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Air Date: Aug. 22, 2005
2332 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we'll be going to your calls early in this first hour.
It is Friday, already the 19th day of August 2005.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We've had him on several times in the last few months just because he's a great political mind and has done so much to expose the New World Order's orchestration of September 11th.
Professor David Ray Griffin will be on with us in the second hour for the full hour.
Then in the third hour, I haven't had her on probably about a year, Catherine Albrecht of Caspian, of course a doctorate there from Harvard.
Exposing the RFID tracker chips, and she's been following, and thank God somebody's paying attention to, Tommy Thompson, the former Health and Human Services Secretary and former Republican Governor from Wisconsin, the cheese eater, the cheese head.
Who is running around telling people, get microchips.
Going to schools, going on TV, get the chip, it's normal.
Just take it, it's so easy.
He even clicks his heels and says, get chip today.
Their little motto that they've trademarked.
So very bizarro, very outer limits.
We're going to detail from transcripts of speeches he's given and transcripts of him on CBS News.
I mean, this is bizarre stuff.
All the troops need them.
All the school children need them.
We actually have, you know, big officials, authorities, out promoting that we all need the chips.
Andy Rooney says we should take the chip to prove we're good.
Well, you want us to trust you, don't you?
You're not with Al-Qaeda, are you?
I mean, look, folks, the bizarreness is here.
I use this example all the time, but it's like 20 years ago, 10 years ago, some late-night science fiction B-movie.
In the nightmare future, the government controls everything.
Surveillance is everywhere.
The citizens have tracker chips under their skins.
The police wear black masks.
Huge prisons are everywhere.
The government invades third-world countries.
This is the nightmare future of Gattaca, C-412, the brave new world.
The island.
You want to go to the island.
I mean, it's that weird.
It's that out of control.
But we've been basted in it, marinated in it, so long that we don't even notice it now that we're in it.
And you're thinking, Alex, he may promote it, but they're never going to succeed.
Oh, they nuke a major city?
And you'll see a lot of people, the government will say, look, you can still have your Lexuses, you can still have your million-dollar houses and your bimbos and all of it.
You've just got to take the chip.
If we say you've got to take these pills because you're a little upset, and don't say you're not mentally ill, or that shows you're mentally ill.
That is one of the new mental illnesses they've come out with.
If you say you're not ill, you're ill.
Everything's fine.
Nice men in black uniforms will drop by if you don't submit.
They're here to help you.
Don't worry.
Everything's good.
But we've still got free speech.
They're moving on us right now.
It's waking a lot of people up.
You know, it's kind of like the enemies invaded the village and they're kind of rounding us up right now and people are going, should we fight back?
Wow, they're, you know, they're bad.
Meanwhile, they've kind of got their loudspeakers going.
Everything's all right.
This is not an assault.
We're here to keep you safe.
We're not invading.
Everything's fine.
And are we going to listen to their lies, or are we going to look at what they're doing?
We're here to keep you safe from the terrorists, never mind the fact that the terrorists are literal finger puppets that we control.
Literal finger puppets that they control.
Never mind that we have the motive.
We're the government.
Submit to us.
Give up all your freedoms.
Report on your neighbors.
All is good.
All is good.
Carry on.
Carry on.
Line up and show your papers for inspection.
Retina scan, thumb scan.
Yes, yes, yes.
All right, I'm already ranting.
It's just this stuff even freaks me out, and I live this every day.
I should be desensitized, but I'm not.
I'm forcing myself to face the full bizarreness.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, let's run through some of the news here on this Friday edition.
8 minutes, 20 seconds in right now, folks.
Guatemala troops tied to border drug war.
San Antonio Express News.
We mentioned that yesterday.
It's posted on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Now again, we told you, the former death squads have been moved to Iraq and to the Texas areas of the United States, other areas of the Southwest.
I don't care how crazy it sounds, this is the intelligence, this is the mainstream news articles in our state.
And no one outside the states, maybe Nevada, Texas, Arizona, is even aware of this.
There is a total national news blackout.
Bazooka attacks, rocket attacks, 600-plus dead this year on both sides, car bombs, total bedlam, dead police everywhere.
And it just kept quiet.
I mean, when they kill a cop, it's just, okay, another cop died.
But boy, I tell you, if just a general citizen kills a cop, it's endless crying and weeping and freaking out and, you know, thousands of police taking off work and going to giant funerals.
But when a cop gets killed by a CIA-controlled Latin American hit gang, it doesn't get word one.
Mention one.
I mean, I could not stress how serious this is.
Schwarzenegger urged to declare border emergency on the heels of the governor of Arizona and the governor of New Mexico, Napolitano and Richardson, respectively.
Rick Perry has been challenged, our little...
Our little pixie governor, he has been challenged to declare an emergency.
I mean, the U.S.
government, the State Department's only closed the embassy down there.
That's how bad it is.
But no, no, no, no, no, no.
We're not going to do that.
Why, just a couple years ago, I bullhorned Vicente Fox when he came up to Tejas.
They had to shut down their press conference.
He was giving Perry Awards, Wells Fargo Awards, and the APD, Austin Police Department, for not following federal law and legalizing illegals by fiat.
They even give public awards for these lawbreakers.
So don't expect that.
I mean, you could have that state on fire.
You wouldn't even be in the national news.
They decide what you're going to worry about.
They decide.
You know, 55 people die in England.
It is a tragic event, but 55 people die every week in England on the roads, and they just fearmonger it until you're all shaking in your boots, ready to open your veins up if it will keep you safe from the New World Order.
Meanwhile, again, we have an actual... It's like the two wars we've had with Mexico, basically, but our own government's orchestrating it, using these troops against their competitors in the narcotics trade.
I mean, there's an actual war going on, like Sierra Leone or...
You know, something along those lines the last few years.
Or the Civil War going on in Macedonia.
I mean, it's that big, folks, but not a word.
Congresswoman push for women in combat.
And as usual, the Democrats, along with Bush, want to put women in front-line combat.
Totally barbaric.
Totally insane.
Doesn't work.
But it's part of their hunger to draft women as well as men when that starts.
And they package it in liberal packaging.
You know, all these TV shows about the future.
Always women are the most powerful leaders and the best fighter pilots and the best commandos beating up men.
Even if that was true, why should we, which it isn't of course, why should we militarize women?
Why should we turn them into patriarchal
I mean, turn them into men.
Turn them into the lowest denominator of men.
And it's fantasy.
But that's why Bush tried to take Private Lynch, who actually cowered in fear.
It was a Hispanic American who actually valiantly fought against overwhelming odds and was killed and stabbed to death by the... shot a bunch and finally stabbed to death by the Iraqis.
And they just stripped him of his honors, not that in the aggregate there really are honors, but he did defend his friends, which is honorable.
And they just stripped him of it and gave it to her.
And then she said, it's all lies, I cowered in fear on both occasions.
But again, they want that poster child.
I say put them in frontline combat.
You know, let's ship the little girls home dead in these boxes, not just our boys, not just our little boys.
Let's ship them home.
And let's, of course, the Pentagon won't let you see the coffins, all part of the freedom.
But I think having our women kidnapped, having our women killed, having our women beheaded, that'll really end this war quickly.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic, folks.
It's just they want women to be enslaved, to be involved in the press gangs.
It goes back to the British folks.
They wanted slaves for ships in their different wars against the Frenchies and others.
And against the Spanish and others?
They would just simply pull up in your town and run around grabbing your 10-year-old children off the street.
Of course, they couldn't grab your little girls.
But not anymore, folks.
That's what this is all about.
Oh, it's so liberal.
Oh, women, you'll have the wonderful right of being conscripted and shipped off.
You know, you go to trendy restaurants, you go to trendy barbershops, and they've got these same-sex restrooms.
Again, it's all part of social engineering.
I don't want to go to the bathroom next to a woman.
I mean, I'm what you call someone of a macho person, but I still don't enjoy, you know, in some of these primitive areas out in the middle of nowhere, these national parks where you're sitting on the commode without a barrier right next to, you know, another man.
Well, folks, they got them in the military now where you're... I mean, I hate to get graphic here, where you're right next to a woman.
I mean, you know, there's something called privacy, folks.
But again, they want to drum out of us our normal family structures.
Because, look, do you think predators like it when a group of rhinoceros, rhinoceri, circle themselves around their calves?
Do you think they like it when elephants circle around their babies?
Do you think predators like it when wildebeest circle or when buffalo circle?
Do you think wolves like it when the cows circle around their young?
They're just engineering it where we don't circle.
It's real simple.
That's why they're celebrating the fact that the two-parent family is basically a huge minority now in America.
And if they admit that single parent homes are five times more likely to engage in crime or end up in prison, I'm not saying there aren't a lot of single parents who are heroes, who are wonderful people.
I'm not saying you're bad.
I'm saying statistically, the government knows that it ends up the child being a ward of the state, and that's what they're trying to push.
They don't like us circling.
They don't like us teaming up.
It just boils down to that.
Here's the analogy.
The globalists are basically a group of our own species who are predatory and feed on our own species.
We are a predator, folks.
And so now we've dominated the planet, and so we've set up a system where we feed on our own species.
You have the predator class and the non-predator class.
Not supposed to work like that, but most human civilization is set up along those lines.
But now they literally are getting ready to feed upon us with the biotech and the rest of it, and so they're just engineering us to be more docile, like you breed a breed of dog to be more docile, or you breed a breed of bovine, of cow, to be more docile so you can slaughter it when you wish, or a breed of pig.
What are they, porcines?
To do this.
And they're actually, they even have handbooks on how to dumb us down, how to break us up.
And that's in 1984, how to break up the family.
I mean, it's just simple 101.
I'm not saying you're bad if you don't have a family.
I'm not saying you're bad if you're a single mother or father.
I know what you're under.
You've got the odds stacked against you.
So gut up, realize the threat, and defend your family.
At least the baby rhinoceros has one big rhinoceros to protect it.
It doesn't mean you can't drive them off.
Single parent families can team up with other single parent families and have little communities.
You can be friends with double parent families.
Double parent families should adopt a family in your area, not through some agency.
That's always predatory.
But yourselves, just do it unofficially.
We've all got to defend each other against us.
We've got to learn to rally together against the globalists.
Okay, I've gotten through four articles and we're already 17 minutes in.
People keep emailing me and stopping me in the hall of the TV station last night and coming up to me and saying, Alex, why aren't you talking about how it's now admitted that this poor Brazilian man
Didn't run from them.
They shoved him onto the bus, went onto the train, and shot him eight times in the head.
Why aren't you talking about it?
Well, we did post the articles, and I did talk about it.
But we told you the first day it happened all about it.
Because there were a bunch of witnesses on the train that said he didn't run.
He walked onto the train, turned around as they yelled at him with fear, sat down.
It seemed like he knew what was coming.
They sat on him, held him down, and shot him eight times in the head.
Execution stop.
So we told you day one, not because we've got crystal balls.
We went with the, what was it, like five eyewitnesses saw this, and then were told by police to shut up, stop giving interviews.
I mean, and from the witnesses, it looked like he knew it was coming.
I believe he was somehow in their employ.
They admit they've been surveilling him.
He was an electrician, folks.
Military type.
Fit all the indicators.
And again, I'm just going off the indicators we've got.
He either saw something he wasn't supposed to, or he was in their employ, or he knew something and he had to be killed.
And these special forces attached to the armed police went in there and executed him.
So... And the police chief tried to shut down the investigation and lied about it.
Sir Ian Blair.
No relation to Tony Blair.
No relation to Eric Blair.
It's that simple.
And so something's rotten in the state of Denmark, and we've already covered this.
It's a travesty.
What happened to him?
And Blair says he'll kill more innocent people if need be.
And there have been a lot of other people's houses they've raided and killed.
The evidence is some of the patsies in the morning of 7-7 figured out what was going on, and their bombs didn't detonate.
So that's why they went around and killed some other people that day and the next day.
Hunting down the patsies, hunting down the decoys, savagely murdering them.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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They're good people.
Let's give all our rights up to them.
But continuing with the news, FBI investigating local Homeland Security arrest, and we'll play a clip concerning this later as well, some of the Associated Press, allegations that as many as six federal Homeland Security deportation agents assaulted and tortured a Nigerian man who was shackled at Oklahoma City's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office are being investigated by the FBI according to published reports.
