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Air Date: June 27, 2005
2321 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 27th day of June 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Coming up in 30 minutes, we have prolific 9-11 researcher and journalist coming on the broadcast, Greg Zeminski.
Then, 30 minutes after that, starting in the second hour, we're going to have janitor...
Maintenance man William Rodriguez, who was there at the site on 9-11 and reported the bombs, and like many others, was told to shut up.
And then in the middle of the next hour, an hour and a half from now, we're going to be joined by Paul Craig Roberts, who was former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan's administration.
Talking about his questions of the official story of 9-11 smelling a gigantic stinking rat.
And masses of news mixed in in the meantime, and of course in the next 30 minutes before we go to these important guests.
And I have several announcements, one of them extremely important, coming up after this first break.
I will just tell you now that fellow Patriot broadcaster on another network, John Stantmiller, Friday night was in a very bad motorcycle accident.
I talked to his wife this morning.
I just learned of it earlier today.
She was very busy and I was about to have to go on the air.
I got a hold of her right before I went on the air.
She gave me the details of John's motorcycle accident.
He's doing okay.
The injuries were significant.
And prolific across his body, and we will give you the details of that directly from his wife, who saw the accident.
She was behind him as they were driving, and he had the accident.
All right, so we will give you details of that as well.
There's been an election in Iran.
There is a ton of news coming out on Iraq.
Bush's approval numbers are slipping even further, if that's possible.
I mean, the high 20s is record low for a president.
LBJ had numbers higher than that when he didn't run for re-election.
And Bill Clinton's approval rating hit 33%, and then we had the Oklahoma City bombing, and a year later on Air Force One in 96, he said, I owe my political resurrection to the OKC bombing.
And we know you do, Bill Clinton, because your people were behind it.
And of course now you vacation and basically live with the Bushes and you're a surrogate son and Barbara calls you her son.
And Hillary is hanging out perpetually with Rupert Murdoch.
It's all completely staged.
So we'll get into that as well as more and more news comes out on this.
It's like Mary Madeline married to Carville.
And they're both strategists.
One for the Republicans...
One for the Democrats.
It's staged, folks.
It's a business of giving you a false choice.
Well, we shatter that false choice here, ladies and gentlemen, and open up the entire spectrum of reality, Monday through Friday, from 11 until 2 Central Standard Time, and then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, right here on the GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Now going out on over 300 affiliates.
No, not my broadcast.
It's on about 80 affiliates.
But if you count all the stations this wonderful network has gotten, over 300 affiliates, and I can only commend Ted Anderson for his great work and his leadership, and I can only commend the great staff of the GCN Radio Network, and I can finally, most importantly, thank God for blessing us and leading and guiding and directing us, and of course, the listeners and the station owners, the sponsors, everyone.
We are reaching millions and millions of people every day with the voice of truth, with the message that the New World Order is evil and must be defeated.
Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv are the websites.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
About two months ago...
Just days after he got back from Germany at the Bilderberg Group meeting, Jim Tucker of American Free Press reported that they had multiple witnesses inside the elite meeting, the heads of banking, the heads of the royal families, the heads of the Fortune 500.
That they plan to double oil prices in the next 12 months.
Since then, oil has exploded.
And now in the last week, we have seen a flurry of Financial Times of London articles, Reuters articles, you name it, all these big experts saying we could see a doubling in oil prices.
And again, they're staging it.
They put out this story, well, there's no more oil.
The oil companies are putting that report out.
But then they add another layer to it that it's been caused by all the unrest in the world or it's been caused by the refineries.
Even if we're going to run out of oil in 50 years, which isn't true, the evidence shows, it wouldn't be causing a doubling right now.
The oil companies are all registering record all-time profits in the last two years just with the price increases we've already seen of around 70%.
We'll now get ready for oil to go up to, some are talking about, Henry Kissinger's talking about, $150 a barrel.
It's insane.
Rumsfeld suggests U.S.
could be in Iraq for 12 more years.
We will go over that report.
Again, unrest could double oil prices.
London Telegraph.
Coming up, we will speak with Ground Zero hero, Janitor William Rodriguez, who reported on explosions coming from below the first sublevel while working in the basement of the World Trade Center complex.
Then we'll interview former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, who doubts the official 9-11 story.
And, of course, coming up in about 20 minutes to introduce these important topics to us and these guests, 9-1-1 prolific researcher and journalist Greg Zeminski.
So absolutely jam-packed information today.
That's just some of what is coming up.
I'm about to plunge into the other news items before we get these guests on.
But before I go any further, John Stattmiller, longtime Patriot broadcaster, of course co-host with Mark Kornke, one of the things he's done that's better known, who has his own Patriot radio network,
Friday night was in a very serious motorcycle accident.
I just learned of it this morning.
Got a hold of Sandra Statmiller, his wife, and she told me that it is not foul play.
She was right behind him.
People said that with Clay Douglas, too.
When he had his motorcycle accident, what, a year and a half ago, somebody pulled out in front of him.
But what happened with John Statman, according to his wife Sandra, is they were driving and the highway cut down to just one lane.
It was a construction.
And that there was gravel on the road and that he slid out.
At pretty high speed, and has 11 cracked ribs, and broken ribs, some cracked, some broken, a broken clavicle, a broken shoulder, I believe 11 stitches in his head.
I was trying to write notes as I rode down the highway to the studio, and the notes are almost illegible now.
But he is at the...
Breckenridge Hospital in downtown Austin, and I'm told he called into a talk show today, so he's doing better, obviously in a lot of pain, so we should all pray for John, and of course we know he will get better.
Personally, you know, my uncle had a motorcycle accident.
He was probably going to be a professional baseball player.
He already had scouts looking at him.
I mean, he was...
We're good to go.
And demanded that they give him the motorcycle that he had saved money for for three years, and they bought him, he bought a motorcycle when he was 16, and a car pulled out in front of him when he was going 50 miles an hour, and literally his brain was out, part of his brain was outside of his skull, and a large portion of his brain was removed.
And I know so many people chewed up
Because of motorcycles.
And I don't know why anybody... I mean, I haven't talked about this on air, but I frankly am sick of motorcycles.
My children, over my dead body, they will never have a motorcycle.
They will never drive a motorcycle.
They will never be around a motorcycle.
My dad bought me a moped.
And I had wrecks on it.
Luckily, it only went 30 miles an hour.
It was one of those little bitty sprees.
Still, I have no idea why he let me have a moped, though I saved the money for it.
I'm sorry.
I'm a controlling parent.
And until they're 18 and leave my house, they are never going to have motorcycles.
I mean, the problem with a motorcycle is you've got two wheels.
And if you hit dirt, if you hit gravel, even if you're doing everything right, you might have a big wreck.
And then there's all those cars flying around you.
I mean, you know my story about cars.
People are worried about...
The New World Order coming and getting.
People are worried about, you know, all these primordial fears.
But the number one cause of death in this country is transportation.
And the subgroup of that is bigger than all the others put together.
Just automobile accidents alone is the number one cause of death.
And then you look at transportation itself.
Helicopters, small planes, trains, but mainly cars.
They're the most dangerous... I mean, look at...
Look at Jimmy Vaughn, great patriot here in Central Texas.
He lost his brother in a helicopter crash.
Stevie Ray Vaughn, I mean, it's just... And you know what?
We all decide to still travel.
We all decide to continue to use these vehicles.
So why don't we decide to step up to the plate and fight the New World Order?
It's a lot safer to fight the New World Order to get in your car every day, but you still get in the car, you still put your family in the car, you still put your babies in the car, and you still take that risk.
Number one cause of death.
Until you're 55.
Then it is eclipsed by heart attacks and cancer.
So, and you know I've talked a lot about that.
I mean, it's the parallel between perceived fears and what you should really be afraid of.
You know, a year and a half ago, I was hit by a tornado driving back from seeing family in Fredericksburg, coming into Johnson City.
Tornado just threw us right off the road, and if the oak trees wouldn't have hit the back of the Tahoe, my father and I would have been dead.
I mean, they crushed like five feet of the vehicle in.
The state police couldn't believe it.
I mean, the thing was devastated.
That's why I bought a Tourig, because it's the safest SUV out there.
I mean, that's what I go for, is safety.
Now, it's well worth even spending more money.
That's the problem with cheap cars, cheap vehicles, is that they do not have the titanium steel cages, and nothing is more important than your family.
So if you've got the money, spend $100 more a month on your car payment and get rid of these cars that aren't safe.
And I'll tell you, a Tahoe compared to some of these other foreign cars, and I've never owned a foreign car, now that's all I'll buy, because American cars just are not safe
Compared to foreign cars, in many cases.
Now I'm really off in left field today.
It's just that this is really a public service announcement.
But getting back to the Terry Schiavo case, my uncle was in a coma for six weeks on life support.
And they wanted to unplug him.
And my grandmother, God rest her soul, just departed last year.
She refused to unplug my uncle, JoLynn Jones.
And my dad had to quit college for a while, go there and try to take care of him out in Fairfield, Texas, East Texas.
And they were really wanting to unplug him, and my grandmother refused.
And she was sitting there praying for him, and literally he just woke up out of the coma screaming, saying, Mama.
And so...
So many people, and by the way, even though they removed part of his brain, today he has two happy children, happily married, very successful in ranching and farming and business, and other than occasionally he can't find the right word for something because part of his speech centers were removed because he was young.
I mean, literally, folks, he had a Darth Vader-style accident, you know, something that bad, you know, so traumatic to his body that he was in pieces, giant scars all over him.
He looks like, when he takes his shirt off at the beach, he looks like Frankenstein.
But he has a good life, so you never know what God's going to do and what the human body's going to do.
But thank God John Stattmiller is not hurt, you know, 100 that bad.
He just has broken ribs and broken bones and a big, I believe she said the gashes on his head.
I think 11 stitches, she said.
He's doing good enough to call into a talk show this morning, so that is certainly good news.
But I just want all of you to think about how dangerous vehicles are.
And to be conscious of it and to drive safe.
I mean, I had some idiot last night just pull out in front of me.
I was going 50 miles an hour down a road.
This person just pulled out in front of me.
I screeched on my brakes.
The anti-lock brakes cut in and stopped an accident.
You've got to be careful.
And patriots are few and far between, though our numbers are growing.
We've got to take care of ourselves.
So I suggest hanging up the motorcycles.
I mean, I told John a year ago, I remember telling him, but man, you're crazy driving that motorcycle.
I mean, you wouldn't catch me dead on one of those things.
I mean, I'm not going to get near one.
And I know I'll get all these calls now by bikers who are, ah, shut up, Alex, you're a wimp.
Okay, I mean, I know people...
We've had tracheotomies who've had, like, fingers ripped off, and they still get on their hogs.
They still get on their... And I'm sorry.
I mean, it's crazy to get on these highways with people driving 80 miles an hour in a big truck.
We still do it, but it's hundreds of times more dangerous in these motorcycles.
Okay, I've just spent an entire segment talking about transportation, but it is important.
We'll get back.
Rumsfeld suggests the U.S.
to be in Iraq 12 more years.
They're talking now about oil prices doubling.
And just so much more.
And then all of these big new 9-11 developments coming up in 10 minutes.
To be precise, T-minus 12 minutes after counting the next break.
So when we get back, we will plunge into the news and we will take your calls.
Don't forget InfoWars.net, one of my best websites.
InfoWars.net and PrisonPlanet.tv.
A lot of new reports that originate with our websites.
Thanks to the great work of my webmasters and writers right now on the sites.
So be sure and check them out.
