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Air Date: June 22, 2005
2494 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Wednesday, the 22nd day of June 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
And I tell you what, last Friday we opened the phones up and took about 50 phone calls.
I don't know if we'll take that many today because there's a lot of news, but I will take a ton of calls.
We will go to them in the next segment.
Any issue, any news item, any direction, you want to take this broadcast for the minute or minute and a half that you're on with us.
You're welcome to do it.
That way more people get a chance to call in.
Folks don't sit on hold as long.
But mainly, I just love the different directions that different callers take us in.
The different news items they mention that I would have never gotten to or that I had forgotten to cover or that was deep in my stack of stuff, as they say.
So the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
And boys, there are a lot of important news here.
A major city wants to declare martial law, that's what the mayor is saying, a state of emergency just because of some crime.
And this is happening all over the country.
Very quietly, cities are going under states of emergency.
Detroit has been under one for many years and was federalized.
New Orleans, Louisiana, and many other major cities.
But this time, a mayor is saying no, so you're hearing about it, and we'll get to that.
Also, an online journal doing a great reportage as usual.
Teen Screen Sets Up Shop in Illinois.
That's right, a controversial plan to screen all Illinois school children for mental health disorders is set to become reality June 30th if the governor accepts the final proposal from the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership.
And this is the new Freedom Initiative.
We narrowly, narrowly,
Defeated it.
And I tell you what, we ought to get Dr. Breeding on maybe 20 minutes today or something in the third hour.
He tried to get on a few days ago, but I had two guests on.
We couldn't have him on to talk about the Homeland Security Conference going on in Austin, Texas and how that connects into, quote, mental health and these brainwashing camps.
And I was unable to have him on.
I just thought of that.
So do me a favor, guys.
Call my producer.
And see if we can get Dr. Breeding.
I know he's probably seeing clients today, patients.
But let's try to get him on to talk about this just briefly.
But Teen Screens Setup Shop in Illinois.
Here it is, folks.
I mean, you want it.
You got it.
You want proof of the New World Order.
Every child from age 5 to 18 forcibly, psychologically tested according to guidelines written up.
By the drug companies.
Very, very, very serious.
They're saying it is a 70% chance that we're going to be hit by nuclear weapons or atomic weapons in the next 10 years, that someone's going to be hit by it.
Very scary.
I didn't spend enough time on this yesterday.
News Channel out of Missouri, where they're putting the thumb scanners in, and of course they've got cops in the article, the only people they could find for it, going, oh yes, thumb scanning to buy and sell, oh it's so wonderful.
It's like that police chief I had on a few months ago, from Bergen County, the Bergen County police chief in New Jersey.
Big, big county, millions of people in it.
Oh, he thinks we should all have microchips, and if the government makes us, he'll enforce it.
We should trust our government and take the chip.
I mean, we're extreme.
We're bad if we don't want the chips.
Yes, we're very radical here on this broadcast.
We don't think you should be made to take a chip.
Man, we are radical.
We're out there on the fringe.
Man, I apologize for being so extreme.
Really, I am a weirdo.
Aren't you too?
I mean, we're just a bunch of lunatics.
We don't want microchips.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout the broadcast today at 1-800-259-9231.
Again, any issue, any news story, if you disagree with me, if you agree, you want to talk about different pieces of propaganda you've seen on the nightly news or read in the newspaper,
But the only catch is, if we're going to take a lot of calls and go to them in rapid succession, we're going to have to limit each caller to about a minute, a minute and a half, and my comments to about 30 seconds on your call.
That's just the way it works.
People get cut short so that you can get on, and then you get cut short so others behind you can join us on air.
We did this Friday and took around 50 phone calls, and it was great radio.
But I will intersperse the broadcast with masses of important news.
ACLU man joins Minutemen.
Local chapter gets suspended.
State officials say group will not tolerate racism, vigilantism, and leadership structure.
Now, Bush has said, tattle on your neighbors, watch your neighbors.
Truck drivers, they gave 400,000 of them, manuals, 400-plus thousand.
Do you see a man and woman arguing?
Is someone smoking a cigarette that doesn't look like tobacco?
Is someone wearing a backpack on their back walking down the road?
That's suspicious.
Call the police.
Call Homeland Security.
But then the Minutemen go down to a 30-something mile stretch of border, 36-mile stretch of border,
And simply sit there with binoculars and radios and cell phones calling the Border Patrol as smugglers and drug dealers and illegals pour across and Bush calls them dangerous vigilantes.
The approval ratings for the Minutemen are 80-plus percent.
It backfired despite all the mainstream media demonization, and now Schwarzenegger's going, oh, I love the Minutemen, please come to California.
Now Governor Rick Perry, who was saying he didn't like them, is now saying, okay, I guess you can come, and I guess you're okay, I guess we do like you.
They're flip-flopping.
Due to pressure.
And, I mean, this is so patriotic.
The government is saying we're under imminent terrorist attack.
We've had, what, four congressmen on this subject, Ron Paul and J.D.
Hayworth and Tom Tancredo and just so many others on this subject.
It's so patriotic to just simply go to your nation's border and call the Border Patrol when you see illegal aliens pouring across.
They're committing felonies!
But no, no!
We have the FBI flyers and training manuals where it says, do they make frequent references to the U.S.
Call the FBI.
Are they part of a Second Amendment group that claims that it's an absolute right?
Are they anti-communist?
Well, call the police!
I mean, it actually says it!
And not only in Road to Tyranny do we have the training manuals and the flyers, we have in Kansas City, FEMA, teaching firemen, sheriffs, deputies, and police that America's bad, the Founding Fathers were terrorists, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were bad, and that Christians are enemies, period, of the government.
We play that audio here on air.
Folks, I mean, I've actually, many of you have seen the video.
I think we're good to go.
Just type in Michigan Public School Drills Homeschoolers Terrorist.
And they had 200 plus third graders get out in the field by the school.
They pulled buses up.
They splattered fake blood on them.
Fake arms and legs and intestines.
By the way, we shot video of this in Belton, north of Austin.
And that's in Road to Tyranny.
We shot that four years ago.
That was even before 9-11.
We put it in the 9-11 film, where they have fake intestines and fake arms and legs blown off.
But that was in the reports out of Michigan.
And the school said, well, we were told to get the federal money.
We had to do this.
This is what we're supposed to do.
And the cops dressed up as adults, and they were the Homeschoolers Against Public Education.
It was the name of the terrorist group, the simulated group.
And they did mock explosions in school buses.
They splattered blood on the children.
They ran around with machine guns screaming at them.
Now imagine, imagine being taught 20 years ago about, you know, let's say the Quantico Academy for the FBI.
Imagine being taught, this is what they were taught, that the Soviets are bad and the Soviets have re-education centers and the Soviets scare their people and tell them Americans are going to kill them any minute and they're evil.
Well, the Soviets never got their children out and splattered fake blood on them and danced around in smoke with machine guns, screaming, we're homeschoolers, we're going to kill you.
We're homeschoolers, we're going to kill you.
So, you see, folks, the neocons tell you all this war on terror, oh, it's just for them evil Muslims.
Well, no, it's not.
The real training is going on against independent churches, Christians, homeschoolers, people that don't want to vaccinate, people that won't give their guns up, people that won't give their farms and ranches up.
You know, I have a video of troops all over the country training to take our guns, training to take over city halls, training to confiscate our firearms.
And I have got an internal video that I wasn't even allowed to show.
I was just shown the video by workmen at a base in San Antonio.
This is five years ago when Marines were there with role players playing the part of American farmers refusing to give up their land, and the Marines practiced mowing them down.
I got very angry at the...
At the construction team, the gentleman that would not give me the video, they shot it from a rooftop while they were there doing work on the roof.
They would just let me see it and then wouldn't give it to me.
But I've got stuff that's very similar shot in Oakland, California and Swansboro, North Carolina and Hebron, Maryland and other areas.
So, folks, this is not a joke, okay?
This is not a joke.
This is real.
I mean, I have seen video of Marines practicing mowing down people with signs saying, don't take my farm, this is America.
It's so sick, folks.
They even had the farmers singing.
Singing pro-America hymns, and the Marines simulate shooting Americans.
I mean, this is the type of stuff, folks, that's going on, okay?
All right, and you can go get World Net Daily and AP and all these articles about training that the homeschoolers are going to kill you.
Imagine the mind control, the brainwashing, the traumatic mind control of taking seven-year-olds.
What are third graders?
First graders are five or six, seven.
Seven and eight-year-olds.
Seven and eight-year-olds and splattering red syrup on them, splattering fake intestines, splattering arms and legs.
Total mind control.
Oh, your government's good.
Oh, your government.
You can trust them.
No, this is an illegitimate criminal government that's overthrown our legitimate federal government and is now overthrowing our state governments and setting up these federalization systems.
So the ACLU man joins men at men and they dissolve the local chapter.
They're so outraged.
Survey nuclear attack chance 70%.
Lesbian declared psychological parent.
The parents don't even get the child.
The girlfriend of the woman who died in a car wreck gets the child.
Very scary, folks.
G8 still sells arms to regimes.
Other globalists are arming all these third world dictatorships.
We will get into the latest developments on Larry Silverstein's supposed comment about pulling Building 7.
Teen Screen, again, the New Freedom Initiative, set to start enforcement in Illinois.
I have an incredibly scary article here about RFID program for the cadet uniforms.
When you go up there at the CIA run, Aggieland, up at College Station, Texas A&M,
You're going to have tracker chips in your cars to go to the school and tracker chips in your uniforms.
Hope you enjoy it.
And also, forget credit cards or checks.
Pay with your fingerprint.
I want to just go over this because it's really happening.
Wayne in Nebraska.
First caller, thanks for holding.
Yes, did you hear...
About the Power Hour and Stan Dayo yesterday on their program where Stan had predicted that there's going to be a massive earthquake there in California.
There have been a bunch of big earthquakes.
There have been a bunch of big earthquakes.
Excuse me?
This is going to be a big one, Alex.
He's put out a... Well, I mean, he said he's scared.
And so just people there, San Francisco, all along the West Coast, just be prepared as best you can because he's been pretty accurate so far.
And he predicted that 7.0, and they didn't give him any warnings, so be aware of that.
And my second point is the Green Party's going to... Well, the 7.0 came after three other earthquakes.
Yeah, but this is going to even be bigger.
You just said no warning.
Yeah, they didn't warn him.
No, they didn't give him no tsunami warnings or anything.
So, anyway, that's according to him.
You can get on his website.
Well, now they're having big CNN pieces.
You know, what would happen if a tsunami hit California?
It could happen.
So, I mean, they are talking about it.
Well, he is.
And he's been pretty accurate.
I saw CNN, and I probably watch an hour of TV a week.
Maybe I saw CNN do a report on it.
Well, yeah.
Anyway, if you want to look on his website sometime.
Okay, well, thank you.
And maybe you could have him on as a guest sometime because he talks to Joyce and Dave.
Second point is, Green Party's going to protest Bohemian Grove.
Yeah, they have a lot of folks that show up and protest Bohemian Grove.
That's coming up the 15th.
That's when they do their High Holy Ceremony to Moloch.
Yep, they're going out there to protest it.
All right, thank you, sir, for the calls.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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I'm not in the business of predicting volcanic or tectonic activity.
But all over the globe, seismologists and volcanologists and others have documented record levels in modern recorded history, which is only about 150 years since they tentatively started trying to record all of this and began understanding it.
All over the world we are having record volcanic and tectonic activity.
There have been a bunch of earthquakes in California.
A whole passel of them off the coast.
And they are building.
They've had big earthquakes there before.
They have increased the building quality and the structure's resistance to collapse.
But yeah, that's a good reason not to live in California.
So it is serious.
But I'm not in the business of predicting that there's going to be a mega-earthquake, folks.
Bill in Texas.
Bill, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I've got three quick things for you.
I heard the first newscast on the Kennedy death, and there was a guy I told a reporter there that he heard three separate shots, and they later called out a motorcycle backfire.
