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Air Date: June 10, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Friday the 10th of June, 2005.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
I'm trying to get the family on, the father on of the young lady down in Corpus Christi, 12 years old.
She doesn't want to be given radiation, quote, therapy.
The cancer is gone.
She doesn't have cancer anymore after chemo.
And she doesn't want it.
The family doesn't want it.
So they grabbed her.
They grabbed the other three children.
They had an Amber Alert over it when the family simply didn't come turn the child in.
And they've now gotten their other three children back just this morning.
I talked to both the mother and the father, and they're dealing with lawyers and all of it today.
But we are going to try to get the father on in the next hour.
And yes, we do have a surprise guest scheduled for 30 minutes from now.
One of those surprise guests.
And we'll see if that surprise guest does indeed arrive.
So much to talk about.
So much to cover.
In the meantime, the Army is again denying cover-up in the Pat Tillman case.
When their cover-up is now publicly admitted.
The House, of course, okayed continued participation in the sovereignty-destroying World Trade Organization.
There is a TV show that depicts 9-1-1 as Bush plot that aired on German television, and the Green Party coming to the aid of their...
Of their compatriot, their buddy Bush, is absolutely outraged by this.
How dare them talk about a fellow Trotskyite this way?
And finally, people are taking notice of a Reuters story from three weeks ago, where the CFR, basically advising the federal government, is calling for a total end of our borders.
The Pan-American Union, the Union of American States, the capital to be in Miami, or in Atlanta, they're looking at both places right now.
The average American still has no idea this is even going on.
But last night on Lou Dobbs, here is the transcript from last night's program.
Dobbs, border security is arguably the critical issue in the country's fight against radical Islamist terrorism.
But our borders remain porous, so porous that 3 million illegal aliens entered this country last year, nearly all of them from Mexico.
Now, incredibly, a panel sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations wants the United States to focus not on the defense of our own borders, but rather create what effectively would be a common border that includes Mexico and Canada.
And then they go into the report saying Canada, U.S., and Mexico would be, quote, one big country.
So, see, in Europe, they tell them, oh, it'll be one big country.
They're honest about it, and people say no.
Here, they just don't tell you about it until it's almost too late.
And I still hear Rush Limbaugh on the radio saying there's no such thing.
It's like when they were ramming the tanks into the Branch Davidian Church saying, this is not an assault, this is not an assault, as they pumped their CS gas in, banned by the Geneva Convention.
This is not an assault, this is not an assault.
So I'll go over more of this as our top story when we get back after this quick break and talk about the Council on Foreign Relations task force on the future of North America.
And, oh, there's a sheriff up in New Hampshire.
New track against illegal immigrants, trespassing charges, absolutely wonderful news.
Exactly what the sheriffs and police chiefs should be doing.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.net.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got several very important guests coming up, one of them a surprise guest, dealing with the public plan now to totally get rid of U.S.
sovereignty, now even exposed on Lou Dobbs last night on CNN.
But right now, I want to talk about this.
TV show depicts 9-1-1 as Bush plot.
This is out of the Washington Times today.
A fictional crime drama based on the premise that the Bush administration ordered the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington aired this week on German state television, prompting the Green Party chairman to call for an investigation.
I think absolutely nothing of the conspiracy theory that has been hawked in this series.
I hope this particular TV movie will be discussed very critically at the next supervisory board meeting of ARD State Television, said Green Party Chairman Reinhard Butkofer, who acknowledged that he had not seen the show.
And of course, the Greens are like watermelons.
Green on the outside, red on the inside.
A lot of well-meaning people are members of the Green Party, but I assure you it's globalist-controlled, folks.
The globalists put the money up to start this organization 30, 40 years ago.
So isn't it classic?
We've got a fellow traveler defending Bush, the Trotskyite.
And if you don't know about that, Ron Paul's exposed it, okay?
Everything you think is actually the opposite of what's really going on.
Sunday night's episode of Tatort, a popular murder mystery that has been running on state-run ARD German television for 35 years, revolved around a German woman and a man who was killed in her apartment.
According to the plot, which was seen by approximately 7 million Deutsch, the dead man had been trained to be one of the September 11th pilots, but was left behind only to be tracked down and killed by CIA or FBI assailants.
The woman, who says in the program that the September 11th attacks were investigated by the Bush...
A family for oil and power then is targeted, presumably, to silence her.
The drama concludes that the German detectives accepted the truth of her story as she eludes the U.S.
government, hit men, and escapes to safety in an unnamed Arab country.
As ludicrous as it may sound to most Americans, the tale has resonance in Germany where fantastic conspiracy theories are often taken as fact.
Many Germans think, for example, that in 1969, moon landing was faked, and a poll published in the weekly Gazette showed that 31% of Germans younger than 30, that there is a certain possibility that the U.S.
government ordered the attack on 9-11.
Yeah, and in that same poll, 60-plus percent believed they had prior knowledge and aided.
Only 31% believed in that certain age group that they were behind it.
In fact, three of the hijackers who seized control of commercial airliners on September 11th included the ringleader, Bahamut Atta, reportedly have ties to Hamburg, Germany-based Al-Qaeda cell.
ARD and ARD-produced television shows are funded by a monthly tax on German televisions, just like England has BBC tax.
Yeah, you pay a tax for your TV.
The network plays a role similar to the British Broadcasting Corporation.
And then it goes on.
And the show, which translates to crime scene, is a drama with a rotating cast of actors solving mysteries in weekly episodes set throughout Germany.
The U.S.
Embassy in Berlin was not impressed with the latest episode, which seemed to be haunting Arabic music to portray Arabs and Muslims as innocent victims of American aggression.
Any claim or suggestion that the United States government was behind 9-11 disaster is absolutely absurd and not worthy of further comment, said Robert A. Wood, spokesman for the embassy, a German diplomat.
Washington said that no one in Germany took the plot seriously because it was pure fiction.
All right.
Is that why your former German defense minister and former technology minister and another top minister have gone public saying there's no way that guys in a cave had NORAD stand down or called Mayor Willie Brown and told him not to fly and Salman Rushdie and John Ashcroft and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and insider CIA trading in the days leading up to it and the drills on 9-11 of flying hijacked jets with the exact same targets at the exact same time and Dick Cheney in control from the bunker?
Flying the bin Ladens out to safety after the attacks, flying 8,000 of them out to safety out of Afghanistan.
Hundreds of such smoking guns.
I mean, is that why I had George Galloway on two weeks ago, a member of Parliament in England, and I said, won't the government carry out attacks to blame it on Iran?
Isn't that the threat?
And he said, yes, it's a very real threat.
That's exactly what these monkeys are capable of doing.
We have the official U.S.
government plan, Operation Northwoods.
To carry out 9-11-style attacks!
They executed the fake attacks to start Vietnam, Gulf of Duncan.
They executed the attack on the USS Liberty.
That happened just a few... The anniversary was just a few days ago.
It's the same M.O.
over and over again.
And it's time for the American people to stop living in denial.
Oh, boy.
It just makes my blood boil.
But the good news is that it is gaining general acceptance.
And the more they have hit pieces on television and on radio and in print against those of us telling the truth, the more people wake up.
If they would have just kept their mouths shut and wouldn't have countered us, it wouldn't be spreading this fast.
They are actually energizing us.
Because thinking people check out the facts and find out that your official story has been proven to be an absolute fraud from end to end.
Up one side and down the other.
We know that.
You have lied systematically.
You have the motive.
You have the official plans.
And then all the evidence, not just the motive...
And the capacity, but all the evidence points one place and one place only.
And everybody listening, you know in your guts.
You know in your soul it's true.
But I don't want you to believe me.
I want you to know.
I want you to research the facts.
And that's why I've made three films on 9-11, written a book, and published a book.
That's why I have dedicated my life to exposing the murderers who carried out 9-11.
All right, let's get into some other news.
Back to lying again.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Army again denies cover-up in Tillman case.
The Army on Thursday issued a fresh denial that it attempted to cover up the friendly fire death of former pro football player Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.
The Army said procedural mistakes were to blame for its slow acknowledgement of the circumstances of Tillman's death.
They told the family to lie.
They told the family to shut up.
Oh, I guess now the family's bad.
I guess the fiction, the fable of Jessica Lynch telling her to lie, I guess that was an accident too.
We'll get more into this later.
But really the big news that I wanted to get into first here was on Lou Dobbs last night.
And this is the email by the listener.
I then linked through and indeed did watch clips of it and did indeed read the transcript, which is on Infowars.com right now.
It was reported on Lou Dobbs last night that the traitorous...
That the traitors to the United States are firmly coming out from under their positions.
Again, let me start over here.
This makes me so angry I'm having trouble reading it.
It was reported on Lou Dobbs last night that the traitors to the United States are finally coming out from their positions under the rocks.
The Council on Foreign Relations has published a report which articulates the plan to subvert the Constitution by dissolving our nation in favor of a constitutional government.
The media has kept a pretty tight lid on this treason until now.
The 1986 amnesty, NAFTA, CAFTA, have been stripping and stepping stones towards the dissolution of our national sovereignty.
Now, that's the listeners' comments.
Here's the transcript from Lou Dobbs last night.
Dobbs, border security is arguably the critical issue in this country's fight against radical Islamist terrorism.
But our borders remain porous, so porous that 3 million illegals are entering this country last year, nearly all of them from Mexico.
Now, incredibly, a panel sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations wants the United States to focus not on the defense of our own borders, but rather create what effectively would be a common border that includes Mexico and Canada.
Christine Romas has the report.
Begin video.
Christine Romoff, CNN correspondent, voiceover.
On Capitol Hill, testimony calling for Americans to start thinking like citizens of North America and treat the U.S., Mexico, Canada like one big country.
Testimony, Robert Pastner.
Task Force on North America for the CFR.
Quote, the best way to secure the United States today is not at our two borders with Mexico and Canada, but at the borders of North America as a whole.
Romas, that's the view in a report called Building a North American...
It envisions a common border around the U.S., Mexico, and Canada in just five years, a border pass for residents of the three countries, and a freer flow of goods and people.
Total legalization.
Total amnesty.
Task Force member Robert Pastor.
What we hope to accomplish by 2010, that's four and a half years, is a common external tariff, which will mean that all goods can move easily across the border.
We want a common security perimeter around all of North America, so as to ease the travel of people within North America.
Now, again, seven days after 9-11, on nightline, they had U.N.
General McKenzie say these exact words.
We're going to get rid of your borders, Pan American Union.
And the transcript goes on and gets even worse.
Buried in the 49 pages of recommendations from the task force, we must maintain respect for each other's sovereignty, but security experts say following Mexico and Canada into the U.S.
is a grave breach of that sovereignty.
And then it gets into the actual documents where it says there'll be no more sovereignty.
We'll be right back.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Continuing with this transcript from CNN, Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy.
It says, for homogenizing the United States and its sovereignty within the very different systems existing today in Canada and Mexico, especially considering Mexico's problems with drug trafficking, human smuggling, and poverty, critics say the country is just too far behind the U.S.
and Canada to be included in the so-called common community.
So see, now it's not debating getting rid of our sovereignty, it's, oh, is Mexico ready?
But the task force wants military and law enforcement cooperation between all three countries already happening.
Indeed, an exchange of personnel that bring Canadians and Mexicans into the Department of Homeland Security.
And it wants temporary migrant worker programs expanded with full mobility of labor between the three countries in the next five years.
Again, total legalization.
This is CNN, folks.
The idea here is to make North America more like the European Union.
Yet just this week, voters in two major countries and the European Union voted against upgrading.
