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Air Date: July 12, 2005
2429 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, it just came out in the last five minutes, and it's already up on InfoWars.com.
It's also on Drudge.
All four suspected bombers died during London attacks.
Now understand, they're saying suspected bombers, and as usual, the Fox-controlled outlet, the propagandist,
Of Sky News Television over in the UK.
We're putting out this report earlier today.
Bomber died on bus.
The suspected... Notice the headline's very deceptive.
Bomber died on bus.
Boy, they're stating it as he is guilty.
He did it.
Bomber died on bus.
Then the next sentence, the suspected bomber...
Died on the London bus.
So the suspected bomber on the London bus attack has been identified as among the 13 who died.
According to police sources, Sky News crime correspondent Martin Rutt said it was still not clear if the man had been a suicide bomber.
Well, now they don't have any details.
They're just saying Scotland Yard's telling them that, well, they think...
That all four of the bombers, and obviously in their suicide bombers, if they all died, have been found now on the other three trains.
Isn't that just so convenient?
But you read deeper into the articles, it's their suspected bombers, but the headlines, no, they're the bombers.
But of course, none of this even means anything.
We've caught the Israelis, we've caught others carrying out bombings.
This is admitted.
Major Jewish newspapers in Israel.
This is admitted.
It's even been in UPI that Israel carries out bombings and then will just find some dead Arab on the bus and say, this was the suicide bomber.
They did it.
I wonder if the suicide bomber was aware that the British government had contracted...
To have drills going on at the exact same train stations at the exact same time that the bombings took place.
Because that's now admitted.
And of course in the drills happening at the exact same place at the exact same time, it was for simultaneous bombings.
And, well, we found out two days later after the head of Visor Consultants got on the air and said that our drills were identical, except for the fact that our bombs were simultaneous.
Then two days later, they tell us they were simultaneous.
The mathematics, the probabilities, it's impossible.
And then you average that together, calculate that in with...
On 9-11, the CIA and NORAD running drills, both of them running drills, of flying jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon and then running other drills, it's impossible.
And then you add that together with the other drills they ran.
And other security drills in Madrid that were masses of special service police and others on the scene right before the bombing.
And when that came out, the government said, oh, it was just heightened security and part of a drill.
So it's just always a drill in case their people get caught planting the bombs.
They can just say, oh, we were part of the drill.
Just like when Moscow police caught FSB planting bombs, Putin's boys.
They said, oh, no, it's real explosives.
But it's just a drill.
It's always a drill.
Of the exact same places being bombed.
It's just an accident.
Believe them.
What's the chances of drills of bombing the buildings at the exact same time in Madrid, in 9-11, on 7-7 last Thursday?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Come on, people!
We're going to come back and plunge into all the latest developments and take your calls early in this first hour.
Load them up!
We're good to go.
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Mainstream Media.
Big Brother.
All right, the latest developments on the London bombings.
Coming up, there have been some huge developments.
There are holes in this propaganda.
You can literally fly a Death Star through, so we'll be going over that.
We'll be taking a lot of your calls throughout the broadcast today.
Wide open phones.
Coming up in the third hour, Paul Watson will be giving us the latest updates on the London bombing.
From Sheffield, because they've been having a bunch of police raids and blowing up cars and blowing off doors just a few miles from where he lives, supposedly raiding people.
And now they're trying to say that it was suicide bombers.
All four of the bombings, on the three trains and on the bus, conveniently all the patches are dead.
So we'll be analyzing that as well.
And we're scheduled to have John Connor on the broadcast.
And he is the author of The Resistance Manifesto.
The website's TheResistanceManifesto.com.
I was going to have him on last Thursday to talk about, well, different tactics he's been using to get the word out.
He's been very successful just out of the gates in the last year to get a lot of attention and expose the New World Order on multi-fronts.
In the InfoWar, and he's a good example for other InfoWarriors out there, and we like to give people the attention and support and commendations that are due them, so we're going to have him on to talk about a bunch of different issues, of course, including government-sponsored terrorism.
Coming up in the second hour, and we'll have wide-open phones during that section of the broadcast as well, toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Let me just go over some of the news, and we'll plunge straight into your phone calls, because I've had a bunch of guests so far the end of last week and, of course, yesterday.
I think.
I think.
New developments on Iraq.
New developments on Karl Rove.
So we're going to be covering a lot of issues today, but still mainly focusing on government-sponsored terrorism, because that is the foundation of the New World Order.
All right.
This came out, again, about an hour ago.
Bomber died on bus.
And this is from the Fox News propaganda arm in the United Kingdom Sky Television.
Routinely spinning things for the globalists.
Bomber died on bus.
The suspected bomber of the London bus attack has been identified as among the 13 who died, according to police sources.
Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said it was still not clear if the man had been a suicide bomber.
It follows witness reports of a man on number bus 30 in an agitated state looking into his bag up to 12 times before the blast.
Brunt said police were poised to make a number of arrests in London and other areas around the United Kingdom.
Then about 10 minutes ago...
Well, about 20 minutes ago, Drudge posted this.
All four suspected bombers died during London attacks.
And then a few minutes later, Sky came out with another report just saying there's not a lot of specifics.
It's just Scotland Yard saying it looks like all four of the bombings were...
All four of the bombers in the bombings were killed, though we don't know if they're suicide bombers.
Well, they're obviously, if they're going with this story, this fable, they're obviously suicide bombers if all four of them died.
I mean, maybe one or two would get blown up by accident if they didn't know what they were doing.
But if all four bit the bullet in the blast, then it's obviously suicide bombers.
Come on.
But again, look at this first headline, and it's the same with the other headline of Fox Propaganda Arm.
Bomber died on bus.
Man, he's convicted.
He did it.
Wow, open and shut case.
Then the next sentence, the suspected bomber of the London bus attack has been identified as among the 13 who died, according to police sources.
And this is the same crowd, Fox News and others, that said, it's conclusive, Al-Qaeda took total responsibility.
Then people read what was posted on the message board, by the way, by a company connected, well, one of the Bush siblings owns it, connected to Maryland and Houston, CIA and Houston, CIA up in Maryland and the globalists down in Houston.
It's like most of the beheading videos are uploaded by the same server, owned by Republicans and neocons in Houston.
I mean, it's the same story every time.
But this crowd of neocons, Fox and Sky and Drudge and all of them, came out for days and said, oh yes, Al-Qaeda takes responsibility.
Then they read what was on the message board and it said some Koran quote that was, by the way, misquoted entirely, and the individual praised Al-Qaeda.
So, but again, the average person will tell you on the street, oh no, Al Qaeda took responsibility for this, because I heard it on television.
And the media, while they retracted, they do it in the back of the paper or in a one second, you know, little text on the screen of the TV.
That's why I still get emails and people still talk to me on the street going, no, they found WMDs in Iraq.
Oh no, they did, because of all the literally...
Had to be like 75 to 100 reports.
I never counted them all up.
But remember during the first few months of the liberation of Iraq?
Oh, they found sarin nerve gas shells again.
They found bio-weapons.
They found a nuclear reactor buried under a rose bush.
Niger weapons documents.
You know, over and over and over and over again.
And then now the Bush administration says they never said they found WMDs.
They never said Sadat had WMDs.
They never said.
That's a conspiracy theory.
They never said.
They never said that.
Now, all of you know that they did say that.
And we got them on videotape.
We got them all over TV.
Al and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Pearl and Bush and State of the Unions and press conferences.
Do I have to actually argue with these people?
By the way, in major polls...
Just going up to about a year ago, half of Americans thought Saddam Hussein and bin Laden were the same person.
And about 80% thought that Saddam had carried out the attacks.
Now, those numbers have reversed themselves.
But still, I mean, that shows the mindlessness.
Most Americans don't know any of the Bill of Rights.
They don't know even their own state.
Did you know the average American doesn't know the state capital and their own state?
These are national polls, national studies.
The majority of high school seniors, and they've been having this study the last five years in a row, some years it's 75%, sometimes it's up in the 90s, don't know who the vice president is.
But they'll send me an email, they'll corner me in the grocery store, and tell me all about Iraq.
They know absolutely nothing about it.
It's amazing.
So that's what they're counting on with all of this.
And bottom line, folks, Israel has been caught.
It has been in UPI.
It has been in Haratz.
It has been in the Jerusalem Post.
Israel was caught setting up their own Guantanamo Bay.
How many is it?
It's something like over 100 prisons and camps.
In Israel alone, with just tens of thousands of Palestinians in them.
They would grab young Palestinian youth off the street when they were 14, 15 years old, keep them for five years, brainwash them, release them, and they would then be well-paid members of, you know, under the control of the security services and the intelligence agencies in Israel.
And it's admitted.
And they would create al-Qaeda and Hamas terror groups
It's admitted that back in the 70s, Israel helped found Hamas.
That's mainstream.
Israel admits it.
There's a, quote, counterbalance.
They wanted to radicalize the Muslims so that they would have a reason to attack them.
This is admitted.
These are Israeli documents that are public.
And then right through the late 1990s into 2002 when all this broke, most of the bombings in Israel were young Palestinians openly in the pay of the Israeli government carrying out bombings.
Now, there are the occasional Muslims or Palestinians that will shoot people or stab people.
I mean, that does go on.
But there are people who are really suicide bombers or homicide bombers.
It's 1984.
That's right.
I've got to change the term or I'm evil.
There are real homicide bombers.
Obviously, you're committing a homicide.
But most of them, and they're really big events.
Every time there's about to be a peace deal, or Israel's got $3 billion in funds that are in question in Congress, oh, there's a bombing.
Israel's been caught bringing dignitaries over from Italy and Russia and China.
And right by their hotel, there'll be a car bombing.
And they'll say, see, look, look.
I mean, this is admitted.
And so...
We know the British have carried out bombings and blamed it on passage.
That's admitted mainstream news.
We know the Russians have done it.
We know the U.S.
government's done it all over Europe with Gladio and the NATO option.
We know they did it all over Latin America.
And so this is public.
We have the archives, hundreds of mainstream news articles from Russia and from Europe and from England and from Latin America and from Israel, where it is admitted.
But again, most Americans don't know their state capital and don't know where Iraq is, so you could just sit there and go, I don't believe that.
That ain't true.
Because you don't even know how to go look up the news articles.
Well, you said many lies!
No, the big nightly news spins and propagandizes and lies, but there's a lot of good reporters and a lot of truth and a lot of documents that come out, but you never hear about them.
We research this.
And so isn't it convenient?
All four of the bombers are dead.
It's like they killed all the bombers.
The government killed who they said were the bombers in Madrid.
How convenient!
Well, take your calls, get into masses of news and more evidence of government publicity in the London Tragedy.
Stay with us.
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All right, there's a lot of passage to this London bombing.
We're going to be going over those.
And we're about to go to your calls.
In fact, you know, if you disagree with me, you go to the front of the line on this broadcast, and Louie in Texas...
Uh, disagrees with something I've said.
Louie, go ahead.
Well, uh, you're right about everything, and there's no doubt about it.
You're one of the smartest young men in the world.
Oh, please.
I cannot know.
People will not listen.
I can't get anybody to listen to me at all.
I mean, all this stuff is so obvious.
They've got a drill at the same time on 9-11, a drill at the same time when they're pulling this baloney and likey-stompy, but
But I'm telling you what.
People will not listen.
I can't get... I'll pass the text.
Where do you live?
Well, I found certain cities are pretty dumb down in the dark, but listen, I mean, all over the web, even mainstream publications are saying it's the government.
I mean, I might get, you know, 2,000, 3,000 emails a day.
One person might disagree.
There are a lot of thousands that agree.
They've had national polls, and most Americans, upwards of, not upwards, 90% believe the government consciously failed to act on 9-11 and may have been involved.
I mean, 92% of major polls think the government killed Kennedy when asked that specific question.
And so maybe you've got a bunch of brain-dead people around you, but, you know, there are nests of people just in total denial.
