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Air Date: June 7, 2005
2086 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
The seventh day of June 2005 will be live in the next three hours.
Two big guests coming up.
We've got the president of the Social Anthropology Association over in England coming on to talk about, well, our CIA.
It's not just paying off most of the different research heads in this country and many of the students in key areas, but also oversees
Buying up all the young minds to go out and basically have covert agents and spies everywhere.
Remember, we have a government that will pay $242 million for one buy of fake newscasts for one federal issue they wanted to push.
Billions and billions and billions and billions.
We know it's in the tens of billions.
Per year is spent...
On covert propaganda against the American people and the people of the world.
So we'll be discussing that.
Also, we're going to have a gentleman who worked at the highest levels of the Reagan administration, also inside the NSA, Wayne Madison, coming on.
To give us really a wide view of just many of the different things that are going on with this high-tech NSA control grid and the latest police state developments as well.
And we're going to have open phones, toll-free number to join us here on air, 1-800-259-9231.
I was watching Fox television yesterday,
A couple days ago, and they had the president of Amnesty International on.
They were basically screaming at him, haranguing him, saying, you don't have any proof of torture.
You've made all this up.
And the Amnesty International head, Mr. Schultz,
Didn't do a very good job of bringing forward the evidence.
I mean, he didn't say, we have the Attorney General's own memos, when he was Chief Counsel at the White House, saying we can torture people to death.
We can scrap them to tables and dunk them in water, ordering the military to carry out this.
He didn't mention all the photos of people beaten to death, or Brigadier General Togumba's own report of a year and a half ago.
He didn't mention Brigadier General Rick Baucus quitting, leaving Camp X for refusing to torture.
He didn't mention a month ago one of the chief interrogators quitting and saying they were torturing people.
I mean, but I guess Fox News commentator wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise to begin with.
But, I mean, I wish they'd put me on camera.
I mean, I would skewer those little government pimps.
And then now World Night Daily's got an article about, be like John Wayne, don't apologize to the Muslims.
Why, they need to apologize to us.
You're not with the Muslims, are you?
Why, they're bad.
They torture people.
I mean, it's so crazy.
So I want to go over torture.
And I've been talking about it a long time.
I remember about three or four years ago, I was always talking about torture.
I put it in Road to Tyranny, really focused on it.
People were like, why are you talking about torture so much?
Because it was going on all over the planet.
In our government, our illegitimate government has really exported it everywhere, and they mean for the rest of the planet to learn of it, but then domestically we're not supposed to find out about it.
Very sophisticated propaganda game we're talking about, and we're going to go over it.
Also, personal data of 3.9 million people lost in transit.
So that's another big identity theft problem.
But that's okay.
Let's just take microchips and I'll fix it.
Leukemia risk 70% higher for children near high power power lines.
Hollywood puts the bill for spy cams.
More on that.
Tanks rolling around in New York City.
But none of that's important.
We'll talk about Russell Crowe throwing a telephone at somebody.
Or Michael Jackson, perhaps.
There's a lot coming up.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got John Leadhill, president of Britain's Association of Social Anthropologists, joining us, coming up a little bit later, to talk about how our government, our CIA, is basically buying off their best and brightest minds at the universities.
While they go to school, they are basically CIA officers.
They go to CIA secret training camps during the summer.
They get all their expenses and tuition paid, and they're not allowed to tell anybody about it.
And it's the same for a lot of people in the psychology departments and the engineering departments.
In this country, it's almost 90% of all of the actual science graduate students
Their funding comes from the Defense Department or from allied agencies, DARPA and others, and a large portion of those, we're not sure how many, but a large portion, an ocean of them, are on the NSA, CIA, Defense Intelligence, Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Department of Agriculture, secret payroll.
Boy, I tell you, working for the globalists really pays off.
Meanwhile, the rest of the economy shuts down.
But the entire intelligentsia is bought and paid for from the time they even begin to get ready to leave college.
So that's coming up.
Also, we will get into what's happening with the police state with Wayne Madison.
We'll expose Karl Rove.
We'll talk about the neocon power grab at the NSA and an attempt to stifle the press in America.
This is from Online Journal with Wayne Madison.
Wayne Madison's an amazing individual.
He's an investigative journalist, nationally distributed columnist, and author who has covered Washington, D.C.
politics, national security, intelligence issues since 1994.
He was a writer for the Village Voice, the Progressive, Counterpunch, and the International Newsletter.
Madison is the author of Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa.
We're good to go.
He is a former U.S.
Naval officer who was assigned to the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration.
He also has some 20 years experience in computer security and data privacy.
He has also worked on the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.
And so we'll talk about data mining, data protection, what the NSA is up to.
He's been breaking a lot of big stories.
Coming up a little bit later as well.
Just an important little addendum or side note to our Bohemian Grove coverage.
Up until my infiltration of Bohemian Grove in July of 2000, coming up on the fifth year, five year anniversary here in a few months,
Before we snuck in there, there were probably about 30 or 40 news reports going back to turn of the last century, you know, 1905, where it would talk about Howard Taft going there and how the elite of America would meet in a Redwood retreat.
Presidents and others would travel by train over a week to get there.
They would meet under heavy guard in the woods and do bizarre rituals just for fun.
And there was one photo that had been snuck out during the 1980s of men in red and black robes standing around a big 45-foot stone owl engaging in a mock sacrifice.
And then I had a few news reports about gay prostitutes being shipped in for them and people running around naked in the woods.
This was in major publications like Parade Magazine, Spy Magazine, Washington Times, things of that nature.
So, in 2000, myself and Mike Hanson snuck in, and we were in there five hours and got the Cremation of Care ceremony, the kickoff, every July 15th, on video.
There are rituals held every other day during the 15-day encampment from July 15th to July 30th.
And right on time, at dusk, they did exactly what we had heard in the legends.
Well, since then...
The Grove has gone public.
They've talked to the Wall Street Journal.
They've talked to the New York Times.
They have released photos.
They say it's no big deal.
They released a photo last year for the 100 Greatest Vintage Photos for National Geographic, and it said, mock human sacrifice.
And that's all in a giant archive on Infowars.com and PrisonBlinda.com.
About three years ago, I was mailed a rare book
That we then checked the value of.
It was rare book dealers were offering $850-something dollars for it.
There's only a couple hundred of these printed every 10 years for select members or leaders of different camps.
There's over 100 camps within this gorge in between two mountains there in Sonoma County, right outside the tiny town of Montereo.
And since then, we have purchased two additional annals.
And we have been sent photos about people who've purchased others who have scanned them in.
Then we check with the rare book dealers and do confirm that, yes, indeed, these are authentic.
So I guess all told, we've got either the scans or the actual annals for seven different volumes.
We have one from 1909 showing a black boy tied down with men standing around him.
I don't know what they're doing, but it looks like...
It doesn't look like the black boy, who looks like he's about age 7 or 8, isn't doing too well.
But we now have more exclusive photos on PrisonPlanet.com from a reader.
Hello, I was able to get a copy of Volume 6 of the Annals of the Bohemian Club from 1973 to 1987.
And now I have 87 to 96.
That was the first one I got.
Here are three pictures.
The first is the 1976 Cremation of Care ritual.
The second is a page from 317 and talks about the Cremation of Care ceremony.
Yes, their own publication saying it is a mock human sacrifice.
We've got a high quality digital scan in there.
You can read the entire thing and look at the photo.
The last is George Bush Sr.
quote, among spies.
Keep up the great work.
Click for enlargements.
We have the druidic practitioners around the burning body.
That's the first photo.
Then we have the cremation of care page from page 317, where they describe the macabre ritual.
And it is very, very interesting.
And then we have them all joking, you know, as they're dressed up like spies, because that's really what they are.
I wanted to just read part of this from page 317.
From the Midsummer encampment itself, the oldest camp-related tradition of Bohemia is the ritual of the cremation of care.
The 15 years encompassed by the annals witness that 100th performance of the rite in which the high priest once again cries, Midsummer sets us free.
This is from the mid-1980s, so they were saying that was the 100th year.
They're well into their 120th.
Those words have a powerful effect on Bohemians.
The idea is one of great power.
Again, I'm reading from their own publication.
Because the club has continued to celebrate this liberation from such a long period.
Again, liberation from conscience.
From your conscience.
Serious black magic, folks.
Because the dangers of black magic, according to practitioners, is it comes back on you many fold.
You reap what you sow.
And so it's a complex ritual of basically putting the who-jew or all the bad stuff that comes back on you into this child you kill.
And we've interviewed top, even secular experts on the occult, Christian experts on the occult, the annals of black magic.
I mean, this is really bad stuff, folks.
This is as bad as it gets.
And continuing...
Even the protesters at the gate understand the message when they hold up signs reminding bohemians returning to the city that dull care awaits, and await he does.
So they make a comment about the protesters.
And I've got video of the protesters doing their own ritual to, quote, counter them.
It's sick, folks.
But each summer we burn thee in this grove, and so far, for a little while, bohemians are free from dull care and can devote themselves to the pleasures of the grove and the midsummer encampment.
The cremation of care has become a mixture of two strange...
In the club.
One serious and the other deriding seriousness.
Some cremations may have been fairly serious, but they have always been characterized as mock ceremonials from the earliest days.
When the present grove was first used by the club encampment, and I didn't have this when I made Dark Secrets four and a half years ago, inside Bohemian Grove, but I talk about how it is a real ritual, but they have the outer...
Facade for new members.
That's exactly what it says here.
When the present grove was first used by the club, encampment were crowded into a single day and the cremation took place in the middle of the celebrations.
Early grove plays provided a care figure whose vesting was the climax of the play and his effigy was escorted down the side or center aisle of the theater to a funeral cordage.
I can't even read that.
It's blurred.
I'm sorry.
Constituations that the day's members for their outbursts led to the low jinx that was followed in turn by supper, perhaps, in reality, an early and substantial breakfast, then on to the train, sort of quick trip back to town and invariably to care.
In the last 15 years, the use of fireworks at the end of the cremation has become, and then it goes on to say it's a druidic ritual,
We'll get to that veridic ritual part when we get back.
It's on prismplanet.com.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
On page 258 of the Annals of Bohemian Grove...
From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, it shows all the druidic practitioners around the burning body and the owl, and it says, The summer encampment begins with one of the Bohemia's oldest traditions, the cremation of care, where dull care is banished annually by this mock druidic rite.
The ceremony is modified slightly each year by different directors.
The high priest presides at the owl shrine in this 1976 cremation,
Now, where do you think plays come from?
You've got the actors up on stage.
You've got the neophytes or the minions, the crowd watching.
That's where we get all of this.
And they say in here that this is serious.
Bohemian Road members take it very serious, the great power they get from it.
And they say, oh, but it's just for fun.
It's all doublespeak.
Right out in the open.
These are your Christian conservative leaders.
Enough on Bohemian Grove.
If you want to find out more details, you should get the film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
Los Alamos whistleblower severely beaten.
They beat him up and then threatened him to keep his mouth shut.
A Los Angeles National Laboratory whistleblower who has uncovered irregularities, whether they're not irregularities, involving millions of dollars...
Of taxpayer money, the government-backed facility was brutally beaten this past weekend.
