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Air Date: May 30, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, to this Tuesday live edition, the 24th day of May 2005.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have him on a couple times a year.
He's just an incredible mind when it comes to the New World Order and the global slave state.
He, of course, is a doctor and at the same time an expert on the New World Order and an author.
He's Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
And he'll be coming on in the next hour.
He'll be joining us to talk about, well, Reuters coming out and saying that, oh, we need to get rid of our borders, Pan American Union, the CFR says so, and Bush ordering the Border Patrol to stand down, and the free trade area of the Americas, and how it dives into CAFTA and NAFTA, and basically what your world government's going to look like, why have the Bilderberg Group basically gone public with their desire for world government, why is CNN happily reporting it,
Why are we seeing these major shifts?
That is coming up in the next hour.
The websites, freshly updated daily for you, are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Volcano erupts in Mexico.
A lot of volcanic activity and tectonic activity.
I don't have to tell you that.
You know it.
A volcano erupted in western Mexico, spewing hot ash and lava, the largest eruption for the cone in six years.
More details coming up in the next segment.
A deadly car bomb explodes near an Iraqi school.
Seven U.S.
troops killed in two separate bombings in the last day.
Black market organ trade is Baghdad's new growth industry.
They're taking people's organs to some of these death camps as well.
That's been in the foreign press.
Big brother to dictate what you can and cannot photograph.
This is out of the Christian Science Monitor.
Uzbek activist says she saw 500 dead bodies after that Tiananmen Square-style massacre.
Pilot who flew over Washington feared he would be shot down.
As well as futurists saying that the elite will be able to download their minds and gain immortality.
I don't buy that form of supposed life extension.
But who knows the way technology is advancing.
At least they might claim these are sentient human minds recorded.
And we'll also get into secret North Korea footage suggests nascent descent.
This is out of the South Florida Sun Sentinel.
Very interesting.
Syria stops cooperating with U.S.
forces and the CIA.
Big Brother snitch signs introduced in England.
Japan's coming out with all sorts of new Big Brother systems, making you swipe your ID card.
Bank security breach, maybe the biggest yet.
Bank of America, 676,000.
Personal IDs and information stolen.
And I have an article here where the feds admit that they're allowing corporations to use social security numbers, that becoming the fiat national ID card, the de facto national ID card, I should say, has actually spread ID theft problems.
That's one of the greatest engines driving it and companies selling your personal data, which Bank of America did to a fake company.
So it isn't more security that's needed, it's these companies need to stop sharing data with hundreds of federal and state databases and any company that comes along wanting to buy that data.
By the way, I have never and I will never sell any of the names of people that have bought my films.
Though I've been offered quite a lot of money to do it, I have refused.
So we don't engage in that.
But the globalists do.
Doesn't matter if you pay with a check or credit card.
One of these big companies, they're just selling that data.
The feds are paying the states to expand this net.
They're buying it from the stores and companies.
We'll talk about identity theft as well.
Stay with us.
It's all coming up.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother Mainstream Media Government Cover-Ups
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, second segment, 8 minutes, 30 seconds into this first hour.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy will be joining us to give us the latest developments concerning the construction of this world government.
Now so far along, they don't even deny its existence.
They just try to spin it and tell you how good it is.
In the meantime, we'll be taking your calls and covering a cornucopia of important news.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
Interesting articles coming out about the Patriot Act.
FBI powers may become fearsome.
This out-of-the-sun herald, and I've got a big stack of editorials by conservatives, liberals, freedom lovers, who are actually now reading what is in this attempted expansion of the Patriot Act.
Secret arrests, secret executions, no due process, no warrants.
It is extremely widespread.
And the feds are out saying, why would the Missouri case...
With the woman who went and murdered the other woman and cut the baby out of her.
Remember that a few months ago?
Why, we use the Patriot Act, and that's what saved the baby!
Well, no, actually neighbors were able to pick out the identification of the car and direct police there.
And at the very same time, they were able to use internet records that had been communicated via email to the woman who was murdered by the killer, the admitted killer, claiming she was wanting to come over and buy a chihuahua.
Now, the police can always get a warrant instantly.
That's total probable cause.
I mean, this woman's been butchered.
They want to check her email.
And they wouldn't even need a warrant with that, quite frankly, because that is hot pursuit.
And I've looked at the federal and state rulings and in common law.
I mean, if the police are driving down the road and they see a hand sticking out of a trunk, they don't need a warrant either.
But nevertheless, they could instantly get a warrant, and the ISPs, without even being asked, were giving the information up to get the trace route to where the email originated.
And so it's more deception.
And so they're saying, see, it saved the baby.
Section 202 of the first Patriot Act.
We're good to go.
I think?
They're abdomen cut open.
There's blood all over the place.
The police can instantly go get records and instantly start checking where the information came from.
No, what the Patriot Act does is it just says nobody's records are secret, tell-mell giant snooping systems can be hooked directly into the Internet, hooked directly into the phone lines, which have already been there for decades with the phone lines, but now they want to be able to use them en masse, that is publicly, because it's always been illegal, but they've continued to do it.
So, they've never blocked the FBI or police when they're involved in a real investigation with real evidence of stuff going on.
All this is is giant snooping operations.
So, very, very deceptive as usual.
And this is an article, I can't read the whole thing because of time constraints, but FBI's powers may become fearsome, Sun Herald reports.
We're good to go.
I think?
Is an unfettered national police force with the sole discretion to determine who can be investigated as a potential terrorist.
Or arrested for that matter.
That's the impact of little-known provisions to be greatly expanding the powers of the FBI, permitting its agents to seize business records without a warrant, and to track the mail of those in terrorist inquiries without regard to Postal Service concerns, because the government can label almost any group or individual a terrorist threat.
That's in Section 802, good job, paper.
The potential for abuse by not having to show probable cause is enormous, prompting civil libertarians to correctly speculate about who will guard against the guardians.
Up until now, the answer has been the Constitution as interpreted by the judiciary, but it is clear that sidestepping any such restriction in the real and present danger of the post-9-11 era.
And Bob Barr has said that the government is a greater threat than, quote, the terrorists if they were even real and weren't L-C-I-A-D-A.
And are you more worried about ragtag terrorists if they even existed outside the government?
Or are you more worried about a centralized, monolithic, old, powerful, imperial state?
A wise man, the late Senator John Williams of Delaware, once counseled that any proposed legislation should be regarded in the light of its worst potential consequences, because that's always its consequence, particularly when it came to laws that enhance the investigative and prosecutorial powers of the government at the expense of civil rights.
This is most likely to occur in times of national stress.
When the Constitution is always vulnerable to assault, i.e.
the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.
Think it can't happen?
Well, it does all the time.
Ask the lawyer in Oregon who the FBI misidentified as having taken part in the terrorist bombing of the Spanish Railway.
Ask any number of persons since 9-11 arrested and detained for months without charges or counsel before they were released.
If this isn't enough to satisfy you about the
Indivisibility of these proposals.
Think back to the Cold War days when the most casual acquaintance with a group or person on J. Edgar Hoover's anti-communist watch list could land one in water hot enough to make life miserable for a long time, maybe even put him or her in one of the infamous black lists.
And the article goes on and on.
And this is the tip of the iceberg, my friends.
I have the Christian Science Monitor here in front of me where the feds and state police and others say openly, well, there's no law that you can't videotape or photograph anything on the street, but we're arresting people en masse because we choose to.
And they claim the power to do this because of suspicious activity, inference, or inferences, in the Patriot Act 1.
And the Christian Science Monitor, of course, decries this.
Folks, I've experienced it.
I've been videotaping a checkpoint from 200 yards away in Austin, Texas, and have police run over and say, turn your camera off.
And I say no, and they say, why?
And I say, First Amendment, I'm going to own your house.
Go ahead and arrest me.
I will sue you.
You can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride.
And they know exactly what that means.
Do you want to hire a lawyer?
Do you want to spend time and money?
Because I will sue you!
And they back off.
Same thing finally happened in New York after being nice, I don't know, the 10th or 15th time, I never counted them up, it was three times a day at least, for six days in a row.
Finally I just started saying, I'm going to sue you!
I'm going to sue you, guaranteed!
And they would move on and then arrest reporters, other reporters that groveled right in front of me.
Basically, I would just lower my horns at the lions, and they would scurry off to attack some mindless, limbing wildebeest or an even more prey-like animal, let's say a gazelle.
I mean, finally, I just got sick of it.
I mean, I'd be at Ground Zero.
I'd be at a park.
I'd be at Central Park.
I'd be five miles from the convention center, Madison Square Garden, where I had full access right up to the president.
Full, total, gold access, folks.
Maximum access.
But it didn't matter to them.
And it wasn't just that...
You know, I was out talking about 9-11.
It was, again, American Spectator writers and Reuters writers and TV crews.
And the memo came out on New York Channel 1 that the police were ordered to harass media unless they were bivouacked in one of the big official TV broadcast centers around Madison Square Garden out in the open air and inside.
I mean, I had associates there who had Fox News passes because that's who they were credentialed by through a radio station.
And they were harassed.
It did not matter.
It did not matter.
They were there to harass.
Well, actually, in one case, Jack Blood had a Fox News pass, and he was being basically accosted by protesters who thought he was following Fox News, and then secret police appear and usher him out of the crowd.
We're telling him, come with us, come with us.
I had a camera with him, but we didn't have a mic, so the audio is almost unintelligible.
That's why I didn't put it in martial law, but I ought to put that on the web sometime.
I don't know.
Again, it's very hard to track what's happening because it's so loud.
He's in the middle of a protest.
Again, he's not mic'd.
He's just got the general mic on.
But I'm digressing.
The point here is, and this is very important,
That it's about the authority to shut down the free press.
You know, it's like the cases, the innumerable cases of 5,000, 500, many different cases, 100 Bush supporters on a street corner in an unpermitted demonstration of support for the Fuhrer, the maximum great leader.
And one guy has got a sign saying, no blood for oil or carry 2004.
And the police march over and say, leave or you'll be arrested.
And they say no, and they're arrested under national security orders and convicted in federal court.
So it's all selectively enforced.
They've got all their cameras on us.
Our cameras are back.
Cite the Patriot.
Back to do it.
They want to be unleashed, ravenously rend our Constitution.
We're good to go.
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Hello, Ted Anderson.
Listeners of the network are familiar with the Federal Reserve note and understand the risks of deficit spending.
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1-800-259-9231 Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Boy, there is a lot to cover here.
A lot of different issues to discuss.
Here's another report here about all the new legislation.
The ongoing rafts of legislation to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Records search plan alarms civil liberties groups.
This is out of Reuters.
civil liberties groups said on Monday that they are alarmed at new provisions to be considered in Congress this week to strengthen the government's ability to seize private records without judicial review.
Again, they're not just repassing the Patriot Act, they're egg-spanning it.
Officials from the American Civil Liberties Union, which is always loyal opposition and loses fights on purpose, and defends rights that don't exist while claiming other rights don't exist, they're an amazing group.
I'm not saying all members are bad, but I'm telling you folks, they're like the NRA, they're there to drop the ball.
Officials from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Open Society Institute, and the Center for Democracy and Technology said in a telephone conference call that the new provisions of the Patriot Act would allow the FBI to secretly demand medical tax gun purchase.
Did you hear that?
Yes, Gun Owners of America has warned you.
Federal database.
Travel and other records without approval from a judge.
The act was passed shortly after September 11, 2001, and 16 of its provisions are scheduled to expire at the end of this year unless Congress renews them.
And those 16 provisions are side issues.
Again, they just admitted expand.
It's built in to expand every five years.
The Senate Intelligence Committee is scheduled to hold a closed session on Thursday to begin considering the renewal legislation, the first step towards a reauthorization vote sought by Lord Bush.
The timetable could be disrupted by the current Senate showdown over judicial appointments.
Which, again, folks, you know I'm not on the Democrats or Republicans side, but the Founding Fathers said gridlock was good.
It's called a separation of powers.
You don't want the skids greased.
You want things to move slowly.
That's to stop a dictatorship developing.
