themselves caught up in.
You know, I think what's going to happen is, if we start impeaching people, we're going to get down all the way to our friend Ron Paul, who will end up being the only one left standing.
It's almost like watching...
The show where the guy cut everybody's head off, where there's only one standing, and the one standing would be Ron Paul, the rest of them would be gone.
But if you're taking money from a foreign country, isn't there something that that is absolutely a treatable action?
It is, and if they prove this on Dennis Hassard, he'll have to step down.
He'll be the Newt Gingrich of his era.
Which, this happened to Newt Gingrich.
Of course, Newt Gingrich, while he's preaching to us about morals, same thing with Bill Bennett, these guys are preaching to us about morals, and of course, they have none.
Newt Gingrich, I remember, was having an affair and had a mistress on the side from his wife, ended up divorcing her and marrying his secretary, his mistress.
Bill Bennett, who had written several books on moral society, actually was such a gambling fiend, Erskine, that he had to have the slot machines put in his hotel suite.
He couldn't even go down to the floor.
He had to play right there in his hotel suite.
And he wrote this big, huge book on moral and virtue.
Which we know is exactly the opposite coming from these people.
And then Bush said the same thing.
When they got in office, they were going to restore the White House to a moral authority and what do we have now?
Of course, nothing is moral and they're palling around with Bill Clinton again.
I mean, absolute hypocrisy, folks, as we know.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones, also riding with us.
The one and only Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Another great show here at Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Rita from Chicago, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Howdy, Jack.
Hi, Erskine.
They're putting in a lot of new surveillance cameras in Chicago, aren't they?
Hi, Rita.
Yeah, they sure are.
Well, see, the mayor's son-in-law was selling heroin out of the city's water department, and then when they put him on the news, he goes, hey, heroin's heroin.
So there you go.
And then he cracks down on sparklers for the little people.
Yeah, Chicago's a great city, isn't it?
It is, but you've got great hot dogs and you've got some wonderful pizza there.
It's got a lot of good things about it.
My kind of town, as Frank Sinatra once said.
Well, see, the thing is, here's my point.
I agree with you guys earlier.
I was making pizza bread and you said, yes, they're going to collapse under their own weight.
They're going to turn on each other.
These people are sick.
And the thing is, we have to have our thought process is like, you know, ridiculing these people, laughing because they are going to fail.
You know, all these people that they're paying off to do these rotten things... Let me hold you over, Rita.
We've got to go to break.
Folks, stay tuned.
We'll be right back after these messages with more of your calls on the Alex Jones Show.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Adrian Radio.
I love that song.
It's a new song written by Rich Lynch.
Rich Lynch.
Good job, Rich.
Somebody listens to this show.
And I love to play the whole thing.
Maybe I'll do that on my program today, following the Alex Jones Show.
Of course, I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
If you want to get a hold of that song, you can go to Kwevak, that's K-W-E-E-V-A-K dot com, and look for Rich Lynch over there and get that out to as many people as possible.
That's pretty good, Erskine.
I think you did a good job of that.
He does.
He does a wonderful job.
Let's put in a plug for Alex's new film.
You know, I'm in this film, by the way.
I have a small cameo.
Co-starring Jack Blood.
Well, actually starring.
Co-starring Alex Jones.
Because I'm so good in that 30 seconds that I'm on that I completely steal the entire film.
But no, just kidding, folks.
Obviously, a lot of really good people in this film.
And he really chronicled the experience that we had in the example of the police state being put forth at the convention in New York where George W. Lord Bush, actually Prince Bush, George Bush Jr.,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I was surprised.
One of the questions I asked this young man was, were you aware of this type of behavior?
Were you aware that they were building this police state around you?
And he had no idea of this.
But now, I think they have first-hand knowledge.
I guess you don't know that there's a Gestapo until they kick down your door.
Of course, Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State, chronicles all of this and is a must-see for everybody.
It's done in such a professional way.
It's so slick that this is definitely going to wake people up.
It's three films in one.
It goes extensively into Bohemian Grove, I think probably better than ever.
Our old friend John Buchanan is on there detailing, in just minute detail, the Bush connections to the Nazis and to Adolf Hitler.
Of course, Michael Moore is exposed in this film, and it's got some of the newest, most updated information on 9-11 that you're going to find anywhere.
It's Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, the newest film by Alex Jones.
And let me tell you, folks, he's working on a new film already about the London bombings,
888-253-3139 or go to InfoWars.com.
Actually, Jack, it's three films in one, isn't it?
That's exactly right.
It's hard.
I can't even imagine.
I can't even make a 20-minute documentary film.
It's so hard.
It takes so much time, so many people, so many resources.
I can't imagine how he did this three-hour film, but there's certainly three hours of information to share with people on a daily basis, which is what he does on his radio show.
Well, he has information about, as we've been talking, most of the issues we're talking about.
Bohemian Grove is in there.
He's got issues on 9-11 in there.
He's got issues on especially the 9-11, that Building 7.
That's worth buying the video for right there.
Proves George W. Bush is a Satanist, not a Christian.
Again, just amazing information, folks.
I hope everybody gets this.
If you haven't yet, I mean, what's an extra, you know, $19?
Get the professional package, and then once you've got it, make copies, get them out to all of your neighbors, your family, your friends.
Let the information stand on its own, and I think he does a great job representing us in this film.
Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police.
Again, you can get that at Infowars.com, or simply call 888-
Operators are standing by.
Order right now.
Get a whole bunch of copies and get a discount and give them away as gifts.
Back to the phones.
We had Rita in Chicago who was basically saying the rats are fighting over cheese and we should encourage that.
Oh, absolutely.
Hi, Jack.
All right, well, here's the thing.
You know, you guys laughed at Mayor Looney Tunes, but, you know, he's the same guy that went out there with a bulldozer and just annihilated big fields, right, because he was afraid of terrorists?
That's right.
That's right.
See, the thing is, we're laughing at them, what we should be doing, Jack, just what they did to us.
See, I used to listen to NPR before I used to listen to Alex, and I heard all this stuff from the other side from them, and then when Alex says it, it kind of like meshes all together.
This is what they were doing.
So the thing is, what I think, I think we need to destigmatize a certain mental illness that puts everyone at risk, especially children, and that's megalomania.
And I have a little acronym for that.
I call it the Mentally Exaggerated Grandiose Affluenic Long-Term Obsessive Disorder.
And we get them treatment and we take their drug away.
Their drug is money.
M-U-N-N-Y when we call it a drug.
And we need to confiscate that drug and give it to the victim.
