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Air Date: July 21, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is the two-week anniversary of the 7-7 bombings.
It is 7-21 on this live Thursday edition, and the latest bombings, or really large firecracker events that have gone on, have all the hallmarks of government psyops.
This is extremely suspicious, and my PSYOPs detector is going off.
More explosions in London, PSYOPs in progress.
In the early confusion about what is actually happening in London, several things are already clear.
And again, this morning, four different small explosions.
This immediately stalls questions about the first bombing.
The mainstream media were finally beginning to highlight the fact that the government official story did not fit together.
This takes those issues off the front pages.
This further promulgates the fear-mongering and creates a pliable public that is willing to accept draconian anti-terror laws that they are trying to turn us into basically an Israeli type society with an alert or a bombing every fortnight.
On the very day that the Patriot Act is due to be renewed, Bush can use the alert level to grease the skids and bully Congress into reauthorizing the bill.
Don't forget how the government launched an anthrax attack.
That's been proven against itself to get the first Patriot Act passed.
Some early reports from the scene of the incidents are very interesting.
Reports are that Arabs were seen running from the sites of the explosion.
London has one of the largest non-Muslim country Muslim populations in the world, or Arab populations in the world.
If a bomb exploded near you, would you run?
One of the Arabs is reported as of saying, what is wrong with these people?
Which suggests he was just scared, but was immediately identified as a scapegoat.
Sky News is showing scenes of random Arabs being arrested.
Watch for the fear-mongering of four terrorists on the loose wanting to attack.
This will enable the government to clamp down further and to bring forward an emergency and stop and search powers to be used.
How likely is that all four bombers would fail to detonate?
It's impossible, folks.
I mean, it just gets more and more ridiculous.
ITN News reported that one of the suspected suicide bombers was arrested and taken into Whitehall.
Why would someone so potentially dangerous be taken into a government building and not to the police station?
Sky News reported that something was in the air and that several stations had been closed due to an alert at 11 a.m.
That's right.
Now they're saying, ooh, could it be bio or chemical?
BBC reported that one of the individual's rucksacks exploded, and he looked surprised and dismayed.
Who was planting these devices in people's luggage, or are these people copycats?
Sky News reported that Tony Blair was already in a crisis meeting in an underground bunker which overlapped with the alert, writing the new anti-terror laws, by the way.
Another case of preparing to control the chaos as it unfolded.
Sky News also reports that Blair was set to meet with MI5 and MI6 as well at a Secret Service meeting today.
This suggests Blair's schedule was planned ahead of time to coincide with these incidents.
Australian Prime Minister John Howard defends his country's policies in Iraq and Afghanistan by citing the so-called claim of responsibility for London bombings, which was carried out on an internet forum, which criticized Australian involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The original claim, of course, has proven to be a hoax.
There are already at-a-passport type stories of Arabs planting the bombs and running away and being chased by members of the public.
This immediately creates the PSYOP storyboard, but this is the work of Al-Syayida.
The Israeli government is renowned for pulling off these dummy bombings to keep their population in a state of fear, and we have links to stories this week out of Jewish newspapers reporting that.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, there have been more bombings.
They're calling them detonator bombings.
In four different locations in London.
And, I mean, this is getting more and more transparent, more and more sloppy.
It has all the earmarks, all the telltale signs, the signature, the wavelength, the modus operandi of an intelligence agency engaging in this activity.
But before I get into all of these developments concerning what has happened now on the two-week anniversary, 14 days,
After the bombings on 7-7.
I mentioned this article yesterday and read a few lines of it but never really got into it.
This is from Haratz, the second biggest newspaper in Israel.
And this has also been reported on in the Jerusalem Post, their largest paper.
So anytime you criticize Israel or talk about Israel being behind terror, you're called anti-Semitic.
So is Haratz anti-Semitic?
I don't think so.
Two religious soldiers believed behind Jalim fake bomb.
Two Israeli Defense Forces soldiers from an infantry regiment of ultra-Orthodox troops were arrested on suspicion of placing the fake bomb at the Jerusalem Central bus station last week.
It emerged yesterday.
A Jerusalem court extended the...
Remand of the two soldiers by eight days.
So I guess they're going to be in trouble for eight more days, whatever that means.
According to police, the two 20-year-old Nahal Hardy unit soldiers, Mayor Bartell and Ariel Katz, used their uniform to smuggle a bag containing the device into the station.
The suspects who were caught on security camera were detained following a joint investigation of Israeli police and military police.
One was arrested in Jerusalem apartment while the other was taken into custody at his army base.
During the investigation, police discovered that both suspects entered the station through the Jaffa Street entrance at approximately 6 p.m.
And again, they had a military backpack with the dummy explosive in it.
But another report says that it had a real detonator attached to a gas balloon that would have caused a gas explosion with a clock and some wires.
People noticed the 12-kilogram canister and called the police, who shielded off the bus station and dismantled it.
And then now they're saying it was probably harmless.
So, folks, this is yesterday's news.
Okay, this is Haratz, July 20th.
Jerusalem Post, July 20th.
We have a large archive where they caught secret Israeli societies, secret groups, what, two years ago?
Planting bombs, detonating bombs.
These are just the average citizens carrying out attacks to blame it on Palestinians.
So it's been in the Israeli news that Jews bomb things themselves and then blame it on the Palestinians.
Now, I don't for a minute think that these Jewish groups aren't under government control in almost every case.
And then if they get busted or people blow the whistle, oh, then, you know, they then claim that it's a dummy bomb or they blew up the house but nobody was in it.
There's a whole bunch of these cases.
We have them posted.
But then we forget that Haratch and Jerusalem Post and UPI and many others have reported, and we cover this in Police State 3 Total Enslavement, spent about 10 minutes on it of the 2-hour, 44-minute film.
Spent about 10 minutes on it.
They admit that the Israeli government
We'll grab young Palestinians at about 14, 15 years of age, torture them, train them, basically break them down, build them back up.
Literally, these are trauma-based mind control slaves.
I mean, this is public mind control.
They admittedly grab them, torture them.
This is public, mainstream news.
And then after five years of this, then they give them lots of money and train them, and you're part of our fight now, and these guys are pretty good servants.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Or it's MI5 or MI6 or a combo of those.
It's Defense Intelligence.
It's SAS.
It's CIA.
And, folks, all of these agencies work together.
They're all interlocked.
They're all basically the same group.
So I know this is a Western intelligence agency.
It just fits all the hallmarks.
I mean, we've got the British doing it.
We've caught the Israelis doing it.
We've caught the Russians doing it.
We've caught the U.S.
We have the official U.S.
government doing it.
government plans to carry out these type of attacks.
Why is the government not the suspects?
Then we look at the events.
They're running drills at the exact same time, the exact same places it happened 14 days ago.
They claim that it's a power surge for an hour and a half when they knew minute one, they now admit, that it was bombs.
Why do they lie?
It's now confirmed the head of Mossad said, yes, it's true, we did warn Netanyahu before the bombing.
A week after the big controversy, and did they say it or didn't they say it, it's admitted that, yes, Netanyahu did get the warning.
You notice the Associated Press never retracted.
The Associated Press never retracted.
They put the report out because they picked it up off of official Israeli government radio.
Remember that.
We have all the screenshots of this.
Then they didn't retract about two hours after this report came out.
They edited the live AP articles on the major news sites.
The news sites did this, not AP, from the info we've got.
Because still the original AP version was there, but suddenly the AP articles were changed and said no, that he was warned right after.
And then the AP website went down, and then it went back up, and the original article was there, and then never retracted.
Fox News and CNN and World Net Daily told you it was retracted, but it was never retracted.
And then the Israelis, the Jerusalem Post again,
...placed a gag order on their different bureaucracies and different agencies and the military.
They said, do not talk about it.
And then the head of Mossad, and we have links on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, to the major German newspapers where he did a sit-down interview a week after the bombing and said, yeah!
Netanyahu did get a warning, but it wasn't 35 minutes before, it was 6 minutes before.
6.35, it doesn't matter.
So that's their weird little hedge.
Well, it was 6 minutes before.
And of course, the British government had drills...
36 hours before in Sheffield, where they took all the buses in and thought there was a bomb scare, and then all of this, and we believe that's from the Israeli warning that's now confirmed, came two days before.
And within 10 hours of that, you have the drill, or the first, you know, it might be a drill, they won't tell us, or it could be they really thought there were bombs on the buses.
Then on the morning of the event, we have the drill.
So that happened.
And so now we have this event.
And they're trying to pass their own draconian martial law acts over there right now.
Bush today, they're scheduled today or tomorrow to ram through the expanded, reauthorized Patriot Act.
They are busy trying to pass CAFTA.
Bush is meeting with the Association of American States today.
So the Pan-American Union is being expanded right now.
This is a good distraction for a Supreme Court nominee who's an architect of torture covering up and basically trying to give the presidency unlimited power in his rulings.
We're not going to be talking about Karl Rove now.
That's heated back up again.
And his sellout of Valerie Flame and the neocons on high spin mode.
Now we're going to talk about
Simultaneously, four bombs fail to detonate, and only the detonators go off.
So the detonators detonate, but they don't detonate the explosives.
Now, that's the official line now from Scotland Yard.
I'm sure this will change five or six more times, and it'll change a month from now, and no one will ask why they changed the story.
But what's the chances?
I mean, why would people go on buses, if they were Muslim Al-Qaeda, and, number one, just do dummy bombs with detonators?
Or, again, what are the chances of all four of the bombs failing to detonate?
And we have the reports of people saying, yeah, you know, there's this hiss and this pop and this smoke coming out of a bag, and the guy goes, what in the world?
And throws his bag down and freaks out.
People start running, and they go, oh, look, Muslims are running.
And, folks, they get dumb Muslims that in many cases, you know, in these latest waves, can't even speak English.
They put them up on the news as top al-Qaeda, number three to bin Laden, caught, and then a day later, back of the paper, okay, the name was similar, it was an innocent person.
But after they claim that the bombers of two weeks ago were connected to this person, it turns out that literally it's somebody with an 85 IQ, a low-grade moron who doesn't even speak English.
And no, they're not number three Al-Qaeda.
They live in some little cockroach-infested hubble and work washing dishes.
So, again, it's the same M.O.
Front page, top Al-Qaeda clock, Al-Qaeda connected.
Al-Qaeda takes credit.
Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda.
Always turns out, okay, Al-Qaeda didn't take credit.
Okay, they didn't talk to Al-Qaeda.
Okay, this guy wasn't Al-Qaeda.
This thing is so suspicious.
And there's a lot of other facets to it that show this story doesn't make sense and stinks to high heaven.
We've got Paul Watson coming up in about ten minutes.
PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com are the websites.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we've got Paul Watson coming up on the latest bombings in London.
It is Thursday, the 21st day of July 2005.
But coming up, Bush to push CAFTA in speech to Organization of American States.
And again, all these groups are interlocking to build a Pan-American Union.
White House President Bush will be trying to drum up support.
Again, this is from the White House.
President Bush will be trying to drum up support for Central American Free Trade Agreement today.
When he addresses the Organization of American States in Washington, CAFTA would end or lower trade barriers with five Central American countries.
You see, when you hear that, end or lower, they don't actually lower theirs.
We just lower ours.
It's all meant to deindustrialize and bring these third world populations here.
CAPTA would end or lower trade barriers with five Central American countries and the Dominican Republic.
It's modeled after the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Bush says it would be good for commerce and fragile democracies.
But critics say it could prompt more American companies to relocate to countries where labor costs are lower.
Well, what companies are left?
Costing jobs in the U.S.
CAPTA has cleared the Senate and can be voted on next week in the House.
Meanwhile, we're all talking about literally some small firecracker-sized bombs going off.
One of them may have busted out some windows.
I mean, none of this is clear.
