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Air Date: June 9, 2005
442 lines.
Obviously we're going to go through this.
Lee Hamilton, former Vice Chairman of 9-11 Commission, appeared on C-SPAN on May 26th on Washington Journal.
They took around 10 callers throughout the course of the 48-minute show.
Um, and six of them raised issues related to the true story behind 9-11.
He must have been on another C-SPAN show, because I saw another clip of him on an afternoon show, and he took more calls than that.
Which, I haven't watched all this new video you put up this hour.
Which, this was the May 26th?
Okay, you might check their archives.
May 26th.
I think there's another one where he was on with the other chairman.
But, please continue.
Yeah, and the majority of the callers raised issues relevant to the true story of government involvement in 9-11.
And it was very interesting to see Hamilton and Brian Lamb, who attacked you last year, have to sit and squirm through this barrage of truth on live television.
So we got six clips, short clips, to play.
Alright, we'll also take calls.
There's a bunch of other news as well.
Don't touch that dial, this is powerful info coming at ya.
And remember, DU is nutritious.
Yeah, it doesn't matter if the Army's own documents say it's deadly poison and builds up in the body and gives cumulative radiation poisoning.
This guy says it's nutritious, basically, and I'm evil for talking about it.
But getting back to one of the whitewashers, the co-chairman of the 9-11 Commission, Paul, let's start going through these clips and then we'll get into some other news and take some calls.
Let's go ahead and roll this first clip from C-SPAN as Lee Hamilton gets this first call.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Brian, and thank you for taking my call.
I'm Washington Journal junkie.
I just want to ask the following question.
Which is, PBS aired a documentary called America Rebuilds in which Larry Silverstein, who held the leases on the towers, admits to pulling, which is another word for imploding, World Trade Center Building 7.
And I'm just wondering why World Trade Center Building 7, which was half the height of the other two towers, wasn't even mentioned in the report.
And I'd also like to give the following website, which has archived
At least parts of this documentary, which is www.prisonplanet.com backslash 011904WTC7.html.
And I'd like if you could please comment on this.
Thank you.
We had a lot of very difficult decisions to make in putting the report together about what to include and what to exclude.
We collected a horrendous amount of material, stacks and stacks of it, interviewed thousands of people, went over several million pages of documents.
The emphasis at the site, of course, were on the towers, and that's where the loss of life occurred overwhelmingly.
It's where, if corrections are made, you can save the most lives if anything like that occurs in the future.
And so some things were left out of the report.
I do not recall offhand whether Building 7 was discussed in some of our annex materials.
It was not.
It may have been.
But I think the report itself had to focus on the primary targets.
Shelby Township missed it.
Well, that's what he tries to do on all of them.
In some cases, they just cut the callers off as soon as they talk about something important.
But again, it's this whole independent commission farce.
I mean, the Chairman Keane, in business with the Bin Lardens, was appointed directly by Bush.
How is that independent?
And, in fact, Hamilton himself, in a different clip, we haven't got that clip, but it's on the video,
Is confronted by his past activity in whitewashing other investigations related to Bush's father and he tips and squirms on that one as well.
So I mean that's the first clip.
Second clip is even more important it talks about how Cheney
As the plane which hit the Pentagon came in was giving the order to let the order stand as it got closer and closer, 40 miles, 30 miles, 20 miles.
So that question is raised in the second clip.
Let's go ahead and roll that.
Start rolling again.
Columbia, Maryland.
Go ahead, please.
Good morning, C-SPAN.
Sir, I would like to ask you this question regarding the testimony of Norman Mineta, the Secretary of Transportation, who appeared before you guys on May 23rd, 2003.
And Norman Mineta was at the Emergency Operations Center in the White House with Vice President Dick Cheney around 9-20 on September 11, 2001.
And during that time, Norman Mineta said to you guys that while he was there,
During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, the plane is 50 miles out, the plane is 30 miles out, and when it got down to 10 miles out, the young man also said to the Vice President, do the orders still stand?
And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?
