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Air Date: Aug. 1, 2005
2320 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, Jack Blood with you folks.
Sitting in once again for Alex Jones.
My program also airs on Genesis Communications Radio Network five days a week, right after this very show, 2 p.m.
to 4 p.m.
Central Time.
I trust you all had a good weekend.
Hopefully, most of you didn't have your head in the sand all weekend.
There was a lot of news, and we're going to cover that today.
With me, riding shotgun with us for the next three hours.
Also, one half of the team sitting in for Alex Jones, the one and only Erskine.
Erskine, how are you today?
I'm doing fine, and good morning to you, Jack.
There is a lot of news, and I think one of the first stories you want to get to and right out of the box is that 7-7 interview.
Well, that's right.
Fox News did an interview, and I wanted to go over some of the transcript.
I'd hoped to play this for you, Erskine, but I'll read some of this transcript.
It's very startling.
Was the 7-7-7 mastermind, Oswalt, working for British intelligence?
John Loftus and Mansour Ayiz came up with surprising information about the mastermind, allegedly Haroon Rashid Azwat, behind the London bombings.
And here's part of the transcript, according to Fox News.
Can it really be that close to Oswald?
Well, you know what's funny is it's Tim Osmond.
In fact, this is a whole other suspect, I believe, Erskine.
Tim Osmond was the code name for Osama bin Laden with the CIA.
Right, that's the name where when he met with people like Ted Gunderson when they were selling the nuclear, not the nuclear, but the Stinger missiles, that was the name he used.
So it seems like they like these O names.
Well, actually, there's another suspect in the London bombings, or in more bombings than Iraq, who's another Osman.
So, we can get to that throughout the show today.
Let me read you the... I know, it just never ends, does it, Erskine?
No, no.
Let me read you the meat and potatoes here of this interview.
Mike Jarek is with Fox News.
John Loftus, also in this interview, is a terrorism expert and a former prosecutor for the Justice Department.
John Loftus starts off.
I'm going to kind of leave out some of the
The minutiae here.
Loftus says, quote, This is the guy.
And what's really embarrassing is that the entire British police are out chasing him and one wing of the British government, MI6, the British Secret Service, has been hiding him.
And this has been a real source of contention between the CIA and the Justice Department and Britain.
Jarek answers back, MI6 has been hiding him?
Are you saying that he's been working for them?
This, again, is one of the lead suspects in the 7-7 bombings.
Loftus comes back.
Oh, I'm not saying it.
This is what a Muslim sheik said in an interview in a British newspaper.
That he's a double agent, or was, Jarek asks.
Loftus, he's a double agent.
So again, and we can go on and on to read this, Loftus also says he's just learned that the headquarters of the U.S.
Justice Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors not to touch this suspect Oswalt.
So we've got MI6...
We're good to go.
They admit that, yes, we had a double agent working for us, and the agent went to the FBI and said, we're ready to do the World Trade Center, but we don't have a bomb.
And the FBI said, oh, don't worry about that.
Here's a bomb.
We gave them the bomb to blow it up!
Fox News asks...
The CIA says he's alive.
The CIA says it's okay to arrest him.
But the Brits say no again.
Loftus says the Brits say no at this point two weeks ago.
The Brits know that the CIA wants to get a hold of Haroon.
So what happens?
He takes off again.
Goes right to London.
He isn't arrested when he lands.
He isn't arrested when he leaves.
I'll go back.
When we come back, we'll talk about how he's been taken off the watch list and how he always escapes prosecution right on time.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Program.
Also, Erskine with us.
I'm Jack Blood.
Thank you for joining us.
We'll be right back after this break.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
First day of August 2005.
Boy, that July sure went by fast.
Jack Blood and Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Great show Saturday nights, midnight.
I would expect nothing less from Alex Jones.
I'm looking for a great new video to be coming out shortly.
And it's my understanding that Londoners, when we talk to Alex on Friday, simply aren't buying the story.
Because their story just simply keeps changing.
They're having a hard time putting...
Making people believe this story.
As you say, you've got the various people running around with Oswald-like names, and they keep coming up.
They said first all of them were suicide bombers, completely dead.
They were all destroyed, and they went to be with Allah, and the whole thing was a suicide bombing.
Now they were having all of these suspects.
This is the person who did it.
This is the person who did it.
They keep changing their story.
Well, we'll look forward to Alex Jones coming back tomorrow, folks.
So, again, thank you.
It's an honor to fill in for Alex.
Certainly, I'm sure Erskine would agree with me.
Erskine, let's continue with this story developing from Fox News.
I think it's really interesting that Fox aired this, but it seems that maybe they didn't know what this John Loftus was going to say.
Now, again, the interview is between Mike Jarek of Fox News.
John Loftus is a terrorism expert, a former prosecutor for the Justice Department.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Making a very simple connection, Erskine, that a guy's on a watch list, he moves around every way he wants to, and here's Loftus, a terrorism expert, saying the only reason you can get away with that is if you are working for British intelligence.
Now, one more element of this story, a couple of more elements, but the next one is Jerick's asking about Pakistan.
Did the Pakistanis jail him when they caught him?
Okay, Loftus answers.
The Pakistanis arrest him, they jail him, he's released within 24 hours, back to South Africa, goes to Zimbabwe, he's arrested in Zambia, and again, released.
Incredible, isn't it?
Yes, par for the course.
Absolutely incredible.
I've even got tapes talking about the 93 bombing of the World Trade Center, the people involved, and it sounds like almost a duplicate, doesn't it?
It sure does.
Mansoor Ijaz, also interviewed in this interview with Jarek and Fox News, goes on to say...
Okay, here's Loftus again, quoting during the same interview.
The U.S.
government's doing a great job.
We arrested the New York branch of the Al-Mujarran two years ago.
We found the subway bombers with plans to blow up two different subway stations in New York City.
Again, just fodder here.
The rest of the group is, quote, under surveillance.
They're under surveillance, Erskine.
So here we have again a sting operation occurring.
We have these subway bombers.
We caught some of them.
The rest of them, we've just let them run around.
They're under surveillance.
And while the U.S.
was used for Al-Majuhuran for training of people to send to Kosovo, what
The first ties all these cells had together was back in the late 1990s.
The leaders all worked for British intelligence in Kosovo.
Believe it or not, British intelligence actually hired some Al-Qaeda guys to help defend the Muslim rights in Albania and Kosovo.
That's when the Al-Mujahouran got started.
So again, the Al-Mujahouran, the Mujahideen spin-off group, Al-CIADA, or Al-MI6ADA,
Again, under British intelligence in Kosovo, according to this Justice Department head, Loftus.
Bottom line, state-sponsored terrorism.
Bottom line.
I mean, again, I don't know how much evidence we need here, Erskine.
That seems to constantly be the situation.
In fact, just recently I had a debate with
Somebody more of a libertarian persuasion, and I was giving him a lot of this evidence, and what we constantly hear is it's incompetence.
It's just incompetence, Erskine, of course.
The fact that they keep catching these very same people that they're accusing for bombings down the road again and again and again, and they're releasing them that they're on terrorist watch lists, but they run around doing whatever they like.
I mean, this is just incompetence by the Global Intelligence Services.
Either they are totally incompetent and total idiots, or they are using these people to create, as Paul Joseph Watson says, order out of chaos.
It's either state-sponsored terrorism, or these people are incompetent, and they aren't making that many incompetents today.
They just aren't turning them out today, and these are not stupid people who are running the CIA.
These are not stupid people who are running the various governments.
And so you've got one choice or another.
Either it's planned or it's incompetence.
That's the only choices we've got as I look at it, Jack.
Well, on command and control, you certainly do have a number of incompetence.
And it reminds me, when I did a little work with Fox News over those conventions, Erskine, and people talk about the great media conspiracy, and I'm looking at a room full of people.
It is controlled conspiracy.
We're good to go.
We're also getting instructions how to fly planes, but not land them.
Again, all part of the cover story, some of that.
But again, I mean, here's David Shippers himself, who was involved in prosecuting President Bill Clinton.
He led the impeachment effort for Bill Clinton.
You would think he'd have some friends on the writer's skin.
And he calls these people, and he says, Hey, look!
There's a plot going on to fly airplanes into buildings, etc., etc.
Can't get anyone on the phone.
Well, you know, these people are busy there.
You can't get anyone on the phone.
Of course not.
And look at 9-11.
Who got fired?
Who got fired?
There was ample evidence that they did know what was going to happen and who got fired in the intelligence community.
Not only did they not get fired, they got promoted.
Well, as Bill Maher likes to say, he was the only one fired for the incompetence on 9-11.
Of course, for making an off-the-cuff and not-very-politically-correct remark.
Certainly, we saw Tenet and others take the brunt.
Of some of the information problems we had in the Iraq build-up.
But for 9-11, nobody was... In fact, quite the opposite, Erskine.
We should now note that not only was no one punished and no one reprimanded, but most of the people involved were promoted involved with 9-11.
Totally ridiculous.
I mean, if you have that big a breach, then you need to do a top to bottom.
And what do they do?
They expand the intelligence agencies, put them under a bigger umbrella where nobody can see what's going on, make them more private, and they put the spotlight on us, the American citizens.
They declare war on the American citizens.
The heck with the terrorists because they know who they are.
Look at it.
They know who they are.
And we're seeing this more and more and more.
Well, this Oswalt, again, is an agent provocateur.
I mean, we now have a clear statement from two sides, the Brits and the U.S., who both declare that Oswalt is an agent provocateur, a, quote, mule, or as I like to call a matrix mole or even a patsy, although the U.S.
administration is trying to point their finger towards London's MI6.
It's rather clear.
That certain factions in both administrations are working hand in hand.
And, of course, you mentioned order out of chaos, Erskine.
I mean, this is right out of the leaflets of Gladio and the United Nations and NATO option or the Salvador option.
Now they call this P2OG, Erskine.
I know you're familiar with that, which is basically...
Now, Paul Joseph Watson will be on my program Saturday night, live from London.
And he's the author of Order Out of Chaos, and he's extraordinary.
I've had him on my show before, too, and I'm waiting for part two to that book to come out pretty soon.
I know he works for Alex, and he's working very hard trying to decode some of this information, but he did do a great job.
He's a great interviewer, and I'll tell you something about him, Erskine.
It gives me some faith that our youth, not just here in the United States, but around the world, are getting involved.
They're doing the research.
They're pounding the books.
They see very clearly...
What's going on?
And boy, it sure wasn't the case when I was a kid, Erskine.
I mean, there just wasn't this type of information available at my fingertips.
Well, we've got to be very thankful for our freedom that we have to use the Internet and keep using it as long as you can.
By the way, any of the programs that you have, any of the programs that I have, that Alex has, are available at GCNlive.com on Archive.
The Internet has opened up new vistas for communications, new vistas for getting information.
They just can't keep it quiet with the Internet.
It has been our salvation.
Hey, we have a ton of news to cover, but we will take your calls.
Anything you want to bring to the table today, no scheduled guests, though maybe a few surprises.
Lines are open.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show on Genesis Communications Radio Network, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm Jack Blood, and Erskine also joins me.
We'll be right back after these messages.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back to the program, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Alex will be back tomorrow.
Also riding with me for three hours today, the one and only Erskine from Erskine Overnight, another great program on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Some lines are open.
We'll be going to your calls here shortly.
