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Air Date: July 13, 2005
2295 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Wednesday, the 13th day of July 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Masses of vital news and information.
And, of course, your phone calls.
We're going to take a bunch of them throughout this transmission.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I was so busy talking about...
The situation with the London bombings yesterday that I barely mentioned the ruling that came out yesterday that now a lot of people are talking about where they're saying over in Europe they're going to go ahead and start restricting and banning 500 supplements now.
So we'll be discussing that under international treaty
We will be regulated as well.
Meanwhile, all the neocon disinformation artists are out there saying it's an urban legend.
It doesn't exist.
It's not happening.
It's all made up.
EU bans sale of vitamins.
Controversial new European laws which could outlaw thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements.
This is the London Evening Standard.
They're saying thousands.
It's 500 mainly.
The European Court of Justice rejected British health food industry claims that the proposed food supplements directive coming into force August 1st breaches EU rules.
So, we'll be going over that.
A lot of big developments in the London bombings, of course.
London underground exercise and the magically exploding terrorist.
Important questions by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones.
We put this together yesterday.
Blair is now saying he's shocked that the bombers that magically disappeared, that evaporated, were British.
This shows how evil it is and how anybody could be a terrorist now.
The terrorists are just everywhere.
And of course, Scotland Yard is saying they don't even know these were the terrorists, though they're trying to ID them with their TV cameras.
But Blair, it's open and shut case.
They're guilty.
This is the same crowd that flagged a message board with Al Qaeda taking credit.
And now they're saying it's the new generation of Al-Qaeda, and that's all been disproven, but so what about the facts?
We have the magically exploding terrorists, and new developments have surfaced, and I pointed this out day one, that Giuliani has an anti-terror consulting company, and he was just a few hundred feet away from one of the blasts in a building above it,
And what is his connection?
Well, now there have been connections made to the British anti-terror establishment and good old Rudolph Giuliani.
And we'll discuss how this ties in with visor consultants and Peter Power...
Who was running a drill concerning the London Underground with an unnamed company and group of the exact same locations at the exact same times being simultaneously bombed.
So we'll take your calls on all of these subjects, hang it into more detail after this quick break.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
For the latest, most up-to-date coverage of the Codex Alimentarius, of the expansion of the Pan-American Union through CAFTA, for the Karl Rove situation on his selling out CIA agents just to burn their husband,
We will be going over all of it, and it's posted on Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and Infowars.net.
There's mainly the same news on all four of the sites, but some different stories are exclusive to some of the sites, so be sure and visit all of them today.
We'll be right back, so strap yourselves in and get ready.
It's going to be a rollercoaster ride down the rabbit hole as we expose the global controllers, the overlords of the New World Order neo-fascist plantation.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, it's the second segment.
Eight minutes, 30 seconds into this transmission.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Before I get into...
More of these British and international rulings to restrict and regulate and ban many vitamins and how that ties into CAFTA and the subsections in this legislation.
And before we get into the latest developments, and there have been a bunch of new developments and different pieces of propaganda and spin that need to be deciphered concerning the London bombings, before we get into the exploding gas prices, before we get into your phone calls...
In implementing a total control grid designed by the United States Pentagon.
And the same systems they're putting in there, they're putting in here.
This is why Bill Jacobs in The Scotsman, this came out about a week ago, big brother, UK turning into Stalinist state.
The news that the government is considering compulsory voting reminds me of a comment made by the late Member of Parliament, Jamie Cahn.
He said, I dislike almost everything that Tony Blair has done to the Labour Party, but as a former Stalinist, I'm very impressed by the way he's done it.
Boy, I got Stalinists there saying, very well done.
The revelation...
By the leader of the common, Geoff Hoon, yesterday, that the government is looking at fining people who don't vote is very reminiscent of the old Soviet bloc.
But this is just the latest in a string of deeply illiberal measures.
The hottest topic at the moment is identity cards.
Tony Blair says that they are vital to fight terrorism, organized crime, and benefit an identity fraud.
The Prime Minister and Home Secretary Charles Clark say that they will be voluntary with a vote, but both houses of Parliament at Westminster need to make them compulsory.
Few doubt that if Labour stays in power, the necessary votes will take place and be won.
The conservatives are pushing for it, too.
Anti-social behavior orders constantly being tinkered with to make the more draconian in both Scotland and England are another sign of the government's authoritarian tendencies.
Yeah, the two-year-old throws fits, they're put on a criminal list.
Forced drugging, if you throw gum out on the sidewalk, you're instantly arrested.
And if Edinburgh Member of Parliament and Transport's Scottish Secretary, Alistair Darling, gets his way, every car will have to have an electronic tracking device to allow road charging.
Almost passed the same thing in Texas this year.
They're trying to pass it right now in special session.
I mean, this is here, folks.
It's not coming.
This will mean that every driver will be tracked by a satellite everywhere they go.
The government's own information commissioner, Richard Thomas, believes that the combination of ID cards is a step towards the Big Brother Society, although Mr. Clark, Mr. Blair, and Mr. Darling robustly deny this.
In England, the government has tried to abolish the right to silence, habeas corpus, which allows a court to demand the production of a prisoner, and the right to a jury trial for people accused of many middle-ranking offenses.
Yeah, non-terror related, no more juries.
First thing Blair did when he got elected was say, many years ago, that Magna Carta was dead.
Which is what our Bill of Rights and Constitution is based on.
Then there are the government's attempts to detain suspected terrorists, not merely without trial, but without telling them what they are accused of.
Mr. Blair and his lieutenants seem impervious to the pleas of the Little Democrats and Civil Liberties campaigners about the drift toward state control.
The drift?
About the mad pell-mell rush.
They may have some reason to be less than impressed by Tory U-turns on these issues.
They originally supported ID cards.
The question of compulsory voting is just the latest stage in this move towards a new labor society that is not so much nanny state as big brother state.
Mr. Hoon is the first cabinet member to float the idea.
As a total Blair loyalist whose career hangs entirely on the Prime Minister's patronage, this claim that it is just his personal view rings hollow.
It's one of the great ironies that Mr. Blair, that he has transformed the labor in a bid to make it electable, modern and less old-fashioned, left-wing and Marxist, but increasingly, as he remains in power, the actions of his government becomes more and more Stalinist.
As the communists proved, you can make nearly everybody vote, and 99.9% turnaround can return your rulers unopposed.
But it's not freedom, and it's not democracy, and it's about time the Prime Minister and his Labor Cabinet remembered that.
And again, the conservatives, the Labor Party, are identical.
I mean, you've got the Tories versus Labor, and I watch every Sunday, when I get a chance, I will watch Prime Minister's Questions.
Every few weeks I'll watch it, and it's totally staged.
They're all for the war, they're all for the millions of cameras, they're all for ID cards, they're all for checkpoints, they're all for total control, and then boom, right when Blair is under major heat over the national ID card, he comes out and says, you watch, terrorists are going to get us, and it's going to be your fault.
Boom, boom, boom.
And now, oh, see, we know who did it.
They all blew themselves up, and now you need to give up all your freedoms to us, but we're going to bring in record levels of immigrants.
Just like here, we've got to give up all of our freedoms and live in a Stasi-slash-Nazi state.
But that's okay.
That's all right.
Because the border is going to stay completely wide open, and Bush has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down in multiple sectors.
That is the Associated Press and Washington Times.
So it's all hollow.
It's all a fraud.
And it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse by the minute.
And Bush comes out and says, see, you better reauthorize the Patriot Act.
You better expand it or the terrorists are going to get you.
Meanwhile, Blair has come out and he is saying that he's surprised that it's British bombers.
Now, now,
You know, we covered the Sky TV news articles yesterday where bombers blew themselves up.
Bombers killed themselves.
And then it says, well, maybe they're bombers.
We're not sure.
Or their bodies disappeared.
They're just suspects.
But the headlines in all these articles, Sky TV, CNN, it's all BBC, it's all the same.
Blair shocked bombers were British.
Prime Minister outlines four-point plan to combat terror attacks.
London, England, CNN.
Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed his shock that the four men believed to have carried out last week's daily terror attacks on London's transit system were British nationals.
Now, again, I've literally came across over 20 articles today all over the media, American and British, where they say, Blair shocked bombers were British.
Blair says he shocked bombers were British.
Bombers discovered.
Identities proven.
Bombers caught.
Bombers blew themselves up.
The Euribus Scotland Yard said, oh, we can't find their bodies, but we think they blew themselves up.
We might have video of these four Muslims getting on trains.
Oh, and 20% of London, 20-plus percent are Muslim or Arab.
So, boy, pretty, pretty, oh, we see a Muslim going on a train.
Why, he did it.
Blair shocked.
Bombers were British.
And then you read the article.
Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed his shock that the four men believed, believed, who have carried out last week's deadly terror attacks on London transit system were British nationals.
But the headline, Blair shocked.
Bombers were British.
Now, again, you read that and you get, boy, they found them.
Just like within an hour of the bombings, they have video of Al-Qaeda training tapes from four years ago, which those bases were built, funded by the U.S.
government, by the way, that's admitted, charging the camera.
They're going to get you any minute now.
And, of course, the bombs were military-grade explosive.
They were simultaneous.
This fits the MO of Western Intelligence Agency.
So we're going to go over all that and the situation with the vitamins being banned.
It's all happening.
But right now, without further ado, let's go ahead and go to the calls.
David in Mass, then James, Rodney, Robert, and others.
Go ahead, David.
Alex, how are you today?
A lot of news to cover.
Hey, Alex, listen.
The morning shows paraded Richard Clarke this morning out to parrot the official story, of course, that the bombers, of course, British citizens... That's Richard Clarke.
Why, he criticized Bush.
We can trust him.
That's right.
He's the darling of the left.
Because he's exactly... It's like Colin Powell said the war wasn't good until suddenly he switched sides and said, here's the anthrax.
They're guilty.
That's right.
And here's another interesting thing, Alex.
Last night, I went to Visor Consultants' homepage, their website.
Not one word about Mr. Peter Power's interview.
Not one word.
You can't find it anywhere.
No mention of it at all on their site.
I combed the entire site.
Well, again, for those who don't know, tell them what Visor Consultants is.
Well, they're supposedly the company that contracted to do a drill exercise in the London Underground at the exact same time that, of course, the real bombing happened for an unnamed company.
But not just the exact same time, the exact same three terminals out of 220-plus.
The exact same train sections.
We've now learned that he's been the spokesman on bombings, the main spokesman, for over a decade.
Oh, when he worked at Scotland Yard, he's a very special man.
You can go on there and you see a nice little color photograph of Peter Power up there, but not one word about his admission that they were running a drill.
Yeah, that's right.
You'd think he'd want to brag more about that now.
So this kind of looks like Silverstein, doesn't it, Alex?
You know, I'm not going to say that Mr. Power was involved because he went out and spilled his guts.
Easily, they could be hired, again, to create the echelon traffic on the phones and systems of a drill so that good police wouldn't become basically notified of what was happening.
Alex, this is just for plausible deniability.
That's all it is.
Yeah, it's a cover.
But it'd be easy for them to hire him and for this to be done and his group to get nothing to be involved, but...
We're doing some investigations and it's pretty spooky.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
Stay with us.
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Let's just go back to your calls, and then coming up later in the next segment, I'll get into some of the connections that we're now learning about concerning Peter Fowler and members of the British government and what his past role has been.
Getting very, very suspicious.
Right now, let's go to James in Michigan.
Hi, Alex.
James, go ahead.
You know, I was wondering here, I was doing some research on this, well, what's going on with Bin Laden.
And I had found out something here back in 1989 when the first Bush was in office.
He had sent the CIA advisors over there to help Bin Laden fight the Russians.
Well, it wasn't in 1989.
