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Air Date: June 8, 2005
2366 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We have now started another live transmission, another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And obviously, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
We've got the chief researcher over at Judicial Watch joining us in about 30 minutes.
Talk about several issues concerning our government and Al-Qaeda and bin Laden.
There's one of their press releases, FBI Protects Osama Bin Laden's Right to Privacy in New Government Document Release.
Now, this has been out for a few months, but it's still very important.
It illustrates a bunch of different facets of the globalist operations that we see that are ongoing.
We'll also ask, why is Pakistan a safe haven for bin Laden's fighters?
Well, why were they flown out to safety by the U.S.
and Pakistani governments?
So, that is coming up in about 30 minutes.
Then, he had been on with us in a few weeks.
Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us.
We'll talk about a whole cornucopia of important news items and issues.
We've also got some interesting clips.
One of the 9-11 chief whitewashers, the co-chairman, Lee Hamilton, was on C-SPAN a few weeks ago.
I heard about this, but Paul was sent the video link, and so he's grabbed some of the audio of callers, and over half of the callers on the hour-long show were talking about government involvement and prior knowledge in 9-11.
And Lee Hamilton looks like a deer in the headlights.
Like so many of these cockroaches, when they get exposed.
China orders all blogs to register.
This is out of the Associated Press, and San Francisco's trying to do that.
The federal government's trying to regulate free speech on the Internet, saying, well, we just want to register you and tax you and decide if you're allowed to have free speech.
But it's freedom.
And anti-Bush protesters get arrested when pro-Bush lovers are allowed to go out and basically worship him.
Clinton did similar stuff, but it's really heating up under Bush.
Interesting article here.
Man with bloody chainsaw let into the U.S.
held for extradition.
He was allowed in with a bloody chainsaw.
From Canada into the U.S., and then he went and allegedly killed some people.
And, I mean, you could take one look at him from his mugshot, just a total psychopathic twit.
And, well, that just shows you we've all got to have our new national ID cards through the driver's license.
We've got to be tracked and traced and face-scanning cameras everywhere and police pulling us over to checkpoints.
And at the same time,
We've got just masses of people every day, tens of thousands, pouring across the southern and northern border, and Bush has told the Border Patrol to stand down, to just let these people in.
Hey, we've got open borders.
It's the Union of American States.
It's the Pan-American Union.
Just two weeks ago, Reuters.
Had a big article covering this about how a CFR panel has recommended to the government that they do this, and the government agrees with them.
So the war on terror is a fraud.
But I really haven't talked enough about the good news here in the last week.
Bilderberg scared European nationalism, throwing wrench into plans.
This is about James P. Tucker, and it mirrors...
The information that we got with another reporter documenting Bilderberg Group, who was on with us a week ago.
Things are not going as planned.
They're having a lot of problems here in the endgame.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Second segment, eight minutes, ten seconds into this first hour.
We have Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch, coming on in about 22 minutes.
To discuss with us why Pakistan is a safe haven for bin Laden and how the FBI is protecting Osama bin Laden's right to privacy in new document releases.
So we'll be talking about that.
Coming up, and then of course, he has to join us in a couple weeks, so I'm looking forward to having him on with us, Paul Joseph Watson, my great webmaster, over at prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Don't forget, we also have infowars.net and infowars.com.
All right, let's just plunge into the news.
First off, you know that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.
Being spent on fake newscasts around the country.
These are packaged to look like real newscasts.
They are packaged to look like they are independent.
But local news stations, local TV stations, are being paid by the federal government to air these.
I'm sure you know about Armstrong Williams and the hundreds of thousands of dollars, two hundred and something thousand dollars, that he got to push one federal program
And he said, hey, leave me alone, media, or I'm going to talk about all the other people that are being paid off.
And now it's come out, until it just gets maybe mentioned in the back of the paper of that, hundreds of other prominent people on the payroll.
And now the media is saying, hey, what's the big deal if the federal government covertly pays us to have a certain view as pundits or as reporters?
So there's many examples of this, and folks, that's not a sign of a free society.
That's about as bad as it gets.
But I focus so much on news, classical, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox.
Clear Channel, what people like that are doing.
I focus mainly on those establishment hosts out there that are towing the line.
Many of them just because that's their political view, so they're chosen because they have this bootlicking, pro-establishment posture.
But we got from the declassified documents back in the 70s, Operation Mockingbird, where a lot of key editors at newspapers and magazines said,
Mainly print media, because then TV media and other broadcast media like radio then just uses the news as a script, really unconsciously.
They just cover the news that's in the newspaper, and that's the news, instead of looking behind the scenes.
So most of the payoffs and real government operatives in high places are in the print media.
That's just the nature of it.
And so that's published.
That's documented.
That's admitted.
And because the alternative press is becoming so robust and so truly diverse in its ideas and reporting, it's hurting the old mainline print media and broadcast television media.
And we've talked a lot about how readership is down, circulation is down 60-plus percent in the last decade, almost 12%.
National average for 2004.
Some newspapers down as much as 16.5% in some of the worst cases we've seen.
Whereas alternative media is exploding.
And so we've seen the new tactic.
I mean, it's always been there on the net since it became popular in the last eight, nine years.
But we've seen it accelerate.
With disinfo agents out there teaming up with people that are egomaniacs and have sour grapes, basically along those lines to try to discredit the alternative media itself.
An example of that is Talon News Service and the male whore, the male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, Gucker, whatever his name is, today.
There are countless examples of this, but something that they're also trying, San Francisco, the city council's trying to regulate and tax any website that has a political view or comment, and that's just the beginning.
The sheriff in L.A.
is working with the ADL, trying to pass a law to arrest all anti-immigration activists
And anyone else that's really... I mean, I'm serious, folks.
I have his quotes from the New York Daily News and other publications.
And bring you in and register you and interrogate you.
Kind of like a sex offender.
That's the analogy he used.
And we now see the Federal Elections Commission talking about regulating and taxing and controlling political comments and political commentariats on the web.
And, of course, we've had the folks on from Memphis, Tennessee, where he gets a call.
Everybody on the parade route of Bush gets a call three days before he's going to be driving through town and says, take down any signs against Bush.
And the guy says, well, I don't have any signs against Bush.
But I'm a Vietnam veteran.
I fought for this country.
I'm going to put a sign up there now.
And he talked to his neighbors.
It happened to them.
And then we got reports from other states.
I mean, you know, the guy in the...
Shopping mall in upstate New York.
The city lawyer wearing a Peace on Earth shirt.
Well, they thought the word peaceman, he was a peace activist.
They said, take the shirt off.
And he said, well, I can't not have a shirt on.
And so they arrested him.
And, you know, that was private property, so they've got their weird excuse.
But it shows the mentality.
What about all these protesters that are peacefully standing on the sidewalk who
We're good to go.
Trying to put them in jail for praying on a street corner.
And thank God they had video of everything that had happened that they'd done absolutely nothing wrong.
But still, because the other crowd at the Outfest was basically trying to attack them, the police said it was their fault for being there and charged them with terrorism.
And now we get it from Jim Tucker, we get it from other reporters, Mr. Estelon,
He's been covering Bilderberg for 13 years, award-winning journalist, but the Bilderberg group is panicking, they're throwing fits, they're angry, they know the EU is in trouble.
They saw it coming a month and a half ago, what just happened last week or two weeks ago now, with France throwing out the expansion of the EU, the Netherlands throwing it out, a bunch of other countries now starting to say they'll throw it out, the EU coming to a grinding halt.
We're good to go.
And so we've got it from our Inside Bilderberg Group sources that they want to target real patriots, real conservatives.
The truth movement.
And we're seeing that.
We're seeing the ADL turn up the heat.
We're seeing the Southern Poverty Law Center turn up the heat.
We're seeing, again, all these big magazines and newspapers and TV shows, Fox News has attacked me lately, all just in mass attacking this broadcast specifically.
And then that's pressure from above.
Then they've got from below just ad nauseum lies and twisting and cookpieces and ridiculous propaganda.
And you know what?
The listenership is only getting bigger.
It's only getting new listeners.
It's only helping us.
Because when the New American or when the...
Publications like Vanity Fair and American Legion and the Washington Post and the New York Times attack us.
Or when Schwarzenegger's biographer, Mr. Lemming, what a fitting name, on a big syndicated radio show this morning was trying to attack me.
I just went ahead and savaged him right back.
And again, there's nothing they can do other than carry out terror attacks against
And it looks like if they do that, the globalists do that, it's going to backfire on them.
So, with all these different types of propaganda going on, their biggest push that we don't focus enough on is drama, is fiction.
And I really am going to try to force myself to start watching this and tracking this and covering it more because this is where it's at.
The general public doesn't even watch the news.
We're good to go.
I think?
But when you're watching a movie or you are reading a book, you have suspended disbelief when you're watching a fictional account.
I mean, I know that I will go in and watch a movie and make myself not be critical because I just want to forget about the world for a little while and watch the film.
But you really can't do that because it's dangerous.
And that's where we're just seeing the unbelievable propaganda right now.
I mean, it is ultra-massive.
You know, I never even played the audio from it.
I never even really talked about it.
Harry Shearer, a Bohemian Grove member, Hollywood actor, voice of some of the Simpsons characters, Spinal Tap, you know, all those movies.
I mean, he's in a whole bunch of them.
Waiting for Guffman, you know, all those.
Best in show.
He made a whole film just attacking me.
Called Teddy Bear's Picnic.
And, you know, it makes fun of these coops, these rednecks from Texas who break into the Bohemian Grove and we're a bunch of idiots.
I love it.
Again, keep it coming.
But still, I should have reviewed this.
I should have played audio on the show.
I'm going to do that, by the way, coming up soon.
There's several other movies that attack me.
We need to do this.
We need to counter this.
It's important.
And it's a lot of fun at the same time.
So, in the spirit of exposing the propaganda in fiction, we'll expose Oil Storm when we get back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
On air yesterday, we got a couple calls about some new show on FX.
Then last night, people in person walked up to me on the street and brought it up.
And I got the same thing every time.
It's like it's real.
They use real newscasters and real anchors and real footage of other disasters.
And then don't even tell you that it's a drama during the film.
Well, it's like...
Back about four years ago, even before 9-11, they had a five-night special that started on a Thursday and ran to the next Monday on Nightline, where smallpox had been released, martial law.
They were arresting everyone, forced inoculations, and then they tried to really have that program three years ago with forced inoculations of the police, but they refused.
They then wanted to have the enforcers go out and force it on the public, and then that would be used, that whole smokescreen of hysteria, to bring in martial law and to basically never exit from that new political atmosphere.
And so much of TV is like this now.
I mean, they've got shows like Boston Legal that we play clips of where the new American value is torture.
So he broke an innocent man's arm, but he thought it was to save a girl.
Torture is a great American value.
Alberto Gonzalez is for it, and we should all accept it and go along with it.
I mean, they came right out and said it.
And folks, it's almost every show now.
So here is a little piece.
Terrorists are going to get you.
The oil prices are going to explode.
By the way, Henry Kissinger of the Bilderberg Group and others, we have this from Tucker and Estelon, two different reporters with moles inside, at the meeting a month and a half ago in Germany.
They're talking about a year from now, oil doubling in price.
Doubling in price.
$120 a barrel.
And so, yeah, we're talking about $6, $7 at the pump.
By the time that translates down to the refineries and then on to the general public.
Because when it goes up that much, it adds even more once it gets to your pump.
So here is the audio from the video of the fear-mongering by the new Pentagon Propaganda Channel.
Now, I don't mean their new official Pentagon Propaganda Channel.
I mean their unofficial one, FX.
Here it is.
It has already begun.
An FX original event, Sunday, June 5th.
America's lifeline has been severed.
And watching that minute of video with the audio, it shows Seattle police beating people, real footage.