Stay with us.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest A couple news items that are exclusive to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanta.com and I wish they weren't.
Former MI5 agent says 9-1-1 an inside job.
I did that interview last week.
A detailed report was put together by Paul Watson predominantly with my input.
Attack was coup d'etat.
Buildings were demolished by controlled demolitions.
That's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
I hope you'll get the word out to people.
Another insider goes public.
How many is that now?
And also, last Friday, we put together a detailed report concerning what really happened in New London, Connecticut.
The harassment of the landowners, the homeowners, the bulldozers, revving, people having heart attacks under the stress, threatening people to sign over their lands, saying they'll have to pay past rent on the land, even though they owned it because they fought in court.
There's a total news blackout on it.
And in the article we ask World Net Daily and Drudge and everybody else to report on it.
They don't have to give us credit.
They can call these same families up.
It's a big story.
And get it in their publications.
We don't want the credit.
Just get the report out.
And no one's posting it.
I saw it on MacWhite.com's website.
We appreciate that, Mac.
I mean, no one's discussing it.
Everybody just heard, oh, the Supreme Court says they can take it, not just for public works, but if some corporation comes and offers more money for your property and says they'll pay more taxes, that they can take it.
And I've got literally ten different or more reports from over the weekend where all these cities and states are saying they're going to take people's property now.
It's a horrible ruling, but then people don't even know the basics of the story of what happened.
Of how they condemn your house out of hand, so they don't have to pay you the value of the house.
We're not even talking about paying you the value.
We're talking about, in these cases, a quarter of the value.
We had one of the landowners on the broadcast that was quoted by the Associated Press, and I also talked to three of the landowners off air.
So I confirmed it with four different homeowners there and landowners.
So this is what's going on.
I mean, you talk about the Soviet Union, folks.
This is like shades of the Army running Native Americans off their property in the western parts of the country.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
And there is a news blackout on the David Shaler MI5 agent report that we put out, and there's a news blackout on this other one about what happened in New London, Connecticut.
It is up to you listeners to get these reports out to all the blogs and all the different websites out there and say, hey, would you please call these people?
Would you do your own report?
If you won't post Alex Jones' report, Paul Watson's report, will you please help us get the truth out to fight this?
If this story gets out, I mean, already 99% of the American people in a major poll on CNN are against the ruling, but people will really be angry if they learn the truth.
Literally, folks only know the tip of the iceberg here.
It's now coming out that DOD, Iraq, GI war dead figures are in dispute.
Also, Rumsfeld suggests the U.S.
could be in Iraq for 12 more years.
Well, the Pentagon said 10 to 20 when they invaded.
I mean, that was popular.
Again, that was in their reports, but then nationally.
We'll be there just a few months.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Sunday it may take as long as 12 years to defeat Iraqi insurgents.
Let me see.
We're losing about 800 a year of our own troops.
And about 100,000 Iraqis a year.
We're looking at over 100,000 people, 12 years.
That's over 1,200,000.
What about 1.5 million died in the 13 years of sanctions?
Boy, that's liberation, folks.
Rumsfeld addressing a question about whether U.S.
troops' levels are adequate.
Who vanquished the insurgency, violent resistance, said, we're not going to win against the insurgency.
The Iraqi people are going to win against the insurgency.
That insurgency could be going on for any number of years.
Insurgents tend to go on 5, 6, 8, or 10, even 12 years, Rumsfeld said.
Coalition troops, continuing his quote, foreign forces are not going to repress that insurgency.
The Pentagon chief told Fox News Sunday, we're going to create an environment where the Iraqi people and the Iraqi security forces can win against that insurgency, he said.
Boy, that is not good news.
Rumsfeld in interviews on Sunday news shows warned that the insurgency could grow through the year as the Iraqi leaders develop a coalition for a democratic government.
And another scary article here out of the London Telegraph.
That one was out of News 24.
This is, unrest could double oil prices.
A warning of a possible near doubling.
And the cost of oil was issued yesterday as UK prices rose to more than four pounds, or about seven and a half dollars a gallon.
And the AA Motoring Trust said that the price of diesel was approaching five pounds a gallon, or over eight dollars a gallon.
Further rises were expected next week.
It said the price of crude oil could soon reach $100 a barrel, as Lord Kissinger said.
We learned this two months ago.
Compared with the present historic high of $60, if there was any further supply disruption in Russia or a political upset in Saudi Arabia, a leading German institute said...
All right, we've got Greg Szymanski coming on, and we have Mr. Rodriguez and then Mr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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All right.
Prolific journalist and researcher Greg Zemecki is going to be joining us here in about a minute and a half.
Talk about the latest 9-11 developments.
We'll also talk to Ground Zero hero, Janitor William Rodriguez, who reported on explosions coming from below the first sublevel while working in the basement, and then coming up the middle of the next hour, Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, who now doubts the official 9-11 story as well.
That's the three great guests today.
Another note here, as of last night, actually as of yesterday afternoon, I haven't had time to call and check since then,
So there are probably no tickets left, but I haven't called and checked yet, so there might be one or two.
I have no idea.
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All of these are sold out before opening day.
Some of them a week and a half before.
So I guess the sixth showing, we're beginning to get near the end of the overflow audiences.
I could probably do one or two more that would sell out.
But this is the last showing tonight, at least for the next three or four months.
We may do a big outdoor showing.
We're going to have like a couple thousand people have a big screen they can put up outside anywhere.
But we have to wait until it cools off to do that.
So we'll probably do that in the fall.
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It covers the police state they're setting up and how they're using 9-11 for that police state.
Then it examines the Bush-Nazi connection, the Schwarzenegger-Nazi connection, the Bohemian Grove-Skill and Bones connection to all of that.
Three hours long.
It's a mini-series.
Really, it's
I mean, I know movie directors that have seen this film, and they're like, Alex, you've got to call this a miniseries.
And that's why I started calling it that.
Really, it is.
Three separate films.
So it's $25.95.
Three hours, a little over three hours long.
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Let's now go to our guest, and I tell you, he just breaks news story after news story on a daily basis.
He's becoming, frankly, the most prolific writer on the web right now.
He has just exploded out of the gates.
He's been writing for years, but he's really on target.
And just joining us again, Greg, thanks for coming on.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
Thanks for the introduction.
Oh, you bet.
Let's go over, I mean, let's just start off with former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, then let's go into one of the janitors.
And I've told some of these people in the years past who reported bombs, they've said, I've been told to shut up firefighters, workers, others.
I interviewed people at Ground Zero who said cops said, you know, get back, the building's coming down.
But let's get into Paul Craig Roberts.
Well, you know, Paul Craig Roberts is a very, very interesting man, a very intelligent man, a person that I enjoy talking to and basically enlightened me about his feelings.
He's now a
His interesting story is, I believe, and he said to me this, he said, Greg, you know, why don't you look at all these Republican defections?
You know, that's a great story.
There's a lot of people like me who are influential in the government who have just basically been either shunned in Washington by the neocons or basically kicked out.
And Paul's a great example.
Listen to his story.
I mean,
He was back in the old days with Reagan.
He was a Businessweek writer and also an assistant editor for Wall Street Journal.
Many of his articles were hated by the liberals.
So Paul, over the years, basically started his own... He syndicates a column which is very anti-Bush and very anti-NEICON.
He basically tells me it's very difficult to get anything published
In the mainstream.
Even Paul can't get things contrary to the administration or contrary to Bush.
Well, that's the point.
Even so-called liberal papers will only publish stupid, shallow, fake liberal arguments against Bush.
They'll never let somebody come in with the real arguments.
Yeah, and Paul is a person whose opinions are respected.
He knows people in the business.
He was basically hated by the liberals way back when and now look at the irony of the situation.
When you have him on in the next hour he'll be able to explain it better than me.
All I can say is basically he's a very interesting person.
I love talking to him.
He's got some great views, and it's just a shame that his views can't be heard by the heartland of America.
Well, in your article you quote him, and he talks about how, I've never changed.
I'm still a conservative.
The neocons are the opposite.
And I've told real liberals, real Democrats that love big government and all this, I've said you should love George Bush.
I mean, the biggest government ever, expanding all these welfare programs that are really just corporate welfare to control our lives.
I mean, Ron Paul gave that speech two years ago called Neocon, where he laid out how the Fourth International, the Trotskyites, literally, the head of the Fourth International, founded neoconism.
And the other guy, Leon Strauss out of Chicago at the Economics University, I mean, he's an adherent of fascism.
The real story and basically so people understand what's going on.
Years ago when I was the editor of my college newspaper, and I should add we had to start another one because the college newspaper was funded by the university and the Ombudsman kind of controlled stories, my whole idea back then, even then, was just instinctive.
I wanted to get the voices of people that never get heard into the newspaper.
I did that at my college.
Basically, it accelerated my graduation when I discovered that the college president was using funds from the university to build this mansion.
Back then, nothing has changed for me.
I've always been the same.
Stories of interest are those that never get in the paper.
When you have a nose for news,
Years ago I got out of journalism and 9-11 kind of pulled me back into it because basically I said, you know something, this is needed.
People need to see something in the newspaper by a writer who knows how to write for the newspapers, knows their style, knows what they want, but you can't get it in.
So basically I just started doing it the only way I could.
It's pulled me away from most everything in my life and I think it's a worthwhile cause.
I'm not going to stop until all these people like Rodriguez are heard.
By the way, we're going to get into him in a second.
You also write for American Free Press and a bunch of other prominent alternative publications.
Let's get in to one of the heroes of 9-11.
And I'd heard his name before, but I could never get a hold of these individuals.
How you got a hold of the maintenance man, Janitor William Rodriguez.
Who reported on explosions coming from below.
Literally, folks, there's hundreds that reported this, but he's one of the folks that's willing to go public.
Tell us about this guy.
Well, let me tell you about William.
He's very sincere, and he's very credible.
The reason I say that is when William is... Throughout the years, he's been approached by many people, including news reporters from the mainstream, who've kind of hinted, William, you better keep quiet about this because you don't know who you're dealing with.
William told me, and I'm sure he'll tell you the same thing, that he's never varied his story from day one when the planes hit.
He looks them in the eye and says, I have nothing to lose.
I should probably be dead now.
I am now the voice of 200 of my friends who died.
All I want to do is get the truth out.
William has not been able to do that here in America.
And I can tell you exactly what happened.
Well, I'll tell you a story.
Lou Cacioli, a 50-plus-year-old senior firefighter, head of a whole ladder, he told People Magazine that clearly bombs were going off when he was trapped in there before they collapsed.
And then I called, talked to his wife, briefly talked to him, and he just said, Look, I've been told to shut up.
I'm not doing interviews.
So it's the same M.O.
over and over again.
Oh, yeah.
But listen, let me just talk specifically about... Now, let's talk about this story.
He's coming on in 20 minutes.
What's that?
Of course, Mr. Rodriguez will be joining us in 20 minutes, but tell us his story.
Yeah, you know, I'll tell you, and he can talk about it also.
But let me tell you how I heard about William.
He's a lead plaintiff in a RICO lawsuit filed in Philadelphia the last November.
That's by Attorney Phil Berg.
Recently, the case, the government, a motion to dismiss.
The judge ruled against the government.
The case is now being moved to New York, a change of venue.
And the case goes on, a legal discovery.
Well, William, I've written about it.
I've talked to Phil about William since last November when the lawsuit hit.
And I never really pushed the subject of really forcing William to go forward.
He spends a lot of time in Europe getting his story across.
I just let the story progress.
In several stories of mine, you'll see I refer to William's name and the comments he made to Phil.
However, in a recent story I ran, William contacted me and asked me if I'd like to speak about it.
