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Filename: 20050729_Fri_Alex.mp3
Air Date: July 29, 2005
2220 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome everybody to the Alex Jones Show.
It is the 29th day of July 2005.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Alex is on assignment, working on his next stunning and shocking video.
And, well, I think you can figure out where he might be.
We're also joined today for the next three hours by none other than Erskine from Erskine Overnight, another great show here on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Erskine, how are you today?
I'm doing fine.
Good morning, Jack.
You see, we're already off to a great start, folks.
Good to talk with you.
This is live talk radio, and that's why it's always entertaining.
We have a great show today.
We want to talk about CAFTA.
Obviously, we're going to be talking about the London bombings, perhaps even getting a call here from Alex Jones himself sometime during the three-hour broadcast.
I'm right here.
Hopefully you can hear me.
It's a pleasure to... Yes, we can hear you, Erskine.
It is a pleasure to be with you, and it's a lot of fun doing this show.
When I heard that, you know, we'd be asked to fill in, and I knew that I could join you today, I knew that we'd have a real barn burner for the listeners.
There are a couple of issues that I think that you're not listening to if you're watching CNN or any of the other networks.
One is the CAFTA that passed by two votes and is almost the final nail in the desolation of the United States.
The other is the energy bill...
And I think that's extraordinarily intriguing if you look at what the sellout that occurred to America on the energy bill.
Erskine, I'm going to play a clip from the Lou Dobbs program.
I believe this is about a month, month and a half old, but it is that important today where he talks about it.
And so it's not just Erskine and Jack Blood.
Who are talking about this.
It is Lou Dobbs talking about and interviewing people from the Council on Foreign Relations, saying how by in the year 2010, Erskine will have a super state here, will no longer be the United States of America, will just be simply North America.
And that is exactly what CAFTA is.
You know, I got out, Erskine, and I know you did too, and I just implored the listeners to get out and to stop this.
But, you know, George W. Bush used the old Pavlovian pork biscuit theory
...technique to make sure that everybody was on board.
He bought all the votes he needed to.
And this thing, Kasta Erskine, passed by two votes.
It is the final desolation of the United States.
However, by 2009, there will not be enough money to pay off just the interest on the national debt.
So we're going to go into receivership by 2009.
The United States is going broke 2009, according to the General Accounting Office, and they're still just spending money on top of money on top of money.
I've heard that exact year predicted for several years now, and it always amazes me.
I don't know how much stock you put into this, Erskine, but 2009, if you add up the two and the nine, you get another 11.
We are bombarded by 11s.
Are they trying to tell us something, Erskine?
I think they certainly are trying to tell us something.
All you have to do is look at the inauguration.
You're seeing Mr. Bush doing the sign of Satan.
You're watching that.
And anybody, I mean, it is just obvious, these people are not trying to hide anything that they're doing.
You know, I wish we were on TV today, Erskine, because there's a nice clip as Bush had just pressured everybody.
And we have to remember, there were 200 and some odd people in Congress that voted against CAFTA.
But as he was walking out, after he got most of his votes, he's seen, well, giving the proverbial bird to many people in the hallway.
I guess that's what Bush thinks about the United States.
Oh, I think it does.
I think you're looking at the dissolution of the country as we know it.
We are seeing it happen every day, more and more and more, as they are shining the spotlight and we're losing complete privacy, and there is no privacy to what is happening to the American citizens, but plenty of privacy to what's happening in government.
We're seeing a less and less open government, more and more taking away our privacy.
We're going to break.
We'll come right back.
Erskine and Jack Blood, right after this.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And Alex is on assignment.
What an honor and a privilege to be sitting in for Alex Jones.
I taught him everything he knows.
And Erskine taught me everything I know.
My name's Jack Blood.
I do a radio program following the Alex Jones Show, Monday through Friday, 2 p.m.
to 4 p.m.
Central Time on the one and only Genesis Communications Radio Network.
And I'm also joined by my good friend Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Erskine, your show airs every Saturday night on Genesis Communications Network.
Every Saturday night at 12 o'clock midnight on the East Coast, 9 p.m.
on the West Coast.
And it's very interesting about CAFTA that the Labor Department kept secret for a year.
Government studies that support the Democratic opponents of the Bush administration
We're good to go.
To help Bush's cronies who are in the various corporations.
That's the only reason.
Yeah, you know, 217 to 215, I mean, we've narrowly escaped, or we narrowly were imprisoned here by two votes.
You know what that shows me?
This is like electronic voting when the no smoking law and bans pass here in Texas by one percent or half a percentage point.
Or it reminds me of the national selections where Carrie just...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Other than Lou Dobbs, there's no information on television.
You're only hearing about, you turn on CNN today, it's nothing but wall-to-wall coverage of finding the terrorist in London.
That's it.
Thank goodness they had the London.
Otherwise, that was the one thing that kept the people away from being concerned about CAFTA.
Isn't it interesting to you, Jack, how every time something important, vote comes up on something, there's always an outside event which occurs?
Weapons of mass distraction, Erskine.
Of course, we know that very well.
Speaking of Lou Dobbs, I wanted to play this clip.
This is from CNN just roughly about 30, 40 days ago, and I think it speaks for itself.
So, Erskine, fellow audience members, stay tuned.
We're going to play this clip now, and I think you'll all be very startled by this if you haven't heard it yet.
We're going to roll it.
For CNN, Washington.
Border security is arguably the critical issue on this terrorism.
But our borders remain porous, so porous that three million illegal aliens entered this country last year, nearly all of them from Mexico.
Now, incredibly, a panel sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations wants the United States to focus not on the defense of our own borders, but rather create what effectively would be a common border that includes Mexico and Canada.
Christine Romans has the report.
On Capitol Hill, testimony calling for Americans to start thinking like citizens of North America and treat the U.S., Mexico, and Canada like one big country.
The best way to secure the United States today is not at our two borders with Mexico and Canada, but at the borders of North America as a whole.
That's the view in a report called Building a North American Community.
It envisions a common border around the U.S., Mexico, and Canada in just five years.
A border pass for residents of the three countries and a freer flow of goods and people.
Task Force Member Robert Pastor.
What we hope to accomplish by 2010 is a common external tariff, which will mean that goods can move easily across the border.
We want a common security perimeter around all of North America so as to ease the travel of people within North America.
Buried in 49 pages of recommendations from the task force, the brief mentioned we must maintain respect for each other's sovereignty.
But security experts say folding Mexico and Canada into the U.S.
is a grave breach of that sovereignty.
That's what would happen if anybody serious were to embrace this strategy for homogenizing the United States and its sovereignty with the very different systems existing today in Canada and Mexico.
Especially considering Mexico's problems with drug trafficking, human smuggling, and poverty.
Critics say the country is just too far behind the US and Canada to be included in a so-called common community.
But the task force wants military and law enforcement cooperation between all three countries.
Indeed, an exchange of personnel that bring Canadians and Mexicans into the Department of Homeland Security.
And it wants temporary migrant worker programs expanded with full mobility of labor between the three countries in the next five years.
The idea here is to make North America more like the European Union.
Yet just this week, voters in two major countries in the European Union voted against upgrading, updating the European Constitution.
So clearly, this is not the best we should be trying to sell that idea.
Americans must think that our political and academic elites have gone utterly mad at a time when three and a half years approaching four years after September 11th,
We still don't have border security, and this group of elites is talking about not defending our borders, finally, but rather creating new ones.
It's astonishing.
The theory here is that we are stronger together, three countries in one, rather than alone.
Well, it's a mind-boggling concept.
Christine Robbins, thank you as always.
A mind-boggling concept.
I think that's understating what we have here.
It's for our safety.
It's for our security, Erskine.
And there's Lou Dobbs telling it like it is.
The Senators and the Congress people are told, and they take them to the polls, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
The Constitution of the United States of America, a document you're not even allowed to hardly talk about anymore, they have ripped to sunders, and we are in the process of losing our sovereignty as a great nation due to treaties of this nature.
You know, there will always be an illusion of our sovereignty, an illusion of the United States.
I know the plan, Erskine, and it isn't to just abolish the name the United States, just like right now, we look in the European Union, and we still have France, we still have England, we still have
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Al Martin says there are only three things that will wake up the American people.
Number one.
Number one is if Domino's quits delivering.
Number two, if the beer trucks quit running.
And number three, if the NFL goes pay-per-view.
Now, let's get real.
You're losing your jobs.
What's important?
You're losing your sovereignty.
You're losing your pensions.
Yeah, I kind of saw that one coming, John.
We're going to get Erskine right back.
And as you can tell, Erskine is very passionate about that.
We want to hear from you today.
We don't have any guests, so Erskine and I will just be riding here together for three hours with you.
The phone number to call in is 800-259-9231.
We'll be talking about CAFTA here for the foreseeable future.
But there's just a ton of news out there today, and I like to open up the lines on my program on Friday, and I think that's the important thing to do.
So whatever you want to bring to the table...
We'll put you right on the air, and you don't have to be a super genius to call into the program today.
Really, we just want to hear from you.
We want you to stand up.
We want to hear your voice.
I mean, this is the amazing thing.
Here we have this conservative president, yet we are so fiscally irresponsible that, as Erskine mentioned, we're spending ourselves into extinction.
The debt is mounting.
Of course, we've got the Chinese and the Japanese and other nefarious forces buying our debt at the rate of more than a billion dollars a day.
By the way, that's the identical number that we pay in interest to the Federal Reserve, who, of course, isn't federal and has no reserves, as interest on the money that we are borrowing to, of course, hand right over to the military industrial complex, the security industrial complex.
The Bush signing on to UNESCO.
Again, he comes out saying he hates the UN.
They want to reform the UN.
They want to, some of them, abolish the UN, which sounds good to us.
That's music to our ears.
Meanwhile, Bush signed on to UNESCO, which Reagan got us out of, fortunately.
And now we're teaching our children what in the school books?
They're not American citizens.
They're international citizens.
It's the whole concept of collectivism run amok.
Even the most pessimistic of us years ago might not have predicted how fast this snowball would roll downhill.
But there's a collision course, folks.
The collision course is the two snowballs rolling downhill.
And I think right now, it's a pretty good race.
I have to say.
And that is the snowball side by side of the American people waking up to this treason.
And it is nothing less than treason.
You know, on my program a few days ago, and I'm not ashamed of this, I called the listeners treasonous for not calling in and not getting behind this.
And look, we've got one more chance.
This is two strikes.
We're at the plate.
The first strike was NAFTA and GATT.
The second strike now is the Central America Free Trade Agreement, better known as CAFTA.
And the third strike will be the Free Trade Area of the Americas.
And if we don't take this very, very seriously, we will be there by 2009, 2010.
The super state.
And of course, what we have to really talk about here, and what's most important, is that this is a consolidation of power.
This is rolling forward to the global dictatorship.
And this was always the plan.
This is what Stalin talked about.
You know, you have to move things incrementally.
This is Fabian socialism.
It's incrementalism.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Erskine will be right back with us.
I hope you'll stay tuned as well.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
We'll take a quick break.
We'll come right back.
And we'll take your calls.
Stay tuned.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption, exposing the globalists where they stand.
No, listening to Lou Dobbs, man, I mean, talking about the elite have gone mad.