It shows real news anchors, real footage of ships colliding.
And what they're doing is getting you ready for the controlled IMF riots.
They're called the IMF riots.
We've had, of course, Craig Pallaston.
We've covered the documents that were leaked.
Joseph Stiklitz quit the IMF.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And we're going to double and triple oil and water prices in a week.
There'll be riots.
That'll help get martial law going and then really tank the economy.
And then we can go in and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar that we don't already own.
I mean, it's incredible.
Just type Alex Jones, Greg Palast into a search engine.
It should be one of the top links.
He's got the transcript of our interview where we went over the documents on his website, gregpalast.com.
A presenter, of course, for BBC, writer for the London Guardian, and documentary filmmaker.
But this is by design.
I'm not saying they're going to do this, but all of these little shows they put out are in preparation for that.
Teaching us how to respond, teaching us what to do.
I mean, on the Nightline special, finally on the fifth night, they had government officials on.
They had...
Members of the White House on going along with the simulated attack.
Going along with how real all this was.
And people all over the country were calling ABC.
They were panicking.
They thought that this was really going on.
So look out when you're watching television because that's where the majority of the propaganda lies.
They know you're paying attention to mainstream media.
They know you're dissecting and chronicling and tracking that.
But they still are aware that when you're relaxed eating dinner or whatever or getting ready for bed, that you're wide open to their mind control.
So a word to the wise is sufficient.
That'll be a guest coming up.
More news in your calls.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're about to be talking to the Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch.
Chris Farrell here in just a second.
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I haven't had Judicial Watch on in about a year.
And we had the director on about a year ago, and of course many times in the past, their old president, Larry Klayman, who's just done so much good work exposing the corruption in our government with Clinton and Bush.
But this is the first time I've been honored to have Chris Farrell on with us, and he is the director of investigations.
Chris, thanks for coming on.
Alex, great to be on your show.
Thank you.
You've got to bring your movies here to D.C.
You bet.
You need to have your own showing right here at Union Station.
I'd love to do it.
I bet you've been busy here in the last few years.
I've run traditional watch just over six years now, and I've seen us go from kicking up occasional dust storms to really growing into an organization that, I jokingly say, is an equal opportunity offender.
We offend everybody, and the more people complain, the more I know we're doing our job right.
I want to get into Bin Laden being protected, the Bush-Bin Laden connections that you guys were talking about and exposing before 9-11.
I mean, really, you know, saw the curve there and knew what was going to happen.
But what are some of the latest lawsuits against government that you've been involved in?
I think the hottest one, like you mentioned, of course, we were pointing at the Carlisle Group and the Bush connection and the Bin Laden connections there and complaining about that long before 9-11 ever happened.
But most recently...
We have been astounded by a position that the FBI and the Department of Justice have taken in making sure that Osama Bin Laden's right to privacy is protected.
I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.
The FBI and the Department of Justice have gone out of their way.
They have been fighting us tooth and nail in federal court to protect the privacy rights of Osama Bin Laden.
You see, back in October of 2003,
Yeah, I think so.
That were chartered, and in fact, the FBI acted like a limousine service.
They escorted these people to the airport and got them out of the country.
And it's over 160 now.
Oh, it's over 300.
Oh, excuse me.
There's the list that Craig Unger came up with.
Then there's the list that we came up with.
We talked to Craig.
We shared information and collaborated to a certain degree.
To make sure you weren't duplicated.
And, you know, Craig was floored.
We were floored.
We provided this information to the 9-11 Commission and they pretty much did a lot of double talk and wrote it off.
Didn't really come up with any real hard findings.
You mean the Whitewash Commission?
There you go.
And let me tell you, these aren't documents we've dreamed up.
This is stuff provided to us by Customs and Border Protection.
These are government documents.
This isn't us running around doing interviews or a lot of wishful thinking.
These are government documents.
Yeah, good people in the government were upset about this.
Exactly, exactly.
So now you take that a step further.
We asked more questions of the FBI, the Department of Justice.
They come back and start producing documents, and this is the kicker.
This shows you the institutionalized mentality here in D.C.,
They were so upset by that Vanity Fair article back in October 2003 that the FBI went out and conducted an additional investigation, a CYA investigation, showing how they did everything right.
And Mr. Unger's article is all wrong because we're good boys and we did all the right things.
That's the comment I wanted to make.
I mean, in the three days after 9-11, all commercial air traffic is grounded.
The Miami Herald even reported on the FBI pulling up, loading them on planes, taking off for Saudi Arabia.
But then the media did a bait and switch.
They went, oh, seven days later there were some more flights and air traffic wasn't grounded then.
So they did a bait and switch and focused on seven days later and other flights and went, oh, you're all discredited.
Knowing the average person isn't going to go research and see the bait-and-switch hidden in blind view.
Exactly, Alex.
You hit the nail around the head.
You have to get into the nitty-gritty here, and you have to track each individual listing on this manifest of passengers and check and match up birth dates and visa categories and see who left when.
And only when you get down to the nitty-gritty do you see folks leaving way earlier than that.
Not a week later.
This is a matter of days after 9-11.
On the 13th, there's special flights going out.
The kicker to us was the FBI went through this huge nut roll exercise to make sure that they could present a report to the White House that they were all doing the right thing and no one did anything bad.
They said that they screened all these people and approved their departure out of the country.
Let me tell you something.
The volume of people we're talking about
It takes hours to do a proper debrief.
If you're going to seriously do an intelligence debriefing of somebody... No, they were getting this embarrassment to the White House out of the country.
I mean, what they've done is they've produced this report, and they've made these redactions or these white-out marks in the report.
And in there, they're citing, they're making references to news reports that are talking about who's leaving the country when.
And all these blank apps that they've made have to do with Osama bin Laden and the bin Laden family.
And the reason we know that is because they footnoted everything and then listed all the news articles in an annex to the report.
So all you have to do is kind of reverse engineer it.
Check the footnotes and look back at what they're making reference to.
Well, we've seen that in a lot of documents where the government will release a document and block out certain parts and other times block out others.
You just take the same document and lay them over each other.
You've got the whole thing.
And this is an appropriate example of that.
What's incredible is in a 43-page sworn statement, a sworn declaration by an FBI FOIA officer, they said that if they did release the information concerning Bin Laden's privacy or Bin Laden's name, it would be violating his privacy rights.
They've done a balancing test.
The balancing test is the person's privacy versus the public's right to know.
And guess what side the FBI came down?
Well, I've got copies of the documents that are on judicialwatch.org's website.
They fell on the side of Osama, Mr. CIA bin Laden.
But, I mean, here's the problem with this.
They have the guy on the FBI's most wanted list.
APB's out for him.
But here, let's not release any information on him because that would violate his privacy.
And the more disturbing thing is they're supposedly supposed to do this test where they evaluate the public's right to know
Well, guess what, American public?
You lose.
Osama Bin Laden's privacy, the government has made the decision that Osama Bin Laden's privacy is more important than the American public's right to know about the largest attack and catastrophe, terrorism-wise, in the country's history.
They have all these alerts out.
They're supposedly beating the bushes trying to find him, etc., etc.
Did you hear about Buzzy Crongar, number three at the CIA, told the Times of London about four months ago, five months ago?
He said, hey, we don't want to capture Bin Laden.
They don't.
I mean, here's the deal.
If Bin Laden is captured in Pakistan, President Musharraf is gone.
Somebody will kill him within days.
If his government turned people over, guaranteed that radicals within the country of Pakistan, Musharraf wouldn't last a week.
And the Bush administration doesn't want that to happen.
They want Musharraf where he is.
Whatever happened with General Amud Ahmed the week of 9-11 meeting and on the morning of 9-11 with Porter, Goss, and Graham over that breakfast and the New York Times reporting on $100,000 wired by Amud Ahmed to Mohammed Adam?
That you've got me on.
I'm in over my head.
I don't know enough information about that.
Well, I tell you, I mean, it's just time and time again, Bush says arrest anybody that's got business dealings with the Bin Ladens, but I have it on video.
We played the clip here of Larry Klayman before he left Judicial Watch, up there with Robert Wright and David Shippers at the National Press Club, and he said, here's the letter.
We've been threatened with arrest.
We tell you what we know.
All we can say is the Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens.
You ever see that clip?
I was there.
I was standing there when that occurred.
The Bushes vacation with Bin Laden.
So, are you guys still under this national security threat?
Well, I mean, poor Mr. Wright has been put through the grinder, as you might imagine.
And we're going to do everything we can to protect his rights and see what can be done for him.
But as you well know, very often the process is the punishment.
You know what I mean?
They're not interested necessarily in bringing... You can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride.
There you go.
In this case, every time we turn up another document like we have with these connections between the Bin Ladens and the Bushes, or we show Iraqi oil field maps that were re-released in July of 2003, they're actually dated March 2001, which shows that the Bush administration, through the Cheney Energy Task Force, were evaluating Iraqi oil fields
There you go.
Drilling areas.
Yeah, we don't have to believe Clark.
We don't have to believe O'Neal.
Just look at their own documents.
Their own documents.
And then we got Cheney in September of 2000, before he's even in the White House, saying in a PNAC document it's all about oil.
There you go.
So are they ever going to be held accountable?
I mean, I know you guys have sued over those documents.
In fact, you know, the thing that killed me was, I remember I wrote the press release on July 17th of 2002, or 2003, saying, hey, look,
Here's a rack of oil field maps, and the administration in March 2001 is looking at it and wondering what foreign companies are going after these exploratory oil fields.
I release it, nothing from the press.
I mean, not a peep.
Suddenly Mr. O'Neill writes his book with David Susskind the following December, and everyone is hyperventilating about these maps in his book.
It's old news, folks.
This has been out there for a while.
It's been churned around.
Well, they covered it when O'Neill talked about it, because they could claim it was sour grapes.
I mean, that's a way to discredit it, to just kind of poo-poo the whole thing.
Well, sure.
It's, oh, it's nothing, it's nothing.
This is just a disgruntled former employee kind of routine.
But we keep slugging away, and that's why, you know, when it comes to documents like this Bin Laden's right to privacy release, and all the other documents... Remember now, this is just one example of a huge universe of documents you're going after.
I mean, these are...
Well, I mean, the Bushes...
When it comes to judicial tyranny, when it comes to Alberto Gonzalez saying Bush is above the law and can do whatever he wants, I mean, I can't stand Bill Clinton.
I mean, I was with you guys all the way on Bill Clinton.
I was with you all the way on Bush.
I mean, where does it end?
Is it just a bottomless pit of arrogance?
It is.
I mean, somebody was just talking to me about another whistleblower we represented who was working at the U.N., a lady named Linda Shenwick.
Linda Shenwick was a whistleblower who did some great work.
She pointed out a lot of fraud, waste, and abuse at the U.N.
But of course, Madeline Albright and company hammered her.
They went after her and just tried to make the woman's life a living hell.
We brought a whistleblower lawsuit on her behalf that eventually settled.
But in the process of trying to defend against that lawsuit, the Bush administration hired Gregory Craig, Clinton's defense attorney from impeachment,
I think so.
Well, I mean, now the Bush's vacation, not just with the Bin Ladens, but with Clinton.
He's a surrogate member of the family, according to Clinton's own comments.
That's Boston Globe.
But shifting gears, one of the most arrogant and just out-of-control-in-your-face things Bush did was have his former Secretary of State, James Baker, run a defense for him for the Saudis and block the victims of 9-11's lawsuits.
I agree.
I mean, it's outrageous.
Well, how about when we sued for the Clinton pardon documents, the Bush administration has fought us for the last five years on not releasing Clinton's last-minute pardon documents.
When the appeals court, we won in the district court, they appealed it.
We won in the appeals court.
The appeals court here ordered the Justice Department to turn over the pardon documents.
They turned them over, all blacked out.
