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Air Date: Aug. 3, 2005
2627 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is Wednesday, the third day of August 2005.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours, and we're going to go to your calls very early in this first hour.
In fact, in the middle of the next segment, any questions, any comments, any news items you want to discuss...
From CAFTA passing last week to the new revelations that an MI6 asset, or some would say agent, was the mastermind of the London bombings for the British government.
The developments concerning the space shuttle, which I believe is being used as a giant distraction or diversion.
If you want to comment on the great three hours that I was able to do last night with George Norrie on Coast to Coast, where he went further than I've ever heard him go.
And he said he agrees, the globalist.
May carry out a nuclear strike as a pretext to bring in the New World Order.
I mean, he's on record.
That was just amazing to hear George Norrie go that far last night.
The guy's got a lot of courage, folks, I'm here to tell you.
I'm just blown away by the guy.
Just amazing.
But we also have the video up on the website.
Not all of it.
More of it's going to go out in the next few days.
We're at Bullhorn Department.
And where the police came over and basically gave me a ticket for doing it, that's up on InfoWars.com.
I'm told the video's not working on PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll find out why and try to get it back up there for you.
And coming up in an hour, we have the individual who talked about
The MI6 asset being the master bomber and the British protecting him.
Mr. Loftus is a former Justice Department anti-terror expert and, of course, a prosecutor.
Now, again, this news came out last week on the broadcast, but it was hidden in plain view.
Old articles out of the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer were in 99.
This individual was building...
Terror training camps in Washington, and the lower level FBI wanted to bust him, but were barred from doing it.
And then we have, of course, the individual being involved attacking the Serbs, the individual working for the globalists.
And then, of course, being involved with trying to kill Qaddafi under an MI6 contract.
And now being involved in the bombings in London and being protected by MI6, Her Majesty's Terrorist Service.
So Mr. Lopez is joining us in the second hour.
That's what we're going to call early in this hour.
In the third hour, the Minutemen are being stalked.
They're being attacked.
We're simply reporting criminal illegals coming across the borders.
And so they'll come on the Minuteman to give us a report on that.
A lot of big new developments there in the third hour.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We will get you up and on the air, my friends.
The websites, don't forget them, are infowars.net.
Infowars.com, two separate sites, different webmasters, different analysts.
Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and JonesReport.com.
Be sure and check out all the sites on a daily basis as they are updated.
When we get back, I'll get into a plethora of other interesting news and developments, and then we will start taking your phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Any issue you want to talk about, I'm going to go quickly to your calls.
We're going to move on to the next caller, so be ready for that.
Have your questions or comments ready.
Strap yourselves in a powerful broadcast lined up for you today.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
We are now 8 minutes and 35 seconds into this first hour.
We have several guests coming up today, as I mentioned in the first segment.
We're going to have a report from the front lines of what the Minutemen have been facing all over the Southwest with different racial hate groups trying to attack them simply for trying to defend our national sovereignty.
We also are going to be having the former Justice Department terror expert and prosecutor on, the gentleman who basically made it a big story, what we already knew, what had already been reported last week by the British press.
But again, it was a minor footnote.
Oh, the head master bomber, the head controller, he's MI6, and MI6 is protecting him, but it's for your own good.
Give up all your rights.
We're going to have him on and basically see what his spin is concerning all of this.
We really look forward to having Mr. Lafus on in the next hour.
And then, of course, the Minutemen in the third hour.
Let's just do things a little bit different today.
Let's go right to your phone calls, and then we'll get into all the news.
Nathan in Florida.
You're on the air, Nathan.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
I've always looked at your website.
I appreciate what you do.
I'm actually calling today because I have news about what's going on in Florida.
Tell us about it.
The government here in Florida, they're trying to pass a city ordinance
And Daytona Beach.
We're just pretty much saying that you have to pay a $100 license fee to live in an apartment.
And then also, they want information about your ID, your social security number, if you've had any felonies, if you've been a criminal.
Yeah, it's just like when I went to Europe.
It's just like when I went to Europe last week.
They want where you're going, where you're going to be staying.
It's your little inner pole.
And not only that, they want to come in your house every 18 months.
The government, Homeland Security, is going to be coming in our house
If they pass this ordinance.
Yeah, well, I've gotten calls from all over the country, and it's been in the newspaper, Denver and other areas.
They already are doing home inspections.
This is insane.
This is a total intrusion of our privacy.
Well, hey, you know what?
You're making a great point, sir, but let me just tell you like it is.
You know, tell you what they say.
Ten years ago, they tried to run checkpoints and search our cars, and people said no, and the cops would say, hey, what do you have to hide?
Are you a criminal?
Well, no, obviously, we're trying to defend the sovereignty of this country, of the individuals that make up this nation.
And I warn people, the next line will be...
Let me search your house.
Well, no.
Well, what do you have to hide?
And see, they're using the sexual predator issue in Florida here, like the Jessica Lunsford issue that they put all over the news.
And see, they want to use that for an excuse.
But the judge is the one that let that guy go.
It's their fault.
And they want to search our homes and try to use that for an excuse?
That's just not right.
No, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
It's home inspections.
They do it under zoning guises in Texas and in Colorado and California.
They supposedly are doing meth lab inspections.
You know, everyone get outside your house and line up.
It's time for an inspection here in the new Reich.
Here in the new Stasi, Sovietized America.
Meanwhile, illegal aliens are totally being legalized and being given more welfare and benefits than citizens.
It's a federal program to bring them here, to incentivize bringing the illegal aliens.
I mean, there's no other way to see it.
And, yeah, it hasn't come to your area yet.
They do that here in Austin, Texas.
You get a little letter, and strangely enough, it's like selectively done for certain apartment complexes.
Some of them wealthy apartment complexes.
Some of them dirt poor complexes.
And we've done many TV shows on it.
We've done many radio reports on it.
We've had guests on about it.
It goes on in my hometown, folks.
It goes on where I live.
If you live in an apartment, you suddenly get a notice on your door.
And it says, we'll be doing random inspections every 6 to 12 months.
So you talk about a city ordinance in your town in Florida every 18, every year and a half.
Here, it's two different notices every 6 to 12 months.
And we talk to people all the time.
It's been in the paper.
They tell you how good it is.
You just come home and somebody's been in your house.
And why?
We're just looking for meth labs.
You're not for methamphetamine, are you?
So, again, folks, the cops say it's a privilege to drive down the road.
It's not a privilege.
Their bosses tell them it is, and they say they're going to search your car.
Totally criminal, totally illegal, totally un-American.
And now they're being taught in the police academies that searching your house is okay.
They used the case of that serial killer who, what, killed five people down in Louisiana last year.
To randomly search homes.
And the state legislature passed a law saying that they can break into your house randomly without warrants and without probable cause.
And the governor agreed with it.
And the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with them last year.
So I'm not trying to scare people.
I mean, everybody knows they've got to have a warrant to go in your house.
Everybody knows that's the bedrock of living in America.
I mean, they've had to have warrants in France and Germany and England until they got people like Hitler.
But, I mean, even countries that weren't as free as us didn't have to do that.
But they have another way of doing it.
From Dallas, Texas to Tucson, Arizona.
I have an entire file on it.
It's all over the country.
It's done usually during the day.
For some reason, the areas they hit are upper middle class.
And it's part of a federal program, part of several different anti-gun programs they have.
And this was happening under Clinton.
It's expanded under Bush.
By the way, he's doubled the funding for the BATF.
They built a new, huge, biggest federal building in the country for the BATF now.
That's right.
Very conservative.
They broke ground when he first got elected, and now it's been built.
And you get this little visit.
You know, that's actually not true.
It's the biggest non-military building.
Pentagon's the biggest, but the biggest...
A non-military building is the new BATF structure, according to the Washington Post.
But they're very, very proud of it, by the way.
And they come, and the person comes to the door, and they say, Hello, I'm here with Neighborhood Safety.
I'm Officer Johnson.
This was even described in the Dallas Morning News and the Tucson paper.
It's the same story.
Hi, I'm here to do a safety check of your husband's guns.
And the wife says, Excuse me?
Yeah, I'm here just to check them for safety.
Are they locked up?
There's no law they've got to be locked up, but they still do that in most of these states.
And they found that most women in these middle class or affluent areas will just let them in.
And the officer under a federal grant, that's his job.
He goes in, and if he finds an illegal gun, a gun that's been banned or something that he didn't have the proper license for, he checks serial numbers.
He will clap that woman in irons on the spot.
No warrant, no nothing.
They just bull their way in.
And just type knock and talk in.
Do a search engine.
You'll get dozens and dozens and dozens of mainstream news articles and Second Amendment group warnings.
Well, I'm sure you heard about Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where they did a whole neighborhood gun sweep and confiscated all the guns.
That was last year.
I mean, you know, this isn't a joke, folks.
But the border's wide open.
David and Mass, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you today?
And very good show last night, or this morning, on Coast to Coast.
Well, you know, I was a little bit jet-lagged, tried to take a nap yesterday, was unable to, so I was a little bit dingy.
Did I sound okay?
Yeah, you did.
Very lucid points and very, you know, consistent, you know, throughout I thought.
And let me ask you a question.
You just got back, okay?
I'm going in about three weeks, or a little under.
How is, like, the airport checks over there?
I mean, has it been beefed up?
I would imagine it has.
No, it was... I thought that would be the case, too.
It was getting out of the country was totally easy.
Again, this is all just for the news, these illusions of security.
Okay, good.
There's no problem unless you're the free press in England, and then you've got a big problem.
But coming back in was an absolute nightmare.
Coming in...
But I'm not exaggerating, folks.
My plane landed late, about an hour late.
I had 20 minutes to get through the first layer of customs, then checking my bag for the connection from George Bush International to Ostrom-Bergstrom.
Then I had to go through the metal detectors again, and it was literal gang member types screaming at everyone, all frustrated, huge lines.
And nowhere had they made me pull everything out.
But, of course, these call screeners were so retarded that in England they knew they were cameras.
They said, right, cameras, four cameras, right.
They knew what they were doing.
In George Bush Airport, it was, what's that?
Get that out of there.
I go, well, that's a Sony camera.
What's this?
Get over there, boy!
And they were screaming at other people and just total idiots.
They were the ones that needed to be searched.
Well, yeah, I'm going over.
I'm going to London for three days since we have some family over there, but then we're flying on to Eastern Europe after that.
But anyway, I just wanted to make this one point.
Well, I wanted to make this point, and then I'll hold you over if need be.
The point is, I did watch them.
It is an unwritten rule, just like with housing, just like with the police.
This has been on the news, folks.
Illegal aliens with foreign passports, as long as you were Latin American, you sailed through.
Now, if you were a good-looking, well-dressed Latin American, you were going to get searched.
They thought you might be a drug dealer.
But if you looked like the hard-working peasant types, you literally were gold.
They were gold.
But citizens, black people, white people, well-dressed Latin Americans, we were in deep trouble.
Go ahead.
Yeah, right.
Ever since the 7-7 bombings, Alex, and subsequently the bombing, of course, that didn't happen two weeks later, I've done a little research and said every day there's been at least one story about biometrics.
Every day.
Oh, yeah.
Biometrics are the answer.
They will save you from the vicious MI6 al-Qaeda agents.
That's right.
Al-M-I-6-A-D-A is even worse than Al-C-I-A-D-A.
Anything else?
Yeah, I mean, I've been doing it.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
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All right, I've got to move quicker here.
David and Mads, finish up the points you were making, sir.
Yeah, I just want to say one quick thing, Alex, about CAFTA.
Okay, last week when I was... I've got a friend of mine who gives me the political insight, scoops a lot of times on some things.
He's got some connections to Capitol Hill.
He called me early in the morning on Thursday, right before CAFTA passed.
Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
And then all of a sudden you see Diane Sawyer holding up one of the tiles, demonstrating how it's falling off the shuttle.
I mean, it's Walter Lippmann said it best years ago.
He said, the masses are like ignorant and meddlesome outsiders, and we have to be spectators in the political arena.
We're not supposed to participate in anything.
We're supposed to be spectators in an illusionary reality.
Well said, sir.
I couldn't say it as good as you did.
Take care, David.
And be careful while you're in Europe visiting family.
That's exactly what's happening.
I mean, NASA hasn't had a mission since the last space shuttle that went up blew up over Texas.
Literally over my head where I sit now.
And they go ahead and launch it and they tell you there's going to be problems up front and ooh, something falls off right away and ooh, we've got to fix it and it's just this big spectacle.
And if it wasn't that, there'd be some kidnapping.
And then there's always a real kidnapping.
