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Air Date: Aug. 4, 2005
2559 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is already Thursday, the fourth day of August 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
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At the same time, we document the travesties and outrages being committed by the globalists and their minions.
You know, I mentioned this a couple days ago, but I haven't really spent enough time on it.
Pentagon to increase domestic surveillance for counterterrorism.
This was out of Fox News on August 2nd.
And a few weeks ago, we saw New York Times and Wall Street Journal and Washington Post articles about how wonderful it's going to be having soldiers on the street corners watching us.
All the years we read the federal documents, all the years we went to urban warfare training drills and witnessed them preparing to do this, and people couldn't believe it, and now it's out in the open.
So I will get into this
Early in this first hour.
We're also going to take tons of your calls today.
No guests today.
I had several great guests that we'd already set up, but you know what?
I canceled them because I want to give you a chance to bring up any news item, any topic, any issue, any question, any comment.
You disagree with me, you agree with me.
Anything you want to talk about.
It's kind of like the C-SPAN format of Washington Journal.
Any law, any piece of legislation, any news article, any piece of propaganda you want to decipher and expose, any news item you think isn't getting enough attention, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
Al-Siai devows more attacks versus the West!
Coming up, video!
Yes, Al-Qaeda's got to bolster their bosses.
The more they attack, the more Al-Qaeda threatens, the higher the approval ratings go, the more the support for the war on terror intensifies.
Exactly what the globalists want and need.
Their agents get the job done.
Bin Laden, admittedly CIA, the mastermind of the bombings.
Over in London, MI6 asset agent admitted...
And it's just all public, folks, so we'll get into the fear-mongering, and they're saying why London's bracing for more bombings today.
It's the month anniversary, or coming up on it.
It was all those many Thursdays ago, back on 7-7, it's now 8-4.
Another Thursday has come.
Will there be a tax?
Give up all your freedoms!
Meanwhile, Bank for International Settlements...
Calls for global currency.
Ah, yes.
Global government.
But that's okay.
Global government will keep us safe from the evil Al-Ciadas and the Al-Mi6s.
London bombings, electrical surge connected to Menendez shootings is the question one of our listeners raises, and I have privately thought about that.
We'll go over that also over in England.
Labor admits ID card plan for National ID card.
There is so much coming up today, and your phone calls.
Bill O'Reilly says that if he had his way, he'd just execute anybody who's under suspicion of being a terrorist.
I guess that did happen with the Brazilian man.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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And Joe and Daniel and Rick and Mark and Kurt and everybody, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Ohio Battalion loses 19 Marines in two days.
A rash of violence in Iraq this week has taken an especially brutal toll on a Marine battalion based in this working class town.
Nineteen members from the unit were killed over two days.
Grief and anger shook the town as families and residents anxiously awaited answers after learning that 14 Marine reservists were killed Wednesday by a roadside bomb, one of the heaviest blows suffered by a single unit in the war.
Two days earlier, five others from the battalion were killed while on sniper duty.
The sorrow in Brook Park, a Cleveland suburb of 21,000 people, was painfully clear Wednesday among the line of customers sipping their morning coffee at the counter of the donut shop down the street from the battalion's headquarters.
Nearly everyone at the counter said they knew someone who was connected to the battalion.
You never know who it could be.
It could be your best friend.
It could be your husband.
It could be anyone from here.
Eleanor Metesky, 69, said as she angrily tore up a paper cup that had held her coffee.
Tell Bush to get our soldiers out of there now before any more of our soldiers die.
This is getting to be ridiculous, she said.
A few steps away, near the gates of the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines, residents
Well, the real number, and this has even been finally coming out in the mainstream news, is over 8,000 dead U.S.
But if you die when a C-130 is flying you out of Baghdad to Ramstein in Germany, you are not counted as a combat fatality.
So it's 8,000, 8,000 that are really dead.
And it has been, again, even in the Washington Post, but they give excuses for it.
People have trouble believing this, but it's true that to save money, the military will automatically discharge you once you get flown to Germany with your arms and legs blown off, and then your family has to fit the bill to put you on an airplane and fly you out of there
So that's the new freedom.
And then you get a job making eight bucks an hour at the local Home Depot or Circuit City, and they're nice enough to hire you, and you wheel around with your legs blown off.
Meanwhile, Mr. Silver Spoon...
Washed out of the Air Corps, you know, dances around, falling off bicycles, and posing as a country boy when he's a blue-blood Tory from Kennebunkport, Maine.
He's out there at his Hollywood set in his ridiculous cowboy hat, strutting around, fooling everyone.
Makes me sick.
He goes, I'm getting back to my Texas roots.
I mean, he's sick quotes I was reading yesterday.
I love getting back to the lab.
I just love Texas.
I'm going to vomit.
I mean, this is getting too sick.
The people buy into it.
Oh, look, it's Ronald Reagan.
You know, that is Ranch.
It's George Bush.
That is Ranch.
Why, they're wearing cowboy hats.
They must be John Wayne.
I don't care if he appoints anti-gun judges or pro-abortion judges.
I don't care if he's for open borders and signs on to UNESCO and passes National ID cards.
Kafta, he wears a cowboy hat.
Man, that... I guess if somebody robbed a bank in a cowboy hat, the cops would just say, Go on, sir.
Take the money and run.
You're wearing a cowboy hat.
And they even admit... I'll never forget a Fox News piece about four years ago, Bush at the Ranch, right before 9-11.
Never forget that.
And they even admitted it was like a set.
They said, oh, it's really a set, you know.
But it doesn't matter.
Bush likes it.
They got old tractors out there and hay bales.
They got them set up out there for you.
And again, that's just an indicator of all the fakeness.
Just how it's all fake.
But our troops getting their arms and legs blown off are not fake.
That's real.
By the way, our troops are basically...
Hunkered down in these armored keeps, in these castles, in these fortresses, being truck bombed and machine gunned and rocketed and mortared and bombed on a daily basis.
And a lot of sickos get up on the news and say, kill all the Iraqis, nuke the whole place, that'll teach them.
I thought we were there to get the WMDs.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, most of the poor Iraqis are getting now, what, three hours of power a day in Baghdad?
It was eight hours a day just a few months ago.
You know, they're getting all this toxic water full of liver flukes and all these other diseases.
They were an industrialized country just 12, 13 years ago.
Not anymore.
They're a third world death pit, millions of dead.
And they're just hunkering down, little families wanting food, little families wanting jobs.
Meanwhile, all Hades is broken loose around them.
And we've got sicko commentators living in million-dollar penthouses, sitting around like Ann Coulter, shooting her mouth off about, we've got to be even rougher on them.
We've got to take the gloves off and kill more people indiscriminately.
That was a quote a few months ago.
Remember her editorial?
Yeah, that'll make them love us.
Let's just kill more people.
Splatter more little kids.
Pick up more families at checkpoints.
Take them to be tortured.
Folks, these people are not animals.
They're human beings, and they're not as evil as you've been told.
Are there a few nuts running around in turbines wanting to kill everybody?
And every time we check it, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, all of them, Hamas, every time.
Not some of the time.
Not most of the time.
Every time.
It's MI6, Mossad, CIA.
These guys are agents of the West.
Every time.
They're taking orders.
They're lavishly paid.
Whenever our FBI or whatever good intelligence out of Britain or good Israeli intelligence that's lower level arrests them, they are ordered to release them.
That goes for Taliban generals, Al-Qaeda generals, mass mastermind bombers.
It's public, folks!
It's public!
It is sick!
It is sick!
Our government energized and created radical Islamic jihad to fight the communists.
And we're not talking about 1979 through 1988.
I'm talking 1950s.
We have your big former Justice Department
We're good to go.
And he had to admit that the mastermind behind the bombings is MI6 and being protected, but he just said it's a rogue element in MI6.
Yeah, again, a rogue element in control.
I agree, most MI6 aren't doing this, most FBI aren't doing this, most Mossad aren't doing this.
I mean, that's why you've got articles in her rights.
Where the Israelis come out and are mad about their own government creating Hamas and creating Al-Qaeda groups and carrying out attacks.
I mean, that's the Israeli newspapers.
And so meanwhile, folks, it's civil war in Iraq.
The country is disintegrating.
8,000 dead U.S.
Eighteen and something hundred dead on the spot.
You've got to die in the country.
Okay, but if they get you out of that country, you're not a combat casualty.
And when your hamburger meat, boy, they put you on a plane.
They don't take you to a base and stabilize you.
They throw you like so much hamburger meat, like a can of Sloppy Joe's.
They treat you like total garbage.
They throw you on a C-130.
They fly you to Ramstein to make sure you die there.
And boy, do they die.
They die every day by the dozens at Ramstein.
Ramstein, the death camp of our troops.
And so, you know, don't care about the troops.
Let them breathe the DU.
Just make excuses about how it's good for you and nutritious.
It's like the news says, mercury's nutritious and fluoride's nutritious.
Mercury, everything else is just nutritious.
And just stick a plastic flag on your car and feel good and drive around.
But when your husband gets back from the war and he gets you pregnant and the next three children you have are all deformed, you just love your government, okay?
I tried to save you.
I tried to get you to wake up.
I tried to get you to save yourselves.
I tried to get you to realize what you were being...
Used for, but you just stick the plastic American flag, the desecrated American flag on your car, and you suck your thumbs, and you feel good about yourselves, and you sit there, grandparents, when you got all these deformed grandbabies, and I want you to remember that I told you.
It's your fault, because you went along with it, and you've been judged.
God help you, and God help us.
So don't you get mad at me.
Triple the deformities.
Triple the deformities of the U.S.
average in our troops from the first Gulf War.
Do you think the Easter Bunny snuck in?
The Tooth Fairy snuck in at night and made that happen to the troops?
Do you think maybe a demonic vampiric possum caused it?
No, it was the government.
It was the vaccines.
It was the sarin nerve gas they detonated at Camasilla.
It was the depleted uranium.
And they've used at least three times as much this time.
And it isn't out in the middle of nowhere.
They bombed downtown Baghdad with it.
And our troops are living in those bases.
And that's why our generals, none of them will stay there more than three months.
Because they know how bad it is.
The wages of sin are death.
The wages of ignorance are death.
So stop making excuses, folks.
If you want to support the troops, get them out of there.
We'll come back and take your calls.
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Callers, we're going to go to him.
We're going to have a ton of your calls, but I need to say a few more words about the troops.
In two days, 19 dead Marines from one battalion.
And in those same two days, there were another, what, nine troops that were killed.
So that's a total of, what, 28 troops?
28 in two days?
I mean, it's getting worse.
But the government says mission accomplished, so everything must be okay.
Meanwhile, what are we going to do as things implode over there?
What are we going to do?
Well, the answer is expand the war.
They're going to put in the new puppet government here pretty soon, and you heard our little federal guest on yesterday, Mr. Lopez.
He said, oh, the sovereign government of Iraq is going to invade Syria.
I mean, you've got to love it.
The globalist takeover countries have puppet dictatorships in control, order their dictators to invade their neighbors, and it's going to be called sovereign?
I mean, this is really getting rich.
The New World Order isn't going to be able to do this without carrying out another terror attack, and I mean a big one.
And that handwriting is on the wall.
And with this whole backdrop, we have people like Bill O'Reilly saying the following thing.
Now, listen carefully to this as we analyze this propaganda.
He just comes right out and says if he had his way, he'd execute everybody at Guantanamo Bay.
Now, the number one man in the CIA three months ago told the Washington Times and several other publications that, yes, it was true.
That the Taliban themselves was being left alone.
They would just go up in the hills, grab some goat-herding families that literally can't even find America on a map.
I mean, these are Stone Age men.
And they would invite them down to have a roasted goat and a feast, load them on planes, kidnap them, and get $25,000 a piece.
So most of the people at Camp X-Ray and the other camps around the world, there's over 100 of them, not just Guantanamo Bay, are totally innocent of anything.
Meanwhile, master bombers are MI6.
So let's go ahead and roll O'Reilly.
Here it is.