Guess what they did?
915 pages of blacked out magic marker markings.
There's the Bush administration for you.
Covering for the Clintons.
And appointing anti-gun people, appointing open border promoters.
Man, I mean, are they basically invincible?
Can they do whatever they want?
It's all about consolidating power and achieving and maintaining the status quo.
Once they get at this level, job number one is getting elected, job number two is getting re-elected, and everything else follows that.
They'll bump and bruise each other a little bit.
The different sides, left and right, will push back and forth a little bit.
They'll scratch and bruise, but no one ever delivers the death blow.
No one ever really rips the cover off stuff.
They just keep nudging each other around.
Then there's organizations like our own Judicial Watch.
We get in there, we try to dig away, dig away, dig away, get at the facts, and we create all sorts of uncomfortable and awkward questions that these folks have to answer.
All right, well... And they hate it.
Well, I really want to thank you, Chris, for coming on with us, and the website is reducerwatch.org.
And you guys got a radio show, too, don't you?
Indeed, and also, of course, a newsletter folks can get on our website as well.
Is there a phone number for folks?
The best is 202-646-
5172 or 888-JW-ETHIC.
If people want to support you.
All right.
Thanks for coming on, Chris.
Thanks so much, Alex.
Take care.
A bunch of news.
Paul Watson coming up.
Your call.
Stay with us.
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Coming up in the next hour, we've got Paul Watson joining us to cover a massive news.
And, of course, take your calls.
And speaking of calls, we're going to, for the purposes of analyzing it and dissecting it, play four or five phone calls.
There's about 50 of them, but we'll play a few of them.
Lee Hamilton, one of the vice whitewashers on the 9-11 commission and omissions panel, being grilled by callers on C-SPAN.
I've watched part of it.
I've heard about it from people who have seen the whole thing.
I mean, the majority of the callers were calling in talking about government prior knowledge, government involvement.
So that is coming up in the next hour as well.
We'll also talk about this guy with the chainsaw.
Bloody chainsaw walking across the border, and they just let him on through, and then he killed some people.
But we've all got to have national ID cards, because the terrorists are going to get us.
Now, I'm going to go to your calls, but I'm going to give each caller a minute because I want to get to everybody.
Robert in Colorado, go ahead.
Hey, take my call.
That's three quick points, number one right off the bat.
Listening to George Murray last night on Coast to Coast AM, he said that Thursday next week was going to be the date of the 9-1-1 roundtable.
So just be aware of that.
Oh, you already knew about it?
I have been told that they were going to finalize it yesterday.
I didn't call them, and I believe I'm going to be on there.
Okay, well, hopefully you are, and if you are, we'll be listening.
Did he mention he was going to be on it?
No, he didn't.
He didn't go into specifics.
He just said Thursday next week, but I'm sure you're going to get an invite.
So, got to be by the channel for that.
What's really going on at GM?
They're selling their cars at employee cost, but yet they say they're going to get rid of 25,000 people in the next three years.
Well, I mean, you know that...
Walmart is three times bigger than GM.
Home Depot is bigger than GM.
Manufacturing is leaving this country.
GM is on the verge of bankruptcy, according to many analysts.
And they are moving almost everything to China and Mexico.
And I hear their job mom status has been devalued or something?
Yeah, they're not doing too well.
Oh, wow.
Could they really go under the world's largest automaker?
They could really cease to exist?
I don't know if that's going to happen, but they're definitely imploding and will probably be a lot smaller than they were.
And there's a lot of moves to try to shore them up, and it could easily be bought by a foreign company.
Okay, one last quick point.
You know United Airlines is dropping its pension plan.
I hear that Delphi, which is a parts maker, is making rummage about doing the same thing.
Yeah, no, they changed two years ago.
I don't know if you were listening then, but two years ago I talked about they changed, quote, the cash balance accounts, but really it changed the law where they, quote, don't have any liability to pay you your pension money.
That's paid on will.
Now, people already have contracts in the past that are still valid, but with new pension funds, they're just not going to offer them to new employees, or you're not really going to own your own pension.
So, do you think it's a coming pattern like other companies, Southwest Airlines, American, even companies... Sir, all I know is they changed the law, or they can take your money.
Thanks for the call.
I mean...
It doesn't look good, does it?
Malta in Denmark.
Malta, go ahead.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I'm just putting a book about how the enemy... I mean, the border is wide open.
From the Second World War when...
Our foreign minister had a meeting with the foreign minister in Rostock, Germany about... No one should shoot on the German forces when they come.
And that was just what happened.
Like on your border now.
I mean... It was already states then.
So, yeah, I don't know, but... You're saying that before...
Your country got invaded.
The German invasion of Denmark.
There was a meeting in northern Germany.
No, no, your government stood down.
I was aware of that, yeah.
History repeats itself, Malta.
Same thing's going on here.
Thank you.
Andy and many, many others, your calls are up when we get back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, into hour number two.
We're going to be analyzing a C-SPAN piece from Lee Hamilton, one of the 9-11 cover-up artists.
A massive news concerning the economy, the police state, Paul Watson with a big news blitz coming up.
But right now, let's go back to your calls as promised.
Andy in Florida.
Andy, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I am calling from Florida.
Just want to let you know, me and my family went to Walt Disney World this past weekend.
And they wanted you to retina scan.
No, it wasn't that bad yet.
No, they have retina scanners and thumb printers.
They did have the thumb, well, it did your index finger and your middle finger at the same time.
But before we did that, they wanted to see our driver's licenses to make sure we're from Florida because they give you the discount, the Florida discount.
Before I even realized what was going on, they swiped me and my wife's driver's license, the magnetic strip.
Yes, sir.
They're designed for the new national sales tax, SeaWorld, tanning salons, grocery stores.
Now I'm hearing six flags, Disneyland, Disney World, Epcot Center.
All of it.
And by the way, they're at Disney World.
They do have retina scanners.
I guess they weren't out that day.
They wheel them out.
And retina scanners, thumb scanners, finger scanners.
And it all goes in the database, Bubba.
And this is part of a plan, official government plan.
What did you think of it when it happened?
Well, I didn't want to make a big ruckus because I was with my family.
Bottom line, I'm never going to Disney World.
I'm never taking my family because of that.
They've lost my money right there.
That's probably a good idea.
Did you say anything?
But soon it's going to be everywhere, sir.
I mean, I know grocery stores and tanning salons and check cashing places and gyms right now here in Austin where they're thumb scanning.
Go ahead.
On the packet it says they're using a unique the system uses unique measurements from your fingers to help link your ticket to you.
See, they're helping us
Yeah, and then they say on our local news, oh, don't worry, it doesn't keep your fingerprint, it just keeps a digital image of zeros and ones.
Well, those zeros and ones are computed into the image of your finger, and that biometric calculation is a human number.
Let he with understanding reckon the number, for it is a human number.
A human number, biometrics, the science of creating digital algorithms off of the human body's context.
Anything else?
What did you say to these idiots?
What's that?
Did you say anything to them?
No, not really.
I was with my family.
I didn't want to make a big deal of it.
Well, it is a big deal.
I know.
But I won't go back.
But the Washington Post did an article about the dim outlook on the Iraq war.
I wouldn't be surprised.
Never can't tell any option they might do, but they may do old Georgie boy like they did Kennedy as a sacrifice to advance even further activity.
I don't know.
I hope nothing ever happens to Bush.
He's a total puppet.
He needs to be prosecuted for his crimes.
But you can't put anything past the globalists, thanks for the call.
And, yeah, that would advance the globalist operations, and that's why I hope that never happens.
But let's go ahead and talk to Rita in Illinois.
Rita, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Earlier you were talking about the teddy bear picnic, which I've seen when you said that he was making fun of you, but it still makes sense.
It still makes those megalomaniacs look pretty bad.
Well, you know, he's a member in a national five-part series that aired on Trio Network in Europe as well.
Well, he's the guy that provides the entertainment for them, isn't he?
Like when they come down there, doesn't he and that one guy from Lenny and Squiggy...
Don't they set up?
Well, he's an actual member.
Oh, okay.
I mean, they do have big Hollywood stars come in, but they're not for entertainment.
I mean, they do take part in it.
Well, the main thing I called you about, I called you before about... Well, what did you think of Teddy Bear's Picnic?
Well, actually, Alex, I didn't think that the guy who was, like, infiltrating looked so goofy.
You know, I think that they look goofy.
No, you sure admit it's supposed to be me.
It's not like I'm sitting here.
Yeah, what else was on your mind?
All right, remember, though, that today's mighty oak was merely yesterday's nut that held its ground.
Well, a little bit, but nah, that's okay.
Anything else?
No, no, you know what?
We can get you on in a little while.
You want to hold?
Nah, I'll leave room for other people.
I'll give you a call back.
Okay, bye, sweetheart.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the second hour.
Paul Joseph Watson is waiting in the wings to give us a news blitz and to go over Lee Hamilton put on the gridiron on the spit and rotisserie on C-SPAN as the majority of the callers called in about government prior knowledge and involvement in 9-11.
And again, for those that don't know or just joined us, Lee Hamilton, Vice Chairman of the 9-11 Cover-Up Terrorist Committee.
But I really wanted to have this individual call back in today
And, in fact, we've even got a phone line open for now.
In fact, keep a line open for this guy.
Somebody fills up that last line to tell him, sorry, we're going to have to wait until he calls in.
This fella called yesterday at the very end of the broadcast, and I learned that as soon as I said put him on hold because I wanted to comment on him and then bring him back up, he had already hung up.
I'd like him to call in and defend his statement.
And I'm glad you did this.
I really should spend more time on depleted uranium, because there's nothing depleted about it.
It's just one of the isotopes taken out of it.
I'm going to have Dr. Rocky, who literally wrote the book for the Pentagon, their chief scientist, but I'm not just going to have him on.
I'm going to have three or four more scientists on, and I think I'm going to have some mothers and wives on who have dead husbands who breathe this stuff and then died of nasal cancer.
Because I know you're probably somebody who worships George Bush, and you worship the government, and you love the war, and you're mad that I talk about people who stick these stickers on their cars that say, support the troops, when if you really supported the troops, you'd say, bring them home.
You'd be upset about how they're given experimental vaccines against their will, which is a felony.
You'd be upset about how they serve two years in country and then are told, no, they're going to serve two more.
You'd be upset about how they're fed rotten meals by Halliburton.
You'd be upset about how they have to pay to be flown back, many of them, when they have their arms and legs blown off.
That's all admitted.
But without further ado, here is this fellow's call.
And sir, here's the number in case you missed it.
1-800-259-9231 Come on, don't just call up and snipe at me.
You got something to say?
Call back in.
Get it through your brain.
The Army's own handbooks say it is deadly poisonous alone.
Much worse than lead.
And then when it's aerosolized, it goes into the lungs and has the cumulative effect of massive radiation.
They've done tests.
The New Scientist has.
The New York Daily News has.
Two rims of radiation.
That will kill you over a decade.
He said, oh, well, I know somebody's got one of these radiation badges.
Well, my dad's a dentist.
They've got those around those x-ray machines.
And if one is leaking and there's really high radiation, it'll start changing colors.
That's not what DU does.
It's a different type of radiation.
You twit.
I'm sorry.
Call back in.
I bet you're afraid to.
1-800-259-9231 You are a bully and you're afraid to call into this show.
Go ahead and call me.
I happen to care about the troops, so you stop implying things that aren't true.
By the way, I think I may make a film about depleted uranium.
I might put a segment in the film about the poisons, you know, the sodium fluoride, the mercury, the lead.
I know you may agree with local CBS News.
By the way, find that clip next where they say mercury's nutritious.
But I don't.
I know mercury's bad for our children's brains.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
All right, let's go to Dale in Texas.
You're on the air.
