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Air Date: July 20, 2005
2587 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
It is Wednesday, the 20th day of July, 2015.
We're good to go.
I think?
And at the same time, in the second hour, we have no lights, no sirens, Robert Sia, the corruption and redemption of an inner-city cop.
And it says he makes no apologies for lying on the stand and being corrupt.
That's what it takes to keep us all safe.
And so, yes, we're going to be talking to Robert Sia coming up in the second hour, and this should be extremely interesting.
In the meantime, there is masses of vital news.
Gallup Poll finds Lord Bush's approval rating at a new low.
So like a heroin addict, he got a little bit of a push off of the London tragedy.
And now he's plunged even further.
Two religious soldiers believe behind Jalim fake bomb.
Haratz is reporting.
Ah, the Israeli government in more fear-mongering.
More bombings and fake bombings.
This is out of Haratz.
I guess Haratz is anti-Semitic.
Oh, it's a big Jewish newspaper.
Well, they're still evil.
Just like they're evil when they report, like the Jerusalem Post, that Israel actually carries out bombings.
We're just supposed to ignore all that even though it's admitted and just trust Israel.
Just like our own government's been caught doing it, and England's been caught doing it, Russia's been caught doing it, Bush is confident in his new Supreme Court nominee.
He was anti-abortion, at least on paper, back in the 1980s, but he has ruled on the bench and made public statements that he's going to leave Roe v. Wade like it is.
And so a lot of conservative groups are decrying him, and so are liberals, which everybody should be decrying him.
Mr. Roberts, Lord Bush's new nominee for the Supreme Court, John G. Roberts, after they pulled the...
We're good to go.
Or whether it's the government that is in trouble.
He has the most pro-government record that we can find.
I mean, some are saying the most pro-government record.
I mean, he doesn't even really look at the evidence.
He just hail Bush, hail government.
And he's the guy, a federal court said, no, you can't secretly grab people and secretly have tribunals try them.
You've got to give them a real jury trial.
You've got to charge them.
This is the guy who was the deciding vote on a three-judge panel overturning another federal judge on that.
And he's blocked Dick Cheney records being released.
He's a real piece of work.
He's part of the crime family, we could say.
He's been a good capo for them.
And he's being promoted up to boss now.
So, good promotion for him.
He's been a good earner for the family.
And now he's moving on up!
Moving on up to the skies!
And he'll probably be there for 30, 40 years as our leader.
And then, of course, Rehnquist is probably going to be leaving here pretty soon.
And so it looks like we will have Lord Gonzalez then unless we intensify firepower in the Infowar against him.
But I've got to tell you, Roberts is better than Gonzalez.
At least he's not openly pro-abortion.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, we're here.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I want to get into the Supreme Court nominee, Roberts.
I want to get into some new developments, big developments with the London situation.
I want to get into mainstream news articles about the military surveilling the American people.
And which is just a major hallmark of a very serious police state entering into martial law.
But a lot of new stations are turning us on.
I mean, we're getting calls every day, big AM and FM stations, obviously mainly AM stations, all over the country with program directors and general managers and station owners that want to put the show on.
And I just commend them.
And I want to thank all of the affiliates that we've got.
Some affiliates we've had for six, seven years since I got a syndicated broadcast.
And I want to thank all the new affiliates.
I want to thank all the sponsors, the listeners, the great folks that make the broadcast possible.
All of you.
Look, I just love the Second Amendment.
I love the unborn children.
I love our national sovereignty and our borders.
And our government, run by the Democrats and Republicans, are all on the same side.
They have a fake WWF-type wrestling theatrical display for you.
It's acting, but they divide up the power, the spoils.
They do occasionally fight over those spoils, but the agenda moves forward.
And I don't want to lose our private property.
I don't want to lose control of our children through the forced psychological testing and drugging of new freedom.
I don't like it that gun control laws are being greedily passed by Republicans predominantly all over the country.
Democrats can't get away with it.
They get stopped.
Because Republicans will mobilize locally to do it, but all over the country, Republicans do it.
Schwarzenegger, Pataki, others, and nothing's being done.
So I'm here to raise the alarm bell
About what Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage and Sean Hannity will not tell you about.
They are partisan.
They are covering up the globalist agenda.
And they are deceiving you on most issues while telling the truth on some other issues.
But I mean, rat poison is 98% good grain.
Well, with Limbaugh and those guys, it's 80% truth and 20% lies.
I mean, you get the same thing from the Democrats.
They don't tell the truth on a lot of issues, but then lie on other key issues.
It's time to stop going off of what they say, and it's time to start focusing on what they do.
And so for all the news stations that are joining us and picking up the broadcast, let me just tell it like it is.
Up until 105 years ago, roughly,
Left and right was not taught in any university, in any high school, in any area of academia.
Left and right was simply an unknown political term, other than female being associated with the left.
Or the sinister side, the female side, you know, the Bible, the fallen side, ate the apple, that was seen as left or sinister or rebellious, and the right was seen as patriarchal, that is, male.
So right is male or patriarchal,
And left is female or matriarchal.
That is the only left-right paradigm that there was in history.
Until 100 rough years ago.
Everyone had the true political paradigm.
And it was really a circle.
And on one side of the circle, the furthest point away from the other side of the circle...
Sticking on whatever wing you want, you had command and control.
Or, you know, one of the older forms of that with the system of royalty.
And you had different forms of command and control.
Plutocracies and bureaucracies.
But really, it's all on that other side of the spectrum.
Command and control.
Mercantilism administered through an oligarchy or administered through a royal hereditary dynasty.
And then you had, starting about 450 years ago, the Renaissance.
For elites lost control of their old centralized systems.
The Black Plague, really 500 years ago, knocked out a lot of organized government that had become predatory and centralized and never allowed any new ideas to come forward or any new businesses to develop or any new ideas to flourish.
But the Black Plague that killed upwards of 40%, depending on the nation, of European countries' populations and city-state populations as it spread through Italy and Greece and then into Western Europe and, of course, ending in England.
And so the Renaissance developed.
And they tried to use mercantilism 300, 400 years ago to try to govern that where the...
King or the Queen would issue licenses.
You know, if you drink bass beer, you'll see the first trademarked beer.
And it'll say that on the back of the beer.
And it's a triangle.
And it says, you know, the first beer licensed by Her Majesty 300 years ago.
And so you could quote the free market if the government authorized you.
And the big corporations and companies and chartered institutions loved that because they could then stick the government on any of their competition.
So it was kind of government teaming up with the corporate interest.
It was just the lords who owned the companies teaming up with the queen.
It was just a new way to try to bridle and get control over the free market.
And you could call that fascism.
We didn't get the term fascism until about 150 years ago, and that really developed in Italy, and then Mussolini picked it up 75 years ago and said, well, it shouldn't be called fascism or the fascista, it should be called corporatism or mercantilism, and he was correct.
And, of course, the fascia is a bundle of sticks, or nations, or peoples, bundled together by the centralized power with axe heads on top of it, symbolizing the militarized power of the state.
And, by the way, after World War II, for some reason, they put the eagle in the scepter with a spike, the Trojan, and they put the bundled sticks and axe handles, the fascista, in the Senate.
And so now, fascist Nazi symbols adorn the Capitale.
Again, the Capitale itself is a symbol of Roman power.
So fascism, again, is a more modern interpretation of imperialism.
So on one end of the political spectrum, we have command and control.
Communism, socialism, fascism.
And they taught the public a hundred years ago that there's no more freedom versus slavery.
No, it's all, here are your choices.
You get to choose socialism, fascism, communism, and all its different derivatives.
Well, that isn't a choice at all.
Again, they're masters at giving you a false choice, going, here are your choices, that are actually a very narrow spectrum.
It isn't a choice at all.
Like the Republicans and Democrats.
The same policies, the same things happen.
The agenda moves forward of more centralization, command and control, regardless of who's in office.
But before 100 years ago, populism was taught.
And it was, does this give the people more liberty or less liberty?
Does this lower the taxes and give people more autonomy, or does it give the people less autonomy?
And it was all discussions of tyrants and despots and king rats and thugs and scallywags and tarring and feathering.
Everything was about stopping centralization.
The government was set up with three branches, all divided against themselves, divided against the states.
A fourth separation, and then separations within the states.
Endless fractures, endless gridlock, endless stumbling blocks to men on white horses.
Again, the classic signet of a dictator.
So the real political spectrum is command and control on one end and anarchy on the other.
Anarchy is impossible.
It never happens.
You always get gangs and thugs and strongmen.
That always develops strong men with their political gravitational pull, always centralized control, and then always bring you back to the other end of the spectrum.
Anarchy doesn't exist for more than five minutes.
So the Republic, as the Founding Fathers taught it, and as the Greek philosophers taught it, is in the center of the real political spectrum.
It is at the midway point between total command and control and total anarchy.
And it is a codified law to limit the elite and to guard everyone's freedoms, and so 51% can't vote away the rights of the other 49%, something that did happen in pure democracies in Athens.
Of course, being one of the only actual Greek provinces that really ever did have a democracy.
Most of them didn't.
Macedonia did to some extent.
Sparta certainly didn't.
But again, that's a whole other subject.
People don't even know where we came from.
Why our buildings are built in Greek style.
Why all of this.
They've robbed you of that.
And so, we've got to relearn that if we're going to get our country back.
And it's really that simple.
The corporations are now bigger than the government.
They are using fascistic control.
First they use socialism to get us under government control and domesticated.
Then socialism always leads to fascism, or more properly, corporate mercantile neo-serfdom.
Don't look up serfdom.
Don't look up feudalism.
And that's what the New World Order is.
You can throw out all the terms.
You can throw out all the stuff you've been taught.
It's all false.
I'll stick with Aristotle and Plato and Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.
Okay, I'm not going to stick with the phony garbage.
You were fed, our forefathers were fed, a hundred years ago.
We're in the shape we are because they fed us as a computer, as a people, false information.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think so.
We're good to go.
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Basically, the Republicans and Democrats are owned by the same financial interests that are organized crime syndicates who are totally ruthless.
And they know how to put on a big hubbub and give their distraction a lot of attention, and all the fanfare, like this fight between the Republicans and Democrats is really a real one, and so we all pay attention and think, man, that's the whole discussion.
Meanwhile, the real world's going on all around us, and we're losing our basic freedoms.
All right, this is what's coming up.
And, of course, your calls are coming up as well.
We do have Robert Sia, this former New York detective, who doesn't apologize, he says, about lying on the stand and stuff to get people convicted.
Gallup finds Bush approval rating at new low.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
He got a little bit of a boost out of the tragic London bombings, but now it's already fallen again.
And two religious soldiers believe behind Jaleem fake bombing.
So another report out of her rots with the Israelis with fake bombings and real bombings to scare the public into submission.
We'll get into that.
This new Supreme Court nominee, conservatives don't like him because he claims he's anti-abortion, but then he's ruled neutral on abortion in the past.
And the left doesn't like him, and rightfully so.
No one should like him.
Because he has one of the worst records for voting with the government.
He's just a government worshipper.
If the government's in trouble, he votes on their side.
If the government's prosecuting, he votes on their side.
He voted the government doesn't need to tell you they're secretly arresting somebody or not giving them a trial.
He was the deciding vote overturning another federal court just a few weeks ago.
And he's worked for the Bushes for 20 plus years.
As one of their lawyers, he's just like Gonzalez who worked for him with Enron.
And he is a real piece of work.
President Bush's new nominee, John G. Roberts.
A White House send-off Wednesday for the Senate confirmation process.
So we'll go over a little bit of what's in this guy's background.
I mean, you've got to be worried when liberal newspapers have headlines like this.
Judge John Roberts combines youth, intellect, temperament, and judicial philosophy.
But let me get into some police state news right now that's really, really important.
State Senate.
Big Brother was watching.
Investigation in the National Guard widens...
Unit may face subpoenas, contempt, charges.
And this is out of the local Argus newspaper.
Invest it.
Now, understand, I've told you about this for years.
Again, not tooting my horn, it's just that long before it was in the news, we were talking about it.