It was long before that.
It started in 1979, even before the Russians invaded Afghanistan.
By the mid-1980s, bin Laden was commanding the Mujahideen with the help of Delta Force and Green Berets and was given billions of dollars of U.S.
And then the thing is, what makes me laugh, though, is they say, well, we're going to be, we won't stop until we find Osama bin Laden.
But yet,
We had given him aid and help to fight the Russians.
Well, Bush said the number one job was catching bin Laden for about six months.
Then they actually said, forget about bin Laden.
Saddam's the threat.
And then Bush later in press conferences said, I'm not worried about him.
I don't want to find him.
We're not trying to get him.
Don't you remember that?
Oh, yeah, I remember that.
Well, then also the other bin Laden members of the family were...
They've known to have been barbecuing with Bush down there in Crawford, Texas.
You know, these are the other Bin Ladens' relatives.
Well, not just barbecuing.
They stay at the Bin Ladens' homes in Saudi Arabia.
They vacation with them.
They're very close friends going back into the early 1970s.
Such good friends that the head of the Bin Laden family invested with George W. in 1976 to start Obusta Oil.
They own airports together.
They're just a wonderful family group, kind of like Bill Clinton is a member of the family now, according to Barbara.
And that's the major publications admitting that, like the Boston Globe.
That's Barbara's own quotes.
And they flew them out to safety on the days after 9-11.
It's always been staged.
On the morning of 9-11, Bush Sr.
was having breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton in D.C.
This is the Associated Press.
At the main table with the other main shareholders, and having breakfast at the table with the Bin Laden family.
Good personal friends, and everything's fine.
Everybody's got to be arrested, though, that has connections to the Bin Ladens.
Oh, and then they claim the Bin Ladens aren't involved in any terror.
Oh, it's just Osama.
Well, the whole thing is that people are being bamboozled, but I believe my own opinion is that a lot of them are just like sheep.
You know, they're out there grazing in the meadow, and Bush is setting us all up for the slaughter.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
This is how it works.
Back in the 50s, even before that, our government didn't like secular, even pro-Western governments, but they wanted to be sovereign.
They didn't want strong, healthy, vibrant economies in the Middle East, so they would overthrow good elected governments, and they would put in radical Muslims, because then they would get to say that was a crisis and build a military up against it.
And this was admitted.
And the Bin Ladens go back to being British crowned servants back to like 1918.
When they helped carve up that area after World War I and they gave the House of Saud a bunch of weapons, the Bin Ladens were some of their biggest supporters.
So the Bin Ladens have been British intelligence back until 1918.
They became big buddies with the Bushes when the Bushes became powerful and Bush was CIA director and then ambassador to China and then of course later in Congress.
So that's why you see this happening.
And they've been great, great buddies.
Spy chiefs together.
And they've just done a wonderful job carrying out 9-11.
A wonderful job fooling the public.
And they all stand to gain from it, too.
They even have the motives.
But let's just ignore it.
Everything's fine.
Let's just give our rights up.
How's that sound?
Let's go ahead and talk to Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Alex, great show.
Thank you.
I want to commend you for the accuracy on your website.
And speaking of giving up our rights, I was visiting your website this morning and I noticed that although many of the Congress people protested this recent passage of the Patriot Act, they went ahead on and did it anyway.
Can you comment on that?
And also, there was a story on your website that I found very curious.
It was a story with Charles Rangel, and it indicated that there might have been some hush money passed to keep him shut up.
And also this thing with the... Can you hold me over until I get a break here?
Sure, yeah.
Stay there, Rodney.
We'll be right back, folks.
All part of the new freedom, though.
And, I mean, you know, let's just give all our rights up.
That's what America's all about, is being slaves.
Freedom is being a slave.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
One of the things Rodney was just mentioning was an article that came out a few days ago where Bush said, well, whoever did this, don't worry, I'll take care of them.
And the media then extrapolated that out to, he will fire them.
And then the article he posted was saying it's just a threat that Bush will really, quote, take care of them, like Bill Clinton would do with Ron Brown or somebody if they got too embarrassing.
You know, with the communist generals in the Commerce Department engaging in high treason.
But, no, I think Bush will take care of him and defend him and protect him.
They're not really into scapegoating their minions or their analysts or their little compatriots.
They're just into arrogantly saying, so what?
I mean, Rumsfeld's tried to turn in his resignation three times and Bush won't take it.
They just don't care.
I know Bush is a good conservative, and I'm an evil liberal for exposing him.
I mean, that's ridiculous, folks.
Bush is a puppet.
Rove is even a puppet, just carrying out an agenda of the private corporate interests that want to be bigger than governments, are bigger than most governments, and that are taking over our society.
Rodney, finish up what you were saying.
Well, you basically covered what I called about, but I just want to commend you for your accuracy because all of these major newspapers that I went to prior to seeing that article and Bush's statements used the word fired.
And you were the only one who said, well, no, the more accurate term that he used was they would be taken care of.
And I want to put in a real brief plug for you, not that you need it,
If people really want accurate news and news is truthful, go to InfoWars or Prison Planet.
That's all I got for you, Alex.
Thank you.
All right, Rodney.
Thanks a lot.
I would add to what he just brought up about the Bushes and Karl Rove.
Everybody is getting so obsessed with Karl Rove.
Bring down Karl Rove.
Bring down Karl Rove.
I think?
We're good to go.
It is very suspect that, you know, we're not talking about them banning vitamins.
We're not talking about Karl Rove and the sellout of the CIA agents.
We're not talking about CAFTA.
We're not talking about how they're trying to reauthorize the Patriot Act.
You know, now we're talking about the London Bonnocks.
And we're being forced to cover it because the official story is a giant fraud.
But, you know, I keep repeating this because it's so important.
They're setting up this massive police state here in America, taking all of our liberties, just turning the police state burners up on mega high, and meanwhile there are less Border Patrol on the north and south borders, and Bush has been caught publicly ordering the Border Patrol to stand down and let the illegals come across.
And federal, state, and local governments are giving the illegal aliens home loans.
Government-guaranteed home loans.
Private corporations won't do it, though some of them are, but predominantly it's the government.
They take your tax money and give it to illegal aliens to buy houses.
I mean, there's another example.
The government does not see these people as illegal.
But they know that it is wildly unpopular, and that you're very angry about this, and that you're waking up that the whole war on terror is transparent, because they won't do anything about illegal aliens, so they've got to, in name only, claim that they're still illegal aliens.
But notice they're changing the term now to just immigrants, or undocumented workers.
So we've got 30 million people without ID cards just floating around, doing whatever they want.
Just masses of sheriffs and police chiefs have gone public and said, we arrest van loads full of illegal aliens with guns and drugs.
They're in jail for a week and then released.
Because the federal courts don't want them, the state courts don't want them.
There was a Houston Chronicle last year article where in South Texas alone, 400,000 illegal aliens were released out of prisons.
And over half of them were in there for felonies.
Just in there a few weeks, a few months maximum, released.
I mean, it was like the railway killer.
He killed over ten people, admittedly.
And he would be caught, and they would just release him over and over and over again.
I mean, literally, folks, they have more rights than citizens do.
I talked about this yesterday, but whenever the cops pull you over and want to search your car, just look at them and go, well, why don't you do this to the illegal aliens?
Oh, you've been told to leave them alone.
Why don't you go join the Border Patrol, officer?
You want to search vehicles?
That's where you're supposed to be searching vehicles.
Why don't you leave me alone?
Well, what have you got to hide?
Well, I want my children to live in a free country.
You know, checkpoints aren't freedom.
Well, things have changed after 9-11, the cops will say.
And go, they have?
I guess you're right.
There's 2,000 less Border Patrol on the southern border alone.
I guess you're right, officer.
Don't you have better things to do, officer?
All right, let's go quickly to your calls.
Let's talk to Robert in Colorado, then Bart, Ron, and Jenna.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Good morning, Alexander.
Thanks so much for taking my call.
Two quick points.
What do you think was really going on with that Live Aid concert around the world last week or two ago?
I've heard that the money was supposed to go to Africa ostensibly, but that some of those countries are led by dictators, and we're breaking bread with them.
So I'm wondering...
A lot of money was gathered, which I assume it was.
Do you think there was really something to that?
Eight of the nine, and we've confirmed this, eight of the nine African leaders that stood behind them, something like 20-something African leaders.
Why was it eight of the nine?
The people they picked, they all had terrorist backgrounds of being rebel terrorist leaders.
Most of them were socialists or communists.
And here you have live eight.
And so on the surface, what they're saying is true.
That money is going to Africa.
But it's going for forced inoculation programs.
It's going for shipping in genetically modified food.
It's going to prop up the client despots and viceroys over those communities.
And so again, they have Bono and these other people up there peddling all this to give it this trendy look.
And then the push is, we've got to have a global tax on oil at the wellhead, or you're against the Africans and other third world populations.
We've got to have more taxes paid and given into the IMF and World Bank to, quote, give loans.
But the IMF and World Bank documents came out three years ago.
The BBC even reported on it.
We had Greg Palestine, his night presenter, say,
And right there in the documents it said, we go in, we pay off the dictator to not pay off the loan, he retires the Switzerland with the money, but signs over all the natural resources and control of the population to the IMF and World Bank, who then give those contracts to private corporations.
So all this is is taking our tax money and the money that we're gullible enough to give.
You know, we buy a bracelet that says for African aid at 7-Eleven.
It all goes to enslave those people.
Thanks for the call.
I was listening to USA Radio Network, one of the most neocon propaganda arms out there.
But we have stations that request news, and so that's the news that we carry.
We ought to start our own news division.
We just don't have the money to do it.
But every time I listened to it, it was just they had some expert on there.
Don't go give your money away.
Individually to the victims.
Don't send food.
Give it to one of the big aid agencies like the Red Cross.
That's who can be trusted.
The Red Cross is... I don't mean you out there that volunteered to give out blankets.
I mean, the Red Cross leadership is criminal.
They have been convicted of robbing mail and signing checks over to themselves.
I mean, at the highest levels.
United Way has been caught more times than I can remember.
You know, stealing.
The director takes $15 million for themselves and nothing happens.
Over half the money for the 9-11 victims didn't go to them, though they advertised it would.
It's a scam, folks.
It's a big, fat scam.
Let's go to Bart in Texas.
Bart, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
You know, I really want to relate an experience that I've been having down here in Houston trying to fight to keep Houston MediaSource alive.
I want to tell all your listeners out there that if you want to really feel alive, if you really want to get in the fight, get out there.
Find the issue that you're passionate about.
You know, you've really been drumming this message of everyone needs to be a leader.
And right now, you know, in the public and the population, people are ready.
The people are ready for leaders.
And if everyone that listened to your show really went out there and got involved, went to their city council, went and formed organizations for the causes that they believe in, that they want to fight for,
We could win this thing.
Because I've never in my life felt more alive than when I stood in front of my city council and declared my opinions on what I thought was right versus someone that I pretty obviously to me was just having a political agenda.
Well, for those who don't know what you're talking about, all over the country they're shutting AXS TV down because patriots and truth seekers have been putting good programming on and they're trying to shut it down in Houston.
Yeah, well, they've gone about it by trying to say it's obscene.
And, you know, the Councilwoman Weissman, she keeps quoting all these laws that have absolutely nothing to do with public access.
She waves around, you know, very McCarthy-like FCC regulations that have nothing to do with public access and PEGs.
Yeah, FCC doesn't regulate cable.
Well, yeah, and I mean, the other thing is that she keeps saying that we have to have preemptive screening.
And that goes against the very forum that this is set up for.
And, again, she's trying to hold the entire media system, Houston media, access.
Listen, listen, I know, Bart, it's... Because some idiots prance around dressed like women, and that's it, using cuss words at 2 in the morning, it's bad.