Dale, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Hey, I've got some stuff that just come back from Iraq, including a radiac detector that's worn on the wrist of an M1A1 Abrams tank commander's...
You know what?
Can we get you on tomorrow for a full hour?
No, no, no.
Put him on hold for a second.
Dale, I want to get your number, or I want to guarantee that you'll come on for a full hour tomorrow with me.
He hung up.
He hung up.
Dale, call back in right now.
Okay, has he called in?
By the way, I think I know this fellow, because some of my friends are his mutual friend.
I even know...
Paul Watson!
If he thinks DU is so good, I mean, he should snort a line of it and enjoy the cancer he gets.
Well, it's good to be back.
He didn't even specify where this soldier was based.
I mean, you get all these chill reporters coming back from Iraq saying that it's peaceful tranquility.
And where do they go?
They go to the Green Zone, which is the most heavily fortified area there, which still gets bombed.
But, you know, it might have been there, the only place where they would keep the DU away.
Well, I mean, they have the DU rounds in the Abrams tank and in their cannon, not just in their main gun.
The Bradley Fighting Vehicles have it.
Even the Humvee guns have it.
The ATNs fire it.
I mean, they're serving them out to more and more different armaments now, not just the Abrams tanks or the Vulcan guns, but they're called in the Warthogs.
But, I mean, the military admits it's deadly poison and radioactive, but this guy, no, we're evil.
We're just totally evil.
Well, I mean, you know what will happen.
Time magazine will do a big expose on it, get one tiny detail wrong, and then they'll be forced to apologize to the White House, and the whole thing will be buried.
That's what usually happens.
Guys, did you find that clip where Mercury's good for you?
Let's play that, too.
Because I'm a kook, though.
I'm making money off this, folks.
Really, mercury's good for you.
Here it is.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses?
A new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporters from the Mathers.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
Well, Paul, I guess we've been disproven again.
Mercury is good for our children's brains.
It doesn't matter if we have the electromicroscope video of it being, and top scientists saying it's the most deadly for destroying neurons.
I guess we're bad to talk about that too, Paul?
Well, I mean, it reminds me with the vaccines of the MMR triple jab in this country.
Which two or three years ago, 99% of parents in a poll objected to having that injected into their children.
Well, they're just trying to make money off it.
They're bad, too.
The government came out and said, we're going to promote a PR campaign to convince people that it's really safe.
So over the course of the next year, every news report you saw was pro-MMR jab, and miraculously, a year later, 50% of parents support the use of it.
After the government admitted that they were going to do a PR campaign.
Yeah, Paul, I've had the soldiers on that are still alive, but countless have died.
They admit in the BBC that in 1985, in Wales, U.S.
and British troops were ordered to stand out in open air and have nerve gas sprayed on them.
Some of them died that day.
They then dissected their bodies and didn't give body parts back to the families.
But I guess that doesn't exist either, Paul.
The atomic soldiers don't exist.
We shouldn't talk about it, Paul.
Well, no, and all the psychological drugs tested on soldiers at places like Edgewood, I suppose that doesn't exist either.
What Mr. Kissinger said about soldiers pawns the foreign policy.
They really care about them.
Yeah, we're not patriotic.
We're bad, Paul.
So you want to apologize to him, or should I do it?
I'm going to apologize to Dale.
Dale, we're real sorry.
DU's good, and it's no problem for the troops, and we're just evil, and, well, you've caught us.
You're right.
And so now I'm going to quit doing my broadcast from this day forward.
I'm just going to crawl off into a hole somewhere.
Has he called in yet?
Well, where are you, buddy?
Come on, come shoot your mouth off some more.
I'm going to, literally, Paul, I'm going to line up extravaganzas of top experts on this.
But I guess, you know, they're evil too, you know, Paul.
All the cancers they're having removed from their bodies.
It's certainly getting through to the troops themselves.
New York Times today, after lowering goal, Army falls short on May recruits.
They've fallen short again, 25%, even after lowering the target.
So it's getting through to them.
Well, but they might be with Al-Qaeda, you know.
Paul, what's the other news you want to cover today?
Obviously, we're going to go through this.
Lee Hamilton, former vice chairman of the 9-11 Commission, appeared on C-SPAN on May 26th on Washington Journal.
They took around 10 callers throughout the course of the 48-minute show.
And six of them raised issues related to the true story behind 9-11.
He must have been on another C-SPAN show, because I saw another clip of him on an afternoon show, and he took more calls than that.
I haven't watched all this new video you put up this hour.
This was the May 26th?
May 26th.
Okay, you might check their archives.
I think there's another one where he was on with the other chairman.
But please continue.
Yeah, and the majority of the callers raised issues relevant to the true story of government involvement in 9-11.
And it was very interesting to see Hamilton and Brian Lamb, who attacked you last year, have to sit and squirm through this barrage of truth on live television.
So we've got six clips, short clips, to play.
All right, we'll also take calls.
There's a bunch of other news as well.
Don't touch that dial.
This is powerful info coming at you.
And remember, DU is nutritious.
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516-8736 That's 1-800-516-8736 1-800-516-8736
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Yeah, it doesn't matter if the Army's own documents say it's deadly poison and builds up in the body and gives cumulative radiation poisoning.
This guy says it's nutritious, basically, and I'm evil for talking about it.
But getting back to one of the whitewashers, the co-chairman of the 9-11 Commission, Paul, let's start going through these clips, and then we'll get into some other news and take some calls.
Let's go ahead and roll this first clip from C-SPAN as Lee Hamilton gets this first call.
Go ahead.
I'm from downtown Connecticut.
Go ahead, please.
Yes, good morning, Brian, and thank you for taking my call.
I'm a Washington Journal junkie.
I just want to ask the following question.
Which is PBS aired a documentary called America Rebuilds in which Larry Silverstein, who held the leases on the towers, admits to pulling, which is another word for imploding, World Trade Center Building 7.
And I'm just wondering why World Trade Center Building 7, which was half the height of the other two towers, wasn't even mentioned in the report.
And I'd also like to give the following website, which has archived...
At least parts of this documentary, which is www.prisonplanet.com backslash 011904wtc7.html and I'd like if you could please comment on this.
Thank you.
We had a lot of very difficult decisions to make in putting the report together about what to include and what to exclude.
We collected a horrendous amount of material, stacks and stacks of it, interviewed thousands of people, went over several million pages of documents.
The emphasis at the site, of course, were on the towers, and that's where the loss of life occurred overwhelmingly.
It's where, if corrections are made, you can save the most lives, if anything like that occurs in the future.
And so some things were left out of the report.
I do not recall offhand whether Building 7 was discussed in some of our annex material.
It wasn't.
It may have been.
But I think the report itself had to focus on the primary targets.
All right, good pause.
That's the first clip.
So they don't put it in the report.
The report says there's no support columns in the middle of the building, even though all the plans say that.
Paul, that was a great caller.
We commend her.
But yeah, Larry Silverstein says they blew it up, but Lee Hamilton, we didn't discuss it.
He just kind of glazed over it, Paul.
Well, that's what he tries to do on all of them.
In some cases, they just cut the callers off as soon as they talk about something important.
But again, it's this whole independent commission farce.
I mean, the chairman, Keane, in business with the Bin-Lardens, was appointed directly by Bush.
How is that independent?
And, in fact, Hamilton himself, in a different clip, we haven't got that clip, but it's on the video, is confronted by his past activity in whitewashing other investigations related to Bush's father, and he tips and squirms on that one as well.
So, I mean, that's the first clip.
Second clip is even more important.
It talks about how Cheney, as the plane which hit the Pentagon came in, was giving the order to let the order stand as it got closer and closer, 40 miles, 30 miles, 20 miles.
So that question is raised in the second clip.
Let's go ahead and roll that.
Start rolling again.
Columbia, Maryland.
Go ahead, please.
Good morning.
Sir, I would like to ask you this question regarding the testimony of Norman Moneta, the Secretary of Transportation who appeared before you guys on May 23, 2003.
And Norman Moneta was at the Emergency Operations Center in the White House with Vice President Dick Cheney around 9.20 on September 11, 2001.
And during that time, Norman Moneta said to you guys that while he was there,
During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, the plane is 50 miles out.
The plane is 30 miles out.
And when it got down to 10 miles out, the young man also said to the Vice President, do the orders still stand?
And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, of course the orders still stand.
Have you heard anything to the contrary?
Now this had to be the Pentagon, the flight that hit the Pentagon.
How can Dick Cheney know this and Donald Rumsfeld not know it, the President not know it, the military not know it?
And another question, sir.
I'm going to let you go.
First, I want to ask you, how often do you get these kind of questions?
Because there seems to be a whole world out there that revolves around every jot and tittle of everything that's ever been said, suspecting that this is a conspiracy.
Well, that's right.
It was.
Hit pause.
Rewind it about ten seconds.
We'll come back with the answer.
A conspiracy!
That's the testimony!
He was ordering Norvato to stand down!
It's admitted!
All stay there.
There's a lot more coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
It just... The sun came up this morning.
It's a conspiracy!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're going to Chris and Brian and Jerry and many others.
We're still keeping that line open for the caller earlier, who's basically saying that we're evil because we say DU is bad.
Well, you've done it now.
I was already intending to get a bunch of DU scientists back on, but that's it.
I'm getting all the top ones in the world who wrote the books for the military, you name it.
And I'm going to keep challenging you to call in and deal with it and tell scientists that it's nutritious and that we're evil.
But most of Dr. Rocky's team, by the way, have died.
He went there for the cleanup in 1991 after the Gulf War.
But, Paul, continuing with these clips, this guy brings up a really good point of Cheney, and we know what that order was, even though he's declared national security, in control of the whole, quote, war game, and ordering to stand down the entire time.
Any other comments before we finish up his comment to the question?
Well, you said with the first clip he simply evaded it by saying that it wasn't in the report.
It's a direct quote.
Well, this was.
So it's not any kind of conspiracy.
But again, he still manages to sidestep the issue and tries to absolve Cheney.
And Brian Lamb, who spent an hour and a half attacking me last year but wouldn't let me on to defend myself, Brian Lamb calls it a conspiracy.
And every jot and every tittle, like we're a bunch of evil people wanting to know what Dick Cheney did when he was doing it.
I mean, it's incredible, Paul.
It's a blatant setup, but they were pretty much on the back foot throughout the entire show because over half the calls were of this nature.
They were rocking back on their heels like they were in the corner on the ropes.
Let's go ahead and play the rest of that question.
And another question, sir.
I'm going to let you go.
First, I want to ask you, how often do you get these kind of questions?
Because there seems to be a whole world out there that revolves around every jot and tittle of everything that's ever been said.
It's suspecting that this is a conspiracy.
Well, that's right.
Look, we're still arguing about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
And we're arguing about John F. Kennedy's assassination.
September 11th is one of the most traumatic days in the history of our country.
Maybe the most traumatic.
We on the 9-11 Commission took our best crack at it.
We were ordered by the statute to tell the story of 9-11.
Put aside the recommendations.
We did the very best we could on that.
But it's a dynamic situation.
Information continually comes up, and there's a lot of suspicion about what we found and what we didn't find.
So these stories will continue.
Now, with regard to Cheney's action, he was the person in the White House.
The president at the time was in Sarasota, Florida.
And speaking to that small group, really, of children.
And communications were not as good as we would like them to have been between President Bush and the White House at that time.
And incidentally, that's one of the things we think have been corrected since that time.
The Vice President was in the operation.
Oh, keep going.
I'm sorry.
He was in communication with the president as quickly as he could be at that point in time.
And yet, we did find a flaw in the communication problems.
Okay, before we go to the next clip, again, if there's a flood, the president cancels what he's doing to go grandstand.
He saw the first plane hit, he said.
Then he saw the second one in the green room.
We have the Times of London photos.
Then he went out and lied about it and said he never even had an idea.
