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Air Date: July 22, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It's already Friday, the 22nd day of July 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Ron Paul, Chief of Staff, Jeff Dice, is going to be joining us in about 30 minutes at the bottom of the hour concerning the, for all intents and purposes, the Patriot Act being made permanent for at least for another 10 years.
A lot of arm twisting went on last night.
We'll talk about some of the very scary subsections that were in the bill and a few of the little tertiary things that were stripped out of the bill to make the public think that they had reduced some of the police state provisions.
So that's coming up in about 30 minutes.
Now the globalists have on their agenda CAFTA.
They want to get the Central American so-called free trade agreement through, and we're battling that.
But at least Congress was allowed to read the Patriot Act this time.
Back on October 27, 2001, it was released for one hour.
Over 300 pages and then passed.
And most members of the House didn't even get 10 minutes to look at it.
New London Blast prompts tighter Bay Area security.
And in New York City as well, not just on the West Coast, but the East Coast, the police chief on the news is saying that look for people who are sweating.
We're not profiling, but if you're sweating, it's only 95 degrees in New York.
And I've been in the New York subways in the summer.
If it's 95 degrees up top, it's like 110 inside some of those subways.
I mean, at least back in early September of last year, I was there for the RNC.
And, I mean, it was 100 degrees.
It was blowtorch.
But no sweating, and there's all these photos and videos and images on TV.
Random searches, see?
As I said, for years when there's attacks on buses or trains, no more Bill of Rights, you're all searched.
Attacks on highways, got to search all your cars.
But the border stays wide open, and we're going to legalize the illegal aliens, and our military is 20-plus percent now illegal alien, who instantly become legal.
So, I mean, it's a joke.
The whole thing's a joke.
And now the police... I was talking to Paul Watson, who was just in London, or she lives outside London, and people all the time run and jump and run to catch trains.
I mean, how many times did you run to catch the bus or the school bus?
I remember times when I was riding the bus, running and jumping to get to the bus, or running to get to the school bus.
Well, don't do that or you'll have to be gunned down.
And then now they go, oh, look, we think there's a bomb on the train.
Oh, look, we have video of a backpack.
You know, it's proof someone left their exercise backpack on the train or on the bus.
I mean, it's just wall-to-wall fear-mongering as the British government tries to ram through all of this really serious police state legislation.
And then I see articles like this.
Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens.
But that treaty also gives foreign agents power over U.S.
This is out of the Irish Examiner.
So we see these type of articles every day now.
I mean, two days ago it was...
The legislature in California is threatening to arrest generals if they don't stop basically surveilling peaceful anti-war groups.
Regular military with the National Guard out surveilling the citizens.
I mean, this is Big Brother, folks.
Scotland Yard knew of second bombing attempt.
London Mirror.
And I can confirm this from family who were eyewitnesses to this.
I just talked to my father last night, who just flew back in last night from London, and he was telling me about this before I even saw it today in the London Mirror.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, it is Friday, 22nd day of July 2005.
We've got two hours and 51 minutes spanning out before us.
Already into our second segment for stations that are just now joining us.
Welcome, thank you.
All the listeners, the sponsors, the great folks that make the broadcast possible, people running the main transmission points and the board and answering all the phones up there in Minnesota.
I am, of course, joining you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, Texas.
Coming up in about 22 minutes, we're going to have Jeff Dice, Chief of Staff for Ron Paul's office.
The Patriot Act passed last night.
The reauthorization, the really expansion of it.
And now it's not some set it for five.
It's going to be there for ten years.
And very, very scary.
But Bush last night said, you better pass it.
The London bombing proves that we need more control.
And so now, Army, National Guard, New York Police, that's going on in San Francisco, L.A., Chicago, I've told Dallas, Texas, why we're just, and I love the photos and video they put on the news, you know,
A white kid with blonde hair and blue eyes, some 12-year-old kid, or a little black kid sitting there, or a little Hispanic woman.
These are the photos and the video I've seen on television and online.
Guys with machine guns searching the children.
And I love how political correctness works.
This is all done by design.
They go, well, we can't have profiling.
And so we'll search all of you.
And folks, I've gotten on airplanes where people with turbans, and again, that's a shill within a shill.
I don't think the guy with the turban is going to blow anything up.
I know that predominantly it's the CIA, it's Mossad, it's MI6, MI5, FSB.
They've all been caught doing it.
Are there real copycat Muslim bombers occasionally?
In the Middle East, in Palestine, in Israel, there are.
But still, if you were to believe it's the Muslims, it's the Arabs, it's the Central Asians, it's these people that are attacking us, then why?
The young man and woman with the turban and the yarmulke, whatever covers their faces up, they're in there doing all of this, then why?
Why am I being searched?
Well, because it's fair, and we're all slaves here.
No, the government wants everybody to learn how to be a slave, and this is directed at the general population.
And the government's own documents admit this.
And I have to say it.
You know, I've got to tell you.
The border is wide open.
We have thousands of less border patrol.
The government gives federal grants and aid, frankly, in greater amounts,
We're showing preference to illegal aliens of every stripe and every variety than they do citizens.
It's meant to suck them here.
It's meant to incentivize.
It's meant to bring them here.
So don't tell me there's a war on terror.
So you thought it was just going to be the TSA groping your wife and shoving you around at the airport.
Oh, no!
It's going to be everywhere.
The public schools, the highways, getting into the mall.
The FBI is calling for having different groups there searching you and scanning you.
But I think this email really brings up some key points.
I've got a bunch of emails.
This is from Chris.
And it says, I'm sure you've got some or all of this information already, but after following the news for most of the day, I picked up on one contradiction.
Well, I picked up on about 20.
But, sir, you made a great point.
Let me just read it.
Several eyewitnesses described seeing an Asian man running away from three or four plainclothes police officers who then pushed him down.
One report says that they sat on him and then shot him four, five, six times, depending on the report.
One claims also it was as many as ten.
Now a senior police officer said that it's unlikely that they were plainclothes police officers.
The firearms branch of the police usually have black uniforms with flat jackets, but none of the eyewitnesses' accounts have described seeing this.
And if that confuses Americans, you know, all of our police are armed here.
But even in Germany, you have the Waffen-SS, or armed SS.
Most of the SS wasn't armed.
It's the same thing in England.
Most of the police haven't been armed.
Though now, they are arming most of them.
Secret Service, perhaps?
Also, every eyewitness account has mentioned that the man was not carrying anything.
No bag, no weapons, nothing.
And yes, you're right.
Two of the reports I have heard describe the man as wearing a black cap cargo combat pants and a heavy jacket or fleece top.
Okay, a heavy jacket might mean he was concealing something, but a fleece top?
Not really suspicious.
Still, they shoot him dead.
...shooting five shots.
They were making sure he was dead.
But why kill him, especially if it appears that he wasn't carrying anything?
Surely the police would want to get information out of him.
The eyewitness accounts would make it sound like they were on top of him and had him restrained anyway.
Was it really necessary to shoot him?
Also, another story is circulating about a black bag that was on an underground train leaving from Stockwell Station about half an hour before the shooting, and this bag was apparently giving out smoke.
Don't know if that had any relevance to anything.
And yes, they're showing it on Fox News and Sky Television News, the evil gym bag.
Why, 200,000 people have been given this bag from the big health club chain the last year.
You know, this Fitness First.
And I was watching Sky Television, and the problem is, is these were given away free.
Everything needs to be tracked and traced and recorded when you buy it with a national ID card, because then that stops terrorists.
This is just horrible that there's not a record and a serial number on this bag.
Folks, I'm flipping through stations recording it on my DVR cable box, and I'm not kidding.
I'm watching Fox News, and they've got their affiliate, Sky TV, and they said, word for word, I mean, I'm paraphrasing, but almost word for word, I mean, it's Twilight Zone!
And then you flip to the next channel, and they got one of the 9-11 whitewash commission people up there going, well, this shows we need to have more police and more checkpoints and follow all the recommendations of the commission or the domestic CIA.
All right.
Flip to the next channel.
Boy, this really shows Bush was right about the Patriot Act, these terror attacks.
Flip to the next channel.
Well, Italy's passed new draconian laws in the wake of the attacks.
In London, flip to the next channel.
Vladimir Putin has reiterated how they need to restrict liberties in Russia to keep Russians safe, pointing out the London bombings.
I mean, it's just, literally, folks, I'm flipping through the channels, and I just described the order of it.
Just giggling, smiling, laughing criminals, in many cases people who've been involved in terror attacks, who admittedly have been caught planting bombs.
Vladimir Putin, that is admitted.
And here he is saying we need to give up more of our rights in Russia, just like they're doing in America and England.
You see, it's a new world order.
They're all in on it together.
They all hang out together.
It's all a criminal enterprise of the elite feeding on you and I, the public.
I mean, folks, I can't tell you.
I remember one time, this was even after 9-11, I had to make a connection to Minnesota out of Chicago.
And I get off the plane, and I've got like 10 minutes to get to my other flight.
And folks, I guess I'd never been to that part of the Chicago airport and then that far away from another area, another gate.
But I wasn't in that big of a hurry.
Then I looked at how far away my connection was, and I had to run.
You know, even on those, they're not called escalators.
What is it where you run onto it, and it's flat, it's not at an angle, and it speeds you up for lazy people so they don't have to walk?
And I was even running on those.
Am I going to be gunned down because, you know, running onto a train?
I mean, I've run through an airport.
So, again, this is about making us all under suspicion.
This is about training all of us that we don't have any liberties.
I know you understand that, but it's so blatant.
Flipping through the channels, they would show images of Bin Laden and crosshairs and explosions and Terror London!
Terror Fears America!
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun!
I mean, it's so obvious they're trying to manipulate us.
And understand this.
Keep us in the forefronts of your minds out there.
Burn it into your brain.
Burn it into other people's brains.
It's the most central issue we face!
Government-sponsored terror!
The U.S.
government has been caught over and over and over again, admittedly, not debatable, they admit, carrying out terror to blame it on enemies and to take our freedoms.
The British government's been caught.
The Israeli government's been caught.
The Russian government's been caught.
Over and over and over and over again, Hitler was caught.
Nero did it.
This is what they do.
They've been caught.
They have the motive.
I mean, how much more obvious that British are about to pass a big police state law, we're about to reauthorize the Patriot Act, magically all this happens on cue every time.
It's like the anthrax attack.
Bush is on Cipro, the drug that fights it.
His cabinet's on it.
They even admit it.
He's on it a month and a day, 30-something days, before it even shows up in Boca Raton.
I mean, this is incredible.
And it goes back to Fort Detrick, Maryland.
And all their enemies get mailed the stuff.
You know, Daschle, I'm against the war, I'm against the war.
Oh, so Al-Qaeda mails it to him.
Oh, yes.
Oh, well, sure.
Then they test it.
It's U.S.
weapons grade, patented.
Oh, it's incredible.
So much news coming up.
Stay with us.
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You know, this has already been documented in a lot of the papers that come out and reported over the years, but the new scientists, these articles are on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now, has reports of more of these famous nuclear scientists and people that worked under them going public, the documents being made public, that Harry Truman...
You know, a month before, this is admitted, the Japanese had already said we will unconditionally surrender.
And unconditionally, we give up.
And they just said, no, we don't accept it.
And then a month later, they dropped two A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing, I don't know, 180,000 people.
150,000 died instantly, but it was more than that over the next few years, obviously.
And, I mean, it's been admitted why they did it.
It was all not to scare Stalin and get his attention and to impress him.
It was to kick off the Cold War and have an arms race because the big arms dealers, the big military industrial complex that was already the biggest part of our economy, wanted to keep business going.