According to several news reports, Auditor Tommy Hook, who was investigating all of this corruption, was violently attacked by three or four anonymous assailants who allegedly ordered him to keep quiet.
That happened to me one time, but they got as good as they gave.
Hook was scheduled to testify before Congress later this month, but is now in the hospital in very serious condition.
On Saturday night, Hook went to the Santa Fe bar, essentially to meet a person claiming to be a fellow Los Angeles whistleblower, Los Alamos whistleblower, who called that night.
Hook's wife sues that her husband did not frequent bars.
When the person did not show up, Hook left the bar.
After consuming two drinks in the parking lot, he was yanked from his car and beaten so badly by three or four men that he had to be taken to intensive care at a local emergency room.
There's photos of him on the website.
He is beaten to a pulp.
And this is just, folks, there's $3 trillion-plus missing from the Pentagon, and when the House Armed Services Committee, when questions are posed year after year, they just say, we can't talk about it, we're not going to talk about it.
But you wonder why the globalists want tyranny.
The big reason is so they can just steal whatever they want, however they want, and so no one can challenge them.
Meanwhile, they're putting up cameras to see if you're selling ripped off DVDs or dropping bubble gum on the ground or dumping trash or smoking pot.
Got articles here about cops with night vision all over the streets looking in your cars from hidden positions.
Oh, are you drinking?
Are you smoking cigarettes?
Are you smoking pot?
Are you throwing cigarettes out your window?
Meanwhile, the border is wide open.
They won't put people with night vision on the border.
Oh, I'm starting to rant and rave here.
It's just there's so much.
So much happening, so much corruption.
Personal data for 3.9 million lost in transit.
First, it was Bank of America with 650,000 people a few weeks ago selling the data to a scam artist.
Again, most of the data...
He's not coming from the internet purchases.
It's not coming from, you know, somebody at the gas station ripping off your credit card and selling it to his cousin, Habib.
That's a big part of it, though.
No, it's not what the media focuses on.
It is companies selling data.
And here it is again.
One of the largest breaches of data security to date.
City Financial, the consumer finance subsidiary of Citigroup, announced yesterday that a box of computer tapes containing information on 3.9 million customers was lost by United Parcel Service last month while in transit to a credit reporting agency.
Guaranteed, that was an NSA handoff.
I mean, that's probably what it is.
And then they claim it's a theft and then push for national ID card control.
Executives at Citigroup said the tape was picked up by UPS early in May and had not been seen since.
The tapes contained names, addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, payment histories, and other details on small personal loans made to millions of customers throughout Citi Financial's network of more than 1,800 lending branches or to retailers whose product financing was handled by Citi Financial's retail services division.
Of course, that has all your personal data and is a big problem.
And the reason I say it's probably the government, we've caught them in fake thefts of driver's license photos, and then it's the government.
They'll stage this.
The government will actually approach employees about stealing for them.
The company said there was no indication that the tapes had been stolen or that any of the data in them had been compromised.
No, the package just disappeared for months.
So that's an interesting little tidbit.
Coming up, leukemia risk 70% higher for children near power lines.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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until 2 p.m.
But of course, back from 9 to midnight.
We're here live.
Central Standard Time with a rebroadcast from 1 a.m.
until 6 a.m.
So, no way to miss this transmission.
I think total, we're on about...
Eleven hours a day, a 24-hour cycle.
Lots of refeeds for all our fine affiliates who I just want to thank so much for carrying this broadcast.
You know, we're getting a lot of new affiliates.
We're growing.
Whereas over the years, we seem to gain a few stations, and then a couple years later, stations we've had sell or change formats.
So we kind of had an equilibrium.
I don't want to use the word stagnant, but we were staying about the same size when it came to broadcast affiliates.
The internet is roughly doubling every year.
Internet listeners, and in a short wave, believe it or not, I would say listener-wise, has actually expanded.
As more and more people learn that we're also on short wave, you can listen anywhere in the world.
But AM and FM will stay about the same, though it's grown now, because for every station that changes formats or sells,
We are gaining new affiliates.
And then even stations four or five years ago that would pick me up for a year or two and then said, oh, this is too hardcore, this is too unbelievable, dump this guy.
They're coming back and picking us back up.
Because the station owners are saying, man, everything you said is coming true.
I couldn't believe it.
Our listeners couldn't believe it.
But really, a lot of what you have to say, Alex, is becoming pretty passee.
You know, I talk about government-sponsored terrorism, and now it's a major news item.
I talk about cancer viruses and the vaccines.
Now it's a major news item.
I talk about torture, back when nobody else was talking about it.
Now it's pretty mainstream news.
I talk about homosexual sex rings in the White House.
Now it's pretty mainstream.
Which, I'm happy.
I mean, I'm glad that
So many people are talking about what I'm talking about that I'm not the only target floating around here.
Believe me, folks, this isn't... A lot of so-called patriots are egomaniacs.
They get very upset when other people talk about stuff that they're talking about.
They get very upset when they're not the center of attention.
I'm the complete opposite.
That's why you hear other talk show hosts every week on this broadcast.
That's why you hear all the other...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, we have the border groups on that are trying to control the borders.
We have the Second Amendment groups on.
We have the land rights organizations on.
We have real environmental groups on who are fighting genetic engineering and the toxic waste dumping.
We fight the phony environmental groups that are out busy stealing private property for the Ford and Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations.
And so we're here as a nexus point to try to bring people together.
We do not have stalkers on.
We do not have government operatives on.
We do not have egomaniacs on.
I mean, there are egomaniacs out there that attack me on a routine basis, and I'll never have them on this broadcast as they squeal angrily attacking everyone under the sun.
We will have, though, establishment enemies on if they're big enough caliber, like Benjamin Chertoff of Popular Mechanics, who refuses to come on because we're going to expose him and his cousin, Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security.
We want to get William F. Jasper on to find out what his deal is attacking the 9-11 truth movement.
We want to get all these individuals on, but if they're just purely...
They're to sap energy and distract.
We don't do it.
We don't traffic in it, ladies and gentlemen.
We're about the information war, first and foremost.
I want to try to get Ann Coulter back on.
That's got to be the all-time most ridiculous interview.
I don't know.
She might be a close second with that police chief up in Bergen County, county police chief, who said that he's taken the microchip, and if the government orders us all to take microchips, he'll enforce it.
That guy was right out of the Twilight Zone.
But we're going to go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
But here's just a shotgun of some of the news we have in front of us.
Leukemia risk 70% higher for children near power lines.
The evidence of this is absolutely overwhelming.
There are literally hundreds of major scientific reports that I have seen detailing this.
Hollywood foots bill for spy cams.
We talked about this last week, but new developments there.
Also, Russell Crowe charged for throwing a telephone.
Who cares if some Hollywood brat...
Throws a telephone at a concierge at a hotel.
Who cares about Michael Jackson?
That's my comment on that.
The world attack on Amnesty International, and they're refusing to back down from Gulag comments.
I mean, what do you call secret prisons where people are tortured to death?
Hundreds of them all over the world.
The armies, again, folks...
I rarely watch TV, but I saw the head of Amnesty International, Mr. Schultz, William Schultz, on Fox News.
And maybe you saw it, but they hardly let the guy talk.
And they try to play partisan politics.
Oh, you're an evil liberal.
Oh, you gave money personally to John Kerry.
Oh, boo-hoo.
Well, John Kerry's for the war.
John Kerry's covered up the torture.
John Kerry is two mates with his cousin, George...
W. Bush.
Doesn't even matter.
And frankly, watching Mr. Schultz, who I'm trying to get on, I mean, I think he dropped the ball.
But perhaps they wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise.
I mean, I've really seen Amnesty International whitewashed over the years.
And here was the Fox News pundit saying, where's your proof?
Where's your facts?
Come on, come on, show them to me.
And he would point out, well, you're flying people to secret countries in your own photographs of torture, and, well, it's not really torture, it's pressure.
Well, Rumsfeld says, you know, do this, but he wouldn't really let him talk, and I wish I could have been on the show.
They would have had to just shut me down and turn my microphone off, which I've seen them do to other guests who do put up a fight.
I would have said, in rapid order...
Rumsfeld has been all over television after 9-11 saying we're torturing people.
Quote, we're taking the gloves off.
We're getting our hands dirty.
We're pressuring them.
There have been several hundred admitted deaths of detainees all over the world.
And to his credit, Mr. Schultz did mention that.
Alberto Gonzalez, when he was chief counsel to the president, now attorney general, in five different memos, there was a total of ten, but five are really bad, said, we can pressure someone until they die and have organ failure, but if we didn't mean to kill them, it's not torture.
So I guess semantically, killing somebody isn't even torture, so you can, again, semantically change what the word means and then claim we're not torturing them.
He could have brought up Gonzales describing boiling people, pulling fingernails out, placing them on a table and sliding their head up to their shoulders in excrement, into urine.
I mean, that's what you do.
The Army's own reports have come out in the last three months, more this weekend, the Army admitting urinating and defecating on Korans, as I told you months ago, but no, they didn't flush it down the toilet!
Newsweek's problem was in the translation, they said that they toileted it, and that's the Muslim term.
They're even ashamed of body functions, so they just say, they said the Koran was involved with toilet functions.
And then Newsweek, on purpose, by the way, the former top Newsweek executive is going to be a propagandist for Bush.
This was all staged, folks.
That's in the news today.
Being well rewarded for their good job.
And then, oh, the translation!
It was put in a toilet.
No, no, no, no.
Or flushed down a toilet.
Well, anyone knows you can't flush it down a toilet.
The people just said it was toileted.
You know, it's amazing, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, they've retracted.
You can't flush it down the toilet.
So, Brigadier General Rick Baucus came out and quit refusing to torture the head of Gitmo.
There's an internal CIA torture base within the base that none of the aid groups are allowed in to see.
Amnesty or Red Cross.
And to his credit, Schultz did bring that up.
Schultz didn't bring up General Tagumbo's report.
And people always say, is that a joke?
No, that's the real general.
He's a Filipino-American, and he went and did the report for the Pentagon and interviewed those involved, and they've admitted to it.
They were ordered to torture people and beat them to death and rape them severely and use acid on them and other things we won't mention here.
So I would have rattled off Brigadier General Rick Baucus, interrogators quitting refusing to torture, the admissions, the convictions, Alberto Gonzalez's own memos.
But they don't do that.
They put up all these straw men on TV and in the newspaper.
I mean, why didn't Schultz bring up the Deputy CIA Director, the Section Chief,
In a January 2002 issue of the Washington Post saying, we fly them out to Egypt and to Jordan where we torture them and their families in front of them.
I mean, it's in Road to Journey.
Copy of the headline and zoom into the article.
And he brags.
Back when they thought we'd all buy it, he brags.
Yeah, we...
We torture them and pressure their families in front of them.
That's the quote.
We torture the detainees and then take their families, including their children.
I forgot about that part.
Boy, that is really Minglish.
Very Joseph Minglish.
And I've had people on debating them on this broadcast about torture over the years.
And, well, Alex, what have they got above?
And they're about to blow up a thousand GIs.
You're, you're, you know, they always use that hypothetical.
They use that on the news.
They use that on the dramas, the fiction shows on TV.