I also heard the Oklahoma report on the
Murray building up there and the seismograph reportedly reported two separate explosions there 20 seconds apart.
Yeah, University at Norman picked it up and so did the US Geological Survey.
Okay, now getting back on up to today's thing, on 9-11 there, if you can get a hold of them first photos of those buildings falling, you can see where the rows of explosions were put in the outside of the skin to keep it from falling over against another building.
No, I mean, we have those photos in the new film.
We have them posted.
Okay, there's little rows of explosions there on the outside.
You can see the explosions, boom, boom, boom, as it goes down.
And we have the firefighters saying, did you see the explosions going off down the side of the building?
Right on the outside.
To get those in there, they would have to be pre-planted probably when the buildings are built.
And it may be a common procedure in those high-rise structures to stop the whole wall of that building from falling over against something else.
No, they don't pre-wire buildings.
I just couldn't figure out how in the world they could have got them in there unless, well, your window washers or some crew would have had to be in there.
I don't know.
Well, they had three separate evacuations and locked down whole areas of the buildings two weeks before for several weekends.
And special armed crews, security crews, the bomb-sniffing dogs, suites were not allowed in the days before.
Well, I did air conditioning for years, Alex, and I could walk into most any building and just my uniform on and...
A bag of tools in my hand.
And that may have been what went on up there as they had some crews in there doing it.
We're talking about a massive operation on a plant, that many bombs.
Well, if they'd had a big remodeling in one floor or something, it would have covered a lot of that.
I never heard that brought out that you could see those outside skin explosions hitting.
I remember seeing them just clear as a bell.
Yeah, and then as it collapses, you have giant sections of steel being blown out hundreds of feet.
That's right.
That doesn't happen in a collapse.
No, but you watch those outside skin, and you can see those rows of explosions on that skin.
No, absolutely.
I know, Bill.
Well, I'll get off.
I had never heard that brought out, so that's the reason why I was bringing it up.
Well, sir, you need to get Road to Tyranny.
We show them removing the bombs from the Alfred P. Murrah building.
And we show how the feds carried the bombing out.
Then we also, in Road to Tyranny, show what happened on 9-11.
But in more detail in my new film, Martial Law, we spend...
An hour just on 9-11, and of that hour, probably 20 minutes on the controlled demolitions.
Well, then Murray Building would have been blown backwards instead of forwards if it hadn't been blown from the inside.
Well, exactly.
Pieces of it were blown across the street.
Thanks for the call.
In the opposite direction of the truck bomb.
It's a joke, folks.
Let's talk to Carl in Ohio.
Carl, go ahead.
Yes, um...
I just was looking for some information.
I've had several, from several different sources, I've heard where there are Chinese troops in Mexico.
And I was wondering, is there any information on that any place?
Several South Texas papers and several national publications have reported on Texas sheriffs and other law enforcement groups saying they've seen Asian troops with the Mexican troops that routinely fire on state police, border patrol, deputies, and the citizens.
Yeah, okay, because I was calling... Yeah, there are tens of thousands of Chinese troops in Panama.
They run the Panama Canal.
And there are Chinese troops advising Mexican troops in Mexico City.
That's been in the news.
Okay, because I was talking to my senator's office.
Three ports, sir, off the coast.
And the Caribbean has a Chinese military port.
Sorry, go ahead.
Okay, anyways, I was talking with my senator's office, and I was saying that we were talking about CAFTA and how I thought it was a bad idea, and they were trying to tell me how great it was.
And I was saying, well, does that also get rid of the Chinese troops in Mexico?
And the woman said, what Chinese troops?
And she wanted information.
That woman probably can't even tell you what the Third Amendment is.
She probably can't find Iraq on a map either.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm having one last showing of my film, Martial Law 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State.
Coming up this Monday, next Monday, the 27th of June, 2005, at 8 o'clock at the Alamo Draft House on South Lamar.
And I'll be there, and I'll give a speech, a lengthy speech, about 15 minutes or so, and we'll take question and answer before the film, because I've taken question and answer after the other five showings, or four showings, the fifth showings tomorrow night.
And so I'll do things differently at this last showing.
And I think I'm going to have a Bill of Rights quiz.
And I think I'll give away ten free copies of Martial Law to the audience.
I think I'm going to do that.
So if I forget on Monday, I'm going to have to do that.
Just remind me, hey, the question and answer.
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That's coming up this Monday.
Folks, come in from out of town and it's sold out and they get turned away.
What happens is we end up
You know, putting some chairs in there for them so they can sit down.
We've done that a couple times.
Don't wait.
Go to Infowars.com.
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It is my best film.
It's a great way to meet like-minded people.
And the Alamo Draft House is a really nice place.
You get to eat right there at your table.
And they've got really good food, and it's a beautiful theater.
It's a lot nicer than their downtown one.
I'm not bashing their downtown one.
I had the premiere there.
That's the original Alamo, but the South Lamar is just so nice, and next Monday I'll be in their biggest theater, and I really look forward to seeing you there.
If you live in different parts of the country and can't come, I totally understand.
Why not get a copy of Martial Law?
Again, it is my best film, and it details the latest police state developments.
We spend 35 minutes on that.
We confront Michael Moore and show how he's a whitewasher, covering up what really happened on 9-11.
Then we spend an hour on September 11th with the latest info, the most powerful info, diagramming how the globalists carried the attacks out, showing all the evidence.
And then we spend an hour on who the globalists are.
The Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Schwarzenegger, Bush, Nazi Nexus.
It is my best film.
It's really three films in one.
A veritable miniseries.
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Okay, one e-book.
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That's worth getting a monthly subscription.
So again, prisonplanet.tv.
And the funds go right back into expanding the websites, doing a better job, getting more information out to you.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
And then I want to get into, you want to go into Texas A&M, you'll have to have a tracker chip in your car.
You want to wear one of their cadet uniforms, you're going to have tracker chips.
Now that dovetails with, forget credit cards or checks, pay with your fingerprint going into the stores.
It's all happening.
The new Freedom Initiative going in in Illinois before psychological testing and drugging.
They're saying 70% chance we will have nuke attacks in the next decade.
I agree with that.
The locals are going to do it unless we stop them.
Let's go to Reuben in Ohio.
Reuben, welcome.
Great show.
Thanks, Alex.
Love martial law.
Everybody who's seen it loves it.
I wish somebody up here in Ohio would bring it to a theater.
I'm up here every day making as many phone calls to radio stations, getting the word out, and what have you.
Good job.
Peter Lance really embarrassed himself on Coast to Coast.
I didn't get a chance to call in that day and give you my comment.
For those who don't know, we had a debate last Thursday.
It was a waste of time, in my opinion.
Peter Lance and that other guy brought up so many lame stories, wasted so much time.
God bless your partner there, Griffin.
For keeping things so professional and getting back to the evidence.
He wasted so much time, I couldn't believe it, Alex.
Peter Lance, is he washed up?
He only brought one story to the table about Super Dolly or whoever.
Some guy they found outside Building 7.
He's so lame.
Well, he was trying to imply that, okay, they did bring Building 7 down.
He admitted that, but it was probably some Al-Qaeda person.
But he didn't even... I heard him tell that story on Coast to Coast before.
And I heard him... I stayed up all night listening to him that first time thinking he was going to be good.
He's so lame.
Well, he would do stuff like... I would bring up FBI agent deputy director John O'Neill, who quit two months before, said in newspaper interviews they're going to let bin Laden attack, which is a whitewash itself, as a pretext to invade Afghanistan.
Ben, I brought up how he tried to stop it, and Lance goes, see?
He was running security in the weeks before he would have stopped it, and I never could get out.
No, his first day at work, according to the Associated Press and the New Yorker magazine, was September 11th.
You know what, Alan?
And he died on the 76th floor.
I mean, look.
I think a lot of people know that.
I think a lot of people know that he died his first day on his job.
That's kind of like an ironic fact, you know, in pop culture.
Well, this is what was amazing, though, is that I would bring up how Lance brings up Iraqis involved in Oklahoma City and goes, oh, look, see, Iraq's involved.
And I go, wait a minute.
They were brought here by the U.S.
That's the Washington Times, L.A.
brought them in, 4,000.
Bush Sr.
Clinton brought in 2,000 more.
We know that they were protected.
The government sees the surveillance cameras.
I said, those are the government's Iraqis.
And he goes, Alex, there you go again.
I never said Iraq was involved in 9-11.
And I clearly said Oklahoma City.
So, see, I would quote him, because I heard that interview he did three months ago.
I stayed up late listening to a few hours of it.
And then he just, he was, folks, he's a former producer of Nightline.
He's a five-time Emmy Award winner.
And the guy's a lawyer, too.
And he really kept trying to divert the issue, but I think he failed.
Well, he ate up a lot of clock, and that other bozo that was with him, I don't know who he was.
Well, he would just talk about his resume.
Yeah, they played a tape, and then he wastes all our time and says, Hey, everybody, call up your congressman.
No, we're not calling up our congressman about your silly little issue.
We're here to talk about the evidence today.
You said that was the most looked forward to event.
It was, man.
That was the hottest thing.
No, it was promoted for about three, four months, and it was the, I mean, anything I've ever heard of, the most promoted.
It's the second biggest radio show in the country to begin with, and I appreciate, listen, I'm going to say this up front, and I appreciate your call, Riven.
I want to thank George Norrie.
He's amazing.
I mean, and I'm not just saying this because he has me on his show.
I've had a chance to sit in the studio with him for three hours when he was here in Austin.
I've had a chance to give a speech with him at the KLBJ Talk Fest here in Austin.
I've had a chance to be on his show, I don't know, seven, eight times now.
Last night, I got home late from working on some stuff.
And I was in the car listening to Coast to Coast and just what a gentleman he is to the callers and how professional he is.
And he came out last night and said peak oil is a fraud and did it in such a gentlemanly fashion.
He does so much good.
He's had ten, I mean I've counted them up.
He's had like, for every guest he has on that says the government wasn't involved in 9-11, he'll have like ten guests on saying they were.
And he's taken a lot of heat for that.
And, you know, he's not perfect, and he talks about a lot of other wacky issues on his show, but frankly, that's what folks want to hear, and, you know, the show is about ratings.
But I think deep down, in fact, I know deep down, I've talked to him, George knows what's going on, George is concerned, George is worried, and, you know, he had to earn his bones first, being there a few years, before he started taking the program in a new direction.
I mean, I'm even thinking about writing an article about this, commending George Norrie.
Because the direction he's taken it, I mean, for a broadcast this big, believe me, it's doing good, folks.
I mean, it really hit me last night listening to him, you know, talking about peak oil being a fraud.
And think of the he-he gets within that organization when other people are saying it's real.
So I really want to thank George Norrie.
I mean, I don't know any other major national outlet like that that will let us talk about Larry Silverstein, that will let us talk about Building 7, that he was criticized for having all these people saying 9-11 was an inside job on, one after the other.
So he's really stuck his neck out there, and he has reinvigorated that broadcast that had really fallen off,
Before that, so, you know, number one, look, they've got to go where the truth is.
And George knows that.
Number one, he does care about the truth.
I know he does.
He gets away with what he can, you know, with that type of mega audience.
And, again, I can only commend George Norrie.
I mean, I really cannot stress that enough.
George Norrie did a great job.
And they told me they're going to have me back on by myself very soon to talk about 9-11.
And I've been wanting to go on there to talk about 9-11 specifically.
I've been on there, and he's brought up 9-11.
We've probably in a three-hour interview talked about it 30 minutes, 40 minutes before, which is huge.
We're talking 14, 15 million people in that 30 minutes getting to hear it.
And there's just so many other interesting issues.
But, again, I don't want to just engage in a love fest here.
But understand, Bill O'Reilly, his highest ratings ever are 2.7 million in an entire hour of that stink bug.
That's the number one show in news cable.
Tucker Carlson, the number one show on MSNBC, has 232,000 listeners.
Folks, we have more listeners than that in an hour.
We have more listeners than that in 30 minutes with the numbers we've got through the handful of stations that we're on that have Arbitron.