But, you know, I get e-mails and calls from El Paso folks that are awake.
I mean, so you're talking to people?
What are they saying?
Oh, yeah, I mean, no one will listen.
I mean, people with PhDs, engineers, you know, lawyers, they won't listen at all.
They're like, they're crazy.
I mean, people with a lot of money, people that know people all over the world.
It's just really frustrating.
Well, have you read 1984?
I mean, it's the smart people in the party, which is only 3% of the population in Oceania, you know, this fictional tyranny, and it's the elite who are the smartest who do a little mental trick called double-think so they don't have to... No, deep down they know it's true, sir.
That's why they deny it.
They can't face it because they're so afraid.
Well, anyway, I love your show, and I don't want to waste your time, but I'm really frustrated.
Well, let me just say this, sir.
I bet they'll deny the Supreme Court rule we don't have any private property rights.
I bet, you know, listen, I went swimming.
I went swimming the other day, and there was a fellow... I'm sorry, go ahead.
No, finish.
Well, I mean, I went swimming the other day.
I went to swim some laps last night, actually, and there's a nice older gentleman, and I'm sitting there talking to him after I swam some laps at the neighborhood pool.
And I like Bush.
He's a good conservative.
I go, well, sir, he's for Alberto Gonzalez, who's anti-gun, pro-abortion.
He goes, well, I listened to Rush Limbaugh.
I hadn't heard that.
That isn't true.
I like Alberto.
I mean, they don't even know the guy testifies.
He wants to ban a whole bunch of guns and doesn't want 12-year-olds to have to tell their parents when they have abortions.
I'm not going to be able to... I didn't argue with him.
And you know what?
I just said, okay, check it out for yourself, sir.
So, see...
That's exactly what I'm dealing with.
You just put me in the mirror.
That's exactly what I'm dealing with.
Everybody I've talked to is the same thing.
No, I know.
The Supreme Court didn't take on our private property.
I hear you on, you know, fighting so hard, and I'm thinking he's going to have a heart attack.
He's trying to get people to listen, and some people listen, but it's only like 1% of 1%.
I really...
This town has lithium in the water or something.
These people are coming to help.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
El Paso has masses of lithium in the water.
Did you know that?
El Paso, that's admitted.
And they've got all the statistics of how docile people are, and they have lower crime rates, and a bunch of stuff.
So I do know that about El Paso.
Hey Alex, greetings from Skull and Bones country.
First, I have a letter in the paper about the land grab, and there's a mirror to Prison Planet and your interview with Mr. Christofaro.
Well, sir, the land grabbing doesn't exist, and Alberto Gonzalez is pro-gun.
Well, I heard that on Rush Limbaugh yesterday.
In fact, I wanted to talk to you about Mr. Limbaugh.
Neocons are panicking.
I doubt that people are buying their horse pucky.
A lot of them are.
But I mean, the caller, I think the caller is wrong that it's 1%, but I'll shut up.
Go ahead.
I mean, I'm in the defense industry, Alex, where there are a lot of people who previously supported this administration, and I'm seeing a turnaround right in the belly of the beast.
No, that's okay.
Well, tell me about Limbaugh, because literally, he must have been saying this yesterday, because I'm at the pool, at the local neighborhood pool, and I'm sitting there,
And I'm talking to this guy, and we were talking about racquetball at first.
He's like, I was the base champion at racquetball.
Well, I'll tell you the story when we get back.
But this is a nice fella, too.
I mean, I'm sure he'd be nice to go play golf with.
But you just... I mean, they're going to have to come take his guns before he wakes up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Now, I've heard Neocons on talk radio in the last few months, and back when they were confirming Alberto Gonzalez to the Attorney General's ship, going, he's such a good conservative, how dare these evil liberals attack him?
So what if he wrote the torture memos?
We've got to get tough.
And then...
Just totally poo-pooing that he's for abortion or gun control or a member of METCHA.
And then, just the general public, a lot of good conservative people, they think they're getting alternative news tuning in to Limbaugh and others.
They don't know they're just getting another brand of propaganda.
And so they compare all their decisions against Hillary Clinton.
Well, I'm not for Hillary, so I must be for Gonzalez.
Again, it's a false choice.
But Eric in Connecticut, did you hear Limbaugh saying that he's a great conservative, or what did you hear?
Well, Alex, I was on the highway yesterday, I-95 heading south, and my computer was busted, dropped it off at the shop.
Anyway, I happened to hear Limbaugh, and I didn't hear him really talk too much about Gonzalez, but I did hear him fulminating and saying that basically civil rights were the reason that the Brits got hit.
Civil rights were the problem.
See, the Brits don't have a Patriot Act.
That's what he was saying.
He was basically complaining, and the reason that we haven't been hit since 9-11 was because, you see, we have a Patriot Act.
And that's totally false.
They have less freedoms than we do.
That's what I thought.
That place is a total police state with checkpoints everywhere, four and a half million cameras in London alone, but any foreigner that wants to come there can.
And I heard the beatnik fulminating about the same thing last night.
It seems like they're all reading from the same page.
That's right.
A guy that still praises the most socialistic...
Communistic, I mean outright disgusting beatniks of the 60s, and he was one of them, that openly calls himself the Grand Poobah, you know, super savage.
Oh yeah, and these attacks in London, just like 9-11 Alex, as far as I'm concerned, they have the fingerprints of the cult of the all-seeing eye all over them.
And I also wanted to compliment you on the letter that you, the article that you and Paul wrote
A warning to the world.
It was superb.
And I feel that it contains an encapsulated, slam-dunk case against the globalists because of your links.
I mean, if you take that article and take the links and print them up and hand it to somebody, you could basically say, here's a slam-dunk case for globalist-sponsored, state-sponsored terrorism right in one pamphlet, right here and now.
So people ignore this warning at their peril.
And as far as Limbaugh is concerned, I'm convinced that Bush Sr.
or somebody compromised him along the way because he's definitely gone over to the dark side.
Well, let me ask you a question.
You say you talk to a lot of defense contractors and other people.
I mean, are they starting to wake up?
Oh, absolutely.
Oh, yes.
I mean, there's still individuals who buy the official line, but there's a slow metamorphosis happening, and I see it.
I mean, I talk to people.
I mean, we're right in the middle of the defense industry, and a lot of people are starting to ask, you know, just what the heck is going on here?
And they're realizing that Bush is, I mean, like you said, Bush is Clinton on steroids.
And the problem is the neocons have conned a lot of people into thinking he's the best thing since sliced bread.
There's nothing he's conservative on other than his rhetoric that is just phony baloney.
I know.
Thanks for the call.
Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Lithium is a mineral that comes out the ground.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, I know it's used as a drug, really a serious antipsychotic, and that's what I was saying.
In El Paso, there's a lot of it in the water.
In prison, let me explain.
They took the strong ones that went against the blood, not selling our blood, and they put them in a cell, and they used to hose them down, and they couldn't break them.
When they started giving them lithium, the only way you could take it to get food...
They all submitted.
It was 115 of us.
Everybody submitted to the blood.
Yeah, for those that don't know, this was really big in the 80s until it got outlawed, but Clinton continued it in Arkansas.
They will feed you literally rotten bologna sandwiches and cheese sandwiches until you submit to giving blood, and then they'll let you have a little bit better food.
And so you're saying that happened to you in prison?
115 of us.
Yes, yes.
And they used to hose us down with water and leave the windows open, turn the air conditioner on in winter, and we wouldn't submit when we got the lithium to get food.
There's only way you can get the food.
We all submitted just about the same time, within three days.
And when we did that, we didn't care about blood.
We'd do anything they wanted to.
Well, let me just tell you.
There are several big cities and a lot of towns that do have natural lithium in the water.
And that was the point that I was bringing up.
You know, he joked about lithium in the water.
Well, there's actually lithium in the water in that city and several others.
And, yes, most cities do have a little bit of lithium naturally in the water if it comes from below ground.
That's right.
That's right.
You're very intelligent.
I talked to the water people.
Well, I'm not that intelligent.
I didn't remember if it was a metal or an element.
Let me tell you something.
Last night, they had gazelles on Nightline.
They were really pushing it.
And they were talking about the bird flu.
They already know how many people are going to die of bird flu.
We don't have a vaccine.
Sixteen million people.
They already got the numbers counted for how many are going to die.
But don't worry, they'll have troops on the streets and take all our liberties and Gonzalez can be our leader.
And Gonzalez, he's on the news just about every night.
But let me tell you, if the people of England don't fight this thing, on this bombing, if they don't, Mr. Jones, it's over for them.
If they don't snap on this, they'll never stop or nothing.
And for this other guy that can't get no response, it's like that at first.
But he has to get four or five people around him.
Educate them and get them to get tapes out and come with them.
You can't do it by yourself.
It's too discouraging.
You'll quit.
He must get, if it's old women or old men, get people behind him and he can use them for reference or backup.
You understand what I mean?
Well, yeah, it's all peer pressure at first because that's how these globalist minions operate is it's all according to whatever's popular.
Let me ask you a question.
I want to get back into...
What they did in the prison to you, because, I mean, I knew the story before you even told it because I've seen it happen so many other places, but describe what that was like having them, you know, demand your blood.
Well, a lot of us said no.
The food went down and we still went.
So they got the ringleaders and they said it was 115 of us.
There was like 10,000 all together across Louisiana.
And so they put us into cells and took our clothes and at night they would come in with a sheet over their head
We're good to go.
And after we took the lithium in a matter just of days, we submitted to everything they wanted.
Everything they wanted.
If they wanted the whippers, they wouldn't even have to change us down, Mr. Jones.
I mean, we yes sir, no sir.
And these were the strongest in prison.
They were hutchhogs.
They would be beaten.
I've seen it.
They wouldn't break.
Hit with bats.
That lithium broke every one of them.
I was there, Mr. Jones.
I was there with them.
Now, for those that don't believe this,
Even the Houston Chronicle's done a few reports about Huntsville, Texas, where even the jail guards got sick and their families, where they were doing bio-warfare tests on the inmates.
I mean, this is like Joseph Mingala meets Abu Ghraib, and it's been going on in this country for a long time.
So what were they doing, just selling your blood?
You sell your blood, they give you $8 the first time, $12 the second time, and they get over $100 for the plasma.
God, I'd imagine the warden was doing quite nicely.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
But at first we didn't go far because I said, well, don't be a prostitute for cookies because the food went down so bad that we had to buy cookies to eat, to live.
I mean, the food was really rotten.
I know the story, but...
What was it?
Rotten bologna?
Bologna, meat, everything, you know.
Yeah, so they would on purpose send it out so it would rot, because they even give the prison system decent food.
But they said if we sell the blood, we would get better food.
Oh, I know how it works, yeah.
So the spawners said anybody who sells their blood, we're going to hurt them.
So they took us all off the yard and put us all in cell blocks, two to a cell.
Well, I hope all those guards and that warden know they're going to hell.
Thanks for the call.
That's the exact type of thing that sends you straight to hell when you die, folks.
And I know you're a bunch of atheists.
You don't believe in God, so okay.
Well, know this.
For every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
And you reap what you sow in this life.
So you're going to be judged in this life.
You know you're unhappy.
You know your life's horrible.
You wonder why you're not blessed, why you're so unhappy.
Because you're evil.
And as soon as you stop being evil, your life will get better.
So you're punishing yourselves.
Whatever you do to these poor people in prison, whatever you do to innocent people out on the highways, whatever you do to your neighbor, it's all coming back on you before you die and then when you die.
Let's go ahead and talk to Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Emmett, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
You're my idol.
I love you.
Stop it.
This is not about the callers.
This is part of the sick society.
I want to thank you for calling.
I want to thank you for being involved.
I want to thank you for being, you know, caring.
I'm just doing my duty here.
Everybody needs to stop it.
Go ahead.
Well, Jesus loves me and he provides my needs.
The other week I mentioned something about an independent news station announcing contact your
Senators to vote against the Patriot Act.