You want to talk about CAFTA, we've got some new information about that and how that vote was rigged and possibly how we might even have...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, what we were discussing, for anybody who's joining us new, we were discussing the fact that they were using a mole or they were using a double agent named Oswalt.
Unusual name.
One we've never heard anything sounding even close to.
But what they do is they keep reusing the same scenario.
If it worked once for them, it works again.
Here you have the London bombing and what happened there.
They had an exercise going on.
A simulated bombing.
Beautiful cover.
Same thing that happened on 9-11.
They had a simulated plane flying into a building when they have a real plane fly into a building.
So they keep using what works.
Now Ted Gunderson was the former head of the Los Angeles office of the FBI.
Had over 800 people working for him.
Here's what he said about the
What's happened over the last 10, 12, 15 years?
The anti-terrorism legislation was written back in the George Bush administration, and there was a female Department of Justice author who said, before this passes, people will have to be killed.
The FBI had an informant, a fellow named Salam, a 43-year-old former Egyptian officer who was in with the terrorists.
He was given the assignment to put the bomb together.
He went to his FBI handler and told him, we'll put a dummy bomb together.
His FBI handler said, no.
We'll use the real bomb.
Notice that.
No, we'll use the real bomb.
This is what we have.
There's more than one small country.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
This is the new world order of George Herbert Walker Bush of George W. Bush.
This is the new world order.
It was done.
They needed to pass the national ID.
They needed to take the heat off of what was coming down on the Downing Street memo regarding the prior knowledge and the prior plans to go into Iraq.
This accomplished all of that for them.
It's a
Well, let's remember also, Erskine, that that happened during the Clinton administration.
Now, of course, they blame it on the Bush administration, just like Bush can blame 9-11 on the Clinton administration.
But you know what?
Bushes, Clintons, Reagans, I mean, it doesn't matter what we have.
And this...
That's a great clip, by the way, Erskine.
And when we're talking about this interview at Fox News and this guy Loftus talking about how the CIA was funding operations to defend the Muslims in Kosovo and British intelligence was doing the hiring and the recruiting.
I mean, we can all trace this back to Afghanistan.
We can trace this back to Kosovo.
But I'll tell you, you know, I've heard the excuses for the quote-unquote sting operation happening during the 93 World Trade Center bombing, Erskine.
And it's the same thing.
I guess there were two people in the department that were monitoring these people during the sting, and I guess they were having some kind of an affair, and of course it went wrong, and yeah, we had some incompetent boobs in charge of the sting operation.
You know, it just reminds me of another episode of 24, the TV show.
I mean, this is right out of Hollywood.
It's just so preposterous.
Absolutely, absolutely.
But what you're ending up with is the cover-up for so many other events by using this.
And look what happened after 9-11.
The American people were waving the flag and waving their rights.
We got exactly what we deserved.
We gave up all of our freedom for security.
As Benjamin Franklin says, you give up freedom for security and you end up with neither.
That's what we've got, neither right now.
We're good to go.
Of course, being followed and being used by intelligence operatives.
Well, according to this Fox interview, it would have been the latter.
But what say you?
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood filling in.
Genesis Communications Radio Network.
We'll be right back after this.
We're on the march.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show this Monday, August 1st, 2005.
Thank you all so much for joining us today.
Just a ton of information to cover with you.
Well, as I like to say, a thousand pounds.
So again, I'm exaggerating.
It's not two thousand pounds of information.
Only a thousand pounds this Monday.
And I guarantee you, we will not be covering on this program some of the drivel and the pablum that you hear on the Sunday morning news programs.
John Bolton will be rushed through, of course, not being voted on appropriately by the Senate.
George W. Bush says, I'm the war president.
I'll put Bolton into the United Nations.
So we'll talk about that on today's program.
I'm Jack Blood, of course, sitting in for Alex today.
Alex will be back tomorrow.
And of course, Erskine is with me.
We have this clip, Erskine, that I was speaking about in the first segment of today's program.
And I want to play that because I think that will
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
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Martial Law 9-11.
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The newest Alex Jones documentary.
Martial Law 9-11.
Jack, this is not conspiracy theory.
This is facts taken from main...
News sources.
It is not conspiracy theory.
This is fact.
It's what's happening today.
It's the news you're not seeing anywhere else, but it's factual.
This is no conspiracy theory on this.
No, I call it conspiracy archive, and if you want to get conspiracy theories, watch Fox News.
Speaking of Fox News, Erskine...
Faux news.
Fixed news.
We distort.
You deride.
Speaking of Fox News, we have this interview clip that we were speaking of in the first and second segment.
John, can you tell me how long that is real quick?
A couple minutes.
We probably have time to fit it in this segment.
If we don't, we'll come back.
And I do want to get right to everybody's calls so nobody go anywhere.
Go ahead and roll that clip, John.
A SWAT is believed to be the mastermind
Of all the bombings in London.
From on the 7-7 and 7-21, this is the guy, we think.
This is the guy, and what's really embarrassing is that the entire British police are out chasing him, and one wing of the British government, MI6, or the British Secret Service, has been hiding him.
And this has been a real source of contention between CIA, the Justice Department, and Britain.
MI6 has been hiding him.
Are you saying that he has been working for them?
Oh, I'm not saying it.
This is what the Muslim Sheikh said in an interview in a British newspaper back in 2001.
So he's a double agent, or what?
He's a double agent.
So he's working for the Brits to try to give them information about Al-Qaeda, but in reality, he's still an Al-Qaeda operative.
The CIA and the Israelis all accused MI6 of letting all these terrorists live in London, not because they were getting Al-Qaeda information, but for appeasement.
It was one of those, you leave us alone and we leave you alone kind of things.
Well, we left him alone too long then.
Now, we knew about this guy Oswalt.
Back in 1999, he came to America.
The Justice Department wanted to indict him in Seattle because him and his buddy were trying to set up a terrorist training school in Oregon.
So they indicted his buddy, right?
But why didn't they indict him?
Well, it comes out, we've just learned...
That the headquarters of the U.S.
Justice Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors not to touch Oswalt.
Now, hold on.
Well, apparently, Oswalt was working for British intelligence.
Now, Oswalt's boss, the one-armed Captain Hook, he gets indicted two years later.
So the guy above him and below him get indicted, but not Oswalt.
Now, there's a split of opinion within U.S.
Some people say that the British intelligence fibbed to us.
They told us that Aswat was dead.
And that's why the New York group dropped the case.
That's not what most of the Justice Department thinks.
They think that it was just, again, covering up for this very publicly affiliated guy with Al-Mujarroub.
It's a British intelligence plant.
So all of a sudden...
He disappears.
He's in South Africa.
We think he's dead.
We don't know he's down there.
Last month, the South African Secret Service come across the guy.
Yeah, and our CIA says, oh, he's alive.
Our CIA says, okay, let's arrest him.
But the Brits say no again?
The Brits say no.
Now, at this point...
Two weeks ago, the Brits know that the CIA wants to get a hold of Haroun.
So what happens?
He takes off again.
Goes right to London.
He isn't arrested when he lands.
He isn't arrested when he leaves.
Even though he's on a watch list.
He's on a watch list.
The only reason he could get away with that was if he was working for British intelligence.
He was a wanted man.
And then takes off the day before the bombing, as I understand it.
And goes to Pakistan.
They jail him.
They jail him.
He's released within 24 hours, back to Southern Africa, goes through Zimbabwe, and is arrested in Zambia.
Now the U.S.
We're trying to get our hands on this guy.
John, hang around.
I have so many questions now.
Oh, this is a bad one.
All right, and we'll take a break there as well because we're just about out of time for this segment.
I mean, isn't that stunning?
Can you believe?
I mean, here we are looking at our key suspect for the London bombings as working with British intelligence, broadcast on Fox News.
Erskine, I don't know who this John Loftus guy is.
I've never heard of him before.
Again, he's a terrorism expert, a former prosecutor for the Justice Department.
I don't know what his motives are.
This is a breaking story.
I haven't had time yet to do enough research to figure out exactly why this man is coming forward with this information, but we do have the information, and I think setting aside some of the other smaller details about these patsies being on the buses and working for some kind of a master, I mean, I think we have the key to the whole thing here.
When you add up the drills that were being run, Netanyahu and Giuliani being on site,
We'll be right back.
We will?
Yes, yes, it certainly does give a terrific insight, doesn't it?
You jumped the gun there on me, Erskine.
I did, I did.
It gives you a terrific insight into what's happening.
You don't trust me to take us to break, do you, Erskine?
I do, I do.
Now, the one thing that I found very interesting is that they're talking about he could be an al-Qaeda operative.
That's a question for Fox News.
They're not saying he could be a member of British intelligence.
They don't really want to go there, and that was what was so astonishing about that, that they actually would come out with that information
But it's absolute proof, once again, that indeed we're getting state-sponsored terrorism.
Well, it's easy to blame British intelligence for all of this.
Of course, you know, we're looking at good cop, bad cop again, and let's let the United States play the role of good cop for a few minutes, Erskine.
No question about it.
Look at Osama Bin Laden.
Let's look at him.
Where was he in July before the 9-11 in September?
In July, he was at an American hospital in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, being treated by an American doctor.
And here's the guy on dialysis who planned the entire thing, sitting out in front of a cave with a cell phone.
Give me a break.
Yeah, well, you can call that a conspiracy theory as well, except for it was reported in the BBC and the Washington Times.
So, again, they put these stories out a few days after the 9-11 bombings.
This is Osama bin Laden visited by the CIA agent, operative chief, station chief, in July of 2001 while he's on the terrorist watch list.
Wanted for the bombing of the USS Cole, and the CIA chief in the Middle East is visiting him, and he's being treated by an American doctor in an American hospital.
Excuse me, does anybody see a problem here?
And what happened to the people they caught that had bombed the USS Cole?
Do you know the answer to that question, Erskine?
I will tell you, about a year ago, they all escaped from Yemen, out of jail, just not being watched.
I guess Barney Fife left the keys too close to the cell, and they all walked out of there.
I mean, this isn't Otis that they're hiding, or Otis who's sitting in the jail, going over his drinking bench.
These are the people who bombed the USS Cole, and you say they just walked out of the jail.
They didn't happen to be Houdini's, did they?
It's just fantastic.
And then we hear these stories about, I mean, again, Oswalt, Haroon Rashid Oswalt, now we think might have engineered these 7-7 bombings, working for British intelligence agents,
Getting help and aid all over the country where he goes.
Also reported dead.
Of course, we heard this about Chemical Ali.
We've heard this about Zakawi probably five or six times.
The most recent event was he escaped out of the Humvees were chasing him down the road of Iraq.
And he jumped out of his truck and ran away to the desert on his one leg.
I mean, I just, I gotta think that the powers that be think that we are incredibly stupid and so dumbed down that we won't notice this.
Well, you've got to look at it this way.
No wonder we can't win this war on terror.
You can't kill them.
They keep coming back.
It's George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.
Whoa, here comes Kimiko Ali back.
Here comes, here they come back again.
You just can't kill them.
They just keep returning us, don't they?
I think we have a second part to this clip, but let's go to the phone.
Do you have a comment on Barney Fife and Otis, a.k.a.
Global Intelligence and what's the town drunk's name again?
That's right, Otis.
John in Ohio, thanks for calling and you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Jack, could you hold me over?
I've got so much to say.
I know you're running up close.
We've got six minutes, I think.
Oh, excuse me.