The law enforcement magazines promoted that idea before 9-11.
I saw the trend then, saw them getting us ready for it.
And now there's instances of cops torturing citizens all over the country.
Tell me where the drugs are in your car.
I'm going to break your arm.
We've catheterized you.
You're refusing to urinate.
We're going to taser you twice when you're chained down.
You know, just crazy stuff every week I see it.
It's this mentality of we're evil and need to be tortured because torture's good.
All these weak-minded people, all these weak-minded police watch these pop shows where the hero tortures people every episode and they identify with that and so there's no real terrorists and when they go out in the real world they end up torturing your wife.
Or cutting your wife's finger off at a DUI checkpoint in Detroit.
Remember that case?
Here, let me just take a knife and cut your finger off.
Put you in handcuffs, I'm going to cut your finger off.
That'll teach you.
Type it in.
A Detroit cop cuts a woman's finger off.
You don't believe me?
You forgot about that?
I mean, this stuff is so insane.
So off the charts.
There's several disgusting articles out of World Net Daily.
One by this Prager character.
It's an American value now.
You know, you're with the evil Muslims that want to kill us all if you're against torture.
Amnesty International and moral idiocy.
Sometime in the 70s, I sent a donation to Amnesty International.
As soon as I heard that a group had been formed to combat torture, I knew I had to support it.
Good line, Prager.
You're pretty slick.
Dennis Prager.
Unfortunately, like almost all international and domestic groups, the left took over Amnesty International.
That's why they whitewashed them.
Yeah, you're right.
And it devolved into another predictably anti-American, morally destructive organization.
No, it's not.
The de-evolution was most apparent years ago when Amazon International listed the United States as a major violator of human rights because it executed murderers.
Well, that's apples and oranges, folks.
They also listed us because of the death squads being trained up there at the School of America.
Fort Benning, Georgia, the organization...
Inability to morally distinguish between executing murderers and executing innocent people means that Amnesty International is worse than ineffectual.
The good it has done, notwithstanding, it is becoming harmful to the cause of human rights.
And it goes on.
Amnesty International reached its nadir two weeks ago when the Secretary General of the organization, Irene Kahn, branded the U.S.
prison camp at Guantanamo Bay the gulag of our times.
Well, it is.
And we're supporting Uzbekistan that mows down 500 people, folks.
And they shoot women like Snellgrove in the head and kill her for walking out of a restaurant after a Red Sox game.
I mean, this isn't freedom.
And then he goes on to whitewash what's going on at Gitmo.
Hey, Prager!
That's it.
I want Prager on.
Instant message, my producer, before I forget.
I want Prager on.
And get me Sniveller.
I keep meaning to get that Sniveller Michael Medvin on.
I mean, I want all these snivellers on here.
Bunch of snivellers.
And it just goes on and on.
But the sickest article, another one on World Net Daily, who I happen to think is better than some of the other neocon publications like Newsmax.
I mean, they've got some good stuff in here.
But this kind of stuff makes me really ashamed to even be associated with them.
Bush urged, never apologized to Muslims.
Administration officially reported...
And inspired by a classic John Wayne movie, she wore a yellow ribbon.
And it says, John Wayne never apologized to the Indians because that shows weakness.
And Bush, who's a fake Texan, who loves to act like a fake Texan, loves to act like a Texan, he is obsessed with High Noon and other movies.
I mean, that shows how delusional he is, folks.
And so this, things are being governed.
And again, I like John Wayne.
John Wayne wouldn't like George Bush.
John Wayne doesn't like big government or gun control or torture.
The article goes on, so cross your fingers, he takes the movie and the message to heart, the day the President of the United States announces that Muslims owe an apology to us and not the other way around will be the day that we truly begin to win this war.
Hey, fools!
Over at WorldNetDaily, because nobody put their name to this article.
The official Pentagon department of P2OG says that they want to put out news that enrages the Muslims so that they do attack us overseas and so the war can be widened.
It isn't about winning the war.
It's about widening it and having it go on as long as possible in Iraq, just like Vietnam because that maximizes profits.
The globalists are getting what they wanted in Iraq in many respects, though it could get so bad they get thrown out early, which they don't want.
So it may backfire on them.
But they want a long 10-year event to literally make over a trillion dollars.
They'll make over a trillion dollars.
The current expenditures if they're there for 10 years.
And they say it'll be 10 years.
That's the model.
Then they'll have a total puff of government in and get the $4 trillion in oil.
That's $5 trillion total.
All right, we'll talk to Regina in Pennsylvania, Robert in Denver, Colorado, and others when we get back.
It's just so sick.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up in about 15 minutes, we're going to have Wayne Madison, expert on the NSA and the police state, joining us.
He worked at the National Security Agency.
Regina, Robert, Jeff, Fred, and others.
We'll start taking your calls here in a few minutes and then go a little bit into the next hour with them and then get to your calls early with our guests.
But just very briefly...
I want to thank everybody that came out to the double showings of my new film, Martial Law, last Friday night here in Austin, Texas.
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So, 888-253-3139.
Regina in Pennsylvania, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Hey, Ann Colder, please don't give us a headache with her again.
She made it very clear that the lady is not a very deep thinker, and she'll waste our time.
Yeah, she's written a book about how the Patriot Act's good, and I said, what about Section 802?
And she said, I haven't read the Patriot Act.
So, you know, she gets enough play everywhere, Alex.
Please don't, you know, you have listeners that are working towards...
Educating themselves.
Please don't let us be drained by her.
No, but listen, she woke a lot of people up.
I mean, to hear that she writes books about stuff she hasn't read.
I know it now, Alex, and I want to hear you.
How about Will Christensen, National Vice Chair of the Independent American Party, or John Hamill, who's fighting tooth and nail to try to get Kodak's elementaries stopped, and has put out an alert, along with the Liberty Committee, putting out an alert to...
Support Ron Paul's H.J.
Resolution 27 to stop the authority over us at the WTO.
Yeah, for those that don't know, they're basically going to regulate and make vitamins prescription, and I'll get him on.
I meant to get him on.
I heard him on the radio once.
I've read his alerts.
Why don't you send me his contact info?
Okay, you're talking about, I'm having trouble by email.
You mean through the mail?
No, no, the Codex Alimentarius.
Okay, by what means do you want me to send it to you?
Tips at Infowars.com.
I have trouble getting through that.
I have a couple, another bill.
I know, my email's all screwed up.
Could I give you another bill?
Okay, you want me to get off?
Go ahead, keep talking.
Okay, the other bill that, besides this H.J.
Resolution 27, stop us, get us out of the WTO, get your Congress on that.
Stay there.
We'll hear about it when we get back.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, into the second hour.
Huge guests coming up to expose the globalists, the police state, the NSA.
What's happening with all this identity theft?
Wayne Madison's coming on.
He's been told to shut up by the NSA.
Regina in Pennsylvania, real fast finish up.
You were giving out the congressional phone number and warning us of another bill.
Yes, the wonderful Ron Paul, our beloved congressman from here in the heart of Texas.
He's introduced a bill to pull us out of the World Trade Organization that's going to take over our entire economy.
Has already taken over much of it.
Is taking it over.
Many of the levers of control and many of the mechanisms that regulate it.
But you had something else you wanted to plug, Regina.
Okay, that's right.
We're required to change our laws under the WTO.
I know.
And our Congress does that.
So it's very important that people get H.J.
They hand over their authority to it.
Just give us the other phone number and info.
Okay, the other thing is that House Resolution 282, which is supposed to be coming up today, and this is supposed to express the intent of Congress to allow the United Nations to regulate anti-Semitic speech that our national leaders...
Yeah, a global hate crime speech crime code, I'm aware of that.
And, well, I mean, out in California they're trying to pass a law that if you speak out against the open borders, you'll be arrested and then put in a database.
They're not playing.
And see, it starts with something like anti-Semitism, which I don't like.
Then it moves on to everything else.
And I'll fight to the death for your right to say that Jews are blood-drinking vampires or that Germans are blood-drinking vampires.
I may not agree with that, but still, I believe you have that right.
Yeah, but that can be misinterpreted, too.
Well, now criticizing any Israeli policy the ADL wants you arrested.
They are an un-American terrorist organization.
But Regina, tell us about that law.
Well, that's going to come up for a vote today.
Give us that bill number.
House Resolution 282.
And everybody needs to call at 202-224-3121 or 877-762-8762 and tell them, no, on House Resolution 282, we want to get out of the U.N.
We know that they were involved with the slaughter in Rwanda, but they're going to be picking at our leaders.
And us and other leaders across the world who are speaking truth and, you know... No, I know.
Regina, I've got to let you go.
It's incredible.
Can I give you the email for John Hamill?
Okay, I'm sorry, other callers.
Go ahead, Regina.
Okay, jham, J-H-A-M, at I as in Indian, A as in apple, H as in health, F as in freedom, dot com.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Really good points.
Robert in Denver.
Go ahead, Robert.
Hey, good morning, Alexander.
Thanks for taking my call.
How are you doing?
Pretty good, pretty good.
I don't know if you talked about it or not already.
Yeah, I apologize for repeating it, but as you know, yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot allow a doctor to give up marijuana for medical uses, and I was wondering what your feeling was on that.
Marijuana has incredible... HTC has incredible...
Health benefits for glaucoma, for nausea with people that can't hold food down who are going through chemotherapy.
I mean, George Washington smoked marijuana.
I don't smoke marijuana.
I don't like marijuana.
I have smoked it in college.
And I can't stand it.
I don't like the way it makes me feel.
I mean, I like being hyper.
I mean, I like my natural... I mean, I get paranoid on it.
I get really weird and don't want to talk to people.
Totally opposite, yeah.
But, I mean, I'll be honest.
I mean, I smoked it and I inhaled.
But, you know, you're riding along with some girl in her car and she says, take a hit.
And you're like, alright, baby.
And I don't recommend young people smoke it.
I think it's overall really bad for you.
You know, like alcohol or anything else.
But the medical effects are just... It is a miracle drug.
It's a miracle plant.
So, it's just, look, it's big business for them to put your kids in prison if they use this stuff.
George Washington loved his bud, though.
Anything else?
Yeah, well... I'll let you finish up, but let's go ahead and get our guests.
I'll make my guests hold while we let you finish.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest, most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies.
Psychotic UN population control plans and much, much more.
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All right, eight minutes and ten seconds into this second hour.
We're about to go to Wayne Madison, who's an investigative journalist nationally.
Distributed columnist and author who has covered Washington, D.C.
politics, national security, intelligence issues.
Since 1994, of course, Madison is a former U.S.
Naval officer who was assigned to the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration.
He also has some 20 years experience in computer security and data privacy.
He has also worked for the Naval Data Automation Command Department of State.
RCA Corporation and Computer Sciences Corporation.
And I apologize to the callers.
I know you've been holding, and I end up covering so much news in the first hour.
We go to great callers like Regina, who's got all these important bills.
And then I try to hurry her up so we can get to Robert, and then we cut Robert short.
Robert, finishing up real fast as our guest is holding.
Yeah, the Supreme Court and the federal government, they need to arrest our children to put them in their private prisons.
So they can work for 20 cents an hour building widgets.
Marijuana is far less damaging, I think it is bad, when used in excess, than alcohol, though.