Do you understand?
The network has bought the Arbitron ratings.
Do you understand?
That's why we're able to get all these great advertisers now.
Because, understand, most of the stations we're on don't buy the Arbitron.
Most of our stations, we don't even know the listenership.
In the handful of stations we've got that buy the book, and then this network bought the rights to get that synopsis, very expensive, then you take that to the advertising agencies.
This show has more listeners than MSNBC's number one TV show.
Okay, do you understand that?
Now, my broadcast is small compared to George Norrie.
But it is exploding.
Do you understand how big Coast to Coast is, folks?
With 14 to 16 million on an off night, 14 million listeners an hour.
On a big night, 16 million listeners an hour.
And they had a lot more than that last Thursday.
So, it is the second biggest...
Regular media event.
That is for news in the country.
Rush Limbaugh is numero uno.
And you aren't about to get... I mean, just compare George Norrie to Rush Limbaugh.
Compare the gentlemanliness, the meekness, the kindliness of George Norrie to a Rush Limbaugh.
And then, look at him in that light.
Alright, that's enough of the love fest.
It just...
And folks, the amount of listeners we're getting from doing these interviews, the amount of people that come and find this broadcast and then really get the truth, it is only good.
It is a blessing.
All right?
Let's go back to the calls here.
Let's talk to Johnny in Vancouver, Canada.
Go ahead, Johnny.
Hey, Alex.
I heard you on Coast to Coast, and I'm kind of, I don't know, like this Peter Lance guy, everybody's pissed off at him when I think everybody should be clapping because what the guy did was pretty much make people curious to go check out what you've said.
And I mean... You know, he sounded so ridiculous.
I mean, he committed Harry Carey in the debate when he attacked me.
And the thing is,
The common person who's listening who doesn't know anything about the facts is probably thinking, well, you know what, I'm going to go check out what this Alex guy has to say because why is this other guy so threatened by what he has to say?
And I mean, he did you a favor because most people that I talked to, that I told to listen to this program because they don't know until they actually hear it on something mainstream, all said that that guy seemed like he came on that show to discredit you.
And that's all he was there for.
Well, he did savage me, but it was so obvious, attacking my character, calling me a demagogue.
Yeah, he wasn't talking about the issues.
He was talking about you.
He would imply slander, and I'd say, well, okay, give me specifics.
He couldn't do it.
Yeah, exactly.
Another thing, I got pretty much all your videos on DVD, and I've watched all your current videos, and I just got Dark Sequence by Bohemian Grove the other day.
And I must say that is the most disgusting stuff that I've ever seen in my life.
And I'm glad that you actually got that footage because, you know, people don't know what's going on until they see something like that.
And it just, it draws the picture perfectly to what's going on and why things like 9-11, like Iraq, are happening.
Because when people conduct these type of activities,
More calls, a ton of news straight ahead.
Thanks for the call.
We're good to go.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Alright, folks.
I've got a lot of news here and a ton of calls.
I'm not going to spend all day on Coast to Coast AM, but laying here in front of me in my broadcast studio is a printout from Coast to Coast AM last Thursday.
And it says, WTC demolition.
Thursday's first half-hour guest, Morgan Reynolds, the former chief economist for the U.S.
Department of Labor during 2001-02, shared his view that the WTC collapse was likely a controlled demolition.
And before they even had the debate, they had Morgan Reynolds on it.
Just laying it out, and there's Georgia Green with it.
I mean, who else is... And, again, people freak out over these shows with 2 million viewers like Bill O'Reilly.
Or 200,000-something viewers like Tucker Carlson's Moron program on MSNBC.
It's because of the prestige, the suits, the teleprompters, the fancy graphics.
And so even though they have tiny audiences compared to talk radio and
The web, for that matter, I mean, my website, which is medium-sized compared to some alternative sites, still dwarfing them in many cases.
Despite that, they still make us feel like we're the minority.
They still have the illusion going, even though we're not even really watching them, still when we tune in once a week or something, oh, that's what the big people say.
It's an illusion.
It's a mirage, folks.
You know, you think you see, you're out there in the desert dying of thirst, and you think you see palm trees and an oasis and scantily clad dancing girls, but once you get there, you find out it was vapor.
It was an hallucination.
I mean, they don't have as much power as you think.
The power is a complete mirage.
Let's go ahead and keep going to your calls.
Let's talk to John in Oklahoma, then Emmett, Bart, Sean, Nick, and others.
Go ahead, John.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Yeah, I'm a farmer here in Oklahoma.
I've got, you know, grass-fed cattle and, you know, probably one of those people you were talking about the other day, you know, might be with Al Qaeda, you know.
Well, yeah, we're weird.
We think you should feed cows grass.
They're not meant to eat meat, much less rotten meat, and that's why they get mad cowing.
And you heard the lady.
Her mother thinks she's an evil hippie because she only wants grass-fed beef.
I mean, how bizarre.
I mean, to think that cows should eat grass.
Oh, I know.
I'm having second thoughts myself here.
It's so horrible.
A couple of points I wanted to bring up.
Downright unnatural.
Oh, yeah.
Everybody knows cows are carnivores.
Oh, yes.
But now you've admitted you're bad, so go ahead.
I was wanting to bring up the point.
I was wondering about some thoughts that you might have.
By having a lot of controlled release of incriminating evidence about 9-1-1...
The establishment isn't trying to get people behind a fake left solution.
And I was just wondering about... Well, no, that's what I've been saying for four years.
Well, it seems to me it's perfectly obvious that it's a very, very good chance that it could happen.
Well, I've been saying that before 9-11.
And the Europe's going to save us, and they weren't involved, and, oh, the Democrats will save us, they weren't involved, when they are all involved.
Well, I can see it coming now.
There's so much incriminating evidence coming along.
Through the mainstream, it really looks like something like that is possibly going to take place.
Alright, well thanks for the call.
They tried to contain it.
That is, certain sectors did.
They meant for a little bit of it to come out.
But they didn't mean for this much to come out.
It's like they wanted civil war in Iraq, but controlled civil war.
Controlled chaos, not total bedlam.
So things are going worse than they even planned.
Let's talk to Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Emmett, go ahead.
Yes, hi Alex.
Go San Diego.
You've got to watch that basketball game tonight.
I'm sorry, I don't do that.
Well, normally I don't, but oh my, it goes down to skew point.
They're putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.
I'm a little more worried about that.
Yeah, I understand.
Hey, on all news radio, they're running spots asking the callers to call our Arlen Specter, Senator Arlen Specter, to stop the Patriot Act.
Which is unusual for a big station.
Well, a lot of people have read what's in it and are angry.
Second hour coming up.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
They're about to implement forced psychological testing and drugging in Illinois.
We defeated it for now in Texas.
Also, more and more thumb scanners go into buy and sell at grocery stores and convenience smarts.
Out of the battalion newspaper, Texas A&M, RFID program to help track uniforms and parking, gotta have your chip.
And the government's saying 70% chance we're going to have a nuclear attack somewhere in the world in the next decade.
It's all coming up right now, right back to your calls.
Wide open phones today into the second hour of this Wednesday edition.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bart in Texas.
Bart, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
What I wanted to bring up was the fact that we are winning.
We have shifted the paradigm.
People are waking up.
People are getting involved, even if they're not completely aware of the New World Order.
In all its aspects, people inherently know when they're in danger.
The group mentality is shifting.
But what everyone out there needs to understand is that eventually, and you yourself have pointed this out with a lot of the advanced technologies and scientists that you've
Well, yeah, there's a reason that the major publications like the Baltimore Sun and the Boston Globe did reports where DARPA says, yes!
We're going to put up towers around America that send out waves that can calm you or control you.
But it's no big deal.
It's for your best interest.
I mean, they're openly talking about this sci-fi stuff because they've got to announce it openly so the people putting these systems in think it's normal.
Were you aware of that?
Bart hung up.
He's talking about new waves of super technology.
We didn't hang up on you, Bart.
You got disconnected or you hung up.
Sean in California.
Sean, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I think the debate on Coast to Coast was illustrative of the orthodoxy that exists regarding 9-11.
Peter Lance and his
There was a debate by saying he read 40,000 pages of FBI documents, and he came to the conclusion that Al-Qaeda was a big threat and that the FBI was totally inept.
Because the FBI says so.
Yeah, exactly.
And Mike Levine began a debate by saying that he set up major heroin deals for the CIA and that they shipped in heroin...
And the corpses of GIs from Vietnam.
And this is a major, he is an admitted high-level DEA agent.
And so this is just proof the government can be trusted.
Yeah, yeah.
But then he goes on to say that Al-Qaeda is a big threat and that the government is totally inept.
Now, Ian, a couple of years ago it had just been the government's final, the government's perfect.
Now they know people don't trust it, so they've got to, look, I've got credibility.
We do bring the drugs in.
The government does, but still we wouldn't do 9-11.
No, exactly.
Like, wasn't it an accident that they put the heroin in the corpses?
But you would think that Peter Lance in one of those documents, one of those 40,000 pages of documents, that one of them would have said that the terrorists were trained partially, the fake terrorists,
Well, I said it was MSNBC and Pensacola Journal, and he just said, not true, not true.
And he also denied that there were FBI informants crawling all over the hijackers.
Yeah, he goes, well, San Diego.
Yeah, San Francisco, too.
He goes, well, that disproves you.
It was San Diego, not San Francisco.
And I go, sir.
Yeah, exactly.
And, you know, one of the things that didn't come up in the debate was that Muhammad Atta, the guy masquerading as Muhammad Atta,
Was engaging in, you know, just drinking massive amounts of booze, going to strip clubs and bars.
You know, just the typical fanatic behavior of Muslims.
Yeah, leaving a Koran saying we're going to kill everybody tomorrow.
He was creating a ledger, a history.
Just literally shooting their mouths off, banging on the bar.
I will knock buildings down tomorrow.
And they were also at that resort that Bush was at.
Three days later?
Yeah, that's right.
No, it just never ends, sir.
All right, thank you.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
All right, thank you.
Thank you.
More calls straight ahead.
PrisonPlanet.tv, InfoWars.com.
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We're good to go.
We'll continue with the blitzkrieg of your phone calls here in just a few minutes, but I need to get back into the news and the headlines and detail a little bit of the news I mentioned in the last hour.
All around us a control grid is going in.
All products are going to have tiny tracker chips in them.
Already thousands of products do.
We've sent our representatives, our reporters, our moles, to big industry conferences where 10,000 people are there in Chicago, and they openly talk about how we don't like it, the citizens don't like it, but how we will submit, how they will prevail, how this will track everything we buy, sell, and do.
They'll have total information on our activities.
And that's what Echelon really does.
Echelon has really always been about economic espionage.
I was talking to somebody about it last night, and they said, yeah, my dad works for the NSA, and he said, mainly what they do is, you know, if everybody's talking about strawberries, then they tell their corporate owners, hey, buy into strawberries, you know, get control of this.
Most of it's about economic espionage and control and forecasting, you know, trends, so they can preposition themselves for control of society.
And, look, Texas A&M has a proud tradition.
It was a women's college...
I had a lot of family friends that went there.
And a lot of colleges were being taken over completely by the feds.
I mean, already Eisenhower warned us about the undue influence of the military-industrial complex with their funds.
But AMN now is run by a former CIA director.
It's got the George Bush Library, George Herbert Walker Bush Library.
And they're really training some of the key cadres to run our lives and to run the police state there.
HEB put thumb scanners in their grocery stores in College Station four years ago.
Announced they'd do it in Austin, but we stopped them.
They've had military drills there.
Just so much is cameras, microphones, so much is happening in that city as well as that university.
Texas A&M has teamed up with Global Ranger Corps to create a distribution system
Lab that will allow better tracking of Corps and Cadets uniforms this fall and may help solve campus parking problems in the future.
And again, they call it a lab, and that's what it is.
You want to drive, want to park, you've got to have a tracker chip.
Want to have a uniform, it's going to have a chip in it.
Headline, RFID Program to Help Track Uniforms Parking.