Yeah, well, first of all, you know, I'm on the left, and I think you guys do a great job on certain things, and I would like to sort of supplement with, you know, Workers' Org or ZMAG Org for their lack on the left.
Before you go into that, John, let me ask you.
You called in Friday, and you were making a case for Cuba and...
I was going to leave that for last.
I'll go first.
Well, I mean, we had a couple of callers call in and comment on that.
Did that sway your opinion at all?
I'll start with that then.
Yeah, I think it's very easy to answer that.
The United States government, according to former CIA operatives, had been attempting to overthrow Castro from almost the first moment that the revolution occurred.
And as a caller said, it wasn't something that just rose instantly out of Zeus' revolution.
That went on for a six-year guerrilla war.
From the Moncada fight on 1953 to 1959, you look at the thing that you often mention, Operation Northwood, which was a plan by all the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the civilian Undersecretary of Defense, Paul Nitze, to kill Americans, terror bomb American cities, blow up a ship in American Harbor.
Send up remote control planes that were supposedly rigged to appear to be shot down by Cuba, all in an attempt to frame up Cuba and invade Cuba.
That certainly indicates that this is not a controlled opposition.
So the answer to the question is that no, we didn't sway your opinion whatsoever.
Did you look into how communism was created and the overthrow of the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks?
Yes, I disagree there too, since there were 14 capitalist countries that sent...
Here's what we have, John, is we have kind of the five-sense prison, the illusion, the so-called matrix version of events, and then we have another version of history.
And it's very difficult, I think, sometimes to bring the two together and to try to find the truth, but we'll kind of let that dog lie.
What else did you have for us?
Well, you mentioned John Loftus.
This is a man who, in the Justice Department, was known for investigating all of the Nazis that were brought into the United States, CIA, NATO, and the United States and Europe after the Second World War for anti-Soviet and anti-communist operations.
That would be Operation Paperclip, among others, right?
Right, right.
And they were brought into the ethnic outreach group, so-called, of...
The Republican Party that was briefly mentioned one day back in the 1988 election that were working for Bush.
So they apparently didn't know who they were dealing with when they have brought him on.
I kind of find it hard to believe, and again, I don't want to sound like I'm wearing a tinfoil hat here, John, but I find it hard to believe that they didn't know who he was and what his background was.
I also find it hard to believe that they didn't know what he was going to say, and I find it a little difficult to believe that even after he said this, that this remains out there still as information.
But you can see how the spin goes.
We're the good guys.
No, we're not working with any terrorists.
It's the British that are working with the terrorists.
And maybe they bombed themselves.
But, of course, we're trying to catch these evil terrorists.
Yeah, but, of course, we know the close collaboration between Anglo-American intelligence.
And you're talking about Zakari.
And I was reading in the latest issue of Progressive Magazine, which is just mildly liberal and won't go there, you know, is sort of a gatekeeper.
But they brought something out that was interesting.
They said, this article pointed out, not for nothing, the administration let Abu Masr...
Zakhari remained on the loose in the lead up to the Iraq War as NBC revealed that a major but very underreported story dated March 2, 2004.
The United States military knew the whereabouts of Zakhari for some time.
He was in northern Iraq under the no-fly zone in an area nominally controlled by the Kurds, that is, under the U.S.
and the CIA.
Long before the war, quote, the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist organization operation and perhaps kill Zakhari himself.
But never pulled the trigger.
Jim Bozlewski of NBC reported, Three times the Pentagon drew up a strike plan, and three times the Bush National Security Council nixed it.
Military officials insist their case for attacking Zakaria's operation was airtight, but the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq under the U.S.
Kurd-controlled zone would undercut its case for war against Saddam, NBC said.
Well, John, that's very interesting about Zuccawi, but how about Osama Bin Laden?
I mean, this guy's still running around.
The fact of the matter is, if you kill the boogeyman, you can't kill the boogeyman because you don't have anybody to hold up to that's a reason for the wars or anything else.
You just can't kill him.
You've got to have him as our poster boy.
Or you can kill him and roll him back out a few months later because, again, we've fallen so far down the memory hole, Erskine, that we forget that we even killed the guy.
And what you're talking about, John, reminds us of the strike that Sudan had arranged for Bill Clinton to get Osama bin Laden.
Of course, again, they didn't want to deal with the collateral damage that could appear by bombing Osama bin Laden in Sudan at that time.
I mean, it's okay...
Bombing him?
Why didn't the CIA station chief, when he went in to see him at the American hospital, just take him out?
It's okay to kill and sanction to death over a million people in Iraq, but we don't want any collateral damage while trying to catch Emanuel Goldstein.
Hey, John, thanks for the call.
We'll come back.
We'll take Dave in Minnesota, Clayton in Missouri, John in Dallas, Terry in Ohio, and others patiently holding.
This is the Alex Jones Show, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay tuned.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We won't back down.
Great Tom Petty.
Standing our ground.
Standing up for ourselves.
Thinking for ourselves.
That's the key to all of this.
And the second we fall into this movie, this illusion that Hollywood, Wall Street, and Washington, D.C.
are creating for us here as United States citizens...
That's the minute that we fall prey to this fear-mongering, and we're going to talk about that here in the next hour.
Comrade Michael Chertoff, warning of a nuclear terror event, of course, thanks to the fatherland.
No, wait, that's the motherland.
No, sorry.
I mean the Homeland Security Department.
We can just take that word security, folks, every time we hear it, and we can put the word control in its place.
So you've got your social control number.
You've got the Homeland Control Department.
Of course, airline control, not airline security.
I want to go right back to these calls.
Of course, Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex will be back tomorrow.
Erskine also sitting in with us for the next few hours.
And all of you.
Let's go to Dave in Michigan.
Dave, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Glad to hear you again, Jack.
I missed the shortwave show.
Okay, yeah, me too.
Hey, Uzbekistan evicts U.S.
from air bases.
The headline in the Associated Press today.
They're kicking us out of the Karshi Kanabat Air Base there, known as K2.
And the reason why they're doing it is the UN's been in there trying to fly these refugees out of Kyrgyzstan that went in there after they had this revolution to kick out the Russian mafia about three months ago.
And we were bouncing them from Kyrgyzstan to our air base through refugee camps in Romania.
Where they can apply for refugee status in the United States or Israel.
So we defer to the United Nations in Uzbekistan.
Well, we've obviously got newer and better bases going up as well, Dave, in the Middle East.
That's right.
Well, how are they going to fly all their heroin out of there if we don't have that air base?
Well, it's a cooperative effort.
In fact, 60 Minutes, Erskine, you mentioned this to me on the break.
Great interview with Putin, Vladimir Putin.
I've seen that last night.
Yeah, that was a rebroadcast, but of course...
You know, he doesn't answer any of the questions.
You ask Putin about consolidation of power.
You ask him about a state-controlled media.
They own, I mean, they just outwardly own their news services there and control the news and the biggest news programs that you see.
And instead of answering the questions now, all he has to do is defer back to the United States, Erskine.
I mean, why do we give him that ability if we're so against communism and if Bush says we live in a transparent democracy?
Why do we give Putin this ammunition?
Well, I mean, even when they ask about the elections, he said, I'm elected by the number of people who vote.
He said, you've got the electoral college.
I mean, it's their form.
If you're living in a glass house, a transparent democracy, you shouldn't throw stones, you know?
Well, they have true democracy, which is mob rule over there, or at least the appearance of mob rule.
Great point, Dave.
Anything else?
Well, I noticed last night in that interview we had there with Putin,
He said that the oligarchs there that were robbing everybody in Russia were Jewish.
He did say that.
That's what Putin said in that interview.
He did say that, and if you're a student of history and you're a student of a lot of these issues, in some ways you could get caught up in that, and it could look very much like Pootie Poots, one of the good guys fighting the oligarchs, but then when you get to the juicy details of him bombing himself repeatedly so that he can bring down this consolidation of power, it just doesn't ring quite as true and as nice as we'd all like to believe.
Thanks for the call, Dave.
I appreciate that.
Second hour of the Alex Jones Show coming up right after this.
I'm Jack Blood.
Erskine also joins us.
Everybody stay on the lines.
We'll go right back to your calls right after this.
Stay tuned.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
August 1st, 2005, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones.
Also, Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
We'll be here for the entire three hours today, the remaining two hours, and we'll be taking your calls here very shortly.
Erskine, do we have you hooked back up, buddy?
Yes, good to be on with you.
There's a couple of stories I wanted to cover before we go back to the phones, and anything that you want to throw in, obviously, we'll get that on the table as well.
We had spoke earlier of Chertoff warning of nuclear terror.
Homeland Security Secretary sees WMD threat as a major concern.
That sounds a little bit familiar.
We're good to go.
I think?
Foremost concern for the nation's security now is the threat of a larger chemical, biological and nuclear attack.
Chertoff joins the growing list of public officials including President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Chertoff's predecessor at Homeland Security, Tom Ridge,
Strongly hinted that nuclear terrorism has moved center stage as the number one security threat facing the United States.
Now, of course, they don't have any real evidence of this.
They cannot name any sources for this.
It reminds me very much of what happened leading up to the war in Iraq.
Last month, World Net Daily and its sister publication, Joseph Ferris' G2 Bulletin, Disinformation, reported increasing evidence suggesting Al-Qaeda...
We're good to go.
Technology that the Livermore Lab and other public-private groups are developing could help make the country safer, Chertoff said.
The secretary has shown that the lab has done to provide more portable ways to detect nuclear, biological, and chemical devices that the terrorists could use.
Now, I don't know how that's going to protect us, if and when the terrorists decide to unleash a nuclear war here on the United States, but again, just like all of the other articles exactly like this, talking about exactly the same thing,
We never hear any sources for this.
We never hear any real evidence that this is actually happening.
These are always unnamed sources.
And, of course, I think we can write this off as pure propaganda.
I don't know about you, Erskine.
I mean, I'm not afraid that the terrorists are going to bomb me.
I'm more afraid that Chertoff might bomb me.
Well, it seems to me that the country is being led by the producers of the fear factor.
Because they keep ratcheting it up, and I love the color codes.
That was so colorful.
I just love those color codes.
Well, I mean, get real.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
You've got the Director of Homeland Security, who is a dual national.
I've got problems with that.
And yet the Congress voted for him 98 to nothing in the Senate.
He's a dual national.
He's an Israeli citizen.
We've got...
A number of people like Mr. Pollard who are spying for Israel, and this man is an Israeli citizen and a U.S.
Putting in charge of our national security, our homeland security, a dual citizen.
I've got a real problem with that.
I don't know about you.
What do you think?
Well, meanwhile, AP News is reporting Israel threatens massive ground operation.
Israel will launch a massive ground operation if Palestinian militants fire on Israeli soldiers and settlers during the next month's Gaza pullout.
In such a scenario, the evacuation of settlers would be halted and Israeli forces will move in.
Big, big things happening in the Middle East.
A lot of this they're not telling us about.
Of course, even the Israeli citizens themselves being threatened with detention if they get in the way of this quote-unquote pullout.
We'll come right back and go right to your calls after this.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
Erskine also with us.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
Stay tuned.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Erskine of Erskine Overnight.
Two of us sitting in.
It's two per day because it takes two to sit in and fill the shoes of the great Alex Jones who is away making another fabulous video in London in the belly of the beast where the terror central is today.
And we're talking also with Jack Blood.
Deadline Live heard about two hours from now over most of these same stations.