They don't just have National Guard out spying on peaceful protesters, but they have special forces.
You know, planting video cameras to catch your mayor having sex with a prostitute.
I mean, they have these guys all over the place.
We're in... Hundreds of thousands of troops over the last 20 years have been what they call sheet-dipped.
They're taken out of the public budget.
You know, they're told they're part of special ops, and they get basically brought into secret paramilitary organizations assigned to the shadow government
The FEMA and others, and they're operating right here in Austin, Texas.
I mean, I've had them in my face threaten me.
You know, just walk up to me in a parking lot.
We get their plates and run it back, and sure enough, it is military.
State Senate Big Brother was watching.
Investigation of the National Guard widens.
Unit may face subpoenas, contempt charges.
The military is not supposed to be involved in your life.
I mean, if there's a giant fire or an earthquake, you can have the military out to help people.
But, folks, it's bad enough to have them for riot control, but when they're running around spying on you, folks, that's East Germany.
That's Russia.
A probe into a domestic surveillance unit within the California National Guard...
Ballooned Tuesday into a full-blown investigation into widespread allegations of spying on U.S.
citizens, misuse of state money, and retaliation against guard troops who brought the allegations to light.
Well, that's why you're going to lose.
A lot of these troops are waking up.
And they take some gung-ho guy who's already killed people in Latin America and the Middle East, and they take him and tell him, now you're going to train to take out patriots and confiscate guns.
And most of them say no.
But that's a leading process.
They get the psychopaths that just like power and like having that expense account credit card driving around in brand new Trans Ams living in $3,000 a month apartments.
And then you've got to deal a little drugs on the side too because you do some anti-narcotics stuff.
You've got to deal the drugs to be trusted.
You don't mind having five stripper girlfriends and getting to knock people's teeth out and pretty soon you're just a full-blown gangster, aren't you, punk?
Senator Joseph Dunn said after a Capitol hearing he will order top National Guard officers to testify under oath.
And if they don't do so, they're going to get arrested.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, and talk about the criminals that are all around us in plain clothes who are hardcore killers with badges.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I want folks to understand something.
This article out of California goes on to report...
What everybody's seen and shot video of and gotten photos of, regular U.S.
Army, National Guard, plainclothes troops, but sometimes, I mean, in uniforms with the black berets, they'll be out in small towns, big cities, with video cameras videotaping you at Second Amendment demonstrations, land rights demonstrations, environmental group demonstrations.
I've been out protesting mainstream groups, you know, environmental groups, and there are the troops up on top, you know, Austin buildings.
I mean, this is eight years ago.
And in my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State, we have a whole section in the film showing mainstream news articles, video we shot, and then photos and video all over the country and news articles about this.
I mean, this is publicly admitted, but listen to this article.
Senator Joseph Dunn said after a Capitol hearing that he will order top National Guard officers to testify under oath, and after they refused to do so,
Voluntarily, he might seek contempt of legislature charges against those officers because, he said, the state military department has stonewalled his efforts to get documents about a secret unit called the Information Synchronization Knowledge Management and Intelligence Fusion Unit.
That unit conducted and collected information on a Mother's Day anti-war protest in front of the state capitol.
Dunn described the unit as a tip of the iceberg of domestic spying units within the California National Guard.
California Military Department documents refer to internal agencies such as the Domestic Watch Center, the Combined Intel Fusion Group, we have that right here in Austin, and a Joint Operations Center, among others.
But then, don't worry, this is the lawyer for the Guard.
We have received a volume of information about domestic surveillance units around California within the Guard, Dunn said.
In letters to senators and state military officials, rejected the allegations, oh, sure,
And complain his subpoenas are overtly broad, overly broad, and that they may of the sought documents are classified.
So that's classified.
You can't see it.
The California Military Department does not have a domestic intelligence program, wrote George O'Connell, a private attorney hired by the Guard.
Oh, you do not have one?
Now listen to this.
You know why he's telling the truth?
Because it's not called the Domestic Intelligence Program.
Absolutely, that's true.
It's called the Domestic Watch Center Combined Intel Fusion Group and Joint Operations Center.
Sure, that's what it's called.
It's not called... See, this is how they'll lie to you.
The California Military Department does not have a Domestic Intelligence Program.
You know, it's like Ashcroft saying there is no Patriot Act II months after it's introduced publicly.
He just says it's a lie, it's made up.
And it's true, because it's not called Patriot Act II.
We call it that.
It had another name.
On July 28th, Brigadier General John Alexander, Acting Adjunct General, wrote, We were not in any way engaged in surveillance activities during the May 2000 Mother Day demonstrations of any group.
That they simply went there with their video cameras to monitor the media coverage.
Ah, yes.
That's why I've had troops walk right up with a snapshot camera and take photos of my face and then laugh at me.
You punks.
We're taking photos of you and we put you on the Internet.
We put you on TV.
We put you in martial law.
But during Questioning Tuesday by Dunn and Senator Tom McClintock,
Joseph Rigahello said after long pauses he did not know if the guard kept files of individual Californians.
So now it's not denying, they're just saying we don't know.
And it gets much worse.
The article's a lot longer and I don't have time to read it all.
But let me explain something.
They won't put troops on the borders.
They won't put troops to search the containers.
Something that's constitutional.
They will illegally and criminally...
Violates posse commentatus, and then this violates a bunch of other stuff.
Have them out there surveilling people.
And what the state rep said is true.
The member of the legislature said is true.
This is the tip of the iceberg.
They got these troops all over the place.
They augment gubernatorial security.
They augment the state police.
Look, folks.
My cousin is involved at high levels here in Austin
Merging the regular Army, the National Guard, and the APD covertly at the Berksham base.
Part of it is still a military base.
And they're out there, and they're involved in everything.
And they test these military men.
And if they're good guys, they'll just be busy in logistics.
Or working on the helicopters.
But the scumbags who've shown they'll violate the law going back over 20 years.
This has been going on for 20 years that we've confirmed.
Growing as part of a secret program.
Those guys, people that are gangsters, but these are the most cowardly gangsters, though.
They're not even outside, quote, the law.
They get to deal drugs.
They get to kill people.
They get to surveil.
They get to blackmail.
You've heard about our new domestic CIA.
This is it.
And the... Folks, it is so disgusting and so un-American.
And they're all over the place doing this.
Here's another one.
FBI keeping lengthy files on groups opposed to Bush's policies.
This is of Yahoo News.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, has amassed at least 3,500 pages
Of internal documents from political protest groups and what the targets say amounts to political surveillance of some of President Bush's leading critics.
And it says that they have documents obtained by the Civil Liberties Union, the rights watchdog and prominent administration critic, and of course they're even being watched.
And they're a loyal opposition.
They're controlled.
The figures have emerged as part of a lawsuit of the Freedom of Information Act brought by the ACLU and other groups alleging the FBI is engaging in politically motivated spying against law-abiding organizations.
We know the government is keeping documents about the ACLU and other peaceful groups to Attorney Romero, Anthony Romero, their executive director.
And it goes into the military and everybody else surveilling just so many groups
Really mainstream groups.
And then there was a federal order when the ACLU sued them a year ago.
They used the Patriot Act to put a gag order on them saying that since it was part of a terrorism investigation that the ACLU wasn't allowed to talk about their suit.
See how that works, folks?
The Justice Department has said it will take up
To a year to review the material the ACLU seeks.
The ACLU is seeking FBI surveillance files on itself, Greenpeace, and others.
And it goes on, again, to talk about that.
But I want you to understand that you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes?
This is admitted in over 15 mainstream news articles that we've seen the last two months.
Out of South Texas and out of Arizona and Southern California.
Los Zetas are, quote, former Mexican special forces trained by the CIA at the School of America's Encounter Drugs.
And now en masse, these, quote, commandos, who we now have documented with the regular Mexican army, are being protected.
Are all over Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, as far north as Dallas and areas of Oklahoma, blowing up cars, car bombings that you only see in local papers.
Imagine if there was a car bombing with a Muslim involved.
Man, it'd be 24-7 for six months.
But no, cars are blowing up, they're machine gunning, mass murder, over 127... That was a few weeks ago.
There's been a bunch more now, so it's over 130.
Killings in Texas in the last year.
The tourism industry is dead in Laredo and other areas.
It used to be bustling.
This is even on local news, local Fox News.
I mean, no one is there.
The Mexicans are moving out of this side of the border.
Mexican citizens and American citizens are leaving.
It is total carnage, and they're controlled by the U.S.
They are protected, and we've had former top DEA agents on to talk about it.
They are Las Zetas hit teams, also recruiting police and former U.S.
military under CIA control at huge training camps in South Texas, and there is a reign of terror.
Bush and his boys are very upset, the banks are very upset, that there are a lot of new cartels that have driven down the price of cocaine and heroin.
And so there is a reign of terror as they go after the cartels that aren't paying their cut.
And, I mean, even down to street-level dealers.
It is just special forces trips with CIA controllers just mass-slaughtering everywhere.
And they'll kill Border Patrol.
They'll kill FBI.
They're killing federal informants.
They're killing sheriff's deputies.
And the FBI won't investigate.
They just say, drop it, back off, hands off these people.
And so you think just regular U.S.
troops are bad.
Well, following suit, 20-plus percent of our Iraq forces are Mexican nationals.
That's Wall Street Journal.
And, well, most of the enforcers, the new mafia enforcers, in Texas to California, now into Oklahoma.
Los Jetas, by the way, is even popping up in Indiana.
And then MS-13 works under them.
This is directly controlled by the government.
So they got major... Folks, the government has got major muscle.
I mean, this is so close to home, my cousin works for them.
Though he just is, you know, in a bureaucracy position, you know, over just, you know, basically running things.
Light bulbs and, you know, food and helicopters and, you know, just basic stuff.
But he sits there and watches all of it.
He wouldn't tell me much.
He'd just say, well, you've seen what's in the paper.
You know what's going on.
Yeah, it's true.
Yeah, everything you said is true.
Yeah, it's horrible.
And again, he didn't agree with me five years ago.
So, I mean, take your pick, folks.
Look, the globalists are just good old-fashioned organized crime.
And they've got all these rationales, how they corrupt cops, how they corrupt troops.
Listen, I need you to go in there and deal some drugs.
I need you to make a buck.
And a year later, like, well, I've been making these buys, and I got $50,000 here, and you're not even asking for it back.
Just keep it.
Keep it, Officer Johnson.
You know, keep it, Lieutenant Smith.
You know, we got to, but we're not busting anybody.
Well, just, it's part of a long-term operation.
We're going to bust some people a month later.
All right, you wanted to bust some people?
These are some guys.
Well, these aren't part of the drug network I'm in.
Well, still, and you go bust somebody, you go surveil somebody who's not paying their cut.
That's how it works, folks.
And then the cops, all the cops know this.
I mean, this is public.
Look, it's so public that Border Patrol caught a 18-wheeler packed end-to-end with cocaine.
And the driver shot it.
This was in the Associated Press, carried by the statesman.
This was like six years ago.
I see these cases all, but this is one of the best examples.
And the driver shot his mouth off Border Patrol.
He said, you're going to get in trouble for this.
And they said, okay, that's it.
And they even roughed the guy up because he shot his mouth off.
And they were real proud of themselves and sent the cocaine out.
And the FBI and DEA showed up, grabbed the cocaine, said that's it, don't discuss it, hold the media, no more press conferences, and release the driver and the cocaine disappeared.
Now that's because that 18-wheeler, folks, was marked.
I've even talked to the troops who've got the surveillance blimps, who see in the satellites, who see the drug shipments, and there's an officer behind them going, don't touch that one, interdict that one.
Don't touch that one.
It's business, folks.
It's about an oligopoly of controlling the drug deals.
And that's all you do.
And then you police, you know this is true, you've got the nerve.
Because it's for your paycheck.
When you pull over some poor zip-faced kid, and they've got a marijuana bag with a couple of joints in it, and again, I don't support marijuana, folks.
I don't support alcohol.
It's not good for you.