But you tune into mainstream TV at 9 o'clock at night, and they're using the F word, and men are in bed together.
I mean, it's...
What's sad is that there is a process to hold each show accountable, but she's trying to hold the whole system accountable.
Well, you need to get in there, sir, and you need to get your own show.
I do have my own show, and we're broadcasting your stuff.
We're getting the message out, and we're going to keep fighting.
If they do shut down Houston Media Source, I'm going to turn around and I'm going to start a petition to get it back on, and we're not going to give up.
I hear you.
Keep it up, Bart.
You need to put up a 300-watt pirate transmitter.
I'm just joking.
Don't do that.
Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hello, Alex.
Reporting from New York today, the city of New York.
I think maybe we should call it the Soviet state, or better yet, the international territory of New York.
Today, the mayor of New York, with the majority support of our city council, signed a bill which would allow illegal aliens to obtain licenses issued by the city
The same way that a U.S.
citizen would.
Well, 870-something cities, last time I saw the federal numbers, that was a year ago, are now doing this.
Vicente Fox came to Austin and gave awards to the city for doing this.
I mean, it's felonies being committed in front of all of us, but it's all selectively enforced.
Well, it's not even a matter of selective enforcement in this case.
They've now institutionally legitimized a non-American citizen who is here illegally obtaining a license from the city.
And they get more tuition than citizens?
They're going to give them home loans through the city?
My point with this, these licenses, there's a category of licenses.
They're usually very coveted, most of them.
You'll now have an American citizen competing legally
To get a license with an illegal alien.
Now, as it is, anybody who lives in New York City can back me up on this.
Most of these licenses are issued to immigrants at this stage.
Probably non-illegal up to this point.
And the minority of these licenses, the very small portion, are issued to native-born Americans.
Yeah, tell us.
It's a special type of license.
Give us the specifics.
Well, you have various licenses.
You have peddler licenses.
You have licenses to run a newsstand.
Licenses to operate a hot dog stand.
Things like that.
And what do they call it?
A medallion that costs $100,000 for your cab?
For cabs, it's called a medallion.
That's correct.
But the illegals will get it for free!
Hold on a second, Alex.
No, it's about undermining us.
There's no way to win against us.
Listen to how much further absurd it is.
No, I know.
A small number of these licenses are possessed by native-born American citizens, and the majority of those are old disabled war veterans.
This city over the last several years has raised hell in an attempt to literally pull the licenses and close down whatever few stands these American disabled American war veterans have.
And now they've signed a law to allow an illegal alien, it's an invader, into the United States to obtain the licenses.
It gets better than that.
I once said to you a story about probably two years back.
And then they put 15 illegals in there.
Yep, now we've got 15 illegals from the Balkans, Eastern European illegals.
I know.
Crawling all over the building.
Sir, sir, I know a lady...
None of my whole life, literally, good friend of the family, who manages, actually several apartments, but the biggest in Austin, and they were told, you let illegals do whatever they want, citizens are out.
Well, you know, how much longer are we as citizens, the majority, the people of this country, the people who built and created this country's infrastructure, going to be weak, cowardly, and stupid?
Well, for those of you who don't know, I'm against all these medallions and licenses, but to have a cab or have a stand or sell hot dogs...
You've got to jump through 100 hoops.
But then all over the country, they give discounts to the illegals.
Again, these are incentives to get them here.
And then force us to pay taxes to this entity called the government.
It's not our government.
Never use the term, our government.
Sir, it is a magnet to pull.
You think 30 million illegals is bad?
They're saying in the next 10 years, it'll be another 30 mil.
We're neighboring their whole family.
It's another 30, 40 mil.
We're going to allow ourselves to be displaced into the gutter?
We're going to, as citizens, we're going to... Understand, it's not free market.
Let me stop you, Ron.
It's not free market.
Just what you saw is a police officer harassing the two people that live in the basement.
So, look, they've been told.
This is by design, sir.
But what I'm saying is how long are we, as the majority, American citizens, we are the vast majority in this country, how long are we going to sit back and be spat upon like this?
Well, Ron, I appreciate your call.
The people aren't sitting back.
I mean, in major polls, 87% of Americans, including 65 plus percent of Hispanics, they try to make it a racial issue, it's not, are against the open borders and the illegal aliens.
We all know it's bad for us.
It's bad for our wages, it's bad for everything.
So the government knows you're angry.
So they're militarizing the police, building prisons, gearing up riot police.
They know you're angry and they're moving to suppress us.
So the people aren't putting up with it, Ron.
They're not.
And yeah, they predominantly only issue the medallions to the illegal aliens.
And you ask how that is?
It is done by design, ladies and gentlemen.
You ought to go to Minnesota, Minneapolis, St.
I've been there several, three or four times to visit the network.
I have never seen, I have never seen a non-Somali cab driver.
And I asked some of the people there at the airport about it, and they said, well, they've got their own union, and they basically all work together, and that's who the government issues permits to, because we want to help this immigrant community.
Help them, yes, where only they are allowed to be cab drivers.
You have to jump through a bunch of hoops.
They make it economically hard for a white guy or a black guy who isn't Somali to do it.
And you go to the government agencies there, it's Somalis.
People running the airport are Somalis.
Now the cops are going to be Somalis.
A special minority group that owes its fealty to the government.
It'll be these minority groups that'll be the camp guards.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up, we will detail the Codex Alimentarius, this big ruling in London banning hundreds of vitamins.
We've got Greg Pallas, BBC reporter, London Guardian writer, joining us in the middle of the next hour to talk about just a whole bunch of different issues.
Carl Rove...
And what's happening there with this sellout of the CIA and Valerie Plame.
The inside scoop on that.
Also, the London bombing.
And then John Rappaport will join us for part of the third hour.
Expert on the whole health issue with Codex Alimentarius and how that ties into this London ruling as well.
So those two great guests are coming up in the middle of the next hour.
And then at the start of the third hour, we'll also have open phones throughout the broadcast.
I want to first, though, get into the latest developments, the newest information on the London bombings.
Those are very important, and so we'll go over that after we take a few more calls as we end this hour and go into the next hour.
There is just a mass of news here.
But before we go back to your calls...
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Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now into our number two of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Greg Pallast of the BBC and London Guardian will be...
Joining us to talk about something we've been overlooking, Karl Rove and the Valerie Claim CIA sellout situation.
Why is this guy even still in government?
And he'll also comment on the London bombings.
And then coming up, John Rappaport, talk about EU banned sale of vitamins, London Evening Standard, and how that's going to affect us through, it's in the subsection of CAFTA that's now passed the Senate, and is now in the House.
We're going to take calls, and I'm going to get it first, though, into details, the latest developments on the London bombings, some major new developments there.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Let's go ahead and go to Jenna in California.
Jenna, thanks for holding.
How are you today?
Hey, Alex.
I'm calling regarding, are you familiar with the producer from the New York radio station that put out a song mocking the tsunami victims?
Yes, I heard about that.
Okay, his name was Rick Delgado, and he's been fired twice.
He's also the same person that was in trouble.
He aired a couple having sex in St.
Patrick's Cathedral.
The same person.
Just sounds like an idiot.
Yeah, I've heard of the person.
Okay, well, he's been fired twice, and you'd think his job in radio would be over, but apparently he's come to the Bay Area, San Francisco, and he is now working in radio again.
I'm going to tell you, I've got to be honest with you, Jen.
They're putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.
They're carrying out terror attacks and blaming it on their enemies.
They are genetically engineering the entire biosphere and causing major breakdowns in the fabric of the food chain.
Our entire civilization and species is in jeopardy.
And I mean, this guy sounds like one more pimple on the rotten back of the New World Order.
You know, the gibbering creature making fun of dead tsunami victims.
I mean, I personally really don't care.
I mean, this is what cockroaches do for publicity stunts.
There are a thousand cockroaches in the media that attack me on a daily basis, thinking they'll get publicity out of it.
I never respond, so I don't like to give this cockroach any attention.
Frankly, you're giving him what he wants right now.
Okay, so you think I should just drop it?
Well, no.
I mean, when you talk about him and when you give it attention, it gives him what he wants.
See, you think you're hurting him, but by attacking him, you only give him... I mean, sometimes you've got to.
And Paul Harvey says black slavery was good, smallpox blankets killing Native Americans is good, let's nuke the Middle East.
I mean, that is so diabolical and sick, it's got to be talked about.
Plus, he's such an icon, we're not helping him or hurting him.
We're just showing people the atmosphere.
But some little rat creature, rat creatures just don't even deserve a mention.
Okay, it just makes me so upset at what he's done.
Yeah, but they're about to pass the Codex Alimentarius and start taking your vitamins in the next two years if they do this.
The border's wide open, dear.
Okay, Alex, I think I know what to do now.
You made a lot of sense.
Look, are there shows on that station you support?
You're obviously listening to it.
No, I'm not.
Okay, well, what you need to do is you need to find shows you support.
And you need to...
Support them and tell people about the show.
You need to just ignore the excrement and sweep it out of the way.
Don't focus on the dog doo.
And focus on the pearls.
Get involved in what matters.
I've heard of that person.
Sounds like a real scumbag.
Just some cynical junior hymen...
Tell any person.
I just want him off the air.
I don't want anyone else to have to get subjected to the... Well, I think he should be on the air.
It's his free speech.
Let the scumbag be on the air.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, we've got Greg Palast, BBC Newsnight reporter.
Coming on to talk about the latest Karl Rove developments, as well as what's happening with the London bombings.
We've got John Rappaport coming on.
Talk about this headline, London Evening Standard.
EU bans sale of vitamins.
Hey, can't say it any simpler than that.
I thought that was an urban legend.
The government said, of course, they're paying tens of millions of dollars.
I'll never forget a great Frontline piece I saw.
Most Frontline shows that I've seen are propaganda, but this one was good.
And they admitted that MTV, Sumner, Redstone, Viacom, all these big companies, the government, this was like five, six years ago before this became mainstream knowledge.
That's when I coined the term propaganda placement, was from watching that show.
Because it's not product placement.
They were calling it that, but saying the government was product placing its agenda.
The government's agenda should be our agenda.
No, it's propaganda placement.
And I noticed that in the report they were admitting,
That the government and other private institutions were out there with fake message boards and fake news websites and trying to create an artificial grassroots buzz.
And folks, they've done that with Codex Alimentarius.
They're always out there.
Oh, there's not really a Codex Alimentarius.
Oh, they're not really going to try to restrict and tax and ban different vitamins.
Oh, there's not really a police state.
Yeah, stuff's bad, but not that bad.
Go back to sleep.
Oh, they're not really getting rid of the borders.
Oh, there's not really a group called the CFR.
Oh, and it's normally, again, somebody posing as the cool rock band fan out there really working for the corporation promoting it for MTV.
Or it's a FBI Quantico-trained agent, you know, running the alternative website that attacks patriots.
And, you know, that is the gatekeeper watching all the patriots for you.
And it's just so transparent.
I don't know how this is all so transparent to me.
But for other people, it's kind of a learning process for you.
I mean, you always wake up to it.
People always find out, you know, who's real and who's not.
But it just takes time.
But I guess I've got to remember I've been doing this for 12 years, on air for almost 11, and I'm still learning more every day.
But, you know, things are moving so fast now, we've got to accelerate the learning curve.
We don't have time to, you know, dawdle and spin our wheels.
When the battle has been joined, we've got a chance to turn this thing around.
But not if we dawdle and infight and spend our time, you know, perseverating on issues of little or no significance.
We've got to stay focused on all the big things that are happening.
I mean, this is important.
Five, ten years ago, if the people didn't want something, the government generally wouldn't do it, or they'd try to sneak it through or implement it slowly.
