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Air Date: June 1, 2005
2344 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Here we are on this Wednesday, the first day of June 2005.
We'll be live for the next two hours and 59 minutes, coming up in about 30 minutes.
We're going to be talking to Air America talk show host, who's a libertarian, Charles Goyette.
And he'll be coming on to discuss the Iraq War and the lies and propaganda and some of the censorship that he went through in the first days of the Iraq War when he spoke out against it.
And then in the middle of the next hour, Sully Castillo will be joining us, highly decorated veteran, sniper in Vietnam, the chief DEA officer over Latin America who witnessed U.S.
government drug dealing and complicity with death squads,
And he's got so much information for us on the group known as Los Zetas.
That's the U.S.-trained Mexican paramilitary forces killing federal officers, killing U.S.
citizens, bombing vehicles.
And nationally, there's a total blackout on this story.
I was on the ManCow program in Chicago, and he's on Fox News, pretty informed guy.
He didn't even know about this today.
But hundreds of killings in the last year.
It is very serious, and he'll be talking about that, as well as death squad commanders from the 1980s being hired to go to Iraq.
That's mainstream news in Latin America.
And how that ties into this CIA-controlled Cuban, with evidence now clearly showing, blowing up Cuban passenger planes.
I am still awed by the interview that we had yesterday.
With George Galloway, the member of Parliament, the prominent member of Parliament, who skewered, who roasted, who vanquished the lying Senate back on May 16th.
He joined us with new revelations of the fake documents trying to link him to the Oil for Food program with Saddam before that program even existed.
And then, of course, he really linked our government to profiteering and who was really behind it.
And then I broached the question of, well, will we invade Iran?
And he said, well, no, they don't have the political will to do that now.
But then I said, well, what if the military-industrial complex carries out a terror attack?
He said, that's a very real threat, a very real trick that these monkeys will pull.
So, one more time, coming up in the next segment, we're just about two minutes from that 30-minute interview that I did yesterday, or 25-minute interview I did yesterday with our guest.
So that is coming up.
And if you want that full interview when you're done listening to the broadcast today, it's posted on prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, and infowars.com.
police use cameras to catch pirated DVD sellers.
See, now the Homeland Security cameras are to catch people selling bootleg videos.
I mean, it's just everything now.
Because that's terrorism, folks.
Got to stop the terrorists.
We're good to go.
Registration of political dissidents.
Oh yes, my friends.
Crew destroyed road for fake Schwarzenegger staged event.
Big news there.
More propaganda.
More on the new Patriot Act.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
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Coming up in about 23 minutes, we'll be joined by talk show host Charles Gillette, who is a libertarian, but he's on Air America.
It was enjoyable to be able to be on his radio program earlier this week and talk about the New World Order involvement in 9-11.
Very interesting fellow exposing the Iraq War and was fired, even though he had a popular talk show host, for not towing the line.
So he'll be joining us coming up here in about 25 minutes.
And then, in the middle of the broadcast, in about an hour and a half or a little less than that, Sully Castillo, welcome to the official website of Retired DEA Agent,
Silly Castillo.
I'm reading here from the site.
I suggest you go visit it.
Silly Castillo served for 12 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration where he built cases against organized drug rings in Manhattan, raided jungle cocaine labs in the Amazon, conducted aerial eradication operations in Guatemala, and assembled and trained anti-narcotics units in several countries.
And of course, he was...
Also, a highly decorated Army sniper, very highly decorated, in Vietnam with quite a few kills under his belt.
And the eerie climax of Agent Castillo's career with the DEA took place in El Salvador.
One day he received a cable from a fellow agent.
He was told to investigate possible drug smuggling by a Nicaraguan Congress operating from the Ilopongo Air Force Base.
Castillo quickly discovered that the Contra pilots were indeed smuggling narcotics back to the United States using the same pilots' planes and hangars at the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council under the direction of Colonel North.
Used to maintain their covert supply operation to the Contras.
And that's where the story begins.
But he's joining us today to talk about Las Zetas, these U.S.-trained murder forces, these terrorists that work for the U.S.
government, basically.
I talked to him about it this morning, and he agreed with me.
But that's clearly, they were trained at the School of Americas, and they're murdering police and other rival drug gangs all over the Southwest.
Hundreds of killings.
And very, very, very serious.
And this is the muscle.
George Bush has got big muscle, long arms, and if he can't get American FBI and CIA to kill Americans and kill fellow cops, he's got an army of Mexicans who will do it.
Well, it's like 25 to 30 percent, depending on which government announcement you read, of our forces in Iraq were illegal aliens.
No, no, 1786 or 1787.
Right up until near the end when they pulled them out.
And it's the same story over and over again.
In the War of 1812, they were in the south of the United States yet again.
So it's just a repeat.
They're mercenaries.
And Celica Stillo is a real expert on this, so he will be joining us coming up a little bit later in the broadcast as well.
Believe me, you don't want to miss it.
And we have a link to his website and details about him at infowars.com.
A very patriotic, very brave man, and we're always honored to have him on with us.
police use cameras to catch pirated DVD sellers.
And this is out of the Los Angeles Times Reuters Bureau today.
Los Angeles is...
Installing a network of surveillance cameras intended to catch street hawkers selling counterfeit goods, especially pirated copies of Hollywood movies on DVD.
The Motion Picture Association, which represents major movie studios and government matters, contributed $186,000 to help pay for the system, which was unveiled Tuesday by Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton.
In recent years, the MPAA has embarked on a campaign to stamp out the illegal copying of movies on video and DVD, which it says costs the industry $3.5 billion annually in lost revenues.
The MPAA argues copyright piracy also leads to lost jobs and threatens the entire industry.
That industry is the lifeblood of this city, Bratton told reporters.
If it goes, we go.
It's not clear.
Okay, this is multifaceted, multivariate, and how to even address this
is something that'll give me a headache.
There's so many facets here.
Number one, I thought all these cameras being put up, a billion plus in Boston, a billion plus federally paid for in New York, 500 plus million in San Antonio, 500 plus million in Chicago, $200 million grant in Houston, another hundred and something million dollar grant in Dallas,
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Austin a year.
What, $844,000 a year since 1998 per year, thanks to Kay Bailey, to put new camera systems with microphones up every year.
So I haven't counted that up.
I don't know, 98 every year they repass it.
That's $3 or $4 million.
So I don't know.
It goes on and on and on and on almost...
Infinitely, the amount of surveillance systems, cameras, face scanners, microphones, RFID tracker chip readers, now the chips are going in most of the products.
It's happening everywhere.
So that's one thing.
They said it was first to run traffic, and then we knew when they started putting them up in our neighborhoods, it wasn't for traffic.
Then they said, okay, well, with our departments of transportation in the states federally funded, it is for traffic, but it has dual use for the state police and
County Sheriff's Department and your local piggities and metros.
And all the other little enforcement agencies popping up everywhere.
And now even small four-way stops in one-horse towns.
I mean towns with one gas station.
I've even been in towns where the one gas station is boarded up.
There's two or three shacks on the side of the road.
But there you are with cameras at the four-way stop.
You can't go anywhere without crossing these things.
And the bill did pass the House, but the legislature's session ended before they could pass it out of the Senate.
A bill to put a tracker chip and all inspection stickers in Texas to Texas as we drive down the road right there in the bill.
Just go to searchinfoawars.com or the search box on InfoWars and type in transponder to go and inspection stickers in Texas and you'll get the bill and the article about it.
But this is the type of stuff we're facing.
Then they said, okay, we are going to use the cameras, but to fight terrorists.
But we won't have cameras on the border, though, and we'll tell the Border Patrol to stand down.
And then now we find out that they visit a toy store selling knockoff Rubik's Cubes that are totally legal.
AP reported.
We find out they arrest a veteran who complains too much, and they say he didn't threaten anybody but complaining, held up the VA, and then that held up the government, and that age terrorist, and so we arrested him under terrorism.
The guy's a doctor.
This happened to him.
Go for one vet.
You know, you've heard all those cases.
We have a huge section on the website.
So that's number one.
They're using this against the general public.
And then, number two, this is, again, what I just mentioned earlier.
This is mercenary-type activity.
Lockheed Martin in many cities, from D.C.
to San Diego.
We did get him thrown out in San Diego because it was shown in court to be patently illegal.
Lockheed Martin, you know, the military industrial complex king of the hill, they are using these red light cameras.
No cops are involved.
No judge, no jury, no due process.
They just snap pictures of you supposedly running red lights.
They took control of the management of the red light synchronization system and quickened the yellow lights, which actually caused more accidents in multiple major cities where we got statistics on that years ago.
To make more money, they can make upwards of $15 million per red light setup at a four-way stop.
Again, you have private industry coming in and actually engaging in law enforcement.
Having government declare that they have governmental power, but then no oversight or no liability.
Well, here we're going to have Hollywood, its big motion picture consortium, the Motion Picture Association of America, and they're talking about doing this all over the country, by the way, paying, but only a small portion of the money
We're good to go.
By the way, a few years ago they already hired squads of former police officers to go intimidate people and threaten them to stop doing this.
But instead of just following the law and using the remedies there, they're going to help pay for surveillance cameras.
So now Hollywood, which is already involved with Homeland Security big time, is going to be involved in surveilling us and paying for it.
So then there's that facet.
All of this.
Taking their private industry money and paying for the control grid.
And Target's involved in Minneapolis-St.
Paul, paying for the cameras.
Other companies.
Walmart's been involved in forced inoculation drills and forced drugging drills.
That's been in mainstream news.
I mean, they're all getting in on the act.
I mean, anywhere you look, this is where the corporations take over the government.
That's what corporate kleptocracy is.
The plan calls for cameras to be installed on buildings in Los Angeles downtown fashion district where sellers of counterfeit goods target tourists and other potential buyers.
As if they won't just move out of the view of the cameras.
Well, then we'll have to put cameras everywhere.
Oh, well, they're moving to other parts of the city.
Oh, we have to see... The cameras need to be used now to stop people selling counterfeit goods.
Not to fight terrorists.
Just like the lady, well, she was told.
We are in infrastructure protection and homeland security.
Stop selling the Magic Cube.
And she said, but it's legal.
I bought it from a major toy supplier.
They sell these in Toys R Us.
And she called the AP.
They called.
Yes, this is a totally legal toy.
They just said, we don't care.
Do not sell it!
Because, guaranteed, the toy manufacturer gave money to a politician.
Who then made a phone call.
And why did they target a 1,500 square foot toy store in St.
Helen, Oregon?
And send two agents from another state...
They're in Seattle instead of watching the border.
The war on terror is a fraud.
It's a joke.
You are the terrorist.
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The U.S.
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I mean, how many hours a day is that?
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11...
Hours a day, my friends.
But here live, 11 to Central Standard Time.
I know we've already got loaded phone lines, and your calls are coming up, and we've got two great guests as well.
But let's continue with the news.
This is important.
I mean, I just spent ten minutes on L.A.
police use cameras to catch DVD sellers.
Oh, we're not going to use all these cameras we're putting up for law enforcement.
No, it's not Big Brother.
It's for traffic, you conspiracy theorist.
And, of course, to read the transponder tags when they're putting all your cars in tax you.
And, of course, to see if you're arguing with your wife and to report you.
