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Air Date: July 7, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, you're going to get the latest and most in-depth coverage of what's happening right now in central London.
Former MI5 agent David Shaler, who made international headlines a few weeks ago when he came on the broadcast and talked about government involvement in bombings in England as a pretext for control in the past, naming names, going over the documents.
He's going to be joining us coming up in this hour also.
London journalist Simon Aranowitz, who's been on the cutting edge of covering this as well, one of our best sources, is going to be joining us with David Shaler and Paul Watson, also living in the United Kingdom, will be coming on the broadcast to give us his incredible analysis.
We have been on top of this since the early morning hours.
We understand the clear picture.
We know who stands to gain.
We have the evidence.
We have the AP not retracting news, but actually editing existing news stories.
We have caught them with their pants down again.
I am 99%... Understand, 99... I'm 100%, but I'm just going to say 99.
99% sure this is a government operation.
Last night I was with my video editor.
We were having a meeting about the next film I'm going to make.
And he said, Alex, they're going to have to carry out an attack, Bush or Blair will, very soon, or it's over for them.
With all the corruption coming out, all the lies, all the scams, the approval rating for the war at 27%, the Karl Rove gate coming out with the selling out the CIA people, Bush wants to bring forward Alberto Gonzalez for the Attorney General ship, capped up.
All of this stuff.
And now it's all on the back burner.
And Bush and Blair get to grandstand as our saviors.
More of these pop gun toys have gone off.
Not serious blasts like we saw in central London.
Between four and eight blasts now.
No one's really sure because the government's putting out so much disinfo and trying to lock down the press getting into the area.
A bomb went off in New York at the British Embassy.
Two different blasts.
And the government is running around fear-mongering here.
And, oh, we better have troops with machine guns, as they announced earlier this week.
Getting rid of Posse Comitatus.
Troops on the streets of America, but the border stays wide open.
Searching you.
Troops at all the shopping malls.
The government called for that last year.
Searching you.
Everywhere being searched.
Troops everywhere.
No freedom.
No nothing.
But the border stays wide open.
Because Al-Qaeda is going to get us.
And they may produce some pathetic patsy within the hour, or it may be two days from now.
In the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 style attacks, Operation Northwoods, declassified in 2000,
The U.S.
government describes how to frame Nazis after they bomb buildings and bomb buses and shoot people.
So it's the same M.O.
The British government has been caught.
It has been in the BBC, London Telegraph, Scotsman, caught cooking bombs, caught carrying out bombings in the last 25 years since 1980.
And it's the same M.O.
They control Al-Qaeda.
They protect Al-Qaeda.
We are going to literally plunge into this.
You see, everything rides on government-sponsored terror.
It is their rubric.
It is their pretext.
It is their foundation.
Of control to scare us into submission.
Look at who has the motive.
This will bolster the war, bolster further invasions, bolster the police state.
An article out of one of the big British newspapers two days ago called England now a Stasi state.
And it is.
Nothing to do with terrorism.
Just tattle on your neighbor.
We're spitting gum out on the street.
We'll arrest them.
And this will bolster all of that, the signs that have an all-seeing eye of, that say, secure under the watchful eyes.
Well, the four and a half million cameras in London didn't protect you, did they?
No, they didn't.
Now we've got another bombing in New York, just like the one they had on the morning of the election, trying to keep Blair in office.
They admit that bombing did help Blair.
Why would terrorists carry out bombings knowing they would help Blair?
Unless the terrorist is the people that run Tony Blair.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a London-based British journalist, Simon Aranowicz, joining us.
Here in just a few minutes, also former MI5 agent David Shaler, whistleblower on British-sponsored terrorism and funding and aiding and controlling Al-Qaeda.
He is going to be joining us here in just a few minutes as well.
Paul Watson from England will also be with us in the second hour.
Understand, folks, Putin has been caught red-handed blowing up his own buildings ahead of elections.
Caught red-handed, it's publicly admitted.
You know, UPI, BBC.
We have huge archives on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com on that.
The British have been caught engaging in dozens of bombings all over their country in the last 25 years as a pretext to set up a police state as well.
We're good to go.
We look at motive.
They're grandstanding.
See the war on terror is good.
See, give up all your rights.
Oh, we need to have troops in the subways in America and troops at the bus stops and troops on the bridges.
They called for that two days ago in the Posse Comitatus.
The main military here in America policing the streets, not the borders.
We have major evidence of MI6 and Mossad involved in the Bali bombing to get Australia on board with their citizens dying for the invasion of Iraq.
They got caught red-handed.
Our FBI pulled out of a hotel two hours before the attack took place.
We just have an orgy of evidence here, and the entire front page of Infowars and Prison Planet is devoted to this right now, while other alternative news outlets are bumbling around not knowing what's going on.
The mainstream media is busy covering up what's happening.
Before we go to Simon Aranowitz and tell him as soon as we get David Shaler, we're scheduled to call him right now.
We're good to go.
That Benjamin Netanyahu was warned before the first blast.
Now all of the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was warned after the first blast.
For example, this article, we have it saved, the article linked below, that we saved in our format, and the website that carried it has strangely since crashed, said that Netanyahu was warned before the first blast.
Israel are now denying they got a warning, breaking.
Scotland Yard says it got a warning before the attack and told Israel.
And they're not doing a lot of interviews on the streets.
It's being very controlled right now.
I mean, this happened a little bit after 8.30 Greenwich Mean Time, London time.
And still, there's also been two smaller bombings that took place at the embassy in New York.
And remember, on the date of Blair's election, in the early morning hours, there was a small firecracker bomb, basically, that busted a window at the British Embassy.
And who did that help?
They admitted in polls it helped Blair barely hang on by his fingernails.
Do we have David Shaler?
Okay, but we just, five minutes before we called him, we called him and he was ready to go on, and we were going to call him back in five minutes.
We're having major phone problems in London.
I've had trouble calling Paul Watson on his landlines, and he's not even in London, he's in Sheffield.
Joining us from London is Simon Aranowitz.
Listen, Scott, keep calling that number.
We should have just kept him on when we got him five minutes ago.
Keep calling until we get David Shaler.
I know he's going on international television on Al Jazeera in about 30-40 minutes.
We need to go ahead and get him on now.
Let's go ahead and go to Simon Aranowitz.
Simon, joining us from London, thank you for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
In a nutshell, you heard what I was just covering there.
Anything you'd like to add or anything you'd like to correct?
Well, first of all, these horrendous events that we've had in London, we haven't had anything like this for
It's been very peaceful and calm here since the IRA packed up their weapons.
Quite a while.
They keep telling us that something like this is inevitable.
And this morning it happened, although the story we had for the first hour was not accurate at all.
They told us that there were electrical surges on the trains.
I also want to say that, of course, my sympathies go out to the people and the relatives who were caught up in this.
I actually had several friends and family members who were caught up in this, but they all managed to get out okay and are now at work or trying to make their way home very, very slowly.
Now, Simon, to be clear, we're about to bring David Shaler on, the former MI5 officer, but we're going to keep you on into the second hour with Paul Watson.
If you could stay with us, Shaler will just be with us about 20 minutes or so, because he's very busy.
But to be specifically clear here, I've got about four different reports out of London itself.
Well, yeah, we're still not getting any accurate information.
To be honest, we're not even sure how many blasts there were still.
We're hearing four to eight.
I mean, what are you getting in London?
Well, there have been four officially confirmed, but there's been stuff up throughout the day that there have been blasts in other places, and they're still only talking about four.
Simon, how long were they saying it was electrical surges?
I think for the first hour, Alex.
That is absolutely ridiculous in one of the most modern cities, most media-intensive cities in the world, you know, the former center of the British Empire, with the biggest media conglomerate you can imagine.
They knew full well what these were.
Let's go to David Shaler.
They needed cover time to kind of get their story straight.
David Shaler, of course, was on a few weeks ago with us.
Well, I mean, obviously it looks like it bears the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda, although it's obviously too early to say.
Obviously it's possible it's a suicide bomber.
But the point I think that comes out of all this is that these things wouldn't happen if Britain didn't make itself a target by doing things like invading Iraq and leading to the illegal...
...invasions and deaths of innocent people.
I mean, obviously this is a barbaric attack, but at the same time it rather puts into perspective what Britain and the US have done when invading countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and dropping cluster bombs and so on.
Now, sir, I know it's early on, and, you know, as someone who worked in anti-terrorism and MI5, you're going to wait and see as this develops, but isn't it very suspicious?
Who will have the motive?
This will bolster approval ratings for the war.
These numbers are already coming out.
For an hour they were saying it was electrical surges.
That's ridiculous.
I mean, any cop on the street, any Bobby would tell you that this was a, you know, bombing with buses splattered all over the sidewalk.
I mean, does it just have a stench to it, sir?
Well, I think it's very strange that they were putting out information that it was electrical.
It wouldn't have borne any resemblance to an electrical surge.
Quite obviously not.
I mean, we're talking about trains full of people being bombed, a bus being bombed, and so on.
So, I'm not quite sure, again, why they're doing that, I do not know.
This is the problem we have to face, is they sometimes want to try and keep people calm, and therefore they will try and play things down.
But, I mean, obviously I don't want to speculate too much at the moment.
It does seem very, obviously, the problem is that certain people will try and use these attacks to reinvigorate calls for identity cards, to reinvigorate calls for imprisonment without trial.
All of which are in deep trouble.
I mean, the British papers are saying that the British people are on the edge of revolt over these national ID cards.
That's absolutely right.
I'd love to ask people how they think people having ID cards would have stopped those today.
I don't think that's possible.
And again, with the issue of trying to imprison people without trial, it's entirely counterproductive because all it does is create masters and creates more people who will join terrorist organisations as a result of their crimes.
David, you're in London right now, so is Simon Aranowitz.
I mean, have you been able to physically see any of the smoke or carnage or talk to any eyewitnesses?
What's the atmosphere like?
I'm still south of the river at the moment.
I mean, the traffic's pretty bad.
I'm going up here, obviously, to do interviews.
Again, I mean, we've got some very strange information coming out of the television about things like, for example, London was flowing freely and the overland services were all working.
And then, of course, when I went to go and get a train today, all the trains had been cancelled.
That's right.
Our television and British reporters are on US TV saying everything's fine, the roads are wonderful.
Meanwhile, we're talking to people in London.
It's totally shut down.
That is the case.
I mean, I don't know why they're trying to say these things.
They're trying to, obviously, I think, perhaps it's a kind of business-as-usual mentality, but it's not as usual.
It's quite obvious.
Partly because of the underinvestment in London's transport infrastructure that when things like this happen there'll be knock-on effects all around London, of course.
And it seems just perverse and idiotic to go on television and try and deny these things are happening.
Well, again, I go back to motives, sir.
I mean, you clearly on this broadcast, and it's been in the British papers, have talked about British involvement in terrorism as a pretext for control.
We know the Madrid bombing stinks to high heaven.
We know Putin's done it.
This is very similar to the Madrid train bombings.
We have trains and buses being bombed.
How long until we really start getting some answers?
Well, it always takes a long time after terrorist attacks to establish what is actually going on, and you've got to forensicate the sites and so on.
To try and establish two things.
Obviously, try and collect evidence of who was responsible, but also try and learn lessons for the future.
David Shaler, we've got a break.
Can you stay with us?
All right, thank you very much.
Yeah, sure, yeah.
We've also got Simon Aranowitz will be riding shotgun with us today as well, joining us from London.
Paul Watson's coming up as well from the United Kingdom.
Stay with us.
Continuing coverage.
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We're good to go.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
He is stuck in traffic getting into the central area of London to do television interviews.
He is David Chaylor.
Former MI5 agent who blew the whistle on government complicity and terrorist attacks, on funding al-Qaeda, on protecting bin Laden operatives.
We've also got Simon Aranowitz riding shotgun with us, so for the next several hours, if he can do it, he's with, of course, ThoughtCrimeNews.com, doing an excellent job.
We have links to that on Infowars.com and PrisonBlender.com.
For the next 30 minutes...
Joining us, David Shaler will be with us while he's in traffic via his cell phone.
We appreciate that.
Simon, David, both of you chime in together whenever you like.
Look, basically, I go off my gut instinct and off past activities, who has the motive, who stands to gain.
Bottom line, David, with these type of events, I have in front of me the BBC, where headline, Top Al-Qaeda Operative Being Guarded by MI6 at Farm.
Flying Al-Qaeda out to safety, letting them into the country.
The same story here.
They've done nothing to stop these people from coming in, but they're trying to take the average British citizen's liberties away.
Can you comment on that, gentlemen?
Yeah, well, this is what I find the problem is, is these, you know, these people will try and use atrocities like today as an excuse to try and curtail our liberties, when in fact the sort of things they're doing seem to be allowing people like this into the country.
MI5 knowingly let members of al-Qaeda into the country, thousands of them in the 1990s, even though French intelligence repeatedly warned them of what was going on.
And so, in a sense, this is kind of chickens coming home to roost.