I asked him, can I talk to you?
We began speaking on the phone.
What came of this to me when I got off the phone?
I said, my God, why?
NBC News.
Why would all these other news agencies... This isn't a news story.
I mean, if you were a journalist three years ago trying to get this story out, you're not going out on a journalistic limb.
Because let me tell you why.
William, I thought maybe William just heard explosions.
But William came to work late.
He goes down into his... Instead of being up above where he'd normally be, he came to work late.
He was down below in sub-level one in an office with 14 people.
Now, when the bomb went off under his feet, he said he felt the floor shaking, the walls around him cracking, and of course all these 14 people were frightened.
Seconds later, he hears an explosion from way above.
Not knowing it's an airplane, he doesn't know what it is.
However, immediately after that, a man by the name of Felipe David comes running in, burnt to a crisp, skin hanging from his arms.
And his hands, his face completely burnt, screaming, explosion, explosion, explosion.
So for those that don't understand, there's an explosion right before, is what I'm getting, right before the plane even hits.
They're down in the basement.
Right, they hear that explosion from below.
Totally far away from where any fire or the plane hitting, you know, 70-something stories up could hurt them.
This guy's got skin hanging off.
He's been on an explosion.
Let me tell you where David was at.
David was at an elevator shaft, a freight elevator shaft, about 300 or 400 feet away.
The flames came shooting up and burnt him to a crisp.
He runs to the nearest office and 14 people witnessed this.
Witness Rodriguez then takes him out.
Where is the fellow you just mentioned?
Well, here's the story, and this is what William says.
I'll explain this really quickly.
Right after 9-11, a lot of stories appeared.
A couple of comments.
William's story, I think, got in some places just quickly.
But see, what happened was, everything was forgotten about then.
A lot of these people who were talking then...
Three years later are difficult to find.
I have a bunch of phone numbers, and most of the numbers are disconnected from the people.
It's going to take getting out there and finding them, and William has trouble finding some of them.
Right after 9-11, I called quite a few of these people.
I probably got a hold of about five different people, two of them firefighters, and they just said, look, we've been told to shut up.
That was universal.
During that time, there was a different atmosphere, and the atmosphere basically... Worship the government, believe the story.
Nobody knew.
But years later, what happened, though, was interesting.
As we move this story along, which never really gets covered thoroughly in the press, we get to the 9-11 Commission.
Now, as you know, the 9-11 Commission has ignored many people's comments, many even of the victims and the people involved, when they come to their scientific conclusions.
And I put that word, scientific conclusions, in quotes.
Because what basically happened here, Rodriguez also was very forthright and wanted to talk to the 9-11 Commission, wanted to talk to the FBI, and he'll explain this.
Well, anyway, I believe the 9-11 Commission... I've talked to other people who, for example, have found the black boxes, things like that, that were totally ignored, but I think because of Rodriguez's position...
Because of what he did on 9-11, because of the corroboration of 14 people with him, they had to deal with him somehow.
So they pulled him in and said, we'll talk to you, but behind closed doors.
So Rodriguez was kind of intimidated to keep quiet.
Well, anyway, at the time, NBC News got wind of this, and also CNN, which I just found out.
And they sent a news crew, and I've got email verifications of this, a news crew, out to his house for a complete day, right after these 9-11 hearings.
Now, Rodriguez is kind of quiet, says a few things to a paper, but doesn't get into his story because I think what happened, and you can verify this with him,
They were telling him to keep quiet.
We need to talk and discuss this.
But basically, the 9-11 Commission never uses his words to justify... Well, it's classic.
They go, this is national security.
We're going to use this, but keep quiet for a few months.
Anyway, the real key to this then comes, NBC News gets wind of it.
And they send a crew out all day, and they sit with Rodriguez William the whole day.
They tape him for a complete day.
Everything he's said to me, everything he's said to other people like overseas in Puerto Rico and Telemundo and all these overseas news broadcasts that are covering his story and let him talk uncensored.
Well, anyway, they get all this tape and all his words, but they take it back and not a word of it ever appears.
The same thing supposedly happens with CNN.
I got a couple of emails from the CNN crew that supposedly were supposed to come out and see him.
However, what happens is that they come out and they get all the information but never run it.
I say to them, and I bluntly as a journalist and as a person who basically looks at things from a journalistic point of view if I was an editor or whatever,
I'm not going out on a journalistic limb, perhaps if Rodriguez is the only one that hears that.
I want some verification.
Well, he's got a collaboration of 14 people, names.
We're going to be talking with him, and I want to hold you over when Mr. Rodriguez is on with us, but I also want to add this right now.
It wasn't a journalistic limb, Alex, is what I'm saying.
We have all these other witnesses, but let me just add this.
I understand it wasn't.
Before we go to break, this is very important.
Don't forget about the three data recorders and the firemen and the rescue workers.
Oh, of course.
And that was in the Philadelphia Daily News.
But again, it's still a news blackout other than the Philadelphia Daily News, this show, and your columns.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look, I know we've got loaded phone lines.
I haven't given the phone number up yet today because we're not taking calls yet.
We will do that sometime in the next hour.
We've got to cover this information.
It's so important.
We're talking to, of course, the writer for American Free Press and a lot of other publications, Greg Zemanski, about all the major news that's coming out about 9-11.
More and more whistleblowers going public.
More and more insiders going public.
More and more people who witnessed what happened on 9-11 going public.
Rescue workers.
Greg, have you seen the David Shaler MI5 article we just put out today?
You know something?
I'll be honest with you.
I glanced at it.
And I did not get a good read yet.
I mean, here's a guy who was with MI5 talking about the British being involved in terrorism over there.
He's looking as a counterterrorism specialist who worked on terrorism in that area of the MI5.
At 9-11, he's saying it's obviously an inside job as well.
That's an explosive story, Alex, and I'll make sure I get and read it.
It sounds very interesting.
Well, I hope you do some work with it.
Yeah, I'm going to take a look at it.
I know I sought and I didn't have time this morning to get at it.
Well, getting back to Mr. Rodriguez, he's got 14 witnesses and you've got the explosion and the fire shooting up.
Well, if I could just say something kind of in general on a story like this and why I believe it's important.
As you know, if you just isolate the incident of how the, let's say the North Tower went down.
You're hearing all these stories about the scientific explanations from the government's point of view, the scientific explanations from the conspiracy theorist's point of view.
If you imagine yourself in a court of law right now listening to that, you take the next step and you bring up a witness.
You bring up a witness like Mr. Rodriguez.
As you know, eyewitness testimony can be very reliable.
It can be very unreliable.
If you line up ten people and you look at a murder,
You're going to get maybe 10 different accounts.
People see different things.
However, when eyewitness testimony is the most valuable and more credible than scientific explanations is when it can be corroborated and corroborated with documentation.
And that's exactly what Rodriguez's story is.
So basically, if you're a jury listening to, well, did it fall down by explosives or did it fall down by the airplanes up there?
Rodriguez's testimony, corroborated by 14 other people, is going to sway the jury to the side of the demolition, of course, because basically, you look at what he saw, how 14 people see a burning man coming from, you know, within seconds, from below.
How could it be?
Understand, they're in the basement complex.
What, four floors beneath the ground?
So I would guess they were in the first... Well, I think you said sub-level one, so that would be the first basement level.
So there's several other basement levels?
Yeah, yeah.
And then somebody... Did this fellow come running from their level or from another level?
His level.
He was only 300 feet away from the office.
And he reported that fire shot up out of it.
Yeah, fire shot through the elevator shaft.
It could not have shut down that quickly.
Well, they admit that fire didn't shoot down even to like the 50th floor.
Yeah, I mean, there were people using those elevators up until, I mean, it couldn't have shut down that quickly.
Yeah, they were using the elevators, so wow.
Within the time span.
And which particular tower was he in?
And now we have CNN and NBC going and interviewing him, but not reporting on him.
Yeah, I mean, come on.
I mean, look it.
The journalists, I want to know, I'd like to hear that conversation when they decided not to run this or decided not to use their resources to find these other people and verify that.
Here's a guy burnt to crisp in a hospital and they're ignoring it.
Now, years later, basically, they're hoping that it's just forgotten about.
Hopefully, people will look at this and say, if they're lying about this... Basically, I'm not saying...
You know, even to a point where if they would have just investigated this in a forthright manner, however, do you think that investigation might have been contrary to the government's story?
Maybe that's why they didn't do it.
All right, we're getting Mr. Rodriguez on the line right now.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Last thing out.
Southern California to upstate New York from Austin, Texas to Kansas City, Missouri.
From Pensacola, Florida to Chicago, Illinois.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be here for another two hours.
We're into hour number two.
Coming up in about 30 minutes...
We have the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, who doubts the official 9-11 story going public.
We, of course, have broken the news that former MI5 agents as 9-11 and Inside Job attacked the Scudetta.
Buildings were demolished by controlled demolitions.
David Shaler, who worked terrorism...
And award-winning researcher and author Greg Zemanski is also riding shotgun with us, breaking and magnifying so many of these articles, including 9-11 rescue workers finding three of the four data recorders and being told to shut up.
And that's even made it subsequently into things like the Philadelphia Daily News.
So this is confirmed.
There are lawsuits involving all of this.
I'm extremely honored to...
We have on the line one of the survivors who was in the North Tower, William Rodriguez.
We talked about his story in the last 30 minutes, how they witnessed explosions down in their basement level and it burning and hurting people, the fire coming up, not down.
And he helped a lot of folks, of course, get out of there, barely survived himself.
And we're honored to have William Rodriguez on with us.
William, welcome.
My pleasure.
Thank you for inviting me.
It's an honor for me to be here.
Well, it's great to be here, and we've got Greg riding shotgun with us, so we'll be popping in and out with him.
We're about to break here in a moment, but I want to first just talk about who you are, why you were working there, and then when we get back, I want to tell the story.
I want to go back to those first minutes and give you the floor and just let you tell us exactly, in your words, what happened.
But first off, tell us about yourself, Mr. Rodriguez, and why you're going public.
Yes, my name is William Rodriguez.
I worked in the building for almost 20 years.
On September 11, it would have been 20 years, and actually I was there as the person in charge of all the stairwells of the North Tower.
I was the porter that had to do the maintenance of the whole building, of all the stairwells.
The building had three staircases, A, B, and C, and I was the person in charge of it.
And you've been there 20 years as of September 11, 2001?
That is correct.
And like I said, I have a personal view of exactly what happened on September 11.
Not only was I there, but I'm actually the last survivor from the North Tower that was pulled from the rubble.
And I actually survived under the rubble.
Now I remember that.
When did you start understanding the official story was a fraud?
Day one?
Well, I didn't know on day one, I'll be honest with you, because Alex, at the beginning, I came out on the news, probably days or weeks, because I came out with the story and I testified for the media, for national media, on that same day of what I experienced, and then I started to realize that my story was continuously being edited, that the whole information that I was given wasn't coming out correctly.
That's absolutely key!
Yeah, that was actually tidbits here and there.
So regardless of who you talked to, they were editing key parts up?
That is correct.
That is correct, and it was a continuous effort from all the medias.
I actually interviewed hundreds and hundreds of hours from September 11th until today.
I mean, I have a whole library of interviews, and it's incredible because I have some raw copies of some of the interviews that I actually performed.
And it's unbelievable because what came out on the air was totally different of what I actually said.
Oh, I would love for you to send me some of those videos so I can put a web TV piece together to show people.
I will be honored.
Wow, this is incredible.
Sir, we're going to break.
Long segment coming up.