Doesn't sound like we're too much different.
You know, people call shows like this conspiracy theorists or whatever.
Tags they've deemed to label us to neutralize us.
But the more I listen to Lou Dobbs and even some of the neocons out there, the more I see they're stealing our act.
Jack Blood here filling in for Alex Jones who will be out today.
We'll also be back Monday.
I want to say a great big hello to all my former shortwave listeners out there who are hearing me again.
And also with my friend Erskine from Erskine Overnight.
Erskine, do we have you back with us?
I'm back with you, and there's no question about what you were saying, that Lou Dobbs absolutely nailed it, and we're seeing more and more and more of a takeover of a police state.
It's every single day.
Now, there's something, there are two issues.
This CAPTA is unbelievable that it passed by two votes.
The other thing that they're talking about, and watch the way they build this up,
They're talking about putting a tax on the porno on the internet.
Now, if you're like me, you're tired of seeing all the porno on the internet and one thing and another, but you have a delete click key, you can click that.
I think it's a bad situation, but now they want to put a tax on it.
When you're talking about that, it's a very short order to have control of the internet.
That's what they're aiming for.
The internet talk radio is about the only freedom we have left in America today.
Well, you know, I noticed one of the officials, spokespersons for the United Kingdom, yeah, that's right folks, it's the kingdom, came out a couple of days ago, Erskine, I don't know if you saw this, and said that terror can be blamed almost totally on the internet because of
All of the websites that Al-Qaeda seems to have, of course those are traced back to companies in Houston that have connections to the Bush family, Al-Qaeda has their own website.
So they're using that, they're using 14-year-olds downloading music off of the internet, and as you say, pornography on the internet, to institute a precedent and a standard to take down the rest of us and start...
Talking about content.
I mean, it won't be long, Erskine, I'm sure, before the Internet is much like this radio show, where there are a number of FCC regulations and rules we'll have to adhere to.
Of course, the FEC has gotten involved, and if we're talking for or against any candidate that's running in any election, we have to give fair and equal time to all of the other candidates.
I mean, this is pretty much where we're going, man.
It won't be long until the Internet is controlled by a few major corporations.
Your ISTP will be controlling it.
That's it.
And the government will be telling them what the content is and what they can have on the Internet.
And it's coming very, very quickly.
And tax is controllers.
As you know, this is something the United Nations wanted to do.
They talked about it at the G8 Summit.
They talked about it at the last Bilderberg meeting.
A global tax.
Of course, you've got the Law of the Sea Treaty, which, by the way, the acronym spells out LOST.
Which gives the United Nations control of all international waters, of course, subsequently offering a tax and control on all international waters by the United Nations.
So really, I mean, how are they going to pay for all this?
How is this all going to be brought together?
First they have to institute the rules and the tax and guaranteed the global army, the global currency, and of course even the global microchip all seem to follow.
And I'm not an alarmist, Erskine.
That's the plan.
I've read the letters.
You can see it unfolding every single day, Jack.
And as you're saying, this is the plan.
This is what's occurring.
And they're not being secretive about it.
If you really want to know what's occurring, then you can watch Police State 9-11.
The martial law, 9-11, rise of the police state, and in that video, Alex is telling you everything that's happening.
And if you don't believe it, go back to some of the earlier Alex Jones videos, and you'll see what is occurring today.
He was an irrational flamethrower years ago with all of these crazy ideas, and they've all come about.
I wouldn't want to admit, I don't like to admit it, that Alex was right.
For years he's been right.
He has been on the cutting edge, and he still is.
You know, I have a little cameo in Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
I was with Alex Jones in New York, and it is probably, well, I think definitely the only real documentary of what happened in New York during those, I call them coronations of 2004 when George W. Bush rolled into town, and we got a little preview of what the police state looks like.
Do you know that there are people out there, Erskine, that still don't think that we're a growing police state?
Well, I was talking with Alex.
As a matter of fact, I did an interview with Alex during that Republican convention when he was kind enough to let me host his program.
I was talking with him, and he had two or three girls who came up, and he asked these different ladies, he said, were you here during 9-11?
And what did you hear?
Yes, I was.
We heard explosions.
We heard explosions going off.
We're going to tell people how to get this great film on the other side of this break, and we're going to go right to calls.
We've got near-loaded phone lines, 1-800-259-9231.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blooderskin, also with me.
We'll be right back after this break.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I want to give out the information.
If you have not gotten Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State, you're really missing out.
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It is full, on-the-ground coverage.
We're good to go.
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I've seen it several times.
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Call now to get this great film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, 888.
That's 888-253-3139.
253-3139, or just go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
And again, don't put this off anymore.
Get this film out to as many people as possible.
Now, I have Erskine on the line.
Erskine's been co-hosting with me today.
We're filling in for Alex Jones.
But we do have Alex Jones on the line, calling from an undisclosed location.
Alex, thanks for calling.
I'm here in the bunker at Side R with Dick Cheney, and we're ordering NORAD to stand down.
That's right.
Jack and Erskine, I want to thank you guys for filling in.
Today, and obviously you've got huge news to discuss, over here in England, I was not made aware that CAFTA, the expansion of NAFTA into the free trade area of the Americas, and one of the final steps towards that, was actually passed today.
What you said with two votes being the overriding factor, this is incredibly treasonous.
It's wildly unpopular.
With Democrats.
Wildly unpopular with Republicans.
No one's for it but the elite.
And let me tell you, being here in the EU, I mean, it's EU license plates, it's EU citizens go to the front of the line.
The British police are now wearing the black ski mask.
We've seen them out on the streets today rounding up more patsies.
So I've got a report for you on the London bombing.
But I'm not just over here for the London bombing.
I'm over here for several different subjects and several different issues.
And we're doing quite a few important interviews with members of Parliament and also former MI5 agent David Shaler coming up tonight.
I haven't had any sleep since yesterday at 7 a.m., but I've hit my third or fourth win now.
And now that I've got my third or fourth win, we are moving forward and fighting the new world order, Jack.
Well, you're right in the thick of things over there, and I guess people have figured out now that you're right in the epicenter of all terrorism, London.
In fact, you're a Londoner now.
Mass arrests.
We're seeing how many people were involved in these bombings, Alex, because every day it seems like there's a sweep and arrest of 10 or 12 more people.
Well, that's right.
And originally, first they got one name wrong and one picture wrong of the 16-year-old mad bomber.
Turns out he's totally innocent.
It was totally made up.
Now, two of the people they're saying that bombed back on 7-7 three weeks ago, now they're saying that two of them are not the same people.
So basically, they just show you a brown person on the news and say, look, here's the proof.
But listen, the taxi drivers we're talking to, the people on the street, they're saying, well, some people are saying that it's the government.
And then on video, I had this one discussion with a female taxi driver
Yes, I think so.
But the British had never worn the black mask.
They'd been wearing the black body armor and the MP5 Heckler and Koch machine guns.
But now they're wearing the black mask and just running around arresting people.
And again, Operation Northwood says clearly how to carry out terror attacks and then blame it on patsies.
Erskine, what do you think about all this stuff that's happening?
You know, I'm just outraged, but I'm not surprised.
They passed the Patriot Act, the expansion and the reauthorization for a decade, not just five years.
They passed new freedom, forced psychological testing, forced drugging.
Well, there are a couple of things I'd like to say.
One of the things is, I think they brought this in and it happened on 7-7 because they're talking about the national ID there in Britain.
Another thing that was very propitious for them is the fact, when I turn on CNN, all you're watching is nothing except London terror attacks.
London terror attacks.
Nobody's talking about CAFTA.
They never would have got CAFTA passed if it hadn't been for the London terror attacks
It's like a magician.
You have a pretty assistant, and it takes your eye off of what's really going on.
That's what they're doing.
They do this to take your eye off of what's real.
I totally agree with you.
In fact, four days after 9-11, almost four years ago, just two months shy of four years ago, China was brought into the World Trade Organization and made a permanent member, which was another big move.
The WTO folks have more authority than our Congress over our trade deals,
That means China has more authority than we do.
To make it clear, I am over here in Europe predominantly for several reasons.
Number one, I want to expose the EU and just show what it's like as people lose their sovereignty and do some interviews on that subject.
I'm also over here to do interviews concerning the Iraq war with really some prominent, very important people with some key info and prominent people exposing government involvement in 9-11.
And then the caveat is the London bombings.
To get over here and see if the people are seeing through the government-sponsored terror paradigm.
I'm having trouble pronunciating because, again, folks, I've almost been up for two days straight.
As soon as I finish some interviews here in about three or four hours, I'm going to hit the sack.
Look, Alex, shooting to kill needs no warning now.
This has come out from London, from the Scotland Yard.
They don't even need to warn you.
Over a shirt.
He wasn't even wearing a coat.
Well, I was going to tell you, I mean, you're going to a cold place from a very hot place here in Texas.
I know it's very tempting, but whatever you do, don't wear a heavy coat, Alex.
Well, it was 62 degrees today when we got off the plane, and the hottest it got was 65.
And at night it gets cold here, and yeah.
No, this Brazilian fella saw...
Who were the two scumbags that sent it over the top and got capped in?
Well, I have a whole list on my website, and I'm not prepared to answer that question on the spot.
I mean, look, it's any two.
The fact is, over 200 voted against it.
I mean, how is it representative of the people if this passes by a mere two votes?
You know, we know that Bush was buying votes.
He was there on the premises.
They weren't even going to have the vote, Alex, until they had enough votes to get it passed.
Once they had that two-vote margin, they passed it.
And, you know, I have a picture of Bush leaving.
Well, I know Bush Sr.
several times flipped people off.
And then the news would try to go, well, he tried to do the V symbol, but he accidentally just shot the middle finger.
And, you know, we have video of Marshall Law Bush flipping the camera off.
And, you know, telling his staff to shut up and things of this nature.
He's just a total puppet.
He bought this CAFTA vote.
I mean, doubtful deals driving CAFTA.
That's the connection.
$2.5 billion plan to construct a new series of dams and locks along the Mississippi River, among other little Pavlovian pork biscuits that were given to members of Congress.
If that didn't work, I mean...
I think so.
We are defeating it at the state level.
I mean, take Gonzales, Texas and what, like nine other counties are saying, no NAFTA trans corridor.
We don't want your giant toll roads hooked into Mexico.
And that's in all these little regional papers, but no national attention to how
I think so.
All this garbage, we're not going to go along with it, but the Supreme Court coming out saying there's no private property, Bush appointing all these anti-gun people to federal judgeships and the Attorney General, this is a wake-up call and an illustration to everybody out there.
Guys, I'm going to get out of here, but on Monday I will try to give you a report.
Who knows, David Shaler is going to be...
Thank you, Alex.
If it's happening, if it's anywhere in the world, on the front lines is Alex Jones, always.
We're watching out for our interest, for America's interest.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
God bless you, gentlemen.
Hey, watch yourself, will you, buddy?
You bet.
That's right, Erskine.
I mean, and not only is he reporting live and is he on the ground, and you know, Alex, he's fearless.
Everybody has seen him in action.
He's not going to back down.
He's going to get in the Bobby's face.
He's going to get in people's face.