Now, everybody's against the open borders, almost everybody.
Everybody's against CAFTA, but they just do it.
Everybody's against... I mean, literally, we're talking 90-plus percent of Brits and people in the EU are against restricting vitamins, but they just do it.
The American people predominantly are against gun control.
In major polls, 98% of police are against gun control, but almost every police chief's for it.
You know, and out there pushing it.
And they're pushing gun control on you.
So, they really are moving right now for the whole shooting match.
You know, Katie barred the door, like I said yesterday.
They are at light warp speed right now.
And we've got to be aware of this.
I mean, our country is being dissolved.
Our country is being dismantled.
I mean, look at the hundreds of incentives they give illegal aliens to come here that citizens don't even get.
And then they're felons when they're here, and then the federal government gives them welfare.
It's all selectively enforced.
But you as a citizen, don't wipe your nose.
You've got a crooked toenail.
You're going under the jail.
We can watch this social engineering going on right in front of our faces.
Can you imagine...
If Al Gore was in office trying to do all this, which no doubt he would be doing.
I mean, same agenda as Bush, just different rhetoric.
But he never would have gotten away with one-tenth, not even one-hundredth of this, because conservatives would recognize it.
Can you imagine if Al Gore tried to make the Attorney General, which I guess Clinton did do, anti-gun, pro-abortion?
We'd call him a socialist liberal, like we did Butch Reno.
Alberto does it?
Man, these so-called conservatives will argue with you and tell you it does not exist.
That you're a liar.
Because they're in love with the illusion that they have that Bush is conservative, and everything's all right, and we're kicking the tails in of them Arabs.
But serve a lot of the CIA.
Hey, shut up, Comey!
But, sir, Republican governors everywhere are moving against guns and suing gun manufacturers.
We're about to lose the gun industry right now.
It's never been worse.
Shut up, liar!
You're a lying communist!
I get those emails.
Lying communist!
Really, I'm actually against corporate welfare, and I'm a free market.
Shut up!
I love George W. He's a rock-ribbed conservative.
All right, I'm digressing.
I've got loaded phones and a bunch of guests coming up.
Let me just read Paul Watson and, of course, my analysis by Paul Watson and Alex Jones.
London Underground Exercises and the Magically Exploding Terrorist.
Important questions.
Since we posted our original article about the exercises being conducted on the London Underground, which targeted the exact same spots as the bombings that happened on the morning of Thursday, the 7th of July, a firestorm of interest on the subject has swept the Internet.
Important questions need to be asked of both Peter Power and advisor consultants, the agencies who were running the drill.
In both the ITN-TV interview and the BBC radio interview,
Peter Power makes it clear that the team of crisis managers who were overseeing the drill quickly switched from exercise planning to real-time management of the actual bombing itself.
Quote, we had to suddenly switch an exercise from fictional to real, stated Power in his TV interview.
The company that Visor...
What's running the exercise floor is not named by power.
If Visor switched to real-time management of the bombings, who else could the company be but London Underground or one of their affiliates?
If this were a strategy session for a completely unaffiliated company, the London Underground, the meeting would have been cancelled and the participants would have gone home as soon as they were aware of the fact that a real attack was taking place.
Only the exercises being conducted for the London Underground or a group responsible for part of the command structure and the aftermath of the attack would real-time crisis management of the event take place.
So why does Power make mention of the company being close to a property owned by Jewish businessmen?
He then makes reference to American banks, and the exercise was being coordinated on behalf of a bank, then why was there a need for Visor Consultants to actively manage the bombings after that had taken place, and what were they managing precisely?
Visor Consultants is a PR firm.
Were they responsible for telling the media that the bombings were in fact a simple power surge for over an hour?
An explanation that was obviously ridiculous, but gave the government time to manage the release of information about the attack?
That's what Visor was managing, was how to handle that.
Power was hired by the government before, and he has always been used to release information about terrorist incidents in London.
Two previous examples of this are in the March 2001 BBC television center bombing and the September 2000 rocket attack on the MI6 building.
Was power again used by the government as a conduit for information that would support their official version of events?
Today we are told that bombers were all killed in an act of carrying out the bombing, just like the Madrid bombers supposedly blew themselves up during a raid.
How very convenient that all the suspected patsies should have been blown up in their own attacks even though the last word that the attacks were not suicide bombings but synchronized time bombings.
This is pure media manipulation sleight of hand.
It's designed to distract from the revelation that exercises that precisely mirror the bombings were happening in the tube as the bombings were going off around London.
It's time to
It is the same trick used in Madrid.
First, the government tried to blame ETA, and when that wouldn't stick, it turned to the old standby of Islamic extremists.
When investigators tracked the Patsys to an apartment in Lings, the so-called terrorists supposedly blew themselves up in a standoff, suspects died, case closed.
The government said they are trying to play the same tired hand on London.
The BBC is reporting that one of the bombers definitely blew himself up.
Which is it?
All four bombers or just one?
There is an attempt to muddy the water so people will switch off and just buy whatever the government tells them.
Even though the government story keeps contradicting itself.
The London Times reported the bombers who killed 191 people in Madrid last year also gathered at one place before separating to plant devices timed to explode simultaneously.
How could the Madrid bombers have carried out an attack from the grave?
Here is the report saying they blew themselves up.
How could they have bombed London if they were already dead?
When another city gets bombed and they get blamed again, who will point out that the same bombers have been killed twice over?
The Times report is a blatant shy-off to keep the Al-Qaeda drumbeat echoing in people's heads, even though the so-called claim of responsibility is a proven hoax.
Furthermore, the New Zealand Herald reported that two Reuters employees witnessed the unconfirmed shooting by police of two apartment suicide bombers outside the HSBC Tower at Canary Wharf in London.
Excuse me, not apartment.
Apparent suicide bombers.
This took place at 10.30 a.m.
The so-called suicide bombers had already blown themselves up.
So let me get this straight.
They blew themselves up after the Madrid bombing.
They blew themselves up during the London bombing.
And then they were shot by police after the London bombing.
So they've been killed three times over.
Does this make sense to you?
Add to this that the CCT cameras on the number 30 bus were conveniently not working and that we have the makings of an information lockout.
We'll be right back with your call.
Stay with us.
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economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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We're good to go.
You know, I'm not a news reader, so I'm sorry for running through that article.
As quickly as I could, I didn't finish the end of it.
Add to this that the CCTV cameras on the number 30 bus were conveniently not working, and we have the makings of an information lockout.
They can tell us whatever they want, without any evidence to back it up.
Why should we believe them when they've been caught lying about terrorism and creating fake terror alerts dozens of times before?
And then we have links to those archives.
Okay, Alex, I just wanted to tell you that...
CAFTA, as far as the Senate goes, both of our senators here, Lincoln and Pryor, voted for it.
And we just had a big Latin American leaders convention in Little Rock.
10,000 out-of-towners came in.
And Clinton and Huckabee both gave speeches welcoming them and telling them that anything that we could do to help them with jobs or education, we were certainly willing to do so.
And they said that as far as they're concerned,
Arkansas is the new U.S.
border because they've already conquered Texas.
You mean Clinton was saying this?
No, the LULAC leader said that as far as he was concerned that Arkansas was the new U.S.
border that they had LULAC, the Latin American leaders, had already conquered Texas.
No, I know that, but I know they've said that in the past, but was this in the newspaper or were you there?
Oh, it was in the newspaper.
It was on all of our local news channels.
And were they saying, wonderful, they've conquered us, they're bragging good!
Oh yeah, they're setting up job fairs for them, they're setting up educational scholarships.
And they actually have the quote, because I know that Metcha and Lulac and others have said this before, and they're openly going, thank you for inviting us in, we are taking over.
Oh yeah.
Specifically, did they say that we've conquered Texas?
They certainly did.
And the locals go, wonderful!
Well, except for a group that came from Russellville that was white revolutionaries that were trying to protest, but they wouldn't allow them in, hardly.
Thanks for the call.
What's the difference between the white revolutionaries and the Hispanic revolutionaries?
Well, you've got presidents addressing the Hispanic revolutionaries and saying how wonderful it is, and then the white revolutionaries are evil.
Oh, boy, that is just incredible.
And can't we all just get along?
Well, no, because when you read what these groups are saying, we're taking over.
Well, if you're fighting evil whitey, why is the government rolling the red carpet out to you?
Do me a favor, folks.
I knew about that meeting up there, but I didn't follow it.
Send me your local papers that have the quotes.
And I believe it.
I mean, I've seen somewhere almost identical quotes before.
It's the last gasp of white America.
Go back to Europe.
We're talking about leaders of political parties, leaders of people who become city council members and mayors.
Say things like this.
And you're just like, well, I thought we're all supposed to be friends.
That's right.
I'm going to say racist things, and I'm going to push you around, and then that's going to be loving and good.
And if you say you don't like it, you're a white supremacist.
But wait a minute.
You're saying everything for our race, for those outside the race, nothing.
That sounds like the Aryan Nations.
Well, the Aryan Nations is bad.
But matcha is good.
Look at your Attorney General.
La reconquista.
I mean, it's so sick.
It's so... But again, most Hispanics aren't involved in this.
It's the big banks in New York want to break this country up, and so they're encouraging this.
They're trying to make these racist Hispanic leaders become even bigger leaders.
And it's all about driving wages down and de-industrializing this country.
And it's going to be bad for everybody, including the illegals.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Mark in Georgia.
Go ahead, Mark.
Hey, first-time caller.
I just wanted to add to this.
My sister was at a cocktail party in West Palm Beach, and she was kind of fuming, and this lady came over and grabbed her by the elbow and said,
Well, don't worry about it, darling.
She says, they won't get to us.
The full effect of bringing the illegal aliens into the Americas is to bleed down the poor.
And my sister said, what do you mean by that?
And they said, well, the poor blacks and the other poor Hispanics that are already here, they'll just marry into them.
And it's like a takeover, if you can imagine.
Oh, no, and of course, this was a white lady saying this.
Well, she's pretty rich.
Of course, oh no, it's all their plan.
Listen, I've heard it too.
Stay there, I'll let you finish up.
I've heard it too.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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All right, here's the headline, EU bans sale of vitamins, London Evening Standard.
We've got John Rappaport, a health reporter and researcher, coming on in the third hour.
And we have another guest in the middle of the next hour coming on to talk about that as well.
One of the local consumer groups here in the U.S.
that's fighting against this.
CAFTA has regulatory language to merge with the EU rules on this, and that's in the subsections.
But the neocons and others that are controlled by Big Pharma don't want you to know that.
So that's coming up.
In the next 25 minutes or so, we're going to be honored to be joined by... Oh, he writes for a bunch of big magazines and newspapers like the London Guardian, Observer, BBC Newsnight Reporter, best-selling author.
Greg Powell is going to talk about the London bombing and the latest developments with...
Carl Rove, Lord Rove, and others.
But real fast, Mark in Georgia, you were saying that your sister was at this big elitist cocktail party and this old rich white lady is going, the illegal aliens are part of the plan to get control of the population and drive down the wages.
Sir, the big corporate white papers on this say this.
I mean, it is about...
Driving down the wages, destroying the middle class.
Go ahead and finish your comment.
Well, I'm a special ops soldier, and I just want to say how courageous you are, first-time listener.
And I was wondering, is there a real good station number to listen to to get you?
Because I barely get you.
How are you listening to me?
Well, I was trying shortwave, and that's not doing too well.
It's real bad because of the sunspots.
I think this show has like one affiliate in Georgia, and that should be listed on the web at GCNlive.com.
I know some of our other shows have more affiliates in Georgia.
You can also listen over the Internet.
But finish up what you were saying real fast about what your sister heard at this cocktail party.
