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Air Date: July 25, 2005
2507 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're blasting through the month of July.
It is the 25th day of July 2005.
On this Monday we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
And coming up later in the broadcast we're going to have a little update from Paul Watson from England on all the new developments with the London bombing two and a half weeks ago.
As well as what happened with the four bombs that magically didn't detonate, but their detonators did detonate.
And then, of course, the innocent Brazilian man, no criminal record, never done anything wrong, being chased by the police, they sat on him and then gunned him down.
Which tells me, because these were special forces, special branch police, plainclothes police being followed by Bobby's, that our friend from Brazil might not have just been an innocent bystander.
He does have a little bit darker skin, could even pass as an Arab, though he's not an Arab or a Muslim or a Central Asian.
And who knows what he was doing?
Because, I mean, all I know is this.
A lot of the people, the CIA contracts to carry out all sorts of events in Europe and in Latin America and in Iraq and in Texas and Arizona and in Mexico and California, like Los Zetas and others, are Latin or Español.
Hispanic, whatever the term, different groups want to be called different things, but the best thing is Latin American.
Very suspicious.
There's about 50 plus different indicators that make it suspicious and make the probability that this guy was one of their operatives and was dealt with.
Now, I tell you up front when I'm speculating, but
I'm leaning towards it.
My snout, which is pretty accurate, I'm sure you've noticed, is smelling something.
It is rotten, extremely effervescent in a negative context.
And so we'll go over some of that.
British police face shooting backlash, and Tony Blair comes up and says, it's really horrible, but...
There'll probably be more.
I'm sorry, the police did an excellent job, and we'll probably be shooting more people.
Sorry, I mean, literally, I heard that on the radio this morning.
I'm trying to find the clip.
But I heard the police chief on the radio, and I was out doing some errands early this morning, making excuses.
Well, you know, he is totally innocent, and we killed him.
Totally innocent!
Yeah, sure, you chase the guy down, sit on him, and pump at least five rounds into him.
It was an execution!
And I don't believe the person was involved in the bombing, but he may have known too much.
Something, lady, I mean, all these raids trying to arrest people.
Oh, by the way, now, not just one, last week it was one, of the supposed bombers, totally innocent, wrong person, wrong picture, totally made up.
They got caught again, just like 9-11.
Giving us fake pictures and fake names and fake lists.
Now it looks like another one of the bombers.
Oh no, it's actually somebody else.
It's amazing.
And don't ever forget those drills they had two weeks ago.
Two weeks and what, four days?
Right at the same time, exact same places.
Oh, and by the way, Channel 4 has attacked presentplanet.com.
And has attacked our analysis in a very shoddy, very shoddy fashion.
So I'll spend a few minutes on that as well.
And a lot of evidence coming out that that photo of the four bombers getting on, you know, going into the train station, it looks like it's doctored.
The evidence shows that.
I mean, these people are so... It's like the fat bin Laden in the room taking credit for 9-11.
I mean...
Voice print showed it wasn't him.
Much less the fact that he had to gain 200 pounds.
It's just incredible.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
You know what?
Let me just read... Let me just read a bunch of the headlines here in this 8-inch stack of news I've got in front of me.
British terror police face shooting backlash...
Bomb was under the train, says eyewitnesses closest to it.
Cambridge Evening News and a bunch of witnesses are now saying that.
Bombs under the train.
Bomb under the bus.
You know, under one of the levels.
Very suspicious.
Also, photo of bombers has been doctored.
Clear evidence that they've doctored these photos.
Very shoddy job with the Photoshop.
Also, more innocents could be shot, UK police say.
They're openly saying.
And it's not just that I have this out of the BBC and The Age and other major newspapers and publications and TV stations.
I mean, I heard the police chief and Blair today on the radio, both of them going, man, it's just terrible.
And by the way, they're both named Blair.
I heard both Blairs, the police chief and the prime minister, saying, well, it's just atrocious and horrible, but there may be more of it.
He can use saves, you know.
So more innocents could be shot.
Blair to leave way open for recall of the House of Commons, who passed all these draconian anti-terror pieces of legislation.
Like his national ID card, and so, so much more.
It's like last week, they used the latest wave of bombings, whether it was even the dud bombs that blew up on trains and buses, just last Thursday again on 7-21, 14 days after 7-7.
And then magically they got the Patriot Act rammed in for another ten years.
And then here's some of the other news.
Oh, Americans say World War III likely.
And then they give all their reasons for it.
A newspaper claims former DOJ officials confirm bombing cover-up.
This was, of course, on KTOK-TV.
We posted this back a week and a half ago on July 14th.
And this is where we have these memos given to some of the people doing FOIA requests.
Some of these internal FBI memos were left on some of the FOIA documents that were released and buried in these hard drives.
And, well, now this has come out that they did indeed know about the plans to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah building, but nothing was done about it.
But notice that the FBI released these documents.
And the fingers are all pointing at white supremacists at Elohim City.
Well, we said look out for this because this has happened over and over again.
What, I made a film three and a half years ago called Road to Tyranny.
Still one of my best films.
Covers 9-11, Oklahoma City, the whole police state.
But in the 44-minute Oklahoma City section of the film, a documentary on its own, we talk about how it was really Iraqis in the employ of the U.S.
government, and we have the admissions of that,
And that's why they won't release the surveillance camera tapes.
Because it doesn't show Andre Trostmeyer.
It doesn't show anybody from Elohim City and the white supremacist federally controlled compound, which admittedly, you know, a federal operation.
It doesn't show any of that.
What it clearly shows is McVeigh with the Iraqis.
Then people say, well, wait a minute, then that shows Saddam did it.
Ah, ah, ah!
These were Iraqis working for the U.S.
That was even admitted by the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Times.
And we have those in the film.
So what you have is what Morris Dees tried from the start.
Now, people have used these memos and other memos that have come out to show that the Southern Poverty Law Center did indeed know about the plans weeks before.
And that's been out for about a year.
And so by the mere fact that all these memos and documents, there's several of them, this is just the newest, showing government prior knowledge and showing that the Southern Poverty Law Center also knew, people are now kind of using their own propaganda against them and going, okay, well you knew then, why didn't you do anything?
But still, it shows this attempted trail leading it back to white supremacists.
And again, I'm not defending white supremacists, but the general public doesn't know the difference, at least back in the mid-90s,
Doesn't know the difference between somebody who's for the Second Amendment and somebody who is for lynching black people.
That's your controlled media.
That's what they've done.
Oh, you're for property rights.
Well, you must be a secret Klan member.
The Justice Department even teaches this.
Well, you talk about the Federal Reserve.
That's code word.
Well, Milton Friedman talks about it.
And how corrupt and bad it is.
Is Milton Friedman the Nobel Prize winner?
Is he Jewish?
Is he anti-Semitic?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And so they wanted to burn the right wing in America.
They wanted to blame this on patriot groups and Second Amendment groups.
And they almost had their way.
And so we'll be deciphering this with a police officer, police detective, Colonel Craig Roberts, who worked the Oklahoma City case, and who about five years ago on this broadcast warned me about certain individuals putting out this disinfo.
And boy, does it, if the shoe fits, wear it.
It certainly has played out that way.
So we'll break all that down coming up in the next hour.
Massive flu outbreak could happen at any time, any moment, WHO warns.
And they've been fear-mongering about this for years, and they're really beating the drum even harder, getting the tempo of the drum beat stronger, kind of leading towards a crescendo.
We're good to go.
And how do we know they're going to do that?
How do we know that's where everything is trending?
Because they've been preparing their every move, their every operation, their every construction, their every machination towards that.
We have their own documents.
Attacks on UK will continue, Radical Cleric says.
And I love how they leave this guy in London and let him shoot his mouth off.
Again, they have to have somebody who plays the part of the bad man.
But meanwhile, here in the United States, from New York to San Francisco, police aim machine guns at five-year-old children.
They search people's bags, supposedly randomly.
But literally, folks, we've got the reports pouring in, and I've seen all the video and photos on TV.
Basically, if you've got a turban, you're fine with a big bag.
Literally, because we can't profile as if there's anything to profile for to begin with.
This is all staged, but even if you buy there, ooh, there's a terror threat, this shows how it's a fraud.
The border's wide open, and the guys with the giant turbans, I've seen this on planes, people with turbans, people with hoods over their heads, women with their faces covered, they go right on, but, oh, look at you!
Look at you, a white guy, you know, with blue eyes.
We're going to need to take those shoes off, and we're going to need to ask you some questions, boy.
You may be without cut.
I mean, look, it's about training the public that you're a bunch of slaves.
I mean, it's just that simple.
It has nothing to do with terror.
So I know people are outraged by that.
And if you think that's bad, look at this article out of the Associated Press, and it doesn't get any sicker than this.
Pressured on U.S.
to use more surveillance.
Pressure is building for greater use of video cameras to keep watch over the nation's cities, particularly in transportation systems and other spots vulnerable to terrorism after the bombings in London.
The calls have come over the last few weeks as British investigators released surveillance footage of the bombers in the deadly July 7th attacks and then put out frames of suspects in Thursday's failed attacks.
And the evidence shows doctored frames.
I don't, I do not think that the cameras are the big mortal threat to civil liberties that people are painting them to be.
Washington, D.C.
Mayor Anthony A. Williams said Friday, someone who supports total gun bans.
He's not alone.
While privacy advocates question their effectiveness, Senator Hillary Clinton called for New York City subway officials to install more cameras, even though officials said some 5,000 cameras are already in use across all modes of city travel.
In Stanford, Connecticut...
Mayor Dan Beloy said it's time to revisit a 1999 ordinance that limited cameras for watching traffic.
In many other spots around the country, cameras are already in place.
In general, I think we're getting used to cameras, he said.
That's just the way the world is, said Roy, who runs an Orlando, Florida-based security design consulting firm.
Boy, all they want is people that are positive.
So they go to big city mayors, big crime machine mayors.
They go to guys who sell surveillance cameras.
It's disgusting.
Okay, let's just stop right there.
My parents just got back from London, and they said it was almost like it was a joke.
I tried to get my dad to come on the show.
He won't do it.
He doesn't want to.
He does not like being out in the media.
But to make a long story short,
He said they actually have stickers everywhere with all seeing eyes looking at you.
We posted the photos of these big street posters that say, safe under the watchful eyes, and there's the Illuminati eye looking at you.
But he said, and he got photos of these.
I've got to go over to his house and get some of these off his digital cameras.
He said he took like a thousand photos and put them on the web.
It'll show a black helicopter beaming something at you with a camera.
And you're being watched!
It doesn't say by who.
See, these stickers are everywhere.
Black helicopter stickers.
So, just in your face.
Of course, in 1984, the book opens in the first 20 pages with black helicopters looking through your walls.
So, I guess they're the home of black helicopters, even in fiction.
The birthplace of the black helicopter.
Airstrip 1.
We'll be back.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down... All right, John and Jeff and William, all of you, your calls are coming up.
I want to get into all the fear-mongering over megaflu.
Millions, why billions could die.
We'll tell you how to give your rights up tonight at 10.
That's basically how the propaganda has been playing out.
And also, just so many new things have come out proving that these bombings in London are government false flag inside job operations.
But getting back to the aftermath here, I mean, imagine what our ancestors would think of us.
Oh, there's one chance out of, you know, 200 and something million...
And then they have these articles.
I mean, there's...
I think we posted like five different articles this weekend on PrisonPlanet.com where it was, you know, headlines.
Being surveilled is good.
Americans want more cameras.
Americans love being searched.
It's just fabulous.
No one is against it.
I actually have articles right here in the stack where everyone loves it.
No one's complaining.
Oh, it's so good that everybody I talk to hates it.
People on the street hate it.
It's just ridiculous.
So the propaganda is there to make you feel like, well, the majority loves this, I better like it.
Pressure on U.S.
to use more surveillance.
I mean, the federal government, just this year, billion two for New York, 800 million for Boston, 500 and something million federal grant for cameras in Chicago, hundreds of millions in Dallas, tens of millions in Austin.
I mean, we've had... Folks, there are now cameras in our neighborhoods in Austin, Texas.
Four-way stops, literally, in one-horse towns that don't even have a gas station.
In fact, I've seen four-way stops out in the country where there's nothing but cow pastures on all four sides.
They want to know where you're going, what you're doing.
Those cameras look into systems that have softwares that scan your license plate.
They know exactly who you are.