Then he said, okay, I did see the planes hit.
And we have all this going on.
That was for the photo op so we could see the president respond on national TV.
They talk about Kennedy assassinations, conspiracy theories, Abraham Lincoln.
No, this is in the report that Dick Cheney was in control.
And in doing all of this, we know that.
We know they ordered Nordad to stand down.
We know all that happened.
And they just throw out the term conspiracy theory, Paul.
Well, yeah.
And we got the photos of Bush sitting in the school with the video of the second tower smoking behind him.
And he's on the phone as the plane is coming in to the Pentagon.
So he is in communication.
And again, it's this whole thing, it's all a big mistake.
Well, a caller raises on the fourth clip the fact that if it's all a big mistake, why is no one connected with it being reprimanded?
And in fact, many were rewarded, including the visa personnel who let the supposed terrorist into the country in the first place got giant bonuses.
Well, the FBI agent that threatened to arrest the other agent so they didn't follow W1999 and stand down, they got a record cash bonus.
But Paul...
I mean, listening to these two, people say, well, 9-11 is so big they never get away with it.
They're not.
We're the majority now.
People are waking up.
90-plus percent of the people in America believe the government killed Kennedy.
I mean, anybody who looks at the facts.
So basically, they knew it was going to come out, and they just think they'll be able to ride this bucking bronco.
But they're not going to be able to do that, Paul.
Well, no.
That's what we can talk about after the clips.
All right, let's go to the next clip.
What's the third clip?
The third clip is a little bit longer.
It's about three minutes.
Somebody raises David Ray Griffin's lecture on C-SPAN and his book.
All right, go ahead and roll that.
You're in Concord, Massachusetts.
Oh, good.
I'm sorry.
Good morning.
C-SPAN's Book TV recently did a lecture from the University of Wisconsin.
I'll wrap up the event surrounding 9-11.
The lecturer, a person by the name of David Ray Griffin, is a professor emeritus at the University of Chamonix, and he certainly is no freaky conspiracy theorist.
He is a man with gravitas.
It was his conclusion, based upon the evidence, that 9-11 was a... that the government was complicit in,
We're good to go.
It appears that you have a lot of explaining to do.
Caller, let me ask you, why would the government want 9-11 to happen in your opinion?
Because the pretext for war, the pretext for the planning of the operation of the Gulf, of the war in the Gulf.
You needed a pretext and this was it.
Okay, let's assume that that's correct.
Why would the government want to go to war in Iraq?
Well, I think there were three reasons.
One was to make the Middle East safe for Israel.
The other one was to bring market forces into that area.
And the third one was to establish military bases.
Good pause.
And then rewind it five seconds.
No, let me give you the reasons.
What PNAC said.
Four trillion in oil in Iraq.
Three trillion in Afghanistan.
And that's discovered oil ready to be pumped down.
Hundreds of billions in weapons sales per year.
A domestic police state here in America and a way to silence dissenters and put in the national ID card and the biometric control grid.
And Paul, there's other reasons too.
Well, yeah.
Primarily, it was the launch pad for the war on Iran which they kind of
Screwed up the planning on that one somewhat with the insurgency.
But yeah, as you mentioned, it was the crackdown at home.
I mean, Tony Blair, right before the war started, as a million people marched in London, had tanks rolling around Heathrow for a terror alert to do with missiles that later turned out to be faked.
And fake Ryerson reports and fake reports about what was Saddam's WMDs.
All right, back to the 9-11 whitewasher.
Back to Lee Hamilton.
Go ahead.
The other one was to bring market forces into that area, and the third one was to establish military bases.
I'm not familiar in any detail with Professor Griffin's work, so I don't know that I can respond.
But the charge, of course, that the United States government was complicit in 9-11 is just extraordinary.
And we found no, zero evidence of that.
Our government planned that attack.
So I think the burden of persuasion is on their side here.
And I'd be very, very skeptical.
He said the evidence is very strong.
I haven't seen that evidence.
Have you read David Griffin's book?
Have you heard about David Griffin's book?
And what do you do when you get a book like that?
Do you have people that go over it?
Well, look, we have hundreds of people like that commenting on our report, maybe thousands, looking at every detail.
We had 1,600 footnotes.
They look at 1,700, they look at every footnote.
That's the way it ought to be.
And that's okay.
We cannot respond to every critic.
If we spent all of our time responding to critics, we wouldn't have gotten anything done at all.
All right, I mean, this is too rich, Paul.
We have Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11.
Then we have the prima facie motive on the face of it.
We have Dick Cheney, Brzezina Brzezinski, and Pentagon planners saying we need, quote, helpful Pearl Harbor events.
We have the Gulf of Tonkin never happening.
58,000 Americans then die.
Presidential libraries now release that.
We have the blowing up of the Maine.
We have Hitler blowing up the Reichstag.
We have our own government with the USS Liberty.
We have...
Just Operation Gladio, which was carried out.
Our government admits they carried out bombings and killed people to blame it on foreign enemies.
I mean, what is he talking about?
There's no evidence of that, Paul.
Well, I mean, he says that it's ridiculous that the government would be responsible.
He is the government.
He's been a government pimp all his political life, which raises in a different call the fact that he covered up for them before.
Well, of course he's not going to accuse himself of being involved with it, because that was his job.
He was staffed to do it.
Well, somebody should have called in about how it's called an independent commission.
They tried to have Kissinger in his place at first, but no one bought that.
It was too big of a joke.
And, I mean, Bush appointed these people.
Yeah, and Keene has business connections to the Bin Laden family, just like the Bushes do.
And so does the chief staffer of the commission.
And the rest of it is that we won't feature, because it's obviously 48 minutes long, is Brian Lamb basically throwing in the left-right paradigm.
Oh, Richard Benveniste was on the panel, so surely that makes it impartial and non-partisan.
We had Democrats as well, and they're just as involved as the Republicans were.
You know, Clinton having several opportunities to kill Bin Laden before Bush came to power.
In every instance, he refused to do it.
Sudan offered to hand him over, Afghanistan offered to hand him over, and it never took place because he works for the same people.
All right, let's go ahead and go to the next clip.
What's this next clip?
Next clip is about the fact that if it was all a mistake, then why is no one held responsible for it?
All right, here it is.
I'm sorry, Pontiac, Michigan.
You're on the air.
Hi, I'm a first-time caller.
Thank you for letting me call.
I just have a couple questions.
This commission, to me, held no one responsible.
There's no accountability.
That and the fact that there's so much more that was left out of the commission, it leads to people speculating.
I think we should be more forthright.
If there's things that may not even make us happy as Americans, we should be aware of those things as well.
If we made some poor decisions...
We should have people in higher power take more accountability.
Did anybody anywhere in our government lose their job over 9-11?
I don't think so.
Not so far as I know.
Now, who knows for sure.
I mean, George Tenet left, but I think under different circumstances, so far as I know.
I do not believe you can say one person was responsible for 9-11.
I do think you can go back and say a lot of mistakes were made.
I mean, this guy is just mind-boggling.
The things that they're saying, the things that they're doing, Paul.
And again, you said earlier, the people that were involved in 9-11, they were all promoted.
The people that exposed government involvement, they all got in trouble.
Well, exactly.
I mean, he's reading straight from the playbook.
The whitewash is to make everybody believe that it was a mistake and you'll even have people who supposedly come out of left field to attack the government, criticize the government, but it's always on the grounds of this person made a mistake, this agency made a mistake and that only...
I wish somebody would have brought up to them that in their report they said that there was no support columns in the middle of the building when the towers are the biggest support columns of any building in the world.
And in their report they just said there were no support columns, Paul.
Well, exactly, but in every case, he doesn't directly address the question, which is obviously 101 what you would do in that position if you were trying to cover it up.
Well, also, he said he didn't know Griffin, and then he said he did.
Let's go ahead and go to the next clip.
Here it is.
New York City.
Oh, I'd like to ask you a very, very important question.
How is it that you gave General Myers and Donald Rumsfeld a free ride
And they had said they had no idea about NORAD on that day when Cynthia McKinley had asked them questions in the middle of the night on C-SPAN, and they did 100% acknowledge that there was five war games that morning.
And in addition to that, that Donald Rumsfeld was in total control.
And we also want to know who shut down the sand missiles.
Thanks, Collar.
We think NORAD made some mistakes on the lead up to 9-11 and could have reacted more aggressively and robustly than they did.
We did not hold General Myers or Secretary Rumsfeld responsible for that, but we did make some critical comments about NORAD and their ability to respond to these kind of attacks.
There's a couple stories out in the...
Well, I tell you, you can hear them coughing, choffing, really under the hot lights there, and you hear Lamb starting to cut people off pretty quickly, don't we, Paul?
Well, yeah, and he does that again in the next clip.
That one, again, blaming NORAD when we know that NORAD were confused by those drills.
They were replacing people in the command structure with rookies who it was their first day on the job.
That came out.
Tom Flocker reported that on World Net Daily as well.
And three months before, they took the power away from the generals to shoot aircraft down, which they'd had since 57, and gave it just to Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.
Let's play the next clip.
Go ahead and roll it.
Hamilton, I'm going to go to Augusta, Georgia.
Good morning.
Mr. Hamilton, Terry McDermott of the Los Angeles Times confirmed in an article that U.S.
support of Israel was a major influence on Sheikh Khalid Mohammed, who was mentioned on page 147 of the 9-11 Commission Report.
He'd been driven to attack the World Trade Center tragically because of U.S.
support for Israel.
Why isn't U.S.
support of Israel one of the 41 suggestions in the 9-11 Commission report?
You can actually see the Covering War panel in which Terry McDermott, again, this Los Angeles Times War and Terror reporter, is on.
It repeats this coming weekend on C-SPAN 2 at 2 p.m.
It was from the outstanding C-SPAN 2 coverage of Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
East Coast time.
Terry McDermott is asked, point blank,
And a reference is made to the James Baffert book.
I'm sorry, this is the guy that calls us about every three days.
It's all right.
I mean, there's nothing wrong with his questions, but he constantly violates our 30-day policy.
What did you hear that you want to talk about?
Well, we looked at the question very hard, is why they attack us.
All right, we'll be right back, folks.
That's a total whitewash.
You know, oh, we're evil.
We made the Arabs attack us.
That's kind of the...
Ward Churchill angle.
So we'll get Paul's comment on that and then go to your calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Paul, I guess that's all the clips of Lee Hamilton?
That's right, yep.
And there's a few others where he got grilled, so the majority of the calls were they're exposing what they're up to.
You know, one other thing is, they said at the beginning of the Whitewash Commission that they weren't there to find guilt, just ways to keep us safe, and their recommendations were expand the Patriot Act, national ID cards, total federalization, and so all that is now happening.
And in relation to those clips, the last two callers...
They kind of tried to counterbalance the whole thing because the last two callers, the first of which mentioned the capture of Al Libby, so-called Mr Al-Qaeda Number 3, which turned out to be a spelling mistake.
It was actually a guy with a similar name, differently spelled.
He was not Al-Qaeda Number 3.
London Times described him as Floatsome Jetsome.
They just picked him up.
He was a nobody.
But they use that as an example of how the war on terror is succeeding and how the Patriot Act and all this is having such a great success in fighting Al-Qaeda.
And then another caller called in about the fact that
Everybody's talking about weapons of mass destruction or the lack thereof, but what about the Scud missiles that Saddam had?
And the British government, the American government's own report stated that most of those missiles couldn't even reach the neighboring country, never mind anywhere else.
Yeah, 1950s-era Soviet pieces of absolute garbage falling apart.
So that was used to prop up the Iraq War on the last call as well.
So they tried to turn it around desperately in the end, but I don't think it worked.
Well, this is happening everywhere, Paul.
I mean, I talk about I do other talk show interviews every day.
