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Air Date: July 8, 2005
2441 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 8th day of July 2005.
It is Friday.
Yesterday was 7-7-0-5, as you know well.
And there were the four different bombings that took place in central areas of London.
And we're going to open the phones up early in this hour.
In fact, in the next segment, four listeners that want to comment on all the different discrepancies and evidence of prior knowledge and government involvement, or if you think, of course, it was the Islamists acting alone, you're welcome to push forward that flawed view as well.
And I just have a massive stack of news and new developments here that I want to go over.
I also want to play George Galloway.
Headline, Wary of stage terror attack as pretext for Iran invasion.
I asked him that question a few weeks ago at the end of our interview, Member of Parliament, and I said, well, they want to go into Iran.
He said, well, they probably don't have the political capital to do it.
I said, what if there's another attack?
And he said, that's exactly a staged government attack.
I had to blame it on Iran, and he said, that's exactly what these rascals will do.
We've got to worry about that.
That is a big threat.
So we'll be playing this clip coming up in the start of the next segment.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We also have two guests coming up today, starting in the middle of the second hour, and then another guest in the third hour.
We'll tell you about those guests, and of course they all involve the situation in London.
We'll be discussing that as well throughout the broadcast today.
Also, we cannot become distracted by this event.
We will analyze it.
We will cover it.
But meanwhile, there are discussions of Karl Rove indictment being imminent.
I don't know if I really believe that.
For the Plame situation, selling out the CIA spy chief over in Europe.
Just to burn her ambassador husband, who exposed the fact that the Niger uranium documents were complete forgeries, one of a sea, an ocean, a constellation of lies and manufactured documents.
We also have Alberto Gonzalez coming out yesterday and saying, well, I don't plan to be on the Supreme Court, but if Bush asks me, I will.
Trying to dampen the outrage and the mobilized forces against him.
So we've got that happening, and of course bigger than even both of those events is CAFTA that passed the Senate last week, is on the verge of passing the House, and could be signed by the President as early as next week.
So we are facing CAFTA, one large stepping stone towards the Pan-American Union, the Union of American States.
And the bombings are a nice diversion for $62 a barrel oil.
A lot of analysts say it could hit $100 in the next four to five months per barrel.
That will just devastate the economy and invigorate and expand inflationary pressures.
We are also facing the moves for forced drugging and psychological testing.
Cameras and microphones are going in everywhere.
The government is openly announcing the end of Posse Comitatus to put troops on the streets even before the convenient and tragic bombing in London.
Bombings in London.
There is so much, so it's your chance to talk about it.
Worldwide, blasting out on the AM and FM dials, simulcasting on the blowtorch, WWCR, and on the internet at Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be right back, so keep it locked in.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
It is Friday, second segment, 8 minutes, 25 seconds in.
Coming up in the next hour, we've got Jack Blood.
He's going to be joining us with his analysis, his take on the tragic events over in London yesterday.
And I'm about to get into the latest developments concerning the string of blasts that the British government is still 30-something hours after the tragedy trying to cover up.
It's got to be 40 hours plus after the tragedy.
A lot of different conflicting stories.
Of course, it is admitted that Benjamin Netanyahu did get a warning before the first blast not to leave his hotel.
They tried to then deny that.
Now they're even in their denials having to admit, okay, he did get a warning, but it wasn't specific.
So talk about in your face.
And then for an hour and a half after the bombings, which were clearly bombings, blown-up bus and blown-up trains,
Three different bombings in the train station and, of course, a bus being bombed.
They were still saying it was electrical surges while they tried to prepare to control the story and get their unified propaganda front going.
We know who has the motive in all of this, the military-industrial complex, whose phony war on terror that is really a war for empire and resources.
It was stalling.
And at the very same time with the War on Terror stalling, we have the British people refusing to take the national ID cards and saying that they would riot over it.
And if they say it, they mean it.
Normally a very circumscript and docile crowd compared to many other populations.
Once you get them mad, you've got a serious problem on your hands.
And here domestically, the Karl Rove situation coming out, the fight over the Supreme Court nomination, and major trial balloons for Alberto Gonzalez to be put in that position, the Supreme Court rulings on grabbing private property, just a whole host of issues like CAFTA set to pass the House here in the next week.
To bring us into the free trade area of the Americas and one of the final pieces of the puzzle to create the American Union and the destruction of our sovereignty.
$62 a barrel oil...
All of this stuff is happening, and it was creating kind of a perfect storm of resistance against the New World Order, and just a huge awakening and outrage against the corrupt forces that have hijacked Western governments, predominantly Airstrip One, as it was known in 1984, England, and the larger component of Oceania, the United States.
So, I have been predicting, in fact, I have now been reminded of this, and we're getting the clip, and listeners have been calling in reminding me of this, and I've been getting emails reminding me of it on radio and TV about a month and a half ago.
Don't ask me how I do this.
I just see all the different indicators, all the different pieces.
I don't make a lot of predictions.
And I said on the TV show that I'm not issuing a total alert, but that I was 90-plus percent sure we would have a terror attack in the next two months, and that was a month and a half ago.
I also said on the radio show, you heard callers calling in yesterday mentioning that fact.
We're trying to find that particular day.
I said that on radio.
We know the day I said it on TV.
And there would probably be some type of bombing of trains or buses in New York or London.
And again...
There's hundreds of different pieces of information that I integrate in with these warnings that I issue, and I don't issue a lot of them.
You know, I said they'll probably use Bin Laden, who's CIA, to take the blame for an attack on the World Trade Center complex, July 25, 2001, again two months before the attacks.
I didn't say they'd fly airplanes into the buildings.
I knew that was part of the plan.
We talked about that previously.
It's been all over the news.
But, again, I didn't issue it a year before.
I didn't issue it two years before.
I issued it directly two months before and said call the White House and tell them don't carry the attacks out.
I wasn't that sure this time.
I just knew that with Bush having, a month and a half ago, a 35% approval rating.
Right now it's at 27%.
By the way, when you watch the national news, they'll tell you it's at 40%, 35%.
Those are specific questions about the war, or specific questions about how he's handling the economy.
When you ask about his general presidency, I've seen major Gallup polls and others, 27%.
Okay, so we're seeing numbers, depending on the poll, between 27% and 35%, 36%.
Regardless, he's in the low 30s.
I like to take multiple polls and kind of average them together.
It's something I do.
It's something that the focus groups do.
I learned how to do that from reading about focus groups a decade ago.
And you seem to get better numbers by doing that because all polls are inherently flawed.
By averaging a large group of them together, we get low 30s.
And believe me, folks, when Bill Clinton's approval rating hit 33%, we had the Oklahoma City bombing.
There is no ifs, ands, or buts, or debate about it.
That was a government operation.
We have it ironclad, documented, and we cover that in 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
44 minutes of the almost three-hour film is exclusively dedicated to Oklahoma City.
And we spend about 40 minutes on 9-11.
We spend about five minutes on the first World Trade Center attack.
There's so many government-sponsored terror events where we've caught them red-handed,
That it takes hours just to cover it properly.
And again, we cannot think about all of this in a vacuum.
Every time their agendas stall, that is the globalists that own our prime ministers and presidents like loose change in their pockets, every time their agendas stall, we have massive terror attacks.
It is...
That simple.
Every single time their program is in trouble, this happens.
Vladimir Putin was wildly unpopular as vice president under the drunken idiot Boris Yeltsin.
He was not going to win in Russia.
We're good to go.
FSB, Federal Security Bureau Forces, went public and said it was an inside job.
The other FSB agents raided the police station and seized the bombs and had their people released.
We have caught the British doing it.
We've got a giant archive.
It's got to be like 50 different articles on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, BBC, Reuters, UPI, London Telegraph, Scotsman.
Ireland today, reporting where admissions of the British, cooking bombs, training drivers, bombing buildings, literally commanding IRA groups, Army Intelligence in Britain literally being the head of IRA splinter groups, and then the low-level people below them are real terrorists and don't even know they're working for a British commando.
And then it comes out it was all staged.
So a lot of these bombings, you have real terrorists.
But you will have CIA or MI6 or Mossad or KGB, which is FSB today, over them, funding them, training them.
They'll go out and actually recruit extremists, give them the money, give them the expertise.
So you also have that.
In fact, that is the majority of your conventional bombings are provocateur.
Provocateur isn't the right word.
It's even more than provocateur.
It is literally orchestrated.
And then you have cases like Operation Gladio, 120-plus bombings.
It's up in the 130s.
And those were just U.S.
Going out and blowing up school buses.
It's their favorite.
Predominantly in Italy.
Shooting politicians and then blaming it on leftists who the government didn't like.
Again, I'm not a leftist, folks.
I'm not defending the leftists.
The leftist groups did this kind of stuff, too.
But it doesn't make it okay for our government to be out doing this.
Yes, sir.
Are you ready?
You blow that school bus up.
This is how we'll beat the commies.
Because the commies are killing millions.
And why, if we just kill a few hundred little kids in a string of bombings, then we can save millions.
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
And then they come over to the dark side.
And then from there, it's 9-11, folks!
Planes flying into skyscrapers!
And these guys get corrupt.
They get a lot of extra money.
They get the big mansions.
They get the power.
And the guys that were blowing up school buses in the 1970s are now in your State Department.
They're now at the highest levels of the CIA.
They're now at the highest levels of the Pentagon.
Folks, let me just tell you.
A lot of the people you see on TV, a lot of the administration individuals, they've actually killed.
They've burned their bones.
You understand?
You've got to do that first.
This is mafia.
These are hardcore killers.
These are accomplished liars.
These are very evil people who were selected and tested with dozens and dozens of tests for decades before they were put into real command positions.
We'll play the George Galloway clip where he said it is a real threat for our government or his government to carry out attacks as a pretext to invade Iran or to bolster the war.
Then we'll take your calls and get into a bunch of news.
And the websites are massively updated.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Check them out right now.
They're amazing.
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Alright, again, I'm going to go through an analysis after we take some calls on the latest developments with the tragic bombings in London.
And we're hearing the probe into London Blast will be arduous.
Ah, yes, we're going to really get the truth.
And the G8 leaders vow victory against terrorism.
Now their main focus is the war on terror, i.e., a total police state in your communities, in your cities, in your countries.
All over the world, a pall of darkness is falling down upon us.
Under the pretext of fighting terror.
George Galloway, wary of staged terror attacks, has a pretext for Iran invasion.
And I said, here's the transcript, what do we do if the military-industrial complex carries out a terror attack to blame it on Iran, on them?
Galloway, well, that's another very real danger.
There's no way we can legislate for that, but we need to be on guard.
We need to be vigilant.
Jones, Galloway, we need a vigilant citizenry that are wise for all the tricks these monkeys are up to.
And I tell you what, let's go ahead and play that clip.
Member of the British Parliament.
Just about less than a month ago, on this broadcast, saying he doesn't think they'll be able to go into Iran unless there is convenient terror attacks.
And I said, well, they'll be behind it.
And he said, that's a very real threat.
So here's George Galloway.
Just two more final questions.
I know you're very busy, and it's evening over there in London right now.
We're going to let you go.
Mr. Galloway, George Galloway, looking at this, you've gotten to Iraq falling apart.
The Pentagon's own P2OG documents, perhaps folks should send this to you, said they want to widen the hatred, cause more attacks as a pretext to invade more countries.
Where do you see this ending, and will they go into Iran?
I think they're too weak to do so.
I think the Iraqi resistance has stopped them in their tracks.
Undoubtedly, they planned to go into Iran and Syria for that matter.
But I don't believe that the public opinion in your country or mine would follow them there.
But Israel doesn't care about public opinion.
They're saying they'll go ahead and may attack Iran.
Well, there's an opinion poll yesterday in the British press which showed fully 86% of the British people would oppose an attack on Iran.
So if George Bush does decide to do that, on this one he'll have to count us out.
What if Israel drags us in?
Well, that's a possibility.
Israel might strike Iran.
And undoubtedly they're trying to stab Syria in the back rather than in the front.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
Well, I have another article.
RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war.
Times of London, they may try to goad Iran into doing something.