I believe in the third hour you said you got upset over that.
You know what?
I don't even know what you're talking about.
All right, okay.
Well, anyway, those spots were paid for.
Now we have a big billboard sign up near our big farm show building here in Pennsylvania.
It's a picture of George Bush, and it says, Please, President,
Stop the borders.
Close the borders, please, dear President.
And that's paid for by a private man.
Yeah, so a lot of people are upset and getting involved.
So you're saying that... You might have been hearing another show, because I'm not aware of this.
You're saying a local station, radio or TV in your area is lobbying listeners to call the Congress or the White House?
Yes, but that was paid for by a private person, though, you know?
Well, good.
I want to commend whoever's doing that.
Yes, just like this billboard, and it says it's paid for by a certain individual.
Well, that's exactly what... This is what the globalists are going to do.
They're going to let us gripe about the Patriot Act, they're going to let us fight it, and then when they carry out terror attacks, they're going to say, see, you didn't let us take your freedoms, you caused this to happen, which we're now hearing the British government and our government say.
Well, the British government's still searching for who set the bombs, aren't they?
No, they now say that all four of the people blew themselves up.
How convenient.
Oh my.
And they're all four British citizens and case closed.
You should have heard the coast to coast on Saturday night into Sunday morning.
It was a repeat with Art Bell.
He had a young man on there, I think his name was Sykes.
He's written a book saying that we need a one world government.
And he wants to deprogram all the Christians.
He said it only takes a matter of a few minutes to deprogram the Christians, to let them see what nonsense they believe.
Well, in a book Art wrote, he said we're going to have a one world government and we need one, so he pretty much tells you where he's at.
Yes, yes, and I know he believes the government story on 9-11 also.
Yep, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
For those that have any doubt about what we're facing, or how the government selectively enforces all of these laws, about a year and a half ago, we learned that government housing authorities, city housing authorities, county housing authorities, were giving preferential treatment to illegal aliens.
And then I talked to a lady who, I've talked about this before, who manages...
The biggest apartment complex in Austin for the biggest property management company in the nation.
And covertly, about two years ago, a third of their units within their national structure became government housing.
But that's covert and secret.
Other members of the complex aren't supposed to be told about it.
Because we've got to make way for all the criminals and third world populations.
And they were openly told at a big Christmas meeting in Dallas
That you are, and this is in front of hundreds of people, hundreds of managers, you know, high-level managers, mid-level managers to be precise.
If it is immigrants, you are to let ten of them stay in a two-bedroom.
But if it's citizens, regardless of color, and they have told them this, you are to, if they have a grandma visiting for a week, you are to find them, and if somebody's living there, one extra person, kick them out.
We want to make room for all these new people, and we're not having to pay taxes anymore, and we've got some really good tax deals with the feds to do this.
Now, people don't want to believe that.
This is what I'm being told by people that work at the city, the county, the state.
This is what I'm being told by folks that work inside these institutions.
Now it's all over the news in the last week, and people are outraged, and you should be.
That illegal aliens all over the country, from Wisconsin to Austin, Texas, go to the city and county and state housing authorities, and they are given home loans to buy houses.
Now understand, under Patriot Act compliance, if you cash a check, even if the person has a fake ID, you can spend a couple years in prison and get a million dollar fine if that person was on a terrorist or criminal watch list.
You didn't know about those?
They already have those.
If you sell a used car to somebody who's on a criminal watch list, you get a couple years in prison and a million dollar fine.
Just type in Patriot Act Compliance.
Literally hundreds of thousands of links will pop up to companies, you know, who will advise you and consult you how to not go to prison.
But guess what?
All these companies have been told by the federal government, we will not enforce the Patriot Act on those renting to immigrants.
So illegal aliens are already legal, folks.
Everybody knows it.
It's admitted.
They'll have one or two sweeps a year of a Walmart where they arrest a few hundred people to make you think they're doing something.
There's 30-something million of them here now.
There's even more coming.
The whole third world is coming.
And they don't have to pay taxes for seven to ten years when they get here.
That's admitted.
But if you go to the Urban Legends website, they tell you it isn't.
Just like the Patriot Act, your freedoms, that's an urban legend.
Everything's an urban legend.
The government being corrupt is an urban legend.
Rumsfeld never said there were WMDs.
That's an urban legend, too.
No, the truth is now out.
They don't just get the loans, which, again, they're giving illegal alien felons loans.
No, no, they get preferential treatment.
And, folks, I remember about five years ago, I was setting up a bank account here locally, and literally, I was sitting there for like an hour waiting for my turn, and I sat there about, you know, the chairs while I was waiting for the individual banker to give me a bank account.
I sat there and watched about, I don't know, eight, nine people that were ahead of me.
And about four or five of the families were Hispanic, obviously legal aliens, you know, good yeoman stock, wearing the cowboy hats, you know, hard-working folks.
I'm not knocking them.
But still, they didn't have anything.
And the guy was speaking to Spanish to them and doing all this.
And I'll finish this story when we get back.
I've never told this story in its entirety.
The guy wasn't going to give me a bank account.
He was going to give me one.
He wasn't going to give my wife one.
Because she didn't have any credit.
Until I said, hey, I just saw you give all those illegal aliens bank accounts with nothing.
Give her the bank account.
He said, okay, I'll do this for you.
Because I twisted his arm.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
So I'm sitting there with my wife
For like an hour.
And most of the people getting bank accounts were illegal aliens.
And my wife speaks fluent Spanish.
She was sitting there listening to part of it, too.
She's going, man, they don't even have any driver's license, nothing.
And he's giving them accounts.
And then we get up there, and he gives me an account, and he gets to her and does some type of little search thing.
And, well, you don't have any credit.
You've got to have credit to have a bank account?
You know, and he goes, I'm sorry, I can't do it.
And I said, look, I just saw you give all those people bank accounts.
And I said, you need to give her a bank account.
And I said, this is discrimination.
And he said, all right, all right, I'll do you a favor.
And I just wanted to get her a bank account.
I wanted to get out of there.
And so we got the bank account.
And we still have one with that bank, both of us.
But the point is,
Is that I've talked to other people in banking.
You've heard them call into the show from Californian places.
They've been told to do this.
Look, Vicente Fox came to Austin, Texas two years ago.
We have video of this.
He came to Austin and he gave three awards.
One to Wells Fargo for, quote, helping the Mexican community.
Because they will give them bank accounts.
And the bank I was at was not Wells Fargo, by the way.
And because it's huge business with them.
I mean, tens of billions a year.
It's over $10 billion a year in Wells Fargo alone, sending wire transfers to Mexico.
And Wells Fargo has started a new ID program where they give the illegals a picture ID, and now that's being used and accepted by cities all over the country as an ID.
And it's just horrible.
And then he gave an award to the police department.
Oh, yes.
And then an award to the governor.
For helping the immigrant population that, quote, extends beyond the territorial borders of Mexico, as he and his predecessor said.
So, folks, if you are on one of these criminal watch lists, or you go in, and you don't have any documents, and they're not going to give you a loan, a home loan, but they give them to illegal aliens, again, this is the industry, the establishment.
This is their policy.
Did you know some states give more tuition to foreigners, illegals, even than they give to U.S.
citizens, in-state citizens, state citizens?
You've all heard about that.
It's been all over the news.
I mean, and it's going to get worse and worse and worse and worse.
So, the Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down.
Our borders are wide open.
And our Attorney General is a member of a Hispanic clan group, MEChA.
And is anti-gun and conservatives don't even know that?
So this is the new America, folks.
Before I end this hour in the last 60 seconds, please support us.
But that's secondary.
Get the videos of the best films out there.
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All right.
The second hour with more of your calls and a great guest and a bunch of new developments on the London bombings.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
New developments in the London bombings of last Thursday at 7-7.
They're now saying that all four of the bombings, the three on the trains, the one on the bus, why the individuals that did it, they blew themselves up.
They're all dead.
And they're doing raids all over England.
They're doing raids up in northern England.
Raiding houses with the military.
We're good to go.
It wasn't really real, though.
It was a drill.
But for three minutes during the newscast, it was real.
They got the emotional response and the fear.
It's always the same around the country.
And then, oh, it was a drill.
The government's keeping you safe and brought the government in as your savior.
Trauma-based mind control is what we're dealing with.
So we'll get into those developments.
We've got a good guest coming on, John Connor of The Resistance Manifesto.
But right now, let's go to... Who's up first here from London?
Martin calling us from London.
Martin, welcome.
Hi, thanks, Alex.
I just want to give you a quick update.
I've been looking at the press conference, basically, in London of the latest on the bombings.
And you might be interested to know that, you know, magically all four have been found dead, or so they say.
But actually, what they've said now is that three of the four bombers, they've only found property belonging to them.
So they're not saying they've got bodies.
They say in each of the three trains they've found property belonging to the bombers.
And in one of the ones on the bus, they may have found bits of the body, but there's no evidence of the body so far.
All right.
Well, that's important.
We need to record this.
In fact, instant message my producer and tell him to start recording.
Tell him to record CNN.
Yeah, sure, will do.
Well, no, I was telling my folks around the show that.
I mean, just a couple of updates here as well, because...
They're not saying that they found anything on CCTV, so the only evidence we've got so far is basically there was a person who was on the bus who saw, who has been claimed to be a suicide bomber, he looked in his bag several times, and that's it.
That's all the evidence is he looked in his bag.
And the camera malfunctioned on the bus, and all the hundreds of cameras around it, they just don't have anything, but they've got some of the belongings of the bombers.
So the thing that concerns me, they did say that they may have a bit of CCTV with all four of the bombers at the main train station in London.
It's called King's Cross.
Now, the fact that they've got all four there and possibly nowhere else, it worries me that maybe they got arrested and, you know, they've just got to turn it up again.
You never know, but it seems very, very suspicious.
Well, we have a government that pays for hundreds of millions of dollars in fake newscasts here and creates fake private lunches, you know...
I've emailed to pretty much every single news station.
I've phoned up the Metropolitan Police here.
I've gone to as many people as I can, and it's just silence.
It's been in a couple of newspapers, but nobody's talking about it.
Now, funnily enough, okay, earlier when I was bored, I did a calculation, because we've got 274 underground or tube stations in London, okay, they're open for night and as of date.
If you work out, I've worked out the mathematical probability of that operation, that drill going on at the exact same time as the real event going on.
And the number is so long, I won't even read it out, but it's like 22 numbers.
It's the equivalent of one piece of grain of sand on a beach sort of thing.
It's impossible that it could be happening.
Well, do me a favor.
Do that calculation and then email it to Paul at Prison Planet, you know, over there to Paul, and we'll get that posted.
But what's the mathematical chance of those hundreds of train stations, the exact three at the exact time?
Okay, not just the...
Exact time, exact place.
That's impossible, folks.
That's totally impossible.
It's a joke.
Anything else, Martin?
Yeah, just one more thing.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up when we get back.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The British government was funding a thousand man, thousand person drill of bombing the exact same three trains at the exact same time.
And the drill was for simultaneous bombings at the exact same train stations at the exact same time.
And I did look that up.
There are in London proper, the main city, 200 plus train stations.
And so what are the mathematics of the exact same three?
We're good to go.
I think?
And by the way, we're going to play this a little bit later in the hour.
We played it yesterday.
We have BBC 5 with the head of advisor consultants admitting this, saying this.
I mean, this is so important.
We've got the London Guardian doing reports about how weeks before they did drills...
In other parts of England.
Oh, that's newsworthy.
But not that they were doing it that very morning.
They reported it.
It kind of got out by accident because this guy shot his mouth off.
And now they don't want to talk about it.
They don't want to discuss it.
It's up to you to go to prisonplanet.com and infowars.com and get this article and send it out to everybody.
It's on the right-hand side of the column there.
There's a huge archive called London Bombing, and it's the top story there.
Get it and get it out to everybody.
Plus, our warning to the world we put out yesterday calling for more whistleblowers to go public and, of course, more governments to go public.