You got that, Clint?
And we're going to win it because America has always stood up for what counts.
For what's right and the values of human life.
Equal dignity.
Equal protection.
The rights of women.
These people don't care about any of those things.
They're anathema to them.
And we have to root them out, same as we did fascism and we did communism.
In the same way...
As we honor the dead in 9-11 approaches, let's also celebrate our living Bill of Rights and give it vigor.
Okay, but I don't give the Bill of Rights protection or the Constitution protection or the Geneva Convention to people not in uniform slaughtering... What about Mr. Padilla?
That's a different game, but to people slaughtering civilians.
I don't give them any protection.
I don't feel sorry for them.
In fact, I probably would have ordered their execution if I had the power.
Counsel, we thank you for coming in.
We appreciate it.
Alright, so...
Just order their execution.
And the full clip is they're talking about Camp X-Ray and people having rights.
And, boy, we're glad you're there, O'Reilly.
You gun-grabbing, open-border promoting.
Oh, you didn't know that?
Right when we could do something about the borders, he suddenly switched last year and said, oh, no, I'm for open borders.
Now he's switched back when it doesn't matter in a non-election year.
But, I mean, O'Reilly is a sick joke, folks.
I mean, the guy is an arrogant pimp.
I'm so sick of him.
And he will decide.
He doesn't give constitutional protections to people who aren't in uniform.
What do you mean people not in uniform?
Our government's got tens of thousands of people creeping around who aren't in uniforms.
I mean, where is the terror attack where the FBI didn't cook the bomb or train the driver?
Where is the terror attack where Andre Strossmeyer isn't CIA?
Where is the terror attack where the lead bomber isn't MI6?
Show me!
Show me where it is, you coward!
You'd never debate me.
We've tried to get you on this show.
You wouldn't come on here.
I'll tear you up.
You're a big, fat bully.
Oh, I'm so sick of it.
You're the target, America.
They want your guns.
They want control of you.
All these police state tactics are being set up for you.
Joe in Maryland.
Joe, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I want to read just a slight little thing that was in my newspaper Monday.
I just fell out of the chair.
Sure, go ahead.
It says, Enhanced 9-11 Project Plan for the County.
This is Somerset County we're talking about.
To help 911 personnel pinpoint the actual location of an emergency call, a county-wide property imaging project is underway in Somerset County beginning today.
Mobile Video Services, Inc.
is photographed in all residential, commercial buildings in the county for the next six to eight weeks.
The digital photographs will allow verification and correction anyway for all
I've got something else.
Yeah, they put it into a database.
And then they put the cameras in with it.
Then they put your driver's license photos in with it.
And you're in the globe grid.
The slave grid.
Can you hold me?
I've got something else.
We're going to hold you.
Yeah, sure.
We're going to do that.
We've got a break here, Joe.
And we'll come back and let you finish up.
And we'll go to Daryl and Rick and Mark and Kurt and many others, folks.
So stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Soon the mark of the beast will be enforced.
Those that receive it will receive the wrath of God.
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All right, we're going straight into your calls.
And then I want to cover more of the public announcement that I don't know when we have cameras on all of our houses and microphones and surveillance pods and helicopters everywhere, but we'll also have troops spying on us, and all crime is terrorism.
They're now publicly saying that.
All crime is terror.
We're all terrorists.
And we'll also...
Get into good news.
Technology optimist turn-off TV study finds it shows that more and more Americans are just turning off their television and overall TV viewership is down substantively.
So the establishment is losing control.
Lord Bush, the puppet...
Makes it clear.
The phrase is the war on terror.
So Big Brother has overruled his other minions.
It's not going to be Mein Kampf, or Mein Struggle, Mein Struggle.
It's going to be the war on terror.
It's going to, just like all the other wars, the bigger the war on drugs, the more drugs we have on the streets, the more people in prison.
The bigger the war on illiteracy gets, the more illiteracy.
The more control.
Yes, yes, yes.
Let's go back to Joe and Marilyn.
Joe, finish up the point you were making?
Yes, I was just finishing up with the... This is, of course, to assist any disaster or emergency.
And also, I wanted to ask a question about something you said yesterday.
Did I hear you correctly when you said, you know, because our president is vacationing and all, be very afraid because of the last time, you know, things happen when he's on vacation?
Did I hear that right?
Basically, yes, you have to... I'm not making any predictions, but right before 9-11, Bush had his four-and-a-half-week vacation out at Crawford, and they're busy little bees.
Don't worry.
Contrary to what the Democrats say, he's working very hard, working very hard to bring this country down.
That's what I wanted to clarify, because I had to go in the other room, and I didn't hear everything, and I thought that, but I wasn't clear on it.
Thank you, Alex.
Well, thank you, Joe, for the call.
And again, a lot of people are predicting suitcase nukes will go off, and Dick Cheney's out fear-mongering, and Michael Chertop is out fear-mongering.
I mean, they're definitely turning the heat back up.
We're in a new phase of terror, because they've got to get us scared into submission for a national draft, and to invade all these other countries.
They're behind schedule.
People are not buying their propaganda.
The globalists could even detonate a suitcase nuke somewhere and vaporize a large portion of a city.
I think that's going to backfire on them, too.
And their social architects, their engineers, are telling them that.
So they're in between a rock and a hard place.
Let's talk to, who's up next here?
Daniel in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Did you see the paper where Mayor Will Wynn jumped off
No, I didn't see that.
When did this article come out?
It was like three days ago, probably.
And what did it say?
God, God power, Lord, wind can do this, but you, the slave, better not do it?
Pretty much, pretty much exactly right.
Well, see, this is, I mean, look, when I was in London, they would point out, the Queen owns the roads, the Queen owns the river, but she doesn't have any power, but don't criticize her or you'll be arrested.
And it's the same thing.
They call themselves the authorities, the officials.
The Attorney General says Bush is the law.
The law flows from him as if he was God, as if he was Jehovah.
And this is lordship.
This is lordliness.
This is imperialism.
And so they made a point.
Why was that smirking twit jumping off the bridge?
I guess they were making a documentary or something.
He was going to star in a film.
I was like, man, it just makes me so mad.
Well, but it's for your own good.
It's for your safety, scum.
Yeah, exactly.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
No, I didn't hear about our lord.
Our leader will win.
Disgusting creature.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rick and Reno.
Rick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, this call is one-to-one, positive to negative.
Good job at Coast to Coast AM, but the callers only have a half hour.
Well, I don't control how many calls they take.
I don't control that program.
On account of your interview with Loftus, it would seem to me as though you didn't trust the bumbling callers to have a say in the conversation.
You know, I really don't get the point of this whole thing.
Rick, I'll be honest with you.
First, you complained that Coast to Coast AM only took an hour of phone calls in the last hour.
Some nights, like Friday nights, they'll take nothing but calls for four hours.
Other nights they'll take calls in the first hour and then won't for another two hours.
So you implied that I was somehow behind that.
And then you launched straight into this comment about how I didn't take calls for Loftus calls.
The former Justice Department prosecutor talking about how MI6 agent is the mastermind of the bombings in London.
Really, it's a big distraction.
I don't get the point of this.
Well, I'll let you go then.
Tell me, Rick.
What is it?
The callers, I think, should have a one-third say in an interview when there's the two interviewees and the callers.
Now hold on just a minute, Rick.
I mean, this doesn't make sense.
You're on the air right now.
Yeah, but Loftus, I didn't have a crack at Loftus.
So, it would be nice in future to have a crack at Loftus.
He was only supposed to be on for 15 minutes.
I held him a lot longer.
Well, listen, I appreciate your call, Rick.
Meanwhile, CAFTA's passed, and meanwhile, the sodium and stannous fluoride's still in the water, and you're complaining about the format of the show.
It's just amazing.
But hey, whatever floats your boat, bro.
Mark, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from?
Yes, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
AJ, I'm Manistee, Michigan area.
Okay, welcome, sir.
Go ahead.
First-time caller, long-time listener, long-time patriot.
First of all, I want to commend you in your faith for the job you do on exposing the evil globalists and New World Order people.
My, I won't say the expertise in this area, is that I try to look at the scriptures and try to nail down certain facts.
For instance, the Hegelian dialectic,
Problem, reaction, plan, solution, like so many times you've exposed in books and other Patriots of the years have exposed.
These things are in the Bible.
For instance, in Daniel 8.21 and Daniel 11.21, the Bible clearly tells us that there is prosperity by careless security.
I'm sorry, that was Daniel 8.25.
And Daniel 11.21, the actual Hebrew word, by craft or deceit, they get their prosperity by careless security on both those verses.
Okay, enough of that.
Now, the next thing I want to go into for just a brief moment is in the book of Revelation.
We see the globalists, the facilitators, are the catalysts and the yeast,
Of this whole global agenda, and they're in the Bible.
It's the foundation.
By the seven heads, the ten horns, the ten crowns, the seven mountains, and that Hebrew word for the mountains is potentates, and potentates of the earth, like the Caesars were.
It's kings.
Right, and then there's the ten kings.
Sir, sir, listen.
Let me just say this.
Everybody wants to focus in on Nostradamus, which I put no stock in.
He did thousands of little paragraphs and vague conjectures, and then they can be read specifically into anything.
And it is scary.
Revelation 17, 9, by the way.
And that says seven mountains.
And that Greek word for mountains are potentates on the earth.
And the word kings is a separate place, my friend.
And that's in Daniel 17, Revelation 17, 12, where the ten kings are mentioned.
Also in Revelations 12.3, the kings are mentioned there.
So these seven heads, ten kings, ten horns.
Now, you know what the horns are?
I'll tell you what the horns are.
The horns are the forcing ones, just like horns to a beast or a goat.
Listen, I agree with you, and thanks for the call.
Your phone's cutting out a bit, sir.
Look, right after 9-11, coffee in and said, religion did this.
We must have a one-world religion.
I mean, he said that two days after 9-11.
No, it is scary.
And look, five years ago we talked about a Pan-American Union.
People laughed at us.
Now Lou Dobbs is talking about it.
I mean, it's happening.
We talk about a one-world currency, one-world ID systems.
They're already merging the databases.
They're merging the different policies, the different blueprints for the ID cards to where they are.
A world ID card.
They're all being standardized.
I mean, it's happening, folks.
But your so-called churches, and believe me, I've gone to a lot of churches.
I've tried to find good churches here in Central Texas.
They do not exist, folks.
And you go to them, and it's George Bush's God at the Baptist churches.
Here, let us hand out a little paper during the election saying none of the members of the church don't talk about politics even at lunch after church.
Don't talk about politics in the building.
There's no law saying don't talk about politics when you're sitting in the pews after church.
But, you know, the big Baptist conventions, I've seen similar handouts that are given to Catholics.
I've been mailed this stuff out of Chicago.
You know, where the local diocese says the guns are evil, turn them in, and don't talk about politics while you're... Notice that's a double thing.
Turn your guns in, but let's be political, but then don't talk about politics while you're here.
I mean, folks, I've been to churches where they hand out slips saying, do not talk about politics while you're here.
I mean, that's mind control, folks.
This country was founded on the churches, you know, the black brigades, the priests and pastors saying no to the madness of King George II.
He was dancing around, you know, dressed like a woman saying he was God.
So it never ends.
It never ends.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Government, the separation of church and state that Thomas Jefferson talked about, means that government is involved in no way in religion.
But now it's the opposite.
Government regulates and runs religion.
But then can't have the Ten Commandments in a building.
In a federal building.
I mean, folks, they're not supposed to... But this is how it started 50 years ago.
They said, oh, just sign this little form.
And you'll get your tax exemption.
Oh, it's just a formality, just sign the form.
And so you sign the form, and then they start putting on the form, oh, you agree to not talk about politics.
Congress isn't supposed to be involved.
There's supposed to be no laws involving it.
Folks, it's the same thing with vaccinations.
There's no law you've got to vaccinate your children.
So people start rebelling against it, and they go, okay, just sign this form, this waiver.
But a waiver is for something that...
We're good to go.