But what we've got to ask is why were the intelligence services
Letting people in they knew were a threat to British lives.
I mean, that is just unacceptable.
It really is.
But we see who gets the power and control.
You're there in London.
You've been listening to the reports.
You probably know more than we do, David and Simon Ranowitz, who's there at his computer.
We're hearing 40 dead, 60 dead, 4 bombings, 8 bombings, 10 bombings.
I mean, what is the best number or best guesstimate of these different pieces of information, gentlemen?
I think the problem in situations like this is if a bomb goes off, it's all very confused, and I think that one of the bombs that's gone off in the tunnel, I think between King's Cross and Russell Square, has been reported twice at both stations.
If you imagine if there's an explosion in a tunnel, it will go down both ends of the tunnel, and that will seem like two explosions.
This is part of the problem that we've had.
I think David will probably get a better idea of what's going on than any of us by asking the driver of his cab.
Yeah, true, true.
I mean, it's always like this after a terrorist attack.
It's always chaos.
This is why I'm always very wary of what the authorities say in the first 24 hours after an attack.
A bomb in a tunnel will send a shockwave both directions and could be reported many times by different train terminals.
What I rejected, Alex, when you were asking David about who stands to gain and did we know anything about this, is that...
Very recently, the former police commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, John Stevens, published an article in one of the papers.
He said in March, we will be attacked on the trains.
What is it, David?
200 Al-Qaeda terrorists they knew existed?
Yeah, something like that, I think it is.
Alex, how do they know these guys exist?
Unless they're watching them.
This is the problem I have as well, is that there's always this idea that the intelligence services tell the press, oh, we know who these people are, we know what's going on, and yet they don't.
I mean, the truth is, I've worked there, and I know that quite often when we did the IRA, they didn't have a clue of attacks happened, who was responsible.
Now, we have this report coming out in the Associated Press and other places that Benjamin Netanyahu was told hours before by British intelligence that there was going to be these bombings.
And then now, the AP isn't even really retracting.
They're just going in and changing the articles like Winston at the Ministry of Truth.
Gentlemen, comments on that?
Well, we don't know, first of all, what he was actually... I mean, the story says it was some sort of economics conference, but...
I think there's also a problem as well is that we've heard here that the threat
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it seems, again, why do they not manage to pick up intelligence about these things?
David, I mean, with the Madrid bombings, we have mainstream Spanish papers, and the majority of the Spanish people believe the government was involved, and we have, quote, suspects being arrested who it turns out are informants, and these are staged arrests just to create the illusion of doing it.
I want to get your comments on that in the context...
Of the global war on terror, which they're now trying to openly bolster, and see we told you so.
Give up all your freedoms when we get back with David Shaler, former MI5 agent, and of course a journalist there in London, Simon Aranowitz.
Coming up in 30 minutes, Paul Joseph Watson joining us from England as well.
Continuing coverage.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Alright, two small blasts, of course, went off about 45 minutes ago outside of the London Embassy in New York.
Same place that had a large firecracker go off on the early morning hours during the election.
And they reported that it did help Tony Blair and enabled him to barely hang on to the prime ministership.
Over there in England, he's wildly unpopular.
You know, they tried to have a property tax many years ago called the poll tax.
People actually rioted in the streets, the normally docile and civil Brits.
Now they're talking about the giant protest over the National ID card with all these private databases.
Tony Blair wants troops on the streets just like the New York Times announced here two days ago, the Indeposit Comentatus.
Troops literally running our lives, troops and FBI in all the shopping malls searching you.
Meanwhile, the borders, folks, it's mainstream news, Washington Times, Social Press, have ordered the Border Patrol to stand down and just let the illegals pour across, thousands of them Islamists, as if it's really the Islamists behind all this.
I mean, we have the first World Trade Center bombing where the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver, and got two retarded Arabs to drive the truck.
Now, folks, that's New York Times, Chicago Tribune.
So I'm not saying in some cases there aren't Arabs who will go out and do this, but you go up the food chain of who's funding them, who's controlling them, who has the motive, it stinks to high heaven.
Simon Aranowitz, David Shaler...
David Chandler, of course, former MI5 agent, going into TV interviews in London, stuck in traffic in London, getting into central London, where the bombings took place.
Between 4 and 8, we don't know.
It's just bedlam there.
A lot of the reports we're getting are false.
They're on the news, saying everything's wonderful, no traffic, no problems.
Meanwhile, it's a total shutdown, basically, of the trains, and traffic is gridlocked.
David, you know, the connections, the similarities between the Madrid bombing, we've had a year and a half since 3-11.
Today is 7-7.
So, 7-7, a year and a half after the Madrid bombing back in April, sir, what do you see?
I mean, we know that the major press has, even major British press, has reported clear evidence of government involvement in that.
That actually swept out their right-wing leader, and they have protests in the streets.
I have the photos in Spanish of the people protesting, saying a day afterwards,
We don't know how these attacks happened yet.
We don't know if it was a suicide bombing or whether it was like in Madrid where they used mobile phones to remotely detonate the devices.
So, I mean, obviously, we don't even know that yet.
Obviously, the Madrid bombing was very well timed before the elections in Spain and so on and led to the withdrawal of the Spanish troops.
Now, again, Tony Blair's got to look at why British troops are in Iraq.
A lot of people think their position there is illegal, contrary to international law.
And if it is putting British lives at risk and people are dying as a result of the presence of our troops in an illegal occupation, we should be withdrawing from that occupation right now.
But meanwhile, David, British pundits and American pundits are all over TV.
I watched two hours of it this morning.
Plus, and they're saying, see, this shows we're right.
See, we've got to stay the course and be vigilant.
See, the war in Iraq is good.
See, they want to get us actually trying to blame Iraq for this.
Well, again, I mean, they tried to blame Iraq.
They tried to put, when Saddam was in charge, they tried to create links between Iraq and al-Qaeda, which simply weren't true.
And again, this is a way of passing the buck.
I mean, we have to bear in mind that the U.S.
spends something like about $500 billion a year on defense and security.
That's an enormous industry.
It's actually $700 billion.
$700 billion, okay.
But, I mean, that money could be better spent investing in peace across the world and giving people decent jobs.
Well, David, just to be specific, I wasn't correcting you.
A couple of years ago it was $500 billion.
Now it's gone up.
Yeah, well, this is it.
And I mean, none of this, I mean, none of the laws they have passed in this country in terms of restricting civil liberties.
We have anti-terrorism acts, a bit like some of the provisions, a bit like the Patriot Act and so on.
And yet, this has not stopped terrorism.
These acts of Parliament have not stopped terrorism.
And I don't see how e-cards are going to stop terrorism and so on.
We have to tackle terrorism at sword.
Well, David, listen, if...
We had a war on drugs, there's more drugs, a war on poverty, more poverty.
I mean, this actually helps the military-industrial complex have sales, have control, have an enemy, a shadowy enemy, like Goldstein in 1984, who could never be defeated.
But let me ask you this question, and Simon Arano was this question, London journalist also joining us, because, and then I want to get into more specifics of what we do know about these horrific, terrible bombings, that regardless of who's behind it are hurting the people,
Of London, of England right now.
But listen, Bush talks about and Blair talks about connections between Saddam and Al-Qaeda when Saddam was actually against Al-Qaeda.
That's public record.
MI6, CIA's own reports.
Everybody knows that.
But when you talk about connections to Al-Qaeda, you have written and exposed about MI6 funding Al-Qaeda to attack Qaddafi.
Absolutely, yeah.
I mean, I was actually briefed on that operation all the way through, and I gave a sworn statement to police about it.
No one was charged, but the police recovered evidence.
But what we don't know is what happened behind the scenes.
And I actually believe that what they were doing in those circumstances was trying to pose Qaddafi
Well, absolutely, sir.
You just cut right to the heart of the matter in stalling extremists.
But then have the pretext to go in.
But let me just elaborate on this full question and specifically get your answer on it.
So we have Bush getting his first money from the bin Ladens.
Bush and the Karloff Group with the bin Ladens making billions.
Flying them out to safety in Afghanistan.
And here in the U.S., I mean, when we look at connections to Al-Qaeda, our governments have a lot more connections than Saddam Hussein ever did.
Specifically, who has more connections to Al-Qaeda?
Saddam Hussein or the British and U.S.
It's quite obvious in British and US governments.
I mean, the nature of Saddam's regime meant that Al-Qaeda, which is obviously a religious organisation, posed an enormous threat to his secular state.
And he had more to worry about from Al-Qaeda than we did at that point, basically.
And as I say with all these things, the invasion of Afghanistan has basically acted as a catalyst to create a conflict for another generation.
On planet Earth, basically.
And if we played this differently, we hadn't invaded Iraq and so on, I'm not convinced that we would be a target of al-Qaeda in the same way.
Well, now let's go full circle, though, to what you just said about trying to put in radical Muslim extremist regimes as a pretext to then invade those regimes.
It's the same thing with al-Qaeda.
I mean, al-Qaeda trying to go after Saddam.
They would like to have a radical Muslim regime in Iraq because then they would have had the perfect excuse to invade.
Well, exactly, yeah, this is it.
I mean, it would have given them an even better excuse to invade.
At the moment, it looks pretty sketchy.
I mean, Saddam was obviously a dictator, but by the standards of the region, he was quite liberal.
He educated his people, he looked after them in terms of health care.
So, there's one regime, obviously, in the Arab world that don't do that.
So, in terms of being an actual threat, he didn't have any weapons of mass destruction.
That was something entirely invented, largely, it seems, by British intelligence.
And accepted at face value by the British Prime Minister.
And that was a major intelligence mistake, and people haven't... And by the way, I would add, sir, that clearly, clearly Bush couldn't get his own CIA to create fake reports, even though Cheney went there over ten times, and so MI6 did it for him.
Yeah, exactly.
There's less control of the intelligence services in Britain, so they can do that kind of thing.
Alex, I've got to cut you off.
I'm going to go to another interview right now.
All right, David Shaler, I really appreciate you coming on with us.
Can we get you back on in the next few days for an update?
Yeah, absolutely.
No problem.
All right, and tell us about your new book as well, briefly.
It spies lies and whistleblowers.
It details the things you've been talking about tonight and the failure in the past of the British intelligence services to actually stop terrorist attacks in Britain when they were in possession of reliable intelligence, essentially.
Okay, and bottom line, who stands to gain from these attacks?
Well, the anti-civil liberties lobby stands to gain massively.
All right, David Shaler, thank you so much for coming on.
All right, he's getting out of his taxi cab now to go into Al Jazeera to broadcast.
I think he's also going to be on the BBC later.
Now shifting gears back to Simon Aranowitz with ThoughtCrimeNews.com, and he'll be riding shotgun with us, if he can, with Paul Joseph Watson coming up in the next hour, and we'll open the phones up coming up in the middle of the next hour.
I want to recap all the developments and this fog of war we're seeing right now, but Simon, you've been listening to me running on with my analysis.
Off and on for the last 40 minutes.
Do you disagree with it?
Do you have any comments to add?
Do you agree?
What do you think?
These are the questions that need to be raised, Alex.
If we talk about the anatomy of this attack, I don't want to upset people when I say that actually the fatalities and the casualties were pretty low compared to as bad as it could have been.
I've traveled to work in London many times on the London Underground.
I used to do it regularly for a very long time.
And you'd easily get maybe 100 people or more in each train carriage.
If we're talking about maybe 40 or 60 fatalities, what we're talking about is a big flashbang, but actually the collateral damage could have been far worse, to want of a much better phrase.
And yet the impact, because we're a hardy bunch over here.
We're more cynical than some people in the States.
We always have been.
We don't take the BS like other people do.
And we've had the blitz, we've had the IRA, and people are not taking this
We're good to go.
Yeah, look at us.
We're trying to help all the poor people when really the G8 uses money to get control of Africa and basically break the place down.
And yeah, Bush is basically out there saying you're either with us
Or you're with the terrorists, and worldwide this war on terror is being used by dictators from Africa, Uzbekistan, Russia, you name it, to enslave the people.
This comes right after the Live AIDS concert, which was the biggest distraction I've ever seen in my life.
If you wanted to achieve an event where everybody's distracted and believes they're doing good, and pat themselves on the back for recognizing an issue and thinking it's being dealt with, when in fact they've been thoroughly diverted, their efforts are for naught and they're not educated in any way, that's Live AIDS.
All right, again, for those who just joined us, between four and eight bombings, and the way this is being reported, the reason we're hearing eight bombings, probably more like four, is because inside one of these tubes, inside one of these subways, if there is an explosion, it sends shockwaves down, you know,
Towards multiple train stations that then see the smoke and hear the explosion and then different police on the scene report it as individual explosions.
So that's some good news that it may not be eight bombings, that it may be more like four bombings or three bombings or five bombings.
We're still not sure.
Forty to sixty dead.
Probably about several hundred or even more seriously wounded or maimed.
Very, very serious.
But as Simon said, pales compared to what we know is a government inside job.
Well, we also have numerology again.
7-7 may mean something to somebody.
