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Air Date: June 29, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's already the midpoint of this week.
Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, the 29th day of June 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Taking your phone calls, of course, and I have a state rep coming on in the third hour who in special session of the Texas legislature is saying he's going to introduce a bill to protect private property at the state level here in Texas from private corporations coming along and lobbying the state and local governments to take your private property, in many cases, without just compensation.
Also, a Senate panel has sent CAFTA to the floor, the next stepping stone or the next bridge to the free trade area of the Americas and the Union of American States, also known as the Pan-American Union.
The Senate Finance Committee today voted to send the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA, to the full Senate with a favorable recommendation.
The panel's vote...
Voice vote set the stage for the full Senate to possibly take up the pact in the coming days.
The Ways and Means Committee in the U.S.
House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the agreement on Thursday.
Now remember that this thing is wildly unpopular.
75% of Americans, before they even knew the details back in 1993-94, were against NAFTA.
And now those numbers, like everything else the government's doing, are 90-plus percent against it.
But that's not stopping them, Republicans and Democrats, and Lord Bush, from rampaging forward with it.
Also, U.S.
helicopter with 17 on board probably shot down in Afghanistan.
Taliban taking credit for that.
Town cites Patriot Act in response to homeless man suit.
Yes, arresting homeless people under the Patriot Act.
And I wanted to go back over some of the glaring examples of it being used in cases that aren't even criminal, much less terror-related.
Oh, by the way, Paul Watson will be joining us in the second hour.
That's state rep introducing legislation in Texas in the third.
Supreme Court justice, though, faces the boot from his home.
Developer wants lost property.
Liberty Hotel, built upon property of David Souter.
A private, and I would add prominent, developer, we're trying to get him on, contacted the local government in Supreme Court Justice David Souter's hometown of New Hampshire yesterday, asking that the property of the judge, who voted in favor of a controversial decision allowing a city to make residents' homes for private development, be seized to make room for the new hotel, Logan Darrow Clements,
I think it's a wonderful idea.
We ought to take the property of all five of those Supreme Court justices.
They could just have an asset forfeiture siege raid.
Just send the police in and no drugs need be found.
Just take their houses because they feel like it.
You know, they got any cash or jewelry?
Well, you can't prove you didn't buy this with drug money.
So just take their houses to them.
They do that to us.
But they're not an 84-year-old woman.
Or a 91-year-old widower?
No, so Mr. Souter's going to be just fine, but we'll read more of that article, too.
Homeowners, by the way, are standing firm despite high court ruling.
They have refused to leave, and they're saying, quote, they'll have to rip us off.
Plus, Fox News is involved in its normal propaganda.
We'll be deciphering that.
New York bans mercury and vaccines.
Are they really banning it?
We'll tell you about that as well.
It's all coming up after this break.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have Paul Watson for his weekly or bi-weekly visit.
Coming up in the second hour today...
We also have State Rep Frank Court, Republican of San Antonio, who has proposed a constitutional amendment to limit local government's power to exercise eminent domain for purely economic reasons.
You don't even need that.
The Texas Constitution has guards on private property.
The National Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence
Our whole common law, the mountain of 230 years of precedent, and then thousands of years of private property precedent, before that, going back to Jewish law that our laws are based on, says that you own your property and no man or king can take it.
That's not the case in the modern world.
No, all over the planet they're stealing private property.
So we have the state rep who we commend, Frank Court, joining us coming up in the third hour today.
And I'm also trying to get the developer on in New Hampshire.
He's trying to take the house of one of the Supreme Court justices that voted to let private corporations come and lobby government to take the property and build whatever they want.
I think that's a great idea.
So we'll get into that article as well.
Right now, I want to give you the toll-free number to join us on air.
We'll have wide-open phones throughout the broadcast today.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
New York bans mercury in vaccines.
This is from the In Pharma publication, an industry publication.
But it's a deceptive headline.
It's posted on prisonplanet.com right now.
In the U.S., the New York Senate last week passed what would prohibit the administration of any vaccine containing more than a trace amount of mercury to children under the age of three or pregnant women.
The Marisol, a preservative used in vaccines that contains 50%,
Mercury has been used in vaccines for years as a preservative to help prevent life-threatening bacteria contamination.
However, vaccine manufacturing technology has advanced in recent years, and it is no longer necessary to add preservatives containing mercury to vaccines, according to the bill's sponsor, Senator Dean Stelos.
Childhood vaccinations have been a significant and measurable public health benefit, said the Senator, but with scientific uncertainty regarding the safety of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal to children, readily available alternatives, and the consensus between the major federal health agencies that thimerosal use should be reduced or eliminated, we must err on the side of caution and end its use in New York State.
The bill has now been passed on to the governor, George Pataki, for signature.
Two other states, California and Iowa, have already enacted legislation.
Japan did it 12 years ago.
Banning the use of more than a trace amount of the Marisolin vaccines, similar legislation is pending in the states of Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington.
We're good to go.
Okay, let's stop right there.
I mean, I can't even cover the spin, the lies, the manipulation in this article.
First off, any mercury in the vaccine is dangerous in the aggregate because it's delivered directly to the blood and it's not screened out by the stomach and other organs before it goes into the bloodstream.
Generally, most mercury you eat in shrimp or fish is bound up in organic compounds, and a lot of it gets flushed out of the body.
But when you inject it directly into the blood, it has devastating effects.
I mean, it runs right into your brain cells in a very small particle size and are devastating.
And that's the major studies by major institutions, universities, private scientific firms.
I mean, the evidence is totally conclusive.
I mean, it's the equivalent of saying if you shoot yourself five times in the head with a .50 caliber rifle, you're going to be dead.
I mean, we know shooting yourself in the head with a .50 caliber rifle is not good for you.
And we know mercury hitting your brain is not good for you, especially in these high levels.
So, it's ridiculous.
There is no debate on whether thimerosal is dangerous.
The CDC's own documents...
Have been made public.
Congressman Dan Burton got a congressional order, had his adopters from the Congress march in and get the documents, and they made them public last year.
It's a massive cover-up, and they know what's going on.
We now know, not from our own research and all the different scientific institutions, not from the common sense, but from their own documents, and they talked about how to cover it up.
Now, other lies.
The Associated Press reported, and we have it posted in the vaccine section on prisonplanet.com, that in shots that are being manufactured, these are the guidelines for the MMR, measles, mumps, rubella, as they mention here, the triple jab, three different, now they've got some vaccines they give you, some shots that have, some inoculations that have five or six different pathogens that it supposedly covers.
We know that for some reason,
They increased 200 to 250 times the safe level over and above what it was previously in the vaccines in those different injections.
Now, that's admitted.
We also know that they're doing sleight of hand.
They mention that, well, you can get mercury-free or reduced mercury.
It's available.
But the vaccine makers make very small lots of these, and most medical offices, most doctors I've talked to say that, yes, indeed, they still have the mercury vaccines.
That's what is available to them.
The others are also a lot more expensive.
And I've talked to a lot of listeners who go in and say, I don't want mercury in it, and the doctor says, it's not in there, and they say, let me see the insert, and they bring in the bottle, and it says from aerosol.
So, folks, I talked to a local doctor, very prominent here in town, a pediatrician who volunteers a few times a year with the big city clinics to go administer injections.
He said, Alex, listen, I've seen your show.
Listen, I know something's wrong.
This guy's got one of the biggest practices in town, that's all I'm going to say.
Very prominent.
He said, listen, don't use my name.
But just last year, this was about two years ago, tell me this, this was three years ago, just last year, we were there giving polio inoculations, the oral, to thousands of children in a clinic, or children that hadn't been vaccinated before school, and I asked, why are we giving them this?
This is a lot that isn't even supposed to be used in the United States.
It's supposed to be used in the third world.
He said, Alex, they are still giving the SV40 contaminated oral vaccine to children.
I can't believe it.
I said, well, tell me more.
He goes, that's all I'm going to say.
I'm not going to say any more.
I don't know why they're doing it.
And just like they mentioned here, for the third world, there's still mercury because it's helpful.
It actually says at the end of this article, oh, it's still in the third world vaccine.
And I've got articles where Gates just gave another 400-something million to vaccinating the third world because he cares so much about the children.
Meanwhile, his foundation and others give money to population control agendas.
So let me see.
They want to reduce the population.
Ted Turner's foundation gave a billion plus, the World Wildlife Fund headed up by Prince Philip.
They all give money, but then out of the other side of their mouth, they're obsessed with reducing third world populations, but they're running a program that will increase third world populations.
Because the vaccines are supposedly so good it'll save so many people, but look at the scourges of diseases and problems in the third world.
And all these women being sterilized.
And they've caught them in the vaccines adding hormones with the tetanus shot that sterilizes women.
And they caught the UN six years ago doing this, red-handed, and they got caught again late last year doing it.
Major Indian firms did tests of African and Indian vaccines that the U.N.
had chipped in, and they had sterilization agents in them.
No kidding!
The groups shipping this stuff in are openly calling for population reduction, and then magically the U.N.
vaccines are reducing population.
I mean, again, a 10-year-old could figure this out.
This is not something that Sherlock Holmes or Mr. Watson have to figure out.
It is elementary.
It is not hard to figure out.
It is of the most basic common sense.
You know, put two and two together.
And there's no way to wiggle out of it.
And so what they're doing is they're putting out all these announcements.
The vaccines are safe.
The mercury's out.
Everything's fine.
But it's still in the vaccines.
It's in almost all the vaccines you're using.
It's in almost all the vaccines they're pushing in on you.
The manufacturers could easily switch over and say this is the new vaccine, but they're not doing it because they have an agenda.
Mercury creates a huge IQ reduction in the young, especially in fast-growing cells.
It damages the brain, and they just want you to be dumbed down.
Just like Aldous Huxley in Brave New World.
And Huxley, before he died, said, this is the real socialist plan.
This is what I was told about in Britain.
My family's in government.
Yes, Julian Huxley.
First Secretary General of UNESCO at the UN.
His brother.
So, it's time to stop being naive.
Alright, now I covered one article, and I've literally got about 20 others, but I'm going to go to Kohl's too.
So there's just so much coming up.
Be sure and stay with us.
Paul Watson's coming up and another great guest as well.
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They are set to pass CAFTA, which, to use another analogy, let's say the Pan-American Union, no more U.S.
sovereignty as a completed two-story house.
To give you an idea of how far along they are, they built the foundation, they put up the skeleton of the building, they put the sheetrock in, they put a roof on it, they put windows in it, and CAFTA will paint it
And spackle the ceiling and put in light fixtures and hook up the plumbing and put in the bathtubs and showers and toilets.
And the new old order will move in under the free trade area of the Americas.
So the house could really be moved in right now.
It's just not fully furnished and all the appliances haven't been put in yet.
So, and that's about the best example I can give you.
And as usual, the average American has no idea.
The big Canadian newspapers yesterday said it is the end of our sovereignty.
The government is upset.
But the CFR wrote the plan, released it a month ago.
Lou Dobbs decried it as well.
And the CFR, what they want, they get.
Talk about power.
The Canadian government is now implementing it.
But here in America, we don't even get to have a debate about it.
I mean, it was very rare to have Lou Dobbs come on and say, yes, this is an American union, yes, this is the end of America, merging our government, our military, our police, a bicongress, a bicameral congress, just everything.
So it is happening.
It is really happening.
Just like the Supreme Court ruling is really happening on the Ten Commandments coming out of the courts...
And on being able to go after people for downloading music and the Supreme Court ruling about the property and the Supreme Court ruling about all of it.
All of this is really happening.
The National ID card really did get passed.
They're now implementing.
They really are trying to put transponders in all cars.
And your inspection stickers in Texas and Illinois and California and Oregon and New York.
They really are putting up microphones in your neighborhoods, hidden in the light poles, mainstream news.
They really are training the police that you don't have any Second Amendment rights.
Folks, it's really happening.
Let's go to some calls.
Jerry in Missouri.
Welcome, ma'am.
Thank you, Alex.
I have an abused daughter, and she has some kids.
And she got a divorce in March, and it has three months in Missouri to be final.