But the point is, is you've got the nerve to take that kid in, and now they're going to be put into the system, and then they're going to pay thousands of dollars they don't have, and money on it, nine chances out of ten, 90 plus percent of people in the last 20 years have used marijuana.
You're sending them to jail for something you did.
You remember riding around in your car with marijuana.
You're going to send that kid to jail when you know your bosses are controlling the narcotics trade in your town.
You know, why do you think the police chief lives in a million-dollar house?
In the past, corrupt police chiefs and people hid it.
You know, that's the thing.
They were real good about covering up the money they had.
You know, they'd just take extravagant trips and do stuff like that, and they'd give money to their brother who'd own all the stuff.
They don't even hide that now.
I mean, you go to these fancy neighborhoods, it's the police captains and their people, and they're just rolling in cash.
Well, what do you think?
Are you stupid out there?
We've got terminal corruption.
All right, I haven't even gotten into the Supreme Court situation.
The new developments in the London bombing.
We've got two guests coming up.
But right now, let's just go to some calls.
Emmett in Pennsylvania, then Paul and Rita and others.
Go ahead, Emmett.
Yes, hi, Alex.
You have a right to toot your horn.
Last night I heard that AP...
Survey they did two years ago, and 46% of the people say George Bush isn't to be trusted.
This is two years ago.
Now, 62% of the people polled said George Bush isn't to be trusted.
But the problem is the globalists use presidents like Birdcage Liner.
He takes all the heat as a puppet, and then another agenda comes in, and it takes us five years to wake up that the Democrats are bad.
These are puppets.
These are shields.
And another thing I found out, there's a local camera dealer.
They've been in business since 1936.
They have to go out of business.
And he said in the newspaper, thanks to Walmart, I'm going out of business.
That Walmart...
Now has 36% of the commercial trade in the United States.
That's right.
Last year it was 34%.
The new numbers just came out.
If the rest of the listeners would stay away from Walmart, pay a little bit more for the little guy.
Well, you end up paying about $10 more for, say, a $300 digital camera.
And listen, do you know what Walmart does?
They go to suppliers and make them pay below cost.
And you ask how they do that.
The suppliers use that to tool their factory or build out, and then they just pass it on to the little guys, and Walmart goes into a city and they say...
If you want us, we're either going to build in your city, and you're going to give us 10 years of tax exemption, or we're going to build on the county line.
The city does that.
But then the little shops, they have to pay taxes.
Walmart would be operating in a loss.
We've had experts on covering this.
Top antitrust lawyers, they're suing them.
They'd be operating in a loss if it wasn't for their predatory practices.
There's one individual that owns seven different bakeries.
Finally, the Pennsylvania PUC came in and said, you must give a couple of them up.
Here's an example.
Take Cruise Lines.
I was reading an article about this.
Cruise Lines.
Did you know Carnival, of the 14 big Cruise Lines, Carnival owns 11 of them?
I was reading reviews of Cruises.
Once I saw it, I thought it was interesting.
I don't like Carnival.
I'm going to go over to Princess.
It's like England.
They've got two different grocery store chains that have over half the market.
People don't know it's owned by the same people.
Right, right.
Again, it's the same thing with the Democrats and Republicans.
They're owned by the same people.
And when they get big like this, the products all go down in quality.
Let me tell you something.
Listen, ten years ago, I could buy a cordless phone that worked for like five years.
I bought like five cordless phones the last couple of years.
They break in like a month.
Everything breaks.
Pieces of garbage.
Yeah, made in China.
Thank you.
You bet.
And then even quality brand names like Sony have their garbage brand.
So you've got to, like, buy the expensive brand.
You'll have it 10 years.
Buy the crud.
You'll be buying more crud in a month.
I bought TVs that break in two months.
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All right, Rita and Paul and Ruben and Stacy, we're going to get your calls.
We've got a police officer coming on who's very proud of lying on the stand about people.
It's the new virtue.
It's the new freedom.
It's good.
We shouldn't worry about the government, who throughout history is the most dangerous, corrupt thing imaginable, openly being corrupt.
That's a good thing.
Having troops watching us is a good thing.
All the borders stay wide open.
So, that's coming up.
Before I go back to your calls, just briefly, I have made 12 films.
They're excellent.
Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Matrix of Evil, Police State 2000.
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Let's talk to Rita in Illinois.
Rita, go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
Good, Rita.
Thank you.
And you were talking earlier about Limbaugh and Hannity and those other people, you know, and that one will tell you the truth, you know, 80% of the truth and then 20% lies and vice versa.
And the one thing you mentioned Aristotle, too, and Plato.
And I was wondering, are you familiar with sophism?
No, it rings a bell, but no.
I know.
It just came across by accident the other day, not that long ago.
And softism, Aristotle wrote about it, and what it was was that he hated it.
It was logic.
The people who use logic for money.
And they twist the logic for money.
And I think the effectiveness of... Well, I think that would be, we've got to kill 80% of the planet because they're hurting the planet, and we'll also get to rule over them in the process.
You know, that's that sick excuse.
I would just call that rationalization.
Well, I think that, you know, their effectiveness, you know, Hannity and Franken, let's say,
Well, they're bad because they keep good conservatives in the dark.
They keep conservatives unaware of the un-American agenda of the Republicans.
We'll be right back.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, coming up, we're scheduled to have him on.
The author of No Lights, No Sirens...
Robert Siam, inside a, well, a corrupt...
The corrupt NYPD as a detective.
This is important to our entire society.
You know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Then we've got Professor David Ray Griffin with some updates on 9-11 and his take on the London bombings that he says he's suspicious of in the third hour and wide open phones throughout this show.
I'll also go back into some of the stuff we haven't covered yet with this new Supreme Court pick that is very, very bad.
Though not as bad...
It is true.
He is actually the lesser of two evils.
I mean, he's better than Gonzalez.
At least he's been anti-abortion.
Now he's kind of getting, you know, well, I'm not going to get into that.
He's been neutral on the court, but he's pro-police state and the secret camps and all that.
So that's coming up also.
Some new London bombing developments.
There's just so much here.
But right now, let's go to Stacey.
Stacey, where are you calling us from?
Hi Alex, I'm calling from Illinois.
Another lady from Illinois, welcome.
You're more popular today.
I was just wondering, I know that you guys have talked a lot in the past about FEMA using exercises as a cover for the day when these various terrorist attacks occur.
And I was just wondering if you've seen on the U.S.
Northern Command's website on June 29th, they posted a press release... A drill of a nuclear attack.
Right, that's going to take place at Charleston, South Carolina.
And I was just wondering if you had had any commentary on that or research into that.
Well, I mean, there's been thousands of drills, hundreds conducted by our new military dictatorship.
That's what it is, NORTHCOM, North American Command.
I'm not saying they're going to nuke us on that date, but all of this is... The government keeps saying we're going to be nuked, give up all your rights.
I'm saying if a nuke does go off, the military industrial complex is the number one suspect.
But they're telling us, no, it's going to be Al-Qaeda.
And the way they're hyping it is pretty scary.
But regardless of whether there's an attack or not, which I pray there isn't, by exposing who's behind these attacks, we may back them off.
But regardless, it still has the psychological trauma effect of scaring the public.
That's right, and actually the very first line of the press release, you know, it's all about trauma.
It says, here's the scenario.
A seafaring vessel transporting a 10 kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.
Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it.
So, you know, it is, it's all about traumatizing us.
Well, they've got systems that will see through hundreds of feet of solid rock
And anything highly radioactive stands out like a big red blob.
And so, you know, that is a patent fraud.
They have the ground penetrating radar that is so powerful, the declassified stuff can see several hundred feet.
And they've got radiation detectors that are even more powerful.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate it.
I mean, it's just the technology is so advanced.
And by the way, I don't want to hear that, you know, suitcase nukes sold by the Russians for $2 or whatever, you know, during the early 1990s are still good.
Suitcase nukes only have about a 10-year life.
And then they stop working, folks.
You know, nuclear weapons are very delicate.
Even though the nukes tend to be suitcase...
You know, in-theater weapons, these type of munitions, tend to be pretty simple compared to other devices.
It's a ball of plutonium that has a bullet of uranium fired into it.
Or is it a ball of uranium with a bullet of plutonium?
Don't forget that shit.
I get this stuff mixed up.
I mean, now we're hearing MS-13 Mexican gangs have smuggled nukes in.
I mean, that's on the nightly news.
Folks, I don't buy that for a second, okay?
I mean, that's ridiculous.
And that is Fairmongering.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with our scheduled guest.
No lights, no sirens.
This has been a critically acclaimed book, and I look forward to talking to the author.
Your calls as well.
And more on the new Supreme Court nomination.
A lot more.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
Well, the California legislature is preparing to lock up generals!
Senators and members of their house are threatening to arrest the military because they've got troops out photographing and surveilling the public at peaceful anti-war and environmental protests.
Now that ought to scare everybody.
And I've been talking about this for years because I've had family involved in it.
I also interviewed a lot of military people who got out of it.
It's been going on for 20 years, but it's getting bad, folks, and I wish they'd put the troops on the border where it's constitutional instead of I go out to cover some anti-war protest and there's troops up on top, sky rises, taking photos of us.
So that's posted on InfoWars.com right now, and another headline here, FBI keeping lengthy files on groups opposed to Bush's policies.
Clinton started this, and Republicans are pulling their hair out, but now it's okay because it's the liberals.
I'm against having the military involved in our daily lives, period.
So we'll get more into that a little bit later.
I know we have loaded phones, and we're going to get into my take and your take on this Supreme Court nominee, Roberts, who almost always votes with the government and did overrule other federal judges concerning secret arrests and these kangaroo tribunals.
So it does not look good.
It looks like a Gonzalez clone on that front, though he's not pro-abortion, so that makes him better.
Then Alberto, I Love Torture Gonzales, and also some new developments on the London bombing.
We've got Professor David Ray Grevin coming on in the next hour.
You know, there's no way to really even...
You know, describe all the news and, you know, information I've got on our guest here.
You know, praise for no lights, no sirens.
Finally, the genuine article, Rob C's powerful memoir offers a rare and fascinating glimpse into the dark world of undercover police work within the NYPD.
You know, I've had other New York detectives on who are pretty famous talking about, you know...
Forget framing people because they're bad.
I mean, hey, you know, take your cut of the drugs.
Take your cut of this loot.
But that's not what he really gets into in his book.
One that has never been seen before.
And here's another thing.
A Rob Sia's life story reads like a Greek tragedy.
A scary and intense roller coaster ride through Brooklyn's badlands is told by the undercover who lived it.
I could not put this book down.
It simply blew me away.
Again, the book is No Lights, No Sirens.
And, you know, I've got some quotes and some things, you know, that he said, and some interviews he's done on Fox.
He'll be on Fox tonight, he just told me during the break.
But, you know, they describe him as not being sorry for what he did, you know, not being sorry for putting these, quote, animals in prison, but sorry for what it did to him.
Well, yeah, when you dance for the devil, the devil doesn't change, you change.
And the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
So former New York City detective Robert Sia, thank you for joining us.
The Fox interview is on the Laurie Dew Show at 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time on Sunday night, not tonight.
Oh, Sunday night, excuse me.
Yeah, on the Fox channel.
Laurie Dew.
You like Laurie Dew, huh?
I think she's a very attractive woman.
I've seen her in person.
She's not as attractive.
I hope you're not listening, brother.
Oh, man.
And I never thought Ann Coulter was good looking.
I think she looks like a man.
But in person, she is frightening.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
She's worse?
Oh, my.
I saw all these people at the RNC.
Dude, what kind of audience do we got here, man?
Because I could drop names like crazy and tell you tons of stories about that, man.
Well, I'm not dropping names.
I mean, that was just kind of a joke about Laurie Dukes.
I know.
I'm kidding, man.
But seriously, I thought she was really good looking with the teleprompter, sitting there with her lips all done up.
But I saw her in person.
I mean, she's okay.
She kind of looks retarded, though, in person.
I hear you.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm going to shut up and get serious here.