Folks, London...
Has four and a half million, and this is last year's numbers.
I haven't checked lately.
It grows by like a million every year.
Four and a half million surveillance cameras.
Four and a half million.
And of those four and a half million surveillance cameras, what is it, like 90% of them are the government's, because that's not even counting some of the private cameras.
So it's over four and a half million.
And so the question is, are you more worried about a tyrannical government having total surveillance, a total grid of control, or are you more worried about the average street thug?
I mean, do you trust the government to use these cameras properly?
And the answer is no.
Let's say Tony Blair is a wonderful little angel, which he's not.
I mean, he might be an angel, but if he's an angel, it's Beelzebub.
A fallen angel.
Bush might be an angel.
I mean, again, Skull and Bones may be really a Christian organization.
Maybe I've been wrong all these years.
But what happens when you get a Hillary Clinton?
Or what happens when you get somebody who's worse?
And now, there have been a lot of would-be dictators throughout history that never got to become dictators in this country, never got to become dictators in other countries, because they didn't have the mechanisms or a large enough force of thugs to carry out their aims.
You just had corrupt government.
But they couldn't get control of everything.
But you give them national ID cards and cameras and RFID tracker chips and surveillance blimps and surveillance helicopters and militarized, gung-ho, brainwashed, black ski mask wearing cops who'll just kill somebody because they're scared and stumble.
You got a recipe for tyranny.
Now, obviously, Tony Blair's totally evil.
Obviously, George Bush is totally evil.
Obviously, Hillary Clinton is totally evil.
And their masters, the Henry Kissingers and the George Shultz of the world, are totally reprobate, totally wicked, totally on power trips.
Openly they're building camps.
Openly they're taking our freedoms while leaving our borders wide open.
They are openly dismantling the Constitutional Bill of Rights.
They are openly bid-rigging and government contracts sucking in the hundreds of billions of dollars.
And they're openly involved, clearly, in people dying in massive numbers.
So, I mean, you've got classical tyranny in front of you, and the tyrants are doing everything a tyrant would do.
It's like these people are would-be Ceausescus or something.
And so, you know, you read these articles.
Oh, it's so wonderful.
We want to be searched.
We know you all want to be searched.
We're trying our hardest to satisfy you.
No one has complained.
Everyone loves it.
Oh, it's so good.
Oh, it's so great.
Why don't you put some cameras on the border?
Why don't you do some bag searches on the border?
Why don't you... No, you're not going to do that because that's part of turning America into a third world cesspit.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Soon the mark of the beast will be enforced.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents...
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'll tell you what, let's just go to your calls now, because we've got a guest coming up, and we'll take some calls while Colonel Roberts is with us.
We'll be talking about stuff all over the map.
Great friend of mine, excellent political mind, great investigator.
I mean, that's what he does.
And he'll be joining us to talk about these new supposed Oklahoma City developments that so many people are fawning over and drooling over.
That's coming up.
We know the feds knew about it.
They did it.
It isn't a sting gone bad, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm so tired of it.
We cook the bomb and train the driver in the First World Trade Center.
They admit it.
And then we just accidentally let them do it.
Those fools didn't park it up against the column like we trained them to do.
Thank God they didn't do that, FBI.
That's admitted.
It's the same thing with Oklahoma City, but even worse.
It's pretty sick.
They hire well-meaning people and tell them it's part of a drill, and then they take them out and they blow them up for real.
Bon voyage!
Vaya con Dios!
Hasta luego!
All right, that's enough.
I'll tell you, it's on days like these that, I mean, my head's spinning.
There's just so much here.
So much here that needs to be covered.
But we'll just go ahead and go to your calls, and then I'll jump into them.
British terror police face shooting backlash, but Tony Blair and the police chief, the other Blair, Ian Blair, oh, there's going to be more probably.
License to kill.
You know why there's going to be more?
Because they're hunting down people that were obviously decoys that...
That got wise to what happened, and we have evidence that there's a bunch of different points on that that we'll get into a little bit later.
They're having to tell you, oh, there'll be more people we've got to kill.
And, again, more innocents could be shot, UK police say.
And so we'll get into that, and eyewitnesses are reporting on the bus and in the trains, bombs blowing up through the floor.
Oh, but the police tried to stop the media from getting up close video of the buses, and they hauled those off.
The place is so surveilled with canvas all over it.
So you can't see what's in it.
But the eyewitnesses are saying the blast came from beneath them.
Oh, no, it was suicide bombers on the buses.
They did.
Well, there may have been people with rucksacks on board the buses, and the evidence shows they thought they were part of a drill or were carrying something.
And by the way, we said this four days before Scotland Yard said it, because all of Scotland Yard is not evil, you know, involved in the terrorism.
Most of them are good cops and smart people, and they're going, this just doesn't fit the M.O.
on these guys, their histories, how the explosions took place.
None of this makes sense.
And then the police listed like ten different indicators of why, and we've written articles about that.
But if you really want to understand why governments carry out terrorism, who has the motive, the history of this, just a whole bunch of different key examples of it, it's just fascinating and also horrifying.
You need to get 9-11 on the road to tyranny.
It's still the preeminent, the classic,
The definitive made, what, four months, five months after 9-11.
I mean, I started making that sucker right after 9-11 and released it four or five months after 9-11.
And it is almost three hours long.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terror.
Then it gets into World Trade Center 1, Oklahoma City, and then 9-11.
And then we show the police state they're going to set up and show their master plan globally.
And I was just watching the film the other day again, because it was on local TV, and I tuned in and watched, like, the last 30 minutes, and everything we talk about has now come true.
It's happening.
If people don't want to believe you out there, give them road to tyranny and go, okay, this was made almost four years ago, three and a half years ago.
You know, 90% of the film is what had already happened, or about 80%.
Then 20% is what's going to happen and what they're setting up, and boy, it's like a time machine or something.
And it's not, again, that I've got some giant cranium that has to be supported by handlers, and I'm so smart.
I'm just somebody who sees straight and knows a scam when I see it and understands human nature, and I happen to have read a lot of history.
And I happen to have been studying the globalists for over a decade.
And so we understand their actions.
I mean, it's been pointed out, and we do have those clips, that I said in the last six months, I said late,
Look for some warm-up attacks, probably on trains and buses in London.
And again, there's a hundred reasons I said that.
We call it a hunch, but it isn't a hunch.
It's just all these different indicators.
Again, it's like trying... If somebody said, hey, have you ever been to the Smoky Mountains and stood on Mount whatever and seen how beautiful it is up above the towns?
And, yeah, I've been there.
Well, describe it for me.
Well, it's indescribable.
I mean, all I can say is, well, it's these big snow-covered peaks with big pine trees down beneath it with snow on the ground and the fog rolling, the mist, and the little town, the way it's painted, the little red churches and red firehouses and white churches and little cars driving down below.
I mean, I cannot describe the picture.
I mean, I tried to.
I tried to explain how I can get on the air and go, they're going to use bin Laden as the patsy, they're going to attack the World Trade Centers in the next two months, call the White House, tell them don't carry out the attacks.
You know, I don't make a lot of predictions.
Or when I get up here and say, well, you know, somebody called in and was going, I think they're going to nuke us in the next two months and we're all dead.
And I said, no, before that happens, they'll probably bomb some trains and buses in London.
And, okay, why would they do that?
Because I've read a lot of news chatter and indicators.
The globalists love to prepare us beforehand.
They like to warm you up.
It's like Jim Jones and Kool-Aid drills.
What do you do when the terrorists attack?
Give your rights up.
Everybody repeat after me.
What do you do when the terrorists attack?
Give our rights up!
Now, Al-Qaeda's going to hit London.
They're going to hit the subways, and they're going to do this, and...
The British people were saying no to the national ID card, no to the Euro.
All these things are happening, and so... There's like a hundred other indicators.
I can't go over all of them.
I can't describe the whole... I could write a book, I guess, about one subject and describe how this works.
But it's probabilities.
It's what an analyst does.
And let me just give you this analysis.
If we do not expose who's behind the terror, it is clear that the globalists are heating back up again for something really big.
They've got that greedy look in their eye.
They've got that excited look in that eye.
They've got that smirk that they're trying to hold back.
All the big major players, all the big major puppet underlords of the overlords, all these supposed top politicians are just puppets.
But they're powerful puppets who've been energized and who are, you know,
Moving the levers.
But they, again, sing to someone's tune.
Follow orders.
But I'm seeing that greedy evil, that vampiric lust for death.
I'm seeing the same fritting and skittering by them, like a pack of rats greedily going after a piece of cheese that's been dropped on the floor.
So, it doesn't look good.
That's all I can say.
I mean, they may pull something really big.
And you know, usually I poo-poo that when callers call in and go, they're going to get us any minute.
Next Tuesday we're going to be hit by, you know, Silesian spacecraft.
Or next month Planet X will smash us and kill us all.
It's all over.
Buy my Planet X book.
You know, I stay away from all that.
Well, there's going to be massive earthquakes next month.
We're all dead.
Run to the hills!
I mean, that's entertaining to a certain level and gets your mind off all the real crises that are happening, like genetically engineered foods that are deadly, what's in the water, what's in the food, what's in the air.
Purposefully put there.
I don't mean just all the toxic waste.
But I think they are very capable of... I don't know.
I juggle between a...
Suitcase nuke, smallpox, or dirty bomb.
And I lean towards dirty bomb.
I don't think they really at this time want to blow up 20, 30 square blocks of a city and radiate a whole town.
If they do that, it will be some medium-sized city of about 100,000 people, probably in the Midwest, that won't affect the rest of the country too much, but can have maximum effect.
So if there is a suitcase nuke, I say Midwest, maybe even Texas.
As far south as Texas.
So I should say from Texas to Illinois.
Probably not Illinois, though.
That would affect Chicago too much.
But below Illinois down to south Texas.
Prime, prime suitcase nuke area.
Now, any area in the country is fair game for dirty bombs.
Because a dirty bomb really doesn't... I mean, the globalists don't care about that.
I mean, they've released hundreds of thousands of tons over the last 20, 30 years since they've been testing DU and using it all over the world, and it's the equivalent of thousands and thousands of atomic and nuclear tests.
You know, just the stuff it's put into the atmosphere.
And they admit that 11,000 people in the U.S.
have died from nuclear tests and atomic tests alone.
That's the new scientist with major federal study that was released last Thursday.
We covered that Friday.
You know, I said I'd go to your calls, but see, this is pretty important, so let me just finish up and we'll go to them.
So, Dirty Bomb, I think, is the number one thing.
It's got all these scary connotations.
It's got the word nuclear in it, radiological in it, but it...
It isn't really that devastating.
It'll make a bunch of people sick if it's really bad.
It'll kill some people over time.
It'll contaminate an area, and people will have to go in with special gear and clean it up, and it'll be a big grandstanding affair.
I believe when they say it's biological, and we've been saying this for years, that it'll really be chemical, something they can control, and then just have one of their scientists declare it's biological, and of course that'll be an operative.
But, you know, I think really in the next two years, there's a very good chance one of these three scenarios is going to happen.
And it could happen as early as next week, or it could happen in six months.
It could happen in two years.
But I really think that we're going to see the dirty bomb.
And, again, that's the most probable.
Then, after that, Atomic.
And then after that, biological, it'll really be chemical.
But they like hoaxes.
They like hoaxes.
They like to have the effect of you thinking it was ultra-massive when it's not.
So I tend to lean towards the chemical saying it's biological or the dirty bomb.
And all this talk about the Russians gave Al-Qaeda suitcase nukes back in the early 90s and they're going to get us.
I mean, al-Qaeda was firmly on CIA payroll in the early 90s.
The Russians just don't hand these out like lollipops, you know, when you get a haircut.
Our government spent $20 billion buying these off of them.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
But they've been carefully planning that story forever.
And if it does happen and they have the national draft... You see, people keep thinking we can't have a national draft.
No, folks.
It's after they stage an attack.
Yes, they will.
I've had members of Congress on.
You know, Rangel said, oh yeah, there's an attack.
Boom, the draft's done.
That's why they've got the draft board set up.
See, there's thousands of indicators here, okay?
They're all geared up.
Just so much evidence for all of this.
I mean, they tell you MS-13 Mexican gangs brought nukes across, the government saying this.
That is ridiculous.
And I'm the first person to say, kick MS-13 out of here.
Kick Los Zetas out of here.