Updating the European Constitution.
So clearly this is not the best week to be trying to sell that idea.
Dobbs, Americans must think that our political and academic elites have gone utterly mad at a time when three and a half years, approaching four years up to September 11th, we still don't have border security, and this group of elites is talking about now defending our borders, finally, but rather creating new ones.
It's astonishing.
The presenter continues by saying, the theory here is that we are stronger together, three countries in one, rather than alone.
Dobbs, well, it's a mind-boggling concept.
Christine Romas, thank you as always.
And then they go on to, I've got the report by the CFR here in front of me.
We've been talking about it for three weeks.
But it, look.
Total legalization of all illegals, no more borders, massive high-speed highways with transponders in all the vehicles, instantly bringing people across.
Building the NAFTA highway all the way down into Guatemala to then flood us with all of the other Latin Americans.
And folks, they're lucky if they make $1,000 a year in Latin America.
How are you going to compete against that?
You're not going to.
And they get into this article about the Mexican Zeta gangs killing cops and killing citizens.
What they don't mention is Las Zetas works for Bush.
They were trained by the U.S.
They're going after drug dealers who don't pay their cuts.
It's simple, folks.
We're going to become a third world country.
We're going to have a tiny elite ruling over us and no more middle class.
And they're racing ahead with this.
Now remember, for ten years I've been warning you about this Pan American Union.
And right now, in the next year, they're going to decide what the capital is going to be, Miami or Atlanta.
This is unbelievable.
And still, the so-called neocon media will not talk about it.
Bush is in full support of it.
The Democrats are in support of it.
The American people are not in support of it.
But they're not letting us vote on it, like the European Union is now having a chance to do.
They're just basically moving forward with the program.
I mean, look, it doesn't matter if the American people don't want open borders.
Bush just orders the Border Patrol to stand down.
Then he hands out all these federal funds to give out tattletale cards to elementary and junior high students and tell them how to tattle on their parents.
So our children are being trained to tattle on us, but at the same time, face-scanning cameras are going up everywhere, and toll road systems, but the border is going to be wide open.
And we're going to have Mexican troops on our side of the border.
By the way, they signed a deal three years ago to do this.
They've already had joint drills with Canadian and Mexican troops in the United States to, quote, deal with terrorists.
Those mainstream news articles are in Road to Tyranny and in the film after that, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
So they're openly doing this.
And it's been in the Canadian papers how U.S.
troops and U.S.
state police from even Texas are up in Canada running checkpoints searching their vehicles.
It's already going on.
No one asked you.
No one told you.
What, last year they had a thing on News 8 where they're merging the local police, making them national marshals, federal marshals, and then under treaty they are being turned into international police, but then at the same time police from Russia and Japan and Mexico are going to be able to come into our countries and arrest us under their laws?
Oh yes!
And it's just quietly being done.
It's a one-world government.
All right, we've got a special guest that's scheduled to come up within your calls.
And a lot of news as well.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas, blasting out across the nation on the AM and FM dial, simulcasting on Global Shortwave and the Internet.
Thank you for joining us.
In the last segment, I was reading part of the transcript from Lou Dobbs last night on CNN, on his money program, and...
Openly, the Council on Foreign Relations, one of their little think tank groups, a few weeks ago, Reuters reported on it, basically getting rid of our internal borders and creating this Pan-American or North American border.
And I saw U.N.
General McKenzie, a week after 9-11, say this on Nightline almost four years ago, and we've seen this in other policy reports recently,
So, we are honored to have Dr. Robert A. Pastor, Vice Chair of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America.
He is the President of International Affairs at the American University in DC.
Very busy man, so we're honored to have him.
Doctor, thanks for coming on with us.
It's my pleasure.
In a nutshell, tell us about the CEFR and about this independent task force and the recommendations you guys put out three weeks ago that are finally getting some attention.
Well, first, I'm a vice president of international affairs, not a president.
And secondly, the Council on Foreign Relations task force is an independent task force that was sponsored by the council of 31 people from each of the three countries of North America led by John Manley,
We do suggest, however, in a post-9-11 world,
We need to define and defend a continental North American security perimeter that will assure that all three countries are acting in ways that will reduce the chances of any terrorists from coming in.
We also propose a common external tariff that would reduce and eliminate rules of origin and make it easier for goods to be transit in this free trade area than before and allowing our inspectors to focus much more on security matters
And also on immigration matters, because there's no way we're going to be eliminating the border with Mexico with regard to immigration in any foreseeable future.
Well, your report that I have here in front of me, and I also have Lou Dobbs' analysis of it, clearly it's Bush's amnesty plan, his guest worker program, for six years.
Anybody who is here is legal.
Anybody who can get here is legal.
It allows corporations, if they're sponsoring someone with a skilled or unskilled job, to bring them here.
We already have deals with our military training with the Mexicans and the Canadians.
The Canadian newspapers have all been decrying this saying it's a loss of their sovereignty and I'm reading some sections of the proposal here in front of me and it looks like something very similar to the European Union.
Well, I don't think you're reading it very closely.
We do not endorse President Bush's proposal.
Indeed, as far as I can tell, he hasn't endorsed his own.
That is to say, there's no piece of legislation
Well, this is instant legalization of anybody who's here.
And Bush has proposed it.
He has called for it.
In two separate State of the Unions, he's endorsed other bills in Congress that do exactly this.
I don't think they've endorsed any bills yet, but you can let the Bush administration speak for themselves.
I certainly wouldn't care to speak on his behalf.
I think they are trying to square a circle, which is to deal with those 11 million people who are here illegally in a humanitarian fashion,
We're good to go.
I think?
More seamless.
And that's exactly what the new federally standardized driver's license bill, it has language in it about sharing databases, having a unified identifier.
They're trying to unify the biometric codes with Europe right now.
We're already seeing deals between Canada and the EU.
I mean, the trilateralists that I know work with the CFR have openly called for these three unions.
Three unions?
Which unions are you talking about?
The Asian Union, the European Union, and the American Union.
Oh, come on, doctor.
You know all about that.
I think you read a different body of material than I do.
Do you know what the Trilateral Commission is?
There's no question.
Are you a member of the Trilateral Commission?
No, I'm not.
Are you a member of the CFR?
Yes, I'm a member of the Council of Foreigners.
Well, certainly you know what the Trilateral Commission does.
Yeah, of course.
It's a research group of people.
It's not a conspiratorial body that's trying to eliminate your human dignity, if that's what you're worried about.
What is needed right now, however... Wow, who said that?
I think you protest too much, Doctor.
I think what is needed, and you understand this in Texas better than most people do, is a different kind of relationship with Mexico and with Canada than we've had in the past.
And that's what we're proposing.
That the old relationship is not working very well.
Well, here's a quote.
Building a North American community, that's how they started the European Union, is we're going to have the European Economic Community, and then they go, oh, by the way, it's a union, and they just rejected that.
No, they took it in steps over a 55-year period from greater cooperation in a European coal and steel community
To an economic community, which was a free trade area, from there to a customs union, from there to... They took it in each step.
Which is exactly what you guys are doing, but on a faster timetable.
You're talking about 2010.
Okay, then your ideal plan to make us all safe, Doctor, what would that be?
Well, first of all, we're not proposing imitating the European Union, although we are suggesting that there are lessons to be learned from the European Union that we would be foolish not to draw.
From five decades of trying to integrate in different countries.
What we propose, first of all, as I said before, is defining a common security perimeter.
Secondly, to move towards a common external tariff.
Thirdly, to think about a North American investment fund that would lift up the economy of Mexico and help transform Mexico by a series of reforms that are needed by there.
So that there would be less incentive to migrate to the United States and more incentive to build
Probably the fastest growing market for American goods.
Sir, sir, I'm here in Austin.
They're building the trans-American highway.
They're hiring everybody I know.
The thing's going to be, what, 15 lanes wide.
They're trying to pass laws to put transponders in all the cars.
They openly say everybody's going... And even Time Magazine admits that everyone will be legalized.
They'll just pour across en masse.
I mean, this is a total nightmare.
Well, you know, you can spend nightmares day and night, but I don't think any of those things are going to happen.
Well, we were told that NAFTA was going to stop all the illegals.
It's accelerated it.
Well, I didn't tell you that, and I never believed that it would.
I think that if you are going to deal with the immigration problem, you're going to have to deal... In the long term, there's only one way, and that's to narrow the development gap between Mexico and its northern neighbors.
And that's not being done right now.
And that was not the purpose of NAFTA.
NAFTA's purpose was simply to dismantle trade and investment barriers.
No, we were told... Al Gore and Bush and all of them told us that it was going to raise Mexico.
What it did do was it raised the northern part of Mexico.
They grew ten times faster than the south and the center.
And it acts as a giant magnet to suck everybody up here.
And so therefore the challenge, the next challenge, is how do you raise...
The rest of Mexico, and the way you do that is you help to develop, as Europe did and as we can learn from that, develop infrastructure in the center and the south so that people will stay and work there.
Well, Bush says, and I think your report agrees with most of his policy directives, he's over here saying we're not going to have any legal alien problem anymore.
Yeah, because this is just going to legalize them.
What is going to legalize them?
These so-called guest worker programs.
Well, I mean, I'm not sure any of the proposals that are out there are likely to be approved anytime soon, if at all.
I think they raise a lot of difficult issues.
I'm not sure where it's going to go.
Did you hear about Joseph Stiklitz quitting the World Bank three years ago?
A thousand plus pages of documents got released, and in there the IMF and World Bank are actually conspiring to blow out economies so they can consolidate their wealth.
And I read the other policy reports put out by these big foundations, and they say they're going to lower us
Boy, you really are a fearful guy.
I tell you, you read conspiracies into World Bank documents, you...
I mean, I can understand from listening to you why your listeners would be so frightened to death.
Well, Joseph Stiglitz said that.
Was he a conspiracy theorist?
Joseph Stiglitz never said that.
Joseph Stiglitz called it... You find me the quote.
You find me the quote in Joseph Stiglitz's books that says that we're going to be blowing out... The purpose of the World Bank and the IMF is to blow out their economy.
That's exactly why he quit, and he did say that.
You just find me the quote.
Give me the citation.
I'd love to see it.
Okay, so if I send you the quotes and his statements on the BBC and other places where he talked about how they engineered, on purpose, the collapse of Argentina, how they turned the water and power off to then cause... I'd love to see his name attached to what you just said.
He calls it the IMF riot.
Anyway, do you want to get back to North America, or do you want to just dance around the world and... You guys have been controlling... Okay, doctor, let me give you the answer.
You guys... You guys at the CFR have been controlling policy, and you've been running this country down the drain.
Everybody knows globalization is bad.
Everybody knows it's not fair, it's not free.
Everybody knows it's about centralizing power in the hands of a few select corporations.
You guys?
And I'm in charge of this one?
I'm running this thing?
I know that you are part of, obviously, the CFR camp that supports globalization that is destroying this country.
Well, the Council of Foreign Relations is like a university.
Have you ever gone to a university?
Yes, I know you're going to say it's a very diverse body of people, and there is a minority that's against a lot of this stuff.
What you find in a university, if you ever go to one...
Is that there are many people with many different ideas.
And to suggest that a university or a research institution or a group of individuals around the country have a single view of the world and that view is designed to undermine you and to undermine America is absolutely ridiculous.
Sir, I have the quotes out of Foreign Affairs.
Hundreds of them.
I read your bi-monthly publication.
It's not a fair statement.
I think global government is impractical.
And it's completely impossible.