Governments that are on the PNAC hit list.
Martin in London, finish up your point, then I'm going to go to our guest.
Sure, it was just two more quick points.
I was just going to say, I live right on the Thames River in London, and I was actually up, I was working on my PC throughout the night.
I faced the Thames, I've got floor-to-ceiling windows.
I saw a riverboat, basically, which was a black ops, it looked like what we call SAS, or what you probably call Delta Force, type guys, escorted by police,
Well, we know it was SAS, through Army Intelligence, admittedly involved running terror attacks in the 90s.
They had double agents as part of the IRA, and
In fact, the biggest IRA bombing in Omaha killed 28 or 29 people, and that was our government that did it.
Well, yeah, it was actually Army intelligence commanding it.
It wasn't just like they had a mole in there.
They would actually beat and kill terrorists who refused to carry out bombing.
So the government was commanding the terrorists, and the terrorists didn't even know it.
Yeah, well, the three biggest terrorist hits we've had in the UK has been Lockerbie, which the government were involved in, has been Omar, which is the IRA one, which the government were involved in, and this one, which the government were definitely involved in.
I mean, I'll finish off for two seconds, looking at the facts, OK?
We've got military-grade explosives, which you can't buy.
They're not the kind of thing that you build roads with or anything.
Let me add, England and the U.S.
use the same chemical mixtures, regardless of the manufacturer, by specifications.
The Russians use their own, the Chinese use their own.
So now I wonder if it's going to be the ingredients used by the Iranians.
We'll never know, will we?
Well, we will know.
Whatever they tell us, we'll have to accept.
We've had the former head of the FBI crime lab on, Dr. Frederick Whitehurst,
Telling us that the FBI industrially framed people.
We can't believe anything.
And we've picked nothing up on chatter.
There's no way a young kid or one lad who's never been heard of before connected to nobody else
Now, as of a few minutes ago, they were just saying that all four of the bombers were killed, but we didn't find...
Their bodies aren't there, but we found their belongings.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
What they've now said, Alex, is they believe they are dead.
They don't know.
They can't confirm, but all they can confirm... Well, it's just like Al-Qaeda took credit on a message board.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's a diversion.
Well, it is because they're getting the heat.
Well, when you talk to people in London on the ground, I mean, are people instinctively thinking something stinks?
People are waking up to it.
It doesn't add up.
I mean, it's so false.
We've never seen anything like this before in the UK.
We've had cover-ups, but this is blatantly lies.
If you look on the TV now, I mean, I've never seen anything like it.
It's like a video game.
There's cars being blown up all over Britain.
There's houses being stormed.
There's people getting arrested.
Simultaneously, happening everywhere.
I mean, it's splashing from one picture to the other.
Yeah, for those that don't know, the blowing up car still has the illusion to the mind, the subconscious of a terror attack.
So, blowing up cars, blowing up houses, running into houses.
It just gives you more fireworks, more to scare you.
It's very much a science thing.
Even the very first thing that was said as well was,
It was actually meant to sound good, but it was a side effect.
It says, you know, the Muslims aren't all bad people.
Some Muslims are good.
Now that, if you twist it backwards, is there are evil Muslims and they have done this bombing.
And that's with zero evidence.
And from day one... Well, I mean, take the Sky Television headline.
Bomber died on bus.
I appreciate it.
Do that.
No, I mean, don't wait.
And tell us how, you know, in the story, tell about how you saw that boat.
Do that.
I know we've got loaded lines.
We've got tons of news here.
He was going to be on last Thursday with us when the bombing happened, and I appreciate him coming on.
I'm sorry he had to hold the last five minutes.
He's John Connor, and he has TheResistanceManifesto.com.
And, you know...
I like people like John, because he doesn't wait around, he doesn't ask me to do stuff for him, he doesn't, because I get emails every day, oh, do this, do that, Alex, do more, Alex.
No, he's out there effectively building a website, effectively confronting government officials, authorities, leaders, our owners.
He is effectively, in the information war, being able to get on national TV, get in major newspapers, get in Rolling Stone magazine.
In just a year or so of getting involved.
And all of us can do this.
All of us.
Look, everybody can get out there and become a leader.
And so we got him on to talk about a host of issues.
We'll talk a little bit about Jessica Simpson, just to show how they're turning our society into a bunch of whores.
That's what he wasn't going to come on about last week, but that's what he got attention with.
But then that got attention to his website to cover the really important issues.
And that's an important issue, but it's dwarfed.
By, you know, government-sponsored terror.
And then they go to the website and they learn 9-11 is an inside job.
So, John Connor, good to have you on with us.
Alex, it's an honor.
Thanks for having me.
I just want to say God bless you.
God bless Paul Watson and everyone at the InfoWar for all the hard work you guys are doing.
Now, let me tell you, since I'm talking to you, a T2 is not going to materialize, is it?
Let's hope not.
A little attempt at humor there.
John, tell us how you got involved in this fight, and then I want to get your take on the London bombings.
I've been tracking the technological aspects of the New World Order, primarily Echelon, the facial recognition cameras, the Verichip, that type of thing for years.
And I really went down the rabbit hole after I lost my job shortly before Christmas.
Now, I just graduated college.
I have a bachelor's degree in communication.
Yeah, I think so.
Really realize about the New World Order and exactly to the extent of what sort of criminal behavior they're doing was your film, Masters of Terror.
I want to commend you on that.
I came across Masters of Terror by streaming it on your website.
I have to tell you, it took about three nights.
I analyzed that film and I would pause it and I would go and you'd show an article and I'd say, this guy, for real, is he kidding?
I'd pause the film.
I would look up the article, read that article.
Continue watching the film.
And that's really what helped me realize what sort of criminals we're dealing with here.
So I just want to commend you on that.
By the way, that film is full of admissions of the British government carrying out bombings, the U.S.
government, the Israeli government, the Russian government.
I mean, they've been caught.
This is not debatable.
So what happened is I really realized the full extent of what was happening.
And I just went down the rabbit hole.
I mean, I was familiar with Satanism, a little bit about Freemasonry.
And since I had all this time on my hands, I spent probably 16, 18 hours a day just really researching this.
Crash course.
Yeah, I was almost so scared.
I saw the film and I said, oh my God, is this really happening?
I had to check it out for myself to see if you were legit, to see if the stories that you were bringing were honest, were real, were accurate.
I've got to tell you, 99.99% of everything in those films checks out.
I said, I have to do something about this.
I have to tell every single person this is my duty to let everybody know what's going on.
And then sort of a big sister figure of mine that I had worked with for a long time, we always joked about me being John Connor.
It's actually a pseudonym that I took from the Terminator.
And we talked about the end of days and the coming judgment days and things like that.
And I just thought, you know, what a great way to get the word out is to just publish a book and then to sort of spin it so that the mainstream media would grab a hold of it.
I used the pseudonym John Connor, borrowed from the Terminator.
And I used the title of the Resistance Manifesto because when the Nazis were invading Poland and doing all their dirty work, people who were fighting the Nazis were called the Resistance or the Resistance Fighters.
And so I thought, man, this is a resistance movement.
There is a global resistance.
So I said, you know, the Communists had a manifesto.
I said, the Resistance needs a manifesto.
So that's how I came up with the title.
The Resistance Manifesto.
Manifesto actually just means a public declaration of principles.
Yeah, the Declaration of Independence is a manifesto.
So, I changed the spelling of the name Connor, so I'm not infringing on any copyright, although I actually would welcome Mr. James Cameron suing me, because that would just bring more attention to the cause.
Yeah, and you've been very effective.
So you've only really been doing this six, seven months.
Hardcore, yes.
All right, we'll be right back, and we'll get into what you think about the bombings in London, and we'll get into some more of the tactics you used to fight the globalists, and we'll take calls.
Paul Watson's coming up later.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
If we take action and move against the global overlords, they can't stop us.
But all of you have to get involved.
All of you have to be leaders.
You have to be aggressive and not care what the poor slaves think of you.
Get back in the slave pens.
Don't speak out against the authorities, the officials.
We're their servants.
No, we're not.
Coming up at the start of the next segment, we'll go to John and Vac and Bruce and Mike and Rick and everybody.
But we're going to keep John Connor on with us for the rest of the hour.
John, I always like to get other people's views, their angle, on the New World Order.
Try to sum up from your study, your crash course looking at this, what the New World Order is and what their plans are.
And then I want to...
I hear from you, your tips for the audience, how to rapidly engage the New World Order propaganda structure through guerrilla warfare techniques to get attention.
My take on the New World Order, since I'm a Christian and the resistance is sort of based in the Bible, and I know that you're a Christian, many of your listeners are Christians, but what this comes down to, it's not only a political venture for these people, but it is a spiritual venture.
We say that they're devil worshipers and that they think they're gods, and we don't say that as an ad hominem attack.
We mean this seriously and literally, and I'll get into that in a second.
But what this comes down to, what they're doing, is these people are setting the stage for what they believe to be the Messiah.
Now we know that Jesus was the Messiah.
He came and said, hey guys, I'm here, and they killed him, and that sort of went along with God's plan.
What they're doing is they literally are creating the global fascist government so that whether it's 100 years or 5,000 years, the president of the New World Order will one day be the Antichrist.
And that's what this is all leading up to, with the Verichips, which is inevitably the Pandora's box.
I mean, they're actually on TV saying we all need chips, and they're actually setting up a world government right now.
Yes, yes.
I mean, the Verichips, how much more accurate...
And obvious could the Bible have been in the book of Revelation when it says that the Antichrist will make all men take a mark on his hand or in his head and he can't buy or sell without that mark.
So my take on it, what they're doing is in a sense they are creating, they are fulfilling Bible prophecy in a sense by creating the stage for the Antichrist.
I want to make one point about
We're good to go.
I think so.
No, they say Satan is the rebel, which is what he was in heaven with the angels, and from their twisted point of view, he's really the good guy and God is the oppressor.
They think that Satan is the savior and the redeemer by bringing knowledge and by telling them, you are gods.
What they really claim at the top is that Lucifer is Jesus' brother.
And this is taught in the Mormon church as well, and in Freemasonry.
And you can actually track these satanic ideologies throughout history because they've been passing on through the secret societies from the Rosicrucians into the Freemasons and then into the Illuminati and then into Skull and Bones.
And there's a very clear timeline from the Garden of Eden, from the Fall of Man to the present day.
And the reason why they have these secret societies is
It's because what they're doing, if people knew they were worshiping Satan, people would freak out.
So they have to do it in secret.
And then they induct their new members into the lower levels.
And they say, oh, we're just a spiritual group.
We're just a fraternity.
It's like most of the Baptist preachers are Masons and they don't even know what's above that.
Yeah, it's really, really just sad.
I mean, I have morals and dogma.
And in the manifesto, I pulled out some of the best quotes from that book.
And Freemasons will say, oh, we're just a fraternity, we're just a lodge.
That's the Bible of Freemasonry.
God says, I worship Lucifer.
Yes, and it says, Albert Pike's quoting, he says that Freemasonry is a religion.
I feel the power of Lucifer seething in my hands.
Yes, Manly P. Hall says that he's the seething powers of Lucifer.
You just said it right there.
So, it even says that they willingly and knowingly deceive lower-level Masons and people that are not... I know, and it's a published book where they say it, and Masons haven't even read it.
Oh, that was the first seeding power.
I mean, it's like the Emperor in, you know, Episode 3 or something.
I mean, it's pure evil, folks.
All right, stay there, John Connor.
Battle the Terminators.
We'll be right back, and we're going to...
Get more into this and take your calls, and we're going to talk about the bombing as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright folks, Alex Jones here back live.
Gonna get to your phone calls here in just a few minutes.
We're talking to John Connor of TheResistanceManifesto.com.
Of course, you know my website's InfoWars.net and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And we're gonna go to John and Vac and Bruce and Mike and Rick and many others.
I also want to play that little minute-long BBC clip where the head of Visor Consultants admits they were running drills at the exact same time, at the exact same locations as the terrorist attacks took place.