That's clearly in the Federalist Papers, clearly in the Anti-Federalist Papers, clearly in the published essays and editorials written by the Founding Fathers.
You really should read them.
I should dig them back out and read some of the quotes here.
Gridlock is good, and we've been told that gridlock is bad.
And clearly the Democrats are in the right here.
Being obstructionist is at the heart of keeping this country free.
Now, they're doing it for partisan reasons, and the Republicans try to block their nominees as well, and that's the way this is supposed to work.
The Founding Fathers created three branches of government to have them set against each other.
But that's not taught in school anymore.
You know, I've called for the Patriot Movement to be fractured, to be diverse, the Truth Movement, whatever you want to call it.
Many different leaders, many different ideas, diverse views.
But so many people set themselves up as grand poobahs and then say, No, you must have my view on 9-11.
You must have my view on taxes.
You must have my views on what sect of Christianity to follow.
And I say no to all of that.
Centralized is always extremely dangerous.
I also want to get into the Pat Tillman situation.
I spent a few minutes on this yesterday, but it really is a big deal.
His family's coming out and saying, we've been lied to all along.
It disgraces his death.
He was the ultimate team player.
It's disgusting.
You guys tried to use his death for propaganda.
Shame on you.
You killed him.
So we'll go over that.
French-EU treaty battle focuses on the undecided.
In major polls, now the people are against the EU.
The first time they're able to even vote on it, because now they're expanding the EU.
But look for some side-winding, crab-like behavior from the EU minions.
They're the globalists.
I'm not counting them down.
I hope it's shot down.
But every time stuff is shot down, they just reintroduce it.
Of course, Europeans weren't allowed to vote on original entry into the EU, but now they've demanded a vote, and so they're having one.
And several countries over there are on the verge of pulling out.
Not just France, but also the Netherlands as well.
Al Sharpton says Mexico's fox making race spat worse.
Which he certainly is.
Berg lawsuit filed on behalf of another WTC witnesses, bomb witnesses.
Philadelphia lawyer Phil Berg has never tried to climb Mount Everest.
In the past, he's always attempted legal mountains within his reach.
But now he's filed a new powerful lawsuit.
We'll be talking about that and also tipping to get Mr. Berg on this week.
So look for that.
We'll come back, take your calls, cover news as well.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Pope John Paul II is already being acclaimed a saint.
During his 26 years, he canonized 482 saints.
The one saint that stands out in my mind is Saint Maria Faustina, a poor, uneducated Polish nun.
Christ appeared to her over 100 times in the 1930s and instructed her to keep a diary of the message he wanted to give to the world.
This message is nothing new, just a reminder of what the Church has always taught.
We're good to go.
To receive a free booklet, Christ will pour out His mercy and love to you in great abundance.
Dave and others, your calls are coming up momentarily.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy's coming on in the next hour to talk about, well, how the globalists are going public with their plans for world government.
Now it's just out in the open, always riveting and very enlightening to have Dr. Cuddy on with us.
But before we go to your calls...
The left is trying to draw parallels between the emperor and Star Wars and George Bush.
We talked about that a lot last week.
Here's a moveon.org ad they're running.
Here's the audio from the TV ad.
Go ahead and roll it.
For 200 years, the senators and the fair judges were keepers of peace and justice in the republic until...
One senator, seduced by a dark vision of absolute power, seeks to destroy this fabled order, replacing fair judges with far-right clones.
To do this, he's ready to use a nightmare weapon known as the Nuclear Option.
Stop Senator Frist.
Save our courts.
Save the Republic.
MoveOnPack is responsible for the content of this advertisement.
Good, yes!
Ah, good!
Folks, again, it's the Democrats, the left, acting like they're the good guys, acting like there's a fight going on.
They ought to make an ad where they show the left as the separatists working for the globalists, creating the illusion of a political war, all meant to centralize power.
You want to make a real ad with parallels with Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.
Oh, by the way, my review of it was not fair.
I've had about four hours sleep the night before, done masses of interviews, was totally exhausted, got up, did an early morning interview, actually several early morning interviews, then did my own broadcast, then got on an airplane and flew to Minnesota, then went to an 11.30 movie, got out past 1 o'clock at night, the audio was low in the movie theater, and I just hated the movie.
And gave it a bad review.
Then my wife wanted to see it Sunday.
And so we went to see it.
And it was really a lot better.
I mean, out of four stars, I'd give it three and a half.
It really shows how perception is reality.
I mean, sitting there exhausted.
Ted Anderson was about as sleepy as I was.
He was falling asleep in his chair, too, it looked like.
And so was Chris, his cousin.
I said his nephew, it's his cousin.
But, you know, when a cousin's so much younger, it's kind of like Uncle Ted.
By the way, Chris is a nice guy.
He should still be in high school, but he's already finished his first year of college and going into medical school.
Really nice fellow he got working at the network in affiliate relations, doing a great job.
All right, you see, I get off into these long stories, but I'm done talking about Star Wars, but it has been a great way to wake up young people with these parallels, but
The left likes to act like evil conservatives are taking over.
Well, is Bush a conservative?
He's for abortion.
Oh, I know on the service he says he isn't, but he appoints pro-abortion people who don't want parents to know when their 12-year-old has abortions.
He increases U.N.
abortion funding while cutting some of the funding, while radically increasing other funding.
It's smoke and mirrors.
He's for gun control, appointing all these gun grabbers, for the assault weapons ban, for registering gun owners.
Bob Barr and Gun Owners of America put out those alerts.
I mean, it's real, folks.
He signed back on to UNESCO.
On and on and on and on.
So you guys should love him.
But I've told the left this.
I mean, if you really, you know, the policies you guys promote, well, you should love George Bush.
You should just absolutely hail him.
You wanted to pull your hair out and go, He's passing a national ID card!
It's horrible!
They'll hurt the illegal aliens!
Meanwhile, it actually does nothing to stop the illegal aliens that you call immigrants and asylum seekers.
And you notice 147 of them, Democrats,
100 to zip voted for that monstrosity, that abomination, that gargantuan, colossal, mega-super-sized travesty that they passed a few weeks ago, the Supernational ID card database slave grid.
Boy, I'm in rare form today, aren't I?
Before we go to your calls, 1-800-259-9231.
Before we do that,
My new film, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, full title, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
I did Jeff Renz's broadcast last night, and I didn't know he was going to do this.
He said it's the best film he's ever seen, the most powerful film he's ever seen.
He gushed about it for 30 minutes, and Jeff's never done that about my other films, which are pretty good.
It really is my best work.
All the reviews have been insanely positive reviews.
A lot of other people are pulling their hair out with jealousy.
Hey, this film is for everybody.
This is about getting the word out.
This is about waking the people up.
And I want you, when you get the film, or if you already have the film, to please make at least ten copies.
Make a copy every night when you go to bed or when you go to work.
Give a copy out every day on VHS or DVD.
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Get them out to people.
I mean, we could really affect change, and I want to commend those that have been doing this, but Jeff Rents said the same thing.
He said it's multiple films in one, really three films in one, the police state, the latest 9-11 information, and then it dovetails in with the occult controllers of the elite,
The real dark lords of the New World Order, the Nazi Connections, what their master plan is.
It is such an important film, group of films.
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That's 888-253-3139.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Brett in North Carolina.
That's not true.
Kansas City.
I'm getting these callers confused.
Brett, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You bet, sir.
Hey, I was on Prison Point at TV last night listening to you talk about Hunter S. Thompson getting murdered and Gary Webb getting murdered.
And that kind of parallels with something that happened to me.
I mean, of course I didn't get murdered, but... Well, we asked the questions, were they murdered?
Yeah, well... And the evidence leans in that direction.
I think it's pretty obvious that they were, but I was visited by Homeland Security, supposedly doing a background check on somebody who used to live in my apartment, and Hunter S. Thompson and Gary Webb, they both talked about professional government agents, you know, visiting their homes and, you know, checking out their documents and things like that, and I was just wondering if you could comment on if, you know...
It's done on a selective basis to create an atmosphere of fear, create a chilling effect because they're panicking because we're waking everybody up.
Now, sir, I'm going to need to get your phone number.
I'm going to need to check this out.
I'm going to need to talk to your apartment manager.
I'm going to need to confirm this.
This will be a major news issue.
But give us the details.
I mean, so, what were their names?
What happened?
What transpired?
It was one guy.
His name was Nathan Humes.
His badge number was... Hold on.
Hold on.
I'll write this down.
Hold on.
Nathan Humes.
And his badge number?
And he said he was with Homeland Security?
Yes, sir.
And he said he was checking on a background check.
What division?
I'm not positive.
You just said I'm with Homeland Security.
How was he dressed?
He was dressed professionally.
Like I said, I was really nervous about, you know, the whole thing.
Okay, well, tell me what happened in the conversation.
Okay, well, he knocked on my door, and I was actually making a protest sign for this protest I was about to go to.
And so I just said, come in, because I didn't want to get up.
And I guess that was kind of dumb of me, but anyway, he came in.
And he was real professional, really nice.
He was looking around my apartment, and he was just saying that he was doing a background check.
So tell me what he said.
He said, we're doing a background check on who?
On a girl who used to live in my apartment, the previous tenant.
And I've talked to people who have had background checks done on them, and they've said that that's not regular policy for them.
Okay, but you've been involved in a lot of demonstrations?
A few.
I woke up last October, so I'm... What type of demonstrations have you gone to?
There was a marriage amendment proposed here in Kansas, and it actually passed, but I was demonstrating against that.
There's an activist in Topeka.
I don't want to give out his name because he's a very racist person, and I don't want to give him any publicity, but I was demonstrating against him.
And the thing is, I had actually called your show back in March,
And Lee Hamilton from the 9-11 Commission was speaking at my university, Kansas State University.
And you said that you wanted to know what to ask him.
Yes, sir.
And this happened a week after I went and questioned him.
I have a ton of hardcore questions about 9-11.
Oh, that's why, sir.
They took a photo of you.
They got your license number.
They followed you.
And it's just intimidation.
Well, I'm not intimidated.
I'm not scared by these people.
Redouble your efforts.
Oh, no.
We're going to be calling Nathan Humes.
Listen, sir.
Did you hear about in... I mean, let me just pick one of 100 examples in the last few months.
When Bush was going to be going to Nashville, Tennessee, on a street over from his parade route, the businesses got calls saying, don't have any Bush signs, any Bush signs in your windows.
And the guy that ran the coffee shop...
I said, wait a minute, I'm a Vietnam veteran.
I was pro-Bush, but I'm not now.
I'm going to put a sign up about what you did.
Agents told me not to be anti-Bush.
You put the sign up.
I mean, this is massive, sir.
And they've also gone out and harassed activists, conservative, gun activists, liberal activists.
And we can give up the Second Amendment.
We can give up our sovereignty.
They've harassed the Minutemen.
They wouldn't let the head of the Minutemen...
No sir, she lived there before me.
Okay, and then, I mean, it's important for me to hear details.
What else did he say?
He just said he was doing a background check on her.
I was asking him questions, why he needed to talk to me about it.
And he just said, well, I've got my walking orders.
And I was like, oh yeah, Nuremberg code, I understand.
You know, just following orders and stuff like that.
And he just kind of stood there and just kind of the minion that he was, you know, and...
Did he say he was out of the Kansas City office?
He didn't say where he was from.
I asked for his badge.
He showed it to me.
He was very forthcoming with that.
And that's Nathan Hume, 0918?
Yeah, well, it's Nathan Hume, no F on the end.
Yeah, 0918.
Okay, and how long was he there?
He was there for maybe five minutes.
And then he was asking for my landlord's phone number and things like that.
So, do you live in a large apartment complex or a home?
And I'm sure the phone number is posted by the mailboxes.
Of course it is.
There's a lot of regulations on that.
Sir, you were given a fishing expedition.
This happened to me many years ago, and I would just laugh at them and give them a copy of the video.
Then once I had special forces come up to me in a parking lot and basically threaten me, and I just said, I hope you're glad you're killing this country, and I hope you enjoy breathing DU that the government uses against you, and I hope you enjoy the experimental vaccines.