Other than that, it's an interesting... Are you saying you never read quotes in Foreign Affairs calling for a New World Order global government?
I do read Foreign Affairs, not religiously, of course.
It comes out actually about six times a year.
And so I read a few articles.
I've written a few articles myself.
I suspect if I thought very hard, I might be able to identify one of...
300 articles that might suggest something along these lines.
Well, I read it every single month.
You do?
Oh, that's great.
Why don't you tell me, then, about the article that I wrote in it?
I'm specifically... Well, I mean, you're part of this commission calling for this common America...
Well, you can specifically sit there and say, tell me about the last... If you'd like, I can actually... Why don't you tell me in the last issue, which of... How many articles were there?
Why don't you tell me how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
I'm looking... Okay, so you're not taking credit for this new report you put out calling for getting rid of our borders?
I do.
I guess Lou Dobbs is a conspiracy theorist.
Hey, Lou Dobbs sounds like me in this article.
Are you saying Lou Dobbs is a nutcase, too?
I'll leave it to you to describe Lou Dobbs.
I didn't see it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
But for the commission, to get back to your previous question,
The task force, I was vice chair, I think it's a very good report.
I've endorsed it.
I made a slight suggestion at the end.
We never call for an elimination of borders in that report.
You find me where we call for the elimination of borders in that report.
Well, I mean, it says speeding people and goods across, and then I've looked at the plans the government's proposing.
It's legalizing them.
You call for merging basically our militaries.
We don't call for legalizing people.
We don't call for merging our IDs.
We don't call for the end of borders among the countries.
You find it in there where it does.
I think you read what you want into things, but you just find the quote in there that says that we should eliminate the borders.
Well, clearly... What we do say in there is that we should respect the sovereignty...
No, you've got a little... I've got the quote here.
You've got one little comment in here.
Let me read the one little comment.
Buried in 49 pages of recommendations from the task force, the brief mention, we must maintain respect for each other's sovereignty, but security experts say folding Mexico and Canada into the U.S.
is a grave breach of sovereignty.
That's Lou Dobbs.
And then I have the report right here.
Well, he has a problem with comprehension, as you do as well.
We never suggested.
Folding in Mexico and Canada into the United States.
First of all, I don't know what that means.
Do you know they just passed the national ID card two months ago and in it, it says merging our ID cards with their systems?
What do you think that is?
It says trying to, it's the real ID, not the national ID.
I love how you play some manacle games.
It's not semantic.
What it calls for is trying to harmonize state driver's licenses, not between Canada and Mexico, but between the 50 states.
Yes, that language is in there.
But between the 50 states.
I've had four congressmen on about this.
We've read the bill on the air, sir.
It merges us with Canada and Mexico.
The Canadians, the Globe and Mail, CBC, they're pulling their hair out, panicking over it.
You're saying it doesn't exist.
This is unbelievable.
It's like Bush saying, my plan is not amnesty.
It just legalizes everybody.
Is that your plan you're talking about?
I don't know.
Okay, listen.
Let me tell you something.
Whose plan are you talking about?
You have a sardonic attitude towards myself and the listeners.
You think you can play these games with us.
Not to your listeners, but to you.
Mr. Pastor, you are going to lose.
The New World Order is going down.
The new world order is going down.
You are going to fail.
You're going to fail in Iraq.
You're going to fail worldwide.
I hate to tell you I'm not in Iraq.
I've enjoyed talking with you, and I hope your listeners have learned something.
I hope they have learned something, because these little semantical games you play, it's not working.
Hey, Doc, you have a great day there in your ivory tower.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate medium.
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Did you hear that, guys?
Bush isn't proposing amnesty.
It's just a worker program.
Oh, there's no national ID card.
It's called a real ID act.
Oh no, it doesn't deal with Canada and Mexico.
No, it's just in the bill.
We're only merging our social security with them.
They're only building the gigantic mega highway right now outside Austin.
Just east of Austin.
You ought to see it.
It's like they're building a... I mean, it's just indescribably huge.
They're building the thing.
They're openly saying it.
And they just keep denying, no, it doesn't exist.
No, it's not happening.
Oh, the Foreign Affairs, you know, doesn't call for that.
Well, mention one place where I say that.
Well, I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about your organization.
I know we haven't taken calls yet because we had that guest on, Jeff and Tom and Mike and Paul and many others.
I'm going to try to get the father of the 12-year-old girl with cancer taken from her parents, the other three children taken as well.
In fact, call that number or call my producer and find out, because sometime in this next hour, he's scheduled to come on, but we're not sure exactly when, because he's busy with lawyers and all of that.
Before I go to your calls, my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State, is out.
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They can answer all your questions there when you call as well.
Or just write to me.
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Watch it all right now.
Jeff in mass.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, you should run for president because you did a great job at debating that guest.
Yes, indeed.
I didn't do that good of a job.
I mean, having the guy just deny that the sun came up this morning was pretty weird.
Oh, yes.
No, you're absolutely right.
And you're right.
All that the guy was doing was playing somatical games because you know what?
A North American block is a North American block.
That means there's going to be no borders.
In fact, I have a good book... Their old plan says it!
Lou Dobbs said it!
A two-year-old could read this!
Yes, I have a good book by James Perloff, The Shales of Power, and it quotes all the articles from foreign affairs.
That guy you interviewed, he is an intellectual wonk.
Because the fact of the matter is, in the foreign affairs, Gardner says we shall have
The New World Order by consent or by conquest.
I think it was Garner who said that.
Sir, in my book, Descent into Tyranny, I've probably got 15 CFR quotes in the first couple pages.
I mean, listen, I actually take the magazine, the book.
It's a book.
Every two months, I read the thing.
And that's just their public propaganda.
You read their actual policy reports, it's even worse.
You're absolutely right about that.
Oh, yes.
And the sad part is a lot of Americans...
Don't even know about it, and they don't know the effects that illegal immigration is going to have, which is extreme poverty.
I mean, in Cuba, the poor people in Cuba only get six days a month.
Oh, aren't you afraid?
Did you hear him?
Oh, aren't you afraid?
You're right.
We're not afraid.
You're just afraid.
Oh, aren't you afraid?
It's all ad hoc homonym attacks on you.
Well, we're going to defeat these arrogant...
Arrogant creatures.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we just had a CFR member on for the last hour.
Robert A. Pastor, Vice Chair of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America.
He's the Vice President of International Affairs at the American University in D.C.
And we have this guy on, and, you know, so we'll legalize all the illegal aliens, but that's not legalizing them, and we'll have a common block country.
But that's not an American Union, and
We're just calling for a new capital.
Everything's fine.
I mean, in your face.
I got a bunch of other news here about this 12-year-old girl with cancer taken from her parents, and just a bunch of other news.
But let's get some more of your great calls out of the way here.
Tom in Idaho.
Go ahead, Tom.
Okay, Alex.
I have a comment, and then I'd like your opinion on something.
From what I have heard and read from what I consider reliable sources, including your show, the substance depleted uranium used by the US military in Iraq is a horrific substance.
The people in Iraq, including our troops, are developing devastating health problems and are dying as a result of depleted uranium.
I think this issue could be a unifying issue
I think liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, anyone with a conscience could relate to this issue.
Perhaps we could get President Bush impeached with this issue.
What do you think?
Well, the Democrats have a lot to lose too because they used it in Serbia.
They've used it in ten locations here in the U.S.
at Proving Grounds, and there's no debating it.
The Army's own handbooks, their own reports on it, say it's deadly poison, just the heavy metal effects alone, then the cumulative radiological effects as well.
We do talk a lot about it.
But the media just ignores it, and then neocons say you're an evil liberal if you talk about it, and actually say that it's good for you, it's not bad for you.
And the media also says mercury's good for our children.
I mean, it's just...
I guess shooting yourself five times in the head is good.
Jumping off a 10,000 foot, you know, building, I guess, is good.
Sticking your hand in a meat grinder must be good.
But, no, I mean, it is an important issue because you can't debate it.
You can't ignore it.
It's a deadly poison.
It's bad for our troops.
Very bad, and they're still using it.
Well, I think everybody should call their congressman and try to have Bush impeached.
Well, the New York...
The New York Daily News and others have done the blood tests on the troops, and they have upwards of two rims of radiation in them.
But then totally mindless idiots will call into this show and say, I'm evil.
No, DU is good for you.
How dare I say it's bad for you?
How dare I have Dr. Rocky and others on?
Well, they're listening to the propaganda of the controlled media.
That's why.
But the controlled media doesn't even say it's good for you.
They just ignore it.
Thanks for the call.
But, you know, let's talk to Mike in Idaho, or Mick in Idaho.
Go ahead, Mick, another caller in Idaho.
Hey, how you doing, Al?
Hey, at least we're going to be safe because the police are forming special gun squads.
I told you about that last week.
But what I didn't get through was they're going to use federal law to enforce these special squads.
For the gun squad to, you know, protect us out.
Yeah, they just built a new, a giant new BATF headquarters.
The biggest federal building in D.C.
And the federal funds are flowing to have gun raids on people's houses and look for guns and gun billboards, anti-gun billboards and checkpoints and everything else.
Never mind they can't do anything about the illegals because that's federal.
At the same time, they want to use federal laws to go after the guns.
I mean, the local police... And there's a...
Up in here in Idaho, there's a little town that wants to go after sex crimes on the internet, and they're going to use federal laws there, but they can't do anything about the illegals.
It all federalizes.
That's right.
They can't do anything about the illegals because that's federal.
It's just like any political government, I guess.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
I've got another article here about a police chief who is doing the right thing.
Good points.
So that's coming up.
After this quick break and a lot of your calls, straight ahead, so stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The Washington Post today reports new tack against illegal immigrants trespassing charges.
The police chief of this tiny, whitewashed New England town has crafted his own border control policy.
He has charged illegal immigrants from Mexico with trespassing in New Hampshire.
The novel legal strategy has made a minor celebrity of W. Garrett Chamberlain, the 36-year-old police chief, hops to his feet and deposits a pile of letters on his desk from Alaskans and Californians, Border Patrol agents, and soldiers in Iraq, all applauding his initiative.
Fox News communications have called to seeking his views on national immigration policy.
Chamberlain, who has served as chief for three years, described his actions as born of frustration with the federal government.
His officers have discovered illegal immigrants several times, but immigration agents declined to obtain them.
I was just saying, wait a minute, we're on hyphened alert, and it's post-9-11, and I'm going to let an illegal immigrant, who I don't know from Adam, just walk away?
That includes when they commit crimes, Chamberlain said.
That's ridiculous.
If I find you are in my county illegally, I'm not going to worry about political correctness.
I will detain you.
So another shot is fired in the often-tested debate over U.S.
immigration policy and border security, a battle fraught with political and ethnic anxieties.
Already, another police chief, Richard E. Gendron, in nearby Hudson, New Hampshire, has followed suit.
A few days ago, Gendron brought trespassing charges against two illegal immigrants from Mexico after his officers stopped a van with a broken headlight.
Several police chiefs in New Hampshire have suggested that they might pursue such tactics in the future.
For now, however, the eyes are trained on New Esperich, a town of 4,200 people set in the Green Hills just north of Massachusetts' border.
The Mexican immigrant, Jose Mora Ramirez, faces trial in the trespassing charges in July, and the two Mexicans arrested in Hudson will be tried later this month.
The Mexican consulate has hired an attorney for Ramirez, fearing that a court may uphold a trespassing charge, and so set a national precedent.
The Mexican government is understandably worried that this could become the charge du jour across the country.