Now again, the FBI...
Engages in many more forms of torture and corruption in many cases than your major police departments.
But then when they catch police departments doing it, they will come in and put them, quote, on probation, and then next time they get in trouble, they basically federalize the police department.
Very, very dangerous.
This has happened in Detroit, New Orleans, L.A., many other areas.
But this is feds going after feds.
And I have no doubt that they didn't do the things that this article mentions.
My legs were in shackles, he stated.
One officer grabbed my neck from the back with his hand pressing in.
Another officer was holding tight on my ears, twisting and pulling hard on them as if to pull them off my head.
One officer was twisting my left hand while another was busy knocking on my Achilles heel tendon.
It was a nightmare.
It was so painful.
I asked them to shoot me.
I asked them to shoot me dead so they could get what they wanted.
This is lawlessness under the law, he complained.
I never fought back.
Well, I mean, it's par for the course in these prisons and jails.
If you're a sadistic scumbag who likes to abuse people, you go and you join the jails around the country.
Now, some prisons are different.
Some don't really do this.
We're good to go.
They would actually look at problem federal corrections officers, state corrections officers, private corrections officers from the different federal and state systems, and they would openly, this has been in the news, take people who've got a big file and, hey, you're going places.
We like the traits you've got.
So, you know, we whine and scream about the Iraqis getting tortured, which is bad.
And, you know, General Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the staff comes out and says, we're not torturing people, but don't release the thousands of photos and videos because it will cause riots.
And the Army's seen the photos.
They've written a report on them, raping women and children, beating people to death.
But it's not torture.
No, just killing people.
So this is the reality.
This is the reality of what we're talking about.
And it's very, very serious.
So coming up, we'll play some audio clips concerning that.
Chaney is saying we will honor Tripp's sacrifice by continuing and completing the mission.
So since you've already chopped off two of your fingers because you stuck them in the garbage disposal, you're going to continue the sacrifice.
You dropped your wedding ring in there and turned on the garbage disposal and stuck your hand in it.
Instead of turning it off,
And then assessing the situation, you're going to go ahead and stick your hand in.
You knew what it would do.
Now, since two fingers are chopped off, it's got to continue the sacrifice and mow off the other two fingers and your thumb.
And I guess since that's such a sacrifice, it's got to continue pushing even deeper.
Researchers creating life from scratch, ABC News.
I read that headline, and I thought, you know, they can't do that.
And sure enough, they're taking DNA, reprogramming it, and quote, creating life.
Well, that DNA is life, so you didn't do that.
But now they're claiming they created life, but they don't even understand the DNA.
No, you didn't create life.
You took life and recombined it.
Did you create a new life form?
I guess you could say you did.
Roberts argued for national ID card, and against women's rights is the USA Today headline.
Notice how...
Where he defended all these liberal groups and stuff, that's disappearing.
But then the stuff they do accidentally find and bring forward, why?
He was for a national ID card to stop illegal aliens.
And oh, he was against abortion.
But now he's not.
Now he's for amnesty and now he's neutral on abortion.
So just more trying to position him as a conservative.
Just so much more.
Your calls, some audio clips coming up.
Two great guests, Professor David Ray Griffin and, of course, Catherine Albrecht about former Health and Human Services and former Governor Tommy Thompson running around saying, get chipped today.
That's the actual slogan.
And we've got a little update from Crawford coming up, too.
The March.
The Empires on the Run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Ed in Utah and others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes at 800-259-9231.
Websites, of course, are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, updated multiple times daily.
Ernest Hancock reports for Air America's big affiliates, KXXT, 1010 AM, and he just called in with a report.
I talked to him during the break.
The George Soros crowd is now taking full control.
Of course, he's been scooping all the big Air America national outfits, and so he's now going back to Phoenix.
He's a libertarian, and they're kind of sending in the libs.
And I was out there, and it was pretty annoying to have all these nice people against the war, conservatives, liberals, it doesn't matter.
And then you had, like, little nipping at your heels, little control freaks that were very upset that I and others were there.
And this is how the globalists control things.
They have control arms that control the right and control the left.
And, of course, I didn't mention it earlier because a lot of this news, frankly, dwarfs it.
But Cindy, of course, you know her mother had a stroke.
Well, the main thing, to zip it in a summary here, is that
We have.
The anti-war movement is really growing.
And it's just mom, pa, and people in regular... They're very against this war.
And a bunch of communists want to hijack it.
Yeah, see, that creates a movement.
That creates a bunch of television cameras pointing somewhere.
And then everybody wants to jump in front of that camera.
And, boy, these people are aggressive.
I mean, they will just command you what to do.
They'll try to keep the media from talking to you.
Well, I'll tell you what's really going on.
I hate to...
Put names and groups and things to it, but what is definitely happening is the left is in force and they're showing up in mass numbers there.
And they'll make sure, as government agents, to blow it and make it look bad, and then the media will get what they want.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, you don't really know what's going on other than Cindy herself, I think, has been pretty good about keeping, you know, separate from the... Her going back to visit with her mother may be a good thing for her, maybe even the movement, but there are definite forces that are on the... See, from a libertarian perspective, I see someone that wants to economically and socially control me from the left to the right as part of the same thing.
It's not any different, in my opinion.
Here we have a lot of the left has come in and moved in and are part of the infrastructure behind the scenes to get the organization.
They're doing a great job organizing.
There's no getting around that.
They're making sure things get done, have a lot of volunteers.
But there's kind of an underneath thing that's going on.
I'll give you a good example.
There was yesterday a report on TV.
A guy was arrested out there at the site and had his vehicle towed.
He got in some altercation out there.
I went to Waco to go to the McClellan Sheriff's Department, talk to the PR guy there to find out why he was arrested, you know, what charges, who was he, that kind of stuff.
And when I came back to Camp Casey or the House of Peace there and talked to some of the bloggers, I asked them, I go, what do you guys know about it?
I got the sheriff working on it, getting a report and all this.
And they go, oh, we're not talking about that.
Don't say anything.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Of course I'm going to ask, why do you guys care?
The news thing.
And what happened was most of the people there didn't know about it.
You had the mass media and television and everything reporting on this happening, and a lot of the people that were there didn't know and they were asking me, and some of the controllers there that were trying to, I don't know what they're trying to do, they were upset that I even brought it up.
No, I mean, it's total mind control.
Now, I mean, that's why they only let peace activists do little bitty, maybe ten-word chants.
It's about never having information, never expanding your information, keeping you under the left wing of the New World Order's control.
But now, describe who did get arrested.
Well, that's the whole thing.
What happened was at about 12.31 at night... Sounds like he probably criticized some leftists and they didn't like it.
We don't know.
Yeah, no, there was, you know, ouch, quit it, ouch, quit it.
For whatever reason, it was in the minds of the local sheriff to haul him in and tow his car.
But eyewitnesses to what was going on was just he was abusive and he didn't seem like he was all balanced.
So because the guy shot his mouth off a little, they had him arrested and now they're trying to cover it up?
You know, I don't know.
That's what it sounds like.
Two plus two equals four.
Well, you know, you'd go out there and, I don't know, Alex, I really don't.
Well, they're a little paranoid, too, because they've had people running over crosses and everything else.
Well, see, the thing is, is just by what frightened me was asking the question, you know, to want to find out, to want to know, and then controlling that kind of flow.
So, I remember there was an incident.
I talked to an ABC guy yesterday, a national, I can't remember his name, Jeff Ma something,
And he was, a few days ago, it was Sunday or Monday, I think it was, he was really pressing on Cindy in this big press conference, are we keeping it focused?
Are you going to get back to focus?
Are you going to get back to the issue?
And at first I thought he was being kind of abusive, but then I started to realize, I talked to him yesterday, and I started to realize what was going on.
He was doing Cindy a favor, and I think Cindy appreciated it, because all these other issues start trying to jump on it, and it was distracting from why she was there.
I think.
I think.
Liberal organizations in the far left has hijacked the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party doesn't really exist anymore.
Yeah, what they're doing is they're distracting everybody off of the central issues of the war and then basically dancing around in communist outfits making everybody look bad.
Well, Ernest, thank you for all your reports, and folks can check out those blogs there at CrawfordOrBus.com, and take care, my friend.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
You keep doing the good work.
Keep us informed, man.
You bet.
Take care.
All right, I'll get to your calls here in a moment, but for so long I've wanted to comment on the BTK killer.
A government official, pretty high level, Mr. Clean Cut, wearing the fancy suits.
And isn't that almost always the serial killer?
And there's a lot of these guys haven't been caught.
A lot of the people that go to these elite encampments that do these rituals...
We've got very good evidence they're not just into wild sex parties.
They like to break women's jaws and kill people.
It's all about exercising power.
It's about pressing on the nerve of power.
It's about dominating.
You know, strangling people and then reviving them to get the terror again.
To literally feed off of it.
And more often than not, they're young law students or they're lawyers or the clean-cut business owner.
But notice whenever it's some father of three that does this, father of three, father of three, the media harps on it.
But when you're a big government official, like the BT serial killer, the BTK serial killer, they want to keep it real quiet.
And notice, you never hear that in news articles anymore.
So I wanted to play this sicko masquerading as an angel of light.
Oh, he knows all the Bible verses.
I don't, so see, I'm bad.
He does, so he's good.
He's good.
I'm in a little newscast trying to analyze what he's up to.
But, you know, it's funny.
A few months ago, the folks at the network, I'm down here in Austin, Texas.
They're up in Minnesota.
They pop in my ear and tell me stuff.
And when a caller hangs up, they'll say, Bob hung up, in case I'm not paying attention.
And a woman was saying, Do you know John 3.16?
Of course I do.
I said, no, I don't know that verse.
Repeat it again.
Because they popped in right when she said it.
And then I got emails.
Alex, you don't know John 3.16.
Well, if you want to say I don't, fine.
I don't know it, okay?
I do, but frankly, I don't.
It doesn't matter, folks.
The devil can quote scripture at you all day.
The devil can go to church.
You know, I get up on air and I've said, you know, I'm a lustful person.
I like to drink.
I have to control myself not to drink beer.
I have to control myself not to smoke cigars.
I don't, by the way.
I've gotten to where I don't.
But because I mentioned that, does that make me evil?
Besides, it isn't about Alex Jones.
But I mean, the point is, you need to stop trusting so much just what's on the surface.
I mean, George Bush, I've snuck into where he does the rituals, is a Satan worshiper.
It's admitted.
Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove.
I mean, you know, one day he's worshipping at a Shinto shrine, summoning the demon.
Another day, and it's actually a demon at that shrine, even though, you know, the Zen Buddhists admit, you know, this is a demon.
This is a demon shrine.
Or he's worshipping Allah one day, or praying, you know, at the Jewish synagogue one day.
I mean, you know, it's just different religion every day of the week.
I'm not going to sit here and thump my Bible and tell you I'm high and mighty and I'm all good.
I'm going to tell you, frankly, most of these preachers are Luciferian.
A lot of them just aren't ignorant, folks.
They've infiltrated the seminaries.
But, I mean, here's the BT serial killer, the BTK serial killer, quoting the Bible.
And then we'll play the second clip with one of his survivors going back 30 years.
Here it is, folks.
It's a Christian Bible verse I found, and I think...
It's helping me.
It will help me.
It will lead me.
This is John 8, 12.
I am the light of the world.
He who follow me shall not walk in darkness, but have light of light.
Now that I've confessed, put myself out until everybody knows what's going on, I expect to heal and to have light.
And then hopefully, someday, God will accept me.
We speak of a man as an evil man.
The dark side was there, but now I think light is speaking into the shine.
So I appreciate the family, the friends, and all I can be thankful for.
And I think that will keep me from finally going to the dark side right now.
And finally, a final apologize to the victim's family.
There's no way that I can ever repay them.
All right, that's clip number one from him in the courtroom, and that's the background noise from the microphone he's 20 feet away from.
That's all, sir.
Can you imagine wanting to
Get people and torture them and kill them?
Well, our government wants to.
Rumsfeld likes to lick his lips and shoot his mouth off two years ago when he thought you were being sold on his mentality.
Don't worry, we got him.
We've taken the gloves off.
We got him.
We're pressuring him.
I was in L.A.
for a couple TV shows I was being interviewed by.
