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Air Date: Aug. 18, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, very important broadcast lined up for you on this 18th of August, 2005, Thursday edition.
The filmmaker, Tito Howard, he made the film Loss of Liberty, will be joining us with the hero, Dr. Richard Kiefer.
He saved the lives of, what, 43 people.
He had his intestines tied into his body.
Of course, he got the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Had his intestines tied into his body with his life jacket for a day and treated, again, dozens and dozens of people and saved the lives of 40-plus people.
Folks, that's pretty manly.
I don't think I could be giving medical treatment with burns all over my body and my intestines hanging out because he was hit by shrapnel and had his guts blown open.
But he did tie his intestines in, and literally his guts were spilt all over the deck.
So we'll be talking to this gentleman.
And, of course, it's government-sponsored terror.
I've talked to the admirals who were on the radio phone, and LBJ came on and said, I want that GD ship going to the bottom.
I want that ship to go to the bottom.
They wanted to blame it on good old Egypt.
And there's a lot of sickos out there that worship this government.
They don't know that patriotism is about loving your country, where you live, and the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Patriotism is not, and never has been, worshipping your dictator, worshipping your plutocrats.
And I've heard them go, oh, so what if we attack that?
War is war.
You've got to break eggs to get them rooskies.
Well, then you go out and, you know, kill yourself.
I mean, you might actually do it.
I'm not saying do that.
You might say, I worship government, you know, and saw your own head off.
I mean, you people are just out of your gorge, so I shouldn't joke around with you.
But Dr. Richard Kiefer will be joining us along with Tito Howard.
We'll go back to 1967 and cover that for an hour.
And then also, Greg Zeminski and Janet Parker, close informant and friend of former FBI agent John O'Neill, killed on 9-11, tells how FBI higher-ups shut him down, letting 9-11, quote, happen.
And O'Neill, who was deputy director, quit two months before, and he told British News, he said they're going to allow an attack on the World Trade Center as a pretext to get Afghan oil.
That's what he'd been told.
Well, it was more than that, Mr. O'Neill.
You saw part of it, but not all of it.
It isn't that our government let Al-Qaeda attack us.
Criminal elements of our government are Al-Qaeda.
Is Al-Qaeda.
Al-Defense Intelligence.
So this is what we're facing, and we'll get into this coming up in this third hour with Greg Zeminski and, of course, Janet Parker.
We'll also talk to Greg a little bit about the Brigadier General Kevin P. Burns being sacked last week and the attack drills being pushed back to today from yesterday.
Again, it is Thursday, the 18th day of August 2005.
Masses of news when we get back.
Right now, China sets up anti-terror squads as riots spread.
Ooh, and I have that newscast from last week up in Virginia, where they go, we're training to assist the public and fight terror.
They do that by practicing to take your firearms and put you in camps.
Just openly on television and practice dealing with rioters.
Well, so is China.
See, everybody's working on the same page.
Same sheet of music.
Totally staged.
So we'll talk about this as well when we get back.
What surprise are they brewing for us just over the horizon?
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We're good to go.
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That's 1-800-686-2237.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we will talk to one of the most highly decorated men in naval history, Dr. Richard Kiefer, who literally had his intestines all over the...
All over the Conning Tower floor and tied them in, tied his intestines that were literally dragging around the ground, this is eyewitness reports, with a life jacket and then treated the survivors, saving the lives of over 40 people.
When the U.S.
government in Israel cornered the ship and attacked it for a day trying to sink it so they could blame it on Egypt and the Soviets and start World War III.
And that's all come out.
It's all public.
We've had top admirals on.
We've had the...
The Judge Advocate General's on from the Navy.
We've had the people who were in the situation room on the carrier with LBJ going, you listen to me!
That GD ship, I want it going to the bottom!
You got me?
This is a direct order from your president.
You turn those fighters back.
No assistance!
That's a direct order!
No assistance!
That's your loving government.
They just pick a ship, park it, attack it,
And the men would not abandon stations, locked down the bulkheads.
It had, what, 800 and something rocket holes in it.
Giant white phosphorus bombs over a dozen dropped on its deck.
A giant torpedo hit it broadside, blew a giant 30-foot hole through it.
There's photos of it.
Strafed it for hours.
Torpedo boats, jet fighter bombers.
And then came the Israeli Special Forces troops on board their helicopters to kill them
Kill them a day into the attack, and from inside sources we've got out of Israel, the Israeli commandos just refused.
It was just so dastardly, they wouldn't do it.
And then an Israeli pilot's gone public, who was there, they saw the giant American flag, they knew it was happening, he was ordered three times to start attacking the ship, he's gone public.
But imagine, I mean, their own commandos finally just watch, I mean, first they strafe the lifeboats with people in them, and that all happened.
It went on and on for
Hour after hour after hour.
And then the Special Forces helicopters came out with commandos to kill them and blow the ship and sink it.
So they could blame it on their enemies.
But that didn't... They just wouldn't do it.
I guess having to look at them up close and seeing those bleeding, dying men, their commandos just refused.
I guess they didn't think they were cattle.
I guess they thought they were human beings, which they were.
I mean, what have the Americans ever done to Israel?
But again...
Our own government.
I've interviewed the multiple.
What have I had, like five admirals on?
I mean, I've had the people on who got the call from LBJ, folks.
I want that ship going to the bottom!
Minus the blasphemous comment.
I want that GD ship on the bottom!
Do you understand that order?
So that's your loving government.
But if you're patriotic, you will support the president and not the troops.
You will say, good, kill the troops.
Kill them.
Cast chemical and biologicals on them.
Let them breathe, do you?
Kill them.
Kill them.
They are owned by the government.
We worship the government.
Of course, that's not real patriotism.
That is an abomination.
That is a twisting.
That is some nightmare dimension of patriotism.
Patriotism is standing up against tyranny, standing up against evil governments, standing up against corrupt liars.
And look at LBJ at the end of his life.
Hundreds of millions of dollars he got in his cut from Brown and Root and Halliburton and dredging the bay there.
But all the money he'd made going from being a poor boy to being almost a billionaire, in today's money he would be a billionaire, and he was just a sad old man against the war who grew his hair out long and would sit there and cry at the podium at the ranch apologizing.
All of it meant nothing.
The devil took you up on the mountain, LBJ, and offered it all to you, and at the end you were a knock-kneed person crying, which means you may have gone to heaven.
I commend you.
You finally got your soul back at the end.
Maybe you never lost it entirely.
You were just competitive and out of control.
But that won't happen with George Bush and Dick Cheney, folks.
I've really studied them.
That won't happen with Bill Clinton.
There's no turning it around like the thief up on the cross beside Christ.
There's no turning it around for them.
They've gone straight into the pit of hell, folks.
I want that ship going to the bottom!
And strangely enough, most of the Congressional Medal of Honor winners and people that were on that ship who were given it all secretly and told to shut up kept their mouths shut until books were written in the last few years bad-mouthing them.
Talking about how wonderful Israel was and how Israel didn't do anything wrong and how LBJ was good.
And they said, you know what?
That's it.
I took the call from LBJ saying sink the ship.
Let it go down.
And we're going public.
You see, you always got to have your hubris.
Got to shoot your mouths off.
And let me just tell the cops and the special forces and all the bureaucrats listening, I mean, you think the government cares one red cent, one little iota of the criminal elements that control it about you, if they would take a ship,
A prestigious surveillance ship, park it in international waters and attack it to blame it on the Russians and to blame it on the Egyptians.
If they do that to their best and brightest, and a lot of these guys were CIA and defense intelligence and naval intelligence on that ship.
It was a spy ship.
They would take their best and brightest and just sit there and blast it for...
What was the... One attack went on for three hours.
I don't know.
Next attack, two hours.
Three, four more hours more.
Then, strafing lifeboats.
I mean, God kept that ship floating, folks.
No ship was ever... It's the most highly decorated ship in U.S.
And some have looked at other animals in world history.
No British man of war ever took this much flak.
This many attacks.
This many... I mean, just... Giant cannon holes from stem to stern.
Alright, I got a bunch of news, and I'm already getting into the U.S.'
's liberty, but...
This is what governments do.
Israel will blow up its own buildings, kill its own citizens, and then blame it on people to keep the war going.
I'm not saying there aren't real Muslim extremists carrying out bombings, and they're despicable as well.
You know, I knew about this.
I'd read about it in Haratz and a few other big papers in Israel, but it's now come out to full harm.
100,000 Jewish children
100,000 Jewish children.
I did some research on this late last night.
It just touched my heart.
government paid the Israeli government to take 100,000 children over 10 years.
The U.S.
And they would tell their parents at school, oh, it's a field trip to the doctor's office just to check for ringworm, you know, fungus that grows in rings and makes your hair fall out.
And they would take the little children, little girls, little boys, and they would give them 35,000 safe level of radiation to the head.
And many of them would die that night, die the next day.
It just didn't matter.
The government kept it quiet.
Most of them would die within five years.
A few are still alive from the mid-1950s, but they're totally, you know, basically retarded.
And there's even been an Israeli TV special.
I want to get Barry Hamish on to talk about it.
And it's even on Israeli television.
Yeah, the government just... 100,000 children?
And the U.S.
government paid in adjusted dollars over a billion dollars to do this to 100,000 Jewish children.
And I'm anti-Semitic because I'm against killing Jewish children.
Because I'm against Hitler and the Zionists funding Hitler.
Which they admittedly did.
These people hate Jews.
Zionists, the people that claim they're the current Zionists in control, actually are controlled by the New World Order, ladies and gentlemen.
And our government had taken Nazi scientists at that time over to the U.S.
who were running the radiation experiments on our children in the tens of thousands.
And pregnant wives of G.I.s.
All mainstream news.
And those Nazis were doing the same stuff they did in Germany on a wider scale.
And then the very same policies.
A billion bucks of our tax money paid Israel to radiate 100,000 Jewish children.
So now the deaths of people in liberty kind of pales, doesn't it?
But it just shows the psychotic evil
Nature of the New World Order.
And all these governments do it.
The Japanese government, all their people got pardoned that ran the chemical and biological test on our troops.
They got pardoned.
Our government hired them to put the data.
Oh, this is wonderful.
Oh, yes.
See, the globalists see us as total slaves.
They see us as worse than bugs.
They see us as useless feeders and eaters.
I mean, if you're doubting me, it's Jerusalem Post, Harach, just calmly announcing, yeah, we radiated, and most of them died within the year.
We just radiated their brains.
Little kid, imagine taking a six-year-old, putting them under a radiator, totally healthy child, high-powered x-ray, 35,000 times the safe level, and actually frying their brains.
Frying Jewish children's brains.
Why would Jews do that to Jews?
Because these people aren't Jews, folks.
You notice the Jews they did it to were the Mediterranean, African, Spanish Jews who actually have the most blood of King David and Solomon and Moses in them.
It was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, patch-wearing, strutting around, not Jewish, the people Christ talked about, the false Jews that were doing it.
And then you evil, evil white supremacists attack Jews and say they're evil and say they're bad when these aren't even Jews that are doing this.
Evil, evil people.
You're in bed with the ADL.
And see, that sounds so bizarre, people can't even figure that out.