Folks, understand, they have automobile accidents, they rob people, they rape, they kill, and they will, it was in the Houston Chronicle last year, 400,000 felon illegals.
Ordered released out of jails because the feds won't take them.
You actually are a first class super citizen if you're an illegal alien from Russia or Mexico or wherever.
We're always talking about Mexico because that's the majority here.
They got this Canadian with a bloody chainsaw and bloody hatchet foaming at the mouth and they just let him across the border and then find all the dead bodies.
He's a white guy.
Now we're against white people.
Don't tell us to take a wire up our nose and have cameras aimed at our faces and everything we do being tracked, our lives being chronicled.
Meanwhile, if you're an illegal alien, you got carte blanche.
It's a joke!
They want to merge this country.
They've ordered the Border Patrol to stand down, and that's what they're doing.
They're killing this country!
And I'm sick of it!
Bunch of slimeballs at the CFR think it's funny, destroying America.
We're going to stop these traitors!
And I'm telling you, it's time to do something about this.
It's time to take action and get sheriffs elected that will enforce the law.
That's why 25% of the country has already gotten rid of their sheriffs.
The cities that are totally unlawful and totally crackerjack police forces go and take over the sheriff's departments.
Why do we put up with this?
It's time to put our people in.
It's part of the globalist plan to shut down our wages, to bring in a police state, and we've got to stop it.
Paul in New York.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yes, go ahead.
I just had two points I wanted to mention, and also something separately at the end.
Go ahead.
Okay, make your points.
First one is, today, the House Judiciary Committee, did you watch that with Fenton Brenner when he just outright stopped the debate, walked off while the representatives were...
For those that don't know, Simpson-Brenner wants a Nazi-Stasi bill where if you don't tattle on all your neighbors, even for suspicion of drugs, you get multi-years in prison and a million-dollar fine.
What is that sack of maggots doing now?
Well, he basically just closed the session with the objection of the representatives on Democratic side not getting any chance to respond.
So because somebody objected, he threw a fit and stomped off?
He threw a fit while they were speaking.
I have the video.
It was on C-Stream, too.
Well, cue that sucker up!
Let's hear it!
It's actually a video clip.
I don't have it set up on the phone right now, but I can get you a copy of it, which is wonderful.
But separately, I also wanted you to make a connection, not make a connection, but elaborate on the Giuliani in Mexico City, a security company, have been paid millions to run security for their
How convenient is that now that we're trying to get a cap established?
That would be an automatic tie of security.
Well, yeah, we had a bunch of weasels attack the hen house, and so we've now put the chief weasel in charge, and that's Giuliani's payoff as he runs around running security systems.
And that's in my new film, Exposing Giuliani.
And, I mean, here they are.
Lou Dobbs even admits it.
It's in the document.
Pan-American Union, no more borders, merging our troops with Mexico and Canada.
The Canadians are freaking out over it, but the average American's drooling in the corner going, huh, there's no such thing.
It's happening.
Did you hear that guy last hour?
Did you hear that CFR guy I had on last hour?
I did.
I heard about the last 20 minutes, and actually I wanted to have some of his old articles, because I actually have a subscription as well.
And what I love is that when it comes down to talking about an issue, intelligently what they do is start throwing words at you.
Well, that's right.
They've got to hide the full scope of what they're doing, and every time they stick their heads up, they get them whacked off.
How nice was it to see him say that about the CFR when you asked him if he's a member, and the comment he made.
Again, basically, let's give up their interpretation of what they are by asking them the question.
Paul, let me ask you a question about Sensenbrenner.
So, they're about to have a hearing about his new bill to turn us all into Stasi.
Oh, we busted your neighbor with some marijuana.
We got proof you knew.
You're going to jail for five years.
How's that sound?
But let's, and again, it's all federally controlled, but I mean, let's go back to what Sensenbrenner, what did Sensenbrenner do?
This is the Patriot Act that we're trying to discuss.
The Patriot Act.
The Patriot Act earlier today, hence the House Judiciary Committee.
And James Rodway was there.
There were some other representatives from international human rights groups.
And basically he goes to speak about the issues, the human rights issues that are attached to the revisions of the sunset clauses right now with Patriot Act 2.
Alright, thanks for the call.
I appreciate that.
Please send me that video.
Yeah, every...
It's a conspiracy why the Patriot Act's nothing but good.
I'd love to march in there and show where they're using the Patriot Act against topless bars, pot dealers, Rubik's Cube sellers, you name it.
I mean, they're using it against one of their own people that was ordered to torture, tortured somebody to death, and they go, well, you don't get due process, and you can't have lawyers, and you can't have bond, and you can't face your accusers, and we're keeping the testimony secret under the Patriot Act.
They're using it against their own henchmen!
Let's talk to Skunk in Missouri.
Go ahead, Skunk.
How you doing?
First, I want to jump off with just a quick point.
This CFR guy that you had on earlier, he's just so ignorant.
He is not going to figure it out until he's driving down the road with his family, and boom, there's machine guns and checkpoints.
He's a lost cause.
People like that are lost causes.
Secondly, if...
A lot of people don't believe that an infrastructure is being set up.
When I keep telling people, you know, there is going to be something coming down.
The freedoms we know are going to be gone.
And most of the time people will say, well, how are they going to do it?
All the military is abroad and they don't have the police.
It doesn't matter.
We will have foreign troops on the streets.
The cameras, the electronic brain... Sir, I don't care how crazy that sounds.
I have AP.
I have Reuters.
I have the Pentagon's own statements.
I've interviewed the generals and the colonels who've been in the meetings.
They are going to use Mexican troops all over the United States.
It is openly in the plan.
I mean, what people need to realize is it's not, oh, if it happens or it's going to happen, it's happening.
People need to stand up.
They need to put their foot down in fight.
Sir, I've been at the drills where German, Dutch, British, Australian troops are openly training to put us in camps.
Yeah, I just got to give a plug to your video, Please Stay Three to Take Over.
I actually had a viewing of this last night, and I had about a dozen people, you know, not a lot, but a dozen is more than none.
And out of the dozen, two of them sat there and kept, you know, reiterating, oh, this is bull, this is staged, and...
And it's just they didn't want to see it.
You know, a blind person that can't physically see yearns to get a glimpse at anything.
People that have a blind mind's eye, they're lost causes.
I mean, there's nothing that anybody can do for them.
I mean, they're going to be the ones with the chain around their neck pushing the rock down the hill with a master with a whip.
But you're saying that eight or ten of the people did wake up.
They were asking me questions.
They were looking at it.
I gave them... I printed up a bunch of cards that had your websites on them.
I printed up... put my number on it if they wanted any more information, if they wanted to borrow any videos off me.
If I had a DVD burner, I would be burning them by the gross.
I mean... So, I mean, did you challenge the two people that thought it was made up and say, well, just prove some of this?
I mean...
I did.
And the only thing that they could say is when they were looking at a lot of the video coverage and the video clips from Seattle, from the Northern California Marine Operation, they were saying, oh, well, that's not real.
That's not real.
That's something out of a movie.
I think I might have seen that before.
No, I know.
I have been accused of hiring helicopters and the Coronado aircraft carrier.
No, I'm not.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Folks, I mean, there was actually a news article written about three years ago accusing me.
I mean, I hired battleships.
I hired helicopters, thousands of troops.
It's not real, folks.
I hired them.
And I'm an Easter Bunny.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's 1-800-516-8736.
It's absolutely free.
Operators are standing by to assist you.
Yeah, in Police State 2000, we show some of that video again in
Just call right now.
Police state three total enslavement.
We have video from all over the country.
From Maryland and North Carolina and Alabama and Central Texas and South Texas.
But the most horrible video, the most incriminating is at Operation Urban Warrior in 1999 in Central California.
They're just north of San Francisco.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they've got role players that are hired to do all of this.
The people that are denying this can just type Urban Warrior 1999 in and they'll get Marine Corps websites with photos of the people I interviewed.
And then they can see Urban Warrior 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
They just had 2005 up in Maryland.
And they did live fire checkpoints.
They even arrest citizens now.
In 99, it was just drills.
Now they actually set up checkpoints.
So, some of the people you had at your house watching the video, they said that I actually staged this?
Yes, they were leaning towards the opinion that, you know, it isn't real, that their general clips, you know, bought and then, you know, cut into your video, that it was just for theatrical purposes.
And I tried to reiterate and explain them.
I pointed them to my laptop.
Hey, look, there's my laptop right there.
I said,
Go on there, check out everything that you're in question about right now.
I want to change your attitude, but you know, it's like some people, it's just like when I was a kid, I got hit with an axe in the knee, and I didn't feel a thing.
That's because trauma set in to protect me.
A lot of these people, I think it's almost a mental trauma where they see it, they get so overwhelmed by it, but their brain instantly kicks in and says, well, it isn't real, don't worry about it.
And that is the complete wrong attitude to have.
People honestly
The other ten people that were in here were looking and they were like, you know, it's crazy.
Look, that's not, you know, that's not fake.
This is the actual military sitting here.
You know, this isn't Hollywood.
And then, you know, the only two people, one of them left before the end, and the other one left, like, right at the end of it, and then left and walked out, and then everybody else kind of hung out for a while and chatted.
You know, we had some drinks afterwards and whatnot.
Well, the budget on that video was about $10,000.
I mean, do they think I can hire twin-prop helicopters and Cobra and Apache gunships and have giant hovercraft coming off of the Coronado?
As well as thousands of extras.
I mean, it's just, it's pathetic when, you know, it's like you have to pick and choose your battles of who you want to conquer.
I mean, we have a giant ship in the harbor with huge harbor craft coming off.
And then I walk over and interview the troops.
And exactly, you know, I... And they think I just shut down Oakland Highways and... Absolutely.
And I mean, like I said, you've got to pick and choose your battles.
You know, there's people out there that, you know...
They don't know, and they're skeptical, but they're willing to hear about it to make their own opinion.
And then there's other people that are just completely shut down.
It's like the guy... Look, the media isn't stupid.
No, I know.
When they run newscasts saying Mercury's good for your children, they must know there's a crowd out there that will believe anything.
Or when, you know, somebody calls in and says, I'm a liar, DU isn't bad for you.
You know, it's like, here, here's a bowl of sugar-coated asbestos.
You know, people just don't...
Don't want to see.
And it's really sad.
It's not even sugar-coated.
They just go, this is as best as it's tasting.
Yeah, and it's tough because people don't realize that, you know, the war is already underway.
People, you know, sitting there going, well, you know, if this was going this way... When's it coming?
When's it coming?
I mean, it's coming every day.
Look at what they're doing to our society.
And not even that.
It's here.
Why do you think when you get a speeding ticket in... You know, I'm from Massachusetts.
I got a speeding ticket in Georgia...
Yeah, sure, no.
Yeah, and...
If people don't want to believe it, I mean, it's really sad.
Because there's so many good people out there that do nothing.
Well, they're going to pass laws now where if we don't tattle on our neighbors, we go to prison.
All over the country, they're paying the kids to, quote, report on their parents.
And the problem is, parents even have to teach their kids.
From, you know, my daughter.
I have two daughters, two and a half and six months.
I'm already teaching my daughter the family values, that what is said in the house stays in the house, that the family is the first thing.
And that's the problem.
Parents out there don't really care about their kids.
They don't invest the time.
Well, I mean, number one, in America and throughout world history, the first thing you teach your children is the family comes first.
You never go against your family.
No matter what.
You know, it's us against the rest of the world.
Now they teach them the opposite, and parents mindlessly trash the government, do whatever they say.