It's a real tragedy and a travesty, but they decide when to focus in.
They decide when to divert.
China entering a permanent status in the World Trade Organization, meaning they have more control over our trade than Congress.
Because Congress has given up so much of its authority to the World Trade Organization, that private, run-for-profit organization controlled by the big central banks.
And so, what, three, four days after 9-11, China got permanent status.
A bunch of other stuff happened.
I mean, it's like the day that Saddam was supposedly captured back in, what, December 13, 2003.
The day he was captured, they passed the Intelligence Act, the Intelligence Enhancement Act.
It had a whole bunch of draconian police state measures in it.
I mean, they play us like a fiddle.
It's so sad.
Let's talk to Chuck in Texas.
Chuck, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I had called in about the border problems we're having, but real quick I wanted to mention, if anyone ever comes to your door and asks if your guns are locked up, just shut the door, lock it, and say, now they are.
But anyways, last week they had this big thing about Community Shield, and they
They told us here in San Antonio that they caught 14 gang members.
I remember when they first had this community shield, they got one person, I think it was in Dallas.
I figured, well, I'll call in to Senator Cornyn's office and just mention at this rate, it's going to take forever to get rid of the gang.
I had talked to the Washington office and spoke to a gentleman that they had said he was his immigration expert and I had mentioned, isn't it a felony for the illegal aliens to come across the border anyway?
And he says, oh no, no, it's a civil violation.
And so I decided, well, I'll call the ICE office here locally and try to get it nailed down.
Everybody knows it's a felony.
Well, even the ICE office, when you could finally get through to somebody, they said, no, it's not a felony.
I said, so it's a misdemeanor?
And they said, no, it's illegal.
You've got to understand that that's how literally dumbed down people have gotten.
And they'll accept it.
Oh, certainly.
And it was impossible to even get through to anyone over it.
The Border Patrol's been ordered to stand down.
That's public.
And our military is 24% illegal alien now.
And, I mean, this is the end of the country.
And they're already legal.
They already have more rights than we do.
And the checkpoints are for American citizens.
And they're not for the illegal aliens.
This is designed to make this a third world country.
They've opened all the doors.
This is social engineering.
Well, I'm sure you heard about what was going on with Glenn Spencer.
I think it was out in California where they had some idiots show up with Nazi flags and such.
And, you know, the folks out there that believe that that was, you know, authorized by Spencer's group, they want to believe that anyway.
Anyways, I'll let you go and enjoy George and Ori and your deal last night.
And you keep fighting, Alex.
Well, thank you.
I'll tell you a story.
It was up in Idaho where a Jewish group actually had a fake Nazi group that would show up against the hate laws.
It's the same thing every time.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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One more time, that's 866-885-6625.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Chuck.
Sean and Michael and Wes and Jim, I'm going to take your calls.
Real fast here in a second, then I'm going to get into the news.
Pentagon to increase domestic surveillance for counterterrorism.
Yeah, the Pentagon's going to watch you, but they're not going to watch the illegal aliens.
Top cloning experts gather in South Korea for clandestine test.
And this is out of the Associated Press.
It's also a Yahoo news story.
And that's just some of the daily news we have here.
Vacationing Bush poised to set a record.
Yeah, a five-week vacation in good old Crawford out there at the Cowboy set.
You know why they like to go out to the set?
Because there's no houses for miles around it.
It's very hard for people, foreign governments, to surveil them, including our government and the NSA.
They've got a very secure room in there for discussing things.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Remember Bush's four and a half week vacation right before 9-11.
And when he says he's not vacationing, it's the truth.
They're busy little bees.
Busy little bees when he meets with Putin and he meets with Blair and he meets with Cherone and he meets with Fox and, of course, the Canadian Prime Minister for CAFTA and the Pan-American Union.
Busy little beavers.
But it was about six, seven years ago and even came out in several of the West Coast papers and came out in papers there in Idaho.
But the state was trying to pass a...
Anti-hate speech law.
And they're already arresting people over there for racial comments in Idaho.
Even though there's not a law.
There was a case where a black guy attacked a white woman.
It was at a football game.
He was the photographer.
Black coach.
He was throwing a fit.
He took a picture of her.
He threw a fit at her.
Started strangling her.
This was in the newspaper.
Calling her names.
Her husband jumped the bleachers and called him a name back.
And he was arrested and she was fired.
In the political correctness, you're allowed to physically choke people and call them honky.
But do not then, in defense, call somebody a name back, which I don't care.
Let's get over all these names.
I don't dislike black people.
I don't dislike Mexicans.
I don't dislike Asians.
But I do dislike how there are a bunch of babies who feel sorry for themselves and suck their thumbs and think I've done something to them.
Get it straight.
I don't have any guilt.
I love freedom and I love liberty.
And you're being manipulated by the globalists, just like white racists are, and it's time for it to stop.
But going back to this latest stuff.
Folks, I've been in an anti-UN meeting.
I've been in an anti-UN meeting.
In front of the state capitol.
This has got to be six, seven years ago.
Well, let me finish the... Here I am.
I mean, I forget so much stuff we've done.
We've even got tape of this somewhere.
We've aired it on TV.
All the films I could make and went through all those archives.
Riveting stuff.
But anyways, going back to Idaho, and then I'll tell the story of Texas briefly.
About six, seven years ago, they're trying to pass an anti-hate law, which did not pass, by the way, that would restrict speech.
And so there's hundreds of people showing up, conservatives and liberals, protesting the free speech, violating law of the legislature.
A van pulls up.
About ten Nazis jump out.
Remember seeing photos at the time.
Didn't look very Germanic.
And they're running around hailing Hitler and saying they're against the bill and
You know, don't take our free speech, howl Hitler down with the N-words.
Chanting down with the blacks, down with the, you know, all this stuff.
And guess what?
Folks tracked back the Nazi group, and it was shared and run out of a P.O.
box owned by a rabbi.
And you've all heard the cases of black students that send themselves hate mail, and black students that desecrate their own newspapers, and Mexican students that do.
I'm sick of it.
It's a political tool to bully people like me, and if you want a fight, you're going to get one.
Okay, just understand, people aren't being cowed anymore.
People aren't being made to feel guilty anymore.
I haven't done anything to you.
If you want to join me as a brother against the New World Order and dehumanization, then let's do it.
But if you want to keep playing these games, and that goes for all of you, the white supremacists that threaten me, the Mexican supremacists that threaten me, all of you, I am sick of you.
If you're not feds, you're idiots being led by feds.
Gosh, you're idiots.
Anyways, this too was about seven, eight years ago, and we had an anti-UN day, and I was out there with my knife.
Those were the old days, right in front of the state police at the Capitol.
But it was down off the Capitol, you know, the street by the road.
It was a four-inch knife, so it wasn't illegal.
But I just pulled this knife out because we weren't allowed to burn U.N.
There was a burn ban, in effect, you know, because it was during the summer.
It was U.N.
It was still real dry.
It was October.
And I'm sitting there slicing this flag with absolute pleasure.
And a guy runs up with a local anti-gun group, laughing at us.
He starts burning an American flag.
The news tried to claim he was with us.
And then the next year we tried to do it, and guys come dressed up in Klan shirts, Klan t-shirts, you know, Invisible Empire shirts.
And the news was going to cover it, and I threw a huge fit and said, that's it.
And started demanding to see their identification.
Then when they left, because I was saying they were cops, they were obviously cops, we followed them to their cars, unmarked cars.
I began screaming and just throwing giant fits with a bullhorn.
Why didn't I put that in the film?
I've got that somewhere.
It's been on TV.
So much has aired on that TV show.
I've got a whole garage full of three-quarter inch old TV tapes.
I bet those are all going bad.
I've got to do something.
But I've got all the digital masters, though.
I need more staff, folks, to get all this together.
And so, yes, Flynn Spencer, blacks, Hispanics, all good Americans against the totally open borders, the groups openly saying it's La Reconquista, they're taking over, they're going to kick the whites and blacks out, openly with big giant banners with white people's heads cut off saying, we're going to kill you.
I mean, I have the video of this.
The cops let them attack people.
And yeah, people show up with Nazi flags.
And it's the same M.O.
every time.
We've tracked these white supremacist groups, and every single one of them, they're allowed to threaten the president, they're allowed to talk about criminal activities, they never get in trouble, because their leaders are feds, or Mossad, or German GSGQ, just like Andreas Stossmeyer.
Bottom line.
Bottom line.
And I am sick of it.
And I want it to stop.
It's been proven that MI6 runs the white supremacists in Germany who carry out violent attacks, then they don't get in trouble, then they pass laws restricting speech in Germany.
I have all the mainstream news articles in Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Do a whole five minute piece on it in the almost three hour film.
I mean, folks, it's the same thing every time and I am sick of it!
You make me want to puke white supremacists.
You make me want to puke Mexican supremacists.
You make me want to puke black supremacists.
I'm sick of all of you.
And I'm sick of the liberals in the media using all of you to destroy this country.
You're the worst.
The racist Sumner Redstones out there that manipulate and play us all off against each other.
I'm sick of it.
I want freedom.
That's what I want.
Globalists, you're not going to be able to stop us.
We're coming on.
We're coming on strong.
All right, I'm going to move very quickly now.
Let's talk to Sean in Alabama.
Sean, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, good morning, Alex.
You did a great job with George Noory last night.
And George has really been impressing me a lot lately, having you on the air as much as he has.
And, you know, in his words, he has a lot of shows that are entertainment, but he makes the distinction...
You know, other shows he does are entertainment, but more and more he's doing hard shows, and he'll tell you, this is a serious show.
Did you hear the end of the show?
He said that last night.
Yeah, I was up until four in the morning listening.
So he clearly makes the distinction, and I've got to commend him for that.
Yeah, and you were talking to the first caller last night.
She was troubled about not being able to get through to her family, and I just wanted to tell everyone out there that's feeling the same way that...
I've been talking with my family about the New World Order and stuff since I woke up after September 11th.
And just now, about going on four years later, they're finally starting to come around.
Thanks in large part to your videos.
I've got just about all of them now.
Thank you for the support.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, Sean.
Your movies are great, and I do everything I can to share them with people.
And also...
There's a great book I found.
I don't know if you've ever read it or heard of it.
It's called Hope of the Wicked.
No, never read it.
It's a really great book.
It just details the New World Order starting all the way back with Adam Weishaupt and working forward through the French Revolution.
Yeah, I've read the book now that I think about it.
I haven't read it.
It is an awesome book.
Who wrote it?
Ted Flynn.
All right.
It is a great book.
Anything else, Sean?
No, I just wanted to tell people that, you know, just like you said last night, family is the most difficult, but plant that seed and faith with them, and in time it will bear fruit.
And keep up the great work.
Thank you for the call.
No, he's right, and family is the hardest.
Don't get discouraged because your family laughs at you.
You know, we grow up in sibling rivalries, and we grow up, you know, rebelling against our parents, and the biggest problems are in the family.
People don't respect their families.
The society's been engineered where you don't respect your family.
It's always been a problem throughout human history, but never to the extent it is now.
It's accentuated.
I mean, in the past, if you were going to survive, you stuck up for your family, you listened to your family.
Family was numero uno.
That has been eroded.
And women think it's cool to fight with their husbands.
Men think it's cool to be slobs and to be lazy and to disconnect.
Men are told, be manly, be a lazy idiot.
Don't know anything, act stupid.
That's what successful men do.
That's total garbage.
Women think that constantly being insecure about their looks and primping themselves and acting like sluts is what life is all about.
And no, it's not really about that.
It's about having a strong family and raising strong children.
And if you want to be bank president, doing that too.
But you better make sure, if you're going to have kids, that they come first.
And, you know, they've stolen just the family system from us that is a beautiful, wonderful, great thing.
And salesmen will tell you, it is hard to sell family.
So I say spend a little time on your family, but do not waste all your time on them.
All right?
I mean, just get out there and wake up the person you don't know
I mean, it's that simple.
Let's go ahead and... Because they don't have baggage, folks, connected to you.
Let's talk to Michael in New York City.
Go ahead, Michael.
It's Alex here, actually.
I'm upstate in New York, a bit out of the city, thank God.
I'm in the Hudson Valley.
Alex, great show as always.
Your phone is the worst I've ever heard.
Are you on a cell or cordless?
I'm on a cordless.
How about now?
It's horrible.
I'll tell you what, I'm going to put you on hold...
Now, if you can get up close to the receiver, or if you can get on the landline, we'll go try to you one more time here in a second, Michael.
Sounds like you're talking to us from Pluto, or that new ball of ice they found, they're calling a planet, out from Pluto.