Now this had to be the Pentagon, the flight that hit the Pentagon.
How can Dick Cheney know this and Donald Rumsfeld not know it, the President not know it, the military not know it?
And another question, sir.
I'm going to let you go.
First, I want to ask you, how often do you get these kind of questions?
Because there seems to be a whole world out there that revolves around every jot and tittle of everything that's ever been said, suspecting that this is a conspiracy.
Well, that's right.
Hit pause, rewind it about 10 seconds, we'll come back with the answer.
A conspiracy!
That's the testimony!
He was ordering Norvado stand down!
It's admitted!
Paul, stay there.
There's a lot more coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
It just... The sun came up this morning.
It's a conspiracy!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Don't worry, this show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Ruben and Chris and Brian and Jerry and many others were still keeping that line open with the caller earlier, who is basically saying that we're evil because we say DU is bad.
Well, you've done it now.
I was already intending to get a bunch of DU scientists back on, but that's it.
I'm getting all the top ones in the world who wrote the books for the military, you name it.
And I'm going to keep challenging you to call in and deal with it.
And tell scientists that it's nutritious and that we're evil.
But most of Dr. Rocky's team, by the way, have died.
He went there for the cleanup in 1991 after the Gulf War.
But Paul, continuing with these clips, this guy brings up a really good point of Cheney, and we know what that order was, even though he's declared national security, in control of the whole, quote, war game, and ordering the stand down the entire time.
Any other comments before we finish up his comment to the question?
Well, you said with the first clip, you simply evaded it by saying that it wasn't in the report.
Well, this was.
It's the direct quote.
So it's not any kind of conspiracy.
But again, he still manages to sidestep the issue and try to absolve Cheney of anything.
And Brian Lamb, who spent an hour and a half attacking me last year, but wouldn't let me on to defend myself, Brian Lamb calls it a conspiracy.
And every jot and every tittle, you know, like we're a bunch of evil people wanting to know what Dick Cheney did when he was... I mean, it's incredible, Paul.
It's a blatant setup, but they were pretty much on the back foot throughout the entire show because over half the calls were of this nature.
They were rocking back on their heels like they were in the corner on the ropes.
Let's go ahead and play the rest of that question.
And another question, sir.
I'm going to let you go.
First, I want to ask you, how often do you get these kind of questions?
Because there seems to be a whole world out there that revolves around every jot and tittle of everything that's ever been said.
Suspecting it is a conspiracy.
Well, that's right.
Look, we're still arguing about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
And we're arguing about John F. Kennedy's assassination.
September 11th is one of the most traumatic days in the history of our country.
Maybe the most traumatic.
We on the 9-11 Commission took our best crack at it.
We were ordered by the statute to tell the story of 9-11.
Put aside the recommendations.
We did the very best we could on that.
But it's a dynamic situation.
Information continually comes up and there's a lot of suspicion about what we found and what we didn't find.
So these stories will continue.
Now with regard to Cheney's action, he was the person in the White House.
The president at the time was in Sarasota, Florida.
And speaking to that small group, really, of children.
And communications were not as good as we would like them to have been between President Bush and the White House at that time.
And incidentally, that's one of the things we think have been corrected since that time.
But the Vice President was in the operation.
Oh, keep going, I'm sorry.
He was in communication with the President as quickly as he could be at that point in time.
And yet, we did find a flaw in the communication problems.
Okay, before we go to the next clip, again, if there's a flood, the President cancels what he's doing to go grandstand.
He saw the first plane hit, he said.
Then he saw the second one in the green room.
We have the Times at London photos.
Then he went out and lied about it and said he never even had an idea.
Then he said, okay, I did see the planes hit.
And we have all this going on.
That was for the photo op so we could see the President respond on national TV.
They talk about Kennedy assassinations, conspiracy theories, Abraham Lincoln.
No, this is in the report that Dick Cheney was in control.
And in doing all of this, we know that.
We know they ordered Nordad to stand down.
We know all that happened.
And they just throw out the term conspiracy theory, Paul.