They park them in front of a TV and then let the system raise them.
I mean, it's just that.
All right, Alex, have a good weekend.
All right, thank you, skunk.
Alright, a bunch of other callers coming up.
Bunch of news and another guest as well.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're supposed to be frothing mad about all of this happening.
But we've been basting and marinating an evil so long, many of us can't even recognize it when it's two inches from our face.
Twelve-year-old with cancer taken from her parents, little Miss Wernicke.
Folks don't want radiation treatment, but State claims it's the best option for girls.
A state couple is fighting to regain custody of their 12-year-old cancer-stricken daughter out of the state sees the girl claiming her parents have not done enough to treat her.
And they also sees the other three children.
A judge has postponed until tomorrow a ruling on whether or not doctors can treat Katie Wernicke against her parents' wishes.
KPR, CTV, and Houston reported.
And by the way, she's the one that doesn't want it.
Katie's parents, Michelle and Edward Warnicke, of Aquedules, Texas, say their daughter's Hodgkin's disease is in remission and she doesn't need radiation treatment after undergoing a round of chemotherapy.
Mr. Warnicke is worried that the more treatment will have harmful long-term effects on his daughter and wants an option for doctors outside Driscoll Christian Hospital in Corpus Christi.
But the Texas Child Protective Services believes the recommendations of doctors at the hospital should overrule the parents.
Robert Rossetti, Program Director over Investigations at the CPS County Office, claims the parents are being medically neglectful.
They want to pass a law to make you take vaccines and claim that.
Because mercury is nutritious, remember.
But we have the news.
It's good for you.
We're kooks and we're against it.
Speaking this morning on NBC's Today Show, Michael Wernicke said her daughter's issues is unique and should be treated as such.
I think they should treat her for what her body calls for and not standard protocol.
Nobody will look at that, she said.
Not every cancer is the same.
Nobody understands that.
Her body is not standard.
Her cancer is not standard.
Well, adults all the time say they don't want radiation treatment.
Why would the child?
They're setting that precedent.
The Wernicke's, members of the Church of God, have said they oppose blood transfusions unless they are from Kate's mother.
Well, the government openly sells HIV and hepatitis blood.
I mean, I wouldn't take it because of that.
But she is not a match, according to doctors.
Their attorney, Daniel Horn, however, said religion isn't an issue.
He says his clients don't believe doctors haven't been up front about Kate's care and have not answered all their questions about radiation side effects.
The issue is about parental rights, not about religious rights, Horn said.
They just want to be informed of their treatment.
That's what this is involved in.
Last week, the state issued an AMBER alert.
Oh, boy.
That led to the seizure of Kate, who has undergone tests at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
Boy, that's a guinea pig facility.
My dad worked in that.
The couple's three sons were also taken and are in a foster home.
Oh, yeah.
Got to take them, too.
Michael Warnicke was arrested on charges of interfering with child custody and was released Monday after posting a $50,000 bond.
According to KPRC-TV, Juvenile Court Judge Carl Lewis said in a hearing Wednesday he would wait until Friday to make the decision on the radiation treatment after receiving more information from doctors.
They're fighting for their daughter's life right now.
And I have the local Corpus Christi, that's the nearest big town, news reports.
She does not have cancer anymore.
She's in remission.
These greedy, bloodthirsty doctors want more money.
They want to be able to zap her with that radiation.
Oh, boy.
So, really sad.
But why grab the other three children?
They say that the father, just when they said turn the girl in, didn't.
So they put out an Amber Alert for hysteria, now again for parents.
Now they're evil.
And then they swooped in and grabbed all the children and charged the father.
And I've seen cases with families that don't know their rights where they refuse to vaccinate where they take the children.
I've seen cases where an eight-year-old girl complains because she's made to go to school, made to go to church class on Sundays, and so they seize the girl and give her to a lesbian family who then pimps her out.
At age 12, she was seen escaping in chains down the street.
The family got the daughter back.
The judge ordered the family to get the daughter back, and the lesbians beat the family up on the steps because the police were their buddies and loaded the girl in the car for a public kidnapping, and nothing was ever done.
You think I'm joking?
That's a real story.
So, that's the kind of stuff that's going on in this country and around the world.
And we're scheduled to have Mr. Wernicke on in ten minutes.
He's literally fighting for his life outside bars and the family's future.
Let's go quickly to calls right now.
Let's go ahead and who's up next here?
Rita in Illinois.
Go ahead, Rita.
Good afternoon, Alex.
You didn't get to go with that guy, but he cheated.
Oh, the CFR guy.
Your CFR guy.
We're getting rid of the borders, but we're not getting rid of the borders.
And we have a national ID card, but it's not really a national ID card because it's a real ID.
You know what?
When he came back on you, you should have just rephrased the question.
How does that not mean, you know what I mean, that it's not one thing?
You're going to have one government, but it's still going to be different governments.
Well, the thing is, Chris got you the other day.
I heard that Chris, he called in, and he just kept saying, oh, I've read all your stuff, and I agree with most, a lot of it, but, and then you didn't ask him, what did you read?
And he would have been lost, and this guy did it to you.
But now he said that he read your stuff so many times, this Chris guy.
You only mentioned it once.
Well, what I said was, I said, I've read a lot of CFR,
That's what you should have done to Chris.
He wouldn't have had answers.
I'm talking about the CFR.
I mean, he showed us who he was.
Well, the thing is, now, you know, if you could get people to laugh, first of all, if you want to change people's minds, get them to laugh a little bit, because what you do, you know, I don't want to say hi, but you raise the endorphin levels, if you get them laughing, I can get people laughing at the New World Order.
I've been working on that.
Yeah, there are these social climbers that do whatever the establishment says to get power and control.
And they've always been with us, and this guy does what he does so he can have his highfalutin position as the head of a university.
Well, see, you're a didactic and he's a dialectic.
You came at him because you don't often get a chance to talk to a CFR.
He gets this little media stuff all the time.
So he projected his reality upon you, of you, on you.
And because he used dirty tricks, and you did get him a couple of times, but the thing is, he used his dirty little dialectic tricks.
But to fight with the dialectics, okay, so he says he embraces diverse thoughts.
I'm telling people now, you know what?
If my water filter embraced diversity, I would have doggy doo, I would have dead flies, I would have sticks and oil slicks in my water.
And they laugh at that.
And then the next thing, after the embracing the diversity thing, I always like to tell them that, you know, one of the other things is that in Africa the old saying is that, you know, when the wolves own all the newspapers, all sheep will become criminals.
And contrary to Oprah's polls, you know, that the wolves and sheep cannot live and coexist, you know, on an equal playing field and embrace each other.
You know, no matter how many times the wolves tell you that they can do that.
But you could take this guy.
He was a punk.
As a news group talk, what you want to get is people to, you want to make himself implode.
I could get him.
In the news group game, when you're fighting with somebody, if you could get them to go to capital letters first, they lost because they shouted at you because you get them to this point where it does not compute.
It does not compute.
Well, I frankly don't spend all my time arguing with people.
I brought him on to show you what they're all about.
Thanks for the call, Rita.
David in Illinois.
David, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I thought Rita did a good job there.
She's talking about the science of communications and she...
I agree with what she said.
He accused you of being fearful and your audience of being fearful and instilling fear in your audience.
When, in truth, that's exactly their modus operandi.
Yeah, we've got to have this Pan-American Union to stop the terrorists when that's exactly what will, quote, allow the terrorists to attack us.
Without instilling fear, they have no...
Well, he was giving me the outro.
He was saying, well, it's been nice being on your show.
Well, listen, I appreciate you having him on because we need to hear more of them to get those quotes and to hear their logic and everything.
And if you listen to him closely, after the fear factor was over with, what he would go back to was the consolidation and the economic motive that they have behind this whole thing.
Well, he also had the nerve to say that by building these NAFTA highways and by, quote, you know, having the guest worker program, blanket amnesty, and then he'd say that that isn't amnesty.
No, no, because he changes the name.
Well, it still makes it, I mean, you could call a wolf a gooblesnapper.
It's still a wolf.
Just because he goes, no, it's not a wolf, I've changed the name to gooblesnapper, I mean, it's ridiculous.
Yeah, Alex, you're doing a great job, and thanks for having him on.
It really shows us what type of logic they employ, what type of arguments they employ.
Well, did you hear the elitism, too, the giggling?
Oh, sure.
But he didn't giggle at the end when I said, we're going to defeat you.
No, because I tell you what, in the back of their minds, I'm sure that they are probably scared to death.
Their biggest threat to their...
Hey Alex, you've done a great job.
Let's go to your next caller.
Thank you, sir.
You're doing a great job as well.
Let's talk to George in Toronto, Canada.
Go ahead, George.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Well, one of my Georgisms is, ignorance is the one crime that is still punishable by death.
However, we are still impaneled as judge and jury to alter our fate.
And by working together, we will alter our fate, and these people won't take advantage of us.
There's been some serious revelations in the Canadian press
And since they don't get that much exposure in your country, I thought I'd bring it to your attention.
The last survivor out of the World Trade Center was interviewed in the National Post last Friday and on Monday.
And he had quite a story to tell.
He's been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, so he's never told his story before.
So this is a clean, unblemished account of what happened in the final minutes.
And he traversed the area...
Where we're supposed to have this fire that melted steel without wearing any protective equipment.
He saw no flames, just smoke.
When he got to the bottom and he was fleeing the building, there was an explosion.
A giant fireball that blew him out of the building and into the rubble where he was found unconscious and taken to hospital.
That's what firefighters and police said happened.
No, I know.
We've got about 100 people on record or more.
The point is, Alex, this is in the National Post.
Let me ask you a question.
Is this just buried in there, or is this the headline?
It's a full-page article in the paper.
And another very interesting thing that was in the National Post yesterday is they're having like a confessional where people could confess their deepest, darkest secrets and publish them online.
One blew me away yesterday.
There's two pictures of the World Trade Center, like a drawing with smoke coming out,
And the caption of this person's confession is, Everyone who knew me before 9-11 believes I'm dead.
And I'd like to know who that individual is.
And if he ever listens, you should come forward because we need to know what really happened to you if you weren't killed.
Speaking of the National Post, they've had articles about the CFR plan.
Even before they publicly announced it three weeks ago, and Canadians are openly saying this is the end of our country.
Oh, exactly.
You walk into any library and look in the political science section about globalization issues or anything, and you should just fall over with the amount of material you can carry away.
And this is all from reputable universities or various professors or whatever explain their logic and rationale.
Their own report says the end of our sovereignty.
Their own report says the end of our borders.
Oh, exactly.
But we're not lost.
United Press International published a piece I wrote in the Washington Times.
It's called the Citizen's Manifesto.
And I did a legal brief on how we can defeat them taking the law into our hands.
And I applied contract law to constitutional law, which has never been done before.
The government has a contract with us.
As long as they maintain our rights and freedoms, we allow them to be the government.
When they break the contract, we are no longer obligated to follow along.
There are four levels of government.
The executive, the congress, the courts,
And finally, the citizens.
We're the citizens.
When the others don't serve us, we have to exert our power and authority.
And we interface with the government at the jury box, the grand jury box, and the ballot box, but the Declaration of Independence clearly states it isn't just a right, it is a duty that when government becomes destructive of the people's liberties and freedoms, we must overthrow it and rebuild it.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
And again, we are scheduled to have our guest come up here in the next few minutes, but he's in his lawyer's offices having meetings right now dealing with his 12-year-old daughter who's been kidnapped.
Imagine the terror.
Imagine the horror.
