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Air Date: Aug. 9, 2005
2499 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, terror fears drive oil prices to new highs.
Terror fears drive oil prices to new highs.
Boy, Al-Qaeda just helps the globalists invade countries, jacks up their oil company profits, jacks up the profits for the military-industrial complex, weapons sales, more than quadruples opium supplies and profits.
And just absolutely lets the establishment take over our society and set up a high-tech police state.
Man, that old Al-Ciada is certainly worth the money our criminal government, our super parasites, paid to create it.
And then anybody worldwide resists the New World Order in any way...
You're with Al-Qaeda.
Yes, yes, you're with Al-Qaeda.
Anyone who doesn't want to see their sons or daughters drug off to torture camps, why, they're with Al-Qaeda.
Just so much propaganda.
So many examples of it.
We have a massive overload of news today.
We'll be covering it all.
You know, we heard that by the middle of next year they're going to pull 30,000 troops out of Iraq.
Coming up in about 10 months?
That is not the case.
In fact, the Pentagon's actual announcement is that they're going to increase troop levels by 20,000.
Right now there's 140,000 troops in Iraq.
reportedly planning to boost troop levels to 160,000 in Iraq.
The U.S.
But hey, never mind what the Pentagon's actually doing.
Let's just believe the nightly news.
They'll tell us the truth, won't they?
We can trust them.
By the way, our government is now pressuring the Japanese to adopt thermal nuclear weapons, hydrogen weapons, and they're pressuring South Korea to adopt them.
And of course, it's our government that helped arm Pakistan, who helped arm North Korea, who helped arm China, who helped arm the old Soviet Union.
It is our government who arms everyone.
But don't worry.
The FBI called for it last year, and they're moving ahead.
Checkpoints to enter the shopping malls.
We must search you everywhere, except the border.
The border stays wide open, and the federal and state governments will give extra tuition to illegals when they're felons, and, of course, extra home loans.
More articles on that today.
Yes, and...
When you've got Al-Qaeda on terror watch list, well, a phone call gets made by the CIA to the visa office and let our people in.
Let them come home.
Then they bring in the Iraqis after the Gulf War, bomb Oklahoma City.
It's the same story over and over again.
The head master bomber in England, they admit, is MI6 agent, MI6 asset.
And now it's in the news today, in the British press, they're saying arrest him.
And the British government says, no, we're not going to touch our little sweetie pie.
He did such a good job with the provocateurs in the second round of gun bombings.
Of course, the first round was innocent individuals getting on trains and the government detonating those explosives and killing them.
And we have a London Guardian reporter, by the way, on tape talking about that as well.
Not just the eyewitnesses.
Folks, there is a lot of news coming up today.
I'll tell you all about it on the other side of this quick break as we expose the entrenched parasitic infection, the disease that is the New World Order cancer that is metastasizing.
But you, my friends, are the cure.
You're the white blood cells attacking the disease.
Rallying the system, immune system against it.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, my friends, it is Tuesday, the ninth day of August, 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here for the next two hours and 51 minutes.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout the broadcast today on any issue, any news item, any topic, any question, any comment.
You disagree with me, you agree.
Well, the web is a weapon.
All over the world, there are calls to regulate and control and tax the Internet because Al-Ci-Ada, I mean Al-Qaeda, I mean Al-Mi6-Ada, is using it to spread hatred.
Yes, spread hatred.
And so we've got to restrict it, we've got to regulate it, we've got to tax it.
We'll be getting into that.
This Washington Post article and a little propaganda video report.
They're now doing those little video reports because they're losing all credibility and viewership of their website.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq airing the insurgency.
The web is a weapon.
Zarqawi intertwines acts on the ground in Iraq with propaganda campaign on the internet.
Of course, it's not even al-Zawahiri.
Everything, anyone who fights back against the occupation is called Al-Qaeda.
Now, that's the same deception, just said a little bit differently than saying Saddam was behind 9-11.
Now, admittedly, a complete fraud.
We knew day one it was a fraud.
Our own government said it was a fraud.
That is, the analysts would not lie and say it was true.
But Bush has said, oh, my analysts say so, when they didn't say so.
Everybody knows that's not true.
But see, now, anytime somebody fights back against seeing their mothers or daughters or brothers or sisters being drug off to a torture camp, admitted torture camps where they rape and kill, it's part of the new freedom.
And don't worry, they do it in our prisons here in America, too.
It's all part of the freedom.
Anytime anybody fights back, oh, they were under Al-Qaeda's command.
Oh, yes, the Shiites really work with Al-Qaeda.
Oh, sure they do.
I mean, it's just, it's mindless.
It's unbelievable.
It's not true.
And there are squads of CIA reports and defense intelligence reports that come out, but are in the back of the paper saying, no, this is not Al-Qaeda.
There is no Al-Qaeda in the country.
Other than the U.S.
military bases, which is Al-Qaeda.
I mean, our government is Al-Qaeda.
I mean, we've got members of parliament saying it, German defense ministers saying it, all the evidence.
Al-Qaeda is the name of a CIA file of Mujahideen under CIA control.
And they used them against Gaddafi, they used them against the Serbs, they used them all over the planet.
You understand it's part of the record.
Again, everything is hidden in plain view.
Al-Qaeda is admittedly U.S.
and British intelligence.
The latest bomber leader over in England, admittedly MI6.
News out today, mainstream British papers, they're saying arrest him.
They're saying, no, we're not going to touch him.
The first World Trade Center bombing.
FBI hires one of these guys, cooks the bomb, trains the driver.
He thinks it's part of a sting op.
He comes to them and says, let's bust them.
They say no.
The bombing goes forward.
Public record.
Chicago Tribune.
New York Times.
CBS News.
But it went in the memory hole every single time.
April 19th.
The Iraqis.
A truck bomb goes off, and then inside, a series of explosives detonate.
The building's blown out across the street.
People are blown out into the street.
BATF shows up in 20 seconds.
Police go, why are you in full bomb gear?
They said, oh, we got told not to come into work today.
None of them in the building.
And then they watch the surveillance cameras before they get seized under national security.
There are these Iraqis with McVeigh milling around.
And it turns out, we know the Iraqis' names.
They got picked up by police.
Clinton ordered them released.
And they were brought in in 1992 by George Herbert Walker Bush.
3,000 of them.
Another 1,000 to 1,200 were brought in by Bill Clinton in 1993.
They were trained in the 1980s.
They are double agents of the U.S.
government back when Saddam was our ally.
And they're all over this country waiting right now with explosives.
They'll blow every, they'll be explosives go off in every major city, total pandemonium.
The minute the New World Order pushes a button, they will activate thousands, at least 4,000 Iraqi terrorists.
And it's the perfect cover, folks.
Why, it's them Arabs doing it.
And I've got the Washington Post.
I've got the LA Times admitting the people were brought into the country by the U.S.
government and were protected.
And state police and local police and FBI knew who they were and tried to bust them and tried to stop them and they were told not to.
Meanwhile, there were German intelligence operatives swarming around at the same time trying to connect it in to white supremacists in this country, trying to make those connections.
There are so many examples of this.
Los Zetas.
Oh, all the big Texas newspapers admit it.
Trained by the U.S.
government, but just went rogue in the last year.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of special forces troops trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, in torture and espionage.
Why, they've just all of a sudden gone rogue!
But they're only killing the smaller cartels and drug dealers that aren't paying in to the mob bosses' bank accounts, who aren't CIA-approved.
We have this from multiple DEA agents, retired DEA agents, state police.
We know the camps in South Texas where the CIA is training not just Los Zetas, but now even larger cadres of paramilitary forces.
And do you know why?
Because the price of cocaine and heroin has gone down to almost nothing.
It's flooding in.
And the monopoly men, the company men, don't like it.
And so there's car bombs going off in Dallas.
There's machine gunning deaths every day in this state.
There's been hundreds of murders.
It's going all over the Southwest, but it's the worst here.
And you think I'm joking, folks?
You think I'm playing games about this?
Here's the BBC.
reopens Mexico border mission.
Our government only closes embassies when bombs go off.
I mean, they don't close embassies in Israel.
They don't close them in the Balkans.
They don't close them in Macedonia in the middle of civil war, folks.
They don't close them in Chechnya.
But they close them here.
Hundreds of deaths.
Hundreds of people kidnapped.
American citizens.
Machine gunning murder.
I had a friend who just took a business trip
Down to Mexico with a big tour of Central Texans.
They had state police and armored vehicles protecting them all the way down into Central Mexico.
It's total civil war, and our government's carrying it out.
reopens Mexico border mission.
Why aren't you hearing about this, folks?
The United States has reopened its consulate in Mexico's northern border town of Nuevo Laredo.
But there's still a travel advisory, the most high level of threat that the State Department issues.
It had been shut following a shootout between drug gangs involving rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns.
Oh, you didn't hear about that!
Folks, we have multiple car bombs in Dallas and in South Texas.
We have cars blowing up!
Do you understand?
We have CIA guerrillas literally taking over, slaughtering!
Do you understand, folks?
Oh, but see, imagine if Arabs had kidnapped hundreds of Americans.
Oh, hundreds.
Imagine if Arabs or if Muslims were blowing up cars in Dallas.
Big D. Imagine if they had killed, what is it in the last month and a half?
Five cops on our side.
Eighteen cops on their side.
That was a couple weeks ago, just in the last month.
I haven't done all the numbers.
I mean, it is.
It's on local news.
People are crying.
They're freaking out.
There's literally no business.
These are big cities.
Huge tourist towns where literally thousands of people a day, tens of thousands, packed huge hotels on the U.S.
side and would go across and buy goods and sombreros and little glass figurines and chess sets and whiskey and, you know, saddles and clothes.
It's nice down there.
No one's there, literally.
I've got the newscast.
We've aired it on my local TV show.
There's no one there.
TV newscast.
The locals are moving out, and now it's all over the state, and eight towns fly the Mexican flag, and no English is allowed.
And it's in the San Antonio Express News.
Can you imagine if Arabs had taken over eight towns, and no English was allowed, and the flag of Iran was flying?
But see, this is being run by our government.
It's like they built up the insurgency in Albania to break up the Southwest.
I'm not kidding.
You think it's bad now?
Wait in five years.
And the government has, conservatively.
Upwards of a thousand Los Zetas murdering special forces commandos, killing cops, killing DEA, killing FBI, killing Forest Service, killing sheriff's deputies, blowing up cars, rocket-propelled grenades, machine gunning, absolute, total bedlam!
Oh, here's another one.
Illegal aliens reportedly voted.
AP, Salt Lake City.
Oh, the illegal aliens are all voting, but that's okay.
And here's another one out of Reuters.
Oh, yeah, illegal aliens of government smiling on them and seems to be giving them preferential treatment for home loans, even though they're felons.
Oh, and 24% of the trips in Iraq are Mexicans, who aren't even legal.
But that's all.
Are you starting to get the picture?
This is like King George III landing his...
Tens of thousands of German troops.
That's all this is.
History repeats itself.
I don't have words to describe.
But see, because they haven't told you it's a big deal, nobody even knows about it.
Nobody even knows about it.
It's just a few old news articles here and there, and well, we really don't talk about that.
You know, just closing the consulate.
Closing the mission.
It's so dangerous.
You know, we've got consulates.
I mean, they closed the consulates in Tanzania and a few other African countries for a few months.
When Al-Syeda blew up the buildings.
I mean, that's how bad it is down here.
But Bush wants total amnesty.
We'll be right back.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
To talk about mortar attacks, machine guns, hundreds dead, dead U.S.
cops, dead Mexican cops, all of this going on.
And this is all over the lucrative $200 billion narcotics market alone each year in the U.S.
