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Air Date: Aug. 24, 2005
2410 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is, of course, Wednesday, the 17th day of August, 2005.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
John Rappaport of No More Fake News will be joining us to talk about new evidence coming out of government involvement with the London bombing, the latest developments concerning the avian flu and the bird flu and its mutations now killing humans and its spread into different areas of Russia.
John Rappaport, a great mind, will be joining us coming up in the second hour.
I'm also working on a lady who's made the mainstream news.
I mean, they admit that earlier this year, the Secret Service visited her for just having anti-Bush signs in her yard.
They weren't threatening.
They weren't violent.
The Secret Service has called and visited people that don't even have anti-Bush signs in their windows.
If Bush is going to be driving by, they give you a call and say, better take those down if you've got any.
We're not allowing those.
We're God.
You have no freedom.
So we're working on that.
I mean, imagine if Bill Clinton would have tried this.
The dog that he is and was, surrogate member of the Bush household.
Conservatives would have never put up with it.
I was talking to one of my old friends who thinks, I guess, they're a conservative yesterday.
And I talked about how, you know, out there at the Bush Ranch, that idiot ran over a bunch of the crosses memorializing the dead troops.
And he just said, ah, so what?
Ah, that guy was just repairing his fields.
That's what farmers do.
Insurance salesman from Waco, 30 miles away, admittedly out there running over him with hatred, but, ah, so what?
Can you imagine if a Democrat went and stomped on one cross?
It'd be a three-alarm, you know, fire, instant insanity, just crying, screaming, but, oh, do it to the evil liberals and it's okay.
It just shows the disconnect.
Those crosses are symbols.
Alright, serious news, folks.
There's masses of it.
These lawn survivors say men in police uniforms helped hostage takers flee.
What, now I've got about 30 mainstream news articles out of Russia.
Mainstream news where witnesses, police, and others say the Russian government did it.
Day one, folks, all the evidence showed it was an inside job.
As usual, people just couldn't believe it.
And now the evidence pours out.
It's simple.
The police take people hostage.
Then they go out the back door.
Then the police run in the front, shoot about half the people, including all the adults.
They grab one patsy, hop him up on drugs.
The guy will beat the living daylights out of him, won't let him have a public trial, and then give him prison.
Just grab one of the fathers, one of the people
It's the same thing with the theater seats.
Totally staged.
And then the government themselves are the supposed terrorists.
They release a knockout gas.
Kills, what, a third of the people?
What, 160-something people?
And then folks that were able to put rags over their faces and didn't get a full dose said, Oh no, we saw the terrorists releasing the gas.
I mean, it just never ends.
Not as sophisticated as our government.
Our government does it bigger and better than the Ruskies.
Why, they do hijacking jets by remote control, flying them into buildings.
I mean, they do fake phone calls.
They do a really fancy job.
The Russians just kill all the witnesses and take over and then...
So we'll get to that.
Oh, another article here.
Suspect says Russian peacekeepers ordered Georgian terror attacks.
Another article.
Folks, believe me, there's just so much.
It's all coming up after this break.
Stay with us.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Go to my website, InfoWars.com.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here, my friends, back from 9 to midnight.
Let me just run through some of the headlines and then we'll get into it in detail.
John Rappaport to talk about the avian flu mutating to where it can kill humans, spreading into Russia, as well as the latest London bombing developments coming up in the next hour.
These lawn survivors say men in police uniforms helped hostage takers flee.
This is literally, there have been dozens of these reports, police have gone public, the locals are all angry, they say it's the government.
But you know I'm sure they're evil too.
Suspect says Russian peacekeepers ordered Georgian terrorist attack.
Pressure on London police grows over dead Brazilian, and it comes out now, and it's admitted in their own reports, from bobbies that watch the special police executing, that he didn't run, he wasn't wearing a jacket, he was wearing a t-shirt and a stylish, I guess, blue jean top.
It's about 60 degrees there in the morning, folks.
I was there the week after they killed him at 65 in the heat of the day.
And he did not run from them.
They ran up to him, shoved him onto the train.
Two of them sat on him and held him down and shot him eight times.
Eight times in the head.
And there's photos of this.
We posted some of the lesser bloody ones where his head was literally a shot-off stump.
They had to get him dead.
He knew something.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
Literally a sopping, shattered mass.
Basically no head.
They had to get the head off the body.
Unrecognizable pulp of slop.
My point is, it was a total mafia hit.
The mob usually puts three in your head to make super sure.
But this time it was eight.
Leaked secret documents confirm police lied about DeMendis.
ITN News, BBC, London Telegraph, all the same headlines.
ITN News has obtained secret documents and photographs that detail why police shot John Charles DeMendis dead on the tube.
Brazilian electrician was killed on July 22nd, the day after the series of failed bombings on the tube and the bus network.
Again, ITN is a little propaganda arm, but...
The crucial mistake was, it's a mistake that ultimately led to his death, was made at 9.30 a.m.
when John Charles left his flat in Scotia Road, South London.
Surveillance officers wrongly believe he could have been Hossein Osama, one of the prime suspects for another terrorist suspect.
And the elite firearms officers were provided with what they described as positive identification, shot to Mendez eight times in the head and upper body.
Now, this is how they're covering the story.
The intel we've got from MI5 and other sources that will go unnamed, but we've interviewed two MI5 agents on the radio and in person in London in the last few weeks, but other sources that...
They'd been surveilling him.
They knew he was a Brazilian.
That's even been admitted in mainstream news.
For some reason, they wanted him dead.
The young, military-style, 27-year-old with a short haircut.
The electrician.
He knew something he wasn't supposed to know, and he got dealt with.
And it's admitted that this latest cover story is a fraud.
But they basically executed him and he did not run.
Well, there's a photo of him wearing the heavy jacket.
And what is it?
A t-shirt and a light blue jean coat.
A light blue jean jacket.
And they... We have the photo posted with the blood all running down the aisle of the train.
But we are not going to post the photo of the splattered jacket.
I guess there's just wider shots of this photo that we've got posted to show the splattered head.
But when the witnesses all saw what we already know, what's now admitted from their own documents, he didn't run.
They shoved him onto the train.
He seemed scared.
He got down on his knees.
He knew it was coming.
That's why there's evidence that he knew something he wasn't supposed to.
And one of them sat on him.
The other held him down.
And another just shot him eight times in the head.
Very judiciously, in a very focused, calm way, like the guy was carrying out the garbage or something, or putting a dressing on a salad.
It was as if he was adjusting his electric razor.
They just killed him.
Ah, but that's your loving government.
And again, I have the two articles here where the Russians are clearly involved in all the terrorism in their country.
Well, sure, they have the motive.
Leaked disputes...
Menendez death story.
So we have, again, that headline, and they're getting in a lot of trouble.
Meanwhile, just an example of what will happen if the water ever gets shut off.
An example of just how animalistic we've gotten.
A mob seen several hurt and rushed for cheap laptops from NBC News 12 in Virginia.
Hundreds of people wanting to get cheap laptop computers that the school was selling literally ran over old ladies and knocked over strollers, ran over police, just frothing and begging and groveling.
Just behaving, I've seen video of it, just behaving like gibbering monkeys or something.
So that's what we've been reduced to.
I'm sure the globalists are happy.
Now the nuclear family, or the two-parent family, is the minority and plunging fast.
Great social engineering.
We have the government handbooks from the 40s and 50s about how the family had to be broken up because then the family will defend itself and will stick with the family and they have to drum out those instincts and make sure the schools and the government raises the children and gets them institutionalized and
Basically turned into dysfunctional, mindless idiots.
And that's the official plan, and it is going off quite nicely.
And now they've got a large portion, about half the population themselves, are mindless, drooling sycophants who are obsessed with being cool, don't know their head from a hole in the ground, can't tell you their state capital, can't tell you who the vice president is.
They are now infiltrating and taking over the...
30-something percent of people that are two-parent homes and infiltrating, and their scum daughters are dating our sons, and their scum sons are trying to date our daughters, and they're taking over quite nicely, and it looks like we're going to be total animals here pretty quick.
So good job, government.
Boy, it is a nightmare.
Sorry, I don't want to get off into that, but it is scary.
Thousands of years of civilization, folks, being flushed down the toilet.
I mean, I look at people.
I'm not sardonic.
I'm not pleased about it.
There is a large portion of the populace that are literally just mindless idiots.
They know all about fads, all about sitcoms, all about how to act tough, all about how to have 14 tattoos.
And I'm not saying you're bad if you've got tattoos, but you know what I mean.
Just into total mindlessness, into pettiness, into strutting and acting cool, into the latest mindless country or rap music.
And you talk to them, they're hollow, mindless idiots.
And that is who the New World Order has basically created.
You've gone from the most educated, most informed, even street-level folks who are intelligent and do some history, to just...
Basically, animals.
Just mindless, grueling idiots.
Oh, boy.
Israeli troops enter Gaza Strip synagogue, and it's really sad to see.
You know, I empathize with people being taken off their homes, taken out of their churches, their synagogues.
But why isn't it being shown on the Drugs Report and ABC Nightly News, the farmers and ranchers being drug out of their houses as they're taken?
I've been to many of these events.
Why aren't you showing that?
Why didn't you show the Indianapolis Baptist Temple?
Hundreds of Christians being drug out of their church.
You know, they're showing all of this in Israel, and actually the Sharon government is doing this to make itself look more liberal in comparison to the Likud party.
And it's more theater, folks.
This is meant to actually get sympathy
For the continued expansion of Israel.
And folks, there have been Jews in Israel forever.
I mean, it's their land as much as it is the Palestinians.
The Palestinians have been there forever, and they've been fighting with each other forever over the land.
It's not that I'm not taking either side.
You know, some people want to say, well, Israel has no right to existence.
And I would say under its current militarized, secular...
Jew-hating manifestation that it doesn't have a right to exist, but under a true Jewish state, it does.
Again, the Zionists, it's public, mainstream news, funded Hitler and said he will abuse Jews.
When millions of Jews were trying to escape, this is now public.
This is mainstream news in Europe.
Major professors have been writing about this.
Major Jewish scholars have been writing about this.
Now, they made a deal with Hitler to not let Jews escape, so they would be killed, so then all Jews would move to Israel, so a secular group could basically control them and feed on them.
And a lot of the Orthodox families are broken up.
CPS has always taken their kids and harassing them in Israel and really abusing them.
That's in, by the way, the Israeli newspapers.
You just never hear about it here.
And the Israeli government has funded Al-Qaeda and founded Hamas.
That's mainstream news.
Carry out terror attacks to keep the fighting going.
It's sick, folks.
And Barry Hamish will tell you, and he's a Jewish writer, written for the Jerusalem Post, that the Bilderberg Group funds the radical Israelis and funds the radical Muslims to keep the fighting going.
And so that's the paradigm shift that we talk about here, is it's not a Palestinian or Jew argument, it's an anti-New World Order or pro-New World Order view.
And I mean, Egypt gets almost as much money as Israel from the globalists, and they're horribly abusive.
So it's the same thing over and over again, but that's what's behind this.
Officer says military blocked sharing of files on terrorists.
It's turning 9-11.
We'll get into that.
West Virginia woman questioned by Secret Service for signs in her yard.
That's un-American, having free speech.
Can't do that.
And so much more.
You'll want to stay with us.
Schools are going to police off-campus.
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The calls are coming up in the next segment.
John Rappaport joins us in the next hour.
But continuing with the news, Big Brother to monitor high schools, NBC5, Dallas, Texas.
Hundreds of Dallas high school students will...
Well, they're with Al-Qaeda then.
Folks, I have articles where in Houston and other areas of the country, but in Houston, Texas, if your child doesn't finish all their homework, the parents are arrested.
I'm not kidding.
Again, total mind control.
Then I have another article here today where the school is saying we need to punish children for their political speech and what they say and what they write and what they do off school grounds.