Let's talk to Wes in Tennessee.
Wes, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I have stood shoulder to shoulder with you since the very beginning of
in this fight and I just wonder if you think that it would be a healthy thing for us to just accept the fact that at some point in the future that the only way to win this battle that we're fighting and I would fight it to the death if necessary because I don't fear death
That we need to reconcile ourselves to the fact that at some point in the future we are going to need the direct intervention of God himself in order for us to succeed in this fight.
Look, the devil acts through men and so does God.
And so we are seeing the direct intervention of God.
And God helps those that help themselves
And, you know, let's talk about physical confrontation.
I'm against physical offensive actions.
But they start increasing mass roundups or forced inoculations.
Folks, it's time to defend yourself.
You know, they're trying to line people up and chop their heads off because the world leader says so.
We've got to fight that.
Government is not God.
And so, look, we're having a lot of success.
Wes, it doesn't mean the globalists may not detonate suitcase nukes, you know, three days from now or six years from now.
But regardless, we're in this fight, and we're going to the bitter end, whether we're on the bleachers, or whether we're on the bad guys' side, or the good guys' team.
I believe that, too.
I really do.
There are only three places.
You can be on the bleachers, which is the most dangerous place to be, or you can be on the field, and you can pick sides.
I believe this.
I really do.
I guess what I'm saying is I just believe that at some point,
We will get to the point where we will require God to intervene.
According to the dominant churches, and I appreciate your call, according to them, we're going to have a world leader.
He will be Jesus.
We will worship him.
He will sit on the throne in Jerusalem.
And basically, that will be the Antichrist.
They're just skipping all revelations.
And basically, I'm not going to get off into being a theologian here, but it's a total cop-out.
People in Germany thought Hitler was the Antichrist, so they laid down.
People in Africa, when they're being killed by the Muslims, in Sudan, think it's the end of the world.
And I guess it is for them.
But God does intervene.
I mean, there was divine providence with George Washington.
That's clear.
But, I mean, I believe in that.
I mean, I believe in destiny.
We have the moral authority.
We better use it.
Let's go back and see if Michael in New York is on a landline.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hi, Alex.
Can you hear me now?
Yeah, loud and clear.
Go ahead.
Okay, great.
Welcome back to the States, Alex.
Great show as always.
I'm calling from upstate New York on the Hudson Valley.
Yes, with the last call for sure.
As we discussed in the past, George Washington's visions of the future of this country, and ultimately we do get invaded.
And it's through divine intercession that the remaining Americans are spared and the country is restored under the Lord himself.
And so we have that to look forward to.
Like you, we're taking it to the end.
We are real patriots looking for the truth, wanting God's freedom, and we're never going to give it up.
Now, Alex, the reason I'm calling, I just noticed on a local phone bill on Verizon, another charge, a tax,
And it's called the Universal Service Fund.
Now, I'm suspecting that to be a U.N.
Hey, they put a U.N.
tax on my hotel bill in London.
Right, but I think this is the first precedent now in our country.
Well, no, it was Al Gore who got those universal service charges passed.
They just add new ones all the time.
Okay, so is it a U.N.
I don't believe so, no.
The U.N.
tax is going to be on the web and on oil at the wellhead and on money transfers.
I wonder why they just don't roll it into another as a federal tax then.
Because it's a, well, actually we do have a U.N.
tax through paying monies to the IMF and World Bank and dues to the U.N.
and dues to the WTO and WHO.
So we do pay taxes to the UN, sir.
But direct taxes to the UN are being implemented for hotel taxes and stuff in Europe, but it's not a universal global tax yet.
I figured I'd just run that by you, Alex, to see if this was the first precedent that... Yeah.
All right, thanks for the call.
We'll be right back with a bunch of news.
In your call, stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, well, you'll remember on Monday and on Tuesday, he played clips here on the air of terror expert 7-7 Mastermind was working for British intelligence.
The group was used by Brits in Kosovo in the late 1990s, and our government and the British government has been protecting him.
And it's the same MO every time.
Well, the gentleman who admitted this on Fox News, and it was already public, he'd already mentioned it, but it was just hidden in plain view until Fox News talked about it.
You can watch the video of that at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
We're getting so many hits from Coast to Coast AM with its links to other video clips we have that
Our video server isn't really able to stream right now.
So the answer is, so I can play this clip coming up in the next segment, is for the folks running the show to contact Ryan Slickheisen right now and have him upload it or tell you about another server area so you can stream it from there.
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Pentagon to Increase Domestic Surveillance for Counterterrorism.
Fox News.
Everything you do will be watched live.
By the Pentagon.
Troops on the streets.
It's the new American freedom.
Troops in the military propagandizing the media.
The Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence.
A military dictatorship.
A third world cesspit.
You want to be a slave?
You're going to get to enjoy it.
Martial law details this in the first 35 minutes.
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We tell you how they did it, and we break it down.
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We'll just have the facts.
It'd be nice if you had the facts.
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Hello, fu-
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're in the 21st century.
We're in 2005.
The year is already...
About 60% elapsed.
We're going to be in 06 soon.
The globalists are poisoning the food and water.
They have cures for cancer.
They're withholding them.
This is documented.
They openly want to reduce population of the planet by 80%.
They have human beings that have already been cloned and brought to term and been born.
But they don't call them human beings because they have a few percentage points of chimpanzee in them.
And they have them down in Costa Rica.
They have them in China.
The major medical firms and research papers admit all this, but it's just kind of kept quiet.
It's admitted in a few newspapers, but nothing's done.
I mean, you know, this is the reality, folks.
This is what we're living in.
The elite think of us as like hamburger meat, as animals.
And we frankly act like dumb animals a lot.
Top cloning experts gather in South Korea for clandestine thefts.
Top cloning experts from Britain, South Korea, and the United States working on ways to use stem cells to treat incurable diseases gathered here to kick off a week-long secret experiment.
The scientists were led by South Korea's Hong Kang-woo Sook, Gerald Skaffin, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and the creator of the clone, Sheep Dolly, Professor Ian Wilmot of Scotland's Roslin Institute.
They would not say what the experiment would be about, but said it was expected to be over the next week.
And Shatten, however, told journalists it would be a scientific milestone and indicated it would be aimed at combining achievements made in cloning and stem cell research to develop ways to treat incurable diseases.
Hong Wang, a professor of Seoul National University, and Skatten are co-authors of the landmark study published in May in which they said they had produced therapeutic stem cells.
And again, I mean, this does give rise to the conspiracy theories and everything's secret.
I mean, all the conspiracy is is two kids getting together and deciding to steal beer out of somebody's garage.
A conspiracy is just two corrupt cops getting together when they make a bust of, you know, five kilos of cocaine and deciding to keep one of the kilos and sell it.
Or when they find $10,000 in cash.
But the government says a conspiracy never existed, doesn't go on, totally trusts the government, shut your mouth, give up all your freedoms, when they've been caught in thousands of conspiracies and thousands of lies.
It's just amazing.
And it's just all incredibly serious.
Coming up, my friends, John Loftus once held some of the highest security clearances in the world with special access to NATO.
And a CIA code word in top secret nuclear files.
He's a private attorney.
He works without charge.
Helped hundreds of intelligence agents obtain lawful permission to declassify and publish the hidden secrets of our times.
He is author of four history books, three of which have been made into films.
Two were international bestsellers and one was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.
And his nightly comments are on current events.
The Law Office reports can be heard on
ABC National Radio, and the John Batchelor Show, of course, on WABC Radio, weeknights in New York.
And the bio goes on for two pages, and I'm not going to... But he's also a Fox anti-terror analyst, former, of course, Justice Department prosecutor, anti-terror expert.
And he came out on Fox News a few days ago and said, well, we already knew that it's MI6 assets...
We're good to go.
And don't forget the websites are prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.net, and infowars.com.
Freshly updated daily for you, Mr. Loftus' website is john-loftus.com.
And we'll talk to him about his amazing revelations on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The FBI has an informant among Salam.
And they cook a real bomb and give them detonators and they train the drivers and then Salam wants to stop them, wants to have the sting and it never happens and the building almost gets blown up and nine people die and over 1,500 get smoke inhalation.
Thank God the two registered mental retards, the Muslim extremists, did not park it up against the column, or we would have had something bigger than 9-11, because in one tower there were 12,000 people there that day.
And it's the same M.O.
over and over again.
Now, bin Laden, the Sudanese want to arrest him.
Bill Clinton says no.
They want to turn him over.
They say no.
And I interviewed in England over the weekend David Shaler, former M.I.
5, who blew the whistle.
On how the British MI6 gave 200,000 American dollars, over 100,000 pounds, to Al-Qaeda in the mid-90s to try to kill Muammar Gaddafi, and then in the late 90s, millions of dollars to go in and try to start a war with the Serbs, because the globalists wanted to go into Serbia.
And Alphonse D'Amato's own Senate report in 99 stated all of this.
And it's the same M.O.
And then we were sent Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times articles, some from two weeks ago, some from 1999, where this newest little character, who, I mean, the guy looks like Revenge of the Nerds with a turban on his head, this new little demon, Haroon Rashid Aswad,
And he's the same little goblin that's been working for MI6.
Their little asset.
I'd call him an agent.
Loftus, a former prosecutor for the Justice Department and terrorism expert and the Intelligence Summit president.
Very renowned and renowned.
...esteemed in his field.
He calls him an asset.
Who gets the motive?
Who gets more funding?
Who gets to take our liberties when the Muslim extremists have some CIA or MI6 controller carrying out terror?
And whose approval ratings go up for the war?
Now, I've said my piece.
We're honored to have Mr. Loftus on with us.
It's john-loftus.com.
We have a transcript of what he said on Fox News up on infowars.com.
But john-loftus, L-O-F-T-U-S dot com.
John, good to have you on first off.
Can you recap or repeat, or for lack of a better term, regurgitate the eloquent and important bombshell statements you made on Fox News over the weekend?
Actually, there were two of them.
Three weeks before the London subway bombing,
I predicted on Fox that a group known as Al-Musharoun may attempt subway bombings in either New York or London.
Yeah, that's true.
I saw that, too.
So what happened is this same group, which we've been tracking over here very successfully for some time, was behind the bombing.
And all of these characters from all three subway bombings, two semi-successful, one attempt that was blocked, three different cells in London were all tied into the Finsbury Mosque.
And this is the radical center of London.
Now, within that mosque was a man...
We believe he was the double agent inside British intelligence.
Now, the Israelis have been scathing about this guy.
They've said that he has been openly training people for Al Qaeda, recruiting them, and the British haven't done anything.
A number of sources, including some of the Arabic sources themselves, these Arabic extremists, are saying, yep, back in the 90s, this guy was involved with this British Secret Service project, MI6, to recruit Muslim extremists to go fight with the Kosovo Liberation Army.
It's a pathetic, stupid, short-sighted program.
See, I did the same thing in Afghanistan.
We hired the same group back in the 80s.
And by the way, I'm not defending the Serbs.
I'm not a Serb, but Slobo's bad news, but compared to other people in the region, the Albanians, he's an angel.
And when they blew up school buses and killed Serbs, he fought back, and then, oh, we've got to invade him.
Yeah, some American generals were saying, quite frankly, we're fighting on the wrong side in that war.
I think that neither side must be proud of my take on the subject, that this was just racial infighting that got out of hand.
But the problem with the British is, once they had these guys, they gave them sanctuary in London, or Londonistan, as the CIA snidely called it.
The Israelis were saying the British were letting guys train in London, come into Israel and kill.
Some of the suicide bombers in London, Mohammed Siddiqui Khan, went into Israel with other British kids they'd recruited to try and blow up Mike's Place, which was one of the restaurants they had.
So for years, the Israelis have been saying the British are letting these guys operate in London for appeasement.
They're saying, as long as you don't blow up anybody in England, you can have safekeeping here.
You leave us alone, we'll leave you alone.
Go kill other people in other countries.
Well, the Saudis tried that same trick with Al-Qaeda.
It didn't work well for them either.
So finally... Well, let's be specific.
I mean, on Fox News, you bowled it down.
This guy is an asset of MI6 for a long time.
The first time we picked him up was in 1999 when he was scoping out terrorist spy bases in Oregon.
The Justice Department wanted to indict him and were told, hands off.
New York will handle it.
New York does an indictment.
Two years later, again, he's not indicted.
His superior, his subordinate, all indicted.
Not him.
Now, the New York office claims, oh, but the British told us he was dead.
He wasn't dead.
He was hiding in South Africa.
The South Africans picked him up last month.