But police shot dead in a Mexican city that borders South Texas and Laredo, and cops are being killed in Laredo, too.
That's in the BBC.
You'll never really hear about it here in America.
Two police officers have been shot dead in a northern Mexican border city.
With Texas in the focus of a major crackdown on drug trafficking, that raises the number of police that have been killed this week to five dead alone in Nuevo Laredo, an important transit point for drugs entering the U.S.
The Mexican Army and federal agents have been sent to restore order and investigate police corruption.
The operation has resulted in 1,000 arrests and a few cocaine seizures.
And they will kidnap American citizens.
What, about a month ago?
They had like 80 people kidnapped.
About 20 of them were American citizens.
Some of them families.
I mean, they're just literally kidnapping families.
Proops are machine gunning police vehicles.
They're killing cops on our side about every month.
They're killing FBI, killing Forest Service, burning houses, pillaging, murder, death.
I mean, it's on local news.
I have these newscasts.
I've played them on the local TV show and some of the weekly TV reports where the people are going, there is no tourism, and these are big towns.
No one comes.
Everyone's moving.
It shows the streets just empty.
I mean, it is civil war bedlam in South Texas and in areas of Arizona over into the Mexican border.
And you will never hear about it on the nightly news nationally.
It is being totally covered up.
I mean, folks, I cannot describe how bad it is.
We have in the Dallas Morning News and the Laredo Papers and the Brownsville Papers and in the Arizona Papers, but never nationally.
There might be a blurb on CNN with Lou Dobbs that I've seen.
But, I mean, literally, I scan this stuff and I never see it.
This is massive news stories.
Over a hundred murders since the start of this year in Texas alone.
And what, eight of those were law enforcement?
That's like one a month.
I mean, we're talking, they're killing cops, folks.
And they are Los Zetas, trained at School of Americas, and being trained right now at CIA camps, not in Georgia, but this time in South Texas.
We have this from police, military, and from top former DEA agents that live in South Texas, like Sella Castillo.
They are being trained by the CIA, and this is a massive turf war.
And the CIA and the globalists are just murdering anybody that isn't paying their cut.
Because cocaine and heroin prices are at all-time lows.
The streets are being flooded with it right now.
It's just masses of it because there are so many cowboys cutting in on them.
It's just like De Beers and the Oppenheimers bragged a few years ago in the New Yorker magazine how they hired giant mercenary armies of thousands of troops to go into African countries and just take over and kill their competition.
You know, they call it conflict diamonds if you try to dig a diamond out yourself, you know, and sell it.
It's the same thing.
I mean, it's just literally Mexican mercenaries trained in... Our Border Patrol has been ordered not to fire back.
They're with the regular Mexican troops.
Their commandos are dumped off by these guys.
Or they're operating in plainclothes in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio.
And the Mexican Mafia works for them.
So it's Mexican Mafia, Los Zetas, it's MS-13, Mexican Mafia, and then they work for Los Zetas, and then they work for George Bush.
It's not a joke, folks.
This is not a joke.
And then Bush, of course, is a capo for the New World Order.
He's actually a regional boss.
And he goes to the commission meetings.
And that's all it is.
It's like our forces now, 20-plus percent in Iraq are illegal alien Mexicans who are instantly legalized when they sign up for the military.
It's 24 percent, to be exact.
That was numbers I saw last year.
I'm told those numbers are getting much worse.
So there's your real news.
We'll tell you the latest details on the London bombings with Paul Watson.
And take your calls.
Paul Watson reporting from the United Kingdom.
Our correspondent when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we're about to go to Paul Watson reporting from England with the latest developments in the inside intel.
And all of our analysis on the latest string of bombings in London.
This thing stinks to high heaven, and we'll go to Ron, Regina, John, and many others that are patiently holding on this live Thursday, the 21st of July, 2005 edition, as we have continual coverage of the events over in England.
The police state being shut up here as well.
The expansion of CAFTA via the Pan-American Union going on, the passage and expansion of the Patriot Act due today or tomorrow.
Ron Paul's office notified us of that.
And we could have Ron Paul on today or tomorrow, or his spokesman, Jeff Dice, his chief of staff.
So look for that as well.
And we're scheduled to have Joyce Riley on with us for part of the third hour to talk about depleting uranium and some of the new developments there.
But before we go to Paul Watson with his report, this is why it's so important to get my films, because especially the last four films I've made,
They have predominantly focused on how governments use terrorism, the admissions of this, this is public, of how the British, how the Israelis, how the US, how the Russians, how Hitler, carry out terror attacks to blame it on their enemies as a pretext for a domestic police state and to silence their opposition domestically and to then invade countries.
I mean, they even have handbooks explaining why they do this with Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio.
And we've got reports this week of Israelis planting bombs and fake bombs themselves to scare the public into not going along with a peace deal.
I mean, literally, folks, every time something like this happens, we have to go to the government first and foremost, because every time we research this, it turns out to be the government.
Believe me, I would love it if it was really two-bit Muslims.
I would feel so much safer.
I do not like knowing that my government is doing this.
Believe me, we try to disprove ourselves.
When I sit there in a war game back and forth with Paul with different ideas and different pieces of analysis and we brainstorm and go into the archives and look at past operations, we try to, we'll talk for maybe 30 minutes, an hour on the phone, we're writing these articles together, we'll try to brainstorm it and try to come up with a scenario where it's really individuals doing this.
And it never happens.
It's always patsies, useful idiots, decoys they're blowing up, government agents who think they're part of drills on 9-11, when they catch FSB planting bombs, and the police catch them in Russia, they go, oh, it's part of a drill, 9-11 is drills, on 7-7 it's drills, it's always the same M.O.
And we cover this in Martial Law, my new film, it's my best film, shot on the scene in New York and around the country.
And then we have films like American Dictators that show the phony left-right paradigm and how that's staged.
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How it's theater.
Films like Road to Tyranny.
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I think Marshall Law is better, but just for watchability and for someone who's never heard of this stuff before, it's a very well-done film.
There was a host of issues.
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All right, let's go ahead and go to Paul Watson.
Paul, thank you for joining us.
And I have to say again, PrisonPlanet.com, within 15 minutes of it being announced, had cut right to the chase, and your analysis now,
Well, that's right, Alex.
I mean, I was going through the news as I do every day to update the website when I got a call from a brother
Which is exactly what happened two weeks ago.
He lives in London, you live in Sheffield.
And your brother is also a webmaster on Prison Planet.
That's right.
He is the weekend editor, and also the weekday contributor.
That's right, and he said, turn on the news, there's been another event.
And it immediately seemed like it was lesser in scale, but still part of the same fear-mongering tactic.
We always ask the question, who benefits?
Very coincidental, therefore, that today is the last day of Parliament in London before an 80-day break.
So if they wanted to get those anti-terror measures through, which were proposed after the 7-7 bombing, then this state is the perfect climate.
And they were stalling, and it looked like it wouldn't happen, and then in 80 days, people wouldn't be afraid anymore.
But just like with the anthrax attacks being launched when the first Patriot Act was passed, and that leading directly back to Fort Detrick and Bush and his cabinet being on Cipro September 10th,
30 days, 31 days before anthrax popped up in Boca Raton, Florida at American Media.
It's the same M.O.
here, and Blair was going to be finalizing new secret draconian laws to bring them to the Parliament today to pass.
They were saying that they weren't going to pass, and now they're going to pass.
This is incredible, Paul!
Sky News just reported that members of Parliament could be recalled tonight in a special session for the express purpose of passing that legislation.
Well, yes.
Boy, Al-Qaeda!
Every time they need Al-Qaeda, it just magically comes with their aid.
That's right, and the legislation is...
Basically, we've got an article on it today from the Register designating anyone who writes articles or puts out a website that advocates or gives aid and comfort to the terrorists.
So you have a situation whereby they could say that someone like myself writing articles accusing the government of involvement has a negative impact on the public's trust of the government.
Well, that's what Michael Savage and Limbaugh are saying.
I mean, are Michael Savage and Limbaugh, Mr. Wiener and Limbaugh, are they writing your legislation?
Well, it could be.
But the definition of it is so loose that they could classify what we do as aiding terrorists.
They're setting up a database of undesirables to be watched under this legislation, when of course all we're really doing is shining a spotlight on the real terrorists and attempting to save both lives and liberties.
Well, let's make this clear for those that just joined us.
Tell us what we know right now, now what the official story is, and I'm sure it'll change in five minutes, and then lead us through Blair having these meetings today to try to ram through super draconian secret police state provisions.
Lead us through this.
Well, the official story at the moment, and of course it changes from minute to minute, is that there were four events again, three at underground stations, one of which was on a train that was above ground at that point, and one event on a bus.
Which suggests that it could possibly be some kind of copycat operation with the speculation that the 7-7 bus bombing was some kind of accident.
It wasn't meant to be on a bus at that time.
And we've caught them doing this with the First World Trade Center.
They cook the bomb, train the drivers, literally find retarded people to then carry it out when the whole thing's financed by the FBI.
We've caught them doing that in England before, too, where members of Army Intelligence are literally running the IRA.
That's right, because if you had real bombs going off...
Then that would have brought the possibility of that session of Parliament being suspended.
But if you just have the state of alert, then it could still go ahead smoothly.
And they're saying that the four bombs didn't detonate, that the detonators exploded, but the length to the actual explosive powder wasn't sufficient to explode the bombs.
Oh, just magically, all four bombs malfunctioned.
That's right.
So I presume they'll say it's a copycat operation, either tomorrow or the day after.
And Tony Blair, and by the way, Paul, last time we predicted, you specifically said that Watch, they'll say they played soccer, they were nice boys, they teach children.
You wrote that, and a day later they said those exact words.
Well, that's right.
The 7-7 bombings were a total frame-up.
We have explosives being found in the car in Luton where the so-called bombers had left the car before travelling to London.
Again, that suggests planting of evidence like the Koran and the flight manual in the hijacker's car.
We have them buying return tickets which would have took them home after the bombings.
We have the IDs being found right under the seats where the bombings took place.
Again, completely magically unscathed.
So just a view of the inconsistencies of that.
We have reported... Well, and also day one we said it's very easy for the government to tell these guys they're part of a drill.
And there were drills going on at the exact same time, exact same places.
And then they go on board and these things start exploding.
And then the government said more bombings on other buses because people were seen leaving when they heard there was a bombing, leaving satchels and then being gunned down.
And then Reuters reporters saw this, but then that's kept quiet.
Some of their patsies may have found out that people were getting agitated.
Today we're hearing that when one of these satchels blew up, the person's like, what in the world's going on?
Oh my gosh!
What was in my bag?
And then other Muslims are running, like everybody else is, and a large portion of the city is Muslim, or at least Middle Eastern looking, and people are running while everybody else is running, but boy, if you see a dark-skinned person running, they must be Al-Qaeda.
Well, yeah, you have the contradiction of Tony Blair and Ian Blair, the head of the Metropolitan Police thing.
Everything's back to normal.
Go back to work, go back to your normal routine.
And then the media gives us this incessant drumbeat of these four suicide bombers on the run.
And we got scenes on the news television stations of police arresting at gunpoint random Muslim people so it's becoming sort of like a witch hunt and if you've got supposed suicide bombers running around then that's a guarantee to get any kind of speedy legislation passed that you want.
I said on this show two weeks ago that they're trying to turn us into Israel with an alert or a bombing every week.
After the 7-7 bombings, we had major evacuations in Birmingham and Sheffield, two major English cities, for threats that were never fully explained.
And it seems blindingly obvious that if we had Al-Qaeda cells all over the UK, as Scotland Yard claim, then this sort of thing would happen every day all over the country.
I was at Manchester Piccadilly train station on Sunday, Manchester being the third biggest city in the UK.
And there wasn't one police officer in the entire station.