And we start laughing at them and ridiculing them and humiliating them.
This is cursing them, Jackie.
Great call, lovely Rita, in Chicago, because I have to agree with you.
And here's part of the problem.
Not the listeners of this show, certainly, unless you're a new listener, but most of Americans believe that these people are all powerful.
There's nothing we can do.
They've got us by the cojones.
We're good to go.
So who is more powerful?
We have the power, and we need to stop thinking about these people as untouchable, too powerful to move and to shake.
And Rita, that's a great point.
Well, listen, they are not only not untouchable, but they're also scared.
That's why Mr. Bush has proposed, and the matter of fact he's gone through with, any country that accepts the International Court of Law in The Hague
We're good to go.
When that happens, there are very few places they're going to be able to hide because people are going to be so upset.
It's falling apart on them even as we're speaking.
Don't you think, Rita?
Erskine, I just wanted to say that Bush has flip-flopped on the issue of the international courts.
He is now entertaining and will be joining the international court according to the latest information.
So he's a flip-flopper.
Anything else, Rita?
The other thing is that, did you ever read Henry Lamb's article on regional governance?
Governor Lamb is remarkable.
Oh yes he is.
I love him.
But here's the question.
How do they get these idiots to go along with the program?
What does it say in Henry Lamb's critique?
It says that they use ridicule.
They cannot take it if you laugh at them.
That's right.
That's the strongest form and that's why I recommend all my friends
Watch Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.
Well, I have the perfect poster girl for this megalomaniac movement, and that would be Oprah.
Now, remember when David Letterman made fun of her, how nuts she went?
Remember that she couldn't get in the store.
Well, what you do is, this is how the globalists do it.
They get something very innocuous.
We get something like Oprah.
Oprah is mentally ill.
She has a billion dollars.
Once you get a billion dollars, it's my contention that you become spiritually and morally bankrupt and mentally ill.
I mean, you're always worried about how you don't want to lose it and how you're going to invest it.
These are good points, Rita, but also we want to point out, I mean, when you're trying to communicate this message to people, this information, a lot of times it's not going to do you any good to start resorting to personal attacks.
Oh, no, no, no.
You just have to have a poster, girl.
You know, someone to start the profile.
No, I know what you're saying, but I wanted to clarify that for the audience, because obviously if we start resorting to personal attacks, we're going to sound just like the Democrats and the Republicans, and this is what separates us, because we use actual real debates and real information.
Take donations to get them ongoing treatment.
And a pill made for them.
How's that?
Just like they did for the kids and the pensioners and the people who lost their jobs to India.
They have stress and anxiety, comrades.
These people need a pill.
Like you were saying, you've got to feel really sorry for the wealthy and for the rich because they reach a point where they go nuts like Howard Hughes.
Now the fact is, the richer they get, the nuttier they're going to get and maybe the more power they get, the nuttier they get and we're seeing that every day of the week when you've got
Take my shoes off, close the border!
Yeah, I have a report coming out I'll read in the next four hours or so while I'm on the air.
And it details how Bush is cracking up and losing it, and they have to actually warn people when he's in a bad mood in the White House.
So, Rita, you're exactly right, and obviously it has been working because Bush is splitting at the seams.
Great call, Rita, in Chicago.
Thank you so much for calling to the Alex Jones Show.
We've got our friend here in Texas, Rodney.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for holding.
Hey, what's up, guys?
Hi, Rodney.
Good to hear from you.
Likewise, man.
This is a great program.
I like to hear you guys together.
Dynamic duo.
Batman and Robin.
I don't know which is which.
Here, here.
Speaking about open borders, and Jack, you mentioned the police state and how a lot of people are oblivious to the police state being incrementally installed around them.
This morning in the Denver Post, the news section, I was reading
That now the NFL decided to do searches on everybody that comes into the football stadium for the game.
Are they afraid people are going to be bringing in steroids?
I don't know, but I know that Alex Jones has several times mentioned how... Yeah, they've been doing that for a long time, Rodney.
Let me tell you.
You know, the conditioning... Half-hearted searches to let you know... See, this is conditioning.
To let you know that there's a police state.
To let you know that you've got to get down and kiss their hem before you go to the dog and pony show known as the...
We're good to go.
I don't want to give anybody ideas here, and I'm certainly not condoning something like that, but again, does it make sense?
Because we have a total incompetence at every level of intelligence and police and judiciary, just when it counts.
When we've got 9-11, or what I call the next 9-11, 9-12, we'll be told that it's total incompetence by the intelligence services, but at the same time, they have a perfect record since 9-11 in defending all the soft targets in America.
Regarding open borders, it's kind of weird how they're instituting these searches in the football stadiums, but the border is wide open and just a couple of days ago Bush announced in the newspaper that he's consulted with Michael Chertoff to come up with a plan by the end of September
Yeah, the London Telegraph reports that Bush gives in to pressure over illegal immigrants, and as you say, getting together with Michael Chertoff, of course, their solution to stop illegal immigrants is to hassle Americans, certainly.
Actually, Jack, he didn't say to stop the illegals.
He said to come up with a plan.
Well, the plan will be under the auspices of stopping the illegal immigration.
They say they're rightly distressed.
They have some policy to reverse some of their former policies on illegal immigration.
But again, all I'm saying, Rodney, is the solution won't have anything to do with solving the illegal immigration problem.
The solution will be a tighter control and a tighter police state here on Americans.
Well, as the U.S., Canada, and Mexico become one...
Then we can do away with the illegal immigrants when we become one nation.
There's a solution for you.
They're no longer illegal.
They're Americans at that point.
This is direct cause and effect, by the way, thanks to the Minutemen.
And that's why they're trying to at least publicly rethink this.
And this has to go with the fact that this is probably one of the biggest issues on Americans' minds today.
As you said, rightly, state of emergencies happening in New Mexico, Phoenix and Arizona, possibly California, now in Virginia, hopefully here in Texas.
So the American people have this on their mind.
They're tired of losing their job.
They're tired of paying for these people.
And it's going to be a big issue coming up for these midterm elections.
So, of course, this is a big publicity stunt.
And just to add to what you're saying, Jack and Erskine, we can't have the American people wide awake on this issue.
And we can also send a mighty shout of praise out to Cindy Sheehan because she's brought up another very, very hot issue.
And, you know, the public relations and the way that was dealt with by George Bush, that has splattered all over his face.
So there's a lot of things on the plate for these people.
And I agree with you, Jack.
The man is, well, maybe Rita.