Or to see if you spank your children.
It's everything.
Totally surveilled.
Totally controlled.
Totally, absolutely, completely un-American.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
What about you?
A lot of news from California today.
One of the big pilots states, LA law enforcement wants registration of political dissidents.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is trying to push the California state legislature to adopt a law that would require the registration and publication of the names of political dissidents in a manner similar to that of criminal sex offenders.
And of course they target a group that people don't like.
I don't agree with a Nazi white supremacist or Mecha, but I will fight to the death for their right to have free speech and to not be registered.
It'll be you next, don't worry.
Gun owners and others.
That's in the new Patriot Act, by the way.
Gun owners of America will tell you about it.
Oh, but you love Bush.
I think you need to be monitored with your criminal police force.
Baca's legislation, which is ridiculously unconstitutional and extremely unlikely to pass, would order the arrest of all people in California who hold white nationalist political views.
That's a quote, by the way, loosely defined to include everything from neo-Nazis to anti-immigrant conservatives.
Again, there you go, for the purposes of photographing and fingerprinting them and placing their personal information on publicly accessible lists of hate criminals.
That would monitor California's existing sex offender database.
That would mirror the California existing sex offender database.
Baca's proposal is being backed by the Anti-Defamation League, a benign group, another racist hate group themselves, but they have their right to do what they do, and was timed to coincide with their report on increasing anti-Jewish violence in the Los Angeles area.
Proposal is the most blatant example of Jewish hate-mongering and tyranny that has appeared to date in the United States.
Baca is also backing the proposal to ban skateboarders from wearing clothes that sport German crosses.
Well, I mean, how many of these... I see black, Hispanic, Chinese people wearing the West Coast choppers, West Coast hogs.
I mean, that's World War I, folks.
It's not Nazi.
Do not tell them that.
Baca is also back in a proposal that bans skateboarders from wearing clothes, and it'll be other stuff next, that support either German crosses or lightning bolt symbols.
Tell them the Daily News that they are a sign of white hate.
Baca, Aguilar, the new mayor there, I mean, all these people, they're in their own supremacist groups.
And, you know, this is put out by one of these right-wing conservative groups against them, but I link through to the Daily News article, and the quotes are there.
And I agree with Mecha's right to say for everything their race, for others outside the race, nothing.
I agree with the right of the Klan to say everything for white Europeans, for others, nothing.
I support Khalid Muhammad, before he died, having the right to say that whites are all blue-eyed devils.
And that we should, you know, that's their right.
I disagree with the Klan.
I disagree with Khalid Mohammed.
I disagree with Mecha and La Raza and the Reconquistas.
But I agree with their right.
And, yeah, it would call for arresting Barbara Coe and many other conservatives, including a lot of Hispanics who were against the total open borders.
And they'll come arrest you and take you in for interrogation and get all your data.
And it's right here in mainstream news.
The government openly wants to do this, folks.
And, of course, it will start with the, quote, white supremacists and move on to everybody else.
But they're out of the gate saying, and people that are anti-immigrant.
Yes, people that, I guess, 65% of California voted to control the borders, but, I guess, arrest all them.
I guess that's your plan, too?
I mean, you guys are a bunch of criminals
Trying to violate our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
You're despicable.
And you're not going to win.
You can't arrest everybody.
You're not going to win.
And you're getting desperate, I know.
People are finding out what you are.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we've got syndicated talk show host Charles Goyette on the line, on the ISDN line.
We can hear him, he can't hear us, so we're probably going to go ahead and just switch over to regular phone line, get him on, get him on here in just a few minutes.
Really interesting fella, and I can't wait to be talking to him.
Also coming up, not only does L.A.
law enforcement want to arrest everyone who wears an iron cross, which is a popular skating and motorcycling symbol worn by every color of people you can imagine, but anybody who doesn't like open borders.
They're going to come arrest you and register you if the law enforcement groups, especially the sheriff of L.A.
County, which runs a really horrible department, gets his way.
So we'll talk about that.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a road destroyed, part of a road torn up.
This is the San Francisco Chronicle, so he could stage fixing it.
Just everything this government does is totally staged.
But, oh, don't worry, Arnold has real Nazi views, so he'll be just fine.
He can say he admires Hitler and doesn't care if Kirk Baltine's a Nazi, but he wants our guns.
Don't worry.
That's all good and wonderful.
Just don't fight racist groups or you'll be called a racist and you'll be arrested if they have their way.
So that's coming up.
Before we go to our guest, Charles Goyette, talk show host out of Arizona with Air America, one of their affiliates.
I'm going to be showing my new film, Martial Law 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State.
My newest and most powerful documentary, two and a half plus hours long, at two separate showings, 7 p.m.
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It's really a mini-series.
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Just check it out, InfoWars.com.
All right, I want to thank Charles Goyette for joining us.
Again, he was a big Clear Channel talk show host with great ratings.
And this was the period of time when major music stations were banning the Dixie Chicks and banning Peace Train or Love Train.
I mean, this was in the heart of the propaganda that was going on that really did backfire on a lot of different people.
And Charles got fired over this, but he's not just here to talk to us about that.
He's here to talk to us about propaganda media and all the examples of it, and to tell us about his talk show.
And recently honored as the best Phoenix talk show host by the New Times.
He's a familiar voice for radio listeners all across Arizona.
His broadcasting career has taken him from Flagstaff to Sedona and Tucson with stops in Southern California as well before settling in Phoenix.
Charles, good to have you on with us.
Alex, good to talk to you again.
Yeah, it's a typical radio resume, right?
You flip-flop, you bounce around from here to there, and I've done a lot of bouncing lately, I'll tell you that.
Well, I mean, tell us a little bit about what happened there as the Iraq War was heating up, what happened to you when you refused to play ball.
Well, it was the kind of thing that I don't think anybody in talk radio has really seen up close and personal, but it wasn't just me.
If it were just me, if it were just one isolated case, then maybe you can say, well, somebody in management's running scared or something, but...
Well, I experienced something like this back in 1999, but go ahead.
Well, in my case, it was during the lead-up to the war, and I was an outspoken opponent.
I mean, I think anybody could really see through the tissue of lies that was coming from these guys.
But in my case, I took advantage of a pretty big forum that I had here in Phoenix, Arizona, to talk about it.
And it wasn't just me.
I mean, if I was talking about how the intelligence books were cooked, I had the people on from the CIA veterans to the weapons inspectors that were confirming... Scott Ritter!
Had all those guys on.
Oh, sure.
And it didn't go down well with the Kool-Aid drinkers.
And I'll tell you, over the years, Alex, I have taken a little different view.
This culminated in a really public confrontation with Clear Channel, my employer at the time, about the time of the war in 2003.
But in the subsequent two years, I've had a chance to look back at it.
And I now, I really don't blame the executives with Clear Channel that ordered me to shut up about the war and tried to take my career for my refusal to shut up.
I really blame the administration.
And I'll tell you why.
There's no reason to think that broadcast executives, radio station management people, vice presidents of major communications corporations should be immune from the kind of pressure
We're going to get nuked!
45 minutes!
It's all over!
Run by the hills!
Yeah, and if they weren't capable of questioning what the authorities were telling them, then they looked at me, and here I am, one small, still voice in Phoenix, and they said, this guy, and literally I got emails to this effect, Charles, you're going to get us all killed!
They're coming to get us!
45 minutes!
Drones that can come across the ocean!
I mean, it was a
It was just one line.
Poison pins!
It was simply unbelievable.
And they didn't enjoy my making light of a good deal of the representations, you know, about the wind-up rubber band balsa wood drones that they were going to fly across the Atlantic to kill us all.
I mean, they didn't like that.
And so they all became Stepford Talk Show hosts at Clear Channel.
They called me in to a meeting, and there was a corporate executive, an officer, a Clear Channel vice president, and so on, and they simply ordered me to shut up about the war.
And of course, I pointed out to them that it's kind of ironic, because this is talk radio with a reputation of being willing to take on all kinds of things.
Well, you were also getting really good ratings at the time.
I mean, people want controversy.
Oh, it's even better than that.
Do you know they had just renewed my contract?
I mean, they had, you know, at their option, not at mine, they had just exercised their option to renew my contract.
I still... Alex...
I still have in my possession the check stub for the ratings bonus that they had to pay me for that quarter.
I mean, I had a contractual deal they had to pay me for performance bonus.
Yeah, but people don't want to hear the same talk show hosts finishing sentences for each other, parroting the same propaganda.
It's incredibly boring.
Well, it got kind of ugly where I was, and what they really did is they turned the other talk show loose to all start trashing me.
So here I am in an environment with... So you were enjoying the pre-demonization?
Oh, man, I'll tell you.
You talk about being vilified.
I mean, it was like, you know, terrorist lover, and your name is obviously French, and you hate America.
It was all this hate America stuff, love terrorists, want us all to die.
And I was sandwiched between...
We're good to go.
And it got really ugly.
Well, it didn't just happen to me.
I subsequently got to know Roxanne Walker in North Carolina.
Roxanne had been the talk show host or the radio personality of the year in North Carolina.
She went through the exact same thing.
It was also at a Clear Channel station.
First, they began to belittle her on the air for the opposition to the war.
Now, by the way, you are not some liberal.
You're a libertarian.
Well, yeah, I'm a libertarian, and actually, I'm in Arizona.
I've got roots in the conservative movement.
They go back to Barry Goldwater when I helped... And there were a lot of conservatives.
Pat Buchanan was against it, Ron Paul.
I mean, a lot of prominent people said this is a total fraud, but they were ostracized as well.
They were ostracized as well, and as a matter of fact, I chose to tell my story.
I'm glad you mentioned Pat Buchanan because I thought, well...
If I'm going to tell this story before I'm marginalized and shuffled on out to the pasture, I'll do it in Pat Buchanan's magazine, The American Conservative.
So I wrote a piece for him called How to Lose Your Job in Talk Radio and detailing the experiences that I went through.
And next thing you know, it became kind of a minor issue in the industry.
Well, let me just briefly, you know, now they've kind of backed off that stance because people don't want to hear that, but my experience was with a smaller group called Shamrock Communications.
Sure, yeah, sure, I know them.
They own radio stations and they also own a lot of newspapers.
And they were, quote, supposedly liberals.
And so I was on the radio for quite a few years here locally on an FM talk station, got really high ratings, and then Jay Leno said something about me, and management came down from Pennsylvania and actually said, stop talking about Bill Clinton, stop talking about all this urban warfare drills, stop talking about all this other stuff.
And then the new manager told me, and stop talking about the governor, stop talking about Bush.
And I said, you know what, I'm not going to stop.
And then they kind of turned some other... Suddenly the other hosts were attacking me.
People were turning their backs on me.
That went on for about six weeks.
And then with total pleasure, they said, You are fired.
Get your stuff out of here and get out of here.
And now all those people are miserable.
Not the owners of it, but all those minions who were there.
They're all basically a bunch of failures.
And I'm bigger than ever on dozens and dozens and dozens of stations.
Chicago, a station that goes into Los Angeles.
And I'm not bragging.
The point is that one door closed and a whole bunch of others opened.
It certainly happens that way.
I'll tell you something.
I, too, was very, very critical of Clinton at a prior radio station, even before Clear Channel.
