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Air Date: Aug. 16, 2005
2483 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Very important broadcast lined up for you today.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
It is Tuesday, the 16th day.
Tuesday, the 16th day of August 2005.
We're going to be here for the next three hours.
Huge developments with the economy.
They're now admitting what we already knew.
Inflation is spiking massively.
Headline, July inflation jumps on higher gas prices.
And again, it is August, but we always get these numbers a little less than a month after they actually take place.
And the trend into August is going to be even higher.
So we'll be getting into that.
Also with the Cindy Sheehan situation, somebody tied a big pipe to their truck and ran over many of the thousand crosses out there for the first thousand people that died.
The first thousand men and women that died in the military from the U.S.
Armed Services in Iraq.
I mean, these people have absolutely... Some of you doubted me about how vicious these neocons are.
I mean, I got all this video, but it's so profane I can't even play it on air.
The audio of it.
But the day after I was in Crawford, we got people shooting guns and...
Then the media ask them on national television, well, why are you shooting your gun in their direction?
You just figure it out for yourself!
And people go, oh, it's just the dumb liberals.
They're afraid of guns.
They don't know what's going on.
Ha ha ha, that'll show them.
No, it just makes the Second Amendment look bad and further demonizes guns.
So thanks a lot, idiot.
And now some moron... And again, these people are not conservatives.
Last night, ran over a whole bunch of the crosses on purpose.
That's now admitted.
Dragging a huge chain and pipe to get the job done.
So it's like the road warrior out there.
So we'll get into all of that as well.
And some of the local Crawford folks are getting together, going in to the local county commissioners and trying to get them removed off of the side of the road.
So, oh, can't deal with free speech.
No, gotta stop that.
Gotta destroy what's left of the Bill of Rights.
But frankly, all of this pales in significance.
We got a report from Crawford coming up in about 25 minutes.
All of it pales in significance to headlines like this.
Russia reports bird flu dangerous to humans spreading towards Europe.
Out of the Moscow News, we'll get to that.
Charleston Post and Courier runs hit piece on nuclear drill story.
Frankly, libeledprisonplanet.com and myself, and I put a call into them, they better change this headline.
I mean, I better not get any bad repercussions from this, because they say that we said that Charleston was going to be nuked.
It was going to be destroyed.
It was going to happen.
Well, no one ever said that.
And we reported on reports by other journalists.
By other accredited journalists.
And we said, is it true?
And put a question mark behind it.
And hey, listen.
News and World Report came out during the election with the White House saying we will be nuked.
I mean, they said it.
Chertoff, Homeland Security head, a month ago was on TV saying, we're going to get hit by nukes.
Nick Cheney's been all over TV saying it.
So they're the ones saying we're going to get nuked.
And we just take those threats seriously.
So, I mean, I'm really upset about Charleston Post and Courier.
I mean, attributing links we put to other news stories that people put out.
Who themselves were just questioning and then saying that we said... And folks, that's the tip of the iceberg.
They get into some real manipulation and deception here.
And we'll talk about it.
I mean, this is an incredible hit piece.
Very sloppily done.
We'll be right back.
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And I'm here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, talking about these important issues, discussing these important facts.
And believe me, I've been called a radical, I've been demonized, I've been called so many names.
You know, day one we exposed government involvement, that is a criminal element within the government, involvement in 9-11.
And it was bizarre to talk about it.
It was unheard of.
But now it is becoming the dominant view because people have become informed.
Day one, even before the war, I said it's a fraud.
It's a lie.
It's based on fabricated evidence.
The majority of Americans in major polls knew that that was true.
I mean, it wasn't a hard stand to take.
It was the real stand.
It was the true stand.
But regardless, whether everybody's going along with us or whether everybody disagrees with us, the facts are the facts and we've got to stand on them.
We shouldn't stick our finger, lick our finger and stick it up in the air, lick our thumb and stick it up in the air and see which way the wind is blowing.
That is the creed, the motto of slaves, of impoverished third world populations and our children.
His future is better than that.
Early this morning I was reading some letters of George Washington in that new book that came out in 1776, the first year of the revolution, by that Pulitzer Prize winning author, what, McCullough?
And he talked about that over and over again.
Our children, their children, unborn children, generations, a hundred years from now, what we do now...
They depend on.
There was that feeling of just the endless stream of humanity and standing up against tyranny.
And that's a powerful thing to tap into, so I invite you to tap into it.
All right, big broadcast lined up for you today, and we're going to talk about Russia reports bird flu dangerous, the humans spreading towards Europe.
We have a map up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com for the areas that it's spread to.
Very, very dangerous.
Also, new developments, obviously, in Crawford.
Just a microcosm of the rest of the country.
Many of you probably had trouble believing my report yesterday describing being cussed at and screamed at and people threatening to physically attack me or just calmly asking them questions about the war.
That is the eight pro-Bush people who were not conservatives, folks.
I mean, I would say Bush is against the Second Amendment.
Bush has given us the biggest budget ever.
Bush has taken down the Ten Commandments.
I don't care about the Ten Commandments!
They were cult members.
They were mindless idiots.
So compared to the...
We're good to go.
I think?
They were well-meaning people, and they're under attack, folks.
The police are harassing them, the Secret Service, you know, drive-by, laying on their horns, giving everybody dirty looks, trying to get them kicked off the property, threatening to run over people.
Guns have been fired in their direction, and don't deny it, the guy that fired the guns off,
It said, you figure it out why I did it.
He said that on TV, folks.
I'm sick of these people.
You figure it out.
So he's now changed his story from getting ready for deer hunting.
By the way, you don't deer hunt with a shotgun, folks, with birdshot in it.
But now, I mean, if any of you were denying that and denying the report I gave you yesterday, what happened last night, the day after I was there?
Some nutcase with a huge chain and a big pipe on it behind his vehicle threw it out of the back of the vehicle and went down the side of the road knocking over, mowing down Bucrosses for the first thousand troops that died.
By the way, it's over 8,000 troops.
They don't count you as a combat fatality if you die in Rammstein or if you die outside of Iraq if you've been flown out.
By the way, that's admitted.
Eight plus thousand as of a month ago.
I haven't seen the numbers lately.
But it just grows and grows on a daily basis.
I mean, 17 troops died today when a NATO helicopter went down.
And it's always an accident, always a malfunction.
And some of the time I'm sure it is, but a lot of the time it isn't.
So 17 today in Afghanistan, and what, six more today in Iraq.
So, I don't know, 17 and 6, do the math, it's 23 dead.
Do the math.
I mean, what is it, like 10 trips a day the last few months?
I mean, it's getting serious.
And then we have a general coming out over the weekend and saying, yeah, we're going to pull out.
We're going to pull out 30,000 trips.
And Bush comes out and says, no, he's wrong.
Folks, four-star generals don't talk out of turn.
Weird stuff's going on.
And so speaking of that, Charleston Post and Courier runs hit piece on nuclear drill story.
Now remember, about a week and a half ago, the report first surfaced with Greg Zeminski that this Brigadier General, Kevin P. Burns, four-star commanding general, number four overall in the entire Army structure,
At the fifth level of seniority in the entire military structure, he's getting a divorce for six months.
He's got a relationship with a woman off base.
Privates don't get kicked out for that, folks.
You've got a divorce ongoing.
You're allowed to go.
You've got a separation.
You're allowed to have a girlfriend.
This is unheard of.
He's already going to retire in just three months.
Suddenly, they fire him.
Well, I've been told, watch Kevin P. Burns a month ago.
When I first got that report from a good source, I kind of ignored it.
I said, okay, watch this guy.
And I was also told, watch for these drills.
And then as it developed, I put two and two together and said, man, this is scary.
This nuclear drill that NORTHCOM said was to take place in this particular city there on the East Coast.
And we never said it was going to happen.
We said that since we reported on it, it certainly wouldn't happen, that this drill might be used as a cover for a nuke attack or a dirty bomb, or that somewhere else in the country it could be used as a cover for that, because the criminal elements within intelligence that were involved in 9-11 used it on 9-11, that's public, and it also happened in England on 7-7, the exact same locations, exact same times, exact same places.
The chances of that has 48 zeros behind it, folks.
It's hard to pronounce the number.
You have it all up there, you know, with the statistician numbers up there for you.
So all of this is happening, and all we did was go, well, Leland Lerman and Greg Zemenski are reporting this, and they have sources, we have sources.
This is very suspicious, and in the surrounding area,
Several other states are having military takeover drills of the towns.
So how does the Charleston Post and Courier respond to this?
Well, they create a straw man.
They fabricate what we said and what we did.
They create a fake story and attribute it to us.
Same thing that Popular Mechanics with Homeland Security Director's first cousin.
Same thing they did.
Charleston Post and Courier runs hit piece on nuclear drill story.
And it was nothing less than totally amazing.
And so let me just read... We've got Paul Watson coming on in the third hour about this, but let me read Total Information Analysis...
On this.
Because it's important.
Final push to stop nukes of August.
With coverage all over the internet and in other media, from Coast to Coast AM to the Charleston Post and Courier, there's a good chance that if any nuclear drills in August were scheduled to go live, the idea has been shelved by now.
However, there is no underestimating the mania of the New World Order when it's concerned a final push should be made.
Tuesday to make sure that as many people as possible know and know that Americans know that there is a real danger of a nuclear terror drill could go live as soon as Wednesday and August 17th.
What everyone should do is read, Key General Fired as Nuclear Terror Drill set for August 17th.
And all the pages link from that item as well.
With a sufficient background, folks should call the following places somewhat calmly, yet urgently, and state that both 911 and 777 drills mimic the actual attacks which were going on, which enabled an actual attack to go live amidst the confusion.
Tell whoever you're talking to that they should be aware of another inside job as possible, particularly with the strange firing of Rumsfeld's opponent, General Burns, earlier this month.
Now, all this may be going overboard, but better safe than sorry to consider calling the following people Tuesday, August 16th.
Again, Total Information Analysis said that, and I agree with much of it and think it's a good idea, but I better not be attacked for linking to Total Information Analysis.
And then they give links to all of these stories.
But we have to remember the general that took over for Burns is the general who was the point man in the Abu Ghraib cover-up
Very, very interesting.
Meanwhile, Army and North Carolina authorities staged terrorism response drill.
Another one.
And then the analysis by Total Information and Total 911 Info is excellent.
I'll go over that when we get back.
I mean, just wait until you hear what this newspaper did.
It's just unbelievable.
But I guess it's not unbelievable.
It really is par for the course.
Prison Planet Dog TV, stay with us.
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I know we've got a lot of strong lines.
We're going to get to everybody.
We've got a quick little 5-10 minute report from Crawford coming up about the vandalism and criminal mischief going on last night.
In the next segment, then I'll get to all your calls.
Dean in Canada, Alice in Arkansas, Tim Ohio, Emmett Pennsylvania, John in Boston, people all over the four points of the compass and points in between.
I need to cover this article.
I mean, understand, folks, remember, Dick Cheney tells U.S.
News & World Report during the election, we will be nuked before the election.
I mean, he said that this time last year.
They're constantly fear-mongering.
News & World Report.
They're the ones.
I mean, Gary Hart with the CFR Terrorism Commission is always on TV.
I mean, I've seen him many times, and I don't watch much television.
You mail me the clips.
I've got a whole stack of them where Dallas, Denver, Cleveland will be hit by nukes and smallpox.
They will be hit.
We've never talked like that.
They're the ones that talk like this and say these things to fearmonger us.
But then they unceremoniously sack this general.
We've got all this intelligence coming in that something could happen, and we simply report on what other journalists are saying, and then I get attacked.
My website gets attacked and gets things attributed to me.
Folks, they attribute to prisonplanet.com what the NORTHCOM website says.
They say that we just made this up, and then they give quotes from Northcom's website and say that we're wrong, it was a totally different state.