Actually, $250 billion, if you want to be accurate.
And this is one of the major sites where it's coming in.
And look, I have it from the inside sources.
I have it from the eyewitnesses.
I have it from every angle that these are CIA-controlled gangs, special forces trained by our government, that's publicly admitted, that are out murdering en masse, taking over.
And it's just like we've caught the FBI all over the country running murder for hire and running the gambling and the prostitution.
It's the same thing, folks.
They're going to use Mexican commando gangs to do all of this.
And there's no interdiction against them.
They're just being left alone.
And then the public gets upset about it.
They'll go bust some little low-level Mexican mafia fat-bellied nobody and go, see, he was one of the people.
And that'll just be one of the little minions who was fighting against the U.S.
Obviously a scumbag, but nothing compared to the larger scumbags.
And again, I know you can't get your minds around this.
Our government is so criminal, folks, that it hired the former death squad commanders from the 1980s and has them by the thousands in Iraq right now.
That's mainstream news.
In Latin America and in Europe, never hear about it here.
Same thing.
They've just taken these people, just like they trained Iraqis at School of the Americas.
I know School of America is predominantly Latin America, but they have other divisions at Fort Benning, Georgia, and other U.S.
They train Iraqis in similar cadres.
And just like they use them to bomb us.
And it's the same story over and over and over again.
That's why the New World Order is in control.
That's why we're the center of the empire.
Because the elite we have are the most cunning, the most ruthless, the most powerful.
You just get an average mainstream book about the history of the CIA.
Even when they were the OSS in World War II, you'll find who they worked with were criminals.
Because they had contacts with corrupt cops.
They knew the lay of the land.
They were ruthless.
They understood covert operations.
They understood conspiracy.
And it's the same thing today.
And they're going to use them against U.S.
They're going to break up this country.
citizens, folks.
They're going to have it become a immunized system, part of Agenda 21 and the free trade area of the Americas.
And they're going to break off Texas and New Mexico and Arizona and Nevada and California.
And it's going to happen, folks, unless we stop it.
And while all these poor, foolish Mexicans get all proud of themselves and who we've defeated in America and we've taken over, just remember, Washington, D.C.
is running the entire operation.
It's to bring down this country.
They're masters of it.
Just like they used the Albanians to steal Kosovo from the Serbs.
And again, commanding that operation was Osama bin Laden.
The Senate's own report.
They even admit it on Fox News.
They're proud of it.
It's so sick.
And here I am.
I've spent 30 minutes roughly now, I guess about 25 of that being airtime, talking about just government-sponsored terror and how they muscle and how they control.
You can boil it down to just good old-fashioned mafia.
You can boil it down to just good old-fashioned strongmen pushing us around.
And the telltale sign is they got you pulling your hair out and begging to give up all your rights because 55 people died in England.
That was a government operation.
You have trouble believing that?
Do you know how ruthless these globalists are?
Think of all the stuff they've been caught doing.
Life means nothing to them.
Only their lives matter.
They revel in being ruthless.
But you look at how we got hundreds dead on the Texas side, hundreds dead on the Mexican side, cops being killed every month, multiple police officers, and man, do they keep it quiet.
Don't you think Fox News and CBS and NBC and ABC and CNN would love a story of rocket-propelled grenades and explosives and death and car bombs and U.S.
citizens being kidnapped?
These stories are so big, they'll give a 20-second footnote.
Hundreds have been kidnapped, being held in a building.
At least 15 of them were U.S.
Some were killed.
Commandos raided the base.
Los Zetas killed more police officers today.
But you'd think it'd be a hysteria crisis on the border.
Things have fallen into total bloodlust and anarchy on the Texas border.
Tonight on Fox, the report from the war zone.
But no, no, no, no!
They don't want you to know!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Soon, the mark of the beast will be enforced.
Those that receive it will receive the wrath of God.
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Coming up in the next hour, 9-1-1 commissioner confronted on ISI Adelaide how the CIA's own head of Pakistani intelligence, admitted to be CIA, was funding the supposed lead hijackers.
And again, they were just decoys, part of the drill.
And the 9-1-1 Commission is still traveling across the country, propagandizing their official story, and this is just one of the hundreds of points they didn't even mention in their report, funding of terrorists, and said it didn't matter.
And then a 9-1-1 activist gets up, who's very well known, and says, you know, Kyle Hentz of 9-1-1 Citizens Watch gets up and says, well, what about the funding of this guy?
And the head of the 9-11 Whitewash Commission gets very upset.
I mean, you've got to watch the video on prisonplanet.com.
We also have this Washington Post video propaganda piece where anybody who makes a video about the insurgency is controlled by Al-Qaeda and just a lot of lies and propaganda in it.
I want to go over it.
Here's another one.
Scotland Yard not interested in talking to 7-7 bomb mastermind.
You know, they admit that this particular individual is the, quote, mastermind of the dud bombings, that he's MI6 and being protected, and now, openly, it's in the Times of London and a bunch of other publications.
What we've got posted is a news roundup of one, two, three, four.
Four mainstream news articles about how MI6 says we're not touching him, we don't want him, leave him alone.
So when folks find out that it's MI6 bombing, I mean, this is their cot red-handed.
Just shut up.
Don't worry about it.
We'll put out a bunch of reports about how we got warnings that Al-Qaeda was going to hit us.
I mean, it's just, well, yeah, I bet you did get warnings.
I have a feeling that a bank's going to be robbed because I'm going to rob the bank.
You know, it's like the bank robber saying that.
Oh, and you've got all this insider trading against the pound leading back to the British and U.S.
I mean, it's always the same.
It's just so overt.
Here's another one.
Ex-Prime Minister says, Dutch let Pakistani nuclear scientists go at CIA's request.
Order out of chaos and let the guy go.
And Globetrot around the world, arming our enemies so then they have a pretext to invade.
Well, absolutely.
Got that out of AFP, French News Agency.
Sydney Morning Herald.
Genetic contamination spreads into GM-free Australia, taking over the biosphere, which is the plan.
Officials test radio tags at Canada border.
If you're an illegal alien, no problem, you just pour across.
But people who are visiting and try to go through the system, you will be fitted with a tag.
See, it's happening.
Associated Press, Halliburton secretly doing business with key member of Iran's nuclear team.
And by the way, it's always the same.
Saddam wasn't allowed to buy oil-filled equipment under sanctioned rules from anybody but the U.S.
Isn't that cute?
And guess who got all the contracts?
Almost all of them.
Halliburton and Dick Cheney.
Right up until a month before the new war in 2003, they have the contracts.
And now they've got them again.
Well, same thing with Iran, helping them with all the goodies.
The globalists have got to... It's like one of the top board members of...
ABB, the Swiss company, being Donald Rumsfeld, with the nuclear transfers in North Korea in 96.
And then neocons shrieked in hatred when Bill Clinton allowed the transfer.
He was just doing it at the behest of Donald Rumsfeld.
They see they all work together.
XPOW Jessica Lynch says U.S.
used her as Iraq war symbol.
Oh, really?
Bin Laden to enter Iraq during Ramadan, says Iranian report.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
When is it going to end?
I mean, that's why I'm frustrated.
I just spent 20 minutes on civil war, folks, orchestrated and run by our government against any drug dealer or any cop or anybody that doesn't go along with them to get prices back up.
And this is what it's like to live in Mexico.
It's why our government loves Mexico so much.
It's more Dito, it's kickbacks, it's total control.
And this is how it'll work.
You'll have a Mexican hit team in your town, whether it's Omaha, Nebraska, or Rochester, New York, and the government hits one button and a Mexican drug gang comes and kills you, and there's plausible deniability for the government.
I mean, this is going to be our masters, folks.
Our masters will be Mexican Hessians.
Again, the Germans were our masters in two separate invasions.
And it's the same old MO.
Foreign troops.
You want foreign troops?
25% of the Marine Corps, 24% of the Army on the ground are illegal aliens from Latin America.
I mean, I just can't get away from this.
It's almost like I haven't focused on how bad it is because the media has been ignoring it.
Can you imagine how big a story it would be if Arabs were blowing things up, kidnapping people, and murdering hundreds?
Killing cops.
It would be, we've got to have checkpoints on every highway.
We've got to confiscate all your guns.
We've got to have checkpoints in all the malls.
Because, you know, Al-Qaeda is going to get you.
But because that doesn't exist...
Outside government operations, because they want the border to stay wide open, because they're getting rid of the border under CAFTA that just passed, and now to the free trade area of the Americas they're pushing.
Final draft is out.
Openly calls for a Pan-American Union.
End of this country.
I have the subsections here in front of me.
Because of that, it's just out of sight, out of mind.
I mean, even cops in Texas aren't worried about it, even though they're getting killed.
And we're getting citizens who are being killed in Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville, Laredo, Dallas, Houston, El Paso.
It's horrible!
And these people do whatever they want, whenever they want, because they're certified government killers.
Now, if you're a Mexican drug gang that didn't pay in their cut, or you're one of these other groups, you're dead meat.
They're being killed left and right.
But stuff isn't going to settle down when the government hits squads.
The U.S.
government death squads.
The Los Vecas death squads.
They're not going to be done there.
They've got to expand their enforcing.
There's now Mexican death squads killing people up in Indiana.
Killing people in New York City and L.A.
In Oregon.
In Portland.
And it's simple.
The globalists deal with the cartel leaders.
They give the orders.
Our government supplies the special forces trained...
And now they're not even training them up in Georgia and Alabama at these bases.
Now they're training them in South Texas.
I'm thinking about going down there and trying to cover it.
I know it's really asking for it, but who cares?
You know, I've always been asking for it.
If you're going to do this stuff, you've got to go 110%.
I have an idea forming in my mind.
I've been having it.
I'm really excited today.
Thinking about what we need to do next.
Between trying to produce three films right now and do all these interviews and battle the New World Order.
But I don't care.
You only live once and the flame that burns at both ends burns twice as bright.
I just wish I had the time to do the proper job on all this.
It's just so insane.
To really be conscious and know what's going on.
Why don't you call the Statesman up?
Why don't you call the Houston Chronicle up?
Why don't you call them up and go, I mean, they've got a few reports, but why aren't you doing more on this?
Of course, I guess that's why my website, one of my websites is bigger than the Statesman now.
We have all those statistics up on the website.
Bigger than the Statesman.
A hundred and something year old newspaper.
And if you go to the major rating services like Alexa.com and others, one of my websites is bigger than Statesman.com.
One of them.
And what do we have on Prison Planet?
Two contributors.
Myself and Paul Watson.
Occasionally his brother, but he runs InfoWars.net.
That's myself and my wife and Ryan Slickheisen running InfoWars.com.
Posting news, analysis, bills.
And I sit there for like three hours every morning just barking orders.
Post this!
Say that!
Put that headline on this article!
Get this out!
You know, it's just like I'm literally on the front lines, just sitting there shouting orders into a radio.
Intensify firepower!
You know, it's just literally an info war.
I've got to go on a plane and go here.
I've got to do this.
Look at that!
We're under attack!
Mortar attacks going on in the south part of the state.
I want to go to the eight towns flying the Mexican flag.
No English allowed in court.
My God, people need to see video of this.
Why don't you get out of here, white boy?
This isn't your place anymore.
As you watch the U.S.
trained troops marching around.
How are we even supposed to deal with all of this news?
It's just the stacks of it.
It's insane.
Oh, God.
I mean, really, folks.
It's out of control.
It's just out of control.
But that's why we're bigger than the statesmen.
That's why we're bigger than the vast majority of major newspapers.
I mean, if you calculate the size of my four big sites together, which they have functions you can do at Alexa.com, we're bigger than the Dallas Morning News, folks.