They put her divorce, her husband came back, and they put her divorce on hold.
And now she can't get, they've got the joint custody, and since she got that divorce,
In March, the police wouldn't do anything.
She has terrible times with visitation.
Well, I mean, you know, I see abuse called yelling at each other, but I mean, what does he punch her?
He made her stay.
He abused the kids.
He was mentally abusive.
Okay, but I mean, you know, society's unraveling.
This is happening everywhere.
Yeah, and drugs.
Ma'am, without seeing the case, I don't know how I can give you any good advice.
Oh, I understand that.
But we got rid of one lawyer, and we're paying for it with the lawyers.
Well, why is the divorce on hold?
Did he appeal it or something?
It's something in our county that's all crooked between the lawyers and everything.
We got another lawyer, and I guess he's okay, but now they put it on hold, so it's going to take a year.
They're starting all over.
But we called prepaid legal.
Our lawyer.
And they told us that we should be able to go to the courthouse.
The divorce was signed.
And we should be able to go to the courthouse and get the records.
And my husband did.
And the judge has the records.
The judge isn't releasing them?
The judge isn't releasing them.
Well, they should release them to your daughter.
She just wants to go along with... Ma'am, how can I help you?
I don't know.
I just thought if...
He's not paying child support.
And we're kind of like Terry.
We don't know what to do.
Society's just unraveling.
I know.
We're becoming quite evil.
Yeah, and we don't know whether to stick with this lawyer or do it prepaid legal.
Yeah, again, I've got the hint that you're wanting advice, and I couldn't give you advice.
I understand that.
I mean, I don't have a map or a compass.
I don't know the case.
I don't know the details of it.
I don't disbelieve you, but I don't... I know that.
Well, Gary Bonta, we got in a... He said that...
Domestic violence has been put on hold, and it's a military conflict, like you say.
Should we fight it?
We just have to wait.
Well, if what you're saying is true, and he's an abuser, then you've got to fight for those children no matter what.
So mortgage your house if you have to, but get a lawyer that really wins.
Ma'am, listen, I appreciate your call.
Thank you.
I'm really sorry I can hear the desperation in your voice.
I'm down here in Austin, Texas, and I don't really give legal advice.
I'm not a counselor.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I could hear the desperation in
Jerry's voice in the last segment.
And I'm sad that I really can't help you.
I mean, if somebody called in and said, they're trying to force me to vaccinate my five-year-old to go into kindergarten, I could say, number one, if you got the money, or if your husband will take a second job, you need to homeschool that child.
I could go through all the statistics of how the child will end up being better behaved, having better test scores.
I could then go into, but if you do want to send them to the government training camp or a private school that's refusing, every state has the waiver.
There is no law, but they have a waiver for the school, which I'm even against itself because it creates the perception that it's a law.
But they do have a, quote, waiver, and the county or city health department has that.
The public schools have it in the nurse's office or the principal's office by law, but if they don't vaccinate something like 98% of the children, they don't get tens of thousands a year for the average school, per school, not just school district, of federal grants.
It's all tied to that.
Bounties on being sure they do this.
I could give you advice on that and tell you how to get the...
You know, how to get the forms.
I mean, I have forms from different states from time to time posted on the main page of the website.
If you called in and said they're trying to take my private property, I could try to point you in the direction of a group that could help you.
Or if you called in about your house being raided without a warrant, you know, I could tell you about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
But in some divorce case, I mean, I don't know enough about it to be able to give you any advice, Jerry, and I'm truly sorry.
I do know this, though.
The black community in America in 1940 had below 20% illegitimacy.
Do you know what the black community in America today has?
90 plus percent, it's in the low 90s, percent illegitimacy.
That is, the man is not even in the home when...
The woman gives birth.
Much less, you know, ending in divorce.
Over half of American, here in the United States, marriages end in divorce within five years.
It's even worse in Texas, for some reason.
Illegitimacy in the white population has gone upwards of 40%.
Did you know that?
And it was in, what, 5-6% back in the 40s.
I've seen all these numbers.
Hispanic illegitimacy, which, you know, very serious family values, you know, family, familia, very strong.
They're even seeing now 30% illegitimacy.
I mean, how did the black communities that were incredibly strong go from very low illegitimacy to almost complete illegitimacy?
Well, the Great Society!
They said, hey, we got free money for you, but you can't have that man in the house.
Or, oh, we got all this welfare for you, but hey, feminism, you can't have a man in the house.
That ensured, they knew back then that you had triple, in some cases, four times the level of criminality, drug use, in anybody who comes from a single-parent home.
I mean, that's just the statistics.
I'm not attacking people that are single parent.
I'm not saying you're bad.
A lot of you are great.
It's just so hard.
You know, as humans, we're designed to have really not two parents, but we're designed to live in the same village, and I'm not talking about Hillary's village, I mean the family village, where your grandparents live five huts down on your mommy's side and ten huts down your daddy's grandparents live down the road.
And your cousins all live around you.
And your wife's kin live near you and the husband's kin live near you.
And if you get out of line, folks, you get in trouble.
So, statistically, people have even lower crime rates where you do have a family house.
What a great situation.
I always envy that.
You know, these big houses where grandma and grandpa live upstairs and down the road the other grandparents are there.
I mean, that's what built this country.
And every Sunday, you go to somebody else's house for dinner, and everybody looks out for everybody.
You know, it's a real safety net.
And instead, society is just unraveling, folks.
I mean, it is.
I go to the shopping mall every once in a while, and I see 12-year-old girls dressed up like whores, literally.
Gyrating and dancing around.
They have all these shops where they target the preteens and the teens, the tweenies.
Nickelodeon promotes homosexuality on Nickelodeon.
I mean, just destroy any innocence.
They shouldn't be teaching anything sexual, period.
It's scientifically crafted.
Miss Magazine was founded, Gloria Steinem brags about it, by the Central Intelligence Agency.
And they challenged women, Hey, don't let that man enslave you.
Don't let that man control you.
Get out of the house.
You know, have your own business.
Have your own job.
You're not valuable.
And really it was because the Carnegie Foundation and others, and these documents are public, wanted to be able to destroy the family where no woman raised that child, where your child would be in school and after school activities for what, an average of ten hours a day.
Being raised by other teenagers, other miscreants, Hollywood then glorifies the miscreants as the cool kids, the other children imitate it.
Being raised by the government training camps.
And then you would also have both parents working, both parents paying taxes, so you can raise the tax level and have people at a subsistence level.
And so I could talk all day about the targeting of the families.
I mean, look at what, look.
My father, growing up in Fairfield, Texas, well, he actually lived near Buffalo, but the county seat was Fairfield.
And, you know, his mother was a schoolteacher, and my grandfather was a rancher and also was a county tax assessor.
Boy, was he loved, because they were always forgiving everybody's property taxes.
Man, my grandfather's been dead for 20-something years, and people just love his name in Fairfield.
It was like having the Dukes of Hazard or something for your county tax assessor.
But to make a long story short,
My father saw what, even before the Great Society, welfare did.
You have these vibrant black communities, blacks driving brand new cars, their own cleaners, their own businesses, their own doctors, everything.
And I'm not defending segregation either.
But they took one thing that was flawed in one area and replaced it with something a thousand times worse.
And even Louis Farrakhan talks about this.
I don't agree with much he says, but I do on this.
And they came in with blight programs all over the country, took out the black neighborhoods, broke up their families.
And folks, it was nothing new.
It was nothing new.
I mean, I have Roman books actually published 2,000 years ago, 1,800 years ago.
I have a book published in the 1780s by a big sugar cane plantation owner in the Caribbean.
And it's a book that was published and given to white slave owners, and that's when a lot of the real abuses really accelerated.
Early on, you had white slaves and injured servants, and also black slaves, but they weren't routinely being savaged like they were later in some cases.
Not defending the institution, it just got more radicalized.
And he said, you know, my brethren in the Americas, in the 13 colonies...
You guys have problems.
You don't know how to deal with it.
Let me tell you how the Romans dealt with it.
And then he quoted these writings.
And what the Romans would do when they went into France, which was Gaul, or they went into Germany, the Visigoths, the Vandals, when they would go, the other tribes, is they would go in, they would say, throw down your arms, and we will let the men live.
And generally they'd take the strongest and the smartest men and they'd kill them out of hand.
Or they would make the men break them up and make them be mercenaries for the Roman army so they'd invade the next phase, go into Britannia and all the other areas.
And I'm going to go to your calls, but since I got into history, let's talk about it.
They actually have handbooks.
Let's understand it.
I've read these on air.
I own these.
These are at the library.
These are available.
In the larger history departments.
Most libraries won't have it, but larger university libraries will have it.
In the Roman studies and the Arthurian studies and studies of Britain and Germany.
And they would go in, but if they didn't give up, they'd go in and kill all the men, all of them, down to about age eight.
They found that they would still be vengeful.
By the way, the Caesars, always his internal guard were German, by the way.
Or Austrian.
The Austrians were the first client state.
They're just north of Italy.
So they were always used as the front lines to take over the rest of the Aryan areas.
And folks, don't be so dumbed down that I use that term.
You think I'm being racist?
Iran means Aryan.
Okay, that's what they were called by the Romans.
And that term itself has been demonized.
I'm just talking about the area.
Like saying African.
And so they went into those areas and they would...
But in some cases, the Romans got greedy, and they would decide to keep men, teenage boys, and they would take a bunch of men and women, take them into a camp, basically for re-education at a Roman fort, before they would take them back into Rome, or back into any of their other provinces, or sometimes they'd take them to a slave ship and sell them to someone else, the Arabs or someone else.
And the Roman soldiers would wait until one of the males did something small.
They would beat him to death or near death, and then they would tell the women, we're going to kill more of your males if you don't keep them in line and if you don't brutalize them.
They would actually set the women up, normally as, they'd even have them later if they were educated, doing bookkeeping, and you had whole generations of slaves that served the Romans, and if one was really good, they'd free them, and the same story we saw here.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
And so the women would be in Rome, inside the castle, inside the noble, inside the business, there at the ports, and the men were not allowed to be educated, and this is generation after generation.
They were kept literally in stalls like animals.
They were whipped, beaten for anything, and the women were held over them.
Well, what's the old famous black mammy, black nanny?
And you see the old black and white movies where they're imitating what happened in the South.
Read the history books.
The black men were taught, because they were beaten if they didn't, to walk stooped over, bending over, cowering.
The black Oprah Winfrey type would literally be beating them over the head
Look, folks, my family had Pottenfield, you name it.
This was back when my dad was a child.
And their foreman was a big black woman, about 6'4".
And there wasn't any beatings going on, but the point is, these are the bosses.
They didn't even start ordering white people around.
That's the same thing with the Germans and the French.
And the women were shut up, just like the Bible says in slavery, because it goes back even before the Romans.
Babylon, Egypt, you name it.
The women are set up to rule over the men.
And these handbooks that were then retranslated and sold all over the U.S.
and the Caribbean talk about how to do it.
So they bring in black slaves into Galveston, Texas, or into Richmond, Virginia, or into Connecticut, or wherever they were bringing the slaves in, and they would beat the living daylights out of the few big black men that survived the Coffin Ship journey.
And they tell the women, it's your job to keep them in line.
And they'd keep them in line.
Being the oppressors, thinking it was for the men's own good.
And so that's what modern feminism is, and that's what all of this is.
And so, now we're a couple generations into this, with the blacks, the whites, with everybody.
Hispanics are so macho that I don't think they're ever going to be able to totally break them with this type of conditioning.
They're having trouble with the Asians, too.
That's been coming out.
Because, you know, the family unit is just too strong.
I'm not saying there aren't abuses in a...
Patriarchal type system.
But the point is that that's really how we're predominantly designed.
You can look at some tropical areas and some island nations where that's not really the case, and I think those are pretty good systems too.
But still, no one is set up against each other.
It's kind of a communal type system.
And so they do this over and over and over again.
And so men see the image of strong men as drooling sports fans who are lazy idiots.
Women then see that.
They're doing all the work.
They get resentful of the man.
Why do I even need this man?
They get more hateful.
Men then don't want them.
And everything breaks down.