In a nutshell, sir, tell us about your career and the things you did, the dirtiest of it, and then tell us why you got out of it and why you wrote this book.
Well, the reason I wrote the book was sort of to purge myself.
I don't believe in therapy, and I wrote the book basically to purge myself of the sins that I had committed.
And the sins that I had committed were not sins against civilians or the good people of the community.
The sins I committed were against society.
The bad guys, guys carrying pistols, guys wanted for homicides, guys wanted for multiple rapes.
Those were the sins that I committed.
And the sins aren't sins where I tortured them or did anything like that.
Sins I committed was bending the rules a little bit, massaging the truth a little bit, just to get them remanded and kept in prison.
Because the defense attorneys are going to do the same thing to me.
Well, please call this liifying.
No, test the lines.
That's the line.
I call it liifying.
Well, that's good.
I'll use that in my next life, man.
But the book is basically about a young guy and myself.
I got onto the job as I was 20 years old, pie in the sky.
And I have an innate ability, a great ability to see somebody that does not want to be seen.
In other words, somebody carrying a pistol, coke, whatever it is, heroin.
There's a body language that I can pick up on immediately.
If a cat is walking across the street with a girl, he's going to immediately, he makes me the cop, he's going to bring the girl to him.
That's a subconscious move.
That he's bringing her for security.
You go after that guy.
So, that's not reasonable suspicion enough.
My ability to see these things isn't reasonable suspicion enough to go out and chase these guys and catch them with a gun.
So, my first gun collar, I remember I chased the guy.
I saw him get tightened up.
Boom, I chased him.
Five block is a brutal chase, brutal capture.
I hit him in the head with the back of my gun, and I disarmed him with a .380 Lama.
I lock him up.
I bring him to court.
First thing the ADA asks me is, how did you make the collar?
I said, well, he looked at me.
I tell him.
I looked at him.
He got incredibly nervous.
I got out of the car and he ran.
I got him with a gun.
Chased him.
I disarmed him and arrested him.
He immediately scratches on the online booking report, which is the report, you know, basically your arrest report.
He scratches it.
343 is it, which means he's throwing it out of court.
And I said to him, I said, and don't forget, I'm 20 years old.
My first gun call, you know, it's like a big thing.
I said, why are you throwing it out?
He said, you don't have reason, suspicion to stop it.
You've got to develop reasonable suspicion to stop him.
So basically, they can walk by if I don't see the bulge in their pocket.
And so you learned to claim that he crossed the yellow line?
Listen, after the sixth or seventh time that happened, I always knew I was one word away from remanding this guy and putting him away.
And after the seventh time, I said, you know what?
The hell with this.
And boom.
I went to court.
I told it exactly the way it wasn't.
I saw it in plain view.
I chased the guy.
Locked him up.
He gets to court.
He pleads out two to four years.
Before we get into the other stuff, this is how you started down this path that you cover in No Lights, No Sirens.
We're talking to former NYPD detective Robert Sia.
Robert, before we get into all that...
You know, this is how they corrupt young people.
This is how this starts.
This is how this, you know, goes downhill until you've got the FBI running murder for hire, you know, in Boston, which is confirmed, you know, until you get Thule, Texas, where the 58 black people, none of them have drugs, and they all get 20 to 90 years in prison.
You know, this is the road that, you know, the founding fathers put the system in place so criminals would go free, you know,
So our liberties would survive.
I'm less worried about some thug with a gun than I'm worried about a corrupt centralized government not having restraints on it.
And I guess, I mean, do you have the view that I'm wrong, or what view do you have?
No, I have the view that you're wrong.
And listen, I believe... George Washington was wrong, okay.
Well, you know, Washington was wrong according to the streets.
You know, Washington is in their little bubble.
They don't realize... Well, take Texas.
We don't have the gun control, so our crime rate's half of what it is, roughly, in New York.
And we don't have cops chasing us down because we have guns here.
I have guns all around me.
What's a homicide rate in Texas?
It's much lower.
I can pull those up.
There's big reports.
Well, they do it by city by city, and the FBI says it's done state by state.
Well, I'll tell you what.
In New York City, the homicide rate is down.
It's about 450.
When I was on the job, it was 2,500 a year.
Well, I know that Chicago and New York and Detroit and places with guns, LA, with more guns, statistically, you have a much higher crime rate where there's gun control.
Oh, you believe in gun control?
Do I believe in gun control?
Of course.
I don't believe in guns.
I think that somebody has the right to bear arms in his house.
I think that they should have a premise permit, but I think there should be... I mean, listen, the people that have guns in the streets are bad guys.
People that are entering your house are bad guys.
So why don't... So the cops are bad guys?
They got guns in the streets.
That's a bad analogy, man.
The cops are protecting themselves and the public with the guns against the people who have guns.
But we don't have a right to protect ourselves?
Of course.
That's not what I'm saying.
You know, these criminals don't go into small Texas towns and... You're not hearing what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is I'm saying the public at large, I believe someone that does not have an arrest record is allowed to have a gun.
Because the bad guys in the street who have arrest records are getting guns illegally.
Those are the guys who shouldn't have guns.
I believe that everybody should... If you have not been convicted of a felony, if you're an upstanding citizen, why can't you have a premise permit to protect your house?
Well, you've got to jump through 100 hoops in New York to get that permit, though.
Yes and no.
I mean, it takes a while to get it, but you can get a premise permit.
What about that premise permit?
I mean, carrying a gun.
The only way that you're going to be able to carry a gun is if you have a large amount of money that you take.
You know, after they pass concealed carry in Texas and other areas, you get about a 25% crime rate reduction across the board.
Because criminals are afraid of... You've got to understand, Matt.
There are more robberies in New York City.
Do you know how many more homicides there would be if that occurred?
And I'm just spitballing with you here.
What would occur then is they see a guy carrying a load of cash.
They don't know he's got a gun on him.
They're going to jump him.
What's the guy with the gun going to do?
He's going to blast him and kill him.
I agree.
But you know what?
I agree.
If you get 7 million people in a city and half of those people are carrying guns and legit and get robbed, a quarter of the people that are going to rob them are going to get killed.
Listen, I agree with you.
I think any perp should be, you know, a tart and quartered.
But you're talking Texas.
No, I think if somebody runs up and tries to rob an off-duty cop and aims a gun at the cop, I think the off-duty cop should pull a gun and kill him.
Because they're not safe until they do.
And I think a citizen should do that, too.
I agree.
I totally agree.
We're on the same page.
Well, all right.
Trust me.
Well, I want to get into your book and, you know, some of the other things you did here.
I just kind of got sidetracked there.
But it's all important.
It's all an important discussion.
Robert, see you.
Stay with us.
We haven't even scratched the tip of the iceberg here.
When we get back, we will get into, what do you call it, lie or test a lie?
Test a lie.
Test a lie.
I have trouble with that one.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv.
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I'd sworn that it would never get to me, he writes, that I'd never turn into the monsters I was chasing.
I was wrong.
I'd become a monster.
He did during his relentless journey into the criminal netherworld.
Okay, so that's the description you've got on the inside jacket of your new book.
It's getting a lot of attention, Robert.
Robert, let's get into it.
So it starts out with just making up stuff on police reports that you had probable cause.
What did it turn into?
Well, you know, we were never, ever, we never got beaten in court.
And what it turned into, I mean, hundreds of cases we never got beat in court.
Now, when I say falsifying or, you know, how we did it, I would say, yeah, I saw the guy with the gun.
I never flaked anybody, which means I never took a gun out of my pocket and put it on him.
Didn't have to.
That, to me, is a real crime.
The guys I locked up, I locked them up fair and square.
Except I just had to massage the truth a little bit.
So what would occur is we were very good on the stand.
Judges liked us.
We were credible to the jurors, credible to the grand jury.
They were always true bills.
Which means that they always sent them to trial.
Once these guys go to trial, boom, they're going to plea out.
Yeah, but what would you do if it was just an old man who had a gun?
I mean, did you ever have cases where... Yeah, I did.
I grabbed a guy one time.
He was walking.
By 2.30 in the morning, he was walking into a project building.
It was late at night.
I didn't realize how old he was.
He wasn't that old.
He was like in his late 40s.
He owned a bodega.
He found a bag of cash.
I don't know if it was a mule.
Toss him, find a gun on him.
Right, right.
So, uh...
I'm not going to lock the guy up.
I'll let him go.
I mean, he's legit.
He's a guy just trying to protect himself and his family.
Well, see, that's good.
I mean, I think that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights says that it's a crime.
In any way you cut it, it's a crime.
The crime that I committed against the bad guy is a crime, and that's a crime, too, because I should have locked him up.
Those laws are criminal.
It's like the Supreme Court said that black people weren't human beings.
I say that law's a fraud, and I wouldn't have followed... Look, this is the crux right here, okay?
And I understand what you're saying and how this happens, but if I was a cop and I pull over some old guy who's not doing anything wrong, I'm not going to take him to jail for having that gun.
And as you're saying, this is now the journey to evil is not taking the old man to jail?
There's a gray area, Matt.
And there's nothing that's cut in black and white.
You have to make a field decision.
My field decision that day was to let him go.
Would I have locked him up any other time?
Probably not.
Was he a perp?
Moving drugs?
Having a pistol on him?
Or having the cash on him?
Moving cash?
He's going to jail.
Now, what about the stories we get from, you know, CERT become more famous, but I've had other famous New York detectives on over the years who, you know, as soon as they become a detective, they go, here's your gold jewelry we just took off the guy, you know, beating people up, drug dealing.
Well, they're perps, and if I had seen them, I'd lock them up.
So if cops approach you, want you to be part of something corrupt, you'd have gone after them?
Would have I went to Internal Affairs?
No matter what, they're going to go, it's not the type of guy that I was.
Okay, well then how do you stop corrupt police?
Let me finish.
If they are involved in any criminal activity, Internal Affairs is going to get them.
They don't need me to call them up and become a rat on them, turning my career upside down.
They're going to get caught anyway.
If they wanted me to be involved in something, I wouldn't do it.
That's not my gig.
My wife was a very wealthy woman.
I didn't need money.
I was never strapped for money.
And that's not what I went on the job for.
You say you've got this incredible snout for criminals, and if you've got that snout, I mean, you've got to know there's a lot of corrupt cops, especially in the higher echelons.
I mean, New York City, give me a break.
Back in the day, that was the truth.
When I was on the job, it was the truth.
There was a lot of guys that were committing organized corruption.
Now it's a lot different these days.
A lot different.
You know, the crime is down.
Drugs are down here.
People aren't running wild in the street.
It was a wild, wild West when I was on the job, man.
My book tells it all.
So, you know, and I've got to tell you, I wasn't that privy to that kind of corruption.
You know, guys stayed away from us because we were insane.
Cops stayed away from us because they knew who we were and they didn't want to get jammed up.
They could not... Our motto was, if you're going to lead, lead.
If you're going to follow, follow.
If you're not going to do either one of the two, step out of the way.
And that's what we did, man.
We led.
We were number one and number two in arrest in New York City.
But you've got to do that in a context of the bigger picture, Detective.
Tell you what, we're going to come right back.
We'll talk more about your books, No Lights, No Sirens.
And callers, if you want to get involved on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Calls for the guest and whatever other subject.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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You know, I'm going to be honest with our guest, former New York detective Robert Sia, with one of the biggest hot dog records out there, really slamming the criminals into the system and putting them behind bars.
And that all sounds great,
But back when this country was a stickler for detail, we had a much lower crime rate.
Obviously, we culturally hadn't degenerated to the level of demonic monkeys yet.
You know, the advent of TV and violence on television in the 1950s, the graph of violent crime just explodes from that point because, you know, we are creatures of what we see.
Social creatures.
But I don't want to get off into the sociology and psychology of that
But, you know, corrupt cops, you know what you got.
You know, like they are in Mexico.
But you've also got these go-getter police out there that they'll do whatever it takes to get the bad guys.
But then I have questions about, you know, who are the bad guys?
