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Air Date: Aug. 10, 2005
2604 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Wednesday, the 10th day of August 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
The global controllers, the alpha parasites, want to destroy our culture and our sovereignty.
And they've pulled out all the stops to do it, to bring us into this world government system.
And all over the nation, now Spanish is the primary language, even when...
We're good to go.
Can you imagine if a bunch of English speakers moved to a town in Mexico and tried to say, we now want this to be English first?
They would laugh at you.
Can you imagine if a bunch of English speakers moved over the border and if eight towns were flying the Mexican flag or the American flag and no Spanish was allowed?
Because in El Cenizo and other towns here in Texas, the Mexican flag flies, no American flag, no Texas flag, and English is not allowed in court proceedings.
And you notice the feds don't say a word.
But if L.A.
doesn't have 15 different languages posted, the feds come in and trounce them.
Again, it's about creating balkanization.
It's about stopping people from assimilating.
It's about creating that divide and conquer type scenario.
So we've got a guest coming up just for a few minutes later in this hour to talk about the Denver situation.
Then coming up in the second hour, we have the gentleman arrested for asking Rumsfeld a question.
And I've been kidnapped by Bush for asking a question back in 98.
A lot of other people have too.
And so we'll be talking about that in the third hour.
I got Glenn Spencer from American Patrol coming on.
Talk about the all-out anarchy on the Texas border and some areas of Arizona as well, with travel advisories issued by the State Department, with deaths, with car bombs going off, with hundreds of dead a month.
It's literally more dangerous than Israel, but they choose to not even tell you about it.
Just minor footnotes in the news.
And Glenn had been predicting this for years, and now it's... I remember about six years ago he was predicting it on this show, back when he lived in California, hadn't moved to Arizona.
So Glenn's coming on to talk about that.
There is just a bunch of other news.
They're going to capitalize on 9-11.
They're basically making it a national holiday to worship the government and worship the destruction of America and freedom.
They're going to have a big police state extravaganza with troops marching around in New York.
Again, giving you the image of troops keeping you safe.
Troops save you on 9-11.
Troops, troops, troops.
Let the troops be on the street corners.
Let them question you.
Show them your papers.
Troops prodding you as freedom.
Just like it was in Russia.
Just like it was in East Germany.
Enjoy it.
Love it.
Live it.
And Pentagon to host 9-1-1 March and Show!
The Pentagon will hold a massive march and country music concert to mark the fourth anniversary of 9-11.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said an unusual announcement tucked into an Iraq briefing yesterday.
Ah, yeah, maybe Bush can land via jump jet, carrier jump jet.
Maybe he can land and get out in a commando outfit.
There he is, your leader, the Texan, the John Wayne, who's afraid of horses.
And vacations in Texas in August when it's 105 degrees, when most Texans want to get out of the state.
Doesn't matter if he's afraid of horses and a blue blood.
He wears a cowboy hat.
You can trust him.
And fighter uniform.
What a commando.
We're so lucky our emperor is a commando.
A man of power.
A man of grace.
A leader.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we've got three very important guests coming up today.
As Spanish becomes the official language, 12% of the population, but it will be the official language.
Again, to balkanize the country, this is all run out of D.C.
And then coming up after that, again, a gentleman who...
At the end of Rumsfeld's speech, you had press passes, asked Rumsfeld a question he didn't like, and Lord Rumsfeld said, clap that man in irons!
How dare you besmirch a representative of the Crown!
I mean, you want tyranny, folks, you're going to get it.
You notice all over the country, new freedom initiatives for forced drugging and psychological testing.
You know, Supreme Court rulings, they can take your private property, and by the way, you don't even get just compensation?
That's the big secret.
You notice all these rulings about no more due process or probable cause or warrants.
We don't need no stinking warrants.
I have our sheriff before last, Margo Frazier, on the news saying, oh, we don't need warrants anymore.
Well, who told you that, you demonic pig?
And I don't mean she's a pig, because she's a
Elected peace officer, I'm in resemblance.
Okay, I'm being cruel.
I just get really angry about, just in our face, you don't own your property, you don't have control over your children, you don't, we don't need no more stinking warrants, badges, we don't need no stinking badges.
You're above the law.
Well, I'm here to tell you you're not above the law.
Listen, I'm sick of it.
Okay, before I go into perseverating rants, let me just calm down.
And we'll be talking about the actual war, the State Department Travel Advisory that is out saying that South Texas is more dangerous statistically than Israel.
But notice every day we hear about a bombing or a shooting and how dangerous Israel is or how dangerous South Africa is.
Don't go there.
Don't go there.
But the most dangerous travel advisory, other than a few places in Africa, is the USA.
Yeah, back in the USSR.
You don't know how lucky you are, but they just keep it quiet.
Burning vehicles, burning buildings, hundreds of data mines, rocket-propelled grenades on a daily basis.
I mean, seriously!
We put together a big data page.
Oh, I just forgot.
I know Ryan Slickheisen is on his way over here to the studio to get last night's TV show, which was very good, with reports, interviews with two MI5 agents blowing the whistle on government-sponsored terror in England.
And on 9-11.
And also an interview with Michael Meacher, former number three in the Blair Cabinet and, of course, member of Parliament.
And more footage of where I was bullhorning Parliament.
We haven't pulled all that out yet.
I know he's about to get here and there's nobody at the front door to let him into the studio.
So, Ryan, you have to sit out there to the next break.
I know you were supposed to be here at 11 and I just forgot about you.
You see, I'm so busy I now communicate with my staff over the radio.
This is how we do it.
But where was I going with that when I got off into... I mean, we're told, give up all of our liberties, give up all of our freedoms.
Why, 56 people got blown up on some trains and on a bus, which is horrible.
Though that many people die every day on the highways.
Let's just get rid of the Bill of Rights, get rid of the Magna Carta, get rid of everything.
Let's have checkpoints in the shopping malls.
Let's run around screaming, throwing ourselves at the feet of the government.
I want to be your slave.
Us Americans, we're a bunch of cowards.
We're not the toughest, brightest people like we used to be.
No, we're the most groveling.
We're not men.
We're little rodents.
We're little field mice.
We're the tiny pygmy mouse.
We are the size of your thumbnail.
We grovel in fear in our own shadows.
Why, 55 people died.
Let's give all our freedoms up while the border stays wide open.
And meanwhile, we've got Mexican commandos trained and controlled by the CIA slaughtering hundreds a month on both sides.
It's no big deal.
I just can't get over how overt all of this is.
I just can't get over how in-your-face it is.
I mean, literally, folks, it is a war zone.
An absolute, total war zone.
And our government keeps it quiet because, first and foremost,
They want those borders wide open.
They want those illegals at the tune of three plus mil a year to pour across.
They want to balkanize this nation.
They want that $250 billion a year in smack money and cocaine money.
And they're going to get it, and they've got to have their death squads kill their competition.
Because the Mexican mafia and other people just aren't paying their cut.
And Bush Sr.
didn't put up with Noriega not paying his cut.
Instantly invaded, totally made up.
You think WMDs are made up?
I remember, I've seen the Panama Deception many times.
I've interviewed some of the people that were there.
In fact, I ought to dig out their names and get those young students on, college students who are now, of course, married women with children.
Last time I talked to them, but it was four young women at their dormitory.
No one kidnapped them.
No one had held them hostage.
Our news announced.
Young women have been kidnapped by Noriega.
An incredible rescue fleet is going to save them.
No civilians are being killed.
Meanwhile, the Puff, the Magic Dragons, C-130s with huge howitzer cannons and Vulcan Gatling guns just blew up about half of Panama City.
Literally, I've seen the footage, folks.
Half the city on fire, just blowing everything to pieces.
Noriega's asleep, you know, drugged out on heroin, a heroin head.
He doesn't even know what's going on.
He tries to escape.
And I've got the footage that you never saw on our news.
When they walk out, they go, well, thanks for escorting us.
Were we in danger during the invasion?
We were just in our dorm watching it on television.
It was just made up, and they just go grab a few women.
Here they are.
Here are the heroes.
And our media's all told to shut up.
Don't interview them.
I've interviewed them.
On the show.
That was about eight years ago.
I've got to get them back on.
There's just so much I want to do.
Just totally made up.
That little toad didn't pay his cut.
And then it's in the documentary.
I mean, he bought too many palaces and was just doing too well.
Got a little greedy.
A pig that didn't fly straight.
What do they call that?
You know what a hasa is?
It's a pig that doesn't fly straight.
It's so greedy that it wants more.
I mean, it's so ridiculous.
So, we have the same thing.
But they can't have Pup the Magic Dragons.
...flying around with howitzers hanging off the sides and giant Gatling guns destroying everything and dropping white phosphorus bombs from A-10 warthogs and helicopters.
They can't do that on the Mexico border because the drug dealers, well, they own so many houses and palaces, they're moving around.
Again, they've cut in about 40% of government's own numbers on the cartels that we know work with this government.
And it's every cartel that doesn't play football is getting hit and hit hard by Mexican commandos.
But a lot of these drug dealers, security people, they're Mexican commandos too, so our Mexican commandos, and by ours, I mean our criminal governments, are having trouble with their Mexican commandos.
And there's a CIA training base, I know, right where it's at, down in South Texas, where they're training hundreds more every few months.
Man, they're using them in Dallas.
I know I talked about this yesterday, folks, but I just can't get over it.
I just can't get over that...
Imagine if Muslims had killed five cops in the month of June.
I haven't seen the numbers from July, though they're saying they're going to be even worse, because statistics always come out two or three months after, so we're up to June.
Five dead U.S.
cops, 18 dead Mexican cops, just on the border in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo.
And 127...
Dead, as they call us civilians.
Over two dozen kidnapped American citizens alone.
Can you imagine if a Muslim kidnapped one child and drug him over the border?
It would be international news.
Top headlines.
Dun, dun, dun.
Tonight on CNN.
The evil terrorist.
The child in peril.
The president will be on the news right now giving broadcast.
We are under attack.
I'm about to invade Syria and Iran.
We know they're behind it.
Aircraft carriers are preparing.
I have nuclear warheads loaded.
They've kidnapped Jenny.
Dun, dun, dun.
Fox News.
The terrorists have kidnapped children.
Just like the Bislan Massacre.
It's unbelievable.
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.
Top story.
Give up all your rights.
Meanwhile, it's literal tracers and explosions and helicopters and tanks blowing up and just total warfare, total bedlam.
Our government commandos teamed up with Vicente Fox's commandos going after the Mexican drug cartels that want the tens of billions of dollars they've been making.
So they've got capital, folks, so they've got weapons.
They've even had some cases in central Mexico of, you know, missiles being fired and shooting down helicopters.
I mean, it's getting crazy.
Dun-dun-dun tonight!
Now imagine, why?
Why is it just a minor footnote on Lou Dobbs, who might mention it once a week?
Well, stuff's really gotten bad down there in other travel advisory.
I just cannot, I mean, can you imagine the Fox News graphics if Muslims had kidnapped over two dozen American citizens?
Can you imagine the Fox News graphics and they were firing rocket-propelled grenades at U.S.
embassies and consulates?
The mission, as it's called?
Think about that.
You know why they're firing at them, don't you?
Because the drug dealers know where the commandos are coming from.
It's not like they were born yesterday.
This is open knowledge with mid-level and high-level drug dealers, folks.
This is just public.
And it's been in our newspapers in Texas that, strangely enough, months after being trained, each new group goes rogue.
They're trained in Alabama and Georgia, facilities in Texas, and then they go rogue immediately after being trained.
Why does the government keep training them?
Oh, I don't know!
They're going rogue!
Oh, and I'm a Chinese jet pilot from Pluto.
I mean, it's just... The mastermind bombers, MI6 in England.
Oh, what a surprise!
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Think about this for a second.
Every time...
Some Palestinian fires an RPG, or a rocket-propelled grenade, over the wall, and it blows up harmlessly on some rock.
It's international headlines.
A vicious, deadly, incredible attack was launched.
The most savage, the most incredibly viciously calculated.
It's just they're under incredible bombardment.
Meanwhile, rocket-propelled grenade attacks on a daily basis all over the Texas border.
They're shooting Border Patrol.
They're killing.
They're slaughtering.