The trains were lined up in rows on the platforms and every one of them had all their doors wide open.
You could just walk on any train you wanted to and do whatever you like.
So the way they're going to sell the security to us is by saying you have to buy a ticket for any train or bus.
You have to present your national ID card.
And that's what they're now saying.
Now, I want to go back to late October 2001, weaponized anthrax with the U.S.
government patented $100 million machine process of coating each one with microscopic sails
In a miniaturization process, first they miniaturize the spores, then they coat each one with little wind sails of bentonite.
government developed in the 80s.
This is something the U.S.
It came from Fort Detrick.
We even know the name of the agent that did it.
This was connected to Israel.
This is mailed out to all of Bush's enemies.
And then it comes out and Ari Fleischer admits to the press secretary that indeed Bush and his cabinet were on Cipro.
By the way, Paul, you've got to add that.
To the article.
You know, it's important to note that last time they were about to pass the Patriot Act, but the government launched an anthrax attack.
We have an archive on that.
And we also need, or link to whatreallyhappened.com, they have a good archive on that, or clone it.
Or, you know, add all their info with ours.
And then we also need... There were several other points while you were talking that we need to nexus in to this whole thing.
But, I mean, Paul, this is perfect timing.
I mean, imagine we have Tony Blair lined up with these draconian, you know, expanded national ID cards, something they've been failing to do for a decade.
We've got them lined up with these mass arrests without warrants or without probable cause, just because they feel like it.
Bills for your free speech to arrest you.
All this stuff lined up.
New hate law stuff lined up to restrict free speech.
All this is lined up perfectly.
He's writing these laws for an emergency session.
They're arguing about having the session.
And then right on cue, this happens, Paul.
That's right, and the week after the Australians propose a national ID card, on this day Blair is meeting with the Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who, in a response to a question...
Cites the so-called claim of responsibility posted on the internet two weeks ago for the London bombings, which he said talked about Australia's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, which he took as a reason to further take the fight to the terrorists.
And then he went on to talk about anti-terror laws and national ID cards.
But meanwhile, it's admitted that the claim was only praising, was not in proper Arabic, and was a forgery, and was linked back to CIA-controlled servers in Maryland and Houston.
It's admittedly fake.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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All right, your calls are coming up, and Paul's going to ride shotgun with us for another 20 minutes or so into the next hour.
And we'll have wide-open phones to talk about all the issues, all the things that are taking place.
Right now we've got Supreme Court nomination of Mr. Wright, Mr. Roberts, who is not Mr. Wright.
We have at the same time...
The move towards the expansion of the Pan-American Union and Bush meeting with the Organization of American States today, the Patriot Act to pass the House, it's already passed the Senate today or tomorrow.
We have massive police state developments over in England going on, and just a host of other big issues, but Paul, we're not focused on that now because magically all these bombs didn't fully detonate, but
But their detonators did.
I wonder how the government knows all of this.
And then these supposed Muslims were running up and throwing them in trains and running away and running up and doing all of this.
It just stinks to high heaven.
In your gut, do you think they hired patsies, useful idiots, or do you think it's just totally made up?
Well, you could have a situation where it's totally made up, because the immediate stories that came out, similar to the, you know, at a passport kind of characteristic of story, is these Muslims running away from the scene.
As you said, anybody who thinks a bomb's about to go off is going to run from the scene.
20% Muslim population in London, there are going to be Muslims running from the scene.
But now they can show us video of a Muslim running.
Why, there's your proof right there.
They'll have plenty of video of that.
It gives them the opportunity to catch these so-called suicide bombers and make them say anything they want.
Connect them to the 7-7 bombing.
Connect them to Al-Qaeda.
By the way, the British government has been caught in the past torturing people into confessions.
Well, yeah, and they routinely support the policies of Uzbekistan, who they know torture confessions to create false al-Qaeda cells in that country so that dictator can have his way any way he wants.
But, Paul, how can people look at Israel this week?
Again, people caught planting bombs.
Well, I mean, you've got to go from the foundation, from who benefits the evidence and the history.
You go from the basis of...
The government likely did this.
If evidence comes out to suggest somebody else did it, then we'll look at it.
And what's the chances that all four bombs don't go off?
The detonators explode, but not the bombs.
What's the chance of it happening on the day they've got all this police state legislation in the queue, ready to go?
Exactly, and as you said, what does it make us ignore now?
It immediately stalls questions about the first bombing.
The mainstream media were finally beginning to highlight the fact that the government's official story did not fit together.
It takes those issues off the front pages.
And, again, we mentioned earlier Tony Blair was already in a crisis meeting in an underground bunker with communication facilities which overlapped with the alert.
You know, was that another case of preparing to control the chaos as it unfolded?
Well, I'll tell you, that's suspicious.
Well, we had somebody calculate the probability of it.
And the numbers wouldn't fit on your computer screen, basically.
It was that impossible.
Sky News also reported that Blair was set to meet with MI5, MI6 and Secret Service later today, which could mean that his schedule was planned ahead of time to coincide with these incidents.
So again, some very convenient manoeuvrings behind the scenes just as these alerts were coming out.
They had reports of stations being closed at 11am due to alerts, so...
Guy knew quite what somebody was saying.
They knew something was in the air.
We'll be right back to talk about that and take calls.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, second hour, 14 days after the 7-7 bombing.
Now it's 7-21.
And in the early morning hours here in the United States, in the morning hours into the afternoon there in London, there were four simultaneous small bombs, or what they're saying, detonators, that didn't ignite anything.
The larger bombs and why Muslims were seen running from the scene, but eyewitnesses, before the media could clamp down on it, were saying, no, no, the guy's like, what's happening to my bag?
Oh, no!
And everybody just runs off the bus, showing that these people were obviously patsies.
They have all this police state legislation set up and ready to go, and then magically this happens.
Paul Watson joining us from the United Kingdom.
Also, we have Steve Watson doing reports for us.
He's in London.
Well, at first you don't succeed.
Try, try, try again.
The Queen's Command performance today in London and
I think you've nailed it down pretty good, and Paul Joseph Watson is a great asset right there for you now, and of course, GCM, the first place to go for news.
I wanted to add this.
Right after the explosions, and possibly during the explosions, Mr. Blair had called the meeting of the Cobra Civil Contingencies Committee.
Cobra is named after the underground Whitehall room, which it meets.
Well, he was actually already in that meeting.
That is confirmed.
Paul, jump in on this.
Yeah, I mean, that came out early that he planned to meet not only with MI5, MI6 Secret Service later on, but he was...
It's not clear whether he was already in the bunker or he immediately went down there after the bombings, but that bunker had secure communication facilities and they were debating that Civil Contingencies Act with intelligence chiefs at the very same time.
Well, here's the BB... Cobra also runs these subway care drills.
They've been running them for quite some time and...
They've run, leading up to various conventions, as reported by Wired News, 10,000 members of a department, terrorist preparedness, coming for the upcoming convention.
This was two years ago.
So this is exactly what they would use in order to run drills again.
And these are the very same...
We're good to go.
I think?
Has indicated the issue of using phone intercept evidence in court will be discussed.
And it said that, now this is before the bombing even happened, that he was scheduled to be there.
And the time noted here this morning is right before the attack.
So that is very, very convenient.
And a funny little aside here, on the G.I.
Joe's website, the commercial website, the theme song is located there.
Near the end of the theme song, the narrator says, Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.
And they wear black ski masks and drive black armored vehicles, and most of your SWAT team people were kids when that was on TV in the early 80s.
And Travis County, their symbol is the Cobra.
And they're also an elite fighting group, special ops fighting group.
They're Cobra helicopters, Cobra tanks, and...
All right, Jack, good to hear from you.
Yeah, Cobra didn't save you again, Paul, over there.
We'll be right back with Paul Watson and your phone calls on the other side.
There's some other developments concerning the bombing as well.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, CAFTA is set to pass any day now.
Part of globalization, the Pan-American Union.
Mexican drug gangs controlled by elements of the U.S.
government are literally slaughtering police all over the border and citizens.
Hundreds of dead.
A hundred plus dead in Texas in the last seven and a half months.
Total bedlam there.
The Patriot Act is set to pass the House today or tomorrow.
They're set to pass draconian laws today in England that were stalling, but...
We're good to go.
We were just making a, I guess Jack was kind of making a funny, you know, joking connection to Cobra and G.I.
I don't think we were being very serious there for those that are wondering about that.
Talking about the meeting room and, you know, the name of the situation room, the acronym being Cobra, where Tony Blair was minutes before the bomb went off, meeting with the intelligence chiefs, and now he'll have other meetings today with MI6 and others.
Paul, give us the acronym for Cobra.
It's C-O-B-R.
Actually, if you look on the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, it describes it as several different things.
Cobra is either a permanent operation on 24-hour standby or a fanciful name made up by the UK press based on the fact that crisis meetings tended to be held in briefing room A.
So it depends on what your source is.
All right, so again, that doesn't matter.
Now, let's expand on, and then we'll go right to calls, what we know about these bombings and why they stink to high heaven.
Well, what we've been told is that four simultaneous bombings at 12.45 p.m.
GMT time, the detonators popped.
The witnesses heard sounds like a champagne cork popping,
We're good to go.
That happened which suggests that they either expected them to be large explosions or they didn't know that there were any explosions in their bag at all.
And also reports of Arabs running from the scene which is totally misleading because London is 20% Arab and if a bomb went off near you or you thought one was about to go off then you would run from the scene so that tells us nothing.
Then we had reports of one of the suicide bombers running into a hospital and then armed police going in after that.
I haven't heard any developments on that.
I think it's still ongoing.
And also reports of one of the suicide bombers potentially being caught and taken into Whitehall, which is a government building.
Why they'd be taken into a government building if they're considered dangerous, I don't know.
Well, it's... We look at the motive, we look at who's done this stuff in the past, and then we look at how they're trying to pass all these police state provisions.
I want to go back to something you mentioned earlier, and then we'll go to the calls.
They're also trying to pass a law where...
Anybody that even in a non-violent way basically supports terrorists, and that means discrediting the government, that you'll be getting in trouble.
That's been called for here in the U.S.
Well, in World War II, you couldn't criticize the government.
We ought to arrest anybody that asks questions.
Especially about the Supreme Court ruling about taking private property.
Criticizing the government isn't good.
We should all just shut up or we should go to forced labor camps.
It's time to get tough and black slavery was good and giving out smallpox blankets to Indians was good and let's nuke them Muslims.
I mean, literally, these are quotes, folks, from kind of a composite from Limbaugh, Weiner, and Paul Harvey now.
But give us the specifics on what you mentioned in the last hour, Paul.
Well, we've got an article on it today out of the register.
Clarke lowers bar on terror crimes via web writing preaching.
UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke yesterday announced plans to exclude or deport individuals deemed to have encouraged terrorism via preaching, running websites or writing articles and gave further details of plans for new terrorist defences including indirect incitement of terrorism, which is likely to cover similar territory.
And we know we've had that in the past where suspected terrorists would rent rooms from 65-year-old landladies and then the 65-year-old landlady would be arrested on grounds of
But this new thing is inadvertently, by what you say, aiding or spurring someone.
I mean, that's thought crime right there.
And they're trying to pass hate crime laws in the U.S.
that will do that exact same thing.
Very, very...
Very, very serious.
Just knocked my microphone off here.
Let's go to John in Tennessee.
John, thanks for holding her on the air.
The public and the police and newspapers are reporting that the London bombers bought $1,000 worth of expensive perfume called Mother of Satan bomb.
So this is to change the story from military-grade bombs to stink bombs, I guess.
What's the story on that?
Well, people are saying that there was a, quote, smell in the air or, you know, walking by a television with CBS on, they were going, could it be chemical?
Could it be biological?
Could it have released something?
So are you talking about reports, John, currently on the latest bombing or the bombing of two weeks ago?