So, oh, you Japs gave up?
We're going to drop some A-bombs on you.
And that was the way they put it.
It just shows how ruthless the globalists are.
And I always hear this talk of, well, we went in and attacked Japan with the A-bombs because we'd have lost a half a million troops trying to take the mainland.
There was really nothing to bomb except people hiding in holes.
Their country was predominantly built out of paper and balsa wood.
And they dropped those firebombs on them.
And one firebombing...
About, what, six months before the end of the war, what was it, a half a million Japanese died when three cities burned in a row down their coastline?
It was actually over a half a million burned in one day!
Whole cities just burning!
You go, well, they attacked us!
Well, understand, I'm not defending the Imperial Japanese.
Horrible, elitist scum, just like our government.
Grabbing our troops, doing biological chemical testing on them, doing it to the Chinese.
The point is that they're like some mid-level demon compared to Satan.
I mean, who would you rather... Again, the globalists are experts at setting different goblins up against each other and going, now pick one.
Well, you're not for Saddam, are you?
Well, no, but our government's even more evil and helped put him in power and told him to invade these countries and set him up.
And now he's not threatening anybody, so it's a big scam.
You know, the point is that more documents and more eyewitnesses have come out on this.
And again, we already knew this, but it's just more evidence of just how ruthless our elites are.
And how our lives mean nothing.
You know, they'll get up there and squeeze a tear out over people dying on a subway when clearly the security services of our governments are behind it.
Again, how do security services get control and get bigger?
They carry out crises.
Like the guy that got caught five, six years ago in New York.
Somebody for like a year kept busting out all the windshields at night.
You know, hundreds of them.
And finally the cops caught him.
It was the owner of the big shop there in the neighborhood that did the windshields.
Really hard to figure out problem, reaction, solution.
Really hard to figure this out.
Again, Tom Daschle and all the people against the war, against going into Iraq, against Bush, they're the ones that get the anthrax letters.
Sure, if Al-Qaeda was real and wasn't CIA, and was really going to be out attacking somebody, they would be attacking Bush.
It's so ridiculous.
And now we have these terror attacks, and Karl Rove's in trouble, and the Patriot Act was in trouble, and the British police state measures are in trouble.
It's so obvious, but...
Not to some people out there, I guess.
I mean, look at this article out of Sky News.
Suicide bomber shot.
They've still got that up there, though they admit the guy wasn't armed, didn't have weapons.
It's just, suicide bomber shot, and then it says, police have killed a suspected suicide bomber at a tube station in South London.
Armed officers opened fire on the suspect after he hurtled a ticket barrier and raced along a platform at Stockwell Station.
Now, the first reports were he was jogging, but see, now since they've killed him, they've got to know he was doing flip-flops and ninja moves and had red eyes glowing with horns and a tail and woven hooves.
By the way, last week, a week after the first wave of bombings, the four bombings, they passed 007 License to Kill powers.
They already had, you know, what was popularized in the 007 books, James Bond books that have been made into movies, you know, that he has a license to kill.
Why, you can just... We give you full authority and anonymity.
It's your call, MI6.
You kill whoever you want.
We just trust you, and we're so good, we just kill.
You don't even have to prove anything.
And so now...
They're talking about 007 powers here.
We already know there's 007 powers with our police.
They blow little kids' heads off every week and nothing happens.
They're tasering people.
Somebody's dying every day.
Well, they back-talked me.
They didn't get out quick enough of the car.
We're doing it for your own good, scum!
Shut up!
We'll be back with Ron Paul's office on the Disgusting Patriot Act.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, there have been a bunch of new big developments with the latest spat of London bombings yesterday, these smoke bombs and mini bombs, and the government ramming through police state legislation there, Bush citing that for reauthorizing for 10 years the Patriot Act,
Another fake Al-Qaeda group taking credit for it.
Last time that got discredited.
That's coming up.
Paul Watson will join us for about 15-20 minutes in the next hour from England.
And we're going to have open phones today as well.
There is just so much news on the police state front here.
And now the Pentagon is saying they want people up to 42 years of age.
And they're gearing up for the draft along those lines.
So stuff is just getting weirder and weirder and more and more out of control.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Last night, House votes to extend Patriot Act.
The House voted Thursday to extend the USA Patriot Act, the nation's main anti-terrorism tool, just hours after televisions in the Capitol beamed images of the new attack in London.
Yeah, visiting toy store owners and arresting pot dealers.
Uh, yeah.
I mean, they're using it across the board in non-terror-related cases, and they're getting rid of our basic Bill of Rights culture, and it's a nightmare.
And joining us, and I appreciate him and his busy schedule, is Congressman Ron Paul's Chief of Staff and Spokesman, Jeff Dice.
Jeff, good to have you back on with us.
Hi, how are you doing?
I'm probably not doing too well like I imagine you are.
I mean, you called and warned me a few days ago that it was coming up for about Thursday or Friday.
It did come up yesterday.
And Bush said, hey, we need to pass this to stop the terrorists.
Look at London.
And boy, this sucker passed.
Tell us basically what this bill does and what the process was like.
Well, the original Patriot Act had several provisions of it contained sunsets.
But it's just a coincidence.
Sure, sure.
Everything's a coincidence.
I mean, otherwise...
What it does is it reauthorizes most of the Patriot Act for 10 years.
That's the bottom line.
It's amazing.
And, you know, still the public, many Americans are ignorant about the full scope because the mainstream media is always saying, oh, it lets them read your library books.
Well, yeah, I know what you bought at the bookstore and any private corporation or company that lets them come see your records and then not even tell anybody that they took your records.
I mean, this is so un-American, Jeff.
Well, you know, unfortunately, both parties seem to support it as a matter of principle.
I mean, the Democrats who voted no last night didn't vote no because of civil liberties, particularly.
And I think the Democratic Party is not the party of civil liberties anymore.
They voted no for...
You know, they had their own pet bill that was perhaps not quite as noxious.
It was just four years, correct?
That's their answer.
I mean, from Congressman Paul's perspective, if something is unconstitutional, we ought not to apply it to our citizens for a single day, much less four years or ten years.
So it's kind of a phony distinction to say, well, we're going to allow something unconstitutional, but for a shorter time than the other party will do.
That doesn't make any sense to us.
The real issue as far as my boss is concerned is, you know, are we going to expand federal police powers or reduce them?
And obviously this expands them.
So anybody who's up here claiming to be for smaller government, you know, they had a very simple choice last night.
Well, they did.
You told me that things were close at first, and that things were getting very heated, but suddenly arm-twisting began.
Yeah, the Democrats had their own substitute bill, and enough Republicans crossed the line and voted for it that, at least for a while, it appeared that it would pass.
So there was quite a bit of work on the floor to roll that back, and ultimately they did by a few votes, and then the Republicans had their way a few moments later with their bill.
Now, major polls show that the majority of Americans are against what's in the Patriot Act.
Plus, it wouldn't matter if 99% of people were against it.
In a republic, we follow the rule of law and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
The Constitution says this thing's a fraud.
But with people going onto the court like Roberts...
I mean, Roberts is better than Gonzalez, maybe.
Those are scary stuff coming out, but he just ruled on the federal court, you know, along with Bush, about secret arrests and not letting people have lawyers.
So, I mean, it just seems like everything's going in this direction.
Yes, I mean, the fact that there's still a large majority of Congress willing to vote for this stuff, and you're right that most people are not for it.
As a matter of fact, during a call-in show to C-SPAN's Washington Journal yesterday,
Almost all the callers were saying they don't like this.
But the reason that these guys vote for things that their constituents might not like is very simple, because they don't get thrown out of office for doing it.
And that's evidenced by the 97% election rates.
Re-election rates, I should say.
Well, also the party leadership will target...
I mean, Ron Paul's been targeted by Republicans before.
Tom Tancredo's been targeted before.
Senator Smith was targeted.
I mean, real conservatives, real libertarians, real Americans get targeted.
But if you can survive the first targeting, then I guess you get catapulted.
Look at Tom Tancredo with high 60s, Ron Paul with high 60s.
Well, I mean, running unopposed now.
Well, it gives them the opportunity to... Once you do survive a couple of those challenges, it gives you the opportunity to...
You know, stay in there and fight.
But, you know, it's not just a matter of leadership trying to find an opponent to run against you.
It's also smaller things, like, for instance, on the upcoming CAFTA vote, members have been warned not so subtly that the upcoming transportation bill will not contain things for their district if they vote the wrong way.
And again, folks, we should not have these federal highways.
What they do is they take a dollar of our tax money and on average give about 32 cents back to us and then we call it free money and it has strings attached and they use that to basically strong arm and what, corral and own our members of the Congress?
Absolutely, because the last thing any of these guys want is to be perceived in their districts as ineffective and effective means getting pork.
You know, that's just such a joke.
It's so sick.
Jeff Dice again, Congressman Ron Paul's Chief of Staff Spokesman.
I mean, I've talked to you before.
I mean, I know you and the congressman are really upset about what's happening.
I mean, I have a video that's got speeches of the congressman, you know, in it where he's talking about the neocons taking over and what is the one-on-one world government, and he's talking about how they're setting up a police state and we could have a depression.
I mean, so it's not like we're having to, you know, look for things that are scary.
I mean, this is really getting scary.
Sure, but my boss takes his optimism from...
People out there in America, not from what he sees here in Washington.
And that's, I think, where we have to focus, or where he thinks the focus should be, is just on educating people and making them understand that the political system is rotten and solutions to these problems might have to be found.
Through educating people about this.
Now, two years ago, about a year and a half after the passage of the Patriot Act, Congressman Paul led a fight against it and almost got it thrown out.
In fact, going from memory, I believe, got the vote in the House, but then it failed in the Senate to throw the Patriot Act out.
So how can we now, then, years later, when over 400 cities, now six, no, seven states have thrown it out, with so much more momentum, it looked like before the London bombings they were going to be able to pass it, and now after the bombings they were able to.
I mean, how did that happen?
Well, you know, it's something that's been percolating in the House for several months, and I think that what they did was they... Some members expressed concerns about it, but they wrote it in a way that appears to at least lighten up on some of the worst parts of it.
Yeah, what was watered down, to be specific?
Well, we were able to get a couple amendments involved...
For instance, Ron was able to get an amendment inserted that hopefully will make it harder for future administrations to...
Target people using the Patriot Act purely for their political organizations or political activities.
We're always worried that a pro-life demonstration or a pro-gun group could be characterized as a quote-unquote terrorist.
Well, we have the FBI manuals and flyers.
We have all that posted on Infowars.com and presentplanet.com.
Obviously, you and the Congressman are aware of it.
That's why you're doing this.
But I don't think the general public
He understands the real machinery in the police state is aimed at conservatives.
It's not aimed at central agents.
Sure, sure.
Everything about the Patriot Act is aimed inward at domestic citizens.
It does nothing to address terrorists outside our borders.
Nothing at all, actually.
So that's a bit of a red herring.
I think that...
You know, most people aren't outraged by the Patriot Act because it's not yet affected them.
I mean, they have not yet been the victim of a search they didn't know about or a wiretap, a roving wiretap.
But it is percolating.
It is expanding.
Sure, sure.
And there's no question that even before September 11th, the federal government has always wanted to have these powers.
You know, 9-11 just served as an excuse for them to get a bill passed.
They would love, but they tried to get passed piecemeal.
Well, yeah, in fact, almost everything in the Patriot Act had been previously written.
It was just kind of a bundle.
Absolutely, yes.
That's absolutely correct.
Especially the financial stuff.
You know, they've wanted access to financial records without a warrant for years.