The difference is that the Dallas Morning News has its big official name and all of its history behind it.
And so that thing can have 500 employees or plus and make tens of hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
I mean, one of the biggest news, the sixth largest paper in the country.
And here we are, can barely pay our bandwidth bills.
See, it's all about the illusion of officialdom.
We really are the patriot movement, the truth movement.
We've already won.
People know stuff's wrong.
There are hundreds of sites that are alternative, that are bigger than mine.
The alternative media has taken over, but we still don't know that we are the force, that we have the power, that we are a greater force than them.
We still have... It's like we've won ten Super Bowls in a row, and we don't know we're the champions.
I mean, four people working on a website for... I mean, I've had websites now for, what, seven, eight years?
Bigger than the Dallas Morning News.
No brag, just fact.
It's very humbling.
It freaks me out.
You can just take one of my sites, and it's bigger than the Statesman.
Now understand, most of their traffic is for movies and editorials, you know, to read the editorials or to read the funny papers or to look at photos or to see what bar to go to or to read restaurant reviews or the classifieds.
Our site is news.
People are coming there for one reason.
And you know what?
The globalists can try to pull the plug on the whole web.
The truth's already out there.
The people already know.
The websites are already backed up in cash.
There's hundreds of sites as big as mine or bigger doing the same thing.
We're taking over the internet.
They could blow my head off this afternoon and it would just empower us.
It would just intensify.
More sites would pop up.
I mean, there are websites a year old that are bigger than mine.
That are telling the truth about the New World Order.
They're just exploding.
I love it.
And we get smarter and smarter.
It's like the Internet is hooked into the human mind and the human intellect and we all combine our information there.
A lot of it's garbage and a lot of it's, for lack of a better word, crap.
But that's like the human body.
What's in your intestines?
What's on your skin?
I mean, it's literally like a huge, huge organism.
A giant organism.
And we get smarter.
We analyze lies.
We analyze propaganda.
We analyze who the provocateurs are.
We analyze who the disinfo artists are.
They're instantly revealed.
They're instantly exposed.
They're instantly discredited.
And the globalists plan to use the net as this control grid, and they still do, but they're panicking, folks.
It backfired on them.
I'm not taking calls right now.
I've got a lot of news I want to cover.
I'm frustrated about not getting out all my ideas, not talking about all the serious issues, not getting it covered.
We're going to take your calls.
I know we've got people holding.
We'll get to you in the middle of the next hour, 45 minutes from now, 42 minutes from now to be accurate, to be precise.
It's just that I haven't even gotten into the stacks.
I mean, I've covered about 10 articles, and I haven't even gotten started yet, and I've got all these audio clips I want to play.
But we're talking about survival of the species, as I said yesterday.
I mean, we've got a criminal elite that's gotten away with so much that just gets more and more bold, more and more out of control, more and more evil, more and more self-centered, more and more decadent, more and more sadistic, more and more sick, and they're just out of control.
They're making a move right now in the U.S., folks.
They've got already 20-something percent of our military is firing illegal alien, and they've got special forces trained illegal aliens running all over, killing people.
I mean, everybody knows our government deals the drugs.
Everybody knows that the private companies that own the private prisons are the big drug cartels.
So when your dumb kid uses the drugs, they put them in the very prison owned by the drug dealers.
But everybody knows the drug prices are way down right now, and the globalists don't like it, so they've turned loose huge killer squads all over the place, and I'm sick of it!
I mean, that is so overt right there, just of how criminal our government is.
They're gangsters!
They're just good old-fashioned gangsters trying to push us around, trying to tell us that they're going to forcibly psychologically test our children, and they're going to put them on drugs.
Trying to tell us that...
We're going to take RFID chips and all our driver's licenses, and we're going to have cameras in our neighborhoods and microphones, and we're going to have checkpoints.
They're saying today they want to put checkpoints in the malls, but the border's wide open.
I mean, give me a break.
It's like a science fiction horror movie.
It's like The Island or something.
It's like THX 1138, Brave New World, Gattaca, 1984.
I mean, they're really doing it.
Stop it, folks!
Look, stuff is so crazy that the normal response to this is to run around on the street screaming.
It is!
I mean, if a huge meteorite plunged into the city next door to you and shot up red fire, you know, 3,000 feet in the air and killed 100,000 people, wouldn't you run out in the street and freak out and pay attention to it?
Wouldn't it be a big deal to you?
Oh, I mean, we've got 50 million abortions in this country.
That's a lot bigger than a meteorite hitting us.
We've got cancer viruses in the vaccines.
We've got sodium and stannous fluoride in the water.
We've got mercury in the vaccines.
We've got genetically engineered crops taking over the biosphere and super weeds and plants losing their capacity to reproduce and plankton dying in mass and real crises.
All this huge stuff going on.
Meanwhile, the government's got you running around, freaking out, the cops watching everybody, because 55 people got blown up.
And the government did it.
But we're not supposed to worry about over a thousand Mexican troops all over the U.S.
slaughtering people, rocket-propelled grenades, car bombs going off in Dallas.
I mean, you understand how big this is?
There's your proof right there.
You don't even know about that.
Probably in Kansas City, do you?
You don't even know about it up in New York.
Most Texans don't even care.
Yeah, I heard they're kidnapping people.
I heard the buildings are burning and there's tanks driving around.
But so what?
Oh, I did see in the paper the U.S.
government trained them.
But Al Qaeda's going to get me.
I better drug my kid with Prozac or Al Qaeda's going to get me.
Heaven help us.
I mean...
I mean, just let it burn into your brain, folks.
This is serious.
This is hardcore.
Just because the TV every night, you know, your sitcom's on, doesn't mean the real world isn't going on around you.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We got the clip where Lee Hamilton, one of the 9-11 cover-up artists, gets confronted with the facts of our government running the attacks.
I mean, one of the big smoking guns.
And then we have also a clip where the London Guardian reporter calling in to a TV report via phone talking about a clear bomb under the carriage of the train.
And I want to go over a 1984 article that Steve Watson wrote, also an article that Paul and I put together, about the alternative media exploding in size and strength.
And another article, kind of the roundup of the 7-7 bombings and the proof of government complicity.
These are important pieces of research and analysis that I haven't even really gotten into.
So I do want to read those later in the next hour.
There's just so much.
Just think about the criminality of our government, all the crooked things they're doing, and then just how naive and stupid the general public is, just going about their business, living their lives, and meanwhile this evil grid, evil abusive criminals that want to have their way with you.
We're building a prison around you and their own reports and their own plans and their own white papers say they're going to abuse you and take your pension funds and rob you and take your children and draft them for part of a global government and take our sovereignty and put foreigners over us as our oppressors.
I'm sick of it, man!
This is America!
We're too good!
We've got to face this threat!
We've got to deal with it.
Oh man.
I'll get into the government's protecting the terrorists when we get back.
Then what's happening with oil prices.
And terror fears drive oil prices to the new high.
Closed 65 plus dollars a barrel yesterday.
And they're talking about doubling that.
And oil for food inquiry claims
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then the liberals point that out, the conservatives point out what the UN's doing, as if the two cancel each other out.
No, it shows we've got a bunch of criminals running things.
I mean, I'm not in business with Iran.
If I was, I'd be in jail, folks.
But dictating gets to be.
I mean, it doesn't get any crazier.
And that's the Financial Times of London, by the way, that I was just reading.
I mean, it just never stops.
It never ceases to amaze.
The criminality!
But you associate your personal power with Cheney, and, well, he's a good conservative.
No, he's not!
He's a crime lord!
Man, it's like idiot New Yorkers I've seen in documentaries who like John Gotti.
Oh, he would buy pizza for us once a year, and he would help us out when we had troubles.
You know, I love slaves that love their masters.
You make me sick.
You really are house slaves.
You're house slaves.
America has gone from the most free and independent, most intelligent, and the most vicious, and the most aggressive, and the most cunning, and the most creative.
I mean, our rock stars 50, 100 years ago were inventors.
And we made all the inventions and we were... And now our rock stars are gibbering idiots with their pants hanging down around their ankles.
Our role models for our daughters are whores.
Of course, young women don't know that when they end up living like that, they end up unhappy.
With a bunch of kids on welfare hopped up on Ritalin.
They're selling you death.
They know you're like a computer and they're feeding you viruses.
Well, I'm angry about it
And I'm just a primitive human that wants freedom.
What do you want?
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Well, I'm just getting started.
You know, I've never felt better about the fight against the New World Order.
I've never felt more empowered.
I've never felt more humble.
I've never felt more thankful.
I am so thankful to God that he woke me up, that I had life experiences that enabled me to understand geopolitical systems.
Not that it's that hard, it's in your face.
That I had good parents that taught me the basics of history.
That I was born the time I was born.
That I live where I live.
All the things that happened.
I'm just thankful that all the stupid things I've done, that God protected me and kept me from going off the edge so many times.
I don't even know why I'm saying this.
I'm just thankful.
The sacrifices that lay before me are a small price to pay.
For liberty and dignity and beauty and a future for our children.
And when I say our children, I mean the species.
The beauty of the species.
What God has got in store for mankind.
The creations we're going to build.
Oh, man.
The things we're going to do.
Oh, man, it feels good.
We're going to defeat these inbred bastards.
We're going to bring them down.
We're going to win.
I know we're going to win.
I believe in the promise.
I know the promise.
I've seen it.
I've experienced it.
I know it.
And I've got a vision.
I hope to share the vision with you if I can only articulate it.
And I know you share that vision and you don't even have to be told, do you?
You know...
You know, in your guts, the truth.
And in all the horror, for every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
And the NWO is going down.
It's destined to be defeated.
It's destined to be destroyed.
There's going to be a lot of pain in the process.
We face a lot.
We face great obstacles.
We face incredible hurdles.
But the pleasure of hiking up that mountain
The euphoria when you reach the top and then it's so easy to walk back down again and then to climb another mountain.
We as a species have come so far but all of our accomplishments will be dwarfed by those that come in the next few hundred years.
Will we let those accomplishments be hijacked by the abusive, by the greedy, by the envious, by the hateful, by the small-minded, by those that have a lack of vision
Will we wrest control of the evolution of mankind from the overlords, the parasites of the New World Order?
Or will we be totally enslaved?
And will we go into a dark ages of dehumanization?
And I don't want to get into a debate about evolution.
Please don't.
All of the terms you've been fed and the
Systems and the words we use are false.
By evolution, I mean the evolution of the airplane from the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk a hundred years ago, a hundred and one years ago, a hundred and two years ago, to the Black Manta Aurora Spaceplane Project Mach 15, Tokyo in 45 minutes from New York.
That's the type of evolution I mean.
The evolution of the first seafarers six plus thousand years ago sailing through the Mediterranean to today submarines down 2,000 feet.
That's what I mean by evolution.
The evolution.
The development.
That we see before us.
We don't want a bunch of stunted, inbred trash to control this.
We must start the wavelength.
We must start the transmission.
We must start the resistance, the renaissance.
Defend the species!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
Attacks with society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Be part of history.
We're at the crossroads.
We're going to the stars.
We're literally going into a new dark age of dehumanization, genetic engineering, and total enslavement.
Very ruthless people, criminals, with top scientists and decades of planning, are in control.
They are very evil.
They enjoy manipulating.
They enjoy enslaving.
They're on very serious power trips.
They're control freaks.
They're very unhappy.
They're doing very bad things to you through the food and water supply.
And the air.
They're doing very bad things through television and the media to your young, turning them against you to make them slaves of the state, to destroy the family.
Mainstream textbooks at major universities, like the Calhoun Reader for Social Workers, call the family a disease.
You that say that are the disease!
And we will rout you out!