And the CIA was more than a little annoyed.
They wanted to grab him right away.
And the British said no.
So at that point in June, the British knew.
But this guy, Haroon Rashid Aswat, was a wanted terrorist by CIA and by several people in the British government.
And where does the guy run to?
He went to London.
Under his own name.
And under his own name, he's in the terrorist watch list, goes right through, again, continually an asset.
The only explanation is that the Arab newspapers are right.
This guy worked for the British Secret Service.
They wouldn't touch him.
Well, listen, I was in a hotel room Saturday night with David Shaler.
I'm sure you're familiar with that MI5 agent.
I mean, he's on the record in radio interviews here as well.
We have the transcripts of those on my websites, saying that they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to al-Qaeda to try to kill Qaddafi, that they paid millions to him to attack the Serbs.
I mean, you know, the same M.O.
over and over again.
And the problem is, while the British and the CIA are saying to the British, you guys are stupid, you're using guys like us, what, as informants in al-Qaeda, and you're not getting information, he's running around setting up sleeper cells.
And the British said, oh, no, no, we've got this all under control.
Yeah, some control.
Aswad was the guy.
NSA knows from his cell phone.
He had 20 conversations with the July 7th subway bombers, even a few hours before it went off.
He was the planner.
He was the main guy.
We have a French informant who came forward and said, yeah, I saw this guy in the Finsbury Mosque recruiting people openly for al-Qaeda.
Mr. Loftus, a former Justice Department prosecutor and anti-terror expert, you've got a pretty good track record of analyzing and tracking these people, but did you hear about the drill on 7-7 that was being run at the exact same locations, exact same time?
Yeah, that was a coincidence.
They run a lot of those.
There's bound to be some overlap.
No conspiracy there as far as we can tell.
Really, let me break it down for you then.
I look at who has a motive.
Tommy Blair's approval ratings are up right now.
David Shaler says that he didn't believe us in the past, but now he's convinced.
The problem with that theory, though, Alex, is that I don't think that Blair even knew about Oswald.
Well, the Finsbury Mosque.
I think MI6 was running this very privately.
They didn't even tell Scotland Yard.
That's why when this guy shows up in South Africa, in Pakistan, Pakistan lets him go, he flees to Zambia.
Scotland Yard says, we don't mind at all if the Americans take precedence and arrest him.
Because they knew that their rivals in MI6 were going to try and let the guy go again.
Well, usually America got mad, but I mean, it's been in the...
It's been in the Seattle Times.
You talked about it on the Fox News piece.
A low-level FBI, mid-level, wanted to arrest him when he was setting up a terror camp, and then the Justice Department said, no, leave him alone.
So our government and the Israelis may shoot their mouths off about how horrible this is, but even Haratz...
And the Jerusalem Post admit that Israel got caught two years ago shutting up fake al-Qaeda groups, and that even the late Yishak Rabin said that they helped radicalize and fund in the founding of Hamas.
I mean, I think it's Western governments that stand to gain from a radical Islamist as it gives them a pretext to move militarily against them, as the PNAC documents call for, a Pearl Harbor string of events.
I don't know if I'd go quite that far, Alex.
I think what you had is some opportunist bureaucrats.
I think that, by and large, the intelligence community, well-meaning, good-hearted people, have been a lawyer for them for 25 years.
I agree, but I think there's criminal... I know there's criminal compartmentalized groups, sir.
I mean, over and over again, funding al-Qaeda leaders to attack everybody under the sun.
Boy, you put your finger on it there.
There are compartmentalized groups that engage in crimes.
Are these authorized by the government, or is it wink and a nod stuff?
We haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet, and a lot of us are very, very concerned.
I mean, back in 85, I was testifying before the Congress, the House Judiciary Committee, on the illegal use of Nazi war criminals by U.S.
And at the same time that I'm testifying, these nitwits are recruiting the Arab Nazis to form the heart of the Mujahideen.
The Muslim Brotherhood was an Arab Nazi movement.
Now, the CIA went around and shredded all its files.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When the British recruited this Arab Nazi movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, CIA took them over in the early 50s, we hid them in Saudi Arabia, and we used the Arab Nazis as a counterweight to the Arab Communists.
Yeah, they've always, exactly, they've always done that.
Look, Saddam Hussein, who wasn't part of the Brotherhood, but he was recruited in 58.
No, Saddam Hussein was part of the Brotherhood.
His uncle was a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the guy who raised him.
We're supposed to be part of the Nazi coup in Iraq in 1943.
Well, then you just taught me something.
I knew that the CIA recruited him, and he was trained by Brotherhood operatives.
His family was Muslim Brotherhood, big time.
So the Muslim Brotherhood was the grandparent organization of all these other terrorist groups.
Well, I was going to go back to this.
Our own government with the Rat Line and the Bushes themselves.
With Prescott, I have the mainstream news articles at up to 51.
They were fencing Nazi money out.
Oh, I've written several books on that subject, and on my website I have a couple more articles.
Yeah, Prescott Bush...
You know, I'm a Democrat, but my Republican friends know that I'm very supportive of the war on terror and stuff, but the Bush grandparents, I would indict them for treason if they were still alive.
You know what, sir?
I had you on at the bottom of the hour, but I want to talk more about this case when we get back, but if I can, I want to hold you over and talk about the Bush Nazis.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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Folks, I'm going to boil it down for you.
More and more prominent people who have disagreed with me in the past about who has the motive and clearly government orchestration and involvement in these attacks are coming out and having to admit that's where all the evidence points.
And I don't mean the whole government.
I'm talking about criminal elements within the government.
I mean, the FBI said a few years ago it's as if Al-Qaeda runs the FBI or has moles...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From three years ago, MI6 protecting Al-Qaeda.
Number three at the CIA, Buzzy Crongard says, we don't want to catch Bin Laden.
One of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that.
And then we've got this Al-Qaeda creature, Haroun Rashid Aswad.
I mean, Mr. Loftus, it can't get any more transparent.
I mean, let's say, okay, Tony Blair didn't know about him before, which I don't buy.
Let's say he didn't for benefit of the doubt.
Okay, why haven't they grabbed him now?
Yeah, I think that's what I'm telling my friends in Seattle.
They're going to see this story disappear in Britain.
They're going to bury this guy.
They do not want him on a public trial.
They certainly don't want him extradited to the U.S.
But it's an old story.
I mean, we were talking during the break about the Bush family, and people don't realize that Prescott Bush, the president's grandfather, and his great-grandfather, Herbert Walker, were in bed with the Nazis.
I mean, these were the guys that raised the investment capital
In the early 1920s, they funded the Nazi Party.
Yeah, let's be clear.
They funded Hitler.
They weren't profiteers who jumped on the bandwagon.
They were on the secret Nazi board.
I mean, they were the inner circle of Nazi commanders in this country.
And to be bipartisan, there was a Democratic family, the Harrimans, that were their partners, too.
The Harrimans had the Bolshevik trade, and the Prescott Bush and his gang had the German trade.
I think.
The robber barons of Wall Street got a loophole law passed in Congress, the Webb-Palmerine Act of 1918, saying they could set up trusts and cartels overseas.
Well, General Smedley Butler, they tried to hire him for a coup.
And this is exactly the same group.
Smedley Butler worked for Brown Brothers Harriman.
That's the Harriman family I mentioned.
Brown Brothers side was run by Herbert Walker, the president's great-grandfather.
Well, I think that...
In an age of terrorism, excesses have been made.
I've been one of those people that say we did need to have some changes, but the Patriot Act was far, far overboard.
It's going to cause us federal prosecution... Well, here's the headline.
Homeland Security Arrests 587 Gang Members.
If we're under the threat of suitcase nuke any minute, what are they doing out grabbing gang members?
You know, the suitcase nuke thing is actually a bit of a false alarm.
They're not really suitcases.
They're the size of, like, giant theatrical trunks, big steamer trunks, and they have to be refitted and recharged every nine months, or you just have giant radioactive paperweights.
They're not a big threat.
The big threat are the little tiny nuclear artillery shells.
Twenty of them disappeared from Kazakhstan.
We know the Iranians have some.
We're talking about frogs.
So they can do it, but they're small.
They'll only take out one city block.
But if you blow up a city block or two and radiate a major city, you're going to have total panic.
They won't take out a city.
The stock market's in the toilet.
You know what?
I think we're getting inured to that.
We bounce back pretty quickly.
And by the way, there have been some wonderful things done in the U.S.
that I can't discuss in public about penetration of sleeper cells.
There's a good reason why we haven't been hit since 9-11.
They're going after soft targets overseas because they can't come here.
You know, you're kind of an enigma, Jim.
I mean, you're really smart.
Much of what you're saying, I made a film about Bush and the Nazis.
Everything you said there, checked out.
A lot of what you're saying about the terrorism checks out.
But, I mean, still.
I mean, our government doesn't want bin Laden.
Our government's official story on 9-11 is a complete fraud.
You know, our government has gotten a whole police state out of it.
And you're saying there's things you can't tell me, because you, as a lawyer, represent all these intelligence people.
And I think there are good people in intelligence, regardless of what the higher-ups want, who are stopping terrorism.
I'm not saying you're wrong to be suspicious.
All I'm saying is I'm a bit of a cynic.
I think that these things are 90% stupidity, 10% conspiracy.
If people could understand the screw-ups, the infighting, the petty bureaucracies within the Intelligence Committee, they would be horrified.
We have learned nothing from 9-11.
Well, stay there, sir.
I want to get your prediction on terror attacks.
I mean, you predicted attacks in London, and I predicted attacks on transportation, soft targets.
You know, it's not hard for me to predict it because the government kept hyping it.
But we'll talk about that and talk about some of your books, and we'll also talk about, well, when you think there'll be another terror attack, or if there will be one.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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And at night at 3210, we kind of have a world service.
Folks listening all over the planet that listen on Global Shortwave, the great 100,000-watt transmitters of WWCR.
Got about ten minutes left with our guest, Jim Lopez, former prosecutor for the Justice Department and also an intelligence analyst for Fox Television and a lot of other big outfits.
And, you know, he just comes right out and admits what's in the British papers and what's in a few of ours, but not big nightly news, except for when he talked about it, we commend him for that, that this MI6 asset carrying out attacks and they're doing nothing to stop him.
Now that's pretty clear.
Tony Blair, the war's falling apart.
His approval rating is going down.
This happens, it reverses itself.
Mr. Loftus, and I can argue about that all day, but it's... I mean, I can tell what's going on.
The globalists do this over and over again.
But I was talking to Jim during the break, and he was dropping bombshell after bombshell on me.
And so we'll get his take on it, on Iraq and Syria, on China.
And what Ken Timmerman's saying about that.
What do you see happening in the next 18 months, or for that matter, next six months?
Is it going to be Iran or Syria?
Oh, I think it's going to be Syria.
Syria is coming down.
We've had it.
The Iraqi government has had it.
Now, the Iraqi government's schedule is critical.
They have to vote on their new constitution by August 15th.
Have it ratified by October 15th, and have the new election by December 15th.
After that, a new, fluid government of Iraq can declare war on Syria.
And the UN will support it.
Under the UN Charter, every nation has a right of self-defense.
The Iraqian most popular show in Baghdad on TV is this true confession show where they show videotapes of all the Syrian army officers they've caught inside Iraq
And they confessed, yeah, I was here to train the beheading squads.
Yep, I was here to work on the assassination teams.
So the Iraqi people have been being prepared every day.
Jim, what we ought to do is we ought to bring the Running Man TV show to Iraq.
Oh yeah, and we can like have our troops chase them in dune buggies with big spikes on the front.
Come on, Jim, that show, I've seen clips of it.
It's like something out of George Orwell's 1984 where they drag people out and they admit that they're evil terrorists and then
Admittedly, most of the time it ends up they're totally innocent.
I mean, they've admittedly beat up women, you name it.
I mean, you think a TV show nightly with confessions, I mean, that is just... And then this government already told us Iraq had WMDs, Saddam was our boy, and then our government would point him at Iran or whoever we wanted.
April Gillespie told him, go ahead and invade Kuwait.
Now you're saying Iraq's going to invade Syria?
They're getting ready to invade Syria.
Iraq will declare war on Syria after the new government comes in.
The U.S., of course, as their ally, will help.
The 3rd Army Division says it'll take them 20 minutes to conquer Syria, 19 to stop laughing, and one to conquer the country.
Now, we're very good at conquering countries.
We just stink at occupying them.
But the idea is that we want to have yet another election take place in the hopes that the Ba'ath Party of Syria will be booted out.