I love you, and I hope you'll wake up.
And those guys melted.
They melted.
Well, pretty much.
I just gave a little speech.
What did you say?
I started asking questions, you know, why the Ben Rodens were flown out, why Larry Silverstein said he pulled the building on America Rebuilding on PBS, asked him about, you know, the steel columns, and who built WTC, the 9-11... Do you know somebody that got video of that?
Because I'd love to get that footage.
I taped it on audio, but the thing is... Well, I guarantee you, you can get in touch with some of the other activists there, and they have video.
Or does Ward ship not allow video?
You know, I looked around for video cameras, and I didn't see any.
I assure you there were video cameras.
I will try and get in touch with people.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, it'll be some easy work to do that, and I put it on the website.
So how did he respond to you?
He only responded, and then I asked him about the CFR and trilateral commission, of which he said,
I think so.
Well, this is how they do the deception.
This is how they do the deception.
Three days after, they had a couple plane loads that left.
Then another group of Bin Ladens, like five days later, flew out when the ban had been lifted, so they do bait and switch and focus on that.
Yeah, exactly.
And then he was talking about the CFR and trilateral permission, and he was like, I will not make a defense of that.
They're just think tanks.
And then I...
We need to use this disaster for a new world order, yeah.
Well, see, you stung him badly.
You're out in the light, on the field, riding out like a white knight, facing the dragon, literally, and they didn't like it, and his ministers didn't like it, and his pops and pimps didn't like it, and so they tried to intimidate you.
Redouble your efforts!
Well done!
Thank you.
You deserve a medal, my friend.
Well done!
I don't know about that.
I'm just standing up for our republic, Alex.
You rode out a defender of the realm, a captain at the helm.
I can only salute you.
Well done.
Now get me more information.
Write an article about this.
Email it to tipsandinfowars.com.
We will post it.
Okay, thank you.
All right, well done, Brett.
Again, I salute you.
I salute you.
I salute you.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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All right, Ash Finch.
I spent about ten minutes with that last caller, so now I have to jam other callers into a shorter space, so please get your info out quickly.
I want to get to everybody.
Dr. Cuddy's coming up.
Dave in Illinois, thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Dave.
Well, Alex, on Sunday it looks like they started more war games in Boulder Center, Atomic, Maryland.
They've also got them going on in Florida.
Huge takeover drills desynthetizing the public.
Yeah, it says the goal is to give the Joint Combined Force Commanders knowledge base for separating adversaries from the rest of the population.
Yeah, they're internment roundup drills we have at Police State 2000.
Tell me more.
It says they're going to have DOD organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private volunteer organizations that are going to be in this thing.
Now, see, that's absolutely key, because they do this other places, and they always claim in the newspaper it's for overseas, but then when you go to the drill, it's for America with the police, the firemen, local tattletale squads, all together practicing rounding up and arresting and interrogating people.
And we have, again, video of that in Police State 2000 and in Police State 2, the takeover.
But which newspaper is that out of?
Oh, this is actually right from the Department of Defense's website.
Send me a link to that.
I've got to get that linked up on InfoWars and Prison Planet.
Yeah, it says they're having a multinational forces with the British leading the force.
And another thing is Northrop Grumman has a thing out that they can scan your license plate numbers now.
I guess this is until they get the ID chips in there.
That's already gone up in most of the cameras.
Yeah, so like, you know, when you go to a protest, instead of having to take all the pictures, let's just all scan it right to the center database.
But if we let that be a chilling effect, we're going to lose.
We've got to say, yes, we're the good people.
Yes, we're defending America.
And we need to photograph them, which we did in New York when they were photographing us, and put them on the web.
Who can play at that game?
But again, our stuff doesn't go in some secret database.
Millions of people see it.
This isn't a game, folks.
This is for real.
This is for keeps.
I wish they'd put all the secret police on the border, but they won't.
Yep, it's a new Nazi something or other.
Well, now, you were reading where it said other volunteer organizations, along with these wondrous foreign troops and our own military.
How many different branches of our military are going to be there?
Um, it's pretty vague.
It says pretty much Marines, and they're co-sponsoring it.
The Air Force is going to be there.
I wish you'd go to that town and videotape it.
Yeah, it's in Maryland and not Illinois.
I understand.
Somebody's got to cover that.
Yeah, it's been going on, I guess, it'll be from Sunday till Thursday.
Promise me you'll email it to TimpsonInfoWars.com and I'll get it posted right now.
Okie dokie.
Hey, good job.
I appreciate the call, Dave.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next?
Stacey in Illinois.
Go ahead, Stacey.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to ask you if you have contacted Pat Tillman's parents about putting them on your show, would they be interested in speaking?
Well, they're divorced, and we're attempting to call them.
Good job.
Anything else?
No, that was it.
I just wanted to know if you guys had been on the ball with that.
Good job, Alex.
Thank you.
Yeah, they've been set upon by the media, and so they get desensitized, I'm sure, by, I would imagine, hundreds of phone calls.
But we are attempting it.
And again, they've gone public and said it's all a complete fable, a complete fraud that disgraces his death.
The government killed him, the military killed him, and then they tried to make up a lie, and then now they try to lie about that lie, and it's disgraceful.
Very disgraceful.
Remember police and military when you work for the New World Order.
They will use you up.
They hate you.
They hate it that you love this country.
They're using you.
They love giving you experimental injections.
They love you breathing the DU.
And they won't give you treatment.
They won't help you when you have that deformed baby.
God forbid.
We do care about you.
We have the evidence.
We defend the republic.
We stand with the founding fathers.
You stand with us.
Do you stand with honor?
Do you have the courage to face the lies?
The courage to defend the republic and the battle for the republic?
Or do you serve the dark forces of the New World Order?
Second hour, seconds away.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in about five minutes, Dr. Dennis Chuddy, expert on the New World Order, will be joining us to talk about some new developments and scary trends inside the global slave state.
A plethora of vital news and information coming up as well we'll be discussing.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Jeff in New York, you're on the air, Jeff.
Alex, good to talk to you.
Hey, the new movie is great, by the way.
What I called about, I've been filming black helicopters here.
I live between Fort Drum and Seneca Army Depot.
And last week I filmed one with my video camera, a Bell 206 Jet Ranger with the globe radar array over the main rotor and on the rear skid, the bottom skid, was an aerosol sprayer.
Yeah, that's a command and control helicopter.
This one had an aerosol sprayer on the bottom skid.
I got it on film.
The other thing I called out... Do you know how to upload that to the web?
No idea.
Maybe I can find somebody that knows how.
Dump a copy and mail it.
Make sure it's clearly marked.
I'll show you my other ones, too, on there.
Another thing I got, on our local CBS News affiliate a few weeks ago, they said a new project starting at Fort Drum, where they were changing the uniforms to have alto emblems on them, so all the emblems, including the American flag, can be peeled off at any time.
One soldier they interviewed... Well, we were just covering the article out of Maryland.
They got it going on in Florida.
All these foreign troops, war troops, working with the local police for domestic operations.
I mean, folks, they're getting ready for something big.
It's very odd.
They said it's going to be spreading from there to all of the uniforms soon enough.
Well, I mean, those black berets help merge us into the European look.
Weren't the original black berets made in China?
Well, they're not even originally.
I believe they still are.
That's nice.
Well, you know... That's all I got, Alex.
Well, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, send me that.
That sounds interesting.
Eric in California.
Welcome, Eric.
Hey, thanks for having me on again for the billionth time.
Hey, I'm calling to ask more about the military.
Now, with... Okay, one thing.
I think it was in Police State 2 you showed how
During the Seattle riot, how the First Amendment was oppressed.
I'm going to play devil's advocate for you.
Now, here's the thing.
Isn't it necessary to somehow put martial law under an area that's under riots?
I mean, come on.
Look at Seattle.
Seattle was rioting.
They had the WTO there.
You understand.
I mean, I'm not saying like,
Oh, yes, we must have Frito Sweets, but, I mean, if someone is going to movie theaters going, fire, fire, fire, and there's no fire, isn't that going to create more problems?
Yes, exactly!
Sir, sir, let me be serious with you, Eric.
All right, let me try to respond to this.
If you've seen the film...
You saw that the people causing the hundred or so black bloc, or black anarchists, they're not black people, folks, they call themselves the black bloc, they wear black outfits similar to the police, were trained in a local facility, were housed in a local facility, the police were ordered not to stop them, then they retired under police protection, we have video in the newscast and all of it,
And then the police began savagely attacking the 60,000 peaceful demonstrators, putting them in the Sandpoint Brig.
Nowhere in the main area of the city could you even have an anti-WTO pin on your shirt.
They were arresting people and said there's no more First Amendment.
And it was all admitted that it was staged.
And no one was yelling fire in the theater.
And so having people having anti-WTO signs wasn't causing a problem.
Now, the argument could be with the police is if you're rioting, we'll arrest you.
Not if someone has an anti-WTO sign, we're going to arrest you.
Now, what is your major... I mean, are you joking with me?
Oh, no, no, I'm not trying to joke with you, but I was just trying to like... Mrs. Jones, it's so hard to believe that...
We're having this huge New World Order thing, and it's just... Yes, it's hard to believe exactly.
Go back to sleep.
It's just all... It's like, what do you think we need to do?
I'm only one person.
I can't... Well, then just do what you can.
Eric, Eric, just deny it's going on.
That'll make it go away.
No, I've been told, like, all your... No.
And I've been told you need to be arrested for talking about all the 9-11 incident that was created by the government.
Just stay there.
Stay there.
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soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
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Alright, ladies and gentlemen, 8 minutes, 25 seconds into this second hour on this 24th day of May 2005.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
We'll get to your calls, including the last caller we were talking to, Eric in California, who just can't believe what the New World Order is doing.
Has trouble dealing with it.
We'll get to your call first, and then to others.
Let you finish up your points.
I think it would be best for Dr. Dennis Cuddy to really tell us about himself briefly and his books, which I'm actually now carrying one of his best books, Cover Up, concerning 9-11 and, of course, Iraq, an excellent book.
But we'll tell you about that a little bit later.
But Dr. Cuddy, good to have you back on with us.
How are you doing?
Oh, I'm hanging in there.
You just had some major surgery, didn't you, a few months ago?
Well, no, it's been a while ago.
It's just that the condition will not improve.
I can talk conversationally for a little bit, but not for any length of time.
Well, you're a real national treasure, and I know we're going to keep you for an hour and 20 minutes, and that's grueling for you, but we appreciate it, sir.
Tell us in a nutshell who Dr. Dennis Cuddy is and your journey to truth, finding out about the NWO.
Well, it started a long time ago, I guess back supposedly in high school.
What I found out was there was the first governor's school, as it was called in the nation.
Carnegie had funded it.
It was in the state that I'm in, and I was selected as one of these.
You get the idea that they're promoting you for something.
They started to not like questions that I was raised, and certain doors that had been opened suddenly closed.
Nobody actually came up and said, you know, forget it, you're now not one of us.
But you got the clear indication of what was going on, and so by this time I had gotten into graduate school, and this was about 35 years ago, and reading the Muckrakers, who were the original investigative reporters, I guess around 100 or so years ago,
And you find out from them certain things like who was really behind John D. Rockefeller.
There was sort of a person that was running him actually called Henry Rogers.
That was much more feared by the masses.
Tied into British money, as usual.
Yeah, and they had agents in every hamlet of the United States to see who they could use and fund and help up the ladder and make members of Congress or whatever.
And so from there, it just became a puzzle.
And then I got myself into the federal government, the Department of Education, where I saw that
There was like a revolving door.
When their type of person was in the presidency, they flooded to the federal government and then put millions of dollars into their cause.
Then when their person was not in, they'd go back to these foundations, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, and do basically the same thing.
And so I got some experience with them, and all during this time I was collecting material, private papers, documents, diaries, whatever.
And finally, piecing together this puzzle that shows there really is this power elite which is running things.