And nothing's being done.
It's just minor footnote.
So cops, you know, I mean, if a citizen kills a cop, it's like a god has been, you know, thrown in the toilet or something.
I mean, it's just the ultimate blasphemy.
But when a La Reconquista kills a cop, it's a minor footnote.
See how they manage you?
See how they manipulate you?
See how they control you?
All right, I'm done talking about that.
One Spencer's on with us in about an hour and 35 minutes.
But Pentagon to host 9-1-1 March show.
Ah, yes.
Yes, feeding off the deaths of those people, getting gas mileage out of it.
The Pentagon will hold a massive march and country music concert to mark the fourth anniversary of 9-11.
I wonder if all those country singers are afraid of horses, too, like Bush.
I'd like to see Bush running a squeeze chute and trying to hurt 500 head.
I'm so sick of him and that cowboy, I'm about to puke.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said an unusual announcement tucked into an Iraq war briefing yesterday.
This year, the Department of Defense will initiate an American Support Your Freedom Walk.
Rumsfeld said, adding that the march would remind people of the sacrifices of this generation and of each previous generation.
That is, use it as a fear-mongering scare tactic.
Remember 9-11.
Remember what Mad Dog Ben Richards did.
The brutal slayer of 50 men, women, and children.
Now going for broke on The Running Man.
Mad Dog Ben Richards.
She was his confederate.
His lover.
And now she's going to be going head to head for her crimes against the stalkers in The Running Man.
Who loves you?
And who do you love?
It's so sick.
I mean, I am really tired of it, folks.
That's all any of this is.
Just like the Running Man, folks.
Fake newscast.
And they take one of their agents, and they blame him for the attack.
You know, I'm no fan of Muhammad Atta, folks.
He was a really bad person.
But he was a U.S.
government agent, not just an asset.
We have the evidence.
He thought he was doing hijacking drills, and that's what happened.
Just like in the fictional Running Man, Mad Dog Ben Richards is really the person that said no to killing the men, women, and children.
That's how they work, folks.
Oh, you're going to be part of a drill.
Here, carry this on board the train.
We'll make sure, even though you're blown to pieces, we'll make sure that there's...
That your ID is left at every site.
And then our agents will screw up and leave your ID at two sites apiece.
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
They always make mistakes and it always comes out who's behind it.
And now we've got to watch.
Being used by these criminals.
The march will start at the Pentagon where nearly 200 people died on 9-11 and end at the National Mall with a show by country music star Clint Black.
Another person who couldn't make it as a rock and roller, so he put on a black stetson and midgeted about.
And again, I don't even mind Clint Black's music, but I mean, it's just another phony.
I guess he's going to leave here a better man, knowing Clint Black this way.
Things I couldn't do before, now Clint thinks he can.
Might be a little twit for Lord Bush.
Word of the event startled some observers.
I've never heard of such a thing, said John Pike, who has been a defense analyst in Washington for 25 years and runs GlobalSecurity.org.
The news also reignited debate and anger over September 11th and linking it with the war in Iraq.
That piece of it is disturbing since we all know now there was no connection to Paul Rickhoff, an Iraqi veteran who heads Operation Truth, an anti-administration military booster.
Transmission continues on the other side with a quick mini-guess concerning English not being the official language.
And then a ton of news in your calls.
You don't want to miss it.
Transmission continues on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know I'm a-workin' for the state, I'm the highway patrol
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We know we've had the head of the Border Patrol Union on.
We've had retired Border Patrol agents on.
We've had so many experts here with us on the broadcast.
Just time and time again.
They will tell you.
It is a one-world government-stated plan.
Now the newest CFR plan is out for the Pan-American Union, and our government is implementing.
The Canadian papers say it's the end of their sovereignty.
Our papers really won't report on it.
Lou Dobbs has talked about it.
And our government is doing everything they can to make sure our communities don't assimilate, to make sure we don't have a melting pot, to make sure we don't get along.
And really, it hurts Latin Americans and Asians and others the most.
English is the world language.
It's that simple.
The English took over the Picts and the Scotties and the Welsh and the Irish and then they took over the planet with their ships and
Mainly because they have the secret of vitamin C. That's why they're known as linies.
Other people would laugh at them for carrying big kegs of lime around.
But that enabled their ships to have about twice the range because their crews weren't dying of scurvy.
They had it for about 200 years before other countries figured it out.
So English is the world language.
Sorry, it is.
But our government wants to break this country down and wants to hurt the sovereignty of this nation and the culture of this country.
And so they're doing everything they can.
And now seven major libraries in Denver, this is happening in other areas, are moving to make Spanish the first language.
You'll have to ask for someone to speak to you in English.
And we have the town, again, of El Cenizo.
There's been a ten-part series in the San Antonio Express News by David Garza.
Wrote some great articles down there.
And now it's eight different towns since they first did that ten-part series five years ago.
Eight different towns fly the Mexican flag, no American flag allowed, and no English allowed.
And the feds don't swoop in and say it's discrimination.
So you also have the government, these interests that want to break this country down, playing off of these very nationalistic, very hateful attitudes towards the United States.
And joining us to talk about this for the next ten minutes or so, and he just got over pneumonia, so he can barely talk.
I mean, you know, so we're not keeping too long.
I mean, I've had this before where my voice is shot with laryngitis, not with pneumonia.
But Ron Tuchel...
And Ron is one of the chiefs over there at U.S.
He's the nation's oldest and largest non-partisan citizens action group dedicated to preserving the unifying role of the English language.
One of the few things Schwarzenegger has done that's good, I believe, is be a member of that.
One of the few good things we can say about him, but a side issue.
Mr. Toonkul, thanks for coming on with us.
My pleasure.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
You bet.
Tell us about your position at U.S.
English and then let's get into this latest outrage.
I'm the Director of Communications and Research here.
We are dedicated, as you said, to preserving our common language and making sure that English remains our unifying factor in our nation.
Sounds good to me.
I mean, number one, it's helping.
Russians or Asians or a Venezuelan to learn English.
I mean, the first thing the Japanese, the Chinese, the Germans, the Dutch, the French do is teach their kids how to speak English.
That's right.
They're doing it in Mongolia now, in Chile, in Egypt.
They're doing it around the world.
They're focusing on English learning.
Meanwhile, the United States remains...
Well, what are we doing here?
Let's just face it.
You know, all cultures are not equal.
I'm just going to say it.
And English, as a spoken word and as a written, is dominant, and people should just give in to it instead of trying to resist it.
Well, English parents know around the world that English is the key to their children's success.
And that's why in China, as I speak, hundreds of millions of people are learning English because they know that when the Olympics come and things open up in China, English is going to be the key to better jobs.
We also need to talk about English.
English is the most...
Mongrel-type language there is.
It formed out of about eight different Germanic dialects, Scandinavian Viking dialects, Roman, Greek, combinations of Latin.
It's also not just the world language because of the British Empire, because there were other Dutch and French and Spanish empires that were almost as big.
It is so versatile because it does recombine and grow and expand.
That's right.
We borrow from many other languages.
You look in a dictionary where the words came about, and it's from all different nations, all different walks of life, that have come together in English.
And so again, for those that don't want to learn English, you're just hurting yourselves.
You know, I had a lady one time go, well, when I was in school, my teacher said, you've got to learn English, and she was racist and mean.
And I told the lady, I said, no, did she say she was trying to help you?
If she didn't like you, she wouldn't try to make you learn English.
That's right.
There are millions of people around this nation who want to help people learn English and are looking for that opportunity so that they can make sure.
That we succeed as a nation, that we become a strong nation and going forward.
What's going on with this disgusting... I mean, who's behind this move to make seven big libraries Spanish first?
Well, the Denver library officials have created this language and learning program.
Which would basically make seven of the Denver libraries Spanish dominant.
So that if you wanted to go find some English books, if you were a student or you were an elderly resident looking for a novel, that you would have to ask, well, where's the back room where you keep the English books?
It's an absolutely crazy plan.
If Denver wanted to change some of their highways to have signs only in Spanish, I think the world would be up in arms.
I wouldn't joke.
I mean, almost every, not almost, every time I make a joke, it's announced two weeks later.
Well, certainly I think the American public would revolt if that happened, if they were driving out on an interstate.
Well, always.
Whatever the worst thing is, you can imagine they do.
So I predict within one year, we will start seeing Spanish on the road signs.
Well, last year we were able to get a rider into a transportation bill that banned that practice for a year.
So it's already being attempted.
Okay, see.
Yes, now we've got to do that again to ban it for 2006.
See, no matter how horrible... Okay, so it's already happened.
It's always worse than I thought.
Okay, people who think I exaggerate, folks, know it's worse.
Let me just ask you, who is behind this idea?
This is a group of librarians who think they are benefiting society somehow.
I can't understand how they want to give things to one-third of the population that is supposedly Hispanic, even though a lot of them likely speak English and succeed and do things as Americans.
I cannot understand why they want to segregate their libraries to one small group of the population.
Well, that's what multiculturalism is.
It was only meant to destroy existing strong minority communities.
Then they reform them under government control and use them as political tools.
Well, that's exactly right.
We have always been a diverse society that has come together under one language and as one people to succeed.
And this seems to be pulling us apart and wanting to take us in different directions.
Well, I wonder if, let's say, national average, what is it, 14% of the population is what you'd call Latin or Hispanic or Latino.
I don't know what name.
Everybody I talk to wants to be called by a different term.
How about Americans?
But we've got 14% that are from other countries south of the border, former colonies of Spain or Portugal, so they speak Spanish, and they're up here.
Now imagine if 14% of a town in Mexico
Was English speaking.
And we said, okay, now the libraries are going to be in English first.
They'd laugh at us.
They would have a ball with it.
They'd be like, why are you doing this?
This is a Spanish speaking nation.
Just like here, we're an English speaking nation.
And our libraries and our...
Police stations and everything should be in English.
Well, there's a big joke going around.
Ha ha, you're going to have to learn how to speak English.
Or, I mean, you're going to have to learn how to speak Spanish.
Hey, I want to learn how to speak Spanish.
I want to learn how to speak Japanese.
You know, I want to learn how to speak German.
I mean, that's good.
But the point is that the dominant first language is what you should be aspiring to.
You know, it's crazy.
There's almost like this arrogance that, oh, we're not going to learn English.
Well, all you're doing is hurting yourself.
Well, that's right.
Many colleges have a foreign language requirement.
I took seven years of Spanish during school.
It's great for people to learn other languages, but certainly if we moved to a nation where English wasn't the main language, we would learn that language.
That would be our survival tool in that nation.
And that should be the way it is for people moving to the United States.
We need to keep stressing English learning.
No, you're absolutely right.
It's just nauseating to see this happening.
Are they going to be able to have these major seven libraries go Spanish?
We're hoping no.
The public in Denver has come out against it.
Representative Tancredo of Colorado has taken the plan and said this should not be allowed to stand.
So we are hoping that we're going to nip this one in the bud.
What else is going on?
I mean, the people are trying to change road signs.
What's next?
Well, we have a retired colonel in Oregon who suggested earlier in the week that we make the U.S.
military entrance exam.
We give it in Spanish as well.
Well, they're going to have to do that.
Did you know over 20% of the ground forces in Iraq are not Hispanic?
They're illegal aliens who were instantly legalized.
And so we could get to a situation where we have almost an entirely foreign army.
Well, I can't imagine an army where they can't speak English.
I mean, war is troubling enough to have the confusion of a language barrier.
They're just going to put Spanish-speaking generals over them.
Got a report here of Border Patrol agents who were actually Mexican citizens, we're now learning, who were covertly working for the Mexican government.
Did you hear about that?
Yeah, that made the front page of the Washington Times here today.
Yeah, and I'm sure you know about the State Department travel advisory saying South Texas is more dangerous than Israel.
I have not seen that one, no.
So you haven't heard about the rocket-propelled grenade attacks and the hundreds of dead?
The kidnappings, the car bombings in Dallas?
No, I have not.
They've done a really good job of keeping it quiet.
So you haven't heard about them closing the U.S.
mission, the U.S.
Embassy in Nuevo Laredo?
Go to Infowars.com.
We've got a big section on it today.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
I know you're a smart guy.