Yes, but people are not fools in these countries.
They have their own sophisticated political class and they know that Bush and Blair are too weak at the moment
We've got 30 seconds.
What do we do if the military-industrial complex carries out a terror attack?
Deployment on them.
Well, that's another very real danger.
There's no way that we can legislate for that, but we must be on guard.
We need a vigilant citizenry.
We need a vigilant citizenry that's alive to all the tricks that these monkeys are up to.
I salute you.
Thank you very much.
All right, folks.
So that was the very end of the interview.
We'll play that again in the third hour.
It's so important.
Right now, let's go to your calls.
Jane, where are you calling us from today?
This is up here in the security zone, Alex, the Baltimore, Washington area.
Oh, up there in lockdown command base.
You better believe it.
And they're in a panic, too, because there appears to be a sea change taking place out here in the media.
I'm witnessing a crossover and, in effect, the mainstreaming of Alex Jones, so to speak.
I mean, I heard it brought...
Your name was dragged into C-SPAN only yesterday morning when they forced people in typical PSYOP fashion to begin having a touchy-feely on what they thought about the bombings in London.
And immediately, someone called in and pointed out the inside... You know, the intuitive, obvious intuitive possibility that this was an inside job because it was just a little too perfect.
Now, I saw the Adut Sheva Israeli newspaper report, Israeli national news report,
Documenting the advance warning to Benjamin Netanyahu, leaving us with the empirical question, did he show up on time or not at that economic conference?
No, they say he showed up late, but now they've tried to change that story.
Well, it's really important that you guys mirror these sites and keep this stuff.
I did.
To me, this is the brief.
This is more than entertainment, you understand?
This is the legal brief for indictments and arrests and trials.
Well, stay there.
Stay there, Janet.
I'll let you finish up your comments on the other side, then we'll go to everybody else.
Hold a free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
We'll take calls and get more into the latest developments concerning the bombings.
Who has the motive?
Who's done this in the past?
And you come to one conclusion.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Okay, got to catch up because I didn't plug much yesterday, and that's vital to our operation, so please support us.
Jane in Baltimore, start over for those that just joined us.
You were watching C-SPAN, and...
Repeat what that caller said and then get into some of the other examples.
You talked about this awakening happening.
Go ahead.
Just empirically speaking, I think they've overreached themselves with these London bombings because the media that I serve, and C-SPAN a lot, Eocon, local talk radio here in Baltimore because I know some of the personalities personally.
I serve that and I call into that a lot.
And left gatekeepers like Pacifica.
And within the last 48 hours, it's amazing the way the tone of the discussion has changed.
When I saw that Arutz Sheva article posted, linked to from your website, detailing the advance warning to Netanyahu that there would be a bombing occurring, I phoned in immediately to the local neocon AM affiliate,
And I got online, already two people had already called in and raised the prospect that these bombings were false flag operations by one or another intelligence agency.
So that notion, and the guy was apoplectic.
The individual, I won't name him, but somebody I know here in Baltimore who's a talk show host, I don't know how well-intentioned he is, whether he's naive.
I think he probably senses that this is just too much ready.
These guys have overreached themselves.
I discern that also on the Pacifica affiliate in D.C.
this morning.
They're having people call, and people are saying, hey, this just looks a little too packed.
This looks like an inside job.
Rolling back 9-11 again, people fall back on that.
On July 4th, I happen to be surfing Internet radio, and I tune into KPFA, and lo and behold, they're broadcasting a loose change audio.
Which is very striking, very compelling in its presentation.
And then I started looking at the forum responses and people emailing me.
That's another 9-11 documentary.
Yeah, and there's so much out there.
And I think it's breaking through, Alex.
That's what I think is happening.
I think the defection of people like Morgan Reynolds and Paul Craig Roberts, who are rock-ribbed, free-market, conservative Republicans, was a devastating blow.
You know, to the neocons.
But what about George Galloway coming out when I said, well, couldn't the government carry out a tax?
And he goes, yes, that's the big threat.
It's this meme, this concept.
Well, it's like ten guys invented radio on the same week around the world, dozens of civilizations at the same time, invented the wheel within just a few years of each other, the archaeological record shows.
Humans instinctively get a base of knowledge to a certain level, and it's almost as if by osmosis,
Alex, people like you and Jack Blood...
And to be honest, I like the people over at RBM as well, you know, John Statler and those guys.
People of your stature, you should be available to the public on the publicly owned media, the networks.
You have that kind of world-class stature.
And what I'm looking at, we should be reaching out.
You know, it was great that you had the British guys on there yesterday.
And all the calls from Britain were so heartening that our cousins, our Anglo cousins over there, are with us in this fight against the New World Order.
By the way, I've got like 100 emails here from England alone.
We posted some of them.
I want to try to read some later.
But real fast, I want to go to the other callers and get to the news.
Finish up the story on C-SPAN.
Well, a guy called in.
And said, you know, started itemizing, you know, the evidence that pointed to an inside job and the timing of it.
And, of course, the main question, qui bono, who benefits?
And, you know, Steve, I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of the moderator on C-SPAN, but, you know, he's real mellow about it and all.
Was it Brian Lamb?
No, it wasn't Brian Lamb.
Steve, I can't think of his name.
The dark-haired guy?
He's on there just about every morning.
Yeah, right.
He says, where do you get your information from?
And the guy didn't hesitate a minute.
He said, well, folks, there's lots of great places, but for a start, InfoWars, Prison Planet, Alex Jones, you're a meme in mainstream.
You know what a meme is, Alex, right?
If you know semiotics.
Yeah, it's a major thread.
Well, like an icon or a simple idea.
Like, inside job is a meme.
You say that to people, and they don't need to read four volumes of Gibbons, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
No, I mean, it's a buzzword.
Right, false flag.
We've got to spread these concepts.
We have to educate the American public that they will be fit to rebuild a republic.
That's really what this is about, isn't it?
I mean, I hope it's what it's about.
I will never be satisfied unless these guys are brought to trial.
Never stop, Jane.
I hear you.
Thank you.
And look, folks, by facing the horror, by facing the truth, we will stop them from carrying out other attacks.
I mean, if people wake up that this is inside job, you know, the media can keep denying it is, but if everybody on the ground knows the truth in the CNN poll, 90% believe it's government, you know, 50% in a major New York poll in Zogby, and that was, you know, eight, nine months ago, it's getting worse for them.
If people on the ground know the truth, they will stop doing this, folks.
I hope you understand that.
So, that's why we spend so much time on this subject.
And it's at times like these, with these horrible bombings, that are horrible for the people that died or were injured, and for their families, it becomes evident how important this is.
Barry in Louisiana, thanks for holding, Barry.
Yeah, Alex, it's two things.
One, if you had the whereforeall to go blow up bombs in the middle of London, England, you would immediately announce who you are and why you did it for maximum terroristic effect.
Two, the timeline is wrong.
Tony Blair waited for Katie Couric, primetime audience in the United States, to come out and console his people.
She went, oh, wait a minute, special report, here comes Tony Blair to tell the world.
Yeah, that's why they waited like four or five hours.
Exactly, and it's totally staged.
Yeah, they did it for our consumption, and it was obvious.
Thank you.
Thank you for the call.
David in Louisiana.
David, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex?
Yes, sir.
Last night I was watching CNN, one of them channels, headline news or something.
There was a woman on there, Nancy Grace, and that's all she was talking about was we need a police state.
We need to enforce these police laws, the Patriot Act, and everything like that.
I mean, I've never seen her on TV before.
Well, yeah, their response is so obvious.
We've got to give up our rights.
That's how we fight the enemy.
We've got to do this.
And, oh, look, some message board said it was Al-Qaeda, so it must be.
Boy, here's our proof.
Yeah, I was washing clothes at about 3 o'clock in the morning.
I was watching that on TV.
I couldn't believe that freaking woman.
I mean, she was just barreling it out.
She was interviewing two or three other people.
Well, I mean, Nancy Grace is just a horrible police state intellectual prostitute.
Yeah, from the way I saw it, she's worse than Ann Coulter to me.
She's trying to get that mantle, yes.
Yeah, Alex, I'm doing something for you.
I'm promoting your website and GCN website on my car and advertising on my car everywhere I drive.
Well, I appreciate that.
What do you got, a big poster?
I'm getting letters from Walmart.
Sorry about that, but...
I'm getting a bunch of letters and putting a bunch of phrases of yours on my car.
That's the best I can do for you, man.
God bless you.
Just plug the website.
Say, learn the truth.
That's what I'm doing.
Hey, I got on there, GCNlive.com, real news that you can use so you can never be abused.
Hey, I like it.
Well, I got to go, Alex.
I'm listening to you at work the best I can, trying to educate everybody at work.
Well, God bless you, David.
Take care, my friend.
Ken in California.
Ken, go ahead.
Yes, I believe there is enough evidence right now to indict Bush and Rumsfeld for ordering torture.
Believe it or not, I don't think we're going to get them out of office on taking us to war illegitimately.
Yeah, it's like Al Capone using the income tax.
There's plenty of evidence on this torture gate as far as I'm concerned.
They're doing it all over the world, as you know, in all kinds of secret locations.
I think this is the best way to get them out.
I was talking to a...
To one of the neocons right here in Los Angeles, one of the talk show hosts.
I won't mention his name.
He was actually running scared because every Thursday he has what he calls Disagreement Day.
We call him, we disagree with him, and whatever.
I'm not kidding.
90% of the people calling in were just blasting Bush over all the illegal things that he was doing.
He was shocked.
He was in absolute shock.
He started calling people names, you idiot.
One of my friends, he called an idiot who had called up.
But the fact of the matter is I think they're running scared now.
Sir, I mean, one example is I was on Kogo Radio like two and a half years ago talking about 9-11 being an inside job for like two hours.
And literally, it was like 20 to 1.
The callers were calling in agreeing as the host was attacking me.
And he said, that's it.
That's it.
You're all crazy.
It's a full moon.
He hung up on me.
I went and listened on the web.
And he was going, you're all just crazy.
You've all gone crazy.
It's a full moon.
Why are you agreeing with this nut?
You see, it doesn't matter.
They can all split.
Look, look, look.
Here's the example.
92% of Americans in major polls believe the U.S.
government killed Kennedy.
Now, those were polls a couple years ago.
Okay, it's getting worse for them.
So 8% can sit up there on TV and say we're all crazy.
But we know the truth.
It doesn't matter.
Do you understand that?
I mean, so you're experiencing what I've seen.
And then there's a big group of people that are weak-minded and think that TV is what the main view is and that TV is the truth and that the front page of the paper is the truth.
And so they'll stay in that paradigm.
But we've got to listen.
The only thing they've got over us now is we still feel like we're alone.
We're actually the majority, but...
We're actually winning, but we don't know we're winning.
We're listening to Tokyo Rose propaganda saying we're going to lose this fight when we're actually taking over their positions, we're actually taking over their media, we're actually having victories everywhere.
And I tell you, now is the danger time.
You think these bombings of these buses is a big deal?
We could wake up any morning with smallpox, we could wake up any morning with nukes going off, and it's a catch-22.
If we put up with the globalists, they were going to do this even sooner.
Okay, because this is our plan.
Total martial law forever.
I agree.
But it's a catch-22, so we have to expose them, but at the point we expose them and they're imploding, they will carry out these attacks probably regardless.
But at least people will be awake, and their system of martial law won't be able to be fully installed.
I hope you're right.
Listen, it's not a pretty prospect, but you know what?
If somebody's going to attack us, and if the globalists are going to come up and punch us, we might as well stand up.
You know, I mean, they are abusive, they are vicious, they are offensive, they are offensively attacking us, so all we can do is tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may, and know that God's on our side.
I agree.
Anything else, Ken?
That's it.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, the phones are wide open right now.
I mean, I'm sure they're loaded up, but my point is that you can call in, and you disagree with me on what happened in England.
You're welcome to do it.
I mean, you can do it.
We don't censor and listen to all the callers.
They're agreeing.
Bob in Idaho, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Bob.
Morning, Alex.
I'd like to comment on something I heard early yesterday morning before the media clamped down in London.