I'm not big on numerology.
But 3-11 is 911 days after 9-11.
The globalists are obsessed with numerology.
Yeah, and now we have 7-7.
Well, it's a magic number for some people.
It's not for me.
Basically, what we have, Alex, is we know very little today.
As you were saying earlier, as I told you, that the TV news people have not been interviewing people in the streets.
We've not had independent people who are walking past try and give us a timeline so we know independently of official pronouncements what's been taking place.
And to recap, for over an hour, because I was watching and it looks like a little bit over an hour, they were reporting that it was an electrical problem.
Buses and trains blowing up, splattering body parts, and we're to believe that the police on the scene said it's been an electrical problem.
Boulder Dash...
Cockamamie propaganda.
This shows they were trying to control the information flow.
It's very suspicious.
They're still putting out a lot of disinfo.
Go ahead.
Well, as I said, the press have not been doing their job properly.
The radio have actually been doing it better, but I haven't... I've been too busy to be able to focus on the radio, but people have been telling me there have been all sorts of members of the public phoning in and saying different things.
My mother heard one report on the radio that...
I mean, David was talking about suicide bombers, but it sounds like at least there was one report, a guy who was on a bus and there was a guy trying to push his way past him and, you know, get off and was rather agitated.
It may be that that was a report of someone leaving a bag on the bus and then hastily departing.
The press are not doing their job today.
And as I said, I spoke to this contact of mine at the BBC who agreed with me that actually the TV cameras are not doing their job properly.
They should be out.
Catching people in the media aftermath, and at the very least, you know, it's good footage for a documentary, and they're not doing it.
That's right.
I've talked to you before in the broadcast, and you specifically talked to your contact, and this needs to be posted on the website right now.
Message for Paul, message for Ryan, message for Violet.
Simon Randowitz, Thought Crime News, on the record, talked to a source inside the BBC, and he said it's highly unusual that they're not on the streets giving people up-close feeds as would normally be done in past bombings.
Well, they have the cameras there showing, you know, the carnage afterwards, the blowing up buses, but where are all the hundreds or thousands of people walking past who can say, well, at 9.02 I saw this took place?
They're showing very circumscript little clips of people just going, I don't know what happened.
Yeah, and I can't get... People have been telling me all day, we've been trying to get people into London with cameras, but there's no way of getting in there.
The traffic is chock-a-block, and none of the trains are running.
Why is our news saying that what a great job the government did and how there's not a traffic problem?
Yeah, well, dream on.
Well, it's just absolutely amazing what's happened, Simon.
Alex, you know, we can find out who did this as well, because there are CCTV cameras up the wazoo in this country.
Four and a half million in London.
All over the London Underground, all over the Ring of Steel, inside the City of London.
That's right, they have big posters that show all-seeing eyes looking at you, and it says the London Underground, safe under the watchful eyes.
I wonder where all those videos are.
Well, I think we can probably claim access to them under the Data Protection Act if we provide a £10 note.
Alright, well, how do you think this ties into the London Embassy in New York having some small bombs go off and bust some windows?
Was that today?
Are you talking about in the election?
No, this just happened again.
I haven't heard anything about that.
I was handed this report right before we went on.
Let me go over that during the break.
Of course, it did happen right before the election.
As I said, these attacks, although they're
You know, they're attracting a lot of headlines.
Obviously, everyone is distracted by them.
They've had a big impact on London in terms of shutting everything down today.
But in terms of, you know, this country is against the war.
This country is becoming very much against the war of terrorism.
And I don't think that something like this is going to make people more in favour.
If they think that's what's going to happen, it's not the case.
Most people are sickened by the likes of Blair and Bush with their pronouncements in Scotland.
I think this may have the opposite effect of what people wanted.
Well, we're going to break here in just a moment.
We're going to come back and recap the news with Simon Aranowitz from ThoughtCrimeNews.com.
Can you stay with us when Paul Watson joins us?
Sure, definitely.
All right.
Thank you.
And, folks, we will open the phones up after we get Paul's analysis and start taking your calls to respond on this.
Again, so much is happening so quickly, it literally will make your head spin.
But just like with the Madrid bombing or any of these bombings, as it develops, we'll have time to look at it.
We'll have time to see what's happening.
We'll have time to be able to properly assess this.
But out of the gates, we know who has the motive.
We know who gets to grandstand now.
We know who's getting control, and that is the military-industrial complex that controls our government.
So, Simon Aranowitz, do you concur with that?
Yeah, and Alex, they've already activated the Civil Contingencies Bill for this.
It was announced earlier on the news.
Ah, which is the rest of the relocation centers that are tied into all of that.
That's right, the ability to lock down Parliament without any recourse.
All right, thank you.
All of it.
We'll be right back with Simon Aranowitz.
Right after this quick break, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and InfoWars.net.
We're good to go.
I think?
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All right, this rarely happens, but when it does, boy, does it pour.
Right before I went on air, I was handed a BBC article that had been put on another website's format.
They put today's date on it.
And I thought it was very similar, where a little firecracker went off in front of the British Embassy.
Stuff like that is routinely happening.
Happened just a few months ago.
This did not happen today, thank God.
It happened back, of course, on May 5th, on the day of the elections.
And so, just in all the craziness, literally like 50 reports are in front of me trying to analyze this and have all these guests on.
I said several times incorrectly that another cherry bomb or something had been popped outside of the embassy.
So, correcting that, that has not happened.
And again, we don't even know how many bombings there's been in England.
I mean, I've got literally more than 50 reports here, and one says four bombings, one says six, one says eight, one says ten, and you heard a former MI5 agent, David Shaler, on.
They don't know.
He's in London right now.
So at first they said it was electrical problems did this, which is patently ridiculous on its face.
Folks, it comes down to this.
We know, we have studied for years, 9-11 and other terrorist attacks in Oklahoma City.
My film, Road to Tyranny.
My film, Mansions of Terror.
My new film, Martial Law, covers this in detail.
Do not wait.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Order the videos.
Make copies of them.
Give them to everybody.
Because if we don't expose who's behind the terror and who has the motive, in every other case we've looked at, and as time goes on, we'll look at this case and cover what the evidence shows.
But in every other case, it's been Western governments, because they have the motive, and then you look at the evidence, they're behind it.
So please get martial law.
Please get copies of it out to everybody.
Or you can simply go to InfoWars.com to order via the Safe Secure Shopping Cart, or you can go to PrisonPlanet.tv, 15 cents a day, watch all 12 of our films, watch this book, my book, it
We're good to go.
Builds bombs, carries out bombings, runs the IRA.
We're talking MI6 and Army Intelligence in there running it, radicalizing it, because they get the control out of it.
This is on the record.
Simon Aranowitz at his great site, and he's traveled all over Europe to cover this news, has masses of evidence of government-sponsored terror evidence at his website.
So please get Marshall Law.
Look, last night I was with my video editor.
We're talking about the new mini-docs.
I'm going to make a new film.
It's got three different mini-docs in it.
Three different little films.
And three different important subjects.
And he said, look, they're going to have to carry out terror again, Alex.
I mean, we're down to the wire here.
They're losing.
They've got to cover up for Karl Rove and CIA.
They've got to cover up for their new attorney general.
They want to be Supreme Court judges.
They've got to cover up for all the Iraq war lies.
They've got to cover up all the scams.
Simon Aranowitz comments on that.
Well, they're trying to throw one distraction at us after another, Alex, because the tide is definitely turning.
As I said, we had all these people gather together for Live Aid who want to do some good.
At least the people think they want to do some good, and they get thoroughly corralled and distracted, and they're throwing one thing after another at us.
It was the Olympics yesterday.
Here's one for you.
We got the announcement yesterday.
We have the Olympics.
No one in this country, no one in London that I know wants the Olympics.
It's going to cost us a fortune.
I'm going on vacation for the summer of 2012 because I don't want it.
And neither does anybody else.
But we need huge investment in our London Underground.
And I knew this yesterday and weeks ago and months ago.
And then when they announced it, I thought, oh boy, we need to spend some money.
Well, today...
As a result of the bombings, we're definitely going to have to spend some money on the London Underground.
And they used the IRA bombings to put in the 4.5 million cameras.
They used this stuff to put in this control grid.
And not only that, but they managed to take away all the trash cans from all the London Underground.
We couldn't have trash cans anymore.
We became an uncivilized society.
Yeah, the same thing in New York when Bush was there.
Piles of trash everywhere and hordes of black flies.
And for the children.
It's for the children, Simon Aranowitz.
I'll tell you, it just is so transparent.
Your gut level on this, do you think they'll be producing a patsy here pretty quick?
Tell you what, we've got a break.
We'll be right back, folks, with the second hour with Simon Aranowitz.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We had the Madrid bombing a year and a half ago on 3-11, 911 days after 9-11.
A lot of bizarre numerology now coming out on this, on 7-7.
The globalists are obsessed with it.
It's their hidden language, hidden in plain view.
And of course, back on May 5th, we had the Blast Strikes UK consulate in the US.
Just little bitty firecracker bombs.
They called them a blast.
And they try to do that to fearmonger.
New York police are looking for clues as to who set off two explosive devices outside the building that houses the British consulate in Manhattan.
Of course, they never found out who did that.
And now today, in between four and eight bombings, no one knows because, again, if a bomb goes off in a subway, it sends blast waves down the tube, and then people at different train stations report seeing their own explosions as the smoke and fire dissipates.
So, you know, Blair's about to be flushed out of government.
Magically, you know, there's a bombing that just barely gets him over the hurdle back on May 5th.
Now, accelerate towards July 7th, months later, and conveniently there are these horrible attacks, and they're saying between 40 and 60 dead.
As this develops, what news are you getting now, Simon Aranowitz, journalist from London?
Any new developments?
Well, nothing really new, as I said.
All we're getting is the paucity of that.
I think so.
Well, we're going to do this.
We're going to give first preference to people from England, especially from London, but we'll take calls coming up in 30 minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
If you're calling from London and have a comment, we'll go to your calls earlier than 30 minutes from now.
Joining us from the United Kingdom as well is our in-shop analyst and, of course, webmaster for PrisonPlanet.tv and PrisonPlanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson.
Joining his fellow countrymen, of course, Simon Arana, which is ThoughtCrimeNews.com, who is in London, which is David Shaler, MI5 on, former MI5 in the last hour, saying that the clear motive here shows U.S.
government involvement.
Let's go ahead now and...
Go back to Paul Watson.
Paul, thanks for coming on.
We're about to break here, but what intel are you getting?
What's most important?
Well, the latest, Alex, is that they've found another suspect package on another bus.
It appears as if it might have been an attack.
Designed to be wider in scope, like we suspect 9-11 was.
Bottom line is that I don't have a crystal ball, but as you know, I've appeared on this show
Yeah, and it wasn't a prediction that was hard to make because John Stevens, the former police chief, was saying it was not a matter of if but when an attack would occur.
We had the articles back in April of last year where the Starzy campaign was in full effect on the Underground and on all public transport with the posters encouraging people to report on each other.
Well, we're going to go over all of this when we get back from break, but please continue.
Yeah, and I just want to point out the similarities to the Madrid bombing, because it seems they've carried out the attack in a very similar way.
And then, of course, right on the eve of the, as Blair was having the election back in May, there was this little firecracker bomb going off at the embassy.
I mean, look at who has the motive over and over again with this.
The motive is clear.
15% of the country supports the government from the last election.
83% in the last BBC poll were against national ID cards, which is a complete turnaround from 80% being for them.
So the motive is clear.
All right, let's go over those four points when we get back and take calls.
We're going to have Simon Aranowitz with us, chiming in as well.
A journalist there in London right now.
And we'll also analyze the incredible comments of former MI5 agent David Shaler as well on the other side.
Total free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
So stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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Alright folks, we're 8 minutes 12 seconds into the second hour.
It is 7-7-0-5.
Attacks on the London Underground, their tube, their subway system, and their buses occurred after 8.30 Greenwich Mean Time this morning.
And this was the fog of war.
We have news services picking up old BBC articles about somebody throwing a firecracker, basically, at the British Embassy two months ago and saying, oh, it just happened, and we even pick up on it.
We have the British government for over an hour reporting this morning that it was electrical shorts that caused buses and trains to explode, again, hurtling dismembered bodies and injuring hundreds and killing between 40 and 60.
A bunch of different reports.
So a lot of this is sketchy, even six hours or longer after this occurred.
So to try to give us some focus on this was former MI5 agent David Shaler in the last hour.
Also, we have Simon Aranowitz doing a great job at ThoughtCrimeNews.com.
We also have Paul Joseph.
Watson, of course, no stranger to this broadcast, analyst and webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com.
And of course, presentplanet.tv and all of our websites are loaded with information on this right now.
We've been on this since it started.
Paul and of course Simon Aranowitz have been six hours ahead of us or behind us depending on how you look at it.
But bringing both of you gentlemen up, Paul Watson, go over those four points you wanted to get into in the last little segment and then I want to get comments on your comments and analysis by Simon Aranowitz.
