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Air Date: July 14, 2005
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...media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones. ...
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is already Thursday, the 14th day of July, 2005, the seven-day mark since the bombings in London that are now being used to push the Patriot Act here domestically, the National ID Card Control Grid in London.
It's being used to bolster staying the course...
We'll be out of there in two months, they said, but now they're saying another 12 years.
Well, that's on top of the 13, no, 14 years of occupation that we've already seen since 1990, late 1990.
That's 14 years.
Well, what's wrong with another 12?
I mean, this all makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
We had John Rappaport on yesterday for about 20 minutes, a great reporter and journalist, talking about the Madrid bombings and how they tie into the London bombings and how they tie into other past events and also what's happening with the move in Europe.
The banned vitamins, big ruling two days ago.
He was talking about so many interesting points that we're going to have him back on today in the third hour.
So, look forward to that, and we're also going to have wide-open phones throughout the broadcast today.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
You know, we're now learning who the four bombers supposedly are.
We're seeing their photos.
We're seeing their faces.
We're getting their names.
They were 18-year-old soccer players.
They were school teachers that taught disabled children.
And boy, they were also just rogue killers who all magically blew themselves up simultaneously.
No reason to do that.
No way to coordinate it.
But conveniently, they all just magically blew themselves up.
But their ID cards were left on the seats.
Or they blew themselves up, just like the magic passports.
We always talk about the one passport, but actually two drifted down out of the towers unscathed.
And so we got to learn that it was al-Qaeda, and they conveniently left Korans and flight manuals and plans of how to do it in their cars, with links back to the al-Qaeda network, of course, which is al-CIAIDA.
And understand, folks, our governments, Western governments that have been caught, caught, it's admitted, time and time again, carrying out terror events.
And so we look at who has the motive, we look at who's been caught doing this in the past, and it is not the Arabs.
And in Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government terror plan, they even describe how to frame Patsy's.
And so this fits the classic MO.
The official story just has massive holes in it.
Worse than Swiss cheese.
So we will be going over some of these and giving you a chance, some of these examples of fraud, giving you a chance to get involved on air.
And I will go to you in the next segment.
And we will get you up and on the air.
The websites that are leading the fight worldwide on the web right now to expose what's really going on behind government-sponsored terrorism
And PrisonPlanet.com as well as InfoWars.net and PrisonPlanet.tv.
So be sure and check out the websites today.
Do not dilly-dally because this information is so vital and the citizenry is not buying the official story out of the gates.
The people of the West, not just the United States, have been questioning the official story.
And we've even got a very interesting letter to the editor in a major newspaper, one of the biggest and oldest newspapers in Maine, telling it like it is, better than I can even say it.
So we'll be reading that as well coming up.
New developments on the Supreme Court nominees, new developments on the Patriot Act, new developments on CAFTA, vitamins, you name it.
It's all going to be jam-packed with vital news and information, so stay with us.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think?
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, 14th day of July 2005.
John Rappaport giving us another update on the London bombings and how it ties into other government-sponsored events as well as some updates on the avian flu, which is mutating very dangerously.
The government is saying it's going to get us.
I'm not saying that.
They're saying it.
And we'll also discuss how all of this ties into the move to ban and restrict vitamins across the Western world.
So that's in the third hour.
We're going to have wide-open phones today in the first and second hours.
What was the third hour?
And Joseph in England and John in Texas and Rodney in Texas and everybody, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
Let me just run through some of the headlines, and then we'll start detailing them.
Two more WTC workers claim bombs in North Tower basement.
This is on prisonplanet.com.
How many workers and firemen and janitors is that now?
Fire and bomb-resistant IDs in London by Kurt Nemo.
The magic ID cards and passports.
House Intelligence Committee approves Patriot Act changes.
And the same type of police state stuff is moving forward in England.
Boy, they had all the bills lined up and ready, didn't they?
Frame up!
Do these people fit the bill of suicide bombers?
And then we take the BBC's own descriptions of them from the police.
Here's another headline on the Sky Television.
The teacher bomber.
Another one.
The boy bomber.
Suicide bomber had all to live for.
And a very interesting letter to the editor...
In the Kennebec Journal, the oldest and biggest paper in Maine, only Bush team benefits from bombings in London.
And I have now had some mathematicians and others look over these numbers.
We were sent by a statistician, and they are accurate.
In fact, the numbers could have been crunched to make these numbers even larger.
But the chances of three simultaneous drills...
At the exact same spot and exact same time, well, they did it within a probability of an hour, so we didn't even get it down to just a five-minute period.
We did it even with wider parameters of an hour.
The chances of it happening... Well, the chances of someone dropping a grain of sand and then you randomly going out to search for it and finding that exact grain of sand at a beach, out of all the grains of sand in the world...
Government mathematicians, we have a link to that, estimated at 7-5-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 or a third, roughly, of the numbers involved in the chance of this happening.
Three bombings simultaneously at the same spot.
That is 3715-592-613-265-750-000-000-000-000-000-000-000 on a 10-year mean calculated to that hour.
And we have all the mathematical calculations here done scientifically for you.
Give you an idea.
The chance of you
Dropping a grain of sand and then coming back and being able to find that grain of sand is impossible.
But it is many times basically more probable, but feasibly impossible, for you to find that same grain of sand out of all the grains of sand in the world, not just off the same beach.
Do you understand this, folks?
Than it is for three bombings at the exact same time, exact same place, and having a drill of that happening.
So the chances of finding the same grain of sand out of all grains of sand in the world is, let me see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, that's 20 zeros.
What is 20 zeros?
That's a sextillion.
Okay, now let's move on down to something with 45 numbers, and this is actually...
Something with 45 numbers, and this has more than 45 numbers.
I need to count these up.
It is a quattro decillion.
So, the chances of this is in the high quattro brazilians.
And before the quatrosodrillions is a tressillion, before that a duodecalillion, before that a unisodrillion, before that a decalillion, a nonlillion, an octalillion, a septillion, a sextillion, a quintalillion, a quadrillion, a trillion, and a billion.
In orders of power above a billion, there's trillion, quadrillion, quadrillion,
Not going to spend any more time on this.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
And you try to calculate the chances.
We ought to do this now.
The chances of three planes...
Four planes, excuse me, but three of the planes hitting their exact targets, having an exact drill of the exact same thing at the exact same time on 9-11.
Wonder what the chances of that are.
So, we're talking about in levels of power of a sextillion versus a quattro-bazillion orders of power, let me see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Whole levels above that.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
I mean, this is amazing.
Of course, I misspoke.
This is something like a gulag, is what they call it.
That would be ones and zeros stretched all the way around the planet.
This is much smaller than that.
But when you're talking about quattro decillions versus trillions, I mean...
It's ridiculous.
They did calculations of, what, 67 dead microbiologists dying by foul play, and it was in the trillions.
I mean, that's basically impossible.
But a quattro decillion is way, way above that.
So we have an article on InfoWars.com about this, and it's the headline,
Probability of 7-7 drill and attack coinciding.
This is absolutely mind-boggling.
The chances for these two events taking place at the same time, let alone the same locations, are astronomical.
Numbers so big, we had to look up how to save them.
And these estimates are within very conservative means.
In other words, most statistical analysis is designed to create the impression of a similarity incredibly in probability is usually framed within a greater amount of time, say 50 years since the England began experiencing bombings in the tube.
We don't need to frame these results in that way because the chances is so low that these events would even occur simultaneously without some sort of intervention that one might go so far as to call it impossible.
And then we break it down.
Just to have one of the drills coinciding with one of the bombings is... Well, we've got all the numbers here, but it's in the billions.
This is insane.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
And look, I know we've got other statisticians and mathematicians.
Go look at these numbers.
If you want to add to it or subtract from it or come up with your own calculations, we'll be happy to post them.
Professors that are out there listening and others.
And if somebody wants to calculate, again, the chances of 9-11 running the exact same drills at the exact same time, the exact same targets, and then I'd like to add those with these numbers and see what number we get.
It may go out to the power of infinity, but...
We'll just put an eight on its side and say that that's the probability.
And the dumbed-down public will say, well, it's one chance out of eight, then.
No, that eight on its side means infinity, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, if anything fits the bill of mind-boggling, then this is it.
There's a bunch of other news coming up, but let's just start going to your calls.
Let's talk to Joseph in England.
Joseph, welcome.
Hi, yes.
Basically, I just wanted to mention something that I thought might spiral out of control here in the UK.
I mean, I haven't actually got a crystal ball or anything in front of me, but I think the latest news reports that have come out about these four guys that have apparently blown themselves up appropriately, gets them out of the way so that they can't be questioned.
It's just something I can see spiralling out of control.
Basically, I don't know if you know the news about this that we have in Britain.
We have issues with a lot of these racial hate groups in the Yorkshire area, which is actually where I live.
I think it was about four years ago we had some riots in a place called Bradford, which isn't too far away from where these guys were supposed to have operated.
I mean, this is something that could really... No, I get what you're... Listen, we have the BBC articles where a hundred plus raids overnight of citizens that were heard saying racial comments.
I mean, if you say, you know, the racial slang for an Indian or a black...
You spend a couple years in prison.
I mean, this is the hate crime laws they're trying to pass here in the United States.
They tried last year to put seven Christians in jail, or eight Christians, for 47 years.
That was finally a wake-up call for people, and now we've had a Muslim boy being beaten to death by a British young man.
And yes, of course it'll be used.
Now, the public will read into this, they'll get mad at Muslims, as the media means them to, and then they'll clamp down even more with the thought police.
In fact, that was in my stack of stuff to talk about, and you're bringing up a very, very good point here.
Well, it's important to talk about before it actually happens, because I can really see this happening.
Well, it's already happened.
You already have arrests going on of people that say a word, and you already have Muslims being beaten to death.
No, well, what I actually mean is actual riots going on because there's a place called Bradford, like I say, which about four years ago had riots.
It was all to do with... I mean, there's the British National Party, which are kind of qualified as like a, you know, bona fide political movement.
There's other groups behind them that are, you know, operating and creating... Well, this is tribalism.
I mean, you bring in 25, 30% of the British population now are foreigners.
People are going to get mad about it.
And the government's going to capital... Stay there.
We'll let you finish up on the other side, Joseph, joining us from England.
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All right, going back quickly, because I want to jam a bunch of calls in here and get into more of the news.
Joseph in England.
Joseph, what do you think would happen if, say, let's use the example of an African country.
Where if the neighboring African country, 25% of the population moved in, and then started saying that basically it was their country, and people get mad about this, and I don't agree with a lot of the views of how they radicalize these groups, but you try to go to these other third world countries, they don't want us there.
But then they want to come here and do whatever they want.
And then the government then can blame the Muslims while at the same time, quote, defending their rights and use that police state to then crack down on everybody's free speech.
So it's what Bush calls order out of chaos.
We've got to restore chaos to then bring in order.
And that's their maxim.
But go ahead and finish up what you were saying.
I mean, it's been documented throughout history that, you know, it's called divide and conquer.
Well, exactly.
It's, you know, you basically say racism, really.
It's like the word you used earlier.
It's tribalism.
You just basically play off different groups against each other.
And you say that one tribe is allowed to be tribal, but then the main group that the elite is attacking isn't then allowed to defend themselves.
I mean, it works between men and women as well.
I mean, men are generally sort of recognized as being very sexist, but in a lot of cases, a lot of women are very sexist.
But it's, you know, it can be generalized very easily, and that's where, you know, it breeds ignorance, and, you know, that's where a lot of the friction... Well, I've had so-called minorities just to my face talk about how white people are bad, like that's just acceptable.
And again, this is all manipulated.
But they just think that's acceptable, but then you say the same thing back to them...
Look, here's an example.
Did you know it's illegal in Israel for somebody who is Jewish to marry someone who's not Jewish?
Did you know that?
And it's illegal to preach the gospel in Israel.
Did you know that?