Before we go to break, though, and hopefully have the guest on the other side, my new film, Martial Law, 9-1-1 Rise of the Police State is out.
It details what really happened on 9-11 like no other film we've seen.
It details the latest police state developments and who the globalists are.
What their driving philosophy, what their ideologies are.
What they want to do with the world.
From their own statements, their own documents.
It is my coup de grace.
It is the best film I've made.
Please get it.
It's three hours long.
Three films in one, $25.95.
Get a second copy for $19.95.
And down to $14 each additional copy you get that goes down in price.
Got a bunch of other specials we're offering.
If you believe in what we're doing, get these films, make copies, get them out to people.
Don't wait.
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All right, we'll be right back.
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We're scheduled early in the next hour to have the father of a young 12-year-old who doesn't have cancer, who they want to radiate.
We're scheduled to have him on.
He's in between meetings with lawyers, meetings with doctors.
We really appreciate him trying to get on the show with us, and that's coming up.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
John in Florida.
Go ahead, John.
Hello, Alex.
Haven't called in in quite a long time.
I've taken to listening to a rebroadcast of your show at night.
That's why.
VTJ here in Pensacola doesn't carry much during the daytime, but today I was luckily able to tune in.
You sure have lit a fire out there on the range, young man.
Good for you.
The sheriff, I believe it was, up there in New Hampshire,
Yes, arresting illegal aliens.
Right, that's why I'm calling in, because I kind of want to tie in something.
I hit the news here in the Pensacola area on Wednesday.
Before Ivan the Hurricane hit, almost a year ago, ten months actually, I guess, there were only three arrests of Hispanic-type people in the county here in Alaco.
Since then,
The news has reported that they have over 60.
They did not specify exactly how many.
This in turn has now caused the local authorities to start hiring interpreters.
We also have an influx of these workers here, and that's what I'm basically talking about, that are doing a lot of reconstruction.
They're bringing their families.
You know, the families are now going into the school system.
But if you break one law yourself, you're going under the jail.
Well, listen to this.
I was out working on my car on the driveway and this young guy comes across.
He starts talking to me in broken English about maybe doing some work on our property.
And I said, no thanks, etc.
Well, his wife came over and she did a better job of speaking English, so I was inclined to ask him where they were from, because I thought maybe they were from Texas, a near part of the world.
No, it seems they're from International Foreign Balls, Minnesota.
And they're down here, and they intend to relocate down here because of the climate.
But they're all over the place.
You know, from coast to coast and border to border.
Sir, they say 30 million.
It's more than that.
And that's just the people from Latin America.
There's all the Chinese, the Russians.
This guy I suspect was Honduran.
I spent some time in Honduras, and he wouldn't tell me what part of Central America he was from.
I know.
It's just... Very guarded.
Well, you know, all these illegal aliens that are here now, they're all going to lose their jobs the next wave.
It's insane.
Anyway, great interview with that CFR guy.
It's too bad that he wasn't willing to stay on a bit longer.
I mean, it was just all total double-think.
I mean, these people are mentally ill.
Oh, yeah.
You know, they really are.
How do we get them reprogrammed through some re-education center?
Or like in, you know, or like in Clockwork Orange, the Ludovico technique.
Take care, man.
Good talking to you.
Pete, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Pete.
Alex, hi.
Long-time listener, and I wanted to bring something up.
And share with you and your audience.
And it's referring to your CFR guest.
Part of, as a listener, okay, I've listened to you for years, part of it as a listener is what you say and what your guest says.
And then it's just like this, he said, he said, or he said, she said thing.
But I want to relate to you.
Something that I witnessed myself.
I saw Bill Clinton say it himself.
All right, I want to hear this on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Third hour, your calls, a ton of news, and a guest in the wings.
So we'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Hello, folks.
This is...
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're now into hour number three on this live Friday edition of
We are scheduled sometime this hour to get the father of the 12-year-old girl who doesn't have cancer anymore.
But still, she's been kidnapped.
Her other three siblings have been kidnapped.
They just got the kidnapped children back this morning.
They haven't gotten her back this morning.
And he's busy with lawyers and doctors.
And they're going into court in a few hours.
But we're going to try to get him on here in the next 15-20 minutes.
He scheduled a call in during a break.
Right now, let's go back to the calls, talking about a whole host of issues.
Up next is Ron in Louisiana.
Or wait, were we still talking to Pete?
Yeah, Pete was still making a point.
Go ahead, Pete.
You said you had a story to tell about Bill Clinton.
Yes, that's right.
I think listening to your show, and especially with your guest before the CFR, he was saying, oh no, that doesn't exist.
I heard Bill Clinton say it with my own ears, okay?
Bill Clinton was at Yale University on Halloween Day, 2003, and it was his 30th boy anniversary reunion, and he spoke with mostly undergraduates at this fall, McConaughey Hall, excuse me, in New Haven.
There was an email lottery.
I won the lottery I attended, and he spoke basically, and he's an excellent speaker, I mean, you know, regardless of what you think about his politics, Bill Clinton, he's very entertaining.
He was introduced...
From Ernesto Zadillo, who is a professor at Yale now, the former president of Mexico.
And then Bill Clinton went in and basically made the point that the aim is complete worldwide integration of the world without any borders.
And it was about a 45-minute speech.
And I was thinking, geez, is Rod Serling in the audience?
No, this is a place where the Philharmonic plays
You know, the lights and the chandeliers were down.
Everyone was clapping.
It was like I was in the middle of Sigourney Weaver's Alien, you know, when they go in that nest.
And, you know, right at Yale University where, you know, Bill Clinton was saying that, you know, he had his professor was a Bork.
He was making a joke about how, you know, you didn't listen to him because he got, you know, Borked with the...
You know what I mean?
So you get this feeling that that's just the center of power, political power.
And this speech was for, was a challenge to the undergraduates there and the youngsters, excuse me for being so nervous, but, you know, it was a challenge for them.
What are you going to do to make this happen?
Complete worldwide integration, no borders.
I've heard it with my own two ears.
Well, I mean, I've got Bill Clinton's written that in books he's written.
I've seen him say it on C-SPAN.
We've played clips of it here.
The Republicans are all calling for it.
It's in all these major publications, and they don't know.
Now we want to merge our governments and merge our military and let all the illegals in, but that's not global government.
You know, and I knew it because I've been listening to you for years.
I have all your tapes.
You know something like the difference between book knowledge...
Well, I want to know why people are still in denial.
I mean, they're openly setting up world government, world taxation, world regulation, worldwide police state.
Their goal is to break up the family.
Their goal is to destroy the middle class.
They openly brag about it.
And the Democrats...
I'm a Democrat, okay, but I'm also pro... I'm basically a libertarian.
But the Democrats should be all over this because it's the middle class that's going to get really stepped on.
They're all bought and paid for by the same people.
At a certain level, you're absolutely right.
At the national level, it's just all one big game.
Well, I mean, look at Bill Clinton as a surrogate member of the Bush family.
Yeah, and that's one of the parts I like best about your martial law
Is when you go into the third part where you have the history of the Bush family and the symbolism.
I thought that was an excellent part.
Well, thank you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
On the heels of former President Jimmy Carter on Monday saying Gitmo should be shut down, the torture base...
Bush came out two days ago and said they might shut it down.
I mean, they don't even need it.
They've got camps all over the planet right now and Gulag Archipelago, a string of them.
Now Rumsfeld plays down the idea of closing Guantanamo and says that we're exploring all alternatives as to how best to do the main objective, which is protect America.
This is out of the Gulf News.
Good and honest Iraqis fighting U.S.
A senior U.S.
military chief has admitted good, honest Iraqis are fighting American forces.
Major General Joseph Toluto said he could understand why some ordinary people would take up arms against the U.S.
military because they're offended by our presence.
In an interview with the Gulf News, he said, if a good, honest person feels having all these Humvees driving on the road, having us moving people out of the way, having us patrol the streets, having car bombs going off, you can understand how they could want to fight us.
General Taluto, head of the U.S.
42nd Infantry Division, which covers key trouble spots, including...
Bakwaba and Samaria also said some Iraqis not involved in the fighting did support insurgents who avoided hurting civilians.
He said there is a sense of a good resistance or an accepted resistance.
They say, okay, if you shoot a colonial coalition soldier, that's okay.
It's not a bad thing, but you shouldn't kill other Iraqis.
However, General Toluto insisted that the U.S.
and other foreign forces would not be driven out of Iraq by violence.
If the goal is to have the coalition leave, attacking them isn't the way, he said.
The way is to make it happen is to either enter the political process, cooperate, and coalition will be less aggressive and less visible, and eventually it will go away.
His comments come in stark contrast to the assertions of U.S.
top figures who present and persist in claiming all insurgents are either Ba'athist or Al-Qaeda terrorists.
The general also admitted he did not know how many insurgents there were.
I stay away from numbers.
How can I quantify this?
We can make estimates, but some kind of guesswork, he said.
I think there's a small core of foreign fighters.
I don't know how big that is, but there is some kind of capability there, and it's being replenished.
Well, yeah, because you kill more innocent people every day, and you kill somebody's brother or mother, you just made another insurgent.
I wonder if he'll be court-martialed or arrested, because other officers have gone public and said the same thing, and they get arrested for simply reporting the truth.
We're simply reporting what's happening.
I got this article out of Al Jazeera.
Israeli forces attack demonstrators on wheelchairs.
Is it like last time where they ran over the young girl with a tank or a bulldozer, an armored bulldozer to be exact, and backed back over her?
The Israeli occupation forces attacked Thursday a peaceful demonstration organized by a number of disabled Palestinians on wheelchairs in support of the people in the village anti-wall rallies.
That's the word.
Villain in villages, anti-wall rallies.
The IOF assaulted the participants, including 35 disabled persons who came from different parts of the West Bank, to boost the morale of the villagers and residents.
Israeli tear gas canisters and rubber-coated bullets didn't spare them and wounded some of them.
Abdullah Abu Rahmad, coordinator of the Anti-Wall Committee in Billinsett.
And folks, I mean, it really is gruesome to watch Israeli soldiers beat up Palestinian women, shoot young children, run over people, and...
It's wrong when it happened in South Africa, and it's wrong in Israel, and it's wrong when it happens in our country to our peaceful protesters.
Now, if somebody's shooting at the Israelis, again, they have every right to shoot back, but they drop 2,000 bombs on whole villages and kill 50 people at a pop, and then that's okay.
But then somebody blows up a suicide bomb, and then they're an evil terrorist.
What is the difference between a 2,000-pound bomb and a 20-pound satchel bomb?
The size.
So I'm tired of this hypocritical behavior.
I mean, it's really that simple.
And the Arabs in the U.S.
and the Bilderberg Group, we've had Israeli reporters on about this, they're all being manipulated by the same people.
The globalists want an ongoing crisis in the Middle East.
This is from Prison Planet.
We've since confirmed its accuracy.
Soviet-style snitch poster being used on trains.
Have you thought these signs in England that say, secure under the watchful eyes...
...are scary, and those are confirmed.
Big Brother is watching for your safety.
There's a new one.
Many blogs have picked this one up.
This poster is reported as being used on the Mark commuter train between Baltimore and D.C.
You can click the poster for an enlargement.
If accurate, this is yet another visual reminder of how society is slipping back into a Stasi-like climate where everyone is trained to be suspicious.
Remember, the Bush are leader billboards.
And it says, Watch, Ride, and Report.
And it shows like a 1930s, looks like a Nazi poster, with these men and women lined up in the train, proudly reporting on the terrorists.