Go ahead, Paul.
Just before that, the latest is that they're now saying they're going to almost immediately reopen the train and bus services.
So we have the contradiction of them signing packages on buses and reopening the services.
Who in their right mind would want to get on a train now?
Very contradictory.
But as I mentioned, I compared it to the Madrid bombing and it came out that the bombers, and this was in the BBC,
Must have had regular access to the most secure areas of the rail system.
And in this case, we have previous reports which are posted on the website from the London Evening Standard that state that the tube system was going to be closed for days at a time for, quote, improvements to be made.
You'll remember that the World Trade Centre had several power downs in the weeks and days before 9-11.
Where special personnel were going in and out of the building, giving them ample opportunity to plant the bombs.
Same thing happened with the trains.
Yeah, and so we had these strange shutdowns beforehand.
We have the fact that they lowered the guard on June 7th.
It was in the Financial Times MI5 downgrade terror threat to UK businesses, where they said the threat from international terrorism was lower in the UK than at any time since.
And clearly, Paul, and I'm going to comment from Simon on this, clearly, we've looked at the Madrid bombing, I mean, the evidence is clear, that's government.
Talk about that a little bit.
Yeah, we've got those articles posted on prisonplanet.com, whereby the bombers had access to the secure areas of the train.
The government first tried to blame it on ETA, a Basque group in Spain,
And then quickly changed the explanation to Al-Qaeda.
They wanted to blame it on ETA to bolster support for the government because at that time, before the election, the government was waging the war against ETA.
So if it was blamed on ETA...
By their logic, the people would have supported the government.
But that backfired on them, and then we had them arresting informants and staged arrests.
It turned out that they were really government agents.
We had them going in and killing a few of the patsies so there wouldn't be any witnesses, and the police cleared the building and then blew it up.
We had all of this evidence.
Simon Ranowitz, comments on what Paul's saying?
Well, it's very difficult at this stage to know exactly what's going on, but when you think about it, being able to get in to pull anything off behind the scenes is so much easier if you have access to security passes and you know the routines and you're one of the boys who works here and perhaps works for the home services.
The thing is, as far as powering down the tube, they've been doing maintenance work on the tube for months, if not years, and it's very easy to get into anything because there's always something shut down at the weekend.
I mean, we're on
We're on Thursday today, but, you know, they have CCTV cameras and they can catch people and they probably knew, you know, if they were following terrorists around, they probably knew who was going to pull this off in advance.
I thought you were safe under the watchful eyes of the big posters of the big brother watching you.
Well, I don't know.
They did actually have on the press conference before, one of the journalists asked the Metropolitan Police representatives there about the advance warnings, and they refused to comment on whether there were any warnings or not.
Yeah, Paul, let me get your comment on Benjamin Netanyahu being warned and the AP pulling those reports.
Well, yeah.
I mean, we've been all over this white on rice since it first started, and the key piece of evidence which they're now trying to cover up
And saying they had no advanced knowledge of, both Israel and the police here in Britain, is that, and I first saw this on Fox News, they actually got it before anyone else on the television, but Israeli radio reported that Benjamin Netanyahu was due to travel from one hotel to another to give a speech.
The second hotel was adjacent to the site of the first bombing.
And they said that Netanyahu got a warning before the first bombing not to travel to the second hotel and that Scotland Yard had passed on that warning to Israel.
What was this presentation really all about, as if it was about economics?
Well, exactly.
Well, it's very curious that, I mean, over and over, we know they warned Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11.
We know they warned Salman Rushdie.
We know they warned all these people, the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
But then we're supposed to ignore all this.
Then MSNBC went and checked, as well as New York Daily News, with the locals.
The buildings were half empty compared to their regular amount on one of those weekday mornings.
And it turned out it wasn't an urban legend.
People really were warned.
This time, though...
The AP puts out these reports, Israeli Radio does put out these reports, and now they're just editing the reports in real time, Paul.
That's right, an hour after the first report came out.
The first report was on the Israeli National News website, so I immediately thought, that website's going to have problems, so I saved it in our format, and subsequently that website did have problems.
So then I began checking...
Other news sources for articles on this matter, mentioning Netanyahu.
And about an hour after the first report, the Associated Press started changing their articles.
No retraction, as you said, just changing the articles.
So it said that Netanyahu got the warning after the first blast, not before.
And another key point on this is how ridiculous it is.
Within hours, Al-Qaeda was supposedly taking responsibility, but then it said some unknown website on a message board.
So now you could go on a message board and say, as you said, Paul, I'm Santa Claus, and then they would say Santa Claus takes responsibility.
Simon Aranowitz, Paul, comments on that?
Now, they can change the story as much as they like, Alex, but they also talked about the Netanyahu thing on Sky News, and my VCR's been running since half past ten this morning.
Well, you've got to get that loaded to the web immediately, because I was watching Fox News before I went on air, and they were going, oh, it just came from some little website, it's all disinformation.
You know, this has classic disinformation written all over it, where somebody shoots it out on the web, changing dates on BBC articles that a firecracker's gone off in the U.S., then meanwhile they're saying that a power surge caused all these things to explode, when any fool would know on the ground with blown-up buses and trains that this wasn't the case.
We've got them again.
And then, Simon, again, your BBC source that you talk to, this is a big news item, Paul, we've got to get this up, told you that this is all very unusual, how the reporting is being handled.
Well, yeah, I mean, they're very much an establishment person, and we see the world very differently, but they agreed, yes, okay, the cameras should be out there, and you're right, no, they're not.
And as for them changing stories, you know, they can come out and say that Sunday comes after Tuesday and there's nine days in the week and 36 hours to a left monstrosity, but it makes no difference.
We know how the world really works.
Yeah, but then we've got to decipher and jump through all these hoops of this info that's spewing out.
Paul, getting back to Netanyahu, I mean, this is Israeli official government radio saying this, but now Fox News is saying it just came out of the Easter Bunny's basket.
Well, that's right.
We have the contradiction whereby...
Netanyahu gets the warning before the first blast, and yet, for an hour afterwards, and this is when I first turned the television on,
I was quite relieved, because I said, it's an accident, you know, they won't use the gas mileage to fulfill their agenda.
An hour afterwards, it was a power surge, and both BBC and Rupert Murdoch Sky News were pretty adamant that it was an accident.
You know, that gave them time, and normally they would seize on that to fearmonger, that gave them time to get all the real witnesses out of the way of the cameras.
That's right, and it proves that they knew it was a bombing and not an accident, because Netanyahu got the warning, and yet for an hour we were told it was an accident.
So they knew, and deliberately put that misinformation out.
And on that subject, I mean, I've got an article in front of me from last November, where before the Queen's speech, whereby the National ID Card legislation was introduced,
ITV news journalists who have in the past got caught faking the Serbian death camp reports which started the bombing of Serbia basically were meeting with government lobbyists and they in fact according to the London Independent cooked up a fake terror alert whereby planes were about to crash into the Canary Wharf building.
Yeah it was complete it was nonsense.
And it was right on the eve of the Queen's speech.
So we've caught them trying to cook up fear to get national ID cards passed, and now Blair and others are out saying, see, we're right, see, we're under attack, see, you've got to support us.
The issue here, Alex, is also that the press are not doing their job properly, and many of the people in the press are just...
You know, they're too busy following patterns to realise that they're not doing their job properly.
I mean, as I said, where's the press today interviewing people independently?
We had one small expose about how the Wrighton plot was nonsense and never existed.
And what about the encounter that I had with Sam Smith at the New York Times?
With regard to Silverstein, where they decided that Silverstein's quote about pulling the building, this is a quote from Sam Smith when I said, why don't you put it in the story?
Sam Smith said to me, I didn't feel it was crucial to the story.
These are the journalists that we have.
It's a story pooh-poohing that the towers were pulled and Building 7 was pulled, but it isn't pertinent that Silverstein comments on that.
Well, it's not important that it wasn't crucial to the story to actually put the quote in to let the readers decide for themselves.
Alright, we'll be right back with Simon Aranowitz and Paul Watson and your calls.
A ton of analysis straight ahead.
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All right, folks, your calls are coming up in the next segment.
David and Mass, Ron in New York, Gillen, Texas.
Tom in Wisconsin, John in Ohio, everybody.
But we're going to give each caller about 60 seconds so they have a chance to respond.
Paul Joseph Watson of PrisonPlanet.com will be riding shotgun.
And so will Simon Aranawitz of ThoughtCrimeNews.com.
Both these gentlemen are just great political minds and do so much amazing research.
Simon has recently traveled around Europe exposing 9-11 with the 9-11 truth meetings that they've had.
And I want to...
Later in the third hour, get into the full context and kind of review the Bali bombing, review the Madrid bombing, review the Putin bombings.
These are all admittedly government.
Then look at Northwoods, look at Operation Gladio, look at Gulf of Tonkin, look at all these other examples.
This fits the classic M.O.
And it looks like the same security service, whoever they are, carried out this attack that carried out the Madrid situation.
Paul, during the break we were talking, Sky News, which is the Fox equivalent over in England by Murdoch, is busy running Al-Qaeda training tapes now.
So because somebody on a message board said Al-Qaeda did it, why don't you go to a message board and say that the fruit...
Luke, Toucan did it.
Toucan Sam did it.
And we'll see Toucan Sam on the news.
Paul, let's talk about the propaganda now itself from these blasts.
We don't even know how many yet because they're still putting out confused as info.
But, I mean, just watching TV, oh, we need to worship our governments, give up all our rights, have troops on the streets.
We've got to attack more countries.
See, this shows how evil Al-Qaeda is.
Boy, they already know who did it, Paul.
Well, it's interesting you mention the so-called claim on the website.
There are also claims on alternative forums that the Anunnaki shape-shifting lizards were behind the attack.
So does that mean we should take that as evidence that they were behind the attack?
Well, I think you should use that as an example.
Yes, I saw that.
There are major websites saying Reptoids did it.
So as much credibility as Al-Qaeda.
But now on Sky News, they're showing Al-Qaeda training videos of Al-Qaeda, supposed Al-Qaeda members jumping through flaming hoops and storming buildings and so forth.
Creating the psychological effect of, see, they're going to get you.
Let's get around to what's his comment on that.
Well, I'm waiting for the Toucan to hold a press conference.
I guess he's the first one to get there.
Well, it's on the website.
The Toucan Sam did it, Simon.
Yeah, well, what about SpongeBob SquarePants?
Maybe he did it too.
This is so sick.
I'm laughing.
This terror attack is very real and a very real threat at the hands of the globalists.
I know in my guts and from the past evidence and past M.O., it's like if you've got a child molester on the block who's been convicted three times of it, and then a little girl goes missing, do you go raid all the other houses of people with no criminal records, and do you leave the child molester alone?
The government of England and of the U.S.,
I mean, maybe we should take Paul Harvey's line of argument and just nuke London.
I mean, that would probably solve the problem at the moment.
Well, that's right.
Nuke Fallujah because 20 people killed a few contractors.
Let's kill a city of 80,000 people.
Yeah, Paul Harvey, why not nuke London?
Simon, are you ready to be nuked?
Well, could you give me 24 hours to move, please?
But as far as, I mean, if you think about, as I said, the anatomy of this attack, the people who were attacked here, these were not really stations where there's serious money flowing around.
Liverpool Street is in the city, but Edgware Road certainly isn't.
And the buses, people who travel on the buses, you know,
You're not talking about people who travel to work in a $200,000 Mercedes.
Who are they attacking?
Well, isn't Liverpool working class?
No, this is Liverpool Street Station, and it is in the city of London.
But they're mainly hitting, you know, your average guy going to do a job for the day.
And it's not as if they wanted to attack the capitalist classes.
Well, the World Trade Center was certainly a better target than a train full of your average workers.
Well, the whole thing, I mean, bottom line, Simon Aranowitz from your years of study, Paul Watson from your years of study, do you agree this fits the classic MO, the classic signature, and that it's an inside job?
I believe so.
I do too.
I mean, I'm just looking at the emotional propaganda pouring out now.
They've mopped up.
Meanwhile, images of Al-Qaeda charging.
By the way, that's on our TV now.
Yeah, and it's interesting that they would piggyback this on the back of London being awarded the Olympics yesterday.
Because Simon said that the majority of Londoners are not too keen, to say the least, to have the Olympics in London.
And yet yesterday, we saw endlessly repeated scenes of people crying tears of joy on the streets of London.
And all the kudos to that went to Tony Blair, who supposedly lobbied the Olympic Committee before he went to the G8.
Nobody wants it here.
So people are warming to Blair.
It sets him up as a hero, and then this happens and furthers that.
All right, we've got a break.
We've got a break.
When we get back, we'll take calls, recap a lot of this, go into more detail.
And, Paul, get a link up there, too, for the Israeli terrorist information.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Literally, folks, during the breaks, I'm conferring with Simon Aranowitz, I'm conferring with Paul Watson.
Paul is writing an article that I'm, of course, aiding him in, a joint article.
While we're doing this broadcast, we're actually writing articles.