Yeah, I've heard about that, yeah.
It's all, but see, why is, that is very bigoted.
That is very, but no, that, and again, most Jews are even against that type of racism or elitism, but the government isn't.
So you have to ask yourselves, why isn't the ADL being criticized for supporting that?
Well, exactly, I mean, it's a lot like, it's just divide and conquer.
I mean, you basically, you
You set up double standards, which isn't too difficult to do when you've got people in positions of influence, be it in the media or whatever, or figures of... Hey, what are most Brits saying about the bombings?
Oh, you're going to like this.
This is absolutely true, is this?
I totally trust the guy that told me.
My next door neighbour, this is true, missed the bomb by five minutes on, like you know, last Thursday.
I mean, the first question to the guy was, you know, what do you think about the fact that they were saying it was, you know, a power fail?
And he said, absolutely not, no way.
There was no reason why anybody should have thought that.
Everybody knew it was a bomb.
You know what I mean?
It was just ridiculous.
But, I mean, I kind of, like, questioned him further.
He doesn't know that I'm, you know, sort of into this kind of stuff because I don't really know him that well.
But he basically, without any prompting from me, was just saying it's all about control, you know, the government's
Oh, I've gotten hundreds of emails the first day, first two days from England.
We're still getting them getting calls.
And everybody we talk to says this.
Thanks for the call, sir.
There you have it, Joseph in England.
John in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I think they're going to try to blow the shuttle up on Saturday.
They switched it from yesterday to Saturday.
They said a fuel sensor went bad.
Oh, I hate to make specific predictions like that.
I do, but I want to try to stop it.
The bombing in London happened on 7-7, and if you add the year, 7.
Saturday will be the 7th month, the 16th day.
You add that together, that's a 7.
You add the year together.
Yeah, but there's endless numerological calculations.
I really don't want to make this prediction.
And there was 911, and there was 311, and I'm just trying to call everybody's attention to it to stop it in case it happens.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call, John.
Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Yes, how you doing, Alex?
I actually feel a little bit redeemed now that I know that you... One of the stories on your website this morning, prisonplanet.com, is talking about how they...
Fully shooting out there in L.A.
and how it correlates with some of the other... All right, we'll get your take on it after the break.
Rodney, stay there.
Then we'll talk to Johnny in Vancouver, Canada, Robbie in Mass, and then plunge back into the news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oh, just a point about most of these psychologists and psychiatrists.
I mean, a lot of them are nuttier than a fruitcake.
And that's like a joke in the industry, too, that the inmates run the asylums of these mental institutions.
But up in Connecticut, a really famous eating disorder specialist has written all these books all over TV telling you how your children have all these problems, and then people just normalize bad behavior by their children, and they end up getting attention through it and become totally insane.
She collapsed in a grocery store and was arrested because the surveillance camera showed her huffing the whipped cream cans.
Which I remember in high school, hearing about some kids that would do that.
They would go in and huff the gas out of the whipped cream cans.
I mean, this is just insane.
There's a disorder for everything, and we all need to take drugs because we're bad.
We all need to submit to our loving world government.
All right, Rodney, go ahead and make your point.
Well, anyway, this rash of the tasers in this last... Yeah, another young teenager's dead.
Yeah, well, just last month down, well, actually about a month and a half ago, there was a big thing down there in Atlanta, Georgia, where they actually had six police officers had a guy pinned down
Ant's handcuffed behind his back, shackles on his feet, and they chaser him to death, and caught it all on video, Alex, and the prosecutor didn't feel that the video was worthy of being presented to the grand jury, and these guys got off.
Now, I guess my point here is,
If you allow these officers... And by the way, why didn't the grand jury demand to see it?
See, grand juries don't know they're the boss.
No, instead, they call them in, they say, we're the boss, this is how it works.
The grand jury has no idea.
They just started doing this in the last 20 years.
And they go, okay, what do we do, sir?
Again, that goes back to the inmates running the asylum here.
Well, they did fire the cop when the guy couldn't give a urine sample.
He was catheterized.
That later came out in Miami.
And so they start tasering him, chained down on the bed.
He came to the hospital and said, I'm on cocaine.
I'm having a bad reaction.
Because they wanted to convict him.
They wanted the proof.
And so he's begging for help, so they start torturing him.
So where does this lead if, in fact, police officers don't feel that there's a threat that they will be penalized, you know, if they're allowed to get away with doing these sorts of things?
Well, for those that have seen Road to Tyranny, we have footage of Pharrell Montgomery, who I've even had a chance to meet before,
And he's out driving along down the road.
Gets pulled over in his RV.
He'd been deer hunting.
He had a compound bow.
They thought that meant he might be a terrorist.
They tell him they want to search the car.
And he goes, no, I've got a Fourth Amendment.
So they thought he was a terrorist.
This was on the news.
And they walk over.
And he gets out of the car, hands up.
And he goes, so they taser him.
They tell him to.
He's got two tasers in him.
And the police dog's chewing on him.
It goes on for like a minute.
Now, the guy's on the ground.
And they just let the dog have a little blood.
And then they go in the thing, and they hold up jumper cables on the news and go, look, pipe bombs!
And then later, they had to admit in another newscast a month later, the reporter's little ADL minion, that okay, it was jumper cables, we were wrong, and he had a compound bow, and they dropped charges on him because their own chopper video just showed him, gets up, puts his hands up, and so they taser him with pleasure, the SWAT team,
Because he said he had a Fourth Amendment.
He's mentioning that, and that's the same place out of Arizona where they teach in the manuals that if you mention the Constitution, you're a terrorist.
And just to add to what you're saying, we've got this situation there in L.A.
where a 19-month-old baby is shot dead.
That baby was with Al-Qaeda.
Yeah, and the prosecutor says, no, I mean the police chief says, no wrong was committed and we'll turn it over to the prosecutor.
The baby was, Rodney, that baby was supporting Al Qaeda.
Well, it seems like that's what they think.
Well, look, sir, that baby was going for the officer's gun.
Everybody knows a 19-month-old baby is savage.
They use them as front-line attack troops.
Right, right.
You understand, sir, we're having to drug hundreds of thousands of children below the age of two because they're vicious!
In England, they're starting criminal databases on two-year-olds.
I'm trying to understand it, Alex, but I guess I must be a little nutty.
Well, it's like tasering 94-year-old blind women.
Remember that?
Yes, sir.
And then beating her.
I mean, she didn't want them to take away the red wagon she had as a child because the city was hauling away, quote, junk from her yard.
And the officers responded, sir, that woman...
Do you know how deadly 94-year-olds are?
They will grow fangs and grab the officer's throat, especially when they're blind, and rip out their juggler.
Do you know how deadly these people are?
If I recall that story, the attorney that represented the blind lady said the officer literally kicked this lady's artificial eye out of her head.
Because she was with Al-Qaeda.
It's crazy.
The 19-month-old baby was with Al-Qaeda, Rodney.
It's getting crazy.
Look, they're taking our private property with the Supreme Court ruling because private property is with Al-Qaeda.
Yes, sir.
They're building prisons everywhere because Al-Qaeda is going to get us.
The border is wide open, though, because that stops Al-Qaeda.
Like I said, Al-Qaeda.
Getting rid of thousands of Border Patrols stops Al-Qaeda, sir.
I'm trying to understand it.
Your property tax is going up by 10% a year on average, so every 10 years doubling.
That stops Al-Qaeda.
Police wearing black masks.
Secret police stops Al-Qaeda.
Well, let me say this.
You have said time and time again that these taser episodes, that there's so many of them that happen that you just stop reading them.
Yes, I have.
And I believe you.
I have two deaths yesterday.
I have two articles here.
Yeah, and I... Oh, by the way, Taser is increasing the power.
That's their answer to this.
And for the life of me, I don't understand why these prosecutors say that there is no connection between at least this one prosecutor... Because it's simple, sir.
They always say they're innocent.
That's because the prosecutor is really the defense attorney when it's for the government, and they don't want to pay out money in judgments.
Thanks for the call.
And the police chief of San Diego, then he was the police chief of Seattle, his book is now coming out, but several chapters of it have been published in major publications in the last month.
We've read part of them here on air.
And he said, look, cops would kill innocent people.
Cops would run kids over on the streets.
Cops would shoot somebody and they'd plant a gun on them.
Because the city lawyers tell us, hey, we've got to cover this up because we're liable.
Back when we punished bad cops, this didn't happen.
Now, bad cops run free, and they're actually paying out many, many times what they used to pay out.
It's horrible, folks.
It's totally horrible.
Hey, look.
It's like when they threw a flashbang in the baby's crib and burned the baby over two-thirds of its body.
They just said, so what?
We've caught SWAT teams from Fort Worth to Midland.
They go to the house, SWAT team officer shoots another officer in the back, and they grab the guy who doesn't even have a gun and frame him.
The officers all get around and go, this guy's got to go down.
We're sorry we killed Bob.
This is a real story.
We played the audio of it because the idiots didn't know their radios were on, and then good cops blew the whistle on them.
Of course, that other good cop's since gotten in a lot of trouble and was run off the floors.
How dare you when we kill our own officers not let us frame somebody?
I mean, it's just sick, folks.
By the way, if you look at the statistics, the number one cause of death for a SWAT team officer, and they know this out there, who they're listening, is your own officers.
So reap what you sow.
You're killing each other.
You don't have to worry about us killing you.
No, you're killing yourselves.
My great-aunt's husband's daughter.
No criminal record.
Very affluent.
Mildly schizophrenic.
And this is my great-aunt.
Her first husband died, and so she has another husband.
Really nice fellow.
I've been to a couple of family reunions sitting there.
And his daughter, mildly schizophrenic, in Houston.
And she starts having an episode, and says she's going to commit suicide, and they go in the house, doesn't even have a knife, and the SWAT team just blew her away.
And he was a big supporter of the cops, you know, Mr. Super Conservative, but now he's questioning it a little bit.
I mean, routinely here locally, some guy's asleep in bed, and they blow him away, and nobody gets in trouble.
I see the SWAT team guys.
You know, I'll be at Luby's, sitting down after the radio broadcast, eating something.
The SWAT team guy walks over.
Hi, Alex, how you doing?
You know, we like the show.
I don't know whether this is some kind of intimidation or whether they really like the show.
And I saw another one of the Travis County SWAT team guys in Home Depot.
I was buying...
I used to work out at the same gym as you.
I mean, I guess you guys don't know that I know who all of you are.
I mean, normally you're wearing masks, but that doesn't cover up who you are.
I mean, why do you act so afraid?
I mean, I'm not going to hurt you.
You're going to hurt yourselves.
I want to know how you'll probably die.
It'll be in your car, number one cause of death, or it'll be at the hands of your own men.
I don't want you to die.
I don't want you to keep killing us.
I mean, it's like Cop of the Year a few years ago in Fort Worth.
A live drill in the school, and one of the SWAT team guys had his gun loaded.
Just hadn't checked it since the firing range.
Blue Cop of the Year, the number two guy on the SWAT team's head all over the wall.
We didn't do that.
I mean, it's like up in Detroit.
They shot a five-year-old in the face.
Cop didn't get in trouble.
He was showing them his gun.
They're in part of a demonstration.
Blew the little kid's face off.
Reconstructive surgery's done all right.
Child looks pretty bad, but at least he's still alive.
When you get your teeth blown out of your head, you know, get your jaw blown off, basically.
It's not very pretty, but nobody gets in trouble.
Up in Detroit, too, they pull over a drunk driver, and her hand got stuck in her jacket when he was putting cuffs on her, and the roid head got so mad he severed one finger and partially severed another with a knife.
You know, steroid heads, totally insane, with machine guns and large knives.
I mean, you know, it's no big deal.
We've got a lot of news to cover here, but I'm just out of control today, aren't I?
Let's talk to Johnny in Vancouver.