He's running scared right now because when he announced a couple of days ago that he had people who didn't agree with her stance,
I listened to the intonation of his voice, and he sounded like he was scared to death.
Yeah, $4.7 billion for those who missed that figure in the first hour.
That's just what Texas alone pays for illegal immigration.
Almost $5 billion out of our state funds here, which could be used for, obviously, I think, more productive purposes.
Thanks for the call, Rodney, and go back to sleep, America.
Your government is in control.
Back to the phones.
The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex.
Alex will be back on Monday.
Also, Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Great show here Saturday nights here on GCN.
Joining us for the next hour and some odd minutes, Kim in Texas.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for holding.
Thank you so much.
I just wanted to comment on PAFTA and the FDAA.
And the loss of our sovereignty.
And if any of your listeners out there doubt that this is actually happening, then what they need to do is take a little trip with their family down to South Texas, maybe South Padre.
And what they're going to see is the businesses down there, what they're flying is they fly the American, the Canadian, and the Mexican flags side by side.
And what that tells me is that the people down on these border towns not only know that this is happening, but they're embracing it.
Oh, they're getting used to it, I guess.
But that's a really good example.
Erskine, they're flying all three flags next to each other because we're not America.
We're not the United States anymore.
We're not the Republic of Texas, by all means.
No, we are the American Union.
Thanks to Captain... Well, if you're taking the interstate, and once you get beyond Tucson, you're going to Nogales, then the roads change from miles an hour to kilometers.
That's telling you how that it's gradually moving on up, and you're seeing it more and more and more
Everywhere you look, gradually moving up, and where they're requiring Spanish teachers to speak Spanish in Texas, it's coming very quickly.
They're even meeting one day a year and holding the Texas legislature in Spanish.
Thanks for the call, Kim.
We'll come back and go to Frank in Pennsylvania, Steve in Chicago.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Get those URLs out as fast as you can right now.
Time is of the essence.
We'll be right back after this.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Oh, the big panthers.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Also my friend Erskine.
Riding with us for the next hour plus on today's broadcast.
My show airs right after this program on Genesis Communications Network.
It's called Deadline Live.
We air Monday through Friday, 2 p.m.
to 4 p.m.
Central Time.
And that's Monday through Friday.
And Erskine's show on every Saturday night, 12 midnight Eastern Time.
And he takes you throughout the night with some of the best guests going out there and some of the most original commentary.
I just can't imagine why, Erskine, you're not on 500 stations right now.
No, I'll tell you, it certainly is a lot of news, a lot of things to be covering.
You're the best show in that time slot on all of radio.
That includes Art Bell or anyone you might like out there.
You need to really give Erskine a sample if you haven't listened to him on Genesis again every Saturday night at midnight.
Erskine, do you have a website?
It's www.erskineonradio.com.
I couldn't spell it until I was in third grade.
Erskine on radio.com, and we try to have a lot of fun, and we also try to bring some real information to the public.
And it's a mixture program.
We have a lot of the same guests that you have on and that Alex has on.
Plus, we try to throw in a lot of fun and some useful information that you can use.
Like this weekend, we're going to be talking about the energy situation with $3 gas.
This is part of the Bush undoing, is this $3 gas.
When the gas prices get up this high,
And what did we go into Iraq for?
Everyone says for the oil, and now we've got $3 a gallon gas to get real.
Well, and they're telling us also our heating bills will double here this winter.
That was all the news this Sunday as the news cycle started for the week, Erskine.
And honestly, I mean, I'm looking at the profits from the oil companies, and they're up 46% on average, every single oil company.
Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez wanted to stabilize the oil, break from OPEC.
He's now offering oil, cheap oil, for the poor here in this country.
But you'll find the same people are on the board of directors of...
Yeah, right.
Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler that are on the board of directors of the oil companies that are also owners of the banks.
It all goes back to the money, money, money.
That's where it all goes back to.
But Americans are ingenious, and I feel like we're going to come up with our own solutions.
And to heck with the oil companies.
We're going to be bypassing them before very long.
Speaking of rewards and boards, we're going to hit this story in the third hour today.
Tony Blair to join the Carlyle Group as a reward for his efforts in helping the globalists achieve their agenda.
Let's go back to the phones.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Frank from Pennsylvania has been patiently holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show, Frank.
Yes, good afternoon.
You guys have a fantastic show, Jack.
You and Erskine both.
And I have a monumental suggestion.
I listen to Coast to Coast AM with George Norrie.
And there's been several times where he's had a group discussion on there pertaining to different things, and I have a fantastic idea that he should get you, Erskine, Alex Jones, Dave Van Kleist, Chris Gerner, and Reverend David J. Jones, and perhaps even Dr. David Ray Griffin, and have a three-hour-long roundtable discussion pertaining to 9-11, secret societies, and to bring all this stuff out to a larger mass public audience.
Because the more people that get in tune with reality instead of the corporate-controlled borg, as Dave Van Cleist refers to it as, maybe something can be accomplished.
Hey, I'm all for it.
People write and say you want Jack Blood and Erskine on that.
In fact, I heard Eric Hushman last night on Coast to Coast, and we'd be happy to do it.
So please write them and tell them that we're available as well, and I think that's a great suggestion, Frank.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming your way right after this.
Stay tuned.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
This is the Alex Jones Show, and sitting in for Alex is Erskine of Erskine Overnight and my friend Jack Blood of Deadline Live that comes on a lot of these same GCN stations right after Alex Jones from 2 to 4 Central.
My program, Erskine Overnight, is on 11 p.m.
Saturday night, that central time.
We're talking about lots and lots of situations that are going on in the news today, and I want to thank, a big thank you to Alex Jones for allowing us to sit in for him.
One of the issues that's up on InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanets.com, is that the American Legion declares war on protesters.
The American Legion has 2.7 million members declared war on anti-war protesters.
Speaking at the National Convention in Honolulu, the group's national commander called for an end to all public protests and media events against the war.
When you're looking at that, what in the world did they fight for?
And a lot of the people in the American Legion are World War II veterans.
Why did they fight World War II?
And what do they not understand about bringing out the truth, the absolute truth of why we went into Iraq and what's occurring in Iraq?
Did they enjoy Vietnam that much that they don't remember it?
What is going on?
Have we gone into a collective cocoon?
What do you think, Jack?
Well, I mean, here's what we always hear, is that we're aiding and abetting the enemy.
That Cindy Sheehan is making life better and motivating the enemy.
Of course, we know who the real enemy is, and so I don't happen to believe that.
In fact, I think the enemy is being quite demotivated by somebody like Cindy Sheehan.