We want other students to report them.
Meanwhile, the biggest exterminator companies in the country, the biggest cable companies in the country, the biggest carpet cleaner chains in the country, the biggest 500,000 employees, folks, biggest custodians in the country, whole unions are saying, yes, yes, yes, we work for the federal government now.
We're going to fight terror and crime and spy on you.
I mean, it's just so un-American.
It's East Germany.
I mean, folks, the Russians in many cases didn't even have this many tattletales.
I mean, this is just off the charts bad.
Meanwhile, anonymous soldiers making violent arrests back to Israel.
Officers operating without ID tags shoving protesters onto buses.
Breaking several recent pledges that Israeli evacuation forces, who were named heads during the Gaza withdrawal, more than 1,000 unidentified police officers and soldiers this morning, entered the largest Jewish Gaza town and began making violent arrests of residents and protesters.
Police officers and Israeli Defense Forces soldiers arrived last night in Nev Dakhlim.
Hundreds more forces streamed in this morning and have been arresting residents and protesters who infiltrated
The area in the past few weeks to attempt to stop the withdrawal.
Now again, this is meant to all get sympathy.
It's total manipulation.
When we have Zionist documents going back to World War II going, we want to be persecuted.
That makes the people serve us.
So they can then, this parasitic group can feed on Jews and rule over them.
And it's very, very serious.
But why is Joseph Ferris so upset?
We're on that daily about this.
I mean, he doesn't really seem to care when unmarked police in black masks arrest and beat anti-war protesters.
Why, that's freedom!
Secret police is good!
It's a hallmark of America.
But here's some good news.
Man who was tasered gets apology.
Denver Post, the city of Aurora, apologized Tuesday to a man who police-tasered in front of his children at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in February, agreed to make the matter the first assignment for the yet-to-be-formed Police Use of Force Board.
In exchange, Dan and Gail, 29, of Denver, agreed to drop his plan to sue the city for half a million alleging his civil rights were violated.
Gail also, who pled no contest in municipal court to disturbing the peace, the city will drop five other charges.
But I'm just surprised to hear him apologize.
And it admits that he just argued with them and so they tasered him in front of his kids.
I mean, they're tasering pregnant women that don't even argue with them now.
I mean, every day somebody's dying from a taser.
Some days two people.
And they're issuing more and more of them, and Taser International's answer is to increase the power level.
Increase the power level.
And the problem is, is the police are just using these for no reason.
I mean, back when they just used their billy clubs, folks, we never seemed to have these type of problems.
We didn't have all these deaths.
I mean, if somebody's going after a cop, I mean...
The problem is, 20 years ago, they'd use their belly club, and less cops got hurt, and less citizens got hurt.
Now that they don't even use the belly club, they use their gun, and now the taser seems to be training them to just use a weapon.
It's like a training aid.
Less lethal or non-lethal weapons, folks, are training aids to train the police to engage the public.
That's all that they are.
Here's another article out of AFP, the French news agency.
forces mistook Iraqi civilians for rebels...
And shot 26 of them.
And admittedly, they were just workers lining up to go to work.
And then the U.S.
government tried to lie about it and claim they were terrorists.
And now the Pentagon admits, yeah, they just shot 26 innocent people.
And you go, ah, they're just Iraqis.
You think you're safe in this country with this type of attitude?
A lot of key news coming up, then we'll go to your calls on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Continuing with the news and information here today
I mentioned this in the last segment, but here it is.
Policy could let school officials discipline students at home.
See, there's no law.
There's no court ruling.
It's just we say there's a policy.
Maybe a school board can say there's a policy that they rule the planet Mars.
Maybe they can say there's a policy that the school board president is the emperor of India.
Or maybe the emperor of China.
Or maybe the Saipan of Malaysia.
I mean, really...
Maybe they could announce themselves gods, and if they wear a big enough hat with enough ornaments and badges, maybe we'll submit to them and it'll be true.
I mean, this is, they just, government just announces new powers, and we, okay, you said so.
Policy could let school officials discipline students at home.
Students could face discipline by school officials for things they write or say outside school under a new policy adopted amid intense debate
That left one central Columbia school board member near tears and another predicting costly court battles.
Expression outside school that officials believe materially and substantially interferes with school activities can result in discipline according to the policy.
And again, there have been students who...
We're good to go.
So they try to write an article for the school paper complaining about it, saying it needs to be fixed.
Well, the school board doesn't like that.
Why, our young journalists shouldn't be muckraking.
And so they tell them, you can't write that.
So the student puts up a website and talks about it, and it gets hundreds of visitors and becomes a big issue.
And so the police come by and actually arrest the student.
Was that an Idaho case?
I forget.
It was so many years ago.
Well, you were doing terroristic things.
You were threatening.
The school ordered it, and we did it.
In other cases, you get suspended or expelled.
They're lunatics, folks.
They're lunatics.
And, of course, they could find some example.
Well, if something's criminal, the police will deal with it.
The official government plan, we've had Charlotte Isserby,
But, no.
Number two in the Department of Education in the first Reagan administration.
I mean, she's an insider, folks.
Her dad was skull and bones.
Bohemian Grove.
She's talked about his deathbed confession here on air.
But she's got a book the size of a phone book, Deliberate Dumbing Down, and has all the documents where they say they're going to dumb you down, where they say they're going to take over the family.
Notice you're hearing where they're talking about getting rid of school recess in the summer or cutting it down to three weeks.
Notice they're talking about making you go to class until 6 or 8 at night.
And they know your parents have got to work more jobs anyways.
They're offering, oh, have them stay at school until 8 o'clock at night.
We'll keep them.
And then meanwhile, it's barbed wire fences and they can't leave and they're being searched and trained how to be prisoners.
I mean, this is the system, folks.
It would help administrators deal with problems such as a student who threatens another student on a website, see, while at home.
If that's a criminal threat, it needs to be filed with the police department, not with the school now expanding its jurisdiction beyond its territorial borders.
You see, this is a big deal, folks.
This is like a sheriff from a nearby county wanting to just say, you did something, they want to come get you.
We have jurisdictions for a reason.
To keep tyranny from spreading.
The founding fathers created three branches of government.
Legislative, executive, and judicial.
Then they further divided it into 13 colonies with their own legislatures divided between the House and Senate, the governors, lieutenant governors.
Then counties, townships, shires, within those as units, cities within counties that have more division.
Gridlock is good.
If you got a bad town or a bad county, 50, 60, 100 years ago, everybody just moved out of it.
And pretty soon that corrupt sheriff was sitting on top of nothing.
That corrupt mayor who was cheating the election was sitting on top of nothing.
Pretty soon townspeople would kick him out.
A lot of times at the point of a gun because he was corrupt.
People didn't put up with it.
You could leave.
Well, we're leaving this state and going to Texas.
Well, Texas is getting a little pushy with these new northern governors they've installed.
You know, I'm going to California.
I'm going to New Mexico.
I'm going up there where they've got some good ranches.
They got free land.
I'm going to Oregon.
I'm going to Washington.
Not anymore, folks.
Nowhere to run.
And they just, again, here's the schools announcing that they have this power.
You know, this new jurisdiction.
They got the money, so they grease the skids and give a few grants to the sheriff and the police chief.
You know, they might even assist them with their own deputies.
Again, merger, immunization.
They have handbooks on this.
You can't get counties and cities to pass toll roads on all the major roads?
Why, the state just writes a law giving governmental power to, you know, a 15-member, unelected board that corporations appoint.
It's like the WTO or the IMF or the World Bank or the International Bank of Settlements or the XM Bank.
Local boards here in Texas, local regional water boards.
They're totally private.
The Lower Colorado River Authority, LCRA, totally private.
Tens of billions of dollars, grabbing land, has their own SWAT team, their own police, their own checkpoints, just marauding.
Literally, if I was a billionaire, folks, I could go buy a bunch of land, build a conference building, make a seal, looks governmental, incorporate it, hire men with machine guns, and I could start feeding people.
And they do.
They feed quite nicely.
So I'm sick of it, folks.
And here's another example of just... Let me tell you something else.
Cities are illegitimate.
I know you don't want to hear this.
I know you're busy telling the sheriff's departments, the only legitimate peace officers out there, that you're over them because you've got more funds, because you've fed on us.
There were no incorporated police departments until the 1870s, 1880s.
In New York City, there were sheriff's departments and there were constables.
Whenever there was a big problem, they would just go, you, you, and you come with me, and then they'd deputize.
And they had a substantive force, but if you didn't like the sheriff, you could kick him out.
He was a politician.
Now, it's just that people have moved in by a river, and you're Boss Hogg, and you moved the town, and you've got a bag of gold.
You just hire yourself your officers, and you just set up a department, and people kind of look at you and go, well, I guess he's trying to keep stuff clean on the streets.
We have had some lawlessness, and
They incorporate a city.
Normally the cities would be incorporated after somebody just shut themselves... A lot of times citizens would get together and pool money and just hire a few of the gunslingers.
And most of the time they got corrupt and became corrupt and you'd have to push them out and they'd have to hire... I mean, in big towns, folks, this happened in Austin.
They'd have to hire 20 other thugs to come kick them out and those thugs would start bossing you around.
I mean, this is how history works, folks.
It's been done before, you know.
You've got to love it.
I mean, you've got to love it, folks.
These ne'er-do-wells, these nobodies that prance around in these fancy outfits who even think they've got all this authority go to the sheriff who's got literal power of life and death while they're elected.
You talk about dictatorial powers, it's only in the hands of the sheriff as long as they're following the Constitution.
But in time of crisis, and these sheriffs get ordered around and get told what to do and get turned into minions.
Of these MJTF multi-jurisdictional task forces.
And I, for one, am sick of it.
So, in your area, I guess the school, they're even announcing in some areas of the country that parents have to show up and do work for the school.
Well, it's part of your school.
You're going to this public school, and it's free anyways.
You pay taxes for it.
You have to come three times a year.
You've got to come and do a school cleanup.
It's just part of the policy.
If you don't do it, your child will be considered truant, and you'll be arrested.
Total color of law!
And see, now it's, well, it ain't going to be three times a year now.
It's going to be six.
Yes, sir, I'll do what you say.
And the schools are literally going to be the prison camps in all our communities.
Folks, you've been listening to me long enough to know I'm not joking about this.
I told you they'd put transponders in your inspection stickers and license plates.
They're passing it in some states.
We beat it in Texas.
England's doing it.
I told you they'd put thumb scanners in at your grocery store and your health club.
It's happening.
Folks, I'm reading their own documents.
All right, I'm going to shut up.
There's big stacks of news I haven't gotten to yet.
Iraqi leader paves way for legal hangings.
Total dictatorship being set up.
This government's a farce.
Rush Limbaugh slanders baselessly, compared Cindy Sheehan to Bill Bruckett.
Her story is nothing more than forged documents.
That's his quote.
What does that mean?
I mean, this just credits conservatives.
Limbaugh, folks, is not a conservative.
Close informant and friend of former FBI agent John O'Neill, killed on 9-11, tells an FBI higher-up to shut him down, letting 9-11 happen.
We'll get into... I don't want to sit here and attack Lance Armstrong, but I'm going to say this before I go to Ron and others.
I'm going to say this.
I've shut my mouth about Lance Armstrong for a long time.
Never said a word about Lance Armstrong.
My mother just absolutely loves him and
You know, neighbors love him, and good friends of mine love him, and he's a favorite son here in Austin, Texas, and I'm glad he beat cancer, but he really is a poster boy for chemotherapy, which a lot of evidence shows is being forced on people that doesn't even help and kills a lot of folks, and there's better treatments.
It worked for him, good for him.
But he's a super alpha male, very aggressive, very competitive, very hungry, and he now says he may want to go into politics.
John Kerry worships him and says he'll make a great Democrat.
He's meeting with Bush today to ride bikes.