Johnny, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I think it's pretty lame that the globalists had to play on people's emotions by saying that these four terrorists pretty much were
Really nice guys who had, like, really good jobs.
Everyday person.
You can't trust anybody.
Well, that's the thing.
The nurse?
I mean, what's next?
The reverend?
I mean, you know, they... Well, take up with the big serial killer up in Missouri and Kansas, government official.
They're real quiet about that, though.
I've been doing a study over the years of serial killers.
A lot of them are cops, and a lot of them are government officials.
I just think now people are going to be suspectful, and that's what they want.
They want you to be suspectful of everybody, no matter how nice they are or no matter how much they do in your community.
Well, look, these guys didn't do this, okay?
Well, of course.
Of course.
But now they give people the idea that it could be somebody really nice that's close to you that you have no idea it could be.
He was a nice boy.
He was a school teacher for disabled children.
And he wanted to kill people, according to them.
They found the bombs, too.
They did it.
They did it all.
I just emailed you a story from Daniel Finkelstein out of the Times Online.
I'm not sure if you've seen it already.
He's a journalist obviously on our side and talking about how we're labeled Internet nutters.
He talks about this current attack and he talks about 9-11.
And pretty much everything we've been doing.
The Times Online?
I just emailed you.
That's the Times of... Is that a newspaper?
I guess, yeah, it's the Sunday Times.
Yeah, Sunday Times of London is what I thought, yeah.
Wow, the Times of London is saying that?
You've got to check it out.
I sent it to you in full.
That is ultra-massive.
Yeah, it pretty much says that he's furious and he's pissed off that Internet nutters are going around saying that
You know, these blasts where the Israelis tipped off Netanyahu.
Oh, so he's saying we're bad.
No, no, no.
He's on our side from what I'm understanding out of this article.
Yeah, and he's saying he's pissed off that these types of theories, conspiracy theories, are not being heard.
Well, that's big, and we'll have to get him on.
In fact, we'll put you on hold, and we'll give you an email there at the network.
You can send that to us.
What's the headline on the article?
Politeness in the photocopier queue is why we're losing the war on terror.
Say that again?
Politeness in the photocopier queue is why we're losing the war on terror.
All right, thank you.
We'll try to check that out.
You'd think these guys would come up with better headlines.
But we'll get that posted.
Let's stop now with the phone calls for a little while so I can get into some of the news.
Number one, the government of England has been caught carrying out bombings in the past.
That is admitted mainstream news in triplicate from pillar to post, up one side and down the other.
Number two, the government has the motive.
Look at this opportune timing.
Bolsters all of their agendas.
The war, the police state, covers up all of their criminality.
Domestically and in the United Kingdom.
Here in Oceania, as the two nations are properly termed.
This Orwellian slave state.
Then at the same time, we have the official story having holes in it.
Netanyahu was warned.
That has been confirmed.
We have a whole bunch of articles on that.
We have this
A former top Israeli spy chief giving a press conference with more details than anyone knew long before any of it came out.
Very suspicious.
We have at the very same time for an hour and a half saying it was a power surge when everyone knew you had blown up trains and a blown up bus.
Why did they put out that cover story?
We have reports now by Reuters reporters of Muslims being shot
Now, were these people in drills?
Because first they were saying more bombings.
Did people figure out it was a scam and not go ahead with the drill?
I mean, that's where all of this is pointing.
That's where all of this is going.
And, again, past motive, past activities, then all this evidence, and then magically appearing ID cards in all the scenes, undamaged magically, and it just...
Is massive.
And it fits the classic signature.
And you can keep denying it.
You can continue to behave as if this isn't real.
Or you can get a gut check and face it.
By the way, they used to have a great SWAT team commander for Travis County.
And one time he invited me up to the SWAT team office because I was downstairs with the county commissioners and
I looked across the wall, and there were all these conspiracy videos on the wall, including cover-up in Oklahoma.
And I remember him laughing at me.
Delta Force had one train with us.
They're not taking over.
It's not going on, and it's not happening.
I'll finish the story when we get back.
A year later, he gave me a call.
He said, I'd like to meet with you.
He said, here's the card from Delta Force.
They do want to do something.
I can't tell you what, but we're telling them no, and I can't believe this is true.
And then,
Then he told me something else.
And then... Then he basically got fired.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, that's one of the biggest factors that we've got in our corner towards winning this fight against the globalists.
They have these big fancy propaganda arms with the people in the suits and the teleprompters and the backgrounds, and it makes it look real official.
But they have to keep reapplying their lies.
But once you know their game, it's very easy to see through it.
And they've lost all their credibility.
We're good to go.
And so I can tell the Travis County SWAT team, you know, in 1998, that soon you'll have Delta Force here wanting to do drills and wanting you to merge with the military.
And, you know, I was Special Forces and Vietnam was Marine Corps sniper, Alex.
That isn't going to happen.
Come on.
It isn't going to happen.
And then a year later, Alex, it's happening.
I can't tell you all the details, but here's the guy's card, and they want me to do some stuff, and I said no.
And he said no, and he was gone.
And then we had this idea, because I was going, you know, I'm a better shot than you guys.
Which I am.
I'm a better shot than their entire SWAT team.
I just guarantee you, I am.
I mean, they're not that... These guys like to brag.
I said, let's have a big charity benefit at a shooting range of your choice.
They don't want to have the citizens and the police together.
I said, let's have a 500 and 1,000 yard shooting contest with Remington 700s.
I go shooting about once a year now, but I can still out-shoot them, generally.
I would imagine.
I used to go to 500 yards, shoot the top off a Tabasco bottle, the little Tabasco bottles.
I hadn't been shooting in a couple years, and I went deer hunting a couple years ago and shot a deer at 600 yards.
I said, I'm going to shoot it dead center right in the chest of my uncle.
It was a little bitty doe.
Yearling doves, they have better meat.
I pulled the trigger, and I hit it.
I was about a half-inch off
600 yards.
I'm not as good as I used to be, but he goes, yeah, that's a great idea.
Let's have that shooting contest and sell tickets.
And boy, our bull sheriff, Margo Frazier, fired him in a lickety split.
Anyways, I don't know why I'm telling that story.
It's just, why do you serve this government?
Why do you put up with this tyranny?
Why do you put yourselves in this position?
Why do you go along with it?
Alright, but concerning the bombings, we did go over the mathematical chance with very conservative parameters.
And it came out to one of the bigger numbers that you could possibly imagine.
Hard to pronounce the number with just so many zeros behind it, it takes a minute or so to read off all the numbers.
But that's okay, because the government's given us a nice little illusion to buy into.
You know, the bombers next door, they could get us any minute.
And we'll get more into the latest developments on that, and also with the war in Iraq, with Karl Rove, and with the vitamins to be restricted.
Also, the Patriot Act passing out of the Senate committee.
Very, very serious.
Their whole agenda is moving right now.
But before we end this hour and come back and get into all that news and your calls...
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now into our number two.
We're going to be taking your phone calls.
The toll free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
You know, I just thought of a great guest to have on to talk about these bombings.
I ought to get Colonel Craig Roberts on to discuss him.
I haven't had my good buddy on in a while.
And we've got John Rappaport coming on to give us the latest developments in the third hour of this Thursday edition.
In this hour, we're going to cover all the news and take your phone calls.
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
I want to get into the Patriot Act.
It's now moving forward towards passage.
The House Intelligence Committee approved Patriot Act changes.
It's also been approved in the Senate, so it could be moving on for a full vote, I guess, here in the next month or so.
Along with CAFTA, passed the Senate, now in the House.
Along with the National ID cards, of course, passed.
And then the forced drugging and psychological testing, it's all passing.
And they're trying now to pass the amnesty bills.
So, just an avalanche of evil.
My friends, meanwhile, we're all worried about the bomber next door.
They're going to get us any minute if we don't give up all of our rights.
Meanwhile, London bombing.
Ex-Massage Chief reveals too much.
We'll be going over that after we take some more calls.
I took about six or seven calls in the last hour, but we're going to accelerate through your calls now in this hour.
Let us talk to Ron in New York City.
Ron, welcome.
Hello, Alex.
I have to give something of a slight apology.
I didn't think they would be so stupid and unwise to use the same tactic, especially when they could have adopted new and superior tactics, and try to utilize the old Patsy system.
But I guess the problem is their undoing in the end will be that they are psychopathic and keep doing the same thing over and over again.
And ultimately, any good officer will tell you if you do an investigation, that's how you apprehend the guilty party or detect them.
And this is like a very strange cast of characters that they're ascribing the guilt to in the London bombings.
I don't know exactly the degree of evidence they have, but what's been broadcast so far, these guys don't fit the puzzle.
Well, Ron, you sent me so much good inside and public information over the years.
Again, retired NYPD officer with a, let's just say, in the detective range there.
But, Ron, I mean, exactly.
They keep saying, we found them, they did it.
And then you read deeper, Scotland Yard's going, we think they might have.
So that's massive deception right there.
And if you look into the profile of these guys, now, unless they were experts, and I find it hard to believe these 19-year-olds... Well, this was carried out with military precision.
Where did they get military explosives?
These guys weren't even old enough to barely know they were breathing yet.
To carry this out without leaving one iota of suspicion beforehand, I don't know, it's a very strange cast.
Yeah, let's face it, most 18-year-olds, and I'm not knocking 18-year-olds, we don't have enough life experience, you know, even people in special forces are what average age 27 or so, and, you know, it's hard to carry out precision bombings when they do it.
I mean, yeah, we think an 18-year-old with these other people carried out perfect precision bombings.
And their IDs weren't damaged.
Magically, they were left in the seats, Ron.
Pristine condition.
You know, that's another thing, too.
How come thus far, a week after the bombing, we haven't seen the video that the British government has of them entering the trains?
They claim they have it.
Why wasn't that broadcast?
Well, I'm sure they're getting it ready for us.
Well, I guess it's got to be manipulated.
Even with modern technology, it takes a while to manipulate and doctor images on a digital video.
It takes about an hour, but then it can be exposed.
Hold me over, Alex.
There's something I want to tell you that's very important.
All right, Ron.
We'll be right back.
On the other side of this quick break, the transmission against tyranny will continue.
So what if Netanyahu got warned?
So what if they had drills at the exact same time, exact same place?
It's very probable.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Eight minutes, 35 seconds into the second hour of transmission.
Here on the front lines of the information war, launching salvo, ever salvo of common sense and the truth against the global overlords that could care less about human life, who have been caught a thousand times engaging in pure evil and lying to you.
They have the motive for these bombings, they have the past history, and now they're saying that all these ID cards magically were left in their seats in the middle of giant bombings that sent wreckage spewing hundreds of feet.
They are telling us now they have all this evidence.
Meanwhile, you read deeper, they're still, quote, suspected bombers, but the media says they are the bombers.
It takes time.
Do these things properly.
Ron in New York, go ahead and finish up.
Yes, Alex.
Another thing your listeners may not be aware of, and this is just something that outed, I believe, in the last few days, 48 hours.
They were testing gas again.
In New York.
In Grand Central Station, in the New York City subway system.
Now, this happened sometime, I believe, over the last few weeks.
They claimed it was an invisible, odorless gas that was harmless, though they wouldn't identify the gas, and they released it in Grand Central Station to see the pathways that poisonous gas may take should Grand Central be subject to an attack.
Now, I've got to say two things about that.
I was in that system last month, in June.
And I became unusually... I went through there, Grand Central Station, too.
I became unusually nauseous, okay?
And I noticed something else, that a lot of other people were unusually ill.
I said to myself, maybe it was just the heat.
I chalked it off to that, summer heat.
And I said, it seems an odd number of people seem ill, headaches, and nauseous on the train with me.
And I begin to wonder now... Well, Ron, I don't know why you're questioning this.
The people just type in biological tests in Oklahoma...
Like 55 tests releasing a dangerous bacteria.
The Army released the name of the bacterium, but it was safe.