Jack Blood and Deadline Live
And Erskine of Erskine Overnight.
This weekend, last weekend, we talked about mind control, and mind control means fear and then repeating, repeating, repeating whatever you want to get across.
They use fear and then repeat, repeat, repeat whatever they want to get across.
Now, one of the things that we wanted to do is go immediately to some of the callers.
Clayton, thank you for holding on.
You've got a question for Jack Blood, myself, or a comment you'd like to make.
Yes, in regards to the bombings, the one and both bombings, did you gentlemen notice how the number seven popped up?
I mean, the first attack was July 7th, that's double seven.
Exactly two weeks later, on July 21st, the second attempted bombing takes place.
21 is three sevens plus July, that's four sevens.
So you had two sevens and four sevens.
I was watching a CBS Evening News report
We're good to go.
The New World Order folks are behind it because they are really big on this number stuff.
Oh, they're big on the occult symbolism of numerology.
There's no question about it.
And, you know, you look at one time, you say, well, maybe.
But when it keeps popping up, then you have to say, can things be that random and that coincidental?
Or are you trying to make it into something?
I always wonder.
It's like reading a horoscope.
You read it and
Well, doggone, it fit me perfect.
Well, it fits 98% of the people perfect.
Are we trying to create something, or is it there?
In this case, Clayton, I think it's there.
Yes, it is, and I don't really think they're trying to hide it.
As a matter of fact, I think they're trying to put it out there for the people like them around the world who understand the numerology.
And you know what was really interesting is that
On July 21st, that afternoon, after the attempted bombing, the U.S.
House of Representatives voted yes to reauthorize the Patriot Act.
That's true.
And that's probably that.
And, of course, we're going to talk about CAFTA here sometime in this hour, hopefully, if not the final hour of today's program.
But these are the real issues.
You know, whether or not Karl Rove is guilty of treason, whether or not the bombings were done by Osama bin Laden himself or Zakawi or...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's what they're trying to cover up, and of course we've got the poll numbers way down for both Bush and Blair.
Yes, they were re-elected because they engineer the elections, in my opinion, but poll numbers dropping, people demanding that troops get out of Iraq, and of course now part of the Sunday news cycle is if we pull the troops out of Iraq, there will certainly be civil war, which is probably what they want it all on.
One of the things that Clayton was mentioning is that they're making no bones to say
We're good to go.
He and his entire family are giving the sign of Satan.
They are sending signals to their minions, we're in control.
We're in control.
As you pointed out last Friday during the captive vote,
Here's Bush leaving, flipping the birds.
They are just absolutely telling people by these hand gestures, by the numerology that you're seeing, who is in control that these people are, let's use the word, satanic.
Clayton, there's two books I'd recommend to you and the listeners.
One is Eric Rainbolt's Revelation 9-11, which is for free on the Internet.
If you go to my forum, you can locate that.
My website has it, jackblood.com.
It's a free download.
Revelation 9-11, which ties in all of the numerological coincidences to 9-11.
The other book is Bohemian Grove by Mike Hansen.
As you know, Mike snuck into Bohemian Grove with Alex Jones.
They filmed that great documentary.
He wrote a book, and the entire, I think, last ten pages is all the tie-ins and coincidences where 9-11 is being used to, as I think, really leave a calling card.
Clayton, you hit the nose on the head on the...
How do I say that?
You hit the nail on the head, ultimately, and you're right, man.
They're trying to tell us what they're doing because these people are egomaniacs.
They're proud to brag about this kind of a thing, and they want to tell each other, hey, I did this.
They're leaving their calling card, and they're people who understand how it works.
And of course, they know that there are people among us who understand their numerology and how it works.
So they're sending their message to them and to us.
The people that don't get it are the 90% in the middle who are clueless.
Right, absolutely.
But they're advertising it.
They're saying, we're in control.
Satan's in control.
This is satanic.
You look at the occult forces.
Look at what you've got at Bohemian Grove in the great Alex Jones videos.
And it's in the new one, Clayton, that you need to get Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State, because he's got scenes in there and clips about Bohemian Grove for those who aren't aware of it.
Clayton, thank you.
Great call, Clayton.
Let's go to Terry in Oklahoma.
Really appreciate it.
Hi, Terry.
Terry's not with us.
We're going to go to Ruben in Ohio.
Ruben in Ohio.
Yes, Ruben.
Hey, guys.
How you doing?
And yourself, Ruben?
Super fantastic.
Hey, Jack, this is kind of a strange question.
Can I ask you your birthday?
Can I get your age?
I'm 41.
It's just because I'm so fascinated because Alex is so young and his sidekick, Paul Joseph Watson, is only 23 years old.
It just blows my mind that people so young could be so awake.
Dylan Avery made loose change.
He's 21 years old as well.
Great new documentary film about 9-11.
I've seen it on prisonplanet.tv.
I'm a subscriber.
Very good.
I would just like to add to the last numerology comment.
7-7 was a 2005.
2 plus 5 also adds up to 7.
That's right.
The Satanist Alistair Crawley, his address wherever he lived was 7-7-7.
Good point.
He wrote a book called 7-7-7 as well.
And also, listen to this.
Okay, 3-11 was 911 days after 9-11, but how many people know that in the Zodiac,
March 11th is exactly 180 degrees apart from September the 11th.
If you were to look at a clock, one would be at the 12th position and the other would be at the 6th.
I'm not sure what the significance is, but I'm sure it's there.
And in addition to that, the lone gunman episode that aired with the remote control planes flying into the towers, that aired in March of 2001, six months prior to...
September 11th.
And then I just want to ask, does anybody know who's at Bohemian Grove this year?
I know Bush has taken a month-long vacation.
And Jack, do you have a shortwave channel I can listen to you on?
I do not have shortwave, just too expensive.
We haven't gotten the list yet.
It's very difficult to get our hands on who's attending Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremony every year.
What we really have to do is just watch who goes in and then record it.
Just a lot of times, you know, we can only use supposition to figure out who's going and when.
But ultimately, we always find out who was there.
Thanks for the call, Ruben.
I want to ask you, Erskine, I mean, we're talking now about numerology the last couple of calls, and while I think that that factors in, I wonder how good a news that is.
In other words, are we able to use this to get through and plant seeds and wake people up, or is it something that will put us in the tinfoil hat region?
I think when you're talking about the numerology, I think it's time that the people who are
Considered to be the fundamentalist Christians who have been a backbone of Bush need to see that this man is symbolizing and sending symbols that the New World Order is sending symbols of being satanic and if you're not standing up against it
I think so.
These people are telling you they're satanic, and if you aren't standing up and saying something, then you are giving your support.
I mean, we played that clip earlier.
It's stunning news.
It's extremely documented.
It's great evidence to get out there and tell people that there's such a thing as state-sponsored terrorism, point them in the right direction of where all the terrorism comes from.
I mean, this is news.
As much as I'm interested in numerology, Erskine, I have to tell you, it just doesn't open up the rabbit hole for me as much as I think we need.
It's a great piece to the puzzle, but again, I just like people to be careful because here we have all of this evidence, things we can prove, and I just really want to remind people to try to put that on the front as the main course on your table.
Now, the other interesting thing that I thought that Ruben was talking about was the proliferation of young people, how we need to get them involved, how Paul Joseph Watson, how Alex, how so many people are younger.
And I have an author on, her name's Claire Wolfe, W-O-L-F-E, and she wrote a book called Out of the Gray Zone.
Out of the Gray Zone is...
I think we're good.
Looks like we're going to break right now, and we'll be right back with your calls at 800-259-9231, Erskine of Erskine Overnight and Jack Blood of Deadline Live, sitting in for Alex Jones.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a war on for your mind.
There is no question about that.
There is a war on for your mind.
And this is Erskine sitting in for Alex Jones, along with Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.com.
And Jack, there is a war on for your mind.
There's no question about it.
We're seeing it every single day, and you've got to have your mind open.
You can't rely on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox for your news.
You absolutely can't anymore, can you?
Well, the establishment media is the death knell for the mind, so we really have to kind of wrap our mind up in armor.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Yeah, good morning, gentlemen.
You know, I'm kind of speculating, but this Loftus interview that you all aired earlier, it looks to me like a bit of infighting between the Fabian faction and the Zionist Bolshevik faction of the New World Order.
You know, the Fabians, of course, wanted their national ID card in the UK, and they weren't averse to using some Arabs and a little bit of terrorism to get it.
I think that's one of the major pluses that we're seeing that these people with their egos and everything...
It's sort of like watching the Highlander.
Only one can survive.
And I think that that could be a real opening for those who want freedom is the fact that you're going to see them fighting against each other.
That may be our only hope, Erskine.
We'll have to watch, because if this story gets spiked and buried and disappears and the transcripts are all gone, except of course we've made copies of all of these, then we'll know that it was an accident, that this guy Loftus wasn't supposed to go this far and say this.
Regarding infighting, I mean, middle management is always infighting, and that's what I believe the controllers want.
They want to keep them off balance.
They know the plan, and I believe...
Yeah, well, it's hard to call these guys Fabians when they're willing to kill 3,000 people at a time, but...
I mean, that's not supposed to be the Fabian approach to things.
They're supposed to be more genteel.
It's a lot more genteel than killing millions of people, which is certainly the card they have up their sleeve.
They could play that any time, make a phone call, and we've got World War III.
On the other hand, I'm not sure how much credibility Loftus had.
Loftus ran what amounted to a death squad out of the Justice Department, killing enemies of Israel for some time.
And this was reported in the American Free Press, no great friend of Israel.
So I'm not sure how much credibility they have, but I'm inclined to think that there was some truth to that one.
I don't know what his position is today, but it's no accident when this guy appears on Fox News and they know who they're dealing with and what kind of credentials they have.
Well, good point, and we're still trying to decode this story as it rolls out, but there's a couple things we'll look for as the story develops, and I believe, again, if it disappears, we'll know that it was a bit of an accident.
If it stays out there, then we're going to have to try to decode it, and I think the first way I look at this is, you know, the United States are the good guys, and Britain's the bad guys here, and they're getting ready for something, because if there is a world war, we've got to know who the enemies are.
Maybe the enemy's London.
I don't think they can afford to leave it out there because it makes people question, and they can't afford to have people questioning the official versions of anything.
You question one of these, one of these starts to break open in the major media, and then people are going to question everything, and they can't have people questioning because God knows they may end up thinking.
You're right.
The city, Jack, as they call it, the Wall Street of London,
Really is probably our worst enemy in the world.
These are the masterminds of most of the sinister stuff that's going on.
Is there any question about that?
And you're absolutely correct, Mike, because look at it this way.
Who did Arnold Schwarzenegger see the year before he got elected?
He had to make a pilgrimage to Lord Jacob Rothschild.
Yeah, exactly.
And that picture spoke volumes about the global control mechanism.
Didn't it?
We're going to take a short break right now and we'll be right back.
Our number is 800-259-9231.
Ron in New York, you are next up on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
We're on the march.
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Shining the spotlight on truth is the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Sitting in for Alex is Erskine of Erskine Overnight and Jack Blood of Deadline Live, which comes on right after the Alex Jones Program on most of these stations.
And Jack, welcome.
It's a pleasure doing a show with you.
It's a pleasure doing a show with you, Erskine, as always.
Maybe this is a tale of a day.
Maybe we should be doing a weekend show together.
Who knows?
Now, Alex has a video out, which...
It might be fun.
Is Marshall Law 9-11.