But here's what I've noticed.
And it's just impressionism, I guess, Alex, you could say.
But when I was dogging Clinton pretty badly years ago, back in the 90s, the people would complain to management and they would want me fired.
When I was at Clear Channel and opposing Bush's elective war, people didn't want me fired, they wanted me killed.
And that sounds like an exaggeration, but I still have the emails.
No, I mean, I get the death threats and I email them back and I go, do you know you just death-threaded me?
I'm reporting this to the police.
Well, I just saved them so my kids could read them at the funeral.
Well, when you call them Kool-Aid drinkers, I mean, Bush is for open borders, for gun control, pro-abortion, biggest federal budget ever, and they're calling him a conservative?
I'll whine.
I think this, Alex, is one of the great untold stories...
Is that these neocons are also, almost unanimously, I mean, it's part of the underlying philosophy.
Former Trotskyites.
They are, and they're all open border people.
They love, they don't love, there's nothing to preserve about America that they love or what we have accomplished.
They're globalists.
They love America because we're mighty and they can use us to their ends.
An infant.
They're total globalists.
They are, and I think conservatives are starting to get wise to this.
That's why suddenly I hear neocon talk show hosts talking about the globalists.
So I think it's really backfired on them.
Well, I hope you're right.
I mean, I'm perpetually looking for signs that the American people are waking up.
Every now and then I see a few.
I don't know that I see enough.
Speaking of signs, there was a story out today, yesterday, UPI story, with the guy that wrote the PNAC report.
We're good to go.
He said the money should go toward manpower to increase the active duty army from 480,000 to 625,000, raise the Marine Corps to 210,000.
Look, they're not meeting their recruiting goals right now.
You know what this means.
Well, they've got the draft board set back up, they've got the bills introduced, and then we're conspiracy theorists who talk about introduced bills, but Ron Paul and others have said they are really gearing up for a draft.
That will probably come after a helpful Pearl Harbor event that Dick Cheney talked about in his PNAC document, Rebuilding America's Defenses, September 20, 2000.
But, Charles, getting into fake newscasts, I mean, we're not just talking about pressure.
Hundreds of millions of dollars...
Just for propaganda pieces about so-called Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.
We're talking about propaganda placement in Hollywood films.
We're talking about all these shows like 24 promoting torture and secret arrest.
I mean, this stuff is everywhere.
It's everywhere, and I don't think that in our lifetimes, Alex, we've ever seen such a dismal performance by the media.
People have been all excited.
The front pages of our newspapers out here in Arizona are all about this guy stepping forward.
He was deep throat, and I've
Scratch my head and I've asked myself, where were all the budding Woodwards and Bernsteins, the guys that went to journalism schools or wanted to be crusading journalists and tell the truth?
I mean, they're all missing in action.
There's just no there is simply no reporting other than the talking points that are handed down from on high.
It's a very shameful chapter.
Well, that's why newspaper circulation is down 60 plus percent in the last 10 years, over 11 percent in the last year.
So you say, where are
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
By at least stepping out and trying to tell the truth.
I mean, it just seems to be beyond them to be able to do that.
Well, it'll destroy them.
Charles and Goyette is spelled G-O-Y-E-T-E-E.com.
Link through at Infowars.com right now.
He'll be with us for another 40 minutes or so.
He can stay with us.
Then we've got Sully Castillo.
Popped the agent in Latin America, witnessed CIA drug trafficking first, and they'll tell us about Los Zetas and the evidence showing they're Bush-controlled terrorists.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm going to throw out some different news items that Charles Goliath is coming up in the next hour.
And take your phone calls.
Call the free number to join us on air.
And Charles, we don't have five minutes of news at the start of the next hour.
We do that news right there, so we'll just do that together.
That'd be great.
Instead of letting, you know, a lot of our stations don't want to carry the propaganda.
Charles, I want to get into just a local example of propaganda.
This is the San Francisco Chronicle today.
Crew destroys road for sake of Schwarzenegger staged event.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger traveled to a quaint San Jose neighborhood Thursday and dodged by protesters.
This just came out.
Filled a pothole dug by city crews just a few hours before as part of an attempt to dramatize his efforts to increase money for transportation projects.
But it backfired because they tried to cover up the fact that they dug the hole.
I mean, this just shows how it's systemic.
This is what they do.
It's all staged now.
Well, everything is upside down in this country now.
Your comments?
Look, people need to realize that all of these figures from Arnold Schwarzenegger in California to George Bush in Washington, D.C.
are our employees.
They're no different than the people you would hire to be your kitchen help or your upstairs maid.
And the idea that they are our rulers or our masters.
Look, we hire these people to go on with the business of balancing the budget and so on and so forth so we can run.
Raise our children so we can go to the Little League games, so we can have our families improve our lives and circumstances.
And everything is topsy-turvy now.
Everybody believes these people to be our superiors instead of our employees.
They call us civilians, as if it's some military dictatorship.
They're the authorities, the officials, and you really just boiled it down.
And I should make that point more.
We are above the government.
We are the sovereigns, but instead...
I mean, the police, so many people are getting arrogant, shoving us around, talking to us like we're their property.
Well, I think about this all the time, especially with respect to this administration and their chronic secrecy in which they hide things from us.
Imperial hubris.
They create these phony commissions that never really investigate things, never really ask the hard questions.
Appointed by them.
And the answer is always, well, the people don't need to know, or they're better off not knowing.
And I'm thinking, okay, so I've got the downstairs maid stealing the silverware, but the groundskeeper knows about it, but he's not going to tell me it's for my own good that I don't know.
And he's threatening me.
He's going to put me in handcuffs if I complain.
It's like the Emperor Calugula.
Before long, they will have us all saluting their horses.
Yeah, or reading the portends in its excrement.
These people are totally out of control, and it's getting worse and worse.
Charles, seeing this article about Schwarzenegger having fake potholes dug for him, I mean, I think this really condenses it all down.
It really tells the whole thing.
I mean, we live in a media echo chamber in which none of the news is really the news.
Everything is staged.
Everything is phony.
I've got a great story when we come back that I'd like to tell you about, Alex, too, about the 2000 election.
I went down there to Tallahassee for the unending ballot counting.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I watch these people, and it's a good conversation, a buzz in the room, until all of a sudden, 8 o'clock, everything came to a dead silence.
Out came a dozen notebooks, and all of a sudden, everybody started getting their lead for the next day's story because the Larry King Show came on.
Oh, exactly.
And again, this is what the Kingmakers do.
They set the agenda, and all these little people think they climb.
If they read the New York Times, if they watch Larry King, then they know what to talk about the next day, and it's an absolute fraud, a total joke.
That's why they're all losing their ratings.
People don't want to hear this garbage.
We'll be right back with our guest.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now into hour number two.
We've got Sully Castillo, top DEA agent in Latin America, highly decorated Army sniper in Vietnam, witness CIA drug dealing, officially sanctioned by the White House.
And we'll be talking about how these Laseda...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the website is charlesgoyette.com, G-O-Y-E-T-T-E.
Talk show host there with a lot of great listeners in Arizona.
He's a libertarian and fired for not basically propagandizing for the Iraq War by Clear Channel.
Charles, I've got some news I want to throw out at you.
Can I tell just one quick media echo chamber story?
Sure, you're there.
Get it off my chest.
Sure, you're there at the 2000 Endless Vote Counting in Florida, and you're at this bar every night, sitting around with all the big media people, but they get their notepads out at 8 o'clock.
Oh yeah, and so they all get their leads for their next day's story off what's on Larry King's show.
And that's the extent of their reporting, but at the same time we're sitting in that restaurant, there's a story unfolding under all of their noses.
We're sitting in this restaurant back in the kitchen.
The kitchen help, the day staff, the bus boys, the cooks, the waitresses, the bartenders.
They're back in that kitchen and they're making thousands of sandwiches, Alex.
And they're bag after bag after bag of sandwiches.
And they're popping candy in there and a sandwich and napkins and potato chips.
Thousands of these bags of candy.
Now, think about this.
There are all these great investigative reporters, right?
From cable TV and the big news journalists.
But they're not.
They're really just parents.
They're just taking the Larry King Show.
So I asked the cocktail waitress, what are they making all those sandwiches back to back for?
She says, I don't know, but those guys across the street ordered them.
So I go across the street.
It is the Florida office of the AFL-CIO.
So I go over there and I look in the window.
Yeah, they're working late.
They're burning the midnight oil.
So I go back and I realize that these guys at the Florida office of the AFL-CIO are ordering these thousands of sandwiches the next day.
They're supposed to be this spontaneous demonstration...
Out in the courthouse square outside one of the courthouses in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida.
And it was really a rent-a-mob.
It was a rent-a-mob.
They hired Jesse Jackson.
They paid him to come down there and be the keynote speaker to draw a crowd.
And they've got thousands of people, and they're all filing in, and they're handing them their little sandwiches that have been made and paid for the night before.
So I go in there, and I walk in the line, and I take my little sandwich, and they hand me a pre-printed placard to carry about...
I go in there and I'm milling around and I start asking all these people that are protesting there in this so-called spontaneous protest, but got the free sandwiches that were ordered the night before from the AFL-CIO office in Tallahassee that was burning the midnight oil.
I said, what are you doing here?
First lady says, black lady says to me, well, I work at this textile plant in North Carolina.
They bust us down here today.
It's a mandatory union event.
I went, oh, well... And that's a major story of political manipulation.
Simultaneously, the Republicans are doing similar things, but the media has been trained to never cover anything substantive.
So I started asking other people.
There are people there from Alabama, people from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, from every state, and it's supposed to be this spontaneous demonstration of these people from Florida, but it was all orchestrated.
It was all paid for and orchestrated.
And so I looked the next day for how this story is reported.
That night, it goes on NBC News.
They talk about this spontaneous outpouring of people that just came together, and the next day I get the story out of USA Today, the same thing.
Not a word about the fact that this is all orchestrated for public consumption.
This stuff goes on all the time.
One more.
This is my favorite one, Alex.
This is a... Oh, hold it.
I'll hold it.
Yeah, I want to hear that story, and then I want to talk about other propaganda.
The Pat Killman cover-up.
Really unraveling for them.
Oh, yeah.
How that ties into private.
Oh, yeah.
Jessica Lynch.
Oh, yeah.
And I want to get into Patriot Act 2.5.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, the gun owners will love it.
Register my guns, Bush.
It's so conservative.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
And your calls, I promise.
Straight away on the other side.
What really happened September 11th?
And who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
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Big Brother.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 25 seconds into the second hour.
It is the first day of June 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're about to go to the callers that have been holding patiently.
We're talking to Charles Goyette, and it's charlesgoyette.com, a long-time talk show host, libertarian, their own Air America affiliate in good old Arizona.
We've been talking about media propaganda, media manipulation, the establishment media.
And Charles, I want to go to calls here in a second, but I wanted to hit two more stories.
The story I wanted to cover was Pat Tillman, but first you were going to give us another story of media, just mainstream media, ignoring big stories hidden right under their noses.
This is a really good one.
This tells the whole deal, and it's my favorite.
It's very short.
Back during the lead-up to the war, one of the pretexts for the war, of course, was the weaponry that Saddam didn't actually have, and they used as evidence the aluminum tubes.