And it looks like he's probably going to be a Republican.
It doesn't matter which group he's with.
It doesn't matter.
It's all a new world order if he's with one of the two parties.
I think it's great when he was a U.S.
Postal Service promoter and sponsor, but folks out pushing Nike, equating his beating cancer with just do it.
I mean, Nike really does have little five-year-old slaves, folks, chained up at sewing machines.
I mean, I don't buy Nike products for about ten years.
Still got one or two shirts that are ten years old.
I made a commitment.
When we publicly know
That slaves are making something that we don't support it.
And I didn't say anything.
I'm like, well, it's Lance Armstrong.
Well, you know, he's probably... But he's just... I've been watching him, reading what he says.
He's very aggressive.
He wants power.
And I've had a bad feeling about him for a long time.
And folks, I'm not envious.
I'm not jealous.
I like sports superstars that are clean cut and good and...
Nothing against him.
I think Lance Armstrong's a very accomplished athlete and a very neat person and a great story.
But he's... All of those energies that made him such a good bike rider are now going to be funneled into megalomaniacal control.
And he's going to be a politician, and I know he's going to be for horrible things because already he's for a lot of really bad stuff and involved in a lot of bad stuff.
And constantly hanging out with Bush, and having Bush speak during his rallies, and I'm sick of it.
And he wants to be an elitist, big fat cat, and we're going to, look, you know, I just know how to assess people.
We're going to have problems from Lance Armstrong.
I know from people inside that he's been approached about, don't be sponsored by Nike, there's other people who will make just as much money, and Lance Armstrong's like, I'll do what I want, shut up!
Well, boy, we're going to do what we want.
So you can ride a bicycle real good and you beat cancer.
Well, that doesn't mean that chaining kids up to big old industrial for 14 hours a day and no air conditioning, chaining little kids up to sewing machines, we're not going to put up with it.
And I'm calling for Lance Armstrong to pull out of his Nike contract.
You can make plenty of money elsewhere, and I wish you would.
I've attacked Nike a few times, written a few articles about them.
They really are bad, folks.
And it's shameful.
It's shameful.
Plus, folks, little kids, poor children, don't need to be paying $150 for the Lance Armstrong shoe.
I like Michael Jordan.
But I criticized him for that, and I don't think he's half as power-mad and crazed as Armstrong.
I like Michael Jordan, but I did criticize him.
You know, $100 shoes.
It's just bad, folks.
It's bad all around.
And you watch me.
Just like you always do, I'm wrong about the war, and now you all agree with me the war is bad.
I'm wrong about 9-11, and now you all agree 9-11 is inside job.
You just watch.
I've watched him.
I've assessed him.
Look out for Lance Armstrong.
Look out.
He's bad news.
He's real bad.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
I don't want to change topics, but I've got to agree with you on Lance Armstrong.
If you look at his history prior to cancer, he was drooling with arrogance.
Okay, when he got cancer, then all of a sudden he wanted a little sympathy.
Now he thinks he's defeated it, and he's drooling with probably twice as much arrogance.
This is...
To a degree, yes.
Anyone who had cancer is a sympathetic character.
Cancer took my own father at a young age.
However, if you're going to choose someone to be a political leader, you do have to be more intelligent and critical in your choice.
I agree with your assessment, Lance Armstrong.
And if people really knew, I think, his entire history, they may look at him in a slightly different way as well.
Well, you know, I'm not going to get into it, but I'm right here in Austin.
I'll leave it at that.
And I'm just going to leave it there.
I didn't want to talk about this.
It's just he's becoming dangerous.
He's now openly engaging in the New World Order activities.
Look, Nike, admittedly, folks, five-year-old kids.
I mean, I know he's more important than five-year-old slaves, but shame on him.
But I'll move on to what I originally said.
I'll hold you over, Ron.
Nike, let's talk about it.
Well, Nike has basically children that are used almost in slavery, I believe, in Vietnam.
And as a matter of fact, there was a recent report about that, about children literally being chained to machines.
Yeah, shame on him.
Shame on him.
Stay there, I'll let you finish.
I mean, it makes me sick.
And I'm just going to leave it alone.
I don't care about the ultra-arrogance and the bush worship.
If he wants to do that, fine.
But this goes too far.
These little kids, somebody's got to stand up against Lance Armstrong.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, real quick, going back to Ron in New York, then we're going to Barrett, Mike, and many others that are patiently holding.
Go ahead, Ron.
Finish up your point.
As I said, I called about something else.
But, Alec, Alec, don't apologize for what you're saying about Lance Armstrong.
When a man seeks political power, which means power over us, we have a right to examine that man.
Yeah, I mean, he's a control freak.
He's very arrogant.
He pitches goods made by enslaved women and children.
It's not his personal entitlement.
Do you understand that?
It's not his personal toy.
And we have a right to question that man.
Now, let me move forward from there.
Your caller should be aware of something.
In an era in which we're now paying prices for gasoline close to $3 a gallon, and all indications are it'll just keep going up, at least for the foreseeable future, another thing has happened which many of your listeners may not be aware of, that hidden within that so-called bankruptcy reform bill that was passed a few months ago was also a rubric for the way credit companies will now determine how you make minimum payments.
And to make a long story short, if you do the arithmetic, people who are carrying credit debt, which is a very large number of Americans, they've been seduced into the use of that drug, are going to be in for a real rude awakening with that come October.
Yeah, they're increasing the minimum payments.
And for those that don't know, when you've got money, they stop sending you credit cards.
But when I was literally eating ramen noodle in college five days a week, I got credit cards every other day.
They want to get you in debt because it's all zeros and ones to them.
They'll just write it off if you don't pay it.
But they get control of your life.
Thanks for the call, Ron.
Bereth, where are you calling us from?
Oh, hello?
I'm calling from Houston.
Oh, hi.
Welcome, sir.
Oh, great.
You know, I've been a fan of your show for the last three years.
I go to UT, and I was just flipping through the channels one day, and I saw you on Public Access, man.
You completely changed my views on just geopolitics in general.
You know, the whole... I used to buy into the left-right paradigm.
I considered myself Democrat.
My parents are, you know, voting Democrats, but...
You know, you just completely opened my eyes, man.
I really appreciate it.
Well, you know, that's what these neocon listeners don't get that accuse me of being a liberal.
No, by being a real patriot, we are able to get people in the false left system to wake up and join freedom.
And then, unfortunately, you've got these Bush worshippers who want to give their guns up because they love George Bush.
And then you have these Clinton worshippers that think that 9-11 is bad, but what happened in Waco was just killing a wacko fringe, which is equally repugnant.
No, I mean, they're just as cult-like.
Well, I had two quick points to make.
My parents are from India.
I was born here.
I was born in Pittsburgh.
And I can tell you, I took last semester off from UT and did volunteer work in India.
And I can tell you from first-hand experience...
We're good to go.
And they're bright young children.
They're no different from children in any other part of the world.
Nope, they're there to put money in Lance Armstrong's pocket.
Yeah, and I mean, it's just disgusting.
They can fly around on private jets with his bimbo girlfriend.
Exactly, and it's just sickening because these are the kids that are the real heroes that, you know...
That, you know, in spite of being orphans, in spite of being considered subhuman by the Hindu establishment, just like there are good and bad elements... No, you've got a corrupt elite, exactly, ruling over.
Exactly, yeah, you have a corrupt elite in every religious group.
Yeah, and they say they're God, everybody else is trash.
And that's where these tennis shoe companies have got a lot of their factories.
My second point, real quick, was that...
Like you were saying before, that schools are just going to deprogram people.
Is it okay if I stand on the other line?
Keep going.
Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
Okay, yeah.
Just how schools are being used to, you know, push this cultural relative mindset.
I'm a Hindu.
I'm a religious Hindu.
But the Judeo-Christian values that America's founded on are really universal values.
And those are things that should be in schools.
And I suggest to your listeners to read The Closing of the American Mind by Alan Bloom.
All right, stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
Or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now into the second hour.
Taking your calls.
John Rappaport.
Coming up in just a few minutes.
But Barrett in Houston, Texas, finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, just really quickly, I was going to suggest to your listeners to read The Closing of the American Mind by Alan Bloom.
I'm a Hindu, and I think that Judeo-Christian values are universal values.
They should be in schools.
And the whole concept of cultural relativism, especially if you're on UT campus, all these people think that there's no such thing as a moral absolute, but there is.
Well, look, everybody knows the laws of nature and of nature's God, as the Declaration of Independence says.
That is, no matter where you are, walking up to a mother with her baby and shooting the baby five times in the head is wrong.
And I don't care if the government, the Nazi government or the Aztec government, says it's okay.
And I can say those cultures are mentally ill and sick.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Take care.
Let's talk to Mike in California.
Mike, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Pretty good.
My wife and I were in SeaWorld here in San Diego last week, and right at the last show of Shamu at the night, right before the park closed, they do this tribute to all of the soldiers.
No, I understand that.
Now, did you have to bio-scam before you got in?
Uh, no.
They did have the hand scanner right there, but they didn't ask us to, and we let it be known right when we were there.
Oh, so you told them you weren't going to do it.
Good job.
I'd love some video of that, my friend.
Well, I mean, for those that don't know, I love America, and I'll sing God Bless America, and I'd tear up during the Star Spangled Banner, but if Adolf Hitler had taken America over and was telling us to sing that to him, I would say no.
They've expropriated our sacred symbols, our sacred hymns,
And it's the same thing.
And when they want to run over crosses for the dead at Crawford, it's okay.
But then when they want to worship those crosses for the dead, it's okay.
No, they don't set the rules.
They don't control our symbols.
And yeah, all of it, look, 70% of people in major polls are against the war.
The globalists are going to have to do something.
What do you think they're going to do?
I think that they'll do a biological attack.
I look in the news and I see that they're stocking up on smallpox vaccines, so I think the next thing is that it'll probably be a biological attack in probably two or three major cities.
That's just the feeling that I'm getting around here.
But do you think people are going to buy the official story when it happens?
I think probably 30% of them will.
And then even the rest of us will still pretty much have to go along because, you know, it's just all the hysteria.
But do we have to go along?
If we do go along, it's over for this society.
There's one chink in their smallpox plan, though, my friend.
Their own police and firefighters refused two years ago to take the shots.
So if their own enforcers won't take the shots, how are they going to enforce us?
Yeah, that's true.
So what happened when people wouldn't stand up?
Oh, they wouldn't have a way to do it.
If everybody stands up and refuses, they wouldn't have a way to do it.
They would just have to abandon the plan and move on to something else.
No, I mean when you were at SeaWorld.
When I was at SeaWorld.
Oh, you had one woman that stood up who was in the crowd sitting not too far from me that said, Okay, everybody stand up.
You guys are all Americans.
And somebody actually told her to sit down and shut up.
So, I mean, the majority of the people did not stand.
But they went ahead and they did the tribute.
Well, exactly.
People didn't go there to be told what to do like at some Soviet camp.
Stay there.
I want to hear more about this, okay?
We've got John Rappaport coming on, but I'll give you a minute or so on the other side because I've been frothing and not letting you finish your story.
Stay there, Mike.
Again, I love the flag.
I love America.
And the flag symbolizes not being ordered around to chant to it.
Again, the spirit of that flag is individualism, not groupthink.
And I think the crowd did the right thing.
And again, that's in San Diego, folks.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, journalist John Rappaport will be with us here in about a minute or two.
And John is an accredited journalist, worked for some of the biggest mainstream media outlets out there.
And he went alternative many years ago and has just done such incredible work.
He's here today to talk about the spreading avian flu and is it a danger or is it being hyped or...
What's really going on behind this?
Because now it's spreading into areas of Russia.
So John's coming up here in a few minutes.
We'll also talk about some of the latest London bombing information.
There's new developments with the Russians being caught red-handed carrying out the Beslan Massacre of now a year and a half ago.