You know, I have... I say decriminalize drugs, because just like with Prohibition, it caused crime to explode.
It energized organized crime and corrupted the police.
I say, the war on drugs is better than ever.
We've got more drugs than ever and more people in prison than ever.
Of course, the people that are involved in illegal drugs are usually pretty bad people, but they'd be involved in some other racket.
They're bad because they're bad people.
And now we've given them a huge business...
To make a lot of money out of and an excuse for the police to be snooping around in our lives.
Bottom line, that's my view on this.
I think these go-getter, gung-ho, military, police, you name it, in many cases are more dangerous than just some schlub who's just out there trying to get his paycheck writing parking tickets.
That's where I stand, Robert Sia.
What do you say to that?
Legalizing drugs.
Let's go to that one.
Do you know how much of a Jones you get when you bang one syringe of heroin?
No, never used it.
You get a Jones so bad that if you don't get another hit within 24 hours, your body wretches.
Let me finish.
Now, where do you think this guy...
Let me finish.
He's going to break into my house.
That's right.
All legalizing drugs is you're changing one crime for another crime.
That's what you're doing.
That's exactly what you're doing.
You've got to do a cost-benefit analysis.
In all due respect, I think you're completely wrong.
So we have tripled the heroin, doubled the cocaine we did ten years ago, seven million people in the system, and it's corrupted our police.
How's it corrupting your police?
Oh, man, look at the statistics on corruption.
And you can say that's because of more prosecution.
It's out of control.
What's out of control?
Man, I can... Houston, Texas, the crime lab framed over 2,000 people.
Tulia, Texas, 58 black people, no criminal records framed.
Dallas, Texas, throwing bags of chalk in the backs of cars in an asset forfeiture seizure.
Police all over the country every week getting caught dealing drugs.
I mean, you've got to be kidding.
You know what?
That doesn't happen in New York.
Ha, ha, ha.
Oh, man.
Give me statistics in New York.
Well, if you want, I'll actually pull all those and have you back up sometime.
I'd love for you to do it.
I would.
I'd love for you to do it.
I know off the top of my head that New York has a higher crime rate than any Texas city.
The homicides here in New York City in 7 million people is 450.
Give me 7 million people.
Put 7 million people.
Give me all your states in Texas.
Will you have less than $450,000?
Well, I know the National Crime... You know, it's kind of like... I was going to tell you.
Listen, just answer the question.
Do you have more than 450 homicides in all of Texas?
Well, you're posing a falsely framed question, so I'm not going to... Why is it falsely framed?
Well, number one, claiming I'm not answering a question is a legal tactic to create the illusion that I'm not answering a question.
I won't answer it the way you want me to answer it.
Let's just talk about my book, man.
You know what?
No, hold on a second.
I won't answer the false question you ask.
I will answer the question.
Okay, the answer is New York is in the top ten cities, you know, period, not for population, period, per capita for the highest crime rate.
Certainly it may have gone down some because most of the people, you know, are dead who were on the crack epidemic of the 80s, but still we have a high crime level.
You're wrong.
It's not in the top ten.
You're wrong.
I just saw those statistics a few weeks ago.
I don't know where you saw them, but you're wrong.
I know it used to be the capital of crime.
Yeah, and when I was a cop.
Now Chicago has that crown.
Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C.
are the top three.
Yeah, I know.
New York City does not play within that top ten.
But it used to.
Of course.
But I'm still saying, I mean, just look, it's like if somebody's on Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world, and then New York is on the next peak, you know, and it's a thousand feet lower, I mean, you're still on top of mountains, brother.
Bro, the United States is a dangerous place.
Show me one place that doesn't have a high crime rate.
Give me one, other than Idaho.
Well, all these big cities try to bring in gun control, and the criminals gravitate towards that because it's a feeding ground of gullible immigrants and other castrated populations that don't have a history of defending themselves.
And your point is?
My point is that you need to make... Look, I want to go back to what I was just bringing up, though, before we got all off into guns again.
I mean, everybody knows more guns means less crime.
I mean, that's just the statistics.
And a bunch of different professors have done the math on that.
But what I'm trying to... More guns in the street?
For the perps?
Guns... criminals aren't going to follow the law, do I have to tell you that?
So all you do is make it a happy hunting ground for them against us.
But you're telling me that my tactics are illegal and I shouldn't be doing those tactics to get those guys with the guns.
That's your point.
And it's the wrong call.
Oh, I totally... I fear a government violating rights more than I fear a perp with a gun.
You do?
Yeah, because I live in Texas... So when you're in a dark alley... Now, let me make an analogy.
When you're in a dark alley one night, and you see this guy walking towards you with his hand in his pocket, and he's going to walk towards you, do you think your government is going to back you up, or a guy like me is going to come down there and disarm that... Well, I'll tell you what I did.
That happened.
I was in Dallas when I was about 16.
I had to drive into Dallas to buy a beer, because the beer joints would sell you beer, even if you were underage.
And somebody walked up and pulled a gun on me, and I took the gun out of his hand, and I knocked his teeth out and rammed his head up against the wall, and the police came and took him to jail.
What if there were three guys with guns?
Would you do the same thing?
The time the four guys came up with knives, I didn't do that.
Well, no.
I did something else.
But the point here is that I am more fearful of Adolf Hitler and gun control... Of what?
Adolf Hitler and gun control?
Why are you bringing Adolf Hitler into this discussion?
Because Hitler wants for gun control, and gun control is bad.
It's simple.
Listen, I don't have an argument with you about gun control.
I don't.
You're trying to bait me into saying that I am for gun control.
I don't.
I just know so many New Yorkers who never were... But I'm not.
I'm a Republican from New York.
You understand?
I'm a New York City detective.
I'm number five in decorations.
I am not for gun control.
What I'm trying to tell you is I know so many New Yorkers who are friends of mine who cower in fear because they were brought up hating guns.
They were brought up... They don't even know how to go get them.
Yeah, well, they're the same people that voted for Hillary Clinton, so... And they...
Well, actually, one of them's a Republican.
And she towers in fear behind her burglar bars, hoping no one comes and gets her.
Why doesn't she have a gun?
Why isn't there a New York program?
She probably could have a gun.
She could go to the New York precinct and get a premise permit.
Everybody can.
You're allowed to get guns in New York.
So the Second Amendment is about a privilege, a permission slip?
I'm sorry?
It's not a permission slip.
You apply for a gun permit.
Just like I apply now to stand on the street corner and stand on a soapbox.
I didn't used to have to do that.
You can apply in New York State for a gun permit.
If you have no felony record, you will get a gun permit, a premise permit to guard your house.
The Sixth Amendment.
A lot of people... I read articles where they get refused them all the time.
They have records.
You can't have a criminal record.
And they're probably applying for a carry permit.
That they won't do.
Unless you carry money or you have people after you... Florida passed a concealed carry.
Anybody can get a premise permit in New York State if they do not have a felony.
And their general violent crime rate went down by 25% in two years.
I'm sorry?
Florida passed a concealed carry, and their crime rate went down by 25%.
That's great.
Texas did the same thing, and we got even bigger numbers.
Listen, if they're a lower body, you know, you cannot...
Again, if it worked in Texas, great.
That will not work in New York.
Who was the famous... I've interviewed him before.
Who's the famous guy who blew the guys away on the subway?
What the hell was his name?
So you're against him defending himself?
Yeah, what the hell was his name?
It isn't.
Yeah, it happened in 1984.
Shot the four guys.
Makes my family safer.
No lights, no sirens, the corruption and redemption of an inner city cop.
Just quickly, because I want to take some calls, what are some other things you did in this journey, which you're not sad for putting them in jail, but you're saying it hurt you.
I mean, if you had it over to do again, Detective Sia, would you do it again?
So you're not really sorry?
I'm sorry for what occurred to me and my family.
I'm sorry that my wife, who was three months pregnant with my baby, I was looking at 30 years in jail because I was accused of killing my confidential informant, which I did not do.
I became catatonic and my poor wife, who did not get more than five words out of me in six months, aborted my baby because she felt the only reason I was with her was for the baby.
I was in love with her, but I was just catatonic behind going to jail for 30 years.
Which wasn't true.
You know, sir, you can... Look, I feel good about myself.
I don't have problems with sleeping at night.
I mean, I have energy.
I don't have that hole in my heart.
And I've talked to so many people like you who make excuses for this type of stuff, and I'm telling you, you're not looking at the system itself having problems.
I mean, would you enforce any law that was out there?
When it was the law that blacks were slaves, would you have enforced that?
For blacks to be slaves?
Yeah, that was the law.
What, have I enforced it?
Well, okay, then I'm telling you that gun control is just as unconstitutional as saying that, you know, Big John has to stay in the barn.
Okay, I agree with you.
Alright, well then we don't... Look, and then I kind of feel confused here at one point.
I mean, I would let the old man go who had the gun.
And I did.
You did the same thing, and that would be breaking the law.
But I say, leaning on the... Actually, you judge the facts as well as the case as a juror.
Juries really have the power to say, well, you know what, this guy did break the law, but we're letting him go because, you know, in this case he... So, you know, I don't think that so much is bad.
What I do think doing is the lying on the stand to get somebody's dangerous because then cops get so used to it
I've seen police lie on stand, because I've gone and covered these things, just because they think the person's bad.
And they don't have any evidence of what they're saying.
And they're doing it to enforce some law that I think is unconstitutional.
How do you know they lie on stand?
Oh, that's a whole other long story.
You're good at throwing little bits out there, but you cannot back it up with truth.
Oh, I can back it up.
We just don't have all day.
Okay, you want to hear an example?
No, I don't.
I want to talk about my book.
I want to talk about my book.
Okay, I know.
You want to sell that book, don't you?
You don't know what I do.
All right, well, let's take some calls here.
I know a lot of these callers are for you.
Some aren't.
We'll go to Ruben, Robert, Tim, Tom, and others.
Right now, Will in Missouri.
Will, you're on the air with an interesting character.
Yes, well, thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I have a question for the guest specifically in regards to a thought that has come through my mind all through the years, and perhaps Robert would answer it.
There's a certain babysitter mentality, and that's the key word that I use in my mind, that gets people on the job
To be an officer, or to feel like they have something, some particular duty or some desire to... It's Billy Bad Butt disease.
Well, I call it the babysitter mentality, so maybe Robert would address that, and I appreciate that.
Well, last night I was talking to a cop.
I walked into a restaurant to eat something after my TV show, and this...
Alex, the problem is, we treat the public like the bad 5%, and after you deal with the bad 5%, you either become the bad 5%, or you treat everybody like the bad 5%.
And, you know, that's it.
I'm tired of being treated like the bad 5%.
Man, all I do is speed, and I don't even really do that anymore.
So I want to be left alone, okay?
And statistically, cops are more dirty than the general public, so if they don't have any business, you know...
Is that your phone there, Will, beeping?
No, it's mine.
My battery's low.
Uh-oh, uh-oh.
Comment on that, Detective.
Just explain the question to me one more time because I'm a little confused because you jumped in.
Well, it's very simple.
It's just simply the babysitter mentality.
Do you think that we're servants of the government and the government is the authorities, the officials?
I think that... I think that...
It is a babysitter mentality.
I think that my mentality, my objective was to clean up the area where I worked.
And by doing that, I babysat the good people that lived in the area.
Well, how about raising strong people like we used to be?
Because when we went to war, people started... That would be wonderful.
Then you wouldn't need cops.
I agree.
Well, you wouldn't need as many.
You always need some.
You need to have a large sheriff's department.
Police departments didn't exist until New York invented them.
Did you know that, Detective?
Yes, I did.
Didn't exist until, what, like the 1870s or something?
Well, no.
There were police, there were constables in New York since 1640.
Well, yeah, I said police departments.
You had sheriff's departments, and then the first police department, they actually hired one of the gangs to run it.
Oh, very nice.
Do you know why police wear a blue uniform, Detective Sia?
That is designed off of the Praetorian Guard's blue.
Tell me.
Rex, admit it.
You did know that?