I was on a road trip and I was coming home and I was listening to a station out of Lewis in Idaho and a news blurb came over the radio and the lady was, actually it was ABC News,
And she reported that there were multiple explosions in the subway in London that had gone off simultaneously and there were thousands of casualties.
And that basically was the gist of it.
And I got home about an hour later.
I called my girlfriend, who's now in Phoenix right now, and I told her to turn on the television and tell me what she saw.
Well, that's the reports they were getting, because multiple cops, bobbies, were reporting, I'm looking at 50 people down.
So each of those were counted as reports.
The numbers went up to, like, 40 dead and 800-something wounded.
So it casually doesn't mean dead.
You can also mean injured.
So that was over-reporting of the explosions.
Stay there, and we'll...
We'll talk about it more, Ken.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right, folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
I think?
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The globalists are ruthless.
They see themselves as basically owners of a bunch of farm animals.
They are cunning.
And that we're to be corralled and controlled and culled.
And we have to stop being weak-minded.
We have to stop being naive.
We have to learn history.
We have to learn what Machiavelli taught us when he wrote The Prince 500 plus years ago.
And we have to look at the facts and look at who stands to gain and look at all the actual physical evidence of who's behind the attacks.
And then it becomes sterling clear.
What we do know is not a false report, as they tried to claim, was the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu was warned by the British government not to go to one of these meetings because there was a major threat of an attack.
That's even before the attack.
And we know then other warnings went out to other officials and dignitaries who were in the area.
Right after it, while they were telling the public that it was just some power surges while they got their story straight and tried to control the situation.
Then at the very same time, we have reports that came out, of course, that there were upwards of 8, 10 bombings.
That's because in a tunnel, folks, if a bomb goes off, it sends a shockwave and smoke and fire down, in some cases hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of yards.
And so you have different groups of police and different railroad workers, different tube workers, underground workers, reporting explosions.
And then you have groups of police coming in from different areas of the tunnels and seeing the injured and reporting those numbers back.
And so you've got a lot of duplication of numbers, but it's around 40 dead,
And what is it, 800 injured now are the numbers we're getting coming up on two days after the event.
Let's go back to Bob in Idaho.
Bob, anything else?
Just one more comment, Alex.
I just found it fascinating how the major media here in the States was trying really hard to minimize what had happened over there.
And I think it's going to be fascinating again
When the truth comes out, because I think the Mossad did this.
You think the Mossad did it?
Yes, sir.
Well, I appreciate your call.
I mean, all I know is that it has been admitted in Israeli newspapers that Mossad will grab 15, 18-year-old Palestinian men, torture them for years, then train them, fund them, get them under their control.
In other cases, just recruit people that will work for them.
And to carry out bombings in Israel and surrounding areas, but then blame it on the Palestinians as a pretext to crack down.
Now that's Herat's UPI Jerusalem Post.
That is admitted public.
That's not debatable.
But then we have Putin doing it.
We have Bush doing it.
We have Clinton doing it.
We have the British doing it.
We have so many governments doing this.
I mean, this is a favorite tactic going back thousands of years.
You know, burn your own building, blame it on the enemies, bomb your own building, blow up your own ship.
So we don't know right now who specifically carried it out.
And you've got to remember that these intelligence agencies, the Mossad, Shinbad, MI6, British Intelligence, MI5, CIA, Defense Intelligence, they're all interconnected, interlocking.
So I can't say the Israelis did this, but it does stink to high heaven that they warned Benjamin Netanyahu.
Let's go ahead.
We just know the government stands to gain the centralized powers.
Let's talk to Rose in South Carolina.
We'll probably have to hold her over to the next hour, but go ahead and get started, Rose.
I don't have too much to say, Alex, but maybe I can get it in.
Did not someone say Giuliani was over there?
Did not he go into some kind of security business after he left his office?
Yeah, he's made himself just tens of millions of dollars fighting terror, and he was literally, in his own words, yards away from one of the explosions.
I find that very interesting.
Stinks to high heaven, doesn't it?
Yeah, it does.
All right, thank you, Alex.
Rose, anything else?
No, no, I just find things are moving very fast, it looks like.
They are.
Thank you for the call.
We've got to remain very vigilant and get the truth out.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Well, the New World Order crowd is capitalizing on the tragic events...
In London yesterday, G8 leaders vowed victory against terrorism.
I got a bunch of emails from in and around England and Europe that I want to go over.
I mean, literally hundreds of them.
We posted quite a few of them on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
We got Jack Blood joining us for about 30 minutes at the bottom of the hour.
And then an expert on African terrorism who lived in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jones, when you asked this program, you said that England's on the verge of revolution.
So, the people in England, I don't know what they're doing.
I listen to Paul Watts.
But what is the poll saying up there?
They believe the government's behind it or not?
Well, they haven't had those polls.
I mean, you know, it took us years of exposing government prior knowledge and involvement in 9-11 to have national polls of, do you think this ridiculous thing is true?
And then the majority go, yes, we do.
And CNN freaks out and pulls their hair out on that stupid Anderson Cooper show.
But every caller we had from England thought it was an inside job.
Every email we've gotten from England thinks it's an inside job, but obviously we've got an audience that's predominantly already of this view.
But I asked them specifically, caller after caller, from England and Scotland and Ireland yesterday, and they all said that half the people they're talking to think it's an inside job, and the other half think the government's going to use it for bad things.
But yeah, they're trying to pass national ID cards over there, and the Brits aren't going to put up with it.
Well, I'm just going to say, they're going to use this to bring Blair's rating up.
Now, you watch and see.
Even if they're going to lie about it.
You know what I mean?
They're going to use this... Well, in the past, terrorism really made the people rally around the leader, and it did help them, but more and more, it's not working for the globalists.
Believe me, London is a beta test for something that will dwarf 9-11.
That's why we've got to get out there now and expose it so it blows up in their face, pun intended.
Well, me and my wife and a friend went to a little sandwich shop last night.
We were tired.
My wife was so tired she didn't want to cook.
And everybody was talking about it.
And Mr. Jones, so help me, there must have been 20 people there.
And they all agreed.
They said, this is another government op.
In a little sandwich shop right down here in Walker.
I was so proud, you know, I was so proud to be around these people.
People are not stupid.
Praise God.
And 20 people, I mean, everybody agreed.
And I stood up and I said, you all agree?
They said, yes, yes, we agree with this.
We all agree with it.
I'm telling you, people are waking up, Mr. Jones.
And thank you for what you're doing.
I hope the analysts out there are listening.
Don't forget to plug the tapes.
That's the most important thing.
That's how we can get it out.
Well, you know, it's people like you, Charles.
You've called before.
You've given out over 5,000 tapes in your area, and look what it's done.
Oh, yeah, well, it's a small area, but I've got Satsuma and Walker, and I'm working on another one now.
It's kind of hard, but something like last night makes it worth it, Mr. Jones.
You feel good.
You see your work coming to the top, you know?
Well done.
I appreciate your call.
Very well done, Charles.
Thomas in Mass.
Go ahead, Thomas.
How are you doing, sir?
You know, mentioning, you know, inside jobs and all of that,
And obviously more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that people are trying to cover up the actual fact.
As a matter of fact, there's a new film about 9-11 out right now that's very popular from an individual named Dylan Avery called Loose Change.
Are you familiar with that film?
Yeah, no, we just talked about it earlier.
What are your thoughts on it?
I think it's pretty good.
We put a clip of it up on personplanet.com and promote it.
All right.
And one more question.
I heard a rumor years ago that you said that your mentor was a guy named Gordon Novell.
Is that true?
I'll just stay there.
I'll answer your question on the other side.
We're good to go.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, cash dump.
Central American Free Trade Agreement, which literally merges us, one of the final steps for the free trade area of the Americas, which is just like the EU started as the free trade area of Europe, or the European Economic Community to be precise in the name.
Is the end of our sovereignty a dollarized currency?
We're talking about merging our military and police.
It's all over the big Canadian and Mexican newspapers and Venezuelan and Guatemalan newspapers.
The average American is totally unaware of this.
That passed the Senate last Friday.
The full Senate is now in the House on the verge of passing.
They're talking about Alberto Gonzalez for the Attorney General becoming on the Supreme Court.
Now Novak, who's got the inside, who said...
You know, a week before, five days before, that O'Connor was going to be leaving.
He's now saying Rehnquist may leave in the next week.
Regardless, he's going to be leaving in the next six months.
I mean, the guy's literally hanging on to life by his fingernails.
That's happening.
We have got all this forced drugging, and we're fighting the new Freedom Initiative.
We've got the open borders and the Border Patrol being ordered to stand down.
We're on the verge of more government-sponsored terrorism at any time.
We're in a very dangerous position right now.
And I've got the G8 rallying and trying to promote their police state.
I've got all this news and your calls and like a hundred emails.
I want to read like ten of them.
Some of them are lengthy.
We've got two guests coming up.
And if I spent all day responding to the mythology and the propaganda and the just ridiculous lies that are told about me, we wouldn't have a broadcast.
We'd be like all the other Patriot shows that are failures because they just descend into COINTELPRO taking the bait.
But we got open phones, folks, and we take your calls, unless you're one of my stalkers.
It's a few of those.
And Thomas in Mass called in.
Some stations may not have heard it.
He's on with us right now.
We'll go to him in a second.
And he propagated, he asked the question, just one of the more ridiculous of the things that's been said about me.
And responding to it.
People say, well, why don't you respond?
Because then there'll always be someone new with these recycled lies.
You'll have to respond to that.
Respond, respond, respond, respond, respond.
But just so people know why I don't respond, if it's pure lies, I won't respond.
If somebody's trying to fight with me on some issue with the New World Order, or it's Ben Chertoff, the cousin of the Homeland Security Director, writing giant front page magazine articles, attacking me savagely and lying about me, I'll respond to that.
But just kangaroo craziness...
Let me just say it for you right now.
I am not the 55-year-old Alex Jones who is a public relations person for Scientologists.
I don't know any Scientologists.
I am not a Scientologist.
I just said this two days ago.
I am not the billionaire Alex Jones who owns factories in Canada.
I'm not 70-something years old.
Okay, folks, I am not Alex Jones, the accomplished photographer and videographer who lives in Austin, Texas.
There are so many Alex Joneses.
I am not the Alex Jones that runs the Shorenstein Center.
Okay, and then on this other issue, I have been at a St.
I had lunch one time where my sister goes to school.
She's like 15 years younger than me.
Back when Bush was governor.
And I have actually sat at the same table with George Bush and eaten a barbecue.
I have also confronted George Bush when he was governor years later and been arrested.
And I have protested outside the governor's mansion.
And so I have been closer to George Bush than I have been closer to Gordon Novell.
Who we've had as a guest.
And Gordon Novell, I don't even think he's a bad guy, number one.
I think I've been around him three times.
Once at a mass dinner after a Waco remembrance, I think on the sixth anniversary, or seventh anniversary.
And I didn't even sit at the same table with him, but I did talk to him.
And he was involved with the CIA, exposing the Kennedy assassination.
He was involved also in helping get the flare footage out of the public of the feds shooting the Davidians.
And then one other time, I was at a Patriot dinner, and he was there, and I had him on as a guest once.
And then some crackpot goes on the radio and says, he's my mentor, he's a billionaire, he controls me.
Number one, Gordon Novell, I don't even think he's a millionaire.
And I'm controlled by Gordon Novell.
No, no, no, you've got it wrong.
George Bush, because I was arrested by him, and I was nearing, and one time about...
Must have been eight, nine years ago.
I ate at a table with George Bush.
I ate sausage, folks.
So does that answer your question?
I also protested Bill Clinton, so I must be under Bill Clinton's control.
So anybody I get close to ever, I'm controlled by.
Does that answer your question, Thomas?
Enough time on that?
Yes, I was just trying to clear... I'll clear it up for the next 50 people, too.
Listen, anything else?
You want to talk about how we're on the verge of having nuclear attacks and smallpox being released?
Does that concern you?
What also concerns me is what people are actually doing about it.
Listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
I mean, again, this is what I deal with, folks.