Ha ha ha, aren't we idiots, when Northcom says that state.
I mean, these people are incredible.
And it's still up on Northcom's website, and it's still in the Google cache.
It's saved in the Google cache.
For those that don't have computers or aren't somewhat savvy, basically Google saves everything.
Charleston Post and Courier mangles new drill facts, total information analysis.
Did a great job going over this.
An interesting item was posted today on the Charleston.net, the associated website of the major daily paper, Charleston Post Courier.
It also ran in the paper.
And that website's for like 20 newspapers.
If you haven't read it yet, check out the site's key general fired as nuke terror drill set for 17th for background.
Here's some of the permanent excerpts and attendant analysis of the Post Courier's online item.
Now, this is quoting from the article.
Still, this chatter has stirred up folks all over the Low County worried that nuclear fallout could seriously ruin their weekend.
Officials of Charleston County, the state's emergency management personnel, and even the Department of Defense have gotten worried calls from folks scanning the skies for mushroom clouds over Fort Sumter.
Now, notice that later in the Charleston article, it admits...
That there was a drill last week.
Again, people keep saying, when is the drill?
They had drills last week in the town.
They're having drills this week.
But then they say that there's no drill with its tabletop.
But there's drills in the streets with police and military, but there's no drills.
I mean, just how do you respond to idiocy like this?
Hmm, local officials don't know of any drills, but the state port authority just says they haven't been told a nuke is going to go off.
No, really?
We're not aware of that, port spokesman Byron Miller said.
The rumors began when a NORTHCOM command press release about a terrorism training exercise that began.
Here's the scenario.
A seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into the port off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.
Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off and detonate it.
If this sounds familiar, perhaps you remember Special Bulletin, an 83 movie with roughly the same plot and the set in Charleston.
Perhaps the terrorists don't have a manual, just cable television.
One website says the idea is that the exercise was intended to go live and be used for cover for a real attack.
For proof, they say terrorism drills were planned in the United States on 9-11 and in London on 7-7.
And of course, they take the question mark off of the quote that we took from another news article, and they took the question mark off of that.
Again, we said, some are reporting that it could be used as a cover to go live.
Hey, doesn't matter.
They take could off, take the question mark off.
You've got some real serious yellow journalism here.
And it goes on and on to say that we get the state wrong, but then...
The quote they have is a quote off North Com's own website saying it's that state, that city.
So, the poor people reading this newspaper that don't know the truth, I feel sorry for them.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, so Dick Cheney and Cher Todd, the head of Homeland Security, CFR members on the Hart-Rudman Commission.
You've seen them.
They've been all over TV.
We're going to get nuked.
It's going to happen.
Again, a year ago, during the election, sometime during the election, nukes will go off!
It's going to happen!
Top White House staffer tells us.
Then, we report on a nuclear attack drill, and say that sources in the Pentagon say it could go live, and we report on other reports of this, and the Charleston Post and Courier report,
Basically fabricates a news report, twists things around, says that we said it was in the wrong state, and then quotes NORTHCOM's own website where it says it's in that state and attributes it to us, basically.
I mean, this is just classic.
So I'm going to get back into this.
And, of course, I know we have loaded phone lines, so we're going to get to everybody.
But we are honored and blessed to be joined by...
Ernest Hancock, who of course is a libertarian talk show host, pro-Second Amendment, wants to control the borders, you name it, really good guy.
You know, he describes the government as a gang with a flag.
Not the first time I've heard that, but I always love to hear it.
It's a great analogy, a great example.
We had him on yesterday to report as a libertarian who happens to have a show and report for a show on an Air America affiliate in the Phoenix, Charles Goyette, who we've had on before.
And we were accused of being George Soros minions and that we are basically for Hillary Clinton now.
Because we're having an alternative reporter on who's there at Crawford.
So, I mean, you just talk about mindlessness.
Here's another example of it.
So before you get into a quick report for us, Ernest, almost happening out at Crawford with the malicious mischief and the rest of it, before we do that, I mean, you and I basically have been accused of being commies now.
I have to demonize...
But I mean, I guess that you loved Bill Clinton then.
Yeah, compared to what we got now, I'm for blue dresses, man.
I don't mean sarcastic.
You guys have got a pretty conservative show.
I was wondering, how do you guys get away with talking about all that stuff on Air America?
You know, the thing is that Charles tags himself as the most independent talk show host in America.
So, you know, the word libertarian rarely comes up unless a caller says, well, you sound libertarian.
Well, there's a reason for that, you know.
But the...
What happens is we are so clearly against what's going on now and have logical, reasoned, principled arguments for it against what the White House Bush administration is doing in detail, very similar to the kind of work that you do, and all of a sudden you're finding that these people that really have a genuine desire to do what they perceive to be right
They get educated, and all of a sudden they're like that.
You know, we understand your rationale.
Well, that education is happening.
That's why in major national polls, 68%, 67% of the American people are against the war.
And on the ground, the numbers are, I would say, really over 70%.
So that education is happening.
And most conservatives that I know are mad about lies about WMDs.
They're mad about... I mean, folks...
Last night I watched a compilation of all the news clips about, you know, Bushes and, of course...
Mr. Rove's little male prostitute running a whore operation out of the White House.
You know, we've just forgotten about that.
I mean, how Christian and conservative is that?
I should have brought that up to those neocons.
They probably would have had heart attacks.
But Ernest Hancock, again, reporting here for us.
You're out at Crawford up in central Texas right now.
There have been some new developments last night, some vicious vandalism.
Tell us what you know about that.
There's a couple things that happened.
The first thing was last night, there was a gentleman, loose term, drove his pickup through the ditch where all of the crosses were, and he took out about 400 of them.
Now, the road is not that bright, because the road that goes up to the camp into the city of Crawford, it's like...
Five miles, four or five miles with no turnoffs.
It's a farm road.
So the Sheriff's Department was waiting for him, and they had him dead to rights because he had crosses stuck up underneath the undercarriage of his truck.
And I asked him what his deputy is, and I said, well, you know, it's not a new truck.
He's going to be plowing through the ditch like this.
He goes, no, it's not a 1990 truck.
And I go, well, was it a high school kid on the football team drinking right before he's going back to school having some fun with his buddies?
No, it's one guy's late 40s, early 50s out there just, you know...
Being dumb and creating more controversy.
Now you've got these white crosses and some with Sars of David on them and Islamic symbols with names of fallen soldiers and American flags all in the dirt that he ran over.
I don't know how that served any purpose of his.
Well, and now the police are saying that this individual is basically admitting that he's just angry about you guys being out there.
The individual that was firing off his guns all night long has now told TV news cameras that, you know, are you doing this to intimidate people?
You just figure it out!
We're sick of them!
So, I mean, it's pretty obvious what's going on.
But for people that were doubting me yesterday, when I talked about the lunatic nature of these few, I mean, not even ten neocons that are out there.
Occasionally some neocon bus pulls up with maybe 30 people on it.
The news calls them, you know, 500.
But, you know, the times that I've been out there, the reporters I've talked to, never more than ten.
You talk to them, I mean, these are crazed maniacs, Ernest, and they're not conservatives.
Yeah, no, they're pretty... I've interviewed them.
I went over and gave them a chance.
You know, the Air America liberal audience wants to hear what you have to say.
I won't edit.
You go for it.
It's pretty weak.
I mean, they're not really that informed.
You know, one thing that's interesting, though, today, I think the county's name is McClellan in Waco.
Yeah, McClellan County is... People are moving to have folks thrown off the ditch.
Go ahead.
We were in the county courthouse.
The commissioners are having an open hearing.
They were doing some budget business.
And you can't really have any action that would...
Do anything unless it's on the agenda so many weeks in advance.
So they really just appeared to have a public hearing to talk about certain things.
There was no real force of action that they can do, which was interesting, but people wanted to speak about this out there.
And a woman that owns, there's a Y intersection there where the camp is, and at that Y intersection it creates an isosceles triangle with about 40 yards on each side of it that's
Open in the middle because she doesn't want people there camping on her private property.
Now, let's be specific.
First, the Secret Service said, you can't get within three miles.
You've got to stop right here.
You can use this area.
Now, once the woman let the county have it for right-of-way for the county road and the state road, really, that's public, folks.
It's just a little bitty piece of land.
But they did this on purpose.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, let me tell you about that here, and I think you'd be surprised.
What happened was...
A couple of the residents that live up there expressed concern about the traffic and they just didn't want them there, of course.
But they didn't really have a lot of good reasons to oppose it other than maybe somebody might get hit with a car and that kind of thing.
But what was amazing is the woman that owned the property, she's building a very nice large home within sight there.
You may have saw that large home that was under construction.
That's hers about a quarter mile off the road.
And she owns that
And she's got neocons on the entrance to her gate.
Triangle there.
That's where they nest.
Now, what happened, though, was interesting, is she didn't really have a problem with them.
She goes, everybody's been polite.
When they knew it was private property, they got off it.
And a lot of the residents of Crawford went out and said, we don't have a problem.
I'll say of the dozen people that testified, I was doing radio interviews for the morning show yesterday,
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, but the problem is they don't want on future visits of his lordship to have this happening.
And sorry, folks, it's a free country.
And these moves to restrict any type of protest or have free speech zones or any of this are a big, big problem.
And those locals who love to worship Bush, they should know that by the neocon king bivouacking on his 1,800-acre compound, that this is what they should expect.
And this is what freedom looks like, so they should just get over it
And, you know, if they ban protest out there, I will go there and I will get arrested, because I'm not going to put up with this.
Listen, Ernest, I really appreciate you coming on and reporting for us, and can we get you to pop back in in the next few days?
Yeah, sure.
I'll call back in.
And folks can go to CrawfordOrBust.com.
And you have photos of all that stuff.
You're welcome to use whatever audio clips and photos from that and have fun.
Thanks a lot, my friend.
All right.
Take care.
You bet.
And, again, I'm not going to spend any more time on this today.
In and of itself, it's a diversion and a distraction.
But I do think that what Cindy Sheehan is doing is great.
She's a really nice lady.
She's been through a lot.
And Secret Service threatening to run over them, and people firing guns in their direction to scare them, and people running over crosses, dragging a huge chain in a pipe.
And just all of this insanity is just out of control.
Look, we don't like this war.
We want out of there.
We're tired of our troops being killed.
We are tired of the New World Order.
We don't want to invade Iran.
And I'm tired of you calling us a bunch of commies.
Look, it's your neocon Supreme Court engaging in communism.
You know, I heard a talk show make the point last week, and it's true.
Actually, I heard several talk shows make the point that down in Venezuela, Chavez is giving property seized from the population back to the population.
So they're trying to get more private property ownership, just giving public lands to the people.
Meanwhile, here in America, the federal government's grabbing more land, state government's grabbing more land, the Supreme Court says you don't own your private property if some land baron wants it.
We don't even have to pay you proper value for it.
New London, Connecticut.
I mean, again, Bush is for gun control, open borders, all of this stuff.
And you guys dance around and tell me how he's some conservative.
And I'm just tired of it.
And I mean, I really tried to nicely... I've got video of all this.
I tried to nicely... I'll be hearing some of it on TV tonight.
I tried to be nice to these neocons.
I mean, even before I'd gotten down to the ranch, I stopped at a gas station across the street from the Peace House, or actually Caddy Corner, about 200 yards away, where there were about five neocons dancing around.
And again, folks...
I got an email.
Hey, you don't like bikers?
Why'd you call him a fat biker?
I was describing what the guy was.
I would have said a fat milkman, if that's what he's been.
Nothing against bikers.
A lot of friends that are bikers.
A lot of patriots are bikers.
I understand and know that.
I'm talking about these individuals.
We're shameful.
And they weren't even what you'd call real bikers.
They were like yuppie bikers.