It says, Report any unusual activities or packages to the nearest conductor.
And it just looks like something out of 1984.
And every time we see these, we don't believe it.
And we make phone calls and go check it out ourselves, and it's true.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse and worse.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Ron in Louisiana.
Ron, go ahead.
You're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good to talk to you again.
I want to talk about the radiation, but first of all, to make a comment on what you were just talking about.
Show me your papers, Alex.
The Gestapo is here.
Well, that's freedom, though.
Only illegal aliens don't have to show their papers.
We're going to have to show them, Ron.
That's right.
And, hey, I remember as a young kid going to the movies in the 40s during the war.
And the thing that would just make your blood run cold is when the Nazi Gestapo got on the trains and come up to the people and said, Show me your papers.
Boy, that was a... The sound of it just makes me have goosebumps right now.
But now they wear black helmets and machine guns and black masks and say, Show us your papers.
And by the way, I've seen old film footage of the Nazis.
They were rude and gruff, but they weren't half as rude as our police.
Hey, we're...
It's much more evil today than they were, you know, in this country.
Yeah, they just do it smarter.
They put sodium fluoride in the water.
They put aspartame in the drinks.
They do it a lot slicker, don't they?
Oh, yeah.
That's what I wanted to talk about.
You know, I want to remind people, I've said this before, but my wife, Rosemary, got a brain tumor from drinking Diet Coke.
But that's
Not the whole story.
You haven't called in about two years, Ron.
Well, yeah, I called a couple months ago.
I must have not recognized you that time.
But anyway, I like to remind people that anything with aspartame in it is deadly poison.
And also that this new sweetener that they've come out with that sounds so splendid, called Splenda, is also a poison.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Hold on a minute, Ron.
I don't agree with you.
I think it's nutritious.
Do you have that clip where mercury's nutritious?
Yeah, grab that clip.
No, sir.
Mercury's good, too.
Oh, yes.
Yes, I know it is.
Are you with Al-Qaeda, Ron?
Are you trying to bring down the government?
Well, I refuse to answer on the crimes that might incriminate me.
Well, I mean, you know, their own internal reports say it's deadly poison, but so what?
Look, if they say it's good, it's good, okay?
Yeah, it's a good old Rumsfeld disease.
He's the murderer.
He's the guy that got it introduced.
I'm a very good person.
Yeah, and the more people they kill, the higher up the pecking ladder they go, you know.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Let me play this clip, and then we'll go back to you, Ron.
Here it is, folks.
Very nutritious.
Vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporters from the Mappers.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually
But again, that's the semantical spin.
If you want dumbed-down, drooling idiots, then yes, this is what the government wants, and so to them it is good.
Ron, go ahead.
I wanted to address the radiation issue.
You see, Rosemary, the brain tumor was removed.
It was on the back of her head, up high, and after the surgery...
She was getting better.
I had her on a highly nutritious diet, tons of supplements.
She was really, really improving.
But the doctors kept pressuring her and pressuring her every time.
You need to start your radiation.
You've got to have radiation.
I kept trying to hold her off of this thing.
Then her family started pressuring her to do radiation, do radiation.
Finally, she just reached a point where they just kind of coerced her into doing this thing.
And what happened?
As soon as she took the radiation, it was downhill from there.
She just began to deteriorate a little slowly and downhill just until she passed away.
So they murder for money.
This radiation is a killer.
What do you think of them taking all this family's children because they didn't want to radiate?
They're so rotten evil that they're a bunch of scumbag killers.
And they need to be tried before they belong.
Put it that way.
Ron, good hearing from you.
Take care.
You've heard it over and over again.
It's not if a catastrophic event will occur, but when.
When are all of our resources, the things we take for granted, going to be pulled out from under us?
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We're going to go to Daniel in New Zealand and Sheldon in Arizona, Jamie in Kentucky.
That's going to be it for calls because I've got a bunch of news we haven't gotten to yet and some pop stories I want to recap as well.
Daniel listening to us there in New Zealand in Middle World.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I've actually called in before.
I was the student who wrote the Facebook article that you still have on Prison Planet.
But I know you're tapped for time, so I'll make it rather quick.
I'm wondering if you think that... I mean, I was reading the post about the Bilderberg meeting and the incredible notes that were taken.
I'm wondering if you think that at this point the neocons are cornered.
We had the AP article this morning where it says Bush's approval rating is hovering in the range between 35% and 40%, and that's according to the official mainstream news polls.
And one of the things that they haven't covered as much is the AIPAC scandal, where we know that the FBI has been tapping the phones of Larry Franklin and a lot of the accused Israeli moles in the Office of Special Plans and the Chinese Vice President's office.
I'm wondering if you think that what we've read about the Bilderbergs, that the CIA and FBI are in open revolt against a lot of these neocons.
I wonder if you think that's manifesting itself now.
There are certainly lots of government agents that are revolting.
They are resisting.
They are going up against this, and our information from inside the Bilderberg Group is very accurate, and that's what we're hearing.
They're having major problems.
I mean, because if you look at the arrest of Larry Franklin, he was the top Iran expert.
I'm thinking that they fired Robert Wright.
You know about W1999, where Bush says that you cannot investigate the flight schools, you cannot investigate the bin Laden.
I'm wondering if we're seeing, you know, with Porter Gostin putting up the CIA, if there's an old guard within the intelligence... Oh, yeah, these are purges.
I mean, we...
We've had a lot of top people formerly with the CIA and NSA on the last month.
There is a purge going on because people are revolting against them.
Well, at the same time, I mean, I've been reading Bob Chapman at the International Forecast, who's often got a very cogent analysis, and he's saying that there's a real move against these guys.
I mean, it seems like we're getting into the point right now where either, like Scott Ritter says, they're going to make a move against Iran, or we're going to have to have, like what Colonel Ron Pree said on your show, a move where some of the military guys go against the Bush administration.
Do you see anything like that manifesting?
Well, I mean, look, the Bushes are puppets, so the globalists could easily flush them down the toilet and then act like everything had been fixed and keep moving forward.
They do engage in sacrificial lamb behavior.
But I guess you're an American living in New Zealand?
Yeah, I've called him before.
I'm a student at Rice University.
I called you about Jerry Webb before.
How did you go to school in New Zealand?
I was part of an exchange student program.
And I wanted to see another part of the world, but... Are you having fun?
It's fun, Alex, but I'll tell you what.
Every day, especially the last few months, I want to come back and fight the New World Order.
I want to come back and get... I've been in contact with Jack Blood as well.
I want to get a radio show.
I've been convincing people here, and the amazing thing is, just very quickly, Alex, I don't want to take up too much time.
Students are ready for the truth.
I will tell you, I have changed so many minds here.
I have people researching the Bilderberg, coming and borrowing books from me.
They want to find out about Council on Foreign Relations.
I've even got professors here that are saying, oh, what does this mean?
The kings and queens are meeting with the top CEOs?
I've never even heard of this.
People here are ready for the truth, and I want to get back to America, back to the country I love, and fight for justice, because it's too tough to do it here.
I want to be back fighting these guys tooth and nail.
It's like you say, if you put 110% in, it's better than buying into the system, you know?
All right, good to hear from you.
Keep it up there, my friend.
Let's talk to Sheldon in Arizona.
Sheldon, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to tell your listening audience that Doyle Shamley will be coming on the Jack Blood Show in the second hour today to talk about this murder of William Cooper.
Doyle is the only one, I guess he's the only one that has in his possession the official homicide report by the state of Arizona which includes 400 photographs of the crime scene.
Doyle will be on the second hour today talking about it.
Has he put those on the web yet?
I don't know Alex, I don't have the internet at home so I wouldn't know.
Well, I was hearing that there had been some new development where the sheriff involved in the raid on Cooper's home, that he is in trouble for corruption?
Yeah, Jack Blood reported that he has been indicted for corruption.
Doyle will probably fill us in on that today.
All right, well, what happened to Bill Cooper was a saddening thing.
Oh, did you get to listen to that tape I had sent you on... Remember that...
When Bill Cooper attacked me?
I had heard part one of it.
I hadn't heard that part yet.
I've still got it.
I mean to listen to it.
Yeah, because you wanted me to send you it because you said there was something entertaining in there.
Yeah, I haven't had a chance to be entertained yet, but I do have it in the stack, and I appreciate you mailing it to me, Sheldon.
Okay, well, thanks for letting me in, Alex.
Hey, I appreciate you calling.
Yeah, I wonder if Doyle will retract the things Cooper said about me.
That I wear emerald, not emerald, ruby rings in my chest.
I mean, I think what happened to Bill Cooper was wrong, but he reveled in attacking people like myself.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, one last caller.
Jamie in Kentucky.
Jamie, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
How you doing, buddy?
Fine, my friend.
I'd like to say that I'm anticipating the debate on George Norrie, Coast to Coast.
When is that going to be?
That'll be this Thursday, coming up this next Thursday night, six days from now.
And also...
Are you going to take some sound bites from your videos and stuff to play?
I don't think so.
I've had the rare pleasure of being in studio with George Norrie when he was here in Austin, Texas and did his live broadcast, but it doesn't really sound good to stream audio over the phone line when I'll be on Coast to Coast AM with him, so I don't think we'll be playing any clips for my film.
I'll be debating some people that think 9-11 was the Arabs.
You ain't going to talk about the Bushes, Bin Laden, any of that?
Yes, we'll be talking about that.
I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate your call.
I'm told that our guest is here.
Oh, fantastic.
Very busy man.
We really appreciate him coming on.
He just got his three children back this morning.
Well, uh... the...
The doctor, Dr. Alter, that we had, we went through four rounds of chemo with her, and that's all we thought we had to do, because that's what he told us in the beginning.
And then he says, no, Matt, you've got to consolidate this tumor.
You've got to shrink it, and in case there's any cancer cells left, we want to take care of it.
So you've got to go through radiation treatments after this.
But again, she does not have cancer now, correct?
No, there was a PET scan that came back negative, which means there was no cancer activity at all in any part of the body, and it said that the mass was liquefied and the tumor was entirely necrosed.
So that was good news to us.
So we couldn't understand why are we going to do this to her,
I think so.
Precaution, I guess.
But I see adults all the time who choose to not even have chemo, or they take chemo, they don't take radiation, or they take radiation, they don't take chemo.
I mean, I thought we had this choice, and your daughter, 12 years old, doesn't want to do this.
Children don't have a choice, and it looks like parents may not even have a choice.
The whole fight right now is about the parents.
A child only has a choice if they're 12 years old and want to have an abortion.
Yeah, that would be true.
So, I mean, how did this come down?
They grab you, they grab all your other children.
I mean, this is Gestapo.
Yes, it is.
What happened?
Well, the doctor... Well, here's what happened, and this is what a lot of people don't know.
We had asked for a second opinion, okay?
And it took them two weeks to get the second opinion with Dr. Mullins.
Two days after we got our second opinion, the doctor's office calls us up on the phone.
He has got a social worker and she calls us up on the phone and says, well, which one of the two doctors do you want to go with as your doctor now and are you ready to continue with the radiation treatments?
And I said, well, the two doctors didn't agree even on the method of treatment they wanted to use and I'm going to need at least a third opinion
So I can straighten this stuff up, because I'd like to seek an alternative method.
So you're not even saying no to this would-be God?
We've never said no, and that's what everybody's believing.
We've said no, we don't want any kind of treatment for our dog.
But this arrogant thug, this person who wants to be God over your life, what did this king say?
Well, he's saying you have to have the radiation treatments, or we're going to call in the CPS, Child Protective Service, here in Texas, and treat her anyway.