But even if it's true that they brought it in, Los Zetas controls MS-13.
It's well known.
And who are they?
Run by the CIA.
Oh, yeah.
It's mainstream news that these people killing cops and citizens all over the U.S.
work for the U.S.
They just claim they quit in the last year and have gone rogue.
No, look at the cartels they're killing.
It's all mid-level or small, low-level drug dealers that aren't paying their cut.
It's a drug war.
Our government even has soldiers in America.
Foreign mercs, squads of hitmen, thousands of them, out ready to kill.
Drug dealers, just like they're hiring Latin American former death squads to be in Iraq.
That's mainstream news.
These people don't change.
Who do you think the new head of all intelligence is?
Negroponte, the death squad leader.
I mean, the supreme leader of them.
They sent him over to Iraq a year ago, a year and a half ago, with the death squads.
He set death squads up publicly and came back here to be the head of domestic intelligence.
The head of all intelligence.
I'm not trying to scare you folks.
I mean, this is not a joke.
These people are unscrupulous criminals.
They're hardcore murderers.
They're not playing games.
And they hide behind this mantle that they're conservatives.
Give me a break.
John in Florida, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I think your martial law video, I've made probably 70 copies of that on DVD, ROM.
Good job.
That would be something that a lot of your listeners should really get and make copies of.
Yeah, I started out to plug my videos ten minutes ago, but never did.
Another thing, I think your listeners should get potassium iodate.
That would be something good to have.
I bought some years ago, but that would be something good to have.
Yeah, I bought about 15 bottles and gave most of them away, but I've got a few bottles around here for emergencies.
For those that don't know, they've issued them to police, firemen, the folks at the post office.
If there's a dirty bomb or any type of problem, you then take it, and it fills the thyroid.
That's the number one cause of death and radiation poisoning, is the thyroid absorbs the radioactive isotopes that are attached to the different chemicals that are in the body, the iodine, and that's what kills you.
Yeah, your martial law, the part I liked was the interview with Buchanan about the whole Bush family, and that was really, really well done.
Well, it's three videos in one.
Do you think you got your money's worth?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
Anyway, I'll hang up and... Oh, actually, I met Craig Roberts probably about eight or ten years ago and bought one of his books.
He said he was coming on the air.
Yeah, he is coming on in about ten minutes.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and go to the next caller, and then we'll hold him over.
Who's up next?
Jeff and Mass, go ahead, sir.
Yes, sir.
As far as surveillance cameras is concerned, there's a movie out now called The Island, and the whole premise of the movie is these clones that are under constant surveillance 24 hours a day.
If you ever see the movie, it'll blow your mind, and I believe that Hollywood is using movies to condition people for this.
Well, I mean, sir, already your cell phone can listen to you, tracks everywhere you go.
Already the OnStar, these cracker chips they're trying to put in the vehicles everywhere.
I mean, we're going to be worse than 1984.
London already is.
You're right.
You are absolutely right.
I know, and this is freedom.
No, this is not freedom.
Tell you what, stay there.
And by the way, they can never stop the terrorists with these cameras, but oh, they can catch you smacking your 10-year-old on the hind end when they talk back.
Oh, taking your kids!
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We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Jeff and Max, finish up the points you were making, sir.
Okay, very simple.
What we should do is put cameras on the border.
There is a severe logic deficit.
They're putting all the surveillance in the inner cities, like my city of Chelsea.
You know, they're developing cameras in Chelsea, and Boston has cameras.
Sir, we've had microphones being put up every year in successive waves until the whole city has microphones everywhere just waiting, hooked into a FEMA paid-for emergency management center, which is really the federalization center.
It's in every major town or city openly.
I mean, I'll never forget my dad about four years ago.
It was even before 9-11.
He called me at like 7 a.m.
He goes, son, turn on the TV, C-SPAN, look!
And they had the federal chief on from the Department of Transportation, and they were showing cameras all over the country on a screen.
And he was showing everybody, and they even showed Austin.
And he admitted it has law enforcement uses.
So they put him in and say it's for traffic through grants.
...for transportation, but then they go, oh, it has dual-use law enforcement...
And the telltale word is gunshot detectors.
We've had them here for seven years.
No one's ever caught with the gunshot detectors.
But then you go to the website of the companies that sold the microphones, and it says, for surveillance, shotgun mics.
Here's an example of two children playing in the street at 150 yards away, and you hear the kids talking.
You click on and listen to the audio clip.
This was in their demo back in 1998.
That is so sick.
That's the end of our freedom of speech.
What can I say?
But then they're not even honest about it.
See, they go, oh, it's the gunshot detectors.
Oh, man.
I mean, what if you're talking about what we're talking about in a park somewhere?
You know, can these microphones pick that up?
That's scary.
That's the end of our First Amendment right there.
I appreciate your call.
It is.
Look, in 1984, he gets a girlfriend.
And they have to drive on a train like 50 miles away, get in the woods, hike out in the middle of the woods nowhere.
And of course they find out later that shotgun microphones and cameras had picked everything up they did.
Well, in the name of stopping trash dumping all over the country, from Colorado to Austin, Texas...
They've now put up in Austin, what was it last time I saw like two years ago, it was like 300 cameras and microphones hidden in trees.
And they're wireless and they transmit back to a central hub.
And so all over the parks, all over even rural areas, green belts now have cameras up to stop dumping.
And again, the average cops don't even have access to this, don't even know about this.
It's all quietly been put in.
It's all quietly hooked into federal databases.
Very quietly.
And now that they're scaring us, they're going, hey, we need to use these for law enforcement now.
Those gunshot detectors, they can double as microphones to keep you safe.
I mean, it's so sick.
But you're right.
The border stays wide open.
And they issue illegal aliens ID cards.
So there you have it.
Total and complete fraud.
But the scary thing is, what does the government have planned that is so scary and so bad that they know they're going to need this grid in everywhere?
What is it they've got planned that they know will resist so hard that they're going to have to come in with this draconian straitjacket?
The last 30 seconds of this hour...
I want to encourage you to go to prisonplanet.tv and get a 15-cent-a-day membership.
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Be sure and check out the bookstore.
More of your calls, tons of news, and Colonel Greg Roberts coming up.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the federal government has paid for millions of cameras...
And microphones in the last ten years around the United States to be put in.
They put in the radio readers that read the tracker chips.
They put those in five years ago in Texas.
I saw them six years ago in California.
They have put it all in, and now they're going to announce another wave of putting them in.
They're in neighborhoods, four-way stops, literally in the middle of cornfields and cotton fields in Texas and everywhere else I've been.
Now they're going, guess what?
Those aren't just going to be used for traffic.
They were never meant for that.
That was one of the minor uses.
It's going to be used for surveillance now!
Because the terrorists attacked London.
55 people died.
56, I guess, if you count the guy they killed, the innocent person.
And so because of that, we've got to give our children's liberties up and trust the government to have this total draconian system.
So that's really the big news right now, is they're now being honest.
London was honest 20 years ago when they started their camera program.
Now, 4.5 million in London alone.
Every little small town bristling with cameras.
Again, my dad was just in London, and he said it was like porcupines.
He said it was like a joke.
You'd see a pole with like 80 cameras on it.
He said he took pictures of it.
I can't wait to see them.
Been too busy to go over there and look at them.
And he said it was just pictures of black helicopters saying, you're being watched, and all seeing eyes saying, you're being watched.
And we have some of those photos.
We've gotten them from other people up, but my dad saw them.
He saw all this.
My mother saw it.
And she was too busy just looking at all the history.
She's a big British history buff.
She's been there many times, but she just drools over that stuff.
Which I do, too.
I love history.
She knows a lot more than I do about it.
She's got a couple degrees in it.
But my dad was freaked out.
He said, Alex, just since we were there a long time ago, he said it was like, literally, it was like a joke.
He said you'd go in restaurants and there'd be like pods hanging down with like 20 watch eyes.
He says now they've got pods everywhere with like little bitty cameras, you know, the size of the end of a ballpoint pen.
And they're just bristling everywhere.
Just spines of them.
Just light poles, wires, just...
And by the way, Austin has those watch eyes.
They've got lots of these big, huge ones you see.
And I remember back in 98, we were really doing a big investigation on all of this.
In Austin, we found out, I was talking to John Hurt of the Texas Department of Transportation, their spokesman, and he was talking about all the cameras and the federal grants.
And I said, so we have hundreds of cameras in Austin.
He goes, no, no, thousands, well over 10,000.
And then he proceeded to tell me, many of you have seen this on Austin Cable, where we've aired it.
He proceeded to say, oh, yeah, we get federal grants.
They're little bitty wires.
They're everywhere.
And I said, but they're for law enforcement.
He said, oh, no, they're not for law enforcement.
I said, ah, Mr. Hurd, because you're a non-law enforcement body.
But your sister organization, Texas Department of Public Safety, is using them for that.
Alex, you ought to be a lawyer.
Well, no, I said, this is all on tape.
I shouldn't be a lawyer.
I'm just used to you guys' tricks.
It's all semantics.
In fact, a lot of times they tell the truth, but it's twisted.
They revel in twisting it, and it makes me sick.
So now you think, you know, a billion-plus dollars of cameras in New York and, you know, almost that much in Boston for the RNC and DNC, and then, oh, we're going to keep them.
We're going to keep the cameras in.
We're going to keep the cameras in.
You see how they do that over and over and over again?
And, oh, we put microphones up and look for gunshots, but guess what?
They're wonderful long-distance microphones to listen to you.
Also, I've got reports they're putting up laser mics.
Now, you're going to like these.
These shoot a laser that's almost colorless, so you don't see it on your window, like the red laser.
And it listens to you.
The membrane of the microphone is your glass window.
These are being put up in your neighborhoods.
I mean, it's freedom.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, there have supposedly been new developments concerning the Oklahoma City bombing.
Federal documents being released for foyer requests.
Where the FBI is talking about, you know, a plan by Elohim City white supremacists to bomb OKC.
And then another document got released where the Southern Poverty Law Center, this was a few months ago, supposedly, you know, knew a little bit about this, but instead said that it was, you know, the militia.
So there's a lot of conflicting stuff out there, but we know what happened in Oklahoma City.
And Colonel Craig Roberts, of course, best-selling author of One Shot, One Kill, Vietnam, Marine Corps sniper, then in the Army, became a colonel in the Army, worked in all the different capacities from patrolmen in the Tulsa Police Department up to helicopter pilots, SWAT team commander, detective working Oklahoma City case.
He worked some of the cases where they killed cops that...
Yes, hi Alex, how are you?
You talk a lot about the borders and I just wanted to bring up this interesting story.
I went, I lived near the Canadian border and I was leaving and I know the southern border is significantly different, but when we were leaving, the U.S.
Border Patrol was talking to us and asked us a bunch of questions on our way out of the country.
That's a little unnerving.
Well, I've heard now, I mean, what's been in the news, that you get more scrutiny leaving than coming in.
Well, because they don't want the slaves.
It's about keeping the slaves in the right.
Right, exactly.
The third world populations that fly in unmolested into Toronto, a total open gateway to anybody that wants to go there, they've got to have a way to get into the U.S., so that's got to be open.
But getting out, look...
It came out in the Detroit Free Press, what, a few months ago, it's actually last year, time flies, that they x-ray you leaving, not coming in.
No, I'm serious.
They x-ray the cars.
It's ridiculous.
I wonder, you know, you talk a lot about closing the borders.
How do we do that and ensure that
Look, our government has got unlimited funds.
They just print more money.
Very cheaply, for a few billion dollars more a year, they can hire thousands and thousands of Border Patrol.
These states, it's wildly popular to control the borders.
The state governors can call out and say, we're doing a program to beef up civil defense...
And to beef up the State Guard, and we're going to start paying you more than a pittance.
And so we're going to recruit for State Guard a guarantee you won't be shipped out of the country, which they can't do anyways with State Guard, though they're trying.
And we're going to have a six-month program to add, in the northern states, maybe 1,000, 2,000 State Guard on Texas and California, the big states that also have the big border problems.
We're going to add 10,000 State Guard.
And then we're going to pay these people full-time who want to go down or create some new state agency or have the state police do it, have a giant hiring bonanza.
The states can do this.
The feds should be doing this, but they're not doing it.
And they've got troops on the border, but it's to look for drugs.
It's not to look for illegal aliens.
They could end that border problem in six months.