The videos just keep getting better and better.
This is not conspiracy theory.
It's conspiracy fact.
You've got to have this video and show it to your friends.
The Rise of the Police State.
Like we have been saying, it's three films in one.
Talks about the Bohemian Grove.
Talks about the police state.
The number is 888-253-3139.
And I understand that my friend Jack Blood actually has
A part in this video.
You're co-starring, aren't you?
I have a small cameo in the film.
But I've got to tell you, I mean, sitting in for Alex Jones, being a guest on his program, and Alex really helped me kind of up through the masses to build a pretty big radio show of my own, Erskine, and getting a little cameo in his film, I mean, it is really an honor for me.
It certainly is.
Let me give out that number.
You can go to InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, or 888-253-7000.
Not only are you going to get an incredible, incredible video, but Alex doesn't ask you for money.
He asks you merely to get copies of these videos, especially Marshall Law 9-11.
They take a lot of work, a lot of effort, and he doesn't do it just for free.
He isn't getting rich off of this.
This is one of the ways that he's able to get the programming out to you that is quite different from what the mass media is putting out.
It's the one way to get the truth out, and he even says make copies of the videos.
None of Alex's work is copyright.
Make copies of it.
Get it out.
Show it to your friends because he's interested in getting the information out.
Marshall Law, 9-11.
Rise of the Police State, 888-253-3139.
Let's go immediately to the lines.
And Ron in New York.
Hi, Ron.
Thanks for waiting, and happy to have you on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
I'll digress for a moment.
I would like to hear a weekend show of both of you.
I would listen, that's for sure.
Thanks, Ron.
What I'm calling up about is something that I believe, by and large, in most sectors has gone wrong.
Passed without much notice.
And it has to do with the law which was passed, legislation which was passed in the U.S.
Senate on Friday, the Protection of Commerce and Firearms Act, I believe it was S-397.
Well, overall, the law was a good idea.
However, there was one, one single amendment added to it, which if you examine it, you have an understanding of the way law is written.
You would understand that by its omission...
That's New York, folks.
That's New York.
That's life here.
Alarms everywhere you turn.
You'll always hear them.
The casket of civilization.
Sorry, New York.
It's a basket case of civilization.
That's what it is becoming.
But anyway, getting back to what I was originally saying, this amendment deals with the following.
Now, and please hear me carefully, and I ask the audience to examine what I'm going to say carefully, because I understand law.
I have a background in law.
It provides for the mandatory inclusion of trigger locks on the sale of a firearm, a handgun in particular.
If someone steals a handgun, if it has a trigger lock on it, you're okay.
If they steal your handgun and it doesn't, then you can be liable, right?
Well, what will happen is ultimately because Congress does not immunize you as someone who has, let's say, a handgun without a trigger lock, who winds up being the misfortunate victim of a burglar, you will not legally be immunized.
Now, that's an absurd premise because here we will be double victimizing the victim of a lawsony.
Matter of fact, it's rather ironic that the legislation, the statutory language, does not even state there should be any civil liability or sanctions against the individual who steals the gun in the first place and then misuses it against the third party, but against the poor innocent victim who had the gun stolen out of his home.
Yeah, forget about personal responsibility.
And Ron, this piece of legislation reminds me of holding bartenders responsible for serving drinks when a drunk driver goes out and kills somebody with his automobile.
Well, let's be honest.
It isn't guns that kill people.
It's bullets.
We need safer bullets.
We need bullets that won't hurt people.
That's what we need because, you know, bullets hurt people.
If we could have safer bullets.
I mean, these people are absolutely out of their mind.
You're looking at these things.
You've got to say there's something.
You know, they've got to screw loose, Ron.
Not only that, consider this.
Because it's very specific statutory language.
You can have a fellow who has his gun secured inside of a bank vault, but doesn't have a trigger lock, and if someone steals it, he's liable.
And if another fellow has nothing more than a $10 trigger lock on his gun, he's not liable.
And since when in any situation do we hold an innocent victim of a crime liable because the criminal misused the property he stole from the victim?
Well, but here we have a conundrum because with all these school shootings, generally what's reported in the mainstream news is that you got that gun from Daddy.
Daddy didn't have a trigger lock on it.
It wasn't locked in a safe buried 20 feet underground.
So therefore, Daddy is responsible for his little boy going out and killing his classmates.
Well, if I recall, Jack, a good number of those shootings, and correct me if I'm wrong, the guns were secured.
It's just that 16-year-olds are pretty clever, and they were able to get many of these security devices off the guns and still misuse them.
Well, these 16-year-olds and younger can get these tops off of these jars that they put on at the drugstore, these child-proof jars.
They can certainly get a trigger lock.
Let's get real.
Those are the jars that I can't open but my children can?
I had one just the other day.
I was looking at it and it's almost impossible.
I said, you've got to get a kid who can open it because I can't do that one.
But the fact of the matter is they are able to get the trigger locks off if they want to do it.
But the point that Ron's making is to hold the victim responsible twice.
Not only is he victimized by being stolen, and then he's held as another person who is responsible for what the person does who steals it from him.
It's absolute lunacy.
Well, I have a solution.
Just get rid of your guns and you won't have this problem anymore.
This is the conundrum that it creates.
This is the chilling effect it creates.
Trigger locks are inconsistent with having a gun to defend yourself because you can't take a trigger lock off fast enough to defend yourself when someone breaks into your house at 3 o'clock in the morning.
So what it does is it creates this conundrum and it sets up this rubric.
Well, I'm afraid I'll get sued if I don't have it, so I'll have it on.
Hence, someone comes in the house.
I'm now devoid of the excuse of saying I need the gun to defend myself because I have a trigger lock on it.
Thus, it's not a practical implement for self-defense.
Thus, the whole self-defense argument collapses.
The only thing you can figure is that the people behind this law must be Hilrich and Bransby because the only thing that you can do now is maybe a baseball bat as opposed to a...
I think so.
Is this one amendment to that act leaves this open to interpretation by the courts, the same courts, whatever you'd like to call them, liberal activists, whatever, I think you understand my point, the same courts that brought us to the point where we needed legislation to remedy the situation, and what we are doing is essentially leaving, with this amendment, a loophole, a backdoor, to where the same litigious forces
We'll come back and undermine probably 98 or 99% of the intent of this law by going back to the courts.
Because remember, what Congress does not specifically address, what the legislative branch does not specifically address,
is left to be defined by the judicial branch and in this case the judicial branch, at least from our point of view, has a very bad track record on this matter.
First off, isn't this a Hegelian dialect?
You create the problem
Then you create the solution that you want.
And within the solution, you're creating the problem over again.
It's hysterical.
And in five years, we will be back to square one and at least 98 or 99 percent of the same issues that we were concerned about that drove at least conscientious persons to seek the passage of this law.
Well, it's the same type of law where they wanted to hold the gun manufacturers responsible for what was done with the product.
Well, guys, you know something?
More cars are stolen in this country and used in crimes, whether to commit the crime or run down people in a chase after the crime, than guns.
Yet there's no liability if you do not have an alarm on your car or a wheel lock on your car or an ignition lock on your car.
So in that situation, this isn't even a question yet in a situation of firearms ownership, which is at least...
No matter what, to some degree, shielded by the Second Amendment.
I don't care how anti-gun you are, the Second Amendment exists.
Hey, Ron, knock, knock.
Who's there?
It's a home invasion.
Oh, could you please wait, sir, until I get my trigger lock off my gun, and then I'll let you in?
That's what I mean.
Right, so it renders, basically, it renders the concept of self-defense worthless.
That's precisely what they're looking for.
Not in my house, Ron.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call, Ron.
Let's go to Kevin in Texas.
There are two things you shouldn't see being made.
One is law and the other is sausage.
And I also have a feeling that politicians should be thrown out of office.
There are two things that need to be changed, politicians and babies, and for the same reason.
Kevin in Texas, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, gentlemen, thanks for having me on.
That's a tough act to follow Ron there.
It is.
Jack, before I forget, will you and Ron, I know you're listening.
Ron, will you call back in, leave your contact information for Jack Blood so that I can get a hold of you in the future.
I really want to talk to you.
Guys, thanks so much for what you're doing.
Erskine, I've got to compliment you for jumping in with both feet on this and not trying to play the fence in the left-right game.
You've accepted reality for what it is and I'm just blown away by you.
Believe in what we believe.
I appreciate it.
Earlier you guys were talking about MI5 and MI6 using agents.
It has come out that they have used them in Libya to try to attack Gaddafi.
The book that came out in 2001, Forbidden Truth, documents all of Ben Laden's dialysis at the Dubai hospital.
It goes into how they had hired all these 2000 al-Qaeda agents in Libya to try to assassinate.
In 1999, 2000 and even in Soldier Fortune magazine you could read articles almost on a monthly basis about us working with the al-Qaeda operatives in Kosovo and Macedonia, all in that region there.
So it was no secret.
I'll leave that for what it's worth.
Well, look, I mean, and Brit Hume and some of the anchors at Fox will be the first to tell you that we never worked with Al-Qaeda ever and never funded them, never trained them, and that's some big, I hate to use this term again, conspiracy theory.
It's not a news story.
Well, now on their own network, it appears that they were wrong.
Again, I mean, this is the thing, Kevin, and you've been listening to these shows for a long time.
You've been doing your homework for many, many years now.
We've been talking about this for four, five, six years, some of us for 10, 20 years, and you know what?
The mainstream media is just now reporting it and just now getting it.
I mean, that's why you want to listen to the Alex Jones Show first.
You're going to wonder what they're up to when they start to reveal it, but I want to hit a couple news items for you guys real quick.
Bush installed Bolton as U.N.
That's right.
And quoting Bush, this post is, I won't try to do my Bush impression, but this post is too important to leave vacant any longer, especially during a war and a vital debate about UN reform.
I've used my constitutional authority.
It gets better guys, hold on.
So today I've used my constitutional authority to appoint John Bolton as America's ambassador to the United Nations.
So apparently he's a constitutionalist now.
One other thing, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia died today, so let's see how that shakes up Saudi Arabia.
I'm sure there's going to be a power struggle there and see how we play that.
Again, guys, my hat's off to you.
You do a fantastic job.
Can't wait for him to get back with his new footage.
And keep up the good work, gentlemen.
And Ron, call back up.
I want your contact information.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks, Kevin.
Now, he brought up two things.
First off, the King Fahd, I think the new King Abdullah has been running for
That's right.
All of a sudden.
Well, I mean, we should be pretty alarmed at this.
First of all, John Bolton is a member of the Project for a New American Century.
He's a member of GINSA, which is the Jewish lobbying group, which Dick Cheney and
Rumsfeld and just about everybody from Project for a New American Century belongs to.
He is a globalist of the first order, and if you think he's going in to reform the United Nations, you've got another thing coming.
He's going in because they're lobbying and getting this war ready for Iran, and they need their controller there to make sure that they push everything through the UN Security Council.
But to override the Senate, Erskine, and to use his post as a war president...
And that's the constitutional authority he's talking about, by the way, is that he's a war president and he can do whatever he wants is not only startling and just shameful, but is something, again, that we need to call attention to the mainstream media about.
I mean, I'm not going to see anybody talking about this.
I'm really not, unless I'm listening to disinformation now, or better known as democracy now, Erskine.
I'm not going to see any outrage, unless I'm listening to Air America, which by the way was the name of the CIA drug smuggling operation years ago, now the name of a new radio network, go figure.