Two weeks ago they said one of the dead bombers was running all over Milton Keynes buying expensive perfumes with metal bottles.
And that was, I guess, last week in the news over in London.
Well, first they said that the bombings were over 45 minutes, then the bombings were over 45 seconds, then it was military-grade explosives, then it wasn't, then it was.
I mean, they know immediately, folks.
They can do a test in five minutes and tell what type of military-grade explosive it is.
That just doesn't sound... I used to work with explosives in England, and that just doesn't sound like a very dangerous bomb to me.
And also, I was wondering if Paul could tell us about the gunpowder plot to blow up Parliament 400 years ago with Bush's cousin, Constable Thomas Percy.
David Icke's written about that.
Yeah, why don't you tell us about it?
I'm familiar with it a little bit.
Well, it's a big holiday in England on November 5th, and one of the ringleaders was Constable Thomas Percy, who was shot and killed while resisting arrest.
When the plot was discovered, they had dug a tunnel under Parliament and
Ready to blow it up with a bunch of gunpowder.
Sort of the old Catholics versus the Protestants game.
Yeah, but that was in the 1700s.
Yeah, it was a long time.
I'm just using 400 years.
Exactly 400 years.
November 5th is the exact 400-year anniversary.
They're making a big deal out of it in England.
You can go to the Parliament website.
I thought the attempt to blow up the Parliament was in the 1760s.
I can't do math.
But it's exactly 400 years ago.
If you go on the web, it's all over the web from the government.
And the rest of the conspirators were tortured and castrated in public and drawn and quartered and beheaded in public.
They did engravings of the old gory things.
I've read about it in history.
No, no.
I just can't place when it was.
It comes at the time.
It's a mix between Halloween and...
Okay, but what's your point, John?
Well, I mean, David Icke said this is Bush's cousin that did this, his ancestors, who changed their name from Percy to Pierce and moved to America.
And then Bush is there two weeks ago when this happens, and his relatives were arrested and executed for perpetrating that plot.
Now, listen, I appreciate your call, John.
You know my evidence of government involvement in this?
It's not the gunpowder plot to blow up the parliament a couple hundred years ago.
My evidence of this is the official U.S.
government plans, like Northwoods and Gladio, and Gladio was carried out, and the USS Liberty, which was carried out, and the Gulf of Tonkin, our ships were not attacked, LBJ's on tape admitting it, they staged that.
Well, yeah, those would be my reasons, too.
Obviously, most recent historical examples lead directly into modern-day events.
But something I said earlier about how the media would later call this copycat attacks
Basically, they're going ahead and doing that.
Sky News has got a big red flashing graphic, copycat attacks, which they're overlaying with a split screen over 7-7 and 7-21 images of those two events.
So it seems that the media have already come to the conclusion that it was copycat attacks.
Well, are you recording that for me?
It's being recorded, yeah.
Good, make me a copy.
I need that.
Well, Paul, it's just mind-boggling.
I mean, you were able to predict in writing, what, a day before they said it, oh, they were nice boys, they played soccer, they helped disabled children.
I mean, you actually wrote that, and then they said that word for word.
I mean, their scripts are so ridiculous.
The template is just so predictable, Paul.
Well, yeah, I mean, two other examples.
They do drills of the same thing, either before or on the day.
And then after the event, they tried to frame people.
You talked about the anthrax attacks earlier.
That's exactly what happened.
They drilled sending out anthrax via the mail from Fort Detrick.
And that was funded in 99 by Congress.
Then two days later, I mean two years later, it all gets mailed out.
You've got to write an article on that, Paul, and the parallels.
Just a blurb on that.
And then they tried to frame people after, and the investigation really went nowhere.
As you said, I wrote How the Government Staged London Bombings in 10 Easy Steps on July 13th.
Sorry, it was updated July 13th.
And I said that they'll interview all the neighbours, the neighbours will start to say they were really nice guys, quiet, like children, interested in sports, weren't involved in politics in any way.
It's unbelievable.
Gail, Dino, Mike, Ron and others, your calls are coming up.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
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Alright, it's our final segment with Paul Watson.
We're going to your calls right now.
And then coming up, we'll continue with your phone calls.
And get more into the latest London bombings.
You know, Paul, something we haven't mentioned yet today was back a few months ago on the election day of Tony Blair at about 6 a.m.
our time around noon over there at the peak voting time
Somebody detonated a detonator inside of a plant pot, and it broke the plant pot and broke one pane of glass, because it was right up against the glass.
And nobody ever took responsibility, and nobody ever got caught for that.
The surveillance cameras never were shown.
You know, right up against the British Embassy, right up at its front doors.
You know, where are the guards that guard it?
Nobody mentions that.
I mean, these big embassies folks always have security guards right at the front doors.
You know, this happens there, and then that helped Tony Blair and barely helped him hang on because he could grandstand, you know, see how we're under attack.
And then there was the time where Bush was over there a few years ago in the middle of a war, and then, you know, they're to fight terror, and the British embassy got bombed in Turkey.
And then we never caught who did that.
I mean, it's just over and over again, Paul.
Well, that's right.
And people have plotted grafts.
For when terrorist incidents or alerts happen, Bush's approval ratings rise, but they rise less and less as time goes on, which is why these incidents are getting closer together.
So there's a clear link between these incidents and the rising approval ratings of Bush and Blair.
But it's like a heroin addict.
They get a big boost at first, but now it takes even more to maintain it.
Gail in New Mexico.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's an honor.
I have a little news clipping here.
Governors pledged to help Mexican counterparts.
Richardson thanks Arnold in Spanish.
And the important parts of this, there's part of it, U.S.
This is Descente Fox.
There's U.S.
civilian border patrols and that Mexico will stand against anyone acting outside the law.
We will demand that the human rights of migrants be respected, he said.
And also, Garcia, who is a member of a binational committee on border security, said the plan also includes installing emergency response equipment that can be accessed and used by both U.S.
and Mexican police in the event of a terrorist attack, chemical spill, or natural disaster.
I might comment on the possibility
Well, let me just say this.
This is spelled out in CAFTA.
The Canadian newspapers say, end of Canadian sovereignty, and they admit that our police, our military, our social security, our regulations, our databases...
Well, they're using the exact same method as the European Union used when they introduced the...
First free trade area under the Maastricht Treaty.
They said it was just cooperation, just trade, no harmonisation of policing or laws, but that's exactly what happened to the point now whereby these laws which are about to pass in England for retaining email communication are going to be European-wide.
So it all leads to the same globalisation model, harmonisation of police,
We lose control of our lives to these unelected private boards that our country signed treaties with.
Understand, folks, our governments are signing treaties to unelected, really private groups.
That's what these groups are.
And then they go, well, we now tell your government what to do because your government is in a treaty agreement with us.
Also, one thing is there is a possibility that this business with Arnold going for presidency
Might actually be set up for Governor Richardson since he's Mexican-born.
That's amazing.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
You mean Richardson?
And, I mean, you're in New Mexico.
I thought he was just, you know, half-Hispanic.
But, I mean, you're saying he wasn't even born in the U.S.?
That's correct.
Oh, man.
Boy, I missed that.
That's true.
That's incredible.
Thanks for the call, Gail.
Paul Watson, I know that as this develops, we were on this first.
We'll be on this as it expands.
New developments are coming out all the time.
We've got two different reports we put together already on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
So we'll be watching the websites as things develop, Paul.
We'll be tracking it all the way as the story changes, as it inevitably will do.
That's right.
Well, the good news is, Paul, this has gotten so blatant, I heard Gary Brownfield this morning saying it was obviously the government.
That's right.
Everybody's aware of it now.
All right.
We'll be back with your calls in a bunch of days.
Keep up the good work.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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This is so convenient.
Four bombs, four bombers.
The detonators went off and failed to ignite the bombs, the main explosives.
And so now four bombers, loose in London.
Meanwhile, they're preparing to pass incredibly draconian police state legislation today that was in trouble.
They were going to have to wait until 80 days from now when the new session of Parliament comes in, but now they may hold it open tonight and pass everything they wanted, including the National ID cards that they could never get in years past.
Just everything.
Oh, Al-Qaeda always helps.
Helps the New World Order.
They always come to their aid.
You know, Saddam says, I'm not with bin Laden.
We fight him.
And bin Laden releases a tape and goes, No, I'm with Saddam.
It's not true.
I'm with him.
And Colin Powell goes, see, even Osama says.
Screaming for someone to stop impossible bomber on the loose in London.
Wires seen protruding from suspect.
Armed police are hunting in the hospital.
Oh, but meanwhile, Prime Minister Blair is meeting with police to discuss anti-terrorism measures to be passed tonight.
Aren't we lucky?
He's there keeping us safe.
Let's go to your calls.
I'm going to go to them fast now.
Let's go to Dino in Wisconsin.
Dino, go ahead.
It's been a while.
Hi, AJ.
I was talking to you again.
I haven't been on for a year.
I've been kind of busy.
You know, my friend, my enemies around here, I stand for truth.
You know, I got a question for you and a couple other things.
Okay, well thanks for telling us how you're doing.
How's the weather up there?
How's the weather up there in Wisconsin?
Right now it's raining.
We've had the first rain probably in a while.
We've had a drought.
I know it's about 100 down there.
Boy, it's 105 down here.
It normally gets hotter than that in Texas, but areas where it's not that hot, they're having record heat right now.
Well, you know, I got a question.
Maybe it's rhetorical or sarcastic, but here's the thing.
You know, let's have a little fun here.
Are the Arabs the only evil people in the world?
Come on, folks.
Of course they're not.
You know what I'm getting at?
Well, every time there's a terror attack, why do we automatically blame Arabs?
When we have official government plans to carry out attacks and blame it on them.
You know who my biggest enemies are over here in Wisconsin?
I'm a so-called Christian.
I think I'm...
Negative, because I'm trying to expose the devil's schemes, I mean.
Yeah, so they think George Bush is Jesus, don't they?
Exactly, and you know, the media is the problem.
You know your Bible, Revelation 21.8.
They're using fear, my friend.
They are.
Thanks for the call, Dino.
Good to hear from you.
Mike in Ohio.
Go ahead, Mike.
Yeah, I was going to follow up with what Dino said.
What are Christian newspaper publications and churches and pastors saying about all this?
Oh, the evil Arabs are attacking us.
Bush is of the Lord.
He is literally anointed.
He is a good man.
Skull and bones is all lies.
You think the role of the Christians, they're supposed to keep us calm, cool, go about your daily business?
Well, it's not the role of Christians.
It's false Christians.
I mean, look, you can have Christian churches in communist China.
They just have to be government-approved, you know, curriculum, basically.
Well, the same thing's happening here with the 501c3.
What are the Christian leadership in England saying about this, Paul?
I mean, they're all bought off and paid off as well.
Are they warning people about this?
I mean, that's rhetorical.
Well, no.
No, they're not.
Isn't that a shame?
I mean, predominantly.
You've got lots of little churches that know the truth, but the big fat ones are part of major denominations that are... They're there to keep us calm and cool through it all, right?
Yeah, just tell us... As if there's nothing going on.
Anything else, Mike?
It's humid up here, too.
All right.
I was joking.
That thing about the Parliament, that was Robert Casby around 1600.
So it was 400 years ago.
All right.
Thank you.
I guess there was another attempt.
What was it?
The 1760s.
I forget the exact date.
There was another attempt to blow up the Parliament.
And what was that called?
That was the United Irish, you know, it was Protestants, Catholics working together, and it turned out that they had been infiltrated by the British, and that they were basically being provocateur, and they used it as a reign of terror against the Irish.
I know that was in the 1760s.
So I guess there's been several attempts to blow up Parliament.
I was confusing it with one of the latter ones.
The caller was bringing up, I guess, one of the earlier ones.