There wouldn't be a jackrabbit making it across that border.
How do you stop them from turning the gun in, if need be?
Well... You know, from their perspective.
Well, I mean, that is a good point, but they've already done that.
See, that's the point.
It's hard for you to get out.
It's not hard for other people to get in.
Listen, anything else?
No, that's it.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go to Craig Roberts.
Craig, I wanted to talk about a few other news items before we got into Oklahoma City, but...
What the caller just raved about controlling our borders.
I mean, you've worked at all levels of, you know, on the ground peace officer.
You've worked in the military.
You've been in theater, you know, in Vietnam, in combat.
I mean, am I incorrect in saying that we could secure the border?
You do.
I mean, we could secure the entire Ho Chi Minh Trail if we wanted to.
Our southwest border...
Would be the easiest border to secure because it's desert.
You know, there's no jungle to hide in.
You know, with aircraft, you can patrol everything.
With ground sensors, you can tell anytime anybody comes across.
The issue is having enough people out there to deal with it so that the word gets back south of the border that if you cross, you will get caught.
And here's the problem.
We just send them back and they just cross again.
Well, we've got 150,000 troops in Iraq, hundreds of thousands in Europe in support roles.
I mean, 10,000 troops would end the problem pretty quick.
Oh, yeah.
I had a debate on that.
On the internet once with a guy that was telling me that because of posse comitatus we can't use troops down there to enforce the law.
Well, that's wrong because if you go to the Constitution itself, the primary job of the federal government is to defend the nation.
Yeah, they're doing everything they're not supposed to and nothing they're supposed to.
You could put the entire United States Army on the southwest border from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to California and you'd be perfectly within the law because that is a border which is the federal government's responsibility.
And what is incredible to me is they're doing absolutely nothing about it.
I mean, they'll search an 80-year-old granny at the airport, but they won't stop 15 Islamic males coming across the border in New Mexico.
Well, Craig, let me comment on that, because I talked to one of the security screeners at the Austin airport.
If the terror threat was really real from Islamicist extremists, which I believe it's manufactured, the evidence shows that, but even if it was real, how can they... They're training us that this is for the general public.
Well, this whole terror thing is being promulgated to the point where it creates a Hegelian problem that they've got to solve by passing more laws that take more of our rights away.
It's as simple as that.
It's moving us into a police state by utilizing a manufactured problem
I think so.
You know, it's hard to keep the cattle in the barn if the door's left open.
Well, exactly.
That's a better analogy.
My complex one is, you've got a castle.
They leave the drawbridge down, welcome in the enemy barbarian hordes.
Meanwhile, the castle guard are busy guarding five-year-old children because they might be barbarian hordes.
Yeah, exactly.
I went to my congressman, and I sat down with him.
And I said, what is the White House saying about the border problem?
What is Bush's plan?
What's he going to do?
What's he even mentioned to you?
He says, absolutely nothing.
I can't get any information out of him at all that he's even concerned with it.
Well, now that tells you right there.
If he's going to be concerned about teaching SWAT teams in Baghdad and concerned about searching Pearl Harbor veterans in Honolulu trying to get on an airplane to get home from reunions,
Then why isn't he concerned about our entire southwest border?
Let me tell you, I just... I've got to stop you again.
Tell that story about you're over at the base in Hawaii doing some military stuff, and this is just like a year ago, and I saw this in Chicago.
People on oxygen with their little military hats on from World War II with some mean foreigner rudely jabbing at them.
Tell that story.
Well, actually, I was on my way to Hawaii,
I think so.
And this is when they had the odd screener at the gate that would get you as you were trying to get on the airplane and pull you out of line.
I notice they're not doing that right now, but then they were.
And this is after we'd already gone through magnetic gates, we'd walked past National Guard guys.
I saw them search a guy who looked like he was about to die.
We get up there, and they're having a Pearl Harbor Survivors reunion, and they've got all these old guys with their ball caps on and their medals on the ball cap, and
I saw the exact thing, but it was only one guy with his wife.
And she looked like she was probably about 78.
He had to be like 89.
And he had a walker.
They were rolling an oxygen tank.
And he had the little military hat with all the medals on it.
And literally, I almost said something.
This scumbag was being rude to him because he was obviously deaf.
She was like yelling at this old man.
I mean, this is sick.
Well, I went up to the screener and I said, what are you doing?
He said, well, it's none of your business.
I said, well, I can make it my business.
I said, what are you doing?
He says, well, I'm searching this guy.
I said, you just let a whole bunch of people get on that were obviously of Middle Eastern descent without a second look, and you're pulling out an American hero, a war veteran...
Who's obviously here on legitimate business to search.
He says, well, we're not allowed to profile.
I says, well, you better figure out a way to profile, son, because you know what?
And I threw my badge on him and I said, I've been a police officer for 27 years and I'm going to tell you something right now.
When they put out an APB for a white male in his 20s that just robbed a convenience store, we don't stop little old ladies in their 80s.
We don't stop black guys in their 40s.
We look for the right kind of person.
And, you know, you need to start thinking about it.
I know.
And by this whole profiling argument that the media gave all this attention, it was designed to make us all suspects.
If a red van with a Mexican male, 35 years old, with an anchor tattoo on his left forearm, just killed somebody, you don't go pull over 45-year-old black women.
Well, precisely.
And every police department in the world profiles, but TSA doesn't.
Now, what's wrong with this picture?
It's insane.
Well, it's about training us all to be slaves, isn't it?
I mean, it boils down to that.
We're going to come back and talk about the London bombing.
Get Colonel Roberts' take on that.
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All right, your calls are coming up later in the shower.
We're going to finish up with the TSA, then get into the London situation and the latest developments concerning Oklahoma City and other inside jobs.
Clearly now they're saying, we're not just going to have TSA in the... And this was so predictable.
In fact, you predicted on the show, I remember, so did I. It's not hard to do that.
Then there'll be bombings on buses.
Doesn't even have to be here.
It can be over there.
Now we've got to have checkpoints at buses.
Now we've got to... Last year they said, we need to put checkpoints in malls, random searches, checkpoints, metal detectors to get in.
But meanwhile, the castle gates are open, the barn door is open.
It's a joke.
I mean, it's a total fraud, and they know that this isn't going to stop terror.
Then Colonel Roberts, being in the military, being a law enforcement, what is this really about?
Well, I think that there's three or four agendas that happen at the same time.
You know, these people behind a lot of this use their time to accomplish as much as possible, and there's always several layers on the onion.
The first layer of the onion is what we see on TV and what they want us to think.
The second layer is what they're really doing behind the scenes.
And the third layer is something they're planning to happen on down the road that we're not supposed to know about, and so on.
Why are they putting this control grid in?
That's exactly what I said last hour.
You've got to think about what they claim, the fraud they're pushing, and then what they're really doing, and then why are they doing it.
And what are they planning next week, next month, next year?
And what we've got here, I just had to fly up to...
I went to Chicago and do a History Channel thing about a week ago.
I try not to ever fly, but it was one of those deals I had to go.
I went through both the airports, including the Chicago O'Hare airport.
I noticed that everybody was just lining up meekly in their nice little lines and producing all this identification and no one saying anything because they don't want to miss their flight.
They don't want to get detained and so on.
Basically, what we've had on the TSA deal at the airports is an exercise in mind control.
We're being lined up like sheep.
Don't say anything.
Be quiet.
You can't even carry nail clippers with you.
It gets very intimidating.
In fact, when I went through the gate in Tulsa,
There was nail clippers in my shaving kit bag.
I didn't even think they were in there.
I didn't even think about it.
I've done that every time I fly.
And they have to call a supervisor over.
They show it to you and say, Do you know this is a prohibited item?
And they wave it in your face.
I looked at it and I said, well, if you say so.
Claiming you that you're a criminal?
Yeah, I mean, they're treating you like garbage and you're supposed to sit there and take it and say, oh, meekly, yes ma'am, no sir, you know, I'm so sorry and yada, yada, yada.
I looked at them and I said, well, you can have it if you want it.
And they said, well, did you know it's a prohibited item?
I said, no, I didn't.
I didn't think you could hurt anybody with nail clippers.
I said when there's all kinds of other weapons on the airplane.
I mean, there's so much on there.
Shoelaces are a garage.
Yeah, I mean, the oxygen masks.
I mean, there's so many things on that airplane that you could use.
A rolled-up magazine.
They give you the magazines on every chair.
You can roll one up and use it as a weapon.
I mean...
There's so many ridiculous things.
But the bottom line is that that doesn't have anything to do with it.
What it is all based around is us being good little citizens, lining up, doing as we're told.
No, I mean, it's trading us just like in the old German war movie where line up, papers please.
Right, exactly.
In fact, if you go to my website at riflewarrior.com, scroll down, look at the article that says you have papers.
And it goes into the whole TSA thing.
By the way now, they've had TSA before they, quote, disbanded it and changed the name last month.
It has trained police departments all over the country and other security services to how to do this.
And the whole country.
This was announced last year.
Shopping malls, checkpoints.
I mean, this is going to be hell on earth, Craig.
Well, you know, you and I both have predicted...
Dozens of things that would happen, and they've all happened.
So I'm going to predict another one.
We're going to end up with border control checkpoints at the states.
We're going to end up with city control checkpoints near the city limits before you can even get in or out of town.
They'll have different types of security lockdowns on cities.
They're going to set up, of course, the national citizen ID thing.
Where you can go through, it'll be a card reader.
They're going to do the smart chip deal, and it's just going to keep going all the way down to everybody... Did you know they introduced that?
That's in the Texas legislature right now?
The legislature of several states.
Yeah, actually, 24 states right now are trying to pass chips.
In the inspection sticker that tracks you...
Yeah, and you know, you get these pipe passes that you have in your car.
Everybody's going to have a citizen ID pass on their car that every time you go under one of these camera lights, it's going to tell them where your car was.
You know, I'm looking for them to have smart technology in the steering wheel that only a certain person can drive the car.
Toyota just came out with that.
Here we go.
I can't even predict, and it's already happened now.
But these things are happening, and it all has to do with controlling the population.
But the border's going to be wide open, and we're going to give more tuition to illegals, give them credit, just basically they're felons, but they're legal.
Oh, yeah, and you've got Aslan Brigade wants to take over California and Arizona, and they're letting them do it.
They're doing nothing against these guys who are professed terrorists who say, we will kill you white people.
We will do this.
We will do that.
We're going to take this place back as if they ever had it.
Well, let's get into the London bombing briefly and then into all of the real threats, the nuclear threat, the suitcase nuke threat, and this new Oklahoma City information.
Stay with us and get ready.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Talking about basically just everything.
The whole New World Order, why people believe in the New World Order, why people are waking up so fast.
That's really the basis of the discussion with George Norrie.
So that's coming up next Wednesday.
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All right, Craig, we've got loaded phones.
We haven't even gotten into Oklahoma City yet.
You're going to be with us about 30 minutes to the next hour.
I know you're busy with some fencing you've got to put up to keep your animals in.
They're on your Hacienda in Oklahoma.
But getting into the London bombings, for those that just joined us, let me just throw this out.
We know that they were running drills at the exact same time, exact same places, two and a half weeks ago on 7-7.
That's impossible.
The classic cover story, just like 9-11, they're running drills.
Or Putin's people get caught planting bombs in Moscow in 99 by Moscow police.
They catch them.
Oh, we're running a drill.
So you've got that operational cover.
Always the telltale sign, a simultaneous drill.
Then we've got eyewitnesses on buses and trains saying bombs blew up into the structure with packages on board the buses.
We have this guy running onto a train.
They come and sit on him.
He's not resisting.
They pump five rounds into him, and now they're saying it's someone with the army dressed up like police doing this.
Obviously, folks, some of their special forces, SAS or whoever, we don't know.
The police say, hey, that's just the way it is.
We may have to start killing people.
Even if they're innocent, it's better safe than sorry.
007, two weeks ago, they issued License to Kill Powers to the General Police.
So we have that going on.
By the way, the reason they killed him, he looked scared, he was jogging, and he was wearing a raincoat, a sports jacket, a windbreaker.
And for those that don't know, the day he died, it was 62 degrees in London.
So, I mean, I wear a windbreaker a lot of times when it's that chilly, especially if I'm not going to be out doing something strenuous.
So they killed him.
There's a hundred other points, evidence they doctored surveillance camera videos.
Look at how they had emergency powers about to pass right when it happened.