Plenty of time to get into this.
I want to tell your story.
What happened from the eyewitness and the 14 corroborating witnesses you have on September 11th in the basement, level one of the basement,
On September 11th, that morning.
We'll be right back with our guest.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to an individual who's quite famous.
She was the last person living to be pulled from the wreckage.
WTC basement blast and injured burn victim blows official 9-11 story sky high.
He's William Rodriguez.
And the key here is, is I remember getting inklings of his story and many others who saw the same thing on 9-11.
But every time he talked to a major TV network or station, they would put him on the news but edit out.
How he talked about the explosions down in the base of the building, which firefighters and others said they also heard and witnessed and saw.
Even reporters were saying it as it happened on a few of the news channels.
So they didn't want that out there.
And remember, they ordered the FAA tape shredded.
They ordered the people on the ground that found three of the flight data recorders, you know, highly decorated rescue workers.
Keep your mouth shut.
You know, when they found these recorders, clearly marked.
Just the continual hauling away the rubble under national security to China, despite the fact the family tried to stop it.
He was the head of maintenance for the three major stairwells for the entire building.
Been there 20 years, a senior member of maintenance.
And, you know, keeping all of that in place.
And so joining us again is William Rodriguez.
And just recapping what he said in the last segment for stations that don't carry that first segment.
William, now, let's just go through the story.
That morning, what you were doing, what happened.
Please describe it for us.
I usually get to work at 8 o'clock in the morning.
That day, as a miracle, I went in late at 8.30.
I called the office and I said I was going to be a little late.
Yeah, I think so.
I think we're good.
That moment that it was an electrical generator that just blew up under sub-levels.
And when I say sub-levels, it's because I was located on B1, that's basement number one, and the building had six sub-levels, all the way down to B6.
So I felt this huge explosion, and at that moment I was going to verbalize it.
I was going to say, it's one of the electrical generators that just blew up.
And when I was going to verbalize it is when I heard the impact at the top of the building.
And it sounded pretty far away.
I think so.
And at that moment, we don't know what's happening.
We thought, again, it's an explosion at the sub-level, and when I was going to pick up the phone to call the emergency, there's a guy coming running into the office saying, explosion, explosion, explosion.
And this guy was a black guy.
He had his hands extended, and all the skin from under his armpit was pulled on both arms all the way to the fingertips, and he was hanging like a piece of cloth from
And actually, I thought it was closing while he was hanging, and then I realized it was his skin.
He was standing in front of a freight elevator at the basement when he was actually burned.
Now, this is the basement.
This is not the top of the building.
And he said, what happened?
And he said, the elevators, the elevators.
And I went to pick up the phone to call the EMS that was located on Building 2.
Building 1 and Building 2 connected through the basement.
And when I said Building 2, it's the south tower.
And so I went to pick up the phone, and at that moment, we heard another explosion.
And the floor shakes so much, it was like an earthquake.
And at that moment, I was thinking that it was probably an earthquake.
I was telling everybody to get under the door frames because the floor was moving.
And then I realized, well, what am I talking about?
This is an explosion what I'm hearing.
Everybody out, everybody out.
I start pushing everybody out of the office.
I take the guy, the black guy that was burned.
The name of the guy is Felipe David.
He's a guy from Honduras, which I did not know.
He worked for Aramac, the company that does supplies for all the vending machines.
And I put his arm around my shoulder and I started helping him out of the building.
Now, the way to get out was through the loading dock.
And it was pretty far.
I mean, we're talking about
Like 600 or 800 feet away.
And once I get out with all these people, I see an ambulance.
I stop the ambulance.
I put Mr. Felipe David inside the ambulance.
And that's when I hear, a plane hit the building.
A plane hit the building.
I turned around.
I look up.
I see the hole.
I see the fire.
I see the debris falling apart.
And all of a sudden, I go into a frenzy because I started thinking about the people from Windows of the World.
I said, we've got to go back.
We've got to go back.
We've got to go back.
And the same people that I just pulled from the basement, they started screaming at me, Rodriguez, you're not going back in there.
You stay here.
Even my supervisor that I just pulled out.
But I said, no, no, we got to go back.
And I took the radio from the security guard and I started running inside the building again.
When I get inside, there was water all over because the sprinkler system got activated and I get to the top of the loading dock and by
Let me just stop you for a second, Mr. Rodriguez.
Before you get to the operational center,
Being there in the first bombing, knowing what it feels like, and then experiencing the individual running in and saying the fire came up, I want to get into some detail about what Mr. David said to you on that.
And then I also want to ask you the question.
Were you looking for truck bombs because you were putting two and two together in the back of your brain from hearing and feeling that explosion?
And because of the experience of 1993.
Now, remember...
Being there, the actual expectation of something happening in the building wasn't constant.
The employees, we always talk about it on a weekly basis because we said, this is a job that was never finished.
They're going to try it again.
We continued having these kind of conversations on a weekly basis.
We were aware by osmosis of everything that was happening around.
And I will bring you to that point, that experience later on, because when I testified to the 9-11 Commission, I did give them some details that miraculously didn't show up on the final report.
Yeah, let's talk about that, but I interrupted you at the point you got to the Emergency Operations Center.
Yeah, the Operation Control Center was actually a center that was created after 1993, Bobby,
The World Trade Center, they spent $136 million to upgrade the whole security in the building.
A quarter of a billion actually, but $136 was just for security.
They created this center and stupidly enough, they put it inside the building, which made sense to have it outside the building.
And there they control everything from access to special doors,
We're good.
And he said, you got to get out.
You got to get out.
A plane hit the building.
He couldn't believe it.
And there was a lady from the Marriott Hotel Security, the one that checks every employee.
She's there trembling because she was a new employee.
She didn't know what was happening.
I said, you got to get out of here.
And she was afraid of leaving her post because she didn't want to get fired.
He said, no, you got to get out.
What about the reports that up high in the jowers there was some type of speaker system calling people to stay at their post?
That was Lloyd Thompson.
He was a guy that disappeared for three years.
He testified on the last week of the hearings for the 9-11 Commission.
They said that they couldn't find him.
It's the funniest thing because I have Lloyd on my organization from day one and I could supply him very easily.
It's something that is mind-boggling.
Okay, well then tell us, who was on the speaker saying, stay in your post?
Actually, it wasn't that, stay in the post.
It was actually saying that people were coming down on the plaster level, on the mezzanine level, and that was actually the area that was hit by the first plane, and all the debris was falling down that part.
So actually, it was a call for people to go back
Not to get out on the plaza level because they were gonna get hit by the debris.
So it was an actual misunderstanding that happened on that moment.
The amount of automatic recordings that they have in the building.
Now, not every floor worked.
Not every floor had the speaker system activated.
Well, that's a major mystery then, at least partially solved.
Let's bring in Greg Zeminski.
Greg, there's so many points here.
Should we get more into his eyewitness account, or should we get into how the media tried to cover up and edit every time they interviewed Mr. Rodriguez, one of the heroes of 9-11, Greg?
Well, I think you ought to stick with his eyewitness account and those 14 people and maybe what happened to them.
And then it very well flows into the fact that the media had all this stuff, and why didn't they at least tell their story?
They're not going out on a journalistic limb here.
Were you guys... I mean, I've talked to a lot of firefighters and other people who were told to shut up.
Were you told ever directly, or do you know people who were told to shut up?
Well, indirectly.
They told me not to touch several subjects.
They would say, just stick to this, what we're talking about, don't talk about other things.
No, I remember.
And my story now is exactly the same one that I gave on that tape.
Oh, I've got to have that tape.
I've got to get that tape.
Stay there, Mr. Rodriguez.
We'll be right back with yourself and, of course, Greg.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
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Alright, approaching the halfway point in this broadcast.
We're going to keep Mr. Rodriguez on with us.
He's honored us by doing that.
One of the heroes of 9-11.
Helped save a lot of people and barely made it out himself.
Last person to be pulled from the rubble.
We're going to keep him on with us with Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of Treasury under Ronald Reagan in his administration.
And if Mr. Zemanski, Greg Zemanski, wants to stay with us, he's welcome to ride shotgun.
We'll kind of have our own little roundtable discussion here.
I was just talking to you, Mr. Rodriguez, William Rodriguez, during the break, and you talked about how...
You were telling me how you've just been on this European tour, I guess, with Jimmy Walters, exposing all of this, and almost, you didn't say almost, you said everyone knew the truth, everyone you talked to in Europe never believed the story.
That's exciting.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, it's incredible.
Jimmy Walters put this nice mega tour through the whole Europe.
We went to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, every single country that we went to.
Don't want.
We have a dissenting voice that the official story was a lie.
They even have questions that, listen, we have unfiltered news here compared to the news that you were getting over there.
Here we continue having interviews from the European media that was never shown on the American media.
Why did that happen?
I said, well, you know, at that moment, when we explained that, it was a whole cover-up.
Well, yeah, that shows control that day one, they would put you on CNN as a hero and as a survivor, went back into the building, had it collapse on you, the last to be dug out alive.
I mean, think of what a big story that is.
I remember you were all over TV, and they would edit out craftily any discussion of explosions.
Greg, that really shows the premeditated nature, doesn't it, Greg?
Yeah, it does.
It shows the state of the media right now.
Like it said, this is all our story.
William's story should be told.
The media has an obligation in a major story like that to get it right.
And you can see from what William's saying, they basically had another agenda.
And it's that agenda, along with the government agenda, that needs to be exposed.
And that's basically what we're doing right now.
Well, I want to go back specifically.
I mean, understand we have an eyewitness here.
We have these other 14 eyewitnesses.
We have the individual, Mr. David, burned, saying fire shot up.
Clearly, firefighters reported bombs going off.
We have Silverstein saying they pulled Building 7.
It goes on and on and on.
What were the other 14 people told to do, or where are they today, Mr. Rodriguez?
Some of the people, we are unable to reach them.
We have tried with Greg Szymanski to contact them, and we're having a difficult time.
Yes, I think so.
On the media and asking for reunions and meetings for major networks to actually together with survivors that I saved on that day, they started to think about it and shutting off of their previous comments.
And the funny thing is also that I even sent Mr. Greg Szymanski a couple of the emails of major networks that I received during that time and during the 9-11 Commission testimony
For request of interviews and never came out.
I did the interviews and it never came out.
This is just... Greg, have we got the statement show?
I know you've been talking to them from CNN and others.
Why didn't they hear this?
You know, I'm going to give... I'm in the process of giving CNN a call, but it's like getting through at the Pentagon nowadays.
I mean, it used to be that, you know, you could call a journalist and they'd talk to you over the phone, but now it's very difficult.
But I'm going to get to the bottom of what
Why CNN didn't run the story?
Did you see when Gore Vidal was on CNN about three years ago, and he goes, I just want to stop the press before I go live.
This is on TV.
He goes, before I say anything, this is the first time there hasn't been a lieutenant general in a suit behind the cameras telling me what I can and can't say.
Yeah, I mean, Mr. Rodriguez's story is vitally important for every American to hear, unedited.
That's the reason why I wanted to tell it.
It isn't my story.
It isn't any other journalist's story.
Sometimes journalists get off on this track that they own some story because they broke it first.
No, it's not that.
It's Mr. Rodriguez's story, and it's a story that the American people own.
On a day that occurred like that, to have it unedited, my goodness, what is going on?
We need to get answers from NBC, not from the journalists.
I assume there's probably journalists who probably wanted to run it.
Well, I tell you, Greg, I've talked to a lot of major national reporters, and they've told me point blank, we're told not to talk about this.