And it's just classic.
It's just classic.
And it's the type of... What you have is sniveling losers who are egomaniacs, who don't have lives, who I've never even done anything bad to.
Who literally are mad that I work 18 hours a day.
Who, I guess, wish they weren't lazy and so they make up other... The same person that said that made up other ridiculous things about me.
And again, this broadcast is not about Alex Jones.
I mean, there's whole websites dedicated to how I'm this 55-year-old Scientologist.
Folks, I'm 31 years old, okay?
But see, one thing George Bush said that's true.
There is no way to disprove a negative.
It's like if somebody stands up at a press conference and says, there are reports that you raped your wife.
I mean, what does that mean?
How are you supposed to respond to that?
And there is no way to respond.
You can even sue the person and win, but people remember the headlines.
So there is a disease in the patriot movement and in the truth movement where literally about half the time is spent because there's provocateurs.
Some of them are government agents.
Most of them aren't.
They're just egomaniacs who literally... I mean, I've seen it, folks.
I do radio interviews every day.
And when I do these interviews on a small AM station, I might be talking to 5,000 people.
That's still huge.
Or on some big syndicated show, I might be talking to 16 million people per hour.
I get excited.
My adrenaline gets up about that because I'm a realist.
I know, man, I'm talking to a big crowd.
But I see these other individuals.
You get in front of a crowd of 100 people, folks go crazy.
It's like primitive monkey behavior.
Oh, man, I'm in front of a big crowd.
I'm a tribal leader.
They have to physically see the crowd to be able to visualize it.
This is a psychological example of the things we face.
And then people act weird.
They get on power trips.
They start fights.
Folks, it isn't about that.
You're going to lose your pension funds.
You're going to lose your jobs.
You're going to lose control of your children.
You're going to live in a total police state with troops on the street corners.
I mean, I'm actually upset about this.
I'm actually worried about this.
I actually don't get to spend a lot of time with my family, even though I love to do that more than anything else.
Because all I do is work, folks.
I mean, I was up at 1 o'clock in the morning last night working on making some new films.
And again, folks, I would much rather have been in bed.
I was exhausted.
And again, we've just spent seven, eight minutes on this.
It's shameful.
You ought to be ashamed of yourselves whenever you go around parroting just total... Folks, let's say I'm a reptoid from planet Klu Klor.
That's as legitimate as I'm a 55-year-old Scientologist.
Does it matter if I'm a reptoid from planet Glugelbob?
The information is what matters.
It doesn't matter if Alex Jones is a good guy or a bad guy.
Folks, I'm the most genuine person, and that's why I have the biggest audience, because people in their guts know, for all my foibles, all my interruptions, all my perseverating, all of it, people know it's real!
This is real, folks.
The New Old Order is real.
I predict what the New Old Order is going to do.
I understand what the New Old Order is going to do.
I live my life doing this.
And we need soldiers.
We need leaders.
We need people to go out and talk about real issues and fight the land grabbing and fight the gun grabbing and fight the CPS child grabbing and fight the vaccine contamination and fight the DU our troops and the Iraqis are being exposed to.
We've got to get our heads screwed on straight.
I mean, they've got manuals on COINTELPRO.
COINTELPRO has people out there that disseminate lies and attack others in a movement to bring it down.
You fools!
I know most of you don't buy into this, but you can hear that just...
Gibbering mindlessness.
I can always tell in somebody's voice.
Just this gibbering idiocy.
You are not connected.
You are not on.
Your head is not screwed on straight.
You need to be slapped upside the head by reality to realize we're facing serious issues for the species itself.
If you were connected to God, if you had the Holy Spirit, if you had any thimble of discernment, if you could grasp anything, you would know what was serious, you would know what needed to be focused on.
Okay, there you go.
Totally wasted time, folks.
Let's go ahead and... I'm tempted, though, to do a whole show attacking all these people, because I would destroy them.
But you know what?
We've got to stay focused on the New World Order.
We've got to defeat them.
That's the citadels of power.
That's the pyramidal enemies that are launching attacks on us.
Do you know how bloodthirsty the globalists are?
Do you know how close we are to just all-out enslavement, folks?
But we're in the fight.
We need every one of you to stay focused on real issues and to stay focused on the New World Order.
We are on a razor's edge.
It could tip either way.
We need you to put out the maximum effort now against the enemy!
All right, let's go ahead and talk to David in Florida.
David, go ahead.
Alex, that was not wasted time, because let me tell you, my heart was racing, and I was really scared to even tell you what I'm about to tell you.
But after what you just said, I felt like I just went to church.
I mean, I am so pumped now to tell you.
I work here in Florida.
I'm in the space industry.
I don't know.
I'm starting to shake.
I'm starting to notice about this.
But I'm going to tell you what the next event is going to be.
I don't know if you know that NASA was losing money.
They're trying to shut us down.
Well, that's what the Heath Impact Project is about.
It's something to detour everybody from Bush and all of this 9-11 stuff and the war.
Because they figured if they could do something catastrophic that they can get us to be submissive again.
Well, stay there and give us your kernel of info when we get back.
Just stay there, David, and then you can get it out on the other side, and we'll talk to Rodney and Ron and William and others.
Stay with us, folks.
Currency, devaluation, inflation.
One and the same.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The globalists have the motives for the bombings yesterday in London.
And that in the past, these very individuals have carried out terrorist attacks as a pretext for control, and to legitimize their policies, and now the evidence of prior knowledge is pouring out.
It is just all over the place.
We'll be recapping that with Jack Blood coming up here in about 10 minutes.
Let's try to get through some more of these calls.
David in Florida, get to the info for us, and I appreciate you calling.
Okay, I'll just do this real quick.
Go ahead.
You're saying you work for NASA?
No, no, no.
I didn't say that.
I thought I got that from you.
You said, NASA, I work here.
Okay, go ahead.
I work in the space industry.
No, no, no.
Space industry, okay.
But NASA...
We have been losing their funding.
They have been.
Tell us.
So if the government said you could do this for us, we'll help you out.
So that's how they stayed afloat.
You say you know what the next event is.
Do you have any evidence?
The shuttle, when it goes up, is going to be forced to come down due to a meteor shower.
The meteor shower is the explosion fragment from Temple 1's explosion on July 4th at 1.52 a.m., which was almost ten times bigger than what they were expecting.
Yeah, but I mean, Temple 1 was millions of miles away of something ridiculous.
But an explosion with nothing to slow it down in space?
Think about it.
Do you have any mathematic equations to show that?
Not that I can give you.
Yeah, well, I mean, is this what people are saying internally inside NASA?
Yeah, there's a bunch of groups that are speaking about it.
I thought Temple 1 wasn't coming anywhere near the Earth.
Temple 1 is the reason why the Vatican almost illegally built their observatory in Arizona and bypassed all political red tape.
I'll say it's weird to send a probe and smash it into it.
It's to cause the chaos.
The comet won't hit us.
The dust fragments will.
That will be the freak meteor shower here in about a week or two.
And then the comet itself will come between us and the sun, pulling out our electromagnetic sphere, causing the solar flares to be able to penetrate us, basically radiating people.
And that's why... Okay, hey, listen.
...all the bases underground, and they're closing other military bases.
They're closing other military bases.
All right, well, David, call me back.
When is this supposed to happen?
The shuttle launches on the 13th, and it'll be while it's in orbit.
It's like predicting a baby.
I know NASA is all into the occult and the names of their projects are all occult.
Look at what happened to Apollo 13.
Is the launch really on the 13th?
Yes, it is.
Alright, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Again, I don't believe in superstition and numerology and all that, but the globalists do.
They're obsessed with it.
The vastness of space, folks.
Temple 1, that pickle-shaped thing, it's way out there.
They sent a couple hundred pound...
Alex, how are you?
I'm glad to hear that.
I'm worried about the globalists nuking us.
They say the terrorists are going to nuke us.
They're going to release smallpox.
I know how ruthless the globalists are, but instead we seem to be, and I'm not trying to poo-poo the caller, but we're worried about comments.
Yeah, you got all kinds out there.
I tell you, a comet sure is romantic.
Yeah, I had a couple of questions about some statements that Bush made about he's urging Americans to be
Well, actually, the word they used was he's warning Americans to be extremely vigilant.
Yes, we better be afraid.
We better give up all of our liberties to them or the evil terrorists will get us.
Okay, now something else that I didn't hear very much about other than from your website, and this was concerning the two small explosions up in New York.
My question is, Alex, how many hours behind or ahead... Let me be specific.
They had reports of ten bombings, eight bombings in England.
They had reports of thousands and all this.
That wasn't correct.
In all the hysteria, somebody took a BBC article, put a new date on it, and put it out that there had been some firecrackers or something detonated.
That was actually back in May on Election Day.
So that was a false report.
We corrected that within minutes.
No, no, I'm talking about the two explosions up in New York at the British Embassy yesterday.
No, no, that was old.
Oh, that was old.
Oh, my goodness.
Then I gave out some misinformation.
Well, so did we.
People were putting that out.
That happens when something like this develops.
Yeah, I feel bad now because I... Hey, nobody's perfect, brother.
At least we try to tell the truth here.
The globalists try to twist.
Yeah, but now here's the other thing.
You know, I called another program yesterday on GCN because I had visited your website and picked up on some information that I wasn't hearing over some of the other broadcasts.
And I mentioned that you had reported on your website
That Israel, the embassy there in London and Netanyahu had been warned ahead of time.
Yes, that's admitted.
But now you're saying that AP went and retracted the story.
Yeah, thanks for the call, Rodney.
I'll comment on it on the other side.
They didn't really retract it.
And that report is real and documented.
We'll be right back, folks.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
We've got Jack Blood up with us with his own broadcast that comes on right after this one ends at 2 o'clock Central.
For the next 30 minutes, we have an expert on South Africa, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, all of it, and how we're talking back in the 50s, they had anti-terror laws, and of course it was the government and others behind the terror to bring in control.
Coming up the third hour, of course, we'll continue to cover and recap what happened in London.
Before we go any further, to stay focused on real issues of significance...
Don't forget, the British government's been caught carrying out terror attacks as a pretext for control.
The Russian government's been caught.
The Israeli government.
I mean, publicly admit it.
Not debatable.
The U.S.
government's been caught doing it.
Hitler was caught doing it.
They do it over and over again.
Machiavelli and the Prince talked about it 500 years ago.
This is their favorite tactic.
And here is George Galloway, about a month ago on my broadcast, senior member in the British Parliament...
Right at the end of the broadcast, we're talking about the invasion of Israel, Israel invading Iran, or the U.S.
doing it, and he was saying, well, they don't have the political capital to do it.
And I said, what if our government, the military-industrial complex, carries out an attack?
And he said, yes, that is a very real threat.
That's exactly what these monkeys do.
See, I mean, this is just common sense, folks.
Not just the motive, not just the evidence.
So roll that, and we're going to Jack, and then back to your calls.
Undoubtedly, they planned to go into Iran and Syria for that matter.
But I don't believe that the public opinion in your country or mine would follow them there.
But Israel doesn't care about public opinion.
They're saying they'll go ahead and may attack Iran.
Well, there's an opinion poll yesterday in the British press which showed fully 86% of the British people would oppose an attack on Iran.
So if George Bush does decide to do that, on this one he'll have to count us out.
What if Israel drags us in?
Well, that's a possibility.
Israel might strike Iran.
And undoubtedly they're trying to stab Syria in the back rather than in the front.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
Well, I have another article.
RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war.
Times of London, they may try to goad Iran into doing something.
Yes, but people are not fools in these countries.
They have their own sophisticated political class, and they know that Bush and Blair are too weak at the moment
We've got 30 seconds.
What do we do if the military-industrial complex carries out a terror attack, deployment on them?
Well, that's another very real danger.
There's no way that we can legislate for that, but we must be on guard.
We need a vigilant citizenry.
We need a vigilant citizenry that's alive to all the tricks that these monkeys are up to.
I salute you.
Thank you very much.
All right, folks.
Let's go to Jack Blood.
Of course, he's got the website, jackblood.com and net.