We already have several articles Paul is putting together.
Done just a great job on PrisonPlanet.com.
Also posted on InfoWars.com.
Simon Aranowitz, great reporting going up on ThoughtCrimeNews.com.
They'll be with us until the bottom of the next hour.
Then we'll just take calls for the last 30 minutes of the next hour.
And we're going to start taking your calls right now.
The toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Simon Aranowitz, Paul Watson, before we go to these calls, quickly, in 60 seconds apiece, sum up the bottom line, who stands to gain the most key issues concerning these bombings this morning.
Simon Aranowitz.
Well, as David Shaler said earlier, the opponents of civil liberties, the people who want to take our liberties away, who want to bring in the ID card, who want to bring in the Civil Contingencies Bill, put martial law out there with troops on the streets, they want to put chips in our hands and our arms, they want to track everywhere we drive and charge us three bucks a mile, those are the people who benefit from this.
The Arabs in the Middle East, the ones who are complaining at the way our foreign policy works, they're not benefiting from this at all.
Just like the head of the Chechen said, your government's bombing your own buildings.
Why would I do this and bring your wrath upon us?
And it came out Putin was the one doing it.
His own agents quit and went public.
And again, I'm not saying Israel did this.
I think it's clearly, this is probably a British job, but they'll use foreign services.
They'll aid each other.
They're all linked.
You know, of the suspects, CIA or Defense Intelligence or any of the other secret agencies, even more secret than that, are out of Mossad or Shin Bet or MI6 or Army Intelligence, who we've seen in England in the past carry out the bombings themselves under MI6 control.
You've got to remember, folks, Haratz and UPI and Jerusalem Post reported the same thing they have at Guantanamo Bay.
They would kidnap...
Literally thousands of young Palestinians.
Take them.
Torture 15-year-olds until they're 20 years old.
Release them.
Give them machine guns, weapons.
Make them love their captors.
Recruit them.
Then they're allowed to go around bombing, killing, doing whatever they want, killing Jews, killing other innocent people, so the military-industrial complex of Israel can keep control of the Jews, who were just as enslaved, by the way, and keep control of the Palestinians.
So it's the same story over and over again.
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah, it was made pretty clear to me who was behind it as soon as Blair came out and said... He said what amounted to, it was an attack on the G8.
And I've heard news commentators say that it was an attack on globalization itself.
Oh, so now it's an attack on the global government.
Listen, Scott, I want you to go download.
It'll be all over the place.
It's probably already posted.
We need to get Blair's comments.
We're just a few minutes long today.
And get Lord Bush's comments.
And, you know, just type into Google Bush's comments from the G8 on the bombing, Blair's comments.
Let's get those and play those in the next hour.
We'll line that up for you folks.
Simon, comments to what Paul just said.
Well, yeah.
As I said as well, Bush came out and tried to make out like G8 are supporting alleviating poverty in the world and Africa.
These attacks have been perpetrated by the enemies of that alleviating of poverty.
So now...
Bush is aligning himself with Bob Geldof and with Live 8 and saying that these guys are opposed to that.
I heard Bush say global warming is real yesterday.
When actually the Earth is going into a cooling phase, and by the way, there is some heating geographically around cities of about three degrees due to concrete, which does heat up, and plants absorb heat and then dissipate it through photosynthesis.
It is the opposite with cities.
So some areas are heating up.
Geological stuff is heating up.
Some of the oceans are heating up, but other areas are cooling down.
But now Bush is saying it's all real.
Alex, if I could just cut in for a second.
I think I probably misspoke before when I spoke to Sam Smith.
I think I probably said the New York Times and I meant the New York Post.
With regards to that Silverstein story.
Brother, that's talk radio.
We're moving a million miles an hour.
Thank you for correcting that, but that is no big deal.
All right.
And we'll talk about that before you leave in a few minutes.
That's important.
We'll go to your calls now.
All right.
That's it.
Everybody's tuning in, wanting to hear the basics, and we'll recap those at the end of this hour.
But quickly, so everybody gets a chance.
David and Matt, you're first up.
Go ahead.
Hello, David.
Hey, how are you, Alex?
And hello, Paul, Simon, too.
I have four nephews, Alex, that live in the London area.
I'm over there usually once a year or thereabouts.
My parents are going this weekend.
Oh, good luck.
Yeah, I've tried to contact them.
Now, look, Alex, let's just look at the timeline here.
Bush's approval rating is way down, okay?
It's nearly at 27% in the respective polls.
The Karl Rove thing's coming out, yes.
Yes, and that's... CAFTA's probably going to pass the House and pass while we're busy.
Yes, and Prime Minister Blair has just held on barely, and the Labor Party lost a lot of seats in the election.
Yeah, go ahead.
By his fingernails.
So, I mean, look at, again, we also know by the reporting of Daniel Estelon and Jim Tucker at the Bilderbergs that they're very upset.
That's right.
The Patriot movement, of course, is not.
They're very upset at that.
Their plans aren't going through.
I mean, let's look at, again, who gains.
They're up at the G8 right now.
They're probably using this as a method to jumpstart, again, to get France back on board, to signing the...
Well, they're already saying, we've got to come together.
These are enemies of globalism.
Paul Watson.
Well, yeah, here's my fear.
You have in America a situation where 50% of people believe that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden are the same person.
You'll have a good majority, not as many, because as Simon said, we're more cynical, that also believe that.
I just hope and pray that they don't end up blaming this on groups linked to Iran, because we already know that they're behind schedule.
They're already performing bombings in Iran as a pretext to unsettle the government.
We've already got several thousand special forces, British and US, sneaking around Iran right now.
Paul, Paul, can I ask you something?
I'm just, I wanted to know, I've been trying to contact my family members there via cell phone and of course I can't get through.
I've heard rumors that the cell network is down.
Is that true?
Some of the cell networks are down.
I couldn't even call Paul today on his cell phone.
A major phone problem is all over the country.
I'll tell you what it is.
You've got all these people stuck in London and they're all trying to phone home and everybody's trying to call each other and find out if everyone's okay.
Yeah, same thing happened on 9-11.
Yeah, there's only a finite capacity out there, and you can't get a call through.
Yeah, that's all.
Okay, David, thank you so much for the call.
And you know what, he brought up something I mentioned at the first of the broadcast.
I dropped the ball on, I think we kind of all did here, self-focused on the bombing.
We're not meant to look at CAFTA about to pass the House, starting to pass the Senate.
We're not looking at Karl Rove selling out hundreds of CIA agents just to burn planes.
We're not looking at Alberto Gonzalez for the Supreme Court position.
We're not looking at a lot of key issues now because of this.
Gentlemen, comments?
Alex, I've got another angle on that one.
Someone flagged up for me this morning that Robert Redford has come out against Bush.
When I did a search for Robert Redford just a week ago, he was seen leaving Bob Woodward's house with a copy of Woodward's new book in his hand.
Well, Woodward's a player, so if Redford is coming out and saying, I hate Bush, well, has someone put him up to it?
It's all very interesting, so this will be a unifying effect.
Well, yeah, there's also a possibility, as has been floated with these attack on globalization quotes, that it could be attributed to anti-G8 anarchists.
Which in the past, for example, the World Trade Center organization in Seattle, these anarchists have been proven to be under the authority of the establishment.
Housed by the government, protected, controlled by Delta Force, that's the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in my film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
The same M.O.
yesterday, you'd have 20 of these guys burn a trash can, hit a cop, the cops would do nothing, the news would zoom in on it, then the anarchists would retreat, and the police would attack the peaceful protesters.
The exact same signature.
It is.
The same thing going on in Scotland.
Some of our Londoners are up in Scotland at the moment as 9-11 activists in the G8 crowd.
And they're unfortunately getting caught up in the police response, but they agree that the balaclavard and the hooded people in black who go in and cause the trouble are not being arrested and everybody else is being caught up in the dragnet instead.
For the most part, 99% of it is peaceful up there, but what you see on the news is just the violent stuff.
Who are protected in housing government facilities in New York, in D.C., in Seattle, in London, same M.O., literal police intelligence officers leading the anarchist groups.
I've had them threaten me here in Austin and admit their feds, you know, five years ago at the World Economic Meetings they've had here.
I mean...
It's just over and over and over again.
Let's go to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hello, gentlemen.
Yes, Ron.
Three things really quick.
If you want to know whether Benjamin Netanyahu had advance notice, you guys are pretty crafty.
Usually these economic conferences have schedules, schedules for their speakers.
Did he not show up?
If he was late for his appointment, then you can make a pretty good presumption that he had prior notice.
Secondly, right away now they've dragged out former special FBI agent James Kallstrom all over the New York talk circuit talking about how we must expand the Patriot Act to protect you and expand the FBI.
He even made a semantical lie when he said the FBI is only half the size of NYPD when in fact it's almost about the same size as NYPD.
And thirdly... Aren't there 10,000, 11,000 FBI agents?
Well, I think it's more than that.
Since 9-11, they did a lot of hiring.
I think that the FBI is now... I mean actual agents, not support.
Well, whether they're agents of support, I do know the number is about the 30-some-odd-thousand mark.
Well, whether it breaks down as to how many agents, I don't know, but I do know they employ about 30-some-odd-thousand people.
Yeah, yeah.
In addition to that, I noticed that the London police have done a very, very effective job, as a matter of fact, it's almost strikingly shocking, at preventing man-on-the-street interviews of people who were in the affected areas.
I mean, a big event like this, and I think here on New York Press, if I saw the same three people, of which two of them were swatted away by a female barbie,
It seems as though either the press don't want it to view people on the street in England, or they'll prohibit it.
This will all come out.
Who told the Bobbies, and we've been seeing this, to stop people from doing interviews and then only have select interviews?
Yeah, well, that's what I've noticed.
I mean, it's amazing the lack of... Ron, you've called before as a retired NYPD police officer.
You brought up some good investigative points here.
What does this look like to you?
My guess is this is a situation that there might have been advance notice on that is now being manipulated for various purposes.
Well, it looks to me like they're going to be rolling out Apache very soon.
As a matter of fact, Alex, remember last week I called you with a concern for the New York City subway system?
A couple weeks ago, yeah.
Okay, it turns out I was right about subways, but it was wrong about the city.
It was London.
And you yourself have been predicting.
As a matter of fact, Alex, I think you almost hit a dead bang.
You said in a broadcast once in the summer, and you said July or August something was going to happen.
You know, you pretty much, if I recall correctly, were on the money.
This is predictable.
If you have your eyes open and your head is not in a cloud and you're not worried about an American idol and this nonsense, you could think clearly.
You could see this.
It's just a matter of geometric logic putting it all together.
Well, we know the past activities.
Look, we know the government is behind all the other big events.
I mean, all of them.
We got their own manuals, their own admissions.
I mean, look, they put Kermit Roosevelt on NPR last year admitting, it was tapes he made in the 80s, that they carried out bombings in Iran to blame it on Mosaddegh.
I mean, these people 50 years later come out and admit all this.
I'm sick of it.
And so, again, you heard my analogy earlier, Ron, if you were listening then,
That if a child's been kidnapped on a street, the police don't go raid all the houses of people who don't have convictions of being child molesters.
But they go to the child molester and they question him.
But again, the government is the child molester.
We're just ignoring.
A quick comment from you, then I want comments from our guest.
Okay, my guess is that, as I said, and I want to repeat this because those fellows are on the ground in England.
If you can, however you can, check out the schedule for that economic conference.
If he was late going to that conference, because I understand it was near one of the blast sites, then that would presume that he may have been forewarned by British intelligence.
All right, thank you for the call, Ron.
And again...
We know.
This came out on official Israeli radio that this happened.
Now they're trying to abscond with the facts to cover it up.
But comments, Simon and Paul, on what Ron just said?
Well, as Ron has obviously pointed to the lack of press coverage, I think it's the press not wanting to cover it.
Because they're quite happy to do it on their radio phone-in shows, but not with cameras.
And it's there and it's gone.
If someone just phones in, you're never going to find out who it is again.
And this shows that we need to support, more than ever, independent media, because it's very difficult to get a camera into London right now.
We noticed they started shutting down the big indie media sites days before this in London.
Well, yeah, they've been seizing servers, and this just goes to show that we're doing more to get the truth out than the so-called mainstream media.
We need to bypass them, and people need to support us so we can do a better job with more resources.
Well, in response to the caller, Netanyahu remained in his hotel room, according to the report.
So he never went?
Never went.
We got the warning.
Again, on the previous... And what time was he scheduled to be there?
Because it's key to show, you know, to find out, was it before the blast he cancelled?
You know, was he scheduled at 9 o'clock or whatever to give the speech?
Or did he... Or was the cancellation... We have to find that specific information.
Then we'll have these people red-handed.
Let's try and get it tomorrow.
I remember reading it was 9 a.m., but that's not confirmed.
But that's when he was supposed to be there.
He would have left long before.