Now, again, this is from naval historical societies in England.
It's from their own autobiographies.
It's from
The Library of Congress, it's from Georgetown.
I mean, this stops public world leaders saying we want world government, you're going to be our slaves, and that's really the end of it.
Now, ten years ago, especially 20, 30 years ago, but ten years ago when I got involved in the fight,
You can read their documents, but if you talk about the CFR, Trilateral Commission, they'd even say it didn't exist in the news, and it's a code word for racism if you say it, and the Bilderberg Group didn't exist.
Now, CNN comes out and goes, yeah, they want world government, but it's good, and the New York Times says, yes, they basically pick our presidents, but it's good, and world government is good, and people that are against it are evil.
And then Reuters comes out last Friday and says, we want to get rid of the borders and have a Pan-American Union run by the United Nations, and yes, foreign troops are training here to deal with domestic threats, and it's all wonderful, and we're building emergency FEMA centers, and oh, it's so glorious, and we're going to have national ID cards, and swipe them to buy and sell, and we are going to register your guns, and we are going to, I mean, it's just now, it's
And it's getting worse every week, Dr. Cuddy, as I'm sure you've noticed.
It's just now that they have unleashed hell itself, and they are really moving at warp speed right now.
Yeah, that's what at least one H.G.
Wells of the sort of power elite said in his volumes.
He said toward the end, the process would speed up, and he said many would die protesting the new world order.
And again, he wrote a lot of nonfiction.
He was a futurist and a eugenics lord of the globalists.
Yeah, most people know him for Time Machine and things like that, but he was one of the original...
Before he used the term New World Order, he called it the New Republic.
He'd say they would have a cause that would make killing us worth the while.
He was kind of a propagandist for Cecil Rhodes, was he not?
There's like three different elements that network.
You had H.G.
Wells and the Fabian Socialists.
Interlocking directorates.
Who worked with the Rhodes people, who in turn worked with the Skull and Bones people, yeah.
So what do we say to everybody who... Now, they're still simultaneously, literally, saying it doesn't exist when we talk about it, but then openly saying it does exist and it's good.
So we're actually seeing mass psychosis doublethink right now.
Yeah, they have one particular message that they want the great unwashed, the masses who are supposed to be
Yeah, there is a power elite, and they want everything.
Like you said, it's been in the Washington Post and CFR publications and on PBS television.
Les Gelb was president of the CFR, basically said that on the Charlie Rose Show one night.
He said, yeah, I talk about the New World Order all the time, and as president of the CFR, I want to get our people in key positions to run this stuff.
And so they can say it on PBS with millions watching, knowing, though, that 99% of the public doesn't.
And so they can even put it in newspapers, magazines, but they know the general public doesn't read that.
They've dumbed the general public down.
That's deliberate as well.
Oh, you're right.
They couldn't read that.
I'm sorry.
They're unable to.
Well, that and they keep them occupied with inane soap operas and sitcoms and the like.
Let's talk about Desperate Housewives instead of the future of our children in this country and our souls.
That's part of the program process.
It does several things.
It's not just a psychological conditioning.
It's a technique called snapping.
Where once you get people into that mindset, that becomes their intelligence level, and they really don't care if you try to talk to them about anything else.
Well, they talk about it in their documents.
You were at the Department of Education like Charlotte Iserby, who was the number two position there, and she has a phone book-sized book of documents where they openly talk about it.
But it's really about freezing the mental state at about 13, 14 in an adolescent stupor, and then also creating it where they just regurgitate whatever they're told.
Yeah, there was a letter, a memo that she uncovered and we circulated back in the mid-80s that Terrell Bell, who was head of the Department of Education at the time when she and I were there, sent a letter out to Leland Burningham, head of Utah's department, said we're going to put what they called outcome-based education in place.
Which really was a sort of process for dumbing the children down.
They said we're going to have more depth, but cover fewer subjects.
And of course, if you leave gaps out of anything, then the kids are just dumbed down.
Yeah, I've noticed, we've had generations of this.
Adults now, and especially young people...
Either they're more awake than ever, or they beat the programming, because that always happens in nature.
That's God's system.
Or they're totally enthralled by it, but they always want to talk about things individually, and even in an individual discussion to the limited data they were given, they don't have what I call full-spectrum analysis and the interconnecting panorama.
They're unable to grasp large concepts.
That's right.
The change was deliberate from what they call cognitive basics, reading, writing, math, to affective, how do you feel about these things.
And so what they've been conditioned to do is live in a world of cliches.
For example, if you say something to them about abortion or whatever, it doesn't matter, they'll say, well, don't impose your morality on me.
And that's where their brain comes to a screeching halt, not realizing that that's what laws are.
They have a prepackaged little node they spit out that they associate with being smart.
That's right, but most of the time it doesn't even make sense because if you ask them, well, aren't most of our laws based on some sort of imposition of thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill, they say, well, yeah, I guess so.
But they don't get to that level.
Or they take you trying to warn them as some type of uppity insult.
Yeah, you're being judgmental, you're looking down your nose at them, and they're just as good as you are in their ignorance, yes.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, these people will make jokes.
I mean, you know, the example is, one of the classics is, you're a black helicopter person.
I was on this radio show and I said, look,
I did cover, it was on the front page of the Austin American States when they tried to bribe the police chief and did all this urban warfare training.
I mean, are you saying we don't have this military shadow government taking over?
I'm sure you've heard about it.
And they go, well, yeah, that's going on, but I'm still saying you're a kook to be against it.
Yeah, and if you try to get on Rush Limbaugh and say anything like that, he'll call you a kook as well.
He has this little kook testimony.
But what I try to do in some of my books is show how actually some of the other stuff he says is basically right.
There's one quote where he says, if you amount to anything, you have to be a good Kennedy School of Government type and you're hand-picked and plucked and you're put in certain positions and so forth and so on.
So even Rush himself is describing sort of what we're talking about, but if you come on or I come on and say something like that, he'll say we're nuts, a kook.
Well, what they do is they give you a lot of the truth, but then add bad solutions.
Uh, yeah.
That's right.
I mean, that's another... It's sophisticated, folks.
I mean, the elite's in power because they're slick.
Uh, that's right.
Slick Willie.
And it's time to stop being fooled.
I mean, I'm sorry I'm telling you you've been ripped off.
You can judge the messenger if you want, or you can wake up.
Stay there, Dr. Cuddy.
I want to talk about a lot of other issues.
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We're talking to Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
Your calls are coming up later in the show.
I've got a lot of pertinent news items from the last few days that I want to get his take on as well.
That way we can have our great guests on and also cover news at the same time.
Dr. Cuddy, I mean, for those that don't understand the whole false left-right system of how the elite comes in, socializes the country to consolidate the wealth of the people, to get them dependent...
I mean...
It's really hard once they've bought into apparently what a lot of them have bought into and that's the sort of lesser of two evils.
They won't call him that but I would say you really can't look at it any other way given that even before George Bush ran in 2000 he had enough of an indication
For example, I think down in Texas there was an individual, a woman who had become a Christian after she was in prison.
The warden said she was a model prisoner.
And Bush had no problem with executing her while at the same time commuting to life since a homosexual who had brutally murdered the little child of America's most wanted host and so on.
And yet the American public did that.
And of course once he got into office he had his federal... Well, he also made fun of the woman.
He said, please don't kill me, please, and got off on her.
Yeah, and then once he gets in, of course, he...
Almost immediately does something that Clinton never did, which is had the federal forces go into Pastor Greg Dixon's church there in Indiana and grab him and some of the parishioners and seize the church property and so on and appoint homosexuals to various prominent positions and ambassadorships and
He put up what he called the one-finger salute in front of a TV camera after a sports event.
A lot of things that you just wouldn't associate with being a, quote, good Christian.
But the people overlooked that sort of stuff.
He also rewarded the Attorney General of Alabama with a federal judgeship, the guy that went after Roy Moore.
But it doesn't matter.
So-called Christians will tell you that Bush fought for Judge Roy Moore and call you a devil if you tell them the truth.
Yeah, that's right.
Judge Pryor was one of his nominees that's up for Senate confirmation.
He says he really likes Ozzy Osbourne's music, like Bloody Sabbath and Facing Hell, which has demonic parts to it, occultic.
Well, he also likes to pray at Shinto shrines, pray to Allah.
I mean, he's a jack of all trades.
Yeah, so, bottom line, I don't see how a person could say, well, he's a good Christian, or what they'll basically say is, yeah, but, you know, he's better than Kerry, and of course, like you said, that's sort of a controlled opposition thing.
Both were Skull and Bones members.
Both are cousins, but I mean, look at the facts here.
Look at the facts, ladies and gentlemen.
Bush is for total open borders.
He's appointing all these pro-abortion people, anti-gun people, increases UNESCO funding, signs back onto this UN control arm system.
And it's just right out in the open, and the guy's skull and bones Bohemian Grove, and he's getting more through than a Democrat could ever get through because he's a Trojan horse.
Well, that's one of their typical things.
It's more, when they got Nixon in, he was supposed to be one of these real right-wing types.
Price controls, just endless.
Open the door to communist China.
Had that Joint Commission on Mental Health that basically said churches were going downhill and the state needs to step in and raise your children for you.
And he said he was becoming a Keynesian in economics.
That's the Fabian Socialists.
That's what Nixon told Howard K. Smith, ABC reporter at the time.
So they usually make a lot of progress under these so-called conservatives because, like you said, it's a left-right dialectic that they're about and that the people are confused by it.
Well, right now, even liberal groups are admitting there's gun registration in this new expansion of the Patriot Act, but most gun owners aren't even aware of it.
Or they'll say, well, I'll just register my guns then.
It's conservative, and you're a liberal because you're against gun registration.
Yeah, and the Real ID Act that just passed, it basically is a national ID.
It doesn't matter that individual states have their driver's licenses with that name on it, you know, Nevada, Texas, wherever.
It federalizes them.
Yeah, that's right.
And then David Dreyer wants to go even further than that, where you would have this encrypted sort of microchip that they'd be able to track you all over the place.
And they've got that power in the new bill.
It's funny, though.
Dreyer didn't have to leave office like the governor of New Jersey.
See, it's also a double standard.
Yeah, and maybe after the break I hear the music, we can go into how they track you.
We'll be right back with Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
We'll also take calls at 800-259-9231.
Let Dr. Cuddy get a glass of water, and we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm down in Austin, Texas, from the networks up in Minneapolis-St.
And John, who's running the broadcast, said last night on Fox TV, they showed Cub Foods up in Minnesota, claiming they'd had instantly two million sign-ups.
Total garbage.
For thumb scanning, while you thumb scan to make sure there's no identity theft to keep you safe, and now because they've been instantly beating the drum of identity theft,
Why, now you've got to do this.
For right now, it's not, we don't make you, but we recommend you do.
The tanning salons, the gyms, the public school, school lunches, no cash allowed, thousands of school districts now to get library books at city libraries, school libraries.
It's for your safety.
Meanwhile, it's the credit card company selling your data, causing this to happen.
Bank of America sold the data to a fake company.
They're the ones 90% of the time literally out doing it.
Big report out from New York Daily News about the government issuing and using social security numbers as IDs has actually caused all this.
Their answer will now be more.
But he's trying to find that newscast online.
He saw it.
John, do you want to turn the mic on and tell us about what you saw?
Can you hear me okay?
Yeah, sure.
I can hear you great.
What did you see last night?
It was about a week ago.
Actually, it wasn't last night.
Okay, you just told me the other night.
Yeah, and I guess it's grocery stores locally here, and they're implementing this thumb scanning thing where it automatically deducts from your bank account, and they're playing it that it's going to be much easier and safer.
But that sounds like pure propaganda.
Two million, got it.
Everyone loves it.
Come get it.
But see, it's here, folks.
What did you think of that newscast?
It's happening.
I thought it was total bunk.
And, of course, it was Texas back in 1993 started thumb scanning.
Most states already do it.
Now, under federal standardization, it's going in in the next two years.
This will be part of the new national sales tax.
Anything else, John?