Jack, give us your analysis, in a nutshell, of the attacks in London, specifically the evidence of what happened there.
And maybe you want to start with answering Rodney's question.
Well, first, I want to say it's an honor to be on your program, Alex, and I want to welcome all fellow Londoners.
You know, we're all Londoners now, Alex.
That's part of the spin and the rhetoric coming out now.
Signs all over the world.
We're all Londoners.
I guess we've been saying that for years, at least financially.
But when a smart bomb goes wrong and kills 75 people in mud huts, it's no big deal.
Are we all uninfluenced?
This is... It's actually... First of all, this is very, very serious because we do have the globalists back into a corner and this is just one of the little trial balloons that are going up to see if they can still get away with this type of thing.
But hearing the spin masters trying to find a motive...
Yeah, he's the...
Weak debunker of stuff like Kennedy.
You know what he said?
I saw him last night on Keith Olbermann, and the first sentence out of his mouth is, this will be a reminder to all those who don't support the war on terror.
That's really what this is all about.
See, we told you so.
You better do what we say now.
Well, and I think that's exactly what they meant this to be, is a, quote, reminder to those of us who aren't behind this international and never-ending war on terror.
I'll tell you, Jack.
Netanyahu came out on Israeli government radio, army radio, that he'd been given a warning.
It's been in major Israeli papers, and now the first they retracted, but then even the retraction has one of their ministers going, no, we did get the warning right beforehand.
I got the warning, not Netanyahu, and then we gave it to him.
Well, that's not a retraction at all.
That is incredible mental gymnastics.
Oh, we've got a message board!
Yeah, and of course that is put out as real news, as a real fact throughout the internet.
And then they quietly come out, though, and retract it hours later and say, okay, it wasn't credible, but still it's all over neocon websites, it's real, sorry.
Yeah, but
You mentioned prior knowledge, and of course this is one of the components.
We were actually reporting the 311 bombing in Madrid before Madrid.
As you know, my former webmaster, still the webmaster of jackblood.net, Super Mario Andrade, reads in many languages.
He was reading the Spanish newspapers to find out about ETA and saw that there was a massing of police and thought, well, hey, this doesn't look right.
Something's wrong.
And again, prior knowledge.
So, look, this is what we have, the pundits, the screaming heads like Sean Insanity,
Sean Vanity talking about are comparing these events, comparing London and New York to Madrid to establish some type of continuity to blame Alciada for this event.
Well, look, yeah, I agree with these people.
The same people that did New York and the same people that did Madrid are the same people that did London.
And another component of this is, of course, prior knowledge.
Well, you're absolutely right, and it's a smokescreen on a larger level for their entire agenda across the planet.
The Imperial's agenda, the Anglo-American establishment's agenda, was stalling on every front, Jack, and I don't think this is going to give them the boost they need to keep it rolling.
I don't know.
I mean, the image is plastered all over the print media, all over the televised media of Maine citizens mixed with militarized police, with German shepherds and M-16s guarding both the train stations in New York.
You know, that's a good point you just brought up.
They love it.
They're begging for it.
German shepherds menacing small children with a guy with a frown on his face with a machine gun on the bus and the train, but the borders are wide open.
And three days ago, Jack, New York Times, Washington Post, we're getting rid of posse commentatus.
We're going to have trips on the streets.
We're going to have FBI searching you at the shopping mall.
We saw that in New York, of course, when we were up there for the conventions.
Look, people, and then there are the interviews along with all these images and all this rhetoric.
People feel better having protection, Alex.
That's, of course, what we pay for.
We're paying tributes.
We're getting protection money to the New World Order Mafia.
This was some message to us, making us an offer that we can't refuse.
Well, I agree with you.
And then they're also on the news going, we're sorry we can't search all of you in America.
We know you want to be searched, all of you in London.
We're going to try to search all of you.
We're going to try to check all your papers.
Meanwhile, they're introducing the ID card for the seventh time.
The Brits are...
...are threatening to riot.
I mean, mainstream middle-class people, folks who want out of Iraq, they're demanding to get out of Iraq here domestically, and in England.
It's just so transparent, Jack.
Meanwhile, Bush has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down mainstream news, but we've got to have German Shepherds and M-16s pointed at us!
Well, look, another part of the spin and the rhetoric, and this is what Chris Matthews was saying last night, history proves that in a case of a civil emergency, the people get behind their leaders domestically.
Yeah, they're telling us the people get behind their leaders.
Of course, if they don't, they'll be vilified as being soft on terror or possibly one of the evildoers.
Well, look, I remember Michael Savage two years ago going, you just wait until there's another attack and then all of you are going to see because it's going to be your fault and we're going to blame you for it.
And see, now we need Patriot Act II to be fully expanded.
Now we need CAPTA, the North American Security Perimeter.
Now we need a guy tough on terrorists like Alberto in the Supreme Court.
Now we need all of this.
You know, here's another good point, is that if you look at, if you compare America to the United Kingdom right now, to Britain, you'll see the exact same things going on, the exact same anti-terror legislation.
By the way, I got a note from Joan Vian, who's covering the G8 up in Scotland.
As we speak, they're signing some anti-terror declaration.
But the point is this.
We've got liberal leaders, of course, the Labour Party, headed up by Blair in England.
We've got the quote-unquote phony conservatives here in the United States, yet we have the exact same things happening, the exact same legislation, and the exact same conditioning of the people.
The exact same cameras and microphones, all of it.
They're disproving the phony left-right paradigm.
And you know, this is supposedly a G8.
They've got like 20 people in this picture with Blair, you know, right in the middle, letting us know where the power comes from.
Did you notice Bush standing to one side and Chirac standing to the other?
I mean, that pretty much shows you where the Illuminati power structure lives.
Britain, France, and America.
Absolutely, and it's a pyramidal structure if you look at this photo of everybody standing.
But here it is.
G8 leaders vow victory against terrorism.
World leaders rallied behind President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday in resolving to defeat terrorists after a series of deadly subway and bus attacks.
And they promised on Friday, which they are now doing,
I want to go back to Sean Vanity.
I couldn't believe my ears last night.
Of course, here's the usual connections.
The London bombing.
We've got a message on a message board that it was some unknown group no one's ever heard of from Al-Qaeda before.
It's the secret Al-Qaeda of Europe.
Instantly, even if that was true, instantly they're making the connections between Iraq and Al-Qaeda and these bombings.
We've got to get behind the war in Iraq.
But this is something that Hannity said that just my jaw dropped, though I should have expected it.
Hannity takes this particular news story, the London bombings, and starts making the case of why we need to start torturing people, why torture is good.
Well, right after 9-11 bullish and everybody promoted torture, Rumsfeld, then we see the images and they go, oh, we didn't do that.
And then they burn patsies who were ordered to do it when we have Alberto Gonzalez's own memo saying they can torture people to death.
And then exactly, they're right back promoting torture.
I mean, this is so sick.
Meanwhile, endless videos of charging old Al-Qaeda training videos when our government actually paid for those training camps.
They did it.
Here's images of them training four years ago.
They're going to get you any minute.
Yeah, and then you've got the MSNBC newspaper saying that not only do we need national ID cards in England, but we need them here.
And, of course, this brings up to light... Meanwhile, Jeff, they've already passed them, but now they've got to convince us why we need to accept them.
This also kind of brings up a point as to why target the London subways, because targeting transportation is going to make it easier to have some type of an internal passport traveling pass to make your safety.
Well, that's exactly the wrong whole...
That's what's said on this broadcast.
That's what's in the Real ID Act that they passed.
And again, folks...
Every place they attack, anywhere in the world, then they put troops and militarized police in those areas.
And again, I'll say it again, it's a complete fraud.
The Border Patrol is smaller than four years ago.
And this whole thing is a complete, total joke.
Now, you think, Alex, that there's been a big problem trying to get people to go into the military now?
We know recruitment numbers are way, way down.
You think this is going to get them back up to their bar?
Jack, what you first said when you came on is what I've been saying all day.
This is a trial balloon.
This, 40 people dead, and they're saying 37 or 42, we don't know.
It's still almost two days later.
So, right now, I'm here to tell you folks, this is very small.
This is a trial balloon for something much, much larger in Europe or in the United States.
Well, unfortunately, as we're in this hail of rapid-fire info bullets coming at us, we, of course, need to keep our heads and remember what is important.
Some of the things we're working on, we have to stay the course.
We've got CAFTA.
We've got the Patriot Act being renewed in Congress as we speak.
We've got another vacancy in the Supreme Court now with Rehnquist reportedly stepping down.
They're going to double-team us and put up Gonzalez, and I don't know if they can find anybody worse than him, but I'm sure they'll make a good effort.
Well, yeah, they could be using...
I didn't think they'd ever find anybody worse than Ashcroft, but of course they did.
You know, Jack, other things as CAFTA is set to pass the House, set to be on Bush's desk in the next few weeks, and it's going to be one-sided.
Latin America isn't even going to sign on, but we'll still let all their goods pour in and merge our databases with them.
Well, it did pass the Senate, which didn't surprise me, but it was a pretty slim margin.
It was 55 to 45, so there were 45 people that had voted against it.
And now, Jack, we're not talking anymore about Karl Rove in the grand jury.
He could be indicted.
We're not talking about the land grabbing by the Supreme Court.
We're not talking about new freedom.
We're not talking about any of that.
Nice little operation here.
Let's take a call.
Let's talk to Ron.
We've got to go quick with these calls.
Ron and New York are on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, obviously you must have been watching Fox News because the propaganda there is coming out hot and fast about how we need to expand the Patriot Act, give up more freedom, and have 9 million cameras inserted up our noses.
Oddly enough, in England, in London in particular, there probably are about 9 million cameras, and I want to make you a gentleman's wager.
I bet you, in fact, that they will never retrieve an image of the guilty parties that planted or exploded those bombs.
Well, it'll take them a few weeks to cut it out and make false videos.
I don't think they will.
I honestly think they probably won't.
And yesterday, I'd like to say something.
Yesterday you said they'll get a patsy.
You know what?
I think they're going to change their approach.
Because patsies can sometimes have unintended problematic consequences.
What they'll do, and they could do this too, because many people are foolish enough.
They will make strong inferences and innuendos that it's a particular group, and that will be satisfactory enough without the complication of a patsy with... And then just set the precedent to have these... Well, they've never had one single conviction of anybody... They arrested Zacharias Michel, and he's saying, I'm a patsy.
Thanks for the call, Ron.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to William in Pennsylvania.
William, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
I don't know if you're aware of this, but if you do a Google search on the Internet...
And type in Skull and Bones.
The first item that comes up is George Bush.
It'll talk about how George Bush was a member of the Skull and Bones.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
I've made two films about it.
One called Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and the other called Martial Law.
Okay, also if you do a search on the Grand Lodge and Freemasonry, you can get some useful information.
Skull and Bones, you've got the Truly Society.
Sir, we have massive sections on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Oh, yes, very informative.
Yes, sir.
You were just telling me that Bush was part of Skull and Bones.
Oh, good, so you knew.
Well, I don't have access to the internet, so I usually go to the library to look up this stuff.
Well, I'm glad you're involved, sir.
Any other comments?
No, sir.
The last videotape I got of yours was 9-1-1, Road to Tyranny.
Well, thank you.
Thank you for your support.
You make the broadcast possible.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Thank you.
And folks, you should get 9-11 Road to Journey, not just Martial Law.
These are both my best works.
You need to have them, prisonplanet.tv or infowars.com to order online.
We'll be back with Jack Blount.
I want to keep Jack a little bit into the next hour or two, if he can do that.
We've got a guest expert on Africa coming on as well.
Stay with us.
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By the way, we have a very timely guest coming on Monday.
We're here.
David Icke, two hours.
Talk about the G8, and this was set up a week ago.
And he, of course, lives in England.
A very interesting fellow.
I don't agree with all of his views, but it's always interesting with David Icke.
You want him, you've got him.
Two hours on Monday.
We'll be talking about this issue, of course.
Loaded phone lines perpetually throughout the broadcast.
I want to go to some more of those calls.