Unless I'm listening to those installations, I'm not going to hear any outrage of this, and it is outrageous.
Well, let's put the bottom line, not only is...
Mr. Bolton involved in all those organizations that you're talking about, but even his employees, former employees came forward to say he was just a sexist, nasty man.
We're good to go.
Now, one of the things that we need to talk about is we need to talk about CAFTA.
And what's going on with CAFTA, that passed, that's the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
Now, let me tell you what is another issue, and this, I think, plays into what's going to happen with CAFTA.
China will substitute the U.S.
dollar for other currencies.
They are making some major moves.
They're reserving far fewer U.S.
They're purchasing fewer U.S.
Treasury securities.
They're the largest holder of U.S.
Treasury securities.
Treasury bond rates are going to rise.
Inflation is coming at us.
The action of China will force up long-term interest rates, force down the value of the dollar.
We're in serious trouble.
All those reasons you give are people using that same excuse to put together CAFTA to begin with.
So it's interesting.
Take a quick break.
We'll come right back.
More of the Alex Jones Show right after this.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is the Alex Jones Radio Program and sitting in for Alex is Erskine of Erskine Overnight and Jack Blood of Deadline Live.
Happy to be here.
One of the things that I was talking about is what's going on with China and how they are going to substitute for the U.S.
dollar other currencies and how this is going to have a tremendous inflationary impact on the United States.
Here's one thing that I found extraordinarily interesting.
Walmart, the nation's largest retailer, largest employer in the U.S., private employer, imports 83%, 83% of everything it sells from China.
If you go to Walmart, spend $50 a week,
It's going up by 30 cents a week because of the currency differential.
You're not really going to notice it, but over a year, you're paying 12 to 14% more.
We're going to be looking at inflation.
If you're not buying gold, you're in trouble.
Russia has been looking to effectively take all the U.S.
business to China away.
Because Russia can produce, sell to China everything that we do.
Aircraft, heavy machine tools, weapons, everything we could possibly sell to China, Russia can sell to them, and that's what they're looking to do.
UNICAL's got all cash offer of $18.5 billion to be bought by China.
This is a major problem that we're facing economically, is this China situation.
And now we're going to CAFTA.
We're churning away, trying to go into a different situation here and organize the United States of the Americas, which will give up our sovereignty.
You're going to see more jobs going south.
We're going to be left with, what, a nation of shopkeepers or empty, no employment at all the way it's going with the jobs being outsourced and with all the illegals coming across and
All of the plants used to be you or your family or people worked at the plant.
Now they're gone.
What do you think, Jack?
Well, first of all, that's why I buy American and I support the mom-and-pop shops.
I drive out of my way and pay a little more because, as you say, you save a couple of bucks now off of slave mark, but you pay later.
I've got to change the subject because we cut Ron off a little bit earlier, Ron from New York.
And it's very important to point out the bill he's talking about was in the Senate, S-397.
It protects the gun industry from frivolous lawsuits.
Of course, that's at least the pretext.
Vote of 65 to 31 this afternoon.
This still has to go to the House.
So again, this particular gun bill, which demands you keep your gun locks on and you pay the price if someone breaks into your house and steals your gun without a gun lock, whether it was on there or not, I guess it will be... Who will be the witness?
The robber?
Yeah, when I got the gun, it didn't have a gun lock.
I mean, you know, so I don't know what that really even means.
But if you want to get involved in this, go to gunowners.org.
That's, of course, the great site of Larry Pratt.
That's Gun Owners of America, folks.
And find out more about S-397 and how you can stop that.
Very simple.
If you're a gun owner, you enjoy your Second Amendment rights, you want to keep those,
You better be like Ron in New York, reading all these bills, getting on top of this, and stopping these little embedded lines of legislation throughout all of the bills we have now.
We've still got a chance to defeat this in Congress.
Let me give one other website, JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, jpfo.com.
Do we have time to set up CAFTA for the second hour here?
I think we have about another minute.
According to many sources, CAFTA really may have lost.
In fact, it did lose in the first vote just last week.
According to many now checking it out, we found that...
Well, in the House, by only two votes, really, that it may have lost, because in going through the roll call of all the names of the vote, for and against, and checking those against the list of total membership, it was discovered there were two names missing.
These two names are Charles Taylor and, well, we'll come back with the second name here as well.
Both of them voted against CAFTA.
Both of them magically lost their votes and disappeared.
Second hour coming up, that would be the third hour,
Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Stay tuned.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Sitting in for Alex, as if anybody could really sit in, is Erskine of Erskine Overnight, which is aired Saturday night at 9 o'clock Pacific, midnight Eastern.
9 o'clock Pacific, midnight Eastern.
This weekend, we're going to have Al Martin, and then we're going to be having...
Paul Joseph Watson.
So it's going to be a terrific show this weekend.
And also Jack Blood of Deadline Live, where he's going to be interviewing.
Who's that going to be today?
Yes, I have best-selling author Ed Klein, who's written the new anti-Hillary Clinton book.
This is getting out ahead of the election cycle, so we're trying to take away votes from Hillary Clinton.
I'll, of course, try his evidence on my program today.
We'll see if he talks about the Rose Law firm, MENA Arkansas, Vince Foster...
Or many of the other really damning evidence on Hillary Clinton.
I have a feeling that he probably won't.
And I might get neoconned a little bit.
But I'll try not to let that happen, Erskine.
Sounds like an intriguing hour coming up.
And you were talking about CAFTA.
A couple of issues on CAFTA, right?
Two votes missing in the first vote.
Now, that first vote, as I'll tell you in a minute here, actually ended with...
We're good to go.
I think?
In order for there to be another vote, now we voted twice on CAFTA that night, in the middle of the night, but in order for someone to have stopped this debacle from happening, we needed somebody in Congress to raise up their voice and be heard.
Because I have no doubt, again, we got a call into Ron Paul's office right now, I have no doubt that some of the congressmen stood up and said, hey, you can't keep re-voting this thing until it goes through, that's not how it works.
So somebody had to not only stand up, but be recognized, and I think that's where our technicality is, but again, giving us a case for a recall of CAFTA, a recall and possibly a new vote.
But when the official 15-minute period ended, CAFTA had gone down in defeat 180 nays to 175 yays.
But the House leadership was so politically driven to get what they wanted, they broke the House rules.
They simply violated the time limit in order to keep twisting arms and making deals until they had finally bought or coerced, using extortion, bribery, whatever means necessary, to have enough votes to pass CAFTA nearly an hour later.
Oh, they've got the corporations.
I mean, this is worth billions to these corporations.
And it is worth jobs to Americans.
Erskine, we need to get to Lou Dobbs.
I mean, this is a point where I don't know if it will do any good to call our congressmen.
I mean, we're always telling people, and we told them before Catherine was voted on, get on them, pressure them.
I mean, they're getting pressure from the Bush administration.
They're getting pressure from the globalists.
We needed to put some pressure on them.
I think we did a pretty good job in the fact that we only lost defeat on this bill.
We can only claim defeat by two votes.
We need to get these two representatives.
Votes weren't counted.
We certainly need to get them to stand up and be on like a Lou Dobbs program.
We also need to have... Let's get to the mainstream media.
Guys like Lou Dobbs who sympathize with us, who are very anti-CAFTA.
Let's alert them to this story.
Let's get a national cry out there to re-vote on CAFTA.
I think we can do it, Erskine.
And the other thing is there was another person who was prevented from appearing on the House floor who wanted to vote and they stopped her.
More, more when we get back, and your calls right here on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I appreciate you guys doing the work today.
I don't want to step on toes a little bit, but really there is no economic crisis.
It's a facade of a problem.
It's because of our ignorance.
It's like Ford and GM.
They're saying they're junk bond status, and yet a car today is approximately 100% of a common man's salary, and yet back in the early 70s, a penal station wagon was $2,200, a bigger car was $3,000, and our salary was $10,000, $12,000.
They were working on approximately a fifth of what a car was worth, and they were able to do business extremely well.
It's not money, it's debt.
Money doesn't really even exist.
I think we should just clear that up right now.
Money does not exist.
Who owns the debt?
We've let the big boys control us.
We've let everything go.
And we keep Ben informed.
And it's when Mr. Clinton says, Oh, Jesus, I didn't do Malarski.
And yet Tripp called it in.
She gave the tape.
Malarski told the truth and gave the address.
And then they spent $300 million.
And we're all standing back here going, Huh?
It's just our ignorance.
If they want to take our guns away, that's fine, because I think stoning them to death will be more fun.
And when they come to recognize that we're responsible, you're responsible for vehicular manslaughter, no matter if you're talking economics, if you're talking poisoning our skies with AIDS, that's a man-made virus, along with that microplasma, that's a man-made virus, and giving us Alzheimer's and diabetes, and the numbers all show we're responsible for ourselves and no one's doing action other than you guys talking some.
But no one's gone out and said, no, I'm not doing it anymore.
I've been to court where they've changed minutes of court.
They've done everything and changed the rules all against me.
And when it gets sudden done, it's like they're talking, well, if a cop stops you today, do you have the right to tell him no?
Or, you know, is he got the right to search you?
Bottom line is, I've pointed out enough to where I've done my homework now.
When a cop stops me, I've actually taken my plates off the car.
And I said, I put a cardboard plate on it.
It says, no money, no plates, no insurance.
And when everybody else starts taking that stance...
And they realize that when they walk up to the car, we could give a damn if we own a gun or not.
We're going to hurt them if they think they're going to do something to us that's out of the reins of God's right.
And that's where it has to start coming from in this facade of believing, oh, isn't it this and that and all this.
You know, in the Bible it says, is everybody can hear the truth and assimilate it
And act on it.
If we don't act on it, we're always fired.
Certainly there are a lot of whistleblowers out there that have stood up against all odds and really taken a full-on assault by the establishment for telling the truth, and I think that's very important.
I'd just like to point out that rather than fighting the system on every inch of the road, man, I just don't participate.
Well, one thing that I was always taught is that dragons don't always lose.
I'm sorry, this is Don Quixote.
Hi, Don.
Go tilt those windmills.
There's no windmills around here.
They're scared of me.
Well, you've got windmills.
I'm from Kentucky.
Give me a break.
I did see one a few miles to the east of us here, but it was more of a wind turbine.
I've never seen that one.
What are we tilting at today?
What are we tilting at, Mike?
Well, I had somebody late last week at the China Mart, the
Mike, was that the greeter at the door?
No, no, this was an older fellow who's been around the block a little bit, but he's basically, I think he didn't think I knew who he was or he didn't think...
He kind of acted like he didn't know who I was, I think.
But he said, basically, we're all nothing.
There's nothing we can do.
They've got so much money.
This is going to happen whether we want it to or not.
That is such a self-defeatist attitude.
It's a cop-out that people waste so much time on sports trivia or soap operas or so-called reality TV.
I don't see how this could be considered a waste of time because you're learning about
You learn about history.
You learn about the current events and things like that.
When I was in school, I was not that interested in memorizing what battle took place when and what date.
I do think that the alternative media is a bit of a self-policing thing.
In other words, the survey that said the government should
Yeah, and there's no need.
There really is no need to exaggerate because the minute you do, somebody jumps on and says, look, this guy wasn't actually a cabinet member.
Look, Bechtel doesn't actually run the subway.
They're in charge of the retrofit or whatever.
There's always somebody ready to jump and point stuff out.