You were up on everything I mentioned.
I wasn't up on trying to change the road sign.
So you obviously probably know more about this than I do, but you don't even know about literal anarchy going on right now, did you?
No, I mean, there are definitely some problems in our border communities.
There's no doubt about that.
Eighteen dead cops on their side, five dead cops on our side in the month of June.
You didn't hear about that?
That's because the news, folks, is not... There'll be a Reuters report, a little CBS News online report, but nothing big.
Well, I mean, you know, talking about cultures, too.
With the language comes a culture.
And I'll be honest with you.
I think the Nazi culture was despicable and evil and bad.
A culture of death, a culture of black uniforms.
I think the Soviet culture that Stalin had that killed 50 million people was a horrible culture.
I think the Aztec culture of sacrificing 10,000 people on average every year, many of them small children, I can make a moral judgment.
It's just nature's laws and the laws of nature's God that if I run up to an African and steal his knife, he knows that's wrong.
That's nature's law.
Well, nature's law says that all of these things that are happening, says these cultures are bad.
Okay, I'm sure there's some good aspects, but the culture of kickbacks and corruption and 90% of people being total peon slaves is not a culture I want, and now we've got Mordito, kickbacks, all of this corruption, and the same people that are feeding off their immigrant populations, they want to keep those immigrant populations under their control and ignorant and not speaking English being empowered.
Do you agree with that?
It has come clear time to have an immigration and language policy for this country.
I think we've gone on way too long, and I know you and your listeners would agree that Teddy Roosevelt did a great job 100 years ago stressing immigration, assimilation, Americanization, and English, and since then we've just been...
We've lost control of it.
Well, we were the most liberal immigration policies in the world, but still you had to be checked for TB at Ellis Island.
Now TB is exploding, whooping cough is exploding.
They've had a whole bunch of deaths in Austin of your kids, folks.
They go to school, the illegal alien from Russia or Mexico coughs on them.
They die.
We've had 7,000 cases of leprosy, wet leprosy, last year.
On an average, we only had 10 cases a year before that.
I mean, 7,000 cases of leprosy?
Doesn't that sound delicious?
The Childhood Immunization Project, which had looked so well in the late 70s, we were gearing towards knocking some of these diseases out.
And now, I know, I'm a volunteer in an emergency room here.
We're bringing some of these things back.
And it's a very scary proposition for all Americans.
Well, I mean, leprosy we haven't had in a hundred years.
But now, out in East Texas, they've got the biggest facility in the U.S.
for lepers, and it's jam-packed.
About 7,000 lepers.
Boy, this is just wonderful.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I mean, if Haiti's so great, why don't we all move there?
Because it's not great, folks.
If Russia's so great, why don't we all move there?
I mean, I know you guys are focusing on English only, or English being the central language.
USenglish.org, just us English.
USenglish.org, we have a link to it.
But isn't this an attack on America?
This is, in a way, a very big problem for America.
This is something we're going to have to answer.
We are not going to be able to just let in whoever, whenever, wherever, and ask no questions.
Thousands, millions of immigrants came to the United States.
They filled out paperwork.
They submitted to medical exams.
This was, hey, we have the door open for you.
You just need to do this.
And then after we let you in,
You need to go learn English.
You need to go attain citizenship.
What happened to that?
This shows the attitude of the American haters.
This shows their attitude, what they want for this country, how they want to break us up into an international conglomerate.
And look, even in Houston now, in other areas, they've got cops out doing random searches and checkpoints of bags.
Cops are going to search me and point a machine gun at me because I might be a terrorist, and there's no Fourth Amendment, but my border's wide open.
Mr. Tunkle, that doesn't hold water.
No, it doesn't.
If any of your listeners haven't been near a border lately, just try to go near the Canadian border.
I was up there a few weeks ago, and hundreds of miles in the middle of the New York Adirondacks, they have signs, you know, you better not be carrying anything close to this border, you better not be carrying anything.
I don't understand it.
I really appreciate you coming on, sir, and we can get updates there at USEnglish.org.
Thanks for coming on.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
Take care.
Get better.
All right.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have another guest coming on who was arrested for asking Lord Rumsfeld.
Once more, Lord Rumsfeld will rule the galaxy.
We're going to be talking about that coming up in the next hour for about 20 minutes or so.
Another mini-guest.
And then I've just got so much news.
We're also going to give you an in-depth update on the hammer and tongs, hammer and anvil breakdown of our border, and the total, complete bedlam on the Texas-Mexico border.
Again, I mean, the average people in America have no idea what I just talked about with the last guest.
I mean, it is...
Bedlam down here.
And we have Dallas Morning News, Brownsville newspaper, Fox News clips locally.
I mean, everything I'm saying is there on the site.
I mean, it's worse than I'm saying.
It takes hours to read it all.
Hundreds of deaths per month.
Hundreds of deaths.
Dozens of dead police.
I mean, it is insane.
Okay, still, it's freaking me out.
That something this big, I'm amazed.
You know, it's good that I can still be amazed on so many issues.
I go, oh, Tommy Thompson, former secretary in the cabinet, is traveling the country to elementary and middle schools telling children get microchips.
Can you imagine?
Kids, it's time to go hear the secretary.
You know, he was the secretary of Health and Human Services, and he's a good guy.
Let's go hear him.
Hi, kids.
I'm here with Applied Digital Solutions.
Please take the microchip.
I mean, just... And I know I keep saying that every day.
I cannot get over that.
But the first time I heard it, I was like, okay, no big deal.
And I thought, wait a minute.
I've become desensitized.
This is cuckoo for Coco Pops crazy.
I mean, this is cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.
This is in your face.
Before I end this hour and come back and take some calls and get our guests on...
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All the other books and videos.
We have a whole bookstore and video store on the website with videos like Beyond Treason, the admissions of chemical, biological, and radiological testing on our troops.
I'm glad they made a film about that.
I've been meaning to do that for years.
But Joyce Rowley did it, and believe me, I've seen it.
It's excellent.
We've got that video.
It's only on DVD.
And just a bunch of other books and videos.
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I need to hire more people.
We could do a lot more.
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We're actually under attack, folks.
It's more dangerous than Israel right now in South Texas.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now into...
Hour number two.
Coming up, we'll talk to an accredited member of the press, Jeff Norman.
Ask Lord Rumsfeld a question at the conclusion of Rumsfeld's little press conference.
...speech he gave, and Lord Rumsfeld did not like the question and said, Seize that man!
All part of what our founding fathers fought and died for, so he could be ordered around by little twits like Demon Rumsfeld.
Right now, let's go to your calls, Kenny, in the great state of Florida, down there with Lord Bush.
Go ahead, Kenny.
Thanks, Alex.
I really enjoy your show.
Good to have you on board with us.
Enjoy your phone call.
What's on your mind?
I got two items.
First of all, just recently this morning on the news, I noticed a comment that Cooley-Nolan, the pest control service, which has the little yellow Volkswagens, had been unofficially used by the government for private police, you know, turning in information.
But now that it was announced today that they are going to be officially trained by the police department to be private police.
Well, for those who don't know, you pay the carpet cleaner $150 to come clean your carpets.
And you're paying to have them spy on you.
And, you know, I'm a pretty perceptive person, but it's not hard to catch it.
They're looking around.
You'll catch them looking in stuff, looking in boxes on your mantel.
And I'll just go, hey, buddy!
I don't use government drugs.
Then they get really paranoid.
Or no, I have the carpet cleaner look at the gun in a gun case.
They saw the NYPD blue the night before where it's set in New York and guns are illegal.
They're really stupid.
And what you just brought up is such a big point.
Send me that news article.
I was familiar with that exterminator group, but yeah, it's going to be official now that the exterminators, it's part of the TIPS program.
They get paid.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
They made it sound like a really good thing.
Oh, it's to fight Al Qaeda, yeah.
Fight crime.
Another item that I wanted to talk about was Condoleezza Rice.
She wrote a little article in the Foreign Affairs.
I don't know if you ever brought this up, but it's a publication of the CFR.
And, you know, so much talk about Downing Street Memo.
About how Bush had never planned prior to 9-11 to take out Saddam Hussein.
And then she just wrote an article admitting it.
Yeah, well, she wrote the article before Bush was even elected.
Yeah, I've seen it.
And it said that was one of his priorities would be the removal of Saddam Hussein.
And she also put in little quotes.
We will no longer be quotes.
He used the numbers 9-11 as the 9-11 policemen of the world.
And those numbers... You know, I'd even forgotten about that, and that's online.
Do me a favor.
Kenny, you're a smart person.
Thank you.
I can't do it all.
You should write an article about that.
Take excerpts of that.
You should email it to tips at infowars.com.
You should email it to Paul over at Prison Planet.
It says contact Webmaster.
You should write an article about the exterminator being a spy.
You should write an article and take you 30 minutes.
Why don't you do that and help us?
We want to warn people.
Yeah, I'm right now working on trying to get a public access channel.
But listen, even bigger than that now.
We have millions of readers a week, sir.
I mean, people will write a letter to the editor for a big town newspaper that maybe 30,000 people might read your letter.
Folks, we are bigger now than most major newspapers.
I want listeners to understand.
I want your comments.
I want your emails.
I want your content.
I want your insights.
Listen, I get frustrated.
My brain started burning just now.
I was thinking about canceling my gas just to talk to you about this.
No, I'm not kidding here, Kenny.
Because this is the type of stuff that we should be talking about.
The phone man, the exterminator, the appliance person.
You buy a $1,000 appliance, and these guys are spying on you.
And now they're publicly all over the country.
I've seen the reports.
I haven't ranted about this in six months.
Training them to spy on you?
Well, I mean, the cops need a warrant.
We're getting our guest on, but stay there, Kenny.
I want to talk about this more when we get back.
Our guest is coming up, kidnapped by the government, just like I was.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're now seven minutes, eight minutes into this second hour.
And we've got about an hour and 51 minutes spanning out before us.
Coming up in the next hour, we've got Glenn Spencer coming on about...
Well, the burning buildings, the rocket-propelled grenade attacks, the hundreds of dead, the dead police all over the place, the actual border war going on that there's a national news blackout on.
I'm right here in Texas, folks.
There's car bombs going off in Dallas.
There's murders right here in Austin.
It is scary.
The State Department says South Texas is now more dangerous than Israel.
But why aren't the people aware of it?
So that's coming up in the next hour.
I know we'll take a lot of calls this hour, a lot of news coming up as well.
We've got a great guest who valiantly stood up to that neocon demon Rumsfeld and was arrested for just asking him a polite question, an accredited member of the press.
But I know some stations, dozens and dozens of our affiliates
Do not carry the first five-minute segment.
And I want you to hear what Kennedy's talking about.
Now, I'm not aware of the particular story he's talking about.
But I have seen about, I don't know, 30, 40 articles in the last year.
And he really hit a hot button with me.
I get mad at myself because I forget to talk about the most important stuff.
And under the TIPS program, the feds, with grants to city and county police, they're federalizing the cops, the phone man...
The phone lady, the exterminator, the carpet cleaner, and I mean, I've had run-ins with them, folks.
When they're in your house, they are spying on you.
I had a friend in college, his girlfriend was growing orchids.
She was in botany.
It was her class project.
One of her jobs, one of her things she was told to do, what's it called?
It was her work she was given.
And they came and knocked down their door and screamed at them and pointed machine guns at them and then went, well, this isn't marijuana.
Didn't apologize, just left.
I know another old lady who has about four saltwater tanks.
Her husband had them.
She still has them.
He died.
Take a lot of energy.
And they knew that it was one person in a small house using too much power.
SWAT teamed her.
Well, folks, I had the carpet cleaner in my house.
And this is about five years ago.
And there is a gun in a gun case that you can buy at any gun shop, locked up, and the person starts looking at it and looking at me.
You know, like he was a Sylvester caught eating Tweety Bird.
He said, are you allowed to have that?
And I said, buddy, it's Texas.
What are you talking about?
Because I know the programming.
I knew he probably watched NYPD Blue the night before, where every gun is illegal.
And they put up these billboards saying, Report Illegal Guns.
People see those.
It's a picture of a revolver.
They're all over Texas.
They're all over places with almost no gun control laws.
And people get cops called on them every day.