Jack, the points that some of the last callers were bringing up predominantly, talking about Ron and New York, I mean, they really are just pouring on the propaganda.
And Bush and Blair...
Look like a cat who's been caught eating the canary, you know, with the proverbial feathers sticking out of their mouth.
They look so... I mean, not just the evidence, the motive.
They look so guilty.
Your gut.
I mean, they are just criminals.
Go ahead.
Glee, when he was forced to face reporters yesterday.
You know, it reminded me, when he was about to announce the Iraq war, he was on TV, and, you know, the pool cameras were catching him before he actually went on the air, and he was laughing hysterically.
He had a case of the giggles before he's about to announce...
Shock and awe, which by the way, there is a shock and awe prophecy which ties right into that.
Same thing when he was asked a question at a press conference about two weeks ago.
This was aired on the Daily Show, a pretty funny clip of this.
When he's asked about all the deaths in Iraq, he's laughing hysterically.
I mean, this is a guy that used to torture small animals when he was a little kid.
He is a serious psychopath.
And though he doesn't plan these things, he's pretty low down the food chain.
Less than middle management, I would say.
But he loves this kind of stuff.
He loves seeing people die.
And I don't think I'm going too far off the branch to really say that.
You know what it reminds me of?
The reaction to this reminds me of a story that just came in from Yahoo!
450 sheep jumped to their deaths in Turkey.
The first one jumped to its death, and then the stunned Turkish sheep shepherds just watched as 450 others just followed it right over the cliff.
Yep, that's how a lot of people are behaving.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Alex in North Carolina.
Alex, go ahead.
Hi, I just wanted to talk about a couple of local things.
First, the New Freedom Initiative.
I have children.
One is in school.
I wrote to the school principal and also the school board.
I wrote them polite letters that weren't accusatory.
I just asked them if they knew about it.
If they had it, I would be happy to give them either a printed copy or direct them to where they could get it.
If they had any information on what their policy was toward it, let me know.
In all cases, they simply just ignore me like I don't exist.
I did get an answer from my state representative, and he said he hadn't heard about it.
Yeah, it's a federal law passed for forced psychological testing and forced drugging.
They're trying to get it passed at the state level.
They have it in Illinois.
We narrowly defeated it in Texas.
And then, yeah, you get it.
You go, hey, we don't want national ID cards, and the Congress will go, what national ID cards?
Even though they just passed it.
Or, you know, we're against globalization.
What globalization?
You know, it doesn't exist.
This is a tactic.
Jack, comments?
Well, first of all, in every state, and as you said, it was up for debate in Illinois.
I didn't see much outrage over there, unfortunately.
But, you know, the reason we are able to fend these people off here in Texas is because we have people reading every little piece of legislation coming out.
We have spokespeople who can professionally deal with the legislators,
Yeah, it was...
Put their hooves in the fire is right.
No, I mean, it was a listener who was scanning legislation three or four months ago and found the thing, the bill to put transponders in 2006 in all inspection stickers to start taxing us as we drive down the road.
It almost passed.
We barely defeated it.
It was a serious bill.
The toll readers have already been put up five years ago.
So, folks, I mean, it's that close.
We need you to go out and research.
We can't do it all.
Yeah, I think Austin is really a model for people to follow, I'm proud to say, Alex, and we've just recently defeated the Checkpoints here with Texans against Checkpoints.
I mean, we're really on a roll down here, and I don't want to forget the momentum that we have now because of these London bombings.
Well, all the great patriots are moving to Austin, and we are probably the capital of the fight against the New World Order.
Even national TV has said that.
That's why I think we're a prime target for the globalists, unfortunately, to launch an attack here.
All right, I said it.
We'll be back with the third hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, folks.
Your calls are coming up.
We've got an expert.
He lived in Africa, born in Africa.
We'll be discussing how they passed terrorism laws back in the early 50s, all the anti-terror laws, and how that really is one of the modern models of what we're facing, how it ties into London.
Of course, Jack Blood is joining us right now, jackblood.com, and his broadcast starts immediately after this one ends.
And I always appreciate Jack's great analysis and the work he does.
Jack, let's just take a few final calls in this segment, then I'll let you get back to preparing for your own broadcast.
But I think what came up in the last segment about new freedom is important.
We've got to stay focused on the new freedom.
Talk about Orwellian term, forced psychological testing, drugging by the government.
We've got to stay focused on CAFTA, set to pass the House.
Big fight going on.
These Supreme Court nominations, now it's coming out that Rehnquist will probably announce his resignation here in the next few weeks.
Not just O'Connor.
Sandra Day O'Connor.
We have got just all of these issues we're facing.
The war in Iraq, the fraud, and the looming larger events of government-sponsored terror.
Let's go ahead and go to Jason in Texas.
Jason, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, I'm a commercial pilot, and there's a lot of things going on in the industry, especially with security.
They're really concerning me.
There's been some big moves, which thankfully AOPA, which I'm a member of, which supports small aircraft, there's been some moves to limit freedom of travel of small aircraft due to this threat of terrorism.
Yeah, I know.
Everything is about regulating and controlling and restricting our mobility.
Well, it really bothers me because it's completely stupid.
Specifically, what are they trying to do right now?
I want to get a comment from Jack.
Well, they've been putting up all these posters, keep your eyes out for suspicious activity.
Those are not the posters from the World War II era, by the way.
They are.
They really are recycling classical, you know, that style, you know, Art Deco.
Literally, these are Art Deco style posters saying, watch your neighbors.
Go ahead.
Another thing that they've done is they've put out these huge restricted air spaces where if you fly into them, you know...
All hell breaks loose, and around the president, when he's flying, there's a 10 nautical mile bubble around him, front and back, side to side.
And, you know, you think about it, 10 nautical miles is a huge amount in the air.
No, every time, this happened with Clinton, but now it's worse.
When the emperor comes into a city, I mean, air traffic just shuts down.
All the planes sit there, other planes have to wait in the air until he lands, until he gets off, sometimes two hours.
They have to redirect larger aircraft.
Jack, comments on this?
Well, of course, you know, we're getting groped for air travel.
They've got CAPS-2, which has been defeated.
Of course, now the preferred customer list, which will... Yeah, they just changed the name.
...which where you could sign up and go ahead and take an iris scanner or a thumb scanner and jump in line in front of everybody else.
But they needed to get the buses and the trains online, and that's what part of the fallout, the component of this bombing, will, of course, create.
Yeah, and then they... But let me also say...
Because if you follow the patterns of serial killers, one of the things that we saw on 9-11 were the put options on the airlines.
And I've got to tell you, investors that saw this coming, that had prior knowledge to this event in London, there was a nice dip, a nice spike on the stock market.
No, no, that's been shown.
That's been shown now.
And the airlines are all down about three, four points, Alex.
So I'd like to see if there was any put options for yesterday's bombings.
Well, actually, Jack, I have an article here on the stack I was going to try to get to later, along with some emails, but we're just so much to cover where it does show that.
Sir, I really appreciate your call, Jason.
Sorry we're out of time.
Jack Blood, thank you for coming on.
Hey, I'll be sitting in for Erskine Saturday night, midnight, Eastern Time, so I hope everybody will join me for that.
And, of course, it's always a privilege and an honor to follow you every day, Alex.
Not in easy shoes to fill there.
Oh, come on.
All right, Jack.
Take care.
Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
All right.
Just a great guest coming up on Africa and how it ties into London and the U.S.
and your calls and a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I know we've had a load of phone lines...
People out there want to talk about the bombings yesterday, about the police state, about CAPTA passing the Senate in the House right now.
We're going to take calls throughout the next 52 minutes that we've got left in this Friday broadcast.
I had this guest shut up before this happened.
Because he grew up in Zimbabwe, which of course is formerly Rhodesia, and he talks and writes about what he calls British-style terror, where these wars, these wars on drugs, wars on terror, is really a British invention.
They're masters of the Hegelian dialectic.
And how the model brought forward in the 50s and 60s in Africa of anti-terror laws, even called that,
We're used, and then every time they pass the laws, the terror got worse, of course, because the government's financing and controlling it, to bring in control against the good people.
The general public.
And how the globalists have wrecked Africa by design.
And, of course, with the G8 going on, and Live Aid, and just all of this going on, it's very timely, very important.
And, you know, I've forgotten the last two hours, you probably had ten different calls from London and England yesterday,
I think?
I mean, exactly what you were talking about, the model they used in Africa, the British used in Africa, being used in the Western world to bring in that same type of system.
Yeah, well, there's no question.
I mean, today you had an agreement by the G8 on aid to Africa.
It wasn't as much as some had hoped for, but it's $50 billion with strings attached.
And the strings attached, obviously...
For African leaders to help in the global war against terrorism, which is kind of ironic because if you look at the photograph of the G8 members, they are standing with another nine members of the African delegation.
And I managed to identify eight of the nine as former terrorists.
So what you have is you're going to have these African countries, in order to get Western aid, they're going to have to implement, and many of them have, by the way.
Nigeria has a terrorism law in place.
Robert Mugabe, the noted terrorist of many years ago, who massacred 30,000 of his political opposition, has introduced terrorism legislation.
Thabo Mbeki,
who was part and parcel of the rise of Spear of the Nation with Nelson Mandela the ANC wing has also as a matter of fact under Thabo Mbeki they've introduced terrorism legislation that's even more draconian than the terrorism legislation that was imposed by the former South African government and so yeah we can we can say and George Bush obviously has made the point on many occasions
That in order for Africa to get aid, there are going to be strings attached, and part of the strings attached are this help on this global war on terrorism, which pretty much all it does is it's the greatest boon to any government to fight a war on terrorism, because a terrorist...
Is anybody who opposes that official government policy?
The war on terror is just an umbrella for worldwide governmental despotism and classical tyranny.
Against the people.
And, you know, Robbie, you grew up in Rhodesia where the New World Order, the current model under Cecil Rhodes, was literally developed.
And then you watched in the early 60s as they passed an anti-terrorism law.
And did the terrorism go away or did it increase?
Well, no.
Obviously, as soon as they banned the ANC because it was a communist organization,
That, in fact, was a catalyst that caused the ANC to grow and receive huge amounts of financing from the likes of the Soviet Union and Communist China.
And by the way, I'm not defending apartheid folks, but then it's like either you're for Bush or you're for Saddam.
No, they're both bad.
I mean, it's admitted that Winnie Mandela bragged about it on TV, hanging necklaces around children's necks, tires with gasoline, burning their heads off.
These black killers that the globalists always fund and control kill more blacks than any white ever thought about.
Then the controlled globalist media tells you that they're anti-corporate freedom fighters, when in reality they're having their strings pulled because the globalists want to make sure that Africa's in shambles so no strong governments rise.
So the globalists can continue to extract the resources.
Is that a correct analysis, Robbie Noel?
Well, sure.
I mean, in the 60s and the 70s, there was a war against communism, especially here in the United States.
The problem with the mainstream press at the time is they didn't view South Africa's war as a war against communism.
They saw it as a racial conflict.
It was never, ever portrayed in the mainstream press
As a South African fight against communism.
It was a South African fight against the indigenous population.
So they never ever saw what was actually transpiring and obviously Nelson Mandela became the poster child for the left's cause.
In the overthrow of... Well, it's like the current president of Iraq bombed school buses, and Mandela admittedly blew up school buses.
I mean, do you have to blow up school buses to become a world leader?
Well, in Mandela's case, he didn't have the wherewithal to fight on an intellectual level.
So he resorted to the basis of where he was taught in...
In Moscow, on guerrilla warfare, in order to achieve his objective.
I mean, Mandela, at the Rivonia trial, where he was convicted of treason, and actually was sentenced to death, they just reversed that just because of world pressure, he was found in possession of thousands of rounds of, well, I should say thousands of Russian-made landmines, hand grenades, plastic explosives,
Which he used to terrorize, by and large, his own people.
Well, bottom line, exactly.
Most of this was blacks fighting with blacks.
The ANC was just one group of blacks literally slaughtering entire villages of other blacks, Zulus and others.
But the average American just hears that it's evil white men enslaving black people.
But in reality, folks, again, not defending the policies of the white South African government, but here's the fact.