But what I wanted to mention is something we were talking about earlier, the suspicious nature of the low casualty figures, because Sky News are now playing footage of people on the London Underground, and at that time, as is shown on the video, people basically nose-to-nose, as Simon said, what, something like 100 per carriage, 100 per train.
And then with the bus bombing, you have the top of the bus blown completely off,
But then you have eyewitnesses across the street reporting only a handful of bodies, not even, you know, fatalities at that.
So maybe it was like 9-11.
It was meant to be much wider in scope, but in fact it wasn't.
It's very suspicious, the low amount of death.
All right, let's thank God.
37 dead?
37 dead at the moment.
That's what they're saying at the moment.
Okay, because they say 40, 60, all these different numbers.
Gil in Texas.
Gil, thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Gil.
Yes, good afternoon, good evening to the gentleman over in London.
I happen to watch, this may be totally unrelated, but I happen to be watching the Nuclear Biological Chemical Channel, NBC, last night for Law and Order.
And it was kind of interesting what they had on Law and Order.
They had the guy with the truck that drove in front of the train.
And I see there's no comment there.
This is a real odd thing that that was on.
Well, it's just all part of the fear-mongering.
I mean, you know, they're saying we're going to be hit.
The London subway will be hit, the police chief says, of London.
But we can't stop it from happening.
Just give up all your rights.
And that was on last night, Alex, on Law & Order.
As far as the numerology thing, you said 7-7.
Well, 2005 is a 7-2, so they rolled 3-7.
And the last thing I wanted to kind of notice as far as timing is concerned is
Is that this happened right after London got the 2012 Olympics.
So a good tactic, I imagine, to blame this on would be the French.
You could easily say that the French bombed London because they didn't win the Olympics.
And again, the French are not falling in line with the economic community.
I know one person seriously considering that as a possibility.
So if that happens, we should...
Turn that light bulb on and say, hey, they're trying to, you know, point the gun at someone else.
Well, we're in their backyard.
It's not a good idea to have a dump in your own backyard.
Well, I know this.
It's certainly a distraction from the Karl Rove stuff.
Kafta, Alberto Gonzalez for the Supreme Court.
All that now could sail through.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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We're good.
If you believe in what we're doing here on the GCN radio network, not to be confused with some of the other so-called patriot networks, GCNlive.com, ladies and gentlemen, is the network website.
I want to hurry now to these calls because, of course, they've been loaded up since the start of the broadcast, and the callers all bring up so many important points, but let's just hammer through these.
John and Tom and Bruce and George and everybody.
Right now, Tom in Wisconsin.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Go ahead.
Good, sir.
Yeah, I basically want to bring up, I've lived in London for 15 years, so I have many friends there.
The numerology aspects of it is interesting.
In the first reports they were saying that 11 bombs had gone off, 7 subway stations affected, BBC News, Fox News, 33 people died.
It's interesting, numerology... It's on 7-7, the Madrid bombing was on 3-11, 911 dies on 9-11.
Again, the globalists are obsessed with numerology, leaving death's head cards at the sniper shootings, clear government op.
Your phone's a little bit low audio-wise.
Is that your comment, Gil?
I mean, is that your comment, Tom?
Yeah, basically, you know, ten years ago, it was the boogeyman with the IRA as a pretext to...
I agree with you.
Thank you for the call.
Your phone is just really breaking down on us.
Quick comments, Paul and Simon.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's the domestic agenda.
I see it.
We've already got police chiefs saying things like they're bringing order out of the chaos.
I know, they've got mainstream British news articles going, the police chiefs quote, we're bringing order out of chaos.
That's an Illuminati maxim.
That's why your book is called that.
Paul, elaborate on that.
Well, yeah, it's the term that the Freemasons used from the Latin order ad cao.
Whether he meant it in that context remains to be seen, but you've got Giuliani on Sky News talking about 9-11 over and over again.
You've got
Rumors of snipers at Canary Wharf shooting potential suicide bombers.
And under those civil contingency laws, they're allowed to shoot people on sight during any emergency.
And that could be the LCI-8A agents carrying out the attack and then being dealt with to get rid of the evidence.
Who knows?
Again, we'll see.
Simon, before we end this hour, your comments on what Tom just said.
And we'll come back and talk to John, Bruce, and others.
Well, as Paul said, yeah, this is playing right into their agenda to reduce our civil liberties, and they're not having a lot of luck with the ID card and the database.
Well, former MI5 agent David Shaler said that in the last hour.
Yeah, I mean, I'm just waiting now to turn up in the mail tomorrow, my yellow stars to pin to my clothes, and instructions to go and have a number tattooed to my arm.
Well, I mean, 60 Minutes says we all need an implantable chip to prove who the good people are, Andy Rooney.
Well, maybe they should just kill me now, then.
But meanwhile, they let all the foreigners pour in, don't they, Simon?
Although, the funny thing is, Alex, you get harder workers out of the Eastern Europeans than you do out of people here.
Well, that's right.
All right, folks.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Go straight to your calls.
Simon Aranowitz, journalist, ThoughtCrimeNews.com.
Paul Watson, you know him.
He runs PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Tons of news.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Government Cover-Ups.
Mainstream Media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, I'm going to attempt to crystallize and recap and restate the basic developments of the string of bombings.
And eight hours after, we still don't know the specifics because the British government's being so deceptive.
We're going to continue to take your phone calls and in this hour tie it into the Madrid bombing, the same M.O., Putin blowing up his own buildings, the British have been caught before bombing their own buildings.
That's mainstream news.
Who has the motive in all of this?
And Simon Aranowitz, a journalist who lives in London, joins us.
We also have David Shaler, former MI5 agent, on in the first hour saying, clearly the government stands to gain from this and has been involved in terror attacks in the past.
Too soon right now to know, though.
But it always comes out later, doesn't it, folks?
When we just look at the facts here, we have open minds.
We wish it was just independent terrorists.
It's not.
It's our governments.
And we have Paul Watson riding shotgun with us as well.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Ohio.
John, welcome.
How are you doing, sir?
Doing a live radio broadcast.
Go ahead.
You must be doing something pretty good.
They're shutting you off shortwave again.
Well, that, okay.
What else is on your mind?
Thank you, sir.
Ah, you see, he was great.
It was really great.
You look good on there.
And the morning it happened, I told my wife who pulled this one off, which was our government, and who's in bed with Bush?
Blair is, isn't he?
If all this worked good with Bush, why wouldn't it work good with Blair?
Yeah, are you talking about you got the film Martial Law, yeah?
Oh, yes.
I'm spreading it out.
Well, I appreciate you doing that.
And certainly, I mean, look, who has the motive here?
We have the British government caught carrying out bombings in the past.
Paul Watson, comments?
Well, here's the motive.
Latest polls on the ID card, 83% against.
Why is that?
Because the government promised us that terrorists wouldn't be able to create false identities because the information would be so secure and safe.
And then the government gets caught trying to fund the scheme by saying they're going to sell our private information
And now we're saying here domestically that we need to have troops and FBI in the shopping malls searching you when you come in.
We need to have all the buses.
And Austin, four years ago, put digital cameras on every bus.
I mean, some buses have got like eight, nine cameras on them apiece.
Oh, we've got to search you now, see?
Because of Madrid and London.
But the border's going to stay wide open.
Well, yeah, everything that you say.
We're being clamped down hugely.
And in terms of ID cards, it's only the innocent, law-abiding citizen who will suffer.
Because they'll have to pay for one and they'll get stopped and they'll have to present it on a regular basis.
They're saying it's going to cost the equivalent of like $250 for one of these?
$400 now.
Oh, sorry, $400.
One price I saw was $600.
So we're talking 250 pounds?
300 pounds?
Yeah, and there'll be companies making huge amounts of money out of this.
Well, already, USA Today admits when you call and order a pizza, major pizza places, they instantly run it through a criminal background check and sell the data and SWAT team you instead of a pizza.
What, in case you molest the pizza?
Oh, man, I tell you.
Anything else, John?
Yeah, I just hope the people over in London is a little bit smarter than the people over here in America.
Well, John, there's plenty of stupid people here, too.
They work in the mainstream news.
Well, they've worked at dumbing us down a long time.
There's a few that aren't dumbed down yet.
All right, I appreciate the call.
Well, look, thank you.
You can fool us for a while, but not all the time.
We're just well-meaning people who get conned easily, a lot of simple-minded people.
And most Americans I talk to now know that 9-11 was an inside job, so given enough time, we can turn this around.
Well, it's interesting.
After the 9-11 attacks, Alex, I don't know if you remember, everybody, all the news agencies had their slogan, you know, Attack on America.
Well, they're starting to do it here now.
It's Target London.
Target London.
With lots of Al-Qaeda films.
They're going to get you.
We know they did it.
Somebody on a message board said so.
It's conclusive!
And you can make a fake beheading video and put it on the web and the government will announce that it's authentic as well.
I wonder what Dr. Hughes has to say about all this.
Green eggs and ham.
We'll be right back with more of your calls and key analysis.
PrisonPlanet.tv, stay with us.
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All right, eight minutes into this third hour of transmission.
We are here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight.
Paul Joseph Watson joining us from England, and also Simon Aranowitz joining us from London itself.
This is what we know.
A little bit after 8.30 in the morning London time, Greenwich Mean Time.
Between 4 and 8, some reports are 9, 10, whatever, bombs went off.
But clearly when a bomb goes off in a subway, it sends a shockwave down the tube that concaves it and focuses the energy so people 500 yards away when the blast comes think that the explosion just happened where they were at and report explosions.
But it's looking like four explosions, three in a subway, one in a bus.
They're now saying 37 dead as of about 10 minutes ago.
And then in all the confusion, people are posting on websites and shooting out news from May 5th, changing the BBC date to today, the 7th, going, oh, another firecracker or something busted a window at the British Embassy in New York.
That is not the case.
And we incorrectly reported on that false report that was being put out.
The British government also put out another false report about this morning for over an hour that it was power surges, power transformers popping,
Which, again, folks, police on the scene immediately were reporting, and we've now been discovering this, that it was bombs.
I mean, you've got blown-up buses, blown-up bus, blown-up trains, very, very serious, hundreds wounded, but thank God it's not in the hundreds or thousands like 9-11.
Then we look at the M.O., classic, very similar to the Madrid bombings, and aids the globalists at a key point.
It's also a distraction here domestically with the Karl Rove stuff coming out that could bring down the Bush administration
We have all the official government plans to carry out 9-11 style attacks.
I want to go over some of that with our guests, but right now, let's go right back to the calls.
Let's talk to Joseph in England.
We're going to skip ahead to folks that call from England.
Joseph, where are you calling us from in England?
Hi, yeah.
Well, thanks for putting me out of the other callers.
I'll be quick, just to be fair to them.
Well, it's on your dime, too, but go ahead.
Yeah, basically I just wanted to make the point that I think that, you know, Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, he's been on TV sort of briefly just making a good point that it wasn't this sort of
The political establishment has actually been attacked, you know, by Al-Qaeda or Al-CIA or whatever you want to call it.
Yeah, they're acting like they've been attacked and Bush has got such courage to stay behind the armed guards at the G8 and, man, they're leaders and this is an attack on globalism.
No, the average working stiff in London, you know, riding on the public transportation has been attacked.
Good point.
Go ahead.
That's pretty much what he said.
He said it was a general working class, because it's not the actual system that they're wanting to attack.
Yeah, Paul, be sure to write an article about that, a separate one, of how their grandstanding, like they were attacked, and globalism was attacked.
No, no, the average Joe was attacked.
I'm sorry, Joseph, go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, basically, I was in London, you know, just a couple of months ago, and it was distressing at the best of times to be travelling on the underground.
I mean, basically, it's just a total psyop, because what we want to do is just create distress, change people's views, although I don't think it's going to work, to be honest, for political purposes.
I mean, why would terrorists want to do that?
We know the people who want to do it.
They're the same people... Yeah, why would Arabs do this, knowing it'll bring massive invasion armies?
I mean, I don't think that this is going to galvanize people in terms... You know, it's... Actually, I think it galvanizes the anti-war movement rather than anything else.
Well, I know what's happening domestically and I know what Blair's doing.
Joseph, where are you calling from?
Is that Manchester?
No, I skipped to North Yorkshire.
Yeah, I mean, basically, like you said, the British people aren't fools and we've had this sort of thing in our country for quite a long time, although I'm pretty safe where I am, but I mean, it's basically part of our history in recent times and we've had this kind of terrorism.
And people aren't just going to submit.
You know, I mean, I don't want to speak bad about the American people, but maybe they're a bit more susceptible just by ratio to, you know, giving the rights when they're, you know, put into a situation of, you know, fight or flight kind of thing.
But, I mean, I don't think... The Dunkirk spirit, Joseph.
Yeah, basically.
Yeah, spirit of, you know, the Dam Busters and all that.
We're not going to take this lying down, and they're not going to knock us back just for blowing a couple of trains up.
I don't think that it's down to basically people understanding that it's the government carrying it out, but people certainly do understand that there are people in positions of power, like Blair, for example, who are going to use this to try and push us further into the euro and further into slavery.