And I don't like being screamed at and cussed at, you know, and I ought to take a swing at you.
Because, well, the CIA says that Iran won't have a nuke for ten years.
I ought to take a swing at you, boy.
You're probably with them.
I mean, just the Bushes against guns.
I don't care about them.
Well, good.
I think Bush is a good Christian, but Bush tried to get the Ten Commandments taken down in Alabama.
He promoted the Attorney General that did.
I don't care about the bleeping Ten Commandments!
I mean, I got video of this.
I got the whole exchange.
I'm nicely talking to the guy and these other people, and they start surrounding us.
I mean, you know, looking for a fight, folks.
I don't appreciate it.
And, you know, these guys, some of these people better not go do something to these poor women, predominantly women over there on the side of the road, literally being pushed up against barbed wire fences by the police.
You know, when I said two yards, it's not even that much room.
I mean, it's just, they got everybody crammed up against the wire, and, you know, again, it's a microcosm of everything we're facing.
It's just such an example of this.
I mean, I could sit there and talk with the liberals and explain to them about the Second Amendment, and they were going, I agree with you.
Yeah, no, no, it makes sense.
And I have former Soviet socialists after former Soviet socialists.
No, I see the big paradigm, Alex.
I listened to your show five years ago, or I saw one of your videos in a show in a local theater in San Diego, and it woke me up.
He's an activist from the 60s.
No, I get the new paradigm.
No, I understand the corporations actually want big government.
Yes, we understand.
We understand big government doesn't help us.
We understand government programs.
I mean, they're waking up.
People that I guarantee you five years ago were probably level-headed about Bill Clinton, knew why he was bad, who I could have talked to, are just lunatics.
I mean, just wild-eyed crazies.
And I got a few emails yesterday, oh, it's not as bad as you said.
Folks, running over crosses, 500 of them.
I mean, that 500 crosses had to be, of the 1,000 that are out there, it's got to be like 100 yards.
Can you imagine that?
You've got to get down in a ditch to do it.
You know, with a chain dragging behind you, with a pipe slamming.
It's like a road warrior.
I mean, you walk up and go, hi, I'd like to interview you.
You back off right now, buddy.
You're getting it right now.
I'm with the Army.
And then, you know, playing close secret service, giving you dirty looks, walking behind you, big old 6'5 guys, just looking psychotic.
I mean, it's weird.
I mean, you people are like demon possession.
I promised myself I wouldn't rant and rave about this, but it scared me, folks.
I mean, it just deceived.
We couldn't have worse emissaries to the liberals than these fruit loops.
And again, one of the pro-Bush people was well-spoken and nuts.
Who knows?
Uno, not Dulcer Trace.
We'll be right back with your calls.
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Back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We're going to start taking your calls here momentarily.
And then I will get more in the next hour into the nuke drill that now the Army is saying...
Along with the North American command, the schedule will take place tomorrow, and obviously it's not going to be an exercise that goes live now.
We'll never know what the truth was, because by exposing it, we ensure that it doesn't happen.
And, you know, it's the same with all these issues.
If we expose them, if we fight them, if we show what they're up to, it neutralizes them.
The globalists who use terror to scare us into submission.
We'll get into Russia reports bird flu dangerous to humans spreading towards Europe.
And we'll get into the economy with inflation.
Also, children as young as six months of age are being barred from flying as terrorists because their names are similar to those of the people on the watch list.
And even when the screeners see that it's a newborn baby, they just say, sorry, the rules are the rules.
And it'll be like this.
They're going to put all these new private databases in, and if you've got bad credit, they admit you won't be able to fly or travel.
It's going to be total control.
And more on the Stasi system of turning everybody into tattletales when they're in your homes.
Got several new articles on that.
Yesterday it was 500,000 janitors with the biggest custodial company in the U.S.
for Homeland Security tattletales, fighting terror and crime.
Now it's several other big companies.
So just every day, massive announcements of tattletaling and spying.
Before I go to calls in this hour, folks, my new film, Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, is out.
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And we're computers, folks.
We've been given garbage in, garbage out.
We've been given false information, false precepts, false text, false names, false labels.
The mapmakers of the mind have sold us on frauds.
All right, to be fair to the callers, I'm not going to go to them right now.
We'll go to you as soon as we start the next hour.
From as far north as Canada, as far south as Texas, Tejas, we'll take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the Rooskies say the bird flea is spreading and is deadly dangerous.
At the same time, oil prices, as you know, are exploding, and so is its little brother, inflation.
Its evil twin, inflation.
I've been demonized and viciously attacked by the Charlton Post and Courier, who just basically fabricated a straw man to attack us on the nuke drill story.
I will spend some more time on that.
Just a bunch of news.
It's all coming up.
But let's go to calls.
You've been holding long enough.
We had a guest on for a little while in the last hour.
Haven't even gotten to your calls yet.
We're going to take a lot of them now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dean in Canada.
Dean, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
This is a special report from the Patriot Broadcasting Network.
Broadcast news here in Canada reported that at 9.05 this morning, six subway stations
Just north of downtown Toronto, we're evacuated due to a suspicious package that was found in one station, one subway station.
But yet, even though this was more than three hours ago, almost four now, there is no word yet on what was inside the package.
And I've been warning people over my own show on the internet, and people that I know too, that in terms of this continent, we can expect the next event here, and they are starting them now.
So people, you have been warned.
Not just by myself, but by Alex Jones and various others that are in the Good Patriot Movement.
Please get yourselves ready for the next one.
Well, here's the point.
These drills and these false alarms, which they admittedly stage a lot of, they'll have a drill and then a week later admit that it was a, you know, I mean, they'll say that it was a false alarm and then a week later go, oh, it was really a drill.
We were testing you.
Then we simply report on that fact and then we're bad.
You know, I'm getting sick and tired of this.
And anything else, Dean?
That's pretty much everything I needed to do.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for the report.
All right.
Yeah, I did have a blurb about that.
It's about creating hysteria and fear.
And then we pay attention to it, and we're bad.
It's Dick Cheney saying we're going to get nuked.
I'm not saying that.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alice in Arkansas.
Go ahead, Alice.
Hello, Alex.
I want to thank you for your tireless work.
I've listened to you over the past eight years for all that you've done for humanity and Jesus Christ.
And I want to tell you that you shouldn't concern yourself with all the people that criticize you because you've got a large enough audience out here who knows the truth and who respects you.
Just forget what they say and get on with it because we know who you are and you don't have to defend yourself to us.
But my question that I'm talking about today...
Is the fact that with our House and Senate infiltrated and we know that voting is not going to affect any change, we are still once again left with all the terror and all the problems without solutions.
And it's kind of like Braveheart.
He kept saying, unite the clans, unite the clans, because right now all we're doing is just taking in more and more and more and more of the evil, but we are wandering around lost without direction.
And I am quite frankly more concerned about
With the national ID card being the mark of the beast carried in your hand, which fits Bible prophecy completely, because without it, Congressman Ron Paul's letter even stated, we won't be able to hold down a job which will stop our buying, our selling, and our trading.
We can't get a Social Security card.
Hey, all ready to get in the tanning salon, the gym, many check cashing places, many big banks have already put face scanners in.
You already need this to buy and sell, but where are the Christian churches?
They're not talking about it.
The Christian churches are the beast churches.
The world order has a world order of churches today, and those...
Our abominations to God who continuously teach... Exactly, and we've got followers of those churches that think that they're of God that are out there at Crawford.
How do we connect?
Because I really feel with that national ID card, you know the Patriot Act says that any time we disobey a law that they force down upon us, such as taking this national ID card, and they'll have checkpoints to arrest the Christians who refuse it, we'll be terrorists.
Well, stay there, Alice.
Restate the question, and then... I mean, I want to get your take on it, and then I'll give you my take.
None of us have all the answers on the other side.
Stay with us, please.
And we'll be back, and we'll also go to Tim and Emmett and John and many others.
Full free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
If you want to go to one of the big change... the big exercise change...
They want a thumbprint.
The chatting salons, many of the grocery stores, the banks, to get into work, get into your office.
We were sitting outside an IHOP Saturday morning and a lady got out of her new Mercedes Benz.
She was real proud of it.
She thumb scanned to get in.
My wife took a photo of this happening with her camera phone.
We forgot to post that.
We need to.
They get on a lot of cruise ships.
It's no law, and they don't tell you when you sign up, but when you show up there, which has been in the news, they want to retina scan you and thumbprint you, and they sell that and put it in the database.
Disneyland, Disney World, of course the Sea World, Sea World San Antonio, Sea World Orlando, Sea World all over the country.
You are retina scanned, thumb scanned, hand scanned to get in.
And this is to be used for the casual society tracking and control grid.
And they've already said, you know, newborn babies are not allowed to fly if they've got the same name as somebody on a terrorist watch list.
Meanwhile, magically, if you're the 7-7 bomber mastermind, you're MI6, you can fly anywhere you want, even if you're on a terrorist watch list.
Because you're MI6.
You're carrying out a tax, but you're a newborn baby.
Sorry, rule says they can't fly.
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter if it's obviously wrong.
It's about mindlessness.
You know, telling congressmen and women, senators they can't fly.
Sorry, Mr. Kennedy, you can't fly.
You're on the list.
Doesn't matter.
Somebody else named Kennedy's on a criminal watch list under Patriot Act compliance.
A lot of check-cashing places are closed because there's hundreds of thousands, over 400,000 people on the criminal watch list who don't even have convictions.
And then there are, what, over 300,000 people on the terror watch list, and that's what they say is on it, and they have a little database at these banks and places, and they're not even supposed to do business with you if you're on it.
Oh, did you know that?
Oh, we're not going to arrest you.
We just can't do business with you.
Can't sell you a used car.
Can't sell you a house.
It's going to be implemented everywhere.
This is the official plan.
I saw Ridge on the C-SPAN three and a half years ago before he even got Homeland Security funding.
By the way, they're going to expand it next year.
They're already talking about it.
And he said, oh yeah, if you have bad credit, you're going to lower from a green rating to a yellow rating, and you may not be able to fly.
I mean, folks, you talk about, you talk about, I mean, they said in England if they pass the national ID coverage, they haven't done yet, won't be able to get gasoline, drive a car, have a job.
They said you'll have to have this.
It's part of the Real ID Act.
To have a job, you'll have to have this.
But of course, illegal aliens don't have to.
That's all selectively enforced.
You know, the federal government gives them loans for homes without IDs when they're illegal aliens, but not you, brother.
So, imagine you pay for a cruise, and you show up for the cruise, and no one tells you that major cruise companies, not all of them, retina scan and thumb scan you, if that ever happened to you, call in, tell folks about it.
And they go, well, you can give up the thousands of dollars you paid, or you can just submit to it.
You know?
I remember learning about eight years ago, and since then we've even had congressmen on it.
One of them was from South Carolina who was against it about three years ago, that as soon as you're born, you think that blood ampule, they take three ampules, they tell you, what's that for?
Oh, we test for blood diseases.
Well, ask them, why don't you just test here at the hospital?
Oh, no, state law mandates, not really state law, it's a regulation, that it go to the city or county health department.
We're good to go.
First learned about it about eight, nine years ago when Australia said, we're going to start using this to track criminals.
Oh, guess what?
We've really got a DNA database.
And it started 34 years ago.
And so I'm 31, folks, I guess, up in Parkland.
Oh, by the way, Australia, England, Canada.
And the U.S., the five what I call echelon countries, we have Head Start, they have Secure Start in England.
It's all the same programs, almost the same names, in some cases the same names, from NSA to Head Start to vaccine programs.
It's exactly the same.
Maybe it's a different packaging.
And they're doing it over there.
They're already public about it.
So they take your blood, people.
They don't ask you.
Ha, ha, ha.
It's so sick.
They had biometrics 35 years ago.
You know, when they put in thumb scanning in Texas.