So we're talking about an attack against our wholesomeness, an attack against our beauty, an attack against what we are as a species.
Because what we are as a species doesn't fit into the New World Order's plans.
What we are as a species is intelligent and quick-witted and creative and dynamic and energetic.
We're made in the image of God, and that makes the controllers mad because they think they're God, and they're threatened by anybody who's got any type of creativity.
They're hurting us.
They're hurting the species.
They're hurting what the human condition is.
They're doing very bad things to us.
They're making us weak on purpose when our entire history has only made us strong.
But they're messing with something that God created, that God forged, that God designed.
The genetic engineers thought they could control the DNA proteins, and they found out they knew nothing.
They found out it was a billion times a billion more complex than they thought.
It doesn't stop the psychopaths from randomly recombining different species and releasing it openly.
Into the fields and into the jungles and into the mountains.
Now mutations are popping up everywhere.
It's causing major health problems all over the world.
It's just like they give everybody cell phones.
When all the studies show it, it burns out your eyes, burns out your brain, heats your brain up at least two degrees in a ten minute phone call, causing massive brain tumors, brain tumors, exploding.
In the populations and still... I talked about this yesterday and last night I heard part of the rebroadcast.
It was lame what I was saying.
It wasn't effective.
I mean, how do I say this to you?
How do I... Literally in the last week, government studies out of Switzerland and out of France and out of England and industry's own studies, they did studies with mice and they did studies with dogs.
And you, for an hour a day, put a cell phone on the side of the head of a mouse, or you sit there and strap them to a dog or a cat, and man, they go blind.
I mean, they're going blind.
I mean, it's burning out the eye tissue.
There's no discussion.
It's a microwave!
And there I was yesterday.
My dad was over at the house, helping me with some tax stuff.
There's my daddy, just so used to using his cell phone.
He's smart.
Because the phone was too far to reach when he was at the computer, kind of out of the way.
So he just opened his cell phone.
There was my daddy, not using a handheld, not using a wireless system hooked up to it.
There I was using my cell phone, being lazy, not using my wireless system.
I mean, I can't pull out of it.
For everything I know, there's so many things.
We can't drink the water.
We can't put the cell phones to our heads.
But we're a social creature, a social animal.
What we see other members of the pack, of the troop, of the pod doing, we do.
We do.
The troop, the pride, the pack, the group.
The mammals.
We see everybody doing it.
So our instincts tell us if I see the troop eating those berries, they must be good.
That's how we're programmed.
Well, if I see the troop, the pack, the pride, using that device, it must be safe.
It's not.
It's poison.
I mean, I have trouble.
Oh, incidentally, a correction.
He doesn't want me to correct it, but I'm going to correct it.
My dad last night goes, you're going to say stuff.
Get it straight.
And I didn't write notes, so I forget.
There's some famous conservative in Texas who was anti-communist.
He was at Baylor.
And he was John Birch, but he was also like the president of Baylor or something like that.
I forget.
I didn't even go to Baylor.
But he was like part of some smart student thing.
And so he gave speeches around the state at universities when he was in high school.
He got out of it by the time he was in college.
Anti-communist speeches and did address, I think, the John Birch Society.
He was not part of the John Birch Society.
He told me about that ten years ago.
I don't know.
Somebody called in and said, Alex, you're a member of the John Birch Society.
And I said, no, I'm not.
But I said, I think my dad was.
So, correction.
We've got to stop using the cell phones.
If you're going to use them, do not have it within a foot of your... I mean, if you stick it between your legs, folks, you're going to get what the cops get from the radar guns, which are very similar radiation.
You're going to get testicular cancer.
If you set it up on your lap by your stomach, it's going to give you cancer in your guts.
I mean, it's a microwave, folks.
By the way, have you ever turned your microwave on at your house and you can feel it on your face?
Do this today.
A lot of studies show microwaves aren't safe.
I hardly ever use them.
I still do occasionally when, oh my gosh, it's 2 o'clock.
I haven't eaten yet.
I've got a really bad headache.
I've got to go on the air in 10 minutes.
Throw a TV dinner in there I normally cook in the oven.
I mean, it's part of a process.
It's part of getting our heads out of the TV, getting our heads out of the porno mags, getting our heads out of the bars, getting our heads out of the sports pages, and then getting our heads a little bit into, man, I'm not going to give my five-year-old watered out of the tap.
Why, even the EPA admits it's full of toxins.
Don't I love my child?
Man, I'm not going to let my 12-year-old daughter, who I bought a cell phone for Christmas, I'm going to go out today and I'm going to buy her a wireless.
And I'm going to enforce it on her.
And I'm going to print articles off about how it hurts her.
Because I don't want my daughter going blind.
I mean, don't we love our families enough?
What is wrong with me?
My dad left last night helping with local taxes.
I think it's so bizarre with new tax laws.
I can't even figure it out.
He leaves about 10 o'clock at night, and then I went over and looked at an edit my editor's doing for prisonplanet.tv of all these interviews I did in England to put up.
They're on the website for you tomorrow.
And I then was driving home listening to a rebroadcast from a local FM affiliate, and I just listened to my lame dissertation on cell phones.
There's no way to describe how evil it is.
I mean, they know what it does.
It's much worse than smoking cigarettes, folks.
But again, they decide to not tell you about it.
They decide to not warn you.
It's just like mercury in the vaccines.
I mean, it's damaged millions.
We have the internal documents from the CDC in 2000 where the head of the CDC and his top scientists and doctors are in a roundtable group
24 of them in there.
And, I mean, it's all recorded.
May I please have some coffee, Beth?
Thank you, Beth.
I ought to get a transcript of that and do a book on tape just of that interview.
Just of excerpts of that five-hour meeting.
Listen, this is brain damage millions.
We've got to cover this up.
And to cover it up, we've got to continue doing it.
Just, I know this, I'm telling my son, don't give shots to my granddaughter.
All right, meeting adjourned.
Thank you.
We've got to keep this quiet.
And they just go back to their houses, go back to their golf games, go back to whatever they're doing, knowing it's going to happen.
And that's just the people at the CDC who weren't the companies, who were the really evil ones, who were the actual masterminds, who know what it does and actually increased it.
They said, you bastards out there who don't want to take your mercury, increase it from 10 times safe level per shot to 250 times.
I mean, these are cold-blooded, mouthless, social Darwinists who get off on it.
I mean, folks, and I know your programming as a loving, good person who is guilty when you're greedy, who is guilty when the pizza comes and there's one piece left and you grab it and start eating it.
I mean, most of us are pretty good people.
We still are evil and have problems.
But overriding, governing us is the spirit of love and goodness.
We're not of the same ilk, the same stripes, the same world as these controllers.
They don't just not care and are ruthless and sardonic and sadistic.
They enjoy it.
They're much more than sociopaths.
They're psychopaths, and psychopaths do things in a ritualized way.
That's why they never change, which is a major chink in their armor.
They're very predictable.
The problem is you have trouble facing what the predictive evidence shows.
That they're going to kill a whole bunch of us.
That they're gearing up for a mass call that makes the 200 plus mil they killed in the 20th century look like a tea party.
It's just the national anthem, folks.
It's not the game.
The game's about to begin.
And all that matters in my life is that I expend my energy towards warning the species, though many of us will fall in this fight, so that the species will un-wrestle itself with God's help from this hydra, will defeat it so we can go to the next level.
I mean, don't your instincts want to defend the species?
Once you tap into this species, and I know I'm talking a lot about this, once you are willing to love your neighbor as yourself, give your life up for others, I mean, that's really what it is.
That's the species drive.
They take that and pervert that into going to Iraq.
They take that and pervert that into sports, giving your all to get the ball across the court.
It's giving your all to fight evil, folks.
No, no, no.
But they misdirect and shunt your natural power.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Look, your calls are coming up.
I've got a few audio clips I want to play as well coming up in the next segment.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I mean, it's simple.
The global parasites, the controllers, know that if they don't dominate and control the population, they're going to lose control.
They've got to intensify their control.
And they're also just plain evil.
They enjoy what they do.
And to do that, they've got to dumb us down, hurt us, poison us, really turn us into a bunch of gibbering fools.
And it makes me very, very angry.
And the elite is also just doing really dangerous things.
I mean, all their top scientists, I mean, all of them that have gone public.
I mean, we're talking the fathers of major schools of DNA sequencing and genetic engineering.
I mean, top scientists, creme de la creme, have come on this broadcast.
Not to mention all over the foreign press and said, look, you know, these cross-species mergers could give rise to super viruses that could kill entire species.
It's already given rise in the laboratory to deadly super viruses and bacterium.
You're not even doing this in level two security.
You're planting open air, you know, multiple species, five species merged into corn, live AIDS virus, I mean, planted in Texas, growing in the corn.
Every day it's jumping into other species, spreading into trees, spreading into... I mean, they're putting in the ocean, you know, fish that have had other species combined with them.
I mean, and it's so dangerous.
I mean, they have no idea what it's going to do.
They know in every case...
It changes base proteins that didn't even exist before in the species or in that form of life, and that then when you eat it, whether that is plankton eating a small piece of the fish as it decomposes, or whether that's a clam eating that plankton, or whether it's an otter eating that clam, or... I mean, it just...
The things they're doing could really hurt us.
It could cause total calamities.
And it's not a could, it will.
It has.
And then the elite just do it.
They love death.
These people are psychopaths.
Folks, I've got seven articles today where our government is helping arm foreign countries with nuclear weapons and the enabling systems.
I mean, admittedly.
Our government is running around, and then they tell us, brace for nuclear attack, give up all your rights.
These people are out of control.
They're evil.
There's no other way to describe it.
They want to kill, man.
They want to hurt.
They want to destroy.
We're in danger.
I mean, why should I even sit here?
I have 100 articles today.
We've covered about 15 of them.
Why should I even go through these?
I mean, at a certain point, what's to prove anymore?
What's to document anymore?
What's to even discuss?
Everything you've been told is a lie.
It's all a fraud.
Left, right, conservative, liberal, you know, Russia, America, China, America.
It's all run by the same criminals.
Protestant, Catholic.
I mean, it's just all run by the same criminals.
It's just, it's horrible.
The good news is, though, that their own control grid, the Internet, has blown up in their face.
People are standing up.
People are seeing it.
Because we're getting down to the wire, folks.
Their program is going into effect.
And they always knew people would wake up at this point.
Wells, you know, Adolf Hitler, both of them wrote books called The New World Order, and they both said people are going to wake up in the final phases of world government.
They're going to resist, but we'll just have to kill them.
Well, the cops don't have to follow those orders.
And the military, you don't have to follow those orders.
In your guts.
Number one, you've already heard and read and seen not just what I'm saying, but you've experienced it.
You've seen it yourself.
You've actually lived it.
Not just what you read in the paper.
But that's important.
But it's also important what's in your guts.
And listen, if you can't hear the sincerity in my voice, as one human to another, if you don't understand...
That this is real.
And that everything we are as a species, as humankind, that everything that's beautiful and good is under attack.
And if you don't have an instinctive drive in your soul, in your bones, in your guts, in your fiber, in the depths of who you are, in that secret place, you know it's true.
You know I'm not lying to you.
You know I can't even in words tell you how bad it is.
I've searched for words to tell you how bad it is, and I can't describe how beautiful good is.
I can't describe the darkness, and I can't describe the light.
I can't describe it, but you know it, you see it, you feel it, you can't describe it.
The majesty, the depth, the softness, the sweetness, the power, the radiance.
Extreme exhilaration of life and love and just the stenching death of the disease that is the New World Order.
Contrast that!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Chris and Bruce and Phyllis and Johnny and Steve, your calls are...
That's 888-216-2461.