Conspiracy Zone and...
And I'm out there, and I remember in my hotel room, eating room service, watching him admit they're torturing people.
This was back when they thought they had everybody warped.
And now the law enforcement magazines promote torture, 24 promotes torture, Threat Matrix promotes torture, CSI, CSI Miami promotes it, NYPD blew all these shows, you know, L.A.
Every episode, I mean, literally, it's how torture is so wonderful.
You see, they're selling you on their mentality.
And, folks, they pull a family over.
They don't have their papers in order.
They're taken to a camp.
They take them in there.
And, man, they go, all right, you're a 10-year-old.
We're going to rape them right now.
And it's because they like to do it.
And, see, they're institutionalizing a system where they get to do it.
They get to carry it out.
They get to enjoy themselves.
And see, a really smart serial killer becomes a government official, like this piece of garbage, like this piece of filth, Dennis Reiter, who really is a shell for a demon.
I mean, this literally is the dark side, coming across the void and feeding.
And then a lot of these killers, a lot of these killers are running the, quote, you know, anti-child porn rings.
And then, see, they go out and raid innocent people that, you know, kiss their two-month-old baby on the stomach and get it printed at Eckerd's.
Meanwhile, the people that are raiding those folks, and we have the intel on this, most of them, see, they're in a place where they can have all this stuff, do it, be around it, and then persecute innocent people.
It's real funny to them.
And, see, it's the same thing with these preachers and the government and just all of this scum, folks.
Well, I mean, it's come out of the Miami Herald and others that the top head person over the computer systems, and still didn't get in trouble, is a convicted, brutal child rapist running the computers.
And what, like a third of the top people in the CPS in Florida, it turned out, were convicted child rapists.
See, they gravitate to where they get government power.
And again, most people, two-thirds or plus, who are police and who are government officials, aren't evil.
They had a compulsion to serve...
Or maybe they wanted an adventure, or maybe they were just attracted to the uniform or whatever.
They're not bad, but still, you need to know who you're sitting next to.
And by the way, the really deep criminology, the master's degrees in criminology, and I haven't taken that level of criminology, but I've read a lot of the textbooks, actually admit all of this.
So you need to know statistically.
More murder, more suicide, more drug use.
We all know about that in government.
But it's all the other things, too, many times higher levels.
So, when I tell you our government officials, they're all into different stuff.
I mean, you know, but by and large, really high-level people are really sick.
And a lot of them like to kill.
Let's... Well, I mean, it's admitted that a lot of top CEOs and stuff are into sadomasochism, really vicious stuff.
It's just sick, folks.
And that's a gateway into all of this.
And they want control of your life.
Let's go to the second clip.
Here it is.
Families of the BTK victims have been warned by prosecutors in recent weeks that police testimony would be difficult to bear.
What detectives revealed through graphic crime scene and autopsy photos and volumes of evidence from the killer himself was the disturbing depth of cruelty and depravity behind Dennis Rader's murderous spree.
Did it appear to you that he seemed to be extremely proud of what he had done?
Yes, it was very matter-of-fact, and, uh...
We've used the animation and also drawing pictures to help illustrate the details.
Raider once took the body of one of his victims to his church.
Detectives described how he became more confident and bolder in time, torturing his victims by strangling them and reviving them to prolong their terror.
All of his murders were what?
He called it sexual overt.
He said that basically all of these people were going to die one of three ways.
First, they were going to be bound.
Then they would either be strangled, suffocated, or hung.
No one in the courtroom was more familiar with the horror and the violence than Kevin Bright, who on April 4th, 1974, just 19 years old and 115 pounds, desperately fought for his sister Catherine's life and his own, face to face with a young Dennis Rader.
I surprised him.
He was expecting to just strangle me like he did the other people.
When I broke loose and jumped up, he went for his gun.
I was just focused on that gun because I knew he was going to shoot me.
I grabbed hold of it and pulled it into his stomach and got my hand on the trigger.
I pulled the trigger twice and it didn't go off.
Then he jerked it away from me.
Bright was shot in the forehead, but he continued to fight until Rader shot him a second time in the face.
Rader then proceeded to strangle the life out of 21-year-old Catherine, who fought back as well.
He said that he had to strike her around the head area, trying to control her.
And at the same time, he was trying to strangle her with a piece of cloth that he had found inside the residence.
There's a quote behind you.
You recall him making this quote.
All right, let's hit pause.
On that, back it up a few seconds.
We'll come back and finish the clip.
Take a few calls, and we've got Professor David Ray Griffin coming on.
A lot of other news.
These are your government officials, folks.
Be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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We're good to go.
All right, folks, we're going to go to a few of your calls ahead now for a second, but I could talk for hours about the BGK killer, because the piece of trash, who should be executed, by the way, taunted the police.
He started mailing letters to newspapers, photos of people he'd killed,
When they finally caught him, he had thousands of cards and index cards.
He was just totally obsessed with power and killing and torture.
And, of course, it was tied to sexual activities, just like the torture at Camp X-Ray, the torture at Abu Ghraib.
It's all sexual.
It's the same spirit, folks.
Or if you don't believe in God, it's the same area of the brain that's gone haywire.
It's always the same throughout history.
It's just that priesthoods would ritualize all of this.
And this parasitic group that has no compulsion against doing this and who enjoys doing this gets into control.
And they like to leave cards.
They like to leave a calling card.
They like to leave clues.
They like to taunt people.
And it's just like the globalists will tell you in four or five movies exactly what they'll do before they do it.
And we even have the people involved in the X-Files Long Gunman episode.
Who said they were approached by central intelligence almost a year before 9-11 to have this scenario of flying a hijacked jet into the World Trade Center to blame it on Afghanistan and invade them to be covered by a drill.
Now that's impossible.
A TV show where it's covered by a drill, the government runs a drill, so the other parts of the government don't know what's happening, and they do this to be able to invade a foreign country and blame it on them.
And again, there were like four other movies and ads that defense contractors would run.
It's like they are compelled.
They are compelled to do this.
They are compelled to tell you and to taunt.
It's the same every time.
And I have to sit here and look at these serial killers on TV, smirking at us in their suits and reading Bible verses and tramping around.
I mean, I'm sick of it.
It makes me sick!
And yeah, people go, well, man, aren't you scared they're going to get you?
Yeah, you know, sometimes I get concerned, but you know what?
I'm safer fighting them than going along with them.
I mean, yeah, the fear creeps in sometimes, which is why we have that captain on.
Or not the captain.
We were talking about the captain.
We had the doctors on, the ship's doctor from the USS Liberty on, highly decorated, shot and shrapneled and leg broken, kneecap broken, still taking care of everybody.
And he said the thought came in his mind to just hide in the corner with all his wounds.
But then he just...
He really felt the presence of God and forced down his fear.
Just forced it down.
You've got to force it down.
And then it becomes strength.
I mean, believe me, cowering in fear isn't going to protect you from these killers.
And there are a lot of them, folks.
There are several thousand serial killers who team up together.
They go to parties together and do all this stuff.
The satanic rituals are just the basic backdrop of all this.
That's what gives it kind of a regimented flair.
And they see us as cattle.
They see us as dog meat.
Let's go to Ed in Utah.
Ed, go ahead.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
I really appreciated your interview the other night on Fox, Alan Combs.
Yes, sir.
Oh, thank you.
Good job.
You seem to know that audience.
It was just good.
You also brought up Greg Szymanski from the American Free Press newspaper.
And I found that very interesting, and that's what I want to get to about some of the things I'm just surmising here, said concerning this General Burns that you guys talked about a little bit.
Must have shocked generally the neocon audience of some of the Fox listeners, but I hear that music.
Well, I got David Ray Griffin coming up, but what I'll do is, this will all concern 9-11, so if you want to hold, you'll be the first caller for Griffin.
Can you hold?
Yes, I can.
Go ahead and call Griffin right now.
We're going to get Professor Griffin on right now.
When we start the second hour, he will be with us.
New developments on 9-11.
Stay with us.
Broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, my friends.
We're here live.
And then we're back, of course, from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We are joined in this hour by Professor David Ray Griffin, also author of several extremely powerful books.
I've had him on several times now, but...
I had a chance a few weeks ago to read his essay, and we have it posted on Infowars.com, the 9-11 Commission Report, a 571-page lie.
And he talks about how it was hard to chronicle all of them, and really how he thought that he should have titled his 9-11 book, the 9-11 Commission Report, Omissions and Distortions, that he should have just called it a 571-page lie.
I don't know.
But let's go ahead and go to the professor.
We'll also take calls coming up later in this hour for Professor Griffin.
Professor, thank you again for taking out time to join us.
Good morning, Alex.
I'm glad to be with you again.
I had a chance to talk to...
But former chief briefer for Ronald Reagan and then, of course, George H.W.
Bush, Ray McGovern, and boy, he was just coming right out with government involvement in 9-11 and endorsing your book, and he wasn't that hardcore a year ago.
More and more people are just coming out with it.
Yeah, no, Ray told me that...
After he read the first book, it certainly made him suspicious, but it didn't push him over.
But then when he read the second book and saw to what extremes they had to go to defend the official story, he said that pushed him over to think that it had to be an inside job.
Yeah, we've got video interviews with him going up on the website today and a part two next week for PrisonPlanet.tv members, but a lot of this will be on the site for everybody.
It's so important.
But, I mean, we've got the former number two at Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, going public.
We've got, of course, Morgan Reynolds, number one economist, Department of Labor.
I mean, they've got a big problem, Professor.
It does seem to be unraveling, and that's the term that Justin Raimondo used the other day, that he's not necessarily ready to go this far, but he's seen enough just from mainstream news sources to say that the government's story about 9-11 is unraveling.
Yeah, now all of his little libertarian followers that parrot whatever he says will have to change their orthodoxy.
Perhaps the Earth is not the center of the universe.
Yeah, it's rather remarkable how just in the last couple months lots of movement has occurred
And one of the newest things, of course, is the release of the oral histories that the New York Times had to fight three years
To get the city of New York to release.
And you know what?
I can't believe the government said we're only going to release some of it, but even in what they've released now, there's even more.
Firefighters saying explosions, bombs.
That's amazing.
Yeah, I've been working through that.
A colleague and I have gone through now about a fourth of the oral histories, and we already see that the story about testimonies of explosions in the Twin Towers
It's far stronger than anybody thought before.
Bombs, bombs everywhere, and Silverstein admits it, but no one goes to jail.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Professor David Ray Griffin, I'm Alex Jones.
Your host, PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Check it out today.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, blasting out on the growing list of AM and FM stations.
A lot of new stations in Ohio and Illinois, and good old classics like KCXL and Kansas City have been with us almost six years.
We are talking to Professor David Ray Griffin, who has done two scholarly works, two books, on 9-11 and clear evidence of certain elements of the government being involved in the attacks.
That's the only thing the evidence shows.
And for stations that don't carry that first five minutes, if you missed it... I just want to point something out.
This weekend, last weekend, out at Camp Casey in Crawford,
I interviewed Ray McGovern, who we've talked to several times on the air over the last three years.
He's gone public on the eve of the war and now after the war started that it's all a total fraud, that it's manufactured evidence, that we're dealing with criminally insane individuals who literally are delusional in the White House.
He was the chief briefer for Ronald Reagan and then every morning, six days a week, for George Herbert Walker Bush.
And Brent Scrocoff and others.
And, you know, six months ago I saw the quote in his text where he said, boy, 9-11 sure is suspicious.
But as you heard David Ray Griffin say in the last segment, now he's saying, no, no, now the evidence is really, and he cites the second book by Griffin as really tying it together for him, and just the horrible manipulations of the 9-11 whitewash commission, the second one appointed by Bush, that it's got to be an inside job.
I mean, when they come out and say there were no steel columns in the middle of Tower 1 and 2, when they had some of the biggest columns in the world, when they don't mention Building 7, when they just flagrantly... It's the equivalent of saying the sun didn't come up in the morning.
So I wanted to repeat that.
This is such a big deal.
Professor, now you're looking at the oral histories of these firefighters and others, which they tried to block.
They did block a lot of it, but I guess they're lazy.
In it, we found several instances of bombs, explosions, firefighters talking about this.
Why, if the government didn't release all of it, why would they still release some of it, Professor?