With the partnership, A&M now has the funding to create the Radio Frequency Identification Laboratory, RFID-2,
In the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, a program called RFID will use microchip technology to aid in supply and distribution of the Corps uniforms.
Madav Padu, an assistant professor in industrial distributions at the Military Property Warehouse, where cadet uniforms are housed, has been experiencing problems with internal inventory and items distributed to the cadets.
By inserting an RFID chip into the garment's fabric, the warehouse can keep up to date with the cadet was issued which garment.
And then when the garment goes back in, they've got the chip.
The chip holds a number that is scanned when the cadet picks up the item.
This allows the warehouse to know the item is no longer in possession, while also offering them the information on who now holds the item.
It can also be read around campus.
Papu said he thinks the program would help the campus parking situation in the future as well.
RFID could be used to notify people of the location of available parking spaces by scanning for empty spaces, he said.
Now, we narrowly, by just a hair, defeated six months from now.
We would have all, when we got our 2006 inspection sticker,
We would all get an RFID chip that would be read by radio readers already put up to start making the main Texas roads.
4,000 Texas highways will be, 4,000 state highways will be toll roads.
That's the official plan.
2,000 city roads.
And it says it in the bill.
We narrowly, narrowly got that cut out of the bill.
Folks, this is not a joke.
This is not a game.
This is happening right now.
And you better get wise to it.
You better fight it.
Here's one I barely mentioned yesterday, but I want to spend some time on it.
I want to get one of these individuals on.
Forget credit cards or checks.
Pay with your fingerprint.
They're the first in Missouri to have it.
A convenience store in Arnold has a new way for consumers.
We're good to go.
Customer Mary Henning said, I think it's a great idea.
It's simple.
It's easy.
You just walk in.
Don't need to mess with your checkbook.
Just put your fingerprint on this, make your purchase, and it comes out of the checkbook.
I want to get Mary Henning on the show.
Retailers also like it because they have to pay a lot less in transaction fees.
See, they're going to set it up where you pay more if you don't have this for the consumers as well.
Oh, discounts if you have the tracker.
Thumbscan, or if you take the chip.
That's already happening at bars all over the country.
Again, retailers also like it because they have to pay a lot less in transaction fees.
Express Mart Assistant Manager Kevin Wardig said, We're spending $3,000 to $4,000 a month just on credit card transactions.
Credit cards are a bit cheaper.
This is 75% cheaper than using credit card transactions.
Because the industry chooses to.
Biopay says it does not sell personal information on outside companies, but again, there's a data bank that allows the stores to do that, and its services are not directly connected to the Internet to prevent hackers.
Boulder Dash.
How do you think they send the data over?
Excuse me, Detective Michael Gray, a fingerprint identity expert with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office for the past decade, said fingerprints are not only a permanent feature on your hand, but are unique to each individual.
That's why he said the chances of being misidentified are remote, especially with the added security of the 10-digit code.
Yeah, you've got to enter a code and do this.
It's just a joke, folks.
And by the way, once they get your prints, they can frame you.
It's been around for a hundred years since fingerprints came out.
You get somebody's print, then you etch it, was the old way to do it, and then you plant the prints.
Detective Gray said, as long as they verify the individual identity going in, making sure this is a fact, Joe Blow leaving his finger impression as an examining document, I don't see any problems at all down the road when he comes back later.
BioPay is not linked to credit cards, just checking accounts.
Once you enroll in BioPay, BioPay, you can use it at any store that has a system worldwide.
Besides the Express Mart in Arnold, BioPay is available at some stores in Utah, North Carolina, and Kentucky.
And that's just one of many companies.
So see, every day or two, I see one of these articles.
In Ohio, or in Houston, or in just all these places.
Well, my first film, America Destroyed by Design, shows the executive order, shows the plans, the official government plan.
You will be doing this as a national sales tax.
And before you go, hip, hip, hooray, or hip, hip, hooray, or huzzah, huzzah, before you cheer this and laud this,
I'm afraid they're going to keep the income tax, too.
This will bring federal control into every terminal, every shopping cart, every business, every Internet transaction, all the new Microsoft software coming out.
This is for three years.
It's designed to be thumbprint or index finger accessible.
And soon you'll be forced to get online, quote, trusted computing.
They're trying to pass laws in Congress where you've got a thumb scan or index finger scan to get online.
Are you beginning to get the big picture?
Are you beginning to understand?
This is not a joke.
This is happening.
We'll get into forced drugging and testing, rampaging forward in some areas, running victories in others.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Who is up next?
I guess Sean?
No, we're going to talk to Sean.
Nick, go ahead.
Nick in Texas.
Hello, Alex.
I like your show a lot.
I was listening to Barry Brownfield this morning, and I heard
Something about the bird flu being in British Columbia.
Wondered if you had heard anything about that?
Well, they love to... I mean, the government runs around saying the bird flu is going to get us, and if it does, we've got to give all our rights up.
Or if foot and mouth gets released, we've got to... Well, they had it in Minnesota newspapers.
Martial law.
I've got a town here where the mayor is saying no to martial law.
I'm going to get to that later.
That's in the stack here.
And the bird flu, depending on what variety, is very serious.
But, I mean, this is globalism.
Isn't globalism wonderful?
You just got to love it, don't you?
Oh, yeah.
I hate it, but, yeah, they sure push it.
Yeah, they sure do push it, and we need to fight them on it.
That's for sure.
Anything else, sir?
Nope, nothing else.
Thank you for the call, Nick.
Ann, Ann, you're on the air.
Where are you calling from?
Hi, where are you calling from?
I talked to you last week after your George Norris interview.
And I mentioned that Len sounded very nervous.
Just listen to this for a second.
You're aware that there was a...
9-1-1 article in Popular Mechanics, right?
And this is led up by Chertoff.
This month, Popular Mechanics has an article on Morgellons' disease.
A medical article in Popular Mechanics, also, you know, led by Chertoff.
The first place I heard about Morgellons was the Power Hour, picked up also by George Norrie as a follow-on subject.
9-1-1, you, the Power Hour, also by George Norrie.
And I'm just wondering if... Well, what do they say about Morgellons?
That it's delusional parasitosis which should be treated with heavy-duty antipsychotics.
Now, that's not the latest info on it, but that's what Popular Mechanics printed.
I'm thinking... Well, stay there.
We'll just have to come back to you.
Hi, folks.
Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
The real money, folks.
Let's review a few things from the past year, November 2003 to November 2004.
The Dow has ranged from 9,800 to 10,300, a 5% increase.
The dollar's value has dropped from 96 cents to 70 cents against the euro, a 24% decrease in spending power against the gold-backed euro.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know there's an assault upon America's freedom of religion by the United Nations Genocide Convention Treaty?
The laws are called hate crime laws.
These laws will eventually shut down Christianity in America by accusing Christians of hate crimes.
516-8736 That's 1-800-
Call now.
Operators are standing by to receive your call.
Americans are under a covert medical attack daily.
These chemicals are affecting our brains and may well destroy our society.
Of course.
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Forewarned is forearmed.
Order your copy of the book Secret Assassins of Food by Dr. Ott Ph.D.
only through Mother Earth Minerals.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, I've got to hurry past Ann's call here, because I've been told that Ben in Texas disagrees with me on something.
And people who disagree always go to the headline, because it's so special and so rare that we always like to give them the floor.
Unless it's a stalker, and then we cut them off.
And we have a few of those, or government disinfo officers.
But Ann...
I've heard people talk about this more, Gellin's disease.
And I know that they told the troops after the first Gulf War who had high levels of radiation in them, nerve gas in their bodies when they would die in autopsies.
I mean, that's been in the Dallas Morning News, major publications.
They would say, you're all mentally ill.
And they'd shrivel up and die.
And, well, that's your mental illness.
That's why you're having convulsions.
And that's why your nose is bleeding.
And that's why you've lost 100 pounds.
And, well, that's why you died.
But then at the same time, it looks to me like Morgellons is kind of a cover for a whole bunch of different skin diseases.
They tried to deny that mycoplasma didn't exist for many years, and now they do admit it.
We're good to go.
And this bizarre atmosphere where really weird stuff is going on breeds that, breeds people that already are paranoid.
I really think they're obsessive-compulsive.
They want something to really focus on and freak out about.
It drives them over the edge.
But I don't know enough about Morgellons disease to really get into it.
I mean, there may be something there.
Some of the people I've heard about it, talk about it, really sound nutty as fruitcakes.
There's key indicators I use to assess that.
Some of the people talking about it sound legitimate.
But go ahead.
In regards to Morgellons, there was one California doctor who cultured it out and found out it's a minor flagellate.
It's a tiny little bug with one little seeding wiggly.
Well, that sounds like a chigger.
Yeah, except it goes way deep.
It goes in as probably one of these little threads and then sets up housekeeping.
Well, there's all different types of burrowing mites.
So what are they saying?
That those don't exist?
No, no.
But they're saying that this Morgellons, which is pretty obviously not delusional.
I mean, the symptoms are there.
It's totally delusional.
But the thing is, why is Popular Mechanics going after subjects handled by the Power Hour, Alex Jones Show, and George Norrie?
And I think that Lance was part of a targeted effort, and that's why he was nervous.
And boy, I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't dealing with yet another Chertoff cousin there.
Okay, well, thank you for the call.
I'm not going to sit here and say Peter Lance is a fad.
He's just probably somebody who's in denial.
Ben in Texas, you're calling in about Texas A&M, your alma mater.
Well, that's right.
I'm a current student at Texas A&M University, proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2008.
And you're going to defend them no matter what they do?
No, sir, that's not quite the case.
I adamantly disagree with Dr. Gates on several issues.
I'm also in student government at Texas A&M.
Go ahead.
Well, welcome.
What do you disagree with?
Well, first of all, the HEB and college station I use rather regularly.
Oh, really?
I've been in there and shot video of it and put it on TV, and I got their press release.
You're saying HEB didn't put thumb scanners in.
Now, that was, as I said, four years ago.
They may have, because of backlash, took them out.
They put signs up.
This is in my film, Police State 3.
They put signs up in Austin saying they were going in, Round Rock to be specific, and then they never put them in.
Well, I can assure you they are not there now.
Okay, are you saying HEB didn't announce they were putting thumb scanners in?
I don't know.
I do not know.
Okay, well, I guarantee you they did, sir.
Well, I can guarantee you they're not there now.
In fact, it was in the Austin Business Journal four years ago.
It's a monthly publication.
I forget what month.
All right.
So they may have put them in, but then they've taken them out.
And I saw that a few months ago serving the web.
The Austin Business Journal still has that article up.
Well, that doesn't... Just because the article's in an archive... I've been there, sir.
I've been there.
I've shot video of it.
Now, I said four years ago, because we fought them, they may have taken them out.
I mean, did you hear me read the KSDK TV out of Missouri where they're putting them in?
I'm, yeah.
Okay, well, I mean, they're putting thumb scanners in, and yeah, they're pulling them out places because people, HEB may pull out some of the self-serves in San Antonio because people won't use them.
Well, let me just assure you of one thing.
But then they'll come back four years later and say they didn't have self-service checkout lanes.
I didn't say, well, they have self-service.
No, but I mean, the point is that we're fighting them.
That's why they may be taking it out.
But that's regardless.
We'll stay there.
We'll hear what else you disagree with in just a second.
That is really good news if they pulled the thumb scanners out.
Wait a minute.
I have a newscast.
Forget my video in Police State 3 where they're at an HEB showing the thumb scanners and how wonderful they are.
So, yeah.
They're pulling them out.
That is great news.
We'll be right back with your call, Bill.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's bgfindashop.com.
All right, going back to Ben in Texas.
Ben, you disagree with something else I said about Texas A&M College Station?
Well, I just want to clarify one point.
You said that A&M was a women's college.
A&M has never been a women's college.
We were originally a military academy.
But that's a minute point.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I said that it was originally a women's college.
I didn't say it was a women's college right now.
You're telling me that Texas A&M was not originally a women's college.
No, it was not.
I'm sorry, it was a military academy.