So that's coming up as well.
And we'll get to Ed and Charles and many others that are patiently holding.
Right now, we're talking to Michael in California, who was out in San Diego.
And at the end of the Shamu extravaganza at the SeaWorld, he was telling us in the last segment for stations that don't carry that segment, that they were told, stand up now and praise the troops, and sing God Bless America.
Now understand, folks, the globalists have expropriated our symbols.
The globalists have taken them and are using them.
So the analogy is, if Stalin would have taken America over, and then he would have said, all right, I'm patriotic, now sing God Bless America to me when I say, I would say no.
And that's what SeaWorld's doing.
They put in the hand scanners, the biometrics, the worship, the government, placards everywhere.
I've seen it in San Antonio.
Now, they tell you what to do.
Do not be part of it.
It's like the Washington Post is sponsoring this 9-11 remembrance to worship Bush's policies.
The supposed liberal paper is sponsoring it.
It's unheard of.
It's a desperate attempt to bolster their war for empire.
So, finish up with what happened real fast, Michael.
Real fast.
The aquatic worker who was actually riding Shamu actually comes out with this huge American flag and then just motions for everyone to stand up.
The amazing response was that you actually hear sighs from the audience as if they're displeased and angered by this.
I would say probably 70% of the people just refused to stand and you even had people in the audience
Try to say that, you know, everybody needs to stand up as an all-American.
If you're really American, you'll really stand up.
Yeah, they tried to have us in that group think.
People wouldn't go for it, you know, and that's really progressive in terms of San Diego because this is a neoconservative, pro-military.
I mean, the word is getting out.
Like I said before, I think that they'll pull off another biological attack and then probably blame it on the Muslims to divert everybody's attention again.
But, Alex, I had a question for you real quick.
Have you ever thought about doing anything joint venture-wise with, like, Michael Rupert?
Because I was reading some of the things that he did with Crossing the Rubicon, and you guys are pretty much on the same page in terms of understanding government as well.
Well, we're not.
You know, if you dig a little bit deeper, three or four years ago, I had Rupert on many times, and he just...
I mean, that's all I can say about him.
I do not agree with much of what he's doing now with peak oil and other things, and some of the things he said about me are patently false, and that's all I can say, but thank you for the call.
I mean, he has done some good work, but he's departed from that path, and that's when we broke company, and I never had attacked him, and he's savaged me several times, and I haven't really defended myself, but that's the end of it, basically.
But since you brought it up, you're a serious person, a good caller, and so I gave you an honest answer.
Normally I wouldn't even answer that question, because I don't get into infighting and stuff, but all I did was give to that person, and all I got in return was grief.
But now, let's go ahead and go to our guest, John Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com.
And John, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Good to be here, Alex, as always.
For those that don't know who you are, we've been hiding under a rock somewhere.
In a nutshell, tell us who John Rappaport is.
Well, I've been an investigative reporter for the last 23 years now and have done a lot of work for newspapers and magazines in the U.S.
and Europe and had a couple of radio shows back in the day.
And eventually, oh well, ended up writing for different outlets, for example, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, wrote a couple of pieces for CBS Health Watch, that sort of thing.
And eventually just kind of ran up against the wall because the information that I was the most interested in, nobody wanted to publish.
And so I eventually went to the internet when that came on and have my own website, NoMoreFakeNews,
And part of my research is into disease hoaxes and the...
Reasons behind them.
Well, I mean, the Nazis learned, and so did the Soviets.
They could say, you're mentally ill, you're going to a facility.
It looks like a camp.
We're going to make you work in a slave situation, but it's for your own good.
The Nazis, oh, we're going to send you in here for your health, and it wasn't for your health.
We've seen this over and over and over again.
500,000 people sterilized in this country up until the 80s.
Biological chemical testing on the troops.
They know that we'll put up with a lot if it's in the form of a ghoul in a white lab coat.
The medical thing is like a religion.
This morning somebody sent me an article that just knocked my socks off.
There are now, quote, serious psychiatric researchers who are saying that if a person is diagnosed as mentally ill and denies that he's mentally ill,
This is a key symptom of another mental illness, and they have a name for it.
And these people are, you know, crazy, but they're taking it seriously.
And the name is anosognosia.
So now saying to the gods, I'm not crazy, and they even have diagnoses for...
Not liking corrupt tyranny.
Not liking a big government.
You know, the oppositional defiance disorder.
That's right.
Oppositional defiance disorder.
And now... And I've had so many psychiatrists send me emails going, you're completely insane.
Not liking the government.
And I email them back and go, well, let me just tell you something.
I guess George Washington was too.
Sorry, go ahead.
You know, so if somebody is diagnosed, let's say, with manic depression, bipolar, whatever, and he says...
You know, this is ridiculous, and I'm not mentally ill, and I don't have this disorder, whatever this is supposed to be.
Then immediately, they can slap on another diagnosis, which is through the denial and the refusal to accept the initial diagnosis, we can now label you with anosognosia,
Which means that you are denying that you have a mental illness.
Now, this is total tyranny of the mind.
This is thought crime in its purest form, and I was aware of that new diagnosis, and they come out with like 30 or 40 of them every year.
Yeah, they just keep adding them into the DSM, as it's called, which is the Bible of psychiatry, where committees...
This is diagnosis by committee.
In other words, these committees invent, literally out of pure nothing, mental illnesses, and they describe the various symptoms and so on.
And then, of course, the big follow-up is the drugs, all of which are toxic.
And the guidelines for those drugs are written up by the drug companies.
But when you go in to have your heart looked at or to have your prostate looked at or to have your big toe looked at, you're allowed to get second opinions.
This is saying you cannot question us.
As if their industry is even legitimate and not pure quackery to begin with.
And so, naturally, if you are fronting for a multi-billion dollar industry that is a total fraud, that is destroying people's minds and lives and costing untold amounts of money, then you are going to do whatever it takes to keep on asserting your authority and this latest...
Insane bit here is an example of that.
In other words, you refuse, as I wrote in the article this morning, you refuse to eat your KFC, go to your room.
You don't do what we like, then we have an additional punishment for you.
Or you deny...
That a priest is your only link to God, you know, that a Catholic priest is your only link to God, then we will put you in thumb screws and torture you and make you confess that you're a heretic, and then we'll burn you at the stake for being a heretic.
I mean, this is the kind of exact parallel that it is.
You deny you have this mental illness, that means you have another one,
And now we're going to drug you for both of them.
Well, actually, I think the first place I saw this was two years ago in Communist China.
They have another name, but I saw it where if you deny that you're holding these evil thoughts against the government, that shows you're mentally ill, and they re-educate you.
Yeah, exactly.
In this case, it's drugs.
You know, toxic drugs.
Well, John, we're going to come back and talk about the avian flu spreading into Russia and what's really going on behind that.
Before we do that...
I mean, just Twilight Zone land.
Tommy Thompson, the former secretary.
Tommy Thompson, the former governor.
Health and Human Services.
Yes, Health and Human Services.
Tommy Thompson, the former Republican governor from Wisconsin.
He is now running around going to schools saying all children need microchips in a three-piece suit.
I mean, this is all getting just...
Outer limits weird, John.
Completely outer limits.
Tommy Thompson is the guy, by the way, who, of course, told Americans a couple years ago that there was a vial of smallpox vaccine with every citizen's name on it waiting, and blah, blah, blah.
And then a year later, when the campaign failed completely and medical workers refused to take the vaccine... He said it's bad, I was never for it, how dare them try this?
I will never take it, and I don't recommend that anybody does.
So, you know, he's totally wacko.
He's a wacko criminal.
Yeah, when I said Treasury, I was thinking of Paul Craig Roberts, former number two at Treasury, has come out and said that... Well, I'll tell you about it later.
Stay there, John.
Huge interview coming up.
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That's right, folks.
Don't worry.
The truth always comes out.
Journey always fails.
It's just that process is almost always extremely painful.
But people finally wake up.
John Rappaport, you've been following this avian flu for several years.
As it mutates, as it changes, as the government says it could kill a billion people.
What's the truth?
And bring us up to where it's spread to right now.
Let's start from this.
You're a medical professional.
You're a PR operative, in a sense, who is issuing statements to the press.
Doom and gloom, there's going to be a fantastic pandemic.
It's going to kill 20 million, 50 million, 100 million, half the world, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And then you turn around and you say in the same breath, this disease has so far killed globally 57 people.
Now, in a half sane world, you know, you would be laughed out of town.
They would bury your career under a tree and you would end up pumping gas.
Because nobody in his right mind can possibly infer from 57 deaths that half the world or some incredible figure is going to die right around the corner.
But nevertheless, we have seen story after bleeping story after story appear in the press about it's not if, it's when, and half the world, and this and that, and the avian flu, and all of this kind of thing.
Well, I found out last night... By the way, John's not joking.
I mean, I've seen reports.
Two billion could die.
A billion could die.
Go ahead.
I got a tip from somebody, and I hadn't seen it.
And you can check this out online.
There is a journal, a very famous journal among, quote, professionals called Foreign Affairs.
It's put out by the Council of...
For Foreign Relations.
Yeah, it comes out bi-monthly.
And, you know, this is one of the most, if not the most, respected professional journals in the world for economists, for political types.
This is how the globalists communicate with each other.
Because the CFR is one of the seats of globalist power, which simply means the rule of the few over the many.
In the July-August
Issue 2005, and you can just punch up Foreign Affairs on Google or whatever and you'll find this and you don't need to register or anything.
There's not one, there's not two, there are three major pieces in this July-August issue of Foreign Affairs about the coming avian flu pandemic.
This is something to take note of, because when these... They love to predict, don't they?
I mean, they had Gary Hart with the CFR Commission go, we're going to be hit, give up all your rights, and I went on air and said, that's it, they're going to save Bin Laden and hit the World Trade Centers because he shot his mouth off, and then boom, it happened.
Go ahead.
You know that when this journal devotes this much space to something, that they are doing out front propaganda...
Cover story for a different kind of operation.
Well, they put their talking points out in plain view.
The avian flu ain't gonna kill anybody.
This is not an epidemic that is going to spread like wildfire around the world, but it's going to be used as a cover for something else.
We didn't talk before the show, John, and we're on the same page.
We know these people.
This is what they do.
And so they've got everybody in a state of mind now of expectations.
That this is going to happen.
And the CFR likes to act like they're getting it directly from God.
They're on the mountain with the Oracle, so they don't ever like to be shown to be wrong.
So this is very, very, very important that these articles came out.
I haven't read them yet.
What do they say?
Well, they are really incredible.
Because the scenario that is being painted is basically, when all these people die, you see,
It's going to wreck, for a period of one to three years at least, the economies of many, many, many, many countries, including the U.S.
and Europe.
So that's going to be the cover for popping the bubble?
Because you're going to be having all kinds of people who are sick and they can't go to work and companies are folding and utilities and transportation and all of that is curtailed.
There's going to be military, major military presence at borders.
Which the Washington Post has been saying, martial law is coming for your safety.
They're doing riot drills all over the country.
Well, John, I hope they don't actually implement this plan.
We'll see if you think they are.
Yeah, we'll talk about that.
And I think I know where you're going with this.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
How to avoid the chemical.
How will they get the chemical into us?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That Ted Turner and Prince Philip and Jacques Cousteau and so many hundreds of others, Maurice Strong, have talked about.
They've got to use terrorism to set the table, to get the police state in.
Then using bio-attacks and the threat of bio-attacks, they then can corral and control us because of the outbreak, because of the contamination.
Don't see the movie The Island.
You know, how they control a whole population with the threat of the outbreak on the outside.
I mean, this has been written up in handbooks.
The government has talked about this.
This is public.
You think terrorism is bad?
My films, Martial Law, Road to Tyranny, American Dictators, we talk about problem, reaction, solution, the key thing people need to know.
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Your neighbors will be awake.
They'll know what's going on.