It's always the same M.O.
We'll tell you why they do this.
And there's been some new developments, obviously.
Now, conveniently, all four of the bombers blew themselves up.
Their bodies disappeared, though.
They're just like a poof of smoke, but they did find their belongings.
Everything's good.
We can trust our government now and give up all of our freedoms.
But just for the next few minutes, we're honored to have Debbie Morrow on with us.
Debbie, we were just talking about lithium being in many of the water supplies naturally and how it makes people docile, not to mention the sodium fluoride they put in it and all the mercury and heavy metals and the toxins, the herbicides, the pesticides, the MBTE.
But you know what?
I just think that's an urban legend.
I think tap water is good for us to drink, even though a fish will die in it.
I think it's good for us to drink.
Nope, it's not.
But the fish die in good water.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, I was wondering, right when I clicked into listening to you, you were talking about the lithium, and I caught you right after you said what type of chemical it was, I believe.
I caught just the rear end of it.
Do you remember what it was y'all were saying?
Yeah, no, no.
We were talking about El Paso has the highest levels of lithium in the water of any place in the country.
And the statistics show how docile the people are.
Very low crime rate.
And, I mean, you know, lithium is what they give psychotics.
But I think if you live in El Paso, you shouldn't have a Big Berkey.
I think giving your children lithium is good.
Well, you know, they've been trying to lull us into apathy in such a long time now.
You know, look at our poor kids.
They've actually got federal and international studies calling for putting serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the water.
I know.
Remember, in fact, if you go to Best Buys, I think it is,
They have that movie, Wild in the Streets.
It's the old, old movie from way, way back in the 60s when they put LSD in the water and it was put in by the government.
It's a great old movie to show you what used to be fantasy, what it is now is almost a reality.
Very interesting movie.
I think it's wonderful.
I trust the government, Debbie, so they shouldn't call you and get Made in America, lowest prices you're going to find, big murkies in stainless steel or in the plastic.
And they shouldn't get sports bottles, and you should give your children the herbicides and pesticides, and mercury's good for you because the news says so.
Debbie, even though I disagree with you, go ahead and give us the phone number.
You can reach me toll-free at 1-888-803-4438.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
Debbie, how do you sleep at night, depriving people of their mercury and their other nutritious items?
Oh, I just, you know, I have a terrible time sleeping when I think about how many people were just...
Fooling by that, no.
Actually, I sleep great because I know that we are really helping people.
And especially, I keep telling people don't wait.
But Debbie, the government says we have the newscast that mercury is nutritious.
Are you saying it isn't?
No, it's not.
It's not.
Oh, this is radical.
I know.
I'm on the blue list now for sure.
Man, look at her.
Man, you are just, you know, we're radical, Debbie.
I know, I know.
And we need to keep eating all that mercury-filled food, too.
Well, exactly.
Seriously, folks, we're being sarcastic, but national newscasts and local newscasts have been saying, contrary to former beliefs, mercury helps children.
So take your vaccines.
Listen, the water is totally toxic.
Do not drink it.
Once you've been drinking Berkey water, you can't even go back.
Give Debbie a call.
Bunch of big discounts.
Insane deals going right now.
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Made in America.
Give her a call.
And they've got a bunch of other specials going.
Go to BerkeyWater.com and tell them Alex Jones sent you to take advantage of those specials.
All right, Debbie.
That's it.
Always good to hear from you.
Take care.
Thank you.
Talk to you soon.
And again, folks, you know, I joke around about this because it's so crazy.
I mean, it's like calling Alberto Gonzalez a conservative.
You know, they tell us he's conservative.
They tell us the tap water is good for us.
So give Debbie a call.
888-803-4438 or BerkeyWater.com or link through at Infowars.com.
I tell you, John Connor, I'm sure you trust the government.
Are you drinking filtered water?
Well, you know, I would rather drink toilet water or water out of a swamp than... That's right, in L.A.
you have toilet to tap.
Tell us about that.
It would probably be better for you than what's coming out of your tap water.
So you're not filtering.
Well, that's good.
No, I drink bottled water.
I haven't got one of those Berkey filters yet, but as soon as I get a little more situated here, I'm definitely going to be getting one of those.
Well, you would have really come over to the dark side when you do that.
Hey, let me read what Rollingstone.com posted Friday, if you would.
Yeah, but first I want to get your, and before we get into the stuff you've been up to, let me get your take on the London bombings.
Okay, let me just read a quick statement here.
This is, I wrote this right after the bombings, and this is satire, but it's actually true.
So, it reads like a news article here.
President Bush, quote, happy London attacks happened, wished more would have died.
Washington, D.C.
After London was rocked by coordinated terrorist attacks the morning of July 7th, President Bush released a statement saying he was, quote, happy the attacks happened, but wished more would have died.
His comments were mirrored by Tony Blair and other corrupt globalist leaders.
President Bush and other Illuminati members were pleased that the attacks went off without a hitch, but were disappointed not all the devices went off.
Quote, not all government-sponsored terrorism works exactly according to plan, he said.
Some of our pawns aren't the smartest people on the planet, he concluded.
When asked how these latest events will affect the war on terror, Bush replied, quote, These attacks will ensure the world is scared into submitting to the New World Order's police state agenda, as he laughed.
We were getting worried that people would want their rights back since the threat of terrorism had been dropping on the list of people's things to worry about, he lamented.
President Bush and the criminal syndicate he and his family works for pointed out that past government-sponsored terrorism, quote, worked like a charm.
Expressing mixed feelings, he mumbled, quote,
It really sucks that more people didn't die, but this was good enough to keep the slaves looking to us for salvation, he said, while giving the satanic hand sign of raising his index and pinky fingers.
You ought to send that over to Prison Planet or InfoWars.
We'll get that posted.
Now, I want to get into how you've been able to manipulate the mainstream media with issues that are important, but are something also that they'll latch on to.
Back when I had time years ago, I would do this, too.
I mean, I could snap my fingers and get on national TV, though I don't think their viewers give you much of a response.
I mean, I found that going on some Christian...
How you doing, Alex?
I got a World Net Daily news article that I found on the internet yesterday afternoon.
The title is, Al-Qaeda nukes already in the U.S.
Terrorist bombings smuggled across Mexican border by gangsters.
The U.S.
government officials are contemplating what they consider to be an inevitable and much bigger assault on America, one likely to kill millions, destroy the economy, and fundamentally alter the course of history.
Okay, they're talking about how supposed Mexican gangsters helped by Russian special forces
We've been hearing that for the last two years, and if it does happen, it'll be the globalists, and then Bush won't even get in trouble for ordering the Border Patrol to stand down.
And they even talk about that.
They talk about how, oh, the silly Border Patrol, they're just not working out.
And Gonzalez is good.
How Bush, he's trying, but things just ain't working.
He loves it.
The intelligence that the guy who wrote this article, he got it from a tenant.
George Tennant, or William Cohen, as he's also known.
It's just a ridiculous article.
You need to post it on your site, though, because I think a lot of people are just focusing on the David Icke stuff, ridiculous lizard men, and stuff's about to hit the fan if we don't start waking people up.
Well, listen, we've been focused on government-sponsored terror all along, and I have no doubt the globalists would have already released smallpox or done a dirty bomb or something to really get martial law going.
I mean, we got the articles where they told Gannett News Service that there'll be a red alert and you'll be under total control and have no more freedoms and you can't leave your house, and the Washington Post saying they're going to take your children out of the public schools and...
Put them in FEMA camps and local police all over are being told there's going to be gun confiscation because during a crisis we can't have the people being armed.
And thanks for calling in about that, John.
We'll try to get that posted.
Comments on that, John Connor?
You know, that's what we need.
I mean, I think it's such a fantastic thing that you have such a platform and a network, and you really called it.
We really are our own intelligence agency, and I haven't had time to scan through the headlines, so I just want to commend that caller for looking out and bringing the information forward.
Well, yeah, we have millions of people out there that are involved and informed and tracking and tracing what the globalists are up to.
Yeah, well, here we go.
I mean, it's the same old story all over again.
Well, they're sneaking in nukes down in the border now, but we're just going to call the Border Patrol and the Minutemen vigilantes when Bush previously said that citizens need to get involved in fighting the war on terror.
But that means tattling on your neighbors.
I think that what he means is tattling on anyone who's not going along with the program.
Let's talk to Vac in New York.
Vac, you're on the air.
Yeah, hello.
The other day I was watching Fox News, and during this elaborate commercial, this guy's driving to work, there's promises how our liberties are being protected, along with our security, and right near the end of the commercial, I wish I remembered the name of the company, but the guy got his face scanned, and this is at 2.30, you know, during Oprah time in the afternoon, and, you know, it's that up front that
So it was saying, you're safe because you have freedom because we scan you.
Is that what it was saying?
Oh, yeah, basically.
But there was assurances of our rights are being protected.
But it was just, you know, a regular pale-faced bald guy driving in a pickup truck, and he got his face scanned.
Where did he get his face scanned?
It was driving down the highway.
They were showing, you know, stuff getting loaded off of ships and, you know, descriptions.
Can you talk right into your telephone?
Yeah, I'm actually on a computer phone.
I'm holding a speaker to my head right now.
Oh, that's what it is.
There's one other thing.
You know, we talked about history repeating itself and all that.
And as far as the, you know, Bush worship and trying to tie him in with Reagan, I think there's a lot more similarities to him and Nixon.
Because at this point, you know, I feel as if we're, you know, in the early 60s kind of.
Well, listen, I appreciate your call.
What they did in the 60s is they had an unpopular war, but then controlled the false opposition and gave bad solutions.
And they'd have hired beatniks.
Of the same ilk as Michael Savage.
That was back when he was real active and all that.
They'd have hired beatniks go out and break windows in an anti-war rally and cuss and scream.
And then the older conservative folks would see that and think, well, the war must be good if this type of scum is against it.
So it's all very, very sophisticated.
But I remember what started running about eight years ago, that Lockheed Martin ad.
Now, Lockheed Martin only sells to the government.
Now they're into all those face scanning cameras and the red light cameras and the surveillance.
You know, that's their new big business.
But they ran an ad where American pride, American love, and they got points at the shuttle taking off with pride, and then the camera rotates around and scans his index finger.
So about five years before biometrics started rolling out at the health clubs and the grocery stores and the malls and the libraries, which is now happening, Lockheed was running an ad saying
Biometrics is good.
John, comments on that?
Well, the biometrics and all the cameras didn't do a single thing in London, and I think that we really just need to get that point out.
That's because they didn't have enough.
Four and a half million is not enough.
Well, and the people weren't chipped, too, so I guess we're going to have to do that.
And you have to have the radio frequency identification devices picking up from about 22 feet away so that we know which bus each one of us gets onto, when we get off, what products we're carrying with us.
Andy Rooney said we all need a chip to prove that we're good.
Yeah, we're all guilty and criminals now until proven innocent.
Are you the type of extremist that doesn't like it when a national TV show says we all need chips?
You know, I'm afraid that I don't like being profiled for just being an advocate.
So you're pretty extreme, though.
You don't want the government to chip you and track you.
That is weird.
I know.
We are completely insane.
Again, we're radical.
We're the weirdos.
We think you ought to feed cows grass instead of rotten dead cows.
We think that you should clean your water.
Drug your children.
We think mercury is bad in your body.
We think that taking chips and being tracked is Big Brother.
Man, we are crazy.
I know, and we really love our families and are just trying to hold this family unit together and keep our communities safe.
There's something seriously wrong with us.
Now, you point out the sexual degradation, and I look at young people, I mean, they are like,
We're good to go.
Yes, it's actually been international.
It's been in just about every major newspaper from America to the UK to India, South Africa, and even in Pakistan.
Did that generate any purchases for your book?
Yeah, it did.
The website traffic went up during that week probably literally 1,000%.
And it's interesting because some people were sending hate mail saying, how come you're worried about this?