And it's ironic that they tell us that the troops are out there fighting for our rights, fighting for our freedom.
They don't want us to use that freedom.
You can't protest.
They don't want us to use the freedom that the troops are fighting for.
That makes a lot of sense, Erskine.
Doesn't it?
Doesn't it, though?
And then the other story that I want you to comment on, because you've got the inside scoop on this.
Mr. Blair joining the Carlyle Group.
Now the interesting thing about the Carlyle Group, this is a group that manufactures munitions, etc.
They've never had a successful defense program that they have done.
This is the group that's used by the pump and dump operations of the Bush administration.
This is the group that in part owns a lot of radio and communications.
The Car Law Group is the all-inclusive bush, and also included in that group at one time were the Bin Ladens, who were part of it.
And the Car Law Group also, for those of you who are UFO fanatics,
They are the ones that operate Area 51.
It's operated by the Carlyle Group.
Now, what about Blair joining the Carlyle Group?
Is that a payoff for being such a wonderful person and all the support he's given?
Oh, you better believe it.
In fact, they call the Carlyle Group its nickname, the Ex-Presidents Club.
And, you know, they do a lot of work with the British military.
In fact, they just had a joint venture where they were making these robots.
They can watch you, listen to you, and if necessary, kill you.
Those are being sent to the front lines in Iraq right now.
They actually take money from pension funds.
Now, this sounds familiar, because this is what they went after Jimmy Hoffa for.
They take money from pension funds.
They like to use the Texas pension funds.
They borrow that money.
Let me finish.
Let me finish.
John Major is also a member.
James Baker is a member.
The Queen of England and the Windsors are investors.
As you mentioned, the Bin Laden's are investors.
George W. Bush Sr.
is on the board.
They say he was taken off, but that's just like Cheney is no longer affiliated with Halliburton.
And now, yes, Tony Blair.
Good job, Tony Lapdog.
We're now going to reward you with billion-dollar contracts in the biggest, largest, fastest-growing defense company privately held in the world, the Carlyle Group.
Brian Mulroney of Canada, etc.
Now, more when we get back on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Sitting in, Erskine and Jack Blood, 800-259-9231.
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Yes, this is the Alex Jones Radio Show, the most informative three hours in radio, with Erskine sitting in with Jack Blood.
We're just keeping the seat warm until Monday when Alex returns.
Jack Blood's program, Deadline Live.
2 to 4 Central Time over most of these same GCN radio stations.
My program, Erskine Overnight, 11 p.m.
And a lot of people asked me last time, spell your name so we can write to you.
Erskine at Erskine, let's see, the best way is E-R-S-K-I-N-E on radio.com.
Erskine on radio.com.
That's my website.
Now, let's go immediately to Stuart in Texas.
Stuart, or, yeah.
No, let's go to Steve in Chicago first.
Let's go to Steve.
Steve, you've been waiting the longest.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Thanks a lot, guys.
Hi, Jack.
Hi, Erskine.
Thanks a lot for filling in for Alex today.
Send a whole bunch of Chicago love his way for us, would you?
I'll tell you what, it's an honor to sit in for Alex Jones.
It's also an honor to be on this show.
Erskine, prior to the last break, you had mentioned all the things going on today revolve around the money.
And one of the things that's always been in my head is if you want to follow a crime, follow the money.
That's what they did with Watergate, isn't it, Steve?
Oh, it sure is.
Well, it's the easiest thing.
If you want to find out who's involved, find out who got paid.
And one of the things that Jack was talking about today is 9-12, the next 9-11, the next 9-11.
You know, the next event that's going to be the grand cover story.
Let's talk about it, how it really is.
I mean, this is a movie.
9-11 was a movie, so it's a sequel.
So the sequel to 9-11 is 9-12.
I just wanted to set the record straight because this is basically a Hollywood production.
Go ahead.
Well, I've been a commodities analyst for 15 years.
And about five years ago, I came across the Alex Jones Show and
Listen to it kind of tongue-in-cheek until I realized almost every single thing he's ever said was so on target.
I know.
Isn't that a weird awakening when you discover that what you've been hearing and you check out the information that Alex gives and it checks out and you're going, oh my God.
Well, imagine from my friends and family, here's this boring as heck information
You know, business suit guy, straight-laced, boring guy.
And then all of a sudden, you know, Alex lights my fire.
I start researching and looking into things.
And now I can relate the reality of the nonsense going on today to what's going to affect the market into the future.
And one of the things that I think Jack is really on to is the sequel event.
To me, you know, I was telling friends, family, clients, or friends,
You know, anybody I could really get that would fog up a mirror and would listen to me, that going into the year 2000, we were really running a very high risk of having a major sell-off.
And then coming into the latter part of 01, when the markets were really just on the brink of falling apart, we have 9-11.
Magically, you know, the markets themselves tank.
And we have 9-11 as this grandiose cover story
So nobody was asking any questions about the $8 trillion that got ripped off from the market.
And then today we've got the same thing.
Why are we going into Iran?
Iran, not Iraq.
Why are we going into Iran?
They're starting their own commodity, their own oil commodity board coming up in March.
We've got a very short period to go into Iran.
It isn't about nukes or anything else.
It's about the commodities board that they're going to be setting up.
When you're looking at the situation today, you're looking at a dire situation.
The president's popularity is down to 45%.
The commodities, we're looking at what's been going on with taking away the dollar with China.
We're looking at a major, major meltdown of the U.S.
economy, aren't we?
And I think the 9-12 or the sequel event, like Jack just called it,
I don't believe we're going to see that sequel until after October the 27th when the new Bankruptcy Reform Act comes online.
In September, they've got the new rules coming in about housing.
No more of the interest-only houses, and they're going to require some money down.
This is going to be the catalyst that'll do it, because when we're looking at this, we're looking at the housing market busting.
When you have a housing market bust, then we're really in trouble.
Yeah, and that's what they do.
They loan us the money in times of prosperity.
This was Bill Clinton's job to inflate that bubble, and then it's George Bush's job.
This is always what the Bushes like to do.
They seem to actually enjoy this, deflating...
The economy, and of course, sucking out all the real wealth that was, of course, accomplished by fiat currency.
In fact, a story just came out today.
Greenspan keeps secrets of success, and it goes on to detail about how you'll never know how Greenspan really operates the Federal Reserve, which, by the way, is more sophisticated in a technological level than NORAD.
Or NORCOM or something with all of its sophisticated computers transferring billions of dollars a day here to there.
But you'll never know how Greenspan accomplishes all of this magic because he's not telling.