Alcohol causes, what, four times the deaths of all other illegal drugs combined.
Prescription drugs cause even more deaths than alcohol.
That's the official numbers in federal studies.
And there are incredible medical attributes of marijuana for glaucoma for people that are nauseated and can't eat because of chemotherapy or people that have bad ulcers.
There are hundreds of uses for THC, but don't look for the government to ever allow decriminalization because they need to make things that should be legal illegal as a pretext to put you in prison.
And for all the people out there that hate marijuana, you hate George Washington because George Washington, it's in major publications and history books, did occasionally smoke a little marijuana.
It was grown right out in the herb gardens all over the 13 colonies.
And if you had a headache or you were nauseous, it was in the medical books to take a pull off some weed, as they called it.
But finish up real fast, Robert.
Yeah, I'm in agreement.
I think a guy on the radio in locally made a great analogy.
In North Carolina, they grow thousands of acres of tobacco.
Take that comparison and turn it around.
What if suddenly North Carolina started growing thousands of acres of marijuana and
In Central America, they were growing tobacco.
Which one would be illegal?
Well, in the Netherlands and other areas, they totally legalized and drug use went down by 50%.
But in France, they put up billboards saying, don't smoke cigarettes, they'll kill you.
And in 10 years, smoking doubled.
People do what they think is rebellious.
The government knows it.
Thanks for the call.
That's why the Skull and Bones was founded by the British East India Company and Russell Trust.
They had the monopoly of opium.
When their competition got too great when opium was on all the store shelves, Lawton, they banned it, controlled the police forces, and went after their competition.
That's what the drug war is.
The drug dealers control the drug war to go after their competition.
How many CIA officers, how many DEA agents have we had on covering this that have unloaded the cocaine?
The ships come in, the trains come in, the jets come in, the prop planes come in.
The cartels that get raided and killed by our troops in Latin America are the ones that don't pay their cut into the big banks.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm done.
I apologize to our guest for holding for three minutes.
Wayne Madison, we're going to talk about some of his incredible books.
He's just a treasure trove of information.
On Infowars.com, we have a link to the Counterpunch article exposing Karl Rove.
Another one, the Neocon power grab at NSA in an attempt to stifle the press.
That's Online Journal.
Just a whole squadron of articles.
Mr. Madison, good to have you on with us.
Good to be with you.
You know, there's no way to do your great career, a career of conscience, justice.
In a nutshell, can you tell us about yourself?
Well, I've been working in a lot of various agencies over the years, from the National Security Agency to the State Department to various other, working with various other federal agencies, including one short stint as a temporary agent for the FBI way back in the 80s.
So I've seen a lot of this from the inside.
And now, on the outside looking in, I can understand why
There are several people in the government who are very frustrated about what's going on with this particular administration, and I think they really do see what the agenda is, that it's to...
Basically gut the U.S.
intelligence infrastructure.
So we come up, instead of coming up with people who say, no, there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, you'll have just a bunch of people who shake their heads yes and will cook the books for this administration in coming up with any intelligence-based special order.
So we'll have Mr. Negroponte, the death squad architect, with Abu Ghraib and, of course, Camp X-Ray architect Gonzalez, and chart off in this whole gaggle of psychopathic criminals, and I'll say that, where it'll just be Negroponte saying, yes, you know, I mean, Iran's got nuclear weapons, they're about to kill us.
That's right, and we see that one congressman right now, Kurt Weldon from Pennsylvania, has got a book coming out where he's saying that he was tipped off about 9-11 beforehand, but he says, wait a minute, it's not Al Qaeda that's a threat, it's Iran.
I mean, these people will change.
According to, you know, whatever the prevailing perception management dictate of the day says to them.
And we see that again with this Weldon book, which is out.
But certainly he's not the only one.
We have this guy, John Bolton, who they want to send to the United Nations.
Who has carpet-chewing fits.
Oh, right.
This guy, Bolton, is probably the worst possible person.
I would make mention of the fact that back...
Back when the U.N.
Security Council was meeting on whether to approve this U.S.
resolution authorizing the attack on Iraq, that Bolton Negroponte and then-head of NSA, General Michael Hayden,
All were cooperating and bugging the members of the U.N.
Security Council.
Their telephones, their cell phones, their email.
And now we have one of those individuals who was bugged, the former Mexican ambassador to the U.N.
who was quite upset with this and took on the United States and the Bush administration.
He said, look, you just won our vote because you treat Mexico like it's your backyard.
Well, this former ambassador who was fired because of his statements about the Bush administration, Adolfo Aguiar-Zinzer, he died the other day in an automobile accident in central Mexico.
So here we have another one of these dead bodies of somebody who took on
Well, that's right.
We have the top Iraqi analyst at the State Department, John Cookle,
Who briefed Colin Powell at least once a week on Iraq, who worked in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research.
His boss was Carl Ford, who of course said to the Senate that Bolton is a quintessential kiss-up, kick-down kind of guy, and said he does not have my recommendation to go to the U.N.,
Cookle apparently took on this guy, Bolton, and they said he jumped off the roof of the State Department, which of course is impossible since the roof of the State Department is secured.
All access is secured.
All the windows are secured.
So we have several of these cases where people who have taken on this administration have met their demise.
And I think it's worthy...
For an FBI investigation, but of course we don't see anything even coming close to anything like that.
Oh, don't hold your breath.
I mean, Alberto Gonzalez, if it came out they threw him off the roof, would probably say that's not even torture.
He says killing somebody isn't even torture.
We have a former CIA official, Gus Weiss, who just a few weeks after Kokel does a swan dive,
...off the State Department.
They say he takes a similar swan dive off of the Watergate, which is only a couple of blocks from the State Department.
The thing that makes Weiss interesting is that he was a colleague of the neocons like Pearl and Wolfowitz when he was working in Henry Scoop Jackson's office back in the 70s, but he came out
Why hasn't Cynthia McKinney fallen off a roof yet?
She's brought up the trillions missing from the Pentagon.
Well, I know Cynthia, and I'll tell you, she's one smart person, and she knows how to take care of herself and defend herself.
So I have a lot of confidence that she knows what's going on.
She's pretty careful.
Well, I tell you, you know, it's scary to know this is going on.
Let's make a joint pact here.
I'm not ever planning to jump off a building.
I love my life.
And I would imagine you're the same way, Mr. Madison?
Oh, yes, yes.
I have no problems with, you know, no ballooning mortgage payments, no terminal illnesses, so nothing that they might say and say, well, he was depressed over this, that, and the other thing.
And I'm also very much afraid of heights.
Although I've flown airplanes...
I do have this problem with acrophobia when I'm standing on a ledge or a cliff or something like that.
Why do they like to throw people off buildings?
Because it doesn't leave any evidence?
Well, I think, you know, it goes back actually to medieval Europe when they used to have defenestration.
That's how the Greeks killed people.
That's how the Greeks killed people, too.
That's right, that's right, yeah.
There seems to be something about that throwing people out of windows or off of buildings is...
Or they have several bullet holes in their head.
Or that, exactly.
But then someone we can trust tells us it was an accident.
Well, I tell you, sir, we're about to break.
What are some of the key issues you want to go over?
Well, I think what's happening at the National Security Agency and the CIA and the other intelligence agencies is a real catastrophe that these neocons who are infiltrating these agencies...
All right, well, I also want to talk about your view on Iran.
I had...
Member of Parliament George Galloway on, and I said the government may carry out terror attacks as a pretext, and he said absolutely.
We'll talk about that as well.
Stay with us.
On February 29, 1892, the United States of America's Supreme Court declared us a Christian nation.
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We're talking to Wayne Madison, author, syndicated columnist, working inside the NSA and the Reagan administration.
Really a whistleblower.
Wayne, what do you see on the horizon for Iran?
I mean, a lot of people are saying, well, they won't be able to invade Iran.
People are wise to them, but they seem to be so arrogant.
I see two fronts in this administration which really shouldn't come as any shock that we have people with two different policies.
One, of course, are the neocons that want any reason to attack Iran.
And if we think Iraq is a bloodbath, wait until we go into Iran, which is a very mountainous country, has a larger population than Iraq.
And the people there are not Arabs, of course.
I think some of the neocons may...
You may get that confused.
These are Persians, and the Persians used to have quite a world empire, and the Persians of today, who call themselves Iranians, are quite proud of their history, and they will fight, and they will probably bloody our nose to a... even a... being bloodied right now in Iraq.
But then there's an election coming up in Iran for president to replace the moderate President Hassan...
And the person who is apparently leading in that race is the guy who used to be president, was the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament back when the hostages were held in our embassy, and that's Mr. Rafsanjani, who apparently now has...
...moderated his tone to the point where he says, well, wait a minute, maybe I can deal with some privatization of the Iranian oil industry, and, you know, he's talking trade and joining the World Trade Organization, a whole bunch of other things that, of course, to some people in this administration, the people who like to make lots and lots of money, that seems to be a pretty good deal for them.
So we have sort of the political neocons now fighting...
The economic neocons over what is the best way to approach Iran because if it's true that Ross and Johnny agreeing to all of this opening up of Iran's economy, the economic neocons of course would like to see that happen.
Now, Mr. Madison, we've been talking a lot about fake documents, fake Niger documents, fake fines of weapons of mass destruction buried under rose bushes.
I mean, really ridiculous stuff.
So many examples of it, but they tried to frame George Galloway.
He's now winning lawsuits over it.
We interviewed him, and he shocked me.
I said, well...
I don't see them having the political will right now to go into Iran, but what if the military-industrial complex stages a terror attack in the United States or overseas?
And he said that is a very real threat.
Your comments to that?
Well, I think he's right, because when I talk about the political neocons, of course I'm including in that some of these people who are fundamentalists,
This guy, Kurt Weldon, who's now arguing that Al-Qaeda is not the biggest threat to the United States, but Iran is.
Here we have this again.
Now he's trying to say somehow Iran, not Al-Qaeda, must have been involved with 9-11.
Didn't we hear that with Iraq?
And that's turned out to be...
Totally bogus and false.
But a guy like Weldon, who apparently was present at this coronation of Sung Myung Moon last year in the Senate Dirksen building,
I mean, a lot of this is obviously coming from people like Moon and some of these other crazies who think that it's somehow ordained in some scripture that... Now, I want to be clear, though.
I'm a Christian.
I'm a conservative.
I am, too.
I mean, Moon is worshipped himself.
I wouldn't even call him a Christian.
You're right, they have the group called the Brotherhood, where congressmen live.
It's a weird cult.
I mean, these aren't even Christians.
It's not Christian, even though Moon goes around and says he's the Messiah.
And then he says he's somehow managed to convert the souls of Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler and Mohammed and Jesus.
To his way of thinking.
I mean, the guy's a total nutcase, but the problem is he's very powerful inside the Republican Party.
And when he can have a coronation and draw people like Kurt Weldon, who then puts out a book saying it's not al-Qaeda that's the biggest threat to the United States, but it's Iran, there you see that this cult, I think we should call it a cult.
For those that don't know, folks, these are the Moonies.
I mean, a lot of people don't understand that.
The Moonies.
That's who they are.
They used to... I first encountered them in college back in the early 70s when they tried to get unsuspecting students to attend these suppers.