No, that's it.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you, my friend.
All right.
Dr. Cuddy, what do you think of them apples?
I wanted to dovetail that with your discussion of the new tracker chips to go on the cards.
Yeah, they've had piloting stuff like that in European stores, in certain stores for a while.
And so, basically, they try these things out before...
They spring it on us.
About 20 years ago, Britain's Experimental Whitehall Institute developed a similar system where they could monitor brain waves and they could prevent you.
If you had a thought, let's say you had a thought of doing something criminal, they could give you an electrical shock that would prevent you from doing that.
And in my film Road to Tyranny, I have them on CBS News saying all this, and now with these new implants that go into the sciatic nerve...
For depression, they're guaranteed if they're ordering hundreds of thousands of people on drugs every year, they're going to order people on this as well.
And for those that don't believe this, Andy Rooney said, we all need chips to prove we're good people.
He said this on 60 Minutes.
He said it with a straight face.
This is what they want, Dr. Cuddy.
Yeah, and they can basically track you.
There's an outfit called Checkpoint Systems.
And let's say Alex Jones goes to Portland, Oregon.
When you walk through a store, those little screeners at the end, if you have that little barcode on something that you've purchased or whatever.
For example, Japanese tennis shoes.
They're made in the U.S., but they have this stuff in the shoe.
And if the kid, there's a lot of Japanese kids wearing them, if they walk through, let's say, a store in Tokyo, there's immediately registered that that particular individual child is just at that location.
So they can track wherever you go like that.
And then they've gotten to the point where it's like your thoughts.
I think the office is called Cyberkinetics.
They're up in Massachusetts.
But anyway, there's this little chip.
It's about the size of a penny.
And it's in the base of the brain.
And what you do is it's linked up to a computer system.
And so you think, I want that door open.
Let's say your front door opened.
You just think that, and the door opens.
It sends a signal to the computer.
The computer then opens the door.
So all you have to do is think something, and an action occurs, which, of course, opens up the possibility of somebody hacking in.
Let me say this.
I had the police chief of Burgum County from New Jersey a few weeks ago, and he's gotten the applied digital chip,
And I said, well, the government orders us to take it.
Will you enforce that?
Is that a good idea?
And he said, yes, we should all have the chip.
I've had their other executives on, and they said the chip will prevail, and weird statements like this, get chip today.
I mean, there's so many of the Mexican Attorney General making his people get it.
I mean, they're not joking around.
They're not playing games.
And Aldous Huxley gave a speech in 1962 before he died at Berkeley where he said he visited British labs in 1960 where they were already remote controlling people.
Yeah, and they've had fast experiments with little mice, too.
You know, you can cause them to turn left, right, up, you know, do whatever.
Edward Cornish was head of the World Futures Society a decade or so ago in the Chicago Tribune.
They were interviewing him.
And the way he put it was what they try to do first is get you to, quote, voluntarily do something.
And so the way it will probably come back is not so much the police saying, I'm ordering you to lay on this operation table.
We're going to put a chip in you or something like that.
What they'll probably do is like an economic incentive, like your boss will say, now you do understand that so you don't get kidnapped by some terrorist, we need to have this little chip in you so we can locate you and say, okay, boss, sure, for my job, I'll do it.
You're absolutely right.
And they're also pitching it as a fad.
You'll get all these economic discounts when you have it.
I mean, folks, we're not joking.
It's already going to be in your ID cards.
Which is bad enough.
That's now going in.
Yeah, and your Social Security requirements, you know, they'll make it seem like you want it.
But like I said, whether you're talking about 9-11 or whatever it is, the power leads control mechanism isn't so much direct.
They like to have sort of plausible denial.
So what they do is they create situations in which an individual or the public in general says, oh, my goodness, you know, we have to have more gun control.
Look at all those school shootings, you know, whatever.
That's their main tactic.
Well, I'll never forget on December 29th.
No, it was December 31st, 2000.
No, no, no, 1999.
I was watching Wall Street Week in Review when Louis Rukeyser was still doing it.
And the head of Sun Microsystems, I think it's McKelvey, I forget his exact name, but he's on there.
And Rukeyser says, what do you look most forward to in the new millennium?
And he said, this is a quote,
I look forward to implanting my son Maverick with the chips so I can track and trace everything he does.
If he's driving a little too fast, I'll know.
Or if he's not studying, I'll know.
I look forward to chipping my young son Maverick.
Yeah, absolutely.
They're linking GPS technology as well.
That's the way you can really track anybody.
They just bought the company to do that.
Applied Digital did.
And so they've had devices where you can sort of locate somebody within a city.
Devices, you know, they can read through walls and all this sort of stuff.
But once they link it up, like I said, Checkpoint Systems is the one that's sort of leading the edge of this.
That way they can, with GPS technology, find you wherever you are.
Man, I tell you, they just relentlessly in the TV shows, the dramas.
We're going to go to calls in a moment, but Dr. Cuddy,
I've noticed that there's literally ten times the propaganda in dramas, in fictions, in cop shows, than there is even in the newscast itself, because that's what the majority of people are watching, and they're watching in a suspended disbelief, uncritical mentality, and so I guess just accepting all of it, can you speak to that?
Well, they try, like I said, it's a conditioning process.
We've talked in the past about Tavistock and their theory of social turbulence and all this sort of stuff.
And so what they'll do is if you start to wise up to some of this and expose it and whatever, all of a sudden, out of the blue, you'll see a bunch of TV shows and movies that sort of push the envelope one additional step so that if there's a particular movie that's like a control mechanism and powerful forces beyond us manipulate, blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, we're being desensitized, bathed, basted in this.
Yeah, that's one of their tactics.
It's sort of like that...
Back in the 60s, there's the SDS movement, Radical, and the book came out, Strawberry Statement, by one of these fellas, James Coonan, and he said that this was at the time of the Chicago Convention, Democratic Convention, riots, Mayor Daley, and all this sort of stuff.
And basically, the guy afterwards said, well, look, what happened was a bunch of business international roundtable types came in and tried to buy up a few radicals, and they wanted to have us make a lot of commotion and appear even more radical than what they were planning for us, which then turned out to be like David Rockefeller saying how wonderful Mao Zedong was, let's have trade with these ruthless communist Chinese, and so on.
Now, the documents have also come out that...
At the very same time that Nixon later was actually planning the bomb conventions to go, oh, see, we're under attack.
Well, Operation Northwood, as you know, 10 years before, would say they were willing to kill a bunch of Americans to try and justify and get a pretext for an invasion of Cuba.
Sounds sort of like Iraq.
If something works once, or at least the theory holds, that was put out by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then something like that may happen again.
Now, Dr. Cuddy...
I want to go over Iraq a little bit.
Tell us about your book, Cover Up.
Give us the full title.
By the way, I'm carrying this.
It's up on the shopping cart, and you can also write to me and get it.
Tell us about Cover Up.
Briefly, it covers three main elements.
There's the 9-11 situation and how that could have been easily prevented and how we sort of, behind the scenes, had been concocting, like I said, the paralegal scenario
The book is coming out just at the time the Iraq War is beginning and so in there one of the things I put is what Saddam's strategy would be which of course the administration just blew it.
They didn't see it was obviously going to be a guerrilla warfare just like it is and that costs many lives and the press didn't even want to touch the thing.
Although it was obvious it goes to that and then at the end it gets into how there are these violations of our constitutional rights
As a result of this stuff, whether it's Patriot Act, Homeland Security, or whatever, and how there's this group, the Project for the New American Century, as well as James Baker and CFR Institute, that sort of planned all this stuff in advance to get rid of Saddam, to get the oil from Central Asia, and so on.
And again, folks, you can go to InfoWars.com to get cover up.
It's an excellent book.
Or you can write to me at 3001...
South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And the book is $16.
Again, 3001, South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704, or InfoWars.com.
Dr. Cuddy, the Pentagon told Bush it'd take 450,000 troops.
They knew what was going to happen.
Are you sure it's ivory tower altitude mental illness?
Or do you think that it's part of a larger plan to make America look bad so the EU can play the part of the good cop?
I mean, I think there's wheels within wheels here.
And I read an Israeli paper.
Written by one of their top generals in the early 80s saying we want to invade Iraq first and then never really fix it, destabilize it and break it up, but they really want it to be a smoking heap of ethnic and religious conflict.
Yeah, there's various factions, even within the power elite, and they use this sort of dialectic as well.
They create a situation where we go in, but we're not totally successful.
Now, that does two things.
Number one, it says, well, gee, maybe we should have relied on the U, and after all, let's have the EU come in as...
And then now, regardless, global government is established because either you accept total inspectors, total control, and sanctions that are genocide, that's the good cop, or the bad cop is DU, nuclear attack, total takeover.
And also, another part of it is, the more there is instability, the more reason...
Like I said, they create a situation so you have a reaction, they use a reaction.
So if you have instability, then the new Iraqi government says that their reaction is, oh, please don't leave.
You know, stick around, Halliburton.
Oh, please don't leave Iran and Syria are doing and invade them, please.
Yeah, you want to send a signal.
And then play off one against the other.
You're centrally located between Iran on the east and Syria on the west, so you can go either way.
You fulfill the PNAC cause of a quote, permanent military presence in the region, which was their goal.
They said Saddam was just incidental to that.
You get a protection base for the oil coming from Central Asia, Uzbekistan, and all this stuff.
At the same time, poppy production increases, just like it did during the Vietnam War.
It explodes.
It explodes out there.
You have your people in place.
You have Karzai, a UNICAL consultant, the head of Afghanistan.
You have the ambassador.
Khalilzad was a UNICAL consultant as well, and so you have your key players in place.
You protect through changing the law to say you can't... Sorry, I forget the law.
But there's an actual law that was passed that said no funding can be challenged in court that goes to these entities like Halliburton and whatever.
They've covered their backside on that.
So you can't create even patents.
You can't use seeds now.
I think so.
And so we're there for a long time.
You know they have contracts to build lots and lots of housing for Americans, which means we're not going to get out anytime soon.
They're going to build this, first it was 3,000, now 6,000-man embassy.
It's really an imperial command base.
It's far more than an embassy.
That's right.
It's an intelligence network for the region.
Also, you put a dialectical pressure on Israel with the Palestinians.
So that you force them to accept the new world order and, you know, we have to work these things out and all this sort of stuff.
And so it's going to impact on them through this dialectical process.
And that keeps a hard-line military government in power in Israel.
Yeah, got to have that for self-defense.
That's correct.
But they're also being played.
They're also being pressured.
That's why you see them, you know, Sharon is doing certain things.
At the same time, according to Haaretz, he says, I can tell the U.S.
what to do.
So, yeah, it's all part of a major master global plan that Brzezinski talked about, his grand chessboard.
You can read stuff they wrote 10, 20 years ago, and then it's exactly what they're doing.
That's the thing.
I mean, it's not like we're going to some conspiracy theory.
They say Saddam isn't a threat.
It's about oil and a military base.
That's right.
That's Dick Cheney.
We'll be right back with your calls.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
Alright, we're going to go to the phone lines.
And then I want to ask Dr. Cuddy about ways to stop the New World Order and their weak points.
We'll have him with us for a half hour into the next hour.
We've got a lot of callers here, so let's go to them.
Alex and Ian and Jason and Deagle and others.
Let's go ahead and go to Alex in North Carolina.
Go ahead.
Alex, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Dr. Cuddy.
I've always been interested in science, especially when I was young, and I had my own little subscription to Scientific American in the 70s and 80s, and I remember seeing basically the basic research for the control grid systems that we have today.
I remember seeing articles about how IBM was going to use RFID to
You know, track people in the workplace, and this is in like 1979.
And then, in Scientific American, they would commonly have little sidebar articles from Hughes Aerospace about how great the new, I don't know, infrared goggles are or the new product that's going to protect a pilot's eyes from the atomic blast or something like that.
Now, Scientific American, I think, has been really dumbed down lately, but back then, it was in the open.
You could read about it and see the basic research.