Well, I hope he comes back to the United States, but we're going to get a great documentary film out of this, no doubt.
Well, Alex is going where the real news is, not where the CNNs and these people go, but he's going right to the belly of the beast.
He's not in Aruba, in other words.
No, he's going to the belly of the beast.
Yeah, he's not in Aruba.
You got it.
Hey, let's start knocking off some of these phone calls.
Any questions you might have for Erskine or myself or any statements?
Let's go to Jeff in Texas.
He doesn't like holding, from what I know about Jeff in Texas.
What do you say?
Jeff, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks for calling in.
How'd you know that, Jack?
Hey, listen, I need to make a few points about CAPTA here, and one is that a lot of people don't realize the preamble to that treaty states that any of the countries that signed that treaty have, in essence, already agreed that they're going to sign the free trade area of the Americas.
That's right.
The problem, I mean, you do have some outrage in Chile, and there are a number of people who are protesting against CAFTA.
They don't want it.
They've seen what it's done to Mexico, and they've seen, you know, I mean, because again, have we forgotten what NAFTA did to all of us?
So there were people really protesting it in Central America, but they're going to have a real problem, Jeff, down in South America.
Erskine, you've got Venezuela, Argentina, among a few others, that are going to really fight this.
You know, the more I hear about what's going on with the trade,
I've got to think back to what Ross Perot said about that giant sucking sound.
Man, I'm telling you, that little fella was absolutely right on it.
Well, he should know.
I wanted to make a couple other points.
One was, I've got it recorded on my DVR from last night.
They, as you said, they did this vote in the middle of the night.
There were two Republicans, actually, that were unable to get their votes in.
It would have ended up as a tie vote.
One guy complained that his vote was not counted.
This other woman, congresswoman, she made the point that she was on her way down there to try to make her vote, and I guess they closed the voting.
And it would have killed the measure.
I know that one person didn't even show up, so I think that might be part of what you're counting.
I mean, so that's a breaking news story, Jeff.
I mean, this all reminds me of the Congress and the media getting anthraxed just before the midnight vote on the first version of the Patriot Act.
I mean, is this the only way we can get these votes through?
And where is the outrage?
It's just like the first version of the Patriot Act.
You're breaking up, Jeff.
I'm going to let you go.
You're on a cell phone.
You're breaking up.
But thanks for that information.
I'm going to look through my notes here and follow up and see if we can find exactly what did happen.
Ann in New Mexico, thank you for calling in.
Long time no hear, Ann.
You're on Alex Jones.
Oh, Jack, you're back.
I'm back, but I'm there two hours a day right after Alex Jones.
Oh, that is very good news.
Jack, you're a warrior, so is Erskine, and happy to hear that Alex is on the front lines there.
Listen, as Dr. Deagle said, we're being shafted.
Oh, no question about it.
No question.
And here's the neocon.
We're being neoconed also, and I want to quote.
Here is where the political con comes into play.
Irving Kristol came up with a solution that has become the cornerstone of neoconservative politics.
Use democracy to defeat liberty.
The result is an oligarchic society led by an elite of gentlemen and CEOs.
This is from a book.
I highly recommend it.
It's by Shadia B. Drury.
It's called The Political Ideas of Leo Strauss.
These are Straussians in power with their secrecy lies and endless wars.
I highly recommend this book.
Get the updated version.
These people don't believe in Yahweh.
They pretend to be Christians.
They believe in the noble lie, and they're above the law.
Well, what they like to do is use any control mechanism at their disposal, and they're not above using religion or guilt or fear in order to send us down the hallowed halls of global control.
And they don't care.
They have their vision of this cult of death, and they're pulling it off.
But you know, Ann, you'll hear so many people say, but George Bush, he's a good Christian man.
Now, I hear that all the time.
They're not watching him give the sign of Satan.
They're not watching somebody talk about family values and having the pinkest White House that you could imagine with Karl Rove on down.
Yeah, all you've got to do is look at the smirk on his face.
You've got it.
You've got it.
Also, there's a letter going around about a lady whose son died in Iraq, and if you read the letter that she's written, it's going around on the Internet, if you read the letter that she's written, then you will see that this man hasn't got a soul.
They're very empty.
Yeah, I'm unplugged.
I don't have a computer or TV.
I hope you did what you could to call people involved in this vote in CAFTA.
Look, we've got one more shot at this with the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which I'm sure will be coming up over the next year or two.
And whatever we can do to get out there and stop that, I mean, that's the last strike, folks.
We're swinging.
I think we maybe hit a foul ball on this one as this only passed by two votes, but it doesn't matter.
A foul is still a striker skin in baseball and apparently here in the House.
Yes, ma'am.
Can you hear me?
Yes, ma'am.
Yahweh bless you both.
And Alex, too.
Yahweh is in control.
All you have to do is read Psalm, too.
And you, Ann.
Thank you so much for the call.
Steve in Georgia.
You're on the Alex Jones program.
Thanks for calling.
Yes, thank you for taking my call, Jack and Erskine.
As I've heard you guys and Alex and many others on shortwave say many times, we're losing our freedoms while at the same time our southern borders are open.
And that has just been agonizing.
Watch this.
And as you all have said many times on Shortwave, history repeats itself.
And there's a book that we've gotten a hold of that was written in 1835 by the inventor Samuel Morse.
It's called Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States.
And in the 1830s, Samuel Morse was living in Italy and also Austria.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austria, and he was, he became aware of a plot.
Steve, let me hold you over if I could, and we'll also get in Arthur in Kansas, Bruce in Colorado, everybody else patiently holding 1-800-259-9231.
You're listening to Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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Jack Blood, Erskine, filling in for Alex Jones, who's on assignment in London right now.
Getting all the news that's rolling out of the Downing Street orifice.
We had Steve and Georgia on, and Erskine, let's have Steve finish up.
Steve, it's all yours.
Okay, I was just mentioning, Jack, how this thing about the southern border being wide open while we're losing our borders.
It has to be so perplexing to everyone in this country.
Did you hear the Lou Dobbs clip we played in the first half hour of the program?
Yes, I did.
There's no mystery now.
I think they've dropped the pretense.
We're not even bothering to protect the borders anymore because there aren't going to be any more borders.
Lou did a clip about a month or so ago on the southern borders, and I think he interviewed the head of the Minutemen, which is very astounding.
What I wanted to mention, Jack and Erskine, is this book, and Jack, I have one in the mail to you, and I mentioned this to Alex Jones a couple of months ago, and he wanted me to send him this information, and I have to, Alex.
This book written by Samuel Morse in 1835, the inventor of the telegraph, explains how he uncovered a thought in Italy and in Austria that the Vatican had to undermine the liberties of
And the Constitution of the United States.
And he was so alarmed by this when he was living in Italy and Austria in the early 1830s, he came over to the United States and started writing articles in the New York Observer.
That evidently really awakened America, and he put those articles in a book called Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States, written in 1835.
I've scanned that book.
I have the original first edition of that book, and I've sent you a copy through Genesis, Jack.
Well, I'm looking forward to getting that.
That's the guy that invented Morse code.
Exactly, and the telegraph.
You know, and it's interesting, and we got these very high-level warnings.
Same thing with Ezra Pound warning us about the Federal Reserve and also foreign interests in the United States.
They locked him up into a metal institution for 15, 16 years.
And people might wonder, how could our...
How does government allow this to happen?
Well, in the book called Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saucy, Tupper Saucy mentions in there and shows he researched the 1992, I believe it was called the Almanac of American Politics, and virtually every congressional committee in 1992 was chaired by a Roman Catholic.
Now, I'm not talking about the good Roman Catholic people.
I'm talking about a world political power
Well, we know that the Vatican wants world government.
I mean, there's various forms of this so-called utopia.
Erskine, I know you can comment on this.
This was the great work that was pronounced by FDR and his puppet masters that incrementally they were going to eliminate sovereignty.
I guess the big question to be asked is, have we ever really been sovereign?
Erskine, do you want to try to tackle that one?
I think you'll find that when you're talking about elitists, that you certainly do have a lot of Roman Catholics who are involved.
You have a lot of Jews who are involved.
You have a number of people who are Freemasons involved.
But to point to one group and say, these are the ones...
I think you need to look at the banksters.
You need to look up at the top to the banksters, to people like the Rothschilds, Lazer, Ferrer.
You need to look at the Rockefellers.
Some of these people who are the real controls behind it, as opposed to singling out specific groups.
They have a part.
But they are not... It isn't a Catholic conspiracy.
It isn't a Jewish conspiracy.
It isn't a Freemason conspiracy.
Murder on the Orient Express.
They all did it.
Let me mention this.
In that same book, Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saucy, he looked up in the Encyclopedia Judaica, he looked up the word...
We've got to drop you there, man.
Second hour coming up, the Alex Jones Show.
You stay with us, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
This is Erskine sitting in for Alex Jones, along with Jack Blood, who does a program called Deadline Live.
And that comes on immediately after Alex on most of these same GCM stations.
My program, Erskine Overnight, is on Saturday nights at 9 o'clock Pacific, midnight East Coast.
It's a pleasure having Jack Blood with me.
It takes two of us to fill in for one Alex Jones, and that's the truth.
It's marvelous.
If you listened last hour, you heard.
Mr. Jones calling in from London, where he's at the very heart, at the belly of the beast, and it's wonderful to be here with you, Jack.
Wonderful to be with you, Alex.
I mean, Alex Erskine.
And you said it.
It does take two of us to fill in for Alex Jones.
You know, I do this every day.
One of the hardest acts to follow every day, two hours a day.
I'll be on five hours.
Talking to not only the American people, Erskine, but the people around the world.
And it's just such an honor and a privilege, and I never take it lightly.
Well, last time we talked last hour quite a bit about CAPTA, and it's very propitious that they had the 7-7 event.
And during this event, and they're having all the major hull baloo going on, you're not hearing anything about this CAPTA being passed.
In addition to this,
There is a possibility, a very strong possibility, that the new Watergate for Mr. Bush could have been this Karl Rove event where they outed this Valerie Plume, and by outing her, they broke all sorts of different federal laws.
And this could have led to the impeachment of Mr. Bush, but nothing because of the events that happened in London.
Isn't it fortunate for people like Mr. Bush that these type of things occur just when he's in the deepest of hot water?
Well, and it always happens that way.
In fact, I guess we can get our crystal balls out every time we see the numbers dropping.
Every time we see the support dropping for guys like Bush or Blair, we can almost expect another attack.
I mean, they're just right on time, Erskine.
And I think that that has to be said.
Now, of course, is that evidence?
Can we use this as evidence in fighting this info war?
Well, I think it goes part and parcel.
It's all a piece of the puzzle.
But there's so many pieces to that puzzle now, Erskine, looking at this bigger picture.
And I've said this on my program before.
We're only missing a couple of pieces.
That doesn't mean we can't see the picture.
People will look and say, well, the puzzle's not all the way together, Erskine.
We're missing that little blue piece of the sky.
You know, so we know what's going on.
There's ample evidence, and if you go to jackblood.com, if you go to infowars.com, if you go to prisonplanet.com, and pick out the best sourced material there, you'll be ready with these .50 caliber info bullets to fight this Infowars.
It's not by coincidence.