Okay, now I've been on a diatribe on this subject.
I've got stacks of news.
Folks, it's in handbooks.
Feminism is in handbooks.
From the Romans, from slave owners in this country, and they admitted this in the 250-year-old, 220-year-old manuals used in the Americas that it's a translation of the Roman manuals.
Manuals on how to do this.
It's really that simple.
Everybody knows that in old times, all over the world, when they would capture people to be slaves, they'd kill the men because they're not going to submit, and they'd keep the women and the children.
And then the women are set up as the enforcers.
We're going to kill your children if you don't enforce for us.
And the women become the enforcers.
Okay, so it's not really a matriarchal system they're setting up.
It is a small group of patriarchs using women to control their slaves.
All right, I'm going to shut up.
Annette in West Virginia.
Annette, go ahead.
Oh, hello.
Alex, you're doing a wonderful job of telling the truth.
There are some clarifications which are very significant to what you're speaking about, and if I may, I would like to mention them.
Number one, you spoke of Jewish law.
The law of the Bible is Hebrew law.
Jewish law is Talmudic law.
And that is what is behind all the abominations that you are speaking of.
It's the Talmudic mindset which has taken over the country and which has changed everything over.
But doesn't Judas just mean Judah, so I was mentioning one tribe?
No, no, no.
I mean, I know there's a lot of bad stuff in the Babylonian Talmud.
Let me explain something.
The southern kingdom was named after Judah.
It comprised Judah and Benjamin...
I think so.
Because there were different tribes that were in Judea and known as Judeans like we would be known as Americans and not necessarily racially the white Anglos as before.
Ma'am, all I meant was is Mount Sinai, the Ten Commandments, Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.
No, wait a minute.
That's not Jewish law.
That is Hebrew law and it is... Okay, well, I'm just saying the foundation goes back to that.
Well, just let me clarify something else.
You were talking...
About the Romans.
Now, Rome was founded in 753 by true Israelites of the northern kingdom, aided by the wealth of the tribe of Benjamin.
And what happened is that they were, you see, there's a difference between white and a redneck.
But I thought Romulus and Remus were Greek.
Well, because the Israelites, the original Israelites were Greek.
I'm trying to tell you, the true Israel went into the Crimea.
They were in Greece and Macedonia.
You have all the symbols of true Israel in those different nations.
Okay, well, I'll let you finish up on the other side of that.
Then we'll go to Mike and Dan and John and Stan.
We've got Paul Watson coming up.
We'll go over all this news.
And then we've got the state rep coming on who's fighting the land grabbing.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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I'm going to be very brief because I want to go to your calls in the news.
But I've made 12 excellent films.
And they really are shocking.
They're powerful.
They show foreign troops trying to put us in camps and confiscate our guns and admitting it on video.
That's the type of stuff I've gotten on tape.
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It shows who the globalists are.
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Pastor Ted Pike authorized me to post his hate crimes laws video.
We're posting that this weekend.
Stuff like that gets added all the time.
Fifteen cents a day.
Okay, real fast, Annette, because you were on hold before I ever got into that story.
What were you originally calling about?
Well, because when you spoke of Jewish law, I wanted to make a distinction because that is critical to understanding the conspiracy.
Biblical law, just like the word eugenics, there's a biblical eugenics, which means you do not mix the races.
There is a difference in the DNA.
Well, you're saying after the Jews went into Babylonian captivity and other captivity that they carried away a lot of that, and that's certainly true.
Well, yes.
But there were the good figs and the bad figs that were even in Judea.
And you were able to identify them.
That's why Jesus said, the tares will grow up with the wheat, but in the end times, they will be identified.
Now, the tares are white, but the true Israel, the true line of the patriarchs, the true Aryan people, Aryan meaning a son of Yahweh, and whether they were in India or Persia,
Hey Alex, how are you?
Good to be on again.
I'll be a lot briefer than that.
I just wanted to talk real quick about the Supreme Court Justice David Souter's private property.
Yeah, let's take it and build a hotel there.
You know, I've got to vehemently oppose you on that.
I was being sarcastic.
I understand.
Just because we're going to violate somebody else's rights, don't violate his.
We need to start thinking, speaking, and acting like adults.
We have to stop this mob mentality of go get them.
Well, the guy did this to illustrate the absurdity.
I understand that, but this guy's no different than the guy that lives next door to you or down the street.
People seem to forget that America is filled with crappy people.
I don't know.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
I don't think that we should... I think it's treasonous what the Supreme Court's done.
I understand that.
I think it is cute.
I think it's cute what those developers have done.
I agree with that, too, but this guy is still an American.
And we should be... Granted, he made a crappy decision, in my opinion, too, but...
We let them do it to him, just like they do to criminals.
You know what?
Well, we're only going to do it to the criminals.
They're doing it to Americans.
We can't just sit back and go, well, hey, he made a bad call, so let him fry.
Well, obviously the city isn't going to take his property.
This is an illustration.
I understand that, but it is an illustration, because if we allow them to do it to these people, granted they made the decision that screwed us all.
They're going to do it to everybody.
Well, we shouldn't follow those orders.
Those orders are totally criminal.
Absolutely agree with you.
God bless.
Take care.
Talk to you later.
Take care.
Great points.
And Annette, again, I gave you a couple of segments.
I don't like cutting you off, but I just have to.
I've got so many callers here.
I've been running on at the mouth, so I seem to have that disease, but it's perfect for this to have a talk show.
We'll go to Dan and John and Stan and others.
We've got Paul Watson coming up.
We'll go through all the news.
Check it out.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Already into hour number two of this transmission against tyranny.
Cast them.
The expansion of the Pan-American Union has passed the committee of the Senate.
It's about to pass the committee in the House, they're saying.
It could be before the full House and Senate as early as tomorrow afternoon.
And there's just a bunch of other news.
It's all coming up with Paul Watson in the next segment.
Let's go back to your calls.
Dan in Ohio.
Dan, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Great show.
I think you're a true patriot.
Two quick questions.
You know, I have a five-week-old baby, and next month I'm due to take him back into the office for a round of four vaccine shots.
And, you know, you talk a lot about the Marisol and the different vaccines, but
What are you to do?
I mean, are you just not supposed to have your child vaccinated?
Well, I personally haven't vaccinated my children.
You have not.
But I also don't throw them into a pit of 50 other children in the daycare center where everybody's on antibiotics, basically seeping superbugs that are 10,000 generations of highly trained bacteria that have become immune to everything under the sun.
What about when they go to school, though, and they're not vaccinated?
Well, number one, the other children aren't, quote, in danger because they've had the vaccines, and your child then isn't in danger from them.
But I'm not saying that they won't get measles, but we all got it before.
Now they have a vaccine for that.
I'm not saying that they... I mean, they admit the meningitis injection is very dangerous, but so is meningitis.
But, you know, where all the meningitis is coming from, they admit, third world.
They got a whooping cough shot.
Well, we didn't have whooping cough 20 years ago.
Now it's exploding everywhere, and they admit, even locally in the paper, there's 155 illegals that are living in one little house.
I mean, you know, you've got to do a cost-benefit analysis, but I'll tell you this.
If you're going to vaccinate,
You know, in Japan, the Japanese government advises this.
I'm not going to advise you, sir.
They don't give any vaccines until two years.
Because your baby's little.
They can't handle it.
They don't have any immune system.
It's very toxic.
And then if you're going to have vaccines, demand to see those ampules.
And it's going to say thimerosal, and you're going to go, wait a minute, the news said it's not in there.
Well, yes, it is.
Are some of the companies now starting to take it out?
Yes, they're offering small lots of it, and the news just says it's no longer in there.
But, no, it's in the lion's share of them.
But you can specifically request it, and maybe your doctor... Yeah, and that doctor won't have it.
If you're going to a poor doctor's office that serves the poor, you're going to have the worst stuff.
Sometimes, you know, 20-year-old stuff.
This is a sick joke, sir.
And I'm not saying vaccines, if they were made properly, wouldn't have some benefits.
But they also, even when they're good vaccines, have always had dangers.
Remember when all the top doctors and nurses said no two years ago, two and a half years ago to the smallpox shot?
Remember, they were ordered to take it by all the state governments.
11 million public workers, remember?
Type it in.
99% of health workers and government workers refused.
Because the top doctors and even Tommy Thompson finally had to admit, okay, this will actually give you smallpox.
This will actually, you know, percentage of people, what, 3%, give them smallpox and could cause a smallpox epidemic, and it only covered one strain of non-weaponized, when supposedly our enemies have weaponized smallpox, it wouldn't even help against it.
I think that's great advice, and just out of curiosity, how old are your children?
Are they, you know... They're small.
They're small still, okay.
And, you know, switching gears here, another topic I wanted to quickly ask you about,
...is the stock market.
You personally, are you invested in the markets or are you invested more in tangible assets?
No, I'm not invested in the markets.
I mean, I really, I don't even have the money to pay off my house, but I'm not in a bunch of extra debt.
But I mean, if something were to happen, I mean... I have a small reserve of gold and a small reserve of cash.
We have family property and stuff we can go to if we need to.
And I know family that I have that has more money than I do.
They are not in the stock market now.
Yeah, well, you know, the research shows that most of the wealthiest people in the world now are starting to sell off all their stocks and bonds and investing in gold, silver, and property.
Yeah, it's not a good sign, is it?
No, it's not.
It looks like pre-'29 crash.
Hey, I appreciate your time.
Take care.
Thank you.
We'll be right back.
Paul Watson, straight ahead.
John and others, stay there.
We're good to go.
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All right, 8 minutes, 12 seconds into this hour, second segment.
Paul Joseph Watson, who is my webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv, joins us.
His brother Steve Watson also teams up there.
We have Ryan Slickheisen and my wife, who run Infowars.com.
By the way, we've radically expanded InfoWars.com and improved it, as we have radically expanded and improved InfoWars.com, and so I do want to thank all of the great folks to make these websites possible.
Coming up later, I have Fox News trying to explain away Carl Cameron, whose wife is in the Bush administration, and then they, by the way, vacation with the Bushes.
I thought I'd mention that, just like Bill Clinton does.
Trying to explain away the stage-clapping...
By the military for Bush last night.
The emperor being seen with his troops as usual.
And we have learned that they did try, with a warm-up comedian, to try to get the troops all fired up.
But then they didn't cheer for the president, and so Bush staffers started the clapping, and then they tried to say, oh, spontaneous clapping, and then Fox News got caught, so they sent out the Bush apologist Carl Cameron.
They wouldn't do that.
They just have hundreds of millions of dollars of fake newscasts and put out fake reports and have screened town hall audiences.
So really, Paul Watson, this just illustrates how controlled things are, doesn't it?
Well, yeah, I've said it many times before.
Bush lives in a kind of Truman Show because he admittedly doesn't read the newspapers.
He's surrounded by yes-men who just parrot what he's saying and give him his orders.
And then he has all these town hall meetings which are scripted down the line, and then you have something like this happen last night, this staged cheering, which is obviously meant to provoke a wider outburst of cheering for Bush, and it didn't work, so Fox News had to explain it away.
Yes, the troops had been ordered to not cheer, then we checked into it, they'd actually had a warm-up guy for the crowd to get them to cheer.
Well, even Cameron on that video clip admits they had a warm-up guy, but under their whitewash of it, their spin, it was to get the enthusiasm out of them so they could then calm down and watch the president.
Oh, really?
I've been on national TV shows with an audience several times.
They always have a warm-up guy to get people to cheer.
Exactly, but Fox is trying to spin it to make us believe it was meant to have the opposite effect, which is ludicrous.
Not only has Carl Cameron's wife worked for Bush at a high level, we've also had the anchor that was talking to him, and he's best Bush buddies too.
Well, they all are.
I mean, watching Fox News, it's obvious that it's just the White House Propaganda Bureau.
Well, it used to make me mad, but every once in a while I watch it now, and it's like a cartoon or something.
Well, the last time I watched it was after the so-called capture of Al-Qaeda number three.
Of course, it turned out it was a different guy with a similar name.