Okay, the American people aren't going to put...
That they're going to find all of Saddam's WMD buried in Syria.
That's the real reason we want to go in, so that Bush will say, ha ha, I told you so.
And then when it's not there, it'll have to be Iran, and then pretty soon we'll invade Canada.
Well, we can't go to war with Iran, because quite frankly, we stole democracy from them when we put the Shah in power.
But Ken Timmerman says we, he's the former CIA analyst, he says we should address the $100 million in regime change.
We should help overthrow this dictatorship from within.
To my mind, though, Alex, the real danger on the horizon is China.
The People's Liberation Army is the ultra-right-wing faction.
Yeah, but our government under Clinton and under Republican companies helped give them the MIRV technology, the guidance systems.
Both parties just made our foreign policy one of international prostitution.
As long as the Chinese were paying for it, we just... Yeah, best enemies money could buy, and then I've got to give up all my liberties and let my kids be drafted.
But, I mean, hold on for a second, Jim.
And then we also have Rumsfeld on the board of ABB.
John, excuse me.
We have Rumsfeld on the board of ABB sitting there helping give the reactors to North Korea, and then during the break you told me how this works is China is over there arming against us, but at the same time we have Iran building the missiles and North Korea building the warheads, and they fit exactly.
They even had a parade.
We have a video clip.
Of an Iranian missile in a parade, and it has the exact copy of the North Korean nuclear warhead, the little stubby thing with the short fins.
So the Chinese are saying this stuff ought to be done piecemeal.
You know, the nuke warheads in North Korea... Well, then why isn't our government worried about Pakistan with the dictator Musharraf and being totally protected by our government, and nothing's happened to Khan, who was handing out the goodies?
Well, here's the problem.
Pakistan is split into three parts.
One-third of the people around Musharraf
Are loyal to the Americans only because they know that the Al Qaeda guys are going to kill Musharraf as well.
One third of the people of Pakistan would elect Al Qaeda in a heartbeat.
The middle third just want to make a buck.
That's where AQ Khan comes in.
This is a guy who didn't believe in anything but money, okay?
And he was working for China.
The Chinese have squelched to a considerable extent how much AQ Khan dealt with the Chinese government.
And North Korea is just the front, the candy store for the Chinese army, all right?
AQ Khan was sending centrifuge technology to North Korea and getting missiles back for the Pakistan Army in return.
And we're supposed to believe this was all a private venture?
Well, Jim, our government, as usual, at every level, oh, accidentally funds al-Qaeda, accidentally funds the bombers, accidentally releases them, accidentally sells supercomputers, accidentally lets Chinese generals in, accidentally, accidentally, but they never make an accident about setting up a police state
Here in America, Bush and his cronies and the globalists are going to have big trouble selling WMDs anywhere else, invading anybody else, because they've been caught lying so much, unless there's a convenient terror attack.
Yeah, the Bush administration has really blown its credibility big time.
And quite frankly, they think that our Russian allies suckered us in and that they helped Saddam hide the stuff, precisely to create that effect.
But we'll know.
But I thought Poodie Pood's a man Bush can trust.
Sorry, he can throw them.
Listen, who do you think was selling the... How come all the Russian cornet anti-tank missiles came through Syria into Iraq during the war?
That's the only missile in the world that can penetrate the armor of an M1A1 Abrams tank.
The Russians had advanced night vision goggles.
They were being sold through Syria.
But the oligarchs are owned by the British banker Rothschild.
That's even been in the Financial Times.
What we have to realize now is this stuff isn't about conspiracy.
It's about greed.
That the multinational companies have no loyalty to the American nation.
But funny, those multinationals have loyalty to the UN and the global government they're building.
No, those are only useful props.
And by the way, out of all these crises they're funding, that's going to give them the pretext for total control.
Well, anytime you have multinational influence at an exorbitant level the way it is now, you're going to get short-term thinking.
And short-term thinking always creates international crises, but mostly by accident.
I really have found no substantial evidence in the long run.
These guys are planning anything more than just getting their fingers in the tail and stealing as much money as they can.
Well, let me ask you a question.
Are you aware of Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11-style attacks against the U.S.?
Yep, yep.
But you know what?
There are thousands of those plans.
But if that wasn't a war game, though, that's always the thing we hear from intelligence people.
That was an operational document.
It was brought to Kennedy to be green-lighted to be executed.
Our government, our Joint Chiefs wanted to carry out shootings where they even framed patsies.
Well, I mean, you know about Operation Gladio, don't you?
That's an exaggeration.
I know all about Operation Gladio.
We had huge stay-behind arms networks scattered all over Europe from Denmark to Italy that in case the Red Army overran... Well, I didn't even say what it was.
How did you say it was an exaggeration?
Well, there's a whole thing going around that Operation Gladio was a pretext for subverting democracies.
That's an exaggeration.
Well, I mean, look, here's the deal.
I heard Kermit Roosevelt.
From some 1980 interview on NPR.
He's a piece of work.
He openly bragged that the CIA and British Intel, because Mosaddegh wouldn't give them all the oil.
He was pro-America, anti-communist, man of the year.
He wanted to keep some of their oil.
And so he bragged how he and like eight other people... I mean, this is admitted, sir.
I'm sure you know about it.
I wrote about it.
My last book was called The Secret War Against the Jews.
It was a 700-page history.
Of American and British covert operations in the Middle East.
Okay, well then you know, Kate, well then you know, guys.
These guys were despicable.
You can't... And that's why I have no problem with people saying there has to be a conspiracy because there have been so many evil things going on.
Okay, but for those that don't know, then tell them what Kermit Roosevelt did to Mosaddegh.
Oh, Kermit Roosevelt was one of the evil geniuses that worked primarily for the American oil companies, the multinationals.
And he put together a coup to destroy...
What was, quite frankly, an ongoing elected democracy.
Because the Mossadegh government in Iran wanted to have a freely elected democracy, but they wanted to keep Iranian oil for the Iranian people.
And Kermit Roosevelt didn't like that.
So they put together a coup, had him assassinated, brought him to Shah.
So we get one generation of loyal Shah and then three generations of...
But the added thing is, I knew about this, and I'd read the documents and seen major intelligence briefs online from major universities, but Roosevelt admitted that they went in and bombed Moss, shot people, carried out terror attacks, and blamed it on Mosaddegh, printed up handbills saying that he had done it.
And he said, we did this for the CIA with British Petroleum.
Yeah, there's an example of our government carrying out... There are reasons why we can't ever go back into Iran with ground troops.
We can help the revolution from the outside, but we can't go in and... Well, let me ask you a question.
Why would Kermit Roosevelt... He's dead now.
This was an interview in the 80s.
Why would he openly brag about... I mean, that is shameful.
He was proud of it.
It was awful.
There was a separate group called OPC, the Office of Policy Coordination, the Mission Impossible crowd.
They took CIA money but operated under State Department control with Pentagon support.
So no one really controlled them.
And these guys were total deniability, plausible deniability.
They weren't ever to get caught.
They weren't ever to link America to it.
And by the way, they used radicals?
They thought it was too good to keep secret, so they've been bragging about it over the years.
Well, exactly.
But I mean, why would they brag?
I mean, this is incredible.
It's shameful.
It's un-American.
Most people in the world want to emulate the American ideals because we try to be an open, free society.
We try to stand for the rule of law.
And every time we let the creeps like Kermit Roosevelt...
But Jim, I think it's people like you that are on the outside of these departmentalized structures.
The Kermit Roosevelt's of the world are in control right now, and we see the same M.O.
I mean, look, it was the radical right-wing Islamists that were used to bring down Mosaddegh, being funded by Kermit Roosevelt.
I mean, it's the same M.O.
Well, it's the same group, the Muslim Brotherhood.
This is the last group of Arab Nazis that we talked about.
They were founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, a devout admirer of Hitler, and we have been using this group for the last 70 years.
It's asinine.
You know, here are Arab fascists, truly Arab Nazis, that have now evolved into what we now call Al-Qaeda.
But in essence, the Al-Qaeda philosophy is the same as the Muslim Brotherhood.
But Jim, I call it its proper name, Al-MI6-ADA or Al-CI-ADA.
The sad thing is, I wish that we were confident enough to have that kind of influence.
You know what?
But people always underestimate the institutional incompetence of the Western Intelligent Services.
It is so bad as to...
So we can shoot a cruise missile through an open window and we can put men on the moon.
But we can't run a spy network to save our lives.
We don't share information.
We don't even index information.
Al-Qaeda has better computers than the FBI.
But that's done so the good people in intelligence cannot stop the, quote, rogue networks.
I mean, I've studied this a lot.
I know you've probably studied it more, sir.
And I'm trying to gauge you here and assess you.
It's very hard.
Either you're very slick and very evil, or you're a good guy.
And I think you're a good guy.
I am one of the good guys.
I try and work with the whistleblowers inside the intelligence community to expose these jerks.
The same things you're trying to do.
What I'm saying is I'm having... Usually I can assess people.
I'm going to be honest with you, John.
I'm having trouble.
But I'm sitting here going, come on.
You know there's rogue elements that get defense money and weapons money and intelligence... Well, all I'm saying is they don't have a political agenda.
They have an economic agenda.
Well, exactly.
They're using America to make money.
But I don't care.
I mean, political and money, it's the same thing.
Maybe we're not that far apart.
All right.
Okay, well, then I want to... I mean, look, obviously, obviously, I mean, I've caught them 50 times.
Our intelligence elements within our intelligence agency are always high up because they've got to have a green light, are enabling this and then using it to take my liberties.
I'm very angry about this, John.
I mean, you know, the FBI, for example, lovely people, great folks, but the top ranks of the FBI...
You know, I don't blame you.
We're good.
I had to work with the other agencies and with the good, decent FBI agents to sue this guy, expose him as a terrorist, and embarrass the U.S.
government into indicting him.
So right now there's criminal trials going on in Tampa.
But that's an example where 90% of the folks in the FBI are good, decent Americans, and the 10% on top, boy, those are the guys I want to drag in front of a grand jury.
Because they're corporate whores owned by these... Look, I mean, there's a hundred economies... Yes, and the corporate whore thing, maybe there's an overlap.
The biggest, most powerful lobbyist in Washington is a guy named Grover Norquist, okay?
I know who he is, yeah.
Now, he is the lobbyist for terrorists.
Samuel Arian, Alamudi, the guys that all done it, they all had one thing in common.
Grover Norquist was their lobbyist.
Grover Norquist's best friend was the White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove.
Moderate Muslims couldn't get to see the president.
Only terrorists could.
Because Grover Norquist arranged to have the White House screening staff work for his friends.
It's absolutely despicable.
Here's this group, supposedly right-wing conservatives, and they're in bed with the terrorist groups.
Well, I mean, Bush got his first money for Arbusto from the Al-Qaeda family, from the bin Laden family.
His dad was partners with the bin Laden family.
Anyone who thinks that the bin Laden family is separate from Osama bin Laden, I could, you know, stalk in a Brooklyn grade.
Well, I mean, it was James Baker III that, when the 9-11 family sued, he got their suit blocked and Bush helped.
Yeah, now, I was one of the advisors to help people help organize the 9-11 lawsuits.
The real scandal is that these guys, Bush's dad, was part of a group that was trying to bribe the Taliban, bribe Al-Qaeda, to let them build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan into Pakistan.
That was with the old phrase, they would give you a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs.
The Saudis were the front men.
Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia was involved.
It was all about oil.
The Caspian Basin was supposed to be the new Alaska.
One-eighth of the world's energy supplies.
It was all about the money.
So we had the father, the current president,
Being in a company that was trying to hire Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to protect their future pipeline.
All right.
Well, we've got to get you back up sometime, John Loftus.
Really interesting info, and folks can check out your books and materials there on the site.
Thanks for coming on.
You're welcome, Alex.
Take care.
Very interesting, folks.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We got Jim Hood coming on for about 20-30 minutes to give us an update on what the Minutemen have been going through.
You know, Bush and this corrupt terrorist government have been...
Putting out handbooks to 400,000-plus truckers and to teachers and cops and everybody else.
Oh, look for people arguing, people wearing backpacks, people smoking marijuana.
It's terrorism.
Gang members selling crack is terrorism.
Everything's terrorism.
But Bush calls them evil vigilantes for sitting in lawn chairs, calling the police as Mexican troops and illegals pour across by the thousands a day.
And now the racial hate groups funded by the Fortune 500, as usual, just like everything else is funded by the globalists.
That was an interesting interview.
Now the racial hate groups are attacking the Minutemen.
Meanwhile, there's a travel advisory for South Texas.