In fact, non-military personnel were not allowed in the college.
Until 60s, 70s.
Sometimes I get stuff backwards in my head.
Maybe it was women weren't allowed.
Women weren't allowed.
I was watching some documentary a couple years ago about A&M, and it was something about a women's college.
Maybe they merged some local women's college with it when they allowed women.
Maybe you can dig the history up for me.
It was something about a women's college.
At any rate, that's not the point.
But A&M is one of the most conservative schools in the nation.
Yeah, they just love George Bush.
I can assure you as a student that is not the consensus.
I am a physics major at A&M and I can just tell you that A&M is one of the most conservative schools in the nation.
When I say that I would put it up against DBU, Dallas Baptist University and any of the others in that respect.
You have extremely smart individuals there who can see what is happening and see what is going on.
Oh, so people know the CIA's and they're trying to recruit like gangbusters?
Sir, I've been offered CIA scholarships myself.
See, I'm not inaccurate in saying that it's one of their major recruiting grounds.
We are the number one recruitment school in the nation for the CIA.
Yeah, I thought I'd read that, but I knew it was in the tops.
I would still say it's probably Yale, but... No, with Dr. Gates where he is,
We are the number one recruiting school in the nation.
Well, that's the case.
You just took that title.
Well, I'm telling you what my professors and everyone else have been bragging about for this last year.
Well, Gates is a piece of work, and he comes out and says, it's ridiculous what Dr. Reynolds says about the towers.
Have students talked about that?
What are the students saying?
It's mixed views.
Personally, I don't believe it was controlled demolition as a physics major.
I believe there was enough force there to do it.
I'm currently, though, as a summer project, running the calculations to prove or disprove.
Did you just say that you don't believe it's a controlled demolition?
Not on the Twin Towers.
Building 7 is quite obvious.
I mean, the evidence is there.
But there is not enough evidence to conclusively say that the Twin Towers were demolished.
Well, you know something?
A modern steel building has never collapsed from fire.
But the fire wasn't what did the most damage.
You have to understand, the transference of kinetic energy caused by that plane impacting was huge.
And the amount of torque that was generated because of it.
Yeah, the fires, sir, were almost completely extinguished.
That doesn't matter.
Let me finish.
The government, FEMA, the people with the engineering degrees, they first tried to say it was the fires, then the science showed it wasn't that, and they tried to claim it was a bunch of other stuff.
They tried to claim three different things made Building 7 full, now they're saying a fourth thing.
I mean, I can line up a whole bunch of engineers here who've done the calculations, and the mathematics does not fit.
Well, all I can tell you is that
The two towers were extremely unique.
All the structural support was on the interior columns, not the exterior.
Wait a minute.
The 9-11 Commission says that there was no interior support columns.
That's not true.
Well, of course, it's a total fraud!
It was some of the biggest columns ever!
The 40-plus central columns!
Well, sir, I have a copy of the blueprints, and like I said, I'm doing a very detailed analysis.
I know, but I'm telling you that in the 9-11 report, by the Whitewash Commission, they say that it was a hollow.
Well, I don't believe the official story and all that, and I happen to agree with you on Building 7.
But not so much on the two towers.
They blew up seven, but okay, do you agree that some Muslim couldn't have snuck in and blown up seven?
Because now they're starting to try to put that out.
I mean, I truly believe that that was fully demolished.
Yeah, but by who?
Who could do that in a government building?
Personally, I think it was the owner.
I think it was the owner wanting insurance money more than anything and aiding and abetting.
Aiding and abetting who?
Well, whoever perpetrated the attack, whoever you wish to believe.
Do you know who ran the security for the buildings?
Whose contract ended on September 11th?
I've watched your video, 9-11, martial law, rise of the police state.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, it's Marvin Bush.
And we know about it because Big Mouth Barber wrote a book.
I don't disagree with you.
My son is so brave running security.
His contract ended on the morning of 9-11.
Well, listen, Ben, we agree on most things then, and I will research why that's in my head about A&M originally being a women's college.
Well, sir, and if you ever want a student's perspective...
You're more than welcome to... Well, look, I'm not here bashing A&M, okay?
When I got family, they'll try to keelhaul me if I did.
Oh, and I understand that.
But the point is, the point is, is that General Magus is trying to take over UT right now.
I mean, folks, we've been to the CFR meetings.
They let you into them where they're going, World Government is good, and we're going to have World War IV very soon.
I mean, it's just they're taking over, and it's sad to see Texas A&M turn into this.
They're talking about making you take a transponder in your car.
Are you going to say no to that?
Well, anyone who's ever been in the parking situation at A&M and gotten the parking tickets thereof,
Is going parking improvement?
But that's not a parking improvement.
We need to get more parking spaces built.
You're paying big bucks to go there.
Currently, I'm paying out-of-state tuition.
Yeah, land is not expensive out there.
Well, and not only that, A&M has property in every county in the state of Texas.
No, I know.
The University Police Department and the Texas Rangers are the only two police departments that have jurisdiction in every county in the state of Texas.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
I appreciate it.
I mean, there's nothing to really disagree about here.
Will somebody get in here, though, and do me a favor.
Type it in the search engine.
I don't allow myself a computer in the studio, though.
I'm about to change that rule.
Because years ago, I would be distracted surfing the web.
And so I said, no computer.
I threw the computer out of the studio.
And now I can't type.
Of course, I would be distracted.
I'd be typing this in right now instead of doing the show.
But do a check.
Type in history of A&M for me, Scott.
A&M, and then type in women's college.
And I want to find out why that's in my head.
Did it merge with women's college?
It's kind of irritating me.
I think Ben's wrong, but if I'm wrong, I'll own up to it.
Let's talk to Nick in Canada.
Good afternoon, Alec.
Nick, go ahead.
Hi, I'm just wondering if you would comment on an article I read on the rent today, talking about the inaccuracy on the reports of American casualties coming back from Iraq.
They're still stating that there's about 1,713 American casualties so far.
There's reports that they're not even counting all the soldiers that die en route to German hospitals.
I've had captains and master sergeants on.
The government admits, if you die...
On the helicopter being flown out of the battlefield, out of the combat zone, you did not die from injuries sustained in combat.
And it is documented, even mainstream news, we knew about it long before it was in the newspapers, that most of the soldiers who lose limbs or who are discharged, they're discharged at Rammstein in Germany and then have to pay for their own plane ticket back.
That is the pure evil of this government.
We know this.
Vietnam got going with our troops and advisors in about 1960.
And the war didn't get officially cranking until the staged Gulf of Tonkin event.
And then after that, 58,000 Americans died up until the early 1970s.
The numbers are different.
Between 8,000 and 10,000, no one's exactly sure exactly.
Another issue, animal rights extremism, now a priority for FBI, a report on Yahoo yesterday.
Yeah, number one threat.
Yeah, it seems that the shift now, if terrorism wasn't a broad enough term, now it's a war on extremism, it seems, is happening now.
Well, yeah, they put that report out about a month ago.
I guess Google just got, or Yahoo just got around to it.
And it was the number one threat is animal rights and an environmental extremist.
What, Jimmy, they are?
Breaking bulldozers and occasionally burning down a new house that's getting built.
It's a criminal matter.
It happens a few times a year.
Investigate it.
Put them in the jail.
If they kill somebody, you know, put them in there for life or execute them.
But that's not happening here.
And yeah, no, they don't have any real terrorist threats, sir, so now it's pot dealing, Rubik's Cube selling, DVD pirated selling, county commissioner bid rigging, Rush Limbaugh's medical records, they use the Patriot Act.
So, yeah.
Well, I guess we're all going to be okayed up pretty soon because I think we're all extreme in one sense or another.
Well, notice they will call outright terrorists who blow up suicide bombers, they'll call them an extremist.
You wonder, why do they give them a lesser term?
Why not murderer?
Yeah, exactly.
So why do they give them a lesser term?
Well, then because without using slander, they can call somebody who doesn't like the U.N.
an extremist.
So now that word has the connotation of suicide bomber.
They're wordsmiths, semantically.
I've got to write a note on that.
I'm making a film about semantics, and I need to... I need to... So much I can't remember.
All right, thank you for the call, sir.
Good points.
Let's talk to... Who's up next here?
All right, Jamie in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Jamie.
Hello, Alex.
I was on Free Talk Live yesterday, and I talked about...
The 9-11 conspiracy and stuff.
And I mentioned the Build-A-Burgers, and they actually made, you know, they don't believe in it.
They said, yeah, we build burgers too, you know.
Yeah, that's the oldest joke in the book.
Yeah, and also... I mean, that show on this network, it's just some...
You know, little boys doing a kind of little trendy program.
I wish them luck.
I think they'll get attention doing that, and that's the complete opposite.
And plus the Wise Guys also said the same thing before to me.
What, is that some weekend show?
No, I call that about around 6 o'clock through the daytime.
Oh, you're talking about Roger Fredenberg's show.
Yeah, the Wise Guys.
Yeah, listen, I appreciate your call.
Explain how this works.
We have digital satellites through the major radio networks.
You have to go lease them from them.
And to pay for those, basically, Ted Anderson has allowed other shows with other views, car shows, gardening shows, which I think are great,
We need that kind of stuff on the weekend.
Brings in revenue, brings in listeners.
You know, we're not communist here.
We have to fund this.
It's very expensive.
We're on a shoestring of many months.
Some months there's a good profit, other months there's not.
And then, you know, we need the money from the last month to do that.
And the leading broadcast on this network are the Patriot or Truth Seeking shows.
And there are a few shows.
I mean, Roger Fredenberg at one time was on hundreds of stations.
And he's on a whole bunch of stations now, and he goes to the Genesis Network.
When another network was having problems, we took Jeff Rents over here, who's totally anti-New World Order and does a great job.
So we added Jeff Rents, and they just added a plethora of shows.
There are one or two that I've heard that I only listened to once.
But there is a market out there for stations that want to hear that type of stuff.
I mean, I personally consider it to be drivel, but that's my right to say that.
And they can say I'm driveled if they want.
But they're not going to, you know.
That's just how it is, folks.
So you bring it up.
And that is the most ridiculous thing ever.
I remember eight years ago, caller after caller to my local talk show going, Alex, you just talked about the Bilderberg Group with Jim Tucker.
Can I have cheese on that burger when I built that burger?
Because, you know, they've had little sitcoms and dramas that put this out.
The Bilderberg Group has now been in the New York Times, the Washington Post, it's now been all in Reuters, and they admit that royalty and the banking heads go there, and they openly want world government.
In fact, we have the CNN newscast from a few months ago where they admit it.
And they want to double your oil prices, they want to take your guns, they want to take your private property, and they're doing it.
And they're setting up a one world government, and...
So if little babies, people who never really grew up, people who kind of have arrested development, want to sit there and deny real things, you know, it's like saying the moon doesn't exist, or the Atlantic Ocean doesn't exist, or that the Queen of England doesn't exist, or that Jesus Christ didn't exist.
People can do that all they want.
That's not what my show's about.
And so it... I mean, what am I supposed to say?
It's disgusting.
It's totally disgusting.
There, there's my comment on it.
Micah in South Carolina.
Go ahead, Micah.
Mr. Jones, how are you today?
Good, welcome.
Hey, I want to thank you very much.
What I'm calling is... I apologize to you.
And the reason I'm apologizing is because, unfortunately, at the beginning of that infamous Coast to Coast broadcast, when Mr. Lance said, oh, great, Mr. Jones is going to just, you know, basically dictate the whole program.
He's going to be talking over everybody.
I had only listened to two of your shows, and, unfortunately, I listened to it on shortwave, so sometimes you fade in and fade out.
But just from the impression I got, I was like, well, this man has a reason to.
He has a lot of information.
I just hope he's able to distribute it properly and not live up to that expectation Mr. Lance had.
And I apologize for thinking you would not do that because you did.
I was greatly impressed.
I even woke my wife up and had her listen.
Are you saying I did or I didn't run over people?
You didn't.
I could not believe you held that much control considering the situation.