That it's about counterfeits.
It's about fakes.
It's about manipulation.
Well, I, uh...
I stand up for little children everywhere, folks, and I just can't believe the crime of radiating 100,000.
But after all, we've aborted 50 million babies in this country.
So is it hard to believe?
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm not going to talk about it anymore until later in the show when I actually get into the news articles, but just to have Israeli TV admit what we already knew about from documents, but to interview some of the survivors that they openly took a billion bucks to radiate 100,000 Jewish children, I mean, that makes me mad.
Just cold-bloodedly doing that.
And they've done it to children in America.
They've just done so many horrible things.
These are psychotic criminals that are in control.
And they did it to the USS Liberty.
They do it to their own people.
The Nazis did it.
The British have done it.
The Chinese have done it.
It's just evil people that just think of us as worthless.
I mean, I keep repeating that, but...
Stop being naive, folks.
Realize we're in a fight for humanity and society, and everything's on the line.
I've got to take a few minutes out here just to say that in the last 12 years, 11 and a half years that I've been on air, I've really never asked for donations or support with this broadcast.
Because I would even call it pride.
I've seen so many other people take advantage of people's generosity.
That I've stayed away from.
And I have been sent donations, and we'll call people up and say, are you wealthy?
And if they say yes, we'll go, okay, we'll take it, thank you.
But I've had a few times where it's an old lady, and she's given me money she can't afford.
I send it back.
We've done that many times.
A lot of other patriots and people are shocked by that.
Again, we just need you to buy the videos and the books that we offer.
That's how you support us.
But I will tell you that...
A gentleman in the United Kingdom gave us a substantive donation.
We talked to him.
He can obviously afford it, so we will take it.
I will let you know that I took the money that we made from the six showings that I had of martial law here in Austin, and I bought...
A TV quality TV camera.
And you can see the difference in quality compared to the even other expensive cameras I had.
Now this thing's high definition and shoots in film quality.
And now when you see the interviews with MI5 agents in England or Michael Meacher or Cindy Sheehan or Ray McGovern, the CIA briefer for George Herbert Walker Bush and Ronald Reagan, you can see the difference.
And we're going to take this donation because we did not have the money to buy an even better editing system.
We've got two computers, but they're not old, but in this business, two years old is old, folks.
It slows us down.
We can't get stuff done.
I'm going to buy new computers.
I'm going to buy two new computers with this.
So thank you.
100% of that is going to go into the fight.
So you just put gas in our warmock or in our tank here, in our battleship, to run over the enemies.
So we'll just put it right back into the fight, because that's my lust.
That's my passion.
I mean, that's my drive, is I just love to wake people up.
I get a thrill out of exposing evil.
I mean, I got a thrill last night out of taking a 30-minute production we put together since Sunday, really professional, that one of my editors did.
He doesn't want to be thanked on air, so I won't say his name.
People say, why don't you mention your crew?
Well, some of them don't want attention, folks.
But he did a great job.
I don't know.
I'm just, again, I'm humbled by the support.
I am humbled by the talented people that support us.
I am humbled by the dedication.
I am...
I realize that I've got to do a good job.
I mean, we have millions of people listening to us.
We've got to tell it like it is and be bold and not pull punches.
And whenever it's midnight and I've been up since 7 a.m.
and I've got to do some midnight radio interview and I don't want to do it, I just remember that we're going to be warning tens of thousands of people who have never heard the truth and that we've got a job to expose these evil terrorists.
To expose these killers that radiate children's brains, that put poison in the water supply because they hate us, because they want to dumb us down, because they want to control us.
And we've got to have the will to face the data.
I mean, all the time I try to disprove the conclusions we come to.
I may rant and rave on the air, but I scientifically...
People that know me, I'm very quiet, very focused, until I then get on air and then just force myself to focus on what I've researched.
And sometimes I get a bit emotional because I tend to shift into preacher mode, frankly because it gives me energy.
It's really a crutch.
The ranting and raving is a crutch, folks.
Because when I go into that mode, I have vast resources of energy.
To be calm is actually very stressful.
Because I'm in that mode most of the time.
Quietly focusing, researching, working, doing the basics.
But all of you, I just salute you to Oz there in the UK.
We want to thank you.
Alright, we'll be right back with the news, your calls, and we've got four big guests coming up in the second and third hours.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network
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Alright, Chris and Pat and others, your calls are coming up.
On Monday, ABC News Australia, ABC News is a branch over there, reported what has been the Latin American press for almost a year.
Sully Castillo talked about it on this broadcast, former top DEA agent in Latin America.
He talked about it about a year ago on this show, and then again about six months ago.
And last weekend, we posted the article, Secret Border Wars, and it's on the right-hand side of prisonplanet.com.
It's on the right-hand side of prisonplanet.com, the news in focus.
No one has linked to it.
It's got no attention.
I don't know why this story can't get traction.
Rocket attacks, bazooka attacks, firebombs, 600-plus dead this year alone on both sides.
Dozens and dozens of dead cops on both sides.
Los Zetas is CIA-trained.
Fort Benning, Georgia, they're working for the CIA.
This has even come out in mainstream newspapers, folks, okay?
But you never see it in the national news.
They're out killing drug dealers that don't pay their cut.
And ABC News Australia reported that foreign former death squad commanders and new recruits by the thousands have been hired to be shipped to Iraq to carry out torture and mass murder.
That's why they wear black masks, so you don't know they're Latin American.
They love to use Latin Americans to pose as Arabs, just like they did in the London bombings, folks, because, you know, it's just a perfect fit.
And I told you that we're going to have Latin American death squads, not just the Los Zetas Mexican troops, but Latin American death squads are being trained at the South Texas Ranch.
And we told you this four months ago.
And we learned of this.
Do you understand the magnitude?
Well, now...
Kevin Smith has it in front of him.
We're posting it on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com within the hour on top of our border war story.
And since we posted that, two governors have declared states of emergency in New Mexico and Arizona, Richardson and Napolitano, respectively.
I mean, it is insane.
And, folks, I'm not joking.
They work for the CIA.
They are a plausible deniability death squad, and they will be used politically as well.
So we're facing actual death squads in America.
And, I mean, you've got a few hundred deaths in Latin American countries, and when it turned into tens of thousands, it was top news here.
You know, with the death squads down there.
Why isn't it news here?
We now have narco-terrorist drug squads, and it is in the mainstream news.
The Cabelas are with the Los Zetas.
Now we have Guatemalan troops attacking and killing.
And good to have you on with us, Kevin Smith.
Kevin, I mean, people can't believe it when we talk about this, but here it is in the San Antonio Express News.
It's right in your face, and I appreciate you getting me on real quick.
I just got a call a few minutes ago from Sally Cascio pointing this out to me, and I'll just read you a little bit of it real quick.
It says that Guatemala Commandos, who may be training drug cartel gunmen on a ranch south of McAllen in Mexico, a July 28th intelligence alert is... But see, we know where the ranch is near the King Ranch in South Texas.
By the way, in the next month or so, we are going down there.
Both sides, baby.
But it's a dangerous mission yet.
I can't wait.
It states about 30 men, once part of the Guatemalan Cabelas Special Forces Unit, are reported to be training members of Zetas, a paramilitary group.
We know the rest.
It continues on, and it says these are a former rogue element again.
Trained by the U.S.
government, yeah.
As soon as they graduate, they go rogue.
And they get on C-130s and are flown to Iraq, going rogue.
In fact, some of your previous statements, in one night, 44 kidnapped people were rescued, then quickly detained on suspicion of working for drug gangs.
So, sure enough, the people they were kidnapping and murdering, guess what?
They worked for the rival.
No, no, we know.
We know.
Selly has the inside.
I actually have some other sources.
Even before all this broke loose a year ago, we knew the U.S.
government controls the heroin and cocaine traffic.
They've lost a large portion of their monopoly.
Now it's an oligopoly.
It is a literal war for control of the $250 billion U.S.
Well, another telling thing about this group, their name derived from a Mayan leader who avoided the Spanish conquistadors.
And they were accused of human rights abuses during the Guatemala Civil War of the 80s.
And what's really telling here is that Selly trained these people.
This was the anti-drug units that Selly was training in Guatemala.
And he used to bring Delta in to help train.
So, again, this is an extension of Negroponte.
He was now the supreme head of all intelligence.
And now our domestic commissariat, he has the same job as Marcus Wolff did, the head of the Stasi, and they've hired Marcus Wolff to help them create the Stasi squads.
And, lo and behold, every day, the biggest janitorial company will now be spying on you.
The biggest exterminator company.
All truck drivers.
Everybody's going to be a tattletale now.
You know, in the past... And they give them a little bit of petty power now, and now they're slinking around.
You know, in the past in Texas, Alex, law enforcement's very territorial.
You know, they don't like other law enforcement coming into their backyard and telling them what to do.
So, I mean, where's the response from law enforcement in Texas saying...
We've got these people coming into our backyard, killing, doing as they will.
We're going to go out there and stop them.
They're not going to do a thing.
They're going to pull families over and shake them down and give them tickets and search vehicles and take 16-year-olds with, you know, one hit or a marijuana to jail.
Well, it just shows you, look, they put Negroponte in place, and what is happening?
I mean, it says, you know, overnight, these people... Hey, Selly a year ago said, Negroponte becomes head of intelligence, you're going to have death squads in America.
Boom, look what happened.
If you want him on, give him a call.
He's ready.
Well, I can't do it because I've got the USS Liberty people coming on, and then I've got one of the associates of the FBI agent they killed who was trying to blow the whistle before 9-11.
Well, I know you can't today, but I just wanted to put that out there.
It's in your face.
No, no, tell Shelly if he wants to.
I've got two guests tomorrow, too.
Tell Shelly if he wants to come on at 1130 tomorrow.
He's welcome.
All right.
Hey, Alex, have a great job.
Do a great job.
Take care, Kevin.
Have a great day.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, we've got to search your credit cards.
We've got to put microphones up all over your cities.
We've got to set up checkpoints and search you.
We've got to search your children in the public schools.
We've got to, you know, have terror drills, practicing taking your guns.
Oh, but we're going to let the Mexican and Guatemalan terror gangs, literally controlled by the U.S.
Because I have articles where they admit they're hiring these groups and paying them right now in Iraq.
They're actually flying Latin Americans and already 20-something percent of our military on the ground in Iraq is Mexican and Latin American.
I mean, and now they're here running around slaughtering.
I mean, do you understand the magnitude of this?
And I can get no one, none of the alternative media for some reason will talk about this, will deal with this.
I get calls, you shouldn't interview Selly.
He once went to a university and protested and there were some leftists there.
Standing beside him, and he may be... Whatever, man.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
This stuff is real.
This stuff is going on.
And I predict now that they're going to be doing political murders.
I mean, these are the type of folks that if I get killed, that's who will kill me.
And they'll just say that, oh, Alex Jones was carjacked.
They'll just walk up, just like they did Barry Seal, pop about 12 rounds into me.
Luckily, it won't be very painful.
And there you've... I mean, seriously, folks.
I've already done the analysis.
You want to know?
You want to know?
You're worried about getting killed by the New World Order.