They say it's more dangerous than South Africa.
As dangerous as Israel.
Hundreds dead.
So we'll be talking about that later.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Jim Loftus, I think, is one of these people who just can't bring himself to face the full horror.
I mean, he admits there's elements in our intelligence agencies helping the terrorists for their own profits, defense contractors, but he won't say it's the government, as if the top of the government isn't authorizing it.
And he said, well, I can't say you're wrong.
This guy's a major commentator.
He says a syndicated ABC show.
And, you know, he's coming out saying this.
Because they can't put perfume on a pig, folks.
Every time we turn around, Al-Qaeda is CIA-da.
Is MI6-a.
And who's got the motive?
But then he goes off into Alice in Wonderland about Assad's bad.
Assad's groveling, saying, please don't invade me.
Assad's done nothing.
Are there young Muslim men going to fight the...
Going to fight the invaders?
I mean, again, folks, are we going down to the border to fight the invaders?
I'm not defending these Muslims.
I'm just stating the geopolitical facts here.
And, you know, our government did to Iran what it is today.
And I'm sick of it.
We put Saddam in.
You heard a lot of us admitting that.
I knew he was trained by the Nazi Brotherhood and the Bushes, but I didn't know that he was one of their agents.
I knew he later became an agent of the CIA.
But, you know what, I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of the globalists creating crises to offer their solutions and handing out nuclear weapons like lollipops.
So don't pull me over, cops, and ask to search my car and tell me it's a war on terror.
I might vomit on you.
You're giving your children a police state birthright.
You're not making anybody safe, you goons.
You idiots.
I just think Loftus has made a bunch of psychological excuses for himself.
But the guy's pretty honest overall.
I was going to attack him, but I really can't.
I'm just so sick of this.
I am really sick of it.
I am sick of it!
I've got a family, I've got children, and a lot of you do too.
And I'm sick of the New World Order, and I'm sick of this scum who think we're a bunch of slaves.
And if you're sick of them like I am, you need to get martial law.
You need to stop procrastinating.
You need to call right now.
You need to go to prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Go to that safe, secure shopping cart and order some of my videos.
Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Matrix of Evil, American Dictators.
They're all excellent.
Upwards of 75% off when you get multiple copies.
We need to put them on AXS TV.
We need to make copies of them and give them to people.
Give them to cops.
Give them to firemen.
Give them to local FBI agents.
Get involved.
Stand out in the open.
Go to InfoWars.com to order via the Safe Secure Shopping Cart.
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That's 888.
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It's all there, prisonplanet.tv, prisonplanet.tv, prisonplanet.tv!
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com, or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we've got a detailed report on what the Minutemen are facing all across the southwest border trying to stem the globalist destruction of this country and the merger into the Pan-American Union.
That's coming up in a bunch of other key news and your calls.
Robert and everybody else, your calls are coming up right now.
Robert in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, good morning Alex.
Thanks very much for taking my call.
Great job on Coastal Last Night with George, as usual.
Was it good?
I was kind of jet-lagged and tired.
It sounded okay?
Yeah, I didn't get to listen to the entire broadcast.
I got about an hour or so of it.
But yeah, you sounded on your game, man.
If you were tired, you didn't sell it.
You brought your A-game, as usual.
A couple quick things.
Number one, I think it's kind of interesting.
You've got...
I don't know if you've ever heard of Dick Vitale.
He's a sports guy with ESPN.
Yeah, I know who he is.
Yeah, he's got a cancer foundation.
He started on behalf of Jim Melvin, who passed away two years ago.
They raised a lot of money for cancer.
You've got your fellow Austinite, Lance Armstrong, Cancer Foundation.
I just wonder why none of these people ever stop to consider why.
There's no cure for cancer after four or five decades of research.
Well, they've also got to ask why cancer's up 500% in the last 20 years.
I mean, when admittedly, aspartame causes cancer, sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride causes it, these preservatives that are made out of petrochemicals are causing it.
I mean, listen, how many thousands of percent has diabetes gone up?
I mean, it's not just that we're... You know, I was in Europe.
They eat as much as we do.
They don't eat less.
But they don't have all the preservatives.
It's the preservatives!
Great point.
One other quick thing.
A couple of, maybe two weeks ago, could have been a week ago, I'm not sure.
Anyway, I heard you talk about the movie Black Hawk Down, that it was a fraud.
Can you speak a little bit about that?
Well, we interviewed Colonel Craig Roberts, who wrote a book with General Wheeler, who was there running the operations, basically.
And his son was also in combat there.
And, I mean, it's just, what you see in that Bruckheimer depiction, a lot of it just isn't what happened.
Like, you know, the U.N.
comes to save him at the end.
You know, just a whole bunch of different stuff in there is not true.
But he really was shot down by whoever that was, the post-war whoever it was, and then he was held captive for a while.
That part is true, isn't it?
Oh, yeah, the basic stuff, but just a lot of it's addressed stuff.
And my point mentioning Black Hawk Down is Jerry Bruckheimer...
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Who's up next here?
Who's up next?
Reggie in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Reggie.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
I have a little couple tidbits of information here.
On your television show that you recorded this 18th of last month, you were talking about vaccination.
So I just wanted to bring up this website.
Yeah, how they say, it's the law, you've got to be vaccinated when there is no law.
There is a website where you can get legal documents that you can give to your school board.
There's documents there for every state in the U.S.
And they're free.
Yeah, give us the site.
I've linked to it, but then I couldn't find it last week when I was looking for it for another listener.
And again, folks, there is no law.
You have to do it.
You don't even have to have the waivers, but if you want to do it because the school's dumb and it's all color of law.
You know, it's like when I was in Europe.
They said there's no law, but we are charging you this on your bill for the U.N.
at your hotel.
It's just color of law.
Give us the website.
The website is called unhinderedliving.com.
Unhindered living.
All right, you go there and you can click and get all the waivers for the 50 states?
Yeah, because by law they're supposed to just give you those waiver forms, but not in Texas.
They make you give them your name and number and they register you, which is illegal.
But they're criminals.
That's what criminals do.
Anything else, Reggie?
Yeah, check out the September 05 issue of Muscle Development Magazine.
It talks about steroid abuse in the NYPD.
Okay, is that it?
Yeah, that's all.
Good job.
We're all good.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right, folks, DVD.
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If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
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That's 888-2533-139.
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All right, callers, we're going to get to you quickly.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Well, we heard that we should all tattle on our neighbors, and if somebody's smoking marijuana cigarettes, call the police, or arguing with their wife, that's terrorism.
You know, there's been thousands of arrests, 500-plus of them, gang members with marijuana, Homeland Security's visiting toy stores.
Topless bars.
This is what the Homeland Security does.
Meanwhile, 24% of the troops in Iraq are illegal aliens, a foreign Hessian army of mercenaries.
There are 30 million illegal aliens here.
There are huge whooping cough outbreaks all over Texas.
Babies dying everywhere.
This disease was unknown here 10 years ago.
There are 7,000 cases of leprosy last year, when there were only on average 5 cases per year in the 20 years before this, leading up to just last year.
Wet leprosy everywhere.
People with leprosy all over the place.
Drug-resistant TB everywhere.
Oh, just type it into Google.
It's mainstream news.
There is a total travel advisory in Texas.
They're saying it's more dangerous than Israel and South Africa.
Over 100 deaths.
18 police on their side.
Five on our side.
In the last month, dead cops everywhere.
Dead state police.
Dead Arizona, Texas, Nevada.
All over the place.
Local Fox News in...
Laredo admitting that it's a total ghost town.
Los Zetas trained by the CIA at U.S.
military bases, killing all the competition.
Totally protected.
Folks, you cannot... There is a State Department third travel advisory.
Reuters reported on it.
But the average American has no idea.
It is hundreds of people being kidnapped, dozens of U.S.
citizens in the last month being kidnapped.
Imagine if Al-Qaeda kidnapped over a dozen Americans and held them at gunpoint.
It would be big news.
No, it barely makes local news here.
Eight towns flying Mexican flags.
The first one did it ten years ago, El Cenizo.
No English allowed.
Just total bedlam.
And our government controls it all.
And you cannot overstate
How serious all of this is.
And we have the videos of Mecha beating old black men and white women over the head with clubs till blood sprays.
The police do nothing.
Reporters laugh at them.
Huge banners with blonde hair, blue eyes, people's heads cut off, screaming, we're going to kill all whites.
Death, death, death.
With giant red communist stars.
But it's all Fortune 500 funded to break this country down, just like they used the Albanians to break down Serbia.
We're being set up by the globalists.
Most Hispanics don't have this view.
But again, it's this hardcore cadre being funded by the Fortune 500.
So now to give us just all of these huge developments.
There have been a whole bunch of developments with the Minutemen and Border Watch.
And other groups, as Americans take the clarion call, Bush has demonized them, calling them evil vigilantes.
We're sitting in lawn chairs, reporting on illegal aliens and smugglers and Chinese and Muslims and Eastern Europeans pouring across.
These Mexican coyotes every night kill their own people.
We're trying to stop that.
They smuggle children across as sex slaves.
That's been all over the Houston Chronicle.
You never hear about it in the national news.
Folks, the country is breaking down.
In Arizona and South Texas.
The economies are gone.
There is no tourism.
It is a red alert, folks.
It's on the news with people pulling their hair out down here, but no one knows it nationally.
We are under attack worldwide.
This is a transmission.
America is under globalist attack.
They're passing all of these CAPTA laws.
They are passing forced drugging laws.
They are passing national ID card laws.
None of it applies to the new gods.
The Illegal Aliens.
Alright, Jim Wood.
Good to have you on, my friend.
I appreciate you sitting through that three-minute rant.
Oh, very good to be back, Alex.
And the website's noinvaders.org.
You've got photos up on the site, video and audio going up very soon.
You guys have been through massive harassment by these Hispanic clan groups, these Hispanic supremacist groups.
How are you fighting the racist forces?
Well, we're winning because we're building up momentum.
We went from 25-minute men the first weekend to 60 the second and about 100-minute men...
And women this last weekend.
Now you had over a thousand a few months ago.
This is the newest wave.
Well, the thousand you're thinking of are the people who signed up for Andy Ramirez and Friends of the Border Patrol.
We're actually the Border Patrol auxiliary under the flag of Jim Chase.
They're actually three Minutemen groups.
Yeah, exactly.
And that's good.
Diversity's good.
But go ahead.
Yeah, basically, we're very much winning this war.
You wouldn't think so if you listened to the lies and distortions of local TV and some of the national news bites that are out.
But yeah, we've built up momentum from about 25 to 100 Minutemen, and even though the San Diego County Sheriff's Department was totally incompetent and worthless the first two weekends, they were a major presence in both Campo and Jacumba this last weekend.
And the third weekend was our most peaceful weekend, while at the same time, we're forcing people to stay in Mexico, and the ones who crossed, even the drug runners, are...
Not as likely to cross right now.
We report the ones who do cross.
Now, again, for those that don't know, you're in the most hardcore area where the mayor openly announces a successful La Reconquista, openly saying that it's no longer part of the U.S., that there are 600-plus billboards announcing the end of America, the end of California, open, hate-filled celebrations.
You guys aren't in Arizona.
You're not in Texas right now.
You are on the ultimate front lines on the Mexican border in La Reconquista land.
Yeah, California, so I'm told by Jim Chase, is even worse than the San Pedro Valley in eastern Arizona.
The flux is normally far worse.
We see very few crossings because everyone knows we're there, and the Border Patrol, which is normally not doing patrols, is doing a lot more patrols than usual simply because we're there.
And again, they were ordered to stand down by Bush.
That has been in the Washington Times and the Associated Press.
They have been ordered to stand down.
Well, as my understanding, in the Arizona April Minute, man, they were told to stand down.
As part of a conspiracy to make the Minuteman look bad, as if we have no effect on the flux or the inflation flow.
But I had the Union Border Patrol chief on.
He said it's part of a New World Order takeover.
This is what the Border Patrol Union had said.
And he also said that under X-ing for four years they've been stood down.
If they see illegals on their left, they can't go get them.
Or if they see them on their right, they're only allowed to look one direction.
That's correct.
Well, you get different information from the higher-ups versus the actual Border Patrol agents who will call in and will not give their names but testify as to what happens.
When they do their job, they claim that for every one they catch, they see three who escape.
That's why we estimate that probably a bare minimum of three million cross the border every year because they detain about a million.
Well, the government's own numbers.
The government says they catch one in five.
Yes, if that's true.
We know they definitely detain.
They're going to detain probably a million this year if you extrapolate for the first six months.