Well, I mean, banks are already doing it with suspicious customer reports, and with the Know Your Customer, they just renamed and got passed, and now they openly admit you deposit more than $5,000.
There's a report sent right to the government.
I mean, where's the Fourth Amendment there?
It's out the window.
Look, people are finally waking up, though, Jeff.
They go buy a used car, and they've got to ask them questions, and you go, why?
And they go, oh, because of the Patriot Act.
Or now people learn that every...
A prescription they get is instantly uploaded to the government?
I mean, what does it have to do with Al Qaeda?
Right, exactly.
And let me bring this up to you.
There was an article, several articles out of mainstream papers in California where their legislature is threatening to arrest generals under contempt of court because the Army is out videotaping anti-war protests, environmental protests, Second Amendment demonstrations, conservatives and liberals.
And I've been out, Jeff.
I've had troops in New York, troops in California, taking photos of me and stuff.
And I don't even have, you know, no criminal record.
The point is, is that this is secret police...
And then there was an article yesterday about Bush, Associated Press, has an enemies list, and uses the FBI to watch all of his political enemies.
I mean, this is really the Sovietization.
Sure, and every administration has abused that sort of thing, and that's why people need to shake off this distinction between our guys and their guys, whichever party you might belong to, because it's a phony distinction, and people need to get past that and just start to view...
You know, administrations from either party for what they really are.
Yeah, I mean, let's say George Bush is a little angel.
He really is the oracle of God.
You know, he's some type of messiah, as some are saying.
I don't believe that, but some Christians actually believe he may be God.
I'm not trying to be sarcastic, folks.
It's almost that bad.
I mean, maybe Skull and Bones is Christian, maybe all that's very loving and good.
But regardless, we've built mechanisms and machinery and levers that Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger... Sure.
I mean, you know, do you want Hillary with his power?
None of us can know who's going to be in charge of the Justice Department or the FBI 20 or 30 years from now.
I mean, that government grows incrementally, and we've set in place the powers, you know, for abuse in the future.
So if...
If somebody thinks that they like George Bush, well, he's not going to be here after 2008.
Last few questions, Jeff Dice.
Number one, how do we support Congressman Ron Paul, who again introduces bills to get out of the U.N., introduces bills to get us out of the Federal Reserve, which every year, by the way, he gets more and more votes for.
He introduces legislation, again, to abolish the Patriot Act.
He introduces legislation to control our borders.
I mean, he really is just an absolute model statesman and patriot
The best way to support him is go up to your own member of Congress and ask them to vote more like Ron Paul because he does hear that from other members on the floor and it always pleases him.
When some other member comes up and, grudgingly or not, has to ask Ron how Ron's going to vote on a particular bill because he knows that Ron has a core of fans or supporters.
He's gone from getting nobody to getting majorities in many cases.
Sure, sure.
Obviously, thelibertycommittee.org is the website where...
Where Congressman Paul's Liberty Committee info on that can be found.
Weekly legislative updates and essays and reports.
Yes, our house website is house.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.gov.
Next week, CAFTA will probably be voted on Thursday.
That's what we're looking at.
You've always been good at forecasting.
You said Patriot Act was probably going to pass two days ago when you called me.
What about CAFTA?
Well, if they bring it up for a vote, that means that the House leadership thinks that they've got enough votes for a yes.
It's going to take about a minimum of 30...
Now, there was a whole year of debating on NAFTA, and Republicans and Democrats, Al Gore and George Bush Sr., even trotted out after Al Gore had been elected, and told us how great it was.
Now people know it was not good, and it's not free trade.
Does that even matter now?
I mean, now they're just going to do it regardless?
CAPTA is going to be quick.
They'll bring it up very quickly one evening next week when they think they have the vote.
It'll be an up-or-down vote, a couple hours of debate, and that'll be it.
There's not going to be any amendments or two-thirds majority or any of that thing.
Just a simple up-or-down vote.
And it's thousands of pages, and obviously nobody's read it.
Thousands of pages.
It does contain references to Codex as the approved regulatory standard for nations that sign up.
I've seen those sections, Jim.
But the bottom line is that if you want to have free trade, you can write an agreement between the U.S.
and any other country.
That says, okay, we both agree to drop our tariffs.
It could be two lines.
Yeah, this is really like the EU.
I mean, the Canadian papers are saying CAFTA is the end of their sovereignty.
They're calling it the Pan-American Union.
But our press is so controlled, Jeff.
You don't have to look any farther than Article I, Section 8.
It says the authority to regulate trade invests with Congress.
And that's it.
Congress can't just give that away.
Well, I mean, it's like Congress is supposed to control the Supreme Court, but they've given that up.
You know, they give everything to the executive.
I mean, Congress is the most powerful branch of government.
Well, Jeff Dice, I appreciate you coming on with us.
I heard Paul's a chief of staff spokesman.
And so any ballpark idea in the last 10 seconds of when this vote's coming up next week?
I would venture Thursday evening.
I loved Heard America on Thursday night.
All right, well, thank you so much for coming on, sir.
Okay, you bet.
God bless.
We'll be back with final news.
Your call's a ton of info.
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You know, I'm getting more and more frustrated with myself.
I normally cover about, I don't know, 20 stories in three hours, which is more than most national talk shows.
I mean, they'll cover like three stories in three hours.
And the callers, when we take a lot of calls, they'll probably bring up another 30 or 40 stories, you know, issues, items.
But so many days, at the end of the broadcast, I go, look at all this stuff I didn't get to.
Well, I've gone through the last three or four days of the stacks.
It's just out of control.
Look, we've got Paul Watson coming up for like ten minutes, because we've broken a lot of big news, a lot of key facets of the ongoing, you know, killing innocent unarmed people, and staged bombings, and Al-Qaeda taking credit, and just all of it is on prisonplanet.com and InfoWars.
I hope you'll email it out to folks and get people to visit the sites, because this is all about word of mouth, okay?
Fox News isn't going to have me on TV, because they know that my stuff is documented, and I'm going to tear them up.
I'm going to defeat them.
I mean, I've been told by Fox News execs, I'm on the list, folks.
CNN, places like that.
They'll have buffoons on who cannot articulate what's going on.
Because, you know, I'm not very on on the radio, but I get on on TV.
Like you saw me on C-SPAN.
I mean, I just, man, I finally get my adrenaline because I live on the air.
So this is kind of like carrying out the trash or something.
I mean, you know, it's like combing my hair.
I mean, it's just like breathing.
This is what I do, which sometimes I've got to remember.
I'm talking to millions of people, and I've got to try to get some adrenaline going because my brain works better.
But there's just so much.
I mean, none of us can get desensitized to all this.
So I'm taking it to another level here on the broadcast.
We're getting even better guests.
I'm going to do even more research.
And I'm going to work even harder.
You've got to keep up with the Joneses.
You know what?
Well, no.
We've got to keep up with the New World Order.
And the Joneses have got to bring down the New World Order.
And all the Joneses and the Smiths out there, all of us together, us commoners, we've got to stand up against the corrupt nobles who are a bunch of inbred trash.
So your calls are coming up.
After Paul's gone, we'll get to Dana and Mike and Rodney and Jesse and Robert.
And we're going to take a ton of calls today, but also go through the news.
I'll just have to look at each article, kind of give you the synopsis, and give you the crystallized, what I think is most important about it.
You can draw your own conclusions and go read the whole story at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
In the last minute of this hour...
Look, I mean, we need to expose who is behind the terror.
Do you understand?
If we don't do that, if we don't cause an awakening, if we don't explain to people why the government is behind the terror, and show them the history, and then show them the modern examples, it's going to get real bad real quick, folks.
It's going to be like living in Israel, living in this country.
Total police terror, living in Baghdad.
The elite doesn't care about having a good economy.
They are the economy.
It's about consolidation, no matter how bad our lives are going to get.
And so I'm begging you to get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny on DVD or VHS.
To get Martial Law on DVD or VHS.
Those are my two best videos.
They're super good!
I think, and a lot of people think, they're the best 9-11 films and police state films out there.
Yeah, one of them is three hours long, the other is almost three hours long.
They're really both miniseries.
You want a real education.
They're also dynamic and exciting, but it's a lot to bite off and chew.
But you'll be an expert on the New World Order.
I know a lot of you haven't gotten the videos because you think you know it all.
So what if you know it all?
Get them, make copies, give them to people.
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Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
It is Friday, the 42nd day of July 2005.
The Patriot Act has been reauthorized and extended.
Not until 2015.
2016, excuse me.
And when it reauthorizes and starts back up in a few months.
And at the same time, they just chased some guy who ran from the police and gunned him down, sat on him, and then blew him away, is what most of the eyewitness reports are saying.
Very suspicious.
Al-Qaeda taking credit.
Again, it leads back to fake news.
Outfits, just like the last one.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media ignores the fact that Netanyahu, who's the finance minister, well, the head of Mossad admits he did get a warning.
And again, the press ignores that.
We've got to get that story and get that out to people.
So that's developing a bunch of developments.
Paul Watson joining us for one segment, coming up in the next segment.
Then it's just wide-open phones for the entire broadcast after that and just a ton of other news.
I mean, there's so much here, but Dana in Seattle, Washington.
Go ahead, Dana.
Good morning, Alex.
I just wanted to ask you a question and then tell you something if I could.
Sure, go ahead.
You've been talking about the Patriot Act that was passed by the House of Representatives.
Have you seen the article that's on USA Today about the Patriot Act?
It kind of lists some of the areas of the 14 areas of which they've made permanent, but it goes on to say that it's not finished yet.
It still has to go.
The Senate House Committee has to take their version and hammer it out with the House, and then they'll decide on the final Patriot Act.
But it sounds like it's probably pretty much a done deal, right?
Yeah, yes.
There's not going to be much arguing or altering or anything like that.
Well, we're trying to, I mean, we can ask President Bush not to sign it.
But according to Ron Paul's, you know, chief of staff, I mean, it's basically done deal.
Well, that's what I figured.
I was noticing on the TV this morning about the armed New York City police in the subways.
Yeah, aiming machine guns, searching eight-year-old black children.
That's spooky to watch that.
I mean, it really is to see that going on.
No, that's martial law, dear.
I know that.
I know you know.
But, I mean, again, the borders are wide open.
The illegals are instantly legalized.
They're given welfare.
The felons are.
It's all a fraud.
And then now the New York Police Commissioner says, look for people sweating.
Do you know it's 100 degrees in those subways right now?
Everybody's going to be sweating, aren't they?
Well, I mean, I'm sick of it.
You know, you walk through and some goon waddles over to you and, you know, wants to search your bag.
I mean, it's the end of the Fourth Amendment.
We're being trained how to beat everybody up against the wall.
We're searching your bags.
Let me see your papers.
We're being trained how to live in the Soviet Union.
Well, I agree.
I'm 57.
I don't disagree with you at all.
And I can't believe how all of this seems to be going so fast.
Well, look, long before 9-11, they would line the kids up and search them and have police dogs jump on them.
I mean, everything is about training us how to be prisoners.
Well, I listen to your show a lot on the Wraith Red, and I agree with a lot of stuff I hear, and it's real...
It's real opening and courageous of you to be able to put this stuff forward to people.
Well, now, it's good to hear from you and it's courageous that you're involved and listening and are getting informed or are informed, Dana.
How did you first find the broadcast?
Well, it was actually through the Power Hour one time when I first found out about them in April and I just listened to your show.
In fact, I called in the first time about something.
There was some conversation going on and I had a point to make or a statement to say and I called in.
I don't get to listen to you every morning, but I usually listen to you at night.
You know, and listen to it on my computer.
Well, it's good to... Because I'm not where I get a radio station.