Now, this was a classic story.
The Cheney office, Dick Cheney's office, leaked the bogus story about the aluminum tubes to the New York Times.
The New York Times runs the story on Sunday morning.
Later that morning, Dick Cheney shows up on Meet the Press with Tim Russert, and Cheney's making the case for the war, and he goes, but there are aluminum tubes, and they're going to kill us all.
And he says, listen to this, he says, but don't take my word for it.
It's in the New York Times.
The same story that they had just leaked to them.
When he's the source.
Which our own Department of Energy at the same time was saying, nonsense, inappropriate, can't be used for that, not for those purposes.
So, I mean, this is the way that they play the game.
They leak the story, then they go on the air, and they cite the story that they leaked as a reference.
Well, it's a lot worse than that.
I mean, they create fake Niger uranium documents.
They use 12-year-old graduate student documents as the latest MI6 information.
Doesn't it seem peculiar that there is a lot of counterfeiting going on, Alex, and nobody ever gets to the bottom of it?
You saw the Galloway testimony to the Senate committee the other day.
We had Galloway on yesterday.
Well, I'll tell you something.
He's got court demonstrated that there were forged documents.
He just won a...
$3 million judgment.
Now, I'd like to know, who's forging all these documents?
Don't you think if we're going to have a succession of official investigations... Well, the Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence.
Well, yeah.
It's actually a little thicker than that in my view, but that's a subject for another day or two.
Well, that's directly who we found linked to the Baghdad fake documents.
And we know who controls that sock puppet.
Well, there was sure a group of neocons in there that were connected with people all over the world.
The Niger thing came out of Italy, I guess you know.
Michael Ledin had served, had worked in Italy, had sources down there.
And he may be a good place to start looking for where this Niger uranium story came from.
Yeah, I was talking about the...
Galloway's story.
Connected to the Pentagon office of propaganda.
And they said, we're going to lie to you, but it's for your own good, Charles.
Yes, it's so nice of them, isn't it?
Now, one of the latest things, this has actually been out for six months, or really longer than that.
It was about a year ago we got killed.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They knew day one that our troops killed him.
The fire got called down on his position, got shot multiple times, and they just told the family to shut up.
Well, they're not shutting up, and now they've given another press conference.
This makes the Jessica Lynch fable look tame in comparison.
They knew the truth, and they wouldn't even tell the bereaved family until after they had their recruiting events, they had the public ceremony, they had the flyover by the F-16s.
You may remember that all that public hype about him and the flyovers and the events in the stadiums and so on were just at the time that the Abu Ghraib story was breaking.
And so they were desperate as well to bury that, to take that off the front pages, and they just exploited the Tillman story for everything that they could get.
It was a cheap and shabby act, and if they will do that to somebody who selflessly thought he was serving his country, how much more will they do to the rest of us?
All of the chickens are coming home to roost now.
Well, in that case, but I mean, you run into these Kool-Aid drinkers, and you know it, Alex, that story by story by story you refute the things that we have been told, you uncover the lies, you find out the misrepresentations all the way from the mushroom clouds to the drones to Pat Tillman, and still they continue to believe.
It's just amazing.
It blows my mind.
But I don't know.
I think less and less people are buying into it because real conservatives who are good people are finding out that Bush is anything but a conservative, and I think that's the chink in the armor.
As long as Bush can set himself up against the evil Democrats, which I'll say are pretty darn bad, folks, as long as he can do that, then, well, at least he's the lesser of two evils.
But when you look at the actual policies, he's like Bill Clinton on steroids.
Yeah, he's simply one of the most reckless.
Look, the primary tenet of conservatism is judicious action.
So you don't go into a war if a war is avoidable.
A wise man could avoid a war, he would avoid a war.
There is nothing judicious, there is nothing moderate about his behavior.
It is as reckless and financially foolish as anything we've seen in this country.
And the evidence is all over it.
We've got the downing street.
We're bombing the cities for no reason to get him to attack us.
How dare him?
Somebody fired an aircraft at us!
Well, you have to understand that there are people that are under all of those bombs.
I mean, there's a human toll in this, and Bush is absolutely indifferent to that, as long as he can prevail.
Well, he says he doesn't even read the newspaper.
We've got to be clear that Bush is a total puppet.
Let's talk to Joe in Wisconsin, and then Robert in Colorado and others.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hello, Charles, Alex.
I have a unique opportunity here in southeast Wisconsin because WISN Radio, they have a talk host slot open, and I'm going to be applying for that this Saturday, June 4th.
It is a clear channel station, so if either of you could give me any helpful hints or whatever.
Yeah, I got a hint for you.
Don't use me as a reference.
Just say you love the war, love world government, and want to turn all your guns in because you're conservative.
Well, I think people are getting really tired of that, and that's one thing that I want to give back because we've had a lot of problems.
No, I think, I mean, they'll certainly like to be able to say they've got a counterbalance.
They tend to do that, put somebody on late night or put somebody on the weekend and then say, oh, look, we've got a counterbalance.
So, yeah, I mean, pitch them the truth and say, look, I'll be a, you know, counterbalance.
You can claim objectivity and fairness.
That might be a good pitch for you.
Well, what they're going to do is they're going to have a lottery system, and then we're going to have a live audience there.
But if anybody listening from Wisconsin wishes to call in or email the station, it's WISN.
Say, well, we wish to have this kind of programming.
Okay, Joe, thanks for the call.
Yeah, Joe, and take a tip from Alex and speak with enthusiasm if you want to be successful.
Yeah, thanks, Joe.
Let's talk to Robert in Colorado.
Robert, go ahead.
Good morning, Jim, and thanks for taking my call.
Appreciate that.
Alex, going back a little bit in time, you may have already talked about this, but I didn't get a chance to hear your opinion.
What do you think is really going on with all the base closings that the government has announced recently, four or five weeks ago?
Really, it's been a part of a long-term plan going from the World War II model to a more
I feel much the same way.
They're overstretched.
And if they're going to continue with their plans for world domination, they've got to find some economies someplace, some places to save.
Why do you need bases in the United States?
The American people are sheep.
They'll go along with anything you're told.
You need bases overseas when you're invading other countries.
A fast mobile force.
Yeah, that's it.
I mean, that's their own Pentagon war plan statement.
Well, I mean, they're spending more money than ever, you know.
Charles talked about a $600 billion budget.
They're already getting that with, what, twice a year, $80 billion supplemental packages, and then all the black-off budgets, that's over $100 million.
This new budget is going to be $3.3 trillion all spent total.
Not 2.6 trillion, 3.2 to 3.3, Charles.
We have a new term here on the Charles Goyette Show.
I'm going to see if I can copyright it like Pat Riley did with 3-Pete.
The new word is scroomed.
It's a cross between screwed and doomed.
We're scroomed.
We're scroomed.
All right, Robert.
Jim in Michigan.
Go ahead, Jim.
Not always bad news.
South Bend Lathes making new lathes again in Indiana.
Oh, wow, factory!
Yeah, and we got Carl Miller out of the Nuthouse, and then we got him out of down there in Monroe County.
Okay, that's an activist.
Do you have any comments about the guest?
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Go ahead.
I'll tell you how you can end this whole thing, do the consecration of Russia.
This pope covered it up when he was Cardinal Ratzinger.
Well, I'll say this.
We have fallen away from God and lost our morals, and that's a big reason that this country's falling apart, but I don't know if the Pope can save us.
Well, they have to do it.
Our Lord said you're doomed unless it's done.
They did a consecration of Portugal right after Fatima.
And that country stayed out of World War II.
It raged around them.
Check it out.
Jim, thanks for the call.
I mean, I'll say this.
We ask God to heal this land and ask God to move us to be leaders to stand up against evil.
We can turn things around.
You know, God helps those who help themselves.
I mean, sure, pray, but also row away from the rocks, as a famous individual said, or an old Bedouin saying, trust in God, but tie up your camel.
Charles, stay with us.
We're going to come back and talk to Fred and others that are patiently holding, Fred and Marilyn and others.
And then we're going to have Silly Costello on, talk about government drug dealing.
Yes, bringing you the products when your dumb kids use them.
They put them in a private prison, working for 20 cents an hour, taking everybody else's jobs.
We'll also talk about the Mexican drug gangs controlled by Lord Bush.
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All right, we're back live, and I've got to get Charles Goyette back on the program here in the near future.
Very interesting fella.
Go to his website, charlesgoyette.com, and get all the details of his fine program.
There, heard many areas, of course, in Arizona and worldwide on the web.
Let's take a few final calls and hit a few final news items here in this short segment.
Fred and Marilyn, then we'll go across the country to Idaho.
Fred and Marilyn, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Yeah, I just want to know if you thought Deep Road was actually used by the Zionist leg of the global elite to bring down President Nixon.
Do you have any comments on that?
I mean, why would they want to bring down Nixon?
Why would the globalists want to bring down Nixon?
Why would anybody want to bring down Nixon in the establishment?
I mean, the guy was...
Price fixing and government manipulation and taking us off the gold standard and signing up with Communist China and expanding the federal government and birthing just squadrons of horrible federal agencies.
I mean, the guy was not a conservative at all, Charles.
You are so right.
I don't know.
There must be something about conservatives.
They sign up and then they go brain dead.
Because the idea that Nixon was a conservative and you cited, for example, wage and price controls and firing people who tried to downsize government offices and save the taxpayers money.
And it's the same thing in the Bush administration.
I mean, they're growing.
They're growing.
Well, look, the largest spending programs when Gingrich rolled into town have all risen.
You know, the ones that were in the 94 Congress.
I've got Congressional Budget Office graphs going back over 100 years, and every time a Republican's in, and I'm not defending the Democrats.
You're right.
I mean, Mount Everest pops up every time.
I mean, it just explosive spikes because they know they can scam conservatives.
We'll all go to sleep.
When they're in there, they're wolves in sheep's clothing.
Anything else, Fred?
I just want to say I've been watching TV and it's amazing how Pat Buchanan has really been defending Nixon and speaking bad against the guy known as Deep Throat.
Well, he worked for him.
And look, I don't believe this guy is fully Deep Throat.
We know that Kissinger was also doing some leaking.
Deep Throat was a composite of individuals.
That's what I have from very good sources.
Hey, I just want to mention one other thing before we're going to run out of time.
You and I spoke on my show last week, I guess it was, and we archived it on my show at CharlesGoyette.com.
We have our show archives, and Alex, you'll be happy to know, I'm happy to know, that you are in our top five of downloads from around the world.
Oh, really?
Well, that's exciting.
You're in good company, yeah.
Fred, thanks for the call.
Go ahead, Mike in Idaho, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Excellent guest.
Hey, maybe Charles would like to tell you guys about the special gun squads that are forming out of Phoenix now.
The special gun squads?
Enlighten me.
Well, they just...
They've just formed special squads of police.
Oh, yeah, no, you're talking about knock and talk with that psychopath Arpaio where they go around going, we want to talk about the guns you have, ma'am.
Were you aware of that, Charles?
There is nothing that this man will not do.
You know, there was a time that a couple of years ago he wanted to put up roadblocks in and out of our county.
Every single car coming and going would be stopped and subject to inspection.
This guy's insane.