Every once in a while, I'll see somebody like that Kennedy preacher out of Florida.
He'll talk about the New World War a little bit and tell the truth a little bit.
There's a few others.
People like Pastor Hagee out of San Antonio.
He'll tell the truth about a few issues, but then his solution is worship George Bush.
George Bush is a man of God.
Folks, if you've got the discernment of an amoeba, you know George Bush is pure evil.
He just radiates evil.
You can just look at him.
This broadcast is about news and information.
You're welcome to talk about whatever you want, but there's a thousand denominations all fighting with each other that all have the answers and all know what's happening.
And the average secular person out there looks at mainstream Christians and says, I want no part of those Kool-Aid drinking zombies.
Well, those aren't Christians.
Christ decried the church.
Christ decried the Pharisees and the rabbinical schools as a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats.
He said, look, that's the synagogue of Satan.
And I'm telling you, the churches today, folks, is where you find the devil.
It's the same as it was 2,000 years ago.
And I'm not saying all of them.
I mean, there's churches out there.
But I haven't found them in my area.
It's basically a George Bush worship fest.
I'm not going to put an idol up in my house and kneel before George Bush.
I'm sorry.
The guy's a devil-worshiping drug head, and I'm sick of it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kurt in Texas.
Kurt, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
The clip that you played just a little bit of O'Reilly, was that the one with Senator Graham?
I couldn't believe the man saying, Oh, torture them.
They have no rights.
Bring in dogs.
Torment them.
Strip them.
Anything to get our information.
Said they have no rights.
They'll do nothing.
Well, that's right.
The full clip's even worse.
That is terrible.
But again, what happens when our troops get captured and get tortured?
Well, there'll be double things.
Oh, well, suddenly it's bad to torture our troops.
And again, this is a key, Kirk.
Admittedly, these are innocent people at these bases.
The Army's own report says 75 to 90 percent of those in Iraq are families that didn't have their papers in order.
Can you imagine torturing children?
I can imagine anything out of this bunch.
After the bombing of 7-21, I heard one of the female commentators on Fox say...
Well, maybe now they will pass the hate legislation in Britain which forbids people from talking against the government.
I heard this just one time and tried to hear it again and never heard it.
Well, no, that's what they're saying.
In fact, while I was in England, it was all over radio, in the cabs.
We have a bunch of cab drivers on tape going, ban their speech, don't let people criticize, and we have the cops come over and threaten to arrest us twice.
And I said, go ahead and arrest me, and continued bullhorning the parliament.
The next day, they passed a law banning that.
Oh, well...
The last point I wanted to bring up, in Iraq, could you actually blame the insurgents for fighting them when they're aware of the DU and the effects of it, and they say that birth defects among Iraqi children, since our warring over there has tripled or quadrupled?
Well, you're right.
It's quadrupled over there.
It's tripled with our troops because they're not there as long.
Kurt, don't hang up, okay?
I'm going to come back to you.
Stay there.
Come back to Kurt and try to answer his questions.
And take more calls.
1-800-259-9231 Our websites are infowars.com and presentplanet.tv Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
They have a TV program seven nights a week in Iraq called In the Hands of Justice.
Terrorists in the Hands of Justice.
And admittedly, they beat the daylights out of people, torture them.
And then most of them, I admit, I robbed a car.
I admit, I raped a woman.
And they're all called terrorists.
Again, they're being trained that all crime is terrorism.
There's no judge, no jury.
And we have this Justice Department...
Lawyer, this big Fox News commentator, John Lawson, yesterday, and he just starts lauding this.
And, you know, do the Iraqis have a right to fight back when they're being put in camps and raped and killed and bombed?
No, I don't think black people had a right to fight back during slavery.
I think they should have thanked their captors for putting chains around their necks and making them pull plows and beating them and killing them.
And I don't think that anybody had a right to fight Hitler.
How dare we ever fight Hitler?
You're not allowed to fight governments.
Governments are always good.
The citizens are always slaves and bad.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
There are a lot of insurgents over there that were pro-West at the start but are now fighting because their brothers and sisters have been killed.
And obviously, what did our founding fathers do when an empire was trying to oppress us 230-something years ago?
They would be called terrorists today.
You know, the first terrorist.
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine.
By the way, I've got FEMA on video in my film, Road to Tyranny, saying in a Kansas City police environment in a secret meeting that the Founding Fathers are terrorists and that America's bad.
I mean, they actually teach it, folks.
So this isn't a joke.
But the caller, Kurt, was...
Really bringing up an important point there.
Anything else, sir?
I do have an American flag on my car, but I display it upside down.
People say, well, why do you do that?
That's the sign the country's in distress.
I said, yes, they are.
They said, well, why do you think of this?
And I say, well, have a look at this and pass on one of the copies of your tapes to them.
Well, God bless you, Kurt.
And I tell you, I mean, we are in distress.
And so many fools think it's a sign of disrespect.
You know, when your ship's in crisis or when your castle's in trouble, you fly the pennant upside down.
I mean, I would just say the mere fact that you can't buy an American flag made in America, I mean, that's the reason right there to fly them upside down.
The mere fact that we've had 50 million abortions is a reason to fly it upside down.
I mean, we're an evil country, folks.
And there's no excuses.
I mean, did Al Qaeda kill 50 million children?
You know, does Al Qaeda even exist?
What do you think of all these revelations of drills on 7-7 and now the head bomber being MI6 and the British government?
I mean, right out in the open, the British government's behind it.
That's beyond belief, some things that are taking place.
Keep up the fight.
Thank you, sir.
And again, folks, understand, it's admitted.
I mean, I have this Justice Department lawyer on, and he just admits that Kermit Roosevelt carried out terror attacks to blame it on foreign enemies.
I mean, when does it end?
When does it end?
We're going to break and come back and talk to all the callers, a whole bunch of you holding, 1-800-259-9231.
There's a ton of news as well, but callers take us in all these different directions.
It's always very interesting and very informative.
The last 60 seconds of this hour, if you believe in what we're doing, and you want to fight the globalists, and you want to expose these murdering terrorists, if you want to shine the spotlight, the hot, glaring spotlight of the truth, you know, the sword of the truth, you want to lash them with the sword of the truth, with the cat or nine tails of the truth,
Then you need to get Martial Law, my new film.
You need to get Road to Tyranny.
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You need to get Innocence Betrayed.
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PrisonPlanet.tv, or call toll-free to get the films.
Second Hour, coming at you.
Lock yourselves in.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com, or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The global controllers, the global scum, the global parasites...
Know that as the final phases of their world government slave grid are being constructed and completed and being tested, that finally the slaves are opening their eyes and looking around them and facing the horror of what's been constructed.
And so we're in a very dangerous point right now.
The people are waking up.
People are tuning out of mainstream media.
The alternative press is exploding.
Excuse me.
I'm trying to eat something during the break.
I went down the wrong way.
Ah, I couldn't get to my cough button.
All of this is happening.
And they're in trouble.
And they know they're in trouble.
And they know that their whole agenda is grinding to a halt.
So they've carried out the last two waves of bombings.
The evidence is very clear.
So we'll be talking about that in the shower and just a host of other news reports.
But right now, let's go to Ron in New York, then Charles, John, Brian, William, and others.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hello, Alex.
I do notice every time somebody has to debate something, and the prime example I call about is today the New York ACLU filed a lawsuit against the random bag searches.
Now, while there are many strong and persuasive arguments that could be posed against those searches, they posed the weakest possible arguments against it, almost ensuring that their adversaries, if you want to really call them adversaries, I don't think they are,
Who are in favor of the searches will prevail and bad case law will be established.
Yeah, the ACLU, and I'm talking about most of its members, they're well-meaning people just like everybody else in every other organization, are there to create bad case law.
They're there to lose cases.
They're there to lose your freedom through their bad case law.
That's basically what they're out to do.
Now, with reference to these bad searches, about two Sundays back in the New York Times, they interviewed the police commissioner in New York City, and he stated this, okay?
He said after the events of London on July 21st, he felt the time was right for bag searches, that people would then accept it at that point, and prior to that date would not be willing to accept that intrusion.
And he never cited, too, the legal merits of these bag searches.
In other words, what he's saying is he opportunistically took advantage of a political situation or panic that has been whipped up in the general population.
That's what he's saying.
So this has no legal merit.
The man never cited the legal merits of the searches and merely said that he took advantage of basically the panic that developed after the incidents in the London subway.
No, I saw that.
I mean, now they come out and say, oh, the head bomber's an MI6 agent and the government's behind it, but still we've got to stop Al-Qaeda.
Oh, the border's going to be wide open, but we're not going to profile.
We're going to randomly search all of you and train you how to be slaves.
None of this makes you safe, folks.
It's training you how to line up, show your ID, snap to attention.
They're doing home searches all over the country now.
They're openly telling us there's no Fourth Amendment.
That is criminal.
And the issue of racial profiling, it's a canard, it's a red herring.
The fact of the matter is, and I've said this before, the Constitution does not say it's okay to abuse everybody, abuse people if you abuse everybody.
The Constitution does not say a violation of it or abuse is okay so long as it is egalitarian or eclectic.
The Constitution says you should abuse nobody.
Well, that's well said, and see, that's the difference between a democracy and a republic.
You're good to go.
It supposedly gains the force of law.
Well, they use the racial profiling.
It's really a red herring.
Well, it's an excuse.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
We're not going to look for specific groups and specific people.
No one should be abused.
Yeah, we're going to violate everybody's rights.
Thanks, Ron.
Great points.
We'll talk to Charles, John, Bruce, and William, and many others when we get back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
About an hour and 55 minutes left in this broadcast, and there's a ton of vital info to cover, so be sure and stay with us.
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Alex Jones here.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The last caller from New York brought up how the police commissioner a few weeks ago
Said, yeah, we're going to start random bag and really body searches.
They pat you down on the subways and buses all over New York City.
And then New Jersey adopted it.
San Francisco adopted it.
All over the country, cops just set up random checkpoints on highways.
And then when they're searching for guns and drugs, totally violating your Fourth Amendment, they'll just throw in, well, the bus bombings.
Meanwhile, there's billions of dollars, $2.4 billion a year, in federal funds every year since 1998.
Clinton first started it, Bush has continued it, to set up checkpoints all over the country and search your vehicles.
Number one, it federalizes police, trains them to be federalized under federal duties, and of course it trains you, the public, to be their little slaves and to go through checkpoints.
So none of it keeps you safe.
And you ought to have a police chief, a police commissioner say, well, you know, these attacks took place and the public wouldn't have gone along with this before, but now they will, so now the time is right to do this.
It's just hidden in plain view.
They just flaunt it.
And of course, all of the serious anti-terror analysts will tell you, this does nothing to keep you safe.
And it doesn't make the people think they're safe.
The vast majority of people in England hated the checkpoints and the searches.
The vast majority of folks in New York that I've seen interviewed are against it.
And by the way, there are just a few bad searches going on in England.
It is massive in New York and New Jersey.
But is any of this a surprise?
Remember a couple months ago I had the Bergen County police chief on?
There they have a police chief over the county.
A couple million people in his county.
Big jurisdiction.
And he's gotten a microchip, and he wants all his employees to get microchips.
And I said, well, if the government says we've all got to take them, will you enforce that?
And he said, yeah, it's a great idea.
I'll enforce that.
I'll make you take microchips.
And I said, but, I mean, that sounds like Mark of the Beast.
And he says, well, I trust my government.
I'm part of the government.
I am the government.
And we should all have microchips.
And then Tommy Thompson, you know, former secretary in Bush's cabinet.
You don't get much more powerful than that.
He has...
Taking a microchip.
And he is now traveling the country.
The Washington Post reported last week, traveling the country to public schools, promoting to elementary school children to, quote, get chipped.
And he's now part of the company, and the mobile chip van drives around, handing out little get-chip toys.
Let's understand this.
The Mexican Attorney General told his employees, you've got to take the microchip or you can't get in the building.
That's a year and a half ago.
