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Air Date: June 9, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us for this live Thursday edition.
It is the ninth day of June, 2005.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
And I have cleared the deck so we can take a mass of your great phone calls, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
If you disagree with me or if you have a particular news item you'd like to raise or a piece of legislation you'd like to discuss...
Any issue, any topic, any item you want to discuss, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231, and we will go to your calls in the next segment.
The websites freshly updated for you daily are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and Infowars.net.
Something interesting is happening on the torture front.
Bush is now opening the door to possible closing of Guantanamo Bay.
And the public really is only aware of Abu Ghraib or Abu Ghraib outside Baghdad at the Saddam International Airport, and they're really only aware of Camp X-Ray there in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
They're not aware of the hundreds of other camps around the world and 31 other camps in Iraq alone.
Camps where between 50 to 120,000 people are held at any one time.
The government to the occupational government won't even give us those numbers.
We just get some of the estimates of the aid agencies that are literally looking over the fence.
But Bush opens the door to possible closing of Guantanamo.
And remember,
Two days ago, former President Jimmy Carter came out and said close Guantanamo Bay.
But he's a minion.
He's a trilateralist.
He is a Bohemian Grove member.
These guys just staged this to make you think that they're cleaning things up.
And to illustrate that, here's an article headlined out of the Pilot Journal.
Former CIA contractor held without bail for trial.
And he's been charged under the Patriot Act when they first arrested him over a year ago.
And he has said that he was ordered to torture these people, which is public.
We have the memos.
And we have the public statements by the White House back when they thought that they'd sold the public on torture being a good thing when they were openly bragging about it.
But they're not even giving this guy his rights.
They're not even giving him due process, an American citizen, obviously a piece of filth, but even pieces of filth deserve their due process and their rights.
Because if the pieces of filth lose their due process and their basic Bill of Rights, then we all lose it.
You know, it's the same thing whenever the ADL wants to arrest anybody that says anything against Israel.
Well, regardless of whether I agree with those statements or not, I believe that groups criticizing Israel have every right to do it under our First Amendment.
But that doesn't stop the California legislature from trying to pass a law to do it.
So here are the people in the White House giving the orders.
Their minions carry the orders out.
And when people blow the whistle on their minions and it gets traction in the news, and the individual says, I was ordered to do it, they slap a gag order on them and say, no lawyers, no facing your accusers, no bail, no nothing.
So another example of how your global masters will treat you if you serve them.
Another example of what they'll do to you.
A lot of news about satellite tracking and transponder tracking in Europe and the U.S.,
Getting ready to kick off this new wave of taxation.
And just so much more coming up after these important messages.
So please stay with us, and we'll be going to your calls this next segment as well.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, second segment here, 8 minutes 40 seconds into this transmission against tyranny.
It is Thursday, June 9th, 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Boy, where to start?
There is just so many important news items here.
Look at this article.
Cops hire kids to enforce seatbelt laws.
Kids vow to impose stiff penalties if family doesn't buckle up.
And I have this actually from a TV station and a mainstream newspaper.
And back in the late 90s, the federal government put out the National Seatbelt Use Initiative.
And in the four-part, 80-plus page plan that I focus in on for about 60 seconds in Police State 2000, in part three of the plan...
They say that it isn't even really about seatbelts, but if people think it's about safety, they'll put up with having police search their car, they'll put up with driving through checkpoints, and this is a good way to federalize all of our police departments with these federal funds.
We're good to go.
They're giant fishing expeditions.
They're checkpoints like in communist Russia or Nazi Germany or Cuba today.
That's what's happening.
And in my film, Road to Tyranny, we show local TV ads that run, that the city pays for, announcing to the children, you know, turn your neighbors in, turn your parents in, you get upwards of $200, they enroll all the children in the class, and they say, it's your duty
You will be arrested if you don't tell us about marijuana.
If you don't tell us what's going on in your community.
And now they're trying to pass laws in Congress to put you in jail for years under felonies and have fines of over a million dollars if you even suspect somebody's using drugs.
And you don't report them.
So the Stasi-type East German system is now being put into place.
And I have this article here in front of me.
Cops hire kids to enforce seatbelt laws.
Kids vow to impose stiff penalty if family doesn't buckle up.
From CDA Press.
Post Falls, Dakota Kitchen became a junior seatbelt officer on Monday and vowed to impose a stiff penalty on his family if they don't buckle up.
Again, this is in Post Falls and Dakota Kitchen.
Told his parents that he's going to have to report them.
One dollar!
The third grader said firmly, but most of the time I have to remind my mom when we're leaving the driveway and my sister always puts the part that goes across her chest behind her back.
Utilizing officers such as Kitchen in the latest creative way for Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene, police will try to increase seatbelt usage among adults and children.
Sometimes it means more coming from your child rather than from a police officer, Post Falls Sergeant Pat Knight said, hinting kids with a message can be better than hitting adults with a citation.
Post Falls began its run of issuing officer cards.
The third graders at the school...
On Monday, just in time for the summer break, officers will be at Prairie View and Ponderosa today and other schools with similar programs.
The back of the card says, as a junior seatbelt officer, I promise to always wear my seatbelt and make sure everyone else in the vehicle is wearing his or her seatbelt.
If anyone in the vehicle is caught not wearing his or her belt, they may be fined.
It doesn't have to be about money, night toll students.
It can be about chores.
We just want to see more of you and more of your parents buckle up.
Every time you don't, the chances of you getting hurt are higher.
You know, the income tax started at about 1%.
The highest bracket being 2%.
And then today, it's upwards of 40%.
And I've read the federal plans.
We've covered them here on the broadcast.
They are training the children how to be spies.
And look, we have the overt examples of children having to drug test.
Now everyone in the school, again a federal initiative, guilty until proven innocent.
While at the same time the schools push psychotropic drugs, Ritalin, Prozac, and a whole host of other drugs linked
Clearly to suicides and mass murder and heart palpitations and organ enlargement and brain shrinkage and retardation of growth and mental development.
I mean, they're banning the stuff in Canada and England.
Not here, though.
So the point is they're pushing all these illegal drugs whose molecules are even more dangerous and more complex and more toxic than amphetamines,
Than other narcotics like cocaine and heroin.
In fact, their molecules are very similar.
They'll just add on some other mind-bending aspects to it.
So it just shows how ridiculous it is.
And they ship the drugs in, the illegal drugs in, and then when your kid gets caught using them, they put them in one of their little FEMA camps working for 20 cents an hour, put everybody else out of work.
And you know I've diatribed on this, beaten this dead horse almost to oblivion.
But, again, this particular move that we're seeing is a way to introduce it to the children's minds and an innocuous sounding thing for the parents.
Oh, you've been given a junior card, enrolled with the police department.
But it's just to have the duty to report us, or to fine us, or to criticize us if we're not... Again, it puts the child above the parents, and it puts the child in the place of being the informant against the family.
But, I mean, forget that.
In my film, Police State 2, The Takeover, I have the newscast, the documents, the articles...
In the film, where they actually have a BATF program, where they deputize local sheriff's deputies from North Carolina to Texas, which federalizes them.
Again, always federalizing is one aspect of the problem.
And then it expands out from there, and it says in the documents, the officer will be in the 7th and 8th grade classes for a full semester.
He will be allowed to question students in the playground during their lunches.
He will have them write essays about their families and what they do.
It actually says this!
And he will be able to give bonuses to the children.
This is the type of stuff we're talking about.
And it is a law enforcement class being offered all over the country during the most formative years of 7th and 8th grade.
I mean, this is the Stasi.
Remember the tips program?
Phone men, the cable guy, everybody's spying on you.
They just changed the name.
It's been going on for a long time.
I mean, I don't appreciate it when, you know, you've got the carpet cleaner at your house and they're looking around and asking questions and it's obvious what they're doing.
Look, a lot of these people make more money off that than they do off cleaning your carpets.
So the cops can't get in your house without a warrant, so they just have their little spies do it.
I told the story many years ago of the carpet cleaner in my house with a gun case up on the wall with a shotgun in it, a locked case, and he said, is that legal?
And I said, sir, you're in my house, you're here to clean my carpets.
Well, is that legal?
And I said, sir, here's a news article of me on the front page of the paper at a Second Amendment rally, because I don't know why I was saying that to him.
I was going, see, guns are legal.
And he didn't have anything to say to that.
And then I had a really bad feeling, and so I called the place, and they said, no, no, we handled it, yes.
Yes, Mr. Jones, we did hear about it, but no, we know guns are legal in Texas.
And then that night on my TV show, I talked about it, and his assistant, who drags the carpet cleaning system along behind him, called up and said, yeah, yeah, I quit today.
I quit today.
They were going to call the police on you, and there was a big discussion about it.
They told me to shut my mouth.
I mean, you know, what a... Talk about synchronicity, you know, all those things coming out, all those things happening.
All right, I said I'd go to your calls in this segment.
I just... This is not America, but the Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down, but we've all got to have spies on our houses.
I'm sick of it!
Go ahead, David.
David Mass.
How are you today, Alex?
Pretty good.
A couple of things.
First of all, I read a story today on MSM money, and it was how Europe can teach us a lesson about identity theft.
Yeah, we've got to have tracker chips.
Well, not quite that.
Talking about biometrics.
Well, no, essentially what they said was... Well, I've got another MSN article, okay.
Yeah, it's MSN money, and...
I mean, they talk about how, of course, how rife identity theft is here and how horrible it is and because all the databases, you know, run by, you know, Choice Point and LexisNexis, you know, have all the social security numbers.
And, of course, oh, well, Europe, it's not like that because nobody has social security numbers, but what they do have are national identity cards.
So you see, it's a classic... Oh, I know.
They've already passed the national ID card, and now they go, oh, it's going to help you.
It's going to help you.
So that's a classic problem-reaction solution there.
Oh, I agree.
There's no question about it.
I wanted to talk about this today, so stay there, David.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
Again, these millions of names and personal data that just got, quote, stolen, well, no, it was companies trading it back and forth amongst each other.
That's where almost all of it's happening.
It's incredible.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I said I'd go quickly through your calls, but the issue that David and Mass brings up is so important.
And it is totally clear.
We know that via the use of the social security number as a national ID, we know because of these big banks and companies having all these databases and tracking and tracing what we do and selling that data to each other, that that is the main cause of identity theft.
And it's always buried in the article, in almost every case, that it's where they're shipping names or they're selling names to other companies, that that's where the problems arise.
Or it's employees inside these companies stealing data.
The vast minority is people buying stuff on the Internet, which they try to demonize because they hate the alternative market that's out there.
Or they try to demonize using your credit card at businesses and things like that.
Now, that is a very small portion of it.
Because I've got the statistics on it.
So their answer is, yes, we need to be like Europe and have national ID cards.
Now, already your driver's license has been federally standardized, even before they passed the law last year and expanded it two months ago.
But now, yesterday I was in Walgreens buying some film.
And the guy in front of me is using his credit card, and they ask for his phone number, they ask for his zip code, and they're checking it all, and I go, what is this?
And they go, oh, it's the new security thing we do to use a credit card because of identity theft.
I go, well, why don't you just look at his license, which is bad enough.
Oh, well, this is what we've been told to do.
Enter these numbers.
Well, really, that's for marketing data.
So see on the back of stopping identity theft?
No, they just want more of your data so that can be sold, and then the thieves that get it can then really screw you because they'll have those other key points of data.
See how this works?
Then I go to Circuit City because one of my tripods was broken, and I'm up there.
I don't normally use a credit card, but if it's for business I do, and I'm buying a tripod.
I'm already in their database, folks.
I bought a bunch of stuff there.
And the guy's sitting there, and he goes, well, what's this company, Magnolia Management?
I go, my name's right under it.
It's my business.
Well, what is it I need to know?
And I said, look, I'm about to walk out of here.
Do you have a problem?
You know who I am.
You got my information.
You're not asking even for my ID.
And you see them everywhere now when adults buy cigarettes or beer.
I see it every day in stores right in front of me.
They will swipe the card.
Diamond Shamrock's doing this.
I've seen them do it to 75-year-old women.
I mean, old ladies, folks.