No, I didn't know that, but they don't wear... Fort Worth does not wear a blue uniform.
Florida does not wear a blue uniform.
I know, we should go back to that.
These black outfits with the combat boots are scary.
You know that's for intimidation.
I have police handbooks that say it.
Say it again?
You know, the black ski mask and all that.
You've got to admit that's for intimidation.
Who's wearing black ski masks?
You know, the Special Forces Police.
Special Weapons Attack Teams.
And God bless them.
Oh, you don't deny Special Weapon Attack Team is the real name.
They just gave Special Weapons and Tactics to fool the public.
Are you aware of that?
The SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, yes.
No, Daryl Gates who invented it says it's Special Weapons and Tactics.
Let's talk to Ruben in Ohio.
Ruben, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, Ruben, quickly.
Ruben, go ahead!
Yeah, I'm going.
This guy just doesn't understand what America's about.
There was a movie called Star Chamber where the people would take the law into their own hands and it never works out.
This is the wrong way to go about the criminal justice system.
And the fact that you're catatonic for so many years should tell you, you know?
And now you want to capitalize by writing a book?
Can I answer that?
Go ahead, please.
First of all, I wasn't catatonic for years.
I was catatonic when I was looking at 30 years in jail.
That's when I was catatonic.
Today I live my life peacefully and I do sleep very well at night.
But what was your second part of that question or your statement?
He says you're profiting off of your activities.
Well, why not?
I went through hell.
Why can't I write about it?
Why was it okay for President Clinton to write about his life, but it's not okay for me to write about my life?
No, I think it's okay for you to write about it.
I think it's okay for Rubin to point it out.
There you go.
Well, look, here's the point.
How many cops are corrupt?
Okay, so just because you bang a few heads and lie on the stand doesn't give you a right to make a nickel off of that.
But I'm not apologizing.
You're right.
Listen, I don't apologize for myself for what I did in the book.
What I'm saying in the book is exactly what happened.
How many other cops are like you out there?
How many?
We'll be right back.
I have no idea.
Everybody stay there.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
Now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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That's Detective Sia, retired New York detective.
Written this new book, No Lights, No Sirens.
He really ought to talk to Jack McClan, most highly decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona history.
Cop of the year twice.
Who found out about all the government corruption and drug dealing and the rest of it and went public.
And, you know, he even talked to the police academy, you name it.
And they teach him, you're the babysitter, the people are basically a bunch of idiots.
And he learned what a fraud that was.
Talking to Mr. Cedar in the break, he's going, look, I just twisted the law to get bad guys.
Well, where does that end?
And he said, well, the laws are written for the criminals.
The founding fathers knew what they were doing, because they knew the greater threat of government tyranny and government crime is much greater than the average scumbag.
And, of course, back then everybody was armed, and people didn't put up with scumbags for very long.
I mean, they would hang on high.
So, you know, it's a societal de-evolution.
I want to try to jam a call or two in here at the end, but folks, you can find the book, obviously, at most of your bookstores, and we've got a link to it on infowars.com.
It might be an interesting read for you.
Let's talk to Tom in Pennsylvania.
Last caller we have time for with our guest, Robert Sia.
Go ahead, Tom.
Hey, Robert.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, man.
Go ahead.
I'm retired from the job.
I started out... Yes, you just said, hey, man, and then you're not talking.
Hey, can you hear me?
No, that was me.
Okay, all right.
I said, hey, man.
Tom, are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
Okay, let Tom go.
Go ahead, caller.
Hello, Robert.
I'm retired.
Let that caller go.
He's not there.
He's there.
I'm listening to him.
Go ahead.
They got the phone all jacked with.
Can you hear me?
I'm here.
I'm from the 79th Precinct.
I totally apologize, sir.
They didn't have my audio turned up.
I worked in the 79th Narcotics.
We're talking.
Okay, I was there.
What's up, guys?
I was there when it was on Gates and Troop back in 68.
I finished up in the 122 Precinct.
In between, I was everywhere, you name it, including narcotics.
Hey, did they have a screen door in the 122 precinct?
Is that true?
Yes, it's true.
That was Country City.
Hey, by the way, I'm going to buy you a book.
Thanks, thanks.
But I have to tell you that there's a couple of things I just want to bring out to the folks.
First off, it was Bernie Getz who killed those people.
That's right, Bernie Getz.
Great, he's a hero.
Number two, the stats as far as criminal statistics.
You and I both know, Bob, that those things are fudged.
Of course they are.
I mean, there is no way we know the amount of crime in any given place during any given year.
I mean, I was in the 79th, and we used to get waved down by people.
We used to wave back and say hello like they were being kind to us because we couldn't stop.
Well, what about the captains?
What the captains were doing?
They were changing robberies to burglaries.
Of course.
The whole thing was fudged.
But Mr. Jones doesn't get that.
No, Alex does.
That's what I'm trying to say.
He does get it.
Alex gets it.
What I'm trying to tell you is that it's going to take a little time for you to see what we're trying to bring to people.
Alex gets the whole picture.
It's a larger picture.
When I was on the job, and I was like you, I was a Republican, once you get rid of a certain mindset, you'll understand what Alex is bringing to the people, and it's extremely important.
Number two about gun permits, you and I both know the average Joe can't get one.
You either have to know somebody, be the rabbi.
Let's face it, the average person can't get a carry permit in the city.
No, but they can get a permit.
But they deserve a carry permit.
I agree.
Okay, good.
I agree.
But do you also agree that in a city like New York, it would be bedlam if everybody had permits?
If decent people had them, I'd be thrilled.
I'll tell you the truth, they saved my butt many a time, a guy with a carry permit.
I mean, they were my best friends on a number of occasions.
So what I say is that the city of New York is restricting the people's rights in terms of carry permits.
It is just because you carry a lot of money, that doesn't get you a gun, and the decent people deserve to have one just like we do.
And the last thing I wanted to say is that you and I both know if during our careers we were followed by anybody, the things we did, we'd all be in jail.
How many times have we said that, retired guy?
Well, listen, that's a big part of my book.
They said the FBI had placed a plant on me, and they had him dealing drugs with my informant.
And that's a big part of this book.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Do five more minutes with us.
Robert, see you on the other side so you can finish up your points.
And then we've got Professor David Ray Griffin coming up.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Introduce... Big Brother Mainstream Media
I don't listen to what politicians say.
I look at what they do.
And both parties are identical and owned by the same global crime syndicates.
They're turning America into a police state.
They're dismantling the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I'm not anti-government.
I'm anti the corporate criminals that have taken control of our government and are basically remaking it into their image.
You know, they say patriotism is worshipping the government blindly.
All the founding fathers told us, all the Greek philosophers told us, all common sense told us is don't give up your liberty, you'll get tyranny, you won't get security.
And, you know, if you ask for people to take care of you, they will turn into mafia.
They will abuse you.
Maybe not the first generation or the fourth generation, but over time they will become corrupt.
Tom in Pennsylvania, retired NYPD police officer, talking to Robert Sia, retired detective, about his book No Lights, No Sirens.
You guys finish up your discussion.
Anything you wanted to say, Robert Sia?
I was saying it, and I got cut off.
I forgot what I was saying.
Well, Rob it.
I also agree with you and you're talking about your testimony in front of the grand jury and such and you're coming clean and you're trying to explain to everybody the way it actually is on the street.
Rob it.
And I think that hasn't been totally...
That's right.
Representative, but I get it.
But here's the problem.
Let me just say something.
You've got to understand.
I did not work in a pretty middle class area.
I worked in the ghetto where everyone carried guns.
All I wanted to do and all I had to do was lock up these guys who were carrying pistols.
Now, if the law is built for these guys carrying guns, then the people, the good people like us, the three of us right now, are unsafe.
I took the streets back for the people, for the kids who never had summer vacations because they weren't allowed out of there.
I understand.
They were shooting every week.
Under the fraudulent system, you did something that at a certain level helped, but that's what I'm saying.
The system itself is wrong.
And I agree.
The system is broke.
It's broke.
Totally right.
I agree.
The system is broken.
That is what the book is about.
How I took it back, I made over 500 felony arrests.
I incarcerated guys over 100,000 years.
You know why?
Because I twisted it.
I had to do it to make it work.
Of course.
Hey, look, I know exactly what you're saying.
We all did.
We all did, and that's exactly what your book is about.
But what I'm telling you is I see people having their land taken or people being framed by corrupt groups of internal police that work for these corporations, and then I watch them lie on the stand.
See, it starts out, you know, well, we're going to twist it so this rapist goes down.
I mean, if I was a cop, I might do that.
You know, if I knew he did it.
But then we get innocent people.
DNA is now showing that on death row that you cannot start doing evil things in the name of good.
It will only turn into evil down the line.
I mean, the Bible says that.
Common sense says that.
Aren't you guys aware of that rule?
First of all, you know, when I... I never...
In a case where there are 40 homicide detectives working a homicide, there's no way in America that you could falsify a case like that.
It's not going to happen in New York City.
It will not occur in New York City.
I promise you that.
It may happen in some town in the middle of the country.
In New York, it doesn't happen.
It can't.
It cannot happen.
What I did was a one-on-one singular case, case by case.
You know, I don't buy that to say in New York nobody's ever been falsely imprisoned for murder.
I mean, comments on that, Tom?
Well, no, for sure they have.
There's no question about it.
I mean, it's the slippery slope argument.
Once you begin, myself and you, Robert, stopped at some point because we were after bad guys.
But there's no question.
That there are some psychopaths on the job.
Smart criminals, and then they go right to chief.
Well, I don't know where they go to, but I'll tell you what happens.
They do BS, and they do get people who are legitimate locked up for long periods of time.
But whatever.
Look, I've had corrupt cops tell me, you know, back when I was in high school and I was shooting my mouth off about the sheriff dealing drugs, which he went to prison for in Rockwall, Texas, and I had the sheriff deputy say, look, we're going to frame you, punk.
And I was a good kid.
Gentlemen, I want to thank you both for coming on.
Thank you.
I want to thank you both.
Robert, see you, and Tom calling in.
God bless you guys.
Okay, guys.
Take care.
I'll be back.
Stay with us.
A bunch of news, your calls.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, I have this former New York City detective on who doesn't apologize for lying on the stand above people.
And you heard all his excuses.
I don't think he's really an evil person.
He's ignorant.
He's also more dangerous than just outright criminal cops because the globalists count on all these well-meaning people that'll twist and massage and warp things, and it is used against good people.
And evil people above these well-meaning cops that are gung-ho are manipulating them.
And he tried to argue with me about gun control areas having higher crime rates.
I mean, please, I've had all the top professors on that have crunched the numbers.
I've got the numbers.
All the big international crime statistics all over the world.
I mean, they took the guns in England and the crime rate quadrupled.
I mean, it's just...
They make you have automatic weapons in Switzerland.
They have the lowest crime rate in the world.
You've got to have them by law.
They come and do inspections to make sure you've got them hidden so the government can't steal them.
They teach you if the government ever tries to take your guns, fight back.
We do inspections to make sure the machine guns are properly hidden.
And the hand grenades.
So, I mean, I just don't want to hear it anymore, folks.
Civilized, genteel societies have gun cases in every living room.
In slave squalor, the people don't, a few thugs do.
And it's like it's a New York cop convention.
We've got a bunch of New York police calling in, people saying they are.
But Ron of New York's a classic.
We'll get to him first, and then to Tim and Paul and others.
Coming up in about 15 minutes, we've got...
David Ray Griffin coming on.
I've got a few news items I want to hit before then.
But for stations that don't carry that first five-minute segment, I told the story of why I woke up to corrupt police.
I mean, I was a guy who liked to get in fistfights with the tough guys, and I was somebody who liked to go get drunk and jump pickup trucks over hills and stuff.
But I wasn't a bad kid.
I was pretty good.
I was pretty rough and tumble.
But I didn't like corruption.
And I knew the police had done bad things.
I knew that they tried to put people in jail that hadn't done things they said they did.
And I knew that the local sheriff's department was dealing narcotics.