We have major sheriffs, major police chiefs, saying we all need to take chips.
I'll make you take chips if that's the law.
I've had CEO of the company on.
I've had the doctor that developed it, the scientist.
They say, yes, in the future you're going to have to have a chip.
They've signed a Bureau of Prisons deal in California to start chipping the inmates.
We exposed that two years ago and they stopped the program.
I mean, we're in the Twilight Zone, boys and girls.
I mean, we're here.
I know there's a lot of police driving around in squad cars right now that heard me on the radio five, ten years ago when you laughed at me when I said all this was coming.
Are you laughing now?
Maybe you'll follow the order.
Andy Rooney said that everybody needs a chip.
He said this three years ago.
It's in Road to Tyranny.
On 60 Minutes, he said every American needs a chip to prove who the good people are.
To prove who the good... An icon like Andy Rooney.
To prove who the good people are, we need to all have microchips.
I mean, I'm not the one saying this.
They are.
And so we've got...
We've got the police chief of New York, the commissioner, the commish, saying that, oh yeah, the time was right to do this.
And then, yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and the Commissioner were also, back in the New York newspapers, Newsday namely, saying, no, there's been calls by state reps and by city council members to racially profile Muslims and Islamists and people who look like they're Middle Eastern, and we're not going to do that.
It doesn't work, and it's disgusting.
Now, number one, there's multi-layers to this onion.
Number one, if you believe that Islamist terrorists are acting alone and bombing the World Trade Center in 93, or Oklahoma City in 95, or 9-11, or the Madrid bombings, I'll sell you the London Bridge.
I got some oceanfront property in Arizona, and from my back porch you can see the sea.
I mean, if you really believe that, you believe George Strait's being serious when he sings those words.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
We've caught them red-handed.
We have the handbooks, the training manuals, the admissions.
It is public.
So, number one, it is not Islamists carrying out terror.
Are there every once in a while on a blue moon some Muslim woman that goes crazy with a knife or a gun and kills a bunch of Israelis?
Do Israelis occasionally go crazy and go in and kill a bunch of Muslims or Palestinians?
That happens.
I mean, there is some real racial, tribal warfare going on.
Over there.
But over here, folks, it does not exist.
I mean, just like the Klan does it.
I mean, there's a few toothless idiots that will burn a house down every once in a while or something.
You know, this big threat the media says it is, it isn't.
Unless it's the government provocateuring it.
We've caught them doing it with white supremacists, the Klan, Mexican supremacists, Muslim extremists.
It's always the same M.O.
So number one, they're saying we're not going to profile.
So let's say it really was Muslim terrorists doing it.
And Mayor Bloomberg says it doesn't work, it's just stupid.
That's a quote.
It doesn't work, it's just stupid, it's mean, it's bad.
Okay, so people report that a six-foot black man wearing a red biker jacket robs the bank.
And there's an all-points bulletin out in your town.
Do the police start pulling over black women?
Do they start pulling over white women?
Do they pull over old white men?
Do they pull over teenage Mexicans?
They look for a black man in a red van or a blue van, whatever, driving wearing a red jacket.
Okay, I mean, that's not profiling.
So they have this big issue of profiling.
They introduce it to us.
We all get used to hearing about profiling and how evil it is.
And then the government goes, don't worry, we can run checkpoints on the highway if we search all of you.
So see, they're saying, before it was some type of profiling.
You know, tenuous probable cause with profiling.
Now, they're going, oh no, we're fair.
Zero probable cause.
This is totally random, the Supreme Court said.
That's the total opposite of the Fourth Amendment.
So see the mind game they play?
And so now, I've seen the video on the news, I've seen the still photos, Reuters and AP.
I mean, it literally, it's their favorite person to search is an eight-year-old white girl.
Or some old black woman.
And they're there, you'll see a guy with a machine gun pointed at them, and the cops are searching their bags, and guess what?
They're finding marijuana, they're finding, you know, oh, is this stereo stolen?
You know, it's all a big snooping operation, training us to not have any freedoms.
I mean, this, folks, this, in Stasi, eastern Germany, they had checkpoints on the trains.
I mean, in Russia, they didn't even have checkpoints getting on trains.
It was just coming into the country.
In Nazi Germany, they rarely had checkpoints on trains.
And you know about the, you know, it's been made a classic image in Hollywood films.
I mean, everybody knows that image.
America is going much further than that.
I mean, the Nazis didn't brag about torturing and killing people.
America does.
So, at least they hid what they were doing.
Now, this stuff is just out in the open.
I mean, this is pure evil.
So, number one, it doesn't keep you safe, folks.
Number two, it's cynically being done to train you to be a slave.
And the border is wide open.
I mean, it's a total joke.
They're going to put up billions of dollars of cameras in every major city.
They're already doing it.
Billions per city.
I mean, over a billion in some cities.
Big, marquee cities like Chicago, New York, L.A.
Hundreds of millions in towns like Austin.
Almost a billion in Dallas.
What is it, 800 and something million?
On top of what's already been put up, imagine what that would do with Border Patrol.
Imagine what that would do with cameras on the border, where you can constitutionally put the military.
Oh, but no, we're not going to put the military there.
I mean, look at this Fox News story.
Pentagon to increase domestic surveillance for counterterrorism.
The Department of Defense has developed a new strategy in counterterrorism.
This is so illegal.
This is a felony.
It would increase military activities on American soil, particularly in the area of intelligence gathering.
The move is sparking concern among civil liberties advocates and those who fear an encroaching military role in domestic law enforcement.
Folks, the only place where they've actually done this is like North Korea and former East Germany.
I mean, this is maximum tyranny.
In an argument that eerily foreshadowed the July London terror attacks, the Pentagon in late June announced a strategy for homeland defense and support which would expand its reach domestically to prevent enemy attacks aimed at Americans here at home.
And again, they count all gang member activity, all drug dealing as terrorism.
Hundreds of arrests on a monthly basis now.
The strategy approved by Defense Secretary Gordon England.
What are you doing involving our daily lives, Gordon England?
On June 24th, argues that the government needs a multi-layered preventative approach to national defense in order to combat an unconventional enemy that will attack from anywhere, anytime, by any means, conceivable means.
Transitional terrorist groups view the world as an integrated global battle space in which to exploit perceived U.S.
vulnerabilities wherever they may be, reads the 40-page document that outlines the new plans.
And the plan openly calls for troops on the streets, and Bob Barr comments on it.
Critics say the fears raised by the Pentagon are being used as justification for the military to conduct wider, more intrusive surveillance on American citizens.
Do we want, as a free people, with any notion of privacy enshrined in the Constitution and based on very clear limits to defend the role of government, to be in a society where not just the police but the military are on the street corners gathering intelligence on citizens?
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We're going to your calls here in a moment, but I tried to hurry through this Fox News article.
Let me go back to what Bob Barr said.
Critics say fears raised by the Pentagon are being used as a justification for the military to conduct wider, more intrusive surveillance on American citizens.
Do we want, as a free people, with the notion of privacy enshrined in the Constitution and based on the very clear limits and defined role of government, to be in a society where not just the police
But the military are on the street corners gathering intelligence on citizens, sharing that data, manipulating that data.
Ask former Representative Bob Barr, Republican Georgia, a constitutional law expert, and civil libertarian.
This document provides a blueprint for doing just that he said.
Barr said the strategy is a backdoor means of following through with the 2002 plan to create the centralized information database using public and private records on individuals called the Total Information Awareness Network.
Which, by the way, never got killed, folks.
It's operational.
Private firm runs it.
Run by convicted drug-dealing felons.
That's been in the news.
Almost all the people running these databases are well-known arms dealers, child dealers.
This is mainstream news.
Child kidnappers, murderers, smack dealers.
And, I mean, you look.
It's literally just all these felons run these places.
And they've got giant merc armies, you know, of plainclothes guys with the short haircuts and little machine guns under their jackets.
And they're mainly doing domestic spying.
They're mainly going after people that don't pay their cuts into the central banks.
It's like Los Zetas has hired killers.
Mainstream news admits that they're trying by the U.S.
government, killing hundreds.
But as usual, it's blowback.
The government can't control them.
They're just killing all the cartels that aren't globalist certified.
I mean, this is happening.
I mean, I've been there back in 99 and witnessed Marines training to take your guns and admitting it's for America.
Police State 2000.
I've been there.
I've seen it.
I've witnessed it.
It's not a joke.
We're talking not just troops spying on you, but troops on the street corners.
Let me tell you something.
They're already there, folks.
They're already there.
They've been there since the late 80s.
But in the late 80s, it was a few thousand.
They have grown these cabres to tens of thousands.
A huge, silent, invisible network that's now going to be going public.
These are traitors.
These are scum.
These are un-American pieces of filth.
Do you understand, folks?
Secret troops.
It's even worse than troops.
Secret troops
He's the epitome of the Sovietization, the Nazification, the Chikamization of this country.
It is China!
Doesn't have...
In most areas of the country, they do on some of their borders, secret plainclothes military.
Sneaking around, okay?
You understand we're going to be worse than China.
Let's talk to Charles in Louisiana, and then we'll go to everybody else.
Go ahead, Charles.
How you doing, Mr. Jones?
I mean, it's all happening.
Very upset.
A piece of paper never saved anybody's life.
I am, too.
We keep saying the Constitution says this and the Constitution says that.
We are the Constitution.
I agree.
Just because they say we don't have rights doesn't mean it's true.
We should have the Constitution written in our heart.
That's right.
A piece of paper ain't going to save us.
I'm so tired of these people saying, call your representative.
They end with it.
But another thing is, George Bush.
That's his army down there.
That's not mine.
He's making criminals out of every one of them boys.
I know what's going on.
I talk to people who come back from there.
It's an unconstitutional war.
That's his.
They're going along with it.
That's fine.
You understand?
But they took an 11-year-old girl here.
That's fine.
It was on national news.
She had a rock fight.
She threw a rock, cut a little boy's eye.
Not bad.
Two stitches.
You know how kids are.
No, they're training us.
It's like tasering the five-year-old.
They're training us in front of us that three cops jump on a little girl
I know, they're training us.
And they put helicopters over our house.
Listen, all crime is terrorism.
You see the American people.
The American people, they want somebody else to do it.
They want you to do it.
They want me to do it.
It's about mega oppression.
It's about you do the smallest thing.
We're going to send men in black masks to beat the daylights out of you.
That's it.
But you see, Mr. Jones, if it wasn't for a few people like yourself and a few people, a few, we would be down in the tube right now.
And these people won't even help themselves.
They want somebody else to do it, Mr. Jones.
A lot of folks are waking up, though, Charles, but you're doing a good job.
Anything else?
No, sir.
I'm just upset this morning.
It's good to be upset.
That's healthy.
Keep it up.
God bless you.
We'll come back and take more calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Now, I understand why Charles is upset.
I mean, look, it's not normal.
To have the former Secretary of Transportation taking a microchip and traveling to public schools around the country, getting on the news, saying, parents, you know, this is a former secretary in the cabinet wearing a $3,000 suit giving speeches at public school gymnasiums saying, put microchips in your children.
I mean, folks, the bizarreness is here.
The bizarreness of a six-year-old
Throwing a fit and arguing until the police come in like they're dealing with Al-Qaeda and pull guns and jump on her and handcuff her.
Oh my gosh!
A six-year-old!
How deadly!
We're all in big trouble.
Kids throw rocks.
We got in so many rock fights.
I got so many cuts on my face.
It's not safe.
It's not good.
Bad stuff happens.
I would have been in jail so many times and the other kids would have been in jail even more.
And it was usually other kids would start throwing rocks first.
You know, it starts out with a pebble, moves on to a bigger rock, pretty soon you're throwing sticks at each other, you know, in the woods, and pretty soon one hits you in the face.
You know, I was never the type to start crying and run home to mommy.
Other kids would, even when they'd start it.
But yeah, now some 11-year-old girl, they're throwing rocks and laughing.
One gets hurt.
One's eye, you know, gets a cut on it.