We typed it in, and in the encyclopedia, it said it causes spontaneous abortions, spontaneous miscarriages in all mammal life, including humans, cows, pigs.
And it said that it could cause respiratory infections in the old, the young, and the infirm particularly, and they sprayed it over Oklahoma City and almost every other town and city.
That was, what, a couple years ago.
But let me just stop you.
Type in Project Shad into the search engine.
You'll get BBC, AP, Reuters.
We have the military officers on in England, on ships, in Hawaii.
Let me just finish, Ron.
This is important.
All over the country, for 25 years, up until the late 1980s, Project Shad would spray chemicals and biologicals on troops and cities, and it's now come out that in one 84 test in Wales, they had U.S.
and British troops, over 100 of them, stand out on top tanks and inside their tanks.
Now let me add this.
Ron, you're a retired New York City cop.
Were you aware that in 1968, type this into Google, you'll get, of all places, popular science.
And you'll get all these mainstream articles.
This is one of the better known.
In 1968, light bulbs released a dangerous bacterium.
Deaths resulted... This is an exact quote.
Of popular science.
Deaths resulted, details remain classified.
They sprayed ship channels in Houston, ship channels in San Francisco.
That gets to my point.
They were doing that, yes, I know about the San Francisco experiments, and throughout the New York City subway system from the late 40s.
Imagine these families, up until 68, you go to work and they kill you.
Let me finish this statement.
My point is, in the late 70s, that information was outed.
I think so.
They keep doing the same monstrous thing over and over, even when it is not propitious and wise for them to do it.
And a lot of analysts are pointing that out.
That is a thread now in the alternative news.
People are really starting to notice that they are following a classic psychopathic
Like a truck stop serial killer.
I mean, you would think they would be more clever than that or organized than that.
They're not.
They have no more cunning than a truck stop serial killer.
And eventually, at some point, this will probably be their undoing.
Don't underestimate them.
They are pathological.
I don't underestimate nor underestimate.
The word is ritualistic.
That's exactly what it is, Nick.
Why do you think the nutcases that would get in control of Rome or Babylon or Egypt would always do ritualistic things?
Because this is what obsessive compulsives that happen to also be psychopathic do.
Even when it is not in their interest, even when there is a more cunning, a more wiser, a more clandestine way of doing things, they still choose... Well, this should scare you, because they've been doing all these drills again, and that was in the New York Times and New York Daily News.
They usually gear up with a bunch of tests to get police acclimatized to seeing the drills, so when it really happens, they won't see it and stop it.
No, there's a good guest you can have on your show by the name of Cole.
He's a professor at Rutgers University.
He's written two books about this subject already.
I know that he was interviewed by Amy Goodman.
This guy would be an excellent guest to interview about this.
One of these specifically write about?
He wrote about the tests in San Francisco and the New York City subway system.
He wrote about the anthrax letters.
That was his second book.
And he has discussed now this issue that we've just learned about, that they conducted more gas tests in the New York City subway system at Grand Central Station.
All right.
Ron, will you email me that?
I don't have email capacity, but the guy... Why on earth does a smart guy like you not have email?
Well, I'd rather do things the old-fashioned way.
You're just an old cop.
You need to learn new tricks, Ron.
I got that old morality that says you don't hurt 19-month-old babies.
It's true.
Well, what do you think of them shooting the baby?
I think that's a real pig.
How's that?
What could anyone say about a man shooting a baby?
I would think that that's a savage.
There's something wrong with that guy.
He should be charged.
He should be relieved, removed from the force.
Who in God's name would shoot an infant?
Who could find a justification for shooting an infant?
The baby may have been with Al-Qaeda.
Thanks for the call.
Being sarcastic, folks, and really I shouldn't joke about things like that, but it's just getting too crazy.
No, I mean, he brings... Look, look.
For the police listening around the country, you're listening right now, you didn't hear about them releasing a bioweapon in 68, as Ron mentioned, one of many tests, just type it in.
You'll get like a hundred mainstream news articles.
You don't know about Shad?
We have all those old interviews posted in the prisonplanet.tv... prisonplanet.com, actually, area.
Maybe I should do some more interviews about that.
I mean, your government...
Does not care about you.
It is not your government.
It is a criminal group.
I mean, soldiers, they make you breathe DU, which is going to kill you.
I mean, if you don't think it's a big deal, you might as well take up smoking five packs of cigarettes a day.
That's got less a chance of killing you than DU does.
You know, just take up drinking a fifth of Jack Daniels every night, start smoking 14 cigars and hailing every day.
I mean, it would be a lot better than huffing DU.
I mean, take up cocaine.
Take up smoking crack.
It'd be better for you than this.
Your government does this to you.
Don't deny it.
Don't weasel out of the way.
You go look up Project Shad.
Here, in case you're lazy, get the pen.
You're sitting in your squad car listening.
It's right there.
Write down, Project Shad.
I'm not going to get in trouble.
I'm not going to type that in.
I'm probably going to watch.
Oh, but I thought we were not living in tyranny, but you're afraid to type that in.
Just whatever, man.
I'm not going to listen to you no more.
I ain't bad, so government ain't bad.
We never said you were bad.
Most of you are good.
But you're ignorant.
And you're serving a corrupt system.
And you need to know who you work for.
Look up Tuskegee and black men.
Type in Tuskegee.
Type in 400,000 women sterilized secretly.
Just type in 400,000 women.
People think they couldn't do this stuff in secret.
They sterilized over 400,000 women
In a 45, 50 year period in this country.
I mean, come on.
Come on.
Who's up next here?
Larry in Arizona.
Go ahead, Larry.
Had Ron on for like 15 minutes, but he's really good info.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I like Ron.
He's one of the better callers you have there.
As a matter of fact, what I'm calling about today is I want to expand on something that Ron called about yesterday.
About the street vendors in New York.
I used to be one.
I was a disabled veteran, and we were able to get the licenses to put a table on the street and sell things on the street there.
But they really cracked down on us veterans there.
They put all of midtown Manhattan off limits, and that's where mostly all of the tourists are that you can sell to.
So they kept us out, like, on the fringes there.
I used to set up my table right outside the World Trade Center.
Well, you're not Somali, and you're not Russian.
Well, yeah, and... You know what?
They had two squads of cops, undercover cops, just to bust us peddlers.
And they had a book, an inch thick, that they could find anything if they wanted to get you for something.
And now it's in the news that they're giving the immigrants those.
The government has the license, and they decide...
I was just back in New York, and every street vendor looked like they were from Africa.
And they're in Midtown.
Hey, look, it is official.
You didn't know about that?
I live in Arizona now.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry to hear about that.
That happened to you.
Anything else?
Oh, yeah, I wanted to mention real quick.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Discover your family's primary nuclear defense today at nukealert.com.
That's N-U-K-A-L-E-R-T dot com or call 830-672-8734.
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We're good to go.
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That's 888-803-4438.
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We've got a surprise guest coming up in about 15 minutes, Webster Tarpley.
Expert on terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism, wrote Bush's unauthorized biography for seniors.
And then he'll be riding shotgun with us with John Rappaport coming up the third hour.
We're going to just plunge into the bombings.
There's just holes all over this thing.
And I will get into the new Patriot Act developments and several other key issues.
I like the Supreme Court nominations.
But go ahead and finish up.
Larry in Arizona, you had another point you wanted to make?
Yeah, Alex.
I was listening yesterday to Michael Savage, and he had a guest on there who had just finished writing a book
And he says that there are 5,000 undercover sleeper agents from Al-Qaeda.
Total propaganda.
Al-Qaeda was a file name in the CIA for Mujahideen.
Real Al-Qaeda is Al-Qaeda.
And yeah, there's suitcase nukes, and they're going to kill us any minute.
If suitcase nukes go off, folks, it's the government.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Yeah, basically, Bush isn't handling the war correctly.
One thing that he does agree with you about is the border, that the border's wide open.
Yeah, but notice he backed off right before the election, and then when it doesn't matter, he comes back in with it.
Yeah, he didn't say anything about the people who disagree with the war going to the prison camps lately.
He used to say that every show.
Yeah, he backed Buffett out one lately.
All right, good to hear from you, my friend.
By the way, we have a little mini-guest coming up in a minute about those suitcase notes, even before Tarpley's on with us, so that's coming up here in about five minutes.
Right now, Ken in New York.
Oh, hello.
Go ahead, Ken.
Yeah, you've covered the Downing Street memo on your show.
I've followed the events in Iraq since the last Gulf War.
That's just one more admission of where they lied, I mean.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
I remember in 1991 General Schwarzkopf appeared on the TV show 2020 and he said that Iraq is a threat to no nation.
He basically wrote the same thing in his book.
Colin Powell made similar statements.
I even saved an article from 1994 by Reuters.
Yes, everybody knows that Saddam was never a threat, and the whole thing was a lie.
We knew that before the war.
Yeah, Iraq's chemical stocks destroyed.
Okay, and I would like to read one brief sentence.
The point is, he didn't use any of that when he went into Kuwait.
I mean, he had a right to have it.
But regardless, they destroyed it all.
Yeah, that's exactly what numerous news articles said all throughout the 1990s.
Like I was trying to read one.
From 1994.
I mean, to be frank with you, I think we're fighting an old battle.
People know it's a fraud.
We've won that battle.
Yeah, basically Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, they knew that Iraq didn't have anything.
I understand that, and I really appreciate your call.
Let me just say this about it.
Hillary now says Bush isn't doing enough about the border.
Boy, you've got to love that one.
Hillary wants 80,000 more troops.
The troops love her.
He's hanging out and having dinner every week with Rupert Murdoch.
Okay, very bad sign.
Clinton is vacationing with the Bushes constantly.
A member of the family.
Barbara calls each son.
It was staged in 92.
It's going to be staged now.
In between Schwarzenegger and Hillary or Schwarzenegger and 012.
I mean, it's so... But Limbaugh, his whole show is about how the Democrats are evil and they're fighting Bush.
No, they're not!
They voted 100 to zip!
For just a whole bunch of different issues they've been voting on.
You know, have you been hearing anything more about Bank Lavoro after Clinton got elected?
No, we didn't.
Thank you for the call, sir.
I appreciate your call.
All right, let's try to jam one more in here, trying to go to all the callers.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Long-time listener.
Also, Air Force vet, just a couple quick comments.
Tuskegee experiments that you were referring to earlier with the syphilis, a great book called Bad Blood covers that topic.
I recently traveled to South Africa throughout the area, and one of the things that I was looking for, or you always talk about the New World Order and all the connectivity with the secret societies.
They have the Africana Broderbunds.
I picked up a book called Unfinished Business, South Africa, Apartheid and Truth, and the Broderbund totally ties in with the New World Order, skull and bones, you name it.
So no matter what area of the world, these guys are totally interlinked.
You know, six and a half million South Africans have AIDS now?
Oh, that's not an accident.
Anything else?
Oh yeah, along the lines of AIDS, Dr. Wooter... Let me let you finish on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we're scheduled to have Webster Tarpley on, expert on terrorism and great wonderful mind.
He wrote a book about government drills being used as the cover for terrorism.
I think he's quite intelligent and far-seeing.
We've got John Rappaport coming on as well in the third hour.
And I do want to get into the Patriot Act and some other important issues that are moving forward.
CAFTA, the latest developments on that.
Real fast, finish up Mike in Illinois.
You had another point you wanted to make about, they just had another Nobel Prize winner go public and say that AIDS is engineered in Africa, but go ahead.
In that book, Unfinished Business, they refer to a gentleman by the name of Wouter Bassan, otherwise known as Dr. Death.
And this guy was contracted in the early 80s during the South African youth uprisings, and he was tasked with generating biological chemical warfare.
They were trying to develop stuff that sterilized blacks.
And the AIDS-specific viruses tend to, or they seem to have come up right around that same time frame.
So we have the congressional funding from 1977 to develop the human autoimmune virus.
No, I mean, we got it on the West Public.