And Robbie knows more about this than I. He lived in the area.
But understand, whether it's Saddam Hussein or Shlomo Bumalajevic or the leaders of white South Africa, anybody who's sovereign, good or bad or ugly, anybody who's sovereign who isn't under total globalist control is going to be brought down by internal revolution, whether it be right-wing, left-wing.
Robbie, is that a correct analysis?
Well, you've got to understand...
There wasn't a homogeneous white population in Southern Africa.
They were divided between two ethnic groups, if you will, the Afrikaans and the English.
And the Afrikaans, of course, are Dutch.
And by and large... So the whites have been busy for hundreds of years, slaughtering each other, too.
Well, we had the Boer War.
Oh, sure.
So it's a total tribal bedlam, blacks killing blacks, whites killing blacks, blacks killing whites, but under the current government that was there 20 years ago, that had been stopped, correct?
Well, to an extent, tribal warfare, because it was just a matter of separating the ethnic tribes, the Zulus and the Causas.
Nelson Mandela was a Causa.
Zulus were headed by Chief Gadipo Delezi.
What about your parents in Africa?
Were they connected to the British?
I mean, everybody has, you know, obvious lineage to the British on this one.
But the thing that I would like to impart on people so they understand
There was obviously a lot of English-speaking whites in South Africa that were opposed to the official government policy.
In 73, when P.W.
Botha initially instituted the Terrorism Act of 1976, most people supported it because they were tired of the terrorist acts of the ANC.
It wasn't until a few years later that it became apparent that in the government's eyes,
A terrorist was anybody who opposed official government policy and what this effectively did is it shut down any opposition voices to the current government and ultimately because those voices were shut down and because those voices were not heard because people were I mean in South Africa you could get arrested
Just by the mere thought that you were somehow connected with some terrorist organization.
The police didn't have to have any proof beyond all reasonable doubt.
They just had to think that you were connected with the terrorists.
They had the right to lock you up for 90 days without a trial, without a lawyer, without a judge.
And this chilling effect of free speech and freedom led to the destruction of your country.
Well, sure, because ultimately what happens in situations like that, people pull in their horns.
I mean, you don't talk about politics in open.
As a matter of fact, you're even hesitant to talk about politics within your own family, because you don't...
That's how crazy it was.
Because you didn't know, you know, if someone in your family was supporting the government and thought somehow you were a threat, well they'd make an anonymous phone call and the next thing off you went.
And that's the atmosphere they're trying to set up here and in England.
When you heard about the bombings yesterday morning, Robbie, what first popped in your head?
Who stands to gain.
It was like, remember in the 90s, and I mentioned this, I've mentioned this before, in the 90s
When the plane used to go down, we always used to think, oh, what a tragedy.
But under Clinton and Ron Brown, when planes used to go down, we used to say, well, who was on the plane?
Now when bombs go off, you ask yourself, well, who's going to benefit?
And it's going to be the same old folks that are carrying out the terror of the Western government setting up a police state here, not to stop terrorism, but to take our freedom.
We'll talk about the latest developments in London.
Take your calls and more on the other side.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All over the world, communist countries,
Supposed capitalists, Western countries, dictatorships in Africa, weapons being sold to them by the U.S.
and England, known terrorists, almost all of them, admitted terrorists, people who have actually bombed and killed innocent people, they're all being put in as the leaders, and now they're going to fight terrorism!
It is so transparent.
We're going to go to Mike and Milton and Jamie and others here in just a few minutes, and we'll get back more into the story with Robbie Noel, who grew up in what is now Zimbabwe, of course, Rhodesia,
But, Robbie, I really believe that this current bombing, and we were talking during the break, you said clearly this is for the G8.
This has got globalist fingerprints on it.
You can elaborate on that if you'd like.
But clearly, I think this is a trial balloon.
Their whole agenda, their phony wars, their police state, their national ID cards, their CAFTA, all of it is in trouble.
All over the world, the New World Order's program is stuck in the mud.
It's like Hitler's Barbarossa in Russia.
Got stuck up to its axles in the mud.
This is some attempt to jumpstart their agenda and get the moral high ground for their tyranny.
But I think it's a trial balloon for bigger events in the Western world.
What say ye?
Well, I mean, there's no question.
I mean, smoke had been cleared from London when Sensenbrenner came out yesterday and once again made a call for expanding the Patriot Act.
So, yeah, there's no question.
I mean...
There's nobody that's going to be opposed to fighting terrorism, which is kind of ironic because terrorism is not anything other than a... it's a tactic.
It's not a person, it's not a place, it's not a thing.
It's a political tactic.
So, the powers that be, there's no question, the globalists weren't achieving their objective prior to 9-11.
9-11 put their agenda forefront and center, and they managed to achieve a lot.
But it's gone a little wayward
With the lasso support through the war in Iraq.
So obviously they've got to continually stir the pot.
And by the way, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, they've all got globalist pundits from the left and the right ongoing.
This proves we're right.
We've got to stay the course with the war on terror.
Two things, Robbie, then I want to take some calls.
First off, we have this Benjamin Netanyahu thing, which they never truly denied.
He did get this warning.
Other Israelis got this warning.
That's now admitted.
They're just arguing about the timeline.
At the same time, we have this little message board note saying the new secret Al Qaeda did it, but then Arabic experts look at it.
It's shoddily done.
Is it even true Arabic phrases, scriptures, comments on both those issues?
Well, first of all, I thought...
When I first heard of the bombing, my immediate reaction was IRA.
But that didn't sort of fit into the big scheme of things.
I think what's going to fit into the big scheme of things is there's going to be some sort of connection to probably Iran, which would obviously help solidify
The ongoing debate as to when the U.S.
is going to attack Iran, which is front and center.
Which they've been saying would be late this summer.
Sure, which is on the front of Israeli agenda as well.
So, yeah, I mean there's...
There's many roads you can go down on this one.
But they all go the same direction.
Laws of Freedom, Empire Building, and then of course, I could go onto a message board, type something out of the Koran, say, you know, the secret Al-Qaeda of Europe, and then I guess it'd be on national news.
It's like the guy last year who did the fake beheading in his garage in San Francisco, and for four days, it was real.
Al-Qaeda's killed again.
Do you ever remember back in Arizona after the Oklahoma City bombing when the biggest threat to American domestic security was the militia?
Well, meanwhile, covertly, the FBI and others, that's who they're still training for.
The thing about Arabs is just for the public consumption.
Oh, sure.
But yeah, in Arizona, when that Amtrak train went down, all of a sudden, the only connection that they could come up with to a militia group was a note that was found, besides the derailed train, that said, Army of God.
Whoever the Army of God was.
But anyway, that justified...
A huge invasion into Arizona of many... As a matter of fact, the FBI put out a pamphlet in Arizona telling folks how to identify suspected internal terrorists.
They make frequent references to the U.S.
They own guns.
They put out 25,000 of those.
I know.
And I mean, you can just see where this whole thing is going.
By the way, Colonel Craig Roberts...
Who worked that case, could have led right back to U.S.
Special Forces doing that.
Witnesses, everything.
Oh, sure.
And let me ask you a question.
It's a slightly off-topic.
Do you know General Reimer?
Does that ring a bell in your head?
From Waco?
Well, he is the guy that is now putting forward the information about domestic terrorism in the United States.
And how we need to have troops on the streets and the end of Posse Comitatus, somebody who's commanded the army murdering U.S.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Your calls are coming up.
A bunch of news.
Robbie Noel riding shotgun with us.
He, of course, grew up most of his life in what is Zimbabwe today.
Of course, Rhodesia.
They're in the southern area of Africa.
Right now, lips zipped reporter in jail.
We're not talking about other arresting reporters all over the place.
We're not...
Giving up sources?
This is happening all over the country.
Oh no, we're not talking about CAFTA.
We're not talking about New Freedom.
We're not talking about Karl Rove, who could have easily been sacked over blowing the whistle on a bunch of CIA agents with the plane incident.
Nope, the bombing has got the G8 now saying they're changing their focus.
Changing their focus to fight terror.
And all over the world, despots are murdering hundreds of thousands of their dissidents.
Innocent families using the war on terror.
And by the way, the numbers are now up to 50 plus dead and 700 injured.
So that's the numbers there.
Before we go back to Robbie and, of course, your calls, just briefly, folks.
I have made my most powerful documentary film.
It's been out for a few months.
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It covers the latest police state developments.
We spend a full hour on 9-11.
It's three films in one.
And an hour on who the globalists are and what their master plan is, what their ideology is.
And the main focus is government-sponsored terror.
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And by getting the film, Martial Law and the Others, you can wake your friends and family up to who is behind the terror, and they will lose their power.
Robbie, we're about to go to calls, and I want to bring this up to you.
I have giant sections on my website of mainstream news.
The phony Mossad al-Qaeda cell in Palestine, where they went and grabbed young Palestinians, trained them, recruited them to work for Mossad and Shin Bet.
The carry-out terror as a pretext to expand the police state in Israel.
The British government's been caught carrying out their own bombings.
Mainstream news.
A huge archive on that.
Putin's been caught blowing up his own buildings.
The sinking of the main in 1898, now admitted to be government.
The Gulf of Tonkin never happened.
We have official government documents like Operation Northwoods.
You know, not just who has the motive, that being the government for these bombings, and then all the evidence of Netanyahu being warned and all this, but just prior history, prior M.O.
of who is normally behind terror, either actually doing it, state-sponsored, or paying people to do it.
Your comments on that?
Well, I mean, we've entered into a new paradigm because you've got to understand something.
War on terror is big business.
Bush said it'll last 100 years.
And it's huge money.
Oh, sure.
It's like the war on poverty.
We spend $7 trillion on the war on poverty and there's more poor people today than ever before.
I've got to interrupt you.
The war on drugs, it's the same thing.
It's a big business.
I was at the grocery store this weekend and I saw Barron's, the big financial paper.
It was for the 4th of July and it said...
It was on Sunday, and a big American flag, and it said, Homeland Security, to be America's biggest business, how great it is, get in on the ground floor.
Go ahead.
Oh, sure.
Well, look, yesterday, when the bombings were first announced, after it took them three bombs to go off before they realized it was a bombing attack, first of all, they thought it was transformer or power surges,
The Dow was down 90 points.
The Dow closed up yesterday 36 points, predicated simply on companies that deal in security.
I mean, that was what the Dow recovered yesterday.
It's big business.
I mean, General Reimer's website, which is called the National Counterterrorism Center, which is now the primary center for U.S.
government analysis on terrorism,
It's funded by Homeland Security to the tune of billions of dollars.
I mean, it's big business.
They have conventions.
They have conventions.
You can go to fedgov.org.
They've got conventions.
They just had one in Austin two weeks ago.
Yeah, I mean, they have 2,000 vendors, for goodness sake.
And when you go to these anti-terror summits, it's cop gear, stun guns, checkpoint material, face scanners, nothing to do with terror in the classical sense.
But you read Section 802 of the first Patriot Act, and what does it say, Robbie?
It says every American's a terrorist.
Every misdemeanor or the suspicion of a misdemeanor, you are stripped of your basic rights.
And now they're pushing the expansion of the Patriot Act.
They're pushing the expansion of the war.
Who does this aid?
They're arresting 13-year-old kids and charging them with terrorism acts.
Homeless people sleeping in a bus station.
Pot dealers.
You better get very nervous, Mr. Jones.
Well, you've seen this before.
I mean, we were talking during a break.
I mean, this is deja vu for you, Robbie.
I mean, you grew up in this in Southern Africa.
Yeah, I'm watching it unfold for the second time.
I really hope I don't lose a third country.
I've lost two already.
This is where I draw the line in the sand.
Three and I'm out, brother.
Well, explain how that happened.
First you're in Rhodesia, then South Africa?
And there's no question, the ultimate demise of Southern Africa was predicated on stupid white people introducing, and by the way, that's what I call the folks at the G8, the collection of stupid white people.
But in the aggregate, the elite knows what they're doing, but they use this, quote, guilt just to get any middle class out of Africa, and now it's robbing and looting.
Oh, sure.