And a lot of them will laugh at you at the time.
But when you add the stress, when you add the reality, when it gets down to nitty-gritty, humans have a way of clicking on and waking up.
We're already seeing that because stuff's starting to get bad.
And you know it's Twilight Zone weird right now.
Andy Rooney's saying everybody needs a chip to prove they're good.
Michael Savage...
We've got Sean Hannity saying it.
We've got Tommy Thompson saying it.
Health and Human Services.
I mean, we're entering a bizarro world, so please go to InfoWars.com.
We're good to go.
I think?
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And I'm also doing a telephone workshop coming up on August 29, 30.
So if people go to nomorefakenews.com, they can find out about it.
And the name of the workshop is Disease Hoaxes and Healing Exercises.
It's a two-part thing, six hours, and it will be jammed full of information on how,
The medical establishment creates fake diseases, why they do it, who's behind it, in detail, very much in depth.
And then on the other side of that coin, because for the last 15, 20 years or more I've been researching very deeply the mind-body connection and how the mind can make you well,
I go into detail on some very simple exercises that you can do by yourself at home that will help keep your immune system strong.
So just go to nomorefakenews.com and check it out, and you will find all the information on this as well.
All right.
Numbers to it.
Now, I want to be clear here.
We're not saying all of this.
The government is.
Billions will die.
Three to one billion will die is the headline.
We're going to get nuked.
We will be nuked before the election.
News and World Report.
Dick Cheney says...
You know, they're out fear-mongering.
We just pay attention to it.
But we know that they've quietly really been gearing up for the bio-attack.
And I agree with John that it won't really be a bio-attack, that it will be a chemical attack.
And the evidence shows we may have already had one part of it entered into us, so they can then add the other part whenever they wish.
And this is very, very... Folks, this is serious.
I mean, they've done thousands of tests on our troops and our own population.
I mean, they've killed people.
So, you need to pay attention to this.
John, what do you think is really going to be... I mean, the CFR, as you said, for those who just joined us...
We're good to go.
Psychopaths always tell you what they're going to do before they do it.
They're saying that this is going to hit us and collapse the economies for three years.
What do you really think is behind this in your crystal ball?
Well, because I know that germs are inherently very unpredictable regardless of how much propaganda you hear to the opposite.
You don't really know how far they spread.
You don't really know how many people are going to be affected.
People with healthy immune systems are very strong.
You know, we have this old myth, for example, that when a person is exposed to germs that their body has never encountered before, terrible, terrible things can happen.
This has been hammered into us forever, and there are all kinds of fables about this.
But check this out.
If that were true,
Then Americans and people from Europe who go into, say, Africa, Latin America and Asia on vacation and for business would be dropping like flies.
Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people would be dying in foreign cities and ports.
Well, yeah.
Because there are all kinds of germs there that they've never been exposed to before, and yet that's not happening.
And what that tells us is...
That germs are inherently extremely unpredictable ways to stage incidents where people are supposedly going to be killed or severely disabled and whatever.
But it makes a fabulous cover story because most people have a fear of germs and they believe in them and they're invisible little killers and you never know where they are and so the propaganda
of the coming pandemic of the flu and so forth is very very effective and then these people who are intent on depopulation can come in behind that and stage what is actually a chemical incident or multiple chemical incidents in which they know from many many tests
What the half-life of the chemical is, what its effects tend to be on the body, how long it lasts, and then when it goes away, at which point they can say, we found the cure for the disease and so forth.
In other words, chemicals are much more controllable, chemical warfare is, than biologicals.
And so that, to me, will be the method that they employ using this cover story of a flu pandemic, and they will announce a germ soon,
And researchers will find a germ.
Hell, there's millions of them.
You can always find one.
And they can fudge the research and they can develop a vaccine.
They can give drugs.
They can do all kinds of stuff.
And it has nothing to do with what they're actually doing.
And Bush told his biographer, when he's fighting a war, no one can question him.
So he was going to be a war president.
And throughout history, a war on terror, a war on crime, a war on drugs, a war on illiteracy.
Now, the other day, I heard them on the radio with, you know, some new war.
I mean, it's just there's constant new wars that only get bigger because that allows them to centralize the wealth into their select hands in the name of fighting.
And I was going to say this.
I'm no scientist, but I do read a lot of scientific journals.
I have a lot of family there in the medical field.
And really what it is, is germs move into housing that's set up for them.
They need the body to be a certain way.
Certain germs need certain types of tissues to be in a certain position.
You go into a new area, and a lot of times germs that are really alien to you actually don't even hurt you because your immune system and the flora in your stomach and your sinus
...is so different from that in the population you're in, unless it's something like a medic dysentery, which is, of course, horrible, or malaria.
So, you know, we have all of this, and you're absolutely right that it's just endless fear-mongering.
Meanwhile, the statistics show 200,000 people die from malpractice a year alone in this country, and a lot of times it's more dangerous to go into these hospitals than to not to.
No question about it.
Now, one of the other things that people have to realize is that, for example, when we have seen various kinds of epidemics of the dreaded Ebola virus in Africa come through and all kinds of scaremongering articles are written about it.
It's going to kill millions and the maximum it kills 50 people.
Yeah, or 300 or whatever it is.
And all of those people...
...are in desperate straits already.
I mean, their immune systems are severely compromised.
You're talking about largely people who are poverty-stricken, living way below the poverty line.
They're starving.
They're drinking contaminated water and sewage directly pumped into the drinking water.
And all of this, hopeless on many fronts.
In the original Ebola so-called outbreak, when this was used as enormous propaganda and was the basis around which the movie Outbreak was written, there were 12, 15, 20 paragraphs down in the major stories, these very curious and interesting statements from so-called medical authorities who would say, of course, if this germ happened to be present in some
Suburb of Maryland or Washington, D.C.
or so forth, it wouldn't really harm anybody.
And the reporter, of course, brain dead, who got that comment, never followed up on it.
And if he had, what the person would have told him is, sure, because if your immune system is strong and you're healthy, this is not just some incredible killer germ where you release three of them on the street and 10,000 people fall down dead.
This is a whole different kind of setup.
This has to do with the inherent health of the human being.
And also the temperature.
But another example of this, they told the police two and a half, three years ago, everybody, 11 million firemen, police, EMS, hospital workers...
You've all got to take the smallpox shot or you don't get your insurance, you lose your job.
Well, the LA Times reported, a week before they shut the program down, that 99 plus percent refused to take the shot.
I think out of 11 million, 4,000 people agreed to take it.
Then it turned out they even fudged on those numbers.
And the reason was is doctors and epidemiologists went, wait a minute.
This smallpox shot doesn't even cover weaponized smallpox.
Number one, even in third world sewer ridden places, 30% of people get it, 10% of those die.
Here, we wouldn't have any problem.
This is ridiculous, and this vaccine doesn't even protect you from smallpox.
It'll actually give thousands of people smallpox, could actually cause an epidemic.
And boy, that thing just shut down.
So couldn't the fact, John, that their own enforcers, who they were trying to train to forcibly inject us, model State Health Emergency Powers Act, page 76 of Homeland Security.
They went ahead and gave themselves that power federally.
The states wouldn't pass it.
I mean, it seems that they can't get their own enforcers, though, to buy into this.
I mean, their enforcers instinctively know it's a fraud.
Then it seems like they're not going to be able to sell us on this.
I mean, could this hold off the CFR program?
Well, it certainly could to a degree when you see rebellion in the ranks, absolutely.
If enough people speak out and they say, this avian flu thing is a total hoax, that would be the gist of what they would say.
So far, we haven't seen that, but we don't know what's going to happen because, for example, the vaccine is coming down the pipeline right now.
And article in the New York Times, August 7th.
They've got a vaccine.
They've tested it.
This is a vaccine against avian flu.
They've tested it on a small number of people.
Of course, they have no way of knowing what the effects were because these people were not threatened to begin with by avian flu.
They were healthy.
I know, it's ridiculous.
It's totally ridiculous, except...
That they are going ahead.
They have stockpiled doses already made by Aventis, the French pharmaceutical company, and they have doses on board from, guess who, Chiron, who produced the notoriously contaminated flu vaccine back a year and a half, two years ago.
That's out of England.
Yeah, and hey, the vaccine is an enormous threat.
An enormous threat.
And yet, you know, it's good news, Dr. Fauci said.
We have a vaccine.
Well, let me bring this up here.
How do you think the globalists will deliver the chemicals?
Because we know that the Sunshine Project two years ago got the federal documents.
It's public.
We have them.
One of them, I've just described, the vaccine.
There are several possible routes.
You know, if they will rush this process
and they are you know notorious for doing that and they suddenly say everybody's got to get vaccinated against the avian flu and they begin to ship out doses all over the world and people are getting vaccinated and then people are getting sick and the records are not kept and nobody's keeping track and then all of a sudden they start reporting cases of avian flu and they say
My God, we delivered the vaccine just in time, and now we have to even step up the program.
Now you're talking basically about warfare directly injected into the body.
Another route would definitely be in water supplies.
Because they can go anywhere in the world, especially into third world countries, and they can... You know what's ridiculous?
All over America, they've got cops guarding giant reservoirs as if... Meanwhile, you can go into any house with a $20 piece of equipment and pump your pathogen or chemical directly down the line.
I've got to say this.
Sure, I mean, there's... This is ridiculous.
It's very easy to do.
It's very, very easy to do.
In fact...
When I was researching my first book, which was called AIDS, Inc., 1988, and I'll be talking about some of the incredible frauds behind HIV in my workshop on disease hoaxes, there was a curious story that was reported along with the accounts of so-called AIDS in Zaire, and that was that there was a very large lake in Zaire that had gone completely and utterly dead.
No living thing in that lake.
And nobody knew why.
Well, I'll tell you why.
Because it was an example of just such a program.
Somebody introduces chemicals into the water and kills everything.
I mean, that's the way you do it.
You don't do it by putting germs into it.
Well, that's the thing.
You could dump 100 gallons into a major reservoir of a bioweapon.
It might not make one person sick because it might, you know, get gobbled up by amoebas or something.
You've got to pump it directly into the water system.
Here we go.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I don't have time to go into all of it, but it's conclusively documented, conclusively proven in articles that we've written and others have put together that the U.S.
government launched the anthrax attack.
And that was a bio attack.
And, you know, U.S.
grade, and we even have the official document where they plan to do it, and all of Bush's enemies get it that keeps the fear rolling right after 9-11.
But this chemical situation is very serious, and absolutely.
I mean, this has come out in a lot of places.
There are whole chemical attacks going on in Africa.
Spraying, food poisoning, water poisoning, by the World Health Organization.
That's their plan, exterminate.
And then every time the Africans die, it's, oh, they put the poison in the needles, the UN comes in and forcibly injects people, pays off the government to do it,
The poison's in the needle.
Parents will literally run with their kids.
In some cases, kids will drop dead on the spot getting the shots.
That's what John Rappaport is talking about, folks.
They see us as animals.
They talk about needing to cull us.
They're totally ruthless.
In Cameroon, there was an incident of women fleeing into the bush.
Away from the vaccinators.
Well, they caught him putting the sterilization hormone in the tetanus.
But, I mean, that aside, finish up with your poisoned lake.
Yeah, absolutely.
This whole lake was completely dead.
You know?
Well, obviously.
How do you do that?
You put chemicals in there.
That's how it's done.
And yet the story never rose above the level of an occasional article here or there.
That's a surprise!
40% of those around the lake have AIDS.
And people are dying of AIDS, and this and that, and the other thing.
I mean, that's the cover story.
That is the cover story.
HIV causes nothing.
If it even exists at all, it causes nothing.
And then they kill you with the drugs.
They kill you with the drugs, absolutely.
And that's why they're such a gigantic push on to bring these toxic drugs to Africa.
And as part of this workshop that I'm going to be doing... But then have us pay for killing even more of them.