They said, hey, don't complain back in 93.
We passed a law in 68.
It was in the newspaper.
Here's the law.
We got it and put it in my film.
America Destroyed by Design.
They said, hey, we passed that we could make you do inkless fingerprint readers in 1968.
I made it in 97.
I said, shut up!
As if that gave it some precedent.
They pass these laws and then just shelve them like pieces to a Lego set.
All right, I'm going to go to your calls.
I'm going to shut up.
It just makes me so mad.
You know, the caller brings this up and she's right on.
Alice in Arkansas, in the last segment, Alice, we talked about the churches aren't warning the people because they're bought and paid for, Alice.
They certainly are.
They became 501c3, and Jesus Christ will not have a second master over him.
So once you become owned and operated by the state and answer to the state and bow your knee to the beast, then Jesus leads that church.
And the people are fooled if they think his spirit still abides in that church.
It certainly does not.
And remember that judgment comes first to the churches, and so the churches were judged, and they all took their number.
Five plus one is six.
C stands for church.
Three is quantity.
You got 666.
And I'm just telling you that anyone who deludes themselves into thinking they're going to get answers from the people who serve the beast are being very, very fooled.
But I also want to say that...
This is the test, because this is the mark of the beast that is carried in the hand, and it fits all aspects of the beast.
You can't hold down a job, which means you won't be able to buy, sell, or trade.
You've talked about it.
You can't get a Social Security check.
You can't function.
You'll be arrested as a terrorist because you're disobeying a law under the Patriot Act by not carrying it.
Well, look, already Michael Savage, already...
Bill O'Reilly already.
I mean, you name it.
Sean Hannity says every child needs a chip.
Tommy Thompson, the former secretary, a former cabinet member, is taking a chip.
He's traveling the country to elementary and middle schools telling kids to get it.
I mean, folks, we're in the 11th hour right now.
I mean, this is prophecy being fulfilled.
99% of people will probably go the way of the beast.
There's only going to be a few.
Straight as the gate, narrow as the way.
You will be that.
Find it.
And I'm saying this is the test we must... And see, we're already deluding ourselves.
We're already thumb scanning.
We're already doing along with this.
Folks, by the way, Andy Rooney and others, Andy Rooney, I have him on video, it's in Rotaterra, and he says, everybody needs a chip to prove who is good.
We need to start chipping now.
And so I hear this mantra, if people won't do this, they're with the terrorists.
Alex, the solution is to follow Jesus Christ.
He said in Matthew 18, verses 7 through 9... But they're going to tell us that Jesus says take the chip, that Jesus is in Jerusalem, we've got to worship Israel, and if the leader, if the Christ is in Israel, why, oh, he did come!
We must worship him.
Alex, Matthew 18, verses 7 through 9 says, If your hand offend, you cut it off.
If your foot offend, you cut it off.
If your eye offend, you pluck it out.
So that you can enter into the kingdom of God.
Jesus knew you weren't going to see all these traps that were coming upon you.
So when you find this out, get rid of it before the decree.
No, it's already happening.
I mean, if you want the new Mercedes, it comes with a thumb scanner.
You don't get a choice.
That's how you get in the car.
If you want to take the children to Disney World, and they're going to beg for it with peer pressure, you've got to retina scan and thumb scan.
If you want to take a cruise and see the Caribbean, and it's so inexpensive, then in most cruise lines, you're going to have to take the retina scan.
And I hope you enjoy burning in hell for the rest of your lives, where hell says your worm die if not in the fire is never quenched.
I'm telling...
The people out there that if they really would like to choose Jesus Christ in their eternity, then they'd better find a way to refuse all these.
Well, you sound liberal.
I mean, you're probably working for George Soros.
I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and I don't care who knows it.
You know I'm being sarcastic.
I understand, but I think there are options.
Babies can be birthed at home, and there are lots of people that are doing it because they don't want their babies chipped.
And we're going to be criminals no matter what we do, so get used to the idea.
Start becoming a criminal and disobey some of these things and start to make preparations in your heart and in your mind.
I agree.
Dictatorships always make everybody a criminal.
They're the criminals.
Thanks for the call.
Fabulous points.
She's absolutely right.
And, you know, I've gotten on air and admitted my sins.
I've gotten on air and admitted I'm not perfect.
I get emails, see, you're bad.
You admit it.
Folks, I mean, we've got some problems out there.
I mean, that's all I can say.
Let's talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Earlier you were talking about our, I guess I call him the Jack Ruby of the globalists, our buddy Ronnie Dumsfield.
Hi, buddy.
And he fired this general.
Could you elaborate a little more on that?
Kept me caught up.
I've been missing out on that story.
Well, Kevin P. Burns, number five in the overall military command, number four in the army...
Head of all training for the Pentagon.
He very unceremoniously got fired for supposedly having a divorce.
He was getting a divorce and had a girlfriend off base.
That's his lawyer's own press release.
But I've been told to watch this general closely that he was an enemy of Rumsfeld.
They've been in big arguments, which we know Rumsfeld is most of the Pentagon he's angry at.
Because they're not delusional.
And now Bush has flipped out and dressed down another general, the Supreme Commander out in Iraq, for saying that General George W. Casey is another four-star general, if you can believe it, even higher level than Burns.
Like he is.
And George Bush actually called up rebuking him and went on TV to say, we're not pulling 30,000 troops out.
How much of the Pentagon would you estimate is, I guess, with the New World Order, and what are our chances?
Well, I mean, all these generals have, quote, been with the New World Order.
They follow orders.
But at a certain point, I mean, they know it's ridiculous.
They know it's only going to get worse, and they quietly tell the president, look, we're going to fail.
And the president's just like, shut up!
You know, we're forward!
I mean, that's come out in the news.
I mean, it's just the neocons are busy with their, you know, their mail escort services and literally being fed grapes by Jeff Gannon.
One more thing, real quick.
I must be watching your movies too much because I had this dream.
It would be a great gift for one of your movies.
You were like a game show host of the Futuristic to tell the truth.
And you had Bush, Rummy, Cheney, and all that.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this when we get back to him.
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All right, let's go back to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, finish up the rest of your dream.
Yeah, I have been watching your movies quite a bit because I'm trying to memorize great portions of them at once, and I fell asleep.
And I had this dream where you were like the... It was like a futuristic version of To Tell the Truth.
You were getting to ask the questions, and you had Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Kinda Sleazy Rice, and Colin Powell.
They were all lined up and hooked up to these lie detectors.
And every time they lied, a cop in a black ski mask would step out with a taser gun and let them have it.
It was hilarious.
And then I woke up, and it was in the credits of your movie.
That's what I have to tell you.
That would be a cute skit for one of your... Well, that's pretty scary.
They're pretty much doing that over in Iraq with terrorists in the hands of justice.
Haven't been convicted, scooped up off the street, and people accused of robbery are beaten and then drugged before cameras.
But that's kind of a running man sounding scenario.
Pretty scary.
Thanks for the call.
God bless you, Tim.
That's interesting.
But I have to tell you, scary.
We're going to go to Ernest in...
Emmett and John and Irwin and David and everybody here in just a moment.
But John Harmon answers the phones and runs the show up there at Genesis in Minnesota.
And he popped in right before I went on air in the last segment and said, Hey Alex, why when I see people buying cigarettes at the store, why do they swipe the card now?
And yeah, I've talked about this.
I've seen old ladies.
I mean, 75 years old, buying a six-pack of Budweiser or a pack of Lucky Strikes for their husband, literally having their card swiped, period.
And I was told by a major chain manager why they do it.
But go ahead and ask your question, John.
Yeah, sure.
I asked for a pack of whatever, and...
They asked for my ID, and I gave it to them, and they looked at it, and then they swiped it, and I said, hey, what's that, you know, that you're swiping for?
And they said, well, it tells you the age.
And I said, well, you just looked at the age on the license, you know, why do you need to scan it?
And they just kind of, whatever, and, you know... Move along, slave!
Yeah, exactly.
I'm part of the enforcement system now.
Well, just so you know what that is, I've talked to a Donovan Shamrock manager.
And he even shoved me on the terminal.
When they swipe it, and they've been told that pretty soon they're going to do it for everything.
And it's happening at, you know, Tiger Marts, everywhere.
That it shows what, if you've got warrants, if there's a warrant out for your arrest.
They don't know why.
They haven't been told.
But now they've been told that in the future it'll be everybody swipe for everything.
It's going to be part of the National ID Card, the Real ID Act.
And that'll even be your debit card.
Homeland Security's even said that.
My money's on my license.
Oh, how convenient.
Now, to a new, I pay for my toll roads with it, and it automatically reads it, and oh, it hooks in with the transponder that's in my inspection sticker or my license plate.
This is all mainstream news now, folks.
I've been talking about it forever.
Now it's happening.
And does that sound like freedom to you, John?
No, it does not.
It sounds like contracting and controlling.
Yeah, and again, you know, I mean, I've met you.
You don't look like you're under 18.
But regardless, even if you sent your grandmother in, you know, at 90 years old on a walker, they just say, nope, sorry, got to see it.
Just like the AP article today.
Hundreds of toddlers barred from flying, six-month-old babies.
Your name is similar to that of a terrorist, but it's obviously a baby.
Sorry, the rules are... It's about mindlessness.
It's about, we just do it this way.
Shut up!
We're going to be attacked by Arab bombers any minute, but we don't search the Muslims, we search your children.
We point machine guns at you.
It's about training you to be a slave.
Anything else, John?
So basically we don't know if it's going into a database or anything?
No, it is.
And see, what happens is the corporations, it's easier for government to covertly make deals with corporations to buy that data.
It is.
You were here a year ago at the network.
Remember when I was reading that USA Today article about when you call to order the pizza, most big chains automatically run you through the police, and instead of a pizza, you get a SWAT team, they get 20% of any fines or fees?
Yes, I remember that.
And then yesterday I read...
Well, I had a whole stack of articles, but the big one was the biggest janitorial outfit in the country.
500,000 janitors, they're all going to be spying on you.
So isn't that nice?
You hire a janitor for your company, but you also get the bonus of paying them to violate your privacy.
Pop needs a warrant, but they don't.
But see, it's criminal.
What they're doing is illegal.
There's no law you've got to do that.
There's no enforcement.
There's no... It's all just they make deals.
And, you know, again, because the head of that corporation is on the board of 20 other corporations and is a member of the CFR.
And they literally give them the agenda, and they go, implement.
Does that make sense, John?
Yes, thank you.
It's all part of freedom, I guess.
It's part of the new freedom, good.
And just submit to it, and force-drug your children.
The government says it's good, and
Take your vaccines and drink your fluoride and drink your aspartame and love your government and eat your genetically modified food and believe everything they say or you're with Al-Qaeda, buddy.
All right?
Glad we figured all that out.
Let's go ahead and come back and talk to Emmett, John, Erwin, and David and others.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We have a corrupt mafia of inbred individuals that have been getting their way for a long, long time.
I think it's their right to rule and basically dominate us and push us around.
And it's time to just start saying no to them and to start pushing back.
But they're setting up a system where if you want health care for your child, you're going to let the government forcibly psychologically test them, forcibly drug them.
You're going to let the government thumb-scan them and retina-scan them and control your life.
You want to leave your house, it's going to happen.
They're going to make it to where you're not going to be able to feed yourself unless you submit to them.
And then even if you don't submit to them and you can't feed yourself, they're going to come take you and institutionalize you.
I mean, they've really set up a sick system, folks.
It's evil.
I mean, it's how you domesticate an animal for slaughter.
Emmett and John and Erwin and David, we're going to get to you really fast here, and then I'm going to get into more of the economic news and the health news as well.
For the next three or four minutes here, we're honored to have Debbie Morrow with New Millennium Concepts, which is the national distributor of the big Berkey, British Berkey.