Well, they resisted, you know, for three years.
It was finally the New York Court of Appeals that said there was a suit by the New York Times and several of the families of victims joined together in this suit
And it took a long time through the court system, but the highest court in the state of New York, the Court of Appeals, finally said earlier this month that they had to release most of the oral histories.
But how on earth could the government claim it was going to aid Zacharias Musawi when they still haven't gotten convicted of anything?
No, that was clearly phony.
And many people inside knew right away that that was phony.
So, in fact, they changed their tune.
Now, let's not forget, first they claimed all the radios had malfunctioned.
Then the fire department got mad two years ago and released some of the tapes where they were talking about explosions and stuff.
So, I mean, we're getting lied to in just multifaceted ways.
Yeah, they tried to claim then that this would be...
A desecration of the dead to reveal this, and a breach of confidentiality, and all of that.
But the Court of Appeals obviously saw through that, evidently looked and said, well, here are a few things you can edit out.
I don't know how extensive that was.
But what remains is pretty striking.
Has anyone read any of these oral histories on your show?
We have links to it on PrisonPlanet.com, but we've read small excerpts, but go ahead, Professor.
Yeah, let me read one here, just sort of alphabetically.
Firefighter Timothy Burke...
He was seeing, you know, jumpers from the North Tower and flames in the South and wondering, where the hell are the jets?
Where the hell are the choppers?
And he was afraid another plane was going to come in.
And then he says, then the building, the South Tower, popped lower than the fire.
So, you know, people want to claim, oh, it started with the fire.
Well, that's the video we see.
The blast explosions pop down the side, then it falls.
That's right.
And then, so now we have it in, you know, eyewitness testimony, and he was saying, I was going, oh, my God, there is a secondary device, because the way the building popped, I thought it was an explosion.
And then another fellow, Firefighter Edward Caccia, I think it's pronounced Caccia,
He said it actually gave at a lower floor, not the floor where the plane hit.
Well, we have eyewitnesses long before anything collapses with bombs going off in the basement.
That's right.
So what some of us are doing now are putting together the old testimonies with the new ones and showing that there is now an extremely strong... Well, we shouldn't listen to the firefighters.
We should listen to George Bush.
Anybody that questions George Bush must be with Al Qaeda.
Yeah, and this Kachia goes on then to say, we originally had thought there was like an internal detonation, explosives, because it went in succession.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
And then the next guy says the same thing, John Cittarella.
I heard a loud roar.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
So you can see why they did not want to allow these to
Be released.
And for those that don't know, Larry Silverstein says he blew Building 7 up.
It wasn't hit by a plane, no fire.
That's right.
Little bitty fires falls.
And we have the video on the stills of which the buildings, before they collapse, there's little ploofs, the classic detonation points.
And we've got dozens of firefighters saying they saw this.
I mean, they're trained for this, folks.
But it's just 101.
We have all these other controlled demos.
We know what it looks like.
And then when it starts collapsing, we have...
Evenly blown off sections of the girders being ejected hundreds of feet.
Folks, that doesn't happen with fire!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
No, that's right.
And to support what you just said, the Assistant Commissioner of the New York Fire Department, Stephen Gregory, said, I thought that when I looked in the direction of the Trade Center before it came down, before number two came down,
That I saw low-level flashes.
In my conversations with another lieutenant, never mentioning this to him, he questioned me and asked me if I saw low-level flashes in front of the building.
And I agreed with him.
I saw a flash, flash, flash, and then it looked like the building came down.
Exactly like you see when they blow up a building or a parking garage?
That's what he says here.
He says, you know like when they demolish a building.
How when they blow up a building, then it falls down, that's what I thought I saw.
Yeah, go back and start the quote over.
I interrupted.
No, that's okay.
I got it out.
That's fine.
Well, I mean, let's reread that whole thing again.
Okay, but I saw a flash, flash, flash, and then it looked like the building came down.
It was at the lower level of the building.
You know, like when they demolish a building, how when they blow up a building, when it falls down, that's what I thought I saw.
That's Assistant Fire Commissioner Steven Gregory.
Well, he definitely is on the payroll of Al-Qaeda.
Well, you know, they did have some guys in here who were evidently told to support the official story.
So you have a couple guys saying that Building 7 was totally engulfed in flames, all 47 floors.
It's funny, not a single photographer thought to take a picture of that.
Well, we have photos and videos seconds before, and there's fires on, what, three, four floors?
Yeah, on the back side.
What they claim is that we're not seeing the front side, of course, that was facing the towers.
And it was a towering inferno over there, and somehow didn't... It's funny, I got photos from that side, too.
You have photos from the...
Yeah, do a Google, but it's in my film.
We've got video from all around it.
We've got photos.
It's ridiculous how many photos there are.
It's total lies.
One guy said that the bottom seven floors were engulfed in fire.
And that isn't even close to true.
No, that's not true.
No, in fact, the fires, it looks like, are on the seventh up.
From the back side, it's only floor 7 and 12 that you see.
That's right.
So in any case, that's one of the...
Well, I mean, regardless, Professor, what are they... And there's more quotes than that, and we've got a lot of these posted, folks.
What are they going to do?
And I've become so desensitized to this.
It's just, oh, more eyewitnesses to bombs, more eyewitnesses to explosions, more eyewitnesses, you know, so I'm kind of desensitized.
I haven't talked enough about this in the last few weeks as this came out.
But, Professor, what are they going to do just as everyone learns the truth?
Is it just going to be like the Kennedy assassination where 90% of us know the truth but nobody gets in trouble?
Well, certainly thus far that's been the case.
We're not up to 90% yet, but I think the percentages are pretty high.
That Zogby poll in New York showed, you know, many months ago that New Yorkers were about 50% on board, at least for foreknowledge.
Well, that was 11 months ago.
But now several, yeah, that's right.
So lots has happened in the meantime.
They had a CNN poll, 90%.
Yeah, and a lot more books have come out.
You know the books by Webster Tarpley?
That book is getting a lot of attention.
Yes, Synthetic Terror.
Well, you know what?
I'm getting every week 9-11 books, 9-11 videos in my mailbox.
That's right.
There are an enormous number of videos that have been made.
Somebody gave me the figure the other day.
Like 500.
Oh, I think even higher than that.
Oh, really?
I had an old number.
Yeah, it's...
Of course, this is a very visualizable event, so it lends itself to videos in a way more than it does to... I'm not tooting my own horn, but I think the best out there is my new film, Martial Law.
Have you seen that?
I have not.
I need to get you a copy.
I'd be glad to look at it.
Well, we spent 20 minutes alone on Building 7.
It's a three-hour video.
Well, Building 7 deserves at least 20 minutes, because that is certainly one of the Achilles' heels.
We'll stay there.
There's a lot of new developments.
We've got Professor Griffin here, and I want to go over some of the hundred lies of the commission.
I mean, it'd be like if I had a commission and I said that George Washington wasn't the commanding general of the Continental Army.
I mean, it's just the blatant lies are so easily, verifiably false.
Patently false on the face.
Be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thanks to the renegades.
We're free today.
What would we do without the renegades?
What about Galileo?
People like that who got thrown in jail because they would say the world was round.
And not flat.
We're going to be taking your calls coming up here in the next segment, 800-259-9231.
But I wanted to introduce somebody else to the program just here briefly.
He's the owner of Building 7 on national TV.
He had this to say.
Go ahead.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
I think the smartest thing to do is pull it.
And they made that decision to pull.
And then we watched the building collapse.
And then later we have clips where they say, pull it means demolish, means control demolition.
And let me ask Professor David O'Griffin two things.
They've already had a flotilla, squadron after squadron, I mean like 12 shows, explaining why the towers fell and lying to us like the commission.
Now there's a whole other flotilla.
Two-day specials to discredit the conspiracies.
Two-day specials to tell you what the truth is.
Not going to work, folks.
They're just adding oxygen to our fire.
So thanks a lot.
On National Geographic, on the Discovery Channel, Professor Griffin.
Number one, why are they being so blatant?
And number two, why did the military industrial complex or that small group that orchestrated this, why did they think they'd get away with it?
Those two questions.
Well, you know, I pretty much try to just stick to the evidence and not try to get inside other people's minds.
I have no idea...
You know, clearly one would assume that the fact that so many new shows are coming out giving the orthodox view of 9-11 suggests that they're no longer just using strategy number one, which is to ignore us.
So now they're thinking, well, they have to refute us, not directly.
They would never mention us.
By name to dignify our allegations, but simply by putting a contrary story out there through which many people might say, well, you know, what Griffin and Jones and Tarpley and the others say isn't true because here's what's true.
So it'll certainly work with a lot of people, but people who have already heard your shows and read our books will not be fooled and will hopefully inform their neighbors.
But, you know, the media's already lost so much credibility.
I think it'll actually turn a lot of people on.
Well, it's possible.
And, you know, you're mentioning Ray McGovern is very important because he is such a good symbol here for a shift that has occurred because these people who were...
You know, members of the government.
I mean, he was a member of the CIA.
And he was a longtime analyst for the CIA.
And he was one who had a reputation for great integrity.
And so he expected when he said things that newspapers would pay attention.
And yet when he revealed the existence of the Downing Street memo,
The newspapers did not pay attention, at least for a while.
And furthermore, when he even wrote a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, and he couldn't believe it, they turned it down.
Well, I said, Ray, you know, those of us in the 9-11 movement, we've been used to this for a long time.
We know that they will never publish any of our letters.
So, welcome to the club.
So this was a revelation to a big segment of the people that,
Who did not realize how thoroughly the mainstream media would simply try to cover up a major scandal.
And still, they've done it pretty well with the Downing Street memo.
When you realize the implications of that... Well, we don't talk about fake reporters and gay pleasure slaves in the White House.
I mean, that's not even discussed now.
Yeah, and so when you realize that this story that shows they intended to fix the intelligence prior to attacking Iraq, the fact that that is not a drumbeat on television to this day is a great indictment of the integrity of our mainstream media.
All right, stay there.
A lot of questions and key points coming up, and we'll talk to David Moore and take your call.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
The calls are coming up here.
A great essay that Professor Dr. David Ray Griffin has written.
The 9-1-1 Commission Report, a 571-page lie, is what he's saying.
He probably should have termed the name of his new book.
And we have it on InfoWars.com, or just type in the 911 Commission Report, a 571-page lie, and it will pop up for you on Google.
In fact, I typed in a 571-page lie this morning when I was trying to find it again.
It was a few weeks ago when I read it, and it popped up dozens of links right there to different places that have it.
So what we'll do is we'll get the professor to cover three or four big lies, and then we'll take a few calls, cover three or four more.
There's a hundred, so there's no way to cover them all.
And again, that's just some of the lies.
But I've said there are over 600 smoking guns that show government complicity.
That is a criminal element of the government.
But Professor, please give us a few of the lies.
Well, let's start with...
Vice President Cheney's whereabouts that morning, the official story up until the 9-11 Commission report had been that Cheney had gone down to the underground bunker at about 9-15, and of course that's the Emergency Operations Center.
And one problem arose then was that it appeared that Flight 93 had been shot down.
So there was an enormous amount of evidence that it had been shot down at 10.03 or 10.06, and if Cheney was down there at 9.15, that gave him plenty of time to give the shoot-down order, and in fact, Richard Clark had said the shoot-down order came about 9.45 or 9.50, somewhere in there.
We have a member of the cabinet that was there, and Cheney said the order stands as all this was happening.
That's right, and...
And this is Norman Mineta.
Well, Mineta reinforced that old story because he said he got to the White House at about 9.15, was told by Clark to go down to the underground bunker where Cheney was, and he got down there at about 9.20, and Cheney was there and clearly in charge and had been in charge for a while because there was that ongoing conversation.
But he didn't have any of the male escorts down there in the Situation Room.
The 9-11 Commission, though, needed to deny that he could have given the order to shoot down Flight 93.
So they ignored all the massive amount of evidence that that flight had been shot down.
And they rested everything on this indirect argument, well, that Cheney couldn't have given the order in time because he didn't give the order until 10-10, and he didn't give the order until 10-10 because he didn't get down there until
Almost 10 o'clock.
They speculate maybe 9.58.
In other words, they lie by about 45 minutes in terms of what Norman Mineta had told them in open testimony.