All right, let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I don't want to get off on that, but he was talking about Guy Fawkes Day.
That happened in the 1600s, around Cromwell's time.
No, I know, but there was another attempt to blow up the Parliament.
There may have been, for sure.
All one has to do is turn on C-SPAN and see how the coincidental explosion of some firecrackers in London is affecting the vote today on the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, the attempts to get the no-gun-buy anti-terrorist, alleged anti-terrorist bill passed.
It's amazing how these things happen.
They almost have the same coincidental timing as school shootings used to happen in the Clinton era.
Well, even Rush Limbaugh, I've heard him say it.
It's not a rumor.
I heard Limbaugh years ago say, oh, they've introduced a gun control bill, look for a mass shooting on the day of the vote.
And I guess today the thing is now bombings.
Just a slight change in the forte.
But this is a joke.
You have people standing up from the Republican Party.
Of course, the Democrats aren't much better.
And they said, don't worry about it.
The provision, they want to expand the library provision, which allows them to go into records.
They want it to extend to medical records now.
They said, don't worry about it.
You'll have review by a foreign intelligence court, the so-called FISA courts.
Well, anybody that knows about those courts know that they're not constitutionally restricted or constricted courts.
The Constitution doesn't imply in a foreign intelligence court.
American citizens will now be subject to a foreign intelligence court where there's no constitutional restriction against them doing just about anything.
So these are the kind of false things that they offer to people.
They tell the public, who's largely ignorant of this, a court will review the request, but they don't realize it's not the courts that we've traditionally been used to.
And this just goes on and on.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
They've already passed and renewed 14 out of the 16 renewable provisions, and they're only arguing the last two, and I'm sure by sundown, those will probably be passed too.
It just never fails.
And by the way, did you know that in England, because of the bombing a couple of weeks ago,
He's now going to start a worldwide database of people who they think are sympathetic to terrorists, i.e.
people who say bad things the English government don't like.
So I guess many, many people, maybe yourself as well, Alex, I guess will have to cancel that vacation to England.
A worldwide database of people who say things that they don't care for.
Just all part of increasing the matrix, making a transnational system, and swapping intelligence, well, if you want to call it intelligence, just let's say swapping dirty files between countries.
That's what's going to go on.
We are coming to a state of the most incomprehensible, incomprehensible transnational fascism.
But the border stays wide open, thanks for the call.
Meanwhile, you know, 70-something people kidnapped at a pop American children's
By Mexican drug gangs, machine gunning police everywhere, five dead cops in the last week in the South Texas area alone.
But I go to the BBC to get that piece of news.
Worldwide travel advisories not to go into these areas of South Texas on the border or to go over into Mexico.
Whole tourist industry is dying.
I mean, there's big hotels down there, folks.
Huge bazaars.
Totally shut down.
Just hell on earth.
Mass killing.
Mass murder.
Here's the BBC right here.
Turf war.
And it says that the former Mexican military troops, they're not former, they're working for the U.S.
That's come out in mainstream news.
Are just running around killing everybody.
And it's a turf war over the cocaine.
And it's everybody who isn't part of a big cartel, who isn't part of the global crime syndicate, they're getting killed.
I mean, our government actually has mercenaries running around killing people, and it's just back in the newspaper if you're lucky.
Let's go to Milton in Alabama.
Milton, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex, first-time caller.
Long-time listener.
Alex, I'm Governor Bob Raleigh.
I guess last year had a...
Well, they've had thousands of drills with the military all over the country, sir.
But, I mean, are you talking about some particularly large operation?
This is going to be, supposedly, an annual, is what our Mobile Press Register said.
But, anyway, I'm inviting you to come down the 1st of November.
They're going to have a lot of the national...
Uh, DOD officials and stuff down here to, uh, I think they did one in New Jersey a few years ago.
They called it Operation Vigilant.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, they have vigilance every year.
Yeah, well, this is, uh, supposedly this is the big one for the nation this year, 1st of November in Mobile.
They call it an Operation, yeah, Vigilant Shield 06 or something like that.
So, um...
I hope you can come down and maybe get you some video of it or something.
Well, that'd be great, or you could shoot video and send it to me.
If I'm not put in jail before I can get out of there, because they're supposed to be cordoning off everything.
Let me tell you how this works.
If you act like you own the place, nothing will happen to you.
If troops walk up to you with their M16s, folks, and we've had this happen to them, and go, what are you doing with the camera?
Well, I'm with the press.
I'm here covering this.
What are you doing, officer?
What are you doing, soldier?
Yes, sir, let me... Now go get me some water right now!
I mean, it's basically like that.
It's all animalistic level.
I mean, I've got video where cops march up.
What are you doing?
What are you doing here?
Well, I'm here covering this checkpoint, officer.
I'm with the press.
This is a free country.
Well, thank you.
Can I help you?
They're so trained that we cower to them.
So that means that when we cower, that supposedly then what they're doing is okay.
Do you get what I'm saying there, Milton?
I'll try to get you some video.
Right, right.
I think it's the first week in November, and they've got people from all over the country coming in.
I guess this is the big one with the troops and everything like they have.
They always tell you this is the big one.
There are probably ten of these going on simultaneously right now around the country.
Oh, okay, okay.
Appreciate it.
No, no, I appreciate you, but if it is Operation Vigilant Shield, they do have big annual ones.
The Marines have one with a bunch of foreign troops every year called Urban Warrior.
And they've been having those since 98'.
So there are several big ones.
Vigilant Shield, Urban Warrior, Top Off.
They've got a couple different ones that are really big.
And they will blow up buildings.
They will blow up buses.
They will have troops in your backyard.
But look, if you pull up with your car and have your video camera and kind of aim it out at them...
They've been trained that the 5% of criminals, because now they've been trained for law enforcement, that they deal with is really the entire public is that 5%.
We're all bad.
And so you heard the former NYPD detective on it.
You act suspicious, why that means you're guilty.
So everything is body language.
But body language has to be real.
Our brains are trained to instantly recognize fake confidence.
You've got to really...
I'm the big dog.
I'm in command.
I'm in control.
And you've got to have that.
That's called command.
And so what if they arrest you?
That's going to make for great footage.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
You've got to want them.
Go, I hope he comes over here and knocks my teeth out.
And you broadcast that, man, they will cower from you.
Again, I'm giving you the tricks of the trade here, but you broadcast that.
You broadcast that smell, those pheromones.
You broadcast that.
Not that you're dangerous, but that you're good and that you're in control and that you're on a mission.
All right?
And that you're also happy.
I'm not saying you go around with your eyes bugged out.
You're just, oh, wow.
You just ride out in the open.
Wow, this is neat.
You're talking about Mobile, Alabama.
You're talking about America.
And when, you know, normally the Shield has about 10,000 troops.
So when 10,000 troops come into your town, that's your town, buddy.
I mean, why wouldn't you videotape that?
You know, we've got them other characters in here, the Alabama State Defense Force.
They're going to be activated by the governor with an emergency declaration.
So we've got to deal with them knuckleheads, too.
Now, have you seen Marshall Law?
No, I haven't.
Not the new one.
Well, the Alabama Defense Forces are in there, and literally, folks, fat people, and I'm not bashing fat folks, but fat people with hamburgers in their hands and cigarettes in the other, searching five-year-old kids just to get into the city, period.
They had them set up at the Senior Bowl.
I saw that on your website last year.
I don't just mean at sports stadiums.
I have that, too.
I mean, they go into major cities, and they'll have Bay Fest.
Bay Fest.
They set up, and people coming in, they'll search them, and I've asked how can they search them, and they tell me that the Mobile Police Department lets them do it.
Also, because the Mobile Police Department says they're God.
By the way, the police department cannot deputize people.
Only a sheriff can do that.
That's right.
And then that's an official procedure.
Again, it's all criminal.
It's all color of law.
Listen, you've physically had them come up to you.
No, I was there where they were at, and they were physically checking people for contraband.
I know, that's what I just said.
Well, not me.
I didn't ever go in, but I mean, I was there watching.
No, no, but you see what a small world this is.
I say, have you seen my video?
And then I go, well, Bay Fest.
You go, oh, yeah, I was there.
See, I mean, folks, that's how close to home this is.
And they're taking the defense forces, the state guards, all over.
I mean, when they have Mardi Gras here.
In Galveston.
They show it on the news.
Troops searching people, shoving people around.
It's just, oh, this is your new freedom.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate you, Melton.
And look, if you go down there like it's fun and you're getting some video of this because you think it's neat, they're going to be nice to you.
You know, I have had them.
All right?
Come up to me in the past, and I have had them get in my face, and I'm just confident.
I go, well, it's free country.
I'm videotaping your operations.
Well, we can't have people knowing our tactics.
Well, why are you in the middle of a city then with people walking by everywhere?
Are we the enemy?
We can't learn your tactics?
And then they'll go, I want your commanding officer right now!
All right?
And that's how you handle it.
And I don't say quite that mean.
I want your commanding officer right now.
All right, let's...
Let's go ahead and talk to Brett in Texas.
You're on the air.
Brett, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I go around trying to promote all this stuff.
I'll go ahead and admit that, unfortunately, I voted for Bush and all that stuff back when I basically just now woke up.
But anyway, I'm promoting all this stuff, and I'm a big Republican.
One question he asked me, the good question is, out of all the Democrats that
You know, that are out there, that are in our government, one of them, at least one of them, have to know all the stuff that's going on and speak up and try to basically, I mean, they could take the Republican Party down the way I see it.
So, what do you say to that?
Well, that's one of the most common questions in the book.
I mean, it's really just kind of a different twist on, well, a conspiracy this big, people in the government would blow the whistle, and why haven't they blown the whistle?
And that's part of the fake left-right paradigm.
When we get back from break, I want you to stay on, Brett, and I'll describe this to you and explain this to you.
It is so vitally important, Brett, and this is the system that keeps people locked in.
But the analogy is, it's like the same professional football team owner owning both teams that are in the Super Bowl.
Either way, they win.
Or the same chain in England, the majority of the retail sales of food in England are by two different grocery stores.
But what most people don't know is the same company owns both of them.
Look, I'll explain this when we get back, okay?
It's the illusion of competition.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, to answer really the most important facet of the question is, how could something big like this happen and then people in the political structure not use it to burn their enemies and get more political power?
Well, we saw Howard Dean try that and say, well, Bush knew about 9-11.
Well, that's admitted.
And so when he came out and did that, the media suddenly turned on him.
Suddenly he wasn't the golden boy anymore.
He got demonized.
He got attacked.
They brought him down.
As for the Clintons, they're CIA folks.
They're Rhodes Scholars, which is British intelligence.
I mean, Rhodes Scholarships set up by Cecil Rhodes.
I mean, that is publicly total British intel.
And British Intel put the Bolsheviks in.
British Intel, you know, set all of this stuff up.
I mean, they're really the Mac Daddies of it all.
And, you know, they set up the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
I mean, Bill Clinton is the, quote, son now.
Barbara calls him son.
He's constantly vacationing with them.
Hillary is meeting every week and having meals at the private penthouse of Rupert Murdoch's secret meetings.
That's been in the New York Observer.
It's all staged.
Now, I mean, do senators fight with each other?
Do house members?
But when you get up to committee chairman level, no, they don't.
It is staged.
It's like the 9-11 Commission, appointed by Bush with a Democrat and a Republican, you know, as the chairman and co-chairman.
And they said at the get-go, we're not looking for guilt of any party or any group.
We're just going to tell you what we need, and what we need is Patriot Act II and National ID cards and total police state, and okay, we'll do what you said, because you're an independent blue-ribbon committee.
Sudan, Saudi Arabia,
Four separate times offered to hand bin Laden over to the U.S.
They said, please stop bombing us.
We'll give you bin Laden.
They said, no, we don't want him and we don't want the files on him because he's CIA, folks.