And that's exactly what they did.
They came over to my house, tried to grab her, and she wasn't home, fortunately.
But our other two kids were there, so they grabbed them as hostages to make sure they'd be able to get Katie.
Now, let's be clear.
They grabbed your other children as hostages.
This is Terrorist 101.
And I guess to cover up their hostage-taking, they go ahead and put an Amber Alert out on you like you're the terrorist.
Are you going to sue these creatures?
That's the worst part.
I probably can't.
Oh, no, they'll tell you they're gods, but they're not gods.
They have so much immunity from prosecution in these cases that we probably... Not if they're outside the law, they lose that immunity, sir.
Well, they cover their butt, okay?
Let's continue, though.
So they kidnap two of your children.
Describe what happened there.
When they took the children, they come in my house.
Actually, I saw the order to take the child, okay?
I told them very clearly that she was not here.
They send two constables out.
They send...
And two child protective services workers or investigators out.
And they want to go in my house.
And I said, well, I don't see anything in this court order allowing you to enter my house to search for.
I think you need a search warrant.
And I said, I need to call my lawyer.
And unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach him for about two hours.
And I still didn't reach him.
And then finally, they say...
They say that they get tired of waiting finally and the officers, I'm standing in my doorway saying you can't come in.
They shove me aside, bruise my ribs and walk in anyway.
CPS workers are following them with cameras snapping, you know, taking pictures of everything.
They searched the whole house, searched every closet.
They had to unlock every closet.
And again, that's looking for dirt to burn you.
They really didn't find much except the dirt on the kitchen floor because it had rained and we live out in the country.
It had a little dust on the floor.
Again, looking for some reason to grab all your kids.
Go ahead.
And I was giving my daughter nutritional supplements, and then she has a few prescription pills.
They were on the counter as they knocked on the door.
I was preparing, you know, her nutritional supplements.
I put them in little trays, daily trays, what she's supposed to take.
Oh, and they're claiming you had drugs illegally because they weren't in the bottles.
They were in bottles.
They didn't claim I had them illegally.
They just said I didn't have them in a locked box, and they weren't safe for the other two little small children.
They're going to hell.
And then they found some, you know, we had a sick horse, so we had to, my wife had bought some syringes, she brought them home, set them on a counter, they're in a paper bag, they're encased in the plastic tubes that they come in, and said that was unsafe.
Okay, so they come to your house to grab one child who they want to poison, who they want to radiate, and so they're looking for dirt, they obviously knew they couldn't really come in without warrant, but they still just did it anyways, now they're in there violating your Fourth and Fifth Amendment, what happens next?
Well, then they took my two children.
My God, sir, what was that like?
Oh, it was horrible.
You know, those children crying.
They don't want to go.
And it's just heartbreaking.
I'm so sorry.
I want everybody to pray for you and your family to put up a hedge of protection against these forces of Satan, and that's what they are.
I have their own textbooks from UT where they say the family is the enemy and must be destroyed.
The Calhoun reader used by this trash.
Okay, now, then, when did the Amber Alert come up?
Well, right after that, when they didn't get the Katie, her mother had taken her, and the remaining child, James, they actually put a protection...
I think so.
She took the two children and drove somewhere and was trying to hide.
By the way, let's understand what this means.
They already come and grab some of your children.
Now billboards are flashing a child's been kidnapped.
It's all over the news.
They're cutting in on the news feeds.
This is so sick.
Go ahead.
The child wasn't kidnapped.
She's still in the custody of her mother.
I'm saying they've already kidnapped your children.
No, no.
Yes, they've kidnapped the first two.
Then what happened?
Michelle continues to hide a day or two until they finally find her out on a large ranch somewhere trying to...
We're good to go.
And then they see her mother being arrested.
It's very traumatic, you know.
God bless you, sir.
And the mother was just, she wasn't trying to break the law, but she knew that if they got Katie, when the state has managing conservatorship, they don't wait for a hearing to come up on the 15th, which is coming up.
They just, they take them right away and they start these radiation treatments.
And that's what's wrong.
One doctor, one county attorney, and one judge decided this whole works.
And now they're trying to put your wife under the jail.
Well, they did put her in jail.
I did have to mortgage my house and bail her out for $50,000.
And they make her into a criminal, and all she's doing is trying to protect her child from...
And even the Corpus Christi TV station and the paper, I have the articles, admits no cancer.
This is all because you said, I want to get another opinion, and this is what they've done to you, and now they've got all these other charges.
Man, these people, I don't know how they sleep with themselves at night.
It's been a disaster for us.
Where does it go from here, sir?
Well, we have a hearing tonight at 4 o'clock, or this afternoon, in front of the judge.
And where is that, and what is this creature's name?
It's Judge Lewis, and he's in the county court of law number 5, and they're going to try to decide from the information they got back from
MD Anderson, and they're supposed to be completing a PET scan, which I have not seen.
Well, why did you let them use MD Anderson?
I mean, that place, my dad worked in cancer research there in the 60s.
That place is a labyrinthine death camp.
I did not let them use it.
That was their choice.
Oh, and that's the government's front group.
Yeah, and I've heard bad things about other people that went there and died from it.
Well, my dad said he sat there.
They say it's the best there is.
He watched him.
That's when they do the experiments.
Oh, boy.
So the judge is going to have to weigh that information versus our parental rights this afternoon and see if he's going to order treatment in the meantime between now and the 15th so she still could receive radiation treatment.
I'm hoping the judge will be reasonable, respect the parental rights,
And Katie's rights and not order the radiation.
Now, where is this judge located?
What town is he in?
He's in Carpus Christi.
And he's in the state courthouse or the city?
It's the county court of law number five.
That is Judge Lewis.
Was he involved in any of the snatching?
He had to approve both orders.
He had to approve the order for the CPS to take the child, and he had to actually approve the...
I think so.
I released the other children as soon as they had another inspection of my house today.
But they made you sign forms, though, didn't they?
They're going to be all over you.
They're going to be all over me with continual inspections of my home and interviewing the kids.
What do these demons act like when you talk to them?
I don't know how to describe that, but...
But I don't know really how they live with their cell.
I mean, how do they act towards you?
I don't know.
I haven't really seen too much reaction from them.
They've kind of avoided me.
So they're like robots?
Well, you know, you're five times more likely to die in their custody than anybody else's custody.
Have you seen those federal numbers?
Yeah, I've seen quite a bit.
They often lie about the cancer statistics, the way they put them out to the public.
Well, I just want to pray that God will protect you and your family and your daughter and your wife and that will move the hearts and minds of any of these government minions, do the right thing.
And I ask God to bring judgment down on anybody that abuses innocence.
I'm asking everybody to pray.
That justice, and we're asking God for justice here and in all these other cases, justice against these usurpers, justice against these demons.
And again, vengeance is God's.
I hope their hearts will be moved to the right thing, but if they continue to attack the innocents they need, God needs to judge them.
Do you agree with me, sir?
You bet I do.
Is there any way we can help you?
It depends on which way it goes after 5 o'clock today, what kind of decision they hand down.
I'm still looking for doctors that can say she doesn't need any more treatment or tell us of an alternative.
See, they're not even giving us alternative cancer treatment.
All they're saying is she's supposed to have radiation.
There's still chemo.
There's still alternate treatments we could use.
But they admit she doesn't even have cancer.
I mean, everybody knows that if the cancer goes away, they don't give you the next treatment.
But see, I guess what they're looking at is a tumor.
They're treating a tumor.
And they won't be happy until the tumor's gone.
And, of course, Katie will be dead long before that.
Well, where is the tumor?
The tumor's in her chest.
It's a large mass under a rest bone covering parts of the heart.
It goes across her lungs.
But the press has reported the tumor is jello.
It is liquefying is what PET scan said.
Yes, and it is totally necrosed.
One thing the radiologist said for this tumor, he said it is atypical for lymphoma.
In other words, the way this tumor is dying is not normal for a lymphoma.
This little girl has had I don't know how many prayers, hundreds of thousands of prayers.
She's got a little prayer page here and it goes off 12 to 16 times a day at least.
And the first times she had it, it went off hundreds of times in the first few days.
But, you know, she's got a lot of prayer behind her, and I believe in the power of prayer and healing.
And so this tumor's doing something different than regular tumors.
And praise God, I think she's healed.
I don't think it's coming back.
We'll do just a few more minutes with us, sir.
I know you're very, very busy.
We're at the end of the show.
We've got a quick break here.
We'll be right back to you to wrap this up.
Stay with us.
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PrayForKatie.blogspot.com PrayForKatie.blogspot.com We'll get a link to that on InfoWars.com PrayForKatie.blogspot.com And we all should pray for Katie.
When they brought your kidnapped children back this morning, I was hearing on the news that your oldest son lost a whole bunch of weight and said he had bad experiences.
Yes, he lost I think seven or nine pounds of weight in the first two days.
He said his brothers were there in a kind of a community house and they separated the kids.
The oldest boy was separate from the five-year-old, separate from the two-year-old and said when they had to sleep totally separate,
So the five-year-old's crying all night long, and he couldn't go to him and comfort him.
By the way, sir, there are actual manuals how to do that.
Then when the children show distress, they get even more money to put them on psychotropic drugs.
Did you know that two-thirds of Texas foster children are on upwards of four drugs?
Wow, I didn't know that.
Oh, they have handbooks on how to destroy your family.
Sir, I have all the documents.
Even WOAI in San Antonio did a big series on it.
So your son's having to hear the baby cry, separating these little boys from each other.
He said it was very traumatic.
He was all stressed out.
He's probably got an ulcer now when we got him back from all the stress.
How many kidnapped children were in this facility?
He didn't say.
We haven't questioned him about that yet, but
But he said he wasn't allowed to see his siblings and they weren't allowed to see each other.
Heaven help these scumbags.
Heaven help... Oh my... Here's something somebody told me and I can't verify it, okay?
But I was wondering if this is true.
If anybody's got any factual information I'd like to know.
Somebody told us that the reasons the doctors do this and trying to force the radiation on, if they complete the chemo plus the radiation... They have no liability.
The doctors actually receive $300,000 from I don't know who.
I know that they do get federal grants and they do get... For each kid they do it on, they get $300,000.
I don't know if that's true.
I know there are cash incentives.
I don't have the specifics on that.
Somebody can verify that, who's paying it, and why.
Can people get in touch with you from PrayFor, your daughter's website?
Yes, there's a little link on there that says email Katie.
PrayForKatie at blogspot.com.
Right, and it's HTTP.
Don't put the www in there.
Yeah, PrayForKatie.blogspot.com.
I don't want to give your number out and get you a thousand phone calls, but I hope people will call that...
Well, radiation will burn it and shrink it.
But it's kind of like putting a hot dog in a microwave, though, you know?
It could swell up and explode that liquid tissue and may make things worse.
And, of course, if the radiation is killing it, I have a fear that if they kill it too fast, it's already dying and dissolving.
And have you gotten Katie back?
No, I haven't.
If they kill it too fast, it may release toxins to the body.
It may overwhelm her kidneys and her liver.
Where are the kidnappers holding her?
I don't know, and they won't let us know.
Because they're kidnappers.
Now, they're doing one thing.
Her birthday is actually on Saturday, but they're letting us see her Friday, today, 5 to 6 p.m.
at the CPS office for a small birthday party for her.
So that's the first time we're going to see her.
All right.
Well, God bless you, sir, and I appreciate you spending the time.
And we'll all pray for you and your daughter and your family.
Thank you so much.
Take care.