And so they call out helicopters and SWAT teams.
You know, an 11-year-old is assaulted with a deadly weapon.
I guarantee you, every one of those SWAT team cops threw rocks.
See, they engage in double-think.
Well, times have changed.
Things are different today.
Al-Qaeda hit us.
That's always the excuse.
Things are different now.
Zero tolerance.
Hope your mama sent you to school with a Tylenol in your lunchbox.
Because you're sick.
We're going to charge you with a crime and put you on probation.
Doesn't matter if you're on the honor roll.
Or oh!
You're the valedictorian who was going to graduate tonight, last day of school, but you brought for your morning home class, your home room class, there's been squadrons of these cases, so many you can't count them all, but in one case we interviewed her a few years ago, she was the valedictorian and she brought a little plastic case, paper box,
That had the 12 spoons and the 12 forks and the 12 knives, little plastic knives.
The security guard saw that she pulled up and saw her getting out and saw that she had the cake and saw that she had the little box and he ran over and told her to get up against the car and he called in back up and he said, hey, zero tolerance, plastic knives, you're going to jail.
And the school board said, absolutely, you're not going to get to graduate, you've got to go to summer school.
We're stripping you of the last semester.
You've got to go to summer school to graduate.
She was already lined up to go to college that summer.
And there was another young lady who was on the honor roll.
Happened the same year.
This was a few years back now.
I see these articles and don't even really pay attention to them.
This is how desensitized I've gotten.
And she was even worse.
She was about to move out that weekend and had all her stuff boxed up in her truck.
And she had something even worse.
Her mother had given her a box of utensils, and they had the little butter knives with the edges, and the stainless steel forks and stuff.
And they admitted that she had all her clothes and placemats and stuff in there to go off to college.
And she was so excited about going right away, she was going to move early and get there.
And they arrested her and stripped her.
And of our diploma, and I'm sure you've heard the story about the homeschooler.
We had her dad on.
This was in major New York papers.
She was 15.
She graduated in the top 1% when she went and took the state test, the federally standardized test.
She was in the top 1% at 15.
She had a full tuition at the major New York college.
And CPS came and took her.
And criminally charged her father with abuse.
And it was in the newspaper.
And they were proud of it.
They said it is abusive to not let his daughter have had the socialization she needed of being in public school.
Though she was already... Oh, I forgot.
She was already starting to go to college.
That's when they discovered it.
And she got in the newspaper and was praised.
And that made them very angry.
And they wouldn't let her go to college.
And withdrew her diploma.
That she'd gotten through the state test, saying that she had been truant for all those years.
Oh, you're doubting me?
Just type it into Google.
You'll get New York Post, New York Times, saying it's good.
They, of course, said it was good this was happening.
And there's countless other examples where we're all criminals, we're all evil, we're all bad.
Unless you're the vice president running billions of dollars of contracts into your own bank accounts, into your wife's bank account for Lockheed Martin.
You know, forget Halliburton.
The Lockheed Martin stuff is ten times worse.
Just total, absolute grand larceny, total fraud, total embezzlement.
Publicly, no one gets in trouble.
Trillions missing from the Pentagon, publicly admitted, nothing happens.
Dying Court kidnaps 200,000 women and children, and it's admitted in Congress, and the defense secretary says, no big deal.
They were put in the penalty box for a few months.
I mean, are you starting to get this?
I mean, I remember ten years ago, cops were pretty polite, folks.
Most of them were a bunch of rude, out-of-control punks.
You know, even if they're not out-of-control punks, they're being told to act like that.
I'm sick of it!
All right, that's enough.
I'm going to your calls.
I think I was really tired today.
I almost ran a rebroadcast because I just had jet lag.
I did coast to coast.
I did some editing last night.
And I'm just tired.
And now I'm not tired, folks.
I just get so angry.
John in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, this guest you had from Fox News I think proves once and for all
That anything that comes out of any of the corporate, military, industrial, complex media, especially Fox News, a commentator for them, is nothing but a sinister propagandist for every pretext.
And he was slick, though, wasn't he?
Oh, he was very slick when he had to admit something because you knew it about the terrorist attacks, blaming the communists and Mossadegh in Iraq.
He tried to somehow fudge that away, but on everything else...
If you know that these are the kind of dirty operations that the CIA uses around the world, you're not going to believe the pretenses that this attack on Iraq has shown.
They even have handbooks on how to frame patsies.
And then it just came out the British have tortured other people to say they're terrorists.
You can't believe any of this.
There's a book by a former State Department intelligence analyst, William Blum, called Killing Hope, and he shows how around the world the United States government, when it overthrew Arbenz, the mild reformer in Guatemala in 1954, which caused the death of 200,000 people in the coming years, they planted Soviet arms there to justify it as a supposed beachhead for Soviet communism.
You can't.
I remember Sadat before,
The Soviets even went into Afghanistan.
He bragged afterwards that he was a transshipment point for Soviet arms.
Before the United States starts sending in direct U.S.
arms to these Mujahideen, Al-Qaeda terrorists.
And he was actually bragging about it before he was assassinated, that this was a kind of a way of disguising the planting of arms.
And here you've got this guy, Loftus, planting disinformation that even the Bush administration doesn't claim that there might be some of these WMDs in Syria.
I mean, it's just beyond what even the Bush administration would claim.
The guy is a total fraud, you know.
I didn't know about him before that.
But when you look at... But let me stop you.
It is conclusive, it is admitted, that they had drills at the exact same time, exact same places on 7-7.
It is now admitted that the supposed mastermind of the bombings is MI6, and they're protecting him...
I mean, that is conclusive proof that these British operations are an inside job.
Yeah, he knows that.
Well, listen, he had to admit it.
See, I mean, it's like when I was debating Peter Lance.
They have to admit all this stuff, but then they just say, still, it's Al-Qaeda.
I mean, it's crazy.
They just try to admit it and then jump past it.
Yeah, or say that it's just all of the amounts of evidence of complicity by the shadow government in 9-11 and in London bombings
Oh, they're just a slip shot.
They're just incompetent.
All the DIA, the CIA, all of the intelligence agencies with their billions of dollars of satellite surveillance and others, they just were outsmarted by this guy and a Dallas's machine in a cave.
And then I brought up Gladio, and he goes, that's an exaggeration, before I even said what Gladio was.
No, I know you're absolutely right with that.
I read about that years ago.
It's a direct correlation.
They bombed train stations in Italy during the 80s and blamed the communists.
This has been brought out a long time ago.
Meanwhile, John, our government building aluminum factories and weapons factories and propping up and funding the Soviets.
So, the best enemy money can buy.
Well, I'll argue with that somewhere else.
His recitation of all the targets of the Project for a New American Century gang that surround the Bush administration, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China, and setting them up... Listen, did you hear him say that they're going to declare Iraq sovereign and claim that Iraq wants to invade Syria?
I mean, that's really ridiculous.
No child would believe that kind of kindergarten propaganda if we go over there and impose a puppet government on them over there and then tell them to shut down any newspaper that criticizes the occupation.
And then people don't realize, and you can read this by some of the independent journals like Darja Mall on cmag.org, which is a left gatekeeper on too many things, but down to the last interesting things, that the winning coalition over there
What do you think about these calls by Paul Harvey to nuke and kill all Muslims, that black slavery was good, that killing Native Americans with smallpox was good?
What do you think of now Bill O'Reilly saying just execute all the prisoners?
I mean, it's getting...
Folks, I'm not kidding.
The Nazis never talked like this.
They just snuck around.
I mean, this is a new in history.
Since the Romans, it has not been this overt.
I think they're trying to make us as corrupt as they are, as corrupt as the elite is, because it's getting difficult to keep on lying.
Eventually, the truth leaks out.
Yeah, they've just got to say, we're torturing, we're kidnapping children, it's good, we're murdering people, we're putting... Mercury's good for you.
They don't even deny it anymore, John.
It's like the New York Police Chief goes, you guys wouldn't buy checkpoints before, but now you will, so we're going to do it.
Well, they won't have to lie to us anymore if they can make us think as evil and as corrupt as they do.
They won't have to come up with all of these WMDs, freedom, democracy, liberty, and the rest of it.
Well, wait a minute.
Thomas Barnett at the War College, Naval War College, and more and more of these neocons just say, it's about an empire, we're taking over, we're all going to get lots of money.
I mean...
And I hear callers calling in, John, going, yeah, yeah, yeah, I want money.
What these idiots don't know is this same elite is financially raping you.
You're not going to get any of this booty.
You're not going to get any of these spoils, you fools.
You want to say anything to them?
Well, the same military over there that's torturing people over there and raising their cities to the ground, humiliating and killing people are coming back over here.
They're going to do the same thing.
Hey, listen!
You heard Bob Barr.
And it is in the 40-page plan.
We have a link to it on prisonplanet.com.
But here it is.
He says, Bob Barr says, we're going to have troops...
On the street corners, folks, that is Eastern Germany.
That is China.
That is Nazi Germany.
I mean, folks, even most communist countries do not have troops on the street corners.
Folks, this is maximum martial law.
Let me read what Bob Barr said, John.
I want to get your take on this.
Let me read this.
Let me find out what... There it is.
Bob Barr, do we want, as a free people, with the notion of privacy enshrined in the Constitution, and based on the very clear limits and defined role of government, to be in a society where not just the police but the military are on the street corners gathering intelligence on citizens, sharing that data, manipulating that data, asked former Representative Bob Barr.
This document provides a blueprint for doing just that close quote.
Folks, the military kills people and breaks things.
They've been trained in torture.
And see, now you're going to be anti-military if you don't put the armband out on your tree, if you don't send your daughters out to throw flowers at them.
I mean, folks, I will...
I've got video, folks, of troops six years ago marching up to me in central Texas saying, turn your video cameras off, and I say, no, I'm not going to.
And they go, you're the one that put us on TV, because they were running checkpoints back then.
I mean, this is a red-gone takeover, but it is our government that's doing it.
Comments, John?
Well, yes.
I think they're going to duplicate the kind of brutality and martial law that the poor Iraqis have suffered after a million and a half people have been killed.
Now they've got this kind of thing.
We're coming up on 14 years of genocide against those people.
I mean, the top oil for food supervisors all quit and said it was genocide, absolute genocide.
I remember in the New York Times about...
By the way, there are over 100,000 people in 32 known camps and the Army's own report.
Again, this is a year old, said upwards of 90% are totally innocent.
You don't have your papers in order.
You go to a rape camp where literal demonic hogs rape your wife in front of you.
Yes, that's really terrorism.
Real terrorism.
This is the most brutal, evil, demonic stuff you can imagine.
It's designed to terrorize anyone who would fight back against this rape and pillage that's going on against them.
They've even used napalm and mustard gas.
They're now shipping over 25 microwave units.
Yes, and our own public health minister said that our use of these things like napalm in Fallujah, where we kill thousands of people and raze the country virtually to the ground, was outrageous and designed to terrorize the population.
Well, it's more than that.
I mean, I want people to know who are going, good, microwave them Iraqis.
Let me tell you something.
A year after they put up sound cannons or the LRAT systems there, they deployed them all over this country.
And they've already deployed the microwave guns here, too.
There's a double-edged sword.
Anytime you glorify this kind of unprovoked militarism against countries abroad, it's going to come back here.
The military is anathema to any kind of representative, whatever you want to call it, republic, democracy, or whatever, people's power anywhere, here or there.
And you threaten our civil liberties here when you give a free hand to them to rape and plunder people around the world, totally unprovoked.
And I was...
I was reading an article about Zakari, the guy that they use as a supposed... Total CIA!
Total CIA.
You had a guy from Progressive, which is another pseudo-left gatekeeper, but they had an interesting article, the latest issue, about how an under-reported story was that the Bush administration had nixed three times...
The Pentagon's plan that they said was airtight for bombing him in the US-controlled northern no-fly zone back before the war.
And three times the Bush National Security Council nixed it because they wanted him around as a pretext.
To invade Iraq.