And I said, Listen to me.
You see the front page of the paper?
Here I am at a gun rally.
Literally, I did this.
I said, You do not go call the police on me.
We're going to go to our guest in a minute.
I've just got to say this, because the caller hit my hot button.
I want Kenny to be able to comment in a second.
And man, I had a feeling.
And unfortunately, my feelings are never wrong.
And I called up the carpet cleaner place, and I said, this is Alex Jones calling.
Your person was acting weird about a gun, a locked gun case.
And I got the manager on.
He goes, Mr. Jones, know who you are.
Listen, don't worry.
We had a discussion about it.
We explained it to him.
Sure enough, folks, that guy wanted to call the cops.
Well, his young assistant, who was a Texan, this guy was from up north, I'm doing the TV show that night talking about it.
I take a call, and it's his assistant going, oh, yeah, he wanted to call the cops on you when we left.
And I said it was wrong, and I got fired today.
So when they announce in Florida that big exterminator outfit, who I'm well aware of,
It's a nationwide group, or at least a regional.
I've seen the yellow Volkswagens with the green bug on top.
I know they're in Dallas.
When they announce they're going to be trained by police to spy on you, the cops have to have a warrant to do that.
It's illegal if they don't.
But you see, you let them in for a service, they're spying on you.
And folks, even if you don't have anything illegal...
I mean, people are so sick.
These tattletales are so sick, folks.
It's like the Associated Press and World Net Daily article Monday.
The father, no criminal record, has his second baby.
Baby's a couple months old.
Kisses it on the belly.
The photograph's been published.
Clearly kissing the baby on the belly.
I mean, folks, I think we're all guilty of that.
I mean, we just love to tickle and kiss our babies on the belly.
He spent six months in jail until they finally dropped the charges.
So they see the picture on the coffee table, on the wall, you kissing the baby on the belly, you're going to prison!
They see a shotgun on the wall, you're going to get swapped in, they're going to blow your guts all over the wall, you know, like they do every day, because they're trigger happy.
They smell some incense, they think it's dope.
Look, I don't smoke pot, I don't do drugs, I take aspirin maybe twice a year.
I don't have anything to hide.
And by the way, Chertoff's in the news today going, well, if you don't have anything to hide, America, what are you worried about the Pentagon watching you?
Give me a break.
That's Guatemala.
That's Soviet Union.
Our guest is holding.
I'm ranting.
I'm being very rude.
I never do this.
It's just the caller hit my hot button, folks.
And all over the country, they're recruiting people to spy on you.
For CPS, is the house dirty?
And they're getting money for it.
Real fast, Kenny, finish up.
When you saw this on the news, what did you think?
Well, I looked at it as 9-11 being a tool to kind of fast-track their plans for this global union.
Oh, they're claiming it's to fight terror?
They used the pretense of terrorism, and then it opened the door for anything.
Well, Kip said they're going to fight terror and crime.
But notice the police are going to train that local group.
And the average person will say, well, that's wonderful, we'll get rid of crime.
But, you know, there's so many little minute laws that most people don't even realize that it's probably a violation.
Russia, Nazi Germany, East Germany, Pinochet, Chile.
Folks, you do not have the service people all being spies.
And they already are.
They're already... Look, there's the famous case of the entrepreneur, African-American...
He's flying to Houston from Atlanta, Georgia.
He flies down each year.
He gets a big discount to make his yearly buy of trees, $24,000.
He's done it for 10 years previous.
This even made 60 minutes.
But it's one case of 1,000 I've seen.
And he pulls out cash and starts paying her.
She says, are you carrying cash?
He goes, uh-huh, yes, ma'am.
I'm carrying $24,000 cash, and I'm going to be going to a place.
She says, oh, where are you going?
I'm going to buy these trees.
And she said, excuse me, got on the phone, cops came, took the money, and she got $3,000 of it.
And there have been national news stories where one of those ticket clerks is making $30,000 as a clerk and $150,000 off bonuses.
These people are rolling in cash.
It makes you wonder what fooling no one gets out of it.
Oh, of course they get a percentage.
You didn't see the USA Today article last year?
Scoff laws get caught.
USA Today headline, scoff laws get caught ordering pizzas.
And it said all the major chains, when you call to get a pizza, instantly run you through a database, and they get 20% of fines or fees.
Instead of a pizza, you get a SWAT team.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Folks, I'm not joking.
Okay, I apologize to our guest, our esteemed guest.
That was a very important point we had to make.
And I think we should start confronting service people and going, hey, you're not spying on me, are you?
Because I'm going to sue your company.
I'm putting you on notice.
I learned about this the hard way, folks.
I'm tired of it.
The guy was acting afraid.
Do you want to have that?
Because I'm a total idiot.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Jeff Norman, accredited member of the press, he goes to a meeting and speaks, and after Lord Rumsfeld gives his speech, he gets arrested, which has happened to me.
Thank you for holding, and it's good to have you on, Jeff.
Thanks, Doc.
Did you say I'm a steamed guest or an esteemed guest?
I'm steamed, too, actually.
Hey, listen.
You can type in Alex Jones arrested by Bush into Google.
You'll get the video.
In 1998, at the end of his speech, it was a pre-prepared, pre-released speech, and Bush had me arrested just because I asked him a question.
What was your question?
It was, don't you care about America, Governor?
Don't you care about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, and their economic policies hurting America?
I was actually kidnapped for an hour and then thrown out on the side of the highway.
And were you charged with anything?
No, it was just like Alan Keyes.
Remember when he was supposed to be at the debates?
They grabbed him for an hour?
I'm going to shut up because we're about to break.
I want to hold you over.
Tell us what happened to you.
Give us the details.
I was at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday where Donald Rumsfeld was speaking at a World Affairs Council luncheon.
And Nadia McCaffrey, who's the mother of a soldier who was killed in Iraq, attempted to approach Rumsfeld to speak to him and she was blocked by security.
So when he was walking out of the ballroom and he got fairly near the media area where I was sitting, I stepped into the aisle and I said, Mr. Rumsfeld, military families think you're lying to them.
Why won't you meet with them?
And then two Secret Service thugs immediately dragged me out.
Now, you weren't accredited to even be there, but you addressed a god.
I mean, even in England, 300 years ago, a commoner could demand an audience with the king, could talk to the king.
You dared try to talk to a lord with more power than Henry VIII?
Imagine that.
And I'm not sure whether it's relevant that I was a member of the media.
In other words, why shouldn't a member of the audience be allowed to speak?
Because that's a god, and you're not allowed to talk to god.
Yeah, right.
So I'm struggling to figure out whether or not it's relevant that I was in the media area.
But in any event, I was.
And I did what I've seen ever since I was a little kid.
I've seen reporters shout out questions.
And only with this administration is it treated as some sort of a crime.
Oh, everything's going to be a crime, didn't you know?
Well, I'm learning fast.
Blair's about to ban criticizing the government, literally.
Did you sue the Secret Service for what happened to you?
You know, the ACLU, which is loyal opposition, talked to me about it.
I'm just so busy I didn't sue them.
I'll tell you what, he was governor then, too.
We'll be right back.
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All right, going right back to our guest.
We're going to have him with us about another 15 minutes or so, then we'll take the calls of those that are holding.
Our guest, again, accredited media at the event.
And Press all the time goes to these events and shouts out questions.
He walks over to Lord Rumsfeld, after they'd already kept the mother of one of the victims away from his lordship, the viceroy.
And then what happened next?
I mean, describe it blow by blow, Jeff Norman.
Well, I was in the media area, but nobody had said you have to stay there or, you know, you can't say anything or this and that.
There were no restrictions of any kind.
It was more to accommodate us.
They didn't make you sign worship pledges to get in like they normally do?
No, actually, it was surprisingly easy to get in.
And, in fact, this is a point worth making.
I might add, they had no metal detector.
And here they are in the middle of a war on terror, as they constantly say.
And any idiot like me, with the media, or anybody who bought a ticket for $60, had a clear shot at the Secretary of Defense in the middle of a war on terror.
But instead of worrying about that, they're worried about questions that the reporters ask.
So, I mean, they totally misunderstand what their role is.
By the way, I'm glad you said that.
All of this security is about training us how to be slaves and how to line up and show the commissariat our papers.
They know there's no real threat to Rumsfeld.
The only threat is your free speech.
They're talking about arresting Cindy Sheehan tomorrow.
It's a police state.
Yeah, right.
It really is.
And people think, oh, when you say that, you're being alarmist.
But look up what a police state is.
These are the characteristics of a police state.
Random, arbitrary arrests, secret military police, cameras, a no-do process.
We have every ingredient.
Well, I mean, earlier, before you came on, I was talking about how all over the news they're recruiting service people to spy on you in your house.
No, and that's why I was saying I didn't mind at all that you went on that rant because it fits in exactly to what we're talking about.
People who start talking about these other countries that have had police states, oh, it's not a police state here, well, all that means is the police state in some of these other countries is a bit more severe.
It doesn't mean that we don't have the characteristics, although we sure as hell do.
Well, they're certainly pushing the envelope, but I want to bring this up and then we'll get into what happened to you and how you guys are organizing protests and demonstrations around the country.
At the same time,
All over the country, we see them even trying to codify these laws with these free speech zones and all of this.
So they really are trying to violate our First Amendment.
I mean, we have them call up shop owners and say, Bush is going to be on a parade route.
Don't have any anti-Bush signs in your business.
Yeah, it's very blatant.
And, you know, I've got to say, the media, the mainstream media who were there didn't seem too alarmed by what happened, which is very annoying.
Oh, that's what happens.
People get hauled away if they talk to the Lord.
I mean, in the old days, they all would have been shouting questions.
And they should have treated what happened to me as newsworthy.
Well, I probably watched on C-SPAN a hundred.
If I watched one, you know, these big, you know...
Fundraisers and meetings.
And there's always press there that runs over to the powerful people to ask questions.
Yeah, ever since I was a little kid I've seen this.
You know, when Reagan was president, when he was going to the helicopter and he held his hand up to his ear like he couldn't hear?
It's like a cliche.
This is an image ingrained in my mind.
This is what you do.
This is what reporters are supposed to do.
It's unbelievable.
There's a picture of it, by the way, off the U.S.
Tour of Duty website.
Yeah, give your website out.
It's ustourofduty.org.
And we were talking during the commercial break about how these guys in the Secret Service are like mafia thugs.
Look at the photo on this website.
They really look like guys who are characters in The Sopranos.
Well, I mean, look at Armitage.
I mean, look, they're all like Dr. Evil.
Look at Negroponte, the Death Squad commander.
I mean, they are.
It's not like they look like mafia.
These are our fellow humans.
I'm sure glad I'm an alien.
Well, I tell you, I had experiences with the Secret Service when Bush first got Secret Service protection during the 2000 run.
I was down there just trying to cover the Republicans and Democrats fighting with each other, hitting each other with signs.
I wasn't on either side, because I'm nonpartisan.
Both parties are very corrupt, though Bush has taken the light years ahead now.
But back at that time, I was neutral.
In fact, frankly, a little bit.
I don't like Al Gore, but boy, now have I seen it.
And I'm there, and I thought, like, these can't be Secret Service.
They were acting like criminals I've known.
They had that mentality, that smirk, that predatory enjoyment.
So did you experience that?
Well, yeah, I don't know if I'd describe it exactly that way, but they're very smug.
And they're trying to pretend that they worked for the hotel, although with the cameras right in their face, they were smart enough not to say it explicitly.
But I'm sure they would have made that claim if the cameras weren't there.
But they kept saying, I'm on private property, I'm on private property, they'll have the police arrest me.
But you know, that's actually assault.
They could have told you to leave, and then if you didn't leave...
They could have put their hands on you.
You've got a lawsuit, my friend.
Yeah, I sure do.
You need to sue those un-American, commissariat scumbags trying to destroy my country.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, sir.
We're on the march.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Our forebears, our founding fathers and our founding mothers sacrificed, died, gave up their farms, their plantations, their breweries, their publishing houses, their homes were burned.
They lost children.
They died.
So you could stand up and say something to a lord or a king.
So we would have freedom.
All the time I forget about all the experiences we've had.
It's been on the local TV show several times.