Okay, and Bill Clinton was the first to sign W-1999 in 1996.
And Bush reauthorized W-1999 four months before 9-11.
When the order ran out, he reauthorized.
When Bill Clinton left office and they were going to bust him for pardoning cocaine dealers, remember?
And Chinese generals in the White House?
Bush said publicly, leave him alone and order the Congress, which he shouldn't be able to do, to back off and leave him alone.
So, that's what's going on.
And the two parties, I mean, Bush gives us a $2.6 trillion budget.
Clinton's biggest is $1.8.
Bush doubles almost all of these major, you know, great society, big federal agencies.
I mean, he's for open borders.
He's for the assault weapons ban.
He's for... There's no difference.
It's a staged... It's like Kerry and Bush are cousins.
Kerry and Bush are skull and bones members.
You need to get my film, American Dictators, and have your father watch that.
Anything else there, Brent?
Not really, yeah.
I'm working on getting him to watch Martial Law, which he's finally starting to break a little bit.
He just keeps on saying, there's no way our country did this to ourselves.
It isn't our country.
It's criminals in control of mechanisms.
I'm going to get him to bend eventually.
He's not the only one that's hesitant, but I mean, you know, it's hard to believe this stuff.
No, I know.
It's very emotional, and you love America, and you think America is you.
You think, well, I'm a good person, so there's not criminals in government.
Well, you tell your father, give him the Federalist Papers.
You can get them online.
There's thousands of pages, but give him some of the Federalist Papers.
Yeah, I've been sending...
I've been sending, like, links to Ron Paul's archives and some of your links.
Yeah, give him Ron Paul's 93 speech, Neocon, where he says Bush, and his entire cabinet are Trotskyites.
Well, y'all two, you and him have the same personality as far as beliefs and conservative looks and stuff, and it's like, it'll eventually bend, but anyway, man, keep up the good work.
I'm pretty sure you're going to go down in history, so...
I don't want to go down in history.
Well, I don't know.
You might have forced yourself to do that.
Well, I just want to fight the New World Order because it's about survival.
You're doing a good job, man.
Thank you.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now into this third and final hour.
14 days after the 7-7 bombing at 7-21.
And classic government op.
All the evidence shows this latest situation.
...over in London is very serious.
People aren't buying, the mainstream media isn't buying the official 7-7 bombing story because everybody blew themselves up and they didn't fit the M.O.
of that, they didn't fit that profile and now the public's saying, and even the police are saying, we think masters were behind this and the government was running drills at the exact same time and so the public sees that as a cover story for what they really did.
Drills at the exact same time, exact same place, exact same thing happening.
So now we have these little firecracker bombs going off, and just total bedlam with them set to pass draconian police state legislation.
But I've got a bunch of other news coming up, and of course your phone calls.
There's a ton of news on CAFTA and where it's going.
They're set to pass the Patriot Act today or tomorrow.
There's just bedlam on the Texas-Mexico border right now, but you're not hearing about that in your national news.
Just so many important issues, but a big thing that really goes under the radar screen, and it shouldn't, something we talk a lot about here, is depleting uranium.
I mean, this is a no-brainer.
They admit it's deadly.
They admit it's killing our troops.
They admit it's killing people that come in contact with it, making them very ill.
Why are they then using it?
Joyce Riley, who's on, of course, this network in the morning, and who's made documentaries in the past with Dave von Kleist, her husband, has got a new video coming out, and I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it'll be excellent.
And it's going to be titled Beyond Treason.
So we're going to talk about 20, 30 minutes on that subject, and then continue with your phone calls and the news.
Right now, let's go to Ken.
And, Ken, where are you calling us from?
Windsor, Canada.
Thanks, man.
I'd like to comment on this corrupt New York police officer you had on yesterday claiming he wrote his book as a personal quest to clear his conscience.
But then saying that lying on the stand about people, that wasn't bad.
He's the perfect example of how the vast majority of police on the whole operate.
They enforce laws as they see fit.
They are judge, jury, and executioner.
He feels no remorse.
This man is a pure coward.
He can brag about his incarceration rate being in the top five of NYPD and how he lied people into more than 100,000 man years of incarceration.
And what was it for?
What did most of them go to jail for?
Having drugs that the government shipped in, and the...
Yeah, they affect the serotonin uptake in your brain.
Again, this man brags about lying men into 100,000 man years of incarceration and goes sleepless when faced with what he claims as a fixed case.
Well, we had other New York cops call in and say that that's a civil rights violation right there and there's no statute of limitations.
And the other cop also admitted to the fact that they'd all be in jail if they were to have been followed through their career.
This man is a coward and I ask people not to buy this man's book.
I hope he catches a cell next to one of the men he lied into prison.
And on the subject of 9-11 and 7-7...
People have opened their eyes to the truth.
It's your duty to wake others up as well.
And about DU, Alex, it's probably nutritious, man.
Thanks again.
Take care.
Well, yeah, they do say that mercury is good for you.
National newscast all over the country.
Contrary to what was believed previously, mercury is good for your children's brains.
Mercury-containing vaccines are good for your child's behavior.
But again, in their weird twist, yes, your child will not be as active.
Your child will not be as smart.
Your child will be damaged.
I mean, we could just give them all lobotomies and, you know, maybe put them in little pods like the Matrix.
Then they'd really be well behaved.
Yeah, I mean, boy, anytime a mammal jumps around when it's young and has a lot of energy, I guess if you have a puppy that jumps around a lot, better give it some mercury.
Brain damage it.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
Please don't do that, folks.
But the government says it's good.
Well, then I suggest they start taking shot glasses of mercury themselves to prove it to us.
We'll be right back.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, I know that we have got John and many, many others that are patiently holding.
A lot of callers told to remember to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Joyce Riley herself has produced a new documentary film, and she's made some previous to this about the Gulf War illness.
Her new one is Beyond Treason, and it deals with depleted uranium.
And this is really one of the smoking gun issues that the globalists cannot weasel out of.
There's no debating what it's done in the first Gulf War, what it's done in Serbia, and now we've got three-year-old numbers out of Afghanistan and two-year numbers, two-year, four-month numbers out of the second wave in Iraq.
So we're going to spend about 30, 40 minutes with Joyce on that and also obviously take her calls on the bombings and all of this.
Before we go to Joyce, it is so important that everybody out there get my new film, Martial Law.
And then you get my other videos that cover government-sponsored terror, like 9-11 and the Road to Tyranny, and the Masters of Terror, and Police State's Retotal Enslavement, and American Dictators.
And all these videos cover a spectrum of data.
The main focus is government-sponsored terror, but then we show the false left-right control system, how they control both sides.
Because if we just show people the government's behind the terror...
That is an element of it.
They won't get it.
They'll go, well, why didn't the Democrats expose it?
Well, we show that.
We show how they're all in it together.
You know, we answer those questions.
We show you their own admissions, their own master plans for global government from their own policy reports.
You know, PNAC and all these other documents.
And enable war college plans for one world government and everything you do will be tracked.
That's covered in martial law.
That's covered in police state free total enslavement.
That's covered in Paul Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos.
We have a whole bookstore and a video store on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
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Those of you that haven't gotten the films, get them and make copies.
And I want to salute and thank those that have gotten the films and have made copies.
Don't count on other people to keep doing it.
You need to keep doing it.
A mighty harvest.
I mean, look, out of the gates, people know these bombings are government operations.
Three, four years ago, people were laughing at me.
So, you know, we've been the trailblazers here.
That is, you have, the listeners.
So keep trailblazing.
And we could stop the globalists from setting off suitcase nukes in this country, something they're really fear-mongering, something they're really setting up in our consciousness right now.
So go to Infowars.com or call toll-free to order the films 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or, as I said, go to Infowars.com to order.
Or go to PrisonPlanet.tv.
And for 15 cents a day.
You can watch all 12 of my films, dozens of other films that have been authorized to post, my weekly TV reports going back for 15 months since we started PrisonPlanet.tv, all of my best audio interviews, a bunch of e-books, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Do not wait.
And speaking of documentaries, I've been waiting because I only get the chance to listen to David Joyce maybe once or twice a week for a little while because I'm always busy getting ready for my own show, but I've heard him talking about the film that she's made, Beyond Treason.
About DU.
And I tell you, that's something I want to add to the shopping cart and the library and my bookstore.
So, Joyce, I didn't know it was coming out now.
I need to get in touch with you because I want to carry this video.
Well, you can have people order it through you, and we can get it to you right away if you'd like to.
So that's no problem at all.
They can call you and get it.
I'm just down the road.
I want to get a bunch of them and offer them through InfoWars.
Okay, sure.
I appreciate that very much.
Thank you very much.
Let me just say that beyond treason, it's about time that this come out, because it's about the U.S.
government's long history of conducting deadly military experiments.
It goes all the way back 50 years.
It's not just DU.
It culminates in DU because that's how we're presently killing our troops.
But before that, if you recall, back in the 1940s, we put them in front of atomic bombs and let them set there.
And then the 70s Project Shad.
I mean, there's a thousand admissions of this plus.
But go ahead.
And you know, it's interesting because we got actual incredible footage.
Of the atomic veterans being told to sit there, and you'll watch them up close as they sit there, and the bomb goes off.
I think?
We're good to go.
Well, that's a great job.
Kind of a bibliography with the film.
We've done that with MarshallLaw911.info, where every document, every news article, every piece of legislation we cover in the film is posted according to time code in glossary section by section.
So I guess you've done that with a disc that goes along with it.
Yeah, because so many of these documents are too hard to find.
For instance, the classified document on Agent Orange.
We've got a copy of it.
It's 32 pages, and you can download it in its entirety, telling you all the things that the government didn't want you to know about Agent Orange.
Well, Joyce, this is why this is so important.
Of course, I don't have to tell you this, but for some of the listeners that don't understand, people don't believe the government would kill 2,800 people on 9-11.
They don't believe that they would carry out these bombings in London, which clearly they did, folks.
The evidence is overwhelming.
Oh, our government wouldn't do that.
They admit Project Shad.
They admit having some young sergeant go into a chamber.
They nerve gas him and kill him, knowing that it was going to kill him.
And then they dissect his body and tell his mama he died of a cold.
I mean, this shows the mindset.
I mean, folks, they've been doing...
When I was about five years old, I said, Daddy, why did they use monkeys with the atomic test for the atomic soldiers?
And he said, Son, because GIs are a lot cheaper than monkeys.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I got a letter from a Vietnam vet, or excuse me, atomic vet, recently, and how angry he is.
And he should be.
He very well should be.
And he deserves to be able to say the things that he is saying right now.
About this country and its governing institutions.
But if he was patriotic, he'd just snort a line of DU, he'd drink some aspartame, which is now admittedly giving people cancer, and he would put a George W. Bush sticker on his car.
Yeah, exactly.
You know, we found out, Alex, there were far too many experiments to cover.
We couldn't cover them all.
But we did focus on atomic veterans.
We focused on Operation White Coat.
Which is the Seventh-day Adventist group of people that they tested.
And they used them because they didn't drink.
They didn't smoke.
They were pure.
And the Seventh-day Adventist church offered them up as a sacrifice, basically, to the government.
They took their men and they tested them at Fort Detrick, Maryland.
And then we cover one called BZ.
You've probably heard of this, but many people have not.
The hallucinogenic drug BZ.
They give it to our troops and have them kill each other.
That's right.
And it was even worse in that they aerosolized it and sprayed it over the troops in Vietnam.
Then you wonder why we had such a problem with friendly fire.
Well, it wasn't friendly fire.
And then all these mental illnesses and all these breakdowns.
It's not PTSD.
It's a result of a number of toxic events that have occurred in these people's lives.
And then we move on, of course, to Agent Orange, where 2.4 possible million people were exposed to Agent Orange.
Well, Joyce, families...