Well, look, I mean, the number three man at the CIA, Krongard, told the Times of London on January 6th that we're leaving him alone.
It's more, folks, the head bomber is MI6 doing it for them.
I mean, John, it's simple.
It's motive.
Who gets power out of these bombings?
It's incredible that some people...
Can't see that.
And another thing about Zakari, there's an exile from London, who's an exile from the Saddam regime, Sami Ramdadi and Dar Jamal, an independent reporter, I like the ones that, who point out that the majority of the Iraqis believe that Zakari is really a CIA Pentagon asset to incite sectarian violence, divide and rule, and conquer tactics by the Pentagon.
Yeah, no, no, that's the, Brzezinski wrote that down in 97.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
More calls straight ahead.
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I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Third hour coming up, a ton of news and your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Brian and William and Eric and Matt and Lori, everybody, your calls are coming up.
Yeah, 14 years since late 1990.
Coming up on 15 years...
They've been bombed and attacked and controlled.
Over a million and a half dead.
Their population's actually gone way down.
It's genocide.
And folks, it'll be going on in ten years.
And people think the war's failing.
It's not failing.
The globalists are killing more people, killing more of our troops, causing more hysteria.
They want everybody fighting with each other.
And yeah, in major polls over in...
Iraq, John's right.
They believe it's the U.S.
All the running man TV shows where they torture people on TV aren't convincing the people.
It's so sick.
Before I go back to Brian and William and everybody else, if you believe in this broadcast and you want powerful videos that are extremely informative and are waking people up,
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The government's own documents, video footage of all of it.
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They cannot stand that if we do that.
Brian in Colorado.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, this is Bruce in Colorado.
Oh, Bruce, I apologize.
Bruce, go ahead.
That's okay.
I hear some people calling in about the churches, which are in apostate condition at this point.
And my suggestion is that people have their own meetings.
You don't even have to call them churches.
Just have them in their homes.
And this goes in line with what you were saying about leadership.
You know, people need to be leaders.
And the way it's done is you give out Alex Jones videos
Along with tracks with your phone number.
People will call you up because the tracks, well, I say tracks, I mean homemade tracks, where you cite Matthew 24, which shows the prophecy that falls in line with many of the things that you say on the video.
It shows how the prophecies, you know, the beast in Revelation being the Antichrist beast, the New World Order system,
It actually helps to convince people that this is the gospel and this is the truth.
I mean, Tommy Thompson is traveling to public schools telling elementary students to take chips.
I mean, folks, we're living in a science fiction nightmare.
One of the most clear illustrations...
Is this beast that has power was given to him over all kindreds and tongues and nations?
What could be more clear?
When has this ever occurred in history?
That some entity or some power has power over all kindreds and tongues?
Stay there.
Stay there, Bruce.
Let you finish up on the other side and we'll talk to everybody else.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Bruce in Colorado was talking about the unbelievable, not similarities, but the identical nature of what's in Revelations.
To what's happening today.
I mean, again, I don't believe in Nostradamus.
The guy was a quack, folks.
If that makes some of you mad, I don't care.
Nostradamus would say, and then a man is killed on a horse, a king, stabbed in the face.
Well, kings die all the time in battle, getting hit in the face.
So, you know, a hundred years later, a king dies, getting stabbed in the face.
Ooh, look!
This isn't some vague thing about a comet went by the earth, and then there was a calamity.
No, no, no, no.
Well, there's always calamities.
You know, a city burns.
No, I mean, the Bible, it is incredible, folks.
A one world leader, these marks under the skin to buy and sell, world government armies, just, you know, all of this stuff, you know, computers, I mean, it's all in there.
But go ahead.
Okay, well, one of the things in Revelation 13, verse 2,
It says the dragon, which earlier on it refers to the dragon as Satan, gave him his power and seed and great authority.
Now that's clear in your video, Martial Law, where you see these people worshipping Satan.
You see they're getting their authority from Satan.
And so if you give out, if people give out these videos with a track that shows the correlation, that, the earthquake, the frequency of earthquakes which has increased, and so on, there's so many points that correspond, people will be helped to see that this is the answer, that this is the gospel.
Well, I tell you, I mean, for those that don't know, our world leaders, particularly Christian conservative leaders, are really devil worshippers.
And I've been there, and I've shot the video, and you're right, I've got David Gergen having a meltdown over it.
But, you know, I've had national Christian talk show hosts say that I'm an evil devil for saying that Bush is skull and bones, bohemian growth.
Yes, I know.
This is what I feel, is that too much of the church, and by the way, this is also a prophecy, too much of the so-called church has been invaded.
By the corrupt government part of the peace system.
So we need to start our own, you know, either in our own home or in someone else's home.
I feel that's what's needed.
Well, that's what's been happening.
Good to hear from you.
Go to alternative media.
Start your own churches.
Just come out of it, folks.
See, all that evil men and tyrants seem to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
We have to... If we know we're good, or at least we're trying to be good...
Thanks for your call.
We're going to let him go now.
Thank you.
If we know that we're good, then we need to get out there and be leaders.
Let's go ahead and talk to William.
William, where are you calling from?
Oregon Coast.
Go ahead.
First of all, congratulations on your trip over to London.
Glad you made it back safe and sound without too many problems.
A lot of that video will be going up in the next week for presentplanet.tv members.
I look very forward to seeing it.
A couple quick things here.
The article about Patrick Fitzgerald, I listened to you on Coast to Coast the other night.
I don't know where you get the energy.
You must have better coffee than me.
But anyways, I noticed that George Neury went into that fact of all those emails flying around.
A friend of mine sent me a site today about the article Greg Szymanski wrote.
Evidently, he called the Chicago Federal Grand Jury Office.
Of Patrick Fitzgerald.
And evidently one of their spokesmen said they will refuse to comment at this point.
So perhaps the story will have legs.
I guess the future will tell.
For those that don't know, folks have been saying for three weeks that Karl Rove and others have been indicted.
Now, they may be called as witnesses, but what I said I don't believe is that the president has been indicted.
I guess we'll find out.
You want to comment on that on the other side, William?
Yeah, I'll hang on.
All right, stay there.
And then Eric and Matt and Lori and others, call the free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
The websites just get better and better, folks.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.net.
Check them out.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're here, my friends!
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Blasting out on the AM and FM dial from Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Austin, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, just all over the country.
So many new affiliates.
So exciting.
I want to thank all those fine stations that join us each and every day.
Because, you know, this is not that radical of a broadcast anymore.
I'll say it for the third time today.
I mean, Tommy Thompson's traveling the country saying every child needs an implantable microchip.
He's taken the chip.
I mean, that's insane.
That's out of control.
That's end-of-the-world type stuff.
We've got a right to say no.
Mercury is not nutritious and good for our children.
This war is a fraud.
Bush is not a conservative.
I mean, it really boils down to that.
I mean, look, day one we come out and go, all the evidence shows the government's behind the London bombings.
And then it comes out they had drills at the exact same time, exact same place, as a cover-up.
And then it comes out that the main bomber, the main commander of the bombers, the mastermind...
Scotland Yard even says, we think these people were patsies, may not have known what they were doing.
You know, those that actually blew up in the bombs of 7-7.
Then it comes out that the mastermind is an MI6 asset and agent, being protected, and the British government's behind it.
It comes out in all the big British papers, comes out on Fox News, but Fox says, oh, well, that's no big deal, let's just move on.
Government stand again from this.
See, we're not that radical, folks.
We just know what we're talking about.
We know how the world really operates.
Most people get out of politics or never get into it, never get into caring, because it seems like it doesn't make sense.
It's so boring.
It's so stagnant.
But when you know the real paradigm, who's really in control, then it becomes extremely exciting and extremely scary.
But we were talking to William in Oregon yesterday,
About this rumor for three weeks that's been circulating that Karl Rove and Bush and others have been indicted by a grand jury.
And my gut just tells me that that's not the case.
I mean, if there would have been an indictment, you'd have seen the grand jurors accidentally all having heart attacks or some type of terrorist attack in the same vicinity of the grand jury.
I mean, literally, folks.
But could Karl Rove be indicted?
Could he be called before the grand jury, like Bill Clinton was, over lying about the Paula Jones case?
But has George Bush been indicted?
I don't think so.
But go ahead and comment on that.
Well, all I can say is that I'm hoping, along with many others, that the story does have legs.
I guess we'll find out.
But at least Szymanski called up and spoke to his office, and they did say no comment, which...
Kind of indicative sometimes there is something going on.
Another thought I had a couple weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about Guantanamo Bay, all the people they have down there, unfortunately, and the treatments.
And, of course, it's been kind of a whitewash when these senators go in there and see the sanitized rooms that they see.
Oh, look, there's a thing with the Koran and whatnot.
Oh, yeah, and they also admit that there is other parts of the base no one's allowed into.
Well, exactly, and that's where I'm going to go with this, is that
It seems to me that it would be an ideal situation for this covert government as a place to do MKUltra-type mind-control trips and release new terrorists back upon the planet.
Well, there's no speculation about either thing you said.
Number one, it's mainstream news that the Pentagon stages interrogations and stages the living conditions for Congress.
That has come out.
Number two, it has been in mainstream news...
That they have former top mind control experts, medical doctors there, who are doing all sorts of stuff to the detainees.
We know that they have, quote, sent secret government agents posing as Al-Qaeda into the camp.
This has been all over the Canadian papers to, quote, get intel.
They get beat up and tortured and then get released.
Army has posed...
As Muslim terrorists and been brain damaged, they've been beaten and tortured so bad.
Again, none of the stuff where it's documented gets attention.
They'll have some debate about, you know, something that can't be proven one way or the other.
And we know that Israel has giant camps all over Israel.
They grab young Palestinians, release them five years later, and they are actual government-sponsored terrorists.
Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more.
Well, I mean, it's not just your gut feeling, sir.
Everything you said is admitted in triplicate.
Well, it's just something, like I said, I was talking to some friends a couple weeks ago, and it's just something that kind of came in my brain, and I started to think, oh, an ideal training camp.
And finally, you've heard of Kay Griggs, correct?
I thought she'd be a great guest if you feel like contacting her.
I could email her, I guess, if she'd contact you.
I think she'd be a great guest to have on your show because she had a lot of insight into what you're currently talking about, you know, years before 9-11 because of the guy she was married to who was a colonel, I believe, from the Marines.
You know, I'm not saying what she's saying is true or untrue.
But I didn't really talk about Bohemian Grove until I snuck into it.
Oh, that was great.
And, you know, the thing she says, if she can't prove that 100%, I can be liable.
And, yeah.
And so, frankly, I don't think it's documented.
Now, are a lot of your top officers in homosexual cults?
Is most of the Bush White House homosexual?
That's admitted.
Including the president, who's bisexual.
I mean, even Esquire's done front page stories about it.
You know, hinting at it and going, you know, the headline, you have to be gay to be in the Bush White House.
This is how they control their people.
Alex, you didn't happen to see a picture about a month ago, I'm going to say, when George Bush and Condoleezza Rice were at the Washington Nationals baseball game on a Friday night.
Did you happen to see the picture?
Yeah, where they hold hands and kiss and stuff.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, those two are all, well, it's well known.
Yeah, those two are.
Well, no, Bush is just, I mean, these people are just,
You know, I mean, they all... I'm not going to get into it, but the point is, a lot of these people go both ways.
I hear you.
In fact, that's part of the Illuminati religion.
Kind of like in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Devil is a hermaphrodite.
And, you know, the Statue of Liberty is a hermaphrodite.
Revolving door policy.
Yeah, they're really into this.
It's bisexuality.
Yeah, something really strange.
Well, I'll let you go.
I know you get a lot of callers.
And once again, thanks for being who you are.
I know we all appreciate it.
And I'm really pleased to see you on Coast to Coast because you're getting the exposure that is truly, truly magnificent.
And you were real good the other night, by the way, and I'm glad Peter Lance was not there to screw around with you.
Well, email George Norrie and tell him thanks.
I mean, that's how you feel.
Oh, I do.
You know, it's great to see you.