The Patriot Act helped pass here.
Blair's in deep political trouble.
His national ID card's in trouble.
All this is going on, and then magically this happens.
Now, were they decoys as part of another government drill?
Or were these guys that ran up and supposedly threw satchels on buses, and then none of them explode four times out of four?
All of this is very, very suspicious and points towards an element in the government doing this.
Colonel Roberts, your comments on that?
Well, you know, if we did a laundry list of all the times...
Where we found other explosives had gone off and was not the official version of the story, such as Oklahoma City, we know that there was plastic explosives on the columns inside the building.
Jane Graham witnessed them putting it up.
We know that probably Strassmeyer was involved because she saw him and picked his picture out and said, that's one of the three guys I saw putting his stuff on the columns when I came to work that day in the Murrah building.
We know that there's firefighters who talked about explosions that went off below them after they were in the World Trade Center buildings.
People on the streets said they heard rumbling.
I think so.
It doesn't meet what the eyewitnesses saw.
TWA 800, 200-something people saw one or two missiles.
The government says the airplane just decided to blow up that night.
End of story.
It's just to the point where anytime somebody gets on a podium on television after an event and starts to make a statement, you can just about be guaranteed he's lying.
And if he's not lying on day one, he will be by day two when they spin it.
We've talked about this before, where the most important time to watch the news is the first 15 minutes to hour after the event happens.
Because you're going to have spontaneous things going on with everybody trying to push cameras around and get statements and see what's going on.
By the next day, half the stuff you saw has disappeared.
You'll not see it again because they watched it.
And when that happens, you know that this operation wasn't just some bad guys.
There's somebody else behind the operation, and they're using these guys as scapegoats.
They're the Lee Harvey Oswalds.
You know, that's the first layer of the onion.
This is what we want you to believe.
This is what we want you to see.
Well, it's like in Dallas.
They have the Army doing drills in the skies above.
The day that Reagan was shot, this is admitted, they were doing a presidential succession drill where he gets shot.
Explain to people why they love to use drills as the cover.
You get enough things going on, enough events going on, you lessen the possibility of very many eyewitnesses.
I want to watch a parade over here, so why should I pay any attention to a dog barking in the backyard, even though that's a burglar breaking in the house?
I'm watching the parade with a marching band.
The more pizazz stuff that they can throw out there, the more attention it's going to get, and it's a diversion.
So a lot of this stuff is a diversion.
A lot of it, I think, there's some coincidence in some of it, but not all of it.
And when we see these things, we're seeing a lot of things going on around us, and most people can't process it all.
They don't look behind the door.
Basically, it's a cover, it's a distraction, and then if people within the compartmentalized government agencies who are good notice part of this operation, they just go, hey, that's need to know.
Or if one of their operatives gets caught involved in the terror attack or the operation, oh no, he was just part of the drill.
Well, imagine, you know, the big ship during World War II, a Japanese freighter steams into Tokyo Bay.
Well, everybody's looking at the big ship steaming into Tokyo Bay.
What they don't understand is there's an American fleet boat submarine underneath it that's following it in and through the nets.
The diversion's the big ship.
So that's what you're seeing is a lot of this stuff, you're going to see this dog and pony show when in actual fact you need to be looking at other places at the same time to find out what else is going on.
Anything that's not usual in your neighborhood, check it out and see what's going on behind the scenes.
You know, it's just the old police rule of thumb.
And we don't do that.
A lot of times what Americans do, they close the blinds, they close the windows, they close the doors, they put their head in the sand.
They don't want to know anything.
They don't want to get involved.
I can't tell you how many times I've been on calls where somebody's been shot, somebody's been killed, somebody's been beaten up, and I couldn't find any witnesses, even though I know 20 people saw it.
They don't want to get involved.
You know, that's incredible that I've seen car wrecks, and I know by law, plus I do it anyway,
I pull over to help.
And all these people that were even in front of me are witnesses standing, you know, pumping gas at a gas station 20 yards away.
I see them, you know, witness it and they get in their cars and get out of there and then I wait and I'm like the only person when the cops show up.
And Americans didn't used to be like that.
I mean, we see these stories every week or two where...
A woman's beaten up and raped and beaten in the head with a lead pipe in a street and lays there for an hour.
People walk by her naked, bleeding body.
Or we had a few years ago, a cop got hit in the street and he got knocked off the side of the road right by a big gas station.
He lay there for 45 minutes before cops came by and helped him.
I mean, oh, I don't want to get involved.
I don't want to get involved.
I don't want to get involved.
Well, there's a case.
I can't remember the gal's name.
Mary something.
That they use as an example in police academies that actually happened back in the early 60s.
This gal was walking down the street and a guy walked up to her with a knife and there were people in all the buildings around looking out the window and he began stabbing her in this alcove of this building and there was 30-40 people sitting there watching.
No one called the police.
No one tried to interfere.
No one yelled out the window, hey what are you doing?
No one came to the woman's aid and this guy walked off.
And that was in the 60s.
So, I don't know exactly when this stuff started happening, but a lot of it has to do with people not wanting to get involved because they don't want to go to court, they don't want to miss work, they don't want to testify.
Don't they know, though, that that creates an atmosphere where all of us are in more danger?
When nobody cares about each other?
They're always waiting for the other guy to deal with it.
You know, let the police deal with it.
Let somebody else deal with it that knows more about it than I do or bigger than I am or whatever.
But instead they'll tattle on things that don't matter.
Ooh, I heard my neighbors arguing.
I better call the police.
But then they see somebody climbing over the fence, they don't call the police.
Yeah, it's incredible.
Back to the bombings before I forget about it.
In London...
If you have an explosive on... I've been all over the metro underground in London.
The tube, they call it.
You even trained with them, didn't you?
Oh, yeah.
I worked with the London PD for five weeks.
The London Metropolitan Police.
The meth, they called it over there.
The bobbies.
Walked beats with them and the whole bit.
And a good bunch of guys.
And they try real hard.
Of course, they're unarmed.
And I felt naked walking around in a Tulsa police uniform and no gun belt.
But they're arming them now.
Well, what they rely on there is they rely on their whistles and their radios.
Because there's so many police in London that you can't go any place without one standing on a corner someplace.
If you get somebody running from you, you blow your whistle and start chasing them.
You keep blowing your whistle, and by the time you get to the end of the block, you've got five cops there.
And a helicopter.
It's incredible.
I mean, it's incredible how fast they can react.
Well, when you get into London Underground, the tube...
The only way that you can have explosives going on under the cars in a tube station is have something on the tracks that's disguised where no one realizes it because everybody over there is conscious of packages.
Because the IRA stuff that happened several years ago.
So everybody reports suspicious packages and at every stop there's usually a metro police guy there that he's watching everything and he's definitely watching for packages.
Because of the IRA bombings.
Plus you've got bristling cameras.
Right, you've got cameras everywhere over there now, more than when I was there.
And so the only way that you could have something, it would have to have been placed there at some time where it was either buried in the gravel or it was in something that didn't look out of ordinary, or it was thrown under the train just before it drove up.
In any case, it had to be detonated somehow.
Well, what they're doing to detonate these things now is they're putting cell phones on them.
And they're just calling that number and when the cell phone rings it sets off the blasting cap.
That's what the Arabs are doing, or the terrorists are doing in Baghdad.
Now, a lot of these car bombs are all set off remote control now by cell phones.
It's extremely simple.
And that could have been very easily done.
And you call one cell phone number after another on your little list right there, just bang, bang, bang, bang.
Also, within 45 seconds, these bombs go off, and then now even Scotland Yard...
Another tactic they've come up with now is they recruit you and say, you're going to do this.
You're going to be a suicide bomber.
Or you're going to take this package and all you're going to do is just leave it there and let us know when it's there.
And then you can leave.
What's going to happen if you don't do it is we're going to kill your whole family.
We know where they live.
We know who they all are.
One of the deals in Baghdad, a guy drove up and the bomb didn't go off.
He was handcuffed to the steering wheel of the car at the checkpoint.
They got him out of the car to interrogate him.
When they saw the handcuff on him, he said, I didn't want to be here, but I had no choice.
They've got my family in their hands.
A lot of this isn't as
So many people want to die for Alice are being forced to.
Back to the London deal, it's very easy to have some guy just carry a package someplace and lay it down and walk off to a pay phone and call you and say, okay, it's there.
Then you call it on a cell phone and bang, there it goes.
It is so simple to do this stuff.
But what's going to happen now is the lockdowns.
The thing about the London bombings, the first ones that went off,
What was going on in this country that very same day?
They were going to extend or make permanent the Patriot Act.
And Bush said, oh, look, we've had more of these smaller bombings last week that very same day.
We better pass this.
And then when that happened, everybody just stood up and said, okay.
So, basically, there goes more of our rights, there goes more of our privacy, and so on.
And you can't
Believe that Al-Qaeda is such a gigantic organization and they could do all of these things so successfully.
The PLO hasn't been able to do it.
Islamic Jihad hasn't been able to do it.
Hamas has not been able to do it.
These guys have been around for decades.
With billions of dollars of funding.
Unlimited funding.
But now magically Al-Qaeda...
And they admit Al-Qaeda is only a file name in the CIA, by the way.
Yeah, that's just a name for the group.
Yeah, funny that they would take the name that the CIA gave them.
It's a total fraud.
We're going to come back and talk about OKC and then start going to your calls.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate medium.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
William and many others.
We'll go straight to your calls here in about six and a half minutes when we start the third hour.
Bunch of other news I haven't even gotten to yet.
We'll get Craig Roberts' take on it.
Always great to have Colonel Roberts on with us.
Riflewarrior.com is the website.
Check it out today.
Craig, I have this article here from a week and a half ago.
Newspaper claims former DOJ officials confirm bombing cover-up.
The FBI releases, through a FOIA request, a document saying, oh yeah, we basically knew there was going to be a bombing orchestrated by Elohim City and the white supremacists.
Years ago, Craig, we knew the government and Morris Dees and others wanted to blame white supremacists, then try to connect that in to the right wing in America and have this big purge.
So we predicted all this would be said and done.
The problem is, if the feds have these surveillance camera tapes, just show us the tapes.
We've talked to the FBI agents and others that have seen these tapes and police that witnessed not the tapes, but what actually happened.
It was Middle Easterners
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, when you've got...
You know, like Cash writing articles trying to reinforce stuff he was saying a long time ago and still doing it.
I find that's a little bit on the odorous side.
We know for a fact that we investigated Elohim City inside and out.
We can tell you the names of Millar's grandchildren.
We know which house everybody lives in.
The whole thing, yeah, there was some talk of blowing up buildings there, but it was done by people who came in from the outside.
You had Dennis Mahon down there, you had Andrew Strassmeyer come in, and just agent provocateur type stuff.
Because these people down there weren't interested in any of this, other than the fact that they did have some ties back to the old Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord.
But then Strassmeyer is ID'd there at OKC.
He's ID'd in the building when they're putting explosives on the columns.
And then we get the FBI.
Trinidou gets the FBI memos that show and answer the question for me of what
Now, again, it shows that one of the major people they're fingering, or the group they're fingering, is actually one of their minions.
And then you've got... Colonel, I've got to stop you.
Repeat that for people that might have missed it.
Which part?
Understand, we've got the Morris Deeds Memo, and tell people what that says.
Well, okay, the Morris Deeds Memo is an FBI memo that says that Andrew Strassmeyer was reporting, basically, to paraphrase, to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And that which means, since he was there prior to the bombing...
That the Southern Poverty Law Center had to know if there was anything going on there, and if there was any bombing plans going on, then they would have had to have information on that.
And then you've got Strassmeyer in the building.
In the end, but let's take it a step further.
When Strassmeyer goes to leave the country, if he's an asset of Morris Dees, why is he picked up by Kirk Lyons, who's just the opposite of Morris Dees?
Kirk Lyons is the guy who's a lawyer who defended the Waco survivors and got them all 40 years apiece.
Great defense lawyer.
He's the guy that defended the KKK against Morris Dees.
He's the guy that defended all these neo-Nazi bunches, skinheads and so on.
And then he gets Strassmeyer, who's supposedly over here for the German government, to infiltrate the neo-Nazi bunch.
And he's using the lawyer that defends the neo-Nazis.
I mean, this egg just gets more colors every time we dip it in the pot.
It's pretty clear what's going on.