But they've also got a new standard, the American-made Berkey, many years in the development, now been out for several years, with just incredibly low prices, made in America in less than the British models that are excellent and less than the Indian and Chinese knockoffs that are complete pieces of garbage.
I mean, the element in the Black Berkey is like four or five times heavier than one of these Chinese or Indian knockoffs.
A new standard, you know, cutting stuff out to non-detectable levels.
And it's an area to take control in your life.
I mean, stop drinking their tap water, folks.
Stop trusting these criminals.
Go to the EPA's own website and read what is allowable.
In your water.
I mean, drink filtered water.
Truly filtered water, folks.
I don't mean some charcoal thing that does nothing.
That cuts out a few bad tastes.
Drink truly purified water for a month and try to drink tap water.
It is just worlds apart.
Debbie, good to have you on with us.
Hi there, Alex.
Thank you for having me.
You're absolutely right about if you drink your Berkey water and then you drink your tap water, you'll tell a distinct difference.
Well, you certainly will.
Tell us about the several different specials you've got, both on British and American Berkeys.
Well, the Berkey Lights are available.
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What about some of the other specials you're offering?
Well, we now have the stainless steel Berkeys available with the black filters.
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And we have different freebies with it.
We'll give free sport bottles with them.
Give me a call and we'll go ahead and go over all those different things.
The sports bottle is a filtration system itself.
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It is not the...
It is not the purification system.
It is just a filtration system.
But again, the element in your models is, because I've bought these before for camping, is about three times heavier and thicker and larger than the element that's on a lot of knockoffs that are even more.
So you guys really do go for quality.
We do because our whole premise of doing this is we really want to get the best possible filter out to the people at the most economical way to do it.
A lot of water filter companies, you buy the system and then they want you to change out the filters every three to five to six months.
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But we have set the standard so much higher than that because
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So we really stand behind a really good product.
Now, you have some specials on stainless steel models with the British elements, too, don't you?
We have the Royal Berkey, which is a three-gallon filter.
Yes, we do.
It's got two...
Those are beautiful units, too.
And though it is not to the new level like the American made, it was and still is the industry standard.
$2.25 is an insane deal.
Believe me, folks.
And that's on a three-gallon, right?
That's on a three-gallon.
Yeah, that's what it's saying.
I mean, normally a three-gallon is, what, $300, $350?
So $2.25.
Give Debbie a call.
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Thanks for spending the last six minutes with us.
You're very welcome.
Take care, Debbie.
Thank you.
And again, folks, I believe in New Millennium.
They're great folks, very honest Christian people.
They do a great job, great service, and cheaper than everybody else.
I mean, it's just a great deal, and made in America.
If you want British, they've got that, too, and I own one of those.
They're excellent.
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And support their sponsors.
Or if you're a local business, support them.
This is all part of a team effort battling the New World Order.
So thanks for letting us have Debbie on for six, seven minutes.
Let's go back to your calls now.
I want to hurry through these very fast.
Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Emmett.
Yes, my subject is Coast to Coast on Saturday night into Sunday morning.
Enon Punnick had a psychic whose name was unusual, but I don't think he was any more psychic than you and I.
You see, he predicted 9-11 two weeks before it happened, publicly predicted it.
He also was throwing a lot of government names around.
And anyway, he said the Russians are going to nuke us and blame it on terrorists tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th.
Well, I really don't go off what psychics say and don't really believe it.
Well, I don't think this guy was a psychic.
I think maybe he had some inside information.
Well, I don't know about this guy, but we did have Dean Hagelin, who was star of the X-Files, star of Lone Gunman, in like 15 movies and a bunch of other TV shows.
We put the video of that on prisonplanet.tv, had him on the radio.
He just showed up at my house.
The day before he got here, he said, I'm coming by car.
I want to talk to you.
I want to tell you something.
So he gets to my house, and he talks about it on camera and a lot more off camera, and he says, the CIA approached us and would plant stories on us through fake psychics at high-powered Hollywood parties.
And we have a transcript of it.
It's on the website.
Just type in Dean Hagelin, Alex Jones.
Remember the lone gunman episode where the government's going to fly a hijacked jumbo jet in the World Trade Center to create martial law and blame it on Afghanistan?
And they're going to use a drill, a terrorism drill, as a smoke screen to carry it out?
Then the exact thing happens four months later.
I mean, the exact thing.
Now, he said, yeah, I've talked to Chris Carter.
And he said some of this on video, some of it on radio, a little bit more off camera.
But he said, no, no.
Chris Carter told me.
He was approached by CIA, posing as psychics and others, planting stuff on us.
And so what you say is absolutely accurate.
But I am not going to say, and again, I'm saying now, I don't believe there's going to be a newt go off tomorrow.
Of course, I'll be quoted probably by the New York Times saying I said that.
What am I going to do?
Waste all my time suing them?
It's like this...
These idiots at the Charlton Post and Courier.
I mean, they've got in here that we said it was another state and that we're wrong when the Pentagon's own website said the state and the town we said would have the drill.
I mean, you know, they're going to new levels of disinfo.
They just claim we say things we didn't say.
And Alex, I felt your frustration the other day.
I fall into a grocery store parking lot and on the back of this vehicle it said, remember the people at 9-11.
So I went in the grocery store and I said, oh Lord, help me find this.
Here it was, this lady.
And I said, here's a 9-11 film.
It'll prove to you George Bush knew beforehand about it to happen.
Oh no, I don't want it!
Oh no, I don't want it!
I mean, the ignorance of these American people.
Well, they're going to get hurt by the government.
And the cashier, I said to her, do you want it?
Oh, we put up with enough doo-doo.
That's not the word she said.
We put up with enough doo-doo.
I don't want to know about more.
No, they want to be fat and happy like fat hogs that don't even know they're getting slaughtered for Sunday dinner.
Again, they have no idea how evil the globalists are.
And they're all living in the moment, only caring about themselves.
So they slurp the fluoride mercury water.
They give their kids the vaccines.
They take the thumb scan.
They submit to... Yeah, the skills...
Because I've got to put my kid on Ritalin.
And the child has a heart attack two years later.
And they don't care.
They go bury their kid and go back to soap operas.
They go put their little kid in the ground.
These people are scum.
Thanks for the call.
Got to let you go.
Got to move on.
And I'm not trying to call everybody scum, but I do get frustrated.
My dad was over at the house last night, and he said, Son, you're calling everybody scum.
It sounds like you're getting more wild than you used to be.
Like the old Alex Jones.
I just, stuff is so close to the edge.
Stuff is getting so crazy.
And I just don't know anymore.
Just don't know anymore.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Boston and then Earn... Other callers.
I can't read my own writing.
John in Boston, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
I just thought you might get a kick out of this.
I know you said when Star Wars came out that even a child could see through the plot, and most adults can't.
Well, when the London bombings happened, I was watching the coverage, and my son walked in the room, he's only four, he looks at the TV, he sees the police, the soldiers all around, he looks at me and says, Daddy, those are enemy soldiers that look like Darth Vader.
He's four, and he can see through this, and nobody else can.
Well, it's meant to hit our subconscious childlike mind with fear.
We are the enemy.
We oppress you.
Stay in line.
Shut up.
We're unstoppable.
I mean, they talk to experts, psychology experts, spiritual experts, to come up with the dark image to project evil, ominous power.
And so you look at the riot police outfits, the big extended black helmets, the black pads.
I've got them in Seattle and other areas with actual black capes.
I'm not surprised.
Look, I've got police wearing Jason masks.
Police now wear hockey masks.
Yes, folks, it's true.
I even have a photograph with red horns.
It's about terror, sir.
It really is.
And just one more point.
Looking at the general that was fired and the conflict between Rumsfeld Bush and some people in the military, do you think that the New World Order is experiencing a schism right now going through it as far as they can't agree to their time plan?
They know they're behind.
They want to rush it.
They can't rush it because people will wake up.
Oh, listen, they're not staging having to fire Burns.
They're not General Casey, I mean, being openly dressed down by Bush.
No, we're not pulling troops out.
I mean, those guys always follow their orders.
That means he was told that by higher-ups, and then Bush said no.
I mean, no, it shows major fishers.
Because this new world, look, look, even these top globalists are delusional.
And throughout history, you know, Hitlers, Napoleons, others make bad decisions.
They go crazy.
They think they're invincible.
And their own tacticians look at it and know it isn't going to work.
So the problem is, you know, in this falling down of the New World Order, in this breakdown that we're seeing, we're all in danger.
Most definitely, and that's what concerns me.
But as long as we stay...
God's love and reject fear, we're going to be okay.
I just know it.
I appreciate your call, my friend.
Take care.
Who's up next here?
Irwin in Canada.
Irwin, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
This is Jamie.
Go ahead.
Okay, sir.
You're on the air.
All right.
Go ahead, sir.
I just want to say that you do a good job, Alex.
And I commend you, you know, and you and Jack Blood.
Well, time's short, my friend.
I really don't need to be commended.
Thank you for calling.
But thank you.
Thank you for caring.
And the Power Hour, they do a good job.
And see, I don't have a job right now.
I'm staying with my grandmother.
I don't have a, you know, I'm taking care of her.
She's 97.
And I'm keeping her out of the concentration camps known as nursing homes.
Well, that's good.
You're really going to be blessed.
And I'm also... When I do scratch up some money, I'm going to buy some of your videos.
You can probably find somebody in the area that's got them.
And also, this...
New America Century that's on the internet.
I'm going to be over at the library later.
The project for a New American Century.
Where do I go on there to where it says they were going to bomb places?
Type in PNAC official site.
And then when you get in there, go to white papers and position papers and go to September 2000.
September 20, 2000, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
By Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush.
Thanks for the call.
And I challenge everybody to go read PNAC.
People read it all the time and find even more horrible stuff.
I mean, I can't read all of it.
There's 25 of these monkeys writing new stuff every week.
There's thousands of papers on there.
Janie's on there saying, let's use race weapons, bio-weapons to kill certain races.
He publishes that!
Can you imagine what the ADL would say if I did that?
I mean, it's just Lulu, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, psychopaths out in the open, let's kill whole races, ha ha ha.
I mean, these people are nuts.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
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That's 888-2533-139.
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All right, Erwin and David and Vince and Anton and many others, your calls are coming up.
Paul Watson is going to be joining us about eight minutes into the next hour in that second segment.
Talk about this hit piece that was done on us by the Charlton Post and Courier.
I mean, here's one example of the type of manufacturing they did.
Problem is, the terrorism drill, which will focus on bad guys getting nukes, will take place this week at Fort Monroe and Hampton Roads, Virginia, about 400 miles up the coast.
Charlton was apparently mentioned on a lark.
If Charlton was chosen on a lark, why did Northcom press release say the Federal Emergency Management Authority...
Region 4 would be invited to participate in the drill.
Region 4, pointedly, does not encompass Virginia, where Fort Monroe is, but does include South Carolina, along Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
The organization charged with Homeland Security has no plans to stage a drill in Lowe County.
And they go on to say that we were wrong, but then their own press release from Homeland Security and NORTHCOM says they would.
I mean, the government's press release says they are going to, and then they go on to say there was a drill last week in the town.
To add more confusion, troops and local police did do drills.
As I said...
George Noria was asking me, or his producer was yesterday, well, we're hearing there's other drills.
What's going on?
I haven't seen this yet.
I don't know.
I hear it's this week.
Yeah, but you said there was going to be stuff last week.
Well, yeah, that's what we're hearing.
We'll see.
Here it is.
There's like five different drills in the area and in the town.
So, man, I tell you, it really gets old.
I mean, all we do is report on what's happening, and then we're evil.
I think people ought to call the Charleston Post and Courier and tell them to retract their libelous comments about me.
I don't appreciate it.
I mean, any fool could know the articles they quote me from are links to other stories on other people's websites and newspapers.