And of course, like any starving college kid, the idea of a free meal is pretty attractive.
But unfortunately, a lot of people got tied up with this bunch and still are.
Well, let's get into the NSA and let's get into...
Mr. Rove, and just a whole host of issues when we get back.
And we'll take some phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back with our guest, Wayne Madison.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Wayne Madsen is our guest.
Website, waynemadsenreport.com.
Waynemadsen, M-A-D-S-E-N, report.com.
Got a big fat link to it on infowars.com.
Wayne, you know, working at the NSA, and then now since 94 being a journalist, writing on all of this, watching the police state being set up,
Witnessing the face-scanning cameras, the national ID cards, the control grid, the Patriot Act, the Patriot Act being used against people selling knock-off Rubik's Cubes or pirated DVDs or county commissioners getting payoffs for more parking spaces.
It's clear that criminals have taken control of the government and are simply setting up a police state to then protect themselves from the public if we ever wake up to it.
How do we stop these individuals?
That's something I could talk about for hours and hours.
I always go back and read some of what our founding fathers and mothers wrote during the Revolution.
I really think that we need to go back to basics here and look at what these, as you rightly call them, criminals did.
The only difference between the Bushes and the Sopranos is the Sopranos serve a better dinner.
The Italian food is pretty good in the Soprano house.
I don't think pork rinds and pretzels at the Bushes is anything to compare with that.
But anyway, I really think that when I have people at the National Security Agency coming to me
Essentially as whistleblowers and saying that their rights are being infringed upon, their privacy is being invaded, then I think people can understand how bad things have gotten in this country.
Well, that was in the first Patriot Act, going after whistleblower protection.
In fact, you've written an article, the neocon power grab at NSA in an attempt to stifle the press.
That's right.
Can you cover that story for us?
Well, basically, what's going on at the National Security Agency is that the employees who are being fired for the least little thing are...
Are being told by security up there, which is basically the security at NSA is working hand-in-glove with the people like Rumsfeld and... Yeah, it's a military goon squad.
This is like the Stasi, KGB, and Gestapo all mixed up into one.
Right, exactly.
And what they're being told is,
Look, if you talk to a member of Congress, which is their right, if you talk to a member of the press, we're going to find something on you, we're going to fire you.
And this has happened to quite a few people.
Now, that's how it's going on at what's happening at the NSA.
Now, over at the CIA...
They're firing people basically because of policy differences, going back to pre-war intelligence.
They tell them, make up lies or you're gone.
See, at NSA, you've got more of a technical group of people there.
They don't, by and large, get involved in too many policy issues.
Yeah, data collection, the CIA then is pouring over.
The NSA, they're the people out there trolling the Internet and trolling the communications frequencies of satellites.
For all the information using, as you mentioned, Echelon and systems like it to do that.
And so what they're doing, how they're purging NSA is basically on trivia, on administrative issues.
You know, if you step out of line, well, that's enough for us to go after you.
Whereas at the CIA, because they are involved in more policy issues, they're using policy differences with the Bush administration to get rid of them.
The same thing's going on at the Defense Intelligence Agency and has been for...
Quite some time.
So what we're seeing, we're seeing a purge of the intelligence agencies in this country.
People who have years and years of experience in foreign languages, experience with other countries and key people in those countries and all sorts of different intelligence gathering systems.
They're all being purged because they're considered to be a threat to this whatever world order or national order
Now, bottom line from all your research and study, and obviously Bush and his minions are just puppets of the military industrial complex, they're just mid-level minions as well, but what type of world...
Are you on a cordless phone?
Yes, I am.
Is there any way you get to a landline?
Well, I don't have an actual hard wire here, but let me go closer to the base station.
Yeah, it's breaking up.
What type of world are they trying to build?
I mean, if they had their wish list, if they could have whatever they wanted from all the evidence of what they're doing, what would that be?
Well, I think it's a world where a few corporations, corporations that they control, basically, you know,
They call the shots.
National parliaments and legislatures are meaningless.
Organizations like the United Nations and others are just subservient.
And of course individual rights are way out the window.
I think what they're talking about is some sort of massive corporate state.
Sort of what we've seen with Franco in Spain and Pinochet in Chile and of course the system that Joe Stalin ran in Soviet Russia.
But even the so-called U.N.
was founded by the U.S.
government in 1946 there in Presidio.
And so really, you get two different choices.
Except IAEA inspectors in, have 12 years of sanction.
That's the good cop, which is genocide.
And the bad cop is, we're going to salt the earth with DU and kill your population.
Well, that's right.
I just think that...
The reason Bush wants to send a guy like Bolton to the United Nations, of course, is that Bolton will try to fire everybody up there, as what we see is happening at the CIA and the State Department and NSA.
You get a bunch of international civil servants who are
Let me bring this up.
Clinton, in actuality, went along with their policies of invading countries.
He vacations with them.
He's a surrogate member of the family, according to the Boston Globe.
And we're now hearing in the press that the Bushes may support Clinton as Secretary General, and that they've already lined up seven of the G8 of coffee in and leaves in the next year.
Do you think there's anything to do with that?
Well, that would be a real sea change for the United Nations, because there's always been sort of an unwritten policy that...
That the Secretary General not come from one of the permanent members of the Security Council.
So if that in fact happens, whether it's Clinton or any other American, would be a real change for the United Nations since its foundation in 1946.
So I think that would be another indication that we may see the UN become nothing more than a rubber stamp for America.
Not the United States, because I think the United States and the Bush administration are two different entities.
But we'll see the UN just become another tool for these international corporatists.
For those that don't know, Bush really is just a viceroy over one of the empire's plantations that happens to raise a lot of the armies and troops for this whole system.
And again, when we say corporation, these are bigger than governments.
They are totally criminal.
They go in with death squads, say in Africa, if somebody isn't giving them a diamond monopoly and kill everybody, and then they brag about it.
This is not free market.
Oh no, it's not at all.
So when we hear about free markets and the free trade area, the Americas and Central America free trade area, NAFTA and all, world trade stuff, this is just trying to get things right for when these multinational corporations basically take over.
And this is why we see the anti-globalization movement.
Now, we had this
Rejection by the French and the Dutch of the European Constitution.
Now a lot of that had to do with domestic politics, but one thing that is common to both the Netherlands and France is there was a reaction in both countries against the idea that Europe will be expanding to the Iranian border if these people have their way.
And that was never the intention of the people who founded the European community and then the European Union.
Well, that's not what they told the people, but we've got the Bilderberg Group documents.
That was their plan.
Oh, absolutely.
And so the same financial... And I pointed this out, Wayne.
The same people that own and run Europe are in bed with the people here.
They just act like there's this good cop, bad cop fight going on to give the illusion of a bipolar world.
What do you think of people like...
Thomas Barnett at the Naval War College, who openly gets up on C-SPAN and says, we work for global corporations, this is a one-world government, we're going to attack all these third-world countries.
I mean, they're just right out in the open with it.
Well, they are, and I would recommend it to people.
This is nothing new.
Marine Corps General Smedley Butler talked about this.
Back in the 1930s, saying he was just nothing more than a foot soldier for the United Fruit Company.
They tried to hire him to overthrow the U.S.
They tried to hire him to overthrow Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the constitutionally elected President of the United States, in a coup d'etat.
And he rejected them and then went public with it
And of course, his testimony was held in secrecy by the U.S.
Congress, I think, up until the 1970s.
Yeah, that was the McCormick-Dickstein Committee.
That's right.
So this is nothing new.
I think we've been running... Look at Bush.
He's going after everything that Roosevelt...
Trying to put in with the New Deal and all the other social safety nets that were introduced by Roosevelt.
These guys are trying to get rid of them.
Well, to be clear, I was no fan of Roosevelt, but it just shows this particular crowd who was funding Hitler was trying to throw him out and set up their own little dictatorship.
But Roosevelt and his whole crowd, the way this works is they get everything socialized, get us dependent,
And then, once they've grown the government big enough, they just hand the government over to private corporations and they become the government.
Well, yeah, and you know what?
It's interesting that one of the people back in those days who, of course, was so much opposed to Roosevelt and probably silently with a wink and a nod was saying to these coup plotters, yeah, that's a good idea.
Because a lot of it came out of Connecticut was Prescott Bush, who we know was the grandfather of the current president and father of George H.W.
In fact, I just put a new film out covering this.
He worked for the Nazi company that was behind all this.
But for those that just joined us and don't realize what we're facing, this isn't a joke.
I have the hearings with Oliver North in the mid-'80s in the joint session there.
Well, you know, the Iran-Contra people are back in charge.
The only guy I don't think is working for the government is Oliver North.
You look around, you've got Elliott Abrams.
He's working in the National Security Council now.
You've got all these others who are involved.
They tried to have the five-time convicted felon Poindexter.
Poindexter, Total Information Awareness System.
And even go back to Watergate, you still have some of these people.
I'm walking around.
Many of them served time in prison or are felons, are now saying, this guy Mark Feldo, he's a criminal, he's a traitor to his nation.
So it's almost like if you served time in prison or you were indicted, now you're being put up on a pedestal, which
I can only think it is part of this Bush administration mantra of if you violate the Constitution and you go to prison for it, then somehow you're a hero.
But the Democrats are totally mom on this, and many of them are involved as well.
Oh, they've been, yeah, many of these Democrats.
I mean, look at the number of Democrats who supported this illegal war in Iraq.
I mean, you've got John Kerry.
I voted for it before I voted against it or against it before I voted for it.
We're good to go.
They hold their finger up, and I see it living in his town in Washington.
They'll hold their finger up and see which way the wind's blowing, and that's the way they'll go politically.
But at least in the case of Howard Dean, now they're going after him because he's telling the truth.
He's not accepting it, and he never did.
That's why he can get people excited.
Well, I don't want to hear from Republicans that, oh, Dean's bad, he's anti-gun, probe, and border, because he is bad because of that, but Bush is for all that and more.
I mean, this is the insanity, Mr. Madsen, is that Bush is not a conservative, the biggest federal budget ever, out Clinton and Clinton on the score of issues.
But one talk show host calls them Kool-Aid drinkers.
These so-called conservatives are not really conservative.
Oh, no.
I mean, if you look at what they're doing, I mean, the idea of nation-building.
Bush spoke to the OAS meeting in Miami the other day, and he said he thinks the United States should actively go into countries in Latin America...
Where we don't agree with the type of government that they have.
Well, bottom line, sir, where do you see all this going?
I mean, where are they having victories?
Where are they having defeats?
Give us your forecast.
What do you see happening?
Well, I don't see... I see the status quo going on, you know, the bickering in Congress up until the congressional...
When we see those congressional elections, I think what we're going to see, I think we're going to see Democrats do quite well, and I think we're going to see a two-year lame duck presidency of George W. Bush.
And I think we'll see some of our commitments overseas, some of our troops coming back.
They can't come back soon enough from Iraq, as far as I'm concerned.
But I think we're going to see a movement away from nation-building, away from this...
I think we'll see a big rejection of their policies next year.
But as you said, the Democrats are all in league and owned by the same big foundations and corporations.
I don't... Well, you know, I look at a place like Connecticut where the Democrats have just about had it with Joe Lieberman.