We just lost Greg, and our other guest is on an internet phone, that's why it sounds a little bit broken, but it's just powerful info.
We're going to stay with Mr. Rodriguez, and we've got Mr. Roberts coming on as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Right now, on prisonplanet.com, former MI5 agent says 9-1-1 an inside job.
Attack was coup d'etat.
Buildings were demolished by controlled demolitions.
David Shaler...
Worked in anti-terrorism, now going public.
And at the same time, we have the chief economist at one of the major federal departments, Mr. Reynolds, going public a few weeks ago about how the official story is a complete fraud.
We have Andres von Bulow, who was the defense secretary, technology minister, going public.
We have Michael Meacher, number three in the Blair government, resigning two years ago and saying if they weren't involved in the attack, they certainly knew all about it and funded it.
There's so many people, and online with us at the same time.
I meant to only have them for 30 minutes, but it's such an important testimony.
William Rodriguez, who was cited for pulling out so many people trying to save him, going back in, having a building collapse on him and others.
One of the last people to be saved, William Rodriguez, talking about those bombs, those explosions going off.
We'll be popping back and forth with Mr. Rodriguez's story.
Paul Craig Roberts, the bio is too long to read at all, but he was a distinguished fellow at the Cato Institute from 93 to 96.
From 82 through 93, he held the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
From 81 to 82, he served as Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Economic Policy for President Reagan and the Treasury Secretary.
Reagan credited him with a major role in the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 81, and he was awarded the Treasury...
I mean, if you think a giant government is conservative, if you think
You know, a $2.6 trillion budget is conservative.
If you think all this gun control and open borders is conservative, then call me a liberal.
That's what I'm saying.
Alex Jones is saying that.
I would imagine Mr. Roberts, Dr. Roberts, would agree with us.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, thanks for coming on, sir.
Thank you.
I saw this headline with Greg Zeminski talking about how you're now questioning the official story.
Not all the minutiae and the specifics, just how the whole thing stinks and all the lies we've been told.
Can you tell us, sir, when you started questioning things?
Oh, well, I've been questioning things all my life, Alex.
It's just the things that get questioned change with the event.
I was questioning this invasion of Iraq before it happened.
On 9-11, it's when I read Morgan Reynolds' account, which seemed to be very carefully researched, and I've known Morgan Reynolds for years.
He's a distinguished professor.
And he was chief economist in the Bush administration for the Department of Commerce.
He's also a member of the Montpelier Society, which is a group of libertarian conservative scholars.
By the way, sir, he's now being called an evil liberal, and you've been called that when you guys have some of the most conservative records known.
Yes, there are certainly a lot of brown shirts out there who...
Who are true believers of whatever the government tells them.
Anyhow, what made me wonder when I read Morgan Reynolds' account, because over the years, because I criticize or I tell the truth about the war, I get a lot of emails from people who say, well, what about 9-11?
What about 9-11?
I'm not paying much attention to them because I don't know
Too much about that, but I have received a number of emails from people who claim they're engineers.
And they say that the building could not have fallen the way it did according to the government's account of what destroyed it.
Well, I personally have probably had 25 engineers on.
And what did they say?
Well, I had a good family friend who's a structural engineer who worked in the World Financial Center and saw the first plane, saw the second plane, saw it all happen, and he was on that morning and he said it was a perfect controlled top-down demolition in the big towers and a perfect demolition on Building 7 bottom-down with the classic crimp.
Even most controlled demolitions are not that precise as Building 7.
That was a masterwork, a master craftsmanship.
It would have taken several months to wire it that well.
Well, that's another very curious thing, because no plane hit the 47-story building, and yet it collapsed as the others.
And so the explanation of why it collapsed, I've never understood at all.
I remember engineers were explaining to me that if the powers collapsed because of fire weakening the steel, that they would have fallen...
They would have fallen off at an angle and wrecked blocks of New York.
They wouldn't have come down on themselves unless the fire was of equal intensity at every corner on every floor.
And, of course, it wasn't.
Well, it was a cool black fire.
Yeah, it was suffocating as far as the pictures show.
People were standing in the gaping holes, and the firefighters said that in one of the towers it was two small fires left.
And Alex, if I can interject... Yes, this is Mr. Rodriguez.
Yeah, we have a presentation of the final draft of the NIST, the National Institute of Safety and Technology, here in New York two days ago.
And at the end of their presentation, we asked very hard questions because they said they didn't find any evidence of explosives inside the building.
Yeah, that made the press.
That made the press when you guys stood up.
Tell us about it.
Yeah, the funny thing is that I recorded my own...
With my own camera, so we're going to make that available for you, Alex, so you can post it there, so you can see exactly what happened there, because again, it was actually presented on the press, but was never explained what happened with the people asking the questions.
Now, the problem was they couldn't answer when we asked about, well, why the building fell in such an implosion way, and they said, well, there was no...
Let me bring this up to Dr. Roberts because Dr. Roberts
What are they going to do as the certain elements of the military-industrial complex that have the motive in all of this, what are they going to do, in your educated expert opinion, as more and more prominent people, and now it's beginning to snowball, begin to go public and just simply say the emperor is wearing no clothes?
What are you forecast happening?
I'm not sure anything will happen.
If you think about it, we still don't know
About the assassination of President John Kennedy, it's fairly clear that it wasn't the single lone nut gunman.
But we don't know.
We can't find out.
It's been 40-something years, I think.
We don't know about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, JFK's brother.
They lied to us about Ruby Ridge.
They lied about Waco.
They lied about Saddam Hussein and the reason for going to war in Iraq.
So I think we can just take granted that the government lies about whatever.
Yeah, they lie more often than telling the truth.
There's no reason to believe what the government says.
There's no record of integrity on controversial issues.
With the government.
And we do know that large numbers... I didn't used to think it was possible for them to hide something like the assassination of a president, what really happened.
Because I didn't think you could get that many people to participate.
But apparently it is possible to get people to be quiet and hush and go along.
So I would imagine if Bush can survive the Downing Street memos and...
In surviving, taking us into an illegal war that had no justification, that we were told was a cakewalk war that would be over in three weeks, and now Rumsfeld announced this morning that it will be 12 years.
If they can survive that, they can survive whatever happened to the World Trade Center.
Now I have to say up front, I am not an expert and don't know what happened, but I do notice that
There are people who challenge the explanation and there's this great effort to shut them up.
It seems to me if the government was confident of its story, it wouldn't take that pact.
It would confront what is being said and answer it.
Well, Mr. Roberts... We don't see that.
They're not answering the people like the janitor who says he heard explosions in the basement.
There's no real reason to think so many people are making
Well, Dr. Roberts, you just stole my thunder.
We've got Mr. Rodriguez, who is an admitted hero who went back in to try to save people and got buried.
He was the last person to be saved.
He was interviewed all over live TV and then would notice that they would edit out his comments about explosions.
Every local channel, every national channel, over and over again, he kept wondering why they edited that out.
That shows massive control and massive cover-up right there, Dr. Roberts.
Well, it seems to... It's amazing to me that it's that easy for them to do, but what disturbs me is that there are people who challenge it, and...
Yeah, it doesn't get answered in an honest way.
So it seems to be what the government should do is take all of these people who have a case against the original complaint and
Address what they say and give some answer.
But, sir, I mean, on the face of it, the 9-11 Commission says there were no steel columns in the center of the buildings when they had some of the biggest steel columns, 44 of them, in the world.
They don't even mention Building 7 in their 300-and-something page report or any of its indexes.
We don't know where they got their information, do we?
I mean, these commissions often...
Just, they get information that's fed to them, and so the real question is, who's feeding them the information?
Well, we've got Rice's deputy feeding them.
Well then, that might tell you something.
Well, sir, I mean, let's just get right down to brass tacks here.
Obviously, you smell a gigantic stinking rat.
Something's rotten in the state of Denmark.
Something, you know, is dead in the attic.
We've got to go clean it out of there.
We know some big fat possum or raccoon is up there.
Do we have the will to open, which I've done, and open the trap door and go up in there and clean this maggot-infested thing out?
Are we going to keep just smelling the stench until we all get diseases from it?
I mean, bottom line, in your guts...
I mean, look at who has the motive.
I mean, can you speak to motive for having these events?
Why would the Arabs do something like this when it would bring down the biggest military on the planet on them?
That's a pretty interesting question.
There is an answer to that, and that would be if they were clever enough to suck us into a Middle Eastern quagmire.
We do appear to be in a quagmire, both in
Iraq and in Afghanistan where the activity is again heating up and we are now leaning on the British to put more troops in Afghanistan.
But Bush said they wanted to have permanent bases there and wanted to have somewhat of a quagmire.
I guess it's not this bad of a quagmire.
You know, if we can't occupy Baghdad or control the road to the airport, I don't know how we're going to have a permanent base.
But I agree with you that there's too many
Reasons to disbelieve the government.
There are too many problems with what they tell us.
Well, Dr. Roberts, it's like this.
If I had a neighbor for ten years who all he ever did was lie and cheat me, and then he said, hey, let me house sit for you, why would I trust him?
All the government does is lie and cheat us.
Well, if that's what I said, we still don't know about John F. Kennedy.
We do know they lied about Ruby Ridge, Waco.
We know they lied about Iraq.
The Downing Street Mimos prove it beyond any question.
Mr. Rodriguez, let's bring Mr. Rodriguez in here for a second with Dr. Roberts.
Dr. Roberts, of course, was in the Reagan administration at a very high level there in the Treasury Department.
But going back to Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Rodriguez, do you have any comments or questions for Mr. Roberts?
Well, I have a comment.
My group and the Skycraper Safety Campaign were the only two groups that went to Washington, to Congress, to ask for a commission to be created.
We got the commission created, but it was after a big headache.
You may remember that the president said, we don't need a commission.
We already know who did it.
And we said, no, the families and the victims have the right to know exactly what happened and what took us to that position.
And after a lot of press, bad press, and a lot of manipulation, we have to put actually widows and mothers on TV to actually press for the White House to change the position.
We have the 9-11 Commission.
After we have the 9-11 Commission, we ask them to have subpoena power, which they never used.
They didn't want the subpoena power.
Well, let me ask Dr. Roberts this.
You spurred a thought.
Dr. Roberts, who could do a real investigation?
We know Congress is so political and so partisan, it's not going to happen there.
You know, maybe a group of states getting together and having a commission or putting together our own, maybe nationally televised private commission with experts.
I mean, how would you do that?
I don't know.
I think, you know, what you're trying to do, what Mr. Rodriguez is trying to do, what other people whose integrity forces them to ask questions which probably don't do them any good...
We're good to go.
Best trusting or what?
Go and tell them.
Doctor, what about Dick Cheney in the September 2000 PNAC document saying we need a Pearl Harbor?
Virginia Brzezinski saying a helpful Pearl Harbor for imperial mobilization to mobilize the slaves, that's us.
To go attack the barbarians.
I mean, these are the type of terms they use over and over again in government and think tank white papers.
They talk about Operation Northwoods, the catalyzing terrorist attack.
Operation Northwoods talks about the government carrying out its own attack.
Operation Gladio was carried out.
Gulf of Tonkin now admitted never happened.
We have the LBJ tapes released a year ago.
Comments on that?
Well, it's been a notorious...
I think it's a characteristic of governments for a long time.
In the Tsarist government in pre-Bolshevik Russia, the secret police used to carry out terrorist acts so they could go arrest people that they wanted to arrest.
They blamed them.
Those things do happen and have happened.
The question is about
The World Trade Center.
And I don't know the answer, but I agree that what we've been told seems to have problems and that the government is not very attentive to answering those problems.