I mean, I'm greatly impressed.
I even went and got my buddy's line guard high-definition antenna and just hooked it up to my little Radio Shack shortwave just so I could get you a better reception during the day now.
Well, I wanted to impress you that I let Lance run all over me.
No, that was not the impressionable part, because he discredited himself to anybody that's got common sense.
I mean, he attacked me about ten times.
I tried to not take the bait.
Well, he tried to bait you out, and I tell you what, you were the smart fish in the pond that day.
And you kept to the subject, and you kept bringing the proper subject back up.
Now, I've listened to Coast to Coast AM since probably 1997, and...
I hear your music.
Do you mind if I carry over?
I can't, sir.
I've got to go to every caller.
You've got 20 seconds.
Finish up.
I've got 20 seconds.
Okay, real quick.
A lifeguard, Myrtle Beach.
Two years ago, I met a Jersey police officer who said that the night before the 9-11 attack, two of the hijackers slept in the blind sheep's apartment.
Have you heard anything on that note?
No, I haven't.
Thanks for the call.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
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We're good to go.
Your chance to get involved on air for the first time today, at least a minute ago, there were a couple open lines.
It's been time to call in and it's been busy.
Now is your chance at 1-800-259-9231.
Troy in Florida, Tim in Ohio, and others, your calls are coming up the next hour.
All your calls are coming up.
We'll take about 20 calls in the next hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Before I get into some more news, though, at the end of this second hour, one final showing.
This is it.
Next Monday, 8 o'clock, Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
I'll be showing martial law.
I'll be there.
I'll give a speech, a little bit longer speech at the beginning, and take a question and answer at the start instead of the end.
It'll be a little bit different this time.
And that's it.
At least for the summer.
I mean, I might show some other films at the end of the summer or something, or I might show something new, but that's it, folks.
So go to infowars.com, link through over to the Alamo Draft House website, great movie theater, and get your tickets online, because every other showing has sold out, in some cases a week before.
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You can't miss it.
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All right.
You know about New Freedom.
We defeated it for now in Texas, though they're still trying to implement it at the city and county level.
But no state funding, just federal funding.
Well, in Illinois, they're rampaging forward for five years of age up to 18, including pregnant women.
Teen screening sets up shop in Illinois.
A controversial plan to screen all Illinois school children with mental health disorders is set to become a reality on June 30th if the governor accepts the final proposal from the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership.
Illinois became the first state to hop on the bandwagon of President Bush's Freedom Commission.
New Freedom Commission plan to subject all American school children to mental health screening.
Illinois lawmakers passed the 10 million Illinois Children's Mental Health Act, creating a new children's mental health partnership, which many expect to become the model for other states.
And the final report from the Illinois Children's Mental Health Task Force was released in April, and it is filled with intrusive and expensive recommendations...
The program held hearings in various locations across the state in 2004 to gather public feedback on the plan.
And it is a nightmare, folks.
The total Sovietization.
So very, very serious.
We've got to fight this.
The government doesn't own your children.
Neither does the Trump government.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7644.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now in...
Our number three.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Wide open phones, toll free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
The good news is we beat, for now, the new Freedom Initiative in Texas.
But it's about to be fully enforced in Illinois.
First to get the federal money, first to pass their own laws.
They're saying, by law, you have no choice.
Five years old to 18.
Now they're talking about adults even older.
Forcibly psychologically tested according to guidelines written by the drug companies.
Continuing survey.
Nuclear attack chance 70%.
We're going to have some type of nuclear attack.
We've now finally got through a...
Fact Channel.
Larry Silverstein's supposed response to WTC7.
I'll be reading that.
Lesbian declared psychological parent over the parents.
Child taken and given to her.
Not even a parent.
It's getting crazy, folks.
And we'll get into woman commits suicide while testing new antidepressant.
I had this yesterday.
Never got to it.
It's from yesterday's stack.
Interesting story here.
Married men earn more if wives do the chores.
Study shows.
I've got comments on that.
I think it boils down to this.
Whoever the breadwinner is, somebody better be doing the chores.
Because if you're busy carrying out the trash, which I do, and putting in light bulbs, which I do, my wife's so busy doing other stuff because she works part-time fighting the New World Order, then all the other important stuff I could do never gets done.
Paying bills, all this stuff.
And so I think that's what feeds into this study.
Somebody's got to support the person that's making the money.
But again, that gets all into the nuclear family and how it's under attack and the rest of it.
Just a bunch of other news coming up as well, but right now, let's go ahead and go to Troy in Florida.
Troy, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing this week?
Hey, I'd like to make a comment about your student caller there from Texas A&M on how the force of the plane hitting the building collapsed him.
That is incorrect.
The guy, I think it was one of the designers, I'm not sure.
It's either on one of the...
It was an American, and it's either an American... And then the Italian director of construction, I forget his name, it'll pop in my head in a second, he's in the film.
This guy that I can't, like I said, it was either in one of two 9-11 films, it was either 9-11 or America Rebuilds, they had...
A couple of months before the towers came down, they were doing a documentary, and the gentleman came on and said... No, he's got an Italian name.
We have it in the computer.
...that the buildings were made to withstand multiple hits from jumbo jets.
Multiple large-scale hits.
He was killed on 9-11.
That's right.
The documentary where he stated this happened two months before the fact.
No, it's in the WTC7 section on PrisonPlanet.com.
Yeah, I was going to say, if you had that posted, maybe you could... I think it's Mariani.
Hey, I'll tell you what, guys, I think it's in the computer, but Scott, just type in Alex Jones WTC7, go to my main WTC7 page, it shows a picture of him, Italian name, and just record that again and get that.
Can you do that?
He definitely states they were made... No, I know.
We're going to play the clip, sir.
You're driving me crazy not being able to remember his name.
I've been telling you that I've been trying to get the American Rebuilds.
I got it from the library.
It's no longer there.
All the libraries in Sarasota, Florida, it's been pulled.
They said they would try to reorder it, but as... Anybody that's got it needs to make copies of it.
Yeah, I've been trying to look on eBay for a copy.
I sure would like a copy.
Well, they got the clips of it in my film.
Yeah, and I have them.
That's great.
I'm glad you added that, Alex.
Well, that's all I wanted to say.
All right, thank you.
Thank you very much.
We'll be right back with Tim and others.
Wide open phones, whatever you want to talk about.
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soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let's go straight back into your calls.
Now 8 minutes and 25 seconds into this third hour.
Chairman Ohio, go ahead, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I wanted to discuss a little bit of this Morgelins with you, because I've been researching this, especially...
In its correlation to chemtrails.
But we talked about this an hour ago, so most people didn't hear this, so they have absolutely no idea what we're talking about.
Since you brought it up, why don't you tell them what you're talking about?
Morgellons is this strange skin disease that's actually showing up in California and several pockets of it in Texas, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and around Rock, to be specific.
In William Thomas' book, Chemtrails Confirmed, he talked about three...
element within chemtrail samples that he tested which consisted of carbon black, aluminum, and quartz.
Now, what's interesting in the Morgellons, some patients are reporting the presence of granules or black-like speck material associated with their skin.
And like I said, my hypothesis is that the Morgellons may be some way related to the chemtrails.
It's affecting a lot of people that have immune system problems that have been altered by some things like Lyme disease.
And it's having an effect on brain function, of all things.
It's very interesting.
Now, if I could please give you just two quick websites where you can look at the fibers from both of them.
On the Morgellons, www.morgellons.org.
There are photographs of these fibers.
Okay, what's next?
And zip over to www.carnicom.com.
That's C-A-R-N-I-C-O-M dot com.
Now, both websites have pictures of these fibers.
The Carnicom is from the chemtrails, and of course the Mergelins is from these fibers that they actually pulled out of the lip of a three-year-old boy.
They're in color.
Sometimes these are luminous, as well as fibrous.
All right, thanks for the call.
And a crazy question, one crazy question, Alex.
How can patients that are having physical symptoms be being diagnosed as being delusional?
It's crazy.
Oh, I hear you.
Listen, again, we're taking a lot of calls today, and so we have time to cover news.
I will move to callers quickly, and I don't have a lot of time to comment on this for gallons.
I did an hour ago.
I'll just say I've heard some of the people saying they have this, and they sound like complete lunatics.
And by that, and they put them in me, and they're going to get me, and they're watching me right now out of my light bulb.
I mean, I've had these nuts come up to me on the street, and then you've got real people who are in special forces having microchips put in them, but then the media focuses on the lunatics, and then it discredits all the real stuff.
I know they told the troops that came back from the Gulf War,
They were mentally ill, the first Gulf War.
No, those shots were good for you.
No, DU is good for you.
And then they would test the blood of the dead troops, their brains.
They'd have 20% brain mass loss.
They'd have huge rot holes in their brains, massive serum nerve gas, DU in their lungs.
So I know they've sprayed things on us.
And what they found out of the chemtrails is barium salts and aluminum oxide.
That's the main thing.
And there are planes spraying.
There are planes out there doing this.
This really is going on.
I mean, six, seven years ago, I'd never seen a plane fly over, leave an ice crystal trail, a condensation trail, that didn't disappear in minutes.
Now they sit there for four or five hours.
In the middle of a hot summer at 4,000, 5,000 feet, these jets are leaving trails right next to another jet that isn't.
Something's wrong here.
But then there are these people who get real mad at me, and frankly, I don't care.
You make real researchers look like kooks.
Who will look at any chemtrail, or any condensation trail that's disappearing in seconds, and say, look, it's a chemtrail!
They're spraying us!
That is not the case.
And man, there's a lot of people, it's so incredible, engaging in what can only be called white magic.
I mean, just total off-the-cuff fruitcake land stuff.
You know, with these magic cubes and stuff they're selling.
I mean, they're making boo-koos of money off this.
You know, a ball of wax in the shape of a pyramid, you know, with all seeing eyes on it, and boy, this beams energy up at the chemtrails.
Man, you guys need to wait.
I mean, just wait until Popular Mechanics gets a hold of that.
And I'll say this, too.
I mean, it's a lot of these talk show hosts with their magic creams and this stuff will heal you.
And I'm tired of taking flack for it.
I've just been quiet about this for years.
I'm getting sick and tired of having to go, yeah, well, you bring up real stuff, but what about A, B, C, D, E, F, G?
What about all these other people?
Hey, don't believe anything I say.
Don't believe anything anybody else says.
I want you to check it out.
I want you to keep me to a higher standard.
And you need to keep these other people as just as high a standard.
Because I don't sell snake oil on my broadcast, folks, and I've been offered a lot of money to do it.
I will not do it.
And if you don't hear me endorsing a sponsor, chances are I don't endorse it.
More often than not.
Okay, I talk about videos and books and water filters.
Real simple.
Your body's 70% water.
It's full of poison.
I can demonstrate that.
That's admitted.
Stop drinking it.
But, I mean, I could, you know, go mix some peanut butter together and put some red food coloring in it and call it Magic Cream from Planet Plucor and charge you $5,000 an ounce for it.
I mean, I'd be rolling in buckets of money.
I'm not about to do that.
Folks, I've been offered masses of money to sell out to the New World Order.
And I'll never do it.
And I certainly won't sell out into kookdom.
It's amazing.
You know, the same thing goes for 9-11.
I stick to the stuff I can prove.
I stick to the areas where we know what happened.
I'm not going to get off in the left field on things that are designed to be distractionary issues.
And you know what?
If people don't like it, they don't have to listen to this show.
Sometimes I get sick of doing this radio show.
I only do this because I love my family and I love this country and I hate the New World Order.
And I hate what they're doing.
And frankly, that's why I have the most listened to Patriot Truth talk show in the country.
I mean, this broadcast dwarfs all other broadcasts.
They're not even in the same league.
And you know what?
That's very depressing to me.
Oh, yes.
That's scary to me when I listen to rebroadcasts of this show that I'm the best there is.
Boy, that's a problem.
Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to really get down to brass tacks, I'd like to live out on a farm, have a big farmhouse made out of rock, a big German-style house.