They're talking about running somebody against him in the primary.
They're saying, let's run a real Democrat against Lieberman.
I think that may happen.
I think we may see Lieberman thrown out.
I think that may happen to a couple of these wishy-washy Democrats who go along when it's convenient.
But Bush and the establishment Democrats are trying to accelerate putting in the electronic voting machines.
Oh, yeah.
I see a lot of...
I think there's going to be a reaction against that.
We've already seen some tests being conducted in Florida showing how easy it was for the election to be fixed using these machines.
I actually think we're going to see a return to paper, and I wouldn't be surprised to see those hanging chads coming back.
All right, let's jam a call in here.
Up first is Jeff.
Jeff, where are you calling us from?
This is Addie Alex.
Welcome, sir.
How are you today?
I was wondering if you or your guests had witnessed the Joseph Goebbels propaganda that they ran on FX the other night called Oil Storm.
Have you seen that?
No, I don't watch much TV.
What was it?
Basically, it was a way for the government to completely cloud the issue of George Bush's relationship to the Saudis.
And it was very confusing.
So it was a fiction program legitimizing the Bush-Bin Laden connection?
It was minimizing it to a point where they were saying that there was none.
For those that don't know, there's more propaganda in fiction TV shows than there is on the news.
Mr. Madsen?
And, you know, we saw that with this last election where Carl Rowe, we mentioned him briefly, was putting a lot of pressure on Hollywood to come out with propaganda-type shows.
Well, that's right.
Well, he met with the Motion Picture Association of America.
Absolutely, he did.
I had Lionel Shetland threaten me in a bathroom in L.A.
Everybody stay there.
So stay there.
We're good to go.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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We're watching America being broken down to little...
Mechanisms for the centralized police state to control.
The country's been captured to be used as an engine of global war and global government.
My new film, Martial Law, is out.
I hope you'll get a copy at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it online right now.
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And the past three showings completely sold out days, or in one case, a week before it showed.
So I suggest you take action now and get those.
It was great seeing everybody out there last Friday at the double showings.
Going back to our guest, Wayne Madsen, then we'll go back to Jeff and then Fred and then Kim and maybe hold the guests over five minutes in the next hour so we can finish up with calls.
Then we have another guest coming on.
But, Mr. Madsen, you've written a lot of really great books, but any in particular you'd like to tell us about?
Well, I've got a forthcoming book called Jaded Taz, Big Oil, Black Ops, and Brass Plates.
And that has a lot to do with...
The oil industry and how they're part and parcel of these private military contractors that we see so active in Iraq today.
You know, there's $8 billion missing.
From Iraq, and I would suggest that a lot of that wound up in the hands of these very... No!
They wouldn't do that.
We can trust them.
See, we used to call them mercenaries, and the U.S.
didn't like mercenaries, but now they're called private military contractors.
See, it's part of the Orwell... Well, you know, I've got reports that private mercs are dealing drugs, doing murder for hire for the globalists right now here in the U.S.
Why should they change?
These people used to be called Air America and Southern Air Transport.
They were...
They were involved in the drug business with good old Ali North and all that gang down in Nicaragua and down in Colombia.
These are the same people.
Actually, I even heard that Richard Secord, talking about a blast from the past, Iran-Contra, he's been cited several times in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Tashkent in Uzbekistan.
We've got this whole crowd that's back together again.
I think 9-11 has been pretty good business for these folks.
WayneMadisonReport.com is the website.
Did I finish up, Jeff, what you were saying?
I just was very concerned because it seems that FX has been pumping out some serious propaganda lately.
They've got an Iraq thing coming out soon called Over There.
And I watched Oil Storm.
I know about you and everything that you talk about.
I was even confused in the beginning as to whether or not it was reality.
It was a painstaking effort to make that look as real as possible.
Even the film footage had courtesy of this TV station on it.
No, no.
Sir, sir, there are hundreds of dramas now that are meant to look real, and they're not real, to confuse the dumbed-down public.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, Wayne Madsen, if we've got $242 million just for one federal program and fake newscast, we're talking about big money here.
Well, we are, and you know, I can relate a story I heard from a pretty well-known person here in Washington who was speaking to a high-level White House official, and I can't say whether that official was Karl Rowe, but if
If I had to bet money on it, I'd say it was because of what the person said.
He said, look, the United States basically controls the world right now.
The Bush administration has control over the world's media.
And we control reality.
We can control our own reality, and if we don't like the reality that we create, in 30 minutes we can change it.
And this is exactly what's happening, as your caller said, with TV shows, fiction, and other things.
Well, I mean, almost every program out there says how good torture is.
Well, that's right.
They actually say it's an American virtue.
That's right.
Stay there, sir.
Just want to do five more minutes with you so we can talk to Fred and Kim.
That's all we're going to have time for with calls for now.
Because then we've got another guest coming up.
Mainstream Media.
Big Brother.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Third hour, ladies and gentlemen.
Final five-minute segment with our guest from the last hour.
Author, of course, syndicated columnist, worked at the National Security Agency via the Navy or the Reagan administration, just exposing the nightmare system we're facing.
And we're going to take a few final calls for Wayne Madsen, waynemadsenreport.com.
Let's go ahead and talk to Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, go ahead.
Wayne, I want to ask you...
Don't you think that this political system with these big candidates that I can't stomach, like Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton for Secretary General, it's part of the disease that's really all around us because people like the Clintons have already been completely...
Completely discredited, the bribery, the repression.
I was about to say this.
You're bringing up a central point.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
It's like Caligula marrying his horse and making it the leader of the Senate in Rome.
It seems like everybody's waking up to them, but they just get crazier and crazier and more out in the open, Wayne.
Well, I agree.
Certainly some of the things I saw in the Clinton administration with what they did in Africa, for example,
I want to get some new blood in there.
I agree with the caller
That's why I find Howard Dean to be refreshing.
At least, I loved it when he yelled in Iowa.
I said, man, there's a guy with a pulse.
The guy's alive.
He actually cares enough to yell and scream about what's going on in this country.
I wish more people would yell and scream.
Well, I mean, look, I don't agree with him on the Second Amendment and stuff, but I don't agree with Bush either.
But, yeah, I mean, our founding fathers yelled and screamed.
Oh, we're not supposed to yell and scream.
Thanks, Fred.
Thank you for the call.
Kim in Texas.
Kim, go ahead.
Uh, yes.
Lane, get back by your phone, Jack, for me.
Sorry, go ahead, ma'am.
So I'm thinking, is that why he's here?
Well, no, they're just here to get all their lies straight.
And, of course, oh, that's a good point.
The Downing Street memo.
I mean, how many internal memos do we have where it's admitted that they premeditatedly lied, Wayne?
Well, we've got several.
We've not only got the real memos like Downing Street, we've got all these fake things running around like the Niger documents, the Forge documents, the kind of stuff they try to stick George Galloway with.
I know.
They're the very people doing it, and Halliburton's selling oil-filled equipment.
Kim, you've got the last word.
Also, please call Washington, D.C., guys, and let them know about this.
Oh, yes.
Let them know you know they're looking at the Patriot Act again.
Because they seemed surprised when I called about it.
I called the Republican side.
Well, that's just how they act.
Everybody knows it's in the Intelligence Committee, radically beefing it up.
And to cut through all the confusion, it's 2.5.
They passed one, they passed part of two.
This should be called 2.5.
Wayne, final comments.
Well, I would, yeah, the Patriot Act is a terrible thing.
I would just tell people...
Look, don't send letters to your members because after the anthrax attacks, they'll never get the letters.
But hit them with email as much as you can.
They do read the email.
And they have to get it off of their servers because if they get too much of it,
They've got to read it and take it off.
So hit them with the email and hit them with the phone call.
All right, Wayne, thanks for coming on.
Thanks, Kim.
Good to be with you.
Wayne Madsen, great job.
Appreciate your patriotism and telling the truth, my friend.
Thank you.
Take care.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back after this quick break with another powerful guest in your calls and a ton of news.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, second segment of the third hour, 8 minutes and 25 seconds in.
On this Tuesday edition, 7th day...
Of June 2005, Professor John Gledhill, President of Britain's Association of Social Anthropologists, is going to be on with us in just one moment, covering this subject.
This is from the BBC.
We talked about this last Friday.
Fears over CIA university spies.
A CIA scheme to sponsor trainee spies secretly through U.S.
university courses has caused anger among U.K.
And this has already been going on here in the U.S.
for a long time.
The Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program pays anthropology students, whose names are not disclosed, upwards of $50,000 a year, 27,500 pounds a year.
They're expected to use the techniques of field work to gather political and cultural details on other countries.
Britain's Association of Social Anthropologists called the scholarships ethically dangerous and divisive.
And then it goes on.
Now, before we go to our guest, I want to give you some background.
Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his farewell speech in 1960, said, Beware the undue and unwarranted influence of the military-industrial complex.
And he was a captain of that, but I guess he was having pangs of conscience.
At that time, about 80% of all funding in our universities, and even in private research facilities, was being paid for by the U.S.
Now we live in the age, again, of $240-something million for one package of fake newscasts last year.
Fake newscasts everywhere.
They're paying for Hollywood movies to have.
Torture messages.
Secret arrest messages.
Anti-family messages.
I mean, they are just breaking down our society.
Propaganda everywhere.
We talked about that with our guest expert and former member of the National Security Agency in the last hour.
So this is part and parcel of that.
And then, of course, there are more foreign students here in the U.S.
than any other country in the world in the aggregate, so they come here and they get $50,000.
Now, that's $25,000 to have your tuition paid at the nicest schools, and then another $25,000 to live quite comfortable.
Nice work if you can get it.
And they have to have secret summer meetings with the CIA at summer camps.
They're basically being taught to be spies.
This is going to get a lot of anthropologists killed.
Not to mention control a whole society, the whole next wave of anthropologists, which I think is one of the most important fields out there.
I'm not an anthropologist, though in my leisure I do read a lot of psychology and a lot of anthropological work out there on the subject because I find it to be just a very revealing science and just spot on with so much of the work that's out there to understand.
And the social architects understand this, and to build this worldwide prison state, they've got to do it.
Thousands of members of the press are CIA officers.
Most are major editors in this country.
That's now come out.
And then many others are paid off by the Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Department of Health and Human Services, Defense Intelligence, NSA, CIA.
Billions of dollars.
We have fake newscasts here in Austin.
And you can confirm they're fake and no one even seems to care.
I mean, it's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
But then real reporters go overseas and get killed because people think they're CIA.
Real social workers get killed overseas, aid workers.
Real anthropologists get killed.
But there's so much money being spent on this, and this is just one tiny node, one little facet in an ocean, a hurricane of covert operations.
So again, joining us, I appreciate him holding during that diatribe,
Do you disagree with any of that three-minute raving?
Not really.
I mean, obviously, this particular program seems to be only part of a broader pattern, and I gather that
From what we're learning now, that there are other kinds of funding programs being generated by other agencies as well.
Of course, particularly for those of us abroad, I mean, this is all very, very obscure.
Of course, we do have American students coming here to study it because it's all focused on individual students studying.
We've no way of knowing who anybody is, basically.
And they sign agreements.
I mean, they're basically becoming CIA employees.