We have Henry Kissinger's 1973 document ordering the third world countries through IMF saying you will sterilize half your women or no money.
Well, it's interesting you say that because I think, I don't know if it's the consensus, but many Africans believe that Busan and the government actually engineered the AIDS.
The whole notion, it kind of fits the stereotype.
Well, sir, they caught them in Africa and India and Latin America and Asia.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let me explain why I'm doing this.
You know, I've got one sponsor I have on about every week and a half on average, and that's New William Concepts and the Big Berkey, because I believe in it, and they're our big sponsor that single-handedly fund what we're doing with the shortwave.
It's made in America.
But my good buddy, Raymond Teague, a few months ago decided to advertise on the Genesis Network.
And I said, you know, when you do, I want to have you on, and I want to give you an interview, and I want to voice the ad for you.
And he said, well, let us pay you.
And I said, no, I'm not doing that.
So understand, I believe in this so much that I'm not even making any money from it.
But it does support the network.
So this isn't just a pitch for something, folks.
I've got to really believe in something.
And it is solid state.
It is somewhat heavy.
It is shielded.
It's about three inches long, inch and a half wide.
It's something you need to have because it lasts ten years.
Really more than ten years, but they certify it for ten years.
Raymond was an Air Force engineer assigned to NASA, involved in the NASA program.
I've learned a lot of interesting stuff from Raymond.
I think?
We're good to go.
They've got to be calibrated.
People don't know how to use them.
You've got to take a course to use one of these.
This is different.
It has a complex film in it that can work many, many times.
And when it starts picking up different levels of radiation, it gives you different chirps.
So it's not like you're just buying the badge that doctors wear in case a chest x-ray machine is leaking.
This is a great system, and well worth the price.
Made in America.
And I think all police departments, fire departments certainly, I think that all families need this because my big reason is there have been over 300 releases of high levels of radiation during government tests and nuclear power plants that this is what we know of between the 40s and the late 70s when this went public.
And they're not going to tell you, folks, when radiation's being released, okay?
It's kept very quiet.
The government laboratories and testing facilities and monitoring systems are part of this grid and keep it quiet.
And a lot of people own Geiger counters, but they don't have them out, you know, running.
And they don't work that way.
The nuke alert does.
And if there is a radiological release, this will do it.
So for the next few minutes, and we've got Webster Tarpley coming on in about five, is Raymond Teague, my good friend.
This is the only interview you'll hear.
I'm just trying to give them a good plug here as they start advertising on the network.
And I hope you'll get the nuke alert.
Maybe after doing this interview, I'll get a nuke alert.
But maybe, I haven't asked for one, but I think I'll probably buy one if I don't get one.
You know that there is a threat.
The government said it's going to happen.
I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it is a real threat.
And what you need to know is this.
When it happens, is your family safe right where you are?
Go to nukealert.com.
Just N-U-K-A-L-E-R-T.
So just nukealert.com.
Or call Raymond at 830.
Don't call right now, obviously.
We just heard that caller earlier, you know, calling in with all the fear-mongering about nukes.
Well, I don't live in fear.
I got a two-year supply of food in my garage that's good for ten years.
I don't live in fear.
I got four or five big murky water filters, and I give them as gifts to families.
Well, my sister went overseas to an island over off Australia.
All her other group in her school got sick.
She didn't get sick.
She had a Berkey sport filter.
But the point is that we believe in taking action.
And Raymond, how are you doing, buddy?
I'm doing fine.
Raymond, you're an engineer.
You worked, again, for the Air Force, in NASA, in the actual missions, and you really believe in this thing.
Just give us the technical details of the Nuke Alert and why you got so excited about it.
Well, as you already pointed out, it's very inconvenient for you to run around with a five-pound radiation meter and having to, one, turn it on, go through the scales to see if you're getting a reading,
And to have it with you at all times.
Well, that's totally impractical, and even if you've got a reading, you still have a problem as to deciding what to do.
Well, with a nuclear, it solves all that.
It is on all the time.
You can't turn it off.
And it automatically tells you what scales it's reading, so you don't have to figure out what the radiation level it's reading is.
It gives you the number of chirps, and the levels are listed.
It's ten levels on the back, and it goes from
Your gums will start bleeding and you'll start bleeding out the other end.
Yes, but you're not anywhere near that at that level.
So you will not get a false alarm.
If you've got that level of radiation, you ought to do something about it.
You need to report it.
You need to assess where the radiation is coming from.
Understand, Raymond, 300 releases from the 40s to the late 70s, 300 plus, and we were never told about it.
So do not trust.
We have a nuclear reactor at UT at the research facility, at the J.J.
Pickle facility, and I tell Austinites this and they roll their eyes.
Okay, just type it into Google.
You'll get the facility on the UT website.
Everybody, you need to have this.
Look, it lasts more than 10 years, but it's guaranteed for 10 years.
I personally, when I get one, Raymond...
I'm just going to, literally like a smoke alarm, put it up on top of the grandfather clock.
I'm not going to drive around and have it with me.
I'll just be able to know if I get home and there's radiation.
And it's just something that you have up on the mantel if you want to carry it.
This is just a little dinky keychain.
It can hook on there, but it's like three inches long.
It's smaller than most of the door interlock keys.
Key fobs that you use to open your car door.
This is high-grade technology, but also built to take a licking and keep on ticking.
This is being used all over the world by special forces.
We can't say all the people that have bought it, but this is what the government's using.
They're not lugging around little radiation badges that are worthless and only work once and don't give you a good reading.
They're not lugging around 5-pound or 10-pound radiation meters, are they, Raymond?
And the other side of this coin is, if you're not getting a reading where you are, then you're in a safe area.
You don't have to go to extremes to go move someplace else if you hear a radio broadcaster say, well...
We've had an incident in North Austin, and everybody's got to go out of town to San Antonio or someplace.
Because, Raymond, you talked about this.
You reminded me.
Remember in 2000, they had a fake nuclear spill on I-35?
They shut it down, and then only in the middle of the night announced, oh, it was just the Army doing a drill?
They could use this.
It's in their playbook as a false alert.
Yes, and it removed the parent, the child parent,
Relationship between you and the government as far as your independence of information.
You can know yourself whether you are in a safe area or not.
If you have to take shelter with this inside the shelter, you will know.
Now tell us about this scientist and the company based right here in Central Texas that developed these new alerts.
Shane Connor is extremely, he's a very capable person.
He has done great work and he has a tremendous device here.
And it puts you, it puts the individual possessing one
The capability of knowing whether you're safe or not.
And if you're not safe, well then you know if you're moved someplace else, then you know whether that place is safe or not.
Well, anybody within 150 miles of a nuclear reactor needs to have one.
And again, I'm about 10 miles from one right now.
And anybody near military bases where they store nukes needs to have one.
Anybody, especially overseas, if you've got family in Iraq,
You need to have a nuke alert.
Let me give you the website.
It's nukealert.com, n-u-k-alert.com, just n-u-k-alert.com, or call Raymond at 830-672-8734.
And, Raymond, I'll get a little link up for you on the website, too, free of charge, just because you're a good friend of mine, and I believe in this, and I'm glad that you took the initiative to get Mr. Conner and yourself to advertise.
And closing comments, Raymond.
Well, I'd just like to see everyone safe and to know what to do in case of an emergency.
And if you have your own instrumentation, you don't have to ask anyone else.
You'll know what to do.
And it comes with a super instruction book that's only 13 pages long, very easy to read, and the most concise set of instructions I've ever seen.
And the nuclear disaster is extremely
Survival, because in seven hours, the radiation levels from fallout will drop to only one-tenth what the initial level was, and in three days, it will be only one-hundredth as strong.
All right, Raymond, thank you for joining us.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Okay, I want to thank Webster Cartley for holding.
We got him on a little bit late, but we had double-booked here, and I want to try to hold him over a little bit the next hour if he can do it.
Webster, good to have you on, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
Always a pleasure.
The fear-mongering has reached all-time highs.
I've got an excerpt from your book, Synthetic Terrorism, 9-11 Synthetic Terrorism, here right in front of me.
First, tell us in a nutshell about yourself.
I mean, I remember watching you on TV here locally when...
When speeches you gave were shown around the country ten years ago, all you were talking about was government-sponsored terrorism then, so I really respect you and your analysis.
Tell us a little bit about the history of terror and then what you, the latest intel on the London bombings.
Well, my personal history goes back to 1978 when I wrote a book about the Moro assassination and related terrorism in Italy and Central Europe.
That was published in Italian in 1978.
Tied into Gladio.
I didn't know Gladio, but that's what it turned out to be.
I had everything except the name.
1992, my unauthorized biography of George Bush the Elder, and now in 2005, this 9-11 synthetic terror.
I have been looking, as I guess you have, at the events in London, and I am struck, first of all, by the fact that this is a false flag, state-sponsored synthetic terrorism exercise carried out by MI5, MI6,
The British Home Office, the Special Air Services, and British military.
Don't forget them, especially something called the Force Research Unit.
And I had occasion, I have a whole chapter in my book on 9-11 terrorism.
I've got the terrorist murder as British state policy, and also the question of Londonistan, which is just now getting into the...
...into the controlled media.
It seems to me clear, I mean, I guess you've covered all of this more than once, but you have these, the warnings, Scotland Yard knew about the bombs in advance.
They warned Netanyahu.
That's perfectly well documented.
And as always in these cases, they had a parallel kind of exercise or drill, which is generally what is used to conduit these operations through the government bureaucracy.
In other words, if you have a loyal...
We're good to go.
When you find a closely paralleling or mimicking intelligence operation that's going on officially at the same time that the terror operation is going to take place.
So that would be the story of Peter Power and Visor.
Let me read a quote out of Synthetic Terror published, what, nine months ago?
Oh, no, back in April.
Okay, so just six months ago.
Staff exercises or command exercises are perfect for a rogue network which is forced to conduct its operations using the same communications and computer systems used by other officers who are not necessarily part of the illegal operation, coup, or provocation as it may be.
And you go on to say an officer may be working at a console next to another officer who was not in on the coup and who might indeed oppose it if he knew about it.
And the behavior of, again, the criminal is suspicious.
What in the hell is he doing?
The loyal officer looks over and asks the globalist about it, or this word you use, explain to me.
Puts you in a coup.
A takeover.
A coup.
Now you have MI5, MI6.
I guess you've had David Shaler on your program at least once.
I met David Shaler in London at the beginning of June.
We were actually staying in a hotel right in Russell Square, a little bit south of
King's Cross Underground Station.
Yeah, he's blown the whistle on government complicity and terror attacks in England, and we've had him on twice.
Right, and what he was talking about, of course, was that MI6 paid Al-Qaeda to try to kill Gaddafi.
I would just supplement that with something I write about in my book, which is the Stevens Report.
We're told that what's going on in Britain right now is the biggest investigation in the history of the United Kingdom.
The previous biggest investigation was the Stevens Report with, let's see, 144 people indicted and 94 convicted.
And the story there was that the British Army, with the help of MI5 and the help of Special Air Services and therefore of the Home Office...
And indeed of the cabinet, the Thatcher cabinet for a lot of those years, was killing people in Northern Ireland.
They were killing Catholics, they were killing Protestants, and they were even killing their own agents.
And they killed about 35 of them.
Tell us about it when we get back.
Synthetic terror, manufactured crises.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Webster Targling.
Accomplished journalist and researcher, again back in the 70s, writing books about government-sponsored terror.
Webster, we've got to make this clear.
They now come out, and it's documented in public, that the U.S.
and British government carried out provocateur attacks all over Europe, predominantly targeting children and women to get people angry, to blame it on the Soviets.
We've got to come out with the fact that I heard, we already knew this, but I heard now deceased Kermit Roosevelt on NPR admitting that they carried out bombings at 53 to blame it on Mosaddegh to bring him down.
We now know the Gulf of Tonkin never happened.