These are all secrets.
And we have to remember also regarding the Federal Reserve, a billion dollars a day in interest payments.
We'll have a $365 billion deficit right off the bat of every year because we're paying a billion dollars a day to interest to a private banking company with no, not federal, with no reserves
So if you really want to make money in the stock market today, you better be shorting it.
If you want to make money for tomorrow, you better be looking at gold.
Anything else that you'd like to comment on, Steve?
Well, I think your timing, we're probably closer to a near-term bounce at the moment, but when this bounce has run its course, I think we are looking at a pretty decent and significant decline coming up over the next month.
Oh, I think there's no question about it.
No question about it.
In terms of the housing thing, in Cook County and Kane and Kankakee counties in Illinois, we are starting to see exponential off-the-map foreclosure notices.
And right now, we've had 10 interest rate hikes by this non-federal, non-reserve system that only five of the last 10 hikes are actually full-blown into the system where it's affecting everybody.
We have yet to see the effect of the prior five come into the economy.
Orange Sky, California, only 12% of the people can afford houses.
42% of the homes sold in California last year were interest only.
That's a scary scenario, isn't it, Steve?
It sure is.
And paying $1.4 million for a double-wide mobile home in Malibu, California, is the atypical market bubble scenario.
But guys, if this bubble, the housing market bubble pops,
You're looking at 100 million people that are tied to a mortgage who are going to be upside down on their mortgages.
They're going to be getting margin calls on their home.
And the event that they're going to need to cover this grand pandemonium that's going to come up when tens of millions of people are displaced from their home is going to have to be exponentially larger than anything
We saw with the horrific loss of... Again, sucking the real wealth out of America and out of the world.
That's exactly what these international banksters have done for years.
Let's also not forget that there was a momentary spike during the 7-7 bombings in London where a whole bunch of wealth was sucked out of Wall Street as well.
Now, if you had advanced information that the 7-7 bombings were going to happen, that the stock market would dip, you would be able to capitalize off of that.
And we saw that, of course, in 9-11 bombings.
Something we can now prove, I think, very, very well.
Hey, that was a great caller.
It certainly was.
Thanks, Steve.
Let's go to Stuart in Texas.
Stuart, you're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Thanks for taking my call.
I just wanted to make a couple of comments.
I was in Crawford, I guess, two weeks ago.
And, you know, with the eight or five war supporters, Bush supporters, and hundreds and hundreds of peace supporters,
I had some success in some conversation with some of them, keeping it simple and bringing up Vietnam, what got us into Vietnam.
Gulf of Tonkin.
That event never happened.
It's our job as Americans, yes, these troops have volunteered, yes, yes, and that's part of the risk.
You know, you volunteered, you might go to war.
But it's our job as Americans
Americans to make sure that our troops, our heroes, don't get sent in a war based on lies and get their legs blown off.
By the way, a lot of these troops have lost limbs, and they're not going to be able to ride a bike with George Bush.
Well, not only that, but, Stuart, you've also got the problem with the depleted uranium.
A lot of them are coming back radioactive and hotter than firecrackers.
This is the deep, dark secret of this.
It's a depleted uranium, which is spent uranium that's being used in the weaponry there in Iraq right now.
And it is irradiating the entire population there for years, future generation on top of generation, plus our own troops.
What you're saying and what I'm saying is we are really supporting our troops.
Yes, absolutely.
Well, I'll be going tomorrow with you, Jack.
We'll meet you down at Serrano's between 10.30 and 11 tomorrow.
Stuart, Stuart, by the way, is just a great activist here, a real leader in Texas, and we're really fortunate to have you, Stuart, with us.
Okay, thanks for taking the call.
Well, God bless you, Stuart.
You are really one of the people who is honestly supporting the troops, and look what's happening to them when they get back home.
None of this stuff is hard to see.
Yeah, what's happening to them when they get back home?
How are they being taken care of by the VA?
Erskine, I interviewed a troop yesterday.
He was on the front lines in the Battle of Baghdad.
He was, of course, a National Guard guy with two credits left for his college education.
They shipped him over to Iraq.
I asked him about depleted uranium, and he said that they're just not that concerned about it over there.
They know about it, but it's really not that big of a concern.
So, I mean, even though they were giving them the information, it's still very difficult for them.
Of course, we have to put ourselves in their combat boots.
You're there.
You don't have any choice that you're there.
Unfortunately, you know, it doesn't do any good to worry about all the death and destruction because you don't have a choice.
But maybe you do have a choice.
This is going to be, this depleted uranium is going to be the Agent Orange of this new war.
You better believe it.
Thanks for the call, Stuart, and thanks for all the work you do.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Now, we'll be talking with Kevin in Austin.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
What's up, Kevin?
Great job, guys.
Perfect timing, Earth.
Kevin, we just barely got you on, so we're going to take a short break, try to make a little bit of money, and we'll be back talking with you, Kevin from Austin, Dan from Texas, and Patrick from my home state of Kentucky when we get right back on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
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We're good to go.
This is the Alex Jones Program.
This is the most informative three hours in radio.
And we're talking with Jack Blood, who is my co-host, who does Deadline Live every day, Monday through Friday.
And that's 2 to 4 o'clock Central Time.
And I'm the host of Erskine Overnight, 11 p.m.
Saturday night.
And we're talking with our friend Kevin.
We're good to go.
I wanted to extend the invitation to you, Erskine.
Jump on a Southwest flight and get over here.
We'll take you with us.
I would love to if I could do it, but I would certainly love to.
I expect I'm going to meet you sometime because you're doing a great job.
People talking about people who can do things, one person can make a difference, can't they, Kevin?
Well, you know, they want you to think you can't, but many hands make light work.
The previous caller, Stewart, organized to put a roof on George Pulliam's house, the man that rebuilt the church in Waco.
Great guy.
There's a lot of great patriots here in Austin and truth seekers.
You were talking about the American Legion a little earlier.
I sent an email, I think, over to you, Jack.
There was a Korean War vet at one of the lectures in Idaho or Utah when Bush was speaking to the troops, and he had these ear flaps on, and I'll just call it bull caca protectors is what it's called.
I saw some video also.
There were a lot of old World War II Korean vets standing up during his speech with their backs to him.
It looked like they stood up and turned their backs on Bush.
This one goes out to Ron in New York.
Ron, get a hold of Jack Blood.
I need to talk to you, my friend.
He was discussing the helicopters in the 50s.
Jack, when we go up to Crawford tomorrow, we may take a little side trip on the way
Well, Dyncor is the one that's done by Pug Whitaker, if I'm not mistaken.