Well yeah, and we got the photos of Bush sitting in the school with the video of the second tower smoking behind him and he's on the phone as the plane is coming in to the Pentagon.
So he is in communication and again it's this whole thing it's all a big mistake.
Well, a caller raises, um, on the fourth clip, the fact that if it's all a big mistake, why is no one connected with it being reprimanded?
And in fact, many were rewarded, including the, uh, visa personnel who let these supposed terrorists into the country in the first place got giant bonuses.
Well, the FBI agent that threatened to arrest the other agents, so they didn't follow W199I and stand down, uh, they got a record cash bonus.
But, but, but Paul,
I mean, listening to these two, people say, well, 9-11 is so big they never get away with it.
They're not!
We're the majority now!
People are waking up!
90-plus percent of the people in America believe the government killed Kennedy.
I mean, anybody who looks at the facts.
So, basically, they knew it was going to come out, and they just think they'll be able to ride this bucking bronco.
But they're not going to be able to do that, Paul.
Well, no.
That's what we can talk about after the clip.
All right, let's go to the next clip.
What's the third clip?
Third clip is a little bit longer.
It's about three minutes.
Somebody raises David Ray Griffin's lecture on C-SPAN and his book.
All right, go ahead and roll that.
Sir, you're in Concord, Massachusetts.
Oh, good.
I'm sorry.
Good morning.
C-SPAN's Book TV recently did a lecture from the University of Wisconsin about the events surrounding 9-11.
The lecturer, a person by the name of David Ray Griffin, is a professor emeritus at the University of Charmont, and he certainly is no freaky conspiracy theorist.
He is a man with gravitas.
It was his conclusion, based upon the evidence, that 9-11 was a... that the government was complicit in,
I don't
It appears that you have a lot of explaining to do.
Caller, let me ask you, why would the government want 9-11 to happen in your opinion?
Because the pretext for war, the pretext for the planning of the operation of the Gulf, of the war in the Gulf.
You needed a pretext, and this was it.
Okay, let's assume that that's correct.
Why would the government want to go to war in Iraq?
Well, I think there were three reasons.
One was to make the Middle East safe for Israel.
The other one was to bring market forces into that area.
And the third one was to establish military bases.
And then rewind it five seconds.
Now let me give you the reasons, what P-NEXT said.
Four trillion in oil in Iraq, three trillion in Afghanistan, and that's discovered oil ready to be pumped out.
Hundreds of billions in weapons sales per year.
A domestic police state here in America and a way to silence dissenters and put in the national ID card and the biometric control grid.
And Paul, there's other reasons too.
Well, yeah.
Primarily it was the launch pad for the war on Iran, which they kind of
Screwed up the planning on that one somewhat with the insurgency.
But yeah, as you mentioned, it was the crackdown at home.
I mean, Tony Blair, right before the war started, as a million people marched in London, had tanks rolling around his throat for a terror alert to do with missiles that later turned out to be faked.
And fake Ryerson reports and fake reports about what was Saddam's WMDs.
Alright, back to the 9-11 whitewasher.
Back to Lee Hamilton.
Go ahead.
The other one was to bring market forces into that area, and the third one was to establish military bases.
I'm not familiar in any detail with Professor Griffin's work, so I don't know that I can respond.
But the charge, of course, that the United States government was complicit in 9-11 is just extraordinary.
And we found no, zero evidence of that.
Our government planned that attack.
So I think the burden of persuasion is on their side here.
And I'd be very, very skeptical.
He said the evidence is very strong.
I haven't seen that evidence.
Have you read David Griffin's book?
Have you heard about David Griffin's book?
And what do you do when you get a book like that?
Do you have people to go over it?
Well, look, we have hundreds of people like that commenting on our report, maybe thousands, looking at every detail.
We had 1,600 footnotes.
They look at 1,700.
They look at every footnote.
And that's okay.
That's the way it ought to be.
We cannot respond to every critic.
If we spent all of our time responding to critics, we wouldn't have gotten anything done at all.