I mean, we already knew that, but now it's public.
We have the tape of...
You should be looking right at the British government and at the rogue networks inside that government.
In other words, the transatlantic, invisible government.
It's always been a City of London, Wall Street phenomenon.
And I find it amazing, in addition to everything you've just said,
That MI5 and MI6 have their own well-documented record of murdering British civilians on British soil, including, again, murdering their own agents.
And everybody knows this, that Stevens Report was the biggest story of the secret world in the year 2003.
But now...
Once something happens, these MI5 and MI6 pontificators come out, and people are willing to believe it.
And I am just amazed at the gullibility of public opinion.
But listen, the big question is, will the British public go in the Spanish direction?
Remember that after the Spanish bombs, there was an attempt by Aznar to call off the elections and rule as a dictator.
And he was prevented from doing that by a popular mobilization.
The British, I think, are slower to react than the Spanish, but I think that there's still a very good chance that the British reaction, let's say in the medium term, will look much more like the Spanish one, and that they will say, we're fed up with Tony Blair, we're fed up with these corrupt officials who are murdering their own people on their own soil.
So I think that the last word has not yet been said about this, because there are reserves of intelligence and independence there,
Well, Webster, I've got to say this.
Before I was even ready to say it was the British government, I mean, the evidence, the motive, the history, that's your number one suspect.
And, you know, with the Netanyahu warning now confirmed publicly and admitted...
The hour and a half of, oh, it was a power surge.
That's ridiculous.
That's a cover story to get all their ducks in a row.
Out of the gates, all these big, pretty mainstream publications.
I had dozens, you know, that first day of British citizens calling the show.
And I talked to them.
Their neighbors think the same thing.
People not even associated with this broadcast.
I've never seen people so fast, spontaneously go, it's the government.
Well, this is the problem for the U.S.-British ruling elite, and this is largely one unified group, is that once you go down the path of terror, you have become a heroin addict.
That is, once you start shooting up heroin, you need repeated doses.
And the problem that you have is that the effect of each dose becomes less and less.
And I think they're now facing that kind of law of diminishing returns.
I would also say, look for the north of England, precisely the area that they're raiding.
Yorkshire, Leeds, places like this.
That's where the skepticism is the greatest.
And it's very interesting that there's a long tradition in those parts of Britain of being skeptical about London, the court, the city, the Bank of England, the palace, and the rest of it.
So I think the north of England may well lead the country into a skeptical reaction that may indeed bring down Tony Blair much faster than he thinks and perhaps can lead to the cleaning out of some of these rogue networks.
That's where we're seeing a lot of the resistance.
That's where my webmaster is based.
Well, it's interesting.
Shaler is from northern Yorkshire, and I was just on the Jimmy Walter Euro Tour, and we did an event in Manchester that was packed, 500 people.
And my webmaster for Prison Planets from Sheffield.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're going to have some great radio for you.
Very informative in this third hour.
We're going to have Webster Tarpley.
Incredible journalist, researcher since the mid-70s, writing and exposing government-sponsored terrorism, making just bombshell point after bombshell point here as we decipher the London bombings and how the globalists carried it out.
And then we're going to have John Rappaport riding shotgun with us, another great journalist, as well, and bring up several other issues that connect to this.
But let's talk about motives right now.
Mr. Tarpley, the Patriot Act's in trouble here.
The National ID cards are in trouble in the United Kingdom.
The people want Tony Blair out.
They want out of Iraq.
They're setting dates to pull out.
Our government's demanding it.
Bush is in trouble for the Karl Rove situation, selling out Valerie Plame.
Now Fox News comes on and says he deserves a medal for selling out innocent CIA agents just to burn some ambassador.
I mean, these guys are getting more and more over-the-top, Webster.
I would say it's a kind of a conflict and dialogue relation between the government that you see, right, the Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, the rest of this, and the actual aggressive rogue networks that operate behind the scenes.
Let me just point out a couple of things, a pattern, since the beginning of May.
On May 11th, we had a small plane approaching the White House.
Panic scenes, Congress evacuated, Supreme Court, White House evacuated.
It's happened twice now.
It's happened more than twice.
On May 18th, we have a live hand grenade tossed near Bush in Tbilisi, Georgia.
On June 29th, we have another small plane approaching Washington.
The Capitol, the Congress this time, evacuated amid scenes of panic.
And then, on the afternoon of July 2nd, we have three small planes approaching Bush's Camp David retreat up here in the Catoctin Mountains.
A couple of miles from where I am.
And this was not even reported.
This was stuck on the Metro page of the Washington Post.
Yeah, I only knew about two of the aircraft incidents.
Well, they were the third, so I think what you have to do is, there are four things right there.
Now, it seems to me the invisible government is signaling Bush, and this is the way that they talk, or they're prodding him.
Do exactly what we want, or we're going to Reagan you.
And that means, what is it that they want?
Remember Scott Ritter, back in January, had given this speech saying, They want Bush to sacrifice himself for them politically.
I think, and it probably involves the attack on Iran.
That was what Scott Ritter thought.
Israel says they're going in by the end of summer.
Well, this is what I think is plausible.
I had a chance to talk to a pretty good CIA analyst, retired on July 3rd, and he said what Scott Ritter meant to say was that Bush had ordered everything to be in readiness for an attack
At the end of June.
Now, maybe everything is not in readiness, but I think that's the issue.
Well, it's just like Iraq.
They were ready a year before.
Everybody thought it was March 02.
It was March 03.
And we have to remember, Seymour Hersh has been saying for a while that there are already teams on the ground.
There are already overflights.
Talk now about getting some troops out of Iraq.
And it looks to me like those 6,000 British troops in Iraq are going to go to Afghanistan.
Which would position them for a war with Iran.
The eastern flank, yeah.
And the other thing is, I think the other thing that adds urgency to all of this that people may not have noticed, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, so we're talking Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, the former Soviet Central Asian Republic, Tajikistan, and so forth.
They have put out a very interesting...
Call, basically, an ultimatum saying the U.S.
has to get out of the bases that were seized in Central Asia right after 9-11.
And remember, that was the big event on 9-11 was the Putin-Bush...
Telephone call where Bush said, we want bases in Central Asia, and Putin, for various reasons of his own, said, fine, go ahead.
Well, there are already 44,000 U.S.
and 17,000 British troops in some of the stands.
Well, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan seem to be the main ones that are publicly announced.
But if they lose those, they lose the ability to wage war in Iran.
So I think that there's a great urgency now to get the attack on Iran going.
And, of course, Bush's natural motive is to do nothing.
He just settled into inertia.
Alright, I want to talk about more about the Iran situation and get the take as well of John Rappaport.
Two incredible minds joining us.
We'll be right back.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Two real giants when it comes to their analytical and historical skills, with their track records really exposing and being able to pierce this fog of propaganda.
Webster Tarperly, who's been on with us for about 20 minutes, and then, of course, John Rappaport, who I had on a little bit in the third hour yesterday.
We didn't get to cover it all, so we had him back on.
We're going to continue with the discussion of government-sponsored terrorism, the pretext for control, get Rappaport and Tarpley's take on that, their analysis of that, and then come up in about 30 minutes, we're going to shift gears and get into the avian flu, which is clearly the New World Order gearing up to perhaps even release that to radically re-engineer society.
I mean, they're saying it's going to happen.
I'm not saying that.
They're saying it.
And how this all ties into the move to restrict and ban vitamins.
And I don't even know if we'll have time to take calls.
I know we have loaded phones.
I'm sorry.
It's just with these two men on, we've got to cover all the information.
A new development.
Two more WTC workers claim bombs in North Tower basement by Greg Zemenski doing this great reporting.
This is on PrisonPlanta.com.
Two more WTC workers have come forward with eyewitness testimony that a huge explosion ripped apart the lower levels of the North Tower about the same time that a jetliner rammed into the top floors.
The pair not only reported hearing the underground blast, but they were both injured, one suffering severe burns to the face, arms and hands, and the other cuts and bruises after they were being trapped in a stalled basement elevator.
And, of course, we have the firefighters saying bombs and being told to shut up.
I'm in contact with a bunch of them right now.
You may be hearing some of them on the air very soon.
In fact, you will.
And we have rescue workers saying they found the black boxes and being told by the FBI, keep your mouth shut.
Why don't they want you to hear that?
We have Silverstein saying he blew up Building 7 and nobody's supposed to talk about that.
All of this, but the last 30 minutes we got into the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
There are literally dozens of admitted examples of the British, Putin, the Russians, our government carrying out terror
Against their enemies, to blame it on them, and then they go on NPR, again like Kermit Roosevelt, leading the terror attacks against Mosaddegh, and then blaming Mosaddegh, and then he bragged about it.
They're so proud of themselves, Kermit Roosevelt.
And so I wanted to get a comment on Kermit Roosevelt, and I ran from Webster Tarpley, and then we're going to get the latest developments from Mr. Rappaport concerning the bombings.
That's fairly well known, that he was the CIA officer who was in charge of overthrowing Mossadegh in Iran.
I have a chapter about that in my book, which is simply to say what is today called Islamic fundamentalism of the destructive...
Type is largely a synthetic product of what the British and the US have done to these countries.
He was Mossadegh.
He was a perfectly reasonable nationalist, secular.
He happened to nationalize the oil money, the oil companies, and therefore the British and the US were determined to overthrow him.
And they were perfectly happy to have the Shah or then Khomeini.
Anybody is better than kind of a normal, secular nationalist.
Well, Kermit bragged about how he and a ten-man team smuggled across the border in two months.
Well, that's, of course, the CIA boasting after the fact.
Just to go back to the bombs, I think some of the reports that you're citing have been inspired by William Rodriguez.
I've been on the road with him in Europe.
We visited eight cities in the Jimmy Walter era.
9-11, reopen 9-11 European Tour, and Rodriguez was there, and every city basically putting out his personal story on 9-11, with explosions going off in the basement of the North Power, where he was, where he was the janitor and had the... Well, I've been told this by firefighters, and we've had Rodriguez on.
I've been told this by firefighters, and I call them back to have them on, and they go, look, I've been told to shut up.
Let's go to John Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com.
So, I mean, we talked about this yesterday.
Everybody I talked to, people who were skeptics in the past of the government-sponsored terror paradigm, why are they seeing through this particular event so clearly, John?
9-11 and the Internet.
You know, people have been prepared now to look at it in a completely different way within seconds of the event happening.
And so the paradigm is really changing.
And so people immediately become very, very acute in looking at what the cover stories are.
If the paradigm totally shifts, will the globalists keep carrying out terror?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, they will try.
But as we discussed at the end of the show yesterday, when the resistance becomes great enough and you have the two sides pushing at each other, the exposure factor of the terrorists and who's behind them, the real people...
It becomes impossible to suppress.
And the whistleblower levels are going to go up.
Whistleblower levels will go up.
You'll get ordinary Americans demanding to get into their congressmen's offices and sitting down and talking to them and saying, you know, the jig is up.
You guys can't do this anymore.
The mainstreaming.
The mainstreaming.
The pressure is going to be so great.
But listen, in reference to what Webster was just saying,
Let me tell you a story that was told to me some years ago by several different people, but in particular a guy who left Iran at the time that the Shah was overthrown.
This story has been repeated several times.
He said to me, listen, did you know that the Shah was in the process of building the biggest plastics factory in the world?
I said, no, I never heard about that.
He said, well, you've got to figure, he's got all the oil.
He was in the process of putting this together with the ambition of moving his country off the planetary chessboard of being a colony and becoming a major industrial player, trading with Europe, trading all over the place, and the Plastics Factory was his
Really, you know, that was going to be the apex.
So it's not just, and I've read that too and heard that, it's not just getting rid of Mosaddegh in 53, even their boy, the Shah, wasn't playing ball, and it's admitted that Reagan's giving him weapons, making backroom deals, that that whole deal was basically a staged event with the hostages.