We've done a lot of programming and a lot of talking about Pug and the type of thing that he has done.
And you can see a lot of that in, there are a number of books out that talk about DynCorp and what they're up to.
That's another one of the major defense contractors.
Well, you can see at least... There are also baby rapers, which was pointed out by Cynthia McKinney to Myers and to Rumsfeld.
They didn't have many answers to that question, but they've been wrapped up in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rape cases with their contractors.
That's what we want representing us here with our American dollars.
Well, on the way to Crawford, we can look at all their helicopters being overhauled to police us and...
And I'll leave it at that.
The PSA is out.
We're going to have quite a few people coming with us tomorrow.
And let's just get in there and support Cindy and try, if we can, to educate these bloodthirsty lunatics on the right side of the street.
I mean, you know, the Christian conservatives are like the bulldoze crosses.
That's the bunch.
So we'll all have a good time.
Erskine, look forward to seeing you in the future.
And y'all keep up the great work.
Thanks for the call, Kevin.
Thank you, Kevin.
You got it.
Let's go Dan in Texas.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Erskine, Jack, how are y'all?
Doing fine, Dan.
Doing real good.
Just one comment from earlier.
I agree with you, Erskine.
Only I'd go a step further.
I don't know that you can find two senators who give a darn.
No, that's why I said maybe you go to your congressman.
I don't know that you'd find a dozen congresspeople, representatives who give a darn.
You may be right.
You may absolutely be right.
But you can find people in the city council who will care because you can get them out of office.
And then, Jack, I'm 99% sure I'm going to be in Crawford tomorrow.
It'll be my third trip down there since Cindy's been there.
I'm really inspired by the fact that she went back there after her mother was sick.
I didn't expect her to do that.
So I'm really inspired, and I want to go up there and show my support.
And maybe give a talking to to the people up there protesting animal rights and whatever else, taking advantage of the situation.
But we'll look forward to seeing you there.
We're going to be meeting at Serrano's Cafe tomorrow, Lincoln Village, between 10.30 and 11.
So if you want to caravan up with us, we'd love to have you.
Near Oklahoma?
So I'll be coming from the north.
That's quite a trip for you, yeah.
Once there, I'd sure like to run into you and Kevin and Stuart and the gang.
I'm easy to find.
I'm blind.
And I'll have a cane.
And so if I can't find you and you see me, I'd love to chat with you.
They'll find you there, Dan.
They'll find you there.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for the call, Dan, on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band Declaring independence
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is Renegade Radio.
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Now, I want to remind you, Martial Law 9-11, the rise of the police state.
We know about it.
You can see it.
You'll find out this is an incredible video because you'll discover Building 7, the smoking gun of 9-11.
You'll also discover much, much more.
It's actually two, three videos in one.
Bohemian Grove and Ecosar's
My friend Jack Blood.
Jack, you're a co-star on this, aren't you?
I can't... You know, I knew the day would come if I worked hard enough that I would end up in an Alex Jones movie, and it finally came true, and there's a lot of other very good people in this movie, too.
Just a fantastic film, Erskine.
The Rise of the Police.
They're available on VHS or DVD, and you can get it at Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
If you're...
Thinking about having a showing, get some extra copies that you can sell to some friends.
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Marshall Law 9-11, The Rise of the Police State, 888-253-3139.
There are a lot of people who want to stop these videos, aren't there, Jack?
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, there's been a lot of cases where people have handed these videos out to law enforcement and others, and they've been arrested and had to go to court to defend their position.
A lot of persecution regarding these particular formats of information.
And, man, it's just amazing because I've been in this now for about five years, Erskine, and I've just seen a tremendous amount of people waking up, and it's due to these documentaries.
Land of the brave, home of the free.
You want to be brave, you want to be free.
You want to reclaim your country?
Get right.
And it has all the updated information about 9-11, talks about Bohemian Grove.
I think the last hour of the film might be the best, but as you say, Erskine, it's three films in one.
And, you know, this will do your work for you, folks, because you don't have to remember everything.
You don't have to have your notes all organized.
All you've got to do is hand somebody one of these films...
Let's go to Patrick in Kentucky.
You betcha.
God bless you guys and everything you're doing.
Hi, Patrick.
I'm a Kentucky Colonel.
Always proud to talk to a fellow Kentuckian.
Where are you from?
Originally from Louisville.
Okay, okay.
You know, if I said it right, I said Louisville.
Okay, I'm in Owensboro.
Okay, I've been down there.
They've got the best barbecue sauce in the world down there.
Yeah, they sure do.
I haven't had lunch yet.
Come on, you guys.
Man, I'm telling you, it is what we in the South call Larapin Good.
That is so good.
Right across from Evansville, Indiana, in case you want to place it around there.
Go ahead, talk to us.
What you got, Pat?
Well, I...
You need to tell me how to make some money there.
You were talking about that a while ago.
Well, one of the things you can do if you get the Alex Jones videos, you can buy them at a discount.
You can sell them minus a postage if you want to.
You can save everybody a little bit, and you can actually make yourself some money by selling them to your friends or just go out and make some copies.
You've got to get this information out.
There's one way.
Jack, I finally found myself a mercury-free dentist, and I'm now mercury-free.
Good for you.
So am I. I never let them put the mercury in me in the first place, though.
I don't know how I managed to do that.
I've been so very sick.
Hey, I wanted to tell you guys some information I found out.
I want to warn anybody who is desperate to want to get arrested.
I'm not saying don't protest, because we've got to do that.
But anybody that is talking about getting arrested,
I just found out recently that 80 million people have been implanted with these dental microchips.
I don't know if you all have heard anything about that.
I've heard a little bit about that.
Why don't you go into some detail for us?
Well, I have a friend I hadn't seen in 11 years.
And he showed up and he was telling me about these wall voices and all these things coming out of the walls and everything.
And the first thing I thought, I thought, this guy is sociopathic and this is the label he's been given forever.
But I did some research into it.
And what he told me was that he got himself arrested over some ordeal, and he was in jail, and they had some crony inmate in there that knocked most of his teeth out, and some outfit came in there, and he said they were foreign-looking, came in there and took them out of the jail, out of the county jail, and took them to some undisclosed location, pumped them up full of chemicals, and did all this stuff to them,
And, you know, he keeps harping and harping and harping on this, and then I found the smoking guns, and I can send you this information about how 80 million people have been implanted with these dental microchips.
Your friend needs to extract that chip, get it under a microscope, and use it as evidence.