It has no indication of wanting to face these problems.
We've got a break.
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's 888-253-3139, or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
Thank you.
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Folks, Dr. Roberts is going to leave us in five minutes, but I want to keep...
Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Zemanski, on with us another 30 minutes to take your calls in the next hour and get into some other key points on 9-11 because it's the foundational event of this entire police state.
Learn the truth about 9-11.
Get my new film, Martial Law of 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State.
We detail how they do it, how they covered it up, who stands to gain.
It's my best film, my third 9-11 film.
Please get it today.
Or order a copy at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Dr. Roberts, of course, writes for counterpunch.com, antiwar.com, newsmax.com, of all places.
And you can just type Paul Craig Roberts in and you'll see.
Literally hundreds of different websites.
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars are routinely linked to those stories as well.
We find his analysis to be excellent.
But the reason we had Mr. Roberts on is he's just saying, hey, this official story's got holes in it and things stink to high heaven.
And that's why it's important.
More and more prominent people are stepping forward.
And regardless of what happened on 9-11, I know what happened.
You're now investigating it.
But regardless, Dr. Roberts, they certainly are using it to destroy America while leaving the borders wide open, aren't they?
That's for sure.
We are losing our civil liberties very rapidly, and the borders are wide open.
And you know, something else that I just remembered.
You remember the Timothy McVeigh thing, the Murrah building, the Oklahoma City bombing?
There were a variety of experts involved.
Including an Air Force general who was some sort of munitions expert.
Ben Cade, part and former head of Air Force Weapons Development.
Yeah, he only lived a couple blocks from me in Alexandria, Virginia, inside the Beltway in Washington.
And he said that that building blew up from the inside out.
And I remember seeing a lot of accounts
Well, I made a film about it.
We had the police, the BATF ran up in their bomb gear seconds after the blast.
They said, oh yeah, we were told not to come in.
It's all on record, sir.
They have all the surveillance cameras, but they declared national security.
Yes, I saw that the government withholds so much information that... I mean, if they got Nick May doing it, why not show the video, doctor?
That's exactly right.
If it supports their case, why don't they show it?
So, I think that's...
That's a very good indication that they're hiding something.
What it is, I don't know.
You may be jumping to conclusions what exactly it is they are hiding, but they surely are hiding something.
What woke me up to all of this was the extraordinary lies they told
About Iraq and the reason for the war.
Well, Rumsfeld says he never said there were WMDs.
It's an urban legend, doctor.
Does it matter if I have him on tape like a hundred times saying it?
Well, people who will lie like that will lie about anything, and I think that is the point that people, the public, have to come to terms with.
Has Bush stole the souls of the conservative America because so many of them mindlessly worship him when he is the 180 degree difference from conservatism?
Well, yes he has.
The question is whether he can keep them and whether they wake up.
You see, most conservatives are fighting old battles.
They're fighting the Vietnam War over or they're fighting Roe versus Wade over there and they're thinking about Bush in those terms.
If it dawns on them that they've been deceived and
We're good to go.
The polls are showing now a majority no longer support this war.
So it's possible to change people's minds.
Well, yeah, you're right, Doctor.
Conservatives think that if we discard Bush, that means we love Bill Clinton.
And that's not the case, folks.
We've got to discard both of these party hierarchies, and we can do that with the help of people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Doctor, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Well, you keep raising hell, Alex.
It never hurts for Americans to raise hell.
God bless you, sir.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now into hour number three.
It is Monday, the 27th day of June 2005.
I got a bunch of news on Iraq, a bunch of news on the police state, other whistleblowers on 9-11.
But in this hour, we're going to take your calls, and we've got William Rodriguez, one of the major heroes of 9-11, went back into the building to say people had it collapsed on him, and he was there in the basement when the bombs went off.
And he's saying right before the plane even hit, and other witnesses have said that, and others were told to shut up about it.
This is just part of this tapestry of ongoing lies, and Greg Zeminski, who is a prolific writer for AmericanFreePress.net,
It's nice to hear Paul's comments.
When you start getting people on board like this with the credibility of Mr. Roberts and others, the issue is going to have to be addressed.
I hope I hear the government start addressing some of these issues.
I might add one little lighter note, but not really a lighter note.
There's a play going to be held.
This is the first one in the country.
Oh, out in L.A., yeah.
In Hollywood.
I just read a small story on that.
Hopefully, it's going to be the first stage play.
It's going to be at the Met Theater starting July 17th, a two-hour play on 9-11.
It's done by a woman by the name of Sophia Shepcourt is her name.
I believe that's how you pronounce it.
And she'd be somebody nice to talk to, Alex, so think about that.
And they're doing a play on government involvement, right?
Yeah, well, no, it's basically going to go through four segments.
Demolitions, The Hijackers, War Games, and then I believe the last part is Who Benefits.
So it's a real nice... I think they're using the visual medium, you know, the visual medium, and they're going to put together a nice little... I've seen these plays where they project video behind players on the stage.
Yeah, they contacted me.
They want to use William's story as an addition now.
They're going to go through some of the... I saw a Philip K. Dick book, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.
That was done with those screens.
It's a cool way to see it play.
Yeah, and they're asking me maybe to do a five-minute intro, so I'm thinking about that right now.
But that's a lady you should talk to, and hopefully some of the Hollywood stars will get on board to get the word across.
Well done, Greg.
Let's bring Mr. Rodriguez on.
William, so many people...
Well, again, it keeps opening new doors, and when you have somebody of that stature,
You can stop thinking, wow, this is an ex-high government official who is giving it to you the way it is.
This is the important thing.
People like you, Alex, people like Greg Szymanski, people like Jimmy Walter, to open their mouths and actually put their reputation against the actual mainstream media.
This is so important.
In my position, I was tried in a way to be bought.
You know, remember, they called me national hero.
I was invited to the White House.
I've been invited to 100 different events.
I have a room full of decorations from different countries.
It's a way to buy you off.
When you don't have a clear mission
And you know, a lot of it isn't even overt.
It's just, hey, we're your friends.
Go along with our story.
A lot of people have been bought off and never really consciously thought about it.
Stay with us, Mr. Rodriguez.
I want to recap some of the things you've been talking about and take calls.
Your call is coming up in the next segment, 800-259-9231.
Give us a call.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
A fellow Patriot broadcaster, John Stattmiller, had a bad motorcycle accident over the weekend, for those that didn't know.
He's okay.
He broke his collarbone and clavicle and cracked, I think, 11 ribs.
I talked to his wife this morning.
I just learned of it this morning.
I wish somebody would have called me over the weekend.
And it's not foul play before the conspiracy theories start.
Motorcycles are dangerous.
And there was some gravel or something on a road where they were doing construction.
She was following him in her van.
And she said following him.
I don't know if it was her van.
Oh, they have a van.
There I am adding things.
And he just slid out.
And it was supposedly in traffic, too, so it's a good thing he didn't get run over.
And got hurt pretty bad.
He's got like 12 stitches or 11 stitches somewhere.
Again, broke over 10 ribs.
But he's okay.
He's making phone calls in the talk shows, so...
Just to let you know how transitory life is, and how we should all be thankful for it.
We should pray for John, even though we've differed on quite a few things.
People were kind of shocked when I called up.
I've never had anything bad to say before.
Other people have about me.
I call in, oh, they're doing okay.
Why are you calling?
Worried about people.
I'm a nice guy.
That's what I do.
I was worried about Clay Douglas.
When Clay Douglas had his horrible motorcycle accident, I...
Ask folks to send him money.
He was really hurt badly, you know, in and out of consciousness for weeks.
But thank God John is not that bad off.
But hey, it shows what you get.
You write big news articles about me bad in your magazine, and I say send you money.
I'm a bad guy, folks.
You're going to really learn that as you listen more and more to the show.
No, I'm being sarcastic.
But yeah, these motorcycles, folks, get rid of them.
I've warned so many people, don't have a motorcycle.
And they, ah, I'm not going to have a wreck.
Ah, I'm tough.
Folks, they're deadly dangerous.
And John is at Breckenridge, and pray for him that he has a speedy recovery.
And I'm sad it happened to him.
He's a pretty good guy.
Let's go back to our guest.
We're talking to Greg Zemenski, who is a prolific writer on 9-11 and other key issues, and of course a hero of 9-11, William Rodriguez.
William and Greg, we have loaded phones.
You guys want to go to the calls?
Yes, of course.
Go ahead, Alan.
Okay, let's go to Andrew in New York.
You were on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, Andrew.
Thank you, gentlemen, one and all, for trying to come to some answers for the
Some of us that, well, we need people out there asking questions.
But I have one quick question, and that is, did anybody save their clothing from when the buildings were exploded for residue testing of explosives?
Actually, I have my clothing when I was poor from the rubble, and actually after that I was washed with water from the Hudson River.
They have a pump to actually take all the debris from your face and your body, and I was actually washed down there.
But I still have stuff in their pockets, like dust and stuff like that.
So I do still have those clothing.
Oh, you need to get that tested immediately.
That's why I love calls.
The callers bring up stuff we didn't think of.
Also, again, let's talk about how they hauled that debris away, even though the victim's family said, please don't do it, it's a cover-up.
It's not only that.
One of the questions on the news two days ago was, what kind of testing do you do?
I said, well, we have the actual steel.
They said, no, no, no, no.
You have the steel almost a year and a half after, because the actual steel was sold to China and Korea.
Yeah, Phil Berg's written about that in his complaint.
Other people have written stories about FEMA's quick actions.
Basically, they were nearby doing some kind of FEMA... Tripod 2!
Yeah, nearby.
As soon as the thing hit, they cordoned that thing off.
Nobody got a chance to get the evidence.
And only their official cameras were allowed to videotape the wreckage.
Yeah, it was a pretty interesting situation why FEMA blocked everything off.
Then they immediately get the rubble out.
I even had stories where they were so concerned about the rubble that they had GPS tracking on every truck that left.
And also, a gentleman who was driving a truck, which I haven't been able to verify yet, was supposedly fired for taking an extra long lunch, and they didn't know where he was.
No, no, I've confirmed that.
I've seen that report.
Yeah, so basically... You know, listen, did you know in the Oklahoma City bombing, folks, it blew out, and then the news reported it showed them removing bombs.
I have all this in Road to Tyranny.
This is key.
This is very important.
That, you know, most of the building wasn't destroyed.
Well, when Control Demolition Inc.
blew it up, blew up the wreckage, they hauled it away, under armed guard, buried it in a landfill, poured concrete in with the chunks, and have armed guards with Heckler & Koch MP5s.
They're guarding it to this day, ten years later.
Just to add to that, you have, for example, Diane Horning, who has...
Yeah, for those that don't know, there were the remains of literally thousands of people in there, and they just know we're putting it in the dump and then shipping it to China.
Yeah, basically they covered a crime scene.
Even in the simplest... In a single murder in New York...
The evidence is not tampered with and the tapes go up.
Do you want to know where else they dumped concrete in with the chunks?
Waco, 1993, April 19th.
They torched the church.
Inside the church records vault where they put a shape charge to kill the women and children.
And Benton Parton is on record on that as well from the photos we have of it.
We built a memorial chapel for all those that died up in Waco.
And we had concrete trucks coming.
Now, I knew they took it to two different landfills.
I knew they scraped off about a foot of the topsoil.
But what I didn't know is they had it buried in private landfills and concrete trucks lined up, dumping concrete in with it, trying to seal it all up so even archaeologists would have trouble getting it 100 years from now.
Gentlemen, what does that sound like to you?
A cover-up.