Before they used it, they knew it broke down chromosomes and messed up sperm and eggs in women.
But I've got the documents.
This is admitted.
I'm glad you're covering it in the film.
But you know, the VA's never admitted it and the Department of Defense have never admitted it.
Families with no history of retardation or birth defects, they'll have three children and they'll all have problems.
Yeah, and then the Gulf War comes along, of course, and then we have this new, quote-unquote, mystery disease.
Now, you and I both know that if there's a sparrow that drops from a tree in New York City, they've got it figured out in ten minutes that it's a West Nile fever virus or whatever it is, but we've got 400,000 sick Gulf War veterans.
How many have died so far from the DU alone?
Well, all I can tell you is that Dr. Garth Nicholson told me in 1998, I believe it was,
That there have been probably 30,000 deaths as a result of Gulf War I. We think it's a lot higher than that.
However, we're not allowed to have any figures because, of course, that's being held under... Well, one figure we have is birth defects of Gulf War I vets who were in theater are triple the national average.
That's correct.
Nation Magazine even had an article that said that 67% of the Gulf War troops were giving birth to babies that had one problem or another.
Not maybe a major... That's a lot higher than triple.
But I have to say that that's one of the things that is the hardest for me to accept that we did in Beyond Treason is that we had some doctors that had just returned from Iraq and they have literally, they begged us to put those pictures on there.
And I have to give all the credit literally to this film to William Lewis who has done such a phenomenal job.
He is really the backbone to this documentary.
It's not me.
It's my wanting to do it and his being able to do it and he has done a phenomenal job
And they put in the pictures that had just been brought back from Iraq of these babies.
And you will not believe it.
You will not believe that this could be going on.
They're basically inside out.
Oh, yeah.
You will not believe this can be going on in a part of the world that we are not being told a thing about.
The other thing is the adults that are getting sick as a result of depleted uranium.
But, you know, before that, we go through the Gulf War illness issue, the whole thing on the vaccines, the sarin gas, the proof that it occurred.
We've got the Groves Memorandum on the CD-ROM back to 1943 showing the U.S.
government knew that this ionizing radiation was going to do this to these troops.
Then you go forward from that and you have in the Gulf War we've got
Over a thousand pages of information from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, memos that were sort of intercepted, a thousand pages, proving biologicals and chemicals were used.
All right, Joyce, stay with us.
And again, for police and military listening, this is all confirmed.
I've talked about this a lot.
I mean, if they release biologicals in the New York subway in 1968 and kill people, that's admitted.
Your government kills you.
It's not your government.
We'll be right back.
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Folks, this stuff is ironclad.
The research Joyce and others have done.
I mean, I've had all these former colonels and captains on, and soldiers, you know, they'd have them stand out in the field, they'd fly over, they'd all start falling down and getting sick.
People die that night, they die in a week, they die in five years.
When they die, they do brain tests on them, they've got sarin nerve gas in them.
And understand, the government just kills their own people.
And we've got to, you know, Joyce, I think this is really a key issue, and I think I'm going to, though I haven't seen the video, I've seen some clips, and I've seen some of the things that you've posted on the site and that you've been discussing.
I do want to carry this video, so we want to tell folks that coming up next week when it's available, that I'm...
I think?
Okay, we move through all of the major experiments that were done in our military, and then we go into the Gulf War, taking it piece by piece.
The biologicals, proof that existed, chemicals, moving into vaccine, then depleted uranium, of course.
And the interviews with Dr. Doug Rockey are just scathing.
I mean, the Defense Department, the Department of Defense has no place to run.
Dr. Doug Rockey was in charge of the cleanup program of depleted uranium in the first Gulf War.
We're good to go.
Now, here is also something that the DOD is not very happy about, I'm sure, and that is Lieutenant Colonel John Marks is on this video in a hangar at Whiteman Air Force Base holding a DU 9mm shell and telling everybody how this won't hurt you in this shell form.
That's not true.
Dr. Doug Rockey then says, absolutely, he is wrong.
This is hurting him as he is holding this shell right there at Whiteman Air Force Base.
So what we were able to do is put together... You have their own official training videos and manuals saying it's deadly.
Then you've got them telling the troops this is wonderful.
Yes, I have that.
And that's where you're going to see the confidence problem now that the troops have.
Now, Dennis Kind is on here.
Dennis Kind was arrested for trying to tell the truth about DU in the same place that you were at the Republican National Convention.
He returned from Iraq in 2003, or he left the military in 2003.
He is a veteran who is a victim of depleted uranium.
And he on here tells about what they are promised when they go in and see the recruiter and then what really happens.
But you can go, you can check out just a two-minute trailer at beyondtreason.com and see a portion of this.
This is a class act work here of a combination of the military, most of the military's own material, which is what they don't like.
When we talk in terms of Senate Report 103-97, which was a report that says, in the government's own words, hundreds of thousands of our military have been experimented upon without their consent.
Well, Joyce, it's like U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B, that you've covered so much.
We have links to on Infowars.com, the Cornell Law.
The government says, for testing purposes, we can use deadly chemicals and bioweapons on the people.
That's right.
They authorize themselves to kill us for no reason.
And then look, it came out two years ago, and now it's hit mainstream media the last three months.
But a few years ago, we got, because of Dan Burton's committee, where the CDC's own minutes meeting where they're going, this Mercury's maimed millions, but we've got to cover it up.
I mean, Joyce, why do they do this?
You know, it isn't just to test it.
Is this just to get a cadre of controllers used to killing our own people, you know, just as a power test or something?
It may or may not be that reason, but what we do know is that these men are the cost of war, cost of doing business.
So it's just saying that we're just animals to be chewed up?
There was a book written called Waiting for an Army to Die.
That's what happens after every war.
But you see, I wasn't smart enough to see that.
I didn't believe the Vietnam veterans who came home and said they'd been sprayed with this stuff and they were having all kinds of cancers and they were going to die.
I didn't believe them.
I thought they were malingers.
You know, they just wanted to be taken care of for a lifetime because that's what the media told them.
Well, governments are afraid of their troops because they know that they have been exposed to things.
They know the truth.
So before they come back, they always try to do bad things to them.
Look, you see the generals.
Serving a short time in Iraq and coming back.
Of course.
They know why.
They don't want to be over there.
They don't have governors go spend two months and just quit, quit, quit, quit, quit.
It's incredible.
They're sick.
They're getting sick.
Our troops are already dying.
Just go to beyondtreason.com and see the two-minute clip.
Joy, spend a few more minutes with us on the other side.
Then, folks, your calls are coming up.
I'll get back into the latest developments on the newest bombings that totally stage government off.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, folks.
We're going to get a few more minutes with Joyce Riley, her new documentary film with...
I guess directed by William Lewis, a pretty talented guy, that is beyondtreason.com.
But, Joyce...
I want to speak directly to the police and military out there who think that patriotism is defending the status quo and whatever lie the government's telling us today.
And I want them to know that if they'll use these chemicals and biologicals and radiologicals on our troops and on our enemies...
And knowingly let our troops die and become ill from it, and all the evidence is in.
I mean, it's monumental.
I mean, it is Montana.
It is mountainous, what's going on here.
It's the same with the water and the fluoride and the aspartame and the mercury and the vaccines.
Joyce, it's more than they just don't care about us.
They go out of their way to poison us and hurt us.
And when you research who the globalists are, they're a bunch of Malthusian, social Darwinists,
Who openly talk about how they want to reduce our populations all day.
Well, they don't care what happens to their military.
And what happens to their military is going to happen to their civilians later on.
And I just want to... You were mentioning police.
We've had so many that are police officers now that were former MPs in the military that have contacted us that know exactly what's going on.
Let me tell you, I got stopped by a police officer, a state patrolman.
This guy stopped me.
I had a sign on the side of my car.
It said Gulf War Veterans Association on it.
He stopped me and he said, Ma'am, I know I'm going to get fired for this.
But he said, I had to stop you.
And I looked at him and I thought, what in the world is going on?
He said, and I know I'm going to get fired.
And I thought, what's he going to do, shoot me here?
What's going on?
He said, I have to ask you a question.
I saw Gulf War Veterans Association on the side of your car.
He said, I will risk losing my job to ask you this question.
He said, is there a reason why my son cannot hear?
We're good to go.
And I said, I'm sorry to say, sir.
Their own federal statistics triple the deformities.
But you see, they're out of the loop.
They don't know that.
And they don't know about GulfWarVets.com.
All they do is listen to Rush Limbaugh.
They think they're getting the inside scoop.
They're worried about the evil liberals, and the evil liberals are controlled by the very same people.
That's right.
And I want to tell the troops and police and all of you this.
Folks, they use you.
They hate you.
They know you're patriotic.
They know you're gung-ho.
It's a joke to them how they fool you.
It's a joke how you follow unconstitutional orders against the citizens.
They are laughing at us, and I want you to know that anybody who is thinking of joining the military, make them see this first.
If they still want to join after this, hey, they deserve to be in the military.
Joyce, you were a flight nurse and treated people from the Gulf, and you got sick.
I mean, we forget how you found out about this.
I would have done anything to find out what was causing Gulf War illness, because I was so sick.
I'm okay today, but there are thousands and thousands of people that are not.
And you know what?
And yes, I got sick as a result of ten vaccines I took in one day at Kelly Air Force Base, Texas.
My life was never the same after that.
And I made up my mind then that I was never going to forget what happened.
And I will not forget, and I will not stop this mission that I have until we find a way to get these troops help.
Well, I think what you've covered here is key.
That's why I want to get behind this film, because I don't know how much you hear my show, but I harp on this.
I mean, I read BBC and AP articles.
I have these captains and colonels on, just as you do over the years.
I mean, they have our people go into a room, they nerve gas them and kill them.
I mean, how do they get our troops?
You know, it's always some weird scientist.
Back in the 40s and 50s and 60s, it was always Nazis that worked for our government.
I mean, how does our government just kill a young man in uniform?
I mean, they'll kill him on the spot, like he's a cockroach.
I mean, folks, this is who runs this country.
You know, and Dr. Doug Rocky, you're going to see this man in the video here.
This man has 5,000 times the amount of radiation in his body that he should have.
5,000 times.
His kidneys are destroyed.
He is very sick, as you will see.
Most of his team have died.
Well, I don't know about most.
I know that he says between 40% and 50% of them have died.
Well, I know that on the show he said most of his team have died.
Yeah, and I am so saddened to think that these people have just been kicked to the side of the curb.
Nobody knows what's happened to them.
Many of them don't even know why they're sick.
But even New York Daily News and New Scientist did chest scans and it was huge clouds of DU.
These people have the lungs of an 80-year-old now.
I got a call the other day from a wife.
Her husband just returned from Iraq on February 14th.
He was home one day.
They emergency took him to the hospital.
He died two months later.
He spent one day home after being gone one full year.
Oh, I've had these people on where they start having seizures over there.
They put them on a plane.
It's incredible.
Now it's your daughters because there's all these women in there.
Imagine how it is for parents putting diapers on their kids and then watching them die.
Oh, I talked to a wife that had to do that for a full year.
And she said her husband would sit in the corner.
I mean, this was a captain.
He was a captain, and yet we have lost sight of what's happening to these people after they leave the military.
We tell them, sorry, too bad.
Well, in here you're going to see Mark Zeller, who is an airborne, and you're going to see an incredible hero, Bob Jones.
He is a ranger.
And these guys have literally... Their life is over.
Their families are sick.
They are sick.
And the stories they tell about what they saw over there and what really happened over there is going to be an eye-opener.
So all I can say to people is if you know somebody who's going to join the military or...
Get it in your church and get it shown.
It's like Alex's films.
These are must-sees.
These are not just things to sit down and have an evening and have something to do.
These are educational pieces that are put there to fire you up to go out and talk to the next person.