That's what I always tell people to do.
It sounds like you have the same dentist as Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckley, and Timothy McVeigh.
Yeah, well, you know, I've been trying to tell him this, and he's telling me it's all propaganda, but...
You know, my father was the captain in World War II, and he had all his teeth pulled out.
That should show up in an x-ray, and he should extract that and get that under a microscope.
Get proof of it, but that certainly...
Have him check it out and let's get some proof of it.
Patrick, thank you so much for the call from Kentucky.
Let's go to Leon in Las Vegas.
Leon, welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Good to have you with us.
Oh, great show.
You guys are doing a fantastic job.
And you know, you've touched on so many great things.
I originally called about something else, but you were talking about getting a bunch of folks, you know, a bunch of these experts together for a little symposium kind of on the 9-11?
I would like to offer my services.
I have the ability to put out probably 200,000 plus video streams on an internet television network.
And, you know, being in Las Vegas, I know it's tough to get everybody together, but it's a great place to gather and meet.
You better believe it.
Leon, let me give you my email.
It's Erskine at ErskineOnRadio.com.
Yes, certainly.
And go ahead and email me.
I would love to have...
I have some information from you about that.
I get to Vegas quite often.
Now, something I don't understand, with all of the problems and with all the economic situations, I have never seen the number of condos going up as they're going up in Vegas.
The one that Trump put up sold out within 48 hours.
Ivana Trump's got one going up.
There must be a dozen or two dozen huge skyscraper condos going up in Vegas.
These condos, ladies and gentlemen, half million to three million dollars a pop.
What's going on?
I've never seen anything like it.
And who wants to live on the strip, Leon?
Well, yeah, I know, but real quick, I'll give you my theory about that.
Las Vegas has nothing naturally.
Everything that is used here is brought in by truck.
All the water is operated through basically one valve.
Now, if you wanted to herd a bunch of people into one area and have control of them, why don't you just create an economic hotspot in a place where there's virtually nothing going for it?
Where they have to rely on the globalists to bring in all their bread and water.
Of course.
Of course.
Just personal theory.
But also, another great guest for that would be Dr. Joyce Riley and her Beyond Treason film.
Well, she's been on, I know she's been on Coast to Coast many times and should be involved in most any panel, as should Dave Von Kleist, two people I admire greatly.
You know, Patrick, what I say is get a press release, put that out, start in your local community if you haven't already, and one of the best things you can do is contact your universities because they will definitely have some faction or another that will have you come speak and make your presentation and send that press release to every radio show in the country and push to get yourself on.
Well, actually, what Leon's suggesting there I think is an excellent idea if you can stream it to 200,000 people.
Live in studio.
Oh, yeah.
That would be excellent.
With call-ins and a message board running with it also.
In fact, you guys, I don't know if you mind me saying this, but Joyce Riley is going to be on my next show.
And Dave Von Kleist will be on my show after that.
It's live every Monday night.
Can I put the website out?
Go right ahead.
It's www.cen.tv.
And it's live every Monday night, and I've had some fantastic guests.
Like I said, message board running with it and everything.
You know, Leon, I'm also doing a simulcast TV show of my radio show, which comes up here in about 15 minutes.
And you can go to jackblood.com to find out more about that.
And I think it's the revolution.
It really is a great new infrastructure coming up.
I'm glad to see that you're part of it, because we've got this 500 channels of programming that we get with cable.
Mike Gable here is cult of the eye, AOL, of course, who oversees everything I watch and do.
But now you can take a line right from your computer, put it right into your TV.
There's more and more information, TV shows, documentaries coming out on the Internet.
And very soon you'll be able to completely sustain yourself with information on your television thanks to the Internet.
So good job, man.
Well, if you're watching regular TV, the only show worth watching, in my opinion, on news is Lou Dobbs.
That's it, Leon.
So be in touch with me, and next time I'm in Vegas, I'll give you a holler.
Hey, I'd love to have you on the show.
You got it, my man.
We'll do it.
Let's go to Lauren in Ohio.
Hey guys, how you doing?
We're doing fine, Lauren.
How about yourself?
Excellent show.
I just wanted to bring up, by way of solutions, you've got people trying to figure out what can we do.
Okay, now I'm just going to say obey God is what we need to do.
Now most Christians don't do that.
They put their children in these schools so that the godless heathens don't win.
Oh, we can't let them take it over.
But the problem is you're disobeying God when you do that.
He said to raise up your children in the way they should go, and when they're old they will not depart from it.
So basically, we're going against the proper way to do this.
You know, we didn't have schools in this country when it was originally founded.
Okay, so what you're talking... We've had three people.
We've had a number of people.
We've had Kevin, who's been doing a lot of work down there.
We've had Patrick, who's got some suggestions what he wants to do, Leon, who's putting stuff out, and yourself.
And you're saying one of the things we should do is take our kids out of the schools, put them in homeschool, do some homeschooling.
Am I correct?
Well, yeah, and the thing is, if we unite in truth instead of in groups where we're protesting against, you know, does light protest against dark?
No, light is, darkness is an absence of light.
So if we unite in truth, then we'll quickly gain the upper hand because there'll be millions of thinking humans.
And I mean, group protests are okay.
I'm not knocking it, but joining in a group once or twice a year to go and protest something cannot compete with individuals taking responsibility on a daily basis.
And as freedom-loving Americans, if we would raise and educate our own children every day, think about it.
No more mass brainwashing.
You're cutting the state budgets, many of them by half.
I'm in Ohio.
You've got a $50 billion budget, $25 billion of it.
It's for education that they're robbing the place blind.
We're good.
We've got these artificial barriers, you know, first grade, third grade.
The older one hates the younger one.
They don't work together.
And they've got their own new fake little artificial family made up of ignorant peers from their own age, you know, frequently misguided.
Lauren, if you read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Izzard, the former education department cabinet appointee under the Reagan administration, you'd never put your kids in school ever again.
In fact, two other books...
Home Alone America is one, and Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses by our own Dr. John Breeding down here in Texas.
I mean, these are all required reading if you're raising a family, and I've got to tell you, Lauren, that's what we do in our house, and our boy is two years old, never been to daycare.
He works with and hangs out with all the other Patriot kids, and they're as smart as whips, I'll tell you.
Well, there you go.
And the thing is, if Hitler was smart enough to get the children, what do you think we did with the American Indians' children?
When we wanted to break that up, when we wanted to stop their resistance, we took those children.
No child left behind.
You're leaving my child behind.
That's right.
So you guys are on the right track, but I'm just wanting to encourage people.