A cover-up.
I mean, why do they do this when Oklahoma and Waco dump concrete in with the chunklets?
It's incredible.
Stop amazing me.
You know, sometimes you've got to take this down to a human level.
I just had this thought.
I sit here and I write this story about William.
One thing in the back of my mind I think about is that President Bush likes to talk about how he's the president of the people and the president of NASCAR.
He likes to sit and have a beer with everybody.
He can talk to anybody.
Well, I'm going to say right now, Mr. President, why don't you sit and have a beer with Mr. Rodriguez and answer some of his questions?
That is true.
That is true.
And actually, I'm glad that you mentioned Phil Berg, because actually I put up, I am the plaintiff of the lawsuit against the president.
It's a record lawsuit, and people can actually go to the website and petition, sign the petition of this to go actually to the federal court.
We already went to the first level.
What website is that?
It's www.911forthetruth.com.
Again, Mr. Rodriguez is on an Internet phone.
That's why you hear that cutting out.
We'll give that out again.
Yeah, 911forthetruth.com.
But if anybody wants to contact me after the show, they can do it through you, through your show.
And I'd be available for any kind of questions or any kind of requests as long as... Well, we're going to be having you back on, and I want you to send me the substantive video, and I'll get it out and put it on the web, and millions will see it.
Because this needs to be seen.
I need to do a little mini video report, and maybe Greg can write about it.
Let's go to Elizabeth in Maryland.
Elizabeth, go ahead.
You're on the air with Mr. Rodriguez.
Go ahead.
Before I called you, I saw Psalm 74.
Have respect under the covenant...
We're good to go.
I think?
What I did here was Janet C. Salen, who was a reporter at the St.
Monica Daily Press, and she was looking into something very ominous and strange going on with the waterworks that's coming in St.
Louis, she said, Vermont and Houston.
And actually a title of her thing is Public Extermination Project.
I think so.
Janet C. Phelan.
Oh, I got that.
Janet C. Phelan.
Right, and here's her email.
Who does she work for?
I mean, who is she?
She worked for the St.
Monica... What am I saying here?
Monica in California, Daily Press.
Santa Monica.
Yes, okay.
I'm a little nervous.
I waited a long time.
A lot was going on here.
And she found out about something called a public extermination?
She found out about T-valves being used...
And this was happening in the Palisades Park area, and she just now has an article sitting on Henry Waxman's desk requesting that he honor her request to address Congress.
I mean, be specific.
I mean, just in a nutshell, what is she saying they're doing?
All right, there's something going on where they can close off this stuff, these tea vows.
I didn't hear everything.
Okay, how does that kill us?
They can do something with the water.
And there was more to it, so I really suggest you check with her, jcphelan10 at yahoo.com.
jcphelan10 at yahoo.com.
And, you know, I think this is something that it could be disinformation, but I trust you.
You don't have a lot of the new age stuff on your program.
I believe that you and Dr. Stan are true blue.
And what alarmed me was,
I was just reading in Bob Rosio's book about how at the end of World War II, they found there was enough Zyklon B gas left to kill millions more.
Look, I'll try to track this down and get exactly what you're talking about.
Thank you so much.
We'll let our guests comment on that.
If our government will do all this, what else might they do?
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We're good to go.
Jack Blunt called in.
We're honored to have him.
Talk show host that comes on right after this broadcast every day at 2 o'clock.
Jack had a question for...
Greg Zemenski and for William Rodriguez, one of the heroes of 9-11, blowing the whistle about bombs in the buildings.
Jack, who would you like to address first?
Well, thanks again for putting me on, and I don't want to take up too much time away from the other listeners.
I congratulate you and all your guests today for just doing a fantastic job.
First, William Rodriguez, who was on my program four or five months ago,
I don't know if I missed it, but he was talking on my program about meeting Muhammad Atta at the World Trade Center and how the 9-11 Commission covered that up.
And then I'm just going to drop a quick question for Greg Siminski, and I'll get my answers off the air.
Greg has written a new article on the 2004 vote fraud with some new developments, and I'd hope that he would maybe share a little bit of that with the listeners.
So, Alex, I'll let you go, and I'll listen off there.
Keep up the good work.
Take care, Jack.
Yes, Mr. Rodriguez, you say that you might have seen some of the hijackers before 9-11?
I did testify for the 9-11 Commission behind closed doors, and I told them that I saw one of the hijackers, Mohamed Al-Shahiri, not Mohamed Atta.
And that actually he was taking the building because actually on that day I was cleaning the bathrooms on the middle of the complex and he was asking how many public bathrooms were available.
The commission investigators were very angry because I told this to the FBI and I kept quiet for several years thinking that there was an official investigation and then I realized that they didn't do anything about the information that I gave them.
And they were very angry, the investigators, because they said here is not only an eyewitness account that one of the hijackers was inside the building, and number two, that they have a second alternate plan, which was to actually place bombs in the public bathrooms to actually accelerate the fall of the building.
Now, this is not me saying this.
This is the actual investigators speculating.
Now, the investigators worked for the commission.
And the Commission never put that statement on the final report.
My statement, I don't know how the media found out, the Daily News contacted me that they knew I testified about seeing one of the hijackers.
They put it on the newspaper as an exclusive and I got only two calls from the national media to talk about it and then it never went on the air.
Again, this is the incredible thing that on the Latino community, I mean, I'm from Puerto Rico, but I have created the first family group, which is the Hispanic Victims Group.
I went national and then international all over Latin America with all these statements.
I mean, I've been the subject of over 17 different television specials, but all in Spanish.
Nothing in English.
It's like the story has been totally ignored in English.
Total media control.
Greg Zemeski?
Well, you know, I think it was Jack, wasn't it, that asked that question about the... Yeah, Jack Blood, yeah.
Well, that basically is a story about a story, and it's very interesting.
Bob Kohler, who's a well-respected... He works for Tribune Media Services.
He's an editor.
I think so.
But they chose to run a rebuttal calling him a conspiracy nut.
Well, this upset Bob and I talked to Bob at length on this story and ran a story about him because I thought it was quite interesting and explained the media hush and cover up.
Well, basically, Bob was going to write a rebuttal to the rebuttal
But decided against it because he didn't want it to seem like just an in-house squabble.
But basically finally got a letter to the editor printed in the Tribune.
Well, the story never appeared.
He said very few people print anything.
He only has 12 clients across the country, but when he runs stories like that, people don't run them.
So it shows you basically the Tribune hushes up their own people
And he basically, I said, Bob, is your job in jeopardy?
He said, no, but it was a definite body blow.
And it definitely shows you what's going on in the newsroom today.
Knocked him down the sweetheart rung and got dropped off some columns.
What's that?
Knocked him down or wrong?
Oh, of course.
And Bob, you'd love to have him on.
It'll tell you what the mainstream... You know, he's one of the few renegades in the mainstream media.
Totally, clearly.
I mean, the Democratic Party is totally corrupt, totally evil, just like the Republicans.
But they can't just steal an election.
They've then got to have Kerry take a dive, which he did do.
But clearly Al Gore won in 2000.
Clearly in November of 2004, John Forbes Kerry won.
I mean, look at these approval ratings now.
But again...
It doesn't mean I'm for Kerry or Al Gore.
It just shows that even when they give us two false choices, they then pick which of the choices we get, even when we pick the other one.
Yes, sir.
Banana Republic.
It's very nice.
Gentlemen, you want to keep Rodney Shotgun with us?
How about you, Mr. Rodriguez?
Al, we're really honored to have you, sir.
We'll get that website out again.
We'll come back and talk to Mike and Victor and Mark and many others.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Back from 9 to midnight Central, we're here live, folks.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
And you can go over to thearcticbeacon.com and read Greg Zeminski's great articles, also American Free Press and Infowars.com itself.
We post a lot of those.
Frankly, all of them.
They're all excellent.
And we're going to go to your calls, and then I'm going to give Greg and William a chance to just talk about anything they think is important to reiterate or anything we haven't covered.
But let's get a lot of these callers out of the way.
Callers, I'm going to go to you quickly to have your question or comment ready.
Mark in Texas, go ahead.
Yes, Mark.
Yes, welcome.
Welcome, thank you.
I'm trying to get the exact chronology straight here with Mr. Rodriguez.
He was in the basement at 8.45 in the morning when the first explosion that he felt occurred, and then how many seconds after that,
Probably two or three seconds after that.
He gave me the time to think, wow, this is an explosion from one of the electrical generators on the basement.
That's exactly the time that he took for then the second explosion.
So, boom, shake, oh, I bet that's the generators, I bet that's what happened, boom.
And the second boom was above you.
Way above, and you could hear it that it was from pretty far away.
All right.
Then there was yet another explosion beneath you.
Another explosion.
What I was explained was that actually once the plane hit,
The wings blew up because he has all the gasoline on the wings.
So that was several explosions that you heard.
But then the funny thing is that as I testified, one fact that I haven't talked about is that I have the only master key that was used on the North Tower.
There were five master keys in the building, and I have one of them.
And I was followed by the fire department as I went up the stairwells, opening the doors so people could get out from the offices.
And as I went up, I heard an explosion on the lower floors.
I'm talking about in between the 20th and the 30th floor.
And once I got to the 33rd floor, on the 33rd floor I was by myself because the whole fire unit collapsed on the 27th floor.
We're good to go.
Now, when I say strange movement, it's like heavy equipment, like dumpsters with those metal wheels being moved around the floor.
Now, the strange thing is that that floor is an empty, hollowed-out construction floor.
There was nobody there.
There was no equipment supposedly on that floor.
So I got scared because I was by myself.
So I bypassed that floor with the master key and continued to the other upper floors.
So I did explain that, and I never got an answer about that.
And what were the... Did you hear explosions just before the building collapsed around you at the end, or how did that...
Yes, well, actually, I went up the stairwells.
I heard a lot of mini-explosions, and then on the 39th floor, I got up to the 39th floor.
On the 39th floor, the police officer that was with me on the lower levels actually met me from the opposite stairwell.
There were three stairwells, A, B, and C. I was on the B, and he came from the A staircase, and we met practically in front of the doorframe.
He was with two firemen and at that moment we were talking about what was going to be the next course of action when boom!
We hear the impact on the other building.
Now, we don't know that it's another plane because we're inside the stairwells.
So we have no idea what's going on.
And as we hear the boom on the other building,
And that came right after the boom, boom, boom?
Because we have firefighters saying, it was as if they had detonators!
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
It sounded just exactly like that.
What they explained to me was that the building was collapsing inside before it actually collapsed outside, which it didn't make sense to me.
Well, that's what it showed, little explosions going down the side.
Then it collapsed.
That's how a controlled demolition happens.
Thank you for the call, Mark.
Really good questions.
I want to get to everybody real fast.
Greg Zeminski, comments?
No, go ahead, Alex.
Get your callers.
All right, let's go to Mike in New York.
Mike, thanks for holding.
Mike's been holding for eons and must have decided not to hold any longer.
Victor in Missouri.
Victor, go ahead.
Hey, guys.
Go ahead.
All this Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Murrah building, all these are symptoms of the real problem, which is the monster in Washington.
And it feeds on misplaced respect and honor and Federal Reserve notes.
And you know how to kill a monster?
You stop feeding the damn thing and calling it
Well, it is an organized crime syndicate masquerading as government.
That's right.
And as long as we even call it or refer to it as government... Well, it's just like the mafia, too.
It gives us loans.
It gives us money.
It gets us dependent on it, but only for control.
I really don't think the mafia is as bad as that thing in Washington.
Well, it is the mafia.