Well, Joyce, whereas with 9-11, we know it's an inside job, but some of the details can be argued about, there's no debating...
That in 1968 our government released biologicals in the New York subway and killed people.
Details remain classified.
There's no debating that they knew what radiation did and they bombed our own troops.
There's no debating that they know DU is deadly poison.
It's just from the heavy metal, not just the radiation.
There's no debating...
That they do this to our troops.
There's no debating that their own numbers are triple the deformities, and then other countries do the studies, it's even higher.
I mean, how many billions of years is the half-life on DU?
It's 4.5 billion years.
But here's another thing.
This is part of a process to help people understand that when those troops come home from the war, their uniforms are full of DU.
Their duffel bag is full of DU.
Their space aid bags are full of DU.
They used triple the DU this time that they used in the first Gulf War.
It's also been used in ten proving grounds in the U.S.
and then also one in Puerto Rico.
What's the name of that island?
Vieques Island.
It's in Vieques.
They're now going to do it off the coast of Massachusetts.
Off the coast of Florida, we understand.
I mean, they're not even paying attention to what it is going to do.
This is total craziness.
It is.
But this will show you.
And you'll never again have to say...
Did our country really do that to its own men?
You'll never have to question, did they do it?
You'll just have to still question, why in the world?
Well, for those that don't understand, it's a lot worse than sodium fluoride, but it's the same line, or stannous fluoride.
At the end of World War II, they had huge warehouses full of this toxic substance.
You know, a barrel of it broke and killed the whole river.
I mean, that's how poisonous it is.
So they decide to put it in the water and claim it fortifies your teeth.
All the studies show it's a fraud.
Well, it's the same thing with DU.
They've got all this stuff left over from nuclear weapons production, all this stuff of spent rods and all this, and only one part of the uranium has been removed.
It's still highly radioactive.
It's just that particular isotope has been depleted.
It's still uranium.
And they're building tanks out of it.
It's not just Abrams munitions.
It's not just Warthog munitions and A-10 Vulcan guns.
Now it's in handheld rifles and in battle cannons on these Bradley fighting vehicles.
They're tipping missiles with them, little handheld tow missiles.
I mean, they're putting it into everything, Joyce.
Oh, you want to hear?
It's even worse.
They're putting it in golf clubs now.
Oh, I heard that, yes.
Golf clubs, and they've got something called D.U.
Crete that you can buy at the home improvement stores.
I mean, people have no concept.
It is not depleted.
That is just a line.
Let me stop you, because we're going to let you go in a second, but I want to plug this again.
Do me a favor, Scott.
Find the local newscast.
This was a national script.
It was all over the country, but this was the local...
I mean, next are they going to say drinking gasoline is good for you?
Black is white, white is black, up is down, and that is the way it works.
But once you see this, you see this is going to do horrendous damage to the DOD.
This is what we need.
I am sorry, listeners, but we need to do damage.
I mean, I ask the question here, why aren't these people behind bars for the rest of their natural lives for what they have done here?
They have murdered these troops.
Murdered them.
And yet we walk away and we say, oh, isn't that awful?
Do we have that clip yet?
Were you able to find the clip about the fluoride?
No, no.
The mercury's good for you clip?
Okay, thank you.
I guess you didn't hear me ask for it.
It'll be there in a second.
Sorry, Joyce, go ahead.
That's okay.
I just think that this is going to be the end of the game of the Department of Defense using us as cannon fodder, using us as experimental animals.
Because when I joined back in 1978, it was the first time that I joined the military, the Air National Guard at that time.
And then later on at Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, when I went into the Air Force Reserve,
You know, I never expected to be experimented upon.
I went there to take care of the wounded that were serving our country.
Well, Joyce, why do they keep doing... It's like they're psychopaths.
They do the same little things over and over again.
It just gets bigger and bigger.
I mean, now they've done something that's going to even make the generals get sick and die?
Well, not necessarily, because they're not going to stay over there long enough to get... Did you see how every general they send, Franks, all of them, Paul Bremer, all these people, they will not spend more than a month in Baghdad.
That's right.
That's right.
And they come home.
And also, we got word that General Franks had... No, General Myers...
We're good to go.
That all of the leaves have been cancelled at Fort Bragg coming up in the late August and September.
We have one troop that's supposed to leave on leave late August, and so we're waiting to hear if his... Yeah, the word is they might be attacking Iran, Israel maybe, in the next few months.
We hope that doesn't happen, but is that what you're saying, Joyce?
That's what I'm saying, and what I am concerned about is more troops.
You see, we haven't just sent 140,000 troops over to Iraq.
People think that's what we've done.
We've sent probably close to a million.
When you consider all the garden reserves that have been rotated in and out of there...
We're talking about probably a million troops that are going to come back.
And the average stay is, as you said, 18 months.
And they're going to come home and they're going to give this whatever, depleted uranium poisoning, to their families.
There is no way that we cannot have millions of people affected, just like there are millions of Iraqis.
Well, also, it blows.
The air of the earth is recirculated every 48 hours.
I mean, every year we get red dirt on our cars.
They go, oh, that's from Afghanistan, that's from China, that's from the Mongolian desert.
That dirt blows right over here, Joyce.
We're going to be getting it.
We are getting it now.
We've had certain reports that there has been some found in this country even.
So it's important that people realize what this is.
By the way, we're not talking about a little bit.
It's hundreds of thousands of times.
Oh, yes, yes.
I mean, this is massive.
Okay, Joyce, I really want to thank you for joining us, but I wanted you to be able to hear this clip before you left us.
Here's local CBS News saying mercury is nutritious.
Here it is.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help, not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
Joyce, so again... I can't believe I just heard that!
Mercury's nutritious, so maybe they should start fortifying.
They're putting it in concrete, and I have seen that.
And putting it in golf clubs, why not put it in the Wheaties?
Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I heard that, Alex.
I am shocked.
Well, when they did that about a year ago, I typed it in, and all over the country, CBS affiliates were saying that.
So it was like some script handed down to them.
But that was here in Austin.
That's incredible.
Hey, thank you very much, Alex.
I thank you for the opportunity to be here.
And, you know, let's continue to sing the same song out there, because, listeners, the time is right now.
Every minute counts.
Thank you, Alex.
I hear you, Joyce.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
And it's coming out in a week or so.
It's going to be Beyond Treason, and we're going to be carrying it at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
But, no, I mean, I'm a cook, folks.
I think Mercury's bad for you.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Hey, I just wanted to touch on something that gave me a small epiphany when you called in earlier saying that they were having new drills down in, was it Florida, I believe?
No, it was Alabama.
Alabama, I'm sorry.
They're having military takeover drills everywhere, sir.
Well, the thing that clicked is that, you know, thinking, one, how our enemies move.
They move in the shadows.
They move, like, clandestinely.
You know, we've got to watch out for these drills, because I think maybe one day they're going to have some drills and they're going to be on a larger level.
Sir, that's the whole point.
Every town and city is having a couple drills so that people get used to how to hand over control of City Hall to the United States Marine Corps and the U.S.
Army with a gaggle of foreign troops.
It's admitted.
That's what I cover in my police state videos.
Well, I'm speaking more of the method that they're going to use to do it.
You know, coming in in the middle of the night, just, you know, next thing you know, you wake up in the morning to go to work.
There's, you know, troops everywhere.
Catching people while they sleep.
People are going to need to learn that when this stuff happens, when this stuff does go down, they're going to need to start exercising their right to bear arms.
And I just want to hit one other point that I read.
Well, I'm going to submit to the troops.
I'm going to go to the FEMA camp.
I just read an interesting thing about the No Child Left Behind.
I'm going to eat my mercury, skunk.
I just want to hit something.
The No Child Left Behind Act.
You haven't had your mercury today, skunk.
I'll let you finish briefly on the other side.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
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Call her about a minute and then this show is over.
Scott Gill, Jason Martin.
Just very briefly, the latest, most hard-hitting info on the fear-mongering psych-ops, psy-ops of the British government on the latest mini-bombs.
It fits the classic MO of all the other actions we've seen.
Please go to prisonplanet.com and infowars.com for those developments and spread the word so people know the truth about what's happening.
Okay, Skunk, finish up fast.
All right, I just caught a little piece of information about the No Child Left Behind Act.
I don't know if you're aware, but the act itself requires schools to give recruiters the addresses and telephone numbers of all the juniors and seniors.
And they give them a personal ID number, and you get three CPS visits a year.
Bush is trying to make that official, where every family gets the CPS visits.
And you know about New Freedom, the force of psychological testing and drugging.
Yes, absolutely.
I mean, I'm, you know, if they want it, they're going to have to take it forcefully.
You know, there's going to be nobody pumping drugs on anybody.
All I've got to say to everybody out there is fight.
Stand up, fight.
Don't let them do it.
I hear you.
Thanks for calling.
The SWAT team has to raid your house because you might have some cocaine, but here, we're going to force you to take something whose molecule is many times more deadly.
Gil in Texas.
Gil, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Another good day to fight the New World Order.
Yes, sir, Gil.
What's on your mind?
It's just my take on this little mini-bombing they had over in London.
I watched the other two networks.
NBC was running a segment, the National Nuclear Biological Chemical Network, but I didn't hardly see anything on ABC and CBS.
You know, it's almost getting like we're being desensitized.
We're getting used to drills and troops and checkpoints, and now we're not talking about the Patriot Act that could pass today or tomorrow.
We're not talking about Blair's police state stuff set to pass tonight.
It's just like, you know, it's just going to be entertainment.
You know, that's pretty much what mass media news is now.
Well, they're practicing terrorizing us and practicing corralling us.
And the sheeple are just going to say, oh, it's just another little bombing in London, and they don't realize that our freedoms are slipping away slowly but surely.
I'm going to hang up and let the other callers go on.
God bless you, Gil.
Well said.
Jason in Iowa.
Jason, go ahead.
Drink your mercury.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hey, a couple things.
One is...
I think that you and all your friends in the media, when the HAARP sends out these little hurricanes, I guess they don't do it, they study it, you kind of get the stuff off the main pages of the media like you just talked about there.
You should name them instead of the names they have.
Call them
Who they are taking out of the media at that time, like the last one would have been Karl Rove.
You could have named it Karl or Rove or something.
The Karl Rove associated bombing today.
Or the hurricane, you know, Karl Rove hurricane, you know, whatever.
And next thing is Bohemian Grove.
Well, I'll say this.
We are having record levels of hurricanes.
The government can manipulate the weather to a certain extent, but I don't think all these hurricanes are the government.
But to finish up, Bohemian Grove.
Yeah, they just had Bohemian Grove last week.
Any updates on it?
I was trying to watch, well, I was out of town, but I wanted to watch Fox News and see if Sean Vanity was on or if he was off, you know, dashed off to Bohemian Grove or not.
We've got some updates on that coming up.
The Grove's only been in session for seven days.
It goes until the 30th.
Thanks for the call.
Mark in Michigan.
Mark, go ahead.
Or Missouri.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
Oh, good.
It was good to meet you when I come down in June to see one of your big screen showings of martial law.
Well, I want to thank you.
I remember meeting you.
Thanks for coming down all the way from Michigan, sir.
I know.
I'm brain dead.
And I've got written permission for a big screen showing here in Missouri and would like to talk to you about details.
Well, contact my office, 512-291-5750, and give them your number.
I have.
Okay, well, I'll try to get in touch with you then.
One quick word.
Word for you.
I was listening to you Friday when you got so mad.
And I was reading in my Bible in Psalms the other day, chapter 7, verse 11.
It says, God is angry with the wicked every day.
Well, I remember when you came down.
You brought your son down from Missouri.
Wasn't that you?
You're a preacher?
Uh, well, of sorts.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Well, it was good seeing you.
God bless you all, folks.
We're exposing the bombings.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-325-7000.