There's bigger issues.
And I said, well, obviously you didn't take time to read the website.
No, I think it's important because you can't get on national TV with the government carried out 9-11, but you can get on there to say the war on terror is a fraud and have a debate and then bring that up while you're on TV.
Well, let me back up for people who don't know.
What I did is Jessica Simpson, everybody who knows who she is,
I think so.
And to the truth about September 11th.
So I sent out press releases saying that the Resistance is protesting the video and that she has whored herself out and she's a singing stripper and the video is slutty.
So the press grabbed a hold of that and said, Oh, John Connor from the Resistance Manifesto is protesting the video and they're calling her all these names.
And so there was nothing really mentioned in there about September 11th or the New World Order.
So since those topics are too hot to touch, I figured that I would feed them a story that they would take.
They took it hook, line, and sinker.
And so people will go to the website thinking it's some gossip column or we're just some Christian group.
What is this Christian group?
How come they're doing this?
And then they see, well, what is this?
There's some stuff about September 11th.
I have an article here in front of me from Rolling Stone.
They actually posted an update because I sent out a following press release.
This is from Rollingstone.com's front page on Friday.
It says, The Christian group that took Jessica Simpson to task last week for her video, These Boots Are Made for Walking, is now looking to kiss and make up by offering Ms.
LaHaye a chance to jumpstart her inevitable political career.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
Or order online at Infowars.com or Infowars.net.
That's 888-253-3139.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
What I like about John Connor on his website is he calls up all these different people in the media, the government.
He goes out and confronts people.
He's got video on his website of him doing all of this.
And it's a lot of fun.
So we'll spend a few minutes with him in the next hour talking about the ways he's gotten involved.
I mean, I guess he's only been out there in the media about six months, and he's already got massive attention.
And there are ways to do this, you know.
Patriots will have a pro-gun rally, and 100 people will show up, but they won't fax it out to the media.
Or they won't put a good headline on it if they do.
I mean, you've got to be crafty about this.
And there are ways to really bring the globalists down.
And we're going to take more of your calls.
That's coming up, so stay with us.
And just a ton of other news.
But, John Connor, finish up the thing you were reading out of the update from Rolling Stone Magazine.
Yeah, I'm reading right off the website.
This is what they said.
Yeah, that's what you do.
You get on national TV, you get in these newspapers, commenting on the petty issue they want you to get into, and then people come to your website and learn the truth.
I can't believe the globalists haven't figured out that we're doing this.
Well, I think that this one happened so fast, and I actually shot an appearance on a show called The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch, and for some reason it hasn't aired, and I don't know if it is going to air.
I'm assuming, I don't want to, maybe that they actually realized what they were getting into, and they just didn't want to give me free publicity.
I've been interviewed by national TV before, and they don't air it.
But, yeah, a lot of times, that's why you've got to get on shows live.
Yeah, one thing that I've been doing is I have everybody's, every major television nationally syndicated radio and talk show host, their on-air phone number posted on my website, and I have all of them programmed into my cell phone.
So whenever I'm on the road, I'll just call up, and you've got to feed them their issues so that the screener will let you through.
And then after you get on the air, then you just start saying, well, hey, what about these drills?
What about the anthrax being sent?
What about Operation Northwoods?
So I've been doing this.
And I've actually recorded some of the replays and posted them on my site so people can check them out.
And then aside from doing that... Here's an example of how to get through on one of these national shows where they heavily screen.
Hello, EIB Network, Rich Limbaugh.
Listen, I don't like Gonzalez.
He's a right-winger.
And I'm sick and tired of him, and I want to do something about him and act real stupid.
And then once you get on, Alberto Gonzalez is anti-gun, pro-abortion.
Of course, they'll hang up on you then.
I mean, that's how you've got to do it.
Yeah, and at least we can get the word out.
And I've been listening to... I try to get through to the Alan Combs Show because he's a big liberal and he hates Bush.
So I figured that if anybody in the mainstream media is going to listen, it would be him.
And it's amazing because I'll listen to his show sometimes.
I'm on hold to get on.
I'll hear other people call up and say, �The globalists carried out 9-1-1.
Bush knocked down the tower.� There are other people doing what I'm doing.
Aside from that, I thought I would take it a step further.
I won't reveal my trade secrets, but I was able to get the voicemail box of Alan Combs, the voicemail box of Sean Hannity.
I actually called them and left them messages.
And I said, hey, this is John Connor, gave him my phone number, gave him my website, and I told him, look, you guys, you guys are missing some serious issues.
And I laid down, you know, about a two or three minute voicemail message.
So they know, I think they're just, some of them are afraid to even let the cat out of the bag, or they're afraid of what kind of worms they're going to encounter.
Well, I don't think Combs is.
I've been on his show three or four times, and he lets me say whatever I want.
And I, of course, got his phone number, but...
The point is, I don't call them up.
I just call the producer up.
Actually, they always call me.
I never had time to really call them.
I'll tell you what.
Stay there, and we're going to hold you over.
Folks, if you didn't have time to plug it this hour, support us.
Get Martial Law, my new film, at InfoWars.com, or call toll-free to get it.
Third hour, masses of news.
Your call is Paul Watson coming up.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com, or call 877-300-7000.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we're now into our number three on this Tuesday, the 12th day of July 2005.
Paul Joseph Watson will give us the latest developments and updates in 30 minutes on the London bombing.
Raids all over the country, blowing doors off houses, blowing up cars, all part of a spectacle.
It creates the psychological perception of more terror at a subconscious level.
They're now case closed.
It's four suicide bombers.
Didn't find their bodies, though, but didn't find some of their belongings.
They're all dead.
Case closed.
There's no surveillance camera type of any of this, though they might release some.
They might have the four bombers together.
And so this is all swirling around.
We're writing constant articles and analysis and uncovering what's really happening.
We will, after this break, play the clip from BBC News 5 where the head advisor consultant who was running the drills at the exact same places at the exact same time the terror attacks took place.
And we'll tell you again why they do that.
This is so important.
And we're about to go to your calls as well.
Full free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
We've got John Connor, who six months ago or so started the resistancemanifesto.com.
Excellent website.
Really just out of the gates, getting a lot done.
And all of you can do this, and I suggest you do.
If we do, we'll take this country back rather quickly.
And America is the muscle for the New World Order.
That means we'll defeat the New World Order rather quickly.
John Connor, before we get back to the calls, talking about solutions, where do you see all this going?
I mean, what do you see happening in the next few years?
What do you think the New World Order is going to do?
And what are some solutions to stop them from carrying out their plans?
The major thing that we can do is to just continue to spread the word because if they know that we have watchdogs that, I mean, the morning of their inside job attacks, that we pretty much break down the story, getting the truth out, I think that that's probably the best way that we can get them to stop doing what they're doing.
But I'm also worried that we may be heading for trouble.
I'm not sure with the national debt.
I'm not sure what's going to happen with this country.
We may have some hard times ahead of us before we can rebuild.
That's right.
They can always play the economic card on us.
Yeah, with the national debt spiraling out of control.
Great deficit spiraling, personal, private, corporate debt at all-time highs.
You've been talking about this.
The UN is the good cop.
You know this.
The United States is the bad cop.
They're draining the United States for all that they're worth.
As soon as the energy is done, as soon as all of our power, our military is toast, then they're just going to leave us for dead.
We really got to get out there and get the truth out.
Alex, I want to say something about martial law.
It really is the best documentary film that I've ever seen in my life.
We know that Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11, while it was a shill and full of half-truths, what happened last year was a film, a simple video, got almost through an election.
You go to anybody on the street, almost every single person in this country at least knows about that film and knows about the information that was in there.
And Marshall Law is 10,000 times more powerful than that video.
And everybody out there listening, we really need to just continue making copies, getting the truth out.
And one of the reasons it's so important to get a video out to people or to give them a book is because if you sit there and say, hey, this is what happened, it raises so many questions.
And you have to sit there and have a three-hour conversation with this person to answer the questions and to go over the information.
So it's much easier to just say, look, here's what happened.
Here's a three-hour video.
Well, it's also a record.
They can give it to somebody else.
They can give it to somebody.
It floats around.
Alex, I got the phone number memorized.
Get a copy.
All right, John, thanks.
We'll tell folks to get your book, too.
I can't wait to get it as soon as it comes out here in the next few weeks.
All right, we'll be right back and take some of your calls and get more into the controlled terrorism paradigm.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well now, five days later...
The government hasn't released any video, though they're probably gearing up to do that.
But they are saying that all four of the bombers blew themselves up.
Maybe they think, while they found some of their belongings, they're not sure.
But the headline is, bombers killed themselves.
But then later, well, we're not really sure.
Or, Al-Qaeda takes responsibility.
Or a message board's praised it, and is that good enough?
And the Bush family member owns it, and let's not really worry about it.
But the big smoking gun right now is the fact that Netanyahu was warned.
That's now been confirmed.
We have those articles posted on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Sheffield did have sweeps of all the buses 36 hours before the bombings because they did get the warning from the Israelis.
And then that also ties into the biggest smoking gun of those three, and that is...
Drills of the exact same thing happening at the exact same time at the exact same places.
That's impossible.
And same thing on 9-11.
They were running drills of flying hijacked jets with the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
And when that came out, the media focused on, oh yeah, there were drills two weeks before and a year before.
No, we mean drills that morning.
This is admitted.
That's impossible!
It's a joke!
Why do they do it?
It's the cover story for good people in government that pick up the chatter, that pick up the blips, that pick up the bombers, and in case one of the bombers gets caught doing it, oh, he was just part of the drill.
That's what the Russians claimed in 1999 when Moscow police caught the KGB, now renamed as the FSB, planting bombs in a fourth building to blame it on the Chechnyans.
And when they got caught planting bombs in the fourth building, real bombs, they said, oh, it was just a drill.
Three guys in the basement planting bombs on the apartment building.
So let's go ahead and play this clip from the BBC News 5 on the night of the 7th last week.
Here it is.
The thing that concerns me is that what are we doing for the thousands of men and women actually who are in London working?
And I say that because at half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise over a company of a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations that happened this morning.
So I still have the hairs on the back of my legs turning upright.
To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?
And it was about half past nine this morning.
We'd planned this for a company, and for obvious reasons, I don't want to reveal their name, but they're listening and they'll know it.
And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time we met.
And so within five minutes, we made a pretty rapid decision.
This is the real one.
And so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.
All right, there you go.
Then we have the ITN TV piece where he literally, word for word, says the exact same thing, and the questioner, the interviewer, the reporter, says the exact same question.
I mean, this is...
Why did they do this?
Is this another cover?
If they go public and just admit it in plain view, they go, see, no big deal, in case people discovered it?
Or is it what I think it probably is?
This guy was just hired, now admittedly by the London Underground, to do this, and he doesn't know.
He's all freaked out.
He's out there talking about it.
Former top head of anti-terrorism for Scotland Yard.
Your comments on that clip, John Connor?
The first thing that I did after I heard about the bombing was check out Infowars.com just to see what was going on.
I think so.
Since this bombing happened, you copy these articles on PrisonPlanet.com and you've got to email them to everybody.
Drudge Reports has got a little box on there for anonymous tips.
Every day I'll just email them a news link or a website or an article.
We've just got to keep doing this to get the word out because this is just blatantly obvious.
It can't get any more in your face as to what they're doing.
It just really makes me sick.
I mean, what is the mathematical chance that at all these major events they're running on a drill of the exact thing happening at the exact time at the exact place?
I would say literally less than someone getting struck by lightning twice in the same day.
Yeah, I mean... I mean, I'm not a statistician, but it's just unbelievable.
It's got to be one in millions.
Yeah, I've seen similar statisticians do studies of things with even less variables, and it's in the billions.
And clearly, folks... It doesn't get any more obvious than this.
Well, do the math of 220-something train stations.
What's the chances that they're going to pick the exact three?
I mean, what would the odds be on a SWAT machine where you only had three chances out of 227...