Well, I know this.
I do interviews every month or so on local radio stations, stations in Ireland, stations in Scotland.
Talk sport.
And almost every caller calls in agreeing with me when I say it's the government.
I mean, it's been in your BBC.
It's been in your major papers and publications.
But the British government has carried out terrorist bombings and funded them in the last 25 years.
I mean, are folks aware of that?
I mean, I remember one report about how they admitted the government released a foot and mouth and used that as a crisis.
I mean, every time we track it back.
So you're saying a lot of Brits aren't aware of that?
Well, maybe not to that extent.
I mean, I personally research this fairly heavily, and I've been on this all day.
I've got my own little website with my own comments on it.
It pretty much mirrors because I'm following the same news wires that you guys are.
Oh, tell us about your website.
Oh, it's cremationofcare.com.
I think you've mentioned it before.
Oh, yeah.
You've got a great website.
Tell us about yourself.
Yeah, well, basically, I mean, it's just something that I do, you know, as a personal interest.
I mean, well, as a person interested in freedom.
This is Skelton, right?
Skelton, excuse me.
What's your first name?
I think you might be confusing me with Joel Skelton.
No, I know who he is.
You guys are doing a great job, and God bless you.
Anything else?
No, that's pretty much it.
To be honest, it's a one-man operation at the moment.
I've got people to help me out, but...
No, I mean, he's pretty much like yourself, but just on a bit of a smaller scale.
Now, I visit your website.
Sorry I got your name wrong.
And thanks for that videotape you sent me.
Yeah, I mean, it's good to be networking and just helping each other out, backing each other up.
Yeah, no problem.
You're a sweetheart.
Thanks a lot.
I appreciate it.
They had a documentary over there about skull and bones.
Pretty good.
Let's go back to the calls here.
Let's talk to Bruce in Colorado.
Bruce, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I was looking at today's date, numerology-wise, a few days ago, and looking at this as being rather significant.
And I know a couple of people just previously have talked about this date, but I've got a little bit more in-depth on it.
The three sevens together, the five and the two of the year seven, and the two sevens to begin with add up to 21.
The seven is a significant number, the Illuminati, as well as the 11th.
And the three sevens coming up to three, now that was the year of 9-11.
The two and a one made three.
And sometimes they use the last two digits of a year, two and one of the Olympics.
So you've got three sevens at 21, two and a one is three.
So that's the significance that I find.
That's the significance I found a few days ago for today.
Your phone's really bad.
Or maybe mine had a bad audio the other day.
Speak right into your telephone.
Well, I'll speak a little bit right to it.
That's a lot better, yeah.
Oh, okay.
Well, anyway, the two and the one... Well, let me just say this.
For those that don't understand, let me just say this.
For those that don't understand this, this is more esoteric, and I cover it a little bit, but here's examples, and people know the spiel.
They had a lone-gumming episode months before 9-11 where a secret government group hijacks a jumbo jet by remote control to fly to the World Trade Centers for martial law to invade Afghanistan.
Okay, they have shows, just countless shows, where the government's going to bomb the World Trade Center for weapons sales.
The long kiss goodnight.
On the one-year anniversary of 9-11, the New York lottery comes up 9-11.
Well, I'd say that...
It's certainly something we can talk about in our own polite circles, but certainly if you go out there and use that as evidence, people are not going to respond to it.
It's reached too far.
With just the history, the motivation, the evidence we have, we can prove something like this in the long term, and the evidence will come out, no doubt, that this was inside involvement.
So you don't even need to make that reach to come to that conclusion.
And, you know, Madrid, 911 days on 311.
I mean, they do do this, but it's not something I really hammer because it's so esoteric.
Well, as I said, I'm not really big into esoteric and superstitious and numerology, but the fact that it was 7-7 and we've seen these other numbers coming up, as you say, and we had 311 and it was 911 days and we had 911 and you got 911, the emergency services number, it certainly appeals to somebody.
Yeah, somebody's certainly doing it on dates.
All right, interesting.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in New York.
George, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
What's up?
We're doing a radio broadcast.
That's what's up.
Yeah, that's good.
Yeah, I have several issues.
One is you talk about the national ID card and everything.
Isn't it funny how now U.S.
citizens have to, you know, be all hell-bent on getting U.S.
passports, even just go to Canada right now?
They were so lax on it before, and now it's just... But the illegal aliens pour in, and then on 9-11, the Al-Qaeda operatives, the CIA ordered the embassies to let them back in as part of a, quote, secret operation.
So they're bringing them in, funding them, paying for their houses, cars, credit cards, but then we've all got to have a microscope over us.
They're refusing the ID cards in England, but now Blair's saying, see, we need these, Paul.
Well, as I mentioned before...
83% in the latest poll were against the ID card.
You're going to see a system introduced which is exactly like the airport.
You're going to hear people call for the introduction of ID cards and for them to be presented at every level of transportation.
Yeah, that's a point I tried to make this morning.
Folks, when they attack a bus, when they attack a mall, anything that's ever attacked forever, then there'll be troops, machine guns, control, show me your papers.
This is how they expand their control.
Again, who has the motive for this?
And the ID cards will actually reduce security because they can fake these things.
So when you get a guy walk through with a fake ID that matches up with his iris... We're going to have to have a chip.
...and he's a terrorist, he'll be able to walk straight through.
I also have a comment about the whole Al Qaeda thing and everything.
We'll fast when we get by because we've got Tony Blair's comments coming up.
And perhaps Lord Bush's as well.
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Everything will be okay.
All right, real fast, George in New York, finish up your point about Al-Qaeda.
Yeah, even in the Michael Moore film, they talk about how we funded Al-Qaeda, and now we're all hell-bent on destroying Al-Qaeda.
I mean, really, I mean, it's kind of a... Then Buzzy Crongard at the CIA says, we don't want bin Laden.
And Bush said, we've got to get him.
He's the number one task leader.
He said, I'm not worried about him.
I mean, and not even that.
I mean, it's not even Bush.
I mean, it's also Clinton and even, like...
Look, all of them, they're just puppets.
Thanks for the call.
I want to talk to Simon Aranowicz and Paul Watson.
Guys, what are some of the things that you see that this is a distraction for a smoke screen?
I mean, certainly, domestically, where you live in the U.K., it'll be used for a police state.
Same thing here in the U.S.
and all over the world.
Dictators and thugs are using terror as the pretext.
They love it.
But what other things is this distracting?
Well, I mean, the smoke screen's not even very good at the moment, Alex.
Sky News, the British Fox, have just had up a statement on their ticker at the bottom.
It's their own statement.
Sky, colon.
Al-Qaeda group's site language sounds genuine.
That's the best they can do for an admission, is the language on the website that claims responsibility sounds genuine.
So, go to any message board, and your five-year-old can write, I'm Al-Qaeda, I did it, and they'll just say, hmm, sounds like Habib did it.
Hmm, sounds genuine.
Must be them.
Boy, this is sourcing material here, Paul.
Well, I mean, they're trying to spin it all the way, but I've got people calling me and also my brother who aren't even into this, and they're saying that it's directly related to the ID card.
So we've already raised a level of awareness to the point where
No matter how hard they spin, they're not going to be able to get everything they want through.
Paul, to be specific, and talk right into your telephone for us, you're a little bit distorted.
You're saying people are calling you who don't even buy into what you talk about, but they're instinctively saying this is to get the national ID card.
That's right, yeah, and we've had major news articles in the past few days, like out of the Scotsman, you know, Big Brother UK turning into Stalin Estate.
So everybody's coming out of the woodwork and saying this.
And as I said, even people who aren't aware of the wider issues know it's about the ID card, and I think 90% of it is about that, unless they blame it on groups linked to Iran.
Well, I mean, anything the globalists do is multifaceted.
They do big studies on this.
So the people you know are saying they're going to use this for that, or they're saying we think they're behind it?
They're saying both.
That the government's behind it, and that they'll use it to get the ID card run through.
Before even the time scale that they suggested, which was 2010.
Well, we're not talking about Karl Rove anymore that could have brought down the Bush administration, are we?
We're not talking about stopping Alberto Gonzalez or stopping CAFTA anymore, are we?
And watch out, folks.
They let China into the WTO four days after 9-11.
They always do this stuff.
Watch out!
Well, don't we have China and India visiting Glenn Eagles at the moment for the G8 conference?
That's right.
They're up there right now in Scotland.
I mean, you know, the really, really cynical conspiracy theorists out there, Alex, could actually scheme up an idea that they were plotting this in Scotland.
Well, this was set up a long time ago, and this is the classic MO of the globalists.
I'm going to play Tony Blair's comments coming up in the next segment and take more calls, but gentlemen, before you leave us, what is your take on Tony Blair's comments?
I mean, they're not as ridiculous as Bush's or as Giuliani's.
Well, I mean, it depends which comments you're going to play.
He made two different speeches.
One was at G8, then he left G8, came back to London, gave a second speech.
Certainly in the speech that I saw, he tried to make it out as an attack on G8.
Bush's speech said he saw an incredibly vivid contrast between the work of the G8... Okay, we've got the G8 speech.
We need to get his London speech.
Paul, when you go off air... No, it was the G8 speech that I saw.
That's the speech.
Okay, we're going to play that one then.
But Bush said it was an attack basically on the effort to alleviate poverty.
If they wanted to attack that, why didn't they attack 300,000 people who were in London for the open air live aid concert last Saturday?
It's ridiculous.
Oh no, they want Africans to starve.
When the globalists take all this, all this supposed aid to Africa is to force them to take vaccines, to force them to take GM food, to put in dictators and thugs.
I mean, it's a joke.
Well, it's just so they can pay off the interest on their IMF loans, so the IMF and the World Bank can give them more loans and control the countries even more, when in the past 20, 30, 40 years, as was on the website yesterday, Western governments put in all the African dictators, give them the money, and then those dictators keep the money.
Throwing money at Africa never solves the problem.
Well, it's done, because if they paid it back, they wouldn't get into debt.
The dictator is paid to not pay it back.
That's right.
We have official IMF documents.
Gentlemen, I want to get a final comment from both of you on the other side before we let you go.
So spend about five more minutes with us, counting the break.
And we'll be right back.
Continual coverage at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And you can also go to ThoughtCrimeNews.com.
Simon Aranowitz's great website.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
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We're good to go.
I think.
They railed against the crowd
The Giuliani's, but basically all he does is repeat 9-11 over and over again.
And we're going to jam some more calls in here and recap the latest info we have on the bombings in London and how that ties into the geopolitical system.
Oil prices went down, strangely enough.
But right now, let's get a final comment from Simon Aranowitz, a journalist there in London, and then one from Paul Watson.
Yeah, Alex, still nothing's really confirmed, although what we do have is the
The Olympics?
I heartily agree, and we know you'll be putting a report out there at Thought Crime News.
All right, Simon, I want to get you to check in back with us briefly tomorrow and next week as well as this develops, as well as David Shaler.
So contact him for me and tell him thank you.
I will.
Thank you, Simon.
All right, there goes Simon Aranowitz.
Paul Watson?
I'd say that the emotional blackmail is going to really accelerate when they get anything near high quality video of any of these incidents and they will repeatedly play them.
At the moment they're just showing grainy mobile phone videos.
It was an attack designed to kowtow the British people into accepting a national ID card and to reinvigorate trust in the government.
And a clearer picture will emerge when they identify the patsies, and that will really show the overall motive behind the attack.
Well, Paul, you've got to make all those points in the analysis expansion.
We already have several articles you and I have put together, you predominantly.
I want to commend you for your great work and analysis.
I would just say that, look, if this was an independent action, they would instantly, and now we're, what, eight, nine hours after this happened...
We're good to go.
Saying he was warned not to go to a meeting he had at 9 o'clock, and he did not go to that meeting.
So this is going on right before this happened.
We're confirming that, and the media is trying to spin that, and very deceptively.
Paul, we need to watch that as well.
Your comments on that?
That's the key.
I mean, the Netanyahu thing forms the foundation of our argument at the moment.
As with 9-11...
Inevitably, details will come out in the next few days, weeks and months which point directly to inside involvement.
It's happened in every single major terrorist attack that I've covered since doing this and no doubt it will happen again so people should stay tuned to the website.
We were, I'm not bragging, but we were first on this because I was checking all the other websites to try and get alternative news but we were the only ones producing it so...
People should stay tuned to the website for major updates tonight, tomorrow, and so on.
Well, just like on 9-11 we were first.
That's right.
Because we focus on government-sponsored terror.
That is our specialty.
All right, because we know that's the foundation of their takeover program.
Paul, thank you.
Good job.
Thanks, Alex.
All right.
Take care.
All right, I'm going to jam three or four calls in right now, and I mean quickly.
Then we're going to play Blair and also the New York mobster Giuliani part of that.
Let's go ahead quickly and talk to Keith in Missouri.
Keith, go ahead.
Missouri or Montana?
Wherever you're calling from.
Where are you calling from, sir?
I'm in Montana.
Okay, go ahead.