So in order to give their story, they had to suppress testimony.
And then that disappeared from the record.
Another one of these is where they denied that FEMA was running Tripod 2 starting the day before and that the Kinney comment wasn't true.
And then later, Giuliani gets up and says, and of course that gets expunged too, gets up and says, oh no, there was a Tripod 2.
And I know that's totally separate, it's just that they can't seem to get all their lies straight.
Yeah, sometimes they contradict themselves, such as when they, in one place,
Tell us that Honey Honjour was a terrible pilot, whereas then in another place they say they chose him to fly the plane into the Pentagon because that was going to be a difficult flight and they wanted their most experienced pilot.
But he couldn't get a Cessna off the ground.
So right within the report they say he was the worst and the best of the pilots.
That's right.
My other favorite is the one that you alluded to earlier.
Of all the issues about the collapse of the Twin Towers, the overwhelming one is the fact that it was a total collapse that resulted in a pile of only a few stories high, reducing these 110-story buildings.
And their crucial dimension, of course, was these 47...
We're good to go.
And for those that don't understand what we're saying, you used the great example of the old 45 records, where you have the spindle sticking up, and as they played, they'd drop down.
I mean, similar construction, not even as beefy.
In Madrid, it burns for a day and a half with 100-foot white flames, and nothing collapses but some little roof metal an inch around.
I mean, the main support's rock solid, not even any damage.
But, oh, not here.
Plus, they wouldn't let people examine the steel, but up-close photos that we have gotten show that steel was just cut through.
It was blasted through.
It didn't melt or bend.
Professor did it, Doctor.
It was atomized.
From all that we can tell, but of course, as you say, part of the problem was, and again, the 9-11 Commission doesn't breathe a word of this, that the steel was quickly removed and sold to...
And they told them, they said, you do not stop for anything in this long hour and a half drive out to the docks.
And they had armed guards there guarding it.
They put GPS on each piece of steel.
The guy stopped for 25 minutes for a hamburger, fired.
I mean, it's like it's a CIA operation.
And FEMA said, no photos, though we did get photos.
Yeah, it's just amazing.
So the big lie here, I love quoting this statement, which is that the core of each tower consisted of a hollow steel shaft.
So they, as you say, just simply denied the existence of the most outstanding feature of the towers.
And you know, Napoleon didn't exist either.
It's just, it's beyond belief, the level of lies.
You know, I've noticed now that even these White of the Towers fall and all these shows on Nova and all that, they repeat that lie.
The building was shoddy.
An absolute piece of junk.
Nothing was supporting it.
But then I have that big 10-hour series.
I bought it.
New York for PBS.
And they show the central columns and talk about the incredible strength and how it was built to take multiple jet crashes.
And look at the size of those pillars.
So, you know, as long as they're talking to people who don't know the evidence,
They can convince them, but the more that people listen to your show and see your videos and read our books, the more people will know that they're just lying through their teeth.
Mention a few more of these hundred lies.
What are some of the lies that even very informed listeners or myself may not be aware of that you've uncovered in your scholarly research?
Yeah, well, I distinguish between lies of omission as well as lies of distortion.
So you have those explicit lies, like the time Cheney went down and the denial of the columns.
But most of them are implicit lies.
That is, where they simply...
Refuse to acknowledge the existence of something such as the removal of the steel and so on.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you have in this... I mean, I've read the essay, but I read it a few weeks ago and I don't remember.
Do you have in there where Rice says, we never got a warning, never heard of this, but she had the exact memo determined to attack, fly planes into buildings days before?
That's right.
I mean, that's one of the kinds of lies, the lies of...
Of rather explicit, specific foreknowledge.
Give us some of the little manipulative spin lies.
Well, one that I love is the... because I think it's so crucial when people ask me what are the big four, big five points, I always refer... and I know you've talked about it a lot, but one can't talk about it too much.
The way the Secret Service did not...
We're good to go.
I think?
They are to take him away to a previously unknown location.
Now, this is the default setting.
Like, when you turn your computer on, it launches Windows.
You don't have to tell your computer to launch the Windows program.
This instantly happens.
They will be fired if they don't do this.
This is automatic.
Even the president is not to know where... And here he was in this school where they had advertised his...
Presence there for several days in advance.
Besides not taking him immediately out of the school to an undisclosed location, they left him there for another half hour at least and allowed him to go on national television where, in effect, he was saying, Here I am, terrorist.
Crash one of your airplanes into the school here and you can kill the President of the United States.
Not to mention all these children.
Or if there's some ground hit team of 50 crazed Arabs.
No, I mean, folks, if there is anything going on, they will cancel, they will drag him out.
They don't ask, by the way.
They go grab him and remove him.
But no, no, no.
In fact, one of them said, we're out of here, and they said, uh-uh, you didn't get the game plan, did you?
You didn't get the memo, did you?
That's right.
It's only the head of the detail that has to know what to do, and they all obey him.
And so the crucial thing here in regard to the 9-11 Commission report is how they handled this.
You would have thought, and if this were a serious commission, they would have been all over the Secret Service.
One of the recommendations would be that the head of the Secret Service would have been fired, if not put in prison for dereliction of duty.
And yet what they said, they just asked him,
Well, why didn't you remove the president?
And the guy says, well, we didn't think it was necessary to run him out of the room.
I mean, he could have walked a foot a minute and gotten out of there.
Yeah, nobody suggested, well, you know, maybe there was something in between leaving him there for another...
40 minutes, and running him out of the room like you could have walked him out of the room fairly quickly into the car.
Well, it's simple.
They had to have him in a public atmosphere so he couldn't be approached to do something about the ongoing attacks.
Then Bush said that he had seen the first plane hit, and boy, that's a bad pop.
People said, well, what TV are you watching?
Because our TVs don't have it.
Then we see the Times of London photos of him watching the first smoking tower in the green room.
He should have been out of there for that!
Sure, I mean... Then he tried to lie and say he'd never seen it.
I'm sorry.
The quadruple or triple lies.
Yeah, so you've got problems at both levels here.
The level of what really happened, and then the level of what the 9-11 Commission did, and of course it's the latter that I'm focusing on.
And this illustrates as well as anything...
The fact that this was not a serious commission.
Well, families today have called for a new commission, but do you think we'd ever really get that out of this government?
Well, not out of this administration.
And this is the other thing, of course, I've harped on a lot, and I stress that we really had here the White House investigating itself.
Because the investigation was run, insofar as you can even call it an investigation, by Philip Zelikow.
And Zelikow is a member of the Bush administration.
Well, Bush appointed the members.
How do you call an independent if you appoint them?
Yeah, and somebody who has worked closely with Condoleezza Rice, co-authored a book with her, helped her make the transition into the new administration.
And now is appointed with her in the State Department.
Well, one of the chairmen is in business through a group with the Carlaw Group, and thus the Bin Ladens.
I mean, it's pretty ridiculous.
Yeah, and so this is why I call the report, really, instead of calling it just the Cain Report after the chairman, Thomas Cain, I call it the Cain-Zillikow Report, because...
Well, you know, this story, I've made the point before that I suspect that a lot of the commissioners didn't even really realize what they were signing on to when they signed the final document.
They are probably going to be shocked like some of the members of the Warren Commission were later.
Well, I've got to tell you, I saw them traveling around a few weeks ago.
It was on C-SPAN, and they got confronted about
The head of Pakistani intelligence wearing $100,000 to Mohammed Adda, being at the Capitol that day, and let me tell you, that chairman, he knew, he looked like a cat caught with a canary in his mouth.
He started panicking, just, okay, fine, fine!
I mean, I don't know, David, I was pretty suspicious.
Yeah, I just say, I mean, clearly, they knew in general what they were doing.
I'm just saying, I don't know if they knew all the details.
How ridiculous.
Because I suspect that Zelikow simply didn't,
Didn't reveal everything to them because they didn't really need to know.
You know how a cat looks when it's got a bird in its mouth?
Looks all greedy and suspicious?
I mean, that's how he looked.
And he started panicking, saying, you know, basically, shut up.
Have you seen that video?
Oh, yes, I do know.
I want to hear your question.
What's that have to do with you?
I mean, he just right away, I mean, you could just, the guilt of these people.
Let's take a call from Ed, John, and Mike and others.
Thanks for holding forever, Ed.
Ed in Utah, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
Let me tie a couple things from my point of view here, Alex.
This is a great interview.
I started to talk a little bit about Cindy Sheehan, and I made a point that you had told Fox the other night, Alan Combs, about Greg Szymanski from the American Free Press newspaper, which also has done a lot of reportage on this, including a review of your book, Professor Griffin.
Cindy Sheehan has been cited by your colleague Jeff Renz and the American Free Press newspaper in Washington as having said that her son died for Israel, not America.
And my tie-in point to this, Alex, is this.
You've had Colonel Don DeGraw and Free.
You've had talks with him.
The fact is, General Burns obviously was, as you told Alan Combs the other night, General Burns...
May have foiled another 9-11 plot.
He may be out as part of, it's implied, some kind of a coup.
Colonel Don DeGrom Priest said this a couple of years ago in the American Free Press newspaper.
And when you tie this together, look at Larry Silverstein.
His partner was from Israel, Frank Lowry, who had the retail portion of the Trade Center.
When you put that together with what Cindy Sheehan is saying about Wolfowitz, Pearl, Doug Fife, Abrams,
Henry Kissinger himself, who tried at first to hijack the 9-11... What's your question, though, just so I can get to it?
Well, my question is this.
In light of Colonel Donder... Do you think... Colonel Donder Grand Prix says the American foreign policy is in the death grip of the Israeli lobby.
Well, I think definitely it's one of the most powerful lobbies, especially internationally.
But, sir, sir, sir, I'll give you my answer, and then we'll come back and get Professor Griffin's comment.
I go off what the PNAC boys say.
It's about domestic police state policy being a war president so you can't be questioned.
Then it's about trillions in oil and about a military base in the Middle East.
And is Israel supportive of that?
Are they an aggressive cheerleader of the policy?
But I know the global elites wouldn't go along with it if just Israel wanted it.
Israel being supportive of it certainly is the coup de grace.
We'll be right back.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Folks, I was just talking to David Ray Griffin, a professor during the break.
He's trying to find the original interview I did with David Shivers.
And I know for a fact that audio interview is all over the web, though it's almost four years ago.
I interviewed him two weeks after 9-11.
I know it's on the web.
I know it's on my website.
I know the transcript is everywhere.
But I'm told that one of my employees couldn't find it for David Ray Griffin, so it may have gotten...
Erased off my site.
Stuff like that happens.
When it's four years old and we have server problems, stuff goes on.
It gets mislabeled.
It gets moved.
And there's hundreds of thousands of documents on my website.
But I know that's everywhere.
But it's also ten minutes of the interview about the attack on lower Manhattan.
That quote, I know that is in Road to Tyranny.
So, Professor, why don't you just give people your email address and I'm sure you'll get it within minutes.
And I'm sure folks can... I guess...
I guess you haven't seen Road to Tyranny.
I need to mail you a DVD of that.
But why don't you give folks your email or how folks can contact you?
Well, let's see.
I don't want to hold down just mail, so... You won't get too much.
I think standing on air, you'll probably get 50 emails.
Ah, give us the email.
Okay, well, I'll have somebody in my office do it, but I know that thing's all over the place.
I'll probably forget.
Yeah, it's just the first hour that I need.
The second hour is readily available, but I couldn't find the first hour.
Okay, so there is an audio file with me talking to him on the web.
Yeah, and the written transcript is available on your website.
Oh, so you did find the transcript?
Of the second hour.
It says this is the second hour.
Okay, what specific part are you looking for?
The part where he first tells you...
That he had received information from these FBI agents that there were going to be attacks on lower Manhattan.
Oh, yeah, that's in my film, with him saying it.
All right, we'll just get you a copy of that.
Okay, that'll take care of it.
Okay, great.
Let's road to tyranny, folks, if you want a copy.
To answer Ed's question, and I want to go to John and Mike at least, and we'll hold you, we're going to be holding the professor over just a few minutes so you can take your calls.
But to answer the question about Israel for the caller...
Well, what I would say there is the press has jumped all over Cindy Sheehan for suggesting that the war in Iraq was at least partly for the sake of Israel.
Well, Philip Zelikow stated that in a public lecture.