Coming up here in about six minutes, I'm going to play this clip.
It's nine minutes long.
I'll play about half of it.
9-1-1 commissioner confronted by ISI Adelink.
The shamtastic 9-1-1 commission has turned itself into the traveling non-profit 501c3 roadshow with the commissioners funded by the likes of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
And the last highly...
Circumcised exercise and alleged public disclosure tilted foreign policy, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
The commission's vice chair, Lee Hamilton, was questioned by Kyle Hintz of 911 Citizens Watch.
Hintz asked why the transparency...
The transparently fraudulent 9-1-1 commission report failed to mention that alleged lead hijacker Muhammad Atta received $100,000 from Mahmoud Ahmed, head of the Pakistani intelligence service ISI, who just happened to be breakfasting during the 9-11 attacks with the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Representative Porter Goss and Senator Bob Graham.
Second trip in his life to the U.S.
We cover all that in my film, Martial Law.
And when you see the video, I mean, the chairman is freaking out, turning red, really getting upset.
I mean, it's just so obvious.
All appointed by Bush, all in bed with the globalists.
One of the chairmen actually works with the Bin Laden family in the Carlaw Group.
The head staff are involved in all of it.
I mean, it's a total fraud.
And notice how they try to say this isn't connected to the discussions of terrorists being funded out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
That's exactly what the question was.
And then notice how they, quote, give their answers, and it has nothing to do with the question.
It doesn't matter.
The people know the truth.
So here's a clip, and then we'll come back and take your calls.
Okay, we'll have this question, and then we'll conclude with you.
All right, yes.
Thank you very much.
Kyle Hintz with 9-11 Citizens Watch.
We're one of the groups here representing concerned citizens about the 9-11 report.
First off, there's been little attention given to the findings of facts and circumstances presented in the 9-11 report, which is the first mandate.
And I would like to address the first question to the issue of terrorist financing, which crosses over into the issue of Pakistan.
In the report, it says, ultimately, I'm paraphrasing, the issue of terrorist financing of the attacks of 9-11 is of little practical significance.
And this is no more exhibited than best represented in the fact that the commission report completely ignored reports of several wire transfers approved by Lieutenant General Mahmoud Ahmad.
To the lead hijacker, Mohammed Atta.
These were in the days right before the attacks.
This was reported on by Agence France-Presse, ABC News, confirmed by the FBI.
I wonder if we could have your question, please.
The subject matter today is the three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and so forth.
I'm talking about the head of the ISI, with respect.
Let's pose a question to our panelists.
How can we...
How can we take seriously a report that says that it's little practical significance of the financing?
And how can we take seriously a report that ignores entirely a report of a wire transfer to the lead hijacker from the head of the ISI who's subsequently sacked two weeks later after 9-11?
So, please, I wish that the press in this room would look at this issue and I would like to ask the ambassadors up there how they feel about a report
That ignores this issue.
And is this an important issue?
Is there credibility not in a story where Mariana Pearl looks at the laptop of her husband, who has just been murdered, and says that she believes her husband was following the trail of the wire transfer?
And this story is altogether left out of the report.
I think your question is clear.
We'll turn it to the panelists.
They may or may not want to respond.
Thank you very much.
Certainly terrorist financing is an element of a lot of the very directed work that the United States has undertaken, as well as the international community, particularly the European Union.
That's an area in which the United States and the European Commission has worked on very, very aggressively.
It's a difficult one.
It's hard to get out every single wire transfer, but the international community has come together in a way that it had not done before to try to address and stop the terrorist financing that was underway.
Okay, final question here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Victoria Jones, Talk Radio News Service.
Listening to the discussion in the context of pre-9-11... All right, folks.
Well, we'll go ahead and go back on now.
Sounds like we had problems recording that clip there.
But luckily, I was just about to cut it off because the next question wasn't very important.
But you can watch the whole video clip unadulterated...
There at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
But notice what one of the little CIA minions on the Whitewash Commission said.
He talks about this Pakistani intelligence chief who was meeting with the heads of House and Senate intelligence, known CIA front, wiring at least $100,000 to Mohammed Adam, the supposedly hijacker,
And they just go into how the EU and the US are creating a global government to basically regulate everybody's wire transfers.
Oh, we're really trying to stop those evil wire transfers.
No discussion of why didn't the commission talk about the Pakistani ISI funding the supposedly hijacker and how the government protected that individual.
See how they just sidestepped it?
Very deceptively.
Don, let's go ahead and take a call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Tennessee.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, I'm following the story of a woman whose son was killed in Iraq, and she's at Crawford, Texas right now.
Yeah, we had her on yesterday.
Oh, you did?
I wasn't aware of that.
Cindy Sheehan.
Yes, that's her.
The thing that gets me is the way that the numbers have been altered.
They say that there's 1,800 dead, where it's far greater than that.
And if anybody else can support that lady, please do.
I think that our ex-governor of Texas deserves to take time out of his day and speak to this lady.
I mean, he's talked about everybody wants to make ultimate sacrifices.
He's, again, on another full vacation for the month.
And I've got to hand it to the lady.
I'm very proud of her.
I'll listen to your show yesterday from the archives.
But thank you, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Chris.
Yeah, they're talking about arresting her on Thursday with other protesters.
It's out in the middle of nowhere.
They don't let her get within three miles of His Holiness' movie set where the individual who is admittedly afraid of horses... Yes, afraid of horses, but he's a big cowboy.
With his Atlantic accent.
And they're talking about, well, it could be a security threat to have her and the hundreds of demonstrators out there anywhere near the town, anywhere.
And now, we got this report yesterday.
We made some phone calls.
Some press is reporting that, indeed, they're now telling them you've got to move here, you've got to move there.
Well, now you can't be at the park.
Well, now you can't be at the... We're just going to have to arrest you.
We're just, well, you know, this is kind of Al-Qaeda-ish, just to...
This is a free country now, but we can't have you out here protesting on the middle of nowhere on the side of a dirt road.
We just cannot have you doing it.
You understand?
It's evil.
Now, if you were a Mexican along with Zeta's CIA commando killing cops in Texas...
With the U.S.
consulate shutting down and a travel advisory more dangerous than Israel issued by the State Department, there'd be no problem.
If you're an illegal alien and want some free tuition or want to be given preference for a home loan, everything's fine.
But if you're the mother of a dead serviceman who wants to stand three miles away on the side of the road with a sign, we're going to arrest you.
Thank you.
That's freedom.
I mean, after all, folks, protesting is evil.
It aids Al-Qaeda.
Michael Savage has said it many times.
Arrest all protesters, put them in FEMA camps.
And lo and behold, they've built those FEMA camps.
But, yeah, we had her on.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bruce in Colorado.
Go ahead, Bruce.
Alex, you mentioned something about a vision you had that they really can't stand.
Well, here's the structure.
I don't mean a literal vision.
You know, like, I have a vision.
I'm going to start a new car company with cars that have five wheels.
I mean, my vision, you know, a long brainstorm.
No, I understand what you meant.
Alex, it's true that the New World Order cannot stand.
Revelation 13.10 says he, referring to the New World Order, that leadeth into captivity, shall go into captivity.
He, the New World Order, that is, that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.
Here's the patience and the faith of the saints.
And we saints have that patience and that faith.
Daniel 7.25, He, the New World Order, that is, shall speak great words against the Most High, and wear out the saints of the Most High.
But the judgment shall sit, and they, the saints, shall take away the dominion, to consume it, and to destroy it,
I'm to the end.
Now, to the so-called elite, I have this message.
You may kill many of us, but you cannot take over all of God's children because God will not permit it.
Yahweh is the ruler of the universe.
The devil gave you power.
God permitted it because of sin.
But God's people will turn from sin because of that chastisement.
And you are going down.
And that's my message.
Well, amen to that, my friend.
Take care.
No, I mean, we win in the end, folks.
I mean, this is real.
Listen, a lot of you out there are agnostics or atheists.
You don't believe in God.
Well, if I wrote a book about the Dalai Lama, would I be a kook?
Would I be bad because I wrote a book about the Dalai Lama's religious beliefs?
Well, no, that would be okay.
But if I write a book about how our leaders are Luciferian, oh, you're crazy.
The devil doesn't exist.
I've gotten your emails.
I've had you confront me in the street.
Oh, Alex, I like your show, but you talk about the elite being devil worshippers.
That doesn't exist.
Well, whether the devil exists or not, which it does, folks, I've experienced it.
Whether the devil exists or not, our elite believe in it.
What does that say about their psyches?
What does that say about their makeup?
Why is it that most serial killers are into the occult?
Most serial killers believe they have a relationship, the criminology shows, with the devil.
You can say, well, the devil doesn't exist.
Regardless, let's give you that argument, which I say is false, which the proof shows is.
But let's say the devil doesn't exist.
Evil doesn't exist.
This evil force doesn't exist.
Regardless, it manifests in the mind.
This is a signature of people that enjoy biting chunks out of women they've kidnapped.
Who enjoy injecting acid into people's brains.
You know, Jeffrey Dahmer.
Adolf Hitler.
Joseph Mingala.
George Bush.
Why are they into this?
I mean, why?
Why is it always the same?
Why, if you go to Chichen Itza, the Aztec capital...
In southern Mexico, right on the border there, very close to Guatemala, down on the Yucatan Peninsula.
And it's giant horned demons smiling with huge ugly noses over the sacrificial chocmul.
And then you go to Babylon, you see the same demon.
They dig these demons up in China.
It's the same demon.
I mean, what is that?
Why does that reemerge?
Why is that happening?
Folks, I'm telling you, I've snuck into these places.
It's been on ABC News.
It's been on national TV.
Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove.
Others have snuck in now to Skull and Bones.
I mean, our leaders, our president, got on his knees and said, Satan, enter me.
Lucifer, give me power.
I mean, folks, these people aren't playing games.
And I've had national Christian broadcasters attack me as the devil himself for talking about Skull and Bones of Bohemian Grove.
I'm bad because I say Bush is a Luciferian.
He doesn't worship Allah.
He doesn't worship Christ.
He doesn't worship any of that.
He may be at a Buddhist temple one day and a mosque the next and a church the next.
When he gets behind closed doors, folks, he puts on a black hood and he asks Lucifer to give him power
I mean, it's real, folks.
Whether you believe in God or not, they are manifesting.
They are believing it.
And what men believe, we create.
People 300 years ago, 400 years ago, drew flying machines.
Leonardo da Vinci.
But now we have them.
So I do believe in the spiritual.
There are hundreds of dimensions.
There are all sorts of experiences.
There are so many things going on in the universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies that we have photographed.
All the things that are happening.
All the experiences of all cultures.
Now is religion full of scammers and con artists and magic pyramid salesmen?
Does that give it all a bad name?
Yes it does.
Do governments using religion and manipulating it for their own aims give it a bad name?
Yes, it does.
But I'm telling you, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I'll never be ashamed of that.
And it's that simple.
So don't go to church and see that and think, my gosh, I'm not going to be part of this.
That's got a bad feeling.
You run into a real Christian, well, most people are converted.
The problem is there's not many Christians, real Christians.
At least there are baby Christians who haven't really experienced, who haven't really had God pour out His Spirit on you.
And let me tell you, it's real, folks.
And you want the biggest high in the world, you want to know things, you want to...
You want to truly be activated?
We are literally receivers and transmitters.
We are to receive God's Spirit and we are to rebroadcast worship.
We are literally pieces.
We are part of God's creation.
We are part of it all, folks.
We are literally tied in to the Creator.
And God's force, God's Spirit is everywhere.
It is in all things.
And God wants us to take part in that.
And the forces of death!
That's the true name.
Black death, evil, hates beauty and hates life.