Never put it in a film, and I really should.
But they had a four-part series last year called The New World Order with General Magus.
And they'd have in former CIA directors, deputy directors, and these are advertised as public.
The public needs to come.
It's going to be an auditorium B that holds 800 people.
And you go.
And the first few times we wait for a question and we go, well, they'd be saying, give up all your freedoms, groups on the street is good, World War IV, the Cold War was World War III to build a world government.
We've got to have World War IV and start nuking the Muslims and concentration camps are needed.
I did put this on the website and play it on air.
We need to put all the Muslims in concentration camps and camps, they call them internment camps,
What's the former ball-headed CIA director?
It's not Woolsey.
Yeah, it's Woolsey.
We've got him at one of these meetings.
They actually had about seven meetings, but they had four called the New World Order.
But by the second one, you would just ask a normal question politely.
There would be a few news cameras there, a lot of print media there.
When it came time, anybody could ask a question.
And literally, all of a sudden, you'd look up and there'd be about a 30-year-old rock-hard guy in a suit.
It felt like that movie No Way Out where Kevin Costner's being chased by the Special Forces killers in the plain suits.
Those guys walk over.
Excuse me!
You're going to need to leave now!
You're trespassing!
But I just asked a question.
I'm done.
It's time for you to go now, sir!
And I'm like, get the cameras, get the cameras.
And I go, oh, really?
I need to go now.
Now, you tell me exactly who you are.
The military's not supposed to be telling citizens what to do.
You're violating 1878 law, posse commentatus.
I want your name right now, soldier.
I want it right now!
And they'll just suddenly, you'll see a nod from one of the older guys, and that person will leave.
I mean, folks, I've had to back off troops.
Oh, actually, wait a minute.
There's one from 1998 when I confronted General Barry McCaffrey, and these Army intelligence types come over and try to get me to stop, and I tell them I got my rights back off.
So I've got that, but not as bad as... I've even had them grab my arm before, or put their arm real hard on your collarbone and just kind of squeeze.
Time for you to go, Mr. Jones.
I mean, we have troops just salivating to run our lives, just salivating to order us around.
Man, I'm out of control today because I'm angry, folks.
This is my country.
And I'll go confront your war pigs any time I want.
I'm going to shut up now.
That's enough.
Jeff, Norman, everything I'm talking about here, you know, what happened to you?
I mean, did you look in Lord Rumsfeld's eyes when you confronted him and then finish up what the goons did to you?
And then let's talk about ways to fight this.
Okay, yeah, because I'm definitely going to fight it, and we are fighting it already.
Now, I wasn't face to face with him, which actually is a good thing because they can't claim I was any sort of a threat.
There were members of the audience and security personnel between me and Rumsfeld.
So, it wasn't like I was closer than anybody else.
Did you hear about the inauguration where the thousands of people in the parade were told, don't look at the president in the eyes?
No, I didn't know that.
Oh, that was in mainstream news.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
So, yeah, he didn't answer me.
I don't know what his facial expression was because I was being hauled away by the Secret Service.
But he didn't answer me, and he obviously was unconcerned, and he probably is the one who issues orders to do this to people who ask questions.
Now, how do you know that it was Secret Service and it wasn't Defense Intelligence Protective Detail or Pentagon Protective Detail?
Well, actually, I don't know for sure.
They wouldn't say who they are.
Were their haircuts super short?
Well, look at USTourofDuty.org.
I don't know if you're in front of... I printed some of it off, yeah.
I don't know if you're in front of a computer screen, you can see it.
Yeah, they had short hair, and they were talking into their two-way radios.
Well, if it's shaved, if it's a military haircut, and they've all got haircuts like that, it's probably not a Secret Service.
No, it wasn't shaved, it was just shortish hair, you know, conservative look.
And they were talking in their walkie-talkies, referring to me as the subject, the subject is here, the subject is there.
So, to me, I thought it was the Secret Service, but they don't say.
And that's a weird position to put a citizen in, by the way, is how can they expect you to comply with their orders if they don't even state what their authority is?
Well, plus they're secret police, so that's it.
Yeah, right.
So, I mean, for all I know, there's just some civilian.
That's the problem.
That's another telltale, hallmark...
Touchstone, keystone, cornerstone, heart of a police state is secret police.
And so how do I know, why should I comply if I don't even know who they are?
It's a really terrible position to put a citizen in.
So these goons grab you, drag you off, what do they say to you?
Well, I was telling them to take it easy, and they were saying, yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll take it easy, don't worry.
But they weren't, and they slammed me up against the door.
And, you know, it was hard for me.
The door was closed that they were bringing me through.
In a few years, folks, they'll load you on a truck and you'll go to a camp.
Well, maybe so.
Well, they'll have the people who were in Iraq raping kids over you.
Well, so I had a struggle to open the door myself, which wasn't easy since they were holding me.
And then we got outside, and there were other people with cameras pointed at them, and they were telling people not to point the cameras at them.
And the more direct I was about asserting my rights and making them identify themselves, the more indirect they became.
Oh, no, no, listen, I've noticed with these people...
Now, you can't try to bluff it.
You've got to mean it.
You're scumbag criminals.
You're violating what a maranac is.
You're bad.
They shrink like vampires at dawn.
But the poor people that grovel, if you'd have started groveling, man, they'd have probably started knocking your teeth out.
I simply was asserting my rights.
I didn't use the colorful, salty language you just did.
But I was saying, you know, on what basis are you detaining me?
You know, I don't use that.
I mean, I'm just real stern.
You listen to me.
What you're doing is criminal.
And I'm going to enforce my rights.
I'm going to sue you.
I'm going to find out who you are.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself violating the press.
I tell you, you're in a lot of trouble, buddy.
Well, you know, that's a strategy.
I just went with my instincts.
What did you say to them?
Well, like I said, I was saying, who are you?
On what basis are you detaining me?
And when they started telling the people not to point the cameras at them, I said, are you saying it's illegal to point a camera at you?
You can also yell, help, I'm being kidnapped, because you don't know who these people are.
No, but I knew the people who were out front with the cameras.
I mean, they weren't there waiting for me because we didn't know this was going to happen.
But coincidentally, some protesters from Code Pink, whom I know, were there.
And they were pointing the camera right at him.
We have video and audio of the whole, it was like a 15-minute slow walk off the grounds.
Cone Pink is an anti-war women's group.
Yeah, and they were feisty.
They didn't back down at all.
They kept the camera going right in their faces.
Well, I love it how they put cameras up everywhere on us, and the defense secretary wants to read all our emails and look at our bank accounts, and Homeland Security had Chertoff, the henchman of Lord Bush, he's saying, we're going to spy on you.
What do you have to hide?
But don't put cameras on them.
Well, when I confronted them about whether or not it was illegal, they didn't say anything.
So then I said, oh, so you're just expressing your preference.
You're not threatening them.
No, it's all color of law.
It's all pushing you.
I'll tell you what it is.
It's criminal.
It sure is.
It's criminal to just grab people.
It's criminal to tell them don't videotape.
And it's not their role.
Well, what we do when we go to something like this is we have one person quiet with a very small camera, and somebody with a big camera, and a lot of times they'll grab the big camera and steal the footage.
We've had that happen.
But then we have them stealing the footage, so... That's very smart.
Because if they don't know they're on camera, they're a lot more likely to misbehave and show their true colors.
I thought we're trying to bring democracy to Iraq, but should somebody bring freedom to America?
Well, the vets and the families, I think, are our secret weapon, if you pardon the expression, because they have a lot of credibility.
They obviously aren't motivated by political bias.
Well, now they're trying, though.
They've got the nerve.
In fact, I've got the transcripts.
O'Reilly and that creature...
Gallagher, those neocons, they're on the air attacking Cindy Sheehan, calling her names, and they're now saying how dumb it is that people are saying we're losing our rights.
Being searched without warrants is wonderful.
Yeah, it's really wonderful.
And I know Drudge did a hit piece on Cindy Sheehan, too, claiming that she changed her story about what happened when she met with Drudge.
Just because she didn't attack Bush as much right after she met with him.
Yeah, a grieving mother is going to be held accountable for not being exactly perfect right after her son does.
It's ridiculous.
But guess what?
I have footage that I just remembered today.
We're going to put it up on the website.
It should be up tomorrow.
I have footage with another mother whose son was killed in the war named Dolores Kesterson.
And she tells her story about what happened when she met with Bush.
And it's even worse.
She was telling him what a happy-go-lucky guy her son was and he would have had such a great life.
And Bush actually said to her in response to that, how do you know he would have had a good life?
Oh, no, he's real aggressive.
I mean, can you imagine saying that to the mother of somebody who's just killed?
Well, that's because he doesn't want to have his conscience get hurt.
Well, they can try to portray Cindy Sheehan as being, you know, some local fringe character who's, you know, the only one who's making this claim.
Yeah, let's line up 1,800 mommies.
By the way, it's a lot more than 1,800.
If you die being flown out of the country, it doesn't count.
So let's line up 8,000 mommies.
And this is a real problem for the Bush administration because these people are not easy to dismiss.
What are they going to do, though?
They're talking about arresting her and they're already circling and putting up signs and don't step off.
If you step off into the grass, you're trespassing.
Oh my God.
I forget the country, yeah.
Well, help is on the way.
I was just speaking to someone a little while ago down in the scene there, and they said the ACLU is assisting so that they make sure that Cindy's rights are protected on Thursday.
I've got to be honest with you.
The ACLU spends too much of their time trying to get the Ten Commandments out of places, which is ridiculous.
They just seem so soft.
Well, they have their style, and others have a different style, so it all helps.
If you look on our website, which is ustourofduty.org, you will see Bill Mitchell, who's the father of one of the soldiers who was killed, and also Tim Goodrich, the co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War.
He's an Air Force veteran.
Well, Ron Paul is... You'll see them confronting Tommy Franks.
He came to an elementary school in Los Angeles to try to seduce little kids into joining the military.
Oh my goodness.
And when Tim and Bill found out about it, they went and confronted him, and they put their bodies in front of Tommy Frank's car.
So there is a lot of this confrontation going on, and it's being done by people who are obviously patriotic, obviously not motivated by political bias.
And Cindy is putting out the call for help, and people are responding.
You know, that's beautiful.
We'll tell folks how to respond.
We had Cindy putting out the call for help yesterday, or two days ago, and I may be going up there tomorrow.
But she's going to be there for the whole month of August, right?
Yeah, and we're coming down.
We're going to probably do at least one event in Austin, as a matter of fact.
The U.S.
Tour of Duty organizes events with Cindy and the other families in the Iraq vets.
This is our whole reason for existing.
We've been doing this for the past couple of years around the country where we team up the vets and the families with experts such as Ray McGovern, the former CIA analyst, and sometimes we have performers such as Cher and Dustin Hoffman who speak at our programs.
So we're going to have a big tour that starts in October.
And we'd love people to donate if they can go online at ustourofduty.org because we have more of America's most influential truth-tellers than we have places to put them, than we have the ability to put them because we don't have enough money.
So the more money we can get, the more places we can go.
And these are the people that can really change public opinion.
So I think what we're going to do, we're not really ready to announce it yet, but we're working on something for Austin where we get Cindy and Ray McGovern, I just spoke to a little while ago, who's going to fly in on Friday.
And I'm also contacting members of Congress.
Maxine Waters is considering coming down.
So Ray McGovern's going to be flying into Crawford on... He's tentatively planning to come down on Friday.
Well, that's good.
Then I'll definitely go interview him for the TV show.
Yeah, he's great.
Now, we've interviewed him about three or four times here.
So I'm sure your listeners are familiar with him.
Good for you.
Yeah, well, he was Reagan's chief briefer.
Yeah, you can't get any closer to power than that.
And, I mean, he's a real conservative, folks.
And he just, they called the people running the Pentagon now, they called them crazies back then.
And we really do have a bunch of psychopaths running our government right now.
You know, though, I'll tell you something, Jeff.
I don't see them stopping.
I mean, these people are just on such power trips.
They say they're going to cut trips, but the next day they're going to increase them by 22,000.
And it's just frothing and lying and stomping around.
I think Bush is going to pull something off here in America, a fake terror attack.
I think that's what's going to happen.