Last night I watched about an hour of unedited footage inside his camp with a documentary crew who was there spending a week with him.
The man is a, and I've interviewed him four times, is a lunatic.
I mean, an egomaniac.
You ought to see it, folks.
He's something else.
The other day he had an uncontrolled incident in his vehicle.
Ran into a shopping center.
He said, well, the car suddenly accelerated by itself.
And here's the problem.
The guy was slurring his words in the video.
The news was virtually silent out here in Arizona.
Everybody's afraid of him.
This always happened 150 years ago.
People got bad sheriffs.
It's unbelievable the way Americans have developed an attitude of kowtowing or deferring to power.
That's conservative.
Turning your guns in is good.
I'm an evil liberal because I'm against that.
Is there some new development with the knock-and-talk squads?
No, I just heard they were forming special gun spots.
It was in the paper down there.
And how's the recall effort on Joe Arpila crap going?
All right, thanks for the call, sir.
Yeah, it's not going anywhere, to tell you the truth.
Well, that's because, again, gun control is conservative.
I mean, it...
Some of these so-called conservatives really are Kool-Aid drinkers.
Look, I mean, look, the evidence of a good crime control problem, good crime prevention problem is empty jails.
Our evidence in Arizona is full jails.
There's something wrong.
Well, he was stumbling around in this video, and I mean stumbling around.
He's going, yeah, the troops are in hot tents, and a guy goes, hey, I'm in the Marines.
I just got back.
We got air conditioners.
He goes, shut up.
I mean, he is just out of control.
Listen, Fowler.
Drunk with power is the operative term.
Charles, I want to thank you for coming on with us, and Godspeed, my friend.
We'll talk really soon, Alex.
I thank you very much.
Enjoy visiting with you.
Take care.
We'll be right back with Celica Stillo, an incredible patriot, a good friend of mine.
All right, folks.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Selly Casillo, former top DA in Latin America, highly decorated Army sniper in Vietnam, will be joining us here in a few minutes.
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All right, Selly Castillo, such an incredible individual, amazing courage, has risked his life valiantly.
In Vietnam for what he believed was a fight for this country.
Later found out that was a fraud and valiantly went against the grain and stood up.
Fought in counterterrorism, counter-narcotics, raids on drug compounds all over Latin America.
I mean, a real tough guy.
Not these punk SWAT team guys that raid little old ladies.
The real deal.
Did that for 12 years.
Moved up to the head.
We're good to go.
But he's here today to talk about that some, his incredible book, Powder Burns, his website powderburns.org.
He'll be with us for the rest of the broadcast, and we'll take your calls in the next hour, but please hold calls for now.
Shelly, thank you for coming on.
Thank you for the invitation.
Selly, just for those who don't know who you are, in a brief nutshell or thumbnail sketch, give us the synopsis of Selly Castillo's Awakening.
You know, what happened in your life?
Tell us about your roots, how you grew up, why you went to NAMM, what happened?
Well, basically, I come from a very patriotic family, creation of roots back to the revolutionist Emiliano Zapata, and basically...
Every member of my family served our country and like other families, we ended up paying the ultimate price with one of my uncles who was killed in World War II.
My father himself was shot six times in the Philippines in an ambush.
Being the only son in the family, my dad says, you've got to pay your dues to your country and serve your country in Vietnam, which I probably did at that time period.
I went to Vietnam.
I became a sniper and a combative.
I was awarded the Bronze Star for bravery and of course the combat infantry badge and so forth.
It was there in Vietnam where I saw a lot of my fellow soldiers die of overdose of heroin.
I promised myself that if I did survive that war that I would start my own personal war as an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, which I did in 1979.
And then the rabbit hole got a lot deeper.
Please continue.
Yes, and basically, you know, I did serve my country in Vietnam, came back, and became a police officer for about six years, working the midnight shift from 11 to 7, and my first class at the university was at 7.45 until about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and I would go home and sleep and get up again early.
In the evening to eat and do what I have to do and go back to work at 11 o'clock at night.
I did it for four years, got my degree in criminal justice and proceeded to apply for the Drug Enforcement Administration and was hired in 1979.
At that time period I was hired as one of the first Mexican Americans that was assigned to the New York field office.
And I was there in New York City working deep cover on organized crime families for about four years and then the jungles were calling again and this time it was in South America where it was there that I saw that my government was involved with letting those third world countries sleep with the cartels in the name of democracy and we were building what was known as cocaine democracies.
So basically from there I just went to Central America where I got involved in what was known as the Iran Contra investigation where every agency in our government was sleeping with the cartels and the enemies and at the end of the day I realized that my biggest problem was not the cartels but the CIA itself being involved in drug trafficking and I couldn't understand why one arm of the government was
Because then they get to the centralized power, build private prisons, put our young people in them.
For 15 to 20 cents an hour.
They then get to set up checkpoints and build outdoor camps like Arpaio.
There in Phoenix, they get to turn America into a police state.
And that's basically what's happening now today, and it's continuing to happen, and people are just standing still, not doing anything about it.
And you've got to go back and remember that that's how...
Well, I'm looking at a picture here with you and George Bush Sr.
I'm looking at a picture of you in Vietnam, pictures of you.
They're on the side of the helicopter in Guatemala with your snub-nosed M16.
And how long were you in Latin America before you began to learn who was, I mean, hardcore evidence
I mean, of course you got inklings, so go through when you first got inklings, and then when you finally got all the hardcore evidence of who was really behind the majority of the narcotics.
Well, my first inkling was in Peru, and when I was humping the jungles of...
The Amazon, the Guayaga Valley down there, and Tingo Maria, a little village called Tingo Maria, that was the first time I saw the Peruvian military playing soccer, soccer ball with the Colombian traffickers.
And it was then and there I realized that there was no such thing as the war on drugs because even in those little villages in the Amazon,
People did not deal in Peruvian money, but they dealt strictly in dollars.
Even the banks from Peru would fly down to those villages and pick up dollars for the banks.
So it was there then that I realized that something was definitely wrong with this picture.
Well, to use a fictional example, and by the way, he just got busted at a checkpoint.
Oliver Stone lived with the cartels, and then of course he wrote Scarface, and that film, I've talked to so many former top drug dealers, so many government agents, they say that film is so accurate.
It shows how the banks and the U.S.
government are really controlling the drugs, and Tony Montana, this fictional drug lord from Miami, meets with the U.S.
government with a top drug lord deciding how to assassinate people.
They're in the film, but in reality, that's really going on.
Especially now, you know, people say Mexico's poor.
Mexico's one of the richest countries in the world.
We have more banks in South Texas than we do 7-Eleven's or Circle K's.
That kind of indicates and tells you that there's more drug money in this country than ever before in the history.
I've said it once and I'll say it again.
If we were to stop drug trafficking in a few days, our banking systems would collapse.
That's how much they depend on that drug money.
It's unbelievable, Shelly.
Let's go over some of the hardcore evidence of U.S.
government complicity.
And they go, well, I hear about them busting cartels.
Those are cowboys.
As they say in Scarface, the corrupt cops telling Tony Montana to pay him off.
He says, you're going to feed me bus.
You know, we like snacks.
Yeah, exactly.
They throw you a bone, as they say.
And that's what happened with the Cali cartel and...
And the Medellin Cartel, the U.S.
Army was actually sleeping with the Cali Cartel and they were giving each other up up there and they were having a little civil war of who's going to control the drug trade and basically the Medellin Cartel lost at the very end and the Cali Cartel took over and still runs the majority, 80-90% of the drugs, of the cocaine that comes in from Colombia is in the U.S.
because of the Cali Cartel.
Now, you told a story before how your informants, government agents, you were getting phone calls.
Other people in your own organization were talking about these airfields.
You know, we had satellite photos from the CIA in South America and Central America.
They were all conductive airstrips that were being used by our government to smuggle drugs into the country.
It started out in Guatemala again.
We were refueling in an undercover capacity planes full of cocaine going into the U.S.
Then when they were never getting busted and so forth, I said, well, something's wrong with this picture.
We keep refueling these planes and they're never being seized in the U.S.
What the problem is?
I finally realized it was a covert operation being run by the White House.
It was brought up to the attention of the ambassadors and
DA headquarters, you know, the only thing they could say to me was the court operation being run by the White House.
And for me to stay away from it.
And then, but you didn't stay away from it.
Absolutely not.
Not only did I not stay away from it, I took it to a higher level and I started taking pictures and I started documenting.
I have journals where I've documented the flights coming and going.
And a lot of this, I mean, never before seen stuff that you just had on a disc and on the slides, you've now gotten up on your website.
I got over a thousand pictures that I'm getting ready to be putting onto my website.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
I've seen these photos when you come to town, but you're just now starting the site and it's growing.
That's correct.
And I got people that were murdered and killed by the CIA.
They were tortured by the CIA.
I have the original passports of these people.
And, you know, families have contacted me already in regards to...
To, you know, my knowledge of what happened to those people.
And I'll tell you, Stella, you just continue to fight for this country.
I mean, you've always served this country, and you couldn't be serving this country and your family and what's good and decent and honorable in any better way.
And I know it takes a lot of courage.
A lot of people died.
Trying to expose us.
I know you've been threatened as well as I have.
And I think it's despicable when I've heard neocons and people attack you and say you're unpatriotic for exposing this.
Well, you know, I consider myself a veteran of my third and perhaps most dangerous war.
And that's the war against the criminals in my own government.
I'm not about to give up.
I will continue to fight until I die or whatever.
But I'm not going to...
You know, a long time ago, I came to that fork in the road, and I've decided that the road I was going to travel was not going to be an easy one.
I've made my... But you couldn't stop, could you?
I mean, this is about duty.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
And, you know, if they can shoot and kill the President of the United States, they can definitely do me.
But until that day comes, I will continue to fight to preserve my government.
Well, you know, the scary thing is they try to get these hitmen who will go kill good patriots like yourself, but they're having trouble getting them to follow orders.
That's why they're trying to recruit.
Los Zetas and others.
Do you agree with that?
The Zetas are the ones that do the dirty work for the United States government.
Not only, you know, back in the 80s, we used to use the ORL.
They still continue to use the School of the Americas to train those militias down in Central America.
Well, stay there, because the death squads they trained in the 80s are now coming to Dallas, Texas, and Austin.
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Selly Castillo is our guest.
Powderburns.org or link through at InfoWars.com right now and get his book, Powderburns.
Selly's another fellow Texan.
It makes me proud to be a Texan, to be working with somebody like Selly.
It's just wonderful.
So many good people come from this fine state.
There's also a lot of cowards here that need to get involved in standing up for this country.
I mean, I don't like...
Legal drugs, illegal drugs, I don't like them pushing prescription drugs on our children, and I sure don't like all these illegal drugs, but we need to decriminalize now to take the money out of this, and then these criminal drug gangs will disappear.
But the government doesn't want that because they control them.
Now again...
I knew from my sources and research, and it's even been admitted, you know, headline, Mexican commandos target police, threaten police, major danger, hundreds killed, blowing up cars in Dallas, shooting people, going after other drug dealers.
And these guys were trained at the School of Americas.
They are the official Mexican army, folks.
They're seen right there with the units.
They're just a covert action group.
And Sully's been dealing with these people for a long, long time.