And it's not the natural death of the grass dying and regrowing.
I mean the death of the life cycle.
The death of beauty.
That that wants to disease and abuse.
That that hates sweetness and beauty and love.
Comes to kill, steal and destroy.
Look at our governments.
Look at what they do.
Look at how they revel in it.
But you know, you look at elite servants.
They have a lot of health problems.
They're very unhappy.
They always want more, more, more, but you look at a real evil controller, they're real healthy, happy, focused, they're empowered, they're possessed.
They are in their element.
They are totally given over to it.
And they just love blood.
They just love taking something sweet and good.
I mean, you know, the greatest pleasure in their life would be to take a little baby from a mother and beat its brains out in front of them.
They just love it.
Oh, that's their favorite.
They love horror.
They love pain.
They revel in it!
Well, let me tell those forces something.
You are going to be defeated.
Life is so much greater than death.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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This song says it all.
Let it roll.
That's right, folks.
There's no easy way out.
You've got to stand your ground.
You've got to never back down.
All right.
I know what's right.
I've got just one life.
All right, I know we've got a ton of people holding here.
I've covered some news.
I have two more clips, masses of information.
But it really does come down to an attitude.
I mean, are you going to live on your feet as a free person or on your knees as a slave?
And on your knees as a slave, you're in greater danger than living on your feet.
Predators target the weak.
That's why they're trying to make us all weak and get us under their control, straitjacketed under this pretext of fighting terror.
They want to do really bad things to you, folks.
They're already doing bad things to you, really bad things to you.
But again, you're not conscious of most of it because the nightly news doesn't tell you
They tell you death is life.
They tell you up is down and down is up, black is white and white is black, and 2 plus 2 equals 50.
But take heart, folks.
I mean, my websites combined are bigger than the Dallas Morning News, and one of my websites is bigger than something like the Austin American-Statesman.
And I'm just one of hundreds of sites that are as big as mine, or bigger, that are telling the truth.
The New World Order's got a big, fat problem.
They've got a huge problem on their hands.
They've lost credibility.
People are on to them.
I didn't plug it in the last hour, and I'm going to go to your calls here in a moment, so I'm not going to belabor this.
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Any denial that they'd carry out 9-11, just get this video and watch it.
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We are just absolute willing servants and just slaves.
Willing slaves in absolute rapture fighting this evil.
And so if you want to support us, you're absolutely welcome to, and I believe you'll be blessed if you join us in this fight.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, now into our number three.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I'm going to take about ten more calls if we have time.
I'm going to go to some right now, and then I'm going to go into three articles that we've written in the last week or so that are all very important, and there's a bunch of energy in Iraq news as well, so news blitzes are coming up.
Lightning news attacks.
Let's go ahead and talk to Phyllis in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, Phyllis.
Well, thank you, Alex.
And I have about three areas here I want to cover that falls in line with our mutual battle here, and I will try to be brief.
First of all...
My son was buried 30 years ago last week, and he took his stand.
I have two great sons, a husband and I, who have been united in this fight for about 50 years.
And John left a personal journal.
I sent you a copy of it one time.
I remember that, yes.
Okay, and it's so very, very relevant today.
Well, in a nutshell, describe for people your son's story.
Well, he was the first American who refused to serve under the United Nations in 1972.
And he served honorably as an individual in what was Rhodesia then.
And that would not be the same decision today, but the basics would be the same.
The same things that he resisted, the evil.
And he was killed there serving as a medic trying to save the lives of his wounded men when they were caught in an ambush by the communist-trained terrorists.
And he left a personal journal for three and a half years.
It's an amazing journal.
Well, thank you.
Somewhere in the labyrinth of stacks.
But I did read a lot of it.
And then very quickly I want to move on.
Well, thank you.
I want to help save other people's lives because I know you promote some alternative health care, natural health care, which we were advocates of.
When my husband and I were in our 70s and we had my husband's cancer in remission the past six years.
Then he had a fall and was literally taken out of my hands.
They said he had a slight kidney infection.
He was taken out of my hands.
I had a living will.
I had documents.
I had everything legal.
And I'm trying to warn people, you have these things set up, but the fights you can still have.
He was literally picked up, taken 50 miles away to a learning hospital in the area in Columbus, Ohio.
Yeah, where they test on them.
For those who don't know, people that are still in residency don't have their full degree.
They couldn't even speak English.
And I won't go into all the details.
It was an absolute nightmare.
I did not leave.
I stayed there the whole time.
And to just get to the rest of the story, he died of a staph infection, which was covered up.
This was last September.
I'm so sorry.
And, well, I know you are, but I'm trying to warn people, you know, even though we had all of our legal work, everything, how they can do.
And they went ahead and done surgery on his lower back and never consoled us.
We didn't know it was done until they brought him back to his room.
And the...
The scumbag foreigners didn't even properly clean the instruments.
Oh, no!
No, no.
There was one, I don't know, African, Muslim, I mean, the whole, you know, garment, everything.
And one couldn't get the IV into his vein, and I said, you'll have a problem there.
The solution will go into his tissue, which it did.
He couldn't speak English, and I found out later that was the first time that she ever tried it.
Listen, it is not known at the VA to be able to find somebody who's not from a foreign country.
Well, we never went to a VA hospital.
No, I know.
I'm saying it's even worse.
But see, he got the cancer as a result of his ship docking in Japan in World War II.
He couldn't even get a hearing aid out of the VA.
We know that.
And Alex, when I was in Alabama, I was a rep at the VA there for the first Gulf War Vets, you know, for the Gulf War Veterans Association, getting information and videos and things into them.
They sent a security guard up and took me out.
Well, that's freedom.
Thanks for the call, and God bless you.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Scotland Yard not interested in talking to 7-7 bomb mastermind in London.
Times is reporting, oh yeah, the guy who they admit is the mastermind, MI6, carrying out the attacks.
Of course they don't want to talk.
The government terrorist.
We'll get to that here in a few minutes.
Let's get some more of these calls out of the way that have been holding for eons.
Let's go ahead and talk to Johnny up in Canada.
Johnny, welcome.
How's it going?
I'm glad to say that a lot of people that I've talked to and even the people I haven't talked to up here are finally starting to see the light bulb go on.
The other night on the news we saw a little piece about microchips, RFID
That are going to be used at the border between Canada and the States.
If you want to come across, you've got to carry this microchip with you.
That's right.
But again, if you're an illegal alien, no problem.
I mean, right now they say that it's only for landed immigrants.
Well, that's the thing.
You know, people don't have Canadian citizenship or American citizenship.
It's the opposite of that.
Look, they give free health care, everything to the illegals.
Our military is like 27% now.
It's all selectively enforced.
But I think what they're talking is, for instance, my father, he's not a Canadian citizen.
He still has a European passport, right?
So they're going to target him, but not target me.
Well, since you raised this, let me just cover it now.
Keep going.
So basically, what people are saying, like they've interviewed people on the street, you know, through the newscast.
And people are calling it Big Brother.
People are not into it.
But see, terrorists could steal the tracker chip.
There's only one way to fix it.
And luckily, the former secretary is traveling to all the big elementary schools and middle schools, and he says, I got a chip.
Imagine having the former...
You know, top member of Bush's cabinet, Tommy Thompson coming to your school saying you need to put chips in your children.
That's how bizarre everything's gotten.
They admit it has nothing to do with terrorism.
It has nothing to do with terrorism at all.
They admitted it.
They're saying this is a good way of tracking who goes and who comes.
Look, here's an example.
With every one of the supposed hijackers who it turned out were really on the planes, because nine of them it turned out were still alive in these false names, just like now two of the supposed four bombers on 7-7 are still alive.
Wrong person!
See, I mean, it's always the same, but in every case...
They weren't going to let Atta and others back in, and the CIA, this has been in the newspapers, got on the phone and called the embassy and said, give them that visa, and the head of the Saudi Arabian U.S.
consulate said, wait a minute, this guy's on a high-level al-Qaeda watch list, and he said, listen, it's part of an anti-terror training op.
Let him in.
These are agents.
We know they're agents.
So the point is, every time we get bombed, it's one of their people.
Of course.
And these readers that actually track the RFID tags.
It's like the KTAG or SmartPath.
It can read them from 20 feet.
They put them on the actual TV, like they show what they look like.
Well, you know what?
These are all over Vancouver.
They're all over surrounding areas.
They're all on the highways.
They're on buildings.
They're on even residential buildings.
Like low-rise buildings.
Now, let me just stop you.
This came out three years ago in the Bay Area.
People thought you just had to have a KTAG or a smart E-ZPass to go over certain toll bridges.
But they caught the city and the state putting radio readers up all over the town in preparation for total taxation.
But also, more importantly, they were already using it to track and trace.
Now, this year, we narrowly
Get big bipartisan support.
Beat tracker chips that would be an all-new inspection stickers for tracking and taxation.
I mean, folks, it came within one vote of passing.
We almost lived under this.
And don't worry, they're trying to pass it in the next special session that comes up.
So let me just read the article now since you raised this.
Officials test radio tags at Canadian border.
Security officials gathered Monday at a Canadian border crossing to mark the first test of radio frequency identification systems to be used on foreign visitors.
Folks, you've got to say no to this.
If successful, radio tags carried by travelers will be part of the standard registration process for those entering the United States.
These can be read from 20 to 100 feet.
The technology is like that used to speed passage at toll booths on many highways, said P.T.
Wright, the operator's director for U.S.
Department of Homeland Security U.S.
Visit Program.
Testing began last week at the Thousand Island Bridge crossing to Canada.
It is also done at the Peace Arch and the Pacific Highway crossing in Blaine, Washington, all two, and two crossings in Nogales, Arizona.
And the new technology could help relieve congestion at border crossings.
And again, I've said it a hundred times.
This is the official plan with the new NAFTA 15-lane highway on both sides that they've been building for five years.
As part of the FTAA.
This is public.
It's being built.
No one will be illegal.
Anyone in Mexico or Canada will be given these.
They will instantly flood across, do whatever they want.
And they're already putting them in, right here, Nogales, Arizona.
Go ahead, sir.
Anyways, I've been constructing a website with basically chronicling where the street names and everything, where all these readers are, because I want people to know, and I want people to see them, because you don't look up, you don't see them.
Give us your website.
We'd like to link to it.
Why don't you?
I will actually, I'll send it to the producer website, I guess, or email address that you gave me once.
We don't give that out on air, sir.
Okay, I'll do that.
I think I told you that.
I remember when you called.
Yeah, you did.
Why give it out on air, then?
No, I'm not going to give it to you.
I won't say anything.
Well, you just did.
Okay, I'll just get a new address.
I'm not mad at you, but I don't understand that.
Okay, well, I didn't know it was confidential.
I remember when you called now.
I forget exactly about what.
I'm not going to get mad at you, okay?
Just don't worry about it.
Good job.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and... Brian in Texas, go ahead.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
I'm a pretty long-time listener here and also a long-time thinker.
Hey, buddy.
And I was wondering about Bohemian Grove this year.
You know, I'm so busy talking about government-sponsored terror and the New World Order that I didn't mention it's the 5th anniversary.
Well, I was wondering if you had covered it in any way.
I mean, I made a film about it.
We mentioned it.
We talk about it from time to time.
I mean, for some reason, Paul Watson was going to write an article about a hit piece they wrote in the Santa Rosa Democrat, and he never did that, so...
You know, we just have been focused on other stuff.
You know, I mean, devil-worshipping Republicans is pretty old news.
Yeah, I guess, but, you know, not many people are still aware, you know.
Well, you know.
I guess that's the way it is.