They caught about a million last year, so it could potentially be five million who crossed.
By the way, Jim, I've got to, though, have checkpoints in Austin, Texas on the roads, quote, looking for Al-Qaeda, pulling over old black couples, literally on the news, and little white ladies.
I mean, even if the Muslim attacks were real, which they're not, folks, it's ridiculous.
And the mayor of New York says, oh, we're going to search everybody.
This is political correctness.
It's all about training us to be slaves.
But don't you dare go call the police on a precious illegal alien.
It's all part of, like you said yourself in your own words, the open borders, buyout people, the New World Order lobby.
They don't want legal immigrants who can work for fair wages and fair working conditions.
They would rather make us a third world agrarian
And for those that heard my whole rant at noinvaders.org, you cover all this.
Am I exaggerating about the travel advisory and the bedlam and the towns flying the Mexican flag and the wholesale slaughter going on?
Oh, no, you're not exaggerating one bit.
We've had nothing but fits with the media misreporting.
There really are anarchy flags, Mexican flags, people...
Posting the Mexican flag right in front of us on U.S.
Aggravated mayhem, assaults, threats, rock throwing.
Now, that's just what you guys... I mean, describe what's been happening to you.
Well, in the first two weekends, I personally was surrounded by about 12 or 13 protesters.
A fellow cost me in my truck.
The whole account is on the homepage of noinvaders.org.
And that's all U.N.
When I finally ducked under his arm to exit my truck and locked the doors with the door keys versus ignition keys, which disappeared, it was literally like a bad episode of Batman for TV.
People dressed up in Red Star, Soviet sickle and hammers, a guy with a sheet wrapped around his head to simulate a terrorist.
They would put a megaphone directly up your ear, and they did this several times where they would shout, racist scum, go home.
So you just let them throw stuff at you?
Well, the dogs were my only protection.
They couldn't really hit me.
What about an axe handle?
Somebody starts throwing rocks at me, they're going to go to the hospital.
I'm not kidding.
That's assault.
I'd have a hidden camera.
Listen, you mount a hidden camera on that truck with a VCR with a battery pack.
You hit record when they come.
You'll have them.
Let them get you.
And take an axe handle to them.
You know what I could do to 20 people with an axe handle?
I'm not kidding.
You know what an axe handle will do to people?
Oh, yeah.
But, you know, and something else I have to mention.
Channel 10 News of San Diego was right there.
The fellow was outside of his van where he retreated to his van where they heard and probably saw everything that went on.
But, of course, they don't film these events.
There were about three terrorist threats.
We're going to come back here and get you.
And there were about 100 of them, about 200 yards away in a camp versus one of me.
So there was certainly the potential to carry out that threat.
They stole my knowinvaders.org banner.
And the sheriff refused to do anything about it that weekend.
Even though we had witnesses, felonies were being committed.
Well, the sheriff in L.A.
says that if you criticize the open border, you're going to be arrested and put in a terrorist database.
I can believe that.
Oh, that was in the L.A.
Weekly a few months ago, yeah.
Thought crime, man.
You're not going to... Listen, I've got video.
You ever seen the America Under Attack, American Peril video, where they're beating old ladies in the head with two-by-fours and the cops laugh?
Yeah, I've seen clips.
Yeah, not the whole thing, but clips of it.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Now remember, I've had four congressmen on saying the government wants this to break America down for a quote, New World Order.
I mean, even J.D.
Hayworth will say that.
You know, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, countless others.
We have had the head of the Border Patrol Union say it unprompted.
I mean, the big Fortune 500.
You go to one of these Hispanic Klan meetings.
We've got video from them.
It's the Fortune 500 is there.
I mean, lavishing cash.
Meanwhile, they're all boycotting the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
It's to break the... Of course, they're using these poor people.
They want to drive down the wages here and turn us into a served population.
Our guest, Mr. Wood, has got up on his website some of the spills of this.
He's going to be putting the video and more of the audio up.
We could play some of the audio, but it's got too much profanity on it to do that.
So were you by yourself out there at this particular time when you were under attack?
Myself, my two German Shepherds, and Channel 10 News, but of course they were worthless, even as good Samaritans.
So you had Channel 10 News covering it as you're being assaulted?
Well, they refused the film.
Timothy Goffin, one of the photographers, was outside the van.
He claimed to see the accosting.
They retreated to the van when I was surrounded, so they wouldn't even report.
My guess is, because the direction the van was facing, they saw the rock throwing and heard the threat.
So what kind of... I mean, look, when you see somebody under assault, you help them.
But I mean, understand, how big of rocks were these they were throwing at you?
Well, they weren't very big.
I mean, they just grabbed anything they could find, mostly pebbles, dirt clods.
None of the projectiles came anywhere near me.
In fact, the dogs weren't hurt, but they were hit.
You know, they'd lie on you in a minute and claim you assaulted them.
That's one of their favorite things.
You guys better start mounting cameras.
Well, that's still assault to throw rocks at you.
So it's not radical that I said that I would have taken an axe handle to them.
You know, that's why I don't think I should go down there, because I like go crazy if a whole bunch of people come at me.
I want to fight them.
I can't control myself.
You know, I don't want to fight one person.
I like it when a whole bunch of people want to attack me.
Is something wrong with me?
Well, we may have trouble recruiting you.
I'm really proud of the conduct of the... Yeah, yeah, no, I don't want to come.
I don't want to get anywhere near, you know, a Klan group or a Hispanic group or any of these people.
Right, and what's so ironic, most of the people that attacked me... I mean, a little bit sarcastic, you know that, right?
Yeah, but you know what's funny?
Most of the people that attacked me were white pencil necks.
No, I know, they're hand-filled little liberal twits who hate this country.
Doesn't that star know that the Fortune 500 is funding them?
I have to believe that because their camp is so long with so many amenities, there's obviously an interest out there, corporate, university, or otherwise, that is keeping them out there.
So tell me about these, I mean, obviously, tell me about all the little bleeding heart hate mongers.
Other than what was involved in the attack, we were attacked many times.
All night long they would come with spotlights,
And played loud rock and roll music on a loud speaker.
They would blare 10 million candle powers on the camp or in our eyes when we were driving.
They said, we're going to come down and get you.
One of our guys actually charged the hill and said, look, we will defend ourselves if you assault or threaten us.
They went away but came back about four times that night.
That was the weekend of the 16th.
On the weekend of the 23rd, we were raided about two times, which we have everything on DVD.
They blame us for, for example, those who dehydrate out in the Arizona desert when, in fact, we're probably responsible for preventing people from even attempting to walk and die.
By the way, most of the people that die in early dehydration are killed by coyotes.
I don't mean dogs, folks.
Talking about the... Look, look, I mean, let's get real here.
No, I mean, obviously, I was being a little bit sarcastic and facetious earlier.
You guys have had an incredibly pure record, the three different Minutemen groups, of not getting into physical confrontations, and the media said you would, and now it's blown up in their face and made the Lorican Kistas and their corporate-funded neoliberals look really bad.
Yeah, ultimately they get caught.
That's right, one of these scumbags went to jail, right?
Well, we had one guy arrested for making a lewd, lascivious comment in front of his own 8-year-old daughter.
And it's on DVD, yeah.
So the cops didn't put up with that?
They finally arrested a guy on the 20th.
This would have been the morning of the 24th.
But prior to that, no arrests in spite of an endless litany of felonies.
So out there, they're dragging their little kids around with them?
Yeah, they used their kids as shields.
In fact, this happened to me at... Total scum.
Yeah, one fellow, he had a 3-year-old...
They're terrorizing their children!
These people are scum of the earth.
Oh my God.
If they like Mexico so much, they need to go down there.
I don't want to be a part of it.
Send those little pencil necks down there and see how the Mexicans treat them.
You're right, they're pencil necks.
I don't know the type you're talking about.
Slack God.
Tell you what, stay there.
Stay there, Mr. Wood.
We're going to talk about these scum.
These trash cowards that use their children as shields.
Scum of the earth.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Soon the mark of the beast will be enforced.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, these same liberal scumbags, I was talking to Jim Wood during the break, he said during most of the race it would be 15 people, 10 pencil neck whites, and three Hispanics, two blacks, and of course the whites were the most hateful, the most out of control.
And they don't even know the very corporations they decry are funding them.
I mean, they're just useful idiots.
They're stupid.
All they can do is, like, bark slogans.
I've talked to them.
And I'm sorry, folks.
I've been to Metro rallies.
They have signs with white people's heads cut off.
I mean, I didn't believe this stuff eight, nine years ago.
I had to see it.
I don't dislike you for what color you are.
I'm sick of it.
I don't care what group you're with.
But do not run around saying you want to kill me and then expect me to put up with it.
I've done nothing to you.
All I'm defending is your freedoms.
All I'm doing is defending myself and you.
And I know most of you know that.
They want to get us all against each other.
But I was talking to you during the break, Jim.
You were saying some really important things.
And we're about to go to calls, folks.
I mean, really, you think you are winning the fight.
I mean, describe that for us.
Well, again, it's just simply a matter of statistics.
Because we're building up momentum, 25-minute man first weekend, now 100-minute man.
And this is an event that never got any kind of
Mainstream Media Press.
And you're just one of several Minutemen groups.
Yeah, in fact, this group was only the result of an email network.
We have about 1,000 signed up for next month's mission, and then probably 1,000 more in October.
So it will be perpetual.
And the first big Minuteman has done that, too.
I mean, they built up to well over 1,000 in just a few months.
Yeah, in fact, that's Andy Ramirez of Friends of the Border Patrol alone, but there are many more when you consider Jim Gilchrist and Jim Chase.
We have about three of these in California.
What about Simcox?
Simcox, I don't know what his numbers are.
He's primarily responsible for Arizona.
We cover the four southern border states as well as about five northern states.
I mean, what you guys are doing is just so wonderful.
I mean, the government says, tattle on your neighbors.
Al-Qaeda's going to get you.
We've got to aim machine guns at your five-year-old on the bus.
But don't report the illegals pouring across.
Right, because they know it's effective.
They know it's going to work.
It's the only thing that really can work.
And like I said, our strategy is really like the Iraq War.
Create a vacuum, draw them in.
Draw in law enforcement, force their hand to enforce the law, and the knuckleheads that show up, let them self-destruct, let them incriminate themselves.
We have cool heads, and we know that we have a sense of long-term victory, and we don't lose our temper in the short run.
Well, no, that's really good.
You guys have all done a great job, and so they're really showing themselves for what they are.
Yeah, even the mainstream media that lies and distorts
And even as one journalist woman reported doesn't want to show these people and their aggravated mayhem because our corporate sponsors don't want to put them in a bad light, well, they get caught.
It's like keeping secrets in the White House or previous administrations.
They always get caught.
And then they lose all credibility.
Well, I have talked to folks, and when Bush announced two years ago total amnesty, the numbers exploded to all-time highs.
But since the Minutemen started in April, the numbers, just because the word got out, the numbers are substantively, still it's like we're bleeding to death, but the numbers are substantively down on illegals pouring across.
Yeah, it's like Jim Chase said, either way we win.
They either refuse to try to cross the border, or we catch them when they do cross.
We probably were responsible for well over a couple dozen detentions, as well as stopping down the drug activity.
Now that's in one mission.
It's just a 23-mile stretch of border, but probably our most precarious stretch of border in California, Mexico.
Now remember, earlier this year they passed a bunch of Homeland Security money and claimed it was for illegal aliens to stop them with Border Patrol.
Then Bush just said, no, you don't get that money.
We as conservatives, people who really are real conservatives, need to force that demonic twit.
I mean, I trust government as far as I can throw it.
That's why the whole concept of perpetual Minuteman civilians actually...
Not taking the law into their own hands, but upholding laws that have always been in the books.
I think it's something we can trust.
We've got public service announcements telling kids to tattle on their parents, but you're bad because you're on the border?
I've had enough of it!
Let's give folks the website one more time and how they can get involved.
I want to give people two URLs, mine and Jim Gilchrist.
My website is noinvaders.org.
You can also find me under noinvaders.com.
If you want to be part of the Minuteman, I have a link there on my site, but I recommend you go to MinutemanHQ for headquarters.com.
And if you're near a border state, even the northern border, you can sign up.
Oh yeah, that's a big problem up there.
And I've heard we've got men and men groups that have formed and doing operations, what, in places like Maine and Vermont and places like that?
Yeah, exactly.
We don't have the economic refugee problem, obviously, but we have the terrorism problem because of Canada's very liberal policy.
Immigration policy, and I was staggered.