But they had current, not former, but current CIA officials on there laughing and snickering about how they wished they were in the interrogation rooms with the Pakistanis so they could put pressure on the latest capture.
And it was on Brit Hume, I believe, and they were all snickering about it together.
It was very sick.
But hey, the military's putting out a cookbook about how great it is at Abu Ghraib, Paul.
And how great it is at Camp X-Ray.
The food must be great, so great that half the camp went on a hunger strike two years ago.
Why did they go on a hunger strike?
Because they were being tortured to death.
Well, actually, General Rick Baucus didn't quit over torture, as we first heard.
He was angry because the food was so good he was getting fat.
Paul, it's getting crazier and crazier.
Now they're saying that the Downing Street memos are a conspiracy when the British government admits they're authentic, Paul.
Well, yeah, we talked about it last week with Limbaugh raising the possibility that they were fake because of the journalists for the London Times who did the first story on them.
Michael Smith was, in his foggy memory, linked to a Michael Smith who was involved with the CBS Wathergate scandal.
Of course, that turned out to be completely false.
CBS had to come out and say it was false, and then Limbaugh quietly dropped the subject.
Many have other... How common is Michael Smith?
That's got to be probably the most common name.
Exactly, but Limbaugh seems to drudge it out of his memory as being somehow linked to the CBS scandal.
They say Smith is the most common, then it's Jones, and Michael, I know, is one of the most common.
David, John, and Michael.
So one of the most common names, then it turned out it was false.
I mean, he had to know that was just made up.
I'm in another country, Paul.
Well, yeah, and in a similar case, you've got Phil Hendry, who is a kind of satirical talk show host, but still backs the establishment on most issues, sending out emails to giant email lists consisting of CBS, New York Times, CNN,
Saying that the memo is a fake, that he heard it was a fake.
And now that's becoming the kind of rumor mill background story.
Well, they do this.
They have these shows like Oil Storm, where it's done with real news footage, and people then think it's real.
They have all these shows now, these docudramas, where you can't tell what's real, and you can't tell what's not.
And I've heard Phil Henry do this.
He'll do serious ranting and raving supporting Bush, then he'll cut into some piece that's obviously a joke, Paul.
It's all designed to muddy the waters because at that level, most of his listeners aren't intellectually aware enough to pick out satire from... Well, proving that, his callers, and he's been on for like five, six years nationally, his callers are so dumbed down that that's the comedy of the show is people calling in that don't know it's fake.
And I mean, I remember he had
When the pictures got released of Princess Diana's car crash death scene, he had people calling in saying how they wanted to see the pictures and how great they were, so it gets pretty sick.
Well, before we get off, since you mentioned names, Limbaugh, knowing that Michael Smith wasn't the Michael Smith, it's a separate CBS American, and you've got this other guy trying to claim that, and that's the evidence that it's fake when the government admits these seven or eight memos.
How many is it now, Paul?
It's at least eight.
Okay, so, I mean, it's a new one every few weeks, but I want to make a point here.
Every week now, I get some mean email that I happen to read.
I'm sure I'm getting more.
I miss a lot of them.
Or my staff brings to my attention this stuff.
Oh, you're a sellout.
You're evil.
You work for the New York Times.
You have a show on NPR.
No, that's a 60-something-year-old man named Alex S. Jones, the head of the Schorzenstein Center, who lives in New York City and is friends with David Gergen.
Alex Jones.
Alex is one of the most common names.
Jones is in the running for the most common.
I am not a 65-year-old man from New York City.
And there's another Alex E. Jones, and I'm Alex E. Jones.
He's like Alex Eric Jones.
I'm Alex Emmerich Jones.
In Canada, who's like 50-something years old, owns a huge chain of factories, and now, Paul, I've been accused of being a globalist billionaire factory owner, Paul.
And I contacted the person and told them to stop doing it, and they said, no, no, I know it's you.
Well, you're not accused because your name is Paul Watson.
Paul Joseph Watson, because Goebbels' name was Paul Joseph Goebbels, you have been accused of being Hitler.
No, I'm not kidding.
Tell them about that.
Well, that's right.
It was a serious news article.
It wasn't even a joke.
My name's Paul Joseph Watson.
Goebbels was called Paul Joseph Goebbels, so that automatically means that I must have the same mindset as Goebbels.
And as proof, I have a radio rebroadcast at night when Hitler used to have broadcasts because people are more influenceable.
Yeah, so that means you're Hitler.
It's mindless mudslinging and obviously none of it sticks.
The reason I raise this is that people have got to be more discerning.
I mean, there is an Alex R. Jones who's a Scientologist, and I saw the websites.
I am now this Alex Jones.
I am a, again, 50-something-year-old man with black hair.
Paul, I have no defense.
I'm an industrialist in Canada.
I am Alex S. Jones of the Shorenstein Center.
I have a show on NPR.
Now, listen, I got credit, and I had to say on air it wasn't me.
When they had those, a Motley Band, you get beat up by police for no reason.
Alex, I think it's Alex A. Jones, here in Austin, he's a photographer for the Statesman.
He shot video of it.
And it was Alex Jones on the news, and I got all the credit, because I wasn't there, of course, but I still got the credit, Paul.
But I'm him, too.
I'm that 25-year-old, too, Paul.
Well, it's frustrating when the level we go to document our claims, and yet people believe this sort of stuff right off the bat without even scratching the surface.
Yeah, I mean, Michael Smith, it's just all a lie.
It's what they want to believe.
So, I mean, they don't do any research on it, and they just take it as gospel.
But it is a very small minority, obviously, that do that.
Well, I'm going to be honest.
I'm going to let the cat out of the bag, Paul.
I'm actually all of these people.
I'm a shape-shifting reptoid.
And I'm actually Alex S. Jones and Alex E. Jones.
I'm all these Alex Joneses.
Did you know that?
That's news to me.
I shouldn't even joke about it.
It's going to know.
Hey, you want to make a bet?
Actually, I bet that turns into a story.
Jones admits he's a reptilian.
Everything's a story with the amount of internet forums out there.
You can find anything you want.
Well, the cat's out of the bag, Paul.
How does it feel to work for a Reptoid?
Very comforting indeed.
Are you a Reptoid?
Are you or have you ever been a Reptoid?
No, but I hope under your training I will become one sometime in the future.
Ah, now you've really given them the secret.
Oh, man.
Watch out.
I bet this ends up being a story.
Folks, that's why we may lose this fight, though.
We've got to stay focused on serious issues, not kooky stuff.
And, Paul, I'm going to shut up now.
When we get back, I want to get your take on Senate panels since Catherine LaFleur, all the incredible losses accelerating in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Patriot Act now has been used on homeless people.
It's admitted.
The talk of grabbing one of the justices' houses, David Souter's home, because he's grabbing other people's houses.
We'll talk about it all.
And another victory in England, Paul.
That's right, with the British ID card.
And how that feeds into the EU in trouble.
We'll get to it after the break.
And your calls, ladies and gentlemen.
Be sure to stay with us.
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All right, Paul.
The Senate panel is sending CAFTA to the floor.
It is the Pan-American Union expansion.
This is out of Reuters.
Your comments on it.
You've been under EU assault for most of your life over there.
How are folks responding to the EU and to the national ID cards in your country?
We're turning away from it in droves.
You had the guy on your show a couple of weeks ago, I forgot his name, promoting the STAA and CAFTA.
Under the guise of it's just a free trade area.
Well, that's exactly how the EU started out.
Yeah, it was Mr. Priest from the Council on Foreign Relations.
That's how the EU started out and now it's the central bureaucratic dictatorship and its very policies have almost the exact same names from the German translation which appeared in Hitler's Mein Kampf.
But nothing to worry about again.
Europe is obviously turning away from the EU now.
In 2002 we had in France and the Netherlands Le Pen in France who came out with a policy at a time when he was in with a very good chance of ousting Jacques Chirac for the French presidency.
Yeah, he lost the battle but won the war.
Exactly, they portrayed him as a racist.
And then in the Netherlands, his name slips me at the moment, but
The man who almost, well he did in fact, posthumously win the Dutch presidency.
But he was assassinated before the vote in very suspicious circumstances.
Yeah, that was by a greenie.
Obvious mind control op.
It had all the signals of being that.
And he had the exact same platform.
Close the border, get out of the EU, become self-dependent, have sovereignty.
Which is very evil, of course, so he was physically assassinated, whereas Le Pen was just character assassinated.
But three years later, in both France and the EU, they just rejected the EU constitution.
They actually had a choice, unlike the Germans, whose government just passed it through anyway without even consulting their population.
So in Britain we have the same sentiment.
The single currency was meant to be on track years ago.
Now it seems the government won't have a referendum on it because they know they didn't lose it.
And now in Blair they're saying this could have the same effect as the poll tax and cause actual physical riots if for the seventh time he tries to pass a national ID card.
Tell us about the poll tax and how that integrates in with the national ID card.
On the back of everything else that they're trying to ram through and is falling flat on its face, the British ID card seems to be going the same way.
Because according to the government rigged polls where in the past they actually got caught fixing the numbers, they said 80% of the public supported ID cards.
Everyone I've talked to opposes them, but that's beside the point.
Because the way they're trying to sell them is on the grounds of convenience.
But as soon as the public found out that they'd have to pay what is the equivalent of $400 for the biometric card, the support dropped dramatically.
So first the government got caught lying about the cost, and now they've been caught in another lie about how they're going to pay for it.
The government's plan to finance the scheme is based around them selling the ID card data of 44 million British adults to private companies, as the Independent reported.
And the government stated in their own promise, quote, unlike electoral registers, the National Identity Register will not be open for any general access or inspection.
So again, another blatant lie.
But at the same time, they're saying in public reports we're going to sell the data.
We hear this line again and again about potential terrorists not being able to fake ID cards under any circumstances because they're going to be so secure.
Meanwhile, the government's busy hawking our information to any company that wants it.
Which then causes more identity theft.
Most identity theft is the sale of data, not the theft of it.
And then when the crisis is created of identity theft skyrocketing, oh, we need biometrics!
Yeah, that's when it moves to the implantable stage.
And all this information selling on the back of the map, the card scandal, with them losing 40 million people's data.
So even on their own arguments of data protection, you can defeat them.
Blair came out at the start of all this and said that the ID cards would protect people's privacy.
Up is down, down is up.
Meanwhile, they're selling all the information across the board.
And now something else they've covered up has emerged that the ID cards are not just going to be biometric, but they're going to contain RFID chips, which we can talk about after the break.
Yeah, the Scotsman admits there'll be tracker chips that can be read from a distance.
Also want to get into the Patriot Act being used against homeless people.
Yes, mainstream news.
Oh, it's only to fight the terrorists.
And your call, so stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we're going to move fast through the news now.
We've got Paul Watson riding a shotgun with us.
A Texas representative is coming on.
He's introducing legislation to fight the land grabbing that's going on with last Thursday's Supreme Court ruling about six days ago.
The USA Patriot Act targeting American citizens.
Homeland Security agents visit toy store.
In terror war, second track for suspects.
can hold citizens as enemy combatants.
Court, U.S.
Patriot Act being used to harass blackboxvoting.org website.
I've got four pages of these.
I can't read them all, but the latest, Townsites Patriot Act, in response to homeless man sued Associated Press.
And it says, Patriot Act vs. U.S.
The United States Patriot Act allows the government to find out which books Internet sites a person sees.
It's about a warrant, I would add.
It also lets investigators secretly search someone's home or monitor people's phone calls via email, all in the name of fighting terrorism.
By the way, everybody always focuses on the libraries.
They also do this with the records at bookstores, what you buy.
Now a New Jersey town being sued for kicking homeless people out of a train station, where they come and eat the vending machines and sit down, claims the Patriot Act allows it to do that as well.
In an answer to a federal lawsuit brought by a homeless man, Richard Kremer, who objected to being told to leave the Summit train station, the city says its conduct is protected by the Patriot Act and the lawsuit should be barred.
The city cited a section of the law regarding attacks and other violence against mass transportation systems.
Unless they've been smoking those funny cigarettes, I can't see how my civil lawsuit has anything to do with the Patriot Act, said Kramer 55, who was acting as his own lawyer.