Alright, I mean this is too rich, Paul.
We have Operation Northwood, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11.
Then we have the prima facie motive on the face of it.
We have Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Pentagon planners saying we need, quote, helpful Pearl Harbor events.
We have the Gulf of Tonkin never happening.
58,000 Americans then died.
Presidential libraries now release that.
We have the blowing up of the main, we have Hitler blowing up the Reichstag, we have our own government with the USS Liberty, we have just Operation Gladio which was carried out.
Our government admits they carried out bombings and killed people to blame it on foreign enemies.
I mean, what is he talking about?
There's no evidence of that, Paul.
Well, I mean, he says that it's ridiculous that the government would be responsible.
He is the government.
He's been a government pimp all his political life, which raises in a different color the fact that he covered up for them before.
So of course he's not going to accuse himself of being involved with it, because that was his job.
He was staffed to do it.
Well somebody should have called in about how it's a quote, independent commission.
They tried to have Kissinger in his place at first, but no one bought that.
It was too big of a joke.
And I mean, Bush appointed these people.
Yeah, and Keene has business connections to the Bin Laden family, just like the Bushes do.
And so does the chief staffer of the commission.
And the rest of it is that we won't feature, because it's obviously 48 minutes long, is Brian Lamb basically throwing in the left-right paradigm.
Oh, Richard Benvenista was on the panel, so surely that makes it impartial and non-partisan.
We had Democrats as well, and they're just as involved as the Republicans were.
You know, Clinton having several opportunities to kill Bin Laden before Bush came to power.
In every instance, he refused to do it.
Sudan offered to hand him over, Afghanistan offered to hand him over, and it never took place because he works for the same people.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to the next clip.
What's this next clip?
Next clip is about the fact that if it was all a mistake, then why is no one held responsible for it?
Alright, here it is.
I'm sorry, Pontiac, Michigan.
You're on the air.
Hi, I'm a first-time caller.
Thank you for letting me call.
I just have a couple questions.
This commission, to me, held no one responsible.
There's no accountability.
That and the fact that there's so much more that was left out of the commission, it leads to people speculating.
I think we should be more forthright.
If there's things that may not even make us happy as Americans, we should be aware of those things as well.
If we made some poor decisions,
We should have people in higher power take more accountability.
Did anybody anywhere in our government lose their job over 9-11?
I don't think so.
Not so far as I know.
Now, who knows for sure?
I mean, George Tenet left, but I think under different circumstances, so far as I know.
But the question of accountability is one that we wrestled with, and I'd have to go back to my earlier comment here.
I do not believe you can say one person was responsible for 9-11.
I do think you can go back and say a lot of mistakes were made.
Now, I mean, this guy is just mind-boggling the things that they're saying, the things that they're doing, Paul.
And again, you said it earlier, the people that were involved in 9-11, they were all promoted.
The people that exposed government involvement, they all got in trouble.
I mean, he's reading straight from the playbook.
Well, exactly.
The whitewash is to make everybody believe that it was a mistake, and you'll even have people who supposedly come out of left field to attack the government, criticise the government, but it's always on the grounds of this person made a mistake, this agency made a mistake, and that only
It fulfills the whitewash that they intended in the first place, which is to make people believe that it was just an error, lack of communication, when it was a directed conviction to carry out this attack.
I wish somebody would have brought up to them that in their report they said that there was no support columns in the middle of the building, when the towers are the biggest support columns of any building in the world, and in their report they just said there were no support columns, Paul.
Well, exactly, but in every case he doesn't directly address the question, which is obviously 101 what you would do in that position if you were trying to cover it up.
Well, also he said he didn't know Griffin and then he said he did.
Let's go ahead and go to the next clip.
Here it is.
New York City.
Oh, I'd like to ask you a very, very important question.
How is it that you gave General Myers and Donald Rumsfeld a free ride
And they had said they had no idea about NORAD on that day when Cynthia McKinley had asked them questions in the middle of the night on C-SPAN.
And they did 100% acknowledge that there was five war games that morning.