Yeah, well, I've heard that said before, and I shudder at the thought, but these guys have shown that nothing is beyond them.
You're right.
But the time is now for people to take a stand.
And they're going to have a tough time dealing with these vets and family members.
A real tough time.
And when they're side by side with experts like Ray McGovern, they can't be dismissed.
It's just emotional.
That's what makes it so hard.
Because one of the biggest tactics these people use is dismissiveness.
Oh, he's just pushing a book.
Oh, sure, they lost somebody in the war.
Of course they're upset.
But when you put all these people together, all these great Americans combining expertise and personal stories, it becomes impossible to dismiss them.
Well, you've also got these women who've lost their sons and in some cases daughters, and they're bringing up the points that we're supposed to forget about.
The memory hole of they lied about WMDs, they manufactured evidence.
You're right.
And you know what?
We are the media now.
Instead, I'm through complaining about the media.
Well, maybe not completely through.
But I'm through making a big deal out of it.
It's time to start competing with the media, being the media.
All I know is this.
When we get a Democrat in office, and they're invading countries and doing the exact same stuff, are you guys going to be fighting them with the same vehemence?
I'm no Democrat.
I stand up for the truth, baby.
Well, it just scares me because I was protesting Bill Clinton attacking Serbia and Democrats sending me hate mail.
I mean, obviously a lot of people that support your group are Democrats.
Yeah, they are, but so what?
No, I agree.
As long as it's non-partisan, as long as it's... First of all, we have to be because we're a non-profit group and we're required.
But on a personal level, I'm a registered independent.
Believe me, this is about the issues, not about... Oh, no, I totally agree with you.
I'm just, you know, I'm just scared because the Democrats all vote for the war, they vote for the Patriot Act.
I mean, there's really no... There's one party in D.C.
Right, there's a few people who act like real leaders, like Maxine Waters, for example, Barbara Lee.
Ron Paul.
Some of the, you know, the whole out-of-Iraq caucus should be, you know, given proffers for taking that stance.
So, there are signs of hope.
There are people standing up.
So, we'll see what happens.
All right.
Well, are you going to be coming into town?
Yeah, I think so.
I think I'll come down to organize what's going to happen in Austin.
And, of course, we'll be back and forth to Crawford as well.
Well, I'd like to interview you for the TV show that happens.
Thanks for coming on with us, Jeff.
Can we give out the website one more time?
Stay there.
Tell you what.
We'll give it out on the other side.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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We're good to go.
You know, I hear the neocons on talk radio saying it's time to start arresting people that protest.
Wow, this would have been illegal in World War II.
We're good to go.
The website is ustourofduty.org, ustourofduty.org.
And we are going to try to get something happening really quickly in Austin to help these folks.
I have Bill Mitchell on the other line right now.
He's one of the parents who's down there.
So maybe you can get a live report from him after you speak with me and get the very latest about what's happening in Crawford.
If your listeners can support us, we'd really appreciate it, because the more money we have, the more events we can do, and we can get these people out all over America.
All right.
I hear you.
Thanks for coming on, Jeff.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll see you.
All right, folks.
I know we've got a bunch of phone calls.
We're going to get to you later.
Glenn Spencer's coming up about the war that's going on on the southern border, which I'm really focused on.
I mean, I'm asking myself, should I go to the border this weekend?
Or should I go out to Crawford this weekend, or should I sit in an edit studio and work on getting more video out on the website of the London trip with MI5 agents and members of Parliament saying the governments are behind terror attacks?
I mean, it makes my head spin sometimes, but I don't know.
The Crawford stuff's important, but we can leave that to all these great folks out there to fight them.
Or, at the same time, I think it's important for you to go out to Crawford
There's just so much going on.
What do you think is more important?
I think, frankly, I need to go to the border.
Because, I mean, it is just bedlam down there right now.
And I need to go into Mexico and get the footage and get it out.
That's more dangerous.
That's probably what I'll do.
I always opt for the more dangerous.
It's more exciting.
Adrenaline junkie, call me whatever you like.
Name it as you like it.
Call it as you like it.
What did Shakespeare say?
But before we close out this hour, we need your support.
You can hear the type of guests we have on, so you can hear the type of issues that we cover, whether it's the handyman spying on you to mercury in your vaccines.
We cover the issues that are really important.
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All right, third hour, your calls, Glenn Spencer, tons of news, totally jam-packed.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we got Lou Spencer coming up.
Let's talk about the war that's going on on the border.
I mean, this is a news blackout, almost complete blackout.
But right now, let's go to Jim in Michigan and Ron and others.
Jim in Michigan, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'd like to bring up a local issue, and this is kind of related.
I went to a township meeting where I live at here a couple weeks ago.
That was Al-Qaeda-ish.
Well, yeah, all about.
Now, here, I'm just going to explain what's going on.
I went in there and questioned the township supervisor about a practice that he did.
He actually fired an employee there, and yet he gets out and says that she resigned.
We know that she was actually fired.
I questioned him on that, and he told me, he says, if you don't watch your language, he says, I'll have you removed from the meetings.
Oh, that's happening?
Oh, no, that's the new attitude.
We're slaves.
We're scum.
Look, sir, it was two years ago.
It was in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, their big paper, that in open session they said, what about our martial law plan?
If people are doing a criminal investigation on us, can't we just declare martial law?
I mean, these people are insane.
Well, I want to explain this much to you.
Two days after the meeting...
A deputy comes up, because we have the sheriff, our law enforcement.
A deputy comes by my house, and he says, you know, you realize that this is a time of homeland security, you know, and you've got to be very careful what you say at some of these meetings, because, you know, there's certain words...
It would be very offensive to our elected officials.
Oh, our God.
What was your word?
Just criticizing him?
My word was that he wasn't telling the truth.
I said, it would be nice if you told the truth.
I knew it.
See, I said Al-Qaeda.
Listen, you've got to listen to me.
Do you have a computer, Jim?
No, I don't, Alex.
Well, you get with a neighbor, you get on a word processor, and you write the account.
I want the name of the scumbag politician.
I want the name of the scumbag deputy.
I want to expose that scumbag.
Coming to your house, it's like the guy who put a sign up saying our court system's a joke, and the judge ordered him arrested.
Listen, that city council punk will get in a lot of trouble for what he did.
That's official oppression.
Now, what did you tell that deputy?
Well, he just told me, he says, well, you know, I'm just by here, but, you know, I...
He said something about, I've seen you, you know, or something about what I said at the meeting.
I don't know if he was there or not.
You need to go back and you need to bring that up in the meeting.
You know, the thing is, they always have three deputies sitting back there.
You bring one of your friends with a video camera.
Man, that is killing America.
That's like ripping the guts out, ripping the heart out of it.
Well, this goes on all over, Alex.
Sir, I know.
That's why I made the joke.
Yeah, this goes on.
I mean, Detroit, this
In Detroit, they got a mayoral election this year.
They got big, fat pieces of trash who think they're our owners.
Man, I mean, it's happened before.
It's the norm in history.
So what did you say to this guy?
I just said, hey, I got a right as a citizen to speak my piece.
He says, well, I didn't say you didn't have it.
Oh, yes, you did, you piece of trash!
You know, he said, I'm just after... I'm asking God to judge that person right now.
Well, he says, I'm just following orders.
He says, I have to follow orders to keep my job.
That's exactly what he said.
Oh, so now it turns into he was out there on orders.
Sure, he said, I have to do what I'm told.
I wish God had... Man, I get so sick of these people.
What's the name of your town?
Give me the name of the people that did this.
Well, I don't want to give it on the air.
Can I give it to you off the web?
They'll come get you.
Being afraid of them means they're going to win.
Just tell me the name of the town, at least.
Well, the name of the town is Orion Township.
It's outside of, you know, just outside of Pontiac.
Orion Township?
Yeah, it's Orion Township.
Well, listen, will you just write me the article?
Look, look, look, look.
We've got to stand up against these people.
You've already done it.
I commend you, Jim.
Oh, you know, I mean, I'll tell you another thing.
They make video recordings, you know, of these meetings, and then they omit what they don't want the people to see.
Yeah, you know what?
That guy's acting like a gangster.
Dig into what he's up to.
Bring him down.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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All right, Glenn Spencer has moved from like 10 miles from the border to the border.
They've moved American Border Patrol onto a ranch that's actually on the Mexican-U.S.
And his phone system just got put in.
We were having some problems audio-wise, so we're calling him right back.
But during our little two-minute discussion during that last break, you should hear these discussions we have off air, my producer called and set him up today.
I said, I want to commend Glenn Spencer.
For being right.
I mean, he predicted open warfare within two years, and it's now happened.
And I ran through the litany for Glenn Spencer.
I said, were you aware of all that?
He said, no.
No one's put it together like you just did.
It's piecemeal here and there.
And it's not hard to put together, but the media is ignoring it almost completely.
I mean, I got USA Today, I got CBS News, I've got Reuters.
They closed the consulate because it's under rocket attack.
There's rocket attacks in the city every week.
127 dead in the month of June alone.
Again, we always get these numbers two months later, so it looks like July is going to be even worse when those numbers come out.
Five dead U.S.
Five different dead people in law enforcement on our side.
Eighteen on their side.
The label of Rado, I got a newscast two months ago from Fox News on the border.
We played on the TV show to analyze it.
It is totally...
Shut down.
I mean, no one's there.
It's thousands of shops.
You know, big sky-rise Hilton hotels.
There's no one there.
I mean, it shows the streets.
Streets that were so jam-packed, you know, just six, seven years ago when I took a weekend vacation down there just to, you know, have fun.
It's empty.
On both sides, people are moving out.
I mean, there's death everywhere.
I mean, hundreds dead in just a few week period.
Hundreds of people being kidnapped.
Dozens of them U.S.
citizens being held.
Can you imagine if a Muslim group had kidnapped one child at the international top story everywhere?
And so it has just broken into... I mean, folks, our government doesn't shut down its consulate in Israel.
It doesn't shut down consulates in Cape Town with the highest crime rate in the world.
Okay, they don't shut down their embassies.
They don't do this, folks.
They shut them down in Tanzania for like two weeks when the bomb went off.
When supposedly bin Laden bombed it.
They shut it down because it was getting rocketed attacks.
And believe me, these drug gangs know what they're aiming at.
We are having missiles, grenades, RPGs fired.
As these rival drug cartels have a huge battle over the $250 billion a year industry.
And I'll tell you, we've had DEA agents on, former, current.
I've got sources.
Folks, and even the Brownsville paper, the Dallas Morning News, quietly admitted, and we have these posted, we don't know what happened.
We train Los Zetas Mexican commandos, and then as soon as we train them, they turn against us and start killing cartels.
No, folks.
They're being used...
As a military element by the groups inside our government to destabilize and to go after their political enemies.
And folks, we've had two car bombs in Dallas go off.
That's in the newspapers.
Back of the paper, though.
We've had killings in Austin, San Antonio.
The hundred and something deaths in June were just down there.
What you'll only hear in Texas on local TV or in a few newspapers is that they're all over the place killing at will.
And we mean Mexican Special Forces.
We've seen Mexican regular troops protecting and deploying these guys.
They still work for the government, for the Mexican government.
And joining us is a man who predicted all of this.
Five years ago on this show, he said you'll have them killing people within two years.
They started shooting cops then.
And then two years ago, he said in a couple years we're going to have border wars and right on time it's happening.
Glenn Spencer, good to have you on with us.
His phone cut again?
Okay, call him back on the original number.
Okay, well, we had him and his phone didn't sound right, so we... Call my producer, who also happens to be my wife, and get his cell phone.
I know it's in our computer.
And, uh...
We'll get Glenn on.
But I want to get Glenn's take on this.
I remember him five years ago going, there's going to be a shooting war and military and death and hundreds dead.
And I was going, Glenn, he's a pretty straight-laced guy.
He never talked like this.
I was like, I've been talking to him for eight years.
I said, yeah, that isn't going to happen, Glenn.
It is happening.
But the incredible thing is...
I talked to Glenn, and I said, did you hear all of that?
He said, no, I heard most of it, but no one put it together like that.
He goes, my God, it is happening.
Because they're keeping it very quiet.