I can't figure it out.
So this is the new freedom, Paul.
We can kick out whoever we want out of public places because you might be a terrorist.
Well, yeah, they'll use it in any situation with any justification.
As he said, we've got that page on prisonplanet.com.
Which frankly needs to be updated again.
The last article in there is I believe December, January.
So I mean there are even more cases than that.
We've got cases of artists being involved with...
Using specific biological agents, which are completely harmless, to create their art, being brought up on bioterrorism charges under the Patriot Act.
Well, let me continue.
Secret Service questions students.
Boy investigated by FBI for research paper on Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
Photographer arrested under Patriot Act.
FBI says Patriot Act used in Vegas strip club corruption probe.
Webmaster Sherman Austin jailed under Patriot Act.
Patriot Act increasingly used against common criminals.
Patriot Act available against many types of criminals.
Patriot Act 2, cash wide net.
Page after page, Paul.
Yeah, also a Denver photographer taking pictures during a visit of Dick Cheney was arrested and physically assaulted, arrested under the Patriot Act.
So again, this lie that it just targets terrorists and Muslims is again exposed as completely fraudulent.
The real terrorists, according to them, are us.
Well, Paul, you are evil.
But, uh...
I mean, where does it end?
I mean, I love the politicians.
They get on TV and say, it's like they have a script or something.
Show me one person that's ever had this used against them who wasn't a terrorist or wasn't a suspect.
And then no one's ever there on the Senate committee or on Fox TV to challenge what they're saying.
I'd love to be able to have them issue that challenge to me.
Well, exactly.
I mean, the main challenges are on the grounds of
You know, people like Jose Padilla being held for three years without charge, which is completely wrong, and it's the flagrant abuse of it.
Yeah, he's so guilty, show us.
But in truth, he was just some patsy who the FBI and others had tried to get involved in their operations so they could later pin it on somebody.
What, not one person charged in relation with 9-11?
And they just hold Padilla?
I mean, those arguments are brought up in things like the Sensenbrenner hearing, where he walked off with the gavel, just closed down the meeting, but never where it's used against American citizens, which is really what can break the deception of most people who don't really care about this, because they think it's all directed towards Muslims and terrorists, when in
Most of the cases, it's not.
As is proven by the archive we have on the website.
Well, they're using it in drug cases all over the country, but they run public service announcement that drugs fund Al-Qaeda, so hence that's the argument.
Here's another one.
Supreme Court justice faces boot from home.
Developer wants lost Liberty Hotel built upon property of David Souter.
A private developer contacted the local government and...
Supreme Court Justice David Souter's hometown in New Hampshire yesterday asking that the property of the judge who voted in favor of the controversial decision allowing the city to take residents' homes for private development be seized to make room for a new hotel.
Logan Clements faxed a request to Chip Meaney, the code enforcement officer of the town of Weir, New Hampshire, seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Silly Hill Road, the present locations of Suter's home.
And yeah, that hotel will pay more taxes and that hotel will bring money to the town.
Why not bulldoze his house, Paul?
Yeah, there's also that case in the Houston Chronicle
Where the seafront businesses are getting bulldozed for the new Marina Club for the rich elitists.
And finally, World Net Daily has covered it with some, but by no means all, of the real details which were blacked out of the original press reports late last week.
They've got an article, Homeowners Stand Firm Despite High Court Ruling.
Where Joseph Farrer, World Net Daily editor, had Chris DeFaro on his show, who you had on last week.
And the revving bulldozers are mentioned in the article, but only one sentence right at the end.
Well, we did email it to Newsmax, Drudge, we challenged everyone, because every time we talk to a local, this is all they talk about, but it had never been in the news.
This is admitted stuff, and so we have to commend World Net Daily for doing something.
For doing something, yeah, but again, the details about, you know, old people having heart attacks, um,
Go ahead, Paul.
Blind people making deathbed pleas.
Did they talk about how they're going to make them pay back rent on the property, even though they own it, and how they devalued $215,000 houses down to $60,000 by condemning it?
Yeah, that's not mentioned in the World Net Daily thing.
Yeah, I scanned over it and didn't see it.
Neither is where they threw out the apartment tenants in the middle of winter, and they had to break back into their own apartment.
Why won't anybody report on this?
I don't know.
I mean, I emailed it personally to World Net Daily.
I mean, it's true.
It's sensational.
It would make everybody a lot more angry about what's happened.
But the real details aren't being covered.
And World Net Daily did this watered-down article, and that's it.
There's nothing on Newsmax, Drudge, any of the blogs, nothing anywhere about the real horrific details that we covered in this article directly from one of the residents involved.
Yeah, it says bulldozers were parked across the street and the engines were revved in the early morning hours for no apparent reason.
They don't mention how they drive up to the house, rev the bulldozers, and say, sign it or we're going to destroy it.
That's the reason.
Well, exactly.
It's not for no reason.
It's intimidation fear tactics.
I don't understand it, Paul.
I was kind of disappointed.
It's kind of a watered-down puff piece.
Well, I don't know what's going on, but it's getting scarier and scarier.
We've got to force the alternative media to report on these type of issues.
I mean, look, we don't even care if they give us credit, but we told World Net Daily, we don't care if we're mentioned.
Please, get this out to people.
But luckily, a lot of other websites did link to our story, Paul, and it did get a lot of readership, so the truth is at least out there for some people.
Well, yeah, and obviously it was on the Yahoo group, which has got 5,000 members.
In relation to that, one way in which people can help us in getting these big stories out
Is that we now have RSS, which is Real Simple Syndication, which allows people to take our big headlines, which are all posted as soon as they're posted on the website, in that Yahoo group, and put them on their own website or in their own blogs.
And is there a little key for them to click on to do that?
Yeah, there's a link down the left-hand side of prisonplanet.com that says RSS Syndicate Our Headlines, a link to the instructions on how to do it.
Blog technology has it as standard where you can just put in the link and it automatically does it, and the link's there on that page.
For others, you have to get what's called a news aggregator, which is a free software program.
You can download it from a dozen different places.
Well, I've never really promoted our Yahoo group, but it's already the second biggest political Yahoo group.
It's only like, what, 100 or something away from being the biggest?
Well, I don't think I've seen one bigger, personally.
No, you can click on the politics section.
It's got them all listed, and it's like number two.
But yeah, I mean, most of the Yahoo groups have 200, 300 members.
The InfoWars one, as you can see...
On the home page it says about, what is it, 5,500 members?
It's 5,700.
5,693, so seven away from 5,700.
And that amount of people getting our big headlines just from that, as well as the hundreds of thousands who visit from the website and link in from other websites.
So that is a way for your own website to promote our headlines and spread the word on big articles, such as the homeowner's article which went up on Friday.
Yeah, I should promote that Yahoo news group more.
I mean, I've never really promoted it.
You update it almost every day, so it's a good little thing.
Another subject here, Paul.
Good news.
New York bans mercury in vaccines.
And other states is pending in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington.
So it looks like the word's getting out, Paul.
The word's getting out that the world is round.
Mercury's not good for you.
Here's another one.
White House covered up immigration study.
Federal survey showed Bush amnesty plan encouraged illegals to enter.
We don't need a federal study to say that total legalization that he announced that he wanted to carry out brought record levels in.
Tom Tancredo, though, is now exposing it.
Your comment, Paul?
Well, exactly.
I mean...
Another Bush conservative measure and then people like Schwarzenegger back it up as stopping illegal immigration when as you said it's like stopping murder by legalising murder and then there'd be no murders.
Same thing in Britain where Tony Blair's got caught doing secret deals with foreign governments with arms and money so they can get more immigrants into the country.
So same deal across the board.
It's about vulcanizing, bringing in other groups to turn everybody against each other.
Let's take a few calls and we'll plunge into other news items here.
Let's go ahead.
Who's up first here?
Who should I go to first, guys?
John in New York.
John, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Oh, hello.
I've been hanging around since 12 noon.
Okay, sir.
Well, anyway, Alex, you know, has done a really good job of...
What can I do for you?
I was just wondering if you could do like what they did in the JFK movie and have a public phone number where people could call in who wanted to get the JFK documents released.
I was wondering if you could, like on your website or on your films, have some lobby numbers for the major media.
Well, we do have that on it on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
We have links to all the major numbers in Congress, to the states, how to send them an email.
Paul, tell them all about it.
Yeah, if you go to Activist Center or Activism down the left-hand side in the archives section on PrisonPlanet.com, you've got a section on that page, Get in Contact with Media and Elected Representatives.
It's got newspaper emails, contact phone numbers, everything that you could need.
So it's all on there.
Yeah, because if a million people called, yeah, like a million people called, say, National Public Radio or NBC or CBS News in the manner that they start asking serious questions like why NORAD stood down on the East Coast on September 11th,
You know, they couldn't ignore a million people calling the main... Well, I tend to agree with you.
Listen, I appreciate your call, and I appreciate your holding, sir.
We had to get through all that news.
Look, so many people call Washington, and I think that's important.
In the past, they did listen many times.
Now, they don't care if the poll shows 90-plus percent.
I mean, it's 90-plus, folks, are against CAFTA.
They're still looking like they may pass it.
This is unbelievable.
It's the same with the amnesty.
87% are against it.
The same with toll roads.
98% in Houston, they're still doing it.
93% in Austin, they're still doing it.
We're good to go.
Well, exactly.
We know people have been doing that.
And as you said, the live talk shows, both television and radio, are the key.
The C-SPAN, Lee Hamilton, 9-11 Commission, Whitewash.
Was it six or seven out of the 11 callers all called in about key information?
And our own little website got plugged.
So that's the key, and people have been doing that.
Let's go to the next caller.
Let's talk to Stan in Missouri.
Stan, go ahead.
Hello, Alex, and hello, Paul.
What I wanted to talk to you about today, Alex, is how bad the Missouri economy is getting to be.
This came out in the... But the news said the economy is wonderful.
Oh, don't believe anything they tell you, Alex.
You know better than that.
Missouri, this is Central Missouri News.
Only 5,900 jobs have been created in Missouri.
Let me tell you something, brother.
In the past, because we have graphs on my computer,
As I got more listeners, we would sell more videos and have greater profit and could expand.
Now, the listenership for the last two years has been doubling and then tripling in the last two years, quadrupling, a doubling each year on average.
Ted Anderson can tell you that.
He's looked at the numbers, both from Arbitron and from the Internet.
But sales and revenue go way down.
Now, see, in the past, listeners go up, revenue goes up.
No, now...
Again, it's like an ocean that doesn't have any fish in it.
Your net's bigger than ever.
More people are listening than ever.
And Clear Channel last year lost billions and billions.
Never lost money before.
They got more listeners than ever.
It's because this economy is falling apart, Stan.
Exactly right, Alex.
Even your local businesses down here in Sedalia, Missouri, they're closing their doors.
They just cannot compete with Blockbuster, Video, or any place like that.
And Alex, real quick, I've got a friend of mine called me.
There's something going on right in your area.
The sales receipts, the police are stopping people in Corpus Christi, Texas.
They don't have sales receipts out there.
Stay there.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, Paul Watson, we're going to give you five minutes in the next hour.
We're honored to have you as usual.
And we've got this state rep coming on who's fighting the Supreme Court ruling at the state level.
I'm right here in Texas.
But trying to chronicle all the corruption, all the lies, I mean, it really is mind-boggling.
But everybody knows this.
We're lied to.
The elite is corrupt.
They're out of control.
It's just so many people are still in denial about just how bad it is.
Well, to know how bad it is requires to do something like what me and you do, which is every single day literally scan dozens and dozens of newspapers, online news outlets, and catalogue that news onto the website.
I mean, there are 30 or 40 different headlines online
Every day.
Granted, some of it is victories like, you know, Joe Bannister with the IRS or the EU crumbling or people speaking out on 9-11.
A lot of good stuff is happening.
But the majority of it is horrible developments which only prove what we've been saying for years.
So to come face to face with that evil on a daily basis and then just to take all those headlines and archive them in, you know, a headline archive and then the next day it's the same and the next day after that it's the same.