And there was one more thing I wanted to ask you.
Okay, go ahead.
Well... Go ahead.
I have some stuff I wanted to send to you by fax if I could...
I heard you talking to Joyce last night about the treason and all the nuclear explosion that goes all the way back from the military testing to 1948.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're about to get into just all the incredible revelations that are coming out concerning the second wave of bombings yesterday.
The shooting of an unarmed person on a train today.
Though Fox Television is calling him a suicide bomber.
Well, they got some nerve.
And the new 007 license to kill powers the police were given and now are using.
But a caller who we're about to go back to in a moment brought this, was bringing up beyond treason.
That I've seen some clips from and seen the trailer for.
It's not available until next week, but I went ahead and put in an order for 500 of these, and we already have it up on the shopping cart at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, adding that to our bookstore and library.
Because the people that are being interviewed in it, too, are just incredible, and the description Joyce gave for it.
So as soon as they come in next Wednesday, they're shipping me $500, and I'll ship it right out to you.
We have it up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now, the video Beyond Treason.
You can watch the trailer and read about it and order it right now on Infowars.com or go there and go to the shopping cart.
All of this goes together.
And we have two articles out of the New Scientist today.
One of them is the government documents and admissions that Japan tried to surrender, unconditionally.
And our government A-bombed them twice, not to just scare the Russians, but to start a Cold War.
To start an arms race.
Because there were trillions of dollars to be made over the next 50 years in weapon sales by the military companies that lobby and control our government.
I mean...
That's not a stretch, folks.
Eisenhower, in his farewell speech, warned everybody about this.
And now that Defense Department money and those corporations fund almost all of our universities, what, 90% of research funding, and even psychology in areas, and Big Pharma funds the rest.
So literally, they're buying up the brain trust.
They're buying up everything.
And so we have that coming out, just A-bombing people for fun.
Here's the new scientist, though.
Nuclear test fallout killed thousands in U.S.
New scientist.
Radioactive fallout from the world's nuclear weapons test during the Cold War has killed 11,000 Americans with cancer.
According to new reports by U.S.
scientists, experts say that many thousands more likely have died in other countries.
A report prepared by the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services for Congress is the first attempt to estimate the total number of cancers caused by atmospheric testing program between 51 and 63.
I think?
What is it?
Four plus thousand times the A-bombs and all the other nuclear testing.
I've actually got the statistics here on the stack.
Many thousands of times, all the nuclear testing.
That amount of radiation with the uranium they've used in these munitions has been released.
The government admits that.
It's blowing all over the world.
They're using it in ten sites in the U.S.
and in two possessions.
Okay, that's what's covered in Beyond Treason.
So, I hope you'll go to InfoWars.com and get this new documentary, Beyond Treason.
Order it right now.
Get a couple copies.
We sell it for the exact same amount as Dave & Joyce.
And so you're supporting Dave & Joyce and you're supporting what we're doing by getting it through us.
And while you're at it, get Martial Law.
It's the best video I've ever made.
It covers who the globalists are.
It covers the latest police state, the sound cannons, the hover blams, people being put in the FEMA camp privately owned by Bechtel and George Schultz out at Pier 57.
That's 35 minutes and a whole hour on 9-11.
The latest hardcore developments.
Issue after issue, proving how they carried it out.
We name the names.
We lay it out, folks.
We Dick Cheney, baby.
We just come right out with it.
Who gave the orders, how they did it.
And then a whole hour on the order of death, the skull and bones, Bohemian Grove, the Nazi connection, all of it.
It is my best work.
It's a mini-series.
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We've got to move quick, Dana, because we've got loaded phones and Paul Watson in the wings and a ton of news, but you wanted to make one more point.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I wanted to ask if I could have your fax number to fax you some websites where you can get more information about the past radiation exposures to the military starting in 1948.
Well, listen, you're welcome to send that to me.
I'm wallowing in the documentation.
I'm wallowing in CIA reports on how to sterilize women.
I mean, I'm wallowing.
No, it's always good to have more of it.
Let me give you my fax number.
Send me your info.
It's 512...
That's the problem, folks.
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That's the fax number.
Thank you so much.
Good to have you on board with us.
Thank you.
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You may be sending me the most important thing in the world.
And that's another thing.
That's why I need more staff.
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We need your support in this war, ladies and gentlemen.
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Probably because we say make copies of them.
Which, again, I say do that because it gets the word out and we fight the globalists.
Hold for about ten minutes while I've been ranting.
So we'll hold him through this segment and into the next, and we'll get to all your calls, too.
But, Paul, a lot of big developments today.
You've been burning the midnight oil.
I've got to say, we're first again tracking and deciphering their lies, and more reports coming out this evening.
Tell us all about it, Paul.
Well, that's right, Alex.
Obviously, the latest is...
They've now released video captures of the four supposed bombers, or attempted bombers, that attempted to bomb three trains and a bus.
And they look Central Asian.
They don't look Arab.
And some of them look like gang members.
They look criminal.
The M.O.
I get is criminal.
Where are these criminals hired to do a job?
Go ahead.
I don't know as of yet, but obviously they've shot dead suspected suicide bomber at Stockwell train station.
But now they're saying he isn't a suicide bomber, but Fox News still says he is.
Well, I don't know whether they're saying he is or he isn't.
The other report is of raids across London with gunshots also heard.
So it seems pretty interesting, you know, if they're so keen to uncover these so-called Al-Qaeda cells and the information behind the first bombing, then why have police been given shoot-on-sight orders?
You've got to get an article out on that, Paul, and spell it out, because...
Because it's just like Madrib where they kill all the people that supposedly did it, then it leads back to the government.
It's just like Russia where they do it.
It's the same modus operandi here.
Very, very suspicious.
And we heard about gunshots on day one, where those patsies that figured out what was happening.
One of these bombers, it said he seemed surprised when this happened, Paul.
Well, yeah, it's all very murky.
But, I mean, why would they... The guy falls down.
All the witnesses say they got over him and then shot him.
Summer Singh sat on him.
Why are they killing him?
Stay there, Paul.
Just, folks, this stinks to high heaven.
All the patsies have been killed.
All the patsies have been killed.
Everything is being handled.
They were having a drill two weeks ago on the morning of the first mornings of the exact same thing happening, exact same places, exact same times.
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Well, George Bush said we had to pass the Patriot Act, reauthorize it, expand it for another decade because of the London bombings.
And now there's images of little children being searched and machine guns pointed at them from San Francisco to New York City, ladies and gentlemen.
And the government can provoke a terror.
They can hire patsies.
They can hire people to be part of drills.
They can do any of this.
And all the indicators show that.
Paul Watson, please continue running through the different developments and then I promise, folks, your calls are coming up.
Go ahead, Paul.
Well, as we were discussing during the break, the first eyewitness of this shooting today at the train station at Stockwell, who was five yards away, said that the so-called suicide bomber had a heavy jacket on.
But that was it.
Now, obviously, yes, it's unusual to wear a heavy jacket in the middle of summer.
But he described the suspect being pursued by both plainclothes and regular policemen, half-tripping, being pushed to the ground, and then being shot five times.
Which is interesting because this shoot-to-kill law, which was granted to the police on Monday...
Gives them license to kill if a suspected suicide bomber refuses to surrender or is in a position where he's obviously not going to be caught.
So if they've got him on the ground and they've got half a dozen policemen over him with guns, then would they have been able to apprehend him without killing him?
Maybe so.
But the thing about it is that
Later witnesses came out and said that he had a bomb belt attached to him and wires coming out the back of it.
So it's whether you believe the witness who was five yards away or the witnesses that were down the end of the train.
So there's no doubt in my mind that the 7-7 bombers were totally unaware of the full scope of what they were involved in.
But certainly if these latest individuals were somehow part of the same drill or had any kind of, you know, troublesome knowledge of the first bombing, then you'd certainly have to eliminate them.
By the way, even Scotland Yard, Scotland Yard detectives who aren't in on the fun, are saying these guys didn't know what they were doing.
They had some controller.
They thought they had dummy bombs or thought they were carrying drugs.
That's right.
And we had the same thing yesterday.
Multiple witnesses.
There's a pop.
A bang, and then smoke comes out, and the guy's like, what in the world?
What's in my, you know, didn't know.
So, I mean, Paul, this thing just stinks.
This thing stinks so bad.
Well, the thing about the 7-7 bombing, yes, it's very clear that they were part of this drill.
They were totally unaware that they were about to become suicide bombers.
And there is a development on that.
Because one single mainstream news channel out of the dozens of newspapers and news channels in Britain actually covered the Peter Power visor consultant exercise that was taking place at the exact same time with the exact same locations targeted as the real event on 7-7.
Have you posted that story yet?
No, I'm going to write a story on it later today.
But, surprise, surprise, Channel 4 comes to the conclusion that it's one big coincidence.
And then they even talked to Power, though, you said, because you've got the transcript.
They talked to Powers, and he goes, he said all sorts of really weird stuff.
Well, yeah, that is included in the report.
It's the CBS report.
Associate producer.
CBS didn't carry it, but this CBS associate producer, Coleman Jones, claimed in his blog that while escorting participants from the building, and this was a security conference in Canada that Power attended, he inquired of Power why there had not been more media coverage of this.
They were trying to keep it quiet, Power purportedly responded, with what Jones called a knowing smile.
Now that's huge, because Jones is the reporter in a CBS Nightly News piece where he did interview Power, and that's the third interview we've got, and so now the very reporter that did that saying off-camera, and he said that, that is massive!
Why are they trying to keep it quiet?
Well, it doesn't really...
Well, we did too, and then he didn't respond for three days.
We got the email too.
Yeah, and he would only respond to accredited media, as he called it, so he couldn't have got a response anyway.
Well, that's huge, Paul.
There's a few other developments.
Al-Qaeda takes credit, as usual.
Totally fake.
We'll talk about that for about three minutes on the other side, then go right to your calls and a bunch of news.
Folks, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Rick and Reno disagrees with me, so he's first.
Ben Rodney, Michael in Arizona, Mike New York, Ron, and many others.
And we're going to go through your calls quickly so I have your questions or comments ready.
Paul, there's been a bunch of other developments.
And for those that are just joining us, you know, we go off of the New World Order's template.
We know how they operate.
They're past operations.
We know that they tend to carry out terror attacks right when the legislation's about to be voted on.
They've been caught carrying out mass shootings right when legislation's being voted on.
We know how they use decoys and dummies and patsies and useful idiots and fall guys.
I mean, it's the oldest trick in the book.
It's like that movie, Arlington Road.
I mean, that's what they do in that film.
And this is what they did on 9-11.
It's what they did, of course.
The guys on 9-11 thought they were part of a drill.
That's confirmed.
We know that they did that just so many other times.
They use a drill as the cover.
That's the absolute kicker.
And that's what vectors it in.
And then you've got all the people dying and blowing themselves up, and then you've got just the British government's done this before, we've got Operation Gladio, we've got Operation Northwoods, we've been just time and time again, but Paul, other little key tidbits here, other developments, where's the police state legislation right now in the United Kingdom?
Well, I don't think they got it through last night.
If they did, it was in secret, so they'll reorganize in 80 days' time to get it through.
Everything that you just mentioned, though, would be called careless speculation by Channel 4.
They accuse us of careless speculation when at the same time you have Sky News putting out a headline, Group Claims Bombings, the bombings yesterday, saying that they have been claimed by Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade, an offshoot of al-Qaeda.
The problem with that is Boston Globe investigated this and many others have in the past and described it as a phantom organization.
The group doesn't exist.
They claim every single event.
They claim the 2003 blackout.