And in addition to that, that Donald Rumsfeld was in total control.
And we also want to know who shut down the Sand Missiles.
Thanks, Carla.
We think NORAD made some mistakes in the lead up to 9-11 and could have reacted more aggressively and robustly than they did.
We did not hold General Meyers or Secretary Rumsfeld responsible for that, but we did make some critical comments about NORAD and their ability to respond to these kind of attacks.
There's a couple stories out there.
Well, I tell you, you can hear them coughing, chuffing, really under the hot lights there, and you hear Lamb starting to cut people off pretty quickly, don't we, Paul?
Well, yeah, and he does that again in the next clip.
That one again, blaming NORAD, when we know that NORAD were confused by those drills.
They were replacing people in the command structure with rookies who, it was their first day on the job.
That came out, Tom Flocker reported that on WorldNetDaily as well.
And three months before, they took the power away from the generals to shoot aircraft down, which they'd had since 57, and gave it just to Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.
Let's play the next clip, go ahead and roll it.
Hamilton, I'm going to go to Augusta, Georgia.
Good morning.
Mr. Hamilton, Terry McDermott of the Los Angeles Times confirmed in an article that U.S.
support of Israel was a major influence on Sheikh Khalid Mohammed, who was mentioned on page 147 of the 9-11 Commission Report.
He'd been driven to attack the World Trade Center tragically because of U.S.
support for Israel.
Why isn't U.S.
support of Israel one of the 41 suggestions in the 9-11 Commission report?
You can actually see the covering war panel in which Terry McDermott, again this Los Angeles Times war and terror reporter, is on.
It repeats this coming weekend on C-SPAN 2 at 2 p.m.
East Coast time.
It was from the outstanding C-SPAN 2 coverage of Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
And Terry McDermott is asked, point blank,
And references made to the James Bamford book... I'm sorry, this is the guy that calls us about every three days.
It's alright, nothing wrong with his question, but he constantly violates our 30-day policy.
What did you hear that you want to talk about?
Well, we looked at the question very hard, is why they attack us.
Alright, we'll be right back folks, that's a total whitewash.
You know, oh, we're evil, we made the Arabs attack us, that's kind of the
Uh, Ward Churchill angle.
So we'll get Paul's comment on that and then go to your calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Paul, I guess that's all the clips of Lee Hamilton?
That's right, yep.
And there's a few others where he got grilled, so the majority of the calls were, uh, they're exposing what they're up to.
You know, one other thing is, they said at the beginning of the Whitewash Commission that they weren't there to find guilt, just ways to keep us safe, and their recommendations were, expand the Patriot Act, national ID cards, total federalization, and so all that is now happening.
And, um, in relation to those clips, the last two callers
They kind of tried to counterbalance the whole thing because the last two callers, the first of which mentioned the capture of Al Libby, so-called Mr Al-Qaeda Number 3, which turned out to be a spelling mistake.
It was actually a guy with a similar name, differently spelled.
He was not Al-Qaeda Number 3.
London Times described him as Floatsome Jetson.
They just picked him up.
He was a nobody.
But they use that as an example of how the war on terror is succeeding and how the Patriot Act and all this is having such a great success in fighting Al-Qaeda.
And then another caller called in about the fact that
Everybody's talking about weapons of mass destruction, or the lack thereof.
But what about the Scud missiles that Saddam had?
And the British government, the American government's own report stated that most of those missiles couldn't even reach the neighboring country, never mind anywhere else.
Yeah, 1950s era Soviet pieces of absolute garbage falling apart.
So that was used to prop up the Iraq War on the last call as well.
So they tried to turn it around desperately in the end, but I don't think it worked.
Well, this is happening everywhere, Paul.
I mean, I talk about, I do other talk show interviews every day.
And I was on in Chicago this morning, and it's also on an L.A.
syndicated show, and I got to go up against Arnold's new biographer.
But, I mean, it's just people agree with us, they don't agree with the establishment, and their fraud is coming down.
We're going to start the third hour here in just a minute.