That it would be destroying all the bloodlines of the poor because they'd be coming over here and they'd like,
You know, and I see it in the town that I live in, the mountain town I live.
There's Nicaraguan Indians and Mexican Indians hiding up here, and the first thing they do is they go after the white women, and they get them pregnant.
And they're poor Appalachian white people.
Well, I appreciate your call, but... Right there destroying it.
I appreciate your call, but let me just say this.
To me, it isn't a racial issue.
Whether it's black communities that are being decimated by illegal immigration...
Or whether it's the existing Hispanic communities, or whether it is poor, white, Appalachian communities.
You're right about that in this respect.
We've read the statistics, the numbers on this.
These communities, these kin communities that are hundreds of years old, are on subsistence level and are barely surviving.
And then when you do bring in people that will work for even less, these societies are falling apart.
So it's hurting everybody.
All right.
I appreciate Greg Palast holding during the last two minutes of that.
And Greg, gregpalast.com, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Glad to be with you again, Alex.
Are you in England or New York right now?
Well, I'm in the New York area.
And, you know, I do report, for those who want to watch my reports for BBC Television's News Night, because I guess they're a bit too dangerous to put on the American airwaves, you can see them.
BBC keeps them on their computers.
You can see them through my website at gregpalast.com.
That's G-R-E-G-P-A-L-A-S-T.com.
And I've lived in London, and I obviously report for the London outlet.
Before we go any further into Karl Rove and the London bombings, tell us about your new video and your book.
Oh yeah, well, we've got Bush Family Fortunes out there, which is a BBC television expose on the whole Bush clan.
And that included the report that indeed our young George was gotten out of the war in Vietnam by a fix put in by his daddy.
And no matter what they say about what Rather did...
The evidence is solid.
Well, that was a rogue operation where you plant this info to then discredit all the other stuff.
And, of course, you'll see in there the story of the 199I document, the fact that the Bush administration killed off the investigation of the bin Laden family.
Before September 11th, you'll see the fix of the election of 2000 and how they were going to fix it in 2004.
We called it.
They did it.
This is the information, and you can get it on the website or, you know, at your usual video store, Bush Family Fortune.
If you've seen Fahrenheit 911, this is the hard reporting that was underneath it.
And, of course... Are you being dive-bombed right now?
Yeah, it sounds like.
Well, you know, it's weird.
We've got these military planes going over the place.
I'm not kidding you.
Like 200 feet.
I can't believe that I'm out in some beach area that they're waiting for Al-Qaeda here, I guess.
You know?
You've got to keep the fear level up.
Give us, in a nutshell, Greg, and I know you're a BBC reporter, so you can't stick your neck out too far, but we talked during the break.
In a nutshell, what's going on with the London bombings?
Well, despite the fact that the Foreign Minister of Britain, Tony Blair's henchman, Jack Straw, said that this has all the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda,
This is not Al-Qaeda.
This is Al-Qaeda.
It looks like, as I said a few days ago before it became official, that it's just some local kids who put together a low-level explosive with unsophisticated junk that they get off the Internet.
But, you know, it can cause a lot of damage.
You get on a subway and you decide to... But, I mean, during the break we were talking, you said it's definitely more fear.
What do you mean by that?
Well, what it is, it's the fear fix.
In fact, if you go to my website, you'll see a story how Bush and Blair now have their Al-Qaeda fix.
They're Al-Qaeda addicts.
Because, look, these guys have sold us and everything from taking off our shoes at the airport, fingerprinting our kids going to school...
Selling us on a war in Iraq, selling us on eliminating Social Security, and let's not notice the deficit because we're all at war.
Sound like truck transponders going in the cars.
So, you know, this is all for your protection because there's this mastermind, horrible secret army out there out to get us called Al-Qaeda.
Now, look, you know, 50 people died in London.
That's no joke.
It's horrible.
But Al-Qaeda, it wasn't.
These guys had about as much to do with Al-Qaeda as a Beatles tribute band had to do with the Fab Four.
So you're thinking they're copycats.
They're just kids who got whipped up.
There's these maniac mullahs, a couple of them in Leeds and in London, who are calling for jihad against the West.
They live in nice London suburbs during the week, and then they preach jihad on the weekends.
And they get a couple of young kids... Well, Greg, let me just stop you right there, because I want to get into Roe here in a second.
But we have the BBC reports where the number three guy in Al-Qaeda is in an MI6 safe house for a year.
We get reports about the same thing with the British going back decades funding Muslim extremism.
We have all these... This MI5 agent, David Shaler, going public about how they gave him a couple hundred thousand dollars, Al-Qaeda, to try to kill Gaddafi.
We have all this going on.
Meanwhile, we have Peter Power running a drill of the exact same things being bombed at the exact same times.
That is very bizarre.
I mean, so I'm not even so sure that their official story of these four kids bombing the trains and the buses, I don't even believe that, Greg.
Well, I think it could be.
I mean, you do have these maniac mullahs preaching this hatred stuff, and this was not, like I say, this was not sophisticated stuff at all.
What I'm concerned about is not even who did it at this point, except who didn't do it.
We know it wasn't al-Qaeda.
We know it wasn't some big, giant terrorist network out to get us.
But they need to be pumping that fear factor up so they can, you know, let's put it this way.
I just did a story for BBC television.
And spoke to the guys that were advising George Bush on what to do with Iraq's oil before we invaded.
I mean, we already had the plans laid out for what to do with their oil.
And I asked him, I said, and I asked one of these experts, a guy named Bob Ebel, as a matter of fact, is his name, he works at Henry Kissinger, and he said, look, and I said, what about Wolfowitz saying that the war wouldn't cost us a penny, that Iraqis would pay for it?
And he said,
That was just part of the sales pitch.
Well, what about PNAC?
This is all part of the sales pitch.
What about PNAC saying we need a Pearl Harbor event?
Yeah, well, you know, see, these guys are our master, they're vulture opportunists.
They'll take any event.
Let's face it, no matter how horrible September 11th was, it was just, you know, we haven't been hit since then.
And it's not because George Bush hasn't taken off our shoes in the airport or because we have cocaine.
Well, Bush says it's because we're in Iraq.
And, you know, I mean, what's happening here is that they are pumping up this fear factor to keep you distracted.
State of war.
You can't have a war president unless you have a war.
And as Bush himself said, you know, war presidents are the people that have power and make history.
And so he needs a war.
Even if there's no enemy out there, you know, yeah, there's bad, evil people.
There's people with bombs.
We've always had them.
We had them before September 11th and since September 11th.
We don't have...
An international secret army that's capable of attacking us on a mass basis.
It just ain't happening.
Well, I mean, even if you take that view, which I don't completely agree with, Greg, even if you take that view, they're acting like Al-Qaeda's bigger than the Soviet Union.
Yeah, I know.
Well, that's the whole thing.
We got away from the idea that we had to remake America to fight the evil Soviets.
It would turn out to be a paper tiger.
There was nothing there.
They blew away like bad smoke.
And, you know, we, again, but this time against a few maniacs.
Well-armed, you know, the big problem we have, which they still do not want to discuss, is the fact that the Bush administration didn't go after the Bin Laden family before September 11th because these are their oil buddies.
These are their buck buddies that have been funding the Bush family operations for decades.
Many years.
Well, there I agree with you, Greg, because we... I don't know if you know about this, but Paul Harvey came out two weeks ago and said black slavery was good, giving smallpox blankets to Indians was good, we need to go ahead and start nuking the Middle East and Saudi Arabia because they're terrorists, and I went, well, Paul Harvey, George Bush's James Baker, defended Saudi Arabia against the victims of 9-11.
That's right, and let's not, you know...
One of the things that we found in the BBC report that I did, the television report I just did, is that what you can see on gregpalast.com.
BBC keeps them up so you can view the things that are too dangerous for US TV.
What you'll see is that there was a program to maintain high oil prices.
And this was, to some extent, in coordination at the behest of Saudi Arabia.
In other words, part of the idea with Iraq was not to grab Iraq's oil, but to control it.
For those people who think we screwed up and, gee, we didn't get the oil so oil prices have gone through the roof, you've got it wrong.
It's moving exactly to plan.
The plan was to control Iraq's oil so that it wouldn't flood the market and bring down oil prices.
Well, exactly.
And this is their own documents.
And for those that don't understand this...
It's about creating artificial scarcity.
It's like the beers.
They have a monopoly, the Oppenheimers do, of diamonds.
Diamonds are actually semi-precious, but by having a monopoly worldwide, they have to control those regions so those diamonds don't get out.
And so by not having the oil flow out of Iraq, which Saddam was...
You know, under sanctions, he could only sell a certain amount.
He was beginning to break the sanctions, ship it to Iran, ship it to Jordan, ship it to Turkey.
They weren't going to put up with that, and so now the oil companies are all registering record profits, and the only other thing that has its stocks up right now are defense stocks.
So the neocons get on radio and go, see, there's no oil flowing out of Iraq, and it wasn't about oil.
Yes, it was about creating artificial scarcity.
That's right.
It was about controlling the oil.
In fact, Bush's oil advisor said to me, well, the invasion of Iraq wasn't about oil.
He said, but the day after the invasion, it was all about oil.
This is Bush's own guy.
The thing is, what happened was that there were complaints.
Originally, the neocons had wanted oil to flow out of Iraq.
And then the big boys, the James Baker Institute, Chevron Oil, and Exxon Mobil, these companies literally
Marched in and redrew the plans for Iraq in such a way that OPEC would not be busted.
That's how it always is.
The oil companies are using the, quote, crazies in the Pentagon as their front men.
They can later discard them, but the agenda then moves forward.
We've had a sacrificial lamb.
Now let's move, in the few minutes we've got left here, Greg, into Karl Rove.
I mean, he's caught red-handed selling out Valerie Plame with his little minion over there, Novak.
This is now public.
Is he going to go down?
Is he going to get in trouble?
No, in fact, already the machinery started with the Wall Street Journal saying he ought to get a medal.
Now, wait a minute.
Can you imagine if some guy in the Clinton administration, the Carter administration, had given out the name of a CIA agent, which could, you know, hey, listen, in this world, you give out names of CIA agents, they could get blown away.
Well, not just an agent.
She was a spy chief.
She had a bunch of people under her.
Yeah, that's right.
And so what happened was that...
You know, this is all about putting out a hit on a truth teller, a guy named Joe Wilson, the agent's husband, who is saying this is a cockamamie story about Saddam and his nuclear weapons.
Saddam was an evil man, but he didn't have nukes, okay?
I mean, which is why we went in there.
Let's remember why we supposedly went into this.
Uh-oh, Roosevelt says that's an urban legend.
He never said that.
Yeah, right.
And I've got the quotes, too.
But the other thing is about Karl Rove.
What I'm very concerned with is that the New York Times, Judy Miller of the New York Times, who is doing time right now, and I feel sorry for her that she's going to spend four months in the pokey in the summer.
Now, is she doing a great moral act of protecting a source?
I'm sorry.
I'm an investigative reporter.
Karl Rove is not a source.
I use sources.
Sources are people on the inside who at great personal risk...
Give you the true information to overturn the official lie.
It's a whistleblower.
It's not somebody using the media.
Now, Caldwell is not a whistleblower.
He's a disinformation propagandist.
And protecting him, he's obviously, or people around him,
The people in the administration are obviously the so-called sources.
Now, Miller, by the way, did not, for the New York Times, did not write the story, and she gets no points from me for that, and I'll tell you why.
What she should have done is run a story that said, today I got a call from Karl Rove, or one of his munchkins, who gave me the name of a CIA agent, which is a crime, simply because
To smear and endanger a real whistleblower.
She should have reported that.
That's not a source.
When someone comes at you...
With a dirty trick like that, that is a story.