When it gets to that level and the weight of the evidence is just so strong every day, then you realize really how far it's gone.
You know, we've added a lot of new things to PrisonPlanet.tv and more is coming.
I agree with you.
We're into our, what, 15th month now and the site is just massive.
Paul, tell folks about PrisonPlanet.tv.
Well, yeah, now in our 15th month, we've got basically what amounts to a library of audio interviews, video reports, books.
I mean, we've got dozens and dozens of Alex's TV reports on their own, which a lot of footage you'll see in those, you won't even hear it talked about on this show because there are so many different issues to cover.
So it's a different flavour.
And every major audio interview goes up there.
Now, the day it's made, I mean, the 9-11 expose on Monday was posted 30 minutes after the show ended.
So we're trying more and more to get things up quicker and quicker and more material up there.
And we're going to take the audio from the TV show, too, and start podcasting it each week.
Yeah, we're launching a big podcasting feature which will allow automatic downloads to people's computers.
You won't even have to seek out the new material.
It will automatically download to your computer.
So we're adding more and more.
Go to PrisonPlanet.tv.
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15 cents a day with a yearly subscription.
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Don't wait.
And look.
I literally spend about 95% of the money that comes in on the business, on fighting the New World Order, on getting webmasters and better servers and better programs and more ways to get the information out.
We are dedicated.
Paul works... How many hours a day do you work, Paul?
Well, it's not even like work to me.
It's the labor of love.
It's just what I want to do and what I'd be doing anyway.
So I basically only stop to eat.
Are you working 18 hours or what?
16, 18 hour days are quite common, yeah.
Yeah, me too.
Though sometimes I kind of get burnt out.
Stan, finish up.
I asked the cops in Galveston.
They said it was true.
If your inspection sticker's out one day, they arrest the father and the mother because they can't have the car, and they take the children to foster care.
And you mentioned Corpus Christi.
I hadn't heard about that.
Tell us.
What's going on down at Corpus?
A friend of mine called me up last night, 6 o'clock in the evening, Alex, and he told me this before.
You know your national sales tax that you've been talking about?
Well, they're already implementing it, and Corpus Christi tells me what they're doing is they've pulled somebody over, and if they don't have any sales receipt in their car for merchandise, Alex, they're absolutely arresting them.
It's unbelievable.
It's absolutely unbelievable.
Have your friend call in.
Thank you, Stan.
Third hour coming up.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-4545.
Hello, folks!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're scheduled here in about 10 minutes to have State Representative Frank Court, Republican of San Antonio, on.
He's proposing a constitutional amendment at the state level to limit local governments' power to exercise eminent domain for purely economic reasons.
Our final segment with Paul Watson.
I will get to Jim and Dave and Scott and Charles and everybody.
The next guest won't be on for long.
He's just giving us an update on his legislation.
But I want to hit a few other items here.
Paul, BBC reporting on U.S.
slave ships, prison ships where they torture people.
They don't just have them in, what, 10 or 9 different countries and 100 plus camps.
32 of them in Iraq, 2 in Guantanamo.
Now there's 2 separate camps there.
I mean, this just gets worse and worse by the minute, Paul.
Well, exactly.
They've got specially designated torture jets
Which fly out of military bases and even commercial airports that transport these people to and from these different torture locations.
They basically, they've admitted that they outsource torture.
And it's such a booming business, they lease the Red Sox jet.
Again, it's that corporate government link.
Same thing where they have the blimp in New York, sponsored by Fuji.
And they've admitted now these prison shift allegations, but again, it's the UN investigation which will allow... So that makes the UN look good like the good cop, meanwhile we'll whitewash it.
Paul, we first talked about this two months ago when the city of San Francisco tried to regulate and tax any political speech.
Now bloggers plead for freedom from election laws, from regulatory controls and fines if you make any statement about a politician.
Paul, is this freedom?
No, it's not.
As you mentioned, under these campaign finance laws, they're going to regulate bloggers.
That's the quote from the FCC commissioner, that they seek to do that.
Well, I'll say whatever I want about George Bush or Bill Clinton or Hillary, and I'll say whatever I want about any of these people.
I'll say whatever I want about Tony Blair, and I'm never going to go under their regulation.
I got the First Amendment.
You may say there's no freedom left, you bastards, but there is.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
That's the point.
Even on that level...
The vast majority of blogs do not fundraise for anyone.
They're not even saying fundraising.
They're saying if you link to a political ad.
We link to ads all the time to talk about how they're a pack of liars, Paul.
Yeah, we're equal opportunity offenders.
We've got a minute and a half left in this segment.
Anything else?
Any other news items you want to cover?
Just on the British ID card, they've now admitted that it's going to contain an RFID scanner chip.
So that's literally one step away from the mandatory embedded chip.
They're going to scan us like a box of cornflakes within the supermarket from cradle to grave.
Fox News yesterday had a whole newscast about how wonderful the implantable chips are.
We all need them, Paul.
Well, yeah.
I mean, where's it going with all these free speech zones and the right to protest needing government permission, as was the case in my own home city last week where they gave the residents ID cards to get in their own homes.
You know, how long will it be after they've introduced these RFID cards?
Excuse me?
ID cards to get in their homes?
Yeah, a G8 forum in preparation for the G8 in Scotland was actually held in my home city of Sheffield.
They shut down half the city.
Oh yeah, they did that in Georgia a few years ago.
And gave the residents who lived there who weren't even protesting ID cards to get back in their own homes.
And so how long before they have these sensors to alert the authorities if you leave the authorised perimeter zone with your RFID card?
That's not just my forecast.
Every privacy-orientated organisation in Britain joined together in April and put out a press release saying the same thing, that the aim is to monitor the movements and activities of entire populations in an unprecedented project of social control.
Oh, that's a nice quote.
Well, Paul, you've radically expanded PrisonPlanet.com.
So many new features, so much more news.
We're driving the news in many cases.
We report on it.
It gets picked up and magnified.
We're effecting change, and I want to commend you for your dedication to liberty and freedom in Western civilization.
So God bless you, buddy.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care.
We'll be right back with the state representative, who's doing a great job.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, eight minutes and ten seconds into this third hour.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, about from 9 to midnight.
If your station doesn't carry our first five minutes, I talked about how we were going to have this great guest on, and he is here joining us, Frank Court.
He is a state representative, Republican out of San Antonio, who has proposed a constitutional amendment to limit local government's power to exercise eminent domain for purely economic reasons.
Now before we go to our guest, who I really want to thank joining us, let me read out of the San Antonio Express News today, out of their Austin Bureau.
Court leaves charge for landowner rights.
In the early 1940s, Wright Gore, who we interviewed yesterday, took everything he owned and put it into a seafood company in Freeport along the banks of the Brazos River about 56 miles south of Houston.
The company grew and prospered over the decades, and today Western Seafood, still a family-owned business, employs 56 people and takes in roughly $40 million a year stocking restaurant kitchens around the country.
But that doesn't... Oh, by the way, and they buy the catch of over... What did he say yesterday?
Over 1,000 ships.
It's a very competitive business.
They bring in about 40 million.
I was talking to him.
They only make half a million a year.
But the point is that all those thousands of ships and boats that come in.
But that doesn't impress Freeport officials who are trying to condemn the property out of the belief that public would be better served with an upscale marina on the prime stretch of waterfront the seafood plant occupies.
Imminent domain, the right of governmental entities to seize land for public good has been around since the nation's founding.
Not public good, public projects like highways and things that can't be stopped.
But it's things that everybody uses.
But a 5-4 ruling last week by the U.S.
Supreme Court upheld the power of local governments to condemn private property for more private purposes than the building of a highway or public infrastructure.
Now, again, we have New London, Connecticut.
We've interviewed the locals there.
Folks, they come in and condemn the houses and give them $60,000 for a $215,000 house on the books.
On the tax rolls.
And no one is safe if this happens.
And of course, now a developer is part of a sick joke.
I think it's great.
I don't think it would be great if it actually happened, but it points things out.
It has put in a bid to seize the home of Souter, who helped pass this.
He was the deciding vote on the court.
He wants this guy's big mansion now to build a hotel, after all, to bring in more taxes.
The foundation of a free society is private property.
It generates wealth.
It generates independence.
It generates a strong family.
I don't have to diatribe on this.
We all know it.
99% of Americans in a CNN poll are against it.
I saw another Gallup poll, 98%.
So no one is for this, and it's unconstitutional.
And all the other case law, 230 years of it, says this is a fraud.
So I don't care what the Supreme Court says.
I'm disregarding this ruling.
But to stand up and fight it, we need leaders, public servants...
Like Frank Court, who doesn't think he's our God, like some of these politicians.
And Representative Court, it's a real honor to have you on with us.
Well, thank you very much, Alex.
I'm really honored to be on your show, and thank you for those great compliments.
I will tell you that listening to you, and you've done a great job in articulating the principle that I stand on,
It's about protection of private property, about protection of a person's desire, American dream I call it, to create a business, to create opportunities, to create jobs is what America is about and also to own that private property and to do what you can best do with it, obviously obeying the laws, but to have it taken away and give it to another private individual is just wrong and that's what this Supreme Court decision allows.
The one good thing about the decision, and a lot of folks say, well, how can it be good, is that they did say that the states still have the powers to restrict it, which, thank God for them saying that, because the states do have the powers to give to the cities and the counties, at least that's the way we do it here in the state of Texas, and so it's my intent in the constitutional amendment to restrict that power of in and domain for primarily economic development and
And we've got a lot of support.
It's really phenomenal.
It doesn't surprise me in the poll that you cited that Americans don't support it.
But we've got to make sure that we don't allow an interpretation of taking someone's land here in Texas or anywhere else for that matter, hopefully, as this decision has been made.
And so that's why I want to try to pass this measure now.
When are we going to have a special session?
I know that they basically passed nothing in the last session, so is it going to be so clogged up that we need to put pressure on the governor and the lieutenant governor to make sure your proposal is first and foremost?
Well, I will tell you that we are in a special session here in Texas on school finance.
We have been since the 20th, and that was prior... Actually, we got back on Tuesday of last week, which was one day prior to the Supreme Court decision.
And it's to address school finance and property tax relief, and I'm supportive of that.
And last night in the House, we did pass the school reform aspect of it, and hopefully we'll have the revenue aspect to get the money to buy down the property taxes.
But it is not on the call.
And in special sessions, the governor has to have it on the call.
We've talked to the governor's office.
And they are supportive in the regards of this is a great issue, but we want to address school finance.
This has got to happen now.
They're all over the state talking about stealing property.
And you're right.
It does need to happen now, and we're making that case.
Well, Representative Court, why do we need an amendment?
What about just a state law saying that...
Saying that you can't take private property for private interest.
Well, first of all, I'm not an attorney.
I'm a businessman.
And also, I'm serving the Marine Corps Reserve as a colonel.
So, you know, I have no legal background, except for what I've been told by other lawyers.
But they tell me to make sure that we can be able to defend it better in the courts.
If we do pass this, that a statutory bill could be easily knocked down.
So we're hoping to pass... Well, I guarantee you, if the governor called up the city of Freeport...
Well, they may.
But I think that having a constitutional measure is a strong will of intent of the legislature and the people of Texas.
No, I think that's a great idea, Representative.
I just think that we've got to get something now.
And I think you're right, because two reasons.
One is we need to establish the standard, and the standard being the prohibition, and keeping the human domain powers the way they are now.
And not to allow any more, whatever instances, whether it's Freeport or any others that are doing this, and possibly case law.
Well, there's also moral authority.
I mean, there's also moral authority.
What about the sense of the legislature having the House and Senate, you know, just have a unanimous vote or see who will vote, you know, a 99 to whatever vote, and then just say knock it off and then stop it?
I think that would probably be enough moral authority to really hurt them.
And we may do that.
Our Constitutional Measure was referred to committee.
We have to go to committee first.
Right now I have 97 House members who have signed on as co-sponsors.
To pass the Constitutional Measure we have to have two-thirds in both chambers, so that means 100.
But I feel very confident that we will have that in the House.
I know we will have a very large majority in support of this.