I mean, folks, they've had like, I don't know how many, I didn't count them up, it's like eight, nine, ten cases the last few months where they just, it started two years ago, where they come across the river and just grab families and then hold them for ransom for money.
families, kids.
The cops will just randomly grab families vacationing and steal their car and then run their credit report off their social security number and then suck $100,000 out of them?
I mean, it's so corrupt, folks.
Eight towns flying the Mexican flag, no English allowed.
I know there's reporters listening right now who aren't newshounds, who aren't real reporters.
You don't believe me that there are eight towns flying the Mexican flag where no English is allowed in court proceedings.
Not that Spanish is numero uno,
But no English allowed.
Well, you got LexisNexis, and you got Google, and you just go in and you just type it in, and you get the 10-part series, San Antonio Express News.
I know you don't believe me, so put up or shut up.
Don't just not check it.
No, no.
Don't say it's not true.
Don't say it's not true, and then not check it out.
You check it out, you little worms.
I'm sorry.
I'm just really angry, folks.
But there's a reason why InfoWars.com is bigger than 90 plus percent of American newspapers.
I mean, bigger than the Austin American Statesman, folks, online.
There's a reason PrisonPlanet.com is even bigger than that.
I mean, some days we're number 3,000 on the web, and the Statesman's like 9,000.
You know, most days we're about 11,000 or so.
I'm not tooting our horn, folks.
People want the ranting.
They want the raving.
They want the analysis.
They want the information.
And I tell them the New World Order, you're going to lose.
Because there's hundreds of sites as big as mine, or bigger, that are fighting you, and you're going to lose.
You got Glenn Spencer now?
Glenn, sorry about the problems there, buddy.
Well, it's the problems at our end, and I apologize.
No, no, no.
It's good to have you on, my friend.
Vaya con Dios.
You know, during the break, I listed all that.
You were aware of most of it, but you're incredibly informed.
Almost everybody I've talked to doesn't see, because it's been covered up, really.
We are literally under attack.
Well, my neighbor came over this morning.
He said, Glenn, come on.
He said, there was a rocket last night.
I live a thousand feet north of the border.
And he lives south of me.
And a thousand feet south of the border is his property.
And he lives right on the border.
He came over this morning.
We're good buddies.
And his fiancée is a former Army colonel.
She was the Inspector General of Fort Huachuca right here.
These are my neighbors.
These are reliable people.
I think so.
It's a gate in a barbed wire fence that they just reach over, open up, and drive through!
And drive through!
Our own government doesn't put a padlock on it.
They leave it open.
So they can drive through.
Now, again, Bush ordered the Border Patrol to stand down to make the Minutemen look bad.
That's the Washington Times Associated Press.
But, Glenn, I want to specifically, you predicted open warfare.
Hundreds are dead.
Hundreds dead in one month.
Embassies on fire.
Rockets propel grenades exploding.
Bottoms going off in Dallas.
And it's not national news, Glenn.
That's right.
We will not tell you.
You have to understand, you're not going to know about it until there's blood running in the streets.
Not running in the streets!
It's going to be above your shoelaces.
Then they'll tell you.
Well, I mean, hundreds dead a month?
That's not news, Glenn?
Well, you know, we had this on our website.
Last week, a Mexican right out of Mexico came up here and torched vehicles and other places all along the border.
Burned up a semi.
I've got a picture of it up on our website.
Torched vehicles.
An emergency response.
He took two days.
He was burning everything he could find.
It was an act of terrorism.
I saw that blurb, but it never got news.
How many houses and vehicles were torched?
There was eight total.
So literally, just see?
I mean, folks, there's no way to track all this.
And you can't find it in the news.
It was just this local Bisbee observer, and they're not even online.
They're the ones who reported it.
And then the national news is not going to pick it up.
But a Mexican that came across the border and was terrorizing people in his community by torching their trucks and their emergency response vehicle, you know, an ambulance and other vehicles and county vehicles.
And Mr. Garcia, the head of the embassy there in Nuevo Leone, he said, look, we're shutting down.
And Vicente Fox said, how dare you?
I mean, there's explosions.
There's no question.
They're under rocket attack.
We're under rocket attack, folks.
I mean, Glenn Spencer, Alex Jones are extreme because there's people running around with giant signs with pictures of white people's heads cut off firing rockets at us.
Did you see all the pictures of the Mexican Army that we found along the border in the last week or so?
Americanpatrol.com, yeah, it's amazing.
All kinds of Mexican, heavily armed Mexican troops with automatic weapons.
I mean, within a half a mile of my house, camping along the border.
What are they doing there?
That's what we asked.
What are they doing?
Well, I mean, firing rockets at embassies and, you know, burning houses and cars down.
I mean, it's friendly.
Hundreds of dead.
Five dead cops a month, you know, 18 on the... Glenn, what's wrong with that?
Yeah, well, you know, why should the American people be concerned?
We'll be right back, Glenn.
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We're good to go.
Hello, folks.
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You know, Brigadier General Rick Baucus refused to torture people, so he was fired.
Two-star general, head of Camp X-Ray.
I was in the Associated Press, and he did one radio interview in Rhode Island, and he will not do interviews now.
A four-star general, and only three of these guys have been fired in modern history, was fired, relieved of duty for refusing to be part of some type of NORTHCOM nuclear drill that we've been talking about for a month.
They've been very quiet about.
And we have a reporter who I've gotten a lot of good info from in the past, and he works for a newspaper and a radio station, to give us even more on this.
Well, after looking at the problem for years...
I have had looked at similar problems during the Vietnam War as a young man.
I was in the Pentagon working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff helping evaluate the progress of the war in Southeast Asia under Colonel Treiner and the Weapon Systems Evaluation Group, if anybody wants to check it out.
Oh, I didn't know that about you.
Oh, yeah.
I was in military operations research and doing large-scale computer models for the Navy
And they pulled me off of that for about two months to go on to a special project.
I was part of a civilian review team that did an independent assessment of the war in Southeast Asia for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
And so I had some exposure at the top level of the intelligence, the kind of information that you need to gather and figure out what's going on.
And I've been doing this same thing on the border issue and with Mexico for the last 13 years.
Why is our government encouraging it, you know, admittedly training Los Zetas, and then they do this?
Well, they didn't know they were going to do that when they trained them, but they should have.
Just like we don't know what all of these well-trained military are going to do in Iraq, ultimately.
So, yeah, they should have known it.
Because of the fundamental...
Belief in Mexico that the Southwest, at least, of the United States belongs to them and they have an obligation to take it back.
This is their long-term goal.
For those who don't know, Bin Laden shirts are the number one seller at soccer games and they cheered when we were attacked.
I love Bin Laden t-shirts or a hot item in Mexico.
And we could go on and on and on.
Our people at intelligence should know this.
The CIA should know this.
They should know that we have an antagonistic nation to the south whose ultimate goal is to reclaim territory lost as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
They should know that.
The Native Americans had it.
The French had it.
The Spanish had it.
I mean, I've seen the comic books and history books the government gives them, but I mean, it's so ridiculous that the Southwest... I mean, the Southwest was fought over by empires and their own government threw out the Spanish, and then they overthrew Santa Ana, who was a dictator.
Of course.
You know, you had Napoleon involved, and you had all kinds of people.
You had the British involved.
We had a 54-40-year fight.
There was all kinds of land swapping going on.
And in California, really, the natives out there, such as the Gabriel and the Indians, do nothing but the Mexicans.
Unfortunately, Glenn, your phone is cutting out.
Well, I'm sorry.
All right.
I'm right on the border.
It's difficult to get good reception down here.
We have trouble with our phone service.
We're in a very remote area.
No, I understand.
But our government should know this.
And they're going to find out as a people that they've made some very serious errors in defending us, and they've made some very serious errors in putting us into positions of jeopardy all along the border, just as we see as this arsonist terrorist from Mexico coming through my neighborhood.
Well, Glenn, I've got to ask you this final question.
The folks should visit AmericanPatrol.com and support you guys.
Well, the conditions are there.
All we need is the incident to set off the admixture that we already have, and it's going to explode.
The timing of that is impossible to predict.
It could be tomorrow.
It could be a year from now.
And even though they're going to be attacking us, we'll be bad if we resist.
That's correct.
So you think any time in the next year?
Any time.
It could be tomorrow.
Okay, what about troops having machine guns and little girls but not being on the border?
Well, right here, I was within view of my home.
Mexican troops, heavily armed, lining the border.
All right, Glenn Spencer, you were right.
And I appreciate you coming on, my friend.
Take care.
Take care.
We'll be right back with a four-star general and part of the secret NORTHCOM takeover group.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Brigadier General, Four Star General Kevin T. Burns was fired yesterday.
He was to be the general over this giant North Palm mock nuclear attack drill.
We're terrorists trying to bring a suitcase nuke in to be a ship.
We've been talking about this for a month.
We first mentioned it about a month ago when Northcom put out a small little mention on its website.
They also put out an ad last year for domestic spies, for domestic propaganda for the Pentagon's Office of Strategic Influence.
They weren't supposed to put that ad out publicly.
They got in a lot of trouble.
And this is the North American command.
This is now considered a war zone.
They're the boys who had really covertly already been set up before 9-11 and then expanded and publicly talked about after 9-11.
The Space Command is over the four branches.
And they're based out in Colorado, Colorado Springs, where we had an affiliate for many years until pressure from Northcom.
They were not happy about this show being on there for several years.
And they are the ones openly with the FEMA camps and the gun confiscation and the... I mean, Bob Barr is publicly talking about them.
They're going to have troops on the street corner spying on you?
That's Bob Barr's words.
Fox News Monday.
I mean, this is everything I've talked about.
This is it.
This is what the Supreme Death Squad Commander Negroponte is in control of, along with Chertoff, who says, hey, don't worry about giving up your privacy.
What do you have to hide?
I have been on Leonard's show before.
We're good to go.
And we are just honored to have him with us, and he's going to be writing a report right when it gets off here, expanding on what we learned from Greg Zemenski, who's just so prolific.
It's amazing.
Leonard, tell us about yourself, just a little bit so folks know who you are, and all your details, and then let's get into what you've learned.
Well, I got involved in political action around the time when Dennis Kucinich came forward to attempt to bring peace back on the agenda in the Democratic Party, but as a result of that I got back into looking into the New World Order and that's when I began to read your articles again after some hiatus.
I began also to do some discussions with a friend of mine here in Santa Fe who's a former Captain of the Army Intelligence who's also aware that the United States of America has been subverted radically.
So you weren't just hearing me say this while you were writing for the Santa Fe newspaper and doing local radio news.
You were then even talking to a former Captain in Intelligence who was going, oh yeah, this is the real deal.
Yes, this former Captain in Intelligence discovered...
As a result largely of the blockbuster and another article by Fintan Dunn that it was impossible that the 9-11 story was accurate.
He discovered this at about the September 18, 2001 period.
A chance meeting led to a collaboration which has not stopped and continues to this day.
In fact, I was on the phone with him earlier today.
Now, for folks that want to Google some of the articles you've written on other subjects there locally, why don't you give us the spelling of your last name?
My last name is spelled L-E-H-R-M-A-N, and my first name is spelled L-E-L-A-N-D.
And you can also find my most recent and most important article at physics911.net, and it's called Israel, Iran, and a Nuclear False Flag Attack.
All right, well, and as soon as you get off here, you're going to put together the information you've learned for us?
Yes, I am.
And let me just give you the details.
As a result of the exposure of this nuclear terror drill, and as you have probably been the most important promoter of the idea that nuclear or terrorist drills become alive by executive new world order.
So I figured that I should give you a call because
I discovered today when I called NORTHCOM that this drill is scheduled for tomorrow, which is August 11th.
This is just the public affairs officer telling me that she thinks that it's scheduled for tomorrow, but then she gave me some other interesting information, which is that CNN has recently started a new program called Situation Room.
Everybody thinks that Fox is the New World Order outlet, which they are, but they're like the comic book version for real idiots.
CNN uses Pentagon satellites.
It's come out even in World Net Daily and the Washington Post that they actually have hundreds of members of Army intelligence there with the news writing.
They are actually a Pentagon operation.
Yeah, and now they're not even making any bones about it.
They're actually broadcasting from directly within the United States Northern Command.