It should have been reported, and the name should have been outed.
There is no source here to protect.
In fact, she's also the one.
Judy Miller of the New York Times is the one who ran the crucial story.
The aluminum tubes.
Yeah, the aluminum tubes.
She's definitely on an intelligence agency payroll.
Well, being on the New York Times payroll is kind of...
It's close to it, because this is what I call the axis of evil.
What they want is access to this world.
And it poses as liberal, but it is a maven of disinfo.
Well, you know, how liberal could you be if what you're doing is you're providing the backup for this complete fantasy idea that Saddam was building a nuclear weapon?
I mean, the only other person who believed he was building a nuclear weapon was Saddam, but of course he was insane and didn't know what the hell was going on.
But they found the nuclear weapon under a rose bush.
So what's happened is that Miller is covering up not only for this so-called source who's not a source, meaning Mr. Rose, and she's covering up, she should also have told us, who it was that gave her this complete cockamamie story about the nukes.
That led to a false story.
No doubt who did that either.
A source who gives you false information is not a source.
We've got to go.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, my friends.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The constitutional
And uncover the power-mad cult of death that is sworn to turn the earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit Infowars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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We're good to go.
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Or visit MotherEarthMineralsInc.com today.
Melissa, Ruben, many other callers will be getting your calls.
The next little segment before John Rappaport joins us.
Stay there.
Going back to Greg Palast, BBC Newsnight reporter, also, of course, syndicated columnist, journalist, best-selling author, documentary maker, gregpalast.com.
Greg, just in closing here, we always have better radio off-air than we have on-air.
We had a great discussion in the last three-minute break, but kind of repeat what you were talking about during the break, folks.
Well, what I was saying is that we have Blair and Bush are wonderful vulture opportunists.
You get four kids who blow up here and take a lot of people with them on the subway.
They are all ready with their entire package to eliminate our civil liberties.
In Britain, Blair has already announced that because of these bombings, okay, these kids or whatever, he's already moving up his entire package of counterterrorism proposals.
And they never did this when the IRA killed even more people.
And now...
They've got all kinds of... They're going to take away what little shreds of civil liberties are left in Britain.
And none of these new rules, none of them, which allow complete surveillance, you're not allowed to have encrypted email, nothing, none of this would have saved anyone's life last week.
None of it.
But it takes away our liberties.
And the game is to wipe out the anti-globalization movement, wipe out any type of dissent in Britain.
In America, you're going to see the same thing.
George Bush is already standing there grinning,
Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda.
It's not Al-Qaeda.
No, he was actually smiling, going, you've got to expand the Patriot Act.
See, we're in Iraq for the right reason, because 55 people die.
And, Greg, I don't buy their official story.
They've lied so many times.
I mean, I agree with you.
It's not Al-Qaeda, because Al-Qaeda basically doesn't exist outside of some shadowy CIA-funded network.
You know, one of the problems with terrorists, and I ran in my book, by the way, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, you'll see also my write-up of the story we did for BBC, in which we described how the U.S., and we got no contradiction from the agencies of this, that during the war in Afghanistan, the U.S.
brought over the guys who later created Al-Qaeda for training in so-called counter-terrorism, which means terrorism.
And what happens is, when you create terrorists,
They're like homing pigeons.
They come home to roost.
You can't teach these guys to be killers and not expect them to kill.
And then the military industrial complex gets billions in sales every week and gets to take over our society.
Oh, they're so sad they've come home to roost.
Well, I'll tell you something.
Let me give you one wonderful final, Alex.
One of the big winners in the war on terror is a company called Lockheed Martin who had on its board of directors
Lynn Cheney, the wife of Darth Cheney, our Vice President.
And Lockheed.
People talk about Halliburton, but you have to understand that under the guise of the War on Terror, we are ordering two dozen Virginia-class submarines.
These things are like seven-foot ball fields long.
And when I asked Lockheed what the heck these monster underwater starships have to do with the war on terror, they said, well, we can use it to place commando marines on beaches.
And I said, with an underwater battleship, how do you even get it to the beach?
And they said, don't be silly, Mr. Pallas.
We don't take the Virginia class up to the beach.
We've reconfigured the torpedoes, and you put nine Marines in the torpedoes, and you shoot them onto the beach.
I'm not kidding.
If you go to my website, or get my... Well, I'm not a statistician or a military planner, but everybody knows you just have an old diesel sub pull-up and release the boats, and they run in.
Well, you know, let's put it this way.
The Israelis use canoes to get their commandos ashore.
And, you know, each of these beasts...
These Virginia-class beasts, which are going to shoot nine Marines onto the shore in a torpedo, cost $2.4 billion.
I'd like to be in that business.
So Cheney's making money off Halliburton.
His wife.
And it's admitted he sits up there in the VP office writing out the contracts.
Good job.
I'll take it.
Hey, I appreciate you coming on, Greg.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Take care.
We'll come right back.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
EU bans sale of vitamins, as they say overseas.
They're scheduled to do it here in the next few months.
Well, by August 1st.
So less than a month.
And we've got John Rappaport, health investigator and writer, coming on with us here in just a few minutes.
He, incidentally, will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight talking about this.
More on the London bombing.
I haven't even scratched the surface of the new developments.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
Melissa in Tejas.
Go ahead, Melissa.
Hello, Alex.
I am so glad you're bringing up the CAFTA and the CODEX issues this afternoon.
From my information, the House is going to vote on that July 14th, which is tomorrow.
And I'm hoping your listeners will take your advice and become leaders.
Lost your phone, Melissa.
It was strange.
Are you there?
I don't know what it is lately.
It's like the calls.
The phones aren't working too well or something.
Melissa, if you can get back in, you can come back on.
You've been holding for a while and then that happened.
I'm sorry.
Ruben in Ohio.
Ruben, go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
You've got the best guests out there on your show.
I've got to tell you that.
I appreciate Greg's perspective that it might be just some radical kids and whatnot.
But it seems too lame, for lack of a better word.
Well, you've got to understand, I've had dinner with Greg Palast several times in New York and in Austin, and he's a BBC Newsnight reporter.
He's doing what he can do in that position.
He's about the most radical person in mainstream media in the Western world.
He gets away with what he can, and Greg isn't stupid.
Well, I appreciate that perspective.
But look, if you wanted to do real terrorism, wouldn't you do something at the Live Aid concert?
Wouldn't you do something the day that the Olympics were announced?
Not something on a few buses.
And you know, I got the New York Times in front of me.
They're all different times.
How can they come out four days later and say that they're simultaneous?
Well, then they said it was done, yeah, by triggered devices and cell phones, so we've got to monitor and take over all the cell phones, and now, understand, all the government is saying is we think it was these four guys, but the headlines are they did it, then later, well, we don't know that, and then we all just supposedly accept it.
Look, the big smoking gun is the motive.
Number two, the British government's done this before.
That's admitted.
Okay, they've carried out terror before.
That is admitted.
You understand, folks, their own publications, their own government admits it, but we're supposed to not put two and two together.
And then you've got the drills going on at the exact same times, exact same places by the former top Scotland Yard guy who's always, in the last 15 years, the spokesman on terror attacks for the government.
Alex, the last thing I'd like to say is up here in Northeast Ohio, I know you've got a lot of listeners in Ohio, but there's an FM radio station out of Akron in the afternoon.
I've made a few strategic information calls to this guy, and it really started a wildfire of callers.
He's a big Republican Bush supporter, a former football player.
If I could just inspire people in Northeast Ohio to call this Akron radio host and mention Alex's name.
And get the word out about 9-11.
There's already so many people battering down this Bob Golick.
A few more, and I think we could really take a beachhead here in the information war.
Well, let me tell you, we've got, I don't know, I've got like three affiliates in Ohio now in the big cities, and I want to thank those three AM affiliates.
Big stations, great folks.
Instead of talking about this guy, I would be plugging those stations, promoting them, and I would be calling into his show, plugging those stations.
Yeah, WCER out of Canton, I know.
But I'd like to get you on this.
Call up and plug that station on this Cream Puffs show.
All right, peace out, my brother.
All right, take care.
I mean, that's the way to do it.
Yeah, we're getting more and more affiliates all over the country, from Maryland to Ohio to California to Texas.
It is so exciting.
We're just telling it like it is, defending the republic.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Big Brother.
All right, joining us in about 60 seconds is John Rappaport, investigative journalist.
And he's been on with us before, detailing how the government's gearing up for total martial law under the guise of fighting one of these super mutated flus that has been mutating dangerously.
And the government's saying it's going to happen, they're going to take all our rights.
We're not saying that.
They're saying it.
They're the fear mongers.
And we're trying to expose who's behind it before it happens.
This is very, very serious.
But he's mainly here today to talk about EU ban's sale of vitamins.
And how this feeds into CAFTA and the Codex Alimentarius.
Before we go to Mr. Rappaport, we may have time to take a few calls as well.
My new film, Martial Law, is out.
It is three hours long.
It is the most powerful 9-11 film out there, bar none.
It exposes how the globalists carried out 9-11, also what their ideology and driving philosophy is, what their global plan is, what their architecture of the New World Order looks like.
And we also cover on-the-ground police state, the hover blimps, the sound cannons.
We're threatened by arrest by the police.
It's very dynamic.
You need to have this video.
And it's three hours long.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to get it.
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You can't beat it.
PrisonPlanet.tv John Rappaport, thank you for coming on with us, sir.
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
Out of the gates, just in a nutshell, tell us about yourself and your website.
Well, basically, the website is nomorefakenews.com
I've been working as an investigative reporter for 20 years now and have written lots of articles and some books for newspapers, magazines in Europe and the United States.
I know you've been covering London bombing extensively.
Before we get into anything else, I just wanted to raise a point because I think some of your listeners may have contacts who can answer this.
You know, they are now saying that the supposed four kids who met in Kings Cross Station about 8.30 in the morning then proceeded to go to separate trains and 20 minutes later
I've asked the same question.
Is it possible for them to debark on four trains at the same time and arrive at three different locations where the bombs go off?
I mean, I have my doubts that that's even possible, but I'm open to whatever the truth is here.
Well, John, we're also getting reports that a bunch of the stations were shut down, and we know there was a drill with the guy who was the spokesman for Scotland Yard before, Peter Power.
We went back and looked at it on almost every big terror attack.
He's their special spokesman for like a decade or more, and he was running a drill simultaneously of the exact three trains being attacked at the exact same time.
He says it's just a coincidence, John.
Right, and in fact, you know, I have an email from Peter Power.
I emailed him, and he sends back a canned email to everybody who's inquiring.
We got the same thing.
Okay, so you know that he's now trying to soft-pedal it.
Yeah, tell us, you may have got something different.
I'd like you to send us your copy, please.
You'd like to post it.
Tell me what it says, John.
I'm just looking for it now.
What Power is saying is that, you know, this was only a very modest kind of exercise, and it was mostly people sitting in a room, and... We're getting their same spin from their other disinfo operatives out there on the web.
I got it here.
That there have been such bomb drills in many different places in the underground over a long period of time...
He's saying, quote, our exercise quickly became the real thing.
He admits that in the email, and the players that morning responded, blah, blah, blah.
Well, why won't he then tell us who he was doing this drill for?
Yeah, exactly.
Who was he doing it for?
And as you state, if he was doing it for somebody who was irrelevant, like some private company,
They would have taken him and his guys right off the scene as soon as the real thing happened, but they didn't.
Which means that obviously he was doing this drill for somebody important.
Well, he says he immediately shifted into managing the crisis.
So that means he was working for somebody important.
I've got a little bit different one.
Do me a favor.
Off air, can I give you my secret email?
Will you send that to me?
Actually, you know, right at NoMoreFakeNews, if you scroll down on the home page, you'll see the whole thing quoted.