So if people are going to be critical...
Well, me thinks you protest too much.
I mean, AIPAC is one of the biggest lobbies running around calling for Armageddon, so I don't know how they could deny that.
Yeah, he was quoted as talking about a threat that dare not speak its name.
He said that at least one of the prime motives behind the U.S.
invasion of Iraq was the desire of the Bush administration to eliminate this threat
But that they dare not speak its name because, quote, the American government doesn't want to lean too hard on it rhetorically because it is not a popular sell.
So Cindy Sheehan is not saying anything outrageous.
She could have been, you know, she was at least saying the same thing that Philip Delacalle had said.
All right, let's cram a caller in.
John in Ohio.
John, go ahead.
Yeah, I've got a couple more things that may take more than a minute.
I'll hold you over.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, I support the tremendous work you and Mr. Griffin are doing on the 9-11 conspiracy, but I do have to say that an earlier comment you made earlier that I have a disagreement with, and I'll wait until after the... Okay, but it needs to be about... I mean, you can say whatever you want.
I don't want to cut you short.
It does have to do with 9-11, too.
Okay, well, we'll be right back.
Let John have a minute more, and then we'll talk to Mike in Tennessee.
We appreciate Professor Griffin staying a little bit longer with us.
And then we've got a guest coming on to talk about that lunatic Tommy Thompson.
I want you to take a microchip.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, into hour number three.
Wow, the last two hours have blasted past us.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
Catherine Albrecht's coming up with the actual quotes of Tommy Thompson.
Every child needs a microchip.
The military needs it.
Don't worry, your government loves you.
So that's coming up.
Before we... We're going to let John finish up and talk to Mike, the oldest caller is holding for Professor Griffin, but...
9-11 Visibility Project, September 11th.org, spelled out as the website.
They have his 9-11 Commission Report, a 571-page line.
That's what he's saying.
He should have named his new book, the 9-11 Commission Report, Omissions and Distortions.
Great new book out.
Very well written.
I've now had a chance to read it.
Well, I just wanted to say that it seems like the phony establishment liberals like Soros and Al Franken and the rest of them
I specialize in claiming that anyone who believes in these conspiracies behind 9-11 are to be barred from the anti-war movement.
Anyone who calls for withdrawal like Cindy Sheehan should.
And now they're taking control of the operation at Crawford.
No, I agree.
Yeah, but I believe that those that are most open
To these kinds of conspiracies, those who point out that these wars are not just some aberration of a jealous fit by Bush or any of these presidents, are the left, are the communists, are the socialists.
They point out, I think, that this is the monopoly corporate connections to it, the military-industrial connections, and they're the most open to the kinds of 9-11 conspiracies.
So I see them as the most valuable ally rather than as some kind of... Okay, thanks for the call, John.
I've got to let you go because I want to let Mike get on.
Comments to that, Professor Griffin?
No, go on.
Go on to the next.
All right, let's go to Mike.
Mike in Tennessee, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, hello, Alex.
Dr. Griffin.
I called before.
I'm a structural steel iron worker and welder, and when I talked to you before about the... Yeah, last time you called was when the professor was on.
That's right.
What I wanted to tell you is what initially got me investigating 9-11.
...was the fact that the columns that were left standing when the building fell looked like they were just snapped off, like toothpicks.
And I challenge anyone to take a piece of steel, not ductile iron or cast iron, and snap it without it bending.
And one other thing, a cover-up that everyone seems to have missed, was in the middle of all that, if you remember the local iron worker union...
Well, that's right.
I mean, one of the many scandals that should have been a drumbeat in the mainstream press was this removal of the seal, because the fire...
Engineering Magazine and even the New York Times was saying this removal of evidence has to stop because normally you can't remove a matchstick from a crime scene and the fact that they were removing hundreds of tons of steel was just outrageous and yet they did it and like most everything else they got away with it.
Nobody's saying, well, this proves that he's trying to cover things up.
That is very few people saying that.
Well, in closing, Professor, aren't you worried that the military-industrial complex may carry out another attack because it seems like their agenda is stalling everywhere?
Well, it's certainly a real danger because that will distract us from all these concerns.
And we've seen many cases before when there's an uncomfortable story going, then something...
Does happen that distracts us.
And they still control mostly the media, so the media will just follow along.
All right.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
And thanks for Professor Griffin coming on today.
Professor Griffin, I want to every few months get you on with an update.
A lot of revelations today.
Thanks for coming on.
Okay, Alex.
Thank you for staying on the story.
You bet.
Vaya con Dios.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
That's InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 Or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Agaricus Bio, because healthy is what you want to be.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, ten years ago on the radio, I would have a retired Pentagon scientist on the air about the plans to implant the population with microchips.
By in 2000, I got an official Army document where they publicly called for it.
For the general public.
Andy Rooney in 2001 went on TV and said, every American needs a chip to prove they're a good person.
And he was serious.
And now we have former governor from Wisconsin, Republican.
We have Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services, traveling the country.
Going to the little schools and standing up in a suit and going, Get chipped today!
That's the slogan.
Going on TV and telling the military, Hey, chip the troops!
It's normal!
Look, I'm the friendly big bear, Tommy Thompson!
I know, we're still the weird ones for reporting on it.
It doesn't exist.
And Catherine Albrecht, of course, for many years, first started out exposing...
The loyalty cards at grocery stores, what a scam that is.
And now it's come out that when you buy a pizza, it goes through an NSA, you know, type upload to check for warrants, and the NCIC, instead of getting a pizza, you get a SWAT team.
And, oh, Bush signs it wherever prescription drug you get, whether, again, it's a diaphragm or ibuprofen that's prescription, instantly uploaded, no freedom, no Fourth Amendment, every cell phone tracks you down to a few feet.
They want to put transponders in all the cars and in their license plates and inspection stickers.
A bill almost passed in Texas this year to start it next year.
They're going to tax you with it, too.
Maybe you don't like being followed and tracked, but how about getting taxed?
Being given tickets.
From point to point, it shows you spent.
They admit all this.
So she's been on the cutting edge of exposing this.
And we've got her on with us today.
We're honored to have her.
And now, she's here to talk about the actual quotes of Tommy Thompson.
She's got them on her website, and I've got CBS News, I've got a couple other articles where they've got his quotes.
Some of them are even worse, but...
We're here delving deep into the rabbit hole, into the Alice in Wonderland, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone dimension.
And, Catherine, good to have you on with us.
Hey, Alex, did you ever think we would get to the point where we're having a serious discussion about chip implants and we've got a major ranking member of the Bush administration sitting there saying that we should put them in the military?
Well, I mean, you know that when Bill O'Reilly says it, and you know that I've got Sean Hannity on video going, every child needs a chip two years ago.
I predict, well, you don't get into government-sponsored terror, but I know their agenda.
And yes, I did think it would come to this.
And what they'll have is a terrorist group who's against chips.
And then see, if you won't take the chips, you're a terrorist.
But go ahead.
Well, you know, that terrorist group may just be the nation's Christians, which is what has me kind of astonished.
Here you've got the Bush administration.
You've got G.W.
Bush not saying a word against this.
And yet you've got this 2,000-year-old prophecy straight out of the Bible saying there's going to be a mark and a number needed to buy and sell, and you've got the Christians getting a little nervous, but not the ones in the administration.
Well, not the big 501c3-ers.
I've got Pat Robinson on tape saying, oh, no, the chip's not bad.
Yeah, you know, it's funny.
I did an interview with the 700 Club last year.
They actually flew me down, and we talked about the health effects of the Verichip implant, which I think I talked to your listeners about a while back.
I know you've got some information posted on your website at infowars.com.
Yeah, how they can explode.
Yeah, they can explode.
They can shift location.
They can burn you from the inside out.
If somebody sets off an EMP weapon, these things can literally become a molten mass of hot steaming metal and glass, you know, singeing you from the inside of your body out.
They're incompatible with MRI machines, and they can shift location.
I mean, there's really some very serious downsides to taking these implants.
And here you've actually got them being promoted as a positive medical device when all the research we've done and everything, even the FDA has come out and said, this is actually dangerous.
Well, we have to do this.
Two years ago, my cousin, pretty high up in the Army,
Came to my house and said it's true.
I went to a meeting with about 100 officers who were told not to talk about it.
We're all getting chips in the next two years.
Well, it's been two years.
Why has that happened?
Because I've heard a lot of people saying it.
No, no, this is my cousin to me telling me openly that they told him this would happen in two years.
I don't know if it's now happening.
I know some special forces have gotten it.
And, you know, well, of course you've got Tommy Thompson saying everybody in the military should get one.
His quote here, you can also do it, meaning get an implant to replace dog tags with the United States Armed Forces.
I'm sure you get a lot of e-mail like I do, Alex.
I get e-mail from people in the military who say I'd rather take a bullet than a chip.
So I don't know how they think they're going to get away with actually implanting computer chips.
They're going to have a national draft after the city gets nuked.
They're going to line us all up and slather us with a chip.
Just slip them right on in.
You know, I'm stunned.
You know, I've been following this company.
I've been following the RFID issue since 2002.
And since that time, the applied digital folks, the applied digital solutions people out of Florida that manufacture this Verichip and now the Verichip Corporation.
Yeah, first they said they would never do this when their own documents showed it.
And I'd have the chief scientist on.
He'd say they would.
He'd say, that's ridiculous.
I'd have the CEO on.
We won't.
And then now they're running around all over the place.
You want to get in the VIP bar?
You've got to do it.
Well, it's really extraordinary how they've kind of changed their story through the years.
And, of course, many people way back in 2001 kind of knew where they were going with it and what their plans were.
And, you know, now here it is, all out on the table.
And then it turned out the Jacobsons really worked for them, the evil family that got the chips.
I didn't know that, Alex.
I didn't know that the Jacobsons, the ones that were called by the media, the Chipsons, who took the chip on national TV.
It came out in Miami Papers that they were big investors.
Oh, okay.
It's like the hospitals they've gotten to do it are investors.
Oh, you want a quote?
I have the Bergen County police chief on.
They have a police chief instead of a sheriff.
I had him on, and he said, I'll enforce making you take a chip.
I'm not kidding.
I have the audio clip on the website.
Well, the piece I find really extraordinary about this is, you know, here's a company that's kind of been viewed as the black sheep of the RFID industry.
I know that the folks who put together the consortium that wants to tag consumer products, you know, the folks from Walmart down to Procter & Gamble.
And the Defense Department, yeah.
Yeah, all of those folks have really tried to distance themselves from this company and really sort of looked down and said, oh, no, you know, they're just a nothing company.
Well, IBM doesn't distance themselves, lavishing them with cash.
Yeah, well, you know, it's really made a shift, and I think that's been the part that I find so significant.
I mean, this company has been around touting human implants for a couple of years now, but what's really changed is in the last couple of months, bringing Tommy Thompson on board, getting some of this major media coverage.
I did an interview with BBC World Service just a week or two ago.
And they actually, with a very straight face, said, will this help prevent things like the London terrorist bomb?
Oh, see, exactly.
So, you know, we've really... Look, look, Catherine, Andy Rooney doesn't go on TV and say we all need chips to prove we're good.
No, no.
I'm sure you've seen that clip.
I have.
I mean, Andy Rooney doesn't... He's told to say that.
There is a... I mean, listen, I have.
Sean Hannity going, these are great.
I'm going to buy stock.
This is wonderful.
Every child needs it.
They don't say that by accident.
Do we have Howard Stern even joking about how all kids should take one of these implants?
You know, it's really been all across the media.
They're told.
No, no, no.
This is part of the agenda.
Look, I'm telling you, the military industrial complex is going to be carrying terror out.
There'll be guys on TV, you know, another transmission from the Christian resistance.
And, of course, it'll be the government doing it.
And I'll go, if you take that chip, I'll kill you.
And he'll, like, shoot a little kid five times in the head.
And I'll go, oh, see, if you don't take the chip, you kill children.
And, of course, it'll all be a government op, Catherine.
Well, it remains to be seen.
I know I'm going a little bit overboard here with you, but I'm just telling you how they operate.
Well, I've got to tell you, at this point, Alex, very little would surprise me, since I've seen Tommy Thompson literally standing up there.
You know, four-time governor of Wisconsin.
I've spoken to people in Wisconsin.