But also, I would like to, you know, I'm here in Austin, and I have quite a bit of free time on my hand, and I was wondering if there's any way, you know, maybe I could help you guys out.
Well, I appreciate that offer.
Don't answer my time.
I appreciate that offer, Brian.
Take care.
Really, what you can do...
You can go get your own Axis TV show.
You can start your own website.
You can go down to Co-op Radio and get your own radio show.
And that's what you need to do.
It would really be better for you because this is the problem.
The work I do is not glamorous.
We've got a lot of people who want to volunteer, want to help.
And really what they want to do is talk to me or drink coffee or go to restaurants or act weird and freak out and go off and say stuff about me.
And I'm not saying you're like that, Brian, but it's just better if you... I mean, here's an example.
We have a listener who I don't even think properly up in Michigan, computer programmer and website designer, and he didn't ask.
He just made MarshallLaw911.info.
And now hundreds of thousands of people... Well, I haven't checked it since it was up for three days, but...
Hundreds of thousands, it's got to be millions, have visited that site.
It's a bibliography of almost every article and document and bill that's in my film, Martial Law.
And he just did it.
And there have been other people who just do it.
We had a fellow down in Houston redesign the ArnoldExposed.com website for us.
It looked a lot better.
You know, we're busy.
You want to help us?
Do something like that.
You want to... Anybody who wants to give us a monetary gift, look, if everybody else is going to ask for them, and I know good well a lot of these folks aren't using it for the fight, and I know I'm using it for the fight, might as well just... Why don't you just buy 100 of my DVDs?
And we'll sell them to you for like, depending, from $5 to $8 a piece if you buy that many.
And then be free market.
Go sell them.
Make money back.
Nothing wrong with that.
Then you continue the cycle and buy more and sell more and get out to more people.
People have told me, hey, Alex, why don't you just give everybody your DVDs?
I could do that for a few weeks, but then I'd be out of business and wouldn't be able to make new films or have webmasters or have video editors or have money for a plane ticket to fly somewhere to cover something for you.
Now, I think I probably would give stuff out for free if somebody said, here's $20 million.
I'd have a big public accounting of it, and I'd send out $19 million worth of free DVDs, and I'd use that other million bucks to make even better films.
So if somebody wants to buy $20 million worth of DVDs and give them out to people, that's fine, too.
But instead, how about millions of you out there who've got copies of copies of copies?
You never even got them from me.
That's fine.
Make copies of the copies you got.
Or if those aren't the best quality because it's a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, why don't you buy one or two originals from me and make copies?
It'll have the same effect.
And then all of us together will be out $20 million, but each of us out maybe $10.
And making 10 copies.
I guess if you buy the DVD, it'd be 20-something bucks, so you'd be out at 30-something dollars, 40-something dollars.
I mean, it's all about force and multiplication.
Frankly, you, the listeners, can do more than a billionaire could.
You know, billionaires have come along and spent tens of millions of dollars trying to fight the New World Order, and they've done a good job.
But it doesn't even measure up.
It doesn't even fit into the scope of you moving.
You've got so much power in the aggregate, in the collective, that...
You're a force in nature.
You're like a glacier.
You move, nothing on earth can stop you except God.
So move.
Stop looking for big grand results and just move.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, I know we've got callers, we'll get to you, but I've got to get into news right now.
Daily Times, UK minorities slam proposed identity labels on their ID cards and their databases.
They will have the equivalent of pink triangles or yellow stars.
And it's all part of the new freedom, but of course the country's going to bring in even more foreigners to accelerate the crisis.
The U.S.
reportedly planning to boost troop levels to 160,000 in Iraq.
This is out of Japan today.
The United States might build up its forces in Iraq later this year in anticipation of rising insurgent violence as Iraqis vote for a constitution and a new government, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday.
So this goes contrary to the government saying they're going to go down 30,000 troops next year.
Actual internal Pentagon documents show they're going to go up from 138,000 to 160,000 because they're already losing control.
It's already in basic anarchy.
So that's the facts.
A few months ago they sprayed an unnamed chemical into the New York subway to test how terrorists would attack.
All the government does is take that data, which they've already done before, and so when the globalists attack us, they'll know what it'll do.
Testing in plain view.
Oh, you doubt me?
government has killed people on the subway before.
The U.S.
Oh, you didn't know about 1968 releasing a bioweapon?
Deaths resulted.
Details remain classified.
Just type it into Google.
You'll get mainstream news articles from years ago.
So a group who's been caught killing before...
He's back doing tests to stop Al-Qaeda.
See how that's hidden in plain view?
It's all hidden in plain view.
Scientists test New York City's readiness for gas attacks.
Security team releases harmless substance into streets, subways.
Ah, yes, they released it in New York on Monday in a drill, a drill, to see how to respond to a chemical or biological attack.
Uh, and, uh,
Gotta have checkpoints now on the buses and nationwide.
They're talking about it.
I have an article here.
We need checkpoints at the malls, randomly searching you.
Don't worry, we won't profile.
Even if it was the Muslims, we won't do that.
We're going to search everybody.
Don't you worry, we're all going to be slaves.
Meanwhile, Scotland Yard are not interested in talking to 7-7 Mastermind Bomber.
And searches of mobile phone records by British Anti-Terror Police and Secret Service agents have
Understood to have found that Oswalt made numerous phone calls to the forces of bombers.
American authorities revealed they had been hunting the men for several years.
They claim he masterminded the London Har.
But they ordered him to be allowed back into the country.
He used his real name.
And our own government experts have admitted that he's MI6.
It emerged today that Oswalt had made mobile calls.
But two years ago, it was suspected Oswalt had been killed in Afghanistan when his British passport was found on the body of a Taliban soldier.
Oswalt's phone number is thought to have been found on Khan's mobile phone.
And under it, it admits that he's been under MI6 protection and re-entered the country two months before the bombings.
On August 8, 2005, Haroon Rashid Rashad, 30...
Who was deported to Zambia and arrested by British police under a U.S.
warrant, appeared in a courtroom at Bashim Prison in southwest London.
According to several newspaper reports, a SWAT spoke by telephone with some of the 4 July 7th attackers who triggered bombs on the three underground trains and a London bus killing 52 commuters and themselves.
Scotland Yard Police Headquarters said on the 7th of August that detectives were not interested in speaking to SWAT about the London bombings.
No one has been charged.
And this happened a couple times in Afghanistan.
When it comes out that one of these Al-Qaeda guys is CIA, they'll have a fake arrest of him, so no one can talk to him because all these other agencies want him.
Then they'll just get him out of the country.
Like Andreas Strassmayer in Oklahoma City, or Al-Husseini Husseini in Oklahoma City.
Same M.O.
So, interesting little sniblet there for you.
Ex-Prime Minister says ducks let Pakistani nuclear scientists go at CIA's request.
Well, of course.
They love it.
Ordered out of chaos, they let this guy globetrot around the world, arming our enemies so they can have a pretext to invade.
At the request of the CIA, the Netherlands let go the father of Pakistanis' nuclear program, Abdul Qadir Khan.
This is AFP, by the way.
Who worked in the country between 1975 and 1986, former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers told Dutch Public Radio on Tuesday.
Kahn, who admitted to the O4 that he had leaked nuclear secrets to Iran or Korea and Libya, worked as an engineer in the Netherlands at Eurico, a uranium enrichment plant.
But we'll finish up with this when we get back.
Stay with us, folks.
Arming everyone with nuclear weapons, and then we have to have a global government to counter it.
Don't worry, we'll search your five-year-old daughter at the shopping mall.
That will stop Al-Qaeda.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
So what's in your shampoo, bath soap, and dish soap?
Chlorides, dyes, ethanol, sulfates, sodiums, formaldehydes, etc.
Read the labels.
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All right, I've got about 30 articles that I want to just briefly talk about, and I've got a bunch of callers that I want to go to, and I never read these articles today.
I've been trying to for four or five days.
7-7 Bombings, Final Word, Her Majesty's Terrorist Network, an incredible roundup of all the proof the government did it.
This article, alternative media amplifies as mainstream gatekeepers decline with all the stats and official numbers where our websites are bigger than, you know, major newspapers.
And together, bigger than the Dallas Morning News.
I mean, it's...
And I'm not tooting my horn here.
It just shows that my site's not even near the biggest of alternative websites.
We're really having an effect.
And this incredibly good article that Steve Watson wrote, you know, I conferred with him, so did Paul, that Steve did most of the work, Orwellian Double Think in London.
I mean, this sucker is a piece of literature.
And they're all lengthy.
I mean, this is a six-page article, five-page article, four-page article.
I mean, these babies need to be read, and I...
Maybe I'll do the first hour tomorrow and read these three.
You know, to read 15 pages and to take your time takes like 45 minutes.
I'm going to news blitz here in a moment, but I am so honored to have her.
She is such a sweetheart and a good friend of mine.
And the products are made in America.
They're the big national distributor of the British Berkey.
They make the American Berkey, which I've bought.
I've also bought British Berkeys, but I think the American Berkey is better because it's made in America and it's the new generation.
And it's even less than the British.
And they've got the black Berkey elements in American-made stainless, black elements in the Lexan.
That's like the armored glass stuff.
It's like hard plastic.
You know, what the bank windows are made out of.
And they got solar chargers for them.
Now, get this straight.
There's no moving parts in it.
But the solar charger is to just charge up the rechargeable batteries in it to then recharge cell phones or run the LED lights that are in it.
They got a bunch of different units, and they got little sports bottles, and they got potassium iodate.
They got videos about sheltering in place and how to deal with chemical and biological attacks.
They're just great folks.
Let me tell you something.
When Christmas rolls around or birthdays roll around, I bought a lot of stuff from New Millennium.
And I don't even get a discount because it's already so discounted they can't do that.
But this is what I give as gifts.
And, oh, Debbie, I forgot.
My mother's birthday is tomorrow, and I hope she's not listening.
Yeah, I'll get Linda to give it out today.
Yeah, I just...
I tell my webmasters what to do on air.
I do shopping on the air because I don't have any time, Debbie.
Believe me, I know exactly what you're talking about.
We have so many great things, but I wanted to tell a little story.
A lot of people have been sitting back wondering whether they should get a Berkey or not.
I never get on the air and talk about fear motivation or anything like that because I'm not that kind of person.
Well, I think it's a good thing.
Quit smoking, you're going to get lung cancer.
Put cell phones up to your head, you're going to get a brain tumor.
That's true.
But two weeks ago, you know, for those of you who don't know, I do clowning on the side.
It's my hobby.
I do balloon art and I do face painting and things like that.
And I was commissioned on a weekend to do a children's day at the fairgrounds in Dallas.
And it was inside this great big building, and there were thousands and thousands of kids that were bussed in from all the daycares of the inner city.
I mean, the place was absolutely nuts.
It was a madhouse.
And there was thousands of daycare workers, these women who were with each group, and they were giving away free stuff.
And I was doing balloons, and I was next door to Blockbuster, who was giving away toys.
And the people were actually...
They were like a riot just to get these stupid plastic toys that they were giving away at Blockbuster.
And if there was any type of... Look, when we had the Depression, you had crime increase but not much because people were hardworking, folks were moral.
If we ever have a crisis, these Lexus-driving yuppies and these third-world people and all of them are going to turn into absolute demons.
Well, if you... I stood there, you know, I'm trying to make balloons and I'm being practically stampeded.
And I had to finally put a table between me and the people so I wouldn't get to bed time.
Debbie, I'd forgotten it was tax-free day on sales tax this weekend, and I went to buy some watercolors for my son, and it was people snatching and grabbing.
Oh, yeah, for school supplies and everything.
It's crazy.
But I thought about it, and I thought, what would they do if it was water?
What if we really didn't have food and water?