And now the crime cartel back in the White House, this is documented, mainstream news, are taking the death squad commanders to Iraq to run things.
They're moving them up here.
This is very scary.
These are the modern Hessians, like they used the Germans, the British did, in two invasions of this country.
Well, these Latin American death squads are now coming to America.
Sally, tell us about it.
Well, basically, let's go back to history a little bit.
During the Phoenix programs, we had those same terror cells that I call the American terror cells that...
Where, you know, Felix Rodriguez, Oliver North, and all those people that were involved in the Phoenix program down in Vietnam, well, they brought the blueprints, McCaffrey brought it down to Central America, and they used it in Guatemala and El Salvador.
And it worked.
You know, they went out there and they trained the death squads and so forth, and, you know, had with terrorists like Posada, Luis Posada, and Felix Rodriguez, and other individuals that were instrumental in bringing terror to Central America.
And from there, that same blueprint they used in Guatemala and in Vietnam, they have now brought it to Iraq.
And the same colonel that ran the death squads down in El Salvador, Colonel James Steele, is now running those commando units, death squads, in Iraq.
So basically we have the same individuals, same cell groups that were in Vietnam,
Yeah, I think so.
Now, please, for those that missed that, you have evidence as a former veteran, peace officer, and then head DEA agent in Latin America, and you live in South Texas, that down there they are training these Las Zetas groups.
And again, they're now targeting rival cowboys that aren't paying their cut.
Do you agree with that statement?
Not only that, just recently, last month, we had a female U.S.
Customs agent driving down the highway, and a couple of individuals drove up to her and just shot the hell out of that car, and she got hit on the ankle.
They're not going to take any more prisoners.
They're now going to target FBI agents.
The agents, the people that were able to get away from... And Bush has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down there in the Tucson sector because it was... This is official because it was cutting in on their drug profits.
Well, exactly.
And now they're planning to come to South Texas and they're going to do the same thing here in South Texas.
And there was a story just today in a paper where it says... Border Patrol agent says, you know what?
We can't stop.
Well, I read in the Brownsville paper, the Dallas Morning News, you name it, that they're conducting murders all over Texas, killing police officers.
But it's a national secret, Shelly.
It's in regional papers.
Well, one of the most major things that people don't realize that's going on, that a lot of these people are getting murdered, are informants for the DEA and FBI.
And basically people don't want to admit the fact or let the public know that these people are informants working for the government.
Cop killers that work for Bush.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now into our third hour of this June 1st, 2005 edition.
Sully Castillo, Vietnam, veteran of the Army, highly decorated sniper, police officer,
Then became a high-level DEA agent over the operations in Latin America, discovered the CIA, was controlling the predominant sources of cocaine, and of course heroin and many other goodies.
Then your children use it and they put them in their private prisons, or they run the whorehouses and whore them out.
It's quite a system.
The drug war is a great success, turning America into a total police state.
And Sully Castillo has just dropped bombshell after bombshell on us.
They admit all over South Texas newspapers, all over Arizona and New Mexico papers, hundreds of killings by losetas.
One group of, quote, former Mexican commandos trained at the U.S.
military base.
We're good to go.
They're shooting at police left and right, injuring them left and right, but it's not a national news story.
And, Sally, for those that just joined us, spell it out for us.
Who are these, quote, former U.S.
trained commandos?
Why are they being protected?
And explain how this nexus works and why the globalists are turning the heat up now and unleashing these hit gangs.
Well, basically, they're controlling, you know, the cartels controlled Colombia for many years, and now they have controlled Mexico now.
You know, our government, you know, that was the price that those old countries paid, like Mexico and Guatemala and Salvador, and their reward was for them to be able to sleep with the cartels, and now
It's so huge now that it's spilled over into Mexico and the government of Mexico is controlled by the cartels, all aspects from Colombian cartels to the Gulf cartels and so forth.
And hence controlled by the CIA.
And now it's spilled over into the United States up here where we have a lot of murders just here close to my house, my residence.
Last week, two young guys were assassinated there in their residence.
They nailed them down.
They shot them behind the head.
It spilled over.
Crime is up here in the valley.
We have the sectors driving.
We had a U.S.
Customs agent which was shot up a couple of weeks ago by drug cartel members and so forth.
A lot of the informants that used to work for the Mexican
Uh, police have, uh, you know, been fired and so forth, so the best thing for them to do is become FBI informants and CIA, I mean, CIA DEA informants are not being murdered here in the U.S.
because of their snitching on people.
Isn't this really part of a drug war as the globalists attempt to reestablish control over conduits because prices have actually gone down because so many cowboys are circumventing the U.S.
government monopoly?
You've just got to remember one thing.
We spend billions of dollars in...
I mean, Peru, we can't even make a dent.
We've got more drugs to dent than we ever had in the history.
Well, so you were there.
You were the head of these operations.
But they admitted that they only spray the farts fields.
Two-thirds of Colombia, they don't even spray because that's our fields.
You've got to remember one thing, that we have the best intelligence network in the world.
We know by satellite photos where all these cultivations of coca leaves fields are, and we're not touching them.
Unless it's FARC control.
And they sent, a few years ago, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, Grasso, went down and openly hugged the head of the FARC and said, you better deal with us, and he refused, so the invasion began.
Yes, sir.
That's exactly what happened.
Wall Street went down there, and they said no to it.
Tell us about it when we get back, Stella Costello, and I want to get more into these Zeta gangs and what you think is going to happen here in the next few years.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll free at 888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to a real American patriot, Sully Castillo, again, Vietnam veteran, highly decorated sniper.
Then he worked his way up as a law enforcement officer, peace officer in the police department in South Texas.
Then he got into the DEA and in 12 years became the head of their Latin American operations.
And he found out the government was controlling the cartels and then just going after their competition.
I knew what Sully would say before I'd talk to him, because the guy's got good info, and I've got a lot of the same info.
His is just even deeper.
And I called him up, and I said, Sully, what do you think about Las Vegas?
He supposed, you know, rogue Mexican military all over Texas and Arizona, killing police and blowing up cars.
I mean, imagine if Muslims were blowing up cars in Dallas.
Blowing cars up!
It'd be all over the news, but no, it's never outside Texas.
It's never out... Hundreds of deaths.
I got a Fox News piece we put up on the website, but local Fox News, in Laredo, where it says all the shops empty for months, everybody moving out, the killings are everywhere.
It's horrible.
And the Border Patrol's been ordered to stand down.
We've talked to Border Patrol union people.
They say, look, these guys work for the government.
They're totally protected.
We've been ordered, when we're shot at by these troops, to not return fire.
I mean, that is insane!
And Bush has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down because people were cutting back, some of the Border Patrol was cutting back on their drug shipments.
All of this is going on.
And the government, that is the banks that control our government, are making the lion's share of the profits and using the drug money to take over the third world.
I'm just recapping what Sully and I have talked about in the last 30 minutes.
But Sully...
I want to get into the mechanisms of the drug war and how it controls society, but let's get back into how Los Zetas are trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, now at Covert Ranches that you know of in South Texas.
And then, you know, more of the history of the death squads.
I mean, for those that don't know, first death squads in Latin America.
Now they're using the same crews commanded by the same people in Iraq.
And now they're basically engaged in a war of enforcement against government competition, all the cowboys that have driven down prices.
You know, there's a history about the death squads.
You know, they all...
Major Davison from El Salvador, Madra Larcon.
A lot of these people were former military soldiers that went to the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, where they've been training.
And they trained there, and then they come back, and they train the people on how to torture people and how to kill people and so forth.
And a lot of these CEPAS guys were also counterintelligence units that went around
Because of the, you know, making more money for the cartels and so forth, and they've come across the border now, and they're training here in South Texas.
They're having problems training in Mexico because of the military, but they've trained up here in South Texas.
Got to be clear, who is training them?
Yes, well, basically a lot of the, believe it or not, a lot of the people that are training them are police.
Probably contract agents from the CIA.
They're being trained down here in South Texas.
Soldier of Fortune type of individuals down here training the Zetas.
I myself have been approached by some members of the Zetas to train their people and I told them they were crazy.
Well they're probably trying to get you in a relationship.
But of course money is no object.
They've got millions of dollars.
They have protection.
They even know when an indictment is coming out in the U.S.
Before the indictment comes out.
So that means they got people in place.
The U.S.
Attorney's Office, they got them in place with the DEA.
There's a DEA agent that's been on the job here for 15 years, has been selling NADIS information, DEA files, to the cartels.
So, you know, their intelligence, it's much better than our government's intelligence because they got people in place with the U.S.
branches of the government.
Now, Shelly, let's be clear.
You know, you've gotten death threats before I've gotten them.
Clearly, if they're trying to contact you, it's so they can get you off in a truck somewhere.
Exactly, basically.
But, you know, like I said, as far as I'm concerned, Alex, I've been on borrowed time since Vietnam.
So, you know, as they say, if you speak, they will come.
And there's no doubt in my mind that one of these days you're going to hear that...
Sally Castile was murdered, but I will never, ever commit suicide.
I'm going on record right now on your show, Alex.
On record?
I've read from coroners and other experts that it's almost unheard of to be able to shoot yourself twice in the head, Sally.
So I will never do that.
Yeah, I know.
I will never try to shoot myself twice or three times in the head.
The easiest way for me, I'll probably have an 18-wheeler hit me on an expressway or something.
Or something, but they will probably shut me down.
But like I said, I've been on Bauer time since Vietnam.
Well, I think you've got a whole passel of angels protecting you, Sully.
Well, that's one of the big things that people keep telling me.
There's an angel out there over my head protecting me and trying to get all those people off me.
I've gotten so many people, even the U.S.
Attorney's Office here in McAllen has...
I'm an expert witness on entrapment, informants, and our racist government conduct.
And I get to find out of all the lies, all the perjury the government does on drug cases and other cases and so forth.
Because I'm a thorn on their side.
They call it liifying.
Yes, and they're probably going to be coming after me.
Well, you go all over the country with your slideshow and all the photos, many of which you took of our own CIA smuggling the drugs.
Yeah, unbelievable.
I have the original passports of the people that were murdered.
I have pictures before and after they were killed.
And I have copies of my memos that I wrote to Washington telling them about this murder.
Well, we're going to go to calls in a few minutes, but I want to, for those that just joined us, this is so important.
We have a whole bunch of mainstream news articles about hundreds of murders, Mexican troops trained by the U.S.
government, killing federal officers, wounding them, killing cops.
But it's a news blackout nationally, and from all the evidence...
They are going after other small cowboy operations.
Our government's ignoring them.
And, Shelly, on the record, from your intelligence, who are these guys really working for?
Well, they're basically working for the cartels, number one, which in turn work for the governments.
And, you know, the cartels have controlled the governments for many, many years.
And by government, who is the head government controlling those governments?
Well, the United States government, number one.
You know, every country in Latin America the U.S.
government controls.
I had Randy Kapster, a CIA official, once tell me, look,
We control these countries.
We elect the presidents.
And if they refuse to play ball with us, then we take them out.
And his prime example was Noriega in Panama.
Well, look at Chavez.
Yeah, and Chavez now.
Chavez refused to play, so they're going after Chavez.
They publicly kidnapped him once.