On disease hoaxes, I will go into some of the more hidden aspects of how this HIV fraud was perpetrated in the first place.
I documented a chapter and verse right out of the labs and have it all down completely.
Well, let me stop you.
I mean, several of my films, John, I have London Telegraph, I have The Age out of Australia where they had plans to poison food and food aid to Asia as population control.
I mean, and then now Africans will not eat the food that's shipped to them for free and they go, oh, look at those dumb Africans.
No, they know, folks.
Absolutely, they know.
And there are some very good websites written by Africans about this whole operation who understand it completely and the word is spreading.
More and more people understand this.
This is what's happening.
Yeah, folks, you don't get 40% of the continent with HIV.
I mean, people who've never had sex get it.
It's ridiculous.
I mean, it's completely ridiculous.
And I was telling you off the air that when I wrote AIDS, Inc.
way back in the day, 87, I spoke with an extremely conventional virologist at UCLA and I said to him, well, what do you think of these scientists who are saying that HIV doesn't cause anything and that it was a scientific hoax from the beginning?
And he kind of paused and he said, he said, that's not a question I want to go into.
I said, why not?
He said, because it's political.
And I said, so in other words, you're telling me that there are other people that you know in the field of virology, conventional researchers who understand what's happening really.
And he said, yes, and I won't talk to you and neither will they.
There will be no talking about this.
This is not an issue I want to discuss at all.
All right, John Rappaport, five more minutes with you on the other side.
Then I'm going to shift gears, folks, into the news.
And, of course, your calls first.
Charles and others that have been holding patiently.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
But I've never asked John Rappaport about the 100-plus dead microbiologist being murdered.
We'll get his take on that.
We'll all learn what he thinks about it on the other side.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, now, 29 seconds into this third hour.
John Rappaport, nomorefakenews.com is our guest for five more minutes.
And I'm coming back with masses of vital news in your phone calls at 800-259-9231.
Going to take a lot of them.
John, two final questions.
Do you think the globalists will launch an attack next year because the CFR is saying we're going to be hit by this avian flu and they're going to use a chemical attack and cover that with the avian flu and create that hysteria?
And then secondarily, all these microbiologists dying, being shot, being killed, being run over, all of this going on, very suspicious.
In the next four minutes, answer both those questions for me.
I think first of all that there is definitely a likelihood.
I mean, I can't predict with 100%, but...
Something could certainly be coming up soon, which means somewhere in the remainder of this year or in 2006, that will be covered by a story that is a lie.
A chemical attack that is called a germ disease, that would be the cover story.
Yeah, how widespread that will be, I don't know.
Would it happen in more than one place?
I would think so.
I would think so.
And as far as the microbiologists are concerned,
You know, there could be various reasons that they were rubbed out, but it would not surprise me at all if one of those reasons was that some of these microbiologists at least began to see through their own lies.
In other words, they began to perceive that all this incredible attention that was being focused on germ this and germ that and germ this was a lie, was an obscuring of something.
Or they had cottoned on to some propaganda that they suddenly realized were being used to promote the idea of some devastating kinds of epidemics that are not justified by the facts.
What I've gotten also is that a lot of them worked on projects, now they want to get rid of them, and also a lot of them would know how to recognize where something came from.
Yes, I mean, those would be the other reasons, certainly, the people that were involved.
We're talking about, they come to somebody's house, they tie them down, they torture them and cut their heart out.
We're talking about Houston, they run over somebody and back back over them.
I mean, we're talking just mass murder, the statistics on it are trillions and trillions to one that this is happening by random.
I'll tell you something else that could be involved here.
We know, for sure,
That anthrax and many other biological elements of so-called warfare were sent to Saddam Hussein during the 1980s from, for example, ATTP, American Type, or ATCC, sorry, American Type Culture Collection.
And so some of these microbiologists looking into this, because they're incredibly isolated, these people suddenly realized, wow, all this stuff went to Saddam Hussein from America.
From these companies with the Department of Commerce certification that it was okay to send it.
So these people say, well, maybe it's time to speak out here and let everybody know what's really happening.
Now, I agree with you.
And for those who don't know, up until 1990, they were still shipping these to Sedan.
So, you know...
A microbiologist with a great reputation suddenly realizes this.
Of course, other people already knew.
But he decides it's time to step up to the podium, write a paper, make an accusation.
Hey, he's gone.
Yeah, no doubt the NSA is predominantly used, not just for economic espionage, but to keep tabs on all their people.
To keep everybody in line, exactly.
The professionals.
We don't want them wandering off the reservation.
And if they do, it's time to get rid of them.
It's like in Wag of the Dog.
He wants to brag about the great job he's done, and they say bye-bye.
Yeah, exactly.
All right.
Well, John Rappaport, I really appreciate you coming on and spending time with me today.
It's always very enlightening and mind-expanding, and God bless.
Great show, Alex.
Thanks so much.
Take care, my friend.
We'll be right back with your calls and a ton of news.
On the other side, this is Real Talk Radio.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, I know the phones are almost always loaded, and we've had a lot of guests from the last few weeks.
I haven't been taking this...
As many calls as I'd like to, but we're going to take a lot of calls in this hour.
Any issue, anything you want to discuss, even have a few lines open, very rare.
1-800-259-9231 on this live Wednesday edition.
Charles in Louisiana was the last caller of the day yesterday, and I told him to call in earlier so he could talk more about it.
And he's been holding for about an hour while we had that guest on.
Thanks for holding, Charles.
I had started carrying Beyond Treason because it's such a good video about the admitted chemical biological testing on troops in the U.S.
And we carry that powerful DVD at Infowars.com.
But Charles has been holding, wanting to talk about that.
Charles, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I think everybody really needs to get this tape to show it to young kids.
And I've been showing it to...
I went to Radio Shack.
They got about three vets up there to work up there, and I brought the tape, and they ran their own copy off of Radio Shack in Denham Springs, and they was amazed because down here I didn't know what they were testing for DU.
When the troops come back, they're being tested now for DU.
Yeah, which is ridiculous.
They just take a cheek swab, and it's not going to show up there.
It's in the lungs.
Yeah, when he found that out, it was in his intestines, and I told him it gets into the sperm and all that.
He was amazed because he said, man, they've been lying to me for a long time.
He said, I've been feeling so bad.
And I'm saving my face.
I've got about 60 copies.
I'm going to go to the Capitol.
I'm going to pass them all out in the Capitol in one day.
That's what I think I'm going to do.
And try to hit one area where everybody has to face it.
They have to talk about it.
Instead of passing it out to individuals, I'm going to start hitting one place.
Well, it's a powerful video.
We have a little excerpt that we posted.
Well, it's kind of hard to look at at first with the deformed babies and how troops have come back.
They haven't deformed babies.
Well, the federal government, that's not even a secret.
They have a tripling of deformities from the first Gulf War, and now the numbers are, just two years in, we're going to have a quadrupling.
But everybody, if everybody would just get this tape and give it to their neighbors.
Well, I mean, if you've got a son or a daughter who's being cornered every day by these recruiters... Yes.
...which they admittedly lie to them.
They say, if you don't sign this, you're going to jail.
That's been in the news.
They threaten to arrest kids, and you just let them do this.
It's so criminal.
What you need to do, folks, is these... This isn't our military anymore.
This is a corporate, private brainwashing arm of well-meaning people, but they're still engaging in evil...
And they're going to hurt your son or daughter.
You need to get this video from Infowars.com and show it to the person who's thinking about going into the military.
This is going to be a wonderful tool.
I mean, they can't back up from this.
They can't throw it on the side.
They can't deny it.
It's here.
And they have to admit it.
And I thank you for selling that tape.
This is going to be a very important DVD.
Well, we only carry the best, and I appreciate your call, Charles.
Anything else you want to add about just all the news?
Well, I'll tell you, it's getting worse and worse, Mr. Jones.
And I think what happens right now, people are flooded with so much information, but they're hungry for it.
A lot of people just don't know where to get it at.
And it's all of our jobs to get it to them, you know, get it started.
Well, you keep it up, and God bless.
God bless you, sir.
You bet.
No, no, God bless you.
Great guy.
Listen, he's fighting for my family, folks.
We're not going to have a country.
We're not going to have currency.
We're not going to have freedom.
We're going to have nothing very soon.
The globalists want to ruin America.
We're fighting for America.
The threat is here.
It's not over in Iraq, folks.
Our government created that problem.
And it's only making it worse.
And our government is illegitimate.
But no, I only carry the best.
We have a bookstore with a few dozen videos and books that I think are the best out there.
And if you think a video or book is good and we ought to carry it, send it to me.
We'll review it or one of my great crew will do that and we'll carry it.
But no, Beyond Treason is just excellent.
And that's why we're carrying it.
And you'll support us by getting it and you'll also support the Power Hour and at the same time you'll get the truth out
So we have it at the exact same price as the Power Hour.
I hope you'll go to unifowars.com or prisonplanet.com and order Beyond Treason.
Order multiple copies.
It's very professional, very informative.
And frankly, my only complaint is it's so well documented.
I mean, I've really studied this.
Not as much as Joyce has, but I've studied it.
I've had hundreds of guests on over the years.
Is that...
It's already so hardcore, people may have trouble believing it, but frankly, it's not as hardcore as it could be.
I mean, there's even worse stuff, folks.
So it's very well documented.
I mean, they've been conservative about it.
And this government hates you.
Listen, they know you love America.
They know you're thinking you're defending this country.
They know you're well-meaning.
And they hate you.
They're using you.
And so before they get rid of you, they want to hurt you and damage you and screw you up so you won't be able to fight back against them.
You guys are so well-meaning out there, but you just don't understand the evil you're dealing with.
You're very naive.
Kansas City.
Go ahead, Lewis.
Okay, yeah, this is Lewis.
This is River Rap No.
2, and we're asking everybody on the shortwave and the CB radio to have a gas out 3rd, 4th, and 5th of September, and I think it's going to work.
If you remember River Rap No.
1, he got the truckers organized out of Kansas City here about 20 years ago.
Yeah, and they had the...
They had the situation where they didn't buy gas for a couple days.
And then plus on top of that, if everybody would buy their gas ahead of time and then buy it after the fit, I think it would bring the gas prices down.
Because look what they did with the coffee here a while back, you know.
About eight or ten years ago, they had it up to almost five bucks a pound.
And now it's back down to about two-something, you know.
Well, that's because the CIA was taking all the areas for growing coffee and were growing cocaine for our kids, and that's admitted, folks.
But, again, they're totally raping us with the gas prices.
Totally raping us.
That is correct.
We used to be what they called oil-filled trash.
We worked for a whole bunch of offshore rigs and whatever down in Texas and Louisiana, and we know where the scam is.
Well, they got that one 625-square-mile field off the coast of Mississippi.
That's a little field, folks.
600-something square miles sounds big, but it's a small area in the Gulf with enough oil to run the whole U.S.
for a couple hundred years.
Right, plus on top of that... Prudhoe Bay up in Alaska.
Here's what happened back in the 80s.
I don't know if anybody's really aware of this, but they were taking our oil that we were drilling...
Offshore there, and then they were taking out about another 100, 200 miles, and then they were putting it in the OPEC barges, and we were buying our own oil back at a higher price.
That was part of the scam there.
No, I know.
Listen, there was an oil crisis in the 70s.
The stuff is just everywhere.
They got all their fake left-wing scammers out saying that there's peak oil in all this, and I'm sick of it.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate that, sir.
Let's talk to Ryan.
That's a good idea, Scott.
Don't buy gas for the 5th or the 7th, I guess, or the 8th.
Ryan in Texas.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I was just going to ask you a couple of questions.
I was wondering if you're going to make it out to Crawford or if you've already been there to speak with the protesters.
Yes, I've been to Crawford.
I've been to Crawford three times.
I was in Crawford Sunday.