And I was on in Chicago this morning, and it's also on an L.A.
syndicated show, and I got to go up against Arnold's new biographer.
But, I mean, it's just people agree with us.
They don't agree with the establishment, and their fraud is coming down.
We're going to start the third hour here in just a minute.
We're going to accelerate quickly through Ruben and Chris and Brian and Tony and Joe.
Very fast.
Each caller will get about a minute or so.
Then Paul will be able to comment on it.
A bunch of other news items coming up.
Paul, what's some of the other news we're going to be covering in the next hour?
I did want to raise the situation in Uzbekistan because that hasn't been covered a lot.
Also, I want to talk about the EU.
How big this is that it's falling apart.
Yeah, and tie that into the fact of the awareness spread in about 9-11, because it's directly related, and what came out of the Bilderberg meeting as well.
It all ties in.
And then I got the news about a guy coming across the U.S.
border with a bloody chainsaw, and they just let him on through, and he killed some people.
Oh, we have a bloody chainsaw!
Come right through!
But we've got to give all our rights up.
Paul, tell folks about PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's 15 cents a day if you subscribe for a year.
Now there's basically an entire library of Alex's, we call them weekly reports, but there's usually two a week up there.
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That's right, $5.95 a month.
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Masses of news.
Your calls first.
And Paul Watson riding the shotgun with us.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
There's no other way to describe this broadcast.
It's radical.
We believe things.
Depleted uranium is bad for the troops because all the major scientific reports and the Army's own manuals say it.
And it's marked as such with a skull and crossbones on it.
We also believe that mercury is bad for children's brains.
The media now tells us it's actually a nutritious part of your daily breakfast.
We are extreme because we disagree with that.
We believe cancer viruses and the vaccines are bad.
It's admitted they're there.
But we are still evil.
We believe sodium fluoride, because there's thousands of studies showing it's deadly poison, is bad for you.
But again, we're evil.
And Paul Watson is with us.
A ton of news coming up this hour, but let's go right to your calls.
Ruben in Ohio, thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Ruben.
Yes, I can hear you breathing in the background.
How is your day going?
Yes, Ruben.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was listening to you on shortwave.
I've got a question for you.
Is there evidence that the Pentagon is funding TV shows like 24 and Threat Matrix?
Yes, there is evidence.
Can you refer me to any articles that I could...
I can refer you to the Atlantic Ocean to go fishing.
Yes, there are just masses.
Well, number one, whenever they use a military helicopter or military assets, the entire script, and we know they use this, has to be approved by the Pentagon.
They have a whole office that does that.
Then we know that in 2002, Homeland Security and others met with the heads of the newspaper publishing industry, the heads of Hollywood,
The Motion Picture Association and asked them to put out these pro-government views.
We know that that's everywhere.
We know that there are also federal programs that quote fund product placement in these TV shows, dramas, you name it, where they pay to have anti-gun lines or to have, you'll see, Go Army or Army of One billboards in the background.
I mean, it's just, it's, Paul, I mean, it's everywhere.
Would you like to
I mean, we're in a forest here.
What tree would you like to point out?
Well, go to Google, type in Pentagon Hollywood.
You get MSN, Hollywood and the Pentagon, a dangerous liaison.
There's a film about it called Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret, I think it's called.
I remember a London Guardian article about it, USA Today, most of which came out just after 9-11.
I am planning on building a page kind of based around this, on how it all fuses into popular culture with things like the Lone Gunman Show and all the clips we play from movies.
Yeah, we had Dean Haglund on saying the CIA was planting those scenarios on the X-Files spinoff.
All right, Dad, I knew.
I was looking for that TV show 24, like a specific news article that I could refer to.
Well, I don't have that in front of me, but I have seen it.
And the Lee Hamilton C-SPAN...
Callers is unbelievable.
One, how did all those callers get through?
Do you think the phone screeners... Sir, it's routine.
No, C-SPAN doesn't... They screen a little bit.
I mean, I've been screened before, but it's mainly where are you calling from, which side are you on, left or right, and I'll just say neither, and they'll go, sorry, click.
So you just go, okay, I'm conservative, and then they let you on, or I'm liberal.
I mean, you basically got to...
Do that, and then once you've been labeled, then you get on.
But you've got to sit there and speed dial to do it.
Now, listen, I never watch TV, but I might watch C-SPAN once a month.
Every time I watch C-SPAN Journal, most of the calls are like that.
Paul, I know you don't get it over there in England, but for listeners that do see it, our website gets plugged every week on there.
Well, yeah, that's the point.
You'll notice that they raised the Cynthia McKinney appearance on C-SPAN.
I believe we were the first website to kind of not carry that, but majorly put it out there, and it got linked everywhere on all the big alternative websites.
So that's how people found out about that.
So it's everywhere.
I mean, they've got to take callers, and the vast majority are on our side.
So, I mean, what can they do about it?
Well, I mean, why do you think so many AM and FM stations are picking this show up?
I mean, we're pretty mainstream, folks.
By mainstream, our view is becoming the mainstream view.
The elite's view is the minority view.
We'll be right back.
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Back from 9 to midnight.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
Chris and Brian and Terry and Joe, everybody, your calls are coming up right now.
I'm going to move through your calls quickly.
Paul's got some more for the last caller on the military and the Pentagon and Hollywood and TV.
And I want to go back to some DU documents, more that just came out today about how deadly it is because of that moronic caller we had at the end of the show yesterday who will not call back in.
Maybe he's not listening today.
We'll keep putting the call out the next few days who just wanted to say that basically the DU isn't hurting the troops and that I'm just trying to make money off of scaring people.
Well, I don't sell anything DU-related, but I should make a film about it.
I should make money about it so I can hire people to put up better websites and get more information out.
I mean, is it okay to make money fighting the New World Order?
Of course we better, or we won't be here.
But no, that's a good idea.
I think I'm going to take a cue from him.
I've been meaning, Paul, I've talked to you about this privately, to do more on DU because we do care about the troops.
So let's both challenge each other to do more on DU.
And we'll maybe even start a foundation and call it the Dale Foundation in memory of him.
Right, yeah, we need to do more on it.
It's mainly covered by a lot of the left organisations.
It's one of the few issues which they're absolutely accurate on, including the bombardment by NATO of Serbia back in the late 90s, which is still suffering the aftereffects of that DU.
But it doesn't matter, again, if all the Pentagon's own handbooks say it's deadly poisonous.
We're evil, Paul.
It's good for you.
Well, no, and I was going to mention this article out of the Sunday Herald of Scotland.
Before the Iraq War, the three leading radiation scientists in the world came out and issued a report to the World Health Organization saying
That DU was deadly and that it shouldn't be used if they went to war in Iraq for a second time.
The World Health Organization responded by deliberately suppressing the report, according to its author, Dr. Keith Bavistock.
It was completed in 2001, and they suppressed it for years, just so the U.S.
You know, I'm not just going to have Rocky on.
I'm going to get those guys on.
Email me that story.
Yeah, and then there's articles out of BBC before the Iraq War which I remember saying that they were going to use it, so they had to suppress this report from these leading scientists so they could get the authorization... When the army developed it at Los Alamos in the 80s, they said it was deadly poison.
It was only to be used if the Soviets poured into Europe as a last-ditch effort to be loaded on the aircraft and in the tanks to deal with Soviet armor when you're already going to have a nuclear war, a thermal nuclear war.
That's right.
In Queensland, there's a war game with Australia and the US, and the local mayor has written to the Australian government demanding that they don't use DU during this war game, and he's got a
A confirmation that it won't be used.
So that's new out today.
But it's been used in 10 locations in the US, one place in Puerto Rico.
I mean, what is wrong with people that want to say we're liars and the DU isn't bad for troops?
What is wrong with them?
Well, I mean, it's probably more of an attack on you rather than the evidence because there is no evidence to suggest that there aren't massive DU casualties both amongst the civilians and the troops coming back in Iraq.
But, I mean, the new scientists did the study.
I mean, they do x-rays and their lungs are totally clouded.
They do radiation tests and they have two rims of radiation in them.
I mean, I don't understand this, folks.
Sodium fluoride isn't good.
Mercury isn't good.
DU isn't good.
I mean, I have the top scientists who did a study for the British government on about genetically engineered food just isn't bad for you.
It actually causes mutations in you.
I mean, they block the assessors that go in there to Iraq and produce reports on DU.
You remember the Japanese hostages who were caught by a so-called insurgent group.
They weren't beheaded, but they were threatened to be beheaded.
They were immediately sent back to Japan and scorned by the Japanese government.
And, of course, their report on DU in Iraq never surfaced, so they shut the lid on that one.
Let's go to calls.
Chris in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Chris.
Have you eaten your D.U.
No, I haven't yet, but I did receive your martial law, and it's an outstanding film.
Very informative.
And I'll tell you what, that clip, when you tried to ask that officer, what are you trying to do, who are you, that guy was like a Gestapo agent photographing everybody out there.
Well, we're bad, though.
Police shot photographing all the peaceful protesters just for America.
Yeah, that really is.
And, you know, wasn't it like to be like a piece of tuna with a uniformed shark around you?
I mean, that's what it looked like.
I mean, it was incredible.
Yeah, in the lion's den, but God protected us.
And your history of the Thule Society, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones,
Well done.
Folks, you've got to get this film because it's very informative and it's just so right on key throughout history.
Well, Paul's written a new detailed synopsis and review of Martial Law.
I appreciate him doing that.
But look at all the reviews.
Jeff Rentsch said it's the best film he's ever seen.
Paul, what was that exact quote?
I can get it in just a second.
Anything else, Chris?
Yeah, well, I'd like to get you to other callers, but keep up the good work, and I'm going to skip this out and film out.
I've got more copies going out to people.
Well, Chris, don't listen to us.
Just listen to Fox News and Vanity Fair and listen to the American Legion and listen to Front Page Magazine and listen to the Washington Post and the New York Times and listen to the caller earlier.
We're evil, okay?
Yeah, and if I don't, I'll go to the FEMA camp.
Well, that's a good place for you, okay?
Yeah, that would be a great place.
Mercury's nutritious, okay?
It certainly is.
Drink some.
I'm being sarcastic, folks.
Please don't steadily poison.
I mean, you've got to be careful.
Well, I guess the news ought to be careful saying it's nutritious.
No, don't.
That's a joke.
Paul, I said earlier we're mainstream.
Our attempt is to become the mainstream.
Our attempt is to make freedom the mainstream it was with our founding fathers, and your founding fathers were the Magna Carta.
Our attempt is to get our country back and to take the radicals, the radical tyranny lords, the overlords, and make them the degenerate minority they are.
Well, yeah, it's a restoration of values.
But one of the major hurdles we face is the belief amongst the church groups and the so-called conservatives that Bush represents a bastion of conservatism.
When you had Laura Bush at a dinner speech a couple of weeks ago talking about how her husband sexually stimulates horses and the fact that her and Condoleezza Rice and Lynn Cheney like visiting strip bars, how conservative is that?
And that she's a desperate housewife.
And the point is, if anybody else did that, they'd be in trouble with the Christian right.
But the Christian right goes, it's of the Lord.
That's the point that Chuck Baldwin makes in his article, which is on prisonplanet.com.
One thing I wanted to mention, which a previous caller raised about the Pentagon's meddling in Hollywood or assistance, because it's well-received in many cases.
There's an official Army publication called The Producer's Guide to U.S.
Army Cooperation with the Entertainment Industry, which states that film productions that seek the Army's assistance, quote, should help armed forces recruiting and retention programs.
And then you have the quotes of people like Oliver Stone, who said, quote, they make prostitutes of us all because they want us to sell out to their point of view.
They want a certain kind of movie made.
They don't want to deal with the downside of war.
They assist movies that don't tell the truth about combat and they don't assist movies that seek to tell the truth.