And North Common Homeland Security.
Erwin, we're going to go up to you in a second.
I just briefly want to say, in 30 seconds, our new film, Martial Law, is out.
It exposes who was behind 9-11.
By exposing who was behind 9-11, we can stop the globalists from carrying out more attacks, because then people don't come begging to them when there's a terror attack.
People know who was behind it, and we can maintain our liberty and freedoms.
It's very important to get martial law.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order it via the safe, secure shopping cart.
I have dozens of other films I produce and films I carry, like Beyond Treason, about testing chemical and biologicals on the troops and the population.
And just so much there on Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
These are really hot videos you need to have.
You can also go to PrisonPlanet.tv and watch my films online right now for 15 cents a day.
Or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
Irwin up in Canada.
All right.
Go ahead, sir.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
I really...
I admire you and I commend you highly for the wisdom that God has given you.
This is tremendous.
I've been listening to you for a long time now and I wasn't up to call but because of so many calls coming in talking about prophecy and talking about what the Bible says and so forth and so finally I couldn't stop.
I couldn't hold it back anymore so
Whatever I'm going to say to you, it's not going to be a criticism to you, okay?
But what you are doing is tremendous.
It's absolutely unbelievable what God has been doing.
He is the one that gave you the wisdom to do what you're doing.
There is no doubt about it.
Not in my mind whatsoever.
And I'm not one of those that... Well, I'm going to hold you over, but thank you for complimenting me, but what's on your mind specifically?
Specifically, I wanted to tell you that what is happening...
It's a big picture.
It's much bigger than what most people realize.
And that God has put you into this position is not an accident.
Because this thing is going to be won.
Well, stay there, my friend.
We'll come right back to you as we start the third hour.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
What is happening here is this is a major thing at this time in history.
And what is happening, though, is those people, especially those preachers that are calling God's chosen people a bunch of people that are evil in many respects, not all of them, but the leadership, and not regarding the church of the Lord Jesus Christ as God's chosen people, because that is what they are.
And so...
The lie that we have been now made to believe by a lot of our preachers, and I'm sad to say our brother John Hagee is one of them, what they are saying is wrong.
Especially interpretation of Revelation is wrong.
It has nothing to do with what they're talking about.
And that is why we have such a hard time in battling this new world order.
Well, yeah, I mean, they really have created false doctrines and gotten control of our pastors where they say microchips and national ID cards are a good word.
Exactly, and that's where the problem comes in.
I mean, come on, folks.
Jesus doesn't want you to take a microchip.
Definitely not.
Definitely not.
And not only that, Jesus doesn't want to have a bunch of people, even though they don't believe in him, but he doesn't want them annihilated and then call it good.
That is evil.
This is not of God.
And so, until this teaching is going to be eradicated, and God is going to make an example.
Even now that I'm speaking, God is going to take one of the major proponents of this wrong teaching, and he's going to make an example of this one man in particular.
And he is going to make, wake the body of Christ up.
And that you have been very hesitant in getting into prophecy, you have been very wise in doing so, because this needs some understanding that you can't talk about in five minutes.
You see?
And so therefore, God has to do something.
And these people that are proposing whole sections of some other race or people being annihilated, they are evil, they are deceived, and they don't know what they're talking about.
I'll give you just one example, and then because of time.
There was no woman, although I think God, one of the loveliest creatures that God created is a woman.
But God, because of deception, because of being hanged out to dry before the devil, He did not put any woman ever in leadership, in the body of Christ in particular.
But when the church started to allow Amy McPherson, Katherine Kuhlman, and so many others to take over leadership positions, what happened then is in the world, in secular society so to speak, that was then also becoming the norm.
You go back in history and you will see when this was not allowed to happen in the church,
That in the world, there were no women leaders.
Because the devil would deceive them.
That's the reason why he would not allow that.
And that's just one example.
And because of this, we need good understanding, and God is going to make an example.
If that doesn't happen, then I was speaking just through the air, okay?
But I believe God is going to use one man that has been...
Teaching, wrong teaching.
He's going to use them as an example.
That's all I wanted to say, Alex.
All right.
I appreciate you much.
Well, thank you, sir.
Call back any time.
You know, listening for years, never called.
Make it more often.
Good to hear from you.
All right.
Paul Watson coming up.
Just a despicable thing that happened.
And then we've got Tommy Thompson.
He got his chip.
He's a new article.
He's traveling the country saying, get your chip.
Oh, yes.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to Central.
Back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We're here live, my friends.
And coming up in this hour, we will get to David and Vince and Anton and others.
We've got Paul Watson riding a shotgun with us.
We'll spend about 15 minutes or so on this nuclear drill story and how we've been attacked, deciphering that propaganda.
Then we'll get into the bird flu spreading in Russia and other areas of Asia.
We'll get into what's happening with Tommy Thompson now.
Reports of him traveling, promoting the children, getting the microchip.
It's actually happening.
The insanity is here.
And what's going on with inflation and a lot more.
Poll today, a major newspaper, up in the south, down here in Texas we can actually say, up in the south, that's how far south we are, and west, the Charlton Post-Courier,
...has mangled the nuke drill facts in the words of Total Information Analysis, and I agree with them.
And you put together a report on this, and they've demonized Prison Planet and attributed to us quotes that we didn't make, stories that we didn't write, just like popular mechanics did.
And then they engaged a whole bunch of yellow journalism.
Paul, bring us up to speed.
Well, yeah, we first reported on the actual...
The claim that the nuclear drill would go live.
You had the journalist Leland Lerman on your show.
And also that day, Greg Simonsky had put an article out on it.
So we were basically reporting on what they said.
We weren't the source of the story.
But now we've been accused of being the source.
Yeah, so the article takes what we, by our own acknowledgement, had categorized as a claim that this nuclear drill could go live.
We said claim, put a question mark on it, go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, look at the first sentence of the hit piece.
Run for your lives.
Charleston will blow up this week.
No one had said that.
They're saying that.
Yeah, compare it to our first sentence.
Reporter suggests Burns discovered plan to turn nuke exercise into staged terror attack.
So we're reporting on what somebody else suggested.
You know, if I had the time and energy, if they don't retract this, I'd have a taste.
But, I mean, who has time to sue all these people?
Well, I mean, they couch it in such childish terms that it's hard to take it seriously in the first place.
But, again, at no point do we say that Charleston's going to blow up this week.
The article says also that we say that terrorism drills were planned in the US on 9-11 and in London on 7-7.
Again, we say.
That's not what we're saying.
It's admitted.
It's been, in the case of London, on BBC ITN News.
And the Associated Press, in the case of the 9-11 drills, it's admitted it's not something that we say.
And in our articles, which they read, and the articles we link to, there are links to all of our claims.
Something that Twit didn't do over at the Charleston newspaper.
Well, they never do.
And then there's the...
They make it out that the fact that the exercise is based around an attack off the port of Charleston, South Carolina, as they call it, a lark or a rumor.
And they say, unfortunately, the facts, you know, got in the way of these people.
You know, the lunatics at Prison Planet, why, they said it was a whole other state.
You know, where did they get that?
Well, off the press release of the Pentagon.
I mean, this is incredible.
And then...
It ends by saying that the conspiracy theorists say that Iran is going to attack Charleston, and then they go into the list of reasons why it would be ridiculous if you were at Iran to attack Charleston.
Nobody ever said Iran would be attacking.
We said that Iran would be blamed, as was in American Conservative.
Next terror attack in the US, Iran would be blamed.
And they say right here, if this makes no apparent sense, then...
Your other car isn't a black helicopter and you've never mistaken Crab Bank at low tide for a grassy knoll.
Those are the key words.
So, I mean, our first objective was to...
You know, get the facts on it.
Try and find out if it was true.
Which we haven't.
It's still a source.
But we still reported on it because it was interesting.
And secondly, to bring it out into the open.
So if there was a chance it was true, then certainly it won't happen now.
We had an editorial discussion for like 20 minutes, you and I, deciding whether to post this or not.
And we just said, well, on the off chance it's accurate, and we've gotten some intel that this guy was in...
It was fighting with Rummy.
And we don't know about coups or nukes.
We'd better just put it out to stop them if they are.
Because our job is to save lives, folks.
And it's indicative of what we get attacked on.
Well, I mean, look at what... I haven't read the new article you put together, Paul, but I know this.
It needs to have in it that it's Cheney and others who run around saying we're going to get nuked every day and they never get in trouble.
We're not saying that.
We're reporting on what others are reporting.
So, I mean, if we're evil, well, then Dick Cheney's a hundred times worse.
Go ahead.
Well, exactly.
I was just saying it's indicative of the things they do, attack us on the stories, which are not even ours.
It's just somebody that's reported on something.
We're carrying it.
So they try and attack all the weaker stuff and just blatantly ignore the cast-iron proof, which, you know, when it's cast-iron, we say it's cast-iron.
They never attack us on that.
You know, I was back on Coast to Coast AM last week, and just a day or two before that, there was a Charlton article saying there's no drills, even though Homeland Security websites said the drill was set to be staged there.
Fueling the speculation locally, I'm reading from the article...
Is the fact that there was actually, was a sort of terrorism drill, here on August 5th, more than 100 state and local federal officials gathered at the passenger terminal to discuss a weapon of mass destruction attack, but it was all just talk.
I mean, what is that?
So there isn't a drill there, but there was already a drill there.
I mean, that's just what I'm talking about, Paul.
These people are out of control.
It's intentionally trying to muddy the waters.
There's not much more you can say about it.
We reported on the claims of two other sources, and that was the story.
So now they're trying to turn it into something else by saying the whole drill doesn't exist, it's a rumor.
Do you think that this writer, this Brian Hicks, maybe is just stupid or woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
Because he'd have to work, though, to get this many facts wrong.
Well, it's just sloppy research.
I mean, the other website, Total Information Analysis, pointed all these things out as well.
They got confused with other websites.
It's never made clear as to what claims are being attributed to what website.
Well, I'm tired of this.
I mean, that's what Popular Mechanics and the Homeland Security officer, Benjamin Chertoff, did for his uncle, Homeland Security Director, in that hit piece.
You know, they've attributed stuff to me that I never wrote, stories I linked to, and they call up a source and go, did Alex Jones call you about seismographs?
Well, no, he didn't.
Well, Alex Jones didn't call about seismographs.
And the guy calls up accusing me of this, and I go, what story?
And it was an American Free Press article.
I go, I didn't write that article.
It clearly says American Free Press.
I mean, you know, the tactics they use, Paul, are just unbelievable.
I mean, that would be like if, let's say, this newspaper, the Charleston Post water carrier of the New World Order, Brian Hicks...
That'd be like if I called up and accused him of writing an AP article that they linked to.
Or that'd be like if I called a source in the AP article and said, did you talk to Brian Hicks?
And they go, I never talked to him.
And I wrote an article how Brian Hicks was a liar, but Brian Hicks was never even involved with the article.
I just didn't ask the person if they talked to Billy Bob Doe, who was the reporter.
So, folks, do you see how they deceive here?
So you don't think it's deception, though.
You just think he's an idiot.
Well, that's what it looks like to me.
In most of these cases, it is.
Popular mechanics certainly isn't, because that's crafted, that's manufactured, that's in-depth.
This just looks like he had a deadline to get an article in, and he found this floating around the Internet, decided to write a fluff piece on it.
Folks, this is what it's like.
It's like I'm a Washington Post writer, and I'm being accused and being, you know, it's being said that Paul and I are really New York Times writers.
See, I mean, it's just very irritating.
And I'm sick of these people, Paul.
You ought to call this goon up.
Well, you know what?
I've already called and left messages.
None of them, of course, he or the editor were there, but...
Call them up, Paul, and tell them, I mean, I know you don't appreciate this.
I mean, this will be floating around for ten years.