I mean, look at George...
Three years ago, I don't think George would have quite got to where he is today, but you have done such a fine job in exposing what you've done on such a level that people can really wrap their minds around.
It is difficult for a lot of them, as you know, but once they break on through to the other side,
It becomes quite obvious.
Well, I've got to say this about George Norrie.
I mean, the other night he just came right out and said, I agree.
I think that the globalists, this is a quote, are behind this terror and they're going to carry out something bigger.
And that we shouldn't give up our freedoms.
I mean, to have somebody with tens of millions... It's the second biggest show in the country.
I mean, period.
Bigger than any TV show.
Well, you are directly responsible, in my opinion.
I don't know about that.
I mean, George has done his own research.
Alex, yeah, but you have helped open those doors of research.
I mean, I don't think George would have been there three years ago.
Listen, I've listened to the guy for years.
And with your assistance and your enlightening, I mean, you know, he was, I probably think, leery to put you on the show two years ago.
But the fact you've done, what, five times now?
I think it's more than that.
Something like that.
Well, whatever it is, it's great.
And every time you're on there, I call my mom, and she stays up late and listens to you.
And I just think it's great.
And once again, continue the good work, and thanks for everything.
I mean, God opens doors, folks.
Well, thank you.
And, you know, George said at the end of the show the other night, he said, this has been a very serious show.
This has been, you know, real.
And he said, we'll still do a lot of entertainment and a lot of fun stuff.
Because, you know, quite frankly, folks...
I don't expect George Norrie to do the program I do.
I mean, in a way, it's even more effective mixing in entertainment and mixing in other issues, but then about two or three nights a week, he's talking about stuff like this now.
That is a total departure from the direction that the program was taking five years ago.
I mean...
You really can't complain.
I mean, people are like, well, it should be all anti-New World Order.
Folks, I mean, number one, a lot of people, too, can't deal with our movement going mainstream.
A lot of people can't deal with patriots, freedom lovers having success.
I certainly know the provocateurs can't.
They're screaming bloody murder.
You know, our...
Our goal is to take over.
Our goal is to get the republic back.
We're restorationists.
We want the revolutionaries out of there.
Our goal is to reestablish the Constitutional Republic and to defend it against enemies foreign and domestic.
Our goal is to start our own TV networks.
Our goal is to start bigger radio networks.
Our goal is to reach people.
Our goal is to put films in movie theaters nationwide.
Our goal is to wake the police up.
Our goal is to not... You know, so many patriots hide in the dark, creep around like a secret agent...
Live in fear.
I mean, we have to act like we own the place because we do.
It's confidence.
And more than just confidence, it's having your facts down.
And it's hard in the beginning.
To have views that most people don't hold.
It's hard to say the world is round when everybody says it's flat.
It's hard to say having black people as slaves is wrong when most people think it's good.
It's hard to say the government, or elements of the government, carried out 9-11.
It's hard to say they're going to try to put microchips in us.
It's hard to say they're going to pass laws for forced drugging.
It's hard to say it all first.
But we still have to do it.
Because now, in hindsight, we have total credibility.
Because everything we talked about, unfortunately, has come to pass.
Now, we're going to have suitcase nukes go off, we're going to have smallpox, you're going to be drafted, and if the globalists have their way, over the next 20 years, they're going to kill 80% of us, and you're going to die.
They're going to take your property, and they're going to kill you and your family.
Now, please, when you're in a camp ten years from now, don't wish you to listen to me then, okay?
We told you thumb scanners would go in.
We told you self-checkout lanes would go in.
We told you the borders would be wide open.
Everything we said happened because we're reading their own documents.
You better listen to us now.
We can stop them, but you've got to wake up and you've got to move.
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We're good to go.
Let's go to Peter in Berlin and we'll go to Eric and Matt and Laurie and Alex and others.
Go ahead, Peter, in Deutschland.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I'll do as much as possible.
I'd just like to talk to you about someone like myself who's a very recent convert to the alternative media.
And the frustration I've had of trying to get my friends to believe me and believe the stuff you guys are saying about September 11th and more recently about the end
It's just, I find it difficult to find a website which my friends and especially my parents can look at where, how shall I put this, they won't be put off by the way they look and sort of the language they use to describe events.
I think what would help people like my friends and my parents would if they could find an alternative website giving information to yours has but which looks
Like the BBC, which looks like CNN, if you get my point.
You're saying where it's formatted that way?
I think we need websites like yours, which basically throw the truth in people's faces.
We need that.
But I think we also need a few, how can I say, airlock websites, where people are sort of used and conditioned to believe in what is told to them.
You mean kind of training wheels to start people off?
Yeah, exactly.
That's what I've sort of found, because when I, how should I say this, when I initially made the leap a few months ago from getting my news from the BBC to your site and Propaganda Matrix, which is now my homepage, initially, sort of subconsciously, I wanted to find a website, like I said, which looked, how should I put this, very professional, which looked... Well, sir, I tell you what you should do, is you should...
Start your own website, or you should get together with people, and you should do that.
We need more people to get involved.
That is actually what I'm thinking of doing hopefully in the next month, just how much time I can put to it, but yeah, that was basically my point.
I'll let you get on to your callers.
Well, it's good to have you listening from Germany.
Are you German?
No, I am English.
My work as an English teacher in Germany.
I've been here for two years.
I'd like to quickly thank you for going to Britain this week and trying to wake up my fellow countrymen.
Yeah, what do you think of that law they just passed to try to restrict free speech?
I'm not actually quite familiar with that specific law.
Well, it's just a few days after I was there.
Okay, I just haven't been following the main news in Britain.
There's a lot of laws they're passing.
I don't expect you to.
Well, good to hear you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
Look, a lot of what we post is BBC Associated Press, New York Times.
And they'll hide what they're doing right there in plain view.
I mean, there'll be one little paragraph where they go, Oh, by the way, MI6 agents, the one bombing things.
Ha, ha, ha.
Or, you know, there'll be a little link where it just says, oh, by the way, we had the terrorist and we ordered to release him.
Then we magnify that and try to point it out.
I mean, really what we do is comb all the news and the legislation and try to bring it all into one place.
But believe me, we're all working really, really hard.
I mean, we're trying to get the job done here, but your suggestions are always helpful.
But in more cases than not, I say you should do it yourselves.
I mean, because we can't do it all.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Eric in California.
Eric, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, my friend.
I just want to say keep up the good work in the fight, and you're not alone in the battle.
Oh, and also, have you seen the naval base in San Diego?
Yes, it's a perfect swastika.
The Naval Academy building.
It is a perfect swastika.
It isn't an accident.
It is a rotating, perfect dimensions swastika.
And architecture is the symbol, is the main means that globalists communicate to us through.
And I've done some research on the building, and it's very occultic.
We have a Google satellite photo of it.
By the way, on Prison Planet a few weeks ago we posted.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, did you have a chance to see that?
I'm always on Prison Planet InfoWars.
Yeah, of course.
Okay, you just raised it.
I was wondering where you saw it.
Oh, I saw it on this one site, nwowatcher.com.
And another thing I saw over there in San Diego, that's the city I'm from,
Homeland Security is restricting future parade routes.
Well, we've got to do that to fight Al-Qaeda, but the border's got to stay wide open.
It's all part of training us to not have liberty.
It's all part of training us to be, well, the slaves that we now are.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate your hard work.
But listen, we're not slaves.
They can say we're slaves, but we're not their slaves.
They can say they're God.
They can say that they're better than us and they're the authorities and the officials and we're just a little scum.
That doesn't make the case.
Stop letting them have the moral authority.
Stop being so afraid of them.
The government's made up of people just like us and a lot of them are starting to wake up too.
We'll be right back with more of your calls and more news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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Imagine what the Founding Fathers would think today to witness police in black masks
Searching little children at checkpoints to get on trains and buses.
But the border's wide open.
I mean, a five-year-old can figure out this is a fraud.
And, oh, don't worry, we're going to violate everyone's rights.
We don't want to profile.
And then even that's a fraud because it's criminal elements in the government carrying out the terror.
It's that simple.
It boils down to something that simple.
We're going to go to five callers, and then that'll be it.
In a few minutes here, we're going to talk to Matt and Lori and Alex and Reza and Jamie.
That's going to be it, but let me just cover some news I've already mentioned, and then get into some news I haven't covered.
President makes it clear...
Phrase is, war on terror.
That brother has corrected the inner party and has said it will not be known as his struggle, that's what it was going to be known as, but it will be known as the war on terror.
President Bush publicly overruled some of his top advisors on Wednesday in a debate about what to call the conflict with Islamic extremists, saying, make no mistake about it, we are at war.
Against a foggy enemy that could never be defeated, but don't worry, the people can be beaten into the ground.
In a speech, Mr. Bush used the phrase war on terror no less than five times.
Not once did he refer to the global struggle against violent extremism.
The wording consequently adopted by Defense Secretary Donnelly Brumsfeld and other officials in recent weeks after internal deliberations about the best way to communicate how the United States views the challenge it is facing.
This is just more idiocy.
Ohio battalion loses 19 Marines in two days.
One battalion in Ohio.
Some good news.
Technology optimists turn off TV study.
And again, major studies in the last three years.
There's a whole bunch of them out from universities and private studies and government studies.
Industry studies, government studies, and private studies have all shown that people are tuning out of mainstream TV in droves
And they're not just watching porn, though that's still the leading thing, the leading media being viewed.
No, the biggest, fastest growing area is alternative news.
We are very close to taking the pole position from the simulated mating activities of the species, which is pretty hard to beat.
Technology Optimist Turnoff TV Study, this is out of The Hollywood Reporter, broadband internet surfers in North America watch two fewer hours of television per week than do those without internet access, while those using a dial-up connection watch 1.5 fewer hours of TV, with the overall numbers of Americans watching TV being lower, and then those numbers subtracted from that.
The data come from Forrester Research Study, released Tuesday, that uses what is called the longest-running survey of its kind, counting nearly 69,000 people in the U.S.
and Canada as participants.
Broadband Internet users watch just 12 hours?
I don't watch 12 hours of TV in six months now, folks.
Broadband Internet users watch just... That's because the average adult watches four hours.
Broadband Internet users watch just 12 hours of TV per week compared to 14 hours for those who are offline.
So just an interesting little study there.
And continuing here, thousands of police deployed in London to reassure the public.
And they're saying, we wish we could search all of you, but we just can't.
You don't have as many police as the Americans.
Like it's some wonderful liberty or some wonderful right.
Oh, I have Freedom Plus being searched.
Oh, Freedom Plus, no freedom.
Oh, take all my rights.
We know you want it.
We're trying to take all your rights.
So sick.
But Al-Qaeda vows more attacks.
Al-CIA vowed with its friend, its sister organization, Al-MI6A.
Al-MI6A deputy leader.
Al-Zawahiri threatened more destruction in London, saying in a videotape broadcast Thursday that British Prime Minister Tony Blair would be to blame.
Al-Zawahiri also threatened the United States with tens of thousands of military dead if it does not withdraw its troops from Iraq immediately.
The tape aired on the Pan-Arab satellite channel, the CIA channel, Al Jazeera, was delivered exactly one month after July 7th bombings in London that killed 56 people, including four suicide attackers.
And the head commander of the bombers is admitted MI6 agent being protected, just like Al Zawahiri is.
Blair has brought to you destruction in central London.
We'll bring more of that.
God bless.
Willing, he said.
And in a way, that's true.
I mean, Blair has brought the bombing.
See, he did do it.
In London, Blair's Downing Street office declined to comment on the broadcast.
So see, now if you're against Blair, you're with the Al-Qaeda leader.
This is ridiculous.
Bank for International Settlements Calls for Global Currency.
This, from Basel, Switzerland, Joan Vian reporting.
The Bank of International Settlements, BIS, released their 75th annual report.
To commemorate its founding in 1930, most countries today have a central bank, which is a private corporation that handles its monetary system.
And it continues to say, the bi-monthly central bank ministers from 40 countries meet at the BIS to review ways to promote the cooperation of central banks and to provide additional facilities for international financial operations.