Most films about the military are recruiting posters.
They are such lies.
And then an internal Army memo written by David Major at Georgie, the Army's liaison officer assigned to oversee the 94 production of Paramount's Clear and Present Danger, where he talks about the fact that the producers of that film didn't appreciate the Army meddling but eventually backed down to it.
And there are numerous other examples in this article.
Again, just type in Pentagon Hollywood into Google and you'll get a whole bunch of mainstream articles on it.
And the other, do you have Rens' quote?
Rens' quote about martial law was, quote, the greatest single serving of political truth and awareness that I have ever come across in my life.
It's a good film.
I hope people get it and get it out to folks.
And we can expose people like Lee Hamilton.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brian.
Brian, where are you calling from?
Hey, I was reviewing some of your material with a family member the past few days.
By the way, I appreciate your work.
It's very informative.
But anyway, we were drawing some conclusions and whatnot, and we kind of came to the idea that the only way that this whole thing is going to come crashing down is obviously to defeat the elitists and their currency, the international banking situation.
If that isn't changed...
Well, you're right.
The elite owns the printing presses.
They literally make the money and they've bought the world with it.
Well, you know, the Bushes and the Cheneys of the world, they're more or less just administrators.
They perpetuate something that's already in motion.
And they have a clear conscience.
Yeah, they're viceroys, they are puppets, they are frontmen, they are CEOs.
Well, they operate with a clear conscience because they believe that what they do is perpetuate the given system.
They perpetuate the obtaining of new oil fields from afar.
And perpetuating our way of life in the state.
But it's not our way of life.
They are destroying our way of life.
Americans think this empire is like something we're going to get a piece of.
No, they're dismantling this country's economic system, our basic freedoms.
Right, they're dismantling it piece by piece, incrementally, like you say.
But the system has become what it is for a reason.
You know, the gas we pump in our cars, the Nike shoes we buy that's made by the 12-year-old... No, I agree.
By changing our purchases, by using our pocketbooks... You know, the only way to defeat it, Alex, is to literally not use the currency and not spend it.
And I know you're going to do that, and that's why they're racing to get the cashless grid in where you have to use it, Paul.
That's exactly the case, but...
I see frustration on their part, which was exposed by Daniel Estelin and what came out of the Build-A-Bug meeting, which we can talk about after the break.
Yeah, we're going to do that.
Thanks for the call, and keep it up, Brian.
And Terry and Joe and others, your calls are up next.
Masses of news and more of your calls.
On the other side, prisonplanet.tv and infowars.net.
Just check them out.
We're good to go.
And remember, if you read the Midas Report, you'll receive a free Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar.
Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
Coming up when we start the next segment, we'll go back into your calls.
Paul Watson, I can't figure out everything the globalists do, though, because I know they're losing control.
I know they're being discredited.
And five, ten years ago, they would predominantly just ignore us.
Now they've been forced to attack us at every level of the media stratum.
And they've really revealed themselves, and all they're doing is strengthening us.
And I think about it on this broadcast, not even saying that on air, because it might get back to some policymaker and they might stop.
But my policy is just lay it all out and tell people what's going on, because, you know, this is good news, but they keep attacking us and we keep getting more and more listeners and hurting them worse and worse.
I mean, I want to tell them, please continue.
Well, I'd back that up.
I'd second that because, I mean, it's the game of brinksmanship and it's a long game.
And these guys are getting old.
They're getting frustrated.
We have to remember that people like Rockefeller, Cheney, Kissinger, the kingpins of the New World Order are in their 60s and 70s.
They had expected to get so much more done by this point than they've got done.
Whereas the people opposing them, the Patriots, as Bilderberg themselves would call us, as they did in calling for us to be directly opposed in the last meeting, I mean, most of the demographic is people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.
So we've got 20 years on them, basically.
They're frustrated because they were promised so much more by this point and they haven't got it.
And they're having trouble recruiting people to fill their positions.
And it's not just that they're five or six years behind from their own admissions.
The more they get behind, it accelerates how deep their hole is, and they've got to accelerate their program, which then causes more things to go wrong and more people to wake up.
The more it drags on to the point where they haven't done what they expected, the harder they have to push.
And so, equally, the resistance becomes harder.
And Daniel Estulin, who you had on your show two Fridays ago, his second part to the Bilderberg expose is out today.
And he makes the point that from their sources inside Bilderberg, it's clear that there's a revolt amongst the CIA and FBI against the White House and the Bush administration.
So even their underlings are finding out about things like September 11th because basically they got caught and their own people are finding out about this.
So they're not able successfully to recruit their own replacements as they get into their 70s and 80s.
So that can only benefit us.
And then on the ground in Europe, the European Constitution, Bilderberg were planning this 51 years ago at the very first meeting.
Now granted, it was thrown out for different reasons on both the left and right in France and the Netherlands.
The left partly because they didn't want anyone meddling with the welfare state and the right because of the influx of Muslims into those two countries which they totally opposed.
But the media have played on those elements
So much that it's kind of camouflaged, whether deliberately or not, the fact that, as is clearly the case in Britain, people have an innate distrust of the EU simply because they know it's about centralized control and the next step to the federal super states.
Well, here's the headline.
Bilderberg scared European nationalism, throwing wrench into plans.
James Tucker, I mean, always comes true what he talks about.
Great source.
And then Daniel Estelon, a war-winning reporter who's been working with Tucker for 13 years.
The world in the palm of their hands, Bilderberg Part 2, mirroring a lot of what he brought out here last week.
They are literally throwing fits.
They're angry.
I mean, it's crashing down around them.
That doesn't mean that we're winning, though, folks.
It just means we're in this fight.
So it means you've got to redouble your efforts.
And they are saying it is conservative Christian patriots that are driving the driving force, waking people up, and they want to do something about us.
And then right after this comes out, the ADL and others want to arrest anybody that criticizes the government and register us.
Go ahead, try that.
That will really blow up in your face.
Go ahead, Paul.
And the big squabble, obviously, is to do with Iran.
People like Pearl and Wolfowitz, as was discussed at Bilderberg, want to go in there in August.
And listen, the European leaders are for the war.
They just say, our people will riot.
Well, and they want to bring in the global tax on the basis of humanitarian reasons after all these countries are attacked and in ruins.
So that's the synthesis between the European and the neocon bloc.
And the Europeans repair it.
Without taxes.
Let's take some calls and then get back into news.
There's a lot of other news items.
You'll want to stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Totally jam-packed.
Big finish here in the last 30 minutes of this Wednesday transmission.
We shall return.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You've heard it over and over again.
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We're good to go.
But Paul, I go back to this.
Remember to go to your calls.
They're pulling out all the stops.
I mean, the propaganda on TV and radio and in newspapers and their disinfo agents on the web and the fake blogs.
I mean, they're just... It's like somebody flipped a switch, but it's having the opposite effect.
The millions of minds out there, the synthesis of info, we're like a giant intelligence agency.
We just... I mean, people instantly are uncovered, unmasked, exposed.
It is so exciting to see this happening.
I mean, there really is hope.
Exactly, and the lack of action on their part in not having the wherewithal, the gut,
To stage another terror attack, it gives us a direct example of where action on our part in simply informing people has literally saved lives and preserved at least that veneer of freedom which prevents them from pushing this full force.
And they're off schedule.
They're years off schedule.
Yeah, they were already planning other attacks, but I think they knew people would expose their involvement in 9-11, but I don't think it would be this robust and open and that this many people at the grassroots level would be speaking out.
Well, no, and now even people like Janine Garofalo and Liberal Air America are talking about government involvement in 9-11.
So it took the left three years to get on board, but they finally made it.
And they're aware of that, and they're worried about that.
The spin will be, though, that it's just the left.
That's going to be the spin.
And then it'll be a partisan issue.
Well, definitely.
They tried to use that when Howard Dean accused Bush of having foreknowledge, and then the media tried to use that to scapegoat saying 9-11 was an inside job as part of their leftism, but it didn't work back then.
They may try it again.
Let's go back to the phone calls here.
Let's talk to Terry in Connecticut.
Go ahead, Terry.
How you doing, Alex?
First time, long time.
I don't know if you have any update on the status of the Stanley Hilton's lawsuit against Bush and his criminal cronies.
The first one got thrown out and the next one is being held up, but we need to get Mr. Hilton back on.
Also, one other last question.
Have you ever gotten a chance to interview
Got infiltrated the Bohemian Club, I think in 2002.
Name is Richard McCaslin.
Richard McCaslin?
Well, he's sitting in state prison, so it'd be hard to interview him.
Wow, so he's gone to life for that?
No, I think he got 10 years.
What did you think of that?
Well, that's an important story, and Paul, you want to...
You want to give them the synopsis?
Well, I mean, everything that's public draws unstable people.
I mean, rock stars have stalkers, so do football players.
And granted, mentally unstable people get involved in this line of research as well.
It's the same with everything.
So whether it was a set-up or not, I don't know, but... It draws them like moths do a flame.
So does religion, but go ahead.
All right, that's all right.
I appreciate it.
No, no, it's an important question, so let me spend a minute or two on it.
Do you want that question off air or on air?
Definitely, you can do it on air.
Okay, well, no, I mean, do you want to hang on or do you want to just hear me answer the question?
Yeah, I'll hear you answer the question.
Okay, well, it comes down to this.
That's all right.
I don't want to say he's a government operative, but it fits the M.O.
to a T.
This guy kept trying to meet with me, and I have a rule that people I don't know, I don't talk to them or let them get around me at the TV studio.
I will go into the control room and stay away from them.
Number one, I'm trying to do a TV show.
Number two, I'm a private person.
And it becomes a problem running the show.
We've had 20 people show up down there before.
And he did show up.
I did see him through the door.
He was handing Mike Hansen comic books that he had hand-drawn
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And his letter was somewhat cryptic.
Another letter was sent to my office that I never even read.
It was just in the big piles.
It was so long I didn't read the whole thing.
And he didn't say he was doing anything violent.
He said, I'm going to do something big.
So in the middle of winter, when he knew and everybody knew that there were no Bohemian Grove members there, he dresses up in the skull outfit and the Captain American outfit.
And he goes into the grove in the middle of the night, sets fire to a building, the police come, and he gives himself up.
He had like two guns, a crossbow, a big dagger, and he started saying, Alex Jones, Bohemian Grove, Alex Jones.
And I got called by the prosecutors, I got called by the media.
He said he really went off via the British documentary about it that he saw on the Trio Network.
Not even my film, but footage I shot.
And then the Bohemian Grove used that to really beef up their security and do a bunch of other stuff.
And the guy was smart, and he knew nobody was there during the winter.
Okay, they're only there 15 days during the summer.
Why would he go in there to do this in the middle of the winter?
Paul, any other comments on this?
I'm not sure about it.
I remember, what was it, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.
They went quite big on it in linking it with you and trying to attack you on it.
When you interviewed Gergen, he said that they beefed up the security, so maybe it was a pretext to do that.
I don't know.
Well, the whole thing stunk to high heaven.
Does that answer your question?
I'm going to let him go.
He's listening to the radio.
Go ahead and let him go.
I've got to move quicker now.
I'm almost out of time.
Joe in Wisconsin, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, I think it was a bit unfair putting you on the spot about what we can do.
Since then, I've come up with a pretty good list.
First thing would be, in your neighborhood, get a group, form a coalition and meet at a restaurant.
Ask the owner if he's willing to host.
Ask if he could... Yeah, basic political organization stuff.
Yeah, exactly.
There's other stuff.
If you find people are saying, I can't believe our government did 9-11, what you do is you buy videos.
I'll let you plug yours.
Get them for your group and play them.
And then you say, by the way, if you want to borrow these out, they're available, you can make a copy, blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, we talk about that all the time.
That's a good way to do it.