Yeah, exactly.
But then the army didn't go along with it, so they had to release him.
And that's what happens, you know.
Well, they just disconnected Shelly.
Are you going to be able to get him back?
All of our phone system went down again.
Very interesting that that happened.
It's very suspicious how that happens with key guests.
But I'm sure it's all just a gremlin hopscotching about in the equipment.
But get him back on or use one of the back lines.
Use one of the other backup lines.
And get him back on that way if you have to.
Don't wait for it to come back up.
Did it come back up?
So we're getting Shelly back on.
All right.
Folks, our Border Patrol, when they're shot at by Mexican troops in light armored vehicles, are told to not return fire.
The Las Vegas are seen getting out of official Mexican vehicles and then coming across the border
Killing smugglers that don't pay their cut, killing drug dealers on this side, killing cops, killing informants, killing people that don't play ball.
And this is how the globalists love to operate, with a membrane of separation to carry out their dirty work.
And it is as obvious as the nose on my face, and I'm glad that Selly from his intel concurs with that.
You've got all these CIA guys down in South Texas training them on bases right now for just a reign of terror.
Oh, you can't get enough FBI agents and enough former Delta Force guys to go around killing patriots.
Well, we'll just have an army of death squad commandos from Latin America.
The same guys they're shipping over.
To Iraq right now, and that's public mainstream news.
Shelly, a strange little thing with the phone system there.
Thanks for joining us again.
It doesn't surprise me.
Shelly, I want to go to break in a minute and take calls, but any other key things you want to talk about, developments we need to know about?
No, the only thing I keep telling the American people, under the Patriot clock, it's going to get worse before it gets better.
It gets better, so we need to do something.
We need to either demonstrate, go out there and do something, take it to a different level, because this
It's not working.
Whatever we're doing, it's not working.
We need to do something drastic to wake up these people in America and stop being in denial.
Well, the controllers, the overlords, love criminality because it infects the entire society and then they can control it.
Exactly, but you know, I think we need to just take it to a different level because it's late for our kids now.
And the only thing we got left is trying to save our grandkids.
And that's basically it.
You were part of a big protest a few weeks ago, a big wig.
Lord Baker came to town.
Yes, we had a major demonstration a couple of years ago.
We had Bush Daddy that came up to the university up here, and then we had James Baker come up here, and we demonstrated.
We got students.
We got about 300 students.
That was a few months ago.
Yeah, a couple of months ago.
So believe it or not, their name...
Their next speaker for next year is going to be Rush Limbaugh.
We'll be here at the university.
So we're looking for him.
So what did you guys say at the protest?
Well, we protested.
We let the rich people that came in and were paying $1,000 a plate or whatever, let them know who Baker was.
Not that they don't know, but of course it was another Republican fundraiser.
And that's basically what it was.
Well, James Baker's a piece of work.
Yeah, well, you know, he was the attorney for the Carlyle Company and the Saudi Arabians, and he's also defended the win against the families from 9-11 when they filed a class action suit, and he was the attorney for the Saudis.
A bottomless pit of evil.
Stay with us.
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You know, in my film, Martial Law, I cover several hundred points, proving the globalists carried out 9-11.
But one point I didn't cover, and I should have, and if I ever put out another edition, I will, is that publicly, James Baker III, the former Secretary of State, the big lawyer for the vote scam in 2000, the Karl Group chieftain, the confidant of the Bushes, went and defended the Saudis against the victims of 9-11, and was involved in covering that up.
I mean...
And the Bushes' vacation with the Bin Ladens, we do cover that.
It's just that how in bed with these groups they are, how they control the terrorists and the criminals and the drug gangs.
And it's always public.
You can always prove it, Sally.
You can interview the people that have witnessed it, like yourself.
But still, they stay in power.
Nothing happens to them.
You know, one of the problems I foresee is the fact that Americans don't read it.
And, you know, when you do read, you've got to just believe what you read.
But, basically, the American people are like hostages with the head in the ground.
And as long as it doesn't bother them in the immediate area, they're not going to do anything about it.
And that's the problem we're having with America.
We're not responding like we're supposed to be responding.
We're taking things for granted.
And before you know it, we will lose our civil liberties because our government is just going to completely take over.
And once they do that, martial law comes into effect and so forth.
And a lot of people think we're conspiracy theories and so forth, but the writing's on the wall, man.
If you don't see the tortures that we're committing all over the world, Guantanamo Bay, you know, here in the U.S., you know, we trained a terrorist in the School of the Americas on how to torture people and so forth.
You know, we're the worst human rights violators in the world.
And Amnesty International just spoke about that and what this Bush response is, it's garbage.
It's not true.
I mean, how can that be true?
It's in the news every other day or...
Or so their American troops are committing this atrocity.
Well, what they do is their own army reports say raping people's wives in front of them, beating innocent people to death, raping them with battery acid.
I can't say any more.
I mean, this is the admissions, and then Alberto Gonzalez says in memos that are published.
He admits there is memos.
Hey, we're allowed to torture people to death.
Exactly, and we did it in Vietnam.
But then they plant something about, well, maybe Newsweek didn't talk to the right person, and maybe this case isn't true, but a thousand others are admitted.
And, you know, when you talk to the American people, they say, well, you know, there's casualties of war.
You know, I mean, so what happens when the American troops get tortured and so forth?
Well, I mean, when you have the, look, evil doesn't just, once you can do this stuff, it spreads.
Is it the same thing?
It's like cancer.
It's like cancer.
It just spreads and spreads and spreads.
You try to cut it off and it grows up somewhere else.
And so forth.
So, you know, we've given it a carte blanche for the American troops to do whatever they want to do, and they're doing it, and they're making examples of some of them, but not the majority of them.
Well, they get the official orders to torture people, but then a few of the troops get in trouble, but the people that gave the orders... Oh, it's incredible.
Bill in Toronto, Canada, then Ruben and others.
Bill, go ahead.
Yes, brother.
I'd like to... That man that is talking to you, I'd like him to listen to what I have to say.
Yeah, you're on the air.
Okay, listen.
I have books.
A dope incorporated.
This book has been wrote by Lyndall LaRoche.
Maybe you've heard about him.
And it's exposing the Queen Elizabeth
The TGB, the CIA, the Mossad, they're all co-working together, the secret societies, to dope the global young generation.
Well, look at Bush and New Freedom.
Forced psychological testing, forced drugging.
Can I please say something?
When my father was as a colonel in the German army, he sometimes was very angry with American people.
When we immigrated from Brazil to the United States, he didn't like the Americans.
You know why?
Don't get me wrong.
Because American GIs used to rape German women during the war.
Just like Russians.
They are all equally guilty of the crimes committed.
They have no love, no respect for the civilian population.
Downsizing civilian population.
Either shooting them, or poisoning them.
Nothing different.
Well, throughout history, militarized societies, whether it's the German Army or the American Army, engaged in these atrocities.
In the past, though, they got condemned.
Now they're being legitimized, Sully.
Now it's carte blanche for them to do that.
And that's why, see, people don't understand.
You know, Americans don't understand why we're being hated.
The reason we're hated is because we're not letting those third-world countries practice democracy, real democracy, the right to vote, human rights, civil liberties, and so forth.
We're not allowing those things to happen in those third-world countries.
That's why people from all over the world hate us now.
Bill, I'm going to let you finish up and we'll get back briefly.
And again, it's not America that's doing this.
It's America that's been captured and is being used as a tool
To empower these monsters, and it's time to wake up.
They create the crises and offer the solution.
More of your calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Only one is the corruption to be brought under control.
Evil's always been with us.
It's always going to be here.
Until God puts a final stop to it.
But it's our job to put it back in the closet, to kick it back under the cave.
Tyranny is the norm in history.
Freedom is the very rare gemstone, almost unknown.
And our founding fathers told this to the public in their day.
You can read their writings.
Common sense tells us this.
History shows us this.
But not as they teach the children.
Government's only good.
Submit to it.
We're going to surveil you.
Trust it.
We're going to take all your rights to keep you safe.
Shut up.
We're the boss.
We're going to wear a black mask.
We're going to strut around and tell you what to do.
Come on, we're going to draft your children, we're going to invade all these countries, and it doesn't matter how much we lie to you, it's in your own good interest.
And they scare us into submission with terrorism and the threat of drugs and all of this, and then every time that we give up more liberty, the terrorism, the drugs, all of it just gets worse.
We're about to go back to Bill and Reba and Wes and others, but I want you to go to powderburns.org, powderburns.org,
Sully Costello's great website that's getting bigger every day, full of so much great information.
And get his book, Powder Burns.
You couldn't be supporting a more brave, patriotic, good American.
Sully, before we go back to Bill and Ribbit and Wes and take a bunch of calls here, the toll-free number is 800-259-9231.
Dig deep into your heart.
Speak to the police officers that are listening right now.
They're going to pull over some teenager today that'll have a few marijuana cigarettes, and they're going to take him to jail.
Where they're going to perhaps be raped, or where they're going to get into more serious criminal activities.
Those cops know their bosses deal the drugs.
They know it's all a big joke.
They know the private prisons are a scam.
What would you say to the men in the military who are being recruited to command death squads right now?
What would you say to Las Zetas if they're listening out there about what they're doing?
Oh, the phone system just went down again.
Very magically.
So we'll get him back up.
But I mean, that's a very important question, because I know what I'm talking about.
I know they knowingly shipped blood for eight years out of state prisons.
They knew it had HIV and hepatitis in it, killing tens of thousands.
I know that they know that it's killing the troops with the depleted uranium, and they don't care.
I know they're doing all this stuff to them.
I know we've got psychopathic criminals running this country.
And all the callers, I'm sorry.
When that phone system comes back up, we'll try to batter through your calls as quickly as possible since we're having this problem.
Do we have Sally back?
Well, while we're waiting for Sally, coming up this Friday, two showings of my new film, Martial Law, 7 and 10 p.m.
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Please get martial law.
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It is such an important video.
888-253-3139, or order a hard copy via Infowars.com, or as I said, PrisonPlanet.tv, or if you live in Central Texas, I hope to see you at the Alamo Draft House this Friday night, or next Wednesday.
Shelly, I don't know when you got cut off.
The phone system keeps going down, which...
Yeah, I guess so.
Well, I guess it's what you need to do with the police officers, officials, or whatever.
Educate them on what's going on.
A lot of them...
No, already.
But the problem with that is that they have a mortgage to pay, they have college tuition for their kids, and they don't want to be compromised.
They all want to live comfortably and so forth.
And they're told, bust so many punk kids with marijuana.
And they're realizing that we're incarcerating our youth, this generation.
And we're losing completely, whether it's from the war or it's being incarcerated for drugs or so forth.
So, you know, we've got to educate.
I've always said that the solution to the drug war, so-called drug war, is going to be education, prevention, and treatment.
Well, I mean, how can they arrest a 15-year-old with some marijuana or some other drug and then go put him in a prison that's owned by the drug cartels, literally a private prison, when everybody knows the government's shipping it in, Sally?
Not only that, we know that, for example, the President of the United States used drugs at one time or another and was an alcoholic and so forth.
Masses of cocaine!
And, you know, we got Terry Reid in the book Compromise where
Where the Bush brothers were involved in buying drugs and so forth.