You have to have all three of those exactly out of 227 choices, those exact three roll up.
And it's not just picking those exact three, it's also what's the chance out of a 24-hour period having it being at the exact same time?
If you start overlapping these numbers, it's impossible.
To tie Benjamin Netanyahu's advance warnings in, that would be like somebody calling saying, okay, well, this person's going to win the lottery today using these numbers.
So you add in the prior warnings that Netanyahu got, and all the evidence is undeniable, and the conclusion that it leads to is 100% prior knowledge inside involvement.
And then you do the mathematics.
If you added in 9-11 having the exact same time, exact same place, exact same thing, I mean, that's just ridiculous.
Yeah, unbelievable.
I mean, it doesn't get, I can't stress this enough.
I do have a number for you.
Remember the Chicago Mercantile on its first anniversary of 9-11, coming up 9-11, with like four zeros behind it?
They did do that.
The Associated Press had a statistician do it.
It was like one out of 14 billion something.
And at the same time, the New York Lottery also had 9-11.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it just shows the level of control that these people have.
And for somebody who's maybe new to the broadcast and says, well, how can this happen?
They haven't been just doing this overnight.
This is something that the Illuminati, these globalists have been planning literally for hundreds of years.
They've been grooming these people.
They've been infiltrating places of power and government and in the media.
The globalists are very hard workers.
Yes, they really are.
They're working very hard to usher in Satan's kingdom.
This is something they've been planning.
It's not like somebody just went and got a job
Let's take a call.
It is.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bruce in Colorado.
Bruce, go ahead.
Yes, on that note of it really becoming obvious, which I think is really good to go into what I have to say right now, James McKinney and Stan Dale all say that the Illuminati has another agenda after the terrorists that they're inventing and creating, and that is a manufactured threat from outer space.
And that War of the Worlds was actually a mind control experiment to see how easily people would fall for that and become threatened by it.
In other words, as long ago as War of the Worlds was, when they put it on the radio and tried to see if everybody gets scared from it... What was it, Halloween 1937?
Something like that.
But from what I understand, the Illuminati back then was planning first terrorism.
Well, not first terrorism.
Then it was terrorism.
Yes, that's actually true.
And the big UFO movement is really just a New Age front movement.
And at the same time, I heard H.G.
Wells on KTSA from like a 1939 broadcast he did with Orson Welles together in studio in San Antonio.
I own it.
I ought to dig that out and play it.
It's somewhere around here.
And they basically admit that it was a test.
Do you know about H.G.
Wells, sir?
I know he's an Illuminati member.
Yes, I do.
Well, yeah, I mean, he wrote a book called The New World Order and said they're going to kill the Christians.
And it's sad that all these beautiful people are going to, you know, they seem like nice folks, but still we've got to kill them for our one world government.
And he was a futurist for the crown, a Fabian socialist.
Let me get a comment from John Connor on that.
Yeah, he's making a very good point, and I know that Paul Watson covers that in Order Out of Chaos.
It was called Project Blue Beam, which is the technology that they would use to actually broadcast... Giant holograms.
Yes, and they're either going to do the giant holograms, or they would have top-secret aircraft come flying around
And try to scare everybody into... Well, by the way, that's even admitted... They even come out on Discovery Channel and stuff and admit that the Army, since the 1970s, has been secretly developing holograms to project Allah or Buddha or Jesus.
So that's even been on TV.
Well, you have a clip on prisonplanet.com of Ronald Reagan.
We're good to go.
I think?
Putting out the propaganda, conditioning everybody, getting everybody ready.
So yeah, that's a very real thing.
So we've got to know that if any space aliens are coming down, folks, it is a complete fraud.
They're not aliens.
It is a lie.
Well, wait a minute.
One more thing.
They could very well be demons, and a lot of people believe that the aliens that some people see are actually demons.
Sir, I appreciate your call.
I don't go into this on the show.
I stick to documents and bills and things, and I know I had David Icke on yesterday, but that's covering the stuff that he goes over that can be proven.
The distances in space, and I have no doubt that out of hundreds of billions of galaxies that Hubble's photographed, that there's life out there.
But the distances, all of this, I mean, it's just classic, folks.
This is not a UFO show.
I don't want people tuning in for the first time
Because in five minutes I'm going to be talking about the London bombing.
And that's something I can prove.
That's an inside job.
So then if people hear UFO, though, they're going to associate that and discredit the life-saving work we're doing.
We'll be right back with our guest John Connor.
More of your calls.
Mike and everybody else, stay with us.
We've got Paul Watson coming up, too.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Let's go to some more of these calls.
Mike in Arizona.
You're on the air with our guest, John Connor.
Go ahead.
Yes, hi.
Alex, I hope you'll keep this story about the London bombing and the simultaneous exercises featured prominently on your website.
This really is the smoking gun equivalent to Building 7 with respect to 9-11.
We're going to write an update on it and make sure it stays on the main page.
I called the Arizona Republic yesterday.
It's the main newspaper down here in Phoenix in southern Arizona.
And talked to one of the senior editors.
She seemed interested.
Told her about it.
But didn't see anything in the paper today.
And I bet money that they're not going to follow up on it.
At any rate, they need to know that we know.
I also called Homeland Security, the Arizona Homeland Security, and made them aware of it.
The guy I talked to was a DPS detective.
And he seemed genuinely interested.
Said he would follow up on it.
I mean, did he understand why that was important, though?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, what are the chances of having a drill at the exact same location at the exact time?
I mean, come on, cops!
You're not stupid!
No, he seemed to grasp the importance of it.
And, you know, these guys...
You know, we'll have to assume that they're on our side.
Most of them are.
They're just compartmentalized, and when they get hit by the truth, they normally just dust themselves off and keep going.
It's the rare man that gets hit by the truth, and it changes their life.
And yes, I'm stealing that quote from Churchill, but go ahead.
Yeah, but this guy was actually specifically involved with terrorism.
He was the right man to be talking to, and like I said, he seemed interested in details.
Just getting them to talk, just getting the officers to go look at it, they'll all know the truth even if nothing ever happens.
Right, and when that day comes... Yeah, when the feds are having a drill in Phoenix, they'll know, and that could blow them wide open.
So I'd encourage all your listeners to do the same thing.
A lot of what we do is we plant info bombs, or like landmines for the globalists.
And so the more of these mines we lay down by waking people up, they've got to watch their step.
Let me get a comment from John Connor on that.
Yeah, I want to commend the listener for actually taking the active role of calling home that security.
We've got to get the word out to our friends, family, police chiefs, pastors.
We've got to start on the bottom and work our way up so that if they pull something like this again, or if or when, if it's here, if it's in another country...
That the good people within the government will say, wait a minute, I've seen this.
This is the third time that this has happened now that they're running drills of the same exact event.
Something really stinks here.
So I think that we all need to just continue to get the word out.
And, you know, prayers go out to you, brother.
And for those that don't know, it's the perfect cover is why they do it.
Anything else, Mike?
Yeah, no, sir.
That's all.
Thank you for the call.
Let's talk to John in New York.
New York City!
Welcome, John.
Oh, Central New York, not New York City.
It was a paste picante sauce joke.
Go ahead.
Yeah, just on the bombs in London there, you know, hey, they can take fingerprints in a few hours.
They got a couple bombs there with supposedly some fingerprints on it.
How come you haven't heard nothing?
And also, that was another thing that they were referring to, that the technology today has allowed us to be able to see through buildings and whatnot.
And Stan Dale today on his interview with Power Hour saying they could actually produce
A product through space.
They can transfer something as a transport on Star Trek.
Well, this just keeps coming up.
Yeah, I don't touch it.
But anyhow, still, they didn't take any fingerprints, and again...
Oh, did you know the gold was sold prior to the bombing going off in England?
Yes, we saw that the day of the event and posted it.
Record manipulations and a lot of evidence of insider trading and put options as usual.
Of course, it leads back to our friends in government, but it's no big deal.
Are you aware that the 8th edition of Black's Law Book also has deleted the definition of the United States being a corporation?
It's now like a historical monument?
Interesting, sir.
I appreciate the call.
Well, John Connor, in closing, TheResistanceManifesto.com, you've got about a minute left.
What would you like to impart to us before you bon voyage?
Well, everybody, the book will be shipping in six days.
I posted about a third, if not half, of the book on the website, TheResistanceManifesto.com.
Check it out.
If you like it, support me.
Get the book.
You'll get a hard copy.
It's a nice, perfect-bound book.
And basically charts the satanic ideologies from the Illuminati to how Adam Weishaupt illuminated Freemasonry.
And it's just a whole smorkish board about the best, most up-to-date issues on the New World Order from the phony White House reporter Jeff Gannon being involved in planning fake stories to the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch to the Church of Satan, Michael Aquino.
Just, it's a whole cross-reference and a concordance of the New World Order.
If you like it, I'll send you a hard copy.
Check it out.
All right, John.
Keep up the good work.
Keep engaging the enemy at point-blank range.
And God bless you.
Thanks, brother.
Take care.
All right.
We're going to have Wadiwat on with us when we return.
And more of your calls and a bunch of other news I haven't even gotten to yet.
It's going to be jam-packed.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
You know, I've had that liner in there a couple years.
I don't know who mixed that.
It sounds like... Sounds weird, doesn't it?
But hey, we are weird here.
You know, we love freedom.
All right, I know we've got a load of phone lines, and there's a ton of news here I want to go over, but joining us for the balance of this transmission is Paul Joseph Watson.
And Paul, you've just updated prisonplanet.com, and so then infowars.com has been updated as we speak, replicating the work, tracking the latest developments concerning the bombing.
Luckily, just like with Madrid or anything else, all the patsies are dead.
And the headlines are, bomber dies on bus, bombers die on trains, and then it says, oh, they're suspected of it, maybe, sort of.
But the headline is, case closed, basically, Paul.
And then all over your country, they're blowing up cars, doing raids, which has the illusion of more terrorism, really, just in the base psychological response that people are having to it.
So, Paul, what's going on?
Well yeah, obviously as you just mentioned, they've come out with the announcement that all the bombers died in the bombing, which is very convenient.
It's interesting that they let the story about police snipers shooting suicide bombers at Canary Wharf, they let that float for a few days, never actually admitted to it or gave it much credence.
Because that creates the illusion that they were doing something.
Yeah, and if it takes them, what is it now, four or five days to come to that conclusion, then it suggests that
It's just another line on the storyboard.
And at the same time, we now have them saying it was military explosives.
Terrorist gang use military explosives.
And then at the same time, we have the confirmation that Netanyahu was warned.
We know that they were sweeping buses in Sheffield, where you live, 36 hours before.
The cameras malfunctioned on the bus, but they're not talking about the hundreds of cameras around it, but now they're saying maybe they do have some video tape they'll be showing us, Paul.
Well, yeah, they appeal to the public for all mobile phone videos.
Which they dressed up as an attempt to find the culprits, but obviously it's to control the information that we see.
There's another story going up on prisonplanet.com as soon as I get off the air, which I've already written, which is postings on a London Evening Standard newspaper forum.
Now, we don't take forums as the gospel truth, unlike the government.
Did you say that in the article?
Yeah, it's the first paragraph.
But it's just stories of Londoners who experience very peculiar circumstances with their journeys before the bombings.
And as I said, it's not concrete evidence of anything.
Well, it's pretty important if it fits in with the drills that were being run.
Well, yeah, here's one of them, for example.
The poster asks the question, did anyone travelling before the attacks began yesterday notice anything peculiar on their tube journey?
I catch the Piccadilly line at 7.15am each morning to reach my work in Kensington by 8am.
Normally all seats are taken by Finsbury Park and carriages are packed by King's Cross.
However, yesterday my tube journey was eerily quiet.
For the first time ever there were spare seats in my carriage and all the way through Zone 1.
It was noticeable enough for me to wonder what on earth was going on.
This was at 7.45 over an hour before the attacks began.