They've claimed car bombings in Iraq.
I'm just waiting for them to claim the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and starting the First World War.
So they claim absolutely everything, but evidence shows it's one guy on the internet with a little forum
Well, yeah, and why don't they go, they know exactly where those computers are, they never go, you know, I love it, Al-Qaeda's official website, Hamas's official website, you know, where they take credit and they don't go, I mean, folks, it's admitted, Israel founded Hamas, Haratz, UPI, it's admitted that the CIA was involved founding Hezbollah.
It is the same story over and over again.
But look, two weeks ago, Paul, they had to admit that after hours of saying Al-Qaeda took credit, that it was somebody in broken Arabic saying, we praise you, and then that led back to a CIA server owned by the Bush family.
That's mainstream news, by the way, London Guardian, folks.
I mean, it's getting... A guy did a mop head chopping in his garage in San Francisco, and it was national news for a week.
And so I love it.
Fox News and CNN have got pictures of bin Laden and al-Qaeda trading tapes.
I saw this before I got on air an hour and a half ago.
Charging the camera while they know it's al-Qaeda.
But we're bad because this guy says we had a drill at the exact same place, exact same time.
It's like you can't even pronounce the number.
It's got 48 zeros on it.
We had a statistician do those numbers.
And Paul, I mean, go ahead.
All the coincidence according to Channel 4, the same location at the same time, just the fact that they had drills and they also cite a BBC documentary about a biological attack on London.
They cite that as proof that this was just a coincidence.
Oh, exactly as people writing hit pieces, little shills had tried to say, well, there have been other drills before.
That's what Peter Power said.
Implying that we said there have never been drills in history.
Exact drills, exact places...
That thousand person, that's what he said, and then he doesn't even deny that now.
In fact, he tells the CBS reporter, which the reporters now put this out.
The screens say that before it's gone.
We know that reporter did interview him.
We have the interview.
But he says, oh, because... What's the exact quote?
Why did Powers act sneaky?
And what did he say?
I'll just get it up here.
Coleman Jones...
While escorting participants from the building, he enquired of Power why there had not been more media coverage of this.
They were trying to keep it quiet, Power responded with what Jones called a knowing smile.
Oh, yes, it's very funny.
Paul Howell named the company who he did the drill for.
And then now he says it's a company and another organization, and he talks about how we were doing the drill, but then shifted into our real response, and our people did a great job.
Yeah, and Channel 4 used that as evidence against us to say that it was just a small team of crisis managers who were doing the drill on paper.
Well, if it was all on paper, then how did they shift to managing the crisis, the real event, after it had taken place?
I know.
It's twisted logic.
Well, Paul, one more thing I'm going to mention to you.
I have a Scotsman article and also a BBC article here.
Where they're saying that Scotland Yard got a warning two days ago that there was going to be a bombing.
My parents flew in last night from London, England.
They had a vacation there.
And my dad calls me as they're driving home from the airport at like 9 o'clock at night, and so he was in the London subways yesterday morning.
My parents were actually getting to the airport during all of this insanity.
And you barely even made it here because of all of this.
I mean, how bizarre is that?
It's probably going to be about one out of a billion, but it's not one out of 48 zeros.
You know, impossible.
And so they're over there, and they noticed that there was hardly any security for the last week, because they've been there for almost two weeks, for the last week.
But then...
The day before yesterday, suddenly hundreds of police, bomb dogs everywhere, just all over the place, and stuff that looked like drills to them.
So how does that feed into all this, Paul?
Well, yeah, I posted it out of the London Mirror.
They said that at 9.29 a.m., which was about three and a half, three and a quarter hours before the first attempt at bombing yesterday,
They had closed in on one of the suspected bombers, but narrowly missed him.
And this police source said, after that we just knew it was going to happen, and if it was going to happen, it would be on Thursday.
So they knew it was going to happen.
Let me ask you a question, Paul, and then I'm going to let you go and let you get back to writing these articles that we've been putting together.
You think I ought to come to London?
You think I ought to jump on a plane someday, bring a cameraman or get one there, and go around and interview the locals and go to these scenes and go to these places and really get down and dirty and really get the information?
I think that would be a good idea, yeah.
Oh, man, I can't imagine.
I think it's a good idea to take the tube.
Oh, I think I will.
You're not afraid to take the tube with me, are you?
No, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
All right.
Look at that.
He's not afraid.
He's a powerful warrior.
Expose the New World Order.
No, but I just don't know how much plane tickets will be on, like, two days' notice.
Oh, man, I hate jet lag.
Well, Paul, I don't know.
I might be coming.
I might be coming.
I've just got a call yesterday.
I'm going to be on Coast to Coast for three hours.
They let me pick a date the first week of August, and I picked the 3rd of August, a Wednesday, full show, coast-to-coast AM, basically whatever I want to talk about, which is wonderful.
Because normally we're talking about 9-11, or, oh, we want to have you on about Bohemian Grove, and then I can say whatever I want in that context.
Well, really, George lets me say whatever I want, but the point is just to tell me up front, come on, talk about whatever conspiracies you want, and I wouldn't even call it conspiracies, but that's what they call it.
So I'm really honored to just go on and talk about basically just a free-for-all, and so I want to prepare for that.
How long would it take me to do all these interviews?
I don't know.
I want to talk to Michael Meacher.
I want to talk to Shaler.
I want to talk to Galloway.
I want to enter... You know, I don't care, Paul, about having the police come get me, but I have seen on the news where they run up and don't let people videotape now.
I guess their 4.5 million cameras are good, but I wonder if we'll run into trouble just trying to videotape.
Well, they do tend to clamp down on that a lot, certainly.
If you go anywhere near any
What they call private property near shops, etc., they would clamp down on it immediately.
Near shops?
I mean, what does that mean?
They've got cameras.
I mean, everywhere's a shop.
No, that happens here.
You'll be, like, in the parking lot of Best Buy, and the cops are running a checkpoint, pulling people into it, and the manager comes out with the cop and goes, Get out of here, boy!
Oh, man, I tell you.
I want to come over there.
I want to come over there and do it.
I got a good cameraman over here who can do it, but he doesn't have his passport in order.
Only Americans, 70% of the population, have ever been out of the country.
What else is going on, Dick Lordley?
That's about it.
I think, obviously, later on tonight, I'm going to put out two or three articles just having to counter all these inconsistencies and attacks on us from people like Channel 4.
Well, I want you to go after them.
And, you know, I don't want to attack Al Jazeera for doing what they did, Paul, because all I care about is the information.
But you and I wrote that article.
You did most of the work.
I just sat there on the phone telling you points I wanted made.
And then to have one of our biggest articles on the web copied word for word.
How many paragraphs, Paul?
It was all of it.
And then they're in the Channel 4 report just so they can mix Arabs into it.
I don't appreciate that.
So why don't you go ahead and take a swipe at them?
Well, yeah, I will in the article.
They took my article wholesale, the one we wrote together.
Added two of their own paragraphs, slapped it up on their website, said it was their article, didn't even give us the credit.
That one some Canadian newspapers did.
They gave us credit, which I don't even so much care about credit.
But when you copy the whole thing, I mean, and then see, I have to be mixed up with that bunch now on Channel 4 TV because of what they did.
That's right.
I told you last week not to attack them, but now we've got to defend ourselves.
Well, we take articles every day, put them in our format, but we put what the source is and a direct link to them right at the top of the page.
Yeah, we put it there for fair use.
We put it there for fair use for the history.
Of course.
We just syndicated it, and that actually helps people.
But, Paul, this is the way I think to go after it, because I don't want to waste our time going after Al Jazeera.com.
That's the Al Jazeera, right?
There's like five of them.
That's the one, right?
That's calm.
My brain hasn't been working too good lately.
I haven't had as much sleep, so I've got to be careful.
The photographic stuff's not working right now.
But the point is that, Paul, the way to go after it is, how dare Channel 4 not even notice that it was word for word our article and then mix them in with us?
Well, exactly.
They accuse us of not having journalistic nous, and yet they don't even realize that.
They just say Al Jazeera said that these drills were a culpability cover, as in the case of 9-11.
So, words for that effect, but the exact phrase that I used, Al Jazeera copied it, but they said Al Jazeera said that.
But what I don't get is, even in their hit pieces, they then reveal themselves with all this stuff on powers.
I know.
I mean, they try and dress the story up, but he concludes it by saying it was all one big coincidence.
It's exactly what you would expect from an establishment journalist.
Oh, boy.
Okay, Paul Watson, thank you so much for all you're doing.
This weekend, I mean, there's already a bunch of exclusives up there, really serious analysis.
All these people claim they have analytical skills.
All these people claim and put out all this disinfo.
I'm not tooting our horn, Paul, but we're normally the first to report, and our information almost always holds up.
If it doesn't hold up, we will always retract, which I almost relish doing.
Because, you know, I like people nitpicking us.
I like people showing us what's wrong.
That only makes us better, Paul.
And I've just got to say it.
I mean, prisonplanet.com and infowars.com are the places to be.
And, you know, we know what the New World Order is up to.
We know their program.
We live, breathe, and eat, and sleep, and everything else.
You know, blood, sweat, and tears, the New World Order.
Alright, thanks Alex.
Just to correct you in your statement that the bombers were Arabs when in fact they were reportedly British of Pakistani origin.
Pakistanis are not Arabs.
I know that and it's just everybody over here calls them Arabs and that's like calling a Japanese person African.
I understand.
It just gets to the point where the language is so warped over here.
We're so dumbed down that this is from England.
Just to correct you in your statement that bombers are Arabs, when in fact they were reportedly British of Pakistani origin.
Pakistanis are not Arabs.
I know they're Asians.
They're actually Asian, folks.
Again, you state that London is 20% Arab, and you're right, which is completely untrue.
However, London is probably about 20% of Pakistani origin.
All I know is that we look for statistics online, and a lot of the big neighborhoods show 30-40%.
It goes by religion.
It'll say Muslim.
I think it's more like 18% is what you'd call Asian or Arab if you combine the two.
And, you know, frankly, folks, Arabs really are a hybrid group, a mixture of Asian and Negroid and Caucasian.
So, really, if you want to know what Arabs are, they're kind of like what an English person is, kind of a Heinz 57 of regional tribes.
But with a Brit...
You've only got Germanic Heinz 57 combos with a little bit of, you know, 2000-year-old mix of some Italian, which is predominantly Germanic itself until successive invasions from Africa and by Asia.
It's like Alexander the Great had blonde hair, blue eyes.
If you look at a Greek today, folks, they're really what you'd call an Anglo mix with an Asian.
I've digressed, haven't I?
There I go.
Yes, you're absolutely right, though, e-mailer.
I am sure you will agree that Arabs get blamed for enough without blaming them for other nationalities' misdeeds.
Even among Arabs, by the way, there are different nationalities, such as Saudi, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, and they all have different characteristics.
For example, the act on international terrorism was ever carried out by an Iraqi, who are now the victims of international terrorism by America and the various other terrorist states assisting America.
You're right, Kathleen.
Let's go ahead and go to Rick and Reno.
We'll hold him over.
Rick, I'm distracting people.
Go ahead.
Alex, first off, the purpose of my call is not to attack, but to engage in a friendly disputation within the partisan debate.
I know.
That's fine.
I was just told you disagreed and, you know...
I'll wait until after the commercial.
I hope you disagree.
I mean, it makes the show more interesting.
I'll wait until after the commercial.
All right, my friend.
And we are.
We're going to rampage now for your calls.
We'll let Rick finish up quickly, and Rodney, Michael, Mike, Ron, and many others.
So we'll go to Nevada.
We'll go to Texas.
We'll go to Arizona.