And so I shot my mouth off about it.
It all started when we're at a bonfire out there, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and the police come out and try to break it up on private property when I'm like 16.
And I go, hey, why don't you go back and deal your drugs?
Yeah, I know about you making deliveries.
The cops got me in the car and they said, look, we'll kill you.
I said, well, go ahead then.
I guarantee you'll get caught for that.
Go ahead and hang me in my jail cell.
I mean, I was crazy, folks.
I mean, I'm nuts.
I still am a little bit.
And I said, I'm going to expose it.
And I shot my mouth off.
And then I had police one time take me down to the office.
They said, look, we know you stole all this stereo equipment.
We know you're behind it.
And I was like, what?
I even told the cop, I said, the only thing I've ever stolen was some candy out of a store when I was about three and a half years old.
My mom made me take it back, you know, caught me in the car, and then one time I took some beer out of somebody's golf cart that was in their garage.
Now, the garage door was open.
There's a case of beer.
We did take it.
And that was bad.
But I said, I don't steal.
What are you talking about?
And he goes, well, he goes, Alex, we know that.
But if you don't shut your mouth, we're going to put you in jail, and people with AIDS are going to rape you.
And then my dad had a friend who was a lawyer locally, and the lawyer told my dad about it.
That was one of the main reasons we moved to Austin, Texas.
My dad never told me that until years later.
He was just, well, I'm selling my dental offices.
He had a couple dental offices.
And I'm moving to Austin, which he also had a good business opportunity down here to buy a chain of dental offices, a little chain of dental offices.
So it turned out to be good.
But my family really finally moved to Austin just because the local lawyer told my dad, yeah, they may be planning to kill your son.
Because, I mean, I knew they were a bunch of criminals.
And the sheriff did, Jack McCorder did go to prison for flying in cocaine.
So that's on record.
So I don't want to hear this stuff, folks.
I don't want to hear it anymore.
Government's corrupt.
It always gets corrupt.
More often than not, statistically, police are more corrupt than any other group.
I'm talking about high-level police, not the average idiot on the street who's just like the general public.
And until we understand this, we're just going to keep getting taken to the cleaners.
It's that simple.
And then in closing, before I go to some calls and cover some news, you notice I didn't plug my videos last hour.
And that's the sole source of support of my broadcast and my staff.
I've got Ryan Slickheisen, who's a webmaster.
I've got Steve Watson, Paul Watson, and my wife.
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That's coming up.
I want a storefront property to have retail and be able to have folks into my office.
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I'm killing myself doing all the work.
So I'll throw it out there that people all the time say, I want to support you, I want to donate, I want to blah, blah, blah.
How do you support this broadcast?
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Come on.
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Or write to us at 3001-3001, South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
Now, you know we're in the fight, man.
Just front line, tip of the spear.
Are you going to give us the fuel we need to run over the enemy?
Fuel my tank!
Fuel my tank!
All right?
Let's go ahead and...
And again, that's a double entendre.
I am a tank running over the enemy, and I eat my tank on the tank field.
Let's go ahead and go to Ron in New York, one of our favorite callers.
He's been calling in too much lately, but that's okay.
We'll let him on today.
Go ahead, Ron.
You're a retired New York cop, and this is the same Ron, right?
Yes, it is.
So it's kind of like a convention of New York cops.
You heard two of them earlier.
What's on your mind?
Well, Alex, I only heard bifurcated parts of the conversation with the fellow that wrote the book.
Now, he said that in all of New York State there were 400 and some odd murders.
Was that correct?
Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, I believe he referred to the state because he was comparing the state of Texas to the state of New York.
His statistics are a little bit off there.
There are approximately 500 or so murders in the city of New York alone.
The state statistics, of course, and naturally, are much larger than 400.
I don't know where he came up with that statistic, but that's not accurate.
Now, if I understood correctly, too, the interview, and by the way, I don't want to digress, but the reason I've been calling in is because things have been happening at a faster and more furious pace, as you well know, than they ever have before.
We've had more things occur in probably one week than we've had in the last three or four weeks.
CAFTA, Patriot Act, Supreme Court stuff.
All these rulings, yes.
Okay, so that's why I'm calling in to address them.
But anyway, let's get back to the original point.
Now, if I understood correctly, he was convicted of perjury.
Is that correct?
Or giving false testimony?
No, he was just admitting it.
He was admitting that he had committed perjury or gave false testimony.
And in the end, he said it was a good thing.
Well, I don't know how long or how far he is out of the department, but there's certain rules, there's certain laws there.
Listen, first off, the chief law is this.
The U.S.
Civil Rights Act.
He's admitting to giving perjured testimony to wrongfully convict people.
That is a silly thing to do and that's why I really wonder...
I mean, if this isn't bravado, because he spoke more like a script out of a Hollywood cop show than he did out of anybody.
No, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I wanted to get Professor David Ray Griffin on today.
To talk a little bit about some of the new 9-11 stuff that's coming out.
More and more former airline pilots coming out and saying what happened on 9-11 is impossible.
More and more janitors and police and rescue workers saying bombs were going off.
But I also wanted to just get his take on the London bombing.
Just the smell test, which I talked to him off air a few days ago.
He said it doesn't really pass that, but he doesn't know exactly what happened, but it doesn't look good.
We do have some new developments on that.
I wanted to raise those to him a little bit later.
Obviously, we have loaded phones, too, and only about 40 minutes or less to talk to him.
And I've got several other news items I'm going to throw out there, but I'll tell you, he's a great guy.
David Ray Griffin is professor of philosophy of religion at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University.
One of the co-directors of the Center for Process Studies.
He is the author of God, Power, and Evil, a Process...
And he again has just written a whole bunch of critically acclaimed books on many subjects, and he's written The New Pearl Harbor and several other books on 9-11.
Professor, good to have you back on with us.
Hi, Alex.
It's good to be back with you.
You bet.
I tell you, so much has happened since we had you on a few months ago.
Your comments on what's going on with the 9-11 truth movement?
Well, it's quite interesting.
This weekend...
For the first time there will be a convergence of 9-11 people with a lot of other anti-war people and that's quite a significant development because for a long time there was a rather standoffish attitude.
But I think this series of Downing Street memos opened a lot of people's eyes and people who
Maybe thought 9-11 people were sort of weird conspiracy people because, you know, the press doesn't cover their stuff, so, you know, it must not be worth covering.
And now they see you can get a smoking memo that says the Bush administration was going to fix the facts and the intelligence around the policy of going to war in Iraq, and the mainstream media won't print even that.
I think that opened up a lot of people to see... Well, this is key.
Left-control gatekeepers funded by the Ford Foundation and others, Amy Goodman, they won't touch this with a thousand-foot pole, but I have seen now the controlled left coming out of their control, and if you turn on these tens of millions of liberal activists, it is over for the globalists.
Well, one can hope.
So one can hope for both of those things.
That is, one can hope that there is a sign that there is going to be openness to 9-11 truth in the activist liberal part of the country, and that if that happens, that would make a significant difference.
It certainly couldn't hurt.
It would certainly help.
Well, what we're seeing is the main screaming of...
People not believing this ridiculous official story.
I mean, certainly you're seeing that.
Yeah, it's, you know, more people, you know, my books and other 9-11 books are still selling rather remarkably well, you know, as indicated by the ranking on Amazon.com and other indicators.
And this means that thousands of people every week, thousands of new people, are learning about this, and most of the reviews that I get and other similar books I get on Amazon are positive.
Well, I'll say this, and frankly, the number of videos I sell or books you sell may be substantive, but in the aggregate, it is nothing compared to just what people are learning on the Internet.
Well, that's true.
I mean, it's all part of the mix, but that's indicative.
That's a good scientific indicator.
Yeah, it's not scientific, but it's certainly an indicator.
I think it's scientific to be able to look at things being in a really best-selling, exposing this view.
I think that's a scientific reading of sales of something.
Oh, sure, but I mean, you haven't done some sort of impartial poll where, I mean, this is a self-selected audience by definition, but the very fact that so many people are doing this self-selecting is the significant thing.
And the point I'm going to make, or one of the points I'm going to make while I'm in Washington, is that there's a sense in which 9-11 is not the worst thing that's happened.
I mean, when you think of it,
We're talking about a little over, you know, 3,000 people who were killed and a few buildings were brought down.
But compare that with, you know, the number of people who've already been killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
If we keep going in Iraq, it's soon going to be 3,000 Americans.
But 9-11 is important because it's the linchpin, the launchpad.
That's absolutely right, and that's the point I'm going to make, that whereas the public might put up with the idea that the president went to war on the basis of fixed intelligence, they would not put up with 9-11.
That's right.
We'll expose the terrorists and we'll get back.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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To history, politics, conspiracy, and everything you need to know about the New World Order.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Professor David Ray Griffin.
We've had Tim and Paul and Ken holding for a long time.
Those are the three calls I'll have time to take in about ten minutes or so.
But we're so honored to have Professor Griffin on with us.
We've got to get him back on in the future for several hours.
Professor Griffin, finish up what you were just saying about this big 9-11 truth convergence, which I wish I could go to, but I'm mainly having you on to promote it.
Tell us about that.
I'm told Cynthia McKinney is going to be involved, too.
There are kind of two parallel tracks.
On Friday, there will be her hearing, which will go all day long, and several people will be there.
Paul Thompson and Nafiz Ahmed will be testifying about omissions and distortions in the 9-11 Commission Report.
And that's going to be on C-SPAN.
I don't know on that.
There's been talk that it would be.
How can they not put a congresswoman having a meeting there and covering lies?
It's huge.
Yeah, you know, C-SPAN is our best hope in terms of television.
And what time is that?
The meeting runs all day, really, from 9 o'clock, of course, Eastern Time, till 4, I believe.
The morning will deal with the questions and the truth of the report, and the afternoon will deal with the policy questions.
And where is that going to be held?
You know, I don't have that exact location.
I mean, is it in a house office building?
Yes, it's an official meeting.
Well, that's going to... So, do you have this... I mean, is this part of a hearing, an investigation she's calling through Congress?
I mean, obviously, if she's using one of their facilities, it is.
Well, you know, I'm not positive if it's technically one of the facilities.
So, I can't...
Well, regardless, it sounds very newsworthy.
Yeah, and she has one other congressional co-sponsor, so she's not out there all by herself.
Well, if she's got co-sponsors, then it is official.
Yeah, well, I say she has one.
And so that was very good news, to hear that one person was willing to sign on.
So I say that'll be going on, and then a parallel track will be that afternoon, there will be a
We're going to have a meeting at the National Press Club for alternative journalists.
They're hoping several hundred of them show up from around the country.
I will be speaking at that event.
I will have about 20 minutes.
Jersey Girls will be speaking.
Last I heard, it was to be Lori Van Alken and Mindy Kleinberg.
Okay, what are the things you're going to be covering again?
Well, my talk is going to be called 9-11 and the mainstream press.
And I'm simply going to point out that, you know, in a criminal case, the prosecution gets up and presents an initial case,
Which is supposed to establish a prima facie argument that there is reason to go forward, prima facie argument for guilt.
Then the defense attorney steps up and says, I move for dismissal on the grounds that no good argument has been made.
And then the judge steps in and says, au contraire, a prima facie case has been made, or at least the judge can say that.
And if the judge does say that, then the defense must rebut all the charges.
Now, the parallel is, you and I and many other people have established what we believe is to be a prima facie case.
The mainstream media should have played the role of the judge and said, yes, indeed, here it is.
Okay, Bush administration, defend yourselves.
Well, they've never even allowed... I mean, certainly we've shown the evidence.
They've just acted like it doesn't exist.
They've gone along with the official story since day one, and that's how the globalists, the neocon crowd, has been able to operate with impunity.
Well, that's right.
So the mainstream press, rather than playing the role of the impartial judge or jury, which is what one would expect from a so-called free press,
They've taken the role of the mouthpiece for the administration, and so the administration just got up and said, in essence, we move to dismiss.
You know, Bush says, beware of outrageous conspiracy theories, talking probably primarily to the press there.