I'd like to see where those people are on the mainstream media.
Yeah, they do probably criticize the mainstream media, but they spend too much time criticizing the alternative media, I think.
I don't know how... One thing I'd like to point out to you guys from memory and see if you agree or remember this, but how is the cast of vote anything more than window dressing?
Because did not the Supreme Court rule back during the controversy over NAFTA that the President has the power to make these trade agreements outside of the treaty process and it doesn't matter, essentially circumvents the whole Congress treaty making process because the President and his
Well, is it a resolution or a bill?
Because, you know, resolutions...
A lot of times they'll call it a bill, but it'll say, you know, you'll look on C-SPAN or whatever, and it'll say HR 216.
Well, HR means resolution, and a resolution only applies to federal government employees.
It's not actually technically a law, because Congress will write that, and it says, be it resolved, not be it enacted.
Be it enacted means that it's a law, and then furthermore,
They have to go on and enact that into positive law before it is a law.
Well, it's a treaty.
We know that.
And as a treaty, it has to be void on by Congress.
It's an agreement, is it not?
It's a free trade agreement.
It doesn't even really have to be voted on by Congress.
Congress is just basically saying, okay, we support the president.
Well, it does if you want to sell it to the American people.
You identified this as window dressing.
It's more of the illusion, certainly.
But, I mean, when do we participate in the illusion, and when do we define and expose the illusion?
And as long as they're using it, I think that we have a right to get in the window and undress it.
That is the last.
...thing that they've done, this smoke and mirrors thing, as long as they're still trying to tell us that it means something when Congress votes for this stuff.
We still have a chance, I think, but when they stop caring, which it seems like they just about don't care, 90% of us can be against something like this and they still make deals and get them to pass.
I agree with you, Mike.
I think that they really, for all intents and purposes, it's window dressing.
They really don't care what we think.
Who voted for any of the people?
Who were appointed to the World Trade Organization.
Who votes for any of these people on any of these trade organizations?
I don't know who votes for them.
I don't even know who appoints them.
Well, they claim that, oh, well, this is within the constitutional authority for them to set this, blah, blah, blah.
But basically, the Supreme Court said, no, the President can make these agreements without any following constitutional processes.
But there's a... One thing I wanted to point out about... You were talking about China, Mark.
And just one extreme example...
They will sell something that costs $0.19 that you can buy from a catalog all day long for $0.19, unless you want to buy it in mass quantities and you can get it for less than that.
Well, they'll put two of them in a little package and sell it for $2.99.
Now, how is that person in China that makes those things for less than a penny, probably, and they get it marked up through the wholesaler?
We're paying something.
What does that markup work out to be?
I mean, it's like 1,500% markup.
And they always tell us how they're struggling and how they're just barely making it and they're one step away from bankruptcy.
And as you say, the profit margins are through the roof.
How much of that 83% of what they sell is from China?
Yeah, 83% of what's sold at Walmart is from China.
Yeah, OK.
Well, how much of that, though, is in this 1,500% markup category?
So all that we are exporting to China then becomes jobs.
We're exploring jobs like crazy.
Look at what we're left with at Wal-Mart.
What are they paying the people?
They're paying a minimum wage, no benefits.
You try to get a union in and they close the Wal-Mart.
They try to get you to work off the clock without paying you overtime.
The worst job in the world has become a manager at Wal-Mart.
They own you heart, body and soul.
They gripe about China spending $300,000
Good job, Mike.
Hey, Mike, thank you very, very much.
What he had to say about Walmart?
Absolutely true.
I'm not here just to knock Walmart.
Have you noticed the term sovereignty is gone from our electric leaders?
The buzzword today is democracy.
Democracy and harmonization, Jack.
We have to harmonize with the rest of the world.
We'll be right back.
Our number, 800-259-BUSINESS.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation is the Alex Jones Radio Program on the Genesis Communications Network.
And this is Erskine sitting in for Alex Jones of Erskine Overnight Earth.
Every Saturday night at 9 o'clock Pacific, midnight Eastern, and also Jack Blood of...
The Deadline Live radio program heard every single day, Monday through Friday at noon Pacific time, and that would be 3 o'clock Eastern.
Jack, it's a pleasure working with you.
It is a lot of fun working with you.
Yeah, great.
We need to get Alex out a little more often so you and I can take over the show.
Let's go immediately to Rick and Reno.
The biggest little city in the world.
What you got to say, Rick?
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Bring it on, my friend.
If you're ever testing an audience to see whether they're paying attention or not, just drop an incorrect website address.
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is jpfo.org.
.org, you're absolutely correct.
jpfo.org, and Aaron Zellman has a wonderful website, doesn't he, Rick?
The annual membership is just $20.
That's two Krugerrands, 110 pounds, at today's gold prices.
You're the man.
You're the man.
You've got to go to gold, right.
I can tell you I don't use the grid.
I don't have a credit card.
Never will.
Hey, you've got a question.
I join you with that one.
Good job, Rick.
Let's not empower the bankers anymore, folks.
Can we try to do that?
Take care.
Oh, that's it.
Very good.
That's it?
Oh, good.
Thanks, Rick.
But also, it's good to hear of somebody who is understanding that the real currency is not the fiat currency.
The real currency is gold.
It is going to keep going up, and that's a very smart move on your part.
Now, we are heard worldwide, and the number here, 800-259-9231, is good anywhere in North America.
So let's go to Ryan.
Where in Canada are you calling from, Ryan?
Burnaby, Vancouver.
Well, happy BC Day to you, because it's a holiday.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I gotta love it.
And you've got a question or a comment.
Yeah, actually, hey, speaking of credit cards, I just wanted to mention something that I don't know if you're aware of recent Canadian development as far as that sort of thing, but up here at ESSO, the gas stations, they're implementing a new program where they have, you know, if you forget your credit card at home, you can take it and
Sure, those are big down here, too.
It's a little plastic device.
You just wave the wand in front of the meter, and it hooks you right up.
Yeah, they've got it at the mobile stations.
They started out with a wave-and-go.
Now, one of the things which has happened that I didn't know if you were aware of, Ryan,
Prime Minister Martin, Mr. Bush and Mr. Fox have all signed away virtually all the rights between the countries.
Our sovereignty is virtually gone.
They're going to create a new alliance that was done down in Waco, Texas between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
The borders are going to be non-existent in the near future.
And that means that also has to do with harmonization of all foods, everything else across the borders.
Only for corporations, though.
That's exactly what they're doing.
It's all corporate.
And let me go back to what the caller was saying, because these wands, I mean, if you notice the progression of how we pay for our goods and services these days are getting closer and closer to the subdermal microchip.
And again, I mean, I don't think I'm talking out of turn here.
I'm not talking out of class.
Maybe five years ago, that would have seemed fantastic.
But again, the conditioning to use the credit card, to go through the automated check stands, to do the thumbprints or the iris scans, or to get the little wand for SO Gas or down here at every major gas station.
Well, they're requiring fingerprints to get into Disneyland now.
Get real.
Okay, Ryan, you've got a question or a comment?
Yeah, I don't know if Alex brought up the numerology of last month, but it was pretty crazy as far as the London Terror.
I know you touched upon all the July 11th stuff, but I don't know.
Did you guys check your calendars?
Because if you go down the straight line from July 7th, it goes July 7th, 14th, 21st, and then the 28th.
And they're all on the fourth day of the week, and it's a Thursday.
Which is also a way to exploit the news cycle to the best of your ability, as well as the stock markets, because there's a killing to be made when any of these terrorist events happen in the stock market if you act quickly.
We'll come right back, take more of your calls.
Erskine, let's go to break.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know I'm working for the state, I'm the highway patrol
Working for the state of the highway patrol, and you're going to run into that boy if you're going down through Louisiana.
They're going to confiscate your car.
They're going to take everything you've got and just leave you with a couple old crawdads.
That's about it.
They've seen the reports on that one.
It's called Martial Law, the Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
This is three films in one.
You've got the Bohemian Grove.
You've got 9-11.
You've got all sorts of information in this.
Marshall Law 9-11.
Get a copy of this videotape.
Please, do yourself a favor and make copies of it for your friends.
You can buy one and start to make some copies for your friends, or you can help Alex to get out the truth.
When you look at this videotape, you think Michael Moore did something?
He did.
But this is much more, much deeper, and it is not conspiracy theory.
These are supported by documents in their own words.
It's what the elitists are doing to us.
The number to call now is 888-253-3139.
Toll free.
Get that pencil out.
Call them now.
Operators are standing by Erskine, and I hope the people make us look good, because if people don't buy videos while we're on the air, they're going to blame it on us.
Well, they also can go to Infowars.com and they can get not only the video, Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State, but others that Alex has available.
And by going to the website, you've got lots and lots of information that's always up there, always updated up there.
And get these while you can because they aren't going to be available forever.
Alex is putting himself in great danger.
And let me tell you what's happening.
Prior to the installation of Patriot 2, it was necessary for a U.S.
citizen to have been charged with a crime in order for the Secret Service to invade and confiscate.
Now, under the new Patriot 2, if you're a citizen in violation of the Patriot Act, now listen to this, by publicly criticizing the regime, by taking out newspaper ads or maintaining a so-called political content website,
Or if you're a citizen actively involved in criticizing the regime, or more important, under Statute 432 of the National Security Act, attempting to reveal any criminal conduct being committed by the regime, agents are not limited to those assets.
Citizens may have an offshore safe deposit boxes or balances in offshore bank accounts.
Any assets at all, land, business, boats, aircraft, can now be seized without a citizen...
Actually, having been charged or indicted for an asset collection, 21 countries have signed on.
This is an incredible thing.
They are going after people's assets for just criticizing the regime.
This is considered now to be an act of sabotage or an act of treason to say anything critical.
In other words, whistleblowers are now in great danger or anybody putting anything up or saying anything
Critical of the Bush regime.
That sounds like freedom to me.
You've got a story about somebody who's criticizing something that happened back in 1976.
Tell that one, Jack.
Yeah, well, Greg Zeminski, who you know writes for ArcticBeacon.com, has been coming out with weekly stories and new developments on 9-11.
In fact, he'll be joining me on my program this Tuesday, so that'll be tomorrow.
29 years ago, a plan from 29 years ago...
And what's happening to him?
Well, I forget exactly when the towers were constructed.
It must have been just right before that.
So they had to have been brand new, shining towers, and they were already thinking about blowing them up.
I mean, again, this really kind of goes to the issue of those towers were meant to be blown up and meant to be targeted.
They were built to be targets, and that's probably why they were built on Rockefeller land.
Timothy McNiven says he's been harassed by the FBI and now had a DOD card taken without a warrant ever since trying to alert the American people about the government's prior knowledge of 9-11.
He's a former U.S.
Army corporal who blew the whistle on a 1976 government-funded study, just a study, folks, to topple the Twin Towers using what?
Arab terrorists and box cutters!
Sounds a little bit familiar.
So they tore his apartment apart.
They went in, of course, without a warrant, as you say, thanks to the Patriot Act.
And they confiscated a lot of material from Timothy McNiven.
They're trying to make him out to be a terrorist.
He lives in Bellingham, Washington now.
But, you know, it reminds me, Erskine, when we've got Condoleezza Rice...
Out saying, we had no idea that they would target the World Trade Center towers.
We would have never imagined.
We had no idea.
We never had any prior warning.