What is there, 300 Border Patrol on duty at any one time on the northern border?
That's exactly right.
But you've got 300 cops in South Austin alone pulling old ladies over right now to make money.
I've had enough of it.
I have, man.
I'm really sick of it.
And you know what?
They've lost the moral authority.
They've lost momentum, Mr. Wood.
And people are now not afraid to stand up.
Well, they shouldn't be, because they should be afraid of living under the tyranny and the slavery of the Reconquista and the New World Order.
Everyone is out to get us.
The USA, you better believe it.
We've fought for this country many times in the past.
We need to remain true to our morals, our values, our creed.
Yeah, we're having to fight again for this country.
I mean, it's that simple, folks.
People want to take this away.
There's so much hatred for this country, and many of the insurgents are already here.
That's why most of the enemies we've been fighting the last three weekends are actually internal and not crossing the border from Mexico.
It's scary.
Yeah, we need to deport these scum.
Deport them and seal off the border so they can't come back the next day.
All right, I really appreciate you coming on.
It's a pleasure.
Anytime, Alex.
Take care, my friend.
And folks, listen.
You know, I saw this in England as they're going into total slavery.
I see this all over the country, all over the world.
We are too nice.
All of us.
I don't care what color you are.
If you love freedom, I'm your brother.
If you love my freedom, you're my brother or my sister.
But if you buy in this propaganda, whether you're some phony Republican or some phony Democrat or some phony white supremacist or some Mexican supremacist, look, you want a war, you're going to get one.
And we're going to be the winning side.
We've got the motivation.
We've got the agenda.
We've got the people.
We've got the know-how.
We're not playing games!
So get off the fence!
You know, they tell you in politics, don't be nasty, don't be aggressive.
But you notice all the big, powerful politicians are nasty and aggressive.
They don't want you to be effective.
Get focused.
Get angry.
Get righteous.
Have some indignation.
Folks, our country is shutting down!
Everything you can imagine horrible is happening!
They're going to go on buses and trains all over the country and point machine guns at five-year-olds, literally?
Oh, a week, you know, cops are running checkpoints all over the country for cars, pulling over, it's been on the news.
Craig Roberts talked about it a few weeks ago.
Old black women?
Old white women?
Oh, we can't profile.
Again, the terror threat's a fraud to begin with, but even if you're going to buy it, you know, the mayor of New York, we're going to search everybody.
They want to.
It's an excuse, folks.
It's not about profiling.
Again, if there's a bank robbery and it's a red-haired, 6'4 man wearing a green tie, are they going to go pull over every Hispanic?
You would laugh at that.
And there already is profiling of Hispanics and blacks, and they do get harassed.
Things do happen that are wrong, and then that gets used up while we can create more anger.
Nothing's perfect, but folks, you know America's good.
You know we've got a lot of problems, but that's the New World Order, not America.
And pretty soon the good news is in 20 years of this, the illegals aren't going to want to come here anymore because we're going to be like Calcutta.
I mean, have you been to Mexico City?
I have.
Have you seen 27 million people, half of them homeless, literal black rivers of sewage, a third of the babies born without brains?
And I'm sorry, folks, we can't take them all.
There's tens of millions of new births every single month in the world.
There's tens of millions of new births every year in Latin America.
600 and something million people, they all want to come here.
There's going to be a... There's going to be...
Over a billion Latin Americans in, like, 20, 30 years.
I mean, we cannot... We can't take them, folks!
You know, all these Mexicans are smirking and laughing, and, you know, we've got La Rica and Kisa stickers on their cars.
We've got radio stations called The Invasion.
My wife speaks Spanish.
You tune into it.
Ha, ha, ha!
It's, we are taking over!
It's all over you!
Ha, ha, ha!
And they've got corporate funding.
Who do you think is going to be displacing you?
The billions of Chinese?
The billions of Indians?
You're so stupid!
You're so dumb!
And all these bleeding-heart liberals are so dumb!
And all these idiot Republicans that say Bush is good when he's the... How do Democrats attack Bush and say he's bad, which he is, for all the wrong reasons, but love him on total blanket amnesty and total open borders?
You think... Has the economy gotten better for you in the last ten years since NAFTA?
Well, don't worry now.
For all the Lorican pieces that love NAFTA, you're going to be dealing with CAFTA now.
You're going to lose your job, too.
So see, you just smirk, and you go to your little reconquista meeting and smirk and laugh about how you're taking over.
You didn't take anything over.
You were caught.
You were shilled by the bankers, the old white men in New York who helped bring this country down.
So shame on you!
And the worst are the Republicans who tell me how good George Bush is.
You make me want to throw up all over your W stickers.
You make me sick.
You're destroying our futures, all of us.
Regardless of what color you are.
I mean, even if all these illegal aliens pouring in weren't being turned into Lorican Kistas and being taught how to hate America, I'd still be against them pouring in on these numbers.
We can't absorb two million a year, three million a year.
Our economy!
And that's why in major polls, which they don't like to publicize, 67 to 69 percent of Hispanics are against open borders.
Because they're Americans.
They know it's bad.
We know it's bad.
All of us.
It's time to tell people.
And stop letting the same media that lies to you about everything else say it's popular.
It is not popular.
Some of the best working, hard working, smart, good folks are these poor Mexican peasants.
I don't blame them for wanting to come here.
But as soon as they get here, people are cramming welfare down on them.
They're getting them into the system.
Local reconquistas are trying to fill them full of hatred.
It's all New World Order funders like the radical Muslims.
It's all fun about the same bastards.
And we just cannot compete, folks.
You cannot compete with it.
You cannot compete with it.
You just can't.
All right, let's go to Andy in Illinois, and then we'll go to Dave and Russell and Mark and Dom.
Andy, go ahead.
We've got to go quick.
Yeah, greetings from the outsourcing capital of the world.
Alex, the first time I heard you was on George Norrie's show right after the November election.
And I wasn't jubilant anymore that Bush had won.
He really woke me up.
Because I illustrated how both parties were for the exact same thing?
And I was in denial at first, but six months later, I mean, now I have martial law.
I'm loaning it to my friends and relatives.
They're loaning it to their friends and relatives, and you're right, this thing really does multiply.
The reason I called was, I just recently married a Latin American woman from Peru.
And she's legal, she's gone through the visa process, you know, you name it, to make a long story short.
She had a work permit.
It expired.
Well, you married her.
That's the end of it.
No, you have to go through a process where you fill out so many forms.
I mean, the forms... No, no, that's been pointed out that to do it legally is super hard, and then if you're an illegal alien, you're just fine.
Yeah, but the other thing I want to tell you is they want to know how many times I've used the toilet, what I've had to eat when I fill out these forms, and then when we go to the INF, they're going to be asking questions about our intimate life.
So this is Big Brother hitting home with me.
Well, I mean, I'd always thought that the law was if you marry somebody, that's it.
Unless they're doing an investigation to make sure you're really married, because you've got these guys that marry, you know, 20 broads.
Well, the point is, if you come to this country illegal, you know, you're precious, like you said earlier.
I mean, I've heard legal people complain about it.
It's a sick joke.
It is.
I mean, this is a very well-educated woman.
She was a college professor.
Well, that's why.
Oh, my gosh, you're going to have major problems.
If you're highly educated, these are actually in the databases.
Or if you're European, ooh, if she was European, you may not even be able to marry her.
Anyway, Alex, keep up the good work.
I'm handing out martial law.
I'm making copies.
People are waking up, and God bless you.
God bless you, my friend.
You know, we've got to ask ourselves, why is it nearly impossible for a European to come here now?
Oh, that's official.
You didn't know that?
Why is that?
Because they want to keep them there where they are as slaves to pay for all the welfare for all the illegals in Europe.
It's the same thing in Europe, folks.
You know, the Turks have no dibs on Germany.
You know, they can't say like the Reconquistas that, well, Spain had it for 20 years or something.
They can't do that.
But they still have their own little reconquista and their own little groups, and the Germans are all guilty and groveling.
It's the same thing in England.
I'm so sick of it.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in Michigan.
Alex, a couple of articles I saw on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com yesterday both had the same subject.
Dave, go ahead.
One was former CIA officer, U.S.
Yeah, they've publicly not ruled it out, and they say that's part of the plan.
If there's an attack here, even if it isn't proven to be them, we're going to invade Syria and Iran.
And they're calling it the Guns of August.
Now, I find it kind of coincidental that Bush is on vacation right now, and so is the Congress has adjourned until September 4th with Cheney in command.
Yeah, it's just like with 9-11.
He's up there in the bunker.
Bush is on his five-week vacation.
What do you think the chances are that this is going to happen in the month of August, then?
Another 9-11 style attack?
You know, I don't make it.
You know, two months before 9-11, I said in the next few months they're going to attack the World Trade Center and say bin Laden did it.
I had enough indicators.
You know, I know they would have already carried out attacks to get their agenda, but so many people have woken up, they may not be able to.
Everybody senses something.
I think we're in a lot of danger right now.
Israel has said they want to attack Iran in August for a year now.
They fuel the reactors sometime this month, so they may be behind schedule.
And anything could happen.
I don't want to put a date on it.
But, you know, they were saying for a year and a half they were going to invade Iraq.
And, you know, it was March 03, not March 02.
So it could be next August.
You know, we just don't know.
But I know this.
If Bush sets a nuke off, he gets to be president for life and be our god and be worshipped.
And the globalists want their whole agenda.
They want a national draft.
And to get it, they've got to carry out the terror.
Why would Bush be able to be president for life then?
They've been introduced to repeal the 22nd Amendment to do it, and they've made all their preparations for many years.
I'm not saying that's going to happen, but that's what powerful people always want.
Okay, I was just wondering, because I hadn't heard you comment about those news articles yet, so I know there's a lot of news out there.
I did comment on them on Coast to Coast last night, and even...
Even George Norey, who says he believes there's some evidence of sponsored terrorism by elites, he came out last night boldly, I was amazed, and really a lot of courage, and said that, yeah, he believes the globalists are going to be behind some nuking.
I mean, he said these globalist forces.
So, see, I mean, look, the worm has turned, folks.
It's about survival now.
I mean, you better realize the horror of what we're facing.
I've got my nuke alert in my pocket right now.
All right.
Well, that's a good sponsor.
Take care, my friend.
I appreciate your call.
We'll be right back for a few more calls to wrap up this transmission.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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All right, let's go ahead and talk to Russell in Florida as we accelerate towards the end of transmission.
Alex, just a quick testimony.
Your DVDs and your videos do work.
I can't tell you how many copies I've made of Martial Law and of Road to Tyranny and your others and given to people and they've woken up.
I've got dozens of friends that have woken up.
I make recordings of coast-to-coast programs like the one you were on last night.
And, by the way, you did a great job.
And you must be real tired.
You've been going... Jet lag and then coast-to-coast.
I'm all right.
Yeah, well, I can't imagine.
But they do work.
I've got, like I said, a number of people that have seen it and they've taken the red pill.
What percentage of people, say out of the 20 people, what percentage are waking up?
I have a little bit higher.
I have a harder time with family members, not direct family, but like cousins and aunts and uncles.
But, I mean, what percentage of folks are waking up?
I'd say one out of every two.
So half the people you talk to are waking up?
I think so, yeah.
I mean, they see something's wrong.
And once you give them the information that they're not getting in the mainstream... Then it all makes sense.
That's right.
Well, listen, you're a great caller, and keep it up, Russell.
Give me a call back tomorrow when we have more time.
Okay, Alex.
God bless.
God bless.
You keep it up, man.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Mark in Nevada.
Take care.
Quickly, go ahead, Mark.
I want to get Don in here.
Alex, I can understand your frustration with the loftiest position, the bait-and-switch.
I mean, you just ask yourself, who stood a gain other than the government?
And the idea that they just keep making all these accidents.
I mean, like you pointed out, what happened in Iran, was that an accident?
Or was that on purpose?
And he's real smart.
He said, oh, no, that wasn't an accident.
Our government did that.
By the way, watching you megaphone the British Parliament, that was awesome, Alex.
It was nothing like that.
That made my...
That made my day seeing that one.
Well, thank you, Mark.
Don and Casey, you've got 30 seconds.
Sorry, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Running out of time here, but I just had the same thoughts about John Loftus in your interview.
It just amazed me what denial of man is.
You just can't justify it.
I think that all the opinion makers of America are in the same problem.
They think that these goals and strategies and policies are all rational things by rational people, and they're not.
These globalists are absolutely nuts.
They need straight jackets.
That's why we can't deal with them.
They just can't comprehend how stupid these people are.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Take care.
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