And I did video interviews, 10 hours of them, and we already got it together and edited it and aired 20 minutes last night.
We're going to air another 30 minutes tonight on the TV show.
It'll be on the website for prisonplanet.tv members.
Also, a lot of it will be for free on the site.
And, yeah, I was in Crawford on the eve of the war.
I was in Crawford on the one-year anniversary, and I was in Crawford this weekend.
Awesome, awesome.
I'm headed there right now.
Also, how can I become a member of your crew?
Well, I don't have the money to hire anybody else.
No, really, we desperately need more people, but it's just not in the budget.
One more employee and I'll be living on the street.
We need people to support us.
I've just got a bigger office that we'll be moving into soon.
We don't have a budget for another employee, though we're going to need one.
So people need to buy our videos and books.
That's how you support us.
Right on.
I'll do that, and I'll keep spreading the message, man, just like you are.
Yeah, because there's so many people who want to come volunteer, want to come help.
And I've really never done that because there's a security issue, number one.
My office is closed.
We work.
It's total focus.
And a lot of people who want to come help just want to blabber about the New World Order and drink coffee.
And this is not a social club.
I'm not saying you're like that.
What I do is I find people that are smart, like-minded, intelligent, that I pick.
That way you don't get infiltrated.
And then I pay them a good wage, a decent wage, as much as we can.
I like to pay them more.
And I'd like for my employees to have insurance, but I'm trying to get, you know.
Bottom line, folks, we don't have interns.
We don't have any of that.
How you support us is getting the videos and making copies and getting them out to people.
I just really don't have a bunch of volunteers.
I had volunteers four or five years ago, and it just doesn't work good.
I mean, then you say, okay, I need this done, and they just, you know, they usually want some weird relationship with you.
And folks, this isn't a cult of personality about Alex Jones.
This is not about who Alex Jones is cool.
I can hardly listen to my own show when it rebroadcasts.
I think I'm obnoxious.
It comes off as arrogance.
It's not.
I'm desperate to fight these people.
I'm just aggressive.
So don't ever think I'm arrogant.
I actually don't have that high a view of myself.
It's aggression.
I guess it's kind of a male thing.
But I'm irritable.
I don't put on an act for you.
I should pronunciate better.
I just get lazy and don't even do that.
I'm so worried about what's happening.
I'm fighting for my family, folks.
I mean, everything I do, it just comes down to my family.
And because I love my family, I love my neighbors.
And I love the people of Texas and the people of America and the people of Mexico and Canada.
Because if they're not going to be free, I'm not going to be free.
We're all under attack by a bunch of sickos, a bunch of genetic engineers, a bunch of trash, who think that they own us and think of us as animals.
I mean, these people are sick.
They're the ones that are on power trips.
They think they're gods.
They think nothing of taking an endorsement from Nike, but Nike admittedly has slaves in three countries.
I mean, if there's little kids that are slaves in Vietnam, my kids are in danger.
You reap what you sow.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption, crashing through the lies and disinformation.
Defending the republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
We talk about real issues of real significance that really affect you and your family.
That's why for about eight, nine years I've been calling this show Real Talk Radio.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Larry in Iowa.
You're on the air, Larry.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Do you have anything on your website about Agenda 21?
Yeah, I have a lot of stuff about the Free Trade Area of the Americas and Agenda 21.
About three years ago, I sent you a document, and I probably sent it to the wrong...
And for those that don't know what Agenda 21 is, it's one more of these big treaty agreements to get rid of our sovereignty and to regulate every facet of our life under international law.
And that will be basically cemented under the FTAA or the Free Trade Area of the Americas.
And people wouldn't believe us.
You know, 10 years ago, talking about the end of American sovereignty, but now, I mean, it's even on CNN with Lou Dobbs.
The CFR is calling for it, and they're moving forward.
But for those that don't know, I mean, tell us about Agenda 21.
Well, Agenda 21 goes even deeper than that.
It's actually a call for global murder.
Well, it's all the agendas, yeah, the population control, all that stuff.
We talked about it in the last hour.
This particular document, one part of it says, given global instabilities, including those of the former Soviet bloc, the need for the firm control of world technology, weaponry, natural resources is now absolutely mandatory.
The immediate reduction of world population, according to the mid-1970s recommendation of the Draper Fund, must be immediately effected.
Well, why don't you make me a copy of that and mail it to me, or why don't you... I can send you a PDF file.
Listen, off-air, off-air, I think I've actually seen that.
There's just so much.
Off-air, I will give you my secret email address.
Just don't give it to anybody.
And send it to me, and I'll talk about it.
But, no, I've seen those similar statements.
I mean, in my film, Road to Tyranny, I spent about five minutes of the three hours, roughly three hours...
A little under three hours to be specific.
That would be precise.
Getting into other UN summits and documents where they say they want to kill us.
I mean, I have Henry Kissinger's own documents from 74 saying they want to kill half the population.
So this is signed by him.
This is admitted.
But go ahead.
Yeah, I totally agree.
I know that Chris that comes on after you has been covering this extensively.
And this is just...
It's unbelievable.
It's macabre, actually.
Well, you know, a lot of people, what happens is people say, you know, is it the Trilateral Commission?
Is it the CFR?
Is it Agenda 21?
Is it the UN?
And people say, well, I'm the only one that covers this, or I'm the only one that covers that.
It's all part of the same agenda.
So the stuff you see in Agenda 21 is what General Parton calls the program.
And you'll see it duplicated in everything.
I think Agenda 21 is very important.
I mean, I made a video, America Destroyed by Design, you know, where we get into it, and it's different programs.
But, again, Agenda 21 is... It's like the New World Order is a submarine, and they fire 20 torpedoes at us.
Well, the 20 torpedoes are basically all the same.
So, I mean, you can...
In fact, I plan to make a video.
I've talked about this for years, to make a video about population control and with all these documents and with all these admissions and, you know, go to the Georgia Guidestones, show all of this.
It's just what time allows, but, you know, it's very, very important.
Anything else?
Well, yeah, I spoke to Governor Branstad in 97.
He was the governor of Iowa at that time on a radio program, and I asked him if he attended this meeting, and he said yes, he did, and I said...
Well, correct me if I'm wrong, sir, but this document calls for population reduction, which would constitute the literal murder of millions of men, women, and children.
And he went, well, we here in Iowa, we don't support the UN's idea of Agenda 21.
We think we can grow enough food to support the global changes as they occur.
No, no, I mean, he didn't deny it.
It's a total control mechanism, and I appreciate the call.
Folks, they're doing this everywhere.
I mean, this is really what they're pushing.
This is really what they're doing.
And this is all very, very real.
I mean, they're eugenics.
They're social Darwinists.
They believe we're cattle.
They believe we're slaves.
They enjoy the raw exercise of power against us.
And it is Agenda 21.
We've had the Gen 21 meetings here in Austin, the government has, when they take people's private property use, smart growth, all of it is part of it.
It is feudal slavery.
It is serfdom.
It's just that simple.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, George and Rick and Andy and Kevin and others, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes and
I'm going to get into some other news as well here in a second before we go to those calls.
But I'll spend a minute or two talking about Agenda 21 and the United Nations and communism and all of this.
Because people that look at the communist problem look at it from the wrong end.
Or they're so close to it that they don't pull back and see the big picture.
The Rothschilds even publicly wrote about how and would brag about how they, going back 300 years, really, they hit their apex with Napoleon, funding both sides, selling both weapons to sides, even renting armies to both sides, manipulating stock market crashes and bubbles, and, you know, if my sons didn't want war, there wouldn't be war.
I mean, just sick comments like that.
I care not who runs the country, just who controls the currency.
Ha ha ha!
And the Bank of England and several U.S.
banks funded Hitler, they funded Lenin, the train of gold, they put them in power.
And then so I hear these talk show hosts, the communists are creeping around every corner, they're going to drink our blood.
It's evil communist.
It's a communist, you know, giant...
Land, and they're going to get us.
Folks, what it is, the Soviet Union was like a big Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is admittedly CIA-created.
Al-Qaeda is funded, protected.
It gets to go around creating crises.
It attacks Gaddafi.
It attacks the Serbs.
It attacks whoever the globalists don't like.
It tries to kill Saddam.
You know, when he's not playing ball in the 80s, Al-Qaeda bombs trains and buses, you know, hires patsies, and then MI6 protects them.
You know, Al-MI6-a.
You know, Alci Aida.
And it's a wind-up toy.
I mean, America couldn't run around slaughtering and killing and invading countries.
Back then, we wouldn't put up with it.
I mean, we'd barely go to World War I or World War II.
It took, you know, blowing up ships and starting wars and propaganda and setups and stuff like that to get that.
They built up this big boogeyman with some corrupt criminals running it that literally had their tanks, their weapons, their money, their food, all shipped to them by the U.S.
and European-owned systems.
And then they would go around grabbing everything, stealing, murdering, killing.
And then our government, oh, look, it's a horrible threat.
We've got to build up against it to meet the threat.
We've got to take your liberties to meet the threat of the evil communists.
And McCarthy goes, wait a minute, the army's running communism.
That's it, you're gone.
You're no longer useful.
Before we could go burn innocent people and control free speech.
But now you've actually found out, McCarthy.
So now we're going to make your name synonymous with false charges and bearing false witness and witch hunting.
When he was really a hero, folks.
Then you hear, yes, it's a communist international plan to steal all the property and to set up control of our lives and population reduction and one-child policies.
Well, yes, the communists carry out the programs of the bankers of the New World Order.
It's just neo-feudalism, neo-certum.
The globalist system of economic trade is mercantilism.
That term's 350 years old.
So, see, it's, again, all these false terms.
And I hear this, and it just gets... So now, well, we've got to fight the evil liberals, and then, oh, the corporations will save us.
What the true New World Order is, is government becoming socialist, consolidating our wealth, getting us dependent, then signing the people, the land, the industry, over to select international corporations that are controlling and peopling these international unelected bodies.
And Agenda 21 is a program, a huge program, with the counties, the cities, the states, the nation states, or the states as they call them, to implement this.
And you'll read the exact same stuff in IMF and World Bank agreements that is in the UN agreements, and in Agenda 21, and in UNESCO agreements, and in Department of Labor agreements, and in Regional Planning Commissions agreements.
So, yes, it is very central, very important.
But to say it's a communist conspiracy, communism is a false term, folks.
It doesn't exist.
In the classical name or idea it's been given, only honeybees and fire ants are communal.
And they're mindless, and they are automatons.
They are really kind of a tissue.
They are a group organism.
I believe honeybees and things like that have been looked at incorrectly.
They're like a jellyfish.
A jellyfish is made up of tens of thousands, well actually millions, of independent single-cell organisms in a communal operation.
A jellyfish is a communist.
Corporatism, again the word fascism doesn't describe it properly.
People ask, you know, what have I contributed that's original?
I've contributed a lot that's original, and I really have looked at history, and socialism leads to fascism.
You never have communism.
You know, the communists said, well, socialism will then lead to communism.
Fabian socialism will lead to communism.
That is not the case, folks.
It doesn't exist.
It leads to strong men and police in black masks and checkpoints and slave camps and slave labor owned by fat cats that pay their cut into the central politburo.
And so they have to give you a false choice.
Republican, Democrat, Soviet, Capitalist.
What is capitalism?
A centralization of wealth.
And it's done through a non-free market kind of organized crime mechanism.
A gang with a flag.
I mean, you have to reduce it.
The founding fathers, if they'd have run around talking about, we've got to get the communists all day, no one would have known what they were talking about.
It was, get the tyrants.
King George III thinks you're his slave.
King George III thinks he owns you and your women and your children.
What are you going to do?
He wants your guns.
I mean, you've got to boil it down to that.
What are you going to do?
Some regional board telling me what I can do with my children?
Some regional board telling me I've got to take a transponder in my car?
Some regional board telling me I don't have any freedoms?