We'll tell you when we get back.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, William, Reggie, Jeff, Jason, we're going to get your calls.
Colonel Roberts with us for another 30 minutes, and then we're going to get into a bunch of other news I haven't even covered yet.
There's so much of it.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv, and infowars.net, of course.
All have separate webmasters, a lot of different news.
Be sure to check them out.
And don't forget Colonel Roberts' website, riflewarrior.com.
Craig, I want to go ahead and get to William in this segment, but just a brief question.
And it starts with a statement.
People listen to this show, and at first they get confused, because reality isn't simple.
You know, you've got white supremacist leaders who admittedly work for the German government to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups.
You've got this individual scene planting explosives in the building.
You've got the feds saying it's McVeigh alone, but the local police and the surveillance cameras grab international security, show these Middle Eastern Arabs who we know work for the Pentagon...
This is how an intelligence operation works.
Multi-layered, a lot of confusion.
The truth must be guarded by a bodyguard of lies, as Churchill said.
Can you speak to that, Colonel?
Oh yeah.
It's just one thing after another along that line where they get so many false rabbit trails going so many different directions.
They did that to us on the investigation up front.
We kept getting, well, we need to check this and we need to check that.
It ended up being like the Kennedy assassination where you had 200 agents out in the field interviewing Aunt Matilda.
Aunt Matilda's mule had nothing to do with the investigation, but it created paperwork.
And what a great investigation we did.
Here's 16 feet of paperwork we did.
But none of it has any substance.
You've got to go through all of it to find one 302 report that means anything.
And then you find out it's been altered.
And that's not what the person said after all.
I mean, we see this all the time.
And that is a typical government cover-up type operation.
And that's what we ran into here.
But it's pretty clear.
I mean, they want to ban free speech, take our guns, total police state gulag, Morris Dees, Southern Sleaze Center, Southern Poverty Law Center.
They're caught in their own memos.
This is now admitted with Strassmayer reporting to them, and he's the guy in there reportedly by eyewitnesses that fit the description planting the bomb.
He's running all over the country trying to create a link with militias and other people.
Same thing McVeigh is doing.
It gets pretty clear, Colonel.
Oh, yeah.
You know, when Strassmayer came in, one of the first things he did is appointed himself chief of security at LM City.
She's an informant, goes public, and then they try to go after her.
Because, again, they were going to... Look, I go back to the Bum Share Award in 98.
It's incredible.
Texas Monthly gives these to like 20 idiots every year.
It's a big deal.
Guess who won first place?
The FBI for creating a Klan group that didn't even exist before of literally low-grade morons.
Some of them were retarded.
That's always the M.O.
Literal retarded people trying to get them to carry out bombings.
And when they couldn't finally do that, they went ahead and arrested them and claimed they ended a great plan to bomb a chemical plant.
Craig, it's the same story.
Well, Waco was the same thing for the ATF.
They were going to lose their funding.
They were talking about disbanding them.
They were talking about rolling them over into the FBI.
So the ATF, in a drastic move, goes to Waco and does a big photo op.
And it turns out it did not work so good because they get shot back at.
And that's what that whole thing was.
They were going to go in there.
That's why they had the media with cameras rolling on a raid.
It was to bolster their image and say, gee, look at all these people we caught with automatic weapons and this, that, and the other.
Well, we even got the memo where they said this was going to be a great funding mechanism.
Yeah, exactly.
And they ended up killing 51 people.
On my website right now, by the way, I've posted the defense motion filed by Nichols Lawyers.
So go to riflewarrior.com, scroll down the Oklahoma City bombing report, and right below that,
Read that Nichols Lawyer's Defense Motion.
It goes into all of the other stuff we're talking about.
All right, we're going to come back and talk to William, Reggie, Jeff, and Jason.
Then we'll get into that new motion.
And a lot more.
We've got 55 minutes left.
I hope you'll stay with us.
It's going to be jam-packed with the truth.
Not propaganda.
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Alex Jones here, America.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, 8 minutes, 20 seconds into this third hour on this Monday live edition.
We've got Colonel Roberts with us for about 22 more minutes.
Then I'm going to get into more detail on the new developments in the London bombing.
Why am I spending so much time on this and not Karl Rove?
Karl Rove is a puppet that can be replaced overnight.
Then it'll be a big false victory and, oh, we defeated evil.
When Karl Rove is nothing.
But this London bombing clearly is being used as a smokescreen, as a pretext for police state, and the evidence all points towards government orchestration.
That is, a criminal element of the government orchestrating it.
So many people say, Alex, you think the government did it?
No, no, no.
Criminal elements in the government.
You know, it's like when some guy who works for the Commerce Department steals $2 million worth of computers.
I'm not saying everyone at the Commerce Department is a thief.
But there are people, you know, they get caught all the time stealing.
I'm talking about people in powerful positions in government who are cold-blooded killers, folks.
They see blowing up an airplane or flying stuff into buildings or bombing buses as collateral damage.
They're killers.
Most of the people running our government, the Negropontes and people like that, were death squad leaders.
I mean, these guys have been doing this since they were, you know, back in the 60s, they were hit men.
You know?
I mean, these guys have been around, folks.
It means nothing to them.
I mean, they're very vicious.
And they want to take your way of life.
It's real simple.
William in Texas, you're on the air with Craig Roberts.
Go ahead.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
I have a question pertaining to being fingerprinted for state ID cards.
And my question is, is there a way to refuse being fingerprinted due to religious beliefs?
And Texas was one of the first states to put biometrics in in 93.
I was arrested protesting it in 97.
That's in my film, America Destroyed by Design.
So there's nothing I can do.
I'm going to have to get my fingerprint to get the state ID card.
Yeah, because they've got to have it.
Because, see, that same thumbprint's going in the tanning salons.
The grocery stores, Disney World, Disneyland, SeaWorld, everywhere.
I mean, already, sir, in Austin.
Five years ago, I couldn't find anywhere that had thumb scanners.
Now in Austin, check cashing places, tanning salons, gyms.
You know, everywhere, they're putting the biometrics in that then track and trace everywhere you go.
Even when you pay cash, they're going to make you do this because, quote, it's going to be for the new national sales tax.
And that new national sales tax is going to be graduated according to your income.
So we've got to make sure, you know, that you're in the right tax bracket.
But really, it brings tracking and control.
And then, if you're not a good globalist...
You think no right to fly is bad?
Oh, sorry, you're on the terror watch list or the crime watch list.
Well, now, sorry, you can't buy a loaf of bread, and that's in the Patriot Act.
You know, you can't do business with somebody on the watch list.
Oh, sorry, in fact, I've got an alert here to call the police on you.
Colonel Roberts comments.
Well, you know, I had a phone call from a friend who's a school teacher, and she said, I don't want to give them my thumbprint scan on the driver's license here in Oklahoma, and they're requiring that now.
And I said, well, that's part of it, but get ready because eventually they're going to go to the chip.
And I had to explain what that was all about.
By the way, I'm having a senior moment, but last week I never covered it.
A governor last week got a chip, and then a member of the cabinet got a chip last week, and I didn't even read it on air.
Sorry, go ahead.
We're getting people that are volunteering to say, I don't see anything wrong with it.
I'd take one.
And it's just absolutely incredible.
See how this works now?
Got to have the thumbprint or no job.
Got it, CC?
Under federal regulations, got to have the ID card to get a job.
That's why I'm getting the card.
That's why I have to get the card is for a job.
So this is what we're fighting.
Listen, you're going to be paying a new national sales tax on top of an income tax in the next five years.
You're going to have a transponder in your inspection sticker tracking you.
And your life's not going to get better, by the way.
It's going to get worse.
I've been keeping up with this for the last ten years.
I'm well aware of what's going on, and I'm preparing to get myself out of the United States.
Well, I don't even know if that'll help.
You know, you'll go to a third world country where there's no technology, but eventually everybody's going to end up, you know... Yeah, Brazil and Argentine, they've already put them in.
Brazil has put them in?
Yeah, and... Yes?
Dang, that's aggravating.
That's where I was headed.
Well, look at Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is still a pretty good place to head and still good for expats, expatriates.
But, Colonel, last year they started thumb printing.
Costa Rica did?
Well, Shazam, do like me.
Buy a sailboat and head for sea.
What happens if you don't have a fingerprint?
Say you're a bricklayer and you keep your fingerprints rubbed off by a brick all the time.
It will be selectively enforced.
The illegal aliens...
Are allowed to get loans, bank accounts with no IDs.
This is all admitted.
The corporations are told this.
Citizens, it's enforced on.
Well, let me tell you what it's going to come down to, say, in ten years.
The government will carry out terror attacks and claim that a Christian group against chips and against biometrics is behind it.
Then anyone who's against it will be fingered as being part of the terrorists.
Thus, you've got to go to a camp...
And we all can't pay for the people at the camp, so you're going to have to work to pay for your food.
And Michael Savage is calling for that, except he just says for those that disagree with the administration.
So, Colonel, do you agree with that analysis?
Yeah, and don't forget, also, they're going to retina scans and they're going to DNA.
So your DNA will be on file because, you know, your body might show up someplace and they won't be able to identify it.
We've got these pedophiles out here preying on children.
We've got to get their DNA.
We're getting the DNA of everybody that's ever been arrested.
We're getting the DNA of everybody that's gone in the military because, I mean, they might get shot down and we have to go dig their bones up later.
Well, by the way, in England they're just going to start DNAing everybody.
Yeah, and we will too.
It'll happen.
When you go in to get your driver's license, you give them a mouth swab.
I've worked for myself all my life and I've worked very hard to keep myself off of government computers.
Basically I would say the only thing on government computers is probably my social security card.
As far as banking, driving, I've drove with an international driver's license.
And I've worked real hard to do this.
Well, look, they're making it, sir.
I've got to let you go because we've got loaded phones.
They're making it where you cannot get around it.
If you want to talk more about it, William, you can call me back tomorrow.
They're making it where there's no way.
Listen, they're even trying to pass laws where, let's say you own a piece of property.
You've got to pay the property tax on it.
Now they're going to want not just a check from you, but they're going to want an updated license when you go and pay it.
Oh, we're not accepting your check now.
You've got to come and present that in person or with a photocopy of your driver's license.
Sorry, we're taking your property.
Craig, this is scary.
I know.
It's incredible.
I'm always a proponent against property tax to begin with, but we won't go down that rabbit trail right now.
But the whole thing is that Dr. Frankenstein in the castle...
Fears the peasants with a pitchfork.
So, therefore, he wants us to be intimidated.
He wants us to be totally identifiable.
You can't hide anyplace.
You know, you can run, but you can't hide.
But the government has a mantle of total secrecy around itself.
And, you know, it's like it's a felony to lie to a federal agent, but they can lie to you all they want and nothing happens.
I mean, it's becoming an us-and-them deal.
And it's just like in old feudal England.
They have more rights because they work for the king than you, the citizen.
We are now becoming subjects.
Well, and suspects.
Subjects and suspects, because everybody out here... Now, I just thought of... Craig, that's great.
By making everybody a suspect, guilty until proven innocent, we all become subjects.
Yeah, exactly.
And we also feel intimidated for it.
You know, I don't want them looking at me twice.
I don't want, you know, I'm going to keep my head straight ahead in line.
I don't want anybody to notice me.
And then they train the cops, and anybody that acts like that is probably a criminal.
They see everybody act like that to them, and the cop thinks, man, they must all be criminals.
Yeah, it's the yes and them thing.
You know, I saw it for years in the military.
I saw it for years in government service.
You know, I look at police all the time.
I make a habit of it, and a lot of them,
I seem to think it's like I'm trying to be mean to them or I'm bad or something.
So I'm trying to make eye contact with them.
We've got the troopers around here.
I go by, wave at them, I pull up, stop and talk to them, go have coffee with them and stuff like that.
But still, it's the old mentality.
You know, once out in that car, you know, you're not a person anymore.
You're a driver in a vehicle.
Well, I want them to know they're helping flush their children's fusions down the toilet if they go along with this.
And just know that you're going to put your children in hell.
Let's talk to Reggie in New Jersey.
Thanks for holding, Reggie.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
I want to thank you for all the work that you're doing.
I think that you're a true patron.
Just to tell you, don't get burned out too much.
I'm not burned out, man.
I'm calling to comment on the searching of public transportation passengers in New York, and I want to testify that it's also happening in New Jersey, here where I live.