Oh, good.
Then we'll grab that and post it on personal plan.
You can just grab that.
All right.
Thank you so much, John.
Please, in fact, I meant to get into the London bombing, but I know you're limited on time.
You're coming up on Coast to Coast tonight and gearing up for that, doing your research.
But please continue with the London bombing.
I mean, this is just too convenient, the timing.
The other point that was amazing, and I believe you've also picked up on this, yesterday Sky News issued a long article in which Peter Clarke, who is the anti-terrorism guy at Scotland Yard, makes the definite statement that they found these pristine IDs for three of the bombers
Very close to the seats on the train where the bombs exploded.
I mean, so what I wrote on No More Fake News was, I guess these IDs must have been like 16 feet thick of steel, and they had their names engraved in them, and that's how they survived the bombs.
But then this morning, something else occurred to me, and that was...
You know, even if you admit, which is impossible, that these IDs could have survived the explosion... Well, it's more shades of 9-11 with two passports drifting down and not burning.
Exactly, drifting down into the streets.
But even if you admitted that that was possible, which it isn't, anybody with a shred of sense would realize that if you were sitting on a train with your driver's license in your wallet and the bomb went off under your own seat...
That the force of the explosion itself would carry that ID to some remote point away from that seat.
So the idea that they would have found such IDs in any kind of shape near the seats where the bomb went off, bombs went off underground, is so preposterous that it almost makes you wonder whether they're trying to look bad because
Anybody with three or four active brain cells would be able to see through this right away.
Well, John, you bring up just incredible points, and we've been making similar points.
It's the same thing on 9-11.
It's not one passport.
It's two magically cluttered down and were found undamaged.
I mean, the chances of one doing this is almost impossible.
Two, it is impossible.
Yes, absolutely.
So it's the same template.
There's always a drill.
There's always passports or IDs found.
You know, when the Russian planes got blown up, they found perfect IDs.
Turned out those were fake IDs and the government had done it.
I mean, it never ends, Mr. Rappaport.
No, it doesn't.
You have to realize that people, the public in general, has now been so dumbed down and has become so dumb that most people just don't question this whatsoever.
It would be like saying to somebody, I want you to imagine that you take everything out of your wallet and you put it on the floor.
And then you set your house on fire and you pour gasoline around your ID and you walk out.
Do you think your ID is going to survive?
And the person would say, well, I guess not.
Okay, so what is different about what they're saying they've recovered from the pristine passports on 9-11 and the IDs in the underground in London?
Is there really anything different about that?
And the only answer they would be able to give you is, well, this is what the authorities report, so it must be true.
I mean, what else could they say?
I mean, I am continually boggled by the insanity and the preposterousness of these lying cover stories.
Well, also, John, we've got to go back here.
Because we look at motive.
The government has the motive.
Their approval ratings have gone up.
Now they're going to try to reauthorize and expand the Patriot Act.
Now they're going to get national ID cards in England.
Now they're going to set up an even greater police state.
You have London, which is a police state with 4.5 million cameras in the city alone.
Checkpoints everywhere.
And then, with all of this going on, we forget that we have a huge archive on presentplanet.com.
I know you've covered this, too.
Mainstream British news reporting in the last four years that the British government has carried out bombings all over England and Ireland to blame it on their enemies.
The Russian government's been caught carrying out bombings.
We have Operation Gladio with the U.S.
government carrying out bombings to blame it on their enemies in the 70s and 80s.
That's right.
And as you've also pointed out, in the Madrid bombings, same thing happened.
And, you know, these guys had connections to the Spanish security services.
This was pointed out in a number of press reports.
Yeah, and people exactly just, you know, dismiss it out of hand.
When you're on coast-to-coast tonight, are you going on about Codex or about this?
No, we're going to talk about Codex and all the implications of it, which are...
Extremely serious for people who are at all interested in their own health.
John, I've got to start getting you on regularly.
Your analysis is just spot on, and so few are.
I know you've got time for one more segment with us, so stay there.
And it's a tragedy you've got to leave us.
I want to get you back on soon.
We'll be right back with John Rappaport, NoMoreFakeNews.com.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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Of course!
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption.
John Rappaport's going to be on for the full hour tomorrow in the third hour to go more over the London bombing and Codex Alimentarius and this EU ruling.
We really look forward to that.
Be sure to check out his news site, nomorefakenews.com.
John, I see everybody waking up.
I'm not just putting a good face on this.
People really are.
Instantly, before I was even pointing the finger at the government...
People were instantly, spontaneously, even pretty mainstream news sites were saying, this stinks to high heaven.
It seems like the government's terror paradigm is really starting to wear out.
People are really in their guts starting to figure out what's going on.
And then you've got stuff like Codex Alimentarius and people trying to deny what's happening there.
But the documents are there.
We're really starting, I think, to win a lot of these fights.
Can you comment on London and what I just said and then get into Codex here in the last few minutes?
Yeah, I think you're absolutely right.
In fact, I wrote a piece on this the other day where it seems to me there's now an overwhelming urge, especially on the part of people who use...
The Internet or listen to, you know, important radio shows to wake up and shift their whole assumption, which is, in the absence of any evidence, the first thing I'm going to believe is that the government did it.
Rather than believe that the government must be right in whatever they tell us.
You know, equally, if you had no evidence whatsoever in anything, you'd say, well, you know, my tendency would be to believe the government.
But that's all changing now.
More and more people are saying, if you didn't even give me any evidence, my first impulse would be to say, you know, I think the government is feeding its lies here, and they were really the ones behind this.
So, yes, it's definitely shifting.
And as far as Codex is concerned, they're biting off something here that they think they can make everybody digest, but they are wrong.
Because the natural health revolution, globally speaking...
Is ferocious.
And it's been going on for at least 50 years.
And what, 80 plus percent of Americans and people globally are into it?
I mean, five years ago you couldn't find organic food.
Now that's basically all you find at the stores here locally.
With our dollars, we're taking over!
That's right.
And so, if they really try to lower the boom all at once, or even over time here on supplements...
You know, you're going to have a revolution.
Well, John, they've been denying, denying, denying as we read the documents.
Now, our credibility again has exploded because exactly what we said was going to happen is now happening.
It is now happening for sure.
There's also a court case that just came down in Europe on the European Supplements Directives, or Food Directives.
Which were tied into by treaty, controversial new European law, which could outlaw thousands of vitamins and mineral supplements, was upheld by a European court judiciary, and then right above it, London Evening Standard, that's not John Rappaport or Alex Jones.
That's right.
And so if this went through, and if they implemented it with real regulations...
Just to take England for one example, you would see the closing down of thousands and thousands and thousands of health food stores all at once.
They would be totally out of business.
And the court's ordering them to implement August 1st, so we're going to see some fireworks.
If they try to implement it.
You see, my feeling, we'll see whether they really try to shut it all down.
Because they know, regardless of what they're saying and what laws and regulations they're passing...
We're good to go.
Well, I think you just crystallized it.
The New World Order on so many fronts has gotten to the point now that it's not just building the basement and building the foundation.
They're really getting to the finishing touches.
And now at crunch time, the resistance is exploding on a thousand fronts.
And now the harder they push, the more resistance they generate.
I think that now the battle is joining.
We're really going to kick their butt.
It wouldn't surprise me at all.
That's what I'm counting on.
And as you say, you know, the resistance formula there, it only works up to a certain point, but when it gets down to crunch time, a lot of people wake up and they say, What?
You're going to take away this supplement that I believe is keeping me alive?
Are you kidding?
The Supreme Court says I don't own my house?
I don't own my house, so let's take David Souter's house and build a hotel.
Now, if those people don't go away...
And some other people get the idea, well, let's do this to all the Supremes.
Let's go to all their houses, and let's make hotels out of all their houses, and let's not go away.
Let's keep on pushing this.
You're going to see some people showing up for work at the Supreme Court that look like Rehnquist.
I mean, these judges are not going to be happy.
Well, and right now, cops are learning that their daughter got brain damage from mercury in the vaccines.
It's every action equal or greater reaction.
John Rappaport, NoMoreFakeNews.com.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I know that we've got callers like Melissa and Texas Holden that want to talk about Codex Alimentarius.
We'll get to you here in just a few minutes.
We want to talk to our guest, Sue Croft, Director of Communications for Consumers for Health Choice.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Now, Big Pharma is owned by the Military Industrial Complex.
It's owned by the Central Banks.
They got their disinfo operatives all over the media saying it's an urban legend, it doesn't exist, we don't want to take your vitamins.
Folks, they tried to shut down the vitamin stores in 1993.
It was a gigantic revolt and a law got passed to stop that in 1994.
Now, for 10 years, we've had demonization of vitamins using a few horror stories when pharmacological drugs literally are just deadly and they cover that up.
People don't want to believe this, but under treaties that we sign, we go under EU control, and here it is.
EU bans sale of vitamins.
London Evening Standard controversial new European laws, which could outlaw thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements, were upheld by the European Court Judiciary yesterday.
The European Court of Justice rejected British Health Food Industry claims that the proposed food supplements directive coming into force on August 1st breaches EU rules.
And this could start as early as August 1st.
Going to Sue Croft with Consumers for Health Choice, one of the leading groups tracking and fighting things in the EU, and this is all in the capital legislation, which could pass the House any day now, to begin this slide towards total control.
Sue, good to have you on with us.
That's very kind of you.
I'm delighted to join you.
Well, thank you.
In a nutshell, tell us about your organization and what the truth is about this global move by Big Pharma to shut down their competition, natural minerals and vitamins and compounds.
Well, my organization, Consumers for Health Choice, we're a lobbying organization, but we only deal with natural health issues.
We firmly believe that everybody has the right to look after their own health in whatever way they choose, and they also have the right to use whatever products they like, providing those products are safe.
You mentioned what's happening over here.
We are fighting the Food Supplements Directive, a directive imposed on us by the European Union.
Unfortunately, what a lot of people don't understand is that this directive is not about protecting the consumer.
It is about opening up the market for trade.
It's about harmonizing the market for trade
Right across Europe, so that all member states sell the same product at the same dose.
And again, this is all interlocking.
Again, people don't know.
It's in the CAFTA legislation, too.
The way to control something is to say, oh, we're not going to take your vitamins.
It can just be one one-hundredth of the dose, and it can only be certified through this one big pharma company.
Well, I don't really know too much about your procedures in America, but let me tell you, in Europe, Europe operates under Napoleonic law, and that means that nothing is permitted unless they specifically allow it.
And they are trying to dictate to us
What vitamins we can use and in what doses we can take them.
And that's just shocking.
And that's happening via the treaty obligation through your EU agreement.
And what I'm getting to is, quote, through trade deals as well, we're now merging that with agreements through CAFTA, which also harmonizes agreements with Europe.
Yes, indeed.
And I heard you mention before I joined you,
about the Codex Alimentarius and of course Codex have been watching very closely for a number of years what Europe does and we have long been afraid that if Britain loses its products
For those who don't know... For those who don't know, tell people what the Codex Alimentarius is.
It's the global regulations of, in this case, dietary supplements.
And again, this is self-appointed through these treaty organizations, just like the WTO.
It's basically a self-appointed quasi-governmental body funded by Big Pharma.
It is certainly a global authority.
It is made up of lots of people who I agree are not...
I was not elected.
I'm uncertain of the funding, but I do see quite heavy connections with pharmaceutical companies.
Now, we were hearing we had some victory last week where the EU was saying, oh, no, now, and the UN was saying, hey, Codex, and you're meeting in Italy, you're going too far, saying ban all this stuff, but now we see this ruling in the aftermath.
I mean, try to decipher that for us.
Well, let me explain what has happened in Britain and Europe.
We first saw this particular draft of the directive.