And I go, why'd you do that?
Well, it's just our policy, and soon we're going to be doing it to everything.
We've got to check the date.
We've got to swipe it.
And people are talking about this happening all over.
You know, the guy called yesterday at Disney World.
He took his family, and then they finger-scanned two of his fingers on each hand.
They then swiped his ID, his driver's license.
You go to tanning salons, you go to major stores, you go to grocery stores, you go to gyms, places to work out, everywhere.
And I'm sitting there in line with a poor guy who's having all this happen to him at Walgreens,
And I said, you know, sir, this is getting ready for the national sales tax.
He goes, the consumption tax?
Oh, great!
He said, man, I want to get rid of the income tax.
And I said, you don't even know where you heard that, but you heard that they're going to get rid of the income tax and do that, didn't you?
Yeah, I did hear that.
Hey, buddy, they're going to keep both of them.
I'm ranting, and I did say I'm going to go to all your calls.
It's just, gosh, man, watching this happen to our country.
And it'll make identity theft even worse, and their answer will be even more control.
You've got to biometrically scan with it, not just swipe the card, but really confirm it's you.
David, in mass, finish up what you were saying.
You just nailed it, Alex.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, I have an account with Bank of America, okay?
And the last week, Bank of America sold all their, it was a couple of weeks ago, you know, they sold all their, mysteriously, or their data got, Wachovia got a hold of it.
And it's right.
650-something thousand customers.
650,000 customers.
And the other thing is that you're right.
You know, they want to push this thing into a national... And that happened because they sold it to a fake company.
What are they doing selling your data?
Your habits, your activities.
They did it.
It isn't... It's incredible.
Yeah, that's right.
The more data they collect off you and put in databases, the more it's going to cause a problem.
And they want to create a bigger problem so we can go to the microchip.
Well, look, it's the companies that are running the voting databases that are involved in all these drug dealers and corruption openly with criminals running the companies that are selling all the data.
That's correct.
You're absolutely nailed it right, and that's the problem.
Now, listen, I want to say one more quick thing, Alex.
Did you see last week on an AP article, it was about a week ago, border volunteers not so welcomed in Texas.
Chris Simcox,
Has informed Congress that if they don't secure the borders down in Cochise, around in Arizona, that they're going to expand the men and men into Texas and California.
Now, the state senator, I think their, what is his name, Juan Hinojosa, I believe is his name.
A gun grabber, yeah.
That's right, and he proposed some sort of something to Perry, saying they're not welcome there.
Now, I heard that.
I appreciate the call.
We'll tell you about him when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
About five years ago, the Texas legislature was in session, and they had bills that if you gave your 17 or 18-year-old son or daughter a .22 rifle, you would be arrested as a felon.
And it would have banned any shooting under age 18.
It would have banned all of the YMCA marksmanship clubs.
There was another bill to ban the gun shows.
And so we go down to the legislature, and it's Mr. Hinojosa's committee, and they march these two black guys up there and let them and others, there were like ten people there that were anti-gun and about a thousand of us against it, literally.
I mean, like 300 people signed up to speak.
And they let them go on for about three or four hours and let them speak three or four times apiece, endlessly.
But they marched these two black guys up there who were like, Yo, we're going to get you.
We're dangerous.
Really playing a race card.
It was very racist towards blacks.
And have these guys play this part.
And then all of a sudden, the Jews of Preservation of Firearms ownership local member
Local chapter comes running in.
I said, Alex, get out of here.
They're paying him off.
So I flip the camera on, run out in the hallway, and literally, like out of some corrupt movie, he's going $100, $200, $300.
He'd already paid one guy off, and into the other hand he's paying.
And I run over and I go, what are you doing?
And then the state legislature looked at it.
It was in the newspaper.
It's funny because...
That was actually the article that I showed the carpet cleaner guy that week who was here.
All that stuff was going on at that same time, the carpet cleaner guy, you know, at my house thinking a shotgun in a case was illegal.
And I was like, see, guns are legal.
See, we're down there testifying and having rallies.
See, oh, that shotgun's legal, you know.
But, again, side issues.
Small world, everything's interconnected.
And there's Hinojosa up there, and his bills were going to pass, but we just...
Literally, pun intended, shot down all that legislation and the bribery.
Of course, he wasn't involved in that.
It was just they were testifying in his committee.
They were basically kind of his witnesses, but I don't think he was involved with the guy out in the hallway paying them off.
This is the type of garbage we face.
And this weekend I saw several of those billboards that say, report illegal guns.
And then in very small print under it, you have to literally get under the billboard to barely be able to read, it says, guns are illegal in the commission of a crime.
But idiots everywhere see the big billboard that say, report illegal guns.
And so those have been up for five years.
And so when they're in your house and they see a gun case, they go call the police on you.
I mean, it's freedom, folks.
They're creating the illusion that guns are illegal with the dumbed-down mass to get this thing going.
And I, for one, am tired of it.
I mean, if people coming in your house, phone people and carpet cleaners, think a shotgun's illegal, just a regular Winchester Defender that you can buy at any hunting or fishing supply place for $250, then imagine what they think of something that looks like it has a military stock on it.
Just mindless idiots.
They really are.
But again, most of these people don't talk to their families, don't talk to their neighbors.
They sit there and watch NYPD, Blue, and L.A.
Law, judging Amy.
And all these shows are based in New York or Chicago or L.A.
where basically guns have been predominantly banned.
And so in these fictional accounts, ah, you got a gun in your house.
You're going to jail.
So see, they see that too.
It's mass mind control.
I'm sick of it.
But Hinojosa, I was aware that he says the Minutemen aren't welcome.
Well, funny, I had a lot of Hispanic folks come up to me last night at the overflow, oversold, people sitting on the ground.
I tell you, I don't know why we showed my film at the Alamo Draft House downtown.
It's the original one.
It's where all the big Hollywood directors come in to show their films.
I'll never probably do that again.
I mean, they're nice folks.
But the South Lamar, I mean, brand new theater, stadium seating, huge screen.
Just great to see all of you out there.
What a wonderful, beautiful crowd of people.
And I had Hispanic folks walking up to me saying, Oh, Alex, how's it going with the Minutemen?
Man, we really support them.
You know, I grew up down by the border, and everywhere there, it's who you know, and it's all these payoffs, and we don't want to live like that.
And, man, you're doing a great job, and I want to get involved with the Minutemen.
But people like Hinojosa, their job is to keep whites and Hispanics and others at each other's throats, so-called liberal leaders.
Look, we're all going down, folks, if they get rid of this border.
And they've basically already done that.
The Minutemen are just... They tell children to tattle on their parents.
Bush puts out federal funds for that.
Clinton does it, and that's good.
But then when you go sit in a lawn chair in a state park and call on your cell phone the Border Patrol and you see 20 illegals coming across or smugglers with big backpacks on their back, you're bad.
I mean, so David brought up two great points, and I had to comment on them.
Now I'm going through your calls, one minute apiece.
I've got to do this, because I've got so much news to get to.
Patrick in Maryland.
Patrick, go ahead.
I have two things for you.
First, an observation.
We have a terrible irony this year.
In 1945, America and its allies crushed Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
Now, 60 years after the end of World War II, America, because of the Patriot Acts I and II, among other things, is marching.
Or maybe I should say goose-stepping down the same totalitarian path that Germany and Japan traveled during the 1930s.
I wish more people could understand this.
Second, I've enjoyed your interviews with George Galloway, Aaron Zellman, Jeff Renz, Ron Paul, and others.
I have a few ideas for some other possible guests.
First, Larry Pratt, Gunners of America.
Had him on many times.
Second, Jack McLam.
He's the editor of Aiden and Beth.
Had him on many times.
Ted Gunnarsson, the retired FBI agent.
Had him on many times.
And Judith Reisman, who wrote the book, Kinsey, Primes and Consequences, about Alfred Kinsey's depravity.
I've read it, yeah.
Killing his own children.
I mean, I think she'd be a very interesting...
He kept his son in a box for, what, seven years?
Yeah, I mean, she's taken a lot of heat from writing that book, too, from what I understand.
Well, no, I mean, it's admitted.
The guy wrote papers on it.
That's how sick these people are.
And he's a big hero.
Well, that's it.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
Yeah, well, what did he... What's the book, Kenzie, you wrote?
I read it.
It's beyond... I read it, like, ten years ago.
Beyond evil or beyond morals or...
That guy was a literal demon from a pit.
Let's go ahead and I'm sure he's in hell right now.
Who's up next?
David in Florida.
Go ahead, David.
I have a question for you regarding vaccines.
Hey, Alex.
I've listened to your show quite a few times and listened to Breeding talk about vaccines and children and I'm in a position where I have to go to Africa in a month and I just want to know if you have any websites or can
So you're going to Central Africa?
I wouldn't go to Africa.
I mean, aid workers there get 100% of them contract malaria and the malaria drugs are almost as bad as malaria.
And I know that they give you a whole cocktail.
What is it, like, they want you to take, what, ten different shots?
Yeah, yeah, like hepatitis A, B, everything.
No reason for that.
Sir, I mean, I wouldn't do it.
I wouldn't go to Africa.
And, you know, there are countries you can fly to that will let you fly into Africa without doing that, but you could, I mean, amoebic dysentery, that stuff gets in the air, the amoebospores from human feces, it blows around in the wind.
I mean, there's just a mass of horrible things you can get in Africa.
I mean, South Africa's a lot better, but, of course, North Africa's not a big problem.
Well, I've already bought the ticket.
I'm going on a mission trip.
Oh, you're going on a Christian mission?
Well, I mean, then that's obviously worth putting your life... I didn't know that.
I thought it was for entertainment.
I mean, I wouldn't go there for hunting or something and put my life at risk.
But, no, then do what you've got to do.
I mean, you know, just ask God to protect you.
But I would definitely, you know, they claim a lot of those are mandatory, but I think only a few of them are.
And yellow fever and stuff really is a threat.
I mean, they, but, I mean, again, sir, I'm not going to tell you what to do.
I think that's up to you.
I was just wondering if you had any information on where to,
There are databases.
You need to look at those vaccines and make sure that you don't get them at a government clinic.
Make sure it has a new vaccine number.
Check the lots and make sure it's not in some lot that's been ordered destroyed because they still give those to people.
There's a few things you can do, but
Okay, great.
Appreciate it.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
That'll take some major research on your part.
Let's go ahead and talk to Vance in Georgia.
Vance, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, thanks a lot.
I just wanted to talk to you real quick about a congressman in Georgia here is pushing for the U.S.
to withdraw from the WTO.
It's on his website, and I just thought that was kind of surprising.
And it's Congressman Charlie Norwood of the 9th District, and I thought maybe... You know, I missed what you said.
He's calling for what?
He's calling for the U.S.
to withdraw from the World Trade Organization.
Yeah, he's seconding Ron Paul's bill.
Yeah, I think that's incredible.
He signed on.
It's a fabulous... Look, the WTO is eight and a half years old.
It is a private group self-appointed.
So what happens is, global corporations set up private groups.
They then pay off our politicians to sign treaties with this private corporation, and then they give up their authority, they advocate it, over to them.
It's totally criminal.
It's totally unconstitutional.
It's total treason and sedition.
And, yes, we need to get behind the resolution.
It's wildly popular to get out of it.
80-plus percent of Americans are against the WTO and these so-called free trade deals, which aren't free trade deals, and we need to get out of the WTO.
We need more authority back in our states, back in our Congress.
Well, he says it's a great quote on his website.
It says that it's threatening the very existence of the American middle class, which is the absolute truth.
And I just think it's great that there happens to be, other than Ron Paul, some other lawmakers in Washington that are willing to push for things like this.
Well, look, I hear NPR brag.
I listen to it a lot when I'm eating dinner.
I don't watch much TV.
But I listen to the enemy transmission while I eat dinner a lot of times with my family.
And all the time they go, America's about to have its standard of living lowered.
We've been consuming too much.
We deserve it.
But that's not... No, no, that's a consolidation.
They don't want a group of people out there with money who aren't dependent on them.