I'm going to be honest with you.
I don't get into mystical stuff.
I'm a Christian, but I don't get off into all this.
I had a recurring dream for about five years when I was a senior in high school into college, and it was of Mexican troops ruling us.
And, folks, these are the type of dreams I'd wake up with my heart pounding, sweating,
And it was in the far-off future.
I was an adult.
I had children.
I remember in the dream, I'd see myself in the mirror.
I was balding, which is starting to happen, and starting to lose my hair.
And it was real, folks.
It was real towns I'd never been to.
And then I was driving in the Hill Country and came to a four-way stop where I'd had the dream.
And I know the dreams I'm not supposed to ignore.
I've only had a few others.
Like I'd have a dream, wake up heart pounding, where I walk around a corner of a building I've never been to, and somebody assaults me.
And then I'm walking, and as I'm walking, I even told people about the dream, and then I'm walking, and then the person assaults me, wearing the same striped purple and green shirt.
And I've only had a few other dreams like that.
We all have that sixth sense or whatever.
All the evidence shows it.
All the facts show it.
All the preparations show it.
All the details show it.
They're going to turn the Southwest into a Kosovo.
You understand that?
This is the new KLA.
But they're going to control this new KLA.
This is all going to be run out of the Pentagon.
And this is going to be their terror forces.
And I remember telling people about that dream 15 years ago.
14 years ago.
And I didn't even really know about the New World Order then.
I was just waking up.
I was like, what is this dream?
And I had it like every week, folks.
I mean, I have just an image of it.
The Mexican troops running checkpoints, backed up by our troops, and families being pulled out of cars.
I'm telling you it's going to happen.
Unless we stop it.
And, you know, I mean, I've got to share this with you.
I think I've mentioned it one other time.
I mean, if you want to call it a vision, that's exactly what it is.
And these are horrible.
It's horrible.
I mean, and now we see it.
And now no one will talk about it.
I mean, rocket attacks, bazooka attacks, heart bombs, murders, just everywhere.
And it's really going on, folks.
I hate to see, you know, nightmares starting to come true.
But, again, in the dream, I'm with my family, and let's just say I engaged the Mexican troops.
And so, you know, that's all I can say is that we're not going to put up with this, folks.
I mean, I know that our government controls this, and it's letting this happen.
It's just horrible, folks.
It's so sick.
But you don't have to go off the dreams of Alex Jones.
I mean, you can just read the San Antonio Express News, the Brownsville Herald, the Dallas Morning News, Associated Press, CBS News, ABC News.
I mean, it's all there.
The nightmare is there.
And I'm talking about over the next 10 years, folks, just getting worse and worse and worse and worse.
Let's just go ahead and take calls.
Chris in Texas.
Go ahead, Chris.
Bless you for everything that you do.
You know, talking about evil people and needing to do something about them, the scumbag in Crawford that mowed down the War Hero Memorial, I have his name and phone number I'd like to get out.
No, we're not going to do that.
That's patently illegal.
It's activism, though, brother.
That won't do a thing, calling and wasting our time on some just mindless idiot.
You know, that guy probably isn't even that evil.
He's just dumb.
But what else is on your mind, Chris?
Good point.
Well, I'm looking forward to hearing your guess today.
You know, the Crawford thing is kind of minor, and it was, you know, reading the polls on News 8, listening to everybody badmouth Miss Sheehan.
You know, these neocons have completely lost their sense of compassion and their sense of humanity.
And it's, you know, it's frightening.
It's alarming to see.
It was nice to hear from Kevin.
I'm looking forward to your report from down on the border.
Please be careful.
Well, that's coming up in a while, you know.
Yeah, you were saying about a month you were going to go and you were going to go down and... I never, you know, I always just pop up places.
Right, right, right, right.
Can't be leaving a pattern or letting people know when you're going.
But when you do go, Godspeed and be careful, brother.
Keep up the good work.
Well, I appreciate that call.
Let me just say this.
We have the clip.
We'll air it later if we have time.
Nothing against G. Gordon Liddy.
I mean, I've had G. Gordon Liddy on this show, what, three times?
I agree with him on the Second Amendment, a lot of stuff.
But he's really out of control.
First, he was against the Patriot Act.
Now he defends it.
I mean, he had a lot of flip-flopping going on.
And calling Cindy Sheehan anti-Semitic is just despicable.
Because she used the word neocon.
And he says, if you use the word neocon, that's code for anti-Semitism.
Folks, the neocons in published books ten years ago called themselves neoconservatives.
So that'd be like if the say the revolutionaries in Texas called themselves the Texians and then a hundred years later I call them the Texians and they go, oh that's anti-Texian if you call them Texian.
I mean it
That would be like if a black person called themselves African-American and you said, well, the African-Americans say this.
Oh, you're anti-black.
You said African-American.
I mean, it's off the charts.
Oh, that's code.
You know, you talk about the IMF and World Bank.
That's code for anti-Semitism.
What, am I talking about the sun coming up?
Is that code for anti-Semitism?
If I say I don't want to have the war with Iraq, it's anti-Semitism?
I mean, now it's lost all credibility, even on Fox News.
The other guest and others, when he said this, said, oh, that's ridiculous, because you can get sued for that, folks.
I mean, I talked to Cindy Sheehan.
She says that a lot of this is for Israel, which part of it is.
It's about domestic police state and trillions in oil, but part of it is about Israel.
I mean, are we allowed to say that Israel's cheering on the war?
I mean, half the Jews in Israel are against the war.
More than half.
Sharon's government's hanging on by its fingernails.
So are they all anti-Semitic?
What about those 100,000 Jewish children that the Israeli government radiated?
Many of them died.
Most of them died.
Are you anti-Semitic if you talk about that?
Folks, I love everybody.
And, you know, this is balkanization.
I mean, I've got video.
It's on the website.
G. Gordon Liddy says, if you say neocon, you're anti-Semitic.
And they say, you're saying she's anti-Semitic.
Yes, she's an anti-Semite.
Because she said neocon.
Now, Liddy is not stupid, folks.
And he's an intelligence hack.
If anybody is... I'm not even going to... Everybody knows about Liddy and who he thinks he is and the clicking of the heels and all that.
I mean, you talk about...
You talk about the pot calling the kettle black, folks.
I mean, this is the pot calling Lily white black.
I mean, this is a joke.
I mean, I'm tired of it, folks.
I've got the sniveling neo-Nazis death-threading me on a routine basis, and I've got the ADL saying mean things about me.
False quoting me.
Oh, the latest thing.
I mean, I could own them.
I don't have the time to do it.
They don't even say I'm an anti-Semite.
They're like,
They just mix me in with horrible people and then just say, Alex Jones says Mexicans' culture is, what was the exact quote, is just pure evil.
Though I said the Aztec culture.
I actually went back and listened to the show.
They even psyched the show.
I knew I didn't say that anyways.
By and large, it's a good culture in many respects.
Pro-family, very pro-family, very pro-father culture.
You know, just very good.
I like it.
Other than the kickbacks, the Mordito, all of that stuff that's left over from Spain and then a mixture of other stuff.
I've never said that about that culture.
I've said the Aztec culture is extremely evil.
Just like the Nazi culture is.
Just like the Zionist culture is.
And I'm sick of it.
See, that's all they can do.
It's like when the Charlton Post Dispatch attacked me two days ago.
They actually created fake quotes, things I didn't say, and then attributed them to me.
So, you know, folks, and I can't respond to all the attacks by the government hacks and the liars and the fake neocons and the fake patriots on the web.
I mean, people say, well, why don't you respond?
Because it'll just regenerate itself and I've got to respond, respond, respond.
Just know it is a pack of lies.
As George Galloway said, I mean, it's just a pack of lies.
It's all a pack of lies.
It's just everything I've ever seen criticizing me is a pack of lies.
Other than I cut people off and I'm obnoxious and aggressive.
Yes, I stand guilty, but everything is a pack of lies.
Look at the accusers.
They are the ones you should look at.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Pat and Robert and Arthur and Skunk and Tim, everybody, your calls are coming up.
We have the director of the Loss of Liberty video and the highly decorated doctor who saved so many lives on that ship that day joining us as well coming up.
And then just another incredible guest in the third hour.
But I'm going to go to your calls here in a second.
I've got to say this.
This is just one example of a thousand ways they spin in line.
The other day I'm listening to Sean Hannity.
For some reason they've got him on right after I go off the air on WOAI.
I attended WOAI when I got off air and I was listening.
It was Sean Hannity instead of the local show because he's down in Texas.
Traipsing about the border.
And he talked about the border out of control.
Why won't Bush fix it?
For ten minutes I thought, you know, I know what he's going to do.
He's going to say amnesty will fix it.
It's not about the tens of millions that are here and the more that want to come.
It's going to be about Al Qaeda.
So let's just have a national ID card and legalize all of them.
And I knew it.
I never heard him talk this hardcore, but he was getting everybody fired up, and his answer was the guest worker program, and I heard it, see.
So they, oh, it's horrible, it's bad, let's legalize them.
But they don't say that.
They say, let's give them a guest worker.
So that's the type of stuff we deal with.
They'll admit all the truth and then give you a bad solution.
I agree with you, Sean.
These liberals don't want a guest worker program.
They need to be stopped.
The liberals are the ones that proposed it!
I mean, you people are the dumbest dirt, man, that can listen to that and be... And these people are consciously trying to lie to you and manipulate you.
And you just sit there buying it and loving it.
You like people laughing at you?
You like being conned?
You like being stupid?
You like losing the war for this country?
Oh, man.
All right, I'm going to...
And I'm just going to say it briefly.
I've got 12 films I made, a bunch of other videos and books we carry, a whole video and bookstore on Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Or you can call toll free to get any of my great videos.
A lot of big discounts right now.
Or go to PrisonPlanet.tv to see all these great weekly reports we do from England and Crawford and you name it.
It's all up on PrisonPlanet.tv.
Let's go ahead and go to Pat in Indiana.
Pat, go ahead.
I'm calling today because I called Troy Derengoski's show this morning here in Indiana, and they were taking a survey who was for Bush and who was against Bush.
And I called in.
Most of them were calling for Bush.
Yeah, it's a neocon radio station.
Yeah, and I tried to tell him, you know, we've got a war going on down at the border.
He's a
And they said you were crazy.
Yeah, I was crazy.
And then I had another question about Gary Wills.
He was on once before, and I sent you a video, and they had it again on this Sunday.
And Gary Wills also said he was a member, he was on the Warren Report, the Warren Commission, and that he wrote the book about Jack Ruby.
And I was just wondering, did you get that video?
And also, Judge Andrew Apolitano was on there.
And they keep bringing Wills up quite often now.
All right, well, I'll check that out.
Thank you so much for the call, Pat.
Good to hear from you.
We're out of time for this hour.
We're going to go ahead and get our two guests on now, but we'll get to your calls, don't worry.
Robert and others that are holding.
Let's go ahead and get Dr. Richard Kiefer on.
We'll go ahead and call him.
And the director of the film Loss of Liberty, Tito Howard, that they now have gotten out on DVD finally.
So we have that available via DVD with some extras as well at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We also have the new video.
Beyond treason available.