And in large part, a lot of what's going on with the aid to Africa is white guilt.
It's an inherent problem that white people have to live with.
But really, Robbie, that is used...
As a pretext to get control, and as you said, they go in and pay off these dictators to simply do what the IMF and World Bank says and keep control of their populations if they don't like having their land taken.
Oh, sure.
I mean, every single one of these black despot dictators that were at the G8 that are now going to be standing with their hands out waiting for part and parcel of the $50 billion that's going to come to them, what they're going to do is they're going to put together...
A government agency, like the government for a form of corruption, in order to appease the guys from the World Bank and the IMF.
And nothing is going to change in any way, shape, or form.
That'll just give the government a new funded organization to actually persecute people.
Oh, there's no question about that.
You know, the thing that's funny on Dr. General Reimer's website where he identifies terrorist groups, he identifies the ANC as a terrorist group, but then there's a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that says, although the ANC was a terrorist group, it is no longer a terrorist group because now they're in charge of the government.
So, you know, a decade ago it was a terrorist organization, now it's a legitimate organization, which, by the way,
As I said before, South African government have introduced new terrorism legislation which pretty much would get you defined as a terrorist if you sneeze in front of a government official.
Unbelievable, folks, and the borders are wide open.
All right, we've actually got a few lines open because people have been holding for 45 minutes and have been dropping off.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Mike in Arizona, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Robbie, I'm curious.
Did you ever read Ivor Benson's book, Zionist Factor?
Yes, hi.
No, sir.
Okay, you may get a different impression of what happened in your part of the world after you read that.
Benton, like you, suffered through the destruction of South Africa.
South Africa did have a large Jewish population.
Outside of Israel, it had the largest Jewish population in the world.
By the way, you cannot debate the fact that South Africa is worse off right now, especially for the blacks.
I mean, what has the highest murder rate in the world now?
Oh, well, there's no question.
The rape statistics are amazing.
There's actual genocide going on in South Africa, but nobody wants to talk about it.
But hasn't Oppenheimer's and Rothschild's, haven't they fared pretty well?
Still controlling the beers and the gold.
Well, it is true that the Oppenheimers and the world diamond monopoly front, the beers, did actually help a lot of this and did consolidate and destroy what was a middle class in South Africa.
I have seen the documentation on that, Robbie.
Yeah, well, I mean, that's a fact of life.
I mean, what we are dealing with here is ultimately Cecil John Rhodes' vision.
Which was put together under the organization called the Round Table in the late 1800s, and that ventured across the pond in 1913 to the United States.
And that was known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the U.S., the Council on Foreign Relations.
Sure, absolutely.
And I'm sure you saw the Lou Dobbs piece with the two members from the CFR talking about Canada, America, and Mexico.
Well, we had Mr. Priest on when the CFR was openly pushing the end of sovereignty.
I mean, that's the Rhodes' vision.
Well, Rhodes had a vision of an Anglo-Saxon rule over the world, the white man's burden, but Rhodes was also effectively an agent for the Rothschilds, and I think his financial backers had a much different picture of the ideal world that they had in mind, and
Well, this is what happened with empires.
They learned 150 years ago, take their flag down.
Empires, take your flag down.
You don't get resistance.
Put a dictator in who you control.
Your empire owns and controls more than ever.
The Anglo-American establishment took over the world.
And it's simple.
Then they pulled out, putting in their corporate managers over those client states with puppets in charge.
Do you agree, gentlemen?
No question.
Pretty simple, isn't it?
You know, Colonel Don Degrand-Prey did a pretty good analysis in his book, Barbarians Inside the Gates.
Basically, he describes the One World Movement as having two heads or two wings.
The Zionist Bolshevik branch and the Anglo-American branch, or the Fabian branch, if you will.
But both trails ultimately lead you back to the Rothschilds and those big private investment bankers.
Alright, thank you for the call, Mike.
Let's talk to Jeremy in Kentucky.
Hey, Alex.
Jeremy, go ahead.
How you doing, buddy?
I would just like to say that I would... Can you get... Sounds like you've got a radio up.
No, I don't.
Okay, your phone was distorting.
Go ahead, sir.
Okay, I'm sorry about that.
Do you got a copy of the radio show you did before 9-11?
The day before.
I didn't do a show the day before.
I did one on July 25th, the radio and TV show, yes, where I said, call the White House, tell them don't attack the World Trade Center.
And there's a clip of that video in my film, The Masters of Terror.
And also, during this London, what happened yesterday, it's just a... If people don't wake up and...
Is it?
Our America's going down the zola.
It is.
I appreciate the call.
I mean, look, it's bolstering their entire agenda that was stalling.
Look at the motive.
And then, Robbie, it's very bizarre that, I mean, this was a real Islamist group, which are very few and far between, and even when they're real, they're only funded by some intelligence agency, and they're just useful idiots, but very unusual to not have somebody taking credit, Robbie.
Well, sure.
And, you know, the statement that was issued by that alleged website, the timing was just too convenient for it.
And we haven't heard anything since.
Well, on 9-11, within 20 minutes, they were already showing pictures of bin Laden saying, did he do it?
Within about 10 hours, they were saying that we think he did it.
The next day, about 15 hours later, they had all the hijackers' names.
Turned out those were all fake lists and fake, by the way.
It wasn't even true.
That was proven to be a fraud.
And this time, within an hour, they had Al-Qaeda training tapes on U.S.
and British TV charging you with machine guns saying,
Al-Qaeda training tapes.
I mean, so everybody's saying Al-Qaeda.
This is ridiculous.
It is.
I mean, if it wasn't so tragic, it would be actually quite laughable.
Well, bottom line, Robbie, who do you think's behind this?
Well, there's no question that we have... Look, the whole fight is always over power or money.
So take your choice.
And obviously in this instance, it's a power grab.
It's to try and save Blair and Bush from the embarrassment of...
Yeah, they're both hanging on by their fingernails.
So what better distraction than a global war on terrorism?
I agree.
Let's talk to Terry in Texas.
Terry, go ahead.
Yeah, I haven't been listening to your program at all.
I just finished up reading a little bit of paper, and it made me...
I had a question, a real quick question for you.
Well, that's a nice first announcement that you're not listening.
Well, no.
Go ahead, Terry.
Make your point.
I saw your movie in Austin, and in the paper, in July 1st paper, they have a thing of those, they call it the Scream.
You know, you have that in your movie about the sound cannons they used in New York at the NRNT.
Yeah, the sound cannons.
Well, they call that the Scream.
Has anybody called into you about this?
They call it the Scream.
They use it in Israel to get the Palestinians.
Well, I mean, it's called an LRAD, long-range acoustical device, and it can damage your hearing.
It's a focused sound beam, but you're talking about the scream.
I just don't know.
Oh, that's it at Waco?
Yes, they did.
But back then only the Russians had it, so they had a Russian and Israeli team.
This is Time Magazine, Fort Worth Telegram.
It was like a special forces barbecue.
About eight different countries were there, and the Russians had a white noise machine torturing them and playing the sounds of dead and dying rabbits with Gregorian monks chanting with the sounds of screams going 24 hours a day.
They did that to Noriega as well.
Remember when they surrounded his camp, Manuel Noriega?
Look at all the psychological warfare machines and everything they're rolling out against us.
I mean, it's sick.
Terry, anything else?
Oh, no.
It's just total, utter sickness and evil.
They did say that they have not tested this machine for long periods of time, but they say it induces nausea when you listen to this and dizziness.
Alright, thank you for the call.
Here's an email I got.
Alex, this morning around 9.15, Tony Snow, Fox News Show, called for the United States and other countries to break down the doors of mosques and arrest the people involved in organized crime.
What does that mean?
He also said, what is the difference between...
People involved in organized crime, and it wasn't between people involved in, I'm sorry, it cut off here, in the freedom of religion and organized crime.
What does that mean?
What is the difference between organized crime and the freedom of religion?
In a rhetorical fashion, Tony further proceeded to say that Al-Qaeda was a group of angry guys in a basement drinking beer.
I mean, what does this mean, Robbie?
I don't know.
I don't even watch Fox.
I gave up on Fox a long, long time ago.
But it's just the mindset of these people.
You know, they want to put the boogeyman in perspective, and the boogeyman wears a Muslim face.
Look at this email.
The world knows that Al-Qaeda is a product of the CIA and that the Bushes and the Bin Ladens have been long-term business partners.
Bob, London, England.
Yeah, they're just lucky that Muslims aren't black.
Some are, but most of them are not.
If they were black, they'd have a serious problem.
All right, we'll be right back, folks, with the final segment.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
That's 888-253-3139.
We're good to go.
Thanks for watching!
That's right.
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We're good to go.
I think.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
We're about to take a call from London and a few others if we have time, last little five minutes here, but this is Tony Blair, February 23rd of this year.
Were there to be serious terrorist acts in this country, and afterwards it was thought that we had not taken the measures necessary, believe me, no one would be talking about civil liberties.
They would be talking about why we had not done more to protect the security of this country.
Not quite a Tony Blair accident, but...
Close enough.
I mean, talk about in your face.
Here's one from Switzerland, and I did find the news article on this.
On the Swiss news, due to the London attacks, now they will change the law that forbids the military to do police work, assisting police.
Two, all convicted criminals must now leave DNA for DNA register.
So everywhere it's being used for a police state.
Let's go to Cameron in London.
You're on with Alex Jones and Robbie Noel.
Go ahead, Cameron.
Hello, Alex.
My point is that
Bush and Blair didn't lie about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, because that is a totally false debate.
The main point nobody seems to keep making is that Iraq had every right to possess weapons of mass destruction, and this surrender that was put upon them by Norman Schwarzkopf was totally illegal and without any worth.
Well, you're right in saying that either you accept the UN and running your country or the globalists invade you, so that's really a false choice right there.
But they did lie about the WNDs.
Robbie, comment.
I mean, that's one of the things that Saddam Hussein had a problem with, and that was the UN mandating what he could and could not do in order to defend himself.
Cameron in London, what are Londoners saying?
We had about ten calls from London yesterday, and they were all saying that half the folks they talked to thought it was the government off.
What are you hearing?
The problem is people are very, just as in America, people are very gullible.
I'm sure this ID card will get support and it will be railroaded through the government because we have to remember that Blair still has a 67 majority and they're brain dead.
Yeah, they're trying to pass the ID card which they're saying would stop terrorists and now he's going, see?
It will stop terrorists.
Yeah, and the point keeps being made on the radio here and on the TV.
Yeah, they're back saying that now, acting like Saddam somehow did this.
It's unbelievable.
Or maybe Iran did.
Thanks for the call.
One last caller.
Who's up next in line here?
Brooke in Rhode Island.
Last caller.
Sorry to others.
Brooke, go ahead.
It's all right, Alex.
Hey, I tried to call in desperately when you were on George Norrie a couple weeks ago, and the gentleman that was on the show was hitting on you constantly, and I thought you behaved like an absolute gentleman in lieu of the fact.
I had a comment to make about this whole thing in Britain.
It's interesting that George Bush fell off his bike and not only that but ran into a police officer and hospitalized him and fell off his bike a third time in two years and then the next day we had this bomb blast in London to diffuse all the attention from George Bush's ability as far as being fit for office mentally and physically.
And I also thought it was interesting that George Bush was meeting with the royals of Denmark and England the day before his bicycle accident.
I don't trust any of this.
I think it's all extremely suspicious.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
We're out of time.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, Central, on your local AM or FM station, or on Global Shortwave at night at 3210, during the day at 9.985, and, of course, on the Internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We appreciate Robbie Noel coming on.
Robbie, final comments?
I guarantee you will not hear Bush say, the reason we are fighting them over there is that we don't have to fight them over here anymore.
Thanks, Alex.
All right.
Thank you for coming on.
Again, I really appreciate all the fine listeners.
Everybody out there around the world listening, be sure and continue to listen to the GCN Radio Network throughout the day and throughout the weekend for continual coverage.
And coming back on Monday, I'll be here in the cockpit, ladies and gentlemen.
Get out there and expose the government terrorists.
God bless you all.
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