Things don't happen by coincidence.
And if you look at what Congress has been doing, the fact that camps have passed by two votes, and then you look at what they've done on the energy bill,
They're giving $15 billion in tax breaks to America's energy, oil, and gas producers.
Hey, there's a good idea.
$15 billion to the oil companies like they're not getting enough already.
And then they're going to extend the hours of daylight savings time by an extra month.
I mean, they're doing nothing as far as alternative fuels or anything that America needs to become energy independent.
We are becoming globally dependent.
Erskine, have you noticed that the days between the time where you use your air conditioner and the time where you use your heat source are becoming less and less all the time?
Every year it seems like I get about a couple of weeks where I don't have to use either of those energy-sucking devices, but now that margin seems to be closing more and more all the time.
Oh, it's getting much, much smaller.
But, you know,
Jack, if they give us an extra hour of daylight savings, Doug, won't that burn up a lot of crops in the Southwest?
Oh, well, you know, it's all for our safety.
And just think what would happen if the energy companies and the multinational companies weren't getting bigger and bigger and bigger all the time.
I mean, just think how unsafe we would be then.
Whatever happened to Ken Lay?
Whatever happened to the trial of Enron?
And they do put away the only woman in America who cleans house and does the laundry and does the yard work, and that's Martha Stewart.
They put her away.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show, along with Jack Blood and Erskine Sittian for Alex, right after these words.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
This is Erskine and Jack Blood.
Two per day.
Both of us sitting in for Mr. Alex Jones.
Why two of us?
Because it takes two to sit in for one Alex, who is in London.
He's at the belly of the beach covering the news for you where it's happening.
Now let's look at the situation.
We are under terror alerts.
We have all of these things where we have to take our shoes off at the airport.
You have to bow and curtsy before Homeland Security.
Thank you.
A microscope.
War has indeed been declared, but it's war on the American public.
What do you think, Jack?
Well, when you mentioned the open borders, you forgot all about Al-Qaeda sneaking in suitcase nukes through those open borders, which, of course, many people have said were 90 days away from getting nuked.
In fact, a new report just came out yesterday.
The top priority, the highest priority,
is bio and chemical weapons, and the mainstream news just came out and named dozens and dozens of bio and chemical weapons that Al-Qaeda likely has.
Of course, that really kind of kills common sense altogether, doesn't it, Erskine?
How does Al-Qaeda get hard-to-obtain bio weapons?
How are they able to maintain those bio weapons?
How are they able to get and maintain the suitcase nukes?
Well, let's just give them the benefit of the doubt.
Of course, now that we have open borders, we always have, just sneak them right across.
We are being attacked with bioweapons right now due to the open borders, and I'll tell you how.
I think so.
This is aside from the fact that we are losing jobs.
The new jobs being created, who's getting them?
The illegals, by and large, are getting a ton of the new jobs that they keep touting that are being created.
I think we need to go to the lines first, and let's go to Arthur in Kansas.
Arthur, thank you.
Thank you, my friend, for holding on.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
I have a quotation here that shows what the fools on the Hill have done.
It's by Samuel Adams.
In a letter to John Taylor in 1811, he says, Democracy never lasts long.
It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.
There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.
That's a pretty good quote from Samuel Adams.
I mean, I've only had his beer, but that's a pretty good quote.
What do you think, Jack?
Well, Samuel Adams also said, America is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all.
She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.
We've been warned many, many times.
In fact, we even had George W. Bush out saying, if we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road.
Those are the words of W. himself.
Thank you for the call, Arthur.
That was certainly a very cogent statement.
Let's go to Bruce in Colorado.
Bruce, you're on the Alex Jones radio program.
Oh, hi there.
I'd just like to make a suggestion that let's call into the mainstream talk show.
I think this is a very fruitful idea.
I had an experience on a Peter Boyles show about nine months ago.
He started out with guests pointing out that the World Trade Center attacks were done by the U.S.
government, actually, and the guest was not articulate, so Peter Boyles was using all kinds of disinfo tactics to try to discredit him.
One of them was he kept saying, well, you need to take your meds.
You know, just really derogatory comments, which kind of got me a little upset, so I called the show.
One of the things Peter Boyle said to the guests was, you know, the only person who's a talk show host who stuck his foot in his mouth because a whole bunch of people called in because they were also upset.
By the time I got on,
I told him he stuck his foot in his mouth.
I said, you said that there were only two people in the whole world to believe that.
And I said, every caller so far that's called in has said that.
When people call in on these shows, they have to realize that they're going to be discredited in some way.
They're either going to be censored before they get on, or somebody's going to try to make them look stupid.
Well, with most of them, they won't give you the freedom that you have here.
Most of them simply won't put you on.
If they feel like they're going to say anything that's divergent from what the host has to say here, if you say something divergent from what Alex has to say or from what Jack has to say on his program or what I have to say, more power to you.
Bring it on.
Let's talk about it.
But they don't want a discussion.
They can't stand the light of day, and you know that.
But give it to them anyway.
You know, I used to try to train people on my show to do this.
We had a segment called Locked and Loaded that was meant just to give people the fact of the day, the fact of the week, and we would give people advice on how to call these shows.
And I'll tell you, I love hearing these neocon talk show hosts exasperated, getting call after call after call, going against their phony left-right paradigm.
One of the things a person should do is say the words InfoWars.com every time just before they get interrupted because they're going to be interrupted constantly.
So before they get interrupted, keep saying InfoWars.com.
Better than saying Baba Booey.
In fact, I remember when O.J.
Simpson was about to be rounded up at his house during the O.J.
Simpson trial and you had Al Michaels and...
Oh, the anchor for Peter Lemmings.
Is it Lemmings or Jennings?
I think it's Peter Lemmings.
And they were detailing how they were about to capture O.J.
And a caller called in and he said, Lookie here.
I live next door to O.J.
Simpson and I can see everything that's happening.
And Baba Booey.
And Lemmings didn't catch on to it.
But Al Michaels did.
Well, you can do the same thing.
You can call in to major media events where they're desperate to take calls.
They'll put anybody on, and you can change the subject right out of the blue and start talking about 9-11, slip in Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and wake a lot of people up.
I believe, Erskine, that people are out there just waiting for this information.
And the thing that kills me is that we aren't on enough radio stations.
We're not getting out to enough people.
And I know everybody out here, you're making copies of these films.
You're doing what you can.
Are you putting flyers on your neighbor's porch?
Are you going to big stadiums where the big bread and circus sporting events are, and you're putting flyers on people's windshields?
I mean, there's so many things we can do, Erskine, to affect a massive wake-up call.
Yes, and if you want to get Alex Jones on a radio program, on a station near you, on a radio program, on a station near you, you find a station, go down and ask him.
Make some calls to that program director.
I think so.
These people are driven by audience.
If you've got an audience that wants to hear them, they a lot of times will put them on if it's an independent station, not one that's controlled or owned by the Bush boys.
Great point by that caller, though.
I mean, we can't just sit here and listen and take in all of this information without...
Getting it out to people and calling into other talk radio shows, calling into radio stations, trying to get us up or down the dial from these very programs to counteract everything they say is one way to do it.
And I'll tell you, years and years ago, when we were up the dial from these neocon shows, Erskine, we were saying Project for a New American Century.
We were telling that they wouldn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
We were two years ahead of the curve.
That includes even guys like Michael Moore.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And talking about getting on some of these shows that are desperate, I saw Alex on Court TV at the Republican Convention, and two minutes he got all the information that you could want out, and they didn't know what hit them.
C-SPAN, and I was right across the street watching that in the tavern there, and the whole place was whooping and hollering.
You know, that'll tell you what the consensus of people are.
They want to hear this.
And you know what, Erskine, here's another thing related to that level.
People are scared.
This is just like Nazi Germany.
People are afraid to speak out now unless they know there are other people out there that feel just the way that they do.
So even people that haven't heard this information, don't listen to Genesis, they feel that something is just terribly, terribly wrong.
So when you're in the shopping center and you're running through all of the beeps and the checks and the barcodes and
There's one aisle open because everything's self-service.
All those jobs have been eliminated at the supermarket.
And you say, well, won't it be much easier when I have my subdermal microchip to buy my groceries?
You'll find that people will agree with you.
All around you, they know about all of this.
Oh, certainly they do.
Certainly they do, especially with all the cards and codes and everything else that we have today.
I think we have time to go to New York.
Want another call, Ron?
Yes, good afternoon, gentlemen.
Good afternoon.
I'm going to try and touch on three subjects.
I'm going to touch on them in extremely intelligent ways that probably most people have not thought about at this point.
The first I'll talk about is CAFTA.
CAFTA, once implemented, is not a bill that is good for the salt of the earth people in the U.S.
or in Central America.
It's good for a handful of elite plutocrats who will benefit by inflicting a lot of economic pain in both regions.
Now there's a consequence to this bill here, and you've got to think about this in a historical and political context.
Central America is an area with a history of
Of insurrection and revolution.
As a matter of fact, usually because of economic, political injustice.
If we make the situation down there, which is hardly ideal, worse, through this policy, what we're going to be doing is re-energizing communist or Marxist type insurrections that we thought had passed 15 or 20 years ago.
And consider the fact that you have now what I call an access...
Of communism between Cuba and Venezuela.
Just looking for any cause, any cause, fertilizing cause, to go and agitate and incite the region.
We're handing that to them.
With China, by the way, tacitly off in the background.
But I'm sure if things heat up there, China will move a little bit closer into making mayhem within Central America in conjunction with nations that are friendly to it, such as Castro's Cuba and Chavez's Venezuela.
We will in five years, maybe less, wind up having to contend with
To the south of our borders, what you could call Marxist fundamentalism, in addition to what they claim we're contending with to the east.
I think we need to go to break fairly soon.
But when you're talking about the problem in Central and South America, the Chinese have virtually taken over the Panama Canal.
They have militarily, and they have bought it up.
This is Erskine Sidian with Jack Blood on the Alex Jones Radio Program, our number 800-259-9231.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
This is Erskine along with my friend Jack Blood.
Deadline Live comes on right after Alex on most of these same Genesis radio stations.
We're sitting in.
It takes two of us to sit in for one Alex Jones.
We're talking with Ron in New York.
We're talking about what he considers the access and how we may be setting up for a communist Central America and South America situation.
There's a big battle going on right now in South America between Russia and China.
They both are buying up resources throughout all of South America.
We're watching it being handed over to the communists while we're giving China most favored nation status.
It makes no sense at all, Ron.
No, not at all, and it makes no sense to initiate an economic policy that will create animosities within China.
A large percentage of that population in that region, okay, and then create a fertile ground for elements like Castro and Chavez and Venezuela, and as I said in the background we have Red China, to go in there and take advantage of.
Now, basically speaking, why, and I guarantee you that will almost evolve within five years, maybe less.
So what you're saying is, bottom line, CAFTA is not in our national interest from a military standpoint.
Right, because you know...
Gentlemen, when they passed that legislation, my guess is that it really wasn't done in the interest of the American people, the salt-of-the-earth people of this nation.
It was in the interest of a handful of greedy, selfish plutocrats.
You might say international patroons.
And that's the only interest that this thing will serve.
Look, in the world of doublethink, Ron, we know what free means.