That if you'll just do what God says.
He says the best way to do things.
Now, we're free people.
You have a right to disobey Him.
But then don't be upset about the consequences.
You know, your child's coming home.
They've aborted a baby or they're tattooed up or they're ignorant.
They can't read.
You shouldn't be surprised to get that through.
And when you sit there and think you're going to just go ahead and put them in school, you're going to put them in schools where you won't even go fight the fight to tell the truth.
But you're going to put your little child in there, and he's supposed to stand against all this, and you're thinking, you know, what they do is they convince us that, oh, well, we're going to win if you take your children out, then we've got the schools.
No, what happens is you've got a herd mentality.
They're not schools anymore, Lauren.
They're indoctrination centers.
Right, but the thing is, people are still covetous, and when they see those homeschooled children, it's funny, I thought of an idea for a t-shirt.
Be cool on the front, homeschool on the back.
When you see all these homeschoolers, and they're kicking butt, and they're literate, and they're smart, and they're confident, and they're upright, and people get covetous, and they say, you know, I want that.
And so the herd will follow if us Christians will just do the right thing instead of... Lauren, just admit it here on radio.
You're with Al Qaeda.
I am.
I tell you what, I don't know.
Well, thanks a lot.
You guys have a great day.
You too.
Thanks, Lauren.
Great call, Lauren.
That is incredible.
We're getting a lot of positive things.
People say, well, you're putting out all this information.
What can you do positively?
Use your head and just do a little bit of thinking.
Let me tell you, Erskine, when we go up to Crawford tomorrow, I'm not going up to join the anti-war movement.
I'm going up to join the pro-peace movement, okay?
You betcha.
Okay, who's up next?
Is it Russell?
Welcome to... You guys do a great job selling in, I'll tell you.
I love listening to the two of you.
It's a lot of fun for me.
Erskine and I, I thought, should have our own show someday.
I tell you, you should.
You guys are really in tune with what's happening.
And I find myself, you know, usually you disagree with people.
I don't think I've ever disagreed with either of you two in anything you've said.
Oh, now, that's scary, Russell.
Sometimes I wake up and disagree with myself.
It is scary.
I got a question for you, too.
Actually, something I don't think is being talked about much, and I'm curious, is these latest plane crashes.
Rash of plane crashes, also a rash of bankers being assassinated, as well as microbiologists.
Go ahead.
You're not hearing about it, and especially the plane crash in Greece, you know, very fishy incidents.
Yeah, they're looking into that where the people were supposedly frozen and they had all this sort of problem where the stewardess was trying to fly the plane.
They aren't sure.
I don't know what the situation is on that.
What do you think is behind it, Russell?
Because it's very odd.
As you mention, every day now there's a plane malfunction, a plane crash.
I mean, it used to go a year or two between those.
What do you think is behind all that?
Well, I'll tell you.
The first thing I thought very interesting, you know, these globalists are more than happy to scream...
Well, we know they covered up TWA Flight 800 now.
That's been divulged.
I've had a number of people on who've talked about that.
So maybe it is.
Maybe they've got something.
You've got the new one that happened in Peru.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
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Don't worry.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
It's the Alex Jones Radio Program, sitting in for Alex on this Friday.
Just keeping the seats warm until he returns on Monday is myself, Erskine, and my friend Jack Blood, who does a program from 2 to 4 Central coming up next called Deadline Live.
So if you're on the line and you're not able to get in, you can certainly be on...
The Jack Blood Program.
My program is 11 p.m.
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It's called Erskine Overnight.
And my website is erskineonradio.com.
So if you want to write me, E-R-S-K-I-N-E, a couple of people have said spell your name.
That's it, E-R-S-K-I-N-E on radio.com.
And Jack, what do you got coming up tomorrow?
You've got something very special, don't you?
Well, we're all having a large caravan, probably hundreds of people all traveling together in one large caravan up to Crawford, Texas, to support Cindy Sheehan.
And we'll be meeting at Serrano's Cafe and Cantina in Lincoln Village between 10.30 and 10.30.
We're good to go.
What time is it?
8 o'clock at Opal Divines?
8 o'clock, Opal Divines.
It's a bar and grill.
Excellent food down there, and you can drink iced tea or electric iced tea.
It's up to you, but we'd love to see everybody down there, Erskine.
They sell margaritas?
Yes, they do.
The best ones in town.
Ah, my kind of place.
Let's go to Jeff in Austin.
Jeff, welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
I know you're going down with Jack tomorrow, aren't you?
I'm going to certainly try.
Somebody's going to have to throw me in a ride.
You're a good man, Jeff.
You've got a question for us or a statement.
Well, I was just calling to say I saw this neocon guy from Cindy Doesn't Speak For Me or whatever it is.
I saw him on Fox News a couple of days ago.
He wasn't just criticizing Cindy Sheehan.
He was doing absolute character assassination.
Oh, he's just hateful, wasn't he?
And he just kept talking about how hateful our side was and how he was getting death threats and that his pets were getting death threats and things like that.
Was that the episode where Colleen Rowley was the one sticking up for Cindy Sheehan?
Colleen Rowley, of course, the FBI 9-11 whistleblower was running for Congress over Minnesota.
They put her against him, the episode I saw.
Yeah, I didn't see that one.
He was on a morning episode.
The way that guy just assassinated characters out there, I was just disgusted.
It was just out and out live.
Isn't that something?
Well, it's fair and balanced.
It's Fox.
That's exactly it.
Fox News has really become...
The Farron Balance Network.
That's the one we ride.
We distort you to ride.
You've got your chance tomorrow down there at 11 o'clock between 10, 30, and 11 to get together and get on down there and tell her that you support Cindy.
Thank you, Jeff.
Let's go to Tom in Maryland.
Real quick, you'll be the last caller.
Tom, are you there?
Yes, I am.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
You're the last caller for this hour.
I just wanted to say I'm an owner of all of Alex's films and
They are very effective.
I have passed a few out and they keep circulating, fortunately.
But a film that doesn't get discussed a lot is Painful Deceptions.
And that happened to be my personal favorite on the whole 9-11.
Eric Hoffschmidt was on Coast to Coast with George Norrie last night.
I heard about that.
It's very effective, and it's a knockout punch, and kudos to Eric Hoffschmidt.
You betcha.
Now stay tuned for Deadline Live with Jack Blood.
Thank you, Tom.
Jack, this has been a ball, and thank you, Alex Jones, for letting us sit in for you on this Friday.
Stay bold, folks.
We're good to go.