And this new situation room is operated by none other...
Blitzer, who is perhaps the most warlike of all the CNN talking heads.
Yeah, I made his name in 91 with the golf little sniveling creature.
Now, tell us what you learned, the new developments about this general, this Kevin P. Burns, this four-star general.
Well, I cannot say anything other than what Greg Zemanski has put out, that the dismissal of Kevin Burns may in fact be related to this nuclear terror drill.
Speculation exists that he had potentially discovered the fact that it was going to go live, and that he was trying to put a stop to it.
Or also speculation indicates that he may be part of a military coup designed to prevent the ridiculous idea of doing a nuclear war with Iran.
Well, in the article you throw together, you might add, I mean, just for background, that when Rick Baucus quit, he said, I quit.
They go, no, you're fired for refusing to torture.
That got ignored.
But he was two-star.
This is unprecedented, a four-star.
How often does that happen?
I think that the information indicates that there's been one or two other instances in all of history.
And then, of course, there was the very famous instance of Douglas MacArthur himself.
No, I don't think that's it.
I think that Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command because he refused to explain to the United States... That's right.
That was the problem.
MacArthur was on to the fact that the New World Order was operational at that time and he wasn't allowed to win the war.
It was designed to be a limited engagement.
But the really last straw though was that they were killing a bunch of our troops and he did want to drop bombs on them.
Oh really?
Yeah, he told them I'm going to drop bombs on you and then the Soviets complained and that was it.
Well, that may well be it.
Anyway, the most important information I've come upon today was that, according to the public affairs officer at NORFCOM, the nuclear terror drill, which is slated for August, is set to begin tomorrow.
But there's another thing.
In my Israel, Mossad, Iran, and nuclear false flag attack, I've received a lot of response over the Internet, and a gentleman has written back to me to say that...
He's a former Air Force, and he says that all of the leaves for the Army have been canceled for the month of September, beginning September 7th.
Which means that... Well, we've been getting that same info.
And again, I, on air, disagree with people.
I said, I don't think we're going to have a...
Your phone's having a... Are you on a cordless phone?
I'm not on a cordless phone, and I've never had this problem before.
There may be some interference.
Sounds like somebody else is on it.
We... Going back to the point... I forget what the point was now.
I'm concerned about the fact that...
The military leaves have all been canceled for the month of September, which means that there's potentially some... Oh, also, if you look on the NORTHCOM website, you'll see that it actually talks about Posse Comitatus and the incidences under which Posse Comitatus can in fact...
And General Tommy Franks tells our aficionado...
We almost can't keep you on.
I'm sorry.
I'm concerned that this is a deliberate attack on the phone line.
Well, who knows.
But now...
Now, to be specific here, Tommy Frank said this is the exact type of thing.
He said, one more attack, set aside the Constitution for a military form of government, which is exactly what the military-industrial complex wants.
And I was one of the people that said, no, I don't think a nuke's going to go off on the 6th or the 9th, even though the Pentagon was putting that out.
It was mainstream media saying, but Latin...
They're introducing that, though, into our minds that when the nuke goes off, it's Bin Laden and Northcom is going to have to have martial law.
I've got the Washington Post article telling us that martial law is actually good.
So we should be worried when they're going, we're going to be nuked.
And we're going to have martial law.
Okay, everybody?
I mean, they're actively out-promoting that idea now.
It is so transparent.
And, folks, giving your rights up, even if they set off a nuke, isn't going to keep you safe.
In fact, it's going to mean the opposite.
Go ahead.
Well, CIA agent, former CIA DIA agent Phil Giraldi also went public a couple weeks ago in the American Conservative magazine stating that Vice President Cheney
Sure, go ahead.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
In response to a nuclear attack on the United States of America or a similar terrorist situation.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
We've got to let you go.
Listen, will you put a report together for us, okay?
And we'll get it up on Prison Planet InfoWars right now.
Okay, bro?
Thanks for the call.
Boy, there we go.
Good guy, reporting for KVSF, been on his show a couple times, and also writes for the Santa Fe Major Daily Newspaper.
But that interview is now over.
And that was on a landline, and he was saying that doesn't happen before.
So, who knows what it is.
Probably just water in the phone lines, as they say.
I found that they want to cut a phone line off, folks, they just cut it off.
Might just be Murphy's Law today.
Or is it a test for something bigger?
But clearly, their agenda is plunging.
Their approval ratings are plunging.
The criminality of what they're involved in is plunging.
There's all these criminal investigations.
We do know there are criminal investigations of the White House for leaking of Dick Cheney.
That is admitted.
You know, we lose the forest for the trees.
We don't know if they've really been indicted.
They have no comment.
I've called the U.S.
Attorney's Office in Chicago.
They say no comment.
Because they are doing a criminal investigation.
The criminal investigation is admitted of this White House.
People act like it's far-fetched to say there could be a secret indictment.
I don't know if that's true or not.
I know they're criminally investigating the Valerie Plain case.
I mean, everybody knows that.
You've got all this swarming around, and all the globalists can do is blow something up.
And will flying planes in the buildings be big enough this time?
They've been hyping nuke, nuke, nuke, nuke, nuke, bio, bio, bio, bio, bio,
And I'm not even saying that's going to happen.
Just fear-mongering it enough.
I mean, it's the government.
All these ten reports last week that I counted, where bin Laden's going to nuke us next week.
I mean, we didn't say that.
And then when it didn't happen, people, well, you said there'd be... No, I never said that.
I heard other patriots, and a good go, it's probably going to happen.
People I had never, who were less radical and less out of the limb than I am, were saying, Alex, I think it's a super good chance it's probably going to happen.
The Israelis are saying it.
The government's saying it.
You know, they're the ones that always fearmonger first.
We pick it up, and then we're bad for reporting on it.
But it still has the same psychological effect.
I mean, it was the Navy report in 1998 that said Y2K, 68 cities, no power, hundreds of thousands dying, riots.
And by six months before Y2K, I said, folks, nothing's going to happen.
I said, maybe a nuclear reactor might have a problem, because they've been saying it will, and maybe some lights will go off, but it isn't as bad as they say.
This is an excuse to put in a new infrastructure of kill switches and control grids.
And then it came out that, indeed, to build emergency management FEMA command centers in every city and county to covertly, really in plain view, federalize local cities and counties.
They put in Giuliani's command bunker, which they then used, the evidence shows, to carry out the 9-11 attacks.
Then they blow up the command bunker itself on 9-11, Building 7, where the CIA was based as well.
I mean, it's the same thing over and over and over and over again.
And make no mistake, Northcom is talking about martial law.
You know, Gannett News Service, Reuters, Cigar Aficionado, LA Times.
I mean, I've got all the articles.
They're in my films.
Police State Three Total Enslavement.
Made two years ago.
Two years and three months ago.
Has all the news articles.
We blow up the text, zoom it up for you.
You can read it right there.
And, uh...
So, I mean, they could do it any time, folks.
I think they're doing trial balloons.
It's like they had a trial balloon for Alberto Gonzalez to be Supreme Court.
Bush had a trial balloon for total blanket complete amnesty.
Then he got up and said, but it's not amnesty.
It's the biggest amnesty ever.
This is a trial balloon right now.
Call the White House.
You haven't heard this in four years.
In fact, a little over four years ago,
July 25th, 2001, I got on air and did three hours without taking a phone call, repeating the White House and Congress phone numbers, saying don't carry out a terror attack.
And I think enough of the stars have aligned, I think enough evidence is there, that they are seriously considering detonating weapons in this country.
Large ones.
And the jig is up, folks.
Then we go to a whole new dimension.
I mean, you think they want to arrest people for asking them questions now?
You think they built FEMA camps for nothing?
It's not going to work.
You know what?
I predict if they detonate the weapon, it's the end.
They have sealed their fate.
You go ahead, you arrogant bastards.
You go ahead and bring it up to the next level.
You go ahead.
I pray you don't kill those people.
I pray that God stays your hand and that your own generals blow the whistle on you.
We've got to get a hold of Kevin...
P. Burns, this four-star brigadier general, fired!
Only a couple cases of that in modern history, back since MacArthur's day, as our guest mentioned.
Other shows don't talk about this.
Even other Patriot shows don't have this analysis.
I don't know why they don't.
I don't know why they don't get the big picture, but they don't.
That's why, frankly, this broadcast is important.
I'm not saying I'm even that good, but I'm better than most, better than the others.
That's why it's important that your stations carry this show and carry more hours of this broadcast because we tell it like it is.
We have the guest on.
We have the up-to-the-minute analysis.
You know, I've been pretty hardcore lately.
I've been pretty, you know, fired up because I get that same feeling.
I get that same indication.
And, you know, I don't do this every day or every week like some other people.
I mean, every four years...
I'm telling you, they're in trouble and they've got to do something.
And I pray to God they don't detonate a nuke.
Will the New World Order detonate a nuke?
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This shields the thyroid and prevents it from absorbing the harmful radioactive iodine.
Potassium iodate is better than the iodide form because it is not as likely to cause upset stomachs in children, the elderly, the sick, and pets.
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Call now and get free shipping.
That's 888-803-4438.
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
We provide outstanding products like Esiac, Colloidal Silver 500 ppm, Olive Leaf Extract,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Leland Lerman is going to be doing a report for us.
So is Paul Watson about this four-star general being fired.
Connected to Northcom.
We also have, just for a few minutes here, Bill Mitchell out there a few miles away from the Crawford Ranch where they've been talking about arresting people.
He lost his son.
He was killed due to this fraudulent war.
In the same battle that Cindy Sheehan lost her son.
We just got him for a few minutes to give us a report on how they're being closed in upon by the authorities and how many folks are starting to show up out there.
Bill, thanks for coming on.
Oh, great.
Good to be on.
Bill, tell us what it's like out there.
I tell you, it's getting to be a madhouse as the day goes on.
There's probably at least 30, 40 cars that are here in the little camp area.
I think we have probably well over 50 people.
We have a ton of media crews.
Fox News from Austin was just out here this morning and did some interviews.
So the spirit here is great, even though we're having some rainy weather.
Now, what about the threats of having you guys arrested tomorrow when Lord Rumsfeld comes into town?
That's mixed on that.
There seems to be some rumors that there may be an arrest, but I hear later on that there will not be an arrest.
They tend to think there was a national security issue, but if there's a national security issue tomorrow, there should be a national security issue today.
Well, yeah, that'll really blow up in their face, no pun intended, if they start arresting people who've lost their children.
Yes, and I think the reason why it's moved is because Bush and Ray and Rice are... This is the day of the bad phones, folks.
Did we lose him?
Just call him back and tell him thank you.
Tell him we'll interview him when he's at the Peace House or something, not on the cell phone.
We'll get him back on in the next few days.
I'm having to decide what I want to go cover.
I probably won't go out to Crawford.
You should, but it's just, you know, really, I have no desire to be in front of TV cameras.
I only go where I really need to get a story that nobody else is covering.
Like what's going on on the border right now.
Total bedlam.
And total, just, absolute breakdown and anarchy, and our government's manipulating all of this.
And then the way their hype and nukes going off, how their approval ratings are plunging,
You know, Bill Clinton's approval rating hit 32%.
He blew up Oklahoma City.
Bush's hit the low 40s and was plunging, and he couldn't go into Iraq, so boom, 9-11.
And folks, when Bush's approval rating hits 32, which it's now hit in major polls, be afraid, be very afraid.
We're out of time.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2, God willing.
But call the White House, call Congress, and tell them we know the government's behind it.
The same Pentagon that planned Northwoods is planning other stuff right now.
And these are the times to try men and women's souls.
And never stop getting my videos, and never stop making copies of them, so when there are terrorist attacks, people know who was behind it.
And they know that giving up your liberties doesn't give you security.
But it's pretty obvious when the government... Oh, we had a terrorist hit us.
Now, give us your rights.
Shut up.
We're going to take your property now.
That stops Al-Qaeda.
Don't criticize me at the city council.
We'll arrest you as Al-Qaeda.
You know, take your Prozac.
Shut up.
Shut up.
I mean, we're living in a slave grid here.
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Who's behind the terrorism?
They're surprised how hard we've been coming up against them.
Pirates always underestimate the slaves.
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