Yeah, the RFID they were talking about using, that's sort of locally within a particular area, although they're able to, the technology is getting to the point where
The scanner and what they use is small enough so they can use it.
They're going to use cell towers as the booster.
Yeah, and then they link that with that GPS technology to locate you anywhere from long distances.
And it's already in all the cell phones, folks.
And in the 70s, if the caller will look back there, just go to the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office.
I put it in my book, The Globalist.
You can find where they can alter, there's a patent to alter your brain waves remotely.
The average citizen thinks you have to put the little electrodes in your head.
There was a Baltimore Sun article where DARPA a few years ago was going, we're going to put up towers to calm everyone if there's an emergency.
We're studying putting up mind control towers and it's normal.
Yeah, and you set the stage for that by using what the Nazis did.
This will take about 45 seconds, but let me run through this real quick.
Edward Bernays was Sigmund Freud's nephew, comes over here, becomes CBS's chief advisor under William Paley in 1928.
Writes a book, Propaganda, says we have the means, the technical means, to control you now, manipulate you.
We're an invisible government.
Okay, so he's hired after the Second World War by Oscar Ewing, who's head of the Federal Security Agency that includes public health agency.
And what his job is to do is to get fluoride in the water.
Now, why does he want to do that?
They've discovered, they sent over a biochemist after the Second World War to find out what the Nazis had done.
And they found what they had developed was the ability to put sodium fluoride in the water in the occupied areas because there's a left part of the brain that affects and makes you more docile, more accepting of authority.
You don't question.
You don't challenge authority.
And so that was very useful.
So that's what they had to do to condition the people.
Get that fluoride in the water.
And so that's what Bernays' job was.
And I have reports from England, the U.S., China.
Sodium fluoride admittedly does this, but they have all the newscasts and movies where we're all kooks if we talk about it.
Just drink it.
Well, it's interesting on the current part 12 of my mental health series, which maybe we'll get to in a second.
Well, it's incredible.
Anything, Alex?
One other thing is, when I was going through my old magazines, I found a copy of Science Digest, which I believe is a Hearst publication.
Sorry, talking to mute.
This is from 81.
And in the back, there's obviously an expensive full-color ad that says, The most incredible book of all time.
And it's Necronomicon.
And actually, the little cut-out order form has the eye on the pyramid.
Isn't that nice?
It's good.
Obviously it is.
I should report to the Ministry of Love now, I suppose.
Thank you.
Yes, it's all going to be okay soon.
Once the towers are up, we'll all feel much better.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hour number three of transmission against the global...
Control freaks.
The scientific establishment of organized crime.
Sworn to dehumanize and enslave you.
They hate freedom.
They hate love.
They hate decency and honor.
They're literally out of the crack of Hades itself.
They're the hell swarm.
The spawn of the devil.
I'm not joking when I say that.
Dr. Cuddy, we're about to go back to Ian and Jason and Dr. Deagle who's holding.
We'll get to him.
I set about exposing the New World Order, just researching, and every time I find out it leads to the occult, it leads to pure evil, I don't think people realize that all of this electronic straitjacket they're putting in isn't for security.
It is a straitjacket so they can feed on us at their leisure.
It's kind of like a large python.
You know, having the legs cut off of the guinea pigs it's going to eat because it's so fat and slow, it doesn't want to struggle.
And they've, just like the movies I talked about before, they're also showing a lot of movies that will have occultic activities and TV shows and so on.
So the way it happens is like this.
Alex, who just called in, he's monitored, let's say, Echelon or Iridium, that's one of their 12 stations is by the Bin Laden group or the Great Wall of China, finds out who and where Alex is.
Then they know Alex is talking about these pyramids and checking in the Ministry of Love and so on.
And so now they say, well, you know, Alex sounds like somebody who is paranoid.
That's a mental health problem.
We need to treat Alex for his mental health problem.
And he'll feel much better once he's had the special medications and his implant.
That is true.
And so what you have is... And they usually have guinea pigs at first, so like in Texas...
Where you're coming out of.
The current thrust for mental health in the Bush White House comes from that algorithm project back there.
TMAP, New Freedom.
Yeah, TMAP.
Well, there's also the TCMAP, the children's aspect of it, where what they do is... Listen, I got all the articles where they openly say, if you believe in a new world order, you're mentally ill and need to be locked up.
Yeah, and they give them... And the children, let's say, in foster care would be the guinea pigs.
Over two-thirds are on drugs.
Right, over two-thirds are on drugs, including...
Something like Adderall, which is like the fourth leading ADHD drug in the nation, even though in February Canada banned it because of a lot of strokes and death from it.
Well, that's not good.
Well, we still got it.
Well, that's population control, right?
Reduce the population, especially those little troublemakers.
Get all the patriotic young people to go into the military so we can send them over to Iraq.
They get killed, right?
Then we need the Germans over here because our National Guard is over there.
So you have the Germans and Chinese over here to protect us.
That's not a joke.
I've got article after article where they're doing drills all over the country admitting it's for domestic control.
Yeah, and see, they'll say, well, we have to.
Our National Guard's over in Iraq or wherever.
They actually say that!
Yeah, and they'll be much more willing to shoot us if we don't turn over our guns than American troops would be willing to do.
Well, that's conservative.
Not turning in your guns is liberal.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, yeah.
And so what you have, and the public just accepts this, because they've been conditioned to, whether it's with a fluoride and you'll be more docile or whatever, or there'll be some incident, right?
Some mass murder will go around blowing up kids again.
And they'll say, oh yeah, okay, gun control, I'll go along with it.
I'm afraid we're going to have to get rid of all of the Republic now.
Well, the way you do that is you don't say, we're getting rid of the republic now.
We're strengthening it.
We're reorganizing it.
You reorganize it to include, let's say, Canada and Mexico, and then you broaden that a little bit.
There you go.
You have economic length at first.
We are reorganizing the republic into the first global empire!
Having some fun, Dr. Cutter.
I know.
All right, we'll be right back with your calls.
He's absolutely on target, a real mind, and we love him.
He's joining us.
We're going to your calls after this quick break.
You'll soon have your chips and it won't hurt anymore.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we've just got two seconds.
Two segments.
Feels like two seconds.
Left with Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
Then I'm going to cover a bunch of other key news items, but we'll cover some of that news right now with him.
I know we've got loaded phones.
We'll go to your calls here in just a moment.
But Dr. Cuddy, to get this out of the way now, because it's important, in a nutshell, what is the true goal of the New World Order?
What is their driving ideology and philosophy?
And what are ways to stop them?
Ultimately, there is a spiritual aspect to this, but it's being presented economically first in terms of a global economy which has to be managed by a world government, which their goal is a synthesis of Western capitalism and Eastern communism into a world socialist government.
That will be the mechanism, but it will also include this new world religion as well, which will be occultic and so forth.
So that's the ultimate goal.
How to stop them?
I'm supposed to give a pitch about stiff upper lip and do all this sort of stuff.
Well, it's going to be hard.
As a Christian, I say pray first.
Nothing will be accomplished without that.
But until the American public gets out of its lethargy, which it has been conditioned into, it's going to be really hard.
It really will be.
And I'm afraid it will take some sort of cataclysmic event.
And I've put one of those possibilities on newswithviews.com in an article titled, Babylon Has Fallen, Has Fallen That Great City.
I'm afraid it will take that to turn the people around.
It will have to be at the grassroots, and I'm afraid it's going to be really hard because the public is sitting there fat, dumb, and happy watching their TV and eating pizza.
I wish I could be encouraging, but, you know, and we should be.
Biblically speaking, we're supposed to occupy and fight the good cause and be watchmen of the law and warn the people, and we're supposed to be about that every single day.
I'm just saying, realistically, it's going to be very hard.
It won't be a quick fix.
Which Americans, unfortunately, have been conditioned to expect.
Instant cheeseburger drive-thru into society.
Instant gratification.
But, would you agree that if we weren't here doing what we're doing, things would already be much worse?
Yeah, which may be the purpose.
Maybe we're in a delaying action right now so that it'll give us enough time down the road to actually stop them.
That could be the case, yes.
Well, I mean, I know this.
We have victories all the time at the local level.
Federally, though, they are just... They are just...
Yeah, an example would be this.
75-80% of the people said, we don't want NAFTA and GATT.
They vote for it anyway.
80% don't want open borders?
They do it anyway.
Now, why can they do that?
It's because the average person will go out to the polls the next time and re-elect those same people.
The same people.
Just like when Strobe Talbot, who was Bill Clinton's Rhodes Scholar roommate, wrote in Time Magazine about perhaps national sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all the case for world governments clinched.
And about 96 of our U.S.
Senators said, yes, we confirm him.
We approve him to be a top-level person at the State Department.
And then you talk about global government.
It doesn't exist.
You're crazy when it's in Time Magazine.
Yeah, right.
And our Senators, including, quote, conservative Senators, approve the guy.
I'm going to shift gears for a moment, then we're going to wrap up the calls.
We've gotten a few calls, and even the folks who are on the show said, I wasn't aware they were going to put up mind control towers.
But I've got to say this.
Folks, you'll see poor schizophrenics and people put stuff on their house and freak out, and they're sure they're being attacked.
And so don't confuse that with reality.
This atmosphere makes crazies get even crazier.
But let's be specific.
DARPA has this patented, and they told the Boston Globe about two years ago, it's on the site, they said in case of emergency, we're going to put up towers that will calm you, and it's going to be good.
And folks, they really are doing that.
They really do have that.
And it's not a joke.
It's real.
The Sunshine Project three years ago got the documents where in every major city there's helicopters waiting with knockout gas bottles hooked onto them, which they admit will cause massive fires, car wrecks, death.
I mean, knock it out a whole city.
Folks, they are geared up for it.
Dr. Cuddy comments.
Yeah, a lot of stuff we just haven't learned of.
Part of MKUltra back in the 50s involved some of that stuff.
There are papers, you can find them on the internet, and actual project numbers where it says this is our task to develop these types of abilities.
And so they've been working that.
Why would DARPA tell a major newspaper, and it's in several Army reports from five years ago, that they're going to put up mine control towers?
Well, you're supposed to, therefore, become used to it.
And sometimes it's a test.
In other words, they'll have a Terry Chabot situation, whatever it is.
Because what they want to see is how far they can go, how fast, and what the public will resist.
So they might float a mind control and say, well, let's just stick this out there and see what percentage of the people gets concerned enough to actually do something.
Not just huff and puff, but actually do something about it.
And if the public doesn't, if they just say ho-hum, well, they're home free.
Let's go to Ian in Canada.
Ian, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I called because there seem to be so many reports of activities around the country, special operations.
Well, they're always doing these conditioning drills, but yeah, they're getting real bad.
Well, we had a very intense black helicopter activity.
Up here from the mid-90s through until February of 2001, it may have had something to do with the fact that this is a rich area for pumping bottled water out at more than the price of oil.
If any of your listeners are drinking bottled water, there's a good chance it was pumped out within five
Let me just cut through all the why they're flying around.
We have the Rand Corporation documents, Cunegon documents.
It is admittedly a conditioning mechanism to condition the public to accept military operations and the takeover of major cities and small towns.
That's covered in my film, so then you...
Bottled water.
Okay, go ahead.
Well, I said to myself after February of 2001, after 9-11, that we probably wouldn't see them around because those assets would be deployed.
But when they turned up again, that would be a wonderful day.
Yeah, it's about to happen again.
But what's the connection with bottled water?
There were ground aerial surveys were done here for the water bottlers who have a connection with the larger...
Oh, you think they were looking for underground water supplies.
I got you.
They had no navigation lights, flat black, but occasionally they would have a red sensor on a boom below the belly of the aircraft.
Well, they always have a red light.
And people would, of course, dismiss them as looking for drugs, but not in November and not in January and February when there's two feet of snow on the ground.
So that's what I figured.
Now, what I wanted to tell you about this weekend was,
That sure enough, it's a holiday weekend up here, the weekend before your Memorial Day weekend, and a squadron of eight shiny new black helicopters are flying around here in close but loose formation, four up ahead, separated from four behind.