We'll go to New York.
We will go to New York.
We will go to Tasmania.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, just again, masses of important news.
So much to cover.
Your phone calls.
Let's just get everybody that's been holding the longest out of the way.
Mike in Arizona just hung up.
I wanted to go to him, but let's let Rick in Reno.
Okay, go ahead, Rick.
Alex, you stole some of my thunder because while I was holding, you did mention that Bush...
We authorized the Patriot Act as a result of the London bombings.
Oh, yeah, I had Ron Paul's office on in the first hour.
But, Alex, which of our bird dogs, yours or mine, has dropped the bird out the jaws and trotted off to ground a bird for another blind?
You have failed to mention Rove.
Oh, Rove, that's the ball we need to keep our eyes on.
Well, actually, I've got to tell you, Rick, I disagree with you.
I mean, he's just a technician, a CEO.
He is just a high-level manager.
I mean, he's not even Henry Kissinger or George Shultz level, as Bush calls him.
I mean, it's the president's nickname for him is Feces Blossom.
You know, if feces blossom, everybody thinks he might be the sacrificial lamb.
I think he himself is a distraction.
We have to cover London, because like every other major attack, it has all the hallmarks of an inside job, a false flag operation, Rick.
I sure hate to see us let go a lever that might pry open this...
Administration the way they pried open Nixon back in 1973.
No, I hear you.
And listen, thanks for the call.
Weeks ago we talked about this.
If Roe falls and Bush falls, that'll actually help the globalists.
In fact, they may do that.
I've been saying that for the last year.
As a sacrificial lamb, politically.
Oh, look, we beat them.
Oh, we got something done.
They know there's a crest of awakening, a crest of resistance.
You know, a real tipping point with conservatives waking up that Bush isn't conservative.
And then they could take him out of office and put something else in.
I mean, they put the neocons in when they took Nixon out.
So, you know, they will... The Romans used to do this.
They even had handbooks on it.
Not just how to control slaves, but they would send, say, a... There's famous examples of this.
They would send a Roman governor, say, into Jerusalem, and he'd crack down and be really mean.
And then they would reprimand him publicly and remove him, and let's say he put ten times the tyranny over the people that the last emperor did, or the last governor, but because the next guy they gave him only gave him five times what the two governors before did, he's a little bit better than the last one, oh, it's okay.
These are imperial ways to manage the public.
We're going to go to Rodney in Texas, but I just hope you'll go get the new video, Martial Law at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It is my best film, the best 9-11 video out there, bar none.
And we're carrying Joyce Riley and her new video that's just incredible.
And that is just now coming out, folks.
We just got it on the website at the same price they've got it.
And that video...
Yeah, now, the thing that...
That you tried to point out, and I don't know if you brought this up to a later date, that his former boss, the commissioner, they tried to appoint him over Homeland Security, right?
Bernard Carrick.
Yeah, only to find out that the guy was one of the biggest crooks that there ever was in the New York Police Department, right?
Well, you've got to be a crook to be a major police chief.
I have one other brief article I've seen on your website about the Alan Greenspan and his financial transactions.
Yeah, that's right.
It's not just put options against the pound for...
Just record levels of the days before the first bombing.
But Lord Greenspan, we'll be right back with the third hour.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Look, I said in the last hour I was going to take a bunch of calls.
I didn't do it because it was so much news.
And there's a ton of news coming up in this hour as well.
During the breaks, I'm going to pick back through my two stacks and
Focus on the most important stuff.
Believe me, there's a lot of it to stay with us.
But I am going to take a lot of calls this hour.
I'm going to do it.
So regardless of how good your call is, I'm cutting you off quickly.
And I'm not going to comment much on what you say.
Rodney, go ahead.
Picking back up on what I was saying, two great points that you brought out in the story about Alan Greenspan.
Having prior knowledge, I think that this is not just a smoking gun, but a smoking shotgun.
Because in fact, you pointed out, very few people know that the Federal Reserve gets inside knowledge from the CIA.
So the question is, once again, how did Alan Greenspan know
How to make these massive financial transactions two days before the London bombings, and why isn't the major media speaking to this issue?
I'll go ahead and leave you on that note.
Have a good day, brother.
Well, I appreciate your call.
Also, a big financial move that took place yesterday.
The Chinese have dollarized their currency.
That is, they peg the mark at which they trade their currency according to the dollar.
They went off the dollar yesterday.
They are now going to go according to kind of a grab bag aggregate of about 12 different currencies, the most dominant being the euro and the dollar.
Our government has begged them not to do this.
This is very serious for our economy.
Very serious for the dollar.
And just cannot be over... That's in the stack.
I'm going to dig it out and go over it.
I mean, that's the kind of stuff that's just... I could talk three hours about that and the Federal Reserve and fiat currency and
World Reserve currencies, and it's all very frustrating to try to cover it all.
Mike in Arizona is gone, so we'll go to Mike in New York.
Mike, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Here in New York City, just about to go out to a rehearsal with my gig bag and my bass, and wondering what would you say to these guys when they stop you on the subway to be searched?
Well, first I want to hear what you're planning to do.
I'm not going to consent to it, just on principle.
Yeah, the New York Post is reporting about all these t-shirts that are being sold all over the streets now saying, I do not consent to being searched.
You have a Fourth Amendment.
They'll claim it's a privilege to ride on the subway.
No, it's not a privilege to travel.
They claim it's a privilege to drive in your car.
It's not.
And they're just doing this, and it's never going to go away.
Ask the cops.
Go, hey, how come you're searching five-year-old black kids and eight-year-old white girls?
We've all seen it on the news.
Oh, because you can't profile.
You don't want to profile.
You want to get everybody used to you violating the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Look, look, look, I'll be calm and I'll just say, look, you're not going to search me.
I mean, I've paid to ride the subway.
I've paid a monthly fee.
I pay $70, $80 a month to ride the subway.
Well, sir, it's going to be everything.
Look, I don't know how long you've been listening, but I'm not tooting my horn.
It's easy to figure out what they'll do.
I said they're going to bomb trains.
I said probably this summer, late summer.
Okay, that's on record.
And then it's going to be endless surveillance and the same thing with the TSA there.
Because the TSA was already quietly, a year ago, training bus departments and police departments for this.
How did I know?
It's going to be on the trains.
It's going to be in the schools.
It's going to be at the malls.
There's going to be attacks.
They're probably going to have an era.
We'll be shot and killed, and he'll think he's really fighting, you know, great Satan.
He won't know his boss is CIA, CIA Arab, I'll CIA'd him.
He's going to go into it.
He's probably going to kill 100 people in a shopping mall.
You're going to be searched to go in shopping malls.
Until you say, no, we get it, we figure it out.
We know what's going on.
Silence is deafening, Alex.
I'm really... I'm disappointed in my fellow New Yorkers.
I really am.
I said I'd run over the callers here, but you're bringing up... You're in New York.
Well, you know what?
This is big news.
With these machine guns at the five-year-olds.
The searching... By the way, it's not just New York.
It's coming to Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, L.A., Detroit.
We'll be back.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've seen the statistics several times.
You have a better chance in England or the United States
Of being struck by lightning twice in the same day.
As you do by being blown up or shot by a terrorist.
There are 295 million people that we know of.
There's another 15 million or so of the illegals that aren't registered.
We know about half of them.
But the point is, 290-something million people on the census rolls
So it's over 30 million people.
In the projected census right now, at 295 million.
Think of the biggest sports stadiums hold 110,000 people.
You know how many sports stadiums 295 million is?
I mean, how many sports stadiums is 5 million?
That's a good analogy or a good way to illustrate the illegal aliens.
There's 30 million illegal aliens.
Government's own numbers.
They were trying to fudge those for a few years and say it was 20 million.
No, now they say over 30 million.
Imagine how many sports stadiums that is.
So we've got that many people in our country who we don't know who they are.
From Russia and China and the Middle East, but predominantly Latin America.
And they kill cops and machine gun people, and it's back in the newspaper.
Oh, you've got a lot better chance.
You've got a pretty good chance in South Texas.
I mean, it's an actual real danger to be killed by a Los Zetas or MS-13.
Man, they've killed in Texas.
What is it?
I know on the whole border it's eight cops they've killed this year and five in the last month over the border in one town over Texas.
So, man, what's the chances of that?
But let's think about this.
So you've got a better chance of being struck by lightning twice in the same day
As you do being bombed.
But we've got to change our society.
We've got to search those little children.
We've got to point machine guns at you.
As if it's not... I mean, if we had real suicide bombers, Israel has maximum security.
Total police state.
And they can't stop it.
You know, real, organic suicide bombers.
The bombs that aren't Israeli Mossad doing it.
This is admitted.
And then blaming it on their enemies.
They've been caught countless times.
Jerusalem Post, Haratz, you've got a problem with it.
So, UPI.
So, no amount of security.
I mean, if somebody wants to blow people up, look at Baghdad.
If you want to blow yourself up and you want to run into a crowd and blow yourself up, no amount of machine guns, no amount of cops is going to stop it.
You just cannot stop it.
You might stop one out of twenty.
And again, you do have real suicide bombers in the Middle East, but almost every time we track it back, it is some CIA foundation group funding the Muslim leaders who never get in trouble.
And then their little useful idiots go out and do it, and then...
Egypt gets $5 billion.
Israel gets $5 billion.
Jordan gets $2 billion.
Pakistan gets $4 billion.
To fight terror.
They all want it to keep going, too.
And it's really a war against the people.
It's a war against the Palestinians.
It's a war against the Jews.
It's a war against the Americans.
It's a war against the British.
It's a war against the Germans.
In Italy, they're taking people's freedoms.
Putin said two days ago, we've got to give up our rights.
We've got to give up more rights to be safe.
Look at the terror in London.
Vladimir Putin's been caught carrying out bombings red-handed.
So number one, it doesn't keep you safe.
Number two, the government's behind it.
Number three, when they set this police state up and they're not busy giving you a bombing or two a year, those cops searching you are going to be looking for something.
They've got to have something to do with their job.
Folks, you better be more afraid...
Of a million cops now in America.
We had, when Bill Clinton first got in office, 400,000.
A million cops in America!
And then, now they're going to have millions of troops in America.
And folks, understand, you may wake up one morning, and there may be a mushroom cloud.
And it isn't going to be Alcieta.
It isn't going to be Al Qaeda.
It's going to be the CIA.
It's going to be the New World Order.
It's going to be a federal secret group, working group you never heard of.
Contracting with Russian spit-snatch.
You know, that's what it's going to be.
Because they all work together.
And they're going to re-engineer.
They're going to force-drug you.
They're going to shave your kids' heads.
The Army is now expanding out for what they'll take as new recruits as part of a draft.
I've told you folks, some of these bills are as old as 49.
Before they wouldn't take you, you know, if you were over 31 as a new recruit.
But see, in this new draft, it's going to be called a draft.
It's going to be called National Service.
This is admitted.
I've talked to folks that are on the draft boards.
Oh, it's not a draft, it's National Service.
And you will be able to select, this is going to be the incredible part,
You're going to be able to select domestic service, at least on the surface.
And then they have incentives, more pay, and ways to pressure you into serving overseas.
But if you're a woman, or you're over 40, you might be able to serve here domestically.
And folks, I saw it back in 1998 in the federal documents.
It's in my film, Police Day 2000.
You're going to wear gray uniforms.
Now, I know five years from now, you know, I might be killed by the New World Order, long gone, and some gulag, and you're sitting there living on your food rations or whatever, worshipping your television, and when they issue you the gray uniforms, just go, God, that guy even knew about gray uniforms.
Not because I'm some genius.