He is well-loved.
Well, that's how we're going to do it.
They're going to have a Christian terror group, and because I'm predicting what they'll do, they'll probably try to even claim I'm involved, which, of course, I'm not.
It's government-sponsored terror, and they're going to kill people and say Christians are doing it.
Explain the scenario to me, Alex.
You've got... Okay, okay.
They will claim that a Christian group is against biometrics and chips.
Which many Christians are.
And they will claim the Christian group.
I don't mean applied digital.
They're a front.
I mean, they would already be gone.
They'd be bankrupt.
They're a government front.
All the evidence shows.
What you'll have... This is the scenario.
You will have a criminal group within the government that carries out terror attacks and attributes it to an imaginary Christian group who is resisting the mark of the beast.
Then if you refuse to take the chip you must be with them.
Ah, okay.
Well, that wouldn't surprise me, frankly, given the amount of craziness.
You've always been pretty conservative, so having a governor say take the chip is kind of getting you to... Well, I've got to say, Alex, it really has.
After a while, this stuff starts to seem so incredibly surreal that you really do say, you know, there's very little that would surprise me from this point forward, and I think I've kind of hit that point.
When you've actually got a four-time governor standing up, you've got a technology that we were promised over and over for the last several years would never be used to track people.
We've now got them being inserted into passports.
We've now got people at the U.S., the Mexican and Canadian borders being issued tags containing these RFID devices so they can be identified coming from 30 feet away.
I mean, we've really hit a point where there is an awful lot of doublespeak.
An awful lot of what we were told would be happening is happening a very different way.
And frankly, this technology really does scare me.
I'm a Christian.
Many people know that about me.
Our organization, Caspian, is not a Christian organization.
Tonight on Cops, another family tries to run.
Brutal Christians refusing their security chip.
Watch as our commandos take them out.
Tonight on Cops.
The part that I think is just so extraordinary.
She was a Christian leader.
That's why she released the nerve gas in 2009.
Yeah, you scare me, Alex.
And now the public execution!
Our world leader demands it!
He brings love!
Well, but you know, look at our nation's leader, who ostensibly is a Christian, and you're not hearing any of these arguments.
Skull and Bones is Christian!
Does that come again with that?
Skull and Bones is Christian!
How is that?
I don't know much about Skull and Bones.
I know that's something you've researched.
Well, I mean, I'm in coffins and asking Lucifer to enter your body, and...
I mean, that's Christian.
You got me speechless on that one.
I'm being sarcastic, Catherine.
No, I mean, did you ever see the ABC News footage they got where they're like, like, ah, Satan, and doing the mock sacrifices?
No, I haven't.
Yeah, no, type it into Google.
You'll get ABC News.
Oh, yeah, that's what Bush did to be initiated.
We'll be right back with Catherine Albers.
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I mean, seriously, folks.
This is how they do it.
They carry out terror and then blame it on their opposition, who then isn't even allowed to defend themselves.
And the Army didn't come out in 2000 and say, we're going to chip everybody and we're going to have everybody hooked into computers.
I mean, they didn't say that for, you know, to play patty cake.
They're not playing games.
I mean, Catherine's talking to the BBC, and they're like, well, wouldn't this stop the London bombing?
We need to put a chip in you.
This is happening.
So Tommy Thompson is now part of the Get Chipped promotion.
Give us some of his quotes, Catherine.
Well, Tommy Thompson, of course, and I were both on CBS Market Watch about two weeks ago.
And, of course, I gave the usual kind of conservative, hey, I'm not sure we all want to be chipped and tracked everywhere we go.
And he left out there with some of these just amazing quotes.
One of them says, I can be implanted in your arm within seconds, which I guess is true if you really want to do the speedy version.
He says it will give an identification number, so it's very beneficial.
It's going to be extremely helpful, and it's a giant step forward to getting what we call an electronic medical record for all Americans, end quote.
Which the government's been calling for, biometric scanning of all children at birth.
Well, and you know, Alex, they're saying it's going to cost $200 billion to take all of our medical records, make them all electronic, put them all on the Internet, and put them all under the control of the federal government.
Why in the heck would we possibly want that?
And Bush last week signed a law where everything you do prescription-wise instantly uploaded, no Fourth Amendment, not even a pretense.
And, you know, we can trace all this back to HIPAA, which was the government's, you know, and here I have to say, it really was a pretense at privacy, when in reality, if you carefully read the HIPAA statement that your doctor makes you sign when you go into the doctor, and now even the dentist, even the optometrist makes you sign it, what it says on there is, we have the right to give your information away to researchers, to federal government agents, to blah, blah, blah.
But that's to stop Al-Qaeda.
There may be Al-Qaeda hiding in the drills.
I'm not sure how there's a terrorist connection there, but I can certainly... No, no, giving up rights is good.
Okay, Catherine?
Well, yeah, and you know, I've told this before, I think, to your audience.
I've talked to young people, teenagers, and I've got to say, people our generation, if you're over 30, you have an obligation to tell people who are under 20 what's going on in the world today.
And the real obligation... I remember in the old days when we didn't have a camera in the bathroom.
I remember in the old days when I didn't have to take 10 pills every morning and worship the global leader.
I remember when I didn't have a cyanatic nerve brain control modulator.
Well, and it's even, you know, the 15-year-old girl who turned to me and said, Well, Catherine, I think it's really great that you're on TV and you're fighting all these privacy invasions and the supermarket cards and all this stuff, but I've got just one question for you.
If you got rid of those supermarket cards like you're trying to do, how would the store know what you bought?
So you've got these young people just taking it as a matter of course that, you know, global corporations... Well, you come back in with your receipt!
Well, you know, they've got to write... Well, did you know that I've seen three different issues of Time Magazine for Kids with huge, lavish articles about, in the future, you'll be chipped, your parents aren't cool, but you are, you know how good the chips are?
Have you seen those?
You know, I haven't.
I'd like to, though.
They even play on rebellion!
Rebel against them.
Get them.
Right, right.
The stick-in-the-mud parents who don't understand how cool it is to have a chip and to have the supermarket watching what you buy and have your cell phone tracking you around.
It's incredible.
Your parents don't know how cool it is to be a slave.
Well, let me give you another Tommy Thompson quote here.
This is the one that really made my hair stand up on end.
He says, this is going to give really that impetus to get the changing, the transformation, which I call, that's badly needed in our health care system.
This changing, this transformation is kind of what we're talking about.
It's transforming this notion that you do have some form of medical privacy, this notion that you can take prescription drugs and it's really nobody's business but you and your doctors, and transforming it into this notion that everything you do... The chip is going to cause a transformation!
Yeah, isn't it though?
And then he says the growth of this company is going to be exponential.
This is going to be the kind of thing that's going to help kick-start the modern technology.
So we're going to transform you.
Well, we've been following this.
You and I have been following this for several years.
And you know back in the early days when they first introduced the Verichip, they predicted a market of literally billions of people taking the Verichip.
And they said that on their website.
They said it in their public statements.
We predict a market of literally billions.
And how do you get a market of billions of people to take these devices?
And they can't even pay people to put these things in their arms unless you make it mandatory.
It's just sorry the hospital does not allow you in unless you do it.
We refuse care.
And that's what they're moving to do.
Yeah, well, unless you have the chip in your arm, you may actually not be able to get health care 10 years down the road when they make the electronic medical records.
That's the plan.
Absolutely, there's liability for the company.
You could have some reaction we don't know about, and we're going to be liable.
Listen, it's reasonable.
Take it.
You'll be transformed.
You'll join us.
You'll join the new world leader.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Janice, Ralph, Mike, others.
Is it Mitch?
We're going to get to your calls here.
Catherine Albrecht being a real sweetheart with us today.
You might hear her sitting in on the show sometime next week if I decide to go out of town.
But, uh... Her and, of course, Erskine and Jack Blood.
But, uh...
I mean, there's so much to talk about, but let's burn it into our brains.
And it's refreshing to hear that she's upset about it.
She's always been pretty calm.
I mean, to have a former member of the cabinet, a governor, traipsing around saying, get chipped, it's wonderful, kids need it, the military needs it.
But I got quotes from speeches he's given where he's saying every child needs it.
I mean, they're out in the open, folks.
And they're just going to keep acting like they're normal and having these prestigious people push it.
And we're weird.
We're backwards.
They're going to have software comes out that's only activatable through it.
It's like nobody asks you if you want it or not.
When you go to SeaWorld, they want to thumb scan, face scan you.
When you go to Disney World or when you go on some cruise lines, they just herd you in and have you do it.
They're just putting these grids in.
Catherine, please continue.
You mentioned tracking kids and Tommy Thompson talking about that.
It's interesting.
Right after he publicly went on the board and started making these announcements, the Verichip and Applied Digital folks came out with this big press release that they had foiled a baby abduction from a hospital in North Carolina.
Did you hear about this one?
Another one of their frauds.
Yeah, well, they made this big announcement that their Verichip product, which is an ankle bracelet, it's an RFID-based device that they clamp onto the ankle of newborn babies, and they have doorway sensors in the hospital, so if someone attempts to take the baby through the doorway without removing or deactivating the ankle bracelet, it will set off an alarm.
Well, a bunch of companies do that.
Well, so they came out, yeah, you've got the Hugs and Kisses program, you've got, oh, God, they have horrible names.
It's amazing.
Anyway, so you have this big announcement, and they're counted from the rooftops.
Our technology foiled a baby abduction.
This is a huge danger.
We need to tag kids.
Then you've got Tommy Thompson saying, we need this to tag kids in hospitals to make them safer from abductions.
Well, here's really the scoop on this.
We did a little research, and we found out, do you know who was trying to abduct that baby, cough, cough?
I put that in quotes.
The baby's parents.
The mother who had just given birth to the baby and the father of the baby tried to remove the baby because they were afraid that the hospital administrators were going to take the baby from them.
Which is what they do.
So it's CPS making the parents criminals.
What happened to the parents?
You know, that's something we need to follow up on and figure out.
Are they cooling their heels in jail right now for trying to remove their own baby from the hospital?
So it was not an issue of some stranger abducting the baby.
The baby's own mother was trying to... Well, have you been able to get this out in the media and expose their fraud?
Well, it's been reported in a couple of different places.
We just sent out a newsletter, which, by the way, your listeners should all sign up for our newsletter.
You can do that at spychips.com.
Just type in your email address, and there's a form there, blah, blah, blah.
But anyway, we just sent out a newsletter where we talk about that.
There have been some reports in the media, but I'd say, you know, 99 out of 100 reports on this said, oh, hooray, this new technology helped foil an abduction, but they don't talk about what the abduction, quote-unquote, was really about.
You know, the other thing, Alex, we... The child, the parents who just had the baby, they tried to take it out and in their bed.
They're evil, yes!
So, yeah, definitely.
It's interesting.
Here in the state of New Hampshire where I live, there's been a big push to get more respect for home birth midwives so people can have their babies at home and avoid it altogether.
Yeah, and the government's moving to stop that even though statistically it's safer.
Yeah, absolutely.
And there's many states that have tried to ban it outright and they're doing all sorts of things.
But obviously, you know, your baby's not going to get abducted if you have your baby at home.
Well, under New Freedom, they try to drug the mothers and the children.
That's in Texas, yeah.
We're the radio readers.
I mean, folks, this isn't like over the next hill.
This is like in front of us.
Well, I'll tell you, Alex, in the book that I've co-authored that's coming out in a little over six weeks now, coming out October 4th, we devote a whole chapter to transportation and RFID-based tracking.
What's the name of the book?
It's called Spy Chips, and it's available for pre-order on Amazon.com right now.
You can see it up on our SpyChips.com website and get some information about it.
I think it's going to really change the conversation about a lot of this RFID technology because we found in their own words some of the biggest corporations on planet Earth very clearly discussing and never before published information about their plans literally to track people everywhere they go.
Track them in their cars, track them walking down the street.
Unless they're an illegal alien, then they're given more tuition than citizens, they're given home loans, they're
They're above the law, but us gullible little compliant slaves, we're going to really enjoy it.
Well, and even the immigrants now are getting tagged, so not so quick.
I'm sure they'd tag everybody if they could.
It's all selectively enforced.
But, I mean, I want to take a few calls here, but Catherine...