Once a year, the world central bankers meet in Basel to take a closer look at the status of the world central banking system.
Besides the annual review...
This year's report considered the need for new mechanisms to keep the financial system more in balance.
And they called for monetizing and basically setting a benchmark for all global currencies and creating a global apex for the financial system.
And they go on to call for governments to adopt
A benchmark where basically all of our currencies are worth the same thing and put in a staggered computer system.
Basically, it's a bunch of sophisticated mumbo-jumbo for the world currency.
You know, we're going to have a marrow, but we're still going to have U.S.
dollars, pesos, and they're still going to have their currency, their maple leaves up in Canada.
But they've all got the same serial numbers that fit into the same database.
They all have the same parameters.
They all have the same infrastructure, the same systems, and it's all the same money.
And that is what they are calling for to...
But really try to boil it down.
There have been a bunch of new big developments we've broken concerning the London bombing that I covered some of in the first hour.
Those are posted on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Be sure and visit the sites and spread that info to the four winds.
This is how we defeat the globalists.
The power of the sleeping giant taking action is inexorable, is unstoppable.
It cannot be resisted.
So you have the power.
Remember that.
A few other news items I'll hit before we end this broadcast, but right now let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Matt in Tennessee.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Matt, go ahead.
I've just got one little piece of information to fill you in on that I read this morning in our local screed that reports the local, state, and federal propaganda.
The Knoxville News Sentinel.
The University of Tennessee is now the first...
University in the United States, according to the article I read, you can search it, you can look it up and find it, I think it's KnoxNews.com, the first university to offer a Department of Homeland Security nurse's master's degree.
I don't know about master's, but they always say, are towns the first to have Marines practice taking over City Hall?
Or are towns the first to have thumb scanners to get school lunches?
I know that the first university to become fully Homeland Security controlled, along with the CIA, it was a giant nest of brainwashing and creating terrorists, is Texas A&M.
Which I've got a lot of family that went to.
I think it's a great university.
But the George Bush Library is there.
The former CIA director runs it.
Gates runs it.
And I know that they do give Homeland Security Master's degrees there.
So the Knoxville News Sentinel has gotten it wrong again.
And look, this is how they re-engineer society.
They give federal and state grants.
To go to school to, you know, I'm sorry, you can't get a grant, you can't get a tuition, a scholarship to be a school teacher or to be a quantum mechanics physicist, but you can to be a Homeland Security officer, so they just offer the money and then make that a prominent part of all.
I mean, there's community colleges giving Homeland Security classes, and so you just create a whole new mass of people, and then you then fund those new agencies, and then that's how you bring it into power.
Well, you know, Alex, what I found very interesting about this article, whether it was completely accurate in all its particulars, was it went ahead and said they expect,
Major catastrophes because the terrorists are going to drop nuclear bombs or whatever they're going to do.
With, you know, tens of thousands of casualties.
They're engineering the whole society for roundups, arrests, lockdown cities, saying yes, sir, to the police, being afraid when you see the troops.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, we're going to learn how to be slaves, folks.
We're going to see people get arrested and taken away, and we're going to learn how to grovel and learn how to lick boots, but they'll never get away with it.
Listen, they're never... Look, the troops are waking up.
The police are waking up.
They are never going to get away with it.
And let them keep pushing.
The globalists are going to find themselves removed.
Well, Alex, thanks for taking my call, and God bless you, man.
Hang in there.
Thank you.
Listen, it's simple.
President Eisenhower warned us about the undue influence of the military-industrial complex.
It owns Big Pharma.
It owns the dominant media, NBC and the rest of them, the controlling interest.
It's simple.
They've taken over the planet, and they go, why should we just take over America?
And we'll stage some terror attacks.
We'll scare them.
We'll run the red light cameras.
We'll run the cops.
We'll privatize the police.
We'll basically feed the entire economy through our coffers and be gods.
And that's what they're doing.
And it's real simple.
I mean, the economy is now... The biggest part of our economy is prisons.
And the next biggest part is entertainment, which is propaganda.
And this will be our new economy.
Prisons, gulags, control...
And even for people that don't want to be part of the gulag system, well, it's the only job I can get.
You know, I can't get a job at the farm no more because the Mexican laborers will do it for cheaper or it's shipped in from Guatemala.
And I can't get a job at the factory.
It's shut down and Walmart's all full.
They are building lots of prisons.
Oh, my neighbor's in the prison.
He didn't do nothing, but I'll try to be nice to him, but
When he's like, hey Bob, how you doing?
I better not say hi to you too much.
You're in here for being a terrorist.
You know, it's the only job I can get.
You know, it's the law now.
I've got to vaccinate my kids.
I remember that Alex Jones years ago talking about it.
My kid was fine until I gave him a shot.
Now they're real sick.
But I don't want to complain about it because I can get rounded up as a terrorist because they say criticizing the government aids a terrorist and
And then, you know, I mean, I got the uniform.
My wife don't like it.
She's sick of it.
She wants to leave the country, but things ain't much better in other countries.
Not with the war on terror again.
We found terrorists in a hundred countries.
I don't like what happened.
Things don't seem right, but, you know, I got to have this paycheck.
And, uh,
And then there's the types that are going to like it.
All the evil criminals that are smart will join the forces.
And imagine the sadness of being a father or a mother and watching your daughter kiss up to him when she sees him.
And then watching the stormtrooper come to your door.
I'm here to take your daughter out.
And your daughter going, I'll go out with him if I want to.
You know, just the sickness of it.
You want to be slaves, folks.
You're going to get a big, giant helping of being scum slaves.
Trips on the streets ordering you around.
Bob Barr says it.
Remember that movie Red Dawn where they come in to buy the toothbrushes and they're in the grocery store and there's the troops pacing along listening to them?
They're like, shh, you're not even supposed to be here.
They'll get you.
I mean, okay, that's the life you want.
Okay, all right, all right.
And there'll be lots of neighborhood groups that worship it.
You don't support the troops.
I'm reporting you.
But you know what Alexander Schultz and Nietzsche said?
What would have happened when they sent their troops out at night?
We would have met them in the doorways with hammers and knives and hatchets.
And I'm not saying it's come to that point, folks, but because we're willing to do that.
I'm nonviolent, folks, but no, don't go to the FEMA camp.
Don't take the forced inoculations.
They've got a problem, though.
They tried to order their own police two years ago to take all these shots.
99.9% the LA Times reported refused.
Why would they all refuse to take the smallpox shots?
What is it, cops?
I thought we can trust the government.
I thought, oh, you know deep down.
Don't you?
Don't you?
Yes, you do.
And that's why the globalists are going to fail.
They've already failed.
They can nuke, and they can try, and they can kill a few patriot leaders, and they can do whatever they want.
But let me tell you, when they kill people like myself, that means we're winning.
You understand?
That's a move of desperation.
That's power.
That waters the tree.
I mean, that's like super fertilizer, folks.
Okay, they crush me.
They strike me down.
They strike you down.
You go straight to heaven, folks.
You know, they go listen to these Christians.
They sound like jihadists.
Bottom line, folks, they say our founding fathers are terrorists.
Now, who's the terrorist?
Our founding fathers are this corrupt government.
Who are you going to stand with?
The founding fathers are these people.
All right.
Lori in California.
You've been holding for a long time.
Yes, I have.
Go ahead.
And God bless you.
And God bless all of us.
I've just been... I'm halfway through Patriot's Warning 1 by Elizabeth Border.
And on page 133, they're talking about by June of 2003, half of all of Walmart's products are...
Installed with radio frequency ID technology?
Yes, yes.
Can you tell me about that?
Because, I mean, they don't really go into it.
What the heck is that?
Well, I don't know if that's specifically completely accurate.
I don't have it in front of me, so I don't want to discredit it without, you know...
There was a USA Today article in 2002 that by 2005, Walmart had told all its manufacturers, have tracker chips in your products or we won't buy from you.
A lot of them complied.
A lot of them refused.
It was Walmart that finally got the universal acceptance and implementation of the barcode.
So the Defense Department at Walmart in 2002 ordered...
All their suppliers by 05 to have it.
And I know that now a lot of their products do have it, but not all of them.
I don't know if it's half.
It says by June of 2003 that half of Walmart's products were installed.
I don't believe that's accurate.
You don't think so?
I know so, yeah.
And also, since I live in San Diego, I was listening to a previous caller about the Swastika building.
Where is that?
It's out at the Naval Base.
It's the Naval Academy Cadet Building.
Is that on Coronado Island?
You want to stay there and I'll answer your question?
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
We'll talk to Alex another day.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, that's right.
Don't worry.
Every dog gets its day.
Evil always goes down of its own weight.
Let's just not get crushed in the process.
When you lay down to corruption, it doesn't pass you over.
It feeds on you.
And it takes its time.
It's time to stand up against these bullies, these scumbags, these inhuman pieces of filth.
Real quick, Lori, finish up what you were saying?
Yeah, well, no, I just wanted to know where that swastika building is.
You go to presentplanet.com.
It was like two weeks ago.
It was down at the bottom of the page.
We had a link to it.
Or just type, naval building looks like swastika, and you'll get it.
All right, well, keep up the good work, hon.
Well, good hearing from you.
Take care.
Let's talk to Alex in Mass.
Alex, go ahead.
Yo, Alex.
Hey, how you doing?
Pretty good.
All right, man.
I just want to talk to you, because you stumbled in on Bohemian Grove.
You've seen the rituals.
They're even showing it on Fox.
They had Karl Rove dressed up in his robe on a show called American Dad.
It's on a cartoon show.
The next family guy, American Dad, Karl Rove,
Helps the main character get, like, like, second-in-command in the church by, like, I don't know, like, doing all sorts of bad things.
But he doesn't, like, show up in regular clothes.
He shows up in a red cloak with, I don't know, some design on it.
But anyway... Isn't that nice?
You know, they just flaunt it.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Well, they made that movie Teddy Bear's Picnic, one of the Grove members did, making fun of me.
I know.
When they make movies, making fun of us.
Yeah, I know.
I plan on renting that and figuring it out.
I don't know.
But anyway, what I wanted to say is, like,
Like, obviously, they're not just doing these rituals and all this stuff for fun.
Like, they actually believe in it, you know?
Oh, yeah, they're complete lunatics.
It's not necessarily that they're crazy.
Like, people who pray to Satan, they get, like... Well, they're still crazy.
Yeah, I know, but what I wanted to say was, if you've ever seen Revelations of a Mother Goddess, the one at David Icke's films, he chose an American woman who was a Dr. Mengele project.
Yeah, I know.
You know, I haven't... You know what?
I go... I talk about Bohemian Grove because I documented it.
I actually went and documented it.
Listen, thanks for the call, Alex.
We're almost out of time here.
One more call.
Let's talk to Risa.
Risa, you're on the air from Indiana.
Last caller.
Alex, do you have or can you put anything on your website, some kind of a link or chat room for...
You know, for people to go to to talk to like-minded people.
It turns into provocateur disinformation land and becomes a distraction.
I'm not censoring.
It's my website.
There are other websites where people can go post and gossip and do all of that.
We've done it before, and it turns into just abject diversion.
It's just a perfect point for infiltrators and troublemakers to get our focus off of the news.
Well, I have nobody in my life who supports me in this, and it would be great to talk to other people that believe what I do.
It would be a good place for you to meet like-minded people in your area.
Why don't you start a news site and a message board for freedom lovers of what town you're in?
Okay, freedom lovers of Sellersburg, or Free Sellersburg.
That's a great idea.
And then you can call in here and say, if there's anybody in this area of Indiana, go to freesellersburg.com and let's hook up.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
I'm sorry we're out of time.
All these great callers.
And I know we're ending the show with a bunch of people on hold.
I apologize to those.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Don't forget, if you believe in this broadcast, support us.
Get great videos.
Get my new film, Martial Law, at InfoWars.com.
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Now get out there and stand up against this scum.
God bless you all.
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