So I think that's one of our options, too, and I think it's a very good measure.
I'm glad you brought it up.
We do need to convince the... I say, you know, not convince, but to ask the governor, the citizens need to ask the governor to add this to the call.
I'm asking when I'm on the radio to have citizens call.
I have a letter that's signed by the 97 members to ask the governor to add it to the call.
How do we go to your subsection of the state's website?
Or do you have a personal website?
Yeah, I'll tell you what.
We have the House website, which has links to, you know, obviously the governor and the Senate, but that would be www.house.
I know I put you on the spot.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm standing here and kind of... House.tex.us?
Yes, .us, right.
And there may be... Actually, it's www.capital.house.tx.us.
All right, or just type in... Can we talk... I mean...
I tell you what, just do a Google search for the state of Texas and they'll have it on there because I've done that many times myself where I couldn't remember it.
I know, it's 14 feet long.
I can barely remember it.
And I'm on there every week.
What about, do we have a number for your measure now that's gone to committee?
Yes, it is.
It's H.J.R.
House Joint Resolution 19.
And we are, like I say, it's been referred to committee and we can continue it through the process whether it's on the call or not.
And now, you know, there could be somebody when we got to the House floor that could call a point of order because it's not on the call.
But, you know, that's just a probable situation.
You know, we want it to be added to the call.
I think the governor is supportive of it.
You know, the governor of Texas does a great job.
But let's face it, in the legislative process, they don't have a lot of power.
No, it's the lieutenant governor.
Yeah, right, and you know that, and a lot of Texans know that.
So, I mean, you know, if we don't address the issue, and he thinks, I mean, to bring us back in a special session is very legitimate, and for him to say, or whoever the governor is, them to say that, hey, you know, we think you ought to do this, and we do support this, I'm not offended by that, but I do think that I can continue to make my case that it needs to be a part of his call, and I hope that he does that soon.
And I think that we will address school finance, and I think we'll be addressing this.
Now, hopefully we'll have enough time to do that.
You know, the case law, just the basic foundation of America, says this is a complete fraud and an atrocity.
How, when you've got polls of 99% against this, how does the Supreme Court do that?
Well, I don't know.
I tell you, I think that the redefinition of public use that they made in this case is why they got there.
I don't want to justify their actions, but I think that they're obviously very bright legal minds, but I think in what I've read, not being a legal mind, that the redefinition and what they had posed in London to Connecticut was a public use is just ludicrous.
And obviously they bought into that that was supportive in the Fifth Amendment, which I agree with you.
It goes against the fabric of our American society of private property ownership.
And for it to be taken from one individual to be given to another private citizen.
You know, I support...
All right, Mr. Court, thanks for joining us.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
God bless.
Take care.
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We'll be recapping some of the top stories from today before this transmission ends in 36 minutes.
Also a lot of news we haven't gotten to yet.
But first, let's get all these great callers out of the way that have been holding for eons.
Jim and Dave and Scott and Charles and many others stole a free number to join us.
1-800-259-9231 Because of the issue of time and the interest of time, we're going to hurry through your calls, so please understand.
Jim in New Jersey, thanks for holding.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
Go to the talk show, my friend.
What are you doing?
Uh, nothing.
From what I've been reading, the HIV virus has never been isolated.
And doesn't that mean the HIV virus doesn't even exist?
It's a whole debate, but it looks like... Well, actually, the HIV virus... They have shown us viruses that they claim are the HIV virus, and they claim it mutates so much that there's a whole bunch of different types of them that they can't even prove were connected to the other previous strain.
They don't even have a test.
They only test for antibodies.
They don't even test for the virus itself.
Well, I'm talking about the general test is for the antibody.
But I've had a lot of different scientists and doctors on.
There's a big debate about this.
I read it in medical journals back in high school, because my dad had them laying around, about how this debate was going on in major medical journals then.
It's somewhat of a public secret, but no, they have isolated the virus before.
I mean, it's been on the cover of Time Magazine.
The question is, does that virus cause AIDS, the autoimmune disease?
Well, then how could Clinton sell, who cares if he was selling HIV-tainted blood?
It don't do nothing.
Okay, so you're saying that I shouldn't be... What are you getting at?
Well, they can't prove it.
You just said they proved it and then they didn't, so how do they even know if Clinton was selling HIV-tainted blood?
What, are you a supporter of Clinton?
Well, I'm going to... I guess I'm not going to be able to go to the other callers.
Let's go ahead and do it.
Okay, sir.
What I said was that when the prosthesis doctor who worked in several of the large state prisons in Arkansas went public,
And reported on the fact that these gay men and others and people who had used drugs, IV drug users, had hepatitis, had whatever was causing AIDS, they were dying of it, that there was a federal law
Against, and this was going on eight years before, against selling AIDS or HIV or hepatitis-infected, any blood, period, you weren't allowed to sell wholesome blood, as they call it, out of the prisons.
And then for eight years, after that ruling came through, Clinton, from the mid-90s right up until 92, through orders that he issued, had that blood certified as wholesome and sold to one of the biggest shellers of blood products in Canada, who then later became another one of his contributors.
And then the Hemophiliac Society got robbed and had their files taken.
The doctor got firebombed.
And now Canadian courts and other international courts, courts in Australia, have ruled that, and the Red Cross knew, knowingly took blood that was filled with impurities that was illegally taken from prisons.
The law said you couldn't do it, whether it was bad blood or good blood, and they knowingly did it.
So I just told you that there is a debate here
With, amongst scientists, on does this particular virus cause it?
We know the people are dying, or is some other virus or something else doing it?
Most of the scientists obviously believe the virus does cause it.
But regardless, they knowingly shipped it out to people illegally.
Do you understand that?
Yeah, did the Jesuits create the Illuminati?
No, I don't believe the Jesuits created the Illuminati.
High levels of the Catholic Church are involved in the New World Order, though.
Okay, because I just heard Bill Cooper say that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit priest, and I was just wondering who the Jesuit... He was a former Jesuit priest, but see, I don't believe the Illuminati was created in 1776.
It was just the current term, or the Illuminated Ones, and the term Illuminated Ones has been used for 4,000 years by initiates of these secret societies.
All right.
So that's just the Latin term, illuminate, for illuminated.
But it sounds like you're argumentative, so you got the floor.
No, that's it.
Anything else?
Just keep fighting the man, Alex.
I love you.
All right, brother.
I appreciate the call.
I just don't understand what you're getting at.
I mean, let's just forget HIV, whatever's causing it, because it's debatable.
I have my views on it from the different squadrons of scientists.
They've got a Nobel Prize winner went public four months ago.
A scientist right after she won and said, look, the government's behind it.
I have the government documents from the late 70s where they commissioned an autoimmune virus.
Autoimmune system to shut that down.
Look at the hepatitis.
Look at the... The point is, it was illegal to ship that blood out because of the problems.
The massive increase in problems.
And they knew they had tainted blood.
They didn't even test it.
They greedily shipped blood out they knew was contaminated.
That's the point I'm making.
And the doctor did get firebombed and all that happened.
We'll be right back with your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, let's hammer through these calls.
And again, I just spent five minutes with one of the callers.
Which is okay.
It was key issues.
It was important issues he was bringing up.
You know, it's just kind of...
Well, then Bill Clinton didn't really do anything, did he?
And I was just like, well, no, they took illegal blood, something they weren't supposed to do, and then didn't even test it.
You know, that's the bigger part of this.
Not just taking blood that they're not supposed to sell, but then knowing it's at a higher risk of being contaminated and not even testing it.
And the Red Cross did the same thing.
I mean, just don't even test the blood.
Just let it be passed on to people when the tests are quite inexpensive.
They have testing kits where you put a blot, you know, with the blood, you know, the donor's blood on each one of the little swaths, and it tells you if it's got a problem.
And they've even got processes that you can take contaminated blood and heat it up and purify it.
You just can't use it for pure donor.
You use it in blood products.
I don't know how to explain it to people.
If you don't get it now, you'll never get it.
I just started getting irritated during the break, thinking about the... You can ask me any question you want, but Bill Clinton didn't do anything, and what are you talking about?
All right, let's go back to the calls here.
Let's go ahead and go to Dave in Iowa.
Dave, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hi, Dave.
I want to inform listeners that there are serious developments in Des Moines, Iowa, which threaten our privacy in connection with the Patriot Act.
To me, it seems that the police are exceeding their authority.
The television station WHO, on June 17th, reported that some Des Moines motels faxed guest lists and license plate numbers to the Des Moines Police Department.
The police say that is to look for criminals with outstanding warrants and known drug dealers.
The spokesman for the police department, Sergeant Todd Dykstra, said, quote, a service we provide hotels in order to fight the war on narcotics, end of quote.
To me, it seems like it's a search without just cost.
Yeah, do me a favor.
Email that to tips at InfoWars.com and also email it to Paul Watson.
Now, Alex, I express mailed those stories on DVD-R a couple of weeks ago if you wanted to check with the person in the mail room there.
Oh, I did see a little note about that.
I had to watch those.
Right, right, about the police and also the graffiti cams.
You're awesome.
You know what else I need help with?
I need help on the news occasionally when they show Rumsfeld saying there were never weapons of mass destruction.
The Daily Show's been showing it.
And then he later says that he never said it.
Remember, he said there are weapons of mass destruction, then he said that he never said it.
I need those type of clips.
I need everybody to help me.
Mail me that and enlist it when you mail it.
I really need your help for a project I'm on and I don't have the staff or money to do it all on my own.
I need your help.
But since you mentioned this, let me comment on it.
I wasn't aware of these reports, but I was aware all over the country that when you go check in at a hotel...
Especially big chains.
They instantly run all your data through the police department.
And that is guilty until proven innocent.
It's a violation of your privacy.
And at the same time, the hotels were bullied into doing this.
They're not being paid in most cases.
Because if they do that, then quote, they're safe, the police told them, because they had cases in Houston and all over the country where nice hotels, I mean big nice hotels, would have one drug dealer in it.
He'd be caught with a kilo of cocaine and they'd take the entire hotel saying you should have known.
So now they have the maids spying and looking through your stuff.
In the hotels, again, to stop drugs the government ships in to begin with to create the crisis.
And this is outrageous.
Go ahead.
Now, what concerns me is that both of these stories that I mentioned passed right underneath the Iowa Civil Liberties Union radar screen.
That really alarms me.
Well, but that's because they're there to take the Bible out of the schools and to take the Ten Commandments out and little stuff like that instead of doing real issues.
I'm telling you, sir, they're loyal opposition.
Did you see Bill Clinton boating and playing golf with Bush Sr.
Yes, my wife was especially concerned about that.
She says, what the heck is going on?
But, sir, how long have you been listening?
I mean, I'm not tooting my horn.
I mean, we have had the guest on.
We have known.
Bill Clinton controlled the MENA Arkansas operations for the Bushes the entire time he was governor.
Yes, I received information from a few friends about two years ago, and I thought, you're kidding.
And the more I hear about it, the more I read about it... Yeah, they're not suddenly friends.
He's not suddenly a surrogate son.
His mother was a lady of the night.
And a pleasure lady.
And this is admitted.
This is mainstream.
And his real father, you know, the guy they put on the certificate, that's not it.
His real father was a Rockefeller.
We know this.
And that's why Bill Clinton's where he's at.
But you got my information.
You got my DVD, right?
Yes, I did.
Okay, very good.
Keep up the fight, Alex.
I will look for anything Iraq, WMD-related, and get it to you.
Well, I can't.
The Daily Show doesn't list exactly when they're going to re-air it, but they had a new show two days ago.
Maybe somebody's got it recorded on their DVR, on their TiVo, and I saw it online.
It's not high enough quality to do something with it.
I saw them playing the clips where WMD, WMD, they got the WMD, and then he says, I never said that.
I really need that.
When was the time period again?
Oh, it was like two days ago.
I'll check with a couple of people I know as well.
But they're probably going to re-air it anyway.
Usually at like 10 o'clock at night, a week later, air it.
Got it.
In fact, whoever sends me that and leaves a note in it gets a free... any one of my videos you want.
Just to take for your time and energy, too.