One of the things that interested me in some works an American colleague was doing on this was, obviously, as part of their anthropology training, they will be trained in research ethics, I mean, or anthropology ethics.
I think it appears that if they got cold feet and decided they didn't really feel happy with
Yeah, they're going to be bought and paid for for life.
I mean, obviously our concern...
Most of all is with the responsibilities we have to the people we study.
Why is the CIA on the surface?
I mean, I have it here in the article, but from your view, your detailed view as the president of the organization opposing this, why do they want the young, budding anthropologists?
I think they're aware that anthropologists, because unlike most other social... I mean, there are other people who also do sustained work in a region...
So it's a perfect cover for spies.
Plus you're trained to be able to assess that.
That's right, that's right.
But it's the trust factor that's very central to anthropology.
I mean, people who, you know, anywhere you go, I mean, if we just go and do research down the road from where we live, I mean, people are going to be rather suspicious initially of anybody who wants to do research on them.
But the sustained presence in fieldwork that anthropologists do is all based on establishing relations of trust across lines of conflict and with different kinds of
And obviously, if your agenda is not to understand the people and to try to empathize with their point of view, but to serve the aims of another country.
In geopolitical terms, then you're in a sense abusing that trust quite fundamentally.
Well, that's what special forces do, is they'll parachute them in behind enemy lines to train an indigenous group to resist.
I'll guarantee you, because I've seen past reports on this, they're going to train a lot of these groups to become rebels, they're going to give them weapons, it's going to be a major crisis creator.
That's possible.
That's possible.
But I mean, even...
I mean, obviously, if you write about something that you studied, you're very careful to protect the people you studied from harm.
I mean, even people you don't like.
I mean, we're supposed to be even-handed, impartial researchers.
We're supposed to be understanding something, not manipulating it as a...
As a situation.
So when you write something for public consumption, you disguise people's identities.
You often disguise the identity of a place.
And there are lots of things you just decide not to write about because they're potentially harmful.
And there are some things you indeed have to decide not to study because the ethical difficulties are too great.
You might accidentally do harm to people without intending to...
This kind of intelligence gathering operation obviously isn't likely to be constrained by those kinds of considerations.
I mean, they want to send people into conflict zones with particular agendas and in a sense that people have already taken sides because it's their job to represent the interests of their employers, which in this case will be the US government.
Folks, you can go to Britain's Association of Social Anthropologists at www.vasa.org.
Is that correct?
V-A-S-A-T-H-E-A-S-A dot O-R-G.
And we should have a link to that on Infowars.com.
I mean, what about just the danger to anthropologists if it becomes widely known that a lot of them are CIA agents?
Yeah, I mean, I think if it even gets, you know, even, I mean, as it is, because of events in the past, and I mean, there certainly have been well-documented involvements of anthropologists in the CIA, particularly in the Vietnam period, and also in the civil wars in Central America.
You know, anthropologists are always likely to be subjects of suspicion, and very often people aren't too good at distinguishing the nationalities of white people from abroad.
They're certainly not often very good at distinguishing between the British and North Americans, for example.
I mean, obviously anybody, irrespective of their nationality and origin, once it's seen that people can receive these rather generous grants from security agencies, then if that becomes widely understood, then everybody's going to become an object of suspicion.
Well, there's a bigger question.
There's no way in which, you know, personally, I mean, if this program became extensive, I wouldn't blame anybody for suspecting everybody.
What else could they do?
We'd have no way of knowing.
Well, bottom line, the bigger question here is, and the bigger problem is, all over academia and every discipline is being bought off now by the military-industrial complex.
It's a very dangerous trend.
Yeah, sure.
I mean, obviously the interest isn't solely in anthropologists, it's in language experts, historians, anybody who can...
Provide information that's thought relevant by the military and the national security agencies.
I mean obviously this information could be used in more or less intelligent ways.
You know, culturally relevant techniques of torture are probably not actually very effective.
What anthropologists try to do is understand the whole society, I mean, the whole way in which people relate to each other.
Well, sir, do one more quick little five-minute segment with us.
We'll be right back after this break.
Stay with us.
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All right, a huge news blitz is coming up, and your phone calls after this quick segment at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll go right to your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
You can check out the Britain's Association of Social Anthropologists at theasa.org and we have a link through to that at infowars.com and some other news articles about this.
I was talking to Professor John Bledhill during the break and he brought up a lot of other really key points.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, it's very important in anthropology not to take snippets of cultural information out of their broader context, and that's one of the great dangers in anthropology.
The use of a subject that's trying to be kind of open-minded by people who have a particular kind of purpose and goal in life.
One thing that worries quite a lot of anthropologists about these developments is that because it's all secret, within the intelligence community itself,
Information will circulate according to the internal logic of the intelligence people themselves, and it will never be subject to any kind of critical scrutiny.
So all kinds of crazy ideas could develop within that environment that wouldn't stand up for five minutes if you stood up in a conference and put that point of view with a kind of critical audience who are qualified to discuss the whole ins and outs and the broader picture of the case.
But of course, to claim that you're kind of using scholarly knowledge as a guide to action is always a kind of way of legitimating.
Things that might be considered quite ethically dubious in another context.
Well, we've already seen this where Dick Cheney tells the CIA what intelligence he wants and fires people that don't do it.
Yeah, we've had similar problems arose in Britain during the Iraq War.
There was a strong controversy about whether or not
The politicians had interpreted the intelligence data in a way that suited them and then of course the intelligence people then got it in the neck when things went wrong.
Two final questions.
Where do you think all this is going to go?
Is it just going to keep expanding?
I'm hoping it won't because if people do look at our website or the American Anthropological Association's website and look at the ethical principles that are supposed to guide what anthropologists do and other kind of social scientists or have similar kind of ethical codes
It is clear that this kind of covert...
Research and covert relationships with agencies outside academia are not really consistent with pursuing ethical research that can be defended as... Yeah, I mean, it's not real scientific research.
It's like paying for a study and then telling them what response you want.
That's the problem.
And it will, you know, inevitably these people will probably find themselves, you know... Well, I would think that the global empire controllers would leave this alone because they want real data.
I mean, it seems like they're going to screw up their own source.
If you wanted to have a proper understanding of these conflict situations, you would do much better to read broadly from a series of different points of view about a region, and you'd do much better to have public meetings in which, you know, those who are willing to participate in them could discuss.
But Karl Rove has said that...
That we're an empire and that he controls reality.
So I guess they think that if they fund anthropologists to put out this info, that will magically make the peoples they're studying change.
I mean, that's delusional.
Yeah, it is.
And I think the lesson of history is that kind of role for anthropologists and other kinds of academics has always been a failure.
Last question.
We're almost out of time.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Always produces?
You were saying always produces what?
It always, I think, produces unexpected consequences, and it doesn't really achieve the goals that people imagine.
Well, elites always get delusional.
In closing, in about 45 seconds, as an anthropologist yourself, sir, what do you think of the Western world in its modern context compared to old empires?
Well, it's beginning to look rather too much like the old empires.
I mean, you know, the values that, you know, we're claiming, we're defending here may well be good values, and I think we'd do rather better to pursue them, you know, more open-handedly and not as cupboards for other kinds of agendas like economic interest and...
All right.
Professor John Geldhill, thank you for coming on with us, sir.
My pleasure.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And who knows?
So I'd go ahead and get those.
Now, again, there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reports of this.
There are so many.
Major university studies.
Major industry studies.
And then the government or another industry will put out its own study, and then we've proven those to be frauds, about how good it is for you.
But they will put rats over the period of their life in a cage near...
A high-powered cable with electricity running through it.
It has all sorts of health effects on the rat.
Really, it's called frequency pollution.
That's one area of really pollution put out.
But everybody knows who works on radio near a high-powered FM or AM transmitter.
There'll be signs inside those cinder block buildings.
I've been in them.
It says, you know, don't get within 10 feet.
Turn it off first, or you'll get RF burns.
I mean, it will burn you.
It will burn your skin.
It will make you sick.
I mean, this is real, folks.
And I want to warn you.
I mean, so many of these public schools put these high-powered cell phone towers up, you know, as a way to raise money.
There really are problems connected to this, and here is the London Telegraph.
Leukemia risk 70% higher for children near power lines.
Children born close to high voltage overhead power lines are more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia according to results of a major government-funded study that was published today.
And, folks, cell phones are so bad, too.
And you know what?
I've got a hands-free system.
Don't use it some of the time.
I'm an idiot.
The water's full of poison.
I hardly ever drink tap water, but I still do sometimes.
I'm an idiot.
We've all got to take control of our lives.
I mean, this genetically engineered food just doesn't have reduced nutritional value.
It also has proteins and things in it that never existed before and that really make us sick.
Researchers find that those whose childhood homes are within 200 meters, that's like 450 feet, of a power line have almost a 70% or greater risk of being diagnosed with leukemia.
You know, I think there's one almost that close to my house.
That's it, I'm moving.
We've got to take this serious, folks.
When you drive under a power line, even if it's a strong AM station, notice how it goes, and Billy Bob was talking to John, and you're done driving under it, and it goes away.
However, they stress that they have not established the cause of the increased risk that could be due to other factors such as differences in
Wealth between those who live near power lines and those who do not.
Yeah, right.
There's all these other big studies.
They say that if a 275 kilovolt KV or 400 kilovolt national grid lines investigated in the study are indeed the cause of the rise, they would be responsible for approximately 1% of leukemia cases in England and Wales or around 5 cases a year.
I mean, folks, take an electronic device and stick it up near just a light switch.
It'll start.
Try to listen to shortwave radio up next to any type of appliance.
Just the radio waves that say a spinning dishwasher throws off.
Yeah, it shoots off radio waves.
Waves that are picked up.
Campaigners claim that lower voltage regional power lines, which operate at 132 kilovolt, might have the same effect in which the cases of leukemia cases linked to electricity transmission could be ten times higher.
The study, the largest of its kind to date, is published today in the British Medical Journal.
It's analysis of 29,081 people from England and Wales who were diagnosed with cancer aged 15
Between 62 and 95, they are compared with the same number of healthy individuals matched for sex and year and area of birth.
Researchers calculated the distance from each person's home at birth and the nearest high-voltage overhead line.
For those born within 200 meters of the power line, the risk of leukemia is 69% greater than for those born within 600 meters away.
Those between 200 meters and 600 meters from the power line are 23% more likely to have been diagnosed with leukemia than those whose homes were more than 600 meters away.
And it goes on and on.
The study went on to say there is no accepted biological mechanism to explain these results.
It could be down to confounding factors such as socioeconomic factors.
People should not panic.
More research must be carried out to find the mechanism.
Well, I disagree.
I mean, we've got literally, folks, I've probably seen 100 studies in the last 10 years on this.
Folks, a cell phone is a microwave transmitter.
Major studies admit that it actually heats the brain.
Upwards of a degree in many cases when you use one.
Years ago, I'd be on the phone for an hour on a road trip, you know, doing a radio interview, and I'd get a headache afterwards.
I'd start sweating.
It just is not good for you.
One theory is cornea ions, small charged particles given off by power lines, oh really, attach themselves to air pollution particles.
It is argued that those who live nearby are therefore at risk from inhaled pollution.