Thanks for the call, Lee, and let me just comment on this.
All right.
Folks, I had the Suncoast Times a week and a half ago, and it said they're going to have tens of thousands of troops, foreign troops, National Guard, running around doing urban warfare, blowing buildings up.
We just got calls about it all over the country, and they say it's working with local police.
So I've got all these mainstream news articles on my site where they say it's what it's about, and I always get calls, and I'm not mad at the callers, Dr. Cuddy, they always say, I think they're doing this, I think they're doing that, you know, what are they doing?
And then I never really hear anyone talk about all the mainstream news articles admitting what they're doing.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, that's what you have to guard against.
And sometimes there are, like you said, trial balloons and you have to be cautious about that because not only is there a controlled opposition, there's a disinformation aspect to this.
And so what you look for is, well, tune into Alex Jones' program because a lot of times you won't find in the mainstream media what's actually going on.
Well, here's an example.
I know what they're doing at Berkshire International Airport, formerly the Air Force Base, because I know people that work there, even family.
And they openly are merging the regular Army with the National Guard and the local police department, and they got helicopters out every night looking through our walls, surveilling us, looking for drugs.
So, right there, they're creating that relationship with the cover of drugs, but behind that, then, is the anti-terror, i.e., suppression of the population mechanism.
Yeah, and that's similar to what they did at Waco.
You had the Wesley Clark, Rhodes Scholar, Fort Hood mock-up of the Branch Davidian compound.
You get the local police involved.
You get General Shoemaker, who's now Chief of Staff of the Army.
It was like a reunion or something.
They had special forces from Russia, Israel, SAS, Britain.
Yeah, and they conduct these at various places, Fort Hood, Fort Polk, Louisiana, which fits with that 1952 map.
Remember that map where it said other nations... Yeah, the force restructuring, where our force goes down, the multinational gets bigger.
Yeah, and they actually plotted out where they would be.
That's 7277.
It's before that one.
Yeah, 7277 is the document which also said if the communist threat were greatly abated, the West would lose whatever incentive it had for world government, which fits with the scenario we were talking about, how you have to have this dialogue.
And again, they openly say this.
They create the false threat to build up the empire here, then bring in the, quote, communist system they were fighting.
And they go, well, we're a capitalist system.
The capitalists use a socialist system to consolidate and to thieve our wealth.
Right, the monopoly capitalists at the top, that's right.
Let's talk to Jason in Canada.
Canada after Canada, then Dr. Deagle.
Go ahead, Jason.
How you doing, Alex?
Your martial law movie really, really is excellent.
And I've been passing out copies to as many people as I could.
But I'm here in Edmonton, Alberta, where the queen is actually.
And you were talking about the Manitoba Legislature building last week?
How your major papers admitted that it was all according to satanic diagrams, and the AP yesterday admitted, finally, that the Washington Monument and all of that is a cult right out in the open, yes.
To add to that, like, we have a sin number here, as far as I can remember.
You bet.
Everybody born...
As a number, and it's three sets of three digits, and it's called a sin number.
And also, last night coming from our legislature building, which looks just like the one in Manitoba, there was hooting noises coming out at around 9 o'clock for about 20 seconds.
Well, just stay there.
We'll let Dr. Cuddy comment on this.
The AP going, oh, yes, the DC's laid out as a giant temple.
It's no big deal, though.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All rashing with lies and disinformation.
All right, Jason and Canada.
Canada call after Canada call.
Finish up what you were saying.
I think what you heard is they have the screech of eagles, hawks, and owls to scare pigeons that deface...
Different structures.
I mean, you'll hear that walking around a grocery store here in Austin, Texas.
You'll hear a, whoo, whoo, or a, yeah, you know, the different cries of birds.
And so, yes, those are occult-designed structures, but you probably heard the anti-fowl screech of a predatory birdie.
But going back to Dr. Dennis Cuddy, sir, getting into...
Did you see the AP article yesterday about, yes, the Capitol's all set up a cult and the Washington Monument, but it's good.
Did you hear about that?
Not that particular one.
That's been known for quite some time.
The pentagram and the compass and the square, the Freemasons of the day basically set that up.
In fact, if you go to the Scottish Rite Temple there, the head office of the Freemasons in D.C., you'll see embedded swastikas in the thing.
Most people don't know that.
The reason is the swastikas have been associated with the Aryan race, which is supposedly the last of the civilizations that survived Atlantis.
That's what Iran means.
Iran is translated into Aryan.
So what happened was Francis Bacon picked up on this and wrote a book called The New Atlantis.
A lot of his secret stuff brought over.
That book, as it was originally published posthumously, didn't have all the secrets.
The rest of the secrets were brought over by Nathaniel Bacon, his relative.
They would foment the Whiskey Rebellion and all that stuff in the early part.
They had this underground vault near Williamsburg, Old Bruton Parish.
Jefferson was the last one to look at that stuff, and he dug it up.
They're completely out of control.
Thank you for the call, Jason.
Let's talk to Dr. Deagle.
Dr. Deagle, I haven't heard from you in a while.
Welcome, sir.
Welcome, Alex.
You have an amazing guest on with Dr. Cuddy.
I want to back up that everything he's saying is absolutely true.
It's even more horrible than that.
People better wake up immediately and get your videos and try to replicate and become Alex Jones in their countries because the plans aren't just for America where liberty is shining.
It's happening in Canada, it's happening in Britain and elsewhere, and if you're listening on this overseas, wake up and take up the standard because there's no silent heroes.
There's going to be a conference coming up here with Pastor Butch Paw on June 4th, just a week and a half from now, talking about unveiling the beast.
We have, of course, Colonel Craig Roberts and Dave Von Kleist and Joyce Riley and myself.
I'll be talking about the mark as a medical procedure and giving a lot of, you know, very scary but unfortunately very true information.
Well, interesting.
Do you have any questions or comments for Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, the fact is that people need to face the fact of what Dr. Cuddy is saying.
That this isn't just an ID card, you know, like a credit card in your hand.
It's the national database, but it's also a mind control uplink chip that they're planning to put on.
So people wonder why would a credit card put you in a position at odds with God?
And the reason for it is because their ultimate plan is to mind control the entire population and turn them into cyborgs.
Well, that's what the Pentagon says in the hive mind report and in another report, but why don't we just ignore that?
Yeah, the valid fact is there's lots of documentation that you can stick to.
You don't have to get into things that are off into a kind of conjecture.
There's so much stuff that's published straight from the convergent technologies.
Well, that was my question.
My final question for Dr. Cuddy is, why would the Associated Press come right out and just admit all this now?
They do a lot of that.
Like I said, it's sort of a test.
To some extent, it's an in-your-face.
What are you going to do about it?
That sort of scenario.
Why are they doing that now?
Well, like I said, they figure this is a critical element in time to see what the population is willing to do because they have something else planned.
And so let's say the public accepts that.
Then what you need to think about is what's their next step.
What can they use that for?
Public temples.
Yeah, exactly.
I really see this coming, but I see a number of things brewing, not only the weather modification,
But I've got some very significant evidence from my background in infectious disease and talking to other virologists that they have plagues planned that they're going to release here in the next year or two.
Well, I hope you're wrong.
I'll let you finish up about that, Dr. Deagle, on the other side.
Author of the cover-up, which we're carrying, 9-11 in Iraq.
It's excellent.
We have it at Infowars.com or by writing to us.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy, always an honor to have you, my friend.
Thanks for having me.
I really appreciate you coming on with us.
Thank you.
You can go to newsreviews.com, return to those great columns, or at prisonplanet.com.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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All right, I'll take five more calls.
We'll finish up with Deagle, and I'll go to Jeff, John, Rick, and Christina.
That's all I have time for, because I want to hit some other news here.
But I hope this broadcast has been enlightening for you about the history and operations and architecture, both literal and figurative, of the globalist control system.
Before I go back to your calls, I'm going to be showing my film, my best film, my little mini-series,
Two and a half plus hours at the Alamo Draft House Cinema in downtown Austin on Colorado Street twice on June 3rd.
Friday, June 3rd, coming up in about ten days or less.
Friday, June 3rd, 7 and 10 p.m.
I'll also have a question and answer at the end of each showing.
I'll be there with my videos and books and other materials.
That's coming up.
And about half the tickets have now sold...
For the three showings, because there's the other showing the next week, about five, six days later, on Wednesday, June 8th at 8 p.m.
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About half the tickets have sold.
If you average the other three showings, about half the tickets have sold.
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If one of them does sell out, I will notify you the day before or the day of the event, so be sure to listen or we'll have a note on the website.
But I'm pretty sure all three shouldn't sell out, though we've had an event before where 200 people were turned away from a single showing.
So it would be advisable to go ahead and go to InfoWars.com and link through and get your tickets.
And if you're bringing a guest, to get their tickets.
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And all the locations and maps and details are on InfoWars.com.
And last but not least, many of you live all over the country and can't come to the theater and buy a video or watch the film.
So I would suggest...
But you call and get martial law on 9-11 Rise of the Police State and learn the true nature of the New World Order.
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It's a ridiculous deal.
Text reports that are just for members.
Fifteen cents a day, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
Going back, I'm going to move quick now.
Dr. Deagle, finish up what you were saying?
That's a perfect segue for my request.
You know that I have my practice in Denver, and I closed it last August.
I live now in Canada.
And I'm trying to get your amazing video, and I'm telling everybody, you must buy this to not only get the information out, but also to support Alex and what he's doing because he's at the front of the spear.
And if you don't support Alex and what all the other organizations that are on this network are doing, we won't be around a few years from now able to speak to anybody.
We'll be silenced.
We may not even be around, but we have to be the tip of the spear.
And so you have to get this video.
You must distribute it.
And I want to find a request of how I can go about
They have some national organizations that want to show this.
Well, I've gotten your emails, Dr. Deagle, and I've told people they can make copies of my films for not-for-sale purposes.
Yeah, what I'd like you to do is be able to support you by... No, I understand, but I'm saying, I mean, you just sent me an email and I meant to respond.
You're saying, you know, can you show it in Canada?
Are you authorized?
I mean, I would tentatively say yes, but I have to know the details.
I don't want people getting charged a bunch of money to go see it.
I'm not sure how that would work.
Well, what we want to do is basically cover the cost of theater only because we're trying to get the information out.
And if there's anything extra, get it all back to you directly and have everything accounted by a national... Well, regardless, I just can't ever give total control over my work because then I would lose control of it.
Is there a distributor up here that can take care of all those details so that they're... That's another problem.
I have a very small operation.
I have trouble paying my own little few employees.
If I was able to get somebody that's a national organization contacting you directly and they take care of that, would that be possible?
Yeah, no, I mean, I would love for it to be seen.
I mean, I'll tell you if it's in a city hall or commons, I guess you call them up there, and it's free, then you've got authorization right now.
But I don't want something, I mean, let's say hypothetically, say some socialist group wants to show it and charge money, I don't want to support socialists.
No, no, absolutely.
No, I'm not saying you would do that.
I'm saying hypothetically I'd have to look at it on a case-by-case basis.
I want to make certain that it's not being used because what I see happening, and it's exactly what you're saying, we don't want division between the left and right.
Absolutely, yeah.
We've got to get rid of this divisiveness, and we've got to get back to the basics that all of us are losing our rights here.
Well, Lucian, just get in contact with me and good to hear from you.
I really appreciate it, and keep on the fight, and everybody support what's going on now because we don't have a lot of time left before some things happen.
I think they're getting ready for some other events.
Well, I hope you're wrong, but a lot of evidence shows that, and good to hear from you.
I appreciate your work as well.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff and Tejas.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Yes, are you familiar with David J. Smith out of Waxahachie?
Yeah, we've had him on about ten times, and he advertises on this radio show.
Yeah, you're not going to have him on anytime soon?
Well, why not?
Yeah, I'd like to hear him.
Why did you say no?
I don't understand.
Oh, you said ten times.
I thought you might have had him on recently.
Well, I mean, I think in about ten years I've had him on about ten times.
It's always nice to have him on, yeah.