You've got to resist it.
You've got to fight it.
You've got to go into the county level with laws that overturn the Patriot Act, that overturn all these new prisons.
You've got to defeat those bond packages.
To do that, you've got to defeat the electronic voting machines.
People talk about the border being the number one issue, and it may be.
But also, it's those electronic voting machines.
You better get those out before they're put in, or you can forget it.
See, I mean, so there isn't always just one issue.
You've got to have wide-spectrum analysis, wide-spectrum information.
You've got to have multifaceted, multivariate, multilayered, three-dimensional models.
Of what you're facing and look at it in the context of the full enemy program.
I mean, I literally have a mental picture right now in front of me projected 3D.
I'm looking at a wall, folks.
I'm looking at a wall of blue wallpaper.
Right in front of me, I see the whole New World Order structure.
I have to get some 3D expert together and build a big map of it on a computer disk where you can click on each area and go in and look at the details of it.
You know, map this sucker.
But they count on you.
Number one, you've got to stop using all their terms.
The terms of the last hundred years are worthless.
They know you're an electrochemical computer.
They give you false terms, false data, false names, false political precepts.
Forget it.
Go back to tyranny versus liberty.
Dump it.
Human dignity versus human slavery.
You're free.
You're not a slave.
God's laws.
Natural law.
Nature's law and nature's God.
Where do people get this?
Instead of perseverating on the Catholics, the Jews, the Agenda 21, perseverating on the border, unless you've got total big picture scope analysis, which I don't even pretend to be able to articulate, you're not going to be able to effectively stop these people.
I mean, you approach a bunch of liberals and tell them that the evil communists are going to laugh at you, but you explain how corporate interest funded communism, you will deprogram them instantly.
It's like we've got to be little enzymes that dissolve false systems of thought, not people that actually, when we engage using their terms, we actually strengthen psychological false programs that have been built into our brains.
I hope you get where I'm coming from with this, but I'm laying it down for you, folks.
I've really spent so much time researching this and thinking about this.
Look, folks, again, to simplify it, as long as we keep talking about Republicans and Democrats all day long, and as long as we think about the fight in that cage, we're going nowhere.
But as soon as we realize that both parties are bought and paid for by the same corporate interest...
Then we can start setting about changing things.
We can go to the liberals and say, well, you're afraid of the government, right?
You think they want martial law?
Well, why should we turn our guns in?
You know, black people have their guns taken.
Black people couldn't have guns.
Oh, I'm against gun control.
I understand.
Instantly deprogrammed.
But if you come up to them and go, you dumb commie want my gun?
You're an idiot.
They're going to freak out on you.
So, again, we have to explain to people.
Folks know that the modern system doesn't make sense.
So they tune out, they turn off.
You know, they told them to do that in the 60s.
This was all designed by the CIA, now publicly admitted.
Gloria Steinem and all of them.
All of them.
Timothy, Larry, you name it.
It was an actual mind control program.
You thought you were getting freedom of your consciousness and you were getting the opposite.
But you go to people and you give them real terms and you explain to them the underbelly.
You get past the veneer and show them the guts of the machine.
Then they go, oh, I always knew that.
Oh, oh, oh, it makes perfect sense.
Oh, my gosh.
And they're off and running, folks.
Everything about the leftists is about mindlessness.
Always having an anti-war chant.
Always keeping it real simple.
Having all these weird little foundation managers.
There's little foundation managers out there at Camp Casey doing the best job they can to screw stuff up.
I've been out there.
To make it a communistic thing.
And it's not.
Got to learn to identify them and kick them out.
I said I'd spend two or three minutes on this.
I'm ranting, folks.
It's just that, well, Alex isn't good because he doesn't spend three hours a day talking about the CFR.
Well, no, I only spent 20 minutes today.
Again, we've got to give people the big picture.
You know, people never are able to grasp this stuff because you go, now, let me get this straight.
Is it the UN?
Is it the CFR?
Is it the Gen of 21?
Is it the Bilderberg Group?
Who is it that controls me?
And then most patriots will go, well, it's this one group.
They're the most elite.
No, no, no, no.
It is a small cadre of organized criminals who meet, just like in The Godfather, literally around a table a couple times a year, and those few dozen people all head up the dozen or so organizations with hundreds and thousands of members per group, and they go out and then are compartmentalized like a governmental intelligence agency and carry out the programs.
And they set the agenda through education.
And they set the agenda for what the economy is going to be.
And they run things through the central banks.
And this is how it's done.
So there it is, folks.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
I've got to move quick now.
I don't want to get to all your calls.
Let's talk to George in California.
Go ahead, George.
Hey, Alex.
Good afternoon.
Listen, I've been listening to your show now for the last couple of months, and I'll tell you what, you've opened up my eyes widely.
Before, I used to listen to Air America and the left-wing type, I guess.
Yeah, they know there's a revolution, so that's a steam valve.
And to be honest with you, I used to be, I guess, considered a leftist because I didn't really like the Republicans or...
Or anything else for that matter.
I didn't like anything that they did.
You didn't know you had more choices.
And now after listening to you, and I just came by your radio program just by accident, because I listen to you over the internet, and to you, and because of you, not only do I listen to you on a daily basis, from open to close, but now I'm a member of your prison planet.
I listen to
All your videos, your audio, I bought your... You're a member of the resistance to the growing prison planet, and I appreciate that.
And your movies are fantastic.
The first time I sat down and watched that movie, I was in awe.
I didn't understand at one point what this was all about.
And the reason why I guess I've changed my mind in this fashion is because I have a newborn.
The main thing that affects me as a new father is all this tyranny that's being shown towards children.
Oh, it focuses on them because they're growing minds, they're weak, they're defenseless, and we just give our little precious creatures up to this sick system.
Exactly, and I take my son, I take him to the pediatrician, and she's constantly forcing me to get him vaccinated and telling me that it's great and that she's going to have her children vaccinated when it's time to come.
Yeah, and 20 years ago it was 5 vaccines, now it's 40 vaccines, and I mean...
Well, you do whatever you want, but I mean... Oh, no, I'll tell you what, right now, I've already said no, definitely to it.
My son has not been sick one time and is already, you know, a little over a year, and he's got a great resistance towards pretty much everything.
We try to keep him organic and everything else for that matter.
God bless you, yeah.
But my point is that if it wasn't for people like you, I don't know what we would be, because it's not, just like you said just recently, it's not a matter of being a Democrat to a Republican.
It's a matter of being able to fight this new world order that's coming in and trying to just overpower you.
It's like watching the movie Matrix, where eventually you have to wake up to find out that... Well, it really is a Matrix.
I mean, it really is a false reality pulled over our eyes to hide us from the truth.
Look, if you like the Matrix, go see The Island.
That's even closer to what we're really dealing with.
Yes, exactly.
But I just wanted to, you've got me so pumped up that I'm actually going to get into starting my own radio show here.
Start your own website.
Start your own local newspaper.
You be a leader for your child and with your wife.
And you're a real man.
You're not sucking your thumb watching the football game.
Just God bless you.
Good to have you on board, my friend.
Well, Alex, I just want to say you're doing a great job and keep doing it no matter what anybody tells you.
I mean, to me, I think you're better than any of those people that are on mainstream media or for Air America or for everybody else who wastes their time listening to that kind of junk when they should be listening to things that are going to affect them on a daily basis.
Well, I appreciate it.
Take care, George.
Be sure and call back.
No, I mean, look, I'm not trying to toot my horn and, ooh, I'm in some ominous fight and I'm so brave.
I'm not brave, folks.
It's instinctive with me.
I mean, I will defend my family.
I will fight scum.
I will fight trash.
I will stand up against a bunch of sickos in white lab coats that think we're animals.
This is the human species, folks.
This is everything we've ever been, everything we're ever going to be.
I mean, everything God made us.
I mean, God's got plans for us.
Not for a bunch of inbred trash, a bunch of Nazi scum, to have their way with us.
Look, I'm just not putting up with it.
There is not even a choice, folks.
I am literally a slave to God's plan.
I do not have control.
It takes a while to get to this point, but pretty soon.
Just get over your fear.
Join life.
Join God.
Join love.
And there's no more fear, folks.
No more fear.
No more pain.
Just join God.
Let God take you over.
We're good to go.
And uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look, I'm a slave to life and love, folks.
If that means I've got to get mean in defense of it, so be it.
Seriously, when you know the choices, slavery or freedom, there is no choice.
Let's take some final calls here.
Rick in Nevada, then Andy and Kevin.
That's all we have time for.
Rick, go ahead.
I'm not here to sell a tractor, but I have a new 911 TrueSight.
Hi, Alex.
It has links to buy your film, if I may.
I don't care.
I let people plug stuff all the time.
Go ahead.
It's called 9-11 Roundtable.
Just put those three search terms, 9-11, round, table, in Google.
That site will come up, and there's links to buy your film, and there's links to the Coast to Coast audio.
Check it out.
Sounds great.
Is that it?
Well, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call, Rick.
Thanks for doing that.
Andy in Illinois, go ahead.
I guess Andy's not... Hello, hello, Alex.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Good afternoon.
I wanted to advise you that I get your show on AM 1520 WLUV in Rockford, Illinois.
And that is not listed on prisonplanet.com.
You know, I'm just so busy, I apologize to the affiliates.
We couldn't keep...
A good affiliate list up there because they changed so much that we just took it down.
And if somebody, the network needs to put a new, better one together.
It's grown a lot of new affiliates.
We need to get that posted.
Plug that fine affiliate one more time.
A few more things I'd like to say, you know, really quick.
Well, tell folks about that affiliate again.
I didn't even know about it when I heard about you on George Norrie.
I mean, by the way, you did a phenomenal job in the movie Waking Life.
My wife and I got goosebumps when we saw the part where you're in the car broadcasting.
Wait till you see this new movie coming out, but thank you.
And one more thing.
Since I've been listening to your show, I noticed that I'm not arguing with my fellow Cary supporters anymore.
You know, and I used to be a Bush supporter.
It seems like we're more in agreement now.
There's unity.
If you stop arguing with them, then you can deprogram them about Cary.
And it's working very well.
It's funny how we used to squabble about issues that don't matter anymore.
It kind of inspired me to maybe organize an idea.
What would you think of everybody calling their friends or family, whether they're Democrats or Republicans, because I don't see a third-party candidate winning in 2008, and informing them not to buy into the multinational corporate candidate.
Get behind somebody, no matter which party you're running for in the primaries, that is a true patriot.
Well, I agree.
And then we should have issue parties like Control the Border Party just to educate, or a no electronic voting machine system party.
I mean, all of that is important.
And one more thing before I go.
Where could I get a document, an actual document, of the Patriot Act?
Okay, you go to thomas.loc.gov, Library of Congress.
3162, passed October 27th.
It was H.R.
Gotta let you go.
We have it posted on Infowars.com, by the way.
Kevin in New York.
Go ahead, Kevin.
Yes, you were saying these people need to go to jail.
These criminals have taken over?
And they've got a perfect spot here in New York State.
The Clinton Correctional Facility.
How's that?
A place to put the New World Order?
Well, these criminals like old George and them...
Put them in the Clinton Correctional Facility.
Well, the really big crime bosses don't ever tend to go to jail, and Bush is just a capo.
We're a lot bigger mobsters, but we will expose him and the rest of them, and his brother, his surrogate brother, Bill Clinton.
And then, talking about oil, there's a spot in New York State that put a ban on testing for it.
Up here in Nisica.
Oh, well, can't get our own oil.
That would be Alcott-ish.
Yeah, Schumer's there to protect the environment.
Yeah, well, Schumer's a demon.
Thank you for, uh, Chuckie Schumer.
What a snake.
Thank you for the call, Kevin.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
Be sure and join us in the last five seconds.
Be sure and get my new video, Martial Law.
God bless you all.
Take care.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.