And so, openly, they want to lower us to second world status.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
In fact, I don't want to bug Ron Paul.
We get him on every month, it seems, but...
Instant message my producer, because I'll forget.
Instant message her and tell her to get me Ron Paul or one of the other congressmen that are co-sponsoring it.
That is a fabulous... In fact, I was reading that article yesterday about other members of Congress signing on and I never covered it on air and I didn't laud that particular other congressman, but we now have done that thanks to you.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, I'm calling about the recent bill which is passed inside the Senate Intelligence Committee by 11-4-4.
And that bill, which will be passed to the Judiciary Committee and the full Senate and so forth,
Are you talking about the expanded Patriot Act?
Yes, recertify the old Patriot Act and expand its powers, and most particularly in the area of allowing the government to seize records such as firearms records.
All you NRAs out there, you should keep that in mind.
Oh, no, they actually say it's for gun owners, and...
GLA's been talking about it.
The NRA won't discuss it.
I called the NRA and you couldn't get people to be more, I guess, I don't know, seemingly disinterested in it.
Because I guess their beloved president is behind it.
But the fact of the matter is, whether they feel he's a friend or not, you codify that into law, that'll be there the next administration when we have Hillary Clinton.
Well, he's appointing gun grabbers to every major position.
But Ron, let me elaborate since you brought up Patriot Act 2.5 here.
Everybody always hears about library records.
Well, that's only because the librarians are bucking it.
No, it's Borders Books.
It's all the major bookstores.
It's all private databases.
It's all companies.
And then when they come get it, they tell you to keep your mouth shut or you're a terrorist.
Intimate medical records.
And this thing has to be opposed.
What they did is they took the unusual step, I guess, to sort of...
We're good to go.
A man migrated, or a man penetrated, the American border from Canada earlier this week.
With a bloody chainsaw?
And engaged in mass slaughter?
Brass knuckles, a bloody chainsaw, blood on himself, knives and swords, alright?
And they took the objects from him and allowed him into the country.
By the way, I'm looking at a photo of Gregory... I'm looking at a photo of Gregory Desprez in a police mugshot.
This guy could have been big in Hollywood.
I mean, he looks like a complete... He looks crazier than Charlie Manson with a mohawk.
And it says, A man with bloody chainsaw let into U.S., held for extradition on April 25th, Gregory Desprez...
Arrived at the U.S.-Canadian border, crossed at Calais, Maine, carrying a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, you forgot the hatchet part, brass knuckles and a chainsaw, stained with what appeared to be blood.
Customs agents confiscated the weapons and fingerprinted him.
They then let him into the United States because they'd been ordered to stand down.
They call it X-ing.
And they call it A-sing.
But let me finish.
Acing, not axing.
Axing's the other thing.
And then it goes, the following day, a gruesome scene was discovered in Des Preses' hometown of Minto, New Brunswick.
The decapitated body of a 74-year-old country musician named Frederick Fulton was found on Fulton's kitchen floor.
His head was in a pillowcase.
Let me continue.
Under the kitchen table, his common-law wife was discovered stabbed to death in a bedroom.
Desperate, 22 immediately became the suspect because of a history of violence between him and his neighbors, and he was arrested April 27th.
Okay, so...
But I have masses of articles where a woman has her dog jogging on the beach, they scream at her, she yells back so they beat her up and then admit they beat her.
And they're training our kids to tattletale on us, Ron.
They lock up women for, you know, lock them up, literally, for not having their kid in a seatbelt.
This is what my point in doing this, Alex, is anybody could see the analogy.
They're not worried about people who will terrorize the society.
They won't even stop a foreign national who's a mad dog from penetrating our borders.
Yet they want to keep tabs on us.
Do you understand?
That's what this is about.
And that's why we've got to stop buying into this phony story, this smoke screen that they keep putting up about national security.
There may be, I'm not saying that there is not,
To some degree, of course, a concern for national security, but these people are opportunistically exploiting this and going a mile further with it because they have a sinister agenda.
It has nothing to do with keeping people from penetrating our borders.
It has to do with keeping us from exercising our rights as people and citizens of the United States.
Did you hear the article about all over the country they're giving the kids tattletale cards to report on their parents?
I have heard about that before.
It's encouraged.
It's encouraged.
As a matter of fact, also about recruiters going on to high school campuses,
Well, not even quasi.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
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It's all for your safety.
Every telltale sign, every cannon, every foundational pillar, every minute detail of horrible, high-tech, fascistic police state is being shut up right in front of us.
And the Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down.
The terrorists are funded by the U.S.
They're bringing in their new world order.
But people are waking up, and that's the good news.
Three quick items, and right back to your calls, and a ton of news coming up in the next hour.
Huge success last night.
Overflow crowd, Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
It was wonderful seeing all of you there.
So many great people.
We have another showing coming up next Thursday at 7.30 p.m.
at the Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
It's so nice.
And I don't even know there's any tickets for that left.
There weren't many left yesterday.
And it's in their biggest theater.
Big stadium seating.
And then we've got another showing the next week.
An extra one for people, and that's going fast.
So the 16th and the 23rd, the two next showings, probably the last.
Who knows, though?
They keep selling out a week beforehand.
Who knows what we'll have to do?
Give the people what they want.
Plus, I love movie theaters, period.
I like movies, and I like the setting.
I like the atmosphere.
It's pretty fun to eat a pizza and hang out with people.
So that's coming up.
Hope you'll get involved with that.
But again, I want to thank those that did come out last night.
So many great people.
Really enjoy getting to meet you.
Also, if you want to get a hard copy of Martial Law, or if you want to get a hard copy of any of the films I've produced, like Road to Tyranny or Masters of Terror or Dark Secrets...
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Go check out prisonplanet.tv.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls here.
Up next, who's up next there?
Josh in California.
Go ahead, Josh.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a former liberal.
Who left the dark side and woke up when I started listening to you.
And I just want to let you know that yesterday I was taking my wife to the dentist and there are these orange cones set up on the street and there's a cop directing people at random into this, get this, a roadside smog checkpoint.
Have you heard of that?
Yes, and again, it's all in the federal documents, like the National Seatbelt Initiative.
They say they're going to build hardened checkpoints on the roads that will double as toll roads.
And they're going to have volunteer high school students out there in gray uniforms with the police, and they say, in the name of checking seatbelts and other things, we're going to search vehicles.
Yeah, they were actually, they didn't look, they looked like they were like 16 or 17 years old.
They didn't even look like they were, you know, of age to be doing something like that.
Well, see, and they're going to destroy the economy, so the jobs that you'll be able to get will be in Homeland Security.
Can I ask you one more question on the other side?
Sure, stay there.
Stay there.
Second hour coming up.
Berkey Water...
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, into hour number two already.
We've got wide open phones today.
We're taking your calls.
I want to get into cops hire kids to enforce seatbelt laws, even on their parents.
Yes, they're deputy officers now.
Title on your parents.
Oh, but it's for a good cause.
It's for seatbelts and other things, too.
Woman assaulted and arrested for not having a dog on a leash.
And that's News 4 out of Atlantic Beach, Florida.
And they just didn't meddle in the news.
Well, she didn't do anything but argue, so they beat her up, but that's good.
Beating people up is good.
You deserve it, scum.
You're not with the New World Order.
I want to talk about Hispanics are the fastest growing minority.
One in seven Americans is Hispanic.
And fully half of the population growth...
Of 2.9 million people that last year was Hispanic, which is fine with me.
The problem is the Hispanic leaders are owned by the bankers and are creating a false liberation theology to turn us all against each other.
Top Saudi says kingdom has plenty of oil.
Doesn't know why people are claiming there's peak oil and not enough oil.
He says they've got enough reserves to run the planet for hundreds of years.
So does Alaska, for that matter, and they're even building more refineries.
So we'll get into that.
DOD awards a $300 million in psych ops.
Many newspapers forbid anonymous sourcing.
Also, Big Brother with a smile, an article about what these private databases are like to live under and how it fosters identity theft.
And new information coming out on the Associated Press on the Downing Street memo of government lying on the build-up to war with Iraq.
Foreign industry pushing Bush GOP fundraiser.
Company issues press release.
Caught in significance of event to adult film biz.
Bush will be there with Mary Carey.
Why are they talking about this?
World Net Daily knows.
There's old bad people clicking on it because they want to know about Mary Carey.
Oh, she's very evil, but we want to check this out.
Why didn't World Net Daily email World Net Daily and say, why don't you even cover what the New York Post did about the gay porn stars servicing the moguls?
The Bushites.
Oh, you wouldn't touch that, would you?
Because that would actually hurt Bush.
Yeah, no, you're going to talk about Mary Carey going to a fundraiser.
Who cares?
Who cares about Russell Crowe throwing a telephone at somebody?
And I don't care about Michael Jackson.
I don't want to hear about Michael Jackson when we've got DynCorp kidnapping 200,000 women and children, admittedly, and nobody goes to jail.
Talk about a scary story.
Pilots guilty of being drunk in cockpit.
I'm glad these guys are going down.
The last thing I want is guys knocking back five or six drinks before getting in the airplane.
Now that's serious.
And a really scary article here out of AFP.
Move over Rambo, you're cramping new man's style.
And they tell you in here that men, real men, wife swap and dress like women.
And this is the new super trend.
Well, again, folks, they tell you this, and then guys that do this are going to wonder why they don't have any women being attracted to them.
They're going to wonder why they have unhappy marriages.
Women do not want guys that dress up like fairies.
And the last trend was having your pants hanging down around your ankles like a punk and not being able to speak proper English.
Women don't want that either.
And I know all these idiots that try to go with whatever the trend is and then they wonder why they're so unhappy.
I'm going to talk about this later.
I mean, it's so ridiculous how they tell you that the new trend is wearing makeup and so men run out and start putting it on.
Women like it, too, when you try things out.
You experiment.
No, they don't.
Oh, women might try that for a while, and they find out that's not what they want.
You know, they told men that women wanted subservient men.
Women don't want that, either.
They want a real man.
So men out there, be real men and stop acting like punks.
All right, a lot of news.
Your call's coming up.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
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Alright, 8 minutes, 15 seconds into this second hour.
Your calls are coming up.
I mean, right now, I just covered a few news items, and then we'll go straight back to your calls.
I'd like the callers to comment on these press reports from all over the country.
Here's a new one today.
Cops hire kids to enforce seatbelt laws on their parents.
Kids vow to impose stiff penalties if family doesn't buckle up, creating that relationship with the children as spies and enforcers for the government.
And it always starts with something innocuous like that.
So evil.
We finally got this report out about our Sulla Castillo interview.
Former DEA agent, Mexican commandos, killing in southwest U.S.
to protect Bush drug cartels.
Very important article.
Hope you get that out to people.
And I forgot to tell the folks at the network to do this.
Go to prisonplanet.com and download this two-minute, three-minute newscast out of News 4 out of Atlantic Beach, Florida.
Woman assaulted, arrested for not having dog on leash.
And the woman, you know, argued with them on the beach about not having her dog on a leash.
They just beat the daylights out of her.
She's got bruises all over her.
And the cops just admit it.
Well, yeah, she resisted by arguing.
Ah, yes, resisting without force.
They just love shooting a snail grove in the head as she bled to death as she walked out of a restaurant after the Red Sox game.
They love busting your house with a SWAT team, and a gun goes off and they blow your two-year-old in half, and nobody gets in trouble, or they blow their own SWAT teams to pieces.
They just love stomping around and screaming at us.
By the way, this weekend I went and visited my uncle.
He got in a beach house down by Galveston.
Hadn't seen him in about a year.
And I went down there with the family, and I watched Galveston Police.
And I'd heard from listeners and people on the ground, I read a few news articles, about how mean the Galveston Police are now.
And how if your inspection sticker's out, or your registration is out one day, doesn't matter if you've got a whole family, they will arrest the parents, they will take your children, put them into CPS for a couple days until you pay off the bill.
And so I'm in the hotel lobby, because I didn't stay with my uncle, there in Galveston, and a cop's walking through.
I go, hey, officer, how you doing?
Which highway do I take to get to Surf Beach, Surfside Beach, whatever, the little suburb outside there?