So that mirrors the low plane occupancy on 9-11.
All four planes had exactly 20% occupancy.
Not if you average the four planes together, they had 20%.
No, 20%, 20%, 20%, 20%.
But both United and American had computer malfunctions and only left that many people.
Get on, Paul.
I think.
One individual had caught a tube at 7.15 a.m., but the stations were closed, and there were armed police emergency vehicles screeching towards them.
This was at 7.15 a.m.
Well, let's admit it.
You had a 1,000-person drill going on with the London Underground and VISA consultancy at the exact same time, exact same place.
And by the way, we need to get the mathematics, the statisticians out there.
We need to do the calculations on that, Paul, because...
Yeah, what are there, 220-something stations, and then three places got bombed.
What is the chance that they were doing drills at all three places at the exact same time?
So you do the calculation out of 24 hours that they would be doing the drill at the exact same time.
That is a low probability.
Then you add that probability into the exact same places at the exact same time.
It's over.
I mean, it's just impossible.
There was actually also one of these fake documentaries where they hired real BBC news reporters to cover a terrorist attack on the London Underground, and that was in May of this year that they aired that on BBC.
And they've been doing drills on there for a long time.
And your police chief said it will be attacked, but they lowered the guard just a few months ago.
Yeah, and also with these bomb alerts, which I talked about
In my city of Sheffield, less than two days before the bombing, now I found out today that there were also alerts in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, and Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
Are you updating that story and re-releasing it?
Yeah, I've already done it.
Good luck must be done, Lord Watson.
So there were similar bomb alerts in those two capital cities in Cardiff, July 4th.
You said you could never remember one and it's never been bombed.
So 36...
Hours before, though, they're searching the buses and telling everybody this.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
That's right, and it's certainly interesting to see Reuters report today that 12,000 U.S.
troops have been ordered not to go anywhere near London.
This is out of Reuters.
All 12,000 members of the US Air Force stationed in Britain have been banned from visiting London because of last week's bombings.
Newspapers reported on Tuesday and one daily slammed the decision as timid.
So they've got 12,000 of them going to London.
Our military doesn't usually do that.
My parents are over there right now.
I told them not to go.
I sure hope the globalists don't blow something up again.
Well, there still remains a chance that
With these, if we are to believe that the four bombers were killed in the bombings, I suppose there is a small chance that they were copycat individuals, which is what Greg Pallast is saying, because of the fact that the explosives were so weak.
And yet they did come from military establishment insiders, as this French police investigator said.
Well, we have MI5 and MI6 and Army Intel in the past.
This is BBC, London Telegraph.
Again, where the leaders of the terror groups are government agents and they order their underlings to carry out the bombings.
So it could be that.
I mean, when we say government bombing, we mean that too, you know, as well.
I mean, Operation Gladio, the CIA would go out and hire right-wing extremists
You know, nut jobs, nutters as they're called over there, and have them go carry out these events.
So, I mean, yeah, that's the classic M.O.
It's like hiring the mob and Charles Harrelson, who's now in prison for shooting a judge, you know, to go do a killing.
Of course they don't get their hands dirty.
Of course they use intermediaries.
You know, I had read, Paul, and you live in England, your brother lives in London, but I had heard this area was pretty much working class, and that, what is England, 20% Muslim now?
It's pretty easy to pick a bus or a train that's got a Muslim on it, and go over and set your satchel down next to them.
Well, it is.
I mean, that'd be like if I wanted to blame blacks for a bombing, and I wanted to say, Black Panthers did it.
I'd just go on a bus where a young black guy is,
And this is hypothetical.
I'm not saying I'm going to do this.
It's hypothetical.
If the government wanted to blame a black guy, they could just go put a bomb next to a black guy.
It isn't very hard to find black people.
I mean, America is 12% black.
England is 20% Muslim.
So it would be easier to find a Muslim in London than to find a black guy.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, certainly, I mean, we always come to the bottom line, which is who benefits.
And the latest polls suggest 86% public support for tougher anti-terrorism measures.
Which you said on Thursday, watch the numbers flip.
You had 80% against it, now 80%?
But we've caught your government doing false polls before.
Well, that's right.
I don't even believe these polls because the consensus...
Even on things like that London Evening Standard Forum, which I mentioned earlier, these are people that don't read our articles.
They're just going off their gut instinct.
I mean, they're all saying the same thing.
I haven't got one email attacking me on this issue since it happened Thursday morning.
And what do you get?
2,000 a day?
That's what I'm getting.
Yeah, I've had about four or five times the amount of email, obviously, since it happened.
Not one attacking me.
I mean, there was one which was masks.
So it appeared to come from VISA consultants, but it was a fake email address.
And that was it.
And it wasn't even, it was just a swear word.
So not even one proper attack and dozens and dozens of messages of support and encouragement.
Sir, I don't believe the sentiments at a stage where 86% of people would support the government and whatever they want to do.
Well, we've caught the British government on the vaccines.
I mean, that's mainstream news putting out false polls.
Our government's caught with hundreds of millions of dollars of fake newscasts.
I mean, the fake Pat Tillman, the fake Private Lynch.
I mean, this is all fake, folks.
Well, yeah, they got caught with the ID cards poll.
On the BBC website, people who were sending in votes and calling up votes saying no, they didn't want it, their votes weren't included due to technicality, according to the BBC and the government organizations.
If you've got four or five big polling companies, this is what focus groups do.
Well, it's simple.
That's why I know how to do this, because I've studied it.
Well that's right.
Another peculiarity is that
World Tribune reports advanced bombs were so powerful that none of the dead have been identified.
But now they're saying they're little bitty Pop-Tart bombs.
Those are medium-sized bombs.
They look like four or five pounds of plastic that wasn't very well shielded or contained to cause a larger explosive.
I mean, it peeled off the roof of that bus, but that doesn't take much power to do that.
These things look like they were like hand grenade strength or something.
Well, the photos came out of the bus bombing...
Yesterday, close-up photos, and the vast majority of the people are still there standing up on the top of the bus without bad injuries.
So they're throwing out a lot of very contradicting things about the power of the bombs.
It's interesting because they've done it with other things like the report of
Suicide bombers being shot.
They're trying to muddy the waters.
Well, absolutely.
Meanwhile, Paul, we're not talking about Alberto Gonzalez for the Supreme Court, though they're pushing him all over TV, telling us what a great guy he is, not mentioning the court.
And we're not talking about Karl Rowe, who sold out Valerie Plame and over 100 CIA agents.
We're not talking about the open borders.
We're not talking about the Supreme Court land grabbing.
We're not talking about the Iraq war anymore.
Just Bush's grandstanding at the cadet outfit for the FBI, saying we've got to expand the war on terror and attack them so they don't attack us.
So maybe Bush will attack Switzerland this time.
I mean, he attacked a country that wasn't involved last time.
Well, yeah, and isn't it amazing that these...
Terrorist attacks, just by pure coincidence, never target the actual establishment figures they're supposedly aimed at.
It's always working class people.
Paul, any other key items you would like to add?
Any other developments?
You mentioned the military explosives, so that's about it now.
They're starting to come out with a proposition.
What about all these raids all over the country?
Yeah, they've had...
Raids in West Yorkshire, Leeds, which is about 30 minutes away from me, where the people don't answer, so they just blow the door off and storm in.
We've had those raids before.
We've had 500 of them over the past few years.
Only two of the people involved in those raids were ever convicted, and that was on visa fraud, nothing to do with terrorism.
So it seems just the measures to placate people think the government's doing something about it.
Well, it's also to make the bobbies think they're doing something, because they're mainly good people.
Well, yeah, exactly.
I mean, the rules for associating with terrorists, as we've seen in the past, are things like landladies who let out a room to somebody who the government later says is a terrorist.
If you cash a check of somebody on a terror list or a crime list, not even convicted, okay, this is Associated Press, we're talking multi-years in prison, million dollar fines.
Yeah, so the rules are so lax on
And what associating with a terrorist is, which means that everybody's caught up in the dragnet.
Well, they also say you can retroactively, if you associate with somebody five years ago who later gets put on a terror list, you have associated with terrorists.
That's right.
But they're saying that the police state isn't strong enough in England, and we know you all want to be searched.
We're trying.
You know, there wasn't enough security, Paul.
That's the problem.
Well, Charles Clark, the Home Secretary, said, ID cards wouldn't have stopped the attack, but they're part of the wider war on terror.
So he's not outright coming out and calling for their introduction.
They've got a bit wiser now, but it is there as an agenda to be introduced.
Well, Paul, the drill story got picked up all over the world, and what type of feedback have you been getting on it?
Well, yeah, we got the exclusive, basically.
People have been giving me a lot of feedback.
Asking where the original link is to the BBC.
The problem is that their radio archives can stream, but to record them you have to have a program which records them as an MP3.
Although the Thursday archive is still up there, so you can listen to the whole program.
Oh, so you're getting stuff implying it isn't real when we have him on ITN on TV saying the same thing?
Yeah, exactly.
I know, it's just such denial people live in.
But if you go to BBC and then the Drive radio show, BBC Radio 5, the Thursday archive is still there, and it will still be there today and tomorrow.
So if you don't believe it, click on it, fast forward an hour, and you'll hear the same thing.
Yeah, but didn't they shut up when you posted the ITN video on the original story so they could see video of him?
Or maybe they'll accuse us of hiring the ITN people and having a fake set.
You know, I got accused, and I still get accused in Police State 2000, of hiring 3,000 Marines, thousands of Germans and Dutch, Israelis, French, British, and Australian.
I supposedly had to ship the Coronado, the next class under an aircraft carrier, giant hovercraft, dozens of giant tanks, helicopters.
I hired them, Paul.
I had a giant ship come into the bay and launch, like, you know, 15 hovercraft.
Same with Bohemian Grove.
You hired 200 people to wear hoods, didn't you?
I've been caught now.
I mean, it was only a $45 million budget.
All right, Watson.
Lots of new developments at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Keep it up.
All right.
You take care.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll be right back with a few final calls.
Stay with us.
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Wolfgang in Kansas City.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead, Wolfgang.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yes, how are you doing today?
Say, I've been listening to your program here, and you brought up a lot of good points about the drills that they've been doing.
Don't you think the terrorists that they're blaming on these bombings are pretty sophisticated to know in advance when and how these drills are going to be done?
Yeah, the terrorists.
Well, that's because the terrorists and the government are one and the same.
Is this the Wolfgang who used to be in Minnesota?
You've been calling for eight years.
Haven't heard from you in a while.
Yes, sir.
I've been out here in the trenches fighting the Infowar.
In fact, you've got a website promoting, putting Patriot programming on AXS TV around the country.
It's inyourface.tvheaven.com.
It's a brand new website that we just reconditioned.
Interface what?
.tvheaven.com Okay, we're almost out of time.
What else is on your mind?
We're going around the country actually renting time on cable access, and we're putting these programs on commercial television now.
Well, you've got to give the folks that answer the phone your number, Wolfgang.
I'd like to talk to you.
Take care, buddy.
Good to hear from you.
Arthur in Kansas.
Last caller.
Go ahead, Arthur.
We had our 911.
Now London's had their 913.
That's Protocol 9, Section 13.
What's on your mind, Arthur?
I say we had our 911.
Now London's had their 913.
That's Protocol 9, Number 13.
Okay, I'm ignorant.
Protocol of what?
It's talking about blowing up the underground to destroy the cities.
Protocol of Zion.
Oh, I hadn't read that part.
You better.
I better?
What else was on your mind?
Well, I see these people on all these interviews from London.
They look so...
Matter of fact.
So, no, not disturbed at all about all this stuff.
But we should be afraid and give up all our liberties.
Yeah, but I mean, they've got a few blood spatters on them and all these nice bandages, and they're so calm and collected.
I don't see any bodies being brought out from any place.
And they keep the media away from some people, and then it seems to be the same five or six people everywhere.
I've noticed that.
Thank you.
We're out of time, Arthur.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
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