And so, nevertheless, a kind of impartial judgment has been made by public opinion that
You've cited the Zogby polls and the polls in Germany and the polls in Canada and so on.
So we've got civil society has said, yes, indeed, a prima facie case has been made.
And so really what's happened here is they've tried to sell their fraud, and in the process, the already battle-scarred mainstream media has lost even more of its credibility to a level now where newspaper circulation is down by 66% in the last 10 years.
We have the TV viewership for cable and broadcast TV down around 45%.
I mean, we're seeing an exodus that the government's lost all credibility, the media is losing all credibility, and the alternative media itself is being energized in that process.
Now what do we do?
Have some type of public trial?
Yeah, and the argument I'm going to make is that the 9-11 Commission report was in fact the government's attempt to offer a rebuttal.
You know, with Zelikow in charge, the White House really had their man on the commission in charge of the commission.
So that proves that that was a kangaroo court where they put all their people in charge, appointed by the president, then you ask the public again, okay?
This was their, quote, response to write up a whitewash, and from the get-go they said, we're not finding government guilt.
I mean, they said that from the start, so they're convicted right there of a staged hearing from their own words.
And so that's what I'm going to try to convince the alternative press people there is that, in fact, we have actually moved to that final stage because the...
That's right.
The government had its chance to rebut all the arguments, but it didn't do it.
It omitted all of them except a few and those it distorted.
Which is a prima facie case for guilt.
That's right.
And so I would say, as my lawyer friends tell me, if the defense does not rebut all or at least most of the charges...
Well, it's like Larry Silverstein.
We call his office.
We write to him.
Hundreds of media outlets have called him.
And he will not respond to Building 7 saying he pulled it.
Now, through some intermediary in the New York Post, of all places, oh, well, we were interviewing about why the towers fell and conspiracy theories, and he said, well, that isn't really what I meant, but then he didn't say what that meant, and then the newspaper decided not to print that, so that shows you're not even Silverstein absconding and covering up, and we also have the media doing it.
Well, yeah, and I think you've had William Rodriguez on?
Yeah, and so he's told his story about how NBC News came out to his home and spent a whole day interviewing him.
About the explosions and then didn't put a second of it on the air.
And then we have all these firefighters saying there were explosions.
That's right.
And then we have just the, again, the prima facie evidence of the commission saying there are no central steel columns when the World Trade Center is north of the South Tower and some of the biggest in the world.
Yeah, so I had to be very selective in my talk, but that's one of them I picked out because...
It's significant there that James Glantz of the New York Times had written that book, co-authored the book on the rise and the fall of the World Trade Center in 2003.
And he spent a lot of the book talking about this unique, at the time, structure by being built around these 47 steel columns.
And yet, when the 9-11 Commission report came out and denied the existence of those columns, you didn't see the New York Times protesting.
And again, that's like saying the Washington Monument doesn't exist.
Yeah, and actually, these things were actually bigger.
I mean, there was a lot more total mass there in those 47 columns.
...steel columns than even the Washington Monument, so it's even a more, you could say, monumental lie.
It's like saying the Atlantic Ocean doesn't exist.
No, because, I mean, since you talked about that on C-SPAN, and since that was pointed out in the commission report, and others have pointed it out, I've gotten lots of emails from architecture students.
They're like, we study the WTCs in school.
They talk about the columns.
Yeah, can you get some of those people to go on record and say that?
We have the plans for the building.
We have video.
We have the film footage of them building the building.
I have that PDF.
Maybe this would be a good show for you to get some of this documented.
Get some architecture students on there or, you know, full-fledged architects who say, well, of course, this is a big lie.
But, I mean, it is the big lie theory, though, because it's so big, we then try to argue with just ridiculousness.
I mean, it's...
I mean, it's like Rumsfeld saying there's WMDs, and then he says it's an urban legend conspiracy.
It's a quote, urban legend.
The other quote is a conspiracy theory.
I mean, I've got the guy all over video saying it, Professor, and then he says, no, I'm a kook.
Well, you know, this famous quotation from somebody in the administration, and one might guess it was Karl Rove.
We control reality.
Ridiculing people who are reality-based and saying, well, we create reality, and you journalists just come along and report what we do.
I mean, that isn't just arrogance to me.
That shows kind of those, you know, pinnacle of power sickness.
The analogy is a doctor, you know, gets on this power trip that he can't ever be wrong.
But a better example would be, you know, a deep sea diver down in deep waters.
You get euphoric off of the lack of oxygen.
And, you know, well, people in high places also get, you know, this power trip-itis.
Alex, let me ask you another question about what you've covered on your show.
Have you dealt with depleted uranium?
We've been covering DU for about seven years.
Oh, absolutely.
Yeah, I assumed you had.
And that's going to be another dimension of this DC Convergence meeting.
Have you had Lauren... Does she say Moray or Moret?
Do you know?
Lauren Moret, you mean, yeah.
Yeah, have you had her on?
No, I've had Dr. Doug Rocky and others on.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, they're...
They're on the same page, and she's going to be there.
Well, here's an example.
The Army's own handbooks, up until the mid-'90s, said it's deadly poisonous, it'll kill you, don't breathe it.
All these decontamination ways, you have guys in suits, special vehicles to deal with it, and then they just don't issue that to the troops and tell them to use it everywhere.
Yeah, so when we say that, you know, only 1,800 Americans...
...have been killed, and even if it's only 6,000, if we were counting the ones who died on the plane leaving Iraq, still, that's a fairly small number compared with the people who are going to die from this war.
I mean, just Americans.
I think the EU is almost, in real magnitude, it's much bigger, salting four different countries with this in the last 15 years.
But before we go to a few calls here...
Professor David Ray Griffin, I wanted to bring this up to you.
Bush and Cheney are out fairmongering.
Their neocon mouthpieces are out fairmongering.
We're going to be nuked.
Suitcase nukes are going to go off.
Al-Qaeda's about to attack us.
Then you go into the history that suitcase nukes don't last that long.
The Russians didn't really sell these suitcase nukes.
Our government had a $20 billion program to buy these up and destroy these.
There's records of all of that.
But it scares me to see these criminals creating kind of a history, a false history.
That suitcase nukes are here, and I don't put it past them to blow up 20 city blocks and then radically re-engineer our whole society, have a draft, make themselves king, they've introduced the bills to repeal the 22nd Amendment.
I mean, a lot of serious people, Professor, even Tommy Frank said it.
They are really setting up for martial law.
I got articles about secret police units with the military spying on citizens.
I mean, I'm not trying to scare people here, but I think this military industrial complex is capable, and I'm seeing the same propaganda I saw before 9-11, of carrying out some type of nuclear attack here in the U.S.
Your comments?
Well, my comment is I'm just afraid that this may well be right.
And like you,
I believe that one can't put even such a thing beyond these people because they are really fanatic.
When you start reading the literature about the neocons and see what their worldview is, and we're talking about people that are household names.
We're talking about Cheney, Rumsfeld, Pearl, Wolfowitz,
And, you know, the Washington Standard crowd.
And these guys are truly fanatics who really want to rule the world.
And they've got that megalomaniacal syndrome going, and imagine Napoleon or Hitler with the nukes.
I mean, we are in so much trouble.
And regardless of them setting one off here and blaming it on Iran, they're openly talking about, they've even got Paul Harvey.
Did you hear about that?
I haven't heard anything recently, no.
Well, Paul Harvey, we've aired it here, he came out and he said black slavery was good.
I'm not kidding.
In the same sense.
He said we gave smallpox to the Indians and we got prosperous.
It's time to nuke the Middle East.
I mean, these guys are out of control.
There's no doubt about it.
And that's why, again, go back to why I focused on 9-11 because...
Even though that would be far worse, and even though, I mean, what we're doing with DU is possibly now killing the world.
We don't know.
It is nuclear war.
Yeah, and so those are the huge stories, and 9-11 in and of itself, you know, was a fairly...
Yeah, it's like getting Capone on income taxes.
And we're not minimizing 9-11, but in scale, it is tiny compared to attacking Iraq twice with hundreds of thousands of tons of this stuff, Serbia, 10 proving grounds in the U.S., and Afghanistan.
They bombed Republican Guard bases, then they have our troops move in a week later and do nothing about it.
Yeah, but 9-11 is huge in terms of the...
I mean, it has been the pretext for all this other stuff, so that if we can expose 9-11, and I say the other reason is that whereas American people would put up with a lot of other nonsense, they would not put up with learning that the government had deliberately manufactured 9-11.
Professor, so many people woke it up now.
I think that helps, though.
I don't think that this establishment counted on people being so bold and seeing that the root is government-sponsored terror.
Do you think that that makes us safer, that everybody's starting to wake up?
Well, it's hard to know.
I mean, the opposite could be that they'll say, okay, it's now time for police day, so...
It's hard to predict the future when you're talking about such people.
When you're talking about lunatics.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Your calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
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They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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We've got five minutes left.
I'm going to jam three calls in here.
If you have a question or comment ready for Professor David Ray Griffin, just type his name into Google.
You'll get how to get his great books.
It's all over the place.
We have a link to it as well on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
But, Professor, you're high up in academia.
Your book's endorsed.
You've been praised by a lot of pretty high-powered people.
I mean, talking to folks that would be called, you know, mid-level elite, it seems like, and I've talked to some of them too, they're upset, they're worried.
It's like, this is so over the top.
This is so out of control.
The lies are so crazy that a lot of middle class and upper class people are now really going, hey, this threatens our whole future.
These people really are nuts.
I mean, that's what I'm seeing happening.
The question is, is it happening fast enough, Professor?
Well, of course, it's hard to know, but it is very interesting that a lot of very conservative people are rejecting the neocon.
So you've got these volumes coming out.
One of them is called Neocond, and another one is called Neocond Again, and one of them is essays entirely by conservatives.
And then you've got Paul Craig Roberts, and you've got several other quite conservative people who are protesting and saying this is just nuts.
Well, again, folks, they're going to carry out attacks.
They're going to have a national draft.
You're going to have to salute them and worship them.
The public plans, they'll have citizens in little uniforms and local tattletale squads.
We're going to make Soviet China look friendly, if they have their way.
Do you agree that they'd like to set something up like that, Professor?
Well, you know, I mean, as I say, it's hard to try to get inside their minds and know what they want.
And, of course, they're a disparate group, and they probably have some different views.
I mean, I look at what they're setting up.
They are setting up the classical police state.
Yeah, but with regard to China, there's no doubt about that their focus has now turned to that, and...
That's the new competitor.
I mean, they know all along that this so-called war with Islam is just a charade.
That's just a warm-up.
Yeah, I mean, with China, you're talking about a real state with enormous power and with an enormously growing economy.
And they threatened to blow up 200 cities last week.
Did you see that quote?
What was that?
What the top Chinese general said will destroy 200 cities.
Oh, you mean over Taiwan?
Yeah, yeah, certainly they will sable rattle.
So you've got two very strong and powerful forces there, and it's certainly not helpful for us to be...
Presenting them as our new serious enemy.
After arming them to the teeth, let's take a few calls here.
We're almost out of time.
Very quickly.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, Dr. Griffin.
Hi, Tim.
Quick reminder, comment, question.
I can do it all in 30 seconds.
Remember, people, a true patriot act is willing to defend their country against your government.
And as we deal with these complex issues...
I think Mr. C has fallen into category number two there.
And finally, whatever happened to the court case Marbury v. Madison...
That states that anything that goes against the Constitution is null and void.
And how does that correlate to... Yeah, no, no.
The Congress is supposed to control the Supreme Court.
And things are backwards.
Thanks for the call, Tim.
I apologize to Paul and Canada and to many others that we're holding.
We just got to get Professor Griffin back on.
Professor Griffin, final comments?
Well, just keep up the good work and keep informing the public, since the mainstream media is certainly not doing its job.
And the truth convergence is coming up.
That's right.
It could be a very important event, and there's a hope that some sort of new...
Organization of Alternative Media.
God bless you all.
God bless you all.
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