Free to exploit people and nature and everything around it.
Free is anything but free if it's coming from the global.
It's just like patriot is anything but patriot.
And New Freedom Initiative involves slavery.
Well, let's call it what it is.
When you have a corporate takeover, and America has indeed had a corporate takeover...
Under the neocons, it ought to be neocorporations.
Rule of, by, and for corporations is very simply fascism.
We are now coming very close to being under the Fourth Reich.
Well, you know, it's interesting that you should speak about doublethink.
That leads me to my two other issues that I wanted to discuss.
As we speak, in the United States Senate, they're debating a gun liability bill, which I'm sure you two gentlemen are familiar with.
They amended the bill yesterday, and it goes like this.
It says that manufacturers have to provide trigger locks with the sale of every firearm.
And it goes further and it says, if the firearm is stolen and the trigger lock was on the gun, then the owner of the gun is not liable.
So of course the reverse inference is, if you are the victim of a burglary,
If you're going to do gun safety, you need safe bullets that won't hurt people.
I think if you want to do gun safety, we're going to have to approach this problem from a social point of view.
I mean, for instance, you can't have a culture that glorifies
Gangster rap, which the corporations pump out into everybody's veins.
It pumps it out into the young people's veins.
And then wonder why there's criminality in this country.
Grand Theft Auto is selling like hotcakes, but then they're going to take away our guns?
And it's just the... You know what?
Grand Theft Auto?
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
There is so much of this vomit.
All being done by whom?
All being done by corporate America and corporate internationalists.
It's not corporate America.
That's the village raising your child.
That is the village raising your child.
Who will posture themselves as credible and legitimate entities when they're anything but.
And another point I want to bring up, talk about double think, is you gentlemen well know throughout many parts of this country, New York in particular, the city of New York, and the state of New York now,
They're doing random bag searches, and they say that's because of what happened in London, England.
I find it rather ironic that in London, England, where the explosions took place, they're not doing random bag searches.
Do you know that?
That's contrary to the news articles I've read, Ron.
No, they're not.
In fact, they're not.
They're doing it here, but they're not doing random bag searches there.
It doesn't make any sense.
Well, they're just shooting people.
Yeah, well, that's another thing.
And I've heard, I mean, you know, there are people who are actually stating that there's a justification for shooting an innocent Brazilian because if it does nothing else, even though the poor guy was innocent, it shows the terrorists we mean business.
We mean business.
We mean business no matter who it is.
Oh, absolutely.
Guilt is, it doesn't matter.
Ron, thank you for the call.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Radio Program on Genesis Communications Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Show them this video.
Let them wake up.
You've got to wake up, America.
Before it's too late, you made a good point, Erskine.
I mean, we have no idea if this video could become banned, if they can all get confiscated.
We have no idea how long this can be available because of the clip.
That the New World Order is running at right now.
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This will be, I guess, contraband in the very near future.
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I can't think of anything more effective, Erskine, than giving somebody something that says, I love you, than giving them an Alex Jones video.
And this is the best one he's done.
It's three videos in one.
You all know about the Bohemian Grove.
It's got information about that.
It's got information about martial law 9-11.
This is...
The information you're simply not going to ever find anywhere else.
Only in this video will you find this information.
Let's go to John in Tennessee.
Hi, John.
I've got a comment about the London bombing.
I was in the Air Force and stationed in England for eight years.
And it was common to wear field jackets and long underwear in July.
And I believe it even snowed once in July, since Britain is the same latitude as Canada and Alaska.
So wearing a jacket is not probable cause to shoot and kill people or arrest them as bombers?
Well, Alex said there was a high today of 65 and a low down into like the upper 50s.
Now, I don't know about you, but when it's down to 65, that's a little chilly, isn't it?
Yeah, I wear jackets in that kind of weather.
Well, they just came out today, I believe it was, and said that the guy actually wasn't wearing a heavy coat, that that was psychological warfare used by the media on the people, so now they're actually retracting that.
You know, it's funny, too, John, they're retracting a lot of things, and it's interesting to watch how the news stories change, how the timelines change.
Oh, it absolutely has to be.
Like John was saying, this time of the year in London, it's not unusual for people wearing jackets.
Are you going to just line up everybody who wears a jacket?
What are you going to have to do, stand around wearing just a t-shirt or wearing Speedos?
Get real.
And John, very good comment on that.
Thank you, my friend.
Let's go to James in Michigan.
James, you're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I'm glad to see that both of you are doing the double-duty show to take care of one dynamite, Alex Jones.
You're right.
It takes two of us, but we're trying to hang in there just as well as we can.
You got it.
Not just the two of us, but it takes you and all the callers as well.
I mean, that's the balance that we really need here.
You know, Alex is Mr. Dynamite when it comes to talk radio.
That's my opinion of him.
But I was going to say, you know, this goes back to what we're talking about here, you know, with this global intrusion.
If you look back after World War II, the history of it, General Patton had told President Truman at the end of World War II that we should invade the Russians because the Russians were up, he knew what the Russians were up to as far as global domination.
He said, this is the time to get to the Russians while they were at their weak point.
And Truman says, no, leave them alone.
We just got done fighting a war.
Well, he had the same thing with General MacArthur.
He wanted to go with the situation there.
And we've got this problem now with North Korea.
And again, Mr. Truman said no.
And what happened to Patton?
And what happened to Patton, he was mysteriously killed in a car accident.
And then General MacArthur, of course, was relieved of his command.
And then he was told in 1952 he was a possible presidential candidate, but he couldn't see running with Eisenhower.
You know, there's two eagles clashing, two generals clashing together there.
He had enough of that, I'm sure.
And then in 1967, I want to bring up another fact there.
1967, down in Cuba, while the Vietnam War was going on, we had the North Vietnamese delegation, the Red Chinese, and the Russian, all meeting in Havana, right underneath the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This Vietnam War turned out to be like this war that's going on now in the Middle East.
It turned out to be a catastrophe, and it was a fight.
And Brown and Root, of course, this all started with the phony pretext of the Gulf of Tonkin, which is now admitted through the LBJ libraries, and now that's just common knowledge.
But what isn't common knowledge is that Brown and Root was there to capitalize off of Vietnam, and of course we all know now that Brown and Root became Halliburton.
So same song and dance, same story.
Also, I mean, going after Vietnam instead of Cuba or going after Vietnam instead of China or Russia is equivalent to going after Afghanistan instead of Pakistan or going after Iraq instead of Israel.
Now I've said it, now I'm in trouble.
Well, now get real.
We didn't need to build an oil pipeline across some of those other countries.
Jack, we had to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan.
So we go into Afghanistan to get Osama bin Laden.
That was pretty successful.
We go into Iraq to get weapons of mass destruction.
That was pretty successful.
This is the sort of president I want back in office.
Get real.
I mean, it's a joke.
And you have a war on terrorism with open borders.
I mean... Let me complete the circle, Erskine, because we went into Afghanistan to build the UNICAL pipeline.
Now we've got China buying UNICAL.
I know.
If it wasn't so sad as to what's happening in this country, you could almost sit back and laugh at it.
It is as if, dare we say, as if you've got certain elements trying to destroy this country.
No, that would be a conspiracy theory, despite all of the evidence, facts, and archives.
Yes, John, go ahead.
I'm sorry to cut into your time.
Oh, James.
James, I'm sorry.
Now, one thing, I'm going to make this a final point here.
Look who's still in power in Cuba since 1959.
Castro has been in power there, and isn't that funny how he has stayed in power, yet they've always been talking about trying to get him out of there, but he never got eliminated.
There was just always the threat of it.
The Bay of Pigs in 1961 with Kennedy.
And I think that was the only attempt there was to remove him from his dictatorship.
And who is the overseer of Cuba right now?
Well, good point.
It's none other than David Rockefeller in the American Enterprise Institute.
In fact, Erskine, I interviewed a gentleman who was David Rockefeller's right-hand man.
And I asked him two questions.
One is, what is the health of 80-some-year-old David Rockefeller?
He said he's going better than ever.
He's got more energy than ever before.
And he'll have many years to come of overseeing as a controller.
I also asked him, what happens when Castro is gone?
What's going to happen then?
And he said, don't worry, we have Raul, Fidel's brother, ready to go when Castro takes that lethal fall down the stairs like we saw a little while ago.
So, I mean, there's the plan, but you make a good point.
Here we're fighting communism.
Here, you know, we had to fight the Red Menace, and we had the big red scare here.
I was diving under my desk as an elementary school student back in the 60s to protect myself from the nuclear bomb, yet Castro remains there in Cuba, I guess, again, because of all of his nuclear weapons.
Just like Dr. Stan Monteith stated on his radio show a couple years ago.
I don't know.
Are you familiar with him?
Okay, Dr. Monteith had said, it wasn't...
Oswald that killed Kennedy, he said it was our CIA.
This is what he stated on his show, and I'll never forget him saying that.
Well, I had Bill Bonanno, the godfather, on my program, and he said it definitely was...
The CIA gave the contract to the mafia, and the mafia killed Kennedy.
That's the way it came down.
I also interviewed Bill Bonanno.
I actually got to meet him in person, Erskine, when I was working out of Phoenix, and he came down with his five bodyguards.
That's exactly what he said.
He said that Hoffa was made into ashtrays, much like the evidence from 9-11, sent over to China and turned into ashtrays or paperweights.
And he said that Joey Rossetti, or Johnny Rossetti, had said he was in one of the manholes on that fateful day in Dallas, and took him out with a key shot.
Let me tell you the funniest part about the Bonanno interview that you'll get a kick out of, that I did with him live right across the desk there in Phoenix also.
And when I was talking with Bill, I asked him about Roy Cohen,
Who was his attorney.
And I said, didn't Cohen show you some files?
He said, yes.
They had pictures that were taken in Boca Raton of J. Edgar Hoover in a dress with a red lipstick and the fingernail polish and the whole thing.
And I looked at him.
Here I am looking at the Godfather.
I looked at him and said, Bill, excuse me, do you look better than Janet Reno?
Well, I thought Bill was going to come unglued when I asked him that.
But the fact of the matter is, it certainly was.
And I think James is absolutely correct.
It was the CIA via the mafia that took him out, and you had elements in the government, including the FBI, who were well aware of what was happening and what went on to cover it up.
And we've had this same scenario.
The same people are in control today who were in control then.
Hey, thanks for the call, James.
I think we missed Joe in Austin.
Yes, we did, but we've got Rick in Reno.
Reno Rick.
Hi, Rick!
Gentlemen, good to speak with you.
Good to talk with you, Rick.
I'd like to announce that on the Internet Archive, that's archive.org, just put 911 in the search bar, and you know what will come up?
The movie 911, The Road to Tyranny, which I uploaded last year, putting into effect Alex Jones' unique policy of no copyright.
10,000 downloads of that movie as of today.
That's a good thing.
That's pretty damn phenomenal when you consider that there's folks out there that whine and say, oh, what can one person do?
Well, I just told you what one person can do.
You can get the information out to people.
You can have them contacting their representatives, have them contacting each other.
If you can get
If you can get how many people out to watch Sunday an NFL game?
People are more concerned about the NFL than they are about their country.