And you can print out maybe a chapter or two of Brave New World in 1984, and people will start coming around, wow, this sounds like deja vu.
Yeah, here's a fictional account of a nightmare dehumanization, and then, boy, it mirrors what's happening today.
You can bring up questionable public service projects.
You can ask, you know, how much is this being funded, why is it being funded, whatever.
Yeah, pick an issue.
Land rights, Second Amendment, the open borders.
Pick an issue and fight for it.
Start your own organization.
Start a neighborhood magazine or newspaper.
Put a website up.
Get an access TV show.
If you've got money, pay for a weekend radio show.
Get sponsors.
Make it even profitable.
And then expand your time.
And then it'll probably get so popular in a year they'll ask you to do a nightly talk show and pay you.
I mean, you know, there's a lot of things you can do.
And I don't remember your criticism, so I'm not sure what you're talking about, Joe.
Well, putting you on the spot about what can we do, do you have a spot on your website?
We do have an activism site.
We need to expand it.
Well, I also have some don'ts.
Like, if you get into a conflict with people, make sure to have a witness with you so that you can establish what was going on.
You're not going to have any problems.
Look, I've got to go.
Thanks for the call, sir.
I appreciate it, Joe.
I mean, we should do a couple shows about solutions.
I mean, look, number one, stop being paranoid.
I mean, it's not paranoid to say that when you're out in the Atlantic Ocean on a fishing boat to have life preservers.
You know, if you were paranoid, you wouldn't be out on the boat.
People say, oh, Alex, you're paranoid.
No, no, I'm out in public doing all this stuff.
I just, I know history, and so I'm taking action because I see a threat.
But if I go out on a boat, I have a life preserver, not because I'm a coward, but because I'm sensible and want to protect my life.
But other people don't get involved in the movement because they're just afraid, period, and so they never go out on the boat.
But you're no safer on land.
It's kind of a weird analogy, but Paul, do you have any comments to that?
Well, yeah, I mean, I started off with an email newsletter to 30 people.
Yeah, you started Propaganda Matrix about when?
August 2001.
Okay, and then how many hits were you getting six months after you started it?
Six months after, about 2,000 a day.
I started getting 30 a day.
Then, you know, after a few months it went up and up, and now I'm helping you with your websites, and it's millions.
So that all came from an email list with 30 people on it.
Yeah, and so many people have sour grapes and are big losers in this movement for freedom because they want to be egomaniac, king of the hill.
And all they do is attack other patriots.
I call it a disease.
All they do is run around lying, mixing truth with lies, all sorts of stuff.
And then they wonder why.
No one listens to them.
No one cares what they're doing.
Nobody wants to get involved with them because people want to tune in and hear news and information and guests and analysis and thoughtful commentary.
They don't want the patriot version of the National Enquirer.
You know, some of those people are feds.
A lot of them are just egomaniacs, Paul.
It's just mindless gossip mongering.
It's the old Marxist thing about accuse others of what you do.
So while all the people who are doing really good work out there are just getting on with their business, these people are frustrated and find their only recourse is to try and attack the people who have really done the hard work.
And if they knew 101, I mean, I learned this when I first got into talk radio 10 years ago, they said, look,
When other talk show hosts attack you, that's good.
Don't respond to them, then you get all their listeners, and they get none of yours.
I mean, it's just 101.
Exactly, and that's another thing I wanted to mention.
With the C-SPAN thing we featured earlier and analyzed, the mainstream media are basically partly doing our work for us.
When you have a caller call into C-SPAN, which comprises an audience which obviously isn't like GCN, a lot of them, the majority probably,
Who are just tuning in randomly are not fully aware of these issues.
So they hear a Larry Silverstein, a World Trade Center Building 7.
They go and type Larry Silverstein into Google and find that half of the links on the first page are about how he pulled the building, which we partly exposed.
So the mainstream media are doing our work for us and having to attack us because people are digging below the surface and finding the truth.
No, I love it.
Again, though, why would Brian Lamb spend an hour and a half viciously attacking me and then not give me a chance to respond?
That's fine, because only good came out of that, Paul.
But, I mean, they're not stupid, though.
Why are they doing that?
I think they're frustrated, to be honest, and their tactics are not working, so they're just trying to shift base on their tactics.
Ignoring us didn't work because they got accused of covering up, not allowing the information to get out.
As that C-SPAN interviewer said to you in martial law before he did allow you to go on, you know, so we don't get accused of hearing all voices, here's Alex Jones.
So they're aware of that.
Now that people have woken up to that... Yeah, I'm on the street and they know exactly who I am and I try to jump in front of the mics and that's the only reason they let me on.
Yeah, so they're aware that people would be suspicious of them if they tried to ignore it.
So ignorance is not working anymore.
So now they're starting to attack us.
In fact, guys, grab that C-SPAN clip.
It's about 60 seconds.
Grab that and I'm packed more in there than they'll ever figure out.
Well, you know, you're right, Paul.
Let's talk to who's up next here.
Fred in Philadelphia.
Go ahead, Fred.
Hi, Alex.
Do you have time for me to play a report on the capture of Ben Layden by someone who has their, I believe, a son over in Afghanistan?
It was a call into George Norby's show, and...
And I wanted to play it if you had time.
I don't think we can play that, but send it to me.
Mail it to me.
The other thing is this election proposal to have a two-week election.
I looked at the group that's pushing it.
First of all, they don't even have the report available, but it's the Election Center of Houston coming out with this giant proposal to make these big changes, but they are basically corrupt.
No, they know we're waking up to them, and so now they're trying to take over the voting machines.
That's right.
And out in the suburbs in this area...
They're trying to change the voting system to voting services where you really don't have any rights and the people who staff them are not knowledgeable.
In other words, they... Those new electronic machines being federally paid for are a joke to begin with.
Thanks for the call, Fred.
You got that C-SPAN clip, guys?
You can't find it.
It's where Alex owns C-SPAN.
We've played it about ten times over the last six months.
Ah, we found it.
There's about 200 clips in there, folks.
Good job.
You ready to roll that?
Go ahead and play it.
Go back outside of Madison Square Garden for more delegate reaction.
And Susan, of course, the floor is empty, but they're here, and we'd be accused of not hearing all voices.
We cut you off a moment ago.
This is Alex Jones from Austin, Texas, the radio talk show host.
Yes, sir.
With InfoWars.com, both candidates are cousins.
They're skull and bones.
They're bringing in big government and tyranny.
The evidence is clear.
The military-industrial complex was intimately involved in 9-11.
The commission is a complete fraud.
We're losing our freedoms.
Both parties are controlled.
And if we don't wake up and stand up and speak out, this country's going to be destroyed.
Giving up liberty only gives us tyranny.
It does not give us security, and I hope that everybody out there wakes up to this and realizes that America is America because we have the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Everybody should investigate 9-11 and find out who's really behind it.
It's Bush's and the New World Order's Reichstag, and his cousin Kerry isn't going to save you either.
Thank you, prisonplanet.com.
Alex Jones, okay, now... That was a good one, wasn't it, Paul?
Well, I mean, I wrote about it last night.
You know that you had 30 seconds to hit the major points and you hit them quick.
And the result is a lethal injection of truth that has the globalist blood pressure rising just that little bit more.
And again, your battle cry is not a whisper in the wind, because you just spent the whole day talking to dozens of New Yorkers who feel exactly the same, and that sentiment is backed up by the polls.
That's right.
They were all there behind armored trips with machine guns and sound cannons.
I'm inside their nest in guerrilla information war, and outside there's giant crowds with thousands of signs saying 9-11 inside job, 9-11 cover-up, screaming it.
They're under siege!
We're on the march!
Yeah, so I'm sick of hearing this talk about how we're not having any kind of effect.
I mean, granted, you can make the point that it's worthless knowing about all this and not acting on it, but the fact is that, for example, those C-SPAN callers that we heard did act on it.
And if there's one thing I'm certain about, it's the fact that there hasn't been a terrorist attack within the United States for nearly four years for one primary reason, which is they got caught and now they're being exposed.
And their own people are finding out, and so they then carry out anything similar.
Well said, Watson.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Take a few final calls and a few final news items.
Stay the course.
The final sector, the final quadrant in this transmission at the throat of the New World Order will proceed.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand
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For all of you on or behind enemy lines, this is Radio Free America.
The chair is against the wall.
Old man has a long beard and a mustache and
This song's for you.
I'm going to find that Red Dawn clip and play it.
We used to play that in the past.
Look, we sold out the first two showings last week of Marshall Law.
And by last week, this week's, tonight's showing was sold out.
Then we offered another showing next Thursday, 7.30 p.m., Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
That is on the verge of being sold out.
You still get tickets at InfoWars.com if you link through and get them there off their website.
So we're offering another showing, Thursday the 23rd.
One more showing, a sixth showing, over there at the... No, the fifth showing at the Alamo Draft House there.
Over there on South Lamar.
And if you want hard copies of Martial Law or any of my powerful films or Paul Watson's book, go to InfoWars.com to order them via the safe, secure shopping cart or get a membership at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Or you can simply go to the toll-free number and call and get them.
I want to thank all of you that have gotten the films and have spread the word.
You've had a great impact.
Real quick, Nick in Missouri.
Go ahead, Nick.
Nick just hung up.
All right, then Nyla in California.
Nyla, go ahead.
It's Nyla.
Hello there, Alex.
I'm actually a first-time listener.
Welcome, Nyla.
Thanks, mate.
Listen, we need more people like you.
Great job.
Well, thank you.
I'm not too familiar with Paul's work, but I was wondering if you could possibly expound on two points.
I was on a talk show recently, a couple of days ago, actually, on a two-hour segment, but we couldn't cover these points in detail, and I was hoping that Paul could at least shed more light on it.
The impossibility, the technological impossibility of any of these people, especially the passengers aboard Flight 93, why they could not have used their cell phones,
Well, that's right.
They supposedly made their personal private cell phone calls when all the science shows that they would never work.
Paul, there's been major studies on that.
I'm a former airline pilot, an alternate aeronautical engineer.
I'm retired now.
But you simply can't do it.
Not at 35,000 feet and at 500 miles per hour.
You pretty much lose contact with any ground cell over 10,000 feet, and that's very easy to prove.
I challenge anyone to climb aboard an aircraft and fly it.
And secondly, Paul, if you could possibly expound on this chap by the name of Dov Zachheim, who was a rabbi.
Now, I understand he was a former controller.
And he also ran the company that does remote control technologies.
There's a lot of evidence intimately involved.
Systems Planning Corporation.
Yeah, Paul, comments?
Well, yeah, on the first point, I get emails almost every week saying,
From people saying, well, if the 9-11 scenario didn't happen exactly as the government said it happened with those exact passengers, those hijackers on board, then what about the cell phone calls?
Failing to deduce that those tapes that were played in front of the 9-11 families and at the commission could have been faked by the government in a matter of minutes.
Well, they have computers that if they record any of your voice, they can then duplicate it instantaneously with whatever words they type into a computer.
It's so good it will fool a voice print computer.
That technology is 10 years old.
Exactly, and then all the studies that cell phones just don't work at that altitude are proven.
I think there's a section in the 9-11 archive which focuses partly on that exact topic.
Yes, Nilo, you ought to call back in sometime.
We ought to talk about this more.
Will do, mate.
Thanks a lot.
All right, yeah, don't be a stranger.
Call back in.
All right, can you hear that, Paul?
He's our buddy now.
It's good to have him on board with us.
Hey, I appreciate you spending two hours with us, and I appreciate all your hard work, Paul.
All right.
Thanks, Alex.
There's going to be a lot of new stuff coming up the next few days on Prison Planet, is there not?
That's right.
New articles, new archives, a lot of new stuff.
The 9-11 archives are freshly updated as well, all the latest information is in that.
You've been beefing the website up massively, so I commend you and salute you.
God bless you all.