A few years ago, you went to one of their big consortium meetings, big convention in Chicago, and they were saying stuff like, the public hates this in our polls, our internal polls, but they will submit.
We will dominate them.
The Babylon system of angels is almost ready.
I mean, this is very bizarre and occultic sounding.
Can you talk about that?
Well, you know, I've attended a couple of their meetings.
The first one that I ever went to was back in the spring of 2002, and at that meeting I literally heard people say, won't it be great when we'll know every time the consumer takes the lid off the toothpaste in their own bathroom.
And, you know, the plan is to put our FID readers in our medicine cabinets, to put them in our bathroom scales.
We report that in the newsletter that went out yesterday.
To put them in our refrigerators and our pantries so that literally every product you bring into your home... It's like the black box in your car has that history.
Actually, it's like the black box in your car, but it's recording at what time someone removed the psycho whatever medication from the shelf and how much it weighed when they took it out and how much it weighed when they put it back and who the individual was who picked it up.
So all of this information.
The other piece, Alex, that I found shocking... We'd have a world free of Al-Qaeda!
Well, this is a different security issue.
What's wrong with you people?
Just take it!
Well, of course, we'd have the world free from people not following the prescription instructions that they were given by their doctors.
And we've got new freedom where we've got to drug everyone.
Well, and the concern the pharmaceutical industry has is that 50% of people do not fill the prescriptions they're written.
So they want to make sure that not only are you taking the drugs that you get, but that you're filling every prescription you're issued.
So when the doctor writes you a prescription, we've all had the experience of going to the doctor because you just wanted to make sure something wasn't serious.
And he goes, oh, it's not serious.
And he gives you a bag of painkillers and you don't want them.
Yeah, that's right.
You know, just so you know, I earned my hundred bucks.
I wrote your prescription.
And most of us got... You know, I don't really need that.
I just wanted to make sure I wasn't dying of a brain hemorrhage or something.
No, I've got like...
Antibiotics from, you know, when I went to the doctor five years ago in the cabinet.
Yeah, well, and a lot of people just throw away the prescription pad, you know, the piece of paper, because they don't need the prescription.
They don't need the drug.
The doctor gave it just in case you felt like you needed it, you didn't feel like you needed it.
That might be criminal.
We better track that.
We better swap chemo.
And then if there's any plates in the sink, we better take their children.
Well, what's funny about it, Alex, is that the pharmaceutical industry views that as you're somehow costing them money because a legitimate doctor gave you a legitimate prescription and you failed to comply by not filling that prescription.
So they call it prescription compliance.
They talk about losing billions of dollars every year because people don't comply with their prescription requirements.
Well, have you heard the new thing where...
The biggest janitor company, 500,000 employees, exterminator companies, truck drivers, they're all spying on you when they're in your house, and the cops can't do that, and what they're doing is criminal, too.
I mean, we are really becoming a nightmare place.
This is people you hire to come in and clean your business or your home, and they're reporting back if they see anything unusual to Homeland Security?
Yeah, but I mean, it's like being institutionalized across the board.
It's like something straight out of the KGB.
Well, let me give you guys a little bit of intellectual ammunition next time you're arguing with somebody who says this is going to make us safer.
I don't think I've ever found one of those people.
Everybody I know is against it.
They just keep moving forward.
Well, I know a lot of people who say, well, you know, maybe it's okay.
Maybe it's a good idea.
You know, if the government can watch us more closely, they'll keep us safe.
And if you ever hear anybody say that, and I know some of you have heard me on the radio before.
They're nice people.
But let me tell you,
What I always reply is they say, who in the 20th century were the most surveilled people on the planet?
And the answer is probably the people living in Stalin's Soviet Union.
You know, you had KGB running around.
Oh, no, giving up liberty gives you tyranny.
It doesn't give you security.
So you had, you know, they could intercept your phone calls.
They could send a neighbor over to your barbecue and listen in on your conversations, report them back to the government.
They could intercept your mail.
Basically, everything you did was intercepted.
And those people rise up through the ranks.
And then pretty soon people go, I'm not going to produce anything.
I'm just going to be fed on.
And so your way of rebelling is just being a lazy sloth.
Then there's forced labor camps, which they admittedly are building.
Did you know about the forced labor camps?
I've heard something.
I've had county commissioners on from Oregon who've been to them.
The government admits it.
Speaking of Oregon, they introduced a bill that if you download music, 25 years in a forced labor camp.
And the governor of Rhode Island tried to pass a martial law bill saying for any reason they could arrest you.
Oh, yeah.
It's called enemy combatant.
Well, let me just finish my one thought, because you always have me think of way too many things at once.
Let me just finish my one thought.
The idea that somehow being surveilled makes us safer, you can simply point to the example of the Soviet Union under Stalin and the folks who came after him.
And you can say, did that make them safer?
Being watched, being observed, having their phone calls and their mail intercepted, having everything they did watched did not make them safer.
Actually, that was the bloodiest, most ruthless regime in the 20th century.
And Stalin's government killed 60 million of its own people for opposing the government.
He liberated.
They were traitors.
Yeah, well, liberated from food in Ukraine.
It's good.
It's good to listen.
It's good for a country to spend all its time spying and battling.
That's what the founding fathers called for.
Katherine, once you get re-educated, it's going to be okay.
Re-educated, yeah, well, there you go.
Give us your website.
Go ahead.
Give us your websites again.
Okay, website, spychips.com.
You can get information about our book.
You can sign up for our free newsletter that goes out about once a month, sometimes a little less frequently if we're super busy, but we try to keep you on top of the news.
We've got our website at nocards.org, and nocards is the one that talks all about the supermarket cards and how they're using...
Dossiers of information on the food purchases that you make, how that information gets stored and used against people, and how it's just the entire liberty... That's freedom!
I judge freedom by how many people are in prison and how little freedoms we have.
You know, I ran into a lady in England and she goes, I think we should give up our freedom for liberty.
I'm sorry, our liberty for freedom.
You're making me think of something, Alex.
You know, the...
The RFID reader devices... People who have heard me before know that there's a plan afoot to put a tiny RFID tracking device into every consumer product manufactured on Earth to replace the barcode.
They wanted to have it this year, but they're behind.
Yeah, well, they're too expensive yet.
When they come down to a couple pennies apiece, we'll start seeing them pop up.
And they've also got a lot of consumer opposition.
A lot of people don't like this.
But in any event...
Down the road, they'd like every pair of socks, every Calvin Klein sweatshirt, every pen in your pocket to have one of these RFID tags in it.
The question really is, well, don't worry about the privacy implications, folks, because the reader devices, it's not like we're going to have reader devices everywhere.
Well, we've done some digging around, and this is all revealed in our book, Spy Chips, coming out in October.
We did some digging around, and we found that the companies that manufacture those anti-theft portals and doorways at regular retail stores, you walk through and it sets off the alarm.
Well, they've already said they're going to put those in, yeah.
Well, they are migrating those.
The two companies that make them, Checkpoint and Sensormatic, are migrating those to become RFID readers.
So what that means is they can slip an RFID tag into the loyalty card in your wallet, into your passport, into your shoe, the layers between your shoe, into the label of your clothing, all of which we've seen, by the way.
And as you walk through that security portal that you think is just an anti-theft device, they could be scanning you head to toe and identifying you.
Well, they admit they're going to get your identity, which is more freedom.
Let's take a call.
Let's take a call.
How dare not be for it?
She's evil.
She doesn't love our government.
Let's go ahead and who's up next here?
Mike in Chicago.
You're on the air, Al Qaeda member.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
A couple of quick things real fast.
I want to go back real quick to 9-11.
When he sat there and waited until the Pentagon got hit, because a domestic military installation got hit, he automatically gets war powers.
So sitting there biding his time allowed him to not have to go to Congress to
Control the media, to wage war whenever he wants to, wherever he wants to.
So don't forget that a little bit.
Go into the chips real fast.
Chips will make you as secure as the cameras did, so that'll help with the London bombing.
As far as making people take them, let's say there's a bio-attack, and the only way that you can get your vaccination is if you get your microchip.
Would you be willing to take it?
Maybe not right away.
Actually, it was Tommy Thompson who said everybody needs to be forced to take the injection.
Well, hey, you might not take it right away, and you might resist it for a little while until your neighbor gets sick and dies, or a cousin gets sick and dies, and then you'll be standing in line with everybody else waiting to get it.
Receiving the transformation, the blessing.
That's right.
Two other things real quick, and then I'll jump off of here.
Verichip is a subsidiary of Digital Angel Corp., and all airbags already have GPS in them.
Have a good one.
Take care.
Well, from my research, Applied Digital's debt is owned predominantly by IBM.
So it's really, I mean, look, I've looked into it.
I'm sure you have too, Catherine.
All your other big computer companies, Motorola, IBM, they've all been developing subdermal chips too, quote, in R&D.
So it seems like really Applied Digital is the front to prance around promoting it.
If you look at Applied Digital's history, there's been some research that's been kind of interesting into all of the sort of financial shenanigans.
There's a lot of people who think it's just a stock scam.
You know, that literally they're putting, I mean, I'll give you some evidence.
Back in October, October 12th of 2004, when they announced their FDA approval, that the FDA had actually approved the use of this as a medical implant, some of the key folks in the company, some of the key stockholders divested themselves of their stock after that announcement.
Now, it would seem to me that when you get a big publicly, you know, positive announcement, like, now that's the time you buy more stock, not the time you cash out.
You know, I'm really questioning how serious these folks are about their long-term business.
I think IBM sued them, too, over that.
Yeah, well, they've been sued by all kinds of folks, and they've had a turnover.
They've got a revolving door over there with some of their senior managers.
They've got the Pentagon and Thompson all about promoting for them.
I mean, remember when the Chipsons got chipped, how it was on every TV channel everywhere, and it was so positive, and their stock plunged by like 90%?
Yeah, well, they did a stock split that actually changed the value of their stock.
They've done lots of stock shenanigans over the years, so you can go back.
There's lots of evidence on that company of, you know, they've gotten reprimand letters from federal agencies.
I mean, they've been in trouble over the years.
Well, Catherine, we could trust you if you had a chip.
I mean, Andy Rooney says so.
The man we can trust on 60 Minutes.
Well, Catherine, just take it.
Yeah, we've got to stop fighting, huh, Alex?
Not in your life.
And the chip on the sciatic nerve they just approved, won't that make you better?
What's that one?
You didn't hear about the brain chip approval?
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
We'll be right back.
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How's it going?
I just wanted to know if anyone has even thought about making some sort of RF jammer.
They have things that fry them and erase them, but Catherine comments.
Well, you've got two different things.
One is jamming the reader devices, which would be a violation of FCC regulations and would land you probably some serious fines and possibly even prison time.
So even if you can find a way to do it, probably not the best idea because it's easy to pinpoint the location of that stuff.
Yeah, so there's your one problem.
The other problem is it's possible to kill a tag, but it's not possible to do it safely right now.
In our book, Spy Chips, we show actually pictures of tags that we put in the microwave for just six seconds, and they're charred and burnt.
Yeah, they explode.
Yeah, and your other problem is if you, you know, these things are going into Michelin tires, these things are going into things that are a little too big to stick in your microwave, you know, ultimately they want to put these into cash, and if you put that in the microwave and blew out the chip, you would essentially invalidate your cash.
Yeah, they admit that Europe and the U.S.
and the Japanese are testing this right now.
Looking into it, and, you know, but the problem is, so you don't want your cash to be trackable, you kill the chip, you just invalidated your $100 bill because it's in there to prevent counterfeiting, and that's how they validate that it's real.
So down the road, you know, killing chips may not be your best bet.
Anyway, visit our website, spychips.com, if you want to order our video.
I've got a video out called RFID Tracking Everything Everywhere.
Folks at End Time Ministries sell that at 1-800-END-TIME.
Okay, Catherine, thanks for coming on with us.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
Take care.
Anything else you want to say, Anton?
Not much.
I wanted to hear more about the brain shift.
Oh, yeah, well, that's a sciatic stimulator to make you feel better.
And we say you're mentally ill, so you have to take it.
I got FDA approval about a year ago.
All right, keep up the good work.
Thank you, buddy.
Appreciate it.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, and throughout the weekend, and, of course, back on Monday, and throughout the week, so be sure and join us.
God bless you all.
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