If you could get just part of those people mobilized to say, look, enough of this.
We've got to stand up.
We can't have this CAFTA, and we can't have this CODEX coming through.
What's this about CODEX?
This is even as dangerous as CAFTA for the health of America, the health of the world.
We can't have these events occurring.
We almost stopped CAFTA, and I will say we because I believe that Alex Jones, I believe that Jack Blood, and hopefully myself had a little part in playing in waking people up to what's going on.
Where are the unions?
They aren't standing up.
We need to have all of America standing up and saying no to giving up our sovereignty.
As I said, I'm calling here to plug this film that's available in digital form on the Internet Archive at archive.org, type in 911 in the search bar, and the very first film that will come up is 911, The Road to Tyranny, which in the independent news category of the moving images on the Internet Archive,
Is the number two downloaded film right after Eminem's voting film.
You know, I want to say this, Rick, and it is great that Alex has a no copyright law, and I'm really happy to see people like you putting this up and people getting this out, but let's remember, and I think that people miss this a lot, Erskine, it's very, very expensive to run the operation that Alex Jones does.
I have a fraction of that.
I nearly go broke every month trying to pay all the bills to keep myself on the air and to keep everything floating and moving.
Again, contribute to the cause and buy the film with the packaging if you can.
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Spend $20 to get a copy of this video.
I think that's very important.
Give people the great packaging and contribute.
Help pay the bills for this huge enterprise known as Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for the call, Rick.
However, I would appreciate it if people would call 888-253-3139.
Marshall Law, 9-11, rise of the police state.
This is what keeps Alex on the air.
This is what keeps him going, is the 1995.
Now, we're not talking about a whole lot of money.
It's not a $60 film, which it is a $60 film.
We're only talking 1995, and you own it.
You can show it to your friends.
It's sitting right there.
It's yours.
And Alex says, make copies of it.
Do this, that, and the other.
But, I mean, freedom isn't free.
That's the thing.
If you pay a little bit, if you enjoy listening to Alex Jones, then you're going to want to help.
And the way to help, one of the ways, is by getting this film.
He's putting it out for America.
The least you can do is to...
Get a copy of this film.
If you believe in America, you believe in what Alex is saying.
Marshall Law, 911-888-253-3139.
We'll be right back with Jack Blood.
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They railed against the crowd Another red tag band
Declaring independence Take their bodies down On a bloody war On liberty for their descendants Thanks to the renegades Afraid today Thanks to the renegades Afraid today
Casting from the home of the brave and the land of the free.
Do you believe that?
It's Erskine and Jack Blood, both, takes two of us, both sitting in for Alex Jones, the incredible Alex Jones.
And we'll give out that number for Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Three films in one.
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While you still can.
888-253-3139 or go to InfoWars.com.
And, Jack, if you don't mind, let's go immediately to Sean in California.
Thank God for the renegades.
You got it.
Sean, you're on.
Good morning, gentlemen.
You mentioned David Rockefeller.
I think it's pertinent to bring this quote up from his 2002 book, M. Mars, on page 405.
He says, More than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon the well-publicized incidents.
He says, if that's the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.
Oh, he's certainly guilty.
There's no two ways around it, but he's proud of it.
He is proud of it.
Listen to that.
He is proud of being, of selling out America to the globalists.
And they're proud of it.
They don't shirk from it.
They admit it, right?
So when we have a conspirator's own confession and people still call it a conspiracy theory, I'm trying to understand exactly what the theory is.
That's the best way to really make your point, using their own words.
What are we supposed to do?
This is what they're saying.
I've watched video footage of David Rockefeller in the audience, Dick Cheney hosting.
Something to really build up free trade area of the Americas and CAFTA, which we're talking about today, and about a five-minute build-up on how much Dick Cheney loves David Rockefeller, how much he owes Rockefeller, and an interesting quote from the Oliver Stone movie, which is Nixon, the Nixon movie, a little cocktail party.
You've got Henry Kissinger standing next to Nelson Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger says as Nixon is walking up, you know, what good is a democracy if we can't put a Rockefeller in the White House?
Well, what we're seeing now, I think, is dystopic convergence.
What I mean by that is that people read 1984 and they bring up the surveillance aspects, and that's certainly important.
And a lot of people don't remember that another big element in that was the political bloc powers that were all controlled by the same elite, all at the top.
And so we have these CAFTA, Sino-Russian Alliance, the European Union, which Gorbachev called the new Soviet.
You know, by their words and, more importantly, by their actions.
We know what is going on, and they aren't hesitant to tell us.
Thank you so much for the call, Sean.
This is Erskine sitting in with Jack Blood.
Deadline Live coming up right after Alex Jones over most of these same stations with Jack Blood sitting in for Alex.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This is Erskine of Erskine Overnight and Mr. Jack Blood of Deadline Live, both sitting in for Alex today while he is on assignment.
As you know, Alex is in the belly of the beast.
He is in England right now and he is gathering information for you and for his upcoming videos.
I'm going to do a quotation here.
The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which organized in England believes national boundaries should be obliterated, one world rule established.
This is a quote.
The Council of Foreign Relations believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established.
Why are you seeing very little about CAFTA on the news?
Because most of the people, most of the newscasters are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
They don't believe in America.
They believe in obliterating national boundaries.
Now, who said that quote?
A true conservative, Senator Barry Morris Goldwater, in his book, With No Apologies.
Not a neocon, a true Republican conservative.
And let's not forget that Karl Rove wrecked him in that Nixon campaign.
That's how he earned his stripes.
Oh, there's no question about it, Mr. Rove.
Otherwise, all you have to do is look at the Doonesbury...
That's all you have to do with it.
Now, we're going to talk this hour a little bit about the Codex, but before we get to that, let's get to Kevin, who's been holding on down Alabama.
Kevin, welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
This is Erskine and Jack Blood sitting in today.
Hey, how y'all doing?
Good and great.
Basically, I listen to the Alex Jones Show and it pisses me off that nobody is really doing nothing substantial about anything.
I called in last week and I suggested that everybody call this program and give their phone number and Alex Jones set something up for like a year.
Down the road where we can all get together and voice our opinions.
And he kind of took it like I was a terrorist and I wanted to bring guns up to Washington and shoot the place up.
Which I don't.
I want to bring human beings.
I want their voices and opinions to be the bullets.
Do you follow me?
Yeah, I do, and I think probably, you know, it's a bit of a red flag, and getting together, look, we saw this happen in the 60s.
We had leaders, everybody got together, all of those groups were infiltrated, neutralized, and wiped off the face of the planet for the most part.
Most of those people were locked up or somehow discredited.
So what we want to try to do is stay as fractionated as possible.
I think, Erskine.
And, you know, we have meetings down here, very small meetings in Texas where we get people together.
And I think what we're trying to do here is have you go out and organize the meetings.
And it's great to come call in and suggest that, Kevin.
But we want to see you getting out in Alabama organizing regular monthly meetings to defend your community and defend your state.
Go to your church.
Go with people you know, Kevin.
I think so.
You don't know who is listening.
I'm very surprised sometimes to find out the number of people and the type of people who are listening to the program.
Your voice is getting out.
I know who's listening, and they're taking notes.
But, Kevin, if you organize something in Alabama, you call me up on my show, and I'll be happy to promote that, and we'll get people to come out.
Maybe it'll be seven at first, and then it'll be 70, and then it'll be 700, and you'll have 700 new leaders going out to fight the New World Order.
Thank you for the call, Kevin.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
This is the Alex Jones Radio Program, and this is Erskine sitting in for Alex Jones, along with my friend Jack Flood, who does Deadline Live following Alex Jones.
Now, on most of these same stations, you know this CAFTA that has passed, the Dominican Republic, Central America, United States Free Trade Agreement, whatever you want to call it.
But what that does is blends in the trade bloc to include Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic.
CAFTA places the United States under the jurisdiction of international tribunals supervised by the United Nations.
And they must use customary international law as a principle.
And, I mean, this thing is so anti-American.
It is so anti.
It is just tearing up our entire Constitution.
And it's going to lose jobs.
How anybody in their right mind, anybody who cares about our country, could possibly vote for this.
It is a treasonable act to vote for this.
And that's exactly what I said, and I just hope that everybody tried to do something.
Again, just to see that it was this close, Erskine, I mean, again, they had to really work and really buy people off and really pressure people to even win by the slimmest of margins of just two Congress critters.
We know our good guys voted against this and tried to get everyone else to do that.
But even that it was that close shows that there was a lot of pressure.
Of course, the Senate is more apt to vote for this because they love the unfree trade.
But the Congress, I think we had a really good shot there.
Now all that's left is for Bush to sign Kafta into law, which we know he's going to do.
And you mentioned Codex.
You know, CAFTA, along with NAFTA, GATT, Activities of the United Nations, the UN, the WHO, World Health Organization, FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and Codex, one of many of these alphabet soup policies programs, highly bureaucratized and unresponsive international agencies, that in the context...
Okay, some people don't know what you mean by Codex.
Codex is the harmonizing, and don't you love that word, harmonizing?
Codex is the harmonizing of all rules regarding vitamins and supplements and that sort of thing.
They met the 4th of July, which I find a very auspicious time in America.
We're good to go.
Lots and lots of implications to this codex that we're going to see over the next few years
All regulation of anything natural, any of the vitamins and minerals, is going to be coming to America.
Full regulation of all supplements, all herbs.
And I've got to tell you, you start growing herbs in your backyard here in a year or two when this thing really starts unraveling, Erskine, and you'll have the police or the UN forces, the peacekeepers over at your home, telling you how many herbs you can grow, how many natural ingredients, natural medicines you can grow.
Absolutely, and that is coming in very quickly.
Now, meanwhile, you have 100,000 people dying in hospitals.
Now, bear in mind, 3,000 died in 9-11.
Over 100,000 have died due to properly prescribed pharmaceuticals in hospitals.
100,000 last year, and that's according to the AMA studies.
100,000 dead from properly prescribed medicinals.
I think so.
That's exactly right.
Well, Cygnus is a trillion dollar a year industry worldwide, and obviously, you know, and then people are going to ask the question, you know, why are they doing all of this?
Well, I think the answer can be said in many statements, again, right out of the mouths of the New World Order types.
Let's just take Prince Philip.
Of the Queen of England saying that in his book, if I were an animal, I'd like to come back as a particularly deadly disease so that I can get rid of 80% of the planet.
Ted Turner, the perfect population for the world would be around 250 million people.
I mean, again, getting rid of 80% of the planet and capitalizing all along the way.
And of course, while you're doing that, subjecting yourself to the will and demands of the pharma cartels.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, people like Ted Turner and Prince Philip can be the first one in line.
That's right.
If they want to get rid of 80% of the population, go ahead and volunteer.
Do your part.
Do your part.
For God's sake, get in line there so that you can be part of it.
We want you on the leading edge.
Let's go to our callers, and I believe we have John in Ohio.
Welcome to the Alex Jones program.
This is Erskine along with Jack Blod.
Before I get to my point, I just want to say that they claim it's just for harmonization and standardization, but the question is to what standards and to whose benefit is it being standardized and harmonized?
You got it.
That's exactly who it's being standardized to.
I love the fact that they're using this word, harmonize.