If they're going to go this nuts, these women are going to go that nuts just to get a plastic toy.
What are they going to do if they have to feed and water their kids, you know?
And it really brought it home to me how really important it is what I do.
Well, Debbie, you know, for the crisis reason, it's good.
And that's why I got two Berkeys in the garage still in the boxes they came in.
But the crisis is now.
It's just invisible.
Well, really, it isn't visible.
Tap water, you hold it up to the sun, it's full of stuff.
But the point is, the crisis is now with... I mean, folks, the stuff in the water is a joke.
They allow certain levels of carcinogens and toxins and poisons and drugs.
Oh yeah, all the feces and urine, folks, is full of these drugs.
They're finding Ritalin and Prozac in almost every major water supply.
High levels.
It's even affecting birth control.
It's affecting reproductive activities in frogs and fish.
Just type it into Google.
It'll get hundreds of articles.
Debbie, tell them about two or three of the specials.
Well, we have the Berkey Lights.
And the Berkey Light really is my favorite because I like being able to see the water levels.
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I have stainless steel and I have a clear one.
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I've never seen a special that good, Debbie.
Yeah, that's our stainless steel.
It's a brand new.
Three-gallon, what we call the Royal Berkey.
That's even bigger than the standard, too.
That's right.
It holds three gallons.
Normally, folks, Indian and Chinese knockoffs like this at the camping store are $350.
And this one, the one for $225, comes with the Imperial Super Spiracell filters.
By the way, no excuse.
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That's right.
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And that's an unbelievable item, too.
Because I really like the Black Berkey Purification Elements.
For the people who aren't familiar with them, they actually set a new standard in the water filter industry for being able to get the pathogens out to a non-detectable level.
By the way, the University of Louisiana did some of the tests, and they said, new standard, redid the test, because they dumped yard growth, folks.
That's green water.
End of the test unit.
Took it out on the other side.
Let it grow for a week.
I've read the study.
And nothing.
Because scientists won't say there's no germs in there.
The electron microscope could find nothing.
Debbie, I'm going to give the number out.
Thank you for coming on.
Thank you.
God bless you.
And if you call and it's busy, just call back.
Leave your name and number.
She'll call you or one of her assistants will.
And this makes the broadcast possible.
The International Outreach, they are the funders of that.
And all the new specials are up at BerkeyWater.com.
BerkeyWater.com or 888-803-4438.
Do not wait.
Okay, let's cover news now.
Where should I start here?
I've already covered that.
Covered that.
Covered the biological testing in the subways.
Terror fears, drive, well, okay.
This one's important right here.
How they're arming the nuclear scientists, already covered that.
Oh, okay.
Genetic contamination spreads in GM tree Australia.
Sydney Morning Herald.
Top scientists and experts all across Australia say that it's facing the most serious genetic contamination event in its history after the West Australian government confirmed low levels of genetically modified canola had been found in non-GM canola.
What they do is they come in and buy out the judges, and then they rule that after they contaminate you, that you've stolen from them.
That'd be like if I threw cyanide in your backyard and killed your chickens, and then I came in with the police and grabbed the dead chickens and cut their guts open and said, Look!
There's cyanide in their bellies!
You stole my cyanide!
Mexico won't allow this stuff in.
Only we, the fools, will.
And all the studies show you don't absorb it.
It deforms children.
Intestine growth causes weird blood counts.
It's a side issue.
You change one gene, it does this.
Because it creates new amino acids that screw you up.
But there is no corn variety in Mexico that can be found that hasn't been taken over by this.
And it progressively...
It takes over more and more until the corn suddenly can't reproduce.
And then Monsanto and a few others go, we've got stuff that will reproduce.
It's incredibly expensive.
And what was it, five years ago, a Monsanto executive, Donald Rumsfeld used to be their chief operating officer, they had a big speech.
This was even in National Geographic a few years ago.
They said, we're going to contaminate everything so you don't have a choice.
At a board meeting!
With shareholders!
Ha ha ha!
I mean, you talk about diabolical.
Imagine a comic book where, you know, the evil head of the Genetic Engineering Corporation is releasing biological pathogens that take over the life cycle so nothing can reproduce, and then only he can sell you plants that reproduce.
I'm taking over the entire planet where nothing will survive!
I am Crime Lord Giblet!
You know, I mean, I could...
I could sit there and write up a comic book and make a million bucks!
But they really do it in the real world, and people just can't believe it!
This is what I mean, folks.
I've got a stack over here.
There's no way to cover it all.
A spokesman for W.A.
Agriculture Minister, Kim Chance, took the test and showed positive results for GM material.
And it goes on.
The latest results.
Comment for GM material was found during routine testing on the Australian barley board in June of an export consignment of Victorian canola seeds found for Japan.
And it goes on.
And folks, we're talking about corn and canola and stuff that's got pig genes, ostrich genes, cockroach genes, salamander genes.
And, again, if one more person emails me or says, that isn't true, you can't crawl species, I email you back and you were in college in 1981 and minored in biology.
It's not 1981, okay?
They really do have chimeras.
They got animals.
They got humans, folks.
Go see the movie The Island.
From the CIA-style brainwashing of the clones, where they program them with these TV screens hooked to their eyes, to giving them a false shared cataclysmic event, a fake terror attack, a fake contamination is why they can't leave the city, to the fake island where you go when you win the prize and they really harvest your organs.
I mean, so many parallels to reality.
I mean, forget that.
We have a government that's been caught hospitals killing healthy people to get their organs.
60 minutes.
We've got a government caught, I mean, it's been in the New York Times that people go to China and they go get the prisoner who's got the same blood type and they kill him.
And they fly in.
To New York and have the organs put in them, and that's the big business in New York, is taking care of all these people.
I mean, those are living people, folks.
Those are folks that weren't clones.
It's worse than that movie.
It's always worse than the movie.
And I don't have all day on this.
That's it for that article.
I had two more audio clips I wanted to play, too.
Halliburton secretly doing business with key member of Iran's nuclear team.
This is out of common dreams.
There's also one out of Reuters here about Halliburton still doing business.
Scandal-plagued Halliburton, the oil service company once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, was secretly working with one of Iran's top nuclear program officials on natural gas-related projects and allegedly selling the officials' oil development company key components for a nuclear reactor, according to Halliburton sources, with intimate knowledge into both companies' business interests.
And here's the Financial Times of London.
Oil for Food Inquiry claims Savin took $150,000 in payments.
And it says he may be indicted.
And again, Democrats go, well, that's okay because Cheney's stealing, giving his own company contracts out of the Vice President's office.
And the other side goes, well, look at Savin.
It's okay that Cheney did it.
No, it shows how they're all corrupt.
But frankly, what Savin's doing...
Is despicable, but is nothing compared.
Folks, Halliburton was the only company allowed to sell oil-filled equipment to Saddam.
Up until the war.
I mean, it's just, it's insane.
Nuclear reactor parts.
Which they're going to blow up later.
XPOW Jessica Lynch says U.S.
used her as Iraq war symbol.
I wonder if Michael Savage and Limbaugh will attack her as scum now, like they're attacking Cindy Sheehan.
How dare this mother of that soldier.
She's just a piece of garbage.
That's what I've heard them say.
Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch, whose capture and rescue in the early days of the Iraq War turned her into a U.S.
icon, said in an interview that the U.S.
government had used her as an upbeat symbol in the conflict.
I think I provided a way to boost everybody's confidence about the war, Lynch told Time Magazine.
Of course, she earlier said it was a, quote, urban legend, a, quote, fable.
Here's another one.
Bin Laden tried to enter Iraq during Ramadan.
I mean, who believes any of this?
Bin Laden died of kidney failure, has been frozen since right after 9-11.
That's why they launched the attack.
The deal was made with the family.
I even saw Bandar on TV.
The ambassador from Saudi going, let's not talk too bad about him now.
Let's not call him names.
The family gets upset.
It's like, yeah, use our son, give us all the contracts, but just don't say too much bad about him.
And Bush now doesn't say much bad about him and says we don't want to catch him.
That's right.
You don't talk bad about our son.
They actually said it.
And so they said, okay, he's not that bad.
I saw Larry King live.
I don't watch much TV.
I tune in and we're being told how we shouldn't talk bad about bin Laden.
It's so crazy.
It'll make you go crazy.
And lots of articles about the newest intelligence shows that Al-Qaeda was going to attack, and this proves that it was Al-Qaeda that attacked in England.
And then you go through the roundup of evidence.
I mean, it's conclusive the government did it.
Classic Patsy operation in the second wave of bombings, the dud bombings.
And in the first, it's the government off.
They just put bombs under trains and blew them up with Arabs on board.
Muslims on board.
Here's an article here about how they're still saying there's evidence of an upcoming Ryerson attack when they admit the first report's totally false.
We'll jam a few final calls in on the other side.
Stay with us.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I could talk for an hour about this.
China and Russia flex their muscles as they join forces to play war games.
malls try to prevent terror attacks, beefing up security.
Talk of checkpoints.
Bush approval rating still low.
Survey indicates growing dissatisfaction with the Iraq war.
Look for terror attacks here to get you back in line.
Big Brother's watching us.
This is out of the Harderpool Mail.
The council has been accused of Big Brother tactics of agreeing to spend to take photographs of people's homes and put them in a database.
Here's another one.
Brit license plates get chipped.
They almost passed that here in...
Here in Texas.
I mean, this is the type of stuff we're talking about, folks.
It's just overwhelming the amount of stuff that's happening.
Before I take a final call here, just briefly, if you want to support us, get my videos, get the books and other videos we carry.
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Order those hard copies.
Mike in Illinois, go ahead, you're on the air.
Alex, great show as always.
I have to excuse my ignorance.
I haven't listened to you in probably about five weeks.
I've been traveling for business, and so I haven't been able to... That's okay.
What's on your mind?
Listen, I want to ask you, you've heard of this infomercial on this gentleman by the name of Kevin Trudeau, where he has that book, Natural Cures, Everything the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About?
Okay, he's a very good family friend of my brother-in-law, and I just found this out.
That is a must-get book for people, and I don't know if you've ever had him on your show, but I think it would be great to have him on your show because he talks about the FDA, and they draw guns.
They do have M16s in their trunks.
They come, you know, a guy had natural cure for bread.
They came there and confiscated all his equipment.
He has infomercials, but this is all true stuff, Alex.
I was trying to tell my sister on you for years, and now she's finally waking up because now she found out about this man, Kevin Trudeau, and I was telling her how corrupt the government is, and now finally she's going, wait, who is this Alex Jones guy now?
And goes to your website, and you're right, Alex, people are waking up.
But there are people out there who are ignorant to the fact, and I'd say out of every ten people I try to give information to about you, I'd say probably two to three will wake up, and the rest are just dumb and ignorant.
And the problem I'm having, Alex, is every time I try to bash Bush, people automatically think I'm a Kerry supporter and I'm a Democrat, which is what I'm not.
Well, that false left-right paradigm is to keep blinders on you and keep you in that controlled system.
Exactly, Alex.
That's what's so dangerous about it.
Just explain to them how Bush is out Clinton and Clinton.
First off, when I do a radio interview, I say, first off, I'm not a Democrat.
I'm a constitutionalist.
The Democrats and Republicans are together enslaving us.
Bush is for this, so is Kerry.
Bush is for that, so is Kerry.
That's the first thing I tell them.
You've got to get this guy on your show, Alex, this guy Kevin Trudeau.
He'd be great.
He's really true about what the government's doing with the food.
No, I'm fully aware of who he is.
Thank you for the call.
We're out of time.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
And we'll be back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
A lot of big guests, a lot of key news coming up this week, so stay with us.
God bless you all.
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