This is the best work yet out of Power Hour Productions.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with the second hour.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
We're here, my friends, blasting out on the AM and FM dial from Southern California to upstate New York, Niagara Falls from...
From the panhandle of Florida to Kansas City, Missouri.
From Chicago, Illinois to, well, the beautiful fields of Ohio.
We are here, ladies and gentlemen, and for the next 60 minutes, I am truly honored to be joined by a great American filmmaker, Tito Howard.
But I tell you, his work and my work pale in significance to somebody who I'm sure doesn't want to hear what a hero he is, but he is a true hero, Dr. Richard Kiefer, a very highly decorated naval officer who was one of the survivors, one of the heroes, one of the victims of the dastardly premeditated attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967.
This had the anniversary a few months ago.
And we are here in the next hour to talk about this.
And before I go to Dr. Richard Kiefer, who I know doesn't want to toot his own horn, let's bring up Tito Howard to tell us, well, there's a lot of new developments on the USS Liberty, even more mounding evidence of premeditated problem reaction solution.
But just tell us about Dr. Richard Kiefer, and in the next few minutes, then we're going to go to break and come back with Dr. Richard Kiefer.
But Tito, good to have you on with us.
Good to be back with you, Alex.
And I welcome the opportunity to introduce to your audience a truly great American.
He was the only doctor aboard Liberty.
He had a bullet hole.
He had a burn.
He had 11 pieces of shrapnel in his abdomen, which he kept
He held together with a life jacket, and he continued to operate on seriously wounded American sailors.
And even under those conditions, he had a broken right kneecap and other injuries.
And he stood on those legs for 28 consecutive hours.
Saving American lives and limb.
Well, for those that don't know, I mean, having one piece of shrapnel in your stomach would make you incredibly nauseated.
It's superhuman, but that's what people do in times of crisis.
So he's an eyewitness to all of this carnage, and we're going to be talking to him after this break, but please continue, Tito.
Yes, well, he is more familiar with the carnage than any other single person, and he was also at the Navy...
Court of Inquiry, and I think it would be good if you'd ask him to address some of those things.
They were not allowed to give the evidence they wanted to, and we're challenging that whole thing now, which I'll get into more depth later.
Yeah, it's important also, you know, in a thumbnail sketch for those that don't know about the USS Liberty, to just in a thumbnail from you and, of course, the doctor, what happened that day back in 1967.
Just unbelievable.
Twenty... How many hours?
Twenty-eight consecutive hours.
And he stayed with the ship all the way to Malta, although addressing his own wounds.
And he was one of the 15 or 18 that brought the ship all the way back to... Well, I think it's safe to say they hardly make them like that anymore.
I mean, just amazing.
It's just amazing to, and thank God that he and others stayed at their post or that ship certainly would have gone down.
Certainly, and George Golden, the ship's engineers stayed down in the boiler room even though it was very dangerous to do that because if something happens, they're gone.
And Captain McGonigal was a great man too, but
I think we need to focus today on the role of the doctor, and I feel that he's responsible for something like 40 or 42 American lives saved.
All right, well, we'll come back and talk to the doctor who we're honored to have on with us, Dr. Richard Kiefer.
And I do carry limited films and books, but I believe in this film.
Loss of Liberty, we do carry it on Infowars.com.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now 8 minutes 30 seconds into this second hour.
Back in 1967, a naval ship was under orders, parked off the coast of Israel in international waters, and came under attack.
And it was the story of the USS Liberty.
And we are joined by a filmmaker, Tito Howard, who's done a great job making the film The Loss of Liberty.
And we are also joined by the doctor, the ship's doctor, the only medical personnel on board the ship, Dr. Richard Kiefer, who himself had a bullet wound, over ten pieces of shrapnel in his stomach, had to tie his stomach together with a life jacket, and of course a broken kneecap, and the ship was under attack for hour after hour by torpedo boats, fighter bombers.
You name it, Israel trying to sink it, of course, to be blamed on Egypt as a pretext for war, and our own government complicit.
And we've had admirals on, we've had other victims that were on the ship, other heroes on, but never been honored to have Dr. Richard Kiefer on.
We, of course, had Tito on many times.
And Dr. Kiefer, thank you for coming on with us today.
Well, glad to be here.
Why don't you and Tito just go back and forth, but first you, I mean, describe that day, what the mission was, why you were there, and then what transpired over the next 28 hours, how the Navy wouldn't give you assistance, what you had to do, the carnage you witnessed, sir.
Well, our mission was to monitor transmissions from tank groups and aircrafts.
Specifically to see if Russians, Russian pilots were piloting the Russian aircraft.
And that would have, I guess, turned a sensitive situation into an inflammatory one.
We were off the coast of Egypt, a few miles out from, and we could see the minaret from
A column of smoke coming from that city.
We had been overflown several times.
One plane, an old B-25 came in.
Doctor, I'm sorry to interrupt you.
Can you speak up for us?
Thank you.
A plane, Israel marking B-25, came over.
Came so close that the captain told the officer of the deck, watch that plane, and if he opens Bombay doors, call General Quarters and Hard Right.
So the captain instinctively felt something was wrong?
And he had been about 25 years in the Navy...
Several turns at sea, and yeah, he had the feeling about that.
We, however, felt that we were in international waters, flying an American flag, and we're safe.
So it was kind of like, oh, the captain's overreacting, or... I don't think it got to that point, but we were sort of worried of
Who was doing what?
So this plane was acting aggressively?
Please continue.
Well, there was a quiet period from 11 o'clock till 1 o'clock.
We had lunch and at 1 o'clock had a general quarters drill.
Again, possibly indicating that the captain felt threatened.
We secured from that and everyone was back at their station.
And at that time, my station was having coffee in the boardroom while the corpsman took care of the minor problems in afternoon sick call and waited for me to get their
To look at the ones that they thought were more serious than they could handle.
A few minutes after 2 o'clock came the first explosion.
George Golden, who is the chief engineer, thought that that had come from one of his boilers and that there had been some kind of a
Explosion in the engine room and he took off.
I felt safe enough.
I didn't think it was a full-fledged attack.
So that rather than going down one level across and up another ladder to sickbay, I walked across the 40 or 50 feet of deck between the mains
Portion of the ship's superstructure and the entrance to sickbay.
When that happened, I saw an aircraft fly over and the announcement came out of general quarters.
General quarters were under attack.
I went in to sickbay.
Now, sickbay had a total of six
We tend to put someone on the floor.
That man was carried in as several, well, very significant ones.
But that was a time when I was told that
There were dozens of injured.
So now you know you're really under attack.
I mean, Doctor, can you kind of, and I know it's a long story, but crystallize then kind of the abbreviated version of what happened over the next 28 hours, the waves of attacks by boats and bombers and all of this?
Yeah, the initial attack came from
Three air squadrons.
Two Mirage One Spear.
Half hour into the attack, we picked up a squadron of torpedo boats who also came, launched their torpedoes.
We were hit by one of
The six torpedoes that they launched.
Now, how big of a hole was that?
35 by 50.
And folks, I mean, literally, giant holes smashing in the ship, but luckily, thank God, you guys had already locked down the ship.
Now, all total, it was what?
800 and something cannon holes, thousands of stray holes, a torpedo hole.
How many white phosphorus bombs did the three squadrons of planes drop on you?
I didn't count, but there were several.
Probably at least four.
When did you sustain your bullet wound and the 11 or 12 other wounds and the broken kneecap?
Okay, the broken kneecap came when we were told that we were under torpedo attack.
And I got to...
So you were holding them down, shielding them?
And then the torpedo hit, and what the... And a book...
Fell off one of the shelves and landed on my knee.
Where did you get the bullet wound from?
The bullet wound came when I was on deck bringing a couple of sailors in.
I had seen them and asked some of the other people to bring them in.
The persistent sentiment there was we're not going out on that.
How many hours did this go on?
I mean, the strafing and the boats attacking?
From the time of the first strafing to the last torpedo was two to two and a half hours.
When did you get the shrapnel?
The shrapnel came in sickbay and got
Myself, one person who'd come in with wounds, and I had just done first aid treatment on that because there were another 100 below
Doctor, how were you able to do that with a broken kneecap, a bullet hole in you, and then, according to press reports, your stomach, basically, wide open, your belly wide open?
I mean, how were you able to keep it functioning?
I took two of the morphine doses, took them from the large container that they came in, and I tried to balance myself
Between being ready to fall asleep and not being able to function for pain.
All right.
We'll stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
We're going to come back.
And then you guys are calling for help.
Help us.
Help us.
And it's 28 hours.
You don't get help.
And we've talked to the admirals, folks, when the call came in from the president.
You know, that GD boat's going to the bottom.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
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Central Standard Time.
We're here live, folks.
We're talking about USS Liberty.
We're talking to Tito Howard, who made the Loss of Liberty video that we incidentally carry at Infowars.com.
And we're talking to Dr. Richard Kiefer, a very highly decorated sailor, a medical doctor on board the ship, ship's doctor.
We're good to go.
Or we'll have both you guys up together.
I mean, are there any important questions you think I should bring up to Dr. Kiefer or any points you want to make, Tito?
Well, when you do get to Dr. Kiefer, I think it's important for your audience to be aware of how the crew was treated in Malta by the Navy and how the court of inquiry conducted itself in Malta.
Dr. Kiefer, of course, was there, and he's very insightful on that.
Well, I mean, we've had the people that were there on, and the Admiral, when they got to the ship, took them in and said, Now, tell me everything you know, and took his hat off.
His stars off.
Yeah, and then later he said, Okay, now, if you tell anybody what you know, you're going to prison for the rest of your life, or worse.
Yeah, they said...
Court, marshal, prison, or worse.
And they all said we knew what worse meant.
Now, they secretly gave out a bunch of awards.
Tell folks, Tito, the awards that Dr. Kiefer and the captain and others got.
Well, the captain got the Medal of Honor.
I thought that Dr. Kiefer, if ever in the history of our American military, a doctor deserved a Medal of Honor, Dr. Kiefer did.
Not only to have the training and
And wisdom he had as a doctor.
He was a very strong physical specimen.
And when he was out on deck, he brought in two wounded sailors himself.
And he won the Silver Star.
And there was over a total of 500 medals and awards given.
Yeah, most decorated ship, but that was all done secretly.
Yes, and the captain got his Medal of Honor.
By Ignatius, Secretary of the Navy Ignatius in the back room of the Navy Yard in Washington on the same day that President Johnson gave two lesser medals to two of our Vietnam heroes.
But I'd like to address some of the...
The recent things that... We're going to do that.
We've got 30 minutes coming up right now, in a nutshell.
Dr. Kiefer, finish up the 28 hours.
It's hard to describe that in five hours here on air.
Where was your bullet wound?
My bullet wound came when I was taking men in, and it went across the back of my calf, right about the knee.
Fortunately, a missing bone.
What caliber was that?
50, 50 cal.
I mean, how did you have a broken kneecap and a 50 cal in the calf and 11 or 12 shrapnel wounds according to reports?
Is it accurate that you had your guts hanging out?
Okay, how bad was it?
It was the tissue below where they shot the abdominal, for want of a nice term, fat.