Doesn't that sound nice?
We all want to be in harmony, don't we, John?
Now, what's wrong with you?
Well, it's the typical euphemisms that they use, but what I was calling about was, you know, I agree with a lot of what you and Alex are talking about and support a lot of it,
But I always feel I have to find correctives on the other side of the spectrum, even though you don't like to use those terms like workers' org or some on the left, workers.org.
Well, I won't go into it, but I believe that in many cases where I disagree, I see a vulnerability.
Where the very people that you're opposing, the elite CIA, Rockefeller banking interests, could, I think, because of a vulnerability I see amongst many conservatives, be flipped and turned and recruited by those same neocons and Rockefeller, CIA interests, as long as they put a communist or a socialist or a leftist label on anything.
What prompted me was an earlier caller
Well, you know, I've got a real problem with putting Venezuela in there, because Chavez in Venezuela has been standing up, not necessarily for communism, but he's been standing up for the people, and he's been standing up against this free trade,
And so we are sending troops and we are building up the government of Columbia right now and we're trying to establish a situation to take them over.
And Bush has been trying to get Chavez out of there.
One of the few people who actually is standing up against the elitists
Andy's standing up against the communists, but he's standing up against the elitists.
Is Chavez in Venezuela?
We tried to kill him twice, overthrow him twice.
Well, yeah.
We're strangling him.
We're trying to send in paramilitaries to assassinate him.
We've done that for 45 years against Cuba and their leadership, sending in terrorists down there.
So I think they're in the same category, and he has for the last 40 years advised all of the third world Latin American countries not to go for these captive type deals before they even had a name.
That's why the Rockefellers, the CIA, have launched these attacks against countries like Cuba.
Well, you don't see them as controlled opposition in any way, John?
I mean, doesn't it make sense?
They don't have much of a defense.
They're not very armed.
And at this point in time where everything's terrorism or a decade or two ago where everything was the Red Scare, certainly they could justify, find a way to justify taking them out.
And again, I'll refer to the American Enterprise Institute.
I spoke to those people.
They've got them under control.
I mean, that's what they say.
Well, I'm not trying to malign the left by any means.
That's not what I'm here to do.
I'd like to kind of be the bridge and not the abyss in this.
But, I mean, we've just got to call a spade a spade and use some common sense.
And they can't be anything less than controlled opposition.
No, not controlled opposition.
That's why they've been desperately waging terrorist war.
This guy, Luis Posada, who's in the country right now, and the media's completely covering it up, was working for the CIA, blew up a Cuban airliner.
And he's now in the United States.
He's bombed Cuban hotels.
You know, something that is a controlled opposition isn't going to be strangled obsessively.
Yeah, but that's their hitman.
You've got to cover for Sonny the Bull Gravano.
Well, you know, that would be the most absurd extrapolation.
I mean, if Castro...
I think he's an honorable...
Well, I have some real problems in mixing
Castro's Cuba along with Venezuela.
The only difference, Erskine, is that in Venezuela, they haven't gone all the way.
They've allowed the Fox News 99% control of the media to constantly smear them, set them up for attack and overthrow.
John, this is a good debate, but I just suggest you read what happened with the start of communism with the Bolsheviks and how this all got started, and then maybe work from forward to backward rather than backward to forward.
It might be a little easier.
Certainly a very interesting comment, and I appreciate that, John.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Yeah, the Ring of Fire, and that's exactly where Alex Jones is today.
In the Ring of Fire, he is in the belly of the beast.
He is in London, England.
And he is making a new documentary.
But you, while you still can get it, while it's still available and you still have the freedom to obtain it, get a copy of Martial Law 9-11, please.
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Get your pencil out.
We'll give it out again.
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And I understand that one of the people in this video is none other than Jack Blood co-starring.
Not really, but you have a part in it, don't you?
If you blink, you'd miss me.
No, take a long blink.
You've got a part in it.
I'm talking about what democracy means, what a republic is, and trying to break that down as 500,000 protesters are running by hurling insults at us while we're trying to cover the real news there at the election.
Let me tell you, this is a funny story.
They also filmed me.
I had my Fox News press pass with me, along with my congressionally approved press passes that would get me through all the checkpoints over there.
Regardless, I almost got swooped up to Gitmo on the Hudson.
But we went in there and filmed a piece for the Alex Jones movie that didn't make it in.
I'm going to put it in my movie.
But they're not fair and bound.
Hey, when you're talking about Gitmo and the Hudson, do you have one of those Gitmo shirts from Rush Limbaugh?
Now, let's get real.
When you're looking at the type of abuse that went on over in Abu Ghraib and that has gone on in Guantanamo Bay, you're looking at satanic activity.
And you can compare this to the Bohemian Grove films that Alex has done.
But let me ask you, when you were there at the coronation of George IV,
Or whatever you want to call him, President George II.
King George, yes.
King George II, when you were there at the coronation.
Did you not feel like America for the first time in your life was under absolute police control?
You know, I did it first, and I've got to tell you, this is what groupthink does to you.
I mean, I'm pretty solid.
I've been researching this stuff for years.
And as I'm walking around with a barcode in my picture hanging around my neck, emptying my pockets and everything with blimps flying over me, being questioned by Secret Service for sweating too much, honestly, I started getting used to it.
You know, and I caught myself in the middle of it.
It wasn't like two weeks later that I figured it out.
While I'm doing it, I can't believe I'm getting used to this.
I'm actually now getting used to running around with a barcode, my picture around my neck, getting through, yes, sir.
Oh, okay, you want to search me illegally?
That's fine, sir, because I want to go through to the next checkpoint.
And the groupthink that was involved with all these Stepford Republicans literally crying when George W. Bush was speaking from his occult circle in the middle of Madison Square Garden.
I mean, for a second I had to check myself.
I really did.
I mean, the group, both in Boston and New York, was enormous.
Now, as a reporter there, did you and Alex get the free massages that they were giving to the reporters?
Yeah, the lines started, I think, back in Pennsylvania.
So, no, I didn't get the free gift bags and the massages.
No, we didn't get any of that.
Now, coming up on your program, Deadline Live,
What are you going to be talking about today?
Well, we have Open Mind, Open Line Friday, so we go pretty deep down the rabbit hole on Friday and take calls from the listeners, and I am going to be talking about a new microchip coming out to identify the dead, and there is a trail of dead.
In fact, we'll know them by their trail of dead, because they'll have the microchip.
Ooh, you never die.
You're always chipped.
So people just never die in America anymore.
You're going to be chipped all the way to heaven or hell or wherever you're going.
More when we get back with Jack Blood and Erskine sitting in for the great Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
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Friday afternoon.
And it's almost noontime for everybody across the nation.
This is Erskine and my friend Jack Blood sitting in.
And Jack Blood's Deadline Live coming up right after Alex Jones on most of these stations.
Alan Erskine overnight coming up this weekend.
We're good to go.
Al Martin, and we're going to be followed by, live from London, Paul Joseph Watson, author of one of my favorite books I've ever read called Order Out of Chaos, and Paul Joseph Watson always has a lot to say.
Coming up, let's go to Daryl in Pennsylvania.
Daryl, thanks for waiting.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Hi, Erskine and Jack, and you guys are doing a great job, and I want to let everyone know I have all of Alex's videos, with one exception, his CAFR one, but his best
As far as I'm concerned are his three police state videos and his three recent ones.
That he did on 9-1-1.
9-1-1, the road to tyranny, the masters of terror, which gets into the historical cases of governments using terrorism to bring in their own agenda, and of course his latest one, martial law, 9-1-1, rise of the police state.
And I'd urge everyone to get that.
One thing I disagree with Alex on is he doesn't push his T-shirts hard enough.
I've got one here.
Let me tell you about this one.
And every time I wear it, I get favorable comments.
The one that has the pictures of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao on the front, and it says, Mass murderers agree.
Gun control works.
And, of course, it has Infowars.com on the front.
By the way, everybody, if you haven't been up on Alex's two websites, Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, you need to go up there.
There's a ton of great news articles with great news analysis that you're not going to get
The check's in the mail, Daryl.
You know, I've been there, done that, and I own the T-shirt.
And let me just say you're right about that, because these T-shirts and the bumper stickers as well that go with InfoWars start conversations, don't they?
I mean, I have that mass murderers agree.
They love gun control.
Let me tell them what the great...
Part on the back says, Politicians love disarmed peasants.
That's right.
And people come up to you, though, don't they, when you wear those t-shirts and it starts a conversation?
And like I said, I have never gotten one negative comment.
For sure.
And I live here in a rural area in Pennsylvania.
And the best way to support shows like Alex's, I don't think Alex has ever been on Begging for Money, is to buy the great informational tools that he has, buy the t-shirts, and spread the word that way.
And don't wait until...
Two years down the line or something when we have no First Amendment in this country.
Well, you've got to do it while we can still get it.
And when I say while you can still get these videos, there's going to come a time you won't be able to.
Now, let me ask you about one other thing.
A guest who's coming up on my program, not this weekend, but the weekend after this.
Have you got Order Out of Chaos by Paul Joseph Watson?
Yes, I do.
Wonderful book.
And he uses nothing but mainstream sources.
That's what's so interesting.
These people tell you what they're doing, don't they?
They sure do.
And let me make a comment.
I didn't call in to talk about this, but your previous caller, was that John?
And I believe Jack came back at him and mentioned about Fidel being possibly controlled opposition.
Let me throw this out there without a lot of discussion, but it's something for folks to think about.
I worked 26 years in the intelligence community.
Do we really think
That the CIA and the mob and part of the military-industrial complex could team up and take out the President of the United States with a sure kill, blowing his brains out.
But if we really wanted to kill a tin horn dictator down on a little island that we're not able to do it, I think the... When you read about the supposed assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, they're laughable.
Look, when they wanted to get rid of Khrushchev, all they did was send David Rockefeller to Russia and Khrushchev went up to Siberia.
Let me show you just a real quick example of how they control all the sides in a conflict.
And your one caller that called in earlier mentioned about Samuel Morse warning, and Samuel Morse, by the way, warned about the Jesuits.
Let me give you a comment, or first a quotation, and I'll give you the example.
This one's by Lafayette, the Marquis de Lafayette, the famous French statesman and general.
He served in the Continental Army under the command of George Washington.
Listen to what he said, very short quote.
It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country, the United States of America, are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests where they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty.
They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.
In World War II,
You had... And by the way, the CIA, if you go back and look at all of the guys that have headed that, almost all of them are either 33-degree masons like Alan Dulles, whom Kennedy fired, or they're high-level knights of Malta who are controlled by the Jesuit order like Bill Donovan, Bill Casey, and John McComb.
But during World War II...
Who's running the USA?
CIA intelligence... Well, then it was the OSS.
It's Bill... Wild Bill Donovan, Knight of Malta.
Who's running the Soviet intelligence?
Why, it's Prince Anton Kerkel who uses Jesuits for his couriers.
Then we look at Nazi Germany.
Who's their big intelligence guy on the Eastern Front supposedly getting all the...
Intelligence on the Soviets, and then he later comes to the USA and helps set up the CIA.
It's Knight of Malta, General Reinhard Galen.
And I'd like to say this isn't a Catholic-Protestant issue.