I think if you add it all up, it's about $55 to $60 billion of 1978 money, including nuclear plants, steel mills, new ports, new cities...
New public transit, new railway system... Bottom line, they're not going to let Iraq industrialize.
They're not going to let Serbia do it.
Anybody tries to industrialize that isn't owned by the central banks, they're going to get overthrown.
Of course, because the way the game is played, the way the whole structure is built, Alex, is there is, you know, a game board.
And these elites have determined, okay, these areas are colonies, and these areas...
You know, really make the money and control politically the whole situation.
That's what Thomas Barnett, the name of the war column, says.
Let me interject one other thing.
Because there's more to this story.
So, this guy said to me, are you people in America completely stupid?
Do you think that the Shah's forces, you know, the secret police and soldiers and everything, wouldn't be able to stop a ragtag revolution of students that would bring Khomeini out of Paris into power?
Do you really think
That it wasn't the Americans, especially Haig, who came over and gave the order that these forces of the Shah had to stand down?
And then they double-crossed the Shah after they took him out, put in Khomeini, and then double-crossed Khomeini and had an Iran-Iraq war.
Let's get a comment from Webster Darbly.
Yes, well, actually, Haig didn't go himself.
He sent his deputy, General Heuser.
But there's no doubt that Zbigniew Brzezinski had decided at that point that Islamic fundamentalism of the most benighted kind was going to be the card he would play against the Soviets, and he needed Iran as a large base from which to do that.
And he bragged about that in the Grand Chessboard.
Mr. Rappaport, it sounded like you wanted to finish something.
No, I mean, I just wanted to, you know, go on to a little bit of new information that I have about the London bombing, because I think it's very specific and interesting.
I have been in communication with somebody who, I'm going to keep their name to myself for the moment, but here's the situation with the bus and the cameras.
First of all, the skin of that bus is very thin aluminum, so therefore...
The sides and the roof are not very strong, and an upstairs blast would immediately remove the top of the bus and release all the pressure.
Now, these cameras take still pictures, JPEGs, at three-second intervals, and they're collected on a removable hard drive located downstairs in the bus in a compartment behind the drivers.
Per bus, there's about four cameras monitoring the inside and about four the outside.
Yeah, that's what I said.
They've got four cameras.
I looked it up.
Well, there's about eight altogether, four inside and four outside.
So if the downstairs was reasonably undamaged, then these TV images still exist.
Yeah, that's what I read.
These cameras were not so destroyed, if you look at the pattern of the blast, that they were not able to get the pictures.
They have suppressed the pictures.
Let's get a comment from Mr. Tarboy on that.
Let me just comment on these arrests in Leeds.
This is so full of contradictions that it's impossible.
Here are people who are supposedly suicide bombers.
Nevertheless, they have bombs in backpacks that are based on sophisticated military explosives and with timers.
These are people with no political or ideological past.
They've simply been to Pakistan and
My guess is they went to Pakistan for family visits.
They were lured into Afghanistan, if they were, on the basis of maybe being drug runners, mules.
And somehow they were lured back to London with the idea that they were going to carry some packages around.
Well, that's exactly what I and Paul Watson are saying.
From all the evidence, it looks like they were decoys thinking they were part of a drill or a drug deal.
That these were dupes.
In other words, these were patsies in the classic sense of being complete dupes who had no idea what they were doing.
John Rappaport, do you agree with that analysis?
Yeah, absolutely.
That would make perfect sense because...
You're not going to get these people, you know, this one kid who was, like, teaching in a school for disadvantaged children, whatever, and he's carrying a bomb.
Sounds like a classic guy.
With three other people, and they're laughing and joking and enjoying themselves and having a good time, knowing that they're going to die.
Got him right.
Stay there.
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The global crime bosses are very smart.
They have a lot of different analysts working for them, but they also have become very arrogant.
John Rappaport and I have the same question for Webster Tarpley.
Really a two-part question.
Do you think they're surprised by how fast people have exposed them?
Number one.
And then number two, what do you think the globalist next move is going to be?
What do you see happening in the near term?
Well, I think there is a kind of a hubris, right?
Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.
And these people are now heroin addicts of terrorism.
They have nothing but terrorism as a myth around which to organize society.
It's pervaded every aspect of daily life.
It seems to me, though, remember, what the goal is is to get the war going with Iran and then use that, if necessary, for...
Marshall Law, State of Siege, whatever you want to call it, there are some signs, given that Birmingham farce that Tony Blair put on a couple of nights after the bombs went off in London, you can see that he is flirting with the idea of using the British Civil Contingencies Act to begin putting in the State of Siege.
It seems to me they are confident, or they delude themselves, that they can overwhelm opposition with something like that.
I would call for the following, though.
I have been trying for a number of years to get an independent International Truth Commission into 9-11 and into Madrid and now into London and into related issues going.
And there's going to be a kind of a gathering here in Washington, D.C.,
On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of July at American University.
It's called The Truth Convergence, and you can look it up.
It's being organized by a guy called Gabriel Day.
Let me get a comment on all of this from John Rappaport.
I think they are surprised to a degree, but as Webster says, their hubris is so gigantic that they automatically try to discount any sort of resistance or penetration of their cover ops and all of that.
However, my feeling is that we could be seeing what they're going to call a biological incident in the United States.
All the indicators show they're gearing up for that or suitcase nicks.
In order for them to clamp down with even more martial law than anything we've seen so far in Patriot Act stuff,
They need something else.
They need something more right here to convince the American people that you can't forget 9-11 because they're just going to keep on coming.
Webster, do you agree with John?
I think you have to assume that something like this could happen.
I would focus on a stratum of people.
These are largely leftists, but they're people who are a guide to a larger area of public opinion.
If you look at somebody like
Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Greg Pallast, Arundhati Roy, Michael Moore, The Nation magazine, or in Britain, this guy Galloway, or Tony Benn.
Here you have people who are anti-Bush, anti-Iraq war, but they haven't been able to make the leap to state-sponsored terrorism in regard to 9-11, Madrid, and what they are doing now seems to be pretty much in that groove.
Somebody like Chomsky in particular.
If Chomsky were to finally...
Have a Damascus Road conversion and say, there are conspiracies, my God.
9-11 was state-sponsored terrorism, and so is the rest of this stuff.
You could have a shift of about 10 or 15 percent.
I'm sure among conservatives, there are people of this type who need to make... Well, that's already happening.
That's already happening with Paul Craig Roberts and Morgan Reynolds.
Let me get a comment on that from John.
Yeah, absolutely.
If somebody like Chomsky suddenly showed up
And said, you know, I really realize now here's what's happening or this is what happened on 9-11, this is what happened in London.
He would be a very key figure.
He's extremely resistant.
He's extremely backed up into a corner like a giant bloated ego when it comes to people who come to his lectures and say, yeah, but who really killed JFK?
He gets so pissed off and so red in the face
Well, I've had him on.
He's obviously controlled.
I mean, he's at MIT.
Amy Goodman's on the pay of the Ford Foundation.
That's admitted.
So these left gatekeepers, they're there to make sure the left doesn't wake up.
Well, I think in Chomsky's case, it's more a matter of his own, put it this way, his gigantic ego on this issue, plus the fact that he really does know that his position, such as it is,
Could be completely destroyed if he were to cross that threshold that Webster's talking about.
I would hope that we could get something in the direction of an independent International Truth Commission on 9-11.
Again, this meeting at American University at the...
A weekend after next.
I think it's important for conservatives to come to this, as well as leftists, and talk about how to educate public opinion so when these things happen, people have an even quicker response of not believing it and beginning to look at the government.
All right, Webster, we're going to keep you a few more minutes on the other side and let you plug your book and stuff.
Then we're going to continue with John Rappaport.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Believe me, if they've got their feelers out, if they know people aren't going to buy a massive attack, an even bigger attack, they may not do it.
But I know they would have already done it.
They were already geared up for their bio-release two years ago, but they didn't do it because their own first responders refused to take the smallpox vaccine.
People, justices, somebody might tell you they trust the government folks, but the cops don't trust them.
We know instinctively.
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Dr. Tarpley, how do folks get your new book, 9-11 and Synthetic Terror, and what are some of the websites they should visit?
Well, there are two ways.
I guess one way is to go to Amazon.
If you go to Amazon, they have a special offer where you can get 9-11 Synthetic Terror, my new book just published now in April.
As well as the unauthorized biography of Bush the Elder, Bush 41.
And you get both of those, I think, for $29 and the shipping is free.
So that's, on the whole, I guess a reasonable offer.
Otherwise, you can go to ProgressivePress.com.
That's my publisher out in Southern California.
And he will also meet any orders.
But at the moment, it would be good for the progress of the book if you get it through Amazon, because if you drive up the Amazon ranking, then that helps me get into bookshops, which is not an easy thing to do.
All right.
In 60 seconds closing, nutshell for people who just joined us, what happened with the London Bombers?
London, Scotland Yard, British Police, knew in advance.
They warned Netanyahu.
I think they probably warned others.
There are various sources on that.
Visor Consultants was running a terror drill in pretty much the same stations, pretty much the same time.
It looks to me like the British intelligence, MI5, MI6, looked through their London Patsy pool, which is immense, Brixton Mosque, Finsbury Mosque,
They needed, however, people who are not sophisticated.
They need naive people who are not going to look inside the backpacks that they're given.
So they go up to Leeds and they get some naive young guys.
These were just happy kids, no connection to extremism, told they were carrying drugs or part of a drill.
Or something like that.
They're going to get big money for a few hours of work.
These guys go with their credit cards and their ID cards.
Nobody in his right mind can send anybody out on a terror mission if they've got identification, because it means if you grab one of them, the whole thing can be rolled up.
And then nobody takes credit for it.
Turns out the Al-Qaeda taking credit, that was fake.
A website linked to Bush.
A website here in Maryland, not so far away.
And it's basically in a chat room, so it's not a well-established website.
And then you have the fact that one of these poor guys had an eight-month-old child.
It just doesn't make any sense.
It looks to me like these are simply dupes.
Who were sent out there, and now we're supposed to believe that they took the credit cards with them because they wanted to be identified.
And now they're going to tell their wives, we're going to kill you if you don't go on TV and admit it.
And it also would seem that the British establishment has concluded that the only way they can keep themselves in power with Tony Blair and so forth is to play two million Muslims who are very numerous up there in northern England, in the Manchester to Leeds area.
Especially to play them against the rest of the British population.
So divide and conquer.
That's exactly it, Webster.
And at the very same time,
I would just hope that people would come to Washington on the 22nd to 24th at American University.
We're going to try to organize an independent international truth commission over the next month to break...
This lever of terrorism that is used to control world public opinion.
All right.
I'll have to have somebody on about that.
Thank you, Webster.
Always good to hear from you.
Go ahead, John.
Well, we were discussing when we were off the radio here.
Here's what people need to look for.
When I said I think that they're going to try a biological incident in the United States, that's the cover story.
People have to realize this whole thing about the flu pandemic and Millenstein, this is a cover story.
This is total baloney.
You're not going to get anything like this.
Germs don't work that way.
Germs work in immune-suppressed populations, and they work for a certain period of time, and then they go away.
This is what Ebola is all about and all of these things.
But they can say it's a biological incident.
They take a small town somewhere or an area somewhere in a small city in the United States and they say, oh my God, people are dying, da-da-da-da-da.
And they bring in all the medical honchos and they put a cordon around the whole place which makes it very focused
You've got news anchors from every major network 24-7 around there.
And they just have three or four of their CIA scientists.
The rest don't even know it.
In a Petri dish, go, oh, look, we found the pathogen.
We found the pathogen.
What it really was was a chemical.
They planted it.
They sprayed it.
Whatever they did to it, they know how the chemical acts.
They know what it does.
They know how long it lasts.
They call it a disease.
They say there's a germ.
And somebody says, look, I found it.
They do a vaccine or they do a drug or they do whatever.