Was hanging out.
Okay, so there was, you know.
I mean, the person... It was not the intestine.
Yeah, the reports were there was just stuff hanging out of your, you know.
Man, that's incredible.
So, I mean, how much pain were you in?
I mean, I've been hurt really bad before, you know, had like a bone sticking out, and it's so hard to even think when you got a, you know, like a compound fracture or something.
I mean, I'm sure you were in a lot more pain than most of us have ever been in.
How did you function?
Well, basically on morphine and anger.
Oh, anger!
We did not know who our assailants were at the time, but whoever it was, it just
Made everybody furious.
Can you talk about the scraping of the lifeboats?
Did that make you even more angry?
Because that's totally illegal.
Well, they wanted all survivors gone.
What happened with the scraping of the lifeboats?
Well, our lifeboats would go over the side and inflate.
When they would start to inflate, the
50 caliber machine gunners would just shoot them up and they'd sink.
One of them was taken aboard one of their boats and I am told it is on exhibit somewhere in Israel.
I mean, there's the hardcore proof they knew who they were attacking.
They're grabbing lifeboats.
This is funny.
I want to talk about those sending the commando helicopters with the commandos.
Yes, our gallant little ally.
We'll be right back.
But, of course, doing the bidding of LBJ.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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38 years ago, almost 38 years ago, I mean, this ship is under attack.
The Israelis are up close doing this, giant American flag flying.
But Israeli pilots come public and said, yeah, we knew it was an American ship, we were ordered to attack it.
But while the ship's being attacked, planes are launched to defend it, and LBJ says, no, you leave it alone, that ship goes to the bottom.
And I've interviewed, I don't know, probably ten of the survivors, many other people over the years, admirals, people who were on the board of inquiry, people who were in internal talks,
The ship, basically the White House, had it parked out there, and from all the evidence, and this was going to be blamed on Egypt, and then to kick off a war with the Soviets.
That's what the predominant evidence shows.
And it's just horrible.
It's absolutely horrible.
I mean, I guess the Gulf of Tonkin wasn't real.
And people were finding out about that.
That wasn't successful enough to get us into Vietnam.
And now the LBJ tapes have been released with him with McNamara.
We've played them here on air where they talk about the ships were never attacked.
It was just all staged.
I'm not debating the Vietnam War, folks.
I'm not supporting the North Vietnamese.
My point is that this is very cynically done.
And so I want to finish up with what happened, the despicable acts that happened, and then get into the cover-up and
Well, they came several hours after the attack had stopped.
If the last...
Police from the torpedo boat came at 415.
They came at 630 or something like that.
There was an American from the embassy with them who dropped the note over with his card and said, you know, can he help?
Captain and I decided what we really didn't need was somebody who had been at a desk in the morning coming in and running the ship in the afternoon.
So we sent back a message that we are not under control and on that basis they left.
Could I add something to that Alex?
Yeah, I'm sure the commandos were there to help.
Sure, go ahead.
It's interesting because actually there were three helicopters.
There were two that came more immediately after the end of the fighting.
And we had one of the crew members had taken a picture.
I'm not sure if it was the captain or someone else.
And we had the numbers blown up.
And we know already that the Israeli Air Force and Navy is involved.
And those numbers blown up showed that these were
I think the first round backed off because they knew you guys could probably hold up against them.
No, what it was is that...
They got a transmission that they thought help was coming from the 6th Fleet, and they took off.
There was also a Russian ship they knew taking photos, all this.
Yes, and there's something in that regard I want to get to later.
But the other thing is, the other helicopter that brought Commander Castle, who was the Navy attache at our embassy in Tel Aviv, and he is the one who asked if there was help, right?
If there was any casualties and there was blood and parts of Americans all over the decks, it was outrageous.
But the important thing, one of the important things to remember about those motor torpedo boats is that they were off like 600, 650 yards waiting for the Liberty to sink.
And they had taken under fire
The life rafts on board Liberty, some of them were already ready to get in the water.
And they could only find three when the captain had given the order to abandon ship.
Only three that was left out of the entire ship's company.
And so they came back and took them under fire.
They sank two and they
One of their .50 caliber shells cut the tether, and they took that aboard, and they put it in a military museum in the northern Negev near Des Moines.
Now, this is a big... This is a war trophy.
Yes, they... I've seen photos of the celebration of this, yeah.
Yeah, it's outrageous.
Now, understand, folks, 600 yards away, there was an unusually large American flag on this ship.
And again, they've already gone public.
It was an American ship.
They were trying to sink it.
And our government was involved, but... Oh, no question.
But I mean, so obvious.
I mean, why isn't it on Fox television?
Well, there's a good reason why it's not on Fox.
Rupert Murdoch owns Fox.
Well, absolutely.
And he bought the London Times and the London Sunday Times after they had a six-part series on torture in Israeli prisons.
Then Rupert Murdoch bought the London Times, one of the...
Well, exactly.
My point is, imagine if the Muslims had war trophies from dead Americans.
We'd be hearing about it.
We'd be hearing about it.
I mean, this is sick.
We give Israel everything, and they do this to us?
They treat us like this?
Yeah, and the worst part of it is our president forcing the recall of the planes.
It's very interesting because...
There's the Liberty Veterans Association, an organization of the survivors, and we have an organization mostly of admirals and other Navy officers called the Liberty Alliance.
And we are both in the process of taking action against the government.
The Liberty Veterans Association on the 8th of June delivered a war crimes report
To the Secretary of the Army, who is the executive agent for the Secretary of Defense for matters like this.
And that, we understand now, has been given to NCIS, which is the Navy Criminal Investigative Service.
We should do what Henry VIII did.
We should dig LBJ up and try his dead body.
Well, he's down in your neck of the woods.
Maybe that's something you can do.
I'm being sarcastic.
I'm not being serious, folks.
I don't really mean to dig up his body.
It's a historical figurative statement.
Dr. Richard Kiefer, why do you think they were so bloodthirstily hateful towards you when you did nothing?
Well, from about the first day, I argued that they would not have done that.
They wouldn't have tried it.
If they didn't have assurances that the 6th Fleet would come in and well, blow up everything that they sent after us.
But they must have known and apparently it came from the level of LBJ that they were going to attack it.
They were going to try to attack it before we could get
SOS out because they were jamming our radio frequency.
That shows the premeditated nature, jamming when they came in for the attack.
The important thing about that, Alex, is if they want us to believe their argument that they thought it was a 1920s Egyptian horse freighter, the Alcacier,
Then why did they jam all five American emergency radio channels?
Well, we've got pilots admitting they were ordered to attack and said, well, I don't want to.
That's American.
Attack, attack.
I mean, that's all on record.
We know what happened.
I mean, I've talked to the people that took the call with LBJ saying that GD ship goes to the bottom.
But to be specific now, we've got about 15 minutes left, gentlemen.
We've got to get you back up sometime in the future.
Now let's talk about the whitewash and what has happened in the last almost 38 years.
Well, let me take a shot at it first.
We have gotten some new material.
There is a gentleman named Bill Knutson who was the lead pilot from the America.
And he established several things for us.
This was just done about three Mondays ago in California.
And he said that he had launched, and it was only two planes, and they were armed with two Sparrows and two Sidewinder missiles, in other words, for air-to-air combat.
But, of course, with their cannon, they could have wreaked havoc with the motor torpedo boats.
And it was always Tom Moore.
Thomas Moore was two terms chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
He's the one that got
The first one I talked to in 1974.
Yeah, we've interviewed the chairman about ten times.
And so the thing that he hammered on was that nobody gave any reason, and they could tell that the Liberty was still under attack and what he felt like then and what he still feels like.
And he later became head of the Tailhook organization, but he established something else, too.
Some people have tried to cloud the issue, saying that the United States was sending planes to Newt Cairo and damaged the air.
It's an absolute farce, because there is no military reason to do so.
We certainly didn't want...
Well, I've talked to the admirals and people.
I mean, they launched the jets to defend, and LBJ called up and said, turn them around.
Yeah, in fact, the carrier division commander, Larry Geist, refused it.
And then McNamara got on the phone, and he still refused it.
Yeah, I talked to him, yeah.
Yeah, and so... And then LBJ comes on the phone.
And he comes on the phone.
He says he doesn't care if the ship sinks and they lose all hands.
They're not going to go to war against an ally.
And insisted on the recall of those planes while the American ship was still under attack.
It's absolutely outrageous.
And the other thing is that then the United States accepted it at face value.
The Liberty Alliance is attacking the Board of Inquiry report in 1967.
Let me just give you this quickly.
And two of our people are Navy JAG officers.
One of them, Admiral Merlin, starring three years after the attack on Liberty, was the Judge Advocate General of the U.S.
Now, we interviewed him.
Yes, and he's the one who comes out to my office one day a week.
He's 86 years old, and it's 100 miles each way from Bowie, Maryland, where he lives.
So we have a really good team.
Then there's also General Max Halliday.
Who's a Marine General and for five years was the top Marine lawyer.
Well, let me ask you this question.
I've got to get this out because we're...
We're running out of time here.
We have had neocons and others get on TV, badmouth you guys, badmouth Congressional Medal of Honor winners, folks.
We've had them, huge books, hit pieces written about you, and that's backfired, hasn't it?
That's caused more brass to go public, more victims to go public.
I mean, it's outrageous to attack the victims in this fashion.
Can I get a comment from Dr. Richard Kiefer on that, and then one from Tito?
Doctor, can you comment on that?
Yeah, well, many of the people have repeated the threat that if you go public with that, you will go to prison or worse.
On the other hand, within two weeks, I was at the headquarters of Allied Forces Mediterranean, was asked a question by one of the foreign officers,
Looked at the American Vice Admiral who was in charge, you know, should I answer?
And he said, yeah.
So I did, and I, as to my recollection, have not been shot, have not gone to prison.
And I wonder how seriously that don't talk about this
Is intended.
Well, I mean, the people giving these orders obviously felt sick at their stomachs.
And again, they threatened these men, folks.
Oh, they're still in cots on board the ships.
You will go to prison or worse.
You tell anybody what happened.
Here's your medal in secret.
Now shut up.
And then you guys had to sit around while the media bad-mouthed you years later.
That's now caused you to go public.
And are you ever going to get any repercussions?
I mean, is anybody going to get in trouble for trying to murder you guys and murdering a bunch of you?
Apparently not.
Now, the Board of Inquiry said that they wanted to spend several months on preparing their report and wanted to go to Israel to interview the people who actually performed the attack and the people who gave the orders.
They were ordered by the American Navy...
Not to go to Israel.
So now let's fast forward, sir.
Books have been written, news articles have been written, demonizing the Liberty Committee and the Liberty Alliance and others.
I mean, can you comment on these unsavory individuals?
Well, I think you just did.
They're unsavory.
They have an agenda.
Truth is not really their highest concern or regard and that they are people who are panting to their own audience and the more you can say about the people who are trying to get the truth out now there's
I think a misconception at this point that the Liberty Alliance veterans are going after the Israelis for doing it.
There's no question that they did it.
As you said, it's been admitted.
The people that have not admitted this are the people in the U.S.
That's the bigger area.