It's not a Jew versus Christian issue.
This is a good versus evil issue.
And we can't ignore this fact that these top-level guys in these secret societies, the Jesuits who control the Knights of Malta,
And the Freemasons are all over the map in the intelligence community when you look at it.
I'll just add this.
The higher level Freemasons.
Let me add this one too.
You also look at J. Edgar Hoover, who they took his entire office and it is at the Scottish Rite building in Washington, D.C.
He set up in that building the office of J. Edgar Hoover.
Both of the former head of the DNC and the RNC, before their recent replacements were brought in, both went to the same Jesuit school in Virginia, I believe, were schoolmates, then again working against each other for the DNC and the RNC raising money.
Let me get you one other book to read that I found extraordinarily valuable, and that is called War is a Racket by General Smedley Butler.
Oh, that's a tremendous book, too.
And one final part, and that is that when you look at, like I said, these Knights of Malta and that they're all over key positions and also in the State Department and elsewhere, and the lower-level guys, like the lower-level Jesuits, the lower-level Freemasons,
Thank you.
It stands a great chance of perishing if we don't ever come to the realization as President John Adams and others did that if we don't eliminate these top level secret society guys from out of top level positions in our government
Well, let me ask you a real quick question, Darrell.
Yes, sir.
Former intelligence operative, and I've talked to a number of other people, including Bob Chapman and a number of people who are working in intelligence services.
When you're looking at what's happened with the Valerie Plume incident and Karl Rove and the outing of her,
A lot of it.
I was stationed with both Air Force intelligence, Army intelligence.
And I worked my last six years at the National Security Agency.
And we had, of course, contacts with the CIA.
There are tons and tons of great people at the mid-level, lower level, that just work super hard to gather intelligence.
And the guys at the top betray us.
As you're well aware, the State Department betrayed us so many times.
They put Mao Zedong into power.
They withheld the bolts from the rifles that they finally released to Shanghai Shek.
And they sold the Nationalist Chinese down the tubes.
We're good to go.
I don't sell my newsletter, but I did a series on the Jesuits that get into the Knights of Malta Freemason control in our government.
Go ahead.
It's called... You can go to a website, and I'd recommend both you guys go up and take a look at it.
I will.
I will.
It's called Tackling... Like in Tackle Football.
Tackling the Tough Topics dot net.
Tackling what?
Tackling the Tough Topics.
Topics dot net.
A lady up in...
Uh, Massachusetts put it up and it's got nothing but my newsletters on.
Like I said, I don't sell a subscription.
I don't sell anything.
Okay, what's the second word?
Tackling what kind of topics?
The article the.
Like, the man, the boy, the girl.
Oh, tackling the topics.
Tackling the topics.
www.thetufftopics.net www.thetufftopics.net www.thetufftopics.net www.thetufftopics.net
And I've got to tell you, Darrell, I appreciate your endorsement of the Alex Jones videos because Alex is telling it the way it is.
And the t-shirts.
He's got women's t-shirts.
Say InfoWars.com for you ladies out there.
So go to InfoWars.com and get them.
That was a great call, Darrell.
Thanks for the call.
It was great.
Thank you, Darrell.
And let's go immediately to Roger in VA also.
Roger, you're on the Alex Jones radio program.
Yeah, thanks, folks.
And that was almost the perfect segue from Daryl there.
And now here are the shows where you can actually have true liberals slash communists or true...
Well, let's say after the title of Ann Coulter's book, you know, How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must, or How to Never, Never, Ever Talk to a True Paleo-Constitutionalist because by all means you mustn't.
Or Michelle Malkin, How to Lock Liberals Up in Camps.
But anyway, it was, and I hope somebody has a little fun with them, like when almost honest John the Communist called earlier.
I hope somebody draws him out a little.
Everybody kind of drops the ball here, but if that is with considerable difficulty, it will be to keep him from jumping ahead to the phony removal attempt era from Castro and just go back.
So how is it, honest John, that
Castro could possibly have been installed there without the express connivance of those same Rockefellers and like the James Restons of the New York Slimes merely providing the pseudo-intellectual cover for that.
Or, John, would you have us believe that Castro sprung full-blown on the scene like from the brow of some aberrant Cuban Zeus?
It could have been one of these things to where the boys, the bankers, wanted to teach the mafia a lesson.
Because the first thing that Castro did was threw the mob out of Cuba.
And I think that there may have been a fight for power with the mob and with the bankers.
And the mob lost.
Now, John will have, of course, plenty of advance notice to prepare for that, but he will still fail miserably, of course.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Scott and Wolfgang both dropped, so we've got, I think, Wes in Tennessee up next.
Let's go to Wes in Tennessee.
Hi, how are you doing today, guys?
Hi, Wes.
Good to talk with you.
I've got 35-plus years under my belt of teaching United States history to high school kids.
And in addition to that, I... Are you learning them or are you unlearning them?
Well, I'll tell you, just within my 35 years, we are currently here in Tennessee, and thank God I'm out of the profession now because I couldn't teach under the circumstances that I'd have to teach under.
Our history books here in eastern Tennessee begin with the end of the Second World War.
That's where it starts?
Well, you're seeing that every child is left behind, aren't you?
Well, I mean, they have no idea the foundation of the country.
And you look at these people, and I was listening to, I think it was Lou Dobbs or one of these, who was talking to a congressperson about what is going on about the Constitution, and they have no concept about the Constitution!
That's because they probably went to one of those schools.
I'm ashamed to say that the school books go out, of course, through the Carnegie Foundation.
They're one of the main controllers of the education in this country.
But whatever gets printed in Texas and New York is what the rest of the country gets.
So while you're in Texas, you've got to be very careful what you put in the school book.
The excuse that they use is that the rest of the country gets those very school books.
Well, I can tell you the kind of thing that we're up against now, I'm not going to pick on Art Bell because I think he's...
He's a good man with a good heart.
But to this day, a guy with a radio program that at one time, while he was running the show, he had an evening audience of between 8 to 10 million listeners.
To this day, when he comes on on the weekends, because now he just fills in and does Saturday and Sundays, still to this day said he cannot believe the theories
That he is heard put forth to him by some of the finest minds.
This country is, Bob.
But you can believe that 19 Arabs with box cutters stood NORAD down.
That's it.
You know, the evidence is that Art Bell sold the rights to his show many years ago, for I believe the price then was $6 million, a lot of money, about 10 years ago.
Now he would have gotten four or five times that.
And he lost control of the program ever since then.
And he sold it to whom?
Who did he sell it to?
A little group called Clear Channel.
So at that point, he has owned, operated, and controlled...
By Clear Channel Communications, who had at one time on their board of directors George Bush and Henry Kissinger.
Do we need to say any more about that one?
That pretty well does it.
I'll say this much.
I learned in 35 years that history never repeats itself.
Only foolish men are condemned to repeat history.
I guess what I'm going to say in conclusion is that I don't want to be one of these Christians that
It's just sitting around on the rear end waiting for the rapture.
It's like they're sitting in a Greyhound bus station.
No, that's what they want a lot of people to do.
That's what they want them to do.
And they have tried to neutralize the Christians and they've done a terrific job of it saying Armageddon's coming.
Well, I know this much.
We are in a spiritual battle and I still insist we must fight the good fight.
But in the end, it will take the Father...
Yeah, but in the final analysis you don't want to be standing face to face with your maker and saying,
Yeah, I think so.
I think God will look at you and say, yeah, it may have been better for you at that time, but goodbye, here's something for you.
That's right.
The fact of the matter is we've got to take a stand.
God provides us with everything, the birds, with everything they want, but the little birds have got to get out of that tree and get it.
The Lord helps those who help themselves.
The Lord helps those who help themselves.
We'll be back.
Jack Blood and Erskine on the Alex Jones Radio Program on a frantic Friday.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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It's the Alex Jones Radio Program.
The end for Alex is Jack Blood, Deadline Live.
It's his program and Erskine of Erskine Overnight.
And you can, this weekend on my program, Steve Alton's talking about the Loch Ness Monster, John Goldhammer on Radical Dreaming, and Steven Jacobson, Mind Control in America.
And coming up next, the week after this, we're going to be talking with
Paul Joseph Watson, author of Order Out of Chaos from London, and on your program coming up on most of these same stations, Jack Blood, Deadline Live.
Right, Jack?
That's right.
Right after this, and of course we'll be back Monday.
We'll be sitting in for Alex again, both Erskine and myself, this coming Monday on the Alex Jones Program.
Now let's go immediately to Pat in Seattle.
Pat, welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
First of all, I want to put out an alert on the legislation that was just entered by Anson and McCain pertaining to the telecommunications.
If John McCain's on there, we better have an alert.
If he's got his name on it, it's Telecommunications Act.
of 1996 that destroyed talk radio.
And Ray Ensign was right in the middle of that Telecommunication Act of 1996.
What are these two great Americans up to today?
And I'm putting that in definitely in quotes.
We've got some serious trouble.
We've got to call a congressman, every single person, please do it, and tell them to hold up any vote on this legislation in any way, shape, until we get to read and analyze what that bill says.
Any comments about what it says?
Oh, yes.
There's huge implications.
What we ran into in Seattle here for the public access TV, that didn't redo the franchise.
When reading the franchise, first of all, it's 96 pages and they only will allow 62.
I think so.
Oh my God.
It's a federal issue, but it's also a state issue, and we fought very hard down here to protect our cable access programming against AOL, Time Warner, Cult of the Eye, and we held them off from changing great channels that carry shows like Alex Jones' TV show into a music channel.
So we had to get out, and hundreds and hundreds of people, Pat, emerged and all joined together to stop them from doing that, and they were paying off board members at ACTV.
A lot of people got fired, but you've got to get in your community and protect this, and this is a worthy bill to go against.
So is the new McCain telecommunications bill any numbers or anything we need to know?
I saw one reference to HR 2726.
I'm not sure that that's correct.
Tried to call Murray and Cantwell's office.
Murray wouldn't even talk about it.
Cantwell said, well, we'll look into it.
We'll see what the response is.
Nobody seemed to be aware of this, although if they try, when you try to go on the Internet to get a copy of any information possible pertaining to it, they'll recognize that, yes, they did.
No copies are available.
They said they won't have it until next week.
That's the way our government's operating today, Pat.
And thank you for the heads up and keep calling in.
My program, Jack's program, Alex's program, so that we can get more information out about this.
Thank you.
Wolfgang in Kansas City, last call.
Tail gunner on today's program, Wolfgang, Kansas City.
You're on the Alex Jones program.
Hi, thanks for taking my call.
Hey, we're doing a private, independent TV network here.
It's called InYourFace.TV, and I hear the music coming up.
Should I call you back on your program?
Well, you're welcome to join me on my program, Wolfgang, and anyone else who didn't get in today's program, 800-259-9231, open mind, open line phones for the next two hours.
What a great privilege it was to be with you, Erskine.
Thank you, and coming up next on most of these stations will be Jack Blood's Deadline Live.
Wolfgang, thanks for the call.
Sorry you're at the very end, but you'll be there on Jack Blood's program.
Until Monday, this is Erskine and Jack Blood saying see you then on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Alex, we'll be back on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.