He, like, laughed.
He went, huh, you're asking me how to get somewhere?
Get a map!
I went, well, officer, I'm just asking...
And he was a young punk, man.
You could tell he was some surly punk in school who loved shoving people around.
And I was nice.
Hey, officer, how do I get to... And then I just said to him, I said, you know what?
Is it true I've been hearing about this from people?
That if you have your inspection sticker out, you get instantly arrested?
And he goes, yeah, zero tolerance.
Why, is yours out?
And I just said, man, whoa.
Thanks a lot.
And I just kept going.
And then I would sit there walking down the boardwalk with my family...
And here came a funeral procession of cars there on that main street there on the surf beach side, whatever it is, the main road there in Galveston.
And the light turned green, and he was waving people through, and there were other people, other cars, and the cop just in two seconds started screaming,
At somebody, a motorcycle cop, and the guy had his window down, afraid of the cop, and he was just yelling at him, I told you, get moving!
I mean, just instantly like that.
And just throwing fits and turning red.
And I just thought about how that guy looked like he'd been a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps or something, and he thinks we're all recruits and we're a bunch of idiots, and you scumbag!
And so then I was reading the newspaper every day, and it was stuff like,
If one of your cows gets out, you will be arrested and fined, and we will take your cow.
And the city council wants a zero-tolerance policy on cows.
Cows getting out.
I mean, livestock's always gotten out.
And this is a serious crime, and we're not putting up with it anymore.
We want citizens to report when cows get out.
And then it had the farmers going, we don't understand this.
We've always helped each other.
See, everything's zero tolerance.
What are you doing?
Why don't you get a map, buddy?
And I'm just like going, okay.
Why don't you?
I mean, you're not a public servant.
You're a thug.
You're a gang member.
You're there enforcing.
You know it.
You know we're slaves.
You're getting off on it.
But you know what?
Long after you're an old man, your great-granddaughter is going to be abused by this.
Your sons, your daughters will be.
You're going to be abused by this.
They're going to take your pension fund.
You watch.
And nobody's going to help you.
Get disabled and see what happens to you, cop.
You're going to reap what you sow.
You know what?
You've cursed yourself.
I don't have to curse you.
You've cursed yourself.
You've taken this mantle and you've put it on.
But I saw other stuff.
You go to some towns and the police are real nice and real friendly and people are talking to them and like them.
They kind of got a pot belly because people bring them so much coffee and pies.
They're good cops.
And then you go to some cities, it's like a city will have a spirit about it, and the cops are just these roid-head, raging, just out-of-control scum.
And you know what?
I'm not going back to Galveston.
I haven't been there in probably a decade.
That's it.
You don't get my money.
For everybody out there, I'll give you a travel advisory.
Don't go to Galveston, Texas.
They're a bunch of thugs.
They're a bunch of scum.
And the newspaper was full of other stuff.
I left it in the hotel.
I should have brought them.
It was just full of police state stuff.
Huge front page spreads about the new police captain and how great he is.
I mean, it was like cop worship land or something.
Galveston is notoriously corrupt.
It was the big gambling and prostitution haven before 1900 when it got buried by a tsunami.
Biggest disaster in U.S.
And it still goes on down there.
I mean, my reports are that they're dealing narcotics.
They're running it all.
And, you know, they think you come down there, you're their slaves.
Well, let me just tell you the Galveston cop something.
I'm not your slave, and I'm not getting near your scum hole again.
You understand?
And now I just told hundreds of thousands of Texans that are listening not to go to your scum hole.
But it was funny, last Friday's showing, as I got up in the morning and went to Galveston, last Friday's showing, two showings of martial law in downtown Austin, I had a really nice fellow walk up to me and he goes, have you heard about Galveston?
And I was like, yeah, I have heard about Galveston.
Big police state there.
And he goes, yeah, they're arresting you if you have one thing out of order.
And so I did an internet search late that night on it and found articles about it.
He said he couldn't believe it, so he called them.
And they said, yeah, it's true.
But again, I walk up to the cop, hey, how you doing, officer?
You know which road goes to Freeport and the town before that does, what is it, Surf Beach or whatever?
And I was just real friendly, because, you know, I mean, I've always got an open hand.
And he was just, he was like Eddie Haskell or something.
Well, why don't you get a map?
Well, uh...
Just thought you'd know the best... And so then I kind of bucked up to him, and as soon as I did that, by the way, he deflated.
As soon as I locked onto his eyes... Again, bullies are wimps, folks.
Real men don't act like punks.
Real men don't try to belittle people.
Real men don't want to dominate others.
Real men are confident.
But these emasculated, cowardly types...
I mean, they may have arms the size of tree trunks.
They're still emasculated.
They've got to dominate.
They've got to shove people around.
They want to exercise power.
They're drunk on it.
And Galveston, Texas needs to change their ways.
We're good to go.
I'm just sick of it.
I'm tired of being treated like a slave.
You're public servants.
You may call yourselves authorities and officials, but you're public servants.
All right, let's go back to calls.
I'm going to get into all this news.
I'm sick of it.
America isn't supposed to be like this.
Shame on you.
It's when the government becomes God.
But that's tyranny.
Next, I guess, is Stan in... No, Josh was still holding.
Who's up next here?
Stan in Missouri.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead, Stan.
I wanted to call and tell you about an interesting telephone conversation I had with a friend last night that lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.
He put in 20 years in the Army.
Well, he knows about the wonderful ID card they're coming out, the new ID Act.
Well, he told me his uncle down there in Corpus, he attends a lot of agriculture meetings, and the subject of the ID card come up.
Now, I don't know if you've heard anything about this, but he said just...
The cost of this card, when they implement this, Alex, is going to cost $100.
They're not only going to enslave the people, they're going to rip the people off.
Oh, no, that was in the news.
One of these microchip cards... One of these microchip cards... Uh-huh, it's going to be $100 if this driver's license is implemented, is what he told me last night.
Well, that's what I was going to tell you.
That's actually been admitted.
The card costs them about $2 right now.
And what was it, MSNBC reported it's going to be 120 smackers.
Well, I tell you, Alex, when all this occurred there, I'm pretty prompt to step right in on all this.
Well, I talked to 30 people down this day in Versailles, Missouri area about this national ID card.
And guess what, Alex?
They didn't have a clue that this was even going on.
Well, the police do.
They've been giving the word that we're slaves and to let us know who the boss is.
Yeah, and you're right on.
Can you believe that cop when I nicely ask him directions?
Oh, I've got a good one to tell you.
I went down to Grabois, Missouri.
This is a town pass for sales.
And I stopped in the video store and I talked to a guy there for quite a bit about, you know, what's going on.
And he's got Dave Von Kleist's video 911.
Well, what I was going to tell you, there's another guy that lives down in Versailles.
He's seen three of your videos, but he's never been able to get you on shortwave.
But the subject about what you're talking about, the cop.
Well, this guy that owns the video store, he was walking down Versailles just to deposit, not Versailles, to grab his meals to deposit some money in the bank with one of his, you know, money pouches.
Well, he was coming back.
A Morgan County Sheriff's Department deputy.
I want to hear this story.
I know, folks.
I've been...
I mean, I've had cops just pull up around me in cars before and jump out on me.
And I go, are you looking for somebody?
Don't ask questions.
And I'm just like, man, I mean, come on.
Would you like to be treated like this?
You know what?
You're going to get a big backlash.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
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All right, going back to Stan in Missouri.
Stan, what happened to your friend?
I was going to tell you about the video store owner, Alex, in Gravelous Mills.
What happened was he was going down to the bank to deposit some money, and he was coming back with his money pouch.
Well, all of a sudden this Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy pulls up on him, asked him what he was doing and where he was going.
And he said, well, I own the video store there.
Well, Alex, that wasn't good enough for this Sheriff's Deputy.
He wanted to see some identification.
Well, the poor unfortunate video owner at the time, he didn't have any identification on him.
And you know what that Sheriff's Deputy said, Alex?
He said we have a law in Morgan County.
Everybody has to have a piece of identification on them, and I could arrest you right now for not having any identification.
Now, I've had police tell me that, and it doesn't matter how many federal or state courts throw out the failure to ID laws.
They still will arrest you, but I guess they didn't arrest him.
No, they didn't.
But the cop let him know, though.
He got off.
You're my property, buddy.
Oh, yeah.
You don't go outside your house without your slave card.
He was great.
You got me, buddy?
Oh, yeah.
He was very upset and distraught, Alex.
He knew the judge down there in Morgan County.
He said, my gosh, he said, let him arrest me.
I said, I'll contact the judge.
And, Alex, another thing before I get off here.
You're right.
They're putting up the video cameras, monitoring people to clear down an Osage Beach lake area.
And they're even doing it in Branson, Missouri.
All federally funded.
Take care.
Oh, yeah.
And look, again, we're not against police themselves, but how you've been trained, what you've been told to do, I know a lot of you aren't like that, but the bad ones are the ones that get promoted.
I mean, stop treating us like scum.
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
Let's talk to Jeff in New York.
Jeff, go ahead.
I was there with Al Qaeda.
I missed the first thing you said.
I think the loose cows might be with Al-Qaeda.
Yes, sir.
Anytime a cow gets out now, you're going to be charged.
You're very evil.
I've got a couple things for you.
Rez, 27, Dana Rohrabacher gave a speech for that today in favor of it, saying he was against the World Trade Organization and the U.N.
and said these organizations are what constitute the New World Order.
You're kidding.
That's what he said.
Did you see this on C-SPAN?
It was on C-SPAN, yeah.
I think he said New World Order twice, I think.
Yeah, meanwhile he's supporting Schwarzenegger for president.
But, well, I told you, look, suddenly all these neocon talk show hosts are talking about the New World Order, but then they'll spin it.
But, yeah, no, I mean, Rohrabacher's got constituents that are demanding.
I wasn't aware of this, though.
That's good news.
Well, I hope that H.J.
Rez 27 passes to get us out of the WTO.
It didn't pass.
Both already done.
It didn't pass by a landslide.
No, that's horrible.
I got through on Washington Journal this morning to talk to Peter Hostra, and a couple related things to that.
The last time I got through, about two years ago, I talked to Arlen Specter,
During a stem cell research question, and I spun my question into a John F. Kennedy question, a single bullet theory question, the answer he gave me
In part, it was almost exactly the same as Lee Hamilton's response to somebody yesterday on Washington Journal, where he said, look, we're still debating the Lincoln assassination.
And then Hamilton said... And again, it's Arnold Specter that says a bullet shoots through one person, hits two bones, shoots through metal in a chair, hits another bone, and then isn't even damaged.
When I brought it up to him, he started pulling at his collar at first, because he got real nervous.
Wasn't expecting a question about that in the stem cell debate.
The reason that I called in to talk to Hofstra, because I wouldn't even have bothered.
I don't have anything, I don't know much about the guy.
But he kept touting how John Negroponte is such an upstanding guy.
Our new Supreme Commander of all intelligence.
Exactly, and I was hoping that you could maybe talk a little bit about his involvement in the Iran Contra Fair.
That's what I brought up to Representative Hofstra.
We also talked a little bit about what a previous guest had brought up about Posse Comitatus,
And I cited one example of how it's already gone.
Fox News and CNN two days ago had live coverage of a car chase in California.
The LAPD came out with three armored vehicles.
One of them was giant.
The other two were a little bit smaller.
It had gun ports, at least eight gun ports on each one of them.
The cops jumped out, LAPD in green military fatigues, with green military helmets, German-made Heckler & Koch machine guns,
And I just said to him, look it, don't even tell me that Posse Comitatus isn't gone already, that the police and the military haven't already merged.
It's obvious they have, especially in your footage of the Republican convention in New York City.
No, I know.
And again, but not troops on the border.
And you go to third world police states, that's what it looks like.
Now it's looking like that here, and it's about keeping us in line.
They're setting up this control grid so they can rape us financially.
They're working on it.
Oh man, they're going to loot this country up once... They already are.
Trillions missing from the Pentagon.
Criminals are in control.
They know we're getting wives to them.
So they're turning their dogs loose on us.