If you've ever been in London, especially at King's Cross, there's a tram station there.
There are video cameras shining down on everywhere.
It's just completely covered.
And if you go in the tram, the cameras will follow you all the way to the tram and on the platform.
And when you get on the tram, there are actually security cameras in the trams themselves
I know, and so where are all those tapes?
Are we going to see them?
Nobody on your program has even mentioned this, and there is no news.
Well, no, actually, sir, we did mention that London has 4.5 million cameras, and they do have them all over the place, and we did mention that.
They're in the stands themselves.
They're on the causeway.
You go, and you're standing on the platform, and they're sitting there, no matter where you go.
Well, they have the posters that say, safe under the watchful eyes, and it shows a big eye watching it.
I'm just really comfortable knowing Big Brother's watching me and not his bombings, you know?
Well, you know, in 1984, the government carries out bombings to keep the atmosphere of fear going in London.
It's just senseless.
You have all these cameras everywhere.
How long since you lived in London, or are you just visiting Montana?
No, I've lived here for the off and on.
I travel a lot, but I'm from East Kilbride in Scotland.
Yeah, well, that's why we're having the big G8 meeting right now.
This is certainly a good distraction for them here as well.
Well, I have no doubt that it has nothing to do with, well, cater.
It's everything to do with
You know, it's keeping control of the people.
They're just trying to get a distraction away from all the protests that are going up in Scotland.
And they're trying to divert the attention from the G8 protests that they showed on the telly the past few days or whatever.
I totally agree with you.
Anything else?
It's just a diversion.
This is just one big diversion.
All right.
Well, call us back tomorrow and give us your latest thoughts then.
Thank you, Keith.
Originally from Scotland, transplanted to Montana.
Let's go ahead.
We're going to skip Craig.
We'll go to Craig in a minute.
We're going to go to Richard first in England, showing the power of this broadcast, how many people we've got calling who either did live there or do live there.
Richard, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello there.
I'm from Ealing, London.
Yes, sir.
Firstly, my condolences to all the families that have lost people today.
Yes, we're praying for them.
Being ex-military, this was definitely not an attack with maximum loss of life.
They chose the wrong stations.
The stations that were attacked were right next to major hospitals.
They chose the wrong time.
Why blow one bus?
Why blow the top part of the bus, not the bottom of the bus?
This all just doesn't make sense.
This was obviously carried out, this attack, with a minimum loss of life, in my opinion.
Well, we ought to thank the globalists.
I mean, they warned half the people basically that didn't show up to work on 9-11.
About half the folks didn't show up.
That's admitted.
We know that in a lot of these events, in Operation Northwoods, they say we can do attacks, bomb buildings where it doesn't kill a lot of people.
We can attack our own Marines at Guantanamo using Army dressed up like Cubans and only try to wound them.
We've got snipers that can just wound them.
Then we'll frame patsies.
And so I guess this is how they salve their conscience that they don't... Well, I mean, I don't want to extrapolate out that far.
With former military experience there, sir, I mean, who do you think stands to gain from this?
What does this look like to you?
So you're in London right now?
I am, yes.
What is the response you're getting from your neighbours and people on the ground?
Everybody is refusing to carry ID cards.
They'd rather be locked up.
They don't want DNA.
It is too much in your face.
And over and above, they're talking about installing RFID chips within the card, so wherever you walk, the readers can actually read where you are.
Yeah, there's open discussions of total rebellion, mainstream news over there, but have you had a chance to talk to friends, family, neighbors?
What are they, Richard, in London, England right now, what are they spontaneously saying when you bring this up to them?
40% are against it and will not move.
The 60% majority will go with the flow, unfortunately.
But, I mean, what are people saying about the bombing?
Who do they think is behind it?
Naturally, everybody thinks it's Al-Qaeda.
It is pretty obvious, and I would say the UK population is split 50-50 in terms of the terrorists that
Terrorism doesn't really exist.
It's government terrorism.
And half the population believes, yeah, we'll trust Labour.
The other half says, forget it.
And if you look back... So to be clear, you're saying half the people you talk to believe the government's behind the attacks?
But if you look back, and if you had to ask anybody, what would you think Labour would have done when they came into power 10 years ago, as they were introduced?
Well, they can detain people if they think you're going to commit a crime, or think that...
And they're setting up mass camps under the Civil Contingencies Bill known as Rest and Relocation Centres.
There's also now a new policy within schools where they actually record the child and the child's record gets passed over, not to the criminal bureau, but it's kept at the home office so they can actually track children's progress.
Yeah, well, they're doing that here now.
They're doing that here now, and they're going to spy on two- and three-year-olds.
If they're aggressive, they're going to be put in a criminal database.
That is frightening, Alex, absolutely frightening.
And who would have guessed?
1984 George Orwell's book is actually happening today.
Well, Orwell said that he believed it would really happen.
So did Huxley with Brave New World, two great British minds.
Listen, I really appreciate you coming on.
Call us back tomorrow with more developments.
Okay, Richard?
Nice to chat to you, Alex.
God bless you, my friend.
All right, one last call for now.
I'll take more if I have time, but I want to play a few clips.
Craig in Illinois.
Go ahead, Craig.
I think it all boils down to this.
These idiots who are setting off bombs, and these people who are setting up the New World Order, and these socialists, and these communists, they believe in the perfectibility of man.
And they are trying to shove that down our throats.
They think by terror, or by state power, or by taxes, or by government programs, they can make us perfect.
And we're never going to be perfect.
Yeah, the end justifies the means.
But we can't be perfect here in this world.
Well, you've got a better chance of being struck by lightning twice, folks, than you do dying in a 9-11-style attack.
I mean, that's the numbers.
It's like you've got, what, 10 or 11 times the chance to drown than to be shot by a gun.
More babies die in mutts.
But, sir, they're trying.
We can have a republic.
Everyone's willing to accept people for what they are, whatever race they are or whatever the color of creed.
But these people...
What do you think about the bombing, sir?
Who do you think's behind it?
I know who's behind it.
It's the bloody New World Order.
Of course it is.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
That's all the evidence.
I mean, again, folks, it's... I mean, the evidence is there.
They've been behind all the other attacks.
They have the motive.
We'll continue to watch this.
They'll have some patsy momentarily.
Here's Tony Blair today.
We have time.
We'll play Giuliani, part of it.
Then we'll also take a few more calls and I'll recap.
And I'll be sitting in for 30 minutes with Jack Blood.
He's requested I come on with him right after the show.
But let's go ahead and go to Tony Blair today from the G8.
Here it is.
It's reasonably clear that there have been a series of terrorist attacks in London.
There are obviously casualties...
Both people that have died and people seriously injured.
And our thoughts and prayers of course are with the victims and their families.
It's my intention to leave the G8 within the next couple of hours and go down to London and get a report face to face with the police and the emergency services and the ministers that have been dealing with this.
And then to return later this evening.
It is the will of all the
The leaders of the G8, however, that the meeting should continue in my absence, that we should continue to discuss the issues that we were going to discuss and reach the conclusions which we were going to reach.
Each of the countries around that table has some experience of the effects of terrorism and all the leaders, as they will indicate a little bit later,
Share our complete resolution to defeat this terrorism.
It's particularly barbaric that this has happened on a day when people are meeting to try to help the problems of poverty in Africa and the long-term problems of climate change in the environment.
Just as it is reasonably clear that this is a terrorist attack, or a series of terrorist attacks, it's also reasonably clear that it is designed and aimed to coincide with the opening of the G8.
There will be time to talk later about this.
It's important, however,
That those engaged in terrorism realise that our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in a desire to impose extremism on the world.
Whatever they do
It is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilized nations throughout the world.
Thank you.
All right.
So, basically, you're against the poor Africans.
You know, the war on terror is wonderful.
Globalization is under attack.
You're against globalization.
You're with Al-Qaeda because some message board says Al-Qaeda did it.
You know, we've got the determination, so you're with the good people when you're with us.
We've got determination.
We're not afraid.
In other speeches, I've got some of the text, you know, we're under attack, and the government's under attack, and oh, there's such heroes, and oh, Tony Blair's going to save us, and oh, he's so good.
Folks, we had literally hundreds of articles on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, mainstreamed.
Where the British government carries out attacks and is caught red-handed.
Where the U.S.
government carries out attacks and is caught red-handed and admits it, brags about it.
Where the Russian government carries out attacks and gets caught red-handed.
Where the Israelis literally kidnap young Palestinians, brainwash them for five years, and then use them as Al Qaeda arms to go around bombing and protecting them.
That's a lot of what Camp X-Ray is, is getting innocent people, torturing them, and turning them into these people.
And it's come out that, quote, agents are in there, and there's moles in there, and they're training them to go be agents.
That's all this is, folks.
Look who has the motive out of all of this.
Let's just play a little bit of Giuliani going into break.
We'll come back and take a few calls and recap it.
Here's Giuliani.
It's like five minutes long.
I'll play a minute of it.
Go ahead and roll Giuliani.
We were inside a building so we didn't see anything.
We heard the sirens and then were informed that there was either an accident or a possible device, meaning a bomb.
And at first they weren't sure.
And then when the second attack took place, that's when they were sure of what happened.
And then we went out and drove around London to go to the location we were going to and really observe the people.
And they really acted...
I mean, people have, one, been acted in a very brave, very resolute, very determined way.
The emergency services, I could see some of them responding, were right on top of it and looked like they'd been very, very well trained.
And they looked like they had been prepared for this.
Not prepared necessarily, you know, for it happening today, but prepared for the strong possibility that there'd be these kinds of bombings.
Boy, did you hear that?
Yeah, we'll play a little bit more of this idiot.
I'll try to go to Dave, Dave, and Robert.
I mean, I may not get to your calls.
Who knows?
We'll try.
I want to just briefly recap what's going on here.
And I've got to tell you, my film, Martial Law, like no other, exposes who's behind this terror.
And you need to get it at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be right back with the final segment.
Stay with us.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Don't worry.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
That's right.
It's documented that the truth always comes out and evil always fails because it's very nature.
God's promised to us.
And, uh...
Bottom line, this thing is an inside job.
I'm 99% sure.
Whether they use provocateur patsies is not clear.
I'm sure they'll be giving us the fall guys very soon.
They've staged Ryerson plans, Ryerson poison.
Turned out it was totally false.
They have carried out bombings in London and Northern Ireland that is admittedly the British government.
And once you've done this once or twice or 50 times, it's more than that, then we immediately look at you.
And, uh...
I just hope you'll get my new film, Martial Law.
It is three hours long.
It covers the Globalist Star, what happened on 9-11.
I film Masters of Terror, gets into 9-11, also how the British carry out bombings and the Russians as well.
So 1-888-253-3139
Here's the number to call and get the videos.
Big discounts going right now.
1-888-253-3139 or order via Infowars.com.
Let's just play a little bit more of Giuliani, then I'll jam a few final calls in here.
Here is Giuliani at a little Freudian slip.
And they look like they had been prepared for this.
Here we go.
Not prepared necessarily, you know, for it happening today, but prepared for the strong possibility that there'd be these kinds of bombings.
The strangest feeling was the feeling of kind of living through it again.
More than being an observer because we were so close to where the first one happened.
And a great empathy for the victims, the victims' families.
They're the ones that are going to live with this forever.
All right.
Giuliani wasn't the first one.
The FBI cooked the bomb, trained the drivers, put the detonators in.
It's publicly admitted in court and in the recordings in 1993.
So it's not the first one, Giuliani, and Oklahoma City was the next big one.
Let's go to David.
Where's the first David from?
David in Michigan.
Go ahead, sir, quickly.
Hey, Alex.
The first story I heard on CBS this morning when I turned it on was
That Benjamin Netanyahu was warned by the Scotland Yard not to show up at that meeting.
I hope folks taped that and gave it to me, yes.
Because where that is, their Liverpool station, is right next to what they call the city, which is the main banking district of London.
Yeah, the city of London within London.
And if you take the night boat across the Channel to Harwich and downtown to London, that's where you get out is Liverpool station at 8 o'clock in the morning.
And everybody all sitting around me were all bankers.
And they admit that he canceled.
That is admitted.
Now they're trying to lie about it.
Thanks for the call.
Dave in California, last caller.
Sorry to Robert and others.
Go ahead, Dave.
Hey, I was watching coverage of this.
I work nights, so when I got home, they began to do the coverage.
And a couple hours later, they were comparing reports that London received warning and Israel received warning.
The reporter said, this reminds me of when we were in Genoa.
In 2000, when Bush's sleeping quarters had to be moved because there was a report that terrorists were going to use an airplane, I thought they claimed that they had no reports of... Well, I'm begging you and others, if you were up early, you know, at 5 a.m.
or whatever when this was going on, or I guess 3 a.m., please, did you record it?
No, I wish.
I remember you had covered it in one of your tapes, how they claimed that they had no knowledge.
Yes, but just do me a favor.
I'm talking about the stuff today.
Record that for me, folks.
If you have it on TV or you recorded it this morning, send it to me.
God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.