I woke up on this.
This morning was all over the news, and basically my question to you is, how do we handle this?
Because it seems like it's getting to the point where it's a literal, physical imprisonment upon our rights.
Well, it is.
And again, it's not going to... I mean, if you had a real suicide bomber, he's going to go, I'm running and go...
You're not going to stop me.
Searching five-year-old girls is just meant to get us all used to being controlled and ordered up against the wall like Craig said in the last hour.
I wanted to bring up one point.
I'm an African-American.
Not that it matters too much in this discussion, but my point is the blacks went through something that is reminding me of what is happening right now where their civil rights were just physically... It was a hand-on-hand combat state.
They had to stand up and say, no, I'm not going to go...
And the government knows we're going to fight back.
That's why they've got the riot police ready, the microwave guns, the sound cannons.
Colonel Roberts, comments on what Reggie's saying?
Well, yeah, he's exactly right.
And we're seeing that now.
It's an ever-tightening vice.
And the American people are caught in it.
And they're doing it under the guise of national security, which is one of the oldest solves there is.
We've had a lot of police calling in saying that they're going to say no to the searches.
Well, and I've talked to a lot of officers that say they're not going along with it either because they can see it coming down the pike to where eventually the police will be disarmed by the federal police or they'll become part of the federal police with cross-deputization and one thing will lead to another and pretty soon there won't be a way to fight back.
And they see that coming, and they don't want their family caught in it either.
Reggie, anything else?
Yeah, African Americans did win the race.
Let's not get that.
All right.
Anything else?
No, that's all.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
We'll be right back with Jeff and Jason.
Stay with us.
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One more time, that's 866-885-6625.
All right, folks, we're going to have the Colonel with us a little bit into the next segment for about the next 15 minutes or so.
I want to get into the suitcase nuke threat, which, don't get me wrong, it's very, very real.
But the government trying to say that MS-13's behind it.
Well, they are.
They're working for the globalists.
Or that Al-Qaeda's about to get us any minute.
If they got nukes, it's because the overlords wanted them to.
And I really have seen them setting up this scenario for a long time, and it's very scary.
I don't have to tell you that.
I mean, come on.
Jeff in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Jeff.
On these new private intelligence services such as Inter4,
And one right here in Austin whose clients include the Department of Homeland Security, the Air Force, the Navy.
Yeah, Dying Corps, but they've got another name.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, yeah, Stratfor.
Who are these guys?
What do they do?
How do they fit in?
Well, let me stop you.
You weren't talking at first when we went to you.
I got you.
And then you were talking, and, Ms.
Freeman, we didn't fade you up, so I missed that you said private intelligence groups.
I thought you were talking about Merck groups who actually go out and physically do things around the world.
I'm talking about these companies like Stratfor that provide subscription intelligent services to corporations and the CFR, according to their website.
Yeah, really what I think of Stratfor and a lot of these other groups is, because I've read their intelligence and seen it, the government can't get its own analyst
Yeah, George Friedman.
I read his book and it's an absolute joke that just pervades the whole Al-Qaeda legend.
No, I mean a two-year-old...
Let's be serious.
An informed eight-year-old could cut him to pieces.
By the way, he will not come on this show and debate me.
Oh, what a wuss.
But, I mean, yeah, but this goes deeper than just ignorance.
But, Colonel, do you have comments about all these little propaganda groups?
Yeah, you know, Goring said that, no, I'm sorry, Himmler said that the truth is what we say it is, and he also said that,
People will believe anything as long as it's 90% truth and 10% lie.
So what you have to do, a lot of the stuff that these people come up with is good factual data, but you can also find it anyplace else.
They just glean it from someplace, and then they add in salt and pepper this thing.
A few little things in there that you think, well, if all of this other stuff's right and everybody else is saying it, then it's all right.
And then you end up believing the lies as well.
Boy, that's a really important point.
Go ahead and finish up, Jeff.
Yeah, I was just going to say, in his book, Mr. Streetman, he basically admits that al-Qaeda got all of its crucial data from the Saudi intelligence service, the Pakistani ISI, and the CIA.
The Pakistani ISI is one of the biggest terrorist groups there is.
And it gets almost as much money as Israel.
Nobody talks to me.
We always scream about Israel getting $4 billion a year.
Well, Perez Musharraf gets that much on the surface, and then his top general wires $100,000 to Muhammad Atta.
And the same morning of 9-11, he's having breakfast with Goss and Graham, the two intelligence chiefs for the House and Senate.
I mean, Craig, that's pretty obvious.
Well, the ISI were supporters of all the Mujahideen training camps that the CIA gave away when we pulled out of Afghanistan and went over to the Mujahideen.
Well, they didn't have to fight the Russians anymore, so they turned them into training camps for Islamic terrorist groups on contract.
They're the DynCorp of Islam.
But again, the dying core of Islam, though, is directly linked and funded still by the U.S.
government through Perez Musharraf.
Yeah, you know, like we've always said, just follow the money, you'll find the power.
I'd just be curious if there's like a stat strap or that provides alerts, any interesting alerts in the days leading up to 7-7.
You know, I don't really care.
I mean, frankly...
I mean, again, I hate to use this term, but it seems like those people are retarded.
No, seriously, thanks for the call.
You can sit around and shoot your mouth off about intelligence and knowing what you're talking about.
You can say it all in a very authoritative way.
We don't put a bunch of embellishment on it, or we don't act like we're fancy and puff ourselves up.
What Colonel Roberts has done, it's a track record.
Number one, you don't just trust somebody out of the gates.
It's track records with people.
It's track records with information.
And it always goes like a roadmap from the past activities of these intelligence agencies and these groups.
We go off their past MO.
We go off their standard operating procedure.
Isn't that important, Colonel?
Yeah, absolutely.
You have to trust and verify your source.
And you trust him by verifying.
Like you say, a track record.
How good has this source been in the past?
What I trusted with my life, what have they done in the past that's proved true, and then try to shoot holes in it.
I mean, I tell people, don't believe anything I say.
Go check it out.
I'll try to give you the truth as I know it, and then go check it out.
Read my book, The Medusa File.
I'll tell you, don't believe anything in it, but you can go down to the library and look up about 80% of it.
Stay there.
We're going to talk to Jason and then talk about suitcase news and let you get out of here, Colonel.
I'll cover some other news.
Yeah, I want you to check out what I'm saying, because you'll find out I'm telling the truth.
And every once in a while, I make a mistake.
I want to be 100%.
You guys help us do a better job.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Going to take a few more calls from Jason, Ron, and Jamie, I believe, or Jeremy.
And that's going to be it because I've got a few other news items I want to hit on.
But talking to Colonel Craig Roberts of RifleWarrior.com.
Craig, we know that the New World Order, that again, owns our government, owns all the other major governments, a few rogue countries they don't own, whether that country's good or bad, they're being taken over.
They want population reduction.
They want control.
We all know this.
They want to not be rivaled by any free individuals out there.
We know they stand to gain from terrorism.
And for now, 14 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, which never really fell, folks,
We're good to go.
So it comes down to that.
So they're releasing nukes, and they sell them for $5 to al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda's going to nuke us, and this stuff was brought across.
Believe me, folks, this doesn't happen unless the global interests want that to happen.
And, Craig, give us the intel that you have on this and where you think it's going.
Well, you know, there's two threats that we have on nuclear weapons.
That are here.
One of them is we know, through our briefings in the past in the military, that Spetsnaz, which is the Russian Special Forces during the Cold War, had pre-positioned suitcase nukes in this country.
We knew that there was probably around 50 of them.
That's what we're told by one of the KGB generals who defected over here, besides other sources as well.
They're near major cities.
Now, these are not gigantic atom bombs that have mushroom clouds, but they are sufficient enough to take about eight or ten city blocks out and contaminate the area for years and years.
And they will put some fallout into the atmosphere.
But what they have is a gigantic terror advantage.
If you have one in every city for 50 cities, or 20 cities, or 10 cities even, and then, you know, you blow one a day, or you blow all of them in one day.
Well, the emergency response can't deal with it.
It kills tens of thousands each time it happens.
It causes hysteria.
The markets would totally tank.
The cities would go into lockdown.
Martial law would immediately be declared.
We don't have any troops here to handle martial law because they're all deployed overseas.
But you've had family in the military briefings.
Currently, you've been in the briefings.
Tommy Franks has said it on Fox TV and in Cigar Fishing Auto Magazine.
Other generals have said it.
I saw a U.N.
general, seven days after 9-11, say we'll use U.N.
troops if, quote, American forces are tied down in a foreign war, we will use international forces.
We're good to go.
I think?
And we have trained them at Fort Polk, Louisiana.
But obviously... And folks, this is insane, but things are insane.
Okay, this really is going on.
They really are putting cockroach genes in tomatoes.
They really are putting deadly poisons in your water.
They really are trying to force-drug your children.
They really did rule that there's no private property in the Supreme Court.
I mean, this stuff is real.
Again, for those who don't understand this, communism is a creation of the globalists to consolidate power.
This could happen.
The globalists could decide, that's why they're kind of looting America right now, to pop us like an overripe tomato.
But don't look for the Chinese to be attacking us.
They'll be welcomed in, won't they, Colonel?
No, they'll be asked to come in.
We'll help transport them.
I mean, one thing after another is happening right now.
Henry Kissinger said that in Evian, France, at the Bilderberg Group in 1991.
What's happening is it's an exponential equation of things happening faster every single day now.
It used to be something that would happen once a week or once a month.
Now it's every single day.
You turn it on.
We've got more troops killed in Baghdad.
We've got more bombs going off in Egypt.
We've got China doing this, that, and the other, threatening us that they're going to nuke us if we interfere with them going into Taiwan and so on.
And it's happening.
It's almost hourly now.
It's 24-7.
By the way, that top general, he's in the top three, debatable if he's number one or number three or whatever, top general, the equivalent of their Joint Chiefs of Staff, they call a press conference, official Chinese government press conference, he says, will nuke America, destroy 200 cities, and then our media makes excuses for it.
Oh, they didn't really mean it.
They love us.
It's going to happen.
There's something that's getting ready to break loose.
Craig, you've never talked like this before.
I've been having you on for about five or six years, longer than that now.
You've never talked like this.
I see everything happening.
I spent two years working in intelligence to know that all the pieces are up on the wall and you can see the picture that's forming.
You've got these threats that are being bombarded with that America's Hiroshima is coming.
And we were looking at bio.
We were looking at chemical.
Now we found out about these nukes that they've allegedly brought across the border using MS-13 street gang members.
Okay, fine.
Let's put that up on the wall as well.
Guaranteed, though, that's a cover to blame it on them, right?
Well, it could be, but here's the deal.
August the 6th is coming up.
That's the anniversary of Hiroshima.
There's a lot of intelligence agencies looking at that as a possible date that something's going to happen because these people love dates.
They love numbers.
I've never heard you put a date on things.
I mean, you're saying... I mean, Craig, I've never heard you talk like this, and now you're putting... You're not putting a date, though.
You're just saying that... I mean, the media and the government is fear-mongering right now, and I saw them do that before 9-11.
So you're saying you're seeing that same type of chatter?
Oh, we're seeing that, but if you look at
How much they like using dates to punctuate with their events, like 9-11 and so on.
Something multiples of 7, something multiples of 6s.
I mean, they love that kind of stuff.
They're into numerology and satanic.
It's all satanic.
Well, if you look at 8-6, there's a 6 in there, but it is the anniversary of Hiroshima and a few days later, Nagasaki.
So if you had two of them, what two better days would you... If they don't do it then, I don't know when they would.
It's just incredible that this isn't being mentioned.
If I were in a security position with enough horsepower behind me, I'd have my agents burning up the field trying to find stuff between now and then.
And I don't see anything going on.
Now, when did you first, because I've been hearing a lot of chatter on this.
I mean, again, Craig, you've never gone out like this.
I mean, whether it's a month from now or five years from now, I think it is in the cards for the globalists to pull something off.
I don't know about a suitcase nuke, though I know that they're perfectly capable of it.
And they have been fear-mongering.
I mean, the Vice President has been out saying this, and so have we.
Is it a gut hunch?
I mean, you're not saying something's going to happen.
No, no, not at all.
Not at all.
But, you know, we always try to figure out what the guy on the other side of the hill is up to.
And Wellington said that, as a matter of fact, after Waterloo.
Lord Wellington, yeah.