And it's not going to work.
You're going to be defeated.
You're going to be pariahs.
You're going down.
Thanks for the call.
More calls, more news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Continuing with your calls, every caller brings up another key issue that's in my stack.
Let's go ahead and talk to James in Maryland.
James, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I've shown your video, Martial Law, to a lot of people, and the question that keeps coming up, I don't know the answer to, and it's probably a naive question,
Question, but at any rate, why haven't charges been filed against the treasonous, treacherous George Bush?
Well, you know, I had a caller who called in last week disagreeing with me about 9-11 saying, why haven't they been charged?
There have been a whole bunch of lawsuits by victims, family members, victims of 9-11,
There have been civil lawsuits.
There have been folks who've tried to go to grand juries for criminal charges.
And the federal courts continue to throw them out.
Also, whenever there was a civil suit against the Saudis connected to the Bushes by 9-11 victims and their families, James Baker, the former Secretary of State...
Went to bat for the Saudis and for the Bushes and had that thrown out of court.
So, I mean, there have been thousands of examples throughout history of the courts refusing to prosecute their own people.
Or, you know, the local example of a cop shooting somebody in the back and the grand jury no-bills it.
No-bills the indictment.
So, I mean, that's the answer, that's the reason, because they control the courts.
And another question that people have is, with all the information and incredible documentation that you have, how come there hasn't been a march on Washington to give you worldwide coverage?
If a few million people marched on Washington, they have to watch.
Well, actually, we've had rallies in Washington with 700,000 people, and it's not on any news channel.
And we've also had farmers... That's insane!
That's insane!
700,000 people you had in Washington, and... Well, there have been Patriot marches in Washington.
I didn't have that many people there.
I'm talking specifically to put out the information that you've put out.
Well, sir, there were...
Out of the 400,000 protesters in New York for the RNC, I would say that in a crowd of, if you just cut out 100 people out of a mass, we have photos of this, maybe 20 of them would have signs saying, you know, 9-11 inside job, 9-11 cover up.
I mean, there were tens of thousands.
One 9-11 protest group handed out 10,000 signs in one day that people carried.
So you didn't see that on the nightly news, did you?
Not a bit.
Yeah, listen, I appreciate your call.
It isn't about Alex Jones leading some march to D.C.
And you've really got to watch people that say, we want to have a march on D.C., we want to have an armed march on D.C., I'm the leader, follow me, give fealty unto me as your leader, or you're not good.
We've seen a lot of provocateurs do that.
I do think that having marches on the anniversary of 9-11 that's coming up in every capital city, I don't care if it's 50 people in your town, or it's 200.
I think having people there, exposing 9-11, that is so important.
We want to have it everywhere, and then fax the local media, and that will get into your local papers.
If you go have a march on D.C., one march, they'll totally ignore it,
And there's a good chance the feds would provocateur something.
See, they're centralized.
We need to be decentralized.
We need to have all of you being leaders, all of you doing this.
It's so important.
I mean, there are protests every day at Ground Zero, many times with thousands of people.
It's never in the news, or very rarely in the news.
But when the 9-11 Truth Movement has had rallies in, what, like 20 cities or more on the last anniversary?
And it made it in over a dozen newspapers that I saw.
Not to mention the people on the ground that see what's happening.
Look, it's about you becoming a leader, you getting involved, and not expecting instant, massive results.
We're taught by Hollywood and this culture that some hero, some individual...
He's going to fix things for you, and they're going to cut the head off of the serpent in one swipe, and then everything's honky-dory and strawberry fields forever.
That's not the way this works.
It is a continual, relentless attack of the New World Order against it.
We have to relentlessly attack them back in the Infowar, and we're having a lot of success.
But don't expect to go out and fight the New World Order and then tomorrow everything's going to be fixed.
No, it's about knowing you're having an effect, knowing you're not going to see those results every night.
Look, we're in an instant gratification society where you get your oil changed in ten minutes and you're mad of it in ten minutes instead of changing your oil yourself.
Or you expect to pull through and get dinner instantly and bring it home because you're so busy.
But those of us that have done some farming or gardening, it's the enjoyment of preparing the ground, planting the seeds, trimming the plants, watering them.
If you don't want to use pesticides, if you have a small garden, thumping and killing the bugs yourself with your bare hands, which I do.
It takes about two minutes a day.
Then eating that food.
We're supposed to do that.
And I see life as a garden, as a vineyard.
The Bible uses it as analogous to life.
And so you're not going to go out and talk about 9-11 government involvement overnight and then everybody the next day, oh, yes, it's true, oh, they're going to jail now.
No, you relentlessly, as I did before 9-11 and as I did day one of 9-11 and as I do now almost four years later, you relentlessly battering ram, smash into them, grind into them, physically fight them relentlessly.
Look, I was sitting in my hotel room this weekend with the family.
I don't watch TV.
I mean, literally, maybe like an hour or two a month now.
But I was laying there watching Fox News, and I saw the cover-up about torture, and then I flipped over and watched a black preacher.
And it wasn't TBN.
It's some local thing in Texas with preachers.
And I mean, it's a lot better to see some real preachers on TV.
And he was going over the four things you've got to do to walk in faith.
You don't just pray for something and hope it happens.
No, he gave an example of, first of all, you have the faith.
Then you put it into action.
Again, I'm not a preacher.
I don't want to screw this up, but it's just common sense.
First of all, you have the faith.
Then you put it into action.
You ask God to open doors for you.
His example was, oh God, give me a job.
Give me a better job.
Then you sit there watching soap operas and not beating the pavement.
Or, oh God, please help my children not get on drugs, but then you don't explain to your children how it's not cool to use drugs, how the government's behind it.
You tell your children that.
They won't use drugs, folks.
You tell them, oh, you're not old enough or it's too cool, and then, oh, I want to be cool, they're going to use them.
I mean, if you want your child to be... Here's another example.
You want your child to be good at baseball.
Well, I mean, if you don't start throwing them the baseball when they're two...
If you don't start taking them on hikes with you and playing ball in the backyard and playing chase with them, they're not going to be physically active.
I mean, you want your child not to be an overweight couch potato, then you've got to take the TV out of your house, you've got to stop feeding them junk food, and you've got to get up off your big hind end and take them to the park every day.
And again, I'm using those examples compared to politics.
I mean...
Food doesn't just grow out of the ground.
You've got to pick which seeds you want to grow, check what grows good in what ground, plant those seeds, care for those seeds, water those seeds, take care of those plants, deal with the pest, and instead of seeing it as work, see it as fun.
I mean, I labor in a garden.
I'm like a Johnny Appleseed.
I'm always out there planting seeds, planting seeds, trying to, trying to, and you know, pearls before swine.
Because they'll turn on you like dogs and chew your guts out.
Somebody laughs at you.
Somebody doesn't care.
Somebody just wants to giggle at you.
Move on.
I know people that spend all their time with detractors and with people that disagree with them.
Move on, folks.
Move on.
Move on to people that want to hear the truth.
Move on to people that are asking questions.
Move on to people who care.
That's what's important in life.
You first got to get over the fear of rejection, the fear of what people think about you.
The instant you don't care what people think about you, then they're going to see that as confidence.
And confidence isn't something that you imagine and that you try to project.
Confidence comes from discipline.
Confidence comes from the exercise of overcoming your fear.
Let me tell you something.
Ten years ago when I first gave speeches, I was very nervous.
After a while, I mean, I'm not nervous.
I wish I was nervous.
I'd give better speeches.
But, you know, it's about the exercise of it.
It's about doing it.
It's about getting up before the city council and going, you're a bunch of criminals.
Stop what you're doing.
How dare you?
And, you know, when people hiss at you when you leave, so what?
You're going to be there two years later doing it, and people are going to be saying, we want to run you for city council, and you're going to run for city council, and you're going to win.
So you've got to know you're in the right.
You're doing the right thing.
You're a leader.
You've got a job to do.
You're defending your family.
You're defending humanity.
You're standing up against mechanized evil.
And you better get the fear of God in you and realize that the New World Order and its program will affect everybody and that they feed on their own.
They feed on their own servants.
They tend to leave predominantly.
They crush us occasionally.
They cut us down.
They strike us down.
But only when God loves them, and that's part of God's plan, and so be it.
You're in more danger serving them, and I've really looked at this, than in going head up against them.
Head up against them.
And I use the analogy of football.
The one time you go 90% on that down is when you're going to break your ankle, and you're going to sprain your ankle, when you're going to break your collarbone.
If you go 110% every time, statistically, and people will tell you this that are very proficient in sports, when you're going 110%, you're not going to get injured.
It's almost impossible.
But it's when you're lagging, when you're lollygagging, when your life is like that.
And I'm not afraid.
I mean, they could have me lined up right now with a firing squad and say, worship the New World Order or you're dead.
And I have total confidence I'd say, fire away.
You think, well, that's crazy.
Well, no, I've got to go 110%.
I mean, my course is set.
I mean, I'm not in control of myself, quite frankly.
I mean, I am doing this.
This is who I am.
This is what I am.
I am given completely over to it.
All right?
And understand, there is no choice in life.
You know, you think you take the middle road.
You think you sit on the fence.
You think, no, you will be given over.
You will be given over to being an evil pimp.
And again, I'm not up here on a high horse, folks.
I mean, I'm not perfect.
I mean, I lust after women.
I've got to be quite frank with you.
But I control myself.
I like alcohol.
And that's why I try to not drink.
Because if I drink one glass of wine, I want two glasses of wine.
I like tobacco.
Very hard for me.
I'm always quitting and stopping.
We've all lusted in our hearts.
We've all sinned a million times.
The point is, though, you don't give yourself over to it.
Because once you start giving yourself over to it, once you're not even conscious of it, there's no level of depravity to which you won't sink.
I really am preaching today.
It's just...
Humanity is so beautiful.
There's so many good things about the human species.
We're made in the image of God, folks.
What we imagined 100 years ago, we've now created.
We really are.
We have all of this potential.
So much beauty and so much love and just so much goodness and just so much majesty in the world.
And we're all feeling insignificant because Madison Avenue, if it can make you feel insignificant, if it can make you feel ugly, then you'll feel insecure and you'll buy all their products.
You won't care about your family.
You'll feel insecure so you'll be mean to your husband.
Your husband will feel insecure so he'll be mean to you.
Meanwhile, your children are smoking crack cocaine for the first time.
Or they're learning how to paddle on you for the first time.
It's such a sophisticated issue to try to really grasp it, but it's just common sense.
And so stop looking for instant results.
I mean, I was an absolute lunatic in even most of the listeners' minds when I got on air on 9-11 and said it's an inside job.
I was an absolute lunatic two months before when I got on air and I said, call the White House, tell them don't carry out the attacks.
You know, I was a lunatic when I told you they were putting cancer viruses in your vaccines.
I'm a lunatic when I tell you eight years ago they're going to put transponders in your cars and tax and trace you.
Now it's all over the news.
No, I'm not a lunatic.
I know what they're doing.
I know their program.
Not because I'm something special.
If I spent my whole life studying 57 Chevys, I'd be the expert on 57 Chevys.
If I spend my whole life on working out and looking cool and trying to run around and be a playboy, I'd be successful at that.
You'd be successful at that.
If I spent my whole life on how to act tough or how to be a Hollywood star, I could do that.
You could probably do that too.
But no, I spend my life studying the New World Order, meditating on the New World Order, that is thinking about their operations, really studying it,
And so I do have predictive capabilities.
You have that too.
Alright, that's enough.
I just... We don't have a choice, folks.
If we give in to these people, they're never going to stop.
They're sadistic.
They enjoy doing bad things to us.
This is what... They're defective.
They're fallen.
And they're totally sociopathic.
And if you want to just give in to this, and you think you're going to be okay, the comeuppance for everybody is coming.
People say, well, when are they going to drop the hammer?
It's already here.
They're already dropping the hammer.
More people in prison than ever.
More innocent people being arrested than ever.
Just all the things they do to us through the genetically engineered food, all the illnesses, all the things they... We're already being judged.
All right.
Josh in California was on hold earlier.
I didn't finish his call.