It's called the Food Supplements Directive.
It deals with vitamins and minerals.
And it doesn't just deal with the vitamins and minerals you can go and buy in a health food shop or in a pharmacy.
It also eventually will tell you how much of any particular nutrient you can have in a fortified food.
And by fortified food, we mean something like your breakfast cereal that is fortified with the B vitamins or orange juice, if you like, that is fortified with vitamin C. They will dictate how much that will be.
Now, this has been coming for a long, long time.
They don't want us defending ourselves from all the toxic waste and the garbage.
Indeed, indeed.
We have the right to look after our own health.
They are denying us that right, and it is not acceptable.
But if I may continue, the food supplement directive dictates what nutrients we can use and in what doses.
It dictates.
it comes with a list attached and it says okay here's 114 substances you can use these in your supplements later on we will tell you what doses you can use but for now here's the list of the nutrients sources that you can use now when we checked that list
against the British market the existing British market that all the regulators here accept is safe and bear in mind we're only one step behind you we found that there were more than 200 in fact approaching 300 nutrients that are on our market today that are not on that list and that will affect tens of thousands of products we think it will overhear
In Britain, it will affect at least 5,000 products.
We're just a little island, but we're a great lot of people.
75 million people?
I'm sorry?
What are you, 75 mil?
No, we're 60 million, but 21 million people use these supplements on a regular basis.
That's a huge number of people.
That's a huge percentage of our population.
I thought the UK was 70 million.
I beg your pardon?
I thought the UK was 70 million.
Is that counting all the areas?
No, we're 60 million.
I'm sure you know.
You're over there.
I know.
I promise.
A third of our population uses these supplements.
And, you know, we are up in arms against this.
Now, we have been campaigning since we saw this draft of the directive against the regulations.
The fact that we lost a court case in Europe yesterday will not stop us fighting.
You know, we're a great race here.
We won't let people walk all over us.
We believe that the ruling yesterday was completely wrong, and we are going on fighting.
We still have at least two chances to turn this around.
I want to talk about those, but even in ancient medieval England, the serfs could eat what they had.
The king didn't control totally what you ate.
This is complete abject slavery.
If you can't get the supplements you wanted.
Folks, we're not talking about some super complex, weird plant extract.
We're talking about vitamin C, aren't we, Sue?
Yes, we are.
We're talking about all the vitamins that you regularly use in the U.S.
We're no different.
The problem is...
There is still a school of thought over here that says two things.
Firstly, this is the first piece of fiction.
You get all the nutrients you need from your diet.
Now, how many times have you heard that?
More numbers than I care to remember, I'm sure.
We know that is now not true.
The second piece of fiction is that vitamins are dangerous.
We know they are not.
In fact, even our regulators over here show on their website that in the last 11 years there have only been 11 reported cases where there has been an adverse effect.
Let me tell you, here in the United States there are over 218,000 deaths
From bad drug reactions from certified pharmacological products.
So 200,000 versus here in the U.S.
in the last couple decades, not even 100 people that have gotten sick or died from contaminated vitamins.
So yeah, vitamins aren't perfect, but they're light years better than Prozac and Ritalin.
Oh, I couldn't agree more.
Listen, I'm on your side here.
Oh, I know you are.
No, no, if I sound angry, Sue, it's not with you.
I am disgusted.
Look, people are finally waking up, though.
People always say, it can't happen here.
Our government wouldn't do that.
Our Supreme Court just said we don't own our private property.
So, I mean, it's just getting, it's tyranny.
I have an article here out of the Scotsman last week.
Big Brother UK turning into Stasi-like state.
Ooh, powerful stuff.
But, you know, we're not too far apart in what's happening to both of us.
Oh, I know.
It's a similar system.
Yes, but we have to overcome it, and that's why we are continuing our fight.
So what do you do if the government tomorrow says, that's it, we're just banning vitamins?
They can't do that because there are a couple of clauses written into this directive and we are making maximum use of them at the moment.
For example, they have said that if a manufacturer
But see, let me stop you right there.
This is what they always do.
Whenever they bring in something to accounting and they always put a slow implementation on it, really four or five years is nothing.
And then they get people to start self-reporting on themselves to really try to dig dirt up on them.
Then they'll start selectively prosecuting and suing manufacturers.
You've got to just say no.
We're not doing anything you say.
Because, look...
They started regulating churches.
We now have official government churches in America like they have in Communist China.
But the average American is so dumb they don't know this.
And it started 50 years ago with, oh, you've still got total freedom under the First Amendment.
Just fill out this form.
Then they expanded the form to waive your rights.
Do you see what I'm saying?
Yes, I do.
But you know, today, in our parliament, on a Wednesday in our parliament...
The Prime Minister, Mr Blair, has to answer direct questions.
And there were three questions raised in the House today on this issue.
And he did say that the first thing he said is that the dossiers have been submitted and they would be treated with a very light touch.
He was not in the business of removing products from the shelves that were safe.
But Blair and liar are interchangeable.
I don't think he's ever told the truth.
I think perhaps you do him a disservice.
I think on many instances he's had to choose his words carefully, but I do think that he is behind the campaigners on this issue.
So are you lobbying right now?
Are you there during Prime Minister's questions?
No, I watch it on TV.
I mean, I watch it Sunday nights when they air it here sometimes.
But look, all I'm saying... I mean, we have a lot of British correspondents on this show.
We've had like probably...
Well, we've had probably 50 calls from England this week, and we've probably already had five guests on this week from England, and people I've talked to from England can't stand Blair.
I mean, I don't want to get off into a thing about Blair.
No, let's stay where we are.
Let's stay with these supplements, because they're just so important.
Well, you said there's two ways to stop it.
They're more important than any individual.
Okay, well, how do you stop it?
Well, I don't know that we can stop the directive across Europe.
What we can do, and what is achievable, is a derogation for Britain.
Well, what about just pulling out of the Euro?
Well, that's easier said than done.
There are a lot of people who would be totally in agreement with you, would be right behind you and say, yes, that's exactly what we've got to do.
Well, it's already collapsing in France and the Netherlands.
It is.
It is.
The support for the European Union is collapsing.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, why add this big, thick layer of draconian regulation and bureaucrats?
Well, you know, there are some things that you can't change quickly.
And we have a government that is very pro-Europe.
And because of that, since they were elected in 1997, they have bent over backwards to really be good Europeans.
But you're not Europeans, you're British!
I would like to think so.
I think of myself as British.
But you see, when you have a government that wants to be seen as a good European, they tend to take what Europe says and just get on with it and do it.
There are other countries that don't do that.
Other countries stand back and say, Hey, Europe, you think we're doing that?
Forget it.
Not Britain.
Britain sticks to the letter.
All right, now...
Do we still have that particular caller that had a question for her, Melissa in Texas?
She's been holding for 45 minutes.
Oh, yeah.
Well, that's all right.
We'll try to go to your calls here in the last segment that's coming up in just a moment, folks, at 800-259-9231.
We're talking to Sue Croft.
She's the Director of Communications for an England-based group that is really lobbying and fighting it in the thick of it.
Sue, there's no doubt who's behind this, though.
The government isn't doing this because they care about us.
Big Pharma has said they want the supplements shut down and basically something that's sold by them with a prescription.
Do you think they'll ever be able to get that through?
It's very difficult.
Our difficulty is that France and Germany, the two countries that have the most powerful pharmaceutical companies, really want this legislation.
And if it comes down to it, because Europe has a duty to deliver this directive, they are quite likely to go for what France and Germany will accept and that will be dreadful for us all.
Well, I mean, there is just a pall or a black shroud of loss of liberty all over the Western world, and none of it has anything to do with terrorism, none of it, it's just corrupt corporations that are not free market, using government to go after their competition, and in the process we lose jobs, we lose access, we lose freedom of choice, Sue.
I mean, are people starting to wake up to this paradigm?
Oh yes they are.
Oh very much so.
You know, we may be a small island, but we recently launched a petition to get votes to try and put pressure on our British government.
We got 1,080,000 signatures on that petition.
It was presented on the floor of the House of Commons.
It was ignored.
I don't think they will ignore such a thing again.
Well, will they get riots like the poll tax if they try this?
Oh, whether we'll get riots, I don't know.
But there is quite a lot of action being planned for the autumn.
All right, stay with us, Sue Croft.
We appreciate the time.
Do five more minutes on the other side and end this transmission against tyranny.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
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We're going to be letting our guest, Sue Croft, go here in just a moment.
We'll take a few final calls.
We're calling in about the London bombing.
Big developments on that that we're going to be posting on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com here in the next couple of hours, so be sure and check it out.
Sue Croft, how do folks visit the website of your organization?
It has a lot of good info on the site.
Tell us about it.
It does, and I'm very proud of our website, and we do try to keep everybody informed of what's happening.
If you have the number, it's www.healthchoice.org.uk, and it's a mine of information, and I do hope you guys will take a look.
Now, give us that website again.
It's www.healthchoice.org.uk.
All right, and Sue, just any key points or closing comments?
We all need to be very careful because we need to keep our supplements.
Closing comments.
They are very important to us all for all sorts of own personal reasons.
We need to fight the legislation.
We must not give in.
We've got to keep going.
There are all sorts of people who don't understand supplements and those are the people who are trying to make decisions on our behalf.
It is not good enough.
And we must fight it all the way.
You must fight it in your way, in your country, exactly as we are doing here.
We're not just fighting what's happening in Britain.
We're fighting Europe, too.
And that's quite hard.
But we will come through.
Never fear.
Well, our media is just masters at saying, there's no problem.
We don't want to take your supplements.
We're just going to regulate them.
Well, that's the exact same thing.
There is a problem.
We do stand to lose our health insurance, if you like.
Our supplements are our insurance for good health.
We do stand to lose that unless we fight.
And that means everybody.
It's no good sitting back and saying, oh, somebody else will do it.
Because they won't.
Everybody has a responsibility to join in.
Every freedom we've got is under attack.
Sue Croft, take care.
Thank you.
What a nice lady.
God bless.
A very gentle lady.
All right, let's talk to Chris in California.
Chris, go ahead.
Pretty good, sir.
Hey, I just want to let you know that I'm a really big fan of your website.
I've been looking into this stuff for a while now.
And you've got a nice fault in California.
We're some young kids.
We're 19, 20 years old, and we're just all about corruption and trying to expose it.
What did you call about, my friend?
I called because I've been looking into a lot of things.
I found out about Pentagon being a military operation with a missile.
All of this with NORAD and basically our government being criminals against our health and our environment and against the Geneva Convention and with Halliburton being a corporate agenda.
For them to earn money off of this war.
Well, that's what they're doing.
I mean, Dick Cheney's wife's on the board.
A lockheed's selling mega subs.
It's all criminal.
I mean, it's a joke.
It is all criminal.
Paul Robb's not going to get in trouble for burning a bunch of CIA people.
Definitely, definitely.
I like when you say, I'll CIA it.
That's all it is.
That's all it is.
But the biggest thing of my opinion for all of this is what can we do?
We're some young kids here in California.
Well, let me tell you, because we're almost out of time, Chris.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
The New World Order wasn't built in a day.
And we're not going to tear it down in a day.
But don't look for Dan Rather or Brian Williams to tell you that we're winning.
We are winning.
And just keep moving forward.
Keep doing a little bit every day.
Keep informing others.
And we're going to come through this with God's help.
Take care.
All right, man.
Thank you.
A lot of big guests coming up Thursday and Friday.
You bet.
A ton of news getting posted on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
The fight is joined.
Everybody we talk to, even people that have been pessimistic, are saying the awakening is exploding, is accelerating.
Strike while the iron is hot.
Become a leader.
Get involved.
Don't have fear.
The only fear you should have is not taking action.
God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.