I agree with you, Doctor, and that's what I've always said.
People go, well, I blame Israel.
Well, I blame them too, but do you blame the capo that carries out the hit, or do you blame the mob boss?
I mean, we're going after Capone here.
This was all set up, folks.
There's no other way to look at it.
It's premeditated to sink it and blame it on people.
It's like the USS Maine, but with people on board.
And they do this, you know, they pull this trick, government-sponsored terror is what it's called, folks, time and time again, and it's time to see through this dog-and-pony show.
But you know what, gentlemen?
I think it's blown up in their face, and pun intended.
I mean, now this is a...
Because they were attacked.
The only time, as far as I know, that the Israeli military has used unmarked planes in an attack.
And if the Liberty people didn't know that they were Israelis, how did Washington know they were Israelis?
In order to cover up.
I think it was a predetermined and it was a plot from the beginning that people in our government and their government.
Yeah, it's called Operation Northwoods.
Gentlemen, please stay with us.
Oh yeah, it's in Northwoods to blow up a ship with our people and blame it on our folks.
You don't become the Soviets to fight the Soviets.
You don't kill our men.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, I had some of the survivors captured by the bloodthirsty Japanese off of the islands of the Philippines.
And the declassified documents where Roosevelt ordered 7,400-something civilians not to be rescued, ordered the Navy and the Marines to not let them leave, ordered MacArthur not to let them leave, and he internally says in notes, this will be great for the newsreels, the Japanese capturing men and women and children.
And 4,000-plus died.
Being raped, being tortured, having their heads chopped off.
The Japanese made the Nazis...
Statistically, look tame with the numbers of prisoners they would kill.
I mean, that is, normally over half of them would be tortured and killed.
I mean, they'd just see you as subhuman if you'd been captured.
And so 7,000 men, women, and children meant nothing to these people.
See, that shows how ruthless, how ruthless they are.
And so they've got this ship full of top officers and sailors, you know, a cream ship, a surveillance ship,
Full of some of the best personnel, and they attack it and attack it and attack it and attack it.
I want to try to just hold our guests five minutes over to the next hour.
You guys will be off in ten minutes, but I'm going to push our other guests back five minutes just so we have a little bit more time to talk.
I hope folks will go to Infowars.com and get Loss of Liberty on VHS or DVD that Tito Howard produced.
And it's got so many Joint Chiefs of Staff people and admirals and victims and people that were on this ship.
Great film, now on DVD.
We offer it at Infowars.com.
And I hope you'll call and get a copy of Loss of Liberty as well.
1-888-253-3139 Because if they can do it to these guys, they can do it to anybody.
And none of us are safe.
And these are real heroes, folks.
I mean, the valor of this ship.
Most highly decorated ship in U.S.
history being demonized by a bunch of sick neocons to this day.
We're only duty going above and beyond the call of duty.
And so many killed.
Splattered all over the decks.
The good doctor with a bullet wound and shrapnel and parts of him hanging out and broken kneecap.
Others, the captain.
The captain was torn up so badly.
And then all the attacks on these men.
All the attacks on these heroes.
Those highly decorated ships.
It's despicable.
And I'm sick of it.
Dr. Richard Keefer, any key points?
Anything you want to talk about?
Tito, anything you want to talk about?
Anything we haven't covered yet?
Yeah, well, let's give the doctor a shot.
If I have some time, I'll see.
We'll have some.
We're going to take five more minutes in the next hour.
Go ahead, doctor.
Okay, I think one of the things to bring up is that this was, well, a few days' war.
On the first day, the Egyptian aircraft were destroyed.
The tank crews were destroyed, almost down to nothing.
Then they take their whole best items, their heavy bombers, torpedo boats, and go after an American ship that was built in 1944 as a victory hull.
Ships that were going to fall apart in heavy weather.
They actually just welded those together.
They were just breaking too.
They called them coffin ships, didn't they?
But the Israelis found that you can do all that to the Egyptian Tank Corps, the Jordanian Air Force, the Egyptian Air Force, the
Oh, absolutely.
Well, back when we were real red-blooded Americans, now we're a bunch of drooling neocons.
Look, you can't keep a-comin' against people in the right, folks.
And I believe it was a Providence, just like George Washington experienced.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Folks, the USS Lexington had multiple kamikaze attacks, magazines exploding.
But I've read naval history, and they're saying that the USS Liberty even sustained more per capita damage than the Lexington or the Grey Ghost.
I mean, 800 and something rocket holes, white phosphorus bombs, thousands of .50 caliber holes, a 30-something foot giant torpedo hole.
Hell, and then we've got five minutes left, enough for Dr. Richard Keefer, one of the survivors, to finish up, and then Peter Howard, the filmmaker, to finish up, and then we've got some other important guests coming up about another hero that was killed
Deputy Director John O'Neill, we're trying to expose the truth of 9-11, even before it happened.
But how, I mean, you talk about a different breed of cat, absolutely.
I mean, you know, that even, I mean, these odds almost put the Alamo to shame.
How were you able to keep that ship floating?
I mean, I read the reports, people just staying at their stations, you know, grabbing red-hot doors and keeping them shut.
I mean, how did you guys do that?
Well, under another engagement, the comment was made that uncommon valor was a common occurrence.
And it was just fortunate that we had someone with the experience of our chief engineer, George Golden, who was able to shift ballast to keep the ship at close to upright.
The ship immediately tilted, if I remember the number, 13 degrees
To the starboard side, and Golden moved ballast to the port side to at least cut in half the list that the ship had.
Now, I know a lot of people died, but most were wounded.
Most of the wounded didn't stay at their posts, though?
As long as they could.
Well, it's just, you know, arrogant people shoot their mouths off and say God can't sink this ship and it sinks on this maiden voyage, the Titanic.
But then, I would imagine you guys were praying to God while all this was happening too.
And at one point, I faced the choice of whether going to find the convenient corner of sickbay to hide in.
And the thought came that, well,
I may be explaining myself to St.
Peter sometime this afternoon.
And I really don't want to have to answer a question of why was I hiding when my men, to whom I had sworn the oath, when they needed me.
Yeah, that instinct comes up in all of us.
But you grappled with it and pushed it down.
And I would imagine then you burgeoned with strength after you made that decision.
Is that correct?
That's how it always is.
Tito, closing here.
We've got about a minute left.
I want to thank you and Dr. Kiefer for coming on.
I want to get both of you back on.
You're a hero making this film.
You're an even greater hero, Dr. Kiefer, for everything you've done, and God bless you.
Closing comments, Tito?
I'd just like to say that it's an absolute miracle that the ship survived.
Not only did the entire crew do heroic efforts and things, but
The captain and the guy on the helm, his name was Brownie, we were able to have five of these torpedoes miss, which is amazing with a 460-foot-long ship, and having three of them, because you can do like a pattern kind of thing.
But the miracle part of it is the torpedo, when it hit,
It hit one of the ribs that hold the hull together, so the torpedo did not enter into the hull of the ship, which it would have broken the ship in half, and we wouldn't be talking to Dr. Chester or any of them.
It just blew out big holes on both sides.
No, not on both sides, just on the starboard sides.
But it was a 40 by 42 foot hole.
Well, Dr. Kiefer, Tito Howard, both of you, thank you for coming on, gentlemen.
Thank you for inviting us.
Our pleasure.
Take care, Tito.
Take care, Dr. Kiefer.
God bless.
We'll be back and talk about another hero.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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All right.
One of the reasons that I went on air two months before 9-11...
And said, call the White House, they're going to use Bin Laden as their CIA, Al-CIA to Patsy to take the blame for attacking the World Trade Center.
The FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver the first time, carried out the bombing, but the people they hired were both mentally retarded, and so they didn't park it up against the column like the FBI informant had instructed them to.
So they were unable to destroy the building, and so only, what, nine people died, and several thousand got smoke inhalation, which is still very serious.
One death is serious.
And there were a hundred other little indicators.
The government gearing up, demonizing bin Laden, kind of introducing him to the public again, right before 9-11, just all this stuff.
Bush massing troops into Uzbekistan.
We already knew about that at the time.
And I saw articles in the London Independent and the Guardian and stuff mentioning O'Neill.
O'Neill had just quit three or four months before 9-11, and then two months before he went public and said, this is a quote, the federal government is going to allow an attack by bin Laden, he didn't have the whole picture, on the World Trade Centers as an excuse to go into Afghanistan and get their oil.
I actually have one of the articles here, I'm paraphrasing it.
But, um,
So, I mean, this is from the grave.
And then he gets hired.
Marvin Bush, the president's little brother, little Bubba, he had for two years the contract, he was in New York that morning, on it, but they'd given the contract up a few months before, and the contract was going to end September 10th.
His last day at work would be September 11th.
We know about this because Barbara Bush, the mother, bragged about it in her own autobiography, Reflections, and that's all in my film, Martial Law.
You ask my source, well, a bunch of newspapers picked up on it after she admitted it, but it's the first lady.
I don't know if you can trust her, but Marvin was there, quote, stuck in a subway under it as it all happened, but luckily no liability because they no longer had security.
They had given the plum deal to John O'Neill, who'd quit in disgust, and he'd been given the job and supposedly died in the building that day.
And at first they said they found his uncharted body, and they said, oh, they never found his body, and then they said, so pick a story, any story.
Pick whatever you want.
I mean, they put out a bunch of different stories.
But he died conveniently, like any other Secret Service that blew the whistle.
They would get killed and thrown into the rubble, too.
This is what happened.
But Greg Zemenski, who's one of the most prolific writers out there on the web today, joins us, along with Janet Parker, who was friends with John O'Neill, who was killed on 9-11.
Of course, it's all coming out now about how the Army had the documents on Al-Qaeda and was ordered to stop.
That's really old news, folks.
Bush signed W-1-9-9-I, ordering the CIA and others to leave AQ Khan alone, handing out nuclear weapons components like hotcakes.
That's now come out again that the CIA, when he got arrested, ordered him released and going back 20 years ago.
And just right up to 9-11 and then after.
This is their proliferator.
They've got to proliferate or they're going to have wars.
They've got to have threats.
It's like our government giving all the weapons, the nuclear sub-components and nuke components, and then burning the innocent people and executing them, when our own government now admits they gave this to the Russians.
They gave it to the communist Chinese.
You've got to build up enemies to have this war economy.
And to have control.
So it's the same thing over and over again.
It's like the head bomber in 7-7 and 7-21.
Admit it.
This Rashid Aswat guy admitted MI6 agent.
And it's just despicable.
But with some new developments, with somebody that was good friends, she's a doctor, veterinarian, friends with Mr. O'Neill.
She joins us.
So, Janet Parker and Greg Zemenski, thanks for coming on.
Greg, you know her.
You've interviewed her.
Why don't you introduce Mrs. Parker for us and tell us about her story and then let's get some comments from her.
Janet Parker, this is a very interesting and I think a very important story because
It lays to rest any doubts that anybody may have that John O'Neill wasn't on to something regarding 9-11 and that the FBI knew about it.
Well, he said they're going to let Bin Laden attack.
I mean, what does that mean?
And then they shut him down.