Josh, go ahead.
Finish up.
Oh, he's gone again.
Okay, up next is then Kyle in California.
Kyle in California, go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
It was a little bit of preaching, but all I have to say is amen, because if everybody just realized that they just do the best they can, they don't have to, like you said, be a great leader.
Just do what you can in this
And put your name behind credible people and investigate people that you put your name behind and I think it would do wonders.
I had a question and a couple points about your talking about people discussing the New World Order and stating that you're absolutely right.
I haven't listened to you for a few months.
I called in months back and I've been off the Internet and I've been up and down the radio dial trying to find some quality programming which is few and far between but
Come across, Michael Savage is ranting and raving about it, but you're absolutely right.
You've got to put everyone who disagrees with the government in camps, or the New World Order is going to win.
Nick Berg is a big poster boy for why we have to go kill millions of people around the world.
And the globalists chopped that man's head off.
I know, yeah.
Can I hang on?
Sure you can.
I wonder why Nick Burr gave his computer passwords to the hijackers.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
That's 1-888-2533-139.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
You see big brothers afraid of this documentary.
Order today and spread the word.
America's future depends on the truth getting out.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got to get national ID cards or the New World Order will win.
We've got to arrest people who disagree with the government or the New World Order will win.
I mean, actually, these are quotes, folks.
And, no, I mean, look, this term now is being used.
I heard Savage years ago go, we've got to support President Bush in this war or the New World Order is going to win.
But it's not just him.
I mean, a bunch of people are doing this.
And that's because, folks, we're becoming the majority.
Even through the underground media, we are becoming the majority.
And they know that.
They know that, so they have to give vent to that.
But they try to spin it.
Go ahead, Kyle in California, finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
And like I said, I've been up and down the dial looking on the lefty stuff.
There's some people I think that are actually going for the truth, but they're clouded by this paradigm of the left-right.
It seems an intentional fogging or clouding of the water using the same rhetoric.
I would just say really quickly, if you felt like reaching out to this lefty, I think Janine Garofalo would be open.
She was talking about Buzzy Crongard and the put.
It's just for whatever it's worth.
Was she talking about CIA insider trading or Crongard saying we don't want Ben Lawton?
No, no, no, about the insider trading.
And I think she's really putting some pieces together.
The government's tyrannical and bad, so let's turn our guns in.
Well, I agree.
George Bush wants open borders, so let's do that!
I know.
I agree.
You know, you can't agree on everything, but if you can, you know, maybe get it open.
I know, but I mean, these so-called leftists, just give me a break.
I agree.
The police are wearing black masks, so we should turn our guns into them?
I mean, you know.
I agree, brother.
I agree.
And no one's bringing it like you, Alex.
I'm not here to put you on a pedestal, but I think you can handle a compliment well.
And no one's using your foresight
And your skepticism of what we're being told, and especially no one's bringing up the broad stroke of what terrorism is in the Patriot Act, and that is really driving me crazy.
But my question, okay, Cy Hirsch keeps talking about the Bush-Kabul-Trotskyite.
Can you explain to me what that means?
Yeah, Cy Hirsch and everybody else, for that matter, Pat Buchanan,
I mean, they are in... Okay, the Communist Fourth International, and I appreciate your call, I'll answer it off air, because this hour is almost over.
The Communist Fourth International was set up by Trotsky, who was kicked out of Russia, and then Stalin had him assassinated in Mexico.
And so a bunch of communists were real upset, and that was Kristol's dad and others.
And so they said, well, we're going to get behind a, quote, right-wing movement, but centralize government.
It's the same thing.
They work for the same corporations.
They centralize the people's wealth, but then transfer it via government conduits, basically government proboscis, into their coffers.
And they are, I mean, you want to know, literally, they're all hardcore, at least in the past, communists.
We're good to go.
Before I end this hour, we're going to be showing my new film at the Alamo Draft House next Thursday at 7.30, and then Thursday after that at 8 o'clock, Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
Two more showings, and I think there may be a few tickets left for next week, and they're selling quick for the next week, so go online and click over to the Alamo Draft House website, theinfowars.com, and get those tickets.
Big success last night.
Great seeing all of you out there.
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Third hour, your calls and a ton of news straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now into hour number three on this live Thursday edition, 9th of June.
2005, toll free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Now I'm really going to go through your calls quickly, so no matter how good your call is, I'm going to cut you off after about 80 seconds or so.
Leo in Texas, go ahead.
Hi Alex, I've been in Galveston for the past 15 years, I can make lots of comments, but I wanted to ask you about those guys in Seattle, the black ski masks that set up the peaceful protesters for a good police thumping.
Because I was telling that story to a couple of friends, and one of them knew the story and even finished it for me because she said there's a guy here in Galveston at one of the pubs, working at one of the pubs, that was bragging how he was one of those guys and was part of that.
Bragging that they were setting the protesters up?
Well, he didn't say that, but he was bragging that he's a freedom fighter, that kind of thing.
Well, for those who don't know, it's in the film The Takeover.
And the police admit it.
They hired 50 thugs, housed them in a government building.
They broke trash cans and windows and burned stuff in the street.
Then they were all retired and protected.
The cops were ordered not to touch them.
And then they attacked the 55,000, 60,000 peaceful protesters, put them in a FEMA camp with the military.
Yeah, and she knew the whole story about how they were in one place, and they were moved, and... That was all a huge beta test.
Then they edited that video and showed it to cops all over the country, issued the federal Darth Vader outfits, you know, the armored pads and all of it, and she got a crack head.
See how dangerous they are when they hired them to begin with?
I mean, it's all admitted in the film.
Well, I kind of dismiss it, though.
Well, maybe the guy's just making it up.
He saw the film or something like that, but...
You're mentioning a change in the police attitude down here.
Yeah, what's it like?
I mean, real fast, as I promised.
I haven't really had much interaction or gotten much feedback on that, so I can't really say.
I don't really get out that much anymore.
But did they just let those guys go?
Yes, the anarchists?
Yeah, they just let them go?
Well, they housed them in a government building.
They protected them.
And, quote, the mayor was friends.
And the cops kept saying, yeah, we'd watch him robbing stuff.
We weren't allowed to touch him.
The media filmed that for the day.
Then they backed off.
Delta Force was running the whole operation out of the hotel.
That's even in mainstream newspapers.
Then they attacked the peaceful crowds.
The media said, oh, look, they're finally standing up to him.
Thanks for the call.
Setting the precedent.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
The next caller in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, caller.
Yes, I'm calling in response to the last caller that brought up Dana Roybacher, a Republican from California, talking about the world order.
I hurried up and queued up the tape.
It's probably like 30 seconds.
If you'd like me to play it, I think you'd like it.
How did you catch that on tape?
It was on C-SPAN earlier, about a couple hours ago.
Will you mail that to me?
Can I play it right now?
No, you can play it.
Go ahead.
Okay, press play.
...to support any effort to transfer sovereignty from elected officials in the United States to unelected officials elsewhere at a global level who will exercise power and control, mandate policies, and shape our lives, yet they are not elected by the people of the United States of America, as if we should expect of them.
In the WTO or even the United Nations to watch out for our interests.
It is our job to watch out for the interests of the American people.
We are elected to do so.
Transferring our sovereignty and decision-making power to the WTO or the United Nations or any other international body like that is not in the long-term interest of our people.
The United States did this back in the 50s or in the 40s
We're good to go.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has arisen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight, piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption, crassing through the lies and disinformation.
And we're talking to, I guess it's Everest?
In Pennsylvania, Everett.
And he was playing a clip that we've gotten other calls about.
Dana Rohrabacher, the congressman this morning, before they shot down the bill, House Resolution 27, that would have restricted the expansion of the WTO.
Over our daily lives.
And you notice it started as a dream of a global order, a loving thing.
Oh, but it turned bad.
Oh, the global order is a good dream.
It's just that it's turned bad.
Look, this is the illusion of left-right.
Bush actually signed back onto UNESCO.
It's expanding funding.
It's all run by the same people.
But they have to have this little staged fight to make you think that there's a choice.
And then the false choice is the liberal world government or the loving conservative George Bush government.
And the left sees, you know, the global order as a wonderful thing, and Europe and others fighting against the out-of-control Americans and the Anglo-American establishment and the evil George Bush.
And then a lot of Americans see Bush as the great American with the American empire standing down the evil hordes of Europe and others.
I mean, he's got to do it to keep us safe.
Whereas there's then no debate about, hey, we don't want a global government.
You see?
But as they get into the final phases of their program, they've got to go ahead and clench it.
And we see the European Union stumbling and falling.
And may they dash their foot and dash their head.
May they get both their legs broken.
That is symbolizing the New World Order as a giant.
May its feet crack and fall apart.
And may the monstrosity, the ziggurats of the New World Order collapse into the dust from which they came.
They're destined to fail.
Destined to implode.
It is their nature.
The question is, will we be crushed during that?
Alright, go ahead and finish up what you were saying about Rohrbacher and his New World Order comments.
I was just going to play the rest of it about him talking about the UN.
Well, how long is this?
Just cut me off when you want me to stop.
Okay, but will you throw that in the mail and mail it to me?
Thanks a lot.
Go ahead and roll some more of it.
Let's play.
That would bring about prosperity and peace.
And what do we see now in the United Nations?
Corruption at the highest levels, arrogance.
We see United Nations peacekeeping troops stand by as people are massacred.
They themselves have participated in atrocities, and yet we see cover-up of the United Nations and corruption.
Is that the type of people we want to give sovereignty to?
Well, why do we think the WTO is going to be any different?
The WTO is made up of non-democratic countries as well as democratic countries, just like the United Nations.
We are not going to bring them up.
They will bring us down if we give up our decision-making process to unelected bodies that have been set up.
You know, they call it the New World Order.
The New World Order, that was brought out, I mean...
What is that going to bring the American people?
A loss of sovereignty, a loss of our ability to control our own destinies.
We will see the WTO manipulated by special interests in the same way we've seen
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Ten years from now, as the WTO evolves, and even today, we will find our huge international corporations and international corporations in general going to these bodies and manipulating them and bribing them.
And why not accept the bribes?
The people of Burma or China or these other countries who are non-democratic or non-honest, that is their way... I would like an additional one minute.
That is their way of life.
So why are we transferring... Is that enough?
No, that's great.
Please mail that to me.
Do you promise?
Yes, yes.
I've mailed things to you before.
Well, Everett, I really appreciate you.
But see, notice that the New World Order... Well, Rohrabacher loves Bush.
His daddy constantly calls for it.
Bush is helping set it up.
Bush is all for this.
And I guarantee you, Rohrabacher's bad news.
I guarantee you...
If he'd have been the tie-breaking vote in the House, he would have voted for it.
They knew it was going to fail, so they have to have some grandstanding.
But if it wasn't for Ron Paul, they're making them look bad.
This was actually a bill by Bernie Sanders.
But Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders and these people in there, they're actually putting the heat exposing the cockroaches.
I agree.
I agree.
Look, folks, our economy is shutting down.
And all I hear is how great the economy is.
The dollar has lost.
I hear an ad on the network saying 35%.
It's 44%.
That's not true.
I mean, I guess the way they look at it is from 2000 to now.
But if you look at the dollar from, like, 1998 versus the euro, it's like, depending on where it's at day to day, it's like 42 to a high of 45% devalued.
So it's worse than what that Midas ad is saying.
If you look at the whole graph, not just the last five years of the graph, look at the last six, seven of it, and they say there's no inflation?
I mean, folks, everything's exploding in prices!
I mean, up is down, down is up, I'm tired of it!
And thank you so much for the call.
But again, they've got to give you this illusion of choice.
So he'll stand up there and grandstand when, meanwhile, he's supporting all of Bush's garbage.
And he's introduced the bill so they can have Schwarzenegger run for president.
I mean, Rohrbacher's a joke.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Maryland.
Joe, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for everything that you do.
Thank you.
I just really appreciate all the videos that you have given to us, or
Thank you so much.
What was going on.
Yeah, that was a big, I mean, that whole thing was a big theatrical display.