This is what we got.
What do we do now?
How do we educate the public?
I remember hiring people as being on the board on the DEA to employ students out of college that all used drugs at one time or another.
And yet we ended up hiring these people.
Well, I mean, with one hand they're pushing psychotropic drugs whose molecular structure is much more deadly than illegal narcotics.
The government's pushing it aggressively.
And then on the other hand, they're grabbing our children up to put them in these prisons.
So, you know, we've got a no-win situation here.
What do you see happening in the next two years with these Las Zetas CIA-controlled drug gangs?
Well, it's, you know, money breeds greed.
And I think that they're going to run apart from whoever they're working with.
They're going to start their own little terrorist cells or drug cells, and there's going to be a little civil war between them and the government.
And it's going to spill over into the U.S., and people are going to find themselves.
Either you join it or you don't join it.
You need to do something.
And the globalists are going to love this, the controllers above all this, the overlords, because then they're saying, we're going to put cameras up everywhere in Texas.
We're going to search your houses to stop the Zeta gangs.
And the recent intelligence I've gotten is that within the next seven years,
The U.S.
government is going to annex Mexico into the United States, and they're going to use drug trafficking, corruption, and so forth.
And they're going to tell the Mexicans it's part of a lorican quista and use pride to make them think they're taking over the U.S.
when it's really the opposite.
That's in the CFR plan!
And I just got that intelligence from very high people up in the government saying that that's the blueprint they've got now.
They're going to be taking an annex in Mexico...
And into the United States, they're going to use corruption.
Meanwhile, they got their Ford Foundation out here with these fake so-called Hispanic groups telling them, oh no, we're taking over.
Uh-uh, folks, it's the opposite.
Yes, exactly.
You know, these people are slick, Shelly.
Yeah, and you know, like I said, American people, you know, are very ignorant.
And secondly, they're in denial.
And they think it's going to go away.
It's not going to go away.
You know, it's here to stay, and you've got to do something.
You know, you just can't sit there and be neutral about the whole thing.
You know, if you're going to run for public office, man, you better not stand on the fence.
You better make a decision which way you're going to go.
Because if you don't do that, you're going to find yourself the same way John Kerry found himself.
And that's why he lost, because he stood on the fence, never committed himself to very many things.
Well, he was a dead ringer.
You know, it's called the best of two evils.
Well, he was a dead ringer.
I mean, he was a fall guy, cousin of Bush, same secret society, which was founded by the East India Company that had the opium monopoly.
I mean, it's the same people, same boss, same as the old boss, meet the new boss, won't get fooled again.
Bill in Toronto, finish up real fast, and then I'll go to all the other callers.
I think Bill's gone.
Okay, well, we're having phone system problems.
Who's up next, then?
Ribbon in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Alex, maybe I read one too many David Icke books, but I always thought Deep Throat was Henry Kissinger.
But since you have this great guest that's blowing my mind with all these things I can hardly even believe, let me ask you... Who's got the documents?
Oh, I can't wait to check out his website.
Is it going to be linked up to InfoWars.com by any chance?
It's PowderBurns.org, and InfoWars has got a link to it right now, or at least I told my people to.
As soon as I get off the phone, I'm there.
But listen, I want to ask you, are either of you familiar with a guy named Theodore Shackley?
Is he still alive?
Is he involved today?
Shackley passed away a couple of years ago.
He was out of the...
Do you have any stories with Bush Sr.
Governor Clinton drug running together.
Well, the only thing we got on Bush Sr.
is the Iran-Contra stuff that he was involved with in Central America.
And, of course, at that time period that they were training the Contras in Mena, Arkansas, you know, Clinton was governor of that state.
So, you know, there's an old saying, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.
And that's why it never happened.
You know, when Clinton won, he never went after the Bushes because it would be like going after himself.
Well, now he vacations with them and is, quote, a surrogate member of the family.
And I've talked to Terry Reid and others that were there on the ground.
No question Bill Clinton was working for the Bushes.
No question Bill Clinton wasn't just getting money from the cocaine.
He was imbibing in it.
A lot of innocent people got hurt behind that.
Well, if kids saw them doing drug drops, they'd just kill them.
And people would shoot themselves twice in the back of the head and be ruled a suicide.
Why, being shot in the head twice is quite normal.
Everyone can do it.
Everyone can sprout wings and fly to the moon, too.
Go ahead, Ruben.
That's it.
Thank you, and God bless.
Thank you, sir.
All right, Ruben.
Thank you.
Wes, go ahead.
Wes in Tennessee.
How are you, gentlemen?
Good, sir.
I don't doubt for a second the veracity of the statements you've made about the border guards.
I know it to be a fact from a friend of mine that owns a ranch on the Arizona border.
What I'm wondering is this.
Don't you have to be absolutely start braving crazy to take a job where people are going to use you for target practice?
I mean, I just don't understand why they... Let me give you the answer to that, and then I'll let Sully comment, and then get your final take on it, and we'll take some more calls.
Wes, these are good men and women who really love this country.
And it's also a good job for people.
There's not a lot of opportunities in this country anymore.
The first thing they did was offer air marshals $24,000 more than Border Patrol.
Over 2,000 left to be air marshals.
We had 2,000 less on the southern border.
Then when Homeland Security got funding for that, Bush nixed it and took that funding for something else.
They have them picking up trash for a third of their shift every day.
They have X-ing where they're not even allowed to stop illegals or smugglers when they're coming across.
This is the policy.
And you know what?
You would have to be crazy.
They can't fill their ranks.
They're quitting.
It's falling apart.
I've had the Border Patrol Union head on.
He said it's about world government, merging us with Mexico and Canada.
It's not even going to be there in a couple years.
There's going to be giant highways.
Yes, sir.
I totally agree with you on that.
That's why we do have good people.
We are losing.
They just approved for 2,000 employees for the US Border Patrol, which are not going to be filled.
The kids that are going to fill it are not going to stay there.
The majority of the Border Patrol guys, they leave the agency within the third year.
They're just unhappy with it.
They're chasing their tail.
It's never going to happen.
It's an enforcement
Well, I've been told by high-level people it's designed to fail.
Go ahead, Wes.
Alex, for any of the audience that has any doubt, there isn't a product you can buy today that does not have its instructions written in French, Spanish, and English.
The three languages of Canada, United States, and Mexico.
And it's no accident that there are three languages.
Well, I mean, Reuters just came out and said Pan American Union.
Folks, this isn't a joke.
It's for real.
It is absolutely for real.
One last thing.
I'm kind of wondering when some of the landowners in Arizona are going to start shooting back.
Well, the feds have said they'll be arrested if they do.
And again, it's been in the news.
The Border Patrol has been ordered to not return fire.
Sully, I mean, how insane is that?
When the Las Zetas and people fire at them, they're ordered to not fire back?
Well, that's... Just listen to this.
The people across the river here in South Texas, they've got nothing but AK-47s and full automatic weapons across the river.
Our Border Patrol guys up here got maybe a semi...
Or, you know, a handgun, and you can't compete that.
You know, once they start shooting, you know, there's going to be a problem.
By the way, our local police have all got big armored vehicles and the latest stuff, but, oh, we can't give that to the Border Patrol.
You know, and the other thing, you know, those Saturday guys got those surface-to-air missiles, those SAM missiles that they used to use down in there.
In the Civil War of Iran-Contra down in Central America, and Nicaragua just lost 100 missiles that came into the U.S.
So you know darn well that the drug traffickers, the cartels have those, and they will use them to bring down those helicopters, whether it's Border Patrol or government agency helicopters.
You know, guys that fly helicopters feel so secure, but I'm telling you, there's approximately 100
Missiles that left Nicaragua, they're coming into Mexico and the U.S.
And the globalists will love it.
They'll just get to start an even bigger police state.
Wes, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
We may have time to cram a few in on this final segment that we're accelerating towards.
Shelly, what's your prognosis?
Do you think America's going to survive?
Absolutely not.
The only way that the United States government will survive, this country will survive, is if there's a revolution.
That's the only way.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Criminality run rampant.
Total bedlam.
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Well, here's Shelly's theme song.
I know it's mine.
I hope you'll adopt it.
You can't back down.
Think about committing our future generations to this.
You won't have to wait for future generations.
This is happening now.
They're debasing the dollar.
They're scamming us.
Three trillion's missing from the Pentagon.
Mr. Galloway, a member of Parliament who exposed him as a bunch of criminals before the Senate a few weeks ago, was on with us yesterday, and I brought up government-sponsored terror as a pretext to invade Iran, the government carrying out an attack and blaming it on Iran.
Here's 57 seconds of the end of that interview, and we'll get Selly's comment on it, then we'll talk to Fred in Pennsylvania and wrap up this transmission.
But here it is.
I have another article.
RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war.
Times of London, they may try to goad Iran into doing something.
Yes, but people are not fools in these countries.
They have their own sophisticated political class, and they know that Bush and Blair are too weak at the moment to launch any new wars.
But we must keep them weak.
If we let them recover their strength,
If we let them off the hook, then they may well decide to start yet another war.
We've got 30 seconds.
What do we do if the military-industrial complex carries out a terror attack, the Blymen on them?
Well, that's another very real danger.
There's no way that we can legislate for that, but we must be on guard.
We need a vigilant citizenry.
We need a vigilant citizenry that's alive to all the tricks that these monkeys are up to.
I salute you.
Thank you very much.
They realized that the American government
It's business as usual when it comes to that.
And those people who live in those third world countries know.
Guatemala, Salvador, Colombia, they all realize what the U.S.
government is doing.
And the problem is that they've been blackmailed to cooperate with the U.S.
government or else...
They lose the millions of dollars that they made on the... And the U.S.
government is not America.
We don't owe fealty to the U.S.
We owe it to what this country is, the Bill of Rights, which they are destroying.
They have spit on the Constitution.
They stepped on their civil rights.
It's terrible.
And the American people are allowing this to happen.
And that's what we need to educate the American people and stop being ignorant.
Educate themselves in what is really going on.
Because people don't believe this.
People say, well, you know, there's an excuse for it.
There's probably something that they have to do covertly and so forth and this and that.
Like people were trying to say to me, well, you know, why were you not protesting when those 300,000 people were killed in the 80s in Central America by our death squads that we trained?
And he says, well, those were casualties of war.
Let Fred in Pennsylvania take us out of the broadcast.
Fred, go ahead.
I had heard that in the first Bush administration that Mexico was offering a negotiated end to illegal immigration, and Bush did not want to take the U.S.-Mexican negotiations in that direction.
For political reasons.
Yeah, they want cheap labor, Selly.
Absolutely, they want cheap labor.
I mean, you know, one of the answers to stop the immigration flow is to economically help those ten poor states in Mexico.
They're forcing the peasants off their land.
So that's the problem that we foresee on that.
The government's putting the pressure down there.
All right, thank you, Fred.
Sully Costello, powderburns.org.
I salute you, my friend.
I really appreciate your honorable job you've done defending America, and I consider you a brother.
Thank you, brother.
All right, take care, Sully.
Go to powderburns.org.
Great guy.
Get his book.
I'll see you this Friday at the Alamo Draft House downtown for the 7 and 10 p.m.
showing of Martial Law.
And I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow 11 to 2.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.