Anyway, if you stop feeding it, it'll die or go away.
It's the super mafia.
Any comments or questions for our guest?
That was it.
Victor, thank you.
You're very welcome.
Thank you, Mr. Rodriguez, or Mrs. Eminski.
Any comments on what he just said?
Yeah, all I wanted to say was that, for a gentleman like this, that we have to take this on a daily basis and continue to have our stories told and to continue on a daily basis.
People think it's this instant gratification society of wanting the hamburger in 60 seconds or we get angry.
Folks, it's going to take time.
I love that movie, The Guns of Navarone.
And then the part two of it, Force 10 from Navarone.
You ever seen Force 10 from Navarone?
This is the first one.
I haven't, no.
Okay, well, Force 10 from Navarone has got a Mr. Harrison Ford in it.
And the analogy is, they bomb the Nazi dam to destroy the army below it.
This is an analogy of an info war.
And when they bomb the dam, they expect it to fall right away, but the demolition guy goes, no, it'll take some time.
You know, this thing, this new world order won't be blown up instantly.
It's all of us in the info war firing and firing and firing and firing the truth at them day after day relentlessly.
That is what will bring them down.
And we're having victories, gentlemen.
Yeah, you know, I believe that.
We're all in this story together and we all have parts to play and the most important parts are Mr. Rodriguez continuing to talk and for people continuing to listen because if they listen to him then all the other parts of the story will not be quite as confusing and that's what the government hopes to happen.
Let me add to that and this is for the radio audience out there.
I have nothing whatsoever to gain with this.
It's not even fame because I already was on practically all over the world with this news.
And the funny thing is that people don't understand that the reason we're doing this, especially me, is a mission.
I lost 200 friends that work at the building.
And they have not voice whatsoever to speak for them.
So it's my responsibility as a survivor and as a leader now
To make those questions available to everybody, not only to those commissions, but to everybody so they could actually look into themselves and say, is this true?
Is this what happened?
Because going back to what you said before with the gentleman from the former administration of Reagan, what we need to have to actually investigate is an international commission of victims of terrorism that will be totally autonomous
of any governmental influence to actually hire our own experts and to see our own evidence and come to our own conclusions and then let the government answer to the conclusions.
That's the way to do it and I tell you something, we cannot have that commission
And that won't be the end-all be-all either.
It's all part of a process.
And we should look at who stands to gain from terrorism.
And I'll say this, and I want both of you to comment on it briefly, then we're going to go back to calls.
They're not going to stop.
The globalists are going to carry out more terror attacks.
They said it's going to happen.
They stand to gain from it.
And so we're trying to save more lives by exposing who's behind this and bringing the real perpetrators to justice, Greg.
Well, yeah, you know, the question always, the people that I talk to a lot, is when's the next shoe going to fall?
Yeah, I think so.
The control.
But if we discredit them and show people who has the motive, then they may not be able to carry out the attack because they'll test the waters and know that we're not going to buy it.
Exactly, and that's why it's important that the critical mass is reached.
Because once the critical mass is reached... I think we're reaching that critical mass.
I think so, too.
I think so, too.
And as this lady who's putting on this play in Hollywood says, it's the second wave now, and she wants to be part of this second wave.
Of people to listen now to the 9-11 story that a lot of us have been talking about for years.
Well, there's hundreds of waves.
I mean, I look at it as a giant juggernaut, a tank coming towards us, and we're all just firing at it with a concerted effort.
It's blaring on its loudspeaker, you can't stop me, I'm invincible.
But the thing is, smoking, you know, there's fire coming out from underneath it, it's slowing down.
Let's go to Don in Michigan, then we'll go to Annette.
And Michael and others.
Don in Michigan, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Hey, I received notice a few days ago that up here in Jackson, Michigan, on the south side of town, there's a park called Sparks Foundation County Park.
And inside that county park, inside of a glass cage, is a section of an outer beam from the World Trade Center.
So I went up to take some pictures over the weekend.
And what I found on this beam, like I say, it's inside of a glass cage.
I did a search on this also, and I found no other beams on display except for one that's at the George Bush Museum.
And I took some pictures of this, and I'm going to send them out to you, but I wanted to talk to you a little bit about this.
It appears as if the edges, the ends of this beam were sheared off.
There's no signs of heat.
There's no signs of fire.
There's still red paint on the beam, and it's identified as there's a big old number 79 that they spray painted on the side of it.
Well, I would think if they're going to release a beam, they'd sanitize it and make sure it didn't have anything incriminating.
But they do make mistakes.
Most of it, all of it that I knew of was hauled off.
I know about the beam up at College Station.
Okay, I understand that.
Can you go to prisonplanet.com?
It says contact webmaster, email that to Paul and write us a brief description.
We'll post it.
Okay, and I will also send you some pictures.
You would have had them by now, but I wanted to get a close-up of the... Well, why don't you start... Do you know how to... Is it a digital camera or film?
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
It's 35mm.
Do you know how to scan those?
I don't have a scanner.
I probably could.
I bet your neighbor does.
I bet you can scan them right now.
I will try to do that.
Well, no, just mail them and make sure it's got a note with it.
Okay, excellent.
Okay, let me get a...
I'm sorry, what did you say, Mr. Rodriguez?
Any kinkos, we'll scan it for him.
Okay, okay.
Have you heard of any other beans on display?
I haven't, no.
There's beans all over the nation.
They send beans.
We have in New Jersey.
We have in Pennsylvania.
We have in California.
They send beans everywhere.
And these are little proper handles.
Yes, exactly.
And they say that it was, they believe it was from Tower No.
2 and was found over a block away.
40 feet underground.
And I will tell you, don't even believe that.
Hold on, one at a time.
Go ahead, sir.
I'm sorry.
Don't even believe that, because once the building collapsed, the building doesn't have a number, like this belongs to building number one, building number two.
They're just giving information that is incorrect.
Go ahead.
Greg, comments?
Not specifically on the beams.
There's still concrete in the beam, and like I say, the red paint is still there with a few scratches on it, and that's it.
It does refer to an explosion on the small temporary plaque that's inside the display.
It explains the explosion of 911.
It's not the collapse, it's the explosion.
And I tried to take a close-up picture of the plaque, and it turned out fuzzy.
So I'm going to try to go back up and write it myself or try to get a better picture.
But I will get that to you, Alex.
All right, Don.
Don, thank you.
All right, thank you.
Very nice of you.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Annette.
Annette, where are you calling us from today?
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have some additional information... Annette, where are you calling us from?
Oh, West Virginia.
Thank you for calling.
You're welcome.
Go ahead.
I have some additional information with reference to the Janet C. Whalen...
In the interview by the Power Hour this morning, she brought out that while they have been putting T-valves in the water system to monitor individual buildings, now they have new ones which they're replacing the old ones with their computerized T-valves so that you can add individually to each building whatever you want to besides water.
So bringing total control in where they can... And we have official government plans that have been declassified of spraying cities with knockout gas, the government putting stuff in the water supply.
So I guess that's what the caller was mentioning?
Yes, and she gave her email as Janet C. Phalen, P-H-A-L-E-N, the number 10...
At yahoo.com.
Yeah, we got that part.
Oh, I see.
And so what can we, I mean, what was the specifics of the story?
Well, that was the specifics that she was immediately, well, she resigned because they made it very clear they didn't want her around in the public, the water department on the West Coast.
I'm not sure of the particular area.
Okay, so a water... You know, I've just got to find out about this specifically instead of the... It'll turn into rumors and then, you know... I'll just have to call Dave and Joyce myself and ask them, okay?
Thank you for the call.
Yes, surely.
Who's up next here?
Mike in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Mike.
I think.
Yeah, deductive reasoning tells you they blew these buildings up.
Here's a question for Mr. Rodriguez.
We're told that the security firm in charge of the World Trade Center complex up and through September 10th was headed up by Marvin Bush, President Bush's brother.
His mother admits that.
It's been in major newspapers.
The story first surfaced when Mommy Bush, in her book Reflections, in her autobiography, bragged about it, how brave he was.
Comments, gentlemen, both of you?
Go ahead, William.
Do you know anything about that?
Well, I heard so many stories about it, and again, you know, we could not continue checking every single angle because there's so many angles that we have here in New York.
Several major newspapers didn't report it's true.
Yeah, no, no, it's true.
That's what we heard.
But again, we have been bombarded.
And now, just to remind the people, in New York, we're on the news practically almost every day, twice a week, minimum, because everything is 9-11 here.
And we are floated with so much information.
Well, sir, when you're on the street talking to people, I mean, do most New Yorkers reflect the Zogby poll, believing there's government involvement?
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
And the Zogby poll was actually commissioned by Jimmy Walter.
Oh, yes.
I mean, when you're talking to New Yorkers on the street, what do they say?
They don't believe the official story.
This is incredible that the majority of the people are like,
I mean, the common sense, they said common sense, is that, number one, the biggest nation in the world in terms of security, every single agency failed continuously.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Before we go back to our guests, we'll take a few final calls for Greg Zeminski and, of course, one of the heroes of 9-11, William Rodriguez.
I believe it's already sold out.
The showing tonight for Marshall Law in South Lamar.
And I did just get word, because I'd asked for that earlier.
I forgot to ask about it.
Thank you.
Yes, it sold out.
Did they say when it sold out?
Probably sold out yesterday.
I knew it was close to selling out yesterday.
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You can usually get in.
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It's like a 230 theater, but they only sell like 215.
They usually hold back a few.
So if you live in the area, I don't want you to waste your time if you don't live in the area.
You can probably drive and maybe still get in.
I hate to have you stand in line.
But 8 o'clock tonight, last showing, at least for a while, of Martial Law.
I want to thank all the folks that are coming.
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Because we're going to run out of time, but first I want to thank William Rodriguez, survivor of 9-11, hero of 9-11, who heard the bombs going off.
I want to thank Greg Zemenski for his tireless effort to expose this.
Let's take a few final calls.
Mike in New York, you've got 30 seconds to finish up, and I'm going to Brian.
The reason why I asked is because I'm wondering if Mr. Rodriguez has any information, or if he knows if anybody has information.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, the question is, we heard reports of different floors being shut down for construction and maintenance and drills evacuating the building three times a month before 9-11.
Mr. Rodriguez?
You said true.
Give us details, please.
Well, actually, the building only have drills twice a year, which is stupid.
A building that high...
Should have been having drills maybe once a month.
There was an increase of security, and then a decrease of security.
They were having electrical shutdown in the building prior to 9-11, supposedly to test the machinery on the basement.
Now we're talking, again, about the generators.
So I got it from...
The actual mechanical people.
So, you know, it is true.
And they did shut down some of the floors, too?
Well, actually, the whole complex was shut down several days before.
Ah, very convenient.
Let's go ahead and make a final call.
Brian, Indiana, quickly.
Go ahead, Brian.
Yeah, I know, Alex, before you talked about that firefighters were told not to talk in fear of their families and stuff like that.
I wonder if Mr. Rodriguez...
Have you been told by folks that were told to, well, he did say they were told to shut up, but was anybody threatened?
Well, not threatened directly.
They do it in a subtle way, and it's basically that they tell you not to get into those issues because you're going to get problems with the CIA, the FBI, or everybody involved.
Well, that is a threat.
It's better for you to keep quiet.
All right.
Mr. Robert, go ahead.
I want to say thank you for having me on the show, and thank you for Greg who invited me to actually meet you, and you can count on me on any event.
Well, God bless you.
I will be available.
Listen, Greg, thanks for coming on, too.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
I really enjoy it.
Take care, my friend.
God bless.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7000.