Well, Janet is someone that has known John and has worked as an informant, unofficial informant for him, dating back to the 1980s, meeting him in the 70s.
So their relationship has gone on for almost 30 years.
So this is not someone that just knew John O'Neill
In passing, during the months prior to 9-11, I think it's important because Janet talks about and finally has never come forward before publicly with this story about how her and John were communicating many, many times during those months and many times right before 9-11 on a cell that she had uncovered, an Al-Qaeda cell that she had uncovered,
Regarding a man that she will mention his name and tell you all about.
Well, we have Rasheed Swat out in Seattle and other areas, and when FBI wanted to bust him, they said, also in Oregon, the higher-ups said, no, no, no.
I mean, is that the same?
I'm just... No, it's a different person named Shadrach, and it's a man, a fella, and she'll pronounce it a little better than I can, but she will...
Basically, and she's here today to tell this story that's never really been told before, to really show your listeners what John O'Neill had, what she had.
In fact, she was even working, talking to these people for John to get them to spill the goods and to try to figure out what was going on on September 11th.
The last time she talked to John O'Neill was September 8th.
And I think once you question her and once Janet tells her story, you will be shocked at what the FBI did to her, how they shut down O'Neal.
And Janet's there right now, I think.
All right, absolutely.
And again, Janet Parker, Seattle veterinarian and longtime friend and informant of O'Neal, Janet Parker, 53, said O'Neal was stopped by his bosses only months prior to 9-11 from getting a wiretap on a major cell leader, Chad Rack...
Manny Falal, I guess, who had close ties to Ali Muhammad, a suspected CIA double operative, and Muhammad Atta, the alleged 9-11 ringleader.
There's always CIA double operatives in Al-Qaeda.
Janet, thank you so much for coming on with us and for your courage.
Hi, how are you doing?
Just tell us about when you first met Mr. O'Neill, and then please go through in those final months before he died on 9-11 what he told you.
Well, I actually met John many, many years ago when I was very young.
And he was not yet an FBI agent.
And so we had a knowledge of each other prior to him becoming an agent.
So you guys were real good friends?
Well, I would say we had knowledge of each other and then lost contact with each other.
He went on to become an FBI agent.
And he came back into my life when I saw some activity that was questionable in regards to an Iranian suspect in 1987.
All right.
Well, please just elaborate then on the chain of events leading up to his tragic death.
Well, John was watching activities of persons that were related to terrorism.
He had been investigating the USS Cole attack in Yemen, and as a result of that, he had been watching the money transfers, the money laundering, money for tourism transfers.
That was at the port of Aden in Yemen, what was that, in 2000?
Yes, he had been actually on site in Yemen doing that, and as a result of that, he had...
He always watched the connections between bank accounts and people and tied that into cell intercepts from the intelligence community, not only in the United States, but also with his partners in England, France, and Germany, specifically.
And he was watching a particular group, and this group was in contact
With drug runners that were running drugs into the east coast of the United States.
Well, that's the same thing Sybil Edmonds has been talking about.
And these particular terrorist suspects were involved in asking for prostitution services from their drug dealing contacts.
And that's the story.
That's where I get involved in this situation because they were dragging young girls from Vermont State down to New York City to prostitute them.
And these were minor children.
Well, you always find that when you get into these scumbags, and the Saudis are really big into it, the child kidnapping rings and the rest of it.
We've aired some congressional testimony on that with Dyncor involved, and our government's up to it in their eyeballs, but please continue.
And this particular drug ring was transmitting minor children who were actually aboard to the state of Vermont across state lines.
So as usual, it's the CPS grabbed kids or...
God help us.
It's always the same.
And because of that, that became a federal case, of course.
And so FBI was involved in investigating that.
Several girls were murdered.
And my connection with this is that I had a foster daughter who was in that system.
A previous foster daughter who was in that system.
And she became very alarmed for concerns for her safety.
And approached me to get her a plane ticket to get her out.
And as I sent her a ticket, she came to visit me, spent some time with me, made some phone calls back and forth.
And after I sent her back to Vermont State, my foster daughter's contact had come up on John's radar screen because she had been in contact with a terrorist suspect.
All right, so then you start talking to John again.
What did John tell you?
John told me that it was very crucial that he be able to know everything that they did and everything I might possibly know about their behavior.
And so I started giving him information that I was getting from my foster daughter.
All right, stay there.
We'll be right back with a personal friend of John O'Neill.
And go over all of these labyrinthine connections and get to what he was telling her right before 9-11.
Very crucial.
We also have Greg Zeminski riding shotgun with us.
Later we'll bring up the nuclear drill story with him as well.
Stay with us.
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All right, welcome back, folks.
Headline, close informant, a friend, a former FBI agent, John O'Neill, killed on 9-11, tells our FBI higher-ups, shut him down, letting 9-1-1 happen.
By Greg Zemenski up on Infowars.com and a lot of other places.
Arcticbeacon.com, you name it.
But to boil this down, she was friends with O'Neal, local veterinarian.
Then later, when O'Neal was working out in Seattle, she did some informant work for him.
Then years later, she gets back in contact with him because through one of her foster daughters, getting into this whole labyrinth of this stuff going on on the East Coast.
And Greg, why don't you...
Boil this down for people.
And you did call up friends and family of O'Neal and confirm that she was an informant, was friends with him.
This is all confirmed, too, for folks that are tuning in.
Plus, O'Neal was on record in major newspapers saying, quote, they're going to let bin Laden attack as a pretext to get the oil in Afghanistan.
Well, it's a lot deeper than that, folks.
But O'Neal had really woken up to what was happening.
That's on record.
New Yorker magazine, you name it.
But boil it down for us, Greg.
Well, I think the important thing, and I'll ask Janet a question or two about this, but the important thing is that the contact that they had made, O'Neill and Janet, to this group of this cell working out of the East Coast headed by Shadrach, was something that John and her were working on very close to 9-11 in the months July and August before that.
And this is kind of the story that I wanted Janet to get into those couple months right before and to talk about what John was saying back and forth to you, Janet, about how he was being shut down by the FBI and how they were shutting down this wiretap on what Shadrach was doing and involved in transfers from two things.
Conversations that you heard that a certain type of communication equipment was being transferred from Canada
Yeah, we're good to go.
Putting aside how you got involved with this group, because it is rather complicated and something that... It's funny, though.
This is exactly what Sybil Edmonds is saying.
Money laundering, trafficking in humans, CIA, all of this.
You see, Janet's foster daughter, she had lost contact with her because of the problems that she was having with her and her family.
Her foster daughter's family was a drug-running family.
Well, they ended up selling...
Yeah, go over what O'Neal was telling you specifically.
Well, what happened when my daughter came out to visit is she utilized my telephone for purposes of contacting her friends back on the East Coast, her family at the back of the East Coast, and also her lover, Shadrach.
And I would point out that although the original arrangement with Shadrach was something prearranged by her drug dealing family, she
Okay, so O'Neal is using that connection.
Please tell us what O'Neal told you, please.
So O'Neal ran the telephone calls and realized they were connected to members of suspects who were directly associated with the money for the USS Cole attack and the U.S.
Embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania.
And this made this a very high-level investigation from his standpoint.
He contacted me.
We already had the existing understanding and relationship with each other, one that was built over years and years and involved quite a bit of trust that I had in him.
And he requested information that I be willing to allow him to do a wiretap.
He was receiving information through cooperative efforts with the Cell in France and the Cell of the Intelligence Agency in France and the Intelligence Agency in Germany in regards to wiretaps that were related to Shadrach's activities.
And Chad Rack had visited both those places in regards to transferring money and transferring instructions.
We're going to talk about that and then talk of airplanes into buildings and all of it.
And on the other side, folks, stay with us.
We're talking to Greg Zeminski, prolific researcher, journalist, and, of course, local veterinarian and a friend of John O'Neill.
We'll continue with Janet Parker on the other side.
Infowars.com is the website.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright folks, we're back live.
Got about 26 and a half minutes left in this Thursday transmission against tyranny.
We're talking to a lady who's got a lot of courage.
A very credible story.
It's been checked out and double-checked, and it fits in with all the other info and witnesses and what John O'Neill had said on the record.
These international crime rings, that's all these al-Qaeda really is, is a bunch of drug-dealing thugs that work for criminal elements of Western intelligence.
And this is what they operate in.
They just found the bombers in London.
Drug dealing, trafficking in women, MI6 agents.
They're just criminal operatives, folks.
And they create the trail and the military-industrial complex carries out the attacks.
But they're just decoys or drones.
We're talking to Janet Parker, friends with John O'Neill.
And we're talking about what he told her during this investigation that she was assisting with through her stepdaughter coming up in the last months before September 11, 2001, coming up on four years ago.
So four years ago, all this was going on right now on the eve of these attacks.
Tell us what else John O'Neill was telling you and what you were hearing on these tapes being recorded from your house via the stepdaughter.
Please tell us all about it.
Well, um...
John wanted to encourage me to be in contact with them so that he could catch things because I was willing to give him permission for wiretaps.
That's right, because he couldn't get the federal government to give him wiretaps on them.
Now, let's make that clear.
This was in the news, by the way, folks.
He was not allowed to ever get wiretaps when people were saying, I'm going to crash planes into buildings, I'm not going to take off or land.
Nope, can't have a wiretap.
O'Neal can't have it.
Robert Wright can't have it.
None of you FBI agents can have it.
Even if you're a deputy director over terrorism, you can't have it.
When we know these are terrorists, or we know these are operatives, can't have it.
So he was sneakily kind of going through you.
Well, he thought that he could get a wiretap because I was willing and willing to get permission.
I mean, he didn't even have to do it, you know, through FISA.
I was willing to sign on to allow... Exactly.
Yeah, this is a voluntary deal.
Go ahead.
And I always cooperated fully with... Now, think about this.
He can't get a wiretap through the FISA court because they're in control of Alcieta.
He's got to go and do it through an old-time friend he can trust who's tied into the investigation.
Go ahead.
And he wasn't able to really do that.
So his next move was, if you know two points of contact and you have a CALEA compliant system in regards to your phone communications, then he can pull that from any place, a node that he can bounce it into, and they can choose to bounce it anywhere they want.
And some of these phone calls are coming from international sources.
And so therefore, because of cooperation with France,
And cooperation with German intelligence authorities gone through his very extensive... Yeah, to be clear, when the NSA cannot get an authorization domestically, they just have the bridge do it for them.
Yeah, so that's an old rule.
Go ahead.
And then he could get the information from his intelligence partners overseas.
And they were working much more aggressively against these kind of members than the U.S.
intelligence was allowed to do.
I need to point out there are many, many good agents in intelligence, honest and hardworking agents.
Yeah, they're compartmentalized, though.
Who were thwarted in their efforts and were not listened to, both CIA and FBI, and also military intelligence, I just wanted to point out.
And this is all now coming out even in the New York Times.
Right, and I want to commend those good quality agents.
But John wanted to get this information, so he approached, he asked me what languages we needed.
He was having trouble getting things translated.
They had an A, B, C list.
So the A things get translated first, the B things probably don't get translated, and the C things never get translated.
So when things get into the list, they get put in a priority system.
And he told me he was having trouble getting things translated that were even on the A list.