Ten years from now, I'll hear, are you the one that said Charleston was going to get nuked?
And I'm tired of it.
It's like when ABC News, on the day of Y2K reported, missiles have been fired from Russia, they're being tracked, a caller calls in, I go, I don't believe it, I go to break, I play music, I go turn on ABC News, and they're saying, a missile's been fired, a missile's been fired.
I come in and go, I don't know, folks, they say a missile's been fired.
Five minutes later, oh, they said it was Chechnyans.
And then I get demonized by this info agent who's claiming Russia fired a missile at us, Paul.
I'm tired of it!
It just boils down to laziness, really.
I mean, it's guilt by association.
The Columbia disaster in February 2003...
There was a bunch of New York papers that did hit pieces on us, linking us with claims that other websites had made about, you know, the occult nature of the disaster, which we never even made.
So, I mean, it's always going to happen.
Well, it's not working, and that's why the mainstream media has lost almost all credibility.
So I guess, in a way, you're right, Paul, to tell the guy, thank you so much.
So, you know, at least we got it on record that...
You know, that this could have happened, and if it was being planned, that we may have stopped it.
Stay there, my friend.
We're going to switch gears into some other key subjects and take off.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
This is out of the Arizona Republic Today, up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Napolitano taps disaster funds for border counties.
Governor Janet Napolitano on Monday declared a state of emergency along Arizona's border with Mexico, freeing up $1.5 million in disaster funds to help border counties combat illegal immigration and drug smuggling.
Napolitano criticized the federal government for moving too slow on border security, involving into a hot-button electioneer issue in Arizona and across the country.
And they get into the 600 deaths.
I keep saying 100-plus.
That was in one month in Texas.
Paul Watson, there is a mystery here.
There are 100 patriot, truth-seeking, resistance websites that will link to whatever we put out.
We could write an article about a ham sandwich, and they would link to it.
And that's what really gets the big, you know,
You know, visitors, the tens of millions, to that particular story.
And you and I got together over two days, off and on the phone.
We wrote, you did most of the work, this big six-page article about the border war not being reported, the rocket attacks, the bombs, the hand grenades, the car bombs.
No one linked to it.
It's in the news and focus on prisonplanet.com.
Of course, InfoWars linked to it.
We need people's help.
You're going to update this today with this Napolitano story, calling for help, saying it's an emergency.
I mean, folks, 600 dead.
Paul, your comments.
That's right, 600 dead since the start of the year.
It's all about how the media treats stories as to how big they get, as to how much importance they have.
It's all about perception management.
Because I made the point in this article that we put together yesterday
If Al-Qaeda groups had infiltrated the US and carried out hundreds of assassinations and kidnappings, including those of FBI DEA agents as well as police chiefs, would the media be interested?
Well, of course they would, and yet it's going on all the time and you only get the occasional blurb in a local newspaper.
Well, it's like everything with immigration and the end of our borders.
Tuberculosis is exploding to record levels.
They're actually having to set up sanitariums again to house all the people.
7,000 leprosy cases in one year instead of 10 a year on average just five years ago.
Whooping cough spreading.
You know, 50 illegals to a house.
I mean, that's covered up too.
I mean, it's just, it's insane, Paul.
I mean, here's the tie-in.
In Crawford on Sunday, I drove up to the checkpoint, still miles away from Bush, and just started talking to the Secret Service, and they said, get out of here.
What's your problem?
We don't care of your press.
Get out of here.
You know, they're worried about me, but not Los Zetas and our own government train.
They're worried about me, but not Jeff Guckard, the male whore who runs an escort service, having press passes into the CIA area of the White House even before he got press credentials because he's somebody's boyfriend.
I mean, it's a sick joke, Paul.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, it's deliberate.
Notice we don't hear about that anymore, by the way.
I mean, this is what one of the police chiefs in Dallas said about it.
Quote, We're seeing an alarming number of incidents involving the same type of violence that's become all too common in Mexico right here in Dallas, said the former Dallas narcotics officer.
We're seeing execution-style murders, burned bodies and outright mayhem.
It's like the battles being waged in Mexico for turf has reached Dallas.
And the other articles that were cited in the one we wrote...
A site that it's spread as far as places like Tennessee and Atlanta.
So it's going all over the country.
But 600 dead since the start of the year just here, folks, in my state.
I'm sick of it, and I'm asking every listener to go to presentplanet.com and to get the border war story.
It's there on the right-hand side, and to get it out to everybody.
I mean, Paul, why do you think this story is just not getting out there?
It's basically just a cold story.
Probably people only pick up on things which they're already accustomed with to some degree.
I know.
I guess we can just talk about Cindy Sheehan then.
Yeah, which seems to me on the face of it, I mean, obviously she's got good intentions, but it's a honeypot because the media, mainstream media, only picks the fights it can win.
And the only fights it can win are the rigged debates.
And that's a rigged debate as soon as she started talking about how Israel were responsible for the death of her son.
The mainstream love that because that gives them their opportunity to go in and rig the debate.
And that's exactly what happened.
Well, there's a lot of serious stuff going on right now, and we've talked about it, we've focused on it some, because people demand it, and it is important as a microcosm, but you're right, Paul, and it's top story that somebody ran over a bunch of crosses, and that does show what loons these neocon minions are, but I think dozens and dozens of dead cops and 600 dead is a big deal.
But, you know, I'm evil, Paul.
I mean, I guess I'll be attacked by a major newspaper for fear-mongering about the southern border.
I mean, the governor just declared an emergency.
I mean, you know.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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July inflation jumps on higher gas prices.
We're paying what?
National average now, $2.50 something here in the U.S.
$67 a barrel.
I mean, it's insane.
Over in England and in Italy and other areas, in some cases you're paying like seven pounds a gallon.
Which would be almost $11, $12 a gallon.
They're really raping you.
And meanwhile, they claim there's no oil and that jets don't have fuel, but the oil companies are all, again, posting record profits.
But it's an oligopoly or a monopoly.
And guess what?
People finally figured it out.
When gas prices double roughly in the last year, now more than double actually, that makes everything else go up.
The trucks that carry it and the price of cups that are made out of oil.
That's right, plastics made out of oil, folks, petrochemical.
Just the cost to run power plants, the cost to just everything.
It's a chain reaction, construction, just EMS vehicles, everything.
Paul, your comments on this?
Well, I mean, the globalists really like to have their cake and eat it.
It's like, in England, they're talking about putting water meters in every home that regulate how much water you can use because there's supposedly droughts all the time.
And you're a country that's known for literally being up to its eyeballs in water.
Yeah, and on the other hand, they're saying in 50 years that half of Britain is going to be underwater because of the polar ice caps melting.
So how can you have it both ways?
There's too little water so it has to be metered but then there's so much it's going to submerge half the country in 50 years.
You're dead, Paul.
It's all over.
Give up your freedoms.
Bird flu.
Russian reports bird flu, dangerous to humans.
Russia's reporting that it's spreading towards Europe.
They have a map of where it's at.
Russia, which has been striving to stop the spread of a deadly bird flu across the territory, said an outbreak in Chelyabinsk, I'm sorry, I just can't pronounce it, Chelyabinsk, there we go, was dangerous to humans.
Reuters reported Tuesday, so it's mutated to that level.
The H5N1 strain of bird flu is behind the outbreak in that area.
A city in the Ural Mountains, the emergency ministry, put in a statement adding that 497 birds have died over the past 24 hours.
The strain is the same one that has killed dozens of people in Asia and many millions of poultry.
See, birds carry this.
Wild geese carry this as they travel.
It's crossed species into humans, homo sapiens, sapiens.
Paul, your comments on that?
I don't know too much about it, but I know they said that we'd all be dead from SARS by the end of 2004, and that never happened.
That's right.
Last year, one of the big Russian government bio-experts said, one billion people will die.
He's never called on the carpet for it.
He said next year, and it didn't happen.
That was a year and a half ago, and again, Dick Cheney says we'll be nuked every other day, but never happens.
But it's okay when he does that, right, Paul?
It's fine.
He's not fear-mongering.
He's just trying to protect us.
But then we're evil when we then pay attention to their threats.
Dot-coms attract people for UK government.
That's already happening over here in the register reports.
The British government is to employ dot-coms to keep tabs on its citizens.
A plot pilot scheme due to be launched next month will automatically inform different government departments when people move house or change addresses.
Again, that's what the pizza ordering that USA Today reported on.
You may have a warrant out for your arrest.
But you move.
You don't tell them about that change.
They don't know where you are.
But they ask for your phone number and full name.
And credit card number when you call to get a pizza, and instead you get a SWAT team rate.
See, this is exactly what they're doing.
Bush signed a law on Monday out at the ranch, in between his naps and bicycling, that every prescription you get, whether it's for a diaphragm or for prescription-strength ibuprofen, Motrin, everything you do will be instantly uploaded.
Whatever happened to the Fourth Amendment, Paul?
What's going on over in England?
Well, it's about making the system automated.
Obviously, the keywords are automatically informed.
No bureaucracy can ever do that with every aspect of your personal life.
But if it's all automated in the system, in a database which has been set up specifically for that purpose, then when you become a subversive from your actions, whether that be setting up a website, interacting with a website, as the new terrorism law states in this country, makes you a terrorist for visiting a website,
Then they can define you as a subversive, then go into that database and take out any information they want without having to do any legwork.
So it's all about automation and centralization.
And they can also corrupt that data whenever they wish.
The open source government database is notoriously easy to hack.
And they're saying it's going to be unlimited private corporations because the government's going to take your money and pay that grocery store to give them your data every time you buy stuff of what you eat and what you do.
Folks, the grocery stores admittedly sell your data.
I thought I'd tell you that.
Here's another one.
When the government takes your tax money to buy it from them.
That's pretty funny.
It's a big payoff here.
MSNBC is reporting on the 22-911 tapes that have been released.
And, Paul, folks are listening to these.
We've got links to them every day now.
There's people all over it saying bombs, bombs, firefighters saying bombs.
All this new stuff.
Why on earth would the New World Order just release this?
I mean, they fought to not release it, but lawsuits made them release it, but they're still holding back some tapes.
Are the globalists just so lazy they just don't care?
They're just releasing it even though it shows bombs?
Well, if they had it in plain view, then they can claim they didn't try to keep it a secret.
It says bombs in the North Tower basement, as was corroborated by the witnesses that Szymanski recently got out.
Well, we've had them on even before, many of them before Szymanski, and now he's found new people and we interview them, yeah.
Yeah, and it was on the MSNBC website for a few hours and it was removed, so there's obviously some withholding still going on behind the scenes.
Look at this.
Return to private sector means a microchip for Tommy Thompson.
This is out of the Journal of Times.
Why would Tommy Thompson want to get a microimplant?
Microchip implant.
That doesn't seem natural for a Republican Wisconsin governor.
And then it goes on to talk about the former secretary.
And it just says that he's going to be the head spokesman for the Get Chip program nationwide, visiting schools and colleges, telling elementary and college students that getting a chip is a wonderful way to be safe.
Folks, again, I want to pause here for a minute.
Folks, we're the weirdos for reporting on what he's doing.
They go hire the former major secretary, transportation, and they go and they hire him.
Former governor, Wisconsin, and he's going to go around telling your kids to get chips.
I mean, let's just let that burn.
I know I've been saying this a lot, because, you know, the Mexican attorney general says my employees got to have chips.
You know, the troops got to have chips.
But, you know, Sean Hannity, I got him on video.
It's in Masters of Terror.
He says everybody needs a chip.
Andy Rooney, I mean, they're really doing it.
And Paul, I mean, to actually have a former cabinet member and governor running around saying everybody needs a chip, I mean, this is Twilight Zone.
Well, it would have been five or six years ago.
It would have been all over mainstream even, also alternative for weeks on end, but now it's just a byline.
I don't think it's going to work with someone like Tommy Thompson.