Well, thank you very much for taking my call, Alex, and keep up the fight.
God bless you.
Thank you so much, sir.
Yeah, I'm gearing up to make another film right now, as if I don't have enough to do.
We're working on it.
I was working on it last night, late into the evening.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Scott.
Scott, where are you calling from?
Okay, thank you, Alex.
I don't know if you remember, but I called your show a couple months ago, and I told you what I was doing at school.
I was being at the Patriot Act in school and stuff like that.
You told me to keep on fighting the system.
Well, I found a new way to actually fight the system, and you don't mind if I say it, do you?
As long as there's no profanity.
Yeah, I mean, I created a blog.
It's called teensforfreedom.blogsome.com.
It's a family-friendly site.
You know, it's open for teens to come check out the New World Order and stuff like that.
Yeah, you called me last week about your site.
Did I?
Yeah, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but you got a fellow from Michigan called and blogged that same website.
Oh, I don't.
No, I don't think I did, but I've been calling Jack Blunt.
He gave me a link, and I told him yesterday I appreciate it very much.
No, I'm glad you're doing that, sir.
I want to encourage you.
And then, you know, I mean, it's open to people like you to come and check it out, you know.
I mean, it's open to adults, but it's mainly for teens.
Yeah, you need to be promoting it at your school and on the other teen blogs.
Yeah, and if you're going to come to it and you're an adult or whatever, just realize that it's a family-friendly site.
No swear words, no profanity, no nothing like that.
Well, I don't want to be holier than thou.
I have links.
On my site where you'll see some profanity because it's news reports, but I was talking about on air, sir.
You said, can I say it?
And that kind of got me a little... Any news on your mind?
Any issue you called in about?
I was just trying to call and plug it in because you've got to get comments going on there.
Well, not really.
I've only got a couple of them.
One from a guy in 22 in Wisconsin and then some Mary who's got a kid and
If any parents out there who are listening to Alex Jones, they know who got kids, and you want them to learn about New Old Order, please have them go to my site.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate that.
But let me tell you how to plug it.
This is how you plug a website.
You call in with an article you've written.
You talk about the issue.
People aren't interested in just hearing a website's name.
What you do is, and I'm giving you a tip, not that I'm some master of this, but you call in and you talk about the news article that you've posted or that you've commented on.
The issue.
Then you say you can learn more about this issue at your blog.
And then you'd have thousands of people come to it.
Folks call in all the time to plug their website, and all they do is just say the website's name.
You're not going to get a response to that.
And this is from years of experience.
I did several interviews this morning.
You talk about the issue, and then you say, you know, I wrote this article, or Paul Watson wrote this article about Rush Limbaugh, or David Shaler, MI5 agent, believes 9-11's an inside job.
It's on prisonplanet.com.
And, you know, it's kind of like putting a hook in the water, but not putting any bait on it.
And again, we want to wake people up.
We want to get people to come to our websites.
We want to deprogram folks.
So I commend what you're doing, sir, but
Next time you call plugging, just call and say, I've got a story I wrote on my teen blog or whatever it is, and this is what it talks about, and then mention the website.
Or it literally is a waste of your time to even call the show.
Let's go ahead and talk to Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, go ahead.
How you doing, my friend?
Good, buddy.
Listen, this Chief Justice that got his land seized, I don't believe that.
It's too convenient right after he made a... Well, he didn't get his land seized.
As a sick joke, a local developer is putting in with the city to take his land to build a hotel on it.
Well, does he want to vote for it or want to vote against it?
He's one of the ones that voted for it.
Well, I don't know.
But let me ask you one other thing.
Bush, how many people really died in Iraq?
I heard it's up to 7,000.
That sounds about right.
That's what I've been hearing all over.
And Bush, he didn't meet no other demands but the war in Iraq and tell people how good it's getting.
All he made is criminals out of our soldiers, and we're going to be over there another 12 years.
Well, to be clear on this, they say that 1,700 and something have died in Iraq.
What is it, like 800 or something in Afghanistan?
But they don't count it as a death in combat-related death.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, I've been putting out your website.
I've been passing this decision around from the United States Supreme Court.
And I've been putting your website in the back of the paper.
I hope you're getting a lot of hits from Louisiana.
Sir, I'm getting a lot of hits everywhere.
The websites are exploding.
The listenership is exploding year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day, but right now it's exploding faster than ever.
I hope we start selling more tapes and people get these tapes out, Mr. Jones.
This is the way to do it.
I don't want to keep pushing that, but you've got to push them tapes more because this is the way you have to really get to the people.
Thank you for what you're doing, sir.
Well, thank you so much, Charles.
And that really is, thank you, that really is the enigma.
Or kind of the quandary.
I mean, the listenership is bigger than ever, but we're not selling that many videos.
It's probably because, you know, I do stuff like put my video out for free on the web.
But again, all I care about is getting the word out.
But for the word to get out, you can't count on Charles to make 5,000 copies of my videos in the last five years.
He'll tell you, more than 5,000.
I think it's close to 6,000 now, he said last time he called.
And I've gotten calls and heard about it in Louisiana.
And this guy's giving them out to everybody in his town.
He's amazing.
He's woken so many people up.
He went from cops threatening him five years ago to cops buying him coffee and donuts and begging him for more videos and giving him money for copies.
But don't count on Charles or anybody else.
You need to get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, Matrix of Evil, Martial Law, and I carry a bunch of other videos by other authors.
I can't authorize you to make copies, but it might need to happen.
Who knows?
Call them and ask permission.
Get them and make copies.
Spread the word.
Get them out to people.
That's where it has an effect.
I mean, look, I knew putting my video out on the Internet, I knew it would be posted on, you know, three weeks before I even released the video in hard copy on DVD and VHS, I had it on the web.
And I knew, I knew that by doing that, that I would probably lose a lot of sales.
But I don't care.
We're good to go.
Those high-quality digital tape masters, and to know that I was giving them to my webmaster for upload to the web.
I mean, it literally was like I was about to drop a hydrogen bomb.
I realized all that work, all that energy, all the blood, sweat, and tears, all of the research and concentration and just so much work I put into it.
It was grueling, folks.
I mean, I literally worked 20 hours a day many days during that film.
My wife, God bless her, was supportive of me doing it.
And now I've just been working 12, 14 hours a day after that, though some days 18.
But I mean, I literally, it was like a weapon.
I knew what it would do.
I had to release it.
I had to put it out for people.
And I go to websites sometimes for just enjoyment.
I'll type in Marshall Law 911 Rise of the Police State.
Into a search engine and just look at thousands and thousands of posts and links, and I'll sit there.
I've done this three or four times.
It's so enjoyable.
I'm like a farmer looking at all the fields and what the work did and what your work promoting it did.
Again, you're the guys that really make it happen.
You're the people that push it over the edge.
And I went there, and you go to one website.
A month after it was out, 150-something thousand downloads.
Go to another site.
Go to another site.
Clicking site after site after site after site after site.
Yeah, add download after that.
Say, Marshall Law 911 Rise of the Police Statement.
Add free download.
You'll get just thousands of links.
And then just look at them.
Look at millions of people!
I mean, how could I not put it out on the web?
You know, we had to.
I mean, it's fighting the New World Order.
That is the goal here.
And it is so exciting.
And it'll say on these websites how many downloads, how many streams, how many burns, how many people grabbed it.
And what if all of those individuals burned copies of it?
I mean, seriously, folks.
There's websites that have had Road to Tyranny posted for two and a half, excuse me, three and a half years.
You know, that film came out three and a half years ago.
It was three or four months after 9-11.
And I go to those websites, and it'll say, you know, 100,000 download, 20,000 download, 300,000 download, and you're just like, my gosh!
I mean, wow!
Praise God that God's given us this tool, and that people are out there taking action.
So, since Charles mentioned it, we'll come back and take a few final calls and a few final news stories, Leon in New York and others.
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It was thousands of dollars.
I want to buy some new higher quality cameras.
That's going to be a lot of money.
But again, all it is is more seed.
Give us more seed, folks.
We will plant it.
We've shown the fruit we bear.
I mean, we will plant these trees.
We will bring you a harvest.
So please support us.
Go to Infowars.com.
And get the DVD or VHS, make copies that way so it's higher quality.
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We'll be right back after this quick break to wrap up this transmission, so stay the course with us, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got a chance to win this fight if we simply stand up and take action.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Sorry to the other caller, but he's out of time.
That'll be the last call.
Leon in New York.
Welcome, Leon.
Hello, Alex.
And actually, it's Las Vegas, but no problem.
Hey, Las Vegas, New York, hey.
Yeah, it's all relative.
Hey, I wanted to comment on two things.
First, the private property issue.
Me, personally, after having done so much homework on the issue, I'm a little surprised that people take it as they are because...
We're talking about a government that claims the authority to require me to do business with privately owned companies like the garbage collectors and the insurance companies by law.
And I have wrote a letter several years ago to my local tax assessor.
That's right.
They make you pay.
They make you do what they say.
By law.
And it's all corporations using government to make you do business with them.
It's not free market.
That's right.
I consider it legislative extortion, personally.
All these liberals think that big government's going to save them from corporations.
Big government is controlled and nurtured by big business to consolidate power criminally.
I wrote a letter to my local tax assessor asking him that if in fact if I'm having to pay property taxes and I fail to pay my taxes, don't they come and confiscate my property and auction it off and I don't get anything from it?
They auction thousands of homes a year in Austin and I've got the county tax assessor
I know.
There's some huge cases here in Las Vegas where the city has actually taken over people's property without compensation to develop private properties already.
And, you know, people don't understand.
They don't actually own their property if they have to pay the rent to the state, and the state has the ability to come and take it away from them.
They're just saying now that even if you pay your rent, we're going to come and take it.
Well, yeah, it's already a rent, and you're right.
It's a feudal service.
A feudal service had to pay between 10% and, what, 25%, depending on where it was in France or England, or they lost just the land they could squat on.
And that's basically what it is here now.
But that 25% stayed 25%.
It's going up every couple years.
Well, here in Las Vegas, they've had huge property rights issues because of the value of property skyrocketing the last couple years.
Yeah, plus, Nevada's like 90% federal.
Yeah, oh yeah, it's 91% federal land, I believe.
And then like 8% or something in states, so there's like 2 or 3%.
Yeah, yeah.
I forget the actual, so I got the numbers right.
Very small percentage.
Luckily, my memory's been making mistakes, so I'm trying to not go from memory these days.
And now, I have to say, as a fellow gardener, I am so thrilled to hear about the success with the videos that you're putting out and everything.
I do a show here in Las Vegas, and I'm having somebody on here in a couple weeks who's
A former FBI agent that has done a lot of work on 9-11 in Oklahoma City.
Ted Gunderson?
As a matter of fact, it is, yes.
Well, tell us about your show.
Well, it's a live call-in show here in Las Vegas, aired on Channel 35, but I find now that you can actually go onto the Internet at Vegas35TV.com.
Oh, I think I've been a guest a few times on Vegas 35.
You certainly have been on my show a couple times.
Oh, your show?
Yes, it certainly is.
See, you did the plug right.
That way folks will visit it.
I heard what you were saying.
Yeah, what's the website for that TV station?
All right.
Well, I appreciate you calling, my friend.
Hey, I appreciate what you're doing.
Keep up the great work, Alex.
Hey, are you getting a good response from folks in Vegas?
You know what?
We're getting an outstanding response.
I've been getting serious networks.
I've even got a fellow in North Korea that's been watching the show now.
In fact, I've got Deborah Garcia.
She put out a film, The Future of Foods, talking about genetically modified foods.
She's going to be on my show soon.
Doing fantastic.
Good job.
Keep it up, brother.
Thank you, fellow gardener, and I'll talk to you again soon.
That's right.
Planting seeds in the minds of men and women everywhere.
Take care.
The only thing that evil tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
And it's that simple.
You can let them do all this, or you can stand up against them.
Look, they're making our jobs easy.
They're so out in the open now, no one can deny this.
I mean, it takes total mental gymnastics to do it.
Alright, we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Be sure to visit prisonplanet.tv and get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
Vaya con Dios.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.