And getting 24-7 translation of ongoing wiretap conversations with nigh onto impossible.
So basically, they were totally stonewalling him.
He's one of the heads of intelligence, and they're not giving him anything.
I mean, he went public with this.
That's why he quit.
I mean, he wasn't allowed to do anything, to get anything.
He had total probable cause, direct links to the bombers of the coal, but he was being blocked.
Yes, that's true.
Well, one of the things he wanted to do when he realized that I could assist him and was willing to, and of course you have to understand I was
I was also concerned about my safety and that of my daughter, and that was not an unjustified fear, I would point out.
That he wanted to... He had asked me to be on the phone with Shadrach, and my daughter actually placed Shadrach on the phone with me.
And Shadrach...
So you talked to Shadrach.
What did he tell you when you were talking to him?
Shadrach wanted me to assist and cooperate with Brooke.
I think he wanted to have Brooke, I mean, excuse me, Patty, be on...
He wanted her to be involved with me and stay at my home and potentially... Wasn't he trying to even solicit you into the organization?
Yes, he was.
Didn't he try to marry you off to one of his other partners there?
He told me that I shouldn't be unmarried, that I should get married to one of his
As cohorts.
And what about O'Neal's files, his own files?
Remember when he was despondent, you were telling me he had his files destroyed by our own FBI?
I don't know who destroyed the files, but he came back to me and told me that the tapes of the conversations that he had gotten copies of, that I believe he must have gotten through his other intelligence contacts overseas.
And you said he was even going to France because he was getting no cooperation with our FBI.
Yeah, and he said that they were erased.
His files were messed with.
Things were erased from his files.
He was very angry.
Well, also, even the BBC reported...
Years ago, you know, the headline, FBI agents thought Al-Qaeda had moles in organization.
No, you've got it backwards, folks.
The globalists are controlling Al-Qaeda.
And so, yes, I was aware that O'Neill did have some of the stuff destroyed, but now we have it directly from someone who heard it directly from John O'Neill.
I mean, who did he think had destroyed his files?
Well, there were several things going on in the FBI that,
We need to, you know, historically, and one of the things that was going on... Did he say how they destroyed it?
Were they electronic tapes?
Had they been degaussed or been wiped by an electromagnetic wand?
Some of these were digital files, so they were in computer systems.
Was the computer physically fried or was it just erased?
I'm not sure.
He didn't share that with me.
He didn't say, okay.
We had been dealing with for quite some time the possibility of a mole that was interfering with John's general work.
And that was a long-term concern of ours and dates back almost 10 years.
And in the beginning of January, February 2001, the FBI realized that they had a mole who was compromising a lot of their...
Well, actually, they found Robert Hanson, who was an FBI agent.
But I'm saying that's the tip of the iceberg.
That's the tip of the iceberg.
But he was in New York, and he had been interfering with files of the agents in New York.
And so agents in New York were having concerns about the security of their files.
John told me that when he started to realize his tapes were being erased, he was backing them up and making copies and trying to secure the evidence in a manner in which would not be in the FBI computer system.
And he told me that although they had caught someone back in February, which I think is Hanson,
He didn't think that was the end of it.
He believed it was somebody else.
Well, of course.
Messing with his files.
And someone with very high access, he told me that the way that he secured his files and the level of security he was able to place on his files was high enough that he would be able to prevent most people
FBI agents from ever even seeing the files if necessary.
Yeah, we have to point out that O'Neal was extremely senior.
He was in the next to highest level of the FBI.
I mean, the only thing above him would be director.
He told me he was in the running for a position where he would be actually briefing the president.
And he was hoping to get that position.
But then he didn't get that position.
No, his OPR records were leaked to the New Yorker, and he was outed as a problem agent in the press.
And this was in spite of the fact that John had told me he had been cleared of any major problem as a minor incident.
Yeah, they were demonizing him because he was hot on the trail of stopping their LCI attack.
What did he specifically tell you about flying planes in the buildings?
Well, when I received a phone call from the Shad Group in February after my foster daughter had gone back to Vermont, I had received a phone call from them.
That included Arabic chanting and stuff about planes and buildings.
And I was very shocked by this phone call.
And one of the things that alerted John to my concerns was we had a system by which I dialed a number on my phone to alert him.
And he got...
He came on the phone and realized that that phone call was about that.
I have read that he literally worked about 18 hours a day, that he was obsessed with not allowing the towers to be attacked.
Is that what you experienced talking to him?
Oh, yeah.
He was easily on the phone with me at the early morning hours, considering he was in New York State.
And, I mean, folks, this is the type of FBI we used to have, the type of police we used to have.
I mean, he was tirelessly, you know, like in some Hollywood movie, trying to get the bad guys.
Now, a lot of them are just a bunch of mafiosos running around oppressing us, but really, really scary.
So, I mean, I know there's a lot more, but when was the last time you talked to O'Neal before he died?
Well, I definitely talked to him on the, I think it was the 8th, because I had, my foster daughter was in really severe problems.
She was at risk of being killed by the drug group that she was involved with that was doing the prostitution with the girls.
Could you speak up for me?
She was in danger where she was living in Vermont.
Some of the girls had been murdered.
And she was terrified for her life, and she actually called me and begged to get a ticket to Seattle.
Yeah, some of these sex of Muslims, not most of them, but especially the Saudi types, killing women is a pleasure.
We're good to go.
He told me that he had his hands tied behind his back, that he couldn't do the investigation he wanted to do.
Then in spite of my willingness to assist him and cooperate and give him permission, even put my life on the line to try to help him, he was unable to go forward.
And at one point after one of the taped wiretaps,
And I was terrified by this phone call.
I can't get into how violent it was.
He thought that he had enough with just that one tape to get an indictment, and he wanted to go to a district attorney he knew well.
Now, let's be clear about this, folks.
Let's be clear about this.
Days before 9-11.
He's left the FBI, but he's still using his sources.
No, this was actually in July.
Okay, this is in July.
July of 2001, before he was no longer an FBI agent.
So he was still an FBI agent at this point.
This is the final straw, then.
Yes, this is the final straw.
Okay, I'll shut up.
Go ahead.
And he went to them and wanted to get the indictment.
He wanted to do an arrest.
He felt that he had sufficient evidence to do an arrest, and that's when the tapes disappeared, the digital tapes.
No, because they can't have their little Arab preciouses that are about to be part of the attack.
He was told he wasn't allowed to arrest.
He was to back off.
Didn't you tell me, Janet, that he was told he was relegated to the desk work now?
He was taken out of the investigation?
One of the things they did is they took away his travel vouchers, and he was going to use travel vouchers to move me to where I needed to be to assist him.
Now, what about the comments that he told British papers right when he quit that, quote, they're going to let bin Laden attack the towers as a reason to invade Afghanistan?
I mean, he said that.
Did he ever say that to you specifically?
He did tell me that he felt it was tied to oil money and to the Saudi connection.
We often didn't talk, we talked more about the specifics of my particular case.
So when he finally quit, I mean, he just said, my hands were tied.
Well, he said his hands were tied.
He was very despondent.
They had, he had a very large crew of men working for him at the USS Cole, I think.
I think he told me like 350 people on that task force.
Or at least connected to it.
Oh yeah, he was extremely senior, considered a head of intelligence.
Yes, and when they brought him back from Yemen and they refused to let him back into the country to continue his investigation, he was devastated by that.
Oh, that's right.
He found out then from the Yemenis that the U.S.
government asked them not to do that.
I've forgotten about that point.
Barbara Bodine had censored him for his efforts to try to protect the men.
Yeah, that's right.
Our own government was secretly... Now, this is important.
This came out in the news.
I forgot about this.
Our own government's telling Yemen, don't let our FBI back in.
I mean, come on, folks.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
The men at the USS Cole, and there were many very good men at the USS Cole working that intelligence case...
We're at great risk in this hostile country working their cases.
And at one point there was a situation where they thought they were facing a car bomb or a suicide bomber.
And that just highlighted to John how dangerous it was for his men.
He wanted a little more militaristic, a little more protective stance.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Final segment.
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I think?
I just want to say great job to the crew up at the network today, all of our affiliates out there.
God bless you.
All the great listeners and sponsors.
I want to thank Greg Zemenski for his continual, tireless, journalistic excellence.
And, of course, Janet Parker for her just amazing work.
Courage coming on, and of course Dr. Richard Kiefer last hour, one of the heroes of the USS Liberty and the filmmaker Tito Howard.
Just in closing here, I mean, this is just more bolstering what we already knew and adding even more.
Pretty big story.
You know, the New York Times is talking about defense intelligence being told to back off the investigations by the FBI.
I mean, how many witnesses does it take to show this pattern?
Greg, bottom line...
The evidence is overwhelming.
Elements of our government help orchestrate the attacks because they have the motive, total control.
Greg, final comments, and then final comments from your colleague.
Yeah, my final comments are, Janet is a very, very important story in that she shows clearly through evidence that she gives, names, dates, times, last conversations with one of the top
Al Qaeda hunters in our government was shut down by somebody higher up.
And he hunted Al Qaeda and he found our government.
It was the biggest stumbling block.
And Janet has the courage through many times throughout her, through helping John put her life on the line.
Her life has been threatened.
She's almost been killed.
And she still is coming forward in defense of John, who she cares about, and in defense of America.
And I just applaud her for coming forward.
Well, I do too.
And I would write a new article and call it John O'Neill.
Intelligence Director of the FBI, or FBI Agent John O'Neill, hunted Al Qaeda, found Al-Ci-Aida.
Or Al-FBI-a.
Good job, Alex.
It's just crazy.
Going back to our guest who does have a lot of courage, Janet Parker, anything in closing you want to say?
Well, I guess the most important thing that I found out in regards to working intelligence is intelligence is really communication between people.
No, that's what intelligence boils down to.
And a lot of intelligence actually is open source and available generally to everyone.
And there's a very small percentage, maybe one or two percent of all intelligence that actually is covert.
The important thing about intelligence is you gather the information, you communicate it, and intelligence needs to be analyzed first.
And then you present it to decision-makers.
The purpose of intelligence is to inform decision-makers.
But if decision makers don't even listen to the intelligence given to them, it doesn't matter how much quality the analysts and field agents have, or even how quality information they have from their informants.
If when they present it to the decision makers, the decision makers have another agenda,
Or unwilling to listen or unwilling to gain the cultural and historical perspective.
Or controlling Al-Qaeda for an attack.
It's not going to do any good.
And if they have another political agenda...
Then the intelligence goes nowhere.
Now we're almost out of time.
We've got about a minute left here or less.
I just want to thank you for coming on, both of you.
And I just want to say that we need to remember John O'Neill, who was a good agent, who did pour his life out trying to save those 2,800 people that died on 9-11.
And Janet Parker, thank you for what you're doing, and we'll all pray for you.
And if anything happens to you, it'll just bring more attention on this, so folks should keep their dirty mitts off of you, okay?
I hope so.
All right.
I hope to get you back on sometime as this develops.
Thank you, Janet.
All right.
Greg Zemenski, thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Take care.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Be sure and tell folks to tune in as we cover all this again.
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All right.
God bless you all.
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