I'd like to raise cows and horses and pigs and goats and sheep, but I'd like to have a big old garden.
I'd like to oil paint.
I'm a good oil painter.
Folks, I didn't do very many oil paintings, and I was selling them for big bucks out of the gates.
I'd like to be oil painting, folks.
I'd like to be stomping around barefooted in muddy fields.
I just love it.
It's like heroin to me.
I'm a farmer.
That's what I want to do.
I don't like doing this.
But for all my rudeness and for everything I do, people know in their guts I'm the real deal.
And we need more people to know the real deal and not profiteers.
There is nothing wrong with making money with real things.
And we need money to operate.
But I am just about fed up with the snake oil salesman.
It is a constant irritant.
Do not come up to me in public and try to give me a magic pyramid.
I barely could control myself a few weeks ago.
A nice fella who'd bought this thing was trying to give it to me.
He had some magic amulet hanging around his neck.
Hey, don't confuse me with the liberals and don't confuse me with the new age.
He got the wrong show.
And I'm not griping the last caller.
He brought up real issues and key things.
It just makes me thinking about how there are all these crazies out there who'll believe anything.
They know the government's lying.
Well, just because the government's lying doesn't mean everything else you hear is true.
And you've got a bunch of parasitic people who are opportunists who play some of you like a fiddle.
And I'm sick of it.
I don't like con artists.
I don't like scammers.
I don't like it.
Now, I want to defeat the New World Order.
I want to back them back into a cage.
Man, if ten people popped up that were better than I am on the radio, guaranteed, folks, you wouldn't hear me on the radio in a year.
You think I like working 18 hours a day?
You think I just like being totally consumed by this and fighting the globalists?
No, I do not like it.
I do not like being known.
I do not like getting attention.
I do not like people telling me how great I am.
It disgusts me.
Stop it!
You don't have to thank me when you call into the show.
Okay, I'm just doing my duty.
You don't have to grovel to me because you have to grovel to neocons when you call their shows.
Alright, now I've gone off into left field myself.
It's just... There's so much... Our own house needs cleaning, folks.
Because sometimes I think the opportunists who aren't feds, who are just opportunists, are more of a damage than the feds who are out there putting out this info on the web.
They do actually more damage.
The feds you can see right through.
You take all these well-meaning, gullible people that will believe anything.
I mean, if I hear one more person talk about a magic cube that blows up chemtrails, I'm going to throw up.
I'm going to puke all over you.
You know, old ladies who've got cancer and somebody tells them they've got a magic pill that's going to heal them.
I'm sick of it.
Are vitamins good?
Should we take them?
Anybody who's got some silver bullet thing that's going to heal everything on earth and it's hundreds of dollars, give me a break.
Leave me alone.
Bottom line.
I've just about been pushed far enough on this.
Now I'm going to settle down.
We're going to come back and we're going to get some calls, some news.
And I'm going to talk to Joseph and Chris and Reggie and everybody else at 800-259-9231.
Transmission continues.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, let's go to your calls.
You've been holding patiently.
Chris in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Okay, I just got one comment.
Okay, this was a while back when you were talking about the rock stars.
Okay, you said that they had an estimated $147 trillion.
$147 trillion.
What was that again?
No, I think you might have misheard me.
The globalist war chest is around...
$300 trillion total, and a large portion of that is controlled by the Rothschilds.
And Dr. Tanya Karajanina, the chief economist in Russia, who also predicted 9-11 a month before, in the Moscow Times, talked about, quote, the death's head group, translated into English, the order of skull and bones, the order of the skull.
She said the secret society of the dead head.
He is going to carry out an attack bigger than Russia, bigger than the U.S., to usher in this worldwide crisis.
Oh, okay.
And she talked about the $300 trillion group.
Oh, so they actually have 300, just this small, you know, this 13th family just controlled this.
Yeah, tens of trillions is traded every year, every day, just in derivatives, internationally on the stock markets.
Yes, it's trillions, sir.
Well, that's amazing.
But that's all I got.
Well, I appreciate your call.
God bless.
I want to thank you for calling.
Let's go ahead and talk to Reggie in Michigan.
Reggie, go ahead.
Good day, sir.
Onward Christian Soldier.
You do a fine job.
I'll be going to the club this afternoon, and after the basketball game last night, I'll not hear much talk about the subject we discussed of concern.
But I'll hear a lot of the I believe type things.
And when I hear I believe, I just cut that person off because they have no background as you've discussed with them.
I wish you'd get a picture.
I got an old book here from the Grove in the 70s.
What I found was most convincing about it was the list of the attendees.
Is there a way somebody on the West Coast could get us pictures of this year's attendees?
Well, the approach is not easy.
And I am the only person, along with Mike Hanson who was with me, to ever sneak into the Grove and get video of it.
One other photo had been secretly surreptitiously snuck out from the mid-80s.
Of the ritual going on.
And then now since we exposed it, they've gone public and released hundreds of photos and just go, yeah, so what?
And it's admitted the Bushes go in there.
They're admitted members.
It's been all over the news.
And so, but, I mean, if you, again, sir, they will arrest you for trespassing, try to put you in prison.
So I'm not going to tell people to sneak in there, but it's a free country.
No, no, I mean, there's a list of names of the attendees.
That'd be kind of hard to walk up to each person and go, can I take a picture of you, please?
No, no, I mean, talking about, I see a list here from back in the 70s.
Oh, I understand, sir.
You're talking about photographing the attendees individually.
Yeah, yeah, just over the years.
Well, I'd have to announce it over the PA system, and say, well, George Bush, Sr., please, come down to Large Redwood by the Idol, and I'd like to photograph you.
No, no, I mean the published list, reprinting published lists over the years in the 70s and the 80s, who was there, in the 50s and the 60s, who was there.
Oh, and you mean just getting photos of them outside the Grove and putting them next to it?
Would that be a nice thing?
Somebody ought to do that.
Thanks for the call.
Somebody really should do that.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Thank you, Reggie.
Chris in Illinois.
Chris, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
When I get my resentment built up, I just think of, you know, believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.
He said our mansions are in heaven.
So, you know, when I resent all the work that I have to do, too, like you're doing.
But at any rate... Well, I don't resent it.
I mean, most people have fun doing this.
I really overdo it.
Yeah, I know.
But, you know, you get sometimes tired of it.
But at any rate...
I know I do.
I was going to ask you, are there any groups forming in Illinois to fight this freedom initiative?
A whole bunch of groups are fighting it.
I mean, it's wildly unpopular.
Yeah, right.
We know a couple of the board members here and so on.
And so, can I get on the web on your site or what and find out?
Well, yeah.
Do you know about search engines?
No, I'm not that great at them.
On the web.
Yeah, you're just going to need to get some computer skills, and you learn by using.
It's like anything else, so I really... But you think there are plenty on the web right now on these... Well, there's a whole bunch of... I mean, I've got a... literally an eight-page article here with a whole bunch of groups fighting it right in front of me from Online Journal.
From what...
I'm sorry, from what did you say?
Pardon me?
Well, it's on PrisonPlanet.com.
Oh, okay.
And the headline is, Teen Screen Sets Up Shop in Illinois.
Oh, okay.
And just wanted to comment real quickly.
Bolton, who, you know, why, and this is not a criticism, I'm just asking, why did the Gun Owners of America, of which I'm a member, endorse him?
I don't, I wasn't aware of that, but thanks for the call.
I'll try to comment after the break.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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The answer of the nice lady's question, Chris from Illinois, who just called...
WildestCults.com, headed up by Dr. John Breeding, has got tens of thousands of people to sign a petition and a statement.
We do not relinquish our rights over our children.
You have no authorization to psychologically test our children.
And he's got links to groups in Illinois that are fighting it, and I'm going to be getting him on to talk about it.
Also, AbleChild.org, but...
In this huge article out of an online journal, I mean, eight pages of tiny print, it gets into a bunch of groups that are fighting it.
But it's called Teen Screen, or T-MAP, that started in Texas.
And Teen Screen Customer Recruitment Scheme is, well, it's nothing more than
Well, here's the article.
Teen screen is an invention of the pharmacological industry and is nothing more than a customer recruitment scheme to help generate high-volume sales of costly psychiatric drugs by infiltrating the nation's public school system that will generate millions of new prescription drug customers.
More screened kids means more money.
For psychiatrists in the pharmacological industry, Vera Hastner, president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a parent advocacy group, told the Chicago Tribune.
So there's a parent advocacy group right there.
I mean, it's just full.
The British Medical Association is against it.
I mean, there's just so many people.
It's really Ron Paul.
Here's Ron Paul against it.
It is important to understand that powerful interests, namely federal bureaucrats and pharmacological lobbies, he's a medical doctor, by the way, are behind the push for mental health screening in schools.
The pharmacological industry is eager to sell psychotropic drugs to millions of new customers in American schools.
To Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, who happens to be a physician.
I mean, folks, this is a great article.
It's eight pages of tiny print.
And it's on prisonplanet.com right now.
I mean, I cannot read the entire eight pages.
There's so many groups fighting it.
Illinois has had polls in the Knight Ritter Chicago Tribune, and 94% are against it.
I mean, they just don't care, though.
They just say, yep, we're going to do it.
And they were talking about forcibly doing it.
Now they're saying, okay, parents, you can opt out.
Well, we can always opt out.
We don't need you to tell us we can opt out.
It's a privilege.
We will allow you to.
And then as soon as you agree to that, then they go, see, you didn't sign these forms, and you're still going to get a CPS visit now.
A few more articles, and then I'll go back to calls here.
Oh, there's so much.
It's just crazy.
This stack is really huge.
Having to arrange this stack here.
Nuclear attack chance 70% UPI and CNN.
I got both of these.
More than 80 arms experts have concluded the risk of attack with a nuclear weapon somewhere in the world is 70% in the next 10 years.
I agree.
The globalists, 99% chance they're going to do it.
Commissioned by the U.S.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, the survey said the most likely scenario would be a terrorist using a homemade device with nuclear materials from the black market.
The survey said the most significant risk of an attack was from dirty bombs, where radiation is dispersed by a conventional explosive device.
You mean like DU all over the planet, thousands of tons of it?
The experts also said that they expect one or two new countries will acquire nuclear weapons in the next five years.
Within two to five countries joining the nuclear club during the next ten years, CNN reported, so-called weapons of mass destruction are designed to kill a large number of people using either nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological means.
All right, here's the Larry Silverstein article.
This is from PrisonPlanet.com, the 22nd, today.
Building 7 Pullet comments, Silverstein responds, at least in a roundabout fashion,
For a year and a half since the website first gave traction to the story, the internet and talk radio has buzzed with speculation on what Larry Silverstein meant when he admitted on September 2002 PBS documentary America Rebuilds that he and the New York Fire Department decided to pull WTC7 on the day of the attack.
We have been resoluted pointing out that pull a building means to demolish it.
The very same PBS documentary features demolition experts using the same term, pull it, as they discuss controlled demolitions of buildings.
Watch the clip here.
Click there.
And the speculation around the issue has only increased with Silverstein's refusal to explain his comments.
Now, for the first time, we can reveal that Silverstein has responded to a question on the subject, but the answer will unfortunately only lead to more conjecture.
New York Post article 911 ad by Looney Tycoon sees government plot as an attempt to whitewash giant ads taken out in major newspapers by millionaire Jimmy Walters questioning the official story of 9-11.
We're good to go.
In a phone conversation with Thought Crime News, editor Simon Aranowitz Smith said that he didn't feel that the comment was strictly related to the scope of his article.
No, it's just about how Walters is running ads talking about how they destroyed it.
And so that's not in the scope, having Silver Team respond.
This is a Murdoch-owned newspaper.
One has to wonder whether the word came down from higher offices not to mention the bullet issue because of its sensitivity.
We found the clip in the computer of the head of engineering for WTC Complex.
And for some reason, we can't find the actual caption on my site.
We just have it in the computer.
And I hate playing this from another PBS documentary without even knowing his name.
It's pretty easy to find.
I don't know why we can't find it today.
It's just Murphy's Law.