It was, and I tell you, the Americans down there, and I tell you what we did, the blacks, the whites, and we had a lot of Cubans, we had a lot of other ethnic groups, we had our own kind of demonstration, we had a, well, I guess you would call that peaceful march one day, because we were just fed up with
The gloobity glob of all of it because the people were warned that they were coming after that child and they wouldn't release it.
See, a lot of things, you know, was on the media down there that wasn't in, you know, available other places.
And anyway, but something happened that day.
I mean, we came out with flags.
I mean, on my expedition we had like eight flags, American flags, and tractors, backhoes, I mean, everything, all the veterans,
I'm telling you, it was something to see.
And what happened?
Huh, guess what?
We called Channel 7, who always faced every ambulance in Dave County.
No publicity whatsoever.
It wasn't in the papers, it wasn't on the media, it wasn't on anything.
And we were very peaceful.
All we did was, you know, go down the road, you know, Route 1, and a few miles and turn around and come back.
But we had absolutely no coverage whatsoever.
Well, what you do is, that's why they're trying to have free speech zones where people can't protest behind cameras.
So what you do is, because they can't declare that for every operation, you just have a spontaneous demonstration right behind their cameras.
Or you do what I've done before.
If they're putting out fake news, I will jump in front of live broadcast.
I will wait until they go live, and I will, with a bullhorn, jump in front of the camera.
Well, this happened a long time ago.
No, I understand.
I'm just giving you tactics in the future.
That's good.
That's good.
And I tell you, I've only been in the area, and now I think I'm thinking about moving again.
But the thing is, you know, I don't really know how to get involved here.
I was very active in Florida, and, you know, with the development and stuff like that, I was right on the front lines of it and trying to keep our house and down and stuff like that because we lived right on the edge of the Redland, and everybody was
No, certainly not.
Okay, well, Joe, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
All right, we'll talk to Malta and Denmark, and then I'm going to come back and cover news for a while and go back to calls later.
Malta, go ahead.
Yeah, you're on the air, Malta.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you've got feedback or something.
But go ahead, sir.
Yeah, I just... You're talking about the police.
I couldn't find it, but I'm sure it's someplace about this... The bosses of the police, the sheriff, they're all members of...
Of them, Lodge.
Every one of them.
They have the signals when the celebrities from the elite family come in.
And do they know what sign to go after?
Hey, I don't know.
I don't understand you.
You never heard about that?
Sir, I can't understand you.
Oh, okay.
I mean, these police chiefs, they're supposed to be elected by voters.
Well, there's some kind of system.
Well, here in the United States, you have, through the state charters, cities set up.
They're private corporations.
The only real peace officers are the sheriff and their deputies.
Now, instead, they're getting rid of the sheriffs and then having these lifetime positions, which is horrible.
I was just reading in some book about it.
Some years ago, about this, about... They know the signs when they come with their limousine.
What to do when a person in there is doing something like that.
I mean, I mean, it's... I don't know.
What does it mean?
It was state's error already then.
I'll try to find some more info about it.
All right.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't... Yeah, sure, Alex.
Keep it up, man.
All right, thank you.
I just... I don't...
Take care.
I don't... I can't understand much.
I think I got some of that.
But, hey, I can't speak his language, so at least he knows a lot of English.
Some English.
But he'll be right back.
I got a bunch of news here, and I'll just rapid-fire go through it on the other side, so stay with us.
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Hi, folks.
Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
The real money, folks.
Let's review a few things from the past year, November 2003 to November 2004.
The dollars ranged from $9,800 to $10,300, a 5% increase.
The dollar's value has dropped from $0.96 to $0.70 against the euro, a 24% decrease in spending power against the gold-backed euro.
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Most people know that there's big problems in this country and worldwide.
They're just afraid.
Have you ever known a problem to get better by ignoring it?
Or even serving it out of fear?
No, it only gets worse.
Until there's nowhere to run.
And you're forced to fight when there's no hope of even winning.
Well, earlier in the first hour I talked about all these news reports.
Cops hire kids.
Here's a new one.
Before seatbelt laws, kids vow to impose stiff penalties if family doesn't buckle up.
The state wants to destroy the family.
They want to turn the children against their parents.
This is outrageous.
But it starts with something like the seatbelts.
And it's already moved on to everything.
But now they're publicly telling you about it and putting spin on it.
Coming up, I'm going to play this little audio clip of this news piece of a woman assaulted, arrested for not having dog on leash.
Some of the other reports I wanted to get into.
Top Saudis say Kingdom has plenty of oil.
Associated Press, Saudi Arabia has plenty of oil.
More than the world is likely to need, along with an increasing ability to refine crude oil into gasoline and other products before selling it overseas, a top Saudi official says.
The world is more likely to run out of uses for oil than Saudi Arabia is going to run out of oil.
Adele Al-Joubir told foreign policy advisor for Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, Crown Prince Abdullah, said Wednesday in a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press, Al-Joubir said relations between his nation and the Bush administration were strong, but the environment in which the relationship operates still leaves a lot to be desired.
He denied his country had any nuclear weapons ambitions, despite international concerns about the Saudi request to lower international security of one of its own nuclear reactors.
He said he was bullish about the Saudi economy, which, although based on the country's vast oil supply, has also diversified, including a galloping stock market.
There's plenty of oil, folks.
But the oil companies are putting out propaganda through their shills that there's no oil left.
So they can jack up prices and you'll accept it.
Also, the dollar's been devalued by over 40% as we talked about earlier, so you're going to be paying more there.
But that only accounts for half of the oil price increase here in the United States.
The other half is just outright raping.
DOD awards $300 million in psych-ops contracts.
UPI, the Pentagon, grabbed a $300 million contract yesterday.
The companies to help develop materials for psychological operations in Iraq and elsewhere...
Cy Coleman, Inc., London Group, and SAIC, all of Washington, D.C., won the contracts, each worth $100 million.
They will be doing media approach planning, prototype product development, commercial quality product development, product distribution, that means of the propaganda, and dissemination and media effect analysis.
So then analyzing with focus groups what it does.
That's $300 million just to study...
The Pentagon offers a strategic influence as propaganda in our Hollywood movies and dramas and overseas.
This information is aimed at helping the joint psychological operations support element and other government agencies, a Pentagon announcement said.
But you tell a neocon that they have domestic propaganda, they'll say you're crazy, it doesn't exist.
Then go get the contracts to lie to the people.
Psychological operations is a military term for propaganda and
Targeted communications meant to influence foreign populations.
But again, under the new directives, they're doing publicly what they've always been doing, domestic operations.
Psychological operations are carried out to project a favorable image of the U.S.
and allied forces.
They also inform audiences in new areas and places where there is an enemy activity, amplify the effects of a show of force, and assess attitudes and impressions on the people.
And they like to manage their 9-11 attack they carried out on us to scare the daylights out of you.
So you'll submit and be a good little slave.
Many newspapers forbid anonymous sourcing.
Let's go to the Washington Post.
Anonymous sourcing is great.
And almost always reporters are doing the right thing.
They just have to protect their source.
Now the feds and local governments have been arresting reporters who won't give up sources.
It's always been time-honored and protected.
Editors at about one in four newspapers who responded to a survey said they never allow reporters to quote anonymous sources, and most others have policies designed to limit the practices.
One editor said his paper's rules are so strict they would have disqualified Deep Throat as a source.
The use of anonymous sources, people who give reporters information, only on condition of their identities not be divulged, has been much in the news recently, notably in the case that prompted a Newsweek magazine retraction, which they admit they did that to the Koran, it just was a slight translation wrong.
It was in the toilet, not flushed down it.
So, the Army's own report admits they urinate on them and other things.
I just don't get into it.
But they're really trying to demonize anonymous sources.
You know, when some two-star general calls me to tell me something, I shouldn't be able to protect his identity.
I'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right.
I'm going to play this next clip by News 4, Atlantic Beach, Florida.
Then we'll get into some more news in your calls because, again, at certain levels it sounds reasonable.
You know, we tasered the five-year-old because they argued.
We tasered the man strapped down because he refused to give a urine sample.
We had to torture him.
It's freedom.
We tasered the six-year-old.
Or this woman argued with us and was very belligerent, and so we beat her up.
She's got bruises all over her.
And I see these reports where you don't even argue.
They just say, well, you resisted without force.
I can't tell you how many police car, squad car videos I've seen where the cops grab the person.
The person does like a jellyfish, does nothing.
And the police then declare that you assaulted them.
And they're like mentally ill.
They think if they run you up against a car, you know, ram you up against it, and then you on the recoil even bump them with your stomach.
It just touched them.
That's it!
You feel good putting people in jail for no reason because they didn't lick your boots?
Well, yeah, I got a small ego.
I don't feel good about myself.
And you don't lick my boots.
You work for me now.
You do what I say, you understand?
You lost slaves, boy!
Better learn how it is now!
I tell you, these animal control people are the worst.
I mean, you could be in the deepest, darkest area of the woods in Central Texas, and these guys will be hiding behind trees.
Put that dog on a leash!
$500 fine!
Next time we'll take your dog and arrest you!
You got a problem?
You're sitting there with your chihuahua going, uh, no, I don't have a problem.
This lady has a nice little sweet dog, and they run up and start yelling at her.
So she yells back.
Her mistake was giving them false info.
You know, what's your ID?
What's your information?
Her fault was doing that.
But, I mean, really, it is about letting us know that we're the slaves.
You know, the border's wide open.
There's people coming across the border with bloody chainsaws and
And hatchets, and they just go right on through, no problem.
We've been ordered to stand down.
But George Bush's Homeland Security Department says, are a man and woman arguing on the street corner?
Call the police immediately.
Did you see someone smoking a cigarette that didn't look like tobacco?
These are the anti-terror guidelines.
Tattle, tattle, tattle.
Are you more worried about that or the government and centralized tyranny?
So here's this piece.
Go ahead and roll it.
I spent the night in a jail.
In a jail cell.
I had things on my ankles, on my wrists.
Angela Agendorfer is back home.
After being arrested while she was walking her dogs.
This is where he slammed me in the ground.
This wasn't a peaceful arrest.
He said, that's it, you're getting a citation.
Got all nasty with me.
This started as a run-in with an animal control officer on Saturday afternoon on Atlantic Beach.
I got mouthy with them.
You know, they're getting mouthy with me, snotty with me.
I did.
Animal control called Atlantic Beach police for help when she refused to give any information.
I just gave them some name or whatever and fake social and I started to walk away.
I said, there you got it, I'm leaving.
Push my head.
And she says this arrest wasn't necessary for someone just walking their dog, but police say she resisted an officer, interfered with an officer, gave a false ID, and there was the dog citation.
So they say that was more than reason enough to arrest her the way they did.
Now, again, this is an example where there's even a little bit of a gray area here, but then they did beat her up.
And I've just got too many videos of they tackle you, and then the cop, in his hatred, hits his knee on the ground and gets angry.
I said, I'm charging you!
And then the camera cuts out, and the next thing you see, the person's all bloody with their teeth knocked out.
The cops are giving each other high-fives.
Because you're wimps, man.
I mean, you know, you picked on people in high school.
You finally got your butt kicked.
You got mad about it, so you went and got a badge and a gun.
You know?
I knew bullies in high school that are cops now.
And I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of it.
I'm tired of you going in the house and somebody's beagle barks at you so you shoot it three times.
You know, a bullet impacts in the baby crib.
I've been to these houses, folks.
I've videotaped it.
If you're looking for some marijuana, well, everything's alright.
The office is open fire.
We did find a marijuana seed.
We're all safe now.
We're kind of off on this whole bent today.
But the police aren't worried about Mexican commandos trained by the U.S.
military killing police all over Texas, Arizona, Mexico, and Nevada.
The, uh...
Good old Las Zetas.
We've got this big article, this hotel analysis we've done, up on presentplanet.com right now.
They're not worried about that.
Absolutely not.
No, they're worried about you.
They're going to let you know who the boss is.
Because they're taking your freedom for your security.
By the way, one of the jail guards in Afghanistan ordered to torture people.
And he did torture them to death.
He's been charged with the Patriot Act two years ago, a year and a half ago.