And again, if you go back to Paul Joseph Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos, you'll see we had ample evidence, pages and pages and pages of documented mainstream news stories to say just that.
Timothy McNiven, again, this will go in-depth on the story on Tuesday when we have Greg Zeminski on, but it's just amazing.
The 93 plot, an FBI sting, the 76 plot to study doing what?
Toppling the towers using jetliners, Arab terrorists, and box cutters.
It's just astounding.
I'm just amazed this guy's still walking around, Erskine.
Total information was also sent to the Attorney General and others, including those in Congress, by...
A man named Burkana Suto who broke the story about the PROMIS software and this is a man who had close contacts with Tim Osman, otherwise known as Osama Bin Laden when they were selling Stinger missiles to him.
This was in March that he sent that information out.
The government knew and if they didn't know, they knew first off that there was going to be an event occurring
We're good to go.
Absolutely confiscated.
No trial is necessary.
Just the appearance that you are criticizing what's going on.
Let's go to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Good afternoon, Erskine.
Jack Blood, how you doing?
Very good.
Thanks for calling.
Last time I talked to you, you and me were riding shotgun with Alex.
Remember you covered for a show and he called in?
You got it.
That's the one I know.
Tim from Truth.
And I'll tell you what, right now, there's some people out there that are not afraid of these globalists, okay?
I'm Tim from Truth, and that's teaching and researching United States treasonous hierarchy.
And we are not afraid to expose the scums of the earth.
No, you can't lock us all up, Tim.
I mean, I guess you could try.
What's your website, Tim?
That's it right there.
Just an organization.
There's no website.
It's just going around and spreading the gospel of Alex Jones.
But Tim isn't afraid to stand up, and neither are the millions of listeners listening to us right now, Erskine, I'm happy to say.
I mean, yeah, we've got some couch patriots out there.
They're still listening.
They're trying to figure out what to do about this.
They're still asking the question, what do we do about all this?
Look, you've got to stand up.
That's what you've got to do.
If you want to stop me, you're going to have to kill me.
Hey, I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.
Going over the CAFTA vote up here in Ohio, we actually had one Republican vote no for CAFTA.
His last name is Nate.
By the way, I thought that was kind of comical.
I think there was one in Ohio.
I think there was maybe 18 or 20.
Speaking of Ohio, that's where the election was stolen from Mr. Bush.
Oh, sure.
In Florida in 2000.
So keep spreading the word.
Get the videos of Alex, the Martial Law 9-11, 888-253-3139.
You've got to have this video.
It really tells you what's going on.
But what I don't understand, Tim, you can't argue with the fact the globalists are telling us what they're doing, Tim.
You know, you're so true with that.
I'm just beginning to absorb the...
Building a North American community white paper from the Council on Foreign Relations written in coexistence with the Canadian globalists and I guess the Mexicans.
You played that clip on this program on Friday and I have it on my forum.
But let me ask you, Tim, what is the response of people who maybe don't know anything about this?
They look at one of these Alex Jones films and what do they say when they get back to you?
They're afraid.
Most of the people I come across with are afraid to admit the truth.
They'd rather live on their knees, I guess, than die on their feet.
You know, I hear a lot of that.
I agree with this.
This is happening.
There is a police state and this infrastructure forming around our ears, but, you know, it's just so big.
There's nothing I can do to stop it, and I don't even know what to do, so I'm just going to go back to sleep.
But wasn't it Hitler and Joseph Goebbels that brought around the line, the bigger the lie, the more people are likely to believe?
That's right.
And I've been trying to get people to realize that they go, well, that's far away from here where we live.
But if you look at things like Agenda 21...
Which is nothing more than building a North American community on the local level.
And let me run across a couple of these bullet points, if I could, real quickly.
Let me make one comment before you say that.
One of the things that you were talking about is the Council on Foreign Relations.
Who's on the Council on Foreign Relations?
Most of the members of the media, of the major media, are on the Council on Foreign Relations.
Barry Goldwater, in his book, with no apology, says, The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society organized in England.
That believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established.
National boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established.
That is telling us they want to do away with our sovereignty.
That's exactly what the goal of the Council on Foreign Relations is.
So when you're watching Peter Jennings, Dan rather, most of these boys who are on the Council on Foreign Relations,
These are people whose step agenda is to do away with American sovereignty.
Oh, sure.
Listen to this.
Under the heading, What We Should Do Now in the Building a North American Community White Paper from the Council on Foreign Relations, just a few bullet points.
Establish a common security perimeter by 2010.
Develop a North American border pass.
They're not even calling it United States anymore.
It's North America.
Develop a unified North American border action plan.
Expand border infrastructure.
Okay, let's look at the positive.
There is a positive aspect to this.
Do you know what that is, Tim?
We'll no longer have illegal aliens in America.
We'll no longer have America, but we'll no longer have illegal aliens, because we're all going to be one happy family.
Canada is going to lose its sovereignty.
Paul Martin signed it away in Waco, Texas.
The United States is going to lose its sovereignty.
Mexico's going to lose its sovereignty.
They're going to be nations in name only.
They aren't even going to exist.
No borders between any of them.
Between any of them.
Goodbye unions.
Goodbye sovereignty.
Goodbye wages.
Goodbye the type of life that we wanted to leave for our children.
That's why when the Washington Times reports that Mexican mercenaries are expanding their bases in the United States offering $50,000 bounties for the assassination of U.S.
law enforcement officers, nobody does a thing about it.
Because those borders are meaningless now.
And in fact, folks, we've got to face facts.
We've just got to face up to the fact that there already is an economic New World Order.
Now, do we want this to proceed?
As we talked about earlier, window dressing, the dog and pony show, the illusion, Erskine, of this sovereignty that we still are clinging to.
I mean, maybe that's all we have.
Maybe we just have the idea of it left at this point.
But when I see stories out of the Washington Times, which is a conservative newspaper by all intents and purposes,
Now, Tim, you were, and I would assume much like myself,
A conservative Republican.
What the heck are you now?
I don't know what I am anymore.
I just have to go with a libertarian and what Alex says.
We're freedom lovers.
We're truth seekers.
And just regressing just a little bit to the Congress, Jack, what you were saying.
About every single new senator, new Congress critter that shows up there, they have like a little welcome aboard party for them where they either slip them a mickey or get them drunk and they get some pictures of them in bed with little children or girls and then they show them the pictures the next day and they say, you ever vote against us?
This is going to be made public.
Now, that's an open secret.
An open secret in all of Washington, D.C., and that's why nothing ever changes.
And certainly it's one of the platforms of the Mossad.
A few people they don't have anything on.
Our good Republican senator from Texas there.
Congressman Ron Paul.
Congressman Ron Paul.
You got it.
And Senator Wellstone.
They didn't have anything on him, and look what happened to that poor guy.
Now, what you've got and the entire activity, they are satanic-based.
And blackmail is their motive for these new people.
Well, that's certainly one way to keep everybody in line, and that's why I'm doing an interview about Hillary Clinton in my next show coming up here in about 15-20 minutes, and why I won't hear any real information about why we shouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton, because it implicates the Republicans as well.
So when you're taking all of that time to write and contact these people, you're actually wasting it, because...
They don't even listen to it.
That gets read by an eater, and it gets chucked in the garbage.
They do in the state, and they do in your city council, okay?
I mean, they can't help but not listen to it.
You put the fear of God in them when you start hammering them.
Now, we can debate about whether it's workable in the federal aspect of things, but certainly it still works in the state, and enough people call, and you will change the reality in which you live.
Just really, to keep waking people up, I must say, InfoWars out of my mouth to different people a hundred times a day.
I have four of Alex's movies.
Man, if we just, you know what, and you're a great example of this, Tim.
I mean, if we can just get out and tell five people today about this program, the Alex Jones Show, and feel free to tell them about Erskine or Jack Blood as well, jackblood.com, but if you get out and tell five people today and swear them to tell five people, I mean, we will be that proverbial snowball rolling downhill.
I have LearnTheTruthInfoWars.com on the back of my car on my windshield.
Good man, good man.
Thank you for the wonderful call, Tim, and God bless you there and the work that you're doing there in Ohio to spread the word about InfoWars.com.
If we had a million people like that, Erskine, we'd be in pretty good shape.
We certainly would.
It doesn't take that many.
Let's go immediately to Steve in Kansas.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program, Steve.
Good job, gentlemen.
Thank you.
You've got some big shoes to fill, but I appreciate that.
Steve, you got a question or a comment?
Well, I have a couple questions and a few comments.
As far as I do know, as far as the Senators go in Kansas, Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts, they voted for CAFTA.
They have to go.
That's as simple as it is.
I mean, well, I mean, that's the only way we're going to change.
Hey, the midterm elections are coming up.
Let's hold their hooves to the fire.
If they're voting for CAFTA, they're voting against America.
There's no question about it.
It's treason.
They're voting against America.
They're selling us out, and we've got to get them out of there and know that their vote is going to cost them.
Pat Roberts' assistant, whoever answers the phone, I don't even know why I'm debating this with you.
He voted for it.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Nothing you can do about it.
I just can't stand against you.
Steve, have you ever heard such arrogance, unfriendly arrogance?
Can you hold me over?
We will.
These people are so arrogant.
This is Erskine sitting in for Alex Jones and Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Jack will be on right after the Alex Jones program over a number of these stations.
Listen to it.
Deadline live.
Erskine Overnight is on Saturday nights at 9 o'clock Pacific.
That is midnight East Coast.
This weekend I'm having Al Martin and also... There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is the Alex Jones Radio Program.
It's Erskine sitting in for Alex of Erskine Overnight.
www.erskineonradio.com And it's Jack Blood of Deadline Live who will be coming on at...
Just a few minutes from now for his own program.
So he's going to be doing five hours of radio today.
Bless your heart, Jack.
That's a lot of radio.
But you've got a heck of an interview coming up, don't you?
All in a day's work, Erskine.
Yeah, five hours.
It looks easy.
Well, it isn't.
Maybe it doesn't look easy.
It isn't easy, folks.
But we will continue this on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Erskine, I'm so proud to be on this network with you and Alex Jones and the Power Hour.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You have the person who's written a book on Hillary Clinton coming up on your program.
Ed Klein, yeah.
And I've got to tell you, I really sympathize with these political action committees that are trying to expose Hillary Clinton.
So it will be one half a sympathetic interview.
On another side of this, I'm going to have to take them to task.
We're good to go.
Now, I had a gentleman on named Ken Bucci, and Ken was talking about the CIA mafia drug connection.
I said, then, Ken, you're telling me that they were allowing them to fly drugs into MENA, Arkansas, that our government said, sure, fly them on in?
He said, no, I never said that.
He said, our government made a deal to fly it in for them.
We were flying the drugs in.
We've got a war on drugs.
We're flying the drugs in.
We've got a war on terrorism.
We've got an open border with Mexico.
What kind of a war are we running?
We've got a war to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
I mean, do these people know what a war is anymore?
Erskine, here's what Larry Nichols said, working for Bill Clinton's Arkansas Development Finance Authority.
There was $100 million a month in cocaine coming in and out of the MENA airstrip in Arkansas.
Bottom line!
$100 million that we blew in.
Coming up next...
Jack Blood, thank you for listening to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
This is Erskine and Jack Blood saying thank you.
Alex will be back tomorrow right here on Genesis Communications Network.
It's been a lot of fun, Erskine.
Thank you so much, man.
We'll see you very soon.
We're good to go.