But do you have that clip?
The clip we had earlier lined up with the chief engineer saying that it was designed to take large aircraft.
Ready to roll that?
Okay, here it is.
The building was designed to have a fully loaded aircraft.
707 crash into it.
That was the largest plane at the time.
I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door.
This intense grid.
And the jet plane is just a pencil.
All right.
Now, I just remembered myself.
That's why I sounded very frustrated.
I can't remember something that just drives me up the wall.
It's Frank Demartini.
So type in Alex Jones WTC7 Frank Demartini into a search engine and it'll probably take you to ten different links to my website.
We can actually see the video.
That's the audio from the video, so thanks for finding that, guys.
Frank Demartini.
I said Demartini earlier, but I wasn't sure.
It's Frank Demartini.
It's all in my film.
It's all in Martial Law.
But it continues here with the article.
You can go to personalplanet.com and read the rest of it.
But Ranowitz, who's given us a lot of good info in the past, directly talked to this reporter.
Doing a lot of good journalistic research out there on a whole host of important issues.
We're going to go ahead and go back to your calls.
Now, who is up next here?
All right.
Brian, Indiana.
Brian, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
I was just wondering, I'm getting ready to hand out more of your DVDs and make copies, and the biggest problem I have with people, a lot of people understand the main concepts in the agendas of the shadow government, but a lot of problems they have with is the actual articles
They're saying, well, if you're using these articles that you say are lying, but you're still using them to support your argument, I try to explain to them that, well, you have to look for the retractions and the bait and switch and things like that, but I just can't get it through to them.
What do you think I could explain to them that would help?
Well, I mean, these are the number one questions.
If this is true, why aren't you dead?
You say the mainstream media is controlled, but you source it and use it.
You know, these are the classic questions I get over and over again.
It's as if I'm in hell having to respond to the same question over and over again.
But it's really common sense.
But it's a complex... You could offer, you know, a whole college course on this.
In fact, they do on media.
There's different types of media.
Well, let's say there's an article where they come out in Missouri on a TV station and say, isn't it great to thumb scan to buy food?
These stores are putting them in.
Oh, it's so wonderful.
Well, I go, oh, look, they're putting this stuff in.
It's not a good idea.
Here's why.
And then I use a document that the reporter wasn't aware of or didn't choose to talk about.
And so there you have a reporter who isn't some evil agent.
They're just some local person doing a story about some new interesting technology.
So those biometric systems are going in.
There's different types of media.
The lion's share of reporters are good reporters.
But their story is regionalized or localized.
It never gets outside the city.
It never gets outside the region.
It's compartmentalized.
They'll have a report about police shoot young man in back, and then you never hear about it nationally.
Or nuclear spill, never hear about it nationally because it gets hushed up.
A local reporter will report that.
And then talk radio, alternative media, picks it up and we magnify it nationally.
That's really what we do is try to break the monopoly of the gatekeepers.
Remember the poor black man that got drugged to death four or five years ago in Jasper, Texas?
Here's an example.
Yeah, I remember that.
Well, on the next year anniversary, five black guys grabbed a white homeless man who they didn't even know from prison.
There had been a prison rivalry with the other guys.
And drug him to death.
And that was never talked about.
Well, it was in the Associated Press, but never hit the nightly news.
Most of your AP reporters are great people.
Most of your Reuters.
I've had Reuters folks say, Alex, the article I did was going to go up, and it got nixed from England.
No, you're not.
No, that's not coming out.
So then you have thousands of reporters who are CIA or who are on Department of Agriculture, Department of Labor payrolls, the Armstrong-Williams types.
You can always tell when it's their agenda.
I just think the war is just super, you know.
And, you know, oh, Iraq's really got aluminum tubes, you know.
They're going to get us.
You've got outright lies, and those are put out by a handful of people out of the tens of thousands of reporters, but they get on the nightly news.
They get pushed, you know, big time.
And then most of the other talk show hosts and reporters, their editors tell them, oh, that's what the big guys do.
They're the experts.
Let's regurgitate what they do, and that's how you move up.
Well, really, that's how you don't get noticed and don't move up.
So there's a bunch of different types of media.
There's spin, there's lies, there's just factual reporting.
I learn more from government bills and from industry press releases, where they only communicate with each other, but those press releases are on their websites, than you'll ever learn in the newspapers.
Where they're openly bragging, yes, everyone will have chips in their products.
We'll control them and sell their data.
Ha, ha, ha!
And they will submit to us.
You can go to the minutes of last year in Chicago, the big RFID conference.
So what they do is, Mayor Willie Brown wasn't part of 9-11.
He just got a call from Rice.
So he tells the press that day, it's horrible.
I was warned last night not to fly.
And then suddenly he won't comment on it.
You know, the Joint Chiefs, they were told, yes, we were told not to fly.
MSNBC, and then they shut up.
Or, you know, we go to the Pentagon, and they have to post their orders, and it says, they ordered, you know, that generals couldn't shoot planes down anymore.
That's a Pentagon order.
Or Barbara Bush slips up in her autobiography, Reflections, and she goes, my son Marvin such courage, he was running security at the World Trade Center, his last day of work was 9-11.
And he had so much courage, and then a couple big newspapers go pick it up and find out that, yes, it's true.
Yes, it's true.
He was running, see how that works, sir.
See how that works.
Yeah, I think a lot of the time people just want to, you know, we're trying to do a good job here, contrary to the mainstream media, and a lot of people just want to pick away at everything.
I've got to go quick here, because I've got to get to this martial law thing.
In a major city, and I've got to dig in the stack and find it.
I should have led with that today, but there's just so much.
Let's move quickly here.
Let's talk to Bill.
Bill, where are you calling from?
Oh, this is James.
Okay, James, wherever you're calling from, go ahead.
Okay, this is just a quick comment.
It's just a redundant thing, and I hate to waste your time with this, but that guy that called from A&M, he just needed to know.
I hope he's still listening.
There's three major points of evidence.
Stop talking right into your telephone.
Okay, there's three major points of evidence that indicate that the buildings were detonated.
And you've mentioned this many times, and that's the pictures of the plumes popping out of the side of the buildings, the fact that the buildings fell faster than gravity.
I mean, there's just... And also the fact that the concrete was pulverized to a crystalline form.
There's no way that a natural pancake collapse can do that.
I appreciate the call.
I've got my call list all screwed up.
Who's up next?
Oh, Will Trapper, Leo in Texas.
Leo, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering if you had any information on the 1967 collapse of the McCormick Place Exhibition Center in Chicago.
No, I'm not aware of it.
No modern steel building has ever collapsed from fire, and that's publicly admitted.
So I'd have to see specifics of what you're talking about.
Well, I'm referring to actually a building inspector.
I sent him the recent article from the professor at A&M, and he referred me to this article from the International Association of Electrical
Now, was this even a modern building?
What was this building?
Well, what it says in this report, it says the FEMA report further states that until the attack at the WTC, no protected steel frame buildings have been known to collapse as a result of fire.
The key word is protected.
In Chicago, Illinois, the McCormick Place Exhibition Center collapsed as a result of a fire in 1967, and this structure, the steel frame of the building, was unprotected.
Reference to McCormick Place is significant because it illustrates the fact that steel-framed buildings can collapse as a result of exposure to fire.
Okay, and that's why the Madrid building collapsed, burning for a day and a half, 100-foot white flames?
Well, I can't find any information on this.
So what is Larry Silverstein talking about when he says they pulled it?
I did find one picture.
The exhibition center is normally three stories, so I'm not getting what you're saying.
You'll have to call me back tomorrow because I've got to cover this martial law story.
Take a few more calls.
Curtis, where are you calling us from?
You don't know, huh?
All right.
Well, you know what?
We're done with calls.
We're done with calls.
That's it.
Just can't seem to get it in order here, so we just won't do it.
When we come back, I will hit on a few final news stories that are very important, dig through the stack, stuff I've missed, and talk about this martial law article that's bone-chilling.
And we'll end this transmission.
And if you want to call back in about that tomorrow, sir, you want to email me at jimsoninfowars.com, specifically whatever FEMA report.
You know, FEMA's given three different reasons buildings haven't collapsed now.
They never said they were wrong about the other reason.
A modern steel building has never collapsed from fire.
That's the official admissions.
So you can talk about some exhibition center because some report says that.
I want to see it.
We're good to go.
I think?
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Again, folks, I just get frustrated because a caller earlier brought up really good points about mainstream media, and I could talk for an hour about that.
And, you know, the different ways to decipher it.
And then I just loaded phones and just no time to go to people.
It's frustrating.
But, uh, because I want to cover these stories.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Richmond debates whether to declare a state of emergency.
Associated Press, stunned by a spat of unsolved slangs, the city debated into the morning Wednesday.
About whether to declare a state of emergency, a move that would lead to additional police patrols and surveillance cameras in troubled neighborhoods.
And they're basically saying in suspension of rights, Richmond's Public Safety Committee voted Monday to recommend that the nine-member city council declare a state of emergency in nine neighborhoods.
The council heard from scores of residents Tuesday night at the meeting that drew hundreds of people.
The council hadn't voted on the proposal as of early Wednesday morning.
Mayor Irma Anderson supported increased funding for police and more help from state, county, and federal law enforcement to help stem the violence, but was opposed to the measure.
Quote, a local declaration of emergency is used when you want to bring in the National Guard, impose curfews, and suspend constitutional rights, and do process procedures.
She said, I do not believe that any of these actions would resolve the crisis we currently face.
And it goes on to say that is what they're proposing.
Richmond has reported 17 killings in the city this year.
By the way, national crime is way down, compared to 36 slayings in 2004.
So right now, as of half the year, they're on track to have less killings.
And it's gang warfare.
That's what these gangs are doing.
Eight people have been killed in Richmond in the past two weeks, so now it's accelerated.
It's a gang war.
So do they declare martial law because Capone was killing people in Chicago?
Police say some of the violence this year has been caused by increased gang rivalry, see, and errant gunfire.
This madness has got to end!
To Reverend Andre Schumacher, who works at the North Richmond Missionary Baptist Church, you've got to understand, and as if people are being killed, we're tired of this carnage!
Well, then have the government stop shipping in the narcotics and stop letting your children watch gangster rap and stop letting your people turn into this.
They're talking about checkpoints, searching people, no freedoms, searching homes without warrants.
Anderson also pointed out that crime has fallen 6.7% since last fall and non-fatal shootings are down over the past decade.
The mayor is right.
But there is a perception that things are worse thanks to television.
Now, folks, they have a state of emergency in New Orleans.
They were federalized two years ago.
Four years ago in Detroit.
And it's bad, folks.
It's really bad.
Guantanamo contracts with Halliburton made during Cheney's tenure spawned secret detention camps worldwide.
That was set up before...
He even got elected, folks.
This is out of control.
Pastors face eight years in jail, charged with leading unregistered churches.
World Net Daily, a New Zbikistan pastor, facing up to eight years in prison.
Our government's buddy for leading an unregistered church is asking for prayers for fellow Christians in the West.
Notice our government took over the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
They're trying to arrest unregistered churches.
Where's the freedom?
You see what we're talking about here?
Just God bless you all.
We're facing tyranny, but people are waking up, and that's the good news.
And just God bless all of you that love freedom and love decency and are fighting.
I know all of this is scary and frustrating, but we've got to stand together.
We've got to keep moving forward.
We're having an effect, thanks to God, guiding us and leading us and directing us.
I'll see you next Monday, last showing of Martial Law at the Alamo Draft House on South Lamar at 8 p.m.
Get your tickets now online at InfoWars.com or there at Alamo Draft House early before it sells out.
Or call toll-free to get the new film.
It's my best work.
Please get it.
I want to thank those that have gotten it.
Best anti-New World Order video out there.
That's what the critics are saying.
888-253-3139 or get your copies now.
Big discounts at InfoWars.com or go to PrisonPlanet.tv and get a 15 Sunday membership and monthly and yearly subscriptions at PrisonPlanet.tv and watch it all right now.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order!
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.