I just read the document.
But people out there, they think it's like genius to read documents.
And everything they said they do, they'll do.
So they're going to nuke you.
And then they're going to rape the daylights out of you.
And I mean even literally in many cases.
And let me tell you how a Nazi Soviet system works.
Some local viceroy wants your good-looking girlfriend or wife, you go to the camp.
You go to re-education.
Somebody wants your business, they're going to take it.
You see, this isn't about everybody doing good and having a big economy.
This is about a bunch of fat cats selecting and letting their little pimps and their little soldiers run things.
And it's going to be so sad to see our best and smartest looking women groveling and begging to them and guys swaggering around in their little SWAT team black outfits and people cowering.
Oh, thank you, sir, for all you do.
They're not going to say thank you, sir, for all you do because they love you, because they know you're a piece of garbage, and because they're afraid of you.
We're going to your calls.
It's just that if we don't have an awakening, if we don't wake up to this, if we don't realize what's happening, if we let them do this, there's no end to it.
You understand tyrants don't stop, folks.
They just enjoy dominating and being bullies.
They're sadists.
They're angry by lots of nice houses and people having fishing boats and motorboats.
They're angry about people having healthy, happy children.
They're angry that you've got swimming pools.
They're angry that you've got money in the bank.
They're angry that you're not under their control.
They even say this!
They say it!
They don't want you to do good.
They don't want you to be free.
They hate our troops so bad because they're young, gung-ho, well-meaning servants.
The elite hates them so much because they're using them and they're afraid of them and they know that the people are being manipulated and they know these are good troops and good cops and so they're afraid of you so they always put something into you that's going to soft kill you.
Don't believe me just when you're sitting there dying when you're 27 years old.
Just remember.
Or when the 18-month-old toddler's happy and, you know, speaking in full sentences, and you take them in for their injection, and they have a seizure in the waiting room, and then the cops come in and go, did you shake the baby?
No, he just got his shots.
He's having a convulsion.
Please help me.
No, let's put you in handcuffs right now.
Let's do it.
It's with a covenant.
We love you.
It's so evil.
I'm so sick of it.
We talked to Mike, and this is what set me off.
Mike's sitting there talking about New York, where I've seen on the news, the photos, little kids, man, with guns at them, scared, looking up, having their stuff searched.
It's ridiculous!
Go ahead, Mike.
Finish up what you're saying.
I'm heading out now, and I'm going to rehearsal.
I'm going to ride the subway.
I ride the subways every day, and look for me on the front page of the Post, because I have a hard time shutting up in the face of this stuff.
Well, just be sure once you get out of the Bucktell camp, it's still there, once you get out of there, just be sure and contact the media and then sue them over it.
They have violated your Fourth Amendment.
Yeah, I mean, in the contract that exists because I paid for a MetroCard and now I can't use their services because I refused to give up my Fourth Amendment right.
It's absurd.
As far as I'm concerned, July 22, 2005 or whatever yesterday they started these searches is the beginning of a very serious period in this country.
I don't think people know what it's like to get pulled over and have the thugs gather around and
And what happens in families, well, I'm dating a stormtrooper, Daddy, and he's doing a great job.
I'll report you if you talk bad about Wilbur.
I'm going to have a hard time shutting up in the subway station.
I feel like screaming in the street.
You're not afraid.
That's right.
Wake up.
We're good to go.
I'm going to be bombing the subway every week.
You're not going to be afraid.
You know who has attacked the New York subway?
LCIA has never attacked the New York subway.
1968, your government killed Americans in the New York subway.
It's just a cold-blooded test, Mike.
I'm on you.
I listen to you every day, man.
I read quite a bit.
And I stay up on it, because I'm not afraid of them.
I'm just afraid of weak-minded, weak-spirited people who won't stand up to it.
I hear you, and that's the crux of it.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back and talk to Ron and Fred and Johnny and Jamie and everybody else.
I just got to say this right now.
It is true.
We're really soft.
We used to be the hardest, strongest, most cunning people in the world.
We were.
We were the wild, you know...
The barbarians, the criminals, the outcasts, the whatevers that came to America.
And we have turned into the fattest, dumbest, most stupid, cowardly, bug-eyed trash on the planet.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I mean, literally, can you imagine our history?
55 people have been killed.
Put men in black masks everywhere and let them search us and shove us around and surveil everything we do.
Yes, or they'll get us.
I mean, it's just so... If the government had a border lockdown, was deporting people, you know, and then clearly wasn't involved in the attacks, then I'd be like, okay, yeah, blah, you know, at a certain level.
But it's so transparent.
It's a joke.
It's a joke!
All right, Ron, Fred, Jeremy, and others, we're going to your calls right now.
He just loves calling in.
I guess all this stuff's happening in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
You're on the air.
That is correct, Alex, and it keeps happening day by day by day.
We're losing this country and our freedom and our own self-respect.
Yeah, the martial law is not in a sloth, slow motion now.
No, not ever since those bombings in London, no.
It's been going literally from hour to hour.
It's been going, it's getting worse and worse.
All they need is just a slight cover.
Notice the whole agenda was lined up.
Everybody was, you know, on the gridiron.
And they said, hut, hut, hut, boom, boom, boom.
And boy, the ball was in action.
That's correct.
And so I'm not calling you so much from the city state of New York as from the police state of New York.
Of course, you're all aware of... Okay, well, you're a retired cop.
What are you going to do when you're walking down there and some guy walks over and goes, Hey, man, come here.
I'm going to set you now.
And you know what I'm going to do if it happens after I've entered the system and paid my fare to exit that system?
I'm going to raise hell by filing a suit to get back my $2 from the New York City Transit Authority.
Because my right to travel a public conveyance, a public conveyance, folks, this is not private.
It's as much your right to go into that system as it is to walk down the street, okay?
And if I'm going to have to give up my Fourth Amendment right to use a public conveyance, that's not part of the term.
Let's role play.
Now, of course, at first it'll just be, we're showing little kids on TV, but at first it'll just be, you know, select groups, but it's really meant for, and it'll only be in a few spots at first.
So, I walk up to you, I need to look in the bag there, mister.
I'm sorry, officer.
I'm sorry.
I have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and you have no articulable grounds by which to search my bag.
Well, aren't you a fancy talk, Mr. Lawyer?
Hey, don't be talking back to me!
What you got to hide?
I need some backup over here!
Right now!
That's precisely what they'll do.
At that point, you take names, badge numbers, you leave the system, and then you pursue action, legal action beyond that.
And one of the ways I said, of course, is it's not a condition of your use of that system when you pay to get into it that you're subject to... Let me ask you this, Ron.
Now, I mean, the cops are... Enough.
This is enough, Alex.
I'm being a former cop.
No, I'm an American.
I was always that before I was ever a police officer.
And this has gone too far.
Do you know that this is not only unconstitutional, but illegal, even under their pathetic laws?
No, I know.
Bloomberg... Hey, I'm hearing it's going to happen in Detroit.
It's going to happen in Chicago.
It's happening in San Francisco.
I'm even hearing Dallas and Houston.
In this best case, what the rest of the nation is doing, and they've already said this, is they're sitting back and watching what happens in New York.
In other words...
They're sitting back in other cities watching to see how weak, stupid, and cowardly the citizens of New York are, and if they go along with it like sheep, they'll try to pull it on the citizens in their cities, assuming that everybody else... Let me ask you a question, Ron.
Let me ask you a question.
I was there for the RNC for like seven days.
And literally, if you ask... Some of the cops were nice, but a lot of them, especially senior ones, you know, more mid-level, if you ask just a basic question, well, it's in my video...
They would just scream at you like you were a prisoner and like you were the lowest form of child molester.
How did these cops begin to think they were God?
Because these people were called for that.
Because they had those aspects to their personality.
When the change came to law enforcement... Do they want their mother treated like that?
Their mother probably wasn't much different than that.
And the agencies have now sought out those type of people where years back they might ferret those type of people out.
But those are the type of people you need if you're going to pull off this kind of abuse, if you're going to create a totalitarian and authoritarian society where there was formerly a democracy.
These are the kind of people they seek out for those positions.
Alex, do you know that I have even called the relevant civil rights organizations in this city, first and foremost, the New York ACLU, and anybody who's listening to this broadcast who is affected by this should call the New York ACLU.
This way they don't think we're all dumb and asleep.
And he said that nobody has called up to date with any complaints.
Now, these organizations have made very nice rhetorical statements in the press, but as of this hour, none have taken any substantial or consequential legal action
Well, that's because they're loyal opposition, and they know their daddy Bush is going to blow up some subway very soon, and they don't want to look bad.
Well, I say that people should at least go on record of indicating that they're not in favor of this wholly illegal, un-American, unconstitutional behavior.
Shut your mouth, boy!
Which as a practical matter will not even make it safe.
I'm talking to you!
Shut your mouth!
That they could use that would make it safe.
Shut your mouth!
And they rather use methods which just impose upon...
I know, we'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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What you doing here videotyping the prison?
Well, I'm here from Texas to make a documentary.
I'm here on the street corner.
That's where you're holding the people.
Get out of here!
I'm going to have you arrested!
Well, actually, sir, we have a right to do this.
Any more back talk, you're going to jail!
I mean, it's just this attitude of, we're God, shut up, scum!
Serve us and pay your taxes!
Get in line, you maggot suckers!
Or the terrorist attack at you!
I mean, it's so obvious, isn't it?
Their bosses do this so they can build their prisons and grab our kids and put them in them and just leave our borders wide open and trash this country out while the globalists suck all the defense contractor agencies dry and while DynCorp runs around kidnapping children and they just admit it in congressional hearings and nobody gets in trouble.
The criminals of the criminals are in control.
They've hired every bully and goon and just idiot
And literally, low-grade morons, borderline retards, I mean, I'm just telling it like it is, who go and force this.
And I just can't... I love this country, folks.
I love this country.
They are dismantling it.
We're going to go to Martin in London, and Fred in Pennsylvania, and Jeremy in Indiana, and Stuart in Arizona.
That's it for calls.
I literally am going to blitz through some news here.
But before I go to this call in London...
And then go through all this other news we haven't covered yet.
Before I do that, I'm going to settle down, number one.
I'm just going to tell you something.
From the bottom of my heart, folks, we have gotten tens of thousands of emails, hundreds, if not thousands of faxes, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of calls.
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All we've got is word of mouth.
We don't have the New World Order.
We need you to get this out to the people.
It will expose who is behind the terror.
Our government has admitted a whole bunch of times that they carry terror out.
There are handbooks.
There are manuals.
There are admissions.
Do you understand, folks?
That's what's so crazy about this.
We're not...
Speculating, okay?
You really need to get Martial Law, my new film.
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That's what my films do.
They cover whole wide areas, whole aspects.
You know, not just one issue, which are fine, too, folks, but, you know, people see one issue, they don't usually grasp it.
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Frankly, folks, we need your support, and I think we deserve it.
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All right, that's enough.
Fast, let's just go to your calls.
Martin in London.
Martin, go ahead.
Hey, cool.
I just wanted to make sure before the spinning lies come in from Tony Blair, which is what he usually does, that people understand what's going on today in London.
Basically, it's in the Belfast Telegraph of an eyewitness close by, the guy on the train,
He had no weapon.
He had no rucksack.
He was doing nothing wrong.
And plainclothes cop basically pushed him to the floor, put a gun to his head, and executed him.
It is described as an execution.
No, I know.
Sir, it's admitted.
I know.
Because within an hour there will be a spin, and we'll hear that he had a rucksack or a belt.
Oh, no, there already is a spin.
Somebody saw a wire.