If we figure out that they're into dates, they're into times, and they've been threatening this, and we've been told it's not if but when by our own government.
Then, you know, what better time?
If not then, what comes up in September?
What comes up in October?
What comes up in November?
Those are the dates you really look at.
Find out anniversary dates of things.
You know, they love this April 19th date, going all the way back to the American Revolution, the Reichstag fire, all the rest of it.
They love that April 19th date for domestic stuff.
But the foreigners like these other dates.
They like to say, look, you know, what goes around comes around.
So I'd have my people beating paths through the jungle between now and the first couple of weeks in August to make sure nothing happened.
Well, Craig, I have no doubt that by exposing the New World Order, by after 9-11 coming out and exposing that inside job, that we did stop the globalists from carrying out more events.
But then we get into a catch-22 where if their whole program is being exposed and stalling, they're going to have to have some type of attack to cover up the last attack.
And that's what happened to Oklahoma City.
9-11 put Oklahoma City on the back burner of everybody.
If it wasn't for guys like Jesse Trinidou still poking a sharp stick at the Dragon, we wouldn't have the stuff that's come out lately on the things that we talked about with Morris Dees and all of that.
Well, it's like these dummy bombs of last Thursday on the two-week anniversary.
That got off the front pages.
Scotland Yard going, we think these guys were patsies.
I mean, it's kind of... Well, we know that the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver in the World Trade Center bombing, and then that was coming out in the news, and so you have Waco.
They're always leapfrogging to the next... Well, so, Craig, do you think in the next two years, three years, we're going to see a nuke go off?
I think if they've got them, they're going to use them a lot sooner than that.
You know, just why wouldn't they?
I mean, if they have the capability, they'd use it tomorrow.
Unless they're waiting for a specific date or a specific issue.
But by they, I mean the Russians just didn't sell these for a stick of bubble gum.
No, they're a couple million apiece, I'm sure.
But we're talking about people who have unlimited funding.
And again, we knew about it in advance.
Why didn't we close the borders?
You know, why didn't we watch the seaports?
We're so worried about airports that we let everything else fall by the wayside.
Well, that's where you got citizens to train us how to be slaves, and all of this has been police state training for when they bring the real martial law in, like my film Police State 2000, where I got Marines in 99 saying, where'd you get the helmet?
Where'd you get the gun?
Where do you live?
I live in San Francisco.
Breaking us up and putting us in the camp for our safety, of course.
Yeah, and that's another area.
You know, FEMA has bought all that property.
They've got all kinds of real estate that they put infrastructure in.
Yeah, that's mainstream news.
Camps everywhere.
Yeah, camps everywhere for relocation centers in case something goes off in the city, in case there's a disease that breaks out.
Well, Colonel, I know you're going to follow their orders and go with them.
Oh, absolutely.
I've got a hill right now I'm looking at that would be a good place to stay.
But it wouldn't be one of their camps.
Well, I mean, why not go to one of their camps?
Good place to... I've heard they don't have very good officers clubs.
Ha, ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha.
Well, what are you going to do if folks come by the locals and want you to come with them?
After they've hit my trip wire, things will get nasty.
In England, they call them rest and relocation centers.
Don't you want to go rest?
These facilities are for your safety.
Well, the Nazis had a big sign that work makes you free right over the gate of Auschwitz.
Man, imagine if the Nazis would have had Al Qaeda to help them along.
Oh, we've got to take your rights because Al Qaeda is going to get you.
They called them communists.
Well, they did.
Meanwhile, the same banks were funding both sides.
Oh, heaven help us.
All right, well, just in case he was calling for you, which I'm sure he was, we'll take one more call.
Let's go to Jason in Oregon.
You're on the air with Colonel Roberts.
Go ahead, Jason.
I was wondering if
You gentlemen couldn't listen to yourselves.
To use your own words, Alex, you're saying that they're making it to where you have no choice.
And also that you've stated that they have unlimited funding, unlimited access, and pretty much already control the entire world.
Wouldn't it be prudent at this time to return to the Scriptures?
These are all been marked thousands of years ago by prophets, and these are the end times.
And now would be the time that I would think for the message, and the message is,
To repent for the reign of Yahuwah draws near.
Yeah, but should we have a news and information radio show?
I mean, or should it just all be preachers with all different views arguing with each other?
Well, for all that you've reported, how have you stopped their agenda?
Oh, we've stopped their agenda a thousand times.
They've got big problems.
We're telling people how serious it is if they don't get more involved.
Thanks for the call.
Look, I'm going to say this and I'll let Craig respond to it.
I'm not a preacher.
Now, I am a Christian.
I wouldn't be alive right now if it wasn't for God.
I believe in God.
Going back through my whole life, things I've experienced.
And I'll die the day God wants me to die.
And I'm not afraid of the devil or all his minions.
I'm afraid of God.
And let me tell you, folks, I am afraid of God.
You realize the power of God, that God is real, this awesome, all-encompassing, omnipresent entity, then nothing else matters.
I do what I believe God wants me to do, and I believe God's Spirit is with me, and I am humbled by that.
I can feel the Spirit, folks.
I don't want to get off into all this.
Bottom line...
These fake preachers tell you, the end is near, George Bush is a Christian, the Antichrist is coming, just go along with it, you can't change things, you can't fight things.
All the prophets ever did was say, repent, and whole civilizations would be given 100 year reprise, 50 year reprise.
Even if we're all going to die, and the Antichrist is going to eat us like on shish kebabs.
I have a job to warn people not to take the chip.
I have a job to say, don't take the thumbs.
It's like if I'm out here on a hill and the enemy's charging me, I'm not going to go, look at the size of the enemy, I better give up.
If I give up, I'm going to lose the initiative and I'm going to lose.
So much of winning a fight is believing you're going to win the fight.
At the end of the world, Christ might come back in 500 years.
It doesn't have to happen now.
And regardless whether it's happening next week or 10 years from now, I've got a job to fight evil.
And I come at this from a secular news reporting standpoint where you can't deny all this is happening and then more people have found the Lord than many other places because I don't push it on them.
I put the info out and people go, my gosh, I've heard of this before.
Absolutely, Alex.
You know, the thing about it is God doesn't want us to stand around and get beaten up like stepchildren.
He wants us to resist evil, period.
Fight Satan wherever you find him, and you can't do it from a pulpit all the time.
Somebody's got to be the centurion out there.
Somebody's got to be the guy on the wall with the sword.
Somebody's got to have the loudspeaker.
Everybody in the village has a job to do, and we can't just say, okay, we're just going to roll over and repent and everything's going to be good, because if you're going to do that, you might as well give people the Reader's Digest version of the Bible or the Cliff Notes.
Basically, we know we're up against evil.
What are we going to do about it?
What can we do as an individual?
What can we do as a family, as a team?
As an organization.
And all of these things is organizing against the devil, is all it is.
And you can't be crude if you don't get the word out.
I think so many people haven't actually read the Bible.
The whole story is that we're supposed to be here through this, fighting it.
You know, they say you're going to be beamed out of here.
Well, why are they grabbing Christians and cutting their heads off?
Our job is to fight it, and if it runs over us, so be it.
They're going to lose in the end.
And these people who are hanging their hat on the rapture theory...
You know, that's a very weak insurance policy.
It's not backed up by very much at all.
And if we had a rapture that was going to take all the Christians out of here, my question for those people is, why bother to have the book of Revelation that goes all the way to the end if we don't need it because we're not going to be here?
Well, what are all these Christians that the devil's killing?
How does he overcome the saints?
You can't argue with these people, though.
Oh, I know.
And it doesn't do any good to try.
But the bottom line is, we have to resist.
I'm going to tell you, Colonel, I'm going to fight 110%.
I'm ready to be overcome.
I'm ready to have my head cut off.
Let's do it.
I'm going to fight these people, period.
I'm not going along with them.
They're a bunch of degenerate, literal buckets of pus.
You have such a way with words, Alex.
I love you, buddy.
Well, they are.
I mean, they're buckets of pus.
I mean, what did George Washington say?
Duty is mine.
Consequences belong to God.
It's back to the same old thing.
You have to get the word out.
You have to keep putting it out.
And every day, somebody new hears it and comes on board.
Well, I mean, it's simple.
Doesn't it give you a feeling of peace, though, to know that life is short and you're doing the right thing and you've not been a coward, Colonel, and that you're standing up against this?
Well, I don't understand how anybody can be otherwise.
I mean, there are people out there who do terrible, evil things and they know it, but they think, well, I've got my paycheck coming in the mail.
I've got my pension to think about.
I've got orders from headquarters.
And they try to justify in their minds why they're doing a lot of these things.
And I can't do that.
There are people in this world who cannot go out there and do evil things and then justify it.
But there are people who can.
And they're working for the devil.
All right.
A lot of great books and other materials.
And, Colonel, I hope to see you soon here in Austin.
Will do it.
Take care, my friend.
All right.
We'll come back, Dr. Ron and Jamie, and have a few final news items.
Hey, I mean, put up or shut up, folks!
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You're willing to stand up and fight for freedom.
You're a lot safer.
You want to grovel and be mealy-mouthed and make excuses and lie to yourself about what's going on?
They're going to feed you poison.
They're going to put it in your water.
You're going to be scum.
Your family's going to fall apart.
You're not going to be happy.
I mean, look at Americans.
We're turning into just unhappy, unhealthy, twisted, demonic creatures.
I mean, just look at the fruits of the New World Order.
They're evil, folks.
I don't like evil people.
I don't like controlling bad guys.
I hate con artists and scammers.
I'm tired of them getting away with it.
I'm tired of them conning you.
I want to stop them.
I want to defeat them.
We've had a lot of victories.
And it's the attitude of so many good people, well, we can't do nothing.
That's why we fail.
Because you stayed home.
You never got off the bench.
You never got out of the dugout.
Shame on you!
Do you understand, folks?
It's coming down to a time where you're not going to have a choice.
You're going to wish you'd have done something.
Ron in New York.
Go ahead, Ron, quickly.
Yes, Alex.
Calling from New York, where today we had an incident on a double-decker bus where, based upon nothing more than a suspicion and the fact that a few people had backpacks, which is as common as rain, especially for the tourists that come to this international city,
We had police, a large number of them, surround that bus with rifles, take everybody off the bus, search them, lay them down, handcuff the people that were suspected by the driver of the bus, have their bags searched, and it turned out to be nothing.
It is disgusting when we have reached a point where we have our local government... Hey, let me joke with you, Ron.
Were they a bunch of six-foot-two Swedes?
Well, I couldn't tell.
The report just showed you everybody that was on the bus.
No, and listen, have you seen my film The Takeover?
They were doing drills live with real buses where the Army was doing that back in 1998 in Texas.
What really gets to me on this is we've now got a state of paranoia that in fact has been whipped up by the local government.
No, it's like War of the Worlds.
Yeah, exactly.
It becomes paranoia.
We're turning in on our own citizens.
We're based on nothing more than, oh, I have a suspicion because I just got this little feeling in the back of my head that there's something wrong with you.
We send out, you know, the troops, figuratively speaking.
Hold on, maybe we should just wait for the rapture.
No, they're not going to... Listen, Alex, that whole rapture thing, people have to understand something about that.
All right?
And I'll address that real quick.
I was being sarcastic, Ron.
If God did not save his own son from the ordeal and the trial of crucifixion to see if he would be found wanting, then why would he rapture John Q. Public?
In times of judgment and severity.
That doesn't make sense.
And yes, we do have to oppose this, because if I understand the Gospels, it also says that the saints will be killed in that time.
Thus, you could assume the saints will be resisting.
Why else would they be put to death?
So, for people that think that, I think you'd better read that.
We're out of time, Ron.
I know.
Got to let you go.
I know it's horrible.
We're being trained.
That'll be slaves right now.
Jamie in Kentucky.
Quickly, Jamie.
Yes, sir.
I heard on the radio a couple nights ago that they're going to try to make it in Congress to take away our gun laws.
You mean that you heard about a repeal?
This week.
Oh, you're talking about so you can't sue gun manufacturers.
It's coming close to that, what I mean.
Now, well, that movement's good.
There's also a bad one to put us in databases.
So, again, we're fighting.
We're having some victories.
Thanks, Jamie.
Out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
A lot of news we didn't get to.
It was still a smoking broadcast.
A lot of info did get out.
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God bless you all!
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Hello, folks.