And former CIA contractors are getting held without bail for trial.
When he first was under investigation, he said, hey, I was ordered to do it and release one of the memos.
That was the end of it.
The guy's going down forever.
No, you're going to take the fall.
Don't you understand that, scum?
You're going to take the fall, and your masters are going to treat you like what you are, a criminal.
They're criminals, too.
They're even worse, but they're going to grandstand and say how good they are.
And here's another one.
Bush wants rights.
Robbing Patriot Act renewed.
Got a whole stack of articles here on that subject.
I'm surprised to see Lou Rockwell's website actually doing a detailed 10-page article about why did the Trade Center skyscrapers collapse by Morgan Reynolds, who's a high-level...
Member of the first Bush administration.
First George Walker Bush administration.
Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D., is professor at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquarters in Dallas.
He served as chief economist for the U.S.
Department of Labor during 2001 and 2002 for George Bush's first term.
He just basically...
It's like Alex Jones wrote this article or something.
You guys are in deep trouble.
I mean, there are a few people who've got morals who've been in the government.
A lot of doors are going to get slammed in this guy's face now at A&M now.
But no, A&M's full of a lot of good people.
Maybe they're going to find out the truth and realize what they're part of and expose it.
That's their new Homeland Security CIA training recruitment ground up there.
Boy, it is scary.
It is scary what they're doing up there
It is very, very, very serious.
Bush opens door to possible closing of Guantanamo Bay.
Reuters today, President Bush, left the door open to an eventual closing of the U.S.
detention center in Guantanamo Bay on Wednesday amid mounting complaints and calls for it to be shut down.
And the Army's own report saying, yes, they did desecrate the Korans with bodily fluids, including a broadcast from former President and human rights campaigner Jimmy Carter.
We're exploring all alternatives as to how best to have the main objective.
Yeah, they use that camp first.
Folks, the camps are all over the world.
Uzbekistan, they've got camps in Bosnia, they've got camps all over the Middle East, in Egypt, in Jordan, in Saudi Arabia.
citizens every day getting flown out of the country, and boy, they're getting tortured something mighty.
In fact, even in the report the Pentagon just put out,
We're good to go.
This article is... I could spend all day on this one alone.
Young people love to be counterculture.
They love to be rebellious.
It frankly is engineered into us that when we become teenagers, we're meant to leave our parents' hut from the anthropology view.
We're meant to go start our own nest.
And then later...
Once we have our own families, we respect our parents again and see how right they were.
That's just the way we're biologically set up.
But in primitive societies, when you were 12 or 13, you were out of the hut, so you never even rebelled.
You never even had that rebellion against your parents.
I mean, we're really supposed to grow up faster and be serious and be on hunting parties and raiding parties as 10-year-olds and go up against...
You know, a herd of buffalo are meant to jump off of the rock outcropping onto the back of a giant caribou and drive our spears into it.
I mean, we're a tough species, folks.
We're pretty scrappy.
But no, they have arrested development by design.
You know, a bunch of our founding fathers were 25, 30 years old at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Nowadays, I talk to 30-year-olds and go, I'm a kid!
I'm still having fun!
But my point is, is they tell young people that to be cool, they've got to follow whatever the fad is.
And the young women, they say, you'll be beautiful, you'll be cool, you'll have fun.
My wife was telling me, she was getting her hair done last week, and Cosmopolitan had articles about how to perform fellatio.
She was reading other magazines, mainstream magazines, and it was about how to
You want to be rebellious.
Wear polo shirts.
Wear slacks.
Dress cleanly.
Don't get into debt.
Love your parents.
Get an extra job.
Get two jobs.
Make money.
Go deliver meals for Meals on Wheels.
You'll be much more fulfilled.
Now I'm too busy.
I just write them a big check every year.
I just wrote them a big one.
That's a real good charity there.
They're trying to turn them into spies now to grab old people.
It's really hard to help.
It's just so sick how evil things have gotten.
But you'll be fulfilled.
Go rock climbing.
Do fun things.
Enjoy yourself.
It is not rebellious.
It is not cool to snort cocaine.
It is not cool to use these drugs.
It is not cool to get drunk and drunk drive.
It is not cool to do all this.
Well, because they tell these young men, if you act like an idiot and make jokes and everything, you're going to get women.
That's basically the sales pitch.
But then women really don't want that, so these 15-year-olds think, well, I'm not acting stupid enough.
I don't have a girlfriend, so I better act like more of a punk.
I better act like more of an idiot.
And so they get even less liked and then think, oh, I better be even more of an idiot.
As if that's not bad enough, now they're pushing the feminization of our men...
And telling them that if you are a weak little punk, that you'll be successful, which is just total propaganda.
Nobody wants to hire you.
People don't want to associate with you.
They are trying to screw you up.
This is propaganda.
Move over, Rambo.
You're cramping new man's style.
Macho man is an endangered species.
But today's male more likely to opt for pink flowered shirt and swingers clubs than the traditional role as family superhero fashion industry insiders say.
A study along these lines, led by French marketing and style consultants, Nelly Rohde, was unveiled to Fashion Group International during a seminar Tuesday on future strategy for the fashion industry in Europe.
The masculine ideal is being completely modified.
Maybe by you, you freaks.
All traditional male virtues of authority, infallibility, virility, and strength are being completely overturned, said Pierre Brasicios Laloute, the agency's managing director.
Instead, today's males are turning more towards creativity, sensitivity, and multiplicity.
Being creative and sensitive...
I mean, a real man is that to their family and their loved ones, but they're not prancing around wearing tutus.
Instead, today's males are turning towards creativity, sensitivity, and multiplicity.
And, of course, it's some outward thing.
Go be a swinger.
Wear pink outfits.
As seen already in recent seasons of the catwalks on Paris and Milan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are being replaced by the 21st century man who no longer wants to be the family superhero, but instead has the guts to be himself to test his own limits.
Yeah, you go with your wife and go to a swingers club.
You'll be divorced before you can say...
You know, jackbooted thugs.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
We are watching the birth of a hybrid man.
Why not put on a pink flowered shirt and try out partner swapping club?
Ask Lulette stressed that the study had focused on men between ages 20 and 35.
And listen how they focused.
Sociologists and other experts spent three months analyzing some 150 magazines and books on 146 internet sites, as well as interviewing a dozen experts from Europe, the United States, and China.
They focused on the magazines and books that are pushing this poison.
That's not what men are really doing.
That's not what women really want.
And they talked to pervert sociologists.
The traditional man still exists in China, Lulette said, and is not ready to go.
Certainly Hispanics aren't like that either.
And look at them, big families, happy people.
And yeah, a lot of white kids aren't prancing around like a bunch of little pansies.
The traditional man still exists in China, Lulette said, and is not ready to go.
But in Europe and the United States, a new species is emerging, apparently unafraid of anything.
And I see all these poor white guys can't get a woman because they're prancing around like twits and they wonder why they can't get a woman and the women are going for all the other guys out there that aren't like this.
He is looking for a more radical affirmation of who he is and wants to taste all the barbarity of modern life, including in the sexual domain, i.e.
homosexuality, said Lou Lett, adding that Reebok, with its I Am What I Am campaign, had perfectly tapped into the current trend.
The emergence of this new male beast who wants to look and feel good and who also have an impact on the role of women presages a new potential lucrative market for the European fashion industry.
All those labels which you have adapted to the free expression are up on the up and all those who are too rigid will suffer in the future.
No, the people that adopt this will suffer.
Lulette said, pointing to the growing success of sports as casual wear manufacturers.
That's because it's associated with being manly to wear sportswear, you lying little scumbag.
It isn't dressing like a twit.
All those labels which have adapted to the freedom of expression are up on the up, all of which are alt, and it goes on and on.
All right, Tom.
We'll jam a bunch of calls in quickly on the other side and wrap up this transmission.
But I'll tell you, this makes me sick.
To all the young people out there, to all of them, stop buying this debt.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
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The Berkey Security Pack.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Have you ever heard of the Genocide Convention Treaty to the United Nations?
Did you know that it's a direct assault upon your freedom of religion?
Did you know that if you mention perverted sex acts as being wrong according to the Bible, you could be arrested and tried for causing mental harm to others?
It's already law in Canada, Australia, Britain, and Sweden where Christians are being tried and deprived of freedom of speech.
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Call now.
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Government is not God.
Government does not have the right to rule over us.
Get it through your heads.
Let's take three quick calls.
Ken, go ahead, Ken.
Yeah, Alex, I'm sorry to hear about your dog.
Oh, yeah, I got run over.
It was real sad.
Yeah, we've got a little dog, too, so I can relate to that.
I wanted to mention, too, that I saw on CNN, I believe it was this week, that Toyota is going to help General Motors out.
On their financial deal.
Well, yeah, I mean, I said that probably happened yesterday.
It'll be at a foreign buyout.
They don't call it a buyout.
They're going to help.
We'll help you.
Yeah, that's what they're saying.
And that deal on CNN also mentioned China.
Yeah, they're moving over there.
Look, we're being totally stripped economically, but we're still dancing around giggling like a bunch of jabbering monkeys.
Yeah, appreciate what you're doing, you know, and keep up the good work.
Thank you, Ken.
Sean, Sean in California.
Go ahead, Sean.
Hi, Alex.
Remember that FX ballparks?
Hello, Sean.
Documentary or docudrama.
Yeah, which looks like real news.
Now they have Oil Storm.
Yeah, did anybody send you a tape of that?
No, but I played it.
I mean, I've seen the promo for it, and they use real law enforcement riot footage, mass arrest footage, and it's just all part of the training is how to react when there's a crisis.
We are slaves.
Oh, yeah, well, it's pretty bad.
They had roundups, of course.
They injected people forcibly and
It's all there, everything you're talking about.
Well, that's good.
That's freedom, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
So, do you want me to send you that?
Yes, sir.
Oh, so even in the new FX show?
No, I'm talking about the old smallpox.
No, I'd like to get a copy of that.
All right, I'll send it to you.
I'd like to recommend people read D.L.
Cuddy's Mental Health, Education, and Social Control, the 13-part series online.
That's a really good series.
Well, good to hear from you, Sean.
Jeff, where are you calling us from?
You there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay, sorry.
Where are you calling us from, Jeff?
Okay, thank you.
I waited until the end of the show because it's a little bit off topic.
There's no topic.
Okay, well, I was just wondering how you might be contacted for an interview on a radio show?
Because there's a host out of Washington, D.C.
called Mark Levine.
And I've been working on his site for a few months now, trying to put together a 9-11 debate, and I would think that you would be the best person to represent our side, and they've been trying to contact you, but your mailbox is full, supposedly, so I was just wondering if there is a way to get a hold of you for that?
What mailbox and what phone number are they calling?
I believe so, yes.
Well, I'm sorry, it just rings off the hook.
We try to answer it.
That's how they get a hold of me, or they can email me at tips at infowars.com.
I'm trying.
If we had more money, we'd hire more staff, but right now I can't expand.
I know I miss interviews every day.
I had, like, Premier Magazine trying to get a hold of me for a month.
Every day I miss major interviews, and I just, so what?
Well, maybe if we write emails every day or something.
I probably can't do much more anyway, so...
I feel like I've been knocked upside the head with a sledgehammer anyways.
Okay, well... But yeah, I'd love to go on that show and just call that number or I'll... It's only a one-hour show.
It really wouldn't take too much of your time.
No, I'll do it.
I'll do interviews.
I'll do interviews.
Thanks, Jeff.
You're a sweetheart.
Look, I'll do the interview.
I think I've heard of that show or I think I've been on it or something.
I don't know.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I mean, I can only do so many interviews, though.
It's crazy.
Speaking of interviews, I'll be on Coast to Coast AM for, I don't know, four hours next Thursday night for a 9-11 roundtable debate.
Look forward to that.
I told them they can have ten people on against me.
I'll take them all on, but they're not doing that.
It's going to be a fair debate.
A bunch of people are refusing to debate me.
They're afraid.
But I don't know why.
It's hillbilly.
All right, folks.
Be sure to visit Infowars.com and get the new film.
God bless you.