Now, the police admit he didn't have a bomb, but they found some tiddlywinked citizen to go, Wires!
Well, I mean, the witnesses close by, the guy's looking confused on the floor, and his head was blown to a pulp.
He was executed, effectively.
Yeah, no, it's confirmed five shots, some are saying ten.
They wanted him dead.
This was execution.
There's another bit of news that's come out today as well.
This is from another eyewitness that I don't think you've mentioned yet.
Police were seen in a street in London at three o'clock this morning, snooping around.
Nobody knows what they were doing.
Later on today they came back.
They sent a robotic, a robot in basically, a robotic camera in, and from outside six gunshots were fired into the house and stormed by our SWAT team equivalent.
They came out with nothing.
They then went further down the road, and they've made four arrests in that street.
Two of them were old women, about 70 years old, who were... Yeah, what we believe is they're killing patsies.
We believe the government first announced and said that it was a power surge for an hour and a half, and we also have some internal sources on this.
That some of the people figured out that it was real bombs and somehow deactivated them, and that's why Reuters reported killing people in the streets, and they're doing raids on houses and stuff, hunting down the patsies that didn't carry out the bombs.
Right, yeah, okay.
Now, one more thing that I just wanted to say.
I've got a website going live tomorrow.
It's called 77research.org and I've done a lot of investigation into this and I've got stuff that's not out on the web anywhere that I'll be putting out tomorrow that 100% proves
That the suicide bomber theory is a lie.
It's a total lie.
And I've done a lot of analysis into this, and I can blow the suicide theory.
Well, they're even admitting now that Scotland Yard's saying it probably wasn't suicide.
I can even prove, though, Alex, that the guys cannot have even been on the underground trains that they say they're on.
Yeah, I can even prove that they weren't there.
Well, why don't you contact Paul?
We'd like to carry those exclusives.
We'd check it out and find it to be credible.
Yeah, absolutely.
I've got all the working out.
I've done all the math, everything, so I can prove it without doubt.
Well, contact Wadiwad.
Do you want his phone number?
Yeah, yeah, if you could get that to me, that would be good, yeah.
I recognize your voice.
You've sent us some other good stuff.
Put him on hold, please, and give him Watson's number.
Okay, that was it.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Okay, we're going to put you on hold.
Scott, give him Paul Watson's number, please.
Thank you.
Let's go now to Fred in Philadelphia.
Hurriedly, go ahead.
I can really give you a piece of information as far as the video of the four supposed people walking into the subway station in London.
From my research about the street cameras that these pictures are supposedly taken from, you're supposed to have a six-digit serial number on all the footage at the top left
Yes, yes, yes.
Now, I didn't notice that at all on the stills that were slathered worldwide.
And I would say that without looking at it properly and in a proper forensic way, you don't have any proof at all that there is...
You know, why do you say that?
I mean, so what if the government in fiscal year 2004 spent $242 million on one buy for fake newscasts?
So what if the Commerce Department spent another $20 million?
So what if a bunch of other federal agents spent tens of millions on fake newscasts and there's a Pentagon office of strategic influence that openly says they lied to us on purpose?
You know what?
So the government's manufactured a lot of stuff in the past, phony weapons documents, so the government says they want to carry out terror and
And so they even tell you in Northwoods how to frame patsies.
So what?
The government didn't do it!
Give your rights up!
I just want to say that there's a lot of fake news going out.
The New York Times news service is not very good.
Well, no kidding.
Thanks for the call.
No, no.
One more thing.
I've got to let you go.
I've got to let you go.
I really do.
Please don't be mad at me.
I just, you know... Maybe I shouldn't take calls sometimes, I think.
But, you know, the calls take us in so many good directions.
But then I run on, the callers run on, we don't get to everybody, I don't get to all the news.
Jeremy in Indiana.
Jeremy, go ahead.
Yes, I just wanted to recommend to listeners, everybody, you know, passing out videos and everything is great and all, and you make great videos.
I bought all your first eight ones.
Thank you.
But I've noticed, I mean, we've already discussed, you discussed in there, they've taken the parents out of the family.
We've already discussed that.
But I wanted to recommend to people, we need to bring parents back in the family.
And one of the things, I just recently read 1984 for the first time in my life.
How they turn the children against the parents, the parents against the children.
Feminism, everything.
Yeah, and also I see examples, and we know movies, Star Wars has examples, and Dune.
I was thinking parents should actually, you know, nobody encourages children to read anymore.
And some of these parents, grandparents, well...
Parents are better.
But either way, hand your children 1984, or people don't like to read anymore, get them audio versions.
There's a lot of truth that can be learned in fiction.
No, I totally agree with you.
They've taught the young that rebellion against your parents is cool.
Parents are pretty weak-minded and watching TV, so the kids resent them.
Thanks for the call.
In the past, it was very rare for children to rebel.
You know, Grandpa was usually around too, and he would sit there and explain to you the facts of life, how scammers operated, how the government's bad, how you can't trust the government.
I mean, this is what America's all about.
This is what humans, it's all about.
Only trust your family, and then folks the family say are good, people we know for a long time, always stick up for your family, right or wrong, which is really the way it's supposed to work.
You know, just simple things like that.
That's been a race.
That's the bedrock of a society.
And now, don't stick up for your family, because your new family is the police department.
Let me tell you something, cops.
Your family is the society.
It's not that police department where they manipulate you.
They have handbooks on how to manipulate you.
Do you like being manipulated?
Do you like being people laughing at you behind your back?
Or do you like being told straight up how you're being turned into a bunch of idiots?
And you're right.
Parents need to talk to their children just about history.
Tell them parables.
Read your children the famous parables.
The Greek parables and the Bible parables are all good.
Children need to have those classics.
They need to be given history, because then once you have history, you know the future.
Again, I'm sorry to cut that caller off, but a really great point.
We've got to move on.
One last ring-a-dingy, because I've got a few news items to cover here.
Stuart in Arizona, go ahead.
It takes a village to raise a child, Alex.
No, just kind of what you were talking about, about how we're supposed to surrender the family and have the community raise the child and things.
I'd kind of like to talk a little bit about this Karl Rove thing.
It's almost the sideshow of a sideshow.
And not necessarily you, Alex, but I noticed that a lot of the mainstream, they just seem to want to hammer on it and hammer on it and
Like you say, if there's false left-right paradigm shift... Yeah, they can remove... I mean, it's like removing a birdcage liner.
Karl Rove isn't running anything.
No, but I noticed how they hammer on it.
You have John Conyers and Charles Schumer, two of the driving forces.
They're demanding that there has to be a congressional investigation.
But I remember back during the Waco hearings, John Conyers, and they were sitting here questioning him about...
Yeah, it's admitted Delta Force is there.
Their own documents are public.
Delta Force said, we don't want to kill these people, but order us to, we will.
Which, oh, by the way, the head general shoemaker that was over there got promoted to the highest levels after that.
Yes, he's what...
General of the Army or something.
Yeah, he's one of the top pimps.
Well, I'm just kind of wondering, kind of relating in with this Rove thing, because we keep hearing a lot of these words about leaking secrets and breach of national security.
Well, what about him lying?
You know, Rove and them said they weren't the ones that did the leaking.
I mean, number one, you know, I thought George Bush was bringing dignity back.
He's a wart-infested little maggot.
That's for sure.
Well, you know, it's kind of odd, though, that I don't see Conyers and Schumer up here talking about when APAC was taught.
Red-handed leaking classified documents and passing them to another country.
The truth is, America is a giant whore machine.
It's a giant mechanism that a bunch of different mafias fight over control of, and the mafias all meet in commission meetings every year at the Bilderberg Group.
It's just the public.
And they meet, and they fight with each other at a certain level, but not on keeping us in the dark, the schlubs, the idiots.
And I'm sick of it!
I'm tired of it!
I'm tired of you criminals!
You scumbag pieces of garbage!
You murdering terrorist!
You degenerate scum that put mercury in the vaccines and cancer in the vaccines and poison in the air and DU in the water and MBT and just all of it!
I'm sick...
What's the point?
Sometimes I think, what's the point of even proving this anymore?
It's like, it's so much evidence, again, but we have to remember the general public still doesn't know.
No, it's like they're standing over here giving us the finger and they're saying, what are you going to do about it?
I know, it's like, we never said that we're WMDs.
We never said, let's set this as a conspiracy theory.
And like you mentioned Conyers, you're right.
Well, why did Delta Force go in and do it?
Oh, the butler did it!
Delta Force!
I know, it's just like, you know, we really shouldn't jump off that cliff.
Oh, a cliff exists, and I'm sure boogeymen do too, you know.
He says the sun comes up, ha ha ha!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
I think?
That's 888-253-3139.
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It's up to you to get the films, to make the copies, to get them out to the people, to air them on AXS TV, to affect the change.
We know what's going on.
We've got to point people to the truth.
And research the films.
You know, every document, every article that's in Martial Law, thanks to a great volunteer who built it, 911, MartialLaw911.info, it's all posted according to the time code there on that website.
You can go right there and just download the whole site onto a disk and it'll give that to somebody right along with it.
You want your proof?
There it is, folks.
It's so important to expose who's behind the terror.
This is out of the Army Times.
Uncle Sam wants you, even if you're 42 years old.
You know, they've been doing force re-ups where they grab people who have special skills who are, what, 63 and have cancer?
The Defense Department quietly asked Congress on Monday to raise the maximum age for military recruits to 42 for all branches of the service.
Under current law, the maximum age enlisted in the active is 35.
And that's also selective service that's going to get ready for that.
Getting ready for that draft!
Hey, old men!
That concludes me.
We're all going to have to serve global.
It's the terrorists hitting us.
Scientists worried by riot...
Control ray gun.
That's Reuters' headline.
Ray gun!
You think the Berkshire Air Drums LRADs are bad.
They use them in Iraq and now in New York.
We have that martial law.
Well, I'm here to tell you big cities already have these microwave guns called ray guns by Reuters ready to use on you in every major city just waiting quietly at your National Guard armories or at other little facilities.
Why do they have plans so bad they'll need the ray guns on us?
Scientists are questioning the safety of the Star Wars-style ray gun to be deployed in Iraq next year.
That means here, too.
The active denial system weapon, which again three years ago was already covertly positioned, as less lethal by the Pentagon, fires a 95 gigahertz microwave beam at rioters to cause heating and intolerable pain in less than five seconds.
The idea is people caught in the beam will rapidly try to move out and therefore break up the crowd.
It'll train military and police to go ahead and open fire more often on the public.
That's all this is about.
UK boy wrongly labeled as bomber.
And one of the other guys they busted claiming he was the mastermind and it proved that one of the bombers of two weeks ago was connected to Al Qaeda.
That was a wrong person too, but that's always back of the paper.
You'll argue with your neighbor why the Al Qaeda connection has been made.
The connection's never been made.
Not one person's been convicted.
Did you know that?
Evidence showing that all three... You know, from four years ago, folks, 9-11.
Evidence showing that all three of the London bombers are Pakistani descent, visited Pakistan last year, has been thrown into doubt.
Now it's not one, but two of them didn't, and then again one of their so-called al-Qaeda contacts was not real either.
BBC, a photograph and passport reporting to show bomber Hasib Hassan was in fact that of a 16-year-old British boy with the same name!
The government knows all this!
The House voted to extend the Patriot Act for another 10 years, so enjoy that.
Patriot Act, terror attacks, just in time.
Just in the nick of time, Kurt Nemo says, and he's absolutely right.
Continual coverage, all the documents, all the information, all the latest info.
A lot happening financially right now with the dollar and the Chinese dumping the dollar.
Just massive updates throughout today, throughout the weekend.
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