The medical people are the heroes, and they say that they have conquered it, and blah, blah, blah.
But in the meantime, they have totally clamped down in a situation of emergency, martial law, closed down transportation.
We're under bio-attack.
We can't have people on the radio saying it's the government.
And you can't have people assembling.
In public because of the communicability of the disease.
This is the beautiful part from their point of view.
And riots have broken out as people are demanding food.
The Army's got to come in.
And after the crisis, we will never emerge from total martial law.
And this is what the government and the Pentagon has been setting the table for for decades.
They've been obsessed with it.
And they say it's not a question of it, but when it happens, and when they do, they have the national draft.
We become their total slaves.
And the New World Order is fully born, John.
Well, this next incident is going to be a step on the road.
They do this in steps.
They keep on the next step, and then the next step, and then the next step.
And at each point, they boil the frog more and more and slowly, and they keep on taking rights away from people, and they keep on saying, we're doing this in your interest, and people keep nodding and saying, whatever you guys want to do, just keep me safe.
What are the indicators, because I've come to the same realization as you, John, as a journalist, what are the indicators that have brought you to this point?
Well, it started in 1987 when I wrote my first book, AIDS Inc., which is part of my website, NoMoreFakeNews.
There I could see, okay, look, they're claiming they have found a virus that causes AIDS.
That is total crap.
There is no scientific evidence that some germ called HIV causes something called AIDS.
It's a cover for a bunch of other stuff.
Yeah, that's a whole other story.
But what I did see was...
Wow, what an incredible cover story because now they can go into Africa and they can say this area is off limits and that area is off limits and you can't assemble and you can't talk.
And in some areas 45% of the country has it with people who've never even had sex.
Now we move in and we take over all the resources which is what we're going to do anyway.
So we move into this area and we start up all kinds of agribusiness and mining operations and we do this and that and the other thing.
And we come in behind this preposterous scientific thesis with toxic drugs and toxic vaccines that kill people right and left.
And when they die, we say, well, they died from the germ.
And we can't argue with the scientists.
Yeah, you see, this is the last gigantic taboo.
The medical scientists are the priests of the 20th and 21st century.
You know, everything they say, people accept, especially in a situation of great urgency and danger.
And the test runs for this, you saw SARS, West Nile, avian flu, all of these kinds of things.
A few months ago, Bush signed the order for mass quarantines.
And so all of these things are just test runs.
Those germs, if they even located any, were completely harmless.
They have nothing to do with anything.
As far as human beings are concerned.
But they wanted to see, in the case of SARS, for example, what will happen if we target a major western industrial city and we cut off transportation and businesses close down and so forth.
What level, if any, of resistance are we going to see from the population?
And so that city became Toronto.
Also, the media uses that as a conditioning mode worldwide to teach you how to respond and behave.
And so they ran that test and they said, gee, guess what?
We succeeded.
Although there were all kinds of, you know, screams and yells from Canadian authorities and this and that.
Basically, everybody in Toronto just went about their business.
You didn't have any massive lawsuits filed afterwards by businesses that were put out of commission by SARS.
You didn't have the tourist industry suddenly get up on their hind legs and say,
Hey, we got some reports from journalists that say that this germ is a complete farce and a hoax, and we're going to sue the World Health Organization.
We're going to sue everybody in sight to recover our lost money.
None of that happened.
So they said, hmm, this worked out very well.
Let's try it again.
So now they're on with the avian flu and that whole business.
They run these tests.
They learn.
They do after post-mortem reports.
They do task force reports.
And then they say, okay, so when's the next one?
What is it going to be?
They have local drills all over the Western world training local police to instantly acquiesce authority to the centralized control system.
You got it.
And that's the way it works.
Do you think they're going to do it, though?
I mean, they're gearing up for it.
Why do they want to do this, John?
Well, they want to do it because it's all about control.
It's like, okay, we want to find the best way to control people and get them to give up their rights
And what's the best rubric under which we can do this?
And somebody pipes up, medical.
And they all go, wow.
You know, this was like 25, 30 years ago.
Because under medical, you see, everybody stands up and salutes.
Nobody says, you guys are crazy.
Nobody says, this is a leftist plot or a rightist plot.
Everybody says, wow, this is just about medical.
And so, if we can link this to terrorism...
Then we've got it.
Because now we can say, you know, Al-Qaeda, knapsacks full of viruses, and everybody will go, wow, okay.
And so we have to give up our rights.
And let me show you how easy this is.
They just follow some local Muslim pilot who says a doctor in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
This is hypothetical.
They wait for the proper time.
He goes for his once-a-week flight.
They tell a group of special forces that, hey, there's some terrorists in the area.
We've got to deploy you here.
They're waiting around in a farmhouse with a helicopter out back for a week.
They go, okay, we've got the word.
He's got the spray tanks.
He's flying.
We believe he's spraying the city.
Helicopter goes up, missiles him down.
They show the wreckage.
We don't know what happened.
Five days later, the outbreak begins.
Oh, my gosh.
And then there's your whole cover story.
Sure, or I'll give you even a simpler way they can do this.
People start dying.
That's the first thing.
And then all of a sudden, everybody rushes in.
They cordon off the city with soldiers, with medical personnel, blah, blah, blah, CIA.
And then they say, wreckage was found.
We just found wreckage.
This plane was crashed.
There was a Muslim on board.
He released these germs, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And they'll even say miraculously in the fire that the plastic ID wasn't burned.
It was just like 9-11 or just like the London bombing.
Yeah, we found his hand outside clutching his driver's license, you know.
Yeah, that's it.
And then everybody stands up and salutes, and they say, what do you want us to do?
We're going to have a national draft.
We're going to have lockdowns.
We're going to have curfews.
Sorry, it's just the way it is.
And the major word will be quarantined.
And Limbaugh's even warming up now, going, in World War II, we arrested you if you criticized the government at the time of the war.
Not just Savage and others now saying it.
They got the icon out there as well, Paul Harvey.
So they're really pre-positioning.
Oh, yeah.
I bet.
They're doing it.
So, John Rappaport, I mean, is there any hope?
I mean, when people cross that threshold in enough numbers...
You know, whatever the millions is that are necessary to say, you know, this is all a hoax, this is all unbelievable, then all of a sudden the whole thing begins to fall apart.
And I could go back and quote you chapter and verse on what happened when I published AIDS Inc.
in 1988.
Well, I'd like to have you on about that, but John Rappaport, here's an example.
My website, you know, already gets each one of them about 9 million visitors a month.
Well, my two biggest sites get that.
The others get about a third of that.
But the last week, Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, you know, they have the big rating services out there.
People can check it.
You can rate it.
I mean, when I'm getting to each website, two, three million individual visitors per website per day, and we've even got computer programs that will track how many of those IPs are totally different.
So let's say just on my website, the last seven days,
Six million individual people came to it, and the news we've been putting out has been on probably 50 sites, 20 of them as big or bigger than my site.
Duplicate those numbers.
We did this a few nights ago.
We're looking at probably 50 million people in the U.S.
and England that have read the stories I've written.
How many are reading the stories you've written?
I mean, Bill O'Reilly, to put this in context, his biggest night ever...
On the O'Reilly Factor is 2.8 million listeners.
You were on Coast to Coast last night with 16 million an hour.
So, I mean, the point is, is that the illusion is they're bigger than us.
But, John, they're not even as big as we are now.
That's right.
And as you said, and as we talked about earlier, look at the speed of the reaction now to the London bombings.
Within hours, you had people publishing pieces and saying and writing things
This is a hoax.
This is not real.
But, John, all they've got going for them, though, is even though we're the majority, we still don't realize our power and don't realize how big we've gotten.
Go ahead.
That's right.
So we have to take that and digest it.
We don't.
Say, we're gigantic.
And what Webster was talking about earlier, you know, this International Truth Commission, you bring enough people on board and you start enough tours and you start enough reports and lectures and this and that,
And you've got whole populations starting to make the connection.
It's a saying in football, you cannot stop the run.
And we've just got to keep sending them up the middle, man.
Boom, boom.
One after another.
And they begin to fall back.
And they begin to get exposed.
And whistleblowers start coming out of the closet.
And the stories are breaking too fast for the major media to even cover them up.
And we have millions and millions of minds watching, tracking what they're doing, feeding us, pointing out things to us.
We've got really a giant private intelligence agency, John.
Yes, absolutely.
Now all we have to do is improve our PR a little bit and watch out.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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And folks, that's not hype.
I mean, I was talking to John Rappaport.
I wish you could hear the conversations we have off air.
I am humbled.
I mean, I am blown away.
It freaks me out to have more listeners and viewers than the biggest show on cable news TV.
And I don't have the biggest alternative news site folks out there.
I mean, it's really happening.
And just thank God it is.
I mean, that's God's promise that we'll stand up and take action.
And many of you will say, well, why haven't you been killed?
There's too many John Rappaports and Webster Tarpleys.
There's too many Paul Joseph Watsons.
I mean, everybody's waking up to this.
There's people making better points than I make.
That makes us all safer.
And I was asking you, John, during the break, you know, are the globalists just having incredible hubris, or do they realize what's happening?
But then I think back to history, they've had pretty smart elites before, but they never seem to figure out just how big the threat is.
Tell us about it.
No, they don't know how big the threat is.
They don't really understand it, and they don't want to understand it.
They want to downplay it completely and pretend that it doesn't mean anything.
But you see that their problem is that if they were suddenly to realize the degree of the threat and they were to take really draconian measures like shutting down say all your sites and other major important sites and so forth, then it would be tantamount to a rank admission.
That they understand that the truth is coming out and they have to stop it.
And then everybody would know all at once what's going on.
That would probably panic their own people, too.
It would, indeed.
It would, indeed.
Well, we are having big British ISPs blocking Prison Planet Infowars.
That's confirmed.
Well, the information is getting through because there's so many other sites that are reprinting your information and your articles.
As well as mine, that it gets through one way or another, because I've gotten a whole lot of emails out of England since I started writing about the bombing.
Well, you're doing a fabulous job, John, and we don't have a choice.
I mean, if we weren't exposing them, things would already be worse.
I mean, they were already planning something.
Do you agree with that?
That's right.
It has already had a tremendous effect, and it continues to have that effect.
But it's a Catch-22.
Then they'll need to carry out an even bigger event to try to smokescreen this.
But at a certain point, that won't help them.
It'll be like throwing gasoline on a fire.
Absolutely, because the more that people wake up, the more they see through the next operation, the next cover-up.
At every point, people get smarter and faster.
I don't want to use the evolution term like in classic evolution, but as a species, politically, we've gotten pretty dumb, but it seems like now there's an acceleration in the evolution of understanding.
Yeah, I agree completely.
There are a whole lot of people out there who understand as a result of 9-11 what happened in London.
They just understand because they went into 9-11.
My little ordeal by fire, so to speak, was the Oklahoma bombing because I wrote about that extensively in 1995.
So when 9-11 came on, I said, well, you know, I mean, this is the same deal.
No, same thing, and it's always the same M.O., always the same operation.
Why do you think Mr. Visor Consultant got so upset?
Yeah, absolutely, and continues to be upset, because people came back at him and said, you know, you might think you're being cute and interesting, but we know what you're really saying.
And now his back is up against the wall.
Has he responded again?
No, I haven't heard anything more from him, but...
I know from that email that he sent to me that you reprinted on Prison Planet that he was obviously very upset.
Also, John, we also learned who their operatives are in the so-called alternative media.
We were getting the exact same statements out of people before he even released them.
So we got the script.
Yeah, we can really identify who they are.
All right, John Rappaport, nomorefakenews.com.
Incredible books and materials there.
Check them out.
Thank you so much, John, for coming on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
I really appreciate it.
I want to get an update from you in the next few weeks, all right?
Thank you.
It's a deal.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
A lot of news we didn't get a chance to cover at infowars.com.
God bless.
God bless.
We're good to go.