I'd love to hear him.
Do you relate any of the climate of...
People with the price of gasoline, as the price goes up, maybe the insanity of the people kind of rises as well.
A lot of this, if you take these yuppie women and men's Lexuses away, they'll go absolutely ape and do whatever they're told to get their money back.
And that's all part of getting control of the economy, destroying the economy.
That makes us all dependent.
And, yeah, I mean, we have the Depression, and crime was pretty low, but people helped each other and people had skills.
If there was a Depression now, it would be total and complete bedlam.
Okay, last question.
I want to get you on public access.
Do you suggest any, I have to go through maybe the Time Warner people or something?
Where do you live in Texas?
I'm in southeast Texas.
Okay, Southeast Texas.
Well, I mean, if they've got access TV, they've got rules.
You just go ask for their rules.
They have, like, I think on the Public Access Channel, they've got the school board information or something like that.
Well, yeah, that's what they do.
In the past, people didn't use it or they didn't advertise it, so then it becomes governmental.
But normally there's clauses where you can get on the air, so I don't know the particular rules of that area.
So I'd have to go there, read the clauses, see if it's available.
Yeah, and maybe there won't be in that town, but there may be in the town next to it.
Okay, because we need to help one another get the word out, as you say.
Look, a senator will fly down to Texas and talk to a thousand people.
But in a medium-sized city of 40,000 people, or half of them have cable, you get a primetime show, there might be 5,000 people to tune past and watch.
I mean, we've all got an opportunity here, while it's still around, to use it.
By all means possible.
Listen, I get calls, emails, faxes every day.
Prominent people have seen my films on Access in their cities.
Very effective tool.
And there's a lot of other great films there.
Or get your own show.
Oh, really?
Take calls and accept for the ride.
And even if you didn't want to stick your face up there, you can just put an image up there or websites up there while you're talking and just do like a radio show.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, maybe I'll get Pastor David J. Smith on the broadcast.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Georgia.
John, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I'm just calling to tell you about... I'm a veteran, and...
What's going on with the VA?
I have a spinal cord injury.
I've been dealing with the VA for three years.
Just tell everybody, they start with the people of a wicked degree, like veterans and people in the projects and stuff who need a little help from the government.
They prescribe me psychotropics and tell me I need a psych eval, even though I have MRIs showing bone... Well, sir, I mean, I've had people on who've covered this.
This is admitted.
They get paid bonuses for not giving health care.
And if they don't want to operate on you, you have to go to another private doctor.
You have to get a diagnosis.
You have to get copies of your medical records.
By law, they've got to give them to you.
Don't tell them what you're up to, though.
They'll abscond with them.
And then take that and force them to do something.
But, I mean, do you really want that foreigner that's your doctor with a Cracker Jack degree to operate on your spine?
Every single doctor, I've had three of them.
I've had three different doctors.
Every single one has been Pakistani or Indian.
No, I know.
You're not allowed to be black, Hispanic, or white.
No, I'm not joking.
It is unknown.
You cannot find, unless it's the head of the hospital, an American.
And they've got Cracker Jack degrees and they cut the wrong legs off, you name it.
I wouldn't want them working on my spine.
I'd take out a loan or get the surgery and do whatever you have to if you need surgery.
I would not want one of those people operating on me.
I just want to tell everybody out there, because we're going to start with the veterans, and it's going to be you next.
Oh, well, they've said all jobs, you think technology jobs, layoffs are bad?
Seven times worse, and then under the new thing Bush wants, unlimited skilled importation of labor.
Can you say unlimited labor?
Well, Alex, I just thought I'd tell you that.
All the veterans out there involved in the VA system, get out there and protest.
They're totally unresponsive.
They want to give me a psyche valve because I have bones on my spinal cord.
Listen, I remember seeing the testimony in the mid-90s of this Marine Corps captain that showed photos of him all big and muscular.
He comes back, DU, the injections, he shrivels up, he can barely talk in a wheelchair, and he goes, They keep telling me I'm in the deal!
They will not give me treatment!
I fought for country!
I fought for country!
And they will help me!
Help me!
He died like a month later.
I just need medical treatment!
The mini-member of my unit dying!
Help me!
That's exactly why I'm sitting there crying watching this.
That's exactly what's going on.
I have many friends.
I have guys with Gulf War illness, everything.
They're telling us all we're crazy.
See, the funny thing is, they will give you your compensation if you admit that you are mentally ill.
And then when you try to buy a gun later, sorry.
Yeah, you can't have a gun for a minute.
I'm afraid you don't have that right.
But see, the people that stick the stickers on their cars saying they support the troops, they don't want to hear about this.
No, they don't.
They don't want to hear about how the Pat Tillman case was made up or Private Lynch.
They just want to feel good.
And they're going to feel real good when everything they've got is taken by the loving government.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Thank you, John.
And folks, I'm not kidding.
I mean, this is what it's like.
The people shrivel up.
They start having seizures.
They have to be put in diapers.
And then they die, and the family goes and buries them.
And the VA says, Billy was mentally ill.
Billy was bad.
He didn't take his drugs.
He would have been better.
I mean, folks, it's that sick.
And the people that support the troops go, Shut up, communists!
Well, actually, I'm against communism.
The Pat Tillman case, they killed him, and then they lied about it, and they lied about... Well, that... Shut up!
Well, Bush is actually going to register all the guns now.
Ron Paul says, Shut up, commie!
He's a commie, too!
But I love America.
I'm against, you know, a bigger government.
Shut up!
Well, Bush is involved in Luciferian rituals.
Shut up!
But, sir, he signed back on to UNESCO.
He's for amnesty.
You're a liar!
I love George W. George W., I love you.
All right, I'm out of control, folks.
Rick in Reno.
Go ahead, Rick.
Gentlemen, with your permission, I would like to read a very short paragraph from Dennis Cuddy's 2004 August 11th article.
Okay, but it's just gentlemen because there's nobody else here.
When Hillary Clinton became First Lady of the U.S.
in 1993, she was in charge of a health care task force, about half the members of whom were connected with the Robert Wood Johnson RWJ Foundation.
On the NBC Today Show, January 23, 1990, Dr. Michael Lewis of the New Jersey Robert Wood Johnson Medical School had claimed, lying is an important part of social life, and children who are unable to do it are children who may have developmental problems.
Yes, yes, good.
That is insanity right there.
No, no, no.
That's a very revealing paragraph.
Well, look, I mean, I've got the National Calhoun Reader that they use for social workers nationwide for 20 years, and it says, the family is a disease, it will be destroyed.
They're trying their best to do it, too.
But see, you're mentally ill.
You're against it.
What's wrong with DU?
I mean, so the Pentagon's own documents say it'll kill the troops.
But you're against the troops because you want to save them.
You've got to learn the new ways.
Keep up the good work, gentlemen.
Hey, Rick?
Yes, sir.
Let me ask you a question.
I'm going to be a little bit sarcastic today, but no, I mean, it is getting more and more crazy.
And I know you're not going to let the globalists intimidate you.
Are you going to go down swinging?
Well, I think they're going to go down.
I think they're going to fail.
They're going down!
Take care.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
You know, to all the people listening out there, I mean, people that serve this system and are afraid to eat down in sides or decide to rationalize and make excuses, I'm begging you.
I've studied this.
This is all I do is look at this.
And let me tell you something.
It's a lot worse than I can articulate and explain.
I mean, it's bad.
Mucho grande bad.
Christina, last call, because I want to cover a few little tidbits of news.
Christina in Kansas City, you're on the air.
Thanks so much, Alex.
Listen, I remember you used to tell us the odds were 500-1 and we were going to win, and I believe we will.
Well, I said we outnumber the globalists 500-1.
Thanks for having me on again.
Tomorrow night in Kansas City...
At the Johnson County Main Library, we're going to show your film at 6 p.m.
Can I give the address?
Yeah, go ahead.
The Johnson County Main Library, everybody in Kansas City, would you please call people you know and tell them so that we can be there and watch this great film of Alex?
6 p.m.
Wednesday night, 9875 West 87th Street in Overland Park, Kansas.
Thanks, Alex.
Alrighty, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
I'm glad people are showing the film in high schools and colleges and dormitories and all over the place.
They are showing martial law.
Again, I salute you.
I commend you.
Thank you.
It's a powerful film.
Jeff Rent said last night, I sent him a copy, he said it's the most powerful film he has ever seen.
And a lot of people were saying that.
They were saying Road to Tyranny was the best.
Well, this trumps it in spades.
And I hope you'll have Truck with us.
I hope that you'll have Sucker with us.
I hope that you'll Traffic with us in the fight against the New World Order.
Because this film is powerful, and it's something all of you need.
Ride out, my friends, against the enemy.
Fight him in the full blazing rays of the sun, out in the open, not in the darkness.
Be right back.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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Central and back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Oh my goodness, there is a lot of news here I want to hit in the final minutes of this transmission.
Deadly car bomb explodes near Iraqi school.
A car bomb exploded today near a Baghdad junior high school for girls, killing six people and eight American soldiers were killed in two days of insurgent attacks.
In and around Baghdad, the military said, but the mission's been accomplished.
In the last two days, the military announced that 13 American troops have been killed since Sunday.
Very, very serious.
Black market organ trade in Baghdad's new growth industry.
Look at the fruits of the liberation.
And Ali Hamid quit his job as a taxi driver because he no longer felt safe on Baghdad Street, increasingly desperate for money to help him get married.
He hit on a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity selling one of his kidneys.
At least they didn't kill him and take him like they're doing at some of the camps.
It's all part of the new freedom coming out that the U.S.
government actually sold those photos of the tabloid.
They're now trying to deny it.
Shaddam in his underwear meant to enrage the Arabs yet again.
Part of the Pentagon program, P2OG, to cause a crisis.
Should have spent an hour on this.
I didn't.
I probably will tomorrow.
Big brother to dictate what you can and cannot photograph, Christian Science Monitor.
And they say there's no law, but they claim under suspicious activity section of the Patriot Act,
That they can arrest anybody with cameras or photo cameras, video cameras, and that the police just don't care if there's no law.
They're just going to do it.
Talk about total, absolute tyranny in your face.
They're putting up all their cameras, but our cameras are evil.
Futurists download the mind by 2050.
The wealthy will be able to download their consciousness into computers by 2050.
The not-so-all-off by 2075.
Claims futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson, head of the futurology unit at BT.
And he gets into all of that Orwellian type, that's Brave New World type stuff.
The top neocon is moving into the top minion at Google.
Very, very scary there, ladies and gentlemen.
And all is not well, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.
In the wonderland of North Korea, secret North Korean footage suggests nascent descent.
All shaking hands, North Koreans climbed onto the shoulders of a buddy to reach the underside of the bridge as another accomplice stood guard.
He hung a banner denouncing North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in bright red paint, risking their lives because they could be members of Al-Qaeda.
Kim Jong-il must save them from the terrorists.
Then he took out a video camera disguised to look like a carton of cigarettes and filmed his handiwork for posterity.
See the human spirits resisting total freedom like they have in North Korea.
The new term is freedom, not slavery.
Today, the North Korean who says he shot the video on behalf of the group called the Freedom Youth League lives in hiding in Thailand under the assumed name.
A small, wiry man in his 30s, he smoked L&M cigarettes nervously as he recalled his daring feat against the totalitarian government.
Why don't we all go out and do the same thing?
I think I'll do that sometime soon.
Go out and hang a burner up over the highway.
Every little bit counts.
We should practice as we enter the dark times for these types of resistance.
Of course, they're putting up the cameras to track all of that.
There's ways to get around it.
We are never going to stop.
I will follow this course.
I am committed to it.
I am sworn to it.
Before my creator, who resists tyranny...
I ask that God lead, guide, and direct all of us and strengthen all of us for what we face.
But together with God's help, we have a great chance of resisting the New World Order and waking a lot of people up so they're not sucked in by this evil, anti-Christ world government system.
The New World Order is upon us, my friends.
We have a job to do resisting it and warning others for humanity and posterity and the future of our children and their children.
God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.