Half or more of the country don't even know who he is.
The way it's going to work, they're going to get a sporting icon to do it, and, you know, somebody who's recently retired, and that's the way it's going to get across to the kids, because that's one of the main foundations that they'll launch it on.
This article admits that, through Homeland Security, Thompson is moving to have the troops implanted.
So, I mean, he's going to be the happy little teddy bear, just, hi, literally, get chipped today!
It's Tommy Thompson!
I mean, come on, folks!
Can you imagine Tommy Thompson?
I mean, I want to find out the first high schools he goes to.
I don't want to get on a plane and, of course, then, sorry, security, you can't come in and videotape this.
Tommy Thompson hasn't approved you.
But can you imagine we're going to have Tommy Thompson?
Kids, get the chip.
I'm here to talk to you about the chip.
I mean, come on, folks!
Well, you had that police chief on that was willing to enforce it.
Yeah, Bergen County, New Jersey.
A million plus people in this county.
He says, yeah, I'll make you take a chip.
I am the government.
That's the power trip.
Paul, I mean, do you ever really... I'm having that feeling right now, being in the Twilight Zone episode.
I've become acclimatized too.
This isn't even a top story on Prison Planet.
That's how, you know, that's how bad things have gotten.
It's not even in our format with a comment.
I know, we've got to stay frosty, Paul.
I mean, it's just we've got to keep... Folks, you can't believe the government carried out 9-11.
They've got cabinet ministers running around promoting getting microchips.
I mean, come on, folks.
Paul, we are living in a fruitcake fantasy.
I mean, this is... Well, all we're doing is pointing out that 2 plus 2 still equals 4, despite what a lot of other people are saying.
I mean, it's just insane.
I have stacks of these articles today, Paul.
What about...
500,000 janitors with one company to be spies to fight terror and crime.
450,000 truckers.
The biggest exterminator group in the country.
You know, it's just, everybody's going to spy on you when you're in your house.
I mean, how is that freedom?
It's not, but it's got plenty of minions willing to go along with it who don't know the wider agenda because it gives them self-importance.
It's like the people who randomly search you in subways.
They've been doing that job for ten years.
They've seen nothing suspicious.
It's a dull job.
You tell them that they're protecting the country against terrorists and they're going to be gung-ho to do it.
It's self-importance.
It's that little Hitler power trip that those kind of minions really get off on.
Man, I tell you, it's moving fast now.
What's up
I know that David's first convention, Charles, but we've got to go to the end of the line to Michael in Kentucky because he disagrees with it.
Make it quick, Mike.
Yeah, I don't want to rob time from everybody and not to appear quibbling, but I do think you have a chink in your armor on this one because of the graphic that you had when you broke this story.
It actually said that the new terror drill was to go live
And you had a graphic of a policeman standing at a checkpoint with a sign that said, Terror Drill in Progress.
So I know the story that Paul posted had a question mark on it.
Well, that's really, that is quibbling.
Because when you link through to it, you get the articles.
Yeah, but you're calling them mainstream media sensationalists.
And sensationalism is there when you look at it.
Well, I'm going to put him on hold.
I'm going to respond to you.
Okay, buddy?
Number one, I don't remember that.
I remember a nuke, an explosion going off.
And it's saying, nukes in America, question mark.
But regardless, if one of my three, three and a half, three and a half webmasters, three full-time, one part-time, if one of them put up a thing and forgot to put a question mark that linked to a story that had a question mark and then the first sentence in our article said, it's being reported, could it be possible?
It doesn't hold water.
Now, finish up what you have to say.
You know, that's not the only time it's happened, so... Well, good, don't listen.
Go ahead.
They gave him a little ground there, because it was kind of a sensationalist ban.
No, he didn't quote that.
He quoted other people's completely different articles, and you're talking about InfoWars that has those panels.
He quoted Prison Planet, and he quoted someone else's article.
The link went to a reprint of the Prison Planet article by Paul Joseph Watson.
If you want to sit there, I'm almost done with you.
You got anything else?
By the way, I hear you call into almost all the shows, even on other networks, and it's always, Mike, just the most quibbling thing you can imagine.
No, that's not true.
It isn't?
No, it's not.
I don't make absolute statements.
That's one of the most easiest things to produce.
I'm going to give you 30 seconds, brother.
Well, the pristine passport thing also.
I haven't seen a picture of a pristine passport.
They've been charred and stuff.
That was another banner he had.
Well, that was one of the passports was pristine.
The other did have some burning on it.
Well, I haven't seen a picture of one that didn't.
Okay, well, just because... I mean, you haven't seen a picture of Pluto.
Does it not exist?
No, I've seen pictures of Pluto.
Well, you know the point, buddy.
Yeah, War Vets property raided after calling Bush a liar.
That one...
Turned out, you know, he had been calling that station for quite some time.
Talking about Greg Zemenski's article.
Yeah, and, you know, it just, as if that... Well, he got raided, and so we're evil to talk about it.
As if that's a cause and effect.
But they just showed up, looked at a bush, and left his property.
You could say it's an intimidation factor.
It could also be a coincidence.
Well, thank you for the call.
I posted a link to somebody's article.
I didn't say it.
Man, Paul, that is really an interesting phone call, isn't it?
I'm trying to understand it.
So we wrote an article about a terror drill and posted a photograph as a representation of it of a terror drill.
Where's the problem with that?
I don't understand that.
Not the same terror drill, because it hasn't took place yet.
I don't understand, because this newspaper says that we said it was in a state it wasn't in, and then they admit that the Northcom Homeland Security press release said it would be there, and their own article says they had a drill days before that there.
So that's what we're talking about, not some panel that linked to the article.
I tell you, boy.
And, you know, it's not that I can't handle somebody disagreeing with me, but it just gets frustrating.
I mean, it really does.
And number one, you know, my underarms stink, folks.
We're not God.
We try to tell the truth.
We're not perfect.
We try to analyze the facts.
And, frankly, every time Mike calls here, is that his name, in Kentucky?
Yeah, Michael in Kentucky.
Every time he calls now, it's something like that.
I mean, there might be some grain of substance there.
But other times, it's just like... And during the break, I went and said, do you really disagree with me?
Because a lot of times, it's a joke.
They don't really disagree.
He goes, yeah, and I disagree with you about the rapture.
I'm just like, what?
I don't even... Man, I can't deal with it, folks.
I just cannot.
Tommy Thompson's running around promoting getting microchips and planting in our kids.
I mean, it's just... Paul, I think there's some denial out there about how bad stuff's gotten.
Well, it's bad enough.
I mean, you can pick tiny holes in it, but the overall picture is there.
We try to tell the truth.
As you said, we don't try to spin it.
If people don't agree with it, then they don't agree with it.
But, I mean, don't pick, like, representations of stories, pictures, that that doesn't discredit the whole story.
Absolutely amazing.
Let's go ahead and... I'm sure the guy means well.
I don't think he's bad.
I just...
It's been a long day.
I'm sick of this stuff.
I've got about five articles I want to write.
It's just mindless.
David and Mass holding for 5,000 years.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you very much for all you do.
You really woke me up about six months ago.
I found a really interesting game that you might be interested in.
It kind of refers back to the New World Order and what's going on with the...
The plans that they do, you know, how they plant these little seeds, how they like to flaunt it in your face.
I sent you an email last night about a game called Shattered Union, and it's talking about how in the 2008 presidential election, the Supreme Court will set aside the decision, mentions the rise in militias, there's increasing terrorism, and martial law is declared.
It ends up giving a, there's like a movie there about the,
Washington, D.C.
being nuked on the new inauguration, killing the president and doing a congressional decapitation.
Goes on to mention... And you're a special forces commando.
Slaughter the militia.
Bring freedom back to America.
Deal with it.
Bring in U.N.
troops and save America.
Is that the one?
Yes, it is.
Paul, did we link to that?
I believe we did, yeah, quite a while ago.
Kill the militia members.
They're the terrorists.
Meanwhile, we have actual newscasts where they train and drill.
Let's deal with the rebels.
Yes, the American rebels.
The American rebels are going to be a big problem.
Take your microchips.
All is well.
Take your microchips.
All is well.
Prove you're good.
Prove you're good.
Prove you're good.
All is well.
All is well.
Fluoride's good.
Anything else, David?
No, that's about it.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for calling.
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Alex Jones here, America.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
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We're good to go.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
We're here, folks.
And just briefly before I take a couple final calls from Vince and Charles, I'll have time to go to Kevin in New York and others.
I apologize, but time waits for no one, especially blowhards like myself.
Look, I'm not going to sit up here and say I'm all high and mighty and Mike's wrong from Kentucky, but that really is nitpicking.
I asked Paul during the break, what's wrong with this guy?
He said, I'll probably just burn out.
Because, I mean, we played it down.
We said it probably wasn't going to happen.
And then to sit there and try to legitimize what the Charleston newspaper did.
I mean, go read their article.
It's ridiculous.
Find out the truth.
Find out who's really behind terrorism.
Find out who's behind the New World Order.
Get videos that will expose these killers.
Go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
Peruse the safe, secure shopping cart.
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The exclusive Crawford footage is going up in two parts, tonight and tomorrow.
I'm going to have them on the local TV show and put them up on the site tomorrow.
Real reporting, real analysis, folks.
PrisonPlanet.tv, 15 cents a day.
Or call toll free to get the films.
Vince in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Vince.
Mr. Jones, first, thank you for taking my call.
Well, good to hear from you, sir.
Yeah, it's my first time calling.
I'm not able to listen because I don't have my computer set up.
Well, that's okay.
We've got about a minute and a half left.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'll make it quick.
You have changed my life tremendously.
I know you said you don't want to be lauded or praised or anything, but since I found out about your website, I've bought some of your movies.
I'm looking out the window right now to see if this is a UPS man bringing me four more that I just bought.
Ha, ha, ha.
So far, I have given away about 2,000 of your videos.
The reason why I called is I know you're extremely busy, but I would really, really appreciate it if you could write me and give me permission to distribute them, or even send me an email, because I intend to travel around the country giving them out.
Sir, if you're giving my videos away, you have permission.
You have permission.
I know, but I expect that this phone conversation is being listened to.
Maybe I'm paranoid.
I don't have the forces.
Most of their people are on our side now.
I would like, that would be cool, that would be nice.
I expect to be pulled over, maybe for someone to ask me, what am I doing with all of these videos?
I mean, they clearly have the boxes, you know, I have your name on the boxes, and, you know, my handwriting's in.
Sure, sure, sure.
Just call my office, 512-291.
5750, and we'll give you a letter saying if you're giving them away, you're authorized to do whatever you want, okay?
One more thing.
I know you have a listener in New York.
I'm hoping maybe him or some of your other listeners can do what I'm doing.
There's a store in New York.
I don't remember the name of it, but if you go on the Internet and type in duplicators, they can do the same thing I'm doing, buy duplicators.
Give them to some of the kids that work in the video store.
Very, very exciting.
We're out of time.
Paul Watson, you're not even getting to talk this segment, but I'll get a final comment from you in a second.
Charles in Louisiana, you're our tail gunner.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Charles.
I was talking about that tape, Beyond Treason.
It's really making a difference up here.
It's freaking people out.
People need to see this tape if they've got children.
It's their duty to show it to their children.
Yeah, they openly and mentally kill our troops and citizens for fun.
I carry Beyond Treason.
Yes, it's a very disturbing paper.
People need to get it.
It's short to all the young kids.
I'm doing this now.
I've got 40 copies out.
I'm going to try to get another 100 out this week.
Well, call me back tomorrow and tell me about it, Charles.
Sorry, thanks.
Sorry you had to hold, but end of the show.
Paul, closing comments in the last 10 seconds.
Yeah, we've got a segment of Beyond Treason for members, latest weekly report.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
God bless.
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