Around 400 to 420 new leukemia cases.
That is true.
That's what the heart program does.
It ionizes the atmosphere and causes all types of particulates to congeal and fall to the ground.
But that's only one thing it does.
It also sends off these, basically, you know, it's like rays from space.
You know, they talk about when you're in an airplane at 35,000 feet, you get the equivalent of like 10 chest X-rays.
It's like water.
I mean, I forget the ratios, but 10,000 feet of lower atmosphere, I forget, is the equivalent of 30 feet of ocean water or something.
And there's really no better shield for this type of stuff than water.
That's what a lot of, at these nuclear research facilities, it's not just shielded by lead, it's shielded by water.
And these power lines, these high-powered power lines, just shoot off all these different types of waves.
Around 400 to 420 new leukemia cases are diagnosed in England and Wales each year.
Scientists have suggested a range of causes, including genetic susceptibility, ionizing radiation, there you go, unusual patterns of exposure to infection in electromagnetic fields.
Two major studies published in 2000 by Swedish and American researchers concluded that there was a doubling of risk of childhood leukemia associated with a level of magnetic field exposure received around 100 meters from a power line, or 200 feet,
Alistair Phillips of the Councilor Group Power Watch said the government should bring in a ban on the new building of 250 meters of high voltage power lines.
Nurseries and schools or the adjunct power lines should be relocated so they are further away than 500 meters from the voltage overhead.
Folks, again, they've got studies where plants don't grow well under power lines.
You know, fast-growing life cycle things that grasses do it, even long life cycle oak trees, crops.
I mean, people noticed 50 years ago that you'd have a corn crop underneath high-tension power lines with a lot of power going through them, and for a good ratio under those power lines, they didn't grow as well.
And then...
Then they try to argue, well, that's because sun, you know, it's not getting as much sun because of the little lines.
But they go, no, I mean, it's corn growing further away from the power lines that aren't having the sun blocked.
As if the cables even blocked a microscopic amount of sun.
So it just goes on and on.
And frequency pollution is very, very real.
And obviously it's part of modern society, and we can't get away from all of it, but we really shouldn't have a cell phone up to your head.
It's been linked in just masses of major studies to brain tumors.
You really shouldn't.
Electric blankets are very bad for you.
A lot of studies show that.
I mean, you're literally sleeping eight hours a day in the winter.
With this thing with electrical wiring all over it right up against your skin, then even low voltage causes a major problem.
There are a lot of people now who are going into a lower voltage type situation in their houses and then they're seeing a lot of positive health effects.
But I don't know.
That's just...
That's just one article.
We'll go to your calls here in just a moment at 1-800-259-9231.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
Continuing with the news today, this is from prisonplanet.com.
Tanks in the streets of New York on a recent trip to New York.
These gun-mounted, armored tanks, vehicles...
We're driving through the streets of Manhattan.
I took these pictures with my camera phone, hence the bad quality.
This is from a listener.
I couldn't believe how many people just waved at the armored soldiers peeking out at the top.
Many even cheered loudly in support.
Nobody took the time to say why in the world are armed soldiers and tanks rolling down the middle of the street?
This happened the day after I saw NYPD officer in Times Square.
He was simply standing around watching the pedestrian traffic.
The only thing out of place was he was carrying a machine gun.
Then under that, we have anti-war protesters being harassed by tanks.
Excuse me, LAVs.
Wheeled tanks.
I should say properly, a tank has treads.
In LA, we have the video of that, high-quality video,
The tank pictures were taken at the corner of 53rd and 7th in Manhattan, just a few blocks away from Central Park.
We have flashback anti-war protesters in L.A.
Its response was APCs, flashback Alabama activists, tank unit.
So that's just some of the news there on that subject.
Judge wants to question U.S.
troops on Iraq deaths.
Reuters, a Spanish judge, wants to question three U.S.
soldiers as suspects in the death of a Spanish cameraman who was killed when U.S.
tank fired at a hotel foreign journalist during the 03 assault on Baghdad.
Yeah, that was Reuters.
They just pulled up and they admitted they were told to kill the journalist.
Absolutely unbelievable.
But this is supposedly how we keep America safe is we attack innocent people.
Well, no, that's not going to keep America safe, my friends.
Speaking of surveillance, surveillance cameras catch gum droppers in Britain.
Manchester Evening Standard, Paul Watson wrote this comment, The true purpose of widespread surveillance cameras is right before us.
The intention is to monitor behavior and then define that behavior as criminal.
Today, it's dropping gum.
Tomorrow, it would be the way you walk.
Well, they already have that with biometrics.
Remember Admiral Poindexter's giant analysis program?
It's studied the way people walk and their likelihood of being terrorists.
Wardens have issued the first of $50 or 50 pound, basically a $100 fine, for dopping chewing gum in Manchester as part of a new Big Brother style little clampdown.
And they use the term Big Brother as it's good in this article.
A man was caught in surveillance cameras spitting out the gum.
So, Manchester is one of the three cities chosen by the government to use on-the-spot fines to tackle the problem of chewing gum stuck to pavement soap.
Again, Big Brother now to keep you safe from that.
Some good news.
Maryland bans night seatbelt spying.
Ehrlich rejects police Big Brother tactics.
Maryland State Police will not be using night vision equipment to spy on motorists to see if they are wearing seatbelts.
Reacting quickly to complaints, Governor Robert...
Ehrlich, on Monday, directed the state police to discontinue testing the effectiveness of the equipment.
By the way, that's International Seatbelt Initiative, $2.2 billion a year.
It has nothing to do with seatbelts.
It's about searching vehicles.
But whenever they get caught, it's, oh, it's for seatbelts.
Governor Ehrlich isn't a fan of Big Brother tactics.
When it comes to law enforcement, that's the very reason why he vetoed speed cameras, said Cherise DeLavre, a spokeswoman for Ehrlich.
Well, at least that's good news.
The governor felt that there is an appropriate time and place for the use of night vision equipment.
However, he did not feel that seatbelt enforcement rose to that level, the lever said.
Borrowed from the military, the equipment was used only during a three-hour test in Rockville area of Montgomery County Wednesday night.
The equipment already has been returned.
Hey, folks, you don't like that?
I saw articles eight years ago where the Army was giving free ground penetrating radar to police departments.
It isn't like infrared that just sees a little bit through your walls.
You know, basically heat patterns.
It sees, you know, black and white image of you in the shower, in bed with your wife, whatever.
I mean, this is out of control.
I told you Newsweek's a government op, folks.
This is out of the raw story.
Newsweek DC media manager to become PRVP for White House anti-drug campaign.
Rosanna Matita, Newsweek's Washington media relations manager, leaves the magazine to join a public relations firm as vice president for the White House's anti-drug campaign tomorrow, i.e.
going after their competition.
The move was announced Friday in an email to the press.
She will join the international public relations firm Fleischman Hillard.
After five years at Newsweek, I'm leaving on Monday to pursue a new adventure in a PR firm.
You were always part of a PR firm.
Fleshman Hillard, she wrote, it's been a great pleasure to work with you over the years, and I hope we will continue to do so in my new capacity, VP for the White House Anti-Drug Campaign said.
The U.S.
Office of National Drug Policy, she said, has its own spokesperson.
She declined to comment further, referring questions on Monday, ruling that overruled state medical marijuana laws to her new firm.
Fleischman-Hillard has been the architect of the White House aggressive anti-drug campaigns, which have increased drugs on the street.
Particularly with regard to marijuana, they pioneered a campaign which encouraged parents to engage their children about drug use and also link drug use to funding Al-Qaeda.
The firm asserts that they have successfully changed perceptions about marijuana.
Yes, so that it's connected to terrorists.
Just absolutely ridiculous.
All right, we'll come back.
The Downing Street Memo, Top Secret No More.
MEPs devoted to invasive data, election systems, and a lot more.
We'll probably have time to jam a few calls in here.
I thought we had a bunch of calls, and they all dropped.
Maybe phones again, so we'll see if we can get back through.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back on the other side of this quick break.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and now PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
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I've been getting a few calls from radio station managers that want to pick the show up because callers, listeners call them.
For listeners, you're doing a great job, but direct them to GCNlive.com.
We have two satellites.
We have one that is the STARS Encore satellite.
We lease a little sub-audio feed from them, which any station can get and put up.
And that's what most of the other patriot networks do.
They lease them from folks like that.
And then there's only four radio satellites.
There's a Clear Channel, an ABC, a CBS, and I think Jones Broadcasting.
We lease a feed, because you have to lease one of these, and so those stations need to know about those feeds.
They can go to GCNlive.com and get that.
We lease one of those from ABC's satellite, a premium digital feed.
I've got stations calling me asking me how to pick the show up, and they need to go to GCNlive.com.
They can get the Stars Encore feed.
It's a TV audio, but it's pretty good.
Or they can get the digital feed off of... It's called Star Guide, but the particular feed we leased from ABC.
All right, let's go to Dale in Texas.
Dale, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Hey, I got some stuff that just come back from Iraq, including a radiac detector that's worn on the wrist of an M1A1 Abrams tank commander's...
Can we get you on tomorrow for a full hour?
You know what?
No, no, no.
Put him on hold for a second.
Dale, I want to get your number, or I want to guarantee that you'll come on for a full hour tomorrow with me.
He hung up.
He hung up.
Dale, call back in right now.
I mean, please call back in, but I'm not going to let you run over me.
We need to spend plenty of time on this.
I don't know about the particular type of radiation detector you're talking about, but Depleted Uranium, the Army's own handbook, says it's deadly poison and a heavy metal alone, and the New York Daily News tested the blood of the troops and found that they had upwards of two rims of radiation.
I've had Dr. Doug Rockey, who wrote the book for the Pentagon on it, who's sick and dying.
Many of his team have died.
Now, the type of projectors that I know that some of the tanks have on them, I didn't know about on their wrist, only pick up the type that you would have from like a nuclear spill.
I mean, really high radiation.
The kind of stuff that will kill you if you're around it for a day or so.
DU is different, sir.
It's particleized, and it goes on.
So there's different types of radiation.
And I haven't made a film about DU yet,
Though I should make a film about it, and as you said, make some money, trying to warn people.
I feel good about making money warning people so I can hire more staff and warn more people.
So, I don't know why you hung up, Dale, but when somebody disagrees, I just love it.
So you think I'm a traitor because I'm exposing DU.
The troops were forced to take experimental anthrax shots with the government now admits made them very sick.
I mean, I don't understand, Dale, and I don't know why you hung up.
Did he ever call back?
Any callback?
He didn't call back?
So, you know, DU is not nutritious.
You know, I challenge you.
If you call me at 11 o'clock tomorrow, I'll have you on for a full hour.
I know I've got guests coming up tomorrow, but we'll move them if need be.
Or you call in after this show any time you want, buddy.
You can come on for 30 minutes, an hour, whatever you want.
Because I'm ready to defend my ideas.
All right, get Martial Law, the new film.
Get it, make copies, get it out to people.
And so we can wake up dumbbells like Dale, who thinks DU is nutritious.
And that's 1-888-253-3139 or Infowars.com to order it via the safe, secure online shopping cart.
Sir, the Pentagon admits DU is deadly dangerous.